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Tappahannock High School - Annual Yearbook (Tappahannock, VA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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% TAPORAPIAN Tappahannock High School Tappahannock, Virginia 1965 Let the Word Go Forth Within your hands you hold a collection of the most cherished moments of 1964-65. In years to come, each one of you will view this annual and recall the events and people comprising this col- lection. Each picture and each word was selected to remind you of moments filled with laugliter, hours filled with knowledge, days filled witli achievement, and months filled with companionship. Time passes quickly. It is impossible to remember each moment. And therefore the Taporapian Staff has tried its best to compile for you these glimpses of yesterday and we hope they will present for you a memorable and valuable view of THS as it was in 1964-65. Table of Contents Administration 7 Seniors 17 Classes 31 Grades 42 Organizations 48 Athletics 62 Activities 76 Advertising 86 Annual Staff Faces Challenge of Making 1965 Taporapian the Best Betty Page Delano Mary Jane Brizendine SEATED: Mr. Robertson, Faculty Advisor; Brizendine, Delano, Ware, Clanton. STANDING: French, M. Taliaferro, Motley, Kriete, Lumpkin, Hayes, Spindle, Parson, Eanes, Taliaferro, Beazley, Andrews. ASSISTANT EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER Frances Ware 4 Saralr Clanton In the years to come as you open to the pages of your Taporapian, it is the hope of the 1965 annual staff that it will be as if you were reopening lie doors to Tappahannock High School and a past way of life. A way of life filled with deep friendships, impressionable experiences, and great anticipations. The purpose of this annual and the ultimate intention of its staff is to provide each high school student with a valuable hallmark. Hopefully, the work of your Taporapian will be immeasurable, and the memories it provides everlasting. As you turn the pages, may you recall the winning teams, the plays, the classmates, and the teachers. May laughters and sorrows be unrolled in the pages recalling the many happenings. The annual staff would like to congratulate the Class of ' 65 and thank them for their contribution to Tappahannock and the Taporapian. May they always have a place in their heart for their school, as they most certainly will have a great part in the tradition at Tappahannock. The remaining students have an obligation, not only to students of the past, but to those of the future, an obligation to uphold the standards and traditions of T.H.S In conclusion, the staff wants to wish the students of the present, as well as those of the past, the greatest height of success in en- countering the challenges of tomorrow, and pray that each tackles them with the same vigor, strength, drive, and dedication which makes Tappahannock High a school looked upon with intense pride. EDITOR 5 Mr. Woolford, you have been with the faculty only two years, but the help and guidance you have given us can not be measured. You have set an example for all of us to follow. You are devoted to your profession, you have a pleasing disposition, an excellent sense of humor, and you cause the students to feel they are truly in- dividuals by treating them with respect. We feel you are a successful teacher. You have contributed not only your knowledge of the sciences and mathematics, but also your athletic ability on the basketball court and softball field during tliose unforgettable student -faculty games. We can not repay you for all the knowledge, rmderstanding, and guidance you have given us. But we can give you this -- the dedication of all that we cherish here at THS. 6 ADMINISTRATION ' esta-i (L A, ,J| Principal’s Message We wish you every success. Remember nearly everything in life costs you something in effort, time, or money. Be sure you do not pay too high a price for fun, pleasure, popularity or fame, but also be sure you pay high enough price for learning, success, service to one ' s fellow man or for character. You have shown marked success along this line of development. May you continue to do so. 8 School Board Passes Federal Aid Bill Clerk: Mrs. Burnley Kirk; Central District: Mr. Archie Sutton, Chair- man; Rappahannock District: Mr. John Broaddus; Occupacia District: Mr. Spottswocd Taliaferro; and Superintendent: Mr. Eldon W. Chri s- topher. S upe rinte nde nt Mr. Eldon W. Christopher Composed of representatives elected from each district of the county, the Essex County School Board plays a major role in the operation of Tappahannock High School. The board serves as an advisory council to the superintendent. The members of the board make out the school budget, disburse funds for the buildings and furnishings, and hire and dismiss teachers on the superintendent ' s recommendation. Diligently the School Board members work to provide us a more efficient school system. 9 Top Brass at THS Mr. Henry Burruss Principal Mr. Howard Robertson Assistant Principal Mrs. Arnold Motley School Secretary 10 Mr. Henry Ahston Physical Education Civics Mrs. Edna Carlton Latin 1,11, Math 8 High School Faculty Gains Three Mrs. Frances Durham Typing 1,11, Bookkeep- ing, Shorthand Mrs. Gene Christopher Home Economics 1,11,111, IV, English 8. 11 Mr. John Kammire English 8,9,10 Mrs. Grace Spindle English 10, 11,12 Mrs. Terry McCloskey Physical Education World Geography Mr. Howard Robertson Science, Biology Mr. William Taliaferro World Geography Math 9, Algebra I Mrs. Lucille Taliaferro Librarian 12 Mr. Thornton Taylor Vocational Agricultiire Capt. Philip W inston Algebra I, Math 9 Mr. Sheppard Trewett, Jr. Elementary Music Chorus, Band Mr. Lei and Wyatt World Geography General Business Mrs. Agnes Ware French I, II, English 9 Mr. William Woolford, III Algebra II, Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Physics, Chemistry 13 Elementary Teachers Instill a Sense Mrs. Ina Lane First grade Mrs. Ann Hutchinson First grade Mrs. Ruby Doggett Second grade Mrs. Jean Sisson Second grade Mrs. Ashby Parker Third grade Mrs. Dolly Sisson Third grade Mrs. Lucile Burruss Fourtli grade 14 Mrs. Sadie Motley Fourth grade Mrs. Lucy McKinney Fifth grade of Responsibility and Citizenship in Students Mrs. Mae Thompson Fifth grade Mrs. Ruth Little Sixth grade Mrs. Eleanor Ware Sixth grade Mrs. Charlotte Gouldin Seventh grade Mrs. Mae Sutton Seventh grade i 15 Mrs. Mann Cafeteria " Tom Maintenance Mr. Ware 16 e O ,l tO " " ■•O (-1’ ' ' VI to? Vi V O ’V V ' V ' ' ■ ' ■Vo - ' v " ' to i- 3- -- Sv;. ■ ' ‘ !