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'fiv- DEDICATION To Aline Cavanagh, under whose enthusiastic care our library has grown in size and value, and through whose inspiring guidance our pupils are entering more and rn ' ' ore into the enjoyment of readin d g, we edicate this book with grateful appreciation. To the Ecz'if01f.t.' Readers of articles on education come again and again upon the phrase, "Home and School", and are struck by the recurrent theme of the need for cooperation between the two. It should not be otherwise, for in these two institutions, together with the Church, lie our best hopes for the future. This association of home and school is Tatnall's very foundation. A mother with a genius for true education has been its guiding spirit. All that has been accomplished through the years is a reflection of her faith and wisdom. We now have at Sedgely a setting of great beauty, an alert student body, actively interested parents, and a dedicated faculty. The heritage of the ages in the humanities, the social studies, and the sciences is open to us. Outside the classroom, in sports and other activities, we share the intimate friendship and understanding so often denied those in larger schools. And over all is the benediction of Nature. Truly Tatnall is a school that cherishes the character of a well-ordered home, fostering intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth. May we resolve always to keep it that way! MARJORIE SQUIRE B V ' 1.2 ' sem- - 1 THE SENIOR CLASS ff If Now are our brows bound with victorious wreaths T116 S C1'1iO1' Class "Farewell, a word that muy! be, and batla been- A found which makes zu lingerg- yet- farewell." Byron 'There way tl Jim' danced, and under it BRIGITTE RICHARDA ADOMAT I um bowl." Q SHAKESPEARE -4. 5004" 5 :J v .. .1 , f I E ACTIVITIES: Student Council-4 Buck Hill Falls Conference-4 Cast, "Arms and the Man"-4 NANCY LEE EDWARDS 'Wifh merry-rmzkiug eyes and jofzuzd Jmiley. " -LONGFELLOW ACTIVITIES: J.V. Hockey-1 Varsity Hockey-2, 3, 4 Badminton Champion-1 Student Council-1 Treasurer, Students' Association-2 Buck Hill Falls Conference-2 Triangle Staff-Assistant Photographer-2 News Editor-3 May Court Attendant-3 Honor Society Conference-3 Girls' State Conference-5 Secretary and Treasurer, Athletic Association-3 Chairman, Social Committee-4 MADALINE BETTY LATTOMUS ,gurls if "For all tba! faire if, ir by zzatzzre guozif Tbat if Il Jigzze to know fbe gezzfle Hood." -SPENSER ACTIVITIES: Prize Compositions-1, 2, 5 j.V. Hockey-1, 2 Varsity Hockey-3, 4 Badminton Champion-1 Buck Hill Falls Conference-2 Triangle Staff-2, 3 Social Committee-3 President, Students' Association-4 SUSAN BESS PARRIOTT 'ws ICN' may r . mwr i . 1 2 Her ufayf are zuayy of p!eam1zt1ze5.f." -PROVERBS ACTIVITIES: Yearbook Staff-1, 2, 3 U.N. Representative-1, 2, 3 j.V. Hockey-3, 4 Buck Hill Falls Conference-5 Captain, Whistles-4 Athletic Association-4 Chairman, Welfare Committee-4 JOANNE WEIGEL Y 'Mine be the Jtreu tl ' " 4 g J of Jpnzl, full and i free, Like Jome broad ri zfer rzzfbifzg down ' alone." , -TENNYSON ACTIVITIES: Varsity Hockey-2, 3, 4. fHockey Award-35 Athletic Association-2, 4 President-4 Honor Society Conference-3 Buck Hill Falls Conference-3 May Court Attendant-5 Girl' S s tate Representative-3 Triangle Staff-2, 3 News Editor-2 Managing Editor-3 Business Mana ger-"Pierre Pathelin"-3 Captain, Belles-4 Editor-in-Chief , "Tatnall Times"-4 FT' "7QT"f"QY - All 4 X , ' I .' vu I 'I I I Iv w ll 1 H s lf' 'MIM ir WH.ITHER AWAY? Now it fell in the month of june in the two hundred and fourth year of our kingdom, that I, Sir Tatnall of Sedgely, the first man to be dubbed graduate of the Tatnall School, went riding in search of a merry adventure. And it fell that I saw a sign hard by the school which made known that the Class of 1955 was gathering for a tournament of words. So right boldly I entered the school and hid myself behind a screen in the Great Cafeteria, for I had a deeming that I should not be made welcome. Aforetimes, only ladies were let come and they now cry that the Tatnall School is new-fangle for letting men come, however, I nist no man in no kingdom more hardier nor.of greater courage than the first Tatnall knights. And I, from behind the screen, did see them enter, all gorgeously arrayed. Their names were: the Lady Brigitte, the Lady Madeline, the Lady Nancy, the Lady Susan, and the Lady Joan, and a fairer set of ladies was there never in no kingdom. And there was great joy among them and straightway they fell to feasting, which was ever their wont, and talking, which they ever loved to do. Now the first happening in this tournament was quaintly called "where have you been and what have you been doing?" And first spake the Lady Madeline, "Lo, many times in the past hath my voice rung forth, 'Girls, be quiet, please,' that now I teach after the manner of Sir Dale of Carnegie, and there is now such manner of winning of friends and infiuencing of people that Delaware is widely known as Lattomus Little joyous." Then spake the Lady Brigitte, and she spake in the accents of Delaware, "For sithen I have always loved the olden ways, I have here taught the English