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"' " " 'W - -1-.1-I-V 4 - I 254.1 , I Vail W MII I II I If ww I NIXI I .W lxwl I I .QI I III XII ,JI J F .II I I I .rr M , If H I E II 0 . -I II' If J. I II Il I I I II -X W., I I I I I I I I I I I 1 .I I I I I I I i , - I 'P IVQ f f' Q15 f ,-Q. X-"",fi1 A ' w 'P EE Q M i ff f we v 1' !f If 1 N ff! k 'W K I, if A ' V , 'J I J 1 X jy w u I , XXX Q5 ff! x ' ff fffvwf I f. W ,Aww u ff 1 , ,1 af W Q M 1 N W , N1 ,X gall X N-i f ? IWW D J UQ! X i f H l ffl? w ' I Q A . X n '. ,du N N f! QXVQXQEQJ I p Cgxiifx AK MMV "1- f'T?fXwSfM -Q if l 'W N5VQM fff,'SSW'w1mWXxMfvm iw W WM EVITOIZQ JU!-XN CETEWAQT ASSTZCEEOKGE IZAMAC.-5 PHOTOEIZZXPIMC VEQXGN 2' JOHN EMMAN VI-XUTOGIZAPHEQCB i JO!-KN ELXMAN , TLXOM AQ UiiLI:E12T, JAMES ETZGCILMAN AZT WOIZK 'Z TI-IQMACE MCCOLU9-T512 LAYQLJTQ if TMMAQ, 5AXLEYfJ01-IN 155152, LEO CQQTEAU ADVICE-012i ALEXANVEWZ NEWTON JXZ., f Q if Ji Wx X .H gi, 7 I n I N K 51 1 fb NXNS- LN A VW! Y vt AM Q. 4 5 : SJ.-it ,r gf A 1' 2 Q f xi S' -1 S X ii T .U JW! 52 E, Z1 ,T fill. Jfllf-'A' - W faammm, .Z I V ' Q5 1 Nmmwgg ml!!! SSNSNNM Q 112 S Qmrffzrfww I EQ za ear AW 0 ly dll mlm HQ SWIWZA gg ' Q X: 5 ,wmwmfw Qgiggmr TANNER departed Pearl Harbor on 10 October 1968, officially commencing her 68-69 WestPac Cruise. Our mission was to conduct hydrographic, oceanographic and photogrammetric operations in the Trust Territory of the Pacific to acquire information needed to produce nautical charts and associated publications. These opera- tions were conducted in the following atolls: Truk, Palau, Ponape and Ulithi. In addition to hydrographic sounding, wire drag opera- tions, unused by the U. S. Navy since 1954, were conducted in all areas. This relatively basic method of sweeping through an area at a given depth provided highly reliable data in detecting coral heads and other dangerous submerged obstacles. On 3 May 1969, TANNER returned to Pearl Harbor completing the deployment. During the cruise our accomplishments included: 133 square miles of wire dragging, 6,551 sonic sounded miles with the four island groups and 20,040 surveyed miles in the open ocean. The survey in Micronesia was particularly noteworthy in that the initial estimate of completion for this mission was March 1970. TANNER's high standards of performance and perseverance provided a fitting conclusion to her illustrious hydrographic career. EKU" ' ' ' ' CA PTHN I.A.i-I. SAMFSON Captain Righard Albert Holmes SAMPSON was born in Lansford, P l ' ennsy vania an attended Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PennSYl vania On l5 July l942, the Captain entered the Navy as an Avi?'- tion Cadet at Corpus Christi, Texas, where he received his comm1S sion as an Ensign Naval Aviator l3 March l943 During his career as a Naval Aviator Captain Sampson has d serve in many noteworthy positions Prom flight instructor in Oklahoma to Chief of Staff for Commander, Anti Submarine Warfare in Iceland Prior to reporting aboard the TANNER, Captain SamP5On served with the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations as DGPUPY Director of the Special Studies and Presentation Group. I I 3 l O , . . -- --- 4 - . V ' ' 1 I. . 