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THE WILDCAT SENIOR CLASS 1957 TARRANT HIGH SCHOOLDEDICATION In Appreciation and everlasting memory, we, the class of 1957, dedicate this Wildcat to Mrs. M C. McCuiston, teacher of commercial subjects, and Mrs. H. Conway, Smith, teacher of English, for their friendship and their tireless efforts in directing the publication MRS. H. CONWAY SMITH of this annual. Because of their cooperation and understanding, we have been able to make the yearbook a true expression of the will of the students-Citizenship Tour Representative JANICE BAUGHER BOYS' STATE BIRMINGHAM NEWS ORATORICAL Billy Hendricks CONTEST WINNER Julia Ann Moore QUIZ 'EM TEAM Joyce Week Robert McAulcy Mary Lois Williams Joan Pierce Billy HendricksAAR. L. D. HEAD, A.B., M.A. Principal The Wildcat Staff of 1957, has done another outstanding job in producing this excellent yearbook. This book is a record of many pleasant and wonderful experiences of our pupils in Tarrant High School. It will help you to recall many happy activities and pleasant memories when looking through it in future years. It has been a pleasure to work with this senior class which has sponsored the Wildcat.MR. DONALD BABCOCK. B.M., M.M. Band. MISS BOYCE BROADUS. A.B.. M.A.. B.l.S. Librarian. MRS. HARRY A. CARD. B.S. English. MRS. H. C. CHAPLIN, B.S. Science, Social Living. MR. JOHN T. DRAKE Auto Mechanics. MRS. T. F. ENTREKIN, B.S Mathematics. After four years of association with their teachers, the seniors feel that these men and women, so closely identified with the spirit of education, have gradually led them into an understanding of the possibilities of growth within themselves. They now perceive that MR. CLARENCE B. EPPS Machine Shop. MR. G. H. FREDY, B.S., M.E Mechanical Drafting MR. THOMAS M. GILES, A.B., M.A. English Social Studies. MRS. BARBARA R. GILMER, B.S. Physical Education. MR. GLENN E. GLASS Radio and TV Repairing. MISS MARY A. HAMMOND. B.S. Social Studies.MR. MILTON S. HENDERSON, A.B. Typewriting. MRS. RUTH G. HILL, A.B. English, Latin, Science. MRS. J. G. HOWARD, A.B. Director of Guidance and Attendance, Social Studies. MR. JEROME B. JOHNSON Cabinet Making. MRS. HARRY A. JOHNSTON, B.S. Business Math., Shorthand. MISS MARY JONES, B.S. Social Studies. "I am a part of all that I have met; Yet all experience is an arch wherethrough Gleams that untraveled world whose margin fades Forever and forever when I move." MRS. LORRINE KIMBROUGH Registrar MRS. JAMES MACKEY, B.S. Social Studies. MRS. JAMES O. McLEMORE, A.B. Vocal Music. MR. JOHN MOORE, B.S. Assistant Coach. MISS SARAH ANNE PLEDGER, A.B. Mathematics MR. RUSSELL O. POWERS Office Machine Maintenance.Not pictured: MR. HAROLD M. ALMON Welding MR. JAMES F. HARMON, B.S Science MR. GEORGE W. LOONEY Sheet Metal MR. MEL L. MARTIN Electricity MRS. M. C. McCUISTON, B.S. Bookkeeping, Office Machines MR. JOHN H. RUMSEY Body and Fender Repair MR. WILLARD C. PYLES. A.B. Social Studies, Speech. MR. CHARLES RICHARDS. B.S., M.A. Coach. MR. JOHN L. ROGERS. B.S. Science. MRS. A. LEROY SALTER, A.B. English. MISS MEREDITH SANDERS Mathematics. MRS. W. J. SHELTON. B.S. Home Economics. MR. HENRY T. SNOW, B.S. Driver Training, Assistant Coach MRS. H. CONWAY SMITH, A.B. English MRS. L. C. STUDDARD, A.B. English MRS. LOUIS F. VEAZEY, B.S. ArtJOHNNY PUTMAN President LARRY DEEMER Vice President COLORS Blue and Gold FLOWERS Blue Carnation and Yellow Rose These pages depict some of the highlights which cast their silhouette upon the backdrop of four years in Tarrant High School. As the seniors fondly reminisce, they hear again the authority in that deep bass voice, the happy voices singing the Alma Mater, or shouting with the cheerleaders. Go! Wildcatsl Go! They experience again the thrill of ordering class rings, and being measured for cap and gown. They see again the parades, the Homecoming Queen, the Dental Clinic Queen— MOTTO If you are tempted to lose patience with your fellow-man, stop and think how patient God has been with you. SYLVIA BAUGHER ANITA MOORE Secretary TreasurerMARY LAVERNE ADERS Mono—Do t nfo others at you would have them do unto you. Dramatic Club, Girl ' Service Club, Majorette, Monitor ' Club, National Honor Society, Y-Teen CHARLES ROBERT BABER Motto—In every life a little rain must fall but he that It drenched and can smile will turely succeed. EDNA BARNES Motto—No one can go beyond the limitationt of his own character. Y-Teens SYLVIA KATHERINE BAUGHER Motto—The best way to make your dreams come true Is to wake up. National Honor Society, Student Council, Y-Teen JACK BELCHER Motto—Goodness is the only investment that never fails. JEWEL DEAN BELCHER Motto—With perseverance one surmounts all difficulties. Homeroom library Repretentative GLENN BLACK Motto— If I don't help myself, no one else can. DORIS GAIL BLANKENSHIP Motto—Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst, and take what God sends. Dramatic Club, Girls' Service Club, Majorette, Monitor ' Club, National Honor Society, Student Council, Y-Teen PEGGY ANN BLANKENSHIP Motto—When you do what you can God will do what you can't. Dental Clinic Queen, Girl ' Service Club, Monitor ' Club, Y-Teen ALICE FAYE BOWERS Motto—If you would be loved, love and be lovable. Cheerleader, Girl ' Service Club, Junior Annual Staff, Monitor ' Club, Y-Teen LLOYD BOWERS Motto—Success with modesty. "T" Club DOROTHY JEAN BRAND Motto—love It the only service that power demend ond money cannot boy. RICHARD DALE BRIDGES Motto—If the lamp of justice goes out In ness, how greet Is thot dorknets. GLENDA RUTH BROOKS Motto-Life hat a value only when It has something valuable as an object. Dramatic Club, Girl ' Service Club, Majorette, Monitor ' Club, Student Council, Y-Tcen FAYE CABINESS Motto—Save your sorrows for tomorrow for tomorrow never comes. Monitor ' Club, Red Cro»s Club TOMMY DANIEL CALLAHAN Motto—Progress is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow. Book Club, Forum Club, Hl-Y Club, Red Cro»» Club JERRY WAYNE CANUP Motto—Always expect the worst and you'll never be disappointed. RETA CARTER Motto— Trust In the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. Book Club, Forum Club, Future Teacher of America, Quiz 'Em Team YVONNE CHAPMAN Motto—It is better to light a candle than to curse the dark. Band, Newspaper Club, Y-Teen» ELLEN CREEL Motto—Success comes in cans, not can't ; everyone must supply his own can opener. Dramatic Club, Girl ' Service Club, Library Club, Monitor ' Club, Y-Tocn MARLIN CROUCH Moffo—A hippy heart Is better then a full pocket. JIMMY NEAL CRUMP Moffo—'Whatever will be will be whatever I make it. MARJORIE JEAN CUNNINGHAM Motto—Only one life will pass, only what’s done for Christ will last. Dramatic Club HERBERT ANDY DARDEN Motto—Observe good faith and justice toward all people; cultivate peace end harmony with all. LOUIE DAVIS Motto—Life is God's gift to you, what you do with it is your gift to God. HARRIET WYNELL DEAN Motto-Let your smile win a friend. Future Teacher of America, Nurses' Club CHARLES HUGHEY DEASON Motto—The elevator