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 - Class of 1954

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j -1 'f ,., . ,lb - l 17" ic ff ,E V, A ,, b'b'j fx ' :U 41' 2 f If U ,flu ,y I K- . M VM . 1 I U X 1. dn: ,f .. aagnfvtig ,L-0 , , gx ,, - Cl. .jx L,-f ff., ? NV j ,fd-'nfl J Q ff' ' ,029 ' A 1 'H-"V irlfx hy? A 1 if 111 ' ' ff 1 I N -v L X ' Q -V V 'l : " fb 2 f A F 3 H" ,V V 'V sw ,4 1 Q I .I , ff: lf V x fi L 11 ' I J 1' i 11 , vig, 1 JD A 4 J' ,OJ f -c dl ,I "'A fi. .-" 7"V7',L"6""' 1 'I ,f X if - QNX, fL !4,f' if ' ,L ' . , AL , 4 L, Pb ' iv v1 L,L4ff4' ,l fwfr! iff . - . V X' K ,J V--" C, l N. , 1 kcfffqt 1 wmfv, W W N 1 ' ff i ex 4 M Gif x L N L Q W M N 1 wp , QW . A Rus H , MEM MQ W7 JW LN' XF 95 04, Q.. ""fi1"3h fl W Q 'W , 'U r .,, , f Q- Q - Q Q Q fl Q -Q QQ H Q Q Q. Q v Q Q Q. ,Q W, 1' QQQ:"tgLu ' ' T ,wha-r'Qh. .Q -Q: M11 Q. . Q Q '?45fgQQQ- L 1 sri! Q?::.Q -4,QQr:Q,:Q Q1' Q-QQ: QQ'155fi 'L Q .QQ Q Q bm 4 Q QQQAQQ 1 'Q.QQ: Q W QQ Q 475' ' !7,! W' Q . E I :E 4? A .Q f Q51 5. Q Q Q T 4 Q Q Q Q Q Q P Q 1 Q Q i :Q , Q QQ . Q Q, i my ,A M ' Q , MmyyQ .1:w A if Mgfilggf Qj j"'LLfQvQ H gg ' QL xx,Y4l1,'3"'dt,1m K, L .Q 1VQJ J,Q.3 ,-M Q. .- Qu .Q Q 'Q -'Qu 'Q -4 M- Q- -Q-Q 'Q L- 'Q . QQ "C':. ?'J:'Q Q I, QQ, QQ Q fx Q ' "11'6fQ' Z X: Q Q'WL --r fc -,' Q Q? Qi -g:Q".-wwf Q , . 219. Q 4 MQ- QQ., Q QQ ,. QQ: Q,',ggg4'QjgQQaQ , 4 ,Q 3'N 'Q Q" " 'W Q' "Q'gfQJ" Q Q' .Q .J ,Q ,Q Q Q Q :QQ 1 Q Q-g U - Q Q Q ' .Hwy gh QM-QQQQ ,Qin 'P-QQFSQQ-'pf-'i. Qi' Q Q. ' 'MQ . '. .Qx..Q ' i2'r:f5. 'I Q ku 14, MN' Q' ' rw, gqu 1 0 ,gf Q ' Q- H Q W QQQQQT ,jQ..,.11 1 Q ' Q , M' M' me-Q-MQ QQ.:Q' 'FQ Q QQQZQQ: 5" 3 'U ll ' e.W'fQ?5 ,, 1 1f7pxgLn: Q'QL Qw'-.HQ1 ' QQ Q" -Q , Q M QQ W wa I-f-, Q'Q -:QQ Q Q QQ Qi - -Q r - UQJB: "m1,Q.-Jw :' QQ1,. Q Q' 1 31 .Q vi- mag Qiwji :MM ,W 1 Nz.: 1 My WS,?,.- the Q ?:,w1v Jag J Q Q Q Q I 54 wi il Qf2Qp3ffEE-ffQs'Q5 ' l'QQi25,'l:MQf f' 3 '-'iQQ- 1+ Q Q Q Q.. mm ,5 Q 1 ' , ,QF W 55 if E V 5 5 R S 5 x f 5. 5, 4 ,, E 55 1 , z f, rf ,L 4 I s 2+ E is i if '5 Ea L, 1 , 5' I A ia X i 3 F if 'rs 4? b Z X1 " 9 ,V ,AAL JV -I 1 L. xl' 'V I 195 off r Y ' L J u L IA r1JbJJ!fj,J W , ,, .JI I J V' fy x ,JJ A ,1' F Iliff I iv A li 'lt ufjqukrxw JK 'G X .xjv XJ' pi! -----f" A,- . V 'HQ Z x ' 6 ff ' ' 4 f 9 f 4 W Q 9 dwg Q Z all fm W 4 fwfff f , fav Q2 an QM I ,Wi UBB- 7 4? ZZ 7 Hua?-K E-:JCHCDD TQQLDQ xg? ,WML-DR ,Tr-L 100 HW W You're typical THS students--making fun out of work--sharing interests--never worrying--much--enjoying school but hating to admit it- -studying some--enough to get by. You're all typical Ducks--going out for sports 100010--football and basketball crazy--yelling your lungs out, win or lose--that winning spirit's just a part of you--you think your school's got the best of everything. You're typical Taylor teens--catching on to each new fad-- liking denims, suedes, taps, cat blouses--but changing to glamor when it fits the occasion--going steady--needing friends-- real friends to confide in. And so, since you have all these qualities, be they good, bad, or otherwise, we dedicate this 1954 MALLARD to you, THE STU- DENTS OF TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL. Board 0f Sdufation HAROLD JOHNSON Chairm an . is WILSON FOX JOE BURRUSS PAUL WATSON Vice Chairman Secretary Assistant Secretary HOWARD LINDELL LOUIS KINCL HENRY PUMPHREY Mfg, 'im me ko , W1 ei , one A Dem rhaiaio Suki , Om esgexxeooes ,Yoke a sxeaonq hovxioq, Xav-e oi out Xxie owm ive wlaxeas me sqooow and Sogoe oi Qoege eacoexxeoges 'owe 'oeeo gaoxiioawj meeoioe Ko abs 'o00Y- so ewo oi os mai aeqoegivoes out most oewgoc NX Hives , 'Yo qoo, we sztii . wo ine sooosos , We Oieeiwq, oi Qiixs boom 'ons been a qoeqooxabxe e-1-Qexkeooe. 100, Wow ww aoq ooe , goooXo'ov4e s seoge oi Qtioe. 'Qoexe is oo oeeo so ooogsaxoxaxe goo, as Qois wok xs nes'-Xqooo-1 no goo: eo- oesioti. Xie , 'dub owe a 'genes ox Xessex voxe xo was egeaxxoo, ieeX 0 6936990 q,q,p5oesS vfoffo -de ,ee out acooqoohgtt- vena: or X969 soxe so 'oeiose ao odoxa-,eo eqe. Mme movq el-ekooe poi wings, 'oovoqs gcrooox exgemxeooes xe- sobvpfb weep we ,Ar-9'p.Y9 . Ed 'mxX1 qooxs '9.6 . Oivoxv dooxoax wake Y '4 ag! Coagralblatioas and boys and girls of T year. T120-Ye 11638 good aylor 11' traits of , and 011' abolr 172 be Ivzsbes are Ig!! S0110 Ioya lzelzslzi I GUY 6 Ppille e-rte ol 15 19a P J'0 ccolry ' ss 311 llrllz Dded I' 6 Ve coope ll bel' P11811 Q' strc g we to F11 ry su ratio e e 'bent cess ' years B e ccesslill 11, puqposefble klgibited lla ve brolr s lvlzic-12 WH! bri 111 the lzelv roles alzeafl est Ivrlvbes. Sbf ag added you lv!!! a-Xsvfhe SIUCGIGQQ T. Q 1011113011 Superrbteodeat of S4-boob ROSS BALDWIN Physical Education Pt Eiaculiy MRS. ROY CAMBLIN Latin, History TROY CA MPION A griculture JAMES C OON Art, Industrial A rt .,,.4,4,,,1 if rl l-., .-n,,1. 5 ,WA , .K RIC HARD CREWS Science MRS. R.E. DOLAN Commercial Subjects W.C. DUNCUM D.E. CHARLES EA STERW OOD English, Speech MISS MILDRED GOFF Health, P.E. MISS LOUISE GORMAN Music DON HAMMOND Counselor MISS LAVERNE HEINE Office MRS, ETHEL HODGE Librarian Sfaculty MRS. FRANCES LEE Language Arts RUSSELL LEW IS Band MISS RUTH MANTOR English and Journalism MRS. EVELYN MORAN Language Arts MISS BEATRICE MCKINLEY English, Spanish MRS. I.K, MCWHORTER Math MRS . I. ROHLACK Office RICHARD SHERLEY Physical Education MISS MYRA SMYRE History MRS . FRANK SVOBODA English DOUGLAS THAMES Science, P.E. MRS. L.A . WILDER Arithmetic MISS FLOY JONES Homemaking 1 T ag SHUOV5 3+ 4. WW v iff! bg? W ,L 4. 