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The WILDCAT CLASS OF 1953 TARRANT HIGH SCHOOLL 'O REWORD “They say that on the memories of the oldest slaves their fathers knew there was one indelible imprint of an awful event—a shower of stars over Alabama. Many an Alabamian to this day reckons dates from ‘the year the stars fell ” “Stars Fell On Alabama”—Carl Carmer Tarrmtl llixh Schawl When life becomes a stern reality for you and you need an inspiration, perhaps by turning, these pages you may reawaken your memory of the day stars fell upon Tarrant High School and inspired you to develop your talents to the fullest. If so, then we shall feel liberally repaid for our efforts. We extend our appreciation to the faculty and students for their co-operation in helping us to make possible this book. We hope you will get as much pleasure in leading it as we did in working on it.DEDICATION MR. G. A. MITCHELL, B.S.. A.B., M.A., I..I..IL Sincerity, leadership, and the ability to inspire Im vs and girls to want an education are the marks of a great teacher. Possessing these qualities. Mr. ’ . A Mitchell has won our admiration and resjiect. In recognition of his years of valuable teaching and out of the love deeply implanted in our hearts for him, we dedicate this 1953 edition of the Wildcat to Mr. Mitchell.ADMINISTRATION MR. G. A. MITCHELL, B.S.. A.B.. M.A., L.L.li. . Issumed Superint cadency January . 1953 MR. A. PARKER. A.H. Resigned Superintendency January . 1953 MR. L. I). HEAD. A.B.. M.A. PrincipalFACULTY MISS PATSY ADKINS Registrar MISS BOYCK BROADUS. A.B., M.A., B.S. Librarian MRS. HARRY A. CARD. ILK. English MRS. H. C. Cl I API,1X. B.S. General Business MISS J A X kDO UG LASS, B.S Mathematics, Science MR. JOHN T. DRAKE .Into Mechanics MR. CLARENCE B. KPPS Machine Shop MR. IK AVAR I) R. FOOTE, IKS MR. C. H. FRKDY, B.S.. M l-Meehanical Drafting MR. WILLIK R. FRY. II. S. Mathematics. Social Studies General Business MR. GLENN K. GLASS Radio Repairing MISS MARY A. HAMMOND. B.S. Social Studies MR. MILTON S. HENDERSON. A.B. Typewriting j' '.t Zcv- t MRS. J. G. HOWARD. A.B. English Girls' AdvisorF A C U FT Y Consnliter Economics MR. JEROME JOHNSON Cabinet Making MISS ELEANOR A. KELLY. B.S. Science. Home Economics MRS. MALCOLM I.1DK, A.B. Social Living Attendance Supervision MRS. K. L. I. ITT 1.1C. A.B. Social Studies Shorthand MR. HENRY M. MARTIN Welding MRS. M. C. MeCUISTON. B.S. I look bee ping Office Machines miss orma Montgomery. I)I%(iREE OK MUSIC MR N. II. OWEN. A.B. Latin. Mathematics Hoys' Advisor MR. R. O. POWERS Office Machine Maintenance ATHKRINIC L. I’RTTCJiyCTT. B.M.I MRS. C. R. ROBERTS. B.S. Physical lid nratio rST LEROYS ALTER. .B. EnglishI CULTY MRS. WILLIAM J. S1IKLTON, ILS. MRS. II. CONWAY SMITH. A.B. linylish MRS. K. M. STROUD. A IL. M.A. Algebra. Alabama History ’?C- MISS M.fRY ANN’ TRANTHAM. A.B.. M.A linylish. Social Studies MR. RALPH J. W1NC.O Body and Tender Repair y MR. THOMAS P. BUSH, JR. Machine Shop MR C. W. MKRCK Hand MR. JAMES I . HARMON. ILS. Science MR. JOHN R. RIMSKY 11 ’elding MR. HARRY D. HOLT AM Sheet Metal MR. 1IKNRY T. SNOW. ILS. Driver Training Assistant tfoacli MRS. L. C. ITDDARI). ,B. linylish MR. MKL L. MARTIN lilectricity MR. M. 0. WALK HR Welding + « • • ■ - ■ ■ ♦ ■ + ey LMA MATER Mail t«» thee, our Alma Mater. Here's our praise to you! Guide art thou in youthful school days. Banner, Hold and Blue. Mail to Tarrant, hail our high school! Tis the name we love. With the Cold of light around her. Blue of truth above. Mail thy children now and ever. Who shall come to thee! May our hearts in love united. Faithful always he. Raise your voices, swell the chorus. Sing of Gold and Blue; Alma Mater, we adore thee And we’ll aye he true. SENIOR OFFICERS KORC. K I i I. A N K F.NS 111V Bobby Ray Downs Ann I lowhu. Brooks Sisson President I'icc President Secretary Treasurer Motto: Within ourselves lie the greatness and the genius of America Colors: Yellow and White Flow hr: RoseSENIOR CAROLYN BENSON ABNEY Motto: A still tongue makes a wise head. Forum Club, Red Cross. Future Business Leaders of America Annual—Advertising BARBARA JO ALLDREDGE “Bobs" Mono: An hour of thought is the birthday of a million ideas. Dramatic Club, National Honor Society A nnual—Second Sta f f ADA FRANCES ARMSTRONG " Frankie" Motto: To find my bluebird of happiness. Future Business Leaders of America LINZEY STEVIE BA I.LEW •’Blue" Motto: Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you. ROBERT LEE BANKSTON "Bobby" Mono: The way to Success is not by Dolittle Avenue. Fortint Club, Monitors’ Club, Dramatic Club Annual—Second Staif WILLIAM PAUL BARKSDALE "Billy" Mono: Justice without wisdom is impossible. MRY ANN BARTON Mono: To broaden mentally, but not physically Forum Club. Y-Teens. Future Teachers of America, National Honor Society, Student Council Annual—Main Staff SHERAL X. BEASLEY "Holmes" Mono: Do unto others Itefore they lo unto you. CORINE BELCHER "Lillie Bit" Mono: A good name is rather to l c chosen than riches. Library Club, Y-Teens. Future Teachers of America NILA BLACK INGRAM "Pimples" Mono: Live, love, laugh and I happy now. for later you may have a broken heart. Annual—Second Staff. Writings SENIOR GEORGE ALAN BLANK UNSHIP Motto: Don’t complain; your life is wltat you make it. Monitors' Club, National Honor Society. Forum Club, Dramatic Club Annual—Main Staff W'lI.LA DEAN BOATRIGHT "Dean" Motto: To keep my mouth shut ami learn all I can. Monitors’ Club Annual - Advertising MAXINE BOLTON “Mac" Motto: It’s not what you do, but bow well you do it. Monitors' Club, Red Cross RUBY MADGALKK BONDS . "M.ubc" Motto: Endeavor so to live that wlienjfou die even the undertaker will lie sorry. Y-Teens, National Honor Society, Library Club Annual—Advertising, Second Staff MARY FRANCKS BOOTH “Bool-r Motto: Live and leant. National Honor Society. Future Teachers of America CHARLDEAN BOWERS “Penny" MOTTO: To jiaddlc my canoe into the harbor of success. National Honor Society. Future Teachers of America Annual—Second Staff CAROLYN VIRGINIA BRADLEY " Tootsie" Motto: Though the whole world frowns. I'll keep on smiling. National Honor Society Annual—Second Stafi JAMES Cl. A DCS BROWN 7. C.“ Motto: If you don't help yourself, nobody will. Monitors Club Annual—Advertising “ • -: KEN.X JEANETTE BROWN "Dinky" Motto: If I could only do the things 1 think of. Y-Tcens Minna!—Advertising CAROLYN BRYANT "Carolina" Motto: "If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed nothing shall lie impossible unto you." Y-T ceils Annual—Second StaffS E N I O R S BETTY JANE BUCKNER Motto: When you need a helping hand, look to the end of your arm. National Honor Society, Student Council. Good Citizenship Girl BII.I.Y RAY BURCHFIELD "Hull” Motto: l.earn all you ran while you live; live all you can while you learn. Forum Cluh ROY BURNETT "Riirfcll" Motto: To love ’em all, to trust a few of 'em. and hate none. Library Club, Latin Club JOHNNIE LOUISE CALLAHAN "Shortic" Motto: May I be the brightest star in your crown. Red Cross Annual—Advertising ROBERT LEE CANUP Motto. Be slow and get there later; live longer and enjoy it more. HAROLD CARLISLE Motto: Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow you may he drafted. Hi-Y REX CARTER Motto ''Climb to the top of the ladder of success." Library Club JOE K. Cl I YMBERLAIN "Slumf" Motto : "1 do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than yesterday." Dramatic Chib, Monitors’ Club, Forum Club, H-Y. Radio Shop Reporter. Annual—Advertising Motto: "To be of service to others." Student Council. Newspaper Staff. National Honor Society. Y Teens. Library Cub. Annual —Second Sta i t MARY JANICE COLEMAN "Jan" Motto To reap friends by sowing smiles. Majorette, Y-Teens. Dramatic Club. Forum Club Annual—AdvertisingS E N IORS DONALD ROY CROCKER "Donnie" Morro: I.ivc with me. and Ik my love. T Club Annual—Main Staff ’ M RA jean ccrkton "Slick" Motto: To he a parachute jumper; pood to the last drop. Y-Teens, Dramatic Club. Forum Club. Cheerleader nnual—Advertising ROBERT DANIEL "Sleet’s-" Motto: When work and play clash, then let work go to smash. Annual—Advertising FRANKLIN WAYNE DAVIS "Sam" .Morru: "To make my life a tear of happiness." MARION ANNE DEASON "Pug" Motto: toggles and frowns make the world go 'round. Y-Teens. Majorette WILRI'RN DENDY "Doc" Motto: Why worry about today, for it will lx- gone tomorrow. (2+ - AUDREY VODIS DOLLAR "Blondie" Motto: Friends like