classics, and in especial the 'Paradise Lost', which I do make committed to memory." Then spake the Lady Nancy, "Now I, Lady Nancy, loving mankind and womankind and concerning myself ever with their ease, have founded a Spic hard by the Tatnall tournament field, where the young may foregather for feasting and merrimentg but, alas, the Lady Brigitte waxeth ever wroth with me." "Alas, thyself!" answered the Lady Brigitte, "In my youth I never had no manner of time of no kind, with forever rushing to and fro speaking fair words to the Americans, and it grieveth me sore to see the young so disporting themselves in idleness." "She speaks true," boldly answered the Lady Madeline, for it was ever her wont to defend her little sister. "Make no more language," spake the Lady Susan, "but hear of my adventures. For ever was I possessed of too many fine robes to wear from the waxing until the waning of the moon. And so I pose for advertisements, seventeen portraits a day, and never in none am I arrayed the same as in another. And let me say and here make known, that I pose for none save those that say, 'The right people' for even in my youth was I aware how the people loved those signs." "Woe worth the day," spake the Lady joan, and the tears brast from her eyes, "that the word should ever reach mine ears that one of my companions should stay within doors on such wise. For ever I traveled faster and faster between Middletown and Wilmington, so that I could not leave off traveling. So I am captain of the hrst Earth Hockey Team of the Inter-Planetary League, and many are the trophies I can show to make good my words. Though, sooth to say, I love not the moon so well as Middletown." "Trophies might you have enow," spake on high the Lady Susan, "but goodly sums of gold such as mine wilt thou never see more." "Now make peace," spake the Lady Nancy, "for it is summer when every heart gladdens with the coming of the fresh fiowersf' "As the French book saith," said the Lady joan, "we have ever been goodly com- panionsf' Then they fell to talking and laughing and weeping of the old days, their joys and their dolors, and I, bemused, brast out on laughing, whereupon the ladies rushed on me and seized me and cursed me in most orgulous wise, crying, "Fic on thee, traitor!" And they would have imprisoned me in an ancient safe had not appeared the house dragon, descendant of the mighty and redoubted Jinx, whose mien would strike terror to the hearts of the most mighty. So all the ladies fell into a swound, And as the dragon did eat the remnaunt of the luncheon, I did Hee. VOYAGE OF THE SENIOR CLASS The first arrival of the present senior class was Nancy Edwards, who joined us in the seventh grade. She was followed by Madaline Lattornus, who came to Tatnall in the ninth grade. In the tenth grade, Joanne Weigel and Susan Parriott became Tatnallites. Kitty Adomat, our exchange student from Ger- many, came for the senior year. SENIOR CLASS WILLS Being of round mind: Kitty Adomat wills to everyone a senior year with as much fun and good ex- periences as she had. Nancy Eduwdf wills her naturally curly hair to anyone who needs it. Mizdalifze Liztlomzzr wills her eyelashes to Martha Yerkes. Susan Parriotl wills her "air-conditioned car" to Elsie Dodds. So . . . there you are . . . buddy. joumze Weigel leaves physics class with relief. ! nal, X ,, -lun.. 10, mninning Street. Zlagljiielgulfl . JMMPQMMML E. fr ff' W7 fzkw "'4"'7 Aga:-57. In November, the English history class sent a letter to Winston Churchill, wishing him a happy birthday. To their astonishment and delight, he replied. His letter was framed and presented to Mrs. Squire by the class at the end of the year. v.-mix, - "war,-'f.s.f-ffm-1:-...e -Xa.,XQTSS-woN,-5-ffw, , . ,.,-Rf- - '- .. ' Ji -'fi-,man V ' ' , I ' . ,. , . .....x W KMWM N' V'-X-w.N,.:4 -K ' ':'.fXf 'N' 'A' L,. a,,, 'V val"-"4 ga '- ....-wx' ' Q --.z.., 2 R i .-1? X 17:54 N.. , ,,. ""'-'wx-N..,., er A,1g.-.may- -5 .. ' .-.., ' '.,:"1-.' X 'S-5. ' N-41 'C -. S9611 - P J 5, U ga.:-sea fr-1:1354-1 cf, 1' 4 1' .3 .,g:.s',. zz- wi 21.2 , 15- 1: ., , f V' 34? MI TR TIO A , X 'S MRS. ROBERT LEE MYERS Principal 39 MRS. HENRY LEA TATNALL Principal Emerilzzf UPPER SCHOOL FACULTY K' .-.. '01 3. v W- ?. Pj. .W gf L4 as fi lv-tv 51 1 si Bark Row, L. to R.-Henry Siegel, Erna Rec-ser, I-Iarriette Griffith, Elizabeth Ashton, Marjorie Squire, Marthe Bossard, jessalyn Lynch, Elbert St, Claire. Frau! Roux L. lo R.-Lucille Sala Meharg, Elizabeth Stephens, Frances D. S. Tatnall, Josephine Myers, Aline Cavanagh, Marion Oviatt. UPPER SCHOOL FACULTY 5 Goodall. Hiensch, Marion Doom. 'Q ii in Bark Row, L. lo R.-Miriam Handy, Mary Wetzel, Marguerite Kelsey, Walthera Front Rau, L, to R. Jane Henderson, Regina Slaughter, John Yorkston, julia MIDDLE SCHOOL FACULTY an 9 lxwff' E 'el -,,.. L. 10 R,-Audrey Keene, Gertrude Balch, N. Gay Cloward, Helen Pyle, Grace Fry, Frances Atkins. Abfenl-Edwina Justin, Roberta Bryson. LOWER SCHOOL FACULTY l ,ZS .- 2 21 Q A i v v- X 445 if 1 Back mu, L. to R. Chrrstlne Brosxus, Dlane Marv1n. Front row, L. to R.-Kay Noble, Sarah Jastak, Isabel Brown, Ann Benzel. 