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Text from Pages 1 - 56 of the 1939 volume:

EDGECOMBE COUNTY MEMORIAL LI TAR ORO, N.C. 27886 THE TAR-BO-RAH 1939 Volume III Published by SENIOR CLASS OF TARBORO HIGH SCHOOL Tarboro, N. C. EDGECOMBE COUNTY MEMOEI TARBORO, N.C. 27 S THE TAR-BO-RAH FOREWORD We, the Senior Class of 1939, take pleasure in presenting this. the third volume of the Tar-Bo-Rah. Our purpose in issuing this book is to preserve forever a composite picture of our activities, associates, and varied interests; our hope, tfiat it will be received as enthusiastically as it was com- PILED. THE TAR-BO-RAH DEDICATION To Mr. Mahler, Our Superintendent who, by his kind and sympathetic nature, his untiring efforts in the upbuilding of our school, and his interest in us — has inspired us to the goal we have now reached, with sincere respect, honor, love, and appreciation we, the Senior Class of 1939, dedicate this annual. ' i0 ■ , 1939 Faculty Mrs. Sledge «r English Miss Mobley French and Geography Mrs. RUARK s English and Latin Miss Warren Mathematics Miss Jeter Mathemati cs and History MISS FOLEY Science and English Mr. GILLETTE Science and History Miss Lee Science MlSS GRAY : Commercial Course MISS YARBOROUGH , Home Economics MRS. BELK . . Secretary MR. CARUSO History and Mathematics No Picture. Page Four 1939 t If THE TAR-BO-RAH Tar-Bo-Rah Staff Lenoir Shook Editor-in-Chief Dene Creech Associate Editor Edna Weeks Associate Editor Hugh Best -. Business Manaqer Lois Jean Bateman Ad .rtising Manager Douglas Powell Advertising Manager George Newsome Club Editor Thurman Strickland Athletic Editor Henry Slaughenhaupt Athletic Editor Frank Ballard Snapshot Editor Sarah Heilbroner •. Snapshot Editor Watson Smoot Art Editor Winifred Rosenbaum Art Editor ANNE FOUNTAIN Circulation Manager Page Five 1939 Senior Class Mascots Mrs. Creech Mrs. Shook THE TAR-BO-RAH oenior Class OFFICERS Richard Whitlark Preside nt BILL SMITH Vice-President Phoebe Jane Harris Secretary Dorothy Lancaster Treasurer Page Seven 1939 Irwin Alford ' A jolly good fellow. " Frank Arens " He wears the rose of youth upon him. " Waiter Junior-Senior Banquet (2); Glee Club (4). Frank Ballard " Better late than never. " Football (2, 3, 4); Glee Club (4); Monogram Club (4). Hugh Best " Good nature and good sense must ever join. " Glee Club (4); Dramatics (4); Debating (4); Voted Most Friendly and Most Talented Boy, Tar-Bo-Rah Staff; Usher Dedication of Auditorium. Herbert Brewer ' Men of few words are the best men. " Voted Most Sincere Boy. Bennie Brown ' He lives his own life and does as he chooses. ' Glee Club (4). James Cratch ' at first you don ' t succeed, try, try again. Basketball (4). William Duncan ' No sinner — nor saint, perhaps, But well — the very best of chaps. " Murray Edmondson ' Life ' s well if you eat well. ' Oscar Edmondson ' Knowledge, like timber, can not be used ' til seasoned. ' Voted Cutest Boy. Charles Fountain " God bless the man zvho invented sleep. Football (4); Glee Club (4). David Gatling " I am slow of study. " Baseball (3, 4); Football (3, 4); Basketball (4); Mono- gram Club (4). Margaret Anderson " Much could be said about Iter if one could read her mind. " Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (4); Monogram Club (4); Voted Best Athlete. Lois Jean Bateman " Flirt? We say she can, then vamp her a man. " Class Treasurer (1); Debating (3, 4); Glee Club (4); Honorable mention for debating medal (3); Dramatics (4); Tar-Bo Rah Staff, Voted Most Popular, Biggest Flirt, and Prettiest Girl. Hazel Briley " A calm manner is an asset. " ' Glee Club (4). Hazel Brown " Ever-ready to do what has to be done. " Basketball (2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (4); Glee