liooks should l e well chosen. Y-Teens. Future Teachers of America Annual—Second Staff BOBBY RAY DOWNS ••Pluck” Motto: Slick-to-it-ivc-ncss wins oftener than genius or luck. National Honor Society Annual—Second Staff CLARENCE LOWELL DOWNS "Ho" Motto: Go places and do things. Forum Club Annual—Second Staff CARROLL EARLY "Homer" Motto: Love all of 'em, trust a few of 'em and hate mmr. Dramatic Club, T Club Annual—Main StaffSENIOR S DONALD CLAYTON ENGLAND "Clem" Motto: Catch 'em young. treat 'em rough, and never tell ’em anything. Dramatic Club. Hi-Y, T Club, Cheerleader WILLI. ERWIN Motto: Look for the silver lining National Honor Society, Eonun Club, Red Cross Annual—Associate Editor ANNIE JOE EVANS "Jo” Motto: When you fish fur love, bait with your heart, not your brain. RAYMOND JAMES EWING "Kos" Motto: Work is made for mules and they hack up to it. Annual—Art JOSEPH FLOYD FAGGARD "Joe" Motto: What I haven't learned. I can't forget. Annual—Art. Advertising SHIRLEY RUT FAILE "Tolly" Motto: Smile if it kills you and die with a grin on your face. Red Cross. Y-Teens "Jillie floe" Motto: I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday, and I love today. Red Cross Annual—Advertising BILLY LEE FOUNTAIN "Hus" Motto: It’s not how big the man is in a fight: it’s how big the fight is in a man. Red Cross, Student Council, Junior Staff, Hi-Y HILDA RUTH GALLOWAY "Chink” Motto: To hitch my wagon to a star and hope to hit the moon. Red Cross Annual—Second Staff "Speedy Consolos" Motto: Love ami lie loved. Annual—'AdvertisingS E N I O R S VIRGINIA GILMORE “Jenny” Motto: Laugh ami he merry; remember. Iwtter the world with a song. Dramatic Club Annual—Advertising, Writing. Second Stafi THOMAS EARI. GODFREY Mom : If I don’t help myself, no one else will. Dramatic Club. Monitor ' Club Annual—Advertising MARTHA SCK HADLEY ROOKKR Motto: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Junior Annual Staff. Student Council. Future Teachers of America, National Honor Society Annual Second Staff JOYCE GAIL MALI. "Rosa” Motto. “There’s a silver lining in every dark cloud." Y-Tecns. Library Club. Newspaper Staff SARA ANNE HARI.ANT) “Rubbles" Motto: “Eat. drink and l»c merry for tomorrow you may he married." Annual—Advertising GENEVA FAYE HATH COCK ’Weenie" Morro: "Live today for tomorrow never comes." Junior Annual Staff. Red Cross. Future Teachers of America Annual—Advertising CHARLOTTE JUNE HAYDEN Morro: "To get higher without growing taller." Y-Tecns, Majorette. Student Council, Monitors’ Motto; Money isn't everything but it helps. DINAH RUTH HEARN Morro: "Be happy; give this old world a smile. for life at the most is just a little while." Majorette. Y- Teens. Student Council, Forum Club Annual—Second Staff PATSY GAIL HEATON "Pal" Motto: "Today is short, yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come. If you have anything to do, do it now.” N -Teens, Future Teacher of America. Library Club, Red CrossS E N I O R S Ml I.TON’ M' B. k ICY HENDRICKS Motto: "Tin- elevator to success i not running: the steps arc slow hut sure." Monitors' Club MI.UE FAYE IIII.I. "Bill" Motto: "Work is the yeast that makes the dough rise.” Y-Tcens. Newspaper Staff JOYCE El. A INK HI 1.1. Motto: "Never frown when you can always smile." Monitors' Club CAROLYN MARIE HOPKINS "TrixU" Motto: “Let a smile l»e your umbrella on a rainy day." Monitors' Club. Library Club MARGARET ANN IIOWELI. " elnniebclle" Motto: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthened! me." Student Council, Red Cross. Y-Teens. Cheerleader. Newspaper Staff SHIRLEY CAROL JEKNIGAN "Shorty" Motto: "The time to make a friend is before you need him.” Red Cross, Monitors' Club. Forum Club Annual—Advertising FRANK WILLIAM KELLEY "Hilly Frank" Motto: To have my own basketball team come to old Tarrant High. Red Cross HELEN SUE KEl’LlNGER "Susie" Motto: "The friends thou hast, and their adop- tion tried, Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel." Red Cross, Newspaper Staff. National Honor Society Annual—Associate Editor BERTHA EMMA KING Motto: "The way to have friends is to be one yourself, and always wear a smile." Library Club. Monitors' Club. Y-Tecns Annual—Main Staff SHIRLEY ANN KITE Harrell" Motto: "Whatever you do. do for God. willingly and cheerfully." Y-Teens, Red Cross. Dramatic Club. Citizenship Tour Representative, Newspaper Staff. Cheerleader. Student Council President S E N I O R S K VTHRYN PEARL LAX IKK Motto: "Live as tlumgh you would die tomorrow; leant as though you would live always." Future Teachers of Xmerica. Student Council. National Honor Society Annual—Secom! Stafk ' A A "Hoyheod" Motto: “Let well eitough alone." Hi-Y .MARTHA ANN McCLURE as "Country” Morro “To ride the road of success and never hit a hump." Y-Teats. Cheerleader. Student Council, Newspaper Staff. National Honor Society Annual—Main Staff ji nk McCullough "Junie” Motto: “A smile costs nothing hut reaps dividends.” Red Cross. Student Council. National Honor So cicty, Newspaper Staff Annual—Second Staff BILLY JOK McGUIRK Motto: "The fellow who is always waiting ior the ship to come in has already missed his iKiat.” National Honor Society Annual—Second Staff CORBETT MILLAR "Hull” Motto: "Make the best of what you have." Red Cross SHIRLEY MILLAR MChubby" Motto: Striving to make the best better. Annual—Advertising PER I) GLYNN MONAGHAN "Monkey" Motto: Love and l c loved. Hi-Y. Monitors’ Club Annual Advertising DONALD EDWARD MORGAN "Don” Motto: Live and learn, laugh ami love Annual—Advertising SHIRLEY ANN MYRICK "Sam" Motto: Love today, for tomorrow you may Ik heartbroken. Y-Teens. Red Cross Annual—AdvertisingS ENMO R S GLYNDON DREW NEWMAN "Droopy" Motto: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Student Council Mutual—Advertising DOROTHY JEAN NOLEN "Dot" Motto: N’ » one can walk backward into the future. Monitors’ Cluh Annual—Main Staff RUTH MEREDITH OLIVER "Chilly" Motto: Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Forum Cluh Annual—Main Staff JAMES LEROY OZMENT "Ossie" Motto: What you are i God’s gift t » you, what you make of yourself i your gift to God. Dramatic Club Annual—Photography CLAUDIA MARIE PASS ”Shunter" Motto: To succeed. Annual—Art Y) J MARY JEARLENE PEACOCK Motto: I.et God’s guidance lead you to a greater and better success. DOROTHY I.OU PEOPLES "Dot" Motto: Be yourself everywhere you go. Future Business leaders of America. Dramatic Club Annual—Photography THOMAS ARTHUR PERRYMAN "Tout my" Motto: Do something today that tomorrow will prove to Ik- really worthwhile. FRANKLIN DEI.ANOR POSEY Motto: Goodbye Mr. Head: Hello Uncle Sam. Red Cross THOMAS EUGENE RACER “Cube" Motto: Eat. drink, and make merry; for tomorrow you may ! c drafted. Red Cross S E N I O R S JI MM IK ALFRED REEVES "l.uitji" Motto: l.ivc and let live. Annual—Advertising BETTY JOAN REID "Cricket" Motto: Soft words turnctli away wrath. Y-Tcens. Student Connril ROBERT LAVAUGHN ROGERS “Kip" Motto: Live, learn, die and forget it all. ROYCE BRYANT ROTTON “Rosie" Mono: If I don’t help myself, no oik else can. Student Council. Monitors' Club, Red Cross Annual—Second Staff MEREDITH CHRISTINE SANDERS ZeUa" Motto: I slept and dreamed that life was lieauty. I awoke and found that life was duty. Future Teachers of America Annual—Associate Editor RBAi?A "Hi Motto: When skies are grey, keep smiling. Dramatic Club, Newspaper Staff. Red Cross, Stu •lent Council. Y-Teens Annual—Second Staff MARY EVELYN SIMS "Red" Motto: I .a ugh and be merry: remember. In-tler the world with a song. Y-Teens, Library Club BROOKS HUBBARD SISSON "Booty" Motto: If I don’t help myself, mi one else will. Head Cheerleader, Dramatic Club. Monitors Club. National Honor Society Annual—Main Staff BETTY FRANCES SKELTON Motto: Stand up to lie seen, speak up to he heard, shut up to Ik- appreciated. Annual—Advertising GEORGE RAY SONGKR "Sonyi" Motto: Make yourself an honest man, then you can Ih- Mire there's one less rascal in the world. Hi-Y. Red Crpss Annual—Second Staff i W SENIORS M RGARKT FAYE SORRELL "I:nye" Motto: “If at first you don't succeed, try. try again." Dramatic Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, Forum Club. Newspaper Staff Annual—Second Staff MARY KAYE SORRKI.I. "Kaye" Motto: "Never too late to tread the path to honesty." Library Club, Y-Teens. Future Business Leaders of America. Red Cross Annual—Advertising EARL STARTLKY Motto: "Live and let live is the Rule of Common Justice." SHIRLEY SW IN DALI.. Squirt" Motto: "Never trust a man." Library Club. Y-Teens. Red Cross. Future Business Leaders of America Mutual—Advertising HOMER TAYLOR "Ke. r" Motto: "A man's wisdom maketh bis face to shine." ’ JAMES TERRELL "7- .