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'51 E 1 C A L TK: :fl as . ' an V ,Huy . 1 Y .- 3 1. I IW , Q 1 J, . W ' ka 1 xszaiehlif The Triangle 1960 STAFF FREDA ROBERTS . . PAMELA PATTERSON . CAIL CLAFFEE . . . . SUSAN SCHELL . . . . IACQUELINE SMYTH . ANNETTE CHASE . . . BONNIE PATTON . . . Editor-in-Chief . . Layout Editor Business Manager Advertising Editor . . Copy Editor Photography Editor . . . Art Editor FACULTY ADVISOR MR. H. C. PUTNAM, JP.. The Tatnall School , lne. 1501 Barley Mill Road Wilmington 7, Delaware OFFICERS OF TI-IE SCHOOL MR. ROBERT WIER, III ....... Presiding President MR. RANDOLPH BARTON . .... Secretary MR. JOHN YORKSTON . . . .... Treasurer MRS. HENRY LEA TATNALL . . . Principal-Emeritus MRS. ROBERT LEE MYERS . . . . . Principal BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mr. Robert Wier, III Mrs. McGill Gawthrop Mrs. Francis B. Vaughan Mr. Edward R. McLean Mr. Randolph Barton Mr. Robert H. Orr Mrs. Alpheus M. Ball Mrs. Charles B. Paschall, Ir. Mr. E. McClung Fleming Mrs. Robert S. Smith, II Dr. S. Graeme Turnbull, Ir. Dedication To Elizabeth H. Stephens, whose interest in her students combined with her knowledge and humor has developed our appreciation of literature and our ability in creative Writing, We dedicate this yearbook with sincere gratitude. Milestones MRS. ROBERT LEE MYERS The class of 1960 places another milestone on the road which our founder started to build in 1930. The largest class to be graduated, it represents lateral growth which is evident in other ways also on our campus. However, it is vertical growth which brings the greatest satisfaction to Mrs. Tatnall-the deepening of roots and the stretching of academic and moral achievement to new heights. All of you who are now in the school will be alumnae when another thirty years have passed. What will be the reputation of Tatnall graduates in 1990? It is our conviction that you will be men and women tall in moral stature, going about your affairs' with educated hearts and educated minds, people of whom the world will say, "They have integrityf, There are men and schools which stand in your memory forever. You never forget what they taught you. We hope that Tatnall and the teachers you have known here will be such memories. Your loyalty as alumnae will nourish this school's roots and keep it growing, vertically. On the banner which you will be carrying are written the words, "Omnia in Caritaten! Mrs. Robert Lee Myers Principal Mrs. Henry Lea Tatnall Principal Emeritus Eiiif w -'1T.. .:'., v r .- --.' 15 I 1:5 .1 .ffl-5!1:? A , "Pm ?g-Ffa 42:12-.'1f:ga:-7'-is-gf-5. 15.5 - I.'-- :'-"'.U7"r.- "FfLCY5.r. -1-1-': -.-.4 iz '- -.r.wf- rf. Jug.--Q 1 .L-'-.:--N -'az . -'Arr' ----z4f.:.f.-- -.-gn, -..4..1- ..- --.,l-.rf fn.- Qg,-.w-'.1 -as--1.5 "z .'f'rg2f?-11'-':sr'S, -1 - '. ali.--.A. : -fig: ".:-.!',. '.:::,,,n.'.,. ..,-1--' -:gg ---.-,: f iii- :1-Lf :'r-A. Q'-' :fr 5' ?"v':.f. ff--E 'f-rm f F.:--1 :off 'L--'- -Qgr-Lgj. Inf- 'vg--:f:.'.1-p'.'-53. ' 'I ":.:ff1'.-'JF-.. f". "-.5-.' fi.: '1 ' 3:41 ' fr:-:iff 1 f :,--1- zh' EQ' CA-gl 'ara -.4: I. fit' in 1, ' in ,,-' .':-1Fg.',1r ,.-J -2 , .,-...I ,,.,,.. ... +5 +2-zfrflfsti -uk .f- -15.-42'-: '-J-'-th. ij" 'iff f'-.-9?i'1?Fi- . :Zak-, ' '4Tl7Q'.fGr-. ,:.'i- Rini' ,'nfI"' ."'E- if L. .', 5. Q, ..g':ff3:.1 "" ' :gi 152' "" 0 I Qligf-'ff-3 1' 'ga -51? .., 3 at-.,. -5, ,. .. ,'., ! .". . . . , Slifzav., if.. ,:-.,- .aiqaagiz - :-2-12 - -.--:-.- gtg.:-.g-1 1-25151515 -.pg-tg-:G .'2:1.E1g2:E1 -. . M,-.134-,1.gn -.E,.g.f . -. -52555-3.-::., ' , 1:2:. iagwlgrz-.2 i , x T ' . -:-3:2 'Xggaafira . .-.ui.E1'-"2-:: -" . 3 Z'::5 ' ,X X--Qn..gi3.Q, ,,,..w.-.....1.g.,.,-, : - - !gf2.E:'g:,g-ikfhx'-5.4,QI-X':"1':'Pf'f-1'?Z'I'.1:"' .:l5::.--'L I . .-gg,g.,:.:...w:::..',.--,-x::.'...:,:::,:,-. , t ::::.:.-5 . 1'-'-:-tp:-11:g.-.-::-.--1-BANK-'-:.-.',-:--, ' .. ,- :. -.'-5-::-'. -3.1-. ' .z-.-.'-:1'-....'..',:1-----g:.. .v.--'.g:-5.1--:V 1' --1322Eif-I-i?f5'E51+21Hi5.fw?sSs251s2Ei15:5:' . ....-.,.,,:n.j.-:::i,.,m?55, "Tv '- . '.-.g!:- .. .g.,.:,:,-:,:1,:z Huw. L . Faculty Left to right: Mrs. Robert Griffith, Mr. George Hast- ings, jr., Dr. Lincoln F. Hanson, Mrs. Herman I. Enos. Left to right: Mr. William S. Clawges, Mr. Victor Clarke, Mrs. W. H. Calkins, Mrs. Elvin H. Cavanagh. Left to right: Mr. j. Leslie Firth Dr. George M. Conwell, Mr Claude R. Foster, jr. A ,..., .. f, :PQ .f 77.-- g 1- s- mfg. yvzaf- ' . ref' 'uve-'i w -... ... ngglsszxifziivlci 51 . - ri L Left to right. Mrs. Herbert W. Oviatt, jr., Mrs. joseph Miller, Miss Mary Ann Mattoon, Mr. Andrew M. Linn. Left to right: Mrs. Francis H. Squire, Mrs. Ann Clow- ard, Mrs. Herbert R. Step- hens. Left to right: Mrs. Hershey Keene, Miss Sylvia Bothamley, Mr. james F. Adams, Mrs. Earl B. Atkins. Left to right: Miss Ann Campbell, Mrs. Anthony Higgins, Mr. William R. McKinley, Mrs. D. Arthur Kelsey, jr. Left to right: Mrs. Lawrence C. Morris, Mr. H. C. Putnam, Jr. Left to right: Mrs. Wendell C Aldred, Mrs. joseph Jastak, Mrs M. Cecil Bailey, Mrs. joseph Bell Left to right: Mrs. john G. Craig, Ir., Mr. Arthur William Goodall, Mrs. Canfield Hadlock, Mrs. Ar- thur Goodall, Left to right: Mrs. A. O Bradley, Mrs. Robert A Bryson, Mrs. Edward G Brinton. Left to right: Mr. Philip L. Cur- rier, Mr. I. Peter Fedon, Mrs. Harry C. Fry, Mr. Frederick W. Freibott. Left to right: Mrs. Dana j. Pyle, Mrs. Mona G. Hadley, Mr. Bernard I. Felch Mrs. Paul H. Till, jr. Left to right: Mrs. David S. Wiley, Mrs. Robert P. Reese, Mrs. Ken- neth M. Sinnott, Mr. Francis L. Adams. Left to right: Miss Karen Raasch, Mrs. Donald M. Laudenslager Miss Rosemary E. Riley. ,eft to right: Mrs. Harold C, irvidson, Mrs. Mandell S. Ziegler, lrs. Louis E. Noble, Miss Lucia 'oster. A Left to right: Miss Mary Wetzel, Mrs. Charles A. Craves, Miss Martha Shynook, Mrs. Evelyn Southard, Miss julia Coodall. Left to right: Mrs. Nom' E. Halabi, Mrs. Charles Silli- man, Mrs. Cabell P. Handy, Mrs. Frederick j. Blackburn. F M r. john Yorkston Mr. H. Willis Lawrence Left to right: Mrs. Christopher Boyle, Mrs. William Siemons, Mrs. Charles Carignan. 1 I " . 