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 - Class of 1946

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LCL1 .KVI-1 04-1 L A.-f,A4"l'l Ca.44f'f'-4 L11 4 A J Lkf f I' 'fa L v s .LS- 5 it 'ff KQQLIQ -f'i,C-,LAZK ULN'-0fHxQvQN,Q QUVVQ Qrvvv?-4Q,,4.,f.h,,..,1Ls ,,.f+uL,:2 ,ham vvvl f Mi' My ,.fvXrQ,.., Ava-.4431 ,Mg Ky ,Swvw .,q,-f L,t,c7""-'uv HQ, QQMAPOLF 3 M X :YY S9 E F F LI'7"x 1 xi -,, fl' g, , f, f if "A 1 1 . A: ifyxfyf N 11, Vl,rA,u 1' lf V, In 1 1.44, - f VV M VV' ,LW IJ, , V AFA all . I R AJJV ':,jY 4 , ,-,nk - up ' , 57' - ' if I ' -' ' ' , fn Y' 1 A- W 5 k li' , if ' I ' uf, f ,tn .b if x 'N f . Y' .vy fl ML J 'Q ., , ,, ., X 1 - -. P . 'N -My 4 . N1 B J V, " D 1, , I -' f Vx Y v 5 1 1 -K J Lf Q If , -JDJ 4Jb.f Q, K-,fix kr V .1 y fi . fx ' fl A SY, VK' 'ff' V! -n Y I -r V 4 ' JJ' k , N. A ' f uf' 'I -8 pf Ox sf Jkt C1 gf' M , Vm' w . A- P i,VL 'lj bi ,,,L , -' -., 4 X 1 p N, g Q 1 Lg ,ifvf Q X -fa 2 r r N 4 4-, D I V? ,J ' , M, ' x ,R V If . .1 , ..",J f'-' 1 1 ' ' V341 I R A "'A, i:' F f H Q 'XT , ,N X h I YH!! ig J - vwv 3? If ':, LX Y ly ,N If f V rg X JJ Nxt 1 A 'J X V Kvvf ' X Y - N' Q 1 f - L . .V , .f , D ff Lf . , - fx- ' . v-f 1 L ,1 , , I - , like f , I f 1 I 1' f I f 1 ill., 7 V .7 -ff' i , . . I 4 .-L-41 IQ-IO Pubhshed Annually 1n honor f TIIL Senior fuss TAYLORVILLE TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL Tcxylorvzlle, Ill1I101S Volume XXXIV The H Drif I I f I M? f' - -- get E I11,fmd1fcefe'Tl1e Qrift 1 V, The Clock ticks on: and when you look. In futuxfe Years, within this book- ' lncredulous, and filled with glee. You will exclaim, "Can that be me?" er f-' 'F . l affn -,,s-4, fl bf ,A 1 M 4 uv I z 'I , , 7' f " sy? I f I --1 ' I A - I H X lf' fl ' J I . I ' ' , ' -Y I , I , 7' JW! Fllffffn I X 'Lx 'J I X I I I fl ' I r . ' " ' 'l 2 f i I' 741- f lJ,f lr!! 'v A' f4' f 2 I ., I X X I 16" I. , A X -1 Aff X A ' 1 if ' ,,'v I l If 5 I , f I , . f 1 f A, X ' I 1 'V . f, ' N f' A. . ' ' 'f 1 ' fy I L I fl A 1' ,f K, I, r fn,-f, ' 1 Ilji, A 1 I , . f I 1 - I I -1 'TW Off ' 1 l fi A N I ' i 1 -' 7 'C mzteizls Division I A A .... Administration Division H A . A ....,.i, Clorsses Division III 4 , A .... Activities i , .,.A - - . Division IV . . A A AI-Xthletics K ' , k.. f Division V A A A . 4 .Fe-otures M000 P VMVLQT Division VI ..A..,,, ..,. S nops Sfwa X . f'! , . ! ' 'X r A' it-if-J MM, XNUN7 W -Q X , f 45-2: ' LLL 7411-v , .iffy i 77!,!..,, ff' r f f M,,L, Qi 1 V D I, W yt ?""'ifj'4""'?' 4.-Q,6'34 JCL-.1 4-.-uv.l 640' QJDCZ-u 7,30-1 ip- faun- 4111 ,QQMMFMQW .f'fCgA.,fj 7 M11-ldcdiz 7'7t"'4K JC,-IQJQJK fff fee ,MJ vzefeeeg Forewozcl .W W was QM 'kr' 6411454-4.1 As the master clock 1n the offrce trcks off the mmutes of the few remalnmg days of school we of the Drlft Staff have been busy preparrng for you the thrrty fourth ed1t1on of our school annual In rt we have trred to p1cture hfe at T T H S as you wrll l1ke to remember 1t That thr1ll1ng football game the school dances your favorlte clubs your classmates and your teachers 1n fact all the thrngs that go to make up your school lrfe are lncluded w1th1n these pages lt IS our hope that 1n the future years the 1946 Drrft w1ll furnrsh you wrth many pleasant memorles of your hlgh school days ln thrs years annual we are try1ng to make amends for a grave ornrssron rn preced1ng books The om1ss1on IS the absolute lack of mentron rn any other book of one of the most rrnportant ob1ects rn the lrfe of any T T H S student the Clock Startlng w1th the early mornmg buzz of the alarm clock wh1ch IS later followed throughout the day by the shrrll bell announcrng each hours beg1nn1ng and closmg the clock lntroduces each new actrvrty of the day to us Because of that we are lettmg our own specral Drrft Clock rntroduce each new d1v1s1on of the l945 1946 annual ln thrs way we hope to correct our mrstake and apologlze to our fr1end the Clock for havrng so long neglected hun NX 5+ In ,bln J K4b , I hi. ' - xt f s ' fl Nqf- f 54 7 f 4 X K2 Z '-LJ if vc l- f,,,f'w,'-L,41 A r '11 'F , 1 1 f f J , g' I ,f rf,- J f DT' ffm!! . Q f If f ",c.f, T' ' , -V I I ,f ff! Y K I ' I I I I I . , . I , . . . . I ' I . H . ,, . . . . I I '4 s n'- s ': y I 5 'I xq . , og 6 '-.- Q 1 'I ' ' ww Mfflw W neclzcntzon To Mr Wall for remarkable ach1eve ments ln muslc We ded1cate tlns years Drrft The musrc Wl'11ch we hear at the basketball and football games and at the annual band concerts IS a splenclld exam :ple of the abllrty of Mr Wall Whom We all and a personal fnend W know and respect as a competent teacher 4 5 .Um lI'r1ll Illiltffx nu: lmnrl I , .lnrl Irflllt' if zrilll ll jflflvliwfrl IIIHIII. V 'jail him zrfllz lit hm! uf Illlllfflll trifiu, Ill girl 1114 Dfilz H1 '16, f M10 , , X X I n f . f f t f if ff I I I , W ' 's D I - - fly 1 I . . . f 7 , , fl ' ' - r. ,' . I fl' 4 77 A Editor-in-Chief Ciriiie Comiilly' '7 Business Ediior Nflrllm Cloyci Literary Editor 'ein Cornwell Art Editor l7:1','liL.1 BIGNC: K .ev Bill VF: ice Wyp,,,p HQWQXS efwr .1 do ,J.f'5 .J lcrcx ericmetlc Y? loy Ellison Ty pisl iss GPG WU Ci 4-4 lim Deeren Llcxrc e brnps, j Q HCI owed o A fe C I 'QIUJQ cfl lc 1 CIGQS Q Vfrlc rig w ll Wei sera fs frm dlfssli e Pave le e f Q fi f 1 ,ne fditor l6 Miss Brovermcxri I ,rl J-JJV Q P' M ,ff ,fig Inj, I -334 L ,Y 3-jj' f' l ", X ' if ' l n- A K , 3' - L 1 V T--s if 4 J! 1 V . Q if , ,iv 2? 1, . ,. l , 1 J gl 0 LVI. k 1 .f A I I' l '!l. A K p X 4 4. V L' A L. fd ,JLJJ Vx.-A L I xi' ., , f, N , we , 'Ee -u , ,- fesse lfi:-.i -1. ' Q xx J I l Q! -I , 'Q I rx: Y ' ' I fl' v7 ' l . A x' U 'I JK bl? . J l V W . t. J . K ,JJ D .- Y Vu gn " il , ' v J ,' ,Lf f , J L 5 5 if ff' 'L hi ' l . U' f' J , W 'VI , J If J, v 1, J r y J Ib Q n , . -N J. 3 ,, ' ,P V i , ' l , .vi if ,H I xo L 'J V LX- , fry l "N - V 13 ,I 1-','.'U f Q 1 1 , ,, 4, '1 l '. ,J x. ' fl I. . ,, , ,. ' ' . lilo ,-,1t'1'7 2' 1111.1 jfeir f' A I1'i V 1, ,e ref r 1 .' J from Q' ' Mi, 'L lil 1 sport? ., A L A I, ffiis iii .ed Cn .rf rQ'.',.r::.'1r1, they' ii 'g5l',C1 d - I , . T , . o. , --Q- tie II.'l'Cflfxl '5.'1fI..f'. Diese rises lie 'Strict 'ClCi'.lY,S ,lv A . ' T, , ' ' ., Vlf, were finer. lflf' Pepe 2331: lrge iffier jQ1Ct1gre.2 are, g, K. the '.-Jiri il lffj Wlllliiflzs 21-21 Clif fi "lCfjY'1ICii9Y' 1 mu' J Bill TC ?I.'5'il1S Brfxifmi, C111 'zrt 3 .X 'Hd is r' hL-- ' '1F5'l1"If'.f Eiifs 'fgnii 'rf C15-Gilt 'ir tif- tiever b gh- 'lllftffztq ry fuf' izf- . iili f' f..11i-l ii: -V Y me tv: Ll' J Ulf Mlss Harrod Rrchard Gardner LaVerne Woodward hm Burns lna ledhcka DW1ght K1rk Ioe Shadowenu Dolores Dycus Ann lewell Edith Wittka Beverly Bollrnan Marilyn lvers Evelyn Durbin Hclnzzm tl cztzon xl S Tlme brmgs constant changes many af Whlch are evldeht m the admmlstratlan f T T H S There are new faces m bath the aftrce and the classrooms Prachcatly all at us have became acauamted Wtth them and are alad ta welcome them ta these halls We are under especlally capable supervrslah thlS year laak at the prmcrpals we have had Re member the cahvacahart ta welcome back Mr McAdam'9 We can artty hope that he hked returhmg as much as we hked havmg h1m In future fears there w1H surely he HO beter W7 QJMW KJ 8 5 I l O N f , , f I N T f . . . , . L . O 2 f ' Iyjk , faculty than the ahe at 1945-'46, M, , A ITT Af!! ' ,' fly y doa 151 k A 2 CV! ' Y 4 , 4' flffi ff' 'Z Sfg kc. U -' T P 1.12 A ' 1 11111 1 7111 1 111111 1 l I 111 1 I 1 I 11 1 I 1 'U 11 111111 1111 111f1111111111 11151 1 11111111 ,J J J, ll111'1-I1 1111 1111'1 111 1111 111111 1'11 ' 11x 11 ' 1 111x11111111 f1flIV1IQ 111111 f1111'1: 111111. Y! 1 11111 11111 811111111 111111111 Q1-flN 111 111. L 1111 1111111 ff111, 111111 1111111111 11111. L 11111111 1111 xjfrzngx. 1f1f11'1w 1111 1111. W 1.11111 1111 11111111 11111111 11-1117 Y xl' J T 111 1.11,.N'..f1111 111111111111111111g. BO RD ohn W Fardy Ioe E Boyd Boyd H Dappert MllfOTd L Huffman Secretary Dr W A Monaghan Presldent 44109 I.. . ADX II ISTR TOR ,2 AQJ 7f"'4 LU? buff-K T115 Veor we had two c111e1 1 e kepers o1T T H S L1e111er1o1P1 Co nmomder T!TCAdGII1 resumed Vllu dunes os QTIDCIDGT ofte-1 the Chrlstrn S oohdoys rehevmq MY Thornton obly served 111 1111s offlce dUT1I'lC1 1 e Nor yeors 15111. ow Q- 25- VII VI t Ill I IIHIII 1 I I I 1171 I 11111 1 1111111111111 1 I S1 1 -I 11111 1 ,117 1 11 1 11111 111111111 1 11 II 511111 111111111 1111 1, 1 Q 1 KI 1. 111 '1 1 X. fl 1,1 lx Q A 11 11 1 r X " 1 1' ff nf - I P' wp if -'f ff 1 'i ' 1' X' fy!! N f - ' ff-f ff-v-ff ,fr wi ' , -.i . 1 , 9. 4. ,i - .i N4 v X 1. ' V1 If 1, J , ll., J f '11 r . f J' ,-, 1 UV 'ff 'rl if 1 , ' fJ'xf'f 1 7 aff- '!k ,,f1wf ,4 HJ! YV' 1 ,H f'X41 JW!!! l3y'LN,' y- ,fi V vi fl , . 'J J I L-"xy ,f.f fling, 'mf il, J M ,f 1' , ' J: i J 7 J 'yy f ,. N ft ,,1,'g ,fx iffrf J :wif . I V cj. JJ JI SA ,fl ,Q lf, I , 5 If Q If JZ N X J 1' MX X, , ,i i, ,, ,fi -' f f1"fbl'ff!"', fy wwf' 36' K 'av K' yu I U Xl L N JJ fl If xx fl :iff qi 'M Aliqq F gc s Alford 'I lf Edward A. Bland Helen over an K f ' QGCMHTTQ? ji XB . f Bradley Polyiechnic Ingu- University Illin , B.A, f ' ,J .ry I orld H stor , er His- ture, B,S, Universit Mi hi cn, M.A V ' fory if 5 lr ij' Mechcinicol FIRTGVYCIHQ, Wood- Eflqllsh x lj Z fv ' A .y X wor mg, mc 1 J , , X V X J J 4 QW, , fy if, Ly my ,yi , f laxfrfx, if Zethel Eaton Iune Edm X Virginia Harrod Iohn L. Hensey Northeast Missouri Stcxte Un' rsii of Illinois Eureka College, BA. University of Illinois, B.S Teachers' College, B.S Girjs', Ph sicol Vfidhcction University of Illinois, M.A. Agriculture Shorthand, Typing 1 Eng sh V- C . Y v 4129 M JWNW LJY MMQVWQQPQ5' WM Mrs Lucy DeHart dwar G Dxrksen Dorothy D Drennan Umversmty of Ill1no1s BS Lorcs Lollege BA Indlcnc UDIVEYSIYY BS Enghsh mverstty t ros Shorthand Typmg LGU!! M X-As.,'xNN"L's5Qsl-Ails XNQWNQA Q tv X-M, ,-..,.M.X,,, 'VA-A '-'4'a.4,x MMSMN 'N'-QA.A..,C,-5, 3i.vR L A A455 k?S.'1'u Axim? Uk YSNYAN Nfsvwngwgbxl U, B -LA:-4.45 'Lq.tp"Ni9-emgah.-.4,L.,s 'V-D-SJW.. x"MLlXfSLeysa Sl'-"W-'r'k'et"M-"-1 4-sQ..gL-3 5,5 s'LSf'u"3"'-N' .xwht K"-xx-NQMLN WX-A saw-Mb Mrs Grace Hill Freda Kems A L OBnon Lxbrcrxan Umversuy of Ilhnols BS lndxcnc State Teachers Spcmsh Enghsh College BA Algeb cz Then let us 1 L nmf' rahx' Threw cheers' For l1fllCUIfj uho through tha gears Dzrrrled our thouvhls touard the creatzon Of a brttcr uorld a uzxcr natzon' ' 1 l P' . M . .-N' 0' r 'H ' . I-P o- I", ' C ' ' A - fy' , l U X 5 gg , f2f"vK3KfKF " U'vi'oIH1.1,MA. I ,H H- I' Ns- . . . if-X 0... ' if vi twat ACULTY Russell W. Oliver Earl Prather Mrs. Verna Rozanski Alene E. Ruyle University of Chicago, B.Ph, University ot Illinois, B.A. Assistant Secretary to the University of Illinois, B.S American History, Civics, Director ol Boys' Physical Principal Biology Commercial Geography Education Basketball Coach Margery B. Terriere Virginia Umberger Mrs. Verna Vogelscmg George G. Wall University ofM1rmeso1a, BA Secretary to the Principal illinois Wesleyan, B.S. DePauw University, BA Dean of Girls, Geometry, Home Economics Illinois Wesleyan, B.M., Trigonometry, Algebra M. Band 44 14 vb Lowell Songer Ada Teodori Assunta Teodori Southern Illinois Normal Illinois State Normal Uni- lllinois State Normal Uni- Umversily, B.Ed, versity, B.A. versity, B.Erl English University ol Illinois, MA. Bookkeeping, Commercial Geometry, Algebra Law, Commercial Arith- metic, World History Iohn B. Wasilewski Roy L. Webb Harry S. Young Eureka College, B.S. Central Missouri State Teach- Universtty ot Illinois B S General Sclence, Football ers' College, BS M.A., Chemxstry, Assist- Coach Baseball Coach Dean ot Boys, Physics, Gen- ant Football Coach eral Science, Aeronastics 44 15 DD ACULTY rllilmugli zu find fhfir qzutiimzt tad. 'llfllllt' rrullt Ilflllif in lmzlf H1-1' fill'-1' all wrzw Il bunk If mil-I lm rtfmr! rur'zl',t trlliff C X How can We forget all the good trmes We had rn our own classes? Remember all the a ter game dances glven by the hard Workmg funrors and especrally the super prom they gave? Remember too how proud the senrors were of Just belng SGDIOTSIP The sophomores took therr part rn many school act1v1t1es and the freshmen wrth thelr extra large class were more than well represented ln fact 1t has been a busy and eventful year and We were Nl 71 gtg ll ' Nj 1 I 1' ' 44 15 77 j N J X 'A l l Ll f - . A . all active to the last minute of the final day. ly z xl I0 f 8 J . O . 9 ,I l , W Ili' oft.6'.' uf" U vi lx 'if II Ill 'un 1 7 7 I+' ix! ' -1 SENIOR from rlnss to class Ihr S'r'nmrs fffllllld fll fhm fhflllljffj lafm unrazzlfd Arqumng rurh a riorr n knoulrdgr Thm II Ima' thc park In any rollf 1 CavVrvoU ',Q!g,L'a.auf-econ ff-f"'7'Q fyycffv'-fimlilo-1 QM-L ,,,,,54,4,.