-c" Motto: "Justice shines by its own light.” Future Teachers of America. Hi-Y, National Honor Society. Student Council Minual—Editor FAYE TERRY HOl'SE “WoHdie" Motto: "Do not rush for success so fast that you leave happiness behind." Forum Club. Newspaper Staff, Red Cross Annual—Second Staff BETTY SlTE TH CKER "S moocher" Motto: "I want to get what I want when I want it. and want what I get after I get it." Red Cross, Forum Club. Cheerleader. Monitors’ C AYXE THACKER "h'alsy" Motto: "To get all I can and can all I get." Hi-Y Annual—Advertising SUE THOMAS ' ( 'hubby" .Motto: “Be a friend and you'll always have a friend." Library Club, Monitors’ ClubS E N I () R S RITA MAE THOMPSON Motto: "|| yon w• miI«1 he !« v nI. love and l c lovable.' V-Teens Annual—Second Staff PALM. TIDVVK1.I. Motto: "Live and learn, die ami forget it all. Hi-Y JERRY TILLERY Motto: “The tongue is a wild beast—once let loose, it is hard to chain." JACK BAILEY CRICK "If u tier" Motto: “Look before you leap, for as you sow, ye are like to reap." JIMMY WALDROP Morro: "Only the brave deserve the iair.” DAVID R. WALKER "Litllf Spooney" Motto: "Living for others.” Hi-Y. EDNA PEARL WALKER ". lin-lir Hell" Morro: "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” Y-Tcens. Drum Majorette, Newspaper Staff Annual—Second Staff THOMAS HAROLD WALTHALL "r. nr Motto: “God Rive us courage to face that which we can not change. Strength to alter that which can Ik- changed and wisdom to know the difference.” Dramatic Club, Hi-Y. Red Cross, Student Council, Newspaper Staff. Cheerleader Annual—Advertising, Second Staff ALTON WATTS Ar Motto: "He who loves his fellow men is loving God the holiest way lie can." Monitors’ Club. Red Cross JOAN ELIZABETH WEBSTER "Joauie" MoTTCi: “If you smile, the world will smile with you.” Red Cross. Monitors' ClubSENIOR BETTY SUE WILSON Motto: "No matter how muddy the water nay get, always come u| smiling." Dramatic Club Annual—Advertising JOE EARL WILSON “Biir Motto: “Tlic man who goes through life hunting for a soft thing, can find it r ght under hi liat.” Hi-Y IIERSCHEL YATES “Brock" Motto: "What cannot ! • cured, must Ik- endured.” Newspaper Staff. Library Club, Red Cross Annual'—Second Staff JO ANNE YATES Motto: Take dictation from no man- unless you are his secretary. Y-Tccns. Student Council, Forum Club, Red Cross PATRICIA ANNE YE ACER Pat" Motto: “It is ill loving—not in being loved—the heart s blessed; it is in giving—not in receiving gifts—we find our quest.” National Honor Society. Future Teachers of America, I«atin Club. Monitors’ Club Annual -Second Staff. Writing . TE fvjJsft A JDIX AL'VIS Dramatic Club. Majorette. Y-Teens Annual—Second Staff ROBERT S. ABNEY JAMES RICHARD DOBBINS ELTON HOLT CLIVE EARL PASS ROC.ER LONG HELEN MeGEHEE PAT McCINTY G RADUA T I () N Now the end is drawing near Of all the things we treasured dear— Happy hearts and carefree days. Merry thoughts and childish ways. Passing notes, and chewing gum. I’m afraid we seemed quite dumb! Farewell to friends who brought us cheer Farewell to teachers treasured dear. To studies seeming drear and dark. To sports that seemed to hold a sjiark. Farewell, dear leader whom we love; When we lagged you gave a shove. Today we embark on a tortuous path. Beset with heartaches, tears, and wrath. If we are strong and brave of heart. And make the most of our snail part. A part of something strong and free. Then Tarrant High School. Hail to thee’ —Virginia I). GilmoreHISTORY «ta| X relating the history of four years of diligent study, along with many frivolous moments leading to this glorious graduation. I shall mention the most prominent facts and events of the graduating class of '53. Four years ago a group of 117 !w ys and girls entered Tarrant 1 ligh. which seemed as unknown and mysterious as the mighty universe. Soon these inferior liodies began learning and taking their place in the regular routine of the school. We take pride in believing we were an outstanding class in participation in all activities and in striving to improve. We had the privilege of helping the Student Council get its start in its good work. When we became sophomores, our number was increased to 222 by additional students from Pinson, Palmerdale, Springdale, Lcwisburg. North Birmingham, Walker’s Chajjel, and Sayreton. We elected class officers, cheered our athletes, served on the junior annual staff, joined dubs, and got down to real studying. Proudly we undertook our duties as juniors. Our number now 172. we felt that we occupied a higher and brighter place in this imjiortant planet, our school. For the first time we enjoyed the privilege of Ix-ing advised by counselors—one for the girls, another for the Ik vs. The counselors have continued to give valuable assistance by discussing problems confidentially and giving helpful guidance. At last, on Scptcmlier 5, 1952. one hundred forty-three seniors triumphantly enrolled in the happiest and brightest year of their educational life. We eagerly began our studies, elected class officers, selected the annual staff, chose who’s who. decided on the dedication, had our pictures made, ordered rings, caps, gowns, and invitations. All these acts, though small in themselves, served as frequent reminders that May 28. 1953. graduation day would eventually arrive with our diplomas. As January came, our number had decreased to 138 localise of the demands of the armed forces, the working world, and marriage. The new lunchroom was opened for our service on January fifth. A few weeks later we had access to the new library and the new classrooms created from the former library and lunchroom. Fourteen seniors succumbed to Cupid’s darts and entered matrimony. Ambitions represented by the graduates ranged from housewife to air-line stewardess for girls, and mechanic to farmer and to Navy captain for the Ih vs. Names indicated by corresponding numbers in advertisementsTarrant High School has done well in serving the needs of the communities patronizing it. Eleven vocational courses—acetylene and electric welding, automotive lxwly and fender repair, automobile mechanics, cabinet and pattern making, electricity, machine shop practice, mechanical drafting, office machine maintenance and repair, radio repair, sheet metal layout and fabrication, and shoe repair and leathercraft—are offered to the lx ys. sixteen years of age or older. In addition, there are courses in home economics, science, commercial arts, English, American Democracy, history (American and World), consumer economics, social living, and a complete semester in driver training. Shining constellations which have brightened our school path arc: In sports our 1m vs have taken their place in baseball, baskctl all. and football. East year they earned the Good Sportsmanship trophy. Athletics, physical education, parties, clubs and the Junior-Senior From served to give enjoyment to the students. And so. with time passing on. we arc preparing to end our days at school to take our place as the future generation. With the home, the school ami the church supplementing one another, we have the foundation to make that generation great. —Nila B. I scramWHO’S WHO IN ’53 Pest . til Round EDNA WALKER WAYNE THACKER Rest Personality ROVCE RO'TTON JOAN REID Most Popular SHIRI.EY KITE It ROOKS SISSON Most Likely to Succeed BILLY ERWIN MARY ANN BARTON ll'ittiest MYRA CL’RETON BOBBY BANKSTON Hiygest Courier CARROIX EARLY SHIRLEY JERNICAN Most Lovable MARION DEASON Most At hie tie BILLY FRANK KELLEY Handsomest MALONE GILLIAM Rest Dressed SHIRLEY MYRICKM O S T BEAU T I F U L SEN IO R SUE THACKERSe E N I O R Seauti es JOAN REID MARTHA ANN McC l.LRK BARBARA ANNE SELFSelf cit'd on Basis of Character. Service to School. Scholarship, Leadership. PopularityPROPHECY clerks. S I looked through the telescoj e toward the beautiful Stars in the sky, I caught sight of the Big Dipper. As if by magic, I saw in the stars the future of my classmates ten years hence. Charldean Bowers, having given up the idea of spinsterhood is now valet to dishpans and rolling pins. Her husband. Kay Songer, owns the dime store. Jo Anne Yates, Marv Booth, and Faye Terry are his The Paramount Theatre, owned