11 T I ai-:ers .xl r N? Iwi 5 N 5 I :E r i X f 3 W I 3 xg ' fy ,bvv X X X Seniors Now are our brows bound with victorious wreathsf' -Byron Class History The days have traveled swiftly Since we entered Tatnall's halls. The life that we have led here Each hour we will recall. We sip lightly to our oldest members, Carolyn, Jane, Penny, Lynn, Sylvia, and Kris, who gradually graced these halls beginning from the kindergarten. They dabbled, danced, and even romanced, but now their minds consider the embers. I know you will remember The joyous times we've had, The anxious' times, the hurried times, The times that we were sad. The freshman year was the year that our old gals were invaded, and small, organized con- versations tumed into mass bull-sessions with obvious results. Pam, Pat, Gail, Linda, Freda, Margaret, and Sally trotted to and fro, their heads full of sports, the student body, the new experiences of joining clubs, and of course work. At lunch-time were inquiries about the missing person, but two months later Pemmy arrived, waving a white banner, and bull-sessions were enthusiastically resumed. Little did we know that our group was still missing some vitally important members, until September welcomed Pammy, Sue, Terry, Kay, and Ellen. The giggles were rarely silenced as Pammy made necessary the drip-dry materials. Terry, with her quiet way, glanced longingly at the tennis courts, Sue was quiet, but there, subtly locking people in the closet and thoroughly enjoying it. Kay and Ellen listened intently to our stories, and occasion- ally we speculated about our junior year. Bonnie made our waiting worthwhile, her talent and subtle wit added to our projects. We thought about colleges and gave up some of our giggles for more serious things. In our thoughts was our new exchange student from Vienna. Ami arrived, and, before we knew it, she was almost as American as the rest of us. We reminisced over our last four years and wished that Sue would lock Ami in the closet and keep her with us. It was an exciting year . . . many joys and worries and many cups of coffee and glasses of iced tea to bring us through exams. Senior pictures arrived, as we realized the fleeting hours. Pennyis horse sketches were still plentiful, but not so likely to be on everything you picked up. The Student Council had a busy year, encouraging a greater school spirit, and as the TRIANGLE rushed to meet its deadlines . . . the colleges were considering . . . Our senior year is ending, These halls we soon will leave, For we must follow many paths And many goals achieve. LYNDA MAEVIN BIDDISON Wisdom she has, and to her wisdom courage, temper to that and unto all success. Pet Like-Dancing Pet Peeve-No power steering Often Saying-"There's troublev Besetting Sin-Endless telephone conversations Saving Grace-Visiting in the Chevy Secret Ambition-To teach ballroom dancing Probable Occupation-College Social Committee-9, 10 Newspaper, Editorial Staff-9 Tennis-9, 10 Glee Club-10 Copy Editor of THE TRIANGLE-11 Buck Hill Falls Conference--11 Welfare Club-12 5 SYLVIA FAY BUSHONG May Court Attendant-9 Clee Club-9 Tennis-9 Basketball-10 Yearbook Staff-9, 10 Dog Show Committee-10 Social Committee-11 Chairman of Social Committee-12 Welfare Club-12 Buck Hill F alls' Conference-12 The blush that flies at seventeen Pet Like-Her convertible Pet Peeve-Unfinished sentences Often Saying-"Be seriousv Besetting Sin-Uncontrollable hunger for cheeseburgers Saving Grace-Her brown eyes Secret Ambition-To be a "Blue Angel" Probable Occupation-Math professor at Harvard TEBESA EILEEN CAF F REY I Triangle Club-10, 11 Glee Club-10, 11 Basketball-10, 11 Tennis Team-10, Captain, 11, 12 May Court-11 Governor of Girls, Stateg Representative to National Meeting-11 Drama Club-12 Captain of "Shields',-12 No beauty is like the beauty of the mind. Pet Like-Seeing little convertible sports cars with the right seat unoccupied Pet Peeve-'Yankee Doodle Dandyl' Often Saying-"Anyway . . .U Besetting Sin-U. S. Naval Academy Saving Grace-The home front Secret Ambition-To eat a half gallon Probable Occupation-Dairy maid of ice cream at one sitting Clee Club-9, ll Cast-"She Stoops to Conquerv-9 Class President-9 junior Varsity Hockey-9, 10 Christmas Play-cast-10, 11 Class President-10 Basketball-10 Prom Committee-11 Varsity Hockey-11, 12 Drama Club-12 Business Manager of THE TRIANGLE-12 Student Council Vice-President-12 GAIL PATRICIA CLAFFEE In thy face we see the map of honor, truth, loyalty. Pet Like-Wide-mouthed thermos bottles Pet Peeve-Catching mice in paper bags Often Saying-"What,s next period?,' Besetting Sin-Back-seat driving Saving Grace-Doesn't look like Pam Pat. anymore Secret Ambition-To have some eyelashes Probable Occupation-Thermos bottle maker Stl an KRISTINA COLLINS junior Varsity Hockey-9 Clee Club-9, ll Varsity Hockey-10, 11 Manager of Tennis Team-10 Basketball-10 Triangle Club-10 Chapel Committee-10 Tennis Team-11, 12 Buck Hill Falls Conference-12 Welfare Club-12 Class Secretary-12 Like a fast-flitting meteor, a fast-flying cloud. Pet Like-Tatnall Pet Peeve-Bands that always play fast music Often Saying-"Eeeeeee', Besetting Sin-Sports cars Saving Grace-Still alive Secret Ambition-To be a guide in Parisian nightclubs Probable Occupation-Temperamental artist on the Left Bank LINDA ANNE CRASS Welfare Committee-9, 12 Basketball-9, 10 Tennis Team-9, 10, 11, 12 Clee Club-9, 10, 11, 12 Junior Varsity Hockey-10 Triangle Club-10, 11 Captain of "Swords"-12 Sweet courtesy has done its most. Pet Like-Potato chips Pet Peeve-Insincere people Often Saying-"Gosh,, Besetting Sin-Pulling the choke all the way out Saving Grace-Giant economy-size eyelashes Secret Ambition-C-man in a skirt Probable Occupation-Hostess for another Boston Tea Party MARGARET LYNNE HARMON Glee Club-9, 10 Athletic Committee-9 Triangle Club-9 Modern Dance-9, 10 Varsity Softball-10, 11 Student Council Treasurer-10 Prize Composition-10 Library Squad-11 Buck Hill Falls Conference-11, 12 Welfare Club-12 Student Council President-12 In quietness and confidence shall be thy strength. Pet Like-Loquacious people Pet Peeve-The Forsythe Saga Often Saying-"I hope it snowslv Besetting Sin-Quietness Saving Grace-Talking occasionally Secret Ambition-To manage Iane's money Probable Occupation-Timing Slinky-waves junior Varsity Hockey-9 Basketball-9, 10, 11 Softball-9, 11, 12 Clee Club-9, 10, 11, 12 Dog Show Committee-9 Varsity Hockey-10, 11, 12 Athletic Committee-10, 11, SARAH LYNDALL JACOBS Chairman, 12 They're only truly g Pet Like-Perky people feat who are truly good Pet Peeve-Chickens running across the road Often Saying-"Darn that Mr. Fosterlv Besetting Sin-Embarrassing moments Saving Grace-Laughing at them Secret Ambition-'Tve always wanted t Probable Occupation-Fighting dragons 0 be a boy CAROLYN GRAFF LUKENS i, The consciousness of having done a good day's work. Pet Like-Business Math Pet Peeve-The Kingston Trio QP. S. and PJ Often Saying-"Don't be silly." Besetting Sin-Worrying about marks Saving Grace-Good marks Secret Ambition-Perry Como,s secretary Probable Occupation-Fabian,s press agent ,, pig fa.:-'27-55. Science Club-9 Elective Art-9 Newspaper Club-10 Spelling Award-11 Glee Club-11, 12 ELLEN IOSEPHINE MASSACLIA Drama Club-10 Modern Dance-10 Library Squad-10, 11 Triangle Club-11 Welfare Club-12 Her ways are beautiful ways, and her paths are peaceable. Pet Like-Men's Ward Pet Peeve-Slow cars Often Saying-"It doesn,t faze mef, Besetting Sin-Mistaking Wilmington for Indianapolis Saving Grace-Stop lights Secret Ambition-To race on the Indianapolis Speedway, then travel around the world for the rest of her life Probable Occupation-Stay-at-home travel agent JANE HILL MAYBEE Glee Club-9, 10, Tennis'-9, 10 Basketball-9, 10 American Field S Sweden-11 Welfare Club-12 Her words were simpleg her thoughts sincere. 