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 - Class of 1953

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,K K, ,,,g......,,,.,, w.-:mp--r, .-vw A . DMN Y C..Xm.b xx I I 7 4 tw' 1 S ch 1fIVf 1' f 7 T-IV? UTX T 1 N X HMM 1 1T'H I I ' n Telhf nh: . ' U -f ,v Y WAX , Q -, s - M .. i ""f52R"1 g Q "::.':'.':f'v I 5 1, if U3 , Q Ex kg s ad if wg NLE Wuxi WM lll"lUl'HH1I"f :unc Ba C3 ' 4 O QR Baz' ' YJ-9 V559 1110 0 C7 divx X I Iwi, I l l EMM cm l 1 9-P Q' , Q Xnvl lim Tl, ! ff QV", .ax X - '4 ,,.x'N I , Dall.- ' ,xt e F, , , IEA 2 5. F-1 J' u P 'I 1 lt' I 1 FLLQ : 4 . ' -if ' L z.,-WQ' F 1 f Y saf- I . I , . r I X V K I I IM K' I' ,J ... 4 giiifffnllf 3 r ' 5' g, -ya i J s . 1. T, L., 11 T W 1 LL "'f , . If N Q f ees ? 4'M r Nl? 'll 1' X S15 Qui i Q ze Z' Zi O k FOREWORD Here an rev-new for all to examune IS the 1953 TAR BO RAH We the sensors realize that the knowledge and expenences we take from Tarboro Hugh School are more umporfanf than the thlngs we leave behmd However we know that our records are left behind not only on paper but nn our own mmds wnth pride that we present this record of our ochvmes We ho e P t at ln the days to come each of you may look at thus o ur annual and recall wlth prlde your days nn Tarboro Hugh School '54 f A f ff M ..,., AQ ' f -i- 41 gh 1 .Z y 11-T- q l l It is . . . . .. 0 h . . I I 1 'Q v pri. a 9 K1 '-' 1 , f - 9 . A o A gl Y f H -4 U 'll f 1 3 "' 7 V Z ia I f Y Y Z V 4 5 DEDICATION With our deepest gratitude and fondest cdmurahon we the Sensor Class proudly dedicate thus our 1953 edmon of the Tar Bo Roh to Mrs Esther Lee Irby whose guiding hand has led us on and whose cheerful smlle and helpful afhtude wull nnspure us towordso higher goal . f 4' . . . . . . 1 I 1 I I " I ' . ANNUAL STAFF iwx Editor-in-Chief ........................... Maude Johnson Assistant Editor .............................. David White Business Manager . ........ ................ E dwa rd Roberson Advertising Managers Bnllne Morris Mahlon DeLoatch Assistant Advertising Managers Circulation Manager Assistant Business Manager Assistant Circulation Manager Sports Editor Photographer Prophetess Testa tor Historian Class Poet Typasts Faculty Advisor Esther Denny Peggy Vause Sandra Clark Eileen Browne Elizabeth Ann Jackson Dickie Denton Wilbur Harris Dorothy Griffin Jacksne Berwick Jul ua Sanders Bobby Cross Jane Harrell Billie Morris Sandra Clark, Jacksle Berwick Mrs Esther Lee Irby . . . u---------------------------------- I C0-Art Editors -------------------------------------------- ------ E arl Roberson, Sarah Eason . ----.------------------.--.--- 1 ------------.------------- , . . . f n , FWWIMMWIIHJIIHIIIIWIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIH mm? I I IIIIIMI ul if WMU, W 15 f 4! Z W Q W! Illlllll 4 7 K W-f""' F X 6,76 11 f 'IW df f W 0" ,C!Z'LClfL6g 7 f ti: M glial! lllllllllllllll ul llllll u lllllllllll I ll lllll I 12521111111 A ,WI g, , H lim fl J I W? I viii?" H aww 1 f .P , . W i if ! W ff Q lv MRS ESTHER LEE IRBY English French MRS HIRAM MAYO Commerclal MRS RUTH BUTLER History Scnence COL WORTH WICKER History Math MR JOHN WOLFE Physical Education Social Scuence MR ALFRED LINTHICUM Inclusfnal Arts MR ROY RUSSELL Band MISS MIRIAM SCOTT Home Economucs MRS M M WETZEL Secrefory FACULTY MR W A MAHLER Supermtendent MR M M WETZEL Pruncnpal MISS ELEANOR WHITE Engllsh MRS RENA BLACKBURN Science MISS THELMA MORSE MRS PENELOPE JONES Englnsh MRS CORAN TURNER Lubrarlan MISS CHARLOTTE BUNCH Musec . I . I . I I Latin, Math . I f fx! 4 'Q Z 0 Z f Z f endow W 7 101,15 fs 5010: 2, , , I , 1 2' Z 1 1 ' 4 4 5 2 A Z Z 4 6 4 ? 4 4 E 3 X A VA Mrs W H Davenport Mrs M W DeLoafch GRADE MOTHERS MASCOTS Mrs J A Horrlson Mrs H A Lnvesoy Hiram Moyo Susan Cooper SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Roy Elmore Secretory Bobble Sue Harrison Treasurer . Peggy Vause vice-PfegalglfIIffffIIfffIffIfIfIIIIffIfffAL.def,onHouf FRANCES ABRAMS Frances Qunet and very srncere lt s hard to fund a friend so dear Glee Club 4 Voted Qunetest JACQUELINE ANN BERWICK Jacksle Many times has been told and truthly san She has bath graceful mmnen anda level ead Glee Club 3 4, Lrbrary Club 4 Secretary and Treasurer Annual Staff Testatar KENNETH BREWER Ken He s athletic and of a lrkeable sort But most of all he s a real good sport Class Offucer 2 Vuce Pres Football 2 3 4 Co-Captam 4 Most Valuable Player4 Basketballl 3 4 Baseball l 2 3 4 Voted Most Athletic DOROTHY EILEEN BROWNE Boonxe Hard-workrng likeable and verysancere We are all very lucky to have her here Evansville Ind Cum Laudel 2 Committee of One 2 Jr Y Teens 2 Spectator Sports Club 2 Grrls Handucraft Club 2 Thespran Committees 2 Ta rboro .lr Play 3 Beta Club 3,4 President 4 Lrbrary Club 4 Newspaper Staff 3 4 Asst Feature Edrtor 3, Feature Edrtor 4 Annual Staff 4 Assrs tant Busmess Manager Voted Mast Lukely ta Succeed SENICDRS MARY EDNA ALDERMAN Sweet Pea She s cheerful and wltty and dependable oo She makes your school days and your slues always blue Jr Play 3 GleeClub 3 4 Voted Wrttuest EVA ELIZABETH BREWER Snooks e says not much, but there smuch rn her mmd She kn ows how to make good use of her time JOHN WIGGINS BROWN JR Bugs A lrttle nonsense now and then ls relrshed by the best of men J V Basketball l J V Football 2 Foot ball 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Baseball 3, Jr lay 3 Lxbrary Club 4 Voted Most Talk atrve WILLIAM MURRAY BULLOCK Murray Handsome a grand success an the band Butwatch out gurls he samalarette s man Baseball l Band lDrum Malor l 2 3 Lleutenantl 2 3 4 Orchestra l,2 3 Junior Play 3 Voted Wrttlesl BEATRICE LOUISE BURNETTE With talentsot hxghest rank and person allty complete Im sure we all agree that she can t be beat Student Councxl I 2 3 4 Sec 2 Vlce Pres 3 4 HCIubI 2 3 4 Pres 3 Vice s 4 F H A C u I 2 3 4 President 4 Class Offrcer Sec Treas Waltress Jr Sr 2 ClassOff1cer Treas 3 Glee Club 3 Jr Flay 3 Grrls State 3 Beta Club 3,4 Newspaper Staff Reporter 3 4 Lubrary Club 4 Cheerleader 4 SANDRA ANNE CLARK Sandra She does thmgs when others don t try It s easy ta make her laugh but hard to make her cry Waitress Jr Sr 2 J V Basketball2 Bas ketball 3,4 Captaun 4 Softball 3 Cheer leoder3 4 Co-Ch1et4 Beta Club3 4 Newspaper Staff4 Sports Editor Annual Statf4 Cnr Mgr Voted Most Athletrc Most Ornganal CARL WAYNE CROSS Boochne He s not a genius not even a bram Hlsmund thrlveson laughter hrs heart the same Football 2 3 4 J V Footballl 2 Glee Club 2 3 4 5 Llbrary Club 4 Basketball 2 3 4 J V 4 HClub2 5l 52Voted Best looking Sr Play Jr Play Stunt N1ghtI2 3 4 Baseball J V 2 3 Mono gram Club I BETTY JUNE DAVENPORT If we all had her :harmrng ways and smllmg face Then our old world would be a better place Band WGIOFGYVGII 2 3 4 Chlet malorette 4 4HClubI 234 Sec Treas Reporter4 MlssRuralYouth 3 LatunClub 2 Wautress Jr Sr 2 Homecomnng Queen 3 Valentine Queen 3 Beta Club3 4 E H A 3 4 Voted Cutest SENIORS PATRICIA WATSON CARPENTER a Branns talent, and good looksthat make your head swurl She s no gemus she s lust an all around If ClouOfI'ucer Pres I Bandl 2,3 4 C ral I 2 3 Sgt 4 LatlnClub 2 Waitress .lr Sr 2 BetaCIub3 4 DON ELLIS CORBETT Duck Plum, he x not hard to wm But after you ve won hum you can t fund o better friend BOBBY SHELTON CROSS ross A dreamer, that s the way he spends hu tnme Hns dreams are worth a mnllnon hrs poc ketbook a dime Football I, 4 HClub I 2 3 4 Jr Play 3 Cheerleader4 Annual Staff-11 Class Poet Voted Most Orlgmal SHIRLEY ANN DAVENPORT Shnrley The number of her fruends proves she nat shy But remember, boys she s got her guy 4 H Club I 2 3 4 Pres 4 Glee Club 3 4 Library Club 4 Offlce Girl 3 4 "Bea" ,,. . I - 1.P,11 1 1 1 ,, . 