to success it not running; the stairs are slow but sure. Junior Annual Staff, library Club, Monitor ' Club LARRY LEROY DEEMER Motto—To accept the present during tho present; and strive for greater things for the future. Book Club, Editor—Tarrant Time , Forum Club, Jefferson Co. Citizenship Tour, Monitors' Club, National Honor Society, "7" Club SHARON CECILE DEFNALL Motto—Just one life, 'twill soon be past; only what's done for Christ will last. Dramatic Club, Girls' Service Club, Majorette, Monitor ' Club, Newspaper Stoff. Y-Teen DEANNA KAY DELORME Motto—A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches. Secretary—Student Council, Newspaper StaffMARY ANN DENNISON Motto—Our idcoh an our possibilities. Dramatic Club, Girl ' Service Club, Majorette, Newspaper Staff. Y-Teens JERRY RAY DICKINSON Motto— Always to be happy, never to be tad, jometimes to be naughty but never to be bad. MARY WILENA DICKINSON Motto—The best way to keep your friends it to never owe them anything and never lend them anything. Book Club JERRY DILLARD Motto— If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Red Cross Club CLYDE WILLIAM DUTTON Motto—No one knows what ho can do until ho tries. Quiz 'Em Team, "T" Club RUBIE JEAN DYKES Motto—There are no tricks in plain and simple truth. Girls' Service Club HENRY ELLISON Motto—Money isn't everything, but it helps. GLENDA GAY ERWIN Motto—To do my duty in that state of life into which it shell please God to call me. Monitors' Club, National Honor Society, Newspaper Staff, Quiz 'Em Team, Student Council PATRICIA CAROL FARLEY Motto—Carry the cross patiently and in the end, it will carry you. MARGARET GAY FAUCETT Motto-Nothing is accomplished without labor.CHARLES FERGUSON Motto—An ounce of loyalty It worth a pound of c lever nets. HI Y Club JOYCE FERGUSON Motto—It molten not how long you live but how wall. Y-Toon» SHELVA JEAN FORDHAM Motto—It is with narrow-soulcd people at with narrow-necked bottles; the loss they have in them the more nofie they moke In pouring out library Club KENNETH WAYNE FORTENBERRY Motto— Cod should punish men according to what they deserve, he would not leave on the back of the earth as much as a bcasf. "T" Club RONALD EARL FORTENBERRY Motto—love thy neighbor as thyself. PEGGY LOU FRANKS Motto—Not everyone can do great things, bur everyone can do small things in a great way. JERRY EUGENE GENTRY Motto—Who walks with wisdom is safe from danger. DORIS ANN GILLIAM CHATHAM Motto-Life is yard by the yard; but by the inch, life's a cinch. Dramatic Club, Majorette, National Honor Society, Y-Teon» CHARLES F. GLENN Motto— 8c prepared. CLAUDE LEE GLOVER Motto—When everyone is In the wrong, everyone is in the right.LINDA LOU GURLEY Motto— Be nice to people on your way up, for you'll meel them again on your way down. Dramatic Club, Girl ' Service Club, National Honor Society. Student Council Vice President. Homecoming Queen attendant. NANCY CAROLYN GURLEY Motto— friendihip is as God who gives end asks no payment. Book Club, National Honor Society, Newspaper Staff, Red Cross Club, Y-Teeni MONTEZ ORENE GUTHRIE Motto—The most utterly lost of all days it the one In which you have nor once laughed. Book Club. National Honor Society Nowspaper Staff, Nurses’ Club. Y-Teens CATHERINE HALLMARK Motto—One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning. Dramatic Club, Girls' Service Club, Head Majorette, Monitors' Club CHARLES HALLMARK Motto—Let us run with perseverance the race that Is set before us. "T" Club JEWELL KATHERINE HARDY Motto—Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is In heaven. Book Club, Dramatic Club, National Honor Society MILDRED JANE GRAHAM Motto—To be honest at this world goes, is to be one man picked out of ten thousand. Book Club. Dramatic Club, National Honor Society, Student Council. Y-Teens JOHNNY GRANT Motto—Be a friend and you'll always have a friend. CHARLES WAYNE GREENWAY Motto—Don't gamble with the game of life; you can lose only once, library Club. Monitors’ Club LAURA LEE GRIFFIN Motto —May God grant me the wisdom, the strength, end the courage to fulfill Hit demands. Girls Service Club, Majorette, National Honor Society, Y-TeensPEGGY ANN HARRISON Motto—God gives us courage to face that which we cannot change, strength to alter that which can be changed and wisdom to know the dif-■ference. Dramatic Club, Red Cross Club, Y-Teen CATHERINE HAYDEN Motto—A live wire is never stepped on. Nurse ' Club, Red Cro» Club, WILLIAM O. HENDRICKS Motto—Character Is the cornerstone of success. Boys' State—'56, Forum Club, National Honor Society, Nowipaper Staff, Quix 'Em Team BETTY ZANE HILL Motto— More things are wrought by prayer than this whole world dreams of. Dramatic Club, Y-Teens PATRICIA ANNE HOLLIDAY Motto—love is better than fame. Girl ' Service Club, Majorette, Monitor ' Club, Newspaper Staff, Student Council, Y-Teen JAMES HOLSOMBAKE Motto—The youth of today arc good if they can survive the Cold Wars and Hot Rods. MARY JEAN HUBBARD Motto—What costs the least and does the most ; just a pleasant smile. Girl ' Service Club, Y-Teen SHIRLEY ANN HULSEY Motto—The way to have friends it to be one yourself and always wear a smile. Y-Teens DAVID WAYNE HEAD Motto—To seek God's plan from day to day and upon finding it, follow it. Hi-Y Club. Newspaper Staff, HV Club GARY HELMS Motto—Beware the fury of a patient man.LINDA REBECCA HURD Mott©—Fo maifer one' self it the greatest mastery. Book Club. National Honor Society, Newipeper Staff JERRY HURST Motto—If a little learning It dangerous, no wonder I'm dynamite. "T" Club PAUL HURST Motto—Don't be a crank, be a starter. LOIS JANE INGLETT Motto— Friendship is a knot which the angels have tied. Y-Teen VIRGINIA FAYE JOHNSON Motto-love all, trust but one; stay single and have fun. Girl ' Service Club, Monitor ' Club, Y-Teen JOYCE JOINER Motto—luck Is the result of chance; success is the product of invention. Book Club, National Honor Society, New paper Staff. Nur e» Club, Y-Teen JACKIE JONES Motto—A laugh is worth a hundred groans In any market. National Honor Society, Nowjpaper Staff, Student Council, Y-Teen J. D. JONES Motto—live and let live. JIMMY DAN JONES Motto—Do not wait for opportunity to knock at your door but go to meet It. T‘ Club JAMES RICHARD KELLEY Motto—Make yourself an honest man, then you can be »ure there's one leu rascal in the world.NORMAN TOMLIN LAKE Motto—What you are it God's gift to you, what you make of yountlf it your gift to God. Co-Captain Varsity Football, President of "T" Club JOHNNY LANDERFELT Motto—A stout heart breaks bad luck. Red Cross Club JAMES WILLARD LAYTON Motto—Sometimes patience it a mutt, and we must be patient sometimes. JOHN PAUL LEONARD Motto—ft's not the tiro of the man In the fight, but the size of the fight in the man. PATRICIA ANN LEWIS Motto—f cry over beautiful things, knowing no beautiful thing lasts. Y-Teens RALPH LEWIS Motto—It is the courage to try, not the ability to succeed, that counts. GERALD COOPER LITTLE Motto—A merry heart is king of the world. ANITA LOUISE LOCKHART Motto— Fame, we may