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, 'U f 'f '625 We u.s.s.T QAKA-705 ef Mlfa glnxsvx 000-06 Wg' xff ,WA AA .V x,, .,.. .-,,, x. ,'- V. -gf V 1 , -.. , .. , 'x E Q UATOR. S U JL ,W Q11 ki V' '11 :- CEMBER 'I 5 3 Q .1 f 'Z ,g-g, .J ,A vl X x s .3 N ge , if Wi 5? uf 5 1 1 Q. 1 is V ' wr ,, .Q V uf' f-+ xr v 7441 'f-1 W in Ai M H , V 3 yr, ' A Qgjvigf L p ,wr . ' 4 - Sr' 5 :T Q . Jfgiz ggf - 1 11 '11 gm s , we f . N 253 1 3 I , 1 . ., 1, ',.. ,Q - . -N 1, 5371 .-43:1 Fi-'?.!"4'Z ' ' -i'f4?' f ,riffffh vi iix l' iq- ' L - CHARLESTON - NORFOLK - ANNAPOLIS Ponrsmouru - oAvnsvuue - colon CRISTOBAL - PEARL HARBOR Pom AllEN - zmwnou - umm PALAU - mn - SAMAR - KERAMA nmo OKINAWA - us smMA - TINIAN - SAIPAN EQUATOR - GUADALCANAL - FLORIDA oAYun - rumor - Solomon - GUAM sums - :vmm - SAN FRANCISCO nvuuvu - sucuusn BAY HAGUSHI - Jmsm - NAGO WAN TAKU - mmsm - MANILA lu LuzoN - susuc BAY CHEUNGKWANO - KOWIVLOON Hows Kona - CHINWANGTAO TSINGTAO Q MANCHESTER lEMBER 1944 -9' i --,f JW VW," A: 1 ,J x lo ifm NAVY U..r1...QQf.5....Q LIBRARY -ya'-M, zcafmn, e Commander R E LYON To our commandmg officer whose wlse ead human understanding wlll always remain m our a shmmg example of a lab well done ETWEEN THESE COVERS is preserved a record, in pictures and text, ot lite aboard the U.S.S. TATE during her war-time voyages, and of her many ports of call. A good ship with a good crew, she carried us Through many diiticult situations and did her part with honor in a great war. We shall never forget her. 4 3 cqpf. wn.LnAM JoRnAN The Tcfe's Hrsf commander B L LL " " A Vqb LL - 2 l1 f " Lt. C .11 d ro ' .LLL ' K E LLS M. B0 LAN D iff. ,L ' J ,X f "" I if ,, . . f, W0 'Z , 7 ff , . .m.,, , .. 1 Vf, 3 ,VV I Lt. Cmdr. W. R. HALL g sz: :QQ . Q X' QQ COMMISSIONING ' i -V , ., -f- 17 C. ,, . At the Charleston Navy Yard, Charleston, South Carolina, on November 25th, 1944, the U.S.S. Tate CAKA-705 was placed in full commission. Lieutenant Commander William Jordan assumed command. The above picture shows the ship's company at salute during the commissioning ceremony. 'k'k'k'k'k'k'k'k'k Y o COMMISSIONING ,xx-1,4 ii, , j 'wwgw N u ,ax '4 -. x I J' ii A 'Y J itat f X 1 ' ' , X 1 xl 'W 1 x..,f'-RM it or of 'M A X N"Nx,a.,,4vN X . . f ,Nu -x.. Wm . i' - L- -Il K , ... , , -. iff, -..f x Y Q -'.,fff1-wtfwi--"' it R is if ir 4, I. . Q I ' Ji 7 'S 1 nf.. .KA ' 16 l-'FM rq A. ,B .45 if Y, A ttt f v 5ifir +1f-kafafvfafffafvfaf t The commissioning ceremonies took t place on the Toto only four months 'A after hor keel was loid lluly 22, 1940 ,, Bt Wilmington, North Carolina. or ln the dmotograph interested specta- may be som' in the background o mor-by vassal. i' if YWQ ' V 'H-Q. 1 in I Q ,.,, iqlttlwcrl WUI, lui!! ul U klnd i m'tu0Y'f l'V 15,6 W COMMISSIONING e s M f Q ff X , 1' , if f jf' X , X,4, fil, , 1,,1 f, N My VM . L 05 v My in I1 K .VM ,. - Y 'gnu' ttttttittiti Above is seen the landing craft di- vision of the U.S.S. Tate on the day of commissioning. This group had been in training at the U.S. Naval Amphibious Training Base, Fort Pierce, Florida, since July. OPERATION " fia. J 5 .ey ' I 1"Q 1 r I Yi-, f f if 1? .I i f f,,V, 7 b ' H 2 'QQKVA .- ' . 1-1 , f ,, ' 'Zjgf' -fi - Y' , ,,,,,, ev -+3 40" 02' 1. ,c up .1 I W Zi .if ' ML 1 4 Z1 1 1 Q Q 1 " X ' uv 's 'W ,, 2 JE W2 yo 1 ' , f, fc Q1 4 1 ,U ' '1' I , , Q 1 . 1 K W if X 5, 4 X I 76, ' -1 ws as mm., fs 'fs-" M' w-..... The pictures at right, reading down, show: The "L" at the quarter boom LCVP-21 under way "There will be a movie top-side tonight" The 5 1 U38 At lower left: Adams at a forward twin "4O" 15:11 '.lrf T"T "Q' " ' Rims Page wl" V . picture shows the 5 chronometersp the lower Presents a view of the steering - f ,.'iV,4 ' ' i Seen in the right inset is Raynor, 3X c at the wheel. left inset is a galley shot, .Magi ...fi T 1 h U A "lr ship travels on its s omac . Z , .VW ,tr QWQ?-41 , Ap ASSAULT EQUIPMENT Upper: Chiefs' mesi Cenferf Third division Lower left Four gorillas. Codell, Kerr, Grcbowski and Josie Lower righff Mr. Crew ond port dovif crews PERSONN El. 45, 'Ni-na' Af right: Larsen and crew Below: Malfzberger, the marine trans- port quarrermaster Cenfer: Phillips f i YL- X will ,,,'f1,A,ghgff'wf . ' 2 f ff ? '7""""n 5 1 3, 5,44-,K Q , , -3 sw - Above: Crew and Gerber Af left: Davis and Small- wood, Jones and Jordan jx-ef ,ag N . lil P E R s o N N E L r , Riff,-....,.f W V " sfa-c .M An interested group ata movie in the mess hall heads this page At left center we see the out- board starboard davit boat. The "Doc" and his patience occupy the center spot. Small pictures below show a group of three engineers, and single shots of chief electrician Gilmore, Lt. Dalton, Lt. Steinman. 