by Glynn Monaghan, features Sue Thacker and Malone Gilliam in “Bluebeard's ()thcr Wife." produced by the Hardy Franklin-Billy Barksdale Movie Makers Company, of which Billy Joe Fortenberry and Audrey Dollar are costume designers. Willa Dean Boatright and Kolwrt Daniel, passengers on the space ship piloted by Donald Crocker, were talking to Carolyn Bradley, stewardess. As the sjxice ship traveled through the Milky Way. I saw Corine Belcher. Madge Bonds and Mary Ann Barton selling chlorophyll popcorn to Billy Fountain, Harold Thompson and Jimmy Reeves. Martha Sue Kooker, mother of twins, has as her doctor, Billy Krwin. Site Keplinger is her nurse and Milton Hendricks is Dr. Hrwin's assistant. Their hospital is operated by Donald Morgan and Wavne Thacker. Bobby Ray Downs, owner of the Hercules Club, has just engaged Dinah Hearn, Mary Sims, Barbara Alldredge, Frances Armstrong and Mary Coleman as chorus girls, directed by the famous choreographer. Tommy Kager. Roycc Rotton. Thomas Godfrey. Leroy Ozmcnt. Brooks Sisson and David Lolley arc the principal members of the orchestra there. On another star in the Milky Way I saw George Blankenship, a Wall Street broker, dictating a letter to his secretary. June Hayden. Betty Buckner, a Imarder in the home of Ruth Oliver and Urn-ell Downs, enjoys a radio program in which Wayne Davis, disc jockey, play's Donald Eng-land’s recording of "Starry Eyed Baby." Gazing toward the Ram. I detected Drew Newman and Meredith Sanders eating in I.’Arsenic Coffee Sliop owned by Robert and Carolyn Abney. Other customers. Jennie Mclnvale. Martha Ann McClure, Elaine Hill and Kathryn Lanier, mention the fact that J. C. Brown had succeeded in selling three used Cadillacs to Betty Skelton. Bobby Head, and Wallace Ledbetter. I caught a glimpse of some other friends as my telescope passed by the Little Dipper. Carroll Early, the opera singer, and his leading lady. Barbara Anne Self, were driving to the Kentucky Derby with Joe Faggard to see Carolyn Bryant’s horse ridden by jockey, Roy Burnett. Looking toward another constellation 1 saw Shirley Swindall modeling bathing suits at Pizitz. James Terrell, the manager, broke all records with 98c sales.Salesladies were Claudia Pass. Patsy Heaton. Shirley Jerntgan, and Bertha King, directed by Tommy Walthall. Rex Carter, driver for the Linzey Ballcw and Robert Canu| Taxie Service, had a wreck as he was carrying Jimmy Waldrop to Shirley Millar's house for an evening of dancing. On the Big Bear 1 saw that the iiriiuiigliam A'civs, edited by Franklin Posey, sjxinsored an art exhibit which featured the jKiintings of Johnnie Callahan. Annie Jo Evans, and Sue Thomas. Patsv Yeager had replaced Judy Brown in writing "Advice to the Lovelorn." Turning toward Libra I saw that the Paul Tidwcll-Robcrt Rogers Publishing Company had printed a lunik entitled "My Secret For Staying Young," by Shirley Kite. Joan Reid, C.eneva Hatheock, and Nclda Troulias were zealously studying it. The Corbett Millar Awards were given to: Thomas Perryman for literature, Billy Prank Kelley for science, Thomas I«ong for journalism. Clive Pass for medicine and Harold Carlisle for art. On a falling star I saw fireman Joe Wilson saving Myra Cureton. Jeanette Brown, and Joyce Hall from the Old Maid’s Apartment House, owned by Dorothy Nolen. Policeman Jinum Dobbins was restraining the crowd among whom I recognized David Walker, the evangelist, and Edna Walker Wilson. On Draco I saw Hilda Calloway and Shirley Faile in their New York shop of interior decoration. Maxine Bolton ! eats the drum to announce the arrival of customers and llershell Yates is the floor walker. Peggy Alvis, Dorothy Peoples. Marion Deasnn Kelley, and Nila Ingram left their “little angels" with Shirley My rick, the kindergarten teacher, while they attended an art class laugh by Rita Thompson. On a distant star. Mira. Billy Burchfield was driving one of Amial Smith’s trains. Among the passengers were Virginia Gilmore. Jerry Tillery, Raymond Ewing, Joan Webster. Betty Wilson, and Pave and Kaye Sorrell. I saw Bobby Bankston and Shcral Beasley, candidates for district attorney, drive up to Billy MoCuirk's service station. Ann Howell and June McCullough, as attendants were attracting much business. Karl Stanley and Billie Faye Hill, the most recently newly-weds, occupy a twenty-room mansion which is kept by Wilburn Dcndv, Jack Crick, Joe Chamberlain. 11 omer Taylor, and Carolyn Hopkins. As the sun rose, the stars faded from sight, and 1 put away my telescope, thinking of the wonders that the stars hail shown me. — X A N CY Cl.K M F. XTS Names indicated by corresponding numbers in advertisementsWI L L We. the Senior Class of Tarrant High School, being of sane minds, brave hearts, and strong circulation, do hereby draw up and publish this, our last Will ami Testament. To Tarrant High we leave our record of achievement in passing sixteen units of work, tears of sorrow when we thought we were failing, four years of memories of happy friendships and associations with other students and teachers. To Mr. Head we leave our gratitude for his wise guidance along the thorny path of knowledge during our four year visit with him. To Mrs. Smith and Mrs. McCuistou we give our love and gratitude for working so lard in making our annual a success. To Miss Jones we leave a cast of drama students to make the Senior Play perfect. To Mrs. Little we leave the problem of inventing a machine which will teach shorthand to any type of brain. To Mrs. Stroud we leave a class perfect in ability to learn algebra. To the juniors we leave the privilege of being the seniors of 1954. To Jean Branham and Morris Kasco, Edna Walker and Wayne Thacker leave their friendly dispositions. Joe Wilson leaves his winning smile to Carter Henry. Sue Thacker leaves her place as most beautiful girl to Kay Nell Black. Bobby Bankston leaves his innocent ways to Pat Farish. Mary Ann Barton leaves her Intelligence to Jean Bishop. Hoy Burnett leaves his desire to be six feet, four inches tall to Johnny Stanford. Joan Reid and Betty Skelton leave their sweetness t Martha Wiggins and Rosie Nell Crouch. Thomas Godfrey leaves his neat appearance to Darol Smith. Since Audrey Dollar has decided to dye her hair red, she leaves her blond hair to Sue Moon. Barbara Anne Self leaves her ability as pianist to Dal lie Hogeland. Tommy Ragcr leaves bis place as ladies' man to Howard Fields. To Patricia Camp. Jennie Mclnvalc leaves her beautiiul voice. I. the testor, and we, the witnesses do hereby sign this, our last Will and Testament. Witnesses: Sue Thacker Patsy Yracer Bii.uk Faye Hill Testor★ ★ ★ JUNIORS President Martha Jane I.itt Jean ’resident Branham Secretary Nancy Priest Tresnurer Howard Fields J U N I o R OFFICERS JUNIORS ANDREWS ARCHER BAILEY BALDWIN BEARDEN BEASLEY. 11 BEASLEY. I. BENNETT BISHOP BLACK. J BLACK. R BOOTH BOREN BOWERS fZuj BRADLEY BRADSHAW. G BRAND BRANHAM. W BROWN BRUCE BRYANT BYRD CAMP 9 CAMPBELL CAUDELL CAUDLE CHADWICK COLE COONEKJUNIORS CREWS CROCKER. E CROCKER, I. CROUCH CROW DAVIS ELLARD ELLISON FARIS ARISH ?OOTE FOSTER FRANK I. IN GARRETT GIBBS GILES GLENN GOODWIN HALLMARK HARRIS HARRISON HARVEY HAWKINS HAYES HELMS. K HORNHUCKLE HOWTON HURST JACKS JONES SgT LATHAM I.EVENS s'DALL j JUNIORS I.OI.I.EY I.ONG LOVF.LADY MARTIN, J MARTIN, W. J. McANNALLY MEADOWS MERRITT MILAM MILLER MOON MOORE. I) MOORE, E MORGAN MOTHERWELL OLIVER OSBORNE I’AIX.ET POINTER POWERS QUICK RASCO RATLIKE RAY RITCI1 ROBINSON RYAN SC( )TT SEGARS SHIRLEYJUNIORS SIMMON'S ft ' SMITH. SMITH. ROBERT STANFORD STARTI.EY STEVENS STONE STRICKLAND TALLEY THORNHILL, D THORNHILL. T TREADAWAY VICE WARE. II WARE. T WATSON WEAR C- C WEBSTER whisenant WIGGINS WILLIAMS WORDELL ALLISON ASHLEY BERRY BRADSHAW BUTLER CAVINESS DAVISON DILLARD DUNCAN GLASS .McANNALLY Wr-MILLAR MISSILDINE RECTOR SCHATZ SMITH. RANDAL SPEIGNER STEPHENSON STORY WALKERFOOT A w 6«N0U£TSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORE OFFICERS Sophomore .1 Rote I—David Booth. Nell Barnett. Betty Clay. Joan Buchanan. Gloria Berry, Chcri Bethune. Gail Brown, Ruth Clay. Nancy Camp. Barhara Alexander. Row 2—Mr. Hannon, Basil Burt. Bill Carson. Cherry Aders, JancII Bennett, Betty Cassady, Ruth Belcher. Dor- thy Chambers. Barbara Aderholt, Bobby Ray Clevenger, Jimmy Bryant. Rote S— Douglas Hope. Jintmv Brown, Charles Chatham. John Adkins, tarry Bailey. John Bookmillcr, tarry Brewer. Tommy Batson. Harold Adair, George Adkins. Jon Chamberlain. Lawrence Cham-Wee.