Club (4). Virginia Coley " As merry as the day is long. " Basketball (4); Glee Club (4). Mabel Cratch " The hand that hath made you fair hath made you good. " Dene Creech " Live while you live, I would say, And seize the pleasures of the present day. " Class President (1); Marshal (1); Glee Club (4); Manager Basketball Team (4 ; Tar-Bo-Rah Staff, Voted Most Attractive Girl. Beatrice Eason " A happy-go-lucky nature, and a strong dependability. " Lorine Edwards " Behold, and when I sing — E ' en the birds cease their melody. " Glee Club (4). Lessie Fanny " Loyal-hearted, strong of mind, A truer friend nowhere you ' ll find. " Glee Club (4); Voted Most Dignified. Elsie Ford " What sweet delight a quiet life affords. " Anne Fountain " Silence is golden, but it earns you no money; that explains my wealth. " Basketball (2, 3, 4); Glee Club (3); Monogram Club (4); Dramatics (4); Secretary of Class (1); Voted Noisiest Girl, Tar-Bo-Rah Staff. Hi . :_. ft 4, William Herring rf 7 7cwr;y were the only cause of death, he would live forever. " Band (4). Warren Howard " He is ever precise in promise-keeping. " Baseball (3). Johnnie Johnson ' If words were money, he ' d be a millionaire. ' Clinton Jones " Wit and wisdom are born with a man. " Waiter Junior-Senior Banquet (2). Robert Knox " Just let me croon — I ' ll be content. 1 ' Glee Club (4). Ed Marrow " Success is won by patient endeavor. " Dramatics (4); Debating (3, 4). John Muse " A man who is silent may be wise; one who talks must be. " George Newsome " A scholar and a gentleman. " Beta Club (4); Tar-Bo-Rah Staff, Voted Most Studious. Harry Palmer " It ' s not so much what a man stands for as what he falls for. " Football (3, 4); Baseball (2, 3. 4); Basketball (1, 2. 3, 4); President Monogram Club (4); Waiter Junior- Senior Banquet (2); Voted Best Athlete, Most Attractive, Most Popular, and Mr. Tarboro High. Douglas Powell " It is a great plague to be too handsome a man. " Glee Club (4); Tar-Bo-Rah Staff, Voted Handsomest Man. May Price " Brevity is the soul of wit. ' Voted Wittiest Boy. Lenoir Shook " As good be out of the world as be out of fashion. " Baseball (3, 4); Football (4); Basketball (4); Presi- dent of Class (2); Beta Club (3); President Beta Club (4); Vice-President Monogram Club (4); Tar-Bo-Rah Staff; Waiter Junior-Senior Banquet (2); Voted Most Original and Best Sport. Doris Fulford " Oh! So light afoot. " Glee Club (4). Frances Harrell " A smile is the trademark of a happy soul. " Susie Harrell " She is herself a collection of the best things. " Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (4); Marshal (3); Voted Best Sport. Phoebe Harris " She mixes wisdom with pleasure and reason with mirth. " Class Secretary (3); Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet (2); Beta Club (3); ice-President Beta Club (4); Class Secretary (4); Glee Club (4); Dramatics (4); Debating (4) ; Voted Most Studious and Most Sincere. Rosa Harris " Silence is the one great art of c onversation. " Glee Club (4). Mattie Holland " The world looks better from behind a si}iilc. " Glee Club (4). Winnie Kornegay " She has that gift of gifts — the art of making friends. " Glee Club (4). Dorothy Lancaster " I ' ll put all trouble in the bottom of my heart, sit on the lid, and smile. " Class Treasurer (2); Vice-President Class (3); Treas- urer Class (4); Glee Club (4); Beta Club (3); Program Chairman Beta Club (4); Liberal Arts Award (3); Debat- ing (3, 4); Dramatics (4) ; Manager Basketball (4); Hon- orable Mention for Green Cup; Voted Most Talented Girl; Miss Tarboro High. Dorothy Mobley " Quiet and modest, thoughtful and meek — Knoiving much more than she ' d let herself speak. " Glee Club (4); Dramatics (4); Debating (4). Blanche