1 - 1 , . ,. 1 ' ' - 'lil 1111 - 1 g . 'f' rlri 1 1 ' Pre.5,.. lb,,,,Sec.3, , -5 I llof- , ' ' j A' P0 111 1: 1 - - 1 1 A .-.5 ,. 1 . 1 'I 1 1 1 - 1 1 I 1 li i ' 11 11 . 1 11 I ' 1 11 11 11 .-,5.. I ' . . , - 11- 1 '. I I I ' I . , 1 1 ' 15 I rl 1 . - 11 1 I ' , . .5 z 1 I 11C 11 111 - - , . .. . . 11 1 - ' . 11 . . 1 . I - - 11 Ill " ll . lrrf I ,,, ..5- 5- : - 1111 - 1 5. , . 5 1.. 1 1 :Ill --li ' ' ' 115011 A ,, . 11- 11 1 H 11 . , , s 1 . . . 1 11 llll I ' 1- ,111 -- -213: ju' "5 " :Ill -I I 5 .-.5 i I 1- 1 I rf - .. ,5 : . MAHLON WINGATE DeLOATCH, JR Dee Very neat un dren bnlluant m mind But most of all a gentlemen all the tnme Bandl GleaClub 2 LatlnClub 2, Jr Play 3 Boys State 3, Beta Club 3 4 Library Club 4, Annusl Staff 4 Advertmng Mana ger Voted Mo4tCourteoux Most Studnous RICHARD HENRY DENTON Dlclul He lnvel has own lufe and enloys nt too He always stay: happy and never ue Bandl 23 Sgt 3 ChapelBand23 Jr Play 3, Baseball 3,4, Football 4 Basketball 4, LlbraryClub 4 Vace Pres Annual Staff 4 Sports Edltof SARAH EASON Sarah She 1 a gurl that s hard to meet But when you ve met her the s hard to beat HA l2,34,4HClu 123 tln Club 3 4 Glee Club 4 Annual Staff 4, Co Art Edntor JOSEPH DARRELL EVERETT Darrell The world lx hu tool shop and success what he makes, For Darrell usa boywho has what nt takes Football l 2,3 SENICDRS ESTHER ANN DENNY Yank She 1 an all-round glrl, on that I agree A real success tn life llwe I bound to be Burgettatovm, Penn Trl Hi Y 3, Lubrary Club 3 Ant Librarian 3, Spanish Fiesta 3 Tarboro Library Club 4 Ant Lnbrunan , Annual Staff 4 MARTHA FAYE DIXON Faye Wuth her slncere waysmd trusting mule She ll travel the road of wcceumtle after mn e Jr Play 3, Cheerleader 3 4 Co-Chief 4 GEORGE ROY ELMORE Attractwe, dependable, courteous toall, Roy wlll anlwer every call Loncaiter, S C Band l, Tarboro Band 2 3 Marital 2 3 Chuef 3,Tennu 2,3 Cap taln 3 Boys State 3 Clan Offucer, Pres 3,4, Newspaper Staff 3,4, Edutor m-Cluef 4 Student Council 3,4, Vuce Pres 3 Pres 4, Football3,4, BetaClub3 4 Voted Moet Popular, Moet Lllzely to Succeed Most Dependable MARY SUE FARMER ue Her wnely choten words are few She ls good an all the does do Glee Club 4, Voted Mort Courteous BETTY RUTH FUSSELL Luked by all devoted to one To fund a gurl ruucer ut can t bedone Glee Club 3 4 BETTY FAYE HALE Penny Few people un our great land luve un loy everyd y How great the dufference would be uf all were luke Betty Faye Basketball! F H A12 Voted Best Dancer BILLY O DELL HAMPTON O dell The world wull never pass hum Walter .Ir Sr 2 Cheerleader 4 WILBUR CLYDE HARRIS 'Wulbur Clyde 'Thus boy us on hui way to fane In the hall of musuc you wull certaunly fund hus name Glee Club I 2 3 4 Pres 4 4 HClubI 2 3 4 Pre: 2 Vlce Pres 3 Jr Play 3 Newspaper Staff 4, Typust, Annual Staff 4 Photographer Voted Best Dressed SENICDRS DOROTHY VERNON GRIFFIN ot 'With the glft of beauty and her wonderful ways All the tame of her future wull be golden days Student Councul I 4 HClubl Band 2 Malorette Wautress Jr S 2 F H A 2 3 4 Glee Club 3 4 Luhrary Club Reporter 4 Jr Play 3, Annual Staff4 Prophetess Voted Prettuest Offuce Gurl 4 CHARLES WILLIAM HALE Bu ly 'The best thungs come un luttle packages It s so For a better boy than Bully youll never know Football Manager 2 Voted Cutest JANE ROBBIN S HARRE LL Jane How good lookung and happy always full of glee A person with rucher persanaluty mme eyes wull never see Suffork, Vu .Ir Trl Hu Y 1,2 Class Of fucer, Treas 2 Tiara Glee Club 4 Beta CIub4 Voted Fruendluelt BOBBIE SUE HARRISON Bobble Sue In radlant smules and knowledge rare, None can surpass and few compare Student Councul I 2 4 Treasurer 2, Waut ressJf Sr 2 F H A 2 34 Hustaruan4 Band 2 3,4, Malarette 4 Class Offucer Sec 3 , Jr Play3 Teen Age Club Sec Treas 4 Newspaper Staff4 Ant Car Manager Voted Most Popular ' I ..D .. wsop.. G 5 ' M , .u I 5 ' . . . . , , I . I ' I 1 I I 5 .- r. 5 . . . , u I I I I I f ' I- I : . I . . I 'I ll ls 'I It , . . . ,, . . , . , . , - UI ' . , , ,, ... I . u - 1 I Z . ' , . . .. u. u ll I ll " ' 5 I 'Billy is quiet, kind, and shy, I . . b ,, - .- Y- - ' .- . 5 . -I - ' ' i 3 r I I 1 5 : ' ' . .u - ut ' ll s u I H ' ' I .. - .. . I I I . - . - -' - I - - - 1 1 1 I I 5 u I - 5 , . . I I u - I ' ' . 5 . 5 ' ' ' - , . ,4- . 5 - . I . 5 : . 5 ' 7 ' ' ' I ' I ' I 3 ANDERSON BERKLEY HOLT Sonny A brullrant mind a humble soul Great are the thmgs hrs future wull hold Student Councul 2, Walter Jr Sr 2 Mar shal 3 Boys State 3 Beta Club 3 4 Class Offlcer Vnce Pres 4 Voted Quuetest MAUDE PADDISON JOHNSON Maude Attractuve understandmg and dependable oo Her loy us the resultwhen the 'ob ls through A 2 3 4 Treas 3 Sec 4 un Club 2 Newspaper Staff 2 3 4 Colummst 3 Associate Edltor4 J V Basketball 2 Varsrty3 Jr Play3 Lrbrary Club4 Asst Cheerleader4 Annual Staff4 Edutor un Chref LEONARD DAVID LILLEY JR He lrkes sports, to hum they re a treat He d rather play football an day than eat Football l J V Ba ketball Walter Jr Sr 2 Football 2 3 4 Co Cap torn 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Jr Play 3 Library Club 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Voted Most Handsome JEAN RYLAND LIVESAY 'Tester Neatly dressed, good loolung always lund A very successful future she s bound to md 4 H Club l Class Officer, Vrce Pr s l Band 2,3 4 Flag Bearer 2 3 Sub Mayor ette 4, Voted Best Dressed SENIORS ELIZABETH ANN JACKSON lz ln her attractnve ways the manner of her dress Luz holds the way to happiness F H A l 2 3 4 Latm Club2 Newspaper Sa 3 4 Ass Cnr Mgr 3 Cnr M 4 Jr Play 3 L1braryClub4 Cheerleader 4 Annual Staff4 Asst Cnr Manager PATTIE VIVIAN KNOX Patsy Small In stature but large rn mlnd Happuness like hers will lasthll the and of time Glee Club 3 4 EDITH BRUNELL l.lVESAY Ednth Charmmg ways and sparklmg eyes, Lrlcea golden sunset before her her future es eeClubl2FHA l24HCub HAZEL ELIZABET H MARKS