understand, is no sure rest of merit, but only a probability of such. Monitors' Club DOUGLAS LOGGINS Motto—If money were my only hope for independence, I would never be free. DEANNA ALICE LOVE Motto—May God grant me the wisdom, the strength, and the courage to fulfill His demands. Book Club, Dramatic Club, National Honor Society, Y-Teensfay McKinney Mono—Slight not what is near through aiming at what is far. Homeroom Library Representative ALBERT MILLS Mono— One for all, all for one, and God for all of us. JIMMY MONAGHAN Motto— Laugh and the whole school laughs with you; study and you study alone. ANITA MOORE Mono—Whatever you do, do for God, willingly and cheerfully. Monitor ' Club, Newspaper Staff, Treasurer of Senior Class, Student Council. Y-Toens SYLVIA ANN MORGAN Motto— The only way to have a friend It to be one. Girls' Service Club, Monitor ' Club, Y-Teons MARY ANNETTE MULLINS Mono—Politeness cost nothing but gains every-thing. Red Cross Club, Y-Teen» SHIRLEY ANN MANN Motto—What thy hands find to do, let them do with all thy might. Red Cros Club, Y-Teens CHARLES ALLEN MARTIN Mono—If you need a helping hand, look to the end of your arm. DOUGLAS POWELL MAYES Motto—The deepest river flows with the least sound. WILLIAM BRADFORD McGRADY Motto—Learn all you can while you live; live all you can while you learn.EARL NELSON Motto— mu it make haste for there it so much to learn, so much to accomplish, to much fo conquer, and oh, so little time . . . Band. Dramatic Club. Forum Club, Quiz 'Em Team NANCY ANN NORRIS Motto—To meet the future with a loving heart, an humble soul, and a tmi e. Cheerleader, Monitor ' Club, National Honor So defy, Y-Tconi RAY NORRIS Motto—love 'em all, trust a few of ’em, and hate none. Red Cross Club, "T" Club J. D. OZMENT Motto—No better than the rest but as good as the best. Dramatic Club, Hi-Y Club, Student Council ROBERT JACK PAYNE Motto—Love thy neighbor and help the needy. BOBBY FRANKLIN PEEK Motto —A man can do more than he thinks he can, but never as much as he thinks he does. SUE MARLIN PEOPLES Motto—Silence is the only successful substitute for brains. Monitors' Club, Red Cross Club, Y-Teens NORMA JEAN PERRYMAN Motto —Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. Y-Teen WANDA GAIL POOLE Motto—Make the most of the best and the best of the worst. BILLY POSEY Motto—fat, drink, and be merry today.SYLVIA JOAN POWERS Motto—Be friendly to ell, hottik to none; always gay and full of fun. Y-Teens ROBERT PRINCE Motto—A man't vanity tells him what It honor; a man's conscience tells him what Is justlce. JOHNNY PUTMAN Motto—My heart beats for every friend and throbs with joy for every triumph of truth. Associate Editor Tarrant Time , Forum Club, King Courtesy of '56, President of Senior Class ALBERT REEVES Motto—Think twice before you speak, then talk to yourself. Monitors' Club, "T" Club DORIS AILEEN RICHARDS Motto—My object all sublime, I shall achieve In time. Band, Y-Teens CRANFORD ROGERS Motto—Old enough to know better; young enough to try. JO ANN ROLLINS Motto—If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible unto you. Newspaper Staff, Nurses' Club GAIL LAFAYE ROTTON Motto—A smile costs nothing but reaps dividends. National Honor Society, Newspaper Staff, Nurses' Club JANET CAROL SANDERS Motto—There is no height that the spirit of men, guided by a higher spirit, cannot attain. Future Teachers of America, National Honor Society, Nurses' Club CARL SEALE Motto—When we do what we can, God will do the rest. Hi-Y Club, Newspaper Staff, Projector ClubJERALDINE SELF Mono—Goodness is the only Investment that never tails. DELORIS SHAW Motto—The Ups of the righteous feed many, but fools die for want of wisdom. Red Crot Club JIMMY SHIKLE Motto-Humility it the trademark of real greatness. Hi-Y Club, Projector Club JIMMY SINGLETON Motto—4t f;rtt you don't succeed just keep on struggling. T" Club WILLIAM ALLEN SISSON Motto—Never hit a man while ho is down; he might get up. Hi-Y Club, Monitor ' Club JAMES SMITH Motto—Opportunity knocks once at every man's door. WANDA JEAN SORRELL Motto—Life Is appraised highly; do nor sell It cheaply. Girl ' Service Club, Monitor ' Club, Student Council GERALD FRANKLIN SPARKS Motto- Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile. SHIRLEY ANN STACK Motto—It's bettor to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Y-Teen MARTHA ALMA SUTHERLAND Motto —The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Dramatic Club, Girl ' Service Club, Homecoming Queen, National Honor Society, Newspaper Staff, Prosidont of Student CouncilFRED TAYLOR Motto—Never go where I'd be ashamed t0 . found dead. "T" Club D. C. TUCKER, JR. Motto—Stay tingle ond your pocket will TINY FAYE TYLER Motto—To accomplish tomelhing worthwhile In hie and make everlasting friendships. Y-Teen GAIL WAKEFIELD Motto—Be slow to anger; quick to forgive. Y-Tecn GAIL WALKER Motto—To be a friend, wear a smile, end have courage without fear. Birmingham New Oratorical Contejt Wlnnor, Dramatic Club, Junior Annual Staff, Monitor ' Club, Y-Tecn SHIRLEY ANN WARE Motto—In oil things, give thanks. 3irl» Service Club, Monitor ' Club, Student Council TERRY WAYNE WEAVER Motto—Life is whot you moke it. Homeroom library Rcprc «ntatlve, Projector Club BILLY WHISENANT Motto—Smi e ond the world will smile with you. DAVID WHITE Motto-Your life depends on the character of your thoughts. Dramatic Club, "T" Club DIANNA SUE WHITE Motto—A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger.HOWARD LOUIS WHITE Motto—Self ontrol It the greatest of ell victories. CAROLYN JUNE WILLIAMS Motto—All things are possible through Christ which strengthened me. Homeroom library Representative, Monitors' Club, Red Cross Club, Y-Tecns JIMMY WILLIS Motto—Forward ever, backward never! DON WILSON Motto—Love thy neighbor but don't overdo it. RICHARD TERRELL WRIGHT Motto—Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Dramatic Club, Monitors' Club CAROLYN YORK Motto—If it is not right, do nor do it; if It It not true, do not say it. ED HOWARD YOUNG Motto—It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought dumb than to open it and remove all doubt. Co-Captain Varsity Football Team, T Club Not pictured: BILL CLARKE CHARLES QUICK FREDERICK ROY SCHATZ TRAVIS SPARKS ALAN WILLS —the senior play, the couples who "went steady," the never-to-be-forgotten friends of school days. And finally after all those years of "blood, sweat, and tears," over studies and tests they march to the strains of "Pomp and Circumstance" to receive that long coveted diploma.Friendliest ° Ann« Dolormo la,rV Deeper WHO’S WHO wi uwiy ° “CS’S-i IN ’57 Bi»y McG,.d, F V« Ty|.r$tudi°us c jo'oer Henddck' P°pu dr 1 Hvbbord Best Dressed Most School Spirit Jackie Jone» Jimmie Shikle Nancy Norri Norman Lakecy ' _ V- n'® -L ' o •Ofc r ’"v 8©Sf -Oo c »Og " • M— .vThe contest in good citizenship, sponsored by the DAR in all high schools of the state, is based on patriotism, service, dependability, and leadership juniorsLYNN LAYTON DAN BUCHANAN JANE McFARLAND DAVID HARRELL President Vico President