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v 4 1 Q 1 Las memorias 1970 Tascosa High School Amarillo, Texas Volume 12 Look to this day, For it is life, the very life of life. In its brief course lie all the verities and realities of your existence: The glory of action, The bliss of growth, The splendor of beauty, For yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, But today well lived makes every yesterday a dreani of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well, therefore, to this day. .Agwa- ,Q-, ,. W I ' .X ' 4 . ga gk. an Diem 22 63 95 2 3 270 . 4 14 28 . 56 . 58 . 66 . 78 88 120 1 1 1 1 232 Look to this clay, For it is life, the very life of life. In its brief course lie all the verities and realities of your existence: F 1' Mi 3M.- l MN, Af- ,5 F The glory of action, Win in Wm ' ,sb K Sh 5 , lf pm lv Sw 5... -., ' ' -wt 1 Q: , W ' W U Q- wf Mi . Q M ,L A iw .rw I 'Q . , .v 'Sir i 1 1 i . X 5 I W2!lxli f K5SXY :I ' ' ' ,.-Ki k 'MJ fi iw kd, M 'QI' kia? l if ' , 35, is ,K ft' A , A Q, K ,A W . , - MN 3 ,, g M M WC S., .f ,4.,,.. Q1 I 1 V -wh J f Q. bw d,,,.K J' 1 .- an Q f , 'K if- wh -vw , V 3319, 5312 an 1, Q, -M- Q ,,l.f,., ,v J ,V +4 f sa wfwgg, R, Ji by wig! A L H . ,Vex I lb , H: ,E For yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well, therefore, to this day. I J.-my I ' 1 , 'W sr-LQ 5 lx O N Student life 16 STUDENT LIFE Autumn brings Navy, key punching course September once more brings the turning leaves of autumn. Sophomores are getting lost in the halls while the seniors register for their twelfth and last time. Since new fall fashions are showing up in the classrooms, "Miss Willie" feels that it is time to make her annual talk to the girls about the proper school attire. Autumn begins as cherished sun tans fade. First- of-school romances either make it or break it as boys and girls meet each other when school starts. At the first pep rally, September Vance Esler and Margaret Groom are crowned with cowboy hats as Mr. and Miss Howdy to symbolize the friendly Tascosa spirit. New students are just a little bit awed with the 2300 plus enrollment. Eleven Merit Scholarship Semifinalists-Carolyn Autry, Jane Bur- rus, Les Cundiff, Scott Denko, Gale Henslee, Corinne Irwin, David Kelly, Adair Melinsky, Rhonda Muir, Mar- tin Nussbaum and Barry Shulkin-honor Tascosa. Auto- mation has taken over Tascosa with the addition of a Data Processing annex while the new Navy ROTC troops march across the tennis courts. Sophomores become part of the Student Council as new representa- tives are selected. New presidents, and, at times, new sponsors, attempt to reorganize clubs after a summer of dormant activity. Rebel flags and stickers are sold again to announce students' school allegiance. Foot- ball season brings plenty of spirit, but few victories. AMARILLO HIGH STUDENTS Nancy Everitt CHEERLEADERS RANDY HOUSE and Steve Sterquell add unusual entertainment to a Friday morning pep rally with their antics. and Diana Wall punch tapes in the new data processing course. Only Tascosa of- fered the course, making it necessary for students from AHS, Palo Duro and Caprock to come to Rebeland each day. . Uffvferw -A917' f 1 ' ? L31 z 'E K i s :Q :F Q if . gg X X X 3 xy . . X ' 'YFQ Sv 'N,,,,x:NN L:vA. M m 4 fwss-:+fgfwwsx1fswwasztsbxssQ.SsYQs: i- 1 -wig: gg if 4 -' .- A . - P ' -- L .t..,.. ..t..,ttts.. ,uf iw, . -K K . K ts REBEL COACHES KENNETH Brinkley, Bob Howington, Doyle Weldon, James Kauffman, Jimmy Janes and assistant principal Lewis Martin end summer activities with a Booster Club picnic by barbequeing beef. The Booster Club is for any interested person who is a Rebel supporter. . , 'VY wax gg SENIOR JOE MORRIS "thumps" Mike Isley, a sophomore, with his new Senior ring. Thumping is the favorite way Seniors have of keeping in line. SOME THINGS NEVER change, and students found that the traf- fic congestion in the southeast corner of the commons was still the same. With ramps converging from three different wings, the corner turned into a mass of humanity during class change. STUDENT LIFE 17 WORKING BEHIND THE scenes, Chuck Smith and Joe Mudrock operate the spot- light at Friday pep rallies to add high- lights to cheers. NEW UNIFORMS NEED adjusting as the troops try them on for size. The NROTC unit is an addition at THS this year. FALLEN LEAVES CRACKLE under the feet of juniors Mike Pena and Linda Duke as they survey autumn's toll. 18 STUDENT LIFE lm Snurd's crowd urges attendance, support "The Great Pumpkin's" day is drawing near and the whole month of October is filled with excitement. New students are now Rebels as they become an im- portant part of Tascosa. Seymour Snurd, Otis Frump, and Frank and Jesse James keep on coming back with their announcements of interest urging everyone to support the football team. The twelfth Miss Southern Belle-Tara Loewenstern-is elected October along with the class officers. Annuals go on sale. Sophohmores still get lost in the corridors, but not quite as often. Football season is almost over and a great basketball year is anticipated. Naval Fte- serve Officers Training Corps boys proudly wear their new uniforms. Seniors are already faced with the "col- lege of their choice" as the various representatives visit the campus. Juniors are examined with the lowa tests. The year's first Viet Nam War moratorium is held. ILLUSTRATING THE METHOD of voting to sophomores, seniors Paula Patton and Walter Cramer show how it is operated. This was the third year the voting machines have been used in class elec- tions. Potter County loans the machines to all four high schools. sgiqh L STUDENT LIFE 19 First Girlstown drive aids Kissin' Kousins Novemberls blowing winds bring a reminder of autumn as the weather turns chilly. The Rebel band marches to a I Division rating at contest. James Slagle and Jerry Light present Regina Tackett as THSI first football queen at the Cheerleaders' Dance. As football comes to a close, wrestling and basketball strive to make their marks. Euphoria pro- Novernber vides entertainment for pay as- sembly to raise money for Girlstown. Tootsie Roll Pops are also a 'flavorite' way of revenue for the first drive for Girlstown. Miss Southern Belle, Tara Loewenstern, is presented to parents on Back-to-School Night dur- ing American Education Week. Besides hosting the first Annual Boy's Ranch Banquet, the Student Council is busy preparing for the Student Council District Con- vention to be at Tascosa. Tascosa cowboys lasso more points at their own rodeo. Jay Jones and Ronda Muir reflect the quality of teachers at Tascosa as they are chosen Mr. and Miss FTA of the district. REHEARSALS ARE ALWAYS tiring but well worth their efforts. Mark Camp pleads with the Queen, Clare Sharman, in 'Once Upon a Mattress. The cast rehearsed before and after school. REBEL BAND MEMBERS once more march f-i..'..Mf5:f.1. to victory as they earn a I rating at contest. ie-was The band, directed by William Porter, per- fx, forms at half-time at football games. ' X, ,f . 20 STUDENT LIFE MEGAPHONES ARE SELDOM seen from the field point of view. An unidentified Wrangler borrowed a cheerleader's mega- phone during a November game to cheer the Rebels to victory. WITH BOWED HEADS and busy minds, sophomores struggle with National Educa- tional Development Tests. These tests are taken in the cafeteria early in November. STUDENT LIFE 21 '04 gil i r K. Q PART OF THE fun of the Crystal Ball is decorat- ing for it. Pebble Hill, Martin Nussbaum, and Cindy Landers tape crepe streamers. DR. EVERETT SAIVIPLE'S English class takes a moment out for pleasure as it dons newspaper party hats to celebrate the teacherls birthday. 22 STUDENT LIFE l Winter night's milieu theme for annual Ball December brings the first big snovv of the year as the winter season begins. The Commons is deco- rated by many excited hands in anticipation of Satur- day night. The Blue and White background sets the scene of the naming of Brad Dobervich and Valerie Sasser as Mr. and Miss Tascosa. The choirs sing their Christmas December carols once more as Tascosa prepares for the holi- days. Procrastinators stay up working on their term reports that are due before the vacation starts. Stu- dents are busy attending Christmas parties given by the various THS clubs. The junior and senior girls meet head-on in the first Powderpuff football game, sponsored by James Kile's homeroom to raise mon- ey. At assembly, Martin Nussbaum gives Girlstown 8424.13 and 486 cans, plus clothes and other neces- sities. 'MERRY KISSMAS,' SAYS wrestler Danny Killough to senior Peg- gy Leone who can't resist the temptation of the mistletoe over- head. The mistletoe was over "Miss Willie's" door. LINING UP FOR the start. these autos are eager to begin the car rally sponsred by Mrs. Hathcoclds homeroom for Girls- town. Winners were Dale Lollar and Drew Skipworth, STUDENT LIFE 23 Snow blows in year, first semester tests Beginning a new decade, Tascosa students re- turn to school in cold January 1970. Upcoming semes- ter tests send Rebels to their books. Fifty-seven mid- term graduates go out into the world, leaving behind the rest of the jealous seniors. Anxious skiiers eagerly await the last bell on Friday so they can hit the snowy slopes. "Showboat" begins its rehear- January sals full-time while actors desperately try to learn their lines. New Year's resolutions go as quickly as they come. Enthusiasm for school dwindles as sophomores and juniors contract an undergraduate form of "senior slump? New clothes are parading in the halls showing that Santa supplemented many ward- robes at Christmas. New Christmas cars are smashed as ice-covered streets become perilous during the first heavy snow. Three days of plucking strings helps or- chestra students improve their playing in the orchestra clinic. What happened to the semester break this year? DOW KEE, RANDY Burgess, and three othercareless students look through the "Lost and Found." Locker checks are held periodically throughout the year and turn up the lost books that were somehow lost at school. CAROL DICKERSON, EMILY Kiker, and Lee Jacobsen take advantage of the snow and make ice cream. The snow came during the Christmas vacation and lasted for several weeks. M, 2 24 STUDENT LIFE SECOND SEMESTER ALWAYS brings about changes in established schedules. Students form long lines outside the counselors offices trying to get their schedule adjusted. as JY E . ':'3T5"' la' 'Xi . dtex A Y -Q at my gf 'ii tofu Q-Q -.. , CRAIG SNOOK ANXIOUSLY cuts into the cake specifically prepared for the basket- ball team. Instead of the regular pep rally against Amarillo High, the cheerleaders and the Rebel Spirits held a party. STUDENT LIFE 25 26 STUDENT LIFE Caps, gowns signify seniors' graduation February's Ground Hog Day brings up the ques- tion as to whether or not there will be six more weeks of winter. Musical rehearsals take up much time in mornings and evenings in preparation for "Showboat." Many clubs and organizations drill their members for upcoming contests. A modern form of apple-polishing occurs when teachers are told to pick candidates for Top Ten nomina- February tions. Dieting sweethearts break down and eat their favorite Valentines' Day candy. Smart kids get initiated into National Honor Society. Juniors order senior rings and get just one step closer to their big year. Seniors get measured for their caps and gowns, but gradua- tion still seems like a long way off. Feb. 12, Abraham Lincoln turns 161 years old, while George Washington celebrates his 238th birthday on the twenty-second. MARSH! CLARK, RUTH Ann Packard, and Karen Smith watch Mayor J. Ernest Stroud present Bill Porter, THS orchestra director, with a proclamation saying that Feb. 8-14 was "Tascosa High School Orchestra Week." THS' organization is top in Texas. SENIOR INITIATE BILL Dodgin turns on his iight on the "T" during the National Honor Society initiation ceremony. A total of 121 new members were added to the Rebels chapter of the Society. ELAINE SHELTON MEASURES Jimmy Sheriff to size him for a cap and gown. r ,viii STUDENT LIFE 27 , 'ref Ns l au. ni-xy ff- r QJJQ' I I o " 8,4 1 Celebrities Student body elects Mr. and Miss Tascosa Fulfilling a dream, Valerie Sasser and Brad Dober- vich took their reigning positions as the twelfth Mr. and Miss Tascosa at the Crystal Ball held December 13. Master of Ceremonies David Cokendolpher an- nounced the favorites, and, amid a tension filled audi- torium, revealed that Miss Tascosa for the year 1969- 1970 was Miss Sasser. Following her walk to the stage, Dobervich was announced to succeed her to the stage where he received a crystal blue boutonniere. Miss Sasser was presented with a bouquet of white roses. Along with being Miss Tascosa, Miss Sasser is also runner-up to Miss Southern Belle, president of the French Club, co-chairman of Rebel Spirits, member of National Honor Society, member of Les Chanteurs and Student Council representative. Dobervich played end on the Rebel varsity foot- ball team, lettered in baseball, served as Tascosa Dan for the month of October and participated in the Home and Family Living Club. Runner-up to Miss Tascosa is senior favorite D'Ann Schantz. Miss Schantz is also co-head cheerleader and is on the Senior Activities Committee. Rick Johnson, runner-up to Mr. Tascosa, is Gen- eral Reb, president of the Speech Club, Tascosa Dan for December, Senior Activities chairman, treasurer of the Student Council and copy editor of Las Memorias. we si 30 CELEBRITIES 0' .5 iw 5 5 fl gif an if 1 1 Q 4 4 5 I Fig K, Z! f 4' 1 447,33 1, N 1,9 F F , rf ,,l., ..,- gif" V45 1 Y 4 1 ,i 3 ,, W - a vi, I f x if Q I A2433 M ! W iii CELEBRITIES 31 Dibtnn, Scott become 1970 senior favorites Presented at their last Crystal Ball held on Dec. 13, D'Ann Schantz and Scott Denko received the cov- eted honor as favorites of the Seniors 70. Being elected from a field of eight candidates, the two were elected on their personality, popularity and service to the school. Boosting Rebel spirit as co-head cheerleader, Miss Schantz was runner-up to Junior Favorite last year and is on the Senior Activities Committee. Serving as Senior Class president, Scott is a Na- tional Merit Scholarship Finalist and is photography editor for Las Memorias. Kathy Wattenburger and Jerry Light were runners- up for the honor. Miss Wattenburger, a Southern Belle finalist, is also November Rebel Ann and Key Club Sweetheart. A gridster, Light was center on the varsity football team this year, a coach for the senior girls' football team and is a member of the Rodeo Club. 32 CELEBRITIES NW... .,,,, ,Sq as-Txf siifxw CELEBRITIES 33 Junior Class chooses Herber, Montgomery Representing their class with friendliness and service, Emily Montgomery and David Herber were chosen as the favorites of the Junior Class of i969-70. Presented at the Crystal Ball, the two were chosen from five finalists. Miss Montgomery, serving as offensive and de- fensive end on the junior team in the powderpuff derby, is also active in Rebel Spirits, Wrestling Spirits and is on the Student Council. Being elected favorite is nothing new to Herber who was chosen as Sophomore Favorite last year. Play- ing linebacker in varsity football, he is also Latin Club King. Runners-up were Patty Pinkston and Stan Zollar. Miss Pinkston is in Rebel Spirits, Wrestling Spirits, Latin Club Council and is junior secretary. Zollar is on the varsity football team and in track. 34 CELEBRITIES -s,,, i ig, .ga M -.N 1 E n ft 'J 'Y X Ms Q A ggi s Nix, CELEBRITIES 35 Smith, Simmers win 'mores' favorite titles Chosen as favorite girl and favorite boy of the 825 sophomores for the year 1969-70 were Cindi Smith and Marcus Simmers. Crowned at the annual Crystal Ball sponsored by the Student Council, petite, red-haired Miss Smith came from David Crockett Junior High where she was cheerleader for two years and Miss Crockett. At Tas- cosa Cindi participates in Wrestling Spirits and French Club. Simmers, one of the quarterbacks for the Rebel football team this past year, also came from Crockett Junior High where he was Freshman Favorite and quarterback for the Pioneers. Besides football, Marcus is active inthe Student Council at Tascosa. Runners-up were Pam Bryant and Chuck Ryan. Both coming from Bonham Junior High, Miss Bryant participates in the Student Council and Ryan is active in football, basketball, track and Student Council. V, ,.ml 1 36 CELEBRITIES CELEBRITIES 37 xt ,X W WW . . My iss! R ,K 3? X X fw2'5'!3 4 i a X+ 4. Q Y .- .5 in is ,Q gr A ' .fl Q 'fdie Q Q -f : f X . 5, X .' ,amz 3 I u 1 X - Lg, - X. Miss Southern Belle reigns in 'Old South' "Tara, as in 'Gone With the Wind' reflects the feeling of the Old South in the selection of the 1969- 1970 Miss Southern Belle. Tara Loewenstern took her place as Tascosa's twelfth official hostess. included in her duties, Tara welcomed the Boys' Ranch seniors at the Student Council Banquet and all those who at- tended the favorite presentation at the Crystal Ball. Active in drama, Tara has appeared in the Tascosa musicals and starred as Princess Winnifred the Woebe- gone in "Once Upon a Mattress" presented earlier this year. Tara is also in Rebel Spirits, Les Chanteurs and is a Symphony Belle. Tara was chosen from six finalists out of fifteen running. Valerie Sasser was chosen first Runner-up. After a week of campaigning, making speeches to each class in a formal, the week was ended by the finalists riding in convertibles around the football stadium at the Caprock game. CELEBRITIES 39 40 CELEBRITIES 1 M1 3 an Finalists exemplify antebellum society Debbie Davis Nlarshallette Sharp First Runner-up Valerie Sasser 1 X Q Ni QQI' A ig. va g ! -fsfffwg sw. ....,, . -if-sr Q. S- .- Q. .qv - .--Aid A ef' x N - X- -,qg .. . 31' f .. w ' .-.-fr '. X: F I 1 1 -- 5 -w' ifiqz-X ' 4 ' . Y E, ' , ' L M-rem -x A L9f5iEgs,:i wggsr 4 ,i ,E ,, , 613. . 1. K ,k,i.,i"fg5g. A1 xv 1 4 wif' J Brenda Box Kathy Wattenburger CELEBRITIES 41 roups present quee Debbie Perdue Band Queen Kathy Wattenburger Key Club Sweetheart' A - O Nlarshallette Sharp Track Queen Q Diane Thompson Distributive Education Sweetheart Wrestling Queen Regina Tackett Football Queen Susan Fangio Orchestra Queen 8 'Leaders' promote fans' spirit at games Boosting Rebel Spirit was the main activity of the cheerleaders this year. But that is not as easy as it may appear. The energetic eight, led by Billye Gray, girls physical education teacher, stayed late everyday after school making posters, practicing yells and lifts, planning pep-rallies and teaching cheerleading to those students running for cheerleader. Traveling to all out-of-town games, decorating goalposts, arriving early before each game and sponsoring a fall dance were also duties of the cheerleaders. Winning the Coca Cola award in National com- petition at cheerleading camp was a first for any Rebel cheerleaders. They also won sweepstakes which meant winning first in competition everyday and brought home the spirit stick which could only be won by winning first three days during the week. Seniors D'Ann Schantz and Randy House, in their second year as Rebel cheerleaders, were head cheer- leaders. Other seniors were Chuck Babb, Ken Doug- lass, Debbi Hrncir and Debbie Saunders. Juniors were Rose Erdmann and Steve Sterquell. LEADING "TWO BITS" at the Pampa Harvester basketball game January 9 are seniors Debbi Hrncir and Chuck Babb. ,fi,,.w,f,,WMv 5 iff if ,Q '1 1., I " iii", f- ' ,gy ,V y uv, i U 1. Qi, M4 K l if , W' L, H -Wi, g2,f"!zQ.f,f LA, if in 3 .41 PRACTICING LIFTS AND yells after school each day made the cheerleaders national winners Practicing are Debbi Hrncir, Chuck Babb, D'Ann Schantz, Randy House, Rose Erdmann and Steve Sterquell. 44 CELEBRITIES AT THE PALO Duro game January 30, senior cheerleader Ken Douglass readies Debbie Saunders for a back flip. SENIOR HEAD CHEERLEADERS Randy House and D'Ann Schantz prepare to do a shoulder lift. Acrobatics were a part of their work. POSING LIKE THE currently-popular "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" picture, the cheerleaders for 1969-70 are Steve Sterquell. Debbi Hrncir, Randy House, Chuck Babb,D'Arir1 Schantz, Rose Erdmann, Debbie Saunders and Ken Douglass. CELEBRITIES 45 RAISING SPIRIT AT pep-rallies, "The General", fondly called by senior buddies, lets forth with a Rebel yell. ASIDE FROM HIS General Reb duties, Johnson is active in many school functions. Copy editor finds him typing annual copy. General Reb carries 'Old Southern' spirit Waving of his sword while standing in front of Rebel football crowds, the 1969-70 General Reb Rick Johnson carried on the tradition of the symbol of the South at Tascosa. Boosting Rebel Spirit along with the cheerleaders was the major duty of the General. Leading the football and basketball players into and out of pep-rallies, helping the cheerleaders with yells and promoting spirit during the lunch periods were a few of the responsibilities and pleasures of his position. Johnson was also active as president of the Speech Club, Senior Activities chairman, treasurer of the Student Council, Tascosa Dan for December and copy editor of the Las Memorias. ENCOURAGING FANS TO yell against the Palo Duro Dons, Gener- al Reb lifts his sword to lead the heartening word, 'tCharge"! 46 CELEBRITIES aw -di. se., , . .MM ,, 1 K 7 .W rv an r ' L' Q "1 ,l ,.kV K g, L. M : rf "ffqffwiC:.i ,f - I it ,. 4 ,f tw v.ffF,frf2:"'5:xf"' '.f'w4:i'4'-'f f..1Q.,vA'-fi HANNE ADMIRES HER Christmas gift of a charm bracelet with a tiny senior ring and state of Texas from the Tascosa student body. 12 ff NJ , . M, 4 Hanne from Norway arrives in Ftebeland Arriving in Amarillo August 15, Hanne Sundby, from Oslo, Norway, found that Texas was not the oil wells, Indians and horses that she had expected, but a state of friendly, easy going people. Speaking English was not hard for Hanne as she had taken it six years in Norway. In America, Hanne has enjoyed horseback riding, parties, traveling to Dallas and the coast for Christmas, trips to Santa Fe and Taos. At Tascosa Hanne is a member of Spanish Club, Rebel Spirits, Science Club, Student Council and the musical cast of "Show Boat". Living with the George Autry family at 4613 Mata- dor Trail, Hanne's American sister is senior Carolyn Autry. The two are often seen together at Spanish Club meetings, going to school in Carolyn's white station wagon and often just having a friendly, "sisterIy" chat. ENJOYING A NEW-FOUND sport so familiar to Texans, Hanne tries horseback riding on a ranch near Amarillo. IN THE HOME of her American family, the George Autry's. Hanne plays with "William" while dressed in her national costume. I We CELEBRITIES 47 Tie breaks tradition, 'Top Ten' now 'Eleven' Following the new trend of breaking traditions at Tascosa, 1969-1970 yielded eleven outstanding seniors instead of the traditional ten. Chosen on their abilities of leadership, scholarship and service to Tascosa, the 'Top Eleven' were announced in The Pioneer on Feb- ruary 13. Nominated by the faculty the 'Top Ten' was voted on by fifteen juniors on the Top Ten selection commit- tee and twenty-four teachers on the Faculty Awards Committee. Chuck Babb Chuck Babb was often seen on Fridays wearing the red-and-black, black-and-white or black uniform of the cheerleaders. Not only boosting spirit, but par- ticipating in Spanish Club, Speech Club, Student Council and assisting in the office kept Babb busy during the year. Winning in debate, serving on the Ju- nior Top Ten Selection Committee and a delegate to Boys' State were also activities of the 5'7" Tascosa Dan for January. Valorie Canney Among the activities Valorie Canney has lent her talents to this past year have been the Student Coun- cil, Rebel Spirits, Speech Club, National Honor Society and Senior Spirits. She was also co-chairman of the Boys' Ranch Banquet and the annual Crystal Ball. Serving as reporter, news editor and editor-in-chief of The Pioneer her senior year, Miss Canney was also a National Merit commended student and in the VVho's Who in American High Schools. 48 CELEBRITIES wfymfdvwf - S X 'S ,... ,. -sl Debbie Davis Often times having to be in several p I ac es at once, Debbie Davis has found herself busy as the Ce- lebrities Editor of the Las Memorias, co-chairman of Rebel and Basketball Spirits, vice president of the French Club, and Student Council recording secre- tary. One of the six finalists for Miss Southern Belle, Miss Davis was also Tascosa's September Ann. She was a member of Quill and Scroll and was initiated as a member of the National Honor Society. Vance Esler Otherwise known as t'Jesse James" after the pre- mier of "Frank and Jesse James, Seymore Snurd and Otis Frump" in humorous announcements and skits for raising spirit, Vance Esler was elected lVlr. Howdy in the fall, participated in National Honor Society, track and Senior Activities. He was also in Student Council, Spanish Club, band as a sophomore and ju- nior and attended several tournaments with the Speech Club. CELEBRITIES 49 Top Ten Susan Fangio Reigning as Orchestra Queen for 1969-70 was Susan Fangio. Miss Fangio has been a m em be r of Student Council, Latin Club, Rebel Spirits and Tri-State and Hon- or Orchestra. A National Honor Society member, she also participated in French Club, musicals, and was in IVlerit's Who's Who. She was a member of the Amarillo Ballet Company, and she performed a dance for the Southern Belle presentation. She has also received many dance awards and scholarships. Rick Johnson As a General spirit raiser, Rick Johnson has served as a symbol of Tascosa and the Rebels. Rick was also active as president of both Speech Club and Quill and Scroll and presided as Chairman of the Senior Activities Committee. Dan for December, he was treasurer for the Tascosa Student Council. Rick acted as co-sports editor for Las Memorias his junior year and as copy editor as a senior. 50 CELEBRITIES ML. Ronda Muir January Ann Ronda Muir was named Miss FTA for both Tascosa and the district. She was active as Speech Club co-secretary, FTA second vice president, and Amarillo Youth Council secretary-treasurer. Miss Muir was a national runner-up in creative writing and was in Who's Who in Amer- ican High Schools. She was a participant in band, state band, orchestra and was also on the debate team and a member of the National Honor Society. Kim McMorries A band member for three years, Kim McMorries has served that organization as head drum major all three years. He has also been a three-year participant in Key Club and was its president as a senior. Selected as Tascosa Dan for September, he was also the recipient of the Math and Sci- ence Award and voted one of the "Outstanding Teenagers of America". CELEBRITIES 51 lbjvmme w,,h . Top Ten Melessia Musick Pioneer editor-in-chief Melessia Musick has been active this year in Les Chanteurs, Girls' G-lee, FTA and Speech Club. Rebel Ann for December, she served as vice president of both the National Honor Society and Quill and Scroll and chairman of the Senior Spirits Committee. Miss Musick has previously been Pioneer reporter and editorials editor and was also selected as Most Valuable Staffer. She also won in interscho- lastic League Press competition. Martin Nussbaum l Student Council and National Honor Society presi- dent Martin Nussbaum has served Tascosa as a three- time delegate to the Student Council State Conventiony delegate to Boys' State, wrestling and captain of the de- bate team. Nussbaum vvas a National Merit Finalist, an "Outstanding Teenager of America" and in Who's Who in American High Schools. , l Kathy Wattenburger l Key Club Sweetheart Kathy Wat- tenburger acted in Rebel Spirits, Spanish Club, Student Council and the Tascosa contest play. Miss Wattenburger also participated in Les Chanteurs, Speech Club and Drama and was one of the finalists for Miss Southern Belle. 52 CELEBRITIES Committee selects Tasoosa Dan, Rebel Ann qv , W Q!-.....T.. Q U! Brad Dobervich and Anna Belle Kritser rest at the newly built portion of Amarillo College. Chosen by the Dan and Ann committee of the Student Council from nominations of each homeroom, a Rebel Ann and Tascosa Dan were announced at the beginning of each month. Each Dan and Ann were chosen on their abilities of scholarship, leadership, friendliness and service to the school. The Rebel Anns and Tascosa Dans chosen for the 1969-70 school year were September, Debbie Davis, Kim lVlcIVlorriesg October, Brad Dobervich, Anna Belle Kritserg November, Rick Johnson, Melessia lvlusickg January, Chuck Babb, Ronda Nluirg February, Vance Esler, Susie Starksg March, Randy House, Tara Loew- ensterng April, Browning Lloyd, D'Ann Schantzg May, Valorie Canney, Les Cundiff. Debbie Davis and Kim lVlclVlorries stand onthe hotel steps at Six Gun City. ff- Martin Nussbaum and Kathy Wattenburger talk on the platform of the Time Capsule. CELEBRITIES 53 Dan and Ann Chuck Babb and Ronda Muir sit on the brick y wail in front of the Mary E. Bivins Library. Rick Johnson and Melessia Musick pose in the i'bank" of WT's frontier town. 54 CELEBRITIES M it X 5,7 ,, M45 My N' .-ia sm 'QQ ' if-F vi " A ,E I , if ' SW J .I if ax "" . - ,,,,1x.,. wg: ' was ., K f Q Qfs-'E W.. Ib -fm N or - orbitals: il fi? ii rw -,sy t ffl ,LJ ' 1 w if mi Vance Esier and Susie Starks stand in front ry of City Hail at the year-old Civic Center. Fiandy House and Tara Loewenstern stand on the twenty yard line ofthe football field at Dick Bivins Stadium. March T ..-1 . Browning Lloyd and D'Ann Schantz rest a few minutes at the Federal Highway Department Tourist Center east of Amarillo. Valorie Canney and Les Cundiff pause to pet a lamb at Thompson Park. CELEBRITIES 55 Q1-3431115 All Q 'A f' ' I I 4 5 S 3 6 .3 p.v.vg.v.Q.v.v.9.v. ,. '- E I ,QQ an O 5 ,QT "Q 4 wg g'P"Ir""" f' ' ',' 'tri 'Q Q i -wh...-,.f:.! - 3-""""""!"L1Q" . n 4 ' ' n -. . " uf" va 51: J. . ,I . 9 4 in ab Q 4 'I' 'I 3 l I 4 Y 1 ' T D I wiv, as 0- Q v 0' 9 ' I t -4 ,A in b .afxk '-. . 3 :IV '18 Q., 'SY 9lK,,i":3 ,' f-wwe . NH'-f Q1 'K-' 44 lv gina . . YQ' +- A Hx X- h...::+ Y I S I5 0 'nib' ' I gifs' - :':.'-.Q .u..4'Aox - 4:w"tgf,'- I tl , 9' nf !' "' 59 0' fk,,0Q, ,,, VP rv J .V ,.' .' fb'-5 3 pat!! L 1- tr z .'8'.":1 8 'Q' OJ" L as-' Athletics Football Gridders record first losing campaign, 3-7 Tasting the bitterness of a losing season for the first time in the school's twelve year history, Tascosa's football team ended its season in seventh place in the district, compiling a 3-7 record. ln retrospect, head coach John McGuire summed up the season declaring, "We did the best we could so we aren't making any excuses? In their debut, the Ftebs fell to the state's first- ranked Permian Panthers, 27-12. Dixie touchdowns were supplied by Brad Dobervich and David Webb. Borger, District 4-AAAA's pre-season favorite, sty- mied the Rebs next, 14-3, with Kyle Gardener's field goal accounting for all the Tascosa points. However, the South bounced back in the season's final game to defeat the Bulldogs, 25-7. The following weekend, the Red and Black bowed to the Dumas Demons, fourth-ranked in Class AAA, 12- 7. Brad Dobervich scored the Rebel points on a pass from David Webb. TASCOSA'S JAMES SLAGLE, a senior fullback, cuts to daylight against Odessa Permian in the Fiebs' first game Sept. 12. HEAD COACH JOHN McGuire lectures his squad at half time of the first Borger game. Coaches man look on. TIM CURTIS JUNIOR quarterback carries the ball on a first down play against the Dumas Demons Sept 26 as senior tackle Dean Hayes prepares to block a pursuer. FOOTBALL 59 Bob Howington, Jimmie Janes and Charles Kauf- ,,. . tftff liie I -1 Bebs bite AHS dust, edge winless 'Horns Tascosa dropped its fourth straight game Oct. 4, bowing to the Amarillo High Sandies 13-7 in the 13th renewal of the PanhandIe's hottest rivalry. AHS moved 41 yards after a Tascosa fumble for its first score in the opening period, and scored again on tailback Bobby Pickard's 2-yard run. Bucky Sams, in his first varsity game, scored the only Rebel TD in the final quarter. Sams scored the deciding touchdown inthe Bebs' first victory, a 14-7 decision over the Caprock Long- horns Oct. 11. David Webb's 47-yard run gave Tas- cosa an early 6-O lead, but quarterback Mike Lozano gave Caprock a 7-6 lead with a 2-yard sneak and a successful extra point. Tim Curtis' two-point conver- sion pass to Webb ended the game's scoring. Plainview's Bulldogs gained their first victory ever against the Rebels Oct. 18, moving for 405 yards enroute to a 27-15 triumph. David Webb scored both Tascosa touchdowns. BILL DODGIN, SENIOR, tackles Sandie running back Bobby Pick- ard during the Sandie-Rebel football game in Dick Bivins. K K .Qu , ' 7 Sift Y? fix il J TASCOSA DEFENDERS BOB Longbine, Dean Hayes and Mike Brown smother a Caprock ball carrier in the Oct. 11 con- test. Bucky Sams' 3-yard touchdown run with 2:56 remaining gave the Fiebs their first 1969 win, a 14-7 victory over the South-Zone trailing Longhorns. 60 FOOTBALL THE 1969 TASCOSA Rebels are tfront rowi Dan Moser, David Webb, Stan Zoller, Mike Pena, Steve Jefferson, Mike Brewer, Bill Dodgin, fmiddle rowl Mike Bridges, Charlie Smith, James Siagle, Bucky Sams, Marcus Simmers, Bobby Longbine, Dean Hayes, John Evans. Steve Colloway. David Herber, fback rowj John Washburn, Kyle Gardner, Randy Evans, David Moore, Dale Winfield, Gary Campbell, Tim Curtis, Scott Cornwell, Dayle Tipton, Jerry Light, Mark Burget and Ross Cheshire. 4 X5 .75 55 5 Oct. 18. Plainview's 28-15 triumph was led by David Woolery. REBELS COME CHARGING 'over the hill' at Dick Bivins Stadium before battling Amarillo High October 4. The Sandies won, 13-7, their sixth victory in the 12-year series which consists of thirteen encounters. WINGBACK STAN ZOLLER grabs a pass between two Plainview de- fenders. Tl-IS dropped a football game to the Bulldogs for the first time, FOOTBALL 61 SEASON RECORD TASCOSA OPPONENT 12 Odessa Permian 27 3 Borger 14 7 Dumas 12 7 Amarillo 13 14 Caprock 7 15 'Plainview 27 13 'Palo Duro 55 19 'Lubbock 7 7 'Lubbock Coronado 42 25 "Berger 7 'Zone ' 'District Playoff 'SECOND STRINGER' MIKE Pena observes the action at the Tas- cosa Fiebel-Palo Duro Don gridiron clash from the sidelines. MAKING A PASS reception, senior split end Brad Dobervich pro- vided one of the few bright spots for the Red and Black November 7, as they stooped to Lubbock Coronado's Mustangs in Lowry Field. 62 FOOTBALL DAVID WEBB, JUNIOR halfback, fights for extra yardage against Palo Duro. Speed was a major factor as the Flebs bowed, 55-13. .. M if til R E Zi Hifi Ci Dixie ends season with two wins, two losses :Law g, Eg. . fa! , ,f 4 1' V A il z N' 44. Eventual district champion Palo Duro handed Tas- cosa its most one-sided defeat in the history of the school Oct. 26, swamping the Rebels, 55-13. Tascosa held a 7-0 lead early in the game, but four second-per- iod scores gave the Dons a 34-7 halftime lead. The de- feat assured Tascosa of its first losing season. The Bebs bounced back the following week with a 19-7 win over Lubbock. Quarterback Tim Curtis ran twelve yards for the first score, and Bucky Sams tallied on runs of three and fifty-six yards. Lubbock Coronado swamped Tascosa 42-7 Nov. 4, after leading 14-0 at intermission. The loss concluded zone play and matched THS against Borger on the season-ending district playoff contest. Tascosa ended a frustrating 1969 season by rout- ing the Bulldogs on their home field, 25-7. Bucky Sams rambled for 223 yards and one touchdown, while an aggressive defense limited Borger's ground attack to 87 yards. SKIRTING AROUND THE left side of the line, quarterback Tim Curtis gains yardage against the district champions, Palo Duro. Gunn 1 DISAPPOINTMENT IS REFLECTED on Head Coach John McGuire's face as he, David Webb, Scott Cornwell and Gary Campbell watch Dixie fall to Palo Duro, who won their first district crown, but bowed to Abilene Cooper in bi-district. FOOTBALL 63 DALE BRAMBLETT 1801 carries the football as Larry Gnepper U61 prepares to block PD. The Sophs won five out of nine games. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL PLAYERS are ttront rowl Kim Barlow, Steve Pennal, Bill Townsend, Phil Richards, Steve Cairns, Paul Dodgen, Robert Roller, Mike Poynor, tback rowl Mike Morrow, Mark Redfern, Scott Spencer, Mike Harris, Blaine Burnett, Jon Vanderwilt, Chuck Ryan, Bill Acton, Mike Crawford, Larry Peevy, Dale Winfield, Fred Crona and Mark Tillotson. SOPHOMORES RUNNING BACK Craig Gladman t42l scores for Tascosa as the Rebel squad de- feats the Palo Duro sophomore team, 12-6. 