Rogers " A sunny disposition , with an everlasting glee, Makes a jolly maiden, just what she ought to be. " Glee Club (4). Lucy Margaret Rogerson " She has a natural wise sincerity, a simple truthfulness. " Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet (2); Glee Club (4); Beta Club (3, 4); Voted Most Original. Winifred Rosenbaum " Better to be small and shine, than too large and cast a shadow. " Basketball (2, 3, 4); Secretary Class (2); Marshal (2); Beta Club (3, 4); Green Cup (2); Glee Club (4); Debat- ing (4); Tar-Bo Rah Staff, Beta Club Reporter (3); Dramatics (4); Monogram Club (4); Voted Cutest and Best Dressed Girl. « ▲a la o , Si ! Jk , Jll 1 Pac e Twelve Henry Slaughenhaupt " faff nobody; I am in charity with the .world. ' Monogram Club (4); Manager Basketball (4); Football (4); Tar-Bo-Rah Staff; Delegate Engineers ' Fair (4). Bill Smith " For I am nothing if not critical. " Debating (2, 3, 4); Debating Medal (3); President Class (3); Vice-President Class (4); Dramatics (4); Voted Most Dignified Senior; Band (1, 2); Basketball (4). WATSON SMOOT " A sunny southern gentleman with wavy chestnut hair; his manners are fine, his line divine, his smile beyond compare. " Football (3, 4); Basketball (4); Vice-President Class (1); Monogram Club (4); Glee Club (4); Tar-Bo-Rah Staff; Waiter Junior-Senior Banquet (2); Marshal (1); Chief Marshal (3); Voted Biggest Flirt; Band (1, 2). Thurman Strickland " Nature might stand up and say to all the world, ' This is a man ' . " Football (2, 3, 4); Baseball (2, 3, 4); Basketball (3, 4); Captain Football Team (3, 4). Joe Wagner " Like the brook, he babbles on. and on. " Glee Club (4); Voted Noisiest Boy; Band (4). Dan Waters " With rings on his fingers and bells on his toes; You find him dancing wherever he goes. " Treasurer Junior Class (3); Glee Club (4); Debating Team (4); Dramatics Club (4). Clifton Weeks " Why should life all labor be? " Richard Whitlark " Not afraid of work but doesn ' t like it much. " President of Class (4) ; Debating (4) ; Dramatics (4) ; Glee Club (4); Voted Best Dressed Boy; Marshal at Dedication of Auditorium. Lynn Williamson " He looks wise — pray correct that error. " Football (2, 4); Baseball (3, 4); Vice-President Class (2); Waiter Junior-Senior Banquet (2); Glee Club (4); Dramatics (2, 4); Monogram Club (4). Alton Whitley " Not too serious, not too gay — A good sort of fellow in every way. " Beulah Sexton " A cheerful heart, a cheerful smile, A chain of friendship all the while. ' Glee Club (4). Edith Taylor ' Haste makes waste. ' Glee Club (4). Sarah Teiser " Talking — she knezv not why, and cared not what. " Glee Club (4); Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet (2); Tar-BoRah Staff, Voted Wittiest and Friendliest Girl. Edna Weeks ' She ' s little but she ' s wise, she ' s a corkc for her size. " Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet (2); Beta Club (3); Secretary Beta Club (4); Tar-Bo-Rah Staff, Voted Best Dancer. Elizabeth Weeks " Pretty, modest, lovable, sweet, A nicer girl you ' ll never meet. ' Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet (2) ; Beta Club (3, 4); Glee Club (4). Dramatics MARGIA Qualls (No picture available) " Young in limbs, in judgment old. ' Beta Club. Page Thirteen THE TAR -BO -RAH Swin time in Springtime Somehow it seems that life begins Anew for all w hen it is spring — And so it seems befitting here To all our patient readers bring The history of our class in terms Of seasons — and in rhyme — ' Tis little we remember now Of lessons learned before the time Of algebra and chemistry That occupied our later years. This little page relates our growth ' Ere we began high school careers — Enstallment one of our checkered past — Swingtime in