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I I J96f EDGECO 3-10 fiiQ 2 8 3 4 From behind a map of the ancient Persian empire comes one who serves to inspire and build all whom he encounters. In the classroom his ancient worlds and their prehistoric men come alive. On the football field and basketball court, his exhibition of sportsman- ship and sense of competition help instill in his play- ers and their fans these same qualities. His friendli- ness and sense of humor make him ever popular with the students. And so, to him who has done so much to make so many wonderful and exciting memories, we give our greatest honor. We dedicate our 1964 Tar- bo-rah to Mr. Brent Braswell. As our lives are founded on tradition, so do we constantly strive to grow, always look- ing forward but always remembering the past and its contributions, contributions made through both successes and failures. Our school years are spent, it seems looking for- ward, but as we grow, we realize that only by understanding those successes and failures of the past, shall we be able to see the future with a vision of maturity and understanding. And so, in the years to come, when these pa- ges bring back memories of bygone days, this Tar-bo-rah will serve as a reminder of our successes and failures, the glory of a well- planned Jr. -Sr., the football game we almost won. Thus as surely as night follows day, today will become yesterday and then slip from our memories. We, the 1964 Tar-bo-rah staff, sincerely hope that we have captured in these pages, moments which might otherwise have been lost in the gray obscurity of the past. 9t orewor Gurricufum In order to face tomorrow with confidence and understanding, each student must be ready to meet and take advantage of all opportunities offered to him. The va- riety and quality of the curriculum offered at Tarboro enable the student to obtain invaluable preparation for career, college, or the home. JKat£ematics Mr. Allen ' s Business Math class appreciate the practical application of this useful subject. 10 o S. cience Biology students explore life in its simplest forms and record their findings as all good students do. Social S uc ies — ZJ ie CPas y CPresen y ancf O a ure Well, Professor Bushy Sparrow, what ' s so interesting about Russia? World Geography is a newly acquired curriculum at T. H. S. This is an example of the solemn- minded Government students doing classwork. What startling event in U. S. His- tory could have aroused such amaze- ment? Juniors next year will be anxious to find out since U. S. History is a required subject. 12 Wefcome o i£e EBusiness h)orfcf Peering over Judy Harrell ' s shoulder we can get a glimpse of the work involved in bookkeeping. 13 Mr. Fowler listens attentively to deter- mine what measures need to be taken to tune an instrument with first clarinet Butch Best. This is a common scene in the everyday life of any band. GJioraf JKusic Students under Mrs. Fountain ' s direction, struggle to learn the fundamentals of the art of singing. As we well know, a break may be taken from their strenuous work at times. With much practice and an attitude of concern our band continues to improve and progress. 17 CPAysica £j fucation Wii£ Vigor Janet Rawls trips off the fifty-yard dash as part of her physi cal fitness test. Tarboro has incorporated the Kennedys ' game. Here, some physical education students participate in the presidential sport, touch football. Easy boys; we wouldn ' t want you to get hurt! A future Olympic star? Only Mrs. Smith knows for sure Safe landing, Nancy Smoot ! The success of the student rests at the outset on the faculty ' s shoulders. With the dedicated guidance of the administration and the helpful assistance of the staff, a student is armed with the essentials to prepare for a life ' s work. C ar oro oarcf of Cjcfucaiion The Tarboro City School Board of Education works diligently every year in securing what they feel are the most need- ed measures to improve the school system. Tic ministration J rincipaf MR. FORREST: Through the active interest and diligent work of Mr. O. H. Forrest, Principal, the administrative business of Tarboro High School is executed with speed and accuracy. Secretary MRS. BETTY WINCHESTER: Serving as secretary to Mr. Forrest, Mrs. Winchester occupies one of the vital positions in the administration. Quicfa ' ance MISS WHITEHURST: Miss Grace Whitehurst serves our school in the capacity of guidance counselor. She helps the student plan his courses of studies in school and provides valuable assis- tance as the graduate pre- pares to enter college or a profession. 21 22 a Scientific llOorJcf ' If you want a funny picture --Class, act like you ' re interested. " ' This time, wait until I ' m ready. They are vacuoles, not eyes! " B.S., M.A. E.C.C. RUBY V. BRILEY B.S. E.C.C. ZELLE F. McNAIR " Which of you boys said, ' Chirp, chirp ' ? " 31 JKaintenance Columbus Bryant, Annie Lou Petta- way, Rosa Harris, and Willie Gupton, keep the buildings and campus of this great institution clean and at- tractive. GooJzs Unselfishly devoted to digestive tracts of the student body, Mrs. Wilson, dietician, with the help of these ladies daily plans and provides nourishing meals. CBus Drivers Louis Jones, Racheal Louis, Henry Norris, Bryan Arnold, Billy Sessams, Bill Louis, and Allen Harrelson should be com- mended for their loyal service to Tarboro High School. 