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i ' f ' J! i hi Hliraffl Taylor University Upland, Indiana Table of Contents Activities 18 Academic 48 Sports 58 People 86 Organizations 166 Advertising and Index 19S m fc have come to Taylor from a wide variety of environments and have found ourselves caught up somehow and moving toward goals beyond our individual ambitions. Bv working together we have created a spirit which pervades every aspect of university life. This synthesis is produced by an amalgamation of all that constitutes this university. It is best described as " we. " » ___. We are all involved in man ' s most ageless quest— the search for knowledge, for truth and for self realization. Before us is a vast body of knowledge presented to us by the readily available resources of our professors and the preserved thoughts of man. In a livelv atmosphere of intellectual exchange and development, we are limited onlv by time and our own initiative. 3fcT£ But life is not all intellectual struggle. Each of us has opportunity to develop our potential individually. One of the most enriching experiences we have is contact with a broad spectrum of personalities. We meet spontaneously in the halls and throughout the campus. - Each contact blends into the social unity we find at Taylor. We do not perform solely for our own benefit. Each act affects others; thev in turn are influential. and thus it is we who are responsible for the atmosphere which exists for over 1,300 students. We train and prepare our bodies to participate wholeheartedly in the demands of an active life. The individual battles himself, his records and his unattainable dream of perfection. Each athlete, giving his utmost to win, demonstrates the discipline which molds and batters us into the character we will be. ill ' MkJi: ffii H flffi in 12 The lone struggles of each athlete are expanded into a desire for successful team effort. Every member is welded together in the urge to win and every teammate must contribute his share, no matter how insignificant. The important thing is to do our best, and we on the field and we in the crowd are melted together in our empathy and our desires. 13 The special bond at Taylor is an invisible one, for it is of the spirit. Through our faith we live the abundant life. And more important, we share it. The Wandering Wheels push their way across America each summer to share the reality of the person of Christ. Other students spend themselves as Taylor World Outreach sends concerned students to domestic and foreign fields for summer mission service. Still others live Jesus Christ at home in the mundane tasks of daily life. i.i mb§0mk 15 We are a living, dynamic force. Prompted by a motivational factor which is far greater than anything within ourselves, we increase together in all human dimensions. The ultimate goal we seek is one of eternal significance. Taylor University is unique because Christ makes the difference. We are one in s J 16 17 realize that a balanced life requires growth in all areas, including the social. For us have been provided a broad range of opportunities from the traditions of homecoming and the formal banquets to the casual give and take of Hector ' s Hut so that we find many avenues of expression in 18 19 ■ Slflfl H Hi flBB IH MflBHR WiB BIHH HI B1HI Bk2 ■H H BBHI BMIB ES h Smb i hh mmbi i HI HttH BBHI MPBBIHemHHHIW W HBi B ■ Mtffl HHmBHiHIBHiHVKflil Dr. Burden helps fill the date stone. Science building is dedicated The dedication of the science building is concrete evidence of the growing program at Taylor. Dr. Nussbaum contributes to the dedication address. 20 The new Science Center consists of the main four-level structure, a lecture room complex, and a solarium-animal room wing. The building houses the departments of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. Construction was com- pleted at a total cost of approximately $1,350,000, and dedication ceremonies were held on October 4, 1968. For this event. Dr. Elmer Engstrom, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Radio Corporation of America, was featured as the guest speaker for the morning convocation. The science faculty participated in the ceremon- ies by placing the following objects in the date stone: a micro-copy of the entire Bible, a radio- active fifty cent piece, a vial of blue phosphor used in color television sets, a punched IBM card, calculator tape, polaroid pictures of the ceremonies and several brochures regarding science programs at Taylor. Dr. Elmer W. Engstrom, Chr., Exec. Comm., RCA, addresses students. The date stone is laid in place. 21 Homecoming shows spirit The 20th annual homecoming at Taylor fea- tured the " Parade of the Lovelies " to the cor- onation of queen Marilyn Hay. The beautiful autumn Saturday was filled with activities, much to the delight of the throng of visitors. " Discover America " was emphasized effectively throughout the events. One highlight was an informal musi- cal session, featuring the Patch of Blue and Wes Rediger ' s fifth grade class. Climaxing the big day was a premiere of the exciting Wandering Wheels film. | " " nto " -, ! Sophomores place first in float competition. Queen Marilyn Hay views the clay ' s athletic events. Karen Yount McDougall, 1967 Taylor Homecoming Queen, returns to crown the 1968 Queen. ■27 Wes Rediger ' s fifth graders highlight Saturday night ' s entertainment. Coronation sets off the weekend activities. 23 Music and drama stage Tin afore ' Sponsored by the Music Club, the staging of the musical comedy H. M. S. Pinafore was an impressive production. Complete with choreo- graphy, costumes, and an elaborate set, the play was an ambitious undertaking. The play is a satire on British bureaucracy, formality, and stuffiness. H. M. S. Pinafore, Taylor ' s fall musical, was directed by Dr. Edward Hermanson. It was per- formed Nov. 1 and 2 in Shreiner Auditorium. Kathy Fitzpatrick plays the role of the captain ' s daughter. " The name is SIR Joseph Porter KCB (Steve Corey), First Lord of the Admiralty. " As Josephine and Ralph sing, Sir Joseph ' s cousin (Ruth Laughlin) saw her share of the glory slowly receding. 24 Josephine (Kathy Fitzpatrick) and Ralph (Jerry Young) sing of their love. The chorus performs one of its lively numbers. Karen Hall, as Little Buttercup, is the woman who finally resolved the conflict. 25 Standing behind the " Grand Old Party " elephant, Val Peterson, former governor of Nebraska, delivers the keynote address. Swallow Robin men sleep through the returns during the early morning hours. Chuck Ridley represents the " Black Power " section of Taylor backing in Nixon ' s campaign. 26 Campaign stirs political feeling The night is still young when students crowd around televisions in MCW lounge watching the returns slowly come in. Interested students staged a gallant effort to stay up all night — for the sake of politics rather than studies! The occasion, of course, was the 1968 Presidential election, which became a time for all campus Republicans to rally around their television sets. Having been involved in a mock convention last spring, the students were eager to be involved in this historic political event. Through events such as these, Taylor students keep abreast of the times and develop their views, gradually becoming mature adults who can take leadership roles in our society. An assortment of election buttons show the variety of candidates. Puppet display injects humor into an otherwise serious campaign. 27 Registration provided opportunities for parents to become acquainted with Taylor faculty and fellow parents. Parents Day emphasizes participation Once during each academic year, Taylor sponsors a weekend designed to give parents an opportunity to see many different facets of life at Taylor. This year, the event was expanded to in- clude the showing of the film, Bom Free, a student art show, cross country meet and football contest, an orchestra concert, and a worship service on Sunday morning. Future Trojan gazes with wide-eyed wonder at the aftermath of the Parents ' Day reception. A freshman girl proudly pins the traditional " mum " on her mother. 28 World events influence TU activities As part of the year ' s activities, General Chien Ta-Chun of Nationalist China visited Taylor ' s campus. General Chien holds a position equivalent to that of a U. S. Sena- tor. Coach Odle met General Chien when the Venture for Victory basketball teams toured the Orient. Other highlights were a math display of teaching devices, and the NASA display of a model space craft. Steve Corey admires the NASA space capsule model. Coach Odle introduces General Chien Ta-Chun to Taylor. Prof. Ewbank arranges the display of teaching devices made by his math classes. 29 r wm BEHOLD THE ' - UDRLD Impressive visual expression of the theme helped set the tone of Missionary Conference. An interested student gazes wonderingly at a representation of the mission lands. Energetic girls hoist a ladder to raise the scenery for the cc ference. 30 Conferences stress spiritual life The 1968 conference emphasizing missions presented the theme " Behold the World. " Guest speakers, Dr. John T. Seamands and Dr. Paul Freed, delivered inspiring messages on the conference theme. As is the tradition, numerous mission representatives set up displays in Ma- gee Lounge so that interested students might have an op- portunity to discover more about the various mission boards. The missionary conference is an event sponsored by Intervarsity Missions Fellowship. Two missionary projects are undertaken each year through the combined gifts and pledges of students and faculty. It is also traditional for Taylor University to stage two weeks for spiritual emphasis; this tradition is not a mean- ingless one. This fall the emphasis was led by Rev. David Burnham, and the spring emphasis by Rev. George Gardiner. Both events were impressive because of the renewed commitments made by many students. Rev. Gardiner listens intently to an opinion from a member of the university personnel. Informal chats in MCW lounge allowed girls to personally meet Rev. Burnham. 31 [ Cris Keller ( Doug Webb ) cries to his mother ( Debby Daniel ) after hearing the gun shot that resulted in his father ' s suicide. ' All My Sons ' grips students The dramatic production of the fall semester was the play written by Arthur Miller, All My Sons. Emphasizing the feeling of responsibility which men need to experience toward one an- other. Miller ' s story builds to a climax of great power. Set after World War II, the play shows Joe Keller, his son Chris, and the family of Keller ' s former business partner facing responsibility. When defective plane parts are shipped to the army, Keller is responsible to redesign these parts, but he lets his responsibility fall to his partner who is later sentenced to prison. Ironi- cally, it is the partner ' s daughter who becomes the object of Chris ' affection. The drama department also staged one faculty reading and these other productions: Oklahoma, One Acts, and Madicoman of Chaillot. Joe Keller (Bill Midgett) contemplates whether to tell his wife that their son is never coming back. 32 Lydia (Mary Troxell) explains that her children came just " One, two, and three. " Chris (Doug Webb) learns the truth of his father ' s decision to send faulty parts to be used for planes in World War II. Cast — Dean Regier, Mary Troxell, Jack Hinkle, Linda Kukuk, Bill Midgett, Debby Daniel, Doug Webb, Char Woodrow, John D ' Alessandro. 33 Trustee-Student day aids communication Panel discussions provide opportunity for a merging of ideas from faculty, students and trustees. In the midst of the fall semester, trustees of Taylor University converged on campus to hold meetings with students and staff. Each year such a day of activities is planned so that the ad- ministration and students have an opportunity to communicate directly. New understandings often result from the informal chats between trustees and students, concerning such topics as future buildings and student enrollment. Suzi Hughes discovers that trustees are interested in student idea; u As a means of broadening their college experience, many Taylor students participate in regular campus events, such as chapel and the Sunday evening services. This gives opportunity for meeting guest speakers and associating with people from all over the world. For many students these experiences will have practical ap- plications in future years as they pursue their chosen professions. The university pastor, Peter Pascoe, encour- ages all students to take advantage of these opportunities for practical Christian work. Pastor Pascoe g reets students at a Sunday evening service. Guest speakers, such as the mayor of Tampa, become acquainted with both faculty and students. Religious services involve students Students find Sunday evenings a way of participating in practical Christian service. 3S The 170-voice Oratorio chorus presented " The Cher- ubic Hymn " by Howard Hanson and selections from C. F. Handel ' s The Messiah in a concert during the Christ- mas season. With organ, harpsichord, and orchestra ac- companiment, the chorus sang under the direction of Dr. Edward Hermanson. Several Taylor students partici- pated as soloists in the concert: Renita Sheesley, Kathy Fitzpatrick, Charlotte Purcell, James Danhof, Stan Ray, and William Lang. This annual performance is a high- light of the Christmas season. The combined oratorio and orchestra enjoy performing Handel ' s Messiah. ' Messiah ' reflects Christmas spirit Th e traditional Messiah attracts a large audience during the Christmas ! 36 An expert on Red China, Lisa Hobbs addresses convocation. A lecture series was planned this year with special emphasis on Asian affairs. Guest lecturers were Lisa Hobbs speaking about Red China, newsman Kenneth Armstrong speaking about South Vietnam, and Tibetan dignitary Jigme Norbu speaking about Buddhism. SUB also brought Negro author Louis Lomax to campus to address a convocation chapel. Each of these meetings, of course, was another opportunity for Taylor students to broaden their outlooks and to deepen their under- standing of the world. Lectures emphasize Asian affairs Chatting more informally, Mr. Lomax expresses his views for a radio audience. Louis Lomax challenges prejudice in his ad- dress. 37 Banquet enhances Christmas spirit " Babes " in Toyland. The annual Christmas Banquet, held Dec. 13, was one of the outstanding social events of the fall semester. Couples enjoyed the romantic aura created by candlelight, a beautiful Christmas tree, good food, and good entertainment. The dining hall atmosphere was sparked by larger- than-life cutouts and elaborate decorations de- veloped along the theme of " Toyland " . The Music Projection, a group of five guys and two girls from Chicago, provided the after-banquet music. A pretty girl and good food— what else could a guy want? M Spotlights and electrified music added to the enjoyment. A giant Christmas tree helped create the Christmas mood. The Music Projection performed among a backdrop of toys. 39 Banquet builds o n R oman th erne The annual Sweetheart Banquet was held, ap- propriately, on Valentine ' s Day. The theme " When in Rome " was carried out by decorations of Roman columns, draperies, and waitresses dressed in togas. Junior Liz Koppin was chosen to reign as queen over the festivities. She is a member of the Gamma Delta Beta Society, which sponsored the girl-ask-boy formal banquet. The Rambling Four, a singing group from Bethel College, provided entertainment. Marilyn Barr Petersen crowns Miss Liz Koppin queen of the 1969 Sweetheart Banquet. WHEN IN ROME Gamma Delts serve punch and cookies at the pre- banquet reception in MCW lounge. Ladies and their escorts chat during intermission. 40 Rambling Four soloist sings of love. Liz Koppin and escort form part of the coronation ceremony. Connie Folkers and Chuck Webber enjoy the romantic mood set by the banquet 41 The New Folk present Christ through religious pop music SUB sponsors artist and pop series St. Joan, by Alpha-Omega Players, was a stirring per- formance of one of George Bernard Shaw ' s most famous plays. Gerald Goodman surprises students with the enjoyability and versatility of harp music. 4? The 3-D ' s perform with a popular beat. The Artist Series included performances by noted harp- ist Gerald Goodman, the dramatic production of Saint Joan by the Alpha-Omega Players, and baroque music by the Gregg Smith Singers. Elizabeth Schwarzkoff, so- prano soloist, and the Indianapolis Symphony were fea- tured during the spring semester. This year ' s Pop Series included the 3-D ' s, who per- formed " Rhyme, Rhythm, and Reason " on Sept. 7. The Jacques Loussier Trio presented " Play Bach, " a contem- porary interpretation of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, on Nov. 6. The New Folk presented a religious pop concert on Feb. 24. The Jacques Loussier Trio interprets Bach music in their own French jazz style. have been given, through education, a glimpse of far more to be attained than we now possess. Our studies have opened before us the vast, moving saga of our fellow human beings. Our task is to appropriate for ourselves the best of what is offered, and we find excitement in the 45 The new campus kindergarten provides practical experience for El. Ed. students. Professional semester changed Jennie E. Andrews, M.A. Prof, of Education Anne C. Caudill, Ph. D. Assoc. Prof, of Education George S. Haines, Ed. D. Assoc. Prof, of Education Dir. of Teacher Education Head of Education Dept. David D. Hess, M.S. Asst. Prof, of Education Gerald L. Hodson, M.A. Asst. Prof, of Education Dir. of Ed. Media Center M. Jane Vanzant Asst. Prof, of Education 46 Robert K. Blume, M.S. Ed. Asst. Prof, of Physical Ed. Jean L. Horwood, Ed. M. Asst. Prof, of Physical Ed. Judith N. Howard, B.S. Ed. Instr. of Physical Ed. Jack W. King, M.S. Ed. Asst. Prof, of Physical Ed. George A. Glass, M.A. Ed. Asst. Prof, of Physical Ed. Head of Physical Ed. Dept. William A. Horwood, Ed. Prof, of Physical Education Gary J. Jones, B.S. Instr. of Physical Education Donald J. Odle, M.S. Prof, of Physical Education Head Basketball Coach PE majors utilize gymnastics room to develop skills. The Area of Education-Physical Education is con- cerned chiefly with developing in students the ability to effectively teach others. The goal of the education de- partment is to instill in the prospective teacher not only subject matter but also a valid philosophy of education. The aim of the physical education department is to aid the student in developing and maintaining good physical and mental health. The education department has made a change in the format of the professional semester. All student teaching will be done in the fall semester of the senior year. This semester will also include most professional courses. 47 Music renovates course sequence The Area of Humanities deals basically with the nature of man, his aspirations for mankind, his life goals and his search for truth in the strug- gle for ultimate meaning. These are studied as expressed verbally, orally and graphically through the ages. In addition to training for an occupation, each student is exposed to the broader aspect of training for life. Many departments in this area have added a senior capstone course offered during interterm and have put several courses on a pass fail basis. The religion department has added an interterm course in biblical literature for all sophomores. Dr. Samuel Karriappa, who received his doctor- ate from an Indian university, was a distin- guished visiting professor in the department of philosophy. The music department has made a major change by packaging a number of small courses into a more meaningful block pattern to be taught by a team of teachers. This innovation is new to the field of music education and contains many exciting possibilities. The art department has also rearranged courses and now proudly offers a Bachelor of Science degree in art. Musical dexterity requires many hours of practice. Robert L. Boyd, M.S. Asst. Prof, of Music Ray E. Bullock, M.A. Asst. Prof, of Art Ph.D. Hazel E. Carruth Prof, of English Head of English Dept Charles W. Carter, Th.M., D.D. Prof, of Phil, and Religion Head of Philosophy Dept. 48 Charles M. Davis, M.A. Assoc. Prof, of English Allen A. Goeteheus, M.S. Asst. Prof, of Speech William W. Dean, Ph.D. Asst. Prof, of Religion Carl E. Gongwer, M.A. Asst. Prof, of Spanish Barbara C. Dickey, M.M. Asst. Prof, of Music Gladys M. Greathouse, M.A. Ed. Prof, of Speech Head of Speech Dept. Frances W. Ewbank, Ph.D. Prof, of English Dale E. Heath, Ph.D. Prof, of Greek History Head of Greek Dept. Dr. Heath ' s artifacts from the Holy Land fascinate passing students. 