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Tappahannock High School - Annual Yearbook (Tappahannock, VA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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•fitkv Spsl |SP A ' »gi IpS ®2b i ' V --- • ' -; ' ... ' i , v bt Si ■x o.MV »M r - vr-r :; : y4fm - -----. :;Wrr‘ " ' - • » —:• ' • • ' " . ' •” i : " ?;. : ”1? ' ' , ' ' • " f " " . " " •try. ' i t-.ni ........ H. : , .......S...,,...,,. fvfff:!:’ ; f i " ■ ,;L " " ■ M. ; •ts-r .X!: , ' s - ! X, rn lM £ . ' kx£r- .yi I mm fSfMjB 2 £?% «||§§|p ; -v ffisfflr ra aV- : ZJr 1957 Taporapian ' Hail to Thee, Our Alma Mater . . . ” Published by Senior Class Tappahannock High Dedicated to You . . . Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Seven years ago Mr. Eldon W. Christopher accepted the principalship of Tappahannock High School. Two years later Mrs. Christopher joined the staff and founded the school ' s first strong Home Economics Department. Under Mr. Christopher’s administration, Tappahannock High has made phenomenal progress. Not only has the physical plant, staff, and instructional program been greatly improved under his guid- ance, but he has given a new conception to the importance of edu- cation which has been felt in the community and county. Through Mrs. Christopher ' s training and personal example we have learned how to be more responsible family members and citizens. Her untiring efforts to achieve socially acceptable conduct have not only been felt by girls enrolled in her classes, but by the boys of the stu- dent body as well. To you, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher, for setting high standards and aspirations for us, we, the Class of 1957, sincerely dedicate the Taporapian. To the Seniors of " 57 You have laid the foundation for your house of life. Let us hope it is the best foundation you could possi- bly have laid. It is now your choice as to what goes on that foundation. We know that unless you build upon it, that which you have built will soon deteri- orate. Select your plans now, gather your materials, secure the help of the best builders and build on your high school foundation. Build a life that may be satisfying to you and an inspiration to others - yes, a life that may be copied by others. Build so that the world will be abetter place as a result of your build- ing. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU - WE HOPE TO BE PROUD OF YOU ALWAYS. Principal - MR. E. W. CHRISTOPHER First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Third - Fourth Grade Fourth Grade WARE DOGGETT SISSON ALLEN GEDDES Elementary Faculty Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Sixth - Seventh Grade Seventh Grade Dietitian mckinney Durham sutton harrison mann High School Faculty Annual Staff Editor Ruby Hodges Assistant Editor Joyce Ramsey Business Manager Sally Christopher Assistant Editors Nancy Fry Benny Davis Advisor Mr. Browne Left to right: Mr. Browne, Sally Christopher, Ruby Hodges, Joyce Ramsey. The Taporapian Sitting: L. J. Coghill, J. C. DeShazo, J. A. Ramsey, R. L. Hodges, S. W. Christopher, M. L. Brooks, P. E. Carreras. Standing: M. McKinney, V. Smith, W. W. Lowery, J. Fry, A. F. Akers, N. Fry, V. Hardwick, P. Mullin, J. Waring, R. Winder, B. Davis, B. B. Dillard, J. P. Akers, S. A. Tate, B. Sutton. Secretary Treasurer Sponsor - Vice President President MARGARET STEVENS - BENNY DAVIS - PEGGY MULLIN MANRID WINDER - W. E. BROWNE Class History Today as Seniors, we look back on the three years behind us with amusement and a proper degree of satisfaction. Amusement at the things we did as inexperienced freshmen and sophisticated sophomores; satisfaction at the goals we have accomplished in all these years combined. During our sophomore year we contributed promising members to the basketball team, additions to the cheering squad, and we finally reached one of our major objectives - that of publishing a handbook for the students explaining the organizations and general rules of the school. Our Junior year was highlighted by the Prom and Junior-Senior Banquet. We put a lot of hard work into preparing for these gala affairs and are positive that our banquet was the BEST EVER! Also this year we made definite contributions to the various athletic teams. We were represented on every team and the cheering squad. In the spring of our Junior year we ordered our senior rings and then settled down to study and pass our exams so we could collect those rings in the fall. After an enjoyable summer we were glad to get back and see all our friends whom we hadn ' t seen during the summer. For the next few weeks we did nothing but walk around with our hands out for everyone to see - our rings had come ! The Prom came off with a big bang and we’ve never had a better time in our lives! We are glad to have the pleasant memory of this occasion to take with us when we leave school. After weeks and weeks