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TAPORAPIAN -- 1963 -- FOREWORD » Today we wear the rose of youth, a season of enjoyment when we dream of attaining the Everests of our ambitions and a season of difficulty when we face insurmountable obstacles. This book contains the ingredients with which to relive many of the thrilling moments of our youth. As our high school years draw to a close, we look back upon these wonderful years as students of Tappahannock High School with many fond memo- ries. This annual, THE TAPORAPIAN, will serve as a reminder of our happy school years and will signify love for our Alma Mater. We, the annual staff, have tried to give an accurate account of the highlights of the past year. We hope we have included memories for each and everyone of you, and that you enjoy reading this annual as much as we have enjoyed compiling it. With the 1963 TAPORAPIAN we bring to Tappa- hannock High School its twenty -fifth yearbook and offer the students and faculty a portraiture of the school for the year 1962-1963. 2 3 4 What is THS? It ' s more than bricks and glass and wood and concrete. It ' s flesh and blood. It ' s a crowd of excited kids, scre am- ing, " Let ' s go, Warriors. " It ' s the reverence of heads bowed in prayer in Friday assem- blies. It ' s the PEOPLE. It ' s homework, outside reading, term papers, themes, math problems, and SCA elections. It ' s the absentee slips, " excuses, " and the principal ' s office. It ' s BOYS and GIRLS. It ' s the second string tackle wishing he could play; it ' s the band in their handsome uniforms. It ' s the biology student pouring over the microscope; it ' s the forward missing the free throw. It ' s the rushing, jostling lunch line; it ' s the making of a home-run in the last inning. It ' s decorating for the Junior-Senior Banquet; it ' s taking notes; it ' s flunking tests; it ' s a word of advice from the teacher. It ' s laughter and It ' s tears. It ' s the chemistry class concocting those weird smells on the second floor lab; it ' s the FFA boys sand- ing a cedar chest; it ' s the Home Ec girls baking a cake. It ' s the DEC A Club giving a demonstration; it ' s the typing class pounding out a speed test; it ' s the algebra pupils struggling with the binomial theorem. It ' s joy and it ' s disappointment. It ' s baccalaureate sermon and " Largo " and graduation night. It ' s the sudden shock that seizes a Senior when he realizes, " I shall not pass this way again ... " And it ' s strength -- underneath a veneer of activity -- strength of purpose in student and in teacher. It ' s more than building, more than teachers, more than students; it ' s living, breathing faith in tomorrow ' s promise. This is THS. 5 EDITOR’S NOTE This year the annual staff has tried to prepare for you the " biggest and best " TAPORAPIAN of all time. Having worked diligently to make this book possible, the staff hopes that the wide collection of pictures and reports will bring fond memories of the delightful school days in 1962-63. VVe have given special attention to the Seniors, to our faculty and school staff workers, to organizational and extracurricular activities, and to the teams, clubs, and students who won honors for our Alma Mater this year. As editor of the ' 63 TAPORAPIAN, 1 would like to express my gratitude to many people who have helped me, and made this annual possible. Without the group of earnest, industrious staff workers, this yearbook could never have met its goals, deadlines, and completions. To the teachers I give my thanks for their cooperation of days of interrupted classes. The cooperation of ad- vertisers, and purchasers, was greatly appreciated in financing this book. I also wish to thank Mr. Robertson, for his time and advice; Peggy Allen, Mr. Novak, and Mrs. DeShazo for their photography; and Roberta Novak, for her excellent work on the division pages. The experience and knowledge, that 1 have gained in editing the ' 63 TAPORAPIAN, are rewards that will follow me throughout my life. My only hope is that you will find this to be a book you will long cherish -- one which will make you happy, make you sad -- one which will bring you golden memories of days past. EDITOR LAURA ANNE SPINDLE 6 ANNUAL STAFF EDITOR Laura Anne Spindle ASSOCIATE EDITOR Wanda Watts SEATED left to right: Dunn, Watts, Editor: Spindle, Ware, Walker, Sponsor: Robertson; STANDING: Novak, Loving, Eanes, LIundley, S. Taliaferro, D. Taliaferro, Russell, Allen, Clanton. ASSISTANT EDITOR Frances Ware COPY EDITOR Betty Lee Walker iUSINESS MANAGER Mary Ann Dunn 7 Five years have passed since we first met. During this time you have been a guide and a helper to us. You have led us through hours in science labs where we pored over the puzzling mechanics of electric motors and learned the wonders of the microscopic world. Not only have you instilled in us the appreciation of scientific truths but also you have been an instructor for our athletic teams. You have taught us discipline, giving direction to the course of our lives. And lastly, you have patiently helped the staff compile this, the 1963 Taporapian. To you, Mr. Robertson, we express our deepest gratitude to a teacher who has made a lasting imprint on our lives. 8 ADMINISTRATORS Principal Mr. Henry Burruss Student Body and Class of ' 63, we congratulate you. You have time and again proved worthy of our confidence and trust. You are living in an age of marvels. Since you entered High School, man has flown faster than sound; he has launched the first space satellite; he has navigated space on several flights; he has gained new frontiers in medicine and peaceful uses of atomic power. We have been able, we hope, to help you in your struggle for growth and your race for perfection. When the time comes for you to be in the forefront and in posi- tions of leadership, we sincerely expect you to make as great or greater advances in science, health, ethics, and religion as those which we have observed during your high school career. Secretary Mrs. Bernice Brooks 10 MRS. FRANCES DURHAM Typing I, II; Shorthand; Book- keeping Mary Washington College; B.S. University of Virginia CART. P. W. WINSTON Math 8; Solid Geometry; Trig onometry; Advanced Algebra; Plane Geometry; Physics B.C. Naval Academy MR. RALPH JONES Distributive Education; General Business B.S. Virginia Polytechnic In- stitute MR. HENRY ASHTON Physical Education; Civics B.S. William Mary MRS. ELIZABETH WOOLFORD Algebra I, II; Math 8 A. B. Agnes Scott College 11 MR. RICHARD BENSON American History; World