£jU 4 How —T.Ioi Giles. Pa ft" i nA Sophomore B Row I—Buis Giles. Patricia harden. Delores Davis, Mac George Fanchcr, Fdwnrdine Bibb, Jane Karris. Kay Crossley, Helen Dnren. Ann Dnnkin. Row 2—Mrs. Mackey. Donald Kvans, C alvin Ewing, Jerene Downs. Patsy Crattc, Norma F» Burchfield, fitrry I.eV jCowgill, I.. G. Duke Fugenia C rnn J«ie Duncan. Row 3— Sidney Rollvn Douglas. Simuel Burgett, Ronnie Cobb. Douglas, Dan Eaves, Billy Ray Creel Jimmy Field . Dcnnic Floyd. DonabI Klllytt. Harry ............ 0-c jLsxX5-'Y] r Sophomore C Row w —Bobby Sue Forester. Juanita Gilley. F rlenc Gilliland, Joy Fortenberry, hdwina Kilcy. Row 2- Miss Trantbam. Aulia Ann Keith. I.aurctta Glaze, Edward Gentry, Martha Forbu . Darlene Gantts. Rote J—Ronnie Joe Foote. John Hughes. Eddie Joiner. Harold Jones. Larry Gore. Bol by Joe Freeman.Hirti’ I—PcgRy Johnson, Lavomte Hubbard, Thomas Hill. Martha Ann Hadley. Patsy Hadley, Gilbert Hurst, Judy Faye Helms. Bernice Grigsby, Barbara Gurley. ftotv 2— Mrs. Chaplain, Peggy Higgeubotham, Tommy House, Koss Giamportone, Pete Meadows. Sophomore P Merrill Hayden, Patsy Hurd. Shirley Faye Griffis, Kermit Hobhs. Rotv 3—Barbara Hurst, Juanita Gurley. Claitdell Holliday. James Hutchins, Kay Hendricks. Max Guthrie, James Hooper, Felix Hartley. Avery Harrell. -kJaxJoO i PLdfcgophmnorc B —Gail Lawsom Nchla I.eojjard, Vtrgie Maul- McKi Roto - ..... ....ov.., ...—--------. den, Trixie McDuffie, Margaret Ann Lyons. Dclois McGuire. Roy 2—Miss Pritchett. Jean J.chncr. Nettie l.ou Mathus. Fay Leslie. Ann Miller. Syblc Mi e. Bobby .....inney, Lillian Kilgore, Peggy Lackey, Margaret Mills. Kay Kirkland. Rote 3— Bobby Moon, Gerald Moffett. Buddy McKinney, Jimmy Marsliall, Carl Monroe. Eugene Lambert. Sam Moore. Harry Littleton, Noah Leopard. Kenneth Ray Lollar. op ho more . —Verna Mae Trice, Nellie Sue Sandlin. Bar ■ara Ann Powell. Fay Pflf all, Shelby MeMurray, Kvelyn Nelson. Jiiaiup Myrick, Anne Sander , :.... -n; Bftte Moore. Mamie Joe Pco-Glcnda Ratliff, Patsy Harold Penning Rttv 2— Mrs. Sh Pan' Russell, Patsy No mV Sirlry Murray, Betty Neill, Ruth Mullins, Norrel Payne. Rotv 3—Edward Richardson, Robert Roby, Willis Peoples, Vernon Peek, Walter Posey, John Parker, Jerrcll Sanders. Nolan Newell. Bill Owens, Jack Parsons. Ray Poole, Bobby Rollins. (Not in picture—Mirella Payne) S3 Row I—Esther Williams, Tommy Thornton, Don Daniel Thomas, I.evi Yarbrough. Barbara Strickland. Ann Scott. Norma Wilson. John Waldrop, Howard Trammell. Carol Tidwell. Row 2—Bobby Joe Wheeler. Mrs. Stnddard, Betty Ruth W ard, Betty Wilson. Sammy Wilson. Clar- Sophomore G isOyis cnee Swann, Robert White, Leon Sparks, Milton Smith. Roland Smith, Bernice Stanton. Row .?—Billy Wayne Woods. Sandra W Carolyn Sims. Janice Self, Annie Ruth Witt. Roy Songer. Harold Tillery. Margaret Vest. Turner, Kenneth Smith.NEW LIBRARY AM) LUNCHROOM Erected 1953 MISS MONTGOMERY AND PIANO STUDENTSFRESHMEN r'k 1 r • .FRESHMAN OFFICERS Freshman . I Row 1—Jimmy Briley, Emily Allison. Jimmy Bryant. Robert Crane. Jimmy Butler, Robert Bradley. Shirley Argo. Riley Cobb, Wiley Cobb. Barbara Crane, Margaret Bradshaw. Row 2—Mrs. Card, Joan Belle. Sarah Beasley, Sue Armstrong, Joyce Biackerby, Wanda Bentley. Martha Barton, No I da Boren, Margaret Bailey, Ruth Cox, Cewin Coker. Barbara Aderholt. Ron- .?—Shirley Byec. Shirley Bates. Sandra Averv. Flarl Carlisle. Jimmy Bradfield. Jerry Buttram. Eugene Brand. Barbara Best. Tommy Callahan. C.lcndolyn Coley.Freshman B Row I—Kathryn Honeycutt. Glendora Hopper. Jean Fields, Fredia Echols. Ann Erwin, Charles Greene. Kirby Howell, Russell Davis, Joe Ezell. Arthur Doss. Row 2—Miss Douglass, Bobby Fades, Howard Helms, Patsy Elliott. Klwyn Durbin, Ann Craw- ford. Donna Hebard, Jane Fennel, Jean Gibson. Eugene Hardin. Kathryn Dendy. Warren Crowder. Row 3—Chalmes Glenn, Tommy Cushman, Eugene Graves. Jack lla.-elrig, Sam Helton. Johnny Glass. Dale Holland. John Elkins. Bobby Glover. Larry Crocker. Billy Farris. Freshman ( Haw 1—Mr. Fry, Eli Hugh Fitts. Charles Quick. Robert Prince, Jerry Payne. Fred Mann, Bill Nelms. Wiley Jf»c Kinney, Jerry Kitiard, W R Mann. Row 2—Pat Maroncy. Joan McCully, Betty Jo Payne. Gloria Keplinger. Billie Hunter. Carolyn Marlin, Betty Faye Me Cay, Nancy Kessler. Betty lam Norton, Sandra McDowell, Martcen Jones. Row 3—James Moore, Charles Logan. Bobby Peak, Joy Kelly, Tommy Mayo, Richard Hooks. J. 1). Ozment. Bobby Parker. Weldon Pearman. Wayne Jordan, Ronnie Kite.Freshman P Row —Miss Kelly, Sara Stone. Jack Scott. Joyce N ates, Daniel Swann, Noel Stone, Sue Thompson, Jane Rogers, Michael Kiddle. Rote 2—Glenda Sparkman. William Sewell, Virginia Tarence, June Russell. Jimmy Smith. Billy Toma son, Betty Talley, Travis Sparks, Jeraldine Self, Dorothy Todd. Roto ,?—Hartiara Thompson. James Roliinson, Her-schcl Vessels. Johnny Singleton. Jimmy Ware, Carlton Smith. Donny Taylor. Klvin Williams. Harry Walker. Our Tivitis Row I—Nelda leopard. Noah l.eopanl. Row 2—Faye Sorrell. Kaye Sorrell. Ray Songer. Roy Songer. Jon Chamberlain, Joe Chamber lain, Ann Erwin, Carol Erwin. ACTIVITIESJAMES TERRELL. Editor MEREDITH SANDERS. Associate Editor BILLY ERWIN. Associate? Editor BROOKS SISSON, Business Manager SUE KEPLINGEH Associate- Editor GEORGE BLANKENSHIP, Business Manager MARY ANN BARTON. Advertising Director MARTHA ANN McCLl'RE, Director of Photography MRS. SMITH. Sponsor DOROTHY NOLEN. Director of Typing BERTHA KING. Assistant Typist MRS. McCUISTON, Sponsor DONALD CROCKER. Sports Director CARROLL EARLY. Sports Director RUTH OLIVER. ArtistS E C () N D S T A F F Row 1—Barbara Allredgc, Peggy Alvis. Bobby Bankston, Nila Black Ingram, Cnarldean Bowers. Row 2—Carolyn Bryant. Madge Bonds. Nancy Clements, Bobby Ray Downs, Lowell Downs. Rotor 3—Hilda Galloway, Virginia Gilmore, June Hayden. Dinah Hearn. Kathryn Lanier. Row 4—June McCullough. Billy MeGuirk. Martha Sue Hooker, Roycc Rotton. Barbara Anne Self. Row S—Kay Songer, Kaye Sorrell. Kaye Terry House. Rita Thompson, Edna Walker. Row 6—Tommy Walthall, Hcrshcl Vales, Patsy Yeager.MAKI.W, T!IK WWIAI. JUNIOR STAFF v’rm I—Nancy Kessler, Peggy Johnson, Shirley Bates. WkKt i—.Martha Forints. Jane Rogers. Patsy Hayes. Ketha Jean Smith. Hetty Neill. Joyce Merritt. Juanita Cato. K«ne S—Dorothy Chambers. Mary Delaney Turner, Dtrol Smith. Patrick Parish, Dermic Floyd, Carl Monroe, Hilly Farris.News. paper Staff 1 -Carolyn Oliver, t’atsy Hayes. Nancy (Men, ruts .Marilyn Gihlis. Juanita Cain. Martha im Mcaurc. Ann Howell. J,mc McCullough. I.ois Delnall. AW -Mrs. Howard Kaye Terry. Eugenia Crump, Marilia Forbus. Sandra McDowell, Barbara Amu- Self. Bill Nelms. Palsy Ktlard. Betty Talley, Sue Kcplingcr, Nancy Priest. Willie Jo Martin. Mrs Card, (lail Parks. Knu' 3—Peggy Ratliff. Margaret Foote, Samira Avery. David Walker. Charles Bake. Carole Phil-yaw, Barbara Best. Hershcl Yates, Jane Fennell Library Chib Kate 1—Sue Sandlin, Margaret Vest. Kctlia Jean Smith, Shirley Swindal. Shirley Griffis. Martha Forbus. Corine Belcher. Miss Broadus. Koxc 3- Doris Moore. Manila Wiggins, Xelda Trou-lias, Sidney Lee Osborne, Dorothy Chambers. Shirley Strickland. Martha Simmons. Wanda la ve Booth. Joyce Hall. Patsy Heaton. h‘»:c 3— I.illian Kilgore. Joan Buchanan. Patricia Branham. Bertha King, luiward Scgar . Judy Robinson. I.orcne Peoples, Herdtal Yates. Fredia Echols, Roy Burnett.STUDENT COUNCIL Rower . Robert Bradley, Jimmy Briley. Betty Buckner. Juanita Cato. Kutc - Nancy Clements. Bobby Ray Down . Patsy Elliott. June Ellison. Mac George Rancher. Gene Fountain, Bobby Joe Freeman. tiertc . —Marilyn Gibbs. Eugene Graves, Barbara Gurley. Rose Harrison. Dinah Hearn. Janies Hutch-in , Harold Jack . or Rote President—Shirley Kite. Vice President Faye Sorrell. Secretary—Kathryn Lanier, Tngusur-cr—June McCullough, Sponsor—Mr. Henderson. Kou 1—Advisory Committee—Martha Ann McClure, Carolyn Oliver, Peggy Ratliff. Barbara Anne Self. l)arol Smith. Rote t— Mary Ann Bart«.n, Cheri Bethyne, RobertHow 1—Harry Littleton. Willie Jo Martin. Samira McDowell, Ann Miller, Hetty Moore. Verm hi Mot Kan. Hour 1—Drew Newman. Nancy Priest, Glyiula Rat- Keid. Martha Rooker. Jacky Scott, F'rskmc Ron? 3- Kaye Sorrell. Mason Stone. Eva Ann Tally Mary Turner, Harry Walker, Tommy Walthall. Joyce Yates. The Student Council of Tarrant High School declares itself as an association for the mutual improvement and development of good character, higher ideals. l ctter sj ortsmanship and greater