-L4, jun el Aafv-c--V fww' ff' """"X 41 is-fr -Wi fiiifwgffi kr Z X, SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS V1ce presrdent B111 Bland Secretary Harold Burns Treasurer B111 Adams The soundrng of the peace bells was srgnrfrcant to the whole World and especrally to the boys and g1rls who are faced wrth the responsrbxlrty of securrng thrs peace We the Class of 1946 entered our last year at T T H S Wrth thrs realrzatron frxed rn our mrnds and we have Worked contmually to better frt ourselves for the tremendous task that confronts us The able class leaders that we chose to represent us are as follows Mrckey Ganey preslden B111 Bland vrce presrdent Harold Burns secretary and B111 Adams treasurer Our unoffrcral class motto seemed to b quallty not quantlty Although our class numbered only nmety srx we drd not let thrs bother us the many and varred act1v1t1es that We partrcrpated rn more than proved thrs theory A great number of our class were members of the vars1ty football basketball and baseball teams Some of our class formed the backbone of the band Strll others were valuable members of the Drrft and PelMel1 s affs the Glee Club the F F A the Home Economlcs Club and the G A A All of us are not destmed to become leaders the maforrty of us Wrll fall rnto the group of those who follow Already several of our class have answered the call and are rn the servlce of our country Undoubtedly many more w1ll be called upon to serve therr country although We hope they W11l do so rn a peaceful capaclty At any rate We the Class of 1946 vow that we w1ll strrve to f1ll our place 1n the communlty yes rn the world whatever 1t may be 44182 . lg, ' , , ' Y, . ' " 4 r 01" 1, K I f V I y 'X nl I -I, I 1 .1 1' T . , -1' ' , V ' X . T f - f ' f - V, 4 1 ' X 5 , . l s 'A X xx' 'F l X QA 'ww 4 ., ' KB, ,Ia 'A 'tk' 0 mf' ,. N C11 , A J X . f Q , J -4 ' -, V -1 4 ' fi 1 ,Q f ..-- H - s I 7 1 X I , the 1. , , A1 ff '61 I Q! President .1.........,......., Mickey Ganey I ll A - I I I . , e .. . I . 4 I ' . ' ' . - . . SE IGRS Bill Adams Bill is one of our most popular boys. His Witty remarks and friendly personality are well known about the building, To become an ene gineer is his ambition. Charline Adcox Char is a talented musician who has been in the band for four years besides being an active member of the GAA. Her ambition is to be a Navy nurse. Lucky sailorsl Ann Ainsworth A cheer leader all four years Ann has been a popular member of our class Her beautiful brown hair is the envy of all the girls Here 1 wishing her luck in her chosen career model ing Halton Andrews Andy that tall athletic senior boy is a outstanding first baseman on our baseball team He has a special fondness for parties Faye Ashbum Faye is that vivacious girl who likes to dance and have fun We re certain she will make an able iournalist Norman Anile Norman has made school much brighter during his years here With his experience h should make an efficient theater manager od!-""'G"' Jaw'-f-4-4-a MJ dl-f-09+-f-L f-0""B4" scwm-124 -5""""M1 QSJBQOW- ??!fo-an-a,.-I cr-U"Q"""" K 1-4J'4f""": 'A' Mary lane Ballard MMS 9 Wouldnt she make a darling teacher Th her ambition Shes one of the sm o dancers at the Canteen and you re alway -a-gl tain to fina he there Bryan Beaty Plofvhorse one of our track ard footbal tors eriioys all p rs a iion is to a rrusicion 44192 ' v I' Sf SE IORS Ramona Bertucc1 Ramonas ambition is to study law She is a very mooth dancer and you can usually ind her at the Canteen Bill Blcmd Bill is our xaluable football center and the bi mee manager of the Pel Mell Next to sport H15 taforite hobby is girls He would like to manage a dairy farm Ioe Boyd loe our triendly bus driver ie known for his knack of 2 eeping through fourth hour l-le a eady has Cl tart on 'us choeen career forming Dorothy Brancel Dot a quiet blonde with pretty eyee want to become oi secretary Shorthand and typing are her favorite 'subjects can Cfvwfv-3 A ,ow-sz .4..LW"-1' f,0f1M in l ,Duo ty vvwr'-fH9 Ynvvx-awk, 'NA' 'AJ 'Jin' 1:41141 ,t,.J-5 9 49424 44' Phyllis Brattam J w 1 cf i-f-Jlfmwq When you see the clever ske he in he Drift think of Phyllis our talented artist musi cron and maiorette Sorry boyb her main te-rest is in the Navyl Q ,AL-AJ 'W-41 Harold Burns y, l of , "Scamper" is a regu ar rportsmon Although he seems to be serious about mahematics his ambition is to edit o sport. Colurnn Patricia Ann Buckles A .ough P t has attended T. T. H. S. V.. wo y. .:z, sh- H : rode many f.ien sz. She lin.: nz. gn .. v' r, an aso seal: and r-:xi ti he. N o er'n'. Som Ccrlandro Banar.,..s,' as . o If known to all his trien plans jol.. the Navy after graduation. For the present howeve., irs .ernoin hie chief 4420 sp SENIORS Carolyn Card Carolyn is one of the quieter :nerr the class Since her rnain interest is in horses ner ambition is to teacn riding lessons a fl stable. Rosemarie Card Roeies friendly personality and even temper make her a Welcome addition to any crowd With these characteristics she :should as a nurse f 1 ' ,-X, 1 5, A !,!.2,j. !'Aq,"7',fsV,,f'fl".1,P', if 6 if. V afdlfl eff,-:WJ C 'lf 'VI Anna Chernauskl J' A future designer of clothing will be Annie Aw red ls her favorite color we presume nioet of her creations will be brilliant Howard Clark Aeronautical enginee ing ls Bos anibiti Frorr what weve seen of hin around scnool w re sure that he ll 'rake a good one 1A J4f 'lc X -Lf Martha Cloydw Q X' Martha ls Known for '19, read, wit and e L11 Cl ndi clfoiaet ecord She' haq pa ti ipa d in nary ch o ac ixitiee and has proved ie elf a .faluable rre'n or of our claw Connie Connolly Connie our capable Drift editor plane attend college afte graduation Her quietne or ic or ui' ovma our wlaicni eridea 'i o c an Iean Cornwell 6. ri a rarti ina' K 3 Mary Cummings -I in ZA ,' ,fl f, . , , I , f V Q' .. f , K 1 f 1 ,, I lx ' I ' L ff 1 f 'f 1 . S . . . 3 ' ' r : ' lon. i ' 'i : I , Qgq , ' , l I "lv ff I A. , f i J". V J, fl R I .fi . fi e . ,C f V JA! J-' , "' 4 ' ' I. 45" ., ,Z CA Q 4 K M I tank' A I V5 N v , v " .i Q' ' 'I i' . h r Ia ,1.e-ds.'r.icr . r'c 1- " e '. .. s..ol . W i,rs-., ' .. . ii " 'le , . 1 'j.- Y - V " 4' , K Q U, ' ex . I Y A V V U. use :iris f .-l'.'nf e".i .-rsiert all ri, ds 4 X , q I Z ."' a 'I lean hd: Leer. 3 verfsatile .student ocrrphniig . ' 1 i dh ,-:trol .eric record with , .cg .1:n Lr. fran? ei-:tra-Curriouiar a:ti'.'i1ie.1 Her norgrff lf trriisio hit :tie lil? wofe' fulfil as 11'f-733' edict 2' 'fn lQf1" Trai 'lQLgfi."i,ff1TAii1 Ii,3'3T-f'Tf- QI :pr f.f':r',' :rw If riff :oe .eaaer 3' Qllf Pxgfe xr.: 'Eco wfl'l.5'.'ffC1 "Kit KICK-E,' U 3' l "Q a1i':'t1'.'f- l',l,,.',2 .i If Q I X WW SENIORS lim Daigh lim, that bright ray of "Sunshine," has been entertaining us all for four years, His one ambition is to be a success.-Good Luck! Bill Davis Bill anticipates joining the Navy next year. lt he is as fine a sailor as he is a student, he'll be the "treat of the fleet." Don Davis Don is one ot those country boys who has adopted the lite of the city slicker His hobbies are music and girls Some combination eh? Rodell Denning Rodell like most ot the rest ot us has for his hobbies eating and sleeping More specifically he likes ham sandwiches Stop you re mak ing us hungryl Iesse Diss Feud who is maloring in science wants to become an electrician His favorite sport is tootball and hes all right tool Pat Donovan Pat the very able editor ot the PelMell lik s to dance and write letters Her special correspondent is that Brown boy of the U S 'Xlavy Wayne Dozier nrie one o our r r nior i eirg a nerrbe: tie band e na reeri active on me tootbal and ba a auad arnbiticn i c ie yi gin er I oy Ellison s to a e cna arine le t ,ist o 'ie t e tc b cavie 'i oviatri-' f A! ,4 J M f' 't',f7'r 1 22 fs , t, - X ty l F . . el . I K . 5 w ' ' ' . . i . R l it . g 'Be fc' is 5 ' host ve satile se ' ' boys Bea des b '. Q, 1 -r ot E- . ,h- Q 1 .5 Le i ' Seb ii X gs A s His " s to bec rr, '. en- N Icy, one 5' our short cute senior girls, interested in a bl n' rr. r 1 nt Q-, She is is the vdluab.- yn' f r tl e Drit Staff, who hop-s D ' 6 -- -G. I is x S lr! - 5 W ' ,I Ar ffffi -'VN K sf . 'rf ' UW JI, l. 4 K fl N I, I Q t 'Q ' f" ww I 1, x, , ' ,ff ,, i, , , IV . ,A 'Z ft "lk W It ' Aj r,, I jf SENIORS Dwayne Ettinger "Heff,' a member of our dance orchestra, can really play the trumpet! He likes to go to bas- ketball games Someday he plans to teach Bob Fesser Bobs hobbies are hunting fishing arymg 2 Seriously nes liked by all who Haw J wwf lu!!! J., ' ,Lf LZ 'JN f f Angelo Fmom Angelo is a speed demon at the typewriter Luckily he plans to be a typist Mlckey Ganey Mickey is our tall red headed class president who star in football basketball and track He would like to become a marine sergeant With his voice and physique he should succeed' jean Glbbs leanb favorite sporte are football and bae ketball She collects clipping about the games and that certain player Genevleve H Ianuhs Genny has been active in Glee Club b Some ci? She hopes to travel abroad chu af CVAQ ANU Q? J Agua I L x ,I 7 -Wai S mal f f f' ,,t,.,-1..,- LJL -f ef-J f f Aft 6-wxd Don alpm '- D n ha ecently co 'ie to uw frorr Cathedral iglo Scnc l in Sprinafi ld bu' he lea many fie d already Taylc ille Na lucky to get a st.id rt like Don Duane Hamel S t a popular e io does a fine fob cn the ootball ard basketball t arns H pe ality Shaud xe him ,well 1'i col eae 44 23 77 A I x ' , I 1 I . iv I If I lfJl"1ii',4 'Lili' fl' , V, 1 " U ., Q , l,' ill, 0- , J ' rl -' Lxrg ., -1, ,C'f' 'fl' x 1 " Q ' 1 Dfw if I ' V 1 - , I f !q.l. Y I I V V ,I ' s ' l, , . I .. H . . 6- sides maintaining a superior scholastic average. L71--v ..-' Q 1 J V, . f 1' 6 If f ' -arc fn X . .r -I X Muff 4 , ' X ff' y f. , P I 1 K A .qi , ly! ' fl n ' fyy f-kj ' . H' .U Al lori ' A 'S' ie 5. . s made . rl n 5 A . rv' ' ' 1 e . . " ccoy, S n' r, 3 Q .. f . . . . ' e is mon- ' . 'i ser' ' ' ' . l f SE IORS Helen Hofener Helens hobbies are music and dancing- she has been a band member for four years and can usually be found at the Canteen. Her ambition is dress designing Esther Hubbcxrtt An active member of our class, Esther's sweet personality has made her many friends. Fol- lowing graduation, she hopes to attend Mac- Murray College. Iulicx Lee Hudson lulia has maintained a high scholastic ave age during her four years at high school She has made rrany lrierds with her quiet b triendly personality Robert Hurtte Red is one o the smoothest dancers chool Since he is such a fine athl te we re sure he will be successful as a coach Catherlne Ivers Catherines friendly smile ana pretty blond hair are among her assets Her Warm personal iy has won many loyal riends tor her Evelyn Kerns Evelyn hobby ls collecting photographs O wwiat Evelyn7gOr should e say ot whom Fried chicken get irst her tavori ooct rw X, K , ifwf Dolores Kershaw KC1il'1 'UCI Norma Iecm Kmg view- to g t at Gene na lcage Cl 'ie ci i e 'i e cc L4 75 . ' i 1' i , ' ' H, ut " " ' f in 1 . f ' : . ,t sf., 5 ' f ff 5 I 6. MJ- 7 X . lv nrt M ff .H J, xx Lv. i tty!-t LJ l ,' 4 t gy J t r Q . A ' l' Ill Dolores plans to become a baokkeeper ll-ex' to 1 g, her . in interest is in the ffavy 'fv'r,s. - '-r theres a .song f be .aufig youl. 'ind Kin , n 4- ,rcus h c - o' wit na rzijxthm Tl, r do world is h-r clcpc SENIORS Comelia Klinefelter "Corky" is one of our quieter class members Her ambition is to become a private secretary to an executive. Iames H. Klinefelter lim's plans are to become a flyer in the Marine Corps. His favorite amusement is box- ing. His favorite foods, milk and beefsteak should keep him in Hfighting shapelw 7C .'.!n,w. 1 4"'i lyfl' - , A 1' I 1 Henry Kuntzman p 1 ' At the present Tiny is atisfied with a pair of skates After graduation he would like a suit of navy blue Edward Ladd Ed is another one of those boys interested in farming He has been very active in the F F A club WJZWA4 do M fff fQ,01-p7!4u4, 'V'7'M'V4"!J44"7f fs- MWJ Iul1aI.ab,f-f4,fAq!ff if ,462 ludy s sweet personaliy has made er rrany f ends at T T H S We ve all admired her 2: dancing at the Canteen She would like to' become an auditor Wayne Lockett Wayne ays his hobbv is making model a drawing t we thin i Lizl H ambgt o e Mr a pid ,ji t'g!A'ill .!",f'jJJiw Shirley ove 'I J ll, 'N Shirley ha played flat t e bawd 'Q azx abosit fre ed potatoe Cieva Lowrance e a o few ed ea e C1 to Q c ea a e g ad at tuav Jou walt 'r 1' 1 lv 'I u C1 44 25 JP r 6 fbibcv-I .v., ,.. " fl If 1 X nj , n' 1 If ' . ', 71' 1 . IA I i -43' 'V A ri ..., ' ' t s ' " A ' ' nd ' ,' u '. i 'S ' . is ' is t b e ln dr is I n 'lat 4. . f . '44 ll fi! J ,, f' ' ' Q' 1 , 1 Q ,, I X J 3 O 'if ft"""'i5llflt , I s N In J , 5 x Q - 0 N lk. W 1 ' Us L ' i x Q l l 4. .fl s L if W ,A I ' t I N N-l vfA , V . Q ,Q , 7 N ' 5 A ' e la . r 'our years Her hobby is reading best sellers She .' or 1 ' nch tr: s she say: Cl one f our " r eh ded senior girl.: rn' n 's g to ell ge ft r r u :cn fc ' I r. 