5? 5 . ty - . ig.-. v ' -1 J- 3. Magi X PERSONNEL S ,sf i ,,,,,,,,,.,..,,...,-V--v---.., "Why does the r E i N .- . ,, Y- 4 , 8 S . .X '--.Nix iff X mi .X Iv 5 i ' in 3 .. fx X s , 5 s- rf, Nx 1 , 4' I wxfivwmmf 2 r ,fi ,Mm f 3 .2 5 Q f 29 fs iv 2 ak!! ff s 3 .f'f,fQ,f,,,',.f21 s ix Xe Q ,, 1 , f x X 2 2 fif ff: ge i Q 2? Q X 3' . . X38 Rn V 1 ,l si V 4 1 5s,,Jik fl 5 X- ix 2 3 V . - vxvgygrgmxf' E 3 i X'f,f'2,,,X ' 5 XJ ' 5 KM! t ' . 2 .J 5 lm, i ' 'A Below: "Punchy" man on my right always hold NNQXBQ awawwrw f I my lrum ps?" l f Af ,- . i 'WM Chief De Christoforo .m,2 Y f' j i A "nautical" sketch by TM 2fc Bernard Collins A pleasant visit "Ding How" Dorsey and Waller Captain's Inspection "Snipes" A as -f., im, 'whmf...aM.z..:.m..,.,M.,a-f,,,..,-.,.,.s.-......,.,-..,..,vA,,-.,-J-...........,.,..........i-.....,.--. Magnum TRAVELS nuns: HAWAIIAN and A MARSHALL i ISLANDS , Oahu and Eniwefok ii I Q P o The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, F Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaiian lslands Eniwefok Afoll Sunken Jap ship, Eniwefok Atoll A . WMM ,gs ls' 'ii 'U fm H'-'1luslnnqn...4sin.-4-,A,,,,4 , , 4, W. ' as ,V XXXXXXXSXXXX TRAVELS KERAMA RETTO r and QKINAWA Ryukyu lslands Upper leff: Kobe Shima, Kerama Retto, Ryukyu lslands. Upper righf: Zamami Shima, Kerama Reffo, Ryukyu Islands. Righf cenfer: Yokaba, Kerama Retlo. Lower righf: Heavy cruiser oFf Okinawa. TRAVELS :Eiga Y W.. 1 'Q' IE SHIMA ond , ' ' 4, ' , A g 7' 'f Mu' " A 1 1 1 .,. H ' ' 1 A Af upper leff is 0 view of on ossoulf wovfl circling OH H10 U.S.S. SOTUSOYU UXPA-2042 OH le Shimo. Upper right Yokobo Shimo, Kcromo RCHQ Leff cenier: A spoiicr plum? of thc' 771h Infantry Diviaion, I0 Shim!!- Cenfer: Anfi-oircroff cruisvr GH I0 Shinm. Tuhf lcmmfu-s plum- a GUAM Apra Harbor, Guam Apra Harbor, Guam. U.S.S. New Jersey in background Breakwater, Apra Harbor, Guam U.S.S. Sperry QAS-125 with subs in from patrol, Guam Navy Tug, Guam ,,..,...,.....,.-M..- .... ...W ..,., . ,.,,.,.,, ,... ,. ,,. .,..,,,., -, ,...M,..-,, f, D, 42 fn V ,g we y K ,TK r gif we ff ,fi 1 , W, ,, f s f r Q2 'X fx , 7 f I si WW!-:LQ,i 53 V 1, X X , , .,,, ' ' j,fi'Q,AQ f I . V, , , jf iff! A AR . I 3 ,,,f f 1 rw' 54 1, X ' Y f . ff s '1""f6fuiWibk' xr, rw' 3 22345, V 5 I vii , ,F my b ,Z I 25,113 ff' V ff, f-R385 f Q If-5 , , ,L I ,iv V, 75 I rr ,, f A554 'G A Am f I' , Z,W,,,2 , V,,V7 , V 74' I . fff. Q f22 Q f 'V f ' ff if y, ,.,, If I 6 l X M, X Z, ,Q W" jf ,X f .Q I ' 44,,,,mM, 'w 1 l 5, ff. f tx X QNX ' 2 7? I . VCC ff,.ff"f"' XM N' 'f ff f' , Wy fy , f , G, , ,g 'B '- , xx . i s so cg X X K g 4 1 .xx l 5 ' 'iii -vii' ' J'i,,.-sc ' Eg A gf x w tX'f 1' is O .Vi it 'ff w Y .fi ,uw f- . F' 1-I ,, 4 e V vi . W J 'ni' . EQUATOR CEREMONIES ,-Q2 ,V It Mf2 ofa, V A f ,,,, , in ,Q , ! ,f 4 flfgyfgx I , f - f ' 'f , 7 W. I ,,V,,f, "W" rrlr ff I f r 'f I i ' Cyzfff , -ag . ' 1 1, f, , wmtaf ' ' ff , f , ' , f A ,ff f, , I W fqff,y,, mfMl , lwuowewwrf www 'EIL ' ' 'vfgfaif' 14',.e,27, ,e ffiffmf ' fi . l ,l A f iltll f l figlt, 'QA King Neptune boarded the Tate as she crossed the "line." He held court in royal style as the pictures on this ond the next two pages testify. Upper left: Davey Jones and the Princess Upper right: The royal operating table At left: reading down: The royal "line up" Gold braid The mutineers Af EQUATOR CEREMONIES i iff if f 'fri ' fs 4 or yr I 3?Qf 7Z55'17??:z, 2 , ' r A ' ' , ,M , W , ,JM , r ,I '," mf ,5 f Z f of fm ff Q g ' f X f X X I W f. 1, 1 On The look-out for Davey Jones fd! righf, reading clown: Shellbacks Royal operating table Voighi and Murray Below: He didn'T get took-or R.H.l.P. 94.12, he f 4 ff' f g.4J'iiSQ 1 f x-1 ' Q H: .W X 2 diff' I 4-33. U' . , 2 X X 5 .5 X 555 XX X Xx N xx X N 'Wu mfgl Mir ff' - max?