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 7 Vt ZHt' s4l 4l UL I'?on€t A vuC We, the 1962 WILDCAT staff, hope that this annual will become one of your most prized possessions and that you may-look back through this book and remember the good old days at Tarrant High School. In later years, while turning these pages, if you should recall the many smiles, sorrows, and dreams of '62 we shall be content, knowing that we have done the thing we were called upon to do. We have tried to include each phase and activity of high school work and fun. Knowing that the key to success is enthusiasm, we have all wholeheartedly joined in to. make this WILDCAT one of the best ever. We feel that your satisfaction with this volume is our compensation, and with this thought I proudly give you the 1962 WILDCAT. 2 "Dedication Coach Charles Richards To a conscientious, faithful, and inspiring football coach, who by his splendid direction, and his untiring efforts to promote sports and sportsmanship, has led the Tarrant Wildcats to victory after victory, the Senior Class appreciatively and fondly dedicates the 1962 volume of THE WILDCAT. This dedication is but a small token of our appreciation for his loyalty to our school, and for his spirit of friendliness.Mr. G. A. Mitchell. B.S.. A.B., M.A., LLD. Superintendent cCuceUaut Mr. R. W. Johnson. Sr. President Mr. Dennis E. Joiner Vice-president Mr. Frank W. Kibbey Mr. J. A. Davidson Mr. Billy N. ErwinMr. L. D. Head. A.B.. M.A. Principal To produce a good yearbook takes the efforts and the cooperation of the entire student body. The sponsors and annual staff have a book you will be proud to keep as a remembrance of your high school days. Their accomplishments are appreciated. 6 Mr. Henry T. Snow, B.S., M.A. Assistant Principal Boys’ Advisor, Social Studies Mrs. Lucille H. Howard. A.B. Director of Guidance American History, French 7Mr. Billy R. Anderson, B.S. General Science As si Hum Coach Miss Boyce Broadus, A.B., M.A., B.L.S. Librarian Mrs. Gayle S. Colley, B.S. Chemistry, Physics, Advanced Science Mrs. Elizabeth C. DcCarlo, A B. English Mr. John T. Drake Auto Mechanics Mr. Clarence B. Epps Machine Shop CAMERA SHY: Mr. Earl Burton Sheet Metal Mr. Hucl D. Evans, B A. Mathematics Assistant Coach Miss Virginia Ford, B.S., M.A. English Mr. G. H. Frcdy, B.S., M.E. Mechanical Drafting Mr. Thomas M. Giles, A.B., M.A English Mr. Glenn E. Glass Electronics Mr. Larry A. Gore, B.S. Assistant CoachMr. Roland U. Green, B.A., M E. Chord Music, Speech Miss Mary A. Hammond, B.S. Social Studies Mr. Jerome B. Johnson Cabinet Making Mrs. Ellen P. Johnston, B.S. Commercid Miss Mary Jones, B.S. Social Studies Miss Rachel Kellam, B.A. Physical Education CAMERA SHY: Mr. James F. Hannon. B.S. Science Mrs. James Mackey. B.S. Socid Studies Mr. Mel L. Martin Electronics Mrs. M. C. McCuiston, B.S. Commercial Mrs. Charles W. McWaters, B A. Mathematics Mr. John Moore, B.S., M A. Social Studies Assistant Couch Mr. N. H. Owen, A B. EnglishMr. Charles Richards, B.S., M.A. Couch Mr. Edmond J. Robbins. B.S. Mathematics Mr. John L. Rogers. B.S. Science, Basketball Coach Mr. A. V. Ronihetti, B.A. Band, Spanish Mr. John H. Rumscv Body and Fender Repair Mrs. A. Leroy Salter, A B English Mrs. W. J. Shelton, B.S. Home Economics, Family Living Mrs. L. C. Studdard. A B. English, Family Living Mr. H. Don Thornhill, B.S. Ty pointing Mrs. Barbara L. Veazev, B.S. Art, Social Studies Mr. Ralph J. Wingo Auto MechanicsFelix Miles Ben Vines President Vice-president MOTTO: To add a little to the sweetness of the world, and a little to its light is the greatest of all gifts. Willard Bowers Secretary Ferry Mitchell Treasurer FLOWER: Carnation 12JOHN HOWARD AARON “Johnny' My business is not to remake myself, but to make the absolute best of what God made. CARI. JEFFREY ACTON “Cal- if you can't get something right, just don't get it. Baseball, Football; FT A Club, Library Club, T Club PATRICIA EVELYN ARNOLD “Pat" To always have a friend and always be a friend. Dramatics Club, Concert Choir, Student Council MARIAN IRENE BAGWELL “Rcnic" He that loveth never dies, but passes on into more loveliness. Library Representative, Wildcat Staff, Y-Teen LINDA REEVES BAILEY It matters not how a man dies, but how he lived. (Transfer from Onconta) JOHNNY JACKSON BAKER Sometimes quiet is an unquiet thing. "Letty' JOHN DOUGLAS ALLISON You do not test the resources of God until you try the impossible. Hi-Y Vice President THOMAS ROBERT ARMSTRONG "Tom- One who loses his honesty has nothing else to lose. Forum Club President, National Honor Society, Track, Wildcat Staff PEGGY LOIS BAKER "Peejee" Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life. Concert Choir, Student Council, Y-Tcen KAREY ANN BARNETT "Kay" Hope for the best; prepare for the worst. Concert Choir, Dramatics Club Treasurer, Student Council Secretary 13THOMAS HILARY BARNETT •Tommy" To master one's self is the greatest mastery. Dramatics Club. Monitor, Nurses Club PAUL THOMAS BARRETT ‘Tom' We learn by doing; we succeed only by having at some time failed. Baseball, Basketball, Football, T Club President BETTY KAYE BENTLEY "Buff" Face powder can catch a man but it takes baking powder to hold him. Concert Choir, Y-Tcen LINDA JOYCE BEST "The Pest" Don't worry if your mistakes are many and your rewards are few; remember the Mighty Oak was once a nut like you. Y-Tcen Treasurer LINDA JEAN BOWEN Do your best today for tomorrow may be too late. BARBARA CLARE BOWERS I had rather be small than to be great and cast a shadow. Monitor TIMOTHY SAVOY BATES "Tim" The most profitless thing to manufacture is excuses. Baseball, Basketball, Football All-County and All-State, T Club Sergeant-at-Arms GARY EDWARD BATSON ' Bat- Live ever)’ day as if it were your last. JAMES WILLIAM BOWERS "Jimmy" Learn to live, then live to learn. Football, FTA Club, T Club, Track WILLARD LYNN BOWERS "Jocko" When you’re through learning, you’re through. Head Monitor, National Honor Society Secretary, Senior Class Secretary, Student Council Vice President, T Club Secretary-Treasurer 14LINDA JEAN BRANHAM "Nuna" What will be. will be. (Transfer from Phillips High School) JAMES LARRY BROWN "Brown" Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get. PHYLLIS JUANITA BROWN "Phil" You can do anything you want to do if you try hard enough. Hobby Club Social Chairman, Wildcat Staff JOHN THOMAS BRYANT "Tommy" A sense of humor is something you need when you fail to get something you want. Band, Dramatics Club, Wildcat Staff LESLIE JOAN BRYANT "Joanie" Let your light so shine before men that they may sec your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Library Representative EDWIN LIFTEN BUCKELEW "Stud" If you want something done, let someone else do it. Baseball. Basketball, Football CAROL JUNE BURGESS And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity. Dramatics Club. Monitor, Wildcat Staff CAROLYN SUE BURROUGH "Bur Head" The three essentials of happiness are: something to do; someone to love; and something to hope for. Forum Club Secretary, Wildcat Staff JOYCE MARIE BYNUM It always takes a few clouds to make a beautiful sunset. KENNETH KYLE CAMPBELL Any friendship you can buy costs more than it is worth.THOMAS LLOYD CARRICO Bcnc orassc cst bene studuisse—To have prayed well is to have endured well. Chess Club. Forum Club, Red Cross JAMES HAROLD CAYGLE ••Jimmy” Love all, trust none; stay single and have