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HELIO o ei 3 1833 01865 8770 GC 977 202 K82TH, 1982 y 1982 HELIO Taylor High School Kokomo, IN 46902 Student Life Seniors Sports Volume 16 Organizatioi Faculty Vk? v and Activities After a week of high spirits and being rowdy, it was time for the big game with Madison Grant. The Ti- tans performed well in the first half, but they went to the locker room down by 21. The half-time festivities offset the problems on the field. Senior Pam Hodge was crowned Homecoming queen. Her court included seniors Jill Westerfield, and Dixie Bayliff; the junior representative, Jenny Gotshall; from the sophomore class, Teresa Stahl, and representing the freshmen class, Tina Brack. When the Titans returned to the field, they fought hard but they could not match the Argyles. Following the game the dance music was provided by Middle of the Road. ▼ L-R Tina Brack, Teresa Stahl, Pam Hodge. Jenny Gotshall, Jill Westerfield and Dixie Bayliff. ► The Titan defense is keyed by Bill Damewood. I 4 Homecoming ' Pam Hodge ' s reigning ride ▼ Tlie 1981 Homecoming Court As usual, the Cheerleaders. " Ham il up " before the gan Homecoming 5 :» tmttt »::» mx;; mat Ifj ' Happy Greg takes your order. ▼ Ron Depew works hard. ▲ Kelly Shaffer enjoys making TAKHOMASAC. 1 Ahoy! Julie McDonough and Liz Hines. 3« H A Mike Sumptcr und his pocket pool pal. ▼ Mike and Julie work with " UNGODLY " speed. ▲ Linda Babcok cheers on the fries. A Dixie Bayliff gives service with a smile. Jobs 7 Loo kin ' Good }: p " i " t ' 8 Student Life Together! f ▼ Doug Tate, Chuck Beheler, Shannon Adams, and Greg Cot- tingham show that the freshmen are on top of things. mm 80QM We picked twenty-four topics tliat we thought would interest students the most. We got a lot of surprise win- ners, but some of the best answers were ones that did not win. In the category of favorite sport heroes, Bruce Jenner had no problem defeat- ing a number of other athletes includ- ing the infamous Ron Gamble. One critic of fine restaurants chose the good ole THS cafe as his favorite place to fine dine. The overwhelming winner in the car category was the Corvette, but I ' d like to congratulate a certain student for being the only one to spell Lamborghini right! Per- haps the most unique responses iden- tified Charles Manson as a favorite comedian with Lizzy Borden as co- medienne, and DEEP THROAT as a favorite movie. We learned that la- sagne can be spelled almost any way imaginable and still be recognized as that delicacy by us. Lazzna? La- sonya? Or maybe even " stake " any- one? 1. T-V. Show — M.A.S.H. 2. Movie - ARK RAIDERS OF THE LOST 3. Actor — Clint Eastwood 4. Actress — Steptiene Powers 5. Sex Symbol (m) — Tom Seileclt ▼Ron Gamble decided t for this. A We now have photographic proof of Li- bian hit men at THS. 6. Sex Symbol (0 — Brooke Shields 7. Comedian — Richard Pryor lO Student Life ▼ If you had Mrs. Deason iwo hours a day vou ' d look like this loo! 8- Comedienne — Gilda Radner 9- Music Group — Journey 10. Singer Rick Springfield 11. Hit Single — Urgent 12. Radio Station — WFBQ 13. Cartoon — the " Smurfs " 14 Place to eat — McDonalds 15 Food — Pizza 16. Pizza Topping — Sausage 17. Candv Bar Snickers The Stunt Girl Staff of the Wallons ► 18. Soda Pop — Coke 19. Gum — Bubble Yum 20. Toothpaste — Crest 21. Vacation Spot — Florida 23. Sports Hero — Bruce Jenner 24. Car — Cor ' ette 22. Soap Opera — General Hospital Student Life l 1 Sounds of Music The band with new uniforms marched on to one of their best years. They marched in the Tipton Pork Pa- rade and captured a first place in show and inspection at the Lewis Cass band contest. ▼ Swing Choir; boltom row. left: B. Coon, K Irick, D. Miller. L. Miller. C. Tragesser, B Halton. B. Boruff, P. Prince. J. Freeman. D Rice. K, Wilkins. J. LaLonde. Top left: C Rust. B. Lamb, B. Boyd. Mr. Rose. B. Munson P. Tacket. K. Trimble, E. Glassburn. D. Free man. The Swing Choir, " The Good Time Music Company " , performed at sev- eral restaurants. Among them were Montes, The Elks, and Western Siz- zlers. 12 Band and Swing Choir km h so-si-s© First Ever Sadies Jeans straw, jail, moonshine, and gettin " mar- ried were all a part of Taylor ' s first . . . (annual??) Sadie Hawkins dance. This girls ask guys (and pay the expenses) dance motif replaced the traditional formal winter dance. Most seemed to approve of the " all in fun " activities and square dancing. The evening was highlighted by the crowning of Dixie Bayliff as Miss Titan. Her court consisted of Cathleen Stewart, Leslie Harland, Barb Lamb, and Jill Westerfield. ■4 Queen Dixie Bayliff and court. Cathleen Stewart, Leslie Har- land, Barb Lamb, and Jill Westerfield. ▼ Chris and Jeff, tying the knot .so soon ' ? ' ? -4 Miss Titan court and their dates, (left to right) Jili Westerfield, Randy Ingels, Leslie Harland, Scott Iceno- gle, Dixie Bayliff, Rick Kindley, Cathleen Stewart, Mark Laubinstein, Barb Lamb and Mark Hite. Sadie Hawkins 13 F i ▼ Kim Cripe ' s Plymouth TC3. Two in a row everyone knows At the green light to rev it on the red line. She ' s wearing new colors and running pretty good; she ' s got four hundred horses tucked under the hood, but there ' s no need to panic; she ' s aerody- namic and ready to roll . . . TJIII Weslerfleld ' s 1980 Firebird Formula. Randy Ingle ' s 1979 Camaro, Maria Dobbins ' 1980 Berlinelta, John Keller ' s 1968 Mustang We Got It . . . And the Taylor Titans are the 1982 MIC champsi! Confetti flew fans screamed. It ' s a great feeling when you give it all you have and come out on top. That is what the varsity boys " bas- ketball team did this vear. The Titan team made going to basketball games worthwhile. Thanks for the feeling of victory and for the effort you put forth in getting the .MIC title. We are very proud of each one of you; thanks for the memories. 1982 MIC CHAMPS . . Punky ooo . . . Rowdy . . . Sporty Loads of Spirit Shown During Homecoming Week. The Titans showed an over abun- dance of spirit during homecoming week by dressing up to a different theme each day. Cowboy Day, Sports Day, Powder Puff Day, Red Black Day and the new wild-n-crazy Punk Rock day. Each were a lot of fun and had many students and teachers caught up in the excitement of the activities that week. " Moto-cross Khristin Sisk fi " Pam and Leslie Punk rockers??? P Terry, what tribe are you from??? o o o BGJEG) Dress-up days 19 A Acting like building blocks. Our seniors and juniors really stack up to make a really nice pyramid. • Do you see yourselP Taylor high pep i sions get our gang rowdy. A The pie-eating contest. Little do our admin- istrators know that they are going to get a pie in VThe 1982 wagon judging contest. The sen- the face ' !! iors Madison Grant rescue squad won iPIRIT We ' ll never forget the two crazy gals who livened up those pep sessions or a boring class, Carrie and Chrissy Abner. Their spirit was hard to replace and we ' re proud that they represented our school before Florida ' s gain was our loss. SPIRIT STICK — The annual spirit stick award went to the class with the most spirit, which this year was the sophomore class. ▼ Rozan Rozanna Danna and Jane Cur- tain ' ? ? Nope, just Holly Martin and Tina Amerman. jj A " We ' re from Mars, and we want something big (spirit). No other than the Abner sisters. A Playing " The Victors " (our school song), the ever peppy Pep Band. T " Come on down, tennis team. The recogni- tion was due. They deserved the cheers at the pep session. Spring Follies 1982 at the Singing " Mr. Sandm an " three senior girls - Laura Miller, Kim Irick, and Donna Freem; — well known as the Harmony Sisters. ▲ Here is our Master of Ceremonies Senior Pat Norris and co. M.C. Donna Freeman. ▼ " What Have You Done with Your Life? " is a song senior Dean Cannon wrote and sang at the follies. Always playing their hearts out. Members of the high school band get together for the annu- al Pheobus band. This year they played " The Stripper " . 22 1982 Spring Follies Paradise Theater!!! A " ' One " (singular sensation) sings the Good Time Music Company at the Paradise Theater. ■ More magic with junior Rodney Boyd. He ' s the only person I know who sticks long pins through balloons and they don ' t burst. It ' s magic! The ; ys-supportive audience. A Get on the bus. Here ' s the Double Dutch Gang. Marni Thomison. Amy Cassis. Kelly Slonebraker and Missy Thomison. Ifs A Success!!! " The Taylor High School Student Council proudly presents the 1982 Spring Follies at the Paradise The- ater. " So began this year ' s annual Spring Follies which has traditionally fea- tured some of Taylor ' s finest talent. The audience this year was well en- tertained by ten acts ranging from a band playing " The Stripper " to an outstanding magician. Rodney Boyd. Between acts, the audience was i. armed up very ably by the M.C. ' s Pat Norris and Donna Freeman who really " hammed it up. " . the Paradise Theater 23 row: . ' Becky Price. Tammy Muncy, Donna Freeman, Debbie Harrison, Kim ripe. Jill Wresterfield. Row 2: Kris Mickelson, Charlotlc Curry, Rozland Beard, Yolandia Shelton, Linda bcock, Julia McDonough, Julie Slonebraker, Sherri Keithley, Stacy Live- ly. Row 3: Karen Wallace, Cindy Robertson, Corrina Fields, Dixie Bayliff, Linda Justice, Betty Halton. Pat Fines, Chris Harris. Cindy Bru- baker. Teresa Allen. 4th Row: Chris Swears, Jill Paine. Laura Haus, Wendy Funke, Tammy Burnett, San- Long and Peggy Johnson. ) Principal and coach of ihe Senior Punch. Don Edmonds, watches his girls in action, as they defeat Ihe juniors. Top right . . . Seniors Yolandia Shelton and Betty Halton show their spirit before the annu- al powder puff game- Las Vegas here we come!!!!! The sophomore boys ' powder puff cheerleaders amuse the crowd at half time; cute, aren ' t they 24 Powder Puff - . . 1982 m " m In a scramble the freshman and sophomore powder puff teams set up after a play. You can get pretty nervous out there, but boy, is it loads of fun! " Head Coaches Senior P.L ' .N.C.H, . . . Don Edmonds Junior Delinquents . . . Jerry Harshman Bush ' s Babes ... Dr. Frank Bush Gary ' s Go Fors . . . Gary Atkins Gary ' s Go Fors Get it Four Aggressive Teams Two Very Close Games In a defensive battle, the " Senior Punch " team, coached by Mr. Ed- monds, handed Mr. Harshman ' s " Ju- nior Delinquents " their first loss on a frosty, October seventh evening. The strong defense on both teams resulted in the one touchdown scored by the senior Yolandia Shelton. The seniors end with a 2-2 powder puff record and the juniors are now 2-1. In the first game, freshman girls came from behind to defeat the strong offensive effort from the sophomore (Powderpuff football) team coached by Dr. Bush which dominated first half play by a score of 1 2-0 after touchdowns made by Shel- ly Weike and Jan Sturtz. In the final half, " Gary ' s Go Fors " . the enthusi- astic freshmen, coached by Mr. At- kins, charged ahead in two quick touchdowns and extra points scored by Penny Hinders and Lisa Barret. The strong offense by both teams was the key to the game that ended in a 14-12 freshman victory. Burrrr!!!!! Juniors Karen Horn, Angle Buckner, Karen Horn and Tammy DcBusk, shiver on the sideline during that frosty Octo- ber evening. By . . . Julia .McDonough 25 The happiest couple on the cruise. Jill Westerfield Randy Ingels, The king and queen of the 1982 Jr. Sr, Prom, on the Madam Carrol. The King and Queen dance to " Sail On " the theme of the prom. Three happy couples and the captain A. Julia and her date Rob Randolph look very happy. B. All smiles Kris Mickelson and P.T. Chaffee. C. Pat Fines and her husband-to-be Richard Har- ris. D. And the captain of our cruise. 26 1982 Jr. Sr. Prom ffl The 1982 Prom court. Back row, left to right. Jon Meadors, Jim Hilleshiem. Brian Roberts, and Ron Gamble. Front row. left to right. Cathleen Stewart, Leslie Harland, Queen Jill Weslerfield and King Randy Ingels, Barb Lamb, and Charlotte Curry. Congratulations Jill Randy The juniors and seniors (and dates) of Taylor High School who attended the prom " Sailed On " making steady progress across Lake Freeman under ideal Indiana spring conditions. The three hour excursion took place April 24. 1982, near Monticello, Indiana. The dance music was provided by Slyde. Most in attendance agreed that the location made this year ' s prom a unique and pleasant exper- ience. During a break, senior wills were read and prophecies made for the future. Finally, the awaited mo- ment arrived, the crowning of the King and queen, not too surprisingly, the couple voted cutest by the senior class won — Jill Westerfield, Queen and Randy Ingels, King. Those re- maining in the court were Cathleen Stewart. Jon Meadors, Leslie Har- land, Jim Hillisheim, Barb Lamb, Brian Roberts, Carlotte Curry and Ron Gamble. The Prom pictures were taken by Russel Beck. It was a night to remember. Self explanatory Seniors MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Barb Lamb Mark Lasbury BEST PERSONALITY Pam Hodge Todd Pickard BEST DRESSED Dixie Bayliff Tony Parker CLASS CLOWNS Donna Freeman Ron Gamble SHYEST Corinne Foesch Ernie Fipps MOST ACTIVE Calhleen Stewart Mark Lasbury MOST STUDIOUS Kim Irick David Pogue OUTSTANDING ATHLETES Denise Goudy Ron Gamble CUTEST COUPLE Jill Westerfield Randy Ingels BEST MANNERS Pam Hodge Paul Tackett BEST TERRORIST Donna Freeman Hal Martin CLASS PLAYBOY (GIRL) Julie Stonebraker Jon Meadors CLASS PETS Cathleen Stewart Kevin Swain BEST ACTOR (ACTRESS) Laura Culross Pat Norris BEST MUSICIANS Karen Wallace Mark Laubenstein MOST ARTISTIC Pam Hodge Todd Suter MOST SPIRITED Linda Babcock Brian Boyd CLASS GOSSIPS Chris Sweares Kevin Swain BEST LOOKING Pam Hodge Jon Meadors MOST EMOTIONAL Rozie Cage Mike Bannon MOODIEST Laura Culross Mike Sumpter MOST TALKATIVE Chris Sweares Tom Cole BEST CAMERAMAN (WOMAN) Cindy Robertson Brian Stewart MOST COORDINATED Charlotte Curry Brian Roberts BEST SENSE OF HUMOR Donna Freeman Ron Gamble BEST SPEAKER Cathleen Stewart Mark Lansbury MOST POPULAR Pam Hodge Brian Roberts BEST HAIRSTYLES Kris Mickelson Jeff Brock FRIENDLIEST Pam Hodge Todd Pickard SEXIEST Dixie Bayliff Randy Ingels MOST RELIGIOUS Nancy Momeyer Dean Cannon BEST DANCER Peggy Johnson Chris Sweares tie Jay Criss LAZIEST Rhonda Cox Robert Johnson MOST INTELLIGENT Kim Irlck Brad Coon MOST EFFICIENT Ann Jewel Mark Lasbury CLASS PESTS Angie Chesser Ted Meadows MOST OUTGOING Cathleen Stewart Ron Gamble BEST SLEEPER (IN CLASS) Rhonda Cox Jim Hilleshiem 28 Senior Survey Senior Suney 29 )iiir]i©m ■ AUGUST Monday 10: First day of football practice. Sat- urday 22: Jamboree at Western; The East beat the West 13-8. Taylor scores 7. Tuesday 25: First day of school. SEPTEMBER Monday 7; First school vacationl Labor Day!! OCTOBER Friday 2; Football team beats Maconaquah 1 2- 7 for the first WIN of the season. Monday 5: Tennis learn win sectionals. The first boys ' sec- tionals ever won. Congratulations Ron, Jim, Mark, Paul, and John! Wednesday 7: Powder Puff Frosh win 14-12. SENIOR PUNCH WINS 6-0. Jim Hilleshiem was crowned Pow- der Puff King. Friday 9: HOMECOMING loss to Madison Grant. The court consisted of Jill Westerfield and Dixie Bayliff. Pam Hodge was crowned Queen. Friday 1 6: Analytic Class celebrated Mrs. Deason ' s birthday. Saturday 24: Dan Hansen wins first place individual title at cross country regionals. NOVEMBER Saturday 7; Barb Lamb was crowned Miss Ju- nior Miss and Pam Hodge was honored with the Spirit of Junior Miss Award. Saturday 1 4: The first ever Sadie Hawkins Dance. The court consisted of Leslie Harland. Barb Lamb. Cath- leen Stewart, Jill Westerfield, and Dixie Bay- liff was crowned Miss Titan. DECEMBER Friday 1 1 : Taylor Basketball beats Northwest- ern 63-57. 30 Seniors FEBRLARI ' Monda 1-5: Out of school all week because of SNOW!! Tuesday 9: Taylor Basketball beats Western 63-57. Saturday 6: Wrestling Region- als and Taylor got 4th out of 22 teams beating Northwestern and Western. Tuesday 23: Tay- lor Varsity Basketball WINS MIC beating Eastbrook. Finishing with a 5-0 clean slate. M.ARCH Friday 5: Lost to Western in the Basketball Sectionals. .APRIL Saturday 24: Prom held on a boat for the first time. The court consisted of Jim Hilleshiem, Ron Gamble, Brian Roberts, Jon Meadors, Charlotte Curry. Barb Lamb. Cathleen Stew- art, and Leslie Harland. Prom Queen — Jill Westerfield. Prom King — Randy Ingels. MAY SENIOR WEEK 10-14 Monday 10: Sweats Day Tuesday 1 1 : Costume Day Wednesday 1 2: Leadership Day Thursday 13: Baby Day Fri- day 14: Senior ' s L.AST D.AV Senior Convo andOrad Niteat Kings Island. Wednesday 19: Honors Day Thursday 20: Play Day at North- west Park. Friday 21: Practice Commence- ment and Luncheon at Duffs. Sunday 23: Graduation! Senior Fling at the YWC.A. JUNE Friday 4: Baseball team loses in Sectionals. Finishing with a 23-5 record. Breaking the old school record. Melissa Addison Greg Ailor Tina Ammerman Linda Babcock Bill Baldridge ACORD, GENE: Football 3,4; Varsity Club 4. ADAIR, SHARON: Band 4; Marching Band 4; Pep Band 4; Thespians 2. ADDISON, MELISSA: Powderpuff 1,2,3; Tennis 1; Volleyball 1,2,3. AILOR, GREG: DeMolay 2,3,4; Indiana State RiHe Club 2,3,4. AKERS, DAVID ALLEN, KENNETH ALLEN, TERESA: Basketball I; Powderpuff 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2. ion David Barnard AMMERMAN, TINA; Alpha-Omega 3; Cheerleader (girl ' s) 3,4; French Club 3,4; Pow- derpuff 3; Student Council 2,3,4 Home Ec. Club 4. BABCOCK, LINDA: Batgirl 2,3,4; Cheerb- lock 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; French Club 2; N.H.S. 3,4; Gymnastics 2,3,4; Helio 3,4; Varsity Club 4. BALDRIDGE, BILL: Choir 1,2,3,4. BANNON, MIKE: Football 1,2,3. BARNARD, DAVID 32 Seniors Dixie Bayliff Roscaland Beard Brian Benzinge Richard Blume Chris Bolinger Tammv Bookout BAYLIFF. DIXIE: Helio2,3.4co-edilor; Miss Titan; N H S 3.4; Powderpuff 1.2,3,4; Rally Squad 1 ,2,3,4; Student Council 4; Tennis 1 ,2,3; Homecoming Court 1,4. BEARD, ROSEALAND: Cheerblock 2,3; Powderpuff 2,3,4; Track 3. BENZINGER, BRIAN: Football 3,4; Man- ager Baseball 2; Track 4; Varsity Club 4; Weight Lifting 3,4. BESS, ROGER BLAKE, TAMMY: Cheerblock 2; Home Ec. Club 2,3,4. BLUME, RICHARD BOES, TERRANCE: Cross Country 4; Foot- ball 1,2.3; Hello 1,2,3; Onlooker 4; Student 1; Wrestling 1,2,3,4. BOLINGER, CHRIS BOOKOUT. TAMMY: Cheerblock 1; Cheer- leader 1; Powderpuff 1,2,4; Spanish Club 1,2. BOURFF, JOHN BOYD. BRIAN: Choir president; Football I; Foreign Exchange Club 1.2.3; French Club 1.2.3; Manager Football 2; Mount Man 4; Student Council 1 .2.3.4; Swing Choir; Hoosier Bov ' s State .Alternate 3. BROCK. JEFF: Baseball 1.2; Basketball 1.2.3,4; Football 1,2. Seniors 33 Cynthia Brubaker Anthony Burnett Tammy Burnette Tom Byrd Rozella Cage Sherri Calhoun Craig Carter Mike Chandler Susan Chandler Angela Chesser Kathy and Debbie show their Senior Spirit! BRUBAKER, CINDY: Cheerblock 4; Helio 1.2,3,4 co-editor; Pom Poms 4; Powderpuff 1,3,4. BURNETT, TONY: Vica 4 publicity. BURNETTE, TAMMY: Powderpuff 3,4. BYRD, TOM: Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1; In- lermurals 3; Weight Lifting 1. CAGE, ROZELLA: Band 1.2,3,4; Chess Club 1 ; Choir 1 ,2,3,4; Manager, Volleyball 3, Track 3,4; Thespians 1,2; Varsity Club 4; Home Ec. Club 1. CALHOUN, SHERRL Art Club 2; Band 1 .2.3,4; Pep Band 4; Rifles Flags Cap- tain 2.4. CANNON. DEAN: Alpha-Omega 3; Pep Band 2,3; Swing Choir 3. CARTER, CRAIG: Basketball 1,2; Chess Club 2,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Manager. Track 2.3; Track 4; Varsity Club 4. CATT. KIM CHANDLER. MIKE: Basketball; Varsity Club 4; Powderpuff Cheerleader 4. CHANDLER. SUSAN: Cheerblock I. CHESSER. ANGELA: Track 3; Powderpuff 1.2.3; Softball. Kay Crawford Kim Cripe Jay Cri Charlotte Curry Bill Damewood COFFEY, KIM COFFIN, TODD: Art Club I; Photography Club L COLE, TOM; Band 1,2,3,4; Chess Club 1,2,3,4; Football I; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Weight Lifting 2. COOK, BRIAN COON, BRAD: Choir 1,2,3,4; Foreign Ex- change Club 1,2,3; French Club 1,2,3.4; N.H.S. 3,4. COX, RHONDA CRAWFORD, KAY: Pep Band 2.3; RiHes Flags 1,2,3. CRIPE, KIM: Basketball 1,2; Powderpuff 1,2,3,4. CRISS, JAY: Alpha-Omega 4; Weight Lifting 3. CULROSS. LALRA: Art Club I; Band 1,2,3,4; Chess Club 1 V. President; Foreign Exchange Club 2, 3 Sec, 4 Sec; History Club 4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Model U.N. 2,3,4; Onlooker 2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3.4; Science Club I; Thespians 1.2,3 Sec, 1, Treas, 4, CURRY, CHARLOTTE: Art Club l;Batgirl 2; Cheerblock 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Class Officer, V, President 3,4; Gymnastics 2.3,4; NHS. 3,4; Powderpuff 1.2,3,4; Prom Court 4; Varsity Club 4 Treasurer DAMEWOOD, BILL: Football 1,2.3,4; Mount Man 4; Track 1,2; Varsity Club 3,4; Weight Lifting 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4. Seniors 35 Sylvia Denney Jeff DeSpain Carolyn Dial Maria Dobbins Paul Drago Kenneth Ensign Regina Farmer Ernest Fipps Paul Drago, Mark Lasbury, and John Keller represent the SECTIONAL TENNIS TEAM. DAVID, DAN DENNEY, SYLVIA: VICA 4. parlimentar- ian. DEPEW, RON: Basketball 1,2; Football I. DE SPAIN, JEFF: Band I; Chess Club 4; Choir 4; Photography 3,4; Thespians 3.4. DIAL, CAROLYN: Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4; N.H.S. 4; Pep Band 3,4. DOBBINS, MARIA: Powderpuff 2,3,4. DRAGO, PAUL: Inlramurals 2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Tennis 2,3,4; Track 1,2; Varsity Club 4. ENSIGN, KEN: Choir 1,2. FARMER, REGINA: Cheerblock I; Powder- puff 2,3; Rines Flags I. FIELDS, KORENA: Art Club 3,4; Powder- puff 2,3,4. F INES, PAT: Alpha Omega 3, Sec.