'sg W'.h her nteres! in this sort of Work .she .fic do '.-:ell rf. .if 1 s Ky Barbara yn Barba is arr ur lansfer, e o - 1te spor s s in . O can .2 that Knitti oc pies uite it o t My Y f UHF, d ll l ' 1 1e' obb lS wr" tt rs. She plans l " s W, F' C to mpe G ei EX' Q bllbl 9mS POUYSS Of DUYSGS f 1 WW I I ru, If f ' Kathenne MCG Kathenne ha1ls from Tennessee Her favor lte sports are basketball and skatmg Her am blIlOH IS to deslgn floral arrangements 1.ugen1a McLeod Dots avor1te past1me wr1t1ng letters bne also skates and dances After she gradu ares she plans to be a tenaarapher Dorothy McMurry One of the most popular sen1or g1rls Dorotlsy as made many fr1ends dur1ng her h1gh school years She 1S mterested 1n flowers and some aay may own a floral shop of her own ayne R Mahan Wayne 1s the hardsome DClll1ClGY' of our group L1lce many pol1t1c1ans h1s hobby la study 1n l-l1s favonte arnuserrents are moues and D1ane Manuell ' 'J A Nea Norma lean Marsagha g N1 we p blacg ' e "1 ara 44 Zo ' ee , . ,h f . I . is . . I ., : s X . l . I I C, 1 h ' ' , ' S . 1 I- A A A I I A g, 1 ' , 1 . . " . sports. . , , , I F ,Uf I - 1 ,N ' . I . 1 t 1 .f 1 N I , I 5' ' , , ' . . f . v A i 1 -1 n . I I F - . , 1 . I X D1' 1.1 that Cute littlf- qlrl who l"ay.' ' s rs "1 ,ziile She hlcez to read and go to the movies Her aribztlon 1,1 to be 'J nurse Nor" 1: the l1!tle al ' tn tl , retty ' rrefizes She .ik good ..o'.'1es f intends to LE 3 secretarv ' bb El NURS Dorothy Matthews Dot is the vo1:e '.-:Lin a srnile at the tele- phone CUlCG, ln ner spare tzrne sne skates Best wlsnes to a 'uture aviatrzx Derald Merriman 'Fatstutt' is one ot those one in a I'f21ll1CT. He , . . .mes danclng eating, ana Spanien Tell Derala, will you ever learn to drive your C5157 Mary Catherme Neel Kate 1 a recent transfer student fron Owa neco After graduatlon she expects to be elthe stenographer or a beauty operator Lmdy Noren Salty 15 one ot our best athletes He ex pects to 1o1n the rnarlnes upon complehon of school lf phystcal txtness has anythmg to do wrth lt hell be a general tn no tlme Robert E Overby o ert 15 one of ou most tu xou poy e lre ne ho es o atcna he Fatal Acaaerry but 1r1 tlne rneantune l rnte est ls radlo and pro' g aphrca fm 4 Robert Pearson a xaluab en e nd ts arnbr 10 o rnanage a 21 nt oh o car Byron Peters a pe f Betty Phares 's 5 1 - , ' N ' ' r a r . . H h Q r . r s d' senlor 'o ,s ln th fuiz 2 . p r t I - ' t.- I ' Q x , . 1 . ' .us rna1n .er : ' . ..o r .' l".r1 Bob ts ' ' le If,oI. bor ot the 'football F515 . lflf' . Hn is T . t. rft. lt 'you wa.. B l ok ln his Car-if you Can ini 'ne l Byron h s '-:n an active ztiezni-:fr :' iff F F 13. hezna an :Miter tc: trite-1 HL, jan: zncluie College an: to quote E11:t1 fi 51165. paying job Betty If ine girl rtizri :t tan fgznf: 'ir : .7 :enter gizffureg ffurang If ner :nee-n Zixrfifir ff .et .' ner fgik Q1 27 va t I' wk . AQQQU RS Kris rtila ' tch" ho s tox kate as a professional o what we ve sdbn, we know she will find place in that field. ary Reber Mary is one of our very best-natured girls. She has been active in home economics activi- ties during her high school course. Marcehne Remcke We havent had much chance to become ac auainted with Marcey but we like what we ve seen Her ambition IS to be successful in what ever she undertakes Carol R1ggms Carol has been an active member of the G A A during her high school years Her ambition is to teach English Marcella Robzson Beard Marcella that senior girl with the attractive red hair has mafored in cience and math She especially enfoys skating and wr1t1ng letters ack Ronchetto lack 1 that tall lanky boy seen around school Besides being active in baseball and other ex tra cirricular activities he is a superior student who plan to att nd college Myron Sudon M on e o th bet skaters at the rink tide e RQ faithful merrber of the band l-l Virguua Siarksx G J plans to-'wonk in Chicago after g aa Lqio 5At pqsent you can always find he at the show Her hobby is collecti g phono '1 re or 3 t X 4 4289: ,V V . . I I - s. e I . 5 -xl y . -- fx ' ' VX ,Taq f e s . . ' f . en ' i is R' rbaayx amor is known to his classmates M jx Q N X . . e X Y ia J X tx 'Y N E IQRS Elaine Spresser Knowing Elaine, you can guess at once that her favorite subject is speech' She is noted for her parties and her enthusiastic cheerlead- ing, Cornne Smith Music rates first with Corrtne Her hobby 1 play1ng her p1ano and saxophone She woua l1ke d1rect1ng an orchestra of her own Rose Mane Sltkl Rosie matored in Engltsh and SCIGHCG She looks forward to those three day passes of a certain oldier in Galesburg EITIIIY Shlvers Emlly enloys watchtng basketball games could 1t be because her brother IS play1ng After graduahon she plans to work at the pope m1 Barbara Shetlar Barbara our capable Horne Ec president plans to attend college after graduat1on and take a home economlcs or a pre med course Kenneth Shake Kenny is as fine a skater as you ll ftnd any where To 1o1n the marines ts h1s one and only ambition but w know he d make Q good grocer Mary Lou Scott Scottys ar'1b1t1on is to be a ecretary H hobby 13 coll cting pictures of service men Any spectal o'1e'97 W1lla Mae Schultze Willa Mae ha been a fatthful rrerrb r t e xocal cont ts 13 ? tne Glee Club dur1ng her four years at T T l-l S nonstrated her blllly bg the Kim h 1, , 1 - I . ' ' , ,lg D . ll ' l L. 1 ' .1 1 -' I f Q4 A j ' Av ,U ll 1 S S 1 1 '11, ' A , .' I I e , R I 'Al ' ,I nt 'l . ' ' ' ." v ' X - A .J 1 ' .' 1 it 1 I , 1 ' sf rj XL' .in A. W X .1 ' ,,- , , - .ll 1, y , .- , ,A X. T 1 xy 'r , 'I . -i' I- 0 .X xi ' 1 ' ' 'i s . er s 1 .. e of nf? Q -thy -gt, M sg X . 1 K 5 l Nm 2 D X Q t X x 1 f K, U' , X ' xy qt MJ N 553' fs Jw i . UV jean, o r quiet senio girls, always ' o everyone Foll ing in Miss ' steps by teaching math is her cl 111 Vance Bill Is the photographer for the Drift staff He hunts fishes and swims After graduatlon he hopes to attend college Rose Mane Vltdlll Rosle hopes that some day she will be an Angel of Mercy ln China Until then she must be satisfied with school activities dancing and writing letters xf I oan Vaughan lo one of our shortest senior girls enjoys movies and dancing She intends to study p ys al therapy 'dia :WSE X iff 5 'Q Ni W- v ER 5 Ralggx W1ll1son Rudy one of our husky boys shines in all tion Rlchard Wllson Besides playing basketball and baseball Monk was our small but mighty football cap tain His favorite subyect math should help h11'n fulfill his ambition of becoming an engl neer Ewa Wright E va hopes o'ne day to own a beauty salon We re certain the ustomer will get ervice that sOl1s1 Mane Wright May rr 1 g an Co essin a lrien aispo 1l1C"1 Marie ha rraae I any friends at rl S Wim her lovely VOICE h has been 3 va uable rnerroe of the Glee Club effsfeem Tl e' ' '. r t ire, XS V 4 X . . . I . 1 . I I . I x 5 . . , X 5 . ' . ' Q A tg h t 3 t, E 1 . Q 1 .ix l M -5 G T X. Q x5 7 - ' '35 - it K . 1, i Kxv X J J . K I- it 'X - . N ly sports. 'llo become a football coach is his ambi- f 'Sl'-es. M B S A N Arr" s .iln .d n sf' g P, Q' dly T.'l'?.H 'LMA' ' 'J' of 1 g . I Q 2 1 Q' if . 'ig Ik.. . j' W 1'--1 Q., 7 ,- Q if 4' f ass:-..-3 at , .4 Qfm: P . nw-- ? 'W' A -v , JU OR 1,71 1171101 flaw an pmnz In Ihr rurw nr lmrlzn of huddlzn III II Izrommr ind our olwrzzf Ihfrr 15 rmlhzn hurrzdm llmn 101171 In 1 lnzrfrzng Ill Ihr fmrzdnr ll A. HTVIAD IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS , 1 VICS presrdent Don Berry Secretary hm Deeren Treasurer Bob Mlller On September 4 l4U 1un1ors entered the doors of T T H S as upper classmen for the frrst trme Durrng the hrst Weeks of school the followmg class ofhcers were elected hm Burns presrdent Don Berry vrce presrdent hm Deeren secretary and Bob Mlller treasurer Under the gurdance of our class sponsors Mrss Teodorl and Mr Olrver We have been sponsonng dances selllng food workmg rn the checkrooms and maklng other plans rn preparatlon for the annual Junror senlor prom The Junrors are well represented ln sports and other school act1v1t1es Many of our boys occupred promment places on the football basketball and baseball teams and on the track sauad A number of boys belonged to the FFA several of the grrls were actrve rn the Horre Economrcs Club the GA A and the Glee Club Both boys and glrls were members of the Drrft and Pel Mell staffs the Sodahtas Latrna and the Spanrsh Club 432 P7 ' 1 :Ll z , . Y . U . l N .N - - . , ,, ' ' 1, ff .' . , . . A . u, ng ZH, V . I. 7 . . z" ' , A' r Io H. 1 , l, 3 2 'T' 5 I 4, v - 'lux President ,..,.,,...,. ..r.......... I im Burns . . .I A I - A ' , JU lofts Dfw fnfv-.J ""' 115, 5452! LW4' Because of thelr scholastrc ab1l1ty the names of many Jumors repeatedly appeared among those llsted on the honor roll A large part of the band was made up of Junlors In add1t1on many rmportant pos1t1ons IH the Purple and Gold orchestra were flllecl by members of our drstmctrve class Next year We hope to contmue our success ln academlc work athletrcs muslc and other school GCl1Vll1eS We are lookrng forward to our senlor year as the clrmax of our four years rn hrgh school IU NIOR GROUP 1 F1rstRow Dante Contrr Pat Davls Nora Lee Ballard Alvena Clark Kathleen Berg lerry Babrch Therese Cnvello lack Cook Second Row Barbara Banlco Blll Brooks Kenneth Barlleul Della lean Ashlnhurst Olxver Bates George Adcox lohn Davrs V1rg1l Davrs Thlrd Row Glen Banks Bernard Coady Irm Burns Donald Berry Bob Chrlders Morrrs Beschloss Charles Andrus Everett Chrlders Li-fn,4, 4433: 'G, I . I , , G " , l x - 1 1 1 , . 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 51 1 - 1 r 1 f 4 7 1 1 -1 1 -1 1 1 Flrst Row Roeemary Haywood Mary Crlvello Betty Lngeltng Ramona Haflrger Edward Gtbbe Dorothy rrew Rtchara Gardner loan G1GVOQHOl1 loan Halberg Glenna Hubler Blll Dees Second Row VIYQHIIO Dunlap Bonme Hudson Barbara Funk Charles Hurnertclchoue, Dorothy Hurley Don Faeqero ltrn Deeren Brll Haley Thxrd Row Herbert Hufflnes Verna Floquet ldarold Hotener Raymond Drtver Cae a Granaet Lyle Faudt M1ClePY Deeper JU IDRS Flrst Row Bob M1ller Helen Locke Ruth Large Carol Moore Myra Monroe B tty Lusk Lorrame M1ller lna ledlrcka Anna Mannma Don MOZOYII Melvm Marshall Second Row lun MCArdle Bob Mlllman Roberta Ke1ser Don Mlcnel lrvlng Leach VIIQIHIG Love Betty laclceon Evelyn Klng Pat Monaghan Brll Lawler Phylhs Melvln Third Row Robert Kmdred loe Large lyle Maftsheld Tom Moore Elwyn Krng Dwtght K1rk Clayton Mtelke Roger McClelland llrn Keel Dexter Morgan bfllii .fad 44 34 97 First Row lvfelwrn lworrr W1l'ua lean INeece Bayrr ond Praneke Lelana Parr Eugen Parr Donna Olrver Wllbur Pettue Second Row Lura Mae Dovxnall Iamee lworrl loe Podeschr lune Bogere D1ck Oller Arlene Rrchmond Thlrd Row Bob Paeenko Rodney Peabody Margaret Pourchot Royal Ra mu wen ack OBTIGWL JUNIORS First Row Charles Za'nbon1 Bob Waterman Bob Stare B1'l Wallace l.aVe 'me Woodward Albert Showale l-'el S ther Sharon T1tran Kenneth Sedlacek Shrrley W rah Mary Ellen Spaldmg Elanore Stmpson Second Row Mary Wrlllarre Ian Ward Leo Swmey Imogene Weaver Iean Sh1ver Marilyn Wlnslow Iactc Spmner Ioanne Waddell Bob Za1c Polly W1lley Thxrd Row Darrel' Schultze Lester Southard loee Thomas Betty Ann Wrlgh Roger Trapp Darryl VanVleet Irma Scholz Bob Well Frank Sensabaugh L- .itil 44 35 77 SOPHOMORE' CLASS OFFICERS Pres1dent Leo Vltoh vlce presldent hm Humphrey Secretory Dolores Dycus lreosurer hm Mullm QPHO CRES ltd '11 Ira thfzr jog and ride Ihr Snfzhonmnr marfhrd szdr In vzdf Rnmttmd 171 flafsroom fym and Il H1111 bf tht unzom zn the all 45, Fxrst Row Beverly Bollmcn Norrct Coople Dereothu Bnyeu Augubt Croenne Dolores Antle Colleen Andrews Normcr Benhom LOUISE Contrl Lucy Coffey Borborct Corzme Betty Iune Choote Second Row Rober Cook Robert Boch Bu sell Clark Charlene Brumoqe lornee Auron Norma Ch6FHGUSk1 Norma Curtm Groves Byers Thxrd Row Iohn Botes B1ll Blnflelo Donald Boeton Douq Colquhoun Tom Blono Wray BClld1S cc 362 L. 4' ul A t V. .V p. 7, ' " ' ' . , Ag" , hll. ,B 0 f f I vl xf 1 , Y' s ning I f, 'i.,l ,r x. , If lk l ' w a , . if 'I Q QQ Bill," . ' l Q ' h . V . I . LL , 14 'V 5 , , 2 .M . 