49 A great deal of thought goes into making a finished product. Edward H. Hermanson, Ed.D. Assoc. Prof, of Music Head of Music Dept. Cornelius G. House, M.A. Dale M. Jackson, M.A. Asst. Prof, of German Asst. Prof, of Speech John B. Jantzen, Ph.D. Assoc. Prof, of French Head of Modern Languages Dept. Janet Jenkinson, A.B. Part-time Instr. of Music 50 Art department adds B.S. degree Philip K. Kroeker, Ph.D. Assoc. Prof, of Music Jessie L. Rousselow, M.A. Asst. Prof, of Speech Kenneth D. Swan, M.A. Asst. Prof, of English Klaas G. Kuiper, M.M. Ed. Assoc. Prof, of Music- Charles K. Sims, M.M. Assoc. Prof, of Music Julius J. Valberg, Dr. J.U. Assoc. Prof, of Mod. Lang. History Herbert G. Lee, M.A. Prof, of English Paul J. Spicuzza, M.M. Instr. of Music Evelyn G. VanTil, M.S. Assoc. Prof, of English Fred H. Luthy, M.A. Assoc. Prof, of Religion Hilda L. Steyer, M.M. Assoc. Prof, of Music Marilyn A. Walker, M.A. Asst. Prof, of Journalism Jack D. Patton, M.A. Assoc. Prof, of Art Head of Art Dept. Hilda R. Studebaker, M.A. Asst. Prof, of English Charles R. Wilson, Ph.D. Prof, of Phil. Religion Head of Religion Dept. 51 SHHBi SSBSSiSiSli )■••• i am Si SSfifi " SS5r j iop, up? ff III! •••a « Observation of rat behavior demonstrates psychological principles. World history offered at interterm The Area of Social Science is oriented to an under- standing of man and his relationships with others from both a personal and a social point-of-view. Students of this discipline study man ' s past endeavers and his present associations in an attempt to understand his total en- vironment. Many courses in this area have become four hour courses. During the newly initiated interterm, the history department offered a world history course to all freshmen. 52 Historical and geographical studies relate the past to the present. Thomas C. Groeneweg, J.D. Instr. of Business Econ. Roger L. Jenkinson, M.A. Asst. Prof, of Geo. Hist. Head of Geography Dept. Terry M. Lewis, B.S. Instr. of Sociology Robert C. McGinnis, M.S. Asst. Prof, of Psychology Dwight L. Mikkelson, Ph.D. Assoc. Prof, of History Darvin L. Miller, M.P.S. Asst. Prof, of Psychology Acting Head of Psych. Dept. Berford S. Oakley, Jr., M.C.S. Asst. Prof, of Business Ec. Acting Head of Bus. Ec. Dept. Grace D. Olson, M.A. Prof, of History Head of History Dept. William C. Ringenberg, M.A. Asst. Prof, of History- Frank H. Rove, Th.D. Prof, of Sociology Dept. 53 Lab experience supplements the classroom lecture. Science adds new laboratory course Stanley L. Burden, Ph.D. Asst. Prof, of Chemistry William A. Ewbank, M.A. Asst. Prof, of Mathematics George W. Harrison, M.S. Asst. Prof, of Biology Gordon M. Krueger, A.M. Prof, of Chemistry Head of Chemistry Dept. Elmer " . Nussbaum, Ph.D. Prof, of Physics Head of Physics Dept. Roger L. O ' Brien, M.S. Instr. of Mathematics Elisabeth Poe, M.A. Prof, of Biology Roger L. Roth, M.S. Asst. Prof, of Physics 54 Accurate measuring produces the desired reaction. The Area of Natural Science emphasizes the ability to understand and appreciate from a Christian point of view the created world. In relation to this goal, the student learns specific facts and principles ranging from the intricacies of the structure of an atom to the geology of a mountain chain. The official dedication of the new science center marked an important event for students and faculty of the natural sciences. The area is also pleased to offer a laboratory experience in conservation. 55 Dale E. Wenger, M.S. Asst. Prof, of Mathematics Robert C. Wolfe, M.A. Asst. Prof, of Chemistry VidaG. Wood, M.S. Prof, of Biology The greenhouse provides an insight into plant physiology. 56 Anna Braden, M.S.Ed. Head Resident Adviser Jean Campbell, B.S. Head Resident Adviser Alice K. Holcombe, B.A.L.S. Head Librarian, Assoc. Prof. James J. Mathis, M.Th. Head Resident Adviser Grace M. Millspaugh, M.A. Asst. Librarian Ronald L. Van Dam, M.A.Ed. Head Resident Adviser Lois A. Weed, M.S.L.S. Asst. Librarian Head residents and librarians Students aquaint themselves with world situations through library periodicals. 57 find in ourselves a need of expression — for our abundant energies and for our articulate school loyalties. We must release our emotional energies and we have an urge to compete. These find fulfillment in 58 59 The Georgetown line converges on an aggressive Bob Harms. Trojans end season with 4-5-1 record 1968 Football Taylor 13 Ferris State 13 Taylor 27 Indiana Central 6 Taylor 28 Georgetown L9 Taylor 23 Franklin 14 Taylor 11 Earlham 21 Taylor 20 Manchester 21 Taylor 11 Hanover 34 Taylor 1 1 Albion 27 Tavloi 21 Anderson 27 Coach oversees a vital aspect of football — proper training. 60 Nolten clutches a Van Yperen pass en route to a TU touchdov High hopes marked the beginning of the Trojan foot- ball calendar with the addition of many talented under- classmen, including all-state New Jersey quarterback Jack Van Yperen. The outlook was hopeful as TU tied the much larger Ferris State and rolled easily over the next three opponents. A spirited Earlham team thrilled their Homecoming throng and stunned the Trojans with a 21-14 margin. From this game on, things grew progres- sively worse. Opposing offenses penetrated TU ' s line and smothered Van Yperen ' s passing, forcing the home eleven to stay on the ground more than they desired. The failure of one field goal proved to be the crucial moment in a disappointing Homecoming game with Manchester. The services of Senior fullback Bob Harms were valued as he continued with his fighting drives and a few com- pleted passes. Next year ' s team will see many changes as eleven seniors graduate. FOOTBALL TEAM— Row one: T. Chelf, T. Heffentrager, J. Romine, R. Hutcheson, R. Pavkov, J. Nolten, R. Behnken, L. Dil- lon, F. Smith, K. Fitins, D. Ice. Row two: Coach R. VanDam, M. Buck, T. Burns, S. Jackson, C. Fulk, D. Whittaker, B. Harms, G. Fadel, L. Backlund, V. Stevens, C. Gifford, Head Coach Bob Davenport. Row three: Coach G. Jones, H. Taylor, J. Kullberg, J. Brodzik, J. Chainey, D. Beechy, D. Miller, D. Grav, J. Bonham, B. Mughmaw, B. Diller, B. Hayes. Row four: J. Tindall, D. Murphv, R. Gifford, B. Lewis, J. VanYperen, R. VanYperen, E. Suter, R. Zimmerman, N. Newell, M. McGowan, D. Tickner. 61 Coach Davenport discusses strategy with several players. Success requires total involvement Tackle Bob Hayes: " I have always wondered how an athlete could associate himself with the person of Jesus Christ and come onto a football field and play real guts ' ball. Well, Jesus Christ died on the cross for me, saving me from every rotten thing I ' ve ever done. This shows a lot more than ' guts ' . It shows grace and love in the highest form. Believe me, I will be playing for Him on and off the field now and for the rest of my life. " Kickofl brings supporters to their feet. 62 " It ' s too soon to quit! " Words of experience vitalize bench strategy. 63 ■ . ■ ' .- The Trojan offense is ready to explode into action. A quick-cutting Stevens leaves a wake of fallen foes Strategic blocks spell extra moments for a VanYperen hand-off. Trojans goal higher than winning Guard Chuck Gifford: Since this is my senior year at Taylor I would like to express what Jesus Christ means to me. First of all, He is my Savior, the person that has bridged the gap between a perfect God and my sinful self. This has allowed me to have a personal relationship with the Al- mighty God as well as a definite purpose in life. Whether it is on the football field or pursuing my studies, I want to live a life that God would have me to live; and He has given me the best example in the world— Jesus Himself. The Trojan ' s most avid supporters observe with intense interest. 65 Love, 15, 30, 40- Victory Taylor 8 Goshen 1 Taylor 7 Hanover Taylor 7 Indiana Central Taylor 3 Goshen 4 Taylor 4 Franklin 3 Taylor 7 Anderson Taylor 7 Earlham Taylor 5 Manchester 2 Rork ' s driving serve sends the ball blazing across the net. TENNIS TEAM-Row one: R. Grubb, P. Rork, D. Dean, G. Rickner. Row two: Coach R. Blume, T. Mann, E. Mehlberg, J. Clarkson. 64 Engrossed Homecoming spectators brave fall temperatures to cheer netmen to the HCC crown. Winning the conference crown is becoming a tradition for the Taylor tennis team, for this year is their fourth consecutive championship. Captain Paul Rork, after lead- ing the team on to victory for four years, leaves the team with a chal lenging record of only three defeats. Senior Woody Grubb will also be missed next year; however, Rickner and Dean will continue in the winning Trojan tradition. Freshman Tim Mann, who saw a lot of action this season, will likewise be a decided asset to the team next year. With a 7-1 record in all competition and unde- feated in conference play. Coach Bob Blume has a team of which Taylor can be justly proud. Woody Grubb gives that backhand a determined swing. 67 The 1968 Trojan harriers had a difficult record to beat after the successes of the ' 67 year. New competition was added to the sched- ule in the form of the Wheaton and Notre Dame Invitationals, including such formi- dable foes North Central, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, University of Michigan and Notre Dame. The season was highlighted with the winning of the HCC crown for the third con- secutive year as the team set an HCC record for scoring the lowest number of points. An attempt to attain both the Big State and Little State titles at Indianapolis again eluded the Trojans; however, the harriers gained the Little State and the District 21 NAIA titles for the second consecutive year. Throughout the season, the ultimate goal of the team was to be number 1 at the NAIA finals in Oklahoma; they did attain the distinction of being in the top ten. Phil Captain ran his last intercollegiate race at the NAIA finals. He was three-time winner of the Little State meet and has twice won All-American. The assistance of this out- standing runner will be greatly missed. Starting gun sets off well attended homecoming race. Pre-race warm-ups are vital for a runner ' s best performance. 68 CROSS-COUNTRY- Row one: C. Tichenor, S. Owen, J. Paist, K. Captain, B. Ludwick, R. Foote, K. Welty. Row two: Mgr. T. Brown, B. Humble, P. Captain, D. Gregory, J. Austin, R. Schultz, L. Captain, J. Yantiss, R. Dubach, L. McBride, Coach George Class. Harriers grab HCC title A rugged four-mile course takes its toll even on seasoned Trojan harrier Ray Schultz. 1968 Cross Country Taylor Conditioner 1st Indiana Central and Olivet 1st Wheaton Invitational 1st Taylor Invitational 1st Notre Dame Invitational 4th Franklin 1st Earlham Invitational 1st Purdue 1st Manchester and Wheaton 1st Bi£ State 3rd Little State 1st District 21 NAIA 1st HCC 1st NAIA-National 10th 6 ? 1968-69 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS— Row one: N. Ransbottom, C. Luginbill. Row two: E. Koppin, Trojan S. Honette, C. Sparks. Not pictured, M. Hauk. Cheerleaders excite school spirit. 1968-69 JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS— T. Jones, S. Wills, M. Wilson. Not pictured, K. Broad. 70 1968-69 TROJANES— Row one: M. Bloom, C. Kubik, J. Myers, J. Scholz, P. Alden, L. Witmer, J. Landis, P. Stonebumer. Row two: Miss J. Howard, J. Barlow, D. Heinrich, S. Rown, P. Hann, S. Koerner, J. Ruppert, P. Barnett, P. Schreck, N. Wolff, S. Hodges, T. Fiesbeek. Femininity enters athletics Adding the feminine touch to intercollegiate athletics at Taylor are the Trojanes. Squeezing their practices into an already tightly scheduled gymnasium, the girls practiced with enthusiasm, desire, and noise. Although handicapped by a lack of height, the Trojanes showed considerable skill in ball-handling and team effort. Dis- playing a true Christian sportsmanlike attitude, the team won the coveted sportsmanship trophy at the Purdue Playday. Though not successful in compiling a winning record, the girls found their experiences valuable in per- sonal development. Three coeds converge on a helpless ball in a field hockey match. 71 1968-69 VARSITY BASKETBALL— Row one: S. Oldham, Skinner, B. Matson, D. Rohrer, R. Schnepp, G. Drill. G. Rickner, J. Messner, G. Cone, Coach Don Odle. Row two: C. Taylor, M. Inspired teamwork produces results Co-captain Dick Rohrer: In Philippians 4:13 it states " I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. " At the beginning of the year, we were picked to come in last in the conference and perhaps win half of our ball games. We felt that if we played together as a team and gave the best that we could, we had very little to lose. With the fine support which we received from the fans, cheerleaders and the faculty, we were very much encouraged. However, we got our assurance in the verse above and the verse found in Isaiah 41:10: " Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my right- eousness. " Therefore, we must give all the credit to the loyal support of the people and the Divine Grace of our Master. A determined Schnepp hauls down another rebound. 72 Taylor and Indiana Central battle for a crucial rebound. Rickner fires another of his deadly jump shots. Opponents stand helpless as Taylor attempts another shot. 73 Center Rohrer controls the tip-off in the Wheaton battle. Trojans defy predictions At the beginning of the 196S-69 Hoosier College Con- ference season, Taylor was a decided underdog. How- ever, the team pulled several upsets during the season. The only loss in the early part of the season came in a " barnburner " against I.C. Before heading to the sunny climes of the deep South, the Trojans wrapped up the Huntington tourney title and the Marshall Holiday Classic with a last second win over Kalamazoo College. The last half of the season saw some very close games with TU winning a few and losing a few. The Earlham and Wheaton games were lost by only five points in the last few minutes, while the Anderson and Manchester games were won by one point and three points. The Tro- jans ended the season with a 7-5 HCC record. The Trojans will feel keenly the loss of five seniors: Chuck Taylor. Garth Cone, Dick Rohrer, Steve Oldham, and Gary Drill. Taylor was the team ' s leading scorer with 23.1 points, good enough for a third place ranking in the HCC. Drill was second in the HCC with a .584 per- centage in field goals. The prospects for next year are enhanced by the talented rebounding of Roger Sehnepp, and the speed and agility of Gary Rickner, and the sharp- shooting talents of Merrill Skinner. Rickner catches a quick pass in a Trojan offensive attack. 74 The " Sweet Georgia Brown " shakes its share of Trojan opponents during the warm-ups. Taylor Opponent 109 Huntington Huntington Tournament 75 108 Oakland City 93 110 Aurora 95 126 Manchester 92 91 Indiana Central 92 104 Trinity 84 80 Anderson Marshall Holiday Classic 72 93 Adrian 78 86 Ferris State 85 66 Kalamazoo 65 67 Univ. of Tampa 92 94 Stetson 107 79 Adelphi 86 72 Hanover 103 112 Olivet Nazarene 88 95 Franklin 87 95 Earlham 100 98 Wheaton 103 99 Anderson 98 111 Indiana Central 101 82 Franklin 69 96 Hanover 110 97 Manchester 94 87 Earlham 96 A Taylor fast break quickly rai ses the score. 75 1968-69 B-TEAM— Row one: P. Carlson, K. Bergstrand, W. Frey, B. Scholl. Row two: J. Gunderson, R. Ormes, D. Gordon, J. Davisson, G. Blazo. Row three: Coach Boh Blume, T. Yoder, C. Robertson, B. Bottorff, D. Reeves. Freshmen swell reserve ranks Hard, fast playing combined with sharp shooting char- acterized the 68-69 playing of the Taylor J.V. team. Competition was stiff with such competitors as Indiana Central, Huntington and Earlham. Led by the strong re- bounding of Dave Reeves and Cal Robertson, the accurate shooting of Jim Messner, and the strong backing of Rick Ormes, John Gunderson and Dan Gordon, the B-team made a strong showing. Doug Dean and Tim Yoder led the bench in completing a well-balanced ball club. Christmas vacation found five of the B-team members 6,000 miles north in British Columbia ministering in In- dian villages. At each village the group of eight played a game with the local team and presented a half-time witness in music and testimonies. The trip proved to be a great spiritual blessing for the fellows as well as the vil- lages visited. The varsity team can look to a bright future with the help of these athletes. Gordon strains to grab a rebound. 76 Reeves goes high over his opponents to rack up two more. Yoder cows opponents with a one-handed jump shot. SCHEDULE TAYLOR OPPONENTS 110 Summitville 102 89 Huntington 85 104 Manchester 67 99 Indiana Central 97 78 International Business College 75 82 Anderson 75 104 Pepsi Cola 106 79 Franklin 66 105 Earlham 107 112 Purdue Extension 85 104 Anderson 75 71 Indiana Central 101 95 Franklin 74 97 Muncie Moiss 101 84 Manchester 57 90 Earlham 92 A quick Robertson pass outwits two opponents. 77 Taylor 31 24 14 21 35 26 50 Opponents 1. 1. A. A. Tournament-2nd place Indiana Central 15 Hope 11 Earlham 19 Wayne State 35 Anderson 12 Olivet 5 Bluffton 11 Franklin Hoosier College Conference-2nd place Kerry Cole successfully executes a reversal. Matmen show strength despite injuries Phil Arnold attempts to rock his opponent into a pin en route to a 2nd place HCC finish. 78 1968-69 WRESTLING TEAM— Row one: P. Arnold, M. Leaman, S. Dicks, S. Kempf, T. Willis, J. Chainey. Row two: T. Linder D Diamond, S. Jeffrey, J. Taggart, M. Goble. Row three: D. Gray, D. Marum, R. Chenot, K. Cole, Coach Bob Stewart. Not pictured Mgr] Bob Evers. Wrestling under the tutelage of a new coach during the 1968-69 season, the Trojan matmen posted a 6-2 record. Though winning a majority of their matches, the team was plagued with injuries throughout the season and went into many of their contests lacking one or more key men. A highlight of the season was the decisive victory over Indiana Central, a perennial powerhouse. The climax of the season came with the HCC Cham- pionship meet held at Anderson. The Trojans entered six men in the finals with Kerry Cole grabbing a first and five others placing second. These wins gave the Trojans a second place standing in the HCC. Phil Arnold, Steve Kempf, John Chainey, Steve Jeffrey and Kerry Cole had impressive season records, and all but Jeffrey will be back next year. The services of Tom Linder, Dave Diamond, and Rich Muller will be greatly missed next year. The spirit, drive and potential of this youth-filled team will give Taylor fans much to look for- ward to from the wrestlers in 1969-70. Kempf ties up his man in the HCC championship semifinals. 79 Led by fine pitching and strong hitting, the Trojans compiled an outstanding conference record of 10-2 during a successful 1968 season. Due to the capitalization upon Trojan errors by the opponents, the team sustained an over-all record of 24-11. The team ended the season by capturing their second consecutive HCC crown, and, as in the previous year, went on to win the District 21 NAIA championship over Huntington. In Area VI competition, however, Taylor was defeated by Defiance and Western Michigan. The fine pitching of Ladd and Swaney, along with dependable relief from Linkenback, kept hits and earned runs at a minimum. The powerful hitting of Mohler, O ' Brien, Busse, Dillon, Atkinson and Johnson sparked high batting averages. BBI ' s and, consequently, winning scores. Bood, Messner, and Roach also helped in the batting department. Fine defensive efforts, led by catcher Ken O ' Brien, had a great deal to do with the winning record of the team. The team was also greatly assisted by O ' Brien, Swaney and Dillon, who were named to the All-conference team, and Swaney and Mohler, who received All-American honorable mention. All-American Ken O ' Brien readies for another pitch. Diamondmen dominate conference action mEm 1968 BASEBALL TEAM— Row one: G. Cone, D. Roach, G. DeHaven, J. Linkenback, C. Rood, K. Bocken, J. Messner. Second row: D. Bousch, T. Sumner, T. Dillon, R. Atkinson, J. Swaney, T. Garton, K. O ' Brien, K. Brix. Row three: Coach Jack King, R. Mohler, G. Busse, D. Ladd, D. Johnson, R. Malmstrom, D. Chiddister, D. Tickner. 80 1968 Taylor University Baseball Power-hitter Randy Mohler used his bat effectively against op- ponents. Grim determination puts " oomph " into a Swaney pitch. Taylor Opponents Millsaps College 1 (11 innings 2 Millsaps College 1 Northeast Louisiana 1 13 Grace College 5 1-6 Indiana State 2-3 6-7 Concordia College 2-16 6 Hillsdale College 4 " 11-10 Manchester 2-4 7 Huntington 1 14 Wabash College 5 " 10-10 Hanover College 2-0 2-8 Central Michigan 9-7 Butler University 3 °6 Earlham College 4 (9 innings) " 3 Earlham College 2 " 1-5 Anderson College 4-1 11 Bethel College 21 Goshen College 3 " 8-1 Indiana Central 2-5 12-20 Ft. Wayne Bible College 0-2 " 6-3 Franklin College 0-1 N.A.I.A. District 21 Playoffs 3-12-13 Huntington N.A.I.A. Area 6 Playoffs 4-7-3 Defiance 4 Western Illinois 2 Steve Ulm gasps as he notes the 14 ' 4 ' height he has attained. Taylor Opponents 116 Mississippi College 113 61 Southeastern Louisiana 84 68 South Alabama 76 53 Middle Tennessee State 88 75 Ball State, Butler 73,33 100 Vincennes 45 123 Franklin, Goshen, Spring Arbor 33,17,8 94 Earlham 51 98 Wheaton, Calvin 42,40 100 Hillsdale (second) 45 Little State (first) Big State (fifth) Hillsdale Relays Hoosier College Conference (first) Ralph Foote breaks the tape at 9:09.8, a record in the 2-mile run. ta • I t4t- mi m With a mighty heave, Dave Murphy gives the shot a ride. 8? Hoosier College Conference ' s fastest man, Terry Jordan, completes the 100 yard dash in 10.1. New surface initiated by new records Toppling records typified the Taylor University track season. The first home appearance in two years on the new all-weather asphalt surface evolved into a spectacu- lar win over the much larger Ball State University and Butler University track teams. Previous to the home meet, the team had been relatively unsuccessful in their con- tests with three southern schools. However, the experi- ence in the south seemed to provide that extra surge at the starting line for the season. The harriers failed to permit defeat to overtake them as they soundly defeated every team on their schedule in home appearances. One of the highlights of the season was the successful defense of their Little State Championship title with a winning margin of 37 ' ,i points. In the Big State Taylor managed a fifth place behind such powers as Purdue, Indiana Uni- versity, Notre Dame and Indiana State. The climax of the season came with a decisive Hoosier College Conference title. An exhausted Phil Captain stops the watch at a record 4:12.9. S3 Greensmen travel south A highlight of the 1968 golf season was the annual trip south to Florida and Georgia where the Trojans ' competition included some of the larger universities. However, the local crew did not fare too well, winning one of six. In regular season play, the linksmen fell to an unimpressive sixth place in the HCC. 1968 Golf Valdosta University of Florida Florida Southern St. Leo Jacksonville Troy State Earlham Tri-State Huntington Indiana Central Anderson Manchester Franklin HCC Conference 1969 GOLF— T. Giggy, J. Rocke, L. Backlund, R. Zimmerman, M. Beck, B. McCroskery. 