Hazel A sunny drsposuhon wuth ever lastung glee, Makes a Iolly malden lust what she ought ta be Ban l 2 A 4 u 2 3 4 GleeClub 3 4 Voted BlggestFlnrt ELIZABETH GRAY MAYO U9 Nice Ioolung and a olly way A real grand gurl that r what we say Jr Play 3 Glee Club 3,4, Beta Club 3 4 Voted Best Sport BILLIE GRAY MORRIS Bruce 'The world of muslc wants for her commmd And notes become lovely at the touch of her hcmd Glee Club 2,3,4 Accompanut Operetta 3 Newspaper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Advertmng Manager Voted Most Talka tnve, Most Talented Office Glrl 4 SAMMY REGISTER 'Stuart In hum Iles the beauty of mum: and joy Talent could not have founda better boy 4-H Clubl Band I 2,3,4, Corporal I Sgt 2 Student Director 3 Captann4 Chapel Bard I 2 3 4 Clnnlc Band 2 Or heitral,2,3,4 Clan Officer Vlce Pres 3 Voted Most Talented TIM DAVID ROBBINS Roac Wuth hard work and ambmon great In Infe a success he s sure to rate 4HCIubI2 Band2 GleeCIub234 SEIXIICDRS GEORGE OSCAR MOORE SI :der Ready for anythung be nt work or play An all-round good fellow an every way Library Club 4 Football 4, Voted Best Sport WILLIAM MEREDITH O NEAL Snake My heart ns not won my fancy rs ree So come along gurls and bother me J V Bamballl J V BasketbalI2,3 Base II 2 3,4, Kung of VaIenhneDance 3 Band4 WILLIAM REYNOLDS Borden 'Thesky as hrs Inmrt and succouhls pat wa And no truer words my mouth con sa 4 HCIubI Glee Clubl 3 4 Jr Play3 EARL LYNN ROBERSON or Adelrghtful sense ofhumor andon educa ted mrnd A fruend of everyone a wtse user of tume Marholl 4 H Clubl 2 3 4 Walter Jr Sr 2 Student Councull 2 GleeCIub 2 Boys State 3 Jr PIay3 Beta Club3 Newspaper Staff 3 4 Asst Advertnsmg Mgr 3 Advertmng Mgr 4 Football 4 Lrbrary Club 4, Pres , Annual Staff 4, Co ArtEdttor Voted Fruendluest ..B .. 1 1 - . .. ' ' I I - 1 ' 11 . . I . z n . .. .. 1 ll ' ' . 1 f, .. , . ' . . 1. . I " f I . . . - 1 ' I 2.1 1 I Im 7 1 - . , . .. .. .. 1 , h Yi Y.. I I I ' - 1 1 1 :fri 1 - ' "" ' c 5 , - . 1 : . .EIN .. - , u I - 1, . . . ,, , . , . I I 1 -11.1 - -1 ri 131 . . . . 1. 1 14, - 11 1 11- ,I . -- -1 -1 1 1 I . EDWARD LEE ROBERSON Edward Edward s perxonalnyus the nm ofsucceu, And hu determmatuon wnll lead to happr neu 4 HCIubl 2 3 4 Gln CIub2 3 Wanter Jr Sr 2, Play 3 Boys State 3, Newspaper Staff 3 4 Asst Business Mgr 3 Business Mgr 4, Bela Club 3 4, Treas 4 Library Club 4, Annual Staff 4 Business Mg NELDA AMORY SEXTON Luce She 5 lund thoughtful, agoodfnend who u always tme To find her match us a hard thang to do 5tudentCouncnl l 4 HClub I Glee Club 2 3,4, Jr Play3 Beta Club3 4 Vice Preudent 4 REX EDWARD SPURGIN um Shy at heart, popular by demand, Beware fellows, he 1 a lady s mal Bandl 2 GleeClub 4 Voted Buggestlflurt GERALDINE THARRINGTON Gerne "Pretty as a prcture, smart ax a book, When due taluera step, the fellowrwnll look " Library Club 4, Office Girl 4 SENICDRS JULIA POWELL SANDERS Julna She hath brams and lovelmeu fair Her chance for su c c e ss ns exceptuonally l'5l'B Bandl 2 3 4 Staff Sgt 2 Fmt Sgt 3 StudentDnmctor4 Clrnrc Bandl 3 Chapel Band l 2 3 4 Latm Club 2 Wantreu Jr r 2 Grrls State3 .lr Floy3 Winner of American History Award 3 Beta Club 3 4 Sec 4 T 8 Essay wmner Annual Staff4 Huroruan Voted Most Studuous Most ependable LAWRENCE BENJAMIN SPAIN Charlie In words he s lnttle un heart hex tall He rs loved by most and a friend to a 4 H Club l Football 3 4 HERBERT SAMUAL SUTTON ook A man of rntel I ngence whose heart as meek ln llle he shall fund whatever he shall seek Beta Club 3 4 Student Councol 4 PEGGY ANN TURNER Shorty "Nurse ways and belreve mea heart of gold, Her personality rs always warm and never cold " School Bus Driver 4, Offuce Girl 4 .. - .. .1 .. ,, . . . . ., , . . . 1 - ll ll ' - . Q . 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - , - - , - . . I . ' ' ' . . , - . ' . - - - 1 1 1 1 1 - , , . . , I . . l . I . . S. , ' , . , . 1 . 1 . . , . I 1 1 1 , r., . . A Voted: Frlendlrest, Best Dancer. . ' ' .' ' ' . ' , . 1 D . 1. .. .. - 1. .. . - - 1 1 F - 1. . - - . . ' ' I I , ' II." P ' 1 I . 1 - - I I r 1 - 1 . 1 nf H ..P .. .1 - .. 1 1 . I . . I- . . ' 1 1 I i 1 ' 1 1 ' . .. .. -1 - .. PEGGY ANN VAUSE 'UU 'Tlmacanpass the future wnll always draw naar Neither time nor the future could mdte another no dear Bald l 2 3 4 Maloratta 4 Clmuc Band 2 3 Chapel lwudl 2 3 4 latsnClub2 FHA 34 BotaClub34 Manhal23 Clan Officer Treas 4 Annual Staff4 Ant Advormlng Mmagor EVELYN RAY WHITE Whitey Her friends all say and we agree Sha I as mce as nice can be Band l 2 Malorette Glue Club 4 SENIGRS CLASS POEM WATER S END A bubbllng sprung, full of lufe s water golng here and there, Not knowmg what the future wull bnng nor taklng tame to care Thus luke a sprung began our freshman year, Bubblmg with youth, we cared not what was near DAVID CARLTON WHITE David Hn hope hh lay has umbutnon great Complete wccau wlll be hls fate Bandl23 Corp l3 Sgt 2ChapeI Band l 2 3 Orchestra l 2 4 latin Club 2 Walter Jr Sf 2 J V Football 2 Boys Stale 3 Beta Club 3 4 Football 4 Annual Staff 4 Aulltant Edutor ANN ROSE WILSON Grand ln dren splendid ways and a friend to all She ll clunb the stair of successmd never C Bandl 2,ChapolBand2 LetmClub2 F H A 234 GluClub4 On bubbled sprung until nt became a babbllng brook When flowers and grass drank nts water, a new form of llfe they took Thus we became sophomores, from the fountann of knowledge we dud drunk We were growing people, and none too small to sunk The brook mnxed wuth other brooks and became a beautuful stream, A stream curvmg gracefully around rocks luke a lovely dream We, as Juniors wuth our class nngs, used to walk down the halls. Yes, then, we began to see beauty in T H S walls. Then our river widens, and we flow into the ocean deep. What will our fortune be? Failure or success, what will we seek? But thus is our stream s end Now it ns too late to begin No, the ocean ns life, and our lnfe begms at thus water s end By Bobby Cross 'D' tn -n ' ' ,,. . .. I I I I I I ," . Ill -lr -F , ,, ..: ,,: . . I , . 111, ,I I ,-,III I ff ,111 I I II 7 ... ' ' ri 1 ' 11 1' I I , , .5 1 1 'Rose' .. I I . .. . I 1 , . . ' ' , i fll." I - - . 