5 in I' l , . OPHOMQRES Early thls fall l55 sophomores met and selected the-1r class offtcers Leo V1tal1 was elected presrdent hm Humphrey VICE presldent Dolores Dycus secretary and hm Mull1n treasurer M1ss Drennan and Mr OBr1an were the faculty advlsers of our class Our class has contrtbuted much to school act1v1t1es The football baseball and basketball sauads the Pel Mell the Drlft the band and the glee club all lnclude members of our class Also many of our class were l1SlGd on the honor roll each semester For our class soctal GCl1V1lY we had a party rn the sprlng Every member of our class has tr1ed to become a loyal member of and to QIVG our school reason to be proud of us Fxrst Row Dolores Dycus Robert Hofener Wllma Henson Mary Dlss Betty Fxaom Rxchard Davls Iacquelme Goodwm Patrxcla Hatfxeld Donald Dorr Dorothy Hancock lerry Henlnger Second Row Iohn Gensler Bernard DeClerck Amos Durbln Kenneth Gatton Iohn Har mon Mary Lou Hayes Andy Flesher Ioan Fuller Donald Daykm Bob Duquenne Third Row Iames Humphrey Dorrs Ferrari Gene Dral Arden Eadte Wayne Foster Delbert Hurley C372 , 1 . . . T. T. H. S. ln the next two years We will continue to be proud of our school First Row Gerald Long Camllle Martm Larry Lalrd Ronald Long lenny Lou L1ttle1ohn Fvelyn MCKIHHOD Mae Margaret Kramer Earl Kxndred Second Row Martha Ladd Ann lewell B111 Ke w1n Patr1c1a Loreth Nancy Kuntzman Patrxcta Ketchum R1chard lE1SY Sh1rley Le1nen Kunard OPHOMORE Fxrst Row Loretta Means Troy Melvln Mary Ellen Myerscough Ross Mllls Norma Memecke M1ldred Murphy Dav1d Mooney Second How Bob Mltchelson Rlchard M1ller Robert M1ller Otls Rusher lerry Peters Charles Rlcllen Harold Roach Gene Pyle Bob Oselcmd Kenneth MIHSOH l1m Mullm Kenneth Morrxson Marlon Myerscough x38x Third Row: Eldon Ialrvis, Ted Lambert, Paul Layzell, Russell Mahan, Tom Mayes, Richard l inf Fxrst Row Dolores Roberts Dlna Pelat1 Ray Phelps Carola Rogers Carolyn R1ester W1lma Norrls Glorla Rasmussen Wanda Mae Ryan Ehzabeth Ryan Carolyn Neal lo Ann Parks Second Row Tom Nagle Leonard Ryan larnes Perry Leland Remcke SOPHO ORE First Row Don V1dmar Geraldme Shadowens Dale Stanley Ioan Shafer Marllyn Way ITIIS Cecelra Smlth Dale Smlth Bernard Scott Alone Stevens Second Row Lorralne Van Hooser Betty lo Stlckel George Upchurch Edlth Wlttka Madeltne W1l on Io Ann Smith Ann Wells Elolse Wells Kenneth Shetlar lack Vaughn Thlrd Row Edward Trett Robert Yard Kenneth Shtvers Mary Savarls Bob Vaught Eugene Turvey Norma Venturl Gene Trrey Everett Turvey 44 3g ww FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS FRESH lN 1 0111 111 t 1 s 111 I III 111 1 1 I1 Il 1 ll 1 1 1 1 I A 3 f R Prestdent Dale Iackson vrce presrdent Beverly Mrnnts Secretary L1ndy Protko Treasurer Wayne Orr Fxrst Row Velma Anderson Marjorre Beaty Patsy Bennett Mlldred Brown Ioy Lee Alfon S1 Maxrne Brown Albert Babb Larue Bennett Marllyn Bell Donald Brown Second Row Iames Ashbrook Sh1rley Armstrong Dorts Atklnson Betty Armstrong Bobby Iae Buzzlngham Melvm Book Ardeth Buckrmre Mary Anne Adams R1ta Adams Ioanne Buckles Thlrd Row B111 Bate Dlck Bentley Anthony B1anc'1ett1 ltrr Brubeck Q4Ub7 FRESHME In the fall of 1945 the largest freshman class on record entered the doors of T T H S We were lmmedxately chr1stened Freshres Wrth the valuable asslstance of our class sponsors Mrss Kerns and Mr Webb we although somewhat frxghtened soon became loyal members of the student body Early rn the year we elected these off1cers Dale Iackson presrdent Beverly Mrnnrs v1ce presldent Lmdy Protko secretary Wayne Orr treasurer Many boys 1n our class are takmg part 1n sports Some show promrse for both football and basketball seasons to come Some of our group are act1ve ID the Latln Club and F H A A few are worklng on the staffs of the Pel Mell and Dr1ft Those of us who are muslcally 1ncl1ned have become many of us have been on the Honor Roll We are really proud of two freshman glrls who were placed on the cheerlng squad shortly before basket ball season They are Marllyn lvers and Elalne Ronchetto It 1S too early to pred1ct the future of the members of the class of 49 However you may be sure that we shall use our talents to the best advantage foTTHS Fxrst Row Cecella DeClerck ChflSl1ne Carlton Nlna Dotson Iudlth Durr Mary Loulse Daggett Sophla Dorchmez Mlldred Dotson Frances Desper Second Row Evelyn Durbrn Ice Collms Don Day Dolores Clements Ioan Crawford Dolores Curtls Ioseph Durbm Truman Darnell Third Row Agnes DeClerck Iulla Carlton Betty Coogman Leonard DeV1llez Harold Davls Maurlce Dew1m1lle C412 members of the band and the Glee Club. Because of our scholastic ability, r .... Flrst Row Lyle Gesell Rlchard Fromm Elarne For ythe Robert Ethnger lean Fromm Patrlcla Galbralth Charlotte F1 her Second Row Donald Elhnger Don Goodwm Max Ellmger Pearl Foster Donna Granam Carolyn Flesher Wrlrna Engellng Third Row Kenneth Gllpln Helen Flemrng Vlola G1bbS Nanette Flanders FRESHME Fxrsi How LeRoy Heberlrng lean I-lofener Ioan Huebner Glenna Hlll Manlyn lvers Patr1c1a Kloue Dorothy Hardm Pansy Kerley Second Row Iohn Humerlckhouse Paul Iushce Elmer Harmon Lydra Hueneger Ioyce Hamell Benny Iones Dale Iackeon Thlrd Row Wxllram Honore lohn lones Donald Karcher B111 Herman Roy Kern Roger lanes Bobby K House 4,22 5 , f S , . , , 5 -1 , f 1 I . f , . S, 1 A :Lid Furs! Row Butn Landers Natal e Ma tm Nancy Moore Betty Arn Mutftck Mary Mckrale Beverly M1nn1e Mary Ann L1tzelr'1ann Fontella Lockard Second Row Mane Lang Norma M1lls Brll Mtller Bob Lane lack Lockett Iamee Manuell Tom Mosee B1chard Moran W1ll1am McGehee Third Row Patsy Morgan lNorf'ta Matthews Paul Melzer Io Ann Memecke Bob McLeod Nyle Large Ernest Mlneon FRESHM First Row Danlel Oates W1lma Oller loe Norrts Ioann Orr Iames Podeschl Marv Orr Mary Ann Orator Ieanette Podeschl Cecelta Pearson Edna Prlor Second Bow Donald Nolan Betty Purttlar Dwayne Oyler Ioseph OBr1an Harv Orr Wayne Orr larnes Noren Wrlllarn Powell Slnrley Noren Iarrell Pearce Third Row Boy Oller Albert Oats Larry Oseland Fred Nance Lmdy Protko Btllte lean Phllamalee Edmona Parnsh Mary McPeek Karl O termter fx 43 rp F1rstRow Betty Shanks Dolore Scopel Bob Rlley la'1etSc1ar1n1 Btll Rodden To n Rtley Norma Rae Robert Ryan Btll Shake Second Row Raymond Shanks Iacqueltne Schurr acher Dwayne RICS Robert Outck Robert Reber Warren Rerneclce Guy Rhoad Thxrd Row Elalne Ronchetto Maxrne Rhodes Darlene Spaldlng Glorra Speagle Glor1a Sm1th Fourth Row L1ll1an Sensabaugh Frrtz Radztmanowekt Davrd Smrth Robert Reeves FRESHM Fzrst Row Iames Walker lean Vtdmar Darlene Tomaztc Mary W1lk1WS Glorra Wells Darrell Yonker Gertrude Wrtght Darrell Taylor Ray Whrtlow Second Row Homer Thomas Don Young leanne Tomlxn Beverly Yonker Rosella Wtllrng ham Drclc V1SCOZlC1 lack Thomas Bob Wrl on Thlrd Row Delmar Zettler ames Wtnn Dolore Turvey Mary Lourse Wrlght Rode-ll Tarter Veta Thomas lohn Tomel Alfred W1ckershe1m Donald Southard Q C4419 ci' h., ,Q I -r, g. .1 ' ' i" '5- Q' O-"'O- -1 sf "' 54 ..,, 1 ,..s i ,. xg 1 .Q E' gn!!! s:g,s , ina-'W Hctzz ztzw 1 V t it When students took bock OH thetr dotys ot T T H S some ot therr br gh est memortes ore those ot the htgh schoot octtvtttes m whtch they porttctpotect No one com forget the UD oho the work thot the bomd brought them They W111 remember olt the deodlmes they hod to meet when they worked OH the Drttt cmd the Pe1MeH stoffs Too they H recolt oll those the Gtee Club All these votrted orcttvtttes served thetr purpose ot mterestmg students m otddmohol phctses of htgh school hfe fc 46 bf I O O I x t J ' 1 A . V f , before-school cmd otfter-school reheotrsols ot I 0... f- 2- . J' I 1 el 1 11... 'li' 'X 'G-u... 'Wi' its-0 1 1 1 1 Ivuh had zlx 1 fm! jun! In :lax nz fl U tn thf Ian! 1 ll nz Il Inu Q47up 1 fv- ..1 If -v N- F' L. 4.. ... 1 N How v.co 1d 'w A rw 11 .M .M ff' U 4. -L. .M fv- Q. C ff Q Row Th rd 111 '14 Cz. :.1 1371111 111 11' itz' 211.11 '1'1':i.1:1i M1 'J17111 13,1111 11 :1111.1i-11 G1en1g'1 1 111x161 O11.-1 111511121 Myriri 5112311 19111: 136f'1'11' F11 -1:11 -111 1 :"1 11 11:13 11. 131111. A111-111 1? 1 'x:11111 M31 f1c11g1::1.1, 1ef11',' .11.'11 1N1131o1f1.' SQO111, 1.1Q1,:f- Wf111.' For 141 1'.'1 F1111 111111111111 K1 111111 A1111 11 1-11Q1 51.1111-1, 1."'.'1 1V11111y11 W111'111w 1.1'11w11, 111111-'11 1'111111'1111.1, CQ111111 311.1111 Mary C11111:11111qq S- 1 : .111'1:1u1 1i11.zq1.11g.. 121 1 1.1::.c11q 1511111651 '1'11f,-rf'-.af Fourh How: 11111 1V111111111: 10 A111111 M1'11117ckf- 133' A11cjz11,11 11-'111 111f:'f,-11111 F1111 11.1 1 .-.m1'.:11 1'1t111q11 111:. H1111.11.'1".' Wgymf 11111111111 1013 S111111-y Lf.1111-1. 1Q1,11111f 10115111110 S11111e',1 1-15111111 M1131 M':Pf-1111 Bib 31- ','1 1.1.1 11. 111: 11:11 131113' 1'1"1:11 1111313 1"111k 11310161 f,11:11v,1O11 11111 1fs11q11, 13:11 150.21011 1c1111 131' 1-.1 13:11 R:i:1.13t1c1 11111 11 '111' 11 1 .1101 C111 111111, 1 11'.'1,1eT1 T 1er1 1111 ,1-1514 1.J11', 0:1111 1 15111111-11 1111511 B111 11111",' C11:1g11- A 14:14 1 :..1L 111 1.11: 17 wit. 1111 1111: 1'1':1111111.r ff'ILirf.' 1'u7'.'f1',' Mf'11'.' A1111 111-1 1f'111C1-:Q 1.1". 1'v:' M 7' 1v'1111'1111 C11'-'1 Sianding: 1Vl1111j111111 P1111111'11o1, 1111111111',' 111-W 11-111 C11111w1-11 C1.1111111- 1 : 1111.1 111111111 11,111 1:11 C.'1'11.1 11111111 C1111111-1' 1711y111.1 110113 111111114 111-11,'11111111iJ11, -111111111 K1111 1111 0,-1-111161 131111 1.11','L'1'11 11111121111 '1111:1.1 1.3 1 1' W v1.11 .',1 11 111 :11 1'11'.'1.f Torn' 111111f'11e1!1 111111 Wf1r'1 HAXXID x N Q 'Vlllfflql DANCE QRCHE TR Flrst How Grovee Byers Don Davls B111 Brown Mary Cummlnge Caesar Glanal Corrlne Srmth Martha Cloyd Second Row lun Humphrey Dwayne Ettrnger Ina Iedllclca George Adcox D lbert H ley SECQ D BAN e9.A.y-Q-W-QNMW3' Dr P,5J Furs! Row Ma tlyn Waym1re Carolyr' Btester Brchard ler V M ry MCP ek Ernest Mm on Bob Oeeland Stcmdmg Dorothy Frew lean Cornwell lane Ward Lllhan Sertealoauglo Shlrley lyoren Betty Art Muth Q: lwatahe Martm Second Row Dolore Turvey Mary Ann Adane Velma Anaereon lean Frornrn Blll Powell Rlchard Fromrn Pat Morgan Evelyn Durbtn Third Row Don Boetcn B1ll1e Plmlamalee Iohn lanes D1 k Bentley Pat Kloue Iohn Bate 83 W 44505 .L .- 1- km, '-lr A-f fm , . 5 - -, lf l t I -, l S., : ' , ' , ' , , 5 , . ' : I I n N . ' . 3 K 5 I . . N . : r , 1 , , os, a e , . S , - .. IH A7 . , I An ,C,V 7 . . : 3 , nr, .. .' . , , ' 'rs A 1 X , 'A , "-p. M 44 - 1 - s , M J'-' . P MARCHING BAN These marchmg bard fcrrrratrohs represent a hard season S work an the E rt of both Mr Wall and the band Srhce rt seem ed frttmg ta nerr r the Umted Natrcns there were these Great Brftam me e fa also the castarrary T r Ta lorvrle K51P 'A A .1 I I E A a ' . A special tormations: a 'AC' for Chzrta, an R' for Russia, and a WG, B' for Q ' . 'I r 5 1. 1 . t 't fa y' 't . ' 5 CHEERLEADERS Top Stcmdmg Left to Hxght Arlewe Rlcdrcna A1 Ambworth Kneelmg left to nght Els e Spre e Polly Wlllef Botlom stcmdmg left lo nghf Bcrbo Q C 2 A '1e'ta Qe X1 Kneelmg let to right E Ro'1cHe-to M O Q 7 1 53 CHEER LEADERS ALMA MATER f If II ! nl 1 fl all H x ll xr! Il ff L A . l11lfm1llf.f1'f1 lllr11.llf1fw, ln1lff':1'llf. nf mf Hgh mg my ww. .llffm .fm 1' may mn: flllm ,lll :lf flfrrnn lu fum! mul frm. .lf .1IlI'lllI7!IIlIVl flu lfmffr. .lf11l H141 lun fur 111111 111:12 gmrr Hlll, inn ll l'11l1.' Rllf l'1l.' My 'I zylffzillf In flu lzmmr nf flu l,IH'fIlr 111111 llzf 11111 I " . ' , ' : xr: ss- nr :r,1xjAe rx.. ,V Q ' , f : .sine . A t , zrzfyn lvers ffl I O"5 IN 10 W .. 