of gruelling practice we put on a very successful play. It was " the most " to say " the least " and we felt that everyone who saw it will agree with us. We are willing to admit that the Junior class honored us with a nice banquet and we thank them for it. The food was delicious and we are glad that so many of us were able to attend. According to custom, we were taken on a trip to Washington by Mr. Christopher. He showed us many places of interest and we only regret that we did not have more time to look at all the interesting places and sights. As the old saying goes, " All good things must come to an end. " Although our years in school had their dull moments, these were overshadowed by the delightful events in which we participated and now that we have reached graduation we are both sorry and glad - sorry to leave behind us the gay, as well as the bad times, and glad to have reached this great mile- stone which marks our real beginning as individuals in this world. ELLEN FLEET AKERS Library Club 2, 3, Treasurer 2; FHA 1; Annual Staff 4; National Honor Society; May Court 3; Delegate to District SC A Convention. AUDREY BELLE ALLEN Library Club 1, 2; 4-H Club 1; Basket- ball 4; FHA 2,3,4. ROBERT STUART ALLEN FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2, Secretary 3, Vice President 4; School Bus Driver 3,4. MELVIN LLOYD BROOKS Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4; FFA 1, 2, 3,4; Rep. to FFA Rally 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4; Student Council 4; Annual Staff 4; Safety Patrol 4; SCA Committee Chairman 4; Track 4; Forestry Judging Team 1, 2, 3. AUDREY LOUISE BRIZENDINE Glee Club 1; 4-H Club 1; FHA 3,4; Li- brary Club 3. EVELYN MARIE BROOKS Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FHA 1. 2. 3, 4, Par- liamentarian 2. ELEANOR PATRICIA CARRERAS Rep. Virginia Girls ' State 3; Vice Presi- dent of class 3; Delegate to SCA Conven- tion 3; Glee Club 1, 2; Annual Staff 1, 3, 4; Library Club 1; Student Council 1,4; Softball 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co- Captain 4; May Court 3; Delegate to Virginia High School Forum 1; FHA 1, 2; Evaluation Committe e 1; SCA Comm, Chairman 4. NETTIE CATHERINE MOORE Library Club 3, 4; FHA 3, 4. BENJAMIN J. DAVIS Student Council 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer Junior Class; Vice President Senior Class; Track 3, 4; Annual Staff 4. JOHN COPELAND DESHAZO FFA 1, 2; 4-H 3, Basketball 2, 3; Annual Staff 4; National Honor Society. LINDA JOYCE COGHILL President of Class 3; Rep. of SCA 4; FHA 1, 2; Rep. FHA 1; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2,4; Annual Staff 3,4; Art Editor of Annual 4; Cheering Squad 3, 4; May Court 3; National Honor Society 3, 4. CHARLOTTE ANN EVANS Softball 2. NANCY CAROLINE FRY Glee Club 2,3, 4; May Court 3; Assist- ant Editor of Annual 4; Safety Patrol 4; Student Council 3; Chairman of SCA Comm. 3; Delegate to Virginia High School Foreign Forum 3; Delegate to Virginia State SCA Convention 3; Class Secretary 3; 4-H Club 2, 3, 4, Re- porter 2, 3, President 4; President of County Council 3; " All Star " 3, 4. JANE ELIZABETH HILLYER FHA 1, 4; Library Club 2, 3, 4. ALLEN ELLIOTT JR. Student Council 4; Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Base- ball 2, 3, 4; Safety Patrol 4, Captain 4. HARLAN HAYES Baseball 3; Football 3, 4; Safety Patrol 4. JULIA MAE LANKFORD Basketball 2, 3, 4; softball 2, 3, 4; Safe- ty Patrol 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3. RUBY LEE HODGES Vice President of Class 1; President of Class 2; FHA 1,2, 3, 4, Vice President 1, President 2, Vice President of Fed- eration 2, Chapter Delegate to State Convention 2, Reporter 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4, President 4; Annual Staff 3, 4, Associate Editor 3, Editor 4; Delegate to Girls ' State 3; May Court 3; Delegate to District SCA Convention 3; Student Council 2; Latin Tournament 2, 3; Scorekeeper of Soft- ball Team 2; Delegate to Virginia High School Forum 2; Forensic Meet 1, 2, 3; Safety Patrol 2, 3, 4. BARBARA JEAN LUMPKIN Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FHA 1, 2; Song leader of FHA 2; Safety Patrol 3, 4; May Court 3; Basketball 3, 4. VIRGINIA RATCLIFF SMITH Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Club 1, 2; FHA 2, 3, 4, Reporter 4; Delegate to State FHA Convention 3; Delegate to District SCA Convention 3; Delegate to Virginia High School Forum 3; Dele- gate to District FHA Convention; Disc. Leader 4; Softball scorekeeper 2, 3; Annual Staff 4; National Hono r Society. SALLY WITT CHRISTOPHER Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4 ; FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 1, Song leader 3, Rep. 4; Student Council 3, 4; Secretary of Student Coun- cil 3; Secretary of SCA 3; SCA Comm. Chairman 4; Class President 1; Class Vice President 2; Rep. to SCA conven- tion 1, 3, 4; Recording Secretary 3, 4; May Court 3; Forensic