History; World Geography; American Gov- ernment A. S. Marion Military Institute; B. S. Richmond Professional Insti- tute MRS. TERRY McCLOSKEY Physical Education B.S., P.E. Madison College; Savage School of Physical Educa- tion MRS. AGNES WARE French 1,111; English 8,9 A.B. Wesleyan College; M.A. University of Georgia; B.D. Yale MRS. EDNA CARLTON Latin; English Longwood; B.S. Richmond Pro- fessional Institute; M.Ed. William Mary; University of Richmond 12 MRS. GRACE SPINDLE English B.A. Carson Newman; M.A Peabody College; Mary Washington; University of Virginia MR. LOUIS HAMADA Music Director B.M. Miami University MRS. LUCILE TALIAFERRO Librarian B.S. Longwood; Columbia University School of Library Service MR. THORNTON TAYLOR Vocational Agriculture B.S. Randolph Macon; Vir- ginia Polytechnic Institute MRS. GENE CHRISTOPHER Home Economics B.S. Madison College 13 ELEMENTARY FACULTY MRS, LUCILLE BURRUSS Millersville State Teachers College BS First Grade MRS. INA LANE Mary Washington College Normal Professional First Grade MRS. KATHERINE ALLEN Longwood Teachers College BS; Richmond Professional Institute Second Grade MRS. RUBY DOGGETT Mary Washington College Second Grade MRS. DOLLY SISSON Mary Washington College Normal Professional Third Grade MRS. ASHBY PARKER Mary Washington College; William Mary College; University of Virginia Fourth Grade 14 MRS. MAE SUTTON Mary Washington College; William Mary College Sixth Seventh Social Studies MRS. CHARLOTTE GOULDIN Longwood College BS Seventh Grade MRS. JULIET PARKER Mary Washington College MA; Columbia University BS Six Grade Science Health MRS. ELEANOR WARE William Mary College; Mary Washington College Sixth Grade MRS. MAE THOMPSON Mary Washington College Normal Professional Fifth Grade MRS. LUCY McKinney L ongwood College Normal Professional Fifth Grade MRS. BETTY GEDDES Lynchburg College BA Fourth Grade 15 The function of the Essex County School Board is to hire teachers and to disburse funds appropriated by the Board of Supervisors for operation of the public school system in this county. The Board is composed of representatives elected from each district of the county, serving a term of four years. Clerk: Mrs. Burnley Kirk Chairman, Central District; Mr. Archie Sutton Rappahannock District: Mr. John Broaddus Occupacia District: Mr. Spottswood Taliaferro Superintendent: Mr. Eldon W. Christopher 16 BUS DRIVERS JANITOR MAINTENANCE 17 GO t-H ; [Jh pH oop£ri5’-’ qooci ahoj enc ts. hi ov4 i-ht. dt L ca liNC) soMtbod, COAV LJO ‘ f H odu a 5 Sht, tvo i e ocfi 4 ' hf, E J. ouj 5 ' 5 fy ' Utjl ' sfy c af5 o M iccfi O Vo, 5 ' V474g ' 6 S t, d y ct 3 ' V — bui jVOi tO tN ftH ' va joo ia hb Cjuitt IN bht l°bi CA i . 18 (ib STUDENTS SPONSOR Mrs. Grace D. Spindle CLASS OF ’63 CLASS OFFICERS President: Frank Brooks Vice-President: Kay Courtney Secretary: Frances Hundley Treasurer: Mary Linda Loving Reporter: Roberta Novak Student Council: Alwyn Davis; Carolyn Baneford SEPTEMBER 1959 -- As eighth graders, we are the first class to be under the five year high school program. We have high aims for the coming years. SEPTEMBER 1960 -- We are now freshmen. As freshmen, we take a more active part in our school. Members of our class are on the cheering squad, football, and basket- ball teams. We take a part in our school government by being on the Student Coun- cil and in the S.C.A. Both teachers and students begin to expect great things from our class. SEPTEMBER 1961 --As sophomores, there is even more responsibility on our shoulders. We take on this responsibility and prove our ability. We have two sophomores as S.C.A. officers. On the National Honor Society, there are six sophomores. We undertake many projects to raise money for our Senior trip. SEPTEMBER 1962 -- We are Juniors. Due to the size of the Senior class, we do not have a prom. However, we take great pains in presenting a successful banquet. As in pre- vious years, we take an active part in the school and serve as an example to other students. SEPTEMBER 1963 -- Now we are Seniors. Through our years in school, we have served our school and our teachers. Working with the Juniors, we present a successful Prom - quet. Who will forget the trials of Senior play rehearsals or the exultation of a job well done? Finally, after much work, we go to New York. And then, June, 1961, Commencement -- the beginning of a new and strange life. 20 MARGARET VIVIAN ALLEN " Peggy " F.H.A. 1,2,3; DECA 4; Annual Staff 5; Chorus 3. CAROLYN DARE BAREFORD " Caroline " F.H.A. 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2; Safety Patrol 5; Student Coun- cil 5; F.H.A. -- Song Leader 1, Historian 2; Pep Club 5. DOROTHY EDAN BARTON " Boots " Basketball 2, 3, 4, 5; Softball 2,3, 4; Cheering Sq. 4,5; S.C.A. V. Pres. 5; State Rep.; Student Coun. 3,4,5; Annual Staff 2,3,4; Honor Comm. 5; Honor Soc. 3, 4,5; Class Treasurer 2; V-Pres. 3; Pres. 4; Forensic; Girls’ State FRANKLIN O. BROOKS, JR. " Spike " Football 2, 3, 4, 5; Class V-Pres. 4; Pres. 5; Boys ' State; Science Club 1; 4-H Club. WILLIAM GARY CARLTON " Doc " National Honor Society 3,4,5; Basketball mgr. 2, 3, 4, 5; Base- ball mgr. 2, 3, 4, 5; Class Treas. 3; 4-H Club; Pep Club 4; An- nual Staff 4. 21 KAREN DELL COURTNEY " Kay " National Honor Society 3,4,5; Sect.-Treas. 4; Pres. 5; Forensics: 1st. St. Public Speak- ing 2; 1st St. Prose Reading 3; Basketball 2,3,4; S.C.A. Treas. 3; Stu. Council 2, 3, 4, 5; Annual Staff 3,4; Editor 4; Sect. Class 1; V. Pres. 5; -Safety Patrol 5. ALWYN DAVIS " Alwyn " 4-H 2,4; Science Club 1; Bas- ketball 2,3,5; Baseball 2, 3, 4, 5; Student Council 4,5; DECA Pres. 4. ANNA PAGE DICKINSON " Danna " F.H.A. 1,3; Basketball 2, 3, 4, 5; Co-capt. 4; Softball 1,2; Co- capt. 2; DECA 5, V. Pres.; F.B.L.A. 4; Player of Year 4; Class Sect. 4; Pep Club 4,5; Annual Staff 4. MARY ANN DUNN " Mary Ann " Stu. Council 2, 3, 4, 5; Forensics 4; Basketball Manager 3,4,5; Annual Staff 4,5; S.C.A. Re- porter 4; Band 3,4; Chorus 3,5; Science Club 1; Basketball Scorekeeper 2; JV Basketball. JOHN HAILE " Bo -Bo " Football 2, 3, 4, 5; Track 5; F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4; F.F.A. Reporter 3; F.F.A V. Pres. 4. 22 SUSANNA HAILE ' ' Susie” F.H.A. 1; DECA 1; F.B.L.A. 1; Safety Patrol 2. CHARLES WAYNE HARPER " Charles " Safety Patrol 3,4; Band 3,4,5, Capt. 5; DECA 5, Treasurer 5. FRANCES WHITING HUNDLEY " Frances” Class Reporter 4; Class Sect. 5; S.C.A. Sect. 4; S.C.A. Treas. 5; Student Council 3,4,5; Chorus 3,5; Annual Staff 4,5; Pep Club 4; F.H.A. 5. JOHN GARNET LOVING " John " F.F.A. 1,2, 3,4, Sect. 4; Parlia- mentarian DECA 4. MARY LINDA LOVING " Pretty " F.H.A. 