-Treas. 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Foreign Exchange 2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Pep Band 1 ,2,3,4; Powderpuff 1 ,2,3,4; Stu- dent Council 2.3, Sec. 4. FIPPS, ERNEST: Intramurals 1,2. T Corinne Foesch Sherry Foust Donna Freeman Mark Fulkerson Brenda Fulwider Brian Fulwider Wendy Funke Don Goodnight CORINNE. FOESCH: Art Club 1,2.3; Cheerblock 2.3.4; History Club 3.4; NH.S. 3,4. FOUCH, BRAD: Baseball 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 4; Cheerleader 4; Werstling Club 4. FOUDRAY, RON: VICA 3, Pres. Treas. FOUST, SHERRY: Cheerblock 1,2; Powder- puff 1,2.3,4. FREEMAN, DONNA: Alpha Omega 3; Band 2; Basketball t; Choir 1,2,3,4; Foreign Ex- change 3; Hoosier Girl ' s State Alternate 3; N.H.S. 4; Powderpuff 1,2,3,4; RiHes Flags 1 ,2, Capt. 3; Spanish Club 1 ,2,3, Pres. 4; Swing Choir 4; Thespians 1,3,4; TYO Softball 1,2,3,4; Spring Follies 1,2,3,4. FULKERSON, MARK FULWIDER, BRENDA: Powderpuff 2,3; Rines Flags I. FULWIDER, BRIAN: Photography Club 3 FUNKE, WENDY: Cheerblock 1; Girl ' s Track Manager 3; Powderpuff 3,4. GAMBLE, RON: Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1.2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Prom Court 4. GOODNIGHT, DON: Band 1,2,3; Chess Club 1,2,3, Pres. 4; Marching Band 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1,2,3. GOSHERN, SCOTT: Baseball I. Seniors 37 Leslie Harland Debbie Harrison GOUDY, DENISE: Baslielball 1,2,3,4; Cheerblock 1,2; Powderpuff 1,2,3; Tennis 2,3,4; Varsity Club 4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4. GREENE, MATT HALL, CAROL: Cheerblock 1,2; Choir 1,2; Powderpuff 1,4. HAMM, JOHANNA: Alpha-Omega 3; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Powderpuff 2,3. HANSEN, CHRISTINA: Candyslriper 2. HARLAND, LESLIE: Alpha-Omega 3; Class Officer 1 V. President, 2 President, Treasurer 3; Foreign Exchange Club 2,4; French Club 1,2,3 and 4 V. President; Hoosier Girl ' s State Delegate 3; Miss Titan Court 4; N.H.S. 3.4; Prom Court 4; Rally Squad 2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 4. HARNER, JEFF: Spring Follies. HARRIS, CHRISTINA: Cheerblock 1,2; Choir 1,2,3,4; Pom Poms 4; Powderpuff 3,4. HARRISON, DEBBIE: Batgirl 1,2,3,4; Pow- derpuff 1,2,3,4; Watergirl 4. HAUS, LORI: Alpha-Omega 3; Powderpuff 2,3; Home Ec. Club 1,2,4, V. President. HAYES, DEBRA: Home Ec. Club 4. HILLESHEIM, JIM: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Ten- nis 1 ,2,3,4; Varsity Club 4; Powderpuff Cheer- leader. 1982 " SENIOR PUNCH " 38 Seniors Pam Hodge Rand Ingels HODGE. PAM: Alpha-Omega 1: Art Club 1; Cheerblock 1,2.3 President 4; Cheerleader 1.2,4; Class Officer 1 Secretary. 3 Sec. 4 Sec; Foreign Exchange Club; French Club 2.3.4; Hoosier Girl ' s State Delegate 3; N.H.S. 3.4 Sec; Tennis 2,3; Homecoming Court 2,3,4 Queen. HOFF. LESLIE; Cheerblock 1.2; Powderpuff 1.2.3- HORD. TAML Spanish Club 1.2. HORNER. PAM: Volleyball 1,2. HOWARD. JEFF: Astronomy Club 1.2; Man- ager Track 2; Photography 1; Science 1.2; Thespians 1.2,3,4; Track 1. HRABOS, JODl HRABOS, JLDL Powderpuff 3. HUNDLEY, DEBRA: Art Club 1,2,3; Score- keeper VoUevball 4; N.H.S. 3.4. HUNECK. JIM: Cross Countrv 3.4; Track 1.2. INGELS. RAND ' i ' : Basketball 1,2; Intramur- als 1; Prom King. IRICK. KIM: Alpha-Omega 3; Cheerblock 1.2; Choir; Foreign Exchange Club 3 and 4 Reporter; French Club 2.3.4 Sec; N.H.S. 3.4; Swing Choir 3.4; Thespians 3.4 Treasurer; International Thespians Society 4. JEWELL. ANN: Class Officer 2 V. President; Foreign Exchange Club 2 Reporter. 3 V. Presi- dent. 4: French Club 2.3.4; Historv Club 3,4; Model U.N.; N.H.S. 3.4; RiHes Flags 2.3; Student Council 1; Thespians 3 V. Presi- dent 4; International Thespians 4. Seniors 39 Pegg Johnson Robcri Johnson Nancy Jones J.J, LaLonde Barbara Lamb JOHN. DEBBIE: Powdcrpuff 2.3. JOHNSON. PEGGY: Balgirl 1.2.3; Cheerb- lock 1 .2.3.4; French Club 2; Golf 1 ,2.3.4; Gym- nastics 2; Marching Band 4; N.H.S. 3.4; Pom Poms 4; Powderpuff; Varsity Club Ex- ecutive Board 4. JOHNSON. ROBERT: Football 1.2.3; Weight Liftmg 1,2,3. JONES. NANCY; Powderpuff 2.3. Myron Lamb JUSTICE. LiND.A: Powderpuff 2.3.4. KEITHLEY, SHERRl: Balgirl I, KELLER. JOHN: Intramurals 2.3; Photogra- phy Club 3; Tennis 2.3.4. KELLEY. LESLIE: Football I. LaLONDE. J.J.: Pep Band 2,3.4. LAMB. BARBARA; Alpha-Omega 3.4 Presi- dent; Basketball 1.2.3; Choir I. accompianist 2.3.4; Class Officer President 1.2.4; Foreign Exchange Club 2; French Club 2. 3 Sec. 4 Mark Lasbury Treasurer; Miss Titan Court 4; N.H.S. 3,4; Powderpuff 1.2.3; Prom Court 4; Swing Choir; 4-H 1.2.3,4; Howard Countv Jr. Miss 4. LAMB, MYRON: Choir 3; Football 1 ; Weight Lifting 1; Wrestling I. LASBURY, MARK; Band 1; Basketball 1; Marching Band 1; Mount Man 3,4; N.H.S. 3,4 President; Pep Band I ; Tennis 2,3,4; Track 1 .2; Varsity Club 4; Wrestling 2.3.4. 40 Seniors Mark Laubenstein Bryan Lindberg Susan Long ■■ ■If J Mti cpl " Mw i Jl a mm ■ Thanks, to our sponsors Mr: Pictured, Mr, Lamberson. ■itis, Mrs. Donelson, Mr. Richardson. Mr. Windlow. Not LAUBENSTEIN, MARK: Band 1.2,3.4; Marching Band 1.2.3,4; Pep Band 1,2.3.4; Track i.2. LANIUS. PAT: Choir 1, LAYDEN. BRENDA: Powderpuff 1; Tennis 1.2.3,4. LINDBERG, BRYAN: Foolball 2,3; Helio 3; Marching Band 1,2.3; Onlooker 4; Photogra- phy Club 3; Track 4; Weight Lifting 2.3; Wres- tling 2,3. LITTLE, MIKE: Track 4. LIVELY, STACEY: Foreign Exchange Club 2; Spanish Club 1; Booster 1; DECA 3 Sec. LONG, SAM LONG, SANDRA: Powderpuff 1.2.4. LONG. SUSAN: Onlooker 2.4; Powderpuff 1.3; Volleyball; Softball LORENZ. STEVEN LUMM. STEVE: Football I; intramurals 2; Track 1. MARTIN. HAL. Football 4. Seniors 41 Julia McDonough Amy McGowen Ted Meadows Mike Merrifield Kris Mickelson Iryan Mille Brad Minglin McCORD, TINA Mcdonough, julia: Band 1,2.3,4; Cheerblock 1 ; Helio 4; Marching Band 1 .2,3,4; Pep Band 3,4; Powderpuff 1.2,3,4; Spanish Club 4; Track 2. McGOWEN, AMY MEADORS, JON: Football 4; History Club 4; Intramurals 3,4; Mount Man 4; Prom Court 4; Track 3,4; Varsity Club 4 Pres.; N.H.S. 4. MEADOWS, TED; Baseball 1; Football 1,2,3,4; History Club 4; Intramurals 1,2; Man- ager Basketball 4; Photography Club 4; Varsi- ty Club 4. MERRIFIELD, MIKE MICKELSON, KRIS; Art Club 2 Sec; Cheerblock 3; Powderpuff 1,2,3,4; Home Ec. Club 1. MILLER, BRYAN; Industrial Arts Club 2. MILLER, LORA; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Foreign Exchange Club 2,3.4 V. President; French Club 2.3,4; History Club 3,4; Hoosier Girl ' s State Alternate 3; Marching Band 1,2,3; Model U.N. 1,2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Pep Band; Rifles Flags 1.2.3; Science Club 1,2; Swing Choir 4; Thespians 1,2.3.4 President; International Thespian Society 4. MILLER, PAM: PE Assist. 2. MILLER, RHONDA: Powderpuff 3. MINGLIN, BRAD: Football 1,2,3,4; Powder- puff Cheerleader 1,4; Track 1,2,3,4 Captain; Varsity Club 4; Weight Lifting 1,2,3,4. 42 Seniors Patricia Nelson Patrick Norris William Patrick Melissa Pearson Cheryl Pelgen MOMEYER. NANCY: N.H.S. 3,4; French Club 2,3,4. PATRICK, WILLIAM: Cross Country 1 MONROE, JAMES Track 1,2, MUNCY, TAMMY: Art Club I; Cheerblock PEARSON, MISSY: Choir 1,2,3. I ; Powderpuff 3,4; Student Council 1 ; Water- PEDRO, PAT PELGEN, CHERYL: Art Club 1,2,3; Choir 1,2; History Club 4. girl 2,3 NELSON, PATTY NICHOLS, KAREN: Powderpuff 1,2,3 NORRIS, PAT: N.H.S. 3,4. PAINE, JILL: Manager Basketball 1,2; Pom you Jeff Brock and Brenda Fulwider Pons 4; Powderpuff 1,3; Track 1,4; Volleyball ► How many limes does Mr. Hamacher have to tell you, " No kissing in the halls! " Shame on David Pogue B ' -ian Roberts Cynthia Robertson Kevin Rutherford PICKARD, TODD: Onlooker 1,2,3,4, Editor: Student Council 1,2,3 and 4 Reporter. POGUE, DAVID: French Club 2: Golf 2: Model UN. 1.2,4: N.H.S. 3,4; Thespians 1. PORTER, MELISSA: Art Club 1; Pep Band 2.3: Rifles Flags 1,2.3; Home Ec. Club 2. POW ELL, ROBIN PRICE, BECKY: Powder Puff 1.2,3,4. PRINCE, PAULA: Choir RICE. DIANA: Alpha Omega 3.4 V. President; Choir; Powderpuff 1.2; Ritles Flags 3.4; Swing Choir 3.4; Volleyball; Home Ec, Club 4. ROBERTS, BRL N: Baseball 1; Basketball I, 2,3.4; Prom Court 4. ROBERTSON. CYNTHIA: Band 1,2; March- ing Band 1,2.; N.H.S. 4; Pep Band 1.2; Pow- derpuff 1 .2.3.4; Ihespians 2.3; Softball ROBINSON. LISA: Foreign E.xchangc Club I . 2; Powderpuff 2.3; Spanish Club 3. RUTHERFORD. KEVIN: Basketball 1.2. SANDOE. BRAD: Pep Band; Band 1. 2,3.4. Drum Major; Marching Band; Jazz Band 1 .4; Tennis 2; Track 2; Explorers in Law 1.2. ig §i2 44 Seniors Craig Schiliz Mark Scamster Sonja Sc, Kellv Shaffer Yolandia Shelton Kathy Shrock Tara Stakelbeck SCHILTZ, CRAIG SEAMSTER, MARK: Tennis 1. SEARY. SONJA: Track 2. SHAFFER. KELLY: Powder Puff 2. SHELLY, TERRL Powder Puff 1,2,3. SHELTON, PAUL SHELTON. YOLANDIA: Powder Puff 3.4: Rifles Flags 1,2; Track 3,4. SHROCK. KATHY: Batgirl 2.3.4: Powder Puff; Spanish Club 2; Watergirl 3.4. SMITH. LISA: Batgirl 1.2; Powder Puff 3; Rally Squad 2.3.4. STAKELBECK. TARA STEWART. BRIAN: Basketball 1.2; Football 1.2.3; Manager Wrestling 4; Onlooker 3.4, STEWART, CATHLEEN: Alpha-Omega 3; Cheerleader girls ' 1,2.3.4; Foreign E.xchange Club 1.2. Sec. 3 3. V, President, 4 President; French Club 1,2. President. 4 President; Hoo- sier Girls ' State Delegate 3; Miss Titan Court 4; N.H.S. 3.4; Powder Puff I; Prom Court 4; Student Council 1.2.3 V. President. 4 Presi- dent; Tennis; Thespians 1.2. President. Varsity Club 4 Sec; DAR Good Citizen. Congratulations Class of ' 82! Seniors 45 Bill Slolings Julie Slonebrake Sandra Strange Mike Thomas STOCK, SUSAN: Foreign Exchange Club 2; NHS. 3.4; Photography Club 4; Powder Puff 1.2; Thespians 2.3.4, STOLLINGS, BILL; Spanish Club 1,2. JLLIE STONEBRAKER: Balgirl 1; Golf 1.2.3,4; Onlooker 4; YWCA Swim Team 2. STRANGE. SANDRA SUMPTER. MIKE: Baseball; Basket- ball 1,2; Football 1.2.4; History Club 4; Inlra- murals 3.4; N.H.S. 3,4; Varsity Club 4 V. President- SLTER, ROBERT: An Club 2. SWAIN, KEVIN: Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball; Football; N.H.S. 4; Varsity Club 4; Powder Puff Cheerleader. SWEARES, CHRIS: Cheerblock I; Cheer- leader girls ' 1,2,4; Gymnastics 2; Manager Track 1; Powder Puff 1,4; Watergirl 2. TACKETT. PAUL: Choir 1.2.3; Foreign Ex- change Club 2.3; French Club 2.3; N.H.S. 3.4; Swing Choir 1.2,3,4. TE AL. DAVID: Golf 1. THOMAS, MIKE: French Club 1,2,3; Golf 1,2; Hoosier Boys ' State Delegate 3; Manager Football 1; N.H.S. 3.4; Photography Club 3; Tennis 3. THURSTON, TERESA; Foreign Exchange Club 3,4; Home Ec. Club 3,4; Track 3; 4-H 1,2,3.4. 46 Seniors Ann Tomlinson Beckv Trimble Karen Wallace Jill W ' esterneld Larry Woods TOMLINSON, ANN: Poi der Puff I ■ V Tennis 1,2,3. TRIMBLE, BECKY: Band 1.2; Choir 3,4; Marching Band 1.2. WALLACE. KAREN; Band 1,2.3.4; Basket- ball 1; Foreign Exchange Club I; French Club I; Marching Band 1.2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Powder Puff 1.2.3,4, Volle ball 1 2 WALTER, SCOTT WESTERFIELD, JILL: Batgirl 1,2; Cheerb- lock 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Class Officer 4 Treasurer; French Club I ; Golf 1 ,2.3,4; Miss John Young Turn those tasseU Titan Court 4; N.H.S. 3,4; Powder Puff 1,2,3,4; Prom Queen; Varsity Club 4; Home- coming Court 4. WILLIS, DOUG: Baseball 1.2,3,4; Basketball 1. WTLLITS, BARRY; Onlooker 2,3,4; Wres- tling 1,2,3. WILLITS, JLLIE: History Club 4; Jr. Achievement 2,3,4. WOODS, LARRY: Manager Cross Country 1,2. YOUNG, JOHN: Track 1,2,3. NOT PICTURED: Dan Painter Anthony Parker Bill Parker Tracy Parkins Missy Potter Gary Rhinebarger Kim Searcy Seniors 47 Cl?:::::: ) Seniors Randy Ingels and Kevin Swain don ' t know quite what to do with this kind of girls. Romeo (Donna Freeman) romances Juliet {Pam Hodge), " Where art thou. ' This year at the senior convo there was a slumber party done to " Wake Up Littly Suzy. ' 48 Seniors == Senior Mark Fulkerson displays his black belt in karate by breaking bricks. The last week of school was very busy for the graduates-to-be. This was to be THEIR week. Yet there were still final tests to take, the grades to be decided, and tardies and absences to be checked for exemption from exams, there to complicate mat- ters. The week started out great with the dress up days to participate in. Wednesday was Leadership Day; the seniors were in charge of the school. This was the day they had been wait- ing for. They could finally be the ones to make the decisions. Friday came with excitement for everyone. The last day ever for the seniors to attend Taylor High School had finally arrived. The Senior Convo was a success with Mark Fulkerson ' s karate exhibition being the highlight. The week ended with many of the sen- iors traveling to Kings Island for Sen- ior Grad Nite. Senior Class Offic ers: Sec, Pam Hodge. Pres., Barb L Westerfield, and V. Pres., Charlotte Curry. Lora Miller, Kim Irick, and Donna Freeman are singing in the Seniors 49 TIH1 FUN After graduation, the seniors went to the YWCA to spend all night say- ing good-bye to their friends and cele- brating. There were many activities to par- ticipate in. A disc jockey from WZWZ 93 provided music to dance by and prizes for the best dancers. Swimming, playing basketball, play- ing cards, and pigging out on pizza, snacks, and cokes filled the night. Door prizes were given to everyone. The next morning many of the graduates met at Denny ' s to finish the day at breakfast. Although this may have seemed like the end, it is only the beginning of a new and exciting life. And we, the class of 1982, will CONQUER. FINIAL •■iir Chemlawn strikes again. Seniors rest their feet after dancing the night away 50 Senior Fling MikeSumpter, Linda Babcock. and Jon Meadors — Together Again Naturally, Brian Roberts enjoys his time at the Fling. Mike Sutnpter WINS the longest tongue contest, Congratula tions, Michael! Valedictorian — Kim Irick Salutalorian — Leslie Harland The Final Farewell lo the Graduating Class of 1982. It " xn( rise taeji (?f tlf€ ? , . • _ h , M .lV ■ I P 5- ' . Class Speaker — Cathleen Stewart 52 Senior Graduation noiliej- OS] The end had finally arrived. It was May 23rd and the 1982 seniors, who had managed to make it though the years, were ready for their finale. This was a day for mixed emotions. While listening to the speeches fom the Valedictorian, Kim Irick; Salutato- rian, Leslie Harland; and Class Speak- er, Cathleen Stewart, the seniors re- flected on all the times they were leav- ing behind. But still, the future beck- oned with many new and interesting challenges yet to be met and conquer- ed. Afterwards, the seniors were con- gratulated by friends and family who celebrated the joys and notstalgia of the occasion. The end had arrived, and all the seniors had survived. a. President — Barb Lamb b. Vice-President — Charlotte Curry c. Treasurer — Jill Westerfield d. Secretary — Pam Hodge The march in begins. Graduates await the Invocation by Rev. Charles Babcock. Senior Graduation 53 Sports . : «» , ». • RH.O 1978 V As I sit in my seat, surrounded by people, I find myself growing more nervous. It had never really mattered that much to me whether we won a basketball game or not, but this year is different. I just couldn ' t help get- ting caught up in the excitement of the Titan ' s winning season. It was the last period of the Taylor- Eastbrook game and we were down by one. Brian Roberts shot one in to give us the lead 52-5 1 . We held on to this lead, as the excitement really be- gan to build. With 2:17 to go, the score tied. I didn ' t know if I could stand to watch anymore. Ten seconds left and Jim Hille- shiem shoots from the corner; he misses. But wait, there ' s a foul called and Jeff Brock gets to shoot. Oh come on Jeff, you can do it! The Taylor crowd grows still; all eyes are fixed on Jeff. He pauses, takes a deep breath and shoots. The ball seems to be tak- ing forever to reach the hoop, but at last it reaches it . . . and it goes in! I don ' t believe it! It must be true though because all the Taylor fans are going crazy. The next one makes it in, too. We ' re two points ahead and the MID-INDIANA CONFER- ENCE CHAMPIONS! No longer will we feel put down by other schools. At last, we ' ve gained the glory that we have longed de- served. I believe the real story of this night could have been told by the smiles on the fans ' faces. TEMIS r FIRST BOYS SECTIONAL This is a story of the road to the regionals. The dream originated five years ago when two spindly jr. high kids, Jim Hiileshiem and Dave Cas- sis, asiced to practice with the varsity team. Seeing their eagerness to suc- ceed, Mr. Wise agreed. This idea was strengthened the following year when a freshman by the name of Ron Gam- ble, tried out for the team. Showing immediate talent, he moved up to the varsity, playing 2 doubles. These three made up the foundation for the 1982 team. The 1, 2 and 3 players retained their positions respectively, the for- mer 2 doubles team moved up to fill the 1 doubles spot. This left only one spot to be filled. This position was filled by P.T. Chaffee and Larry Wiechman who just couldn ' t seem to go wrong. At the start of the season the team got together and set two goals. The first, to go undefeated, and secondly, to win the sectional. They accom- plished these with style. Ron, Jim, Dave, P.T. and Larry all went unde- feated during the regular season. They started the sectional off with a victory over country rival Western advancing to the semi-finals against Noblesville which they easily over powered. They then met Frankfort for the title in which the Titans had a narrow victory of 3-2 to advance to the regionals where they were op- posed by eventual and returning state champs Carmel. The Titans fell to a 6-0 loss as channels 1 3 and 6 watched on, and an unforgetable season ended. First Row; Paul Drago, Ron Gamble, Jim Hiileshiem, Mark Lasbury, John P. Keller. Second Row; P.T. Chaffee, Dave Cassis, Larry Wiechman, coach Mr. Wise. Senior Ron Gamble, Most Valuable Player, is in a world by himself. Paul proves once again that if you yell hard enough the ball ■ ' will obey. THEY WERE Tennis 57 Dan Hansen Wins Regional Even though the final season ' s record was 8-5, major accomplishments were not uncommon to this year ' s cross country team. MVP, Dan Hansen, not only took a first place at the sectional, allowing the Ti- tan trotters to place third, he qualified and won at the regional — a great triumph for him and the team. As in most sports, injuries played an im- portant part in the season. This was defi- nitely a problem for the team this year. Bill Mason, suffering a wrist injury, missed two weeks of training and racing. Mike Har- mon had to miss the last part of the season due to a hip injury. We hope they will be totally recovered and ready to run for next year. With Dan Hansen and other fellow sen- iors leading a team of ambitious runners, the Helio sport ' s staff and other C-C fans look forward to another great cross country season. Good luck! Ciiiss Coiiiiti ' v - ' ' ' Back — S. Anderson. T. Boes, D. Hansen, B. Mason. Middle — P. Edwards, D. Lowe, M. Harmon, M. Fowler, Coach Grossman. Front — C. Bator, T. Duex. K. Burdlwes, K. Johnson, C. Standridge. ' 5:si - " -s fi ' OLF Kneeling — Tim Laflin, Jim Humphrey, David Cassis. Brad Baker. Coach Wise Standing — Doug Tate, Kurt Auzins. Tom McDonough. Dave Thompson. Back — Matt Foust. Mike Lawless. Jeff Wren. The golf team coached by Dave Wise got off to a slow start this year. Having no seniors, they lacked a play- er with a consistently low score. All the varsity players had averages fair- ly close together. Although each play- er had at least one outstanding round, they couldn ' t get everyone to play well at the same time. MVP award was given to Dave Cassis. The show- ing they gave us this year wasn ' t per- fect, but next year we can expect some really spectacular play with the team consisting of three seniors, two seasoned underclassmen, and a new start. MVP, Dave Cassis chips on. Doug Tate plays it where it lies. Jim Humphrey follows through Golf 59 THt WeNCERFUL It lakes two Panthers to handle a Titan (Mike Blankenburger). 