fun. Boys’ Chorus, Red Cross KENNETH RAY CHURCHWELL Speak or think not of the future, for 'tis the present which confronts us. MAX EVON CLEMENTS "Fly Boy” Live in fame and die in flames. JOHN REAGAN CROW ’ Johnny" Be as good as the best but no better than the rest. Baseball. ETA Club Secretary, Football All-County, T Club Vice President MARY FRANCES CRUMP "Punk" If you can't convince ’em. confuse ’em. Dramatics Club MYRA LOIS COLLINS "Cricket” Failure isn't the worst thing in the world; the worst is not to try. National Honor Society, Wildcat Staff, Y-Tccn CHARLES ROBERT COX "Fuzzy” When befriended, remember it; when you befriend, forget it. Chess Club. Red Cross GLADYS CAROLYN DAVISON "Little Bit” Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. Monitor. Tarrant Times Staff. Wildcat Staff ROLLINE DENNEY "Roily" Always be laughing, never be sad; sometimes be naughty, but never be bad. Chess Club. Y-Teen 16LORA ELIZABETH DISMUKES "Lura" Ignorance is the root of all evil. Dramatics Club. Red Cross Vice President, Wildcat Staff LOUIS EDWARD DISMUKES "Ears’ Don't worry if your friends arc few because they'll not make a living for you—but they arc precious to have! JA Company President. National JA Conference Delegate WINSTON MacARTHUR EASTERLING "Little Horace" Blessed arc the humble for their pride will never get them into trouble. Hi-Y BETTY DELORES ECHOLS ’Betz" I love work; I could sit and watch it all day. . KENNETH WAYNE DUNAWAY "Ken" A thing done right today means no trouble tomorrow. Dramatics Club ROBERT FRANKLIN DYER. JR. "Bobby" Don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow. CHARLES EARL EARWOOD "Ears" It is better to do what you can than to do nothing at all. SARAH FRANCES DUNCAN Keep smiling Monitor, Tarrant Times Staff DAVID WILLIAM EDWARDS "Buddy" To have eternal paradise at the beautiful isle of somewhere. RICHARD LEE ERWIN "Little Richard" Keep smiling and all will smile with you. 17LEARA MAE FARRIS Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. Concert Choir, Dramatics Club, Forum Club, Red Cross RILLA CHRISTINE FORMBY "Hootic” The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes but in liking what one has to do. Y-Teen BEN LEVAUGHN FORTNER If at first you don't succeed, go back and find out why. Hobby Club President JOE RONALD FRANKS "Monk Remember that in life as in a mirror you never get more out than you put in. FTA Club, Wildcat Staff CLARA ANNETTE FRENCH "Frenchy” Through God all things are possible. Monitor, Y-Teen PATRICIA ANN FULMER ,,Toof Better to weep with the wise than laugh with the foolish. Hobby Club. Wildcat Staff SHERRY ANN GARNER "Shag' It is more blessed to give than to receive. Red Cross Reporter, Tarrant Times Staff, Wildcat Staff DONNA LEE GRANT "Dupe'- ll is not what others do to us but what we ourselves do that determines our character, happiness, and destiny. Dramatics Club, Library Representative, Tarrant Times Staff, Y-Teen MARY ANN GRIFF1ES "Nan To accomplish something worthwhile in life and make everlasting friendships. Concert Choir, Dramatics Club Vice President, Monitor, Student Council 18 _____________________________________________________ ROY WAYNE FREY "Yerf One thing men can’t understand about women is how women understand so much about men. Concert Choir, Monitor, Student Council, Tarrant Times EditorELTON BRADICE GRIFFIN "Griff" I slept and dreamed that life was beauty, I woke and found that life was duty. TERRY DONALD HAMER "The Hammer- Mud slung is ground lost. Chess Club, Library Club LINDA ANN HANCOCK "Lynn” Love to live, live to love. Dramatics Club, Y-Tcen BETTY ISAACS HANDLEY Kindness always pays, but it pays more when it isn't done for pay. Band Secretary, Head Majorette, Student Council, Y-teen President MARTHA LOUISE HANDLEY "Mot- Life is appraised highly; do not sell it cheaply. Y-tccn Vice President FRANK F. HARPER You can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets. HERBERT WAYNE HARRIS Put all you have into everything you do and you won’t regret it. Hi-Y Treasurer, National Honor Society, Tarrant Times Staff Business Manager, Wildcat Staff JOHN WILLIAM HARRIS "Big John” You don't have to be in a key' position to open the door of opportunity. RICHARD LaNIER HARRIS "Dick" The first and best victory is to conquer self; to be conquered by self is of all things most shameful and vile. Dramatics Club STANLEY WOOD HART ■Woody" Have fun today and let tomorrow take care of itself. Band. Boys' Chorus 19BETTY REE HAWKINS "Hawk Eye" Give your neighbor a chance, and remember kindness pays big dividends. Know Your News Television Program, Tarrant Times Staff Typist LINDA ELIZABETH HAYS "Sapphire" Live and let live is the rule of common justice. Y-tecn CAROLYN JANE HEAD "Caggie" Your life is God's gift to you, what you make of it is your gift to God. JA Company Secretary, Student Council EDITH PRATT HESS "Honey" I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord than a priest in the courts of evil. Wildcat Staff MERITA GAIL HODGES "Little Bit" I don't believe in love at first sight but I do believe in taking a second look. Dramatics Club. Y-teen DORIS JEAN HOLLIS "Shorty" If you have God's light and His path, they will lead you ail the way. Wildcat Staff MARTHA ANN HOAGLAND "Mark" Most of us get what we deserve, but only the successful will admit it. Dramatics Club. Girls' State, Library Representative, Monitor. Wildcat Staff ALICE FAYE HODGES "Smiley" Always try to do your best wherever you go, and whatever you do. Dramatics Club, Red Cross LARRY THOMAS HORTON "Tommye" Look backward to nothing and forward to nothing but heaven. Wildcat Staff PATRICIA ANN HOWELL "Pat” To do my duty in that state of life into which it shall please God to call me. Program, Student Council 20JOSEPH WILSON HUTTO ’’Hot Shot" After all is said and done, there is more said than done. Monitor, Red Cross GWENDYLON MAE INGLETT ‘’Gwen" If you will do what you can, God will do what you can’t. JANICE EVELYN INGRAM "Jan" It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought dumb than to open it and remove all doubt. Hobby Club JOE EDWARD INGRAM "Jo-Jo" Patience is the best remedy for ever)' trouble. JERRY ALEXANDER LANEY Don't give anyone a piece of your mind until you arc sure you can spare it. HUGH EDWARD JOHNSON "Eddie" When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. Chess Club, Forum Club, Tarrant Times Staff WANDA GRACE JOHNSON "Sunny" Let us look up; laugh, love, live, and be happy. CHARLES LEWIS KIMBROUGH "Charlie" He that 4cnoweth not the world knoweth not his place in it. ARLENE MARIE MARSH "Bashful" Always to be laughing, never to be sad; sometimes to be naughty, but never to be bad. DEBRA LEE YATES MARTIN "Dcbby" Too many people believe in the rule of gold instead of the Golden Rule. Hobby Club 21BRENDA GAYE MASON I will count my blessings and at the end of the day thank God for them; then I will grow by my gratitude. Band, JA Conference Delegate, Library Club, Tarrant Times Staff, Y-tecn GERALD WILSON MATTHEWS "Jerry" Too low they aim, that aim beneath the stars. Citizenship Tour 1961, Concert Choir President, Dramatics Club Parliamentarian, National Honor Society, Student Council President. REBA CHERYL McCONNELL “Rebec” Live for today for today is the tomorrow that we worried about yesterday. Hobby Club CHARLES LINN McKINNEY "Peewee' Life is not a match, it bums for eternity. JIMMY WAYNE McCAY '■J'"1’ You only pass this way once, so make the best o «t while you arc here. Hi-Y. Wildcat Staff TOMMY A. McCOMBS Cafty Do unto others before they do unto you. DENNIS ROBERT MISSILDINE "Little Man" You never can tell what you can do until you try. PERRY MAX MITCHELL "Bear" Winning isn’t everything, but it sure beats anything that comes in second. Football, ETA Club, Senior Class Treasurer, T Club 22 .A THOMAS EDWARD MELVIN "Peewee" Always expect the worst and you'll never be disappointed. WILLIS FELIX MILES "Cat" To be the best of whatever God shall direct me to be. Boys' State, Concert Choir, Know Your News Television Program, National Honor Society, Senior Class President, Student Council CHARLOTTE COSHATT MIZE Take what you have and do your best with it. CHARLOTTE JACQUELINE MOORE "Jackie" Christ first; others second; self last. LARRY MORGAN "Dough-belly” The fellow who kicks up the most dust doesn't usually make the most progress. CHARLES WAYNE MORRIS "Little Bulldog” It is a rough road that leads to heights of greatness. Football, FTA Club, National Honor Society Vice President, T Club, Wildcat Staff "Tootsie” MARTHA ANN ODOM "Froggic” Laugh and the whole school laughs with you, study and you study alone. LOIS MARIE OLIVER "Beannie" I am not ashamed to confess that I am ignorant of what I do not know. Library Representative, Majorette, Monitor, National Honor Society, Tarrant Times Staff LAWRENCE EDWARD PARKER Gratitude is the memory of the heart. Football. T Club, Track HARRIET LOUISE PARK Smile Red Cross, Tarrant Times Staff RICHARD LOUIS PARKER "Toot- Why marry and make one woman miserable when you can stay single and make a thousand happy. Boys' Chorus, Concert Choir, Hobby Club. Student Council JAMES RONALD PARTAIN "Butch" 1 must decrease in order that He may increase. I will sing unto the Lord with a new song. Basketball, Concert Choir 23ROBERT L. PENN "William Penn" Never find your delight in another's misfortune. (Transfer from Hewitt-Trussville High School). ELIZABETH ANN PEOPLES "Libby" Aim high and then work hard to reach your goal. Monitor, Y-tecn VIVIAN LEE PEPPERS "Butch" The man who kills time, kills his own chances. JOSEPH TERRY POOLE "Po” If a little learning is dangerous, no wonder I'm dynamite PATSY GENECE PREWITT If God be for us, who can be against us. "Pat' "Bud" WILLIS GLENN PRIEST To profit by the past, learn in the present, and look forward to the future. JA. National Honor Society LEON ALBERT PRINCE "Brother Prince" To do the will of Him that sent me. Band President. Boys' Chorus, Concert Choir, Dramatics Club, Hi-Y President COY EDWIN PURKEY, JR. "Eddie" What have you done about what God has done for you? Boys’ Chorus, Chess Club, Concert Choir, FTA Club, T Club . ANITA SANDRA RATLIEF "Nita" Life is a preparation for the future, and the best preparation is to live as if there were no future. Library Club, Library Representative VELMA JEAN REID "Lucy" Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. F h«re Nurses, Monitor, Wildcat Staff 24JEROME ELYRE RENFROE "Jerry A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches. EVA JUANITA ROGERS "Nita Ann" A kind deed is never lost, even though you may not be able to sec its results. Forum Club, Wildcat Staff RONALD EUGENE SAMPLES "AT Dignity is one thing that cannot be preserved in al-cohoL JACKIE RAY SAYER I want to get what I want when I want it, and want what I get after I get it. JANETT LEE ROGERS ‘ Jan" Our ideals arc our possibilities. Wildcat Staff, Y-tccn WANDA FAYE ROGERS "Wander" The only thing in the world worth being is yourself, even with all your limitations. Chess Club, Monitor, Y-tecn MARTHA ROBERTS SCARBROUGH "Mot" A man is’judged by the friends he has won. Library Club, Y-tcen BETTY LANE SCOGIN “Scog" In ever)' life a little rain must fall but he that is drenched and can smile will surely succeed. Tarrant Times Staff, Y-teen GLENDA SUE SELF "Suzic" May God grant me the patience to accept what cannot be changed, the courage to change what can be changed, and the wisdom to know one from the other. Tarrant Times Staff, Wildcat Staff RONALD LEE SHARIT ’ Ron" May God help me to love the unloveable. Hi-Y, Monitor. W’dcat Staff 25STEVEN REESE SHORES "Grumpy ' Be sure you arc right, then go ahead. JA, Tarrant Times Sports Editor, Wildcat Staff REBA KAYE SIMS ‘’Boggins" Always do your best; God will do the rest. Dramatics Club, Y-tccn CASANDRA KAY SMITH "Sandy" May God grant me the wisdom and strength and courage to fulfill His demands and to do so with a smile. Forum Club. Tarrant Times Staff PAULA DIAN SMITH "Di" Be happy; give this old world a smile, for life at the most is just a little while. Hobby Club SYLVIA JEAN SMITH "Ccily" Flattery is to be used like perfume—enjoyed but not swallowed. Y-tccn HOWARD. EUGENE SOUTHERLAND, JR. "Sutty" Life is a measure to be filled—not a cup to be drained. Football. FTA Club President. Student Council, T Club, Track GWENDOLYN RYDELLE SOUTHERLAND "Sut" What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for others? Chess Club Secretary, Library Representatives Secretary SYLVIA ANN SPILLANE "Spoolanic" There is no wisdom like frankness. Chess Club Treasurer, Concert Choir, Dramatics Club, Student Council MILLARD GLENN STARNS A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest of men. BEVERLY JO STEVENS "Bev" It is a big thing to do a small thing well. Library Club President, Monitor, Red Cross, Wildcat Staff 26ROY ELLIS TERRY Improve time, and time will improve you. WILLIAM HUBBARD THOMASON "Bill" Let each live his own life. Boys' Chorus, Chess Club President, Concert Choir, Forum Club JOAN AARON VICKERS "Blondie" I strive not for wealth nor fame; but for mere happiness. BEN HOMER VINES "Butch" The ungrateful arc like the seas, receiving the showers from heaven and turning them into salt. Concert Choir, Dramatics Club President, Hi-Y Secretary, National Honor Society, Senior Class Vice President ELIZABETH ANN TUCKER "Libby" The evil that man does lives after him; the good is oft interred with his bones. Hobby Club, Tarrant Times Staff, Wildcat Staff REGGIE VAN TUTTON The right way to kill time is to work it to death. HARRY PHILLIP URICH "Rick" Do what you like, and like what you do. ESMAN LANIER VARNER "Lanny" To always have a smile on my face, a song in my heart, and the light of God before me. Boys' Chorus, Chess Club Reporter, Concert Choir, Forum Club. Monitor, National Honor Society SANDRA QUICK WADSWORTH "Sandy" I can do all things through Christ who strengthened me. Hobby Club GERALD WAYNE WALKER Worry is like a rocking chair—it gives you something to do, but it won't get you anywhere. FTA Club, Library Club. Library Representative, Moni-WILLIAM THOMAS WALKER ‘'Monkey Things that cannot be changed must be endured. Tarrant Times Staff ONA FAYE WALLACE ' Shorty- Keep your face toward the sunshine and the shadows will always fall behind you. Y-tccn, Wildcat Staff NANCY GLYNDA WALTERS "Nance" If your efforts are criticized, you must have done something worthwhile. Hobby Club, JA, Wildcat Staff JOHN WAYNE WARREN Success usually comes to those who arc too busy to look for it. Band, Forum Club JUNA FAYE WARREN Live life; ever)' golden minute of it! Chess Club, Y-teen JERRY DAVID WHEELER If you want everlasting faith and undying love, buy a dog. Red Cross LINDA CAROLE WILEY "Lucy" Here I am, world; this is me—not what someone else wants, but what I want to be! Tarrant Times Staff, Y-tcen JIMMY DALE WILLINGHAM "Willie" What kind of world would this be, if everyone in it was just like me! ROY PEARSON WOODWARD "Woody" Obstacles are those frightful things you sec when you take your eyes off the goal. Football, T Club, Track SANDRA CAROLE YERBY "Sandy Life is hard by the yard; but by the inch, life’s a cinch. Wildcat Staff, Y-tccn . 