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2; Annual Staff 5; Class Treas. 5; Pep Club 5. ROBERT NORRIS LOWERY " Rob " DECA 4; Basketball 5; Football 5; Baseball 3,4,5; Science Club 1; Student Council 5. 23 JUDITH MARIE MIDGLEY " Judy” F.B.L.A. Treasurer 3; Class Sec- retary 2; Student Council 5; S.C.A. Reporter 5; Pep Club Pres. 5; Chorus 2, 3, 4, 5; F.H.A. 3. ROBERTA JEAN NOVAK " Bobbie " Student Council 2; Art Club 3; Annual Staff 5; Pep Club 5; Class Reporter 5; Dramatics. PHYLLIS LANE PARR " Phyllis " Glee Club 1; Safety Patrol 3,4, 5; F.H.A. 1,2, 3, 4. MARY CARTER R ANSON E " Carter " S.C.A. Reporter 3, Treasurer 4, Sec. 5; Student Council 3,4,5; Basketball 3,4,5; Cheering Squad 4,5; Annual Staff 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4,5, Vice Pres. 5; Pep Club 4. JOHN ROSLIN RENNOLDS " Johnny " Varsity Football 1,2, 3, 4; Basket- ball 2,3,4 Capt. 4; Baseball 2; Track 2,3,4; S.C.A. Com- mittee 3; Annual Staff 3; Chorus 2,3; Safety Patrol 2. 24 RITA ANNETTE SCHOOLS " Rita " F.H.A. 1,2,3; F.B.L.A. 2,3; Science Club 1; Safety Patrol 1,2,3,4,5; Pep Club 4,5; DECA 4; Library Club 2,3,4. LAURA ANNE SPINDLE " Laura " Cheerleader 2,3; Band 3,4; Annual Staff 3,4,5; Annual Edi- tor 5; Girls ' State 4; Student Council 1,3, 4, 5; Class Treas- urer 4; Forensics 3; Science Club 1; National Honor So- ciety 3,4,5; Chorus 1,3,5; Foreign Forum 2. RICHARD ALLEN STEVENS " Allen " Football 3; 4-H Club 1,2, 3,4, 5; Basketball 3,4; F.B.L.A. 3; F.F.A. 2,3; DECA 1,2; DECA Pres. 2; DECA Parliamentarian 1 . OSCAR BRYAN TALIAFERRO, JR. " Bryan " Annual Staff 4; Football 2,3,4, 5; Captain 5; Baseball 2, 3, 4, 5; Pep Club 4; Track 5; Class Pres. 1,3; Class V-pres. 2; S.C.A. Student Council Pres. 5; S.C.A. V-pres. 4; S.C.A. District Executive 5; State S.C.A. Convention 4; S.C.A. District Convention 1,2,5; Stu- dent Council 2,4,5; Boys ' State 4; 4-H 1,2, 3,4, 5; Nat. Honor Society 3,4,5; Honor Council 4,5; Forensics 1,2,4; Chorus 5; Dramatics 4,5. WILLIAM HAMILTON WILLIAMS " Pete " F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4; Sentinel 3; Treasurer 4; DECA 1. 25 WHEN WE WERE YOUNG AND FOOLISH . . . X Cc 0 1 h « 1 . it tio ONt- u c u l 4 fl SOLtP ••• cl j‘ ' U’ ' -5 7 l)R)nh - foppi ' o : )t 7 t of a II ice, i)’n Join - Kt - I ' l ' ci.cle CoRpS ONcI tt iKt uJoftIcI _ n Some I Itl T ’ fllU N. T v t ‘ O t oG O-y . r(N tn 5 ar((| cinUs 7 ' ’) ' - ' V - ' Bf;L|C| • 2 i UJQ fst to o ' to 3.C. R. cenOfnho a l ' i-5 1 Cal ' ) T WQfV NO j -i dor i too 1 1 1 bot ‘J M 5 ri Ofiu P-nfrH% f WatJuAi ' 7 ooc o- Jo f v 26 WHO’S WHO SENIORS? BEST ALL AROUND NEATEST MOST INTELLIGENT " Boors " Bryan Mary Carter Frank Kay Bryan MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Laura Anne Frank MOST ATHLETIC Danna Johnny MOST COMICAL Suzanna Alywn MOST POLITE Frances Charles MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT " Boots " Rob MOST ENERGETIC Mary Ann John 27 Peggy Allen leaves her camera to all " would be " photographers. Carolyn Bareford leaves her quiet manner to Carolyn Medlin. Dorothy Barton leaves for Westhampton and those University Men. Frank Brooks leaves trying to enter Mary Washington College. Gary Carlton leaves his first aid kit to Walter P. Elliott. Karen Courtney leaves for Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. Alwyn Davis leaves his loud noise and laughter to Betty Lee Walker. Danna Dickinson leaves her half-court shot to Barbara Hicks. Mary Ann Dunn leaves her arguing ability to Spottswood Taliaferro. John Haile leaves his rainbow socks to all needy feet. Susanna Haile leaves her giggles to Jimmy Croxton. Charles Harper leaves his trumpet to all the kids who have wind to blow it. Frances Hundley leaves her level head to Barbara Burruss. Mary Linda Loving leaves her refined ways to Carolyn Hammond. John Garnett Loving leaves his boisterous manner to Faye Winder. Robert Norris Lowery leaves his lofty height to Melvin Rich. Judy Midgley leaves her blonde hair to Wanda Watts. Roberta Novak leaves her art ability to Wayne Tune. Phyllis Parr leaves her attentive behavior in class to Gary Allen. Mary Carter Ransone leaves her ability at foul shooting to Dina Lane. Johnny Rennolds leaves his weight on the football field to Tyler Ware. Rita Schools leaves Mr. Benson in peace. Laura Anne Spindle leaves her pleasing plumpness to Kerry Sue Powell. Allen Stevens leaves his ability at courting in the halls to William Thompson. Bryan Taliaferro leaves the King Class headaches to his Taliaferro cousins. Pete Williams leaves his school bus to some other good driver. 28 The Rejected Lover " All you do is complain, ole " You been a ' talking through yer hat woman! " long ' noughl " SENIOR PLAY ’63 On May 3, the Senior Class of " 63 presented its annual Senior play -- The Trail of the Lonesome Pine. " The jam packed auditorium was filled with laughter and love from the lovable acting. Mrs. Spindle and her Seniors presented one of the best plays we can re- member. Whether novice or experienced in dramatics, each actor and actress interpreted his or her role extremely well. We have a feeling that we will be hearing expressions like " ... right under the Lonesome pine, " " Can if I wanta, but 1 don ' t wanta, " and " If you ain ' t the beatinest! " for days to come. " If you ain ' t the beatinest man what I ever seed! ” " Promise me you ' ll take good care of June, " Want me to ax her fer ya? " Hon. " 29 NEW YORK AND THE SENIORS . . . iCOfiPORMiOM The sign on o greyhound Jones pack us in, and w e ' re off! ! bids Mother " Farewell Barbara Broadway 1 Statue of Liberty builbhtg EiTiptte People, faces, " The Sound of Music, " spaghetti in Greenwich Village at 1 A.M., the boat trip, the organ in St. John ' s Cathedral, Wind that blew gales on the Empire State building, bright lights, Broadway -- it was all New York. I 30 (Tired, broke, but with happy memories.) Homeroom door " Give me my drum -stick! " Senior bus drivers Remember how they used to stand when we came into assembly? Don ' t shoot, Doc I ! Big Teacher Stevens Turn about day: A New Mrs. Taliaferro -- heck, SHE won ' t let us talk in the library either. yVatch out for dem Mountain Seniors - they carry guns! 31 The night that finally came. Sponsors: Christopher Ashton CLASS OFFICERS President: Spottswood Taliaferro Vice Pres: Dina Lane Secretary: Phyllis Frank Treasurer: Gary Allen Reporter: Barbara Burruss Student Council Representatives: Tommy Taliaferro Byrd Kriete CLASS OF ’64 Gary Allen Beverly Backus Jackie Bareford Barbara