'ST if 11" LL 11 .,-n 11 x 14.1, M4 Y WM' W .vfF'.' I, ,M M, F1 1 hy , N A' of it , + "1 , ' ..4, .ll . fi -I -. -lg- A - , -' I r, U 3-VPU! A ' ' ' x Q '1' 1 5 , lr ll, P. 0,0 v Q lv 'il THE STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION . The Students' Association is the main organization of the school, It includes the whole student body, and meets once a month. This Association is directed by a Student Council, which consists of a President, Mada.line Lattomusg a Secretary, Pat Smithg and a Treasurer, Martha Yerkes. Also on the Student Council are: the Chairman of the Social Committee, Nancy Edwardsg the President of the Athletic Council, Joanne Weigel, the Chairman of the Welfare Com- mittee, Susan Parriott, Kitty Adomatg the Editor of the Triangle, Anne Tatnallg Harriett Reese and Patsy Keene, Representatives from the eighth and seventh classes, and the Captains of the Belles and Whistles, Nancy Edwards and Susan Parriott. This year the Social Committee sponsored a swimming party for the new girls entering Tatnall, the Christmas Dance, and the Prom. The Athletic Council gave two dances, one at Thanksgiving and one after the Midyear Exams, and a hayride in the spring. The Belles and Whistles teams worked closely with the Athletic Council and arranged a hockey game between the teams. The Welfare Committee activities were the annual Red Cross meeting at Tochwogh, the collection of canned foods for the St. Michaels Day Nursery at Thanksgiving, the decoration of the Christmas tree at the Children's Bureau, and drives for various charities through the year. WML! F UR 'Q pri i CLASSES ELEVENTH CLASS uv ' Q N.. . nr l , Bark Roux L. I0 R.-Helen Ruth Stephens, Eleanor Smith, Anne Tatnall. Middle Row, L. to R.-P.1tr5ci.1 Willianis, Anne Bryson, Sue McHugh, Roberta Harwick. Frou! Raw, L. 10 R.-Margaretta Barton, Helen Peemoeller, Shirley Ryon, Leslie Riley, Suzanne Collins. TENTH CLASS .1 F, ,x, ff Back Row L zo R Barbara Kennedy Carla Carpenter Alice Lawrence Linda Brenner. Fran.: Row, L. to R.-Elsie Dodds, Sandra Seely, Dorsey Reese, Martha Yerkes. .....-. I lillllll !U 'U ! ii iii ii Ill IH ll, 'ill .IH 1' v- in Q ln Ill Alll ll -..,, . lil i -Iii A 31 SEVENTH GRADE 'V7 Abt Bark Row, L. to R.-Sylvia Bushong, Patsy Keene, jane Maybee, Caroline john- Stone, Sally Ann Bowdon, Sally Stager, Front Row, L. 10 R.-Penny Webster, Linda Biddison, Carolyn Lukens, Anne Canby, Anne Vaughan, Cindy Shaw. eu!-Toni Devereux. SIXTH GRADE Bar Fra Laz 32 'KP , 0+ S" ,9 'V 'R T7 k Row, L. to R.-Vicki Esker, Mary Chichester, Mary Carpenter, Virginia Taylor, Marney Collins. nt Row, L. to R.-Luclie Davis, Stuart Chapman, Jacklyn Yeatman, Martha arus, Carol Nicholes. FIFTH GRADE ' Q . v X f J qlg VFP' , V7 Bark Row, L. 10 R.-Betty Forwood, Cynthia W'clch, Barbara Lukens, jean Filson, Priscilla Robertson, Penny Lofting, Virginia Mendinhall. From Roux L. la R.-Margot Huber, Barbara Friel, Suzanne Noble, Sally Clark, Dorothy Kimmel. FOURTH GRADE ti A Bark Row, L. to R.-Carlene Morgan, Constance Jones, Nancy Lynch, Cassmira Eugene, March ,Wier. Frou! Row, L. to R.-Susan I-lolladay, joy Vaughan, Priscilla Mayerberg, Lucinda Chapman, Nan Kaehn. Q I THIRD GRADE 17 S-r Bak Roux L. to R.-Nancy jones, Charles Mendinhall, Pamela Gottshall, Larry ' Lincoln, Patricia Pryor. 1 From Rau' L 10 R-Martha Friel Valerie Wier, Katherine Barney, David Canby. THIRD GRADE 'S' 45 'T' xxx i Back Rau, L. lo R. Deirdre Lancaster, Esther Lawrence, Judith Field, Wendy Ric-smeyer. Front Row, L. lo R.-Andrea Dalgliesh, Stephen Goetz, Suzanne Gassaway, Deborah Demme Carol Hitchens 34 SECOND GRADE . 1 f-unhx Ne W" ,MU -vK3,. uv wsu ,,.-an-.,,, ,.."' Middle Row L, to R.-Vicki Cooper Hope X erkes Mary Slaughter, Frou! Rou L. lo R4-Thomas Todd Toni Eugene Lynne Mayerberg, Martha I I X al Q , If 'YR Bark Row, L. to R.-Gail MCCormic, Kip Bode-n, Willlam Swartz, Brown Gail Williams SECOND GRADE si' Back Row, L. lo R.-Carla Mayne, Donna Kaehn. fi.. Middle Row, L. to R.-Dierdre Hearn, Frank Melick, Rebecca Keefe, Suzanne johnson, Thomas Tatman. Front Raw, L, to R.-Sarah Gassaway, Jane Blake Turnbull, Robert Faust, Lyn Sherwood, john Swift. 35 pg-, H V 1, f , 1 4 1 ua 'f W V, ,H i' v 'S.'1" ,. 4 1 ,yi 1 .rz. H 1 , -l , ' u.. ,. w .. ' .f ..' , .'1, V V 4 I '- nr 'Y .gf vb. 4 I J? M ras' v,. A. WS! ' ' -1 4 14. ,Ir 1 I 1, .J .5 .ht 1 MI 1-. ' ,li "Lu ' ' X' - I! -s 4-', . ,H I , . I 1 W u 1 fy '4 ' V ,UA I N I I '1 " ,u V 4 1 M. ' lv X l nil, , 'f , , FIRST GRADE 46 ?' Burk Row, L. zo R.-Jay Smith, Virginia Lee, Robert Bennethum, Charles Morgan, Manning Kimmel, David Lindemer, Lea Tatnall Ball. Frau! Rau. L. 10 R. Aliae St. Claire, M.1ry Lynn Booker, Susan Todd, Carol Herrington, Stephanie Gassaway, Nancy Goetz, Carol Bryan. FIRST GRADE F? RS.-5-, '9' -Us T7 Bark Row, L. to R.-Penny Orr, Webster jones, Frederick Rose, David Swallow. Middle Row, L. 10 R.-Lili Barney, Daniel Rich, Arthur Cohen, Billy Bornstein, Dale Addoms, Brent Reese. Franz Raw, L. 10 R.-Pamela Hartley, Carolyn Torrey, Cherie Holberton, Peter johnson Susan Taulbee ,rv- KINDERGARTEN wr' ..- Btzfk row. L. 10 R.-Debra Bohus, Susan Marsh, Tommy Albert Virginia Wheatcrcxft, Deborah Kaehn. Cerner mug L. I0 R.