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i ii it i; ii ii it ii S WE, the graduating class of Tarrant High School, enter the world of work, we leave this, the fourth edition of “The Wildcat,” the purpose of which is to present a cross section of daily life in Tarrant High School. If, in the dim and distant future, cherished memories of our days at Tarrant High School may be awakened by the perusal of these pages, so that we may once again relive our happy school days, then indeed shall our work not have been in vain and we shall feel amply repaid for our efforts. We extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the faculty and students of our school for their co-operation in helping us to produce this book. We hope that it will give you as much pleasure in reading it as it has us in working on it.ii i: iiici t i ii In recognition of her varied talents and in appreciation of her generosity in sharing them ungrudgingly with the students both in activities and in classes, we, the Senior Class of 1952, dedicate this edition of “The Wildcat” to Mrs. Leroy Salter. “To know her is to love her” IIVI m S THAT 1ON W. A. PARKER, A.B. Superintendent L. I). HEAD, B.S., M.A. PrincipalBOYCE BROADUS, AB.. M.A., B.S. Librarian MYRTLE S. CARD, B.E. English MILDRED DOUGLASS, B.S. Ma the mattes. Science JOHN T. DRAKE Auto Mechanics CLARENCE B. EPPS Machine Shops G. H. FREDY, B.S., M.E. M ech anical I) raf ting GLENN E. GLASS R ad io Re pa irin g ODELL F. GRADY, A.B. Social Studies MARY A. HAMMOND, B.S. Social Studies MILTON S. HENDERSON. A.B. Taping J. WAYNE HITEN Cabinet Making LUCILLE H. HOWARD. A.B. Social StudiesFaculty ELLEN P. JOHNSTON, B.S. Shorthand, Typing MARY JONES, B.S. .4 mencav Democracy MARJORIE LIDE, A.B. Social Living A tt tendance Supervision EDNA S. MACKEY, A.B. Social Studies HENRY M. MARTIN Welding Dus in css S u bject s C. VV. MERCK Hand G. A. MITCHELL, B.S., A.B.. MA.t LL.B. Mathematics, General Business ORMA MONTGOMERY Degree of Music Piano N. H. OWEN, A.B. Latin, Business Training ROSEMARY POWELL, B.S. PhysicaI Education R. 0. POWERS Office Machines MaintenanceFaculty KATHE RINE PRITCH ETT y Glee Club FRANCES M. ROBERSON. R.S. 1 Science. EFFIE MAE SALTER, A.R. English HENRIETTA SHELTON, B.S. ome Econo m ice JENNIE J. SMITH, A.B. English BESS C. STUDDARD, A.B. English •s JEANETTE URICK Registrar MARVIN T. VINES. A.B., M.A. Coach M. G. WALKER Welding RUTH T. WARD, A.B. English, Speech c . WILLIAM P. TURNER Body and Fender Repair Picture Not Shown THOMAS A. WARNELL Electricity JAMES F. HARMON, B.S. Science HENRY T. SNOW. B.S. Driver Training . 1 ssis ta nt Cbach ‘vu ur-TirisTririrsTrinnrirsTinrvTSTnnrs s 4l MA MATER Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Here’s our praise to you! Guide art thou in youthful school days, Banner, Gold and Blue. Hail to Tarrant, hail our high school! ’Tis the name we love, With the Gold of light around her. Blue of truth above. Hail thy children now and ever. Who shall come to thee! May our hearts in love united. Faithful always be. Raise your voices, swell the chorus, Sing of Gold and Blue; Alma Mater, we adore thee And we’ll aye be true. ISENIORS 1952 K S£ £.' CRu+iBussmss officers r Harry Farris Nell Hairston Sue Edwards Jack Hendricks Mrs. Johnston President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Senior Sponsor Motto: “Work will win when wishing won’t Colors: Red and White Flower: RoseSeniors ROBERT ABNEY “ luck" M )TTO: AI ways work NELDA ORINE ACTON “Mickey" Motto: Friends, like books, should be well chosen. ANNETTE PATRICIA ADKINS “Pat" Motto You are not dressed for work until you put on a smile. Y-Teens, Monitors’ Club, Paper Staff, National Honor Society BILLY RAY AI.VIS “Lauyo" Motto: Cull not which belongs not to thee. ROBERT B. ALVIS “Hob" Motto: Sense is like cents; the more you have the less it rattles. Hi-Y JOYCE KATHRYN ANDERSON “Little Hit" Motto: Give away pearls and rubies. but keep your fancy free. Majorette, Y-Teens SARAH FRANCES BAILEY “Cootcr" MOTTO: So live that the minister who officiates at my funeral will not be unduly embarrassed. Y-Teens, Library Club NELLIE A DELE BARNES “Pay" MOTTO: If you would be loved, love and be lovable. Red CrossSeniors ROBERT BARNETT “Bookie" Motto: Money isn't everything, hut it helps. Hi-Y, Monitors’ Club DELORES BEASLEY ud. nr MOTTO: I agree with no man’s opin ions; I have some of my own. Y-Teens, Monitors' Club. FAYE BEASLEY Motto: "Don’t flinch. Don’t foul. Hit the line hard.” Dramatic Club, Student Council Cheerleader WILMA RUTH BENSON “Ruth” Motto: Easy Street is not reached by Doolittle Avenue. Monitors’ Club BETTY SUE KINNEY BETH UN E “Sadie Boo” Motto: To get all 1 can and can all I get. Band (’ARTIS LEE BLACK “Shorty" Motto: Do not expect to get more out of life than you put into it. EDWARD GILBERT BOOKER “Ed" MOTTO: Girls, not grades, have been my aim. Newspaper Staff, Hi-Y, T Club MARY JANE BOWERS 'Poochie” Motto: Love thy girl friends as thyself but leave her boy friend alone. National Honor Society, Library ClubSeniors JOE BRADLEY Motto: The price of progress is trouble. Hi-Y MARION BURGIN Motto: A friend in need is a friend indeed. Monitors’ Club, Forum Club CAROLYN ANN BUSBY “Cocky” Motto: The tongue is unruly and makes many slips, so watch your mouth and guard your lips. Y-Teens, Majorettes. Dramatic Club WILLIAM CHAPPELL Motto: Do not wait for opportunity to knock at your door, but go meet it. NETTIE RUTH COFFMAN “Red" MOTTO: Fear not, neither be discouraged. Y-Teens, Monitors’ Club BEVERLY ANNE COLLEY “Coonie” Motto: Love to live; live to love. Y-Teens, Library Club MARY LOUISE COLLINS "Lou” Motto: Love is like the measles; you always catch it. Red Cross EDWARD LEWIS COWGILL "Ed" Motto: Worth makes the man, ami want of it, the fellow. Student Council, Hi-YSeniors ANNIE LAURIE COX “Lardin'' MOTTO: It matters not what you are thought to be. but what you are. Y-Teens. Barn! CARLTON LEWIS CRANE “Corky" Motto: There will be no dilly-dallying; got to go. EDMOND CREEL “Eddie" Motto: If Cod be for us; who can be against us. Band, Hi-Y MAXINE KUJAN CROCKER “Mackie" Motto: Believe and trust in God. MARY ANN CROSSLBY “Mac" Motto: A winner never quits; a quitter never wins. Dramatic Club. Y-Teens, Paper Staff, Majorette, Student Council, Armistice Queen MARY ANNE CRUM BLISS “Ronie" MOTTO: Work is life; good work is good life. National Honor Society, Y-Teens, Paper Staff JAMIE LOU CUSHMAN “Skoofvr" Motto: Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may diet. Cheerleader, Y-Teens, Dramatic Club, Glee Club » EUGENE DANIEL “Gene” Motto: Leave well enough alone.Seniors VIRGINIA MAY DAWSON “Jenny" MOTTO: To regard music as the grandest gift God has given us. Dramatic Club, Y-Teens, Band JAMES RICHARD DOBBINS "Jim” MOTTO: What you are born is God's gift to you; what you make of yourself is your gift to God FRANKIE SUE EDWARDS "Static” MOTTO: Politeness costs nothing, but gains everything. Dramatic Club, Y-Teens, National Honor Society, Cheerleader BANKS MARRY FARRIS "Kentucky” Motto: When we do what we can, God will do what we can't. Ili-Y, T Club CAROLYNE NELL FITZGERALD “Fitzy” Motto: Never hurry; it will make you gray-headed Y-Teens BILL FOOTE “Hoof” Motto: Be a friend to all. HAZEL RUTH GILLIAM "Hadacol” Motto: If you ever need a helping hand, look at the end of your arm. Red Cross, Future Business Leaders of America ISLA JUNE GILLILAND "Junie” MOTTO: None of Self and all of Christ. Future Business Leaders of America, Student Council, National Honor SocietySeniors JIMMY RAY GLENN “James" Motto: The days never know what the years learn Hi-Y LORETTA GODDARD "Hunk” Motto: When you find something you want, go after it. There is more competition than you realize. Future Business Leaders of America JEAN GODFREY “Kid" MOTTO: People and pins are both useless when they lose their heads. Dramatic Club, Band VELTON MAREI.L GOODWIN "Roll" Motto: A smile costs nothing, hut reaps dividends Dramatic Club, Y-Teons ROBERT WORTHY GOSNELL "Killer" MOTTO: Kill or be killed JEWEL GRIGSBY "Jabo" MOTTO: A laugh is worth a thousand groans in any market. GERALD RAY GUTHRIE "Roues" MOTTO: The hen is the only thing that can si' 1 idends. Hi-Y. T Club FRANCES NELL HAIRSTON "Nell" MOTTO: Success comes in “cans” with each individual furnishing his own can-opener