32 DONNA BEACH HERBERT BROWN Outstanding Personality . . . Homecoming Student Council President . . . Outstanding Q ueen - in Student Government and all phases of school life. SALLIE CARLISLE Outstanding in Scholarship and Leadership . . . Noted for accomplishment in academic interests and leadership in school organiza- tions . . . Cheerleader. emors BARBARA CHECK Co-Editor of the Tar-Bo-Rah . . . Versatile School Leader in organizations, publications, and scholastic accomplishment. PHYLLIS DEAL Cheerleader . . . Active in school organiza tions . . . Academic achievement. CAROLYN DEW Outstanding in Student Government . . . Scholastic Ability. SIDNEY NEWBERRY Outstanding Athlete . . . Personality. DANNY PILAND Noted for achievements in Publications, school life, and scholarship. Seniors As it will, time passes and Tarboro High School ushers a new class down the aisle to the left front rows of the auditorium. This is the class of ' 64. Behind it lies three years of crowded activities in and out of the class- room. Before it lies a year of hard work and intensive study. The hard work entails those tasks which hopefully will result in the long- awaited trip to Washington. Instensive study will usher the class of ' 64 for the last time to its honored position in the auditorium for grad- uation. There the class of ' 64 will join the other classes which time has led from this place. Senior Class Officers ALLEN O ' QUINN HARRELSON LARRY BASIL HATHAWAY EDITH LEE HOARD SUSAN LEE HOARD JOHN FREDERICK HOWARD GERALDINE JACKSON JANIE NELL JACKSON DORA ANN JAMES LOUIS PAUL JONES. U£e Senior " OBitiks " Were He Her Tfef WILLIAM JOSEPH JONES MELBA LEE KEEL DANIEL LOUIS LEGGETT 43 DONNIE RAY TAYLOR WILLIAM HASSELL THIGPEN REUBEN DICKERSON THOMPSON, IV RALPH EDWARD WARD WILLIAM HORACE WARD, JR. CARLA ANN WEAVER ELIZABETH ANN WEBB VELVET JAMES WEBB DEBORAH LOUISE WELLS cS emor y SALLY GRAY BAILEY " Sally Gray " Class Treasurer 4; F. T. A. 2, 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; Pep Club 4; Candidate for Homecoming Queen 4. FRANCES FAY BEACH " Fay " F.H.A. 1,2,4; F.T. A. 2, 4; Pep Club 4. DONNA MARIE BEACH " Donna " F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, President 4; F.T. A. 2,3,4; Jr. -Sr. Waitress 2; Monogram Club 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Junior Homecoming Princess 3; Student Council 3,4, Secretary 4; J.V. Cheerleader 2; Varsity Cheerleader 3,4; Pep Club 4; Jr. -Sr. Planning Committee 3; Candidate for Home- coming Queen 4; Homecoming Queen 4. SYLVIA JEANETTE BRADDY " Sylvia " F.H.A. 1,3,4; F.T. A. 3, 4; Junior Play 3, Actress; Senior Play 4, Actress. JANET SUE BRADLEY " Janet " JULIA CAROLYN BRADSHAW " Judy " Scotland Neck High School, Scotland Neck, N.C. : F.H.A. 1,2, Waitress Mother-Daughter Banquet 1; Glee Club 2; Jr-Sr. Waitress 2; T. H. S. : French Club 3,4. PHYLLIS RAE BRADSHAW " Phyllis " F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; F.T. A. 2,3,4; Pep Club 4. Look! Up in the Sky! It ' s a bird! No, it ' s a plane! No, it ' s just Eddie Patterson! AH! Back to the paper bin! It is always a Senior project to bale paper collected in the community. 50 CAROLYN JEANETTE BRADY " Carolyn " F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Secretary 3, Reporter 4; F.T. A. 2,3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Pep Club 4; Senior Play 4, Actress; Candidate for Home- coming Queen 4. ANNIE LAUREN BREWER " Lauren " F.H.A. 1;F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; Pep Club 4; Library Club 4, Reporter 4. ROBERT STEWART BRODIE " Bob " French Club 3; Pep Club 4; Track 3; Highest Maga- zine Salesman 3; Jr. Play 3, Actor; Senior Play 4, Actor; Junior Class Float Committee. ELEANOR BLANCHE BROWN " L ' nor " F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; F.T. A. 2,4; Pep Club 4. This is done to raise money for the Senior trip to Washington, D. C. HERBERT EARL BROWN, JR. " Herbert " Student Council 2, 3,4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Camera Club 1,2; Monogram Club 2, 3,4; French Club 3,4; Pep Club 4; Science Club 4; J.V. Foot- ball Manager 1; Varsity Football Manager 2; Varsity Basketball Manager 2; Varsity Baseball Manager 1,2; Jr. -Sr. Planning Committee 3; F.T. A. 4; Boys ' State 3, Managing Co-Editor of Boys ' Statesmen 3. PEGGY DIANE BROWN " Diane " F. T. A. 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3,4; Pep Club 4; Freshman Class, Treasurer; Jr. -Sr. Planning Com- mittee 3, Chairman. ROBERT LEE BROWN " Bobby " Varsity Football 1,2; Monogram Club 1,2,3. ARENA ANN BURNETTE " Arena " J.V. Cheerleader 1,2; F.T. A. 2,4, President 4; Junior Play 3, Actress; Candidate for Homecoming Queen 4. ROY NATHAN BUTLER " Roy " SALLIE DUPREE CARLISLE " Sallie " Junior Varsity Cheerleader 1,2, Chief 2; Varsity Cheerleader 3,4, Co-Chief 4; Student Council 1,2; F.T. A. 2,3,4, Vice-President 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; N.H. S. 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Science Club 4; Pep Club 4; Annual Staff 4; Latin Award 2; Jr. - Sr. Waitress 2; U.S. History Award 3; Chief Marshal 51 3; Girls ' State 3, State Office - Speaker of the House; Senior Play 4, Actress; " Most Outstanding Freshman; " Intramural Basketball 3,4; Candidate for Homecoming Queen. WILLIAM BAKER CARSTARPHEN " Cat -Man " Virginia Episcopal School, Lynchburg, Virginia: Glee Club 2; Bounders Club 2,3; DeMolay 3, Chaplain 3; J.V. Football 2; Varsity Football 3; Varsity Baseball 2, Captain; Tarboro High School: Camera Club 1; DeMolay 3,4, Chaplain 4; Pep Club 4; F. T. A. 4; Monogram Club 4; J. V. Foot- ball 1; Track. 3; Golf 1; Local Science Fair Winner 1. NANCY DEAN CARTER " Nancy " F.H. A. 1,2; Majorette 2,3, Drum Majorette 4, 1st Lieutenant 4; Junior Play 3, Actress; Senior Play 4, Actress; Candidate for Homecoming Queen 4. PATSY ANN CARTER " Patsy " F.H. A. 3. BARBARA ANN CHECK " Barbara " Freshman Class Secretary; Band 1,2, Sergeant 2; F.T.A. 2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4, Vice-President 4; Annual Staff 3, 4, Co-Editor 4; Pep Club 4; Jr. -Sr. Waitress 2; Local Science Fair Winner 2; Marshal 3; Girls ' State 3; Edgecombe County Typewriting Con- test 3; East Carolina Typewriting Contest 3; Junior Science and Humanities Symposium 3; Woodmen of the World Certificate of Achievement 3; Intramural Basketball 3,4; Candidate for Homecoming Queen 4; Senior Play 4, Actress; Science Club 4, Presi- dent 4. michael Mcdonald clark " Mike " BRENDA CAROL COKER " Brenda " Library Science Club 4, Secretary-Treasurer. JUANITA IRENE COLLINS " Nita " Freshman Class Vice-President; Sophomore Class Secretary; Junior Class Vice-President; Student Council 2; F.T.A. 3,4; Annual Staff 4, Typist; Pep Club 4; Edgecombe County Typewriting Contest 3; East Carolina Typing Contest 3, Winner of Edgecombe County Typing Contest; Jr. -Sr. Planning Committee 3. ZEB CONYERS CUMMINGS " Shad " Key Club 2, 3,4; F.T.A. 4; Industrial Arts Award 2. MICHAEL WAYNE DIAL " Mike " Bus Driver 2, 3. PHYLLIS MARIE DEAL " Phyllis " F.H. A. 1,2; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; J.V. Cheerleader 2; Homecoming candidates always ride in open convertibles in the homecoming parade. Varsity Cheerleader 3,4; Student Council 3; N. H. S. 3,4, Secretary 4; Jr. -Sr. Waitress 2; French Club 2, 3,4, President 4; Monogram Club 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 4; Marshal 3; Junior Play 3, Student Director; Senior Play 4, Student Director; Edgecombe County Typewriting Contest 3; Candidate for Home- coming Queen 4. PEGGY ANN DENNY " Peggy " F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Songleader 4, Junior Homemaker Degree 2, Chapter Homemaker Degree 3; F. T. A. 2,3,4; Junior Varsity Cheerleader 2; Varsity Cheer- leader 3; Monogram Club 3; Annual Staff 4, Typist; Intramural Basketball 3; Senior Play 4, Actress; Edgecombe County Typewriting Contest 3. CAROLYN CHRISTINE DEW " Carolyn " N. H. S. 