1 5: . Lf 1 u l A 5 rf- + E' 1 . I 1--i 7... U17 ii Y f - i ?. . , J.: ki, 611, 1: - -v I 1 , ni 1 ' . . .U-pf. If ,-'- . - I I ' . I . -I-3 'lf n L. ii. I, 1. fr , - b -:- -- ig' . cigxqikyvyua I 65 EPQ . uf' Q rv' -' W I ' I 1 . '- If-1 ' . ' 'f .---.-if2E -1- ' 1':1-Qi:':'-- - -- '- - ' . f tH'i 1 - ' A ship is a living thing in A 'K -H.MH the memories of all who have , Qm.'f . - 4-Pj .r fr fx, 1 - ' served with her. These mem- "v?.'- ories, the traditions, the 1vf'f emblem, the heartaches, the ' ' successes and each and every A day help to make her what she is EET' and what she will remain .:.. in your memories. ' ' 1 As the last Commanding Officer . r. '- ' ,ir of the USS TANNER, I am sad- dened by the forthcoming de- H commissioning of this outstand- ' ing naval unit. However, I am proud to have had the opportun- ity to be a part of her tradi- tion made up of dedicated and history making men. We can look back on our recent accom- . plishments in the Trust Terri- , tory of the Pacific Islands -f PT' with pride. Through our ef- '- forts, we have not only upheld the proud traditions of the past but have established new f and higher standards and goals - for future survey ships. - 'Wh xzk fis . 4? , QQ. A.' SAMPSON ' Captain, U. S. Navy :,g:ei J Til .. - ', 1 n .h . vu'l X s 'lf 1 X,,k": ' 'I A-'A , - S v - N 1 xi 'f S. I h S .-.- 1 1 p nmbg glllllllllllllllllllllllll Commander Wallace E Williams has served as Executive Off1CeT aboard the TANNER since December of l967 During this time, aS Administrative Department Head he has had the Herculean task of maintaining all records and correspondence up to date. In l953 the Commander graduated from the University of Utah where he received his bachelor of science in chemistry. He then attended Off1cer's Candidate School, Newport, Rhode Island, re- ceiving his commission in November l953 Commander Williams 1S a graduate of CIC Officer's School Sub- 9 marine Off1cer's School and is also qualified for command of sub- marines Our Execu 9 USS REMORA CSS487j and the USS MENHADEN CSS377J. Prior to reporting aboard the TANNER he was the A ' ' , ssistant Operations Officer on the Staff, Submarine Force U S Pacific Fleet tive Officer has served with the USS YORKTOWN CCVAl0J Y A E P .C N HI was glad when they said to me, 'Let us go to the house of the Lord'.H PSALM l22:l The Psalmist of old recognized his need to worship the creator of life and was joyful when the opportunity was presented for him to go to Hthe house of the Lordn. He felt that it was a rare pri- vilege, and found it to be a very meaningful experience, going to the Temple where he expressed praise and adoration to the Almighty and gave thanks for the blessings of life. In the Temple he was able to withdraw from the noisy activities of daily life and spend time in quiet meditation ... to find courage and strength for liv- ing. Worship added something to his life and he eagerly awaited the Sabbath when he would return to Hthe house of the Lordn. The