1968 GOLF— D. Odle, J. Sieber, M. Beck, M. Parks, R. Denny. B4 WTTTI Shaffer exerts his utmost for the Association. Intramurals provide outlets What does the TU male do when he flunks an American Lit test, his best girl gives him the shaft, or his school bill becomes due? He gives vent to his frustrations against his opponent dur- ing intramurals. The IM program, capably- headed by Coach Gary Jones, plays a vital role in the daily schedules of many of the men on Taylor ' s campus and provides a supplementary athletic program for those who do not qualify for the varsity sports. The sports activities con- sist of football, tennis, cross country, bowling, basketball, pocket billiards, handball, badminton, volleyball, golf, track and softball. Creativity is also an integral part of intramurals, and is mani- fested in the uniforms of some of the players and in names such as the " Potbellies, " and the " Chocolate Fudge. " Thus far in the season, cross country, tennis, and football have been completed. Swallow Robin captured the top places in the first two while The Association (2nd Wengatz East) seized the prestigious football championship. An elusive Tom Essenburg gains valuable yardage. 85 are not alone in our needs, wants, hopes and desires. Surrounding us are others who share these same emotions and with whom we engage in a constructive exchange of concepts. We develop through these contacts and are consequently enriched by them. Thus we find fulfillment in 86 87 President provides leadership In fulfilling the various duties of his office, Dr. Milo A. Rediger, President of Taylor University, directs and coordinates the efforts of the administration and of the faculty to unify and to strenghten the entire Taylor design. Ever sensitive to the needs and problems of the student body, Dr. Rediger maintains vital communication lines through contact with individuals, as well as with student organizations. Dr. Rediger extends the influence of Taylor University through his membership in several pro- fessional organizations, such as the National Education Association, the National Society for the Study of Education, the Association for Higher Education, and the North Central Association Committee on Liberal Arts Education. His involvement in Rethel Roys ' Home, Marion YMCA, and Roy Scouts marks Dr. Rediger as a community leader as well. Resides constant review and discussion of the university program, Dr. Rediger spends a great deal of time entertaining campus guests and making off- campus contacts. Dr. Rediger ' s aim is to provide the kind of leadership which will guide Taylor in the development and improvement of all areas of univer- sitv life. Mrs. Mattie Sellers, Seeret;u Dr. Milo A. Rediger, President of the University 88 SV Communication good with deans Dr. Dorsey Brause, Associate Dean Dr. Gordon Zimmerman, Dean of the University and Administrative Vice President Administrative Vice-President and Dean of the Uni- versity, Dr. Gordon G. Zimmerman, is responsible for the entire academic program and shares in the adminis- trative responsibility of the university. Close communi- cation with the faculty is maintained, for the leadership responsibility of the Dean includes chairmanship of several and membership on all faculty committees. Equally good communication lines exist between this office and the student body. In the words of one student, " Dr. Zimmerman is always interested and willing to listen to the student ' s point of view. " Dr. Dorsey Brause, Associate Dean, as the Director of Federal Relations, writes the proposals for funds from the federal government. Recent federal aid programs include the Exemplary Visual Materials Production Center and a $18,826.50 grant for equipment and materials. Dr. Brause is also director of the new and highly successful summer school program. Mrs. Freda Heath and Mrs. Lavonna Shockey, secretaries 90 Mr. Stanley Banker, Registrar Registration processes computerized Mr. E. Stanley Banker, Registrar and Associate Professor, supervises all policies and procedures related to student registration, academic record- ing, and interpretation of statistical enrollment data. Interpretation of academic requirements to both faculty and students also falls within the range of the Registrar ' s duties; moreover, Mr. Banker prepares lists and forms for internal and external agencies such as Selective Service and State Departments of Education. The Registrar ' s office currently is engaged in computerizing the registration system and in preparing a booklet in which the student may keep a personal ac- count of his academic progress. Miss Naomi Moore, recorder; Miss Debbie Pitser and Mrs. Virginia Stanley, secretaries. 91 Controller changes to automation Mr. William Davis, Controller Mr. Charles Newman, Director of Service Operations. 92 First Row: Mrs. Doris Buress, contributions secretary; Miss Ruth Ann Pulley, cashier. Second Row: Miss Virginia Cline, chief ac- countant; Mrs. Luetta House, secretary to Mr. Newman; Mrs. Gay Coe, secretary to Mr. Davis The Controller ' s Office, under the direction of Mr. William Davis, is concerned chiefly with financial planning, accounting and reporting. Mr. Charles R. New- man guides the Office of Service Operations in purchas- ing, providing telephone and secretarial services and supervising responsibilities for buildings and grounds, food service, bookstore and mailing and duplicating. The Office of the Controller is immediately occupied with the automation of accounting and the reporting and classification of all hourly and salaried staff employees. The development of a staff fringe benefits booklet is also underway. Mr. William Habeggar aids in the coordination of campus planning. A member of the Buildings and Grounds staff, Mr. Habeggar presently is involved in landscaping projects and in the paving of roads and walkways. Planning aids campus landscape Mr. William Habeggar, campus plan coordination 93 Mr ( Charles Griffin, Director of Student Affairs saSHS Miss Anna Braden, Associate Director of Student Affairs 94 Affairs staff plans balanced living Mr. David Klopfens tein, Student Union Director Jean Stout and Betty Jackson, Secretaries The Office of Student Affairs is involved in counseling students, advising student government, and planning the construction of facilities related to student services. As the director of this office and coordinator of the activities of student union, health center, and financial aid, Mr. Charles Griffin is responsible for massive amounts of " ad- minis trivia. Mr. Griffin, former Associate Director of Student Affairs, was named department head February 1, 1969. Miss Anna Braden supervises residence hall personnel, as well as guides the positive aspects of cultural, social, and spiritual activities of student life in the residence halls. Miss Braden acts as advisor to the student judicial board and as chairman of the motor vehicle committee. Mr. David Klopfenstein, Director of Student Union and Advisor for Curricular Activities, has as his philoso- phy " to do those things that will create an environment where the campus family can live socially within the Christian motive. " 95 Mr. Jay Hornick, Director of the Annual Fund Mr. Wilbur Cleveland, University Editor Mr. Samuel L. Deleamp, Director of Development Funds sought for building program • 1 The Department of Development is staffed by Mr. Samuel Deleamp, Mr. Ernest Valutis, Mr. Wilbur Cleveland and Mr. Jay A. Homick. Mr. Deleamp, former Director of Student Affairs, be- came Director of Development February 1, 1969. The main task of this department is raising funds to finance new building projects. Currently, funds are being sought for the second stage of a three-phase program. By 1979 the University- hopes to complete construction of the library, chapel-auditorium and student union. Ever concerned with public relations, the de- partment is also involved in work which has been aptly termed " friend raising. " Through personal contacts with the staff and much in- formational literature, such as the Taylor Uni- versity Magazine and the Profile, old friends keep pace with contemporary occurrences, and new friends are introduced to the total Taylor program. Mrs. Marsha Rutledge and Mrs. Fern Shawver, secretaries Mr. Ernest Valutis, Assistant in Development 97 Students get aid The primary concern of Mr. Bob H. Stewart i c to provide financial assistance to students ' .10, without such aid, would be unable to attend Tavlor University. Specifically, the Office of Financial Aid administers scholarships, loans, and grants for students, coordinates student em- ployment on and off campus, and directs non- teacher employment. The system is now being computerized. Mr. Robert Stewart, Financial Aid Counselor Pastor leads parish Mrs. Faith Fattore, Secretary Pastor Peter Pascoe, University Pastor Pastor Peter Pascoe, in his role as University Pastor, coordinates and shares in the administra- tion of spiritual activities of Taylor University on campus and in surrounding communities. Peter Pascoe is chairman of the Faculty-Student Life Committee and the Taylor World Outreach Steering Committee. Along with other minis- terial duties, the Pastor also conducts the Sunday evening worship service. 98 Admissions adds student help Mr. Ronald Keller, Director of Admissions Mr. Russell Clark, Miss Michele White, Admissions Counselors Mr. Ronald Keller directs the Office of Ad- missions. His duties include communicating information about Taylor and reviewing admis- sion applications. Present projects of this office include revision of application forms, preparation of new brochures, and an effort to increase the enrollment of Negro and foreign students. The Admission Student Staff Assistant program is an innovation in this office which involves elegible students. Mr. Keller is assisted in his duties bv Miss Michele White and Mr. Russell Clark who conduct campus tours, represent Tavlor Univer- sity at high school college nights, and visit churches during vacation periods and the sum- mer months to speak to youth groups and pastors. 99 Bernie E. Tucker, Associate Director of Development for Alumni Affairs Tucker seeks funds for new chapel Mr. Bernie E. Tucker endeavors to perform the duties of his office effectively so that Taylor University ' s educational programs may gain significant alumni interest and support. Presently, he is involved in reorganizing more than fifty Taylor Clubs throughout the nation and in assisting the area boards of directors in coordinating their programs. Mr. Tucker ' s current specific task is to involve the alumni in raising funds for the construction of the chapel-auditorium. A policy of co- ordinating and integrating of the offices of Alumni Affairs and Development also is now underway. Mrs. Alice Shippy, Secretary 100 Taylor University Board of Trustees Lester C. Gerig President of the Board Chairman of Executive Committee Campus Planning Committee Nominating Committee Finance Committee President, Mutual Security Life Insurance Co. Fort Wayne, Indiana Mrs. Ella Mae Berdahl Educational Policies Committee Home Advisor, Operating Loan Division U.S. Department of Agriculture Farmer ' s Home Administration Washington, D. C. Maurice W. Coburn Finance Committee Honorary Degrees Committee Attorney Chicago, Illinois Francis H. Davis Campus Planning Committee Public Relations Committee General Agen t, Indianapolis Life Insurance Co. Jonesboro, Indiana Dr. C. Harlow Evans Educational Policies Committee Nominating Committee Professor of Chemistry: Illinois State University Bloomington, Illinois Dr. Gerald A. Foster Educational Policies Committee Methodist Minister Wilmington, Delaware Dr. J. Paul Gentile Public Relations Committee Medical Doctor Grabill, Indiana D. L. Haffner Finance Committee President, Haffner ' s 50 to $1 Stores, Inc. Garrett, Indiana Dr. Richard W. Halfast Educational Policies Committee Campus Planning Committee Honorary Degrees Committee Medical Doctor Kokomo, Indiana Dr. Carl W. Hassel Chairman, Educational Policies Committee Executive Committee Nominating Committee Deputy Superintendent of Schools Board of Education, Prince George ' s County Hyattsville, Maryland Dr. Gerald H. Jones Finance Committee Methodist Minister Fort Wayne, Indiana Willard L. Ketner Chairman, Public Relations Com- mittee Executive Committee Nominating Committee Director of Industrial Relations Union Carbide Corporation, Chicago, Illinois Wheaton, Illinois John McDougall Finance Committee General Manager, General Parts Division Ford Motor Co. Birmingham, Michigan John R. Maddox Chairman, Campus Planning Com- mittee Public Relations Committee President, Rural Loan Associ- ation President, Three " J " Radio Corpo- ration President, Town Finance Co., Inc. President of the Bank of Montpelier Hartford City, Indiana Dr. Wilson B. Paul Chairman, Honorary Degrees Committee Director of Lecture-Concert Series Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan Merle N. Rocke Endowment Treasurer Finance Committee Nominating Committee Senior Vice-President, Mutual Security Life Insurance Co. Fort Wayne, Indiana Henry C. Ruegg .... Treasurer, Executive Committee Chairman, Finance Committee Nominating Committee Trust Officer, The Ohio National Bank of Columbus Galloway, Ohio Milton V. Schubert, Jr. Secretary, Executive Committee Chairman, Nominating Committee Finance Committee Campus Planning Committee Vice-President General Manager LML Engineering Mfg. Corp. Columbia City, Indiana Elmer G. Seagly Vice-President of Board Finance Committee Campus Planning Committee Nominating Committee Hardware Merchant Kendallville, Indiana Dr. Charles W. Shilling Public Relations Committee Director, Biological Sciences Communication Project Arlington, Virginia Howard M. Skinner Public Relations Committee President, Maranatha Bible Missionary Conference, Inc. Muskegon, Michigan Carl J. Suedhoff Public Relations Committee Campus Planning Committee Chairman of Board Treasurer Inland Chemical Corp. Fort Wayne, Indiana Clarence H. Varns Campus Planning Committee Finance Committee Hardware Merchant, Varns Hoover Middlebury, Indiana Dr. L. Marshall Welch Educational Policies Committee Vice-President of Petro-Tex Chemical Corp. Seabrook, Texas HONORARY TRUSTEES Dr. Theadore W. Engstrom Executive Vice-President, World Vision, Inc. Arcadia, California Dr. Jesse W. Fox Retired Methodist Minister Chairman of National Steering Committee for Chapel- Auditorium Kokomo, Indiana Rev. Herbert M. Frazer Methodist Minister Cincinnati, Ohio Dr. M. C. Patterson Mayor, City of Crosse Pointe Park Crosse Pointe Park, Michigan Dr. John C. Wengatz Retired Methodist Minister Winter Park, Florida Linton A. Wood Retired Businessman Hendersonville, North Carolina Senior Class Officers: Seated— S. Oldham, vice pres.; K. Lixey, sec; C. Gifford, social chm.; N. Ransbottom, social chm.; S. Hawkins, pres. Standing — B. Witmer, treas.; C. Witte, I.C.C.; D. Ice, co-chaplain; not pictured, B. Brenneman, co-chaplain. seniors Renee Adamson Upland, Indiana Elementary Education Priscilla Alden Pontiac, Mich. Physical Education Dan D. Alley Alma, Mich. Physical Education Mary E. Andrews Aldan, Pa. Biology Doreen Atkinson Indianapolis, Ind. Christian Education Margaret Bailey Erie, Pa. Elementary Education Kathryn Baldwin Oak Park, Mich. Physical Education Lowell R. Barnes Parma, Ohio Philosophy Vicki Barlett Indianapolis, Ind. Christian Education Susan E. Bauer Rensselaer, N.Y. Christian Education Diana Beer Berne, Ind. Elementary Education Irvin Behm Marchand, Pa. Sociology 102 eniors . . . sophisticated, dedicated, professional Se mors Robert R. Behnken Grosse Ille, Mich. Political Science Laraine Betz Belding, Mich. Elementary Education Sharon J. Binder Bad Axe, Mich. Elementary Education Jonathon P. Binnie Evanston, 111. History Judith Black Albion, Ind. Christian Education Joan Blixt Chicago, 111. Elementary Education Arnold Book Frederick, Mich. Christian Education Charles Bowman Valparaiso, Ind. Psychology Dan Boyd Upland, Ind. Physical Education Devee Boyd Upland, Indiana Chemistry Who ' s Who Brenda Brenneman Portersville, Pa. Christian Education Kenneth Brix Upland, Ind. Business Administration Esther Campbell Owosso, Mich. Elementary Education David Captain Blufrton, Indiana Biblical Literature Phillip Captain Bluffton, Indiana Psychology James Carmany Canton, Ohio Business Administration 103 Seniors Dennis Lee Cart La Grange, Ind. Physics David Case Jamestown, N.Y. Philosophy Thomas D. Chelf Wooster, Ohio Physical Education Gertude Clark Upland, Ind. Elementary Education Gayle Claudon Wheaton, 111. Physical Education Carol Jean Coates Indianapolis, Ind. Music Susan Correll Liberty Center, Ind. Elementary Education Mary Lou Crabb Hammond, Ind. Elementary Education Mary Anna Crk Westville, Ind. Psychology William Cummins Plymouth, Mich. Social Studies Andrew Dale Taipei, Taiwan Physical Education Daniel R. Dame Indianapolis, Ind. Business Administration Kenneth Daniel Gardena, Cal. Physical Education David Dean Pasadena, Cal. Physical Education Lauralee De Bruyn Grand Rapids, Mich. Elementary Education Margie L. De Bruyn Upland, Ind. Physical Education David Diamond Corunna, Mich. Philosophy 104 Seni mors Robert R. Diller Ellsworth, Mich. Physical Education Vicki Duke Middletown, Ind. Elementary Education Sheryl Duling Flint, Mich. Art Donald Dunkerton Hartsdale, NY. History Marritt Edder Greensboro, Ind. History Paul Ehrsam Monroe, Ind. Music John Emery Cundi, Columbia History Who ' s ' Who Tom Essenburg Muskegon, Mich. Business Administration Charles Fattore Upland, Ind. History Kaspar Fitins Lansdale, Pa. Art Connie Folkers Minonk, 111. English Who ' s Who Charlyn Forman Rocjford, 111. Elementary Education Suzanne Forte Upper Darby, Pa. Psychology Cherrie Lu Fouts Rome, N.Y. Elementary Education Charles Frazer Glassboro, N.J. Business Administration Mary Catherine French Eastford, Conn. Art Joesph Fritzsche West Collingswood, N.J. Political Science William Funnan Northumberland, Psychology Pa. 105 The Association goes all out for Homecoming. Sen lors Robert Gaden Detroit, Mich. Biblical Literature Jeryl Gates Woodbury, Pa. Psychology Linda George Franklin Square, N.Y. Elementary Education Charles Gifford Lake Hiawatha, N.J. Biblical Literature Who ' s Who David Gilliland Corry, Pa. History Who ' s Who Brenda Gillim Detroit, Mich. Elementary Education Ann Glazier Vassar, Mich. Physical Education Margaret Gourley Warren, Mich. Physical Education Betty Jean Graffis Kiwanna, Ind. Math Who ' s Who Carolyn Grenzebach Washington, 111. Elementary Education Royal Grubb Newport Beach, Cal. Psychology Richard Gustafson Roosevelt, N.Y. Business 1 06 seniors Muriel Habkirk Flint, Mich. Elementary Education James Bryan Hall Kettering, Ohio Biology Braden Hamilton Milwaukee, Wise. Psychology Byron T. Hamriek Hoagland, Ind. Elementary Education Hettie J. Hardin Marion, Ind. Physical Education Ann Marie Harker Apo, N.Y. English Nadine Sue Harris Mt. Cory, Ohio Elementary Education Melinda Jean Hauk Blufton, Ind. Physical Education Scott Hawkins Wheaton, 111. Christian Education Marilyn Jean Hay Lake Odessa, Mich. Physical Education Marcia Kay Hay den Jackson, Mich. Physical Education Cynthia Kay Heidal Flint, Mich. Elementary Education Esse completes a tense exchange. 107 Se mors Richard Lee Helfrich Larwill, Ind. Physical Education Marcia Henderickson Elkhart, Ind. Elementary Education Donald Herron Gaston, Ind. Art Mary Alice Hicks Crawfordsville, Ind. Christian Education Kay Holman Muskegon, Mich. Physical Education Janice L. Hunter Detroit, Mich. Sociology Dennis R. Ice Alexandria, Ind. Math Allen Jackson Middlebury, Ind. Physical Education Dwight Jacobus Upland, Ind. Biology Charles R. Jaggers Cincinnati, Ohio Biblical Literature Steven B. Jeffrey Clinton, Iowa Physical Education Jerry Lynn Johnson Upland, Ind. Geography- Education students find many resources available in the Media Center. 