60 Varsity Football WORLD W The Varsitv Foolball Team. CISNCY Hul, Hul. Hike! Success in football usually depends on experienced players. Taylor ' s var- sity this year lacked in quantity of seniors but not in quality. MVP ' s Bill Damewood on the offensive line, Ke- vin Swain, offensive back; Mike Sumpter, defensive back; and Hal Martin, defensive line were among those who gave their all. A difficult schedule (six teams with a 7-3 or better record) and a young team resulted in a less than successful record of 1-9. Perhaps a young team this year means more experience in the future. vJ ' u- ' ' - ' ' The people on the lines are just as important. Varsity Football 61 Titans Heed the Call of the Coach 3S Terry Boes checks the clock. 62 Wrestling 1st row: Jeff Fouch, Todd Kennedy, Doug Tate, Scott Goudy, Jeff Huffman, Greg Cottingham, Ban Tabor, David Arnold. 2nd row; Brett Goudy, Dave Lowe, Terry Roes, Brian Oldfather, Jeff Mullen, Denny Little, Brad Fouch, John Burke. 3rd row; Paul Edwards, Matt Laurence, Joe Bolen, Nick Sofianopoulos, Mark Lasbury, Fred Shelton, Dan Newton, Brian Stewart. 4th row: Coach Mr. Gregory, Tony Long, Bill Damewood, Jim Silver. Glen Rhoades, Derrick Shelton, Coach Mr. Ward. At the close of the 1981 season, Mr. Ward had the more than usual prob- lem of replacing seven seniors. This led to the inevitable conclusion that he would have to turn to the under- classmen to fill the roster. At the start of the season, over half of the 13 weight classes were filled by under- classmen. They were led by the eight returning lettermen. The hard work that they exhibited paid off. They finished the season with a 1 2 and 2 dual meet record, and beat county rivals Western and Northwestern in the regional sending three wrest lers to the semi-state: Scott Goudy, 98; Bart Tabor, 119; and Fred Shelton, 155. 2 ' 7 QB FINIStiE TC€ eLy The Taylor JV basketball team ended the season by defeating East- brook (15-2 record) and Peru (12-7 record) on the road. This increased their record to 8-11. Coach Phares expressed satisfaction with the over- all improvement in the team ' s perfor- mance. He identified the poor shoot- ing statistics, 38% from the field and 46% from the foul line, as a difficulty in the year. He added that he was proud to be able to move four players up to varsity level for the sectional. Larry goes up for two. Top Row — Kun Auzins. John Rochio, Larry Patmore, Larry Wiechman, Mike Blankenburger, Lee Sweares, Glenn Moss. Bottom Row — John Gwillam, Tony Oliver, Phil Williamson, Richard Shockley, Mark Brubaker, P.T. Chaffee, Coach Phares, John tries his luck at the charity stripe. 64 J.V. Basketball Freshmen Second To One From Row — Candy Miller. Brenda McCo . Rosie Amorc. Tina Brack. l.l aGullc Second Ro« — D Davenport. David Lasbury. Brel Boruff, Chuck Beheler. Third Row — Chris Hall, Brett Weilzel, Scot Sanders. Back Row — Mgr. Tim Merrit. Scott O ' Brian. Doug Brock. Shannon Adams, Coach Ha The Freshmen basketball leain fell short of a Howard County tourney championship in a close game against Western. Though the Titans man- aged to defeat them earlier in the sea- son, the Panthers proved to be well- prepared for a rematch. Mr. Harsh- man commented that he felt this had been his most gratifying season. It ' s easy to see why when you look at the list of accomplishments. Defeating Northwestern twice and shooting over fifty percent from the field were high points, not to mention Coach Harshman celebrated his 100th coaching victory. ivid Perry. ' Powell, Ke :Pha , Randv alt Fousl, Steve n Legan, Andy Kealon, Monty Freshman Basketball 65 A YIM OF FlIRSI! Titans win - first M.I.C. Coach Custer ' s varsity basketball team produced a year of first ' s for Taylor. Though the competition in the MIC was unusually strong, the Titans were undefeated against their MIC foes (5-0) and clearly victori- ous. The Titans broke or tied fifteen individual or team records: the most wins in the regular season (14), the most wins in a two year period (25), the first consecutive winning season, the most points scored in a season (1473 in 21 games), the most free throws in a season (327, old record 325 in ' 71 - ' 72), the most assists in a season (329, old record 314 in ' 80- ' 81), and the most steals in one game (23 vs. Cass). Individual records were broken by Ron Gamble for the most assists in a game (14 vs. Western); he also had the most assists in a season (183, old record 158 made by him in ' 80- ' 81) and in his career (341, old record 179 by Sam Dyche). Brian Roberts now has the current record for the best field goal percentage (60.1%) and Dwayne Dunlap tied the current re- cord for the most steals in one game (8) against Eastern. The sectional title seemed within reach, but even a disappointing loss in the first game against Western couldn ' t dim the triumph of the sea- son. We were proud to be a part of this year ' s basketball season and even prouder of the superior efforts of the ' 81 - ' 82 season. The acclaim and en- thusiasm brought to all of us by their accomplishments will be long remem- bered. Ron Gamble soars for two at Western. 66 Basketball Varsity Basketball Team — Front Row — Jim Hillsheim, Bob Ritchie, Phil Williamson. Coach Jon Cusler. Jeff Brock. Mike Chandler, Brian Roberts. Second Row — Mgr- Ted Meadows. Dwayne Dunlap, P.T. Chaffee, Brad Tucker, Kevin Swain. Ron Gamble. Mgr. David Cassis Against Tri-Cenlral, Kevin Swain and Dwayne Dunlap apply the pressure. Brian and Dwayne double team a Huskie. Coach Cusler kicks a free throw in for Brock. IMIIldS Another close call against Kokomo Win Record 23 Games Winning a record 23 games while losing only five was one of the many things the team and Coach Phares had to be proud of at the end of this year ' s baseball season. Other accom- plishments included setting or tying 25 school records and finishing sec- ond in the county and MIC playoffs against 4th ranked Western. Coach Phares attributed their success to " being a bunch of hard-working, dedicated athletes who played to their potential as a team. " This unprecedented 23-5 winning season would make no other team more qualified to dedicate Taylor ' s new playing field. On May 25, 1982. they did just that. In a crowd of Tay- lor dignitaries including Supt. Bush and several board members the Ti- tans beat Northwestern to increase their record-breaking season slate by 1. Named to this year ' s 1 st all-confer- ence team were this year ' s MVP Doug Willis, batting champion Ron Gamble with a .400 average and ju- nior Dwayne Dunlap. On 2nd team all-conference were fielding champi- on Brad Fouch with a .987 average and junior Bill Mason. With a record-setting Titan base- ball team this season. Coach Phares is very enthusiastic about the perfor- mance of the four jrs. and five soph, returning for next year. Coach Freeman watches as Bill Mason rounds the bases. 68 Baseball First — Coach Phares, R. Gamble, D. Willis, K. Swain. M.Sumpter. T. Byrd, B. Fouch, Coach Gregory. Second — L. Wiechman. D. Dunlap, P. Chaffee, B. Mason. J. Rocchio. Third — B. Moorman, K. Barnes, M. Blankcnburger. V. Christcphel. B. Tucker. J. Gwillam. L. Evcrling First Baseman. Brad Fouch stops another hit. Mike Blankenburger tries for first. First — K. Home, L. Babcock. K. Shrock. D. Harrison. A. Buckner. Second T. Chambers. K. St, Clair. D, Baker. T, Stahl. T, Dottery. M, Dezelan. A, Cassis Mike Blankenburger increases his average. TRA6K 1982 saw a record number of par- ticipants answer the call for first-year coach Jerry Harshman. Taylor did finish the year with a 1 -8 season slate, but one has to only scratch the surface to see that this year ' s tracksters turned out to be a bumper crop, in- deed! As a team, Taylor took a solid step toward respectability with strong showings in the county and confer- ence meets. The Titans ' 49 pts. and third-place finish in the Howard County meet was their best since 1977. Taylor then tallied 46 pts. to finish fifth in the MIC — the thinlies best showing since joining the confer- ence in 1977. The Talor 400 meter relay team consisting of Brad Minglin (sr.), Jon Meadors (sr.), Mark Brubaker (soph.), and Shannon Adams (Fr.) gained considerable notoriety by win- Record Turnout ning the county and MIC gold med- als. The team also established new Howard County mark (45.2) just missing the Tita! school record. Senior captain Brad Minglin led Taylor both on and off the field. Minglin, a four-year performer for the Titans, won the first annual pen- tathalon, anchored the Pole Vault re- lay team that won the Northwestern relays, and placed first and second in the county and conference in the pole vault. For these efforts, Minglin re- ceived the coveted MVP award. Dan Hansen continually shaved digits off both his 1600 and 3200 me- ter efforts to received the Most Im- proved trophy. Hansen won the coun- ty 1600 crown, won the 3200 title in the Elwood Relays and went on to become Taylor ' s only regional quali- fier for 1982. Bob Ritchie finished the campaign as the Titans ' leading scorer (95 Vi pts.). Ritchie was a strong performer in the high hurdles and high jump just missing a bid for the high jump record in the final meet of the season. The rugged junior also tackled three new events to give Taylor a lot of all around support. Freshman fleetfoot Shannon Ad- ams was named the Mental Attitude award recipient giving the Titan pa- trons a glimpse of some good times just ahead. Adams personified what Harshman hopes the Taylor program will stand for a couple of years down the road. Shannon was always eager to work and eager to learn how to help himself and his teammates. It isn ' t very hard to figure why the Titan coaches are smiling after this season. 24 Thinlies return next season in what could be the beginning of a trip to the top. Sitting — C. Standridge, B. Minglin, M. Little. B. Benzinger, J. Mcadori, T, Tsukamoto, J. Keith, kneeling — R. Johnson, S. Anderson. D. Hansen, B. Richie, P. Williamson, B. Shaw, G. Moss, G. Cottingham. Third — M. Fowler, P, Edwards, M. Lee, J. Silver, M. Brubaker, M. Beavers, T. Tolan. Standing — Coach Harshman, D. Polston, T. Dicks, S. Powell, T. Newton, T. Merritt, S. Adams, M. Harmon, M. McQuiston, D. Breidenbaugh. 70 Track Bob Ritchie strides i Mark Brubaker shows us what a finish should look like. First — M. Daily, G. Cottingham. D. Tate, T. Newton, G. Brumley, J. Fouch, B. Boruff, J, Campbell Second — M. Burton, R. McGuire, M. Lawless, S. Adams, S. Nulley, C. Archer, R. Johnson, S. O ' Brian Third — Coach Spitler, R. Boruff, J. Bowlen, W. Booher, B, Robinson, C. Hall. K. Legan, Coach Tumner Kneeling — B. Paulus, M. Sanders, C. Hall, D. Perry, L. Patmoore, S. Clem Second — T. Carpenter, D. Johnson, R. Acord, L. Adams, J. Dunlap, C. Beheler Last — Coach Freemanm, B. Leicht, L. Wiechman, B. Tucker, J. Gwillam, B. Goudy, K. Barnes 72 JV and Fresh BBI l B Sn Golf Us Them 375 Elwood 319 366 Lewis Cass 357 366 Maconaquah 358 180 Westfield 188 174 Eastern 163 194 Maconaquah 187 166 Haworth 151 166 Northwestern 169 178 Tri-Central 184 181 Hamilton Heights ; 189 173 Western 173 173 Eastbrook 180 182 Northwestern 174 167 Mississinewa 172 344 Oak Hill 316 168 Kokomo 163 174 Tipton 160 Season Record: 6- 1 1 Football Basketball Us Them 6 Peru 21 Northwestern 7 12 Western 34 Us Them 14 Frankfort 33 75 Sheridan 57 Cass 14 80 Tri-Central 57 12 Maconaquah 7 67 Haworth 68 6 Madison Grant 41 64 Northwestern 57 Delphi 33 70 Northfield 57 Eastbrook 6 93 Cass 50 Eastern 12 74 Westfield 71 • Season Record — 1-9 57 57 73 68 67 Hamilton Heights 53 Northwestern 65 Eastern 69 Clinton Central 73 Oak Hill 59 r %. 53 63 Elwood 70 Western 57 «. - ' £- 62 Frankton 68 1 rt ta 70 Maconaquah 68 I 1 gHT A, 90 Eastern 57 1 60 Tipton 68 l k. 63 Eastbrook 61 i vJH ■ 98 Peru 91 A jk. ■ 69 Western 74 Season Record: 14-7 Wrestling Cross- country Us Them — - - 52 Maconaquah 18 Us Them 39 Oak Hill 27 32 Eastbrook 25 42 Peru 18 50 Maconaquah 33 48 Lewis Cass 15 Cass 43 51 Anderson 18 30 Eastern 27 42 Kokomo 18 49 Kokomo 35 63 Columbus East 12 Haworth 55 16 Northwestern 42 Tipton 95 26 Tipton 24 20 Northwestern 49 59 Tri-Central 9 Peru 58 49 Haworth 16 25 Elwood 32 43 Western 29 21 Hamilton Heights 39 25 Laf. Jefferson 37 16 Sheridan 50 32 Kokomo 27 Tri-Central 79 Season Record - - 12-2 Season Record — 8-5 Baseball ' :::S f — Tennis Track Us Them 4 Twm Lakes 1 4 Haworth 1 5 Elwood 4 4 4 4 Haworth Western Frankfort Alexandria 1 1 1 1 5 5 4 4 Carroll Maconaquah Mad. Grant Western 1 1 5 5 Northwestern Mississinewa 5 5 Tipton Delphi Season Record: 15-0 42 Hamilton Heights 62 Northwestern 55 55 Western 72 Lewis Cass 32 52 Maconaquah 73 Northwestern Relays — 4th place Howard County Meet — 3rd place Elwood Relays — 7th place MIC Conference Meet — 5th place Sectional — 13th place 42 Eastbrook 57 Eastern 56 Season Record: 1-8 Sheridan 5 Haworth 16 Clinton Central 3 Westfield 3 Hamilton Heights 6 Madison Grant 3 Elwood 2 Elwood 2 Western 9 Cass 2 Eastern 3 Eastern 4 Maconaquah 7 Northwestern 5 Logansport Logansport 14 Eastbrook Western 17 Northfield 2 Northfield 5 Cass 3 Tri-Central Tri-Central 2 Northwestern 1 Eastbrook Maconaquah 2 Kokomo — Sectional 3 Season Record: 23-5 Lady Titans Have Winning Seasons Janet Jameson goes up for the shot. Angle Anderson looks for a teammate to set up the play. Varsity Lady Titans gained valu- able experience during their season. They strived for their winning record of ten wins and nine losses. Coach Tunmer stated that they won the games they were supposed to win but were not able to pull off any upsets. Many of the players gained recog- nition by getting chosen for MIC and Ail-County teams. These included senior Denise Goudy and freshman Lisa Barrett. Janet Jameson, Lisa Paine, and Angle Anderson all got honorable mention. wm H Varsity Girls ' Basketball: (Row I) Denise Goudy, Kim Moore, Kelly Majors, Sharon Hum, Janet Jameson, Judy Ingels, (Row 2) Lisa Bar- rett, Angle Anderson, Chris Humphrey, Suzanne Cummlngs, Christi Gabriel, Lisa Paine, (Row 3) Coach Alan Tunmer, Assistant Coach Liz Hoyson. 76 Varsity Girls ' Basketball Barrett Only Freshman on All-County Team Junior Varsity Girls ' Basketball: (Row 1) Natalie Goodnight, Deb- bie Carter, Kelly Kemp. Tashia Johnson, (Row 2) Michelle Tra- ae ser. Coach Liz Hoyson, Penny Hinders- Young leadership led the junior varsity squad to a winning season of eight wins and six losses. The team consisted of three sophomores and seven freshmen. Four players of the J.V. also dressed for varsity; they were Chris Humphrey, Kim Moore, Sharon Hurn, and Judy Ingels. This limited their playing time on the J.V. to only two quarters. Each girl contributed to the win- ning season. Tashia Johnson was the season ' s leading scorer, and accord- ing to Coach Hoyson, all the girls did a great job. Stat Girls: Karen Surbey, Nanette Spenc Jill Burke. r, Lynn Smith, Sharon Surbey, Denise Goudy and Angle Anderson smother opponent for the ball. J.V. Girls ' Basketball 77 Taylor volleyball had a rough sea- son last year coming away with a 4- 1 record. Though they did not have a winning season, varsity coach Gibson said, " The group worked hard and showed a lot of determination. " Coaches Gibson and Hoyson point- ed out that one of the things an overall season record does not show is how close some of the games were. " When the girls lost a close one, it was frus- trating, but their overall attitude was a positive one. " Denise Goudy and Janet Jameson were selected for MIC second team with Jill Paine and Diana Rice having honorable mention. ▲ Front Row; J.V. J, Ingels. T. Simms, S. Hum, D. Irby, K. Hum. Back Row; J. Burke, A. Anderson, T. Johnson, M. Tragesser, Coach Mrs. Hoyson. Jill Paine serves the ball. Denise Goudy puts her body into action. ▲ Judy Ingels bumps the ball. ,;i P Diana Rice reaches high! 78 Girls Sports A From Row; (Varsity) L. Barrett, L. Ingels, L. Wagner. J. Burke. Back Row: Coach Mrs. Gibson, J. Jameson, D- Rice, J. Paine, S. Cummings, K. Gabriel. D. Goudy. Suzanne Cummings and Janet Jameson look ready. A Titans work together. Girls Sporls 79 CIPTiii TIIITL Girls golf: (Row I) S. Humphrey, C. Humphrey, D. Duex, Coach N. Johnson. (Row 2) K. Moore, J. Westerfield, P. Johnson, J. Stonebraker, B. McHale. Last year ' s golf team had a great 9- 4 season. One of those wins was the final game of the Howard County Tourney. The girls proved that they could work together as a team by beating rivals Kokomo, Haworth, and Northwestern to become the new champions. Coach Johnson stated that the golfers did many things well and im- proved each time they played. She was especially glad to see the girls do so well at the away meets, since they only had one meet at home. Medalist winners for Taylor last year were seniors, Julie Stonebraker, 46 average; Peggy Johnson, 47 aver- age; sophomores, Chris Humphrey, 46 average; Beth McHale, 46 aver- age. Chris Humphrey gives it her all N. mA K ril make it, don ' t worry! (Jill Westerfield) te -:. ' cvNNAsnes The 1982 girls gymnastics team was one of the best ever at Taylor High School. The 17 team members turned out the best record in the his- tory of Taylor gymnastics. Gymnas- tics is one of the largest sports for women in the United States, and the girls at Taylor are getting more and more serious about their gymnastics futures. Some are looking forward to scholarships and college competition. Shelly Welke was awarded M.V.P. During the summer of 1981 Coach Margie (Addison) Lea held a Gym- nastics Clinic which 202 students at- tended. The clinic helped raise $1800 which was used to purchase new equipment. n ni p c A . s. Back Row; Gina Behney, Missy Cripe, Karen Home, Karen Hurn, Donna Johnson, Sheilie Martin. Tammy Chambers, Tommi Boes, Coach Margie (Addison) Lea. Floor: Charlotte Cur- ry. Tracy Summers. Karen Surbey, Tammy Dice, Shelly Welke, Kara Huneck, Kim Vore, Staci Campbell, Linda Babcock, Tommi Boes poses before her floor exercise. Charlotte Curry looks so graceful. Shelly Welke doing a front hip circle. Gymnastics 81 Girls Tracksters Win County Tourney The girls " track team had an out- standing season, winning the Howard County Tourney and placing third in the Mid-Indiana Conference meet. Coach Shanks said, " Each girl did her part, thus contributing more depth to the team. " The varsity fin- ished its season with a 6-4 record. Two county records were smashed by fine Taylor performances. Janet Jameson broke the discus record with a throw of 99 " -6 " . The 800-Meter re- lay team of Judy Ingels, Lisa Barrett, Denise Bolinger, and Jan Sturtz, beat the record with a 1:54.0 clocking. Other great performances came from Cheryl Harmon, Kara Huneck, Ta- shia Johnson, Kristen Sisk. Michelle Tragesser, and Angle Wilson. Coach Shanks thought the key to their successful season was " a win- ning attitude they carried from prac- tice to meets. " The team also concen- trated on working as a team rather than emphasizing individual events. Judy Ingels finishes her ; by breaking the high jump record. Jan Sturtz comes around the 200-Meter turn to finish first for Taylor. 