's 2 4J'ZlG4 if , . ,aw QM .2 Q?"x52."'l?',7j'E?:f2-'5""5'f eww . Tx ve""" . 'Q , AM, L1"N:"'F':' -1 iff f"'f my: 4 4, g 4Af4. W gs as cgi? s-:ww kwa? A72 My 1 Q 5 bm, gb F, W gpm 3, 4'1" g Cty,-V h X J - ' I .Q PM , ws if A fyM if VW? Atiigx v jk ' I A 4 Sam-Kyo mm V Q 9"""'a'9'f"' QE ,Maw fy sa gf 6 X 0 ' f f'1"T' MV'3l t Qgg A' U WA fi mjfff , W A ZW! M QtD -425524, x ' R 'H H gf' JV QQ' f X ' W Q ,QL W' 1,3 N D , A , 4 .eg f gwwx wes Fx 1- 777n1!:ff"""' of ' 3 igaggfl vb - ,ga K Iv Mia 4 Caw54u-54ww ' 131634 Mm ,Q"f1" i ', ef" Inf , I A isrfffjghv Wy! wif . pen cw gg! , . Of+47fzJ444f4f,,,.,, may if 'fxfw bfizww , f 4.4" - A . r.rZ66 ,oo gm! ,474 Jdjcdtevyzifs ffdfc X M 1 C165-L! v, L Qlpfvulf -ff DOROTHY BACHMAYER "Ring on her hand, man on her mind." Quiet Dot has invited us all to taste her cooking soon as she's married. IOANN BARRETT BETTY JEAN BARTZ IACQULYN BINGHAM Ioann's serene and friendly smile, She's slow motion personified, our Soft voiced Jackie is outstanding and her kindness toward all, have not-so-dumb blonde who spends all in all she attempts--from short- given us a chance to know and like her extra time doing nothing. hand to spiking a mean volley- her, ball. HELEN BOWER Sincere. dignified, and most beautiful--and even more than that, a friend to treasure. JAMES EREZIK PAUL cAmuzALEs Senior Thespian, most decorated If curly-haired Paul isn't at the band member, "Breezy" will some TIMES, look for him out riding day take Mr. Lewis' place. around in his Plymouth. L PERRY COX BARBARA CZIMSKEY Suede belts--smittys on his car-- Pert, blonde, assistant editor of the basketball ace--first class baritone Cotton Boll, Babs has got courage --that's our TCU-bound Uncle plus and is really on the ball. Mose. KENNETH DAVIS YVONNE DAVIS Charging in his '39 Dodge, con- Von, a real bopster with model ducting class meetings, or playing build, and soft warm eyes, has a hot sax--that's Senior Prexy that true Aggie spirit. Kenneth. MARY ANN CARSWELL Taylor l-ligh's nightingale with the laughing brown eyesg she's great at the "88." SHE-Z 5-WO o"42 5-2 'H ..,,ag :waz 'U-o5'7g :"E'Wt-' .9.::r.':.'-4 oo-ez U91w'-'- v::gU -oo. 3. D' 'fm 'gggr' sgges O-H121 :::'2.C3 S-'nil' eg? I RUBEN FECHNER Big feet, a bigger smile, and a still bigger heart--none other but food fiend, hotshot drum major " Rub . " ALBERT FRITCHER Cool, calm, and collected. capg- , ble Studerivdofuncfl Preicyf Yxrcfef. serves much of the credit for THS' first successful homecoming. -"""2: If -49 M F LEONARD GILLELAND SHIRLEY GREEN NORMA GUENZEL A friendly wolf in sheep's clothing, Her lovely soprano voice should A future WAF, "Pee Wee" never "Junior" is a whiz on the courts help her reach her goal in life--to tires of barbecue, boys, pretty Q basketball and tennisj. have her name in lights. clothes, or Oldsmobiles. 5 - Q ELAINE HAMMACK DELORES HODON ROBERT HOLT Forgetful, witty. laughter-loving. That diamond from Leroy on "Dode "Hey, let's have a game!" Joni James' fan, talented organist Hode's" left hand means home- Besides being a domino shark, Holt and artist--that's versatile Elaine. making will be her lifetime job. is a mathematical genius--100 problems in 10 minutes! RANDOLPH HUBER Big and blonde, with muscles galore! That's Randy. Beware girls--he's going steady. NAOMI HUNKA LINDA JONES DOROTHY KASPAR Beauty, brains, beaus, and a help- Proof of Lind's dependability is the For lessons on how to be happy, we ful finger in every pie--that's our fact that she 's served as secretary recommend Dorothy. She seems to Valedictorian of ' 54. of almost every club in school. radiate sunshine and warmth. 4 PAT KELLY WAYNE KROPP MAURICE KUBAN An Irishman--minus the fiery temper At ease wherever he is, Vejnn, a School'd sure be a dull place with- --good-natured Pat seldom argues-- handsome teasing lad, ranks fore- out this wise-cracking, practical except in Geometry class. most among the Seniors. joker nicknamed " Moose. " GLADYS LENZ In the grandstand yelling for Bobby, or out on the volleyball court her- self, she's a bundle of energy. Q -'U as-sr.. LESLIE LOESSIN HOMER LUMPKIN RAMONNA MARTINKA Cheerful. well-behaved HKSIOSCHS- " Usually seen buzzing about in his Who could ask for more than an who plans to be a mechanic. is al- Hudson and offering rides, Homer's up-swept hair-do, attractive clothes, ways ready I0 lend a helping hand- also a whiz at the piano. and lady-like ways? BETTY MATTECK RAYMOND MIKULENCAK IESSIE NAVARRO With her winning ways and scholastic A real cool cat, "Mick" has got the Fun-loving Jessie does have his standing, she'll probably end up best collection of bop records in serious side--he is an industrious president of TSCW. town--besides having a great line! DE student with a big heart. JACK Our Senior super shoe salesman with the dancing feet loves music and is a trombone specialist. CORRINE POLDRACK "Wissie, " the pride of the com- mercial classes, is going to make some lucky man an excellent steno grapher . MARY NAVARRO With her genuine love for people and that big grin, Mary's certain to be a wonderful nurse. CHERRILL PETERS NANCY PFLUGER Beauty, brains, and a determination The bouncy blonde with the bub- to win--"Annabel1e, " a twirler de- bling ways, Pef's known for her luxe. is just crazy about