Dramatic Club, Y-Teens, Band, National Honor Society. Newspaper Staff UUW II UHU |IMHIUIC »«■» Seniors GARY CECIL HARKEY MOTTO: I will find u way or make one. Hi-Y, Monitors' Club CARKOI. JO ANNE MARTIN-11 ARRIS “Jody" MOTTO: All truly great women are weak, and I’m not feeling well. Newspaper Staff, Y-Teens ROY STEELE HARRIS “Oh- Pete" Motto: Jog on. T Club PEGGY JOYCE HAYDEN “Pebe" MOTTO: Anger is momentary madness, so control your passion or it will control you. Y-Teens, Red Cross HERBERT C. HENDRICKS “Jack," “Hub" MOTTO: Smile if it kills you and die with a dent on your face. Cheerleader, Hi-Y, T Club • ’ y ' t • MABLE HIGGINBOTHAM “Higg" Motto: Never go where you would be ashamed to he found dead. ARNOLD HILL “Hay” MOTTO: Let us watch and he sober. EDITH ELIZABETH HILL “Eddie" Motto: Criticism comes easier than craftsmanship.Seniors IRMA JEAN HOLMES “Jeanie” Motto: Man rises only on the wings of faith. National Honor Society, Student Council, Y-Teens GLADYS JOAN HOLMES “Dag mar” MOTTO: A planned life is more likely to become a successful life. CECIL ELDRIDGE HUDSON “Bud" MOTTO: You can do very little with faith, hut you can do nothing without it. JERRY EDWIN HUMPHRIES “Hump” Motto: To be on the beach at Waikiki. HARRY JOHNSON Motto: Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. CECIL GORDON KEITH “Kmtus" Motto: Either attempt not, or ac- complish. Hi-Y, Dramatic Club, President Student Council GLENN EARLE KELLEY “Pinson” MOTTO: They can who believe they can. Hi-Y VIRGINIA ELIZABETH KENNEDY “(Huger" MOTTO: Find ’em, love ’em. fool ’em, and leave ’em. Monitors’ Club. Student Council, Newspaper StaffSeniors WILLIAM KINNEY “Red” MOTTO: Live and let live. EARL VERNON LAYNE "Lefty" Motto: The way to success is to take the “t" out of can’t. PHEDORAH SUE LEVENS "Susie" Motto: Live and learn, die and for- get; but live joyously. Dramatic Club, Y-Teens JACK LEE LITTLE “Little Jack" Motto: He who grasps too much, holds nothing. FRANKLIN DELANO MAHAFFEY “Frankie” MOTTO: In dealing with others, kindness is the word. ARNOLD WAYNE MANNING “Curly” MOTTO: Think twice before you speak, then talk to yourself. Hi-Y, Monitors' Club FRANCES NELL MARLIN "Fanny" MOTTO: The way to make a friend is to be one. Monitors’ Club, Y-Teens. Head Cheerleader. GLORIA EVELYN McDOWELL “Pooehie” Motto: Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Monitors’ Club, Future Business leaders of America, Glee ClubSeniors JACK TURNER McDUFFIK MOTTO: Take it easy. Greasy, you got a long way to slide. Hi-Y, Dramatic Club. Cheerleader MARGARET PHILYAW McFarland “Bo jean” Motto: Love all that love you (ignore the rest). Future Business Leaders of America Monitors’ Club. Library Club MARTIN E. McGOWAN "Pete” MOTTO: 1 had rather have a fool make me happy than experience make me sad. SHIRLEY ANNE McINTOSH "Sam” MOTTO: Giggles and frowns make the world go ’round. Y-Teens, Library Club, Cheerleader. Red Cross BETTY SUE MILLAR "Becky” Motto: Soft words turneth away wrath Y-Teens SARA LOU MILLER “Suckey” Motto: To talk little and hear all I can. Monitors’ Club SARA JANE SCALE MILLER "Sadie Jane” MOTTO: In her heart the dew of youth, on her lips the smile of truth. Student Council, Dramatic Club JACK DONALD MITCHELL "Jackson” MOTTO: Love thy neighbor as thy- self, but leave his wife alone.Seniors BETTY CORNELIUS MOFFETT "Corny” MOTTO: Tears only sadden the world, laugh and cheer it up u hit. Monitors' Club BETTY .10 MOON "Tiny” MOTTO: When pennies from Heaven come falling down. I'm going to stand out in the rain and drown. Glee Club, Monitors Club, Future Business Leaders of America, National Honor Society ODIS CHARLES MOON •‘lied” MOTTO: The more a man knows, the more he forgets. PHILLIP EUGENE MORSE Motto: When in school you flunk your studies, and your rewards are few, but remember the mighty oak was once a nut like you. JOSEPH LAFAYETTE MOTES “Tow head” MOTTO: Look ahead. Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Student Council CHARLES EDWARD MULLINS "Clobhcrhcad” MoTTO: If money is the root of all evil, just give me more root. MARGIE NELL MULLINS "Marge” MOTTO: He who loves his followman is loving God in the holiest way he can. Dramatic Club, Student Council ROBERT OWEN MULLINS "Boh” MOTTO: Better no laugh at all than a laugh that wounds.Seniors JOHN PERRY NELMS “Long John” Motto: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Dramatic Club, Hi-Y, Red Cross, T Club r Kn-Ti •) ! W RUBY NELL ODOM “Honoybmtch” MOTTO: Live each day as though it were the last. Future Business Leaders of America. National Honor Society 9 BETTY JO OGLES "I)ody'' Motto: When Love and Duty clash, let duty go to smash. WILLIAM POWELL PAN NELL "Billy" MOTTO: The words of a man’s mouth are as deep waters; and the well-spring of wisdom as a flowing brook. Dramatic Club, Hi-Y, Paper Staff. Monitors’ Club, National Honor Society, Red Cross, T Club m 'y fy r BENNIE YOUNG PEACOCK “ Benjamin” Motto: Always stand on the prom- ise of God and you will never fall by the wayside. Hi-Y EMMA JEAN PEOPLES •'Jewrmie" Motto: Smile if it kills you, and you’ll die with a grin on your face. Future Business Leaders of America DOROTHY LOYCE POE "Lucy" Motto: You’ve no idea what a poor opinion I have of myself and how little I deserve it. Y-Teens, Bund, National Honor Society, Paper Staff AGNES JEWEL POOLE “Ladybug" Motto: Laugh and the whole school laughs with you, study and you study alone.Seniors MARY ANNE QUINN "Star" Motto: There’s always a tomorrow. Future Business Leaders of America, Monitors’ Club JOY ANN HIGGINBOTHAM RICHARDS "Puff" Motto: Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. Band. Y-Teens BILLY RODDAM Motto: Live, love, laugh, and loaf. T Club FRANK ROOKER "Joe" Motto: Stay away from women. T Club (far -™ BILLY WAYNE RYAN "Knnian" MOTTO: Take every day as it comes. MALCOLM DOUGLAS SANDERS MOTTO: Success does not consist in never making a blunder, but in never making the same one the second time. Hi-Y, Red Cross, T Club, National Honor Society TOM DUDLEY SELF "Flashbub" Motto: A turtle never gets any- where till he sticks his neck out. Newspaper Staff ELLEN SHIVER "Shivers" Motto: Knowledge comes but wis- dom lingers. Monitors’ ClubSeniors DUANE SKELTON “Weasel” MOTTO: Work, wait, win. JERRY DONOVAN SMITH “Smitty” Motto: Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow you may be drafted. Monitors’ Club MARY LINDA SMITH “Ln.r MOTTO: Love is better than fame. Y-Teens, Red Cross MARY SMITH GANN “Mitt" MOTTO: Be yourself everywhere you J?o. Dramatic Club. Y-Teens, Glee Club BARBARA JOAN SPEARMAN “Iiobbic" Motto: The elevator to success is not running, the stairs are slow but sure. National Honor Society, Y-Teens, Dramatic Club NORMA GAIL STONE "Abigail” Motto: To master one’s self is the greatest mastery of life. Dramatic Club, Band, Future Business Leaders of America KENNETH E. STONE “Lit tic rock” Motto: Kiss whom I please and please whom I kiss. National Honor Society, Monitors’ Club JACK SWINDALL “Shorty" Motto: Anything that’s worth do- ing, is worth doing right. Library ClubSeniors KENNETH THOMPSON "Slim” MOTTO: To thine own self he true. MA KGARET CAROLYN THORNTON ” Kooky” Motto: Love them while you’ve got them, leave them while you can. Red Cross, Y-Teens PHYLLIS CLAUDETTE TINGLE "Ettc” MOTTO: To laugh through life, then learn what the joke’s about. Y-Teens, Dramatic Club, Cheerleader BARBARA ANN TURRENTINE "Sabs” MOTTO: Success comes in cans; fail- ure comes in can’ts. Dramaitc Club, Y-Teens, National Honor Society, Band MAVIS HONOR A VAUGHN "Cricket” MOTTO: The way to have friends is to be one yourself, and always wear a smile. Future Business Leaders of America ROBERT RAYMOND WALTHALL "Red” Motto: Think of tomorrow white working today. DERWARD WASHBURN "Killer” Motto: There are no tricks in plain and simple faith. MARTHA CAROLYN WATKINS “Marcie” MOTTO: Knowledge is knowing a fact. Wisdom is putting that fact into use. Future Teachers of America, National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of AmericaSeniors MARY LOU WATKINS Motto: Incline thine ear to wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding. National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America, Future Teachers of America ALTON RAY WATTS "Ar MOTTO: If it is not right, do not do it. If it is not true, do not