82 High School Girls ' Track Row 1 — Katrina Mullel. Lori Highland. Kristen Sisk. Jill Paine. Teresa Thurston. Cher l Harmon, Janet Jameson, Coach Melissa Shanks. Row 2 — Rozi Cage. Sharon Surbey, Carol Bator, Jan Sturtz, Denise Bolinger. Kara Huneck. Dana Corbit. Tashia Johnson. Erin Snider. Row 3 — Tonnie Beavers, Lisa Breedlove, Candy Miller, Sharon Hum, Karen Surbey, Katrina Smith. Liz Barnard. Lal ' elia Lewis. Row 4 — Lisa Barrett. Brenda McCoy, Judy Ingels, Fredoanna Johnson. Michelle Tragesser. County record holder, Janet Jameson, hurls the discus with ease Freshman Michelle Tragesser wins the 1600- meter run at the Haworth meet. High School Girls ' Track 83 From Row: Kim Murray, Karen Hurn, Denise Goudy, Brenda Layden. Leslie Harland, Calhleen Stewart, Suzanne Cummings, Coach Mrs. Sellers. Middle Row: Krisly Hinders, Chris Humphrey, Marsha Damewood.Shellie Martin. Leslie Hansen, Lisa Paine. Bacl Row: Sheila Elliot, Kim Moore, Debbie Irby, Lori Ingels, Angle Anderson Kristy Hinders warms up for a home match. Lisa Paine prepares herself. Tennis Anyone? This year ' s girls ' tennis team had some rewarding moments and good times, but the win-loss record was a disappointing 3-8. According to Coach Sellars, the competition was rough and rain-outs of l ey matches hurt the record for the team which contained much talent and 5 return- ing lettermen. The M.V.P. award went to senior Brenda Layden. A mental attitude award was received by Denise Goudy, and the Most Improved was present- ed to Chris Humphrey. Next season ' s team will have 6 re- turning lettermen and hopes for a great season. The J.V. tennis team had a winning season with a 5-4 record. According to Mrs. Sellars. several J.V. players are expected to challenge for varsity spots next year. " Playing good tennis requires wanting to accept challenge and working to improve skills. " 84 Tennis Varsity: Top, P. Hodge, J. Westerfield. Bot- tom, C. Curry, C. Harmon, L. Babcock. Jr. Varsity: Top, M. Cripe. Middle, K. Hurn, K. Vore. Bottom, Y. Johnson, K. Murray. Cheerleading involves spirit, yell- ing, cheering and preparing for pep sessions. It ' s a lot of hard work but this year the girls all worked together. In the summer, varsity and jr. varsity cheerleaders went to camp. They re- ceived the only spirit stick awarded for the cheerleaders with the most spirit. There were a total of 29 cheer- leaders in all. The Rally Squad went to camp also for the first time. During the season, all 29 cheerleaders held a pep session which took much time and patience for everything to be orga- nized. Although there was the problem of losing two very good cheerleaders and adding two, it seemed to work out fine for the rest of the season. Freshmen: Left to right, T. Brack, L. Gully. R. Amore, B. McCoy, C. Miller. Cheerleaders 85 Loo kin ' good together Girls Basketball: Left to right, R Allen, H Martin, C. Stewart. C. Swears, T. Ammerman L. Hansen. 7th grade: Left to right, C. Slear, K. Brock- man, C. Pelfrey, J. Pavey, R. D ' Agostino, K. Goodnight. 86 Cheerleaders Cheerleaders in action Cheerleaders 87 Basketball Varsity: 10-9 | Reserve: 8-6 ' . ■ - i|v ' I ' n % iv ti T 1] m = M w » I 1 39 An 56 Tri 44 Ha 22 We 57 Cas 58 We 56 No 39 Ha 70 Hu 27 No 47 No 35 We 31 Koli 47 Eas 38 No 47 Ma 60 Eas 39 Tip 25 Hav derson High Central milton Heig stern stfield thwestern TOrth ilington Ca jlesville thwestern stern tbrook thfield :onaquah ern on vorth land 65 35 hts 37 44 34 44 34 •54 tholic 20 60 20 44 42 48 37 35 31 42 37 Tennis Varsity: 3-8 Reserve: 5-4 Track Varsity: 6-4 Reserve: 5-3 50 Hamilton His. 54 50 Northwestern 30 52 Maconaquah 33 52 Eastbrook 49 55 Tri-Central 21 55 Kokomo 58 66 Western 39 48 Tipton 78 48 Eastern 8 77 Northwestern 60 11 Western 48 11 Eastern 11 31 Haworth 74 79 Cass 103 79 Western 55 79 Eastbrook 92 79 Northwestern 60 79 Maconaquah 14 Our Athletes Jr, High Football Improves Record Having a winning season was the 7th grade football team ' s goal. For the first time in several years the 7th grade won more than they lost. Each player contributed toward a good team effort. The outstanding defensive unit shut out the opposition in 3 out of 6 games. The highlight of the season was beating Western 12-8 in the last game of the season. The cross-coun- try rival had beaten Taylor earlier by a 42-8 count. Last year in 8th grade football a goal was set to improve from last year ' s record of 1-5. According to Mr. Ward, the team made a great deal of improvement over the course of the season. The players came together and played as a team. Mr. Ward claimed that the major problem of the team was their lack of depth, though they are hoping to improve in the on- coming year. Mr. Ward was pleased at the offensive effort of lineman Karl Willis and back Bob Burns. Defensive lineman Mike Guinn and linebacker Kris Karns were outstanding. The team ' s season record ended at 2-4. Hte- " i VL i«es -»3fe " 7.i 1. Tr. ' d MisiKy k 7th Grade Football: Front row: R. Patten, R. Johnson, S. Bauer, K. Tragesser, J. Gerlach, S. Gregory, B. Shuck, J. Ault, J. Rose, N. Arnett. Middle row: R. Mulkey, K. Amos, C. Hall, J. Lasater, B. Scircle, B. Phillips, D. Lumm, F. Cole, M. Nettles, B. Tate. Back row; Coach Gregory, P. Nicodemus, S. Haus, T. Strickland, S. Eakin, S. Harris, S. Rhoades. G. Creek, D. Jones, Coach Tolmen. 8th (irade tLiotball: hronl row: K. Karns, S. Disney, T. Nearon, G. Snyder, J. Sadler, B. Bator, K. Perry, D Hetzner. Middle row: R. Roler, D. Foster, B. Hord, M. Guinn, T. Bratton, J. Bruss, D. Johnson. Back row: T. Wilson, J. Breedlove, M. Tarr, R. Shrock, B. Burns, K. Willis, G. Floyd, Coach Ward. 92 Jr. High Football mmn 818 1Q83 Hinkle avoids tree at Taylor ' s home meet. The Jr. High Cross-Country team ' s goal was to lower each run- ner ' s time in each succeeding race. Many of the runners lowered their times significantly during the season. Coach Keck stated that the runners showed enthusiasm and that the team worked hard throughout the season. The 2-8 win-loss record was attrib- uted to the lack of experience as no runner had returned from the pre- vious year ' s team. The outstanding runner for the 7th grade was Darin Corne who set a Taylor record at 10:56 in the 5000 meter. Scott Sturtz will be an excellent addition to the high school cross- country team as he set a Taylor course record at 11:05. Coach Keck is looking for better things next year with 7 runners re- turning. Jr. High Cross-Country: Front row: R. Small, D. Corne, F. Hinlcle, S. Sims, J. McKinney. Back row: S. Sturtz, L. Smith, P. Blackburn, Coach Keck. Missing from photo are L. Bell and L. Hancock. Jr. High Cross-Country 93 7th Grade Volleybali, Front row: K, Kirk. R. Brockman, K. Marden. D. Duex, R. Addison. Back row: Coach Kinney, S. Humphrey. M. Hood, T. Fuller, V. Landrem, Keeping a close watch on the ball, Kathy Duex follows through on a return to her opponent. The 8th grade volleyball team had an almost perfect 8-1 record. Coach Shanks was able to utilize the players hard work and excellent attitude to mold the girls into a coachable unit. The goal set was to have a perfect service game, and the team had spe- cial workouts to try to achieve it. The girls planned to carry their chants used during the season to next year ' s team. The main goal of the 7th grade vol- leyball team was to acquire knowl- edge of the rules and learn the basic skills. Maintaining a positive attitude through a two win, seven loss season is not easy, but Coach Kinney had Kelly Brockman, Debbie Duex, Vallerie Landrem, Sharon Humphrey, and the rest of the girls believing they were going to win each match that they played. 8th Grade Volleyball, Front row: S. McPahil, C. Powell, T. Martin, D. Bauer, S. Woods. Mid- dle row: J. McConnel, A. Newberg, R. Morgan, M. Bassett. Back row: Coach Shanks, A. Cor- dell. K, Duex, S. Anderson. 94 Jr. High Volleyball 7th Grade Boys ' Basketball: Front row; D. Lumm. B. Davis. S. Fain, E. Coppock. J. Lasaler. P. Nicodemus. Middle row; J. Ault, R. Mulkey, S. Sims, S. Bauer, B. Paul. Back row; Coach Keck, A. Kindley, B. Tate, D. Come. Mgrs. B. Ellison and R. Johnson. Taking it to the lop, 8th grader John Grider sets up to swish another one through. JR. HIGH BASKETBALL 8th Grade Boys ' Basketball: Front row; R Shrock, B. Bums, Middle row; S. Sturtz, S. Disney, C. Widder, G. Snyder, B Chesser, B. Herd, K. Sofionopoulus, Coach Spitler. I Breedlo Snyder, , M. Tarr, Gnder, J The 8th grade boys ' basketball team showed improvement from last year ' s record. They won four games and of the ten losses, five were by five points or less. The highlight of the season, according to Coach Spitler, was beating eventual county tourney champion, Northwestern 28-27. Al- though physically over-matched in most games, Ryan Shrock, John Grider, and Mike Tarr were competi- tive with their larger opponents and played well. The 7th grade basketball team, which was extremely small, showed a great deal of hustle all season. Al- though the team ended with a two win, 1 1 loss record, they were able to master fundamental skills that would allow them to improve as they move through the Taylor basketball pro- gram. Coach Keck stated that the highlight was the four overtimes in a game with Westfield which unfortu- nately they lost by one point. Players that Coach Keck indicated had made an outstanding effort were John Ault, Darin Corne, Shawn Fain, David Lumm, Shane Sims, and Brian Tate, Jr. High Basketball 95 --3B Q on Jr. High Wrestling: First row; N. Arnett. D. Hetzner, M. Nettles, D. Blackburn, M. Fulford, S. Gregory, F. Hinkle. Second row; C. Vargo, B. Bator, S. Rhodes. K. Sofianopoulos, K. Karns, A. Kindley. Third row; L. Fulkerson, B. Cardwell, J. Kuntz, C. Creek. J. Frye. Fourth row; Coach D. Gregory, M. Guinn, J. Breedlove, C. Catron, Coach M. Ward. DEFEATS COUNTY RIVALS The jr. high wrestling team had fun with an excellent 5-1 record. Coaches Gregory and Ward ' s season was high- lighted by wins over county rivals Northwestern and Western. Kris Karns, Brian Cardwell, Bob Bator, and Jim Frye had a fine season, and the 8th graders should be good wres- tlers for Taylor High School. Thrill of Victory, Bob Balor defeats his West- ern opponent. Hands Up to Kris Karns after winning his match. 96 Jr. High Wrestling A County Tourney Championship capped off an 8-1 season for the 7th grade Lady Titans. The basketball team was led by Debbie Duex and Kelly Goodnight. The group is very determined and has much potential stated Coach Gibson. The 8th grade girls ' basketball team improved on last year ' s record by finishing 4 and 4. Angle Debusk and Jamie McConnel were the lead- ing scorers with Kathy Duex, Anita Newburg, and Terri Martin all hav- ing a fine year as indicated by Coach Disney. 7ih Grade Girls " Basketball: Front row; D. Duex. K. Marden, K. Goodnight. M, England, R. D ' Agostino. Back row; Coach Gibson. S. Helsley. P. Hillman. K. Hollingsworth, S. Humphrey. LMCYTITMNSTAKE COUNTY TeUkNEY wr rrtiYiL 0S . . 8th Grade Girls ' Basketball: Front row; Mgr. R. Frey, D. Muncy, T. Martin, W. Clark, J. Blackburn. Middle row; S. Anderson, M. Lane, K. Duex, M. Bassett, L. Newby, J. McConnell. Back row; Coach Disney, A. Newberg, A. Debusk, S. Johnson, P. Stollings. Jr. High Girls Baskelball 97 Steve Snyder hands off to Kevin Perry to give the 400 relay team a new school record. ' ' ■ ' • Kosta Sofianapolos eases over the pole vault The 7th and 8th grade boys ' track teams both ended with two win, two loss records. The team improved in personal performances as the season progressed. Andy Kindley cleared nine feet in the pole vault in the last meet of the season. Tim Wilson scored first consistently in the long jump and ran the 1 00-200 meter dash effectively. Bob Burns remained un- defeated throughout the season reaching a distance of 1 30 feet in the discus. Ken Mulett and B.J. White placed first or second in the shot put, while team mate Dave Lumm was outstanding in the long jump, high jump, and low hurdles. Coach Atkins was also pleased with the 400 relay team as they set a new school record of 50.4 seconds. The girls ' track team finished with one win, four losses, and one tie. The bright side of the season was that 39 girls competed in at least one event per meet. The team finished a re- spectable 4th at the Tipton Relays which was the highlight of the season according to Coach Weber. The jr. high girls ' track team. The jr. high boys ' track team. 98 Jr. High Track The goal for the jr. high golf team was to improve their scores as a team throughout the season. As the year progressed, the golfers did show im- provement according to Coach Con- ner. The overall best score was earned in a five team tournament which closed out the season with three wins and three losses. The squad finished a fine second place in the tournament with Mike Guinn and Brian Tate leading the way for th e Titans. Having the overall best average for the season. Randy Johnson sets up to stroke one in. 7th grader Ritchie Fruth looks ahead. Jr. High Golf; Front row; Coach Conner, N. Summers. G, Snyder, M. Guinn. Back row; R. Fruth, B. Tate, G. Creek, R. Johnson. JR. HI6H 6i»LF Jr. High Golf 99 lOO Sports They re the Mighty Titans! Sports 101 Academics v It ' s Sunday night already; why is it that the hours of the weekend always fly by so quickly? It seems like it was only a few hours ago when I sat in government class counting the min- utes, thinking, " If only I can make it through the next half h our, I ' ll be free at last! " Where did the weekend go? I guess some time was spent at the game Fri- day night. Then after the game, and Saturday night, countless hours were spent cruising Lafountain, going to McDonald ' s, and sitting in Hill ' s parking lot. Every weekend seems to be spent this way — a carload of guys or girls, with the music turned up full blast, all hoping to meet someone, to add a little excitement to the week- end. What usually happens though, is that all the time is spent talking with people who have been friends for years. It might all sound pretty dull, but I suppose the continual search to meet someone special and just being with friends really is what makes it exciting. Well, now there ' s a whole new week to make it through until Friday night will return. For now, I suppose the stack of homework-filled books on my desk will have to help me to pass the time. dj mw emwiL - No, it is still Taylor High School, but it has changed. The face-lifting was long overdue. Having the gymna- sium repainted, refinishing the floor, and adding new lockers and paint in the halls have been appreciated by the students. The new bleachers and press box for the football field have bettered this athletic area. Refinish- ing the tennis courts and adding night lights there have resulted in having a good game of tennis even if the sun is not shining. The total reconstruction of the baseball field means the Titans now have a good home. These im- provements, and others like them from previous years, have done much to make Taylor a better school facili- ty- Although Taylor has lacked tech- nical equipment, new and better ma- terials have been added to aid in in- struction and learning. The students appreciate the efforts of Dr. Frank Bush, Superintendent of the Taylor Community School; Dr. James Rice, Assistant Superinten- dent; Mr. Donald Edmonds, Taylor High School Principal; and the Tay- lor Community School Board of Trustees in making these improve- ments. With the new look at Taylor come the hopes of Taylor ' s being accredited by the North Central Association. Acceptance into the NCA looks more than promising. This will do much to increase the pride students have in Taylor High School. a. The tennis team prepares to use the newly resurfaced courts (upper right), b. The volley- ball team makes use of the new gym features (middle right), c. The Pep band plays for the students in the remodeled halls (Lower right). 104 School Refurbishing mm 91 paiisoQfla 1 ' 7W Push-ups or gymnastics? You tell me. The bowling alley, baseball dia- mond, basketball court, golf course, football field, tennis court, and volleyball court all serve as lo- cations for physical education classes at Taylor High School. Teachers in this department strive constantly to meet the needs of stu- dents. Strength and physical fit- ness, social education, recreational interests, and mental health are vi- tal considerations when classes are conducted. Teachers serving on the physical education staff include Jon Custer, Steve Disney. Joretta Gibson, and Elizabeth Hovson. Coach Disney gives the day ' s instructions before his class starts. 