■» V ' I O ' O ’ , , olO -- f V .. ' v,v - 1 . A SENIORS Sponsor: Mrs. Grace D. Spindle Pres. Jack Kirk; Vice Pres, David Taliaferro; Sec., Barabara Passagaluppi; Rep. , Cheryl Carlton; Treas. , Frances Ware; Student Council, Catesby Ware, Tyler Ware, Jerry Elliott. " SENIOR, " Now isn ' t that a marvelous word? " S " is for our Superiority complex. After all, we have been here longer than any other students. " E " is for Energetic. You have to admit we seniors are always in the middle of everything. " N " is for our Non-chalant, subtle, casual way of trying to run the school. " 1 " is for the Indispensable advice we freely give to all underclassmen. " O " is for our Omniscient attitude towards any question which might occur. " R " is for the Ridiculous manner in which we behave. We have just discovered the ecstasy of being able to " direct " the 8th graders and elementary students. We have grown above the heads of our teachers, with the exception of Mr. Gladding, of course, and we continually have told the underclassmen that we are perfect in each respect. In fact, we have said this so often that we nearly believe it ourselves. Our world is a unique world. It is a world that only a senior could know. For it is the last year, and each senior intends to make it his best. At the beginning of the year, each senior works to obtain a high grade for the first semester. This is done to help build a feeling of security and to show the college that the student is capable of doing college work and should be accepted. By March the seniors who have not heard from their college have become nervous wrecks. Of course during this nerve -shattering experience the underclassmen offered their words of encouragement. By April the seniors have dispensed with their tranquilizers and are back to " normal. " At this stage of the game, each senior attemps to learn just how much he can get away with, to obtain the best possible grades with the least possible work, to make the lives of the underclassmen absolutely unbearable, to drive the teachers insane, and to make the Class of ' 65 an unforgettable one. But when the year is over, we will exchange- our " Senior " title for that of " Graduate. " We will exchange our title but will never exchange our feeling of friendship for the students of THS and our feeling of respect for the teachers who have given us their all. 18 Leslie Allen Akers " Leslie " Safety Patrol 1,2 D, E, 3; Track 3; Dramatics 5. June 10, 1965 Brings to a Close 5 Years of Gary Linwood Barrett " Gary " SCA 1,2, 3,4, 5; 4-H 1,2; Safety Patrol 1,2, William Edward B alders on " Billy " FFA 1,2, 3, 4, Sec. 4 -- Pres. 3, Star Green Hand 1, Star Chapt. Farmer 2, State Farmer 4, State Rep. 2, 3, 4; Safety Patrol 1, 2; J. V. Basketball 3, Varsity Basket- ball 5; SCA Comm. Ch. 4; Band 1 . Phyllis Anne Bareford " Phyllis " NHS 4, 5; Cheering Sqd. 2, 3, 4, 5; St. Council 2, 5; SCA Treas 5; SCA Comm. 3,4Dist. Conv. 5; Cl. Sec. 4; Le Cercle Francais 5; Pep Club 2,3; FHA 1; Softball Manager 2; Essay contest Hon. Meat. 3; Girls ' State Alternate; Foreign Forum 2. Gene Aubry Baughan " Gene " FFA 1,2, 3,4, 5; Fed. Sec, 3; Chapt. Tres 3; Fed. Rep. 4; Chapt. Pres. 4; State Farmer 4; Star Chapt, Farmer 4; State Con- vention Representative 1 , 2, 3, 4; Best Records 3,4. Wythe Davis Bowe, III " Petesie " Safety Patrol 1, 5; Forensics 4, 5; Debate 5; Dramatics 5; Baseball Mgr. 3; Basketball Mgr 4; Cl. Comm. 5; 4-H; SCA 1 , 2 , 3 , 4, 5. Nancy Faye Andrews " Nancy " SCA Comm. 1 , 2 , 3, 4, 5; Sec. Chm. 5; St. Cl. 2, 5; NHS 4, 5; Foreign Forum 1; Cheering Squad 3,4,5; Co-capt. 5; FHA 1; Soft- ball 1,2, 3,4; J.V, Basketball 1; V. Basketball 2; Le Circle Fran- cais 5; Pres 5; Pep Club 2,3; Cl. Treas. 1; Essay Cent. Hon. Ment 3; 2nd Place 5; Annual Staff 5; Track 4; Foremics. Linda June Bush " Linda " FHA 1; Safety Patrol 3; 4-H Re- porter 4; Student Council 5; Warriors Post 4; Library Comm. Co-Ch. 3,4; Le Circle Francais 5, Correspondent Sec. , Lunch- room Ch. 5; SCA 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5; Dramatics 5; Class Committees. Joys, Tears, Work, Play, Rummage Sales Sarah Anne Clanton " Sarah " St. Cl. 1,2, 3,4, 5; SCA Sec. 5; Cl. Sec. 2; Cl. Treas. 3; Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4, 5; Capt. 4, Co- Capt. 5; Foreign Forum 1; Girls ' State 4; Honor Society 4, 5; SCA St. Conv; Annual Staff 2, 3,4, 5; Bus. Manager 5; JV Basketball 1; Basketball 2; FFIA 1; Dist. SCA; Le Circle Francais 5; SCA Com- mittee Chairman 3,4. Mary June Buie " June " Dramatic Club 2,3; Spanish Club 2; Pep Club 3,4; Drill Team 3,4; Glee Glub 3,4; Yearbook 4, 5; Social Comm. 4; Newspaper 4; transferred from Kelfavich, Ice- land. James Temple Brizendine " Jimmy " Football 2,3,4, 5; Band 1,2,3; 4-H 1,2, 3, 4, President 4; FF A 3,4,5, Presidents. Cheryl Wilma Carlton " Cheryl " Pep Club 2, 3; Class Reporter 3, 5; Basketball Manager 4; Student Council 4, 5; National Honor So- ciety 4, 5; Latin Tournament 3; SCA Comm. Ch. 5; Dramatics 5; Le Circle Francais 5; Essay Contest 3.4, Honorable Mention; Betty Crocker Homemaker 5; National Merit Scholarship 3, 4; SCA 2, 3, 4.5. John Corbin Christopher " John " Cl. Treas. 1; Cl. Pres. 3; St. Coimcil 2,4, Pres. 5; Le Circle Francais 5; Football 2 , 3, 4, 5; Co- Capt. 5; Baseball 2, 3, 4, 5, Co- Capt. 5, Boys ' State 4; Foreign Forum 5; SCA Pres. 5; Honor Council 5; Track 1. Ellen Elizabeth Charnock " Ellen " National Honor Society 4, 5; Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4, 5; Pep Club 2, 3; Class Reporter 4; Softball Manager 2; Student Council 5; SCA Comm. Ch. 5; SCA Comm. 3; Le Circle Francais 5, FHA 1 , SCA 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Dramatics 5; Chorus 1; Nat. Merit Scholarship 4. James Holland Davis " Mickey " Football 1 , 2, 3, 4, Co-Capt. 4; JV Basketball 3; DE 4; Track 3, 4; SCA 1,2, 3, 4, 5. Picnics, Themes, Basketball Tournaments, Carroll Elbourn " Carroll " Football 2, 3, 4, 5; Track 4, 5; SCA 1,2, 3, 4, 5. Betty Page Delano " Betty " Pep Club 2,3; St. Council 1,2,3, 4; SCA Comm. Ch. 4, Comm. 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Le Circle Francais 5; Cl. Sec. 3; National Honor Society 4,5, Sec. 5; Softball 2,3,4; FHA 1; Foreign Forum 2; Girls ' State 4; Band 1 , 2; Cheerleader 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, Co-Capt. 3; Annual St. 4, 5, Asso. Editor 4, Editor 5; Forensics; Dfamatics 5. Martha Elizabeth Echo " Martha " Choru s 1,3,4; FHA 1,2, 3,4; Safety Patrol 1 , 3,4, 5; 4-H 1,2, 3,4; Library Comm. 5; FHA Song- leader 1,3; SCA 1,2, 3, 4, 5. Jerry Dale Elliott " Jerry " Baseball 3,4, 5; Football 4; Sarg. at Arms 4; St. Council 4, 5; SCA Comm. 5; State Creative Writing Winner 4; SCA 1,2, 3, 4, 5. Barbara Jean Eanes " BJ " FHA 1; Annual St. 3,4, 5; Sr. Cl. Ed. 5; Basketball 3,4, 5; Softball 4, 5; SCA Reporter 5; Le Circle Francais 5; St. Coimcil 5; SCA comm. 3; Dramatics 5; Dist. SCA 5; Chorus 3,4,5; Essay Contest Honorable Mention 5; Softball Co- capt. 5. John Robert Elliott, Jr. " Jimmy " FFA3,4,5, Vice Pres. 5; Foot- ball 3,4, 5; SCA 1,2, 3,4, 5. Faye Carol Emery " Faye " FHA1,2, Fed. Historian 2; 4-H 1,2, 3, 4, 5, Sec. and Treas. 1; Reporter 2, Sec. 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Reporter 5; Safety Patrol 2, 3,4, 5; Lent. 5; Chorus 4, 5. Nancy Louise Haile " Nancy " FHA 1,2, 3,4; Chorus 2,4; 4-H 1, 2,3,4; FHA Parliamentarian 2; Safety Patrol 3. L John Malcolm Evans " Johnny " SC A 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5; Groimd Commit- tee . Margaret Ann Fogg " Margaret " FHA 1, 3, Parliamentarian 4, Chap. Pres. Fed. Vice-Pres. State Conv. ; 4-H 1,2, Sec. Treas. 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Safety Patrol -- Sgt. 4, Lt. 5; DECA 4, Rept. Pub. Ch. ; Chorus 2, 4; Basketball 3, 4, 5, mgr.; Softball 2,4; Student Council 5, Rep. 1; Dramatics 5. David Jonatlian Hand " David " Student Council 1,2; Cl. Pres. 3; Basketball 1,2; Bowling team 3; Art Director 3,4; Transfer 5. John Randolph Ferry " Ranny " Basketball mgr. 1; Basketball JV 1, Co-Capt. 5; Football 2, 3, 4, 5, Co-Capt. 5; Baseball mgr. 1; Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4, 5; Track 2,3,5; Ch. Athletic Comm. 3,5; Student Council 3, 4, 5; Pep Club 2, 3; Honor Society 4, 5, Treas. 