Navy recognizes that we have spiritual needs as well as physical needs, and provisions are made for us to worship regular- ly if we so desire. Our worship may be in a beautiful chapel at a large shore station or in a Quonset Hut at a small isolated shore base, on the hangar deck of an aircraft carrier or on the mess deck of a destroyer, Divine Services may be conducted by a Chaplain a guest clergyman, or a trained layman, conditions may 9 vary and situations change, nevertheless, wherever we find our- 'll l'k l find an selves on Sunday throughout the Navy we wi very 1 e y opportunity to worship in Hthe house of the Lordn. PAUL J. REINHGLD LT CHC E CMN0 Q ZEEEQKN CAPT R. A. SAMPSON R E L I E V E S CAPT R. P. SMYTH Inspectlon of the crew by n W C O Honored Guest RADM CGMBS, Commander Servlce Force PACFLT The Benedlctlon 4 I I x . 'S N 4 f 4 K . G . . f f s f M A B X f XI 1 I -if Q X . , a .4 . . . 4 W ww' f Q L N I 7 gf! XZ MW ' S 1 I I I 1 1 1 Z 1 1 1 E P I ,nn .V .f-mv-N r. .. x 'V rf: as , Nnfffm fmwwmf 151 W V - ess. Uses fi . 1 f f , . 1 f 7f 1 H ' I X , omg. 7 f 4 X,- f Q f W .. ,W Q' 1 ,Pav- Qmwgbw Eiwmnmmm Commander Wallace E. Williams Administrative Department Head W, .XN9,5i..,J 5, lx. SNK MQ .,, . X , QA I fyvfw ' -. I , l J, ww 3 -Z' W ssl f,1. W2dQ 4 QYIILK I .1. rrlr - ,. W Q' Q I ,, vie t V X HQMM W ,gd QW MMM 22,, Aye? ffm 1 , a,w ladldn i,. ,,,.,l ,worn 1 Mawta tv. A fx ,VW f x,-"", T if , ,wmfr f s - migzic I ,Xi 'fy' , ff - ff 1.-4 f 1 1 HW1 wi aa, w'UWWWS ,V , , x Q ZX, 1 ,f x 1 , f 4- Q ss Z ,f X ' , 'f' , ,W M 0 K ff. 1 X f X f f f f W af W 4 ,Q f 4 K ff X fin f A O 1 xx Xxx f ff, X ff X V, f , 5 2 if xv S , if 4 f if '21 - H f f -' s 1 ,W X f X gi f X, X Z f ff 4 f 7 ma-ff ff santa, AWWWW 4 , at K gfw , ,X f, 144, ' Z, f X , W M , Z, , f WW f ff lima 4? LT Paul J. Reinhold Chaplain Y 13, vi' 1 ate.. - LTJG Kirby A. Baker Personnel Dfficer REQ. F 1 ? i Y PN3 P. VELAZQUEZ, SN S. OPALKO, YN3 J. ACKERSON, YNC W. ERESO, PCS M. MILLER, YN2 G. RAMAS, LTJG K. BAKER DIVISION L. My X. X st X fp f 1 YNC Wilfredo O. Ereso Leading Yeoman This is the Hhubn, so to speak, of the ship. Most anything that occurs aboard TANNER is a direct result of the administrative portion of the ship. The division exists to aid the Executive Officer in any and all of his administrative duties. Yeomen and personnelmen work together in a congenial atmosphere of give and take the result: an organized, neat, and immaculately efficient organization. Without ADMIN, the entire ship would truly he at Ha loss for words...H? I can't find anything in Navy REGS about long sideburns... .f"X, f"K "" iff' vi? viral? ik' Q YNC W. ERESO YN2 G RAMAS S9 iv, ,...-.,,-..,:.-.,- - ,,. . . . , .- ' -. ' ' ' " "".'f '. f .,- ., - .:., . .Q-....,g.,.:u. ff . ' x z. 1-,X 0 v.u- ' .'.' ""' 1 '.-, f.. . '. -. - -' - - '. X --:.-"..' ...nc , i l . ,. --, 15, -4. , in ,-. , s M- .. . E . -: X -:-wth: ." - I', 'A ,. "-"." I 0 0 'JI , - ' .- 'J-' . I , ba , , Rv u 1 1, , 3- , N. Ku , , fy . Q K 1 m '3 I . l, . ,X . ,N Ng- 9 . ' E, ' 'iw 0 -I L u 9 :Y ' it f ' N , 4 ' f ggi, , If i rl W? . A 1' ' -' ' . Liv .