farming. "ducks" and her love for choco- late malts. SYLVIA PONTON RAYMOND RAEZ Her keen sense of humor we couldn't A born practical joker, he keeps the do without--San Marcos bound, Syl- bookkeeping class busy laughing-- via can really take the teasing. he's also the proud owner of a new Ford. f'vQ. ff' SHIRLEY RAESZ That gleam in her eye has something to do with a Fort Hood fellow--could it be serious? wrists ,0' Y""O X PATRICIA REMMERT A terrific all-year tan, short blond hair, first class tennis player--that could only be "Onion. " -wi i INEZ SCHILLER With all her friends, how can her nickname still be "Lonesome?" -A L L 5 2 LARRY RYDELL Renown for his Jerry Lewis imitation, long, lanky Larry, hot-shot of the court, is a real favorite among his classmates. SHIRLEY SCHIRPIK Nw ' s DORIS SANDER Her ambition will assure her future happiness: to do whatever she attempts wholeheartedly and gladly its JOYCE SCHOENER NiX0n'C13Y Business College Naturally curly black hair, and marriage are next on Shirley's life agenda. pleasing disposition, smart as a whip--that's Joyce. LILLIAN SCHROEDER Snobbish people give her a pain, but give her some fried chicken. hillbilly music to dance to, and she 's happy. 1- ,13 1, . ..,... 'I 4 .W R. at JIMMY Two loves has this 6'4" easy-going Frank Sinatra of KTAE--basketball and a certain special Sophomore. I A ia . , We ' .TAY SCHULTZ REGINALD SHAPER Broad smiles, Texas drawl, happy Flat-top, taps on his shoes. blue walk--that's Jay. THS Hillbilly denims, Reggie will make a pre- artist. Eddy Arnold, move out! cious Aggie--or so the girls think! Jay's on his way! ff! DOLORES SILVA BOBBY TOWNSEND MICHAEL WOODS Journalistically inclined, Dolores Athlete supreme Bobby got a bigger What has been left unsaid about can crack the hardest math problem kick out of being selected FHA world-traveler Mike? He has our or put out the Cotton Boll with equal sweetheart than anything else. highest praise and admiration. 2858. kun, L15 Ja 979 D 1 . NA ., .,.,, W wa 'K 5 Q sy IW, ,Y gf' 3 ' H' X P Q 'X 0 X , K 4' -X 1 . I my . .r QA- X -PV -.Qmzx A Qt, K L - X, Q x .K EB ,,4vn2F 5 ,V I vhe Sbhoener TH, L l 'he "Com wh ' ' L 5 . in lx K Y 4 s 'X ' ' Q if . .' . g , Q Drandina Time, x - . s- Y ' rf-mx -P05125 gpovinw I KM swag'-X' Ax Zi, . A H " :IAF Q- 'fx .'j M xi Q-K, 5 W! Vlox LQOF N Samgbgq q,,,4-cd , . D N 52 sg 'Q ,V Q? R vs X WLffG'.1r:fw.'v' Q' DKK, Fm C .KN 1-,,, up ww-141 -mu. -nv. 5 . i .1 PC, ff-as , I 0-5.- 11 MIN 7 fmt, , . 14 J 5! 1 L I ,Q Q Fecf Ji' be ri I , r fi H 1 - I I Q e R'?e"i'ff-:1+'gI7 J' J wr-J E'-3' 'e 7 C UM B 5 A vb . cover 144117 fif! of X x fl Sweg, 485 ' wxz - J Q -,ji Q Aa? Y 'ir ' ' -elf fx SAX I ilxyx rf' w VP' o,d ? N I-rl 0 ...I GLENN RAY ADA MEK Y .. I ROBERT BAKER V ,IC 'vi' -14' F. mv' X "ll, X-.M , yn , . yj ROBERT BRA UN 4X5 Ar, 1? 1 A xfhf ,f lin: MARY IO ANDERSON l NELDA BARRON 494 xxx f' n 2 i JAMES BREWSTER A I AUGUSTINA BASULTO A-.riff BOBBY BRYAN BARBARA BOUDNY 1 , ,..I A DAVIDBURNS UF 55 ii THOMAS BUZAN HQ N ,ff HARRIET CROMWELL FRANCES EBNB2 MARY LU FINDEISEN 2, I 7w6j0 CHARLENE FORBES CAROL GILLELAND ANITA GRAY f 3 V j k nf' S S ii X. - k , W W CHARLES RAY CARLOW GARLAND FONTAINE IEA N GUYOT BARBARA JO HAYS 1,5 It ll I I n DONALD JAY HUGHES L ix LJ A LIC E HODON VELMA JA COBSON x 1 SHIRLEY JONES JOHNNY KOLLMAN TEDDY KREBS ALVIN KUBALA FLOYD KUHL MARIE LADEWIG KAY LA NDRUM SYDNA MAE LAURENCE BETTY LAWHON JAMES LUDWIG Y - JAMES MASSAR JUANITA MAXWELL KERMIT MEISTER NANCY LANGSTON 1 jf" ia I .ff W E , P. -. JAMES MAREK " Q' 7 'X GENE MEYER BETTY JO MILES G- - BERNARD MCMAKIN 15? 413 ,W v ESTHER O'CAMPO MARTHA MCALPINE l,,..,0 DON MCMURRY DORIS NELSON My BOBBY PLOWMAN VELMA POKORNY 1 SAM NETTLES .as ' 1-9' Lkx . 3' S Q 5 HARVEY RAEZ UF SS 3 MARY L. RATHKE GORDON RYDELL X HAROLD SANDERS MARCELLA SCHOENER WALLACE SEGGERN DONALD LEE SHILLER KATHLEEN SILVA DIANE SIMS DIANE SVADLENAK DORIS TALASEK Jan Tinsley fuss, 10 Joyce Wentrcek Marie Willingham Alfred Vasquez '43 HQLN RJ jx , NW Ianet Werchan in Sam mie Wilson Maxine West 5 I 4 Ardene Wuthrich ng.. S 4 n K' Qc.,-'. .YI ani' .. 2 ' ...L . ...,"o.?.'5'K .g ,K "' C Q' ax --'..!.k,'sv5'i' ..', ag X- -Suit , - Shirley Zellmer 1 .iz -J 1!, X 4 y K James Albers Buddy Anderson 5 Patricia Anderson James Appel W W I , , ' J M1 A Ml"'X q -1 , 7, 1, ,. L, . Lf V A L, if f x N Ag Anita Arrington John Baker 9 Z '9 A v lj f ' 1 1 Q-.N ui I Q XX K., 1 li 1 A Sammy Banco Weldon Berry i f 151 Sue Arledge Glenn Bachmayer Shirley Bartz A Au " I l , h if 1 yi Wenceslaus Beyer nne Booth Leroy Braun Barby Brunken Mary Camp Scott Conrad Betty Czimskey Carol Czimskey Scotty Dolan Lawrence Eulenfeld in -mr Horace Finch Janet Frederick Alfred Gensler 'M A . i I A J lf B Q, f f, 4 if 'F Q if ' if P Virginia Glass Don Gozenbach yn le ray Wesley I-lackbarth SP7 Joe Beck Hairston Jan Harkins Verlyn Heckmarm Loretta I-lejl Buddy Holubec . . V ,Q .. I b .- 'V ' 6 - l ' 2 - F K :, 'P' . K e K 5 3:35 l A -if A' si - rf N 5 yoyo . . 