5; Cl. Vice-Pres. 3; Cl. Pres. 4; Le Circle Francais 5, Co-Ch. 5; Dist. SC A Rep. 4; Forensics 3, 4, 5, Pub. Sp. State 3rd 4th pi. winner; Chorus 1 . Forensics, Speeches, Plays, Rings and Proms Nettie Jean Hayes " Nettie " JV Basketball 1; Varsity 2; SC A 1, 2,3,4, 5; FHA 1; Warriors Post 4; Annual Staff 5; Library Comm. 4, 5, Reporter 4; DECA 4. But Opens the Door to Fond Remem- brances Gene Stephen McMahan " Gene " Band 1,2; Track 2, 3, 4; Football 3. 4, 5; Bus Driver 5; SGA 1,2,3, 4.5. Linda Elizabeth Lumpkin " Linda " FHA 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5; Historian 3; News- paper Staff 4; National Honor So- ciety 4, 5; Dramatics 5; SGA Gomm. 5; Annual Staff 4, 5; SGA 1,2, 3,4, 5. John William Kirk " Jack " Football 2, 3, 4, 5; Cl. Vice-Pres. 2; Band 1,2,3; 4-H 1,2,3; Boys ' State 4; Debating 4; Dramatics 4; Cl. Treas. 4; SGA 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Student Coimcil 1,2, 3,4, 5; Base- ball 4, 5; National Honor Society 4, 5; Vice-Pres. 5; Tri-Captain 5; SGA Comm. Co-Ch. 5; Cl. Pres. 5. Edna Arlene Luttrell " Arlene " FHA 1; Library 1; Basketball 2,3, 4, 5, Co-Capt. ; Softball 2,3,4, 5, Co-Capt. ; DEC A 4, Sec.; Ch. Athletic Comm. 5; Student Coun- cil 5; Warriors Post. 4. Catherine Ann Neale " Cathy " HomeroomV.P. 1,2;GAA2; Camp 4; Kappa Service Club 3,4, 5; Pep Club 4; FHA 5. Robert Llewellyn Johnson " Robert " 4-H; Student Council; Safety Patrol 1, 2, 4, 5, Capt. 5; Football 4, 5; Chorus 3,4, 5; Debate Team 5. Cynthia Karen Parson " Cindy " Basketball 2, 3; Tri Hi Y 3; Safety Patrol, Sec. 3,4; Warriors Post 4; Ch. Library Comm. 4; Student Council 4; Annual Staff 4; Home- coming Princess 4; 4-H 4. . David Wayne Passagaluppi " David Wayne " Basketball 4, 5; SC A 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5; Track 5; Le Circle Francais 5; Warriors Post Staff 4. Barbara Joan Passagaluppi " Barbara " Cheerleader 1,2,3; SC A Comm. 2; DECA Dist. Contest 1st pi. ; DECA State Contest 2nd pi. 4; FHA 1; 4-H 1; Pep Club 3; Softball 3; Chorros 1,2,3; Safety Patrol, Lt. 3,4; Class Secretary 5. Bruce Alyan Rutledge " Bruce " Transferred from Moline, Illinois; Track 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Basketball 2, 5; Wrestling 3; Chorus 1,2; Football 5. Of Never To Be Forgotten Friends and Teachers Dorothy Jean Schools " Dotty " FHA 1; Chorus 1; SCA 1 , 2, 3,4, 5; Safety Patrol 3; DECA 4. David Andrew Taliaferro " David " Class Pres. 1, Vice-Pres. 5; Foot- ball 3, 4, 5; Baseball 3,4, 5; Mgr. 1; Basketball 5; JV 3,4; Annual Staff 3,4,5; 4-H 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Avl. Star 5; Debating 4; Dramatics 4; Band 2,3; Chorus 3; Student Coun- cil 4, 5; National Honor Society 4, 5; School Winner -- National Mathematics Asso. Contest 4, 5; Rep. to Dist. SCA Executive Comm. 4; Foreign Forum 2; SCA Comm. Ch. 4, 5; SCA 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5; Conservation Essay Honorable Mention 3; Farm Bureau Essay Contest -- 3rd pi. 4. Betty Lou Taylor " Betty Lou " FHA 1, 5; Treas. 5; Safety Patrol 2,3; Warriors Post 4. William Harvey Thompson " WiUie " Basketball 3,4, 5; Football 1,2; MGR. Tr. 3,4; Baseball Mgr. tr. 1,2,3; Dramatics 5; Le Circle Francais. James Catesby Ware, III " Catesby " SC A 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Band 1,2,3; Track 2,3,4, 5; Pep Club 3; Bas- ketball 3, 4, 5; Dramatics 4, 5; Student Council 5; SCA Comms; Le Circle Francais. Frances Faulconer Ware " Frances " FHA1,5; Class Vice-Pres. 1,4; SCA Welfare Comm. 1; Honor Council 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Basketball JV 1 , Varsity 2,3,4, 5; Co-C apt. 5; Foreign Forum 1,2; Class reporter 2; Annual Staff 2,3,4, 5; Asst. Ed. 3,4,5; Ch. SCA Ways and Means Comm. 3; Student Cormcil 3,4, 5; Ch. SCA Social Comm. 4; Co-Ch. SCA Home- coming Comm. 4; Honor Society 4, 5, Pres. 5; Pep Club 2, 3; Warriors Post 4; Class Treas. 5; Le Circle Francais 3,4; Dramat- ics 4, 5; Girls ' State 4. and Hopes of Bigger and Better Things To Come Robert Tyler Ware " Tyler " Football 2,3; Basketball Manager 3; DECA 4; Student Council 5; Dramatics 5. Alfred Roosevelt Watts, Jr. " Junior " Cl. Pres. 2; Dist. SCA Conven- tion 3, 5; SCA Workshop 4; Le Circle Francais 4, 5; Football 3, 5; Basketball 3,4, 5; Baseball 2,3, 4,5; Pep Club 3,4; SCA Vice- Pres. 5; Student Council Vice- Pres. 5; Honor Council Pres. 5; SCA 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; SCA Comm. Ch. 5; SCA Comms. 3,5. Stephen Louis Winder " Steve " 4-H 1; Football 3; FFA Star Greenhand 4; Building and Groimds Comm. SCA 4; Student Council 5; 8th Grade Advisor; FFA Secretary 5. Last Will and Testament Leslie Akers leaves still denouncing the Safeway. Nancy Andrews leaves good " Will " to all MEN! Billy Balderson leaves his love for government to the class of ' 66. Phyllis Bareford leaves her spelling ability to Archie Sutton. Gary Barrett leaves the stockyard to some other adventuresome youth. Gene Baughan leaves his slow, southern drawl to Glen Prestridge. Wythe Bowe leaves the teachers to run their classes unassisted next year. June Buie leaves her neat appearance to anyone who needs it. Jimmy Brizendine leaves for Maryland. Linda Bush leaves her quiet nature to Will Shelhorse. Gheryl Carlton leaves her new pocketbook so that other girls can administer blows to the heads of THS boys. Ellen Charnock leaves her cast to any other cheerleader who might need it. John Christopher leaves his bashful blush to Peel Dillard. Sarah Clanton leaves still towering over the heads of Linda Hicks and Pearl Allen. Mickey Davis leaves still wondering who first called him " Mouse. " Betty Delano leaves her pep and energy to Mr. Burruss. Barbara Eanes leaves her ability to write to Paulette Spindle. Martha Echo leaves her " beloved " copy of MASTERS OF DECEIT to Mr. Gladding. Carroll Elbourne leaves someone else to welcome all the new transfer girls to THS. Jerry Elliott leaves his bachelor ways to Richard Balderson. Jimmy Elliott leaves the football team 220 pounds lighter. Faye Emery leaves the office to next year ' s student secretary. Johnny Evans leaves his ability to take government notes to Vaughan Atkins. Ranny Ferry leaves his " Woody Woodpecker " laugh to Mary Jane Brizendine. Margaret Fogg leaves holding the record for sprained ankles. Nancy Haile leaves her abundant supply of life savers to Betty Mae Crowe. David Hand leaves his yankee accent to Mrs. Spindle. Nettie Hayes leaves with an attitude of " grin and Barrett. " Robert Johnson leaves his curls to Peyton Barton. Jack leaves 2 5 of his football towel to Tommy Chinault but takes 3 5 with him. Linda Lumpkin leaves her seriousness of purpose to Tommy Atkins. Arlene Luttrell leaves Mrs. Durham and the entire bookkeeping class in well-deserved peace. Gene McMahan leaves bus 41 to anyone who will have it. Kathy Neal leaves taking her VW and putting THS boys back on the streets again. Cindy Parson leaves all the mud-shankers to Nancy Hammond. Barbara Passagaluppi leaves but THS will never be the same without her. David Passagaluppi leaves his half-court shot to Bobby Durham. Bruce Rutledge leaves after being indoctrinated in the greatness of the South. Dottie Schools leaves still talking about the new car she intends to buy. David Taliaferro leaves with the word " farmer " resounding in his ears. Betty Lou Taylor leaves her ability to play volleyball to Beth Durham. William Thompson leaves his red hair to Faye Delano. Catesby Ware leaves his 6 ' 4 " to Drew Taliaferro. Frances Ware leaves a word of sympathy to all of next year ' s class treasurers. Tyler Ware leaves his ability to cut up in class to Anne Beazley. Junior Watts leaves for the University of Richmond, or is it Westhampton??? Steve Winder leaves without a " Pat " on his shoulder. 