-.."3 e H if .4 EQUATOR CEREMONIES J Upper row: The royol barber choir Ahhh! 6 I 4 W Z? He was 0 devil Hoerske, Wculler ond Schonfeld The royol dentist greoses up for on extraction N, in ff EVERETT and SEATTLE, WASH. fun' 56.4 Qfamef Upper left: Everett Pacific Shipyard Upper right: The road to town At right, reading down: Alongside the "Elmore" IAPA 42l Everett Everett waterfront At Seattle 'ww- "FRISCO" Enfering mognificenf Son Froncisco Boy 'rhe Tote soiled under Golden Gore Bridge ond pos? "The Rock" lAlcofrozl. Son Froncisco's skyline presenfed o wonderful ponoromo To oll on boord. These were home wofers ond o friendly "port of coll." Other pictures on fhis poge show The Mile Rock Lighthouse ond in- ieresied personnel os The ship pro- ceeds inio Son Froncisco Boy. KOWLOON and HONGKONG, CHINA The three upper pictures were token ot Kowloon. Here, ond ot Hong- kong, the Tote assisted in the trons- portotion of Chinese troops of the Notionolist ormies to Chinwongtcio ond Tsingtoo. Views of the famous islond of Hongkong, Chino. TRAVELS 1 41, J Lad gg -11 - s who we . ,s.,, 1- ' TRAVELS in-5 '-Q 4-auf-ssmm A '19 Q- 'ffl W: rw.. 5 .4 ,wk 'Q oo if M o N ll M Qin fl,-6 v-74,-1,-Q. Wg, u, I . I F CHINWANGTAO and TSINGTAO, CHINA Above: S1. Michael's Cathedral, Tsingiao. Top row: Chinwangtao. Af left: Overlooking APA-68, Chinwang- tao. At Tsingtao. U.S.S. Antietam in background. Off Tsingtao. PHILIPPINES Manila Bay and the city of Manila presented a scene of devastation. Shown here are sunken Japanese ships in the bay and Jap landing barges on the beach. At the lower right is a view of the fleet landing. Street scenes in Manila show the de- struction of buildings. Every public building in the city was either dam- aged or destroyed. The center picture at right shows a section of the walled city. TRAVELS S is x N N N S 4 r 5 ,S Q - "2 'TY 'V' if if . S ei TRAVELS 1 x Top row: i i I f MANILA and SAMAR We wolked oround the rubble in the streets ot Mcnnilo. A motive home on the islond of Somor in the Philippines. The fortress isle of Corregidor seen in silhouette. Center: A notive villoge on Sornor. At left: Toxi service ornong the Slug-lima of the lioine-less, Manila. A wor-swept city. Monilci, MISCELLANY . Mei nuthin -'xi-M Above: . 4 , Golden Gote Bridge. upper figmr g 't' it Eostlund, Schonteld, Yoeger. ln the center group ol pictures ore tour views ot Chinese troops on boord the Tote. Also three views of units of the British fleet ot Hongkong. Bottom row, left to right: Chinese troops. Buriol ot seo. Q. 2 M' f H ' J . ,, V - . . -H ' -- 0 V1 " WI' ' 'A slr! 4 - , i':,-I1?f55'vus.v-vnrvvf' ff gfzfs-f' V '31 ' ,gli 5111" M 1 Q?5 XNNN xNX NSR N' XX Preporotion for buriol. ut 1 0 I lp ,, ess . s ....g1M-.Q ' .X Hip, .- .. 4 5 'N MISCELLANY .L-A h-T -- gn 2 NMS Q. ...gl F? Upper ld? Our Chnef Peity Omcers. Upper rrglwf CPGS Gross Johnson, o passenger Gnd Wolloce Cffnfm Who? do you sr-P7 Af ICH: CPO! Wvidnm cmd Juhnsion. CPO lf: vffllf-, CPO". D61 ffnrixfcmfcmlcy XfVl'IdHPf, Gf055f Wullczcv cmd lohrunfmn CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS FF 'F' F K--f - iiialf' 'i ffiag 514 5' K ' mf. ' . f iff P1 f X A 1 ' -.. ,,,f'iH-...ef J'-ox. X"'-Q--f' '-...wi 1 - ' . 'bn-rl "1-ms' Above: Homeward bound. Af right, reading down: The "L" af sea. The "Exec" and The yeornen. Jus? Hfoofin' away." Lois of pracfice wouldn'T do any harm. Waikiki Beach, Honolulu. :"...'.?7 ' "Throw me those old shoes." -Cannon by Tovo, ix YXVF 'W Mdlffk go F i 19'-sei 7 7 ' . ' .JV P' -frm 3 M V Q MISCELLANY 14" -'Q - rg," ' x lla, I 1 . .wsu vu N, V -.fl 1 , ...af A W- 'H' "' Vs F ' 4 NA . in - vat- ' sm r, ,Q 4, in ...L -- W W f-ff f , --.. un- V, V - if A '- 1 ykgmr - .A ,vw W M,i,,,-,dnvim W A " C, T N . H A . Winn... , ,L xl A 5 ,. " Q " f A ' ,. ' ""TC1,, "f1s..' , "i"7'f.-Riff' X . i1if',. fctgf lcxwlyiig iM WL , 1 11' Ae-. , fggau f 1 ,rn Fr ' me 'wwf' 'Hr' HV: U-"' . 4- 1 Ix'q" 1:1 F I , 1 1 , w'x:s'f3!c-1 61' cV2cwwYIf?:4' iJ1k:lL"'fY fl-fix fwx!UL!Vvl, 1 1 ' ' 'wrrmrf CN: 4 APA 27 wig, if 'P' 'MA is fl ' U.S.S. TATE QAKA-70 HE KEEL of the U.S.S. TATE QAKA-701 was laid 22 July 1944 in the yard of the North Carolina Shipbuilding Com- pany Wilmington North Carolina. On the some day in Newport Rhode Isf land the First member of the crew assigned to the U.S.S. TATE Pre-commissioning Detail reported for duty at the Naval Training Station. Simultaneously at the U.S. Naval Amphibious Training Base Fort Pierce Florida the Landing Boat Group was in training These three elements were loaned on 25th November 1944 when the U SS TATE was placed in full commission at h Charleston Navy Yard Charleston South Carolina Lieutenant Commander Wiliam JORDAN assumed command The development and activity of the USS TATE followed in general the pro gram designed for transport and cargo assault vessels The Shakedown Cruise in Chesapeake Bay occupied the first two weeks of December when firing tests speed tests and other training exercises were conducted On December 16th