1 iv R as B ooee it 1+ t Wilbert Ihlenfeldt Forbes Jarmon Bettie Jones Barbara Kelldorf Orlin Kerlin W. C. Kolinek Boyd La whon Ida Sue Lewis 1 Betty Krueger Marvin Lenz I Q ' Herman Luedtke ttnss x . ff -ii .N f Z 'i K :,, A Ervin Leschber Mary McConchie Lorene Machu Clalifle Marlin D- A- Milliken Joyce Moehnke Clifford Mucha Cleon Nettles ,iv J, My--f X my hi ,- R al! nl:-v. 1 to-" 1- 3 ' .fb Eugene Pairett Nancy Patterson Ann Pearson Esther Penn Gail Pircher Lillian Rozacky F ,, 1 5 MS 5? , in 5 ' 2'- ' fi ' I Charles Raez Lou Ann Rainwater 'K xp My E John Raven Reta Remmen Lilly Io Romans all? Virgie Ruthven Rodney Rydell Tommie Sasin 'K J' ,W . A Willie Schlickeisen Virginia Schoener Gene Sefcik Patricia Shaper Sharon Sims Ann Lee Smith Avva Dee Smith Kay Stem Vannette Stiba Johnny Susan I1 55 I y Thonig if C " , 9 . 3.-an ra? .gf Q Q Q x ,. 1 Q 1 kk 0 , Q I. 'H V f , LL,. , r E Edmund Urbanek Mlcky Walker Joan Welch Jane Zschlesc Aut0gfaPuZffL Jfj' 29 W J WJ' M'jZLiLje-wM+P 33 4 -fJj!7au' We v .ESX X . ',,-1,5 4 ,bee1!Lf i1L 1::f5Lf f7-Inf S330 ESS f -,!' KA' C 2.5 ' K3 ,qfixzgz K? at 7 - E ' Wig, gr- ,f ' iw CFM 0 f-I :ff X 1 'Q CQ' 'Q ft' fx, I 'g!7fb ,lr-K K!-qi? 'T 'J , fk W if A 3, I' 1-tx Ti' 'QI g- X : ' A Lgyff 9-'xfix Q, I 'Q J f Y ff Xl L Q1 ff yi . Q ff gm ' J 3' Ei fl . 9 -S, LZELC, C? .LJ C C f gfAx is-ff wfkea it-Q X - l wwf' WZ rl rf 'jj' f :Q "QW eww 'Fi ivffjiimtvy. A I S Wy Wig VWLQSQ 3. W Jw- 1 X Q c W 3 2555 QM 'Q 3 5 4? Jr Md' I Ga? , A f,Q,, I Gayle Ahlgreen '21 - as aa J J Q P" f 1, ls tt J Carrol Biehle 2 , Q! , . Q -PEA Barbara Brezik ,6- 13, l Carol Craft Y x T , wa f Ed Griffith li gf' ,ga .. Sarah Anderson Eloise Brac kenridge Carroll Brill at lf -A Vw . l -J ff' X' I' Carolyn Falkenberg Sara Lu Harkins f ' , 'I I Jeanette Bachmayer ,I r V' ' J Carolyn Braker Betty Brueckner L ' is A Judy Garrett 'Q 4 I 'dx ig B are B ill H arper .S Arlinda Basulto Q Qstsv x Judith Braulick l Q L B x xv 2' 2 J t N is J ""f3f"f Dolores Carr Douglas Clark f ad? 4 f T A -N L.kk Q all - W1-sid, Fri ' V Donald Glaser Garry Grau it IVVA Lorene Hatterman Raymond Heckmann Bernie Hill Gus Hodon Jack Holt Henry Holubec i r S3 3 a ,gi it if Y 5 ,i' . as Mildred Machu -diy mf Rodney Michalk Q13 J an Plowman 1, Leon Jacobson Deanna Johnson Peggy Jones Jack Keel we f Q I . , 1 To - Gladys Malish Clarence Martin Albert Mican Robert Mican M, .3 , K'---ri w ff K s X 'all Phyllis Moore Kenneth Moehnke Robert Mueller LCC 106 Pavlik ' th, ""7l' Q X5 M ' 'X M ' : ie fr. a 1--f 4.-W et M gg aaee- i H M M , y mx! 1 X ? Q I if 1 5 Evelyn Polzin David Pruesse Ricky Psencik Bobby Rhoades 5,5 Henry Rieger UP , f:f4'Z p S 9 PY NU WOM! .gf .J I' Leroy Urbanek ELA!! X . K 155 Nancy Rydell Don Jay Schmidt .9 . J' X If 'V 'fr .JV M ff S sl x ' hui Leonard Shinn Eugene Townsend fi Jimmy Werchan Roy Seggem TN P' Archie Sei gmund Dorothy Shepperson - 2-if y A A-9 I fx Q, . no . 1 ""'r' ' . 14? S ' E 5? had , ' t Jesse Silva L 'Q Wilbert Vorwerk -if lo-'ff L ,V s ,,.4. -.. f 1 . Leonard Whatley Jgsgph Simcik Betty Lou Sutton X S K K, V - - V' ' .Y S A 1 QQFQ Elizabeth Voss John Welch Io Ann Wentrcek Charles Wilkg Curtis Zieschang William Zschiesche Seventh Grade , ,... fm? if t A Q Q3 eeflif ff? W, O Wa Slghfh Grade junior ffzyh Zzvarilcs ffghm gram SHIRLEY MINZENMAYER LADEK Seventh Grade I-'mst PRIZE I7 MH4-ID 155 CHS aami Hunlca 3 . kk? V Q if Mr CHS Hvbby Townsend 1 fy aff- In . Ji WIA Mfr! +1 N' e , 1 Homecoming Queen Karleieezl King and Queen NANCY PFLUGER REGINALD SHAPER MICHAEL GRADY WOODS -- an impressive name for an impressive young man. The measure of any man lies in his accomplishments, and, at seven- teen, Mike, our Ambassador to Pakistan, has been enabled, through his talent for writing, to travel and see and learn more of this great world and human nature than his classmates ever expect to in the future Whatever he's done, he's done well--from being Senior cheerleader, Student Council vice president, and a superior student, to depicting Dad Gilbreth in the class play. Witty, sincere, and dependab1e--re- member that name in years to come--MICHAEL GRADY WOODS. 'fvwvnllwllwa' yy Q JK Sophomores JANET FREDRICK Q. gllI55 fhzvarifcs Sm in rs HELEN BOWER LARRY RYDELL , N . .1 O + ' Ny X ,.,k wx - My 0 4 X "', ' 4 14, A Kas! waking junia rs by A ,J X A 'w',!LA.-.-......--lf" .Weshmcu SARAH LU HARKINS LEONARD SHINN Glass Qmforifes Seuiars ELAINE HAMMACK JAY SC HU LTZ Saplzamarcs IAN HARKINS and MICKEY WALKER Mast almfed fre Lff'M44-LJ, FW' juuiars BETTY MILES BOBBY BRAUN 11' ?rcsl1me11 NANCY RYDELL and ED GRIFFITH -I- Samara BETTY MATTECK ALBERT FRITCHER 611155 Efazfarilcs TY: . ... Saphamares ANNE BOOTH and JACK BAKER Mes! Dependable M . . f .fp mcg," I X . fy: Bw ks dy w Weshmen DOROTHY SHEPPERSON and RI junmrs Q R0 'w,'wm'fv-w-fvyygwrfw ' N v . ff . ., 3 41 ' , . 3 ' -V5 O QW f rl I T J ' i f 1 - 3 wgfapk " ii: ' f - ' lp-L7 ' -g5 : 1 A . 1 , ,.,,,4 v . v , . . 1 ' ' gl Q., Y ' Q x ' 'lr ,J -,fi M X J! 'J . 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W lgrj "',?xf"fQx SPRING SEMESTER James Brezik, Reporterg Wayne Kropp, Vice Presi- dentg Sylvia Ponton, Treasurerg Kenneth Davis, Presi- dentg Linda Jones, Secretary, ophomare 611155 Officers FALL SEMESTER Clifford Mucha, Sergeant-at-Armsp Ann Booth, Presidentg Mary K. McConchie, Secretary-Treas- urerg Wesley Hackbarth, Vice President. SPRING SEMESTER Ann Smith, Reporter: Marvin Lenz, Parliamentarian Micky Walker, Secretary-Treasurerg Forbes Jarmon, Presidentg Sharon Sims, Vice President. junior 611155 Officers FALL SEMESTER Robert Baker, Parliamentariang Ardene Wuthrich, Treasurer, Doris Talasek, President: Harriet Crom- well, Secretaryg Barbara Jo Hays, Reporter. SPRING SEMESTER Barbara Io Hays, Reporterg Velma Pokorny, Secretaryg Ardene Wuthrich, Treasurerg Robert Baker, President, Diane Sims, Vice Presidentg James Marek, Parliamen tarian. Qrcsfrrrrrrrr 611155 Officers FALL SEMESTER Jan Plowman, Reporterg Lee Joe Pavlik, President: Phyllis Moore, Secretary, Judy Braulick, Vice President. SPRING SEMESTER Carol Craft, Secretaryg Bobby Miller, Reporter: Dorothy Shepperson, Presidentg Ed Griffith, Treasurer Jack Holt, Vice President. U -M, Jlfqppm 7fwuKA E or -rv W- i X ALLARD3 Q5 QQ' 7' Q 9X1 in My Jrsc ' K Q1 1 ..