11 ervice Representative to Pet Like-Water-skiing with . . Pet Peeve-Broken straps Often saying-"come now, kiddiesn Besetting Sin-Not setting her hair Saving Grace-Naturally wavy hair Secret Ambition-To marry a millionaire Probable Occupation-Teaching psychology at Swarthmore MARIAN KATHRYN MILLER junior Varsity Hockey-10 Modem Dance-10 Clee Club-10 Elective Art-10, 11 Drama Club-12 Her courage mounteth with the occasion. Pet Like-C. A. P. Pet Peeve-Having no left windshield wiper during a snow storm Often Saying-"Guess what" Besetting Sin-Little, White car Saving Grace-Knowing policemen Secret Ambition-Air Force officer Probable Occupation-Washing airplanes PAMELA BERL PATTERSON Glee Club-9, 10, 11 Triangle Club-9, 10 Class President-9 Crew-"She Stoops to Conquerv-9 Elective Art-9, 11 Photography Co-Editor of THE TRIANGLE-11 Prom Committee-ll Tennis Team-ll Chapel Committee-11 Drama Club President-12 Layout Editor of THE TRIANGLE-12 Here dwells an understanding heart. Pet Like-Studying CH Pet Peeve-Philadelphia Police and their little, red wagons Often Saying-"Co-0-0 away . . . leave me alone" Besetting Sin-Procrastinating Saving Grace-Lap-sitting Secret Ambition-Probable 36 or a bakeris dozen Probable Occupation-Dior's left-hand man BONNIE VIOLET PATTON Clee Club-11, 12 Triangle Club-11 Prom Committee-11 Elective Art-11, 12 Art Editor of THE TRIANGLE-12 Drama Club 12 Class Treasurer-12 Buck Hill Falls Conference-12 t or Fine art is that in which the hand, the heart, and the head go together. I Pet Like-Punch Pet Peeve-Violets Often Saying-'Tm afraid to go home What am I going to tell Dad?" Besetting Sin-Giving suggestions in Student Association meetings Saving Grace-Imitations Secret Ambition-To own 40 pairs of shoes Probable Occupation-Unmarried marriage counselor FREDA MARY ROBERTS Crew-"She Stoops to Conquerv-9 Triangle Club-9 Tennis-9, 10 Cast-ulphigenia in Taurisv-10 Drama Club-10, 12 Christmas Play Cast-10 Newspaper Club-10 Photography Co-Editor of THE TRIANGLE-11 Class Treasurer-11 Girls, State-11 Buck Hill Falls Conference-12 Editor-in-Chief of THE TRIANGLE-12 T here's language in her eye, her cheek, her lip. Pet Like-Charles Addams Pet Peeve-Deadlines Often Saying-"Did you do anything for Physics?" Besetting Sin-Imitating Shelley Berman Saving Grace-Slightly macabre sense of humor Secret Ambition-Editor of Punch Probable Occupation-Heckling the President AMATA STEINLECHNER Welfare Clubw12 Tennis-12 Chapel Committee Chairman-12 I She smiled and the shadows departed Pet Like-Rich American boys with big cars Pet Peeve-Cloomy people Often Saying-"Oh Geev Besetting Sin-Breakfast in bed Saving Grace-Sparkling smile Secret Ambition-To return quickly to America Probable Occupation-House mother at St. Andrewls PAMELA LYNDE TOBEY Clee Club-10 Triangle Club-10, ll Modern Dance-10 Basketball-10, 11 Welfare Club-12 Varsity Basketball-12 The gift of gaity itself Ls the greatest of good fortune. Pet Like-People Pet Peeve-Deadheads Often Saying-"Oh STOP ity Besetting Sin-Playing The Game Saving Grace-Having it work out Secret Ambition-To ride the Army mule at half-time Probable Occupation-Court jester at the White House Glee Club-9, 10, 11 Welfare Committee-9, 10, 11, Chairman, 12 Tennis-9 Elective Art-9, 11 Drama Club-9 Basketball-10 Modern Dance-10 Triangle Club-10, 12 Tennis Team-10, 11, 12 Prom Committee-11 EMILY GREENE TROTH NS E K 7 'fszr-Lixsmxgfa Q i nina. , .Sw ' Q- mr .. :K ,I i xv. rf' 12 K. sits: -a True to her word, her work, her friend. Pet Like-Music men Pet Peeve-Ginger ale Often Saying-"Cha cha chan Besetting Sin-HuMANity Saving Grace-Being the "Number one golden girl" Secret Ambition-To crew on the Annapolis-Newport race Probable Occupation-Schedule maker for the Pennsy , kia isis .fra 'f ix- 1 .kwa MARTHA PENELOPE WEBSTER Library Squad-10, 11 Elective Art-10, 11, 12 Drama Club-10, 12 Modern Dance-11, 12 Not in rewards, but in the strength to strive, the blessing lies. Pet Like-Sunny days and no school Pet Peeve-School on sunny days Often Saying-"Oh be quiet" Besetting Sin-Drawing horses Saving Grace-Erasing them occasionally Secret Ambition-To ride without falling off Probable Occupation-Marathon dancer SUSAN WEBSTER Newspaper Club-10 Triangle Club-10, 11 Junior Varsity Hockey-10 Basketball-10, ll Tennis Team-10, ll May Court-10 Class Treasurer-10 Student Council Treasurer-11 Drama Club-12 A sweet attractive kind of grace Pet Like-Week-ends Pet Peeve-Pessimism Often Saying-"Hmmm?" Besetting Sin-Always in love Saving Grace-Loved in return Secret Ambition-Mad bomber Probable Occupation-Bill Collector "Farewell, a word that mast be and hath been- A sound which makes as linger-yet-farewell." -Byron The Senior Wills Lynn Biddison wills her height to Lee Wilson. Sylvia Bushong wills' the Social Committee records to anyone who can iind them. Terry Caifrey leaves her cheery cackle to haunt Mr. Clawges. Gail Clalfee wills her lack of eyelashes to Mary Chichester. Kris Collins wills the Museum of Modem Art to Mr. Felch. Linda Crass wills her "guts" back to Dr. Hanson. Margaret Harmon wills the gavel to the next lucky senior. Sally Jacobs passes on Emily Pott's legacy, the ability to put her foot in her mouth when the other one is already there, to Barbara Sezna. Carolyn Lukens wills the fun she had as a senior to her younger sister, Barbara. Ellen Massaglia wills her Winter sunglasses to Susan Crass. jane Maybee wills her enthusiasm to Ludie Davis. Kay Miller wills C. A. P. to Martha Lazarus. Pam Patterson wills to Dodo Kimmel her Tatnall Charleston tradition. Bonnie Patton wills Sigmund to Dr. Hanson. Freda Roberts wills 638 pages' of History notes to Bonnie Phillips, Mrs. Squire, and anyone else who wants them. Ami Steinlechner wills all the fun she had to the next exchange student, Pam Tobey wills her calmness under stress to anyone desperate enough to need it. Pemmy Troth wills her appetite to Amanda Richards. Penny Webster wills her cheerfulC?j disposition to anyone who has to read Thomas Carlyle. Sue Webster leaves her secret plans to blow up the lab to next year's Chemistry class. The Seniors, en masse, will their adequate answers to Mrs. Stephens and their passivity to Mrs. Squire. W W X . I ii r 't': Wiz, .