-,' .':- ' N- f-' if 1 5 V , I ' M f..' . ..--,' - . . .. ,-.- , Inq. . 1- . , .1 , -. - Q lv.. 10 .' " . U ' .-- ' t '.-1. D. I- ,. , f. . . ---.-Q ' ' , ., -13.7,-.' 1.-,x . r ', I.--M L' , -. 5:3---. z- H -4. . X L , . . 5 . u n ,- nun ' ' l v C o o o X . c , . 1 v . I , o Q - I . +1-ff' PC3 M MILLER G SN S OPALKO ...df U96 'l'ANN5Q MASTER AT ul QM of ""Y"'?v BMC A GREEN Thls looks llke an ordlnary You need a halrcut, shave shoe book but actually 1ts fllled shlne, clean whlte hat Wlth Playboys my .,V, , , 4 X . G ADH XLLL I ? , t 1 ts if , 'f ff? tix? W'fYQ ,..T,w, - VC r ' NXT' N t 6 R W iff , xxg. ..-V f , . , ix - '. ,, " ii ,Q W if 'Z ,f A. ,f -v-Q...-1 .Qs-fl! f t U F , ' V ff N+6Zrrrxne - ,f jo, ik v X f' L ASN! l I f M ,, , f Ll - ns LTJG Robert Kash X x ,S tewnnwr N ,, ,Ex QMQMWM . X ii'-iie iQQ?qi?wm V f x MQWQWy' r- rig? V' ' fi" --,--vii: "xXx ' tiL7"i'-we-f X X ,A,, t M . KSN , . " ' , ey, , ,f My Xtfff .te , , f, 44 wg 2 h W , W ,f'G, ,- , H, f L- f'.f -, 2W?qyV?iXWM2Q M ZS eww KW i ?fW7w A f f"U ""' ,jig f X W S5 if , t :,," ' If , , Side mm S ENS Peter Beggs ENS Alexander Newton First thing I'm going to do with this Walkie talkie is call my girl. BM3 Nelson You want your liberty .. what Whatta ya doing This is one way to prepare Q for the greased pole climb Fresh water shower anyone? ROW 1 - SN M. KHAIRALLAH, BM3 L. GAHR, SN J. JOHNSON, SN E. WONG, SN D. CHAPMAN, BMS V. DETEC, GMG1 CHILDRESS, ROW 2 - BM2 c. TANKSLEY, SN B. MURRAY, SN 13. BOHNETT, SN R. HANSEN, SN M. CLEM, SN D. GUIN, SN J. WILLIAMS, GMGS J. STRINGFIELD, ENS A. NEWTON ROW 3 - BMS 1. SEIGAL, SN A. SALISBURY, SN L. JULIUS, SN M. BEAN, SN R. WATRINS, cms c. PEARL, SN A. SPROUL, SA c. DRAKE, SN n. osrmf, BM3 L. STRIGHT if-Ezf'-S D1v1s1oN Deck Department is comprised of First and Second Divisions. From cargo handling to marlinspike seamanshipg from driving the ship to firing its gunsg from maintenance of weather decks to tying up and anchoring, these are but a few of Deck's jobs. Under the leadership of LT Marko VRTAR, Deck ac- complished the task of running four soundboats, four LCVPS, two LARCS an officer's motor boat and the Captain's Gig. From sunrise to sunrise the boatswain's mates raised and lowered, chipped and painted, departed and re- turned these boatsg boats that proved so vital to successful survey opera- tions. BMC Allen Green ROW 1 - BM3 A. AMFNDSEN, SN J. WOFFORD, BM3 B. WORTH, BM3 A. AMADOR, BMC A. GREEN RON 2 - SN J. O'HERN, SA F. CHACON, SN D. LAKEY, SA L. WATSON, SN C, WALTON ROW 3 - SN R. BREWER, SN T. SCIVALLY, SN B. CSINSI, SN T. TAYLOR, SN J. CHOS, BM3 W. CUNNINGHAM, BM3 REECE ROW 1 - ENS P. BEGGS, SN D. BURTON, SN F. LAIRD, SN J. KAPLAN, PM3 J. LYNN, BM3 T ROW 2 - SN M. SN G. ROW 3 - SN B. SN G. HAYES LEE , BM3 PAINTER, Pznvr NE , LANSDCN, P. ROONEY, SN S. GREEN, SN T. REED, SA D. CONNER, SN G. MCCURRY, BM3 S. NELSON SN L. FINKLEMAN, SN P. THOMPSON, BM3 D. ZEAGLER, SN J. LAXAMANA, SN S. THOMAS, SN G. CCKUNZZI, SN W. WHITE I W' I I V I I All stations, CONNg I going off the line to change hats....? I I I I I I I I L i I I I Who put the chewing gum in here? I I A Hfirst classn gunner Ya gotta understand ENS Newton is Gunnery Officer ' Ya missed again So long pardner! I I Q. I I I I I I I A Nothing like a fresh water wash down to start a Sunday morning off 755' 'W T' ff X Down on one .4 f We rf' , ,. 