1 - '4 1 , s GLEE CLUB First Row Pat Hatfteld Mae Margaret Kramer Beverly Bollman Ieanette Podesch1 Mary FTGHCIS Crlvello Mary Ann Lttzelmann Helen Hofener Betty lune Choate Second Row Iulla Lamb Therese Crlvello lean Cornwell Mary LOUISE Doggett Shtrley Armstrong Wllrna Neece Mrldred Brown Mane Wrrght Ioan Vaughan Thxrd Row Ehzabeth Ryan Blame Ronchetto Geneweve Ianuhs Wanda Ryan Io Ann Memecke Marllyn Winslow Wllla Mae Schultze Iudy Durr Dereatha Bllyeu CHORALAIRES Durlng the present school year the glrls vocal organtzahon under the capable dlrectton of Mr D1rksen adopted the name Choralalres replace 1ts former one of the Glee Club The followmg offrcers were elected lean Cornwell presrdent Mary lane Ballard v1ce prestdent and Marte Wrxght secretary treasurer Genevreve Ianulls served as manager wlth Betty lune Choate as her ass1stant The lrbrarlans were Iuha Lamb and Wllma Neece asslsted by Beverly Bollman Mary Lourse Daggett Therese C 1vello and Mar1lyn Wlnslow served as accornpamsts The club made tts ttrst publlc appearance m the ctvtc room at the back to school meet1ng smgmg Brahms Lullaby and Kentucky Babe The Choralatres along wlth the Spamsh Club presented La Ftesta Mex1cana at the Dnft carmval The ent1re group sang lrv1ng Berltn s Say lt Wlth Muslc and the senror sextet sang the Mextcan clapptng sang Chlapanecas l the ftnale the semor sextet tamed the Spamsh dancers tn smgtng La Cuca racha At the Chnstmas meettng of the Parent Teachers Assoc1at1on the gtrls sang a number ct tavonte Chrtstrnas songs Followlng that the ever popular Bells of St Marys w1th specral rnstrumental accompanrment was presented at the annual band concert In the sprtng the Choralatres the grrls ensemble and several sololsts entered the dlstrtct contests To complete thetr year the group part1c1pated tn the Baccalaureate program 44 54 up Mr Dlrksen Dxrector d Pranske Harold Hofener Larue Bennett Bob Waterman Rayman d E W Mrnson Frank Sensabaugh W1ll1GTU Lawler BOY NSEMBLE Thts year we were fortunate enough to h made thetr flrst appearance at the Chrtstmas rneettng ot the Parent Teacher s Assoctatlon slngtng S1lent Nlght At the annual band concert the group sang Stng Me a Chanty They also competed tn the d1str1ct contests Several boys entered the solo d1v1s1on of the contests ln the sprlng they made several other pubhc appearances 44 Sdn 0 g Q r , "f 4 v C 4 I 9 ' ave a boys' ensemble. They 2- iff- zu 'xx nailz., -'Si if PEL MELL Fzrst Row Ruth Large Arlene Rrchmond Helen Locke Pat Monaghan Ioan Crawford Second Row Lyle Ge ell frm Ashbrook Io Ann Smlth Andy Flesher Doug Colquhoun Pat Donovan Cam1lle Ma tm A very tmportant part of every school IS 1ts newspaper Our newspaper at T T H S IS called the Pel Mell Mrs Clawson has been the faculty advlser srnce 1t was begun 1n l937 Much credlt IS due her, for she has glven a great deal of trme and effort to make thrs act1v1ty a success Headmg the student staff of the Pel Mell IS Pat Donovan as edltor rn ch1ef, and B111 Bland as buslness manager Mr He-nsey rs servlng as busrness advlser thls year Th1s newspaper bnngs to the students the news of the d1fferent act1v1t1es 1n our school such as the band, athlet1cs, clubs, and class meetmgs The artlcle, "Round About Town, keeps the students 1nformed concernlng the happenmgs 1n the soc1a1 clrcles of 'l' T H S 44 55 DD Mrs Clawson AdVlS6Y 5, , mime' fin ' . V ,YI f a g 4 f t :wi 4 5 -t gfatx, , U 3 ,Y "wil 5, ' J f K -Wit as tfffyk "" Y . f, W . W, 3, lgi . "ids . gi Q' Y 1 A, , Hfrfg , ' A A,v,v X L f, , 1 3 'ff l ' ' , ,,fg:'e, 9 J t 4' ,iff X , . ' , , I , , 4, , Vi. pix :gm f, 5 . ' 1 '- , ' .ay - . -1, N Q J 0 1 4.9 ' M I C , W-, N. -Q 'H , ' ,W ,.,I,,, - 1 K 5 3 1 , , 1 1 r PEL MELL Seated Charles Ridler' Marilyn Winslow lack OBrian Therese Crivello Charlene Brumage Standing Lugenia McLeod Mary Cummings Genevieve lomulis Iim Mullin Tom Moore lo Ann Meinecxe loan lorns Shirley Armstrong Mildred Brown Bill Bland Business Manager Pat Donovan Editor-in-Chief The members of the staff are the following Editor in Chief Pat Donovan News Editor Tom Moore Feature Editor Marilyn Winslow Sports Edltor lack O Brian lzxchange Editor Ruth Large Reporters Shirley Armstrong Io Ann Meinecke Lester Southard Marilyn Bell lim Mullin Mildred Brown Charline Brumage loan Norris Charles Ridlen Arlene Richmond Don Young Pat Monaghan Therese Cri Jello Betty Ann Wright Typists Genevieve lanulis Lugenia McLeod Mary Cummings Business Manager Blll Bland Collectors Doug Colauhoun Pat Kious loar Crawford Elaine Potts, lim Ashbrook, Camille Martin loan Smith Lyle Gesell Editorial Adviser.. , , Mrs. Clawson Eusiness Adviser Mr. hensey 44 572 First Row Berna d Scott Gene Long Flme Ha mon B rnad Deplerck Dale S'mth Btll Vance Leo 1ney om Moses lo l rs Dar olan Bob Elle Second Row at lohn omel on Dor rr c J ze Row e G ne Ry Bodell Ta te Bob Reber Bob Lane Don Sortha d Amos Du bln Thxrd How Don Davrs Io'1n Bate Lester Sontha a Byron Peters Bob P arson Lrndy P otko D taht Km: Im Klrnetelter Ed Ladd Bob Krnd ed Ol: er Bates FUTURE EAR ERS OF AMERIC A The 1945 46 year has been one of both protrt and mterest to the thlrty srx members of the Future Farmers of Amerlca The offrcers elected at the September meetmg were Dwrght Krrk presrdent Bob Pearson vrce presrdent Byron Peters secretary Darrel Schultze treasurer Lester Southard reporter and Don Davrs watch dog At the October meetmg fourteen green hands were mrtrated The club has as 1ts advrser Mr l-lensey a l926 graduate of T T H S All the members of the club were very actlve both rn and out of school ln Aprrl the club was represented at the 1udgmg contest at Moweaqua where Dwrght Krrk won a frrst place Many of the boys showed stock at a contest ln Sullrvan where Dwrght Krrk agam won a flrst place wlth h1s shorthorn steer ln order to rrd thrs terrrtory of some of the rodents and b1rds that destroy crops and valuable lrvestock a pest contest was sponsored by the club The members were d1v1ded 1r1to two teams the Bulldogs led by Olrver Bates and the Tom Cats led by Ioe Large As a reward for tts work the wmmng team was treated to a drnner and theater party rn Sprmgtreld The brg event of the year was the tamrly mght banquet held March 20th At the banquet letters were awarded to hrgh pomt members Other socral act1v1t1es mcluded a We-mer roast a party for the Future l-lomemakers of Amerrca and several skatmo and theater partres The boys have worked hard to become full tledged farmers Let s keep rt up fellows e582 Mr Hensey FFA Sponsor I ,X Y. ! I yi . V: 1 ' X . . . . x ,. v . . ': 5 ' : r , .. r r , e r , , .' , , Sw , T . , A e Jorr , 1 N , ly : Blll B es, .. T , FJ r, Da .ell S hr lt' , j Oll r, e le, r r , , l F , l" ' : , Q s, ' rf ' , e r , w . ', 1 ', , r V L 1 , . First Row Dolores Roberts Baby Bates Iean Vrdrnar Beverly Bollman Glenna Htll Norma Benham Dorothy Hancock Ienny Lou Llttlejohn Dorothy Hardtn Carola Bogers lulla Hudson Ioan Vaughan Second Row Glorxa Speagle Vrrgrma Dunlap Donna Oltver Mary Lou Scott Cecelra DeCle ck Dolores Scop l Bonme Lou Hudson Betty Io Strckel Mary Orr Pearl Foster Betty Engelrng Wrlma Norrls Third How Ma y Wrtght Lura lvae Po nal Cornelra Kllnetelte Wanda Bvan Fo otlny H lev Mary Lou Howes Ioan Fulle Elrzabeth P-yan Bo bara S etlar Martha Ladd Wrllc Moe Schulze 1? Mrs Vogelscmg F H A Sponsor FUTL RE HOMENIAKERS UF ERICA The Taylorvrlle Chapter of the Future I-lomemakers of Amerrca Club whrch rs affrlrated wrth the state and natronal organrzatrons ot Future Home makers of Amerrca rncluded forty members All of these grrls were erther enrolled rn home economrcs durrng the current year or had already completed two years of rt The purpose of the club IS to form a connectrng hnk between the school and the nome and to help trarn the gtrls tor democratrc hte Ottrcers eected at the meetmg early rn the year were Barbara Shetlar presrdent Donna Olrver vrce presrdent Beverly Bollman secretary and Ehzabeth Ryan treasurer Every year the grrls choose a motto for the club For thrs years motto the gtrls selected Toward New Horrzons They also chose The Amerrcan Grrl of the Future as the theme on Whrch to base thetr monthly club meetrngs Two of the outstandtng socral act1V1t1es sponsored by the club were the annual sprmg dance and the Mother Daughter s banquet honormq Mothers Day All of the grrls partrcrpated m preparrng the banquet The foods classes were responstble tor plannrng the menu and cooklna the tood The clothrng classes presented therr year s pro1ects tn a style show An rmportant servrce ot the club was the preparatron of a Chrrstmas box o tood and grfts wnrch vas sent to a hosprtal zed veteran ln order to become better acquatnted wrth tlse work done by other clubs rn the state many f the club members attended the county meetrng at Mt Auburn rn October and the drstrtct meetrng tn Sprrngtreld rn November The club also sent Elrzabeth Ryan and Helen Smothe s as therr representatrves to the State Home Economrcs Camp at Lake Bloom ngton where state plans for the commg year s work were drscussed and emo able contacts and acauarnt ances wrth members of other clubs were rrade QSQD ' . V V 9. . ' t 1 . ' t ' : r , ' 1 w I, ' r, . A , , r . 'ur A, ' , . . r r , , 3. . 1 , . , . . . . . A 1 I 1 A I f I f B . . r . . v-' A - -. .N 4 , . . - "V TJ. . , . . .T 4 ?' " Y eh 1 - , ,. 1, . . , L . I . . . . ' ., w l . . . A . r , V , Q . . - Y - v , A f I LATIN CLUB CSECOND YEARJ Flrst How Ioan Shaler Anetta Servr Barbara Corzrne lo Ann Parks Bob Hotener Larry L rrd Brll lkerwrn lesse Drss Lourse Contrr Edrth YNrttka Betty lune Choate Second Row Io Ann Smut Helen Locke Ma y Ellen Mye scough Barbara Shetlar llrn Humphrey Shr ley Cook Ann lewell Norma Copple Do rs Ferrarr Wrlma Beard Thxrd Row Barbara Banko Glora Rasmussen loan Norrrs l'or'na Venturr L ma Schultz lack O B ran Caesa Granasr Trm M llrn Paul Lcryzell Md y Katherrne Neel lack Vaughn LATIN CLUB CI-'IRST YEARJ FITS' Row Mary Ann Lrtzelmann Norma Mernecke Patrrcta Krous leanette Podeschr Darrell Yonker Rrchard Fromm Cecelra Pea son lmna Dotson ,anet Scra nr Darleen Spaldmg Larue Bennett Donna Granasr Bet y Ann Mt.ttrck lean lf' ornm Mary MCA d Velma Ande son lean Ho'ene Bur r-toad n roy Lee Al cvs Lge ealrr Shadowens naw W ar-cy K ntznan hr e Nlo er Second Row Iames Manuell hanette rlanders Don Young "'a olyn Fleshe Ma y Lourse Doggett Marrlyn lvers Erma Helter rlatalre Martrn Elarne Potts Patrrcra Morgan A deth Buckmrre lacque lrne Schumacher Nora Ballard Drck Oller Thxrd Row Dale Iackson Mary Anne Adams Wrllram Honore Evelyn Durbrn Bobby loe Buzzrngham Ma y Savarrs Drck Bentley Leonard Ryan Io Ann Merr-ecke lulra Ca lton Charles Rrdlen f SODALITAS LATINA "TT Congratulatrons to the Sodalrtas Latrna and to Mr Drrksen under whose gurdance the club has completed another profrt able year The lrfty members have been busrly occupred wrth many progects They had a meetrng on December ll for the purpose of admrttrng new members They have purchased a map twelve books rncludrng frctron and non trctron and a Latrn drctronary The second semester was devoted to the study of conversatronal Latrn an unreached goal of former students Latrn Week was observed rn Aprrr begrnmng wrth the annual Roman banauet at whrch the plebes the frrst year me nbers were slaves whrle the egurtes the second year members sat back and took rt easy Durrng the week tne club rrade the school Latrn conscrous by drstrrbutmg posters and other drsplays throughout the class roorrs To encourage new rnembershrp for next year the club sent a delegatron tc the un or hgh school where they gave an entertarnm program The club was led by capable oftrcers Iesse Drss the pontrfex rnaxrmus presrded over the group meetrngs The consuls Edrth Wrttka lack OBnan Charlene Brumage ana Irm Mullm took charge of the monthlv class meetmgs 1609 Mr Drrksen Scdalxtas Latma Sponsor ' r ., , ' , . , c , ' : , r , , J . , 'r . , ' r , ' u ' r' , Q r ' v ,, ' ' . t u , r ., ' r le, . ,r , ., . l T "e , ' .2 , r, " r ' re .. , ' 1 ' 'rtrtiowy N . " u . .. , S.. rl 3' . r . : ' T , , V 7 r r , ,. . V r , ', ., . , v :. , : b Il 1 ' I T I . . . r v I . . W A A 1 I r Y 1 - Y A A . A . T I , Y . . A 1 , : 4 W . ' ' ' W , A. . . .. V . .3 , , , , , A . . . . . , , , , ' f 4 1 f r - . , . Frrst Row Iulla Lee Hudson hm Podeschl France Despe ludy Durr Pan y Kerley loanrre Buckles Manlvn Bell Melvrn NOTTIS Elarne For ythe Second Row Betty C ogrrrarr Dolore Dycu Leland Pa r Shr lev Arn t o'ta ltfll Ke ns Ann Arnsworth Pat Bo ker Elarrre Ronchetto Cornelra Klrnetelter Dcr Nozzottr Thxrd Row Derald M rlman r'testM1n on Duane l'la"1e Q 't Mlc l M K9 D pe Rafal Ra mu sen rr' Kee B to Well Tom M Clure ' : ' , . , ' .' ', s , r, , s , : ' o ., s s, r, 'r A is r , Y, ss rr . : ., r , A. , ' ' , . . ' ' : er' , E . . ' .s .. To. if' y es r 1 s sr- ., I' .1 l, o' . s, c f X I 0 ' K Y, q . 