-.: V v if TA' .."tLA Z I .L 1 . X if I ! , o 'A y J ff c f ' X gb 2 4:2 Z X Rx fi' 4? ff Xffw' Underclassmen Eleven th Grade ,Q A if Q Front row, left to right: Diann Trout, Jacqueline Smyth, Mary Chichester, Martha Lazarus, Geraldine Bakalar, Victoria Esker, Anne Long, Susan Schell, Donna Selby. Buck row: Mary Kaye Carpenter, Ann Schiek, Marney Collins, Stuart Chapman, Elizabeth Brown, Lura Davis, Leonora Blaekhurst, Annette Chase, Patricia Rock. Absent: Toini Lefren. Tenth Grade Front row, left to right: Marka Truesdale, Sarah Clark, Jane Hazzard, Da hne Thurlow, Dorothy Kimmel, Mary Curtis, Nancy Moore, Ruth Peoples, Priscilla Robertson, Virginia Evans. Back row: Barlbara Lukens, Virginia Mendinhall, Elizabeth Rausch, Dorothy Hale, Barbara Friel, Elizabeth Peinert, Bonnie Phillips, Marilyn Measley, Anne MacCafHn, Betty Forwood, Sydney Russell, Barbara Sezna, Susan Crass. inth Grade si . . . . Front row, left to right: Susan Meyer, Alexandra Blaclchurst, Susan Rakalar, Terry Milligan, Alice Baldwin, Lee Wilson, Pamela Ritchey, Page Williams, Constance Jones. Middle row: Susan Whitman, Josephine Vaughan, Kathryn Moeckel, Sandra NVhitc, Casmira Eugene. Back row: Lucinda Chapman, Priscilla Mayerberg, Sherry Brennan, Sara Garrison, Nancy Lynch. Car- lene Morgan, Sally Ebert, Lynn Burrough, Tania Thurlow. Eighth Grade Frint row, left to right: Starr Freeman, Suzanne Gassaway, Judith Field, Deborah Dcmme, Ann Gawthrop, Martha Friel, Nancy YVhitman, Karla Lefren, Nancy Jones. Middle 70112: Alexius Streltzov, Stephen Hessler, Lawrence Lincoln, Josephine Bayard, Tracy Shane, Valerie Wlier, Andrea Dalgliesh, Patricia Pryor, Sharyn Calloway, Margaret Carol Hitchens, Suzanne Chase, Josephine Hadlock, Pamela Gottshall, David Canby, Ober Kline. Back row: William Russell, William Moeckel, George Allen, Robert Hearne, John Urice, Charles Mendinhall, Steven Lincoln, Joseph Schell, Thomas Milligan, Charles Shoemaker, Robert Armistead, Stephen Goetz. Absent: Esther Lawrence, Suzanne Evans. Sixth Grade Front row, left to right: James Rogers, Edward Eaton, Peter johnson, Christopher Trelease, Peter Fulweiler, David Porter, Susan Clash. Back 70112: Charles Morgan, Elizabeth Bayard, Penelope Orr, Peter Troth, jerry Bond, Richard Aldrcd. Absent: Mary Booker. Sixth Grade I i S las... Front row, left to right: Frances Ebert, Webster jones, Pamela Rook, Susan Truesdale, Susan Taulbee. Middle row: Jane Ellis Dale Addoms, Stephanie Gassaway. Back row: Thomas Bishop, David Lee, Timothy Russell, Carroll Bryan, Eric Taylor. Fourth Grade Seated, left to right: Marshall Schell, Michael Van Sciver, Donna Limperos, Sharon Cordy, Xvilliam Tallant, Randall Hitcln-ns, Scott Townsend, Sara Yeaple. Standing: Charles Jenner, Richard Kiger, Claudia Orr, Page Lewis, Barbara Chase, Anne Conwell. Thomas Swartz, VVilliarn Gallery, Robert VVilson, Alicia Smith. Fourth Grade Front row, left to right: Christopher Enos, Susanne Peoples, Stewart Bailey, john Gordon. Middle row: Mary jones. Erika Lefrcn, Andrea Felch, Paul Carignan. Back row: Abigail Bacon, Laurence Blackburst, Deborah Maclntyre, Patricia Friel, Dana Freeman, Deborah Eliason, Peter MacCraflin, Laura Adams. Absent: Charles Calloway. Third Grade Front row, left to right: Edward Jenner, Kristine Miller, Sue Cleveland, Esther Riegel, Christine Ketcham. Middle row: Jeffrey Bowen, Stephen Tanzer, Martha Buck, Kitty Bement, Joanne Johnson, Hunter Ficke. Back row: Sandra Kaufmann, Jack Celb Helene Orr, George Lewis, Barbara Harris. l Third Grade F Front row, left to right: Daniel Holloway, Michael Gallagher, Karen Yorkston, Julian Booker, Jr., Diana Johnstone. Middle row: Diane Harden, Jonathan Colby, Susan Faust, Drexel Patterson, III, Augustus du Pont, Virginia Wier. Back row: Stephen Axon, Patricia King, Frances Vaughan, Betsy Zurkow. Absent: Meredith Van Winkle. Kindergarten rrvfn Front row, left to right: Margaret Hughes, Russell Bernhardt, Frank Van Leeuwen, II, Richard Frederick, Cornelia Daley, jeremy Celb, Talbot Daley, Laurie Haskell. Miclclle row: Henry McAllister, Ir., Anne Marie Carignan, Elizabeth Pyle, Carol Pyle, Margaret Boyer, Nancy Bove. Back row: Leslie Diver, Katherine Steppler, Mark Rhodes, VVilliam Cover, Ir., Melinda Currier, Thomas Ziegler, Steven Wolfe. Frank Oswald, III, Adam Colby. Absent: Susan Hatch, Pre- Kindergarten Front row, left to right: Henry Horsey, Ir., james Adams, jr., Louise Axon, Richard Cairns, Christopher Sanger, Deborah C-elb. Back row: Timothy Whitney, Mary Ellen Cordy, Philip Bradford, Dorothy Guy. Absent: Carol Cann. Pre - Kindergarten Front row, left to right: Alfred Bacon, III, jan Benzel, VVillis Reinhardt. Back row: Robert Slaughter, Karin Klopping, jonathan Enos, Sara Hanson, Patrick Singer, Priscilla Henclerer, Carey Haskell. Absent: Rebecca Linn. ursery Left to right: Nicholas Pechin, Suzanne Halabi, Peter Kelemen, James McKusick, Kathryn Bove, Bruce Fleming, Helenor Ketcham, Mildred Castner, David Claffee, David Oswald, Kerry Melman. Absent: Alex Belcher, "i"'-rg, Shin in-4 WQQ5 My . '5:5:5:F:2:::" -' .-:-:-:5:2:k2-:v:-:-52323:-:-A5325-:-:.g.3::,..A- -.3.::3:3,., . -' ---.-.-:-:-:-'-:-:-:-zz:-:I-:-:-:-:-g.::-:-:-:q.3.:.,:-- .lirkiriziz2:5:2ErS:1'5:3,4:H'55.NS:' -. .::5:5 ':Q:::5:5:-:-.-. , "f-1::::g,:r:2::-:::,:-.-:r::::: .-52554:Ifig:g:f43IgiQE:Q':'s'.,cg.g:3:Q5:I51'f:fg:g f:5:37::55:f:fS:..- '-ffI:2f:KfS:1::::f:5:f:1:is ' v-gg:-.' - :gz-f.g:H.q.-.-I . 9,i54:g.g:5:-33-rg:5:5S:5::::g:: '.::g:g.::::5::::g.g:5:g., 'X - -. H . , -nz. , - -g.:. 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' ..,-..-.,--:-..I' 1-I " '4'-f.:- ,.,.-.' . 4 .5-.ga ':'1ff.i-s31Iir21:1"4+' X . ihsvft-ggilza: 1 . --fx ::. .':':' -,fu '33Sw..,,, 3:-1' Za' If '. 'i"'!.':' H T5-12111.51-1: . . .gift u gf'.' 'J Rfj. ' "fi :-- 5. HIL... fi-f-:.. 5' Jiri?-Zjfcl . .,, ,,,,- xqzw, -- :.z .gl-Sw . ' ' ' 3.4-5. eip. 