- - I ' 5,1-1 4' i xx X, 9-- 17? ,Q J'7ARv H. Cnnswsu. Bus-:rvsss Nnnnczn Borsa-v Banana nl!!-STAN? Eos:-ron, ,, C51 JVJIAILV Pnuela. ,wp BETTY To P11155 Riszs--:AN-r Bus, ,uns THAN ka-gn. Huovosllvlw E911 ol wxiw- , Euwvz 'f-lnmmacrc nun' Eu:-roR Nscxmu.-r Fixeerea Q2 , A L - ASSISTANT Qwr E01-ron, '3'ow-www Yos.a.mmv 815161-mn Pun-mn gsm E91-.1 uk Student Kauncil L 'dgni MISS ER - PWM RA SMY - AXBERT FRHCH RE Sponsor mi, A ,,,,,x,.,,....,,,....,,.,,.,.h.,A....,.w.,,..f5.........Q.. A. .. ,ig ggi1'5'5'2 was Heckman, Moore, Richards, Brezik, Stone, Baker, Moore, Baker, Stern, Kropp, Hammack, Brezik, Sutton, Moehnke, Grau, Silva, Miss Smyre, Sponsorg Fritcher, Presidentg Woods, Miles. -.-....- ,A f f Ov- , 1 A NQ5110 , or f s 7 '9'5iiL10 X' Huture Qarmcrs of ,America Sponsor Sweetheart n . Troy Campio Sharon Slms .......M -.... 5........,-. inlaid Mr. Campion, Gonzenbach, Lawhon, Seggem, Krebs, Bryan, Teichelman, Schmidt, Grimm, Townsend, Ziechang, Moehnke, Seggern, R. Rydell, G. Rydell, Shiller, Townsend, Meyer, lhlenfedt, Suzan, Brunken, Conrad, Zschiesche, Adamek, Dolan, Raesz, Massar, Sefcik, Lenz, Miller, Rhoades, Psencik, Vorwerk, Heckmann, Basco, Stead. fc XM? Q- v Wm . N W S X v::r1e,sMa'e'k X xbedk db 'br Q16 , Me' wdxv Secretary Bobby Bryan Tfeasu Gene ter Sefcik R041 poo 'Be 'ie Gr Jf 4'w,.,. p Sfuiure J-fomemak ers af ,America Mx 1 i S i '1 'M' mm ' xt . " U S ,af ' 4 3? .4 Q Miss Floy Jones Sponsor Betty Krueger p S S rg Q' President i i x wx , .mlff i Q 3 N 'l Jilnf:i 'f NK, vm., .xx if N. I 5 x ' - I p ' I 1' , ji ' 1,2 4 4 f ,- .,4, C. A Hu NSY Verlyn Heckman Vice President thven .K Virgie Ru S - Secretary Betty Lawhon i - Treasurer 'Q A Q , .....L0fef1eEatI.Qrmam1 6 r .V,,- 'S V A Reporter ' h " t I fa in S E Sara Lu Harkins Song Leader Jeanette Bachmayer Parliamentarian 9-1' Q, Thonig, Willingham, Piecher, Sander, Schiller, Czimsky, Ladewig, Glass, Anderson, Smith, Moore, Schmidt, Jones, Braker, Plowman, Harkins, Martin, Basulto, Nelson, Penn, Schmidt, Sasin, Carr, Basulto, O'Campo, Navarro, Cates, Kaspar, Ruthven, Lawhon, Heckmann, Shaper, Krueger, Town- send, Lenz, Bachmayer, Hattermann, Gray, Smith, Arledge, Moehnke, Stiba. latin 04. Yiwu Landrum, Talasek, Kuban, Wilks, Moore, Pokorny, Jones, Finch, Sims, Miles, Hammack, Hunka, Fechner, Brezik, Woods, Carswell, Raesz, Matteck, Arledge, Maxwell, Zschiesche, Ebner, Braulick Braun, Hatterman, Ahlgreen, Brezik, Shepperson, Johnson, Jones, Anderson, Camblin, Patterson, Stem, Booth. Arts and fndusiries Hughes, Baker, Rydell, Schultz. Kerlin, Mucha, Fritcher, Kuban, Pairett, Huber, Holubec, Polzin, Jones. Carrizales, Braun, Urbanek, Talasek, Sims, Coon, Luedtke, Kuhl, Townsend, Iarmon, Raesz, Seigmund, Hill. iris: 1 Duncum .-,GLU Sales Paw.-.knses , w 3 :rf 54 . N Poldrack, Burns, McMurray, Huber, Fontaine, Zellmer, Wilson, A. Hodon, Barrett, M'k 1 ' 1 u encak, Navarro, Carnzales, Jacobson, Guenzel, O'Campo, Jones, D. Hodon, Anderson, Kaase, Laurence, Schroeder, Bachmeyer, Green, Silva, Mr. Duncum. QN l X0 1 111 -EE anqlle l- Scare Cofwenuon Esgif Sydrla Kathleen Officers 1 W Math Klub Q1 F ,F M Carlow, Brezik, wpp, Kuban, Holt, Lumpkin, Bachmayer, Cox,"Marek, Wuthrich, McMakin, Kelly, Bingha , atterman, Ponton, Bartz, Ahlgreen, Schg ner, Peters, Remmert, Hunka, Pokomy, Pfluger, Brackenri ge, Mrs. McWhorter, Sponsor, Braker. Ya! Qufure f ursvs 61116 K 1 Kelldorf, Glass, Falkenberg, Ladewig, Gilleland, Ebner, Miss Goff, Sponsor, Pokomy, Schoener, Werchan Boudney, Polzin, Navarro, Wentrcek. 1,1 J, E 3 dw? as Vecimfs Witawmw My Kropp, Shaper, Wuthrich, Kelly, Hairston, Walker, Appel, Baker, Krebs, Vasquez, Miss McKinley, Sponsor, Basulto, Schoener, Ponton, Dahlberg, Grau, Griffith, Jarmon, McMakin, Shinn, Welch, Silva, Navarro, Penn, Ruthven, Schmidt, Rydell, Brueckner, Bartz, Davis, Harkins, Silva, O'Can1po, Basulto, Anderson. Harper, Martin, Hejl, Brakenridge, Voss, Welch, McConchie, Peters, Pfluger, Frederick, McAlpine, Guyot, Cromwell, Camp, Arrington, Harkins. Virgie Ruthven Treasurer a,., , , .. .. , , , , ,ft -s - - J . . fm 3- ,- 1 3, -1 Q3 i w ' W QQffiE'K' , ' ' K . lker Miss McKinley Mickey Wa Sponsor President I Yvonne Davis Reporter V Mary Second Vice President 'J A " First Vice President X v Song Leader Anita Pianist Harriet Cromwell Secretary Bernard McMakin Sergeant-at-Arms Kathleen Silva Parliamentarian E Q X M N' 1 5 if 5 5 .?uture lfusiucss lenders af America rx,-,th I . . il B K . , x . , B B X X 0, , K President First Vice President Romonna Martinka Larry Rydell Rydell, Cox, Kuban, Pausewang, Leschber, Sefcik, Townsend, Findeisen, Guyot, Kelly, Raesz, Holt, Schultz, Kubala, Pearson, Sasin, Romans, Silva, Navarro, Rozacky, Mrs. Dolan, Sponsorg Hodon, Jones, Brezik, Fechner, McMakin, Huber, Heckman, Nelson. Lawhon, Maxwell, Langston, Hammack Czimskey. Lenz, Martinka, Gray, Shiller, Luedtke, Hackbarth, Bingham. 