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Glee Club 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; F. T. A. 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Student Council 4; Senior Play 4, Student Director; Marshal 3; Jr. -Sr. Waitress 2; Intramural Basketball 3,4. BARBARA LANE DLXON " Barbara " Student Council 4; F. T.A. 2,3,4; F.H.A. 4; Annual Staff 4; Library Science Club 4; Jr. -Sr. Planning Com- mittee 3; Jr. -Sr. Waitress 2. BARBARA LORETTA DRIVER " Barbara " F.H.A. 3; Glee Club 4. LEONARD BASS EARP " Leonard " Library Science Club 4; Varsity Basketball 4. DOROTHY RAE HARRELL " Dorothy " LAURA ELIZABETH HARRELL " Laura " F.T.A. 2,3,4; French Club 3; Library Club 4; Pep Club 4; Glee Club 4; Senior Play 4, Actress; Intra- mural Basketball 3,4. ALLEN O ' QUINN HARRELSON " Allen " Library Science Club 4; Bus Driver 3, 4. 53 LARRY BASIL HATHAWAY " Larry " National Honor Society 3, 4;, Marshal 3; Annual Staff 3, 4, Business Manager 4; Industrial Arts Award 1; Jr. -Sr. Doorman 2. EDITH LEE HOARD " Edith " F. H.A. ; Band 2,3, Flag Bearer 2, Majorette 3; F. T. A. 4; Glee Club 4; Junior Play 3, Actress. SUSAN LEE HOARD " Sue " President 4; Candidate for Homecoming Queen 4. LOUIS PAUL JONES " Louis " Junior Play 3, Actor; Bus Driver 3,4; French Club 3. WILLIAM JOSEPH JONES " Billy " Band 1,2,3,4, 1st Sergeant 4; Junior Play 3, Actor; Senior Play 4, Actor. MELBA LEE KEEL " Melba " Student Council 1,2,3; F. T. A. 4; Junior Play 3, Actress; Band 1,2,3,4, Majorette 1,2,3,4, Chief 3,4, 2nd Lieutenant 3,4. BOBBY LEE HOLLAND " Bobby " Junior Varsity Football 1; Varsity Football 4; Base- ball 3; Junior Play 3, Actor; Senior Play 4, Actor; Monogram Club 3,4; Superlative: Wittiest. JOHN FEDRICK HOWARD, JR. " John " GERALDINE JACKSON " Geraldine " F.H.A. 2,3; Pep Club 4. JANIE NELL JACKSON " Janie " F.T.A. 4; F.H.A. 4. DORA ANN JAMES " Ann " F.H.A. 4; F.T.A. 4; Library Science Club 4, Vice- F.H.A. 3. DANIEL LOUIS LEGGETT " Danny " Camera Club 1,2; Junior Varsity Football 1,2; J.V. Basketball 2; Varsity Football 3,4; Monogram Club 4; Jr. -Sr. Planning Committee 3; Bus Driver 3,4; Selected by Conference Coaches as " All Confer- ence " 4. MICHAEL GRANT LEGGETT " Mike " " Hey! Won ' t he be surprised to find his forest gone! " 54 GEORGE STANLEY LIVERMAN " Stanley " " Hi, Ho! Hi, Ho! It ' s to the prom we go ! " This is one of the FANTASYLAND scenes from last year ' s Junior Senior. ROY FRANK LYNCH " Roy " N.H.S. 3,4; Marshal 3; Industrial Arts Medal 3; Jr. Sr. Doorman 2. ELIZABETH POWELL MAHLER " Elizabeth " Student Council 1,2,3; F.T.A. 2,3,4, Reporter 3; French Club 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Senior Play 4, Student Director; J. V. Cheerleader 1,2; Varsity Cheerleader 3,4, Chief 4; Third High- est Magazine Salesman 3; Pep Club 4, Chairman; Camera Club 1; Candidate for Homecoming Queen 4. SAMUEL WAYNE McCORMICK " Wayne " LILLIAN IRENE McCULLEN " Lillian " Mount Olive High, Mount Olive, N.C. : F. H. A. 1; Glee Club 1; T. H. S. : Jr. -Sr. Waitress 2; F. H. A. 3,4, Parliamentarian 4; Jr. Play, Business Manager; F.T.A. 4; Pep Club 4; Annual Staff 4; Senior Play, Actress; Junior Class Float Committee 3. AUGUSTUS HARVEY McNAIR " Bubba " Sophomore Class Treasurer; Camera Club 1; DeMolay 2,3,4, Sentinel 3; Junior Councilor 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; Jr. -Sr. Planning Com- mittee 3; F.T.A. 4; Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 4; Local Science Fair Winner 1; J.V. Football 1,2; Varsity Football 3,4; Track 3; Junior Play 3, Actor. THOMAS RALPH MANNING " Thomas " WILLIAM GLANCY MEW BORN " Bill " Student Council 1; Key Club 2,3,4; J.V. Football 1; J.V. Basketball 1; Track 2; Jr. Float Committee 3. JAMES MITCHELL " James " Student Council 3; Library Science Club 4. 55 That gal can twist! Seniors always enjoy the day when candidates for mascots accompany them to school. ROY DAVIS MOORE " Roy " J. V. Football Manager 1; Varsity Football Manager 1. SIDNEY ELLIS NEWBERRY " Sidney " Monogram Club 3,4; Key Club 4; J. V. Football 2; Varsity Football 3,4; J. V. Basketball 1; Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4. CAROL YVONNE O ' NEAL " Carol " DONNA KAY PARRISH " Donna " F.H.A. 1,2,3; French Club 3; Jr. -Sr. Planning Com- mittee 3; Pep Club 4. EDWIN SHERWOOD PATTERSON, JR. " E " MARY LEE NEWELL " Mary Lee " F.T.A. 4. CAROLYN SUE NOBLE " Carolyn " F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Local Science Fair Winner 2; Senior Play 4, Actress. DOROTHY EDWARDS NORFLEET " Dorothy " F.T.A. 2,3,4; Substitute Varsity Cheerleader 3; Monogram Club 3; Pep Club 4, Treasurer; Candidate for Homecoming Queen 4. DeMolay 2,3,4; Science Club 4; Key Club 4; J.V. Basketball 1; Industrial Arts Award 1; Winner of Local Science Fair 1; Senior Play 4, Actor. CLEO BON IT A PEACE " Bonita " DANNY McCALL PILAND " Danny " Senior Class President; N.H. S. 3, 4; Key Club 4; French Club 3,4; Annual Staff, Photographer 3,4; Jr. -Sr. Doorman 2; Boys ' State 3. GWENDOLYN ROSE PITTMAN " Gwen " 56 Nashville High School, Nashville, N. C. : F. H.A. 1, 2; T. H. S. : Library Science Club 4. DOROTHY JANE PRICE " Dorothy " EDWARD ALLEN REYNOLDS " Edward " RAYMOND LEE REYNOLDS " Raymond " Jr. Play Committee 3; Library Science Club 4, Secretary 4. CAROL JANE RICHARDSON " Carol Jane " F.T.A. 4. CON NY LEIGH ROBBINS " Conny " Band 1,2,3,4; Corporal 1, 1st Lieutenant 2, Captain 3, 4; Pep Band 2. These students have finally earned the right to march down the aisle while underclassmen stand for