7 Q, I Y X . g . Y , U- 5 A Q , 3 I T E , l . A . E U 1 1 I f A 1 ,ALJ S , . S V . . . ,v . , , r . , ' l . . , . .A . A T - . A , I l . , r 1 mb 4' 755 f 4 ' luv Miss Kerns Spcxmsh Club sponsor 9 NISH CLUB The Spanrsh Club started rts trtth consecutrve year by electrng new oftrcers tor the l94C 46 term These ottrcers were Duane Hamel presrdent lo Ann Buclcles vrce presrdent Dolores Dycus secretary and Pansy Kerley treasurer Early rn the year a new constrtutron was drawn up for the club Thrs constrtutron rs to ard the further development of the club and to et up standards not only lor the present year out also for future years The mernbershlp of the Spanrsh Club was larger thrs year than rt ha been for several years The club consrsted ot representatrves trom all ot the tour classes Any person study rng bpanrsn was elrgrble tor membershrp Crrgrnalrw the Spanrsh Club was organrzed to enable the students to garn a better speakrrtg knowledge ot the Spanrsh language and to learn more about the Sroanrsrr people and rnerr drfterent customs Througnout tts extstence thrs purpose nos been followed Mrss Kerns Spanrsn teacher and sponsor nas further helped to achreve the purpose of the club by drsplayrng examples of Spanrsh and Mexrcan art and pottenes by srngrng Spanrsh songs and by demonstratrng several tra artronal dances Thrs has helped the members of the club obtarn an authentrc prcture of the lrves of our Pan Amencan nerghbors to the south and of our Spanrsh trrends to the east 4 6 First Row Velma Anderson Carola Rogers Dina Pelati Patricia Morgan Sophie Dor chinez Norma Rae Mary Diss Natalie Martin Mary McArdle Second Row Elaine Ronchetto Cleva Lowrance Edmona Parrish Mary Louise Wright lean Fromm Beverly Yonker Ardeth Buckmire Donna Gianasi Edith Wittka Io Ann Smith Third Row Mary Anne Adams Doris Ferrari Esther Hubbartt Charline Adcox loanne Waddell Ioan Norris Elva Wright Carolyn Neal Mary Ellen Spalding A worthwhile organization sponsored by Miss Edmonds the physical education teacher is the Girls Athletic Association ol Taylorville l-ligh School better known as the G A A This organization is a member of the ll'inois League of Girls Athletic Associations The purpose of the G A A is to motivate the members to fuller en,oyment of lite and to promote interest in athletics nealth cooperation and good sportsmanship ln the tall Winter and spring months the members engage in many activitie such as bowling archery badminton basketball soccer softball swimming horseback riding relay races hikes roller skating ice skating dancing and tumbling By taking part in these activities many of the girls were able to obtain enough points for a small purple and gold T C4622 If Q L Miss Edmonds G A A sponsor participate in healthful recreational activity that will lead to a X sa ' J 1 . , ' V -,, L . . 4 S . I I . I W , , f , l A , A' lx ,Q Y Flrst Row Beverly Bollrnan Ioan G1GVGgnOl1 Ceceha Pearson M1ldred Brown lanet Scrarmr Mary Wllkms Wrlrra Beard loan Huebner Second Row Shlrley karen lxllna Dotson Ann Iewell Ca olyn Rle ter Darleen Spaldmg Dons Purttlar Thxrd Row Glenna H1ll Ehzabeth Ryan Wrlla Mae Schultz Wanda Ryan Mary Lou Hay Iacquellne Schurracner Genevteve lanult A Chnstmas party was the ftrst soctal event of the year At tnrs rneetlng the 1n1t1at1on o new rnernbers was held of the Chrtstmas tree Whtch stands tn the rnaln hall and for hangtng the wreath above the door ot the mam entrance of our htgh school lhe offtcers of tne G A A for the year were Cnarhne Aacoy pr-es1dert Velma Anderson Jtce presrdent and Char lene Brurrage secretary treasurer Throughout the years the G A A has been a very popular organtzatton and thrs year was no exceptton The gtrls have en,oyed wor-ang and playtng toaetner bestdes orofwng greatly from the xane'y of sports and the outdoor exercrse altorded thern by the club a63vy A V: ' ' I ' ' A I A r ' s 4 , ' : ' , ' , ' . e, ., Each year the G. A. A. is responsible for the decoration . 5, . ,w . 1 Y , . , ' ' V X l 1 ' r ' I X M 3 G fltllletzc N 1' Ui.-4 f ii Could you possrbly forget thrs yeor S sports? Tholt envloble ootbdll record thot gome ln whrcn we forced Chofrnpolgn the number one bosketbdll tedrn rnro d double overhme Wos on xcrtrng sedson even rl We dld lose ln the end ond 1mog1ne or Tornodo bdsketbolll fe lm defeoted by Porndll lt Wors redlly only low rhot tney should get some revenge ofter them by or 24 to Zl score Under Mr Bldnds rnornogement how could there help belng greot lnferest 111 Hook? There IS tollk loo thot our bdsebdll teorm rnoy see dcuon rn the stone hnols fikn fwoy rt hos, been orn outstondlng veor one ol Nhrch ony School fould be proud cc 64x C ' ' A me , ' 1 - . , A l ' . , , il A - 1 Thdl thrilling footbolll gdme which we Won from .Mg 0 ll 4 ' A z f q 3 L. I llllf ll 17 Il 1 lr rn ul tlr 65 2 First Row: Hurtte, Burns, Shadows-ns, Davis, Wells, B Bland, I-lumerickhouse, Hamel, Calandro, Noren, Wilson Second Row: Diss, T. Blond, Trapp, Kirk, Ganey, Shivers, Thomas, Beaty, Coach Wasi- lewski, Wallace VARSITY FOOTBALL OPPONENT Shelbyville Nokomis . Champaign Hillsboro ..... Kincaid . . . Pana ..,. Mattoon . , . Carlinville . A FOOTBALL SCORES 1945-1946 WE THEY 49 U 48 6 U l4 18 12 . , 33 O .. 24 2l .. 25 O .. Cancelled 1 Coach Wasilewslci Assistant Coach Bla Fxrst Row Noren Wlnn R Iones Young Vaughn Baldls B Iones L Remcke W Relncke Second Row Flesher Beschloss Reeves Berry Hofener Honore SECOND FOOTBALL TEAM FOOTBALL SCORES SECOND TEAM OPPONENT Nokorms Nokornls Pana Pana Cathedral Kmcaxd 9 'Q 3 l Bob Sunpson Tom McClure 667m 1945 1946 There Here Here Here Here THEY WE ' ...,..r....,.. ................ 7 7 ' ..,r........,. ....,r...,,..... U 2 29 ' ' ........,,..... ...,,..r.,...... 7 12 GK ,Q 'Y -4 . 4, 73' 1 Q, 7 Duane Hamel Scooty IS the left end recognxzed for hts sk11l as a pass recelver He IS also a rugged tackler Many an unsuspectlng back has found th1s out the hard way whlle trymg to sk1rt rlght end Mxckey Ganey The b1g lrlshman has starred at rlght tackle ur 1ng two great football sea sons Somewhat larger than the rest of h1s mates h1s werght was put to good advantage 1n many cru c1al plays A colorful play er hrs blockmg and tack hng ranked among the Wayne Dozler Benme has played var stty football at rlght end for two years He was one of the mamstays of the lme especially on the defense We wxll probably be hear mg more about Wayne rn college football ctrcles Rxch Wxlson Monk rs the boy who together wrth Ltndy Noren d1d most of the scorlng for the Tornadoes When he graduates thls year Tay lorvtlle lo es one of ts g eatest quarterbacks best VARSI Y Lmdy Noren Here IS the other half of the W1lson Noren combln atlon For speed and de ceptlon no better back can be found ln thls state fiery! I oe Shad bert Hurtte Whenever there was a p1le up Shad was 1 e thxck of 1t I e IS a Juntor so we are expecttng b1g thmgs of hrm next year Red came through w1th the wmmng pass at Pana A boy wlth plenty of dI1Ve he was always useful when 1t came to backmg up the lme 4682 Harold Bums Scamper ts one of the best carrlers to come out of T H S He can pu a ball IH your h1p pocket at frfty yards and he dxd lust that a couple of trmes th1 ,' QA' -s' if J' Sam Calcmdro Bananas the left guard of th1s years eleven was one of the most rmportant men on the ltne Although t IS was only hts second year out for football he lm proved rapidly and devel oped 1nto a flne defenslve player W W Jesse Dlss Iesse the speedy l1ttle cotton top has been out for the team for four years Feud was makxng a strong b1d for a startlng berth when he was lnlured B111 Bland Although th1s was hrs f1r t year at the center po s1t1on Brll accounted favor ably for hlmself against opponents who often out welghed htm He could always be counted on for a good pass from center or for stopplng any drive through that posltlon Cathedral Hrgh Bob Pearson Bob IS one of our husky lads wtth plenty of g IH hxm He was left tackle for the Taylorvrlle ma ch1ne and proved h11'1'1Self to be a match agatnst all 5 Bob Wells Bob was another valu able lmeman Startmg rn every game th1s season he always gave a good count of hrmself Hrs ab1l1ty to open the two and four holes was an lmportant factor rn every game Leo Vxtah Because Leo was badly hurt early 1n the year he drd not see much actlon Durmg the ttme he dtd DGFIICIDGYG he showed hlm self to be an able player an he should be an lmportant member of next year s team wwf!-P x69v ' , I ' ' Q A 'ac- f K " I ' " o" ' , IH a B-team game with comers, y d V FQOTBALL This seasons football team was one of the strongest downstate elevens. Under the direction of Coach Wasilewski, they recorded six wins and only one defeat. Their ability was recognized by an independent survey which named the Tornadoes the twenty-second strongest prep team in the state. This poll placed them above scores of teams from schools with an enrollment many times larger. Such an honor is one of which any team can be proud. Since the Tornadoes were undefeated in the Mid-State Conference, they won the first place title for the second successive year. In outside competi- tion, their record included one game won and one lost. The season began with a win over Shelby- ville in a sea of mud. They trampled the Rams to the tune of 49 to O. This game was followed by an impressive win over Nokomis. Then came the l4 to U defeat at the hands of Champaign, a formid- able opponent. Following this, were the two de- feats of Hillsboro and Kincaid. Next followed a thrilling win over our old rival, Pana. ln the closing minutes of play, trailing 21 to l8, Taylorville took a kickoff and began a deter- mined march toward the Pana goal, 65 yards away. They battered their way to the Pana thirty-yard line against a heavy and experienced line. Then came the climactic play, a perfectly executed, deceptive shift in which the whole Parma line was out of posi- tion and unable to stop Hurtte's touchdown pass to F ,, - if-1 f 'W gf' cc 73 75 I-5 - V1 1 'Nfson The sounded seconds later siirriixilr. The close cl the -1at:.e The season ended by 'z wh :ver a 'ine ffattiih The last elaine ff, .ge schedule Carlinvglle as opponent wr: Jarlea oll aiter s1:-: relays had ceeri run '.-:hen a ri' r ',r::. rziade iurther play izyiicssjole There was no angle reason :cr such an :at- ,-:tanding season The ccaching aciiit1es ol Wash lewski and Bland were a potent tactor. As the seas son progressed their croteges kzecanre a well drilled, hard-driving team, which acted with the precision ot a ine '.-fatcri, CCI1iClHlI'iQ experience and ability alertness, a sriootn feazn with a reputation lor Lis heads up tcotlcall emerged, The kaaclclield was iooth versatile and last Strin- ihrouah the a1r or on the around, their kept their ties constantly confused, Most ct the plays were run from the T' toririation, the ioox, or single wing, out various others were also used on occasion The line, though usually outweighed, did a splendid icb in opening up the vital holes for the ball carriers and in stopping the toes offensive thrusts. Possilol '..' ghe greatest asset ot the tearn was experience, Out of the first tourteen rnen, eleven were seniors, and .en ol these were on the starting eleven The usual starting llneugo included Hairrel, Wells, Calandro, Bill Bland, Ganey, lfiozier, Wilson, Noren, and Shade owens. Burns and Hurtte, with Pearson and Kirk, alternated at right hall and lelt tackle, respectively Beaty, the other senior on the squad, showed up well in several aarnes, and his speed was responsi' ole lor riianj: gains lose Thoirias, a junior, and Beans' Shivers a soiihornore, played in ziiost oi the gazries iesse Dgss and lseo ii!rllGll were t '.'.' 1 others who were iaoeled lor plenty oi action Both were iniured near the start ot the season and did not get into :nany games It is dilticult to single out any individual star lrorn the Tornado roster, tor they did not work as .ndividuals lout as a tearn. l-lowever, there is one player who deserves special rnention. Richard T-TCTIK vllV1lSCY1 nas been the Tornadcs ace auarf ter-oacic tor two 'years Aithcugh lacking size we1ans l:3 jocanas arid stands ive leet, l1ve LITCLJEI4 tfxfl he has called the Class tor ifteen ccnsecuiye 'ff1l1.GS in 1-:r11c:1 izie teazrg 1-:on thrteen aartzes :ri Qcff tx-xc Siarrina i'ens.i.'el',' a runner and gas-- er g.e a.s: CIGQPTT Ln icaciqina the hne Arg.- crnsrseciive auarierrack will :ave a dflicuit Trige hllirra Richie s shoes ne:-Lt 'gear The E teazti sozriewriat inexcerencea tg.. 'fear ended the season che ie aarre and rag' .' X, . . . , . ' N TTA. .ost ..e'.'ert:e.ess 2-,'1t11 'urizer excenence aria " 'flffi f26'-' CEST '.'."1fCfT.Q'AZ 'fC.ff1.. ,? -,ff .Y-f, ,,-.fs. Y- r.