Secretary Treasurer The Junior-Senior Prom and the initiation of Juniors into the National Honor Society overshadow all other events of this year. From the first week of school, regardless of the renewal of old friendships after vacation, football practice, club meetings, study, fun, jobs, love affairs, thoughts invariably turn to planning the details of— Bill Acton Hayward Acton Kenneth Allen Nina Allen Pat Anderton E,la Anthony Wilnia Arnold Phyllis Auitin Olin Bagby Elma Lou Ballard Gerald Barbor L- B«fber • Carolyn Barnet Janice Baugher Linda Bclk Jane Blackwood Shirley Boling Patty Bower Jack Bruce Don Buchanan Harry Bynum Sue Chamber Lola Chatham Myrtle Churchwell Sylvia Colvert Bobby Crider El»ie Day Conefhi Bentley Jeanette Black Joyce Blackerby Luther Boykin Eugene Bradshaw Gerald Branham Jerry Callahan David Camp Patricia Campbell Emma Clement Kenneth Clement Max Cokor Ronnie Davi Larry DeLormc Waymon DendyAnn Dollar Evelyn Field Janice Eades Mary Flowers Freda Erwin Edna Freeman Shirley Evans Mary Ross German Patricia Faucett Marcia Gibbs I. B. Feemstor Freddie Gllos Jama Giles Berry Grier Yvonne Hamric Sherry Gilliland George Griffin Gordon Hancock Carolyn Glass Peggy Griffis Dewey Hanks Melvin Grant Richard Grigsby David Harrell Edith Graves Royce Gurley David Harris Jeraldine Gray Wanda Gurley Jean HarrisRichord Harris Jacqueline Hill Jerry Hart France Huntor Venetto Hart Shirley Hur t Wayno Hendon Don Isaac Ben Hendricks Fay Jomigan Franklin Hill Ella Johmon Jo Ellen Joiner Sara Knight Jeanette toiler Erne ! Jone Jean Lance Phillip Love Sherrie Jones Lynn Layton Shirley loveless Pat y Keith Mary Jo Lett Lynda Lyle Pat King Sylvia Lewi Wanda Majors Dan Kirkland Brenda tile Lynn MarsAnnie loo Martin Jane McFarland Wayne Martin Sara McGredy Jamo Me von Jack Mitchell Sara Moulding Charlos Monroe Robert McAuley Glenn Moore Bobbye McCle koy Julia Ann Moore Martha Mount Dwaine Pcoplo Harry Prince Betty Murray Lori Peter Bill Putman Ronnie Murrey Jean Picrco Ronald Ravco Linda Nclvon Patricia Poe Betty Reeve Jean Nichol Jackie Porter Baxter Richordvon Alton Payne Mary Prewitt Janice RicheyPastene Richey Judith Roberson Eleanor Roberts Frances Robinson J. E. Rogers Mildred Roundsville Patsy Schatx Carol Self George Sharp Jo Ann Sides William Silvers Linda Sims Jimmy Smith Sarah Smith Jimmy Sparks Damon Sparman Joseph Statham Carolyn Stevens Mary Sullivan Don Swann Harvey Taylor James Taylor Martha Taylor Jimmy Teasley Brian Thompson Wayne Tollison Faye Tucker Linda Turrcntine Carol Vann Wayne VaughnSarah Vic« Martha Waldo Celeste Wardell Ray Wardrup Jack Ware Dorothy Warren Gayle Weaver Jimmy Weaver Lynn Weaver Thomas Webster Joyce Weeks Clifford Wilson Shirloy Wilson Mary Williams Robert White Frankie Witt Jerry Ycrby Ruthie Young Not pictured: Ann Marie Bater Wayne Benton Jerry 8ranham Owaine Britt Billy Ray Estell Jerry Eubank Dan Ferguson Helen Fostor James Garrett Bobby Gibson Eason Hilyer Levon Ingram Roger Johnson Edword Lumpkin Jeanie McCombs Dixie Missildine James Neely Bobby Parr Robert Rhodes Richard Scott Jerry Sertell Kenneth Statham Pat Thompson Jean Walters —the spring prom; the time, the place, the decorations, the orchestra, the formal, the white jacket, and most important of all, the date. —Finally, the suspense of hoping and fearing is rewarded with being tapped for the National Honor Society and the entire audience is filled with awe by the beautiful ceremony.Since 37 percent of the sophomores of 1956 came to Tarrant from Springdale, Pinson, Palmerdale, and Lewisburg, orientation was a unique experience. Long are the shadows of the new friendships formed, the first experience on a new stage, the admission to a new club, the informal parties, the square dance, ice-skating parties, and the picnic. Fir»t row: Scotty Campbell, Larry Brand, Benny Bradley, Ronald Carlisle. Second row: Bruce Barnett, Sandra Best, Audrey Bish-op, Peggy Bailey, Barbara Bryant, Betty Joyce Barrett. Third row: Paul Cargo, Gene Blackerby, James Bradley, Frank Carr, Joe Baldwin, Norman Bryant, Mr . Entrekin. First row: Johnny Baggett, Don Clowdus, Jack Anderson. Second row: Gayle Boatright, Netty Bryant, Marilyn Clark, Bobbie Cassady. Pat Barber, Lena Mae Alloy. Third row: Wayne Clevenger, Lynn Chappell, Vornelle Birdythaw, Gloria Clark, Shirley Bowen, Sammy Byrd, Garrett Bibb.First row: Hope Dooley, Charity Dooley, Linda Ewing, Nila Fortenberry, Billy Cooner. Second row: Patty Cushman, Faith Darden, Peggy Dickerson, Shirley Falla, Jerry Ellis. Joyce Faulkner. Third row: John Wayne Culver, Gene Cobb, Wayne Collins. Jerry Cousins, Jerry Coleman, Hershel Crump, Mr. Giles. First row: Frederick Ditmukea, Jimmy Dickinson, David Duke, Jimmy A. Davis, Earl Deason. Second row: Patsy Davis, Deon-nla Cooley, Dale Davit, Fay Coleman, Kay Darden, Cecile Fecmster. Third row; Frances Crouch, Helen Cox, Wayno Duron, Roy Doss. William Drako. Hildo Copeion. Absent: Jimmy E. Davis. First row: Waltor Harvey, Roland Hewitt, Frank Harper, Donald Hicks. Second row: Kay Hallmark, Carol Higginbotham, Erwin Hlllhouse, Bonnie Handley, Sarah Higginbotham. Third row: Syble Hambrice, Linda Hickman, Betty Harrell, Mrs. Gilmer.First row: Larry Hendricks, Jar-rold Hannah, Robert Glaze. Second row: Nancy Glaze, Linda Guthrie, Ann George, Shirloy Gray, Gall Gardner, Jean Grier. Third row: Dottle Hill, Jimmy Hancock, Johnny Gentry, Roy Hadley, Norma Giles. First row: Robert Kennedy, Jack Hill, Tommy Hyatt. Kip Hughes, Benny Hoagland. Second row: Janice Hyde, Alice Faye Horton, Linda Kibbcy, Rose Marie Hughes, Sandra Holder, Carol Key. Third row: Freddie Ingram, Evie May Hamer, Mr. Harmon, Reba Kendall. First row: Freddy Honing, Loyd Jones, Jerrald Joiner, Jimmy King. Second row: Patsy John-son, Johnnie Holcomb, lettye Keith, Gay Hill. Jan Lambert, Sue Kennedy. Third row: Janice Kilcy, Judy Klley, Jimmie King, Dannie Kelley, Gail Hyche.First row: Brenda Luther. Peggy Lance, Carolyn McCullough, Lena Lccroy, Johnnie Lett, An-notte McCombs. Second row: Raymond Ledbetter, Wayne McCombs, Billie Joe Layton, Dale McElroy, Jack McCombs. Third row: Gene Lewis, Ray Loggins, Charles McKinney, Ray McKin-ney, Mrs. Mackey. Absent: Zedda McAvoy, Steve McCoy, Harvey Moss. First row: Barbara McPherson, Mary Frances McKnight, Pat Mc-Cutcheon, Judy Martin, Faye Moon. Second row: Gary Morris, Kathleen McKenzie, Tommy Nell, Wayne Morris, Larry Minton. Third row: Alfretta Mathis, Bobby Odom, Robert McNair, Edward Owings, Barbara Marlin. First row: Tommy Shaddix, Lewis Snow, George Rhodes, Ronald Sanders, Bobby Perdue. Second row: Wilma Smith, Gall Pear-man, Nancy Rhodes, Frances Perry, Sue Smith, Betty Jean Self. Third row; Silas Pilking-ton, Gary Scoggins, Jerry Smith, Wayne Rofton, Robert Smith, Mrs. Shelton.First row: Jerry Skelton, Neel Snider, Jerry Poe, Pet Parker. Second row: Claudia Parker, Jo Nell Self, Comia Richardson, Judith Scalf, Sandra Quick. Third row: Willard Shaw, Den-nil Stevens. Ronnie Rockhill, Edward Peacock, Johnny Perry, man. Absent: William Sawyer, Janet Payne, Roberta Pugh, Gall Powers, Hugh