40. Y K A x - .', I' I Second Vice President Jean Guyot 4.14, f -1" Sander, Barret, Holubec, Matteck, Carswell, Bartz, Remmert f f X f- V' B ' Fm! 5 ' 1 t i '2 Q A Treasurer Betty Matteck Reporter Barbara C zimskey Kvberfa Waddill 61116 Y9'!' Fontaine, Brezik, Ponton, Crews, Sponsorg Cates, Cox, Schultz, Dolan, Sponsorg Fechner, Kuban, Rydell, Schultz, Pfluger, Bower, Peters, Hunka, Cerswell, Remmert, Hammack. Fall Term President Garland Fontaine Secretary Treasurer Cherrill Peters Patricia RCIIIIDCII Spring Term President Helen Bower Betty Jean Bartz V If ff 1-4 S-f I f , I , Mr. Easterwood f ,, Sponsor , l V . M . . . f . -., V f V V , ,f - 1 . 7..Lu.c ,my 3Q't,a.rL,,f 117D 1.1L 'C-V1frl'k1L f'."f af 5.-,fc1t'.U1tfj ,r Woods, Schultz, Baker, Miester, Ponton, Remmert, Baxter. Cox, Rydell, Braun. Ludwig, Bower. Cars- well, Miles, Stern, Booth, Cromwell, Kropp, Bingham, Hammack, Pfluger, Hunka, Fritcher, Fechner, Davis, Easterwood, Peters, Brezik, Bartz, Davis. James Brezik Vice President g , wk President M V Y 3 Yvonne Davis Secretary -Treasurer Cherrill Peters Reporter 0 Tron ' Bingham i syva Business Manager gzlmsky I 101' Assistant Editor ,411 American 1953-54 Matteck Kropp, Dahlberg Nettles, Fritcher, Schultz r , f r f4'L'ffi'y5d 'I v 4-'22 0 WJ Davis, Kuban, Sports Editors Grecujackcfs rf, 3:31. .., , f.L.:- Bingham, l-lays, Hammack, Bartz, Landrum, Werchan, Cates, Ehner, Braulick, Ahlgreen, Barron, Booth, Zschiesche, Camp, Lawhon, Maxwell, Harkins, Jolmson, Moore, Heckman, Remmert, Patter- son, Ladwig, Stern, Brakenridge, Glass, Martinka, McConchie, Smith, Rozacky, Plowman, Braker, Smith, Lenz, Gray, Hatterman, Schmidt, Jones, Stiba, Miles, Willingham, Backmayer, Martin, Hejl, Welch, Arrington, Harkins, Findeisen, Nelson, Jones, Svadlenak, Cromwell, Hunka, SW , Qffff Naomi Gladys Hunka Lenz President l Miss Goff n Sponsor .. 2 an 4 ,t vii Betty A f 1 ,rf B- W Jackie Bartz . J blhyq Bingham 8 B 'f f f -dl at ,Q .,x1"f 673, Elaine Hammack Secretary -Treasurer Ramonna Pat Martinka Remmert Vice President Hlmir Jacobson, Gensler, Fechner, Walker, Cox, Ludwig, Davis, Mucha Urbanek, Rieger, Dahlberg, Fontinrxdxyficany ackbarth, Bachmeyer, Hodon, Clark, Beyer, Nettles, Smith, Rozacky, Schoener, Moore, hoeneif, ngham, Braulick, Harkins, Moehnke, Langston. Miss Gorman, Stiba, Martin, Shaper, Ai ngtojlf Hartz. f, Officers Y -Qs hi FIRST SEMESTER 3 ,mf qi ,,. if . EV President James Ludwig Vice President Jacquline Bingham . V, W, I Sponsor Miss Gorman Secretary -Treasurer Marcella Schoener SECOND SEMESTER President - - Vice President - - - Secretary-Treasurer - - Parliamentarian - - - - Perry Cox - Sam Nettles - - Don ,lay Hughes - - James Ludwig X Lv ,r XL4 4 4 1 .Mi f sf- U .,-v. ig 'L ff' GQ HTS ,iffy 0, "f r SV 3 IP. t 5 2 QQ 12? 4 A U? , ' . :.- ,g X Hand Officers Ngnc Y P Pafuanlenugef' PI Ufarian. Reldfnp. M I u K I ar I1 pei: .Y A hae! C313 0 Well P1'eside:1tSecregary-T - re : Sylvia Penton' Reporte r: Jay Schultz' Wirlcrs Wccthmrl Drum Major rf- -' MG-Q' . tm f Xww 'TQ W ff- 2-, --1,,. uk. 5 ' ,lr f -- , v . TWIRLERS: Cherrill Peters, Sharon Sims, Doris Talasekg Helen Bower, SWEETHEARTg Ruben Fechner, DRUM MAJOR. junirfr Hand 1 g , x 6 House, Langford, Carter, Godbey, Wyatt, Matteck, Matteck, Mares, Penn, Ray, Smith, Grau, McA1pine, Brinkmeyer, Fechner, Lewis, Director. Ecginning Hand E 2 3' Hehman, Scharschmidt, Kovar, Lewis, Moore, Smith, Lewis, Director, Brinkmeyer, Kubala, Berryhill, Pavlik, Laurence, Vera, Rainwater, Williamson, Parsons. Wing Hand U Jay Schultz, Betty Matteck, Mary Ann Carswell, Franklyn Dahlberg, Cleou Nettles, Glenn Ray Adamek Jack Nowlin, Ruben Fechner, Alvin Kubala, Kenneth Davis, Buddy Holubec, James Brezik. Eheerleaders ,XMI SENIORS: Naomi Hunka, Mike Woods Qmissingjg IUNIORS: Bemard McMakin, Harriet Cromwell. qv HQ-,gf 5+ ,'S'?.. Chv'iS+rvx2S.' 5 We-He-W' JY he -A ... , T b 1 N5 TH L. s ix S, ,- I s' 'V Y N QI 'Q 'H' I e 4 3 7' QS fa " - Q 2 4 L Haw? T .2 W "U n if 1 X. W Q 4 4 fy Q A, f ' Qj i, if I X 'P"'jxWhB'f 3 CHF Q1 J' U -:Sw L, A , .fr X , 'vai' Q 'P A i-HDH Q1 WDM eq X w X SV xt 2? QQ, I ' 9 5 . f Q 1 ,Q , S i 11 Q P fu! K R fo,,xP, P: 1 fn A 432,31 Of' I X ne'f A 9 ' H J gi A lf ge, Q fs HR I if I X A , 5 is 41 x 71' L . J L, za baovbad b"'1 xt S 'AQVDX ,I N ,L N 'L 4, .. ., S'T'lC.l'f I I bxwy- 4 ,", v K -A .5 .w Q fl A Wow , f 'VRf'l N4 iff . ' ' 0 45 A C 'JN Z X 'I-QQ, 7a 0 if 'R S as X, 7 1 C Q QL I 2 U K L. o X 2 fi Q 5 'S F cgi ' if 1.1 , T 'g ' 2 0.ff6Q.,,1m,,w i M4 fv M 9, 399 fv' g A ase . N59 '35 "J xqb 1 el'Cy,1 bodw h .. has --chew ' Ugff Q, Y' 1? Q? XV XX ,Q V ff! Yfff I v X 1 crodfe EY NYOR CFIQNIUHL 'T Q DIC-RL 1-wo -HE RDED oucyua 'I cwowrv THEE QUEEIU-Y 'me moan- Popuum soon: -'foufvx ME' Suv 'foua NQLLARO FROM FVUVOIUE OF THESE rnxzmow SQLESFXEN SUFETHFRRT T H E C O U R Q HE 6351? am? Q 4 W' mfffffwa ' Qzefif' 'Am'- R i i I 9 jf , E I if -,af is T CQPTFNIIU, our: QHPTAIN .. VER DUCI45 FIGHT EUERV HOF'XECOf"IIfUG I--IHS ca QUEEN THE DUCKS URRIVN UP -TQVLOR TOURFUEV Q af2.'5W5f ,Q '11 Tu I ahmgggii 0Q:.o?g,'94uun' 2 12399 r OH LJHQTR MIGHT IT URS! THE Eve or EYHM5! TM SWIDRQ GRE ME ls? E in IEW es u ea Ps. zu sa 3 DISTRICT Puw- orF CiomE om mow? man: IT! D FI BUCKET FOR THE BUCKS 'E LOOKIE WHERE UE UENTWREGIOUHL 'cnzznpm QQ T OYULJHQO T CD DISTRICT Q fU O QQCSIQIUQL T I-I 'E 2Efzf"-- Rr:mEmeEQ,sEmr0fes? spnmlsn own y emfzfcz UET I m1 TJ: QTIOIVS -ww QFUO I X THE SPEPQKEQ First P1ace-- Number Sense: Wenceslaus Beyer First Place---Shorthand: Jackie Bingham First Place---Extemporaneous Speech: Micky Walker Second Place---Slide Rnleg Wesley Hackbarth Second Place---Debateg Mary Fiendisen, Betty Io Miles Third Place---Spelling: Kay Landrum, Carol Craft Third Place---Typing: Velma Jean Pokorney Third Place---Senior Declamationg John Swanson Q. SVC? F MD UMW-A 5" + ..4 1 ff f.a k ' ',Q", ff- ' 1 ix .I 9 f Li 0 :iw ss PFIRT OF THE HGEIUDH D QDW IwTERf'W15510N LJAQ M LQT 1-1 li0044,CJ WEE T " 'Ve 'WG' LJILLIE Ofzf N 40 -em '99 mvmga ggi? gall' x - om Q PREXY SHOLJIIU THE mgw 05gmfgggEQESE?xlT:TlvEQ1'5 GIRIIS STHTE 2 QQ ff, s vb QC? w3OK??xQ ' xA HEQE 9 wn TO H THE c,mcE G- NQ 23 38559 0 Q im 'io Lge? E L, av SHE TELLS THE HISTORQ OF THE CLRSS sus RECITES 'me mu.