9»8 -mi m mm Physical Education 105 li€HE ECONCHIC LeEtta Sexlon acts as justice of the peace for this year ' s wedding. Fred Shelton and Kim Murray are married in the home economic ' s annual wedding. The Ball State singers perform for the students at the request of Home Economics. Preparing household budgets, purchasing food and clothing, tak- ing care of children, cooking, sew- ing, and learning good nutrition are some of the topics studied in the home economics department. The teaching is centered on pre- paring students for efficient home management. Diversified classes result in students ' receiving in- struction that is both interesting and educational. Although the classes are electives, students find them beneficial. The home economics depart- ment staff members are the follow- ing: Jerilyn Bellinger, Donna Gregory, Wanda Hoover, Judy Moore, and Charlotte Nulf. 106 Home Economics. The wedding reception is a big success. Home Economics 107 LANftUAftlS nples new food in a cultural experience. « i ' k Samantha Lively a nd Carrie Abner never have a dull moment in Spanish class. English is a mandatory subject at Taylor. From the time students begin school until they leave, their teachers continuously attempt to get them to try to improve their use of the English language. Even though it may not be the most popular area of learning, it is definitely the most necessary and valuable. Being able to communicate effectively with people is vital. Eng- lish at Taylor is more than learning correct punctuation, usage, or sen- tence structure. It is learning to speak and write effectively, increasing vo- cabulary, reading to improve knowl- edge and understanding, and appreci- ating literature. It is an opportunity to learn skills that will be useful in speaking and writing throughout life. For the students who desire an ex- tra challenge in languages, French and Spanish are available. Classes begin with learning basic words, us- ing these words, and building skills. The first year is the most difficult be- cause everything is new and different. Those who take more than one year of a foreign language discover it is fun. Besides using the textbook, students hear tapes, read books and write sto- ries. Those who work hard may be- come fluent in writing and speaking a second or third language. Mrs. Louise Inman and Mrs. Darlene Henderson, foreign language teachers, almost be- come second parents when they strive to teach their students. Being able to put the languages to practical use is not difficult with Mexico and Canada so close. Speaking a second language is a plus for any person when the world seems to be getting smaller every day. Donna Freeman enjoys putting the finishing touches on Beth Munson ' s Spanish mustache. 108 English During the second semester, a Young Author ' s Conference was held at Western High School. Dan Baldridge. Carol Bator, Terry Boes, Dana Corbit, Kathy Snyder, Chuck Tragesser, Keith Wilkins, Shiela Williams, Phil Wise, and Lori Whittaker were the Taylor High School students who participated. From that conference comes the following creative writing by Carol Bator. I am Gonoka. My name means crow, and that is what I am. Not an ordinary cornfield crow, mind you. I was born on a mystical, enchanted island far — But wait! I wasn ' t born; I was hatched. Oh well, that was a long time ago. Anyhow, I figure that if some old mouse can write some story called BEN AND ME, and get it published, I with my superior intelligence, should have no trouble at all. Besides, my mother was a troll woman called Gretchen. She was well known for story telling. 1 can still hear her in my mind as she begins a tale: Pffa[fal[rB]fi]ffg]|fgi( p p i[j tfi Jish iDepartment BEOWULF is being discussed in .Mrs. Fli- gor ' s English Literature class today. In a time very long ago. In a place very far away. Deep in a vast grassy meadow, The star-chaser was born one day, And by another name was known. Within him dwelt a restless soul; Which sought release when he was grown. It set for him a mighty goal. To leave the prisons of the past. And seek the secrets of each star. Then when the end should come at last, He will have traveled very far. Hear and heed this tale of his test, The song of the star-chaser ' s quest. His restless soul would have no sleep. The moonless sky was dark and deep. Lit only by those tiny lights; So very small and far away . . . " The stars can speak, " some men do say. What tales await these ears of mine? What power can bid the stars to shine; When all around is deathly dark? I listen for your call, and Hark! I hear your whispered shout, you speak! ' Come adventurer, come and seek . . . ' You guide the lost and lead the brave. Take me far from my father ' s grave, And bring me into lands unknown. All places where the wind has blown. " But only death could bring him peace. For though he traveled place to place. From the past he found no release, Memories he could not erase. English 109 INDUSTRIAL ARTS The industrial arts program is an important part of the Taylor curricu- lum. The objectives of industrial arts are more than training potential elec- tricians or professional wood turners. Giving students a basic idea of the field to see if this is the kind of work they would enjoy is the primary goal in industrial arts " teaching. When a student discovers a field he likes, he may continue with more advanced classes to refine skills. A wide range of classes is offered at Taylor. Courses include auto mechanics, electricity, metals, masonry . . . and, of course ... the ever popular woods class. 3H Larry Palmore gets a little advice from the expert. Dwayne Dunlap and Ron Depcw show off their trapezoid. Bill Parker fixes the cutting machine in printing class. no Industrial Arts Classes offered in the art depart- ment at Taylor are not for just any- one. To be completely successful in some, special artistic ability is neces- sary. Being an " A " student in other classes is no guarantee of success in art. Having talent is the key. Art has played an important role in cultural development throughout history. Whether a student likes sculpturing, sketching, or participating in any oth- er form of art, Taylor has courses which help students build basic artis- tic skills and appreciate the aesthetic values. . Art is nol all painting. How is this for unusual? Jay Criss paints his whatever with some stuff. Fine Arts Ill NATN Taylor ' s mathematics department is one of the strongest in the county. Courses range from the basic high school math to the more sophisticated calculus. Algebra, geometry, algebra 3, trigonometry, college algebra, ana- lytic geometry, and calculus are taught by Mrs. Sue Deason. Mr. George Phares teaches algebra and high school math. Classes in geome- try and computer science are instruct- ed by Mrs. Carolyn Henry. Mr. Phil Spitler teaches algebra. Contrary to most opinions, if a student has a de- sire to learn any of these courses, the teaching staff can make learning rel- atively easy. Students with problems or in need of extra help can usually find a teacher who can give needed assistance before or after school. For the student who asks, " When am I ever going to use math? " there is a quick answer when college or every day life is faced. Even if a student doesn ' t use math skills every day, at least he has been taught skills needed to reason and work out problems more logically. The basic principles of math don ' t always have to apply to numbers. They can be used in any kind of reasoning. This is why math is so very important in a student ' s back- ground. Mathematics is a growing part of today ' s society. Taylor is keeping far ahead of the pace with the variety of courses offered in its math depart- ment. Brad Coon puts a simple half-page problem on the board (top left). Mr. Phares passes back the day ' s homework (left center). Mrs. Henry puts her sixth hour class to the limit with notes (bot- tom left). LAURA 1 12 Mathematics ' Bm©M BMir Bayliff is given ihe Englisli Award from Mr. Short as the faculty looks on. Honors " Day is a day set aside for the outstanding students of Taylor High to be recognized. The heads of all departments present awards to the best students in that field. Students do not have to have the best grades in the class because awards can go to the most improved student or to one who aids his fellow classmates. Awards are also given for perfect attendance. Awards are presented only to those students who have earned the honor, and the faculty hopes that other stu- dents will try harder to follow the ex- amples of the honor students. The Taylor student bod salutes the student who goes the e.xlra dis- tance to get an award. Joe Wittig receives the Physical Education Avsard with great surprisi Honors ' Day 11 3 MISC Barbara Lamb speaks to the student body on Honors ' Day Scott Williamson works on his project in metals class. 1 14 Academics Tom Cole gels a special chance to ask Congressman Hillls quesli( Mr. Hamacher deals a quick round of cards between classes The senior French students create a French cafe in appreciation for all Mrs. Henderson has done. Academics 1 1 5 1982 HELIO STAFF The uniqueness of the yearbook staff as an organization stems from the fact that the purpose for their ex- istence is to produce a final product — a publication — that will be eager- ly examined by most of Taylor ' s stu- dent and adult population. This book will be one of the few relics of high school life that will probably be kept forever for many fond (and not so fond) reminiscences (and memory checks) to come. Not being professional copy writ- ers, editors, photographers, adver- tisers, or even yearbook staff mem- bers, students who participate in yearbook have much to learn and do. When the year is over, — finally — these students have a working knowl- edge of many facets of the publishing world. Never again will they peruse a magazine or even scan an encyclope- dia without an awareness of the hours of thought, decision-making and, most of all, labor that preceded its publication. This year ' s staff had a new advisor in myself and was lucky to have as its editor-in-chief, Dixie Bayliff and many other past members who could be depended on to provide much needed assistance and advice. Most of the staff members worked hard to ful- fill their obligations and are deserving of my personal regard and thanks. Mr. Slaughter in his role as photog- raphy instructor was always helpful and generous with the use of his dark- room. We thank all the Taylor staff who provided necessary information and support when we needed it. Mrs. B. Pugh Advisor Mrs, Pugh advises .lulia on the correct way to grill hot doos Helio staff enjoys a picnic in the park. Julia, Teresa, Amy. Dixie, and Linda prove that you ' re never too old to enjoy teeter-totters! Il6 Heli( A happy face. Debbie Irb; Julia and Dave looking good together! Editor: Dixie Bayliff Assistant: Cindy Brubaker Seniors: Linda Babcock Student life: Dave Cassis Activities: Julia McDonough Boy ' s sports editor: Tim Sugar Assistant: Greg Kuhlman Girl ' s sports: Debbie Irbv Missy Cripe Jr. High sports: Shelly ' Weike Academics: Tim Laflin Faculty: Sherri Stonebraker Classes: Am Cassis Lori Ingeis Business manager: Teresa Stahl Dtography manager: Randy Fruth Assistants: Curt Auzins Bill Courts Rae Miller Bill Parker Nina Smith Advisor: Mrs. Beverly Pugh The Helio Staff The Onlooker Staff spent another year keeping the Taylor students in- formed as to all the happenings at their school. The paper was published several times over the school year and was something that the student body all looked forward to. The purpose of a newspaper class goes beyond the publication itself. Staffers learned journalistic writing styles and proper coverage as well as editing, interviewing, and proofread- ing. Todd Pickard acted for the second year as the editor-in-chief. Although the job required a lot of hard work, he handled his position very well. Todd and the other members of the staff were advised by Mrs. Donelson. Reporler Doug Tate is always hard at work on his journalism skills. (?) Mrs. Donelson checks over an article. 118 Onlooker Onlooker Staff; front: P. Chaffee, C. Clark, R. Boyd. 2nd row; T. Johnson, S. Surbey, S. Sager. L. Hansen, K. Surbey. J. Slonebraker. Back; T. Pick- ard, A. Buckner, G. Martin, D. Tate, T. Kennedy, T. Boes, D. Corbit, B. Benzinger, B. Lindberg, B. Willits. Editor Todd Pickard helps out staff members Gail Martin and P.T. Chaffee. Onlooker 119 National Honor Society 1982 Initiates Rodney Boyd Angle Buckner Christina Coles Carololyn Dial Steven Edmonds Ken Ensign Allison Forbes Donna Freeman Jenny Gotshall Scott Goudy Daniel Hansen Derrick Hansen Laurel Higtilen Tim Laflin John Laurence Gall Martin Stasha Mason Jon Meadors Kim Murray William Parrott Teresa Richey Cynthia Robertson Kristen Sisk Laura Smith Erin Snider Tim Sugar Kevin Swain Lorl Wagner Twenty-eight new members were Initiated last year into the National Honor Society. These students were being recognized for all their hard work over the years. To become a member of N.H.S., a person has to have at least a B aver- age, but there are many other factors that are considered. A member has to be active in school, participating in clubs, class activities, or sports. Another qualification for becom- ing a member is to have good charac- ter and show leadership qualities. Past teachers were asked if they thought potential members displayed these qualities, and if they had a rea- son why a person should not be initi- ated. A few weeks after the initiation, the new and old members were treat- ed to a dinner in Noblesville. Mark Lasbury led the club as president, Pat Fines was vice-president, David Ro- gue acted as treasurer, and Ram Hodge was secretary. Initiates anxiously await the start of the ceremony. Honors Good Students New members rise for the end of the ceremoni J S . ' v .. ' , ; ' - ' . ' ■■ ' . ' In: ■f r 1$ T J 3 Bsyi • i . 1 1 tt ■ ' 1 1 f 1 ' te " M L»a;- " -:-o- ■■•■ " Members Mr. Edmonds looks on as an initiate signs the N.H.S. book. Melissa Addison Linda Babcock Di.xie Bayliff Brad Coon Charlotte Curry Paul Drago Patricia Fines Corinne Foesch Leslie Harland Pam Hodge Debra Hundley Kim Irich Ann Jewel Peggy Johnson Barbara Lamb Mark Lasbury Mark Laubenstein Lora .Miller Nancy Momeyer Patrick Norris David Pogue Cathleen Stewart Susan Stock Michael Sumpter Paul Tackett Michael Thomas Jill Westerfield ■ N.H.S. members enjoy the reception after the ceremony. A Scott Goudy receives a blue carnation from Ann Jewell. National Honor Society 121 HISTORY CLUB . . . History Club: Bottom left: C. Foesch. J. Wit- tig. L. Barnard, K. Ott. D. Griffin, S, Mason, B. Parrolt. 2nd row; C. Pelgen, T. Sugar, T. Richey, J. Malkoff, M, Parson, L. Culross, S. Edmonds, A. Jewail, J. Gotshall, Mrs. Steiner. Top: J. Meadors. K. Home, T. Bradley, A. Buckner. G. Martin. K. Hum, L. Banner, L. Wagner, L. Miller. Mrs. Steiner once again sponsored the History Club. The History Club needed someone with her fun-loving personality to be in charge of all the activities the club took part in. This organization was on the go. In the fall, the group went to the Feast of the Hunter ' s Moon in Lafayette. Then in the spring they took a long weekend trip to the World ' s Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee. During the school year, the club sold concessions at ball games and sold donuts in the morning to help pay for their activities. The officers of the group were Tim Sugar, president; Bill Parrott, vice-president: Liz Barnard, secretary; and Jeff Malkoff, treasur- Mrs. Steiner stops to think on the way to the Feast of the Hunters ' Moon. 122 History Club Downtown Knowille. Tenn.. where the histor club visited last year at the World ' s Fair. on the go Bill Parrotl stops for a picture at the Feast of the Hunter ' s Mo A fountain seen by the history club at the Feast of the Hunter ' s Moon. History Club 123 TAYLOR VISIT THE Once again the Taylor history club took their annual trip. This year the home economics club joined them on their way to Knoxville, Tennessee, for the World ' s Fair. After a year of selling concessions at ball games and selling donuts in the morning to raise money, they were off for their three and a half day trip. The club rode all night in Indiana Motor coach buses until they arrived at the Howard Johnson ' s only 10 minutes from the fairgrounds. When they arrived at the fair, they visited many exhibits including pavil- ions from several different countries. One feature that the club found inter- esting was the Sun Sphere. The Sun Sphere contained five stories of din- ing rooms and an observation floor at the top. These five stories were in a sphere shape and were made of glass covered in 24 karat gold dust. After going through pavilions, the group rode on the Northern Hemi- sphere ' s largest riverboat. They also visited the midway, went on rides, and played games. The last night they stayed until closing at 10:30 for a fireworks pre- sentation. Then in the morning they had a last swim and headed for home. 124 World ' s Fair STUDENTS MORLD s rum Ready to visit the fair: Left: Jon Meadors, Brad Baker. Tim Sugar. Top: .Angie Buckner. Gail Martin. Karen Home. Karen Hurn. and Tina Bradley. TheSunSpliere. oneof the features at the 1982 W Grid ' s Fair. Our favorite Martian. Jeff Malkoff. Girls take time out to enjoy the sun. World ' s Fair 12 Thespians Play On The Taylor thespians kept busy last year by performing three plays. In the fall, the group put on the playl- " The Egg and I " . " Keep the Home Fires Burning " was performed for the ele- mentary school during the Christmas season and in the spring the group put on " The Importance of Being Ear- nest " . Three seniors tied for the honor of being named Outstanding Thespian. The three were Laura Culross, Kim Irick, and Lora Miller. The club ' s leaders were Lora Mill- er, president; Joe Wittig, first vice- president; Steve Edmonds, second vice-president; Kathy Trimble, secre- tary, and Kim Irick, treasurer. Joe Freeman and Pat Norris perform in the spring play " The Importance of Being Earnest. " Thespians: Bottom left; K. Trimble, J. Byers, M. Jewell, S. Waltman, J. Howard. 2nd row; A. Hopkins, L. Highlen, C. Siburt, C. Forbes. 3rd row; D. Corbit, L. Miller, K. Irick, K. Dyer, L. Culross, A. Jewell, J. Wittig. Top: Miss Buell, K. Wilkins, J. Freeman, D. Freeman, S. Edmonds, B. Culross, Mr. Wilson. 126 Thespians Pat Norris shows why he was voted best actor in the senior clas Choir Rozi Cage, Donna Freeman, and Kim Irick show off plaques choir and High School band won at contest. The high school choir had a good year. They won a Superior rating at the Indiana Slate School Music Asso- ciation Contest, and the band re- ceived a Good rating in the contest. " We have a young choir, which shows that the years to come should be much better. " " said Kim Irick, pia- nist. Donna Freeman had this to say about the choir, " The Freshmen had a lot of weight to carry, and I think ihe did it exceptionally well. Fm im- pressed by their talent. " " Choir direc- tor, Charles Rose was also impressed. " This choir was one of the best we " ve had. Everyone has worked very hard, and I am extremely proud of them. " ' Rozi Cage had these encouraging words about ban d, " We did the best ever in Marching band: we received a Division 1 and an Outstanding In- spection. " " Jr. High Choir rrn " ' ri ■ ' ■ ' " irrrT " : n { Jr. High Band Jr. High Band: (ro« I) Kim Harmon, Beth Blakesley, Ann Laurence. Michele McNeelv, Debbie Goodnight. Rachel Propes. Darlene Wilcox. Dawn Kivetl, Jodi Pavey.Stacey Beheler. (row 2) Beth Dillman, Debbie Burnett, Melody Wooldridge. Susan Mctigue, Debbie Duex. Sharon Humphrey. Lynn Reel, Lisa Fipps. Alisha Trott. Robin Addison, (row 3) Kevin Rhodenbaugh. Elizabeth Sadler. Kathy Duex. Richard Koshier. Anita Newberg, Jim Kuntz, Randv McPhail. Richard Fruth, John Sadler (row 4) Shane Sims. Steve Snyder. Greg Creek, Tim Hargrove, Mr. Unger. Organizations 129 Varsity Club Taylor Varsity Club Last year was the first year for Taylor to have a varsity club. The club was made up of members of athletic teams who had earned at least one varsity letter. Sponsor, Jerry Harsh- man explained, " The basic idea of the club was to bring the members ofdifferent sports togeth- er. " The elected officers were Jon Meadors. Pres.; Mike Sumpler. Vice Pres.; Cathlccn Stewart, Sec; Charlotte Curry. Treas. The highlight of the club ' s year was when they went to a Pacer ' s basketball game. They held a raffle in order to make the money for this trip. The club did not get quite as much accom- plished as they would have liked because of the confusion of the first year and the problems they had in scheduling meetings around all the sporting events. However, many of the club members thought that the club could be a suc- cess. Suzanne Cummings and Janet Jameson agreed that they had a good time at the Pacer ' s game and that they were looking forward to the next year because they believed that the addi- tion of new members would make it more fun. President Jon Meadors said that he hoped the club would continue because he thought that the basic idea was a good one. He also added, " The club gave the athletes a chance to get to know one another and to participate in several recreational activities together. " v arsity Club members Terr vho toured Europe in the . Boesand P.T.Chaffee inaction, Terr; ummer of ' 82 with an American wre .vasoneof 3 Indiana wrestlers ling squad. 