them. THELMA DOLORES ROBBINS " Bootsie " Junior Class Treasurer; Senior Class Secretary; F. H. A. 1,2; Student Council 1,4; F.T.A. 4; Pep Club 4; Monogram Club 4; Jr. -Sr. Planning Committee 3; Majorette 2, 3; Library Club 4, President 4; Varsity Cheerleader 4; Candidate for Homecoming Queen 4. SANDRA LOU SANDERSON " Sandra " F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; Student Council 1,2,4, Treasurer 4; Pep Club 4; Monogram Club 4; Sophomore Home- coming Princess 2; Substitute J. V. Cheerleader 2, Substitute Varsity Cheerleader 3, Varsity Cheer- leader 4; Jr. -Sr. Planning Committee 3; Sr. Play, Actress; Candidate for Homecoming Queen 4. VIVIAN SAVAGE " Vivian " Library Science Club 3, Secretary 3. BILLY FRANK SESSOMS " Billy " Bus Driver 3,4. JO CAROL SEXTON " Jo Carol " F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2; Local Science Fair Winner 1; Jr. -Sr. Planning Committee 3; F.T.A. 4; Pep Club 4. CYNTHIA BROWN SIMMONS " Cynthia " Salem Academy, Salem, N.C. : Glee Club 2; Spiritual Life Council 2; Social Committee 2; T. H. S. : Freshman Class Homecoming Princess 1; F.T.A. 3,4; French Club 3,4; Pep Club 4; Mono- 57 Gangway! Seniors don ' t like to be kept waiting for lunch. gram Club 3,4; Varsity Cheerleader 3,4, Secretary 4; Candidate for Homecoming Queen 4. DOROTHY KAREN SMITH aren " Rocky Mount High School, Rocky Mount, N. C. : Glee Club 1; F. H. A. 1; T. H. S.: French Club 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2; F. H. A. 2;. F.T.A. 2,3,4; Annual Staff 4, Typist; Jr. Play 3, Student Director; Edge- combe County Typewriting Contest 3; East Carolina Typing Contest 3; Pep Club 4; Junior Float Com- mittee 3. LINDA ANN STRICKLAND " Linda " BRENDA JOYCE STROUP " Brenda " F.T.A. 4. WILLIAM WARREN SULLIVAN " Sul " DONNIE RAY TAYLOR " Rat " Grainger High School, Kinston, N. C. : Junior Varsity Football 1: Varsitv Basketball 3; Baseball 3; Wrestling Team Varsity 1, 3; T. H. S. : F. T. A. 4; Pep Club 4; Varsity Basketball 4. WILLIAM HASSELL THIGPEN " Billy " Key Club 2, 3,4, Vice-President 3, President 4; French Club 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Pep Club 4; Science Club 4; Annual Staff 4, Circulation Manager; Junior Varsity Football 2; Varsity Football 3,4; Track 3; Local Science Fair Winner 1; Boys ' State 3. REUBEN DICKERSON THOMPSON, IV " Woozy " Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; DeMolay 2, 3, 4, Master Councilor 4; Camera Club 2; Pep Club 4, Secretary 4; Junior Varsity Basketball 1; Varsity Basketball 2, 3,4; Varsity Tennis Team 1,2, 3; Northeastern Conference Double Champion 3; Northeastern Confer- ence Singles Champion 1,2; F.T.A. 4. RALPH EDWARD WARD " Ralph " Sophomore Class, Vice-President; Student Council 1,4; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4; Camera Club 2; Varsity Football Manager 1, 2, 3; Baseball Manager 1,2; F.T.A. 4. WILLIAM HORACE WARD " Bill " Band 4; Pep Club 4. CARLA ANN WEAVER " Carla " 58 Freshman Class, President; Jr. Class, Secretary; Student Council 2, 3; F. H. A. 2,3,4, Historian 4; Annual Staff 3, 4, Co-Editor 4; N. H. S. 3.4, Presi- dent 4; Pep Club 4; Local Science Fair Winner 1; Jr. -Sr. Waitress 2; World History Award 2; Home Economics Award 3; Marshal 3; Jr. -Sr. Planning Committee 3; Candidate for Homecoming Queen 4. ELIZABETH ANN WEBB " Elizabeth " F.H.A. 1. VELVET JAMES WEBB " Velvet " 4; Annual Staff 4; Junior Varsity Football 1; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Junior Varsity Basketball 1; Track 2,3; Semi-finalist National Merit Scholarship Test; Jr. Play 3, Actor. JERRY ELIZABETH WHITLEY " Jew " Substitute Junior Varsity Cheerleader 1, Junior Varsity Cheerleader 2; F. T.A. 3,4; French Club 3,4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Pep Club 4, Co-Chairman; Second Highest Magazine Salesman 3; Junior Float Committee 3, Chairman; Edgecombe County Typewriting Contest 3; Junior Play 3, Actress; Senior Play 4, Actress; Candi- date for Homecoming Queen 4. F.H.A. 1,2,4; Majorette 2,3,4; F.T.A. 4; Glee Club 4. DORIS FAYE WILLIAMSON " Doris " DEBORAH LOUISE WELLS " Deborah " F.H.A. 1; F.T.A. 4; Majorette 2,3,4; Glee Club 4; Candidate for Homecoming Queen 4. - CLAUDE GEORGE WHITE, JR. " George " Key Club 2, 3,4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; Camera Club 2; French Club 3,4; Science Club 4; Pep Club F.H.A. 1,2,4; F.T.A. 2,3,4. JANICE EILEEN WILLIAMSON " Janice " F.T.A. 2,3,4; Annual Staff 4. JERRY MACK WORSLEY " Jerry " Junior Class President; Senior Class Vice-President; Student Council 1,2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Mono- gram Club 4; Varsity Football Manager 4; Basket- ball Scorekeeper 2, 3, 4; Baseball Scorekeeper 3; Jr. Sr. Doorman 2; Marshal 3; Jr. -Sr. Planning Com- mittee 3; N. H. S. 3,4. RACHEL BEACH WYNN " Rachel " Robersonville High School, Robersonville, N.C. : F.H. A. 1,2; Glee Club 1,2, Reporter 2; World History Award 2; T. H. S. : F. H. A. 3. These football athletes are on the way to the last round-up as they load the bus for their final game of the season. Homecoming candidates are asked to participate in the Christmas Parade by riding on the floats. 60 J ' uniors The end is in sight as the Class of ' 65 moves into the realm of the upperclassman. A multitude of activities, with a wee bit of study on the side, will find the Junior on the brink of seniority and at the end of his high school career. President - HOWARD HUSSEY Secretary FRANCES LAWRENCE Vice-President GUY ALFORD Treasurer - LYNDA FRESHOUR 62 CPoof! GrasJi! UJie Gfass of ' 65 Guy Alford Hazel A lis brook Sandra Anderson Ronald Bailey 1 " V 1 1 I 1 ■ l « m 1 I Frank Baker Sheila Baker Ronnie Barfield Bob Barnhill Bill Beasley Tommy Belch Fonda Bell Hugh Best Mike Burk Wayne Bushman Butch Cannon Edith Bobbit Howard Boney Faye Britt Frank Broome Clara Brown Linda Brown Vikki Brown Noma Bryant J3a6s, JlCacjazines, i£e j?r. Sr. Uoo Lee Conyers David Creech Vic Creech Allen Cross Steve Cummings Patty Dail Bruce Davenport Jo Ann Davis Robert Davis Ben Dew Charles Dew Robert Dew Sue Dew Jerry Dixon Harvey Everett Brenda Fields Sandra Carter Sandra Causway George Cherry Gilda Coley Lynda Freshour Vikky Funderburk Freddie Griffin 0£e Seniors xpec t£e !73es rom ou Steve Hale Jimmy Hall Betty Jo Harder Clark Hargrove 1 1| IHBM _ l fa vt i V James Henry Knox Betty Kornegay Ronnie Lanier Judy Harrell William Harrell Geraldine Harrelson Tommy Harris Avery Hathaway Danny Hayes Nancy Holderness Donna Sue Holland Saundra Holland Howard Hussey Paul Hyman Garry Joyner Carol Kent Dianne King Jimmy King Henry Walter Knox liOiiJi Srades ancf J3uc£ Uou !JKat Survive! ■mm ' £ ' Peggy Lynn Linda Manz Mary Davis Martin Gordon Meeks Gretchen Mewborn Jo Ellen Moore Gloria Morris Betty Newberry Fern Newell Jonathan Newton Richard Nobles Skeeter Norris Ted Padgett Dennis Palmer Wayne Parks Ann Pearson Suzanne Lilley Linda Long William Long Mike Lynn t Jeff Porter of ' 6J Bro Purvis Caroline Raby Jane Robinson Mike Rosenkoetter Bonnie Salter Nancy Sasser Kathryn Satterthwaite Delores Savage Linda Scott Lynwood Sessoms Garland Shepard Jim Simmons Joan Skinner Ruth Skinner Linda Smith Roy Spain Joan Stallings Julius Stallings Rebecca Stanley Linda Stroud Sammy Summerlin Diane Swift 67 9fs Soocf to See y u JUTOWoe Patsy Taylor Patricia Tripp Nancy Truitt Virginia Turner Connie Umphlet Tola Walker Barbara Walston Tommy Walters David Warren Johnny Warren Dennis Wayne Webb Ronald Webb Patricia Webber Betty West Janice Whitaker Joe White Deborah Whitehurst Gwen Whitehurst Carlton Wayne Williamson Joe Williamson Robert Wolfe Jimmy Womble t Henry Wook s Patsy Worsley William Worsley 68 omores Traditionally the sophisticated Sophomore finds the world on his string, and he ' s sitting on top of a big rainbow. He ' s got this insti- tution under control and looks forward to two more years of this comfortable status. We ' ll see ! 70 I CBeep CBeep! U ie Glass of J 66 Jesse Arnold Archie Bailey Rad Bailey Dennis Baker Evelyn Bardin Gail Barfield Diane Barnette Richard Boseman Shirley Boseman Danny Braddy David Bradley Cathy Bradshaw Jimmy Braswell Vincent Brewer Timothy Britt Edward Brodie David Brown Carol Bunn Lida Hayes Calvert Dorothy Carlisle Sam Carlisle Celester Cartledge Mary Jo Check Patricia Clark Elizabeth Cobb John Coker Ernest Coley Ann Colson Mike Conner Susan Cooper 71 U iey SAtrn Ae Seniors j?ust for JGc£s Joseph Coppock Cynthia Cratch Blair Creech Mary Davenport Ronald Davis Billy Decker Jerry Denton Betty Kay Dew Reginald Dew Richard Dew Robert Dickson Brenda Dixon Peggy Dixon Judy Dunn Allen Dupree Ronald Dyson Milton Edmondson Barbara Etheridge Ira Fisher Smitty Fleming John Foster Gary Gammons Elizabeth Gibbs Ernest Gooch Retha Grimmer Bradley Guthrie Sandra Hale Kathy Harrell Linda Harrell Mike Harrell i 1 iL,A CI f .V I I f , - i ' I i 1 i 1 wL ■ 72 D£ey JKaAe T icJting jSeaoes Boo A Wise 1 1 T 1 Mack Harrell Ruby Hathaway Lynn Hendler Ml J I Ik j iw 1 a A ) L f Johnny Hill John Hinnant Judith Hodges Billy Ray Holland Raw Is Howard Robert Howard James Hussey Willard Jackson Charles Jenkins Mary Johnson Patricia Johnson Brenda Jones Betty Joyner Jo Ann Joyner Peggy Joyner Archie Knox Roger Knox Phillip Langley David Lanier Felix Lassiter Susan Leggett Deanie Leigh Jackie Lewis Monnie Lewis William Lewis Timothy Lilly 73 Set U£at Qa£ 3 fome CBefore S7t (Dies Eleanor Logan Delores Manning Johnny Manning Steven Marshall Thomas Marshall Dennis Massengill James Mayo Bernice Mears Thomas Mewborn Alma Mills Ivan Mitchell George Moore Johnnie Moore Arabella Nash Larry Newberry Nancy Newton Beverly Norman Henry Norris Wayne Norris John Owens Betty Padgett Sherry Parrisher Wilma Parks Betty Jo Parrish Judy Pate Layne Perry Fred Phillips William Pigg Ronnie Pittman Jeanette Pollard i V 11 1 1 t J? f ■r n«mT t La « %k Mr I 1 1 w., „ W 74 Jiere ' s o ifie Glass of ' 66 Ray Pollard James Raynor Willie Richardson Isabel Roberson Johnny Roberson Patsy Roundtree Hilda Satterthwaite John Saunders Caroline Schiff Mike Serra Gail Sexton Jean Skinner Mike Snavely Allen Sparrow Mary Elizabeth Spence Linda Stallings Charles Steward Barbara Stokes Edgar Sugg Rose Ann Thompson Edward Tuck D wight Walters Dennis Walters Gail Ward Cherry Warren Collin Webb Daniel Webb Kenneth Webber Ronald Weeks Danny Whitaker your Joeas " Will GJianje ancf So Wiff your XicJts Are these intelligent looking Sophs project planning? It is sus- pected that they have other things in mind at this " Bull Session. HdXU 7re $fimen The years, eight to be exact, have intro- duced a new freshman class to the portals of Tarboro High School. Behind them lie the crayons and construction paper of grammar school; ahead, the pen and protractor of higher education. Time and initiative will write the history of the Class of ' 67. c Jresfiman Gfass Officers William Allsbrook Emma Jean Anderson Jesse Andrews Ann Ayers Bill Babcock Tom Bardin Norma Jean Barfield Peggy Barnes Jackie Bartholomew Richard Bass 1 1 i ! id) i - J i Da! " Da! i£e Gfass of ' 67 Marshall Beach Gary Berwick Denny Best Shirley Board Fred Bobbin Richard Bobbitt Lee Boyd Faye Braddy Linda Brewer Debbie Brown Donald Brown Jack Bryant Linda Bryant Jimmy Burnette Mike Caldwell Dennis Cale Del ores Cannon Bo Carpender Dianne Cooke Alan Cooper i mm Linda Creech Dee Dail Bruce Dew Travis Doughtie Danny Dupree Jimmie Edmondson Linda Edwards Jack Fisher Frank Flanagan Sylvia Fussell Ann Griffin Nathan Gupton Marcia Gurganus Gerald Harrell Lillie Mae Harrell It k ft Sherry Harrell Jenellia Harrelson Diane Hill Jeannette Hill Johnny Holland OCaiue and Jreen CTlncf S raiyJaf Jno n Jfeauen ft I i ;1 1 1 I i Daisy Mae Holloman ward Holloman y Howard tis Hudson nis Hudson arry Hurst Johnny Hyman Buck Jackson Sarah Jackson Ronnie James Alice Jones James Jones Judy Keel Billy Keene Wesley Keene Tommy Knox Richard Lassiter Linda Latham Stan Lawrence Betty Lee uf iey See Jour Tjears of Jun C Uieacf Ester Lewis Tom Lewis Billy Lilly Albert Long Barbara Lynn Tom McLaughlin Billy Manning Melvin Manning Patricia Manning Dianne Marshall Scotty Martin Delores Matthews Jean Matthews Ed Mayo Tom Mayo Linda Mears Martha Millard Ronnie Moore Donald Morris Larry Morris hit Buddy Newell Francis Norville Jimmy Oates Beth Palmer Joe Parrish I MA I Donnie Peace Tony Pearce Kay Pearson Mary Morrison Pennington Linda Pillow Connie Pittman Ashley Pollard Suzanne Pollard Ann Posey Bobby Ray Pridgen i k ( Peggy Pulley Bruce Purvis Mary Alice Raby Joe Radford Janet Raw Is CBut UAey j r( Jincf Swea and Uoi S7nsz qcf Linda Robbins Edward Roberson Hubert