Meet 1, 2; An- nual Staff 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 4; Delegate to Virginia High School For- um 1; Member of Foreign Forum Panel 3; National Honor Society. WILLARD MARVIN TUNE Safety Patrol 2, 4; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; Presi- dent of FFA 4. PEGGY MARION MULLIN Annual Staff 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Li- brary Assistant 4; SCA Secretary 4; State SCA Convention 3; Student Council 4, Secretary 4; FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Rep. 2, treasurer 4; State FHA convention 2; Cheering Squad 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4; May Court 3; Class Secretary 4; Dele- gate Virginia High School Forum 3; National Honor Society 4. DONALD FRANKLIN SCHOOLS Science Club 1; Student Council 2; Li- brary Assistant 4. SHIRLEY ANN TATE Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; May Court 3; Stu- dent Council 4; Annual Staff 4; Cheer- ing Squad 4; FHA 4. NELLIE VIRGINIA TURNER Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club Reporter and Song Leader 4; FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Song leader 4; Chairman of SCA Comm. 4; Student Council 4; National Honor So- ciety. JOHN SAMUEL WARING III Basketball 2,3,4; FFA 1,2; Delegate to Boys ' State; Delegate to SCA convention 3; Annual Staff 4; Secretary of Sopho- more Class; Baseball 1; National Honor Society 4. MANRID LEE WINDER FFA 1; Delegate to Boys ' State 3; Track 3, 4; Delegate to District SCA Conven- tion 4; Treasurer of Class 4; Basketball 4; Baseball 4; Safety Patrol; National Honor Society. f MABLE JEAN WHARTON Basketball 4; Library Club 1. ROBERT LEWIS WINDER President of SCA 4; President of Student Council 4; Forensics 2, 3; Winner in district in public speaking 2; Student Council 3, 4; Annual staff 4; Football 1, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; basketball 4; Delegate to District SCA convention 1, 4; Delegate to State SCA convention 3, 4; National Honor Society. Bobby Allen is leaving to be with Bette. Nancy Fry leaves her efficiency to Betty Burwell Donald Schools leaves his shyness to Joyce Ramsey. Allen Elliott leaves his height to Jimmie Acree. Evelyn Brooks leaves her business-like manner to Diana Wilkerson. Shirley Tate leaves her voice to Mrs. Barnhart, who ' ll need a good voice next year. Barbara Lumpkin leaves, much to the boys ' consternation. Jane Hillyer leaves for business school. Virginia Smith leaves her slow pace to Ruth Ellen Crowe. Benny Davis leaves his physique to Billy Kriete. Bobby Winder leaves his short legs to Walter Clay. Margaret Stevens leaves to go on to bigger and better things. Nettie Moore leaves her cooperativeness to J. P. Akers who just WON ' T. Harlan Hayes leaves his deep voice to Wayne Brooks. Copeland DeShazo leaves his ducktail to Charles Bray. Linda Coghill leaves Temple - but still smilingl Peggy Mullin leaves, taking her famed " box " with her. Manrid Winder leaves his great times at Boys ' State to some lucky Junior boy. Ruby Hodges leaves her all around personality to anyone who wants to be a success. Sally Christopher leaves to have a blast! Llo yd Brooks leaves walking in his sleep. Audrey Allen leaves her driving skill to Barbara Sutton who needs to slow down. Patricia Carreras leaves her ponytail to Betty Dawson who is trying so hard. Jack Waring leaves his love of native dances to Mr. Christopher. Ellen Fleet Akers leaves her ability to sit still and be quiet in class to Billy Evans. Audrey Brizendine leaves, we think, to be with him. Marvin Tune leaves his ability to charm the girls to Dickie Blackwell. Julia Langford leaves her dancing skill to Conrad Turner. Nellie Turner leaves her wild questions to anyone who wants to flunk the course. Jean Wharton leaves her temper to Alma Dunn. Charlotte Evans leaves her crewcut to Elvis! c 0 A Look Into the Future 0 0 Today is a momentous day for the 1957 graduates of Tappahannock High School. Sir Lloyd Brooks, the great Gulf multibillionaire, is entertaining this class at his fabulous gold-gilded mansion overlooking the Rappahannock River, which now, because of Sir Lloyd ' s generosity, has become a thriving vacation resort. In just a moment we will converse with some of the old classmates but for the time being we will fill you in on their achievements and occupations since graduation. First we shall tell you about our most gracious host. Sir Lloyd began his great career as a gas pump jockey in a Tappahannock Gulf station. Now, because he has put forth so much hard labor, he is the owner of every Gulf gas station in the United States, Europe, Canada, South America, and Africa. Speaking to our host at this moment is Donald Schools, who runs his own institute which teaches shy pupils to be more audacious. Coming up next we see Ellen Akers and Ruby Hodges who are both professors at the University of Essex. Miss Akers is professor of chemistry and Miss