130 Organizations High School Student Council Has Busy Year Student Council: First row: L. Barnard, C. Abner, E. Dunham, P. Fines, J. Byers. Second row; T. Ammerman, C. Stewart, S. Cummings, J. .Malkoff, B. Boyd, J. Gotshall, T. Sugar, K. Dyer, D. Irb . B. Parrott.Tliird row: J.Smith, W. Damewood. T- Kenned), J. W ' iitig, K- Nelson, K. Mullet, A. Mueller, D. Bavliff, " :V,W!ff, mi? huncciminc « eefc. Cath Polston and Sue Givens work on hall decoration for the decor; contest, an activit sponsored b the student council. As I sat in the audience watching the Spring Follies, I wished that I had the talent of the people in front of me and the guts they had to get up and use it. I was really glad that my school student council put forth the effort to put on such a show so that my talent- ed peers had the opportunity to show what they could do. Putting on the spring follies meant a lot of hard work for the members of the Student Council and their sponsor Mr. Jones, but that wasn ' t all they did. The club was also in charge of the Homecoming activities. They had to decide on a theme, make rules for the hall decorating contest, and do all the work involved in the queen corona- tion. Besides all of that, they also were in charge of putting on the post- game homecoming dance. To add to their list of services to the school, the group made a suggestion box for the high school office. They also helped out in the drive for the new Titan. The leaders of the club were presi- dent, Cathleen Stewart; vice-presi- dent. Tim Sugar; and secretarv, Jen- nv Gotshall. Ann Laurence pla the Student Count Art Club Mike Roe, Korena Fields, Mr; npf. Kalhy Polslon. Keilh Vill ins. Photography Club The Art Club was very active last year. They did a lot to brighten up our school, including such things as deco- rating the front lobby windows for Christmas and creative eye-catching bulletin boards. Money-making projects were a big help for the art club ' s other activities. Last year they sponsored the first an- nual Mr. Legs Contest. Pictures were displayed in the student lounge. Stu- dents cast their votes by placing a penny a vote for their favorite legs. Mr. Connors was the recipient of this honor. Photography Club; (row I ) Julie Ramos. Regina Vorhees, Nina Smith, (row 2) Karen Ott. Stasha Maston. Toni Daugherty, Angle Bourff, Angle Buckner, Rae Miller, Katrina Smith, (row 3) Randy Fruth, Carol Bowen, Holly Martin, Pat Clester, Jeff Malkoff, Ken Barnes, Mr. Slauter. Photography Club was very active last year and did many new things to brighten the school such as a new photography bulletin board. The club gave its members and Mr. Slauter some happy memories of a trip to the Art Museum and an excit- ing excursion to King ' s Island. 132 Organizati( Home Ec, Club Goes to World ' s Fair The highlight of the year for the Home Ec. Club was a three day trip with the History Club to the World ' s Fair in Tennessee. Some successful money-making projects were the selling of carnations for sectionals and Valentine ' s Day, and the selling of pizza mixes. They also catered the Honor Society recep- tion. It seemed to be a busy year for a busy group. Home Ec. Club: (Row 1 ) Christie Coles, Stasha Mason, Lori Haus, Liz Barnard, (Row 2) Laura Smith. Tammi Ammerman, Debbie Shanks, Toni Daughterly, Patti Wells, Mrs. Nulf, (Row 3) Teresa Thurston. Diana Rice. Lynnette Benner. Debby Carter, Cyndi Enochs. Michelle Parson, Cheryl Harmon. Alpha-Omega Club Active County-wide Alpha Omega is a fairly new club, but it has good attendance and is ac- tive in after-school activities. They had a skating party and had their usu- al 7: 1 5 A.M. meeting on Wednesday, which in itself is a great accomplish- ment considering the time they would have to get up to make the meetings. They also participated in county-wide Fellowship of Christian Athletes and other students ' groups ' activities. Alpha Omega: (Row 1 ) Barb Lamb, Lynnette Myers, Pat Fines, Stasha Mason, Diana Rice. (Row 2) Mr. Taylor, Deana Rust, Carol Bator, Jay Criss, Mrs. Wigman. Organizations 1 33 Three clubs teach students about other countries. Foreign Exchange: Top left; L. Harland, P. Fines, B. Parrott, J. Wittig, S. Edmonds, L. Culross, T. Tsukamoto. A. Jewell, P. Hodge, P. Wells. 2nd row; Miss Buell, T. Richey, T. Sugar, J. Gotshall, T- Bradley, L. Boles, K. Irick, T. Meyers, L. Miller, T. Thurston. Front; S. Anderson, L. Barnard, D. Corbit, J. Byers, M. Jewell, L. Smith, T. Laflin. FRENCH Parlez vous Francais? Well, if you don ' t, chances are that you missed out on a lot of the fun had by members of the French Club last year. The French people have long been known for their fine pastries, so it only made sense that the French Club would try a few out. They held a Pa- tisserie Party in which they were able to enjoy eight different French pas- tries. At Christmas time, they went car- oling, singing all the songs in French. Also during the school year, they went bowling with the Spanish Club. The French club was able to exper- ience fine French food at a restaurant in Carmel called the Glass Chimney. They raised the money for this by sell- ing candy bars. At the end of the year, the club honored the seniors with a party, where they received T-shirts and cer- tificates. The club members also pre- sented the officers with gifts at this party. The club officers were Cath- leen Stewart, president; Leslie Har- land, vice-president; Barb Lamb, treasurer; Kim Irick, secretary; and Ann Jewell, social chairman. In return for the party, the seniors held a surprise party at their last meeting. At this meeting, they pre- sented to the club a silk flower ar- rangement and a candle with " Le Cercle Francais " (French Club) on it. FOREIGN EXCHANGE Miss Buell sponsored the Foreign Exchange Club again last year. The club was a very active one, but it had several hard working students to lead the club. Cathleen Stewart acted as the club ' s president; Bill Parrott was first vice-president; Lora Miller was second vice-president; Laura Culross held the position of secretary; Steve Edmond s was treasurer; and the re- porter was Kim Irick. The club ' s big event was their for- eign exchange week. During this week, many activities took place in- cluding having foreign exchange stu- dents from other schools come to Tay- lor for a day. The group also held an international progressive dinner. One member of the club hosted an exchange student. Sophomore Joe Wittig had Takayasu Tsukamoto, from Japan, stay with him for the year. Mrs. Henderson, French Club sponsor. f 134 Organizations Leslie Harland, French Club vice-president. SPANISH Last year ' s Spanish Club kept busy with many activities, ranging from going bowling to a trip to Mexico. Mrs. Inman sponsored this group and Donna Freeman was president. The club was able to enjoy two din- ners out. They went to Indianapolis and visited Mexican restaurants, Pepe ' s and El Torito ' s. A highlight of the group ' s year was designing their own club shirts. With the help of Mrs. Chaffee, they de- signed Spanish Club emblems and had them placed in white on red sweaters. Another fun activity planned by the club was a love letter writing contest. For their February meeting, each member had to write a love letter in Spanish in order to enter the meeting. Over the school year, they made money by selling candy. This money helped to partially pay for some stu- dents ' fees on a trip to Mexico. A few of the club ' s members, along with a few teachers, planned to visit Mexico City, Guadalajara. Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, and Puerto Val- larta over the summer. The Spanish Club seemed to have a very successful year. They managed to combine learning with fun, a task that is often not easy to accomplish. Spanish Club: C. Polston, J. Ramos, E. Snider, C. Abner. 2nd row; S. Campbell, K. Oil, K. Home. M. Long, S. Anderson, L. Myers, C. Abner, S. Campbell, C. Miller. 3rd row; T. Sokalowski, M. Parson, T. Laflin, T. McDonough, J. Greeman, J. McDonough. A. Summers, A. Monroe. Back; Mrs. Inman, C. Edwards, K. Snyder, T. Parker, D. Freeman, J. Laurance, K. Sisk, D. Halton, M. Jewell. Calhleen Stewart kept busy by being president of both Foreign Exchange and French Club. Organizations 1 35 People «EPPLIN 4 As spring break nears, we all count the days till we can sleep in and go out every night. A break from homework, the pressure from teachers, the thought of just getting away from school for a week or two lures us. But it never fails, our break finally gets here, and for the first few days it ' s great being able to do what we want. By the end of the week, we run out of things to do and start counting the days before we go back to school where we can be with our friends and have some fun. Our senior year arrives. It ' s the main thing students wait for, the last year of school. But by the time it gets here, we realize all the responsibilities of the future and the people we will no longer see. We start to wish our senior year could last a little longer. But as time passes and that big day draws near, excitement builds. Graduation, that big day we ' ve been looking for- ward to for so many years, is upon us sr rrr Atkins, Gary: English dep ' t.; BA from Taylor University, MA from BSU; Jr. High Track coach. Baker, Janet: Developmental Reading; Man- chester University AB and BS. Bellinger, Jerilyn: Home Ec dep ' t.; BS from Purdue; Band auxiliary Corps. Boardman, Patricia: English dep ' t.; BS and MS from lU. Buell. Sue: English dep ' t.; BA from DePauw, MS from lU. Burwell. Sharyle: Math dep ' t.; BA from lU; Jr. High cheerleaders. Chaffee, Patricia: Media Technician. Conner. Frank: Health dep ' t.; BA from Pur- due. MA from BSU; Ass ' l. football coach, Jr. High golf. Colter, Carole: Business dep ' t.; BA and MA from Univ. of Northern Colorado. Custer, Jon: Physical Ed.; BS from Indiana Central, MS from lU; Head basketball coach. Davis, Rice: Guidance Director; BM and MM from Butler University. Deason, Sue: Math dep ' t.; BS from BSU, MS from Purdue. Dewitt, Jack: Science dep ' t.; AB Earlham, MA from BSU, BS from Kent State; trainer for all sports. Disney. Steven: Physical Ed.; BS and MS from lU; Varsity Football coach. Donelson. Linda: Guidance; BS and MA from BSU; Newspaper Adviser. 138 Faculty Fligor. Colleen: English dep ' l.; BS from BSU, MS from If; National Honor Society. Freeman. Ken: Health dep ' t.; BS from Buller. MA from BSL. Gibson, Joretta: Physical Ed.: BA and MA from BSL ; Head volleyball coach and seventh grade girls ' basketball. Gregory, David: Industrial Arts dep ' t.; BS from If, MA from BSU: Football and Wres- tling. Gregory. Donna: Home Ec dep ' t.: BS from lU, Purdue Teaching License: Home Ec Club. Grossman. James: Biology: MS from IL. BS from Manchester: Cross-Country and Track. Hamacher, Dale: Assistant Principal: BS and MA from BSU. Indiana Administrative. Hampton, Debra: Business dep ' t.; BS from BSU: Cheerleading. Harris, David: Art dep ' t.; BA and MA from BSU. Harshman, Jerry: Business dep ' t.; BS from lU, MS from Purdue: Varsity Track, ninth grade basketball. Henderson, Darlene: French: B.A and MA from BSU: French Club. Henry, Carolyn: Math dep ' t.: BA from Tran- sylvania, MS from Purdue: Girls ' Basketball Cheerleaders advisor. Hollingsworth, Ann: Secretary in high school office. Hoover, Wanda: Home Ec dep ' t.; BS from BSU, MS from lU-PUI. Hoyson, Elizabeth: Physical Ed.; BS from Illi- nois; JV volleyball coach, JV girls ' basketball coach. Faculty 139 Hunter, Dorothy; Financial Secretary. Inman. Louise: Spanish; BA and MA from BSU; Spanish Club. Johnson, Nancy: Jr. High reading-aide; high school girls ' golf coach. Johnson, Shirley: Xerox operator. Jones, Thomas: History dep ' t.; BS from Taylor University, MA from Notre Dame; Student Council sponsor. Kady, Cindy: Special Education: BS from BSU. Karavitis, Elizabeth: English dep ' t.; BS and MS from BSU. Keck, Becky: History; BS from lU. Keck, Jerry: History dep ' t.; BS and MS from BSU; Jr. High Cross-Country, and seventh grade basketball. Kempf, Gretchen: Art dep ' t.; lU; Art Club. Lamberson, Jerry: Business dep ' t.; BA and MA from BSU. Lassiter, Richard: Library Science; BS from Murray Slate, MLS from BSU. Loser, Chuck: Health dep ' t.; BS from Austin Stale, MA from BSU. MacKay, Gail: English dep ' t.; BA from Pur- due, MLS from BSU. Meadows, Mary: Guidance Secretary; Indiana Business College. 140 Faculty Moore, Carol: Counselor; BS and MAE from BSU; Career Ed. Coordinator. Moore. Judy: Home Ec dep ' t.; BS from BSU. Morrison. Monte: History dep ' t.; BS and MS from Butler. Myers, James: Industrial Arts dep ' t.; BS and MD from BSL ' . Nulf, Charlotte: Home Ec dep ' t.; AB from As- bury, MA from BSU; high school Home Ec Club. Nulf, Robert: English dep ' t.; AB from Asbury, MA from BSU. Phares, George: Math dep ' t.; BS from lU, MS from BSU; Varsity baseball, JV basketball. Pugh, Beverly: English dep ' t.; BA from Pur- due, M.- from BSU; yearbook adviser. Rebuck, William: Science dep ' t.; BS and MS from BSU. Richardson, Ray: Science dep ' t.; BS and MS from Purdue; National Honor Society. Rose, Charles: Band; BM from Butler, MM from BSU; Swing Choir, Chess Club. Sellers, Judith: History dep ' t.; BS and MS from BSU; girls ' tennis coach. Sheridan, Michael: Industrial Arts dep ' t.; BS from lU, MS from BSU. Short, Charles: English dep ' t.; AB and MA from BSU. Singer, Uinda: Learning Disabilities; BS and MS from lUK. Faculty 141 Slauter, Jerry; Photography; BS and MAE from BSU; Photography Club. Spitler. Phil; Math dep ' l.; BS and MAE from BSU; 8th boys basketball, assistant varsity football. Steiner. Catherine; Social Studies dep ' t, chr.; BS and MA from lU; History Club. Taylor, Larry; Math dep ' t.; BS and ME from lU; Alpha-Omega. Tolmen, Terry; Industrial Arts dep ' t.; BS from Manchester. MA from BSU; Jr. High track and football. Tucker, Jean; Media Clerk. Tunmer. Alan; Social Studies dep ' t.; BS and MA from Univ, of South Alabama; Freshman football, girls basketball. Unger. Robert; Band; Music Ed. and BM from Butler; Jazz and Pep Band. Ward. Michael; industrial Arts dep ' t.; BS and MS from BSU; Wrestling and Football. Walts, Janet; Office Secretary. Wiechmann. Janet; Office Secretary. Wiegman, Patti; Math dep ' t.; BS from BSU. MA from lU. Wilson, Raymond; Science dep ' t.; BS and MA from BSU; Thespians Club, Science Club. Wise, David; Business dep ' t.; BS from Indiana Central, MA from lU: boys golf, boys tennis. Cannon, Kathleen; Bookstore Operator. 142 Staff Staff 143 QBdiaa wnm A Dr. Frank Bush, Taylor ' s Superintendent, is also the new president of Ind. Public Employer Labor Relations Association, ▼ Taylor School Board: top; Mr, Robert Sumpler. Mr, Galen Hodge, bottom; Mrs, Sally Tate, President Mr, Larry Sugar, and Mr, Jack Crawford, Central office secretaries: top; Mrs, Shirley Reynolds. Miss Margie Addison, bottom; Mrs, Nada Cunningham, 144 Central Office Taylor High School Principal, Mr. Donald Edmonds. Assistant Principal of Instruction, Mr. Bill Bozell. .• ssistant Principal of Discipline, Mr. Dale Hamacher Activities Director, Mr. Dean Moon. Administration 145 JUNIORS Chrissy Abner Brian Adair Sandra Anderson Scolt Anderson Thomas Ashley Caria Ati ins Joyce Bigna Leon Boggs Mike Bollhoefer Carol Bowen Rodney Boyd Christina Bradley Mari Brantly Rebecca Breedlove Tammy Brown Patricia Brumley Angle Buckner John Burke The juniors made a break with tra- dition this year when they planned the prom at Lake Freeman on a boat called the Madam Carroll. Tradition held in other ways, though. No junior year would be complete without the magazine sale, which had more than the usual share of problems with Ko- komo ' s economic conditions. The usual concessions were sold to provide extra support. During Home- coming week, juniors, after a hard struggle, lost 6-0 to the seniors in the annual Powder puff game. This year ' s junior class officers were president, Pat Clester; vice president, Bill Parrott; secretary, Su- zanne Cummings; treasurer, Jeff Malkoff. Vernon Christophel Pat Clester Tim Clymer 146 Juniors Dave Coulbern Randy Courier Rod Cox Shelly Creamer Suzanne Cummings Kenny D ' Agoslino Lisa Dailey Michal Daubenspeck Greg Davis Tammy DeBusk Randy Despain Michal Dice Chris Dillman Sherri Dimitt Dwayne Dunlap Donna Douglas Chris Dzbaiki Karol Eades Steve Edmonds Cathy Edwards John Floyd Diana Fenstermaker Allison Forbes Diane Fordyce Chris Francis Anthony Franklin Christi Gabriel Susan Givens Kim Glass David Glassburn Eric Glassburn Jenny Gotshall Scott Goudy Brian Gragg Kara Green Dan Hansen Juniors 147 Derrick Hansen Cheryl Harmon Rick Harris Michelle Harris Lori Hart Todd Hayes Harvey Hevenor Gina Hewitt Lauri Highlen Liz Hines Audie Hopkins Karen Home Karl Hough Jim Humphrey Karen Hum Janet Jameson Chuck Jeffries Tammy Johnson Vanissa Johnson Yolanda Johnson Ranita Jones Tammy King Sandy Kranz Greg Kuhlman John Laurence Brian Legan Leslie Long Michelle Long Tammy Luckey Deanna Magart Kelly Majors Jeffery Malkoff Kay Marr Gail Martin Holly Martin Slasha Mason Billy Mason Bart McPhearson Doug Miller Rae Miller Kathie Miller Greg Molach Donna Moore Tracy Moyers Jim Murdock Katrina Mullett Beth Munson Kim Murray Rhonda Nearon Doug Nelson Nancy Nickel Tim Laflin Anthony Oliver Jodi Osenbaugh 148 Juniors Debbie Parker Mike Parker Bill Parrott William Patrick Penny Pedro Richard Perry Teresa Peterson Patty Phipps Mariecia Pitner Kathy Polston Tedd Prater Kim Pressey Julie Ramos Amy Reavis Mike Reel Frank Reynolds Janice Rhodenbaugh Teresa Richev Junior class officers: President, Pat Clester; Vii Treasurer, Jeff Malkoff. : President, Bill Parrott; Secretary. Suzanne Cun ir ir iri Juniors 149 Chris Rostron Tina Rudd Jerri Rush Chris Rust Lisa Sandoe Bob Scircle LeEtta Sexton Debbie Shanks Pam Sink Kristen Sisk Ruby Sharp Bob Shaw Fred Shelton Richard Sholty Keith Shook Tim Shook Jennie Smith Laura Smith Nena Smith Erin Snider Brent Snider Kathi Snyder Theresa Sokolowski Steve Stiner Sherri Stonebraker Tim Sugar April Summers Diana Fenstermaker Charles Tragf ' sser Jerry Tranbarger Takayasu Tsukamoto Tim Turley Steve Turner Karl Unger Regina Vorhees Lori Wagner Shari Waltman Lorie Wade Sherri Warstler Pam Weimer David We!ge Patli Wells Phil Williamson Lori Whitaker Doug White