'Wm f s hh R f M A iv ffffoeyywffe , LZ Q . r Z g 'W 5- 2 fxehyvwg rgiiu Swmmsli , W,rL2s This used to be a mooring line ...but it shrank , lf' ,',,,'W ,I if 735315 f QQW7 X y ,,4 S if if OMB returns to the ship Ii. I Are my side boys ready yet...? I r 1 I I l f P 'a I 11 J - x 5 A Q Q Qw Q , X X g X X 0- X XX , ,,X XX f, . 55N . , ,7 , XX XX ,, , X Z, 7, J ,XX ,104 1, , f ,, A , XX ,ir . W Z , I XX X K, H V .XXXL QV, XX W XX 0 ai , , XX X N X X X X Xi S ,X ,X W X I 1 1 R Z., -X f X Q, F , W Z 'W N! y mf f , , X X , ,v, A, X M X X 4, X0 4 ,, , Xf, Q X Q fins Y 1 R 7 MX W ,, ,fs XX X f f , X Q ,, X 'Q yivii' X 2 XX' 1 x X W, X ' V f, , XX "Q-45-QM ,, F X Xf Ox X 'X f X ff X N X an k , 4X m re wrt XXX" 4 Xi- W- by ,X ,f XX . ,f -' W if f , Y , X., XX X AW , X' -2, 'Z X hX :www c X XX " 'ff ', ,RS X KQX X f M, , XX f ff , . X X Xkf 'glzrfq LT Raymond A. Hunter Engineering Department Head WVMM bf, X Ac Q42 ,X XS v , X 'Ip A , ,X XJ24 " X- f 'f 'f EA , 4 ,XXX XX , f if XXXXXXXX , , X. WW UKWiVaXW4 . M- eema,ArzXXa M X, ,W f Ti 6 ,' . ., X 17 ,f , W f , ,,,, , 0,2 V5 .-if WXQ5 'f ,Xz'i?Q1 .' , 1 XXV XX , XXM ,X . .351 ,, ,V I, W XXX. Lf ,WIIXX X XX, , X X: ,K ,,,7y,, X,, XX,'XXX4 ....41m,' X 1 Q , x W Z f 4 Wig 'fix Q Q? fxgf wk ,, X 3 XXX!! X X f, .,, ':' XX, XXX4 mfg? X. we f X 411, A XJXW f fx -Q4 wi y 4 fc V, A ff vibe X ,Xi-XX 'X Z, fx XXXQ , f , y , , X. f ,, X- XX X fwf , XX K X ff ,X X X W ,f ,I ,XXX , XXX, X , X.XX g,,,,XX XX f Xi 7 ,FY f Y-X 24 C ff f x yi' Q yivf X' ke fy " 4 ' 2 , Xe' .X: ,XM W ' , XXTTX' X SLX fi XX' I4 Xoaw awfXvXXMwi , fw , , ff QWXX Q-41 X W P , X ,Q in X R, I , U ,HX X Af , wif cz X, X ' WQZEAW, xi 4-X' X X WX! A LTJG LTJG Jonathan A. Brown Harold J, Mynett G UMW: LTJG LTJG Lawrence . Novak Wayne L. Perryman G ' ision Officer Division Officer Division Officer D1V DCA Officer - ROW 1 - EN1 E. KLEXANDER, EN1 D. Youuc, CMA2 R. COHAGAN, EN3 R. COHAGAN, FN P. WATSON ROW 2 . LTJG L. NovAR, FN G. DECOSTA, CMA2 R. OLSEN, FN J. KELLY, FN G. RUBIO, FN R. HENRY, MR3 S. MARABITO ROW 3 - FN E. EAsoN, EN3 s. SALE, FN P. SCHROEDER, FN J. BULLARn, EN3 G. SHAVER, cus J. Rasa, MR2 R. HYSLOP A DIVISION The Auxlllary D1v1s1on 1S a small d1v1s1on w1th many respons1b1l1t1es It malntalns sh1p's luxurles such as a1r COHdlt1OH1Hg and 1CG Cream machlnes, 1D addltlon to V1 tal p16CCS of machlnery such as the steerlng motors boat englnes, emergency dlesel generators and emergency flre pumps MMC W1111am Corllss HAH MR2 Hyslop E FN Watson FN Leventry i fc. 5. 