say it. Monitors’ Club WILLIE JOE WEAR “Bill,” “Chink” Motto: Free, white, and willing. T Club JOE WEBSTER “Cherry” MOTTO: Be not simply good; be good for something. T Club HUGH DONALD WEEKS “Don” Motto: Do not swap old friends for new ones. BILLIE FAYE WILLIAMS “Bill” Motto: A wholesome tongue is a tree of life. Future Teachers of America GENE WILLS “Goottie” Motto: Where there's a ’‘Wills,” there's a way. National Honor Society. Student Council ROLAND WILSON “Red” Motto: None knows the weight of another’s burden. Library ClubSeniors MINNIE GLADYS WOOD "Redwood" Motto: Today well lived, make every tomorrow a joy. Monitors' Club, Future Business-Loaders of America Ug. • . v i v x I) It A DIE HELEN YARBROUGH "Jersey” MOTTO: There is no soap that can wash out the soil of dirty thoughts. Future Business Leaders of America DEAN WA CLYDE HOLMES Graduation day Each day we toiled for four long years, Foreseeing this hour with hopes and fears. At last our day of triumph’s in sight; Our hearts soar upward with pure delight. Sweet mem’ry holds a tender past. True friendships bound by ties that last. The lessons learned will surely guide Our steps in paths of success and pride. As we draw near to graduation, The day that marks our separation, Each task well done in fullest measure Fills deep our cup of youthful treasure. With outstretched hands we seek to clasp The glorious future within our grasp. Jean GodfreyII I NT III! V F HISTORY is a branch of knowledge that records and explains past events as steps in human progress, then it becomes my work as historian of the Senior Class of 1952 to record events which have been significant in the school life of this graduating class. A majority of the members of our class had their freshman study in Fairmont, Pinson. Springdale, Say re ton, Lewisburg, and Palmerdale; but there were 117 freshmen in Tarrant High School. Our class is the first to graduate from a four-year period in Tarrant High School. We are also the first to graduate with three years of participation in student council work. When we entered as sophomores, the Federal Vocational Building opened its courses to our student body. These courses have gradually increased to a total of ten. Entering the second year of high school, we acquired the name, “Lowly Sophs;” but as one of our members, Francis Marlin, was later chosen “Miss Popularity,” we rose to a higher standing in this strange and confusing school life. We lost some time and energy in learning to use our greater freedom in clnss, library, clubs, and general assembly profitably. Having cut our wisdom teeth in our sophomore year, we returned to Tarrant High School as juniors with a self-satisfaction never before experienced by anyone. Although our number had shrunk to 183, we assumed our responsibilities as juniors. Some of the highlights were the Y-Tecn dance and the Junior-Senior prom. We worked with sufficient diligence to reach the goal of becoming seniors in September. 1951. During the summer the racetrack around the school and the iron fence in front were removed, so that the architectural beauty of the building became apparent. The grounds were leveled, lights were placed at the corners of the building, and interior improvements were made. We entered as seniors on September 4, 1951, ou rnumber being 130. In a short time we had organized our class, ordered rings, decided to publish an annual, joined clubs, and got down to studying with enthusiasm. We supported our football team by rooting at all the games and pep rallies, trying to yell louder than anyone else, just to show that this was "our” football team. Cupid shot his arrows frequently during the summer of '51, for at the beginning of the school year three were already married. Since that time nine have been added to that list. One boy has withdrawn to enter the armed services of our country. 1 have assembled a few facts useful and frivolous about our class: Fifteen have been fortunate enough to make the course in eleven years. Some have had to go thirteen years. The total number of years of attendance in school by the whole class is 1,213. About 87r' of us have received our entire education in the state of Alabama. This graduating class has held membership in 305 clubs in the past four years. Our ambitions range from housewife to nurse, from electrician to mortician. Others include certified public accountant, swimming the English Channel, secretary, trained engineer, salesman, photographer, and veterinarian. Eighty-one frankly admit that they flirt and, in spite of being dignified seniors, chew 233 packs of gum a week. To offset these frivolities, they study 799 hours per week out of school. As we approach the close of our high school life, we wish that we had been more diligent in our studies and more serious in our attitude, but these characteristics we can attain only by experience and maturity. Barbara Spearman.ON DERING what had happened to the graduating class of 1952, I visited a swami who, fortunately, was an old classmate, Billy Panned. As he seated himself by his crystal ball, a mist filled the room, then cleared. I saw a lonely village. A man crying, "Old rags for new!” approached us. We recognized him as Eddie Creel, and his associate as Rosemary Crumbliss. We saw nurses, Ellen Shiver and Gloria McDowell, going into a hospital. Behind them was their patient, Franklin Mahaffey, a sufferer from melancholia, brought on by failure to attain l oretta Goddard's skill in fan dancing. On another street lay Betty Jo Moon, who had been struck by a bus driven by Gene Wills, "The Hot Rod of the Bus Lines.” Others injured in the same accident were Betty Jo Ogles, Marion Burgin. Gail Stone, and Shirley McIntosh (who were imitators of movie stars at the Duce Night Club). In the club I saw Eugene Daniels, a bartender. The swami passed his hands over the crystal ball and through the mist we saw the corner of Fourth and Grand. Harry Farris and his Fumblers—Carlton Crane, Ed Cowgill, Jack Swindall, Alton Watts—were giving a wonderful band performance. The feature singers with his band were Minnie Wood, Mavis Vaughn and Helen Yarborough. As the mist cleared, we saw a science laboratory from which emerged Margie Mullins, Dorothy Poe, and Jewel Poole. They informed me that they were working on a secret atomic project. In the same laboratory an experiment in child care was being conducted by Carolyn Thornton and Sarah Scalf Miller. Nearby Bill Wear and Derward Washburn were doormen in a dance hall. Nelda Acton was hat check girl. I recognized the dancers as Mary Jane Bowers and Joe Bradley. Their dancing was followed by the “Great Flop," a magic act performed by Robert Abney. Through the mist we beheld a stadium where Clyde Holmes and Jimmie Ray Glenn were playing the University of Alabama under the coaching of Earl Layne. Their opponents. Bill Foote and Cecil Hudson, coached by Harry Johnson, were playing for a school called "Not-A-Dame.” Sue Edwards, with a baby carriage filled with triplets, was at the game. She told me that she was going to work because Arnold Manning, her husband, had broken his working bone. The next sight was a candy store, operated by Virginia Kennedy, a real "sweet girl.” A cloud formed, then cleared, and we saw a softball field in which the Married were playing the Singles. The Marrieds were Betty Kinney, Sue Levens, Peggy Hayden, and Margaret Philyaw. The Singles, winning, two to one, were Edith Hill, Mable Higginbotham, Nell Hairston, and Jean Holmes. Robert Gosnell was the sportscaster and Jewel Grigsby was the dispenser of the free chewing gum from his own factory. On the corner we saw Charles Mulling campaigning for president. Running on the same ticket was Jerry Humphries. Through the mist we saw Tarrant High School. Entering the building, we met Donald Weeks and Cartis Black, who were still working to get a diploma. Linda Smith, Billy Roddam, Mary Satkins, O. C. Moon, Martha Watkins, and Barbara Turrentine were members of the faculty. They had replaced former teachers—now retired—Miss Jones, Mr. Vines, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Mitchell, Miss Hammond, and Mrs. Salter. The mist fell and again cleared. We saw Nell Odum. Jack Mitchell, Jean Peoples, and Billy Ryan swimming. A scream came from the water. When the