Burruss Robert Collawn Emma Cox 32 Jimmy Croxton Charlotte Davis Curtis Elbonie Gary Evans Phyllis Frank Jimmy Haile Carolyn Hammond Barbara Hicks Frances Hodges Marian Hodges Audrea Kitchen Byrd Kriete Dina Lane Carolyn Mediin Cathy Mediin Patsy Parr Kerry Sue Powell Armistead Ransone Melvin Rich Dennis Rodgers Spottswood Taliaferro Tommy Taliaferro Wayne Tune Betty Walker Wanda Watts Faye Winder Stuart Woodland 33 Sponsors: Mrs. Durham Mr. Jones Mr. Robertson Mr. Hamada CLASS OFFICERS President: John Christopher Vice President: Ranny Ferry Secretary: Betty Delano Treasurer: Sarah Clanton Reporter : Cheryl Carlton CLASS OF ’65 Nancy Andrews Billy Balderson Donald Balderson Phyllis Bareford Gary Barrett Gene Baughan Jimmy Beazley Wythe Bowe Jimmy Brizendine Linda Bush Cheryl Carlton Robert Carlton Ellen Charnock John Christopher 34 Sarah Clanton Mickey Davis Betty Page Delano Barbara Eanes Martha Echo Carroll Elbourne Jerry Elliott Jimmy Elliott Faye Carol Emery Johnny Evans Ranny Ferry Nancy Haile Nettie Hayes Robert Johnson Jack Kirk Sarah Loving Linda Lumpkin Arlene Luttrell Gene McMahan Barbara Passagaluppi Craig Rodgers Dorothy Schools George Shackleford Judy Talley David Taliaferro Betty Lou Taylor Ernest Taylor Jerry Taylor William Thompson Catesby Ware Frances Ware Tyler Ware 35 Class Officers: Co-Presidents: Anne Beazley Richard Balderson Secretary: Linda Owens Treasurer: Ann Lee Hite Reporters: Faye Delano Sally Akers Stu. Council Reps. Mary Brizendine Bland Motley Sponsors: Mrs. Woolford Capt. Winston CLASS OF ’66 Patricia Balderson Richard Balderson Peyton Barton Anne Beazley Leslie Beazley Aubrey Brizendine Mary Jane Brizendine Ray Brooks Arlene Burch Patsy Kay Burch James Clanton Ronnie Covert Etta Cox Betty Mae Crowe Edward Lee Davis 36 Eugene Davis Joe Davis Gladys Day John Day Faye Delano Peel Dillard George Dunn Walter Payne Elliott johnny Fogg Margaret Fogg P. A. Frank Ernest Greggs Nancy Hammond Marshall Haney Linda Harper Connie Hayes Ann Lee Hite Roger Hodges Frank Hundley Larkin Hundley Margaret Lankford Ellis Byrd Loving Carolyn Lumpkin Linda Lee Minor Linda Lorrainne Minor Bland Motley Joe Mundie Linda Owens Richard Parr David W. Passagaluppi Glen Prestridge Ronnie Robertson Cheryl Russell Ernest Schools Linda Shearwood Paulette Spindle Kenneth Stevens Lloyd Taylor Mary Jane Taylor June Tignor Dale Thomas Jeanette Walker Bobby Lee Wharton Stanley Williams jo Carole Winder 37 Sponsors: Mrs. Edna Carlton Mr. Richard Benson Mrs. Terry McCloskey Mrs. Agnes Ware CLASS OFFICERS President -- Lawrence Bush Vice-President -- Brian Parker Secretary -- Linda Hicks Treasurer -- Chuck Gilchrist Reporter -- Larry Rose CLASS OF ’67 Arlene Allen Pearl Allen Richard Atkins Lynn Backus Beth Baird Janet Balderson Joseph Balderson Betty Lou Bareford Carrol Brown Lawrence Bush, Jr. Charles Carter Scott Charnock Thomas Chinault Leonard Clarke Jo Ann Connellee Blanche Davis Patricia Davis Phyllis Davis Carolyn Downer Nettie Fay Dunn 38 Bobby Durham Pat Emery Robert Ferrell Frances Fogg Chuck Gilchrist Betsy Haile Brenda Haile Andrew Hammond Robert Hammond Carrie Harper jean Hayes Linda Hicks Bonnie Johnson Woody Johnson Peggy Kriete William Lee Larry Lennon Alice Mae Loving Beulah Loving Margaret Martin Patty Minor Latane Moore Richard Motley Lloyd Mundie Carolyn Overstreet Barbara Owens Brian Parker Ronnie Passagaluppi Betty Rennolds Richard Rennolds Diane Robinson Larry Rose Ellen Mae Rowe Roger Schools Jean Shearwood Tucker Spindle Margueritte Taliaferro Ann Tate Dickie Taylor Mickey Taylor Richard Taylor Robert Taylor Rose Taylor Jimmy Williams Winnie Zeller 39 ' ' h-t- bt n 1 1 TcKP ‘■f lf opfPif NO- Q Carr, y ffC Oh,4ho5t, 5 ' o ty i i tlCjh h i Qf: - f S [ y cA oo 40 GRADES First Grade Mrs. Lane Second Grade Mrs. Allen First Grade Mrs. Burruss Second -- Third Grade Mrs. Doggett 42 Fourth Grade Mrs. Parker Fifth Grade Mrs. Thompson Third Grade Mrs. Sisson Fourth Grade Mrs. Geddes 43 Fifth Grade Mrs. McKinney Sixth Grade Mrs. Parker Seventh Grade Mrs. Sutton Sixth Grade Mrs. Ware Seventh Grade Mrs. Gouldin 44 ORGANIZATIONS SEATED left to right: Sponsor -- Mr. Jones; Treasurer -- Frances Hundley; Secretary -- Mary Ransone; President -- Bryan Taliaferro; Vice-president -- Dorothy Barton; Reporter --Judy Midgley. STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION The S.C.A. of ' 62 - ' 63 has improved greatly. Being revised, this governmental or- ganization of the school is more active and worth while. It enhances leadership of many of the students and offers many positions for them to hold. Projects were decided at the beginning of the year by the newly elected executive committee. These projects were carried out in a most original manner. For example, a " Turn About Day " was or- ganized, and after much planning was carried out successfully. A " King Class " project was undertaken to create more school spirit. Classes received points for participation in activities, for appearance, attitude, and co-operation. The class with the most points received certain privileges at the end of each six weeks. At the end of the school year, one class was chosen to receive the hon or of being " King Class. " The community gave us good publicity on all of the projects. Due to the newly formed Publicity Committee, the school and community was well informed and able to be more active in the school events. A most outstanding accomplishment was that of getting a hundred per cent in the S.C.A. membership. The S.C.A. Executive Committee feels the school has benefitted greatly by the re-organization of the S.C.A. The sponsor, Mr. Jones, has helped the S.C.A. in planning the goals of the S.C.A. and in carrying out these goals. 46 " Ratweek " --a new addition " Turnabout Day " -- when the TEACHERS gave the apples! 1 -- eighth grader ' s fate! At this meeting everyone Programs were given for the There were radio broadcasts -- behaved! ! P.T.A. and civic clubs. T.H.S. on the map. Dances were given for money projects . . . there were fabulous combos. The president exchange pro- gram with Colonial Beach High. " Ring out the old, ring in the new ... " 47 STUDENT COUNCIL Tlie Student Council, the governing body of the students, is composed of repre- sentatives from each class and each S.C.A. committee. Its objective is to pass rules which will make Tappahannock High a better school for all who attend it. This year, the Student Council has done its best to fulfill this objective. HONOR COUNCIL In the 1962-63 school term Tappahannock High School established an honor code. Along with the code, the administration organized an honor council to try violations and inflict punishment when necessary. Tire Honor Council, for this year has tried to uphold the standards of Tappahannock High School in a manner in which both students and faculty can be proud. 