'Q Ci Q! 1 1 E in H? Ni ROW 1 - BT2 R. HARRIS, BT3 L. LAYTON, FN P. VINING, FN D. JONES, FN B. TTNSMAN If BT3 D. HOLMES 3, ROW 2 .. BTC L. CROTEAU, BT3 B. JACKSON, FN R. CONANT, FN D. BONSER, FN H. HALEVA, 55' FN D. GEORGE R L I .1x is L Row 1 . BT1 R. BRonNAx FN A. CAMARA FN D Rona FN c AR mfr Row 2 - nr: M. KvNTzMAi FN n. Hon ' . ' ' NCLH' FN C- OSE, LTJG H. MVN o NER, BTFN D. PATTERSON, FN L. DENY -4 lt's a hot place the engineroom, but this is where the men of B G M Divisions have chosen to work. Both the forward and after enginerooms as well as the evap- orators need the constant supervision of the snipes. It is B Division's respon- sibility to maintain steam pressure, the heart of TANNER's propulsion system. M Division is responsible for the mechani cal portion of the engineroomg from making fresh water to producing electricity. The machinist's mates are constantly on the job. BTC Leo Croteau FN George Hey Lurch! What are you doing in there. Hey I found da bOi1erS..... Whada you mean snipes are dirty!! 9 IlllllllllllllIIIllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllnullllihlllII'Illlllllllllll1 Found at last.... Its like this ... if we use AVGAS we'll get 35 kts..... Watch a stup1d gauge FN Donald Meyer for four hours gg Well back to the drawlng board If I tzfn thls valve Hey everybody, we found a we Sin way 1nto the clgarett locker d ...u ! y y X ,t I S .,,,, ' l ,sf 1 Q ff 1 4 Af Row 1 - MM3 F. BLANKENSHIP, MM3 R. FRIDA, FN E. SEVERANCE, M 3 T. MAXWELI, MM3 K. KILER, MM3 L. NEFF Row 2 - MMC D. BITTLESTON, MM3 K. GARRIS, FA M. BFAMER, FN s. DOOLEY, MM3 0. cvrrmnnmz, MM3 B. SCALISE, FN J. WALTERS, UTJG H. MYNETT Row 1 - FN J. CASTLE, FA L. YANTIS, FA R. HENSLFE, MM2 D. HUNT, MM2 n. MCCLANNAN FN A. PODOLAK Row 2 - MMCM A. sEMPREBoN, MM3 s. HALL, FA J. TOTLEBFN, M 3 v. BRIGHT, FN T. KALER, FN H. WALTERS, MMc SEATER MMCM Albert Semprebgn MMC Daniel Bittleston MMC Robert Seater Its either a fresh water wash- down or a Hollywood shower... B DiV',WOn't kU0W what hit them ..,, How do you spell liberty...? MMS K l t FN K. Garris I i Kiler, EM3 D. Gillespie Yep! You can be Sure if PN S' Dooley its Westinghouse ........ K ' ,Lg f Wu, 1 at X W 4 gyx as , X f , , , . ,, f , ,,, I X f Ag! WW, ff -4 W WW' AV Qzvg cam 'Mi vwwm X fe ' 2 , pi :vp N f , Sk ,1 WC- , .,,,, , ,iff ' A f Q W, X awfffwwwaa I I ,, K V, ,f ,,,, 5 g ' Q ef Q 4 I vm W .N ny f 'Sq I , W 1 ff y , ,1 i W? x A ROW 1 - FN D. JACKMAN, FN T. ALLEN, EM3 S. PILLOW ROW 2 - EM3 K. RUNNION, IC3 I. SANTANA, FN F. GADDIS, FA T. JOYCE, EM2 C. BEGAY ROW 3 - IC1 L. NOYCE, DMZ A. GLESSER, FA T. KUNZ, EMI G. MADISON, EM3 J. HAER, UTJG L. NOVAK DIVISION V I ' ix ,,.AA. ,ff K' 5 f EMC George Madison E Division has the responsibility of main- taining electrical and interior communica- tions equipment. If the ship's lMC system doesn't work, guess who get the blame? They have the headaches of keeping the fuses from being blown out too often from overloaded circuits and to keep the ship's telephone system operating. Sure red and whlte W1TGS go together . Q S fi 3 a 1 IQ i .me ,L-.JU . .,: .x W .2941 3 . ..,...., J 'QJ I Xl My ,xx X '15 v was-H' 'W a , 4 ff',,,t W, as gk Z Hey...who put the fish in my compass... YZ: X . 