lifeguard, J. P. Nelms, brought the girl to the bank, we recognized Francis Marlin. On the other side of the pool was Ruth Gilliam, winner of a beauty contest. Malcolm Sanders, a business man, and Patsy Adkins, his secretary, rode by in a limousine of foreign make. Their chauffeur was Dean Ware. Headlines in the Tarrant Times announced that Kenneth Stone had invented a mitt to catch a flying saucer. Tom Self was the reporter and photographer of this news. Jo Ann and Steele Harris made headlines also by winning a $10,000 contest in selling subscriptions to maga-sines. Journeying onward, we saw a brick church, of which Bennie Peacock was pastor. Garolyne Fitzgerald and Mary Ann Crossley were organist and choir director in his church. In the congregation were Marell Goodwin, Billie Faye Williams. Duane Skelton. Betty Sue Millar, .lean Godfrey, and June Gilliland—all ardent church workers. On the same street was a department store owned by Cecil Keith. Frances Bailey, Carolyn Busby, Mary Collins, and Arnold Hill were employed there. Some of the customers were Annie Laurie and Ray Guthrie, Joe Webster, Delores Beasley, and Jack Hendricks. In the manager’s office were Ruth Benson, Virginia Dawson, Adele Barnes Wilson, and Jimmie Dobbins, applying for jobs . Through a thin cloud we saw a policeman, Bill Alvis, conversing with the beautiful Beverly Colley, who was governess for Ruth Coffman Reeves’ two children. Jack Little was ringmaster of a circus. Phillip Morse, Mary Ann Quinn, and Joy Richards were trapeze experts. The clowns were Gary Harkey, Maxine Kujan, and Glenn Kelley. Others taking part in the various performances were Robert Barnett, Mary Smith Gann, Joyce Anderson, and Kenneth Thompson. William Chappell. Billy Kinney, Jerry Smith, Bobby Walthall, Faye Beasley, and Boh Alvis were spectators. Walking down the street, we saw a theatre managed by Roland Wilson. Frank Rooker was the candy hoy. Barbara Spearman was the receptionist. The picture, “Three I ves At One Time,’’ produced by Jamie Lou Cushman, starred Ed Booker and Sara Miller. Visiting Jack McDuffie’s drugstore, we saw Joan Holmes. Martin McGowin, and John McGuirk, sitting in a booth watching television. Joe Motes, Bobby Mullins, and Claudette Tingle were singing grand opera. A cloud spread over the crystal, the scenes faded from our view, and, as I seemed to be aroused from a trance, I realized that 1 had beheld the future of the Tarrant Senior Class of 11)52. Betty Cornelius Moffett Billy Panned.. IL L We, the members of the Senior Class of 1952 of Tarrant High School, being sound in mind, stout in hearts, and robust in strength, do make and publish this, our last Will and Testament, revoking all wills heretofore made. First, we devise and give to Tarrant High School the love, affection, and ambition of the Senior Class of 1952. We also leave a record of diligent study resulting in successful achievement. To Mr. Head we leave these well organized clubs—Monitors’ Club, Future Teachers’ Club, Future Business Leaders, and National Honor Society. To Mr. Mitchell we leave the task of drawing up a code of law to regulate the lives of teachers and students. To Mrs. Smith, our English teacher, we leave good health and God’s blessings. To Miss Jones we bequeath a magic stage setting and a collection of drama from which the senior play may be selected. To Mrs. Johnston we bequeath the duty of giving to the brides a regularly organized course of lectures on successful marriage. To all our other teachers we leave our gratitude and appreciation for their kindness, patience, and understanding throughout the years. Mary Ann Crossley leaves her beautiful voice to Jeannie Mclnvale. Rosemary Crumbliss leaves her skill in typing to Nancy Clements. Francis Marlin leaves her talent for pepping up the cheerleaders to Brooks Sisson. Billy Pannell leaves his versatility to Martha Ann McClure and his success with the fair sex to Joe Ray. Gail Stone leaves her success with the clarinet to Leon Sparks. Clyde Holmes leaves his apple polishing ability to Tommy Walthall. Mable Higginbotham and Billy Kinney leave their reserve and poise to Myra Cureton and Bobby Bankston. Nell Hairston leaves her Mona Lisa smile to Kathryn Lanier. Faye Beasley leaves her dream girl expression and charming figure to Peggy Shaddix. Marell Goodwin leaves her ability as an orator to Faye Sorrell. Jewel Poole leaves her ability to draw to Hardy Franklin. Claudette Tingle leaves her place as biggest flirt to Barbara Alldredge. Betty June Moffett leaves her place as a housewife to Jo Anne Yates. Joyce Anderson leaves her high stepping to all the majorettes of the year 1952! Mary Watkins leaves her pleasing personality to Sue Thacker. Cecil Keith leaves his place as president of the Student Council to the person who, by the votes of the student body, has the greatest ability and political acumen. Barbara Turrentine, since she has attained the age of graduation and no longer needs birthday celebrations, bequeaths her birthday, July 18, to Polly Harris, whose birthday falls on I)eceml vr 25. These bequests we make in the hope that the recipients may use and enjoy them to their greatest possible advantage. In witness whereof I have set my hand ami seal this twenty-first day of January in the year nineteen hundred anti fifty-two. Testors: Betty Sue Kinney Virginia Kennedy. Witness: Dorothy Poe Witness: Jewel Grigsby Witness: Joy RichardsCLASS IIPFimtS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer KATHRYN LANIER MYRA CURETON TOMMY McINTOSH TOMMY WALTHALL Junior A Row 1—George Blankenship. Roy Burnett, Corine Belcher, Carolyn Bradley, Charldean Bowers. Betty Buckner, Mary Booth, Jeanette Brown. Bobby Bankston, Mary A. Hammond. Rote 2— Bracton Acton, Billy Barksdale, J. C. Brown, Carolyn Benson, Cherry Blackerby, Betty Joyce Black, Madge Bonds, Maxine Bolton, Carolyn Bryant, Virginia Austin, Joy Booker. Rote J— Billy Burchfield, Sheral Beasley, Roger Bishop, Linzey Ballew, Sydney Brooks, James Paul Brooks, James Allison, Mary Ann Barton, Nila Black, Martha Allred, Willa Dean Boatright.Junior B Row I—Myra Cureton, Johnnie Callahan, Shirley Clifton, Annie Jo Evans, Mary Coleman, Nancy Clements, Shirley Faile, (Jail Cardwell. Marion Deason, Margie Crouch, Audrey Dollar, Mr. Henderson. Row 2—Robert Daniels, Billy Erwin, Raymond Ewing, Carroll Early, Lowell Downs, Johnny Coleman, Jack Carson, Wayne Davis, Robert Downs, Bobby Ray Downs, Joe Chamber-lain. Row .?—Sewell Chandler. Harold Carlisle, Robert Canup, Joe Faggard, Billy Joe Fortenberry, Rex Carter, Donald Crocker, Wilburn Dendy, Billy Fountain, Donald England. Junior C • Row —Gladys Henderson, Elaine Hill, Billie Faye Hill, Margaret Helms, Patsy Heaton, Shirley Kite, June Hayden, Mary Hobbs, Dinah Hearn, Shirley Jernigan, Anne Harland. Row 2— Geneva Hathcock, Martha Sue Hadley. Bertha King, Kathryn Lanier, Ann Howell, Sally Green, Bonnie Faye Jones, Carolyn Frazier, Sue Keplin-ger, Carolyn Hopkins, Mrs. Howard. Row d— Hardy Franklin, Shirley Hayes, Hilda Calloway, Hilly Hopkins, Malone Gilliam, Milton Hendricks, Thomas Godfrey.Junior I) Row —Wallace Ledbetter, Drew Newman, Billy Melvin Morgan, Jimmy Reeves, Hollie Mulvchill, Joe McGuirk, Billy Mitchell, Tommy McIntosh. Billy Frank Kelley, Thomas Long, Donald Mor-Joe Kay, David Ixdley, Mrs. McCuiston. Row 2— gan, Franklin Posey. Junior E Row 1—Annette Phillips Stafford, Faye Sorrell. Kaye Sorrell, Peggy Shaddix. Row 2—Jo Anne Yates. June McCullough. Ruth Oliver, Betty Skelton, Barbara Ann Self, Dorothy Nolen, Shirley Millar, Mrs. Powell. Row $—Claudia Pass, Jear- lene Peacock, Martha Ann McClure, Gwen Quick, Joan Reid, Mary Sims, Dorothy Peoples, Betty Segars. Row -—Jennie Mclnvale, Margaret Loh-ner, Meredith Sanders, Faye Terry, Shirley Myrick.Junior F Row l—Nelda Troulias, Pat?y Yeager, Jamie Mc-Swain, Shirley Swindal, Emily Vaughn, Betty Sue Wilson. Row 2—Jimmy Waldrop, Sue Thacker, Rita Thompson, Edna Walker, Joan Webster, Mary Whittington. Harold Thompson, Jack Urick, Brooks Sisson, Tommy Walthall, Mrs. Salter. Row .1—Hersehel Yates, Dean Robinson, Amial Smith, Joe Wilson, Earl Startley, Ray Songer, J. B. Salter. Roycc Rotton, Robert Rogers, Paul Tidwell, Sue Thomas, David Walker, Louise Ward, Wayne Thacker, Charles Sparman, James Terrell. Jerry Tillery.mss i)mu:ns Sophomore