26 Most School Spirit Betty Page Billy Most Comical B. J. Mickey Best Dancers Nancy John Biggest Flirts Cindy Junior Friendliest Barbara Gene Superlatives Neatest June Steve Best All Around Sarah Jack Most Energetic Cheryl William Most Co-operative Linda Catesby jTdO ' — Watch it Mrs. Spindle! Mrs. Durham ' s trying to see your cards I Boy, what a weekend this has been! " Peek-a-boo! " Dig that crazy pose! " Gary, I didn ' t mean it, honest " Haile, you cheated me ! " I didn ' t " Gene ' s twelfth perfect attend- ance certificate. Jimmy, the award winner. 20 Oh, the nerve! He laughed at my sunglasses ! Old " Twinkle-toes " Ferry! Wouldn ' t you know it? Arlene bought a balloon. Anyone for a game of " Old Maids? " If only Mrs. Spindle were here! Ellen ' s playing Poker? I 1 And Mrs. Mac. thought we had forgotten her ! Ranny ' s collecting another award. 29 Now where is he? He said The farmer(s) ? in the dell Five more hours here? I ' ll he ' d meet me here at five. never make it! Hey Kirk, what ' d you spill on my sleeve this time? 30 See those specks? They ' re people. CLASSES 1 v Sponsors, Mrs. McCloskey, Mr. Gladding. President, Richard Balderson; Vice Pres. , Marshal Haney; Sec. , Linda Owens; Treas. , Mary Jane Brizendine; Reporter, Paulette Spindle; St. Council, Peel Dillard, Patricia Balderson. Class of ’66 Sally Akers Vaughan Atkins Patricia Balderson Richard Balderson Peyton Barton Ann Beazley Jimmy Beazley Leslie Beazley Mary Jane Brizendine Patsy Kay Burch James Clanton Betty Mae Crowe Eugene Davis 32 George Dunn Johnny Fogg Nancy Hammond Marshall Haney Linda Harper Billy Healy Ann Hite Rodger Hodges Larkin Hundley Ellis Loving Carolyn Lumpkin Linda Lee Minor Linda L. Minor Bland L. Motley Joe Mundie Linda Owens Edward Parrish Linda Shearwood William Shelhorse Paulette Spindle Kenneth Stevens Jeanette Walker Bobby W arton Stan Williams Jo Carole Winder 33 Pres: Peggy Kriete Vice Pres: Mickey Taylor Secretary: Frances Fogg Treasurer: Linda Hicks Reporter: Marguerite Taliaferro Representatives: Arlene Allen Bonnie Johnson Class of ’67 Arlene Allen Tommy Atkins Beth Baird Janet Balderson Betty Lou Bareford Lawrence Bush Scott Charnock Tommy Chinault Jo Anne Connellee Ronnie Covert Pat Davis Phyllis Davis Carolyn Downer Pat Emery 34 Frances Fogg P. A. Frank Earnest Greggs Betsy Haile Brenda Haile Andrew Hammond Bobby Hammond Carrie Harper Linda Hicks Frank Hundley Bonnie Johnson Woody Johnson Peggy Kriete William Lee Larry Lennon Alice Loving Patty Minor Latane Moore Lloyd Mundie Carolyn Overstreet Barbara Owens Brian Parker Dickie Parr Ronnie Passagaluppi Mike Peel Pat Peel Glen Prestridge Betty Rennolds Richard Rennolds Larry Rose Judy Shipp Marguerite Taliaferro Dickie T aylor Mary Jane Taylor Mickie Taylor 35 President, Ed. Kirk; Vice -Pres. , John Hopkins; Sec., Kitty Ham- mond; Treas. , Jenny Lou Carpenter; Rep. , Martha Wachsmuth; St. Council, Becky Beazley, Ella Dunn, and Archie Sutton. Class of ’68 Mary Akers Pearl Allen Judy Andrews Cathy Bareford Donald Bareford Becky Beazley John Beazley Carolyn Blanton Isabelle Bowe Linda Bradley Gerry Brizendine Carroll Brown Henry Burruss Jenny Carpenter Mary Clanton 36 Glenwood Clarke Robert Crowe Bobby Davis Clinton Davis Franklin Davis James Davis Linda Davis Nancy Davis Reid Davis Ella Dunn Bobby Durham Becky Elliot Bonnie Elliot Henry Ferry Nancy Greggs Alice Guerrant Gretchen Guerrant Jimmy Guess Kitty Hammond Robert Harmon Jean Hayes Ruth Hayes Theresa Hilton Henry Hodges John Hopkins William Jenkins Ed Kirk Beulah Loving Johnnie Loving Kathy Lumpkin 37 Judy Moody Barbara Moore Hannah Nettles Tommy Prince Mike Rutledge Charles Schools Roger Schools Frankie Schools Jean Shearwood Alfred Spindle Brenda Stalnaker Archie Sutton Richard Taylor Jeff O ' Dell Charles Overstreet Barbara Parr Sara Parrish Robert Taylor Rose Taylor Gouldin Tignor Robert Tignor Charles Trevillian Dorothy Turner Martha Wachsmuth John Watson Nancy Watson Jimmy ' Williams 38 Pres. , Bill Lewis; Vice Pres. , Billy French; Sec. , Beth Durham; Treas. , Nancy DeShazo; Reporter, Glen Ransome; St. Council, Peter Ware. Class of ’69 Dorothy Barrett Jerry Brightwell Edna Brizendine Melanie Broaddus Jane Brookes William Brookes Shirley Burch Betty Carlton Peggy Carlton Wade Carlton Calvin Carter Franklin Chenault Jean Clark Dennis Cornell Linda Crowe 39 Reed Daw Connie Dawson Bobby Delano Nancy DeShazo Kim Dickinson Mary Dishman Beth Durham Jane Durham Roger Dunn Barbara Elliott Thelma Fields Joe Frank Billy French Marion Gallagher Billy Gardener Dottie Gardener Bill Garrett Betty Gerskey Sally Haile Dorothy Hammond Margaret Harmon Brenda Harper Kitty Hayes James Hayes John Hayes Fred Hillyer Eugene Hodges Henry Hundley Frances Jones Lois Johnson Steve Daniel Johnny Davis Kenneth Davis Temple Davis 40 Mike Larew Bill Lewis Ellen Lewis Charles Linthicum lila Linthicum Donald Loving Mary Loving Sandra Luttrell Andrew Martin Susan Medlin Wayne Medlin Johnny Minor Ellen Motley Hilda Nettles Robert Nettles James Norris Glenn Ransone Mary Rathje Joe Robertson June Robinson Marjorie Robinson Shirley Robinson Barbara Schools John Sill Dennis Smith Elaine Smith Drew Taliaferro Carolyn Taylor Elwood Tignor Carl Thompson Mary Ware Peter Ware Lynn Watson Mike Williams Peggy Wright 41 L V i ■ |veV ' i ' . ,. ' V v« ' ., ;i. ' ‘ ' »v ’‘ :v. ' ' ■ ■■■ -. WX ' " - ' A - ' ' -A ' . A GRADES vcv A ,fV‘ ' ' ' 4A • Mrs. Ann Hutchinson First Grade Mrs. Ina Lane First Grade Mrs. Ruby Doggett Second Grade Mrs. Jean Sisson Second Grade 43 Mrs. Lucile ' Burruss Fourth Grade Mrs. Sadie Motley Fourth Grade Mrs. Lucy McKinney Fiftlr Grade Mrs. Dolly Sisson Third Grade Mrs. Ashby Parker Third Grade 44 Mrs. Mae Thompson Fifth Grade Mrs. Ruth Little Sixth Grade Mrs. Eleanor Ware Sixth Grade Mrs. Charlotte Gouldin Seventh Grade Mrs. Mae Sutton Seventh Grade 45 Celia Lennon Glenda Wilkerson Bonnie Gouldin Wright Ferry Bill Watts President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter The Junior S.C.A. Trains Future Leaders The Junior Student Cooperative Association endeavors to provide training in leader- ship and to give its young people the chance to take part in the affairs of the school and the community. The objectives are accomplished through the efforts of its officers, its committees, the chairman of which are: Jane Baylor Jeanne Sparrow Joe Gilchrist Roxanne Brooks Sandra Johnson Mary H. Burrough Tommy Blackwell House Health and Welfare Grounds Program Safety Scrapbook Social and its members, the students in grade four through seven. 