28"Know Your News" Television Program BEN VINES BETTY HAWKINS PAT HOWELLMOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Wayne Morris—Pat Arnold BIGGEST FLIRTS Sylvia Spiliano—Gene Southerland MOST VERSATILE Barbara Bowers—Jackie Sayer BEST LOOKING Peggy Baker Jerry Matthews MOST DEPENDABLE Willard Bowers—Pat Howell BEST DRESSED Betty Bentley—Ben VinesMOST POPULAR Jimmy Bowers—Martha Handley . . . ck 62 FRIENDLIEST Carolyn Head—Louis Dismukes MOST ATHLETIC Linda Best—Tim Bates WITTIEST Betty Hawkins—Ronald Franks FAT HOWELL Selection was made on the basis of patriotism, service to the school, dependability and leadership. 33 BEN VINES"Ti iCC tuuC 07e4£ ie«tt We, the members of the Senior Class of 1962, being not-so-sound in mind, but stout in heart, do make and publish this, our last will and testament, revoking all wills heretofore made. To Tarrant High School we give, and bequeath, the everlasting love and affection of the Senior Class of 1962. To Mr. Head we leave our sincere appreciation and gratitude for his kindness during the past four years and Johnny Crow to keep him company another year. To Mr. Snow and Mrs. Howard we leave one almost perfect day—one absentee, two tardies, and three check-outs. To Miss Jones we leave a lot of affection and her favorite morning exercise—the Twist. To Mrs. Johnston we leave a set of new typewriters with special keyboards for writing shorthand. To Mrs. Studdard we leave Steve Shores and an accompanying box of tranquilizers. To Mr. Mitchell we leave our appreciation for his frequent visits to our classes. To Mrs. Salter we leave a new book entitled ENGLISH AIN’T NO FUN by Woody Hart. To Mrs. McCuiston we leave a big box of headache pills for use while editing next year’s annual and our undying appreciation for her never-ending work for the senior class. Myra Collins and Dick Harris leave their places on the “A” honor roll to Corky Cates and Mickey Mixon, provided they keep up their good work. Leon Prince leaves his special method of applepolishing to Douglas Martin. Wayne Morris and Tim Bates leave their athletic prowess to Wayne Owen and Skeeter Erwin. Linda Best leaves her trick of playing her radio and chewing gum in class without getting caught to any poor soul who is willing to live dangerously. Jerry Matthews leaves his singing voice to Henry WITNESSES: Phyllis Brown Lora Dismukcs 36 Hallmark and his "speed" to Eugene Moore. Carolyn Head and Louis Dismukes leave their friendliness to Charlotte Richardson and Kenneth Sims and the corners in the upstairs hall to all couples. Marie Oliver leaves one used baton to Carolyn Gay. Ben Vines and Thomas Armstrong leave a complete bibliography on "How to Be Good Looking and Still Make Good Grades" for the unreserved use of all those who need it. Robert Penn leaves his ability to sleep in Miss Jones' class without getting caught to Jimmy Roberson. Betty Ree Hawkins and Ronald Franks leave their wittiness to Glenenc Walls and Lawrence Owings. Jimmy Bowers and Martha Handley leave their "piggy bank" for the use of the next couple who wishes to commercialize on popularity. Pat Howell and Willard Bowers leave their dependability to Jadine Sanderson and Bill Baker. Sylvia Spillane and Gene Southerland refuse to part with their flirty ways and will retain them for their own future use. Carl Acton also wishes to retain his claim on the halls. Our Wildroot boy, Lanny Varner, leaves a box of Spic-and-Span to Mrs. Salter to wash the grease spots off the walls of Room 101. Perry Mitchell leaves his shocking red hair (inherited from Roger Meadows) to Thomas Bagbv. The Senior Class of 1962 bequeaths to the juniors all the fun. excitement, and fond memories of being seniors and the sincere hope that they, along with the rest of the student body, will enjoy the new gymnasium. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty-sixth day of February in the year of our LORD one thousand nine hundred and sixty-two. TESTATOR: Irene BagwellWayne Owen President Mike McKoy Vice-president 40 Tom Bagby Carol Bailey Bill Baker Jo Ballard Jerry Sue Benner Dean Bingham Kathleen Black Judy Boatright Frank Anderson Mary Frances Anthony Marcella AtkinsRoycc Bobo Roger Boone Barbara Bowen Dorothy Brand Linda Brown Woodrow Brown David Bryant Donna Bryant CAMERA SHY: Peggy Allred Dalton Beasley Judy Cantcy Jimmy Cargo Betty Sue Carroll Lena Lou Cates Kay Clark Johnny Clcndcnin Brenda Clowdus Jo Ann Collins 41Patsy Cooner Anita Darden Julia Dean Barbara Dickey L. R. Dooley Robert Dorris Patricia Drake Rosemary Duffel Sharon Duren Bobby Echols CAMERA SHY: Wayne Bynum Donald Cole Frank Erwin Jimmie Nell Estes David Faile Joan Feemster Tim Fennell Fred Ferguson Nancy Franklin Nora Franklin 42 Norma Freeman Jerry Gardner Carolyn Gay Nancy Gillespie Ann Cleaves Carolyn Glenn Diane Golden Jody Graves CAMERA SHY: Kenneth Flowers Kenneth Hawk Margaret Hannah Linda Harris Linda Palmer Harris Peggy Harris James Harrison Tommy Joe Hart Dorothy Hefley Reba Hicks 43Rebecca Hillhousc Thomas Hobson John Hodge Judy Hooper Judy Horn Raymond Hornbucklc Ann Horton Elaine Hunter Barbara Hurs. CAMERA SHY: Glenda Hyatt Steve Hickman Donald Kilburn Diane Jcrnigan Alice Jeter Diana Jones Donna Jones E. L. Jones Jimmy Jones Jerry Jordan Barbara Kennedy Eugene Kilcy Michael Kilgore Evelyn Kimbrough 44Terry Kimbrough Mary Jo Landerfelt Kenneth Lauruhn Sandra Lawson James Layton Wayne I.cCroy Bobby Leonard Shirley Little CAMERA SHY: Bobbie Kimbrough George Lewis Jackie Lou Logan Elaine Loggins Clem Matlock Patricia McAnnally Etta Lou McAvoy Tempie McAvoy Tommy McClure Sandra McFarland Michael McKoy Dorothy MelvinI.avona Melvin Henry Mixon Pat Montgomery Eugene Moore Shirley Mount Fran Niblctt Wayne Owen Lawrence Owings CAMERA SHY: Vicki Padgett Jerry Prince Billy Pugh 44 Joe Paul Seale Payne Dale Poole Gar) Poole Judy Quick Susan Reid Margaret Rice Shirley Richardson Diane Riddle Olen Rider Carolyn RobertsHilda Roberts Norma Roberts Larry Rockett Richard Rockhill Judy Rogers Cline Rusk Jadine Sanderson Frances Sandlin CAMERA SHY: Roger Quick Charlotte Richardson Carol Sanders Kathalccn Smith Peggy Joyce Smith Sandra Kay Smith Gail Snider B. C. Spigncr Charlotte Staton Connie Strickland Lind Swann Evelyn Taylor John Terrell Phyllis Thomas Amos Thomason Donald Thompson Martha Thompson Shirley Thompson Kenneth Trucks Jerald Underwood John Waites CAMERA SHY: Diana Sizemore James Thompson Sheryl Tunnell Faye Walker Glencnc Walls Gerald Watwood Martha Weaver Tommy Wheeler Linda White Barbara Williams Warren Wilson Robert Wise Norma Wrenn Durward Wright Phil While Secretary 7«MX Gail Bearden T reasurer Bill Bailey P resilient Wayne Montgomery Vice-president 50 Margaret Anderson Chcrly Arnold Marv Jane Arnold Wayne Avcra Andrew Bagwell Paula Sue Bailey Tommy Bailey William BaileyCharlotte Bearden Gail Bearden Kenneth Bearden Patsy Beasley Payeton Birdyshasv Larry Blankenship Grant Boatright Robert Beasley Glenda Bennefield Bobby Bentley Linda Beshears CAMERA SHY: Janice Aldrcdge Larry Wayne Box Ronny Braswell Linda