64 FOOTBALL me hr i QV ,VVV , gf W? ? H i ,H Q V. 1 H, VW , . , . , H f , , , Sophs, junior varsity finish even seasons Sophomore footballers posted a 5-4 season rec- ord in 1969, the highest winning percentage of any THS sophomore team in history. "We had a lot of outstanding players, but l was pleased with the determination of all our playersjl said coach Ken Brinkley. "We had several young men in our squad who will represent Tascosa well in 1970 and 1971 Junior varsity Raiders compiled a 4-4-1 record, defeating Caprock, Borger, Coronado and Monterey and losing to Palo Duro, Amarillo High, Pampa and Lubbock. Plainview tied Tascosa, 12-12. While not singling out a particularly outstanding player, Coach John Lowry highly praised his squad. "Their effort and attitude were just outstanding," said the Coach. "They're the finest group of boys l've ever worked with." DALE BRAMBLETT, NUMBER 80 on the sophomore football team. attempts to tackle David Green, sophomore quarterback for the Palo Duro Dons. L aye, iris r 4 V',f E I r Z Q ,r - ff wil! I: if 3 x , ' U, ' - " 29 'W' 4, 3 , .1 .14 Q -Q 'f an J 1 ., t , ,f f f r rr:-K ,M PLAYING FOR THE sophomore team this year were Cfront rowj David Porter, John Adamson. Steve Craw- ford, Johnny Dryden. Mike McGee, Mike Hollinger, Garry Joy, Boyd Deaver, lsecond rowb Larry Gnepper, David Bacon, Mike Morrow, Joe Quattlebaum. Mike Rains, Fiandy Click, Tom Holloway, Mike McMen- namy, lthird rowi Scott Rowe. Larry McDaniel. Greg Sharpe. Woodie Matheson. Wayne Pollok. Joe Morris. Paul Cauley and David Wilkinson. FOOTBALL 65 Basketball 41 T C, UKilD'i 3 THS beats Herefordg ranks third in tourney After dropping the season's first three games to El Paso schools fAustin, Burgess, and lrvini, Tascosa varsity basketballers grabbed their first victory Nov. 25, a 91-46 trouncing of the Hereford Whitefaces in the Rebel gym. Donnell Fuller paced Dixie scorers with 22 points. For the second consecutive year, Tl-IS hosted a Thanksgiving Basketball Tournament featuring Borger High, Caprock, and El Paso Coronado as well as the Rebels. Tascosa again fell victim to an El Paso school in first round action, bowing to Coronado 65-61. The Rebs took third place in the tourney downing the Cap- rock Longhorns the next night, 73-60. STRETCHING TO GAIN possession of the ball, Jim Austin and Les Cundiff play a game of catch-up basketball against El Paso. --f-an-me-.wc "NOW, GET OUT there and play heads-up ball," admonishes Coach David Camfield during the Caprock game at the Thanksgiving Tournament. The host Rebels defeated the Longhorns, 73-60. BASKETBALL 67 68 Cagers open district by ripping city rivals Tascosa began the first round of District 4-AAAA competition by eking out a surprisingly narrow victory over Caprock's Longhorns, Dec. 9. 'tVVe played sloppy basketball against Caprockj' Coach David Camfield said. t'We turned the ball over too many times, and we made the kinds of mental mistakes that good teams take advantage of. VVe'll have to play better against Palo Duro." ln the Caprock game, the Longhorns forced the action and held the lead for most of the first half. After intermission, the Ftebs scored ten quick points, and they never gave up the lead. 6'7" center Les Cundiff dominated the Tascosa- Palo Duro game Dec. 12, scoring 38 points and grab- bing 19 rebounds in a 75-67 Rebel victory. "Cundiff completely controlled the game," said losin g Don coach, Tom Gilley. l thought we held the other Tas- cosa players, but Cundiff made the difference. He's a fine center and he has my vote for All-District novvf' GUARD GARY BOGAN uses his arm to distract the aim of a Cap- rock opponent. The tvvo-year man was a defensive standout. LES CUNDIFF IS blocked by a Pampa Harvester as he tries to make a basket. Tascosa won over the Harvesters, 51-48. BASKETBALL ss Sf if St WS? as il ian.-..- REBS AND DONS scramble for a free ball in final round of the city Holiday Tournament Dec. 30. Tascosa won the tourney champion- ship for the third time by defeating Palo Duro, 57-45. "fs HEAD COACH DAVID Camfield and assistant coach Ken Brinkley watch the action of first round play against Borger. MEMBERS OF THE Caprock Longhorns along with THS roundballers scramble for the ball thrown back onto the court by Senior Donnell Fuller. l BASKETBALL 69 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL players head for the dressing room after defeating Caprock. Composed mostly of sophomores, the "B" squad built a strong future under Kenneth Brinkley. l Red and Black finish 5-4 in first half play On the last district action before Christmas, Tas- cosa gained impressive victories over Lubbock High, 73-50, and Lubbock Coronado, 46-34. Returning to action on Jan. 6, the Rebs suffered their first confer- ence loss to a strong Borger team, 62-50. The defeat dropped Tascosa from a four-way tie for the district lead, and gave Plainview and Lubbock Monterey pos- session of first place. Tascosa came back on Jan. 9 with an 81-78 win against Pampa, but were stunned the following week by a 63-49 loss to the Plainview Bulldogs. They re- ceived another jolt on Jan. 20, when the powerful Lub- bock Monterey Plainsmen dumped the Rebs out of consideration for the District 4-AAAA first-round title, 52-32. A skin-tight Monterey defense allowed Tascosa only 11 points in the second half. Dixie closed out its first-half schedule on Jan. 23 by losing to Amarillo High, 66-55, in the Sandie gym. Four Rebels scored in double figures, but Sandie all- district star Kyle Pipkin scored 21 points. REB ROUNDBALLERS BEGAN their second-round schedule with a mates Les Cundiff and Gary Bogart rush to help. Tascosa beat the 57-43 win over Caprock. Here Donell Fuller takes a shot, as team- Longhorns in an earlier outing, 58-54. 70 BASKETBALL VARSITY SEASON RECORD First round Second round THS Opp. THS Opp. 58 54 Caprock 57 43 75 67 Palo Duro 52 57 73 50 Lubbock 51 53 46 34 Lubbock Coronado 77 45 50 62 Borger 63 72 81 78 Pampa 54 59 49 63 Plainview 41 45 32 52 Lubbock Monterey 58 68 66 55 Amarillo 42 51 JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM members are lfront rowl Jimmy Hill, Doug Daniel, Robert Scott, Ross Cheshire, Chuck Ryan, Kent Ladd, lsec- ond rowl Jimmy Rodgers, Craig Shulken, Doug Gwin, Mike Morrow, Tommy Jenkins, lback rowl Bob Sharp, Chris Curphey, Mark Sprad- lin, Greg Sharpe, Mike Eubanks and John Wisenbaker. LOOKING FOR AN open teammate. junior Gary Henderson passes in second-round play against Coronado. BASKETBALL 71 Rebels capture third of four city contests For the third time in the event's four-year history, Tascosa vvon the city's Holiday Basketball Tourna- ment, held at the Amarillo High School gym. The Rebs took the title the hard way, vvinning three straight after dropping the first game of the double-elimination meet. THS carried the Amarillo Sandies, winners of 14 consecutive games, into double overtime before losing, 68-65, on the afternoon of Dec. 29. That evening, the Rebs stayed alive by downing Caprock 50-41. Dixie gained the tournament finals by finally beat- ing the Sandies Dec. 30 by a 62-55 score. Donell Fuller paced the Rebel attack with 20 points, and re- serve guard Jimmy Truitt came off the bench to score 12. ln the tournament finals against Palo Duro, the Rebs took the lead in the game's first four minutes and were never seriously challenged, holding off a late Don surge despite the strain of four g am es in 48 hours. Final score was Tascosa 57, Palo Duro 45. SENIOR FORWARD JIM Austin tries a short shot in the Tascosa- Lubbock Coronado clash Feb. 7 in Lubbock. The Rebs dropped the Mustangs, 78-45. REBEL BASKETBALLERS COME alive on the bench as the buzzer sounds to end the final-round game with Palo Duro and give Tas- cosa its third City Holiday Tournament trophy. 72 BASKETBALL nado Mustang jumps to try to regain possession of the bali. I. if GETTING READY TO shoot is senior Gary Bogan. A Coro- 52" mowwwh PRESSED CLOSELY BY a Monterey opponent. Donell Fuller tries a jump shot from the corner. The fifth-ranked Plainsmen dropped the Reps from first-half consideration. 52-32. GUARD JIMMY TRUITT tries a long set shot against Pampa. The 5'11" senior was a top substitute for the Ftebs, playing a crucial part in many early-season games. BASKETBALL 73 74 BASKETBALL Dribblers finish final half competition 2-7 The Rebel basketball squad started the second round of district play on a winning note against Cap- rock 157-433 but ran into a determined Palo Duro team which scored a 57-52 upset. The Rebs hit a cold streak after Les Cundiff fouled out with two minutes left in the game. Tascosa was upset again Feb. 3, losing a 72-60 shocker to Lubbock High's Westerners, but bounced back against Coronado, scoring an impressive 78-45 win. But crucial losses to Borger 172-633 and Pampa C59-543 dropped Tascosa from consideration for the second-round title, and the Rebels went on to lose to Plainview and Monterey, the first-half co-champs. Plainview's Bulldogs were unable to take clear command until late in third period, but an ice-cold Tascosa attack was a major factor in Plainview's 45-41 win. lVlonterey's district-leading defense proved too strong for the Rebs, and the Lubbock school coasted to a 68-58 triumph. Tascosa closed out a disappointing 1969-70 campaign by losing to Amarillo High, 51-42. IN SECOND ROUND play, senior Les Cundiff shoots a basket to help provide a Rebel victory over the Caprock Longhorns. LES CUNDIFF BATTLES a Caprock rival for the ball under the Longhorn basket. FLYING HIGH OVER opponents from Lubbock Monterey, Donneil Fuller takes hurried aim as teammate Les Cundiff readies for a rebound if the shot fails. SEEMING TO BE surrounded by his opponents, senior roundbalier Jimmy Truitt looks for a team member to receive a pass. I -Q- W WORKING TOWARD THE goal, sophomore Michael Morrow out- maneuvers his opponent as the Junior Varsity team works for an- other victory. BASKETBALL 75 1969-1970 TASCOSA REBELS are fstandingl Coach David Camfield, forwards Steve Walker and Jim Austin, center Les Cundiff, forwards Craig Snook and Doug Henderson, ikneelingl guards Gary Bogan, Jimmy Truitt and forward Donell Fuller. WAITING FOR PASS receivers to break free, sophomore Ross Cheshire holds the ball for the THS Junior Varsity against Pampa. KYLE GARDNER, SENIOR dribbles the ball down court for the Raiders during the Tascosa Pampa game. 76 BASKETBALL wx-W 7 W, , , N, f JV squad stops year with victorious slate Tascosa's Junior Varisty basketballers boasted an improved record in 1970 under first-year Coach Ken- neth Brinkley, who came' to Tascosa from Crockett Ju- nior High. The B-team Raiders finished the 1969-70 campaign with an 10-2 overall record, including impressive wins over Plainview and Lubbock Monterey in the season's final games. In the "B" team division of the City Holi- day Tournament, the cagers won the championship with consecutive victories over Palo Duro, Amarillo High and Caprock. "l'm very pleased with the progress this team has made," Coach Brinkley remarked, "and l've never seen a group of young men with a better attitude. All the boys on this team want to win, but, more importantly, theytre willing to pay the price for victory." Coach Brinkley refused to name a "most outstand- ing" player, saying, "All our players have been out- standing this year," He mentioned sophomore Kent Ladd as the squad's "most improved" player. DRIBBLING DOWN THE court to put the sophomore basketball team on the scoreboard for another victory is sophomore Craig Shulkin. BATTLING FOR A rebound are junior varsity team members Chuck Ryan 1523 and Mark Spradlin 1443. The action occured in the "B" division of the city Holiday Tournament, which the Raiders won. BASKETBALL 77 Individual sports nl -4. 5' 17' O 7 ' I 'FF' W4 QU! f Lx.. Q. O 1 he 12" Aiytf' il' I 1 '12, I Q F' , ? I A ,Q F 1 ig. 3 1 fi, ? 'Fx Junior girls compete for recognition, awards Holding the title of Texas Junior Girls Golf Cham- pion, junior Frances Collins has won a total of 14 trophies, three of which are traveling trophies given to the winner for a year. Last summer Miss Collins repre- sented the Amarillo Country Club at the National Tour- nament. She was in the top eight players of the com- petition in which she lost to the ev e n t u al winner. Miss Collins started playing golf at the age of eleven. She is instructed by Troy Badgett and Jim Heron. Working out six days a week in the West Texas State University gymnasium, junior Odile Zientek has been swimming eight years. Miss Zientek is instructed by Bob Connors of Canyon. During her eight years of competitive swimming, Miss Zientek has won 51 tro- phies. Miss Zientek said, "I usually enter the mile and 400 free competition." Juniors Linda Linn and Kathy Dodgen work out as trampoline experts two or three times a week. Each of the girls have been under the instruction of Nard Cazzell for four years. This year Miss Linn and Miss Dodgen attended fall nationals in Florida where they took top team honors and a number of individual awards. The girls traveled to Houston for the Spring Nationals. FRANCIS COLLINS, DEFENDING state Junior Girl's golf Cham- pion, lines up a putt. The junior defeated 63 other girls in the Dallas State Tournament. Miss Collins was ranked in the top eight contestants in the national competition. I I 1 J. an ' , JUNIOR ODILE ZIENTEK goes through her daily workout in preparation for the mile and 400 free competition. Miss Zientek is the holder of 51 tro- phies in various swimming performances. JUNIORS KATHY DODGEN and Linda Linn practice trampolining after school to prepare themselves for the winter nationals in Florida. Under the instruction of Nard Cazzell, the trampolinists work out an hour a day before contests. INDIVIDUAL SPORTS 79 SEASON RECORD ATEAIVI BTEAIVI THS Opp. THS Opp. 3611 Amarillo 48 0 41 8 Palo Duro 46 6 19 22 Caprock 36 21 28 11 Boys' Ranch 32 10 40 5 Amarillo 4017 27 19 Boys' Ranch 36 13 2219 Caprock 40 5 40 5 Palo Duro 53 5 A PALO DURO wrestler tries to escape being pinned by junior Randy Roberts. TI-IS tied for first place in the city race. GRAPPLER CHARLES WALLER cautiously eyes his Palo Duro rival at the start of a match, trying for position before a take-down. 80 INDIVIDUAL SPORTS Grapplers win three of four before holidays Returning 21 lettermen from 1969's co-city cham- pions, the 1970 Rebel wrestling squad appeared ready to challenge for the title again. ln a pre-season appraisal, Coach James Kile was optimistic. 'tWe have a lot of growing up to do, but we should have a strong team," he said. "The competition is strong, but we're not conceding anything to any- body. We'll be in the thick of it." By the Christmas vacation, Tascosa grapplers seemed well on the way to matching the previous year's success, winning three of four matches by con- vincing scores. The first dual meet, against Amarillo High Nov. 25, saw THS post a 36-11 win in the "A" division, while the B-team shut out the Sandies 48-0. B-team grapplers won every match with Amarillo, and varsity wrestlers won 9 of 12 matches. The Rebs lost a dual match to Caprock Dec. 6, but bounced back Dec. 12 with victories over Boys Ranch, 28-11 QA-teaml and 32-10 QB-teamj, in the final match before Christmas. Ten of twelve B-wrestlers won their matches. Earlier in the sc h e d u I e, THS coasted to 46-6 QA-teaml and 41-8 QB-teamj wins over the Palo Duro Dons. "A TEAM GRAPPLER Jeff Sheldon tries to escape the hold of an Amarillo Sandie. The 100-pound matman beat his opponent. B TEAM WRESTLERS are lstandingj John Dryden David Bowers Mark Owen, Mark Camp, Rex Hoving, Harry Reed, Mike Cates James Hegedus Richard Brown Tom Tigert Robert Rosser lkneelingl Ron Barber, Mike lVlcGee, Steve Denson, Dan Ktllough Mike Messer Lou Watson Galen Johnson Terry lvlolyneaux Glen Griffin and Charles Waller. INDIVlDUAL SPORTS 81 Varsity grapplers tie Caprock for city title Rebel grapplers returned from Christmas vacation in winning form, opening their post-holiday schedule with a solid victory over Amarillo High in an exciting series of matches. Tascosa d efe ate d the Sandies handily, taking the "A" division 43-5 and the "B" divi- sion 40-17. Traditional rival Boys Ranch hosted the Rebs Jan. 21, and Tascosa handed the Ranchers their first defeat of the season by scores of 27-19 f"A" teaml and 36-13 UB" teamy. The Rebels took a long step towards city honors by defeating Caprock Jan. 24, avenging a Cap- rock win over Tascosa earlier in the year. "A" team wrestlers gained a hard fought 22-19 victory, while the "B" team won easily, 40-5. The victory over Caprock gave the "A" team a tie for the round-robin championship with the Longhorns, while the "B" division title outright. ln the post-season City Tournament, Tascosa led with 81 pointsg Caprock was second with 74. Twenty-four wrestling Rebels placed among the top four in their divisions. KEEPING A TIGHT grip on his Caprock foe, Charles Waller keeps the advantage as the referee signals the end of the City Tourna- ment match. Waller won a close decision. MIKE 0'BRIAN STRAINS to force the shoulders of his Boys Ranch opponent to the mat Tas cosa matmen beat the Ranchers in a pair of duel matches in December and January 82 INDIVIDUAL SPORTS A dl! K Ht O X. ,wig ixx Q ff 3 5 ..v' 4 ' J '-' 1 .K I ll X 4. V' J -v 1 3"2'3m X? 1969 VARSITY GOLFERS are lstandingj Alan Wil- liams, Scott Stevens, Jim Lewis, Donny Henderson, Ken Douglass, William Deane, lkneelingl George Rogowski, Chuck Schattgen, Brad Carver and Ken- neth Bailey. SENIOR BRAD CARVER practices an iron shot during an after-school practice session at Ross Rodgers Municipal Golf Course. Long hours of individual and team practice ready the Districtls golf squads for competitive play in the spring. DONNY HENDERSON, SENIOR letterman, tries a wood shot in the rough. The annual City Tourna- ment, the fall season's only competitive meet, was eliminated by bad weather. 84 INDIVIDUAL SPORTS 1 WM5 ? Netters take all-city, weather delays golf Tascosa's 1969 golf team performed impressively in pre-season drills, but the fall schedule's only com- petition against other schools, the annual City Tourna- ment, was cancelled because of bad weather. Originally scheduled for the first week of December, the city meet was held in the spring. Coach Ken Hicks was disappointed over the delay, but hopeful over his team's prospects. "We're expect- ing a lot from this year's seniors, if all goes well, we have a good chance of winning the district title." Tascosa's tennis team coached by Jerry Foster captured the annual city tournament with a total of 90 points. Red and Black netters have taken the title the two previous years Foster has been coach. Dixie fell to El Paso Irving 10-8 in the season's first match. The Rebels lost to Amarillo College and tied the Coronado Mustangs, but were victorious in all other matches. SENIORS LESLIE HOWARD and Bridgy Cox score points for the Rebs during the annual City Tennis Tournament. TENNIS TEAM MEMBERS are lfront rowi Mike Levick, Clay Tarpley, Andy Price, Linda Barnett, Paula Higgins, Melinda Arch- er, Brad Wilson, Randy Conrad, Isecond rowl Lisa Hobson, Linda Duke, Sharon Wickham, Tacy Pottorff, Debby McMurry, Barbara Hudson, Sandra Vroom, Robin Cramer, Beckie Price, Louise Quacken- bush, ltop rowi Larry Peek, Winn Carter, Craig Eubank, Gene Lard, Leslie Howard, Robert Richey, Elaine Duke, Don Cox, Sandra Chastain, Bridgy Cox, Lynn Staggs and Coach Jerry Foster. INDIVIDUAL SPORTS 85 SOPHOMORE DAVID SMILEY and Mike Lightfoot head for the showers at the end of their physical education period. JAN BLUE, SOPHOMORE, participates in exercises dur- ing Billye Gray's second period physical education. 86 INDIVIDUAL SPORTS Coed gymnasts emphasize individual sports Physical Education classes at Tascosa provided fun and fitness for 1,200 boys and girls. "We tried to give more time this year to individual events like bowling, bait-casting and even horseshoes -sports that a man can participate in all his life," said boys' gym instructor James Kile. Heavy emphasis was placed on the thrice-yearly Physical Fitness Tests, with a large percentage of those tested qualifying for Presidential merit badges. According to Nancy Deason, girls' physical educa- tion teacher, approximately 650 girls are enrolled in Tascosa gym classes. Girls get a chance to participate in tennis, bad- minton, archery, modern dancing, bowling, first aid, gymnastics, volleyball, golf, speedway, calisthenics and basketball. A Following each activity in gym classes intramurals are held for all girls to enter. Sixth period is the time for beginning swimming class, under the instruction of Miss Deason. Each se- mester, a new class is begun at the Amarillo community Center for girls who cannot swim. BOYS OF TASCOSA'S physical education classes take aim against the girls in a dual archery meet. The females won by a landslide. BOYS IN COACH James Kile's first-period gym class start the class period by doing calisthenics. The boys learn skills and co- ordination for individual sports, a part of physical education. INDIVIDUAL SPORTS 87 K! K J Organizations Council Christmas drive includes Girlstown After announcements every Wednesday, the 100 Student Council members made their way to the film room to attend the Student Council meeting. Traveling out-of-town for summer conferences were 16 Rebels to Texas Tech for summer workshop, where junior Don Guthrie was selected as outstanding workshopper. Debbie Davis also attended the National Student C o u n c i I Leadership Conference at Camp Cheley, Colorado. November 22 was the date of the District Student Council Convention. Kathy Hill, district secretary, was in charge ofthe convention. Boys' Ranch seniors were invited to the first Boys' Ranch banquet as the annual Christmas drive for Boys' Ranch was changed to build up the needful fund for Girlstown. Officers for the 1969-70 year were Martin Nuss- baum, presidentg Randy House, vice president, Debbie Davis, recording secretary, Charlotte Powell, corre- sponding secretaryg Kathy Hill, historian and Don Guth- rie, parliamentarian. PAPER CUTTING PARTIES were hosted by the Crystal Ball com- mittee members this year. This was done in order to save money for decorating the commons for the Crystal Ball. Junior Kathy Hill demonstrates this technique. W5 .... Wlhuiu W VOTING DELEGATES PAM House, Debbie Davis, Kathy Hill and Rick Johnson held a caucus to decide who to vote for at the Student Council District Convention held on Nov. 22 at Tascosa. 90 ORGANIZATIONS PRACTICING FOR THE Powder Puff foot- ball game are Shirley Thornburg, Jenny Smith, Carolyn Dyson, and Linda Phillips. MARTIN NUSSBAUM, PRESIDENT of Student Council presides over the meetings held on Wednesday. in the film room. A person was chosen out of each homeroom to represent his class. SHOWN HELPING HER homeroom to get ahead in the Girls Town drive is Lynette Box. Key chains were sold for this cause. Pur- chasing a key chain is Mrs. Dolly Lynch, a substitute teacher. ORGANIZATIONS 91 ANOTHER WAY OF arousing Rebel spirit at football games is by plastering "Go Rebs" on the end zone, high enough for the players to see. This job went to the Wranglers who also painted cars for in-town games. Wranglers paint cars to raise Rebel spirit Heading the Key Club this year was Kim lVlclVlor- ries, president and Larry Hungate as sponsor. Key Clubbers participated in several service pro- grams such as the muscular dystrophy drive, distribut- ing American flags on Veterans Day and promoting spirit for the football games by selling Rebel flags and painting cars. The concession stand at all THS home basketball games was manned by club members. On November 10 the Key Club presented a pro- gram on drugs in coordination with the Amarillo Police Department. Other officers besides lvlclvlorries were Barry Shul- kin, vice presldentg Don Guthrie, secretary, Corky Hague, treasurer and Kent Roberts, chaplain. 92 ORGANIZATIONS KEY CLUB MEMBERS Don Guthrie, Stephen Haynes and Tom Baker ring Tascosa's victory bell during a football game. Tascosa's Wrang- lers are made up of members of the Key Club. They sell Rebel flags in order to boost the spirit at games and pep rallies. 1 1 . X t 2 'ss-'N N45 WRANGLERS HOLD THE Rebel flag high as they lead the round- ballers into the auditorium for the first pep-rally of the 1969-70 season. Wranglers boosted spirit by ringing the now-lost bell. BASKETBALL FANS BUY popcorn and soft drinks from Norman Wright. This year Key Clubbers ran the concession stands for the basketball games. Proceeds go for civic and school betterment. 1 1 S - ,. 5 Q fs for 3 R X :..- .ses M ii S l x .E REBEL WRANGLERS AWAIT a touchdown at the football game. After each touchdown they ring the victory bell. ORGANIZATIONS 93 Future Teacher club chooses Muir, Jones Future Teachers of America Club is active in pro- moting education. Jay Jones, and Ronda Muir were chosen to represent Tascosa at the district Mr. and Miss FTA contest. Jones eventually won the state title, and Miss Muir was runner-up. Speakers on primary and secondary education and on education of the mentally retarded were just a part of the monthly agenda. Se rved by president, Cathy Mask and sponsors Kathy Winburn and Rosalyn Wolfe, the club participates in teaching during the spring semester. The members also select a teacher of the month and prepare food for the teachers on records day. MR. AND MISS FTA, Ronda Muir and Jay Jones, are preparing their speeches for the state contest, where they competed for the state Mr. and Miss FTA. The contest was held Feb. 9-13. l V , A - ..gW ..iSQ.gW L. gxgllwllyj ,,t.. slew .. ,..,. gg? My ,.LL Mi... K sa...-. , A-.f stit gif. Wai.. .ik k . .. , , .. . .. .t ..- A .F-,V--ss.. A., A , . air . ,jig K , ,V-fy!! fi' ff' pw 'tiff Wa! f ft W4 W, It 24 ,,,, fa mi " , JANIE EDDINS AND Corinne Irwin are looking at the scrap- book that won a first division rating ribbon in the state contest. At the FTA convention, Tascosa was in charge of the scrap- book session. LUANN MATHESON, AN active member in FTA, addresses Christmas cards to all of the Tascosa faculty. A teacher of the month, each month, is chosen by the group. 94 ORGANIZATIONS m iw- M-wr' . -,, wwf. 4 A , A JUNIOR PATRICIA BRAUDTMAN, Youth Council member, helps plan teen juries at the Sands Motel Feb. 8. The teens serve as juries for traffic violation cases. YOUTH COUNCILS FROM all high schools in the city met on Polk Street to clean it up for the Soap Box Derby July 27. City's Youth Council sets up teenage jury Tascosa's Youth Council became active again this year with the initiation of six new officers during the first part of October. The officers are Holly Wilson, presidentg Patty Early, vice president in charge of public relationsg Browning Lloyd, vice president for leadershipg Ronda Muir, secretary-treasurerg and Sandy Hinchey, United Press Awards and Records. During the year, the chapter worked on many projects for the city of Amarillo and for its youth, A "teen-jury" was set up in which high school students acted as jury for youths that had committed traffic violations. ORGANIZATIONS 95 Rebel bowlers enter state tourney in June Bowling every Thursday night for two hours were the Rebel Rollers. Coach Howe Brown helped the boys achieve the high averages that they had. Amarillo High and Tascosa played together as a team this year. Officers for the team were Alan Green, presidentg Roger Robinson, vice president, and Linda Foust, secretary. The bowlers set averages from their scores and competed with each other to determine the best bowler on the team. David Doherty was the team champion. Tournaments for the year were during the Thanks- giving and Christmas holidays and in early February. The state tournament will be held in June at Austin. MARK BAKER, JUNIOR, releases his bowling ball in an attempt to 'strikef bowling terminology for knowcking down all ten pins. JEFF MAGER, A member of the Rolling Rebels, looks at bowling balls for sale at the Amarillo Bowl. 96 ORGANIZATIONS fr PLANNING THE AGENDA for the next Y-Teen meeting are Sharon Wickham. Christine Barham. and Sandi Barber. Miss Barham served as president this year. the others were active members. JUNIORS PATTY PATTERSON and Mary Margaret Scivally make rings from telephone wire. This was a money-raising project. Y-Teens sell jewelry, make rings from wire Officiating at the Y-Teen meetings on alternate Tuesday nights were Christine Barham, president, Sar- ah Terrill, first secretary and Mary-Margaret Scivally, second secretary. Fund raising projects of the Y-Teens, this year in- cluded jewelry making-rings from telephone wire. Cookies for teachers during off periods also were made possible by this group. Sponsors for the 1970 girls were Mrs. Beverly Mil- ligan and Mrs. LuNette Evetts. These teachers made it possible for the group to be school sponsored. Several times during the year all of the Y-Teens in the city met at the YWCA for parties and inter-club Council meetings. ORGANIZATIONS 97 Rebel girls provide breakfast for players Boosting the athletics at Tascosa this year were the members of Rebel Spirits. Chairmen included Susie Starks, Debbie Davis, Debbie Collins, Valerie Sasser and Carolyn Dyson. Methods the girls used to encourage spirit for the athletes were making posters, locker favors for each player, yard favors, giving pep rally skits and favors for the players. Before the play-offs the girls enter- tained the boys at a breakfast. Sponsor of this spirited group was Nancy Deason, physical education teacher. Supporters of the wrestling team were the girls in Wrestling Spirits. This group, guided by Mrs. Jane Moore, English teacher, also made signs and favors for each of the matches. "PAINTING SIGNS IS lots of fun!", remarks Kathy Dodgen tabove rightl, president of the Wrestling Spirits. The petite blonde spends her time after school painting spirit signs, SUSIE STARKS, CHAIRMAN of basketball spirits frightl, attaches a favor to a player's locker. Co-chairman is Debbie Davis. REBEL SPIRITS BRENDA Duncan, Jan Gentry, Kathy Dodgen, Suedell Holloway and Becky Eastland fbelowi put on a skit dur- ing a pep rally. Rebel Spirits boost the teams spirit for football games and make pastries for the boys. 98 ORGANIZATIONS Rebels win rodeo, proceeds go to Girlstown wwf-5 Y ,A -I 5,0 .. gvizl-,, If 3 m.. Calf roping, bulldogging and bronc riding were some of the events entered by Tascosa Rodeo Club members at the Tascosa-sponsored rodeo on Nov. 21 and 22 inthe Fair Park Coliseum. Receiving all-around cowboy, Jerry Light, along with Tom Stout, and Randy Jeffers helped Tascosa win the rodeo with a total of 53 points. Helping to get this year's club under way was the sponsor Mrs. Darleen Russell. Officers for the year were Tom Stout, president, Randy Jeffers, vice presi- dent, Donny McElroy, secretary and as co-treasurers, Jerry Light and Walter Cramer. Projects for the year were raising money for Girls- town and sponsoring a dance. Twenty five club mem- bers attended a drug seminar in October, and used in- formation g a i n ed to conduct similar conferences throughout Amarillo and the Panhandle. OUT OF CHUTE number two comes Kelly Hutchins as he rides his bull "Sandstorm." This was the scene at Tascosa's rodeo. RACING TO THE finish is sophomore Debbie Jones. Barrel racing and pole bending are the events which girls in the Rodeo Club participate in. The object in barrel racing is to see which girl has the best time and has not made any faults. ORGANIZATIONS 99 National Honor Society drafts new members New members were initiated into the National Honor Society on Feb. 16. Sixty seniors and sixty-one juniors joined the 45 members from last year to make up the 1970 membership. Students selected to membership must have a 90 or above scholastic average. They also must be of good character, serve their school and exhibit leader- ship as well as scholarship. Martin Nussbaum served the group as president. Melissa Musick was vice president. Becky Powell was secretary and Kim McMorries, historian. Sponsors for the society were Mrs. Judy Hath- cock and Mrs. Carol Clark. Four t r a n sf e r students were included in NHS. Marianne Bandy Sandi Barber Darla Bassett Martha Bassett Ftobert Bauman Nina Bay Judy Bentley Kayla Bigham Thomas Birmingham 2 ' ' Kim Black Vicki Blackburn H Ann Bland 4 0 ? Martha Bland 4 Michael Brands ig J Roma Burns 9 Jane Burruss Lane Burtz Paddi Butler .gg 'K , . T' lrl 1 Janet Cammack Jan Campbell ' Valorie Canney I Janis Cazzell AI Clark Sandra Clark Scott Cornwell L Susan Cosper Patti Daniel f Debbie Davis Bill Dodgin Ken Douglas Linda Duke Diane Duncan Bill Dyer Carolyn Dyson Janie Eddins Billie Engle Flosemartha Erdman Vance Esler Flon Eubanks Susan Fangio Jana Farwell David Garlin Terri Gholston Bill Godfrey Sherry Guinn Mrs, Carol Clark, "'f 'i" ' Sponsor Mrs. Judy Hathcock, Sponsor Jan Albertson Fluth Anderson Clarence Annett Chester Archer Carolyn Autry Chuck Babb Denise Baer Karen L. Bailey Aff. , j 5442 'K .W W: 1 'F i 7 f f wr fwempwzeye fe W f ,l' 'Q yi 9' 3 . . I VtLl'..i.!?V .,. EW W X. 4 V Z Q . g. l 1 . , .y. . My Y , 4 SW 2 W r 4, I ...., , . R. Y We f' !t,, a f,,1 fa 4, fav r fm. Q1 H Ze t 1 ,gag 2 . Hs.,,.lQm4aww .,.. , Eine Z Qt 'G Q y- . Tv Q U-- A 135 'f S 'fx ., 'QT - - ai the f w v 3k Agfiiiiil Don Guthrie Niki Hazlewood Gayle Henslee Roger Herring Mary Hervey Michelle Hester Mary Hill Paula Higgins Eris Holland Judy Hollingsworth David Hopson Pam House Randy House Les Howard Wanda Hudgins Barbara Hudson Greg Hutson Corinne lrwin 100 ORGANIZATIONS M . 4 if ma C N x ff- Q N ", , N., ,. x Va as .. vi f -v Q f A N 'ts Q . Qt YES' 'E .. - . ' M Ei-avtld. . i , ? ' 1 X kiir S s all " me 7-nw LA y 4 ,. , i 1 H it 1 , f if f . ,. Keith lrwin Randy Jeffers Judy Jenkins Roliand Jenkins Haise Johnson Rick Johnson Debbie Jones Jay Jorden Dow Kee David Kelly Linda Koopman Nancy Lemke Malinda Lyles Susan Love Troy Limbaugh Luann Matheson Ken Mernitz Marilyn Mize Melissa Mok Emily Montgomery Linda Morris Miller Morris Darla Morton Rhonda Muir Debbie Munn Melissa Musick Kim Muthersbough Sharon McCarty Kim McMorries Mike McPheren Cay Nash Sherry Nelson Martin Nussbaum Pam Owen Ruth Packard Rhonda Perkins Richard Perry Patty Pinkston Catherine Pitsch Katherine Poindexter Brenda Porter Becky Powell Jeri Pray Becky Price Charles Puckett Louise Quackenbush Kathy Reed Gay Roach Kent Roberts Floyd Robertson Gail Robertson Robert Roth Clifford Rucker Valerie Sasser Debbie Saunders Mary Scivally Janice Scoggins Keith Self Marshalette Sharp Barry Shulkin Debbie Sittel Debbie Smith Linda Smith Craig Snook Karen Soloman Susan Spring Lynn Staggs Polly Stevenson Hanne Sundby Greg Swisher Clay Tarpley James Tate Kathy Teague Peggy Terwilliger Jimmy Truitt Steward Urbach Sandy Vroom Kathy Wattenburger Neil Whitaker Sharon Wickham Cathy Wilhite Brad Wilson Jennifer Wilson Gayle Wingate Gay Wingfield Kay Wingfield Shannon Wood Norman Wright Odile Zeintek Rhonda Zumwalt ORGANIZATIONS 101 lVlacPherson inducts NROTC at assembly Sounds of blue-jacketed Navy cadets drilling on Tascosa Baptist Church parking lot have become ordinary sounds this year as the Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps came to the THS curriculum. The course was taught by Lt. Cmdr. Charles R. Leonard and En. C. Richard O. Styve, both USN fRet.J. The new NROTC unit was formally commissioned by Rear Adm. R. A. lVlacPherson Dec. 3. NROTC is open to any person 14 years or older and a full-time student at THS with the exception of girls. The Naval Science course teaches students Navy orientation and also helps them to become better leaders, develop better teamwork habits along with respecting their country. During the year, basic Naval orientation is taught along with Naval customs and tradition. PRACTICING WITH ARMS for the drill team are Erwin Geoffrey, Edwin Evans and lvlark Mitchell. Part of ROTC is care of guns. MIKE BRANDS, PHIL Tuttle and Gary Campbell are being in- spected by Cmdr. Charles Leonard and Chief Richard Styve. 