-Louise McCumber, Susan Graham, David Barry, Lisa Jamison, Arthur Lincoln, Karyn Kemp, Lowell Young quist. From wuz L. fo R.-Bruce Kelsey, Peter Sunclelin, james Anderson john Turnbull, Cameron Yorkston. Alueul-Mary Lou Maclntyre, Catherine Castner, Robert Freicleman Susan Slaughter. PRE-KINDERGARTEN -is " Bark mu, L. Io R. Frederick Mammele, Antoinette Adams, Paul Zintl, Gilbert Church. Franz rouf, L. to R.-joan Barnhill, Walter Moore, Mary Stern Michael Gordy, Alicia Smith. Rig " Wx 'N .. - :P 0 - Q PRE-KINDERGARTEN pf Q 1 W . ,,.. ...um -na.,ir,: V- ' a - ' -ages. . A L... y Bark row. L. zo R.-Beverly McKinney, Deborah Maclntyre Leslie Hammer, john Hartley. Front row, L. zo R.-Robert Stephens, Paul Carignan, Stewart Bailey. Alum:-Sharon Gordy. NURSERY 8 it 'FV 3 Q I Bark row, L. lo R.-Billy Bernard, Ralph Maclntyre, john Golbie, Richard Kiger. Front raw, L. lo R.-Libby Zintl, David Ender, john Durham, Christine Ketcham. Abienl-john Morris, David Adylotte, Jane McCormick, Bill Barry. 38 ae: '11, Afx 'I xl xi 'M xg 5 ACTIVITIES GLEE CLUB 1:2375 is .-.W 11 - ,M WM 55 . -sys -- X X 3. A.. wg:-A . . S2 ' x , - ,ls ' 111233135 .34 rv -' wi? . .-,s.h The theme of the correlated arts course this year was the civilization of small nations. We heard lec- tures on make-up, japanese art, and Irish literature. The play, "Arms and the Man," by G. Bernard Shaw, is a light comedy set in Bulgaria in 1885. 'ARMS AND THE MAN' Raimz .... Cclf!.7El'j1I6 Lozzinz . . . Bfzzzztyrlvfj. . . Ojfl'61', . . Nimfrz. . . Petkojf. . Sergizu. . G. Bernard Shaw . . .Helen C. Peemoeller . . . . .Anne Bryson . . .Alice Lawrence . . . .Brigitte Adomat . . . . . . . .Leslie Riley . . . .Elizabeth Cavanagh . . . . . .Amelie Lauve . . .Suzanne Collins 43 CHRISTMAS if 11" LL 11 .,-n 11 x 14.1, M4 Y WM' W .vfF'.' I, ,M M, F1 1 hy , N A' of it , + "1 , ' ..4, .ll . fi -I -. -lg- A - , -' I r, U 3-VPU! A ' ' ' x Q '1' 1 5 , lr ll, P. 0,0 v Q lv ART CLASSES :fond Q io' , if 4 Q 5 , 2 f'!'P.Q.S4 46 XNQ' ublications. , iggfqd 4 E 6 brim!! 277261 ' JOANNE VUEIGEL .... .... E dizor-in-Chief HELEN PEEMOELLEIl .... .... N ewr Editor fi ANNE BRYSON ..... ..... C opy Edizor , H ' V l J ELEANOR SMITH .... .... F ealzzre Edilor ' ' SANDRA SEELY .... ..... S port: Editor I i .aq MR. SIEGEL ...,. .... F arzzlty Adrirer ffl ' M' . l ixN Herzry M. Siegef, af farzzfty adrirer for bolb ll7ZlbljfLlfi0lIJ, 11,15 girerz lair time, erztbzzfiaruz. and krzowledge of f7llb!jJ'Z7,fl1g I0 both rtafff. This year, under Mr. Siegel's guidance, grades seven through twelve pub- lished a monthly newspaper, The Tfztrmll Timer, which averaged five rnimeo- graphed pages. It has been highly successful in bringing to the school news and stories written by students. r 48 be mzzegle Edztm zzz Chief ............. ANNE TATNALL Bumzefy Mazinger .... HELEN C. PEEMOELLER New Edzfor .......... MARGARETTA BARTON Pbotogmpbir Editor ......... ELEANOR SMITH Fafzzfty Advifer. . . ...... MR SIEGEL STAFF SUZANNE COLLINS SUE MCHUGH PATRICIA XYIILLIAMS ROBERTA HARXY-'ICK LESLIE RILEY HELEN RUTH STEPHENS ANNE BRYSON ALICE LAWRENCE MARTHA YERKES ELSIE DODDS A ,ox A Q.,-f THE SCIENCE CLUB The first meeting of the Science Club was held on October twenty-second. The result of this meeting was the election of Cintra Lofting as President, Delphine Davies as Vice-President, and Amelie Lauve, Secretary. Other mem- bers of the club are Molly Bushong, Elizabeth Cavanagh, Elsie Dodds, Martha Eorwood, Sally Gale, Lindsay Griggs, Carolyn Handy, Judy King, Margaret Lindsay, Margaret Peemoeller, Harriet Reese, Dorsey Reese, Leslie Riley, Kathy Smith, Patricia Smith, Katherine Turnbull, Carolyn Vernon, and Maggie Wilson. During the year the group visited the New Castle County Workhouse, held a bake sale for the Dr. Albert Schweitzer Fund, and heard a talk by Miss Emma Stephens, former Tatnallite who is now a graduate nurse. They also saw "The Du Pont Story". The ofificers of the club attended the Eleventh Philadelphia Regional Meeting of the Pennsylvania junior Academy of Science, and the whole club spent a week end in New York. Most of the girls submitted entries in the Delaware State Science Fair. . E2 l ima my a lf, y 'pe 1 v ' , ' f ,X I' 1 1 Q., x4 x 3? rg? J W, ,.,'v .f X X Y 5 V ,. X A -5' I I , -nr v 1 K , J 4 ,KX ATHLETICS VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM 52 x 'Q Q 1 no .., SOCIAL EVENTS F WWW fy! -4,"1!P'1 1511 ggwyixngq, .-, pq 'I' m' lj. I Pl. I' 4. Lg' n ,a D THE BUCK HILL FALLS CONFERENCE February fourth was quite an exciting day for Kitty Adomat, Anne Bryson, Suzanne Collins, Leslie Riley, Shirley Ryon, and Helen Ruth Stephens. That morning they left on a bus for Buck Hill Falls, along with Mrs. Griffith and Mrs. Oviatt and students from Saint Andrews, Tower Hill, Ellis, and Friends. They arrived in time for a quick lunch and then hurried to their first meet- ing. They soon found out that the whole week end consisted of rushing from one activity to another. They heard talks by Mr. Ehrensperger. Between the talks were discussion groups which proved to be very interesting. On Saturday afternoon they had recreation: Shirley went tobogganing, Leslie and Kitty skied, and Sue, Anne, and Helen Ruth skated. At live-thirty on Sunday morning Mrs. Oviatt took them down to the Falls. It was dark and snowing when they left the inn. As they watched the falls, it grew light. It was truly a magnificent way to end an inspiring week end. 