- SHE Tens oF WHQ1 wxu. come TO Pass- THE Tones-1 cenzmoruv-mTRAn1T:faw sun! I WHUT . ,N ' - A .N 1 1 J 1 Xxxy s 'NN' sl xx, 5 X"a N xl b , X, N SHE ,S THE CLFI56 SVYIQRTIE IIU THE GFIQDEIU RUEE5 2 GQQOUHTIOIU --- TH E BEGIIUIUIIUG mu5IQ's 6000- LET5 DQIUCE 1 23 fl? Xl f--1.-1, L...--. fill: L... . GET VOUQ FOR SPE BUCKS H E MJ ' Q - x Jr' ' X X s . . I .A-,A LOQDIHJG UP - FLE SHUIDIZ TRIP . if E P El l L. RYDELL 1. SCHULTZ L. GILLELAND W I. MAREK B. TOWNSEND R, SHAPER gl70ff7lIll COACH BALDWIN COACH SHERLEY D 67 4 Q .0 N K I I U7 'M S' 'ffsf 22 . 1 A,FR1TcHER D,A.MILLIKEN ' ,A I, 5-"W ft, E '16, .1 rpgfiw " 0 w '14 4 . j ' , 49 T BUZAN I BAKER V ' ,, ,. ffl- 4, J . . v, .1 S- QL X ti iigrSgQ. s f-E, .A5 , L:2 . X ., , - is-x '3 . , - .K , ' . ua. f .Iv ,qw Wx .. S ...J D - f .- A . .px . , , 5,5 ,g,- Q wr. Q A"1'NH .Uv x,"1'awx,3'- x"vl,.!'k- vlqv :M- !l"R5 ' 'M W' :E ..':f, if e. f,f9i', 'ayngHQ:s,:, 5 Letterman S. NETTLES I. LUDWIG 1 COACH THAMES B. BRAUN .4 , B. LAwHoN E, PAIRETT I I L YN. ,, I . ' COAGI COON Manage! .4 O. KERLIN W. SEGGERN S M 4 I . ggkjfr "' I ' V' aww 4 +15 t E' ,f mk y . V QL F. VASQUEZ, C. MUCHA It Q 4 l sg ' 'F l. , x 3 1 6 , - 1 I Nwpqgg 'Fr' M A .Q 'Me - - , k f- - .. 'P' ' . , m 'fri X- ,1 z wf. ,ilL 5 f.,,5g,4-Q5 xgwmAK3: g,4ggMjLsQ: La gW . ' B, PLOWMAN W. BEYER J' 'ali v f '-. -i ,Q . P .mfs . . f.'?1,f: L: uwflakv ' .il-:fm N W ' " - -ffl 4 'W' , ' ' -.ww V4 'TQ' ' V' . '- ' ffl- 'K'- nl,'R"wt-Qfixfif. '- f Yi, Q. r if Q25 Hkgggwi ,phil "1f"2xfm? fm 4 W Wmaf G' Winner Goes To 3, if tt oys m in there agies and to State Meet Y Tomorrow the Ducks go to Col- thc E along with thre other teams that have won thei :et titles. 'lhey are C "'fon, and Spring F I Taylor And Spring Branch lege Station for regional play-offs. trict championship, BOX SCORE EG if 'Taylor's Iron Men Buttle to Sl-50 Win From the confusio DISTRICT 23A.A PLAYOFF: 'ey ilwnffiuln . Q 1 Stomlmgi tears- an' Taylor 51 D Georgetown 50 'ls' 'lm 'ly 0' , -4. ' back arose Taylor's h , 310 V00 i if - . . . . vs: - Pfm If ,Q ,W t "'-district contestants H - HSI games wi ii, Fx .mr the Georg Taylor U9 San lt'laI'COS I-48 ,I-L to dm' ,5"Jf,g' 'he Scar. REGIONAL TOURNAMENT: rds MFE? 'F 'Y of Taylor Hg spring Branch 52 C M, . N in plus A 'I V " HI points for Taylor with 18, while bmf' 'I r I 'O Moehring of the Eagles rack- to ir A r, Q. g 'O for the night. lhl ! Q. . Q ID is 5' gi .qi 2- v. I ,508 -xy 3 5 , ' ' T t :t',M rj FT PF Pts. P 'xr . A ki! v' xl A . - 4 2 18 - ' sf ' -. t - -- 7 0 I0 . X ,W - it ' ' ,Q "Wri t 0 1 to X, qs - i ,. it - D . l 2 9 -x , - "' 3 2 0 4 Q r ,tr s . t- J r Q -ee- ' in l f' ' X 1 , X gi " ' ' ' U If.. c h N V 4' ' ' ga ,,-It . N if J " . .tr Ll , ' V ' ' J x V . i l I ' I I t Q C I, X lxi W' q, fr-F . r f ' ,'-'i-"""p a c ot. ' . , ti' r 1 .A , t ' A f kg, I X K -eww., -0 A y , 4. X . has been defeated by Tay- Itiitilloweu so fl . W Q, Q t 'fi' :Effiem3Ed.M?,iOieffxI1 lf Kropp missed his A r l f t ' 'N tx M' 'Ducks' offense was working game would go into a three-mt.. , 4, if A ,W f wk go A flfh Bernard MCMf1km high overtime. ll' he made them, he ... N .- ' A r ,, .A " ' 4 ma-n fm' Taylor With '13 would cinch the game. With the p -N . its A ' W US- Maurice Kuban W3S next rest ol' his teammates on the court, an U K' q,s.iiN,M , vi N I f 'A MQ, -h Seven' he made the first uhm which won ds 0 li l il ixx' W- .Milt fl . fm. - . few ,minutes of the game of action and roars from 11. The Ducks fought -r theb all the last few it to no avail, inless, Cameron has not impressive in the scoring t but is well known for iustle. faces Cameron in the ir, after the preliminary he B ,teams of the two 1 Conquered ylor 6l-42 I :ting Belton Tigers drop- : Taylor's Ducks for the ne February 12, by a 51-42. rcks did not look as if : ever going to get a j until late in the second t the end of the first they d ll-l7, but at the half had marked up 28 points 17. ' l.ayIor leams mp 38 ll B Illllil 0lll0lTOW foemeniwoiimes -Tbmilmflnr Ducks dropped Cam- uary 16, to a tune 0 k thus took honors Local Cagers Wm Over Foes Duc S 10 Affempf it o o fgetown. In Slru Ie For 23AA Title """"" W"' T""'9"' H Tonight the Duck cagemen jour- Llstllzginzogg ney to ameron or their last game . , - - Taylor Runs Qyer Ducks Keep Lead' in the first round of play. TheiiiIhent1:ZlthDdu!L R b d b , Duck" Nl be slight favorites over sig' Camerorfs ose U Y LICk YOeff'len 5 I -35 the Niruintet, but the home sms and thvefore , , I P' ymight prove bene- , -' - Chalk- up. another d1SU'1Cl Wm Cameron fell as fourth victim to f Amen. lead at halt timke. flor