Lieut Comdr R E LYON relieved Lieut Comdr Wiliam JORDAN as Commanding Officer and the ship sailed several days later on its first assignment to Davisville Rhode Island to load general cargo for Pearl Harbor The USS TATE left Davisville and the United States on a cold December morn mg and set her course for the Canal Zone and the troubled skies and waters of the Pacific After a brief stop at Cristobal and another at Pearl Harbor and Port Allen Kauai T H for discharging and loading cargo and personnel the ship sailed for Enlwetok in the Marshall lslands There she met her sister ships of transport uaclron 17 with whom she was to share so many adventures ln February in con voy for the first time she sailed for Leyte Gulf, P l On 22 February 1945 after stops in Ulithi Caroline Islands and Kessol loads Palau lslands the USS TATE ar rived in Leyte Gulf from which point she proceeded to Samar P l to discharge cargo and personnel It is to be noted that exactly seven months after her keel was laid, and less than three months after com- missioning the ship was completing its first mission in the forward area-her second wartime mission. ln March and April the U.S.S. TATE trained for and participated in the Am- phibious Operation for the capture of the Okinawa Gunto. She was combat loaded off Tarraguna Leyte with personnel and equipment of the U. S. Army 77th Infantry Regiment. On the 21st of March she sailed as a unit of the Western lslands Attack Group Rear Admiral KILAND in command for the assault and capture of the Kerama Retto a small group of lslands to the South and West of Okinawa Landing craft and personnel of this vessel participated in the invasions and subsequent transportation of personnel and supplies to the beaches of AKA SHIMA KUBA SHIMA YAKABI SHlMA and ZAMAMI SHIMA All operations were successfully completed and the ships with drew to a waiting area Three weeks later the USS TATE was again participating in the assault and cap ture of an enemy island IE SHIMA where the famous war correspondent Ernie Pyle was killed From 1622 April her small boats successfully carried personnel ammu nation and cargo to the beachheads After 28 days in the Okinawa area the During these four weeks she had been sub pected to attacks by enemy aircraft subma runes and suicide boats Enemy suicide planes struck vessels ahead and abeam of her position in formation and an escort vessel was exploded and sunk On less strenuous duty the ship sailed to Saipan Marianas lslands and from there to Guadalcanal Solomon lslands where she loaded marine personnel and cargo for Guam In June she set her course from Guam for the United States and arrived in Seattle Washington After a short yard availability she sailed once again with a load of personnel and cargo via San Fran cisco where she took aboard a full comple ment of landing craft for Guam There only a few hours after arrival the news of the Japanese offer of surrender was an- nounced and with it the war time cruise of the U.S.S. TATE came to an end Subsequent to the Japanese surrender the ship has been as fully employed as ever before. The duties were of an occupational nature whereby we participated in the transportation of AsCom 24 army occupa- tion troops to Jinsen Korea and the 1st Marine Division to Tientsin China. The base of operations in both cases was Okinawa During the above operations we encoun tered two typhoons which gave us a first hand knowledge of the power of wind and sea The second one which caught us off Okinawa in the East China Sea was one of the most destructive and severe storms in the Pacific We had the misfortune to lose two boats number 6 LCM and number 14 LCVP After a short stay in Manila on Luzon Island in the Philippines we proceeded to Kowloon and Hong Kong where we assisted in the transportation of the 13th and the 8th Chinese Nationalist Armies to Chin wangtao and Tslngtao respectively We passed through the extended mine field in the East China Sea Yellow Sea area eight times without mishap We never failed to see mines so our gunners as well a great deal of target practice The field consisted of 12500 mines planted by our air forces in Japanese sea lanes as well as Japanese horned mines laid as an induce ment to keeping our ships from her west coast area We arrived in Seattle on 12 December after a one day stop in Okinawa to com plete our load of troops scheduled for dis charge and return to civilian life The U S S TATE had completed one year one half month of active duty in full com mission In this period she has traveled approximately 60 000 miles carried a total of over 18000 tons of cargo much of It combat loaded carried over 4000 troops expended 2471 rounds of ammunition in action against the enemy successfully tra versed many mme Eelds and anchored ln smoke screens made by her own boats a total of 64 hours to evade enemy detection I I , I 7 I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I ' I I , . . . . . . . . I ' . . - 'Z' 8 I I , . I I ' - ' I . . 