'fi A . , . THE DOG SHOW The sixth annual Tatnall Dog Show was held at Sedgely on May 7, with Amelie Lauve as chairman. The dog show is an event for dogs which have not won in American Kennel Club shows and which are managed by amateur child handlers. All the profit is given to the Delaware S.P.C.A. . Best in show was "Poppet", a Welsh Corgi owned by Susan Bissell of Tower Hill School. The judges were Mrs. William Turner and Mrs. Josiah Marvel. Mrs. Frank Tull gave an exhibition of obedience training. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE TATNALLITES CLASS OF 1954 Louire MarCreary completed her freshman year at Delawareg joyce Miller is engaged to Donald V. Young and C yfztloia Orwald is attending Colby junior College. CLASS OF 1953 Robert and Elizabeth Webrler Hodge have a son, Robert june Hodge. The rest of the class is in college: fllelilh Erkler and Mary Elaine jofzer, Goucherg Suzanne Iolmron, Ilman-Carter Unit of the University of Pennsylvaniag Ann Morrir, Bryn Mawrg and Georgia McWhorter, Smith. Georgia is engaged to joseph H. Frazer, jr. CLASS OF 1952 Nanry Ann Riggin and Ertelle Ryozz are working for the Du Pont Companyg Nancy Ann is engaged to Eugene T. Warzecha. jean Campbell is at Benningtong Sue Wafer: is at Wheelockg Nancy Herndon and Betty Tatnall are at Delaware. Betty's engagement to Robert L. Swain has been announced. CLASS OF 1951 Sue Murzron has one more year at Delaware. Emmy Steplaezzr is a graduate, registered nurse, practicing at the Memorial Hospital. The married members of the class are scattered: john and jean Boyd Camp are living in Los Angeles, California, Anthony and Gertrude Comfable du Pont in New Haven with their children, Anthony and Dianeg Ray and Carolyn Mendifzhall Lynch in High Point, North Carolina, with their son, David, while Richard and Amy Porler Peoples are living here in Wilmington. CLASS OF 1950 jack and jan Harbrouck Schwab have a son, john Anthony Schwab, they are living in Elmira, New York. Lira Hamer is married to Mitchell Brooks and living in Indianapolis. Ernie and Belly Knowles May are living in Hyattsville, Maryland, Carroll Marrhall Ball is living in Charleston, South Carolina, with her husband, F. MacNaughton Ball and son, F. MacNaughton Ball, Jr. Dolly MrCune is working for an insurance company in Charles- ton, S. C. Ann Pyle is engaged to Peter McCormack of Ottawa, Canada. Ann Rayner is working in Norfolk, Virginia. john and Anna May Ryon Cahill with their small daughter, Susan Betts, are stationed in Alabama. David and Lucy Sala Meharg are living here in Wilmington, Lucy is teaching French at Tatnall. Ginny Trencbard is working for the News-journal Company on the Womens' Page. Jack and Pat Walter: Fairchild are living with their two little boys in Newark, Delaware. AY DAY Q f m -fa-L ,,, 4 vw lx I ' . , x .. ' W.. . f - , ,Q , . , . ,. .- 1 .A M N3 ,.,,Q W4 - 'Q .af Pa... ' .-- ' "i, .,. uf,-.+L': -3 ':-gn ' ,. Tl'f5"'ffX Q - ' ' - ' X - ' V. 'K L' 1- 'rfrfii-,"f"' x I ' 1 H w v'14':AS4"'5l!A "WP 4 ' A x Q + -'J' GW -J, ' , K 4 I.. V0 J -XM f "5 ':-fx izw.. .A E 5 ' . MADALINE LATTOMUS CINTRA LOETING SUSAN PARRIOTT ANNE BRYSON BARBARA KENNEDY ALEXANDRA SELLAR PATRICIA KEENE VALEDICTORY In expressing the sentiments of the Class of 1955, it is our desire to thank Mrs. Tatnall, Mrs. Myers, and the faculty for their efforts in helping us gain a good basic education. In September our class will enter college to further our studies. May the inspiration and guidance which we have received here remain with us as we approach the higher fields of learning. In the years to come, we hope that Tatnall will continue to grow and graduate many more students. Nancy Edwards THE ANNUAL PRIZES Ead1 year at Commencement, great interest has centered around the diiferent prizes awarded, those given for English Composition, and the Triangle Pin. This latter award goes to the member of the Senior Class who, in the judgment of the Faculty, best represents the standards and ideals of the School. It in- cludes scholarship, but scholarship is not the only, or even the chief, basis of the award, for it comprehends also those less tangible qualities of character that make for the happiness of the whole social group- integrity, sincerity, consideration of others, unselfishness, cooperation, courtesy, imaginativeness that makes one quick to see another's point of view and to treat it sympathetically. The Triangle Pin, therefore, has always been the school's highest mark of honour. Another valued prize, The Wooden Spoon, is awarded annually for the same general qualities, by vote of the students of the Upper School, to a member of the junior or Senior Class. Two cups and a plaque, the Senior Honour Cup, the junior Honour Cup, and the Intermediate School Plaque, are also awarded annually by the Faculty. These are awarded, not to an individual, but to the class most nearly realizing the standards of the School in trustworthiness, friendliness, courtesy, cooperation, and