-s....t aaa... Taylorvllle Tavlorv lle Tavlorvllle Tavlorv1lle Taylorv1lle Taylorv1lle Taylorvllle Taylorvllle Tavlorvllle Tavlorvllle Tavlorvllle lqaylorvllle Taylorvrlle Tavlorvllle Tavlorvrlle T rv1 Ta florv lle Taylorvllle Ta lorvllle ru a lorvzlle Tayl rvllle BAQKETBALL L1tcht1eld Central1a Shelbyvllle Cathedral Cllnton Edwardswlle Charleston Nokornrs K1nca1d Champalan Shelloyvllle XDUQUOIH Pana De Kalb lrllllsooro Colllnsvnle lNox Vanclal Mt Vern lx nc d Greenv lle T Taylorvrlle Taylorvllle Tavlorvrlle Tavlorv1lle Taylorvllle TaVlorv1lle Tavlorv1lle Taylorv1lle TaVlorv1lle Taylorvllle Games played Games won Qearonal T urnarr ent Cl'1arnpa1gn Pana QUIDCY Canton Clrnton Mt Vernon l-llllsboro Shelbyvxlle K1nca1d Pana U1 G T Coach Prather l s., ' ..43 f ' ' . H34 ' ....,.26 - ' 1 i . . .34 i ' . ..... 58 ' . . . . .3l - , , . . ' 51 f ' , .28 A ' . .39 W- ' ' ,, ' . 5l - , ,r.. 34 ' . 46 f . . . ' . .46 - ' . . .35 ' . . 50 f ' ' . l4 f ' . .38 ' . . .25 W . ' 34 - 38 ' . .58 ee ' . A 55 K ' . . , . .45 A . . .48 -A ' h '.,. 43 - ' ' , . . , .3l Q ' , . .84 - f ' ' L ' . 4l -- ' , 43 ' . . 39 H- + . ' , , .36 f ' .29 . ,33 ' ' . . 42 4- ' . . 38 t . . .20 Tavlorville 32 - :':Centralia . 42 GCUTIGS lOST .. 13 ' 44 f , .38 + , ' Q A ' 29 f ' . 38 ' ' . 34 -f ' ' . . .38 avlo llo 39 f ' " 44 1 l 93 ' loztits 4l 48 - za 34 39 an 48 Taylo 'tlle 81 W 'L ai 34 A T - 'Q 43 .4 . 1" 31 if "o 38 W E. S. Louis 5C A Centr 'i ournarnen: In ff 72 ff 75 . 'A SCCOHA TCHm SCllCClLIlC E111 SCOl'Cb Iesse Diss Manager Taylorville Toylorville Tovlorville Toylorville Tcrylorville Toylorville loylorville Tcxylorville Toylorville Toylorville Toylorville. . Tovlorville Tovlorville Toylorville Toylorville Won 7 e Lost 8 Q73vw Litchfield Ceritrcxlio Shelbyville Nokornis . Kincorid .. Shelbyville Hillsboro 4 Vondolio . Mt. Vernon East St. Louis Champaign Pono .,.., Ccmton Clinton Hillsboro A Qs Lmdy Noren Rxchard Wxlson Mlckey Gcmey lack Spmner Iose Thomas VARSITY Lmdy Noren Lmdy played guard and acted as captam ol tne team He was chosen tor the 1ll1no1s 1n1d state conference team H lS an all round atltlete who W11 be mrssed greatly by next year s team R1Ch Wllson 11ttle Monk has captured the adm1rat1on of ever, person Aho lr1as ever seen 111m play A beuever 1D sport manslmp and ta1r play he has spawn these aualmes efery t1me be has played Mxckey Ganey He1g'1t can oe an advantage lVl1ok has used n1s he1gl1t to advantage many t1mes 1n 111 our yea s ot ba ketball He could always D9 C ornted an tor a needed basket f1 a close game lack Spxnner laorc was probably the fastest man on the team H1s deoept1on and sw1ttness were a oontr out1ng factor to the fv1nn1ng ot our many v Ctones tb s ye r Iose Thomas ol: was o t a gre t deal ot tre season Unt1l lS 1llness be was tne teams 1s gh po1nt 1 n When he returned a tne end t the sea s n oontmuedt score eav1l,1 a a steaal y ed 13 a f FN I '2. NARJTYQ MJ. Halton Andrews crte aeser fe srcetrza t ett e as nracttcea or a d lc a W erm was ca e cn at 1 co Well a r gtroethanoe arte u the r Royal Rasmussen lett andea Pocxf ts a rerttarlcaole tafer Vlanf a good auard as tnrofln att oalarce oy thts boys decepttve trottcns When 'ms occurred he usually scored an addtttonal two fonts for Taylorvtlle I1m Burns nn another one ot cur stx foot plus ocws claced accurate floor shots Hts hetght tctus fus orectston tn shoottng Ntll be a dectded ad vantage to next year s varstty tearn Ixm Deeren as a untort s ,ear out tudgtng r ns basxethall aotltty cu Mould guess n taht oe a sentor H s cool capable playrt A as an tnsotratton to hts team tnates Bob Pasenko rc ver s 'ccs n asf rftara 1't ae e t e seascr evew ga'ne tn t Y a e A c' c e nree h c s was Eco s t d ea ot varsttt c Q VX .001 'f 77 Halton Andrews Royal Rasmussen '16 lim Bums Iim Deeren Bob Pasenko BASKETBALL Many ad ecttves can be used to descrtbe tre 1945 eo basketball team Great rs one f them Thts team upheld Taylorvrlle s solen dd athlettc record by wtnnmg twenty out of thtrty two aames Along wtth thrs record goes the t1tle of the lllmots Mtdstate Conference Vach ga ne played by the Tornadoes thts ,fear was thnllrng and 9XCll11'1Q A few how ever were more thrrlltng and exctttng than the others lt ts these few whrch wtll be men troned here Varly 1n the season Taylorvrlle beat Clrnton 6 to 35 tn a game whrch marked Taylorvllle as a fast and well coached team Then the Tornadoes played Champargn The result of that game almost made headltnes throughout the state for tt was only m two overttmes that Champaign won -43 t ill Soon after the Champatgn game Taylorvtlle went to the Cen 'ralra tournament After beatma DuQuo1n a well rated team the Tornadoes were defeated by Centralta by a somewhat one stded score ment Taylorvrlle played Pana here and won a very sweet vtctory 44 to 30 Untrl the Pana game Taylorvtlle had lost frve of the1r fourteen games The team had attracted attentton all over the state by therr well coached offense and had proved then selves a potentral state tournament team A ter the Pana game the Tornadoes won two games from l-lrllsboro and Nokorms and lost two games to DeKalb and Collmsvtlle K76x I 4 g .L V A O E 1 v . . K' X J V 4 , V Cllimpions of 42 to 32, Following the Centralia tourna- 4 QT ' ' A 'T ' A T ' . - T . . Next they played Vandalia, rated highly among the state teams lt was that game which won for Taylorville a conference cham- pionship. Taylorville defeated Vandalia 4C to 34 Following this game, Taylorville lost to Mt Vernon in a game which Taylorville had led during three auarters of the contest. After the lflt. Vernon game the Tornadoes won two successive v1ctories from Kincaid and Greenville. Then Taylorville was defeated by East St Louis in a strange gym on a strange floor. The following game was lost to Charnf paian Of tne twenty-four games played by the Tornadoes at the time of the Champaign garne Taylorville had won fourteen. Then came the worst defeat in four years. The Tornadoes were defeated on a cramped floor by their old rival, Pana, by a score of 34 to 31 After this game the team won three successive victories. Then Mt. Vernon won its second game from Taylorville 3l to 26 The final game of the season was won from l-lillse boro by a one-sided score of 58 to 32. Taylorville entered the Pana Regional tourf narnent with confidence and courage. They defeated Shelbyville and Kincaid on two conf seoutive nights. Then they entered the final night matched against their rival, Pana. Each team had previously defeated the other. and each was determined to win this all-important game. Once again the gym was packed The crowd was the largest ever assembled in that gym. After a well-fought game Taylorf ville had the shorteend of a 49 to 39 outcome. lt was at Pana that the 1945416 Taylorville basketball team completed the season. lt was there that they distinguished themselves as the fine team that they are. To win a ball game may sometimes be easy, but to lose the game and leave the gym with head held high is difficult. Yet that is what Taylorville did. ,aa M ORVIC Qlv 0RVlLl 'val , 45. LORWL ,0,URVlL ,4LU' Q-if-" .QQ IRYL -""N f nil wwf First Row Ray Whrtlow Gene Parr Harold Burns Rrchard Wrlson Robert Hurtte less Drss Drck Oller Second How left to nght Frrtz Radzrmanowskn Rrchard Gardner Don Day Lrndy Protko Warren Rerncke Don Goodwrn Al Wrkersherm Roger Iones Dxck Vrscoskr Third Row Standxnq left to nght 'l'o'n McClure Bob Wells Bob S1mpson Brll Bland Iack Ronchetta Andy Andrews Wayne Dozler Gene Dral George Adcox Fourth How Irm Podeschr E W Munson Bob Reeves Lyle Gesell BASEBALL Although the Drrtt goes to press before the results of the full season can be determmed the prospects for baseball are encouraglng Among the return 1ng players of the past season are Halton Andrews Rlch Wrlson Scamper Burns B111 Bland Red Hurtte Iess DISS lack Spmner Bob Srmpson and Wayne Dozrer From th1s nucleus Coach Wasrlewskr should weld together a power house A few freshmen as Well as others who were out for the team last year w1ll lend addltronal support Among the most promrslng of the latter are George Adcox Tom McClure Drck Oller Gene Parr and lack Ronchetto the trme drstrlct tournaments are played the varsrty nrne selected from IS group should be a hrghly touted aggregatron Although tlme w1ll tell team IS potentrally one of the best rn many years thrs Some of tne stronger teams already hsted on the rncomplete schedule are St Teresa Cathedral Athens Nokonus and Elkhart 41782 FYR 1 fl iv-I ' 1 1' ' -,, p . A , ro' I, R V ' K ' W V M F xl' M.. If 4- FX- I, . ' I yo Q4,' '-K .. . 1 V V ' -l Y! v V My ' kk , .N - ' A ' ,f K 1 ., .1 ' - ' uxnwg l - - . .f f ' ., A , , ' , , . By . . . I , . th. N if l Flu! Row Eugene Turvey Ioe OBr1an Iirn Wmn lim Noren Darrell Schultze Leland Parr Dick Moran Maurice Dewimille Torn Moses Second Row lim Daigh Gene Tirey Rodney Peabody Lyle Mansfield Andy Flesher Dick Bentley Leonard Devillez Nyle Large Morris Beschloss David Smith Third How Glen Banks Wray Baldis Bryan Beaty ger Trapp Ke eth Minson Don Berry Paul Melzer Leland Reincke Dale Iaclrson Jdovff 014414 QVC'- TRACKM 7' ff Mr. Bland our mechanical drawing and woodworking teacher is coach- ing the 1946 track team. A larger number of boys than usual reported for practice. As a whole freshmen and sophomores chiefly make up the group. The few boys returning from last years team already show considerable im- provement since last spring. Several meets have been scheduled for the season. The freshmen and sophomores have a dual meet with Kincaid the varsity goes to an open meet at Pana and to a dual meet at Stonington. Later both Mid-State and district meets are to be held. 1792 r fi Fcatznet VW! 4 Q ff,-f 7 Our small but mlghty Semor Class can boast many talented and versatrle students Because of that we all found tt hard to choose the few that we felt best represented the sp1r1t o the class of 46 Remember haw We lrved ln sus pense whrle wartrng or the Pellvlell ta an nounce the Prom Queen and her attendants and then how pleased we were Wrth the cho1ce'? The hanar and the drstmcttan students and the D A R glrl were equally hard to name A ter so lang a t1me however the fmal dec1s1ons were made and we of the Dr1ft staff present 4 fj f Q , J t 1 A " f A ' " f e e . . . ' 1 , f them to you in our feature section. X 7 I f 1 K X ' 1 9 ll ' f' t wi K I S f 6 . fl f nl lr B f .1 ef V K v' Ili l II 1 I t III lllll tllll XIIIHHI VI lu Ill It s I7 l. J 5 YXQ A 4 F . N 5 1 I , Q II1 gmzzjf 1'11'!1 fu IIIL In xi: 11111 uf Il1v 'n' jfirk rl by .wi nl I f ' IU. h ' 4: , ffurluf. R.. lnrl Prnm Q1 rz In I ll lit Xu fl' 1 rg i gy HO OR STUDEN s uf ptr Mart Cloyd Tled C47'lfv'-44,1 'jan V A34A ww B Adams 'AA' Hawk Connie Connolly 11. J, X ,J nf! of Z!!-,J ,n .y M Helen Hofener Iulia Lee Hudson cfyvlll-0 .M M LW bs!! l,Qj-J ,Vg-,AO .bfi Ten seniors Who have done outstanding Work in both their academic subjects and other school activities have been named as the class honor students To attain this honor one must have made ar average of ninety three per cent or better during the, past four years lean Cornwell and Martha Clayd mamtained the same average throughout high school and tied for the position of highest hono student Bill Adams one of the group of ten was cha en by the vote of the honor students to repre se it them as class speaker at the graduation ex rcises i S 18259 HQNOR STUDENTS Ccztherme lve-rs Genemeve lCIHL1l1S D5"0--r"3o'w-vx.f,.Q-, fk.,v'mJ""'kb W fGb,N.f'v-'M-f A19 .72.f"""Q' VL'l1f,,,4 Clevu Lowrance 'x4'g"' T 'K,,4YN2f45 L11 cirlocircr Shetlcxr JE-0-,xv ivjgrnyhimrg An-f Rose S1tlc1 ecm C mm ell T ed for llfSl place . T .L I 1' I . I - - fl! -6- :as 1 V , 9 I , fs-N, , fl 1 ' A Q ' . 1 ' . I ' l 0 I , ' I r l 'sa f ' . I f ' , 'S . ' 0 0 my A,i.g-vg,o-v-434' J fw.LAJ - -16 A 3' 7 Q"Jv1J-O-Ax 5 . 0 A I f jpzfffg C ' ' ' l 0 1. V., Nd l 9 X o Y l 83 I lean Cornwell was chosen by the senior girls for the annual DAR. Award. They felt her a worthy represent- ative of the qualities upon which the selection was based, These qualities included dependability-trutlr fulness, honesty, punctualttyg service-cooperation, help- fulness, responsibilityg leadershipipersonality, self Con- trol, tnitiativeg and patriotisrnfunselfish loyalty to Amer- Can ideals. . R. AWARD fran zum Ihr Sfnim' Girls' srlfftion At Ihr D. A. R. flrrlion BFITIIILYI' ihry knfw fha! she passcxsed Thorn qzmlitirr fha! mr! their test. Dronz CQIIUCH Prom Attrdctive, blonde Dorothy McMurray reigned os queen of the onnudl lunior-Senior prom, which Wos held on April l3th. Phyllis Brottoin ornd Ann Ainsworth served os her lovely first ond sec- ond mdids of honor. These three girls were chosen by populor vote of the entire student body. Twelve dt- tendonts were then selected to compose the queens court. The prom is or gdlo offoir ond the high-light of dll school sociol events. This is on occdsion which dll the upperclossmen ontici p ci t e, gkak Qvwwldnd ldter recoll with fond If memories. M f WW Mfw- W ,zz 256, ., jffu- ,wxff :za 44-7249 y -aff-C -004-OH! jfkxfl-v14Q """ IB Braituin, first maid of honor: nn swor se ucc n Attcndantb .Za JJ'Dvv-4-o fav-1,14 42" WfZ7a.2fD Afefff 4' ,jlfj fi-ff f N4 X f MQYC Con 1 Z f ' A f .X f' cxtlDon gh , Ie n G'bbd:' X X u a? !4,a-if-p-p1fyL,4.fk., fyZ...,.,. WMZM 5 2 Ziff Zfdfw fi'f,,L W ymffw XLAQ.. ,L Z ,LMJZAA 3 F M,,,,fQ 47" 7 JH, Ziff!