Tammy White Jimmy Wood Tena Woods Virgie Woods Tammy Worlhley mors 150 Juniors sowmaas m,,. " Cheeeze. " Sophomores Kristy Hinders and Sam Lively show us their smiles. Roger Acord Chip Alexander Bridget Anthony Devon Arnett John Arnold Nancy Ault Kurt Auzins Joe Bailey Cindy Baker Denise Ballew Patrick Bannon Liz Banard Vonda Bamette Kenneth Bames Carol Bator mmm m 151 Soph. The sophomores made themselves noticed around school this year. Dur- ing Homecoming week they won first place in the hall decorations with their theme. Heavenly Titans vs. the burning Argyles. During basketball season their enthusiasm earned them the spirit stick award. A cold winter and good crowds at the games in- creased the income from the coat checks. The sophomore class was ably led this year by officers as follows: president, Liz Barnard; vice presi- dent, Carrie Abner (replaced by Marsha Damewood); secretary, Deb- bie Irby; and treasurer, Karen Ott. John Baugher Kelly Baxter Monty Beavers Christina Beers .lanice Bell Billy Biake Mike Blankcnberger Tommi Boes Denise Bolinger Angela Boruff Mikki Boulay David Breidenbaugh Glenda Brown Mike Brown Mark Brubaker Staci Campbell Charles Carlson Laronda Carpenter ber Troy Carpenter Tammy Ch; Rusty Chandler Ralph Chapman Chris Clark Mike Coles Dana Corbit Brian Corm iina Cottihghan lilly Courts T I T A N S 3relt Goudy shows us his " Lockeralls 152 Sophomores Shauntae Cox Missy Cripe James Criss Marsha Damewood Joe Danley Kim DeBusk Mary Dezelan Carla Dittfield Edward Doran Roger Doran Debbie Duncan Sherry Eades Dixie Eakin Paul Eduards Sheila Ellioti Robert England Cindy Enochs Lewis Everling Rodger Fain Joe Fleenor Mike Fowler Susan Friedhofer Randy Fruth Sandra Funke The Sophomore class officers mcluded, lop to bottom: president. Liz Barnard; secretary. Debbie Irby; treasurer. Karen Ott. : president. Carrie Abner; Sophomores 153 Tim Garner Gabe Gonzales Bretl Goudy Raymond Gregory Dixie Griggs John Gwillim Leslie Hansen Mike Harmon Kristy Hinders Robert Hopkins Charily Hotsinpil Robert Hulka Debbie Hulton Chris Humphrey Kara Huneck Debbie Irby Michele Irick Brad Johnson Paul Edwards is . . . stretching out? 154 Sophomores Tashia Johnson Misty Kanable Todd Kennedy Jenny Kinder Sherry Kunlz Cindy Lane Malt Laurence Mike Lee Brett Leicht Dennis Little Samantha Live Tony Long Phil Lunsford Brian Martin Michele Martir Sophomores 155 Belh McClain Mark McClain Tom McDonough Allen McGowen Belh McHale Teresa Merrill Tony Merlens Renee Miller Larry Mills Kim Moore Brian Moorman Glen Moss Lynelte Myers Robert Nass Dan Newion Brian Oldfather Christy Oik Karen Ott Lisa Paine Larry Palmore Bob Paulus Regina Pearson Mike Phillips Tanna Pinkslon Brian Plouge Kathy Polston John Ponder Raymond Pouncy Vanessa Prince Bill Rahi John Reuter Glenn Rhoades Tamra Richards Angela Richardson Mike Roe Julie Ruddell Deanna Rust Scott Sager Steve Sample Dawn Seamster Lori Shaff Scott Shaffer Derrick Shelton Richard Shockly Jim Silver Chris Sloan Katrina Smith Lynne Smith Nick Sofianopoulos Diana Spencer Nanette Spencer Nick Spires Kim St. Clair Teresa Stahl 156 Sophomores Robert Stanley Larry Stiner Nikki Story Jan Sturtz is biE in Varsity Club rafHe Venus Strunk Jan Sturtz Dennis Summers Tracy Summers Karen Surby Sharon Surby April Swartz Lee Sweares Bart Taber Martin Taylor David Thompson Richard Thompson Melissa Thrasher Jeff Thurston Cathy Trimble Brad Tucker Michelle Turner Kim Vore Shelly Welke Christy Wheeler Larry Wjechmann Keith Wilkins Angela Wilson Joe Wittig Sophomores 157 HIM€lti| Shannon Adams Dawn Addison Rhonda Allen Kim Allison Tammie Ammerman Rosie Amore Angle Anderson Missy Anthony Carl Archer David Arnold Jerry Bailey Teresa Baldridge Lisa Barrett Cary Beais Chuck Beheler Gina Behny Rob Blume Joey Bolen Lori Boles Willard Bolton Wayne Booher Barlh Boruff Bret Boruff Randy Boruff Tina Brack Lisa Breedlove Doug Brock Lance Brockmann Tonya Broerman Guy Brumley Kevin Burdine Jill Burke Tony Burnette Mike Burton Julie Byers Brian Calhoun Jody Campbell Susan Campbell Sonja Carpenter Debbie Carter Chris Cash Amy Cassis D 158 Freshmen Stacy Clark Simmon Clem Julie Clymer The freshmen entered high school with a lot of excitement and spirit. They were really de- termined and met most of their goals. During Homecoming week, the freshmen put a lot of effort in the week ' s activities. As a result of their hard work, they came in second place in the hall decorations, and the mighty " Gary ' s Go Fors " defeated the sophomores in the powderpuff game 14-12. Congratulations to the freshman class on a successful first year of high school. Mike Dailey Toni Daugherty Rand Davenport Chris Dimitt Ginger Dobbins Tom Duex Brian Duke Erick Duniian Joel Dunlap Mike Durham Karia Dyer Scott England Julie Glassburn Natalie Goodnight Beth Gray Kevin Grifnn Lisa Gulley Chris Hall Sue Harner Paula Hayes Andy Heaton Jeannie Hedrick Melissa Hill Diane HiUman Freshmen 1 59 Penny Hinders Carrie Holcomb Tami Hughes Bill Hulka Kim Hunter Sharon Hurn Michele Hurst Judy Ingels Lori Ingels Mike Isaac Lori Jarrett Darren Jenkins Melissa Jewell David Johnson Donna Johnson Kandy Johnson Ken Johnson Robert Johnson Karen Johnston Lisa Jones Pam Jones Shelli Julow Lisa Justice Patty Keeler Kelly Kemp Karen Kimmel Michelle Kirk David Lasbury Peter Laubenstein Mike Lawless Kevin Legan Fifi Lewis Cindy Likens Jennifer Luckey Mark Markley Rex McClain Brcnda McCoy Rob McGuire 160 Freshmen Monte McQuiston Tim Merritt Sherry Meyers Ron Mickelson Candy Miller Dwayne Miller Jim Momeyer Alicia Monroe Sharon Morris Chris Mosier Amy Mueller Jeff Mullen Kaza Mullett Kerry Mullins Kelly Nelson Bev Newby Parrish Newcom Tony Newton Steve Nolley Chris Norris Scott O ' Bryan Kathy Ogle Bob Ott Michelle Parson David Perry Steve Phalen Anita Phipps Steve Piolrowski David Polston Terry Ponder Scoll Powell Angelia Propes Tony Rhinebarger Shelia Rhoades Beth Rhorer Brian Robinson Mary Rogers Monty Sanders Edie Shields Freshmen 1 61 Yvonne Sholty Jennifer Shuck Tim Simmons Tosha Sims f ' Jim Smith Zali Sialil Lynn Slernemann Doug Tale Mamie Thomison Tammy Thrasher Tom Tolen Michelle Tragesser Tom Tranbarger Gina Trischman Michelle Turner Alecia Uttinger Malt Walden Bret Weitzel Scott Williamson Pauletta Wilson Wendi Wilson Barbara Woodring Jeff Wren ' v. I ' l I BIS w eIHI 62 Freshmen Bill Adams Shannon Anderson Teresa Archer Sieve Arnold Shawn Baker Ronald Barnes Freshmen 163 Karen Fausett Gene Floyd David Ford Missy Foreman David Foster John Foudray Doug Freeland Jim Frye Robin Frye Mike Fulford Lenny Fulkerson Dennis Fuller Renee Gifford Yvelte Gonzales Debbie Goodnight John Grider Mike Guinn Shelly Hannah Kim Harmon Dawn Harrison David Hetzner Debbie Higginbothan Wade Highlen Bill Herd Gigi Howard Jeanelte Johns Donnie Johnson Doug Johnson Kay Johnson Sonja Johnson Kris Karns Carolyn Keller Matt Keene Donnie Kesler Stacy King Richard Koschier Jim Kuntz Amy Lakin Heather Lamb Mindy Lane Debbie Lasley Hank Laurence Ray Likens Terri Martin Jamie McConnell Tom McMahan Michele McNeely Sherri McPhail Shelly Merrell Clarice Miller Rebekah Miller Steve Miller Tom Monroe Julie Moore 164 Eighth Grade Kristi Moore Becky Moorman Kalhy Morgan Kelly Morgan Rachel Morgan Kennedy Mullett Donna Muncy Leslie Murdock Tom Nearon Anita Newberg Lisa Newby Stacey Nolley Terry Nolley Dionne Parkhurst Betty Patrick Paula Patton Kevin Perry Aletha Pickett Jackie Pickett Kenny Pollard Pam Ponder Christi Powell Robert Pressey Scot Quillin David Reynolds Sherri Richardson Bill Richter Paula Ripberger Todd Robinson Berta Rodrigus Robert Roler Scott Rulledge John Sadler Ryan Shrock Larry Smith Sabrina Smith Gary Snyder Steve Snyder Kelly Steward Lori Stockton Prudy Stoliings Kelly Stonebraker Stacy Story Mark Strunk Scott Sturtz Nick Summers Tony Taboas Missy Thomison Gail Tomblin Julie Trischman Teresa TurnbuU Mike White Todd White Carey Widder Eighth Grade 165 Travis Williams Karl Willis LeAnn Wilson Nancy Wilson Tim Wilson Tonya Wood Tracy Wood Rhonda Woodma Shannon Woods Melody Wooldrid Toni Wyant David Byrd SEVENTH 6RACE Robin Addison Kim Ailor Kirk Amos Laura Andrews Nicolas Arnelt John Ault Jill Bagwell Dean Bass Shawn Bauer Michelle Baughman Stacey Beheler Lisa Bell Dianna Blackburn Tawnya Blake Elizabeth Blakesley Kim Bradley Kelly Brockman Lynn Brumly Dawn Bultman Michael Byrd Angie Campbell Olga Caraballo Wanda Caraballo Harvey Carlson Richard Chaplin Brian Chelf Billy Circle Fred Cole Sarita Conwell Royce Cook 166 Seventh Jill Karia Crilchlow Chris Cronnin Rosie D ' Agostino Axie Daugherly Chip Davis Michelle DeSpain Andrew Dimitt Mike Dobbins Andrea Donoho Debbie Duex Greg Duke Scolt Eakin Jeff Eldridge Brian Ellison Tnna Engelhardi Melinda England Shawn Fain Cary Fipps Lisa Fipps John Fisher Shawn Flaherty Annette Forbes Angle Foster Jenny Franklin Ann Freeland Cheryl Friedhofer Richard Fruth Tammy Fuller Jim Gerlach Tammi Gibson mmm Tammy Gwillim Chad Hall Beth Hamilton Lisa Hancook Tim Hargrove Steve Harris Scott Haus Greg Hedrick Stacy Helsley Matt Hefner Kris Hembree Patricia Hillman Seventh 167 Forrest Hinkle Vicki Hodson Kim Holtingsworth Melody Hood Lucinda Hopkins Jana Hulet Sharon Humphrey Cindy Hunter Jerry Hunter Dawn Hurst Sandy Jackson Sandra Jaime Tracey Jenkins Randy Johnson Connie Johnston David Jones Shelly Jones Eric Kelz Jason Kennedy Ray Kidwell Jeff Kincaid Andy Kindiey Kelli Kirk Dawn Kivett Valerie Landrem John Lasater Ann Laurence Lori Leicht Tara Lidy Anna Liv ely David Lumm Kim Marden Raul Marquez Jodi Martin Lori Martin Kelly McAlpin Mark McAninch Janet McKinney Randy McPhail Susan McTigue Sherri Meadows Valerie Merril April Michael David Miller Regina Miller Shannon Minglin Connie Moorman Michelle Moulden Tricia Meyers Mark Nettles Craig Newland Paul Nicodemus Amy Oaks Ronnie Patton 168 Seventh Jodi Pavey Cheryl Pelfrey Diane Peterson John Phalen Brian Phillips Terry Pickett Sarah Ploughe Rachel Propes Elizabeth Pyle Lynn Reel Stephen Rhoades Kevin Rhodenbaugh John Rickey Kelly Roark Mark Rogers John Rose Elizabeth Sadler Manuel Serna Chuck Sharp Brian Shuck Shana Sims Carolyn Slear Richard Small Kelley Smith Edward Spinner Randy Springer Carlon Stollings Melinda Strait Tony Strickland Chris Swartz Kelly Swigart Brian Tale Kim Tragesser Nancy Trimble Alisha Trott Melissa Turnbull Debbie Turner B. J. While Paula Widder Darlena Wilcox Scoll Wiliams Tim Willis Anna Wilson Mike Wilson Brad Woodring Kevin Wren John Wynn Angela Young Donald Young Seventh 169 INDEX Abner, Carrie 10, 20, 108, 131, 134, 151, 153 Abner, Chrissy 20, 134, 146 Acord, R- Gene 32 Acord, Roger 72, 151 Adair. Brian 146 Adair, Sharon 32 Adams, Lance 72, 151 Adams, Shannon 9, 65, 70, 158 Adams, William 163 Addison, Dawn 158 Addison, Melissa 32, 121 Addison, Robin 94, 129, 166 Aiior, Gregory 32 Ailor, Kim 166 Akers, David 32 Alexander, Chip 151 Allen, Kenneth 32 Allen, Rhonda 86, 158 Allen, Theresa 32 Allison, Kim 158 Ammerman, Tammy 133, 158 Ammerman, Tina 20, 32, 86, 131 Amore, Rosaria 65, 85, 158 Amos, Kirk 92, 166 Anderson, Angela 76, 77, 84, 158 Anderson, Sandra 78, 94, 96, 134, 135, 146 Anderson, Scott 58, 146 Anderson, Shannon 70, 163 Andrews, Laura 166 Anthony, Bridget 151 Anthony, Melissa 158 Archer, Carl 158 Archer, Teresa 163 Arnett, Devon 151 Arnett, Nicholas 92, 96, 166 Arnold, David 62, 158 Arnold, John 151 Arnold, Steven 163 Ashley, Thomas 146 Atkins, Caria 146 Ault, John 92, 95 Ault, Nancy 151, 166 Auzins, Kurt 64, 116, 151, 59 Babcock, Linda 7, 32, 50, 69, 81, 85, 116, 121 Bagwell, Jill 166 Bailey, Jerald 158 Bailey, Joe 151 Baker, Brad 59, 124, 146 Baker, Cindy 68, 151 Baker, Greg 146 Baker, Shawn 163 Baldridge, Bill 32 Baldridge, Dan 146 Baldridge, Teresa 158 Ballew, Denise 151 Bannon, Michael 10, 32 Bannon, Patrick 151 Barnard, David 32 Barnard, Liz 82, 122, 131, 133, 134, 151, 153 Barnes, Ken 68, 72, 132, 151 Barnes, Ronald 163 Barnett, Vonda 151 Barrett, Lisa 76, 79, 82, 158 Bass, Dean 166 Bassett, Mary 94, 96, 163 Bator, Carol 58, 82, 133, 151 Bator, Robert 92, 96, 163 Bauer, Deena 94, 163 Bauer, Shawn 92, 95, 166 Baugher, John 152 Baughman, Michelle 166 Baxter, Kelly 152 Bayliff, Dixie 4, 5, 7, 13, 33, 86, 113, 116, 121, 131 Beard, Roesaland 33 Beavers, Monty 70, 152 Beers, Christina 152 Beavers, Tonadette 82, 146 Beheler, Charles 9, 65, 72, 158 Beheler, Stacey 129, 166 Behny, Gina 81, 158 Bell, Lisa 166 Bell, Janice 152 Benner, Lynnette 122, 133, 146 Benzinger, Brian 33, 70, 118 Berg, Joe 146 Bess, Roger 33 Bigna, Joyce 146 Bishop, Mara 163 Blackburn, David 96, 163 Blackburn, Dianna 166 Blackburn, Jodi 96, 163 Blake, Tawnya 166 Blake, Bill 152 Blakenberger, Mike 60, 64, 68, 152 Blakesley, Elizabeth 129, 166 Blume, Mike 163 Blume, Richard 33 Blume, Rob 158 Boes, Terrance 19, 33, 58, 62, 81, 118 , 130 Boes, Tommi 86, 152 Boogs, Leon 142 Bolander, Delia 163 Bolen, Joe 62, 158 Boles, Lori 134 Bolinger, Chris 33 Bolinger, Denise 82, 152 Bollhoefer, Jim 146 Wolton, Willard 158 Booher, Wayne 72, 158 Bookout, Tammy 33 Boruff, Angela 132, 152 Boruff, Barth 12, 158 Boruff, Bret 65, 158 Boruff, Brian 72 Boruff, Randy 72, 158 Boruff, Tammy 163 Boulay, Mikki 152 Bourff, John 33 Bowen, Carol 132, 146 Boyd, Brian 12, 33, 87, 131 Boyd, Rodney 22, 118, 121, 146 Brack, Tina 4, 5,65, 85, 158 Bradley, Christina 122, 125, 134, 146 Bradley, Kimberly 166 Brantley, Mari 146 Bratton, Tim 92, 163 Breedlove, Jeff 92, 95, 96, 163 Breedlove, Lisa 82, 158 Breedlove, Rebecca 146 Breidenbaugh, David 70, 152 Brewer, D- Craig 163 Brock, Doug 158 Brock, Jeff 33, 43, 67 Brockman, Kelly 94, 166 Brockman, Lance 158 Broerman, Tonya 158 Brockmann, Kelly 86 Brown, Glenda 1 52 Brown, Mike 152 Brown, Tammy 146 Brubaker, Cindy 34, 116 Brubaker, Mark 64, 70, 152 Buckner, Angela 24, 68, 120, 122 125, 132, 146 Brumley, Guy 72, 158 Brumely, Ena Lynn 166 Brumely, Patricia 146 Bruss, James 92 Bryant, Travis 163 Bultman, Dawn 166 Burdine, Kevin 58, 158 Burke, 77, 78, 79, 158 Burke, John 62, 146 Burnett, Debra 129, 163 Burnett, R. Anthony 34, 158 Burnett, Tammy 34 Burns, Robert 92, 95, 163 Burton, Mark 72, 158 Byers, Julie 126, 131, 134, 158, 161 Byrd, David 163 Byrd, Nick 146 Byrd, Micheal 166 Byrd, Tom 34, 68 Cage, Rozella 34,82, 128 Calhoun, Brian 158 Calhoun, Sherri 34 Campbell, Angela 166 Campbell, Jody 72, 158 Campbell, Michael 163 Campbell, Staci 81, 135, 152 Campbell, Susan 135, 158 Cannon, Dean 22, 34 Caraballo, Olga 166 Caraballo, Wanda 166 Cardwell, Brian 96, 163 Cardwell, Michael 146 Carlson, Charles 152 Carlson, Harvey 166 Carpenter, Laronda 152 Carpenter, Sonja 158 Carpenter, Troy 72, 1 52 Craig 34 Carter, Debra 76, 133, 158 Carter, Gary 163 Carter, Susan 142 Cash, Christopher 158 Cassis, Amy 22, 68, 86, 116, 158 Cassis, David 56, 59, 67, 116, 146 Catron, Chris 96, 163 Catt, Kim 34 Chaffee, Paul 56, 64, 67, 68, 118, 130, 146 Chambers, Tammy 68, 81, 152 Chandler, Michael 34, 67 Chandler, Rusty 152 Chandler, Susan 34 Chaplin, Richard 166 Chapman, Ralph 152 Chelf, Brian 166 Chelf, Christina 146 Chesser, Angela 34 Chesser, Johnathan 95, 163 Christophel, Vernon 68, 146 Circle, Billy 166 Clark, Chris 118, 152 Clark, Stacy 96, 159 Clark, Wendy 163 Clem, Simmon 72, 159 Clester, Patrick 132, 146, 149 Clymer, Julie 159 Clymer, Tim 146 Cobb, Earl 159 Coffey, Kim 34 Coffin, Todd 34 Cole, Fred 92, 166 Cole, Thomas 34, 114 Coles, Christina 120, 122, 133, 146 Coles, Mike 152 Conwell, Sarita 166 Cook, Brian 35 Cook, Penny 146 Cook, Royce 166 Coon, Brad 12, 35, 112, 121 Cooper, Jonna 146 Coppock, David 168 Coppock, Michelle 95, 158 Corbit, Dana 82, 118, 126, 134, 152 Cordell, Amy 163 Corne, Brian 152 Corne, Darin 95, 168 Cotterman, Matthew 163 Cottingham, Greg 9, 62, 70, 62, 159 Cottingham, Regina 152 Coulbern, David 147, 159 Courier, Danny 159, 160 Courter, Randy 147 Courts, Billy 152 Cowan, Kevin 163 Cox, Jim 159 Cox, Rhonda 34 Cox, Rod 147 Cox, Ronnie 168 Cox, Shauntae 153 Cravens, Todd 168 Crawford, Kay 34 Creamer, Robin 159 Creamer, Shelly 147 Creek, Gregory 92, 96, 99, 167 Cripe, Kimberly 16, 34 Cripe, Melissa 81, 85, 116, 153 Criss, Bryan 168 Criss, James 153 Criss, Jay 34, 110, 133 Critchlow, Karia 168 Cronnin, Christine 168 Culross, Brian 126, 159 Culross, Laura 34, 118, 122, 12l 134 Cummings, Christene 159 Cummings, Suzanne 76, 79, 84, 131, 147, 149 Curry, Charlotte 27, 34, 48, 52, i 85, 121 D D ' Agontino, Rozella 86, 167 Dailey, Lisa 147 Dailey, Michael 72, 159 Damewood, Bill 4, 34, 62, 87 Damewood, Marsha 10, 84, 86, 131, 153 Danley, Joe 153 Daubenspeck, Mickel 147 Daugherly, Axie Rose 168 Daugherty, Toni 132, 133, 159 Davenport, Randall 65, 159 David, Dan 36 Davis, Amy 163 Davis, Brian 95 Davis, Gregory 147 Davis, Harry Chip 167 DeBusk, Angela 96, 163 DeBusk, Kim 153 DeBusk, Tammy 24, 147 Denney, Mary 163 Denney, Sylvia 36 Depew, Ronald 6, 36, 110 DeSpain, Jeffery 36 DeSpain, Michelle 167 DeSpain, Randall 147 Dezelan, Mary 69, 153 Dial, Carolyn 36. 120 Dice, Michal 147 Dice, Jeff 163 Dice, Tamara 81 Dicks, T, 70 Dillman, Beth 129, 163 Dillman, Christine 147 Dimitt, Andrew 168 Dimitt, Sheri 147 Disney, Steven 92, 95, 163 Dittfield, Carla 153 Dobbins, Christine 163 Dobbins. Ginger 159 Dobbins, Maria 16. 36 Dobins. Micheal 167 Donoho. Andrea 168 Doran. Edward 153 Doran, Roger 153 Dottery, Toni 69 Douglas, Donna 147 Douglas, Tammy 163 Drago, Paul 36, 56, 57, 121 Duex, Debra 80, 94, 129, 167 Duex, Thomas 58, 159 Duke, Brian 159 Duke, Greg 167 Duncan, Debbie 153 Dunham, Erick 131, 159, 161 Dunlap, Dwayne 67, 68, 72, 1 10, 147 Dunlap, Joel 159 Dunlap, Kelly 163 Durham, Michael 159 Dyer, Karla 126, 131, 159 Dzbalki, Chris 147 Eades, Karol 147 Eades, Sharon 153 Eakin, Dixie 153 Eakin, M. Scott 92. 167 Edmonds. Steve 120. 122, 126, 134, 147 Edwards, Cathy 135, 147 Edwards, Paul 58, 62, 70, 153, 154 Eldridge, Jeff 167 Elliott, Sheila 84, 153 Ellison, Brian 95, 167 Engelhardt, Trina 167 England, Melinda 167 England, Robert 153 England, Scott 159 Enochs, Cindy 133, 153 Ensign 36, 120 Everling. Lewis 68. 153 Fain. Shawn 95. 167 Farmer. Regina 36 Fain. Rodger 153 Farmer. Regina 36 Fausett, Karen 164 Fenstermaker. Diana 147 Fields. Korena 36. 132 Fipps. Ernest 36 Fipps. Cary 167 Fipps. Lisa 129. 167 Fines. Patricia 26. 36. 50. 121. 133. 134 Fisher. John 167 Flaherty, Patrick Flaherty, Shawn 167 Fleenor. Joe 153 Floyd, Eugene 92, 164 Floyd, John 147 Foesch, Corinne 37, 121. 122 Forbes. Allison 120. 147 Forbes. Annette 167 Forbes. Carolyn 1 26, 1 59 Ford, David 164 Fordyce, Diane 147 Foreman, Melissa 164 Foster, Angelique 167 Foster, David 92, 164 Fouch, Bradley 37, 62, 68 Dear Sincerely, Fouch. Jeff 62, 72, 159 F oudray. John 164 Foudray, Ronald 37 Fousl, Matthew 59, 65, 159 Foust, Sherry 36 Fowler, Mike 58, 70, 153 Francis, Christina 147 Franklin, Anthony 147 Franklin, Jennifer 167 Freeland. Ann 167 Freeland, Douglas 164 Freeman, Donna 12, 22, 37, 48 108. 121, 126. 128. 135 Freeman. Joseph 12. 126. 159 Friedhofer. Cheryl 92, 168 Friedhofer. Susan 153 Fruth. Randy 116, 132, 153 Fruth, Richard 99, 129, 167 Frye, James 96, 164 Frye. Robin 96, 164 Fulford, Mike 96. 164 Fulkerson. Leonard 96. 164 Fuikerson. Mark 37. 48 Fuller. Dennis 164 Fuller, Tammy 94. 167 Fulwider. Brenda 37. 43 Fulwider. Brian 37 Funke. Lynda 159 Funke. Sandra 153 Funke. Wendy 37 Gabriel, Christi 77. 79, 147 Gamble, Ronald 27. 37, 56, 66. 67. 68 Garner, Tim 1 54 Gerlach, James 92, 167 Gibson, Katrina 159 Gibson, Tammi 167 Gifford, Angela 167 Gifford, Renee 164 Givens, Susan 131, 147 Glass, Kimberly 147 Glassburn, David 147 Glassburn, Eric 147 Glassburn, Julie 159 Goff, Julie 167 Goley, Mark 167 Gonzales, Gabe 154, 164 Goode, Melynda 167 Goodnight, Deborah 129, 164 Goodnight, Don 37 Goodnight, Kelly 86, 167 Goodnight, Natlie 76, 159 Goshern, Scott 37 Gotshall, Jennifer 4, 5, 120, 122. 