46 Candid Shots at THS Oh, my dishpan hands! And if they don ' t behave, knock them in the head with this gavel! Ah, some more interesting speci- mens! Homecoming prin- cesses and their es- corts. Deep Subject? Football players disguised as folk singers. John always was a deep thinker. Klinks serenades for FHA square dance. Really??? Senior Miss Americas. Complications of an operation. I would rather trust a hungry fox! Watch it, boys, here comes Mr. Robertson! V ORGANIZATIONS v ' ■ . , V. ' ’ a ' Sponsor, Mr. Gladding; Treasurer, Phyllis Bareford; Vice-President, Junior Watts; President, John Christopher; Secretary, Sarah Clanton; Reporter, Barbara Jean Eanes. Homecoming, Turn-About Day Highlight SC A The students of Tappahannock Higlr School are proud of their opportunity to choose the officers of their government -- The Student Cooperative Association. These five students represented tlie Executive Com- mittee for the 1964-65 term. As previous officers have done, they realized their goals and immediately began to work toward achieving tliem and making the 1964-65 SCA the best yet! The Executive Committee wanted everyone to feel he was actually a part of his government and to be- come aware of the benefits of a working SCA. Some outstanding projects this year were the Honor Card, the Card Dance, Turn-about Day, Mock Elections, Rat Week, and the Homecoming weekend. Mr. Gladding, our sponsor, offered a great deal of help on dances and other activities. His driving for perfection exerted much influence on the organization. For his humor and willingness, the officers of the 1964-65 SCA would like to take this opportunity to thank him. Following the tradition of former officers, the leaders of the 1964-65 Student Cooperative Association have tried to make the Tappahannock High School student government the most effective yet! " Chrisie " -- our president. Our new president? 49 " Stars of the Gridiron " Homecoming -- our befuddled sponsor and wife. S.C.A. float wins Second place in Homecoming Parade ! What a job! Campaign Speeches. Twins sing for their candidate . Steve --a typing teacher? Oh, it ' s Turn- about Day! 50 Student Council Plans for Coke Machine as SEATED: Sponsor, Mr. Gladding; Bareford, Watts, President, Christopher; Secretary, Clanton; Eanes. STANDING: Dunn, Kriete, Andrews, B. Johnson, R. Johnson, Charnock, Beazley, Fogg, T. Ware, M. Taliaferro, Owens, Bush, Allen, Crowe, F. Ware, Carlton, Durham, Delano, Sutton, Kirk, Ferry, Baughan, Dillard, Thompson, C. Ware, D. Taliaferro, P. Ware. Honor Council Distributes New Honor Cards SEATED: Williams, Wachsmuth, Chairman, Watts; Ware, Motley, Christopher, Sponsor, Mr. Gladding; Rose. 51 Delegates Attend First NHS Convention The National Honor Society was formed to recognize high school students who have displayed high qualities of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Its purpose is to promote these qualities throughout the school and community. This year, delegates from Tappahannock High School attended the first NHS convention for this area. Un- fortunately, it was too late to put into practice many of the ideas which they got there. However, if, next year, they follow these suggestions, the Honor Society should be a much more active organization at THS. The future goal of ouj National Honor Society is not to be solely an honor organization, but to strive to become a more helpful working body in the school. ACTIVITIES FOR THE YEAR 52 Historians, Poets, Authors, Columnists Constitute Warriors’ Post Le Cerfle Francais Entertains Attache of French Embassy 53 THS Twirlers Connie Dawson, Dorothy Hammond, Faye Delano, Pete Fogg, Ann Hite, Linda Crowe, and Jane Brooks. 54 Band Captures Excellent Rating at District Festival Although many members of our band are young, they have tried to learn and master the fimdamentals of music. Mr. Trewett has been an able leader and has accomplished much in the way of establishing a really good band. Let ' s hope that the bands in the future will be as well organized and strong as this one. Director: Mr. Trewett 55 Chorus Provides Musical Harmony This year the chorus, under the direction of Mr. John Sheppard Trevette has been one of the most outstanding that Tappahannock High School has ever had. Throughout the entire school year, it has given many enjoyable concerts. With the superb direc- tion and a variation of songs to sing, the chorus has made singing more entertaining. Because of this our chorus has been a great asset and help to our school and community. While Director Leads 56 Entire Club Attends Fall Rally At Washington and Lee High School. Member Serves as President of Federation The new officers Hard at v ork on the club scrapbook. Margaret Fogg President of Northern Neck Federation Other FHA Headlines Federation Donates Gifts to Childrens ' Ward at Tidewater Memorial Oriental Exhibit of Art And Flower Arrangements FFA and FHA Mother-Daughter and Father-Son Banquet Homecoming Parade has FHA Float Northern Neck Federation Officers Go On the Air During National FHA Week in April Election of Officers Club Sends Two Delegates to Convention Square Dance in November Flower Show in May 57 Left: Ann Lee Hite, former Federation officer and Margeret Fogg, new Federation president. Taking piilse and temperature. Assembly Program for the National FHA Week in April. Refinishing furniture. FHA ' ers take their teaching seriously. 58 FIRST ROW: Mr. Taylor, Fogg, Winder, Brizendine, Elliot, Atkins, Parr. SECOND ROW: Chinault, Tignor, Atkins, Balderson, Bareford, Minor, Tignor, Lintliicum, Hodges. THIRD ROW: Greggs, Hundley, Davis, Brown, Loving, Moore, Mundy, Beazley, Baughan, Medlin. FFA Awards Scholarships to Camp The Future Farmers of America this year will give two of its members a full scholarship to the FFA -- FHA Camp at Smithfield, Virginia. The recipients are Gene Baughn and an eighth grader who will be decided on in June. The FFA is an intra-cuxricular activity having its origin and root in a definite part of tire school curriculum -- vocational agriculture. The foundation upon which tire Future Farmers of America organization is built includes service, tlirift, scholarship, improved agriculture, organized recreation, citizenship and patriatism. The FFA is nonprofit, nonpolitical farm youtlr organization of voluntary membership de- signed to take its place along witlr otlier activities striving for the development of leadership, the building of a more permanent agriculture, and the improvement of country life. It con- stitutes the most efficient agriculture teaching devices drat have been discovered up to the present time. The FFA is 100% American in its ideals and outlook and has no outside affiliations. 59 FIRST ROW: Jones, Dunn, Schools, Fields, Crowe, Elliot. SECOND ROW: Hammond, Emery, Burch, Owens, Moore, Overstreet. STANDING: Prince, Passagaluppi, Medlin, Chinault, Emery, Frank, Schools, Langford, Johnson, Carlton. Three Members Make All Stars Larry Rose, David Taliaferro, and Faye Emery were tapped into the Virginia 4-H All Star Chapter, a society honoring outstanding club work. This happened in the summer at Blacksburg during Short Course Week. Recently the 4-H Club welcomed as its new adult leader, Mr. Longmire, Assistant County Agent who has just moved into Essex County. Miss Alice Ankers, another leader for many years has left her post as County Home Demonstration Agent and so the club has not had her services during the past months. The officers for the 1964-65 club year are as follows: President, Patsy Kay Burch; Vice President, Larry Rose; Secretary, Barbara Owens; Treasurer, Latane Moore; Reporter, Faye Carroll Emery. The 4-H Motto " To Make The Best Better " The Pledge I pledge: My head to clearer thinking. My heart to greater loyalty. My hands to larger service My health to better living. For my club, my community, and my country. The Emblem 60 Patrolmen and Bus Drivers Place More Emphasis on Safety In ’64-’65 61 I .x . ' V=,c?