A Row 1—Shirley Byrd, Jean Carroll, Jean Branham. Wanda Love Booth, Delores Cardell, Jean Bishop, Juanita Cato, Gail Bradshaw. Row 2— Robert Allison, Douglas Archer, Max Brewer. Rol ert Bowers, Louis Baldwin, Tommy Able. Robert Brewer, Paul Blake, Billy Blythe. Mrs. Card. Row . —Jimmy Butler, Lila Ann Beasley. Betty Bush, Patricia Camp, Carolyn Bennett. Shirley Ann Bearden, Ray Nell Black, Jeanette Black,’ Jo Ann Bruce, Ruth Campbell, Betty Jo Bradley. Row t,—Hobert Alexander, Jerry Brand, Jerry Bryant, Jack Bradshaw, Wiley Branham, Ray Boren, Jerome Coker, Joe Davis.Sophomore B Row 1 — Cunningham Crow, Robert Chadwick, Lois Defnnll, Patsy Eilard, Marilyn Gibbs. Rose Harrison, Rose Nell Crouch, Raymond Dillard, Pat Farrish, Mr. Harmon. Row 2—Hubert Franklin, Talmadge Giles, Margaret Foote, Polly Harris, Barbara Elliott, Bryant Cruise, Shirley Hallmark, Lorraine Gurley, Ray Garrette, Bid-ward Foster. Row . —Charles Caviness. Charles Caudle John Donaldson Charles Garrette, Leon Hamaker, Garry Goodwin, Jerome Faris, H. Y. Beasley. Howard Fields, Lon Crocker. Sophomore C Row 1 Curtis Henderson, Eddie Hornbuckle, Dwayne Hawkins, Patsy Hayes, Marion Hewitt, Martha Jane Littleton, Katie Mae Long, Carolyn Helms. James Glass, Lamar Duncan. Row 2— June Blllison, Johnny Ruth Cooner, Joyce Merritt, Billy Helms. Author Leslie. Farris Keith, Carter Henry, David Harrell, Muurice Lovelady, Carlene livens, Mrs. James Mackey, Gayle Harvey. Row . —John Doran, Howard Howton, Morell Holland, Paul Kendall, Charles Lake, Ray Hollinsworth, Charles Doran. Jimmy Higginbotham, Jerry Hurst, Frank Jones.Sophomore D Row 1—Jack Martin, Jean Mathew-, Carolyn Oliver, Sue Moon, Helen Motherwell, Nettie Miller, Shirley Milam, Doris Moore, Carl Missilciine, Mrs. Shelton. Row 2—Murle Moffett, Corrine Lolley, Ernestine McAnnally, Louise Me Knight, Katie Sue Park, Joe Madaris, Carlton Painter, Lorene Peoples, Willie Jo Martin, Gail Park. Row 1—Leroy Ozmont, Carol Philyaw, Sydney Lee Osborne, Vernon Morgan, Edgar Moore, Glynn Monaghan, Donald Marcus, Willie Mahaf-fey, Billy Meadows, Jo Ann Philyaw, Ronald Marcus. Sophomore E Row —Patsy Powell, Jerry Scalf, Franklin Rector, Jackie Scott, James Ryan, Barbara Prince, La Vaughn Sides, Marian Quick, Barbara Powers, Mr. Owens. Row 2—Bobby Seeley, Shirley Poe, Martha Simmons, Millard Padgett, Lois Shockley, Mary Robinson, Richard Payne, Billy Pointer, Peggy Ratliff, Tommy Rager. Row S—James Phillips, Bill Self, Morris Rasco, Mickey Perry, Charles Shrader, Thomas Perryman, Charles Rogers.Sophomore F Row l—Geraldine Sullivan, Tsiarera Ware, Martha Wiggins, Gayle Watkins, Eva Ann Talley, Raymond Smith, Hollis Walker. Edward Wiley, Harold Ratliff, Johnny Stanford. Row 2—Clyde Whisenant, Martha Ann Vice, Judith Robinson, Darol Smith, Tommy Webster, Robert Lee Wear, Tommy Sparman, Louie Startley, Tommy Williams, Mrs. Studdard. Row 2—Marland Wordell, Billy Watson, Robert Smith, Bill Strickland, Charles Stevens, Mason Store, Don Thornhill, Amuel Williams. f) i 0 $ Af • L 1 lOjJf 'fji ■ y Sr ■■m wC ctez, (Hodl ,' I. Z- r •• - - v. 'W'- lJeu c Aj QfcttZ nrm President Vice President Secretary JAMES HUTCHINS NOLAN NEWELL JUANITA j t Treasurer ROBERT WHITE Freshman A Row Joan Buchanan, Ruth Clay, Barbara Alexander, Nell Barnett, Arthur Daniel, Ronnie Foote, Joe Duncan, Ralph Brantley, Jerald Dickinson. Jimmy Brown. Row —Nancy Camp. Jane Farris, Mae George Fancher, Sherry Aders, Eu- genia (’rump, Edwardine Bibb, Sue Chapman, Eugene Brand, Donald Elliot, Dennie Floyd, L. G. Duke. Row S—Larry Brewer, Ronnie Cobb, Jon Chamberlin, Bill Bailey, Dan Eaves, Tommy Batson, Mr. Grady. ♦Freshman B Row 1—Martha Forbus, Connie Graves, Bernice Grigsby, Judy Helms, Anne Handley, Barbara Gurley, Claudelle Holiday, Miss Douglass. Row 2 —Juanita Gurley, Avery Harrell, La Vonne Hubbard, Doris Honeycutt, Felix Hartley. Earline Gilliland, Larry Gore. Row S— Barbara Hurst, Loretta Glaze, Jimmy Hamlet. Jimmy Hooper, Edward Gentry, Jo Hafer, James Hutchins, Max Guthrie. Freshman C Row 1—Gerald Moffett, Charles McKeevcr, Xelda Leopard, Elton Lance. Mizella Payne, Jack Parsons, Virgie Maulden, Noah Leopard, Bobby Moon, Mrs. Roberson. Row 2—Margaret Mills. Betty Neill, Russele Ledbetter, Aulia Keith, Murray Mills, Anne Miller, Bette Moore, William Massey. Row .1—Eddie Joiner, Norrell Payne. Carl Monroe, Sam Moore, Syble Mize, Patsy Norris, Jean King.Freshman I) Row —Barbara Powell. Kenneth Smith, Harriet Snider, Anne Sanders, Carol Tidwell, Bobby Rollins, Barbara Strickland, Walter Posey. Row i— Betty Shoemaker, Billy Wallace, Robert White, Roland Smith, Leon Sparks, Carolyn Sims, Mrs. Ward, Norma Wilson, Vernon Peek. Row .1— Mary Delaney Turner. Janice Self, Erskine Smith, Jerrell Sanders, Edward Richardson, Berrie Stanton. uet He -e.Classes at Work Senior Typing Cooking Home Economies SewingPhysical Education Driving EnglishBody and Fender Work Cabinet Making ElectricityMachine Shops Drafting RadioTom Skit Nell Hairston Assistant Editor Barbara TURRENTINE Assistant Editor Betty Jo Moon Typing Director Joe Motes Fin«nr Mrs. Salter Sponsor Marell Goodwin Photography Director Jean Holmes Advertising Director Sue Levens Advertising Assistant J. P. Nelms Sports Director Billy Pannell Artist Rosemary CRUMBLISS Art Assistant (JAIL STONE Information Mrs. Smith SponsorAssisting Staff Row 1—Joy Richards, Gloria McDowell. Patsy Adkins, Jamie Lou Cushman. Row 2-— Jo Anne Martin, Jack McDuffie. Gary Hnrkey. Mary Charles Smith, Jewel Poole, and Carolyne Fitzgerald. Special Staff How I Jean Godfrey, Barbara Spearman, Helen Yarbrough, Ellen Shiver, Dorothy Poe, Betty Sue Kinney. Row 2—Betty Moffett, Edward Booker. Jack Hendricks, Cecil Hudson, Bill Roddam, Arnold Manning, Sue Edwards, and Virginia Kennedy.li K i: IIIL ST A r F Seniors SECTION A ?ou 1—Ruth Coffman, Typing; Jamie Lou Cushman, Art; Louise Collins, Advertising; Joyce Anderson. Typing; Virginia Dawson. Advertising. Row 2—Bill Alvis, Frances Bailey. Advertising; Mary Jane Bowers, Typing; Ruth Benson, Typing; Mary Ann Crossley, Photography; Rosemary Crumhliss, Art; Patsy Adkins, Dummy; Cartis Black, Service; Boh Alvis, Service; Mrs. Johnston. Row J—Beverly Colley. Advertising: Marion Bur-gin, Sue Edwards, Dummy; Adele Barnes, Dummy; Nelda Acton, Advertising; Faye Beasley, Typing; Annie Laurie Cox, Advertising; Delores Beasley, Dummy; Edward Cowgill, Photography; Carolyn Busby, Photography. Row 4— Eugene Daniel, Ed wan! Booker, Art; Harry Farris, Advertising; William Chappell, Joe Bradley, Jimmie Dobbins, Robert Abney, Robert Barnett, Photography; Eddie Creel, Typing; Carlton Crane, Service. SECTION B Row I—Mable Higginbotham, Photography; Lo-retta Goddard, Advertising; Jean Godfrey, Writing; Betty Kinney Bethune, Writing. Row 2— Jack McDuffie, Photography; Ruth Gilliam. Service; Nell Hairston, Editor: Jean Holmes, Main Staff; June Gilliland, Subscriptions; Edith Hill, Typing; Carolyne Fitzgerald, Typing, Art; Cecil Hudson, Art; Billy Kinney. Snapshots; Marell Goodwin. Main Staff; Miss Jones. Row 3—Jerry Humphries. Maxine Kujan Crocker, Advertising: Joan Holmes. Snapshots; Sue Levens, Advertising; Peggy Hayden, Typing; Virginia Kennedy. Writing; Ray Guthrie, Service; Jimmy Ray Glenn, Service; Earl Layne, Subscription; Harry Johnson, Subscription. Row 4 — Glenn Kelley, Subscription; Robert Gosnell, Subscription; Jack Hendricks, Photography; Clyde Holmes, Service; Bill Foote. Art; Arnold Hill, Subscription; Steele Harris. Subscription; Cecil Keith. Advertising: Gary Harkey, Dummy; Jewel Grigsby, Service. SECTION C Row 1—Nell Odom, Subscription; Dorthy Poe. Art; Sara Miller, Advertising; Shirley Mclnotsh, Subscription; Betty Jo Moon, Main Staff; Betty Sue Millar, Service. Row 2—Frances Marlin, Typing; Jean Peoples, Typing; Joy Ann Higginbotham Richards, Typing, Art; Betty Moffett, Writing; Ann Quinn, Subscription; Betty Jo Ogles, Jewel Poole. Art; Margie Mullins. Typing; Gloria McDowell, Dummy; Margaret McFarland. Mr. Mitchell. Row 3—Martin McGowan, Snapshots; Billy Pannell, Main Staff; Jo Ann Harris. Information; Clive Pass, Arnold Manning, Dummy; Bennie Peacock, Service; John McGuirk, Clifford Melvin, Bobby Mullins. Subscription. Row 4 — Eugene Ragland. J. P. Nelms, Main Staff; Franklin Mahaffey, Subscription; Jack Mitchell, Subscription; Charles Mullins. Service; Jack