springtime — long may it last! Page Fourteen 1939 Swin time in Springtime The spring of nineteen thirty-six Found us entrenched in High School With most a year behind us then Of harder work and sterner rule — Besides our algebra we learned A more important thing — That there ' d come into music A type that ' s known as swing! The only swing we knew before Was made of chains and wood, But Benny Goodman ' s music Changed its meaning — and for good! We shagged into our second year At good old T. H. S. We swing into a stunt night That was a grand success — As Juniors all our efforts turned Toward putting on a show For the Junior-Senior banquet, — The night of nights, you know. Swing played a mighty part in this — We put on many dances. The flying heels we had to miss Might well be termed as " chances " ! Now. in our Senior year, we ' ve tried To round out high school knowledge With every type of work we ' ll nc:d To see us through in college — Studying, debating, all athletics. Music, acting, — everything We changed to higher tempo To keep the beat of — swing! Swingtime in Springtime! That phrase you ' ve heard before — But wait a minute, readers — turn the page — we ' ll tell you more! Page Fifteen THE TAR-BO-RAH Prophecy Another catchy little phrase That suits our purpose here Is " Ringtime in Springtime " . . . We ' ll make its meaning clear. The fortunes of the Seniors, Told in picture and in rhyme, Will all come true, so we believe, Within the proper time. They ' ll follow many different trades. And be successes, too. But eventually they ' ll imitate Our Susie and our Hugh. Herbert will be a naturalist, Hazel Briley ' ll be a teacher, While those of us who know him best Think George will be a preacher. Beulah ' s future holds for her A column of society. As a hostess. Lois Jean will be A model of propriety. The paper published by Robert Knox Will have Sarah for its poet. While Dan. as journalist, will write And let the whole world know it. Warren will be a photographer For Clinton ' s picture show, And Johnnie, as a banker, Will help their fortunes grow. Margaret will pose in lovely gowns That our Winifred designs, While Mabel will edit " Made- moiselle " After Edith Taylor resigns. David ' s fight for championship Ed ' s radio station will bring; While songs that Loraine Edwards writes Dorothy Lancaster will sing. Blanche and Lucy, both beauti- cians, And Virginia Coley, graduate nurse. Will live together in some big city And pool resources in one purse. Charles Fountain, president of Duke. And Frances, his secretary, Prophecy Let Dorothy. Lady Sunshine, Keep them both always quite merry. Rosa Harris, dean of women there. And Lessie. dietitian. Will have portraits made | by Elsie Ford That will win in competition. Doris will model stunning gowns. Mattie write a lovelorn column; And Joe, a portly politician, Will become extremely solemn. Irwin. New York ' s best-paid chemist, Will work in May ' s new chemist shop. James Cratch will make the sandwiches For Bennie Brown, the cop. Oscar, a well-known architect. Will plan Beatrice a home; While Alton. U. A. ' s famous flyer, Over all the world will roam. Hazel Brown will forsake her post As a Phys. Ed. director, So William Duncan, our dry cleaner. Can become her sole protector. Phoebe Jane, behin ' d the desk Of a library in some town, Will buy books from Winnie ' s bookshop. And on light fiction frown. Dene, ever grace itself, Will be dancing with Astaire While Anne, a gay divorcee. Will have given three husbands the air. These things hold true for just a while, Until some bright spring day ' Twill be " Ringtime in Spring- time, " With romance holding sway. Prophets: sarah heilbroner Elsie Ford Loraine Edwards Page Seventeen THE