-’ i c w-raSi Uc ' S ? ,?;v‘ ' =: ■ ' = ' ' ' ATHLETICS On August 17, 1964, the T.H.S. athletic field once again became alive with football ' s flying and tackling dummies popping. Fourteen lettermen, many of last year ' s scrubs, and several newcomers made up the largest team in Tappahannock ' s history which was given the task of enlarging an eleven- game winning streak. Warriors who saw first string duty were: Tri-Captains -- Jack Kirk, Ranny Ferry, and John Christopher, -- Peyton Barton, Richard Balderson, Kenny Stevens, Peel Dillard, Jimmy Elliott, Jimmy Brizendine, Jimmy Guess, Carroll Elb our ne. Junior Watts, Gene Baughan, and David Taliaferro. Others who filled in capably and were on the special units were William Shelhorse, Bruce Rutledge, John Fogg, and Bobby Hammond. The Warriors came on strong in the first half of the season. After taking Lancaster fairly easily, the Warriors put their strength on the line and proved their superiority by tripping King George in a real defensive battle. The defense came through again for the following two weeks as the Warriors held Northumberland to a total offense of minus 12 yards and blanked New Kent who had been averaging 25 points a game. After stumbling by West Point 15-0, the Warrior defense, on a rainy Saturday afternoon, gave up their first score though Tappahannock took the victory. A week later, the Caroline Cardinals halted the Warrior ' s win streak at 17 games. To conclude a successful season in second place in District F, THS stopped W. L. 25-0. Two features of the 1964 team that were new to THS football was the roll-out passing attack and place-kicking the con ' ersions. Peyton Barton, who led all scorers with points, made these two novelties most beneficial to our scoring threats. Carroll Elbourne was the bread-and-butter rimner in tough yard- age situations and had the highest average gain of any Warrior and was second in scoring with points. Tappahannock representatives on the All-State were Peyton Barton, third-team, and honorable -mention: Jack Kirk, Ranny Ferry and Carroll Elbourne. The success of this team was due to the earnest desire to play well and the teamwork, particularly that that shown by the defense. Coaches Ashton, Robertson, and Dickinson who prepared the boys for each game deserve much credit. Though next year ' s team will miss twelve Seniors, enough experience and talent will be on hand for another winning season. THS Football — 1964 63 Warriors Boasted Longest Winning i TOUCHDOWN! WARRIORS WARM UP. SENIOR WARRIORS STANDING: Gene Baughan, Carroll Elbourn, Ranny Ferry, David Taliaferro, Bruce Rutledge, and Junior Watts. KNEELING: Robert Johnson, John Christopher, Jack Kirk, Gene McMahan, Jimmy Brize ndine, and Jimmy Elliott. 64 Streak in State with 17 Games SCORES THS 25 Lancaster 0 13 King George 0 32 N orthumb e rl a nd 0 25 New Kent 0 15 West Point 0 26 Middlesex 6 20 Caroline 33 25 W. L. 0 180 T otals 39 Handshakes after a hard game. Elbourn and Barton end a short trip. Baughan gaining valuable real estate. Barton grinding out tough yardage. HALF-TIME 65 THE OFFENSE THAT AVERAGED 23 POINTS A GAME " Fancy " Backs: Gene Baughan, Carroll Elbourn, Peyton Barton, and Junior Watts. " E umb linemen " : Ranny Ferry, Richard Balderson, Peel Dillard, Jack Kirk, Jimmy Brizendine , Jimmy Elliott, and John Christopher. THE DEFENSE THAT GAVE UP ONLY 5 POINTS A GAME Safeties: John Christopher and Gene Baughan. Linebackers: David Taliaferro, Peyton Barton, and Carroll Elboum. Linemen: Peel Dillard, Richard Balderson, Jimmy Brizendine, Jimmy Elliot, Jack Kirk, and Ranny Ferry. 66 Billy Healy, Billy Balder- son, Peel Dillard, David Taliaferro, Bobby Durham, Catesby Ware, Peyton Barton, Ranny Ferry, Coach Ashton, John Christopher, Will Shel- horse, Bruce Rutledge, David Passaguluppi , Ken- neth Stevens, William Thompson, Junior Watts. .500 Season Earns 4th Place Finish The THS, 1964-65 basketball season opened with balls missing the basket, rebounds falling off the wrong side of the rim, and fouls being called right and left against Warriors. The Christ- mas vacation arrived showing that the Warriors had pulled in only one win among three decisive defeats. However, the New Year brought new hopes as the Warriors pulled their averages up and team to a contending position. The thrills and close games of last year were again on hand to keep fans biting their nails. The Warriors defeated Rappahannock by two points and Lancaster twice by only one point, with one game going into a thrilling triple overtime, and were handed a heartbreaking loss by Northumberland, the margin again being only one point. Individual performances were as follows: Games Goals F. T. A. F. T. M. Points Average Ferry 15 99 159 85 283 18. 5 Barton 15 60 49 18 138 9. 2 Christopher 15 52 72 30 134 8.9 Balderson 12 17 28 11 45 3. 7 Watts 15 24 13 6 54 3. 6 Passaguluppi 14 16 9 2 40 2. 8 Rutledge 10 5 6 3 13 1. 3 Healy 8 4 4 2 10 1. 2 Taliaferro 9 4 8 2 10 1. 1 Durham 9 4 5 2 10 1. 1 She Ihorse 12 2 9 2 6 . 5 Ware 8 1 5 2 4 . 5 Thompson 6 1 1 0 2 . 3 Dillard 4 0 0 0 0 . 0 67 SCORES TAPPAHANNOCK 47 C. T. Smith 63 53 Rappahannock 51 41 Christchurch 50 40 Northumberland 68 36 Middlesex 51 41 Lancaster 40 57 Rappahannock 46 48 Lancaster 46 61 Marriott 32 44 W. L. 62 42 Northumberland 43 60 King George 90 54 Middlesex 43 82 Marriott 62 (Tournament) 43 Northumberland 54 Ferry Co-captains Christopher Warriors in Action 68 SEATED: Dunn, Carpenter, Minor, F. Fogg, Delano, Wachsmuth, Elliott, Andrews, Parrish. STANDING: Ham- mond, Balderson, Hite, Ware, Luttrell, Eanes, Beazley, Manager, M. Fogg; Coach, McCldskey. Girls Reach District Tournament Led by the skill, quick thinking, and experience of captains Arlene Luttrell and Frances Ware, the girls ' basketball team achieved an excellent district standing, even though they didn ' t quite reach the top. The girls worked together extremely well, and all seemed to be working for the good of the team. Forwards Arlene Luttrell, Frances Ware, Patricia Balderson, and Nancy Hammond, backed up by Faye Delano, Ella Dunn, Martha Wachsmuth, and Jenny Lou Carpenter, set up a strong offense which couldn ' t be easily handled by other teams. The strong defensive action of Ann Lee Hite, Pete Fogg, Barbara Jean Eanes, and Anne Beazley, backed up by Judy Andrews, Bonnie Elliott, Linda Minor, and Sara Parrish, greatly limited the scoring of most other teams. Through extreme cooperation and sincere work and team spirit, these girls have set a preci- dent which will be indeed hard to maintain. 69 " Who tripped me? " " Shucks, I missed it! " " All joins hands and we ' ll . . . " 70 Warriors Become District Runners-Up Baseball at THS got off to a dismal start as the two opening games were postponed to later dates on account of rain. Anxious to play, the boys were downcast after having blown the first two games on errors and hitless innings. The Warriors began to feel the championship spirit though as they upset Rappahannock 4-3 and took wins from Lancaster, W L, Northumberland, and C. T. Smith. One game more was needed to tie Tappahannock with Caroline for the District crown. Rappahannock, our opponents in the last game, were in the same league position and were looking for revenge from our last meeting. This last obstacle wasn ' t to be overcome as the Warriors had to settle for a 5-2 loss and District Runnerup. At the bat, the honors go to Woody Johnson and Peyton Barton whose 400 plus hitting kept the Warriors out of manytough spots. Jack Kirk, Junior Watts, Johnny Fogg, and Ranny Ferry helped at the plate also. Pinch-hitters, Marshall Haney and Richard Balderson gave the team several clutch hits. Pitching went as follows: Peyton Barton, 4 wins and 2 losses, Johnny Fogg, 1 win and no losses, and Richard Balderson, no wins and 1 loss. Seniors whose abilities will be missed next year are catcher Junior Watts, infielders Jack Kirk, Ranny Ferry, Steve Winder, relief hurlers Jimmy Elliott and Billy Balderson, outfielders Jerry Elliott and David Taliaferro. This year ' s reserves promise good things to come in Baseball next year for Tappahannock. 