102 ORGANIZATIONS .xl ORCHESTRA CLINIC WAS held Jan. 21-22 by guest conductor Wayne Muller of Oklahoma State University. The Clinic gave the orchestra students practice for the state convention. THS Orchestra goes to Dallas for concert Selected the 1970 honor orchestra by the Texas Music Teachers Association, the Rebel Orchestra trav- eled to Dallas in February for a concert appearance at the associations convention. As a result of this honor, the orchestra was invi- ted to present concerts at Abilene, Midland and South- ern Methodist University in Dallas en route to the con- vention. The trip was financed by contributions, a chili supper and wrapping paper and foil sales. November 20, the orchestra queen, Susan Fangio, was presented in a special choir and orchestra con- cert. Orchestra members selected for all-state were Maurice Hood, violag Diane Moore, harp, Ruth Ann Packard, violag Marc Satterwhite, string bass and John Wheeler, clarinet. Karen Smith served as Concert Mis- tress. DIRECTOR BILL PORTER gives Mary Scivally advice before the orchestra performs a number. Miss Scivally plays the clarinet. ORGANIZATIONS 103 Orchestra members chosen as Texas Music 35"-,Q gy g"""-Q-F ORCHESTRA MEMBERS ARE, lviollnsj Sandi Barber, Joanna Burkett, Al Clark, Marshi Clark, Richard Cole, Patricia Dillon, Susan Fangio, Corinna Giddens. Jean Gray, Cathy Henson, Ann Hill, Phillip Hortenstine, Leslie Howell, Edwin Kingdom, Barbara Gish, Monte Kunkel, Don McCal, Jo McGregor, Kay Polk, Gay Roach, Ann Ross, Susan Shapiro, Noel Sloan, Karen Smith, Kathryn Snider, Debbie Taylor, Doris Wossum, tviolasl Anne Gaut, Maurice Hood, Ruth Ann Packard, Lynn Rigler, Bill Steel, Priscilla Carver, fcellol Karen Backam, Sarah Holloway, Scott Laxson, Paula Packard, Trumel McElroy, Elaine Palvadore, Mary K E 'JY' .ai 'vii pn n', an ,xv vo ' T 1-:fa we ,po .-W- Ginn' '1 1 v 'g. dl I jk i, Rin 5' Rebel Band marches top rating in contest 'tMalaguena" and a lot of precision marching vvon back the marching first division prize for this yearls Rebel Band. The University lnterscholastic League Contest was held in November at Canyon. Kim McMorries and Melinda Brittain were this year's drum majors. Head twirler was Gail Scott. Other twirlers included Debbie Perdue, Kaye Altsman, Janet Davidson, Judith Kolander and Nancy Perdue. Serving as officers were Bob Lee, Presidentg Vance McSwain, vice president, Debbie Perdue, secretary, Rita Campbell, treasurer and Clifford Rucker, uniform manager. MEMBERS OF THE Rebel Band are ffront rowl John Wheeler, Brenda Peterson, Bill Godfrey, Sherry Simms, Rosemary Adlong Stephen Vaughan, Danny McCracken, Larry Chapman, Bob Kilmer, Paul Standley, Randall Watson, David Daniel, Kelly Forkner, Sandy Clark, Kim Kiihn, Sandy Sides, Debbie Smith, Anne Ash worth, Brenda Porter, isecond rowl Nancy Perdue, Judith Ko 106 ORGANIZATIONS lander, Gail Scott, Debbie Perdue, Kaye Altsman, Melinda Brittain, Kim McMorrles, fthird rowl Gary Ferguson, Bobby McFather, Barry Schulkin, Sue Brooks, Mary Scivally, Kay Haily, Deonna Cox, Debra Bradford, Robert Kindred, Charles Davis, David Hopson, Marilyn Denton, Kathy Reed, Debbie Pfeil, Sharon O'Tanger, Fran- cis Collins, Clarence Annett, Richard Perry, Bill Dyer, ffourth rowl TASCOSA REBEL BAND entertained during halftime at every football game after hours of practice to perfect the performances. Cory Giddens, Tony Fiore, Ricky Wilcox, Mark Hassinger, Gary Bone, Brent Burfield, Ricky -Summer, Steve Harper, Paul Sewell, Jim Burkhalter, Ken Mernitz, Woody Bruner, Buddy Beene, Gaylon Rankin, Susan Love, Ray Mack. Vance McSwain. Don Royal. Jim Nelson, Homer Robbins, lfifth rowl Bob Lee. Tony Clark. Mark Pligler, Joe Moorehead, Kim Campbell, Jim Ward, Kent Parge, Daryl Litton, Rita Campbell. Vonnie Bural, Cathy Mask, Pam Owen, Doug Bird. Clifford Rucker. Mike Hamlin. Billy Braudt, Ruth An- derson. Mary Hervey. Jan Henslee and Janice Eddins. ORGANIZATIONS 107 Stage band wins two rating at Canyon contest ln addition to the large band and orchestra orga- nizations the Tascosa instrumental music department includes the stage band and the Raider Band. Members of the stage band, chosen by Bill Porter, participated in contests in Canyon this year. Music selections of the band are jazz and popular music. Again this year band students from both organiza- tions marched in the Tri-State Fair parade. Some in- strumentalists entered solo and other ensemble con- tests at both Enid and Canyon. Marching contests at Canyon in early November rated the Rebel band a first division. This year at Tascosa there were two band student teachers. They are David Hines and Wayne Baucam. On the agenda for the Honor Orchestra was a tour to Dallas Feb. 10. This was for the Texas Music Educators Association convention. The top-ranked orchestra in Texas is tentatively planning a trip to Eu- rope this summer. MEMBERS OF STAGE Band are tfront rowl Jim Nelson, Bill Braudt, Francis Col lins, Bill Dyer, Bobbi McFather, Homer Robbins, tsecond rowl Marc Satterwhite Joe Morehead, Kim Campbell, Mark Rig- ler, Bob Lee, tthird rowl Kelly Forkner, Doug Stewart, Mark Hassinger, Bob Kill- mer, Vance McSwain, Paul Sewell and Kenny Mernitz. January 31 the stage band went to UIL stage band contest and made a second division. BILL PORTER, DIRECTS the Rebel band daily as they practice during sixth period. Again this year, the band traveled to Enid for a contest. 108 ORGANIZATIONS HA..'ON ff W- 1,11-3lr,l,llNl SEASON'S GREETING WERE extended by 'Santa Pot, tBill Porterl, director of Tascosa's band and orchestra as members of the band decorated the bandroom to provide holiday spirit. Porter is nick- named 'Bo Pot' by the members ofthe band and orchestra. MEMBERS OF THE Raider Band are tfront rowj director Wayne White, Debra Kunkel, Belinda Spear, Barbara Payne, Gloria Gibson, Debbie Kraus, Vicki Harper, Shelley Myers, Mark Few, Don Willis, Wayne Bryant, Diana Foulk, Jerry Lane, Kirk Dunham, Janet Mayo, Cindy Fry, Deanie Wedgeworth, Dana Moore, Joan Roksandich, Ruth Wherry, Stacy Mays, tdrum majorb Kenny Roberts, tassistant drum majorl Johnny Edwards, tsecond rowj J. C. Sowers, Karen Demers, Shirley Davidson, Becky Bishop, Vicki Pruitt, Kim Zins- meyer, Dorinda Newton, LuAnn Jones, Don Washburn, ttwirlerl Janet Davidson, Stephi McMorries, David Jackson, Kathy McLane, Mike Roach, Anna Hays, Cindy Lester, Donna Kennedy, and Shan- na Mobley, tthird rowl Dianne Hamlin, Roger Rucker, Mike Moor- head, Mike Miller, Jim Siman, Ricky Rowell, Doug Stewart, Weslie Robbins, Weldon Taylor, Mark Stiff, Jay Elliot, Eldon Anderson, Mark Garlin, Paul Huff, Jim McKee, Robert Fowler, Andy Mager, and Belinda Peterson, tfourth rowl Steve Synck, Steve Thompson, Steve Walters, Mark Smith, Mike Monroe, Mark Probst, Karen Swis- her, Mike lsley, Randy Sharp, Dennis Snellgrove, Marc Satterwhite, Robert Carr, Dewey Franks, Suzy Gallarneau, Stacy Stutzman, Charles Phillips, David York, Thelma Pennington, Kay Brownlee and Becky Parr. JOHN WHEELER, STUDENT conductor, is in charge of the basketball band. The group entertains at home games and plays the National Anthem. ORGANIZATIONS 109 N? as mr 'a ' WMWW ,WMM WMM LES CHANTEURS SINGERS are tfirst rowl Steve Horrell, Kelly Forkner, Paul Fredrickson, Steve Garre, Leslie Garrett, Steve Meek, Jeff Sheldon, Randy Christian, David Keller, Lewis Kennedy, Jim- my Woodman, Steve Geiger, tsecond rowl Melanie Blumer, Diane Morre, Darla Bassett, Carolyn Carlsson, Kathy McNeil, Jana Far- well, Pam Owens, Linda Pope, Patty Daniel, Brenda Porter, Debbie Jones, Chris Wallace, Leah Newman, Rita Van Doren, Marilyn Martin, Cthird rowl Philip Tuttle, Tara Lowenstern, Connie Mercer, Melessia Musick, Shonnie Grahm, Linda Haynes, Rhonda Sutton, Penny Morton, Linda Morris, Sydney Sattertield, Sheila O'Keefe, Sheery Guinn, Beverly Beeson, Joyce Chandler, Roxann Monroe, Sharon Cummings, Amy Howard, Debbie Merritt, Marilyn Miracle, Corinne Irwin, Valerie McCarthy, director Frank Frisbie, ffourth rowl Ronnie Barber, Kathy Wattenburger, Valorie Sasser, Carolyn Dyson, Debby Cothern, Mellissa Parker, Cathy Thut, Vona Deaver, Anne Ashworth, Virginia Walters, Janet Cammack, Sherri Sullivan, Pebble Hill, Sandy St. John, Elaine Sparks, Karen Price, Michele Gwinn, Cheryl Vernon, Margaret Orlds, Becky Stockdale, Mark Owens,tfifth rowl George Lutz, Jackie Anderson, Billy Braudt, Phillip Smith, David Koontz, Shirly Sneed, Karen Lowry, Jan Bruton, Cindy Bragg, Roberta Dowell, Linda Adams, Janice Scrog- gins, Linda Lampe, Kevin Crowell, Randy Richardson, Gerry Hol- linger, Jerry Lewis, Mark Camp, isixth rowl Jon Hackler, Johnny Parker, Dennis Bashioum, Paul Standley, Stan Stockton, Randy Newby, David Garrett, Jon Vanderwilt, Dayle Tipton, Rusty Seedig, Mark Baker, Tim Jenkins, Brian Calhoun, Tim Coley and Robert Pilkington. MEMBERS OF THE Rebelettes are lfront rowj Pat Pickard, Susie Melinger, P. K. Pfister, lsecond rowl Larraine Quinn, Jenny Smith, Denise Miller, Mary Riddlespurger, tthird rowl Anne Gaut, Jan Campbell, LuAnn Jones, Barbara Reese and Connie lmel. 110 ORGANIZATIONS 11' Wi Frisbie in initial year as director of choirs Hold that note! . . .Come on altosl. . .was heard during the year as 109 junior and senior members of Les Chanteurs rehearsed under the direction of Frank Frisbie, new to Tascosa this year. Girls in black brocade evening dresses and boys wearing red blazers sang "The Hallelujah Chorus" and 'tin God We Trustl' as a few of the outstanding per- formances throughout the year, During the Christmas season the Les Chanteurs joined with the choirs from the other high schools in Amarillo for the first time to perform a Christmas Choral Festival. SHOWING THE BLACK brocade choir dresses are sophomores Suzy Spencer and Melinda Duncan. Boys wear red blazers. MEMBERS OF THE fifth period Girls Glee Club are tfront rowj Sherri Talley, Patricia Braboy, Floxanne Campbell, Jan Bremer, Robin Borger, Brenda Woodard, Sandi Hicks, tsecond rowj Jan Henderson, Carole Cosmic. Georgena Womack, Diann Phillips, Gay Howard. Becky Hawkins, Sharon Wickham, Brenda Duncan, Me- linda Duncan, Nancy Palmer, jthird rowj Susanne Brown. Marihelen Ewing. Moira Blackburn. Deidre Stricklin, Debbie Abrahamson. Brenda Clark, Caroline Sittel, Gayle Kidwell, Kim Peres, Leigh Leard, tfourth rowi Annette Korelc, Lolie Day, Nina Halford, Step- hanie Fiedd, Cheryle Fiudd, Cherry Balfour, Ruth McCormick, Denise Adkins, Suzan Gilles, tfifth rowj Ftegie Thykeson, Paige Johnson. Suzy Spencer. Mary Richardson, Patti Collier. Deniece Gidden. Debbie Barnes, Melody Stockton, Nancy Emmett. and Gloria Gibson. ORGANIZATIONS ill THS Girls Glee Club stages city programs GirI's Glee Club is composed ot 150 girls in black brocade dresses. Presenting numerous programs with the other two choirs is the 41-member Menls Glee Club. Competing for honors, the choirs travel to Tri- State Music Festival in Enid, Oklahoma. They also participate in the regional contest in Amarillo. The choirs sing under the direction of Frank Frisbie. MR. WAYNE WHITE directs his first period girl's choir. He is also the band director for the sophomore band. MEMBERS OF THE first period Girls Glee Club are ffront rowi Co- lette Casper, Debbie Schuler, Becky Murphy, Anne Gaut, Lora Mar- tin, Linda Foster, Nancy Saddoris, Allison Murff, Becky Beyman, Karla Kenyon, tsecond rowj Kris Ochsner, Terri Myers, Sheri Wheir, Janice Flichmond, Marcia Wilson, Karen Solomon, Vicki Summers, Peggy Wade, Karen Myers, Ninon Petit, Wanda Bell, Marla McGill, ithird rowi Susan Smith, Marla Rupp, Jan Campbell, Gail Watkins, Connie lmel, Barbara Erwin, Lea France, Stephanie Grant. Judy 112 ORGANIZATIONS Parker, Dana Moore, Debbie Brock, Diane Guthrie ffourth rowl Larraine Quinn, Barbara Sampson, Kim Kohler, Robin Cramer, Cindy Carter, Debbie Deaton, Toni Howard, Lily Harwell, Suzanne Pickard, Debbie Smith, Susan McNew, ftifth rowi Cindy Turner, Marla Burtz, Pat Baker, Cathy Warnick, Pat Pickard, Lou Ann Jones, Paula Pat- ton, Cindy Hamilton, Debbie Truman, Beverly Alred, and Sharon Yock, SIXTH PERIOD GIRLS Glee Club mem- bers are lfront rowl Linda Beesley, Linda Burgess, Emily Elton, Hazel Milton, Holly Vernon, Susan Stewart, Debbie Halberg, isecond rowl Cathy Jackson, Rhonda Zum- walt, Mary Riddlespurger, Jan Lassiter, Cindy Landers, P. K. Pfister, Barbara Reese, Martha Bland, lthird rowl Linda Beck, Patty Tucker, Valerie Sparks, Tera Tuttle, Karen Wallace, Denise Miller, Gail McClellan, ifourth rowl Jenelle Woodward, Gail Al- lison, Patsy Rudd, Patricia Blades, Susie Melinger, Diane Deaver, Janice Tarpley, Lynn Morris, Kathy Alsobrook, ififth rowl Leslie Nelson, Debbie Burg, Renee Hager. Jenny Smith, Diane Daniel, Janell Cazzell, Debbie Blakesly and Debbie Noble. MEMBERS OF THE third period Boys Glee Club are Bill Thompson Rue Allan Rexrode Scott Spencer, fthird rowi Phil Richards, Rex Mitch Decker Steven Dillard Lee Riley Dick Abrahamson Tom Warren Charles Graham Mark Miller, Chris Brashears, Randy Click, Tigert Mike Hamilton Mike Christal fsecond rowl Rex Seedig Weldon Hill tfourth rowl Kim Knepp, Dean Wilson, Bob Sharp, Cur- Doug Lester John Adamson Mike Morrow Tom Holloway Nelson tis Hail Rusty Richardson Tim Jenkins and Oliver Shelton. ORGANIZATIONS 113 THS drama students perform 'Showboat' Presenting the television adaptation of Hans Christ- ian Anderson's "The Princess and the Pea", the drama department combined with the choir to present "Once Upon a Mattress." The musical which was written for television was the first production of this type for Tas- cosa. Cast members for the musical "Showboat" were announced in January. Countless hours of preparation were necessary for the large production which included a cast of more than 80 members plus the orchestra. All drama students and some choir members spent hours working on costumes and scenery for the per- formances. Backstage productions highlighted the dra- ma classes achievements for fourth and fifth periods. In January, drama classes began searching for a one-act play for the annual interscholastic League One- Act Play competition. Last year, the drama students did Eugene lonesco's "Exit the King" with which the de- partment won state championship. Travis Dean and Georgia Clinton were named best actor and actress in Texas class AAAA. PRACTICING FOR THE musical "Showboat" are Suzie Tunnell and Johnny Edwards. The cast of the musical practiced every morning from 7:15 until school started, during sixth period and after school. 114 ORGANIZATIONS ' Vila? ,, Z7 QQ' ?" QW A 525 1, J' 3 ai? A K me 1: Qs fl e 4 ff af 4' if ,. L A gf Q 5:9 aa f f 8 , '4- ,FZ 2? V. Pu' ' 1 ' 5 1954 Q vim? wif V ,f , ,Q iw 7 f sg. 370 V 15 411 75' ggi, Q : 5, gzg Q, i rw V 2 g ef? f af 5 1 ,G ff ww Q a f ,V ff A Lf I 4505 Maw mx-wpn..p...,..Q..N .Jw Tascosa represented at 'That Drug Thing' Working to put out the Pioneer every two weeks, were the fourteen staff members including tri-editors Valorie Canney, Melessia Musick and Marla Riddle- spurger. Miss Canney and Bill Godfrey, features editor, attended a workshop last summer at Texas Tech in Lubbock. They learned how to put out a paper. The staff was represented at the Texas High School Press Association, in December, and the Inter- scholastic League Press Conference, at Austin, in March. Also Jay Jorden, news editor, and Miss Rid- dlesburger attended "That Drug Thing" at the Univer- sity of Texas in Austin where they learned how to re- port the drug situation for the high school papers. Fun for the staff began after the papers had been returned by the printer. Paper stuffing parties, were hosted by the staff. The papers issued for the 1968-69 year received the All-American rating from NSPA in Minnesota. W Hy alfa' Al ,.,,fe:, ,,., .f,,,,, , I V 'W ,Q ' .. ,.V,,.,,, , Vrrf vida M A .frgqfq Wm K. V my DECIDING ON PICTURES for the newspaper are Kevin Kennedy and Marianne Brandy fabove rightl. Kennedy was the sports editor and Miss Bandy, editorials editor. STUFFING, A JOURNALIST'S term for inserting the middle pages of a newspaper into the outer page, requires the attention of Pioneer photography coordinator Laurel Robertson and advertising manager Barbara Badgett tabovel. PROOFREADING AN EDITORIAL for the Pioneer, tri-editor-in- chief Valorie Canney frightl checks copy for mistakes before each issue is published. Other responsibilities include writing the col- umn 'tTri-AngIes," determining editorial policy and supervising the drawing of layouts. 116 ORGANIZATIONS "SMILE" SAYS JOHN Fullingim, senior photographer for the Pioneer. Emerging from the darkroom only to get instructions, he and eight other photographers prepare pictures for the paper and yearbook. THE NEXT issue of the Pioneer are Lynn Binnion, Staff members hold meetings after each issue is distributed to editorg Melessia Musick, editor and Jay Jorden, news editor. map out plans forthe next two weeks. ORGANIZATIONS 117 "GIRL, WE HAVE got to meet that dead- line." "I am going to get something to eat, so work faster." Scissors fa stray dog that wandered into room 210 late one deadline evej supervises Heidi Swauger as she tries to meet her deadline for the Las Memorias. QQ WRITING AND REWRITING headlines to make them fit are C0-edi- Memorias, Adding machines make it easier to count the headlines tor David Garlin, and Nancy Perdue, sports editor for the Las Other dutiesinclude copy writing and picture cropping. 118 ORGANIZATIONS Yearbook goes mod with mosaic makeup Modern mosaic type layout with modern type was the style used for this years yearbook. Editors for the year were Diane Duncan and David Garlin. Winston Odom was the advisor. A first for Tascosa will be a Yearbook supplement, to be distributed in late August or early September. Enid, UIL contest and graduation will be a part of this supplement. Journalists who participated in the summer work- shops at Texas Tech were Diane Duncan, David Gar- Iin, Nancy Perdue and Heidi Swauger. The 1968-69 yearbook received the Texas High School Press Associations All-Texas Award, and First Class Awards from Columbia University and University of Minnesota. SALLY SEARIGHT ACTIVITIES editor for the yearbook, is shown typing her copy. The yearbook staff meets third period every day. These students may sign up for one additional workshop. CHECKING LAYOUTS FOR the Las Mem- orias to send to the printer are Diane Duncan and Helen Parr. Miss Duncan is the editor, and Miss Parr is the associate editor for the yearbook. ORGANIZATIONS 119 f Academics 122 FACULTY Ashworth heads city school organization Setting overall policy for Amarillo's public schools is the job of the seven-member School Board. Imple- menting the board's decisions is the job of superinten- dent Robert Ashworth. Completing his thirteenth year as school system administrator, Ashworth is in charge of the system's curriculum and personnel. He also sets the year's schedule. "I guess the only time the school kids realize l'm around is when I tell them to go to school the morning after the first snow each winter!" he joked. Among Ashworth's associates are business man- ager Oscar Bounds, director of personnel Howard W. Amick, and David Austin, the system's director of secondary education. Tascosa English teacher Mrs. Hazel Davis also serves as the system's coordinator of English. Merton T. Fuquay, who teaches data processing at THS, heads the system's data processing department. School board members include president W. W. Carter, vice president Mrs. David Kritser, L. P. Babb Jr., Peter A. Dallas, Bill J. Montgomery, Ben H. Stone, and Dr. Edward F. Thomas. SUPERINTENDENT ROBERT ASHWORTH oversees the curriculum, finances, policy and personnel of Amarillo's 53 public schools. OSCAR F. BOUNDS, fseatedl, business manager, confers with Howard Amick, per- sonnel directorg David Austin, secondary education director and special services di- rector Rob Tipps. J. E. Fergason leads administrative force In his three years at Tascosa, principal J. E. Ferga- son has maintained expressed interest in all aspects of Rebeland including scholarship, athletics and extra- curricular activities. A high school principal wears many hats, and Fergason fills them all. He supervises the schooI's overall instruction program, attends all school activities, and serves as a vital link between parents, students and faculty. Although seldom seen because much of his work is done behind the door in the office, he has told Rebels many times that his door is always open to them. When- ever anyone from Tascosa goes as far as district in any UIL competition, they know that they can expect to see Fergason whether the contest is in Canyon or Odessa. Fergason came to THS in 1967 after ten years as principal of David Crockett Junior High. He also served as principal at Sam Houston Junior High. A graduate of North Texas State University with a bachelor of arts and West Texas with a masters, the longtime adminis- trator is a representative of Tascosa at regional and national educational conferences. PRINCIPAL J. E. FERGASON talks with Student Council president Martin Nussbaum about school activities. Increased dialogue be- tween faculty and students marked the 1969-70 school year. FACULTY 123 Office trio regulates student mainstream A trio of stalwarts-Lewis Martin, Jane Williams and Clair Mayes-aids principal J. E. Fergason in see- ing that the city's largest school is run smoothly. Martin, the assistant principal, is in charge of the boys. He checks out text books and, as he says, "does anything that Fergason needs him to do." His voice is a familiar part of the afternoon announcements to every Tascosa Rebel. This is the second year that Martin has been as- sisted by Mayes. Besides teaching two classes of trigonometry, he has been given complete charge of the audio-visual department. Mayes works with the film boys and makes the film schedules. He also helps Martin with the supervision of tardies, detentions and general discipline of the boys. Discipline of the girls is left to Miss Williams, dean of girls. She also serves as co-ordinator of activ- ities and directs the Miss Southern Belle Presentation. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL LEWIS Martin engages in a hurried chat with secretary Mrs. Mary Alice Cline. Martin is charged with the job of keeping the male side of the scholastic community informed of the policies. Mrs. Cline is the silent organizer of the office. Lewis Martin, B.S., M.Ed.g Texas Tech, Assistant Principal. Clair S. Mayes, B.B.A., M.Ed.g Oklahoma University, West Tex- asg Administrative Assistant, Trigonom- etry. - xii:-1 E i 5 Jane Williams, B.S. M.Ed.g West Texas Colorado State Uni- versity, Dean of Girls ' ,... H Ay .A , 2 557 at ... SUPEFIVISING HUNGRY STUDENTS, Jane Williams and Clair Mayes periods. Aiding J. E. Fergason and Lewis Martin, Miss Willie and perform the duties of cafeteria patrolmen during all four busy lunch Mayes help direct all phases of student discipline and activities. 1 24 FACU LTY Grade counselors aid students' scheduling Solving problems, changing schedules and giving tests are just a part of the life of Tascosa's three coun- selors, E.L. Hammit, Mrs. Polyanna Kimmins and Mar- garet Haley. Mrs. Kimmins gives the juniors the iowa Test of Educational Development QITEDD and the National Merit Scholarship Test QNMSTD. The National Educational Development Test tNEDTj is administered to the sopho- mores by Miss Haley. Hammit gives the seniors the Pre- liminary Scholastic Aptitude Test QPSATJ and advises them concerning their preparation for college. Margaret Haley, B.A., M.A.g University of Oklahoma, West Texas, Sophomore Counselorg Co-Ordi- nator for American Field Service. E.L. Hammit, B.S., Mrs. Pollyanna Kim- M.A., Ed.S.g West mins, B.A., M.A.g Texas, E.L. Univer- West Texas, Junior sity of Coloradog Counselor. Counselor for Se- niors. COUNSELORS MRS. POLLYANNA Kimmins and Margaret Haley proc- tor the Iowa Test of Educational Development given to juniors. The testing period lasts three days. ff!! ff I WEARING HIS TRADITIONAL Rebel shirt, counselor for seniors E.L. Hammit aids Ann Wheeler with plans for graduation. FACULTY 125 Mrs. Helen Teague, Fl.N.g Lubbock Mem orial Hospital, Texas Tech, School Nurse. Amada Vidaurri, B.A.: University of Texasg Librarian. Mrs. Mary Black, Attendance Clerk. Mrs. Alma Bundy, Library Clerk. M rs. Mary Cline Secretary. Mrs. Julia Harris, Library Clerk. Mrs. Jean Myers Attendance Clerk. Mrs. Olivia Pickard Cashier. Mrs. Dorothy Ter- williger, Attendance Clerk. we-4' sie ...M . Q I TASCOSA'S ATTENDANCE CLERK Mrs. Jean Myers and cashier students. Mrs. Myers, along with Mrs. Dorothy Terwilliger and Mrs Mrs. Olivia Pickard are observed over the counter so familiar to Mary Black, keeps track of THS' average daily attendance. 126 FACULTY NS' fist. ik me--sr Nurse, office, library help troubled Rebels Serving as a source of information for many stu- dents is the Tascosa library. As sophomores, students are introduced to the library in orientation given during their English periods by the head librarian, Amada Vidaurri. The office personnel takes care of the business of Tascosa. They perform such varied duties as attendance recording, bookkeeping and filing reports. Whenever a Rebel feels sick, Mrs. Helen Teague, the school nurse, is sure to attend to them. This, how- ever, ls not her most important job. Mrs. Teague tries to teach the students basic health, in the age when people most abuse their health, by their eating and sleeping habits. She, also screens the students for de- fects, by use of the health appraisals. HGURGHGGGURGJ' MUMBLES Susan Shapiro as she gargles Mrs. Helen Teague's miracle cure for sore throat-salty water. Mrs. Teague's health office, just off the commons, serves students and teachers alike by providing first aid and many physical tests. T0 COMPLETE HIS book report Richard Sherrod seeks the aid of Amada Vidaurri, school librarian. Miss Vidaurri and her assistants are on duty from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. The latest in reference and lei- sure reading is available. FACU LTY 127 Data processing, ROTC added to curriculum Along with the regular sights and sounds of 1968- 69, students heard the punching of keys, and the "not so familiar sounds of the sorter, reproducer and other data processing machines. This was the first year for any of the public schools to have the privilege of using these machines to teach students who were interested in data processing. Merton Fuquay, coordinator of data processing in the Amarillo school district, and Dianne Davis, instruc- tor, scheduled classes in the morning hours for stu- dents from other Amarillo schools since it is the only course of its type in Amarillo. Tascosa students could enroll for afternoon classes. Principles of data processing, automated process- ing with electromechanical equipment, operations and functions and application in business were taught. Sounds of drilling by the blue-jacketed Navy ca- dets were also a new part of the daily routine this year. Lt.Cmdr. Charles R. Leonard and En.C. Richard O. Styve, both USN tRet.l, taught the Naval Junior Reserve 5 Training Corps courses. t Open to any person 14 years old or older who is a fulltime student at THS-with no girls permitted- NROTC teaches students Navy orientation and also helps them to become better leaders and to respect their country. A "C" average must be maintained to stay in the program. S Q 3 JUNIOR PRESTON DUCKWORTH is being fitted for his NROTC uniform while other cadets stand by waiting their turn. The battal- ions marched in uniform on Tuesdays and Fridays of each week. NROTC BOYS STAND stern faced tbelowl while they go through their daily drills. Precision marching attributes to their self-disci- pline and teamwork. Leonard and Styve conduct inspections. , ixxa R Lt. Cmdr. Charles R. En. C. Richard O. Leonard, BS, Univer- Styve, NROTC. sity of Texas at Aus- tin, Naval Science. Nm SQSR 128 FACULTY fa Dianne Davis, B.B.A.g Merton Fuquay, B.S.g West Texasg Data Baylor: Coordinator Processing. of Data Processing. SENIOR LANE BURTZ observes the sorting machine working. Data processing brought many new machines to Tascosa's supply. I RUNNING THE ACCOUNTING machine, senior Linda Smith enjoys two-hour classes were completely filled during the course's first the automation which data processing brought to Tascosa. Three yearin arenovated air-conditioned barracks. FACU LTY 129 i 3 Choir, band leaders join Reb music staff New this year to the Tascosa music faculty were Wayne White and Frank Frisbie. They joined Bill Porter as directors in the music department. White served as sophomore band director and also taught music theory. Tascosa was White's first teaching job, and he moonlighted as choir director at a local church. Frisbie was director of the Girls Glee Club, the Boys Glee Club and the Les Chanteurs. He came to Tascosa from Bonham Junior High where he taught choir. Porter served as director of the All-State Honor Orchestra, a first division marching band, the Tas- cosa Stage Band and the Rebel Concert Band. DIRECTING HIS FIFTH period Girls Glee Club, Tascosa's choir director Frank Frisbie shows the evenness of the notes he wishes his girls to acquire. fiiii.. Frank Frisbie, B.M.E., Bill Po rte r, B.M.E., Wayne White, B.M.E., West Texas, Girls M.Ivl.E., University of West Texas, Music Glee, Boys Glee, Les Oklahoma, Band, Or- Theory, Sophomore Chanteurs. chestra. Band and Choir. 130 FACULTY l i PREPARING FOR DAILY practice in sixth period band, Darrell Litton assembles his trombone. Lucy Arrez, B.A., West Texas, Spanish, Spanish Club. Mrs. Georgette Daia, B.A., M.S., University of Texas, Texas Tech, West Texas, French and Spanish, French Club. Mrs. Beverly Milligan, B,A., West Texas, English and Spanish, Y Teens. Mrs. Doris Mitchell, B.S., University of Nebraska, Latin, LatinClub. Mrs. Mary Ann Rob- erts, B.A., Stephens College, University of Colorado, Spanish, Spanish Club. Mrs. Jacqueline Slape, B.A., West Texas State, Spanish, Los Conquistadores. .qw-f , .. 5 1,3 C9 5 H l ATTENDING AN EARLY morning lab, sophomore Thelma Pennington reviews exercises recorded on tapes. Spanish students were found in the laboratories before and after school throughout the year. Foreign speech labs held for student use Walking down the upstairs, south wing hall, one may hear Latin mottos, French verbs and Spanish dia- logues as the language teachers conduct their classes. Teaching classes in Spanish are Lucy Arrez, Mrs. Beverly Milligan, Mrs. Mary Roberts and Mrs. Jacqueline Slape. Mrs. Doris Mitchell teaches Latin and Mrs. Georgette Daia instructs French and Spanish. Miss Arrez, Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Daia sponsor Spanish, Latin and French Clubs respectively. NEW LATIN TEACHER Mrs. Doris Mitchell uses facial expressions and hand gestures to teach the "not-so-dead" language. FACULTY 131 ENJOYING A LATIN menu, several "Roman Rebels" engage in eat- December. The commons was decorated like Caesars palace for ing, drinking and being merry at the cIub's annual banquet held in the Latin festivity held before Christmas holidays. .1.,,,,fg-.. 6 '25 r ADMIRING A MODEL of the Parthenon, Robert Kindred, Patty Pinks- ton, John Wheeler, Sandi Barber, Linda Burgess, Susan Fangio and Rolland Jenkins attired in Roman togas actively study Roman culture. 132 FACULTY -. ii N' -.-- an .gifs A ssss AS PRESENTED AT the Latin Club's banquet, Rex David Herber and Regina Judith Kolander model their Roman Robes. Romans fete royalty, hold winter banquet Led by its new sponsor, Mrs. Doris Mitchell, the 1969-70 Latin Club elected as favorites, Judith Kolan- der tReginal and David Herber tRexl. Miss Kolander is a twirler in the Rebel Band and last year she served as a twirler in the Raider Band. Herber was chosen last year as sophomore favorite. He plays offensive end and defensive linebacker for the Rebel football team. Herber also made the all-dis- trict team. Rex and Regina were elected by the Latin classes and the final decision was announced at the annual Latin banquet, December 4. At the banquet, the stu- dents and their guests were entertained with selected classics performed by John Wheeler on the clarinet and Marc Satterwhite at the piano. "Three Together," a singing group, sang folk songs. Rev. Orris Sougstad of the Beautiful Saviour Lutheran Church spoke at the banquet. Consuls in this year's Latin Club were Susan Fan- gio and Patty Pinkston. Other officers were Janice Scog- gins, secretary-treasurer, Marc Satterwhite, program chairman and Mark Smith, publicity chairman. SPEAKING AT THE Latin Club's annual winter banquet held De- cember 4, was Rev. Orris Sougstad of Beautiful Savior Lutheran. KAREN BAILEY MARY Hill Jenny Wilson Melissa Mok and Kathie Mendez join together in dis- cussing and translating Latin Mrs Doris Mitchell instructs Latin five periods a day. FACULTY 133 Spanish Club backs Los Ninos campaign Sponsoring the "Operation Ninos" QOperation Children in Englishl to raise five hundred dollars for the underprivileged children in Latin America are the members in Spanish Club. Presiding over the meetings, which are held on the second and fourth Thursday of each month, is presi- dent Browning Lloyd. Other officers include Barry Shulkin, vice presidentg Terry Chalston, secretary- treasurerg Pan American Student Forum Chairman, Flandy Evansg Valorie McCarthy, Projects Chairmang Julie Glover and Debbie Jones, Publicity co-Chairmen. Part of Randy Evans' duties are to be in direct contact with the state office in Austin. Lucy Arrez, Mary Ann Roberts, and Jacqueline Slape were sponsors of the club. TAKING A LAST minute glance over her notes, Martha Basset prepares to speak about her trip last summer to South America. 134 FACU LTY SELLING CANDY FOR the "Operation Ninos" projects is encouraged by Mrs Jacqueline Slape as she gives Perry Ladd the two types of sweets which were sold W' READING MINUTES OF the last Spanish Club meeting, secretary Terry Gholston takes the spotlight in the podium. SPANISH CLUB IVIEMBERS, Janey Greenhouse, Debbie Holland, and Chuck Shattgen put together a donkey pinata. if , 'f-M4 MISSY HOPSON, SHARON Smith and Terry Gholston discuss activities of the Spanish club during an after school meeting. Club members enter contests in March. FACULTY 135 X Q ix st French pupils award grant, have sleep-in Led by its president, Valerie Sasser, the French Club has strived to earn money for a scholarship. Selling candy and other sweets in class has brought part of the scholarship money. Additional money was taken from the French Club fund. This scholarship goes to a second-year French student and is given on the basis of need and grades. Debbie Dav- is, vice president said, "The French Club hopes that this can become another THS tradition." Many parties were enjoyed by French Clubbers during the 1969-70 school year. A Christmas party was given at Valerie Sasser's on December 18. Mrs. Daia, sponsor, was initiated in the American tradition of giving slumber parties as she held a "sleep-in" in her home during the Spring for the French Club girls. "Antigone," a play done entirely in French was given in Canyon on February 8. The French Club attended this drama as a group. The year was ended with a party given at Lake Tanglewood. FRENCH CLUB MEMBER, Vona Deaver looks over the poster and program ofthe play "Antigone", which the classes attended. DISCUSSING PLANS FOR their next French club meeting are offi- cers Valerie Sasser, presidentg Debbie Davis, vice-presidentg Mandy Vance, secretary, Beverly Beeson, treasurer. Mrs. Georg- ette Daia serves as club sponsor again this year. ? 