TAR-BO-RAH Last Will and Testament STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA ) COUNTY OF EDGECOMBE TARBORO HIGH SCHOOL CITY OF TARBORO I We. the class of nineteen hundred thirty-nine, in full possession of a crammed mind, well- trained memory, and almost superhuman understanding, being about to pass out of this sphere of education, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. ARTICLE I To Mr. Mahler, in appreciation of his many services rendered, we pledge our loyalty and support. ARTICLE 1 To our highly esteemed and honored faculty we bequeath our enviable record in aggressive- ness, obedience, and excellent grades — to be bestowed upon that class which shall equal our perfect standards — in case there should ever be such. ARTICLE 3 To the Class of 1940. we will our co-operative spirit, our dignity, and the honor of pub- lishing a 1940 TAR-BO-RAH. To the Sophomores, we leave our good grades and best wishes for their success in the upper classes. To the merry Freshmen, we leave the hope that they some day achieve their worthy ambition to become Seniors — even such as we. ARTICLE 4 The individual members of the Senior Class make the following disposition of certain per- sonal properties: To Anna Fluck Bud Shook ' s tact To Richard Thayer Hugh Best ' s business ability To Betty Edwards Margaret Anderson ' s athletic ability To Estelle Abrams Dorothy Mobley ' s figure To Virginia Hagans Edna Weeks ' s neatness To Julius Sadler Thurman Strickland ' s masculine nature To Jean Cherry Lorraine Edwards ' s vocal chords To Dercum Strickland Lynn Williamson ' s ability to j;rk sodas To Gal Bardin Anne Fountain s lack of seriousness To Earl Purvis Doug Powell ' s winning smile To Gwendolyn Bateman Elsie Ford ' s quietness To Grace Winslow Winifred Rosenbaum ' s perfect coiffure To June Bourne Dene Creech ' s driving ability To Benjy Trueblood Bill Smith ' s self-assurance To Lillie Bunting Phoebe Harris ' s grades To Belle Drake Virginia Coley ' s giggle To Ottie Graham " Watt " Smoot ' s way with the ladies To Alice Howard Sarah Tieser ' s wit To Lucille Smoot Elizabeth Weeks ' s way with the horses To Vernon Fountain Leslie Fanny ' s dignity To Bunny Shugar Harry Palmer ' s athletic ability To Manse Bogey Thurman Strickland ' s physique To Hortense Liles Lucy Rogerson ' s self-control To Johnny Hudson Dan Walters ' s jitterbug ability To Ruth Bond Lois Bateman ' s vivacity ARTICLE 5 We. the members of the Senior Class of Tarboro High School, have put our hands and seal on this twenty-eighth day of April. Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-nine. The Senior Class of Tarboro High School. (Signed) ANNE FOUNTAIN, Testator. Witnesses: LYNN WILLIAMSON Johnny Johnson, Douglas Powell. Page Eighteen 1939 SUPERLATIVES Most Popular Lois Bateman. Harry Palmer Best Sports Susie Harrell. Bud Shook Wittiest Sarah Heilbroner. May Price Best Dancers Edna Weeks. Dan Water; Most Sincere Phoebe Harris. Herbert Brewer Most Attractive Dene Creech. Harry Palmer Xoisiest Anne Fountain. Joe Wagner Biggest Flirts Lois Bateman. Watson Smoot Best Looking Lois Bateman. Doug Powell Most Studious George Xewsome. Phoebe Harris Most Dignified _ Lessie Fanny. Bill Smith Cutest Winifred Rosenbaum. Oscar Edm r r. Most Original Bud Shook. Lucy M. Rogerson Best Dressed _ . W. Rosenbaum. Richard Whitlark Mr. and Miss T. H. S. Dorothy Lancaster. Harry Palmer Most Friendly Sarah Heilbroner. Hugh Best Most Talented Hugh Best. Dorothy Lancaster 1939 Junior Class OFFICERS Sam Sheffield .President Edward Newsome Vice-President Sadie Lee Griggs Secretary Margie Martin Treasurer Miss Mobley Adviser Mrs. RulRK . Adviser Page Twenty Juniors estelle abrams Jimmy Arnold Allie Atkinson Mary Minter Ausbon