Little. Subscription; 0. C. Moon, Photography, Service; Philip Morse. Subscription; Joe Motes, Main Staff. SECTION D Row I—Carolyn Thornton, Typing; Minnie Wood, Advertising; Mavis Vaughn, Snapshots; Sara Scalf, Typing; Helen Yarbrough, Subscriptions; Ellen Shiver, Corresponding Secretary. Row 2— Billie Faye Williams, Advertising; Barbara Spearman, Advertising. Writing; Linda Smith, Subscription; Claudette Tingle, Advertising; Gail Stone, Main Staff; Mary Smith Gann. Advertising; Martha Watkins, Typing; Jerry Smith. Service; Barbara Turrentine, Editor; Mary Watkins, Typing; Mrs. Smith. Row 3—Gene Wills, Service; Kenneth Stone, Advertising; Dean Ware, Frank Rooker, Advertising; Roland Wilson, Subscription; Jack Swindall, Advertising; Derwood Washburn, Donald Weeks, Subscription; Joe Webster, Service; Kenneth Thompson, Subscription; Bill Wear, Billy Roddam, Writing; Alton Watts, Service; Malcolm Sanders, Advertising; Billy Ryan, Subscription; Tom Self, Editor; Bobby Walthall. Information; Duane Skelton, Subscription.Junior Staff A Row - June McCullough, Martha Allied, Martha Ann McClure, Tommy Walthall, Mary Turner. Marion Hafer. Bow —Emily Vaughn, Martha Jane Littleton, Drew Newman, Erskine Smith, Martha Forbus, Ray Hollinsworth, Hobby Bankston, Betty Ann Neill, Jo Ann Buchanan. Junior Staff B Row 1—Pat Farish, Jean Branham, Willie Jo Martin, Barbara Self, Thomas Godfrey, Eva Ann Talley, Geraldine Sullivan. Row 2—Donald Marcus, Carolyn Bryant. Billy Fountain, Milton Bryant, Martha Simmons, Shirley Hallmark, Franklin Rector, Marion Deason.WHO'S WIN) l 12 Most Likely to Succeed GENE WILLS MARTHA WATKINS BOBUY WALTHALL JAMIE LOU CUSHMAN TOM SELF CLAUDETTE TINGLE JOE WEBSTER SUE EDWARDS Biggest Flirt Most Athletic Most Sch alas t ic Best All-'round MALCOLM SANDERS MARY WATKINS J. P. NELMS FRANCES MARLIN Best Looking Most Popular HARRY FARRIS CECIL KEITH BETTY MOFFETT SHIRLEY McINTOSHthe stimr ninni, The Student Council, now in its third year, has made great progress, maintaining annually three major projects and numerous minor ones. This year the school newspaper, assembly programs and student achievement awards are being continued. The Council has made useful and ornamental gifts to home rooms, has helped sell football tickets for the homecoming game, and has sponsored scrapbooks for the Veterans Hospitals and Christmas Greetings for parents; clean-up and courtesy campaigns continue on the annual schedule. The clock in the library is a Council gift. The philosophy of the Council is that the entire student body and faculty should participate jointly in democratic living and good citizenship under cooperative leadership. ftou' 1—Mrs. Ward, Tommy Walthall, Faye Hensley, Cecil Keith, Jean Holmes, Mr. Henderson, Sponsor. Row if—Juanita Cato, June Gilliland. Joy Booker, Nancy Clements, Martha Ann McClure. Margaret Foote. Peggy Ratliff, Marilyn Gibbs, Mae George Fancher, Betty Moore. Row 3 —Roy Burnett, Sara Scalf Miller, Mary Ann Crossley, Carolyn Oliver, Juanita Gurley, Eva Ann Talley, Joan Reid, Kathryn Lanier, Barbara Alldredge, Virginia Kennedy. Row 4—Joe Motes, Jimmy Terrell. James Hutchins, Nolan Newell, Edward Richardson, Drew Newman, Billy Fountain, Leroy Ozment, Gene Wills, Ed Cowgill.Newspaper Staff How I -Tom Self, Tommy McIntosh, Shirley Kite, Nancy Clements, Martha Ann McClure, Billy Pannell. Row 2—Juanita Cato, Marilyn Gibbs, Eugenia Crump. Row . —Emily Vaughn, Norma Wilson, Lorene Peoples, Jean Branham. Row 4— Sidney Osborne, Dorothy Poe, Virginia Kennedy, Rosemary Crumbliss. Standing—David Walker, Mary Watkins, Billy Fountain, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Card, Patsy Adkins, Jo Anne Martin, Nell Hairston, Wanda Booth, Ann Howell, Barbara Self, Faye Sorrell. Library Row — Carol Tidwell, Beverly Colley, Retha Smith, Patsy Ellard, Miss Broadus. Row 2—Barbara Powell, Betty Shoemaker, Bertha King, Mary Bowers, Frances Bailey, Nelda Leopard, Wanda Booth, Shirley Swindal. Row 3—Claud-elle Holliday, Lorene Peoples, Judy Robinson, Ro- land Wilson. Carolyn Sims. Sidney Osborne, Ann Scott, Jack Swindall. Row 4—Shirley McIntosh, Jane Farris, Mizella Payne, Nelda Troulias, Barbara Alexander. Barbara Strickland, Harriet Snider.Red Cross Row 1—Mrs. Roberson, Mary Louise Collins, Shir-ley Kite, LaVonne Hubbard, June McCullough. Johnny Stanford, Barbara Ann Self. Barbara Prince, Ruth Clay, Mrs. Powell. Row 2—Peggy Hayden, Ruth Gilliam, Adele Barnes, Ernestine McAnnally, Carolyn Frazier, Carolyn Thornton, Barbara Elliot, Shirley Failc, Maxine Bolton. Shirley McIntosh. Virgie Mae Mauldin, Shirley Swindal, Ann Sanders. Row X—Hardy Franklin, Billy Fountain, Howard Howton, James Phillips, Douglas Archer, Roger Bishop, Tommy McIntosh. Charles Lake. Billy Mitchell, James Hutchins, Malcolm Sanders, Howard Fields, William Ma-haffey, Betty Jo Bradley. Vernon Peak. Billy Pannell, Larry Brewer, William Massey. Monitors' Chib Row Marion Burgin, Ruth Benson, Sara Miller, Margaret Philyaw, Loretta Goddard, Gloria McDowell, Betty Jo Moon, Betty Moffett, Ruth Coffman, Patsy Adkins. Row 2—Ellen Shiver, Minnie Wood, Ann Quinn, Virginia Kennedy, Al- ton Watts, Robert Barnett, Delores Beasley, Billy Mitchell, Billy Pannell. Row X—Kenneth Stone. Jerry Smith. Mr. Mitchell, Tommy McIntosh, Gary Harkcy.Dramatic Club Row 1—Edwardine Bibb, Joan Godfrey, Barbara Ann Self, Rose Harrison, Billy Pannell, Jamie Cushman, Marell Goodwin, Marion Hewitt, Car-lene Levens, Virginia Dawson, Sue Levens, Nell Hairston. Row 2—Peggy Shaddix. Mary Charles Gann, Myra Cureton, Claudette Tingle, Sara Scalf, Lila Ann Beasley, Joyce Merritt, Jean Branham, Martha Allred. Gail Stone, Barbara Turrentine, Barbara Spearman, Margie Mullins, Carolyn Busby. Kaye Sorrell, Faye Sorrell. Bar bara Powers, Mrs. Salter. Row 3—George Blank enship, Mary Coleman. Vernon Morgan, Pat Far ish. Thomas Godfrey, Cecil Keith, J. P. Nelms Joe Chamberlain, Bobby Bankston, Brooks Sisson Leroy Osment. Sue Edwards, Mary Ann Crossley Shirley Kite, Dorothy Peoples, Eva Ann Talley Faye Beasley. Birmingham News Oratorical Contestants How I -Martha Allred, Carolyn Oliver. Row 2— Vaughn. How 3—Faye Terry, Pat Fai rish, June Mrs. Salter. David Walker, Martha Ann McClure, Gilliland. Patsy Yeager, Ann Howell (not present). June McCullough. Lila Ann Beasley, EmilySenior Y-Teens Row 1—Mary Ann Crossley, Ann Howell, Marion Denson, Barbara Ann Self, Marell Goodwin, Martha Ann McClure, Annie Laurie Cox. Patsy Ail-kins, Joyce Anderson, Frances Bailey, Beverly Colley, Shirley McIntosh. Row 2 Myra Cureton, Barbara Spearman. Jean Holmes, Dorothy Poe, Rosemary Crumbliss, Joy Richards, Jamie Lou Cushman, Mary Charles Smith, Sue Edwards, Carolyn Busby, Nell Hairston, Betty Sue Miller, Billy Faye Hill, Shirley Hayes, J. Douglass. Row j—Shirley Kite, Carolyne Fitzgerald, Jo Ann Martin, Delores Beasley, Sue Levens, Frances Marlin. Carolyn Thornton, Ruth Coffman, Claudette Tingle, Peggy Hayden, Linda Smith. Nelda Acton, Joan Reid, Joy Booker, Martha Allred, Barbara Turrentine. Shirley My rick. Junior Y-Teens Row I—Sherry Aders, Edwardine Bibb, Barbara Gurley, Marion Hewitt, Carlene Levens, Patricia Ann Ellard, Rose Harrison, Carolyn Bennett, Carolyn Helms, Katie Mae Long, Jean Carroll, Betty Shoemaker. Row 2—La Vonne Hubbard, Janice Self. Earline Gilliland, Lauretta Glaze, Connie Graves, Lila Ann Beasley, Joyce Merritt, Jean Branham, Martha Jane Littleton, Lois Def-nall, Betty Bush, Harriet Snyder, Bernice Grigs- by. Mrs. Mackey. Row .1—Marion Hafer, Norma Wilson, Nancy Camp. Ann Miller. Tsianina Ware, Barbara Hurst, Ann Sanders, Eugenia Crump, Juanita Cato, Jean Matthews, Willie Jo Martin, Patsy Hayes, Betty Jo Bradley. Row i,—Claud-elle Holliday, Martha Forbus. Mary Delaney Turner, Sybil Mize, Carolyn Sims, Polly Harris. Barbara Elliot.The National Row I—Billy Pannell, Barbara Turrentine, Nell Hairston, June Gilliland. Row 2- Mary Watkins, Mary .lane Bowers, Betty Jo Moon, Patsy Adkins, Dorothy Poe, Jean Holmes, Martha Watkins. Honor Society Row .t—Gene Wills, Barbara Spearman, Sue Edwards, Malcolm Sanders, Nell Odom, Rosemary Crumbliss, Mr. Owens, Kenneth Stone, Joe Motes. Junior and Row I — Erskine Smith. Joe Duncan, Robert White, Ronnie Foote, Bobby Rollins, Jimmy Hooper, Eugene Brand, William Massey, Jerold Dickinson. Max Guthrie. Row 2—Terrell Sanders, Larry