136 FACULTY ...all FROM BON JOUR at the beginning of class to Bon Soir at the end, Mrs. Georgette Daia's fifth period French class studies both the grammar and translation. MIXING UP CUPCAKES, Marilyn Miracle raises money for the ciub's scholarship. i i i FACULTY 137 Q I I ,K I Mrs. Patsy C. Birge, B.A., McMurry College, West Texas, English. Mrs. Lynette Brown, B.A., Southwestern Uni- versity, English. Jo Ann Byrd, B.A., West Texas, English. Mrs. Hazel B. Davis, B.A., M.A., Alabama College, West Texas, English. Mrs. Josephine DeSalvo, B.A., M.A., Arkan- sas State Teacher's College, George Pea- body Teacher's College, West Texas, En- glish. Mrs. Robbie D. Dewald, B.A., M.E., West Texas, English, interscholastic League Spelling Team. Mrs. Betty Lay, B.A., West Texas, English. Louise Hamm, B.A., M.A., West Texas, Uni- versity of Texas, University of Colorado, English. Mrs. Judy Hathcock, B.A., M.A., Texas Tech University, English, National Honor Soci- ery. Mrs. Beverly Lynch, B.A., M.A., University of Texas, Texas Tech University, West Texas, English, Vocabulary. Mrs. Kaye McBride, B.A., West Texas, En- glish. Mrs. Jane B. Moore, B.A., West Texas, En- glish, Wrestling Spirits. Mrs. Darleen Russell, B.A., M.A., North Texas State University, West Texas, English, Rodeo Club. Dr. Everett Sample, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Univer- sity of Oklahoma, Duke University, English. Kathy Winburn, B.A., Amarillo College, West Texas, English, Future Teachers of Amer- xca. Mrs. Thelma Lu Worthen, B.A., Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma Baptist Uni- versity, Colorado University, University of California, University of Wisconsin, New Mexico State University, English. SENIOR RUSTY SEEDIG operates the projector in Mrs Darleen students are the controlled reader SRA tests and jump ropes Russell's speedreading class. Among the other aids used by her Ropes help develop coordination neededfor rapid reading 'Gobbledygook' aids student word usage If a student or teacher had walked into Louise Hamm's English class, he might have taken several good, long looks at the blackboard at the front of the room. Why should this be? On the board was written, "The golius flet in the somtion is not the ploitism. The twenticiah is sluly the garth of the abish. The minful glutard is that the blutish plation has not yet squiged, where is glemnity. They javeled as kam without atash- ness." This is not a new form of English or a new lan- guage, but a concept of the Carnegie Plan to recognize class forms of words by their endings and positions in the sentence. This is intended to help a student gain a larger vocabulary, and is used primarily in the A- English classes. "FAIR IS FOUL, and foul is fair . . quotes Jo Ann Byrd as she imitates one of the witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth tor her senior English classes. Miss Byrd travelled extensively last sum- mer, visiting, among other places, Walden Pond and the homes of Longfellow and Emerson. KEEPING HER CLASSES informed about college happenings, Mrs. Beverly Lynch discusses the moratorium at TCU with the aid of its student newspaper, The Skiff. Mrs. Lynch urges her students to subscribe to the paper ofthe college they plan to attend. FACULTY 139 PROBLEMS ARISING FROM the com- plexity of logarithms and trigonometric functions combined with decimals and fractions in second-year algebra are smoothed over by Bob Howington in helping a student. David Camfield, B.S., M.Ed., Arkansas Tech, University of Arkansas, Consumer math, Re- lated math, Basketball. B. H. Clark, B,A., M.Ed., West Texas, Uni- versity of New Mexico, Trigonometry, Math Analysis, Algebra. Mrs. Carol Clark, B.S., West Texas, Geom- etry, National Honor Society. John Colson, B.S., West Texas, Algebra, Geometry. Jerry Foster, B.A., Texas A8tM, Related Math, Tennis. Bob Howington, B.S., Midwestern University, Algebra, Football, Track. Duane Huey, B.A., Western New Mexico, Related math. Mrs. Bonnie Preston, B.A., M.E., Wayland Baptist College, Texas Tech, Algebra. Jerry Smith, B.S., West Texas, Algebra, Geometry, Number Sense. Mrs. Lois Taylor, B.S., University of Texas, Geometry. Leland Wilhelm, B.S., M.A., Southwestern State College, Louisiana State University, Algebra, Geometry. Mrs. Lenore Wilson, B.A., University of Texas, West Texas, Amarillo College, Geom- etry, Math analysis, Tascosa Youth Council. 140 FACU LTY If.: MRS. LENORE WILSON explains to Gary Bonnette some of the fundamentals of basic geometry using a mathematical graph. Ge- ometry 31-32 is required before a student may take trigonometry or advanced math courses. Pupils display talent by using math skills Over 1,500 Tascosa students develop their mathe- matics skills daily in 54 classes. Thirteen instructors under the new department head Mrs. Lois Taylor teach a curriculum of eleven dif- ferent courses. The two related math courses pertain to the basic principles of algebra. Fundamentals of arith- metic are stressed in consumer math and Math 40R. Algebraic functions and the applications of factoring, graphing, sets, radicals and progressions are covered in the algebra courses. Geometry developes skills in proportions and constructions. The trigonometric func- tions are used in the solving of triangles. Advanced students study matrices, determinates, induction, an- alytical geometry, calculus and limits the three math analysis courses offered. CRUMPLED WADS OF notebook paper lie on senior Johnnie Cos- mic's desk as he tries to work out his math problems with the aid ofa slide rule. FACULTY 141 142 FACULTY GLEN REEVES, JOHN Gass, Hanne Sundby and Druce Reiley all do their share of work in Biology 50 as they dissect a pig Y 9 5 W r ,Q s ' A Qi Dallas Christian, B.S., Hardin-Simmons Uni- versityg Biology, Coach. Mrs. Janice Hargrave, B.S., West Texas, Bi- ology. Barbara Jo Harris, M.A., University of Texas, Biology. Mrs. Linda Honaker, B.S., West Texas, Chem- istry. Charles L. Jones, B.S., M.S., M.B.A,, Texas Tech, Southwestern Louisiana, Ohio State University, West Texas, Chemistry, Physics. Gary Littrell, B.A., M.S., University of Denver, Texas A8tlg Biology. Johnny Lowry, B.S., M.Ed., West Texas, University of Texas, Biology, Coach. Arnold R. Re nolds B.S. Universit of Okla- y , , Y homag Chemistry. Mrs. Mickey Willis, B.S., M.Ed., NTSU, West Texas, Biology. 'W ' fre if 1. S . 'J l ' 15 'J ,'l Y! Biology lab students cut ham into pieces Tascosa science students this year ventured into fantastic and often frustrating flights into the phenom- ena of amoebae, parameciae and formulae. Such creatures as worms, birds and snakes faced the scalpels brandished by dissecting Ftebs in the bi- ology labs. Assorted vapors and fumes made an ap- pearance in the science wing as chemistry students experimented with various chemicals. In room 104, students were found being tackled by physics prob- lems. President Roger Herring headed the Science Club assisted by officers Jane Burruss, vice presidentg Kim Black, secretary. Other officers were Melissa lVlok, treasurerg Stewart Urback, publicity chairman and Ricky Spencer, program chairman. CHEMISTRY LAB STUDENTS Sharla Grundy and Clydene Gressett prepare for their experiment by connecting the pneumatic trough to the water. Chemistry students do many lab experimenting with acids and salts and metals and non-metals. DAVID DUNHAM AND Tom Baker do a mechanical physics lab experiment with different weights and different radii to prove that force X equals force X. FACULTY 143 Medios tour hospital, observe dog surgery Dr. Ralph J. Zientek, an Amarillo pathologist, opened The Future Medios Club year with a talk on his profession. The club was visited by other speakers on the various fields of the medical profession. Of great inter- est to the students was a nurse that spoke to the club on the importance of her work. Also a pediatrician spoke at the meeting. During their meetings the Future Medios, also toured many medical establishments around the Ama- rillo area. The group was taken on a tour of High Plains Baptist Hospital. At St. Anthony's Hospital the group was allowed to watch experimental dog surgery. The Future Medics celebrated the holiday season with an ice skating party. DILIGENTLY UNLACING HEFI shoes, junior Eris Holland prepares to go ice skating during the Christmas party. l kv PARTICIPATING IN A tour of High Plains Hospital, Cathy Thut, senior, and Eris Hol- land, junior watch a demonstration. 144 FACU LTY DISCUSSING MEDICINE AT an afternoon meet- ing are juniors Susan Shiparo, Barbara Hudson and senior Ftita Campbell. PRINCESS WINIFRED the Woebegone, played by Tara Lowenstern, does a song and dance num- ber to find her future husband. The scene is in Once Upon a Mattress. Neil Hess, B.F.A.g University of Utahg Drama. State champs prove skills in 'Mattress' When the Drama department went to Austin for the finals in the State One-Act-Play contest they had only hopes for the best. But their production of Eugene lonesco's "Exit the King" brought home to Tascosa its first first-place ever in a University interscholastic League sponsored event. For 1970, the Drama department, under the direc- tion of lVlr. Neil Hess, started off the year by presenting "Once Upon A Mattress", the musical comedy version of "The Princess and the Pea". Dancing and music were in the spotlight as the musical played to huge houses. Tryouts for the Spring Musical, were held prior to the Christmas holidays. The show was not held until lVlarch but long hours of practice were common until January and February. At last opening night came about as "Showboat" was seen on a student night presentation. Backstage productions were scheduled throughout the year, by various classes under the direction of Mr. Hess. As the year neared its end, preparation was being made for the 1970 contest play, and the familiar ring of "take state"was on the mind of every actor. LEARNING DEMONSTRATIVE HAND gestures is vital in perfecting the techniques of acting. Billy Holland performs a skit for drama. FACU LTY 145 Speech club sponsors junior hightournament Participating in speech contests in Lubbock, Mid- land, Canyon and Dallas, the Tascosa Forensic Union spent much of its time on buses. Sponsored by Mrs. Marti Kirk, the club participates in debate, dramatic interpretation, duet acting, oratory, poetry and prose reading, and informative and persua- sive speaking events. Before contests, daily practice in special events was supervised by the sponsor. Rick Johnson was presidentg Browning Lloyd, vice president and Janet Cammack, secretary-treasurer. Chuck Babb and Martin Nussbaum were selected as co-devotional chairman. Ronda Muir was correspondent with National Forensic League. Last Spring, the Rebel Speech Club sponsored a junior high tournament for several of the Amarillo schools. Mrs. Kirk said that the club had plans to con- tinue the tournament. FORENSICS COACH MRS. Marti Kirk goes over a speech pre- pared by sophomore Weldon Taylor. Students took top awards in debate and persuasive speaking at the Hub City tournament. IMPROVISATIONS CREATED BY speech students were used to give stage experience and a means to loosen up. Trena Faulkner, Beth Wilson, and Terri Thorton act out mother and daughters. 146 FAC ULTY MORNING AND AFTERNOON announcements are given daily over the P.A. by students of various clubs and ac- tivities. Jay Jones, senior, announces a meeting of the Speech Club. GETTING THE MATERIAL together for his debate, senior Martin Nussbaum takes notes for the Top-of-Texas Speech Tournament. Nussbaum won second place as top debater, K. YK, . ,S I X-Eff? . . V 35- A" 4 -.ag t in " X' -. -xxskt t Efx.gj4 t In-'M K - -X t x A F' X. SQ V:- 'Q .T I' .i lg fe x I i Mrs. Marti Kirk, B.A.g West Texas, Southern Methodist University, Texas Tech Universityg Speechg Forensics As- sociation. lun., PREPARING FOR A demonstration, Janie Eddins helps Ronda Muir go over the notes for her de- bate. The Forensic Association participates in numerous debate contests during the year. FACULTY 147 HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT teachers Dan Salkeld, Gladys Wallis, and "Ace" Parker escape the frustrations of being teachers by taking a break in the teachers' lounge during lunch. Mrs. Mildred Edwards, B.A., B.J., University of Missouri, World History. Mrs. LuNette Evetts, B.B.A., M.S. in Economics, Baylor Univer- sity, Economics, World History. Ken Hicks, M.Ed., B.S., West Texas, Oklahoma State Univer- sity, History, Golf Coach. Larry L. Hungate, B.S., M.Ed., West Texas, History, Govern- ment, Key Club Sponsor. Eldon L. Jackson, B.S., M.A., Oklahoma State University, Government, Economics. James Kauffman, B.S., West Tex- as, World History, Assistant Football Coach. John McGuire, B.S.E., M.E., Ar- kansas State University, Univer- sity of Arkansas, History, Head Football Coach. George Palmer, B.S., M.Ed., West Texas, Economics. Clarence Parker, B.A., M.S., Okla- homa State University, World History. Bud Rogers, B.S., West Texas, American History. Dan Salkeld, B.E., M.Ed., Texas Christian University, West Tex- as, Government. Sidney Thompson, B.A., Texas Tech, Economics, Government, Radio Club, Senior Gift. Mrs. Wanda Van Valkenburg, BS., M.Ed., Tarleton College, Uni- versity of California, West Tex- as, World History. Gladys Wallis, B.A., M.A., South- ern Methodist University, North Texas State, University of Tex- as, American History. Doyle Weldon, B.S., M.S., West Texas, Northeast Missouri State College, World History, Athletic Trainer. 1 48 FAC U LTY CTA s .- at - Q. ,Sk .int P Nei, -3 'Sis N 3 Reb historians study past, present events Juniors in American history, sophomores in world history and seniors in government and economics, study different historic aspects involved in building the age in which we live. Current events were usually discussed once a week in the classes of the 17 teachers including Mrs. LuNette Evetts and James Kauffman, new to the de- partment this year. Such topics as the Vietnam War, president Nixon, racial issues, drugs and college ad- ministrations came under fire, as students and teach- ers discussed vital issues of the "now" time. The se- niors gathered their information from Time magazine and U.S. News and World Report. In March, the American and world history teach- ers selected one student per class to participate in West Texas State University-sponsored contests. The students first competed in an intraschool exam to determine the top eight sophomore students and top seven junior students. The top fifteen students then competed in Canyon with other area students and placed in several events. The contests took the form of examinations covering the entire scope in world and United States history. The purpose of the contests, as listed by West Texas is to encourage the study of history in the high schools by providing some public recognition for the best students in these fields. ELDON JACKSON, HEAD of the history department relaxes dur 9, in his conference period by bowlin with a group of PE. boys. Q Q Rosalyn Wolfe, B.A., Philip Wright, B.S., M.A., University of M.E., West Texas: Texas, West Texasg American History, American History, World Geography. t Texas Historyg Fu 3 t t.irr J ture Teachers Spon- Z I SOV. Z . THE VISUAL AIDS room is a vital part of al- most every class at Tascosa. Karen Fromm and Debbie Blakesley enter the V.A. room to 4 watch aworld history film. FACULTY 149 Mrs. Margaret Elliot, B.S. in Home Eco- nomicsg University of Texas, Home and Family Living, Home and Family Living Club Sponsor. Mrs. Kathleen Hesse, B.A.g Colorado State College, Homemak- ing, Future Horne- makers of America. Mrs. Patricia Love- lady, B.S. in Home EconomicsgUniversity of Arkansas, West Texas, Texas Tech University, Homemak- ing and Home and Family Living, Future Homemakers of America. 5 ..... -, 1-vw ,,... '--' -a -' Mrs. Inez Parkey, B.S., M.E.g Oklahoma State University, Col- orado State College, West Texasg Home Furnishings and Homemakingg Future Homemakers of America. We 5 7 1 Mrs. Ruth Smith, B.S.g Texas Tech University, Home Economics and Co- operative Educationg Consumer Education and Homemakingg Fu- ture Homemakers of America. ,,..--" I 4' if REX, MIRIAM IVY, FHA president, looks over club information with fellow members Margaret Olds, Linda Foust, and Sherri Marr. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF America, Jenny Starkey, Martha Richardson, and Miriam Ivy enjoy products of their labor along with that refreshing pepper-upper soft drink at a reception. 1 50 FACU LTY -. FHA-sponsored door contest accents Yule Helping students to become aware of the need to know how to buy items for their money's worth and then use those items to best advantage in the home is the main theme of the Future Homemaker's of America Club. Tascosa is now combining the home and family living classes with the regular homemaking classes. Miriam Ivy is this year's president although each sepa- rate class has its own officers. During October the homemaking classes enter- tained 20 pre-schoolers from a nearby play school. Children were also entertained during the Christmas season. FHA also sponsored a girl's homeroom assembly. Up-to-date styles were modeled by the girls in the homemaking department. Tips on good grooming were also given. SOPHOMORE HOMEMAKING STUDENTS Felecia Tacquard and Bet- ty Thompson make a jello salad dish. In December, the FHA served hors d'oeuvres to the faculty as a Christmas treat. R FHA SPONSORED A door decorating contest for Christmas spirit. Mrs. Ly- nette Brown's homeroom won third place, utilizing 'Deck the Halls' as theirtheme. FACULTY 151 THREE ARTS AND crafts boys-Gary Warren, Richard Holloway and machines they are using are grinding and polishing machines for Rodney Hefner-add the finishing touches to their projects. The thejewelry they are making. x Q X I ' Wqgwfwfw Wmawwvhw Eugene Ashmeadg B.S., lVl.E.g West Tex- asg Woodshop. Danny Gamble, B.A., Southwestern State Collegeg Artg Student Council Sponsor. Virgil Browng B.S., lVl.E.g Fort Hays State, Colorado State Uni- versity, New Mexico University, West Tex- as, Drafting. Paul Keithley, B.A., M.E.g East Central StategArt. MONTY SAVAGE AND Danny Gamble discuss a line variation drawing in Gamble's sixth period class. Art 21 consists of learning basic techniques in drawing and developing timing and shaping skills. 1 52 FACU LTY ,MW -ww ! ii! Z ik , . GAYLE PYEATT, AUTO-mechanics instructor lleftl, explains the valve job to Wayne Adams. Robert Pringle lbelowl repairs an engine. N Y SOPHOMORE STEVE BROWN uses the lathe in the woodworking room to make a bowl. The use of the lathe, like many of the other woodshop machines, helps give the products a finished look. FACULTY 153 Winston Odom, B.A.g Lael Smith: Bible. Texas Techg Journal- ismg Publications, Quill and Scroll. PLANNING THE NEXT issue of the Pioneer, Valorie Canney holds a staff meeting to plan lay- outs, copy. The paper is published bi-weekly. "THE LORD IS my shepherd . . is read and interpreted in Lael Smith's Bible class. The Old Testament is studied in the first semester and the New Testament in the second. f,mm,W.w,7 , .,,. , .,nf, .kf ,I md ,, M, ,My 1. K , ,wfwf,,,Ww ,H ff .qw 'q iz eww fy Q , ,f QA V, , ,L ,V ,f ff f, Aww ,wwf fe 4ga f a, ,,, I f vf., -V f . ' Ww,c4ffmt,,,v,, ww 7? .WW 7' f 1511141 H ,U I '1 1111 .. ,,,,.W. .f -in-fwfr .ft , . H 'fi'TL,,.','7 f im' 'f-.f ' ' ' '1 4 ,Q f..m.,, I 'lx . ...,.. lf. f Mft' M 1, ,ww V, V, f.,, ,f , y M ff , f ,t.a,,fW,1, My y f. V , ,V lf, 4,i, off, ",,,,ntf. ,, W. , ,, ,,, yfwf 1 ,mg ,A , .,,, ft, l X 1 ,,, ,, f rf f , N. , , ,,., fyg f YM.-W,m , 'H 'WX' ,f U, .. ffl, f.f..1.m-f 1 V- ti.,,A, W. ,wx ,,,, , ' -'KL 'ha 'W , ' ,ffm N. r,f,f ,, J V "',1Tf"i,ff1"TfXfft'Wi' 'f'l,"'v ' l , ,, , ' ,,,f...,, f 'V , fm A ., . ji' , ,. , l , Um ,. ,, ,, ..- ..f.t,.i.,. Wlfmj, , ' M lf , A ,JN , , ' . ,,,,,,,,,v, I ...W,, ,ik ta., fs, if ,tm L., fp -My V- f M -,,W.., K 4 4 M,,t...m ,N f. , fs.. '-.f.....,, I- , it , wi Q f , 'A .,,.,,gi'4:'f4rtffn-ffm, ffmwf. rf., vw um :,. y t.,,g1v. ., ,A ,, , M, J V- 4-, mf 1 me M, 7 ,W ,a,,,,, ,,, H W U Q .,.,. N,-, ,, W ,,,,M5Hf3,i..,,1lw41'fZjInm,. , . X- .1, mf,-,. ' fm MU' , A vim., ,,,,Ww M, iff. 4 M, ,,,, , W M ' :ffm 4 S' Uvm1,,w11uIaQ1 ,,..,. .1 fl.. .fm 'N -f , 0 4 ,, ., ,, ,.,,,,. wr, , .N : fy.-1 l., ,,,,,,, , M Q 1 uf Wtffft -mr 1, W Wm :jaw-ti'1f,1f'flt.f ua.,,f,,,,1,j 'W K ' 5 if an f ,f'Z'f., lil .my ,,.,l.., X' 'ff fm. ,Mfr M, 47, it'fM"i"'Hf'f -- Y., W, ,l 1 fm, L, ,, 'VW af M Q ff. rffvwffl mt .tha , Wo Q., vfjffffgi N ffxtm.,-,J ijfff f,,,fQ"?-M R, ,,f,,ff-ww rw 1 ml, ff, ,J W, "' -Y :M W., .,,,.,, me V, M M. ff M.: l ' A"""l 2, 't"+'11, 4 ,Nm Mp, -14.0 't""1 wr .,,,, X" 'fr' l,.,:f7n" 5 WW r. ,., , ,, ,L I -A fi, if 1 m,,,,,.Z ' iwfwwz . ' ' rr z .1-M , ,, 'W f.. tif mt. , as -,L K .f Q, tn...l.,.. ff- M' r .h vm, ., r' za i .Awww M mm M Jw H, It my ,,ff,..f ...sq f ,.,,., f 1 ., ,mr-vu ,mrff.:'ffLzrv.1l'w-we M fm me..-l,'fw ,rm fi.. ,H "1 W.. V at ,Af . ...,1,.., if , W s,,,.,m,M"" b 'r f. ' A . we .1 . Y 8 -AW 5 fu., fr W-hw . . wr KW wi fm'fnw,...- .t ,,,,,,, M' . ,-.1 1 ' ' 1tf:wf-w,:fmfu w.vn,m A-mum, 4 411 may :mm , ,um 'M ' 'Q H 11.1, 1 54 FACULTY l Wm r-Hr., .ml '19, 'hy QM " 2, 1.,, ff 2. , if -r . .. .Nw 4 , sf M fy Va WM. ,,N.,.r.. ft., lj, W. J,,,...,,,,,,, ,W tn, ,W y thu, ,MfrfJ11f'.'a'rpyrf,A,.1,13:5 ,lrtvtilui ian. www. M, Ut-,Q by ,,w,m H UN A. . , , ..., i. gm ,fMm,,,M, Wm, 1,.,w , ,VW W fm ffl, :it tg T, ,J K V M y f- rf. ,M 2 W. .4 :fm , f , ' Q I ,2Hi35Z',f.Z.'Z',,iig'ir-' 1 7w,1vf.1v:.w .wmff-my T112 mm 4, nw ,W , ,N ' "' 1' 1 ,, fmrlfmw, alma.. fl1.ff,,,, ,IA ff , ,A ,, A 5 at .ff vw :nm mm- frm'fxm,1vm:fm,,,,," "'mAfmt1g -Wl55wfj1jjj,,f.fg"' I W if ,Y mf my nm- snlfv. I 1 1-af af mn, Mm.: K, ,L ' my ,fttww f,.,,m.Quf' . w.f,wM,,f ..m.m..w ww, my Mm.,-,,,,, ,, 7.,.,,1 952, ,W , M 1 fuwl. f -v ,, f t. el fffmwa1fzff.f aw-arm 1,-, 1 u.wfuu.mf.,,, NW uf: ,NW WDW" 'V' ff t. 3 'fm' :if my ..- iw .lmwmf me 1 Y "vw , f nfwl-u 'Mx in ..-it. .W M, f,. , ,L , ,N , .fm ,, .5 mfwwrw me ni.l..ff-wmv, Mu-:acer " J wg' V I 5 in-ar rl. H.. My .f,44w.f.w .1 f, mf M, N. ,Q .,,,. 5 mf., l , f fur., ,.,,,,,,W V f Wm H4 wa -uw M W, f 'Z 4 I , ' -I f Y ' Quills initiate 13 new staff juniors, seniors Active at Tascosa for its second year, Quill and ScrolI's seven senior members began in December to screen junior members. Quill and Scroll is the International Honor Society for High School Journalists. To qualify for membership in this club, one must be a junior staff member on either the Las Memorias or the Pioneer, have a scho- lastic average in the upper one-third of his class and be recommended by his supervisor. Members of this club pay a 82.50 membership fee and receive a gold pin, a membership card and a year's subscription to the national magazine Quill and Scroll. To earn money, members sell plastic covers for the yearbook. This club is s p o n s o r e d by Winston Odom. RICK JOHNSON, PRESIDENT of Quill and Scroll, ltop Ieftj medi- tates over a piece of copy for the yearbook. Johnson is a three- year member of the journalism department. EDITORS-IN-CHIEF of The Pioneer newspaper, lleftj Melessia Mu- sick and Marla Riddlespurger are also members of the Quill and Scroll Society. Miss Musick is vice president of the organization. LAS MEMORIAS EDITOR Diane Duncan and yearbook sports edi- tor Ike Barnes index the annual. Miss Duncan is treasurer of Quill and Scroll, and Barnes is an initiate. l FACULTY 155 Eugene K. Coleman, B.S., M.A.q West Tex- as, Colorado State Universityg Distrib- utive Education, Dis- tributive Education Clubs of America. 1 B.B.A.g West Texasg Vocational Office Ed- ucationq Office Edu- Mrs. Beverly Gaither cation Association. L. G. Mikesell, B.S., Gayle Pyeatt, B.S.g M.S.gOklahoma State West Texas, Univer- Universityg industrial WalterNelson,B.B.A.g sity of Texas, Texas Cooperative Trainingg Texas Techg Behind- A. 8t M., Auto Me- Vocational Industrial the-Wheel Driver's chanicsq Tascosa Clubs of America. Education. Auto Mechanics Club. EXHIBITING THE OPERATION of a mimeograph machine, Mrs. Beverly Gaither demonstrates for Pat Cline and Debby Ruthart. GENE COLEMAN EXPLAINS the procedure for second semester registration to his homeroom, Students were given an hour of homeroom period in order to complete registration. 156 FACU LTY lVlrs. Gaither sponsors all functions of OEA Thirty-three seniors enrolled in the Vocational Of- fice Education worked under daily employment in of- fice occupations. The chief aim of the VOE program was prepara- tion for advantageous initial entry into employment of office careers. Students must have a prerequisite of one credit in typing. Persons in VOE received one se- mester credit. Vocational students took part in the Office Edu- cation Association, sponsored by Beverly Gaither. OEA participated in district competition in March. WORKING AS A secretary for Southwest Insurance Agency takes up a part of every school day for Jodi Rogers. VOE students re- ceive on-the-job training by working in offices all over the city. SENIOR DOUG BRIGGS works on the Vocational Office Education scrapbook. A scrapbook is made every year. FACULTY 15k DECA chooses month s outstanding student Earning money while earning school credit is a part of 48 Tascosa student's school day. These students are part of the Distributive Educa- tion plan. They attend school for one-half day and work for one-half day. Distributive Education Clubs of America is the corresponding club for DE students. New at Tascosa this year are the light blue sweaters worn by the club members. Paula Powell was elected as the first DE student of the month as the DE Club began choosing a student this year. Student of the month is chosen by a commit- tee made up of students each class period. The stu- dents are selected on the basis of class participation, job activity, club activity, absentees, reliability, good grooming, character, cooperation and grades. ,. . ,... si Mn-,,,,,.ausl"""' X by ,Cs AGQQNVX K X X SELLING FLOWERS FOR profit and school credit is a part of Christine Barham's Distributive Education program. She works at Love Z9 Son's Flowers three hours during school time. SENIORS NANCY COWLEY and Carolyn Ftatlift out material at Cloth World as part of their business training. Students taking D.E. attend classes half the day and hold jobs the rest of the day. 158 FACULTY .iz MQ? 5 2 WM? ..,L.,,-V, , g York guides VICAQ 31 participate in ICT Thirty-one Tascosa juniors and seniors spend part of their day working on various skilled training jobs. Leroy Mikesell, teacher for industrial training, also sponsors the Tascosa chapter of Vocational Industrial Clubs of America. The officers in this club are Larry York, presidentg Retha Pope, secretaryg Ricky Foley, parliamentariang Danny Killough, treasurerg Curtis Howard, reporter and Steve Pond, sergeant-at-arms. Industrial Cooperative Training is a government approved class. Students taking this course receive two credits and may work in 245 different vocational fields. The government approves the jobs and classifies these jobs as skilled training. Another vocational course is taught by Gayle Pyeatt. Boys interested in this field gain experience by working on cars in the school shop. Auto mechanics students are also members of VlCA. BROILING A STEAK and other forms of cooking earn credit for Randy Jacobs as he works part-time at Furr's Cafeteria. WORKING T0 REPAIR the trouble of a car, is auto mechanics student Jim Rayburn. Under the knowing eye of Gayle Pyeatt, these boys repair cars for cus- tomers from the school community. 37,5 2' 1? 'Qi . 1-1: .V 3f'gQ1..a.ff tain, 1 rf 194 5.5 I-' gli! .M-fa ww 'f at Aj., ,, FACULTY 159 Mrs. Sybal Brierly, Henry E. Crawford, B.A., M.A., Baylor, B.S., M.B.A.g West Texas Tech, Typing, Office Practice, Se- nior Sponsor. New teachers named for business classes Finding themselves rushing to class to start timed writings or study shorthand brief forms are the stu- dents who participate in the business world at Tascosa. Mrs. Sybal Brierly, head of the business depart- ment, teaches typing and office practice. Other teach- ers who instruct in business are Henry Crawford, who teaches typingg and Mrs. Marilyn Grider, bookkeeping. Mrs. Laura Johnson, who teaches shorthand, business math and typing and Mrs. Schellon Meek, typing, were new to Tascosa this year. Besides learning the basics of business some stu- dents from the business department are involved in the office education program that allows them to gain on the job experience. Texas, Typing. SENIOR, JULIE GLOVER concentrates hard to be sure that she hits the right keys on her typewriter. Typing takes much skill and deter- mination to master. 160 FACU LTY Mrs. Marilyn E. Grid- er, B.B.A.g West Tex- as, Typing, Book- keeping. Mrs. Laura Johnson, Mrs. Schallon Meek B.B.A., M.B.A.g West A.S., B.B.A.g Amarillo Texasg Shorthand, Typing, Business Math. College, West Texas Typing, English 33 I MRS. MARILYN GRIDER helps Sidney Satterfield overcome a difficul bookkeeping problem. Adding machines are used by bookkeeping students in all classes. Other machines are used to aid students. PE classes exercise on new gym surface One, two, three, tour, was the sound heard as the boys in physical education classes did their daily exer- cises on the new gym floor. Straining muscles and creaking joints emphasized how tough boys were made by P. E. teachers James Kile and Kenneth Brinkley. The boys received instruc- tion in football, wrestling and golf. Responsible for training the girls in archery, ten- nis, and gymnastics were Billie Gray, Lanelle Wood- ring and Nancy Deason, swimming instructor. Com- petition between classes was encouraged by intramural activities. This was done in the spirit of "fun and games!! THS once again endeavored to uphold its standing in the Presidential Physical Fitness evaluation. RAISING THE ARROW to the bow, a junior girl aims at her target. Sophomore and junior girls spent six weeks developing the tech- niques of archery. NVQ ..,.. BEFORE ENGAGING IN the main daily activity, boys worked out with several strenuous exercises. Boys participated in archery, bowling, basketball and volleyball. Kenneth Brinkley, B.S., Panhandle State jOkla.l, Physical Ed- ucation, Coach. Jimmie H. Janes, B.S., WestTexas, Physical Education, Football Coach, Nancy Deason, B.S., North Texas State University, Physical Education, Rebel Spirits. James Kile, B.S., lVl. Ed., Texas Wes- leyan, West Texas, Wrestling, Physical Education, Drivers' Education. Billie Gray, B.S., Baylor University. West Texas, Physical Education, Cheer- leader Sponsor. LaNelleWoodring, B.S., Amarillo Col- lege, North Texas State University, Physical Education. FACULTY 161 Janitors, lunchroom l supply daily services Under the direction of E. L. Elliot fifteen custodians work to keep the halls tidy The custodians include Alex Alvarez Arlie Armer Pearl Armstrong, George Burge, Jackson Denman William Depauw, Marie Drake, Fred Garrison, Leon Grayson, Dennis Green, Flavio Griego, Liandio Limas Pantalion Luna, Ina Mae Patton and Charles Peterson Odessa Painter, cafeteria manager, along with Jaunita Bennett, Lu Bingham, Gen Crawford, Cleo Den man, Buby Dorsey, Ada Gerlach, Violet Hawkins, Mar garet Harmandez, Vickey Johnston, Ardith Jones, Clar- ick Keeney, Eve Kiaian, Arica Lancaster, Sara Lira Annie Parker, Vada Patterson, Pat Stover, Evelyn Wy- J clif, and Ben Martinez, custodian worker, provide food each day to feed 1,400 to 1,500 hungry Bebels. WHILE STUDENTS ARE busy with studies in the classrooms, E. L. Elliot goes over the floor with a broom to keep it clean. The head to custodian is responsible for the daily cleanliness in the halls. SERVING A VARIETY of meats and vegetables during the student lunch breaks is part of the daily routine in the cafeteria kitchen. Mrs. Norene Griffin and Mrs. Cleo Denman answer to the individual choices of students. 162 FACULTY Seniors Telephone booths act as center of attraction Mehdi- --....p., Debbie Abel Wayne Adams George Abrahamson Jan Albertson Karen Adams Gayle Allison Linda Adams Kathy Alsobrook 164 SENIOBS 1 Jw' 'Xl""'ZP Chris Anderson Jackie Anderson Lou Anderson Ruth Anderson Chester Archer Randy Armstrong Chris Aura Jim Austin jfifhlgs Carolyn Autry Lucy Avent Chuck Babb lVlarIyse Bailey Becky Baker Pat Baker Flon Baldwin Marianne Bandy i ,mg X rf sill' ' 4 Xi U V fitf 3 .V Ahh: o 4 A 'Raft its B 5 uifilwk ak 5 2.5, if X. H Ftonn Barber Linda Barnett Martha Bassett Sandie Barber Steve Barry Andrea Bauder Christine Barham Beth Barton Mike Baughman Becky Barker Harvey Baskett Nina Bay Ike Barnes Darla Bassett BGVGVIY BGGSOH N9 it A ftttn it W MELISSA PARKER FORFEITS a dime to make a phone call dur- ing her rushed lunch hour. The shower bath-looking telephone booths are almost always in use during the day. SENIORS 165 M ,Ti ",, iw-J mWf'Ul J "4 an" i V! 55 ,W-fe-nv Joe Bell Kayla Bigham Diane Black Moira Blackburn Travis Bentley Tom Birmingham Kim Black Vicki Blackburn 5 3 2 5 ? 3 5:0-A ,rf ' "Nw L ANNUAL TRI-STATE FAIR brings many persons from the Panhandle area including many from Oklahoma and New Mexico, as well as Texas. Senior Janie Eddins and Mike Isley, sophomore, participate in the fair's activities. 166 SENIOFKS ...,..mv Rosemary Blackwell Ann Bland Patricia Blades Carol Blanscet Kim Blake Gary Bogan Robert Blake Vicky Bond Judy Blankenship Gary Bone Students take in amusements, exhibits at fair Gail Bonnette Cindy Bragg Don Bridges Jackie Brown Debra Browning Greg Bunyan Reida Bond Michael Brands Doug Briggs R. E. Brown Karen Bruce Vonnie Bural Brenda Box Larry Braxton Jim Brooks Bonnie Brown Jan Bruton Randy Burgess Debra Bradford Joe Brewton Billy Brown Sue Brown Tim Bundy Jimmy Burkhalter SENIOBS167 CHE student assists children at day nursery Mr wwf' 'TN' as.-:' wifi' king Jane Burruss Bryan Calhoun David Camp Rita Campbell Joel Carey Johnny Carver Lane Burlz Jane Callahan Mark Camp Valorie Canney Don Carpenter Fiusty Cary Paddi Butler Cyndi Callaway Gary Campbell Nelson Canode Janie Carroll Julian Castillo Mikes Butts Janet Cammack Jan Campbell Debby Carey Bruce Carter Janis Cazzell 168 SENIORS 3 , i 1- 3 QQ PARTICIPATING IN COOPERATIVE Home Economics, Nancy Gott- small blocks and just to entertain themselves. In this way she helps schall works half a day and goes to school half a day. She works to prepare the youngsters for their future education in elementary as an assistant at Harkins Lollypop Day School. Among her numer- school. ous duties are teaching the children to read and write, build with Sandra Chastain Marcus Chewning Bill Chudej Sueclark Ricky Cobb Becky Coleman Mike Cherry Randy Christian Nlarshi Clark Pat Cline Holly Coffey Debbie Collins KI' fs.: 3, ,. ll!!! lg! . is SENIOFZS 169 MMM MQW s .mf 'ff waz'-F' h K Randy Connally Scott Cornwell Debbie Cothern Bobby Cowley Diantha Crain Kevin Crowell Sidney Conway Johnny Cosmic Lisa Courtney Nancy Cowley Walter Cramer Jo Lynn Crump Bob Cornelius Susan Cosper Serena Cowles Bridgy Cox AI Crowder Vicky Crump tw "fa" Q i I unlaw- Q C IN SEPTEMBER, SENIORS gathered in the commons along with tered by Amarillo's Health Department and was supervised by the George lVlutz to take the tuberculin skin test, which was adminis- school nurse, lVlrs. Helen Teague. The TB test is required of seniors. 170 SENIORS Tascosans take Teague's terrorizing tuberculin test -'Ki S--Q-v ww 'wwf -uugygrr A, 'Fwd "'v-..- Les Cundiff Charles Davis Travis Dean Debbie Denny Chris Dobbe Max Dreasher Wendell Dalton Debbie Davis Vona Deaver Denise Denny Bill Dodgin Diane Duncan David Daniel James Davis Judy Dempsey Mark Devito David Doherty Ginger Duncan Kenneth Douglass Bill Dunnagan Roberta Dowell David Durham SENlOFlS 171 Walks through park reflect autumn romance Tommy Durham Janie Eddins Billie Engle Kathy Eubanks Susan Fangio Tony Flowers Woody Durham Cynthia Edwards Toni Erwin Ron Eubanks Janice Finchum Ricky Folley Carolyn Dyson Stan Elliot Vance Essler Jackie Evans Debbie Fleming Jan Fowler Ricky Eaves Mark Englander Mike Eubank Randy Evans Beverly Flippin David Frisbie 172 SENIORS Charles Frost Marvin Frye John Fullingham David Garlin Steve Garre John Gass Janie Fry Don Fuller Kyle Gardner Lynette Garms Lesie Garrett Kathy Gatlin ov v-, ri . W ,VM it W-isis-'tw A t . it W 'aff V .. ' uw W-Y ,mp f MMQNQ 'Wh 's.,, 2 .4-Vfftaxiu my t, ,K .ox arf .cr I if-,mr f at ,4 H614 7f.,M, y y 4 viffti -Z 1 ., , M K "" '3 " -- M 'tfWKmNf,Irwx wwf ' Vifwldh. 4 , DISCUSSING AN EXCITING new year and planning for spring grad- from studies to stroll through Sam Houston Park. Many students uation and futures, Sydney Satterfield and Tim Bundy take time find vvalkinginthe parkaleisurely.restfulactivity. SENIORS 173 Frustration oaptivates boy as girl wins battle of the sexes , Mei -mmm aw Nancy Gottschall Carol Grader Shonnie Graham Alice Grays Alan Green in w wily Y Harry Green Toni Griffin Terry Grimstead Margaret Groom Brenda Guill -45. 1--as ' xflnggp' F98 f ' f ff-'ff' A i Sherry Guinn Pam Hale Becky Guiterrez Janet Hall Jon Hackler Kaye Hallmark Corkey Hague Alana Hanna QA 4 3' Cheryl Hanna Monte Hamblin Cindy Hamilton Claudia Harber mir-" E 4. mo X Larry Harblson Debbie Harbour Terry Hargis Cindy Harms SENIORS 175 gs GETTING SETTLED FOR an out-of-town bus trip to a football game are seniors. lt seems that third-year students always end up at the back of the bus. Tascosa students took four trips to games played in other cities-Odessa Permian, Dumas, Lubbock Coro- nado and Lubbock High. Victor Harp Lisa Harris Marsha Harris James Hawkins John Hawthorne Debbie Heitz Dean Hayes Donny R. Henderson Lynda Haynes Gale Henslee Steven Haynes Jan Henslee Debby Hedrick Beth Hill 176 SENIORS Football fans enjoy four out-of-town games -JP 'Q-riff QTY? 