Hodges is professor of Latin. We shall move over to the refreshment table where we see Miss Nancy Fry who is serving as Sir Lloyd’s hostess for the evening. Standing by the punch bowl in a cluster we see Barbara Lumpkin, Robert Allen, and Marvin Tune, gaily reminiscing over the days at T. H. S. Miss Lumpkin is married but retains her maiden name as a stage name in the Metropolitan opera. Mr. Tune and Mr. Allen are also happily married and are both professional men. Mr. Tune is a lawyer; Mr. Allen a Judge on the Supreme Court. Now we see Linda Coghill and Benny Davis, that great comedy team of TV fame. On the side Miss Coghill runs a pep school for dull lassies. Out on the patio we see Patricia Carreras, famed for possessing the longest blond ponytail in the western hemisphere. To her right is Peggy Mullin, a marriage counsellor who just became engaged to a psychiatrist. This gentleman approaching us now is Copeland DeShazo, who operates the largest farm implement agency this side of Warsaw. In a far corner of the patio we see the former Miss Sally Christopher wrapped in sables, accompanied by her well-known doctor husband. Back in the ball room we see Jack Waring and Julia Lankford performing an intricate dance step which they picked up on their tour of Nigeria. Watching them are Audrey Allen, Jane Hillyer, Evelyn Brooks, and Harlan Hayes. Miss Allen is a policewoman. Miss Hillyer is a scientist. Miss Brooks is an efficiency expert and Mr. Hayes sings bass in the National Glee Club of Essex County. Allen Elliott, heir to the Safeway fortune, is here with Audrey Brizendine, first Vice President of that business. Mr. Bobby Winder, largest junk dealer in the world, is present with Nellie Turner, his business manager. Talking with them is Manrid Winder who is now a famous congressman and possesses much influ- ence, especially concerning agricultural issues. Now discussing politics with Mr. Winder we see Virginia Smith, the first congresswoman from this district, and Margaret Stevens, who is quite famous in the field of medical research. Nettie Moore and Jean Wharton listen intently while Shirley Tate, now a great composer, sings one of her latest compositions. Miss Moore is well-known for her efficiency in the THS office. Charlotte Evans, from whom even Elvis has adopted a hair style, cruised up the river in her fine yacht. And so the party continues smoothly on with many memories being recreated and much reminiscing taking place. Sir Lloyd has shown his graduation class a fabulous time on this memorable day. As dusk closes in on the riverside mansion the guests notice that its golden walls are beginning to tarnish. Each bidding the other fond farewells they depart to go their own ways, taking with them memories of this occasion which will remain dear to them the rest of their lives. Who ' s Who at THS BOY GIRL JACK WARING Best Disposition ELLEN AKERS MANRID WINDER Most Cooperative RUBY HODGES BENNY DAVIS Most Comical LINDA COGHILL COPELAND DESHA ZO Most Likely to Succeed RUBY HODGES Lloyd, Peggy, Copeland, Nancy, Jack, Ellen, Mandrid, Ruby, Benny, Patricia, Bobby, Shirley, Linda. MANRID WINDER Most Intelligent RUBY HODGES LLOYD BROOKS --Laziest PEGGY MULLIN BENNY DAVIS Most Energetic LINDA COGHILL BENNY DAVIS Best Athlete PATRICIA CARRERAS ROBERT WINDER Best All Around RUBY HODGES ROBERT WINDER Neatest SHIRLEY TATE Most Polite NANCY FRY COPELAND DES HAZO ENIOK Util Oil President SUSAN McCLOSKEY Vice President WILLIAM LOWERY Secretary BETTY JEAN DILLARD Treasurer ED RANSONE Sponsors MRS. HALEY and MRS. TALIAFERRO Juniors J. P. AKERS FRANCIS ALLEN PHYLLIS ALLEN THELMA BACON JO ANN BALDERSON CLARA BROOKS CHARLES CARRERAS BETTY LOU CARTER PHYLLIS CHENAULT BILLY CLARK WALTER CLAY CATHERINE CROWE MICKEY CULOTTA BETTY JEAN DAVIS DORIS DAVIS Juniors BETTY JEAN DILLARD HARRIETT DILLARD EVA DOGGINS JAMES H. ELLIOTT CHARLES EVANS JERRY FRY KATHERN HAILE VINCENT HARDWICK EDNA DAVIS LINDA DAVIS BETTY BURWELL DILLARD JOHN HARPER MARY FLEET HUNDLEY JANET HUTCHISON DENWOOD INSLEY BEATRICE LEE AUDREY LOVING WILLIAM LOWERY WILLIAM MANN Juniors SUSAN McCLOSKEY DOROTHY PARR MEREDITH PIERSON JOYCE RAMSEY EDWARD RANSONE CHARLES ROBINSON RUSSELL ROBINSON HELEN ROWE IMOGENE SCHOOLS BOBBY SHEARWOOD RICHARD SHEARWOOD ELLIOTT SMITH GAYE SPINDLE BARBARA SUTTON WILLIAM TAYLOR RAY THOMAS TEMPLE WACHSMUTH JAMES WOODLAND JOYCE WYATT Sophomores President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sponsors CALVIN DAVIS WAYNE DAVIS JACKIE MOON - MARY S. MOTLEY ■ - - MISS WILLIAMS MR. GARDENER PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Jimmy Acree Jimmy Akers George Alexander Betty Allen Norris Andrews Mary Ann Balderson Jack Bareford James Barrett John Baughan Dicky Blackwell Charles Bray Wayne Brooks Ann Bussels Raymond Carneal Martha Collown Ruth Crowe Barbara Croxton Bernard Davis Calvin Davis Tallie Davis Wayne Davis Courtney Dowell Bonnie Dufour Alma Dunn Jimmy Dunn Marvin