Braun Manual Callahan Raymond Best Pat Bingham Chester Bridges Catherine Brooks Norman Brooks Sally Louise Brown Peggy Sharyn Brown Sharon Kathleen Brown Billy Bryant Martha Buckner 51Raymond Bullock Emma Lee Burchfield Karen Burke Carolyn Butler Roger Butler Judith Byrd Jack Carter Lynda Cherneski Ronald Cherry Kay Coaklcy CAMERA SHY: Linda Carlisle Eddie Carpender Ralph Cole Gregory Coivert Peggy Cooner Elien Creel 52 Donna Crumpton Carol Dailey Patricia Darden Charles Davis Glenda Gail Davis Johnny Dempsey Brenda Denney Mack DrakeJohnny Hades Jimmy Edge James Edwards Shirley Edwards Frances Ellis Kay Eubanks Laura Ewing Tina Farrington CAMERA SHY: James Elders James Galbreath Ronald Hadley Roger Hallmark Ronald Harris Ruth Horn Carolyn Ferguson Edie Fitzgerald James Grant Carolyn Green Linda Gregory Dorothy Guthrie David Hagood Janice Hall Mark Hallman Nora Hamer 53Norris Hamer Pat Harbin Sharon Harkey Nickcy Harris Stony Hart Patty Hedgepeth Carolyn Henry Charles Henry CAMERA SHY: Wendell Herrington Judy Higginbotham Ralph Hurst Bobby Ingram Clyde Johnson Ronny Key Billy Kimbrough Walter Kinney Sherry Ann Horne Christine Horsley Billy Howell Ailecn Hunter Kathryn Hunter Glenda Ingram Mary Johnson Terry Johnson Bonnie Sue Jones Dorothy Ann Jones Fred Kelley p .1 IIVv PhA A “ 1 IHHb 4r w Johnnie Sue Key Robert Kimbrough Bobby Lais Bill Lane Ernie Laney Carla Lauruhn Sharon Leathcrwood Glenda Fay Lee CAMERA SHY: Donnie Lackey Dewey Lindley Sandra Long Sam McCuIlcv Dalton Moseley Brenda Nelson Ronald Levan Darlene Little Wayne Lollar Johnny Lyles Mary Jean Lyles La Jean Mahler Larry Mann Darlene Martin Helen Mason Bobby Mayer Lynette McCay Linda McDowell Carolyn McGowcn -Giro! Moffett Wayne Montgomery Alice Moore Aubrey Moore David Moore Patsy Moore Charles Morris Paul Mullalby Bill Nance Bob Nance John Niblett Cheryl Nichols Phillip Nichols Rebecca Nix Nancy Norris Steve Oliver Patricia Parris CAMERA SHY: Harold Nichols Mike Nuby Kenneth Oliver Jimmy Pearman Ray Prince Gary Ragsdale 56 Billy Parsley Larry Patterson Linda Pearce Edith QuickLarry Quick Nellie Rice Ruby Richardson James Roberson Karen Robinson Linda Roden Patricia Rogers Carolyn Rollins CAMERA SHY: Richard Richie Betty Roddam Robert Roper Allan Rushing Junior Russell Gar)’ Smith Dian Rotton Billy Schuelly Patricia Self Janice Sheets Paulette Shook Rita Sims Judy Singleton Fern Smith Janice Smith Ronnie Smith Sandra Smith Brenda Southerland John Stack 57Jcrrald Stamps Carolyn Stephens Larry Strickland Steve Strickland Sharon Thomas Brenda Thompson Randall Thompson Brenda Tidwell Ann Trapp Dale Treadaway CAMERA SHY: Gar)’ Stadlcr Eddie 'Travis Sandra Waites Joe Watkins Gloria Wheeler Roger Tyler Bennett Vaughn Donna Veal Judy Washburn Patricia Watwood Billy Weaver Phil White Sara Wilcox Ronnie Wiley Alton Williams Dale Williamson Walter Deneke Secretary 0?c%4t 7ctfie CK Senear Bill Waide Treasurer Sam Bowers Don Matthews President Vice-president 60 Charles Addington Billy Anthony Sandra Autry Sarah Kay Bailey Mickey Baker Michael Barksdale Jackie Best Jimmy Bowden Sam Bowers Rick Bradshaw I.inda Brand Jimmy BranhamMarilyn fiurgin Frank Campbell J. E. Campbell Patricia Campbell Donald Cassidy Larry Cassidy Charlotte Curtis Walter Deneke CAMERA SHY: Janice Bradley Dot Buchanan Paulette Doty Betty Dumais Lynne Emerson Gary Eudy Martha Evans David Fincher Janice Franklin Paul Frazer Dana Gay Gar)- Goddard Betty Goodman Patricia Graves Susie Grove Robert Gurley Mike Hall Charles Hammond Exa Hamric Linda Harmon Sandra Harper Sabra Hart Anne Hawk Brenda Henderson CAMERA SHY: Wayne Bushong Richard Davis Ann Duke Roy Henderson Connie Sue Hill Glenda Hoag land Sandra Hodges Fred Hogg Dwight Holsombake Carl Hope Dorothy Hope Connie Huffstutler Marie Hunt Betty Hutchins Clif Johnson 62Bruce Jones 1:1 by Jones Jimmy Jones Travis Jones Mark Kennedy Lynda Kimbrough Lynn Kimbrough Jerry King CAMERA SHY: Preston Gurley Tommy Jacobs Wayne Johnson Dennis LeCroy Beverly Leggett Ruth Lind ley Sandra Love Ronald Lovell Sue Lowe Gail Luther Jimmy Mackey Joan Martin Donald Matthews Tommy McAvoy Ann McCay 63Dcrrell McCleskcy Cynthia McKenzie Charlotte MeMurrain John F. Miller Cynthia Moseley Christina Myrick Larry Owen Gwen Parker 64 Joe Peacock Anna Pearman Janet Provorsc Brenda Pullen Andrea Pyron Dorothy Quinn Yvonne Raney Martha Rcimer Edith Roberts Jerry Salmon Tommy Sanford I.inda SelfCarolyn Sellers Claudia Sharit Carol Shores Dana Simpson Gar)' Smith Patricia Smith Glenn Spinks Larry Stafford CAMERA SHY: Johnny Roberson Janice Roddam Willette Rushing Regina Stephenson Ronnie Stone James Sullivan Charles Thomas Richard Thompson Robert Thornton Jcncrral Trapp Sandra Trucks Tommy Vann Bill Waide Kay Walls Bill Washburn 65Sherry Weeks Kenneth Williamson Lynn Williamson Jimmy Wood Ronnie Wood Arlccn Woodall Cindy Woodard Joyce Worthington CAMERA SHY: Mary Paul Thompson Tommy Weaver IDENTIFICATION OF BABY PICTURES OF SENIORS 1. Gwen Inglctt 2. Betty Echols 3. Steve Shores 4. Peggy Baker 5. Jackie Moore 6. Beverly Stevens 7. Sherry Garner 8 Johnny Aaron and Joan Aaron Vickers 9 Anita Ratliff 10 Edith Hess 11. Jean Reid 12 Max Clements 15 Jimmy Willingham 14. Pat Howell 15. Tommy Barrett 16. Pat Fulmer 17. Betty Bentley 18. Joan Bryant 19 Bill Thomason 20. Doris Hollis 21. Betty Scogin 22. Martha Handley 25 I.inda Wiley 2-1. Betty Hawkins 25 Janrtt Rogers 26. Carolyn Bnrrough 27. Kenneth Churchwcll 28. Myra Gdlins 29. Martha Odom 30. Nancy Walters 31. Elton Griff in 32. Thomas Horton 33. Millard Starnes 31. Gerald Walker 35. Glenn Priest 36. Linda Bowen 37. Eddie Johnson 38. Larry Parker 39. Gail Hodges and Faye Hodges •10. Perry Mitchell 41. Lora Dismukes 42. Linda Branham 43. Sylvia Smith 4 1 Dian Smith 45. Kenneth Dunaway 46. Dennis Missildine 47. Jerrv Matthews 48 Wdiard Bowers 49. Pat Arnold 50. Linda Hayes 51. Phillip Urick 52 Ronald Franks 53. Eddie Purkey 54. Tom Armstrong 55. Mary Crump 56. Martha Hoagland 57. James Cayglc 58. Reggie Tutton 59. Patsy Prewitt 60. Bobby Dyer 61. Lanny Varner 62. Wayne Morris 63. Jimmy Bowers and Barbara Bowers 6-1. Wayne Frey 65. Mary Ann Griffies 66. Jerry Wheeler 67. Karey Barnett 68. Glenda Self 69. Richard Harris 70. Sandra Wadsworth 71 Linda Hancock 72. Ronny Sharit 73. I.earj Farris 74. John Allison 66 -Ronny Sharit Myra Collins Associate Editors Mrs McCuiston Mrs. Studdatd Sponsors Wayne Morris Sports Beverly Stevens Chios Phyllis Brown Features Tom Armstrong Irene Bagwell Tommy Bryant June Burgess Carolyn Burruugh Lora Dismukes Sarah Duncan Ronald Franks Pat Fulmer Sherry Gamer Edith Hess Martha Hoagland Doris Hollis Thomas Horton Jimmy McCay Jean Reid Janett Rogers Juanita Rogers Glenda Self Steve Shores Elizabeth Tucker Faye Wallace Nancy Walters Sandra Yerby@OHcext ioin. OFFICERS: Wayne Frey, reporter; Corky Cates, secretary-treasurer; Pat Howell, vice-president; Jerry Matthews, president; Roland Green, director; Faye Walker, accompanist. A Scene from the Operetta, ROBIN HOOD. BEGINNING BAND MAJORETTES: (Kneeling) Betty Isaacs, head. (Standing) Evelyn Kimbrough. Kay Coak-Icy, Brenda Southerland, Carolyn Green. Marie Oliver. Judy Horn- drum. Dian Rotton. Carolyn Gay, Judith Hooper. Jane Arnold, Lajean Mahler. FIRST ROW: Dale Poole, Wayne Dotson, Carole Moffett Marilyn Burgin, Ray Prince, Johnny Johnson, Brenda Mason. SECOND ROW: Tommy Bryant. Pam McKenzie, Bill Nance, Becky Davidson, Judy AI vis, Patsy Moore, Leon Prince, Dana Simpson, Jan Hayes, Linda Schramm. Kay Eubanks, Ruth Horn. THIRD ROW: Steve Sims, Don Zorn. Roland Johnson. Kathy Campbell, Butch Tucker, Jon Hall, Darlene Martin. Judy Mahler. Jimmy Wood, Jimmy Mackey, Cynthia McKenzie, Linda Harris. FOURTH ROW: Jane Arnold, Ronnie Lovell, Ray Best, Johnny Lyles, John Warren, Billy Parsley, Bob Nance, Bobby Thornton. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Jordan. Woody Hart, Frankie Campbell, Kenneth Bearden. Randy Thompson, David Felds. Nicky Harris, Robert Hathcock. Stony Hart.OFFICERS, SEATED: Ben V.ncs. president; Pat Howell, secretary. SECOND ROW: Leon Prince, chaplain; Karcy Barnett, treasurer; Mrs. Salter, sponsor; Jerry Matthews, parliamentarian z futUcA (?lu6'putune. 7e zc e'uy £ s4 ttentc z OFFICERS. FRONT: Gene Southerland, president; Jody Graves, vice-president; Mrs. De-Carlo. sponsor; Carl Acton, secretary; Johnny Crow, treasurer SECOND ROW. Jimmy Bowers, chaplain; Tim Bates, sergeant at arms.SEATED: Gerald Walker, vice-president; Millard Starnes, treasurer; iwrri„ .. ___ OND ROW: Boyce Broadus. sponsor; Linda Brown. Anita Ratliff rlnr Pat Fulmer, Kay Clark, Terry Hamer, Jerry- Gardner. Roger Tyler. Larry Su kla d Hcf ” R° R°X ' 00004 ° SEATED: Boyce Broadus. sponsor; Johnny Niblctt. president; Marie Oliver, vice-president; Pat Montgomery, secretary; Martha Hoagland Gerald W alker. SECOND ROW: Sandra Love. Brenda Southerland. Joan Bryant. Irene Bagwell. Pat Harbin. Alton Franklin Donna Grant Jerry Gardner THIRD ROW Janice Franklin, Regina Stephenson, Pat McAnnally, Janice Roddam. Faye Hodges. Diane Riddle. Janet Aaron. Joan Calvert. FOURTH ROW': Ricky Dorris. Douglas Martin. James Roberson. LIBRARY HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES7Z ztto uzC ‘ftyotton. Society Wayne Morris Willard Bowen Ben Vines Vit t'president Secretary Treasurer Mrs. Johnston Sponsor Jerry Matthews President Tom Armstrong Myra Collins Herbert Harris Felix Miles Marie Oliver Glenn Priest Lanny VarnerTHE TARRANT TIMES r COUNCIL ._________________ NUMBER 1 ss Officers Herbert Harris, business manager; Mrs. Howard, sponsor; Wayne Frey, editor. Felix .Miles Ri Muss 1 her fr Ford A. tends tire Central Baptist Church Her brown eyes are set off nicely by brown hulr and she Is 5’8” tall. Corky Is the secretary of the Red Cross and Concert Choir. Her favorite sport Is football and her hobby is music, as she plays the piano and sinus in the choir. Karey Barnett, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Barnett, was selected os a finalist lr High Dental Clinic Q She lives at route seve and attends Walker's tlst Church. Karey. a 5'5", I girl with hazel eyes. « ralng And photograj: active student, she ts the Student Council, Carolyn’s 7avorlt bowling and her hobb Ing, collecting things chest, and talking on t on our team. Ills favor to Louis. Her pet im faced gossiping people. She plans to att college after graduaUc college she plans to a eral years and then m Martha Hoagiand In Mr Johnston's hoi) lives at 217 Ketonn Rc parents, Mr and Mrs. land She attends the Baptist Church. Martha Is ST tall eyes, and brown hair sport is swimming. « hobbles Is collecting mals. Martha’s plans foi arc to go to business college and (see uk.ntal cu.mi, pafe 3) Ben Vines Our president of the senior class la Willis Felix Miles, the son of Rev. D. H Miles. Felix lives at 637 Belle Avenue, and attends Boyles Methodist Church. He loves football and his favorite subject Is English He stands 5'10’’ and sends a message to all girls: "I’m available." Ben Vines was elected vice president of the senior class. Ben la the son of Mr and Mrs. Ben H. Vines and lives at 1429 Wharton Avenue, and attends the Central Baptist Church In Tarrant. Ben Is 5TT tall, weighs 160 pounds, and has blue eyes and brown hair. His favorite sport Is swimming and In his pastime he enjoys dating and listening to the stereo. His pet peeve is '‘griping" He plans to go to the University of Alabama and has not yet made plans for hU future. A 5TT, blue-eyed boy weighing 145 pounds Is the seniors’ secretary. Willard Bowers Is the son of Mrs. Lorene Bowers. He lives at 2004 WftnHrnu. rt.lu atU'tld.S TOT- aurch Coach •acher. Iecied Perry ’osurcr this yes and red •eting October 7th, High stu-fted Cross ool training atsska. e Judy Boat-erry Oamer. Klblett, and rought back iprovlng our ncll at Tar- iclr own 45-lded It with end for the irth quarter, •ver-enthus-he Tarrant consecutive lem back to Jaker pulled i and raced id the scor- In the third quarter Tarrant I Ing for the night.78 Judy Cantcy Brenda Clowdus Pam Crider Carol Dailey Jimmy Nell Estes Kay Eubanks Wayne Frey Carolyn Gay Patty Graves Carolyn Green Mary Ann Griffics Henry Hallmark Carolyn Head Pat Howell Connie HuffstutlerMr. Green Sponsor Marie Hunt Katherine Hunter E. L. Jones Gail Luther IjJcan Mahler Tcmpic McAvoy Felix Miles Carol Moffett Cynthia Moseley Shirley Mount Hill Nance Fran Niblctt Richard Parker Andrea Pryon Ruby Richardson Carolyn Rollins Gene Southerland Sylvia Spillanc Randy Thompson Tommy Vann Glenene Walls Linda White Ronnie Wiley Durward Wright 79Preiident Carla Lfturuhn Vice-president Brenda Denney Sod.il Chairman Connie Huffstutler Sponsor Miss Kell am 80 JUNIOR Y-TEENS FIRST ROW: Connie Hill, Betty Hutchins, Linda Bcshcars, Martha Evans, Exa Hamric, Ann Mc-Cay. Sherry Weeks, Jackie Best, Janice Hall, Gail Bearden, Charlotte Bearden. SECOND ROW: Andrea Pyron. Carolyn Rollins. Sally Brown, Brenda Nelson. Johnnie Sue Key. Brenda Pullen. Cynthia McKenzie, Barbara Starnes. Kay Walls. Glenda Hoagland THIRD ROW: Susie Grove, Sandra Love. Brenda Southerland, Janice Provorse. Mary Kennedy, Nellie Rice, Patsy Moore, Pat Smith, Betty Jean Sims, Sandra Trucks, Connie Huffstullcr, Gail Luther. FIRST ROW: Linda Carlisle. Charlotte Curtis, Carla Lauruhn, Linda Kimbrough. Tina Myrick. Mickey Baker, Claudia Sharit, Ruth Lindley, Brenda Denney, Gwen Parker, Jan Roddam, Sarah King. SECOND ROW: Pat Allen, Kay Coakley, Sabra Hart, Carol Shores, Linda Self. Martha Rcimcr. Janice Franklin. Janice LaRuc, Pat Campbell, Sharon Thomas, Dana Simpson, Darlene Stallings. THIRD ROW: Edith Roberts, Brenda Henderson. Dot Hope, Diane Rotton, Janice Aldridge, Man- Lyles, Sue Love, Linda Brand, Sandra Hodges. Janet Aaron. Janice Smith. Secretary Janet AaronSecretary Betty Bentley FIRST ROW: Myra Collins, Evelyn Kimbrough. Diana Jones. Martha Handley. Becky Hillhouse, Diane Grigsby. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Glenn, Evelyn Taylor. Linda Best. Barbara Kennedy, Kathleen Black, Peggy Baker. Betty Bentley. THIRD ROW: June Warren, Martha Weaver. Rollinc Denney, Carolyn Gay. Shirley Thompson. Wanda Rogers. Judith Hooper. Vicki Padgett. SENIOR Y-TEENS FIRST ROW: Ann Horton. Barbara Dickey, Martha Hoagland. Christine Formby, Sylvia Smith. Betty Scogin, Faye Wallace. SECOND ROW: Janet Rogers, Ann Cleaves, Diane Golden, Carol Bailey, Patsy Cooncr, Barbara Hurst. Irene Bagwell. THIRD ROW: Linda Hancock. Donna Grant, Brenda Mason, Linda Brown, Linda Hayes, Elizabeth Peoples, Linda Wiley, Gail Hodges. . T reasurer Linda Best Sponsor Mrs. Mackey 81CHESS CLUB FIRST ROW: Judy Rogers, Carolyn Roberts. Shirley Richardson, Peggy Harris. Evelyn Kimbrough, Diane Riddle, Henry Hallmark. Bill Thomason, Sylvia Spillanc. Lanny Varner, Bobby Cox. Ronald Franks, Eddie Johnson. Mr. Owen. SECOND ROW: Linda Harris, Judy Quick. Donna Jones, Barbara Kennedy, Margaret Hannah. Eddy Purkey. Pat Montgomery. Bennett Vaughn, Tom Bagby, Diana Grigsby, Eugene Moore, Royce Bobo, Terry Hamer, Kenneth Flowers. THIRD ROW: Reba Hicks, Barbara Bowers, Bill Lane, Frank Anderson, David Fail, Jimmy Roberson, Dale Poole. Cline Rusk. Lloyd Carrico, Steve Hickman, Bobby Leonard, Amos Thomason, Kenneth Trucks, June Warren, Wanda Rogers. MONITORS FIRST ROW': Barbara Bowers, Faye Hodges, Libby Peoples. Martha Hoag land, Dian Rotton. Janice Hall. Pam Crider, Kay Eubanks. Carolyn Green. Lajean Mahler, Pat Arnold, Martha Handley. SECOND ROW: Irene Bagwell, Nancy Franklin, Pat McAnnallv, Brenda Mason, Myra Collins, Carolyn Burroughs. Annette French. June Burgess, Jean Reid, Beverly Stevens. Sara Duncan. THIRD ROW7 Willard Bowers. Tommy Barnett, Ronnie Shan't, Lanny Varner, Norris Hamer. Joe Paul. Gerald Walker, Wayne Frey, Johnny Niblctt, Joe Hutto, Mr. Snow. JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Brenda Nelson, Exa Hamric. Susie Grove. Barbara Starnes, Sherry Weeks. Jackie Best. Sharyn Brown. Nora Hamer. Sharon Thomas. SECOND ROW7: Sherry Garner, Sandra Smith. Donna Jones, Charlotte Ridurdson. Corky Cates, Nancy Franklin. Nicky Harris, Sam McCullev, Ann Trapp, Sharon Leath-erwood, Beverly Stevens. THIRD ROW: Raymond Bullock, Clem Mat-lock. Grant Boatright. Fred Mathis, James Caygle, Bobby Cox, Jerry Wheeler. Lloyd Carrico, Joe Hutto, Leon Prince. Jimmy Mahon.FORUM CLUB SEATED: Sandra Lawson. Carolyn Burrough. Tom Armstrong, Miss Hammond. Eddie Johnson. SECOND ROW: Shirley Richardson, Carolyn Roberts, Joyce Ellis. Julia Dean, Sharon Duren, Sharon Brown, Sandra Smith. Juanita Rogers. Peggy Smith. THIRD ROW: Frank Anderson. Lean Farris, Judy Rogers. Margaret Rice. Judy Quick, Jadine Sanderson, Frances Sandlin. Rosemary Duffel. FOURTH ROW: Joe Hurt, Kenneth Trucks, Lanny Varner. Bill Thomason, Amos Tltoma-son. Terry Kimbrough, Tommy Wheeler. John Warren, B. C. Spig-ncr, Lloyd Carrico. HOBBY CLUB FIRST ROW: Pat Fulmer, Janice Ingram. Sandra Wadsworth, Gail Snider. Debra Martin SECOND ROW: Sandra McFarland, Mickey Mixon. Richard Parker. Dian Smith. INSET: Ben Fortner. Norma Wrenn, Thomas Hobson, Phyllis Brown, Mr. Thornhill. T CLUB FIRST ROW: Moore, Acton. Graves, Crow, Barrett. Woodward, Erwin. Parker. Morris, Sellers. Lauruhn. SECOND ROW: W Bowers. Johnson. Owen, Baker, Southerland. Miller, Bridges, Mitchell, B. Schuclly, Red Hall. C. Schuclly. Echols. THIRD ROW: Hamer, White, Buckclcw, Bates. Purkey, Paul. Payne. Wright. Bailey. FOURTH ROW: Niblelt, M. Hall, Hammonds. J. Bowers. Beasley, Jones. Wheeler. Cassidy, Guhon. Dempsey. OFFICERS. FRONT Lam Prince, president SECOND ROW’: John Allison, vice-president Jimmy Wood, historian; Ben Vines, secretary THIRD ROW'; Herbert Harris, treasurer; Mr Giles, sponsor: Jon Hall, chaplain SEATED: Tommy Barnett, Patsy Beasley. Pat Darden SECOND ROW': Margaret Anderson. Carole Moffett, secretary-treasurer; Jean Reid. Pat Allen, Cynthia McKenzie, Dorothy Jones. Patty Hedgepeth. Elaine Loggins. THIRD ROW: Anita Darden, president; Joyce Worthington, Catherine Brooks, Judy Horn, vice-president; Lynette McCay. Patsy Moore. Sharon Brown. Cheryl Arnold Miss Ford S( ouforCAR1. ACTON m- PERRY MITCHELL EDDIE PURKEY TOMMY BARRETT LARRY PARKERJIMMY BOWERS EDWIN BUCKELEW All-County GENE SOUTHERLAND In Position ROY WOODW ARD VARSITY SQUAD FIRST ROW: Bridges. Morris. Bates. Mitchell. Southerland. Buckelcw, Purkey, Barrett. Graves, Acton. Owens. Bailey. SECOND ROW': Lauruhn, Hammond. Parker. Baker. Dempsey. Jones, Schuelly, B., Hamer. White, Woodward, Moore, Paul, Bowers. T HIRD ROW': Coach Moore. Cassidy, Erwin, Sellers. Hall. M., Crow, Ca-chon. Echols. Miller. Beasley. Schuelly, C. Hall. B., Coaches Richards and Rogers."B" SQUAD FIRST ROW: Roger Tyler, Bill Waidc, Dale Williamson. Billy Weaver, David Hagood, Johnny Niblctt, Don Barks-dulc SECOND ROW: Ralph Cole, Carl Hope. James Edwards, Johnny CIcndenin. Charles Thomas. Kenneth Sims. David Foote THIRD ROW: Donald Kilburn, Cilenn Spinks, Pete Kilgore, John Buchanan, Walter Deneke, Don Matthews. John Bailey. James Sullivan MRS! ROW- Eddie Purkey, David Moore, Claries Hammond, Bill Bailey,‘Bobby Echols, Bobby Beasley, Bill Baker. SECOND ROW: Roy Woodward. Jody Graves, Larry Parker, Phil White. Second team in positionOUR FOOTBALL COACHES John Moore Charles Richards John Ropers FIRST ROW: Evelyn Taylor—Co-captain, Brenda Denny SECOND ROW': Carolyn Rollins. I.ynda McDowell, Linda White—Captain, Nancy Crider, Gail Bearden. CHEERLEADERSJOE PAUL B. C. SPIGNER BILL BAKER TOMMY BARRETT MANAGERS -Joe Hutto. Johnny Niblctt. Durward Wright COACH ROGERS TIM BATES EDWIN BUCKELEW JODY GRAVES WAYNE MONTGOMERY TOMMY WHEELERVARSITY Tommy Wheeler, Jody Graves, Tommy Barrett, Tim Bates, Edwin Buskclcw. Wayne Montgomery. Richard Richie. Bill Baker, Ralph Cole. Joe Paul, B. C. Spigncr. FRONT: Cojch Rogers. FIRST ROW: Norris Hamer, Bill Bailey, Sandy Moore, Dana Gay. Rick Bradshaw. Ronnie Lovell. SECOND ROW: Pat Bingham, Grant Boatright, Glenn Spinks. Sam Bowers. Carl Hope THIRD ROW: Bobby Mayer, Steve Oliver, Don Matthews. James Sullivan, Butch Dcnekc, Bill Waidc. "B" TEAM‘Saae iU HRSl ROW: Jody Graves. Joe Paul. Car! Acton, Tommy Barrett. Skcctcr Erwin, Tommy Wheeler. Tim Bates; Manager, Durward W right SECOND ROW: Coach Richards. Johnny Crow. James Harrison, Bill Baker. Ronny Shan't. Edwin Buckclcw. Donald Satchcr, Gerald Wilson; Manager. Willard Bowers. FIRST ROW: Robbie Dorris, Pete Kilgore, Warren Wilson, John Buchanan. Bobby Echols, Wayne Sellers, Norris- Hamer. SECOND ROW Coach Moore. Seale Payne. Roy Woodward. Jimmy Bowers, Larrv Parker. Wayne Owen, Gene Southerland, Albert Plesniarski, L. R. Dooley. HARRIS-SMITH DRY GOODS AND SHOES 1114-16 Ford Avenue TARRANT, ALABAMA Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1962Our Alma Mater SAM F. BRENNAN '40 MAYMIE V. BRENNAN '44 We are privileged to have been chosen as photographers tor your annual tor the tenth consecutive year. TARRANT PHOTO SERVICE 1623 Pinson Street TARRANT, ALABAMAwicked ler a wonderful future! SoutUern ‘tBefiFor a healthier happier family... Rarberb J Barber PURE MILK COMPANY S I E f YOU DON'T LIKE BARBER'S BESTBest Wishes to Graduating Class of 1962 From ALABAMA BY-PRODUCTS CORPORATIONSALES HOUSE APPLIANCE COMPANY 1415 Pinson Street TARRANT. ALABAMA PHONE VI 1-8711 Authorized General Electric Dealer Service on All Makes of Appliances SERVICE jpENITM Congratulations CUNNINGHAM HOME APPLIANCE CO. 1138 East Lake Blvd. PHONE VI 1-5526 TARRANT, ALABAMA CURTIS MATHES liUj Frigidaire CITY OF TARRANT CITY ELECTRIC DEPARTMENT 1000 FORD AVENUE Use T.V.A. for LOW COST ELECTRICITYKIBBEY S FOOD STORE The Friendliest Store in Town 2146 EAST LAKE BLVD., TARRANT To Serve You Is a Pleasure—To Please You Is Our Desire Compliments of KETONA CHEMICAL CORPORATION RICHARDSON HARDWARE 1817 Pinson St. HARDWARE—GLASS—TOOLS—PAINTS—SEEDS Phone Victor 1-4646 TARRANT, ALABAMAVANN'S SHELL SERVICE STATION ONE STOP SERVICE Expert Washing and Greasing 1400 Pinson Street TARRANT. ALABAMA Phone VI 1-9153 THOMAS B. VANN. Owner Compliments of WALKER'S DEPARTMENT STORE 1108 Ford Avenue CALL VI 1-9148 TARRANT. ALABAMA We Clothe the Entire Family Best Wishes to the Graduating Class From shoppingcenter 8194 frerij familq Need Under foe R -p i wo, • 26th storm® t$xtm. r AIR conditioned North 26th Street McCullough bootery 1613 Pinson Street TARRANT. ALABAMA 'Shoes for the Entire