'avi iff? Q' Wok ,, T' i 'xx Donna Hill Flalph Hill Bill Hollabough Flacheal Holloway Randy House James Howell Edward Hill Cathie Hogan Billy Holland Beverly Holt Rex Hoving Margaret Howell Julie Hill Dale Hoggatt Gerry Hollinger Mark Hood Leslie Howard Debbie Hrncir Mary Hill Bruce Holbert Judy Hollingsworth David Hopson Toni Howard Wanda Hudgins SENIORS 177 Pep rallies arouse upperclassmen to complete support of their school N' 'Y' my-.4 'ie-ff' we-S 'gl -...,,,, M-+4 'mv Q' 7 5.535 .penal Vicky Humphreys Greg Hutson Miriam Ivy Toni Jean Flolland Jenkins Rick Johnson Philip Hutchens Lynda Hyde Bill lzzard Randy Jeffers Tim Jenkins Vicki Joiiey Kelly Hutchins Myra Hyde Cathy Jackson Steve Jefferson Cathy Johnson DOW Kee Sherri Hutchison Corinne Irwin Randy Jacobs Judy Jenkins Pat Johnson David Keiiy Wilfred Kidd 178 SENIORS Twelfth class keeps traditions, privileges As the twelfth graduating class of Tascosa, the seniors '70 continued the traditions that had been established during previous years. Showing off senior rings, yelling loudest at pep rallies, complaining about the food in the cafeteria, decorating the commons for the many dances, throwing friends into the creek on Senior Day, skipping the last semester tests and re- ceiving diplomas . . . these are the activities that identify the seniors of Dixieland. Because students expect to have a little more fun, "goof" off a little more, yet become a little more in- volved during their twelfth and fin al year of high school, they find themselves very busy. Joining clubs, going to Stanley's quite frequently and relaxing while sophomores and juniors take semester tests are but a few of the many privileges granted to seniors. The last musical, the last pep rally, the last Crys- tal Ball and finally the last day of high school . . . and the excitement of being a Se n i o r slowly fade into nonexistance. But the memories of all that h a p p e n e d in that single year will remain in their hearts for the rest of their lives . . . for none of them can ever forget a very integral part of their past. fwwlirt fl - wp-fr' -wif' Shayne Langley Robbie Lara Gene Lard Alan Leach Peggy Leone Bertie Lee Jerry Lewis Bob Lee Jim Lewis James LeGrand John Lewis Nancy Lemke Jerry Light 180 SENIORS wr-ff Kenneth Light Roberta Linke Craig Littau Browning Lloyd Tara Loewenstern -A , i A H , l .X 1'- 'iv-if WTI Z' ww - 1 DICK BIVENS STADIUM fills with anxiety and excitement as the crowd waits for the execution of an important play during the Rebel-Borger game, a non-conference clash. .yu Vance McSwain Betsy Mason Hazel Milbern Marilyn Mize Desie Moore Loretta Morales Nancy Manley Jan Massey Keith Miller Melissa Mok Jadene Moore Joe Morehead Paula Marr Luann Matheson Steve Miller Marilyn Martin Connie Mercer Marilyn Miracle Cathy Mask Ken Mernitz Janet Mitchell 182 SENIORS Ftebs encourage gridsters at football game W 'bww wr, r . fa- rj I flesh. 'Q' fi: '-. r R ' N. Joe Morris Rhonda Muir Kathy Napier Sherry Nelson Jena Nicholson Martin Nussbaum Lou Morris Melissa Musick Cay Nash Vicki Nelson Donna Nivenes Jo Beth Oakley Darla Morton Kim Muthersbough Cindy Neie Randy Newby Billy Nugent Mike O'Brien Bob Mosley Terry Myers Elaine Nelson Leah Newman Fred Nunley Marsha O'Dell SENIORS 183 Boredom of class results in numerous naps MUN' Margaret Orlds Charles Owens Melissa Parker Paula Patton Debra Persons Debby Phillips Sharon O'Tanger Ruth Ann Packard Steve Parker Debbie Perdue Brenda Peterson Linda Phillips Judy Ottensmyer Jessica Palmer Helen Parr Krista Peres Earl Petropoulos Allen Pippin Mark Owen Johnny Parker Glenna Patton Debbie Perkins Bill Phillips Cathy Pitsch 184 SENIORS -vs, "K..CY in C"-Q-r Steve Pond Linda Pope Ftetha Pope "SRP 'wi .wig 'm 'As-JU' as 3. Ronnie Pope Tacy Pottorff Paula Powell Greggory Pride Louise Quackenbush Carla Post Becky Powell Celeste Pratt Robert Pringle Jim Quattlebaum Bill Potter Charlotte Powell Karen Price Cathy Proctor lnga Rapstine POLITICS, CIVIL RIGHTS, and basic constitutional principles do class. Many naps are taken by the students during classes be- little to incite Fred Nunley to stay awake during his government cause of boredom, hot weather and possibly conflicting activities. SENlOFtS185 A change was in the works. A change brought about by the likes of 700 seniors, who in their twelfth year of school composed Tascosa's twelfth graduating class. A change that was brought about by such class officers as Scott Denko, president, Judy Blankenship, vice-president, and Karen Lowery, secretary. A change that was exemplified by Tascosa's twelfth lvliss South- ern Belle, Tara Loewenstern. Led by other Seniors who helped to establish Seniors '70 as a class of individuals, were cheerlead- ers Chuck Babb, Ken Douglas, Randy House, Debbie Hrncir, Debbie Saunders and D'Ann Schantz and General Reb Rick Johnson. The year of change will culminate on that night at the Amarillo Civic Center. As each senior's name is called by principal J. E. Fergason, he will walk up the aisle in a line consisting of several hundred Rebels. As it becomes his turn to be the center of attention on the stage, he will take his diploma and give thanks that the whole mess is finally over. That diploma is each Senior's proof that he is out in the world on his own. . .a man free to follow his own fate. When the school first opened in 1958, the name Tascosa was taken from the name of a nearby place called Old Tascosa. The heritage of that old town was personified by the Rebels. But, Seniors did not allow themselves to be tied down by traditions of the past. The Class of '70 proved that they were ready and will- ing for a change. Graduation is the last time Seniors join to sing the school song. lt will be the last time that many of the Seniors will ever see each other and the last time that the Senior Class of 1970, 700 strong, will act coopera- tively. And the last time Seniors really will feel a part of Tascosa High School. That change that came about made Tascosals twelfth graduating well known for its originality. Carolyn Ratllff Debbie Rea Diana Reed 186 SENIORS Glenn Reeves Druce Reiley Blake Reimer Frank Reinhardt Diana Renfro ,'fr'wg.- 'lr- Hylasue Reynolds Linda Richardson Martha Richardson Randy Richardson Joel Riddlespurger lvlarla Riddlespurger Vana Riggs Mark Rigler Chan Roark Homer Robbins Graduates enjoy 'final hurrah' during year Kent Roberts Janice Rogers Robert Roth Debby Rutnart Kay Sansing Debbie Saunders Roger Robertson LaVonda Rodgers Clifford Rucker Dan Ryan Dalton Sapp Ellen Scamohorn Mike Robinson Randy Romig Lynn Rudd Marty Sackett Vaierie Sasser D'Ann Schantz Rhonda Robson Eddie Rossman Deene Rue Bridget Sanders Syndey Satterfield Janis Scoggins ii l A 1 M 19 , Q' 1 -4-' SENIORS 187 Newt' W1"i'T'V Jimmy Sheriff Ricky Seiwert Lisa Sisk Mike Sherrer Sherry Simms Debby Sittel Barry Shulkin Janis Sims James Slagle it Denah Scott Rusty Seedig Jim Sharp I Gail Scott Linda Seibert Nlarshalette Sharp i Sally Scott Paul Sewel Judy Shaw my Tommy Scott Gail Sharber Elaine Shelton ' Sally Searight Clare Sharman Oliver Shelton FLUTTERING IN THE autumn northers, the Rebel game flag re- minds seniors that their last year as student spectators is draw- ing to a close. 188 SENIOFKS Flag reminds students of 3-year experience Mona Slape Jenny Smith Patsy Smith Shirley Sneed Carolyn Spencer Bobbie Spooner Charles Smith Karen Smith Philip Smith Walter Snellgrove Ricky Spencer Karen Spurgeon Debra Smith Kenny Smith Susan Smith Max Snipes David Spivey Lynn Staggs Jackie Smith Linda Smith Susan Smith Nl Craig Shook Jerry Splawn Paul Stanley SENIOFKS 189 Classmates celebrate on Hanne's birthday Sally Stanford Stuart Steele Tom Stout Jenny Starkey Tommy Still Patty Strader Susie Starks Becky Stockdale Stephen Stu rdivant Debbie Steiner Stanley Stockton Hanne Sunby 190 SENIORS it X Delvin Sutton Ronda Sutton Heidi Swauger Cindy Sweeny Greg Swisher Roger Syrus Cathie Taylor Regina Tackett Curt Taylor Sherral Tacquard Gary Taylor Roger Tarver Jan Taylor James Tates Karen Taylor 49' FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT Hanne Sundby chats with Ama- rillo High's Italian visitor Georgeo Martiny as Hanne is honored on her birthday by her American family and friends. Seniors Deb- Kathy Teague Dennis Teeters Liz Teal Diane Thompson Hal Thompson Shirley Thornburg W0 7 Z 2 2 bie Davis, Ron Eubanks and Ken Douglas enjoy refreshments in the background, This is the first and probably the last time Hanne will celebrate this Oct. 6 occasion in America. Cathy Thut Tom Tigart Debby Timmons Mike Tompkins Steve Tomlinson Jimmy Truitt SENIORS 191 Southern tradition prevails at athletic events Randy Tucker Mandy Vance Robert Vick Brad Wagnon Nancy Wall Virginia Walters Philip Tuttle Byron Vanderburg Mike Vinez Mike Waits Linda Wallace Cathy Warnick Bill Underwood Rita VanDoren Perry Vinson Jay Walker Annette Walls John Washburn Cindy Unsell Steve Vaught Chris Wade Steve Walker Mary Ann Walsh Randall Watson 192 SENIORS f P' Kathy Wattenburger Mike Wehrman Paul West Ann Wheeler Charles Whitlow Nancy Whisenand Janice Weatherbee Carolyn Weir Ricky West John Wheeler Sherri White Flandy Whittaker .N Q -Q Z..-I yr mfg lm, REBELS CHEER WITH excitement as the THS football team fore the start of the Rebel-Sandie game. The Fteb gridsters were scrambles onto the field, and the cheerleaders and Wranglers handed their fourth loss of the season with a 13-7 score after a come onto the field waving the blue and red Confederate flag be- last-minute effort by the Flebs. SENlOFtS193 Juniors Individual, team sports draw participation if Denise Adkins Shelley Anthony Barbara Badgett Tom Baker Buddy Beene Debbie Black 196 JUNIOBS Rosemary Adlong Susan Archer DeNeice Baer Debbie Bales Patrice Belcher Martha Bland Kris Albertson Eileene Armstrong Karen Bailey Cherry Balfour Wanda Bell Melanie Blumer Pam Allen Carole Arney Karen Bailey Larry Barnes Judy Bentley Frank Bogue Q ew-- Beverly Allred Tim Arterburn Kenneth Bailey Mike Barth Debbie Benton Bob Bordelon Kaye Altsman Steve Ashby Mark Baker Patti Bauman John Biggs Robin Borger L fx tr rtts ee? Rickie Anderson Anne Ashworth Pam Baker Robert Bauman Lynn Binnion Denise Bowen Clarence Annett Dedee Ault Steve Baker Carolyn Beck Rich Birmingham David Bower L w e Cathy Bowers Lynette Box Patricia Braboy Jan Branum Bill Braudt Jan Bremer Debbie Brewer .ff qi-ef it in 1 1 Q 4 A r Delinda Bowling Holly Boyle Colleen Brands Greg Brashears Dale Bray Cheryl Brewer Mike Bridges 411' V BARBARA HUDSON CONCENTRATES on her swing as she practices serving at the Amarillo Ten- nis Center. Under the coaching of Jerry Foster, members of the tennis team devote many hours of an afternoon developing their abilities. JUNIORS 197 Melinda Brittain Joanna Burkett Flobby Brittain Debbi Brock Sue Brooks Mike Brown Marilyn Bulkin Brent Burlield Linda Burgess Bill Burnett Roma Burns Jerilyn Butler Chris Callahan Tommy Camden Gary Campbell Kim Campbell E 2 X an is WORKING WITH TRAINED hands and eyes in woodworking, Gary first period class. Shop students work on projects all year long Bonnette sands the top to a stool during Eugene Ashmead's to enter into competition with other regional schools. 198 JUNIOHS W Practical experience prepares boys' future if za f , ,,,, a r Mike Campbell Al Clark Tim Coley Sharon Council Steve Crawford Marshall Cutrlght 412 , f ff f ff Denese Carrington Sandy Clark Alan Collard Brian Cowden Barry Crltes Marilyn Dammler Julie Carroll Toney Clark Frances Collins Ronald Cowling Darrell Crofford Diana Daniel Dave Cartwright Nancy Claughton Carol Commons Deonna Cox Sammy Cross Doug Daniel Brad Carver Lisa Clayton Ricky Cook Don Cox Mike Crow Patty Daniel Joyce Chandler David Cobb Steve Cook Kathy Cox Charlsse Crump Debbie Davis Larry Chapman Tia Chrlstenson Dena Cobb Becky Coffman Jackie Cooper Becky Cornelius Sheryl Cox Flobln Cramer Sharon Cummings Tim Curtis Guy Davis Lolel Day JUNIORS 199 .......-w .qv-W "'Wl,...f.. K 3-L-a2,se.t,,sA.t..-..:,.. . . is X 1.2333 M A --'--, .. 3 -. .. H M l Q . . .,b.wM.t.s,Xs,.g .. X . ,sixx . . MW .. , x... . . - Q W X A me m-,L . f- wt-Ms.. . as .zrilfw XM 1 Mmm.. ,- we W x-f- - .W N31 .... -Ls.-5N.,f -mg we .Y QQR ENEN - W X 1 ' - . - so r"':Wf?ffi,1fF ifffk' iititg-IG-LEEQIIA:f-5259 3 , 5, X i 1 i m! -xi! "iff-5? -its iiw'.i,f'-fniiiif-fi -57 it r or .. V... . . K. . .. ,. -:Lf.:,--.f:-'jLQ:s:T,-1.2111" ' ' ' ff? ffsiifa':2l:7:fs,1-N' 2 5.1 .iiv X T 555 5. -fr i :SSSsse.Qa?qSE:i:f:s12ar'. - 7' - 'bcscssiiilliifiiilifi 1- 3i?fa::S15f'rtfi.- sg. , N.. gf X . ss ?.sm..tf S2 Q32-S::3..w.is.r KEEPING IN STEP with other Flebel band members, twirler Judith Kolander marches in the Tri-State Fair parade. Both the Rebel and sophomore bands make combined and separate public appearances all year long at such af- fairs as football games, parades, rodeos and concerts. 200 JUNIOHS Willie Deane Dan Debenport Tom Deckard Suzanne Decker Steve Denson Beth Denton Marilyn Denton Kathy Dodgen Susan Donaho Kathy Doster Lyn Doyle Linda Duke Brenda Duncan Teresa Dupree Second-year musicians keep in step Sharon Dixon Diane Durham Randall Durrett Nancy Emmett Marsha Farley Gwen Finch Celia Franks Bill Dyer Richard Easley Flosemartha Erdmann Nilla EUDSNK Sandra Farley Jana Farwell Tony Fiore Pat File Paul Frederiksen Cheryl FVGSWIHQ wwf XQQS xx X sa 1 '-A 'Ak' Qiwstms no ye N rig- Becky Eastland Edwin Evans Donna Faucett Larry Flemming Mary Freeman Janice Eddins Becky Eldridge Debbie Ellis Emilie Elton John Evans Flenna Evans Marihelen Ewing Diane Faris Gary Ferguson Steve Fielder Larry Fielding Trena Fike Jaynet Foreman Kelly Forkner Deen Foster Linda Foust Vicki French Steve Gallaway Edwin Galley Billy Gano JUNIOFKS 201 ALONG WITH KEEPING up on his studies and extracurricular ac- Many juniors complete their day by working at various jobs in tivities, Louis Pekar works at a local donut shop Mike Gatlin Barbara Gish Carl Garland David Garrett Larry Gilbert Richard Gilmer 202 JUNIOFKS after school. the city. Some students get work permits to leave school at 2:30 Jan Gentry Dan Gerken Danny Geroux Terry Gholston Cory Giddens Karen Glenn Jody Glover Christi Goforth Debbie Goodnight Janet Goodrich 4 uf Larry Gowdy Paula Gfaef Debbie Graham Gary Graham Judy Grantham Patsy Gray Vickie Gray Clydene Gressett Afternoon work-permit provides extra hour . L! W Mi , A Steve Grizzle Roy Grona Gayle Gruber Sharla Grundy Teena Haiduk Judy Hail Kay Hailey Ginger Hales Brenda Harbison Steve Harper Lily Harwell Kaye Hawkins James Hegedus Bill Henderson Gary Henderson David Herber Alan Higgins Paula Higgins Paula Higgs Jackie Hill X Janet Gunn Mike Hamlin Peggy Hawkins Roger Herring Kathy Hill Don Guthrie Lonnie Hammond Fred Hays Mary Hervey Pebble Hill Ginger Guthrie Sharon Hampton Niki Hazelwood Michele Hester Eris Holland xx. Michelle Gwynn Randy Hand Kathie Heck Jay Hickmott Paula Holloway JUNIORS 203 2 DWF, Guthrie, Daniel, Pinkston lead class ww? Richard Holloway Suedell Holloway Amy Howard Carla lnce Kathy Johnson Gayle Kidwell Billy Koenig 204 JUNIOFKS .ar .Jf ' v 5 ,K Wa i ak W l James Holt Curtis Howard Tommy Ingram Debbie Jones Kim Kiihn Judith Kolander Missy Hopson Dennis Howard Keith Irwin Koy Jones Emily Kiker David Koontz M 5 , Steve Horrell Donna Houchin Pam House Terry Howard Leslie Howell Barbara Hudson Loretta Irwin Lee Jacobsen Judy Jacques Sandy Jordan Jay Jorden Charmaine Kelley John Kilgore Patty Killins Bob Killmer Cheryl Koopman Benny Kraemer Charlene Kuykendall Rhonda House Linda Hugg Dan Jenkins Bruce Kennedy Randy Killough Linda Lampe Marlane Houston Tim Hunnicutt Dianna Johnson Lewis Kennedy Mike King Cindy Landers Barry Lane Gary Lane Amy Lanham Jan Lassiter Mike Law Mike Levick Rusty Lewis Troy Limbaugh Ken Linke Linda Linn Daryl Litton Connie Lockhart Joe Lojewski Dale Loliar Mike Longanecker Linda Looney Joe Mack Jeff Mager Kathleen Malone Steve Maner LuAnn Mannon Lynn Marks Madeline Marsh Lee Marshall JUNIOR OFFICERS FOR 1969-70 were Don Guthrie, president: were elected in October by their classmates in an election which Patty Pinkston, secretary and Patty Daniel, vice president. They had students using Potter County voting machines. JUNIOFZS 205 ' John Mathes Debbie Mierzwik Mike Messer Lora Martin Jeri Mason Richard Mason Joyce Matteson Kathie Mendez Penny Mercer Lyndon Massey Debbie Merritt ENDEAVORING TO ACQUIRE speed and smoothness in his typing ability during his fourth period typing class under Mrs. Sybal Brierley, Bill Dyer concentrates on striking the right keys. Typing is a more popular course at Tascosa since it is offered to all three grades. 206 JUNIORS Typing open to Janet Milby Charles Miranda Mark Mitchell Roxane Monroe David Moore Mark Moreland Monty Miller Cliff Mitchell Cameron Monroe Emily Montgomery Diane Moore Bill Morgan students in all three grades 'ffm 5-df an--4' . . Miller Morris Janice Morrow Sid McDaniel Karen McKinzie Melody McReynolds Mike NGIS Jerrye Palmer Kent Parge Louis Pekar Mike Pena Judy Petropoulos Debbie Pfeil Penny Morton Charla McLaughlin Jim Nelson Tim Parra Larry Pendleton Suzanne Pickard Dan Moser Joe McMahan Sheila O'Keefe Patty Patterson Nancy Perdue Pam Pickens Debbie Munn Pam McMicken Ronnie Ortiz Vickye Patterson Rhonda Perkins Charles Pierce I x " f i W , M , , O t 2 O Terri Myers Debby McMurry Pam Owen David Peek Richard Perry Penny Pierce f ' x f f W 0 VW . .. f Anne Morris Linda Morris Valerie McCarthy Tommy McClellan Peggy McNabb Beverly Owens Deborah Peek Alta Personius Robert Pilkinton Kathy McNeil Cindy Palmer Larry Peek Doug Peters Tim Pillsbury JUNIORS 207 Patty Pinkston Beckie Price Paul Pond Doug Price K d SS Ann PI'lCe Brenda Porter Debi Porter Patti Porter Bob Postma Becky Powell Connie Priolo Charles Puckett Terri Railsback Cora Ralston Gaylon Rankin Mark Redfearn Rides, bright lights annually draw students Q Kathy Reed Gay Roach Steve Robinson Patsy Rudd 208 JUNIORS X xx . N V. ,,,, A A: - , Barbara Reese Jody Robberson Robert Rollen Nancy Saddoris N 5 Sharon Renegar Diane Roberts Donald Romer Barbara Sampson Robert Richey Randy Roberts Cindy Root Monty Savage Karen Richmond Sylvia Roberts Brad Ross Larry Scarbrough Janice Richmond Karen Riggs Jack Ritchie Floyd Robertson Gail Robertson Laurel Robertson Robert Rosser Rusty Roush Don Royal Celia Schottlander Craig Schroder Mary Scivally David Seale Beverly Sechrist Keith Self Jon Shaltry Susan Shapiro Leah Ann Sharp to Tri-State Fair Don Shawhart Jeff Sheldon Sandy Sides Jackie Siegman Debbie Simpson Ken Skinner Drew Skipworth Dennis Smith Jimmy Smith Johnny Smith Marsha Smith Steve Smith 'U' r AN ANNUAL ATTRACTION to regional residents is the Tri-State Fair. Many area youth are attracted to the bright lights and rides on the midway. Others find joy in exhibits and food stands. JUNIORS 209 P I t I t Larry Snead Kathryn Snider Karen Solomon Elaine Sparks Scott Spencer Q ,Maize-ww ' "M " W r,rrrrrr rr ,K my i lm 1 JAMES HEGEDUS IS fast discovering that Karen Richmond is from his car after a game. Painting cars for football games is a more of a hindrance than a help as they try to remove the paint favorite pastime, butgetting paintoff is a different matter. 210 JUNIORS to boost game spirit ends with big wash job Mark Spradlin Scott Stevens Ricky Sumner Karen Taylor Phillip Thompson Steward Urbach Sandy Spradlin Kenda Stevenson Lonny Sutterlield Pam Taylor Nancy Thornton Brad Van Camp , ,,,, Susan Spring Donald Stitt Sue Sutton Beth Teague Dayle Tipton Cameron Vance Connie Stanley Sandy St. John Jack Swindell Sarah Terrill Scott Tjernagel Jon Vanderwilt Jeanne Steel Mary Stratton Ronny Syrus Peggy Terwilliger Carol Todd Joe Vaughan Rhonda Stephens Kenneth Stringer Sherri Talley Curtis Teter Rodney Townsend Steve Vaughan Polly Stephenson Dorothy Strong Clay Tarpley Betty Thompson Kay Trafton Cherryl Vernon Steve Sterquell Susan Stronkovvski Becky Taylor Carolyn Thompson Debbie Truman Kathy Vibbard I I ,M-f I L 1 "' 1 f KW R!! 4, LJ an JUNIORS 211 Tasoosa's 753 juniors see new decade begin N5 423555 -l iX'3iQ5i"" ,- as 125.2 gs.. . . X ,... . . i I we ai is ,S l X k X Q x XX 2 eggs ,il S X A X 6 2' X B x m X Sandra Vroom Peggy Wade Billy Ward Jim Ward Dyrika Weeks Brenda Wester David Willingham Brad Wilson Gay Wingfield Kay Wingfield Jenelle Woodward Debbie Word 212 JUNIORS Terry Walker Pat Warner Cathy Whatley Danny Wilson Carol Wissler Darlene Yocum Paula Wallace Don Warr Flon Wheeler Jennifer Wilson Jan Wixom Rod York X N Tim Wallace Bruce Walsh Mellanie Walsh Gall Watkins Carol Webb Debbie Webb Neil Whitaker Sharon Wickham Ricky Wilcox Marcia Wilson Paul Wilson Ralph Wilson Jonathan Wglfe Paulette Wolfe Brenda Woodard JoAnne Zielinski Odile Zientek Stan Zoller Mike Walton Debbie Weeks Alan Williams Dale Winfield Dianne Woods Rhonda Zumwalt if . b ,QR-.fyiiguqi A i., 'xx --txt M N Y Mx if: V: tl! Q! 1 P 0 'O .1 7 ', 1 . 0 4 , , ' Q- l'. n g Q y . , . 7 n I x 1 1 S , 1 - D . a .. ,- 1A. I " . if n 575757-dw 25757-I Gfficers make allowances for new drivers ,ilggkb 1 EZ., L . . fi . , II , dj , X 1 5 A J si Debbie Abrahamson Dick Abrahamson Bill Acton Dave Alsobrook Vivian Amick Eldon Anderson Denney Arthur Lora Asher Debi Ault Shelley Baker David Ballou Julie Banks Susan Beardsley Linda Beasley Dean Beauregard Jana Bell Leslie Bilderback Steve Bird 214 SOPHOMOFKES 'i- if - John Adamson Melinda Archer Bruce Autry Kim Barlow Mike Beavers Becky Bishop ,ri xS.,.ZsSgw L rs X SX Y, Cindy Ainsworth Debbie Armstrong George Autry Debbie Barnes Linda Beck Wyatt Blackburn Q r ,, . it Q -fi x :sf A 6 me Ricky Alford Kim Armstrong Susan Babb Terry Barnes Karen Beckham Debbie Blakesley Ftita Allison Glenda Allston Neal Arrant Carla Arrington David Bacon JO Bailey Melody Batchelor Bill Bateman Cathy Beebe Joe Begey lvon Blessen Jan Blue 9 .W s X i x iw is Gary Boggs Sam Bonifield Bill Braboy Dale Bramblett Gail Bramblett Chris Brashears Debbie Brazil Dennis Brewer David Bridges John Brittain Teresa Brooks Debbie Brown Lou Anne Brown Nancy Brown We VW' ., fl! 19' TEXAVS ff BTR'846 Garry Boatright Linda Breeden Pamella Brown Steve Brown Siivanne Brown Kay Brownlee Danny Bruce SOPHOMORES WERE INTRODUCED to a number of new customs as they entered high school-namely driving cars and receiving traffic tickets. Jo Bailey gets her piece of paper from a policeman who finds it necessary to kneel. SOPHOMORES 215 , we 'ra Qu M 4 2 ff A 4 fr 2 r 4 WW 3 ,,,. 4 na g! ,.., , V, --" ' Q L , ,,.,. f ll,, :kg ,,,, r ,lf Pam Bryant Steve Bryant Wayne Bryant Deborah Bucklew Debbie Burge Mark Burget 'L .y Blaine Burnett Lucy Burruss David Burton Marla Burtz Trudie Byers Mike Cain ff Y ,Q f 4 5' he If Y l f , 'J A nizv y !. A W 2' i ff 'ic it 2 v K J f W Wwaw 9, Zan A f 4 Q 9 I 'W V , ii, f i ff -V we iv David Bruce Regenia Brundidge Gary Burkman Gary Burleson Steve Cairns Becky Cameron Pat Campbell Roxanne Campbell Debbie Carder Robert Carr Sheryl Carr Cindy Carter Kit Carter Billie Jo Carver FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS quickly find places for themselves at Tascosa. Richard Hazlewood, an audio visuals aide, pushes a projector and screen to a waiting class. Aides work during study hall 216 SOPHOMORES Diane Carver Priscilla Carver Caryl Cary Pat Cauley Paul Cauley Rhonda Cazzell Beverly Champeau Ross Cheshire Sophs become part of school's community ' fiyiiw ii Mike Christal Greg Collins Billy Cowley Nancy Curtis Paula Demaree C ar lv I , ,Y ,QQQQZQZTM J ia 5 W ,W Y , 2 4, . fri ,5,,f,,, ,.f,. A . J llrv L ,ii J ff 6' 1 ' em! X , 2, Jaw J 7 I '- ,...,." we f - J , ra.. J ' J J . y ,,,l, 1. ' Wi 'ww Jim Christlanson Caren Colvert Mike Crawlord Larry Daniel Karen Demers Brenda Clark Rex Comer Steve Crawford Janet Davidson Debby Dennett Patty Clark Ann Conkllng 2 M l E 1, f , ... Z, ,iw e Q. Q, Randy Click Ronnie Connally Tom Cross Anne Crow Shirley Davidson Joanne Davis Kathy Dickinson Steve Dillard Christopher Cole Frank Corder Rhonda Crump Boyd Deaver Tim Dillard Jim Coley Carole Cosmic Diane Cuellar Diane Deaver Laquetta Dillon Patti Collier Steve Cosper Chris Curphey Mitch Decker Patty Dillon SOPHONIORES 217 in X 'Ti S' fr. suns I , 1 fiiig .. . sg' , K. K .. .. ,. . if --,. .. i f A K: ,X Q, ,sf s S me Paul Dodgen Jeanne Downey Elaine Duke Gail Easley Carrie Epps Debbie Farmer Diana Foulk Tony Doster Johnny Dryden Melinda Duncan Lynette Easley Barbara Erwin Dee Ann Fenton Gary Fowler Jw. K . ? J., M. .....,-new an ifiifs pqgporvll PUSHING TO EXCEL his record, Steve Crawford practices jumping during his gym class. Tascosa usually ranks among the nation's top schools participating in the Presidential Awards competition. Steve Duncan David Eaves Geoffrey Erwin Vickie Ferguson Kirk Dunham Johnny Edwards Clint Esler Mark Few Doug Dunn Les Ellenburg Bill Eubank Gary Fields .I if 5 H2 N 218 SOPHOMOHES Wanda Dunn Kirn Ealy Don Ellison Joe Emanuel Jimmy Evans Sharon Evans Kim Ford Trisha Fortenbe VW Patricia Early Cecile Enchelmeyer Bud Faris Linda Foster Gymnasts strive to attain Presidential Award Robert Fowler Jim Fullingim Anne Gaut Debbie Giles Charles Graham Glenn Griffin Lea France Suzy Gallarneau David Gay Craig Gladrnan Donna Graham Fred Grona Dewey Franks Eugene Galley Jim George Terri Glasgow Debbie Grant Milton Gustin SF Randy Franks Bill Gamel Carol Gephart Debi Glasson Stephanie Grant Diane Guthrie x Vw ,it to X E E' -ov ,,a .. , wg in 3 19 .Q :-. 2 t t 'T W' , . : it X David Freshnock Brad Gann Ginger Gibson Larry Gnepper Pam Gray Doug Gwin : 751 : N K S G sr' if 1 it ss ' v if A 9 Ifffaww G . "fi Karen Frey Cyndi Gardner Gloria Gibson Bert Gollihugh Merton Grayson Renee Hager Tommy Frisbie Mark Garlin Rocky Gidden Janell Goodson Albert Green Curtis Hail f -'UK Cindy Fry Alan Garms Dallas Giddens Ricky Gordon Janey Greenhouse Nina Halford tx im-51-" 1-.. .s ,Q 3 mf.. .Q -ML M--.A at . 3, A K as - sie, .st :- av K tr SF i I .. I wx .. SOPHOMORES 219 aft Q Q 5 si s ii its 2 is M, ..,,, . .... , 3 wi? " ls XX Rex Hall Bobby Hamblin Christi Hamilton Michael Hamilton Dianne Hamlin Leesa Hanes Susan Hanna Richard Hannasch Counselors offer advice to underclassmen W fi f K ...,, fsi g l -- -' f A -X "is 1 in Ginger Hargis Patsy Hauser Cathey Henson Lisa Hobson Jackie Holmes 220 SOPHOMORES Wendy Hargis Steve Hayes Stanley Herring Mike Hoelcher Patti Holtzclaw Y? Debbie Harlan Terry Harper Vicki Harper Anna Hays Gwen Hazlewood Richard Hazlewood Sandi Hicks Cynthia Hill Jana Hill Mike Hollinger Mike Holloway Pat Holloway Cynthia Hood Maurice Hood Norman Hooten Judy Harrell Jan Henderson Weldon Hill Sarah Holloway Tim Horrell Mike Harris Bobby Hendricks Sandy Hinchey Tom Holloway Gay Howard Anna Hauser Karen Henslee Edward Hirst Gregg Holmes Zack Howell -N ,V ,nl Fleika Hubbard Mike Isley Galen Johnson Sharon Johnson Dava Jones Jimmy Jones Lu Ann Jones ,1- ,gk N Paul Hull David Jackson Paige Johnson Peggy Johnston Debbie Jones Kyla Jones Ronnie Jones I -K , I K4 K Keith Hunt Kathy Hunton Jimmy Huge Jackie Jackson Donnie Janssen Shelly Jgnklns Connie Imel Diana lngfam Tommy Jenkins ADH! Johnson Lu Ann Isle Dee Johnson 'M'-Q... A 1.554 -.um , x iii 4' .gr I THE PERPLEXING PROBLEMS of the novice student-the sophomore-are solved mostly by Mar- garet Haley, the sophomore counselor. Dick Abrahamson consults Miss Haley about his schedule. SOPHOIVIORES 221 X o. yt like v i Julie Jordan Tina Jordan Gam' JOY Colette Kasper Oliver Kelley Donna Kennedy Karla Kenyon Julia Kersey Voting machines make ballot counting easy X 4 1 Melissa Kidd Henry Knox Jerry Lane Danny Lemke David Lojewski 222 SOPHOIVIORES Brenda Kinderknecht Kimberly Kohler Mark Lanham Cindy Lester Kathy Long we -t my-.ge ' P M' L .,.t tt? l t llrl be , f - at... 4 ' ' Dianne King John King Mike King Annette Korelc Scott Laxson Doug Lester Debbie Looney Debbie Kraus Leigh Leard Joy Liedtke Jimmy Luscombe Debra Kunkel Terri LeCompte Jenni Light Stuart Madsen Keith Kingdon Steve Klamm Sheryl Kuykendall Kent Ladd Melody Ledbetter Mike Lee Kathy Liles Laurel Linn Andy Mager Carol Mann Kim Knepp Perry Ladd Mike Lehman Dana Loewenstern Mike Martin x sg A X e if x t xs '57 Z Fr co n Z 0 CD cn rn if ?f 42-M , Don Mason for judges 'bfi ni' H M Woody Matheson Cindy Mattice Stacy Mays Susie Melinger Mike Merriman Lynn Mathis Janet Mayo Diane Meehan Lynetta Melson Shelly Meyer "O0PS! I FORGOT to push the button!" sophomore Debie Moore thinks as she emerges from the sophomore polling booth after voting Oct. 13 in the commons. SOPHOMOFKES 223 Gary Mezel Carol Miller Mark Miller Mike Miller Mary Mills Sheron Mobley -- l l SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS-xSusan Walker, secretary, Stanley Herring, president and Melody Batchelor, vice president-sit atop the gymnasium to get a clear view of Tascosa. The three along with Margaret Haley, sophomore counselor, instituted a sophomore council this year. 224 SOPHOMOFZES Terry Molyneaux Mike Monroe David Moore Geri Moore Mike Morehead Connie Morgan Kelly Morris Carol Monken Dana Moore Debby Moore Michael Morales Chick Morgan Joe Morris Lynne Morris ,Q li., Tom Morrison Mike Morrow Joe Mudroch Dutch Mulkey Bern Munnerlyn Allison Murff Becky Murphy Jimmie Myers Herring, Batchelor, Walker lead sophomores he Ss XXX i Karen Myers Crystal McCurry James McKee Susan McNew Starla Nivens Sherri Myers Kay McKenzie Doug Nance Debby Noble Larry McDaniel 'I f Lt.: x . r Carol McAvery Jimmy McElroy Kathy McLane Charlotte Nazworth Shelley Norris we '-1.-w... ' 7-'L A' -..e?f:?'e.-1.3 vat, X Diane McBrayer Mike McGee Candie McMahon Bill Nelson Nina Nunnally John McCann Susan McClanahan Marla McGill Shirley McGregor Mike McMennamy Diann McMiIlin Leslie Nelson Nickle Neubauer Ralph Nussbaum Sally Oakley li Gail McClellan Joe McKay Stephi McMorries Bob Newsome Kris Ochsner Ruth McCormick Linda McKay Randy McNeeley Dorinda Newton Paula Packard SOPHOMORES 225 Frustration appears as tray takes a tumble s-ls it . .. Q . T sm, vs. K ...SM 5 K S 3 -Osh xx l Nancy Palmer Vickye Patterson Ninon Petit Ginger Post Margaret Proctor Lloyd Flauh 226 SOPHOMORES Steve Panger Jeff Paul Charles Phillips Jamie Pratt Vicki Pruitt Harry Reed Judy Parker Barbara Payne Diann Phillips Terry Prescott Martha Puckett Jack Reed so if: Steven Parker Kathy Peek Pat Pickard Paula Preston Cindi Purcell Debbie Reiley Terry Parker Steve Pennal Mike Pickens Andy Price Joe Quattlebaum Ron Fiennke Becky Parr Thelma Pennington Gayle Pippins Pam Price Larraine Quinn Becky Fleyman Cindy Patterson Kim Peres Pamela Polk Verlinda Pride Mike Rains Alan Flexrode . 5 ,J f Mike Patterson Belinda Peterson Carol Polvadore Mark Probst Nancy Flatliff Rod Fihoton onto floor x fl ' Janice Richmond Mike Roach Jimmy Rogers Ronnie Rook Marla Rosenberger Melissa Ross Sherry Ricketts Molly Robberson Joan Roksandich Jan Rosenbaum Jeanne Ross Rose Rossman -Q-mit .JK x 5' , t .iz X ' sg . ' A 'S Lynette Marty Rice Phil Richards Bill Richardson Mary Richardson Rldd'eSDUf99f Mary Riddlespufgef Teresa Rigdon Marcia Rigler Lee Riley WSSISY Robbins Brenda Roberts Kenney Roberts Gini Robertson Becky Robinson Rusty Richardson Richard Riley Debbie Robinson AMONG THE MOST embarrassing things that can happen to a student is a tray scattered all over the cafeteria floor. With shaky composure, Rose Rossman quickly assembles her would-be lunch. SOPHOMORES 227 N , . , - , Awww X 9 f f , 2 X Q2 f , ,K M. :Q n v - , by v r' '-' ff :V 3212393 44 H uw f 'Jr' M 1 4:- f 1 J! J -- ., 'L ' V127 A- eg . ' ' ru 'tm ,gfffgy M, , , Kg! M Qi f ff Z 5 4 ff , ,f ff' M f if , V H. 5 V, It , , ROQGI' Fll-ICKGV Cheryle Rudd Nelson Rue Marla Rupp David Rushing RUSH? SHFUOYH Bucky Sams Marc Satterwhite Debbie Schuler Dgnna Schulz James Scroggins Rex Seedig Charles Seeds Stanley Seibert Wanda Seng liii 4 llll X Chuck Ryan Sharon Sahm Dale Scott Linda Scott Bob Sharp Randy Sharp I 3 , ,", if c X i ,WI W 2 , i 'MM M X 5 A, 4- 2 Sam Salmon Robert Scott Greg Sharp ONE SOPHOMORE COUPLE enjoys a movie at an Amarillo an unchaperoned date. Evening dates were only one of the new theater and discover the conveniences of a driver's license and experiences during thefirst yearin high school. Richard Sherrod Craig Shulkin Jim 5,man Marcus Simmefg paul Sims Caroline Sittel 'Y fm 'G Darrel skipworm Ronnie Slaughter Movies provide most Amarillo entertainment fi, t.,, K l ti ff if ' x ff f- 4 it J t, t lk dm I .ini ax W, if A as A fm, 2 ff 3 J ,f 4 ,e , , if, 'i i ..,. 'sf Q , ,X "25- J fi 10 it- any I, wr' 1' 1 Wi. f f If 5 G rift vw Noel Sloan Mark Smith Ginger Spannuth Kendra Stanley Mark Stiff Davy Smiley Steve Smith Valerie Sparks Bill Steele Melody Stockton Randy Smiley Gaye Snider Pam Spaulding Bobby Steele Barbara Storseth Chuck Smith Cindi Smith Dennis Snellgrove Brian Sonnek Belinda Spear Su zy Spencer Gaylon Steinle James Stephens Stacy Stutzman Mitchell Summers f 59 . K, i M ya? W 4 I gage . , A. M me f . . eff zz fu' ,awa- f u, .. " J ti.t wa tying . ' ,A I ,U 1: I f T575 my l j 1 E 3 I X A V K .. Gary Smith Danny Southern Rusty Spikes Karen Sterling Vicki Summers , rv- L. , I xt f ,tt p, 'rr 3 Y 5x ' W ,. B Karen Smith J. C. Sewers Cheryl Splawn Doug Stewart Debbie Suter Mark Smith Tracie Spalding Sherri Springtube Susan Stewart Jimmy Swanson SOPHOMORES 229 Karen Swisher Debbie Taylor Flegie Thykeson Susie Tunnell Johnny Wallace Don Washburn Ruth Wherry 230 SOPHOMORES f ff w - i s .:. o'f'f Us . if. . .. at...s X vt N as V T 'S we Shane Sylvester Scott Taylor Brooke Tillerson Tera Tuttle Karen Wallace Lonnie Watson Richard Whipple Steve Synck Weldon Taylor Mark Tillotson Danny Valois Charles Waller Kelley Webb Flobert Whipple Felecia Tacquard Chris Teesdale Thomas Todd Doug Vaught Terry Wallis Mike Webb Jeanne White -fs sf :ss ' Rm Q WK N. N s tx yea X T ,.., ,. -- XE X X s .4- - .Af Cheerleaders . .f,,,,.. ..,. Janice Tarpley Betty Thomas Jonell Tomasello Holly Vernon Drew Walsh Randy Webb Linda White Bill Thompson Ricky Trovez Paula Wade Mary Walters Deanie Wedge Nina White worth t fa t Q ' f tk ig is X Xl . f 6 I x 3 ,X 1 . Steve Thompson Cindy Trussell Matt Walker Steve Walters Gary Weis Patricia White Janet Thornton Patty Tucker Susan Walker Rex Warren Linda West Beth Whitley surprise footballers with outdoor pep rallies Dow Whltlow David Wlese Mike Wilkerson Janice Wilkie David Wilkinson Renee Wilkinson David Williams Joe Williams Larry Williams Don Willis Beth Wilson Dean Wilson Jane Wilson Mike Winfrey John Wlsenbaker Alan Witcher Cecelia Wolden Georgena Womack Sam Wood Jana Woods Scott Woolery Doris Wossum Billy Wycoff Henry Wycoff Sharon Yock Earlene Yocum David York Mary York Ronald Young Patti Zielinski Kim Zinsmeyer Sherry Zoller W If 5 fzat 1 ' Q M W4 , 6? 1 s g fs I .W ,,t.-,f, 5, iy,,t.f,, .- , .,,, 5, , ,r ,A ,,f ., X A i W f :tr ,, 1 u Q 3? 2 I 'ff .,,, 1 41, 1 tt!- 'M ,- 4- and Y 4 y. ,M KW 471, vqglwgw M75 aiu! ' . ' f 1 .. . 'lrsge ef T2 me-'vfff Q si-few 2, P- la .mwa-1:mf,fwhfM'M .W f .. "NO, IT IS not a moratoriumg it is an outdoor pep rally." Cheer- team to victory against Borger in the district playoffs Nov. 14. It leaders this year held a surprise pep rally to boost the football worked as the Rebels posteda25-7 win overthe Bulldogs. SOPHOIVIORES 231 Advertising Andy's Custom Homes 5225A II BI d 3831231 at BEEBE LUMBER TVVINGS DRIVE IN CQMIDANY THE OLD SWEDE 2411 W- 6th 1010 North Filmore I EXAS TATE PTICAL ASSOCIATED DOCTCRS OF QPTOMETRY Wash your problems away at . . . Amarillo College of Hairdressing 2418 Georgia dy Cash ADVERTISING 235 66 fx I uma Reins Jodi Rodgers, Susan Smith, D'ann Schantz The best hamburgers in town at 2509 Georg ia 355-4000 236 ADVERTISING Gear Company Realtors 1505 W. 10th 376-4327 Dowell-lVlesser 4121 S. Georgia 355-6566 Circle N Appliance Civic Circle 352-5257 Holly Boyle, Rex Hoving Cloth World 912 Georgia 374-0933 Coach James Kile 8t Rebel Wrestlers Any time is the right time 320 W. 4th First Baptist Church 1208 S. Tyler Services Broadcast 8:30 KFDA-Amarillo 10:55 KFDW-Clovis 6:45 KFDO-Sayre I. A,,, l i iiliiii , ,. A tiniest t l. 1 I g X ..,i.,.i 1-"4!h...,.-. ' V , k E : :: 2 g Q- 5 Rhonda Robson "Better Fabrics Make Better Fashions" WESTERN PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER 355-6233 Amarillo's Oldest Exclusive Fabric Store aims to serve, support, encourage and cooperate with all four Amarillo High Schools. . . Everett's Plumbing Heating 8t Air Conditioning 1422 W. 15th 238 ADVERTISING 1 , .limi Q FJJEEYXQOD lfiililllll i BINSON 34th 81 Western The latest in cosmet cs f ne jewelry prescr pt on Kirk Richards, Jack Ritchie A really big "Shoe" Gatlins Shoes 2 -1 ., '-1 del ery 4123 W. 34th Fleetwood Shopping Center UNBRUKEN CHAIN OF 5 SINCE 1903 S Flowers from .EZQSUHS Freemaillsemljlowers FUNERAL DIRECTORS 2934 Duniven W Our BAG is Newspapers! .W v f Aw CMSLQW www! 'Ez osfvvgooifw tZe5wffVM5 'BJ Q W-QJQWQP M 'Do Globe-News Publishing Co "Hottest Brand Going" JACK GWIN DISTRIBUTOR A Complete Line of Tires, Batteries 81 Accessories '2'v, v 1613 E. 3rd Off. Phone: 376-8810 Amarillo, Texas Home Phone: 352-6889 .N at Q Q X , Y W- 1 ,,,, I International Hair Design School 2715 W. 6th 376-5236 Continuous Enrollment for men 81 women beginning 8t advanced JIII9 Auro sumv mc. l R sos N. ,fa AMARILLO Mnzizok L. 'jg TEXAS 1,-ta' Paul Standley Jackie Anderson Randall Watson E "' Don't play around. . . with the grain you buy Kearns Grain 5 Seed Amarillo lvlulesnoe Elevators Texline Elevators Nluleshoe Texline f KLNZW N X 'A i. l,vF31ll4-'X LEAihiif'LiiD E C G OUS AMARILLDNATIUNALBANK AMERICAN NATIDNALBANK BANK DF THE BDUTHWEST FIRBT NATIONAL BANK I I' NDRTH STATE BANK TABCDBA NATIONAL BANK GREAT PLAINS NATIONAL BANK 1 Ginger Hale 242 ADVERTISING -G -421 vi 4?