Tawas Area High School - Brave Impressions Yearbook (Tawas City, MI)

 - Class of 1980

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Tawas Area High School - Brave Impressions Yearbook (Tawas City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Cover

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ff 559175 151253553995 I ,4 ' ff" I-'m----Iffffglffl : . ,gf 1-1 ' ., 4. U M- -my. ' gf..,,'!?Jfj'j:ab4'g,,i5..:iEi.,::.:i F1 Wy- .. ff? '- .. ..,. "W-L - ,,...nug--... ff 4' ' " A , U -V I , . v..g,,,,,,-J.. -,-.--l---- ' M .l,. .,,,, .. , . .... ---v - --v f . - - uuuull Q r 'f' T ' 2" ' f ' ' ' -:ff ff? 2 -ujnuunls ykfgi f 'Q . . ' . I ', ' I I :J ,iii 1 ' 51:55-, "GF" 2 ' ' -L - S xi' 'mug !!--:- - mf' ""' ' " . . M .inf ' : gl.-. I ' ' ihlggggs V- ...AWN hm!!! " " " 4 -- , gQ,- . ,, " 'W ,. , N ing: ny . HA l TusyrhlAmi:-.,,,,L,.f,... .h , I 1 1 1 I umuurhenn. ' ' - - -- . by ..1.1 Q". ' , ' ' 'a--.g.,. , ug -' 1 ' "' '1'f..!:.x' ' A .:- WIAMVAS AIDIEA ll'III1I3Il'1 S'ClH1lD 'DIL TFAMVAXS 'UNIV 9 1MlI'UHII'l3-AN In Loving Memor Of . Vernon J. Beaubien Victor T. Hoin Tamara H. Whitford l sit beside the fire and think ' of all that I have seen, of meadow-flowers and butterflies in summers that have beenp Of yellow leaves and gossamer in autumns that there were, With morning mist and silver sun and wind upon my hair. l sit beside the fire and think of how the world will be When winter comes without a spring that l shall ever see For still there are so many things that l have never seen: in every wood in every spring There is a different green. I sit beside the fire and think of people long ago, And people who will see a world that l shall never know. But all the while l sit and think of times there were before, l listen for returning feet and voices at the door. l.R.R. Tolkien Contents Introduction . . . . . . .4 Classes .....11 Seniors .....27 Faculty .....48 Athletics .... ..... 5 7 Organizations . . ..... 81 Activities . . . . . . . .95 Advertising .... .... 1 13 FAVORITE THINGS OF 1980 Favorite Pattern 1. Plaid 2. Plain 3. Stripes Favorite Sandwich 1, Peanut Butter Sz Ieily 2. Ham 3. Bologna 1 259:91 2 1. w as my W. .. ,. ...t , ,- ,Xa ,. H i is paw. .2 .,LL , . latex 1, Q N - ""'!"!'i X A 1 'fi K J 5 A I, X ' T7 , A Nw, t. fx: km " Qi! IL T' aim.. , i i K, ,Y-i wwf' , L ff if X gp.. -4 A .1 X - 1ag,vf-.- " .fvi -f of 'QQ X1 Favorite Number Favorite Song I, 7 1, t'Babe" 2, 13 2. "Coward ot the County 3. 18 3. "The Gambler" 1 kr KE K5 V' , . cf rv x 3. Horse Q xg , Favorite Animal 1. Dog 2. Cat The thrill of victory . . . the agony of defeat. X Favorite Actor 1. Burt Reynolds 2. Clint Eastwood 3. Robert Redford 6 Favorite Season 1. Deer Season 2. Summer 3. Winter Z Favorite Sport l. Football 2. Basketball 3. Baseball 3. Favorite Actress 1. Barbara Streisand 2. Bo Derek 3. lane Fonda Gilda Radner ax Favorite Radio Station i. WHNN 2, WKNX 3. WT!-XC 2 vi Favorite Pro-Basketball Team 1, Los Angeles Lakers 2. Detroit Pistons 3. Boston Celtics B A vs' L i xx .. ., , .iii .C .i,Q?i f f LA- ""-K, t Favorite College l. Michigan State University 2. University of Michigan 3. Central Michigan University Favorite Saying l. "Oh Well" 2. "Oh Wow" 3. "Oops" . . Favorite Album l. Styx J "Cornerstone" 2. Pink Floyd - "The Wall" 3. Supertramp A "Breakfast in America Favorite Holiday 1. Christmas 2. New Year's Eve 3. My Birthday as I x i l Wim. ' I .1 9 P lg! V I Favorite Book l. Gone With the Wind 2. The Dictionary 3. The Shining The Flame and the Flower Ammityville Horror Favorite Presidential Candidate 1, limmy Carter 2. Teddy Kennedy 3. Ronald Reagan Favorite Pro-Football Team l, Pittsburgh Steelers 2. Dallas Cowboys 3. Los Angeles Rams Detroit Lions Favorite Television Programs ll M"A"S'H 2. Saturday Night Live 3. Real People Favorite Teacher 1. Mr. McTaggart 2. Mr. Wasylk 3. Mrs. McTaggart 9 1 ll In +--......,,x ,,.f- Q Lim E G 61 David Klenow - President lohn Tenbusch - Vice President Carrie Miknyocki - Secretary-Treasurer Steven Barry Thomas Beaubien Dennis Bergeron Tanya Bessey Christine Bettis If A," I If u X, Tis? 4 1 ' 51 ' 6 , : fn Dawn Allen , ,V I- " 3 A Robert Amyx M A Lauren Babcock V' V V David Baker " ', f VVVI: , , Q jf I' ag: ' Nj -Y, f : " ' ,i ff . ,, Q ti" fbi " .fl P ulfni Christine Bischoff ' Laura Blackmore Patrick Bolen lohn Brigham L David Bronson Ji ' at Todd Bird if 4 "ls Brigitte Brown Patrick Brown Richard Brown Kathy Busch Anthony Calabrese leff Cano Michael Castano Daniel Ciolek Lottie Clements Karen Cockburn Rodney Collier I - if se., - .J v t L QF? ritt V pg, -52 11,4-v' V, 1 f 1 X 5 Xl - 4 i be I . ,fj,,wX. I 'f 7' -V ,fr 'Q , X 'jf 'Ji if aff' fe fig l in i MZ, 9,4-V -mf f""2zss hr. by 1 5 vd?vx 'K , Charles Cuny L Colleen Curry ' , Timothy DeVoogd 'll' A Rob Dickman V, it, we, Deborah Douglas Stephen Dude Dale Durance I 'mf 'ff 'vi figs V ,f ,,, ""2.,.. fi 15.41 F r 0 S .tu ll T ,VA Va fa MP 1 5 I S. j 15 fax 99 1 it t i ft g 5 1 , 'i f tit f v tr rv .I W M, ff Lv 3+ , v-1..,'i' I 1. .11 ? ,,,. if -4- fc 'Y TX' 27 fag fi' inf ' 5 nf H.,-4' . -,gf Av K IQ-7, 2 4 3 if , ,cd ti Y. in X VZV, jg, VKVVV VVV V V . f -Q1 f.. , 1. 2 " Charles Elliott X itT'1f 1? i Holly Epiey ' NJ' -1' eq! :. ., , V Q. . A W, V Gale Ericksen 4, 'lwiiligi T ,,s:5g'g'A3lg , 5 I f f" 7 , A i ,, 'V .... :Q N +V' y QQ ,T J W" V "fL X , ..,,,. V VVVV l V' V, K 2 V VV ,,, V ,f T 1 .l-., 'Trp' PM X x -V ,1 U ' David Erickson I Larry Erickson lames Fairbanks " Leon Farver ff' , VM . ' ,fi G fi A fs. , ,cf f V Q - George Featheringill 7 Q i Tawny Fernandez Cp I Merrit Finnell " Stephan Foy ' A Elaine Frank I - Z L ,. , V, if If lennifer Galavage , A ' A 'V .4 ,V , ,I VV Steven Gracik V. V ',VV '1i,V 'WV Robert Gregory .fp 4' V ' , - .3 A Vf- if - Eric Groff VM' ,fiat :gf ! V 5,3 lulie Hall I 'J .4 v ,yt ' gn nf 'fiig Anne Harvey Q TT 5 1 , t V 5 . V 'W 5- V'T"f l A 1 'X T f t g ' I VV V -L1- ' 4 Q, ,.- ,L f i f VV fx Shelly Harvey , MV lll' Q, if V Patricia Hayes "' 'N M' ' 7 - ,,,g " lulie Heenan , VV 'E 1 f VV if Martin Hirchak ' Fw V , V ,Vgd Thomas I-loin I , V it ' 5. A , V 21 Debbie Holmes .. fl 1, ,, f ff , I, -is' f " if mf N Re g ,., gg, .Af 4 IX W f" L QV ,,a,, V , V, M, 2 if i S 0 tt l llnw, . 4 Q rn, " I .V f wr mf ,t, ,,,, ,,, , V 3 2- , Peggy Holmes Angie Hoskins Timothy Huck Thomas Hughes Lee Irons 2 HGV' f . if 4? l 4 4,4 ' I V 2: l' 3 ,,,, . f f lf. 1 Pam Dawn Klinger .V Donna Kolts ' , l ' H Candy Knight Barbara lohnroe Steven lohnson Patrik Kaems ela Kelly ! 2 larnie Kozlow ' W ii Brenda Krenz 43, V ' lohn Kruse 'I "1i ,P X v A if T ,.,, ? 5 -Q A Mary Beth Kubisiak .gl 1. W v Linda l..aDriq Edith Lear V-5 I M David Leclin ,kv . xllxw 4. ,AA gf! ff' K' ,fy ,. 2 Vkvk y -,,, ,gvA,f,V V5 -.1 . ' 4 N -if "'1 D - - hhh 'H if" ' 32 :EZ "ff zu A , . I My h h ' ' fi' X' , L 'gli' Denise Letienne Rodney Loelfler Vern Long Tammi Look Kimberly Machleit Doug Maoon - Teresa Mader - . Paliy Maher William Malesev Mary Matchuret Scott McClellan M 532 M 2' 14 A, el B if as ai f 4 ,sin Donna Mester Daniel Moflit Thomas Moniie 'P Daniel Mooney Kenneih Murphy Karen Nelkie f ' ' 4 -- W' 5' 4: ' 4 " 9 ff ,fi 5 , ' faq 1 ' Q. 1 ' if fc we X 4 W y. 9. 31' X x , mu, I. Q Ari f 4. 4 4 f nn Catherine Nickell Karen Novik lack Ochodnicky Dawn Orand Cathy Ordiway Dean Parrish Elizabeth Pfeiffer Louise Pfeiller lellery Poiier ill ' Q ':, - 'ef ' ' D , .33 , A , f .1 f ' A ,,ii, , . A 5 f :ge A ' ' f ' ' - x I In lflly 11, 'V viii 'M' D Derrick Rainey Terri Rapp Thomas Reder .mv ,V .f 'i ,- ,f :Wg 4' Mx 5 gg? K y gf x if as if v yo.. i ii f ,QQKK K I v fl x A iff K Kc! K .. 15:1 K 'if ' 'W , , "V v-1' Patrick Revord . Hoyte Robertson Theresa Romeo Sue Sarki Q23 F jx x i, it 2 1 f , f X , .J 1 K if n 'A Damon Schingeck Q Stephen Schirmer 1 Brenda Schulte Shiloah Shaffer KKK xi-www A v aff '. R an gh " .Fi ,iz Monica Sheehan Ieri Sheridan Vicki Simpson .K Ll, T s R f ' 1 agp fin- K K T if 'jr Y .i fun -x ,,' R W Q, tw- t , . uf Q N kr : utr" ' t 5 0.2 , f 2 1 5 ye ,Iyer 1. A Q ' is 3' K of . nu-. Q- fi wi Q ie A fa, L1 f Sen r E . ' K f ,, ,. .K , K K - fn fx .K fi l ames Small Karen Soults Soults Kevin Richard Soults Tricia Spain ' , , Karen Spencer Tami Spencer April Stephenson .5 if , i K A A ' -- ' tif , lane Stonehouse ' ..., Q fm . . X f 4 if if ' Wendee Storms , f Q- 54 - S 1 if K, I .Q ,Ngo K Scott tre ec i 23 i if 5 Debra Thibauii ' A ' lermlier Thomas . , K KKKK K K Xw., K K Iuhe Tru 1 of: :,, K ge K , W- +4 35, 1 R". S al ' S klk- R, Xklfll if 5 1 It 1? A w Tim Trudell Kurt Ulman Robert Ulman lva Utter lames Weatherwax William Wehagen Leo Wells Rodney Whittorcl Amy Williams 1 . N, -,i', . K ff' T 55- -, fry K ,ki K -EP P i. i 5 ' - Q " T X cry : ' ' -QM! K K K1 " ,K K5 K , .325 , K' R y T Q1 ,f ,. S sf if- !! ' 2 it , 'lt 'gli-FR 9'1" " S' I ff 'N , if 5 ' 'N fs ,- -Q M.. .fx -- ,f,,1,LK, - f 'F' K 'A AK: K KKK, KKK, V ,KK ,, t T X-,jg S I J 1 I? .alfa t o siii,i gl , 5 ' l g J A J W , tb' K K 1 a 5 AK ,ig it - -w K .: Nt ! K , K4 K K .,,,-f -i ' f V 5- 1 'f I . ' , ,W ,gl f. vt' 0 Christopher Wojahn Rick Wright Penny Yax . Lynn Zollner Lisa Konenski A President Lisa Bielby - Vice-President Nikki Painter - Secretary Kim Kalinowski - Treasurer Travis Abbott lames Alexander Debra Allen Debra Anschuetz Daniel Barry Tami Bauer Cindy Beach lackie Beals Brian Beaubien Erin Beck Cheryl Becker Vincent Balanger Rene Bensinger Mark Bettis Sheila Bettis Randy Biggs Stacey Blury lett Blust Richard Bogdiewicz Duane Bohmier Kathryn Bolen Patricia Bosler Carmen Brackenbury Kellie Brockenbrough Kim Brown Tonya Cable lohn Caplis Russell Carney Diane Chamberlin Q. . fm-.., f gy 41- fm - "if: . T N ,Rf it M..-f 5255" ' if sr , sig X X Q . im .. - X 5 X 'X at X 4 , wi Sf Q , . Q I NK , , I - 3 .x hx 11' A si ll wtf , . . Y ..'3 E . 5 'ass M X K., l K ., yi UU ,. C I . 0 ns. t S? X 4, . E . H' A SF X A 15" 1 V' ' it tt't s "' All fr , A "q i A l 4215 I ar' ll A lx .,t. A f 4 f Q ff 'D R ' f. A fs Q -gig, asf: th , V ,aff ga K 4 -...r .sf 7 xiii- 3 H sts- M 'ii' A .. 'itt 5 f ' - A Q ' A B ' b ' B ' A , H Kimberly Chaney ' it ASQ,- Sheri Clayton Roger Cordner ie ,C x qw' .X 3 S X .l,. .M .sq x. mis Y l x , 1 ,--N-.X 4 4 , . ,,, .MQ W. . KA s x .ff fix v N.. f'3 is .Q , i t ilr . 4 ' C. xl 3: E-XS 5 it is - was 1, C 'Wi R gf A i ..:- qjty. wa ,, z f Z 1 , ,- ,fi Q rg if ,WW f . ,, , ' "' at ' K 4 MK it V ? 5" If ' la, I V '12 1"f'yk ay V9 .gy :tiff Azz. , Mg, I ' , f.-, wfwf K I' PV f Qi? J T L,, ey, 6 ite X W 'v wi 1 s 21 40" fi fx I, , Q3 5 , fa? ga-1 gi-fr 4 , l Lisa Cotter Bill Dalbec Iackie DeRosia 4 Zi g 1-'Q " .Q 5 , ,L?f,, C if , f , I x QQ , 9 1 :sfo ' A ez: .ff ,, . Anthony Dighera lennifer Dillon leff Dodson Bonnie Dotson 4 2, n w : fs X QV 5 it I V 2 3 I I ,, ,. 1 V . I .. 