Family" ERWIN REALTY CO. Realtors SALES—RENTALS—INSURANCE Phone Victor 1-3152 1105 Ford Avenue Tarrant 7, Alabama U ON YOUR G RABUAT ION From the CITY OF FULTONDALE sYour Health : t%SL BUSINESS [jftiY KESSLER’S PHARMACY I 152 East Lake Blvd. TARRANT, ALABAMA Prescriptions Carefully Compounded Phone Victor 1-6421 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1962 Save GIFT BOND STAMPS Settee LEMONS FOOD CENTER 3945 VANDERBILT RD. Individually Owned and Managed by the Owner FOR ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL CALL KETONA Phone Victor 1-3031ALLEN'S ORNAMENTAL IRON WORKS 1077 Pinson St. Victor 1-3852 BOWER'S AUTO GLASS AND SEATCOVERS 303 North 26th Street FA 3-3054 VI-I-34I8 CUNLIFF'S Flowers for All Occasions Member of F.F.D. 1037 Pinson St. TARRANT, ALABAMA J. D. GURLEY BERNIE SELF DEWEY BARBER HAROLD CARLISLE DAVID HARRIS We Specialize in AUTOMOBILE and FIRE INSURANCE Phone Victor 1-1726 1624 Pinson Street GURLEY R A N C ECONGRATULATIONS to the SENIORS TARRANT STORE—1620 PINSON ST. SONGER TV RADIO SERVICE 509 Springdale Road TARRANT, ALABAMA Phone Victor 1-4285 S. K. VARIETY STORE 1607-1609 Pinson Street TARRANT, ALABAMA Ready to Wear and Variety Items GREEN'S BIG $AVER 939 Jackson Blvd. TARRANT, ALABAMAIjJour BURNS PHARMACY V Phone Victor 1-6436 DEPENDABLE TARRANT,tSALABBAMA DRUGGIST FOUR REGISTERED GRADUATE DRUGGISTS FREE DELIVERY Two Entrances for Your Convenience 1610 Pinson Street or Drive-In in Back KLEENRITE CLEANERS TARRANT, ALABAMA PHONE VI 1-4221 Phone Victor 1-3317 TARRANT MATTRESS CO. Mattresses and Innersprings Made and Renovated UPHOLSTERY—NEW FURNITURE We Coll for and Deliver KELCIE A. WARDRUP 1424 Pinson St. Tarrant, Alabama HICK'S SMOKE HOUSE Dinners 1611 Pinson Street Homemade Pies and Barbecue MR. AND MRS. C. H. HIGGINGBOTHAM ALABAMA BUTANE APPLIANCE COMPANY 1061 Pinson Street TARRANT, ALABAMA S. H. KRESS COMPANY NORTH BIRMINGHAM. ALABAMABYNUM'S AUTO SERVICE 1410 Pinson St. Phone VI 1-1958 TARRANT TARRANT AUTO PARTS 1128 Pinson Street TARRANT, ALABAMA FENNELL RAMBLER MOTORS Sales—Service 1505 Pinson Street TARRANT, ALABAMA Phone VI 1-5900 VI 1-6571 LORCH'S SHOP 1617 Pinson St. TARRANT, ALABAMA "A Friendly Place to Do Business" TARRANT APOTHECARY Prescriptions—Drugs—Sick Room Supplies I I I I Ford Avenue, Tarrant, Alabama PHONE Victor 1-6741 Jack Strong and Doug Oakley, Owners Such Good Cleaning and A , . at Such a Saving Through cleaning Baker's Exclusive Cash and Carry Method "Tarrant's Modern Dry Cleaners" •131 FORD AVENUE—TARRANT’S BROADWAYWESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE HOME OWNED AND OPERATED BY: o. b. McCullough PHONE VICTOR 1-4476 1414 PINSON STREET TARRANT, ALABAMA "Tarrant's Complete Home Furnishers" MILLER FURNITURE COMPANY 1146-48 East Lake Blvd. TARRANT 7. ALABAMA Phone Victor 1-2344 KING HARDWARE CO. Paints Building Material Pipe—Tools 1519 Pinson St. Phone VI 1-2284 RICHARDS TANK CORPORATION Craftsmen Welded Steel and Alloy Products Phone VI 1-2581 P.O. Box 6268 TARRANT. ALABAMA COWGILL DRUG COMPANY PHONE AL 2-4179 3130 North 27th Street NORTH BIRMINGHAM H. L. JOHNSON LUMBER CO. Lumber and Building Material Phone Victor 1-4521 Office and Mill P.O. BOX 6447 TARRANT. ALABAMAJ. H. BERRY REALTY CO. Realtors—Insurers Every Type of Property Insurance for Industry and the Home 2910 27th Street NORTH BIRMINGHAM Phone ALpine 1-6167 GURLEY'S SERVICE STATION Phone VI 1-8836 1600 PINSON STREET W. J. ROSS TARRANT, ALABAMA VULCAN PHONE TV MAST TOWER FA 4-4887 CO., INC. BRINTON 1224 National Street JEWELRY CO. (Tarrant) BIRMINGHAM 7, ALABAMA Victor 1-1789 Guaranteed Watch Repair 3010 North 27th Street NORTH BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA ASSOCIATED BUILDING IMPROVEMENT COMPANY Room Additions General Repairs Perma-Stone VI 1-5554 Nights VI 1-5188 Bama Post CONCRETE . Ala MORTAR PHONE VI 1-5524ASKEW PAINT and SUPPLY COMPANY 1615 Pinson Street DISCOUNT CENTER Serve Yourself and Save!! Your Dollar's Best Buy TARRANT, ALABAMA Free Estimates on All Types of House Improvement 1612 Pinson Street TARRANT. ALABAMA and Decorations LO-RAY'S A Complete Line of DRIVE IN'S No. 1 and No. 2 Try us for fine foods We Specialize in Barbecue—Foot- Paints and Supplies Long Hot Dogs and Thick Shakes and Malts ALpine 1-1043 Crushed and Ground Dolomitic Magnesian Limestone Wf EDITH MULLINS Including V j beauty SALON Agricultural Limestone 3006 12th Ave. No. BIRMINGHAM 4, ALABAMA DOLCITO QUARRY COMPANY TOWNES CAFE DRIVE-INN Real Pit Barbecue Steaks By the TRUCKIoad Chops Chicken or TRAINIoad 2101 Pinson Street Sandwiches of All Kinds Homemade Chili TARRANT. ALABAMA PHONE VI 1-9200 Victor 1-2655PHONE VI 1-0871 SIMS SHORT FURNITURE BUCHANAN CO., INC. AUTO SUPPLY New and Used Furniture Bought — Sold — Traded 1710 PINSON SJ. TARRANT Sporting Goods 1625 Pinson St. TARRANT. ALA8AMA LOGGIN'S SERVICE STATION Congratulations 24-Hour Service to the PINSON HIGHWAY Senior Class Phone VI 1-8938 CARDWELL REAL ESTATE INSURANCE jlrjl mU 1 PRODUCTS 1612 Jackson Blvd. Phone Victor 1-6416 (Off.) BIRMINGHAM SIDING Victor 1-2636 (Res.) and ROOFING COMPANY MRS. GRACE CARDWELL, Broker JACK SWINDALL 1301 Pinson St. SERVICE STATION Q ;£); JOHNS-MANVILLE ROOFING AND SIDING 1801 Pinson St. Cflaj General Repairs and Remodeling trotvV Monthly Payments Formerly Kent's Service Station PHONE Victor 1-5566 Tires Lubrication BatteriesBUS. Phone VI M313 RES. Phone VI 1-5356 CARRIE'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers for All Occasions FREE DELIVERY MRS. CARRIE WALKER, Owner 1617 Jackson Blvd. TARRANT, ALABAMA DUNCAN SERVICE STATION 1525 Jackson Blvd. Where Our Customers Bring Their Friends IF IT'S COODFOOD YOU WANT REX BARBECUE 319 PINSON STREET MARTIN ROOFING SIDING CO. 1400 Huffman Road P.O. Box 6321 TARRANT 7, ALABAMA Phone Victor 1-6564 We Specialize in Bonded Roofs for the Home WILBUR MARTIN, Owner PRICE'S DRUGS "ON THE CORNER" SANDER'S FOOD CENTER Pinson's Complete Prescription and Drug Center Phone NO 4-2321 PINSON, ALABAMA PINSON, ALABAMA NO 4-2661 Groceries Meats ProduceARWOOD SERVICE STATION FULTONDALE, ALABAMA Phone VI 1-8974 TARRANT ROLLER RINK Fri.—7:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. Sat.—7:30 p.m. - I 1:00 p.m. FOR PARTY GROUPS Mon.—Thurs. Phone VI 1-6216 7:45 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. v 1-8975 PHILLIP'S’ SANDWICH SHOP 1509 Jackson Blvd. Congratulations to the Graduating Class Real Pit Barbecue 1606 Pinson St., Tarrant 2206 9th Ave., Bessemer CONSOLIDATED CONCRETE CO.,INC. Sandwiches of All Kinds Sales—Service Goodrich Tires—Batteries 220 No. 65th St., Birmingham 2901 8th Ave., Bessemer Phone 592-9694 HA 8-9334TEX'ACO Road Service J ' Phone (jfiC "1 • “ CENTRAL 1 f SERVICE STATION 1521 Pinson Streot Lubrication—Tires—Batteries MILDRED’S BEAUTY SHOP 3929 Vanderbilt Road PHONE VI 1-5131 TARRANT LAUNDERETTE 1200 East Lake Blvd. PINE BOWL PHONE VI 1.1124 Highway 31 North Dry Cleaners—Launderers FULTONDALE Rugs, Quilts, Pillows, Anything Phone VI 1-4383 T. A. GENTRY Two Private Home Baked Pies Dining Rooms 2100 PINSON HIGHWAY Pit Barbecue THE WILDCAT STAFF OF 1962 wishes to extend its appreciation to all who have contributed in any way to the publication of this yearbook. We think this year’s WILDCAT a real achievement, and hope you will enjoy it. TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The Worlrfl » Ye»rbOOil Af T ytorJT J 

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