108 Sen lors David Jordan Forest Junction, Wise. Music Linda E. Jordan Dunkirk, Ind. Math Ronald Kamman Upland, Ind. Math Mark A. Karls Saginaw, Mich. Math Who ' s Who Dwight D. Kay Wheaton, 111. Political Science Margo Ann Keller Blairsburg, Iowa Elementary Education Robert Denton Keller Upland, Ind. Business Administration Richard L. Kent Huntingtonwood, Mich. Biology Heather Klassen Brake, West Germany Math Diane J. Kuhn Charlotte, N.C. Elementary Education Who ' s Who Bruce Lake Mendon, Ohio Business Administration William Lang Pittsburgh, Pa. History Sharon Leach Kansas City, Mo. Christian Education Who ' s Who Carol Jean Lenger Jenison, Mich. Political Science Thomas Linder Upland, Ind. Physical Education Kathleen Lixey East Tawas, Mich. Elementary Education Karen Lochiatto Newton, Mass. Biology Diane E. Lundquist Wheaton, 111. Elementary Education Barn Matson South Whitley, Ind. Business Administration Martha McCabe Wheaton, 111. Psychology 10° seniors Kathryn McCormick Russellville, Ark. Elementary Education Bonnie McKane Upland, Ind. Sociology Shari McLario Pontiac, Mich. Business Administration G Jean McNulty Glenshaw, Pa. Speech David P McRoberts Kalamazoo, Mich. Business Administration Gordon Mendenhall Farmland, Ind. Biology- Margaret Metcalf Toledo, Ohio English Janet E. Michel Upland, Ind. Physical Education William Midgett Rockford, 111. Philosophy- Michael J. Milev Indianapolis, Ind. Physical Education Louise A. Miller Angola, Ind. Chemistry Who ' s Who Michael J. Minnema Wyoming, Mich. Chemistry Randy C. Mohler Toledo, Ohio Physical Education Rebecca Monette Upland, Ind. Biblical Literature Jeanne Anne Morford Arcadia, Ind. Social Studies Edna Anne Moudy Stryker, Ohio Mathematics Richard J. Muller W. Allenhurst, N.J. Biology- Carole Nussbaum Morton, 111. English Who ' s Who 110 Se mors Pamela G. Ogg Detroit, Mich. Mathematics Stephen Oldham Indianapolis, Ind. Physical Education Paul E. Osberg Glenvvood, 111. Business Administration Gayle Phillis Pontiac, 111. English Richard C. Poland Bingham, Maine Political Science Who ' s Who John Paul Porter Upland, Ind. Political Science Mark F. Pride Belmont, Mass. English Lauriann Pritchard Ixonia, Wise. Christian Education Charlotte Purcell Logansport, Ind. Music Elizabeth Pvle Upland, Ind. English Marilyn R. Randall Park Ridge, 111. Elementary Education Who ' s Who Jessie L. Randolph Kettering, Ohio Elementary Education Nancy Ransbottom Rockfbrd, Ohio Physical Education Barbara A. Rasler La Grange, Ind. Elementary Education Orlena Rathel Gaston, Ind. Elementary Education James E. Rausch Elmhurst, 111. Physics Stanley B. Ray Alexandria, Ind. Music Donald Reinert Sassamansville, Pa. Business Administration 111 YOU CAN? Seniors purchase their class symbols. Seniors Ellen C. Ridley- Tampa, Florida Psychology Karen F. Riehle New Carlisle, Ohio Christian Education Thomas C. Rood Pierceton, Ind. Physical Education Harry Lee Ropp Upland, Ind. Christian Education Paul W. Rork Ridgewood, N.J. Biology Carolyn Rudicel Dearborn, Mich. Social Studies Susan Ruenpohl St. Louis, Mo. Elementary Education Karen Salisbury Columbus, Ohio Psychology- Joan Sandberg Elkhart, Ind. Speech Joan Schaible Shiloh, N.J. Geography- Kathleen Sears Russell, Pa. History Robert B. Shaffer Mt. Prospect, 111. Speech 112 seniors Carol Lee Sharp Kearny, N.J. Elementary Education Harry W. Sharp Millville, N.J. Biology Herbert Allen Shaw Lima, Ohio Business Administration Renita Sheesley Middletown, Pa. Music Who ' s Who Jill Shuler Pomona, Cal. English James Sieber Benton Harbor, Mich. Business Administration Douglas R. Sizemore Livonia, Mich. Chemistry Regina E. Smith Portland, Ind. Biology Roger Dale Smitter Grandville, Mich. Speech Who ' s Who Joseph O. Snider Flint, Mich. Music Teresa Sprout Quincy, Mich. Physical Education Martha Staight Ft. Wayne, Ind. Physical Education Springtime finds seniors cramming for comps. 113 Seni ors Christian Stauffer Geneva, Ind. Physical Education Barbara K. Stebbins Nanuet, N.Y. Elementary Education Kenneth Stout Seymour, Ind. History Who ' s Who Timothy Lee Sumner Hammond, Ind. History Kenneth N. Taylor Upland, Ind. History Darrell Thompson Upland, Ind. Political Science Byron Toombs Marion, Ohio Social Studies Richard M. Trapp Kingstown, R.I. Physical Education Marene B. Travis Bethel Park, Pa. Sociology Richard F. Turner Cincinnati, Ohio Psychology Steven F. Ulm Waterloo, Ind. Physical Education Who ' s Who Jane VanHarlingen Kettering, Ohio Sociology Take a trip with Mrs. Haakonsen! 11.1 V. Se mors Gary B. Watson Milan, Ohio Philosophy Douglas Webb Binghamton, N.Y. Mathematics Charles Webber Sayville, N.Y. Chemistry Who ' s Who Susan A. Wenzel North Aurora, 111. Christian Education Curtis Whiteman Wheaton, 111. Political Science Carol J. Whittaker Upland, Ind. Art Who ' s Who Donald Whittaker Upland, Ind. History Nancv Wilcox Glenn Ellyn, 111. English Who ' s Who Stephen B. Wilcox Maysville, Ky. History David M. Wilson Coshocton, Ohio Sociology Phillip R. Wilson Hartford City, Ind. Business Administration Timothy S. Wilson Glen El ' lyn, 111. Political Science, Speech Robert B. Witmer Brown City, Mich. Mathematics Who ' s Who Connie M. Witte Toledo, Ohio Elementary Education Linda J. Wittenborn Park Ridge, 111. English Carol Ruth Wolf Collingswood, N.J. English Robert Wolgemuth Wheaton, 111. Biblical Literature Jerry S. Wortz Quincy, Mich. Business Administration Richard Youngstrom Wheaton, III. Physical Education Merna Marie Zimmerman Gridlev, 111. English Who ' s Who 115 Junior Class Officers: First Row-N. McKechnie, treas.; M. Minks, social co-chm.; W. Livingston, I.C.C.; D Mandt, chaplain; J. Osterhus, sec: C. Ridley, chaplain; Second Rovv-H. Taylor, social co-chm.; R. Huston, pres.; R. Jones, V. Pres. Juniors Janice Adams Detroit, Mich. Joan Alexander Strvker, Ohio Roger Andrews Wauseon, Ohio Cheryl Ashby Ypsilanti, Mich. Stan Augsburger Berne, Ind. Marty Ault Petersburg, Mich. Karen Aukland Lombard, 111. Tim Bardsley Huntington, Mass. John Battles New York, New York Darrell Baum Marion, Ind. Bev Beanblossom Highland, Ind. Pam Bellows Elgin, 111. 11 Juniors ... unified, enthusiastic, capable Juniors Sandv Bennett Erie, Pa. Diane Betz Blnfton, Ind. Mike Betz Belding, Mich. Cindy Bishop Omaha, Nebr. Beth Black Albion, Mich. John Bonham Hartford City, Ind. Maria Bowman Seymour, Ind. Paul Braman Detroit, Mich Dale Brown Brown City, Mich. Bob Brown Willowstreet, Pa. Terrill Brown Warren, Ind. Ron Bruno Palo Alto, Calif. Bill Calderwood Newtown Square, Pa John Cantrall Hilton, N.Y. Louie Captain Bluffton, Ind. George Carpenter Millersburg, Ohio 117 Juniors Pam Cauble Charlotte, N.C. Paul Challgren Tonawanda, N.Y. Sue Charles Lancaster, Pa. Jim Cochran Wilmington, Del. Jan Cordin Port Washington, N.Y. Marcia Cosens Akron. Mich. Mary Ann Cracium Akron, Ohio Tara Culver Rhodesia, Africa Vicki Curry Mansfield, Ohio Jim Danhoff Muskegon, Mich. Kay Davis Ft. Wayne, Ind. Donna Dav Park Ridge, 111. Terrv Deck LaGrange Pk., 111. Gary DeHaven Huntington, Ind. Jan Deurwaarder Crandville, Mich. Dave DeVore Wapello, Iowa Steve Dicks Emmaus, Pa. Bill Dickson Massillon, Ohio 118 Juniors Liz Disehert Peoria, 111. Lynn Dowden Livingston, N.J. Karen Drake Hartford, Mich. Carol Dunkerton Levittown, Pa. Cathy Eger Osceola, Ind. Kay Elkins Garden City, Mich. Dave Eppehimer Chester, Pa. Mike Erdmann Elm Grove, Wise. Keith Enler Detroit, Mich. Heather Ewbank Upland, Ind. Betsy Ferguson Murrysville, Pa. Kathy Fitzpatrick Lawrence, Ind. Alexis Forrester Marion, Ind. Bill Forsvthe Elkhart, Ind. Cheri Fridstrom Park Ridge, 111. Ken GaNung Rolling Meadows, 111. Diane Gates Woodbury, Pa. 119 Juniors Winston Gee Lansing, Mich. Paul Gerdes Muskegon, Mich. Lee Gerwin Chicago, 111. Bob Gilbert Farmington, Mich. Brenda Gisel Archbold, Ohio Robert Gnade Midland Pk., N.J. Suzie Gonser Elkhart, Ind. Mark Govertsen Trumble, Conn. Richard Gray Witchita Falls, Tex. Doug Gregory Pierceton, Ind " . Ena Gross Maplewood, N.J. Dale Guhse Ft. Wayne, Ind. Steve Haiflich Poneto, Ind. Tom Hall Granger, Ind. Albert Harms Sycamore, 111. Larry Harris Knox, Ind. I I! Juniors Jonnie Harstick Park Ridge, III. Curt Hawker St. Marys, Ohio Bob Hayes Huron, Ohio Debbie Heinrieh Chardon, Ohio Shelda Henderson Bad Axe, Mich. Bruce Hess Osceola, Ind. Al Hider Wooster, Ohio Carol Hilt Columbia, Pa. Jerry Hinesley Gas City, Ind. Gary Hipes Elwood, Ind. Linda Holliman Middletown, Ind. Steve Honett Milwaukee, Wise. Karen Hovey Dubois, Pa. Steve Huffman Bluffton, Ind. Barry Humble Pendleton, Ind. Rod Huston Shiloh, Ohio Evelyn Jantzen Upland, Indiana Benjamin Johnson Marshall, III. Bob Jones Killbuck, Ohio Linda Lee Jones Akron, Ohio i?] Some things are more interesting than studies. Juniors Ruth Ann Jones Svvayzee, Ind. Terry Jordan Mansfield, Ohio Donald Juberg Skillman, N.J. Lvnn Juraschek Tulsa, Okla. Joanne Karl Detroit, Mich. Peter Katauskas Orlando, Fla. Steve Kempf Morton Grove, 111. Larry Klinefelter Lewis Creek, Ky. David Klingensmith Carmel, Ind. Tom Klipstine Greenville, Ohio Kay Knappenberger Allentown, Pa. Beth Knight Hammond, Ind. IV ' . ' Juniors Liz Koppin Orchard Lake, Mich. Arlene Kovalska St. Joseph, Mich. Tom Kraus Greenville, Ohio Carol Kibik Vinton, Iowa Bill Kuhn Arcanum, Ohio Rick Kuhn Charlotte, N.C. Cathy Kull Lancaster, Ohio Dennis Ladd Grover Hill, Ohio Claudia Lattin Port Huron, Mich. Melvin Leach Pickford, Mich. Jean Lehman Fort Wayne, Ind. Karol Leipnitz Indianapolis, Ind. Diane Lewis Detroit, Mich. Lynn Lightfoot Tipton, Ind. Mary Linder Bellbrook, Ohio 1:3 Juniors Noble Livezey Sugar Grove, Pa. Wanda Livingston Muncie, Ind. Susan Lloyd Royal Oak, Mich. Nancy Loew Dorr, Mich. Ron Long Elkhart, Ind. Carol Luginbill Bluffton, Ind. Dorothy Maddox Hartford City, Ind. Raymond Maddox Hartford Citv, Ind. Harold Mally Clarendon Hills, 111. Diane Mandt Orlando, Fla. Julie Matchette Elkhart, Ind. Ava McCall Plainville, Ind. Bruce McKay Madison, Ind. Nancy McKechnie Ontario, Canada Gayle McMinn Russiaville, Ind. Kathie McMunn Delta, Ohio Dwain Michael Bryant, Ind. Larry Miller Morton, III. i?. i Juniors Suzanne Miller Pittsburgh, Pa. Vicki Miller Marion, Ind. Marty Modjeska Peoria, 111. Dave Morgan Princeton, N.J. Gale Moser Charlestown, Ind. Bobbie Murfin Uplan d, Ind. Karen Myers Wren, Ohio Lee Myers N. Manchester, Ind. Shirley Myers South Whitley, Ind. Judy Nasralla Tegucigalpa, Honduras John Paist Hunt Valley, Pa. Joann Neuroth Blissfield, Mich. Dick Olson Indianapolis, Ind. Judy Osterhus Minneapolis, Minn. Mike Parks Hartford City, Ind. Bob Pavkov East Springfield. Pa. Tom Peterson Chicago, 111. 125 Juniors Jim Postelwaite Lombard, 111. Joe Prillwitz Berrien Springs, Mich. Dave Pyle West Grove, Pa. Dee Puntenney Muncie, Ind. Arnold Ramsland West Orange, N.J. Dean Regier Hobart, Ind. Dave Rich Ft. Wayne, Ind. Charles Ridley Philidelphia, Pa. Joyce Rinker Daleville, Ind. Bonnie Rinebold Martin, Ohio Charles Roach Liberty, Ind. Janet Robbins Centerville, Ind. There are several well tried ways to avoid a third chapel cut. 126 Juniors Walter Roberson Churuhusco, Ind. Joe Romine Bluffton, Ind. Albert Roth Union Lake, Mich. Steve Ruegg Galloway, Ohio Lynn Salisbury Haddonfield, N.J. Bill Salsbery Sharpsville, Ind. Joanne Scholz Clayton, N.J. Pam Schreck Svcamore, Ohio JoAnn Scrafton Marion, Ind. Jean Sears Elkhart, Ind. Lin Sheley Alexandria, Ind. Nanev Shepard Wheaton, 111. Bruce Shepherd Greenville, Ohio Ruth Ann Shields Vandergrift, Pa. Vicki Shinn Bristol, Ind. Ray Shultz Bryant, Ind. Jane Smitter Upland, Ind. Jan Soldner Decatur. Ind. Ken Soper Dearborn, Mich. Linda Spotts Elgin, IU. 127 Jerry Young shines as the Patch of Blue performs at Hector ' s Hut. Juniors Diana Stevens Swayzee, Ind. Val Stevens Or egon, Ohio Dee Ann Stoops Tipton, Ind. Tom Storv Danville, 111. Doug Stover Williamston, Mich. Lois Swinson Bryon Center, Mich. John Taggart Avella, Pa. Howard Taylor Canton, Ohio John Terhune Knightstown, Ind. Wayne Tounsley Livonia, Mich. Sandy Vance Earl Park, Ind. Leslie Van Duesen Catskill, N.Y. 128 uniors Ann Vanornum Plymouth, Mich. Carol Vastbinder Xenia, Ohio Mike Vischer Muscatine, Iowa Kay Walker Bueyrus, Ohio Steve Wallace Arlington, Mass. Brian Warner Centerville, Ind. Ann Warnock Portland, Ind. Marcie Warren Upland, Ind. Kim Waterfall Columbia City, Ind. Gregg Watson Tenafly, N.J. Lee Weiss Kenosha, Wise. Pat Wendt Detroit, Mich. Walt Willett Flint, Mich. Mark Wilson Hartford City, Ind. John Yantiss Tippecanoe, Ind. Carolyn Yerke Warren, Mich. Larry Yoakum New Carlisle, Ohio Debbie Young Dearborn, Mich. Paula Young Richmond, Ind. 12? Sophomore Class Officers: L. Dillon, pres.; T. Heffentrager, vice pres.; M. Fry, sec; R. Smith, treas.; J. Pence, chaplain; S. Nussbaum, chaplain; J. Wolgast, social co-chm.; J. Messner, social co-chm. Sophomores Teresa Acree Cincinnati, Ohio Earl Alfrev Hartford City, Ind. Karen Anderson Saginaw, Mich. Nancy Anderson Clinton, Iowa Mary Armstrong Birmingham, Mich. Phil Arnold Hastings, Mich. Barbara Atkinson North Chili, N.Y. Jennifer Atkinson Indianapolis, Ind. Don Bakke Minneapolis, Minn. Linda Banker Upland, Ind. Candace Barker Pontiac, Mich. Sue Basar Royal Oak, Mich. 130 Sophomores ... overzealous, eager, apt Soph omores Dave Bausch Morrisville, Pa. Mike Beck Fairland, Ind. William Beck Spiceland, Ind. Alan Begbie Elmhurst, N.Y. Donna Belding Berea, Ohio Lorri Berends Fruitport, Mich. Rick Bergstrom Erie, Pa. Tom Black Albion, Ind. Patricia Blue Marion, Ind. Roger Blumer St. Clair, Mich. Sharon Bond Grand Rapids, Mich. Linda Borland Peoria, 111. Allan Bradbury Somerville, Mass. Joan Brand Dunedin, Fla. Cheryl Brandeberry Rives Junction, Mich. John Braun Franklin Lakes, N.J. 131 Sophomores Steve Brinkerhoff Closter, N.J. Stan Broadway Columbus, Ohio Bob Brodt Detroit, Mich. Gail Bruland Traverse City, Mich. Sharon Brumm Chicago Heights, 111. Ruth Buczynski Rumney, N.H. Joyce Byrne Ft. Wayne, Ind. Jaime Cabezas San Jose, Costa Rica Bruce Calderwood Newton Square, Pa. Bob Canida Madison, Ind. Sharon Carlson Evanston, 111. Jeff Carr Berkeley, Mo. Jim Carson Warren, Ohio Terry Cassel Greenville, Ohio Tom Chasm Oregon, 111. Mary Chenault San Mateo, Calif. Grant Chenot San Bernardino, Calif. Dennis Chiddister Goshen, Ind. Georgia Christgau Douglaston, N.Y. Judy Christianson Massapequa Pk., N.Y. 132 Soph omores Wes Compson Port Huron, Mich. Arleen Conrad Berne, Ind. Barry Conrad Wabash, Ind. Robert Cooke VanBuren, Ind. Steve Corey Kokomo, Ind. Mollie Courtnev Wyandotte, Mich. Jack Crabtree Lima, Ohio Tim Currey Rochester, Mich. Jean Dade Glenhead, NY. Debbey Daniel Carol Stream, 111. Bob Davis Elkhart, Ind. Bill Davisson Shirlev, Ind. Doug Dean Pasadena, Calif. Debby Denny Cincinnati, Ohio Ted Dikeman Falls Church, Pa. Larry Dillon Omaha, Nebraska Ron Duback Bluffton, Ind. Brenda Duffle W. Alexandria, Ohio Paul Dufiy Jenera, Ohio George Dyer Madison, Ind. 133 Sophomores Sheryl Eagles Kankakee, 111. Kurt Eckstein Streamwood, 111. Nancy Edwards Berne, Ind. Rick Eisemann Avon Lake, Ohio Becky Embry Morton, 111. Cherie Erickson Lincolnwood, 111. Gene Fadel Salem, Oregon Patricia Fagg Kettering, Ohio Jane Falion Huntington, N.Y. Linda Filbrun Covington, Ohio Renee Fizell Erie, Pa. Dinah Flannigan Pierpont, Ohio Upperclassmen demonstrate that honesty pays. 134 Sophomores Ralph Foote Kendallville, Ind. Millard Foraker Galion, Ohio Frank Forman Rockford, 111. Ken Forsman Yardley, Pa. Jack Freeman Streamwood, 111. Karen Frev Elkhart, Ind. Mareia Fry Middleport, NY. Nancee Frye Mount Vernon, Ohio Chuck Fulk Platte City, Mo. Barb Funk Melrose Pk., 111. Phoebe Gardner Winchester, Mass. Brynda Gerelus Stratford, N.J. Jim Glenn Cleveland, Ohio MikeGoble Plymouth, Ind. Pam Goeschl Wantagh, N.Y. Dan Gordon Grand Rapids, Mich. Diane Gorman Fairview, Pa. Cheryl Gottfried Mansfield, Ohio Lvnn Gourlev Warrenville, 111. Bill Grapentine Utica, Mich. 135 Sophomores Elgin Green Pontiac, Mich. Linda Gregory Hollidaysburg, Pa. Karen Grubb Newport Beach, Calif. Robert Grube Easton, Pa. Dave Guthrie Livonia, Mich. Joyce Haas Custar, Ohio Harold Habecker Lebanon, Pa. Dave Haines Tenafly, N.J. Karen Hall Parma Hts., Ohio Sally Hall Marion, Ind. Kerby Hanawalt Defiance, Ohio John Hanson Kokomo, Ind. Steve Harris Marion, Ind. Richard Hartikainen Erie, Pa. Bob Harvey Pendelton, Ind. Melanie Hawks Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Cindy Haynes Northville, Mich. Janet Head Plymouth, Mich. Tim Heffentrager Allentown, Pa. Sue Helsing Rochester, Pa. 136 Soph omores Nancy Henning Parma, Ohio Karen Herweyer Grand Rapids, Mich. Sally Heywood Warrensville Hts., Ohio Sandy Hill Milwaukee, Wise. Tim Hillen Southgate, Mich. Jack Hinkle Indianapolis, Ind. Cindi Hockett Carmel, Ind. Marty Hogan Elyria, Ohio Tom Holsworth Indianapolis, Ind. Jay Hooper Traverse City, Mich. Judy Howison Ann Arbor, Mich. Becky Huey Bryant, Ind. Hours of drill go into the polished performances given by the band at football games. 137 Sophomores Suzi Hughes Indianapolis. Ind. Dorothv Ibbeken Cherry Hill, N.J. Karen Isselee Fairfield, Conn. Mary Ann Johnson Lynn, Ind. Tom Jones Fairmount, Ind. Ruth Ann Justice Lancaster, Pa. Martha Kalter W. Chicago, 111. Paul Katauskas Orlando, Fla. Carol Kaufman Alvada, Ohio Joyce Kegg Columbia, S.C. Julia Keiter Kokomo, Ind. John Keller Conneaut, Ohio Steve Keller Hastings, Mich. Ruth Kimniel Bangor, Mich. David Kinda Tonawanda, N.Y. Jo Ann Kinghorn Coon Rapids, Minn. Ruth Kiteta Kitui Kenya Karol Koehler Waldwick, N.J. 138 Sophomores Barbara Koetz Glenview, III. Gary Kornfield Malvern, Pa. Rhonda Lehr Lakeville, Ind. Ron Leichty Loudonville, Ohio Rhoda Leistner Berne, Ind. Bob Lewis Pittsburgh, Pa. Tim Lewis Garden City, Mich. Bunny Lindell Indianapolis, Ind. Cindy Listenfelt Bourbon, Ind. Mary Littrell Lafayette, Ind. Linda Long Birmingham, Mich. David Lonie Southfield, Mich. Peggy Lortz Carey, Ohio Barb Lowden Addison, 111. Tom Malcolm Elkhart, Ind. Karen Malich Decatur, Mich. Dick Malstrom Centerport, NY. 139 Sophomores Steve Manganello Okinawa Keith Manning Lombard, 111. Noe Marandet Brownsburg, Ind. Nancy Martin Lynn, Ind. Rebecca Martin E. Longmeadow, Mass. Rick Matchette Elkhart, Ind. Lynn McBride Kendallville, Ind. Bruce McCroskery East Orange, N.J. June McGregor Flint, Mich. John McKay Madison, Ind. Don McLennan Winnetka, 111. Jim Messner Ashland, Ohio When all else foils ... try osmosis! 140 Sophomores Jane Metzger Saratoga, Calif. Barry Mid wood North Haven, Conn. Jo Anne Milks Ashley, Ind. Diane Miller Brookfield, 111. Lucy Miller Ferguson, Mo. Craig Millhouse Piqua, Ohio Carol Mistele Lathrup Village, Mich. Sri Moeljono Djakarta, Indonesia Dianne Montney Byron, Mich. Gretchen Mooney Sheboygan, Wise. George Moore Highland Pk., 111. Georgiann Moore Scranton, Pa. Susan Morrical Portland, Ind. Janet Moss Elkhart, Ind. Barbara Myers Lebanon, Ind. Richard Myers Portersville, Pa. Neal Newell Iona, N.J. Mike Newlin Wallace, Mich. Cathie Newson Syracuse, N.Y. Jim Nolten Portland, Oregon 141 Sophomores Rich Norris Arcadia, Calif. Tom Norris Plymouth, Ind. Stan Nussbaum Morton, 111. Bev Olsen River Vale, N.J. Richard Omodt Aurora, 111. Kathie Oosting Western Springs, 111. Dan Oswald Millersburg, Ohio Gayle Ott Baroda, Mich. Steve Owen Kendallville, Ind. Lilli Paltza Lyndhurst, Ohio Ann Patterson Stroudsburg, Pa. Dale Patterson Park Ridge, 111. Photographer Norm Cook often uses the surprise technique. 1J2 Sophomores Elena Peach LaGrange Pk., 111. Charles Peddie Madison, Ind. Joy Pence Cumberland, Md. Jan Peters Cincinnati, Ohio Barb Peterson Minneapolis, Minn. Miriam Pflugh Columbia City, Ind. Robert Phaiah Modseup, Conn. Beverly Phillips Grand Haven, Mich. Margo Pluddemann Midland, Mich. Neil Potter North Platte, Nebr. Mike Powell Marion, Ind. Phyllis Redding Middletown, Ind. Mike Redmond Stone Ridge, N.Y. Jane Richards Elkhart, Ind. Lynn Richards Tyrone, Pa. Rich Richmond Springfield, Ohio Gary Rickner Ft. Wayne, Ind. Roger Rittenhouse Bryant, Ind. Dennis Roach Liberty, Ind. Judy Roberts Deerfield, III. 143 Sophomores Donna Robison Kokomo, Ind. Mary Ellen Roth Arehbold, Ohio Linda Rove Upland, Ind. Sarah Rumlev Roval Oak, Mich. Becky Rupp Kent City, Mich. Judy Ruppert Mt. Wolf, Pa. Cindy Salsberv Sharpsville, Ind. Carol Salucci Pandora, Ohio Becky Schopp Dayton, Ohio Ted Schwartz Berne, Ind. Susan Scott Crawfordsville, Ind. Pam Seward Kokomo, Ind. George Sheppard Millville, N.J. Carol Shillinger Florissant, Mo. Robert Shoemaker Liberty Center, Ohio Edie Shugart Jonesboro, Ind. Gary Sinclair East Detroit, Mich. Mary Singleton Logansport, Ind. 144 Sophomores Bob Siple Marion, Ind. Merrill Skinner Richmond, Ind. Linda Slusser Portland, Ind. Marilyn Smith Park Ridge, 111. Reagan Smith Avilla, Ind. Rich Smith Walnut, 111. Sharon Smith E. Cleveland, Ohio Ken Snare Bluffton, Ohio Dave Snelling Running Springs, Calif. Angela Snow New Bremen, Ohio Nancy Sonnenberg Warren, Mich. Carolyn Sparks Canton, Ohio John Spatig Bethlehem. Pa. Julie Spiegel Pontiac, Mich. Carole Spina Kingston, Pa. Joy Sprunger Berne, Ind. Lana Sprunger Berne, Ind. 145 Sophomores Pat Sprunger Berne, Ind. Tom Sprunger Berne, Ind. Lee Stienbarger Elkhart, Ind. Ernie Stone Springfield, 111. Marti Stone Bloomfield, N.J. Sue Stone Cicero, 111. Duayne Storm Ashland, Ohio Gene Suter Pandora, Ohio Rachel Sypolt Marion, Ind. Diane Taylor Tampa, Fla. Ed Taylor Columbia City, Ind. Russ Taylor Mahomet, 111. Joan Terjung Akron, Ohio Donna Thomas Lanham, Md. Donna Thompkins Tiffin, Ohio Mary Troxell Northumberland, Pa. Amy Trump Decatur, 111. Cecile Tucker Detroit, Mich. Chris Turner Cincinnati, Ohio Linda VanPoucker Warren, Mich. 146 Sophomores Patti Watts Lincoln, Nebr. Gayle Webb Allendale, N.J. Kermit Welty Syracuse, Ind. Meegan Weyrauch West Chicago, 111. Liana White Flint, Mich. Doug Whittaker Bernardsville, N.J. Christina Williams Woodworth, Wise. Dave Williamson Urbana, Ohio Becky Wilson Wabash, Ind. Nancy Wolfe Albion, Ind. Jov Lvnn Wolgast Midland, Mich. Carol Wood Sea Cliff, N.Y. Mary Woodcock Harrisonville, Pa. Charlotte Woodrow Sherman, Texas Erlvne Yarnell Park Forest, 111. Ruth Yocum Lima, Ohio A new pasttime is TV watching in East Hall Lounge. 