scholastic ratings. It endeavors to create a well-rounded curriculum and a better school spirit. MAJOR PROJECTS FOR THE YEAR School N'cwi|Ki|icr Aasembly Program Student Directory Attendance Record Clean-Up Campaign I’ermanent Honor Roll Flag-Pole for F’oothall Field MINOR PROJECTS FOR THE YEAR Howdy Week Safety Campaign Courtesy Campaign Sold Armistice Day tickets Scrapbooks for T.H. Sanitorium Pot Plant. KiMe. Thermometer, and "Thought for the Day" material furnished for each homeroomDramatic Club Row I—Trixie McDuffie. Margaret Lyons, Barbara Anne Self. Ku.se Harrison. Patricia Darden, Mirella Payne, Barbara Alldrrdgc, Peggy AI vis, Faye Sorrell. Kaye Sorrell, Dorothy Peoples, Marion Hewitt, Virginia Gilmore. Carlene I.evens. Rote J—Shirley Kite, Belly Moore. Kreida Ivchols. Barbara Powers. Glynda Ratliff, Betty Neill. Betty Sre Wilson. Mary Coleman. Jane Karris, Tommy Walthall, Sue Crocker, Jean Branham. Joyce Yates, Ruth Campbell, l.ila Ann Beasley, Mac George Fanclicr. Kdwardine Bibb. How 3—Mrs. Salter. Wayne Davis, Leroy O meiU. Jennie Mctnvale, Mason Stone, Vernon Morgan, Myra Ctircton. Donald Kngland, Thomas Godfrey, Bobby Bankston. Carroll Karlv, Hardy Franklin. Joe Chamberlain, George Blankenship. Brooks Sisson. Joyce Merritt. Monitors' Roto I—Nell Barnett. Willa Dean Boatright, IWothv Nolen. Bernice Grigsby, Martha Forbus, Shirley Poe. Shirley Jernigam Jean Bishop. Rote Elizabeth Rollins. Joan Webster. Jennie Me Invale, Carolyn Honkins, Bertha King. Nehla Club Troulias. Brooks Sisson, J. C Brown, Mr. Mitchell. Reno 3—George Blankenship. Robert Abney. Linzey Ballew. Thomas Godfrey. Milton Hendricks. Koycc Rotton. Bobby Bankston. Alton Watts. Joe Chamberlain.JUNIOR RED CROSS Mi' Mary Jones, Sponsor Joy Ann Bruce, Bill Bailey, Don- T aid Marcus. Verjlic Mauldin. Carl Monroe, Patsy Crane. Patsy Nor- Nj ris, Juanita C.illcy. Ray Songcr. ' 3 Juanita Gurley. Thomas Hill, Mamie Jo People . Donna Hchard, Nancy Kessler. Barbara Thompson. Ann Scott. Johnnie Ruth Cooner, Myra Cureton. President—Hardy Franklin. I ice President— Martha l.ittletoii. Secretary—Frank Posey. Treasurer— Shirley Jcrngan, Joan Webster. Sue Thacker. Barbara A rate Seli, Sue Kcplingcr. Faye Terry House. Maxine Bolton, Nila Black Ini-ram. James Treadaway. Edward Separs. Eloise Giles, Marion Quick. Sue Moon. Hilda Galloway, Dorothy Nolen. I We believe in service for others, for our country, our community, and Our school, in health of mind and IhkIv to fit us for greater service, and for better human relations throughout the world.Senior )'-Teens Row l—Carolyn Bryant, Ann Howell. Shirley Swiu-dal, Lois Dei nail, Patsv Hayes. Patsy Kllard. Dinah Hearn. Jo Ann Yates. Peggy Alvis, June Havden, Hetty Skelton. l.ila Ann Beasley. Coritutc Belcher. Marion Dcason. Row 2—Joyce Merritt. Mary Janice Coleman, Dallic I logeland. Jo Ann Bruce, Jeanette Brown. Shirley I'aile. Barbara Anne Self. Katie Mac Ia ng. Shirley Bearden. Carolyn Helms. Mary Sims. Kay Nell Black. Jean Branham. Jeanette Black, Martha Littleton. Joyce Hall. Miss Douglass. Row 3— Polly Harris. Joan Reid, Billy Faye Hill. Eddie Sue Crocker. Madge Bonds, Audrey Dollar, Mary Ann Barton. Myra Cureton. Rita Thompson, Edna Walker, Carlenc Levens. Shirley Myrick, Margaret Foote. Carolyn Bennett. Patsy Heaton. Marion Hewitt. Junior V-Teens Rote —Mrs. Mackey. Carol Erwin. Paula Penning ton. Jane Rogers. Jean Fields, Trixie McDuffie, Marteen Jones. Patricia Darden, Peggy Lackey. Mizella Payne. I Mores Davis, Betty Cox. Shirley Argo, Lit von ne Hubbard, Ann Erwin, Patsy Elliott. Margaret Bradshaw, Billie Hunter, Pat Maroncy. Row 2—Carolyn Sims. Sihlc Mize. Nancy Camp, Glendora Hopjier, Nancy Kessler. Kathryn Dendy, Sandra McDowell. Nclda Boren, Jane Fennell. Betty Ann Neil. Faye Lrlie, Betty Ruth Ward. Norma Wilson, Muriel Shots, Margaret Bailey. Barbara Thompson, Wanda Bcntlv. Barbara dcr-holt, Joan Belk. Sarali Beasley. Shirley Byce. Sue Armstrong, Margaret Lyons, Gail Bearden. Row 3—Jcrenc Downs, Virginia Tarence. Donna Hcbard, Patsy Norris. Janice Self. Claudell Holliday. Aulia Ann Keith. Mary Dclany Turner, Jan-ncll Bennett. Shirley Strickland, Anne Crawford. Sandra Avery. Barbara Best. Shirley Murray, Jane Farris, Lyne Kilgore. Martha Barton. Barlxira Hurst. Carolyn Marlin.Senior Hi-)' Kmc I—Hardy Franklin, Tommy Walthall, Kay Softer, Donald England. Mr. Fry, Carter Henry. Joe Wilton, Wallace I.cdbettcr. Kmc 2—Jimmy Terrell. Mason Stone. Johnny Shirley. Glynn Monagltan. Paul Tidwell. Jimmy Waldrop. Russell l.odlietter. Clive Pass. David Walker. Junior Hi- F Kmc I—Tommy Callahan. Kiss in Dttrhin, Dennie Floyd. Mr. Fry, Tommy Hill, Billy Meeks. Charles Green. Kmc 2- Kcrmit Hobbs. Russell Davis, Sam Helton, Felix Hartley. Robert White. Joe Duncan, J. 1). O .mcnt, Sam Wilson. Kmc Warren l.ee Crowder, Ronnie Kite. Roy Songer, Carry Brewer, Nolan Newell. James Hutchins. Wayne Jordan. Carl Monroe.NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Objectives CHARACTER LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP SERVICE How I—Kathryn I-anier—President, Patty Yeager— Vice President, June McCullough—Secretary, Madge Bonds- Treasurer. Mr Owen—Sponsor How 2—Barbara Alldredge. Mary Aim Barton, ('•gorge Blankenship, Mary Booth, Charldcan Bowers. How Carolyn Bradley. Betty Buckner. Nancy Clements, Bobby Ray Downs, Billy ICrwin. Sue Keplinger. Hou• 4—Martha Ann McClure, Billy Joe McGuirk. Martha Sue Rooker. Brooks Sisson, have Sorrell. James Terrell.Future Teachers of America Rote 1—Martha Sue Hooker. Pats) Yeager, Patsy Heaton. Shirley Poe, Delores Camlcll. Jean Bishop, Carolyn Bennett, Ivsthcr Williams. Rote 2— Bcmicc CriRsIty, Charldean Bowers, Kathryn l.anier, Betty Clay, Janeltc Bennett. Shirley Bear- den. Betty Buckner, Gail Bearden. Shelhv MeMur-ray, Kay Kirkland. Corine Belcher. Rote 3—N’onna Burchfield, Patricia Camp. Audrey Dollar, Mary Ann Barton. Annie Ruth Witt, Jimmy Terrell, Mrs. Studdard, Miss Trantham. Geneva Hathenck, Ktjth Belcher. Future business Leaders of America Rote 1—Carolyn Benson Abney. Dorothy Peoples, Cherry Blackerhy. Row 2— Mrs. McCuiston. Judy Kol inson, Lorcnc Peoples.W I L D C AT S Row i—Claries Bake. Jcrrcll Sanders. David Walker. Wayne Thacker, Morris Kascu. Row J- Billy l;rank Kelley. Caroll Karly—Captain. Cunningham Crow—Co-Captain, Malone Gilliam. Row Donald Crocker, Barry Brewer, Tommy Kager, Hubert Smith, Janie Hutchins. Bill Bailey.FOOTBALL TEAM Not,- 1—Wayne Thacker. Bill Bailey. Robert Bower . David Walker. Cunningham Crow. Carroll Early. Johnny Singleton. Tommy Hager. t.on Crocker, Ronald Crocker. Now 2—Henry Snow Assistant Coach. Howard I low ton. Bill Ingram. Charles Ukc, Pelt Smith. Jcrrell Sanders. Sidney Ingram. Morns Rasco. Frank Jones, Eddie Joiner. Jon Chamberlain, Larry Brewer. Howard Foote—Coach. Nate 3 James Hutchins. I km Crocker. Ronnie Marcus. Boh Wear. Herman Ware. Ronnie J'tc Foote. L. C. Duke. BoM»v Parker. Larry.'Core, Malone (iilliam. Billy Frank Kelley. TEAM IN POSITION IOVCE MERRITT flonurotnim (Jurat SIZE THACKER Irinislirr Day QueenJohnson. Edna Walker—Drum Major ty Mackey—Mascot. Joyce Merritt— jrette, Gloria Berry. Majorettes Rote 2—Barbara Strickland, Marion Deaton. Jean Branham. Peggy lvis. June Hayden. Dinah □ learn, Mary Coleman. Row 1— ettc. ('heerlcadcrs Hardy Franklin. Ann Howell, Carter Henry. Donald Floyd. Sue Thacker. Martha Ann McClure. Tommy Faigland, Myra Cure ton, Carlcnc I.evens, Dennic Walthall. Shirley Kite. Brooks Sisson.Band Roto 1—Peggy Jnhibon, Marion Dcasoti. Kaye Cross-Icy, Peggy Sliaddix Alvis, June Hayden. Ivina Walker, jimmy Mackey—Mascot. Joyce Merritt, Mary Coleman, Barbara Strickland, Jean Bran ham, Dinah Hearn, Gloria Berry. Roto 2—-Carolyn Oliver. Ann Miller, Marion Hewitt. Geneva Hathcoek, Vrrgic Mauldin. Ruth Campbell, Margaret Lyons. Klainc Hill. Jane Rogers. Betty Talley, Bill Nelms, Travis Sparks, Billy Meeks. Noah Leopard. Jern Payne, Roland Smith, J 1). Oxment, Warren Lee Crowder, Jerry Mc.Annally, W ayne Jordan. Row .4—Thomas Godfrey, Royce Kotton, Tommy Mayo, Leroy O ment. Faye Sorrell, Kaye Sorrell, Martha Barton, Sue Thompson, Barbara Powers, Kva Ann Talley, Nelda Leppard. Dorothy Cham hers, Maxine Bolton, Jane Fennell, Carl Monroe, Robert Prince. Ronnie Kite, Weldon Pearman, Leon Sparks, Paul Kendall. ' WXjO Glee Chib Row I— Miss Pritchett. Martha Jane Littleton. Liza-beth Rollins, Carol Erwin, Mae Georgc Fane her. Juanita Cato, Shirley Kite. Kay Kirkland, Eddie Sue Crocker. Nancy Kessler, Wanda Love Booth, Carlene Levens. Barliara Anne Self. Row 2—Edwardine Bibb, Betty Moore. o Ann Bruce, Helen Durand, Nell Ganus. Sylvia Hobson. Esther Williams, Nelda Boren, Billie Hunter, Margaret Bradshaw. Joyce Blackerhv. Verna Mae Price. Gayle Bradshaw. Ann Erwin. Row .?