5 I ,fri , ' K ,V , It -7"'s,fl l " ,- f rw' , me "1 ' -,fi ltnn ' , ' E4 5' ffifff l':'k' J. ,, 'H' if ' ' ' Emi ---7 ' N - 'E ,, V ' '-t,' E W' f at VVI, f Q . X' , l K 'Q L E A , ' A . K. . V,. ,- ,tif , I 'ity' N Xl gain Q- -. xl' If " if 'tt if ' A' 4 Z1 ff 7 " nf? W, 2' J 22' fu X i ff' X. P f , A x K, ' K i f VV, y y . li iv t 1. ' . QKLA W,-1 Pam Kobs lames Krumbach Tim Krumm 1 ' 1 f 95? Yi in Qn. f- -- V Nancy Kohn Z" ' ' E I David Law Curt Leslie Bryan MacDonald leff Douglas lon Dunn Wendy Earl Laurie Engle Kelley Evans Amy Featherinqill Buana Fernandez Bill Harris Edward Harris Keith Harris Deborah Herrick Michaele Host lames Huck Brian Hudqins Christopher lacobs Mark lurczyk Paul Kauffman Pamela Kay Heidi Kendall Ianice Kendall Polly Kendall Christopher Kennedy Kim Dianne Mary Martin Keri Marx Richard McArdle ' ,fit Merrick V 4 Et 25? 'Mn, 5 f 'Q Q I I if 3 4 Miscisin y Pamela Moe 7 ' W ' Kelly Moffatt Rene Monsell Linda Nelkie lohn Neych Tina Nickell Kristin Papenfus Kurt Papenfus Laura Pehrson Toni Penman Phil Petrach Maureen Phillips Sandra Pike .M Phil Race ludi Radican Stacey Ranger Sue Revord Chad Robson Duane Roll Colleen Koulo Stephanie Royster Traci Sampson Sue Saunders David Sayles Tom S David Schwede Kurt Serschen Raymond vi' wi.: iffm, Nm 1 'I x ' 4 . Vg C r ? Z V 1 , lm, , fi :vii Q F, " 1 1 A' A iv 1 2 37 'X n W W 'MM I .W ,hte , fi 1 'W ,7 W i I' 'l it at i t ,rw 1' 1 f.. 'V' ' i 09 . Q ' 1 H? A f .,,i "i i ffl P ff! V' ,.,, i M 1 M 1 if , chriber Skiver .YWN 'W' z ,W if 5' V f Ta 11, f k,,, . mr if W, ' Timothy Skiver Kandi Smith Marci Smith M' 3? an . ,,i P it 4' ,425 4 . H X 6 . K x JW KY W i A xiao, M , " v -1 5 gf' rg i X 6 i af ' as f D ,av-M .F rn, A . -iwff :lv P i 52, ww 4, ! 1 tk r 4 uv, ni K S. I 4 4 J X . , My .f 11 . J .. 42" L2 147' W A La ,V T Vw ,,, W 7? 1 9 . an tm I ., . t-J L rs r-, I . Z nf Gary Soults David Sterling Frank Stevelinck 1. 'N A- - , W.. 9 , 1,4 , T T ff G T Z? t ,V , , , J, 4' 4 ' G, f' W iff fi K' hA,. tv W .Q. , tyty T G T a T IB f S 4Q: , fa f it X L Debbie Stevens Kari Strauer Collette Templeton Gary Thornton Todd Torrey Mark Tousley Carol Upton Glenn VanSickle Todd Walker WU, 7 C.,.' fd I 'Tw -. t ff 1 I ,, T , ,. Q ' , 3 ,223 V Albert Yanna 3 x A 4 4 lames Yates i,,t V f , 5 , fled-V' f ,515 Earl Weaver Wanda Westcott Dale Wheatley Charlene White Tracy Whittord Iohn Wiese Gary Williams left Wilson Dale Winchell Rebecca Wojahn Kimberly Wood Peter Wright Michael Russo - President if Craig McMurray - Vice-President ' if ,ag W Mary Tenbusch - Secretary ,mf I X 'Ei 6 4 , T X, " '52 I f if K ff I Lori Gracik M Treasurer Dawn Allen Tina Allen Elizabeth Armstrong Jef... it c Mark Barr l ill Barry 'l' Carol Bell Kim Bessey fs. 1 DeWayne Biggs ,VV .. " '22 -1. , viii J' '59 51 v , X W s , .H -, , gi. 1 'if '- K 'ba ,a Q mf W Q-fo Aw is , we-of of-...K oo J 0 I' S s ft' ii,r, f ,tii . My Scott Bird V. I ,gg Geri Birkenbach M ' Sue Bischoff 3 Timothy Bischoff W , y yy Bruce Bolen V 'V ,VA , K V Margaret Bouchard S V " Gig: :fkifze ,No ,, W :L , .NV 6 'fn Tammy Brackenbury . it .V ' . lohn Bradford i , y V y A Donald Brannan , ' " ' V 1 f 4. IS A ' ' I ' Y, , f 3 .,, fb- f , Louise Brock il V ' 4 ' A w g W ., , I' I Terry Brown M I I Qffk, ,A ' X J, 'E 'MJ' , -ffl Rhonda Bruckner L. V. A '1t. , I Zg, ,W , Q," ' ,,,.,,,, " L gy I Q Q- a ,-'1 ,H N - , A , A "Qi A A Z Q , ' i U ,JN 4, Sheri Bugh 2 5 Cherie Buyse ,,,, M A 1 l Cindi Buyse K . s W I' I W' "g y xi, . . Mark Calabrese "ff -T--F V7 I A Vylfii.. V' j """ , Wit C ll V -.1 Vo. li, ffl 1 a , ,o,, , W, f A I 'V .wg " fm 1 i f -X Kelli Carlisle V Claudia Carney A :'?7?,1",+. Cathy Castano .2 ' ' l,"5oQ,, Paul Champine Q ', A A1" A V , of f J Aw 4 'who fgf, 9 X' r 6 . 3 Bruce Chaney Elizabeth Clark V.: Steven Collier I 20 I ,, 'fohzx 'Z' , 71? ,Z C ' - I? 1 AW if ' if ff" K, ,fo Vw V, .f.,V. lyk? ,V .5 3' W F , ,V . ,o f H, . it , I ---, , 4. fi nlafl' ' . i , 5 A ,J was if A .wr ..- K 'k.5?T'ivtl P' WL , . am: H ,U- Becky Conn Nancy Conn Lisa Csapo Lynn Curry Fay Davis Mary DeVooqd Michelle Dodson Rodney Drumm Linda Ehrnst Pamela Epley lon Ericksen lulie Featheringill .4 Larry Finley Ah., Geraldine Fisher . f 5 f . Natalie Frank my Q , 'ff' y L lulia Gackstetter i R, ' Z Michael Galavage .Q ,gli . ,. N " Shelley Gilskey .V W y y 31, ,fa . ggaiafi , 3.11 . fi : '- W Scott Gingerich ' P ' f Michelle Glossop - W. 5' lil a , ,Q ldv Gfabow Judith Gracik 3- L A 1: left Hatcher A it , iiill l..Ynn Hester N 'Qs vyyim 3 " ' .W Q. y '- 'Q t'-. ljxjfl .6 Q :i"f,i2- Q fe w' diff, , ' 'Y 1' ,F Q H 9 -I V. . Robert Hester Beverly Hill Eric Howell Particia Hughes Denise lenkins lan lohnson Pauline lordan lulie Kendall Lori Kendall Kelly Ann Kriebel in Karl Krueger Frank LaDrique Charles Landon Brian Lansky 1-f f ,Y K " T' . 1 at c , 5 ,L Suzette LaPalme left Lathan Cindy Ledin Lisa Leidecker kr., ,, 4 , 5 w i af 1 is 1 ., it 'C . is f ai J Jax .J ny. M. 1 If-if , I l 1, , V 31' '., i Q- V 'W . 3 ,lf 1, , A,i2 , d y V A W y V ttar A L Melanie Look R , if .ak K Thomas Maher A L If i t A lluv t , 'f' , Look Michael Malone " "' ' 1 ' L 72 i Monique Marshall Q ' ' d nb W Ronald McArclle ' f' ug L llli - L L f 1 M L K ii l Clarence McKenzie Cindy Miknyocki my Connie Miller , Q Q M at it W K Sherry Moe ggi ,?'f'N . V laneene Monsell ,f Rick Mousse-au ,ff ' . I fa ' L y Mike Muchow ' A' ' Kris Mueller 57' Diane Nelkie V Q V V Terry Nelkie ' V , 'X Mark Ng A ' Tammy Nickell ' 5 ' f ' ,- " ' 1 Gerald Nivison lohn O'Neil Carmen Delia Padilla Karen Patrell Lynn Pawloski f' eff' new rf., V, V Q 49' fi' 4...-.A f .af M.. I 4, y , Z , if ? , I-, Scott Penrnan lames Pockel Sherri Ponke C - Kenneth Rapp C' . Cyl ., N"'11ti 1 ,, Jeff' Aim? .9 :M 45 IQGQG VN dw. V . Q ,- gs 1 is QF 51 Q' '01 NYM K H Michael Rapp V H Kelly Robinson if It - V Kevin Rogers ' ,af .,,,1-' nw, al gg iff. if 439 X .. , Q 'H ,, -3 L , Lax ' H ' O Q ,A X W 4 1 it 'ff Z .i Qt. 4, 7,11 -o 4 wa , TTA! 4 fi' 1 ,A ix- X 1 nw, ry V ai? I v 4 K 4 9 I ie" '1 assess, ,aw H Kelley Roulo Robert Ryan Gina Salamony ,...4,j fe Maria Sciotti Dale Senter Robert Slabauqh Roseanne Small Denise Smith Kimberly Smith Cynthia Stephan Rusty Stern ,Q- 'UN 39 Scott Stern Paul Stevelinck Fred Strauer Lisa Strelecki lulie Thomas Maile Turner Michelle Tyler Lori Ulman Richard Upton Tammy Wainw Mark Walker My . Q' , it it . J i I 1 - tiy fi- PM , W "N , 1 I J, VA V ,' , qi A '," 6 4 C ,. I gs 'dwg .at T ' 'Tj 'ii,yy , 11 , ,,,, "' -1- fs . .. new pci , f .K . , 35 1 'T J K ,T 'Q W: , 't , 1 fs T yi.. A ,, " ' jf i Q V " 4- 17:32, .14 V , , Hrs , , fi .4- xitff' Laurie Yanna Albert Zubeck pm 4511 Kenneth Whitford Debbie Wilke Denise Wilson letfrey Wojahn Todd Wright right Kenneth Weisend l 2 1 Freshmen 1 ff Z' fa naw, as NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Greg Castle Eugene Desirnone Gregg Drumm Adam Gentges David Herman Leonard Hicks Rex Landon Patricia Leslie . ' Victor Libby Eric Martin --i- Carl Mead Ronald Norris Terry Proper Steven Schlabach Tom Trudell Bob Waters nf Q QU' ...liz E xbiyfwxl IQ Sophomores NOT ' SHOWN i Susan Anschuetz Cathy Bissonette Robert Butts Theresa Clark Drew Coffin Kim Demmeka leri Dieqel leif Flatheau Christopher Fournier Steve Getcky le-it Hadley Rick Look Raymond Maclvlurray Ken McCready Rusty Meyers Chris Palumbo Kevin Schultz Carl Small Todd Steinley x Ad fi ,f , .1 W -,A.. 1 ,-h. Juniors il, PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Peter Bensinger Steve Blust Rhonda Bond Leslie Cuthbertson Lawrence Fournier George Geniqes Michael Goicher Michael Larson Steve Leslie Rodney Letienne Kevin MacDonald Becky Miller Eddie Miller Lee Ann Miller Marshall Proper Cameron Rath Kirk Revord Dale Roll Kevin Smith Mike Waters lohn Windsor Leslie Yax 1 .,, - 1 '1 it ,N sw X - Wszfatzsmm.mf.--:efra-sfsswh of .13-wssazwsszl. 2 i fm f. 1 28 l X 29 1 Class Officers Maria Margaret Pimkowski Nancy Ellen Mooney Deborah Knight Sally Kasischke "Bea" "Moon" "Bela" "Sal" President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Class Flowers Red Sz White Roses Class Motto "For so long we have watched the world pass from within. We are free now and our lives are about to begin." Class Colors Champagne 81 Burgundy Daryl Ray Abbott lac l' Abb t C1119 me Ol Charles H. Allen, lr. Kari Sue Allen "lackie" "Kid" Gary Richard Anderson Lori Catherine Angle Stephanie Ahce Baertson Iacqueline Marie Bare "Stacey" Hlackr' Cindy Anne Beauhien Cynthia Ann Blusl Kevin M' Bll-lSl Shelley Lyn Blusl l'Cindy" "Tilly" Sue Marie Boil: Nancy Ann Bolen Carol Ann Boucher Kenneth L69 Bfdfllldm "Bouch" 'Thai' Iohn Harold Brdnndn Liga joy Brigham John Alfred Brinkman Iohn Stanley Brockenbrough "Hess" lr. "Brock the Toe" Randy Tina Louise ner "Teiner Weiner" C' David Clark Douglas l , Carlson Chris Harry Christensen Michael Clark ' ' Doug" Larry William Colburn Michelle Toni Rose Coleman William Robert Colton AYIHS Kathleen COWGF Renee Ann Curry "Teclo" Nlvlr. Bill" Cathy Elaine Davison Edward S. Davison, lll Robin Suzanne Dehshef Dame! Dion Dinan "Bill Ed" "l-loosier's Sister" Dillon Tami L99 DOUdC3hY Kenneth Conrad Douglas Susan Marie Dubovsk Devil" Tarn Dwayne William Durance Terrence Austin Elliott Lori Ann Emry Diane Carol Erickson "Dia" Y Wk T147 Iohn Edward Erickson William Elmer Erickson Scott A. Evans Bfefldd LYHY1 F9lCYY1 "Mr, Bill" NEfmfi'! Dana Lee Felske Renee Michelle FGFHGUG Donald Ray Finley Richard L. Frank, Ir "Eisner" Gregory Freei IOhT1 .-Mikeff uleru Grace James Ioseph Gracik Theresa Ann Gracik Gary I, Greene Robin Ann Greene I-I. Randy Hackett Joyce Marie Hatcher Sandra Dee Hayes "Sophie" 'hug' David Edward HQGISY Mary Arm Herman David Allen Hill Hugh Herman Hofecer "Swaa" Mark A. Louise Hughes Kristina Hhcm x'Sunshirie" David I acques Rita Marie Iurczyk Ann Marie Kasischke Iermifer lane Kelly Scott A. Kiemish 'xAnnebeHe" Hlenriin Gregory Iames Klenow Timothy Iohn Konenske Andre Marc LaPa1me Carol ADD Lauwers Mary E. Lgrj jean Long Bonnie Lou Look Donald Herbert Look "Bon Bon" "DL," Melissa Ann Anthony "Tony Kenneth Lee McKenzie lfmel KGY Metcalf loseph Michael Milburn "Ken" ' Lockwood Chrisiopher Paul Martin 'lChris" McCready Dolores Lynn Miller Laurel Marie Minard lohri Alan Mitchell Kraiq Clyde Moffatt "l.,aurella" Richard William Muckenihaler ' 'Rich' ' Grant I. Mousseau Diane loy Myles Stephanie Kay Nash Alan G- Nelkie "Smiles" "Slash" "Animal" Dennis Michael Nelkie Timothy Allen Nickell Brian Kurt Ngriqm Iulie Arm Qchgd ' 14 Meathead mc y George loseph Paitl, lr. james Kevin Palmer Christopher Paul Patrell Daniel James Perm "Penske" Mark Lyle Pike William Daniel Pockel Ann l. Porter Tammy Anne Qualls "MLM," "Midge" Andrew lfmafhan Race Dan Howard Rainey Todd lames Re-inholm William l. Riqq "Bill" Paul Douglas Root Reginald Emesi Rousse Sandra Fred David Levi Schlabach Lisa Lynn Schriberl Rhonda Renee Sheply Shirley Ann Simpson lulte Ann Snoblen Gary Ioseph Stephan Mtchael Allen Stonehouse "Smoky" "T " Augusta Charlotte Thompson "Gussie" HT1 Christopher lerome Toska David M- Tule 'lSpence" lohn W. VanDeusen Tamara Lee VanSumeren lill Allison Wainwright "Deuce" 'lWainie" Gary Patrick Warren Kathleen Ann Watts Mark Timoth W ner Y eq "Kathy" loseph Gerard Tenbusch Susan Ann Ulman Sandra Beth Warner Bryant lohn Wilke- "Leotus" Elizabeth Wilson Wisniewski lenniler Kay Wojahn Alice L. Wolford Cindy Ann Wood David Paul Wfiqhf "lem" "Ali" 'iCm" "Benn" Yarina Seniors Not Pictured ,.,4 ,-I-f' fx l'N 1, Hildo Torres Alumbres Brent P. Coffin William Richard Engle Dale Mark I-limes Guy W. MacMurray Michael I. Perkins Richard S. Romeo Gary Spencer Gerald Lee Stewart lay A. Utter Emmy Lou Houghton Alberta May LaDrigue Shelly Kay Look .lerri Ellen Miller Terri Irene Miller Nadine Kathleen Sheridan Val Williams l ustin lewels" Ve. Q V Egg wx Senior Activities ABBO'I'I', DARYL ABBO'I'I', JACKIE - "You can't have a rainbow without a cloud and a storm." Class President 25 Forensics l, 2, 3, 45 School Finalist 25 Drama Club 45 Pep Club I5 Candy Striper I5 Powderputt Football 45 Thespian 45 French Club 4. ALLEN, CHUCK - "Of all the people you will meet in a lifetime, you are the only one you will never lose or leave." Basketball I, 2, 35 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Track l, 2. ALLEN, KARI - "You only live once. But if you live it right, once is enough!" Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 All-Conference 2, 3, 45 All State Honorable Mention 35 Volleyball l, 2, 3, 45 All- Conterence 2, 35 Softball l, 2, 3, 45 All-Conference 2, 35 Varsity Club l, 2, 3, 4. ALUMBRES, HILDO ANDERSON, GARY - "We entered school together as strangers but we will depart together as friends." ANGLE, LORI - Cheerleading I5 Yearbook 4. BAERTSON, STACY - "Be sweet dear maiden, let those be clever who will." Softball l. BARC, JACKI - "Through the many paths of life5 Mountains ot love and hills of sadness5 I wish for you happiness always5 In your long journey of life." Track I5 Choir I5 Powderpuff Football 4. BEAUBIEN, CINDY - "I am easy to please, as long as I have everything my way." Cheerleading 2, 3, 4. BLUST, CINDY - l'Knowledge I have gained, I pray for the wisdom to use it." Library Assistant 35 Softball l, 25 Powderpuff Football 3. BLUST, KEVIN BLUST, SHELLEY - "A man must learn to sail in all winds." Powderpuff Football 4. BOIK, SUE - "Though today may seem long5 Life is short, so live each day to its fullest." Band l, 2, 3, 45 Band Secretary 3. BOLEN, NANCY - Varsity Club l, 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 4. BOUCHER, CAROL - "What you believe of yourself, the world will believe also." BRANHAM, KEN BRANNAN, JOHN BRIGHAM. LISA BRINKIVIAN, JOHN - "People who live crazy live a better life, and have more fun, tool" Football l, 2, 35 Track l, 2. BROCKENBROUGH, JOHN - "Be careful how you live your life, you may be the only Bible some people read," Football l, 2, 3, 45 All-Conference 45 Basketball I 5 Forensics l, Weightlifting 2, 3, 45 Track I, 2, 3, 4. BROWN. RANDY BRUCKNER, TINA - "I was promised on a time, To have reason for my rhyme5 From that time until this season, I received no rhyme nor reason." Varsity Cheerleading 3, 4. BULLOCK, BRENDA BURTZLOFF, SALLY - "Things aren't what they used to be, and probably never were." Yearbook 2, 35 National Honor Society 4. CAMPBELL, DAVE - Baseball l, 25 Basketball I5 Football l. CARLSON, DOUG - "It takes less time to do a thing right than it does to explain why you did it wrong." Baseball 2. CHRISTENSEN, CHRIS CLARK, MICHAEL CLARK, MICHELLE CLUTE, MINDY - "Enjoy the time you spend with your triends5 they are the best part of your life." Cheerleading 2, 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Class Representative 45 Powderpuft Football 3, 4. COCKBURN. LARRY COPFIN. BRENT COLBURN, ANNA - "I am not a philosopher, nor a scholar but I haven't had a problem yet that can't be solved." Powderpuff Football 3. COLEMAN TONI - "I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and I love today." Band l, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band l, 2, 3, 45 Honors Band 3, 45 Iazz Band 3, 45 Midwestern Music Conference 25 Solo Sz Ensemble 45 Vocational Aide 45 District Forensics 2. COLTON, BILL - "Romance is like a game of chess: one false move and you're mated." Football l, 2, 3, 45 Track I, 2, 3 45 Weight Lifting 2, 3, 45 Basketball l. CO'I"I'ER, ANNE - Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band l, 2, 3, 45 Executive Officer 45 National Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Treasurer 45 Powderpuff Football 3, 45 Softball 2, 3. CURRY, RENEE - "Why is there never enough time to do the job right, but always enough time to do it over?" Band l, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 2, 3, 45 Iazz Band 2, 35 Honors Band 3, 45 Secretary 3, 4. DAVISON, CATHY - "I know I will never understand. But yet my happiness conquers all, for I am mel" Basketball l, 2, 4, Softball l , 2. DAVISON, ED - "Don't take me seriously5 lust take me the way I am." Football I5 Basketball I5 Baseball 2, 35 Track l. DEFISHER, ROBIN - "It's been real and it's been fun, But it hasn't been real fun." DILLON, DAN DILLON, TOM - "Lite is like a playground, you can't swing alone." Basketball l. DONAGHY, TAMI - "Each day is full of surprises. Take them as they come. You can't change anyone." Track 45 Powderpuff Football 4. DOUGLAS, KENNETH DUBOVSKY, SUE -- 'Enjoy life, and most of all live it the way that you want to." DURANCE, DWAYNE ELLIO'I'I', TERRY EMRY, LORI ENGLE, BILL - "Take it easy. lf you can get it easy, take it twice." Basketball l3 Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4. ERICKSON, DIANE - "To laugh is to enjoy mischief with a good conscience." Track l, 23 Volleyball Manager l3 Volleyball 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club l, 2, 3, 43 President 43 French Club 13 Pep Club l, 2. ERICKSON, JOHN - Baseball l. ERICKSON, BILL - l'l've found the secret of happiness - total disregard of everyone else." EVANS, SCO'I'I' FELCYN, BRENDA - "Whenever a seagull flies out to sea, it carries my spirits wild and free." Basketball l, 23 Softball l, 23 Powderpuff Football 4. FELSKE, DANA - 'tif it turns you on, do itll" Track l, 23 Powderpuff Football 3, 43 Pep Club l. FERNE'I'I'E, RENEE - "Happiness is like a sunbeam, which the least shadow intercepts, while adversity is often as the rain of spring." Powderpuff Football 3, 4. FINLEY, DON FRANK, RICHARD FREEL, GREG GARDINER, JOHN - "l may not always win, but I never lose." Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Track l, 2, 33 Football 2, 3. GIDLEY, MIKE - "People who matter are most aware that everyone else does, too." Football l, 2, 3, 43 Basketball l, 2, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Track lj Class Representative 4. GRABOW, JERI - "The stars impel3 they don't compel. And life is what you make it." Yearbook 4. GRACE, KEVIN - Track 23 Basketball 2, 3, 43 lst Team All- Conference 33 All-State Honorable Mention 33 lst Team All- Conference 4. GRACIK, JIM - "A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter3 he who finds one finds a treasure." Football l, 2, 3, 43 All-Conference 43 Reynold F.. Mick Award 43 Co-Captain 43 Baseball l, 2, 3, 43 All-Conference Honorable Mention 2, 33 Most lmproved 23 Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society 2, 3, 43 President 43 Student Council 33 Forensics Districts 4. GRACIK, THERESA - "Every now and then we do get desperate . . . That's why l went to Tawas High!" Basketball l3 Softball l, 2, 3. GREENE, GARY GREENE, ROBIN - "To each, his own, a greater happiness is life." Band l, 23 Choir 33 Vice-President 33 Yearbook 4. HACKE'I'I', RANDY HATCHER, JOYCE - "Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing until it gets there." Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball l, 2, 43 Softball l, 2, 3, 43 Class Representative 3, 4. HAYES, SANDRA HEALEY, DAVID - 'lFond of life, love, and laughter. Pleasure first, business after!" Football l3 Wrestling 2, 3, 4. HERMAN, MARY HILL, DAVE HIMES, DALE HOFACER, HUGH HOLMES, MARK - 'Freedom to look forward." Football l. HOUGHTON, EMMY HUGHES, DONNA - "Life is like spaghetti: lt's a mess. But it's oh, so good!" Basketball l3 Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4. ILLICIN, KRIS - "Friendship is like a delicate crystal glass. lt holds so much yet is so easily broken. Shattered. Forever." JACQUES, DAVID JURCZYK, RITA - "You can want something bad enough to die and you may never get it. The minute you really don't care any more it shows up." Cheerleading lj Pep Club 13 Softball 23 Powderpuff Football 3, 4. JUSTIN, JULIE - "lt is my privilege to profit by the experience of others, but l must live my own life, face the trials, and gain the victory alone." Powderpuff Football 43 Volleyball Manager 23 Key Club 23 Treasurer 2. KASISCHKE, ANN - "l am not afraid to tomorrow, for l have seen yesterday and l love today." Cheerleading l, 23 Powderpuff Football 3, 43 Softball l, 2, 33 National Honor Society 43 Class Vice-President 33 Pep Club l, 2. KASISCHKE, SALLY - "l prescribe laughter as the best medicine." Band l, 2, 3, 43 Vice President 43 National Honor Society 2, 3, 43 Student Council 2, 3, 43 Recording Secretary 43 Corresponding Secretary 33 Class Treasurer 3, 43 DAR Good Citizen 43 Powderpuff Football 3, 4. KELLY, JENNIFER - Ulf you love something very much, set it free. lf it does not return, you know it was never meant to be yours, but if it does, love it forever." Powderpuff Football 3, 43 Homecoming Court l 3 Cheerleading l. KLEMISH, SCO'I'I' - "Success comes to those who hustle wisely." Football l, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3, 4. KLENOW, GREG KNIGHT, DEBBY - 'll treasure the moments l've spent with my friends for they've been the best part of my life." Cheerleading l, 2, 3, 43 Captain 23 Co-captain 33 Band l, 2, 3, 43 Field Director 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Forensics School Winner l, 2, 33 District Winner 2, 33 Regional Winner 33 Alternate to State 33 Student Council 23 Class Representative 23 Keyettes 25 Powder Puff Football 3, 4. KONENSKI, TIMOTHY LADRIGUE, ALBERTA LAPALME, ANDRE LAUWERS, CAROL - "The secret of living is to be the best of whatever you are." Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Club l, 2, 3, 4. LEAR, MARY LESLIE, JULIE - "Hold fast to your dreams, for if your dreams die, life is like a broken-winged bird that cannot fly." Varsity Cheerleading 3, 4. LESLIE, MIKE LOCKWOOD, BETH - UA pupil is not above his teacher, but everyone that is perfectly instructed will be like his teacher." National Honor Society 3, 45 Forensics Districts 1. LONG. LORI LOOK, BONNIE - "Whatever women do, they must do twice as well as men to be thought of half as good . . . Luckily, this is not difficult." Student Council 1, 2, 3, 45 Secretary 25 Vice-President 3, 45 Homecoming Court 3, 45 Powderpuff Football 3, 45 Basketball 1, 25 School Play 25 Volleyball 15 Class Secretary 1. LOOK, DON - "Life is like a dream - one nightmare after another." Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1. LOOK, SHELLY MACMURRAY, GUY MAR"I'IN, CHRIS -- Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Weightlifting 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 2. MARTIN, MELISSA MAYER, TONY -- "Like me for what 1 am, for 1 will always be me." Football 1, 2, 3, 45 All-Conference Honorable Mention 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 All-Conference Honorable Mention 35 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Track 15 Class Representative 3, MCCLUNG, PAM - "1t's not the beauty on the outside that counts, but the love on the inside that does." Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Candystriper 1, 2. MCCREADY, KEITH - "1've never let schooling interfere with my education," Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Vice-President 45 Drama Club 45 School Play 2. MCKENZIE, KEN - "The men who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed." National Honor Society 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 All- Conference Honorable Mention 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 All- Conference Honorable Mention 35 Basketball 1, 2. METCALF, JANET -- "lf you love something, set it free. lf it doesn't return it was never meant to be. lf it does, love it forever." Choir 1, 2, 3. MILBURN, JOSEPH MILLER, DOLORES MILLER, JERRI MILLER, TERRI MINARD, LAUREL - 'lWhat 1 have been taught 1 have forgotten5 what 1 know 1 have guessed." Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Honorable Mention 35 All-Conference 45 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 All-Conference 2, 3. MITCHELL, JOHN MOFFATT, KRAIG - "We get so much in the habit of wearing a disguise before others, that we eventually appear disguised before ourse1ves." Basketball 2, 3, 45 All-Conference 35 MVP 35 Matt Mayer Award 35 Mr. "Hustle" 35 National Honor Society 3, 45 Golf 4. MOONEY, NANCY - "For those who love life is an eternity You have given me love that will last for eternity." Drama Club Historian 45 Thespian Society 45 Class President 35 Class Vice President 45 Homecoming Court 2, 45 Homecoming Queen 45 Softball 2, 3, 4. MOUSSEAU, GRANT MUCKENTHALER, RICH MYLES, DIANE - "A kiss can be a comma, a question mark, or an exclamation point." Flag Corp 1, 2. NASH, STEPHANIE -- "The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for." Flag Corp 1, 2. NELKIE, ALAN - "lust buzz along and sing a song and pass the day away." Football 1, 2, 3. NELKIE, DENNIS NICKELL, TIMOTHY NORTON, BRIAN - Football 1, 2, 3, 45 All-State 45 A11- Conference 3, 45 Golden Helmet Award 45 Bay City Times "Player of the Year" 45 MVP 45 Co-Captain 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 All-Conference 35 Forensics School 45 Districts 1, 35 Regionals 35 State 3. OCHODNICKY, JULIE PAITL, JOE PALMER, JAMES - "While on the way to success you strike out, just remember that won't be your last time up." Golf l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 15 Baseball 2, PATRELL, CHRIS - Football 1, 25 Golf 35 Baseball 1, 2. PENN, DAN - "Take one step at a time, making sure you hit each stone." Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Pep Band 3, 4. PERKINS. MIKE PIKE, MARK - "Don't worry about it." PINTKOWSKI, MARIA - "Don't devote all your time to one aspect of life. A variety of experiences will result in a variety of memories, both happy and sad." National Honor Society 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Class President 1, 45 Class Vice President 35 Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Vice President 35 Drama Club 45 School Play 2. POCKEL, BILL - "All my life, whenever it comes to making a decision, I make it, and forget about it." Football I5 Wrestling 25 School Play 25 Weightlifting 4. PORTER, ANNE - "Life is like a game of Monopoly, you roll the dice and pay the price." OUALLS, TAMMY - "Live hand in hand, and we will stand on the threshold of a dream." Class Representative 35 Powderpuff Football 4. RACE, ANDY - "Don't look back, because you have you life to look forward to." RAINEY, DAN REINHOLM, TODD - Football I, 25 Basketball I, 2. RIGG, WILLIAM - "Life without a friend is like a desert without an oasis." Football l, 2, 3, 45 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. ROMEO, RICHARD ROOT, PAUL - "Couldn't ya just . . . ROUSSE. REGINALD SALAMONY, SANDRA - "When words leave off, music begins." Band I, 2, 3, 45 Solo 81 Ensemble I, 2, 3, 45 Honors Band 2, 3, 45 Pep Band I, 2, 3, 45 President 45 Class Representative I, 25 Iazz Band 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Secretary 45 Powderpuff Football 3. SCHALM, FRED - "Someday you will own a Yamaha!" SCHLABACH. DAVID SCHRIBER, LISA - "He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything!" SHEPLEY, RHONDA SHERIDAN, N ADINE SIMPSON, SHIRLEY - "The only way to have a friend is to be one." Choir 3. SNOBLEN, JULIE - "Always remember this: 'All is not gold that glitters.' " National Honor Society 3, 45 Varsity Club I, 2, 3, 45 Secretary 3, 45 Varsity Softball l, 2, 3. SPENCER. GARY STEPHAN, GARY STEWART, GERALD STONEHOUSE, MIKE - "What I have already learned I know no longer. The little I still know, I have guessed about." TENBUSCH, JOE - "To speak how you really feel inside is more important than to speak false feelings to please others." Football I, 25 Track I, 2, 3, 4. THOMPSON, AUGUSTA - "Knowledge is a treasure but practice is the key to it." Band I, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band I, 3. TOSKA, CHRIS TULE, DAVID - "Apathy is our most serious problem today - but who cares?" Football 3, 45 Weightlifting 3, 45 Track 3. ULMAN, SUE - "To share with a friend is to see twice the beauty." U'I"I'ER, JAY VANDEUSEN, JOHN - Athletic Trainer Football 3, 45 Athletic Trainer Basketball 3, 4. VANSUMMERAN, TAMMY - "True friends are like diamonds5 Precious and rare5 False friends are like pebbles5 You can find anywhere." WAINWRIGHT, JILL - "Woman was created from the rib of man, Not from his head to be walked upon, but from his side to be equal, near his arm to be protected, and close to his heart to be loved." Band I, 25 Cheerleading l, 25 Pep Club I, 25 Class Vice President I5 Student Council 2. WARNER, SANDRA - "We know what we are, but we know not what we may be." WARREN, GARY - "I had a very responsible position around here - everytime something went wrong, I was responsible." Band 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 2, 3, 45 Iazz Band 2, 3, 45 Honors Band 45 Forensics Districts l, 3, 45 Regionals 35 Drama Club 45 French Club l, 25 Key Club I, 2. WATTS, KATHY - "Never do today what you can put off 'till tomorrow." Basketball I5 Softball I, 25 Cheerleading 25 Pep Club 2. WEGNER, MARK WILKE, BRYANT - "Have a nice day." Football 2, 3, 45 Golden Helmet Award 35 All-Conference 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Most Improved 35 Track I, 35 All-Conference 35 Student Council 3, 45 President 4. WILLIAMS, BETSY - "lust when you thought you had life's puzzle all put together, someone hands you another piecel" Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 45 Captain 45 Pep Club I5 Powderpuff Football 35 Homecoming Court I. WILLIAMS, VALERIE - Basketball I, 25 Pep Club I5 Softball l, 25 Homecoming Court 2. VVIISON, CINDY - "Good things come to those who wait." Track I, 25 Powderpuff Football 45 Pep Club I. WILSON, KIM - "All that is gold does not glitter5 not all those that wander are lost." Band 3, 45 Pep Band 45 Drama Club 45 School Play 2, 45 National Honor Society 3, 4. WISNIEWSKI, CONNIE WOJAHN, JENNIFER - "To be happy ourselves is a most effectual contribution to the happiness of others." Band I, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band I. WOLFORD, ALICE - "Be what you are and not what you aren't, because if you are what you aren't, you aren't what you are!" Choir I, 2. WOOD, CINDY - "If you must choose, take a good name rather than great riches5 for to be held in loving esteem is better than silver and gold." Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Honorable Mention 45 Volleyball l, 2, 45 Homecoming Court 3, 45 Student Council 45 Class Representative 4. WRIGHT, DAVID YANNA, DAVID YANNA, DORENE r rfb f Q iff 5 W D 3, , flgif " SE IORS' SELECTIO Most Artistic - A. Race Si l. Wainwright Class Hotrod - N. Bolen zfcunwns Q Most Mischievous - l. Tenbusch .. A ,...,- . v- A Most School Spirit f- C. Allen :Sz B. Williams Biggest Brownies - B. Norton Sz M. Pintkowski Best Looking - K. Moffatt Sz T. Gracik i i Best Personality - B. Wilke :Sz I. Kelly I , h 4. in : ' iw ...L K. ..pgw0.,1. sg-df M. .5.,..,.55,E!L..Vi.L.. L. i . 4 i .1 :55Ei5i51fffiJf-- Ag. K E1 M. it . 4:- XF . . f ' 35 f ik if si. A fg3z':g'iE:s-ivff X K: siftiff N ..9 ' ' : 'Sl Lafiqigs. 4 X- l W ' . ' -' .1 ts .-im g. 15' . "5 'U E :Zi TW 5249 -' ' ' is X 1 ' . 'exits' '- al i Q' j J " F 25 9 :mi 7 " .,,.Q , ,, M R i M . Cassanova 51 Flirt - H. l-lofacer CSI Nancy Mooney t ' , Biggest Mouths - l. Palmer Sz M Most Reliable A A. Kasischke 81 l. VanDeusen . Clute Funniest Hair A R, Curry Always Lille - D. Felske tsl K. Douglas MWC., Most Athletic - I. Gracik 81 Kari Allen Class Clown - G. Spencer Best Dressed - C. Wood Sz B. Colton Most Musical - G. Warren Sz S. Salamony Biggest Partier - D. lacques Shyest - G, Anderson NOT SHOWN Most Michievous - l. Barc Biggest Parties - S. Look Shyest - S. Burtzloft Most Likely to Succeed - K. McCready 81 S. Kasischke n Business Department 5 45 gang Mrs. Cook Mr. Sventko Mr. VanHorn Vocational Education Department ' 'u Mr. Becker Mr. Goretsl-xi N 1 t Mr. KOSt0 Mr. McCar1ey Mr. Reasner Science Department Mr Gekeler ,Q M ,f ya-' a a Mr. Brown Physical Education Mr. McTaqqart - Mr. Viele Mrs. Wilionq Umm' I 23' lj ' uf Jw I IK 1 , ff5'e,m aff J 'N II pw ful' f Qf LQ' "gf f 3' 7 H? we 2 " 1 L U W W S- a W- ulffe' e mf L if a H ' VW Mr. Var1Wagor1er fo I 3 V., Xi L, X E XM. q vg t f - I QI Fine Arts Department Mr. Berqh Mrs. Kosto Mr. Salamony Mrs. Gidley Mrs. M1 'Taggart K V - tx, Rf m 3 3 1 Miss Wood English Department l ig Miss Burt Mr. Bailey Mrs. Mund Mrs. Ericksen Mrs. Reasner Miss Talbot Mrs. Hanninen Mr. Crowley ii Miss Pelton Mr. Ericksen Mr. Look Special Education Department JDJ' HW f oe? Mrs. Tobin Social Sciences Department Mr. Papenfus Math Departmenf 0 Q o 1 E xo Mr. Wdlkup Mr. Wilson Mr. Shaver Mr. Wdslyk Yi Board of Education members, from left to right: Mr. Brockenbrough, Mr. DeWyse, Mrs. Reith, Mr. Huck, Mr. Russo, Mrs. Miller, and Mr. Curry. Administration 'Q n Mr. Dighera S Superintendent Q ng . 1 Y xx , - H Mr. Alexander - Principal Mr. Reddiclc -1 Vicesprincipal 1 -tba - Mr. Pintkowski - Counselor Mrs. Blair - Counselor Mr. Gerber - Adult Education Miss Brzakowski, Librarian Mrs. Sventko, Secretary Wm Mr. Haskin, Athletic Director ey" i 2 3 - MPS- Higfliflsf SGCFSWFY Mrs Painter Secretary F W 'X . Mrs. Bloomer. Head Cook Mr. Nelkie, ianitor Janitorsg from left to right: Mr. Iordan, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Wojahn, and Mr. Erickson CAsst.J. fv1 El 5 nv P Q L. YN Track Kneeling, from left to right: lulie Heenan, Tami Bauer, Lauren Bab- soclc, Lottie Clemenis, Debbie Holmes, Candy Knight. Second row, from left to right: Coach Wilfong, Manager - Sue Gra- cilc, Carol Upion, Peggy Holmes, Lori Gracik, Mary Tenbusch, hll Sias, ludy Gracik, Dawn Allen, Colleen Curry, Donna Mester, Manager - Michelle Mousseau, Coach Pinllcowslci. Third row, from left to right: lulie Featheringill, Cindy Ledin, Sue Bis- choll, Donna Hughes, Manager - Lori Emry, Maria Pinikowski, Trainer - Michelle Tyler, Patty Hughes, Deb- bie Wilke. i "" 'SMU If BOYS' TRACK TEAM, Kneeling, from left to right: Steve Schirmer, Mike Russo, Craig McMurray, Witt Call, Bill Colton, lohn Brocken- brough, Bill Engle, Bruce Chaney, left Wojahn, Mark Ng. Managers Bret Gerber and Dennis Moffit. Standing, from left to right: Coach Look, lim Fairbanks, Vern Long, Charlie Elliott, Rodney Whit- ford, Lee lrons, Dan Moffit, Tom Hughes, Tom Reder, Chris Wojahn, Dan Barry, lon Dunn, left Wilson, Da- mon Schingeck, Frank LaDrigue, Vic- tor Libby, George Featheringill, Rob- ert Ulman, Steve lohnson, Merrit Fin- nel, and Coach Sventko. A very young, inexperienced track team won one dual meet this year. The freshmen and sophomore runners were paced by Lee Irons and lon Dunn. lon Dunn was awarded the out- standing athlete award. The juniors and seniors were led by shot putter, Craig McMurray, and Senior Captain, Bill Colton. Bill fin- ished 3rd in the pole vault with an effort of ll'5" at regionals. He was the only qualifier from Tawas for the state meet. Coach Look J .V. Baseball 'Q , 6- .. ,,.i'ai5s'ZTL. .qi ., , . . iwwg , p ,, 'Mm A Q P limit L V - Q .,.