Smith. First row: Jimmy Wilson, J. B. Williamson, Byron Vann, Rayburn Strickland, Joe Williams. Second row: James Tutton, Pat Yarbrough, Peggy Weems, Rob-bio Wood, Estelle Taronce, Dean Sweatt, Betty Terry. Third row: Coach Snow, Virgil Tompleton, Jimmy Williams, Bud Thomason, Billy Wright, Stanley Tucker, Mrs. Studdard. First row: Joe Wilson, Jerry Whitehead, Charles Williamson. Second row; Doris Wills, Mar-jorio Watwood, Judy Woods, Elizabeth Tillery, Judy Stinson, Patricia Tidwell, Jacqueline Vann. Third row: Mrs. Studdard, Mr. Snow, Juanita Webster, Donald Wolford, Jack Tennyson. Katharine Thompson, Jerry White.A zeal for word and fun thrilled these freshmen as they listened to much advice from their elders. They have vague memories of being lost while looking for the library or opening the wrong door and finding themselves in the office. But it was not long before they felt the mighty power of—falling in love. Fire! row: Ronny Eaves, Sylvia Acton, Nancy Bryant, Rita Beat-ley, Elaine Davit, Ronny Eades. Second row; Noble Fennell, Billy Alley Betty Ellard, Eddie Argo, Carl Bryant. Third row: Danny Clark, Howard Day, Roy Fall . Lyndall Echolt, Daymon Dean. Firit row: Rocky Bowden, Argo Bowere, Jack Duncan, Mickey Bynum, Gary Doran. Second row: Jimmy Cuthen, Ruby Chandler, Linda Cobb, Sondra Butler, Gary Anthony. Third row: Jene Barnett, Floriee Rollins, Larry Crane, Kenneth Canup, Bill Crow, Gay Bryant, Bobby Dudley, Mre. Card. First row: Virginia Green, Bonnie Franks. Sue Hewitt, Clemen-tine Hilyer, Jerry Johnson. Charlotte Howard, Fayrcne Holloman. Second row: Sandra Hondrix. Lynell King, Gladys Henry, Jimmy Gravos, Morris Gibbs. Third row: Mr. Pyles, Bill Gallops, J. C. Handley, Hudson Harris, Tyra Harris, Paul Handley. First row: J. D. Graves, Bobbie Kimbrough, Katie Sue Goble, Christine Glover, Carolyn Isbell, Geraldine Grigsby. Second row: Rohnlc Johnson, Jane Harper, Charlsio Holcombe, Bobbie Noll Goble, Barbara Henderson. Third row: Hal King. Lloyd Jinright, James Gilliland, Hilda Horn, Leslie Hamer, Wesley Ingram. First row: Juno Lackoy, Frances Roberts, Connio Moore, Janice Lucas. Jane Martin, Dorothy Purkey. Second row; Miss Sanders. Bobby Posey, Larry Livingston, Harold Pittman. Third row: Carlus McCay, Larry Nolms. La-Vcm Pitts, Billy Prince. Henry Moore, Jimmy Owons.First rowj Patricia O'Brien, De-lore Missildine, Patsy Oliver, Rebecca McCombs, Donna Par-vin. Second row: David Reete, Jock Parker, Carol Oliver, Fay Quick, Martha Patterson, Jimmy Lovell. Third row: Dewey Park, Glenn Marcrum, Phil Mill , William lambeMh. Ronald Nelson, First row: Mary Kay Swann, Nanette Yate , Vee Wharton, Pat Smith, Dorothy Waido. Socond row: McArthur Waldrop, Billie Joan Sims, Brenda Smith, Katherine Wade, Ruth Waldrop, Lee Stanloy. Third row: Mr. Roger , David Townes, Larry Sisson, Robert Trapp, Billy Joe Taylor, Gene William . Fir»t row: Dian Tolleson, Dianna Vanover, Hilda Teague, Virginia Samples. Kathryn Talley, Annette Sharit. Second row: Joe Warren, Gary Thompson, Sue Wakefield, Thelma Shirley, Lloyd Rotton. Third row: George Sterne , Kearney Smith, Oscar Thomas, Ronnie Rosoberry, Petor Single-ton.THE WILDCAT STAFF TERRELL WRIGHT Associate Editor CAROLYN GURLEY Associate Editor ALICE FAY BOWERS Editor MRS. SMITH MRS. McCUISTON Sponsor Sponsor Charles Bober "Man is said to be a social animal, and ... we may observe that we take all occasions and pretenses of forming ourselves into assemblies which are known by the name of clubs."—Joseph Addison. By modern educators, such activities are rated a vital factor in the training of youth. Sylvia Bougher Gail Blankenship Lloyd Bowers Reta Carter Ellen Creel Jean Cunningham Clyde Dutton Glenda Erwin Jean FordhamJane Graham Betty Zane Hill rsP Wayno Greenway Monfer Guthrie Catherine Hallmark Katherine Hardy Rebecca Hurd Jackie Jones Deanna love Sylvia Morgan Sue People Jeanie Perryman Gail Poole Sylvia Powers Robert Prince Carol Sanders Wanda Sorrell Gail Walker David White Carolyn WilliamsJUNIOR SPONSORS: Ml Sander . Mr . Card. Mr . Salter, Mr . Mackey. JUNIOR ANNUAL STAFF Fir»t row: Pat»y Cu»hman, Sue Kennedy, Jean Harri , Lori Peter , Brenda Luther. Second row: Dori Will . Pat Smith, Sue Smith, Joyce Week , Jane Blackwood, Jo Ann Side , Larry Lowe Third row: Frank Harper, Eugene Blackorby, Bobby Crider, Morri Gibb . Not pictured: Sylvia Acton, Jo Ellen Joiner. THE WILDCAT HAS GONE TO PRESSI INATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY REBECCA HURD Vice President KATHY HARDY Secretary LINDA GURLEY Treasurer MISS PLEDGER Sponsor NANCY NORRIS President Laura Lee Griffin Carolyn Gurley Monter Guthrie Billy Hendricks Joyce Joiner Jackie Jones Deanna Love Gail Rotton Carol Sanders Martha Sutherland Larry Deemer Glenda Erwin Doris Gilliam Jane GrahamLINDA GURLEY DEANNA DELORME FRANCES HUNTER Vice President Secretory Treasurer MARTHA SUTHERLAND President STUDENT COUNCIL MR. HENDERSON Sponsor The Student Council was chartered in 1949. A constitution was drafted; by-laws and Rules of Order were adopted. The council's first major projects were regular assembly programs, Honor Roll, Religious Emphasis Week (later given to Hi-Y), achievement awards, Courtesy Week, mimeographed newspaper, and the sale of articles to boost school spirit. These projects have grown through the years and are still very active. Besides these major projects, the council has developed a minimum of eighteen minor projects each year, each Sylvia Baugher Gall Blankenship Glenda Erwin Jane Graham Par Holliday Jackie Jones Anita Moore J. D. Oiment Wanda Sorrell Shirley Ware Olin Bagby Janico Baugher Evelyn Fields Marcia Gibbs Jerry Gray Yvonne Hamrick Brenda Liles Shirley Loveloss Jane McFarland Harry Princo Betty Reeves Eleanor Roberts Marlha Waido Lynn WeaverMRS. SALTER Sponsor of Assembly Programs general assembly program dedicated to the betterment of the school. The committees, by long range planning, have presented a variety of informative and entertaining general assembly programs—oratorical contests, forums, panels, speakers from local, state and national sources, musicals, humorous and serious plays, and religious pageants and speakers. Consequently they have been able to use all available talent from different grade levels and departments. Betty Harrell Carol Higginbotham Alice Faye Horton Dannie Kelley Brenda Luther Carolyn McCullough Claudia Parker Janot Payne Jack Tennyson Doris Wills Sandra Butler Linda Cobb Hudson Harris Sandra Hendrix Kathryn Talley Nanetto Yates Connie Moore Henry MooroFirtr row: Shoron Dofnall, Nancy Norris, Ann Dollar, Shirley Boling, Mary Rojs German, Gay Faucett, Concthia Bentley, Pat Anderson, Gall Poole. Second row: Sylvia Powers, Carolyn Gurley, Ruthie Young, Marcia Gibbs, Gail Blankenship, Wonda Gurley, Janico Eades, Shirley Evans, Shirley Hurst. Third row: Glenda Brooks. Jane Blackwood, Pat Faucett, Julia Moore. Carol Vann, Sue Chambers, Sylvia Colvert, Freda Erwin, Peggy Harrison, Peggy Griffin. Fourth row: Alive Fay Bowers, Peggy Blankenship, Jeanette toiler, Sara Mauldin, Doris Richards, Ellen Creel, Botty Reeves, Mary Ann Dennison, Annette Mullins, Jeanette Black, Elsio Oay, Mrs. Mackey. SENIOR Y-TEENS First row: Pat Holliday, Anita Moore, Catherine Hallmark, Joyce Weeks, Lynn Weaver, Jo Ellen Joiner, Mary Jean Hubbard, Carolyn Stevens. Second row: Deanna Lovo, Sara Smith, Patsy Keith, loris Peters, Betty Zane Hill, Jackie Jones, Sue Peoples, Shirley Mann, Carol Self. Third row: Sylvia Morgan, Gail Walker, Jackie Hill, Brenda tiles. Sylvia Lewis, Dorothy Warren, Judith Robinson, Janice Richey. Fourth row: Joyce Ferguson, Jcannie Perryman, Jane McFarland, Tiny Faye Tyler, Pat lewis, lols Inglett, Patsy Schatz, Shirley Hulsoy.JUNIOR Hl-Y First row: Carlui McCay, Eddie Barrow. Ronny Eades. Wetley Ingram, Ronny Eaves. McArthur Waldrop, Lee Stanley. Second row.