1' F 7 11 i - ...fri ' I . . ., . . . . . . .. . . . ' - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . ' . . - . . . CLASS HISTORY MOUSE TRACKS Hello there I m the luttle mouse that you ve seen runnung thru thus annual You ll see a lot more of me too I ve stopped here lust long enough to tell you a Iuttle but about the Senuor class of 53 Yes, they are almost there Where? Why, graduatuon of course To some of them ut may seem good but to others a Iuttle sad I ve been wuth them ever sunce theur furst day of school My they felt bug and how they loved Mrs Knught and Muss Lee Theur next fuve years at Low school were uneventful They went every day and enloyed ut Some of the favorite teachers were Muss Sledge, Muss Long and Mrs Muzelle Why rught now I can see Muss Kumel comung down the hall wuth her luttle putch pupe un her hand Durung the eughth grade, they were louned by some students that have meant much to them that South Conetoe trube Theur Junuor Hugh days were fun, but they certaunly dudn t dream of what lay ahead of them Then came theur furst day of hugh school Wonder how many dud get lost? Why I remember two gurls whodudn'teven get to the rught homeroom to start wuth It wasn t long tho before they were lust at home as any of theur upperclassmen Pat was chosen class presudent that furst year Connue and Earl were marshals from the class Remember Johnny Kent presudent of the Sophomore class but how could anyone forget hum? When he had to leave Ken dud a swell 'ob of takung over Roy and Peggy V represented us as marshals When the Hallowe en Camuval came along, the class made lust heaps of money under the guudance of Mrs Morse and Mrs Blackbum Theur Junuor year was a year of moneymakung They had a lot to work for and to look forward to Furst of all they chose Roy as theur was the dance after the football games Remember the musuc that they had, or trued to have after the furst two games? They pulled through tho and were very successful I sneaked In on a Beta Club meet ung and found that eughteen out of the class would be eluguble The next venture was the annual stunt nught Then came Growung Pauns member Ma and Pa Mclntyre and theur brats George and Terry? The whole cast dud an excellent 'ob under Mrs Butler s durectuon Then ut came The long awauted' Yes theur Jr Sr Everyone worked hard but as each one had a specual 'ob everythung worked out very smoothly The theme was the famous Mardr Gras Red and whute were the predomu natung colors The grade mothers Mrs Vause, Mrs Elmore Mrs DeLoatch, and Mrs Sanders pre pared a wonderful meal and were successful un carryung out the color scheme on the plates Everyone hada bug tume durung the banquet tossun serpentune un everyone else s plate I surely had a good tume afterwards helpung them clean up the plates After the banquet everyone danced to the musuc of Bob Lee s orchestra from E C C Mrs Irby was a wonderful person to work wuth and she was unstrumental un makung the Jr Sr as successful as ut was Peggy V and Anderson were the marshals wuth Roy as the chuef marshal My, then came that let-down feelung The thungs that they had looked forward to for so long were at an end They knew that as they would be doung thungs un theur Senuor year, ut would be for the last time They started out on the rught foot tho Thefurst thung they dud was to agaun elect Roy presudent Then came theall umportant annual staff, and a hard worker was chosen un the person of Maude John son as edutor un-chuef Of course, I can t tell you anythung about theur Senuor year tull ut happens so Come on wuth me now, and I'II show you the rest of the annual HISTORIAN Jul ua Sanders I ' I ' ' I , . , . . . . , . n . . 0 . I . , . . . . . . . , 0 - ' - uu ll - ' I I, ,, . . . . . . , . . I . . , . . . ,, . ,, . . . . . - I . " , . , . . . . i . I . leader. As soon as Roy began, all fell in to work along beside him. The first money making proposition . , . - ' uu ' ' uu -- u 0 ' - I . . n . . - . P . . I . . ll ' D ll ' '- . Q I . . I . . ' . . . . , . . , . , . . , . . . , . . -- LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT State of North Carolina County of Edgecomb City of Tarboro Tarboro HIgh School We, the Semors of 53 Haven t long a class to We re willing away our goods and possessions Article l To the members of the Faculty we leave as follows To Mr Wetzel We have a class coming forth, That will let his Ideas of dignity Prove their worth To our Mrs Tumer, A Librarian rare, A study hall group, To the Sophomores the thought That they re now half way And It won t be long Before their graduation day Says Sandra Clark My athletic ability I wish to ln someone else She means Betty Boswell Blllle Morris who says Words -not few Leaves her talkative way To Betty Lou Dew Kenneth Brewer, Face with grin smearedl To Jimmy Avent Leaves his beard. Patsy Knox leaves Her little fee To Lorraine Mayo. That s nicel And neat! Jane Harrell, On her face a grin plastered, Leaves her luxurious waves To Doris Lassiter. Witnesses: Sue Farmer Gerry Tharrington Edith Livesay To Mr Mahler The thought that we Here to help him, Next year won t Article To the Juniors we leave, Our DIgnIfIed way Believe me class, lt really will pay Article lll To certain students We, the Senior class, Being devoid of all possessions, Do finish all legal duties, In this--our last session To Mrs Mayo, A Shorthand class That will write Shorthand first And giggle last To Mr Wolfe, ho s In a twitter Plenty o girls To the Freshmen the thought That they re no longer green, And that, as a Senior Class, They ll soon be seen Nelda Sexton says I ve height to spare l ll leave It to Sherrod Bryan She can use It there Elizabeth Mayo leaves her glasses, Lenses and all, To someone who can use them Tony Hornthal Don Corbett Whose head IS In a whirl Leaves six years English experience To Jimmy Ferrell Maude Johnson With legs to spare, Leaves them with Sarah Brewer, lThey ll get good use therell Oscar Moore bequeaths His abundant weight To Waverly Owens. lHope I have that straight.l The Senior Class of Tarboro High School Jacksie Berwick, Testator . , I I be, So throwing away our books and lessons, , . . . ' I . , I . . . . . . . I be. l. V . . I . . ,W , . . l f . Thqf studies in fhere, D To act GS his lJ0lJy5ll'l'6t'. . . . I ' - I II II I - 1 I 1 s . , . I , I ,, . . . . II I ' I I II ' ' I a I ' " I I Q . . I I I .I .I CLASS PROPHECY Friends, Tarboro Hugh School June, T953 I have been chosen by thus class to try For each of them to pro esy To look far into the future and see What each of these gurls and boys IS destined to be They are now before you lustemng Intent To fund how their future years will be spent Far an thus day of rapid change Everythmg seems so strange, Everythmg ls rush and hurry, And people luve In such a flurry Therefore, at IS a great task for me To fugure out what each wnll be When I trued to thunk and really calm down, The most restful place was the heart of tl'-Is town I sat nn our lovely common, and It seemed to e, I began to get a message from an old Oak Tree The breezes were Ih the dnstance, the echoes awok , And I sat and lustened as the Old Tree s For It sold to me, Ill gnve you and Just slt quxetly beneath my shade And I ll blow the pages of the Future wlae And gave you a gl umpee :nude Then you can so clearly see, The Future of the Class of Fufty three Patncua, a publuc health nurse Does not mmd the bother of fuss