147 Taylor freshmen learn quickly the fastest way to get to a man ' s heart. Fresh men David Abbott Sidney, Ohio Annette Aebersold Wonju, Korea Sue Aichele Chatham, N.J. Debby Allen Ann Arbor, Mich. Ken Amstutz Naperville, III. Evan Anderson Mission, Kans. Mary Anderson Muncie, Ind. Sharon Anderson Centerline, Mich. Bob Andrews Aldan, Pennsylvania Judy Anglin Indianapolis, Ind. JefF Archer Canton, Ohio Gayle Arnold West Liberty, Ohio Carol Askew Goshen, Indiana Jim Aspin Flint, Michigan Gary Atkins Marion, Ind. Linda Ault Petersburg, Michigan Vicki Bacon Ashley, Indiana Debbie Baggs Columbus, Ohio Debbie Baker Harrison, Ohio Tom Ballard Royal Oak, Michigan 148 Freshmen ... abundant, bewildered, idealistic Freshmen Jackie Barker Alexandria, Indiana Janice Barlow Perkasie, Pa. Pat Barlow Dearborn, Mich. Pat Barnett Hartford, Conn. Stanley Barret Groton, Mass. Bebecca Baucher Ft. Becovery, Ohio Bachel Baugh Evansville, Ind. Joanne Beahm Biver Vale, N. J. David Beechy Wooster, Ohio Becky Beldon Valparaiso, Ind. Bonnie Beldon Valparaiso, Ind. Balph Bell Ceres, N. J. Bichard Bell Collingswood, N. J. Cindy Belon Langsing, Mich. Beth Berggren Minneapolis, Minn. Kevin Bergstrand Manchester, Iowa Sandy Bertsche Archibald, Ohio Patti Bibler Portland, Ind. Boberta Bickel Elkhart, Ind. Garv Blazo Stamford, N. Y. Barb Blessing Ashley, Indiana Marilyn Bloom Dearborn, Mich. Barbara Boggs Kokomo, Ind. Nancy Boldt Oak Park, III. Jayne Borgens Dallas, Tex. Elaine Boutwell Columbus Grove, Ohio Nancy Bost Cherry Hill, N.J. Christy Boyer Bockford, 111. Chris Braun Geneva, 111. Sue Bearley Sharon Hill, Pa. 149 Fresh men Karen Broad Wilmette, III. David Brown Winston Salem, N. C. Ken Burkhart Edon, Ohio Thomas Burns Independence, Ky. Becky Busbv Chicago, 111. Herb Buwalda Upland, Ind. Betty Campbell Minneapolis, Minn. Bruce Campbell Oswosso, Mich. Ken Captain Bluffton, Ind. John Carlson Elvria, Ohio Karen Carlson Elvria, Ohio Lynette Carlson Massilon, Ohio Peter Carlson Carmel, Ind. Dave Carver Monroe, Ind. John Chainey Long Island, N. Y. Susan Christopher Marion, Ind. Sherrie Clark Montgomery, 111. John Clarkson Glenview, 111. Carolyn Clausen Chicago, 111. Becky Clemons Dexter, Mich. Steve Clough Warren, Ind. Jon Collins Skokie, 111. Gloria Conrad Ft. Wayne, Ind. Sandy Corby Cedar Grove, N. J. Christy Cordy Wash., Pa. Marsha Corll Manchester, Iowa Ruth Corwin Saluda, S. C. Emily Cottman Phil., Pa. Sheldon Crapo Niles, Mich. Jill Dains Jersey City, N. J. Carol Davis Van Wert, Ohio Jill Davis Van Wert, Ohio John Davisson Shirley, Ind. Betty Jane Decker Hawthorne, N.J. Judy Defraites New Orleans, La. 150 Freshmen Mark Denholm Akron, Ohio Jim Dennis Centerville, Ohio Sandra DeVos Fort Myers, Fla. Susan Dicken College Corner, Pi Rod Dickson Toledo, Ohio John Diener York Springs, Pa. Ed Diffin Phil., Pa. Vic Downing Farmington, Mich. Sharman Drake Converse, Ind. Beth Dresselhaus Beloit, Wise. Wally Dubois Audubon, N. J. Carol Ducat Harper Woods, Mich. Keith Dunkel Howe, Ind. Carla Dunlap Holland, Mich. Barbara Dvorak Wheaton, 111. Pepper Dylhoff Gilman, Iowa Chris Eckenroth Dayton, Ohio Jean Eger Osceola, Ind. Jane Eichar Mansfield, Ohio John Enright Hillman, Mich. Bob Evers Noblesville, Ind. Sharyl Farrier Hillman, Mich. Gary Feenstra Hudsonville, Mich. Frank Fenton Detroit, Mich. Barb Fesmire Battle Creek, Mich. Teresa Fiesbeck Hope, Ind. Joanne Fisher Palos Pk., 111. John Fleming Lafayette, Ind. Cindy Folkers Minonk, 111. Linda Fox Colonial Hts., Va. Don Frank Wheaton, III. Charles Friddell Mansfield, Ohio Wayne Frey Williams Bay, Wise. Norma Fuller Springboro, Pa. Denise GafT Ft. Wayne, Ind. 151 Freshmen Barbara Gardner McLean, Va. Priscilla Germann Willowdale, Ontario Sherry Getz Peorea, 111. Terry Giggy Hagerstown, Ind. John Gilman Newport, Maine Bruce Glaze Columbus, Ohio Bev Good Santa Ana, Calif. Martha Graves Cleveland, Ohio Joan Grondahl Inwood, N. Y. Becky Grossman Urbana, 111. Linda Green VanBuren, Ind. Dave Grover Galion, Ohio John Gunderson Stephenson, Mich. Becky Haas Indianapolis, Ind. Neale Habegger Fairmount, Ind. Lois Hallman Mansfield, Ohio Ruth Hammer Stephensville, Mich. Sandy Hamilton Aurora, 111. Pat Hann Reedsville, Pa. Mark Hanover Benton Rdg., Ohio Freshman Class Officers: P. Dylhoff, I.C.C.; D. Blake, social chm.; K. Kitzmann, chaplain; D. Brown, treas.; J. Clarkson, vice pres.; P. Carlson, chaplain; L. Riegler, pres. 152 ■- ' v,, .. Fresh men Margie Harbin Danville, Ind. Jane Harold Fairmount, Ind. Kathy Harrison Wheaton, 111. Deedee Hart Parkesburg, Pa. Lynn Harter Beloit, Wise. Dave Hautamaki Detroit, Mich. Lowell Heck Tulsa, Okla. John Heere Boyertown, Pa. Bill Heinrick Chardon, Ohio Jan Henderson Huntertown, Ind. Sharon Hendricks North Platte, Nebr. Sharon Heiman Aurora, 111. Mark Highstrom New Richmond, Wise. Richard Hill Chicago, 111. Carol Hitchcock Euclid, Ohio Dick Hoagland Ft. Wayne, Ind. Linda Hoffman Ft. Wayne, Ind. Tom Hoffrage Lombard, 111. Mark Holmes Indianapolis, Ind. Stan Honett Milwaukee, Wise. George Hopper Lighthouse Pt., Fla. Diane Hottenstein Evansville, Ind. Doug Hovestol Delavan, Wise. Steve Howell Celina, Ohio Daniel Hubley Lexington, Mass. Cindy Hueston Kokomo, Ind. Diana Hurst Kokomo, Ind. Rich Hutcheson Marion, Ind. George Hutchinson Naperville, 111. Marjory Imel Anderson, Ind. Cathy Ito Carmel, Ind. Jerry Jacks Casstown, Ohio Richard Jessee Lincoln Pk., Mich. Bart Johnson Rockford, 111. Ken Johnson Addison, 111. 153 The choice of desserts is often a hard one. Fresh Debbie Jones Hammond, Ind. Dick Jones Rawson, Ohio Letta Jones Columbus, Ind. Terri Jones Urbana, Ohio Blanche Junker Bellefontaine, Ohio Phil Karl Washington, N. J. Sandra Kashian Evanston, 111. Maxine Kauffman Goshen, Ind. Tom Kauffman LaGrange, Ind. Bill King Archbold, Ohio Debbv Kettinger Jackson, Mich. Kathy Kitzmann Detroit, Mich. Alda Knight Shell Rock, Iowa Sue Koerner Barrington, R. I. Marjorie Kornfield Indianapolis, Ind. Becky Koth Far s o, N. D. Donna Kouwe Indianapolis, Ind. Sheryl Krause Northbrook, 111. Jim Kregel Grand Rapids, Mich. Kay Kuhnle Grand Rapids, Mich. men Nancy Johnson Roanoke, Va. Portia Johnson Gary, Ind. Carla Jolley LaPorte, Ind. Amy Jones Washington, Pa. 154 Fresh men Marilyn Kuhrt Eastern, Conn. Linda Kukuk Sugar Grove, 111. Nancy Laird W. Caldwell, N.J. David Lampy Mendon, Ohio Joy Landis Westchester, Ohio Jo Ann Lantz Archbold, Ohio Joyce Lapelosa Fairlawn, N.J. Dave Lapp Detroit, Mich. Mel Leaman York, Pa. Carolyn Lee Chicago, 111. Carol Lehe Wolcott, Ind. Tod Lemons Bryan, Ohio Beth Le Pant Pittsburgh, Pa. Jim Lerew York Springs, Pa. Lee Lewis Wheaton, 111. Rita Lick Milwaukee, Wise. Pegi Linne Hoffman Estates, 111. Tom Litdefield Marion, Ind. Diane Livingston Farmington, Mich. Robert Livingston Midland Pk., N.J. Connie Loller Kennett Square, Pa. Ruth Lowdermilk Kokomo, Ind. Daniel Luce Nashua, N.H. Brad Ludwick Elkhart, Ind. Ron Lyon Kokomo, Ind. Beatiful beanies and flapping signs grace incoming freshmen. 155 1 . I «■ ' Freshmen thrill to the joys of eating spaghetti with only a knife. Fresh men Dave Macrae Stanton, N.J. Barb Macv Wheaton, III. Mary Macy Landowne Pa. Susan Maddox Hartford City, Ind. Tim Mann Elkhart, Ind. Dixie Mannwell Marion, Ind. Barrv Marino Hazel Park, Mich. Doug Markin Hartford City, Ind. Doug Marum Martinsville, N.J. Mike Masimer Counsellor, N.M. Janie Matthew Ohio City, Ohio Robert Maxwell Atlantic City, N.J. Lynne McBrayer Gary, Ind. Ban McCracken Elmhurst, 111. Terry McDaniel Marion, Ind. George McFarland New Willmington, Pa. Jim McFarland Farmington, Mich. Mike McGowan Woodstown, N.J. Brian Mclntyre Pekin, 111. Bonnie McLennon Evanston, 111. 156 men John McMunn Delta, Ohio Rudy McPherson Hastings, Mich. Ed Mehlberg Drayton, Plaines, Mich. Mary Mielke Johnson City, Tenn. Bob Miller Newhaven, Ind. Chuck Miller Marion, Ind. Ruth Miller Middlebury, Ind. Sharon Mitchell Fort Wavne, Ind. Richard Monce Urbana, Indiana Betty Moore Scranton, Pa. Craig Moore Utick, Mich. John Moore Cranford, N.J. Kent Mundell Forest, Ind. Ruth Murdock East Weymouth, Mass. Linda Murphy Silver Springs, Ma. Gail Nahm Levittown, Pa. Sandra Nanney Warren, Mich. Diane Nelson Harlan, Ind. Janet Nelson Montville, N.J. John Nerstad Holland, Pa. Carol Norder Erie, Pa. Sue Nussbaum Berne, Ind. Karen Nystrom Wheaton, 111. Barbara O ' Brien Mt. Clemens, Mich. Larry Ojida Chicago, 111. Roger Olsen Tyler, Minn. Ellen Olson Corydon, Ind. Richard Olson Holt, Mich. 157 Fresh men Ken Oman Chippewa Falls, Wise. Rick Ormes Pendleton, Ind. Phil Orr Piano, 111. Dale Osberg Glenwood, 111. Andrea Osterlund Detroit, Mich. Michael Parks Orvosso, Mich. Daryl Parlin Upland, Ind. Kaye Partlow Indianapolis, Ind. Syd Paul Dearborn, Mich. Joyce Payne Russiaville, Ind. Marcia Perkins Pontiac, Mich. Carol Peters Cincinnati, Ohio Jeannie Peterson Baker, Montana Jan Pieschke Saginaw, Mich. Jim Pietrini Niles, 111. Mary Lou Pletcher Wakaursa, Ind. Bob Plummer Van Buren, Ind. Larry Powell Roseville, Mich. Judy Provinse Maplewood, Miss. Carlos Pyle Summitville, Ind. Cindy Quick Des Moines, Iowa Jim Reed Shelby, Ohio Dave Reeves Kansas City, Mo. Bill Reid Wausaw, Wise. Becky Reisch Anderson, Ind. Diane Rich Decator, Ind. Ruth Riegel Sunbury, Pa. Lee Riegler Rochester, Minn. Elaine Robertson Fowler, Ind. Linda Robinson Absecon, N.J. Jeff Rocke Fort Wayne, Ind. Becky Rodgers Cedar Rapids, Iowa Chuck Roney West Collingswood, N.J. Debby Ropp Owasso, Mich. Linda Rorman Cedar Rapids, Iowa 158 Fresh men Sandy Row York Springs, Pa. Linda Rowe Tonawanda, N.Y. Bill Rufenacht Archbold, Ohio Randy Rumble Cincinnati, Ohio Jim Runyon Bronson, Mich. Bev Rupp Archbold, Ohio Chris Rutzen Chicago, 111. Diane Salucci Pandora, Ohio Donna Sampson Utica, N.Y. Nancy Schaub Wheaton, 111. Mary Scheib New Bremmen, Ohi Gail Schilling Hershey, Pa. Dave Schmidt Dubuque, Iowa Jan Schneider Ann Arbor, Mich. Brian Scholl Palatine, 111. Jeff Schwartz Uniondale, Ind. Bonnie Scott Mobile, Ala. Jim Sehweickart Goshen, Ind. Sue Sears Grosse Point, Mich. Sylvia Sebert Greentown. Ind. Karen Seeley Akron, Ohio Marvin Shaffer Rockford, Ohio Kerry Shields Alliance, Ohio Sandy Shepherd Grand Rapids, Mich. Van Shank Rowson, Ohio Julie Shambo Hollywood, Fla. Donna Shallow Rockwood, Mich. Scott Shively West Allis, Wise. Robert Schoenhals Brown City, Mich. Janelle Short Warrenton, Va. Jim Shotwell Spartanburg, S.C. Karen Siders Southfield, Mich. Kathv Siders Southfield, Mich. Sharie Sites Lexington, Ohio Doug Sloan Newcastle, Ind. 159 Fresh men Becky Smith College Corner, Ohio Beth Ann Smith Shipshewanna, Ind. Doug Smith Spring Valley, N.Y. Frank Smith Gainesville, Fla. Jon Smith Ponito, Ind. Ed Snow Brennen, Ohio Jerry Soen Miami, Fla. Linda Soldner Decatur, Ind. Janice Spaulding Montpelier, Ind. Peggv Spreckles Wheaton, 111. Sandy Sprunger Fort Wayne Ind. Cari Stahl Rolling Meadows, 111. Fred Standridge Flushing, Mich. Charles Stauffer Berne, Ind. Bob Steinbraker Prospect Hts., 111. Donna Sterne Martinsburg, Pa. Wes Steurv Berne, Ind. Bernita Stewart Tipton, Ind. Jan Stewart Wayne, Ohio Lois Stobie Chesterfield, Mo. Kathy Stone Liberty, Mo. Valerie Stonebreaker Fort Wayne, Ind. Pat Stoneburner Scottsburg, Ind. Dwight Streit Lombard, 111. Steve Strichlett Denver, Colo. Mona Strycker Elkhart, Ind. Rita Svendsen Succasunna, N.J. Jim Talbott Westfield, Ind. Byron Tatsch Cleveland, Ohio Lonnie Taylor Skokie, III. Paul Taylor Dunkirk, Ind. Carl Tichenor Sheffield, Mass. Ron Timmerman Gary, Ind. Louise Thompson Elwood, 111. Cathy Thomburg Union City, Ind. 160 Fresh men Paul Torjesen Wheaton, 111. Kathy Townsend Nappanee, Ind. Barbara Troilo Westchester, Pa. Sharon Tucker Roanoke, Ind. Barbara Van Alden Kansas City, Mo. Bonnie Versaw Sodus, Mich. Richard Veth Minneapolis, Minn. Allen Voth Montezuma, Kan. Fay Walker New Canaan, Conn. Brian Wanless Farmington, Mich. Wanda Warstler Middlebury, Ind. Mike Waterfall Speedway, Ind. Doug Wendt Detroit, Mich. Anita Westerberg Washington, Pa. Barbara Whitehead Grand Rapids, Mich. Bob Whitehead Carlos, Ind. Dave Whitehouse Lewistown, Pa. Lois Whiteman Rochester, N.Y. Steve Whiteman Wheaton, 111. Pat Wikoff Cincinnati, Ohio Jon Willeke Bay City, Mich. Terry Willis Milton, Ky. Sue Wills Akron, Ohio Lee Wilson Sweetzer, Ind. Marty Wilson Trenton, Mich Nancy Wilson De Kalb, 111. Joseph Wise Burgoon, Ohio Paulette Witmer New Tripoli, Pa. Pain Wonderly Orlando, Fla. Joan Wort Bernardsville, N.J. Carol Wright Pinnconning, Mich. Timothv Yoder West Liberty, Ohio Wallv Yost Mt. Pleasant, Ohio John Youngblood Riley, Ind. Ruth Ann Young Newcastle. Ind. 161 Librurv Secretary: Mrs. Vieki Lake Music Secretary: Miss Bev Jackson Taylor Operator: Mrs. Lavonne Owen Mrs. Janelle Goeteheus, M. D. Education Department Secre- taries: Mrs. Janis Bragg, Mrs. Josephine Miller 16? Computer Center Secretary: Mrs. Virginia Witchey University Services Director of Teacher Certification and Placement: Mrs. Ruth Boyd Duplicating and Mailing: Mr. Oliver Codfrey, man- ager, and staff Bookstore: Mrs. Agnes Habegger, Mr. William Loevven, Mrs. Catherine Loewen, Mrs. Lavonna Shockey, Mrs. Barb Johnson 163 Physical Ed. Secretaries: Mrs. Carol Bocken, Miss Sue Savidye Postmaster: Mrs. Anna Holdcroft Nurses: Mrs. Judith Keller, Miss Sandv Corbv, Mrs. Etna Kastelein Mrs. Cholis Michael, Miss Pat Wikoff, Mrs. Lily Haakonsen Grill: Mr. Dan Adams and Mrs. Nettie Stevens 164 Food Service: Mr. Joe Biermann, manager, and staff - ■J , 5 %m r P ' S " 1 MB MAINTE — !E fjBi 1 SS jS T, »« ! j ■r. r T N ■ Maintenance: Mr. Charles Pa e, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, and staff AMERICAN EDUCATION j h WEE ' 16. 1988 Media Center: Mrs. Margaret Carlson, Mrs. Ava Davidson, Mrs. Venita Banter Housekeeping Department: Mr. Paul Rickner, Director, and staff 165 are involved in a unique pattern through our participation in school society. Each organization to which we belong unites us to the circle of its members through common bonds. Each additional membership adds another circle to the ever-growing pattern so that " we " is realized in 166 167 Student Government has new look Patterned after the structure of the federal govern- ment, the Student Government Organization consists of the president and his executive council, the student senate, and the student court. Student government plays a prime role in shaping policies relevant to the entire Taylor design. Vitalizing innovations in aca- demic, social, and cultural programs characterizes the work of this organization. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL- Row one: J. Fritzsche, D. Taylor, C. Turner, G. Mooney, P. Captain. Row two: R. Poland, A. Roth. S. Honett, T. Story, J. Hanson, L. Liylitfoot, D. Thompson, S. Delcamp, advisor. PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT-S. Honett, Poland, pres. v. pres.. 168 STUDENT COURT-Row one: B. Graffis, B. Heath, S. Vance. Row two: J. Hall, J. Romine, P. Captain. STUDENT SENATE -Row one: B. McKay, P. Seward, N. Schaub, J. Por- ter. Row two: M. Linder, S. Hughes. Row three: M. Karls, J. Hanson, D. Carmin, K. Stout, S. Honett, pres., R. Maddox, L. Lightfoot. 169 Each residence hall is operated under the leader- ship of a head resident advisor, who works closely with his resident assistants. Each R. A. is in charge of either programming, managing the hall office or co- ordinating hall government. Hall counselors provide an importan t " bridge " between the hall residents and the rest of the uni- versity. Their job is primarily to know each wing or floor resident well enough to deal with or com- municate his needs. The hall courts, which are made up of representatives of each class, handle the judicial matters in each hall. SAMMY MORRIS HALL COUNCIL-Row one: B. Pavkov M toraker, E. Alfrey. Row two: D. Eppehimer, R. Long, B Cal ' der- wood, R A S. Minks, R. A. apts., D. Devore, D. Gilliland, R. A. Swallow-Robin, R. Turner, R. A. Swallow-Robin. Hall counselors serve as link MCW HALL COUNCIL- Row one: B. Brenneman, J. Terjung, S. Charles, J. Peters. Row two: M. Modjeska, R. A. D. Mandt, P. Young, B. Funk, L. Dischert, M. Ault, M. Minks. Row three: S. Henderson, P. Schreck, D. Gates, I. Richards, J. Osterhus, N. Wilcox, R. A., J. Neuroth, R. A. 170 WENGATZ HALL COUNCIL-Row one: K. Euler, K. Waterfall, B. Harvey. Row two: J. Hall, M. Leach, B. Shilling, J. Gates, R.A., C. Jaggers, R.A., B. Jones, D. Klingensmith, B. Brown. Row three: D. Diamond, S. Ruegg, G. Tucker, T. Essenbnrg, L. Wall, R.A. B. Gnade, J. Postlewaite, S. Nnssbanm. EAST HALL COUNCIL- Row one: S. Leach, R.A., K. Salisbury, R.A., L. Pritchard, R.A. Row two: J. Van Harlingen, D. Lundquist, J. Soldner, C. Hockett, K. Drake, S. Wenzel, D. Day. Row three: K. Anderson, E. Binklev, M. Hay, M. Staight, J. Karl, M. Hawks, C. Fridstrom, D. Belding, J. Scholz, N. Loew, B. Koetz. 171 Student groups plan activities % 39 9 % The Interclass Council is composed of representa- tives from each of the four classes. One particular re- sponsibility of the council is the arrangement of class day activities. Another group of students who plan campus activities for the benefit of all students is the Student Union Board. This year the SUB provided an Asian Lecture Series, film series including " A Man For All Seasons, " several " pops " concerts, a recreation program including tournaments, ski trips and a shopping spree in Chicago. SUB is also responsi- ble for the annual Christmas Banquet and the Spring Banquet. INTERCLASS COUNCIL- Row one: B. Jones, R. Huston, L. Riegler. Row two: C. Listenfelt, C. Witte, P. Dylhoff, W. Livingston. Row three: T. Heffentrager, S. Oldham, S. Hawkins, ehmn., R. Poland, L. Dillon. STUDENT UNION BOARD -Row one: D. Klopfenstein, advisor, D. Kay, M. Habkirk, J. Fritzsche, T. Heffentrager. Row two: B. Salsbery, T. Peterson, B. Cummins, pres., D. Morgan, v. pres. 172 Publications show journalistic efforts Each year a staff of volunteer students prepares the booklet Who ' s New, a directory of students and facul- ty. Alpha Phi Gamma, journalism honorary, invites to membership those students who have worked on the yearbook or the newspaper for at least two semesters. Literary Club members criticize each other ' s creative writing and sponsor the Parnassus magazine. LITERARY CLUB-Row one: A. Kovalska, S. Solomon. Row two: D. Hoagland, R. Whitehead. ALPHA PHI GAMMA-Row one: C. Griffith, C. Spina, K. Davis, B. Phillips, J. Alexander, A. Kovalska, C. Hockett, J. Moss, C. Fridstrom. Row two: C. Nussbaum, G. Lenger, C. Folkers, G. Phillis, J. Randolph, J. Neuroth, S. Forte, P. Cauble, M. Zimmer- man, M. Walker, sponsor. Row three: K. Soper, S. Hawkins, T. Deck, T. Story, J. Rausch, J. Fritzsche, D. Kay, R. Turner, B. Wit- mer, J. Brenneman, M. Betz. WHO ' S NEW STAFF-Row one: J. Kegg, J. Landis. Row two: S. Basar, M. Linder, S. Heywood. 173 Echo staff informs students What is a " madhouse " ? It is the Echo office on Wednesday night or Thursday afternoon. On these days the weekly publication of Taylor ' s news is compiled and prepared for the printer. Nearly fifty people work together interviewing newsmakers, fitting copy, organizing pages, tak- ing pictures, and writing articles and editorials to complete one issue. Editors this year were Joann Neuroth, first semester, and Mike Betz, second semester. Joann Neuroth, editor-in-chief first semester, helps Mike Betz, editor-in- chief second semester, get things organized. % I ■BBjj I yfggj 1 m 18113 Balancing a pile of Echoes, Ken Soper, business manager, grins haphazardly. Conferring over the latest news are Cindi Hockett, associate editor, and Greg Watson, columnist. v : - - - ■■; ;.- ■■ ' ■ ' 1 --» . . ' .. _ IX-P 1 W9 Wt. s J lb 1 _ , HH mm m ' j ' ' " ' JR mm —m « ti fW 1 TP . JH Jij$l !%m 7 iM } «f Ml A M News coordinators Mary Linder and Cheri Fridstrom organize Barb Atkinson, make-up editor, plans an Echo format, news assignments. 174 ! ' - . ■ i n. h " Oh, no, " cries sports editor Terry Deck, " now what? " Peering out of the Echo office are Steve Stone, Doug Gregory, and Carole Spina— the Editorial Board. Assembling deadline material are Mary Linder, Arlene Kovalska, Mary Lou Pletcher, and Joan Alexander. Mary Lou Pletcher fits her headlines to Steve Corey ' s cartoons. News editor Kim Waterfall makes important last checks before typing his article. 