71 Softball Team Drops All but Two Games This year our softball team ran into a few difficulties. In fact, the team only won two games. But tlie friendship, sportsmanship, skill, accomplishments, and laughter that we as a team obtained can not be measured. We will never forget the cokes Mrs. Mac brought us on that hot day, the bases we had to run whenever we missed a ball, our first victory, and the day we threw our assistant coach, Robert Johnson, into the shower. This year three seniors, Arlene Luttrel, Cindy Parsons, and Barbara Panes, will leave the team. But Nancy Hammond, Linda Minor, Pat Balderson, Faye Delano, Maragurite Taliaferro, Linda Hicks, Phyliss Davis, Aim Lee Hite, Sally Akers, Ella Dunn, Sarah Parrish, Bonnie Elliott and Bett ' Mae Crowe will return and tiy ' to win the district championship. Good Luck to the team of ' 66 and may it be the greatest team tliat THS has ever had. SCORES T.H.S. 14 Lancaster 15 5 Northumberland 12 2 Rappahannock 8 17 Washington Lee 6 7 R app ah annock 8 7 Lancaster 13 6 N orthumb erl and 13 15 C. T. Smith 9 72 THS Track Team Clinches District Title for the First Time ROW ONE: D. Taylor, J. Clanton, P. Emery, M. Rutledge, S. Williams, D. Thomas, C. Elbourne. ROW TWO: R. Balderson, B. Rutledge, K. Stevens, J. Loving, M. Taylor, P. Dillard, D. Passagaluppi. ROW THREE: W. Sheihorse, C. Ware, P. Barton, G. Baughan, R. Ferry, B. Durham, C. Daw. Hard work and team spirit brought the Warrior ' s success this year when they won their first district track crown on May 4 on the Rappahannock High track. Victory came in the last event when the Warrior ' s mile relay team of Stan Williams, Mickey Taylor, Gene Baughan, and Bruce Rutledge placed third, one place ahead of Northumberland with v hom they were tied at twenty-seven points. The Warriors finished first with twenty-nine points and Northumberland second with twenty-eight. David Passagaluppi and Bruce Rutledge placed first in the broad jump and pole vault respectively to both remain undefeated in district competition. Wil- liam Sheihorse finished second in the pole vault as did Kenny Stevens in the discus. The bulk of the points came from the six third places won by the team, which authorities said had no depth. The third places were won by Dale Thomas in the 880 yard run, Stan Williams in the high jump, Passagaluppi in the 220 yard dash, Rutledge in the 440 yard dash, the 880 yard relay team of Mickey Taylor, James Clanton, Ranny Ferry, and Passagaluppi, and the mile relay team mentioned above. Bobby Durham had the Warrior’s only fourth place in discus. SheJJiorse, Passagaluppi, Rutledge and Stevens com- peted in the State Track Meet at Charlottesville. Shei- horse and Rutledge tied for first place in the pole vault and Passagaluppi placed second in the broad jump, losing by one-fourth of an inch which would have given the Warrior ' s third place. They had to settle, however, for fourth with eleven points. In other district competition the Warriors placed second to top rated Caroline in a quadrangular meet at Lancaster, and won over Northumberland in a dual meet on the Warrior ' s track. 73 Cheerleaders Radiate Enthusiasm, Pep THS Varsity cheerleaders Nancy Andrews, co-captain, Carolyn Downer, Ellen Charnock, Betty Delano, Sarah Clanton, co-captain. Marguerite Taliaferro. KNEELING: Phyllis Bareford and Peggy Kxiete. Putting on antics before going to competi- tion at camp. Twice a week after school the THS hall echoed with " We ' re from Tappahannock and we ' re tlie best ... " as the cheerleaders practiced for the coming games. Their optimistic attitudes never failed as they stmck up school spirit at each sports event. Withstanding cold, heat, hurricanes and splashes, the dauntless girls never failed to support the Warriors. Attending a cheering clinic in the Spring and tlie National Cheerleaders Association Summer Cheer- leader School in the summer, the girls made sure tliat they would keep up-to-date with all the modern cheers and techniques . . . while at Virginia Beach attending camp, the cheerleaders, amid the surf and sand, practiced yells on the beach for final camp competition. At the end of the week, tlie gals in Maroon gleefully accepted a ribbon naming tliem one of the top cheering squads in the state. 74 Spirit Among Ardent Warrior Fans Phyllis, Nancy, Ellen, Betty Page and Sarah dis- play their eagerness and school spir it during their Senior year. .m 1 i 1 Sophomore cheerleaders Peggy Kriete, Linda Hicks, Carolyn Downer, Bonnie Johnson, Marguerite Talia- ferro add vim and vigor to all sports events. The squad presented a variety of skits throughout the year adding spice and color to pep rallies. 75 ACTIVITIES Boys’ Girls’ State ’64 Held Separately For the first time the 1964 Summer Session of Virginia Boys ' and Girls ' State was held on separate campuses. Girls ' State was held at Radford College, and Boys ' State was held at the College of William and Mary. This situa- tion eliminated one of the highlights, the Governor ' s Ball, Nevertheless, THS ' s repre- sentatives came back with tales of marching, Peter Nero, new friends, good food, speeches, William Jennings Bryan Dorn (who was so well- liked he was asked to make the speech for Commencement exercises, ), The Common Glory and many other events. This institution was sponsored by the American Legion and the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary. Its purpose --to train future citizens of our country in the workings for their government -- was fulfilled by increasing the representatives ' feelings of patriotism. ' 64 Representatives -- Jack Kirk, John Christopher, Sarah Clanton, Betty Delano, Frances Ware. ' 65 Candidates -- Bland Motley, Peel Dillard, Mary Jane Brizendine, Nancy Hammond, Anne Beazley. Alternates -- Ed Parrish, Marshall Henry, Betty Mae Crowe, Linda Owens, Paul- ette Spindle. 77 THS Tackles Forensic Competition Tappahannock High School students brought honors home from both the district and the state Forensic Meets this year: SCHOOL WINNERS Boys ' Public Speaking -- Ranny Ferry Girls ' Public Speaking -- Paulette Spindle Boys ' Poetry -- Richard Balderson Girls ' Poetry -- Ann Lee Hite Boys ' Prose -- David Taliaferro Girls ' Prose -- Kitty Hammond Spelling -- Ann Beazley DISTRICT WINNERS: 1st place -- Ranny Ferry 1st place -- Paulette Spindle 3rd place -- Richard Balderson 3rd place -- Ann Beazley Ranny and Paulette represented tlie district in Charlottes- ville at the State Forensic Meet. They came home with two second places on the state level. Congratulations ' 65 Foren- sic winners. THS is proud of you! I I 1 [ 78 WHOOPS ! " Beautiful throats I love to cut, He-He-He-! ! " Weeks of Hard Work Result in For weeks Mrs, Spindle and her cast worked on the Senior Play. There were try- outs, rehearsals, and cat taming. The hardest job was to secure a tame cat for the role of Henry. Finally the day came -- the day when everyone could find out what or who the " Bolts and Nuts " really were. On May 7, the school auditorium was filled for the debut of the great actors and actresses of ' 65. Even though these performances may not have been the best in the world, the efforts of an old maid trying to open a sanitarium will not easily