Brewer, Eddie Joiner, James Hutchins. Dennie Floyd, Jimmy Hamlet, Edward Gentry, Larry Gore, Jack McDuffie, Hardy Franklin, Bob Alvin. Row ■1—Farris Keith. Darol Smith, Tommy Webster, Billy Fountain, Edward Booker, Billy Pannell, Bennie Peacock. Ray Guthrie, Howard Senior Hi-Y Fields, Carter Henry, Marland Wordell, Edward Foster, Wallace Ledbetter. Row 4 — Carlton Painter, Max Brewer, Edward Cowgill, Donald England, Clyde Whisenant, Jimmy Glenn, Pete Smith, Jon Chamberlin, Bob Ware, Gary Harkey, Jack Hendricks, Bill Alvin. Row 5—Robert Barnett, David Walker, Eddie Creel, Glenn Kelley, Malcolm Sanders, Cecil Keith. Mason Stone. Joe Chamberlin, Joe Bradley, Harry Farris.Future Teachers of America Hou, i—Martha Sue Hadley, Emily Vaughn. Meredith Sanders, Martha Watkins. Mary Watkins, Patsy Yeager, Kathryn Lanier. Row 2—Delores Caudell, Patsy Heaton. Bernice Grigsby. Jean Bishop, Ann Terrell, Shirley Poe. Connie Graves. Row . —Mrs. Studdard, Shirley Bearden, Patricia Camp, Billie Faye Williams. Carolyn Bennett. Future Business Leaders of America Row i- Minnie Woo I, Mary Watkins, Martha Watkins, Betty Jo Moon. Row 2—Gloria McDowell. Dorothy Peoples, Mavis Vaughn, Shirley Swindal, Loretta Goddard, Ann Quinn. Row .1 Helen Yarbrough, Adele Barnes, Jennie Mclnvale, Sell Odum. Jean Peoples, Mrs. McCuiston.Glee Club Row -David Walker, Paul Kindall. Row 2— Margaret Lehner, Jerry Scalf, Jean Bishop, Mary Ann Croaaley, Shirley Kite, Juanita Cato, Jean Godfrey, Virgie Maulden, Patsy Adkins, Barbara Ann Self, Marion Deason, Carolyn Bryant, June McCullough. Mary Whittington. Row .1—Miss Pritchett, Martha Ann Vice, Cherry Blackerby, Johnny Callahan, Jean Branham, Jeraline Peacock, Betty Joyce Black. Ruth Oliver, Gail Cardwell, Bette Moore, Mae George Fane her, Ed-wardine Bibb, Connie Graves, Bertha King, Nancy Clements, Audrey Dollar, Jo Ann Bruce, Bernice Grigsby, Gail Bradshaw. Row 4—Carol Philyaw, Nancy Camp, Martha Jane Littleton, Margaret Foote, Shirley Millar, Aulia Ann Keith, Patricia Cook, Jo Ann Philyaw, Shirley Poe, Sue Thacker, Martha Ann McClure, Mary Delaney Turner. Mary Sims, Joan Webster. Tsianena Ware, Edna Walker, Shirley Milium, Jean Mathews, Barbara Elliott, Pat Powell, Claudelle Holliday. Sue Moon. Xelda Troulias, Betty Jo Bradley, Jack McDuffie, Gayle Watson. Civitan Oratorical Contestants Row —Dorothy Peoples, Johnnie Ruth Conner, Prince. Faye Sorrell. Patsy Yeager. Pat Parish. Dallie Hogeland, Joy Booker, Kathryn Lanier. Row 3 - Thomas Perryman, Thomas Godfrey, Row j—Brooks Sisson, Mrs. Salter, Barbara Amial Williams, Leon Hamaker.Band Row 1—Mary Hobbs, Edna Walker. Joyce Merritt, Mary Coleman, Eva Ann Talley, Barbara Powers, Virginia Dawson. Jean Godfrey, Faye Sorrell, Kaye Sorrell, Maxine Bolton, Elaine Hill. Joyce Anderson, Peggy Shaddix, June Hayden. Row 2— Nell Hairston, Jean Carroll, Geneva Hathcock, Ann Howell, Polly Harris, Annie Laurie Cox, Barbara Alldredge, Dorothy Poe, Rosemary Crumbliss, Ruth Campbell, Carolyn Hopkins, Gail Stone, Joy Higginbotham Richards, Betty Sue Kinney Belhunc, Barbara Turrentine. Row J— Mr. Merck, Leroy Ozment, Leon Sparks, Gerald Dickerson, George Blankenship. Annette Phillips Stafford. Mary Ann Crossley, John Doran, Charles Doran, James Hutchins, Eddie (’reel, Royce Rotton, Thomas Earl Godfrey. Piano Students Row 1—Geneva Hathcock. Betty Neill. Faye Sorrell. Row 2—Claudelle Holliday. Carol Tidwell, Kaye Sorrell. Wanda Ix ve Booth, La Vonne Hubbard, Bertha King, Dallie Homeland. Row 3— Carolyne Fitzgerald, Virginia Dawson, Mary Ann Barton. Jo Ann Buchanan. Jamie McSwain, Ed-wardine Bibb, Bernice Grigsby, Miss Montgomery. Row i—Jack McDuffie, Nancy Clements. Barbara Self. Meredith Sanders, Margaret McFarland, Connie Graves.Majorettes How i—Mary Ann Crossley, June Hayden, Mary lfobhs, Annette Phillips. Row if— Joyce Merritt, Coleman, Peggy Sha ldix, Joyce Anderson, Mary Carolyn Busby, Edna Walker. Cheerleaders How —Shirley McIntosh, Claudette Tingle, Shir- —Brooks Sisson, Sue Thacker, Jack Hendricks, ley Kite, Jamie Cushman. Faye Beasley. Row 2 Myra Cureton. Frances Marlin, Jack McDuffie.J. P. Nelms, Joe Ray, Captain; Hilly Mitchell, Co-captain; Tommy McIntosh, Cecil Keith. Billy Roddam, Bill Wear, Joe Webster, Bobby Walthall. Steele Harris, Arnold Manning.Football Team Row I—,1. P. Nelms, Robert Bowers, Cunningham Crow, Joe Kay, Tommy McIntosh, Billy Pannell, Douglas Archer. Billy Watson. Row 2—Coach Snow, Charles Caviness, Steele Harris, Charles Lake, Billy Frank Kelley, Roger Bishop, David Walker, Bill Wear. Carroll Early. Joe Webster, Eddie Joiner, Coach Vines. Row 2—Bill Bailey, Bobby Walthall, Ronny Marcus, Amial Smith, Edward Booker, Cecil Keith. Ray Guthrie, Lon Crocker, Wayne Thacker, Jerrell Sanders, Earl Layne. Billy Roddam, Jimmy Dobbins, Arnold Manning. Sco) es Tarrant 30 West Jefferson 6 Tarrant 14 Hewitt 12 Tarrant 21 Minor 19 Tarrant 53 Corner 0 Tarrant 0 McAdory 0 Tarrant 20 Mortimer Jordan 0 Tarrant 6 H uey town 32 Tarrant 13 Leeds 22 Tarrant 8 Jones Valley 28 Coaches MARVIN T. VINES HENRY T. SNOWBasketball Team A Row 1—J. P. Nelms, Harry Farris, Karl Layne, Malcolm Sanders. Row 2—Billy Frank Kelley. Pete Smith. Jack Hendricks, Milton Hendricks. Basketball Team B Row 1 Roy Burnett, H. Y. Beasley. Row 2—Charles Lake, Thomas Long, Jack Bradshaw, Charles Stevens, Coach Snow.IIII i IIII s Birmingham Xetes Oratorical Representative JUNE GILLILAND D.A.R. Good Citizenship Senior Girl MARELL GOODWIN Receiving Sportsmanship T rophy MR. HEAD, MR. VINES, JOE RAY. MR. SNOW Civitan Oratorical Representatives JOY BOOKER, THOMAS GODFREY Laurie Rattle Tour Representative SHIRLEY KITE w Rep resen tati ves Girl State. Roy State PATSY ADKINS BILLY PANNELL“Little Acorns Into Big Oaks I)o Grow9 Childhood Picturest o K y s . A TOAST Til THE CLASS OF ’52 Here’s to the Seniors who've known this school, Who obeyed the teachers and broke no rule. Here’s to the Seniors who’ve roamed the hall. And thought themselves the best of all. Here’s to the Seniors whom someday we’ll find Running our cities with heart and mind. Here’s to the Seniors who’ve tried their best To make this school a place for rest. Here’s to the Seniors who someday may be As good or greater than Robert E. Lee! To all you Seniors who this poem may sight. Here’s a wish for success of unknown height. Bill Roddam.We appreciate the help given us by the advertisers, the patrons of the school, the student body, and the faculty. The Senior Class of 1952.Cong rat illations to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1952 from CARLISLE Flour Grain Company Tarrant, Alabama ★ KEARNEY SMITH, Class ’33HARRIS SMITH DRY GOODS AND SHOES 1114-16 Ford Avenue Tarrant 7, Alabama ★ MAYBETH SMITH HARRISOUR ALMA MATER D. H. BRENNAN SAM F. BRENNAN Photographer Photographer (Class of ’29) (Class of ’40) Specialist in Quality Photography TARRANT PHOTO SERVICE 1623 Pinson Street Phone 52-3374 Weddings. Songs, Musical Recitals, Speeches, and Records Duplicated. Tape or Disc Recording made in your Home, Church, or in our Acoustically Perfect Studio. TARRANT RECORDING STUDIO 1623V2 Pinson Street Phone 52-3374Compliments McCULLOUGH’S BOOTERY 1613 Pinson Street Class of 'SJf 52-1319 — T a rran t Su adLLajL SOAAUTHi f ! !LCongratulations Seniors 9 52 Tarrant Civitan Club “Builders of Good Citizenship”Best Wishes to GRADUATING GLASS OF ’52 from Alabama By-Products Corporationand some of the Telephone girls enjoy interesting and important jobs in a growing industry. Operators using modern equipment provide world-wide communication. — Service Representatives handle customer contacts in our business offices.