-31110 gi? f-554 ffm ,. ie , H , KVHTV-d1arnLi5LVCU'3WBfH CD Try a new Lincoln from MCKINZI E Lincolnllvlercury 2525 S. Georgia 355-6571 Steve Vaught, Debbie Cothren Susan Cosper I AL 244 ADVERTISING NORTHWEST TEXAS HOSPITAL School of Nursing P.O. Box 1110 Amarillo, Texas 79105 376-4431 Max Snipes, Darla Basset 'Lettuce' serve you H . with fine food from F o r q u al :ty education-enroll - - 77 ff' A 5 fl J' ' ' IH a quality school. Mgnggqlglwgs 2600 PHONE VVOLFLIN 355 5651 --hs Q A .,.,.54- I 3351 een Ave. 355-2362 ' 34 81 B II In Belmar Plaza, th e Jan Bremer I ADVERTIS ProChemco PONCA WHOLESALE Inc. MERCANTILE co. 400 W. 15th Amarillo 372-8161 AMARILLO, TEXAS Phone 355-6531 4146 S. Georgia CEAS VVlLi PCWVER THE FUTURE imagine a small cabinet-size unit in your home that produces all the electricity you need. Well, such silent, efficient Gas fuel cells already exist and have proved themselves in actual operation. They are the same in principle as those now powering our spacecraft. Research is proving that the most economical way to produce energy is to convert piped Gas at the point of use. But that isn't surprising because Gas is almost pure energy. PIONEER NATURAL GAS COMPANY 246 ADVERTISING "h 2? ,,.,.,.--wv4""""' ? E g A Picture this. . . A Photograph from Palo Duro Studio 2614 W. 22nd 355-3352 Charles Turner Denise Denney ADVERTISING 247 fd I A I ' I 'W fyf N x ' " "' 'V" :I g if lL C' Z ' y y a ' N ' J: if MK r 4 , Q . , , , X , E - X ,, ? C 3' ENR 4 ,A Af f, V if r C 'fi an 'fo' i 4 r' W r f . , f , . ,,,, My Q K X I ' , VIAE jf ,w I. " Vx C A :N .j ' Rv I - I , af, "... fl 21OSGeor L i ,C ,-- Q K C i' f' "' r 4 I I . A e ' 1' " x X an Holbd, ebbie X K xv W. C. Roberts Lumber Company 6001 Canyon E-way 352-2757 Ch S Dobbe Save for a rainy day C Xx x , 4. . Seourlty Federal re CaC a C - rro C -f1" " Q ' e Savl ngs Sr Loan n W' Q 1 oyag Q C. .. ' e if C C CeeoCnCry e 1501 south Polk e o or 5 Q Coe,e 5 blbq on Sand a Ch t n Debb e FI ' Q " f r rzf 248 ADVERTISING :,, -.1Q .-Q, ".. 4':' .,,:., f :.-: 1,. :-:- zi' A ,-.-.: 1 P. B. Q: ."' Iniz E I n I ' SERVING FAMILY STYLE 4 "' '2'2' ' A CATERING TAKE OUT ORDERS we PREPARE ANYTHING TO GO .. ,, .,..,O,,, Mii'2Z,,wZn 373-6902 you .xdrriue w 16 IAT THE CORNER I6 I MADISON! Tascosa Patronizes Tascosa Gulf 3400 Interstate 40 355-7102 B. 7.4 Di TASCUSA IXTFATTQQVAL BANK , X ' AMARILL ,TEXA CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS BANKING SERVICES CASHIERS CHECKS AT TRAVELERS cHBcKs TELLER-VISION BANKING I i' NIGHT mszposrronv IN B SAFB DEPOSIT BOXES BANK BY MAIL LOANS - ALL TYPES The Besf Brand of Banking Rusty Roush Mike Whipple Be snug asabug. .. Texas Carpet Co. 3100 45th 352-5229 ADVERTISING 249 WEST TEXAS BARBER COLLEGE Enroll now and learn a highly profitable trade in barbering and men's hairstyling. Due to the rapid advancement in men's hairstyling, more young men and women are learning the art of men's hairstyling. lf you are a graduating senior Qboy or girll, you can complete your training in seven months. lf you are a sophomore or junior, you can enroll and go three months this summer and finish next summer by working on Saturday during the school year. Classes are held five days a week, eight hours a day. Enrollment every Tuesday. Call James Watson 355-9426 250 ADVERTISING I TOYS by ROY C -I -I O O -4 -4 CD CD - o' 0' Westerfleld K4 'S Van 8t Storage 3 3 407 s. Garfield '4 W '4 M862 o Tovs by nov Q 21 Western Plaza Amarillo 355-6823 Artistic School of Hairdressing School open for enrollment Nl day through S turday Complete Beauty Service Supervised by Licensed lnstru t Arrange your tuit' 800 W. 6th 373-2853 Look over David Daniel Jimmy Muncy 8t Shop at Accessories Shop 8t lVlelissa's Mr. Bayls Hair Styling for Men 8t Boys Amarillo Uniform Center Nizzi lVluSiC Shoppe Ann Myers Palo Duro Studio Barnes Jewelry Broome Optical Company-Suburban Candle Shop Capitol Electronics Colbertls-Suburban Cooper 81 Melin Dolcater's Exotic Imports, Inc. Homer Duvall's T Gattis Shoe Store Gunn Bros. Stam Hancock Fabrics House of Plaster House of Shades lrene's Knit Shop Little Brown House lVlargaret's lVlod Shop Pyramid Beauty Salon Royal Coin 8t Stamp Store Safeway Schertle Galleries, Inc. Stark's Wrap 8t Gift Shop T. G. 8t Y. Store The Ole Curiosity Shop Village Barber Village Cleaners Village Donut Shop Village Maternity Village Pancake House Village Pet Shop Wade Paints 8t Art Supplies Wolflin Village 8t La Tour Office Wolflin Appliance Wolflin Village Pharmacy exaco p Store 8t Lamp Bepair WOLFLIN VILLAGE 252 ADVERTISING Pressed for Time... Avondale Polyolean Cleaning Professional 1781 Avondale 355-1181 ll Fooo STORE Stop 8t Shop open 7-11, 7daysaweek gpimlfilt 2636 woLFuN Ave. PHONE 355-4281 AMARILLO Sporfbwear - ogngerie - .xdrceaao .4 pefife - junior - ywiuezi .,Sbrea5e5 Jewehy ' joofwear 5' .ilamlgagd Towne Crier Steak House 3437 I-40 West OMVB 'HRK S.I.C. provides families with loans and financing for every need. Over one hundred branch offices offer convenient, quick service. Wim i I Sewing from Missouri to California, from South Dakota to Texas SOUTHWESTERN INVESTMENT COMPANY AMARILLO TEXAS Commerce Acceptance Company offers consumers in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain areas loan, financing, and in- surance services. The S.l.C. Insurance Group of Companies protect home, personal property and automobile owners from financial loss. Western National Life will soon have a half billion dollars of life insurance in force. W.N.L. offers death and retire- ment benefitsto fit every need. Standard Leasing Company furnishes business with flexible capital equipment financing and leasing which can conserve or create working capital. FEDERATED FINANCE Federated Finance serves consumers in South Dakota with loans and financing for any requirement, including second- mortgage real estate loans for homeowners Courtesy American Inc. 722 West 6th 372-2366 LL GIAS 0 T LLIS I. BUSIN DEGRASSI-BATES co. 9 QQMMWW HO I5 I. DE Sl GE IGE H. IA ES HO DEGIASSI JI. FOR THE HOME AUTO ESS 9067 AMARILLO TEXAS 79l05 PHONE 372-6767, i008 WEST TENTH P,O, BOX ,' Follow the rebs wherever they go Continental Trailways 700 Tyler 374-5371 "Easiest Travel on Earth" Dorchester Gas Producing Company 510 Tyler 376-6233 ADVERTISING 255 Western Uniform gk IVIEAD'S TQWQI BAKERY 1900 W. 7th 921 N. BiVinS 373-7451 383-9581 xzaww MM HUNIE UF Tl-:5xI:IEg1iF0RMANCE fQ! - 4 wx V n .4 E hi" I Gm an GEORGIA MAVERICK 355-7471 lgf'g3gA3'N5f3 UD Q35 406-I2 Buchanan S+. . Phone 3173-4378 I LAUNDRY H I 'our .Wotorc'yc'lU SL1pw'111f1rlifft" Wash "bored"'? MINI BIKE HONDA Send all your laundry IO: Distributors Mochines for for The MAVERICK FAMILY Step up To Ride the DDI-IQITDLE EXCITMENT WINNERS YAMAHA BULTACO QUTIDRU AND DRY CLEANING Co Specialists in Track, Trail, .Vlotocross and Touring 20l Soufh Pierce 372-2277 2. -I UF! 5EFI5IJl15 SPORTS CENTER 2500 S. GEORGIA I AMARILLO, TEXAS 79109 355-3348 ,.- "Tit takes a. - LEADER to LEAD! . I I, Q THE E H I M I E H l Wifi,'iiiifiiiifilifm' SCG B A, NOON,SIX and TEh!,. 5 V I A W llI'IlA 'l'IiI.IWISIllN I Q-1 Tliiiiii ADVERTISING 257 THIS SPACE RESERVED for Very Special Autographs - DIAMOND SHAMROCK OIL AND GAS COMPANY A UNIT OF DIAMOND SHAMROCK CORPORATION 258 ADVERTISING Mesa Petroleum Company BOX 2009 372-3411 Cindy Hamilton, Bob Cornelius. Dam ron's Jewelers 1970 Civic Circle 352-6223 The Exclusive School of Keypunch Opens the door to a lifetime career The most advanced IBM Keypunch equipment Qualified instructors four hours per day free Aptitude Analysis free job placement assistance KEYPUNCH OF AMARILLO 2911 South Georgia 355-9513 Becky Pfister, Max Snipes. Mu ADVERTISING 259 260 ADVERTISING Tascosa is number 1 with support from the Tascosa Rebel Booster Club X il' 3 Q ings 2 is 2 . lk K -ES , 2? k 1 K K be b A 1 -Q ,. j-2 -" W fb H he b ..,..b -1 .:,. K: ., . x .Q i b, A QM'-x..:x is-Q., .ii .. -we 2 M New. , ,Q 'V . I ,. WYSTJ' . 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' A 373-3903 - Q W, AMARILLO, TEXAS QQ A ,Em 266 ADVERTISING XCLUSIVE BIGELDW DEALER 9 355-4416 K J E W E l E R S 4525 WESTERN AM.-xR1LI.o, TEXAS 809 Tyler 376-5477 2 5 O 7 'i t ELECTRIC J Q Q, T "'7'- f9fv1.!?!?5l 017073 P X Q A , un 122:11 rzf :2 :f:1: 2- Q :I :1: 2:1:1:f : IS: Izi 52525251515 r5r 1325- , ,--' I2E2E2E15'E2E1E' .,,, .... ,,,'.-, :.5.:.5.-.:.5:::5:: :::g:g::::5::::::::: :::3:7E5:5:55::5g5, :-:v::-15EEEZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES:-',-:- :EEZEZEEEEEEIE - ' 4:-'442-Z-I-: --I-2+ I-2-1'2+1-I-I+!-' '-f'5'5'3:5:2:3:1:i: t1:7:5:5:5:5:?:2?: :5:1:f33:Q:f:3:3:5 113:-:::5:g:5:5:g:5: 5:2:5:g1f'5:g:3:-:Q 522:?g5:23:5E5gS.4Ex55:2E 4:2.5g:g1g:5,::::g :5:5.5:5::2E25:ir5g 'E5Eg:gE5E5:5E5:5E, 5511255255552 :5:5:5:5:5:5:3:1'5:5 E51g5g:gE555:5E5:3E ssfszrzrs-g5:212:Z552:2:2? ':j1315:5:5:2:: ELECTRICALLY ADVERTISING 267 Autographs Autographs 270 750 Graduates complete three active years A Abel, Debbie, VOE iHistoriani, French Club. Abrahamson, George, Latin Club, Senior Gift Committee. Adams, Karen, Rebel Spirits, Spanish Club, FTA, Amarillo Youth Council. Adams, Linda, Spanish Club, All Region Choir, Les Chanteurs. Adams, Wayne, Band, VICA. Allison, Gayle, Choir. Anderson, Chris, Rebel Spirits, Spanish Club. Anderson, Jackie, Choir. Anderson, Lou, Rolling Rebels, Choir. Anderson, Ruth, National Honor Society, Re- bel Spirits, Senior Gift Committee Band, Or- chestra. Archer, Chester, Spanish Club. Armstrong, Randy, Orchestra, Football. Aura, Christy, FTA, FHA. Austin, Jim, Basketball, Senior Activities Committee, Student Council, Science Club. Autry, Carolyn, Student Council, Speech Club, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Tascosa Youth council. B Babb, Chuck, Cheerleader, Speech Club, Debater, Student Council, Top Ten Selec- tion Committee, Spanish Club. Bachus, Dave, VICA tPresidentl Chapter 184. Bailey, Cyndi, FHA. Baily, Marlyse, FHA, Rebel Spirits. Baker, Becky, Rodeo Club, Rebel Spirits, Choir, Spanish Club. Baker, Pat, Rebel Spirits, FTA, Spanish Club. Ballard, Connie, FTA, Girls Glee Club, FHA, Spanish Club. Bandy, Marianne, Pioneer iEditoriaIs Editorl, Senior Activities Committee, National Honor Society, Senior Spirits Committee, Outstand- ing First Year Journalism Student. Barber, Ron, Wrestling, Choir, ROTC. Barber, Sandi, National Honor Society, Or- chestra, Latin Club, Youth Council. Barham, Christine, Y-Teens tPresidenti, Inter- club Council Y-Teen tPresidentl, DECA, Rebel Spirits, FTA. Barker, Becky, FHA Council Officer, Rebel Spirits. Barnett, Linda, Tennis Team, Spanish Club. Barnes, lke, Las Memorias iSports Editori. Barry, Steve, Musical Production Showboat,' Wrestling. Barton, Beth, Student Council, Football and Basioum, Dennis, Les Chanteurs. Basketball Spirits, Spanish Club, FTA. Bassett, Darla, Les Chanteurs, FTA, Rebel Spirits. Bassett, Martha, National Honor Society, Student Council, Spanish Club, Rebel Spirits. Bauder, Andrea, FHA, Y-Teens, Rebel Spirits. Bay, Nina, Senior Activities talt.J, Rebel Spirits. Beeson, Beverly, Les Chanteurs, Student Council ialt.l, Gift Committee taIt.i, French Club iTreasurerl, Rebel Spirits. Bell, Joe, Football, Rodeo Club, FTA, Senior Activities, Spanish Club. Bentley, Travis, Wrestling, ICT. Bevers, Len, Tennis Team, Student Council, Spanish Club. Bigham, Kayla, VOE tSecretaryi: OEA, Rebel Spirits, Choir. Birmingham, Thomas, Band, Track, Speech Club, Spanish Club. Black, Diane, Choir, Latin Club. INDEX Black, Kim, Senior Gift Committee, Baseball, Latin Club. Black, Monte, Spanish Club, Student Council. Blackburn, Moira, Wrestling Spirits, Choir, Rebel Spirits. Blackburn, Vicki, Data Processing Club, Re- bel Spirits, Basketball Spirits. Blades, Patricia, Choir. Blake, Bob, Football, Track, FHA. Bland, Ann, Spanish Club, Amarillo Youth Council. Blanscet, Carolyn, Rebel Spirits, DECA, FHA, Choir, interscholastic League Typing Con- test. Bogan, Gary, Basketball, Baseball. Bond, Reida, French Club, FTA. Bond, Vikalynn Kae, Quill and Scroll, Las Memorias tFaculty Editorl, Rebel Spirits. Bone, Gary, Band. Bonnette, Gail, Rodeo Club, FHA. Box, Brenda, Miss Southern Belle Finalist, Les Chanteurs, Showboat, Rebel Spirits, Spanish Club. Bradford, Debbie, Rebel Band, Tascosa Youth Conference, FTA, Rebel Spirits. Bragg, Cindy, Les Chaneurs, FHA, Rebel Spirits, Rodeo Club. Brands, Michael, National Honor Society, ROTC iExecutive Officerl. Brewton, Joe, Spanish Club, Home 8t Family Living Club. Bridges, Don, Wrestling, Basketball, Track. Briggs, Doug, Crystal Ball Chairman, VOE tReporteri, Student Council. Brown, Bill, Football, FTA, Senior Gift Com- mittee, Latin Club. Brown, Eddie, Band. Brown, Jackie, Senior Activities Committee talt.J. Brown, R.E., Data Processing Club, Science Club, Band. Brown, Ronnie, Latin Club. Brown, Sue, Rebel Spirits, FHA. Browning, Debra, FHA, Y-Teens, Rebels Spirits. Bruton, Jan, Les Chanteurs, Orchestra. Bunsy, Tim, Baseball. Bunyan, Greg, Spanish Club, Student Coun- cil. Bural, Vonnie, Twirler, Band, Orchestra, FTA. Burgess, Randy, Sophomore Favorite, Stu- dent Council, Football, Latin Club. Burkhalter, Jimmy, Band, ROTC, Data Pro- cessing Club. Burns, Donnie, lCT. Burruss, Jane, National Honor Society, Sci- ence Club, National Merit Semifinalist, Wres- tling Spirits. Burtz, Lane, H-Y, Data Processing Club iPres- identl, National Merit Scholarship-Letter of Commendation. Butler, Patti, Rebel Spirits, Wrestling Spirits, FHA, FTA, Spanish Club. Butts, Mike, Latin Club, Future Medics. C Calhoun, Bryan, Les Chanteurs, Football, Track. Callahan, Jane, FHA, FTA, Rebel Spirits, Basketball Spirits, Spanish Club, Callaway, Cyndi, Spanish Club, Rebel Spirits. Cammack, Janet, Musicals, Forensics Club, Les Chariteurs, Latin Club. Camp, Mark, Wrestling, Football, Choir, Mus- icals. Campbell, Gary, French Club, Journalism Reporter. Campbell, Jan, French Club. Campbell, Rita, Band iTreasurerJ, Orchestra, Future Medics iSecretary and Treasureri, Latin Club. Canney, Valorie, Pioneer tEditorl, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll iSecretaryi, Student Council, Speech Club. Canode, Nelson, Contest Play, Wrestling, Musicals. Carpenter, Don, Mathematics Club. Carroll, Janie, Student Council, DECA tRe- porterl, FHA, Rebel Spirits. Carter, Bruce, Wrestling, Senior Activities Committee. Carver, Johnny, Baseball, Journalism iRe- porteri. Cary, Rusty, French Club, Journalism Staff. Cates, Sammy, DECA. Cazzell, Janis, National Honor Society, Se- nior Gift Committee, Choir, Latin Club. Chambers, Betty, FHA. Chastain, Sandra, Tennis Team, Senior Acti- vities Committee, Basketball Spirits, Rebel Spirits. Cherry, Mike, Wrestling, Student Council, Senior Gift Committee, FHA. Chewing, Marcus, Tennis Team, Student Council, Senior Gift Committee, Sophomore Football, FHA. Christian, Randy, Student Council, Football. Chude, Bill, Latin Club. Clark, Marshi, Rebel Spirits, Orchestra, Sec- retary, FHA. Clark, Sue, Rebel Spirits. Cline, Pat, The Mikado, Spanish Club, Wres- tling Spirits, FTA, Choir. Coleman, Becky, Rebel Spirits, Wrestling Spirits, FHA. Collins, Debbie, Les Chanteurs, Rebel Spirits, Gymnastics. Connally, Randy, Student Council, Tennis, FHA. Conway, Sidney, FHA, Rebel Spirits, FTA, Basketball Spirits, French Club. Cornelius, Bob, Wrestling. Cornwell, Scott, Football, Track, Senior Gift Committee. Cosmic, Johnny, Baseball, Senior Activities Committee. Cosper, Susan, Rebel Spirits, FHA, FTA. Cothern, Debbie, Les Chanteurs, FTA, FHA, Rebel Spirits, Crystal Ball Committee. Cowles, Serena, FHA. Cowley, Nancy, Rebel Spirits, DECA. Cox, Bridgy, Tennis Team, Senior Gift Com- mittee, Science Club, Hi-Y, Student Council. Crain, Diantha, Spanish Club, FTA, Rebel Spirits, Wrestling Spirits. Cramer, Walter, Rodeo Club tCo-Treasurerl. Crowder, Al, Senior Gift Committee, Spanish Club, Showboat, D Dalton, Wendel, Spanish Club, Senior Acti- vities. Daniel, David, Band. Daniel, Tommy, Student Council, Latin Club, FHA. Davis, Charles, Band. Davis, Debbie, Student Council iRecording Secretaryig C0-chairman, Rebel Spirits, Re- bel Ann, Southern Belle Finalist, Las Memor- ias iCelebrities Editori. Davis, James B., ROTC, Wrestling. Deaver, Vona, Les Chanteurs, French Club, Science Club. Denko, Scott, Senior Class President, Senior Class Favorite, Las Memorias fPhotography Editori. Dennett, Drew, Student Council, Spanish Club. Denny, Denise, FHA. Devito, Mark, Science Club, Spanish Club. Dobbe, Chris, French Club. Dobervich, Brad, Football, Basketball, Mr. Tascosa, Home and Family Living Club. Dodgin, Bill, Football, Latin Club, Home and Family Living Club, tSecretaryJ. Doherty, David, Latin Club. Douglass, Ken, Cheerleader, National Honor Society, Student Council, Golf, Science Club. Douglass, Shelley, DECA, Art Club. Dowell, Roberta, FTA, Les Chanteurs, Rolling Rebels, Rebel Spirits. Duncan, Diane, Las Memorias tCo-Editori, Miss FTA, National Honor Society, Band, Latin Club. Duncan, Ginger, Student Council, Choir, Re- bel Spirits, Choir, Rodeo Club. Dunnagan, Bill, Wrestling. Durham, Woody, Football, Track, Latin Club, Rodeo Club, Student Council. Dyson, Carolyn, Showboat, Thespians, Les Chanteurs, Rebel Spirits, Gymnastics. E Ealy, Dave, FHA. Eaves, Ricky, VICA. Eddins, Janie, FTA, fPresidentl, National Honor Society, Rebel Spirits. Edwards, Ann, FHA. Elliot, Stan, Track. Englander, Mark, VICA. Engle, Billie, Band, FTA, Rebel Spirits, Data Processing Club. Erwin, Toni, VOE. Esler, Vance, Track, National Honor Society, Student Council, Mr. Howdy, Band. Eubank, Mike, Track. Eubanks, Kathy, DECA, Choir. Eubanks, Ron, Basketball, Science Club, French Club. Evans, Randy, PASF tChairmanJ, Spanish Club, Senior Activities Committee. F Fangio, Susan, Orchestra Queen, Latin Club, National Merit Commendation, French Club, Musicals. Fleming, Debbie, Rebel Spirits. Flippin, Beverly, Rebel Spirits, FHA, Home and Family Living Club, Spanish Club, Ama- rillo Youth Council. Flowers, Tony, OEA, Band, FHA. Folley, Ricky, VICA. Forbes, Sherylon, FHA, CHE. Foster, Gary, Home and Living Club. Fourman, Lowell, ICT. Fowler, Janis, FTA, FHA, Rebel Spirits. Frisbie, David, VICA. Frost, Charles, DECA, VICA. Frost, Jan, FTA, My Fair Lady, FHA, Las Memorias tAdvertising Co-Editorl, Rebel Spirits. Fry, Janie, FHA, Spanish Club. Frye, Marvin, Band. Fuller, Donnell, Basketball. G Gardner, Kyle, Football. Garlin, David, Las Memorias tCo-Editor and Photography Editori, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Outstanding First Year Journalist, Rebel Band. Garrett, Leslie, Football, Choir, FTA. Gass, John, Track, Latin Club, FTA. Gatlin, Kathy, Rebel Spirits. Geiger, Steve, Les Chanteurs, Drama Musi- cals, Student Council, FHA, Spanish Club. Geneva, Gary, DECA, Senior Activities Com- mittee, Football, Track. George, Carl, French Club, Student Council, Football. Gephart, Bruce, Football, Senior Gift Com- mittee. Gerwig, Wayson, Baseball, ROTC. Gilbert, Debbie, Student Council, Senior Activities Committee, Rebel Spirits, Wres- tling Spirits. Gilmore, Perry, Football, Baseball. Glass, Greg, Band, Orchestra, Stage Band, Senior Gift Committee. Glover, Julie, Rebel Spirits, Senior Gift Committee, Spanish Club. Goodrich, Kathy, FHA. Gordon, Randy, ROTC. Grays, Alice, Senior Gift Committee, Student Council, FHA. Green, Allen, Rolling Rebels fPresidentl, Football. Green, Harry, Home and Family Living Club tReporterl. Griffin, Toni, Data-Processing Club, Spanish Club. Grinstead, Terry, ROTC. Groom, Margaret, Student Council, Senior Activities Committee, French Club. Guinn, Sherry, Les Chanteurs, FTA, Rebel Spirits, Senior Gift Committee. Guthrie, Jan, Wrestling Spirits, FHA. Gutierrez, Becky, FHA. H Hackler, Jon, Les Chanteurs. Hague, Corky, Key Club tTreasurerl, Head Wrangler, ROTC, Senior Activities Committee. Hale, Pam, DECA, Wrestling Spirits. Hall, Cheryl, FHA. Hall, Janet, FHA, Y-Teens. Hanna, Alana, Rebels Spirits, FTA, FHA, Youth Council. Harbour, Debbie, Spanish Club, FTA, FHA. Hargis, Terry, Band. Harms, Cindy, Rebel Spirits, Senior Gift Committee. Harris, Marsha, FHA. Harp, Victor, Football. Hawkins, James, Wrestling. Hayes, Dean, Football, Spanish Club, Les Chanteurs, Baseball. Haynes, Lynda, Student Council, Spanish Club, Les Chanfeurs, Rebel Spirits. Haynes, Steven, Key Club. Hedrick, Debby, FHA fPresidentl, Wrestling Spirits, Choir, Basketball Spirits, Rebel Spirits. Hegedus, Janey, Spanish Club, FTA, FHA, Rebel Spirits. Heitz, Debbie, Rebel Spirits, Wrestling Spirits. Henderson, Donny, Varsity Golf, Senior Ac- tivities Committee, Spanish Club. Henslee, Gale, Track, Science Club, Span- ish Club, Senior Gift Committee. Henslee, Jan, Orchestra, Band, FTA, Rebel Spirits. Hicks, Bill, Drama Club, Band, FHA. Hill, Beth, Spanish Club. Hill, Donna, FHA. Hill, Eddie, French Club, Science Club. Hill, Mary, Latin Club, National Honor So- ciety. Hill, Ralph, Rodeo Club. Hogan, Cathie, Tri-Hi-Y, Rebel Spirits, FHA. Hoggatt, Dale, Key Club, Latin Club, Band. Holbert, Bruce, Choir, FTA, Spanish Club, Football, Senior Gift Committee. Hollabough, Bill, Latin Club, Band. Holland, Billy, Data Processing Club. Hollinger, Gerry, Les Chanteurs. Holloway, Rachel, Les Chanteurs, Spanish Club, FTA, Girls Glee Club. Holt, Beverly, Rebel Spirits, FHA. Hood, Mark, Football, FTA, Spanish Club. Hooker, Doug, DECA. Hopson, David, National Honor Society, His- tory Medal, Band, Senior Gift Committee. House, Randy, Cheerleader, Junior Favorite, Track, National Honor Society, Student Council Nice Presidentj. Howard, Les, Tennis, Key Club, Senior Activities Committee, Wrangler. Howard, Toni, Rebel Spirits, FTA, Choir, Pestling Spirits, FHA. Hrncir, Debbi, Cheerleader, Student Council, Speech Club, Sophomore Class Secretary. Hudgins, Wanda, Spanish Club. Humphreys, Vicky, Latin Club, Rebel Spirits, Home and Family Living Club, FHA. Hutchens, Kelly, Rodeo Club fSecretaryl. Hutchison, Sherri, Data Processing Club Spanish Club. Hutson, Gregg, AFS Foreign Exchange Stu- dent, Future Medics fPresidentl, FTA, Youth Council, Latin Club. Hyde, Lynda, Choir, Rebel Spirits, Wres- tling Spirits, FHA, Spanish Club. Hyde, Myra, Rodeo Club, Senior Gift Com- mittee, Choir, Rebel Spirits, Spanish Club. lrwin, Corinne, National Honor Society, FTA fParliamentarianJ, Student Council, Les Chanteurs. Ivy, Miriam, FHA tHistorian and Presidentl, Rebel Spirits. lzzard, Bill, Science Club, French Club, Home and Family Living Club. J Jackson, Cathy, Rebel Spirits, FHA, French Club, Y-Teens, Choir. Jacobs, Randy, VICA, Speech Club, Latin Club. Jean, Toni, FHA, Rebel Spirits, Gym Club, French Club. Jeffers, Randy, Rodeo Club fVice Presidentj, National Honor Society, Student Council, Senior Gift Committee. Jefferson, Steve, Football, Choir. Jenkins, Judy, Rebel Spirits, Senior Activi- ties Committee, FTA, FHA. Jenkins, Rolland, National Honor Society, Rebel Band, Future Medics Club, Latin Club. Jenkins, Tim, Les Chanleurs, Musicals, Drama Club. Johnson, Cathy, VOE, Choir, Wrestling Spirits. Johnson, Pat, FHA, VOE, Wrestling Spirits. Johnson, Rick, General Reb, Senior Activities Committee, Student Council, Speech Club, Las Memorias fCopy Editorl. Jolley, Vickie, Choir, FHA. K Kee, Dow, Sophomore President, Mr. FTA, Speech Club, Football. Keith, Bill, Pioneer tAdvertising Staffl, FHA, Spanish Club. Kelly, David, National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist, National Honor Society, Key Club, Math Club, Latin Club. Killough, Danny, Wrestling, ICT fTreasurerl. Kimble, David, Spanish Club, VICA. Kims, Terry, Band, VICA. King, Jan, Musicals, Spanish Club, FTA, Student Council. King, Lynn, Rebel Spirits. King, Myra, FTA, FHA. Kirklin, Jim, Band, VICA. Klein, Karen, Rebel Spirits. Knight, Denise, Rebel Spirits, Senior Activi- ties Committee. Koopmann, Linda, Student Council, Spanish Club, FHA. Kownacki, Chris, French Club. INDEX 271 Kritser, Anna Belle, Rebel Ann, Musicals, Rebel Spirits, Spanish Club, Powder Puff Football. Kuhn, Cathy, FHA, Rebel Spirits, Wrestling Spirits. L Lane, Donnie, FHA, Senior Gift Committee. Lara, Robbie, Student Council, Spanish Club, Rebel Spirits, Senior Activities Committee. Lard, Gene, Tennis Team, Senior Gift Com- mittee, Spanish Club. Leach, Alan, Spanish Club. Lee, Bertie, Sophomore Favorite Runner-Up, Rebel Spirits. Lee, Bob, Band, Stage Band, Spanish Club. LeGrand, James, Musical, Stage Manager. Lemke, Nancy, National Honor Society, Re- bel Spirits, Basketball Spirits, Senior Gift Committee, Spanish Club. Leone, Peggy, FHA. Lewis, Jerry, Choir, DECA. Lewis, John, Baseball, Choir, French Club, Basketball. Littau, Craig, Band, VOE. Lloyd, Browning, Extemporaneous Speaking, National Forensic League, Spanish Club, tPresidentJ, Speech Club Nice Presidentj. Loewenstern, Tara, Miss Southern Belle, Musicals, Rebel Spirits, Les Chanteurs, Latin Club. Love, Susan, Band, Rebel Spirits, Amarillo Youth Conference, Data Processing Club, Latin Club. Lowry, Karen, Senior Secretary, Choir Queen Runner-Up, Les Chanteurs, FHA, Spanish Club. Luke, Roberta, Rebel Spirits. Lutz, George, Les Chanteurs, Band, Spanish Club. Lyles, Malinda, FTA, French Club. M Mandril, Karyn, Speech Club, French Club, FHA. Manley, Nancy, Texas Youth Conference, FHA. Marr, Paula, FHA iSecond Vice Presidentj, Rebel Spirits, FTA. Martin, Marilyn, Les Chanteurs, Mikado, Re- bel Spirits, FHA, French Club. Mason, Betsy, Rebel Spirits, Basketball Spirits, Senior Activities Committee, FTA, Choir. Mask, Cathy, Student Council, FTA iFirst Vice Presidentt, FHA iLibrarianl. Massey, Jan, FHA. Matheson, Luann, National Honor Society, FHA, FTA Nice Presidentj, Amarillo Youth Council, Senior Gift Committee. Mercer, Connie, Speech Club, FTA, Rebel Spirits. Mernitz, Kenneth, National Honor Society, Band, Orchestra, Key Club, Stage Band. Milbern, Hazel, Y-Teens, Choir. Miller, Steve, Wrestling, Senior Gift Commit- tee, FTA, Spanish Club, FHA. Miracle, Marilyn, Les Chanteurs, Musical, Rebel Spirits, French Club, Latin Club. Mitchell, Janet, Rebel Spirits, Choir, Basket- ball Spirits, Wrestling Spirits. Mok, Melissa, National Honor Society, Band, Science Club lTreasurerl, Latin Club, French Club. Morehead, Joe Keith, Band, Orchestra, Data Processing Club, Latin Club, Stage Band. Moore, Desi, FTA, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Rebel Spirits. Moore, Jadene, FHA, Spanish Club, French Club, Rebel Spirits. Morris, Joe, Spanish Club, Tennis, Track. Morris, Lou, Student Council, Spanish Club, Rebel Spirits. 272 INDEX Morton, Darla, Spanish Club, FTA, Rebel Spirits, Choir. Mosley, Bob, Football, Student Council, Ju- nior Class President, FHA. Muir, Ronda, Outstanding American Teen- ager Nomination, Miss District IX FTA, Band, Speech Club. Musick, Melessia, Pioneer iEditorJ, National Honor Society Nice Presidentt, Les Chan- teurs, Quill and Scroll Nice Presidentl, Speech Club. Muthersbough, Kim, Track, Band. Myers, Terry, Hi-Y, President, Orchestra, Sci- ence Club. McClain, Pam, FHA. McCormack, Kathi, Orchestra, FHA. McCracken, Danny, Student Council, Band, Orchestra, Latin Club. McDowell, Elva, Orchestra tLibrarianJ, FHA. McElroy, Rosa, Rebel Spirits, FHA, Gymnas- tics. McFather, Bobby, Latin Club, Band iLibrar- ianj, Data Processing Club, Historian. McKee, Vicki, VOE iTreasurerl, Band, FHA. McLaughlin, Vicki, FHA, Wrestling Spirits. McMorries, Kim, Rebel Band, Drum Major, Key Club fPresidentt, National Honor Soci- ety tHistorianl. McPherren, Mike, Latin Club, Senior Gift Committee. McSpadden, Wyatt, Senior Activities Com- mittee, Musical, Drama. McSwain, Vance, Band Nice Presidentl, Or- chestra, Stage Band, Musical. N Napier, Kathy, Band, FHA. Neie, Cindy, Rebel Spirits, Wrestling Spirits. Nelson, Sherry, Band, Tascosa Youth Con- ference, Rebel Spirits, FTA, Spanish Club. Nelson, Vicki, Rebel Spirits. Newby, Randy, Basketball, Choir, Les Chan- teurs. Newman, Leah, Les Chanteurs, Senior Ac- tivities, Student Council talt.l, Rebel Spirits, Wrestling Spirits. Nicholson, Jena, Student Council, Crystal Ball Committee, Rebel Spirits, Wrestling Spirits. Nivens, Donna, VOE, Choir, Rebel Spirits. Nugent, Billy, Spanish Club. Nunley, Fred, Wrestling, Student Council. Nussbaum, Martin, Student Council iPresi- dentl, National Honor Society tPresidentJ, Debate, Boys State, National Merit Scholar- ship Semi-finalist. O Oakley, Jo Beth, FHA, Youth Council. O'Brien, Mike, Wrestling. Orlds, Margaret, Les Chanteurs, FHA, Re- bel Spirits. O'Tanger, Sharon, Band, Spanish Club, Re- bel Spirits. Ottensmeyer, Judy, Band, Rebel Spirits, Rolling Rebels. Owens, Charles, Football. Owen, Mark, Wrestling, Oklahoma, My Fair Lady, Choir. P Packard, Ruthann, Orchestra, Student Coun- oil. Parker, Johnny, Les Chanteurs. Parker, Melissa, Les Chanteurs, Rebel Spirits, FTA, Spanish Club, FHA. Parr, Helen, Las Memorias, Pioneer, Quill 8t Scroll, FTA, THSPA First Place Cartoon. Patton, Glenna, FHA, Rebel Spirits. Patton, Paula, FTA iSecretarYi3 FHA, Choir, Rebel Spirits. I Perdue, Debbie, Band, Twirler, Orchestra. Peres, Krista, Las Memories iSophomorel Editor, Rebel Spirits. Perkins, Debbie, FHA. Persons, Debi, VOE, Rebel Spirits. Peterson, Brenda, Band, Data Processing Club. Petropoulos, Earl, Rodeo Club. Phillips, Debby, Student Council, FTA, Las Memories iSenior Editor, Rebel Spirits, Data Processing Club. Phillips, Linda, Rebel Spirits, Wrestling Spirits, Choir. Pitcock, David, Rodeo Club tChairmanl. Pitsch, Catherine, National Honor Society, DECA Student of the Month, Latin Club, Science Club, FTA. Poindexter, Jeffery, Gold Key in Art. Pond, Steve, VICA, ICT. Pope, Linda, Choir Queen, Outstanding Mu- sical Award, Most Valuable Choir Member, Les Chanteurs. Pope, Retha, VICA, FHA, Rebel Spirits. Post, Carla, DECA, Girl's Glee Club, Y- Teens. Potter, Bill, Track, Basketball, Choir. Pottorff, Tacy, Tennis, Rebel Spirits. Powell, Becky, National Honor Society, Sec- retary, Student Council, Latin Club, Basket- ball Spirits, DAR Girl. Powell, Charlotte, Student Council, iCorres- ponding Secretaryl: Rebel Spirits. Powell, Paula, DECA lSecretaryJ, Rebel Spirits, Senior Gift Committee. Pratt, Celest, Band. Pray, Jeri, FHA, French Club, Raider Band. Price, Karen, Les Canteurs. Pride, Greggory, Football, Track. Pringle, Robert, Football, VICA. Proctor, Cathy, FTA, FHA. Q Quackenbush, Louise, Tennis Team, Student Council, Senior Activities Committee, Rebel Spirits, Spanish Club. R Rapstine, Inga, Student Council, FHA, Span- ish Club, Young Medics Club. Ratlifi, Carolyn, Rebel Spirits, DECA. Rea, Debbie, Spanish Club, FHA, Rebel Spirits, Gymnastic Club. Redd, Stephanie, Showboat, Choir. Reed, Diana, FHA. Reeves, Glenn, Football. Reiley, Druce, Wrestling, Rolling Rebels, Medics Club, Senior Activities. Reimer, Blake, Wrestling, Showboat. Renfro, Diana, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, Rebel Spirits, FHA, Gymnastic Club. Reynolds, Hylasue, Band, FHA. Richardson, Linda, Rolling Rebels, FHA. Richardson, Martha, FHA. Richardson, Randy, Les Chanteurs, DECA. Riddlespurger, Joel, Band, Choir. Riddlespurger, Marla, Pioneer tEditor, Fea- tures Editorj, Amarillo Youth Council. Rigler, Mark, Band, Orchestra. Roark, Chan, Las Memorias iFaculty Editorl, Senior Activities Committee, Rebel Spirits, FTA, Spanish Club. Robbins, Homer, Las Memorias Staff, Band. Roberts, Kent, Student Council iChaplainl, Key Club fChaplainJ, National Honor Soci- ety, Wrangler, Hi-Y. Robertson, Roger, Rolling Rebels, Track, Football. Robson, Rhonda, Rebel Band, French Club, Rebel Spirits. Rodgers, La Vonda, VOE, Rebel Spirits, Wrestling Spirits. Rogers, Jodi, Student Council, Rebel Spirits, FHA, FTA, VOE Nice Presidentj. Romero, Yolanda, Spanish Club, Rebel Spirits, FHA, Latin Club. Roth, Robert, Amarillo Youth Conference, Spanish Club, Track, Hi-Y, FTA. Rowell, Kevin, Les Chanteurs iPresidentl, Spanish Club. Rucker, Clifford, Band, Spanish Club, Latin Club. Rudd, Lynn, National Honor Society, Speech Club. Rue, Deene, Rebel Spirits, FHA, Spanish Club. Ruthart, Debra, Choir, Rebel Spirits, VOE. Ryan, Dan, Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Rolling Re- bels, Math Club, Future Medics. S Sackett, Marty, VOE, Rebel Spirits. Sain, Linda, Rebel Spirits, FHA. Sanders, Bridget, FTA, FHA, Rebel Spirits. Sapp, Dalton, Science Club. Sasser, Valerie, Miss Tascosa, French Club iPresidentl, Miss Southern Belle Finalist, Ju- nior Secretary, Student Council. Satterfield, Sydney, Spanish Club, Les Chan- teurs, FTA. Saunders, Debbie, Cheerleader, Junior Vice President, Rebel Spirits, Latin Club Favorite Nomminee. Scamahorn, Ellen, Spanish Club. Schantz, DiAnn, Cheerleader, Senior Favorite, Senior Activities Committee. Schattgen, Chuck, Student Council, Spanish Club, Golf. Schombu rg, Jamey, FHA, Science Club, Span- ish Club. Scoggins, Janice, Senior Activities Commit- tee, National Honor Society, Student Coun- cil, Latin Club, Secretary-Treasurer. Scott, Denah, FHA, Band. Scott, Sally, Rebel Spirits, Spanish Club, FHA. Scott, Tom, Football, FFA, Student Council, DECA. Searight, Sally, Las Memorias tActivities Editorl, Spanish Club, FTA. Seedig, Rusty, Les Chanteurs. Seibert, Linda, Future Medics. Sewell, Paul, Rolling Rebels, Band, Amarillo Youth Council, Latin Club. Sharber, Gail, DECA. Sharman, Clare, State Contest Play, Drama Workshop, Musical, Speech Club. Sharp, Jim, Pioneer iSports Editorl, Tascosa Youth Council Nice Presidentj, Band, Data Processing Club, French Club. Sharp, Marshallette, Sophomore Vice Presi- dent, Student Council, Miss Southern Belle Finalist, Spanish Club, Choir. Shelton, Elaine, Senior Activities Committee, Spanish Club, Choir. Shelton, Oliver, Choir. Sheriff, Jimmy, DECA tPresidentl, Football, Baseball. Sherrer, Mike, Orchestra, Home and Family Living Club. Shulkin, Barry, National Merit Scholarship, Band, Key Club, Spanish Club, Senior Ac- tivities Committee, National Honor Society. Simms, Sherry, Band, FTA, Rebel Spirits. Sims, Janis, Rebel Spirits, Senior Gift Com- mittee, FTA, Spanish Club. Sisk, Lisa, FTA, Rebel Spirits, FHA. Sittel, Debby, Rebel Spirits, Spanish Club, Las Memorias lSenior Editorl. Slagle, James, Spanish Club, Football, Cap- tain, Runner-Up Favorite. Slape, Mona, Rebel Spirits, Wrestling Spirits, Spanish Club, FHA. Small, Debbie, Rebel Spirits, Band. Smith, Charles, FTA. Smith, Debbie, Band, Spanish Club, Rebel Spirits. Smith, Jackie, Band, My Fair Lady, Show- boat. Smith, Jenny, Rebelettes. Smith, Karen, Orchestra, FHA. Smith, Ken, FHA. Smith, Linda, National Honor Society, Data Processing Club, Lat Smith, Patsy, FHA. in Club, Y-Teens. Smith, Phil, Les Chariteurs, FHA, Spanish Club. Smith, Steve, National Honor Society, Sci- ence Club. Smith, Susan Spanish Club. Smith, Susan Spirits. Jane, Choir, Rebel Spirits, V., Student Council, Rebel Sneed, Shirley, Choir, Rebel Spirits, FHA. Snellgrove, Walter, ICT. Snipes, Max, Baseball, Senior Gift Committee. Snook, Craig, National Honor Society. Spencer, Carolyn, Student Council, Senior Gift Committee, Rebel Spirits, FTA, FHA. Spencer, Ricky, Science Club, Program Chairman, Latin Club. Spivey, David, Key Club, Wranglers, Las Memories and Pioneer tPhotographerl, Span- ish Club, Student Council. Spooner, Bobbi, Orchestra, Rebel Spirits, French Club. Spurgeon, Karen, Rebel Spirits, Latin Club, Amarillo Youth Council, FTA, FHA. Staggs, Lynn, Tennis Team. Starkey, Jenny, Rebel Spirits, Wrestling Spirits, FHA, FTA. Starks, Susie, Basketball Spirits, Rebel Spirits, Senior Activities Committee, French Club, FHA. Standley, Paul, Band, Choir, Orchestra. Stockton, Stanley, Stage Mangager. Stitt, Tommy, Band, Choir. Stockdale, Becky, Choir, Latin Club, Rebel Spirits, Musicals. Stout, Tom, Rodeo Club tPresidentl, Latin Club, Home and Family Living Club. Strader, Patty, Rebel Spirits, Y-Teens, FHA. Steiner, Debbie, Rebel Spirits, Choir, VOE. Sundby, Hanne, AFS Foreign Exchange Stu- dent Council, Spanish Club, Science Club. Sutton, Del, Rodeo Club. Sutton, Rhonda, Les Chanteurs, French Club, Senior Gift Committee. Swauger, Heidi, Las Editorj, French Club Youth Council. Sweeney, Cindy, FTA Swisher, Greg, Golf Society, Key Club, St Tackett, Regina, F Spirits, FHA, Student Memorias lAdvertising , Rebel Spirits, Amarillo , FHA, Rebel Spirits. Team, National Honor udent Council, Hi-Y. T ootball Queen, Rebel Council. Tacquard, Sherral, VOE, FTA. Tarver, Roger, ICT. Tate, James, Football, Senior Gift Commit- tee, Science Club, Latin Club, Student Coun- cil Taylor, Cathie, FHA, Rebel Spirits. Taylor, Curt, VICA, Football, Spanish Club. Taylor, Jan, Rebel Club. Taylor, Karen, Data ish Club. Spirits, VOE, Spanish Processing Club, Span- Teague, Kathy, Las Memorias iAssociate Editorl, French Club, Quill and Scroll. Tedford, Ronnie, FHA. Thompson, Diane, Student Council, DECA Sweetheart, French Club, Basketball Spirits, Rebels Spirits, FTA. Thornburg, Shirley, Spanish Club, Rebel Spirits, FTA, Data Processing Club. Thut, Cathy, Student Council, Future Medics, Les