tlge ingolrled IQl'aylgrdDuckT1 HS the Ducks January 29, by a 51-' ,' y 'X'-Xrivals of the tt:'ridq?Zr:ir gng t ey aste t e ose u Pant ers core. f 0 I, bl SP' ' ' ' last Friday night, 68-41. S " In 0 , Yi. ytpiae eflod the .Ducks - 'dis la' fi f es ' e rims while the visi- M. P 1 9 I win, TEAM RECORD . victc' lt O QA 4 fe affix. Final score again, W0fk- Taylor 70 Rosebud 53 nsta' ef' IP 'su , 0 1 game 1 58 49 oft e '76 of 8 9 QR man around the Pamh Tay or Georgetown their Qi 0 0 0 19 points for Th. Taylor 44 Belton 24 Exp ,k an 6 Q! night. perry Schuh Taylor 51 Cameron 35 e Pet! xo W F Michalka board. Taylor 68 Rosebud 41 I! Hutio 0 0 I Poms- fhe CC Taylor 49 Georgetown 68 V he Georgetoey ln, f 0 be sea Taylor 61 Belton 42 threat to tht s. A rt Q W if of gc Taylor 52 Cameron 42 vantage which revails on tht 0 0 Panthl eY'nn,ffp-una +I-Io year is lack G 0 Stumbling Schultz managed to resun Of 909 k R d 11 cks will have a. X , gain control of his feet as he and Complete lea-17 R Y e 0 Rydell tied for top honors with .17 The Yom: Uame time will be 7:00 o'clock, M' 0 points each. Leonard Gilleland was back their ff ten the Taylor B-team clashes K ant next with 14' , . .that early fi H the , A game Qogigh n Am The Panthers rovu Cox e Ducks, wi, folk . robable I nf F-ampm had coud not get started as s .nn umm WW Sher Pts a . dggil ho 4 fare quite Jammu an t half ended, honors with 10 r to 14 in favor of and Mucha fo-110 each. KS came back, however, ke the lead Taylor it as the Rydel' N. Bel'- Gill.: , nay man Tov 'ty l fo gg M 3 .ys vt Q Bal Sch. Krop Taylg Vith a sr rinal 8 min- of plr' "' 'N ' 'trounced Fa+e gles bud J. a 70-53 W d Kropp The oo S up tl Olld COHICICIILC vmtuiy la ll that last quarter Taylor had night by walloping the G U' ld from 3 5 to 3 10 Point Eagles ff' m "" fahead an their height and ag- thriller , '-'A Pf0Ve 100 their h. Townsend -.hibgkrhihgfl For Schultz and Taylor Coach Richard she mat I - ev . U game by a teamwork and co-f on v :rel OBeOtb gealmft ,AA mle became lafgin- the important fact J in Tay or's tees? etgimtks 'Aol bmllefl E0 qeorgb' S1611 Was high Scorer f0f victory, :round ivorkm th 1 4165 lg TaY1fg x 'th Z1 points, followed High point man for Taylor was e and f' Lwh degrgf Bake! osseac 'fxxhuhz who boasted 16- Leonard Gilleland, who scored 17 y ' g . 0 ANN' The mast . me Pmvedi DaVenP0ft Of Rosebud - nd 21 DOIJH ICSDCCUIVCIV. l to be close. but the last quarter was mi I I mime rememivelv. Baseball an 'wwf X61 1 1 f W. V: 1 N ,mv 'V L7 .IA ,FA A X I, vi' , lv X W , fx M151 L 1 413-9.a'f ,,f5,'l5'1M,, X..-4 if X T - L 1-we .sv rsh' Coach Thames, Vasquez, Coach Baldwin, Mucha, Kubala, Kuban, Knapp, Cox, Rydell, Urbanek, Welch, Braun, Mikulencak, Bachmayer, Beyer, Crack gi r. wi Meister, Braun, Rydell, Kuhl, Gllleland, Kropp, Davis, Kelly, Shiller, Carlow, Seigmund, Townsend, Vvlleylmll Distric! ions 3 UL EY BALL Sander, Poldrack, Sims, Jones, Miss Goff, Pircher, Lenz, Bingham, Bachmeyer, Martinka Schroeder, Anderson, Laurence, Talasek. Zcnnis , Bartz, Remmert, McConchie, Camp, Jones, Welch, Patterson, Sims, Arrington, Miles, S Qi Ng Q., XN UL 67 yo wwf , Wg? E N cf, ' G -I Y . Q, My ' P? ,. E5 dL'r N 2,0 iii H ' 5 Q? W 'N ff! it , X gW wwf ss Mwgmf ,zz-wgiygjg Sim S? ' Q W WW gk , E X M! fume, ' Q? , 5 Q9 gi J,, if-2' 0373223 gf' Q my . W' .ffm LZ yy ff? Q my 2 QE M ii X W Mow fig' eco one 4' K I 3 3 '-41.1-4 "D .X gy, Q 02 Q f ASQ! . 'X KN, nf Y' f , X A k, ,X f ? 0 J -'77 4, - A QR- ,M ww K. 3 - K 1,51 K- . ,959 '--v-2 ,f N416 NC 7 f QQ, X Z Q S 'Fi 4 g U ffl ff, fa-J f ,lu -x ,MIX N T? UL R V yk , xv h' U ' COm'3IimenTS of TAY LO I2 22059169 C l'sevroIe+s - Buiclqs -Olclsmolofl 1,.,, , ss Rvace! Wg . IS OUIZJO f I FIRST ' THouGHT ' '....l Phone 2 77 ,mfiv L ,Q 200 l7orTer GMX W I L These Thmgs Come from QQNK Scwlng! ! EIT? NFlT'L EFINK 1 , " - - ' ' ,, 1. L I " - f X . f .K F. V .U ' ' " ,J C L - O lx I ..... Q - . 1 . -:A ,',fv If , 'C 'l g 41' ' ,: ', ff Kcflff 5. l f I' ' 'fi . 'f ff' , ., It C n 1 . I 116' rf - 141 . ff", ' I f ,wc 1 ,J 1 6' K C ,K ,-ffl, 474 I K ! L ,L K lv I c , F 501. , I .ffl . l 1. i V gf A' f f 'X -Affff. - K, - 1 ' '-Fix x LET US HELP 'H-w::mvvn Z0402 77544157 Of 10 4 ce rs D IVGCTOYS 5,Cq.Gerrxer'f', pre S'lCIe'n'f' I",Qv-rfe A- IVKSIGSIQPI Carlos G-porker,V-pvfs,,-:Cask S- Gleffner-in Drfesvvweye, rXAS5x'f-Casin' AIP Nhfefd eh EJGUVY1 Ben F. X-lOlulO,rqssx+. Cash. Mrs. A E. fm-ie DUN Wfxxuvrxi ,UWNW Carlos Parke r X?-Vbf Kj,LiXN'Lf"-'xl A, F. prfesryweyef X VYUEX7 X - 1. L .E-,gk yv.,,.,. , t .. Lvvx ., 3 - XX L .3 'fx -Asfbld N NATIONAL BANK memam eo. uc. Q00 N. mmm PHAN5 CV' INSURE QCUD BE SECURE LJITH DELNQR i-H-XJICHOL5 GENERFJL IMSURQNCE l COIVIPLHVIEIUTS OF-' DHN MDI-IE L EHRFIEE 3 SALES .MSER VICE x ,- x I ,- W Wm MH1313 wg EEIIMEE If UIQ5 A29 golfaioil NEW NWN QT t 15-' 'w H Vw- 's - J' ' - . 6 'A gf,fdlKQ,f,ff,,,,gj Pon worm ' Brulce I, B. FT -f J L W I TIRES W' JL fl yu U' M Mg iq MU , ,figiw ws gf! 4- ? JF 'V A 25 If j !jjfJ LJFJQREIU 50.151 U fobof ox Q3 fn TIRE F-NUD fm .M-f,, ,M-n SUPP'-V c:ompLumEruT5 or PQTT ERSOIU BROTHERS l 11 Sl ni I1 i un F ,1 . A 1 Q ,, ,L Af f , b2'?,afiff' fff', ' 3 v 5 LI R A N C E , X J, L Y ' ' I 4' -1-Q'-1-'sl in? 5x...1:1..r::3uzrfrQ iL..JP--'F-J-'L...""I""' 1 i. To Emm P...NT.NC,b MEF?'U'lf3NT!5 PRESS KBEST Humans Irv 'l'6wfvT' f . 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