-4--,61-J fo 40.411-44 .ff-ff'-2"f AW 4 wi M,.ovc9'fff""'C,O,4,,, zkfigi 1,4104 QM! www 7w'f""" Mffgjkw f""ffw""'C477 ,J 5 X U 7416 I . ' fovx! X Y- . 'iz 4'-A . f -7 - ' ' " 3' . . , if Elaine Spresser Rose Marie Vitali . p . ' ' . . r f r -,Lili-n .r ' f Y f A W ,,., ' . f , ff , . -'Q ,Q 15' ,, ii 'fggffg' . ' r 1- f 'A - P , .f gf! 1 Esther Hubhcxrti f . f 1, .5 .. " 'f . f"' V J Norma lean King 1 Z' Q ,. , , If L b A . 1 Norma lean Marsaglia 'ff Distinction Appeartng 1n the dlstlnctton sectton IS one of the h1ghest honors whtch a student can attatn durtng hts four years of hlgh school The selectlon of these boys and gtrls by the faculty was based prtmarlly on character qualtty of acaderntc Work and general school acttvtttes 4332 4,- Af, " Martha Cloyd Honor Student B nd 1 2 3 4 Spa GA Conme Connolly Honor Student D1tt2 3 4 Edtto 4 GAA 3 lean Comwell Hono Student Bandl 2 3 4 Orclees 3 4 Pres1dent4 DAR Award tendan Wayne Dozler nd l 2 3 4 Football 2 3 4 Va s 4 Baseball 2 3 Va s y 2 3 Bas ball 3 Va sm 3 Class P es der-t . 2 ' 1 H X, . I . I Aj . -J. 1 4 ' ' p a , , , 4- Drttt 1, 2, 3, msh 2, . A, 3 ' z r' , , z r , fm 2, by 4, Drilt 1, 2, l3,l4plGlee club l, , , 7 . . f At' Ba , , , : , , , r tty 3, 7 , , rit , : ket- , 5 4' ' 7 i . 3 I I 49faAfCQv-A'-'XJVL1 I X fC5fMfff,wfQ,7 ff-1.,,, -5- ,on fVx'X ' ,J ,K ',A-Z, - M445 , Mff. -Studeu S 0LmMZZwffQ,f QAM ix , jDistincti0z1 LW Q"WM""1 M55 AM kuQL,J-Ln.v,A,L0,j AZAAA-LJ-. GL.,o,ul0u...Q Lwgitiwdwwfw QZ.,,..,4.a7f-+452-0 af f Qffk.o.Q my aillff' Stl hdW 89 0 f I . 34,44 I Q ' ' ' ff- .xjx .fyxa fb J""' 5 ' Y O I A ' lack Ron h tt B nd 1, 2, 3, 4 Drft , 1-.. V 11 : Baseball 2, B b 11 "W ' E1 ine Spresser Ric ar ilson " 1 ll F 3 -1 Varsity' 2 3 ' :J- 11 ' rsity' 3 4 X . O li D .gafvldfdfgffkfm H1 ozmcl the Clock lllllll tht TT 3 btuclwzts AM dome, ,ea Q--Zoff---oi ,.,4,4,4, f QQ04 AJ jf L3-glfwfd JAM? 3fg,aA,A-A-04 W hw-V-2:3 W W cZ4A....?a1W QQ Z , T 't'i:..0 f5ff?1J2'f-f"'fJ -ff-if-Q Zljffftof WL, ltQLQW?.iAlEQf, Mi ,C'4""""QJ L7 -M24 ,f,.,f,4,,,,,jLM224C.C6 M effw fffffwf mi W MU f-'fin ifngfzfw Zizsaf-ejeuwtimgalfiijaedsi Ol ffefwogpc kf em 6-wA ?'iF iii ff wwf , X fx V,f f ' 3 W a y 1 I 7 0 I 0 K u , K 1 1 Ou! I l v J . J ' . . . 0' ' AJ , 1 . K 4 .4-J 0 . I I ' g ell, ere th ae-fyour school mates d teachers. K 1 Some of us may not be caught at our best ments, but but that's the fun of snaps. Here you may ' the gift o ' Nseeing yourself as others see you." A rate these can- l f J, ' did shots should relieve some lonesome moments as we sit, do J 2 old and decrepit, in our rocking chairs, thumbing through I cj W ' the well Worn "Drift of '46"l . ' fbvv KH' 4 QM, I S ! f J 4 4 N . I .Cf I ' , ' fi , ' N5 ' 'Zane-Md , ' o 41 ' F 1 1 '- i ' , 61-4.2.1, , 4 Q ., Y fl ,Ca-..,. 1 1 I , ,Q X I , if w ' ' ' ' , ' ff"-su, af ' " Au! -A4-W Q 1 f F me llxzzlo hge! '11 l N - X l u X LN,,o.l A V r 1 l 44 QU ' ' H71 Il 1 I 1 lu I! s le H c 1111 Il 1 'T uw P r. ,L QD Nmz mum "i9 WDW! imma- ww 89141, main 4. ,ar 555. X ,nh-,i-.rga-atv '09 'Y 'J lust part of the staff What cr daym I1m'P'? Pleased Mr Thornton Inte111gentgroup" There are smxles How s busmessa inseparable Dot cmd IOS 6 1' Ml' if ff S Q Q ,N 3 X I O 0 O 'wh i X , N 'J ' , Qi' 4' in 4 gx ! .b ,, f 5 ' H" I if T 6 5 o . ' ,MQQK 3:2 3 'I if gag? f. 1' ff I' G 'gb 31 I' 1-s',.5,3 ' sv!- 'ZFQ 3 I ,77 pa i -ww n fig fwfgf 5? --uw Ayff W - .S 0 -1 .Nc x 'Sw df ' V 42 , K '31 'Brig'--I N-4 Z 'I 'i 2"M-"W: li' my HL, "mf lam One to cx customer, Ann Sordines Whcxi cz bunch! Lose something? Let's pack up and go Gruesome twosome How's the water? Sleepy? Why, Darrell! 44' 1 ly .1 ,,' U n -- 'X 'av JI Q s V- ' . fi- A 'b- ' 1 S ir- Mff VQ x vi' 1 sv r I is ' i r Q 3 Q '-Hi 5 R K Q 'J W x Vx ' ui v ' at ' .. gr I , I sf U ! 4 5 5 if I 1 K 4 im W - - 4 5 J ' E , M: K kk- A I , - . il M r K ya 1 at 1 L Wi' is Y . ' " ,,,, - - -3, W1 i V 5 Z M X G K! 4-1 an Mm 4 7.g143' ,', .. lf' Y 1 2 X I Septemba r 4 September 14 October 5 Ocfob1 r 19 November 1 Novp mber 1 November 2 December 2 DL cc mber 28 29 Ianuary Ianuary Icmuary Ianuary February February 1 February 20 28 March March March March 21 22 Aprrl 13 Aprll 19 Aprll 22 May May May 2 May Mcrv 31 I C il1f'11f1'11 . 1 : . ' , wr, 1 V' 1:- 21 ,: f.' " ' 1' : ,113 N' 62 1, ', ',A' ' 1j 1 3: Q' : 1'-'z :, A 1 g 1 W ? - : '1...: 1 4'I,11f1.I1111.1 3: , '11,-if 'IE"f.'- if 'r.T . 17-18: f " f-'.,'- 'f' 1 'y ' 3 29: ' Z Lf' - '- 1 1' 312 ii- .' " ,: 1' .2 f., February 5: .1 21' 1, 'f 11-1 ' 1 15, A , 6: .-'ki' 11, :,1: 1 'f 1 2: 11 'Q 1' .' .1-1? If ' f A- Z fly :Z ' 1 :1'T1-I 1 2: f: 4141 2'1'11f 1 13- 1 11 r 11 4-11: 1 If 1 :.' il' fy ' 1, 1 ' 15: 1 P T1,, ff, 15. 1 ,-' ' ' I f I L, I, S: f 'bfi ' 17: ' 11 1 ,A -' 1 'I 23'4fEf'1'- ' 1:f' '1 A I ,' . 15 1 'N I AR FICLE ARTICLI' ARTICI I III I and , Y , Q l,.'11lXX1H1111fl 1111111111 xlll VW- ffm 131. f 1' V. 1- :.. 1 .- , '1 " 11 7 ?1.f'C"1r,x 'fVj1.T. 1, .1 ' ' A:'1 '11 1 1' 1 1 ' , 1 ' X111 11- ' 1" 11f17111 :..11: 11-'- , '.If' H ' ' 1 1 5 1 1 ' 1 1 A 1,11-313, H fi 'f"I1',' 1111111 " 1 1'1'1I' ' ' ,N :A 1 1f111' 1,11-f U1,f'1,Q 'l111111f-A ' ' I W7 1511 f7r ' ' ' - A ' ' 1. 'L 1 1- 'U '11 fS'1'11w Vvyi' f .1 A ' 1 1f 1' 2 1 I1-"ff, x wf "Q: 1,111 fr: 11' t. V151 11111 " 1' I " Q' 1 . ' 1' ' 1 I1,1- 1 H VJ: 1:11 QV: if I " ' , 1 . ' ' ' 1 rt 1, 11 TY ffffi I '1 573635 1 W11,111f'1f31-f,.'11, 1f'1v111 " 13-11111 1' 1 .' XV1 il 1.1 11111 11 c1!:f1frQ1f? Ill' Cf,11f': wvkvv' ' ,' I ,K," ,' ' I . " ffl? tlfkuff' vff?, 1111- fir. T. J " '1 1 1 1' 1 1 ' 1 11' 11.1111': :grim ilifff11111'11 1 1 f ' ,.fi ' vvffi, 11f- ' J: , .1 ' 1 - 1 1 Ti A 7 1' 1 1,5 zmlfmz iii I r he 111-11111: 111.-'J :K fi'.1v11f1 VM. 11f'fi"f,. r ,Y A' 1 T, f 1 ' 1 I. Q1 '1'7.'fj,1,T1,f-ff, i L 1 1:4 " if I' 1 1' :1',' 11513191 df:f1d11:'1f1' 117,11 if 11' 1' Vffl iii' .1 1,- M W1 1 1 " 1' ' 5.51"-I1111 1' ii,,U E If INA. ,, , , ,s, - , ,, , ,AZ VA Q .531 15131 ffl, - 2- 1 'V '1 1 ' ' '1:'-- 1 ft. if if-':311:.: : :'1 l R1ch Wlson leave 111y atl1let1c pro Ness to loe Sl1CIdON9I'1u llelen Holener leave e e t rny larntly to carry We C 'tn e Connoll r a E1 1 re Srresser leave the rleasant s1xth 1 rs s CII t Verre Woodward and Eleanor Sunrson lul '1 leave 111 1n 1ng ap1l1tv to Elgl r Dur IU 1111n.3s ecve os1t1cn as teadf of the dance orcne sor 10 urrlo 1,1 ate 1un1or ayre Dome lfre f rve 1 n1ckna111e Do c l lNor111a1ean K1na leafe 1111 enterta1n1n, ao1l1t to Pat lflon Ijl1CIU We Martha Cloyd lean Cornwell and R sertane Card leave our places as the only gtrl IH rhfstcs cla to some o"1er fortunate q1rls l Don Dav1s leave IlUCl t e 1earet ol all t e Cllll lVl1cl4ey Gcney lefve 1 w1th wornen to any JLIUIOI Jho thmlcs can handle 11 l Pat Buclcles leave the cafetena to eat at a aood place Buckles Cafe' l Harold Burns leave the wl ole darn works to 111y brother lun l B111 Vance leave the Dnft stall hop1ng they can l1nd an equally sat lsfactory photographer Bob Pearson leave Vtfllll orly ten cr 1lteen tn 11y car llll 111 e Wa ne Lcckett leave to matt for L1 s Dtss leave rny ao1l1t tor h1ea1-ana s l ho loan Vaughn leave to gr w url Sam Calandro leave Illy ao1l1ty for be1n,1 sent out o ala s tc anyone who would hke rny seat ln the hloraryl l Pat Donavan leave tc lo the flee to co 16 We herep athx our seal or llllb the tl1rtyl1rst day of May the ear of our Lord ore tnousand n1ne l dndred and forty Y and declare tms d ment to be nur nd vo1d SEWOP CLASS QF W4 ln w1tness l tn1s docun ent ae oy the Sent r Class ol l94o wh1c11 at IS ture IS as oresa1d t ct es naoe 1 1n and oann 111e111or1es we o ascnbe our na es on 111s t rt t lOl D l, ' , ' 1 , th r 5 ol y ' ' ' on. ' 1, or 1 f ,xn ' f'f:1 1 .qc , ' J' AJ ' E ou in lxfisr' Harrods roof o La . 1 ' pro . l, ' L, loarnlo, ,- . di .C Q fl A f ',",'1 ' bl l, Mary Curn . 4, rzfg r, . A 5' 'V fr - ' stra to r , . r 1 n Q . l, W '1 Q"2r, 1oA1, l l-C o Il y ol 'X pfyf , T C ' k, , ' , A' ., 1 c l l y 1 rgfg , , . ' ' s ' ,1 1 .Y ' as 3 o Q , ' ., , . ", 1 ' 1 o th ' A h ' s. l, Phyllis Brattain, refuse to leave my sailor to anyone elsel l, 1 , 1 , ll y '.-.ay ' ' , ' ' ' he ' . , , . w A l, , , ' ,1 ' - 1 1 ' 1 ' s Il l, y , 'W' l, les: ' , ' C y ' 1 ,jf ' ' rny ','JIl.'l, pel l, , K C 1 l, , 1 ' 'f Q lxsu , 1 , , , 2 1 walt 1 r t 11 in 3' . 1 F, 1. - ' 1 12 . y ', . 1 l . ' A , K 'jf ocuf 1 'E a ' A 1 o M' 1 . ina' ' fo it - ' I th' ' . ' , at . Q , o, 11 .'llC. 'l Tl' d . ' l 1 .. .. .. f, , d . ' .1 :ti N 1 'i hr Lrst day ct lfay, l945, A D We the members of the Drxft staff wlsh to express our appre c1at1or1 to the followmg sponsors We are happy to have secured a much larger group than 111 former years and are grateful for the growmg mterest thus shown Abel Funeral Home Alexander Lumber Co Allen Chas Cltxes Servrce Station Alhson Fred Anderson G G Son Anns Beauty Shop Arbogast Henry Ashburn T B G B Cale Bach s Drug Store Bare Nora Chrlstran County Home Advxsor Baughman 6. Large Real Estate 6 Loan Beamers Garage Beckers Upholstermg Bell Evelyn Bell Loan Company Bentley Agency Berg Howard Berrys lce Cream Store Beschloss Dr Ottokar Bethard Ray Bxermann George Blue Classxc Bontemps Carl Bouldrng s Greenhouse Boyd G Beaty Brents Patterson Abstract Company Bnck Mrs Mayme Brooks Dnve ln Brooks Kenneth Broverman Harold Broverman Robert Brown L T Browns Truckmg Servrce Brumage L K Bucks Auto Salvage Buesrnger Motor Sales Bugg Radro Servlce Bulprtts Furmture Co Burnhams Sell Servrce Grocery Burns Mrs Harold Busch Shoe Rebuxlders Cable L B Calloway Melle Carter D W L Central Cash and Carry Cerutto Mrke Chestnut Pearce and Connolly Funeral Home Chnstxan County Farmers Supply Co Cloyd Motors Inc Coale Iohn Collee Cup Colegrove Mrs Roxxe Collrer s Creamery Connolly L A Conrad Mary Ellen Coogman Morns Cornwell G E Cnvello Ioe Curtxn Oxl C Curtis Wxllram Sr Darley Dan Dappert Boyd Davxs 6 Hunsley DeHart Transler Dxnette D1Plott1 s Driver Ray Durrs Ready to Wear Fabn loe Lxberty Grocery Ferguson Iames Flesher C E Flower Pot 48 Cale Fowler Station Fraley Varel L Frledrxch s Garage A lnend Frxsch Alvxn Frxslna Domxmc PONSOR Gardner Glass Co Gearhart Ioe Gebhart s Auto Supply Georges Candy Shop Gxesman Geo Grlprn Furnxture 6. Real Estate Golloghers Hardware Store Green Gables Grxgsby Russell W Ir Grundy Harry Halberg Marjorie Haley Dr W F Haney and Kaullold Harrxs Elsxe Harnsons Motor Sales Helm Dr L W Henry Paul Henson Authur I T Henson Hardware Hershey G Bliss Heuser Store E I Hxller Sheet Metal Works Hxnkle H M Hollman Iohn Hogan Iohn Home Furnxshmg C Hoover Robert A Hopper Bert H rr Dr E C Humphrey Iames Hunter Iames Hurlbutt s Phillips B6 Station lllxnoxs Consolxdated Telephone Co lvers lames L Iellrson Russell Iewells Market Iohnson Gertrude B Iohnson T H and Son Iones Simon Kens Relrxgerator Servrce Kennedy Contractors Kennerly Melle Kung s Cale Krnney Al Koppeser Fred Krogers Grocery 6 Baking Co Krumsxek Memorial Co Lambert Io Anna Lanter Clrllord Large Gxlbert H LaSusas loe Layzell :S Son Contractors Layzell Mrs Ioe Lewxs Cut Rate Drug Store Llsas Cale Lxvxngston Rex Loebs Iunlc Yard Lorenz Grocenes and Meats Louxs Texaco Servxce Statxon Love Mr and Mrs C S Lusters Garage Lusk Stewart Lyle Motors Inc McAdam Orl Station McClughan 6. 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Suggestions in the Taylorville High School - Drift Yearbook (Taylorville, IL) collection:

Taylorville High School - Drift Yearbook (Taylorville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Taylorville High School - Drift Yearbook (Taylorville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Taylorville High School - Drift Yearbook (Taylorville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Taylorville High School - Drift Yearbook (Taylorville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Taylorville High School - Drift Yearbook (Taylorville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Taylorville High School - Drift Yearbook (Taylorville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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