Goldie Baker Nannie Grey Baker Gal Bardin Mance Bogey Ruth Bond Mary Elizabeth Braswell Madeline Briley Lilly Bunting Mabel Bunting Margaret Cartledge Margie Clark Effie Cobb Ollie Mae Coggins Julius Creech Belle Drake Billy Edmondson Ruby Ellis Lillian Eure Norma Evans Anna Fluck Ottie Graham Sadie Lee Griggs Ervin Guill Hazel Grimes Dorothy Hackney Virginia Hagans Ethel Harper No Picture i Hni SllBIm MwflKh. mm. I ;4r | - ) 2 if J uniors Aline Hill Ruth Hoard RlCHARD HOGGARD Johnnie Hudson Nellie Hudson Dallas Johnson Lillie Mae Jones Bill Killiebrew Margie Martin Van Martin Bill Mewborn Edward Newsome Marguerite Newsome Mildred Rawls Lula Rogers Catherine Roughton Julius Sadler Rudolph Sexton Ruth Sexton Sam Sheffield Dercum Strickland Bunny Shugar Elsie Jean Sinback Mary Frances Stell Estelle Thayer Benjey Trueblood William Webb Helen Wickham Grace Wilkins Jack Wynn Dorothy Zimmerman No Picture THE TAR-BO-RAH Sophomore Class OFFICERS Chalmers Laughlin President William Clark Vice-President DORIS WALKER Secretary-Treasurer Miss Jeter Adviser Miss Warren Adviser irvin adler margaret guill irene parker Mary Agnes Anderson Allen Harrell Bobby Peters Dorothy Armstrong Josephine Harris Ben Phillips Margaret Andrews Lillian Harris Mildred Pittman Harold Atkinson Waneta Hoard John Pollard Evelyn Batchelor Ophelia Holland earl Purvis June Bourne Eleanor Hyman Jesse Rawls Louise Brown Celia Joyner Theodore Robinson Roberta Carlisle Jessie Kent martin Sasser Russell carter Chalmers Laughlin Kathleen Sawyer Jean Cherry Evelyn Livesay J. W. Simpson William Clark Ruby Long Lucille Smoot Louise Coker Margie Lucas Elizabeth Spruill Janie Craft Hortense Liles Virginia Sollee Jessie Denton Luther Mears Tyson Taylor sarah dunstan ernest moore joseph taylor Freddie Elrod Robert Mosely Richard Thayer Bertha Fleming Theodore Mosely Margaret Wall Hilda Ford talmadge Moses Doris Walker Vernon Fountain chandler Muse Mary E. Wiggins Edward Griffin Ruby Newsome William Wineberry Ruby Grimes Paul Nobles Charles Whitley jimmy Parker Page Twenty-three 1939iiB— — li — a Sophomore Class Page Tiventy-four THE TAR-BO-RAH £5 rresnman Class OFFICERS Joel Bourne President Ed Bond Vice-President Harvey Ward Secretary JOHN TAYLOR Treasurer Freshman Home Room A Page Twenty-five 1939 THE TAR-BO-RAH Page Twenty-six Debating, Team Mrs. Sledge, Coach Affirmative Negative Lois Jean Bateman Dorothy Lancaster Dan Waters Bill Smith Winifred Rosenbaum Richard Whitlark Phoebe Jane Harris Dorothy Mobley Page Twenty-seven Ruth Bond Bengy Trueblood Marskals BILLY EDMONDSON, Chief Marshal Lucille Smoot Earl Purvis Senora Lindsey Joel Bourne Bud Shook Phoebe Jane Harris Edna Weeks Elizabeth Weeks Dorothy Lancaster Beta Club Miss Warren, Adviser Winifred Rosenbaum George Newsome Lucy Margaret Rogerson Ralph Wynne Elsie Jean Sinback Ruth Bond Lillian Eure Lula Rogers Edward Newsome Margia Qualls Virginia Coley Page Twenty-eight 19 3 9 THE TAR -BO -RAH Dramatics Class Mrs. Sledge. Advisee Travel Club Miss Mobley, Adviser Page Twenty-nine Glee Club Miss Herman, Director Miss Herman, in her first year at Tarboro High, has made the whole school music-conscious. Our splendid Glee Club is a direct result of her patient efforts to promote this type of activity in the school. We wish to express to her our sincere appreciation for the work and time that she has devoted to us, and hope that the Glee Club, in future years, will live up to her greatest expectations and desires for it. Page Thirty 12 3 ' Monogram Club Harry Hyde Palmer President BUD SHOOK Vice-President RUTH BOND . . Secretary -Treasurer Mr. Caruso Adviser Bud Shook John Hudson Mack Proctor Warren Howard Henry Slaughenhaupt Ervin Guill Ottie Graham Earl Purvis Bill Webb Charles