school spirit. These cups and the plaque are held by the winning classes for a year, when they will again be awarded. Also, each year, French prizes are given to the pupils in the Upper School who have made the greatest improvement in the language, and have evinced real interest and industry throughout the year. A prize is awarded by the Principal of the School. to a student who most nearly approached in her speaking voice those qualities mentioned by XVilliam Shakespeare in King Lear fAct V, Scene iiij: "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low, an excellent thing in woman." The Mearns Hockey Trophy is awarded to the student in the high school grades for outstanding achievement in hockey. The athletic cup is awarded by the head of the Athletic Department to the girl who has shown the greatest interest in sports, and who has outstanding ability. Awards The Triangle Pin .... .... I oanne Weigel Intermediate School Plaque .......... Fifth Class The Wooden Spoon .... .... A nne Tatnall Voice Prize .................... Susan Parriott Senior Honour Cup .... ...., T enth Class Hockey Award ..... ..... E leanor Smith Junior Honour Cup .... ..... S eventh Class Athletic Cup ..... .... M artha Yerkes PRIZE COMPOSITIONS Third Class-The Difobedient Robin .................. .... W endy Riesmeyer Fourth Class-Crumpet Forgot to Hibernate .... ...... C arlene Morgan Fifth Class-A Little Bird Told Me ......... ..... B etty Mae Forwood Sixth Class-Let'J Take a Trip ............... ..... M arney Collins Seventh Class-The Old Cloak Tell: ltr Story .... ........ S ally Stager Eighth Class-W inter Time Adventure ........ ........ H arriet Reese Ninth Class-fl Strange Coincidenre ......... ..... E lizabeth Cavanagh Tenth Class-My Mort Embarrarring Moment ......... .... . . .Barbara Kennedy Eleventh Class-This Changing World ....... . ................... Margaretta Barton Senior Theme-The German Quertion-A Struggle Between Two Problem: Brigitte Adomat FRENCH PRIZES Anne Canby Judith King SCIENCE PRIZE Delaware State Science Fair-Honourable Mention ,.... .... E lsie Dodds VALEDICTORIAN Nancy Edwards ACKNOWLEDGMEN'TS The Triangle staff sincerely thanks the many people whose generous cooperation has contributed to the production of this book, particularly: Mr. Henry Siegel for patiently coming to all our meetings and for giving much helpful advice. Miss julia Goodall, Miss Mary Wetzel, Mrs. Robert Slaughter, Mrs. Cabell Handy for their assistance as advisers. Mrs. Henry Lea Tatnall for proofreading. Mrs. Robert L. Myers for her advice and answers to our endless questions. Mrs. Herbert R. Stephens and Mrs. Robert Griffith for their expert advice. Mr. Randolph Barton for helping with photographs. Mrs. Wm. E. Peemoeller for typing. Mr. Kenneth Jester, of the Hambleton Printing Company, for his under- standing encouragement. TATNALL SCHOOL jANSSEN'S SUPER MARKET FINE FOODS Grnreries -- Meats -- Produfe S T O R E Free Delirerlt' Phone 4-9941 4-9942 4-9945 Greenville. Del. Dressy Separates Town 81 Country Wear Casual Dresses Play Clothes l Accessories Complzmenls As of We if fix A Friend J 9 0 ' LCONU LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP Featuring Sportswear PHONE 2-6534 820 WEST ST. NEAR NINTH ' WILMINGTON, DEL. The mzzegle 1955 FACULTY ADVISER MR. HENRY M. SIEGEL STAFF Editor-in-Chief .... ....... A NNE TATNALL Bufizzesx Mmmger .... .... H ELEN C. PEEMOELLER New Editor ...... .... M ARGARETTA BARTON Pbotogmplair Editor. . . ..... ELEANOR SMITH LE COMPTE COMPANY 'A' RADIO OPEN I HOWARD R. COLLINS 'A' TELEVISION NUMBER EVE5 a-4292 'leweler ,ml A APPLIANCES t HI-FI EQUIP. Phone 2-7525 215 W. Ninth Street 9 FRIENDLY Wilmington, Del. 'A' SERVICES ssnvlcss Delaware Ave. and Union Street THE FAIRFAX TOXWNE AND COUNTRY SHOPPE 2505 CONCORD PIKE WILMINGTON SASH AND DOOR CO. ESTABLISHED 1883 Lumber, Millwork, Hardware, WILMINGTON 5, DELAWARE paims Phone 6-4808 Sandy Ciccone, Mgr. "A" and French Streets Phone 6-8301 Wilmington, Delaware See the Completely New FORD FOR FIFTY-FIVE -k QUILLEN BROS. AUTO SALES, INC. Phones: 7518, 2763 New Castle, Del. Compliments COLONIAL RUG AND CARPET CO. Wilmington Merchandise Mart and 8th and Tatnall Streets PATRONS MR. AND MRS. RANDOLPH BARTON MR. LEONARD YERKES MR. AND MRS. JOHN SMITH A FRIEND ARTESIAN WATER CO. B 8: O RESTAURANT DELAWARE COACH CO. HERBERT R. EGGERT GOLDEY BEACOM SCHOOL OF BUSINESS HORlSK'S, INC. COMPLIMENTS OF KELLER,S PALMER'S MARKET SANDERS ESSO STATION SHuSTER's, INC. STORMYS STYLE SHOP Compliments of . A Friend CHEVROLET CARS TRUCKS Parts ' Service FRANK W. DIVER, Inc 2101-O9 PENNA. AVE. ,ff 38: gLv'. ff xx. .Q V i N- ,f 0 In r: Xin 5 'WY Ky, - E yan,-7' iv., Abgvl-rf -E . . , -MQW' , A, 'Vi ----.l -gn-.. 