Wnlbur, a crooner us the best, Currently featured ln a club out West Sandra teaches second grade A good chance she mode Betty Ruth, a housewife so sweet Keeps her lovely home, oh so neat Duckie IS an electrucal engnneer He ns nn demand far and near She instructs trom morning untul noon A commercnal teacher IS Betty June A dnesel desnguer IS Roy He was always a smart boy Oscar has his own chauffeur For now he IS a professaonal loafer Julna we see A third grade teacher ns to be She keeps the patlents cheerful and go She I5 the nurse we know as Faye Enleen, Guidance Advisor at Duke She ls a person to salute As she sand, and as she chose, A second grade teacher now rs Rose Peggy as an accountmt now, Working those figures and how Mahlon, we see, A doctor IS to be Ken ln hls fleld IS consxdered best, Y New coachmg a college team out West Bobby ns now at NBC, Domg quite well as an MC Edward and Earl, wuth one busmess name, As accountants have won fame Wnlluam as an enguneer Domg well so we hear Domg her work extra well Jean I5 qulte busy as a housewife, We are sure hers wall be a successful lnfe John, a lawyer wms his case, In court at any place Sob I5 a coach at State, Wmmng games up to thus date Bally Hales a ranlroad detectlve So for has been qunte effechve Hazel, a secretary so exact, ls always on the right track Bnllle, as talented as ever, A musuc teacher ll her endeavor Now comes Into vlew, A secretary we know as Sue A dancing Instructor IS Betty Faye, None could be better, so they say Bully Hampton has a hlllbnlly band He s considered the best lh the land You see his achievements year after year, Anderson, the engmeer Sarah, as we dutl expect, ls naw teachlng Home Ec I w --- e I e I . . . .m n e . . ' poke. e e I I ' ' ' ' Shirley is working at Tel. 8- Tel. . . I Sammy, at twenty three ls a retired musician we s A social worker now is Bea Helping unfortunotes without fee Herbert has a good line He IS now manager of a Five and Dime Boochue has models always, This 'ob really pays An airplane hostess IS she High tn the blue is Esther, we see Lawrence manages a chain of stores In his business he really soars Evelyn now IS a housewife, Leading a very happy life Being a secretary is not play Elizabeth says, working hard everyday We fund Nelda, a nurse at Rex, Always cheerful not perplexed David in the U J dld not tarry, A New York model is Elizabeth Ann, Donna fine, we understand They all tune tn on hum, A hillbilly singer now is Tum A millionaire ts Geraldine s fate, Living ln luxury up to this date Charlie is a smoke lumper we see Exactly what he wanted to be As a secretary at REA Jane IS dependable in every way Bobbie Sue full of elatuon ls now director of religious education Don has a station to serve your car, He is known near and far ln politics, Meredith knows the score Who could ask for more? Rex can sell you anything With that smooth line he will bring We see Edna making out her list, As a dental receptionist Peggy IS a housewife content Now her hours are well spent Eva, who always liked art As on interior decorator has a start We would now like to say, That Patsy s a business woman each day A director of Religious Education here, Jackste helps all who are near Maude always liked to dance, Edith is an instructor of art, Always helpmg doing her part A lawyer in Chicago is Murray, Climbing Ladder of Success without worry Happy days Frances has spent Being a housewife so content Largest Gulf Station in the state, Darrell worked hard it wasn t fate The pages blew with a gentle breeze, And the Book of the Future closed with ease This book had been opened so wide But now l could no longer look Inside The book was sealed with a very brxght star, And at seemed a voice l heard from afarl That is the Star of Hope which must be kept alive If any of you through this life will thrive Then once again the Old Oak softly to me s Giving me faith and giving me hope, Tell the class no matter where they will roam Whether near or far from home, As you enter the future, may your thoughts ever be, That God IS the One that can make us see And if you follow Him who shows the way, Then yours a successful life will be everyday Farewell, class of fifty three, l hope the best ls yet to be YOUR PROPHETESS Dorothy Griffin ' I I I I 1 . . . I ee. . . . . . I . I . . . I . . I I . I . . I I I . . , . , . . . I . U 'I . . He went to Attica, a missionary. Now in New York she has her chance. . . . . . . . ,, ,, . . . . . . , I I I . I b . , . I I ll ' I - I . . . . ,, . . . I poke' I I SUPERLATIVES FRIENDLIEST Earl Roberson Jane Harrell Edward Roberson MOST ORIGINAL -gh. Sandra Clark Bobby Cross MOST POPULAR Bobbie Sue Harrison Roy Elmore BEST LOOKING Dorothy Grlffln Leonard LII Iy N"'-..::-E dl-W... BEST DRESSED Jean Llvesay Wulbur Harrns CUTEST Betty June Davenport Bully Hale BEST SPORTS Oscar Moore El rzabefh Mayo MOST TALKATIVE John Brown SUPERLATIVES 'Sm 173' MOST COURTEOUS Sue Farmer Mahlon DeLoatcl'1 WITTIEST Edna Alderman Murray Bullock BIGGEST FLIRTS Rex Spurgrn Hazel Marks MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Roy Elmore Eileen Browne 'Q ff B-an I Billie Morris SUPERLATIVES 'Wx MOST STUDIOUS Julna Sanders Mahlon DeLoatcl'1 QUIETEST Anderson Holt Frances Abrams w""""" BEST DANCERS Beffy Faye Hole Edward Roberson MOST ATHLETIC Kenneth Brewer Sandra Clark fr" MOST DEPENDABLE Jul na Sanders Roy Elmore MOST TALENTED Bnllne Morrls Sammy Register 'XXV ,' ,Q Q AG' K 2 , -if, L , Wnffffi - .A am 4 g Sw wg A ' -f if J f 5 Y 4 1 ,., i, mi Q X 1 -if ,, .x,.,.. ,EX 1:9 , -swgggfrxggzslrw 'EM Y wa? Hg :K ' S M 191 .0 ' 4 4 xi 4 1 Ui " M if 2 il N mg ' 2 - W 5, if 1, 71, b Mmmmmw? ,,,,z1wmm- . it M X ff? K p,s,f42-Z- "f" g A A s Q j , 1 LY 'W wanna- 'VA-1 ' -- ,fezgff -vm , jiffi .gang m A wif? A f in a Q. , 2 Q ff. ' milfs.. ,V xx,-4 , 4 , .f 311.4 A Six . 1 N34 5 .2 H ,' ,121 , Q 5 1 5 , M Q fpy f I , ' Vi 'M g , gigs- ,Q I g 9 g,,..1, -A -K 'A' 1-- 'wa 31 M -ww W ' I M . 3 3' ' K TQ-50' :-. ,Q ,gawk Z, A ' -Qfggv' Mil' si ,113 . . , if m :N fa P ., 4 " 5 Vigo f , X gi 1 "xg ,M 0 .4 'iw 7 X WY? Ji., ily j ' Q 9 J, H f . xi "1 V 1 rk-.x .. , 4, 9 Q ,A .V.. W , , N wi , -AII I. N '1 , - N, ., ' , r www um fi ,f 0, 5 I 51 Q54 5 1935 v A ,Nagy fy' 'kd' sf , H I f WZ Z f Z I 5 Q lfLlfLLOlf'f5 U I1 l I0 E 1 '7 3 3 4 Q Q 7 6 S Q W6 I 281 t 120 ZZ! Q 2'?f f X Av A . 