- Ronnio Rosebcrry, Oscar Thomas. Henry Moore, Nobto Fennell, Lloyd Rotton. Lyndall Echols, Gary Thompson. Third row: Jack Duncan, Jimmy Graves, Billy Prince. Larry Nelms, Hal King. Mr. Pyles. First row: Lloyd Jones, Jerry Hutchens, Joe Wilson, Gone Lewis, Robert Kennedy, Billy Cooner, Don Isaacs. Larry Brand, Willard Shaw, 8yron Vann, Sammy Byrd, Jack Hill. Second row: Tommy Nell. Bruce Barnett, Dale McElroy, Wayne Duron, Frankie Witt. Jerry Hart. Jimmy Hancock, Tommy Shaddix. David Duke, Charles Williamson. Edward Owens. Harry Prince, Jimmy Shikle Third row: Steve McCoy, Raymond Ledbetter, Dewey Hanks, Don Cloudus, Scotty Campbell, Frank Harper, Pat Parker, Carl Seale, Larry Minton, Jerald Joiner, William Silvers. Fourth row: David Hoad, President; Charles Ferguson. Vice President; Johnny Putman, Secretary-Treasurer; Lynn Layton, Chaplain; Mr. Pyles, Sponsor SENIOR Hl-YFirst row: Lynn Chappel, Gayle Boatright, Elaine Davis, Rita Beasley, Barbara Henderson, Nancy Bryant. Mary Jean Grier, Audrey Bishop, Patsy Johnson. Second row; Netty Jane Bryant, Janice Hyde, Betty Joyce Barrett, Peggy Bailey, Sandra Best, Gladys Henry, Sandra Holder, Cecil Fcemster. Bonnie Franks, Sue Hewitt. Third row: Janice Kiloy. Judy Kiley. Morilyn Clark, Dale Dav.s, Jerry Ellis. Betty Lou Jones, Gay Hill, Ann Jones. Ocanna Cooley Fourth row: Mrs. Vca ey, Sylvia Acton, Sue Wakcfiold. Carol Higginbotham, Alice Faye Horlon, Cristlnc Glover, Nila Fortenberry, Linda Ewing. JUNIOR Y-TEENS First row Claudia Parker. Barbara McPherson, Eliraboth Tillery, Wilma Smith, Dorothy Wnid, Nanette Yates, Diano Tolleson. Annette Sharit. Second row: Kathryn Talloy Jane Martin, Janice Lucus. Faye Moon. Carolyn McCullough, Brenda Luther. Linda Kibbey, Carol Key, Marjorie Wotwood. Third row: Diane Vanover, Hilda Teague. Gail Pcarman, Judith Scalf, Barbara Marlin, Betty Jean Self, Dorothy Pcrkey, Frances Roberts. Lettye Keith. Fourth row: Kathryn Waidc. June lackey. Robe Kendall, Patricia Tidwoll, Janet Payne, Judy Stinson. Lynell King. Pat Yarbrough."T” CLUB Flnt row: Clyde Dutton, Danny Buchanan, Albert Reeves, Fred Taylor, Ken Fortenberry, Harry Bynum, Berry Grier, Ray Norrt . Second row: David While. Gary Scoggins, Wayne McCombs, David Camp, Jerry Branham. Norman take, Bobby Crider. Lynn Layton. Third row: Coach Snow. Dan Kirkland, J. 8. Williamson, David Hoad, Waymon Dondy, Lloyd Bowers, Jimmy Singleton, Coach Richards. First row: Lynn Weaver, LaVerne Aders, Foggy Blonkenship, Eleanor Roberts, Sharon Dcfnoll. Linda Gurley. Alice Fay Bowers, Glenda Brooks, Mary Jean Hubbard, Jerry Gray. Dot Warren, Jo Ellen Joiner. Sylvia Lewis, Potsy Schatz, Concthia Bentley. Second row: Evelyn Fields, Freida Erwin, Laura Griffin, Sylvia Morgan, Shirley Boling, Judy Roborson, Mary Dennison, Jeanette Black, Sara Mauldin. Ella Anthony, Gail Blonkenship. Martha Sutherland, Gail Poolo, Mrs. Gilmer. Third row: Faith Darden. Carolyn Glass, Sara Knight, Jean Lance, Marie Bates, Sue Chambers, Elsie Day, Janice Richey. Virginia Johnson, Catherine Hollmark, A artho Waide, Nancy Norris, Pat Anderson. Fourth row: Sara Smith, Linda Nelson, Carolyn Sims, Emma Clements, Marcio Gibbs, Betty Reeves, Janice Kiley, Pat Holliday, Ellen Creel, Jean Dykes. Wonde Sorrell, Shirley Ware, Shirley Evans, Sherry Gilliland. SERVICE CLUBLIBRARY CLUB First row: Jorry Skelton, Chaplain; Harold Pittman, Jean Harris. President; Sherrie Jones, Vice President; Bobbye McCles-key, Treasurer; Sandra Quick, Secretary; Jan Lambert, Photographer. Second row: Sylvia James, Kathleen McKemie. Sue Kennedy, Venette Hart, Carol Isbell. Ella Johnson, Patricia Poe. Larry DcLormc, Miss Broadus Third row: Hilda Horn, Gail Pcarman, Jimmy Weaver. L. R. Barber, Georgo Griffin. Ray Wardrup, David Harris. LIBRARY HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES First row: Jan Lambert, Vanctto Hart, President; Ella Johnson, Vice President; Kathleen McKenzie. Treasurer; Sandra Quick, Secretary; Suo Kennedy, Chaplain. Second row: Becky McCombs, Ruby Chandler, Jo Ann Sides, Edith Graves. Dianne Tollison, Jerry Skelton, Miss Broadus. Third row: Patricia Poe, Jeanette Black, Leslie Hamer, Ronnie Nelson, Charlotte Howard. FORUM CLUB Seated: Phyllis Austin, Tommy Callahan, Larry Deemer, Vice President; Earl Nelson, President; Rcta Carter, Secretary; Mary Lois Williams. Standing: Harvoy Taylor. Jimmy Weaver, Miss Hammond. Sponsor; L R. Barber. Luther Boykin, Dixie Missildine.Seated: Jo Ann Rollln , Bonnie Cowden, Jacquelyn Vann. Standing: Joyce Faulkner, Virginia Groen, Patiy Oliver, Gall Rot-•on, Judith Scalf. Lynn Chapel. Hilda Horn, Mary Prewitt, Mr . Card, Nancy Bryant. NURSES’ CLUB FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Seated: Kny Dardon, Mary William . Reta Carter, Shirley love-leu, Bobby Cauady. Jean Pierce Standing: Mr . Entrekln, Edith Grave , Martha Taylor. Shirley Hurtt. Patty Keith, Donnie Kol-ley. NURSES’ CLUB Seated: Juanita Webttcr, Jacquelyn Vann, Pamela McDowell. Standing: Linda Turrcntine, Vernelle Birdyahaw, France McKnight, Helen Cox, Corine Richerdaon, Peggy Diekerton.f I t s, f 9 I 9 % f ItIjNltMfiIfM i(f| lit sift irf iiiiisil 'l lIsu » 15.' V PEGGY DICKERSON and MARTHA SUTHERLAND MRS. McLEMORE. TERRY WEAVER MARCIA GIBBS Secretary ANITA MOORE J1 7 o e; ° JVl CONCERT CHOIRDRAMATIC CLUB Earl Nelson .____________________________President Mrs. Salter_________________________________Sponsor Deanna Love Secretary Jackie Vann ...______Vice PresidentJUNIOR RED CROSS Flr»f row; Lynn laylon, President: Janice Bflugher, Vice President; Robert Glaze, Secretary-Treasurer. Second row: Miss Jones, Sponsor; Mn. Johnston. Assistant Sponsor. First row: Patty Cushman, Delores Shaw, Janice Baugher, Julia Moore. Peggy Griffis, Carolyn W.lliams, Carolyn Gurley. Jean Lance, Jo Ann Sides. Second row: Betty Reeves, Shirley Evans, Fredia Erwin, Gladyi Henry, 8etty Ellard, Sybil Arnold. Roberta Pugh, Juanita Webster. Third row: Steve McCoy, Howell King, Robert McAuley, Jerry Smith, Ronald Nelson, Kenneth Canup. Peter Singleton, Jimmy Davis. Fourth row. Jerry Dillard, Robert Glaze, Johnny landorfclt, Wayne Vaughn, Jimmy Williams, Lynn Layton, Joyce Weeks.1 he 1 arrant 1 imes PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT COUNCIL OF TARRANT HIGH SCHOOL VOLl'MC VIII MOMMY. FEHRI AHY I. IS57 MM BIB 5 Social Living Studies Reveal Sidelights of T. H. S. Antics NEW Half the MX Un i In all Thai 1 rraoiut CONTI Our: Inc Im carta t aooner act lor 8KCLK Have probab but a made i It you should and !o WELC T. H to all era W. Tarran CONTI Wc I but art It'a tru dlth St Jaduot deiJMV — BP '-U Wallha WttUha.. MVM. M WW «M»WI MM | participated In many activities I am aura that everyone who takes ninth grade math and alge-| bra will enjoy thla next ymo»t - We are proud to have M» hall on our faculty. Another ab%cn- 1 % ulty member art teacher ant aor. who lert Ta of the second •« : Jl'NIOR ACIIIKVt IF - One of our chev Darden, was one of 1 In the Miss Junior contest. We are very ; PRESENTATION X f On December 14. 