175 Carol Lenger, editorial assistant: Jessie Randolph, assistant editor. Merna Zimmerman, Connie Folkers, co-editors. Ilium staff preserves memories One of the hardest working groups on Taylor ' s campus is the Ilium staff. If you see a small, green building with lights burning after midnight, it ' s probably the Ilium office, especially the night before a deadline. The job of the staff is to take pictures, write headlines and copy. and present a yearbook of memories tor Taylor Univer- sity. The editors flew to Associated Collegiate Press in New York, and, along with other staff members, attended the Indiana Collegiate Press Association held at Hanover. Peg Bailey, Barb Myers, layout; Suzanne Forte, Gayle Phillis, Bev Rupp, copy. Row one: Pam Cauble, seniors and faculty; Cheryl Gottfried, Linda Gregory, underclassmen. Row two: Diane Miller, underclassmen, Nancy McKechnie, seniors and faculty. 1 76 Bob Witnier, Sports Editor. Not pictured, Tom Malcolm, assistant. Janet Moss, Janice Spauldlng, Corinne Griffith, Carole Nussbaum, activities and organizations. ' «Sr . - " " JB -«s rl mm ' I ppCJIk J ' I A H »v ' 1 _i2_--- ,.. ' . ■ _: ___ : . HhBhS H I Brenda Duffie, Gail Bruland, Kay Davis, Vicki Curry, production and advertising. Sue Basar, Barb Atkinson, Cynthia Haynes, administration and academics. Jim Rausch, Herb Shaw, Carol Salucci, picture editor. Ken Amstutz, Larry Miller, Chuck Webber, photographers. 177 SENIOR — Row one: D. Ice, M. Staight, N. Ransbottom, M. Hay, J. Morford, P. Alden, J. Gillim, V. Duke, M. Randall, C. Sharp. Row two: L. Jordan, H. Hardin, J. Blixt, S. Ruenpohl, C. Fouts, D. Lundquist. B. Graffls, N. Harris, K. Sears, M. Zimmerman, J. Rathel, C. Folkers. Row three: C. Stauffer, K. Meyer, M. Keller, A. Glazier, S. Binder, K. Lixey, K. McCormick, T. Sprout, C. Grenzebach, M. Hayden, J. Vanzant, Advisor. Row four: S. Ulm, C. Wolf, J. Schaible, K. Lochiatto, L. George, R. Addamson J. Michel, M. Crabb, E. Campbell, B. Pyle, C. Nussbaum, B. Witmer, pres., J. Johnson. JUNIOR— Row one: B. Forsythe, R. Huston, D. Devore, L Klinefelter, A. Roth, B. Warner, C. Roach, D. Gregory, L. Myers. Row two: C. Vastbinder, S. Henderson, P. Schreck K Davis, L. Juraschek, N. McKechnie, J. Scrafton, C. Yerke, D. Young, M. Linder, J. Vanzant, advisor. Row three: P. Blue N Shepard, K. Drake, A. Kovalska, J. Karl, M. Roth, C. Kull J. Alexander, S. Bennett, J. Scholz, C. Kubik, C. Dunkerton, S. Gonser, K. McMunn, B. Knight. Row four: T. Kraus, L. Captain, L. Holliman. B. Olic, A. Forrester. M. Fitzpatrick, L. Brodsky, W. Livingston, R. Shields, E. Koppin, J. Adams, D. Gates, J. Lehman, C. Lattin, C. Eger, J. Soldner, J. Deurwaarder. Row five: M. Wilson, R. Jones, P. Wendt, J. Matchette, M. Ault, J. Osterhus, J. Cordin, C. Fridstrom, M. Warren, N. Loew, S. Lee, L. Dowden, A. McCall, E. Gromer, L. Jones. Row six: B. Johnson, L. Weiss, G. McMinn, D. Rich, T. Peterson, W. Roberson, D. Olson, E. Gross, B. Ferguson, V. Shinn, D. Day, P. Bailey, R. Long, v. pres., T. Jordan, G. Hipes, B. Brown. 178 Future teachers gain experience The Student Education Association is composed of those students who are secondary or elementary educa- tion majors and are planning to enter the teaching pro- fession. Belonging to S.E.A. gives the prospective teacher ample opportunity to associate with students from other institutions around the state in regional and state meet- ings. Members receive the N.E.A. journal which keeps them abreast of new developments and current issues in the field of education. An outstanding meeting this year featured a lecture by Dr. George Haines, chairman of the department of education, who reported on his study-tour concerning education in East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Russia. The organization was honored to host the National Teacher of the Year, Mr. David E. Graf, during his two-day visit to the campus. Look Teacher of the Year, Mr. David Graf, gives students helpful hints. FRESHMAN— SOPHOMORE— Row one: M. Troxell, B. Phillips, C. Newson, G. Ott, S. Clark, B. Lindell, J. Milks, S. Scott, N. Schaub, J. Barber, K. Malich, C. Gottfried, R. Kimmel, S. Stone, C. Salsbery. Row two: P. Seward, N. Wolfe, J. Spiegel, J. Richards, B. Grossman, J. Moss, P. Goeschl, L. Gregory, G. Bruland, D. Ibbeken, G. Schilling, B. Huey, A. Conrad, R. Sypolt. Row three: C. Listenfelt, T. Acree, M. Weyrauch, S. Hall, L. Banker, C. Shillinger, K. Anderson, J. Spaulding, C. Hockett, D. Tompkins, B. Embry, J. Peters, P. Gardner, C. Salucci, B. Mvers, D. Miller. Row four: A. Snow, B. Peterson, F. Walker, S. Brumm, S. Heiman, C. Barker, R. Norris, B. Davis, D. Roach, J. Goffin, A. Trump, L. Sprunger, J. Howison, S. Morrical, N. Anderson, J. Vanzant, advisor. 179 Science club stages discussions SCIENCE CLUB -Row one: W. Kuhn, M. Andrews, M. Littrell, J. Hinesley, D. Bales, B. Craffis, C. Fridstrom. Row two: M. Minnema, B. Heath, D. Sizemore, S. Burden, advisor, C. Webber, G. Hipes, B. Hess. Pre-med students share mutual interest 180 ALPHA PI IOTA-Row one: L. Miller, v. pres., K. Kitzmann, S. Hughes, R. Fizell, L. Sports, R. Akins. Row two: D. Eppehimer, G. Mendenhall, A. Kni.nht, S. Moeljono, L. Borland, L. Ojeda, B. Tetsch, L. Dillon. Row three: J. Hall, P. Rork, D. Jacobus, W. Sharp, D. Hoagland, B. Gnade, B. Gilbert, treas. Row four: G. Krueger, advisor, C. Webber, pres., L. Cook, B. Canida, D. Storm, D. Kuhn, T. Shotwell, R. Lyon. BUSINESS CLUB-Row one: P. Challgren, M. Erdmann, C. Frazer, B. Parks, D. Brown, D. Dame. Row two: H. Shaw, G. Shep- pard, J. McKay, T. McDaniel, L. xMiller, L. Powell, T. Croeneweg. Row three: R. Pvle, D. Hnbley, J. Cochran, D. Reinert, T. Heffen- trager. Row four: J. Carmany, v. pres., D. Pyle, J. Heere, B. Grapen- tine, K. Euler, J. Kregel, B. Oakley, advisor. Business club hosts executives During the year, the Business Club hosted several men who are outstanding in the field of business administration. Through their regular meetings, members supplement their class- room learning of economics, accounting, and management policies. In a related department, social studies, students who are sociology and psychology majors and minors have organized themselves into a club which is appropriately called Soc- Psy-Ety (pronounced just as the word society is). Members work with patients in the Vet- erans Hospital of Marion, and have had guest speakers from the Welfare Society and psy- chiatrists in the Muncie-Marion area. At the same time, the scientists in Science Club and the pre-med students in Alpha Pi Iota hear guest lectures, view films, and stage panel discussions regarding topics of interest. Social scientists learn about people SOC-PSY-ETY-Row one: B. Beldon, B. Beldon, C. Griffith, M. McCabe, D. Montney, D. Kettinger, M. Courtney, B. Duffie, J. Van Harlingen, B. Lepant. Row two: S. Tucker, M. Crk, D. Gorman, C. Dunlap, E. Ridley, W. Harris, J. Rinker, A. Aebersold, R. Baugh, V. Curry. Row three: B. Atkinson, N. Johnson, M. Strycker, B. Dissen, J. Haas, K. Herweyer, L. Berends, R. Buczynski, L. Filbrun, R. Hammer, J. Hunter, M. Leaman. Row four: R. Sheesley, R. Phaiah, C. Bowman, R. Good, D. Klingensmith, J. Gates, I. Behm, B. Hamilton, S. Stone, B. Mclntvre. 131 Language buffs study cultures Students who are enrolled in French and Spanish courses are learning to appreciate the cultures of France and Spain as well as the language itself. Both Dr. Jantzen and Mrs. Karrasch (French Club sponsors) have themselves visited in France and can contribute their observations to the club members. One particu- larly interesting activity of the French Club this year was a trip to Rene ' s, a French restaurant in Indiana- polis. Not to be outdone, the Spanish Club has added a most distinguished member this year — Jaime Cabe- zas, a student from Costa Rica. SPANISH CLUB-Row one: C. Griffith, X. Martin, B. Whitehead, v. pres., J. Cabezas, pres., C. Sparks, N. Anderson, sec.-treas., J. Dade. Row two: C. Emery, Prof. Gongwer, advisor, J. LaPelosa, B. Schopp, N. Bost, S. Tucker, J. Nasralla, M. Crk, J. Moss, N. Loew. FRENCH CLUB-Row one: B. Decker, B. Whitehead, M. Linder, v. pres., M. Imel. Row two: S. Bertsche, E. Jantzen, pres., L. Banker, J. Nasralla, H. Ewbank. Row three: N. McKechnie, R. Lehr, sec.- treas., N. Anderson, R. Fizell, L. Brodskv, D. Hart, R. Ban tin. 182 Symposiums meet for discussion English Symposium, composed mainly of English majors and minors, meets each month to discuss relevant novels, short stories, or poems. Symposium Dialecticum, to which twenty students are invited each year, search- es out the meaning in contemporary works such as Walden II and The Status Seeker. ENGLISH SYMPOSIUM -Row one: B. Reish, C. Salucci. Row two: E. Peach, pres., B. Phillips, C. Hockett. Row three: D. Taylor, F. Ewbank, advisor, C. Lehe, B. Peterson, D. Salucci. SYMPOSIUM DIALECTICUM -Row one: M. Karls, R. Turner. K. Waterfall. Row two: J. Brenneman, R. Sniitter, R. Sheesley, M. Betz, M. Leach, J. Alexander, P. Captain. Row three: X. Wilcox, L. Miller, B. Heath, J. Neuroth, D. Gilliland, R. Poland 183 HapBim DEBATE TEAM -Row one: T. Deck, C. Fridstrom, D. Beldin«, Ft. Poland. Row two: S. Honett, B. Lang, J. N ' eu- roth, D. Jackson, advisor, K. Oman, A. Kniuht, L. Standridjie. Speech clubs develop self-expression TROJAN FLAYERS -Row one; M. Randall, K. Harrison, B. Gross- man, C. Dnnlap, J. Spauldinu, L. Rowe, B. Oik-. Row two: I. Behm, J. D ' Alessandro, pres., J. Dains, S. Minks, P. Spreckels.T. Bardslev. B. Miller. 184 TAYLOR ART GUILD -Row one: R. Svendsen, C. Spina, treas. Row two: S. Charles, sec, J. Short, J. Dade, M. Corll, N. Loew. Row three: M. French, A. Hider, pres., D. Trapp, B. Shepherd, B. Smith. Art and music clubs deepen appreciation Members of the debate classes as well as other stu- dents comprise the Debate Club. The club meets Monday evening for practice or exhibition debates. Four to seven intercollegiate tournaments on the national debate topic are scheduled each semester. Any student may attend the meetings of the Trojan Players but must earn points to become a member. They perform during meetings as well as for the public and also have a Reader ' s Theater. Art majors and minors make up the newly formed Taylor Art Guild. The Art Guild innovated the art display in the Student Center where all students can sell their work. They are also interested in bring- ing more art to campus for students ' enjoyment. Music Club is open to all music majors and minors. One special meeting was about jazz in the church today, and H.M.S. Pinafore was performed by mem- bers. The club, along with the Drama Club, is plan- ning a fine arts trip to Chicago. MUSIC CLUB-Row one: S. Hendricks, P. Lortz, K. Fitzpatrick, S. Solomon, B. Brenneman, D. Livingston, R. Sheesley, pres., L. Paltza, R. Monette. Row two: D. Gorman, A. Aebersold, C. Wright, D. Jones, L. Wilson, J. Eichar, S. Scott, C. Dunkerton, J. DeFraites, B. Dickey, sponsor. Row three: W. Compson, D. Konwe, B. Gardner, L. Banker, R. Laughlin, S. Smith, E. Gromer, K. Partlow, J. King- horn, K. Walker. Row four: D. Williamson, T. Cassel, P. Taylor, P. Ehrsam, H. Spillers, D. Donigan, N. Potter, J. Snider, J. Young, D. Jordan. 185 ws YH ' y. tw. ' i ' i " h " ' m ' li it ' itmfi §.W ' i m ■!{, ! ' rut %,d i TAYLOR UNIVERSITY BAND-Row One: F. Standridge, S. Smith, L. Sprunger, B. Wilcox, C. Folkers, S. Corey. Row Two: C. Wright, R. Dickson, C. Harmon, M. Kuhrt, J. Eichar, P. Stone- burner, K. Euler, C. Salsbery, A. Trump. Row Three: L. Wilson, M. Plueddemann, J. Fisher, N. Wolfe, N. Martin, D. Williamson, R. Lick, W. Livingston, C. Kaufman, D. Hart, B. Wanless, P. Sprunger, D. Sampson, C. Kubik. Row Four: M. Courtney, K. Siders, K. Siders, B. Wilson, R. Lehr, C. Fesmire, N. Fuller, S. Hendricks, D. Kouwe, J. Youngblood, M. Shaffer, B. Midwood, K. Mundell, B. Schoenhals, P. Ehrsam. Adding color to Taylor ' s home football games were the members of the marching band and the talented majorette corps, led by Lorri Berends and Barb Lovvden. In addi- tion, the concert band conducted a five-day tour of per- formances during the spring. It was a great honor for the group to be invited to perform at the Indiana State Music Educators ' Association meeting. Taylor ' s Symphony Or- chestra provided accompaniment for The Messiah and the musical production of HMS Pinafore. Mr. Kuiper directed the orchestra. TAYLOR SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA-Row One: S. Sites D Day, S. Christopher, P. Medel, M. Kalter, K. Kitzmann, J. Snider. Row Two: J. Karl, J. Grondahl, J. Michael, B. Lepant, B. Fesmire, M. Kuhrt, R. Dickson, F. Standridge, S. Heiman, D. Livingston. Row Three: A. Krueger, R. Monette, B. Midwood, E. Green, H. Spillers, K. Euler, J. Glenn. 186 T !jf ' ' ,,T, TTT « v t, 1 w m jjHfn : wv fw ffp ' f Row One: S. Mitchell, J. Atkinson, B. Black, G. Mooney, B. Le- pant, B. Fesmire. Row Two: J. Kinghom, T. Chasm, D. Donigan, J. Smith, A. Krueger, B. Monette, S. Drake, J. Tobias. Row Three: E. Mehlberg, F. Forman, H. Spillers, G. Fadell, T. Steiner, M. Goble, P. Taylor, L. Green, G. Sheppard, L. Sheley, G. Ott. Row- Four: R. Buczynski, E. Diffin, J. Cabezas, N. Potter, K. Snare, D. Kinda, R. Smith, R. Veth, S. Crapo, C. Lehe, J. Aspin, J. Brenne- man, S. Paul, E. Green. Band membership reaches new high MAJORETTES— M. Harbin, B. Lowden, B. Scott, L. Berends, K. Seeley. 187 CHORALE— Row one: A. Aebersold, K. Hall, S. Hamilton, B. Gardner, P. Lortz, K. Herweyer, L. Kukuk, L. Long, D. Livings- ton. Row two: D. Jones, D. Kouwe, N. Johnson, R. Justice, D. Stevens, C. Hitchcock, E. Yarnell, A. Krueger, C. Yerke, C. Spina, J. Eichar. Row three: G. Sinclair, C. Whiteman, W. Davisson, S. Honett, W. Compson, E. DifTen, N. Livezey, P. Feenstra. Row four: S. Shively, J. Cantrell, B. Wolgemuth, B. Bottorff, N. Potter, R. Pvle, D. Pvle, G. Sims, director. Music groups enhance campus life Emphasizing precision as well as tone quality, the Taylor Chorale participated in such campus activities as chapel. Youth Conference, and the science building dedi- cation. A special honor this year was an invitation to sing for the Indiana State Music Educators ' Association meet- ing. A tour during Easter vacation highlighted the activi- ties this year. Professor C. K. Sims is director. Taking advantage of a GOP year, the Young Repub- licans expanded their membership and activated their program greatly. Events of the year included the charter- ing of the club by Mayor Lugar of Indianapolis, cam- paigning with Ed Whitcomb and Bill Ruckelshaus, and playing host to Jill Ruckelshaus. Chorale members combine their voices to produce a harmonic sound. 188 CHAMBER SINGERS— Row one: K. Holman, K. Walker. Row two: N. Goodwine, J. Darling, B. Dixon, D. Atkinson. Row three: D. Jordan, M. Bechtel, C. Coates, D. Ebright, D. Regier, R. Sheesley, J. Woodland, S. Ray. GOP charter granted as club expands YOUNG REPUBLICANS— Kneeling: R. Myers, T. Willis. Row one: G. Sheppard, D. Williamson, L. Stobie, S. Hughes, E. Peach, L. Ojeda, J. McMunn. Row two: T. Deck, M. Linder, M. Erdmann, A. Van Ornum, R. Baucher, D. Brown, J. Carlson, R. Liechty. Row three: B. Beck, F. Forman, K. Manning, S. Basar, D. Markin, J. Glenn, P. Challgren, M. Waterfall, P. Duffy. Row four: R. Phaiah, L. Gerwin, T. Jones, K. Johnson, L. Klinefelter, J. Kregel, E. Dif- fin, D. Lampy. ISO Clubs emphasize outreach INTERVARSITY MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP- Row one: C. Newson, K. Kitzmann, I ' . Medel, S. Moeljono, E. Binkley, C. Ashbv, C. Ito, B. Van Alden. r ow two: D. Sampson, J. Richards, P. Young, K. Drake, W. Harris, J. Pence, F. Walker, S. Lee, D. Salucci, F. Ewbank, sponsor. Row three: B. Stewart, S. Brearly, C. Vast- binder, L. Holliman, sec, P. Redding, C. Lehe, K. Partlow, C. Dunkerton, L. Riegler, D. Brown, L. Spotts, L. Fox. Row four: J. Nasralla, B. Beck, D. Captain, M. Leach, v. pres., T. Kraus, treas., D. Dunkerton, pres., P. Bailey, C. Barker, B. Knight, S. Carlson. PERSONAL EVANGELISM -Row one: A. Patterson, S. Bertsche, A. Knight, S. Moeljono, D. Kettinger, E. Binklev, W. Harris. Row two: K. Sears, M. Randall, F. Walker, B. Olic, M. Hicks, pres., J. Head, C. Kull. Row three: R. Hammer, S. Dicken, B. Smith, K Herweyer, J. Haas, L. Gourley, J. Matchette, D. Gates, J. Lehman. Row four: R. Leistner, N. Martin, J. Nasralla, L. Holliman, D. Samp- son, K. Drake, sec, W. Ewbank, sponsor. METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT- Row one: R. Baucher, M. Kauff- man, R. Yocom, sec.-treas., P. Stoneburner, R. Miller. Row two: G. Webb, L. Jones, B. Brown, pres., R. Monette, A. Moudy, v. pres., Row three: T. Kraus, D. Brause, sponsor, I. Behm, L. Thompson, T. Acree. Intervarsity Missionary Fellowship meets each week for the purpose of stimulating in- terest in missions and evangelism. The club sponsors the annual missionary conference and gives financial aid to TWO and Teen Haven. Members attended a state-wide Inter- varsity conference. Members of the Personal Evangelism Club hold services at Children ' s Homes and Old Folks ' Homes. Services include a sermon and songs. Afterwards, in an informal time, in their discussions with individuals, students tell about Christ and what He can mean to them. Methodist Student Movement is open to all students interested in interdenominational fellowship. The club planned a musical pro- gram for residents of the Warren Memorial Home and an all-day program for the young people of the La Fountain Methodist Church. The Kerygma Club, composed of religion majors and minors, discusses materials and methods of missions, christian education, and the ministry. The president of Gospel Films, Inc., was one of the speakers. A social was also planned each month. Fellowship focal point of meetings KERYGMA — Row one: D. Heinrich, E. Binkley, M. Hicks, W. Harris, B. Brenneman, R. Monette. Row two: R. Buezynski, A. Van Omum, K. Elkins, V. Bartlett, S. Bauer, sec.-treas., D. Brown. Row three: K. Oman,T. Cole, K. Aukland, M. Kalter, S.Wenzel, J. Terjung, I. Behm. Row four: M. Denholm, S. Hawkins, B. Wolgemuth, B. Shilling, v. pres., J. Danhof, pres., L. Captain, B. Gaden. 191 Attempting to be " where the action is " the 1969 Youth Conference cabinet used " Freedom Now " as a theme for the annual spring event. Under the leadership of Bob Wolgemuth and Connie Witte, the cabinet worked dili- gently all year to make the Conference a successful and meaningful experience to the 1,000 high school conferees. The contemporary theme song, written by Bill Salsbery and JoAnn Kinghorn, was accompanied by an instru- mental group. Speakers for the weekend were Don En- gram and Norm Cook. Active throughout the year were area YFC clubs di- rected by Taylor students. This method of community service and personal witnessing now involves more than fifty Taylor students. Additional students participated in gospel teams, communicating their Christian witness through music and testimonies. 1968 " Create in Me " Youth Conference acclaimed successful. Students work with youth and churches YOUTH CONFERENCE CABINET-Row one: L. DeBruyn S Duling, J. Deurwaarder, C. Witte, J. Cordin, B. Stebbins, C. Hay- nes. Row two: J. Osterhus. P. Seward, L. Paltza, L. Miller, J. Head, C. Luginbill, D. Mandt. Row gemutn, J. Hall, S. Hawkins. three: A. Book, H. Sha B. Wol- 192 YFC STAFF— Row one: B. Phillips, A. Kovalska, G. Webb, G. Schilling, C. Shillinger, M. Fry, B. Embry, B. Mclntyre. Row two: M. Kalter, L. Borland, B. Whitehead, L. Stobie, A. Westerberg, C. Haynes, B. Olsen, M. Goble. Row three: E. Green, J. Ruppert, J. Howison, N. Henning, R. Gibson, R. Buczynski, R. Kallman, S. MeCune, N. Boldt, B. Gaden, D. Devore. Row four: S. Kempf, R. Chenot, J. Carr, S. Manganello, B. Canida, B. Shilling, C. Stauffer, D. Captain, R. Smith, H. Mally. GOSPEL TEAMS— Row one: E. Peach, S. Stone, S. Bertsche, M. Hendrickson, B. Brenneman, J. Atkinson, R. Monette, J. Eichar. Row two: J. Carlson, E. Green, S. Crapo, C. Listenfelt, S. Wenzel, C. Salsbery, M. Leaman, T. Ballard. Row three: M. Parks, L. Rieg- Ier, D. Miller, G. Moonev, L. Berends, L. Wittenborn, P. Young, I. Behm, R. Fizell, D. Brown. Row four: J. Aspin, J. Danhof, R. Bruno, C. Frazer, B. Smith, K. Snare, B. Hamilton, B. Brown, B. Knight, M. Goble. 193 BETA CHAPTER -Ron ..ow one: D. Lundquist, S. Solomon, M. Cracium, A. Van Ornum, G. Moore, K. Malich. Row two: J. Blixt, S. Ruenpohl, L. Berends, B. Olsen, C. Yerke, M. Warren, J. Peters. Row three: S. Binder, M. Keller, B. Peterson, J. Scrafton, B. Embry, N. McKeehnie. Row four: B. Ferguson, J. Sandberg, D. Mandt, D. Young, J. Osterhus, pres., P. Seward, D. Day. ALPHA CHAPTER- Row one: C. Mooney, B. Koetz, L. Miller, C. Shillirmer, sec.-treas. , L. Banker, C. Kull, pres., C. Dunkerton. Row two: H. Hardin, K. Lixey, L. Juraschek, J. Pence, A. Snow, S. Rumley E. Shugart. Row three: S. Henderson, B. Rupp, K. Cormick, M. Fry, P. Fagg, E. Peach, N. Frye- M 194 Gamma Delta Beta sponsors banquet The goals of the Gamma Delta Beta Society are ex- pressed by the Greek letters which are their symbols: gamma is for grace, delta is for devotion, and beta is for beauty. To achieve these goals the society provides programs with such topics as fashion, chinaware and crystal, and marriage. In addition, the society sponsors a witnessing seminar series in cooperation with the Inter-Varsity organization at Ball State University. The most outstanding social event of the year, the Sweetheart Banquet, is planned by the Gamma Delts. Off-campus projects are undertaken by each girl so that the society is both a social and service sorority. All Taylor girls are eligible to become members if they participate successfully in the annual pledgee program of initiating new members. GAMMA DELTA BETA BOARD -Row one: M. Warren, v. pres., C. Yerke, pres., E. Koppin, social ehmn., Row two: L. Banker, ass ' t. social chmn, G. Mooney, project chrm. Row three: J. Cordin, K. Hull, sec, C. Kull, B. Peterson, program chmn., J. Osterhns. GAMMA CHAPTER-Row one: V. Shinn, treas., D. Beer, B. Lindell, B. Brenneman, J. Atkinson, E. Koppin, V. Duke. Row two: B. Lowden, B. Van Alden, C. Fridstrom, J. Nasralla, K. Hall, J. Cordin, pres., N. Henning. Row three: E. Gross, N. Rans bottom, C. Fonts, B. Graffis, A. Trump, T. Roberts, M. Chenault. 