1 I I ' e n u e I 0 . , - . I . I i , . . . I i . I I ' - I . I , . . I ' e u 1 1 T. H. ' . . I I I ' ' ' ' U,5,5, TATE wifi-.drew 10 quieter wqfergn as those on our escorts were able to have I ' . ' , , 1 I I ' ' . , - y I I - 'I ' I ' - , ' ' . ' A I I n 1 0 e Sq , ' , , . I ' - ' . . . I I ' , , e 0 . . , ' , 1 - ' ' I I I I I - , I I I v ' I - . .. I . . . I i u .I g . . I . - I ' , 5 . . ' ' - I - 'I I ' ' ' I , - 1 ' ' I . U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. U.S.S. S HIPS OPERATED WITH HILE on active duty in the Pocihc we have operated in close harmony and in company with the following ships, either in convoy units or in actuol CHILTON IAPA-383 U.S.S. USS-SS L-IENRLCO LAPA-45p U.S.S. VALENCIA LAM-sv LL S S EEELNGHAM LAPA-I65? U.S.S. CoLQun1 LAPA ini u.s,S ATTALA IAPA-T30l U.S.S. U-S-S HANOVER LAPA-H63 U.S.S. VENAGO IALQAEBJL u.s.s. sums IAPA-681 u.s.s. SAMUEL CHASE LAPAQSL u.S.S, DEVOSA IAKA-275 U.S.S. ACHERNAR LAxA.53i U.S.S. LEON rApA-4sp u.s.s. Goooi-auf LAPA'IO7I u.S.S. CORTLAND LAPA.75L U.S.S. EASTLAND LAPMESL U.S.S. GENEVA LAP,-.-a6p U.S.S. TELFAIR LAPA-210i U.S.S. CRESCENT Cm LAPA-2Li us s, MONTRAIL LAPAQLSL U.S.S. SIRONA IAKA-43l U.S.S. MONTROSE iAPA'2I'2l U.S.S. TROUSDALE IAKA-799 U.S.S. KENTON LAPA-IZYI U.S.S. RANDELL IAPA-2245 U.S.S. LA GRANGE IAPA-l24l U.S.S. BERGEN IAPA-I50l U.S.S. WYANDOTTE IAKA-92l U.S.S. COLLINGSWORTH IAPA-l46l U.S.S. NATRONA LAPA-2143 U.S.S. CRENSHAW IAPA-761 U.S.S. ST. MARY'S IAPA-T263 U.S.S. BURLESON IAPA-67D U.S.S. TAZEWELL IAPA-209l U.S.S. MONTAGUE IAKA-983 U.S.S. OBERON IAKA-I-Il U.S.S. CASEWELL IAKA-721 U.S.S. TORRANCE IAKA-765 U.S.S. LAVACA IAPA-T801 U.S.S. LYCOMING IAPA-l55l U.S.S. BRISCOE IAPA'65l U.S.S. NESHOBA IAPA-llbl U.S.S. CULLMAN CAPA-78l U.S.S. CORVUS CAKA'26l U.S.S. CLEERFIELD IAPA-T421 U.S.S. TYRRELL CAKAEBOI U.S.S. SHERIDAN IAPA-STI U.S.S. U.S.S. SKAGIT CAKA-T057 U.S.S. U.S.S. ARCTURUS CAKA-ll U.S.S. MT. MCKINLEY IAGC-7J U.S.S. MONROVIA IAPA-3U U.S.S. CATOCTIN IAGC-2l U.S.S. WARREN CAPA-53l U.S.S. BLUE RIDGE IAGC-53 U.S.S. FULLER IAPA-73 U.S.S. U.S.S. LA CERTA IAKA-29l U.S.S. U.S.S. MELLENA IAKA-32l U.S.S. U.S.S. DREW IAPA'l62l U.S.S ATHASIA IF-lll U.S.S. SUFFOLK IAKA-693 U.S.S. LST-813 U.S.S. SARASOTA CAPA-204l U.S.S. LST-814 U.S.S. DEVOSA fAKA'27l U.S.S. LSM-321 U.S.S. OKANOGAN IAPA-220l U.S.S. LST-876 U.S.S. GOSHEN CAPA-1073 u.s.s. LCI-789 u.s.s. E WISH to extend our sympathy to the crews oi the above ships losses while in combat areas through enemy action. We admire combat operations. ISM AI7 LSMILII-47 DAMON M. CUMMINGS IDE 6433 RAYMOND iDEf34Ii HOLTON IDE-7031 FRYBARGER IDE-705i DONALD WOLF IAPD' I 299 AMESBURY LAPD-469 AHRENS IDE-5751 E. V. JOHNSON IDE-7021 CRONIN IDE-7045 WERBER LAPD-751 ACREE IDE-3565 PARLE IDE-708l CONKLIN CDEv439I MCCOY REYNOLDS IDE-4405 GLADIATOR IAM-3193 IMPECCABLE IAM-3205 JACCARD CDE-3351 SEDERSTROM IDE-315 FLEMING KDE-325 EISELE IDE-341 RICHARD W. SIESSENS IDE 342l ABERCROMBIE IDE-3437 OBERRENDER CDG-3445 STERN IDE-T871 PICKING CDD-6855 SPROSTON CDD-5771 WILLIAM D. PORTER IDD 579D YOUNG CDD-5801 ISHERWOOD CDD-5207 KIMBERLY CDD-5213 CHARLES J. BADGER IDD-6571 LUCE CDD-5229 WALTER C. WANN IDE 4122 DICKERSON IAPD-211 LAFFEY IDD-7243 PORTERFIELD IDD-6821 that have suitered you and the things you have done. It is with sincere regret that we have learned of your misfortune. The following is a list of those ships damaged, the first four of whom were sunk: U.S.S. HENRLCO IAPA-451 Liss, u.s.s. CHILTON CAPA-385 Liss, u.s.s. GOODHUE IAPA-T077 u,s,s, u.s.s. TELEALR CAPA-2105 u,s,5, u.s.s. ACHERNER CAKA-531 u,5,5, u.s.s. TYRRELL LAKA-soy usg, u.s.s. WYANDOTTE LAKA-925 u.s.S, u.s.s. KIMBERLY 1005219 LAFFEY IDD-7245 PORTERFIELD IDDE682l CONKLIN IDE-4395 DAMQN M. CUMMLNGS IDE'643l WALTER C. WANN IDE-4121 SIMS IAPD'50I GLADIATOR rAM.S19i ACREE J W ADAMS A R ALBRIGHT W ALEXANDER C E ALSTON G L AMBROSE C ANDERS J C ANTHONY J ATKINS C ATKINS T M ATTARDI S BAERT A J BAGLEY D C BAKER J K BALL N N LYON, R. E. JORDAN, WILLIAM