- 'lils . k. , ' Q " " i , file' "is , Ls fi?-. , ec .7 . ,Q s. A i n Q 3,5 K 3 ' xi A f i 1 vt -- - ,. , ,.. X f M, , if , f 'f gf " 5. lj l ii ,. 'Nh' 4 . , . ,,,g."' " The LV. Baseball team finished the 1980 baseball season with a 5-ll record. After losing their first 8 games, the young team won 5 of their last 8 games. Curt Leslie and left Douglas led the team in offense. Leslie won the batting race with a .435 average. He also scored 12 runs and had 13 RBl's. Douglas fin- ished with a .333 batting average. He scored l4 runs for the season. Dale Wheatley had a tremendous year as a pitcher. He had a record of 4 wins and 1 loss and an earned- run-average of l.Ol. He led the team with 4 com- plete games, striking out 35 and walking 8 opposing batters. ln his last 27 innings, he allowed only one walk and 3 earned runs while fanning 27 batters. For their superb performances, Curt Leslie and Dale Wheatley received the Most Valuable Player Award. Other awards went to Curt Leslie for Best Offensive Player, Phil Petrach for Best Defensive Player, lohn Tenbusch for Most lmproved Player, left Douglas for Team Leader, and Bill Dalbec for Team Clown. Coach lim Blair i 1 .:. - .Ra i time f, Standing, from left to right: Gale Ericksen, Coach Blair, leff Douglas, Curt Leslie, lim Alexander, Bill Dalbac, Frank Stevelinck, Randy Biggs, Dan Mooney, lohn Tenbusch, and Manager left Conn. Kneeling, from left to right: Pat Pevord, Dale Wheatley, Phil Petrach, Dave Klenow, Rod Loetfler, Pat Kaems, and manager Bruce Nelkie. 1 5 -. ., .hz MA. 5. ,, T ,, ,. ,-if-.i:.:Q ,. it s ta: Q.-aw e.fgg5,w'5. ,-,915 ' W itfziggai W , -. , W K i. .. W,,,,5, ..,, W nt. . Mt .,4..v,., A-6 4. ..- ' .ii-1 fi:-7 -,..Q2w. ff J' wi! ig...-Q ia., A f " gg , i' 1, ,,L,. 4 a-uk' ' ,',' f ' M, - 1 P ,K wp , , . 4 I , ,W N-M .5 if ' -- 9. fa ' , ' f. K Y " N. , .. it , 141' 1 'la K, . . f 1, r,ie Q 1 , 1 ,ff f f .f -'Wt 'I 1 li X ',j:5?Z?' 7 ie, 1, QW 7 i' ' 4 f 'B 1 5 , ' 49' W QL H-L I if I 3 it 1 '1.- gig ' N X 1 N 't X 3 a i as seek X X 1 N NX K W Q N I I ,gs y 1 is , 1 N, 'T lt Sa' Mt is a N X 5 5 5 Q 2l B tia X X X if alia' 1 X X i 5 3 We ,X ,QS A , Q QNX' 1 . ' -f-f . :Mem ' Q K 6 i ,cvd s ,. 5, , f,- fs. W3-in . .af-" - 1 Varsity Baseball Standing, from left to right: Man- ager Eric Painter, lim Palmer, Don Look, lim Gracik, Mike Leslie, Greg Freel, Bill Rigg, Gary Stephan, lohn Brannan, and Coach Ericksen. Kneeling, from left to right: Scott Klemish, Ken McKenzie, Mike Gala- vage, lim Pockel, lay Grabow, lon Ericksen, Tony Mayer, and KC. Douglas. The 1980 Tawas varsity baseball team was composed of 12 seniors and 4 ju- niors. The team tinished with a 4-6 re- cord in a tough league, and an overall season record of 9-12 with three of the defeats coming in tournament play. Next year's team, obviously, is going to be a young team, lim Gracik led the Braves this year with an even .300 bat- ting average and lon Ericksen was the top pitcher with a 4-1 record. The sea- son was highlighted by two noehitters, back to back by Don Look and lon Ericksen against Alcona and Ogemaw Heights. lay Grabow had two home runs tor the Braves, hall the team total. Coach Ericksen J .V. Softball The l .V. Softball Team finished the season with an overall record of l l 81 5 and a league record of 6 81 2. The team tied for first place in league play. The girls worked very hard through the season and never gave up, living up to Tawas tradition. lt was a very rewarding season for the girls and myself. Coach Brown 1. ' 2, if GWR' "i te, Standing, from left to right: Scorekeeper Nancy Conn, Debbie Allen, Cindy Beach, Stephanie Royster, Chris Bischoff, Linda Nelkie, Kris Papenfus, Donna Kolts, lennifer Dillon, Kellie Brockenbrough, and Coach Brown. Kneeling, from left to right: Manager Lisa Seifert, Toni Penman, Lisa Konenske, Karen' Spencer, MaryBeth Kub- siak, lane Stonehouse, Lisa Bielby and Manager Amy Dil- lon. Varsity Softball Standmg, from left to rxght: Manager - Mxssy M1nard,Becky Conn,Sl'1elly Blust, Kar1Allen, loyce Hatcher, Diane Nellcl, lan Iohnson, Laurel Mlnard, M1vl'1elle Dobson, Carol Lauwers, Coach Cobb, and Manager Traf cy l,eCla1r. Kneelmg, lrom left lo rlghl: Manager - Patty Stephen, L12 Clark, Cmdy Slepllen, Clndy Miknyockl, Becky Woyahn, N1kk1 Pd1Ill6l'dl"lil Carmen Delxa Padillla. iff- f 63 olleyball Team members, sitting, from left to right: Stephanie Royster, lane t Stonehouse, and Lisa Bielby. Kneeling, from left to right: Kim Chaney, Carmen Brackenbury, Nikki Painter, and Debbie Allen. Standing, from left to right: Colleen Curry, Peggy Holmes, Dawn Allen, Linda l..aDrigue, and Coach Dibert. Enthusiasm tor the game, the learning of new skills, working hard, caring about each other, and a lot ot patience can all be used to describe this year's volleyball team. We won together as a team, we lost together as a team, but we did it together as a team. Coach Dibert i'-'Hx' Varsity Volleyball Sitting, from left to right: Managers, Darlene Hicks and Marie Hicks, Statistician, Lori Emry. Kneeling, from left to right: Donna Hughes, loyce Hatcher, Kari Allen, Cindy Wood, Diane Erickson and Laurel Minard. Standing, from left to right: lan lohnson, Pam Epley, Becky Conn, Debbie Wilke, and Coach Casey. 1 - This year's volleyball season was many things . . . exciting, challenging, hard work, and definitely a success. The team was conference champions with a record of 9 wins and l loss and had six members make the N.E.M.C. All-Conference Teams. Making all conference were: Kari Allen and loyce Hatcher, first team, Donna Hughes and Cindy Wood, second team, Diane Erickson and lan lohnson, honorable mention. During the season, Tawas came in second in the Oscoda Invitational and second in the Roger City Invitational. They then went on to win Districts to earn the right to compete at Regionals. They were defeated in the Finals at Regionals making the overall season record of 20 wins and 5 losses. Best of luck to our parting seniors who showed much leadership throughout the season. You will be Missedllll Coach Pat Casey t 65 Wrestling di 1-v I W stats State Entrant The 1979-1980 Wrestling Team finished 2nd at the Oscoda Invitational, 3rd in the Conference and 9th in the Districts. 66 Standing, from left to right: Coach McTaggart, Dave Healey, Craig McMurray, l oe Paitl, Chris Toska, Earl Weaver, and Manager Paul Blust. Kneeling, from left to right: loe Milburn, Bill Harris, Todd Bird, Mike Clark, left Blust, and Andre LaPalme. TAWA5 ram i I x 4 I '3 if B Cheerleaders LUMVM 11-. ' Q . :jfs ,. - 1- ,V ' .af . - ' -Mm! K- ' : ' f . I , QM' X, 1: " , , - t s ,fi -1 if-rw-' A 4- 5-I Varsity, standing, from left to right: Debby Knight, Tina Bruckner, Iulie Leslie, Mindy Clute and Betsy Williams. Sitting, from left to right: Cindy Beaubien, Karen Patrell, Cindi Buyse, and Cherie Buyse. Freshmen, from left to right: Carrie Miknyocki, Candy Knight, Donna Mester, Mary Beth Kubisiak, Sue Sarki, Terri Rapp, lulie Hall, and Karen Spencer. t,y J .V., from left to right: Pam Kobs, lackie Beals, Marci Smith, Katie Bolen, Laurie Engle, Kandi Smith, lackie DeRosia, and Renee Ben- mnqen Varsity, from left to right: Tina Bruckner, Cherie Buyse, Betsy Williams, Debby Knight, Iulie Leslie, Mindy Clute, Cindy t Beaubien, Karen Patrell, and Cindi Buyse. J.V., from left to right: Pam Kobs, Renee Bensinqer, Kandi Smith, Katie Bolen, Laurie Engle, lackie Beals, Marci Smith, and lackie DeRosia. Freshmen, from top to bottom: Terri Rapp, Candy Knight, Donna Mester, Carrie Miknyocki, Sue Sarki, Iulie Hall, Mary Beth Kubisiak, and Karen Spencer. K1 if pl X ,xD Wi? tl- ' x It V Y i Boys' Basketball Freshmen "A" Team, standing, from left to right: Coach Erick- sen, Manager Dennis Moffit, Charlie Elliot, Dan Moflit, Rod- ney Whittord, Chris Wojahn, Eric Groft, Lee lrons, Dan Moo- ney, Steve Foy, and Trainer - Bill Engle. Kneeling, from left to right, Dave Klenow, and Rodney 'L-F1 --1324i '- ' Loetfler. Freshmen "B" Team, from left to right, Coach Blair, George Featheringill, Steve lohnson, Pat Kaems, Steve Gracik, lohn Tenbusch, Gale Ericksen, Rick Brown, Pat Revord, and Man- ager - Kevin Revord. O fu X li N t X N X :Pins 1 fl W RX 'W-J , . l Nl I V I W ll jx," l 1 .. Il X I ,A s l m7li,1lff- lull l 2-, il I , x Kali 4 . , , V 5 0 .Q , 1 J.V. Basketball, from left to right: Manager - Brian Beaubien, Coach Pintkowski, Randy Biggs, Kelly Moffatt, Mark Tousley, lim Alexander, lohn Dunn, Dan Barry, Ed Harris, lohn Caplis, Bill Dal- bec, Rick Look, Keith Harris, Mark Iurczyk, and Manager - Ken McCready. 5 X V' V g -L. Ya gi" QQ y 7,1 A ' -to Varsity Basketball, from left to right: Coach Becker, lim Pocket, Rick Mous- seau, Tom Schriber, Iohn Gardiner, Brian Norton, Kevin Grace, Mike Gidley, left Wojahn, Kraig Moffatt, lim Gracik, and Trainer A lohn VanDeusen. Kneeling, from left to right: lay Gra- bow and Grant Mousseau. Freshmen Football Front row, from left to right: Rick Brown, Rodney Loettler, Bob Ulman, Dave Klenow, lim Fairbanks, Merrit Finnell, Larry Erickson. Middle row, from left to right: Manager I. Kolts, Dale Carel, Charile Elliot, Damon Schingeck, left Potter, Tom Hughes, Torn Beaubien, Lee Irons, George Featheringill, Iohn Tenbusch, Manager Den- nis Mottitt. Back row, from left to right: Coach Parsons, Steve Schirmer, Tom Reder, Gregg Drumm, Rodney Whittord, Steve Gracik, Dale Durance, Steve Schlabach, Dan Moffitt, Chris Wojahn, Dean Parrish, Vern Long, Coach Parsons. 4 1 jg rh xwhas li Qi' '11 -f ' v ,-ffl? 9 :, , ,W 'fd' 2 1 WV' 'fp' i we V, 4 , f, k4M g' m f, Wil X life ,M 2 3 . 'fffa 41 t WW WTDZW 1 """'l542' i f it ,tiff-tf -9,6 ff' i TP f cnt'-',fQV IQWEW 571' PM i 1. lf"7"t' ET? fl t rx U iq' P-'P Qu Vu' 2 K P' K I ' I , its rc WH 4, xx ij X? Sf N 73 . . Football Front row, from left to right: Bryan MacDonald, leff Douglas, Brian Hudgins, Chris Palumbo, Brian Beaubien. Middle row, from left to right: Earl Weaver, Kurt Serschen, Chris lacobs, leff Wilson, Kelly Moffatt, Mark Tousley, Dave Law, Manager Bill Bublitz. Back row, from left to right: Coach Brown, Paul Kauffman, Gary Williams, lon Dunn, Dan Barry, Dave Sterling, Bill Dalbec, lohn Wiese, Kurt Leslie, Coach Pinfkowski. X gf If ,J a ,V fs 0 9? f-x -5' ' W W ',' I I . if K' 3 5 x. ,Q E gif' 5 TES - - ri r .