5 Q 45 JUNIORS Judy Acree Carl Amsley Curtus Andrews Ann Ange Mattie Brady Sarah Brewer Alv nn Dawson Betty Dew JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presldent James Taylor Vlce Presldent Davlcl Elmore Secretary Mnllncent Alderman Treasurer Tommle Walters Luke Alexander Donald Anderson rmmy Avent Betty Boswell Joyce Brown Sonny Bumette Dons Downs Bucky Fountam Douglas Gu ganus .lame Lee Harrell Selma Herrrng Tony Homfhal Dorls Lassiter Bully Lrvesay Russell Messer J C Moore Bobby O Neal Peggy O Neal Dorothy Owens Micki Page Rrcharcl Harrell Vemon Harrell Mary Loulse Johnson Betsy Lancaster Par Marhn Phyllss Mayo Frances McCracken Barba ra N ewsome Shirley O Neal John Owen Dorothy Parker Joy Polndexfer Peggy Price Sl g Robeson Rosa Lee Savage Wlllram Sawyer Wlllle Sfrawbrldge Mollle Ann Tedder Charl ue Walters Jusfa Webb Polly Whntehurst JUNICRS Vaun Russell Cecil Savage Mary Elnzabeth Sexton Edlth Smlfb Mary Eleanor Tew Walter Wagner Tommy West Jean Wh I te Davnd Wllllams E M f xg? OWLU 8:5 fa Bo? friee LED M W r w! 3 0 if ,,f"", X W! ,UA ,, SOPHOMORES Billie Adler Melba Allsbrook T H Boyd Virginia Brown Barbara Carter Jimmy Cates Kent Elrod Whit Fountain Eddie B Fowlkes SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President ...... . .... . ........................ Lorraine Mayo Vice-President ....................... ....... A ubrey Davis Secretary and Treasurer .......... ...... ...... J u liana Evans Joe Anderson Jimmie Ruth Baker Henry Bullock Bettie Carlisle Ruby Clark Joe Colvin Dean Fields Mason Friar Samuel Gladson Randy Constantine Judifh Evereffe Daphne Grlmes Wilma Harrr Sandra Harrlson Mllton Hathaway Gene Johnson Joyce Lass: ter Bull Massey Vernon Messer Dorothy Ml l ls Edgar Norfleet Harold Palnter Eleanor Prnce Bobby Proctor SOPHOMORES Fayette Harrell Jo Ann Harrell Steve Hoard Carole Holt Bobby Lrlley Helen Marks Marilyn Mayo Jerome Moore Wesley Moore Jean Pender Joseph Phel ps Pennmah Powell J K Rlggs Bowie Martin JUNE M0ll'1l5 Peggy Roberson Minnie Robinson Earl Sasser Gail Scott Eleanor Spurgnn Ruth Sutton Joan Tumer James Wade George Wlwltehurst Mamie Wh I tehurst Barbara Wulmoth Myrtle Wilson Marshall Youngblood SOPHOMORES Leslie Rucker Lenore Ruffin Betty Simpson Joe Spiers Hu Ida Tedder Mordel I Tuck Dorothy Wagner Judith White Billy Wiggins Hubert Wu l l uamson Frank Winslow Patricia Womble wwf ' kiln W Q fmw Q ,MWF f Q.. ,JZIWQJ VVLQVL K .nn HL K W Q f f ' K nM01,,,,"1 ' E.. QQ If -M" FRESHMEN FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Preildenf Jnmmy Ferrell Vice Presldenf Benny Moore Secretary and Treasurer Ernestme Rawls Sonia Alderman Brmkley Allsbroolc Jamce Anderson Nanme Rulh Andrews Eddue Armstrong Barbara Babcock Bobble Jeanne Bobbuft Bull Boseman Elmer Bosemcn Alfred Boswell Bobby Brown Clarence Brown Jr Mack Brown Milton Brown Sherrod Bryan? Mary R Bullock Marne Bullock Bully Burnetfe Rose Mary Bumette Tony Byrd Glenda Comes Vlrglnla Carpenter Pafrlcla Carter Maxfon Carrledge Gall Cherry Bessne Clarke Vlctor Crews Jo Ann Crowder Michael Cummmgs Esther Dall Allen Dunn Ray Edwards Amta Erherndge Melba Fusher Celeste Fountam Velma Frazler Mary Vlrgmla Goff Allene Grnffm Robert Grlffm Lois Hagans Carolyn Harmon Hazel Harrell Loulse Harrell Roland Harrell Sammy Harrell Grace Harris Maruan Hopkuns Cecll Kay Jackson Edith Jefferson Louise Jenkins Mary Jones Charles Keel Wnllnam Knox Gerald Lassiter Davud Lewns Lmwood Lewis Gilbert Long Sarah Lynch Duane Massey Thomas Mathus Jane Mayo Wyman McRoy Joyce Medford FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Peggy Meeks Peggy Melton Callie Mitchell Beverly Moore Curtis Morris Maryland Myrick Ray Noble Barbara Owens Barbara Padgett Shsrley Padgett Joseph Page Joseph Parker Elnora Penwell Franklm Prlce Trudy Putman Larry Raynor Fay Roberson Annette Rogers Rachel Wade Donald Rountree Ann Ruffin James Sawyer Marvm Squnres Prlscllla Stancnl Vlrgnnla Stokes Curtis Taylor Betty Rae Terry Bruce Thompson Johnny Umphlet Bobby Webb Robert West Shirley Whnte Bull Whrtehurst Barbara Whrtley Novella Wllliams N NM Nl g 3 'QA SN 53 M 'mflgfg f Q WI - "mill X K , x r ' I Q w R .. X Q 0 A 1""MuuuxxW ? 2 W mmm 0 543 Coach J. B. Wolfe Roy Elmore Earl Roberson ui Coach W. D. Alexander Assistant N if Kenneth Brewer it . we 3? E Lawrence Spain TARBOR Fnrst Row John Brown J K Ruggs Vernon Harrell Tommy Walters James Brunette Leonard Lnlley Kenneth Brewer John Owen Roy Elmore Joe Anderson Bobby Lrlley Second Row Coach W D Alexander Manager Rnchard Harrell Lesley Rucker Edgar Norfleet Davnd Whlte Frank Wmslow Kent Elrod Slg Robeson Ray Nobles Harold Palnter Bruce Thomp son Coach J B Wolfe Thrrd Row Lawrence Spam Davnd Elmore Bobby Proctor Tony Horn thal Wnllue Strawbrldge Dnckle Denton Earl Roberson Earl Sasser Oscar Moore Davud WIlllOmS TIGERS Ta rboro To rboro Ta rboro Ta rbo ro Ta rboro Ta rboro Ta rboro Ta rboro Ta rboro Ta rboro SCORES Nashville S. Edgecombe Ahoskie Scotland Neck Robersonville Ayden Moorehead City Roanoke Rapids Smithfield Spring Hope 0 0 32 25 32 6 6 32 I 2 6 Leonard Lilley t I 1 Dickie Denton Coach N.A. Tolar Assistant John Brown David White Oscar Moore BOYS BASKETBALL In 4 qt I 11 w,,,,l, , ff 'Ir 'Ill' jj ? 1? Za Furst Row Wlllre Strawbrrdge Kenneth Brewer Earl Sasser John Brown Sonny Bumette Leonard Lulley Second Row Bobby Lnlley Duckue Denton Lesl e Rucker Harold Painter Curtis Taylor Tony Hornthal Steve Hoord Bennie Moore Coach: W. D. Alexander 'Starting Line-Up Left to Right: Patsy Carter Mary Eleanor Tew Juliana Evans Millicent Alderman Billie Adler Wilma Hairr Ann Ange Mattie Brady Jacksie Berwick Joan 'Turner Lorraine Mayo Gene Johnson Dorothy Mills Jimmie Ruth Baker Sara Brewer Dorothy Owens Coach: N .A. Toler Captain: Sandra Clark GIRLS' BASKETBALL Q -5 A111 i J AXXXXS - Q .T 7 Q 4 5 f' 4 ' u 9 ' 'Q l 'fir : ik.: A 4 + l -1 Q 5 ' o x X If I I 1 1 f I Q 12 -N571 6 ,1 nlllin' X 1 J 1 CHEERLEADERS I J 9 IW b fw A AMWQP H Y c c-ch f Ch B bbyc MouclJo Assta 5 Z M Z fs X X W .ACIQUL fL8f5 1 i sa? Z' Q fl ! R , .fd E 7 X 3 1 ' AQ 7 ,, BETA CLUB First Row: Mahlon DeLoatch, Bea Bumette, Julia Sanders, Nelda Sexton, Eileen Browne, Edward Roberson Second Row: Mrs. H. J. Mayo, Advisor, Betty Davenport, David White, Sandra Clark, Patricia Carpenter, Selma Herring, Peggy Vause, Elizabeth Mayo, Sara Eason, Phyllis Mayo, Mary E. Sexton, Millicent Alderman.Third Row: Earl Roberson, Anderson Holt, Roy Elmore, Herbert Sutton James Ta lor Buck Fountain David Elmor 1 gm - H1 F5511 311' if if ml? . ' Q f.,,1llff 6 s 12 X if QE : N : : Q3 I' ' ' ,Jw W of Z Z Y I Y e Uane Harrell, not picturedl. I 'I Treasurer, Edward Roberson, President, Eileen Browne, Secretary, Julia Sanders, Vice-President, Nelda Sexton. , ,J Z , Mews B9 w 5 3 f f" 5 w "Ev w ,ff N R Randy Page, Treasurer, Roy Elmore, Presi- dent, Phyllis Mayo, Vice-President, J. K. Riggs, Secretary, David Elmore, Vice- President. STUDENT COUNCIL First Row: Col. Worth Whicker, Advisor, Roy Elmore, Beverly Moore, Anita Etheridge, Shirley White, Bobbie Sue Harrison. Second Row: Larry Raynor, Celeste Fountain, Bea Bumette, Phyllis Mayo, Jean Pender, Herbert Sutton. Third Row: David Elmore, James Burnette, Sammy Harrell, Edward Roberson, J.K. Riggs, Joe Anderson. Fourth Row: Wesley Moore, Randy Page, Bucky Fountain, John Umphlet. 