BOLAND, K. M. HALL, W. R. HEINAN, C. F. BUTE, G. T. NEBLETT, J. E., Jr. PROPECK, B. O. BESSOM, W.H. YAEGER, G. W. STEINMAN, E. A. PHILLIPS, J. E. MORRIS, G. W. SCHONFELD, ALVIN GUTOWSKI, E. J. HOERSKE, P. H. VOIGHT, O. L. . MAHLER, J. H. A CASLOW, L. A. LYTTON, E. J., Jr. ORR, I. W. . DALTON, J. F. , LEAHY, P. R. CARTER, L. J. GERBER, C. E. JOSLYN, A. L. RdM3fc MoMM2fc G MoMM2!c SI fc St2fc G MM2fc FI c w CM3fc BM2fc RdM3 fc SI f cfSCI BM2fc GMI fc MM3 fc EM2f C SHlP'S ROSTER ROSTER OF OFFICERS comm. CONWELL, O. F. Lf. comdf. CREW, L. A. . U, C,,,,,d,. DORSEY, A. "H" "H Uncomdn FORREST, s. w. A Uicomdri VAINDER, M. v. A , HOEELD, J. R. . . LleuI. lieu" CARES, GEORGE g KEPFORD, R. M. LM' BLUNK, M. E. lieu' PARKER, O. s., Jr. lieu' EASTBUND, E. v. ,. lieuf. Ewmc, J. R. , . Lie-n. WALLER, D. M. , U- fieb GEPHART, w. F. ., lf. tiga HEMSATH, E. R. , Lf. Iigl MURRAY, w. D. .. Lf. tigb HERTER, c. J. , .. Lt.fi9J OTTO, E. E. . , Lf. ugh STEWART, w. M. .. Lf. ugh MALTZBERGER, 0. Le. cigm ROBINSON, A. T.. H U-Cigl GILMORE, w. E. .. . . Lt.ligJ JEEEERS, FRED . . Lf. cigm SENKOWSKI, E.w. Lrwgw OOssuM, R. E.. .. . 1.1.1399 TILLEY, M. w. Lf. Iggy HCERE, J. E. ENLISTED MEN BALL W O BARBEE H W BARCHARD BARNES B BARRETT R BARTON J BASKIN K BECKER H BELKO L BERTSCH H BLAKELY J B BLANTON J C BLEVINS B BLOOMFIELD G C BOATMAN E F BOEHMAN C L BOLDEN W N BOND E H BONNIWELI. G R BOOKER D M MM2fc Sl c ST c Y2 c S1 c MoMM3fc GM3fc BM2fc Y2 c FI c SM3fc ST c CKIfc RTIfc CBM RdM3fc EM2fc c SU: Cox I1 Ltfigj .......Lf.ligj .......LI.ligI ,.....,l.I.figj LI. figl fig! Ens. Ens. Ens. Ens. .........Ens. Ens. Ens. Ens. Ens. Ens. Ens. . ..,..............,.. Ens. . ..., .............,.......... E ns. . .,... 2nd Lt., USMCR Ch. Mach. Ch. Elect. Ch. Carp. ..............Bos'n .........Pay Clerk BORENSKI J BOSARGE W BOSTIC J C BOULANGER J X BOYD L R BRANNIN E BRAXTON S BREDEHOFT R BRIGGS R Jr BROCKERT W BROWN A O BROWN A E BROWNING C R BUEGHLY W A BURGOYNE H H BURK G E BUSCH S E BUSS E W BUSWELL M I Elect ........Mach. MM2f c S1 c SF2f c MoMM3f c MoMM2fc MM EM sccsbafc S1 c SI c ox Cox BMT c MMRT f c WT3fc MM2fc CpICUSMCJ CPhM MM2f c CADDELL T. N.. . CAPRONI A. J. CAREY E. C. . CARMEAN M. L. M CA R D. A. . CARROLL J. E. CARTNER H. M.. . . CAUDILL C., Jr. . CAVANAUGH, R. L.. C IL I. E.. .,,... CHILDRESS H. L., Jr CHIRDON A. J. ...,. . CHOATE W. J. .,., . CHURCHICH, S. .. CLARK H. L. . .. CLARK P. J.. ..., CLEMENTS G. J. . COBB T. . ...,...., .. .. CO E R. J. .,.... COLEMAN L. W., Jr COLLEY H. C. ,.....,... COLETTA A. .... . COLLINS B. ...,..,. . COMSTOCK, R. M... . CONGER E. H. ,,,..... CONLEY D. H., Jr.... CONTINE S. J., Jr.. COOMER J. A. ........ COOMER O. "E." ,...... . CORNELJNI, G. A.... co L J s. ......,... . cosusrr A. s ........ CRAIG D. F. ...,..... . CRAYTOR, L. B., .,...... CRONIN J. J., Jr .,.. CUMMINGS, D. W.. CUSHING, E. R ......., CUSTIS T. E. ....,,, . CUSTY J E ......,.. C BM2 c SK2 c SI c MQMM3 c MQMM2 c Cox. . Cox. EM3 c Y2. c MoMM2 c EM2 c . SI c HAI.: RdM3 c RdM3. c MM2 c MoMM3. c SIM2. c MoMM3.f'c WT2.'c MoMM2.f!c SI,"'c SIM2.fc . GM3fc . Slfc . BMIfc MoMM2fc SFIfc .. MM2fc RM3fc Slfc .....QMIfc ......RM3fc ......CMIfc ......8M2fc .......Cox. ......BM2fc .. MaM2fc MoMM3fc DALTON H. G. ........,.., .....,.. M oMM2fc DAMMANN, E. H ........ ....,.,,....,.. c M DAUM c. v., Jr. ....... ........ M oMM2fc DAVIES G. R. ....,.. DAVIS C. L. ...,.. ...........CSF ........MoMM3fc DAVIS J c .....,. .... ..... M M Ifc oAvus w. A. ...... ,,,,,,, 5 V, ne BAUM, c. E. ...,.......... .......... c EM me cmsrofono, J. c ....,. . . ........,.... ccM nsrsmen M. J. ............. ,,...... M oMM3fc Berman P. w. ........ ..,,,, M M316 I I I I R. I I I EC, I I I I I I I I., I I I I I I I I I R, . I I I I I. I I I I ,- I I 2, J, DE PAUW, L. V. DITRICH, J. L. DION, G. C. DIXON, J. C. DRAKE, W. T. DUBIE, R. R. DUDA, J. DURHAM, C. M. DYKE, E. R. EARNHARDT, Jr., J. H. EDENS, F. E. EDGE, K. ELDER, E. G. ELLINGSON, D. M. ELLINGER, Jr., E. J FAGAN, G. A. FAGGART, S. L. FARIS, C. T. FAULKNER, C. E. FERGUSON, L. A. . FILLIS, L. A. FINN, W. J. FISHER, R. H. . FLANAGAN, J. L. FOOTIT, R. R. FORAN, W. M. FOREMAN, J. W. FOX, D. R. . FOXWELL, G. A. FUGLAR, R. L. FULLER, D. D. . GARDNER, O. D. GARRETT, 8. M. . GEIC, S. T.. .. GEIGER, M. D. . GENTZLER, C. L. . canon, H. . Gases, H. w. . GIBSON, sz. M. .. mason, w. J.. GLOWAKI, H. P. GONDA, M. T. . . ooooson, "J" "w" GM2 c GMS c FI c FCI 'c WI2 c GM3 c SI c SM3 c MM2 c S I fc SC I ,fc RdM3 "c SIMI c SI fc S2,fc CQAA Slfc SK2fc