—Stenographers. Typists and Clerical workers perform important and specialized jobs in all departments. If good pay—friendly associates your own agC—paid vacations—sickness benefits and frequently scheduled raises appeal to you— why not come in and talk with us about a position with the Telephone Company.CUNNINGHAM HOME APPLIANCE CO. 1605 Pinson Street Tarrant, Ala. ★ He sure to visit us when you need home appliances. We are dealers for Frifjidairc and Westing house re f riff-era tors, rangest washers, water heaters, etc. rca Victor KIBBEY’S FOOD STORE 2146 East Lake Blvd. Tarrant, Alabama ★ Where Every Customer Is a Satisfied Customer Phone 52-5526 TALBOT. Modal 16 T152CITY OF TARRANT CITY ★ ELECTRIC DEPARTMENT Use T. V. A. for Loiv Cost Electricity Congratulations ALABAMA BUTANE APPLIANCE CO. 1722 Pinson Street Tarrant, Ala.Mark the occasion with a Photo Reflex Portrait Let the unique Mirror Camera of your official Yearbook photographer he your recorder of all memorable occasions Photo Reflex Studio 4th Floor Compliments of KESSLER’S PHARMACY to the Graduating Class of '52 1152 East Lake Blvd. Tarrant City, Ala. PRESCRIPTIONS — DRUGS — SUNDRIES Phone 52-3962CURLEY INSURANCE AGENCY ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE BONDS — AUTOMOBILE — FIRE — HOSPITAL 111 Ford Avenue Phone 52-1726 TARRANT. ALABAMA Compliments of TARRANT FINANCE AND LOAN COMPANY, Inc. TARRANT. ALABAMASomething to cheer about— Such good cleaning and at such a saving through BAKER S exclusive Cash and Carry Method “Tarrant's Modern Dry Cleaners” On Fort! Avenue — Tarrant’s Broadway Lovelace Son Furniture Co. 2916 North 27th Street Phone 3-2831 J. B. (BRAC) COLLEY’S TRI-STATE SERVICE COMPANY PAINTS — HARDWARE PI IONOCRAP11 RECORDS 4009 Vanderbilt Road Telephone 52-1612 Birmingham 7, Alabama Carroll’s Hardware Seed Store 3111-13 North 27th Street Phone 3-5381 Con g ra t ula t ions TENTH AVE. MOTORS to 3731 10th Avenue, North Senior Class of 1952 Best Buys in Used Cars in the City PALMERDALE Save $50 to $300 COMMUNITY STORE Owners— HENRY STAMP and COY CROCKER C. T. WALKER Phone 59-5594Compliments of FRIEDMAN’S JEWELERS 125 North 19th Street Birmingham, Ala. WATCH AND JEWELRY DIAMONDS, WATCHES, REPAIRING OPTICIANS Phone 4-5618 Congra tula t ions, Graduotes from PRICE’S DRUG SUNDRIES Your Store of Quality and Service Phone 5641 Pinson, Alabama Compliments of E. W. MANN PRODUCE COMPANY 1309 Pinson Street Tarrant, Ala. Phone 52-5578Congratulations to the Seniors of ’52 McDANIEL SIZEMORE B U I L D E H S 8107 First Avenue, North Business Phone 59-6534 Residence, 59-4658 or 50-2387 Compliments of HART PLUMBING HEATING CO. 1229 Cambron Street Tarrant, Alabama Phone 52-4849 Ford’s Out Front for 1952 EARL MITCHELL (). Z. HALL MOTOR, Inc. 3001 North 26th Street If you want a personal interest taken in your Automobile needs, see or call me personally for a square deal. Compliments PINSON FEED HARDWARE Pinson, Ala. — Phone 4101 and CENTER POINT HARDWARE Center Point, Ala. — Phone 59-9143 NEIL ACKER. OwnerLatest Styles in Sportswear, Casual Dresses and Party Attire For the WHITLEYS JUNIOR MISS APOTHECARY BARASCHS SPECIALTY 1130 Ford Avenue SHOP Phone 52-1729 Tarrant's Newest and Tarrant, Alabama Most Modern Store 1617 Pinson St. Phone 52-2333 ERWIN REALTY CO. Realtors CORNELIUS GROCERY SALES — RENTALS — INSURANCE 1620 Pinson Street Phone 52-3152 1105 Ford Avenue Tarrant, Ala. Tarrant 7, Alabama Compliments of BIRMINGHAM SIDING HOOFING COMPANY 1815 Pinson Street Tarrant, Alabama Phone 52-3449 Phone 52-1773 BEST AUTO SUPPLY CO. HARDWARE —PAINTS SPORTING GOODS COMPLETE AUTOMOBILE MACHINE SHOP 1(K)S Pinson Street Tarrant, Alabama Congratulations and Rest Wishes to Graduating Class of 1952 Bite Cleaning, Rite Appearance with KLEENRITE CLEANERS 1010 Pinson Street Phone 52-1221 MR. AND MRS. CARMEN L. JONES Owners “GOLDEN FLAKE PRODUCTS” POTATO CHIPS POTATO RUFFLES KORN KURLS SANDWICHES PEANUTS 1501 Lomb Blvd. Birmingham, Ala. a f Massey ) Business College J Con (tra filiations From PINSON CAFE “Where friends meet and enjoy good home-cooked food” MRS. ALICE CAFFEE Compliments of DOLL-UP BEAUTY SHOP 163216 Pinson Street Owned and Operated by IRENE REID ARLENA SELF Compliments of FENNELL MOTOR CO. Better Used Cars Phone 52-1221 Res. 52-2081 ANDERSON AUTO SERVICE Complete Automotive Service 1410 Pinson Street Tarrant, Alabama CARDWELL HEAL ESTATE CO. SALES AND RENTALS 1106 Ford Avenue Phone 52-1222 Tarrant, Alabama Compliments of DeSHAZOS FLOWERS 332 Magnolia Court Telehone 52-3694 SANDERS BROTHERS GROCERIES — MEATS PRODUCE — FEEDS Phone 2661 Pinson, AlabamaCompliments of BURNS’ PHARMACY 541 Jackson Boulevard Tarrant, Alabama Phone 52-2384 or Phone 52-9176 GURLEY OIL CO. 1912 Pinson Street Tarrant. Alabama DISTRIBUTORS OF SHELL PRODUCTS Cony ratulations, Seniors MELROSE CREAMERY CO. 1015 North 20th Street Birmingham 4, Ala. Phone 7-4175 Compliments of VALLEY DISCOUNT 1110 Ford Avenue Tarrant. Alabama J. B. FASSIMA FANCY AND STAPLE GROCERIES WESTERN MEATS 1 .owish11rg, A1 abaina Phone 3-7037 UPHOLSTERY — NEW FURNITURE TARRANT MATTRESS FURNITURE CO. 1424 Pinson Street Tarrant, Alabama Mattresses Made and Renovated We Coll For and Deliver Phone 52-3317 KELLIE A. WARDRUP BISHOP’S CAFE 1611 Pinson Street Tarrant City, Alabama Compliments of ETOWAH STREET GROCERY Under New Management — We Deliver — Phone 52-1332INGRAM HARDWARE For Birmingham’s Best Barbecue Visit the COMPANY “OLD PLANTATION .4 Good Place to Trade Tarrant, Alabama BARBECUE” ROY INGRAM 830 First Avenue, North Phone 52-2091 Birmingham. Ala. JOE ALOIA, JR. PIIOT JGRAPIIEK Photo Finishing One-Day Service “On the Avenue" North Birmingham Phone 7-0949 MAY STEWART DRY CLEANERS FURNITURE CO. 2913 North 27th Street PARKERS North Birmingham SNO-BRITE LAUNDRY JIM STEWART L. C. BROWN Phone 7-8739 3741 10th Avenue, North CUNLIFFS FLOWERS BARTON HARDWARE 1037 Pinson Street CO. Tarrant, Alabama 533 Jackson Blvd. MRS. I. W. CUM,IFF. Owner CORSAGES, POTTED PLANTS Phone 52-2644 FUNERAL WREATHS PITTSBURGH PAINTS —TOOLS Phone 52-3418 GIFT ITEMS —TOYS Cong ra t illations unit I test Wishes PINSON THEATER Pinson, Ala. “It’s Movie time"Compliments of DANIELS TARRANT SERVICE PRESCRIPTION OPTICIANS STATION Prescritions Filled — Dial 3-0635 Glasses Repaired 14(H) Pinson Street Free Policing Space For Tarrant. Ala. Yonr Convenience o. b. McCullough, Prop. 2028 Highland Ave. Phone 52-2344 SLOCUMB CLEANERS MILLER FURNITURE Phone 52-4271 COMPANY 1606 Jackson Blvd. and TARRANT'S COMPLETE Burchwood Park HOME FURNISHERS Tarrant, Ala. 1146-48 East Lake Boulevard Tarrant 7, Ala. Compliments Compliments to the Class of '52 of “Keep It Clean” PAULS DONUT SHOP with 4845 10th Avenue, North SPOTLESS CLEANERS Birmingham, Ala. Phone 59-4821 3431 Vanderbilt Road 1202 East Lake Blvd. Phone 52-3053 Congra t ula tions JOHNNY’S BUS from SANDWICH SHOP MULLINS GROCERY 2619 North 29th Avenue PINSON, ALA. North Birmingham Best Eats in TownSTRICKLIN CAB CO. 1112 Ford Avenue Phone 52-3239 Congratulations to the Graduating Class ED BRASWELL FURNITURE CO. North Birmingham R. J. WILLOUGHBY REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Before You Buy or Sell Call Us 1104 Ford Avenue Phone 52-3647 EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING FINE JEWELRY REPAIRING Established Since 1915 ALPER JEWELRY CO. DIAMONDS — WATCHES SILVERWARE Phone 7-9771 — 1913 Second Ave. Strand Theatre Bldg. Birmingham. Alabama KENTS SERVICE STATION 1801 Pinson Street Phone 52-9120 Compliments of TARRANT COFFEE SHOP "We Serve the Best” Compliments of S. K. VARIETY STORE Tarrant, Ala. SAM KANTOR. Prop. RICHARDSON HARDWARE COMPANY Hardware, Tools, Paints Class and Seeds 1.317 Pinson Street Phone 52-4646 Tarrant 7, Alabama RALEY’S 5 10c STORE Pinson, Ala. — Phone 4211 Shoes — 1 )rv Goods Electrical Appliances Television and Radio Service Alabama Associated Building and Improvement Co. 52-3060 All Types of Home Repair Concrete Porches, Drives and Walks Siding, Roofing and Aluminum Screen Free Estimates COMPLIMENTS OF PALMER S GARAGE Pinson, Alabama Phone 4241 JOHNSON COMPANY JEWELERS 1725 Second Avenue, North Watches, Diamonds, Silverware Repairing and Engraving Leather Goods 3-4595 — Birmingham COMPLIMENTS HOWARD FINANCE CO. 2625 25th Avenue, North Phone 54-7200 Congratulations to the Class of 1952 PARKS ICE CREAM PARLOR .4 Good Place for Young People to Meet 1142 East Lake Blvd. Phone 52-9232 GINN DRUG GO. 2831 North 27th Street Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 52 Phone 3-2025 “SHORTY”  .. y - —■ -V i -• »' , ,-■ » _ n ■'• ,- «. . • -T . _ , ■-■ ♦ 1 ' • . %L . •V’W V' v ' s V.- - ‘.2k - - - V , V V; • •T - rf . . - :? V • ‘ • '' . - . ; .V . -• •-• ■ ■ 'T.v, A , _ »«: ■'. - -'v v A v ,i -.-3 . . v. V». -•_ - - » ■• • ■‘X , - V'X I Vv ; . -■: • ■■'-4T • Tk :■ “ r' -■ ■%»- — ■ • -aT.• • •»• .,a-it. rJwV' ; ;.v v »v- s»v '' ' — - v - - » - » V t SSsj ♦ ' »v V - ..- ' -v-v A - ' -% V - • . - • w . “ i)1.' . ' „ v..- v a - -' : a' 5 -V" • -- 's' » 5

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