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Text from Pages 1 - 52 of the 1945 volume:

TAR ' BO ' RAH mm REF NC CAGE 371 .8976 T1 79t 1 945 I The TAR-BO-RAH 1945 VOLUME VII Published By THE SENIOR CLASS OF TARBORO HIGH SCHOOL TARBORO, NORTH CAROLINA jemima ' ftyiyA, ScAoob FOREWORD It is with the hope of preserving the memory of our association with the persons we have loved and of the work and activities in which we have engaged for the past four years, of giving out- siders a glimpse at our school life, and of instilling a spirit of co-operation and friendship between the faculty and students of our school, that we, the Senior Class of Tarboro High School, present the seventh volume of the Tar-Bo-Rah. Page Two 1945 Vein- So- IRcUi DEDICATION MISS DOROTHALEEN HALES With sincere appreciation and devotion we, the Senior Class, dedicate the 1945 Tar-Bo-Rah to our teacher and friend, Miss Dorothaleen Hales, as an expression of our gratitude for her guidance and untiring interest through- out our years in Tarboro High School. Page Three MR. W. A. MAHLER A. B. Roanoke College M. A. Columbia University Superintendent of Schools GRADE MOTHERS MRS. R. V. KNIGHT MRS. MARTHA P. SPIERS 1945 lan,- So- MR. M. M. WETZEL, Principal B. S. Gettysburg College M. A. University of Michigan FIRST ROW — Miss Harriett Lawrence, A. B. Eastern Carolina Teachers College, Home Economics ; Miss Rachel Martin, A. B. Brenau College, English , Miss Dorothaleen Hales, B. S. N. C. State College.Uanguage; Mrs. Thelma L. Morse. A. B. Woman ' s College U. X. C, Mathematics; SECOND ROW— Mrs. Greta C. Walter, Beloit College. Social Studies; Miss Mary M. Pool, A. B. U ' nioin University, Commercial; Miss Hortense Boomer, A. B. Eastern Carolina Teachers College, Librarian; Mrs. Nellie B. Roberts, A. B. Meredith College, Science; NOT IN PICTURE — Mrs. Alise Belk, Tarboro High School Secretary ; Miss Doris Kimel, P. M. Salem College, Music. Page Five " TED " TAYLOR " BETTY " CUMMINGS Page Six FIRST ROW— Carl Worsley, Editor-in-Chief; Bill Bass, Assistant Editor; Augustine Farmer, Business Manager; Virginia Holland, Assistant Business Manager. SECOND ROW — Sue Newsom, Advertising Manager; Mavis Hammonds, Assistant Advertising Manager; Sarah Spain, Art Editor; Johnny Sadler, Sports Editor. THIRD ROW— Dot Mcsley; Circulation Manager; Bobby Knight, Assistant Circulation Manager and Class TestatOi - ; Barbara Moore. Historian; Nancy Warren, Prophetess. Page Seven SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ANN TOMS HARRELL, President CARL EUGENE WORSLEY, Vice-President LENA GAMMON STANCILL, Secretary MARY ELIZABETH " Sue " NEWSOM, Treasurer Page Eight ?94S HARRIS FURNIFOLD ARNOLD " HARRIS " " Not too serious, not too gay, But a darn good fellow in every way " . Band 1 ; Football 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Baseball 2, 3 ; Basketball manager 2; Glee Club 1. 3; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; Voted most conceited. MILDRED JOYCE BATCHELOR " MILDRED " " Tho ' among a thousand you should try. Her place you never can supply " . Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1; Prompter Junior Play. MILTON STEELE BROWN, Jr. " SONNY " " A sunny southern gentleman with wavy black hair ; His manners are fine, his line divine, his smile beyond compare " . Glee Club 1 ; Waiter Jr. Sr. 2 ; Football 4; Voted besl-looking ; cutest; most at- tractive. MYRTLE CORBETT " MYRTLE " " Seldom serious, often gay. But a jolly good sport in every way " . Home Economics Club 1, 2; Red Cross Club 1, 2. THOMAS RUFFIN FLOWERS " TOM " " Noble, brave, good and true, A model of manhood through and through. " . Football 1 ; Denmark, South Carolina. WILLIAM McLAUCHLIN BASS " BILL " " I take life as it comes and enjoy it " . Vice-President Class 1; Student Council 1; President Class 2; Waiter Jr. Sr. 2; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4 ; Football mana- ger 2; Business manager Baseball 3; Toast Master Jr. -Sr. 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Chief Marshall 3; Junior Play 3; Assis- tant Editor Tar-Bo-Rah; Voted best dancer, noisiest. EDNA EARLE BROWN " EDNA " " Quiet — but she ' s always there Ready to work and do her share " . Home Economics Club 1, modest. Voted most Martin Luther Cromartie, Jr. " CROAKER " " Rare compound of quality, noble and true, with plenty of sense and good humor, too " . Football 4; Junior Play sincere. Voted most HELEN AUGUSTINE FARMER " AUGIE " " You ' ll always find her true and just, A girl whom all can love and trust " . Homo Economics Club 1, 2; Junior Red Cross 1, 2; Waitress Junior- Senior 2; Junior Play 3; Newspaper Staff 4; Bus- iness Manager Tar-Bo-Rah 4. Mildred Frances Hackney " MILLIE " " A smile is the trademark of a happy soul " . Glee Club 3; Chief Waitress Jr.-Sr. 2; Basketball 3, 4; Promoter Junior Play; Voted neatest. Page Nine J945 MAVIS HELEN HAMMONDS " MAVIS " " Ever loyal, ever true to whatever task she ' s given to do " . Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Home Economic Club 2; Bnrketball 2; Red Cross Club 2; Assistant Advertising Manager Tar-Bo- Rah 4. VIRGINIA WRAY HOLLAND " JENK " " There is mischief in her dimple-there is laughter in her eye " . Home Economic Club 1, 2; Jr. Red Cross 1, 2; Waitress Jr.-Sr. 2; Junior Play 3; Newspaper Staff 3. 4; Assistant Business Manager Tar-Bo-Rah 4. FRANCES WINSTON KENNEY " KENNEY " " Speech is better than silence " . Band 1; Student Council 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; Waitress Jr.-Sr. 2; Secretary Monogram Club 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2; Junior Play; Cheerleader 3. 4; Chief 4: Newspaper Staff 4; Voted most athletic. ROBERT VERNON KNIGHT. Jr. " BOBBY " " A little nonsense now and then, relished by the best of men " . Is Student Council 2; Junior Play; News- paper Staff 4 ; Assistant Circulation Manager Tar-Bo-Rah; Class Testator 4; Voted best dressed; neatest; most court- eous; wittiest; most likely to succeed. CHARLES WILLIAM MARROW " BILLY " " Quietness is the best quality of all " . Band 1. 2. ANN TOMS HARRELL " TOMMIE " " A classmate, honest and true, and furthermore a worker too " . Basketball 1; Student Council 1, 4; Marshall 2; Glee Club 2, 3; Junior Red Cross 2; Newspaper 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 3, 4; Monogram Club 4; Class Treasurer 3; Class President 4; Chairman Student Council 4; Promter Junior Play 3; Voted best dressed, most dependable and best sport. ADDIE CHRISTINE HYMAN " CHRISTINE " " My heart is whole, my fancy free. Go along, short boy, don ' t bother ine " . Basketball 1; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Home Economics Club 1, 2 ; Red Cross Club 1, 2; Waitress Jr.-Sr. 2; Class Poet. WILLIAM HENRY KENT •WILLIAM " " His very hands hath music in them " . Voted most talented, most dignified. Frances Elizabeth Lineberry " FANNIE " " In radiant smiles and knowledge rare, None can surpass and few compare " . Waitress Junior Senior 2; Student Council 2, 4; Home Economics Club 2 Junior Play; Junior Red Cross 2 Liberal Arts Award 3; Newspaper Staff 4; Voted most sincere. HENRY WESLEY MIDGETTE " ATLAS " " Quietness is an indication of ability to think " . Intra-mural Basketball 3; studious. Voted molt J 945 Page Ten Se tca% BARBARA MAYNARD MOORE " BARBARA " " And thou, my mind, aspire to higher things " . English Medal 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1. 2; Junior Red Cross 1, 2; Waitress Jr. -Sr. 2; Junior Play; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Newspaper Staff 4; Voted most dignified ; Most courteous ; Most studious; Most likely to succeed. DOROTHY JEAN MOSELEY " DOT " " Light hearted, happy, wild and young, She has laughed and talked — danced and sung " . Marshal 1; Home Economics Club 1, 2; Red Cross Club 2; Junior Play; News- paper Staff 4; Annual Staff 4; Monogram Club 4; Cheerleader 4; Voted most conceited ; Biggest flirt. MALCOLM BAKER NICHOLSON " MAC " " To thine own self be true " . Class President 3; Junior Play: News- paper Staff 3; Jr. -Sr. Waiter 2. ETHEL GENEVIEVE PILLEY ETHEL " " Give me true friends and music, And life will be a pleasure " . Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Home Economics Club 2; Waitress Jr.-Sr. 2. MARJORIE LALA REGISTER " SUNSHINE " " I find earth not gray, but rosy " . Basketball 2; Glee Club 1; Home Eco- nomies Club 2 ; Red Cross Club 1, 2. GEORGIA MAE MOORE " GEORGIA " " An intellect of purest worth, A heart of purest gold " . Glee Club 2; Basketball 3. MARY ELIZABETH NEWSOM " SUE " " Cute and attractive, bright and gay. Just the kind of girl to brighten the way " . Giftorian Jr.-Sr. 3; Secretary and Treas- urer 1: Secretary 2; Vice-President 3; Treasurer 4; Home Economics Club 2; Glee Club 1, 2 Red Cross Club 2; Basket- ball 2; Annual Staff 4; Marshall 3; Voted most attractive; Friendliest; Most popular. WILLIAM LEE PAGE, III " BUBBLES " " To worry little, to study less. This in my idea of happiness " . Band 1. 2; Student Council 2; Baseball 2, 3; Football 3, 4; Captain of Football 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4 ; Waiter Jr.-Sr. 2: Glee Club 1, 3. BESSIE ELIZABETH PRICE BESSIE " " Sweet, true, and always kind, A better pal no one can find " . Glee Club 1. ROBERT GUY ROCHELLE, Jr. " ROACH " " Small in stature, but large in every- thing that makes a friend " . Manager of Baseball 2; Manager of Foot- ball 3, 4. 7Wiw ? Spl School Page Eleven Sckco-u ? ?45 CARL DAVID ROSENBAUM, Jr. " CARL " " As merry as the clay is long " . Band 1: Newspaper Staff 3, 4; Junior Play; Football 4; Voted best sport. JOSEPH FRANKLIN SEXTON " FRANKLIN " " Quiet and modest, thoughtful and meek, Knowing much more than he ' d let him- self speak " . Voeld quietest most modest. SARAH LEWIS SPAIN " SARAH " " A cheerful heart, a cheerful smile, A chain of friendship all the while " . tJlee Club 1, 2, 3; Art Editor Tar-Bo-Roh 4; Voted most talented; Prettiest. PEGGY SUE TOOLEY " PEGGY " " Flirt !We say she can ' Then vamp her a man " . Band 1. Home Economics Club 2; Voted Wittiest; Noisiest. NANCY ELLEN WARREN " NANT " " She was a (laughter of thee gods — divinely tall and most divinely fair " . Glee Club 1; Basketball 1, 2; 4-H Club 1, 2; Annual Staff 2; Waitress Jr.