48 President -- Judy Andrews Vice-president -- Adam Sichol Secretary -- Thresa Ann Hilton Treasurer -- Tommy Blackwell Reporter -- Henry Hundley Sponsor -- Mrs. Sutton JUNIOR STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION The Junior S.C.A. of Tappahannock High School made up of grades four through seven is an organization to provide opportunities for students to learn to be good leaders and active group members. It gives them experiences in taking responsibility for important work in the school and community and is a way of trying together the many different kinds of work, campaigns, and other activities within our school. 49 President: Kay Courtney Vice-President: Boots Barton Secretary -Treasurer: Mary Carter Ransone Members from left to right: Dina Lane, Laura Ann Spindle, Gary Carlton, Kerry Sue Powell, Frank Brooks, Betty Lee Walker, Bryan Taliaferro, Byrd Kriete, Wanda Watts. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Membership in the National Honor Society represents a high school student ' s highest achievement in scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Members are elected on the basis of individual merit by a committee of the faculty, from the junior and senior classes. At various times during the school year, new members are tapped into the organization. 50 CHORUS Would you like to have a course in educational entertainment? Would you like to look back and discover how many wonderful and useful things you have learned about music? Would you like to enter- tain others and show them how much you have learned and how well you apply your knowledge? And would you like to be a part of a team that is working toward one goal -- to share with others the joy, and beauty of music. The chorus of 1963 has passed the course and met the goal. And they hope others have enjoyed listening to the chorus as much as they, themselves, have enjoyed learning and presenting the songs. 51 BAND The Tappahannock High School Band under the able leadership of Mr. Louis B. Hamada has received great honors. Organized in September, I960, this young band has shown initiative and skill. Three years ago we had no band, no music room, no uniforms, and no instructor. Today we have a good uniformed band, a robed chorus, a splendid music room, and many instruments for use by the pupils due largely to the effort of Mr. Hamada and the support of the community. In the future the Tappahanno.ck High School Band shall work to attain higher goals and better standards of excellence. This year our band was chosen to be in the annual " First Chairs of America " an honor given to only a few bands. 52 Our Director Mr, Hamada . . . Drum Major -- Nancy Hammond MAJORETTES: P. Balderson; A. Hite F. Delano; N. Dunn B. Rennolds; F. Fogg B. Johnson There were many concerts -- like the one on " We have nothing to offer but blood, tears, the court house lawn. toil, and sweat. " 53 STANDING left to right: E. Cox; P. Williams; A. Burch; D. Balderson; C. Medlin; W. Tune; F. Hodges; Ralph Jones, Sponsor; KNEELING: C. Harper, Treasurer; P. Akers, Secretary; A. Stevens, President; D. Dickinson, Vice President; P. Parr, Reporter; J. Loving, Parliamentarian. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB D.E. Club Aims and Purposes: To provide the club members with a means of learning the opportunities in the field of distribution and of their significance to community life. To develop leaders among the members who will be capable of handling important responsibilities of distribution both now and in the future. To give the student a respect for training and desire to keep abreast of current de- velopments in distribution through the use of training facilities available in the com- munity after graduation. To help the students develop an understanding of their employers and their employer ' s problems, in order that the students may actually contribute to the organization to which they belong. To put into practice the philosophy that in receiving money for services, merchandise, or ideas, each D.E. Club member will give of his best in time and effort so that both buyer and seller will benefit. 54 D.E. ACHIEVEMENTS Publicity, Publicity, Publicity! ! This will stop them to remember the P.T.A. Meeting. On -the -Job Training Understanding qualities in merchandise. High sales for " D.E. Day”! 55 WARRIORS’ POST STAFF OFFICERS Editor Betty Lee Walker Assistant Editor Charlotte Davis Circulation Manager Mary Linda Loving Athletics Jerry Taylor Jackie Bareford Illustrations Cathy Medlin SPONSOR Mrs. Frances Durham An important part of our school, the Warriors ' Post is the com- bined work of tlie students from the primary grades through high school. Reporters submit the news; literary geniuses and journalists try for publication. The typing 11 class has been the main stay for getting the W.P. to press every month. 56 STANDING, left to right: Sponsor -- Capt. Winston; Tignor, Taliaferro, Emery, Crowe, Agnor, Taylor, Schools, Hayes, Schools, Bareford, Parr, Fogg, Courtney, Passaguluppi, Johnson, Hayes, Covert, Elliott, Atkins, Akers; KNEELING: Bush, Chenault, Parr, Atkins, Greggs, E. Schools, R. Schools; Captain -- Beazley; Lieutenants -- Taliaferro, Boughan. SAFETY PATROL — 1962-’63 The Safety Patrol of Tappahannock High School has been and will always remain an important organization in helping to protect the children of our school. " To make our school a safe place and to protect the children entrusted to our care” is the motto of the Tappa- hannock High safety patrol. Through the cooperation of the students, teachers, and motorists on the highway, this objective has been realized. 57 F.H.A. President; Ann Beazley Vice-president: Pat Balderson Secretary; Linda Owens Treasurer; Ann Lee Hite Reporter: Jo Carole Winder Historian: Linda Lumpkin Parliamentarian; Margaret Fogg Song Leader: Martha Echo Federation Officer: Ann Lee Hite Advisor: Mrs. Christopher FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The Future Homemakers of America is a national organization of students studying homemaking in junior and senior high schools of the United States and Territories. The motto " Toward New Horizons ' " ' aptly expresses the over all purpose of the F.H.A.: namely, learning to live better today in order that our lives and those of our families may be better tomorrow. The goals of the F.H.A. are focused on helping the members im- prove their personal, family, and community living. The program of work is designed to help members gain a better understanding of themselves, their families, and the people in the world about them. Individual progress and special achievement is recognized by the awarding of homemaking degrees; Junior, Chapter and State. 