'yfxu 'npr -eff gf Sports Varsity Front row, left to right: Betty Forwood, Priscilla Robertson, Nancy Moore, Linda Crass, Sara Garrison, Carlene Morgan. Back row: Dorothy Kimmel, Susan Schell, Anne MacGafHn, Sarah Jacobs, Mary Chichester, Mary Kaye Carpenter, Gail Claffee. Hockey This hockey season was the best in many years. Winning seven games and losing only three, this year's Varsity did better than any other team in Tatnall's history. The Iunior Varsity, winning six games, tieing one, and losing three did almost as Well. Again, as last year, the Mid- gets were undefeated. Under the capable hands of Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Reese, this year's record was accomplished by many hard practices, long, chalky talks and the unity, determination and co-operation needed to win. Tatnall looks forward to many future successful hockey seasons. Junior arsity Left to right: Lura Davis, Leonora Blackhurst, Patricia Rock, Barbara Sezna, Nancy Whitman, Susan Crass, Josephine Vaughan, Diann Trout, Ruth Peoples, Sydney Russell, Nancy Lynch. Midget Front row, left to right: Jane Turnbull, Nancy Hadlock, Ann Cawthrop, Ellen Glasser, Deborah Demme, jane Holloway, Martha Allen, Carol Hitchens, Donna Fedon. Back row: Tracy Shane, Andrea Dalgliesh, Lynne Mayerberg, Nancy Whitman, Patricia Pryor, Josephine Hadlock, Mrs. Robert Reese, Hope Yerkes, Lorraine Claifee, Valerie Weir, Nancy Jones, Judith Field. Yfarsity Front row, left to right: Charles Carignan, Frederick Smoyer, Alexius Streltzov, George Allen, Peter Blatz, David Canby, joseph Davis, Albert Forwood, Charles F icke, Starke Gregory, Christopher Conly, William Russell, Stephen Goetz, Peter Van Sciver. Back row: Stephen Hessler, Richard Trelease, Robert Armistead, Steven Lincoln, Lawrence Lincoln, jose h Schell, Austin Porter, Mr. Freibott, Mr. Yule, Thomas Todd, Mr. Adams, Mr. McKinley, George Caldes, William Moeckel, Tliomas Milligan, Robert Faust, William Swartz, John Bird, Frank Melick. FootbaH This years football team had a most successful season. They were victorious in seven games, the eighth was tied with Sanford, 0-0. This team started the season with an overwhelming victory over Friends School with the score 32-8. They followed with equally successful games against Friends School, 18-6, Tower Hill, 22-05 Alexis I. duPont, 22-6, a second game with Tower Hill, 8-05 St. Andrews, 22-65 and a second game with Sanford, 24-16. Our congratulations to our boys for a job well done. Black Team Front row, left to right: Timothy Whitman, Iohn Tumbull, Arthur Lincoln, Robert Hessler, David Porter, Charles Jenner, Christopher Trelease, David Shaffer. Back row: Christopher Enos, Webster Jones, John Peinert, Eric Taylor, Bruce Kelsey, Peter Johnson, Peter MacGaflin, Cameron Yorkston. hitc Team Front row, left to right: Paul Carignan, Edward Eaton, Stewart Bailey, Michael Van Sciver, Marshall Schell, Christi her Ficke, Edward Spalding, Charles Morgan, Bayard Paschall. Back row: John Cordon, Jonathan VVhitney, Willard HendJerer, Dale Addoms, Robert F orwood, Richard Kiger, Richard Aldred, Timothy Bishop. Gold Team Front row, left to right: Laurence Blackhurst, Robert Snowberger, William Gallery, Lea Ball, Robert Wilson, Craig Chapman Timothy Russell, William Tallant. Back row: Peter Troth, John Romano, Peter Sundelin, Lawrence Miller, Robert Rasmusson Randall Hitchens. Looking forward to the day when many of the boys will play on the varsity, the intra-mural foot- ball teams ended their series of games near Thanksgiving Day. The Blacks, under the direction of Mr. Freibott, won the Turkey Day game 14-0 over a combination of the Colds, directed by Mr. Adams and the Whites, coached by Mr. Yule. The fine showing made by all three teams promises an even greater future for Tatnal1's football team. X H... ,yi---'fx WT 6 ' ' 1 S "'. - . , . .--:45q.g.:ng:-Q:-:-g - -:k:,g:-:.-:-1:-:.:3,-:-59" ' .Q ..,.-Z .Nl Q 313. '4 'wif '-rf-1':.' .3- ..-.,,.' . ., .,.. -xv . 'P' J. " - '.'.'- -..,jgAjL:.,-...- .- . 1 . . ' f'l"- ..1'J,' fb P Activities Student Association Front row, left to right: Austin Porter, Alexius Streltzov, joseph Schell. Middle row: Linda Crass, Sylvia Bushong, Sarah Jacobs, Gail Claifee, Betty Forwood, Patricia Rock. Back row: Emily Troth, Valerie Wier, Amata Steinlechner, Margaret Harmon, Sally Ebert, Teresa Caffrey, Freda Roberts, Iane Holloway. OFFICERS MARGARET HARMON .... ............ ...... P r evident CAIL CLAF FEE ...... . . .Vice-President BETTY FORWOOD .... .... S ecretary PATRICIA ROCK .... .... T reasurer This year's Student Association, with Margaret Harmon as president, has started a movement to give the students more responsibilities. The first project to go into effect was using Senior Stu- dent Council members to proctor some study halls. A Iunior Student Council was begun this year in seventh and eighth grades to tie together the Student Association after grades nine through twelve were moved into the new Beekley building. Social Committee Left to right: Sylvia Bushong, Alice Baldwin, Virginia Mendinhall, Mary Kaye Carpenter. OFFICERS SYLVIA BUSHONG ....... ............................... C hairman MARY KAY CARPENTER .... .... E leuenth Class Representative VIRGINIA MENDINHALL. . . . . .Tenth Class Representative ALICE BALDWIN ....... . . .Ninth Class Representative The Social Committee, under Sylvia Bushong's direction, has had a full year planning and col- lecting the money for the Social events we have had: a Thanksgiving party, a Christmas dance, and a dance with St. Andrews School. In accordance with tradition, the committee left the management of the Senior Prom entirely to the Juniors. Athletic Association i Sarah Jacobs, Nancy Lynch, Mary Chichester, Mary Curtis OFFICERS SARAH JACOBS ...... ................................ C hairman MARY CHICHESTER .... .... E leventh Class Representative MARY CURTIS ...... .... T enth Class Representative NANCY LYNCH. . . .... Ninth Class Representative The Athletic Association, with Sally Jacobs as chairman, has seen a great improvement in the Tatnall teams. This year there has been an increase in school spririt and the teams met the chal- lenges and were rewarded with many victories. The students look toward 1961 for an equally 'gi-Qgsful season. Chapel Committee Susan Bakalar, Dorothy Hale, Amata Steinleehner, Diann Trout. OFFICERS AMATA STEINLECHNER ..........................,........ Chairman DIANN TROUT .......... . . .Eleventh Class Representative DOROTHY HALE. . . . . . Tenth Class Representative SUSAN BAKALAR .... . . .Ninth Class Representative The Chapel Committee, with Amata Steinlechner as its chairman, planned the religious services for assemblies each Monday. These services were planned to give the students an insight into the different forms of worship. Yearbook Committee Left to right: Pamela Patterson, Annette Chase, Jacqueline Smyth, Freda Roberts, Susan Schell, Bonnie Patton, Gail Claifee OFFICERS FREDA ROBERTS ..... ............. .... E d itor-in-Chwf PAMELA PATTERSON ..... ...... L ayout Editor GAIL CLAF FEE ....... .... B usiness Manager SUSAN SCHELL ........ .... A doertising Manager JACQUELINE SMYTH ..... ......... C opy Editor ANNETTE CHASE ...... ..... P hotography Editor BONNIE PATTON. . . ......... Art Editor The dedicated, co-operative, eflicient TRIANGLE staff, under the inspired direction of the editor, Freda Roberts, and the faculty advisor, Mr. Putnam, has spent a strenuous, occasionally frenzied, year making a desperate effort to stay somewhat on schedule. We used up the last of the mid- night oil early last fall and since then have been depleting the stock of week-end oil with a vengeance. Welfare Committee Front row, left to right: Jane Maybee, Margaret Harmon. Middle row: Marilyn Measley, Diann Trout, Emily Troth, Linda Crass, Mary Curtis. Back row: Annette Chase, Victoria Esker, Iacqueline Smyth, Virginia Mendinhall, Elizabeth Peinert, Geraldine Bafcalar, Amata Steinlechner, Ellen Massaglia, Kristina Collins, Pamela Tobey, Lynda Biddison, Teresa Caffrey, Susan Webster, Sy via Bushong. OFFICERS EMILY TROTH ....... .... P resident MARILYN MEASLEY. . . .... Secretary JACQUELINE SMYTH .... . . .Treasurer The WVelfare Club, under the direction of Emily Troth, has enjoyed doing various projects. Each Week volunteers from the club have contributed time to working at either the Delaware Hospital or at St. Michael's Day Nursery. Representatives went to the Governor Bacon Health Center to give a, Christmas party for the children. Further projects were planned for the Spring. Science Club Le? to right: Priscilla Robertson, Sally Ebert, Ruth Peoples, jane Hazzard, Dr. Hanson, Patricia Rock, Casmira Eugene, Sandra VV ite. OFFICERS PATRICIA ROCK .... ....... P resident DONNA SELBY .... .... V ice-President IANE HAZZARD .... ....... S ecretary RUTH PEOPLES ..... .... T reasurer This year's Science Club has been very ambitious. The girls have taken trips to Longwood Gar- dens, and to the International Horse Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They have had several interesting lectures, including one by L. Lincoln, and they are planning more trips for the spring term. Glee Club Left to right: Carolyn Lukens, Linda Crass, Susan Crass, Sarah Jacobs, Barbara Friel, Elizabeth Brown, Daphne Thurlow, Lura Davis, Stuart Chapman, Mary Kaye Carpenter. At piano: Mrs. Haut. This year the Clee Club, under the able direction of Mrs. Haut, has been practicing in the sound- proofed Audio-Visual Room faffectionately called "The Black Hole of Calcuttanj. This does not mean that the customary high quality of the Glee Clubls singing has diminished, as the girls so ably proved in the "Showcase of 196O," May Day, and at Commencement. Drama Club Front row, left to right: Terry Milligan, Susan Whitman, Barbara Sezna, Dorothy Hale, Nancy Lynch, Gail Claffee, Bonnie Patton, Sydney Russell, Victoria Esker, Pamela Patterson, jose hine Vaughan, Alice Baldwin, Tania Thurlow, Page Williams, Lucinda Chapman, Constance Jones. Middle row: Bonnie Philli s, Pamela Tobey, Freda Roberts, Teresa Cailrey, Priscilla Mayer- berg, Susan Meyer, Sherry Brennan, Marney Collins, Mary Chichester, Pamela Ritchey, Back row: Kathryn Miller, Nancy Moore, Betty Forwood, Barbara Lukens, Dorothy Kimmel, Anne MacGaHin, Carlene Morgan, Sara Garrison, Susan Webster, Susan gclmlelk Elizabeth Rausch, Mary Curtis, Sarah Clark, Virginia Evans, Diann Trout, Leonora Blackhurst, Penelope Webster, Ann C le . OFFICERS PAMELA PATTERSON .... ....... P resident VICTORIA ESKER .... .... V ice-President SYDNEY RUSSELL ....... ..... S ecretary IOSEPHINE VAUCHAN .... .... T reasurer The Three Arts Club, under the direction of Mr. Victor Clarke, has had an exciting year. Besides performing two plays for the "Showcase of 1960,', the girls have done readings and pantomimes and have heard lectures on various aspects of the theatre, including make-up, set design, and costuming. an QR ? if + W L VV ix W M Al 'LMS iw . A iii xi Xff X ni iff? ' QW5?5 f . Q S? ' "' , 13- ' M K: x ik . J?" 4 , 4 r V ,, W Q X ffxw . . 5 Ex if 5 5 .R ,, Qc .N,W..., SY Q .. ,. Patrons MR. AND MRS. CHARLES A. SILLIMAN MR. HUGH K. CLARK MR. AND MRS. FRANK GALLAGHER A FRIEND MR. AND MRS. ROBERT C. FICKE MR. E. H. MAYBEE COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND MR. JAMES LEE PRYOR, SR. MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM B. EVANS MR. RICHARD R. CRASS A FRIEND MR. AND MRS. E. R. KIMMEL MR. JOSEPH P. JOHNSON MR. AND MRS. DONALD SHANE COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND JOYCE RAMSDELL MR. AND MRS. E. J. MASSAGLIA MR. AND MRS. H. A. MELICK MR. FRANK H. LONG A FRIEND KIRKWOOD ESSO MRS. JOHN D. KURTZ MR. AND MRS. WEBSTER N. JONES, JR. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND CRANSTON HEIGHTS BARBER SHOP MRS. J. SHIPLEY TROTH MR. AND MRS. EDWARD R. CAFFREY MR. AND MRS. JOHN C. ARMISTEAD, IR A FRIEND HOLIDAY INN MR. AND MRS. R. V. KING ARDEN SUB SHOP COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND MR. W. L. PATTON MRS. A. F. CHAPMAN TEEN TOWNE MRS. JOSEPH BELL A FRIEND . Patrons MRS. NOUR E. HALABI MISS JENNY W. HAAS DR. AND MRS. K. S. ROBERTS MR. AND MRS. RAY B. DUGGINS, SR. KENNETT KANDY KITCHEN MR. AND MRS. MILHOUS FINCH MR. AND MRS. HENRY v. CHASE A FRIEND MR. AND MRS. EDWARD K. LEFREN SOPHOMORE CLASS SILVERIS PHARMACY MR. AND MRS. HAROLD L. JACOBS COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND MR. AND MRS. JAMES C. WILSON MR. AND MRS. JACKSON F. LEE MR. CHARLES E. MENDINHALL A FRIEND KENNETT SQUARE NEWS AGENCY' MR. AND MRS. ROBERT B. HALE MR. ANDREW F. ALLINSON COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND MR. AND MRS. CHARLES MARTYN, JR. KELLERIS CLEANERS MR. AND MRS. EDWARD MCCORMICK A FRIEND MRS. SAMUEL B. SHERLOCK MR. AND MRS. J. EDWARD SCHELL COMFLIMENTS OF A FRIEND MR. AND MRS. ALLEN O. SUNDELIN MR. AND MRS. H. C. PUTNAM, JR. A FRIEND MR. S. CRAEME TURNBULL, JR. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND MR. AND MRS. JOHN R. LYNCH A FRIEND MARCUERITE BODEN SARAH SPRINCER ROMANO . 0-J' sl paoflnegv O EEKLE1 fox Q5 CCELI QQ' PATTY JOHN SUSAN PETER KIP JEFF C. J. KAREN LORRIE CHRIS GEOFF JAY TONI BOB DONNA DARDY CAROLYN ALBIE SARAH ELLEN STARKE NANCY JANE SUZANNE LUCY GAIL MARY LYNNE FRANK MAC MARY FRED BILL TOM TOM RICHARD BLAKIE PETER HOPE BEEKLEY, HERE WE COME! ::" "': tl 1 E DRINK 'LU ' ' Q ' It's time for r l lll in :::i....i:: ligi PQJFS, DELAWARE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Lancaster and Wilmington, Gray Aves. Delaware J. ELMER'BETTY AND SONS, INC. FLOWERS 407 Delaware Avenue 3903 Lancaster Avenue OLympia 6-2678 PHONE WYman 8-3301 MANSURE 81 PRETTYMAN Haberdashery, Hats, Clothing DU PONT BUILDING ALSO AUGUSTINE HILLS Wilmington, Delaware PHONE oLympia 6-1214 EDWARD P. J. KUHWALD Optician and Contact Lens Technician JOHN M. WELLER, Associate 910 Delaware Ave. Gerry, Mary cha-cha-cha Patty, Marney cha-cha-cha Diann, Anne, Ann, Annette Lynn, Susan cha-cha-cha Donna, Martha cha-cha-cha Ludie, Coo, Stuart, Liz af MJ 9 EE!rf,aiiuf?iiii ZTQQZEESQ Toini, Jackie, Vicki, Ooomp! L as llllb 1,,?,S5gEf-f J.T Phone OL 8-7796 WARD SON 84 SITE DEVELOPMENT PAVING LANDSCAPING EXCAVATING SEWER WORK 601 Woodlawn Avenue Wilmington 5, Delaware Compliments of GEORGE CARSON BOYD Floiusr 216 W. Tenth Street HANNA'S CATERERS Phone: OLympia 8-4388 Wilmington, Del. Quillen Bros. AUTO SALES, INC. New Castle, Del. Compliments of BILL HlCKMAN'S MOBIL SERVICE STATION Junction Routes 1 and 52 Kennett Square, Penna. , W t A ., , X , A , L.