-Sr. 2; Marshall 2; Secretary Treasurer Class 2; Conetoe High School, Basketball 3; Prophetes Senior Class 4;. ROBERT LEWIS WEEKS " LEWIS " " Lewis likes sports, To him they ' re a treat He ' d rather play football any day than eat " . Band 1, 2; Headwaiter Jr.-Sr. 2; Foot- ball 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3; Monogram Club 3, 4. I v j Km mm Urn m W tw HP • " Mb mum " km A ■ i ii JOHN DONALD SADLER " JOHNNY " " As welcome as sunshine in every place, Is the beaming approach of a good-look- Jig face " . Manager Baseball 1; Waiter Jr.-Sr. 2; Glee Club 3; Football 2, 3, 4 ; Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4; President Monogram Club 4; Runner-up Bond Trophy 4; Voted most athletic; Sports Editor Tar- Bo-Rah. VIRGINIA DARE SEXTON " PENNY " " The maid proves her charms with in- ward greatness, unaffected wisdom, and modesty of manner " . Glee Club 1, 2; Voter quietest. LENA GAMMON STANCILL " LENA " " Here ' s to the girl with a heart and a smile. That makes the bubble of life worth while " . Girl Reserve Club 1, 2, 3; Latin Club 2; Treasurer Latin Club 2; Needham Broughton High School — Cheerleader 4; Secretary Class 4 ; Manager Girls ' Basketball 4; Newspaper Staff 4 ; Mono- gram Club 4; Voted most original: Cutest. EULA BLANCHE WARREN " BLANCHE " ' How noble her thoughts, How sweet, how pure, their dwelling place " . Glee Club . CARL EUGENE WORSLEY " CARL " " Ready for anything-be it work or play. An all-round good fellow in every way " . Band 1 ; Glee Club 1, 3; Football 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Giftorian Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3; Marshall 3; Junior Play; Student Council 4;Viee Chairman Stu- dent Council 4; Newspaper Staff 3; Editor in Chief Tar-Hi-Tatler 4; Vice President Senior Class 4 ; Editor in Chief Tar-Bo-Rah 4; Voted most original, friendliest, most popular, most de- pendable, biggest flirt. W5 7a S -%a6 Page Twelve IN MEMORY OF JAMES WADDELL SPIERS, JR. " JIMMIE " Born December 22nd, 1927 - Died December 5t.1i, 1942 Page Thirteen ' Zittwuf, tie gleut t945 One bright sunny day in September, 1941, the good ship " Class of ' 45, " flying the Jolly Roger, set out to sea. Its crew was new and not at all used to the restrictions of life aboard ship. Our Captain, Mr. Mahler, had some disciplin trouble but later was to find that when a worthwhile prize was to be captured his crew would serve him well. The sea was rough that first year, and the prize we sought so eagerly seemed very far away. Indeed, if it had not been for our capable officers, the teachers, our ship would have sunk beneath the waves of " illiteracy " . Our course was new and hard our crew mates seemed like strangers, and we were certain we would never reach our far off goal. At this time we put into port for rest and repairs. We had to secure our supplies for the second lap of our four year voyage. We had lost some of our crew members, for the trip had been long and the studies hard. Although the crew was smaller, it was better trained. We were beginning to get our " sea legs " . One of our officers especially understood us and did everything she could to guide us when the going was toughest. The crew will never forget this; that is why the annual, one of the prizes of the last lap of our trip, is dedicated to her. During our voyage on the Sophmore sea we sighted the frigate, " Prize of Stunt Night " and promptly boarded her. Our crew was learning teamwork. Shortly after our capture of " Prize of Stunt Night " we gave a dance to celebrate our triumph. Again we drew near port. We were not quite so happy to leave our ship this time as we were before, but crew and ship had to be refreshed. We began arrangements for the third lap of our voyage, the trip through Junior ocean. Our crew was still smaller when we again boarded ship. A few of our crew had left us to go to what seemed to them bluer waters. One of our crew had passed into the arms of the Master Sailer. Our j ears of testing, experimenting, and failure were over. We were now a well trained sailing unit. We had come to know and depend upon each other. Although there were some superficial quarrels, we all had a common goal in sight and this bond of kinship drew us closer. We were ready for big things. Our prize for this year was the battleship " Junior-Senior Banquet " , but first we had to defeat the smaller ships which stood in our way. The first of these was " Hallowe ' en Carnival " . This was captured and the booty helped us farther on our way toward " Junior-Senior Banquet " . Next was the larger frigate ' " Stunt Night " which was soundly defeated and its treasure seized. Then came the frigate " The Junior Dance " whose treasurers were very welcome. Now for the hardest obstacle protecting " The Junior- Senior " ; this was the good ship " The Junior Play " . We were almost defeated and it took all our strength and resourcefulness but we finally captured her. And now before us lay the great battleship " The Junior-Senior " . We organized our crew into units and marshalled all our rssources for this battle. The battle was long and tedious but Victory was ours. This was termed the most brillint battle ever fought on Junior ocean. With shouts of joy still ringing in our ears, we headed for port. It was with sadness we left our ship ever for this short length of time. In 1945 it was a more serious crew that boarded " The Class of ' 45 " . We were nearing our goal. Everyone was trying to prove worthy of the prize we sought. We realized with a sudden feeling of sadness that soon we would have to leave our beloved crew-mate ' s. We realized at last the love we held for each of our crew mates and the sadness it would cause when we were forced to part. With this in mind, we determined to capture better and more worthwhile prizes on this the last lap of our journey. One of the prizes was the good ship " Tar-Bo-Rah " . We tracked this ship for several weeks before we finally overtook and captured it. But it was well worth our time ' . The other was the frigate " Senior Play " . This too was captured after much hard work. And now at last " The fearful trip is done The ship has weathered every krack The prize we sought is won " . After a beautiful ceremony we brought down the Jolly Roger and tearfully left the good ship " Class of ' 45 " . Now we must part but we shall never forget the " friendships that we have had during our sail on the " Class of ' 45 " . But now — " The prize we sought is won " We have our diplomas. Barbara Moore, Historian, Class of ' 45. J945 7« - - 1R z6 Page Fourteen cut 7VM and 7e4tame tt We, the senior class of nineteen and forty-five, being of sound mind and having to depart with the treasurers found in our four years of exploration at Tarboro High School, do hereby decline this our last will and testament. To our parents we leave our devotion and sincere appreciation for their help through- out life and especially for their efforts to get us to the detention hall by eight thirty o ' clock with a cheerful smile and a sharp warning. To the sophmore class we leave one extra year in T. H. S. and the patience to wait another year to become the " dignified seniors " and hope that they will enjoy this dis- tinction as much as we have. To the freshman class we leave this friendly advice, that if in the near future they expect to become a dignitary of T. H. S., it only means more work and perseverance which they must master from the start to pass at the end. We, the ' senior calss, have a few things that we would like to leave to a few members of the faculty — To Mr. Mahler, a quiet, peaceful, and tranquil mind, for his problem children are leaving. To Mr. Wetzel, we leave a quiet, peaceful, and empty detention hall. To Miss Pool, we leave a class more apt than we in " manipulating the parts of the typewriter " . To Mrs. Morse, we leave the hopes that she can continue to be as patient with the future classes as she has been with us. To Mrs. Roberts, we leave a Chemistry class who will appreciate scientific terms. To Mrs. Walter, we ljeave an automatic class silencer to quiet the boisterous crowd. To Miss Hales, we leave our love and appreciation for the helping hand she so kindly rendered this graduating class. We hereby give and bequeath, feeling that it is a specific need — to In this manner we do dispose of all our worldly goods and possessions, wishing that those who we leave at dear old T. H. S. may use these gifts to the best of their advantages in humor, wit, or pathos or whatever mood they are in. We, the members of the Senior Class of Tarboro High School, have put our hands and seal on this the eighth day of March, nineteen hundred and forty five. Bill Jones.— Sonny Brown ' s good looks Loretta Haggerty _ ... Dot Moseley ' s flirtatious ways Fred Myrick. _ _ Barbara Moore ' s studious habits Sara Jane Newbern Frances Kenney ' s athletic ability Billy Mahler ...Mac Nicholsor ' s ever-ready excuse for absences Virgil Newsom Bill Bass ' s beautiful grin Ashley Speir Carl Kosenbaum ' s good sportsmanship Arthur Deberry Carl Worsley ' s " way with the women " Betsy Ausbon Peggy Sue Tooley ' s loudness Mary Bland Josey.. Frances Lineberry ' s fondness for the opposite sex Ed Hart Mavis Hammonds ' s dancing ability Lackyer Twins Sue Newsom ' s wonderful disposition Polly Edmondson Nancy Warren ' s bashfulness Betty Sua Eason Lena Stancill ' s pep Ann Wicker Virginia Sexton ' s quitness Lum Mayo Johnny