Elbourne George Ellis Tyrone Evans Warren Evans Doris Haile William Haile Florence Harmon Ann Hayes Rachel Hayes Bobby Johnson John Johnson Butch Kirk Joyce Lankford Betty Linthicum Mary Loving Clifton Lumpkin Nancy McDowell Mac McKinney Robert Mitchell Jackie Moon Henry Moore Mary Sue Motley Sally Mullin Eloise Mundie Ann New Mary Shackelford Carolyn Stevens Barbara Taylor Taylor Ware Diana Wilkerson Shirley Wilkerson O ' Neal Winder Tyrone Winder T ' •« ‘ «i f " xttMmmm | mm ■ , ; 4( jtffftewy- | L ' L I 1 1 1 i J ■c 1 1 « a| M4JHg D 8 L M Freshmen President GENE EVANS Vice President ANN HARDWICK Secretary MARY CHRISTOPHER Treasurer LOUIS FLANAGAN Sponsors MRS. CARLTON MRS. CHRISTOPHER 1 Lloyd Akers Pauline Akers Patricia Atkins Betty Bareford Calvin Baughan Henry Baughan Jean Brizendine William Brizendine J. W. Brooks Alma Callis Betty Page Carlton Mary Christopher P. C. Courtney Jean Crowe William Croxton Erlin Davis Preston Davis Tilton Davis William Davis Joseph Dunn Charlotte Echo Carolyn Elliott Lenwood Elliott Richard Elliott Benjamin Ellis Grayson English Barbara Evans Billy Evans Elsie Evans Gene Evans Mary Ann Evans Helen Fitchett Louis Flanagan Barbara Haile Ann Hardwick Curtis Harmon Nancy Harper Annie Pearl Hayes Bertha Hayes Roger Hayes Thomas Hayes Charles Hodges Franklin Jefferies Stanley Johnson Wayne Johnson Charles Jones Jimmy Jones William Kriete Roy Lane Richard Linthicun Bessie Loving Laverne Loving Virginia Loving Ryla ' nd Luttrell Robert Mann Garland Mitchell Archie Moore Cora Moore Ruth Parr Doris Prince Howard Reisinger John Ruppert Charles Schefflin Kenneth Schools Vernon Schools Eleanor Simmons John Stevens Alma Stokes William Taliaferro Catherine Taylor Earl Taylor Nancy Taylor Wayne Thomas Kenneth Truslow Conrad Turner Laura Wachsmuth Roger Wharton Albert Williams Grace Winder John Wright I V r 6 ITS I A 1 Seventh Grade Bareford, Balderson, Brooks, Burton, Carreras, Cash, Chinn, Courtney, Crowe, Crowe, Davis, Durham, Elliott, Evans, Fogg, Haile, Jones, Langford, Lewis, Lirette, Moon, Moore, Parker, Robinson, Taylor, Parker, Tool, Winder. Bareford, Brooks, Davis, Elliott, Haile, Haley, Hayden. Hutson, Linthicum, Davis, Lowery, Rennolds, Schools, Stokes, Dunn, Taylor, Courtney, Dunn, Fields, Harper, Jones, Martin, Robinson, Schools, Brooks, Skelton, Tay- lor, Trick, Robinson, Taylor, Balderson, Balderson, Beazley. Balderson, Bareford, Brooks, Bryant, Carter, Clay, Davis, Davis, Haile, Lewis, Robinson, Taliaferro, Taylor, Taliaferro, Wachsmuth, Wachsmuth, Weis, Evans, Bray, Frank, Hammond, Hichs, Hodgers, Jones, Kriete, Lane, Parr. Fifth Fourth Third Second First Atkins, Davis, Dunn, Schools, Jones, Schools, Thamas, Walker, Bacon, Chinn, Balderson, Barrett, Baughan, Christopher, Elliott, Ferry, Frank, Greggs, Hughes, Johnson, Phillips, Rennolds, Shackleford, Thompson, Watts, Winder, Andrews, Bareford, Carlton, Chamock, Clanton, Dunn, Fogg, Passafaluppi, Minor, Robinson, Straight, Trible, Ware, Sichol. Balderson, Carter, Chinault, Charnock, Davis, Dur- ham, Gilchrest, Guess, Motley, Parker, Spicer, Stokes, Taylor, Taylor, Wyatt, Balderson, Connelle, Davis, Fogg, Hicks, Johnson, Kriete, Martin, Minor, Rennolds, Shearwood, Walker. Akers, Beazley, Brown, Davis, Dunn, Hammond, Hammond, Hundley, Passagelluppi, Taylor, Taylor, Williams, Wyatt, Stokes, Bareford, Brizindine, Davis, Davis, Downley, Robinson, Overstreet, Sherwood, Shipp, Skelton, Stoneker, Winder, Balderson, Beazley, Crowe, Dunn, French, Hite. Landers, Lewis, Balder- son, Fogg. Brooks, Jenkins, Martins, Gerskey, Stokes, Ball, Bareford, Bareford, Beazley, Carter, Crowe, Davis, Dunn, Ferry, Harmon, Hodgers, Johnson, Minor, Overstreet, Sutton, Taylor, Warwick, Sichol, An- drews, Bareford, Beazley, Blanton, Brizendine, Clan- ton, Crowe, Davis, Davis, Elliott, Elliott, Eliott, Fitchett, Greggs, Hammond, Jankins, Jones, Lumpkin, Pan, Stokes, Turner, Wachsmuth. " Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast. . . " William Congreve penned the above phrase in the 17th Century, and today most people still attribute to music that same quality. Persons living in the community of Tappahannock usually concur with this sentiment after hearing the high school glee club in its annual concert. The freedom of expression, and the satisfaction found in " the universal language, " make the glee club one of our most prolific organizations. The club offers individual training for participation in such musical organizations as the Mixed Chorus, Boys ' and Girls ' Glee Clubs, Sextet, and Trio. All, or most, of these groups appear at various times throughout the year in public performances at school and community civic affairs. We have found this an ideal way of furthering better community - school relations. The glee club, recognized as one of the area ' s best, is under the direction of Mrs. Walter Barnhart. ' With a Song in My Heart . . . o Future Farmers of America TAPPAHi OFFICERS President - Marvin Tune Vice President - Charles Robinson Secretary - Ray Thomas Treasurer - James Woodland The Future Farmers of America is a non-profit, non-political, farm youth organization of voluntary mem- bership, designed to take its place along with other agencies striving for the development of leadership, the build- ing of a more permanent agriculture, and the improvement of country life. It constitutes one of the most effi- cient agricultural teaching devices that has been discovered up to the present time. The F. F. A. is lOO o Ameri- can in its ideals and outlook and has no outside affiliations. There is no secrecy in connection with any of its ac- tivities. Future Homemakers of America OFFICERS President - Linda Davis Vice President - Geri Fry Secretary - Gaye Spindle Treasurer - Peggy Mullin rehomem AMERICA The motto, " Toward New Horizons, " aptly expresses the over-all purpose of F. H. A. - namely, learning to live better today in order that our lives and those of our families may be better tomorrow. Excellent opportunities are afforded F. H. A. members for growth both as individuals and as community mem- bers through the annual program of work which includes both national and state projects. This is an organization of pupils studying homemaking in high schools in the United States and territories. Safety Patrol " To make any school a safe place and to protect the children intrusted to our care " is the adopted motto of the T. H. S. Safety Patrol. Through cooperation on the part of students, teachers, and motorists on the highway this objective can be more successful in the future. Not only are patrolmen on the busses and in school, but are also posted at the intersections, which students use in town, to insure the safety of T. H. S. pupils. First row: Lowery, Lewis, Hodgers, Lankford, Captain Elliott, Lumpkin, Davis, Elliott, Taylor. Stan ding: Ware, Hayes, Brooks, Clay, Sherwood, DeShazo, Fry, Tune. Library Assistants We have a schedule posted in the library that shows the as- sistants who are in charge of the library for every period in the day. These pupils assist the li- brarian in many ways. At the same time they gain a knowledge of different phases of library work This group will be the be- ginning of a library of a Library Club which will be organized after the Christmas Holiday. Courtney Dowell, Jimmy Elliott, Patsy Winder, Mary Balderson, Betty Carter, Edna Davis, Betty Allen, J. P. Akers, Peggy Mullin, Vincent Hardwich. 1957 Ramsey, Sutton, Lowery, Dillard, Hardwick, Dillard, Culotta, Carreras, Hodges, DeShazo, Christopher, Turner, Mullin, Waring, M. Winder, R. Winder, Akers, Smith, Coghill, Stevens. A National high school organization giving recognition to outstanding students on the bases of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. It encourages the exploration and development of those qualities in students. It identifies the potential leaders for school and country, which our democracy will surely need for the assurance of a secure and strong America. s. c. a President - - - Vice President Treasurer - - - Secretary - - - Reporter — - Bobby Winder B. B. Dillard jovce Ramsey Peggy Mullin Linda Coghill The S. C. A. is the over-all student organization of the High School. Most of our school activities come under the sponsorship of the S. C. A. One of the main objectives of this organization is to give opportunities for leadership to as many members as possible. Objectives are set up by the standing committees at the beginning of the year. At the last meeting the work of each committee is evaluated. STUDENT COUNCIL The S.C. A. Student Council is a branch of the S.C. A. The following make up the Council: Presi- dent of the S.C. A., Chairmen of standing committees and representatives from each home room. This is the clearing house for certain problems of the school. Seated: Betty Dillard, Peggy Mullin, Robert Winder, Joyce Ramsey, Linda Coghill. Standing: Patty Atkins, Benny Davis, Betty Carlton, Mary Shackeford, Charles Carreras, Linda Davis, Dickie Blackwell, Susan McCloskey, Allen Elliott, Shirley Tate, Loyd Brooks, Pat Carreras, Temple Wachsmuth, William Lowery, Sally Christopher, Barbara Sutton, Vincent Hardwick, Nellie Turner. ! MAIDS MAIDS Peggy Mullin Peggy Davis Ellen Akers Janice Vauter Bette Cole Sally Christopher Sandra Parker Nancy Fry Queen - with escort Lloyd Brooks Linda Coghill Ruby Hodges Barbara Lumpkin Shirley Tate Pat Carreras Kitty Smith Nina Gawen Mae L. Brooks Co-Captain - Peggy Mullin SQUAD MEMBERS Mullin, Ramsey, Mundie, Akers, Dillard, Tate, Sutton, Coghill. Peggy Mullin Joyce Ramsey Eloise Mundie J. P. Akers Betty B. Dillard Shirley Tate Barbara Sutton Linda Coghill Our 4-H club helps us to become strong, well-balanced Americans, who have learned how to be good leaders and hard workers through their efforts to attain high honors in the National Club, They strive for better use of their Heads, Hearts, Hands