SIfc AUW3fc . SIfc Y2fc CAAIfc Cox. SIfc RdhA3fc SIfc RdAA3fc SIfc RdM3fc WT3 f' c WT3.f'c SI fc RT3 fc Cox. CBM BM2ffc EM3 'ic PhM3 'fc SI fc SM3fAc SI c SI fic GOODWYN, A. W. GRABOWSKI, E. GRAHAM. D. C. GREASHAM, H. L. GREEN, C. B. GRIES, C. H. GRIFFIN, J. C. GROSS, D. P. GUTHRIE, E. G. HAMMER, C. L. HANKE, Jr., A. HARDENFELDER, A. C. . HARLESS, J. M. . HARRIS, O. W. . HARRIS, J. W. HARRISON, E. M. HARRISON, F. W. HATCH, W. A. . HATHAWAY, C. B. HAWKEY, J. H. HAYWOOD, F. W. HEINECKE, M. G.. HELMS, C. S.. .. . HENDERSON, J. R. HERNDON, A. F. HERNDON, C. W. .. HERRMAN, C. w. HINESLEY, B. . HINSON, v. R. HINTON, F. A. HOGARTY, E. R. . HOKANSON, T. W. . HOLLEHAN, C. H. HOLM, W. F. HOOPER, N. HOPKINS, R. A. HORNICK, C. O. HOTTE, M. E. HOUTMAN, F. L. HOWERDEI., V. C. HOYT, C. G. HUBBARD, G. H. HUNTLEY, M. L. HUNTOON, R. E. IDDINGS, W. R. IHLE, J. INMAN, W. N. . .CMM . .. CBM . SSML3fc MM2f c SSMI.3fc RM I fc MoMM3fc . . CEM CMM . . SK3fc MM3fc . CMM .. CWT SSMT3fc WTIfc RcIM3fc .. QMIfc .Cox. . .. Cox. BIcr3fc .. GM3fc . CCS ..SIfc .. .. .Slfc EM2fc ..Cox. .. MM'I,fc GMU: Cox. . ..Y3fc . RdM3!c .. EM2fc MoMM2fc .. BMIfc . BM2fc . Blfc SIXIC Q-M3fc . ...5I!'c .. RMU: Slfc FI!-1 ... Cox -Slfc SWF! .EERE .,f'.q. SHIP S ROSTER JACOBS, J. P. JACKSON, D. W. JACKSON, V. W. JALANIVICH, D. W. JENKINS, W. H. JOHNSON, A. G. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JONES, C. H. O. J. A. M. I. R. N. R. T. V. E. L.. JONES, H. C.. JONES, O. JONES, R. T. , JORDAN, J. L. ...,.... . JORGENSEN, H. KALLSTROM, L. E. ..,... . .. KAMPEL, Israel KAPPLER, W. H. KAULBACK, F. G. ....., . KAY, R. A.. KECK, W. N. ,....... A KEELER, Jr., A. ,.,,..,. .. .. KELLER, A. KEMSKE L. KENIRY G. P. F. W. ..... . J. ....... KERR D. R. ..,... . KERR R. L. KEYES R. L. ....... KILARESKI M. J. .,,... ...,. Jr. J. . KLUS A. D. KOIRO F. J. . KONKEL F. P. KORTAS B. D. . KRAHMER R. F. KRENTKOWSKI J. . . LA FOLLETTE J. R. LAKES B. LAMBERT C. W. .. LANDINO J. P. . LANE L. F. .. . LARSEN B. W. LARSEN M A. LAVELLE M. P. VVT2fc SKDIJc VVT3 ,f" c CAAZXC SSAAL2fc CRAA C5AAIfc Bkr2fc GhA3!c . Slfc FC2fc BhAIfc . Slfc VVT3fc C3hA3fc swam . Slfc . Slfc .. RdM2,fc .. . EM3fc ETM3fc .. Cox ..YIfc .H.,SIfc . ..PhMIfc MoMM3fc ,.. S1 c Cox ......CM2fc ..BMIfc .....SM2fc . SSML2fc .SI c MoMM2fc ...MMIfc ,......Cox .. SI c .. .. .BM2fc SF1fc ..SMIfc SI c .. SF3 c . . GM2fc . EM2fc Cox CSK LE BLANC, J. S. LETSCHE, Jr., F. W. LIEF, F. W. LINEBERRY, G. LITVIN, A. C. LOWNSBERRY, LUCK, B. F. L. E. LUDEWIG, Jr., MAGEE, G. P. MAIRA, J. F. MANN, W. L. MARCINKOWSKI, W. J. .. MARSHALL, G. V. . .. . . MARTIN, E. L. MARTIN, L. J. MAW, A. F. MAXWELL, H. MCCAFFREY, Jr., R. A. . McCORMICK, C. V... .. .. McCUNE, Jr., F. M. . MCGAHA, P. S. McGEE, C. E.. .. . .. MM2fc MM3fc MOMMI fc Cox .Cox . SI fc Sf2fc MoMM3fc ...MMIfc .. ...Slfc . ..S'Ifc .-.Slfc . .. St3fc ,. CMM ...RMIfc .....GM2fc .St2fc .. ...Slfc .....F2fc ,...RdM3!c .. ,.,, SIfc ...Slfc MCGOWAN, J. . ......, BM1fc MCKINNEY, H. D. ,.., . McKNlGHT, H. C. ..,. . MENNE, E. F. MERCER, R. E. MIDGETT, Z. V. ,.,.. . MILLER . MILLER . MILLER . MILLER G. G. ..... . MILLIGAN R. W. ..,...., MITCHELL P. L. .,... . MITZKA . MOODY . MOORE MOORE G. D. ....... MOORE W. S ..,...,. MOOS G. L. Slfc .......SIfc .. .BM2fc .......MM2fc ...,..,SIfc Cox SI c ......StMIfc c F2!'c ........Bkr3fc .......SM2fc ,.,....Cox ......SK2fc c ......,,..Cox F2 c ...S1fcIQMI MOTAKA L. MUNRO G. W .,..... MURRAY W. A. .... MYKRA W. H... NAUMAN V. A. . . N L F. H. NELSON W. M. . NEMETH J. E. . NEPTUNE J. ........S'l c ......CSM c SI c .,.GM3fc . .SI c .. .. Bkrlf . GM2fc NICHOLS, J. C. ....,. ..,. . NISEN, N. NERNY, A. J NEWTON, W. G... NOBLE, J. F NOGA, H. . NORMAN, A. L. ..,. .... . NYE, G. H ..., . . .. .. .. NYE, R. .,,,.... .. O'CONNOR, C. R. ............. O'CONNOR, Jr., J. J ......... M. .,..,... ...... ....SK2fc CSK ........Cox ...SK2fc . ..,... ..,.... S fM1!c . ....., ,. ...... . CWT .. OMSXE ..,..,.S1fc .......SIfc Cox F2fc OLKOSKY, R. E. .........,.. ,..........., s Ifc OLSEN, E. C. ....,.,,. ....... . .SCIBI3fc OLSON, E. H. ....... ...,..... M Msfc O'NEIL, J. J ...,... .. ORTH, C. P. ...,...... ,. OSWALT, Jr., J. ....., OWENS, Jr., C. L. ...... .. PAGE, A. L. ....... L PARADES, M. ....., ..... . PARKER, J. c. ,..... PARRLSH, E. M. ......., ., PARSON, O. H ........ .. PATRLE, D. L .....,... .. PATTERSON A. ...... .. PATTERSON R. H. .... .. PAYNE O. T ..,........... ......,.. PEDERQUIST R. A. ....... ......, . PENLCK w. ,....,,.... .. PESTRIDGE J. E. ........ ...... PE RS R. J. J PETERSON N. M ...,.. PHELPS v. M ....,... P ' ips J. J ......... PH PPS K. L. .......... .. PICKREN c. T .,...,. ......... PLOAOIS A. O. ..,... .. PINTA D. w ......... E L. c. . ............ . POLIKOWSKI w. M. ....... POOL M. S. .,.......,...,.. . P E H. L. ........ .. POTTER M. B. ...... . PROCTOR H. M. ........ .. QUATTLEBAUM W. .....RM3fc ,.......S'Ifc ...PhM2fc ........S'Ifc .......St3fc MM2fc .....RM'Ifc ..........Cox .....Bkr2fc .....QM2fc sfsfc ......BM2fc Cox MoMM3fc ....,STM'I fc ,..CMoMM .....,.S'I c ........S'I c ........S'I c ..........Cox F2 c MoM3fc ...,..MM2fc c c SF2fc c ,......CM2fc ..........Cox RM3fc c RAGER, W. J. . RAKES, J. J. . RANSON, W. E. RASMUSSEN, I. M. . . RATHBUN, G. H ...,,, . RAYMOND, K. L. RAYNOR, J. C.. . REED, F. E.. . .. REEVES. C. B. ,. . REEVES, L. B., Jr. .,... . RENSON, W. E. ..., . REY, F. E.. ...,. . . RICE, W. F. . ., ,. RICH, J. E. .,.... .... . .. RIDENOUR, J. O. .,.. . RIGHTER, N. W .... . RINDAL, D. B. ROBERGE, R. E. .. . ,. ROBINSON, G. A. ...... . ROE, E. J. .......,,... ROLE5, J. H. ,,,.... ,. . ROSE, V. E. .....,... . RUFFING, C. V. ...... Cox SF3 c Cox RdM2 c . Y2'c CMM QM3 c SI 'cIYJ BM2'c . SI, c Cox .. Cox RM2 .'W', c EM3f'!c SVC . CMM SI f'W! c CMM Slfc Slfc .SK2fc CSF ....SIfc RUSSELL, A. B. ..... ,,.,,,, M Mafc RUSSELL, H. R .,.,..... ,.....,. B Mzfc SADLER, D. ....,. Hwnfc SAGDAL, A. c. ...... ...smfc SALERNO, F. G. ...., ,,,,,,,, 5 'lfc SARLNG, J. L. ...,. .,,,... G Msfc SATTLER, T. R. ,.,. ,,,,,,. 5 VC SCHILLING, E. D. ,.... ,.,.,,, 5 'lfc SCHMLDT, c. T. ..,,. ,,,,, R dM2fc SCHMIDT ........,..,,, ,,,,,,, 5 pgfc SCHMITZ, A. L. SEASE, H. ....... . .. ....,., MM3fc CPhM SEE, R. L. ,...,.. .,... , ,5K1fc SEIGNEURIE, R. L gyfc SELDOM, R. A. ..., 5fM1jC SHAPIRO, M. H. .,.,, , .... S1fcfRdMJ SHEFFEY, R. B. ...,..,. CO, SHEPPARD, W. J. P. ,,...., , W W SVC SHOOKMAN, C. E. , ..,. .... S If.: SIMON, C. E. .,,,...,,, V gfgfc SIMON, L. K. SIMON, R. L. SIX, H. J. SKINNER, W. SLATER, M. W. SLOYER, W. O. SMALL, W. L. . SMALLWOOD, C. E SMITH, D. A. SMITH, H. A. SMITH, P. J. SMITH, U. SOUTHAFD, W. J. SPEIGHT, C. SPIRES, C. , SPROUSE, R. D. STANGE, F. . STERZICK, C. F. . STEWART, K. L. STONEBRAKER, R. STRAND, G. T. .. STUBBS, A. G., .. SUNDBERG, A. J. SZATKOWSKI, M. . . SYLVESTER, R. M. TARDIFF, L. J. ,. TERRONES, E. L. TEMPLE, C. D... , THOLEN, R. J.. .. THOMPSON, C. .. TINDAL, W. W., Jr. TIPPETT, K. L. H TITUS, K. R. .... . TOBIN, L. J. . TOOMBS, J. J. . TOTO, R. R. .. TUDOR, L. G. TURBIVILLE, W. H. TUSKUSKY, E. J. VANCE, H. A. VARGO, M. mul' 'mg Z Twcin K Q. Quan. 5550103583cn-11535-UnmSLnEmmZEE H . :f:..r-..f r.f..f-f bbbxxgzxfbznxrrninnxnxggnxrfnxnnxnfunn fffffiiiiiiiiiiii5555555555 SESEEEHHHHHHEEQEQHQE2555226 . ,, v- '-:ox rn-4" rn Z ?5.i5f,f:i5....225f'Qr'2f"gif'g5225522 - -' -L. 11' - 7"'O '5-go Ing-'Zip' '1-F7-0-0 xZf"?rr-' 'mm ,' 0-45-2 vm' :uf .5 :i ,. . 4 1 .rib-5:'?f1 i??"T'2f7U.f'? p?U'!f'4 :'xQf:'ff'-EQU 1 H -ng' xi, ' .-- :..:.'-Ir: 1---:1-, . :U3i::..i 1 A- ' ' , " 'S :i,,,,,:2?2:f2,,g,,...f5ffi.f22 PQI 3l4xnZenmmZnZnZmuswO Ousuagigokn QQQQQQQQQSQQQQQQQQQZIQQOQQV' nnnnnnnnn nnnnnnzxxznnn-Cnnz WILTON, H. P. .,., , L' FCRV' wlrre, F. T. .. nmzfc WOHL,J. F. .. -..CCS F2fc -.-Cox 51,fc woNG, A. ,,.. ,. ..SK2flC H SVC wooo, H. D. . .,.. ....... F lf: wooosunv, .L H. .,., . .... 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H. 4i -1 AbOve: X The Engineering Division i Upper righfg Second Division First Division Third Division Sefonci Division il ii 3 ii i i i ins mini:-pw wifi' R ENLISTED PERSONNEL ssl sv ,"F' s ..f, 5 V 1,f'?2vf' .riff L W-L-M -- -M--MM-mere, . fx Upper leff: "H" Division Upper righf: "C 81 R" Division Cenferf "N" Division Boffom: Yfvornon I I I 5 A E 5 v 5 Qi Es, Vj fi ,. H Z? If E 5. F i ri E. 1, E, L. I iv' E. E, L E 22 '-wr Q, DECEMBER 1945 -- wi l' , 93 Va W . " 1,1 ' . YJ x 4 W 1 'E 1 1w f,1 fi Nl,

Suggestions in the Tate (AKA 70) - Naval Cruise Book collection:

Tate (AKA 70) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 40

1945, pg 40

Tate (AKA 70) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 22

1945, pg 22

Tate (AKA 70) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 5

1945, pg 5

Tate (AKA 70) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 28

1945, pg 28

Tate (AKA 70) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 48

1945, pg 48

Tate (AKA 70) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 43

1945, pg 43

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