131. 134. 147 Goudy, Brett 62, 72, 152, 154 Goudy, Denise 38, 76. 77, 79. 84 Goudy. Scott 62, 120, 147 Gragg, Brian 147 Gray, Beth 159 Green, Kara 147 Greene, Matt 38 Gregory, Raymond 154 Gregory, Richard 167 Gregory. S. 92. 96 Grider. John 95. 164 Griffin. Kevin 159 Griggs. Dixie 154 Guinn. Michie92. 96,99, 164 Gulley, Lisa 65,85, 159 Gwillim, John 64,68, 72, 154 Gwillim, Tammy 167 H Hall, Carol 38, 72 Hall, Christopher 92, 167 Hall. Christopher 65, 72, 159 Halton, Betty 12, 24 Hansen. Christina 38 Hamilton. Beth 92. 167 Hamm. Johanna 38 Hancock, Lisa 167 Hannah, Shelly 164 Hansen, Daniel 58, 70. 120. 147 Hansen, Derrick 120. 138 Hansen, Leslie 84. 86. 118 Hargrove. 129, 167 Harland, Leslie 13. 19. 27. 38. 52. 84.86, 121, 134, 135, 154 Harmon, Cheryl 85, 133, 148 Harmon, Kim 129, 164 Harmon. Mike 58. 70, 82, 154 Harner, Jeffrey 38 Harner, Sue 159 Harris, Christina 13, 38 Harris, Michelle 148 Harris, Rick 7, 148 Harris, Steve 92. 167 Harrison, Dawn 164 Harrison, Deborah 34. 38, 50, 68 Hart. Lori 148 Haus, Lori 38, 133 Haus, Scott 92, 167 Hayes. Debra 38 Hayes. Paula 159 Hayes, Todd 148 Heaton. Andrew 159 Hedrick, Greg 167 Hedrick, Jeannie 159 Hefner, Matthew 167 Helsley, Stacy 167 Hembree, Kristiana 167 Helzner, David 92, 96, 164 Heyenor, Harvey 148 Hewitt. Regina 148 Highlen, Laurel 82. 120. 126. 148 Highlen, Wade 164 Hill. Melissa 159 Hilleshiem, Jimmy 26, 38, 56, 57, 58 Hillman. Diane 159 Hillman. Patricia 167 Hinde rs, Christy 84, 151. 154 Hinders, Penny 160 Hines, Elizabeth 6. 148 Hinkle, Forrest 96. 168 Hinton, Tim 154 Hodge, Pamela 4, 5, 19. 39. 48. 52. 85, 120, 134 Hodson, Vicki 168 Hoff, Leslie 39 Hoffman, Jeff 154 Hogan, Karen 154 Holcomb. Carrie 160 HoUingsworth. Kim 168 Hood. Melody 94. 168 Hopkins, Audie 126, 148 Hopkins, Lucinda 168 Hopkins. Robert 92. 154 Hord. Tami 39 Hord. William 95, 164 Home. Karen 24. 69, 122. 125, 135, 148 Horner. Pamela 38 Hotsinpiller. Charity 154 Hough, Karl 148 Howard. Georgia 164 Howard, Jeffery 38, 126 Hrabos, Jodi 39 Hrabos, Judi 39 Huffman. Jeff 62 Hughes. Tami 160 Hulet. Jana 168 Hulka. Robert 154 Hulka. William 160 Hulton. Debbie 135. 154 Humphrey, Chris 10, 76. 80. 84, 154 Humphrey. James 59, 148 Humphrey. Sharon 80. 94. 129. 168 Hundley, Debbie 39, 120 Huneck, Jim 38, 82 Huneck. Kara 81. 154 Hunter. Cindy 168 Hunter. Gerald 168 Hunter. Kimberly 160 Hurn, Karen 24, 78, 81. 84. 85. 122. 125 Hurn, Sharon 76, 78, 82, 94. 148 Hurst. Dawn 168 Hurst. Michele 160 1 Ingels. Jusy 76, 78, 94 Ingels, Lori 79, 82,84,94. 116 Ingels, Randall 13, 16, 26. 27, 39, Irby. Debbie 78, 84, 116. 131. 153, 154 Irick. Kimberly 12. 22. 39.49. 52. 121. 126. 128, 134 Irick, Michele 154 Isaac, Michael 160 J Jackson, Sandra 168 Jaime, Sandra 168 Jameson. Janet 76, 79. 82. 148 Jarrett. Lori 160 Jeffries, Charles 148 Jenkins, Darren 160 Jenkins. Tracey 168 Jewell. Ann 39. 121, 122. 126. 134 Jewell. Melissa 126, 134, 135, 160 John. Deborah 40 Johns. Jeanetle 164 Johnson, Brad 154 Johnson, David 92, 94 Johnson, Don 160, 164 Johnson, Donna 81 Johnson, Doug 72, 164 Johnson. Fredoanna 82 Johnson. Kayalta 86. 164 Johnson, Kenneth 58, 160 Johnson. Peggy 40. 80, 121 Johnson. Randy 95, 99, 168 Johnson, Robert 160 Johnson, Robert 40. 70, 92 Johnson, Sonja 96. 164 Johnson, Kandy 160 Johnson, Tammara 148 Johnson. Tashia 76. 78. 82. 118. 155 Johnson. Vanessa 148 Johnson. Yoland 85, 148 Johnston. Connie !68 Johnston, Karen 160 Jones, David 92, 168 Jones, Nancy 40 Jones, Lisa 160 Jones, Pamela 160 Jones. Ranita 148 Jones. Shelly 168 Julow. Shelli 160 Justice, Linda 40 Justice, Lisa 160 Kanable, Misty 155 Karns, Kris 92, 96, 164 Keaton, Andy 65 Keeler, Carolyn 164 Keeler. Patricia 160 Keene, Jodi 155 Keene, Malt 164 Keith, Jeff 155 Keithley, Sherri 40 Kellar, John 16, 37,40, 56 Kelley, Dean 155 Kelley, Leslie 40 Kelz, Eric 168 Kemp, Kelly 76, 160 Kennedy, Jason 168 Kennedy, Todd 62, 1 18, 131, 155 Kesler, Donnie 164 Kidwell, Raymond 168 Kimmel. Karen 160 Kincaid. Jeff 168 Kinder. Jenny 155 Kindley, Andrew 95, 96, 168 King, Angela 148 King, Stacey 85, 164 Kirk, Kelli 94, 168 Kirk, Michelle 160 Kivelt, Dawn 129, 168 Knelling, Keith 70 Koschier, Richard 129, 164 Kranz, Sandra 148 Kuhlman, Greg 6. 116. 148 Kuntz, James 96. 129, 164 Kuntz. Sherri 155 Continued on page 193. OJ uT CO Q CD ON g P: Pu ?c Ck: Q CD O o o r-«j «a: si X ::J S5 o Q Sr " ULJ C2l -0 ,_ " C (i) IFPRICEANi THEN VISIT J DESIGNER CO c uu CNJ OO THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF THIS YEARS YEARB Barko ' s Office Furniture 114 W. Walnut Kokomo, In. 46901 Congratulations Class of ' 82 Ingels Racing Stables Neal ' s State Farm Insurance 2110 W. Sycamore Kokomo, In. 46901 Serendipity Shop 915 S. Main Kokomo, In. 46902 Photoman 425 W. Defenbaugh Kokomo, In. 46901 Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Cassis 4000 Izaak Walton Rd. Kokomo, In. 46901 Rock Garden 109 W. Sycamore Kokomo, In. 46901 King ' s Heating and Plumbing 115 E. Vaile Ave. Kokomo, In. 46901 We wish to thank all of the patrons and those who purchased an ad in this year ' s yearbook. We appreciate your support. Helio Staff nnie Closet 209 E. Lincoln Rd. Kokomo, In. 455-1442 COMPLETELY AIR- CONDITIONED 725 SOI TH MXIN STREET Call SPACIOUS WELL LIGHTED PARKING AREA 457-6644 1 :eij jd:ei ' UM INC Serving Kokomo Since 1958 •NIKON PENTAX ' SONY •MINOLTA •BEU HOWEU •KODAK •CANON -POUROID •OMEGA •BESELER •OLYMPUS ' VIDEO EQUIP •FRAMES -DARKROOM EOUIP •RENTALS •FAST HM SERVICE •ALBUMS •REPAIRS HOURS 9 AM - 6 PM - Mon - Thur 9 AM - 7 PM Fri - Sol I 452-1660 I Union Bank 1 J KOKOMO. INDIANA H T wljeiB people make the dilfeiBnce Building Materials KOKeMe. in. 8 8EA I0R8 serving our community for 78 years ' ) TATE BANK OF P O BOX 40 GREENTOWN INDIANA 4693! lember FDIC lUmpfltEtl PRINTING CO., INC. OFFICE 5UPPLIES-PHDTD DFF5ET . INDIANA 46901 CITY AUTO PARTS, INC. 2012 S. ELIZABETH ST. KOKOMO, INDIANA 46901 PHONE 457-7296 WAYNE MILLER TRAVEL INC. 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Main St. Main at Walnut 457-1281 Kokomo, In 46901 KOREAN FORMER WORLD TAE KWON DO CHAMPION LIGHT • HEAVY WEIQHT ' 69 a ' 71 • MASTER YOUNG C. CHUNG. 8th DEGREE BLACK BELT SPECIAL CLASSES FOR MEN, WOMEN CHILOREN, 0PB4 10:00 TO S:30 M-F SATUDDAV 10:00 To 2:00 WBCHT CONTWX • CONDmOHING FOR MORE INFORMATION PERU 473-7712 455-0777 (BEHIND MCDONALD ' S) 405 ARNOLD CT t PHYSICAL HTNESS SBF CONRDBKE • maEASESTtBWTH FRANKFORT 659-5221 CONCRETE Kokomo Ready Mixed Concrete Corp. 1315 S. Dixon Road phone: 452-4044 Congratulations Class of ' 82 Fisher Masonry, Inc. 3208 Orleans Dr . Kokomo, Indiana 46902 phone: 453-3808 iriENN ILILMICIEIR mM FENN LUMBER CO. L H _ B .« HMmii H 3120 South Lafounlain Kokomo, In. 46902 453-2412 Blyes Bridal Shoppe 219 North Main Kokomo, In. 46901 452-1219 REALTORS DEVELOPERS 453-7003 PENCEK [B THE name in Real Estate iMCS vranvMTY 20 years in business office 525 Alto Rd. West Working together . . . Delco Electronics and . . . leaders in electronics on land U.A.W. 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Lafountain St. Kokomo ' 5 4 453-4747 Congratulations to the class of ' 82 Compliments of A Democratic Newspaper pablisfaed id Greeolown, Indiana PALMER ' S JEWEL RY CO. 101 East Sycamore Street Kokomo, Indiana 46901 Kokomo ' s Friendliest Jeweler Fancy Genuine Stone Rings Diamond Sets Gold Wedding Bands Seiko — Bulova — Caravelle — Timex Watches Gifts for all occasions 317-452-2505 Kentucky Fried Chicken Wb Do Chicken Bi HOURS: Sunday Through Thursday 10:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M. Friday and Saturday 10:00 A.M. - 10:30 P.M. 810 N. Washington Street 1523 S. Reed Road (U. S. 31 Bypass), .457-4511 .452-6716 uMng Congratulations ' 82 Seniors Compliments of Buckner Distributing 505 E. Center Rd. Kokomo, In. 453-3022 Bus. — (317) 459-0915 Home — (317) 452-1941 L Lidy, Tara 168 Martin, Brian 155 McTigue. Susan 129. 168 Lanin, Timothy 59, 116, 121. 134, Likens, Cynthia 160 Martin, Gail 120, 122. 125, 148 Meadors. Jon 27. 42. 50, 70. 87. 135, US Likens, Ray 164 Martin, Hal 41 122, 125 Lakin, Amy 86, 164 Lindberg, Bryan 41, 118 Martin, Holly 20, 86, 132, 148 Meadows, Sherri 168 LaLonde, JJ, 12, 40 Little, Dennis 62, 155 Martin, Jodi 168 Meadows, Ted 42, 67 Lamb, Barbara 12, 13,27,40,48, Little, Mike 41, 70 Martin, Lori 168 Merrell, Shellrena 164 53, 114, 121, 133 Lively, Anna 168 Martin, Shelly 81, 84, 155 Merrifield, Mike 42 Lamb. Heather 164 Lively, Samantha 108, 151, 155 Martin, Terri 94, 96, 164 Merrill, Valerie 168 Lamb, Myron 40 Lively, Stacy 40 Mason, Stasha 114, 120, 122, 132, Merritl, Teresa 156 Landren, Valerie 94, 168 Long. Leslie 148 133, 148 Merritl, Timothy 65, 70, 161 Lane, Cindy 155 Long, Michelle 135, 148 Mason, Billy 58,68, 148 Mertens, Tony 156 Lane, Melinda 96, 164 Long, Sam 41 McAlpin, Kelly 168 Meyers, Sherry 161 Lasater, John 92, 95, 168 Long, Sandra 41 McAninch, Mark 168 Michael, April 168 Lasbury, David 65, 160 Long, Su 41 McClain, Beth 156 Mickelson, Kristina 26, 42 Lasbury, Mark 10, 40 Long, Tony 62, 155 McClain, Mark 156 Miller, Bryan 42 Lasbury, Mark 10, 36, 40, 56, 62, Lorenz, Steve 41 McClain, Rex 160 Miller, Candy 65, 82, 85, 135, 161 87. 121 Lowe, David 58, 62 McConnell, Jamie 16,94, 164 Miller, Clarice 164 Lasley, Debora 164 Luckey, Jennifer 160 McCord, Tina 42 Miller, David 168 Laubenslein, Mark 13, 40, 121 Luckey, Tammy 148 McCoy, Brenda 65, 82, 160 .Miller, Douglas 12, 148 Laubenstein, Peter 160 Lumm, David 9,95, 168 McDonough, Julia 6, 26, 42. 116. Miller, Dwayne 161 Launius, Patricia 41 Lumm, Steve 41 135 Miller, Kathy 148 Laurence, Ann 129, 168 Lunsford, Phillip 155 McDonough. Thomas 59, 135, 156 Miller, Lora 12, 22,42,49, 122, Laurence, Henry 164 McGowen, Amy 42 126, 127, 134 Laurence, John 120, 135, 148 M McGowen, Allen 156 Miller, Pamela 42 Laurence, Malt 62, 155 Magart. Deanna 148 McGuire, Robert 160 Miller, Rebekah 164 Lawless, Michael 59, 160 Majors. Kelly 76. 148 McHale, Beth 10,80, 156 Miller, Rae 116, 132, 148 Layden, Brenda 41, 84 Jalkoff, Jefn22, 125, 131, 132 McKinney, Janet 168 Miller, Regina 168 Lee, Michael 70, 155 148, 149 McMahan, Tom 164 .Miller, Renee 156 Legan, Brian 148 Marden, Kim 94, 168 McNeely, Michele 129, 164 Miller, Rhonda 42 Legan. Kevin 65, 72, 160 Markley, Mark 160 McPhail. Randy 94. 129. 168 Mills, Larry 156 Leicht, Brett 72, 155 Marr, Lesa 92 McPhail. Sherri 164 Miller, Stephen 164 Leicht, Lori 168 Marr, Kay 148 McPhearson. Bart 107. 148 Minglin, Bradley 42, 70 Lewis, Lafelia 82, 160 1arquez, Raul 168 McQuiston. Monte 70. 161 Minglin, Shannon 168 Dear Your friend, Moloch, Greg 148 Momeyer, James 161 Momeyer. Nancy 43, 121 Monroe, Alicia 135. 161 Monroe, James 43 Monroe, Tom 164 Moore, Donna 148 Moore, Julie 164 Moore, Kim 76, 80,84, 156 Moore, Kristi 164 Moorman, Brian 68, 156 Moorman, Connie 168 Moorman, Rebecca 164 Morgan, Kathleen 164 Morgan, Kelly 164 Morgan, Rachel 94, 164 Morris, Sharon 161 Mosier, Chris 161 Moss, Glen 64, 156 Moulden, Michelle 168 Moyers, Tricia 134, 148, 168 Mueller, Amy 131, 161 Mulkey, C. Rusty 92, 95 Mullen, Jeff 62, 161 Mullett, Katrina 82, 148 Mullet, Kaza 131, 161 Mullett, Kennedy 164 Mullins, Kerry 161 Muncy, Donna 86, 96, 164 Muncy, Tammy 43 Munson, Beth 12, 108, 148 Murdock, James 148 Murdock. Leslie 164 Murray, Kim 84, 85, 106, 120, 148 Myers, G. Lynelte 133, 135, 156 N Nass, Robert 156 Nearon, Rhonda 148 Nearon, Tom 92, 164 Nelson, Doug 114, 148 Nelson, Kelly 131, 161 Nelson, Patricia 43 Nettles, Mark 92,96, 168 Newberg, Anita 94, 96, 129, 164 Newby, Bev 161 Newby, Lisa 96, 164 Newcom, Parrish, 161 Newland, Craig 168 Newton, Dan 62, 156 Newton, Tony 70, 72, 161 Nickel, Nancy 148 Nichols, Karen 43 Nicodemus, Paul 92, 95, 168 Nolley, Steven 161, 164 Nolley, Terrance 164 Norris, Christine 160, 161 Norris, Patrick 22, 43, 120, 126 O Oaks, Amy 168 Oakes, Daniel 43 O ' Bryan, Scott 65, 72, 161 Ogle, Kathleen 161 Oldfather, Brian 62, 156 Oliver, Tony 64, 148 Oik, Christy 156 Osenbaugh, Jodi 148 Ott. Karen 122, 132, 135, 153, 156 Ott. Robert 161 Paine, Jill 43, 78, 79, 82 Paine, Lisa 76, 84, 156 Parker, Anthony 135 Parker, Billy 110, 116 Parker, Debbra 149 Parker, Mike 149 Parkhust, Dionne 164 Parrott, William 120, 122, 123, 131, 134, 149 Parson, Michelle 122, 133, 135, 161 Patmore, Larry 64, 72, 110, 156 Patrick, Betty 164 Patrick, William 43 Patton, Paula 164 Patton, Ronnie 92, 168 Paul, Bret 95 Paulus, Robert 72, 156 Pavey, Jodi 86, 129, 169 Pearson, Melissa 43 Pearson. Regina 156 Pedro. Patrick 43 Pedro. Penny 149 Pelfrey, Cheryl 86, 169 Pelgen, Cheryl 43, 122 Perry, David 65, 72, 161 Perry, Kevin 92, 98, 164 Perry, Richard 149 Peterson, Diane 169 Peterson, Teresa 149 Phalen, John 169 Phalen. Steven 65, 161 Phillips, Brian 92, 169 Phillips, Michael 156 Phipps, Anita 161 Phipps, Patricia 149 Pickard, Todd 44, 118 Pickett, Aletha 164 Pickett, Jacqueline Pickett, Terry 169 Pinkston, Tanna 156 Piotrowski, Steven 161 Pitner, Mariecia 149 Ploughs, Brian 156 Plough Ploughe, Sarah 169 Pogue, David 44, 1 34 Pollard, Kenneth 164 Polston, Cathy 131, 149, 156 Polston, David 70, 132. 161 Ponder. John 156 Ponder, Pamela 164 Ponder. Terry 161 Porter. Melissa 44 Pouncy, Raymond 156 Powell, Christi 94, 164 Powell, Robin 44 Powell, Scott 65, 70, 161 Prater, Tedd 149 Pressey, Kim 132. 149 Pressey, Robert 164 Price, Becky 44 Prince, Paula 12, 44 Prince, Vanessa 156 Propes, Angelia 129, Propes, Rachel 169 Pyle, Elizabeth 169 Quillen, Scott 164 R Rahl, William 156 Ramos, Julieta 132, 134, 149 Reavis, Amy 149 Reel, Lynn 129, 169 Reel, Michael 149 Reuter, John Jr. 156 Reynolds. David 164 Reynolds. Frank 149 Rhinebarger, Tony 161 Rhoades. Glen 62. 156 Rhoades. Shelia 161 Rhoades. Stephen 92. 96. 169 Rhodenbaugh, Kevin 129, 169 Rhodenbaugh, Janice 149 Rhorer, Beth 161 Rice, Diana 12, 44, 79, 133 Richards, Tamra 156 Richardson, Angela 156 Richardson, Sherri 164 Richey, Teresa 120, 122, 134. 14 Richter. William 164 Ricketts. Lawrence 149 Rickey. John 169 Rickey. Kim 149 Ripberger. Paula 164 Ritchie, Bob 67, 70, 107, 149 Roark, K. 92, 169 Roberts, Brian 27, 22, 50, 67 Robertson, Cynthia 44, 121 Robinson, Brian 72, 161 Robinson, David 149 Robinson, Lisa 44 Robinson, Todd 164 Rocchio, John 64, 68, 149 Rodrigus, Berta 164 Roe, Mike 132, 156 Rogers. Chrystal 149 Rogers. Mark 169 Rogers, Mary 161 Roler. Robert 92. 164 Rose. John 92, 169 Rostron, Christopher 150 Rudd, Tina 150 Ruddell, Julie 156 Rush, Jerri 150 Rust, Christopher 12, 150 Rust, Deanna 133. 156 Rutherford. Kevin 44 Rutledge. Scott 164 Sadler, Elizabeth 129, 169 Sadler, John 92, 129, 164 Sager, Scott 118, 156 Sample, Steve 156 Sanders, Monty 65, 72, 161 Sandoe, Bradley 44 Sandoe, Lisa 150 Schiltz, Craig 44 Scircle, Robert 150 Scircle, William 92 Seamster, Dawn 156 Seamster, Mark 44 Searcy, Sonja 45 Serna, Manuel 169 Sexton, LeEtta 82, 106, 150 Shaff, Lora 1 56 Shaffer, Scott 156 Shaffer, Kelly 6. 45 Shanks. Debbie 133. 150 Sharp, Chuck 169 Sharp, Ruby 150 Shaw, Bob 70, 150 Shelly, Terri 45 Shelton, Derrick 62, 156 Shelton. Fred 62. 106. 150 Shelton. Paul 45 Shelton, Yolandia 24, 45 Shields. Edith 161 Shockley, Richard 64 Sholty. Richard 150, 156 Sholty, Yvonne 162 Shook, Keith 150 Shook, Timothy 150 Shrock, Kathy 34, 44, 68 Shrock, Ryan 92, 95, 164 Shuck, Brian 92, 169 Shuck, Jennifer 162 Siburt, Cheryl 126 Silver, Jim 62, 70, 156 Simmons, Timothy 162 Sims, Shane 95, 129, 169 Sims, Tosha 78, 162 Sink, Pamela 150 Sisk, Kristen 19, 120, 131, 135, 150 Slear, Carolyn 86, 169 Sloan, Chris 152 Small, Richard 169 Smith, James 162 Smith, Jennie 86, 131, 150 Smith, Katrina 82, 132, 156 Smith, Kelley 169 Smith, Laura 120, 133, 134, 150 Smith, Lisa 45 Smith, Lynne 77, 156 Smith, Nina 50, 116, 132 Smith, Sabrina 164 Smith, Larry 164 Snider, Brent 150 Snider Erin 82, 120, 135. 150 Snyder, Gary 92, 95, 99, 164 Snyder, Kathleen 135, 150 Snyder, Steven 98, 129, 164 Sofianopoulos, Kosta 95, 96, 98 Sofianopoulos, Nick 62. 156 Sokolowski, Theresa 135, 150 Spencer, Diana 156 Spencer, Nanette 77, 156 Spinner, Edward 169 Spires, Nick 156 Springer, Randy 169 Slahl, Teresa 4, 5,68,86, 116, 156 Slahl, Zachary 162 Stakelbeck, Tara 45 Slandridge, Craig 58, 70, 157 Stanley, Robert 157 St. Clair, Kim 68, 156 Sternemann, Lynn 162 Steward, Kelly 164 Stewart, Brian 45, 62 Stewart, Cathleen 13, 26, 45, 52, 84,86, 120, 131, 135 Stiner, Larry 157 Stiner, Steven 150 Stock, Susan 46, 121 Stockton, Lori 164 Stollings, Bill 46 Slollings, Carlon 169 Stollings, Prudence 96, 164 Slonebraker, Julie 46, 80, 118 Stonebraker, Kelly 22, 86, 164 Slonebraker, Sherri 116, 150 Strange, Sandra 46 Story, Nikia 157 Story, Stacey 164 Strait, Melinda 169 Strickland, Tony 92, 169 Strunk, Mark 164 Strunk, Venus 157 Sturtz, Jan 82, 157 Slurtz, Scott 95, 164 Sugar, Timothy 1 20, 1 22, 1 25, 1 3 1 , 134, 150 Summers, April 135, 150 Summers, Dennis 157 Summers, Nick 164 Summers, Tracy 81, 157 Sumpter, Michael 7, 46, 50, 68 Surbey, Karen77,8l,82, 119, 157 Surbey, Sharon 77, 82, 119, 157 Suler, Todd 46 Swain, Kevin 46, 48, 67, 68, 120 Swartz, April 157 Swartz, Chris 169 Swears, Christina 46, 86 Sweares, Lee 64, 1 57 Swigart, Kelly 169 Taboas. Anthony 164 Tabor, Bart 62, 157 Tackett, Paul 12, 46, 121 Tarr, Michael 92, 95 Tate, Brian 92, 95, 99, 169 Tate, Douglas 9, 59, 62, 72, 118, 162 Taylor, Martin 157 Teal, David 46 Tenestermaker, Diana 150 Thomas, Mich ael 47, 121 Thomison, Marnie 22, 161, 162 Thomison, Melissa 22, 82, 164 Thompson, David 59, 157 Thompson, Richard 157 Thrasher, Melissa 157 Thrasher, Tamatha 162 Thurston, Jeff 157 Thurston, Teresa 47, 82, 133, 134 Tolen. Thomas 162 Tomblin, Gail 164 Tomlinson, Ann 47 Tragesser, Charles 12, 150 Tragesser, Kim 92, 169 Tragesser, Michelle 76, 78, 82, 162 Tranbarger, Jerry 150 Tranbarger, Thomas 162 Trimble, Cathy 12, 126, 157 Trimble, Nancy 169 Trimble, Rebecca 47 Trischman, Gina 162 Trischman, Julie 164 Trott, Alisha 129, 169 Tsukamoto, Takayasu 70, 159 Tucker, Brad 67, 68, 72, 157 Turiey, Timothy 150 Turnbull, Melissa 169 Turnbull, Teresa 164 Turner, Deborah 169 Turner, Michelle 157, 162 Turner, Steve 150 U Ungar, Karl 150 Uttinger, Alecia 162 Vargo, Chris 96 Vore, Kimberly 81, 85, 157 Vorhees, Regina 132, 150 W Wade, Lori 150 Wagner, Lori 79, 120, 122, 150 Walden, Matt 162 Walla ce, Karen 47, 50 Walter, Scott 47 Waltman, Shari 150 Warstler, Sherri 150 Weimer, Pamela 150 Weitzel, Bret 65, 162 Welge, David 150 Weike, Shelly 81, 157 Wells, Patti 133, 134, 150 Westerfield, Jill 4, 5, 13, 16, 26, 27,47,48, 52, 80, 85, 121 Wheeler, Christie 157 Whitaker, Lorelta 150 White, B,J. 169 White, Doug 150 While, Mike 164 White, Robert 164 White, Tamara 150 Widder, Carey 95, 164 Widder, Paula 169 Wiechmann, Larry 56, 64, 68, 72, 157 Wilcox, Darlenc 129, 169 Wilkins, Keith 12, 126, 132, 126 iams, Scott 169 Williamson, Phillip 64, 67, 70, 1 50 Williamson, Scott 114, 162 is, Douglas 47, 68 Williams, Travis 166 Karl 92, 166 ] 169 Barry 47, 118 Willits, Julie 7, 47 Wilson, Angela 157 Wilson, Anna 169 Wilson, E. LeAnn 166 Wilson, Michael 169 Wilson, Nancy 166 Wilson, Pauletta 162 Wilson, Tim 92,95, 166 Wilson, Wendi 162 Wiitig, Joe 113, 122, 126 134, 157 Wood, Jim 150 Wood, Tonya 1 66 Woodmansee, Rhonda Woodring, Brad 169 Woodring, Barbara 162 Woods, Larry 47 Woods, Shannon 94, 166 Woods, Tena 1 50 Wooldridge, Melody 166 Worthley, Tamara 150 Wren, Jeff 59, 162 Wren, Kevin 169 Wyant, Toni 166 Wynn, John 169 Young, Angela 169 Young, Donald 169 Young, John 47 66 Reserved for my closest friend 9

Suggestions in the Taylor High School - Helio Yearbook (Kokomo, IN) collection:

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