3' H.A. mfg First Row: Bobbie Sue Harrison, Micki Page, Marilyn Mayo, Bea Burnette, Maude Johnson, Marshall Young- blood, Rose Wilson, Doris Lassiter. Second Row: Betty Davenport, Hilda Tedder, Mollie Ann Tedder, Celeste Fountain, Beverly Moore, Ernestine Rawls, Shirley Pagett, Virginia Carpenter, Shirley White. Third Row: Dor- othy Parker. Betty Boswell, Edith Smith, Vaun Russell, Janice Anderson, Mary Virginia Goff, Edith Jefferson, Nannie Ruth Andrews, Miss Miriam Scott, Advisor. Fourth Row: Mattie Brady, Joy Poindexter, Peninah Powell, Fayette Harrell, Mary Jones, Sonia Alderman, Mattie Bullock, Dot Griffin, Trudy Putman, Novella Williams. Fifth Row: Sara Eason, Gene Johnson, Peggy Vause, Judy Acree, BarbaraCarter,Jeqn White, Eleanor Spurgin, Mary Eleanor Tew, Myrtle Wilson, Elizabeth Ann Jackson. Q 0 O 4-e u- -E' 1' O , 0 Q5- ll4nf e "3 " li 'e-ef X ..l 1 ag 35 6 .XL Treasurer, Marshall Youngblood, Secre- tary, Maude Johnson, Vice-President. Marilyn Mayo, President, Bea Burnette IA Ill f"H c L f mil 'I ' will NNN Ng J f J Treasurer, Dot Griffin, President, Earl Roberson, Vice-President, Dickie Denton, Secretary, Jacksie Berwick. LIBRARY CLUB First Row: Mrs. Cora Neill Turner, Advisor, Dorothy Griffin, Earl Roberson, Dickie Denton, Jacksie Berwick, Peggy Price. Second Row: Peggy Melton, Millicent Alderman, Mary Eleanor Tew, Eileen Browne, Esther Denny, Mattie Brady, Bessie Clark, Maude Johnson, Virginia Brown, Novella Williams. Third Row: Mahlon DeLoatch, Leonard Lilley, Wilma Hairr, Liz Jackson,Joanne Crowder, Micki Page, Bea Burnette, Edward Roberson, John Brown, Oscar Moore, Kent Elrod. Fourth Row: Mottie Bullock, Mary Louise Johnson, Shirley Davenport, Vaun Russell. 5, s i . ,Kr ' . 1 ,Lv TAR-HI TATTLER STAFF Editor-in-Chief, Roy Elmore, Associate Editor, Maude Johnson, Assistant Editor, Millicent Alderman, Business Manager, Edward Roberson, Assistant Business Manager, Mattie Brady, Advertising Manager, Earl Roberson Assistants, Peggy Price and Sig Robeson, Circulation Manager, Elizabeth Jackson, Jr. High Reporter, Jimmy Koonce, Faculty Advisor, Mrs. Penelope Jones, Assistants, Sara Brewer and Bobbie Sue Harrison, Feature Editor, Eileen Brown, Sports Editors, Sandra Clark and Leonard Lilley, Reporters, Bea Burnette and Wilma Hairr, Typist, Billie Morris and Wilbur Harris. 51- M1 ff fvl WNW! 1.4: YZ, ,!,,, 1, -f-,.,... g - Assistant Editor, Millicent Alderman, "" Editor-in-C h i ef, Roy Elmore, Associate Editor, Maude Johnson, Business Manager, Edward Roberson . Ea: , 'Av i ZEQQZX 5.52 , 0 if 2 dlllffff by 7 ,. fif 'E v I . ' 4 9' ? , 9 1. 4 , 1 f is X Q N President, Shirley Davenport, Vice-Pres- ident, Bea Bumette, Treasurer, Donald AAA an Anderson, Secretary, Betty Davenport. 4-H CLUB First Row: Helen Marks, Polly Whitehurst, Lois Hagans, Hilda Tedder, Gene Johnson, Betty Davenport, Shirley Davenport, Donald Anderson, Bea Burnette. Second Row: Joe Spiers, Peninah Powell, Billy Livesay, Clarence Brown, Sarah Eason, Mary Jones, Betty Boswell, Virginia Stokes, Hazel Marks, Mollie Ann Tedder, Joy Poin- dexter. Third Row: Bobby O'Neal, Wilbur Harris, Jimmy Cates, Earl Roberson, Edward Roberson, Charlie Walters, Douglas Gurganas, Doris Lassiter. MARS HALS Fnrsf Row Phyllus Mayo Sherrod Brydn Joan Turner James Second Row Jnmmy Ferrell Davld Elmore Edward Fowlkes CHIEF Taylor James Taylor gh f MA JO RE TTES Betty June Davenport Gail Scott Beverly Moore Bobbie Sue Harrison Peggy Vause Marilyn Mayo Helen Marks Marshall Youngblood ,EM 5 fa. 4s V B Z 7 6 p lx' 46.5 f? iz TARBORO HIG First Row: Julia Sanders, Billie Adler, Eddie B. Fowlkes, Donald Ander- son, Joe Spiers, Virginia Carpenter, Sandra Harrison, Peggy Roberson, Patricia Carpenter. Second Row: Lenore Ruffin, Myrtle Wilson, Judith Everett, Alice Elmore, Patsy Cummings, Sammy Register, Billy Livesay. HOOL BAND Second Row: Suzanne Mills, Janet Anderson, Charles Holland, Lee Ous- ley, Ann Moncus, Barbara Wilmofh, Jerome Moore, Wesley Moore . Third Row: Randy Constanfine, Jimmy Ferrell, MaryWomble, PafWomble, Meredith O'Neil, fed Taylor, Donald Roundtree, Selma Herring, Bucky Fountain, Frankie Price, Aubrey Davis, Pinanah Powell, Barbara Andrews, Ed Clayton, Leneve Womble, Miriam Wilmofh, Hilda Tedder. Z 4, ffl' 1 4 ' if -af" ,f ,444 I !.A" 1' 11-:.': I JAVQ Z .f -59 . 112 I ?lF,L 1' ,ag Yr. '-Zvi: a ' 4 r? 4 1 E 5 Z 5 Director, Roy Russel l, Drum Major, Murray Bullock, Flag Bearers, Jusfa Webb, Carl Ainsley, James Taylor. DIRECTOR Miss Charlotte Bunch 2, 7. a QW . f 4'll1 xp 9 79" 6,0 G 1 . 4, V TOD Picture First Row:Sue Farmer, Mary Bullock, Gene Johnson, Wilma Hairr, Nan- nie Andrews, Celeste Fountain, Virginia Brown, Gail Cherry, Janie Lee Harrell, Edna Alderman, Joyce Brown, Barbara Carter, Julianna Evans, Sonia Alderman, Barbara Babcock, Esther Dail. Second RowgAllene Griffin, Betty Ruth Fussell, Betty Boswell, Jane Harrell, Patsy Knox, Patsy Carter, Jo Ann Harrell, Mary Jones, Daphne Grimes, Doris Los- siter Judy Acree Jacksie Berwick Dorothy Griffin Sara Eason Edith Jefferson Frances Abrams Velma Fraizer Hazel Harrell Sherrod Bryan Shirley Davenport Jimmie Baker Third Row Tony Byrd Alvm Dawson Bob Griffin Wilbur Harris Curtis Morris, Sonny Bumette Anderson Holt Russell Messer Jimmy Long Walter Boseman Vemon Messer Benny Moore Charles Keel LUB Bottom Picture First Row: Jane Mayo, Jean White, Micklo Page, Dianne Massey, Peggy O'Neal, Mary E. Tew, Vaun Russell, Rose Wilson, Joan Turner, Nelda Sexton, Joy Poindexter. Mollie A. Tedder, Edith Smith, Dorothy Parker, Phyllis Mayo, Jean Mills, Ruth Sutton. Second Row: Peggy Price, Hazel Marks, Mary L. Johnson, Novella Williams, Emestine Rawls, Fayette Harrell, Dot Owens, Mary E. Sexton, Barbara Newson, Peggy Melton, Elizabeth Mayo, Evelyn White, Polly Whitehurst, Virginia Stokes, Elea- nor Spurgin, Eleanor Price, Carol Holt, Shirley White, Minnie Roberson, Mamie Whitehurst, Joyce Lassiter, Shirley O'Neal. Third Row: Bruce Thompson, J.K. Riggs, Harold Painter, Curtis Morris, John Owen, Sig Robeson, Tommie Walters, Johnnie Umphlet, Boochie Cross, Tony Horn- thal, Edgar Norfleet, Tim Robbins, Woodie Sawyer, Randy Page, William Reynolds, Rex Spurgin. PIANIST Miss Billie Morris Z6 ij! af 1.0 .9 I X 1 3X N w T Q so A 1' On this page we would luke to take time to express our apprecnatlon to a few of our fruends wnthout whom thus 1953 edutuon of the Tar Bo Rah would not have been posslble First we grve our wholehearted thanks to Mr M S Brown for his generos lty and patuence In making all of the group pictures for our annual free of charge Next we would luke to thank all of the merchants who contributed so wrllmgly making It possible for us to