—Trixie McDuffie. Jean Gibson. Mary Simms, Barbara Pitch. Sandra McDowell. Martha Forbus, Shirley Milam. Aulia Ann Keith. Juanita Gilley, Edna Walker. Row 4—Betty Jo Bradley. Freda Echols, Carolyn Sims, Mary Turner, Sandra Avery, Barbara Best, Janice Self, Virginia Tare nee. Jennie Mclnvale, Patsy Herd.BASKETBALL Row 1- Roy Burnell, Harold Jack'. Bobby Ware, Rotv- 2—Charles Lake, Robert Smith. Bobby Joe Jack Bradshaw, Sidney IiiKram. Wheeler, Billy Frank Kc.lcy. TEAM li Rote —Howard Trammell, Tommy House, Thomas Rou’ 2- Jay Kelley. Charles Stevens. Jerome Farris. Hill. James Ryan. Sidney Ingram. H. V’. Beasley. Wiley Branham.BASEBALL Rotv I—Hoy Burnett, Howard Trammell, Bobby Barker, Sonny Jack , Cunningham Crow, Harry Littleton, James Hutchins. Row 2—Coach Foote, Boh Ware, Johnny Singleton, Sidney Ingram, Charles Lake, Wiley Branham, Howard Fields. Coach Snow. Row $—Charles Stevens. Limey Ballcw, Billy l rank Kelley. Malone Cilliani, HonaM Crocker. The Cay Kinetics R(w 1 Peggy Alvis (lying down), Shirley Kite. Merritt, Tommy Walthall. Martha Ann McClure, Rote 2 Billy Joe Davison, Wayne Davis. Hardy Thomas Godfrey, Leroy O tncnt. Franklin, Kaye Crowley. Jean Branham, JoyceForum Club Rote I—Ruth Oliver. Faye Terry House. Kay Kirk- Rote 2—Miss Hammond, Lowell Downs, Burny Stan-land. Jack Scott. ion. Billy Burchfield. Paul Kendall. Billy Erwin. Priver Training Class Rote —Ruth Campbell. Billy Erwin. Janies Ryan. June McCullough, Willie Mahaffcc. Harold Brown, Bill Strickland. Pat Parish. Billy Joe MeGuirk, Gayle Harvey, Polly Harris. Rirte 2—Elizabeth Rollins. Nettie Miller. Shirley Byrd. Jcarlene Peacock. Betty Buckner. Charldcai. Bowers, Jo Ann Yates. Rose Harrison. Geneva Hathcock. Eva Talley. Willie Jo Martin. Kaye Sorrell. Faye Sorrell, Mr. Snow. Rote 3—I.orenc Peoples. Judy Robinson. Rita Thompson. Betty Skelton. Dorothy Nolen, Billy Karl Meadows. Ann Howell, Shirley Myrick. Dorothy Peoples. Ruth Oliver. Corinne Lolley. Shirley Bearden. Carolyn Bennett. Joan Webster.HONORS D.A.R. Good Citizenship Senior Girj. HKTTY BUCKN KR 11 inningham-Xru s Oratorical Representative ('.LYNDA RATLIFF I.aurie Hattie Tour Representative MARTHA JANK 1.1TTLKTON Representatives to Girl State MARY ANN BARTON Hoy State BROOKS SISSONBoosters JAMES DKKNNKN DKFNALL 3425 42twl Place North V. J. ELMORE STORKS. INC 2921 North 27th St. Phone 7-4328 TARRANT WOODWORK NOVELTY SHOP Pcarman. Owner—Pinson St. KING HARDWARE AND SEED PAINTS — BUILDING MATERIAL PIPE — TOOLS 1519 Pinson Street Telephone 52-2284 Tarrant 7. Alabama YVc appreciate the help given us by the advertisers, the photographer, the patrons of the school, the student body, and the faculty. The Senior (. 'loss of 1953Congratulations to the GRADUATING GLASS OF 1953 from CARLISLE Flour Grain Company Tarrant, Alabama KEARNEY SMITH, Class ’33 7. JOYCE MALI.Congratulations to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1953 from HARRIS SMITH DRY GOODS AND SHOES 1114-16 Ford Avenue Tarrant 7. Alabama ★ MAYBETII SMITH HARRIS Class of 39 «. MARION DKASONOUR ALMA MATER I). II. BRENNAN Photographer (Class of 29) SAM F. BRENNAN Photographer (Class of ’40) Specialist in Quality Photography TARRANT PHOTO SERVICE 1623 Pinson Street Phone 52-3374 Weddings. Songs, Musical Recitals, Speeches, and Records Duplicated . . . Tape or Disc Recording made in your Home. Church, or in our Acoustically Perfect Studio. TARRANT RECORDING STUDIO 1623% Pinson Street Phone 52-3374 14. MARTHA ANN McCLl'RE v4pologies to Poetess Stein. A rose may lie endlessly a rose; a joh is more than just a joh. A joh is a living. So when you looh for a job, you want security, good pay, assurance of raises and opportunity to advance. Telephone girls find all these things and more in interesting and important johs in a growing industry. Why not come in and talh with us about a position at the Telephone Company? THE TELEPHONE COMPANY IS A GOOD PLACE TO WORK BARBARA ALLDREDCEBest Wishes to GRADUATING GLASS OF ’53 from Alabama By-Products Corporation 16. MARY ANN BARTONKETONA LUMBER COMPANY For All Kinds of BUILDING MATERIAL Call 52-3031 J. B. (BHAC) colleys TRI-STATE SERVICE COMPANY PAINT — II MIDWARE PHONOGRAPH RECORDS 4009 Vanderbilt Road Phone 52-1612 Birmingham, Alabama 47. CORINE BFIjCHER CRUMPTONS RADIO — TELEVISION SERVICE 1618 Pinson Street 52-1773 17. CARROLL EARLYCongratulations ALABAMA BUTANE APPLIANCE CO. 1722 Pinson Street Tarrant, Alabama 37. SUE THOMAS J. E. DILLARD AND SONS CONSTRUCTION CO. 2119 8th Avenue, North, Bessemer Erected New Library and Lunchroom—Addition to Tarrant High School 1952-1953 SHOWER BATHS SHOE SHINES ALEX’S BARBER SHOP A Three-Chair Shop Patronize a Veteran 1107 Ford Avenue Tarrant. Alabama 71. JENNIE McINVALR FINE GIFTYVARE CARSON-ERWIN CO. Tarrant, Alabama 39. CHARI.DEAN BOWERSCompliments of TARRANT FINANCE AND LOAN COMPANY, INC. TARRANT, ALABAMA 22. PATSY YEAGER VALLEY DISCOUNT 1110 Ford Avenue Tarrant, Alabama 31. WAYNE THACKER LEHMAN ALLEY DRUG STORE NO. 3 1701 Pinson Street Prompt and Free Delivery Service Phone 52-4893 Cl. JOHNNIE CALLAHAN BOWERS GLASS SERVICE 228 South 24th Street Birmingham. Alabama Phone 53-4721 I. CAROLYN BRYANTPAUL H. SNOW REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Pinson, Alabama Phone Pinson 2271 Birmingham 59-9689 Class of ‘28 30. J. C. BROWN I Iooray for Thee! Class of ’53 “Keep It Clean” with SPOTLESS CLEANERS 3431 Vanderbilt Road 1202 East Lake Blvd. 7631 Georgia Road 4040 29th Street, North 9160 4th Avenue, South 1427 50th Street North 3126 12th Avenue. North •3116 27th Street, North BURNS PHARMACY 541 Jackson Boulevard Tarrant. Alabama Phone 52-2384 or 52-9176 1C. FAYE TERRY ED BRASWELL FURNITURE COMPANY Birmingham, Alabama Phone 3-1577 0. THOMAS GODFREYMcCULLOUGI I ROOTERY 1613 Pinson Street 52-1319 Tarrant Class of 34 NUNN-BUSH SHOES FOR MEN (H). JO ANNE YATES SELF HOME APPLIANCE AND SHOE SHOP 1726 Pinson Street Phone 52-9154 "Patronize An Old Grad” 62. DOROTHY PEOPLES J. H. BERRY REALTY COMPANY 2910 North 27th Street Phone 3-0271 2. JEAIU.ENE PEACOCK Co7igratutatio7i8 BI TTRAM’S CLEANERS Phone -1261 Pinson. Alabama SO. RAY SONCERGURLEY INSURANCE AGENCY All Kinds of Insurance BONDS — AUTOMOBILE — FIRE — HOSPITAL 1111 Ford Avenue Phone 52-4584 TARRANT, ALABAMA 43. DAVID WALKER Cong -ra t uta t i o ns, ( rad nates From PRICES DRUG SUNDRIES Your Store of Quality and Service Phone 5641 Pinson, Alabama BARTON HARDWARE CO. 533 Jackson Blvd. Phone 52-2644 Pittsburgh Paints — Tools Gift Items — Toys 10. EDNA WALKER Have You Seen FUI -T(). IDA LE ESTATES Beautiful Voo led Lots Gas, Water. Electric and Telephone — Easy Terms — BURCH WELL COMPANY, INC. 2130 First Avenue, North Phone 7-8700 26. DONALD CROCKERCongratulations GRADUATING CLASS OF 1953 THE MAGIC CITY ENGRAVING COMPANY 1823M Fourth Avenue South BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 19. DINAH HEARN NATIONAL TIRE SALVAGE CO., INC. ★ NATIONAL RAG WASTE CO., INC. North Birmingham, Alabama JIM PALMER AND SONS Owners 70. PEGGY ALVIS WATTS BARBECUE Heal Pit Barbecue Steaks and Chops Homemade Polls 2622 28th Avenue North Binniiu'ham SI. MILTON HENDRICKS A RWOOD SERVICE STATION J. L. “SONNY” RWOOI), Owner Road and Wrecker Service Gas. Oil. Lubrication Tires. Batteries and Accessories FUI.TONDALE. ALABAMA Phone 7-9156 21. JIMMY WALDROPCongratulations to the Wildcat Staff Com m e rci a 1 Printing Com pa n v 1805 Second Avenue, South BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 30. June McCullough AL DEMENT CHEVROLET COMPANY North Birmingham CHEVROLET SALES AND SERVICE RCA and ADMIRAL TV Frigidnire Electric Appliances 59. MARY SIMS H. C. ASTON SONS DRY GOODS SHOES AND NOTIONS 1021 Pinson Street Tarrant. Alabama 45. CLAUDIA PASS Phone 52-1221 Res. 52-2031 ANDERSON AUTO SERVICE COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 1-110 Pinson Street Tarrant. Alabama 53. GENEVA HATH COCKCITY OF TARRANT CITY ★ ELECTRIC DEPARTMENT Use T. V. A. for Low-Cost Electricity 27. SORREI.L TWINS%a! % % Something to cheer about— Such good cleaning and at such a saving through BAKER’S exclusive Cash and Carry Method “Tarrant's Modern Drji Cleaners” On Ford Avenue — Tarrant’s Broadway 42. RITA THOMPSON KAISER —HENRY J WILLYS CARS FAUCETT AUTO IMPLEMENT CO. Willys-Overland Sales and Services 1061 Pinson Street Tarrant, Alabama E. B. FAUCETT E. C. HAMM. Service Manager PIIONE 52-3953 CLAY AND MARSH GROCERY Groceries — Meats Phone 52-2172 11. CAROLYN BRADLEY CUNLIFFS FLOWERS 1037 Pinson Street Tarrant. Alabama MRS. I. W. CUNLIFP. Owner Corsages — Potted Plants Funeral Wreaths Phone 52-3418• BlG-pkturc tclcviiion ii the 8€ST l«l« vition - o«d iKit 21-inch Ml hot it| • Frcth, tophitticoltd conlempoioiy cabinet, fmiihcd in mohogony or walnut. Blond finilh slightly higher RCA Victor Lansford Model (I2T2I8) CUNNINGHAM HOME APPLIANCE 1705 Pinson St., Tarrant. Alabama Phone 52-5526 to RCA VICTOR television wtffi ik Magic Monitor Dealers for Frigidaire and Westinghouse Refrigerators, Ranges, Washers, Water Heaters and other Appliances. 