Chanteurs, GRA. Tigart, Tom, FTA, Spanish Club, FHA. Timmons, Debby, VOE, Rebel Spirits, Span- ish Club, Drama. Tominson, Steve, Football, Band. Tompkins, Mike, Rodeo Club. Truitt, Jimmy, Basketball, Baseball, Spanish Club. U Underwood, Bill, Rolling Rebels. Unsell, Cindy, FHA, Spanish Club, FTA, Stu- dent Council. V Vance, Mandy, FTA, Rebel Spirits, French Club, Senior Gift Committee. VanDoren, Rita, Les Chanteurs, Showboat, French Club, Rebel Spirits, Mikado. i Vinson, Perry, Basketball, Data Processing Club, Latin Club. W Wagnon, Brad, Rodeo Club. Walker, Steve, Basketball, Student Council, Spanish Club. Wall, Nancy, Choir, FTA, FHA, Rebel Spirits. Wallace, Linda, Spanish Club, FTA, FHA. Walls, Annette, Choir, FHA, Rebel Spirits. Walsh, Mary Ann, FHA, VOE, Rebel Spirits. Walters, Virginia, Spanish Club, FTA, Mu- sicals. Ward, Mary Kay, FHA, Choir. Warnick, Cathy, FTA, FHA, Rolling Rebls, Choir, Rebel Spirits. Washburn, John, Football, Track, Basketball. Watson, Randall, Band. Wattenburger, Kathy, Miss Southern Belle Finalist, Rebel Ann, Key Club Sweetheart, Favorite Runner-up, Les Chanteurs. Weatherbee, Janice, FHA. Wehrman, Mike, Science Club. Weir, Carolyn, Spanish Club. Wheeler, Ann, FTA, Rebel Spirits, Spanish Club. Wheeler, John, All-State Band, Latin Club, Senior Activities Committee, All-State Or- chestra. White, Sheri, FHA. Whitlow, Charles Pioneer iExchange Editorl, Hi-Y: Football. Whittaker, Randy, VICA lSecretaryl. Wilhite, Cathy, Rebel Spirits, French Club. Wilkins, Sandra, Rodeo Club, Rebel Spirits. Williams, Bart, Track. Williams, Brenda, Rodeo Club, Drama Club. Williams, Don, Spanish Club, FHA. Williams, Dub, National Honor Society, Sci- ence Club. Williams, Ken, Baseball, Student Council. Williams, Stuart, Hi-Y tVice Presidentl. Williamson, Norman, Rebel Radio Club. Willingham, Steve, ICT. Wilson, Brent, DECA. Wilson, Jim, ICT. Wingate, Gayle, National Honor Society, Student Council, Senior Gift Committee. Wireman, Dena, Spanish Club, FHA, CHE. Witcher, Bennie Jo, FHA, CHE. Witt, Dianna, Rebel Spirits. Womack, Alan, Band. Wood, Shannon, Senior Activities Committee, Latin Club, Youth Council. Woods, Gail, Band, FHA. Wright, Gail, VOE, FHA. Wright, Norman, Key Club, National Merit Commendation, Spanish Club, Senior Activi- ties. Wyatt, Robert, Student Council. Y Yeary, Janet, Rebel Spirits, Choir, DECA. York, Bill, Spanish Club, Track, Home and Family Living Club. York, Larry, ICT iPresidentl, VICA. Young, Carol, Rebel Spirits, Wrestling Spirits. INDEX 273 A A 81 W Root Beer 264 ABEL, DEBBIE ISRI 165 Abrahamson, Debbie Isophy 214 Abrahamson, Dick Isophl 214,220,113 ABRAHAMSON, GEORGE ISRI 165 ACADEMICS 120-162 Acton, Bill Isophj 64,214 ADAMS, KAREN ISRI 165 Adams, Leon Ijry ADAMS, LINDA ISRI 110,165 ADAMS, WAYNE ISRI 165,153 Adamson, John Isophl 65,214,113 Adkins, Denise Ijrl 196 Adlong, Bruce ljrl Adlong, Rosemary Url 106,196 ADMINISTRATION 122 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 124 ADVERTISING 232-269 Ainsworth, Cindy Isophb 214 ALBERTSON, JAN ISRI 165,196,100 Albertson, Kris IjrI ALEXANDER, BETTY ISRI Alexander, Larry Ijrl Alford, Ricky Isophi 214 Allen, Pam Ijrl ALLISON, GAYLE QSRI 165,113 Allison, Rita IsophI 214 Allred, Beverly Ijri 196,112 Allston, Glenda Isophj 24 Alsobrook, Dave IsophI 214 ALSOBROOK, KATHY ISRI 165,113 Altsman, Kaye Ijrl 106,196,287 Alvarez, Alex 162 Amarillo Bowl 261 Amarillo Clearing House 242 Amarillo College of Hairdressing 235 Amarillo Savings 264 Amarillo Sports Cycles 264 Amick, Howard 122 Amick, Vivian fsophj 214 ANDERSON, CHRIS ISRI 165 Anderson, Eldon Isophl 214,109 ANDERSON, JACKIE ISRJ 110,165,242 ANDERSON, LOU ISRI 165 Anderson, Rickie Ijrb ANDERSON, RUTH ISRJ 106,165,100 Andy's Custom Homes 234 Annett, Clarence IjrI 106,196,100 Anthony, Shelly tjrj 196 Apex Plumbing 265 ARCHER, CHESTER ISRI 165,100 Archer, Melinda Isophl 85,214 Archer, Susan Ijrb 196,287 Armer, Alie 162 Armstrong, Debbie IsophI 214 Armstrong, Eileen fjrj 196 Armstrong, Kim tsopnj 214 Armstrong, Pearl 162 ARMSTRONG, RANDY ISRI 104,165 Arney, Carole fjrI Arrant, Neal IsophI 24 ARREZ, LUCY iFac.I 131 Arrington, Carla Isophj 214 ART DEPARTMENT 152,153 Artistic School of Hairdressing 251 Ashby, Steve Ijrb 196 Asher, Lora Jane Isophj 214 ASHLEY, JOHNNY ISRI ASHMEED, EUGENE IFac.I 152 Ashworth, Anne Ijrj 106,110 Ashworth, Robert 122 ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL 124 Arterburn, Tim IjrI 196 Arthur, Denny IsophI 214 ATHLETICS 57-87 Atlas Van Lines 266 Ault, Debbie lsophj 214 Ault, Deedee Ijrl 196 274 INDEX General index AURA, CHRISTY LEE, ISRI 165 Austin, David 122 AUSTIN, JIM ISRI 67,165,76,72,69 Autry, Bruce Isophl 214 AUTRY, CAROLYN ISRI 165,100 Autry, George Isophl 214 AVENT, LUCY ISRI 165 Avondale Polyclean 253 B BABB, CHUCK ISRI 44,165,45,54,48 Babb, L.P. 122 Babb, Susan Isophl 214 Bacon, David fsophb 65,214 Badgett, Barbara Ijrj 116,196 Baer, DeNeice Cjrl 196,100 BAILEY, BILL ISRI BAILEY, CYNDI ISRI Bailey Bailey Bailey Bailey, Bailey, Jo tsophy 214 Karen Lynn Ijrj 100 Karen Sue Ijri 196,133 Ken Ijrl 84,196 Leroy IsophI BAILEY, MARLYSE ISRI 165 BAKER, BECKY ISRI 165 Baker, Mark tjrl 110,96,196 Baker, Pam Ijrl BAKER, PAT LEE ISRI 165,112 Baker, Richard Ijrj Baker, Shelly Isophb 214 Baker, Steve Ijrb 196 Baker, Tom Ijrl 92,143,196,83 BALDWIN, RON ISRI 165 Bates, Debbie Ijrj 196 Balfour, Cherry Qjrj Ballard, Billie IjrI BALLARD, CONNIE KSRI Ballon, David Isophl 214 BAND 106-109,130 BANDY, MARIANNE ISRI 116,165,100 Banks, Julie Isophj 214 BARBER, RONN ISRI 110,165,81 BARBER, SANDY ISRI 104,165,97,132,100 Barclay, Harold Isophj BARFIELD, PHELPS ISRJ BARHAM, CHRISTINE QSRJ 158,165,97 BARKER, BECKY ISRI 165 Barlow, Kim Isophl 64,214 Barnes, Debbie fsophj 214 BARNES, IKE ISRI 165,287,155 Barnes, Jeannie tjrj Barnes, Larry Ijrl 196 Barnes,Terry tsophj 214 BARNETT, LINDA ISRI 85,165 Barret, Rick Isophl Barrington, Joe Ijrl BARRY, STEVE CSRI 165 Barth, Mike Ijrj 196 BARTON, BETH ISRI 165 BASHIOUM, DENNIS ISRI 110 BASKETBALL 66-77 BASKETT, HARVEY ISRI 165 BASSETT, DARLA ISRJ 110,165,245,100 BASSETT, MARTHA CSRI 134,165,100 Batchlor, Melody lsophj 214,224 Bateman, Bill tsophj 214 Batt, Debbie Isophj Baty, Billy Ijrb BAUDER, ANDREA ISRI 165 Baughman, Mike 165 Bauman, Patti IjrI Bauman, Robert Ijrl 196,100 BAXLEY, MARK ISRJ BAY, NINA LOUISE ISRI 165,100 Beardsley, Susan IsophI 214 Beasley, Linda Isophj 214 Beauregard, Dean Isophj 214 Beavers, Mike Isophj 214 Beck, Carolyn Ijrl 196 Beck, Linda Isophb 214,113 Beckett, Clark IsophI Beckham, Karen Isophi 104,214 Beebe, Cathy Isopht 214 Beebe Lumber Company 234 Beene, Buddy Url 196 Beesley, Linda Isophj 113 Begey,Joe tsopht 214 Belcheff, Jana Ijrj Belcher, Patrice Ijrj 196 Bell,Jana Isophj 214 BELL, JOE DICK ISRI 166 Bell, Wanda Ijrj 112 Bellah, Sherry Ijrl Bennett, Chris Uri BENNETT, JUANITA IFac.I 162 Bentley, Judy Ijrb 196,100 BENTLEY, TRAVIS ISRI 166,83 Benton, Debbie Ijrb 196 Bethel, Garland tjrl BEESON, BEVERLY ISRI 110,165 BEVERS, LEN ISRI BIBLE 154 Biggs, John Ijrj BIGHAM, KAYLA ISRI 165,100 Bilderback, Leslie isophl 24 BINGHAM, LOU IFac.J 162 Binnion, Lynn Ijrl 117,196 Bird, Doug Ijry 106 Bird, Steve lsophI 214 BIRGE, PATSY tFac.I 138 Birmingham, Richard fjrI 196 BIRMINGHAM, TOM ISRI 166,100 Bishop, Becky Isophi 214,109 Black, Brian IsophI Black, Debbie Lyn Ijrj 196 BLACK, DIANE ISRI 166 BLACK, KIM ISRI 166,100 BLACK, MARY IFac.I 126 BLACK, MONTE ISRI BLACKBURN, MOIRA ISRI 166 BLACKBURN,VICKI ISRJ 166,100 Blackburn, Wyatt tsophl 214 Blackburns 265 BLACKWELL, ROSEMARY ISRI 166 BLADES, PATRICIA ISRI 166,113 BLAIR, JACIE ISRI BLAKE, KIM ISRI 166 BLAKE, ROBERT, ISRI Blakesley, Debbie isophl 149,214,113 BLAND,ANN ISRI 166,100 Bland, Martha fjrl 196,113,100 BLANKENSHIP, JUDY ISRJ 166 BLANSCET, CAROLYN ISRI 166 Blessen, lvon Qsophl 214 Blue, Jan Isophj 86,214 Blumer, Melanie Ijrj 22,110 Boatwright, Gary Isopht 215 Bobbitt, Ed Isophy Bobbitt, Pam Ijrl 22 Bocox, Debbie IsophI BOGAN, GARY ISBJ 166,7O,76,68,26,73 Boggs, Gary IsophI 215 Boggs, Jimmy Ijrl Bogue, Frank Ijrj 196 BOND, REIDA QSRI 167 BOND,VICKY ISRI 166 BONE, GARY ISRI 106,166 Bonefield, Sam fsophj 215 BONNETTE, GAIL DIANE ISRI 67 Bonnette, Gary Ijrl 198 Booker, Charles Ijrl Bordelon, Bob Ijrj 196 Borger, Robin IjrI Bounds, Oscar 122 Bowen, Denise Ijrb 196 Bower, David IjrI 196,81 Bowers, Cathy 197 Bowling, Delinda Url 197 BOWLING CLUB 96 Bownam, Beth Url BOX, BRENDA ISRl 167,41 Box, Lynette 91,197,263 Boyle, Holly Url 197,237 Braboy, Bill lsophl 215 Brayboy, Patricia Url 197 Bradbury, Marianne Isophl BRADFORD, DEBBIE iSRl 106,167 BRAGG, CINDY ISRl 110,167 Bramblett, Dale tsophl 63,215 Bramblett, Gail Isophl 165,215 Brands, Cooleen Url 197 BRANDS, MIKE iSRl 102,167,100 BRANT, BEVERLY tSRl Branum, Jan Url 197 Bradshears, Chris lsophl 215,113 Bradshears, Greg Url 197 Brandt, Bill Url 106,110,197,109 BRAXTON, LARRY tSRl 167 Bray, Dale Url 197 Brazel, Debbie tsophl 215 Breedan, Linda Sue isophl 215 Brehm, Randall lsophl Bremer, Jan Url 197,287,245 Brewer ,Cheryl Url 197 Brewer, Debbie Url 197 Brewer, Dennis tsophl 215 Brewer, Mike Url 61 BREWTON,JOE tSRl 167 Bridges, David lsophl 215 BRIDGES, DON lSRl 167,83 Bridges, Mike Url 61,197 BRIERLY, SYBAL tFac.l 160 BRIGGS, DOUG ISRl 157,167 Briggs, Richard lsophl BRINKLEY, KENNETH tFac.l 17,161,639 Brittain Brittain Brittain ,John lsophl 215 ,Melinda Url 106,198 , Robby Url 198 Britten, Wallace tsophl Britten, Wendell lsophl Brock, DebbieUrl 198,112 BROOKS, JIM tSRl 167 Brooks, Sue Url 106,198 Brooks, Teresa lsophl 215 BROWN, BILL lSRl 167 Brown, Bill Url Brown, Debbie Isophl 215 BROWN, EDDIE iSRl BROWN, JACKIE tSRl 167 Brown, Jim Url Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, LouAnne tsophl 215 Lynette 138 Mike Url 60,198 Nancy tsophl 215 Pamella tsophl 215 BROWN, R.E. lSRl 167 Brown, Richard lsophl 81 BROWN, RONNIE iSRl 167 Brown, Steve lsophl 153,215 BROWN, SUE iSRl 167 Brown, Suzanne tsophl 215 BROWN, VIRGIL lFac.l 152 BROWNING, DEBRA lSRl 167 Brownlee, Kay lsophl 215,109 BRUCE, CYNTHIA iSRl Bruce, Danny lsophl 215 Bruce, David Jim lsophl 216 BRUCE , KAREN tSRl 167 Bruddige, Ragenia isophl 216 Bruner, BRUTO Bryant, Bryant, Bryant, Bryant, Woody Url 106 N,JAN iSRl 110,167 Pam tsophl 216 Raymond Url Steve tsophl 216 Wayne lsophl 216,109 BUNDY, ALMA lFac,l 126 BUNDY, TIM tSRl 167,173 BUNYAN, GREG tSRl 167 BURAL,VONNIE lSRl 104,106,167 Burfield, Brent Url 106,198 Burge, Debbie lsophl 216,113 Burge, George 162 Burgess, Linda Url 198,113,132 BURGESS, RANDY lSRl 24,167 Burget, Mark isophl 61,216 Burk, Tim Url Burkett, Joanna Url 104,198 BURKHALTER, JIMMY iSRl 106,167 Burkman, Gary tsophl 216 Burleson, Gary lsophl 216 Burnett, Bill Url 198 Burnet, Blaine lsophl 64,216 BURNS, DONNIE lSRl Bruns, Roma Url 198,100 BURRIS, WAYNE tSRl 83 BURRUSS, JANE lSRl 168,100 Burrus, Lucy tsophl 216 Burton, David lsophl 216 BURTZ, LANE ISRl 129,168,100 Burtz, Marla lsophl 216,112 Business Department 160 Butler,Jerilyn Url 198 BUTLER, PADDI lSRl 168,100 BUTTS, MIKE tSRl 168 Byers,Trudie tsophl 216 BYRD, JO ANNE lFac.l 18,139 BYRD, ROY iSRl C Cafeteria Staff 162 Cain, Mike lsophl 216 Cairns, Steve lsophl 64,216 CALCOTE, WESLEY lSRl CALHOUN, BRYAN tSRl 110,168 Callahan, Chris Url 198 CALLAHAN,JANE tSRl 168 CALLAWAY, CYNDI lSRl 168 Camden, Tommy Url 198 Cameron, Becky lsophl 216 CAMFIELD, DAVID IFac.l 67,140,76,69 CAMMACK, JANET tSRl 110,168,100 CAMP, DAVID tSRl 168 CAMP, MARK iSRl 20,110,168,81 CAMPBELL, GARY iSRl 102,168,198 Campbell, Gary Url 61,63 CAMPBELL, JAN tSRl 110,168,100 Campbell, Kim Url 104,106,198,108 Campbell, Mike Url 199 Campbell, Pat lsophl 216 CAMPBELL, RITA tSRl 104,106,168,144 Campbell, Royanne lsophl 216 CANNEY, VALORIE lSRl 116,154,168,55,48 100 CANODE, NELSON ISRl 168 CANTER, LARRY tSRl Cantu, Leo lsophl Carder, Debbie lsophl 216 CAREY, DEBBY iSRl 168 CAREY, JOEL tSRl 168 CARLSON, CAROLYN lSRl 110 CARPENTER, DON tSRl 168 Carpenter, Kenneth lsophl Carr, Robert Url 216 Carraway, Iris Url Carr, Sheryl isophl 216 Carrington, Denesse Url 199 CARROLL, JANIE lSRl 168 Carroll, Julie Url 199 CARTER, BRUCE tSRl 168,83 Carter, Cindy lsophl 216,112 Carter, Kit isophl 216 Carter, Winn Url 85 Cartwright, Dave Url 199 CARVER, JOHNNY tSRl 168 Carver, Priscilla tsophl 104,217 Carter, W.W. 122 Cary, Caryl lsophl 217,3 CARY, RUSTY tSRl 168 Cash, Cindy 235 Casper, Collette 112 CASTILLO, JULIAN tSRl 168 Cate, Larry isophl Cauley, Pat lsophl 217 Cauley, Paul isophl 65,217 CAZZELL, JANIS iSRl 113,100 Cazzell, Rhonda tsophl 217 Cearley, Don lsophl Celebrities 29-55 CHAMBERS, BETTY ISRl Chambers, Brenda lsophl Champeau, Beverly lsophl 217 Chandler, Joyce Url 110,199 Chapman, Larry Url 106,199,83 Char-kel 236 Charter, Brenda Url CHASTAIN, SANDRA tSRl 85,169,248 CHEERLEADERS 44,45 CHERRY, MIKE tSRl 169 Cheshire, Ross lsophl 61,217,76,71 Chestnut, David Url CHEWNING, MARCUS lSRl 169 CHOIR 110-113,130 Christal, Mike lsophl 217,113 Christionson, Jim tsophl 217 Christenson, Tia Url 199 CHRISTIAN, DALLAS fFac.l 42 CHRISTAN, RANDY tSRl 110,169 Chrysler, Mike lsophl CHUDEJ, BILL lSRl 169 Circle N Appliance 237 Clark, Al Url 104,199,100 CLARK, B. H. lFac.l 140 Clark, Brenda tsophl 217 CLARK. CAROL iFac.l 140,100 Clark, Johnny Url CLARK, MARSHI tSRl 104,169,179,26 Clark, Patty tsophl 217 Clark, Sandy Url 104,106,199,10O CLARK, SUE fSRl 169 Clark, Toney Url 106,199 Claughton, Nancy Url 199 Clayton, Lisa Url 199 Chick, Randy lsophl 65,217,113 CLINE, MARY ALICE IFac.l 124,126 CLINE, PAT iSRl 156,169 Clinton, Susan Url Cloth World 237 Clubs 88-119 Cobb, David Url 199 Cobb, Dena Url 199 COBB, RICKY ISRl 169 Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 268 Cochran, Johnny Url COCKERHAM, JOHN lSRl COFFEY, HOLLY ISRl 169 Coffey, Diannie tsophl Coffman, Becky Url 199 COKENDOLPHER, DAVID lSRl CoIbert's 263 COLDIRON, RON ISRl COLEMAN, BECKY tSRl 169 COLSON, JOHN tFac.l 140 Cole, Christopher tsophl 217 Cole, Richard 104 COLEMAN, EUGENE tFac.l 156 Coley, Jim lsophl 217 Coley, Tim Url 110,199 Collard, Allan Url 199 Collier, Patti lsophl 217 COLLINS, DEBBIE tSRl 169 Collins, Francis Url 106,199,108,79 Collins, Greg tsophl 217 Buckholt. Kenny Url Bucklew, Deborah lsophl 216 Budd, Tommy isophl Bufkin, Marilyn Url 198 Bull, Debra isophl Cartwright, Jon isophl Carter, Billie Jo lsophl 216 Carter, Bruce 83 Carver, Brad Url 84,199 Carver, Diane lsophl 217 Collins, Susan isophl Collins, Tom lsophl Colvert, Comer, Caren tsophl 217 Rex lsophl 217 Commons, Carol Url 199 Conkling, Ann tsophb 217 COMALLY, RANDY QSRJ 170 Connally, Ronnie fsophl 217 Conrad, Randy 85 Continental Trailways 255 CONWAY, SIDNEY QSRJ 170 Cook, Mike tjry Cook, Ricky fjrl 199 Cook, Steve tjrb 199 Cooper, Clif tsophl Cooper,Jackie tjrl 199 Corbet, John tsophj Corner, Frank fsophy 217 Cornelius, Becky Cjrl 199 CORNELIOUS, BOB QSRD 170,259 CORNWELL, SCOTT CSRJ 61 ,63,170,100 Cosmic, Carol tsophj 217 COSMIC,JOHNNY ISRJ 170 Cosper, Steve fsophl 217 COSPER, SUSAN QSRJ 170,243,100 COSSEY, GARY QSRD COTHREN, DEBBIE QSRJ 110,170,243 Courtesy American Inc. 254 Cowden, Brian Url Council, Sharon fjrj 199 Counselors 125 Courtney, Dennis Csophj COURTNEY, LISA CSRJ 170 Courtney, Scott fjry COWLES, SERENA CSRJ 170 Cowden, Bryan -199 Cowley, Billy fsophl 217 COWLET, BOBBY QSRJ 170 COWLEY, NANCY QSRJ 158,170 Cowling, Ronald tjrl 199 Cox, Deonna fjrl 106,199 Cox, Don ljrl 85,199 COX, BRIDGY QSRJ 85,170,7 Cox, Kathy fjrj 199 Cox, Larry tjrj Cox, Sheryl tjrt 199 Crabb, Don lsophl CRABB, MARK QSRJ Craig, Linda tsophj CRAIN, DIANTHA QSRJ 170 Cramer, Robin fjrb 85,199,112 CRAMER, WALTER fSRl 19,170 CRAWFORD, HENRY qFac.J 160 Crawford, John ljrt CRAWFORD, GWEN tFac.J 162 Crawford, Mike fsophj 217 Crawford, Steve fsophj 199,218 Crawford, Steve Cjrb 65,217 Crites, Barry tjrl 199 Crofford, Darrell tjrl 199 Crofford, Mike tsophb 64 Crona, Fred 64 Cross, Sammy ljrj Cross, Tommy tsophj 199,217 Crowe, Anne fsopht 217 Crow, Mike ljrl 199 CROWDER, AL lSRl 170 CROWELL, KEVIN QSRJ 110,170 Crump, Charisse tjrj 199 CRUMP, JO LYNN QSRQ 170 Crump, Rhonda isopht 217 CRUMP,VICKY CSRJ 170 Cuellar, Diane tsophl 217 Cummings, Sharon tjrl 110,199 CUNDIFF, LES KSRJ 67,7O,171,75,76,55,68, 74 Cundiff, Tommy Url Curphey, Chris fsophl 217,71 Curtis, Nancy tsophl 217 Curtis, Tim Url 59,61,63,199 Custodial Staff 162 Custom Trophies 266 Cutright, Marshall tjrj 199 D DAlA,GEORGETTAfFac.1 131 Dallas, Peter A. 122 276 INDEX Dalton, Shayne 180 DALTON, WENDEL fSRl 171 Dammier, Marilyn tjrt 199 Damron Jewelers 259 DANIEL, DAVID KSRD 106,171,252 Daniel, Diane tjrl 199,113 Daniel, Doug Url 199,71 Daniel Larry tsophj 217 Daniel, Patty fjrl 110,199,205,100 DANIEL, TOM QSRD DATA PROCESSING 128,129 Davidson, Janet tsopht 217,109 Davidson, Shirley tsophj 217,109 DAVIS, CHARLES CSRJ 106,171 DAVIS, DEBBIE QSRJ 90,98,171,1 136,40,287,53,49,248 Davis, Debbie tjrl DAVIS, DIANNE fFac.J 129 DAVIS,JAMES lSRl 171 DAVIS, HAZEL tFac.1 138 DAVIS, JIM QSRJ Davis, Guy Url 199 Davis, Joanne Csophj 217 Davis, Trudy fsophj Dawson, Neil tsophl Day, Lalei fjrt 199 DEAN, TRAVIS QSRJ 171 Dean ofGirls 124 Deane, William fjrl 200 DEASON, NANCY tFac.1 181 Deaton, Dera tsophj 112 Deaver, Boyd tsophj 65,217 Deaver, Daine isophj 217,113 DEAVER,VONA QSRJ 110,171,136 Debenport, Dan tjrl 200 Deckard,Torn fjrl 200 Decker, Mitch fsophj 217,113 Decker, Suzanne fjrl 200 DeGrassi-Bates 254 Demared, Paula tsophl 217 Demers, Karen fsophl 217,109 DEMPSEY, GAYLE QSRJ Dempsey, Judy 171 DENKO, SCOTT QSRJ 287,32,33 Denman, Cleo 162 Dennett, Debby tsophj 217 DENNETT, DREW QSRD DENNY, DENISE CSR! 171,247 DENNY, DEBBIE CSRJ 171 DeSALVO, JOSEPHINE tFac.1 138 Denson, Steve fjrl 200,81 Denton, Beth tjrj 200 Denton, Marilyn fjrl 106,200 DePauw, William tjrj 162 Detrixhe, Mary ijrl DeVITO, MACK CARROL QSRJ 171 DEWALD, ROBBIE tFac.1 138 DICK, TOMMY CSRJ Dickerson, Carol tsophj 24 Dickenson, Kathy tsophj 217 Dickson, Ronald tsopht DILLARD, LONNIE CSRJ Dillard, Stephen isophl 217,113 Dillard,Timtsoph1 217 Dillingham, Brenda fsophl Dillon, Laquetta fsophl 217 Dillon, Patty tsopht 104,217 D.E. 158 Dixon, Sharon fjrj 201 Dixon, Walter fsophj DOAK, CHARLOTTE CSRJ DOBBE, CHRIS KSRJ 171,248 99,191,100 DOBEFIVICH, BRAD QSRD 62,3O,31,53 Doche 81 Company 256 Dodgen, Kathy tjrl 98,201,43,79 Dodgen, Paul tsophl 64,218,813 DODGIN, BILL CSFU 60,61,171,27,10O DOHERTY, DAVID fSRJ 171 Donaho, Susan tjrj 201 Dorchester Gas Company 255 DORSEY, RUBY tFac.1 162 Donaldson, Paul tjrl Doster, Kathy fjrb 201 Doster, Tony tsophl 218 DOUGLASS, KEN QSRJ 84,171,191,45,106 DOUGLASS, SHELLEY QSRJ Dowell-Messer 237 DOWELL, ROBERTA QSRJ 110,171 Downey, Jeanne fsopht 218 Doyle, Lyn tjrb 201 Dr. Pepper 238 Drafting 152 Drake, Bill ljrl Drake, Marie fCus.l 162 Drama Department 114,115,145 DREASHER, MAX QSRD 171 Dryden,Johnnyfsoph1 65,218,81 Duckworth, Preston tjrj 128 Duke, Elaine tsophj 85,218 Duke, Linda tjrl 18,85,201,100 Duncan, Brenda tjrl 98,201 DUNCAN, DIANE CSR1 171,119,287,100,155 Duncan, Gary tjrj DUNCAN, GINGER fSR1 171 Duncan, Melinda tsophy 111,218 Duncan, Steve fsophj Duncan,Steve fjrl 218 DUNHAM, DAVID CSRJ 143,171,239 Dunham, Kirk isophj 218,109 Dunlap, Sammy tsophj Dunlap, Walt tjrl Dunman, Jackson 162 Dunn, Doug fsophb 218 Dunn,Wanda fsopht 218 DUNNAGAN, BILL CSRJ 171 Dupree,Teresatjr1 201 Durham, Diane fjrt 201 DURHAM, TOM CSRJ 172 DURHAM, WOODY KSRJ 172 Durrett, John 201 Durrett, Randall tjrl Duane, William 84 Dyer, Bill tjry 106,201 ,206,108,100 DYSON, CAROLYN QSRJ 91 ,110,172,179,100 E EALY, DAVE fSRJ Ealy, Kim tjrt 218 Ealt, Robert tsophj Early, Patricia fsophl 218 Easley, Gail tsopht 218 Easley, Lynette fsophj 218 Easley, Richard CjrJ 201 Eastland, Becky fjrb 98 Eastland, Ricky tjrj 201 Eaves, David tsophl 218 EAVES, RICKEY QSRJ 178 Eaves, Rick fjrj Eddins,Janice tjrl 104,106 EDDINS, JANIE fSR1 147,166,172,201,94,100 EDWARDS, ANN QSRJ 172 Edwards, Johnny Csophb 114,218,109 EDWARDS, MILDRED tFac.J 148 Eldridge, Becky ijrt 201 Eldridge, Don tjrl Ellenburg, Les Csophl 218 Elliott, Dane fjrl Elliott, E.L. 162 Elliott, Jay tsophj 109 ELLIOT, MARGARET iFac.J 150 ELLIOTT, STAN QSRJ 172 Ellis, Debbie fjrj 201 Ellison, Don fsophj 218 ELSTON, HANK QSRJ Elton, Emilie tjrj 201,113 Emanuel,Joe fsophj 218 Emmett, Nancy ijrl 201 Enchelmeyer, Cecile tsophj 218 ENGLANDER, MARK QSRJ 172 ENGLE,BlLLIEfSR1 172,100 English Department 138,139 Epps, Carrie fsophj 218 EPPS, ROBERT KSRJ Erdman, Rosemartha fjrj 44,45,7,100,201 Erwin, Barbara isophi 218,112 Erwin, Geoffrey isopht 218 ERWIN, TONI SRJ 172 Esler, Clint fsophl 218 ESLER, VANCE CSRJ 172,181 ,54,49,1OO Eubank, Bill fsophi 218 Eubank, Craig 85 EUBANK, MIKE iSRl 172,71 Eubank, Nitia fjrt 201 EUBANKS, KATHY QSRJ 172 EUBANKS, DON QSRD 172,191,100 Eva's Sports Wear 253 Evans, Edwin fjri 102,201 EVANS, JACKIE CSRJ 172 Evans, Jimmy fsophl 218 Evans, John fjrj 61,201 EVANS, RANDY QSRJ 61,172,181 Evans, Renna Url 201 Evans, Sharon lsopht 218 EVANS, STEVE SRJ Everett's Plumbing 238 EVETTS, LUNETTE iFac.t 148 Ewing, Marihelen fjrj 201 F Fabric Mart 238 FANGIO, SUSAN QSRJ 104,172,132,43,50,100 Faris, Bud fsopht 218 Faris, Diane ijri 201 Farley, Marsha fjri 201 Farley, Sandra fjrl 201 Farmer, Debbie isophi 218 FarwelI,Janafjrt 110,201,100 Faucett, Donna ijrl 201 Faulkner, Trena Fazzan, Dan fjrt Fenton, De Ann fsophj 218 FERGASON, J. E. iFac.J 123 Ferguson, Cheryl fjrj Ferguson, Gary ijri 106,201 Ferguson, Vickie fsophi 218 Ferryman, Carlie fjrl Few, Mark fsopht 218,109 Fielder, Steve fjrj 201 Fielding, Larry fjrj 201 Fields, Gary fsopht 218 Fike,Trena fjrt 201 Finch, Gwen Url 201 Finch, Jimmy isopht FINCHUM, JANICE iSRt 172 Fiore, Tony ijri 106,201 First BaptisIChurch 238 Fite, Pat ijrt 201 Fjetland, Linda isophj Fjetland, Steve fsophj Fleetwood Pharmacy 239 FLEMING, DEBBIE QSRJ 172,248 Fleming, Larry ijrt 201 FLIPPIN, BEVERLY ISRJ 172 FLOWERS, TONY CSRJ 172 Fluegel, D. W. ijrt FOLLEY, RICKY KSRJ 172 FOOTBALL 58-65 Forbes, Byron fsophj FORBES, SHERYLON CSRJ Ford, Kim fsophi 218 Ford, Rick fjrl Foreign Exchange Student 47 FOREIGN LANGUAGES 131-137 Foreman,Jaynet ijrj 201 Forkner, Kellyfjrt 104,106,110,108,201 Fortenberry, Trisha isopht 218 Foster, Bob fsophj Foster, Deen fjri 201 FOSTER, GARY QSRJ FOSTER, JERRY fFac.l 85,140 Foster, Linda isopht 218,112 Foster, Terry 85 Foulk, Diana isopht 218,109 Four Season's 257 FOURMAN, LOWELL iSRl Foust, Linda ijrt 120,201 Fowler, Gary isopht 218 FOWLEY, JANIS iSRt 172 Fowler, Robert isopht 219,109 Fox, Collier lsophl France, Lea fsophl 219,112 Francis, Lonnie fsopht Franks, Celia fjrj 201 Franks, Dewey isopht 219,109 Franks, Randy fsopht 219 Frederiksen, Paul fjrl 110,201 Freehling,Cherly ijrj 201 Freeman, Mary ljrl 201 Freeman's Flowers 239 French,Vicki ljrj 201 Freshnock, David fsophl 219 FRENCH CLUB 136,137 Frey, Karen fsopht 219 FRISBIE, DAVID QSRJ 172 FRISBIE, FRANK fFac.J 130,110 Frisbie,Tommy isopht 219 Fromm, Karani fjrt 149 Frost, Charles 173 FROST, JAN QSRJ 118,287 Fry, Cindy fsopht 219,109 FRY, JANIE QSRJ 173 FRYE, MARVIN iSRl 173 French, Vicki ijrj FULLER, DONNELL QSRJ 173,69,75,70,76 Fullingim,Jimlsophl 219,101,287 FULLINGIM, JOHN QSRJ 117,173,287 FUQUAY, MERTON fFac.t 129 Furr's 262 F.H.A. 150,151 F.T.A. 94 FUTURE MEDICS 144 G GAITHER, BEVERLY iFac.J 156 Gallarneau, Suzy isophi 219 Gallaway, Steve ljrt 61,201 Galley, Edwin ijrj 219 Galley, Eugene isophi Gallino, Suzy fsophj 109 Galloway, Marc fsophl Gamache, Mike fsopht GAMBLE, DANNY iFac.l 152 Gamel, Bill fsopht 219 Gann, Brud fsophj 219 Gano, Billy fjrt 201 Gardner, Cyndi fsopht 219 Gardner, Eugene isophi GARDNER, KYLE QSRJ 61,173,76 Garland, Carl iirj 202 GARLIN, DAVID CSRJ 118,173,287,1OO Garlin, Mark fsophi 219,109,287 Garms, Alan fsophi 219 GARMS, LYNETTE QSRJ 173 GARRE, STEVE QSRJ 110,173 Garrett, David ijrj 110,202 GARRETT, LESLIE iSRt 110,173 Garrison, Fred iCusl 162 Garza, Linda isophi GASS, JOHN iSRt 142,173 GATLIN, KATHY QSRJ 173 Gatlin, Mike ijrj 202 GaIIin's Shoe and Clothing 239 Gaut, Anne isophl 104,110,219,112 Gay, David tsophj 219 Gear Company Realtors 237 GEIGER, STEVE KSRJ 110 General Reb 46 GENEVA, GARY CSRJ 174 Gentry, Jan ijrt 98,202 Geoffrey, Erwin 102 GEORGE, CARL QSRJ 174 George, Jim fsophl 219 George, Ronald fjri GEPHART, BRUCE iSRt 174 Gephart, Carol fsopht 219 Gerken, Dan ljrt 202 GERLACK, ADA iFac.J 162 Geruox, Danny ijri 202 GERWEG, WAYSON CSRJ 174 Gholston, Terry ljri 202,100 Gibbs, David fsophj Gibson, Ginger isophl 219 Gibson, Gloria isopht 219,109 GIBSON, THAVA KSRJ 174 Gidden, Deniece fjri Gidden, Rocky fsopht 219 Giddens, Cory ijrt 104,202 Giddens, Dallas isophj 219 Giddens, Gary 106 Gilbert, David fjri GILBERT, DEBBIE QSRJ 174 Gilbert, Larry fjrl 202 Giles, Debbie 219 GILLIS, SUZAN CSRJ 174 Gilmer, Richard fjrj 202 GILMORE, PERRY QSRJ 174 Gish, Barbara ijrl 104,202 Gladman, Craig fsopht 63,219 Glasgow, Terri lsophl 219 GLASS, GREG QSRJ 104,174 Glasson, Debi fsophi 219 Glenn, Karen ijrj 202 Glick, Pamela fjrt Globe-News Publishing Co. 240 Glover, Jody ijri 202 GLOVER, JULIE QSRJ 160,174 Gnepper, Larry isophl 63,655,219 GODFREY, BILL QSRJ 104,106,100 Goforth, Christy ijrt 202 GOLF 84,85 GOLIGHTLY, PAT QSRJ Gollihugh, Bert lsophj 219 GOLLIHUGH, JERRY lSRi 174 GOODLOE, TIM iSRl 174 Goodnight, Debbie ijrl 202 GOODSON, GREG QSRJ Goodson, Janell isophi 219 Goodrich, Jan fjrl 202 GOODRICH, KATHY QSRJ 174 Goodson, Mark ijrl Goodson, Ricky fsopht GORDON, RANDY QSRJ 174,219 GORRIE, RUSSELL iSRJ 174 GOTTSCHALL, NANCY QSRJ 169,175 GOWDY, LARRY QSRJ 203 GRADER, CAROL fSRt 175 Graef, Paula fjrl 203 Graham, Charles isophl 219,113 Graham, Debbie ijrl 203 Graham, Donna fsophl 219 Graham, Gary ijrt 203 GRAHAM,SHONNIE QSRJ 110,175 Grant, Debbie isopht 219 Grant, Stephanie isophl 219,112 Grantham, Judy ijrt 203 GRAY, BILLYE JO fFac.l 161 Gray, Jean 104 Gray, Pam fsophl 219 Gray, Patsy ijrj 203 Gray, Vickie fjrt 203 GRAYS, ALICE QSRJ 175 Grayson, Leone fCusJ 162 Grayson, Merton fsopht 219 Green, Albert isophj 219 GREEN, ALLEN iSRl 175 Greenhouse, Janey Csopht 219,135 GREEN, DENNIS iFac.t 162 GREEN, HARRY iSRt 175 Green, David fsophl 65 Gressett, Clydene ljrl 143,203 GRIDER, MARILYN fFac.t 160 GRIEGO, FLAVIGO fFac.J 162 Griffin, Glenn fsophj 219 Griffin, Norene 162 GRIFFIN, TONI QSRQ 175 Griggs and Sons 239 GRINSTEAD, TERRY QSRD 175 Grizzle, Steve Cjrj 203 Grona, Fred isophl 219 Grona, Roy fjri 203 GROOM, MARGRET QSRJ 175 Gruber, Gayle fjri 203 Harrell 278 Grundy, Sharla Uri 143,203 GUILL, BRENDA QSRI 175 Guinn, Gary isophj GUINN, SHERRY QSRI 110,175,100 Gunn Brothers Stamps 241 Gunn, Janett ijrl 203 Gustin, Milton lsophj 219 Guthrie, Diane tsophl 219,112 Guthrie, Don fjrl 92,115,203,205,7,83,100 Guthrie, Ginger ijrl 203 GUTHRIE, JAN CSRJ GUTIERREZ, BECKY ISRJ 175 Gwin, Doug Isophl 219,71 Gwinn, Michael 110,203 H Habekott, Jim ijrl Hackler, Jon ijrl 110,175 Hadler, Ronnie fsophl Hager, Renee lsophi 219,113 HAGUE, CORKY QSRJ 175 Hail, Curtis isophl 219,113 Hail, Judy ijrl 203 Haiduck, Teena fjrl 203 Hailey, Kay fjrl 106,203 Hales, Ginger ijrl 203,242 HALEY, MARGARET iFac.l 125,221 Halford, Nina fsophi 219 HALE, PAM iSRl 175 HALL, CHERYL CSRJ HALL, JANET iSRl 175 Hall, Rex isophl 220 Hallberg, Debbie isophl 113 HALLMARK, KAYE QSRJ 175,287 Hamblin, Bobby lsophl 220,109 HAMBLIN, MONTE QSRJ 175 Hamilton, Christi lsophl 220 HAMILTON, CINDY QSRJ 175,112,259 Hamilton, Mike isophi 220,113 Hamilton, Pam tjrl Hamlin, Dianne lsophl 220 Hamlin, Mike fjri 106,203 HAMM, LOUISE fFac.J 138 HAMMIT, E.L. iFac.J 125 Hammond, Lonnie fjrl 203 Hamner, Rhonda fjrl Hamner, Terry Cjrl Hampton, Sharon ijrl 203 Hand, Randy Cjrl 203 Hanes, Colleen Cjrl Hanes, Leesa isophj 220 Hanes, Valorie isophi HANNA, ALANA QSRI 175 HANNA, CHERYL ISRI 175 Hanna, Lyndon isophj Hanna, Susan fsophl 220 Hannasch, Richard Csophl 220 HARBER, CLAUDIA iSRl 175 Harbison, Brenda Ijri 203 HARBISON, LARRY ISRJ 175 HARBOUR, DEBBIE ISRI 175 Harbour, Phil fjrl Hare, Beverly 83 Hargis, Ginger isophl 220 HARGIS, TERRY QSRJ 175 Hargis, Wendy isophl 220 HARGRAVE, JANICE fFac.l 142 Harlan, Debbie isophl 220 HARMANDEZ, MARGARET fFac.I 162 HARMS, CINDY QSRJ 175 HARP, VICTOR ISR! Harper, Harper, Harper, ,Judy Csophl 220 Steve Url 106,203 Terry isophl 220 Vicki Csophl 220,109 Harrington, Mike tsophl HARRIS, BARBARA JO fFac.J 142 HARRIS, LISA CSRJ HARRIS, MARSHA QSRI Harris, Mike isophl 64,220 INDEX Harwell, Lily Ijrl 203,112 Hassinger, Mark Url 104,106,108 HATHCOCK, JUDY iFac.l 138,100 Hauser, Anna lsophi 220 Hauser, Patsy fsophj 220 HAWKINS, JAMES QSRJ Hawkins, Kaye Uri 203 Hawkins, Peggy ljrl 203 Hawkins, Rebecca Csophl HAWKINS, VIOLET lFac.l 162 Hawthorne, Drayton isophl HAWTHORNE, JOHN ISRJ Hays, Anna isophj 109 HAYES, DEAN fSRl 59,60,61 Hayes, Sharon lsophl Hayes, Steve isophl 220 Hayhurst, Kerry fsophl HAYES, LYNDA QSRJ 110 HAYNES, STEVEN CSRD 92 Hays, Anna 220 Hays, Fred ijri 203 Hazlewood, Gwen fsophl 220 Hazelwood, Niki ijrl 203,100 Hazelwood, Richard fsophl 216,220 Heck, Kathie Url 203 HEDRICK, DEBBY QSRD Hefner, Rocky fsophl 152 ' Hegedus, James fjrl 203,210,83,81 HEGEDUS, JANEY QSRJ HEITZ, DEBBIE QSRJ Heitz, Randy fsophj Henderson, Bill iirl 203 HENDERSON, DONNY QSRJ HENDERSON, DOUG ISRI 76 Henderson, Gary ijrl 203,71 Henderson, Jan fsophi 220 HENDERSON, DONNIE KSRJ 84 Hendricks, Bobby fsophl 220 HENSLEE, GALE ISRI 100 HENSLEE, JAN CSRJ 104,106 Henslee, Karen fsophl 220 Henson, Cathey lsophl 220 Herber, David fjrl 61,203,132,34,35 Herring, Mike 220 Herring, Roger ijrl 203,100 Herring, Stanley fsophl 220,224 Hervey, Mary fjrl 104,106,203,100 Hester, Michele fjrj 203,100 HESSE, KATHLEEN iFac.l 150 HESS, NEIL iFac.l 145 Hickmott, Jay ijri 203 HICKS, BILL lSRl HICKS, KEN lFac.t 148 Hicks, Sandi fsophl 220 Higgins, Alan fjrl 203 Higgins, Paula tjrl 85,203,100 Higgs, Paula ijrl 203 Hill, Ann 104 HILL, BEHT QSRJ Hill, Cynthia tsophj 220 HILL, DONNA CSRI 177 HILL, EDDIE CSRJ 177 Hill, Jackie tjrl 203 Hill, Jana lsophl 220 Hill, Jim ljrl 71 HILL, JULIE QSRI 177 Hill, Kathy fjrl 90,203 HILL, MARY fSRl 177,133,106 Hill, Pebble ijrl 22,110,203 HILL, RALPH ISRI 177 Hill, Sue tsophl Hill, Weldon isophl 220,113 Hinchey, Sandy fsophl 220 Hinson, Cathy 104 Hirst, Edward fsophl 220 Hobson, Lisaxisophl 85,220 Hodges, Pat lsophl Hoelcher, Mike 220 HOGAN, CATHIE KSRJ 177 HOGGATT, DALE QSRI 177 HOLBERT, BRUCE CSRJ 177 HOLDAWAY, MIKE ISRJ HOLLAND, BILLY CSRJ 143,177 Holland, Debbie 135 Holland, Eris lirl 203,144,100 HOLLABAUGH, BILL CSRJ 177 HOLLINGER, GERRY KSRJ 110,177 Hollinger, Mike Csophl 65,220 Hoelscher, Mike fsophl HOLLINGSWORTH, JUDY ISRJ 177,100 Holloway, Mike lsophl 220 Holloway, Pat lsophl 220 Holloway, Paula lirl 203 HOLLOWAY, RACHEL QSRJ 177 Holloway, Richard ljri 152204 Holloway, Sarah lsophj 104,220 Holloway, Suedell fjrl 98,204 Holloway, Tom isophl 65,220,113 Holmes, Gregg lsophl 220 Holmes, Jackie lsophl 220 HOLT, BEVERLY QSRI 177 Holt, James ijrl 204 Holtzclaw, Patti 220 Homan, Charles fjrl HOME AND FAMILY LIVING CLUB 150-151 Home Economics Department 150,151 HONAKER, LINDA iFac.l 142 Honea,Calvin Ijrl 261 Hood, Cynthia lsophi 220 HOOD, MARK fSRl 177 Hood, Maurice lsophl 104,220 HOOKER, CHARLES QSRJ Hooper, Danyce ijrl Hooten, Norman fsophl 220 HOPSON, DAVID iSRi 106,177,100 Hopson, Missy Ijri 204 Horrell, Steve ijrl 110,204 Horrell, Tim fsophi 220 Hortenstine, Philip fjri 104 HOUCHIN, Bob KSRJ Houchin, Donna Ijrl 204 House, Pam ljrj 90,204,100 HOUSE, RANDY ISRJ 16,44,177,45 House, Rhonda ljri 204,55 Houston, Marlane iiri 204 HOVING, REX ISRJ 177,81,237 Howard, Amy ljrl 110,204,264 Howard, Curtis fjrl 204 Howard, Dennis Ijrl 204 Howard, Gay lsophl 221 HOWARD, LESLIE ISRl 85,177,204,10O Howard, Terry ljrl 204 HOWARD, TONI QSRI 177,112 Howe, Danny fjrl Howe, Lorrie ijri Howell, Guy Ijrl HOWELL, JAMES ISRI 177 Howell, Leslie ijrl 104 HOWELL, MARGRET fSRl 177 Howell, Zack tsophl 221 HOWINGTON iFac.l 17,59,14O HRNCIR, DEBBI ISRJ 44,177,45 HUB University Shop 264 Hubbard, Reika 221 Huddleston, Carol ljrl Hudgel, Rhonda isophl HUDGINS, WANDA fSRI 177,100 Hudson, Barbara tjrl 85,197,204,144,100 HUDASUN, GAY ISRI Huff, Paul fsophi 221,109 Hugg, Linda Url 204 HUMPHREYS, VICKI QSRJ 178 HUNGATE, GARY IFac.J 148 Hunnicutt,Tim Url 204 Hunt, Keith fsophl 221 Hunton, Kathy isophl 221 Huse,Jimmy isophi 221 HUTCHENS, PHILLIP QSRJ 178 HUTCHINS, KELLY QSRJ 99,178 HUTCHISON, SHERRI ISRJ 178 HUTSON, GREGG ISRJ 178,100 HYDE, LYNDA QSRJ 178 HYDE, MYRA ISRI 178 I lmel, Connie Lynette Isophl 110,221,112 i i lnce, Carla Cjrl 204 Individual Sports 78-87 Industrial Cooperative Training 159 Ingram, Diana lsophl 221 lngram,Tom ljrl 204 International Hair Design School 241 INTRAMURALS 86,87 lRWIN,CORINNE ISRI 110,177,94,101 lwin, Keith ljrj 204,202 Irwin, Loretta ljrl 204 Isle, LyAnn lsophl 221 Isley, Mike lsophl 17,166,221,109 IVY, MIRIAM ISRI 150,178 IZZARD, BILL lSRI 178 J Jack Gwin Tire Company 241 JACKSON, CATHY LYNN ISRI 178,113 Jackson, David ljrj 221,109 KVII 243 Kachiros, Pete ljrl Karr, Robert lsophl 109 Kaspar, Colette lsophl 222 Kates, Mike 81 KAUFFMAN, JAMES lFac.J 59,148,17 Kearns Grain 8. Seed Company 242 KEE, DOW ISRJ 24,178,101 KEENEY,CLARlCK lFac.J 162 KEITH, BILL lSRI KEITHLEY, PAUL lFac.J 152 Keller, David ljrj 110 Kelley, Charmaine ljrl 204 KELLEY, DAVID lSRJ 178,101 Kelley, Kenny lsophl 222 Kennedy Kennedy ,Bruce ljrl 204 , Donna lsophl 222,109 Kennedy, Kennedy, Kevin ljrj 116 Lewis ljrj 110,204 JACKSON, ELDON lFac.J 148,149 Jackson, Jackie lsophj 221 Jackson, Tommy 221 JACOBS, RANDY QSRI 158,178 Jacques, Judy ljrl 204 James, Dennis lsophl JANES,JIMlVIlE1Fac.J 17,59,161,148 Janssen, Donnie 220 Janssen, Robert lsophl Jacobsen, Lee ljrl 24,204 Janitorial Staff 162 Jasmin, James ljrj JEAN,TONI ISRI 178 JEFFERS, RANDY ISRI 178,101 JEFFERSON, STEPHEN ISRI 61,178 Jenkins, Dan ljrl 204 JENKINS, JUDY ISRI 178,101 JENKINS, ROLLAND ISRI 178,132,101 Jenkins, Shelley lsophj 221 JENKINS, TIM ISRI 110,178,113 Jenkins, Tommy lsophl 71 Jim's Auto Shop 242 Johnson, April lsophj 221 JOHNSON, CATHY ISRI 178,204,12 Johnson, Dale isophj Johnson, Dee lsophl 221 Johnsoh, Dianna fjrl 204 Johnson, Galen lsophl 221,81 Johnson, Haise ljrl 101 Johnson, Kathy ljrl JOHNSON, LAURA lFac.J 160 Johnson, Paige lsophl 221 JOHNSON, PAT ISRI 178 JOHNSON, RICK ISRI 46,9O,178,287,54,50 101,155 Johnson, Sharon lsophj 221 Johnston, Peggy lsophl 221 JOHNSTON,VICKIE lFac.I 162 JOLLEY,VICKI ISRI 178 JONES, ARDITH lFac.I 162 Jones, Dava lsophl 221 Jones, Debbie ljrl 110,221,101 Jones, Debbie lsophj 99,204 JONES, CHARLES lFac.I 147 Jones Jones ,Jay ljrj 147,94 ,Jimmy lsopht 221 Jones, Jones, Jones Jones Jones, Jones, Kyla lsophj 221 Kay ljrl 204 Lu Ann lsophl 110,221,112,109 Rodney isophj Ronnie lsopht 221 Scott ljrl Jordan, Julie lsophl 222 Jordan, Sandy ljrl 204 Jordan, Tina lsophl 222 Jorden, Jay ljrl 117,204 JOURNALISM 154 Joy, Garry lsophl 65,221 Judd, Valarie Isophl JUNIOR CLASS 195-212 JUNIOR FAVORITES 34,35 K KFDA 257 Kenyon, Karla lsophl 222,112 Kersey, Julia Ann lsophl 222 KEY PUNCH 259 KEYS, LARRY CSRI Kidd, Melissa Ann lsophl 222 KIDD, WILFRED CSRI 178 Kidwell, Gayle ljrl 204 KIFIAN, EVE lFac.I 162 Kiihn, Kim ljrl 106,204 Kiker, Emily ljrl 24,204 KILE, JAMES lFac.I 161,87 Kilgore, John ljrj 204 Killins, Patti ljrl 204 Killmer, Robert Url 105,106,204,108 KILLOUGH, DANNY ISRI 23,179,231 Killough, Randy lsophl 204 KILLOUGH, REX ISRJ 179 Kilndried, Robort ijrt 106 KIMBLE, DAVID lSRI 179 KIMMINS, POLLYANNA lFac.I 125 Kinderknecht, Brenda lsophj 222 King, Dianne lsophj 222 KING,JAN ISRJ 179 King, Jim lsophj King, John lsophl 222 KING, LYNN ISRI 179 King, Malissa lsophj King, Mike lsopht 204,222 KING, MYRA lSRI 179,263 KING, TERRY ISRI 179 KING, VENA JAN ISRI Kingdon, Keith lsophj 104,222 KIRK, MARTI lFac.I 146,147 KIRKLIN,JIM CSRJ 179 Klamm, Steve lsophl 222 KLEIN, KAREN lSRI 179 Klines 242 Knepp, Kimberly Csophl 222,113 KNIGHT, DENISE ISRI 179 Knox, Henry lsophl 222 Koch, James lJimmyI ljrl Koenig, Bill ljrl 204 Kohler, Kimberly Kaye lsophl 112,222 Kolander, Judith Ann ljrl 106,199,13,204,132 Kolius, Rice Ann ljrl Koontz, David ljrl 110,204 Koopmann, Cheryl Url 204 KOOPMANN, LINDA ISRI 179,101 Korelc, Annette lsophl 222 KOWNACK, CHRIS ISRI Kownacki, Janet M. ljrl Kraemer, Benny Ijrl 204 Krager, Dedri J. lsophl Kraus, Debbie Isophl 222,109 KRITSER, ANNA BELLE CSRJ 179,53 Kritser, David, Mrs. 122 Kunkel, Debra lsophl 104,109,223 Kunkel. Monte lirl 104 KUHN, CATHY ISRI 179 Kuykendall, Charlene ljrl 204 Kuykendall, Sheryl fsophl 222 L Ladd, Kent lsophl 222,71 Ladd, Perry lsophl 134,222 LADD, SUSAN CSRI 179 Lambert, John lsophl Laminack, Terry isophl Lamper, Linda ljrl 110,204 LANCASTER, ARICA lFac.I 162 Landers,Cindy ljrl 22,204,113 Lane, Barry ljrl 205 LANE, DONNIE ISRI 179 Lane, Gary ljrl 205 Lane, Jerry lsophy 222,109 Langley, Jeff lsophI LANGLEY, SHAYNE ISRI Langly, Tom lsophl Lanham, Amy ljrj 205 Lanham, Mark lsophI 222 LARA, ROBBIE ISRI 180,2 LARD, GENE ISRI 85,180 LAS MEMORIAS 118-119 Lassiter, Jan ljrl 205,113 Latham, Jimmy ljrl LATIN CLUB 132-133 Law, Mike ljrl 205 LAWSON, DEBBIE ISRI LAWSON, JAY lSRI LAY, BETTY lFac.I 138 Laxson, Scott lsophl 104,222 LEACH, ALAN lSRI 180 Leach, John lsophl LEAMAN, JENNIFER QSRI Leard, Leigh lsophl 222 