5- WILMINGTON COUNTRY STORE GREENVILLE, DELAWARE A Casual Clothes Sweaters Gifts V Phone 6-7370 G. Stevenson Smith For Your Special Dinner Date THE GREEN ROOM in the HOTEL DU PONT Planning and Building MORE POWER To Assure Future Progress and Growth of Delmarva PeninsuIa's Communities DELAWARE POWER 8 LIGHT COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS . . . from PAUL W. SHERWOOD, Optician The two EYES you now have must last throughout your whole life. Your EYES have brought you eighty-three percent of all you have learned in your school days. Your EYES will control eighty percent of all your actions throughout your life. Your EYES will expend fifty percent of all bodily energy used throughout your life. Your EYES are gifts, guard them well, for they are the only EYES you will ever have. CAVALIER 8: COMPANY Prescription Opticians ODD FELLOWS BLDG. WILM., DEL. , Qa- ' SAF, ini: ing Hamm QZQMZQW '-W'-C PM T54 fi SDOWQS' ff sq 'Sf-Pmnzw Qc r yi 77 'Pi-A fwffyd N 004' ,f Ac X2 .www 'WJ CK! px 'fL,,3,,.,,,,, vxuwwh 1, 9 5. W ,cb CL-Mu. Q I complime ,zts I f 4! hi-vfd V58 A FRIEND 'Cl' P d6FgJ"?T"1"'c-S112 f 'wdjin ww AFRIEND quJmMd"J1iPf'W' it 'O fbw' fax EL M SV ' ff ff Q Cx 5 3 0.9943 govpbg g. Everything for Sport WILMINGTON SPORTING Compliments of MORRIS JEWELERS GOODS, INC. 725 Market St. 1009 Tatnall St., Wilmington, Del. wilmington' Delaware Phone 6-8642 lt Pays to Play phone 4.6121 SAYER BROS. v Y Y EST. 1894 IBA FRENCH HAIR STYLING Plant: Branch: Wilmington 6-2674 f 812 N. Union Street 181+ gl Mmkei, 700 Delaware Ave. Parking Facililies Dial 6-821 1 Une specialize in the umzsual Girls clothes from infants to sixteen FARM-FRESH TURKEYS Call V it fy HILL GIRT FARM 7 sw.. Chadds Ford, Penna. D Phone Mendenhall 3141 Free Parking Greenville, Del. DIAMOND STATE SHADE 8. LINOLEUM CO., INC. Contractors Tile Floors of Rubber, Asphalt, Cork, Linoleum Venetian Blinds ' Window Shades 705 W. 8th St. Wilmington, Del. GEORGE CARSON BOYD Florist 2l6 W. Tenth Street Phone :P Wilmington, Delaware NGTON AUTO SALES WILMI COMPANY 2100 Pennsylvania Avenue WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Emi Suu and Swim FOR OVER A CENTURY TATIONERS JEWELERS and S . . . To many of the leading colleges and schools in the East Class rings, pins and emblems, ' hi s for scholastic pnzes and trop e awards and for athletic competitions Quality and Service at Reasonable Prices CALDWELL 8: CO. Chestnut 61 luniper Streets Philadelphia 7, Pennsylvania cl, Pennsylvania ti n Road . . Haverfor 'I 20 Sta o . . Hotel duPont ....... Wilmington, Delaware ELLSWORTH GENTRY Photographer W 'it 7 RODMAN ROAD Phone Appointment Only 79-86207 A--5,4-1 Carroll W. Griffith 224 W. 9th Street Wilmington, Delaware RUSSELL S. FISHER Travel Arrangements Nine East Ninth Street Wilmington, Delaware Phone 4-7194 ROSENBAUM'S Toys 1 Housewares - Gifts 836 MARKET STREET SECRETARIAT LIMITED 1024 N. Adams St. Wilmington 6, Delaware Phone 4-4479 SUPERIOR SANITARY SUPPLY CO. Janitors Supplies Sanitary Equipment "We Sell Superior Products" 306 Shipley Street Wilmington, Delaware 2-6494 - PHONES - 2-4776 Sizes thru Pre-teen FORWOOD'S INFANTS' 8: CHILDRENS SHOP Clothing - Novelties - Toys 3311 CONCORD PIKE MCDANIEL HEIGHTS Wilmington 4-3667 Monday-Saturday - 9 : 30-5 :OO Open Thursday and Friday evening till 9 4 Q i l sf x X 3,133 -. ,. aim . ., ' v .r M. ,Q V+. .a 9 , ,. . .. .,. A, x . A.i,,.q .V JK N' Q, ix-X Mg. ,..- J vi s E ,, fs'- glh 'v'.g3rg3'fl .E . !.,.' -' '- E,".3"' . F WWW fy! -4,"1!P'1 1511 ggwyixngq, .-, pq 'I' m' lj. I Pl. I' 4. Lg' n ,a D Compliments of Wil' 65240 MARSH ROAD DIAMOND SERVICE Marsh and Veale Roads HENRY W. CZOJOR, Prop. Wilmington 3 HO 8-9880 VOGUE FABRICS SILKS, OF DISTINCTION 209 W. 9th Street Wilmington, Delaware WOOLENS, COTTONS, ETC. CAROUSEL SHOP GIFTS - CARDS - TOYS IN THE MERCHANDISE MART DANIEL G. ELSEN 518 North American Building Wilmington, Delaware Trophies 0 Awards ' Gavel.: Complete jewelry Line PHONE 4-7188 Phone 5-3376 MUNDY ,BROTHERS Furniture ' Carpets ' Bedding 814-16 King St., Wilmington, Del. Charles F. Mundy William Mundy YOU MAY NOT NEED A PERMANENT If your hair is properly shaped and styled by ERNEST H. DAVIS DAVIS HAIRDRESSERS Dial Wilm. 8-9996 916 jefferson Street THE LETTER SHOP, INC. DELAWARE'S DIRECT MAIL INSTITUTION MILADY HAIRDRESSERS 302 W. 9th Street Wilmington, Delaware PHONE 4-5623 PHONE 4-9978 Authorized Roofers for "BARRETT SPECIFICATlON" ROOF JAMES CULLEN COMPANY ROOFING CONTRACTORS SLATE ' TILE ' SLAG ' ASBESTOS YARD: 1009 UNION STREET 1009-23 Union Street Wilmington, Del. As Near As Your Phone CAPPEAUS, INC. Plmffmocifzif DELAWARE AVENUE AND DU PONT STREET Opposite B. 6 O. Station WILMINGTON, DELAWARE FERRIS 84 W. GILPIN ROAD WILLOW RUN PHONE 6-8537 PHONE 6 8538 PAINTING E. L. JONES PAINTERS 18th sf MARKET s'rn.v:E'rs WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Phone 4-5396 ff' N PAHNTTHNG AND I DIECODATFUNG f CONUPOISCUOQS AM IEQIICA 'Q PAPERHANGING DURA SEAL FOR FLOORS GLAZING WONDERS PHOTOGRAPHERS Since 1870 I004 Delaware Avenue Wilmington Phone 6-6282 ROSE FLEISCHER Coats - Suits - Dresses 1205 Washington Street Wilmington C. W. HAZEL 8g SON Distributors U. S. ROYAL TIRES 111 W. 1'lTH STREET WILMINGTON, DELAWARE For the Finest ln Foods lt's the .l.8iS. QUALITY SUPER MARKET I900 Scott Street Wilmington Get the best for less at J. 8 S. INSURANCE Compjimenfs J. A. Montgomery, Inc. Since 1865 of Du PONT BUILDING A FRIEND 10th 8: Orange Wilmington 8-647I MISS MCCONNELL Caterer Confectioner 218 West 9th Street Wilmington, Delaware Your home sold promptly through MULTI-LIST A REALTOR SERVICE with GILPIN, VAN