and Health in order to be the leading home- makers, farmers, business men and women, or well developed persons in any other chosen field in the years to come. Gym Class For the first time in the history of the school a girl ' s physical education instructor and coach was employed this year. New gym suits, gymnastics and other activities for girls have appeared for the fir: time, and have added much to our over-all educational program. Front row: Mitchell, Luttrell, McKinney, Carreras, Coach Ashton, Lowery, Lumpkin, Elbourn, Davis. Second row: Davis, Brooks, Winder, Smith, Johnson, Blackwell, Hayes, Ransone. Third row: Davis, Pierson, Hardwick, Wachsmuth. The Warriors managed only a 7-7 tie on a schedule that included six games. The tie came in the final game of the season on a rain-soaked field against Battlefield Park. Although never outclassed in their five losses, Tappahannock was never able to untrack itself at crucial times and also suffered injuries to key players on a squad that could hardly afford any losses. Except for the final game, probably the best effort was given in a 20-6 defeat by King George, as the Warriors held a 6-0 lead until the fourth quarter, only to see it vanish. The outstanding player of the year was undoubtedly Fullback Ben Davis who provided most of the offense and was an all around good football performer, one of the best to represent the school. Others who made a fine showing were Quarterback William Lowery and End Temple Wachsmuth. THE BACKFIELD (Pictured Below) Center CHARLES CARRERAS Quarterback WILLIAM W. LOWERY, JR. Right Half BOBBY WINDER Left Half LLOYD BROOKS Fullback BENNY DAVIS Tappahannock FALL OF ’56 m 0 Geechland 19 VM- 13 King George 32 0 New Kent 19 0 West Point 13 jg2N(s?%v 6 King George 20 7 Battlefield Park 7 ' : b : . -■•.nV-v Co-Captain Coach Co-Captain PATRICIA CARRERAS TERRY McCLOSKEY SALLY CHRISTOPHER Girls’ Basketball The Tappahannock Girls’ team faced a tough season. With only four regulars back from last year, most of the team were inexperienced; but, after seeing a little action and with much determination, they did manage to come up with a few hard earned victories. The starting team for the most part of the year were, forwards - Sally Christopher, Susan McCloskey and Patricia Carreras; Guards - Barbara Lumpkin, Julia Lankford and Helen Rowe. Other players who showed great promise for the future teams were, Mary Christopher, Ardrey Allen, Mary Sue Motley, Sally Mullin, Betty J. Dillard, Jean Wharton, Martha Collawn, Jackie Moon, Phyllis Allen. We wish all the luck in the world to these girls for a successful team next year. TAPPAHANNOCK 18 Marriott 32 35 Lancaster 37 20 Northumbland 36 50 Warsaw 32 28 Cople 26 36 Oak Grove 29 37 Farnham 47 23 King George 34 24 Marriott 35 26 Lancaster 29 41 Montross 72 31 Northumberland 80 • T Coach HENRY ASHTON Co-Captain JACK WARING Co-Captain BENNY DAVIS Boys’ Basketball The Warriors faced a thirteen-game schedule, including nine district games, with only one regular from last year’s squad. Forward Ben Davis was the returning regular and the other three with some ex- perience were Wes Lowery, Jack Waring, and Copeland DeShazo. Most of the newcomers were young and small, but possessed fair talent. It was obvious at the beginning that height was lacking for the first time in years, most of the rebounding would have to come from such as Waring, Davis, Hardwick, Pierson, and Wachsmuth, none of whom were much over six feet. However, with better outside shooting expected from Lowery, B. Winder, W. Davis, and DeShazo, the Warriors faced their season with at least partial optimism. TAPPAHANNOCK 32 Marriott 53 34 Lancaster 39 36 Northumberland 43 39 Warsaw 24 15 Cople 30 28 Oak Grove 20 43 Farnham 21 41 King George 49 51 Marriott 42 25 Lancaster 40 34 Montross 53 38 Northumberland 80 Softball After reigning as District Champions for three years, Tappahannock fell back to a spot with the " also rans " in ' 56. For the first time in five seasons they came up with a losing record; they also saw broken a nineteen-game win streak accumulated over a three-year period. At a glance the team appeared better than its record with such veteran performers as Alice Robinson, Mae Lynn Brooks, Lottie Elbourn, Kitty Smith and Julia Langford. However, except on occasions, these girls did not play close to their form of other years. Alice Robinson was named the best all-around player for the year as she gave top-notch back-stopping and led the team in hitting. TAPPAHANNOCK 4 Cople 10 3 Northumberland 7 21 Montross 12 6 Farnham 10 34 Oak Grove 2 9 Warsaw 16 Baseball The 1956 Warrior Baseball Team gave an indication of better things to come, although their won - lost record certainly would not bear this out. However, a closer check would reveal that the over- all caliber of play was much improved over possibly any year since 1953. Also this was a young