- ' X Q Z Teil?" . xl l J' 1...-1. Et! Jai... ,..., Standing, left to right - Coach Look, Chris Martin, Dave lacques, loe Paitl, Gary Spencer, Mike Gidley, Brian Nor- ton, leff Wojahn, Bryant Wilke, Tony Mayer, Coach Sventko, Coach Van Horn. Kneeling, left to right - Mgr. Bret Gerber, lim Gracik, Bill Rigg, Bob Sla- baugh, Mike Galavage, Chris Toska, Bob Hester, Paul Stevelink, Craig MacMurray, VK Awyll iw, , ,,,. l Mike Russo, "Doc" lohn Van Duesen. ,Q.i 5fQ+f , V"" ,,,' , Sitting, left to right - Dave Spencer, Don Brannan, Scott Klemish, Andre La Palme, Ken McKenzie, lay Grabow, Bill Colton, ,,,,, Ih B k b h. O n 'OC en mug Tawas 27 -Sanford-Meridian Tawas 27 -Boyne City Tawas O -Gladwin Tawas l3 -Standish4Sterling Tawas 6 -Pinconning Tawas 14 -Ogemaw Heights Tawas 28 -Oscoda Tawas 45 -Lincoln-Alcona The 1979 season provided the Braves and fans with many exciting contests, including the very close victories over Standish and Oge- maw Heights. The young men of this team performed admirably throughout the very tough schedule. The Class 'C' Braves opposed six Class 'B' opponents in route to their seventh consecutive win- ning season. The seniors of '79' will be remembered as dedicated winners with a tremendous amount of pride in the Tawas Football Program. The coaching staff, school, and community thanks those seniors for the many memorable and enjoyable moments they have given to the Tawas Area over the past Seasons! We can all be proud of the way you represented the community on and off the field at Boyne City, as well as at all football games. COACH LOOK Tawas 21 -Whittemore-Prescott fav'-at rf :ff X X -'C if v 4 ' ' its I . - C ,sn V' ' if ab '- J 'fs , , - S ,. :T X . Af f ' .- " . ,M H5 Freshmen Girls' Basketball mf This year for the Freshmen Basketball Team was a year spent learning tor the present and gaining experience for the future. Coach Dibert Freshmen Girls' Basketball - standing, left to right: Coach Gracik, Lauren Babcock, Iulie I-Ieenan, Lynn Zollner, Chris Bischoff, Peggy Holmes, Dawn Allen, Lori lansen, Karen Soults, Colleen Curry, Anne Harvey, Tami Spencer, and Kneeling from left to right: Elaine Frank, Mona Grunch, and lane Stonehouse. I f TY Girls' . . Basketball Standing, from left to right: Managers Lori Emry and Toni Penman, lennifer Dillon, Debra Allen, Linda Nelkie, Lisa Cotter, Kellie Brockenbrough, Cindy Beach, and Coach Blair. Kneeling, from left to right: Nikki Painter, Lisa Bielby, Wendy Earl, Becky Wojahn, and Lisa Konenske. The Girls' l.V. Basketball team ended the season with a 13-7 record. The girls were very competitive and provided some exciting basketball. Linda Nelkie lead the team with 189 season points and 179 total rebounds. She was voted by the team as the most valuable player. Other awards were given to Lisa Konenske CBest Detensej, Linda Nelkie CBest Ottensel, lennifer Dillon fMost Improvedl, Nikki Painter CSpirit Awardl, and Debbie Allen CTeam Clownl. Coach Blair Girls' Varsity Basketball Standing, from left to right: Coach Casey, Cindy "Does" Wood, Rhonda "Honda" Bruckner, loyce ul-litch" Hatcher, Laurel "Ella" Minard, Kari "Kid" Allen, Diane "Ma" Nelkie, Cathy "Big D" Davison, lan l'Disco" lohnson, Lori "Mongo" Gracik, Geri "Dimples" Birkenbach, Maria "Bea" Pintkowski, Carmen "Cram lt" Brackenbury. Sitting, from left to right: Trainer Michelle Tyler, Managers Becky Conn and Missy Minard, and Statistician Lori Emry. Conference champions for the second year in a row marked a successful basketball season for the Bravettes. Their conference record was 9 wins-l loss. Four members ot the squad made the N.E.M.C. All Conterence teams. All Conference team members were Kari Allen - tirst team, Ian lohnson and Laurel Minard - second team, and Cindy Wood - honorable mention. The season ended at Districts, but both teams played like winners. A close game all the way with the Bravettes coming up two points short when the linal buzzer went otl marked the end ot high school ball lor six seniors. They have shown leadership, dedication, no fear ot hard work and the ability to relate and care for others. These things, besides ability, helped make the team and the memories that will last torever. Congratulations, team, on a fine season. Best to all you seniors. lt's been lun, Coach Pat Casey .eine ,y, . ,.,f f t s . . lss, . iv iv iisle ,," Q ,,-- g win B dish . .., xx. as W. n - coda A Q ' .. , . fhittem K s 9 515:-. . A L. , . P4 . ...Q in 0' , - ' fiffiefzv... ,- 3 2.1. - . :- 5 - l lil it T.. e 35 at 5 .,.. "'l ,',f gi. . Whittemore 68 Pinconning 64 Roscommon 63 Houghton Lake 42 Alcona 82 RBS x"'14 E g , if Golf The l979 Braves Golf Team had a very successful year. Going into the conference meet Tawas and Gladwin were tied for the league: however, when points were added for league meet play, Ogemaw became the champion, followed by Gladwin, and then Tawas. The Braves qualified for the State finals by placing third, via a sudden death playoff with Roscommon, in the regional meet. The team finished 19th in the state final match. Coach Viele Team members, standing, from left to right: Coach Viele, lim l-luck, lim Palmer, Kraig Moffatt, Tom Schriber, Scott Gingerich, lim Alexander, and Keith Harris. Kneeling, from left to right: Phil Petrach, Pat Kaems, Gale Ericksen, Tim Huck, lon Ericksen, Eric Groff, and Mark lurczyk. 79 5555? 1 Q .- .. ,su F IQ rs? IIW ww W gg' M20-EQN--255 I CHORUS C JNQBJBJ IT .Ui Chorus members include: Cheryl Becker, Carol Bell, Kim Bessey, Laura Blackmore, Kim Brown, Sheri Buqh, Kathy Busch, Fay Davis, lulie Crack- stetter, Anne Harvey, Debbie Holmes, Pam Kay, Dawn Klinger, Brenda Krenz, Pam McClung, Kim Merrick, Dolores Miller, lerry Miller, Rene Monsell, Vicky Simpson, Collette Templeton, Tammy Wainwright. G Library Aides, from left to right: Miss Brzakowski, Lee Ann Miller, David Schwede, leri Miller, Tammy Nickell, Mary Matchuret, lan Monsell, and Travis Abbott. Office Help, from left to right: Mrs. Sventko, Lynn Curry, Lori Gra- cik, Lottie Clements, lulie Ochod- nicky, Anne Porter, Roseanne Small, Laurie Engle, Tammy VanSumeran, Karen Novik, Dawn Allen, Dorene Yanna, Lisa Leidecker, Mrs. Painter, Cathy Davison, Tami Donaghey. Library And Cffice Aides l ational Honor Society Back row, left to right: Ken McKenzie, lim Gracik, Mike Gidley, Kraig Moffatt, Lynn Pawloski Middle row, left to right: lulie Gackstet- ter, Anne Cotter, Sally Kasischke, Debbie Knight, Anne Kasischke, Louise Brock, Beth Lockwood. Front row, left to right: Sandra Salamony, Iill Barry, Maria Pintkowski, Kelly Carlisle, Gina Salamony, Bruce Bolen, Nancy Bolen, Sally Burtzloff. Missing from photo: Claudia Carney, Keith McCready, Linda Phillips, lulie Snob- len, Kim Wilson. New Members: Tina Allen, Sue Bischoff, lan lohnson, lerry Nivison, Roseanne Small, Kim Smith, Lisa Strelecki, lulie Thomas, Mark Walker, Iim Alexander, Renee Bensinger, Katie Bolen, Kim Brown, lohn Caplis, Kim Chaney, Lisa Cotter, Bill Dalbec, lackie Del?- osia, lon Dunn, Keith Harris, Kim Kalinowski, Kelly Moffatt, Wendy Ordiway, Nikki Painter, Phil Petrach, Mo Phillips. Physics 01 mpics Kari Allen, Stacey Baertson, Doug Carlson, Anne Cotter, Mike Giclley, lim Gracik, Deb- bie Knight, Mike Leslie, Chris Martin, Keith McCready, Ken McKenzie, Kraig Moffatt, Bill Rigg, Paul Root, Sandra Salamony, lulie Snoblen, Dave Spencer, loe Tenbusch, Chris Toska, Kim Wilson. Student Council Front row, left to right: Cindy Beach, Lisa Bielby, Cindy Mik- nyocki, Mary Tenbusch, and Kelli Carlisle. Second row, left to right: Karen Spencer, Mr. Pintkowski, Linda Nelkie, Maria Pinikowski, Cindy Wood, Lisa Schriber, Stephanie Nash, Melanie Look, Lisa Strelecki, Mrs. Blair and Lynn Hester. Third row, left to right: Lori Gracik, Bonnie Look, and Michelle Tyler. Back row, left to right: Sally Ka- sischke, and left Douglas. Varsity Club Front row, left to right: Becky Conn, Diane Nelkie, Mrs. Wilfong, Sue Bischoff, lulie Snoblen, Michelle Tyler, and Diane Erickson. Back row, top to bottom: lill Sias, Maria Pintkowski, lan lohnson, Cindy Stephan, Cindy Miknyocki, Michelle Dobson, Carol Lauwers, Carmen Delia Padilla, Lori Gracik, Laural Minard, Colleen Curry, Nancy Bolen, Rhonda Bruckner, Carmen Brackenbury, Deb- bie Wilke, loyce Hatcher, Kari Allen, and Nikki Painter. Drama Club nd Thespians Standing, from left to right: Scott Gingerich, Keri Marx, Kim Kalinowski, Louise Brock, Ken Rapp, ,lulie Thomas, Patty Mahar, Nancy Mooney, Steve Dude, Stephanie Royster, and Mrs. Mund. Kneeling, left to right: Keith McCready, Karen Nelkie, Kelli Carlisle, Jackie Abbott, and Kim Wilson. Standing, from left to right: Patty Mahar, Kim Kalinowski, Steve Dude, Keith McC'ready, Ken Rapp, Nancy Mooney, Stephanie Royster and Keri Mani. Kneeling, from left to right: Ka- ren Nelkie, lackie Abbott, Scott Gin- gerich and Kim Wilson. ze YEHREQQK Q 5' A ..AA ADVERTISING STAFF, Standing, from left to right: Damon Schingeck, Kim Smith, Nancy Conn, Bev Hill, Terry Nelkie and Tammy Brackenbury. Missing from Photo: Claudia Carney, Ken Rapp, leri Grabow, Shelley Gilskey, Lori An- gle, Laura Blackmore, Lori Kendall, Robin Greene, Margaret Bouchard, and Michelle Glossop. 4511 yr i s Q J X 'il ' .2 2? Q ig ,gig W-...K y Wff 7 in l . B 5,ffg',-w,ff,H5l i. - mylmm ',,." ,, ,M-uuw..,. H Q w 'Fw-f W ,iii ,V V,,,V A , E, 4 nf my V Q X, I . , 1 , , . 55? 1980 Staff Terry Nelkie, Editor Kim Smith, Ass't. Editor Miss Talbot, Advisor Till Barry, Layout Michelle Glossop, Layout Damon Schingeck, Layout Tammy Brackenbury, Treasurer Scott Ginqerich, Photographer Solo 8: Ensemble Back row, left to right: Michelle Glossop, Debbie Holmes, Toni Coleman, Nancy Conn, Front row, left to right: Sally Kasischke, San- dra Salamony, Claudia Carney, Gina Salamony, Suzette Lapalme, Lynn Pawloski, and Lori Emry Symphonic Band O Back row, left to right: Toni Coleman, loe Milburn, Chris Kennedy, Lottie Clements, Diane Miscisin, lennifer Wojahn, Lisa Armstrong, Lynn Pawloski, Anne Cotter, Louise Brock, Mindy Clute, Sandra Salamony, Debby Knight, Moe Phillips, Tami Look, lenny Galavage, Nancy Conn, Patty Hughes, Lisa Bielby, Pam Kobs, Lynn Hester, Renee Curry, Sue Boik, and Gussie Thompson. Middle row, left to right: Terry Nelkie, Chad Robson, lon Dunn, Gary Warren, Mary Tenbusch, Kim Wilson, Bob Slabaugh, Dan Penn, Dan Barry, lim Alexander, Keith McCready, lefi Douglas, Lynn Curry. First row, left to right: Kim Machleit, lill Barry, Sally Kasischke, Lauren Babcock, Debbie Douglas, Debbie Holmes, Lori Emry, Claudia Carney, Michelle Glossop, Gina Salamony, and Suzette LaPalme. .. of' F111- , lj I1 I X i , - k -- 9 np, .X -, ' - .f X i f X '5 Eff! V' ' 'ft' xx 1, l -ll ,,.. .