Robinson Lela Mae Radgers Carolyn Rose Cheryl Rosenkoetter Sharon Savage Steve Schaab Frances Scott Bennie Sessoms Marie Shaw Harold Sherrick Charles Shirley David Shirley Alton Ray Skinner Ella Ann Smith Marc Smith Raymond Smith Robert Smith Nancy Smoot i i ■ 1 MM 1 1 it ■ 11 } m j i ■ f s 1 IB EH Jfere s to i£e Glass of ' 67 Lois Stallings Randy Strickland Joe Stroud Dennis Sullivan Rabbitt Summerlin ? Donald Sutton Ellen Jayne Taylor Iver Taylor Joyce Taylor Martha Ann Taylor ■ 4t- i r Frances Tripp James Tripp Beverly Turner Vicky Umphlet Charlotte Vick 11 Louise Vick William Wagner C. B. Walston Carolyn Warren Glenn Warren : i i m 1 fcri Charles Webb Joan Webb j Wilma Webb Libby Wells Elizabeth White X- Herbert Whitehurst Gail Whitfield Kay Whitfield Gale Whitley Ray Williamson Steven Williamson Sandra Wilson Judy Worlsey Bucky Wrenn ancf o U ieir Swi f CReiurn o 3 feauen These students are possibly Freshmen ! They have that dreadfully discriminating look about them ! But they will find, as time goes on, that THS will become as familiar to them as they will to it. UJie iisuaf Day of C?.J£S. S uc en s All students utilize their study halls to the fullest advantages!? 88 Jan as t fancf 89 1963 JKarsJials ff r s 7 S a e Girls ' State is spon- sored by the Amer- ican Legion Aux- iliary. This year, Sallie Carlisle and Barbara Check were chosen the repre- sentatives from Tarboro. CBoys ' S a e Herbert Brown, Billy Thigpen, Louis Jones, and Danny Piland were the four boys sponsored by the American Legion to participate in Boys ' State from Tarboro. 93 Jrom Summer o Jail o Sc ioof initiations ano inductions ,r r 0. ce r These students were tapped into The National Honor Society in a dignified ceremony. Candles representing Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service are lit by Phyllis Deal. " A Little Bit of Soap " will wash away the messy re- sults of the Key Club in- itiation. These boys have met the required 85 average to become voted into the Key Club. Offerees o C7ar£oro JfigJi Sc ioof J fomecominj llOee£ 98 S7s an xcitin f Uime Queen ' s Gour Sandra Sanderson, Thelma Robbins, Jerry Whitley, Barbara Check, Deborah Wells, Carolyn Braddy, Phyllis Deal, Cathy Bradshaw, Nancy Smoot, Donna Beach, Gilda Coley, Dorothy Norfleet, Elizabeth Mahler, Carla Weaver, Sallie Carlisle, Sally Gray Bailey, Cynthia Simmons, and Nancy Carter composed the 1963 Queen ' s Court. CRo yaf Gourt Princesses shown with the homecoming queen are Cathy Bradshaw, Sophomore Princess; Gilda Coley, Junior Prin- cess; and Nancy Smoot, Freshman Princess. EDGECOMBE CO. MEMORIAL LIBRARY TARBORO. N: C. 101 One day during exam week, a hot chocolate break was awarded the students between examinations. GJin ' stmas at C7.J£S. Annual C7ar£oro GJiristmas J J aracfe Homecoming Queen, Donna Beach, and her royal court ride on the master float in the Christmas Parade. Each year the T. H. S. Homecoming candi- dates are asked to participate in the Christ- mas parade. They ride on the floats and the children of the town ride with them. Sallie Carlisle and Elizabeth Mahler reign on this beautiful float. 105 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; . . . . . . a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace. The academic days spent at Tarboro High School are brightened and diversi- fied by the opportunity for participation in various clubs and extracurricular activi- ties. Such activities extend the student ' s life and experience far beyond the class- room. By participation in the club programs available, the student is able to bet- ter identify himself with others who share his interests and abilities. The goals strived for and achieved will make wonderful memories as the years pass; but the relationship formed during the enjoyable hours spent in these activities will remain realities throughout his lifetime. S7s OJAuczys Jhfarcf at Jo)or£ This year, for the first time, the annual staff presented a " drama " written by Barbara Check to promote the sale of annuals. Billy Thigpen and Sallie Carlisle are shown in one of the most dramatic skits of the play. Robot George White makes a grand entrance! It takes brains to write copy! Jay Stallings, the photographer of the annual staff, is constantly summoned for duty never end- ing. A big part in publishing a first-annual is accurate and neat typing. The typists are Peggy Denny, Nita Collins, and Karen Smith. 109 Herbert Brown, President; Virginia Turner, Vice-President; Donna Beach, Secretary; Sandra Sanderson, Treasurer; Miss Grace Whitehurst, Advisor. S uc en Council Bootsie Robbins re- presented the Stu- dent Council as candidate for Home- coming Queen. This year a new system was adopted in the Student Coun- cil. Alternate members from each homeroom were elec- ted to substitute for the one regular representative. no U£e Science G uS is ba La Ht l lr Tl Pb Bi 132.91 137.36 138.92 178.50 ISO. 192.2 h 4.39 207.2! 209.00 Officers of the Science Club are: Bill Worsley, Vice-President; Barbara Check, President; Isabell Roberson, Secretary; Mrs. Briley is the Science Club ' s capable advisor. Glioral JlCusic Choral Music has been introduced to the curriculum of Tarboro High School. Many students find enjoyment in their participation in this new and rewarding organization. Teen angels, we can hear you! 1 14 Some of the purposes of the F. H. A. are to promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfactions of homemaking, to encourage democracy in home and community life, and to promote international good will. Why, Leonard Gillespie, you ' re just a flirt! The District F. H. A. Rally was held in Washington, N. C. this year. Carla Weaver and Judy Harrell par- ticipated in the afternoon session pageant. Juture jf fo o me matters " I Wanna Hold Your Hand, " you Beatle you! 16 Officers are: Donna Beach, President; Janice Whitaker, V. -President; Judy Harrell, Secretary; Carla Weaver, Historian; Lillian McCullen, Parliamentarian; Peggy Denny, Song Leader; Carolyn Braddy, Reporter; and advisors, Mrs. Spencer and Miss Honeycutt. The homecoming candidate spon- sored by the FHA was Carolyn Braddy. 