Fountain David Gatling Richard Thayer Bill Hatton Son Creech Watson Thurman Strickland Harry Palmer Bill Mewborn Frank Ballard Russell Carter Billy Edmondson Hazel Brown Anna Fluck Winifred Rosenbaum Ruth Bond Gal Bardin Lynn Williamson Anne Fountain Susie Harrell Smoot Page Thirty-one 1S-3 9 EDGECOMBE COUNTY MEMORIAL Li TAEBORO, N.C. 27886 THE TAR-BO-RAH TARBORO IRVING GUILL END " QUD " SUOOIA am SEASON THURMAN STRICKLAND CHARLES FOUHTAita tf Page Thirty-two 1939 THE TAR-BO-RAH Page Thirty-three THE TAR-BO-RAH Girls ' Basketball Team Mr. Gillette, Coach Margaret Anderson Captain, Guard Florence Fraley . Guard Anne Fountain Guard " GAL " BARDIN Forward Estelle Thayer Forward Ruth Bond Forward Anna Fluck Forward Winifred Rosenbaum Forward Margaret Andrews Virginia Coley Susie Harrell Vernon Fountain Margaret Guill Frances Cullom Sarah Dunstan Kathleen Sawyer Ruth Abrams Mary A. Anderson Eleanor Hyman Katherine Roughton June Bourne Jean Cherry Virginia Sollee Lucille Smoot Betty Edwards Edith Taylor Dene Creech Managers Dorothy Lancaster Page Thirty-four 1939 Boys ' Basketball Team Mr. Caruso. Coach BILL HATTON Forward BILL MEWBORN Forward Harry Palmer Guard Don Nicholson Guard Richard Thayer Center Bud Shook Billy Edmondson Thurman Strickland James Cratch Watson Smoot Bill Smith Henry Slaughenhaupt. Manager Page Thirty-five THE TAR-BO-RAH Baseball Team Mr. Caruso, Coach Bill Mewborn Harry Palmer Don Nicholson Forrest Sledge Harvey Ward Thurman Strickland Richard Thayer Lynn Williamson " Bud " Shook Billy Stell Bill Webb Boo Boo Gilliam Billy Edmondson Page Thirty-six 1939 THE TAR-BO-RAH Compliments of Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Incorporated TARBORO, NORTH CAROLINA M. S. Brown, Secretary-Treasurer 1939 Page Thirty-seven TARBORO VENEER COMPANY Manufacturers of ROTARY VENEERS + We Buy Sweet Gum, Poplar and Maple Logs + TARBORO, N. C. " It-Pays-To-Play " Compliments DIXIE CAFE 417 Main Street Phone 409 HERFF-JONES CO. Incorporated Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers 1407-1419 N. Capital Ave. Indianapolis + 0. E. Bass Hendersonville, N. C. Page Thirty-eight THE TAR-BO-RAH W. G. CLARK Fertilizers and General Merchandise Farming Implements and Heavy Groceries Our Specialties TARBORO, N. C. Compliments HOTEL TARBORO and Coffee Shop " Keep Smilin ' " STANELY PROSSER, Manager I IV MAN ' S FOR Ladies Apparel HUBERT ' S Where True Friends Meet Rocky Mount and Tarboro Highway Drinks - Beer - Sandwiches TARBORO, N. C. Our Best Wishes To The Young Men and Women of Tarboro High School LEVY ' S The Store For Men Compliments of Peters Wholesale Co. Tarboro, N. C. Distributors For Voigt ' s Gilt Edge and Carnation Flour CREECH The Florist + Floivers For All Occasions Member of F. T. D. Carlisle Funeral Home Telephone 129 and 192 Tarboro, N. C. Page Thirty-nine THE TAR-BO-RAH The First Thought In Drugs THE EDGECOMBE DRUG CO. The Prompt and Efficient Pharmacy (P-E-P) HENDERSON LUMBER COMPANY Incorporated Lumber and Building Material " We Supply The Builder " Phone 701—316 Page Forty C. E. PUTNAM Insurance Real Estate Rentals General Insurance We Insure Everything That Is Insurable Office — Tarboro Building 8 Loan Association Phone 85 Tarboro, N. C. SAVING LOANS Save For A Home Our Long and Short Terms Series Shares are designed to meet the needs of every inves- tor and every Home Builder. Tarboro Building Loan Association " The Home of Thrift " W. G. CLARK. JR., President V. H. CREECH, Vice-President C. E. PUTNAM, Secretary -Treasurer Membzr Federal Home Loan Bank System 1939 THE TAR-BO RAH Hart Cotton Mills Incorporated Manufacturers CONVERTIBLE COTTON CLOTHS Tarboro, North Carolina With Every Four Ticks of The Clock A Patient Enters One of the Hospitals JOIN