1054 lor Class presented to -M wft beautiful picture of hl» presentation waa made by wlr Putman, the senior class pn VAl Mr Head, a everyone cou. ' was overjoyed and vary pleased with .the picture. Vi We sincerely hope that Mrs. H likes her picture as much u tU senior class enjoyed giving it w rsl Sealed: Venette Hart, Asso- r_ ciatc Editor. Standing: John, ny Pufman. Associate Edi lh tor; Jo Ann Rollins and Gall I, : Rotton, Business Managers. STAFF Sponsor. Mrs. Howard Editor, Larry Deemer mp|BOOK CLUB First row: Ret Carter, Rebecca Hurd, Deanna Love, Carolyn Gurley, Kathy Hardy, Larry Deemer. Second row; Patricia Fauceft, Jane Blackwood. Wilena Dickinson. Julia Moore. Shirley Loveless, Joyce Joiner, Dixie Missildino, Mrs. Studdard. Third row: Luther Boykin, Richard Grigsby, Montez Guthrie, Ben Hendricks, Bobby Crider. MONITORS’ CLUB First row: Glenda Erwin, Anita Moore, Sara Maulding. Catherine Hallmark, Shirely Ware, Pat Holliday. Second row: Virginia Johnson, Alice Fay. Bowers, Fay Cabiness, Sharon Dofnall, Judy Stinson, Dcnnle Kelly, Torrell Wright. Third row: Frances Hunter. Peggy Bailey, Gary Anthony. Lonnie Johnson, Annie Loo Martin, Mery Ross German, Wanda Sorrell, DcAnna Delorme. Fourth row: Ellen Creel, Jerry Hart, Sylvia Morgan, Sue Peoples, Harry Prince, Larry Deemer. PROJECTORS CLUB First row: Terry Weaver, Billy Joe Layton, Joe Wilson, Ronnie Nelson, Pat Parker, Willard Shaw, Jimmy King, Jerald Joiner, Jimmy Wilson, Lloyd Jones. Second row: Jerry Hutchens, Hershel Crump, Jimmy Shaddix, Freddy Henning, Jimmy Hancock, Neil Snyder, Frank Harper, Jack Hill, Jimmy Shiklo, Carl Seale. Third row; Carl Vann, Joe Williams, Ronnie Rockhlll, Dale McElroy, Bruce Barrett, Evie Nay Hamer, Charlos Williamson, Bobby Dudley, Robert Kennedy, Coach Rogers. tFOOTBALL TEAM First row: David Head. Jimmy Singleton, Norman lake. Ed Young. Berry Crier. Ken Fortenberry, tloyd Bower . Freddy Taylor, David Camp, Wayne McCombs. Jerry Hur t, Second row: Gary Scoggins. Baxter Richard on, Jimmy Jone . Hud»on Harria, Waymon Dendy, Jerry Branham, William Silver , Danny Buchanan, Walter Harvey. Clyde Dutton, Bobby Crider Third row: Kearney Smith, Bill Crowo, Ray Norrii, Robert Smith, Harry Bynum. Danny Kirkland. Robert Kennedy, Eugene Bradthaw, Robert Trapp, David White, leille Hamer, Coach Charle Richards. Coach Henry Snow. "And it's nor for the sake of a ribboned coat, Or the selfish hope of a season's fame, But his captain's hand on his shoulder smote: 'Play up! play up! and play the game.' " This spirit of the playing field develops the traits of character which will win the victories of life. In PositionCoach Richard , Coach Moore, Coach Snow. Coach Roger . Team In Action. EO YOUNG. Co Tapfaln LLOYD BOWERS BERRY GRIER TARRANT SEASON RECORD 34 0 26 6 19 .6 13 0 Tarran»._-. 13 McAdory 6 JERRY HURST WAYNE McCOMBS JIMMY SINGLETONFREDDIE TAYLOR KEN FORTENBERRY DAN BUCHANAN 13 Warrior o 0 o Tarrant 0 13 26 Tarrant . 0 24 Tarrant 144 Opponent 55 DAVID CAMP DAVID HEAD NORMAN LAKE, Co apfa.nFOOTBALL "B” TEAM First row: Clifford Wilson, Gary Morris, lloyd Rotton, Wciley Ingram, Jimmy Lovell, Paul Hanley. Second row: Ronny Nelson. David Duke, Tyra Harris, Charles Monroo, Lynn Layton, Peter Singleton, Alton Payne, Jack Duncan. Third row: William Bryant, Bobby Dudley, Ronny Franklin, Scotty Campbell, Oscar Thomas, Jimmy Graves, Gerald Joiner, Coach Rogers.MAJORETTES left to right: Janice Kiley, Mary Ann Dennison, Laura lee Griffin, Betty Murray, Sherry Giiliiand, Glenda Brook , Pat Holliday, Elsie Day, Sharon Defnall. laVeme Adcr , Lynn Weaver. Cantor: Catherine Hallmark. left to right: Marcia Gibbs, Sara Jo Moulding, Judy Stinson, Alice Faye Bowers, Co-Head; Nancy Norris, Head Cheerleader; Shirley Boling, Faith Darden, Betty Reeves. CHEERLEADERSMR. BABCOOC Director BAND DENNIS STEVENS VENET7E HART Vice President Secretary EARL NELSON PresidentIVARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Bobby Crider, Berry Grier, Hudson Harris, Gary Scoggins, Wayno McCombs Center front: Coach Richards. In Actionr- LYNN LAYTON HUOSON HARRIS BOBBY CRIDER GERALD HANNAH DWAINE PEOPLES WAYNE McCOMBS BERRY GRIER GARY SCOGGINS VWOC 7 DAN BUCHANAN BILL CROWE Firsf row: Coach AAoore, Peter Singleton, George Rhodes, Morris Gibb . Jack Duncan, David Duke. Socond row: Kcarnoy Smith, Jerry White, Gerald Hannah, Bill Crowe, Evie Nay Hamer. Third row: Letlie Hamer, Gerald Joiner, J. B. Williamson, Bobby Hanks. "B” TEAMDAVID WHITE LYNN LAYTON BOBBY CRIDER ED YOUNG «N FORTENBERRYCLYDE DUTTON CHARLES HALLMARK WAYNE McCOMBS HARRY BYNUM DAVID HEAD DAVID CAMP DAN KIRKLAND WAYMON DENDY RAY NORRIS LLOYD BOWERS FREDDY TAYLOR BERRY GRIERDry Goods and Shoes 1114-16 Ford Avenue TARRANT, ALABAMA Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1957WE ARE PRIVILEGED TO HAVE BEEN CHOSEN FOR YOUR ANNUAL Best Wishes TARRANT PHOTO SERVICE 1623 Pinson Street Victor 1-3374TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANYBEST WISHES to GRADUATING CLASS of 1957 From ALABAMA BY-PRODUCTS CORPORATIONBEST WISHES to the Graduating Class From CONDmONlD SBOPPINGCENTBR faery familq Need Under One Roof J Nortfc 26fh Str» t M rSLillH tflp. iSl ! fm RO-MAC'S RESTAURANT Private Dining Rooms for Your Parties CALL ALpine 2-8890 FOR RESERVATIONS 3108 No. 26th Street Everything in Music PIANO—RECORDS BAND INSTRUMENTS Hammond organs E. E. FORBES SONS PIANO CO. 1914 4th Ave., No. FENNELL MOTORS TARRANT, ALABAMA 1505 Pinson Street Phone Victor 1-5900KLEENRITE CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY 1610 Pinson Street Phone Victor 1-4221 MR. AND MRS. CARMEN L. JONES Owners ANDERSON AUTO SERVICE 1325 Pinson Street Phone —Victor 1-1221 TARRANT. ALABAMA J. B. FASSINA, JR. Fancy and Staple Groceries Western Meats LEWISBURG, ALABAMA Phone 3-7037 The One and Only Thing New in Television and Only Has it ENITH MODEL Z3008 THE BROOKWOOD "SPACE COMMAND TUNING” Runs TV From Across the Room NO CORDS! NO WIRES! NO FLASHLIGHTS! Nothing Between You and the Set But Space CUNNINGHAM HOME APPLIANCE CO. 1605 Pinson Street PHONE Victor 1-5526 TARRANT, ALABAMABURNS PHARMACY Phone Victor 1-6436 541 Jackson Blvd. Tarrant, Alabama Come to ED BRASWELL'S in Compliments of WALKER'S North Birmingham DEPARTMENT STORE for Furniture 1710 Pinson Road 3106 27TH ST. N. AL 1-1577 CALL 52-9148 TARRANT. ALABAMA For All Your Automobile Needs, See