195 The Women ' s Recreation Association organizes a program of intramural sports for all Taylor women who desire to participate. During the fall, WRA sponsored a campout and in the spring a bike-hike and picnic. Other women who take an active part in the sports program are involved in the hockey team. This year the squad was successful in several intercollegiate contests. Male athletes, on the other hand, have banded together to form the T-Club, a service organ- ization. Both men and women who are physical education majors and minors are members of PEMM Club. A highlight of the current year was a karate demonstration which attracted great interest. The Taylathon, a highly anticipated event held in the spring, is arranged by PEMM Club members. WRA — Row one: S. Henderson, P. Schreck. Row two: R. Rae, sec. treas., J. Howard, advisor, M. Hayden, pres. Co-eds participate in sports FIELD HOCKEY TEAM -Row one: L. Witmer, H. Ewbank, I. Kinti, mascot, P. Alden, M. Stone, J. Lehman. Row two: R. Murdock, D. Gates, captain, J. Scholz, K. Myers, C. Kubik, M. Hayden, J. Barlow. Row three: L. Holdcroft, S. Brearly, D. Heinrich, S. Hen- derson, S. Row, C. Spina, D. Hart. Row four: J. Horwood, coach, M. Andrews, J. Ruppert, L. Lee, R. Rae, manager, M. Bloom, S. Koer- ner, S. Moeljono, W. Ewbank, coach. 196 Athletic clubs build enthusiasm PEMM CLUB— Row one: T. Giggy, B. Scott, L. Taylor, M. Hay, N. Ransbottom, T. Jones, L. Holdcroft, L. Witmer, M. Bloom, S. Row, L. Jones. Row two: J. Chainey, J. Romine, D. Gates, C. Luginbill, R. Huston, P. Alden, H. Taylor, K. Hovey, C. Roach, A. Horwood, sponsor, M. Masimer. Row three: C. Stauffer, M. Staight, C. Askew, M. Stone, R. Murdock, H. Hardin, G. Nahm, N. Fuller, K, Broad, J. Terjung, K. Hall, J. Dade, J. Lehman, J. Scholz, C. Kubik, J. Barlow, L. Captain, B. Warner. Row four: J. Ruppert, A. Glazier, C. Norder, J. Landis, J. Nelson, J. Stewart, S. Krause, K. Harrison, R. Rae, T. Sprout, M. Hayden, J. Michel, G. Claudon, A. Forrester, L. Salis- bury. Row five: T. Lemons, P. Karl, S. Huffman, G. Kornfield, S. Henderson, S. Koerner, P. Hann, K. Myers, N. Henning, D. Boyd, B. Harvey, B. Davis, R. Norris, B. Pavkov, J. Yantiss. Row six: R. Zimmerman, T. Peterson, B. Humble, S. Ulm, B. Johnson, A. Begbie, D. Roach, L. Myers, S. Honett, D. Rich, D. Guthrie, R. Long, F. Harpy, M. Miley, R. Owsley. T-CLUB — Row one: S. Huffman, D. Cheshier, L. Captain, R. Dubach, S. Dicks. Row two: B. Hum- ble, J. Romine, D. Dame, D. Kuhn, R. Foote, T. Jordan. Row three: P. Captain, J. Paist, J. Yantiss, C. Roach, T. Brown, M. Foraker. Row four: S. Owen, K. Brix, T. Heffentrager, L. Dillon, B. Pavkov, J. Nolten, W. Grubb. Row five: S. Ulm, D. Ladd, R. Behnken, sec, T. Currey, L. Myers, D. Gregory, R. Long. 197 Index Abbott, David 148 Acree, Teresa 130, 179, 191 Adams, Don 165 Adams, Janice 116, 178 Adamson, Renee 102, 178 Aebersold, Annette 148, 181, 185, 188 Aichele, Susan 148 Akins, Rebecca 180 Alden, Priscilla 71, 102, 178, 196, 197 Alexander, Joan 116, 173, 175, 178, 183 Alfrey, Earl 130, 170 Allen, Deborah 148 Alley, Dan 102 ALPHA PHI GAMMA 173 ALPHA PI IOTA 180 Amstutz, Kenneth 148, 177 Anderson, Karen 130, 171, 179 Anderson, Malcolm 148 Anderson, Mary 148 Anderson, Nancy 130, 179, 182 Anderson, Sharon 148 Andrew, Jennie 46 Andrews, Mary 102, 180, 196 Andrews, Robert 148 Andrews, Roger 116 Anglin, Judy 148 Archer, Jeffrey 148 Armstrong, Mary 130 Arnold, Gavle 148 Arnold, Philip 78,79, 130 Ashby, Cheryl 116, 190 Askew, Carol 148, 197 Aspin, James 148, 187, 193 Atkins, Gary 148 Atkinson, Barbara 130, 174, 177, 181 Atkinson, Doreen 102, 189 Atkinson, Jennifer 130, 187, 193, 195 Atkinson, Richard 80 Augsburger, Stanley 116 Aukland, Karen 116, 191 Ault, Linda 148 Ault, Marcia 116, 170, 178 Austin. Tame ' ; 69 Bachlund, Larry 61, 84 Bacon, Vicki 148 Baggs, Deborah 148 Bailey, Margaret 102, 176, 178, 190 Baker, Deborah 148 Bakke, Donald 130 Baldwin. Kathryn 102 Bales, Dale 180 Ballard, Thomas 148, 193 BAND 186, 187 Banker, Linda 130, 179, 183, 185, 194, 195 Banker, Stanley 91 Banter, Venita 165 Barber, Jacqueline 149, 179 Bardsley, Timothy 116, 184 Barker, Candace 130, 179, 190 Barlow, Janice 71, 149, 196, 197 Barlow, Patricia 149 Barnes, Lowell 102 Barnett, Patricia 71, 149 Barrett, John 149 Bartlett, Vicki 102, 191 Basar, Susan 130, 173, 177, 189 Battles, John 116 Baucher, Rebecca 149, 189, 191 Bauer, Susan 102, 191 Baugh, Kathleen 149, 181, 182 Baum, Darrell 116 Bausch, David 131 Beahm, Joanne 149 Beanblossom, Beverly 116 Beck, Michael 84, 131 Beck, William 131, 189, 190 Beechy, David 61, 149 Beer, Diana 102, 195 Begbie, Alan 131, 197 Behm, Irvin 102, 181, 184, 191, 193 Behnken, Robert 61, 103, 197 Belding, Donna 1.31, 171, 184 Beldon, Becky 47, 149, 181 Beldon, Bonnie 147, 149, 181 Bell, Ralph 149 Bell, Richard 149 Bellows, Pamela 116 Belon, Cynthia 149 Bennett, Sandra 117, 178 Berends, Lorri 131, 181, 187, 193, 194 Berggren, Beth 149 Bergstrand, Kevin 76, 149 Bergstrom, Richard 131 Bertsche, Sandra 149, 182, 190, 193 Betz, Diane 117 Betz, Michael 103, 117, 173, 174, 18.3 Bibler, Patricia 149 Bickel, Roberta 149 Biermann, Joe 165 Binder, Sharon 103, 178, 194 Binkley, Esther 171, 190, 191 Binnie, Jonathan 103 Bishop, Cvnthia 117, 186 Black, Elizabeth 117 Black, Judith 103 Black, Thomas 1.31, 186 Blazo, Gary 76, 149 Blessing, Barbara 149 Blixt, Joan 103, 178, 194 Bloom, Marilyn 71, 149, 196, 197 Blue, Patricia 131, 178 Blume, Robert 47, 66, 76 Blumer, Roger 131 Bocken, Carol 164 Bocken, Kenneth 80 Boggs, Barbara 149 Boldt, Nancy 149, 193 Bond, Sharon 1.31 Bonham, John 117 Bock, Arnold 103, 134, 192 Borgens, Jayne 149 Borland, Linda 131, 180, 193 Bost, Nancy 149, 182 Bottorff, Robert 76, 188 Boutwell, Violet 149 Bowman, Charles 103, 181 Bowman, Maria 117 Bovd, Dan 103 Bovd, Devee 103, 197 Boyd, Robert 48 Boyer, Kristie 149 Bradbury, Allan 131 Braden, Anna Rose 57, 94 Bragg, Virginia 162 Braman, Paul 117 Brand, Joan 131 Brandeberry, Cheryl 131 Braun, Christine 149 Braun, John 131 Brause, Dorsey 90, 191 Brearly, Susan 149, 190, 196 Brenneman, Brenda 103, 170, 191, 193, 195 Brenneman, Joseph 173, 18.3, 187 Brinkerhoff, Steven Brix, Kenneth 80, 103, 197 Broad, Karen 150, 197 Broadwav, Gordon 132 Brodsky, Lois 178, 182 Brodt, Robert 132 Brodzik, Joseph 61 Brown, Dale 117, 181, 190, 191 Brown, David 150, 152, 189, 191 Brown, Larry 193 Brown, Robert 117, 171, 178, 193 Brown, Terrill 68, 117, 197 Bruland, Gail 132, 177, 179 Brumm, Sharon 132, 179 Bruno, Ronald 117, 193 Buci, Herbert 61 Buczynski, Ruth 132, 181, 187, 191, 193 Bullock, Ray 98 Burden, Stanley 54, 180 Buress, Doris 93 Burkhart, Kenneth 150 Burns, Thomas 61, 150 Busby, Rebecca 150 BUSINESS CLUB 181 Busse, Gary 80 Buwalda, Herbert 150 Byme, Joyce 132 Cabezas, Jaime 132, 182, 187 Calderwood, Bruce 132, 170 Calderwood, William 117 Campbell, Betty 150 Campbell, Bruce 150 Campbell, Esther 103, 178 Campbell, Jean 57 Canida, Robert 132, 180, 193 Cantrall, John 117, 188 Captain, David 103, 190, 191, 193 Captain, Kenneth 69, 150 Captain, Lewis 69, 116, 178, 191, 197 Captain, Philip 69, 83, 103, 168, 169, 183, 197 Carlson, John 150, 152, 189, 193 Carlson, Karen 150 Carlson, Lynette 150 Carlson, Margaret 165 Carlon, Peter 76, 150 Carlson, Sharon 132, 198 Carmany, James 103, 181 Carmin, Danny 169 Carpenter, George 117 Carr, Jeffrey 132, 193 Carruth, Hazel 48 Carson, Luther 132 Cart, Dennis 104 Carter, Charles 48 Carver, David 150 Case, David 104 Cassel, Terry 132, 185 Cauble, Pamela 118, 173, 176 Caudill, Anne 46 Chainey, John 61, 79, 150, 197 CHAMBER SINGERS 189 Challgren. Paul 118, 181, 189 Charles, Susan 118, 170, 185 Chasm, Thomas 132, 187 Chelf, Thomas 61, 104 Chenault, Mary 132, 195 Chenot, Grant 79, 132, 193 Cheshier, David 187 Chelf, Thomas 61, 104 Chenault, Marv 132, 195 Chenot, Grant 79, 132, 193 Cheshier, David 187 Chiddister, Dennis 80, 132 CHORALE 188 Christgau, Georgia 132 Chistianson, Judith 132 Christopher, Susan 150, 186 Clark, Gertrude 104 Clark, Russell 98 Clark, Sherrie 150, 179 Clarkson, John 66, 150, 152 Claudon, Gayle 104, 197 Clausen, Carolyn 150 Clemons, Rebecca 150 Cleveland, Wilbur 96 Cline, Virginia 93 Clough, Stephen 150 Coates, Carol 104, 189 198 Cochran, James 118, 181 Coe, Gay 93 Cole, John Timothy 191 Cole, Kerry 78, 79 Collins, Jonathan 150 Compson, Ralph 132, 185, 188 Cone, Garth 72, 80 Conrad, Arlene 132, 179 Conrad, Barry 133 Conrad, Gloria 150 Cook, Lloyd 180 Cooke, Robert 133 Corby, Sandra 150 Cordin, Janet 118, 178, 192, 195 Cordy, Christy 150 Corey, Steven 24, 29, 133, 175, 186 Corll, Marsha 150, 185 Correll, Susan 104 Corwin, Glenda 150 Cosens, Marcia 118 Cottman, Emilv 150 Courtnev, Mollie 132, 181, 186 Crabb, Mary Lou 104, 178 Crabtree, Glen 133 Cracium. Mary Ann 118, 194 Crapo, Sheldon 150, 187, 193 Crk, Mary 104, 181, 182 Culver, Tara 118 Cummins, William 104, 172 Currev, Donald 133, 197 Curry, Vicki 118, 177, 181 D ' Alessandro, John 33, 184 Dade, Carole 132, 133, 185, 197 Dains, Jill 150, 184 Dale, Andrew 104 Dame, Daniel 104, 181, 197 Danhof, James 118, 191, 193 Daniel, Deborah 33, 133 Daniel, Kenneth 104 Davenport, Robert 60, 61, 62 Davidson, Ava 165 Davis, Carol 150 Davis, Charles 49 Davis, Jill 150 Davis, Kav 118, 173, 177, 178 Davis, Robert 133, 179, 197 Davis, William 92 Davisson, John 76, 150 Davisson, William 92, 133, 188 Day, Donna 118, 171, 178, 186, 194 Dean, David 104 Dean, Douglas 66, 133 Dean, William 49 DEBATE TEAM 184 De Bruyn, Lauralee 104, 192 De Bruyn, Margie 104 Deck, Terry 118, 173, 175, 184, 189 Decker, Bette 150, 182 Defraites, Judith 150, 185 De Haven, Gary 80, 118 Delcamp, Samuel 96, 168 Denholm, Mark 151, 191 Dennis, James 151 Dennv, Winifred 133 Deurwaarder, Janice 118, 178, 192 Devore, David 118, 170, 178, 193 Devos, Sandra 151 Diamond, David 79, 104, 171 Dicken, Susan 151, 190 Dickev, Barbara 49, 185 Dicks, ' Stephen 79, 118, 197 Dickson, Rodnev 151, 186 Dickson, William 118 Diener, John 151 Diffin, Edward 151, 187, 188, 189 Dikeman, Theron 133 Diller, Robert 61, 105 Dillon, Larry 61, 80, 130, 133, 172, 180, 197 Dischert. Elizabeth 119, 170 Dissen, B. 181 Donigan, Daniel 185, 187 Dowden, Evangelynn 119, 178 Downing, Victor 151 Drake, Karen 119, 171, 178, 190 Drake, Sharmin 151, 187 Dresselhaus, Elizabeth 151 Drill, Gary 72 Dubach, Ronald 69, 133, 197 Dubois, Wallace 151 Ducat, Carol 151 Duffie, Brenda 133, 177, 181 Duffy, Paul 133, 189 Duke, Vicki 105, 178, 195 Duling, Sheryl 105, 192 Dunkel, Keith 151 Dunkerton, Carol 119, 178, 185, 190, 194 Dunkerton, Donald 105, 190 Dunlap, Carla 151, 181, 184 Dvorak, Barbara 151 Dver, George 133 Dylhoff, Nancy 151, 172 Eagles, Sheryl 134 Ebright, Daniel 189 ECHO 174, 175 Eckenroth, Mary 151 Eckstein, Kurt 134 Edder, Marritt 105 Edwards, Nancy 134 Eger, Catherine 119, 178 Eger, Jean 151 Ehrsam, Paul 105, 185, 186 Eichar, Sara 151, 185, 186, 188, 193 Eiseman, William 134 Elkins, Sharon 119, 191 Embrv, Rebecca 134, 179, 193, 194 Emery, Carol 182 Emery, John 105 ENGLISH SYMPOSIUM 183 Enright, John 151 Eppehimer, David 119, 170, 180 Erdmann, Michael 119, 181, 189 Erickson, Cheryl 134 Essenburg, Tom 85, 105, 107, 134, 171 Euler, Keith 119, 171,181,186 Evers, Robert 151 Ewbank, Frances 49, 183, 190 Ewbank, Heather 119, 182, 196 Ewbank, William 29, 54, 190, 196 Fadel, Gene 61, 134, 187 Fagg, Patricia 134, 194 Falion, Jane 134 Farrier, Sharyl 151 Fattore, Charles 105 Fattore, Faith 98 Feenstra, Gary 151, 188 Fenton, Frank 151 Ferguson, Betsv 119, 178, 194 Fesmire, Barbara 151, 186, 187 Fesmire, Chervl 186 FIELD HOCKEY TEAM 196 Fiesbeck, Teresa 71, 151 Filbrun, Linda 134, 181 Fisher, Joanne 151, 186 Fitins, Kaspar 61, 105 Fitzpatrick, Marcia 24, 25, 119, 178, 185 Fizell, Renee 134, 180, 182, 193 Flannigan, Esther 134 Fleming, John 151 Folkers, Constance 41, 105, 173, 178 Folkers, Cynthia 151, 186 Foote, Ralph 69, 82. 135. 197 Foraker, Millard 135, 170, 197 Forman, Charlvn 105 Forman, Franklin 135, 187, 189 Forrester, Alexis 119, 178, 197 Forsman, Kenneth 135 Forsythe, William 119, 178 Forte, Suzanne 105, 173, 176 Fouts, Cherrie 105, 178, 195 Fox, Linda 151, 190 Frank, Donald 151 Frazer, Charles 105, 181, 193 Freeman, Jack 135 FRENCH CLUB 182 French, Mary 105, 185 Frey, Karen 135 Frey, Wavne 76, 151 Friddell, Charles 151 Fridstrom, Cheryl 119, 171, 173, 174, 178, 180, 184, 195 Fritzsche, Joseph 105, 168, 172, 173 Fry, Marcia 130, 135, 193, 194 Frye, Nancee 135, 194 Fulk, Charles 61, 135 Fuller, Norma 151, 186, 197 Funk, Barbara 135, 170 Furman, William 105 Gaden, Robert 106, 191, 193 Gaff, Denise 151 GAMMA DELTA BETA 194 GaNung, Kenneth 119 Gardner, Barbara 152, 185, 188 Gardner, Phoebe 135, 179 Garton, Tony 80 Gates, Dianne 119, 170, 178, 190, 196, 197 Gates, Jeryl 106, 171, 181 Gee, Winston 120 George, Linda 106, 178 Gerdes, Paul 120 Gerelus, Brenda 135 Germann, Priscilla 152 Gerwin, Lee 120, 189 Getz, Sherrv 152 Gibson, Rochelle 193 Gifford, Charles 61, 103, 106 Gifford, Robert 61 Ciggy, Terrv 84, 152, 197 Gilbert, Robert 120, 180 Gilliland, David 106, 170, 183 Gillam, Brenda 105, 178 Oilman, John 152 Gisel, Brenda 120 Glass, George 47, 69 Glaze, Bruce 152 Glazier, Ann 106, 178, 197 Glenn, James 135, 186, 189 Gnade, Robert 120, 171, 180 Coble, Michael 79, 135, 187, 193 Godfrey, Oliver 163 Goeschl. Pamela 135, 179 Goetcheus, Allen 49 Goetcheus, Janelle 162 GofRn, James 179 Gongwer, Carl 49, 182 Gonser, Suzan 120, 178 Good, Beverly 152 Good, Roger 181 Gordon, Daniel 76, 135 Gorman, Diane 135, 181, 185 GOSPEL TEAMS 193 Gottfried, Cheryl 135, 176, 179 Gourley, Lynn 135, 190 Gourlev, Margaret 106 Govertsen, Mark 120 Graffis, Bettv 106, 169, 178, 180, 195 Grapentine, William 135, 181 Craves. Martha 152 199 Gray, Richard 61, 78, 79, 120 Greathouse, Gladys 49 Green, Elgin 136, 186, 187, 193 Green, Linda 152, 187 Gregory, Linda 136, 176, 179 Gregory, R. Douglas 69, 120, 175, 178, 197 Grenzebach, Carolyn 106, 178 Griffin, Charles 94 Griffith, Corinne 177, 181, 182 Groeneweg, Thomas 53, 181 Gromer, Elizabeth 178, 185 Grondahl, Joan 152, 186 Gross, Ena 120, 178, 195 Grossman, Rebecca 152, 179, 184 Grover, David 152 Grubb, Karen 136 Grubb, Roval 66, 67, 106, 197 Grube, Robert 136 Guhse, Dale 120 Gunderson, John 76, 152 Gustafson, Richard 106 Guthrie, David 136, 197 Haakonsen, 114, 164 Haas, Joyce 136 Haas, Rebecca 152, 181, 190 Habecker, Harold 136 Habegger, Agnes 163 Habegger, Neale 152 Habeggar, William 93 Habkirk, Muriel 107, 172 Haiflich, Stevan 120 Haines, David 136 Haines, George 46 Hall, James 107, 169, 171, 180, 192 Hall, Karen 25, 136, 188, 195, 197 Hall, Sally 136, 179 Hall, Thomas 120 Hallman, Lois 152 Hamilton, Braden 107, 181, 193 Hamilton, Sandra 152, 188 Hammer, Ruth 152, 181, 190 Hamrick, Byron 107 Hanawalt, Kirby 136 Hann, Patricia 71, 152, 197 Hanover, Mark 152 Hanson, John 136, 168, 169 Harbin, Slarjorie 153, 187 Hardin, Hettie 107, 178, 194, 197 Harker, Ann 107 Harms, Albert 120 Harms, Robert 60, 61 Harris, John 136 Harris, Larry 120 Harris, Linda 181, 190, 191 Harris, Nadine 107, 178 Harrison, George 54 Harrison, Kathy 153, 184, 197 Harrold, Jane 153 Harstick, Jonette 121 Hart, Doris 153, 182, 186 Harter, Lynn 153 Hartikainen, Richard 136 Harvey, Robert 136, 171, 197 Hank, Melinda 107 Hautamaki, David 153 Hawker, Curtis 121 Hawkins, Scott 103, 107, 172, 173, 191, 192 Hawks, Melanie 136, 171 Hay, Marilvn 22, 171, 178, 197 Havden Marcia 107, 178, 196, 197 Hayes, Robert 61, 121 Haynes, Cynthia 136, 177, 192, 193 Head, Janet 136, 190, 192 Heath, Brian 169, 180, 183 Heath, Dale 49 Heath, Freda 90 Heck, Williard 153 Heere, John 155, 181 Heffentrager, Timothv 61, 130, 136, 172, 181, 197 Heidel, Cvnthia 107 Heiman, Sharon 153, 179, 186 Heinrich, Debra 71, 121, 191, 196 Heinrich, William 153 Helfrich, Richard 108 Helsing, Susan 136 Henderson, Janis 153 Henderson, Shelda 121, 170, 194, 196, 197, 178 Hendricks, Sharon 153, 185, 186 Hendrickson, Marcia 108, 193 Henning, Nancy 137, 195, 197, 193 Hermanson, Edward 50 Herron, Donald 108 Herweyer, Karen 137, 181, 188, 190 Hess, Bruce 121, 180 Hess, David 46 Heywood, Sally 137, 173 Hicks, Mary 108, 190, 191 Hider, Allen 121, 185 Highstrom, Mark 153 Hill, Richard 153 Hill, Sandra 137 Hillen, Timothy 137 Hilt, Carol 121 Hinesley, Jerry 121, 180 Hinkle, Jack 33, 137 Hipes, Gary 121, 178, 180 Hitchock, Carol 153, 188 Hoagland, Richard 153, 173, 180 Hockett, Cynthia 137, 171, 173, 174, 179, 183 Hodges, Susie 71 Hodson, Gerald 46 Hoffman, Linda 153 Hoffrage, Thomas 153 Hogan, Martha 137 Holcombe, Alice 57 Holdcroft, Anna 164 Holdcroft, Linda 196, 197 Holliman, Linda 121, 178, 190 Holman, Kay 108, 189 Holmes, Terrell 153 Holsworth, Thomas 137 Honett, Stanley 153 Honett, Steven 70, 121, 168, 169, 184, 188, 197 Hopper, Walter 137 Hopper, George 153 Hornick, Jay 96 Horwood, Jean 47, 197 Horwood, William 47, 197 Hottenstein, Diane 153 House, Cornelius 50 House, Luetta 93 Hovestol, David 153 Hovey, Karen 121, 197 Howard, Judith 47, 71, 196 Howell, Steven 153 Howison, Judith 137, 179, 193 Hubley, Daniel 153, 181 Hueston, Cvnthia 153 Huev, Rebecca 137, 179 Huffman, Stephan 121, 197 Hughes, Barbara 34, 138, 169, 180, 189 Humble, Barrv 69. 121, 197 Hunter, Janice 108, 181 Hurst, Diana 153 Huston, Roderick 116. 121, 172, 178, 197 Hutcheson, Richard 61, 153 Hutchinson, George 153 Ibbeken, Dorrthv 138, 179 Ice, Dennis 61, 103, 108, 178 ILIUM 176, 177 Imel, Marjorie 153, 182 INTERCLASS COUNCIL 172 INTERVARSITY MISSIONARY FELLOW- SHIP 190 Isselee, Karen 138 Ito, Cathryn 153, 197 Jacks, Jerome 153 Jackson, Allen 108 Jackson, Betty 95 Jackson, Bev 162 Jackson, Dale 50, 184 Jackson, Stephen 61 Jacobus, Dwight 108, 180 Jaggers, Charles 108, 171 Jantzen, Evelyn 121, 182 Jantzen, John 50 Jeffrey, Stephen 79, 78, 108, 179 Jenkinson, Janet 50 Jenkinson, Roger 53 Jessee, Richard 153 Johnson, Barb 163, 178 Johnson, Barton 153 Johnson, Benjamin 121, 197 Johnson, Dwight 80 Johnson, Jerry 108, 178 Johnson, Kenneth 153, 189 Johnson, Mary 138 Johnson, Nancy 154, 181, 188 Johnson, Pamela 154 Jolley, Carla 154 Jones, Deborah 154, 185, 188 Jones, Dorothy 154 Jones, Gary 47, 61 Jones, Letta 154 Jones, Linda 121, 178, 196, 197 Jones, Richard 154 Jones, Robert 116, 121, 171, 172 Jones, Ruth 122, 178 Jones, Terri 70, 154, 191, 197 Jones, 138, 189 Jordan, David 109, 185 Jordan, Linda 109, 178 Jordan, Terry 83, 122, 178, 197 Joberg, Don 122 JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 70 Junker, Blanche 154 Juraschek, Lynn 122, 178, 194 Justice, Ruth 138, 188 Kallman, Marv 193 Kalter, Martha 138, 186, 191, 193 Kamman, Ronald 109 Karl, Joanne 122, 171, 178, 186 Karl, Philip 154 Karls, Mark 109, 169, 183, 197 Kashian, Sandra 154 Kastelein, Erna 164 Katausdas, Paul 138 Katauskas, Peter 122 Kauffman, Carol 138, 186 Kauffman, Maxine 154, 191 Kauffman, Thomas 154 Kay, Dwight 109, 172, 173 Kegg, Joyce 138 Keiter, Julia 138 Keller, John 138 Keller, Judith 164 Keller, Margo 109, 178, 194 Keller, Robert 109 Keller, Ronald 98 Keller, Stephen 138 Kempf, Stephen 79, 122, 193 200 Kent, Richard 109 KERYGMA 191 Kettinger, Deborah 154, 190 Kimmel, Ruth 138, 179 Kinda, David 138, 187 King, Jack 47, 80 King, Janet 196 King, William 154 Kinghorn, JoAnn 138, 185, 187 Kiteta, Ruth 138 Kitzmann, Kathleen 154, 180, 186 Klassen, Heather 109 Klinefelter, Larry 122, 178, 189 Klingensmith, David 122, 171, 181 Klipstine, Thomas 122 Klopfenstein, David 95, 172 Knappenberger, Kay 122 Knight, Alda 154, 180, 184, 190 Knight, Mary Beth 122, 178, 190, 193 Koppin, Elisabeth 40, 70, 123, 178, 195 Koehler, Karol 138 Koerner, Susan 71, 154, 196, 197 Koetz, Barbara 139, 171, 194 Kornfield, Bary 139, 197 Kornfeld, Marjorie 154 Koth, Rebecca 154 Kouwe, Donna 154, 185, 186, 188 Kovalska, Arlene 123, 173, 178, 193, 175 Kraus, Thomas 123, 178, 190, 191 Krause, Sheryl 154, 197 Kregel, James 154, 181, 189 Kroeker, Philip 51 Krueger, Amy 186, 187, 188 Krueger, Gordon 54, 180 Kubik, Carol 71, 123, 178, 186, 196, 197 Kuhn, Diane 109, 180, 197 Kuhn, Richard 123, 134 Kuhn, William 123, 134, 180 Kuhnle, Kaye 154 Kuhrt, Marilyn 155, 186 Kuiper, Klaas 51 Kukuk, Linda 33, 155, 188 Kull, Catherine 123, 178, 190, 194, 195 Kullberg, John 61 Ladd, Dennis 80, 123, 197 Laird, Nancy 155 Lake, Bruce 109 Lake, Vicki 162 Lampy, David 155, 189 Landis, Joy 71, 155, 173, 197 Lang, William 109, 184 Lantz, JoAnn 155 LaPelosa, Joyce 155, 182 Lapp, David 155 Lattin, Claudia 123, 178 Laughlin, Ruth 24, 185 Leach, Melvin 123, 171, 183, 190 Leach, Sharon 109, 171 Leaman, Melvin 79, 155, 181, 193 Lee, Carolyn 155 Lee, Herbert 51 Lee, 190, 178 Lehe, Carol 155, 183, 187, 190 Lehman, Jean 123, 178, 190, 196, 197 Lehr, Rhonda 139, 182, 186 Leipnitz, Korol 123 Liestner, Rhoda 139, 190 Lemons, Tod 155, 197 Lenger, Carol 109, 173, 176 Lepant, Elizabeth 155, 181, 186, 187 Lerew, James 155 Lewis, Chella 123 Lewis, Lee 155 Lewis, Robert 61 Lewis, Terry 53 Lewis, Timothy 139 Lick, Rita 155, 186 Liechtv, Ronald 139, 189 Lightfoot, Lynn 123, 168, 169 Lindell, Janice 139, 179, 195 Linder, Mary 123, 169, 173, 174, 175, 178, 182. 