LeCompte, Terri lsophl 222 Ledbetter, Melody lsophl 222 LEE, BERTIE ISRI 180 LEE, BOB ISRJ 106,180,108 Lee, Mike lsophl 222 LeGrand, James lsophj 115,165,180 Lehman, Mike lsophl 222 Lemke, Danny lsophl LEMKE, NANCY ISRJ 180,222,101 LEONARD, CMDFI. CHARLES lFac.I 8 LEONE, PEGGY ISRI 23,180 LES CHANTEUARS 112 Lesley, Cindy lsophj Lester, Cindy lsophl 222 Lester, Doug lsophI 222,113 Levick, Mike ljrl 85,205 Lewis, Gary ljrl 287 LEWIS, JERRY ISRI 110,180 LEWIS, JIM ISRJ 84,180 LEWIS, JOHN ISRJ 180 Lewis, Rusty ljrl 205 Librarian 126,127 Library Staff 126 Liedtke, Joy lsophl 222 Light, Jenni lsophl 222 LIGHT, JERRY ISRI 61,180 Light, Kenneth 180 Lightfoot, Mike lsophl 86 Liles, Kathy lsophj 222 LIMAS, LIANDIO lFac.I 162 Limbaugh, Troy ljrl 205,101 LINDSEY, DEBBIE ISRI Linke, Ken ljrl 205 Linke, Roberta 180 Linn, Laurel lsophj 222 Linn, Linda ljrl 205,79 Lipscomb, Laura lsophl LIRA, SARA lFac.I 162 LITTAU, CRAIG lSRJ 180,55 Litton, Daryl ljrl LITTRELL, GARY lFac.J 142 LLOYD, BROWNING CSRI 180,55 Lockhart, Connie ljrj 205 LODEN, LINDA ISRI Loewenstern, Dana fsophl 222 LOEWENSTERN, TARA ISRJ 38339114110 145,180,11,55 Loffin, Mara ljrl Lofthus, Brett lsophl Lojewski, Joe ljrl 205,222 280 Lollar, Dale Cjrl 23,205 Long, Kathy Qsophl 222 LONGBINE, BOBBY lSRl 60,61,181 Longanecker, Mike fjrl 205 Look to this Day 4 Looney, Debbie lsophj 222 Looney, Linda ljrl 205 LOVE, SUSAN ISRJ 106,181,101 LOVELACE, MARCHA lSRl LOWRY, JOHNNY lFac.J 142 LOVELADY, PATRICIA fFac.l 150 LOWRY, KAREN lSRl 110,181 Loyd, Harvey Loyd, Walter ljrl Locos, Robert lsophl LUNA, PANTALION iFac,J 162 Lundegreen, Carmen tjrl Luscombe, Jim fsophl 222 LUTZ, GEORGE QSRI 110,181 Lyde, Charles ljrl LYLES, MELINDA QSRJ 181 LYNCH, BEVERLY tFac.J 138,139 Lynch, Dolly 91 IVI Mack, Joe Url Mack, Ray ljrl 106 Maddy, Steve ljrl Madsen, Stuart lsophl 222 Mager, Andy lsophj 222,109 Mager, Jeff ljrl 96,205,95 Majors, John ljrl Malone, Kathleen ljrl 205 MANDRIL, KAREN QSRJ Maner, Steve fjrl 205 Manley, Nancy ljrl 82 Mann, Carol lsophl 222 Mannon, LuAnne Url 205 Mark Davis Carpet 267 Marks, Lynn ljrl 205 MARR, PAULA CSRI 181 Marr, Sheri ljrl 150 Marsh, Madleiiene ljrl 205 Marshall, Lee ljrl 205 MARTIN, LEWIS lFac.J 124 Martin, Lora ljrl 206,112 MARTIN, MARIAN QSRJ 110,181 Martin, Mike lsophl 222 MARTINEZ, BEN lFac.J 162 Martinez, Benny lsophl MARTINEZ, GEORGIO lFac.l 191 Martinez, Connie ljrl MASK, CATHY QSRJ 106,181 Mason, Don lsophj 223 ' MASON, BETSY ISRD 181 Mason,Jeri Url 206 Mason, Richard ljrl 206 MASSEY, JAN QSRJ 181 Massey, Lyndon ljrl 206 Mathematics Department 140,141 Mathes,John ljrl 206 MATHESON, LUANN QSRJ 181,94,101 Matheson, Woodie lsophl 65,223 Matthews, Mare lsophl Mathis, Lynn lsophl 223 Matteson, Joyce fjrj 206 MATTHEWS, THOMAS fSRl Matthews, Walter lsophj Mattic, Cindy lsophl 223 MAYES, CLAIR S. lFac.J 124 Mayo, Janet lsophl 223,109 Mays, Stacy lsophl 223,109 McAvery, Carol lsophl 225 McBrayer, Diane lsophl 225 MCBRIDE, KAY lFac.l 138 McBRIDE,VIVlAN lSRJ 181 McCall, Don Cjrl 104 McCann, John lsophl 225 McCARTY, SHARON QSRI 181,101 McCarthey, Valerie ljrl 110,207 McCLAIN, PAM QSRJ 181 INDEX McClain, Kathy lsophl 109 McClanahan, Phyllis fjrl McCIanahan, Susan lsophj 225,5 McClellan, Gail lsophj 225,113 McCIelIan,Tom ljrl 207 McCLENSON, TONEY ISRJ 181 McCORMlCK, KATHI lSRl 181 McCormick, Ruth ljrl 225 McCRACKEN, DANNY QSRJ 104,106,181 McCurry, Crystal lsophj 225 McDaniel, Larry lsophl 65,225 McDaniel Sid ljrl 207 McDOWELL, ELVA KSRJ McElroy, Danny ljrl McELROY, JIMMY ISRJ McElroy, Jimmy lsophl 104,225 McELROY, ROSA LEA lSRl 181 McFATHER, BOBBY ISRJ 106,181,108 McGee, Mike lsophl 65,81 McGee, Michael Shane lsophl 223,225 McGill, Marla Csophl 225,112 McGregor, Shirley lsophl 104,225 MCGUIRE, JOHN tFac.l 59,63,198 McKay,Joe isophl 225 McKay, Linda lsophl 225,264 McKeann, Mike qjrl McKee, Jim lsophj 225,109 McKEE, VICKI lSRJ 181 McKennon, Lucinda fsophj McKinnon, Don ljrj McKenzie, Karen Url 207 McKenzie, Kay lsophl 225 McKinzie Lincoln Mercury 243 McLane, Kathy lsophl 225 McLaughlin, Charla ljrl 207 McLAUGHLlN,VlCKl lSRl 181 McMahon, Candie fsophj 225 McMahon, Joe ljrl 207 McMennamy, Mike lsophl 65,225 McMicken, Pam ljrl 207 McMillin, Diann lsophj 225 McMorries, Bobby lsophl MCMORRIES, KIM ISRI 106,181,53,51,101 McMorries, Stephi lsophl 225,109 McMurry, Debby ljrj 85,207 McNabb, Peggy ljrl 207 McNeeIy, James Randal lsophl 225 McNeil, Kathy Url 110,207 McNew, Susan lsophl 225,112 MCPHERREN, MIKE CSRD 181,101 McReynolds, Melody ljrl 207 McSPADDEN, WYATT QSRJ 181 McSWAlN,VANCE QSRI 104,106,182,108 Mead's Bakery 256 MEEK, MRS. SCHELLON lFac.J 160 Meek, Steve Url Meeltan, Dairie Csophl 223 Melinger, Susan lsophj 110,223,113 Melson, Lynetta lsophl 223 Mendez, Kathie Qjrl 206,133 MERCER, CONNIE QSRD 110,181 Mercer, Penny ljrl 206 MERNITZ, KEN QSRJ 204,106,181,108,101 Merrill, Janet ljrj Merriman, Mike lsophl 224 Merriman's Foods 245 Merritt, Deborah Kaye ljrl 110,206 Mesa Petroleum Company 259 Messer, Mike ljrl 206,81 Meyer, Shelley fsophl 224 Mezel, Gary lsophj 224 Middleton, Neal fsophj MICKESELL, J.G. lFac.J 156 Mierzwik, Debbie ljrl 206 MEIRZWIK, KEN QSRJ MILBERN, HAZEL fSRl 181 Mibly,Jan ljrj 206 Millco Moving Service 266 Miller, Carol tsophl 224 Miller, Danny ljrl Miller, Denise lsophl 110,113 MILLER,KEITH QSRI 181 Miller, Kirk ljrj Miller, Mark lsophl 224,113 Miller, Mike lsophl 224,209 Miller, Monty ljrl 206 Miller, Morris ljrl 207 MILLER, STEVE CSRJ 181 MILLIGAN, BEVERLY iFac.l 131 Mills, Donna lsophl Mills, Mary lsophl 224 Mills, Ray lsophj Milton, Hazel 113 MIRACLE, MARILYN QSRJ 110,181,137 Miranda, Charles ljrl 206 Miss Southern Belle 38-39 Miss Tascosa 30-31 Mitchell, Clifton qjrl 206 MITCHELL, DORIS lFac.J 131 MITCHELL, JANET lSRl 181 Mitchell, Mark fjrl 102,206 MIZE, MARILYN QSRJ 181,101 Moats, Dianna lsophl Mobley, Shanna lsophl 224,109 MOK, MELISSA CSRJ 101,181,133 MOLDE N, KATHY gsm Molyneaux, Terry lsophl 224,81 Monken, Carol Qsophj 224 Monroe Monroe Monroe Montgo Montgo Montgo Montgo Montgo ,Mike lsophl 224,109 ,Cameron ljrl 206 ,Roxane ljrl 110,206 mery, Bill 122 mery, Emily ljrl 206,34,35,101 mery, Harold lsophj mery, Sara lsophl mery Ward 244 MOORE, CLASSIE CSRJ Moore, Dana lsophj 109,224,112 Moore, Moore David ijrj 206 David lsophl 224,61 ivioorel babie lsophl 223 Moore, Debbie lsophl 224 MOORE, DESI CSRJ 181 Moore, Moore, Moore, Diane lirl 104,106,206 Freddy ljrl Geri lsophl 224 MOORE, JADENE CSRD 181 MOORE, JANE lFaC.l 138 Moore, Johnny fjrl MORAL ES, LORRETTA CSRJ 181 Morales, Michael lsophl 224 MOREHEAD, JOE CSRJ 104,106,1 Morehe ad, Mike lsophl 224,109 Moreland, Mike ljrl 206 Morgan ,Bernie lsophl Morgan, Billy ljrl 206 Morgan,Chuck lsophl 224 Morgan, Connie lsophl 224 Morghe MORLA ad, Mike lsophl N, PHILLIP ISRJ Morris,Anne ljrl 207 MORRIS,JOE KSRJ 183 8 1108 Morris, Joe lsophj 17,65,224 Morris, Kelly lsophl 224 Morris, Lindafjrl 110,207,101 MORRIS, LOU KSRJ 181 Morris, Lynne lsophl 224,113 Morris, Miller ljrj 207,101 Morrison,Tom fsophl 225 Morrow,Janice fjrl 207 Morrow, Mike Qsophj 113,64,65,225,75,71 MORTON, DARLA ISRJ 183,101 Morton, Penny ljrl 207 Moser,Dan1jrJ 61,207 MOSELY, BOB QSRJ 183 Mr. Tascosa 30-31 Mudrock,Joe lsophl 18,225 MUIR, RHONDA KSRJ 147,183,54,51,94,101 Mullin, Skip lsophl Muller, Wayne 119 Mulley, Dutch lsophj 225 Muncy, Elbert lsophl MUNCY, JIMMY QSRJ 252 Munn, Debbie ljrl 207,101 Munnerlyn, Beth lsophl 225 Murff, Allison lsophl 225,112 Murphy, Becky fsophl 225,112 Murphy, Faye fjrl Murphy, Robert lsophl Murphy, Roy Ijrl Music Department 130 MUSICK, MELESSIA CSRI 117,110,183,54,52, 101,155 MUTHERSBOUGH, KIM QSRI 83,101 Mutz, George 170 Myers, Jimmy tsophl 225 MYERS,JEAN tFac.J 126 Myers, Karen tsophl 225,112 Myers, Sheri lsophl 225 Myers,ShelIy 109 Myers,Terri Url 207,112 MYERS, TERRY CSRJ 153 N Nance, Douglas tsophl 225 NAPIER, KATHY QSRI 183 NASH, CAY CSRI 104,183,101 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 100-101 NAVY ROTC 102,128,129 Nazworth, Charlotte tsophi 225 NEIE, CINDY KSRI 183 Neie, Mike tjrl 207 Nelson, Bill fsopht Nelson, David fsophl NELSON, FLAINE QSRJ 183 Nelson,Jim fjrl 106,207,108 Nelson, Leslie tsophi 225,113 NELSON, SHERRY CSRJ 183,101 NELSON,VICKI CSRI 183 NELSON, WALTER IFac.l 156 Newbauer, Mickie tsophl 225 NEWBY, RANDY QSRJ 110,183 NEWMAN, LEAH QSRI 110,183 Newsome, Bob tsophl 225 NEWSPAPER STAFF 116,117 Newton, Dorinda lsophl 225,109 NICHOLSON,JEAN QSRI 183 NIVENS, DONNA QSRJ 183 Nivens, Starla fsophl Nix, Karen tsophl Nix, Steve Cjrl Noble, Debby isophl 225,113 Norman, Jerry fjrl Norris, Shelly tsophl 225 Northwest Texas School of Nursing 245 NUNLEY, FRED QSRI 183,83 Nunn, Russell Csophj Nunally, Nina fsophl 225 NUGENT, BILLY iSRl 183 Nugent, James tsophl Nurse 126,127 NUSSBAUM, MARTIN ISRI 22,91,123,53,101, 147,181,183,52 Nussbaum, Ralph isophl 225 O OAKLEY, JOBETH tSRl 183 Oakley, Sally isophl 225 O'BRIEN, MIKE KSRI 183,83,82 Ochsner, Kris isophj 112 O'DELL, MARSHA CSRI 183 ODOM, WINSTON tFac.I 154 Office Staff 126 O'Keefe, Sherla fjrl 110,207 ORCHESTRA 103-105 Organizations 88-119 ORLDS, MARGARET QSRJ 110,150,154 Ortiz, Ronnie ijrl 207 O'TANGER, SHARON QSRJ 106,184 OTTENSMEYER, JUDY QSRI 184 Owens, Beverly Url 207 OWENS, CHARLIE CSRJ 184 OWENS, DAVID KSRI OWEN, MARK KSRJ 110,184,181 Owens, Pam ljrl 106,110,101 Owens, Steve fjrl P Packard, Paula fsophl 104,225 PACKARD, RUTH ANN ISFU 104,184,26,101 PAHON, GLENNA iSRJ Painter, Odessa ,162 Palmer, Cindy fjrl 207 PALMER, GEORGE CFac.J 148 Palmer, Jerrye tjrl 207 PALMER,JESSICA ISRJ 184 Palmer, Nancy isophl 226 Palo Duro Studio 247 Palvadore, Elaine 104 Panger, Steve fsophl 226 Panhandle Laundry 257 Pant Shoppe 245 Parge, Kent ijrl 207 Parken, Steven lsophl 226 PARKER, ACE tFac.l 148 PARKER, JOHNNY CSRI 110,184 PARKER, ANNE tFac.I 162 Parker, Judy Ann isophl 226,112 PARKER, MELISSA CSRI 110,184 PARKER, STEVE QSRI 184 Parker, Terry lsophi 226 PARKEY, INEZ tFac.l 150 Parr, Becky fsophj 226,109 PARR, HELEN KSRJ 184,119,287 Parra, Tim fjrl 207 Passmore, Laura fjrl Passmore, Mike Csophl Pate, Lyn fjrl Patterson, Cindy isophl 226 Patterson, Mike tsophl 226 Patterson, Patty fjrl 207,97 PATTERSON, VADA iFac.l 162 Patterson, Vickye ljrl 207,226 PATTEN, PATTY QSRI 184,112 PATTON, INA MAE tFac.l 162 Patton, Larry isophy PATTON, PAULA CSRJ 19,184 Paul, Jeff fsophl 226 Payne, Barbara tsophl 226,113 Paxton, Allen ijrl Peek, Debbie tjrl 207 Peek, David ljrl 207 Peek, Kathy lsophl 226 Peek, Larry Uri 85,207 Peevy, Larry Don Csophl 64 Pekar, Louis ljrl 202,207 Pena, Mike tjri 18,61,61,207 Pendleton, Larry Url 207 Pennal, Steve tsophl 64,226 Pennington, Thelma fsophl 130,226,109 Penny's 245 PERDUE, DEBBIE CSRI 104,106,184,42 Perdue, Nancy tjrj 118,106,207,287 Peres, Kim tsophl 226 PERES, KRISTA QSRI 184,287 PERKINS, DEBBIE QSRJ 184 Perkins, Rhonda fjrl 207,101 Perry, Richard Uri 106,207,101 PERSONS, DEBRA CSRI 184 Personius,Alta fjrl 207 PETERSON, CHARLES tFac.l 162 Petit, Ninon fsophl 226,112 Peters, Doug Url 207 Peterson, Belinda tsophl 226,109 PETERSON, BRENDA CSRI 106,184 PETROPOULOS, EARL CSRI 184 Petropoulos, Judy Uri 207 Pfiel, Debbie Url 106,207 PFISTER, BECKIE QSRJ 259 Pfister, P.K. tjrl 110,113 PHILLIPS, BILL QSRI 184 Phillips, Charles tsophl 226,109 PHILLIPS, DEBBY CSRJ 91,184,287 Phillips, Diann tsophl 226 PHILLIPS, LINDA QSRJ 184 Physical Education 86,87,161 Pickard, Jamie Patrice fsophl 22,226 PICKARD, OLIVIA tFac.l 126 Pickard, Suzanne fjrl 207,112 Pickens, Mike lsophl 226 Pickens, Pam Url 110,207,112 Pierce, Charles Url 207 Pierce, Penny tjrl 207 Pilgrim, Johnny tsophl Pilkinton, Robert tjrl 110,207 Pillsbury, Tim tjrl 207 Pinckert, Patti tjrj Pinkston, Patty tjrl 205,208,132 Pioneer Natural Gas 246 PIONEER STAFF 116.117 PIPPIN,ALLEN fSRl 184 Pippins, Gayle tsophl 226 PITCOCK, DAVID QSRI PITOCH, CATHY CSRI 184,101 Playmore 263 POINDEXTER, JEFFREY QSRI Poindexter, Katherine ijrl 101 Polk, Pamela lsophl 104,226 Pollok, Wayne isophl 65 Polvadore, Carol fsophl 226 Ponca Wholesale 246 Pond, Paul fjrl 208 POND, STEVE KSRI 185 POPE, LINDA KSRI 110,185,42 POPE, RETHA QSRJ 185 POPE, RONNIE iSRI 185 PORTER, BILL tFac.J 130,103,109,81 Porter, Brenda Ijrl 104,106,110,208,101 Porter, David tsophl 65 Porter, Debi tjrl 208 Porter, Patti ijrl 208 POST, CARLA QSRJ 105 Post, Ginger tsophi 226 Postma, Bob Uri 208 POTTER, BILL CSRJ 185 POTTORFF, TACY QSRI 85,185 POWELL, BECKY CSRJ 185,42,101 Powell, Becky Url 208 POWELL, CHARLOTTE CSRJ 185 POWELL, PAULA KSRI 185 Powell, Ricky 109 Powers, Melody isophj Poynor, Mike fsophl 64 PRATT, CELESTE KSRJ 185 Pratt, Jamie Csophl 226 Pratt, Mary tsophl PRAY, JERI KSRI 101 Prescott, Terry Csophl 226 PRESTON, BONNIE tFac.l 140 Preston, Davis isophl Preston, Paula tsophl 226 Prestridge, John fjrl Price Price, Price, Price, Price, Price, ,Andy tsophl 85,226 Ann fjrl 208 Beckie tjrl 85,208,101 Doug tjrl 208 Frank Isophl Jane tsophl PRICE, KAREN ISRI 110,185 Price, Pam fsophl 226 PRIDE, GREGGORY DAN CSRI 185 Pride, Verlinda tsophl 226 Principal 123 PRINGLE, ROBERT QSRI 133,185 Priolo, Connie fjrl 208 Priz, Cecil fjrl Probst, Mark isophl 226,109 Prochemco 246 PROCTOR, CATHY QSRI 185 Proctor, Margaret tsophl 226 Pruitt, Vicki tsopht 226,109 Prutsman, Pam tjrl Puckett, Charles fjrl 101 Puckett, Martha fsophi 226 Purcell,Cindi tsophl 226 Pye, Marty tsophl Pye, Randy Cjrl Pyeatt, Gayle 158,153,156 Q QUACKENBUSH, LOUISE QSRJ 85,185,101 QUATTLEBUAM, JIM CSRI 185 Quattlehaum, Joe lsophl 65,226 OUILL 81 SCROLL SOCIETY 155 Quinn, Larraine isophl 110,226,112 R RAIDER BAND 109 Railsback, Terri ijri 208 Rains, Mike isophl 65,226 Ralston, Cora fjrl 208 Ramzel, Jim isophl Raney, Suzette fsophj Rankin, Gaylon ijry 106,208 RAPSTINE, INGA iSRl 185 RATLIFF, CAROLYN ISRI 158,186 Ratlitf, Nancy fsophi 226 Rauh, Lloyd isophl 226 Ray, Robert tjri Ray, Sue fsophl Rayburn, Jim ijri 158 REA, DEBBIE iSRl 186 REBEL BAND 106,107 REBEL SPIRITS 98 REED, STEPHANIE QSRI Redding, Thomas ijrl Redfearn, Mark ijrt 64,208 REED, DIANA QSRJ 186 Reed, Harry isophj 226,81 Reed, Jack fsophj 226 Reed, Kathy Url 106,208,101 Reed, Keith ijrj Reese, Barbara ijrj 110,113,208 REEVES, GLENN QSR1 142,186 Reiley, Debbie isophj 226 REILEY, DRUCE ISRJ 142,106 REIMER, BLAKE ISRI 186 REINHARDT, FRANK QSRJ 174,186 Renegar, Sharon ijrl 208 RENFRO, DIANA ISRJ 186,9 Rennke,Ronisoph1 226 RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS 102,128,129 Rexrode, Alan fsophi 113,226 Reyman, Becky isophb 112,226 REYNOLDS, ARNOLD fFac.i 142 REYNOLDS, HYASUE QSRJ 186 Reynosa, Renee fsophl Rhodes, Jayne isophi Rhoton, Rod isophi 226 Rice, Marty tjrl 227 RICHARDS, JERRY QSRJ 186 Richards, Kirk ijri 239 Richards, Phil isophl 64,113,227 Richardson, Bill lsophl 227 Richardson, James fsophl RICHARDSON, LINDA QSRD 186 Richardson, Mary isophl 227 RICHARDSON, MARTHA ISRI 150,186,239 RICHARDSON, RANDY QSRJ 110,186 Richardson, Rusty lsophi 113,227 Richey, Robert ijri 85,208 Roberts, Roberts, Roberts Roberts Roberts Brenda isophi 227 Diane ijrl 208 ,Gaylan ijrj ,Kenny Url 109 ,Kenney fsophi 227 ROBERTS, KENT CSRD 187,101 ROBERTS, MARY ANN iFac.i 31 Roberts, Randy ljrl 80,83 Roberts, Steve isophi Roberts, Sylvia ijri 208 Roberts Lumber Company 248 Robertson, Floyd ijrl 208,101 Robertson, Gail qjri 208,101 Robertson, Gini lsophy 227 Robertson, Laurel ijrj 116,208 ROBERTSON, ROGER QSRJ 187,265 Robertson's Grocery 269 Robinson, Becky Csophj 227 ROBINSON, MIKE ISRJ 187 Robins, Debbie isophl 227 Robinson, Steve Uri 208 ROBSON, RHONDA iSRl 187,238 RODEO CLUB 99 Rodgers, Bobby fjrl RODGERS, LA VANDA CSRJ 187 Rogers, Jimmy Csophi 71,227 ROGERS, BUD iFac.J 148 ROGERS, JODI KSRI 157,187,236 Rogowski, George fsophl 84 ROGOWSKI, RICK tSRl Roksandich, Joan isophl 109,227 Rollen, Robert ijrl 64,208 ROLLING REBELS 96 Romero, Ricky qsophl ROMERO, YOLANDA LSRJ Romer, Don ijrb 208 ROMIG, RANDY QSRI 187 Rook, Ronnie Qsophl 227 Root, Cindy ijrl 208 Rosenbaum, Jan isophl 227 Rosenberger,MarIaIsoph1 227 Ross, Brad ijrj 208 Ross, Jeanne isophl 227 Ross, Melissa isophi 104,227 Rossen, Robert ijrl 81,108 ROSSMAN, EDDIE QSRJ 187 Rossman, Rose fsophi 227 Roush, Fred ijrl 208 Rowe, Scott fsophl 65 ROTH, ROBERT QSRJ 187,101 Rowell, Ricky fsophi Royal, Don ijrj 106,208 RUCKER, CLIFFORD, QSRJ 104,106,287,101 Rucker, Roger fsophj 109,228 Rudd, Cheryle isophl 228 RUDD, LYNN KSRJ 187 Rudd, Patsy ijri 113,208 RUE, DEENE KSRJ 187 Rue, Nelson isophl 113,228 Rupp, Marla isophi 112,228 SATTERFIELD, SYDNEY ISRJ 110,160,173 187 Satterwhite, Marc isophl 104,108,228,109,4 SAUNDERS, DEBBIE ISRI 4,45,109,187,101 Savage, Monty ijrl 208 SEAMAHORN, ELLEN CSRJ 187 Scarbrough, Lary ijrl 208 SCHANTZ, D'ANN ISRI 32,33,44,45,187,155 236 SCHATTGEN, CHUCK ISRJ 84 Schenk, Authur ijrl Schenik, Esther isophl Schoefer, Klaus fjrl 287 SCHOMBURG, JAMEY KSRI Schomburg, Pokey ijrl Schottlander, Celia isophl 208 Schroder, Craig fjrl 208 Schuler, Debbie lsophj 112,228 Schulz, Donna fsophi 228 Science Department 142-143 SCIVALLY, GARY ISRJ Scivally, Mary fjrl 97,103,104,106,208 SCOGGINS, JANICE ISRI 110,187,101 Scott, Dale isophl 228 Scott, Debbie ijri SCOTT, DENAH iSRl 188 SCOTT, GAIL iSRl 106,188 Scott, Linda isophi 228 Scott, Robert isophj 71,228 SCOTT, SALLY ISRJ 188 SCOTT, TOM iSRl 188 Scroggins, James isophl 228 Seale, David fjri 209 SEARIGHT, SALLY CSRJ 119,188,207 Sechrist, Beverly fjrl 209 Secretaries 126 Security Federal Savings 248 Seeding, Rex fsophl 113,188,228 SEEDIG, RUSTY QSRJ 110,138 Seeds,Charles lsophi 228 Segler, Donna Cjri SEIDEMON, RICK ISRJ SEIBERT, LINDA KSRJ 187 Seibert, Stanley tsophl 228 Seitz, Wanda isophi 228 Self, Keith ijrl 209,69,101 SENIOR FAVORITES 32.33 SENIOR CLASS 163-196 SEWELL, PAUL ISRJ 106,108,187 ShaItz,JOr1Ijrl 209 Shamrock Oil and Gas Corp. 258 Shapiro, Renee lsophl Shapiro, Susan ijrl 104,127,144,209 SHAPPELL, KAREN KSRJ SHARBER, GAIL ISRI 20,187 SHARMAN, CLARE fSRl 20,187 Sharp, Bob isophl 71,113,228 Sharp, James isophj SHARP, JIM QSRJ 181.187 Richmond, Janice fsophi 112,208,227 Richmond, Karon fjri 208,210 Ricketts, Sherry fsophl 227 RIDDLESPURGER, JOEL ISRJ 186 Riddlespurger, Lynette isophl 227 RIDDLESPURGER, MARLA iSRi 106,155 Riddlespurger, Mary isophl 104,113 Rigdon, Teresa isophl 110,227 Riggs, Karen Uri 208 RIGGS,VANA fSRi 186 Rigler, Marcia isophj 104,227 RIGLER, MARK ISRJ 104,106,108,186 Riley, Lee isophl 113,227 Riley, Richard lsophj 227 Risner, Harvey ijrl Ritchie, Jack ijri 208,239 Roach, Gay Ijrl 104,208,101 Roach, Max fjrl Roach, Mike isophl 109,227 ROARK, CHAN CSRI 186,287 Robberson, Joe Uri 208 Robberson, Molly Qsophj 227 ROBBINS, HOMER iSRl 108,186,287 Robbins, Wesley Csophi 109,227 , 282 INDEX Rushing, David Qsophi 228 RUSSELL, DARLENE lFac.1 138 RUTHART, DEBBY QSRI 156,187 Ryan, Chuck isophi 64,71,77,228 RYAN, DAN QSRJ 187,239 S S.l.C. 254 SACKETT, MARTY QSRI 187 Saddonis, Nancy ijrl 112,208 Sahm, Sharon fsophl SAIN, LINDA QSRJ SALKELD, DAN iFac.l 148 Salmon, Sam isophj Samora,Rosiersoph1 228 SAMPLE, DR. EVERETT fFac.l 22,138 Sampson, Barbara fjrl 112,208 Sams, Bucky isophi 60,61,228 SANDERS, BRIDGEE QSRI 187 Sanders, Teri Url SANSING, KAY QSRI 187 SAPP, DALTON ISRJ 187 SASSER, VALERIE ISRI 3O,31,11O,187,136, 101 Sharp, Leah Anne ljrj 209 SHARP, MARSHALLETTE QSRJ 4043187 101 SHARP, RANDY ISRI 109,228 Sharpe, Greg isophi 65,71,228 SHAW, JUDY GAIL QSRI 187 Shavvhart, Dan Cjrl . Sheldon, Jeff ijrl 45,83,110,209 SHELTON, ELAINE ISRI 187,27 SHELTON, OLIVER ISR! 113,187 Shepherd, Barry fsophi SHERIFF, JIMMY iSRi 187,27 SHERRER, MIKE ISRI 187 Sherrod, Richard fsophi 127,229 Shook Tire 263 "Shovvboat" 114-115 SHULKIN, BARRY ISRI 106,187,101 Shulkin, Craig isophl 22,71,77,89 Sid Stout Ford 256 Sides, Sandy ijrl 106,209 Siegman, Jackie ijrl 209 SIEWERT, RICKY CSRI 187 Siman, Jim isophl 109,229 Simmers, Marcus isophl 36,37,6l,229 SIMMS, SHERRY ISRI 106,187 SIMMONS, TOMMY QSRJ Simpson, Debbie Url 209 SIMS, JANIS KSRI 187 Sims, Paul lsophi 229 SISK, LISA ISRI 187 Sittle, Caroline lsopht 229 SITTEL, DEBBY CSRI 187,287,101 Skinner, Charles David lsophl Skinner, Glynda Uri Skinner, Ken tjrj 209 Skipwood, Daniel lsophl 229 Skipworth, Drew tjrl 23,209 SLAPE, JACQUELINE tFac.l 131,134 Slaughter, Ronnie lsophi 229 SLAGLE, JAMES QSRI 59,61,187 SLAPE, MONA KSRI 189 Sloan, Noel tsophl 104,229 SMALL, DEBBIE KSRJ Smiley, Davy tsopht 86,229 Smiley, Randy tsopht 229 SMITH, CHARLES QSRJ 61,189 Smith, Chuck tsopht 18,229 Smith, Cindy tsophl 36,37,229 Smith, David tsophl SMITH, DEBBIE QSRI 106,189,101 Smith, Debbie tsophb 112 Smith, Dennis tjrl 209 SMITH, DeRINA CSRI Smith, Donna tsophl Smith, Gary fsophi 229 SMITH, RONALD ISRI SMITH, JACKIE ISRI 189 Smith, James tjrt SMITH,JENNYlSRl 91,110,113,189 SMITH, JERRY lFac.I 140 Smith, Jimmy ljrl 209 Smith, John Url 209 SMITH, KAREN tSRI 189 Smith, Karen tsophl 104,229,26 SMITH, KENNY ISRJ 189 SMITH, LAEL tFac.i 154 SMITH, LINDA QSRI 129,189,101 Smith, Linda tsophl Smith, Mark tsophl 229 Smith, Mark tsopht 109,229 Smith, Marsha fjrl 209 Smith, Mike lsophi SMITH, PATSY QSRJ 189 SMITH, PHILLIP QSRJ 189 Smith, Robert SMITH, RUTH tFac.I 150 Smith, Sharon ljrl SMITH, STEVE QSRJ Smith, Steve fjrl 209 Smith, Steve tsophi 229 SMITH, SUSAN QSRI 189 SMITH, SUSAN ISRI 112,189,236 Smith, Tommy tsophi SMITH, WARREN ISRJ Snead, Larry fjrl 210 SNEED, SHIRLEY KSRI 110,189 Snellgrove, Dennis lsopht 109,229 SNELLGROVE, WALTER QSRI 189 Snider, Gaye fsophl 229 Snider, Kathy tjrl 104,110 SNIPES, MAX QSRI 189,245,259 SNOOK, CRAIG ISRI 189,25,101 Social Studies Department 148,149 Solomon, Karen tjrl 112,210,101 Somerville, Teddy tsophl Sonnek, Brian tsophl 229 SOPHOMORE CLASS 213-231 SOPHOMORE FAVORITES 36-37 Southern, Danny tsophl 229 Southwestern Public Service 267 Southworth, Tom Url Sougstad, Orris, Rev. 133 Sowers, J.C. tsopht 109,229 Spalding,Tracie tsophl 229 SPANISH CLUB 134,135 Spannuth, Ginger isophl 229 Sparks, Elane tjrl 110,210 Sparks, Valerie lsopht 113,229 Spaulding, Pam tsophl 229 Spear, Belinda tsophl 109,229 SPEECH CLUB 146,147 Speech Department 146,147 SPENCER, CAROLYN QSRI 189 SPENCER, RICKY ISRD 189 Spencer, Susan tjrt 111 Spencer, Scott tjrj 64,113,210 Spencer, Suzy lsophl 229 Splawn, Cheryl fsophl 229 SPLAWN, JERRY CSRJ 189 Spikes, Rusty tsopht 229 SPIVEY, DAVID QSRI 189,287 SPOONER, BOBBI QSRI 179,189 Sports 57-58 Spradlin, Mark Url 71,77,211 Spradlin, Sandy tjrl 211 Spring, Susan tjrl 211,101 Springstube, Sherri tsophl 229 SPURGEON, KAREN ISRI 189 Srader, Dennis tsophl STAGE BAND 108 STAGGS, LYNN ISRI 85,189,101 Staggs, Ronnie tjry Staley, Kenda tsopht 229 STANDLEY, PAUL QSRI 106,110,189,242 STANDFORD, SALLY QSRI 190 Stanley, Connie tjrl 211 STARKEY, JENNY ISRI 150,190 Starks, Cliff tsopht STARKS, SUSIE KSRI 42,54,98,190 State Chemical 257 Stebbins, Dan tsophl Steel, Jeanne tjrt 211 Steele, Bill isophl 104,229 Stele, Bobby tsophj 229 STEELE, STUART ISRJ 190 STEINER, DEBBIE QSRI 190 Steinle, Gaylon Isopht 229 Stephens, James isophl 229 Stephens, Rhonda tjrt 211 Stephens, Scott lJrJ 84,211 Stephenson, Polly tjrl 211,101 Sterling, Karen tsophi 229 Sterquell, Steve tjrl 16,44,95,211 Stevens, Scott tjrl Stevenson, Kenda fjrl 211 Stewart, Doug tsophi 104,189,229 Stewart, Susan fsophi 113,229 Stiff, Mark lsopht 109,229 Stitt, Don ljrt 211 STITT, TOMMY QSRI 190 St. John, Sandy ljri 110,211 STOCKDALE, BECKY CSRJ 110,90 Stockton, Melody tsophl 229 STOCKTON, STAN QSRI 110,190 Stoddard, Mike tjrl Stone, Ben H. 122 Storeht, Barbara lsopht 229 STOUT, TOM QSRI 190 STOVER, PAT tFac.1 162 Strader, Glenn tjrl STRADER, PATTY QSRJ 190 Stratton, Mary tjrl 211 Strickland, Lane tsopht STRICKLIN, DON CSRI Stricklin, Deidre tsophl Stringer, Kenneth Url 211 Strong, Dorothy tjrl 211 Stronkowski, Susan tirl 211 STUDENT COUNCIL 90,91 STUDENT LIFE 15-27 Sturdivant, Mike tsophl STURDIVANT, STEVE QSRJ 190 Stutzman, Stacy tsophI 109,229 STYVE, RICHARD tFac.J 128 Sullivan, Sheri fjrl 110 Summers, Mitchell tsophi 229 Summers, Vicki tsophl 229 Sumner, Ricky tjrl 106,112,211 SUNDBY, HANNE QSRI 19,47,142,101,190, 191 SUPERINTENDENT 122 Suter, Debbie tsophi 229 Sutphen's Hickory House 249 Sutterfield, Lonny tirI 211 SUTTON, DEL fSRJ 190 SUTTON, RHONDA QSRI 110,190 Sutton, Sue tjrI 211 Swanson, Jimmy tsopht 229 SWAUGER, HEIDI CSRJ 118,190,287 SWEENEY, CINDY CSRI 190 swindeii, Jack tm 211 SWISHER, GREG KSRJ 190,101 Swisher, Karen tsopht 109,230 Sylvester, Shane tsopht 230 Synck, Steve fsophj 104,109,230 SYRUS, RAYMOND KSRJ 190 Syrus, Ronnie tjri 211 T TACKETT, REGINA QSRD 43,190 Tacquara, Lynn 104 Tacquard, Felecia tsopht 151,230 TACQUARD, SHERRAL ISRI 190 Taco Bell 266 Talley, Sherri fjrl 211 Tanner, Susan fjrl Tarbley, Janice tsopht 113,230 Tarpley, Clay tjrb 85,211,101 TARVER, ROGER QSRD 190 TASCOSA BOOSTER CLUB 260 Tascosa Gulf 249 Tascosa National Bank 249 TATE, JAMES tSRl 190,101 Taylor, Becky tjrl 211 TAYLOR, CATHIE QSRI 190 TAYLOR, CURT tSRl 190 Taylor, Deborah tjrt 104 Taylor, Debbie tsopht 230 TAYLOR, GARY QSRD 190 TAYLOR, JAN tSRJ 190 TAYLOR, KAREN lSRl 211 Taylor, Karen tjrl 211 TAYLOR, LOIS tFac.I 140 Taylor, Mickey tjri Taylor, Pam tjrI 211 Taylor, Scott lsopht 230 Taylor, Weldon fsophl 109,146,230 TEAL, LIZ ISRI 101 Teague, Beth fjrj 5,211 TEAGUE, HELEN tFac.J 126,127,170 TEAGUE, KATHY QSRI 191,287,101 Ted Lokery Tire Company 243 TEDFORD, RONNIE tSRt Teesdale, Chris tsophj 230 TEETER, DENNIS CSRI 191 TENNIS 84,85 Terrill, Sarah tjrl TERWILLIGER, DOROTHY tFac.I 126 Terwilliger, Peggy ljrl 211,101 Teter, Curtis tjrt 211 Texas Carpet Company 249 Texas State Optical 234 THAXTON, DANNY KSRI The Store 248 Thomas, Betty tsophj 230 THOMAS, EDWARD F. DR. 122 Thomas, Mack tsophj Thomas, Judy tjrl Thomas, Tim tjrl Thompson, Betty tjrj 151,211 Thompson, Bill tsophj 113,230 Thompson, Carolyn tjrl 211 THOMPSON, DIANE ISRI 43,191 THOMPSON, HAL QSRI 191 Thompson, Phillip tjrj 211 THOMPSON, SYDNEY tFac.1 148 Thompson, Steve tsophj 230 Thompson, Russell 104,109 THORNBURG, SHIRLEY ISRI 91,191 Thornton, Janet fsophj 230 Thornton, Terry 146 Thornton, Nancy tjri 211 Thrasher, Paula tsophl Thurmond, Gary tsophi THUT, CATHY ISRI 110,144,191 Thykeson, Regie lsophi 230 TIGART, TOM ISRI 191,113,531 TILEGRAND, JAMES ISRI Tillerson, Brooke Isophb 230 Tillotson, Mark Isophi 64,230 TIMMONS, DEBBY QSRI 191 Tipps, Bob 122 Tipton, Dayle Ijrj 61,110,211 Tiscus, Debbie isophi Tjernagei, Scott fjrj 211 Todd, Carol firl 211 Todd, Thomas fsophj 230 Tolbert, Tony Uri Tomasello, Jonell fsophi 230 TOMPKINS, MIKE QSRI 191 TOMLINSON, STEVE ISRI 141 Toot-N-Totum 253 TOSH, TRESA ISRI Towne Crier Steak House 253 Townsend, Bill fjrj 64 Townsend, Rodney fjri 211 Townsend, Roger tjri Toys by Roy 251 Trafton, Kay fjri Traves, Ricky qsophi Trimble, Deward fsophI Trovez, Ricky 230 TRUITT,JIMMY ISRI 75,76,191,101,73 Truman, Debbie fjrb 112,211 Trussell, Cindy fsophi 230 Tucker, Patty isophj 113,230 TUCKER, RANDY ISRI 192 Tunnell, Susie lsophi 111,230 TURMAN, RICKEY ISRI TURNER, CHARLES ISRI 247 Turner, Cindy fjri 112 Tuttle, Tera Isophb 113,230 TUTTLE, PHIL ISRI 102,110,192 TWING, BECKY ISRI Twing's Drive-On 234 Tyler, Ronnie isophi U UNDERWOOD, BILL ISRI 192 UNSELL, CINDY ISRI 192 Upchurch, Alan Urbach, Steward Ijri 211,101 V Valois, Danny fsophy 230 Van Camp, Brad ijri 211 Vance, Cameron ijri 211 Vance, Cindy isophj VANCE, MANDY ISRJ 192,136 VANDERBURG, BYRONISRI 192 Vanderwilt, Jon ijrj 64,211,110 Van Doran, Bobby VAN DORAN, RITA ISRI 110,192 VAN VALKENBURG, WANDA IFac.I 148 Vasquez, Frutosa ljrj Vasquez, Mary isophj Vasquez, Rufino isophi Vaughan, Doug Isophj Vaughan, Joe Iirl 211 Vaughan, Steve ijrj 106,211 Vaught, Doug isophj 230 VAUGHT, STEVE ISRI 192,243 Veatch, Dean ljrI Vernon, Cherryl Ijri 110,211 Vernon, Holly isophj 113,230 Vibbard, Kathy tjri 211,264 VICARS, JACKIE ISRI 42,26 VICK, ROBERT ISRI 192 VIDAURRI, AMADA IFac.I 126,127 VINEZ, MIKE iSRI 172 VINSON, PERRY ISRI 192 Vinyard, Michael lsophI Vocational Department 156-159 VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CLUBS OF AMERICA 159 284 INDEX Vocational Office Education 157 Voshalike, Bobby isophI Vroom, Sandy ijri 85,212,101 W WADE, CHRIS ISRI 192 Wade, Paula isophi 230 E Wade, Peggy ijri 112,212 Wade Paint 81 Art Supplies 255 Wagner's 267 WAGNON, BRAD ISRI 192 Wakefield, Rocky fjri WAITS, MIKE ISRI 192 Waldo, David fjrj WALKER,JAY CSRI 192 Walkee, Matt Isophi 230 WALL, NANCY ISRI 192 WALKER, STEVE ISRI 76,192 Walker, Susan lsophi 224,230 Walker, Terry ijrl 212 Wallace, Chris ljrj 110 Wallace, Laura Qjrt WALLACE, LINDA ISRI 192 Wallace, James fsophi WalIace,Johnny isopht 230 Wallace, Karen isophi 113,230 Wallace, Paula Ijrl 212 Wallace,Tim fjri 212 Waller, Charles fsophb 80,82,83,230 WALLIS, GLADYS fFac.I 148 WALLS,ANNETTE ISRI 192 Walsh, Bruce ljrj 212 Walsh, Drew lsopht WALSH, MARIANNE ISRI 192 Walsh, Mellanie ijrj Wallis,Terry lsophj 230 Walter, Mary lsophj 230 WALTER, VIRGINIA iSRI 110,192 Walton, Mike ijri 212 Walters, Steve isophj 109,230 WALTON, VIRGIL ISRI 287 Ward, Billy fjrj 212 WARD, MARY ISRI Ward, Jim tjri 106,212 Warner, Pat fjrj 212 WARNICK, CATHY QSRI 192,212 Warr, Don ijrj 212 Warren, Gary Isophj 152 Warren, Rex fsophj 113,230 Washburn, Don fsophi 104,109,230 WASHBURN, JOHN QSRI 61,192 Watkins, Gail Ijri 112,212 Watson, Lonnie lsophi 230 Watson, Lou fsophj 81,181 WATSON. RANDALL ISRI 106,192,242 WATTENBURGER, KATHY ISRI 41 ,43,5 53,110,193,101 WEATHERBEE, JANICE QSRI 193 Webb, Carol Ijry 212 Webb Webb Webb ,Mike isophj 230 Webb, , David firb 61 ,62,63 Webb, ,Jack isophj Webb, Debbie fjri 212 Kelley isophi 230 Randy lsophb 230 Wedgeworth, Deanie fsophj 109,230 Weeks, Debbie fjrj 212 Weeks, Dyrika ijri 212 WEEMS, JOHNNY ISRI WEHRMAN, MIKE ISRI 193 WEIR,CAROLYN ISRJ 193 Weis, Gary fsophi 230 WELDON, DOYLE IFac.I 17,148 Werner, Lara fsophI West, Burk fsophi West, Eric isophi West, Linda fsophy 230 WEST, PAUL DAVID ISRI 193 WEST, RICKY ISRI 193 West Texas Barber College 250 Wester, Brenda Gay fjri 212 Western Uniform 81 Towel 256 Westerfield Van 81 Storage 251 Whatley, Cathy ijrI 212 WHEELER, ANN ISRJ 125,193 WHEELER, JOHN ISRI 109,106,109,132193 Wheeler, Ronald ijri 212 Wherry, Ruth fsophi 109,230 Wheeler, Susan fjrl Whitley, Beth lsophj 230 White, Dave fsophi WHITE, GARY DALE ISRI White,Jeanne lsopht 230 White, Linda lsophj 230 White, Nina lsophi 230 White, Patricia Isophi 230 WHITE, SHERI ISRI 193 WHITE, WAYNE IFac.I 130 Whitaker, Neil fjri 212,101 WHITTAKER, RANDY ISRI 193 WHITLOW, CHARLES ISRI 193 Whitlow, Dow Isophi 231 WHISENAND, NANCY ISRJ 193 Whipple, Robert Isophi 230 Whipple, Richard Csophi 230 Whickham, Sharon fjri 85,97,212,101 Wier, Sherry lsophj 112 Wiese, David lsophI 231 Wilcox, Ricky ijri 106,212 WILHELM, LELAND fFac.I 140 WILHITE, CATHY ISRI 194,101 Wilkenson, Mike Isophb 231 Wilkie, Janice fsophi 231 Wilkins, James Thomas Isophj WILKINS, SANDRA ISRI 194 Wilkinson, David fsophj 65,231 Wilkinsen, Renee lsophj 231 Williams,Alan Ijri 84,212 WILLIAMS, BART ISRI 194 WILLIAMS, BRENDA ISRI 194 Williams, Deborah lsophj WILLIAMS, DUB KSRI 194 WILLIAMS, DON ISRI 194 Williams, David lsophi 231 Williams, Joe fsophi 231 WILLIAMS, KERRY QSRI 194 WILLIAMS, JANE IFac.J 124 WILLIAMS, KEN ISRI 194 Williams, Larry Isophj 231 WILLIAMS, GILBERT ISRI 194 Williams, Marsha fjri Williams, Mike fjrj WILLIAMS, STUART ISRI 194 WILLIAMS, YVONNE ISRI, WILLIAMSON, NORMAN ISRI Willingham, David ijri 212 WILLINGHAM, STEPHEN ANDREW ISRI 4 13 Willis, Don isophi 231,113 WILLIS, MICKEY lFac.I 142 Wilson, Beth fsophy 146,231 Wilson, Brad ijri 85,212,83,101 WILSON, BRENT ISRI 194 WILSON, CARL ISRI 194 Wilson, Danny ijrj 212 Wilson, Dean fsophj 231,113 WILSON, HOLLY ISRI 194,95 Wilson, Jennifer ijri 212,133,101 Wilson, Joe Carl ijrb 83 Wilson, Jane fsophi 231 Wilson, Jerry ljrj WILSON, JIM KSRI 194 WILSON, LENORE fFac.I 140 Wilson, Marcia fjrj 212,112 Wilson, Nicki 83 Wilson, Paul firj 212,83 Wilson, Ralph ijri 212 WINBURN, KATHY IFac.I 138 WINGATE, GAYLE ISRJ 194,101 Wingfield, Gay fjri 212,101 Wingfield, Kay ijrj 212,101 Winfield, Dale ijrl 61,64,212 Winfrey, Mike Isophl 231 WIREMAN, DENA ISRJ 194 Wisenbaker, John fsophl 71,231 Wisdom, Keith fsophl Wissler, Carol Cjrl 212 Wise, Betty fjrl Witcher,AIan fsophl 231 WITCHER, BENNIE ISRI 194 WITHERSPOON, GARY ISRI WITT, DIANNA ISRJ 194 Wixom, Jan fjrj 212 Wolfe, Janathan fjrp 212 Wolfe, Paulette Ijrj 212 WOLFE, ROSALYN fFac.J149 Wolflin Village Shopping Center 252 Wolden, Celia fsophl 231 WOMACK, ALAN ISRI 194 Womack, Georgena fsophj 231 WOOD, DON ISRI Wood. Sam fsophj 231 WOOD, SHANNON ISRI 194,101 Woodworking 152 Woodard, Brenda fjrl 212 Woodard, Steven fjrj Woodman, Jimmy fjrj 110 WOODRING, LUNETTE fFac.J 161 Woods, Dianne fjrj 212 WOODS, GAIL ISRI 194 Woods, Jana fsophj 231 Woodward,JenelIe fjrl 113,212 Woolery, David fjri 61 Woolery, Scott fsophl 231 Word, Debbie fjrj 212 Worrell, Rick ijrl WORTHEN, THELIVIA iFac.J 138 Wossum, Doris fsophl 104,231 WRANGLERS 92,93 WRESTLING 81-83 WRIGHT, NORMAN ISRJ 93,194,101 WRIGHT, GAIL ISRJ 110,94 WRIGHT, PHIL fFac.J 149 WYATT, ROBERT ISRJ Wycoff, Billy 231 Wyckoff, Henry isophi 231 WYCLIT, EVELYN IFac.I 162 Y YEAFIBOOK STAFF 118-119 YEARY, JANET ISRI 194 Yock, Sharon Isophl 112,231 Yocum, Darlene fjrj 212 Yocum, Earlene fsophj 231 YORK, BILL ISRI 194 York, David isophl 109,231 YORK, LARRY ISRI 194 York, Mary fsophl 231 York, Rod Ijrl 212 YOUNG, CAROL ISRJ 194 YOUNG, MIKE ISRI 194 Young, Ronald fsophl 231 YOUTH COUNCIL 95 Y-TEENS 97 Z Zale's 263 Zesterl, Cindy 109 Zielinski, JoAnne Url 212 Zielinski, Pattie fsophj 231 Zientek, Odile Ijrj 79,212,101 Zinsmeyer, Kim fsophl 109,231 Zoller, Stan fjrj 61 Zoller, Sherry isophl 212,231 Zumwalt, Rhonda Ijrj 113,212,101 INDEX 285 5 5 1 4 5 . aiffgisf . W , 3 f 5 1 4 ' s 5 ,, , l ,M Q . , H , f 5 4' . nt E f 7 . , r E . M 4' ' 1 f , 5 WW" "W g , ,, ,- s , . fe, , l - f If H V uf f J I L O .T 1 . '- V , 24? ' f 5 , 1 g , V . W H.. . , 5 , W , M , Z ' 1 I, Q A , 5 . f A I 4 ag ,gl if aa? X ,' ,- . ' L .4 , "" , 4 A v i M Vw Jr - A , 4 ,V .M gf Y H 5 , Lgf ,mf ' 3,14 W."m 3 1 ,. 1 . f f"g'2-13", Nfyuj ' A L i f W 521,-wr, 2531, " Qi f , ,gy 'l",j'f' . 44. 2 'F f" mf, . ? 4 4 wffgfgf A N I ,ut ,iggy , "Q: ' ,MQQT f3y'QQ 6 Y- 4 W , ff "fi 'fix' 4?f5'if xiii, f u w, . ,,E.- -Y 5 ,, A15 ,- , , LL ,ff 5, 1 , 'W , 74 few' ' -15.145-, iv, Af' xg , xfll,-L, vw, Vg W M: , ,314 QIFIQJ-, F24 ,bfi 5 f flQie?'f','fi , , ,,e we 7? 2-,F f qv' ,fy 5 , '. ,, 0 5 , , A ' gras? ,.-1 ,i2 :vnf 1 254,11 raw l, A ' U' 5Z45:'5f,'ff, ,wAfi'3' ' ' ' M -?I7T.'5jV1 34-I-I" 5 ,f',i'-1-ff' H . L ' 5. 1 'xii A , ig, . 343: Q2 ffffi, Q,.,,f5Kf-H ,A W ,Aa , K ffjxl, .,,'fAf:fff2t:Q25gkEZff, X h , Lg I ,1 4,365 V , 1 1 Mffff , f L, ik X' ' 4 I -- 'f-'ik fififf ,K fat ww v, - - 1, , 'f -iffm jf? ",:i,-A f ag Mm - -' U 5 1 12, I ' f2gf,.vf" AES- A xg '15 vii ffygf' 5 J 3, I , 4 .Af ,Qgg!,?,s, gIt?xsP3gg?',,,'g51,g,k A L ' W4 5 figitlzii ' H- -as . 'I ax NW' 'Hifi 8 'fig5"?'T?' " , gy, ff ,g-v',1,,,f 'ww' '- , W fy 4 , , We wa My . M V , , F 1 - Q' ,, fw.',,MxQ v , A ' , Q A ,, ,,,Wf'w', "H M W5 W rf , , 'Qu ' gf aw, , 4 , if ji,,,. iiVv3g,,3,m 0. A , fffwfw, , ,V , A In 4,41 VA ,i N, Q, gk J zxhfgv ,V + ,ugh JK,-5, . A , ' , 1 v , W 55'zU57f,'9ff, 355' W 1 ffkhivii Wfa K . A " - an we, ',,,,w M M if flu-g,,ie'g Q- ,-zw2,f,f,fe K A J ,ff hfn Q M wt, W fn ,fl nf X 4 , , M ,A I 1 L, , www , W , gv., L. 1, ,M QW A, , x fm M f ,A W, gg, Q55 ,,, ff :z4,'lg,il:fx, 1 wf,,fgy,3 ',:f, ' I ,, Ks . ef M , A 3: .-2' f,",:'fm , 4 Har- ' A 1 1-...ar iff. ,M uf' ,l , is vvv- - A - , ,f " A "" A " f ,, V Las Memorias 1970 Staff Diane Duncan . David Garlin, Helen Parr .... Kathy Teague Rick Johnson . Sally Searight . Debbie Davis . . . lke Barnes .... Nancy Perdue Susan Archer . Chan Roark . . . . . . Editors-in-chief . . . Associate editors ..........Copyeditor . . . . .Student life editor . . . Celebrities editor . . . .Athletics editors . . . .... Organizations editor . . Faculty editor Debby Phillips . . . l l. 1. l. '. Senior class editors Debbie Sittel Kaye Altsman . Krista Peres . . Heidi Swauger Jan Frost ..... Homer Robbins Kaye Hallmark .... Jan Bremer. . . Scott Denko. . Jim Fullingimg .... John Fullingim Mark Garlin Gary Lewis Klaus Schoefer David Spivey Tex Walton Winston Odom Junior class editor I '."'So'p'homore class editor . . . . . Advertising editor . . . . . . Advertising staff ........lndex editor . . . . Business manager . . . Photography editor . . . . . . Photographers , .... Advisor Special Credits y Inter-Collegiate Press . . A ........... Printer Autry's Studio . . . ......... . Color printing ' Miss Southern Belle portraits Class portraits "Look to This Day" is a traditional poem of unknown authorship. , I N ,. , ,M f - il , 5, i I . Q- I .. V . ,M , 4 . A V- I ala 'W F' "' x A ,A Mnif',.:"k -' H ' K ' V . 4 A 4 .' 1 K'-.451 . . ,, - 4 1 Y . ,, ,, ' ." " , 11 V - x If , , 1. . . , 5 .- P., . I 1. -' . mr 5 M3 - 'x,., gl ,F .fp' wh, eff rf' FQ15 yesterday is bufd dream Cm d5 . tQmoir'row is,o'nly a visioflg todaywEflAlW li1ged mak6s every , ye St6'1? day 'Qci dreafi1L,0ffhappiness,A f , Cmd :t,QmO1fTQZQ viSi0TL 0f1-hope if gLQ 0kf'wHll , 5t"Q6T6fOfe,i ff? HHS dCly 5 lm-'. 5 Q

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