117 Orc e er Oj The Order of DeMolay, sponsored by the Masons, promotes high ideals and character among its members. DeMolay candidate for Homecoming Queen was Dorothy Norfleet. Officers are: I. V. Thompson, Master Counselor; Robby Wolfe, Senior Counselor; and Bubb a Mc- Nair, Junior Counselor. I The new members of the DeMolay were initiated in a solemn ceremony at the Masonic Temple. 121 Our Sancf Senior JKaj ' oreites The aims of the newly established Pep Club are to support the Tarboro Tigers in all athletic competition and to display a genuine school spirit throughout the school year. LSMFT! LSMFT ! Let ' s support the mighty fine Tigers. Dorothy Norfleet, Treasurer; Jerry Whitley, Co-chairman; and Jim Simmons, Sergeant-at-Arms. 125 UJie ZJarsi y Glieerleaders SANDRA SANDERSON CYNTHIA SIMMONS 127 Cherry Warren, Chief; Smoot, Arabella Nash, and Eleanor Logan. Jackie Bartholomew, Mary Morrison Pennington, Martha Millard, Debbie Brown, Nancy Isabelle Robinson, Beth Palmer, Lida Hayes Calvert, Ruby Hathaway, Rose Ann Thompson Throughout the high school years, the participation in and love of sports has been a unifying force which creates an invincible feeling of school spirit. Com- petition in all sports results in a display of healthy pride and enthusiasm. Athletics is an essential in the development of active minds and bodies and in the building of strong characters which possess the worthy traits of leadership and sportsmanship. 129 Our TJars ' y ' JooiSall Ueam FIRST ROW: White, Purvis, McNair, J. Warren, Palmer, Sparrow, Lanier, Belch. SECOND ROW: Leggett, Thigpen, Davenport, Barnhill, D. Warren, Cannon. THIRD ROW: Norris, Carstarphen, Phillips, Rosenkoetter, Pitt, Bushman. FOURTH ROW: Hussey, Davis, Hargrove, Moore, Beasley. FIFTH ROW: Newberry, Summerlin T. H. S. SCOREBOARD 7 6 20 6 24 6 18 Kinston Elizabeth City Jacksonville Williamston Greenville Washington Roanoke Rapids Havelock New Bern Scotland Neck 35 8 14 13 19 34 6 41 6 BUBBA McNAIR, Tackle SIDNEY NEWBERRY, End 132 134 FIRST ROW: Fisher, Serra, Tripp, Pollard, Howard, Raynor, Lilley, Braddy, Knox, Jackson. SECOND ROW: Langley, Wrenn, Sullivan, Beach, Harrell, Brewer, Schaab, Newberry, Dyson. THIRD ROW: Coach Spenser, McLaughlin, Purvis, Caldwell, Roberson, Pittman, Bardin, Martin. 136 These boys compose the J. V. starting line-up. KNEELING: Thompson, Newberry, Earp, Taylor. STANDING: Davis, Creech, Hargrove, J. Warren, Worsley, D. Warren, Beasley, Serra, Hussey, Pitt. T.H. S. SCOREBOARD 65 Ayden 46 56 Williamston 46 63 Robersonville 54 Williamston 67 Robersonville 43 55 Greenville 53 48 New Bern 76 67 Jacksonville 63 50 Washington 48 72 Roanoke Rapids 61 43 Elizabeth City 63 61 Kinston 71 43 Greenville 51 66 New Bern 84 Co-Oap a ns Johnny Warren, Joe Pitt, and Coach Tripp. 138 DONNIE TAYLOR L v . THOMPSON 139 140 142 FIRST ROW: Schaab, Sparrow, Summerlin, Jackson, Carpenter, Babcock, Lilley. SECOND ROW: Wrenn, Walters, McLaughlin, Beach, Caldwell, Allsbrook, Edmondson. J - If T. H. S. SCOREBOARD 46 Ayden 36 65 Williamston 17 39 Robersonville 52 59 Williamston 33 39 Robersonville 45 46 Greenville 49 47 New Bern 34 51 Jacksonville 38 42 Washington 59 39 Roanoke Rapids 52 50 Elizabeth City 41 53 Kinston 51 47 Greenville 54 54 New Bern 53 143 144 145 FIRST ROW: Fisher, C. Harrell, Cannon, Palmer, Warren, Davis, Causway. SECOND ROW: Jackson, Bushman, Rosenkoetter, Newberry, Phillips, Beasley. THIRD ROW: Hall, Hurst, M. Harrell, Coach Braswell. Sports plays an important part in the development of the individual. At T. H. S. the development of the indi- vidual goes hand in hand with the education of the individual. Our baseball team is an example of this. They won only two games last year but the amount of character built on that diamond is immeasurable. The spirit and pep exhibited by the team won them many admirers if not games. 146 Decker, J. Hussey, Creech, Thompson, H. Hussey, Conyers, Wolfe, Lanier, and Gammons are the remaining mem- bers of the Tarboro Championship Tennis Team. 147 As in the past Tarboro ' s merchants have supported the Tar-bo-rah. The An- nual Staff expresses its appreciation for their patronage. PERKO CLEANERS One-Hour Service TA 3-3124 Tarboro, N. C. CREECH THE FLORIST Congratulate s the Seniors " Flowers That Please " FARMER ' S ESSO Csso DEALER 201 1 Main St. Tarboro, N. C. BO ' S FLYING A SERVICE STATION Flying m J Dial Service flr k 3-3607 Corner Cedar and Fountain Tarboro, N. C. C W EQUIPMENT CO. For All Your Equipment Needs Your John Deere Dealer TA 3-3386 Bethel Highway Tarboro, N. C. B M CHEVROLET CO. 27 Years of Continuous Service 109 Main St. Tarboro, N. C ALBEMARLE SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY TA 3-9391 1113 Albemarle Ave. Tarboro, N. C. Congratulations to the Seniors of 1964 BELK- TYLER ' S Home of Better Values Tarboro, N. C. PUTMAN INSURANCE Insurance Dial Rental TA 3-2411 Real Estate Tarboro, N. C. W. S. CLARK SONS, INC. Tarboro, N. C. BENTON FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Home Furnishings Kelvinator Appliances - Sylvania TV - Duo Therm Oil Heaters Tarboro, N. C. HOLLAND ' S BARBECUE TA 3-3278 West St. James Street Tarboro, N. C. WILLIAM ' S 5 10 STORE Everything for the Student SUPPLIES Tarboro, N. C 418 Main N. C. NATIONAL BANK Dial TA 3-3185 Tarboro, N. C. E. L. HOLLAND Roofing and Sheet Metal Contracto r Gutters and Built- Up Roofs Estimates Given - Repair Work All Work Guaranteed for 12 Months Tarboro, N. C. TA 3-2971 BRUCE FOUNTAIN WHITFIELD FOUNTAIN G. H. FOUNTAIN INS. AGENCY " Education Today Insures Progress Tomorrow " Harrell Building Tarboro, N. C. SHORELINE DISTRIBUTORS, INC. Institutional Frozen and Canned Foods 211 E. North St. , Kinston, N. C. P. O. Box 311 Tel. 523-5843 103 E. Church Street CITY BARBER SHOP Tarboro, N. C. ENTERPRISE CARRIAGE CO. 114 W. Granville St. Home Heating Home TARBORO DRUG CO. 52? eooD roe Prompt Service Any Hour TA 3-431 1 Try Our Luncheonette! YOU R TROUBLES VANISH GLASGOW AND THOMPSON ESSO SERVICE " Look for the Sign of Happy Motoring " Golden Jubilee Year HEILIG-MEYERS FURNITURE 50th Anniversary 1913-1963 COLONIAL THEATER 514 Main St, Tarboro ' s Finest Dial TA 3-4060 Tarboro, N. C. DAVENPORT AND RUSSELL COAL - WOOD - OIL Tarboro, N. C. WOLFE TRANSFER, INC. Local and Long Distance Moving CARLISLE FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service TA 3-3202 Tarboro, N. C. YOUR EDUCATION (Like Your Telephone) GUARANTEED FOR LIFE Yes, both will give you