have a better annual Third we want the entlre student bodyand faculty to know that we reallydld appreclate thelr co-operatlon an every thang they were asked to do Last but not least we want to thank the Hunter s Yearbook Service for thelr excellent and prompt servrce M Qs 4-1 X if A W' Q 0 1 f Q ij ,ta Z f QW I I l t l ,l 1 X 5a QQWX J 3? N K Jft S f Q, v rf ,. , 4, 1, Q' r 1' , 946 df 1 rf- A-K zf 1.5.55 ZW' ff-he 'QW 4 1 - ,I ,f,- a 1 9 r l, I .1 , Q ia ' Z f f ' , 1 r' 7 I VXNN Sh Y ff W jf Rduevkxszmenks f f l -, A zz f -cv - ,' , 4 W ' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF I953 HART COTTON MILLS INCORPORATED Manufadurers of CONVERTIBLE COTTON MATERIAL Tarboro, North Carolina Anythmg Found Tn a Furst Class Drug Store We Have It! MOORE S PHARMACY THE REXALL STORE PERSONAL ATTENTION TO ALL PRESCRIPTIONS Dual 2448 TARBORO N C PATTY S BEAUTY SALON DIAL 3025 PETER PAN, INC Headquarters for and Accessorues NASH 8. MIZELL INSURANCE REAL ESTATE TARBORO N c EDGECOMBE HOMESTEAD AND LOAN ASSOCIATION HOMES SAVINGS TARBORO N C Compluments of ADLER S DEPARTMENT STORE 230 MAIN ST 3088 3088 1 1-fl l I I I WW v V I I I A I ,,AssE,,s , .W Tian, ,, , 7, A I I . Smart Teen Age Fashions A- I L, ,,.. , . M, M- 1 Y YYY-Fir 7777 xl I 7 I I '74 Q! I l - In Ta rboro It's BEl.K TYLER THE SHOPPING CENTER Whuch Washes Success to Each Member of the Sensor Class of 1953 TARBORO DRUG COMPANY Walgreen Agency CUT RATE DRUGS EDGECOMBE BANK I Dlql 4311 8 TARBORO N C Tarboro and Oak Cnty Salute THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 Compliments of TARBORO HIGH CITY BARBER SHOP 326 Mann St Dua 3831 TARBORO N C - ll ll . I , . . of , , I ll - ,w,-. . -.t.. of l . i . I , . . I I Compluments of MIZELL S MEN S STORE STYLES OF TOMORROW TODAY Phone 2345 427 Mann St TARBORO N C Complsments of THE ELLENOR REED SHOPPE Dual 3548 414 Mem se TARBORO N c Compluments of Fountain Patterson Electric Co WESTINGHOUSE DEALERS TARBORO N C TEELE HARDWARE CO THE HOME OF WALL FIX Phone 2575 G H 8. HELEN BENNETT GENERAL MERCHANDISE Telephone 8320 CONETOE N C SECURITY NATIONAL BANK The Only Natlonal Bank In Eclgecombe County COMPLETE BANKING AND TRUST SERVICE PERSONAL LOANS AND BUSINESS LOANS SERVICE THAT SATISFIES Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corp Dual 3185 400 Mann St TARBORO N C 1 1 - 1 I f , . . I I , . . ' I , . . I-, ,,,. H-, , W ,W 7, ,- ,.,, .- ,H , ,W -,bww W, ,,,-, ww, ,,,,m,,,,,, -4- I M W . . I I , . . I . . I Compluments of CARLISLE 8: TAYLOR nc DIAMONDS WATCHES slLvERwARE TARBORO N c ROBERT S JEWELRY CO YOUR FRIENDLY JEWELER 309 Mann St TARBORO N C EDGECOMBE DRUG COMPANY NC The Furs! Thought In Drugs The Prompt Effuclent Pharmacy Dual 3257 Dual 3257 TARBORO N C B 81 M CHEVROLET COMPANY INC CHEVROLET Americas 22 Year Leader OLDSMOBILE Wnh The Improved Rocket Engme WALDEN soDA SHOP C""'P"""'f"'S of MAGAZINES AND NEWSPAPERS 8' 3849 3849 MERCURY ouTaoARD Morons TARBORO N C FINE FISHING TACKLE 1 - I 0 I . - ll H , . . , . . C.- , , ,,. M, ... . A ,,,,,,...-! 'HW W, ,, H, ff I ,.- -. - I n u I I . I ' 11 - ,, 11 . . ,, I N ' ' " I I - . , I - 1 I 5 ,, . ' II , . . I I . 11 Il I , . . i , ,, W Y W W---W ----2 Y--7----M -----Y - '---4-Y--Y ii'-l 4 " ' " ' ' ' ' y MARROW-PITT HARDWARE COMPANY Incorporated Jwzzfkld I LONGS MANUFACTURING COMPANY INC D l2I26 ff, X -QQ- AUTOMATIC SILENT FLAME HAY BALERS TOBACCO CURERS I l I M T JIII If WI! I I Tarb N C Contmuous Qualzty ww Compl ments of TARBORO COCA COLA BOTTLING CO INC B o Secretary Trecs rer TARBORO N C Complnments of ELECTRIC SERVICE SHOP TARBORO N C CONETOE SUPPLY COMPANY N Farm Mach nery Repaurs of All Types ACETYLENE ELECTRIC AND SUPER WELDING Compl ments of EDGECOMBE BEAUTY SHOP Over Edgecombe Bank MABLE JONES BARBARA VENTERS Dual 394I Compl ments of WCPS Your Coastal Pla n Stahon 760 ON YOUR DIAL IIQII f Vrif EEE E AN, WWW, W V r 1 I C. 'S i . 'I 4 I I QMIQMRNOUWOFYUUCZQAQIUU " -'- I I i I I -.-. 'I ' - , . - .-.---. - V M.S. r wn, - U ' I ll i ' ll I Comphments f W S CLARK 8. SONS E erythnng for Everybody TARBORO N C Complnments of BASS AUTO SUPPLY TARBORO N c Compl ments of ROSENBAUMS INC Torboros Leadnng Store WHERE QUALITY OUTLIVES PRICE Ma n Street TARBORO N C Comploments f JOEL S Tcrboros Ne est Lcdues S o e AIR CONDITIONED or Quick Servzce Genuine Better Performa nce EDGECOMBE MOTOR COMPANY 1900 North Mcnn Dual 3167 TARBORO N C I I o I I 9 I i I F If V ' ll I , . . . f WW M ,M -,yrzem-I I ' I , . . I I I I I I I A ee eeee A 1 I Parts I , I I , , I 4 I I I I I ' X I 1 - I : I ll I i I , . . n O I I . ' I I f ' ' ' w ' tr . I I I I I I Compl ments of HENDERSON LUMBER COMPANY WE SUPPLY THE BUILDER No th Ma n St Compl ments of NOBLES BARBER SHOP TARBORO N C Compl ments of TARBORO PRINTING CO TARBORO N c Com pI ments of TARBORO CONCRETE AND BUILDING SUPPLIES INC TARBORO N C Compluments of TARBORO MOTORS INC DeSOTO PLYMOUTH TARBORO, N C Complumenfs of HANNER MOTOR COMPANY DODGE PLYMOUTH TARBORO N C i I , . . r i . TARBORO, N. C. i iixki? iii i il- - -i Aki iii T W - 1 - i r - , I u BEASLEY LUMBER AND BUILDING SUPPLY co :Nc 5 ROYSTER MERCANTWE A Complete Lne of Quulty Bu ld ng COMPANY Suppl es TARBORO N C TARBORO N C Compl menis of Compluments of CATES SEWING SHOP I I FOUNTAIN S RADIO SERVICE ses us Fon ALL Youn sewmo NEEDS Phone 2790 TARBORO N C TARBORO N C CONGRATULATIONS Sensor Class of I953 The Mayor and Commlss one s of the TOWN OF TARBORO I - V AWYYV ,A,,,7.-. ,,.,,.. W F. . ., . i i i i i " , . . I , I I a 3 ' 3 ' I 5 I 1 u E I , . . , . . ' i r e SOUTHERN CONCRETE PRODUCTS Inc ROCKY MOUNT Makers f DURA LITE BLOCKS HERBERT BAILEY Mgr CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 MIDWAY GROCERY SHIRLEY AND JACKSON Dual 3717 TARBORO N C Gooo LUCK sENloRs BRAXTON M WORSLEY The Difference Is In The Dlvldend Dual 2680 THE FABRIC SHOP THE HOME OF FINE FABRICS 423 Mom Street Dual 2526 TARBORO N C woRKMAN s CLEANERS FOR QUALITY Dual 3215 209 St Pctruck Street TARBORO N C TI1 I I o of 0 ' . - I , . . ' I I I I MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY W-' I I f 1 I . I . ' I I , , , I I -H A--A - HAVENS eeen 3. seen stone C0mP'imef"S of HYOUR PUMA DEALERH MUNICIPAL MILK PLANT Diql 2664 TARBORO, N. c. AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS WW X ,f Q My X Q f W Z X ff ZW X f C X 7 3 EX X 2 X, ,,f A7 X f+ . 11 in 1 X? , V ff 4 f ' :Z , f 0 , + 5 ' W W X X Qi. y I , ' N M..-ff" 0 f f f f ,f , r V7 VVWVXXSXXK -I C' V' llll b Q 0 x x B! I ? "d'i1'.u"N ' G Q Q i S E-ch 1 f! J' T 7 f-In NHT I .0 .5 , I , t N 9 5' i YQGQ , Q ' 1 is - N .. 1 T MRS sw5e'2fmN5 I :.uu.vT I . E U3 , S Q I I 5 5 x Ll L I lim VTl7 H1 I 1'T'U'Tl xl- SNK E3 L--6.11 T- d p- 'W X-V935 gm 0 fy! 114111, X X . .. ' ' ...i 4711! ff l ,214 1 4 .

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