-341-1--f g. fi' Pep Band Back row, left to right: Michelle Glossop, Terry Nelkie, lill Barry, Chad Robson, Toni Coleman, Lori Emery, Debbie Holmes, Lynn Cur- ry, Claudia Carney, Kim Machleit, Nancy Conn, Lynn Hester, Renee Curry, Sandra Salamony. Front row, left to right: Lottie Cle- ments, Suzette LaPalme, Diane Miscisin, Lisa Armstrong, Bob Sla- baugh, Kim Wilson, Chris Kenne- dy, Gary Warren, Keith McCready. Director: Gina Sala- mony. , . Polka Band Back row, left to right: Kim Wilson, Gary Warren, Keith McCready, lenny Galavage, Lynn Hester, Gina Sala- mony, Claudia Carney, Renee Curry, Toni Coleman, Michelle Glossop, Sal- ly Kasischke, and Nancy Conn. Front row, left to right: Sue Boik, Sandra Salamony, Gussie Thompson, and Lynn Curry. Senior Band embers Top row, from left to right: Gary War- ren, loe Milburn, Dan P e n n , K e i t h McCready. Middle row, from left to right: Sandra Salamony, Renee Curry, lenniter Wo- jahn, Anne Cotter, Gussie Thompson, Toni Coleman, Sue Boik, Sally Kasischke, Kim Wilson. Bottom row, left to right: Lori Emry, Deb- bie Kniqht, and Mindy Clute. .S ,Q -gr N 1 X 6 " T.,.:- - .V jivg I G 1 Color Guard Top row, from left to right: Tammy Brackenbury, lulie Gaclc- stetter, Lisa Strelecki, Lori Emry. Middle row, from left to right: Michelle Glossop, lan Monsell, Mindy Clute. Bottom row, from left to right: lill Grimes, Renee Kaiser, Lynn Pawloski, Debby Knight, Kay Dal- bec, Mary Matchuret. Tawas M a r c h i n 2 Braves Back row, from left to right: Keith McCready, Chris Kennedy, left Douglas, Renee Curry, lenniter Wojahn, Dan Penn, loe Milburn, Gary Warren, Dan Barry. Znd row: Mary Matchuret, Holly Beaudion, Bonnie Simpson, lill Grimes, lulie Gackstetter, Lisa Bielby, Lisa Armstrong, Suzette La- Palme, Patty Hughes, Tammi Look, Augusta Thompson, Nancy Conn, Lynn Curry, lim Alexander, Michelle Glossop, Renee Kaiser, Kay Dalbec, Tammy Brackenbury, lan Monsell. 3rd row: Kim Wilson, lenny Galavage, Lottie Clements, Claudia Carney, Sandra Salamony, Kim Machleit, Sue Boik, Diane Miscisin, Toni Coleman. 4th row: Pamela Kobs, Chad Robson, Lauren Babcock, Anne Cotter, Terry Nelkie, Maureen Phillips, lill Barry, Lynn l-lester, Sally Ka- sischke, Gina Salamony, Mindy Clute, Debby Knight, Lynn Pawloski, Lori Emry, RX 6 , V A 1. , ff' ig If 1 fx. K ' K 1 WA f v1 - - r . F P . 5 ' Y X gguzduwlibn 4.980 999 9999 9 , 9 1 wa w' Cwvg .x I 17 ,M L h L QNX L . flxg X ' H AL - f x x 13' 'wx Q T. ,,, 'QGN A 'K ,Q Q. . , W TANKS AREA SENIOR CLASS HIGH' SCHOQ Prom 1980 6'Babe'9 .SRS Mk- V ,X XX zssgie WP J r.-Sr. f 'N 'S Ag fl .A xiii Ham. We, Mrs. Reasner's l98O English IV College Prep. Classes will to next years College Prep. Classes, all the nights we spent doing grammer, literature, vocab, reading books we hated, writing unending book reports, giving oral book reports, and doing forensics. Have fun this summer because you certainly won't have time for fun next year. Clf you want to pass, that islj David W. remember all the fun times we had in school, well don't forget them and good luck in the future. Remember track and field days? Remember when we couldn't wait to be seniors? Debbie K. remember when Maria P. was mad at you and hit a golfball and dented the siding of your house? We, senior Brian N., lim G., lohn G., Bill C. will our immaturity to Bob H., Clarence M. lay G., and Karl K. l, Lori E. Will my locker lO44 to Ieff W. since your stuff is in there all the time anyways. The Seniors of Mr. Wasylk'S Algebra ll Classes will to all the upcoming seniors all the undivided attention we gave him. We, Mr. Wasylk's pre-calculus class will to next year's math-elites, our handy dandy trig cheat sheets, and all of the hoped for free days we never got because math-elites NEVER take a vacation! Remember when Bill Pockel shaved his head into an arrow? Brian N. Remember when Miss Cobb and Mrs. Duquette were constantly looking for us fifth hour, or was it third hour? You know how bad my memory is! 100 X '-i if if I Banquet N WM! x H - n Z , ,f!'7 Q ,A ,WX EY' A ,Z 667 9 Vocational L44 1, -sl iw M www Qu 4 Q ' 252:- ,gfff Q09 K 1 x. , 6' G7 1 " K1h,s1',,.,g'Q in ' S 1' vw- Education 80,' xmf , aw My I :TMJ ,x , ' K W, L A xx , Y 4 , 5 , fi ' ,nity xv F' Q 4 4 'v Q it sf NQE.. li "' . vi' Q 5421 ' fi!! !?.fQ2pzu 5 da is ,fffltff 5 1' Wea-.:Q51wafzz1f1fi.1 ' 5.x xx 522' if 5, 1 ,ls xii. 1 xi f:Q,:5 : A., , ry gg 'f-'ff.i?Ef 2 'pl J, e 552. 2 ' RSE' :sin -v-, Q31 .. . 1. rar M, ,. . 1 ,Q t fl. -I 'rf'-1' E , : gs pg wx, HQ f Y fi 1 T "NW 93 5 'x S N- w Q Q! a sw ' sig? e. 3, :E x sg 5 xx E ,ig ,mi fx f-4,255 SQ? x ww ' W S M25 2,2 Q N S M wx Q xiii? Xxx X xr ESE H5 X r w 1 mi 'X Ewa X li g X Eggax ,S lj. W Q R N SOX X X is RX 2 X-,153 v N 3' Q I 1523 Q1 NES an L Y ST' Q x MWC X gk T km il '22 ,iw - L ,, ,H .Hg fg , Q GOG -ad-A SHO Gene, Gene N' me ii? fem Chuckie Babie Unknown Comic Long of Nose, I.P., and Rip ' of ks: E-X LL-1 w,, i ia fe L Qur Tmyn xl , I. - 'YR Ga A W ,aww Wm L mmmmm My 105 Festival Of The Arts S 'VL K-m,.,.,.,4 as in fm K 1-ffm -,ti 3 'Q ., K"'k' cms! gg . -g 5 x Q 1' Ili IIN Q 44? Forensics First Place Winners Humorous - lon Dunn, Storytelling - Stephanie Royster, Multiple - lohn Brannan, Theresa Gracik, Mike Gidley, Serious - Cindy Wood, Duo - Brian Norton, lim Gracik, Humorous - Sally Kasischke, Oration - Colleen Curry, Extemporaneous - Mark Calabrese, lntormative -- Kim Kalinowski, Oration - Gary Warren. Second Place Winners Oration - Nancy Conn, Multiple - Ken McKenzie, Kari Allen, Kevin Grace, Mike Russo, Ann Kasischke, Doug Carlson, Tony Mayer, Laurel Minard, lntormative - Lynn Hester, Storytelling - Toni Penman, Humorous - Maria Pintkowski, Serious - Wendy Earl, Humorous - Nikki Painter, Extemporaneous - Vic Libby, Duo - Ken Rapp, Suzette LaPalme. Third Place Winners Storytelling - lenny Galvage, Informative - Michelle Dodson, Duo - Kim Wilson, Keith McCready, Radio Broadcasting - Bruce Bolen, Humorous - Deb Knight, Multiple - Dave Spencer, Stephanie Nash, Iohn Brockenbrough, Diane Myles, Renee Curry, Sandra Salamony, Humorous - Kellie Brockenbrough. 'u--v Regional Winners Multiple, CLEANEST TOWN IN THE WEST, Laurel Minard, Kari Allen, Tony Mayer, Mike Russo, Ann Kasischke, Doug Carlson, Ken McKenzie, Kevin Grace. Multiple, MECHANICAL BRIDE, Mike Gidley, Theresa Gracik, lohn Brannan. Storytelling, Toni Penman. Humorous, Ion Dunn, Sally Kasischke, Maria Pintkowski. Duo, Ken Rapp, Suzette LaPalme. Extemporaneous, Victor Libby, Mark Calabrese. Original Oration, Colleen Curry, Gary Warren. State Winners Multiple - MECHANICAL BRIDE - Mike Gidley, lohn Brannan, Theresa Gracik, Storytelling Toni Penman, Duo - Ken Rapp and Suzette LaPaIme Directors: Mrs. Reasner, Mrs. Ericksen 110 Cand land Yff ff"- ..l- X Q Spirit Banquet 1 A. A k,., 13 ,yi .mp Homecoming - Halftime J' 'Nm g, . Q, 5' 93 6 x. I 'Q' Z amd IIVFK C QLD IRQ? IIKSHII N ENE il 'S 'x-9-09 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 6AOA0A6A0AQAOAOAOA0AOAQAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAQAOAOAOAOAOAOA A A FARMERS AND CONGRATULATIONS MERCHANTS f off 1 Tawas Medlcal Cllnlc Sand Lake H61QhtS Hale Rose C1ty fiimeff Q srnflmi I Wwm Judy Konenske Jean Phf-me 352 4261 East Tawas M1Ch1QdD Congratulatlons Graduates WE'RE THE NEIGHBORHOOD 'P A ID 'U IL S Congratulatlons Senlors QE M Al M.L... C., 5226 NORTH U s 23 oscomx MICH 48750 225 NSWITIGU STFGST TELEPHONE 517 739 3394 East Tawas M1Ch1QdH vvvvvvv'?r's?'0x9'0vvvvvvvv AAAAWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA vAOA0A0A0A040AOAOAOAOA0AOAQA0AOAOAOAQAOAOAQAOAQAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAQAQAOAOAOA0A6404 4 r ? ji: CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF rf, J 980 'Q 411 I9 4 P cz: VAR A C 41 4 I? 4' 0 9 0' VI w O 'Q 411 4' x , I? Q04 C 4 I - , :QQ Q1 , Q 71 ,Q 43 N 'ff x my ,Q cv gf Q 'Q 4 E9 Q 9 431 o' I' 40, 9 ,Q 42: on X we :gr 423 R A I L E9 4' Q: 4:1 C iz, 'I CAT?3lggZ.JgZiES I' 43 MERCHANT ,tb 106 W. Westover, East Tawas 40' "P ta Phone 362-6191 5 O Spencer and Carol Welch 4.1 CLASS GF g., 5:1 mo 1 Co NTY 5, Q21 And best of TR ' U gi, kr: lUCk"'W"Y5! AGENCY, INC. gs, Q3 Bob Otwen ' Comracto' Ken Conn - Jack MacMurray ,OI P.O. Box 213, East Tawas, Mich. 48730 ,O fy 02 f? 4,1 Phone 36248 Phone 362-3261 to VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Pvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA It: CONGRATULATIONS if 5: CLASS OF 1980 t, ty A K A from 1.1 Y FAMILY HOME ,. 1.1 AUTO BOD ,. FURNISHINGS ,. ?.q Downtown East Tawas I '04 Ron 81 Kareen Feathenngill b 94 P' I . ain in , T ,O sg: an S PAR 5 ?.4 Murals S T O 5 4 P :Q 1208 South U.s.-23 'rowoo City TAKE OUT FOODS Sand Lake Heights Phone 3 6 Z-8 50 1 Pete 8: Jan Russell pt S 4 V I Chuck Allen and Steven Shoen an d 4 4 :rf Yes, we give tree estimates. fr 1,4 SUCCESS to the CLASS of 1, 5.4 Home of "Sunshine Signs" Q80 t. I 4 ' .04 ,O Q O 3: Best Of Luck TO The Compliments Of: If: Graduates 0f 1980 G. Grabow, Distributors, Inc. I, 0 0 O O l l524 South National City Road 4 , , , , P Real Estate, Inc. National City, Mlchiqan 434 646 US.-423 171 North Huron 7: 4 Q Tawas City AUGWQS f 424 Phone 362-3469 Phone 876-2660 ,z 40' I9 cgi BUBLITZ :gg 'I OIL C0 ' 94 0 ' a . 0, 49' Tawas City Phone 362-2391 at 4.4 BE E R ,Q? 4 Oscoda . G b Q Phone 739 2871 ,Q 4 4.1 Gasoline 81 Fuel Oils O O 4:1 CONGRATULATIONS A I3 A CLASS OF ,80 'o 4 4 1 V V V V vvvVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVvvvv V V o 4 QQQM kvlN9lN9lfllN9l0l0X016l6161616X6X6X61Q1.6Xv.v. S if 101. sen ons atulatl gr CO" J 'Q 'of 'Q Vo, Vo Vo, Vo Po, Vo Vo, Vo Vo, Vo Vo, Vo Po, Vo Vo, Vo 'of Q QAQQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQAOQQQOQO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA rf fflf'-K' xys Q . fir! OOQSV E., 044,0a ? " 0 5 if 6 U 4 D Q asm mek 2 Mg 7 .-W1 u S gb 2"u'Il76Q X1 QQ Ml 516. :L CH. Ph9n' ff X1,XJXAjx,f" V I MERSCHEL ffffgf zswfffff HARDWARE, INC A Hard are store and a whole lot more. T p E F At your service since 1903. 362 67B1 Congratulations Class of 80 ALLYDUR FAMHLY UNDERDNE U UDKUQP FAMILY CENTER RO0P 4 Lista!3,2If2if2If2f'ftf':!f'f21':2E2U2E232Q,26?.6..6f.6f. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 4 P 64 ,O Congratulations .4 0 ' P. 4 4:4 .,.A 1,3 196017168 Semors ,ti QQ: U S TAT E BA N K C., q INC. M East Tawas -4 Tawas City 1 108 Lake Street. l Phone 362-3821 01 B Oscoda ' Hale A cem131iSL?::e1w5ptiliZG 1 . I9 4:1 301 Newmar1Street es gag gg .4 if 54 4.4 East Tawas , . , .--me.. pa Q: ,Q 21 KEISER'S ECUNO-WAY DRUGS gg .1 ng Q 4 W 537- Lake Street 'QQ Ph 9 362-3551 Q4 CM Tawas City, M' h'g :Q 4:2 Congratulatlons Semors 4.4 D. cf: DENNIS W. MOLLARD, :fu is D.D.S. 4 E? qt' 539 Lake Street W I 'tb 4.1 Tawas City, Michigan Q' x 'J , ff: KEEP SMILING SENIORS V :fi 4' 'Q ez I :Q 6: CGbifc131XggUl1JI?:gl?NS ZUBEK :Ie 04 CHRYSLER 4, 43 NELKIE 53 o ji: -I DAIRY SALES rg, 9 - gglgjzgfcfts 492 M-55 'rewee City, Michigan Phif1:LXiZ?gIf6ricOg1aStI':I?a?viaS Phone 517-352-3791 or 352-3541 4 O cgi 401 4" '4 431 '4 41. IO4 5 4 si' ,4 SOI 34 szq l 4 5.4 O I4 r.4 5:4 101 vz4 sa WI F51 ff 401 P '4 40. kr' PI ff: fr' if 44 , '4 40. , '4 40. 7 V km " 4 4 .AT MCINTUSH MCKAY 4 A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Q v1.,A.A.AOA.A0A.A.AOA.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.4,4.4.4,4, QQ4 4 'QQ 4 P 4 hz, 4 7 . :iv 3 r' R V7 ,Q 97 r' V7 ,Q V, ' 0 I0 0 I? P., 'Q r V7 ,Q wb ,Q Q7 r V7 ,Q Q7 P., 'Q v P9 ,Q V, iz, 'Q v V, ,Q 97 ,Q no hz, 'Q r ro ,Q vb ,Q rf, I If A A A A A A A .nv.Q.0.fnAQ.0.0.v.w.