55. ELAINE HILL CONGRA TULA TIONS from KESSLERS PHARMACY to the Graduating Class of ’53 1152 East Lake Blvd. TARRANT CITY. ALABAMA PRESCR1 rriONS—DRUGS—SUN DR IES Phone 52-3962 56. FRANKIE ARMSTRONG Res. Phone 52-26-36 Off. Phone 52-1222 List Your Property with CARDWELL REAL ESTATE COMPANY SALES AND RENTALS 1106 Ford Avenue Prompt and Efficient Service 57. SHIRLEY MILLAR COWGILL AND SONS DRUG CO. 3130 North 27th Street Phone 7-4170 20. SIIIRLEY FAILE■-PPS WEWELRY VOMPANY | 10-DIAMOND DUET DONT MISS THIS AMAZING VALUE! • « •••« •» irn at, » ny n nM It'S vi M-t -•••» or «• •- »u A. ......I iiIm1 tASr CftIDIT . . $1.25 WttKtY • tPP'i Written Guotontccd O.omondi • use cpps "CMifReuL cnioir- Two “Cheerful” Stores 1810 3rd Avenue, North — 4-7401 125 North 19th Street — 4-5618 4. SUE THACKER Congratulations and Beat Wishes to Graduating Class of 1953 KLFENRITE CLEANERS 1610 Pinson Street Phone 52-4221 MR. AND MRS. CARMEN L. JONES Owners VANITY BEAUTY SALON Phone 2581 Pinson. Alabama •12. SHIRLEY JERNIGAN 1. () A N S Auto — Furniture — Endorsed All Forms of Insurance FINANCE SERVICE, INC. 3106 North 26th Street North Birmingham, Alabama DAVID McCARTY. President 12. KATHRYN LAMER Compliments Compliments of FENNELL NASH MOTORS EAST SIDE DRUG Phone 52-5900 0410 East Lake Bivd. 1505 Pinson Street Phone 9-8781 Tarrant. Alabama . E. Comer Airport 40. BOBBY BANKSTON CONGRA TULA 7 IONS To Our First Customer JONES VALLEY BARBARA ANNE SELF Pure Pork SAUSAGE INFANTS DIAPER SERVICE, With a Flavor You'll Favor INC. Phone 54-9526 2940 4tli Avenue, South Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham, Alabama Phone 54-8641 54. I.INZEY BAI.I.FAV ETOWAH STREET GROCERY Where Service Is Rendered until Pleasure PAUL’S DONUT SHOP 4S45 10th Avenue, North Birmingham, Alabama — WE DELIVER — Phone 59-4S21 Phone 52-9150 24. DOROTHY NOLENDOLL-UP BEAUTY SHOP 1632V; Pinson Street DE SMAZO'S FLOWERS 332 Magnolia Court Telephone 52-3094 Owned and Operated by BEAUTIFUL ARRAN 1EM ENTS IRENE REID. 32 FOR ARLEN'A SELF FINKKAI — WEDDINGS CORSAGES — POTTED PLANTS 28. BILLY JOE FORTENBERRY 34. BERTHA KING ERWIN REALTY COMPANY REALTORS CORNELIUS GROCERY Sales — Rentals — Insurance 1620 Pinson Street Phone 52-3152 1105 Ford Avc. Tarrant. Alabama TARRANT 7. ALABAMA 8. SHIRLEY MYHICK 49. JOAN REID DANIELS Phone: Off., 52-2637 Res.. 52-5555 PRESCRIPTION OPTICIANS JAMES F. HARPER Prescriptions Filled . . . Dial 3-0635 CHIROPRACTOR GLASSES REPAIRED Free Parking Space for Your Convenience Office Hours: 9-12 A.M. and 1:30-5:30 P.M. And By Appointment 1517 Pinson Street 2028 Highland Avenue Tarrant AlabamaFUI.TONDALE SUNDRIES S. J. FERLISI Fultondale, Alabama “Meats Fit For A King" SAM MICKWEE. Owner FANCY GROCERIES TOYS — DRUGS — ICE CREAM FRUITS AND VEGETABLES MAGAZINES - SUNDRIES Phone 7-9203 1924 Vanderbilt Road 52. THOMAS PERRYMAN 41. ROY BURNETT ANDERSON BIRMINGHAM SIDING BRASS WORKS. INC. Post Office Drawer 2151 ROOFING COMPANY Birmingham 1. Alabama 1815 Pinson Street Manufacturers of: Phone 52-3449 Applicators of Johns-Mansvillc Hoofing and Siding Small Monthly Payments Bronze Aluminum Power Connectors, Clamps. Fittings and Accessories for Electrical Substation, Transmission and 1 )istribution Applications 66. MAXINE BOLTON J. B. FASSIMA FANCY AND STAPLE GROCERIES WESTERN MEATS I .e wisbi i r g, Alabama Phone 3-7037 Phone 52-5007 MUSGROVE FURNITURE COMPANY NEW AND USED FURNITURE CRAVES MUSGROVE. Proprietor 1608 Pinson Street Tarrant. Alabama 68. ANN HOWELL 67. JOE CHAMBERLAINR. N. GARVICH FRESH VEGETABLES, FRUITS. MEATS EVERY VARIETY OF FOOD BEST QUALITY 272 Springdale Hoad Birmingham. Alabama 38. SUE KEPMNC.ER GURLEY OIL COMPANY 1912 Pinson Street Tarrant, Alabama DISTRIBUTORS OF SHELL PRODUCTS GASOLINE — FUEL OIL INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Phone 52-1681 33. AUDREY DOLLAR Latest Styles in Sportswear Casual Dresses and Party Attire for the Junior Miss BAR ASCII S SPECIALTY SHOP Tarrant's Newest and Most Modern Store 1617 Pinson Street Phone 52-2333 BILL BAILEY MOTORS, INC. B i rm high a m 8 New Nash Dealer FOR GOOD USED CARS OR A NEW NASH 300 South 22nd Street Phone 3-6124 13. JIMMY REEVES GINN DRUG COMPANY 2831 North 27th Street Phone 7 4179 18. BROOKS SISSON Fulton Springs Restaurant Tourist Court WE SPECIALIZE IN STEAKS AND FRIED CHICKEN Highway 31 North Phone 7-8852 I.Fl.DON M. IIOOTEN, Owner 48. PATSY HEATON Compliments of R. C. VlcNABB PASCHAL P. (PAT) VACCA E. W. MANN PRODUCE COMPANY ALABAMA POULTRY EGG CO. 1309 Pinson Street Tarrant, Alabama Phone 52-5578 Processors of “MAC-VAC” Choicest Poultry 05. ROBERT DANIEL and Eggs MILLER FURNITURE Phone 52-5582 COMPANY 1809-11 Pinson Street Tarrant, Alabama “Tarrant'8 Complete Home Furnishers" 1146-48 East Uke Blvd. Tarrant 7. Alabama Phone 52 2344 29. NANCY CLEMENTS KENTS SERVICE Compliments STATION °f 1801 Pinson Street S. H. KRESS COMPANY Phone 52-9120 North Birmingham. Alabama 65. BETTY SUE WILSON 58. SHIRLEY KITE KIBBEY’S FOOD STORE JOHNNY’S BUS SANDWICH SHOP To Serve You Is a Pleasure To Please You Is Our Desire 2619 North 29th Avenue North Birmingham, Alabama 2146 Past I.ake Blvd. Rest Fats in To ten 28. JOE FACCARDHAMBRICE SERVICE S T A TION WESTERN AUTO SALES AGENCY TEXACO PRODUCTS Phone 1371 Pinson, Ala. Open 7 Day a Week Congratulations to the Class of 1953 PARKS ICE CREAM PARLOR A Good Place for Young People to Meet 1142 East Lake Blvd. Phone 52-9232 ROGERS CO., INC. LOANS FINANCE AND REALTY 3100 North 27th Street Phone 3 4381 25. MARY BOOTH PINSON PHARMACY Phone 4322 IjOW Overhead and Cash Prices Insures Minimum Prices to the Customer Registered Pharmacist On Duty At All Times 0. BILLY FOUNTAIN RICHARDSON HARDWARE COMPANY HARDWARE — TOOLS — PAINTS CLASS AND SEEDS 1817 Pinson Street Phone 52-4646 Tarrant. Alabama After Graduating Attend MASSEY BUSINESS COLLEGE It's A Good School PALMERDALE COMMUNITY STORE G. T. WALKER 15. MADGE BONDS Congratulations, Seniors MELROSE CREAMERY COMPANY 1015 North 20th Street Birmingham 4. Alabama Phone 7-4175 5. DREW NEWMANK. A. MICKWEE dry goods—groceries—produce MEATS AND FEED Phone Cardendale 3-4361 New Castle Cardendale Road TARRANT 5c AND 10c STORE Come to See Us At 1715 Pinson Street TARRANT JEWELRY CO. 1707 Pinson Street WATCHES — DIAMONDS SILVER — OTHER JEWELRY WATCH REPAIRS 3. BILLY FRANK KELLEY TARRANT COFFEE SHOPPE Specializes in Home-Cooked Food and Home-Made Pies 1112 Ford Avenue SOUTHERN PRECISION PATTERN WORKS, INC. Manufacturers of WOOD AND METAL PATTERNS 4410 First Avenue, North TARRANT FEED GROCERY Telephone 52-2052 GROCERIES ND FRESH MEATS Compliments of WOODWARD FLOWER SHOP 3521 39th Place, North Birmingham, Alabama STRICKLIN CAR CO. 1112 Ford Avenue Phone 52-3239SANDERS BROTHERS BIG SAVER STORE Phone 2661 Pinson, Alabama ROSEMONT FLOWER SHOP Funeral Designs — Corsages Potted Plants blowers For All Occasions 406 North 79th Street Phone 9-6759 •14. MEREDITH SANDERS WHITE’S PIT BARBECUE 1125 Pinson Street Tarrant. Alabama GULF SERVICE STATION E. E. Me A BEE Bradford Highway GROCERIES — GAS — OIL Phone 4391 PHONE 52 3317 TARRANT MATTRESS CO. Mattresses ami binersprings Made and Renovated Upholstery — New Furniture —We ('all For and Deliver— 1420 Pinson Street Tarrant, Alabama KEI.CIE A. WARDRUP Friendly Sendee With a Smile at MONAGHAN SERVICE STATION 1326 Pinson Phone 52-9174 64. BARBARA AVNE SELF MAY STEWART FURNITURE CO., INC. 2913 North 27th Street Birmingham, Alabama See Ux Before You Buy Phone 7-8739 Add to Your Natural Beauty by Going to ANNABELLE’S BEAUTY SHOPPE 1836 Pinson Phone 52-9117

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