Sadler ' s manly ways THE SENIOR CLASS OF TARBORO HIGH SCHOOL Bobby Knight (Testator) Witnesses: Ann Harrell, Luther Cromartie, Frances Kenney. Page Fifteen After a glance around the room to see that no one was around, I opened one of the latest " best sellers " , which was written by Bobby Knight, one of my old school mates. After I had read only a few pages, I noticed that the fire had taken on a peculiar appearance. Imagine my surprise when I saw that it had disappeared and a email plateglass window had taken its place. At first I could barely see the object, but gradually they became more distinct. On a wooden platform stood a man announcing a show. The first scene was a quartet, and they were none other than Ethel Pilley, Bessie Price, Christine Hyman, and Mildried Batchelor. The second scene was a beautiful sloping beach covered with bathers. In the back- gi-ound was the music of William Kent ' s orchestra. You ' d never guess who I saw playing in it! Nancy Warren was playing the piano and also there were Bill Bass, Luther Cromartie, Lewis Weeks, and Mac Nicholson. William had bathing beauties, of course. Frances Kenney was star of the show, but there were others Edna Brown, Ann Harrell, Virginia Holland, Augustine Farmer and Dot Moseley. The third scene was a doctor ' s office in fact Doctor Barbara Moore ' s office. She had around her several nurses— Frances Lineberry, " Sunshine " Register and Mildred Hackney. The fourth scene was that of several secretaries working in a large building. I recognized Sue Newsom, Georgia Mae Moore, Mavis Hammonds, Peggy Sue Tooley, Myrtle Corbett, and Virginia Sexton. I noticed that the fire was becoming clearer; the show had disappeared. Instead of reading the novel, I picked up a newspaper, of which Carl Worsley was editor. I turned to the society page and was not a bit surprised to see that Sarah Spain had become a movie star. There were two other pictures of people I knew, one of them Lena Stancill who was now Mrs. J. D. Sadler, and another of Eula Warren, whom some lucky guy had married. Before I had finished reading the paper, the door boll rang. When I opened the door, there stood Bill Page and Carl Rosenbaum. We had a long talk, and I found out that they were Hollywood directors, Harris Arnold was a newspaper reporter, Sonny Brown had started teaching flying lessons, Franklin Sexton and Thomas Flowers were working in a power plant, and Wesley Midgette, William Marrow and Robert Rochelle were making the Coast Guard thfeir life time work. " What a delightful evening! " I mused as I closed the door on my departing guests. Happy Seniors of 1945! The success you have made in the decade since our graduation has proved your general philosophy — " it is a joy to live! " Nancy Warren, Prophetess Page Sixteen 1945 7 - So- " ReUi A LONG WAY A LONG WAY We entered our Freshmen Class, Were teased but strugled through All hardships ; though at first we were green as grass, We soon learned what high school students should do. Then as gay and jolly Sophmones We took the old places Of those who had gone before us With a look of success in all of our faces. Then as we entered our third year Of a long, difficult way, Our last year seemed so near We buckled down more each day. At last we became the dignified senior girls and boys Of Tarboro High. And now leaving teachers, books, and joys, We enter the outside world with a reminiscing sigh. So goodbye to all of you Who pushed us through each year And hest of luck to the new comers Who will take our places here. THE CLASS OF ' 45 We Seniors now must leave you; It is all in our part. There ' ne tears in our downcast eyes And sorrow in our heart. We did our best Throughout these years Of happiness and hope, Of happiness and fears. We ' ll love you Until the end. So goodbye each pal And goodbye to all our friends Who kept up our morale. We leave you now With happy sighs, The Class of ' 45, The Seniors of Tarboro High. Tune — (The Shrine of St. Cecelia) Dedicated to the students of the Sophmore and Freshman Classes of Tarboro High, our teachers, Mr. M. M. Wetzel, Mrs. Belk, Mr. W. A. Mahler and everybody who is responsible for the class of ' b5 graduating. We, the Seniors, thank all of you for your help. You ' ll live in our memory forever. CLASS SONG- THE CLASS OF ' 45 1944 September 11 _ _ 1944 Football team organized September 18... School opened October 7...+ _. T. H. S. defeats Rocky Mount " B " team (20-0) November 3 _ T. H. S. defeats La Grange ' (13-6) November 5 First issue of Tar Hi Tattler (Vol. II) November 6... Sophmore and seniors elect class officers November 20 Beginning of Sixth War Loan November 22 __ _ , ___Football Banquet November 23 (Thanksgiving Day) T. H. S. defeats Spring Hope (13-6) December 11....,: Basketball gets off to slow start December 12 _ Bond Rally ($1500) December 20 - ., Christmas Holidays begin t945 January 25 _ Mid-Term Exams start January 26 _ Teen Tavern opens January 28 ..Miss Hortense Boomer temporarily leaves T. H. S. February 9 ._ _ —Stud eft t council organized February 15— .. Seniors elect superlatives February 16 Seniors start to work on Tar-Bo-Rah. February 23 Teen Tavern Scavenger Hunt March 2 _ — Stunt Night March 16 _Tar-Bo-Rah goes to press March 30 _ Easter Holidays April 13 Memorial Services for Bresident Roosevelt April 20.