a lifetime of service. Use them well. CAROLINA TELEPHONE LONG MANUFACTURING CO. " The Finest Equipment " TA 3-4161 907 N. Main St. Tarboro, N. C. TOWN AND COUNTRY GAS CO. Your L. P. Gas Dealer Serving Eastern North Carolina EDGECOMBE BEAUTY SHOP 2008 N. Main St. Tarboro, N. C. TA 3-4646 CONSTANTINE OIL CO., INC. For Your Home Heating and Tobacco Curing Needs Phone TA 3-4212 Howard Ave. Tarboro, N. C. EDGECOMBE BONDED WAREHOUSE Compliments of EDGECOMBE BONDED WAREHOUSE MAYO KNITTING MILL, INC. 701 Chestnut St. Tarboro, N. C. ADLER ' S OF TARBORO TARBORO AWNING CO. . Canvas Awnings . Aluminum Awning s .Aluminum Sidings Tarboro, N. C. TA 3-8262 Cedar 805 Country Club Drive There ' s a " one and only " in refreshment, too METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. A. W. BASS Life Insurance and Hospitalization Call TA 3-4647 Tarboro, N. C. TA 3-3098 St. MARTHA ' S BEAUTY SHOP TA 3-3516 Tarboro, N. C, DAIL ' S FLORIST Ready to Serve Tarboro High School Flowers Priced With the Student in Mind Bottled Under Authority of the COCA-COLA COMPANY by TARBORO COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Tarboro, N. C. MARROWOW-PITT HARDWARE Tarboro, N. C. BLACK WELL TIRE RECAPPING CONETOE SUPPLY CO. INC. Your Allis- Chalmers Dealer DEW ' S GARAGE Tractor and Auto Service 204 Granville St. TA 3-2922 FRANCIS ELECTRIC CO. EDGECOMBE HOMESTEAD AND , Financial Safety and Service for Edgecombe County Since 1889 LOAN ASSOCIATION TA 3-2184 Tarboro, N. C. 1804 Main St. BASS AUTO SUPPLY Tarboro, N. C, GLENOIT MILLS, INC. ) ! Makers of Fine Imitation Fur Fabrics Tarboro, N. C. " Best in Sound All Around " W.C.P.S. TA 3-2191 Tarboro, N. C. TARBORO PRINTING CO. " Quality Printing " SHOOK INSURANCE AGENCY L. W. SHOOK L. G. " BUD " SHOOK TA 3-2232 119 St. James St. Tarboro SAWYER ' S for Fine Groceries Dial TA 3-4385 801 W. St. James St. Tarboro FORBES INSURANCE AGENCY 1905 North Main Street, Post Office Box 616 Tarboro, North Carolina Telephone: TA 3-2273 1 DIDN ' T HAVE ) MIZELL ' S, INC. I A THING TO J V_WJAR Your Sportswear Hdq. for Young Ladies and Young Men Tarboro, N. C. SULLIVAN ' S TIRE CENTER SAM LEO ' S MOBIL SERVICE STATION Mobil 501 Main St, Tarboro MUNICIPAL MILK PLANT TA 3-3480 Wilson St. Bottles or Cartons Tarboro, N. C TARBORO CONCRETE BLDG. SUPPLIES, INC. Bethel Highway Call TA 3-4184 TA 3-4185 103 St. Andrews St. MOORE Company TA 3-3985 Tarboro, N. C. KENT HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING WHITEHURST GIN CO. Conetoe, N. C. JACKSON ' S FLORIST 904 Howard Avenue J. P. SUGG, JR. Plumbing and Heating Crane-Kohler Standard Fixtures - Remodeling Water Heaters - Repairs 1921 N. Main St. Tarboro, N. C. Fast SERVICE PROVIDENT FINANCE CO. Loans $20 to $600 Household Furniture Kitchen Appliances - Autos Provident Finance Company Formerly Security Loan Corp. 423 Main St. Phone TA 3-4177 " Friendly and Personal Service " EDGECOMBE DRUG CO. , INC. " The Prompt and Efficient Pharmacy " Tarboro, N. C. Phone TA 3-3178 WHITEHURST BODY SHOP TA 3-8382 Tarboro-Bethel Hwy. ROSENBAUM ' S, INC. " The Place to Go for the Brands you Know " Fashions for Women Style - Quality - Value TA 3-2717 Tarboro, N. C. TARBORO ELECTRIC CO. GIBBS ' BARBECUE Quality Barbecue TA 3-4444 Bethel Hwy. Tarboro, N. C. LLOYD ' S RESTAURANT BARNHILL CONSTRUCTION CO. ROBERSON DUPREE 412 Main Street Phone TA 3-3534 " Tarboro ' s Leading Shoe Store " Tarboro, N. C. DCY KCA Watches JEWELERS Diamonds China Gifts Expert Repair s i Fine Quality " TA 3-4700 412 Main St Tarboro, N. C. CAROLINA STARTER AND GENERATOR WORKS Complete Auto Electric Service AUTp REPAIRS TA 3-2767 Tarboro MURPHY-JENKINS AND CO. TeAa 106 E. St. James St. (Ft) Tarboro, N. C. Texaco Petroleum Products TA 3-2222 ROBERT ' S JEWELRY CO. Diamonds Watches Jewelry 309 Main Street Tarboro, North Carolina TA 3-2149 Silver China Gifts Over 100 Years Experience Is Your Guarantee MOORE ' S PHARMACY Your Health Is Our Business 301 Main St. Tarboro, N. C. Dial TA 3-2445 MIDWAY GROCERY In Tarboro Your Key . . . to Greater Values J. E. SIMMONS FURNITURE COMPANY ' The Home of Quality Furniture " W. Walnut St. PILGRIM LAUNDRY CLEANERS TA 3-3171 Tarboro, N. C. NATIONAL SODA SHOP G00D FOOD TA 3-2227 805 1 2 W. St. James Tarboro, N. C. TARBORO SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Savings Insured to $10, 000. 00 4% Paid on Earnings Tarboro, North Carolina 322 Main St. Eve rybody 1 s Going to ROSE ' S STORES, INC. Tarboro, N. C. SHILO IMPLEMENT CO., INC. Highway 258 North TA 3-2276 C. L. FARMER OIL CO. £sso DEALER Distributor of ESSO Products Dial TA 3-2796 Tarboro, N. C. F. S. ROYSTER MERCANTILE CO. Fertilizers - Seeds - Insecticides TA 3-2607 Tarboro, N. C. EDGECOMBE MOTOR CO., INC. Sales FORD CzZcCfTTL Se rvice WORLD ' S MOST SUCCESSFUL NEW CAR 1900 N. Main St. Falcon - Comet - Thunderbird TA 3-3167 Tarboro, N. C. EDGECOMBE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY TA 3-2131 318 Main St. ' Your Local Friendly Bank " Tarboro, N. C. Fountain-Oak City THORNE DRUG CO. WILLIAM VANCE MOTEL RUNNYMEDE MILLS ■ " The Best in Hosiery Since 1899 " 103 First Street Tarboro, N. C. DIXIE Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning When Remodeling or Building -- Call Us Dial TA 3-3133 (Day) or TA 3-8212 (Night) Tarboro, N. C. DULANY FROZEN FOODS TRIANGLE FOODS, INC. Raieigh, n. c PATRONS Formica Plant The 1964 Tar-Bo-Rah annual staff would like to express its appreci- ation to the following Senior parents who donated money so generously to assist in the publication of the ' 64 annual. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Check Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Denny, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Hassell Thigpen Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Claude White We would like to express our appreciation to all those who made it possible to publish this annual, especially Miss May, our advisor. EDGECOMBE CO. MEMORI AL LIBRARY T »r,nA;; ■ pi - w . TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 168 EDGECOMBE COUNTY MEMORIAL LIBRARY 3 3026 00129 3931 1

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Tarboro High School - Tar Bo Rah Yearbook (Tarboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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