189 Linder, Thomas 109, 79 Linkenback, James 80 Linne, Peggy 155 Listenfelt, Cvnthia 130, 139, 172, 179, 193 LITERARY CLUB 173 Littlefield, Thomas 155 Littrell, Mary 139, 180 Livezev, Noble 124, 188 Livingston, Diane 155, 185, 186, 188 Livingston, Robert 155 Livingston, Wanda 116, 124, 172. 178, 186 Lixey, Kathleen 103, 109, 178, 194 Llovd, Susan 124 Lochiatto, Karen 109, 178 Loew, Nancy 124, 171, 182, 185, 178 Loewen, Catherine 163 Loewen, William 163 Loller, Constance 155 Long, Linda 139, 188 Long, Ronald 124, 170, 178, 197 Lonie, Da vid 139 Lortz, Peggy 139, 185. 188 Lowden, Barbara 139, 187, 195 Lowdermilk, Ruth 155 Luce, Daniel 155 Ludwick, Bradlev 69, 155 Luginbill, Carol 70, 124, 192, 197 Lundquist, Diane 109, 171, 178, 194 Luthy, Fred 51 Lyon, Ronald 155, 180 Macrae, David 156 Macy, Barbara 156 Maddox, Dorothy 124 Maddox, Raymond 124, 169 Maddox, Susan 156 MAJORETTES 187 Malcolm 139, 177 Malich, Karen 139, 179, 194 Mally. Harold 124, 193 Malmstrom, Richard 80, 139 Mandt, Martha 116, 124, 170, 192, 194 Manganello, Stephen 140, 193 Mann, Timothy 66, 156 Manning, Keith 140, 189 Manwell, Dixie 156 Marandet, Noe 140 Marino, Barrv 156 Markin, Douglas 156, 189 Martin, Nancy 140, 182, 186, 190 Martin, Rebecca 140 Marum, Douglas 79, 156 Masimer, Paul 156, 197 Matchette, Julia 124, 178, 190 Matchette, Richard 140 Mathew, Margaret 156 Mathis, James 57 Matson, Barry 72, 109 Maxwell, Robert 156 McBrayer, Thyra 156 McBride, Stephen 69, 140 McCabe, Martha 109, 181 McCall, Ava 124, 178 McCormick, Kathryn 110, 178, 194 McCracken, Ban 156 McCroskery, Bruce 84, 140 McCune, Sharon 193 McDaniel, Terry 156, 181 McFarland, George 156 McFarland, James 156 McGinnis, Robert 53 McGowan, John 61, 156 McGregor, Alice 140 Mclntyre, Samuel 156, 181, 193 McKane, Bonnie 110 McDay, Bruce 124, 169 McKay, John 140, 181 McKechnie, Nancy 116, 124, 176, 178, 182, 194 McLario, Sharolee 110 McLennan, Bonnie 156 McLennan, Don 140 McMinn, Gayle 124, 178 McMunn, John 157, 189 McMunn, Kathie 124, 178 McNulty, Gladys 110 McPherson. Rudy 157 McRoberts, David 110 Medel, Pamela 186, 190 Mehlberg, Edward 66, 157, 187 Mendenhall, Gordon 110, 128, 180 Messner, James 72, 80, 140 Metcalf, Joanne 157 Metcalf, Margaret 110 METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT 191 Metzger, Jane 141 Meyer, Kathryn 178 Michael, Cholis 164 Michael, Dwain 124 Michael, Janet 110, 186 Michel, lanet 157, 178, 197 Midgett, William 32, 33, 110 Midwood, Barry 141, 186 Mielke, Mary 157 Mikkelson, Dwight 53 Milev, Michael 110, 197 Milks, Joanne 141, 179 Miller, Charles 61, 157 Miller, Darvin 53 Miller, Diane 141, 176, 179, 193 Miller Josephine 162 Miller, Larry 124, 177, 181 Miller, 110, 180, 183 Miller, Lucy 141, 192, 194 Miller, Robert 157, 184 Miller, Ruth 157, 191 Miller, Suzanne 125 Miller, Vicki 125 Millhouse, Craig 141 Millspaugh, Grace 57 Minks, Marilyn 116, 170 Minks, Stanley 170, 184 Minnema, Michael 110, 180 Mistele, Carol 141 Mitchell, Sharon 157, 187 Modjeska, Martha 125, 170 Moeljono, Sri 141, 180, 190, 196 Mohler, Randy 80, 81, 110 Monce, Richard 157 Monette, Rebecca 110, 185, 186, 187, 191, 193 Montney, Dianne 141, 181 Mooney, Gretchen 141, 168, 187, 193. 194, 195 Moore, Betty 157 Moore, Cru ' g 157 Moore, Geor iann 141, 194 Moore, George 141 Moore, John 157 Moore, Naomi 91 Morford, Jeanne 110, 178 Morgan, David 125, 172 Morrical, Susan 141, 179 Moser, Gale 125 Moss, Janet 141, 173, 177, 179, 182 Moudy, Ann 110, 191 Mughmaw, Bruce 61 Muller, Richard 110 201 Mundell, Lawrence 157, 186 Murdock, Ruth 157, 196, 197 Murfin, Helene 125 Murphy, David 61, 82 Murphy, Linda 157 MUSIC CLUB 185 Myers, Barbara 141, 176, 179 Myers, Deborah 157 Myers Jean 71, 125, 196, 197 Myers, Lee 125, 178, 197 Myers, Richard 141, 189 Myers, Shirley 125 Nacey, Mary 156 Nahm, Gail 157, 197 Nanney, Sandra 157 Nasralla, Judith 125, 182, 190, 195 Nelson, Diane 157 Nelso n, Janet 157, 197 Nerstad, John 157 Neuroth, Joann 125, 170, 173, 174, 183, 184 Newell, Neal 61, 141 Newlin, Michael 141 Newman, Charles 92 Newson, Cathie 141, 179, 190 Nolten, James 141, 61, 197 Norder. Carol 157, 197 Norris, Richard 142, 197, 179 Norris, Thomas 142 Nussbaum, Carole 110, 173, 177, 178 Nussbaum, Elmer 54 Nussbaum, Stan 142,_171 Nussbaum, Susan 157 N strom, Karen 157 Oakley, Berford 53, 181 O ' Brien, Barbara 157 O ' Brien, Roger 54 Odle, Don 29, 47, 72 Ogg, Pamela 111 Ojeda, Larry 157, 180, 189 Oldham, Stephen 103, 111, 172, 72 Olic, Barbara 190, 184, 178 Olsen, Beverly 142, 194, 193 Olsen, Roger 157 Olson, Ellen 157 Olson, Grace 53 Olson, Richard 125, 157, 178 Olson, Rick 125 Oman, Kenneth 158, 191, 184 Omodt, Richard 142 Oosting, Kathrvn 142 ORCHESTRA 186 Ormes, Rickv 158, 76 Orr, Philip 158 Osberg, Dale 158 Osberg, Paul 120, 111 Osterhus, Judy 116. 125, 170, 194, 178, 192, 195 Osterlund, Andrea 158 Oswald, Danny 142 Ott, Goyle 142, 179, 187 Owen, Lavonne 162 Owen, Steven 142, 69, 197 Owsley, Randy 197 Page, Charles 165 Paist, John 125, 69, 197 Paltza, Lillian 142, 185, 192 Parks, Michael 125, 85 Parks, Michael R. 158, 193 Parks, Robert 181 Parlin, Darvl 158 Partlow, Luella 158, 190, 185 Pascoe, Peter 98, 35 Patterson, Anne 142, 190 Patterson, Dale 142 Patton, Jack 51 Paul, Sv ' dnev 158, 187 Pavkov, Robert 125, 61, 270, 197 Payne, Joyce 158 Peach, Elena 143, 183, 194, 193, 189 Peddie, Charles 143 PEMM CLUB 197 Pence, Joyce 130, 143, 194, 190 Perkins, Marcia 158 PERSONAL EVANGELISM 190 Peters, Carol 158 Peters, Janet 143, 170, 194, 179 Peterson, Barbara 143, 183, 194, 195, 179 Peterson, Jean 158 Peterson, Thomas 125, 172, 197, 178 Pflugh, Miriam 143 Phaiah, Robert 143, 181, 189 Phillips, Beverly 143, 173, 183, 179, 193 Phillis, Gayle 111, 173, 176 Pieschke, Janet 158 Pietrini, James 158 Pitser, Debbie 91 Pletcher, Mary Lou 158, 175 Plueddemann, Margaret 143, 186 Plummer, Robert 158 Poe, Elisabeth 54 Poland, Richard 111, 168, 172, 183, 184 Porter, John 111, 169 Postlewaite, James 126, 171 Potter, Neil 143, 185, 187, 188 Powell, Lawrence 158, 181 Powell, Michael 143 Pride, Mark 111 Prillwitz, Joseph 126 Pritchard, Lauriann 111, 171 Provinse, Judith 158 Pulley, Ruthann 93 Puntenney, Dee 126 Purcell, Charlotte 111 Pvle, Carlos 158 Pyle, David 113, 126, 181, 188 Pvle, Elizabeth 111, 178 Pyle, James 181, 188 Quick, Cynthia 58 Rae, Rosamond 196, 97 Ramsland, Arnold 126 Randall, Marilyn 111, 190, 184, 178 Randolph, Jessie 111, 173, 176 Ransbottom, Nancy 103, 111, 195, 197, 178, 70 Rasler, Barbara 111 Rathel, Orlena 111, 178 Rausch, James 111, 173 Ray, Stanlev 111, 189 Redding, Phvllis 143, 190 Rediger, Milo 88 Redmaond, Michael 143 Reed, James 158 Reeves, David 158, 76, 77 Regier, Dean 126, 33, 189 Reid, William 158 Reinert, Donald 111, 181 Reish, Rebecca 158, 183 Rich, David 126, 134, 197, 178 Rich, Diane 158 Richards, Jane 143, 170, 190, 179 Richards, Lynn 143 Richmond, Richard 143 Rickner, Gary 143, 66, 72, 73, 74 Rickner, Paul 165 Ridley, Charles 116, 126,26 Ridlev, Ellen 112, 181 Riegler, Lee 158, 172, 190, 193 Riehle, Karen 112 Rielel, Ruth 158 Rinebold, Bonnie 126 Ringenberg, William 53 Rinker, Joyce 126, 181 Rittenhouse, Roger 143 Roach, Charles 126, 197, 178 Roach, Dennis 143, 197, 179, 80 Robbins, Janet 126 Roberson, Walter 127, 178 Roberts, Judith 143, 195 Robertson, Calvin 76, 77 Robertson, Elaine 158 Robinson, Linda 158 Robison, Donna 144 Rocke, Jeffrey 158, 84 Rodgers, Beckv 158 Rohrer, Richard 72, 74 Romine, Joe 127, 61, 169, 197 Roney, Charles 158 Rood, Thomas 112, 80 Ropp, Deborah 158 Ropp, Harry 112 Rork,Paul66, 112, 180 Rorman, Linda 158 Roth, Albert 127, 168, 178 Roth, Mary 144, 178 Roth, Roger 54 Rousselow, Jessie 51 Row, Sandra 159, 197, 71 Roye, Frank 53 Roye, Linda 144 Rudicel, Carolyn 112 Ruegg, Stephen 127, 171 Ruenpohl, Susan 112, 194, 178 Rufenacht, William 159 Rumble, Robert 159 Rumley, Sarah 144, 194 Runyon, James 159 Rupp, Beverly 159, 194, 176 Rupp, Rebecca 144 Rupert, Judy 144, 196, 197, 193, 71 Rutledge, Marsha 97 Rutzen, Christine 159 Salisbury, Karen 112, 171 Salisburv, Lvnn 127, 197 Salsbery, Cv ' nthia 144, 179, 193, 186 Salsbery, William 127, 172 Salucci, Carol 144, 183, 179, 177 Salucci, Diane 159, 183, 190 Sampson, Donna 159, 190, 186 Sandberg, Joan 112, 194 Savidge, Sue 164 Schaible, Joan 112, 178 Schaub, Nancy 159, 169, 179 Scheib, Marv 159 Schilling, Gail 159, 179, 193 Schmidt, David 159 Schneider, Janet 159 Schnepp, Roger 72, 73 Schoenhals, Robert 159, 186 Scholl, Brian 159, 76 Scholz, Joanne 127, 171, 196, 197, 178, 71 Schopp, Rebecca 144, 182 Schreck, Pamela 127, 170, 196, 178, 71 Schultz, Ray 127, 134, 68, 69 Schwartz, Geoffrey 159 Schwartz, Ted 144 Schweickart, Jim 159 SCIENCE CLUB 180 Scott, Bonita 159, 197, 187 Scott, Susan 144, 185, 179 Scrafton, Jo Ann 127, 194, 178 Sears, Jean 127 Sears, Kathleen 112, 190 178 Sears, Suzanne 159 Sebert, Svlvia 159 Seelev, Karen 159, 187 Sellers, Mottie 88 Seward, Pamela 41, 144, 169, 194, 179, 192 Shaffer, Marvin 159. 186 Shaffer, Robert 112,85 Shallow, Donna 159 Shambo, Julie 159 Shank, Van 159 Sharp, Carol 113, 178 Sharp, Harry 113, 128 Sharp, Tames 180 Shaw, Herbert 113, 181, 192, 177 Shawver, Fern 97 Sheeslev, Renita 113, 181, 183, 185, 189 Sheley, Linda 127, 187 Shepard, Nancv 127, 178 Shepherd, Bruce 127, 185 Shepherd, Sandra 159 Sheppard, Ceorge 144, 181, 187, 189 Shields, Kerrv 159 Shields, Ruth Ann 127, 178 Shilling, Burnette 171, 191, 193 Shillinger. Carolvn 144. 194, 179, 193 Shinn, Vicki 127, 195, 178 Shippv, Alice 101 Shively, Ronald 159, 188 Shockey, Lavonna 90, 163 Shoemaker, Robert 144 Short, Janell 159, 180 Shotwell, Tames 159. 180 202 Shugart, Edith 144, 194 Shuler, Jill 113 Siders, Karen 159, 186 Siders, Kathryn 159, 186 Sieber, James 113, 84 Sims, Charles 51, 188 Sinclair. Gary 144, 188 Singleton, Mary 144 Siple, Robert 145 Sites, Sharon 159, 186 Sizemore, Douglas 113, 180 Skinner, Merrrfll 145, 72 Sloan, Douglas 159 Slusser, Linda 145 Smith, Beth 160, 190, 185, 193 Smith, Douglas 160 Smith, Frank 160, 61 Smith, Jon 160, 187 Smith, Marilyn 145 Smith, Paul 145, 187 Smith, Rebecca 160 Smith, Regina 113 Smith, Richard 130, 145, 193 Smith, Sharon 145, 185, 186 Smitter, Jane 127 Smitter, Roger 113, 183 Snare, Kenneth 145, 193, 187 Snelling, Dave 145 Snider, Joseph 113, 185, 186 Snow, Angela 145, 194, 179 Snow, Edward 160 SOC-PSY-ETY 181 Soen, Jerry 160 Soldner, Janice 127, 171, 178 Soldner, Linda 160 Solomon, Sheila 173, 194, 185 Sonnenberg, Nancy 145 Soper, Kenneth 127, 173, 174 SPANISH CLUB 182 Sparks, Carolyn 145, 182, 70 Spatig, John 145 Spaulding, Janice 160, 184, 179, 177 Spicuzza, Paul 51 Spiegel, Julie 145, 179 Spillers, Howard 185, 186, 187 Spina, Carole 145, 173, 196, 185, 188, 175 Spotts, Linda 127, 180, 190 Spreckles, Margaret 160, 184 Sprout, Teresa 113, 197, 178 Sprunger, Joy 145 Sprunger, Lana 145, 179, 186 Sprunger, Patrick 146, 186 Sprunger, Sandra 160 Sprunger, Thomas 146 Stahl, Cari 160 Staight, Martha 113, 171, 197, 178 Standridge, Leonard 160, 184, 186 Stanley, Virginia 91 Stauffer, Charles 160 Stauffer, Christian 114, 197, 178, 193 Stebbins, Barbara 114, 192 Steinbarger, Lee 146 Steinbraker, Robert 160 Steiner, Terry 187 Stern, Donna 160 Steury, Wesley 160 Stevens, Diana 128, 188 Stevens, Nettie 164 Stevens, Val 128, 61, 64 Stewart, Bernita 160, 190 Stewart, Janice 160, 197 Stewart, Robert 98, 79 Steyer, Hilda 51 Stobie, Lois 160, 193, 189 Stone, Ernest 146 Stone, Katherine 160 Stone, Martha 146, 196, 197 Stone, Stephen 181, 175 Stone, Susan 146, 179, 193 Stonebreaker, Valerie 160 Stoneburner, Patricia 160, 191, 186, 71 Stoops, Dee Ann 128 Storm, Walter 146, 180 Story, Thomas 128, 168, 173 Stout, Jean 95 Stout, Kenneth 114, 169 Stover, Russell 128 Streit, Dwight 160 Stricklett, Steven 160 Strycker, Mona 160, 181 Studebaker, Hilda 51 STUDENT UNION BOARD 172 Sumner, Timothy 114, 80 Suter, Eugene 146, 61 Svendsen, Rita 160, 185 Swan, Kenneth 51 Swaney, James 80, 81 Swinson, Lois 128 SYMPOSIUM DIALECTICUM 183 Sypolt, Rachel 146, 147, 179 T-CLUB 197 Taggart, John 128, 79 Talbott, Jimmy 160 Tatsch, Byron 160, 180 TAYLOR ART GUILD 185 Taylor, Charles 72, 73 Taylor, Edwin 146 Taylor, Howard 116, 128, 134, 61, 197 Taylor, Kenneth 114 Taylor, Linda 146, 168, 183 Taylor, Lonna 160, 197 Taylor, Paul 160, 185, 187 Taylor, Russell 146 Terhune, John 128 Terjung, Joan 146, 170, 197, 191 Thomas, Donna 146 Thompson, Darrell 114, 168 Thompson, Louise 160, 191 Thornburg, Cathv 160 Tichenor, Carl 160, 69 Tickner, David 80, 61 Timmerman, Ronald 160 Tindall, John 61 Tobias, Joseph 187 Tompkins, Donna 179 Toombs, Byron 114 Townsley, Wayne 128 Trapp, Richard 114, 185 Travis, Marene 114 TROJAN PLAYERS 184 TROJANES 71 Troxell, Mary 146, 179, 33 Trump, Amy 146, 195, 179, 186 Tucker, Bernie 101 Tucker, Cecil 146, 171 Tucker, Sharon 181, 182 Turner, Christopher 146, 168 Turner, Richard 114, 170, 173, 183 Ulm, Steven 114,82,197, 178 Valberg, Julius 51 Valutis, Ernest 97 Van Alden, Barbara 195, 190 Van Dam, Ronald 57, 61 Van Deusen, Leslie 128 Van Harlingen, Jane 114, 171, 181 Van Ornum, Ann 129, 194, 191, 189 Van Poucker, Linda 146 Van Til, Evelyn 51 Van Yperen, Jack 61 Van Yperen, Richard 61 Vance, Sandra 128, 169 Vanzant, Jane 46, 178, 179 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 70 Vastbinder, Carol 129, 190, 178 Veth, Richard 187 Vischer, Mike 129 Walker, Fay 190, 179 Walker, Marilyn 51,173 Walker, Ruth 129, 185, 189 Wall, Larry 171 Wallace, Stephen 129 Wanless, Brain 186 Warner, Brian 129, 197, 178 Warnock, Ann 129 Warren, Marcia 129, 194, 195, 178 Waterfall, Kim 129, 171, 183, 175 Waterfall, Thomas 189 Watson, Gary 115 Watson, Gregory 129, 174 Watts, Patricia 147 Webb, Douglas 115,32,33 Webb, Gayle 147, 191, 193 Webber, Charles 41, 115, 180, 177 Weed, Lois 57 Weiss, Lee 127 178 Weltz, Kermit 147, 69 Wendt, Patricia 127, 178 Wenger, Dale 56 Wenzel, Susan 115, 171, 191, 193 Westerberg, Anita 193 Weyrauch, Meegan 147, 179 White, Liana 147 White, Michelle 98 Whitehead, Barbara 182, 193 Whitehead, Robert 161, 173 Whitehouse, David 161 Whiteman, Curtis 115, 188 Whiteman, Steven 161 Whittaker, Carol 115 Whittaker, Donald 115,61 Whittaker Douglas 147 WHO ' S NEW STAFF 173 Wikoff, Patricia 161, 164 Wilcox, Nancy 115, 170, 183 Wilcox, Rebecca 186 Wilcox, Stephen 115 Willeke, Johnthan 161 Willett, Walter 129 Williams, Christina 147 Williamson, Paul 147, 185, 186, 189 Willis, Terry 161, 79, 189 Wills, Suzanne 161,70 Wilson, Charles 51 Wilson, Lee Ann 161 185, 186 Wilson, Martha 161, 178, 70 Wilson, Nancy 161 Wilson, Phillip 115 Wilsoon, Rebecca 147, 186 Wilson, S. Mark 129 Wilson, Timothy 115 Wise, Joseph 161 Witchex, Virginia 163 Witmer, Paulette 161, 196, 197, 71 Witmer, Robert 115, 103, 173, 178, 177 Witte, Connie 115, 103, 172, 192 Wittenborn, Linda 115, 193 Wolf, Carol 115, 178 Wolfe, Nancy 147, 179, 186 Wolfe, Robert 56 Wolfe, Nancy Carol 71 Wolgast, Joy 130, 147 Wolgemuth, Robert 115, 128, 191, 192, 188 WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION 196 Wonderly, Pamela 161 Wood, Carol 147 Wood, Vida 56 Woodcock, Mary 147 Woodrow, Charlotte 147, 33 Wort, Joan 161 Wortz, Jerry 115 Wright, Carol 161, 185, 186 Yantiss, John 129, 69, 197 Yarnell, Erlyne 147, 188 Yerke, Carolyn 129, 194, 195, 178, 188 Yoakum, Larry 129 Yocom, Ruth 147, 191 Yoder, Timothy 161, 76, 77 Yost, Wallace 161 Young, Deborah 129, 194, 178 Young, Joan 185 Young, Paula 129, 170, 190, 193 YOUNG REPUBLICANS 189 Young, Ruth 161 Young, William 128, 25 Youngblood, John 161, 186 Youngstrom, Richard 115 YOUTH CONFERENCE CABINET 192 YOUTH FOR CHRIST 193 Zimmerman, Gordon 90 Zimmerman, Merna 115, 173, 178, 176 Zimmerman, Roger 61, 197, 84 203 MOORE ' S FOODLAND Upland, Indiana " We appreciate Your Patronage " Phone 992-2949 B MOTEL STATE ROADS 9-37-15 MARION, INDIANA 46952 TELEPHONE 317-664-0501 ® ELECTRIC RADIANT HEAT COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED CABLE TV— 12 CHANNELS AND RADIO CREDIT CARDS — Midwest Bank; American Express Diners Club MARATHON STATION and SNACK SHACK Appreciates Taylor University Will - Gene - Francis home of the plaid beret Come As You Are HUNGRY Kern Road and By Pass Marion, Indiana GOOD STUFF CAMPUS FASHIONS South Main Street at the T. U. Campus Upland, Indiana MILTON ' S CLOTHES " The STORE with STYLE " East Side of Square Marion, Indiana You ' ll like doing business with MARION NATIONAL BANK Marion, Indiana It ' s the things we leave out of a Volkswagen that make it work so well. We leave out the radiator. So the engine will never boil over or freeze and leave you stranded somewhere. (Don ' t worry. It ' s air-cooled) We leave out the water hoses and water pump, too. Still fewer parts to break down and leave you stranded. We leove out the drive shaft. You know: the long bulky thing that transfers power from the engine up front to the drive wheels in back. (Always losing a little power along the way.) Instead, we put the engine in back, right over the drive wheels. Where it ' ll put its power right to work moving the car. As soon as we can think of something else to leave out, we ' ll leave it out. Justas soon as we can decide on the best place not to put it. 704 QUALITY CLEANERS PHONE j 346-2222 204 W. MAIN- HARTFORD CITY, IMD. Tta Fricn lly One. T FULL V FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN MARION Main Office 3rd Washington Streets South Marion Branch Northwest Branch West Marion Branch 30th S. Adams Sts. Johnson St. By-Pass 2nd Miller Ave. IZIA KliVGj TAYLORed to your taste 1226 N. Walnut 348-0040 Hartford City Complete Home Furnishing Decorating Service HOOVER NEEDLER FURNITURE CO. 119 W. Washington Hartford City Established Over 65 Years McDonald ' s is your kind of place. Marion, Indiana CUcDonaJtl s Corp i HARTFORD HARDWARE CO. Plumbing — Heating — Supplies Kelvinator Appliances — Maytag W D Paints — Hardware — Gifts Hartford City Ph. 348-3280 Compliments of WEAVER POPCORN CO. and B L POPCORN CO. Van Buren, Indiana JOHN ' S AWFUL-AWFUL Drive-!n Incorp. Highway 3 — South of Hartford City 809 W. McGalliard Rd, Muncie, Ind. The HOME of . . . AWFUL BIS . . . AWFUL BIG SANDWICHES Complete Carry Out Service Ph. 348-4360 THE UPLAND GREENHOUSE Flowers by Johnson ' s " Flowers for all Occasions " 125 E. Berry St. Ph. 998-7142 205 The DEAF A largely overlooked mission field — at home and abroad. Why not include them in your Prayer, Church-meeting, Sunday School and Missionary outreaches? AMERICAN ALPHABET USED BY THE DEAF Compliments of the Christian UlidSion for oDeaf tfricani P.O. Box 1452 Detroit, Michigan 48231 UPLAND SERVICE STANDARD S. Main St. UPLAND Jim Gore LASKY ' S SHOE STORE We Appreciate your Patronage North Side of Square in Marion Congratulations To The Graduating Seniors TAYLOR UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE Where You Can Patronize With Confidence. SOUTH SIDE OF SQUARE MARION INDIANA " Prepare to be Pampered " ?06 S.W. Corner of Square Hartford City Ph. 348-2700 DISCOUNT VAL CENTER —STORE HOURS— Mon. Thru Thurs. and Sat. 9 am to 8 pm; Fri. 9 am to 9 pm OPEN SUNDAYS 10AM-8PM North Side Square Hartford City BRANDT JEWELER ' S DIAMOND CENTER Your Gift 502 S. Washington Headquarters And Jewelry Marion, Ind. Dear Senior of 1969, tnTj C ° " 9 , ratu ' ate ou f n our academic achievement and take great pleasure in welcomina vou to a devoted and un.que family, the Taylor University Alumni Association welcoming you We are confident that you will use your education and your spiritual maturity for the aood of £ £££ . We ° " ° ls ° ■ - " - ,h ° ' J " b — « s £M ZZ«!uX3 ° riC " " PUrPOSefU ' lif6 ° S °» P " « " - ■ - - - — y „ ur TAYLOR UNIVERSITY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Dr. Lee K President The UPLAND BANK p o eo« tea UPLAND, INDIANA 46969 " Growing By Serving ' E ah d po«ltor Innnd to «1 0OO FDIC Mi Hi, DirOllI IN1UUNCI .. ' .■.. ' .- UPLAND DRUGS • School Supplies • Stationery • Cosmetics • Prescriptions A Specialty • PIZZA UPLAND DRUGS 998-2151 ■207 World Gospel Mission WGM is an interdenominal missionary society with 240 missionaries serving in 16 areas of the WORLD. TAYLOR GRADUATES They are very effectively serving with WGM. SUMMER CAREER CORPS Under this, students may visit a WGM field and engage in missionary work for two months. Students from Taylor have participated. FURTHER INFORMATION May be secured from World Gospel Mission, Marion, Indiana. Compliments of Upland Bakery Co. Fritz Vogel Owner ' Visit our new retail store ' Open 7 Days A Week Upland, Ind. 998-2986 live a tittle ! Da i rL| Oueen DAIRY QUEEN BRAZIER 505 W. Main GAS CITY, IND. 674-4356 PHONE 998-2539 Dick Howard Ford Sales has a better idea MUSTANG • FALCON • FAIRLANE TORINO • FORO THUNDERBIRD • BRONCO • FORD TRUCKS DICK HOWARD OWNER 205 NORTH MAIN UPLAND INDIANA LENNOX Heating and Air Conditioning Electronic Air Cleaners — Humidifiers — Water Heaters. Mobile Home — Heating and Air Conditioning — Sales and Service. Greeno ' s Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. 3409 ' 2 S. Western Ave. Marion, Indiana 674-4769 Ideas do not come from turning on and off a brain. Ideas come from living a lot ... in tune with our environment and time. NORM COOK STUDIO Taylor Portrait Photographer Anderson, Indiana 502 West 1 1th Street— P.O. Box 85D Phone 317-644-4532 208 I il iVi ' i I : :: J.!, ' " ' I III la ' I II Jl ' ' ill I I ' 111!

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