— Junior-Senior Banquet and Dance May 4 + Senior Play May 27 Rev. Hough Baccalaureate Sermon June 1 - Graduation! Diplomas ! ! 7 » w School Page Nineteen OFFICERS BILLIE SASSER, President HOWARD THIGPEN, Vice-President MARY BLAND JOSEY, Secretary POLLY EDMONDSON, Treasurer Floyd Anderson, Rebecca Anderson, John Andrews, Betsy Ausbon, Margaret Bailey, Ernest Baker, Merle Bowen, Hazel Boyd, Virginia Boykin, James Braddy, Maxine Braziel, Cleve Brewer, Virginia Bryant, Berta Carpenter, Carl Carter, Frances Cherry, Arthur Deberry, Miriam Drew, Edith Dupree, Betty Sue Eason, Polly Edmondson, Elbert Ellrod, Helen Ellrod, James Gatling, Wendell Catling, Louise Grimmer, Kenneth Hale, Raymond Hale, Alice Ann Harrell, George Harrell, Ida Lee Harrell, Ed Hart, Evelyn Hickman, Clyde Howard, Dorothy Howard, Henry Howard, Marie Hucks, Mary Ethel Johnson, William Jones, Mary Bland Josey, Ann Lockyer, Sue Lockyer, Billy Mahler, Columbus Mayo, Billie Morris, Fred Myrick, Sara Jane Newbern, Lewis Newson, Virgil Newson, Raymond Parrisher, Vivian Parrisher, Fred Phelps, Bobby Pigg, Ramona Pigg, Orvie Poindexter, Sylvia Proctor, Elizabeth Rawls, George Robinson, Jerry Lee Robinson, Billy Rogerson, Doreen Richardson, William Sasser, Ashley Speir, Howard Thigpen, Eleanor Turner, Doris Umphlet, Jimmy Vause. Mecie Ward, Johnny Ray Weaver, Helen Webb, Doris Whitehurst, Ralph Whitehurst, Ann Wicker, Marian Winchester, Mabel Zimmerman. I ' uye Twenty FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS EVELYN KNOX, President MAMIE MOORE, Vice-President GENE CLARK. Secretary PATSY SPIERS. Treasurer Norwood Abrams, Hilda Bradley, George Britt, Josephine Briley, Creighton Brinson, Doris Bryant, John S. Bryant, Linwood Carson, Gerald Carter, Shirley Cartledge, Eugene Clark, Ruth Clark, Ruth Coker, Catherine Cratch, James Dew, William J. Eason, Ann Edmondson, Betty Edmondson, Bert English, R. Joyce Evans, Thomas Everette, Julian Green, Hoytt Griggs, Horace Guill, Anne Hagans, Jean Haggerty, Roger Hale, Dudley Harper, James Harrell, Fred Hill, Kate Holland, Ann Jenkins, Blanche Johnson, Elmira Jones, Stephen Kenney, Evelyn Knox, Lula Bell Knox, Clara Mae Lilly, Carolyn Livesay, Mary Alice Long, Louise Lynch, Margaret A. Marshall, Dorothy Miller, Mamie Moore, Ruth Moseley, Catherine Newsome, Elizabeth Parker, Margaret Parker, Lila Phillips, Martha Price, Edwin Roberson, Miri am Sawyer, Charles Sexton, Jean Shirley, Martha Spiers, Jeanette Stanton, Marjorie Stell, Margaret Strawbridge, Robert Taylor, Roland Taylor, Margaret Thomas, Marie Umphlet, Grace Walston, Eula Mae Walston, Betty Lou White. Edna Lou Williams. June Wilson. Page Twenty-One STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS ANN HARRELL, Chairman CARL WORSLEY, Vice-Chairman MARY BLAND JOSEY, Secretary 11A— Carl Worsley, " Tommie " (Ann) Harrell, Prances Lineberry. 10A— Mary Bland Josey, Johnny Ray Weaver. IOB— Polly Edmondson. Ed Hart. IOC— Susan Speight, James E. Catling. 9A— Dudley Harper, Joyce Evans. 9B— • ' reighton Brinson, Margaret Parker. JUNIOR COUNCIL Carroll — Gernldine Myrick, Bill Henry. Crofton — Barbara Clark, Joyce Ann Causey. Marrow — Marlene Griffin, Clyde Wood. V. Babcock — -Mary J. Wilson, Chairman, Joe Bunn, Vice-Chairman. Whitehurst — Jean Bailey, Doris Bridgers. L. Babcock — Nancy Johnson, Secretary, Clayton Jackson. Cullom — Ann Moye, Donnell Muse. Mitcham — Mary V. Gatling, Sam Andrews. Page Twenty Two J 945 la - " 8 - Ka4. TAR-HI-TATTLER STAFF STAFF Carl Worsley, Editor-in-Chief; Virginia Holland, Associate Editor; Mary Bland Josey, Assistant Editor ; Augustine Farmer, Business Manager ; Doz Moseley, Circulation Manager ; Betsy Ausbon, Assistant Circulation Manager; Tonimie Harrell, Advertising Manager; Ann Wicker, Assistant Advertising Manager; Bobby Knight, Feature Editor; Carl Rosenbaum and Frances Kenney, Sport Editors. REPORTERS Lena Stancill, Barbara Moore, Polly Edmondson, Henry Howard, Arthur Deberry, Frances Lineberry. 7Ww School Page Twenty-Three FOOTBALL IN TARBORO HIGH SCHOOL The prospects for football in Tarboro High were not too good when Coach Bradley left and no coach could be found, but three local men took it upon themselves to coach the boys. They were Mr. Lewis Heilbroner, Mr. Fred Vaughan, and Mr. Jim Hagans. With several veteran letter men and about twenty new men a team was molded into shape. Billy Sasser and Billy Page were elected to lead the team. Although we had no paid coach, the locals had a very good season, winning four, losing five and tying one. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 1944 Oct. 2 Tarboro 7 Scotland Neck 9 Oct. 7 Tarboro 20 Rocky Mount " B " Team Oct. 13 Tarboro Greenville ' --33 Oct. 20 Tarboro 7 Washington Oct. 27 Tarboro Roanoke Rapids 6 Nov. 3 Tarboro 7 Kinston 52 Nov. 10 Tarboro 13 La Grange 6 Nov. 17 Tarboro ..„ Kinston J 53 Nov. 23 Tarboro 13 Spring Hope 6 Nov. 30 Tarboro 6 Scotland Neck 6 a n- BASKETBALL IN TARBORO HIGH SCHOOL Due to the shortage of gasoline the girls basketball team did not travel far from home to play any games. They played other Edgecombe county teams which were near Tarboro. We were fortunate in having Mrs. Greta Walter for our coach. The team of ' 45 was a large team with Betty Sue Eason as our captain. Although we were unable to play as many games as we wished, we had a very successful year. Page Twenty-Four Lena Stancill, Betsy Ausbon, Polly Edmondson, " Dot " Moseley, Tommy Harrell, Frances Kenney Coach Mrs. Greta C. Walter Captain Betty Sue Eason Manager Lena Stancill Co-Managers Anne Wicker, Bobby Frye PLAYERS Rebecca Anderson, Betsy Ausbon, Virginia Bryant, Ruth Clark, Miriam Drew, Edith Dupree, Betty Sue Eason, Anne Edmondson, Polly Edmondson, Mildred Hackney, Evelyn Hickman, Anne Jenkins, Mary Bland Josey, Frances Kenney, Margaret Ann Marshall, Margaret Thomas, Eleanor Turner. Page Twenty-Five JOHNNY SADLER, President FRANCES KENNEY, Secretary and Treasurer Harris Arnold, Betsy Ausbon, Bill Bass, Polly Edmondson. Wendell Catling. Ann Harrell, Ed Hart, Frances Kenney, Billy Mahler, " Dot " Moseley. Bill Page, George Robinson. Jerry Lee Robinson, Jack Rochelle, Robert Rochelle, Billy Rogerson. Johnny Sadler, Billy Sasser, Lena Stancill, Lewis Weeks, Ralph Wliitehurst, Carl Worsley. Page Twenty-Six 1945 l vi- So- " RaA Mr. Jim Hagans +. Coach Mr. Lewis Heilbroner Coach Mr. Fred Vaughan Coach Jack Rochelle Manager George Robinson Manager Freeman Andrews .. ... Back John Anderson .. ... Tackle Harris Arnold Back Sonny Brown Tackle David Bunting Back Jimmy Carpenter Tackle Scrap Green Back Ed Hart . .. End George Harrell Guard Fred Hill ......... ... Tackle Steve Ke ' nney Back Billy Mahler End Jack Jennings Guard Lum Mayo .. ......... Guard Howard Thigpen Back Johnny Sadler Back Billy Sasser .. Back Ashley Speir End Jerry Lee Roberson Guard Bill Page ..Center Robert Rochelle _ Back Lewis Weeks .... Back Ralph Whitehurst Guard Luther Cromartie ..End Creighton Brinson Guard Billy Rogerson End Carl Worsley Tackle Denotes Varsity Team Page Twenty-Seven 1945 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES FIRST ROW — Best Looking, Sonny Brown, Prettist, Sarah Spain; Most Studious, Barbara Moore, Wesley Midgett; Cutest, Sonny Brown, Lena Stancill; Most Athletic, Johnny Sadler, Frances Kenney; SECOND ROW — Best Dressed, Bobby Knight, " Tommie " Harrell; Friendliest, Carl Worsley, Sue Newsom; Most Talented, William Kent, Sarah Spain; Most Likely to Succeed, Bobby Knight, Barbara Moore. THIRD ROW — Most Original, Lena Stancill, Carl Worsley; Most Dignified, Barbara Moore, William Kent; Best Sports, Carl Rosenbaum, " Tommie " Harrell; Best Dancers, Bill Bass, Mavis Hammonds. Page Twenty-Eight 1945 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES FIRST ROW — Most A ttractive, Sonny Brown, Sue Newson; Most Dependable, Carl Worsley, " Tommie " Harrell; Neatest, Bobby Knight, Mildred Hackney; Noisiest, Bill Bass, Peggy Sue Tooley. SECOND ROW — Wittiest, Bobby Knight, Peggy Sue Tooley; Most Popular; Carl Worsley, Sue Newsom; Most Sincere, Luther Cromartie, Frances Lineberry; Most Modest, Franklin Sexton, Edna Erie Brown. THIRD ROW — Most Courteous, Barbara Moore, Bobby Knight; Quietest, Franklin Sexton, Virginia Sexton; Biggest Flirts, Carl Worsley, " Dot " Moseley; Most Conceited, " Dot " Moseley, Harris Arnold. Page Twenty-Nine ESSO ESSO CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1945 C L, FARMER DISTRIBUTOR OF ESSO PRODUCTS TARBORO, N. C. PHONES 15 or 293 FOR YOUR REQUIREMENTS OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS SEE US ESSO ESSO Page Thirty COMPLIMENTS OF Tarboro Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Inc. TARBORO, NORTH CAROLINA M. S. BROWN, Secretary and Treasurer 7W«w " TSiyA Sc toot Page Thirty-One COMPLIMENTS OF Henderson Lumber Co, INCORPORATED Lumber and Building Material WE SUPPLY THE BUILDER " PHONE 701 TARBORO, N. C. Page Thirty-Two CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1945 HART COTTON MILLS INCORPORATED MANUFACTURERS OF CONVERTIBLE COTTON CLOTH TARBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Page Thirty-Three COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERTS JEWELRY CO. NOVELTIES, JEWELRY and GIFTS L. E. RASKIN, Proprietor Page Thirty-Four J 945 lew- % x- IRed Compliments of EDGECOMBE BANK TRUST COMPANY " A Home Institution Serving the Home People " Members F. D. I. C. Compliments of CARLISLE TAYLOR " GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS " r er L oi