58 " A spot of tea " A stitch in time! (sew what?) Best unit yet Here ' s how girls (If only the Heap big officers of N.N. bottom doesn ' t stick) Federation. 59 THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR The Future Farmers of America is a non-profit, non -political, farm youth organization of voluntary membership, designed to take its place along with other agencies striving for the development of leadership, the building of a more permanent agriculture, and the improvement of country life. It consitutes one of the most efficient agricultural teaching devices that has been discovered up to the present time. The F.F.A. is 100% American in its ideals and outlook and has no outside affiliations. There is no secrecy in connection with any of its activities. 60 Officers KNEELING left to right: Passagaluppi -- Song Leader. M. Taliaferro -- Secretary-Treasurer. B. Taliaferro -- President. Fogg -- V -president. Emery -- Reporter. 4-H The 4-H Clubs were designed to make young Americans better potential leaders. In striving toward the better use of the 4-H ' s, head, heart, hands, and health, the 4-H Club offers us projects in agriculture, home economics, electricity, career exploration, and others. A student having taken advantage of 4-H finds that his train- ing is invaluable in his chosen field. 61 T. W. ' s PEP CLUB President -- Judy Midgely Vice-President -- Byrd Kriete Secretary -- Betty Page Delano Treasurer -- Kerry Sue Powell Reporter -- Jimmy Haile Publicity Chm, -- Peel Dillard TAPPAHANNOCK WARRIOR’S PEP CLUB The Pep Club of Tappahannock High School has one major ob- jective -- to promote school spirit. Formed for the first time last year, the Pep Club is still in it ' s infancy. Although the T. W. ' s are few in number, they are amply filled with the vim, vigor, and vi- tality essential in creating the lively spirit which characterizes the student body of Tappahannock High. 62 ATHLETICS nbc Rci Can ' ftlx 301 , 3t Vlj bacji, — Tfjt t SRt OiXK -t-o ' Coinu} T.H.S. CHEERLEADERS ocTT 5 c o 64 FOOTBALL 1962 A winning season seemed closer than ever as the Warrior squad started to shape up. With ten lettermen, a new offensive attack, and strong determination to play football, the Warriors rang up a total of five wins, and two heartbreaking losses, and one tie. Tappahannock ' s starting unit saw at end John Haile and Peel Dillard who took over for injured Ranny Ferry; Frank Brooks and John Rennolds at tackle; Curtis Elbourn and Stuart Woodland at guard; Jack Kirk at center. The first string backfield had Peyton Barton at quarterback; Bryan Taliaferro and Jimmy Haile at half- back; Jimmy Beazley at fullback. Carroll Elbourne and Dennis Rod- gers provided some key plays on defense. Mickey Davis showed his versatility by playing at four different spots. The team on both offense and defense worked extremely well as a unit. Halfbacks Taliaferro and Haile led the scoring with 50 and 25 points respectively. Seven players will be lost to the team next year through graduation or ineligibility, but there will be plenty of talent and experience left for next year ' s team. Dedicating time and energy unselfishly, the individual player, under the able leadership of co -captains Woodland and Taliaferro and the proficient coaching of Mr. Ashton and Mr. Robertson, accounted for the successful 1962 football season. 65 LEFT TO RIGHT, BOTTOM ROW: S. Woodland, Capt. B. Ashton, Mascot; B. Taliaferro; Capt. SECOND ROW: G. Carlton, Mgr.; C. Elborne; J. Fogg; R. Lowery; J. Croxton; J. Watts; J. Haile; W. Elliott, Mgr. THIRD ROW: Henry Ashton, Coach; K. Stevens; J. Brizendine; A. Ransone; W. Thompson; B. Balderson; G. McMahan; Howard Robertson, Coach; FOURTH ROW: T. Ware; R. Balderson; J. Christopher; R. Ferry; M. Haney; P. Dillard; G. Baughan; C. Gilchrist; FIFTH ROW: D. Rodgers; T. Chenault; R. Robertson; F. Hundley; J. Kirk; S. Winder; D. Taliaferro; TOP ROW: P. Barton; J. Beazley; F. Brooks; J. Elliott; S. Taliaferro; J. Haile; J. Rennolds. CO -CAPTAINS: Bryan Taliaferro Stuart Woodland 66 One more yard -- touchdown! Where did it go? Ride well earned ! 1 I Every inch counts -- Catch it! ! ! 67 Left to right, FIRST ROW: J. Christopher; T. Taliaferro; J. Rennolds; P. Barton; R. Ferry; BACK ROW: Coach Ashton; J. Watts; W. Thompson; M. Rich; C. Ware; W. Tune; A. Stevens; R. Lowery; G. Carlton. Not shown, Jimmy Haile. BASKETBALL The 1962-63 basketball season was not a championship one for the Warriors, but it produced its share of surprises, thrills, and rewards. While winning only one of their first four games, they came back well in the second half of the season, winning four of their last six. The victory over Northumberland caused a three-way tie between the Warriors, Northumberland, and King George for the fourth place tourna- ment spot. This was a young Warrior squad, the starting line-up at times composed of Juniors, Jimmy Haile and Tommy Taliaferro, Sophomores, Ranny Ferry and John Christopher, and Freshman Peyton Barton, Seniors, Johnny Rennolds, Alwyn Davis, and Rob Lowery, and Junior Melvin Rich did most of the sub duty. Rennolds was a starter for part of the season when an injury to Jimmy Haile, the only returning starter, kept him out for four games. Junior Watts, Allen Stevens, William Thompson, and Catesby Ware completed the squad. Individually, Ranny Ferry led the team in points with 142 and 103 rebounds. Jimmy Haile led in scoring average, 15.5, an infield goal and free throw percentage. The late season showing of the squad was most rewarding and it is hoped they will continue to develop and be a contender next year. 68 Get That Rebound , . . Get It ! Swoop! And Another Basket! ! ! Jump Kid (He DID catch it!) Captain: Johnny Rennolds Junior Varsity T.H.S. 54 Colonial Beach 74 32 Caroline 51 33 Rappahannock 32 37 King George 81 52 Lancaster 47 59 C. T. Smith 47 44 Washington Lee 62 44 Rappahannock 42 46 Northumberland 45 48 Northumberland 58 (play-off) 69 STANDING left to right: Coach, McCloskey; Hicks; Ware; Balderson; Eanes; Fogg; C. Hammond; Hite; Ransone; N. Hammond; Manager, Dunn; KNEELING: Kriete; Barton; Dickinson; Luttrell; Powell; Lane. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Having lost only two games in a seven game schedule, the Tappahannock girls entered the District Tournament. Winning the first game from Caroline, the Warriors were only one game from the Championship trophy. However, Colonial Beach won that game and the trophy. Even though this was a disappointment, the girls brought home a beautiful trophy for placing second in the district. The outstanding playing and sportsmanship displayed throughout the games will always be remembered. This year the team is losing two of its valuable members, Dana Dickinson and Boots Barton, both of whom have played for four years. Forwards of the team were Dana Dickinson, Dina Lane, and Arlene Luttrell; guards were Boots Barton, Byrd Kriete, and Kerry Sue Powell; reserves were Barbara Hicks, Frances Ware, Pat Balderson, Ann Lee Hite, Barbara Eanes, Margaret Ann Fogg, Caro- lyn Hammond, Nancy Hammond, and Mary Carter Ransone. It would be impossible to say who was outstanding, for the achievements of their success lay in the fine co-operation of the team as a whole. Because of the fine example this year ' s team set, T.H.S. hopes that next year ' s team will be just as good, if not better. 70 Colonial Beach Caroline »-- Rappahannock Lancaster C. T. Smith W. L. Northumberland Our Good Scores O.K. girls, let ' s go! Chalk up two more points! 71 BOYS’ BASEBALL The T.H.S. baseball team entered the 1963 season with high hopes as they had eight of 1962 ' s starting line-up. The WARRIORS came up to expectations as they took easy wins over Colonial Beach, King George, Rappahannock, Lancaster, and W L along with a close game at Caroline. Sporting a 5-0 record, the WARRIORS were upset by C. T. Smith. Tappahannock, leading the league, played Northumber- land and took a heart-breaking loss which left District F in a three-way tie for first place. Rob Lowery led all batters with a .444 average followed by Peyton Barton, with a .385. The fielding showed typical championship style. Next year ' s baseball team looks promising with only three seniors, Rob Lowery, A1 w)ti Davis, and Bryan Taliaferro, missing from the team. SCORES T.H.S. Rappahannock 3 6 (practice) Colonial Beach 0 10 Caroline 1 2 Rappahannock 4 11 King George 4 11 Lancaster 2 7 C. T. Smith 5 0 Washington Lee 2 14 Northumberland 3 1 72 GIRLS’ SOFTBALL The 1963 T.H.S. softball team set her goals high. To win, to work hard to obtain the skill that is necessary to win, to display good sports- manship at all times, and to work together for the good of the whole team, were the goals, and T.H.S. met all of them. She rose victori- ously over every game except the W L game (then only losing by one point). The team won a trophy, for the season ended with T.H.S. in a three way tie for first place. This would not have been possible if it had not been for the excellent playing of: catcher, Nancy Ham- mond; pitcher, Kerry Sue Powell; first, second and third basemen, Cathy Medlin, Byrd Kriete, and Faye Delano; short stop, Arlene Lut- trell; right fielder, Betty Delano, and Barbara Hicks (who played right or left field). Of course the hard work of Sally Akers, Betty Mae Crowe, and Barbara Passagaluppi cannot go without mention or ap- preciation for ALL of the team members made the T.H.S. softball team a great success! SCORES Opponents T.H.S. Caroline 8 17 Rappahannock 14 15 King George 5 10 Lancaster 14 13 C. T. Smith 5 16 W L 5 23 Northumberland 6 11 73 Left to right (BACK ROW): Stevens, Ware, Dillard, McMahan, Haile, Ferry, Lowery, Haile, Clanton, Tune, Collawn, Rich, Balderson, Evans. Right to left (FRONT): Davis, T. Taliaferro, Rennolds, Beazley, Barton, B. Taliaferro. TRACK Only fourteen Warriors took part in the District F Group III Track meet which was held at Rappahannock High School May 1. This was one of the largest Track Teams Tappahannock has ever had. Our Team finished fourth gaining ten points. These points were earned by: Peyton Barton, second in broad jump and third in the high jump. Johnny Rennolds second shot. Tommy Taliaferro fourth in 220 dash and Jimmy Beazley third in shot. Our Relay Team also came in fourth. Johnny Rennolds and Tommy Taliaferro were eligable for state competition. Other Warriors who were in the District meet were: Rob Lowery, James Clanton, Micky Davis, Byran Taliaferro, Tommy Taliaferro, Jimmy Haile, John Haile, Ranny Ferry, Robert Collawn, Jimmy Beazley, Gene McMahan, Peel Dillard, Wayne Tune, and Richard Balderson. 74 ACTIVITIES Pass on the lights of officers who served us well. 1 -2 -3 - 4 - 1 -2 -3 -4 0000 will we drop dead? " You ' ve got the cutest little feet! ” Rat week caught 8th graders lugging books. " We ' ve got a big team I " Golden summer days at Boys ' Girls ' state (1962). KOiiiau juu lUl a The slave -girls ted those hungry. Seniors at the Banquet -Prom on the " Ides of March " Oh, when the Saints go marching in " 1963 Barbara Burruss, Betty Walker, Spottswood Taliaferro, Jackie Bareford. Alternates -- Byrd Kriete, Tommy Taliaferro. BOYS’ GIRLS’ STATE On July 8-14, 1962, Virginia Boys’ and Girls ' States sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary met at Radford College, Radford, Virginia. The four representatives chosen by the faculty were Laura Anne Spindle, Dorothy " Boots” Barton, Frank Brooks, and Bryan Talia- ferro. At this convention, the Girl and Boy Staters were educated in the government of their nation, state, and community and trained to be responsible citizens. This experience proved to be highly reward- ing for a great deal of knowledge was obtained and new friendships were acquired. Frank Brooks, Bryan Taliaferro, Laura Spindle, Dorothy Barton. 77 School Winners District Firsts FORENSICS This year the enthusiasm for forensics was greater than ever before. This was shown by the great number of people who participated in the school competition. In the district we had four first place winners: Ranny Ferry -- Boys ' Public Speaking Kay Courtney -- Spelling Tommy Taliaferro -- Boys ' Poetry Reading Kerry Sue Powell -- Girls ' Poetry Reading These students entered state competition at Charlottesville, where they received two first and two third place awards. T.H.S. is extremely proud of Sue and Tommy for receiving first place honors and Ranny and Kay for receiving third in the state. State Champs 78 The big bad executioner! 