+2f2'2'2'2'2'2e2+2Q2+QQQ2 Congratulations Graduates Mulvena Truck SCHOOL AP CREDIT M UNION Add t Buchanan SL Son Bu1lders, Inc OdMhq 48750 Ph 45175 739 9290 o F Th E pl y 976 7311 876 9932 Wh ff tt S QNM4! f s h KINGSBEIIRY 1.14 I-IONIE S CDW! CONGRATULAT ON REAL ESTATE AGENCY CLASS QF 80 COTTAGES - APPRAISALS LAKE FRONTS BUSINESS FARMS Boba d Ma ga et R'chte O Congratulations Class of 80 ersonaize air Desi nin Sf FT ' e oorin - vance O ome air kin are ro ra HHS cross rorn Mc ntos - c a 800 WGS GY Sffee Eas awas, Michigan 1864 N. U.S.-23 East Tawas PIIOHG 352-3445 fs' 49: Phone 392-3255 61 - Q 4" .4 40' .4 cv " L' I EMPLOYEES 4.1 me, nc. 0 Locations in: 4.4 1 ena, East Tawas, Saginaw and Dearbor Q: C1 H C s' gl .si 1t'F '1y ca R C1 1' q 4 iions 4.4 Residential Q 4 4 . ae Q0 ' o a, ic i an 4Q General Constractors ffering inancial Services 4 Phone To e m o ees Of: Q Q . or . i emore-Pre cho 1 4:4 192 N. Us. - 23, Auel-es, Michigan 48703 THa1e AX Sshh 11 awas e 4.4 4 ' 1 IoscoI 1: media e ID' t ' t 0: 0 Os a A s h 1 QQ Q 4 . Q0 4 421 1 s 4 7 9 fa 719 w. BAY STREET - EAST TAWAS, MICHIGAN 48730 4.1 TELEPHONE 15771 362-3007 . . . P 4 n r r I r, wners 4 . 4' A 4 O 4 6 ""' ...E QQ ' EHS. Q SERVICES 4 kr: f fa rf Men's Sz Womens F 4 P 1 d H q g Q0 4 c 1 c 1 g Ad a P 1 Q3 H H 9 s c P g F h ,QI A 1 1 h M K y t T 1B 1 Q VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV Pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 'vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Q96QQQQOQOQOQOQO0QOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQ4 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Q .aQ Teall s Dlscount U J W U V TS Auto Repall' 50 Amerlcan and Fore1gn Cars East Tawas M1Ch1QdH 48730 To The Class of 80 S D F Famous Name Sportswear for Guys Sz Gals INC Lev1 Wrangler H I S Hang Ten Hagqar 2136 Pme Grove Avenue Formal Wear Rental 5160 North U S 23 1n Gscoda Phone 313 984 5111 One Block North of McDonalds Port Huron lVl1ChlQd1'1 48060 AUL Terry S Grabow S C6Tf1f16d Pubhc Accountant 1ae4NnhUs 23 E T Amerlcan Unlted Llfe 362 6031 Tawas C1ty M1Ch1Q6D phone 362.4435 GRADUATES 1 1 MOORE'S PAINTING 8: DECURATING Servxng the Arenac 8: Iosco Area In AuGres In Tawas .T r. 8 1- 1 f ' 5+ M :It V 8 P 4 ,Q L n ,rj o P . FARM avg, 'Nc' 616 West Bay Street Phone 362-8471 Q4 Te ' I I Best of Luck ,Q 'If " ' Ig? lrom 9 . 0 gtg ' - Q4 ' ' - 'of - - . .' ' S 8 Q4 l 'of 'Q' Q ' 'of ra . . . . 54 g g g 0 - -' ast awas ,.g 0 0 c Phone - ,.Q Pa . l . . 54 rg as rg P Q4 0 Vi 8 Ei h 876 8 82 :.J P 0116 ' 7 Phone 362-ZO55 ,Oi 52 Congratulations Class of 1980 gg ,Q 4 P'0'0'0'0'4'Q'o'0'0'o'0'0'o'o"'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'fo'Q'fo' 4 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA vAQAoAQAQAQAQAgoAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAoi!!A.AQAQAQAQA,AgAn 4' ' 4 9 O bg, WM. LOOK 8: SONS Incorporated Buick - Pontiac - GMC Truck Sales and Service 200 Newman Street BUICK East Tawas, Michigan Phone: C5175 352-3454 Q 5239 North U.S. 23 Oscoda, Michigan Phone C5173 739-5008 x L'T KTP fn' i' i UNION 1761 FUEL MOTEL - RESTAURANT - BAKERY Smorgasbord Daily Home Style Cooking 8t Baking Air Conditioned - Open Year Round Breakfasts - Lunches - Dinners Color TV - Tub - Shower - Posterped ic Beds MAILING ADDRESS MOTEL P.0. BOX G 517 876-8131 401 EAST U.S. 23 RESTAURANT AU GRES. MI 48703 517 876-7928 CONGRATULATIONS 431 431 411 413 iii ,4 E22 431 ff 4:1 E.: 351 4 fr' 401 Qt, CLASS OF '80 P1 62: 24 311 fi: fi: fi: ig! HAIR FASHIONS CONGRATULATIONS BY CAROL . Mutual Savings Carol Wesgixaicfggsmeiologist CONGRATULATIONS Association QQ: 228 Newman Street East Tawas M30308030308ovovovosozovozQEQUQSQSQEQSQU :J ,gg r :IQ hz, r rf, r rf, r rf, r rf! P. 4 Ig? I9 5 be V, ,Q 97 ,Q no ,Q V7 404 40. '4 40. '4 'Q 401 4 'Q 40. 43' 01 40. 4 'Q 40. 43' 01 'Q 40. SUPPLY A Congratulations Class of '80 401 '4 40. 40' 01 40. 4 40. fo 0 r s' 1 10 X i X . f so Po so ro so ..0 jr' -, me sumv CHAMPION Po ,Q ' o TAWAS BAY AGENCY, INC. Complete Insurance Facilities loh C Elliott Robert W Elliott 108 West State Street East Tawas Mtchiga Phone 362 3409 Pho e 469 2151 121 W. State Street East TGWGS' Michigan 00000 A A A A A A A A A A A AQAQAQAQAQAoAoAoAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQ 0 Q 4 Q Q 4 Q o Q Q o o 0 JOHNSON AUTO 220 Lake Street I Tawas City, Michigan CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1980 Congratulations Class of '80 I Cholger's Service Stihl Cham Saws Parts Sz Service 551 Lake Street Ta as City Michigan Phone 362 2291 SAND LAKE iosco coUNTY Etblhcl 869 of' C 4 National City Mich gan X Q W tL k St 0 Moto-Ski, Ski-Doo Snowmobiles qwff Gnw ' Q ' W PO B 20 AAA Road Service CtyM hg ABSTRACT OFFICE, LTD. ' ' 1 ZJ ,"' 433 es ae el . J '0 ' . . QX4 40: Tawas 1 , ici an VVVVVVV VV VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV v v v v v v v V V V V V v v 10ow'0'Qto'o0o0o0vo'o0o0e,0o0o0o0o0o0o0o QOQ0Q0303OQQQOAOQOAOSOAQAOQOQOQ6QQQQQQ Q Q Q BEST WISHES SEN IORS fom THE NORTHEASTERN MQBHB j mumsz' 'Q , HUKlHfY?1l'l 4 our 0, K A QM JJ, XNNFWYWWA Annwersary LL X? SAND LAKE CONGRATULATIONS GENERAL STORE CLASS UF 80 I ' f A H D BARB DLBOXSKY CONGRATULATIONS I, CLASS OF 80 'B S 5 - gf 0 o Servmg over 33,000 homes smce before you were born 9 Beer W1ne Grocenes 81 Homemade ouqhnuts j ' ' ' Corner of Sand Lake Road and Inchan Lake Road SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE National City Phone 469-9341 A UNITED LIFE 534 LAKE SVREET I CO Mrci-HGAN 4e7s:-5 , 362-4435 Founuzo 1 77 RES 362 3069 V V V v VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV VVVVVV ooooococooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo -V-V-V-V-V-V-V--V- V V V V V V V V V V V AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA P 44 be 45: SAND LAKE TAWAS SAND :ii fri BAR AND GRAVEL 5:2 Beer q Exgavaiing and Eniiagaing P2 4 HambUfQe1'S Draft Beef sand, eiavai and Top snii p 434 Frosted Mugs 1240 sgnin Ulife 3E3nEj3i:iiy, Michigan ,2 40: Complete Dinners . . :OJ 4:4 Phone 469-4812 Congratulations Seniors 0' :oz 4:1 Mooneyis Ben Franklin 4.1 I0 43: Discover PLUMBING 55 4:1 Uafbljll FRANK'-!N AND HEATING gi 94 A ng variety to Idle' E 200 Eaai caan 5" Q94 D Tawas CltY,l Michigan, 48763 ,OJ 434 138 Nawinanusgaai Eg P1l2?n?EEi21?gjS1 61 East TMS' MA Um Congratulations Seniors Q: A :of jg: BARRIER gg 4 r A ffi i 231228 ii 4' D A V1 604 1Ei1Bay 36 ZES:-'at9'gawas . 401 MDB ' 5.1 45: W5 1 :gi 40' innaisniiwoii A '01 422 i, , B . American Motors E23 0 f- Q 'A A 0 4.4 V .,i., ,,.f P D.: 433 i Ein 04 0 ,O 424 K, EJ-LDSBACIBILE P!! 04 A :ol 4, D VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Pvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv A A A A A v 0 4 Q 0 OAOAOAOAOAOQQQQSQAQAOAQAOAQSQSOAOQAQQ6 0 o 0 to LUTZ s sToRE 17 xo F h M t Sz G K l VERllU fhkv EiwnJ?iw MEKZQT Emu, 'MEL uno Phone 469 2311 Congratulatlons 2' 1' Class of 80 MOEHRING S GREEN HUUSE 1, 304 West Westo e ' Phone 362 3041 Congratulations Semors Sand Lake Helghts Spo sor of the Ann al 125 N Grant To nslup Summer Fest al Congratulations Class Of 80 CONGRATULATIGNS DOUBLE CLASS OF 80 EAGLE Contemporary Halrstyllng 643 Lake Street Ta as C1ty M1-ohlqan Phone 362 6971 We Do Good Work 444444 444444444 'Q QQ Q 64 A ,Q reexxuorz XX QQ X X - Q4 1 I l , V . . . . ft 414 M .1 0 ' - cv ' .4 . 40' .1 2- o o - 9 ff: fa 9 fi: 4 udtxcsqph co: 56 og v r N 0 : E E t Tawas Michi an 48730 Q5 X X ca HD ,- as ' Q 4 2 ' 9 "0.....9-1" - 'G Q ff: 4.1 . . ci' I: L DRUGS Men's Association Q 0: n u n Q4 ewman Street East Ta Q4 . w ' iv Ig , Ig , Q iz, 04 " 4 Q . . Q f 14 Q: W ' , ' ' Q - v vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv v OOOOOOQOOOOOOOQ0600000O0O66000OO0O60v6 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV A AAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Student Center Gomg to McDonald sg s almost as much a part of school as gomg to class Youve made us the place to meet to talk to have a good tlme to celebrate your v1ctor1es and help forget defeats more than lust another place to eat And that s why at McDonald s we do lt all for you CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES 0 cDo ld Syt . , i ' 9 3 Q I a You've made McDonald's 3 1 ' 9 3 MC lo M na 's sem,Inc., 1977 VVVVVVVVVVVVV 7777777777 s?'Qf'6'x9'O'O'0'O'0'!f'6'6'sV'6's7'?z'6'6'Qr'4'1 ,Q 1? Bs V 7 V 7 V V ' IW IN A I0101oiAOA033141010101Q1ozolololozolozolozolofol01013433Ao! A 1 1 I vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv 7777777777 900900000OQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00009 vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ATIRUNI Dinner Belle Restaurant Ronald R. Tyler Miller Shoes The Tawas Herald Falker Veterinary Clinic Dr. E.W. Phillips, O.D. Branham's Jewelry Store Schatt Lumber Company Singing Bridge Grocery Cooley's Department Store Wojahn Floor Covering I-Iester's IGA The Booknook Tawas Parts and Machine Timothy K. Weaver Harvey Brinkman M.D. Raymond L. Sutton, M.D. Real Estate One ot Tawas Millend Discount Store Filter Queen of the Tawases Marshall and Kim Wood Hank and Esther Graham Mr. and Mrs. Stan Brockenbrough Mr. and Mrs. Benson Beck Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Ulman Pennman's Car Wash loy and Hazen Warner Dan and Norma Schingeck Mr. and Mrs. lack Smith lim and Sheri Koehn Mrs. loanne Cook Dick and Sharon Frank Mr. Francis Dorey Betty Grabow Thank You . . . . Mr. Keiswetter for all of your help and assistance throughout the production of this yearbook. . . . Mr. Alexander, Mr. Reddick, and the rest of the faculty for all of your patience and understanding on picture days. . . . Tawas coaches for your write-ups. . . . John Smith Studio for supplying us with pictures on such short notice. . . . All of the local merchants who helped support our yearbook by advertising in it. Without them there wouldn't be a yearbook. . . . Mrs. Kosto for all of your help and assistance during the year. Without you, we would still be typing away. . . . Miss Talbot for all of your advice and help in producing this 1980 edition of "Brave Impressions." . . . To Terry Nelkie, Kim Smith, Michelle Glossop, Jill Barry, and Damon Schingeck - who delayed the start of their summer vacation to finish this yearbook. Jogrsws MRIQN Yymaoof comaawv

Suggestions in the Tawas Area High School - Brave Impressions Yearbook (Tawas City, MI) collection:

Tawas Area High School - Brave Impressions Yearbook (Tawas City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


Tawas Area High School - Brave Impressions Yearbook (Tawas City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Tawas Area High School - Brave Impressions Yearbook (Tawas City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


Tawas Area High School - Brave Impressions Yearbook (Tawas City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 6

1980, pg 6

Tawas Area High School - Brave Impressions Yearbook (Tawas City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 81

1980, pg 81

Tawas Area High School - Brave Impressions Yearbook (Tawas City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 6

1980, pg 6

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