j-iUCK to Lne r or oaie Senior Class of 1945 I. H. C. Ensilage Cutter and 300 Barrels of Corn Hyman ' s Beauty Salon J. E. Copeland Sons PHONE 153 Palmyra, N. C. MEMBERS CLASS OF 1945 TARBORO HIGH SCHOOL " HEW STRAIGHT TO THE LINE LET THE CHIPS FLY WHERE THEY WILL " VENEER PRODUCTS, Inc. TARBORO, N. C. Page Thirty-Five LONG SUPPLY CO FOR GOOD PICTURES See Us SALES AND SERVICE INDUSTRIAL FRAMES — FOLDERS and FARM MACHINERY BARRINGER STUDIO 129 Western Ave. TARBORO, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Best Wishes To Congratulations TVio Place r»f WILLIAMS 5 10 Carlisle Funeral Home Tarboro, N. C. Saunders Insurance THOMPSON ' S Life, Health and Accident Year Round Service INSURANCE for ESSO LUBRICATIONS Phone 415-w ESSO ESSO 1945 7« -2 - 5 Page Thirty-Six Compliments Taylor Beverage Company KOZY BEAUTY SHOPPE Registered Beautician WE SPECIALIZE IN COLD WAVE OLA ABRAMS, Prop. In Tarboro It ' s B. M. Chevrolet Company FOR SERVICE Phone 308 Compliments of Security National Bank Tarboro, N. C. R. A. LINDSEY CO. DEPENDABLE INSURANCE of All Descriptions Real Estate Bonds and Loans Page Thirty-Seven For Best Results Have Your Shoes Repaired at TARBORO SHOE SHOP Compliments of Tarboro Furniture Co. Phone 375 Tarboro, N. C. Compliments of Economy Auto SuddIv 212 Main Street Tarboro, N. C. Compliments of Midway Grocery Company Buy Your Groceries From Us Phone 86 Tarboro, N. C. Compliments of STAR CLEANERS Phone 272 CREECH THE FLORIST FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS The State Hospital Assn. " Maximum Protection at Minimum Cost " Havens Feed Seed Store A FEED AND SEED FOR EVERY PURPOSE Page Thirty-Eight 1945 lew- K 6 Ly.JInpilXIlcll La ui BELK-TYLER COMPANY FARM SUPPLIES, Inc. WHOLESALE GROCERS SHOPPING CENTER TARBORO, N. C. of COAL — WOOD — LUMBER TARBORO Davenport Russell Tiiitnhpi ( " lomnflnv Wishes Success to Each Member BUILD WITH OUR LUMBER of the Senior Class of 1945 BURN OUR COAL Phone 184 Tarboro, N. C. BRASWELL BROTHERS WHOLESALE • WHOLESALE and GROCERS Compliments of TARBORO COAL CO. fAMUUo LU1A,UKD LUAL PERRY PITT Charlie Burnett JOHN DEERE Farm Power Equipment Tarboro, N. C. • 7Ww f c School Page Thirty-Nine TARBORO DRUG CO. Tarboro ' s Only Cut-Rate Drug Store Phone 688 Main Street ROSEMBAUM ' S, Inc. TARBORO ' S LEADING STORE " Where Quality Outlines " Phone 47 Main Street MARROW-PITT HARDWARE CO. Wishes Success to Each Member of The Class of " 45 " Compliments of Vanity Beauty Shop Phone 356 NASH MIZZELL INSURANCE — RENTAL Tarboro, N. C. Compliments of SHUGAR ' S HEAD-TO-FOOT OUTFITTERS Tarboro, N. C. Edgecombe Homestead Loan Association Established 1889 HOMES — SAVINGS Tarboro, N. C. Compliments of 97 WINE SHOP Tarboro, N. C. I Page Forty m?945 1 vi- So- 1Ra6 Edgecombe Drug Company THE PROMPT AND EFFICIENT PHARMACY Tarboro, N. C. Tarboro Building Loan Association THE HOME OF THRIFT Members of Federal Reserve System Phone 85 Tarboro, N. C. Compliments of Hi. v . Aoener s urug o. DRUGGIST C. E. PUTNAM Insurance - Real Estate - Rentals GENERAL INSURANCE Phone 85 Tarboro, N. C. Compliments of Clayton Printing House OFFICE SUPPLIES PRINTING - ENGRAVING RUBBER STAMPS Tarboro, N. C. • BOWLING ALLEY • Compliments of Tarboro, N. C. JEWELRY and OFFICE SUPPLIES Heilbroner ' s Jewelry Co. Page Forty-One Anything Found in A First Class Drug Store We Have It! MOORED PHARMACY The rleAuoJUL Store F pf c:nii5tl Alfpntirm i n sill Pi ACi rint Inncs Phone 84 Tarboro, N. C. F. S. Royster Mercantile Co. For Bigger and Better Crops Use ROYSTER ' S FIELD TESTED FERTILIZER Tarboro, N. C. Bell ' s Cleaners and Dyers " GOOD AS ANY BETTER THAN MANY " Phone 181 Tarboro, N. C. Congratulations To The Class of 1945 W. S. CLARK SONS EVERYTHING FOR EVERYBODY Tarboro, N. C. Page Forty-Two 1945 1 vi- So- Municipal Milk Flant Compliments of PASTEURIZED DIXIE CAFE GRADE " A " DAIRY PRODUCTS " GUS " and " CHRIS " Phone 311 Tarboro, N. C. Tarboro, N. C. ESSO ESSO Compliments of FARMER ' S ESSO STATION BRING YOUR CAR TO US FOR UNEXCELLED ESSO SERVICE 100 Main Street Tarboro, N. C. ESSO ESSO Page Forty-Three THIS ANNUAL PRINTED BY Carolina Office Equipment Co. PRINTERS - STATIONERS - OFFICE OUTFITTERS Telephones 100Q - 1010 ROCKY MOUNT, NORTH CAROLINA , WE ARE YOUR AUTHORIZED Q UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITER SUNDSTRAND ADDING MACHINE J© DEALER FOR TARBORO AND EDGECOMBE COUNTY COLONIAL TO MR. BROWN AND The staff of the Tar-Bo-Rah MAJESTIC wishes to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Milton S. Brown for tak- THEATRES ing the picture ' s for - our annual this year. " THE TWO BRIGHT SPOTS We appreciate very much his OF THIS COMMUNITY " patience with us and although materials for photographs were short he made ' considerable efforts Tarboro, N. C. to make our pictures the very best, i t945 Page Forty-Four EDGECOMBE C OU NTY MB MORIAL LIBRARY 3 3026 00189 2005 I !

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