team, predominantly Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors; and for a change there was a hint of talent among the young group. William Wesley Lowery was probably the best all-around performer; among others Ben Davis and Earl Fortner had good years, Davis catching and Fortner pitching. TAPPAHANNOCK 4 1 10 7 3 3 0 7 King George Middlesex Cople Northumberland Oak Grove Northumberland Montross Farnham 6 4 9 10 2 8 5 13 WE WELCOME YOUR ACCOUNT gl Tappahannock, Va. Member of F. D. I. C. c KxzuicyytL THE JEWELRY SHOP Watch - Clock Repairing Tappahannock, Va, jlateAt ' P xa U w4. ANDERTONS DEPARTMENT STORE, INC. Your Shopping Center J. A. COGHILL, Mgr. DEPENDABLE L .... DRUGGIST PEOPLE S DRUG STORE Tappahannock, Va. Your One-Stop Store Congratulations, Seniors bareford ' s TASTEE FREEZE Phone 3-2700 Tappahannock, Va. TAPPA HAN NOCK SUPPLY COMPANY INCORPORATED Building Materials Building Hardware Lumber Millwork Plans Estimates Truck Delivery Tappahannock, Virginia Phone Hi-3 -4200 Phone 3-3501 Tappahannock, Va. MAKE YOUR HOME COMPLETE Building Supplies Lumber Millwork Everything to Build Anything See Us for Your Every Building Need BROOKS SON. INC. Phone Hi-33101 We Make Delivery Tappahannock, Va. One Stop Service Best Wishes for Success in Everything You Do Class of ’57 JUNE PARKER ' S SUNOCO SERVICE Tappahannock, Virginia THE ESSEX FLORIST " ploCiACU ' Wire Phone Warsaw Ed-3-6l41 Tappahannock Hi-3 -4674 Compliments of BEAZLY MOTOR COMPANY IF IT’S GOOD FOOD Compliments of BROOK ' S ESSO rvlARLM NJ CAFE ware ' s For Smooth Sailing STORE Ready To Supply Your Needs in ' Groceries -Hardwa re -Paint Footwear-Drygoods -Radios i Phone: Hillcrest 3-3900 Dunnsville, Virginia TIDEWATER LAUNDRY Laundry -C leaning -Storage Choice of Restaurants Compliments of TAPPAHANNOCK MOTEL Located on U . S . Highway 17 and 360 THOMPSON MACHINE WORKS Operated By Mrs . Marie D . Bristow Phone 3-4080 Tappahannock, Va, Tappahannock, Va. ESSEX Paint And Hardware Catfev- CO. Valspar Paints Feed - Seed Hardware And Glass Phone 3-3321 Tappahannock, Virginia Tappahannock, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of A FRIEND E. GARRETT NEW HUNDLEV £ EVA MS Insurance for Every Need Tappahannock, Virginia Phone 3-2341 Courtesy of T. O. MARKS Hi-3-3351 Ed-3-2700 Wishing You the Best of Entertainment in All the Years to Come DAW Tappahannock, Va. " Students Are Our Best Friends " J. C. DESHAZO - C.N. DESHAZO E. W. HAILE Tappahannock, Va. Class Rings TAPPAHANNOCK HIGH SCHOOL Commencement Announcements Personal Cards Supplied by W C. SAUNDERS COM PANY 3110 West Marshall St. Richmond, Va. " Sportsmen’s Headquarters Since 1890 " HARRIS-FLIPPEN AND CO.. INC. Dial 7-3019 Athletic, Hunting and Fishing Equip. 715 East Main St. Richmond 19, Virginia Compliments of REISINGER MARINE SALES CO. T appahannock, Va, Compliments of LOVI NG CHEVROLET CORP. Tappahannock, Va, Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of Compliments of Phone Hi-3-2800 Tappahannock, Virginia Member National Restaurant Association RUSSELL BROOKS BARBER SHOP Prince St. and Church Ln. Yes, MODERN ELECTRIC LIVING is better living! Today, private enterprise supplies more power to more people in more ways than ever before! Compliments of GAINES ESSO SERVICE That means more jobs, created by increased uses of electricity . . . more leisure, due to labor saving electrical equipment. So take a tip from Reddy: LIVE BETTER— ELECTRICALLY! VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY ■ROLAND BALL ATLANTIC SERVICE Tappk. , Va. Wheel Balancing Expert Lubrication Compliments of BARTON WARE AYCOCCI DEPT. STORE Warsaw, Va. Compliments to the Class of ' 57 Compliments of -A. 2. WATTS Groceries - Meats MARKET Produce Meats Tappahannock, Va, Groceries Phone Hi-3-2162 WAS AW FURNITURE APPLIANCE COMPANY Clothing - New Furniture - Radios Electrical Appliances L. S. CULOTTA TURNER Compliments of BROTHERS ELECTRIC CO. ELLIOTT S Electrical, Plumbing GULF SERVICE and Heating Contracting Your Only Gulf Dealer Small Appliance Repairs All Makes Phone Hi 3 -483 1 Phone Hi-3 -4271 Tappahannock, Va. Compliments of RAGLAND MOTOR CO. DeSoto -Plymouth Sales and Service Phone Hi 3-3283 Tappahannock, Virginia He ata Summer Mass Schedule Dahlgren 10 A.M. King George 10:30 Colonial Beach 7- 9-11 Hague 8 - 10 Tappahannock 8-10 Kilmarnock 8-10 Hacks Neck 7:30 NORTHERN NECK OF VIRGINIA SUMMER MASS SCHEDULE DAHLGREN fNP.6.) 10 (ps.t) KING GEOBGE 10 30 (BS-T) COLONIAL BEACH 7-9-11 (BS.T.) Winter Mass Schedule Colonial Beach 8:30 Kilmarnock 9 A.M. - 11 A.M. Tappahannock 9 A.M. - 11 A.M. King George 11:30 A.M. Dahlgren 10 A.M. Hague 11 A.M. MISSIONS CmVVCTBV BY MISSIONARY SERVANTS OF THE MOST HOLY TRINITY Compliments of ST. TIMOTHY’S CATHOLIC CHURCH Tappahannock, Va. FATHER G A NISI US HAYES - M.S.S.S.T. LITHOGRAPHED BY TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. DALLAS • TEXAS The Best Yearbooks are TAYLOR MADE

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