AL DEMENT CHEVROLET CO. Come by and Drive the Beautiful New, Peppy 1957 Chevrolet "WE'RE NOT THE BIGGEST BUT WE'RE TRYING TO BE THE BEST!" 3228 No. 27th St. Phone 54-1511 our u •V' «. ■“V ' ‘ DEPENDABLE DRUGGISTALABAMA BUTANE APPLIANCE COMPANY 1722 Pinson Street TARRANT, ALABAMA Congratulations to the Class of '57 The Kodaker's Friend Compliments LOLLARS of Six Convenient Locations J. H. BERRY CO. FOR ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL CALL Phone Victor 1-3031 IS OUR FIRST THOUGHT DAVIS SUNDRIES Phone Victor 1-1372 4001 Vanderbilt Road to McCULLOUGH'S BOOTERY Home Owned 1613 Pinson St. Home Operated Phone Victor 1 1319 Tarrant NUNN-BUSH Shoes for Men Sundial Shoes for the Entire Family O. B. HAMBRICE Pinson, Alabama Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Senior Class of 1957 For the Home of Quality TV's and Appliances COOPER TV APPLIANCE CO. INC 1520 Pinson St., Tarrant, Ala. C. L. COOPER, President "The Company Built by Service" Victor 1-6486RA! RA! RA! Something to Cheer About— Such Good Cleaning and at Such a Saving Through Baker’s Exclusive Cash and Carry Method "Tarrant's Modern Dry Cleaners" ON FORD AVENUE—TARRANT'S BROADWAY DESHAZO'S FLOWERS Weddings—Corsages—Funerals 332 Magnolia Ct. Phone Victor 1-3694 MT. VERNON SERVICE STATION PETE HAYS. Owner Tires and Batteries Live Bait—Groceries—Fishing Tackle Phone Pinson 6-9157 COWGILL DRUG CO. 3130 27th St. No. Phone AL 2-4179 or Al 2-4170(Q) TARRANT FULTONDALE GULF SERVICE STATION Hardware Company 1800 Pinson Street SPORTING GOODS TARRANT, ALABAMA SEEDS Phone Victor 1-9103 PAINTS Fultondale, Alabama KIBBEY'S FOOD STORE The Friendliest Store in Town 2146 EAST LAKE BLVD., TARRANT To Serve You Is a Pleasure—To Please You Is Our DesireYour Health : •3a business Dftue fiW 11 KESSLER'S PHARMACY 1152 East Lake Blvd. Tarrant, Alabama PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED Phone 52-6421 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1957 ASTON'S Dry Goods Shoes R ady-to-Wear 1621 PINSON STREET PHONE Victor 1-1223 TARRANT Compliments of PALMERDALE COMMUNITY STORE PHONE 6-6321 PALMERDALE Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Walker MAY BROS. DEPARTMENT STORE 1108 FORD AVE. Phone Victor 1-3567L. R. JONES Real Estate Broker SALES—RENTALS—INSURANCE Phone 51-6-2261 Main Street Pinson, Alabama OWENS OIL CO. PALMERDALE, ALA. Phone 6-5762 Shop SKELTON'S 5 10c STORE 1719 Pinson Street We Stock Over 5,000 Items Chain Store Prices •‘WATCH OUR WINDOWS" PINSON PHARMACY Prescriptions a Specialty PHONE 6-5411 Pinson, Alabama City of Tarrant City ELECTRIC DEPARTMENT Use T. V. A. For Low Cost ElectricityYou're money Ahead! When You Deal With BIRMINGHAM SIDING ROOFING CO. 1301 Pinson Street TARRANT, ALABAMA Certified Applicators of Johns-Manville Roofing, Siding and Insulation Room Additions and General Repairs—Free Estimates PHONE Victor 1-5566 P K O OWC T I TAYLOR OIL COMPANY "The Finest Gasoline Available" Owner, G. H. TAYLOR Phone 51 -6-6011 Congratulations to the Class of 1957 PARKS ICE CREAM PARLOR A Good Place for Young People to Meet 1142 East Lake Blvd. Phone Victor 1-5221 MILLER FURNITURE COMPANY "Tarrant's Complete Home Furnishers" 1146-48 East Lake Blvd. TARRANT 7. ALABAMA Phone Victor 1-2344 BARTON HARDWARE CO. 533 Jackson Blvd. PHONE Victor 1-2644 Pittsburgh Paints, Tools Gift Items, ToysH. L. JOHNSON LUMBER CO. Lumber and Building Material Phone Victor 1-4521 Office and Mill P. O. BOX 6365 TARRANT. ALABAMA LEMONS FOOD CENTER We Appreciate Your Business 3945 VANDERBILT RD. Crushed and Ground Dolomitic Magnesium Limestone DOLCITO QUARRY COMPANY By the TRUCKIoad or TRAINIoad 2101 Pinson Street Victor 1-2655 Ernest W. Bryant Sales and Credit Mgr. SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT CROUCH BARBER SHOP 1611 Jackson Blvd. TARRANT. ALABAMA VANN DOUGLAS 1325 Pinson Street Phone Victor 1-9153 Congratulations to the Graduating Class LASSETER’S SCHOOL ART SUPPLYSELF HOME APPLIANCE CO., INC. 1601 Pinson Street Tarrant, Alabama PHONE Victor 1-5537 WILBUR C. MATLOCK Photographer Weddings, Portraits, Commercial Palmerdale, Alabama Phone 51-6-681 I Phone Victor 1-3317 TARRANT MATTRESS CO. Mattresses and Innersprings Made and Renovated UPHOLSTERY—NEW FURNITURE We Call tor and Deliver Kelcie A. Wardrup 1420 Pinson St. Tarrant, Ala. CARDWELL REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 1612 Jackson Blvd. Phone Victor 1-6416 (Off.) Victor 1-2636 (Res.) DOLL-UP BEAUTY SHOP l632, 2 Pinson Street Owned and Operated by IRENE REID, 32 ARLENA SELF 3110 26th St. No.TARRANT APOTHECARY Prescriptions—Drugs—Sick Room Supplies 11 I I Ford Avenue, Tarrant, Alabama PHONE Victor 1-6741 Jack Strong and Doug Oakley, Owners jq i (jmUtt Phone ALpine 2-8739 "Every Customer Brings a Customer" MAY STEWART FURNITURE CO. 2913 North 27th St. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE Bond, Automobile, Fire, Hospital Phone Victor 1-1726 1624 Pinson Street GURLEY R A N C E ►AOTO ftc 1119 East Lake Boulevard 4v Phone Victor 1-5153 THE SOUTH'S MOST COMPLETE AUTOMOBILE CENTER ERWIN REALTY CO. Realtors SALES—RENTALS—INSURANCE Phone Victor 1-3152 1105 Ford Avenue Tarrant 7, Alabama WHITE'S 5 10c STORE 1615 Pinson Street TARRANT, ALABAMA Phone Victor I-1271EXTRA t RICHARDSON HARDWARE 1817 Pinson St. HARDWARE—GLASS-TOOLS— PAINTS—SEEDS Phone Victor 1-4646 Tarrant, Alabama Compliments of S. H. KRESS COMPANY North Birmingham, Alabama CUNLIFF'S FLOWERS 1037 Pinson Street TARRANT, ALABAMA MRS. I. W. CUNLIFF, Owner Corsages, Potted Plants Funeral Wreaths Phone Victor 1-3418 BUCHANAN AUTO SUPPLY tZucUittf tynAcwie WESTERN SUPER MARKET Store No. 3 1620 Pinson Street 1625 Pinson Street CHARLES CORNELIUSCONGRATULATIONS From OiM PRICE'S DRUG SUNDRIES j ) "Pinson's Most Modern Store" i U I Established 1898 PHONE 6-5641 PINSON, ALABAMA BAGGE H GENERAL MERCHANDISE GROCERIES MEATS GAS— OIL DRY GOODS HARDWARE We Deliver Phone Victor 1-2691 Robinwood, Ala. ROGERS CO., INC. 3100 No. 27th St. LAST minute 5L?neivs R. H. HEWIH TARRANT FINANCE LOAN CO., INC. Industrial Bankers Phone Victor 1-3763 1109 Ford Avenue TARRANT, ALABAMA PINSON TELEVISION HARDWARE Motorola TV Hardware—Paints—Building Materials PHONE 51-6-3651 The Wildcat Staff wishes to extend its appreciation to all who have contributed in any way to the publication of this yearbook. We think this year's Wildcat a real achievement, and we hope you will enjoy it.LITHOGRAPHED BY TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. DALLAS • TEXAS lii B««i Ymitooti am TAYLOH MADEALMA MATER Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Here's our praise to you Guide art thou in youthful school days, Banner, Gold and Blue. Hail to Tarrant, hail our high school! 'Tis the name we love, With the Gold of light around her, Blue of truth above. Hail thy children now and ever, f' Who shall come to thee! May our hearts in love united Faithful always be. Raise your voices, swell the chorus. Sing of Gold and Blue; Alma Mater, we adore thee. And well aye he true. . .. «

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