be forgotten. Fine Showing of “Bolts and Nuts!” 79 i During half-time of the football game Miss Betty Delano was crowned Homecoming Queen 1964. Hurricane Isabelle Fails to Mascot, " little Warrior " Ben Ashton, rides atop a float in the half-time entertainment. Amidst the downpour of rain accompanying Hurricane Isa- bell, the Tappahannock S. C. A. sponsored its second annual homecoming. Tire parade participants, the football fans, team were soaked; nevertlieless, the rain failed to dampen anyone ' s spirit as the homecoming was termed a complete success. A week before the event, THS boys elected girls to represent their respective classes and a queen was chosen from three Senior princesses. The princesses were star attrac- tions in the parade, numbering over thirty units. The football team played up to par and took Middlesex, 26-6. The high- light of the game was centered upon the half-time the de- hghtful duty of the tri-captains of the football squad, J. Christopher, J. Kirk, and R. Ferry, each had the pleasure of kissing the queen, Betty Delano. The fans were entertained also by viewing the winning floats of the parade and by watching the band put on its performance. Tlrose who were in good spirits after the rain-drenched game, were looking forward to the main attractions of the weekend. The Home- coming Ball, held in the gym where (believe it or not) it was dry! The theme, " Stars of the Gridiron, " gave everyone the feeling of pride in their school, as they danced to the music of " A1 b The Animals. " Sentimentality was every- where as the princesses and queen and their escorts paraded themselves, while alumni wished they were back in school. 80 Dampen 1964 Homecoming Spirits During intermis- sion at the Home- coming Ball the princess and queen performed a pin- wheel figure. T. H. S. elect princesses -- Ann Hite, Beth Dur- ham, Frances Fogg, Bar- bara Parr. SEATED; Betty Delano, Sarah Clanton, and PhylHs Bareford. Leading the parade the cheerleaders welcome the grads. 81 1 Jr-Sr Prom and Banquet Reminisces Great Year A tiny island called " Tropicana " was the scene of the Jr-Sr Banquet. Eating Hawaiian food served by the Hawaiian maidens, the students and guests really felt that they were enjoying a LUSCIOUS holiday in the South Pacific. Here, memories were made as the Seniors received their gifts and Juniors were ringed. With the romantic scent of lilacs, the prom took on a de- lightful setting of lilac streamers, balloons, -- and a feeling of springtime. Everyone had a fabulous time dancing to the music of tlie " Barracudas. " 83 V „ lot V ,x VV " . f» . 1 ' - ' . .T ri S-r V- ADVERTISING Compliments of Tappahannock Building Supply Company Tappahannock, Virginia Things Go Better With Coke Fredericksburg Coca-Cola Bottling Company Compliments of Compliments of TASTEE FREEZE FLORENTINE RESTAURANT Tappahannock, Virginia Tappahannock, Virginia Hi. 3-2000 Hi. 3-3700 THANK YOU . . . Just an added touch to our quality work! Tappahannock Home Laundry and Dry Cleaners Superior QUALITY DEPENDABLE Service For Pick-Up and Delivery Service Phone: Hillcrest 3-5101 Tappahannock, Virginia Serving you for over half a century . . . Daingerfleld Insurance Agency Tappahannock : Warsaw Harry T. Gladding, Jr. Ed. 3-ZlOO Compliments of . . . Hair Fashion Salon Tappahannock, Virginia Hi. 3-3800 T appahannock Esso Servicenter Early Lankford, Jr Tires Batterie s acce s sorie s Washing Simonizing Wheel Balancing Route 1 7 : Duke Street Tappahannock, Va. Hillcrest 3-3072 TAPPAHANNOCK FURNITURE CO. Tappahannock, Virginia Hi. 3-2811 Congratulations Seniors! SWEET SHOP Tappahannock, Virginia E. T. TAYLOR’S General Merchandise Tappahannock, Virginia Hi. 3-5373 Compliments of HAYDEN ' S Compliments of TAPPAHANNOCK PHARMACY Shoe Store : Repair Shoes for the V hole Family On Highways 17 ; 3 60 School Supplie s-Gifts- Cosmetics - Tappahannock, Virginia Fountain Service Phone Hi . 3-7891 BROOKS ELLIOTT Building Contractors Hillcrest 3-3101 Tappahannock, Virginia 22560 Nous Vendons Tous Les Choses! WARE ' S STORE Dunnsville, Virginia Venez! Voyez! Achetez! Compliments of GAINES ESSO SERVICE Tappahannock, Virginia Central Heat Air-Conditioned Rooms HE 3-ZlOl RIVERSIDE HOTEL In the heart of picturesque Tidewater on the beautiful Rappahannock River Allen C . Bareford, Proprietor Tappahannock, Va. S. CHEVROLET SALES Chevy II Corvair Tappahannock, Virginia Phone HI 3-4844 Compliments of Tidewater Farm Supply Inc. Tappahannock, Virginia HI 3-7061 Compliments of Hundley Evans Tappahannock, Va. Phone HI 3-8100 Insurance and Bonds BEST OF LUCK, SENIORS Daw Theatre Rappahannock Times COMPLIMENTS OF TAPPAHANNOCK, VA . Air-Conditioned-Central Heating Tiled Baths - Choice of Restaurants, Televisions, Phones TAPPAHANNOCK MOTEL AND MARINA Located on US 17 360 AAA HI 3-7500 Tappahannock, Va. Compliments of DAVIS ELECTR IC Plumbing - VTring - Heating Contracting - Electrical Repairs Phone HI 3-4747 Tappahannock, Va. TAPPAHANNOCK USED CAR SALES, INC. 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Today, electricity is moving farther — and faster — than ever. A leader on the “Thru- Way” to the fu- ture. Tappahannock, Virginia VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 6ZZ Charlotte Street Hillcrest 3-7Z00 Milton L. Hammond, Inc. Building Contractors Millwork Shop Tappahannock, Va. Milton L. Hammond, Pres. SPORTING GOODS 7 17 East Grace St. ATHLETIG SUPPLIES Richmond, Virginia Milton 8-4796 COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR NEARBY WESTINGHOUSE LAUNDROMAT 3 Locations To Serve You Tappahannock, Montross, and Warsaw Compliments of The Chesapeake Corporation of Virginia West Point, Virginia 23181 CARNEAL’S ESSO SERVICENTER South of Tappahannock, Va. Routes 17 c 360 Pete Carneal Phone Owner Operator HI 3-3491 J. T. JOHNSON SON, INC. Phone HI 3-6729 -- Tappahannock, Va. Grain Dealers Lime and Fertilizer Spreading Service -- Crushed Stone Cinder Blocks Local and Long Distance Hauling All Cargoes Insured LOWERY’S SEAFOOD RESTAURANT JUNE PARKER OIL COMPANY DISTRI BUTOR TAPPAHANNOCK. 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Homemade Bar-B-Que Steak Sandwiches Plus a Variety of Other Foods Located at; Bray ' s Fork Routes 17 360 HI 3-6543 SAFEWAY STORES Tappahannock, Virginia DUNN ' S DRIVE-IN Rappahannock Highway- Just out Cit-y Limits Auiro Glass Phone HI 3-3531 D D AUTO BODY SHOP EXPERT AUTO BODY REPAIR AND PAINTING WRECKER SERVICE GLASS CUT AND INSTALLED George W. Dunin box no. 753 and 833 Robert S. Davis, Jr. tappahannock, va. TIDE-NECK PRESS Charles E. Midgle-y, New ; Used Office Machines, Sales and Service 518 Preston St . , HI 3-5191 Tappahannock, Virginia Printing Office Supplies, Stationer-y and Equipment RAPPAHANNOCK EQUIPMENT CO. J. C. DeShazo -- C. N. DeShazo -- E. W. Haile Tappahannock, Va. HI 3-3456 FARMER’S CREAMERY Warsaw, Virginia GARRETT’S MARINA Johnson ; Homelite Motors Storage Repairs Bowlers Wharf, Virginia HI 3-4563 PARGAS INC. Metered or Bottled Gas Service Gas Ranges -- Water Heaters Refrigerator s Restaurant Equipment Heating Equipment Route 17 Rappahannock HI 3-4635 A . R . WATTS SONS SUPERMARKET Millers Tavern, Virginia HI 3-6528 Compliments of ESSEX CONCRETE CORPORATION William W . " Billy " Cooke Rappahannock, Virginia HI 3-8951 Compliments of VIRGINIA ELASTIC CORPORATION Tappahannock , Virginia Thus Ends the Year ’64-’65 at THS B I h. i I i ' i 9 I r ; i ■Q : ,. « i : 4 %i ? I I I i - ' .r c •J I I i

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