The State Hospital Association, Inc. Tarboro, N. C. Compliments The Minnesota Mutual Lite Insurance Co. + W. J. Bateman District Agent 211 St. James St. Tarboro, N. C. Page Forty-one 1939 THE TAR-BO-RAH fiott ' A Cleaners and Dyers + Good as Any Better than Many + Phone 181 Compliments McGRORY ' S 5 10c Store P. R. Harrison, Mgr. Page ' s Quality Market Phone 111 419 Main St. Tarboro, N. C. THE BEST IN MEATS AND GROCERIES Page Forty-two Royster ' s Fertilizers FOR ALL CROPS F. S. Royster Mercantile Company Tarboro, N. C. Rosenbaum ' s, Inc. Tarboro ' s Leading Store " Where Quality Outlives Prices " Phone 47 Main St. Compliments of Shugar ' s Dept. Store Head-To-Foot-Outfitters Tarboro, N. C. 1939 THE TAR-BO-RAH J. Watson Smoot COTTON MERCHANT AND BROKER Tarboro, N. C. Compliments of Vanity Beauty Shoppe Located Now Second Floor Rosenbaum ' s Department Store MRS. H. KECK, Proprietor PHONE 3 65 1914 1939 NOBLES Tarboro ' s First White Barber Shop 326 Main St. Tarboro Hotel Next To Us Phone 52 INSURANCE LIFE - CASUALTY - FIRE L. W. SHOOK Tarboro, N. C. Three Most Important Moments 1. High School Graduation 2. Marriage 3. Furnishing Your Home From Us J. E. Simmons Furniture J. E. Simmons, Jr. Gene Simmons Ben Franklin Stores 5 10c— $1.00 up Tarboro, N. C. Home Owned and Operated VARIETY STORE BELK-TYLER GO. " Tarboro ' s Shopping Center " We Outfit The Family " When Your Suit Isn ' t Becoming To You " It Should Be Coming To Us STAR GLEANERS Phone 272 Page Forty-three THE TAR-BO-RAH MILK Supplies Year Around Energy Every Boy and Girl Should Drink A Quart A Day Municipal Milk Plant tarboro, n. c. ELOM COLLEGE A Four Year " A " Grade Institution Progressive Curriculum Courses offered in: Bible, Biology. Botany, Business. Chemistry, Coaching of Minor Sports, Commerce, Dramatics. Education, English, French, Geology, German, Greek, History, Economics, Hygiene, Journalism, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Physical Education, Psychology, Religion, and Sociology. You Will Enjoy Taking Your College Work At ELON COLLEGE For Information write Director of Public Relations Elon College, North Carolina Page Forty-four Edgecombe Homestead and Loan Association Established 1889 A Half Century of Faithful Financial Service + Nash Mizell Insurance — Rentals 1939 THE TAR-BO-RAH Tarboro Boasts of its Excellent Schools — made possible by its out- standing and Recognized Teachers Corps. Tarboro also Boasts of its modern swimming pool — constant life guard Service — chlorinated every 11 hours — Also Refrigerated — Positively the only known one in Existence. Visit Our Pool This Summer TARBDRD SWIMMING PDDL Page Forty -five Page Forty-six THE TAR-BO-RAH Lucy Hyman Beauty Salon Get A Koolerwave Permanent As Advertised In Vogue Telephone 153 Visit The Smartest Shop In Town For Beauty Culture In All Its Branches Anges Beauty Shop Phone 12 Southern Beauty School South ' s Foremost Beauty School Wainwright Building 424 Duke Street Norfolk, va. Dial 2-65 75 ACCREDITED Compliments of BROWN-PITT Hardware Go. Perry Pitt, Manager MARROW-PITT Hardware Go. Wishes Success To Each Member of the Class of 1939 Outfits For All Sports Compliments of Colonial Majestic Theatres Best In Sound Pictures Tarboro, N. C. MARY BALDWIN COLLEGE Staunton, Va. Founded 184 2 A New Line of SILVER. GLASSWARE. CHINA, AND NOVELTIES Arriving Daily M. HEILBRONER JEWELERS Agent KlRK SILVER 1939 Page Forty-seven THE TAR -BO -RAH m WEEK ' S GARAGE Motor and Electrical Work Exide Battery Sales Battery Recharging Tarboro, N. C. SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS PRINTING and BINDING fay- Observer Printing House Incorporated CHARLOTTE, N. C. Page Forty-eight

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