TRUMP 8m MONTGOMERY, INC. 301 W. IHI1 S+. DICII 8-6486 REACH FOR I-IUBEIUS SUNBEAM THE BREAD YOU NEED FOR ENERGY Compliments of A Friend Mutual Funds - Stocks - Bonds - Commodities LAIRD, BISSELL 8: MEEDS DU PONT BUILDING Wilmington, Delaware Members New Yorle Stock Exchange MANSURE 8g PRETTYMAN Haberdashery, Hats, Clothing DU PONT BUILDING WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Where Quality and Service are Yours at No Extra Cost DU PONT PAINTS FAMOUS VARNISHES READING AND ENAMELS ANTHRACITE LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL AND MILLWORK Authorized Dealer for Weyerhaeufer 4-Square Lumber PHONE 6-2541 GREENVILLE, DEL. Marshall H. Yeatmun 8. Son Funeral Home 819 Washington Street Wilmington, Delaware Compliments of RUPERT CONSTRUCTION CO. I 3400 LANCASTER AVENUE WILMINGTON, DELAWARE ADDRESS MAIL TO: BOX II89 TELEPHONE 3-8871 Compliments of GREENHILL DAIRIES, INC. For enjoyable dining . . . The Hob DELAWARE TRUST BUILDING PHONE 4-7748 ELLASON DOWNS NATHAN HAYWARD, JR DOWNS 81 COMPANY Insurance Brokers DU PONT BUILDING WILMINGTON. DELAWARE Telepho e 4 3I44 H Pianos Musical Instruments Hobbies :IGH-r 'IAIIIRTY ons MARK:-:T s-nas:-:'r W ILMINGTUN DEL-XWAHE 515 SHIPLEY STREET l6u'eIe" Sllliersnlltb El'87'J'fl.7il1g for ibe Hobbyist and Alusician China Glass Phone 2-8653 Wilmington, Del "The Logical Place To Buy a Pen" Hardware -- Housewares HAY'WOOD'S PEN lNlART paints 505 Delaware Avenue Fishing Tackle - Licenses Phone 8-9894 Delaware Ave. K Phone 5-6602 W'ilmington Delaware Scott SI. Wilmington CLARK 8: TATMAN Your store of friendly service THE Paints - Glass - Hardware - Housewares 1620 Delawaff Ave' Electrical Appliances phone 2,9409 Complete Lawn Supplies . I Wilmington, Delaware 2901 Lancaster Ave. Phone 4-2624 BROOKS STUDIO C0"'P'f"'e"'S of Equipped for Every Brand: o Photography It 913 Market Street Phone 4-1091 Mia? A-4 Q LMS I I .1 -bag if 9 ' f 'Mn ,, . ee 'L' fm- '- RADIOS - PHONOS - PIANOS - RECORDS - TELEVISION ELECTRIC APPLIANCES HAMMOND ELECTRIC ORGANS 212-I4 W. NINTH ST. ' WILMINGTON, DEL PHONE 8-7159 GREENWOOD BOOK SHOP Books For AII Ages and Tastes DELAWARE TRUST BUILDING WILMINGTON, DELAWARE D. DANIEL INIARTELLA Real Estate Delaware Trust Building Vlfilmington Delaware Sincere, Personalized Servife Telephone Oflcice 8-7391 Residence 2-2156 THE TATNALL SCHOOL INCORPORATED BARLEY MILL ROAD, R.D. 1 WILMINGTON 5, DELAWARE OFFICERS OF THE SCHOOL Prefident ........,.................. MR. JOHN S BEEKLEY Vice-Prefidenz ...... .... M RS. FRANCIS B VAUGHAN Serretary-Tremurer ..... MR. RANDOLPH BARTON Pfincipa! Emeriruf .... .... M RS. HENRY LEA TATNALL Principal ......... .... M RS. ROBERT LEE MYERS JR Bufineu Manager .................... MR. JOHN YORKSTON BOARD OF TRUSTEES MR. JOHN S, BEEKLEY MRS MRS MRS. MRS. MR. MR. MR. ALPHEUS M. BALL CHARLES B. PASCHALL, H. JOSEPH SWEZEY FRANCIS B. VAUGHAN RANDOLPH BARTON JAMES R. GRANDIN EDWARD R. MCLEAN J ANN M. MASHINGTON BEAUTY sALoN 1708 ScoH' S+. Telephone 4-5780 Wilminglon, Del. YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER ROLLINS MOTORS 1 WILMINGTON 55th 8: Market Streets Wilmington, Delaware Phone 4-4421 CARL A. DOUBET Jeweler Wilm. Mdse. Mart Sth 8: Edgmont Ave. Edge Moor, Del. - Chester, Pa. CASH - CHARGE - CREDIT Guaranteed Wfatrbes 0 Registered Diamonds China -- Silver -- Crystal Compliments of MAC'S SERVICE PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 81 UNION STREET 1 1 PHONE 8-9939 Compliments of CONVENIENT MARKET 1. Elmer Betty and Sons, Inc. FLOWERS 407 Delaware Avenue 3903 Lancaster Avenue 8-7339 - Phone - 5-8807 Ml HRMBLETYSQQ COLCEETHQN XKMYW DISTINCTION 5151?-N D C .E " V- .l L -' H VI ARE 'rlfl "-' 1 "" 'WWW-A DELL " L' .,..A - 1 ' eq: -. MW? WFZZZYSTEM tor Pfoduung The guild-agfbcgits offers: Schod Yeo' TTDNS A use D ..,, D PROGRAM Y SCHEDULED DELIVER QU ALTTY CONTROL COMPLETE VERSATILITY BUDGET-FIXED COSTS and a multitude of interesting advantages to the staff and faculty aclvlsors. you want an original tif Y Cding your personal efforts and expressions . . . 1 cl-a-Book F HAMBLETON COMPANY, INCORPORATED PRINTERS 0 OFFSET LITHO MP:-mas . pUBL,5HER5 Prin+ers of +his w NG o w Y b k , ' , ff fii'-:'L?:f:-:31f:Q:Q:''fff,f:f:f:':'gTg:3:-1gl.,g:,:,:gE:::Qggg.g:g-.,.eggQ.:3:25:- - ' , 5. " ' ' yr -' '- If' n 1 1 v l . 31" v 'x . V' , .R A , ,L Q H W. su, .W . ht 'wr ,. vi 7 g .x ,. ' -ww ff "5 new .r 4 n Riff, x I - 'L'.Q'f,vr-, g.w:4:J'1 my a-f- fl, -, gl ,fr-If , K I P P 'mf vw Z A . ' if V rs .". , gf 51 ' N , VI' gf,-O' 'x ,QA Q 1 1 Y Q H at li I fm 4, , v . , , H, . ,lf .XJ fn. ,., if ' . .fx 3 if iff' - - -. Y. 5.4 if 1- w . 3!P'vf"Hf' JDK. .'!vJ' Ilpq'-1 I' , 'I -9us.-.M-.,,:R,,,, 1f'v 3 ,v 'W . lr I- 1 ,W ll!-,NL ,,. 1 , , J-L .L x asf- 'til-,, 'V ,T 1' gn' 1 ' f fr 'l 'X-54 'F E 'VI .. ' ov- L51 nd . -FE .r: 'IAQ , "X-L , v , I 1- hal! In o . ,4-I 4. ,V F Q . , , . 1 A.. nk-A ,, A7 2 if 'I fr 6557 , sq. ' - as rt ,-gb-1, I fy, 4 . D' . , u uf . r JV 1 Bk 11. V ?, cr- va ' . 0-' VK iam .1 H. I1 j A Av X lin, t ' .": V4 'h X n' F' f ' -' I' -' -v . Qi - , ..-. 1-"9 I . , .W V X -I. . H. 71. Y ,H D rd," , llni ' 2 6 I J-'J K , il

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