-- Ag . I Hai W if Nw- f is gi s Y tm wb- mx. - u F . k,. + T""'4 5 18' milf Xi K SR, Y X ' .,.4e'l"' 1 X Q42 g ,rw Q Q 3 3 WX. -A 1 :"."i1-f wuv.n,. 4-,...., Q x va The Barley Mill I' A 7- J is f gk 1' ' 27 V .I - 7. ,f 1 -. -lf K". , ' ,I 4' 'JH' . 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To many of the leading colleges and I-lj, schools in the East "I""" 1- i' Class Rings, Pins and Emblems, Prizes and Trophies for 7 Scholastic Awards and for Athletic Competitions Quality and Service at Reasonable Prices FRANK W. DIVER E. CALDWELL 8. CO. INC Chestnut 8. Juniper Streets Phllaclelphla 7' Pennsylvama 2101-O9 Pennsylvania Avenue 20 Station Road . . . Haverford, Pennsylvania Hotel duPont . . . Wilmington, Delaware CAPPEAU'S INC., PHARMACISTS AS NEAR AS YOUR TELEPHONE Delaware Ave. 81 Dupont St. Ferris Rd. 81 W. Gilpin Drive Wilmington, Del. Willow Run, Del. PHONE OL 6-8537 PHONE WY 4-3701 DANIEL G. ELSEN 518 North American Building WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Phone OL 4-7188 Trophies-Awards-Gavels COMPLETE JEWELRY LINE Q Q i ifxxg R Compliments of MACS SERVICE PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 81 UNION STREET Phone: OLympia 5-4479 WILLARD STEWART BRECKS MILL GREENVILLE, DELAWARE OL 8-4062 "The House That Music Built" RADIOS PIANOS RECORDS TELEVISION 212-I4 W. Ninth Street Wilmington, Delaware Phone OLympia 8-7159 Phone OL 6-8146-47-48 SUPERIOR SANITARY SUPPLY CO. Janitor's Supplies - Sanitary "We Sell Superior Products" 306 Shipley Street, Wilmington, Del HUBER BAKING COMPANY Bakers of SUNBEAM BREAD Mutual Funds LAIRD, - Stocks - Bonds - Commodities BISSELL 8. MEEDS DU PONT BUILDING Wilmington, Delaware Members New York Stock Exchange PHONE: OLympia 8-4241 f-- 1- ...-.'.......f--- -. Rupert Construction Cnmpanu 3400 L Ter Avenue WILMINGTON, DELAWARE ADDRESS MAIL TO: BOX I I89 TELEPHONE: WYman 8-8871 "I" tgp!! gr-K, QUE? 1 HOCKESSIN SERVICE CENTER Lancaster Pike HOCKESSIN, DELAWARE Telephone: CE 9-5295 THOMPSON'S PRIVATE BUSINESS SCHOOL Individual Instruction 1500 N. Rodney Street lDelaware Ave. and Rodney St.D Day and Night School Phone: OLympia 2-7626 HARDCASTLE'S ART SUPPLIES 417 Shipley Street 400 Delaware Ave. Another Rush Job WILLIAM N. CANN, INC. 1614 Delaware Avenue Wilmington, Delaware LITHOGRAPHING PRINTING BOOKBINDING Telephone: OL 6-8155 Phone OL 4-3667 FORWOOD'-S TOTS' THRU TEENS' SHOP CLOTHING 0 NOVELTIES ' TOYS 3311 Concord Pike McDaniel Heights, Wilmington, Del. THE CHADDS FORD HOTEL Route 1 and 100 Luncheon 12-2 Dinner 5:30-9:30 Special Parties and Banquets Phone Main 8-2611 Compliments of BUTLERS 415 Market Street Concord Ave. and Washington St. G. F. Metal Office Furniture 2010 Pennsylvania Avenue Phone OL 8-7545 Compliments of DELAWARE POWER 8. LIGHT 600 Market Street Our Greetings to the Faculty Staff and the Graduates GALLAGHER, EVANS AND COMPANY ADVERTISING AND OTHER BUSINESS SERVICES WILMINGTON, DELAWARE STERLING AUTO SALES ENGLISH cARs AND mucus f W rs X X0 0 11th 81 Union 1801 P A OL 43165 THE EIGHTS 09 N09 L s Compliments of Lioho Hod Power Construction Bo. 202 North duPonT Road ELSMERE, DELAWARE Telephone: OLympia 8-3571 ii E!!! ga LS EE. ii- AH in AL YY AX YZ Y V V , IM on oi 5 1 IK. 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DIRECT MAIL-CATALOGS BOOKS - PAMPHLETS BROCHURES 8I POST CARDS PHONE: OLympia 4-9978 Authorized Roofers for "BARRETT SPEClFlCATION" ROOF James Cullen Companu ROOFING CONTRACTORS SLATE 0 TILE 0 SLAG 0 ASBESTOS - 5 ff' 'f P it . ' .PQ .-T,. ...-T - pf14M:-- 24 " ,T -WPV by -,.., 5 t Qkhll . - .ii 1: fly, X n ' ' Wiff5'7' TTP- .,A, " ""'t ""--' -""-- ' .'.', ,:::::::wmi"' YARD: 1009 Union Street 1009-23 Union Street Wilmington, Del. E EI: 'E E 911 Washington Street Wilmington, Delaware CZ ' i If Smart Clothes for Boys and Girls Boys to 7-Girls to Pre-Teens THE SMOKE SHOP lAcross From Old B. 81 O. Railroad Stationj 1620 DELAWARE AVE. Phone: OL 2-9409 PIANOS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS KNOWLES, INC. 515 Shipley Street EVERYTHING FOR THE MUSICIAN Phone: Olympia 2-8653 Wilmington, Delaware C ompliments of ' b ' . El erg s 806 KING STREET C fha tr 'H Bdsm, 4' ' NW my Y' BROSIUS AND SMEDLEY COMPANY Lumber - Millwork - Plywood - Roofing will ood Union Streets WILMINGTON 99, DEL. Phone: OL 8-4121 LINCOLN PHARMACY Reliable Prescription Drug Stores 14th 81 Washington Sts. 1901 Delaware Ave. WILMINGTON, DEL. SECRETARIAT LIMITED 1024 N. Adams Street WILMINGTON 6, DELAWARE WAREHOUSE GALLERY IN me ROBIN Hoon THEATER ol- 4-4479 ARDEN, DELAWARE BOOKS - PRINTS - OCCASIONAL HOWARD R. COLLINS ANTIQUES .IEWELER Complete line of general books in all fields, fiction and non-fiction, chiIdren's DIAMONDS books, reference, standard classics, and COLORED STQNES The pick Of the paperbBClCS-PLUS-8 TIMEPIECES selection of sporting prints, primitive GOLD JEWELRY 'k MAKER OF THE TATNALL TRIANGLE PIN 215 W. Ninth Street Wilmington, Delaware OLympia 2-7525 paintings, exciting sculpture, and an- tiques of special interest. THE DECOY BOOK SHOP, INC. Sycamore Alley at Cypress Street CRoute No. 1, Eastboundl KENNETT SQUARE, PENNA. Open daily 9:30 A.M. until 5:30 P.M. ESCOTT BROTHERS INC PLUMBING and HEATING FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES DELCO OIL BURNERS AIR CONDITIONING Telephone Olympia 4 2434 101 Woodlawn Avenue Wilmington Delaware I O . . I f . - 0 . I WILMINGTON SASH AND DOOR CO. Eslablished l883 he ,il PRESTIGE SHOP FOR WOMEN WILMINGTON, DEL. D. DANIEL MARTELLA REAL ESTATE Delaware Trust Building Wilmington, Delaware SINCERE, PERSONALIZED SERVICE Telephone Office - Olympia 8-7391 Residence - Olympia 2-2136 Lumber, Millwork, Hardware Paints A and French Streets Phone. Olympia 6-3181 WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Ally, Q 4 R 4, oh 1 o f K6 J, Q Z vo A by S4 Q 44, , zl ' P x 4' O 0 O T' ,sy ly I sl 0' 4 4' A 4' PV fx Y C Ox ff, ,SH QV -L 64175 C'-'YU J' QQ '4 O fx Y- NZ GJ' N -bb CJ 66, Q' 0 N O hf N ff, el C, A Q lo ,Y 7,9 Q 0 S 4 ? fy A 'N 7' fb 'N 19 -A J' fa f 41 ky N 4 R 0: 4 I N4 jvc P - THE YEARBOOK STAFF X '.kL - A PST: . 