1 ! They’ll make BROADWAY!! ! ! Our prize winning play! ! ! — DRAMATICS Our little dramatics department, under the splendid direction of Mrs. Spindle, brought fine rewards. Three one -act plays were presented: " Three Is A Crowd,” " The Stolen Prince, " and " Bread. " Of these " Three Is A Crowd " won the state rating of SUPERIOR (or first place). The hours of work promised satisfaction and enjoyment for all. " You ' ve got a cute nose. " " ITl get the arnicky for you, John. " Director Spindle . . . 79 Conservation Essay State Forensic Contest David Taliaferro, Frences Ware, Gary Allen, Phyllis Wanda Watts and Barbara Burruss Bareford, Cheryl Carlton. Missing from picture: Nancy Andrews, William Thompson. OUR WRITERS This year students have taken a more active part in writing than in years past. From the splendid results of various contests, we might wonder if someday Tappahannock may produce some Hemmingways, Tennysons, and Hardys! In the State Conservation Essay Contest, Tappahannock produced a third place winner, Frances Ware, and six other honorable mentions. Wanda Watts and Barbara Burruss won first place in Poetry and Essays respectively in the State Forensic Contest. The Farm Bureau sponsored two contests: one a book review contest and the other an essay contest on the subject, " Foundations of American Greatness. " The winners for the book review contest were: First place, Kay Courtney and Gary Allen; Second place, " Boots " Barton and Wayne Tune; Third place; Phyllis Frank and Spottswood Taliaferro. The winners for the Essay contest were: First place, Frank Brooks; Second place, Kerry Sue Powell; and Third place, Laura Anne Spindle. 80 " Eat, drink, and be merry! " . . and the band played on. " " I could have danced all night. " PROM AND BANQUET This year for the first time the Prom and Banquet were combined into one night’s activities. Members of the Senior and Junior classes joined together to divide the work and expense of sponsoring the event. Promquet was held on the fifteenth of March. Because this was the " Ides of March, " a Roman theme was chosen. Decorations were done in brilliant Roman colors of purple and gold. After the banquet, the tables were moved out, and the gaily dressed couples danced to the music of the Road Runners. Everyone agreed that it was a most suc- cessful occasion. Our Roman chariot rider. The " slave girl " waitresses. 81 — DANCES Here we have a sample of many of the parties that brightened the school year. On such occasions the whirl of smiles, sharp combos, spotlights, madras, and happy " twisters " sparkled the evenings which we all look back on as golden memories. We have pictured here the Valentine dance, featuring the SQUIRES, the S.C.A. party (Oc- tober), and one of the eighth grade 2 p.m, parties. f . One of those 2 p.m. Socials " 82 ADVERTISEMENTS Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Inc. •fC. U S AT 0 f The Sign of Good Taste Urbanna, Virginia E. GARRETT NEW Tappahannock, Virginia Gompliments of BAREFORD ' S AMOGO Tappahannock, Virginia PEOPLE’S DRUG STORE exciK DRUGS Tappahannock, Virginia Phone HI 3-2700 Your Dependable Druggist Your One-Stop Store E. P. ROWE CEMENT AND PLASTERING CONTRACTOR READY MIX CONCRETE TELEPHONE HIllcrest 3-2561 TAPPAHANNOCK. VIRGINIA ELLIOTTS GULF SERVICE Routes 17 360 MECHANIC ON DUTY HILLCREST 3-4831 TAPPAHANNOCK, VA. SOUTHERN STATES COOPERATIVE, INC. C-V Tappahannock Branch Tappahannock, Va. JUST AS ADDED TOUCH TO OUR QUALITY WORK! 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Phone HI llcrest 3-3072 vS ' h ' f-ho-i C o y i f i-h n OUJ 4 0 ' f - ha +■ 3P Watch out -- here comes Mrs. Taliaferro! Difficult problem -- requires much forethought. Troubles Babe Ruth? (Can ' t find the Belt) Out of the deep, blue waters - - Charles Madam Butterfly What do YOU make of it? Whatcha Heaven Rise and shine, Rob! ! I Look at the Posture! ! ! Always Rumm Cash Register. (There are places for people like him ! ) AAA-hooww Shakespeare or MAD Magazine ? Don’t stand the Kitchen around loaf ' Mr. Ware! Wish I had a lollipop Something must " Daaah?! ?! " (They were Young and Foolish!) Execution: Henry Burruss at Sunrise ! ! Proof-Reading this Annual sure was a job! ! THE ESSEX ELORIST Phone HI 3-4674 Congratulations, Seniors Flowers For All Occasions ERNEST Y. BROOKS Tappahannock and Warsaw, Vir ginia GENERAL® ELECTRIC THE FINEST IN BAND AND ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTS Compliments of . . . BAREFORD Buick ; Pontiac Tappahannock, Va. BOYKIN ' S MUSIC SHOP cSc ooL dnitzumsnt .cS j 2 Ei 2 iaLii.i± 213 N. FIRST ST. DIAL Ml A-0I6I RICHMOND 19, VIRGINIA RENTALS - SALES - REPAIRING S ; H Green Stamps Humble Refining CARNEAL’S ESSO SERVICENTER Routes 17 ; 360 Tappahannock, Va. Phone HI 3-4191 ESSEX PAINT h HARDWARE CO. TIDEWATER DuPont Paints : Varnishes TELEPHONE COMPANY T appahanno ck, Virginia Warsaw, Virginia EDgewater 3-2711 R. L. Hammond, Manager HI 3-5083 Congratulations Class of ' 63 RAPPAHANNOCK PRODUCTS, INC. Tappahannock, Virginia AUTOGRAPHS: Air-Conditidned : CENTRAL Heating : Tiled Baths Choke of Restaurants Tappahannock Motel Located on U. S. Highways 17 and 360 U. S. 17 Shortest Route to Florida Yorktown, Williamsburg and Jamestown TELEVISION ROOM PHONES □ perated By P H □ N E H I llc r est 3-7500 Mrs. Marie D. Bristdw Tappahannock, Va. MIlton 4-3019 TAPPAHANNOCK FURNITURE CO. r S PORTING ■ IS a CMp s J Tappahannock, Va. For Comfort Phone HI 3-2811 SIXTH AND MAIN STREETS - RICHMOND 19. VIRGINIA Compliments of . . TAPPAHANNOCK SUPPLY CO. Tappahannock, Virginia Compliments of . . . Compliments of TAPPAHANNOCK PHARMACY SAFEWAY on highways 17 : 360 STORES School Supplies -- Gifts -- Cosmetics -- Fountain Tappahannock, Va. Service Phone HI 3-7891 WINDER’S SUNOCO MILLER’S TAVERN, VIRGINIA WASHING AND GREASING AUTO REPAIRS OF ALL MAKES SUNOC0 PHONE HIllcrest 3-2281 KEiLT .TIRES, SCHOOL AND C O L L E G E J E W E LR Y COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS MEDALS AND TROPHIES 3110 WEST MARSHALL STREET RICHMOND, VA. Compliments of SOUTHSIDE BANK Tappahannock, Virginia Tappahannock Motor Co . Inc. 303 Queen Street Tappahannock. Va, Bus. Phone hi 3-3131 Compliments of NORTHERN NECK STATE BANK, INC. Warsaw, Virginia Compliments of BANK OF ESSEX Tappahannock, Virginia No Service Charge Member of F. D. I. C, on Checking Accounts Compliments of TASTEE EREEZE Tappahannock, Virginia HI 3-2000 Compliments of ROUZIE ' S Gulf Service and Auto Treat Drive In On Highway 17, Caret, Va. . J HI 3-7961 AUTO TREAT M LANKFORD ' S DAIRY-ETTE Radio ; TV Sales h. Service Drive-in ' Tappahannock, Virginia Ed. 3-8171 Warsaw, Va. ( I k ! 1 i

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