5 . .ig K .,-f""'ak .1 eh! F D y .Y Q Q 5 . r 1 X 1 , J , 'i 1 . Q Z Gil! f v , , 1 in F . 1,5334 ",JX -T -5 ,, 0 BL - 4 A r, y ,w,:4g,, . I we M, "L , 4 yn iii? , -C hx .Ln .'1"4.:'v-r'rw,r1'4-'Av :hm 4--.A ,im V -: f ,, , v 4 . I 5:49. . 4 - 8, ,Y HF' K ' U. "If, ,A sf V ,, f J L . J. lm "J, A .v1, .2- . ., ,I+ A Q' , K, . V W: 4, ' wr may . I-,S 6' SP. oduct of Autographs n'l'er GDIPAIY 133 INDIANA AVENUI WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. SUMMER SUPPLEMENT SPRING 1960 f 1 1 R - X, ,M ,-. 4 xy, :X EW N, '4 M, +1 ,m Elf g. 'X "U: 'Q ,wr 1 W - 4 ,L H f r JY ,. , ,,,, W, ,MM ' "-'fm j.31w,i 3 1 ' JI qlfl 3 ' "wr ' . NH X Nqr M 4 1 , 1 ' 111 Nl' f. X14 T 4 X 2 , fi 1 V ,Ml 4 L WMT1' ., +I f W 1 Wi' Q,- ,, 11 Til JU, Rv X5 51 v 'S We My Q, f r 1 SUMMER SUPPLEMENT SPRING 1960 Basketball Left to right: Mrs. Miller, Sara Garrison, Patricia Rock, Pamela Tobey, Toini Lefren, Dorothy Kimmgl, Nancy Lynn-li, Susan Schell, Lucinda Chapman, Terry Milligan, Mrs. Reese. Tennis Kneelingz: Emily Trotli, Nancy Moore. Standing: Teresa Callrey, Kristina Collins, Daphne Thurlow, Linda Crass, Anne Macilailin, Dorothy Kimmel. Absent: Pamela Patterson. Softball Kneeling, left to right: Sara Garrison, Susan Crass, Nancy Lynch, Sarah Jacobs, Sydney Russell, Diann Trout, Casmira Eugene. Standing: Priscilla Robertson, Patricia Rock, Carlene Morgan, Mrs. Reese, Josephine Hadlock, Terry Milligan, Mary Curtis. The first attempt at competitive basketball was very successful. To indicate their pro- gress, the varsity and junior varsity lost games in the beginning of the season by wide margins. At the climax of the season, although no victories were claimed, the scores were much closer. From this beginning, basketball in the new Tatnall tradition will be forth- coming. . ' The tennis team played seven inter-scholastic matches. The record was: four wins, three losses. In addition, the team played an informal match against the faculty. It was so informal that no one knows who Won. The varsity softball team enjoyed one of its most successful seasons. They won five games and lost wour. The team, coached by Mrs. Reese, exhibited a fine spirit. Wrestling Kneeling left to right: Stephen Hessler, XVilliam Russell, David Canby, Alex Streltzov, Peter Van Sciver Standing left to right: Mr. Frcibott, Austin Porter, Thomas Milligan, Lawrence Lincoln, George Galdes Charles Sbocinaker. Track Km'eling left to right: Albert Forwoocl, Stephen Hesslcr, NVilliam Russell, Joseph Davis, Robert Armisteacl, Gliurlcs Menclinliall, Frederick Smoycr, George Galdcs, Stzmclingl left to right: Mr. Freibott, Mr. Goodall. Baseball Seated on ground: Marshall Schell. Seated on bench: William Swartz, Frank Melick, John Bird, David Canby, Alex Streltzov, Starke Gregory, George Allen, loseph Schell. Standing: Charles Shoemaker, Peter VanSciver, Robert Hearne, Thomas Todd, Mr. Adams, Austin Porter, Steven Lincoln, Lawrence Lincoln, Thomas Milligan. The Wrestling team had a very successful season. A brand new sport saw the grapplers finish up with a 3 win, 1 loss, season. The 1960 edition of the Tatnall Baseball team enjoyed an 8 win, 2 loss, record. The team, under the tutelage of Mr. james Adams, displayed its usual competitive drive and tire. Track began at Tatnall School this year under the guidance of Mr. Freibott. The boys enjoyed a season of basic track and Held skills. Two informal meets were held with St. Edmonds Academy. Our track picture looks bright. ,QPSK wg ff5Ef?5E122 QQ ik or May eighteenth was Nlay Day. All day it looked as though it would rain, but the deluge held off long enough so that Sue NVebster could be crowned Nlay Queen. Queen Sueis attendants, who kept looking anxiously at the sky, were Gail Claffee, Nlarney Collins, Dotty Hale, josephine Vaughan, Suzie Chase, and -lane Turnbull. After the maypole dance, performed by the third grade, the May Court and the other students adjourned to the football field for Field Day. When the dust cleared, Linda Crass's "Swords, emerged vic- torious over Terry Caffreyis "Shields". Burying partisan feelings, students, parents, and faculty had a picnic in the Forum and watched the rain which barely missed messing up Field Day. All swam home happy and well fed. Awards HOCKEY CAPTAIN PLAQUE Sally Iacobs OUTSTANDING HOCKEY PLAYER Priscilla Robertson MEARNIS HOCKEY AVVARD Betty F orwood OUTSTANDING SENIOR ATHLETE Sally Iacobs ROBERT LEE MYERS WRESTLING AWARD Lawrence Lincoln TENNIS CUP Daphne Thurlow OUTSTANDING BASKETBALL PLAYER Sydney Russell HIGHEST BATTING AVERAGE Susan Crass Prize Compositions 4th CLASS .....................,........,........... Carolyn Beggs 5th CLASS ..,. .. .... Susan Slaughter 6th CLASS .,.. TRIANGLE PIN Margaret Harmon WOODEN SPOON Margaret Harmon SENIOR THEME AWARD Freda Roberts HISTORY AWARD Freda Roberts COMMUNICATIONS AWARD Freda Roberts . . . , . Penelope Orr W Commencement this year took place on Tuesday the fourteenth of June. The setting was the Forum of the New Beckley Building where 20 somewhat teary seniors received their diplomas from Mrs. Tatnall. Margaret Harmon gave the valedictory and Ami Stein- lechner gave her farewell speech. The great secret was revealed, as Mrs. Tatnall awarded the Triange Pin to Margaret Harmon. The seniors proved that they had indeed learned the new school hymn and school song and were allowed to go to tea with their parents and guests in the Beckley faculty lounge. On the evening of june fourteenth, the juniors, long hours of conspiracy and hard. work came to an end as the seniors and the upper school danced at the prom. The juniors decorated the Forum in keeping with the theme 'KMardi Crasf, and the orchestra of Manny Kline provided the music. After the prom, the seniors and their escorts were given a swim- ming Cand eatingj party by their mothers. A R Hs .Q SQ 3 fn 3 ' :T 1 F gg: 'LQ :Q Vavsimruf View 1:1 3 Af V35 Xi, Q fffaf. 115 4.2 i 4 www Q Wm, , M ,ya qs N + 3 3. S. Tr. 3, .3 fx eg- , 5 s - Yr sf' H S 4 .0 xfx:+4,.. A., f' ' rs' , ... , N 1 Q - n 3:1221 im ,- M3 4:51 iff? i rw, .5 A wg a N., A W Wx-rg. .. X 'iwgm X f Q X wt .. velbw S ft Patrons MRS. KATI-IRYN W. ROBERTSON MR. AND MRS. CHARLES F. CALLOWAY, SR. MRS. WILLIAM O. IONES, jR. MR. AND MRS. RUSSELL B. EATON MR. RUSSELL H. RAUSCH MR. AND MRS. B. E. FEBNOW MR. E. MCCLUNG FLEMING MR. AND MRS. STUART P. MILLER Compliments Of JOSEPH RIZZO AND SONS 1 r vu L y W 15 1 L. ., .4 'ii . fig-,331 7 is: Mliiif . EW 51-5' ff: JI ' .352 ,Q -. 4,55 M15 1 I , 3251? x ' 'f . , JE, ,L.. at ,f. 35114 "ff J. . ..,.!.,:. . L -. V 5 . v v E-.g. 1 S:L,i5,:'s'ft' - ' , P: a W X I

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