1 1 Now we can see where we're golng at nlght We love to tear th1HgS apart Q V ,sw ,saysa2s, f M' " f f f f W? f f wzsWisWZsW5msa2s fSZJSfaiiW5QWSKas, f f f E " 1231 , "" , f 4 ,F .J X A .W H , yswys -,, :s'!7.,fWf!x MXN W , F cv, ,.s, , ,.f,, X dye, , gg , ss Row SFM2 T MAHONFY, Des R. MCCAULEY, FN s. CAMPBELL, ncs D WFMF, nc3 F HANSEN FN B LEEMAN, ncz D. SMITHGALL, SFM2 w. Fuzom now 2 sFc Amnznsom, LTJG J. BRowN, FN n. WALES, SFM3 J. KEEN, nca L KEILY, FN s KOUMASHIAN, FN J. KARABIN, FN T. BFRFSH, D01 c GALLOP, ncc H PARKFR DIVISIGN R Division is the fire brigade, the carpenter corps and has a score of other possibilities. Some weld, some cut, some build, some destroy. It is the ship's own repair force. Remodeling equipment, boats, internal and external struc- ture and maintaining water- tight integrity is accomplished by the men of this division. DC2 Smithgall G DC1 Gallop Flight quarters is so much fun SP3 Keen DC5 Kelly' DCS Wemp G DC3 McCauley I WILLIAM BURCHELL, WILLIAM BROWN, SCOTT WILSON, SOL CUSHMAN ROBERT CLAPP Just think, 0T11Y Here we are in the 48,009 m0Te SUT' beautiful tropics vey miles to go... of ,,,, where???? N 'XV OCT.-if NF ' E' 9 NAVOCEANO Washington couldn't have sent out a better group of men to help out with the ship's mission. Photogrammetrists, surveyors, geodists, and engineers helped HYDRO to draw up the charts and check and double check all practical survey factors of Shoals, harbor channels, and entrances. - 4 X x, , f Q V, - , ' X ,J ff x ' X , "w.,fffff -X 5'iNJWgfQy M X443 f 5 SY W, Q 1"Wfn:z,M,, . A A W X ?"'ff sv' Y V251 www . ,A x .V i 973-3, A ASSXZQ km., 4,34 ix"4ZhN',4,?'7 5 Q6-zz' QF' , xy- .HW if i ,F- 'ff 5? 55? TE S 4 UBB 557 1.4 t Gif! 1 4 LCDR Robert A Johnson Qgxg- Off1CST 1n Charge If Q Hellcopter Support Squadron FIVE Detachment 105 LCDR David A. Opgrand Pilot - LCDR Johnson, ADJ1 Eldredge, ADJ2 Douglas, ADJ1 Colbert, LCDR Gpgrand ADJ2 Cann, AT3 Gillenwater, AT3 Dunn EJ The HC 5 Helo Department was detached TAD from NAS Imperlal Beach, Callfor n1a to help w1th the loadlng and un loadlng of Nav1gat1onal supplles Durlng the 51X months spent TANNER, they logged 1n over of fllght t1me wh1le flylng photograph1c reconnalssance loadlng supplles and survey to the numerous beach camps throughout the cru1se on board 75 hours aerlal and off equlpment erected Wlth HC 5's efforts, days were saved by a few hours of flylng t1me Our thanks to the a1rdales for the1r much appreclated help durlng our 68 69 Mlcroneslan Survey That's nothlng folks, walt t1ll I land her! 5 W f ., ,ws ff X V , A Qs',X,mgqS t X f , . sf' yi A, , ,L , , ,y f sw if s f, Q. st M f g f N ,, , ' 0 f x - fi L , ss V . ,w,.sWwS.Wa.w dm sim at ,sig Helo takes off from base camp in Palau ADJ2 Peter Cann directs the helo liftoff to starboard. fw X -, ff W -X 45 - 1 MQW, ADJ2 Burk Douglas brings in helo while underway in Ponape. Hoooooo , do I have to go.....H mfwxf s ,f ADJ2 Douglas directs the The helo crew and Dr. Hege pick up a Coast helo While departing Guam. Guard sailor on their only MEDIVAC 50 of the personnel 1HVO1V8d 1n Fllght Quarters The helocrew secure to get underway to Ponape A b1rd bath Touch down ADJ2 Dunn gU1d6S the b1rd 1n at days end 1n Palau a e 0 "', 'X WQS 'Y xx X. , f X W A, ,XS 7 X Z 'S . 'nv' Vw f 1 f 4 NJ 2 A. ,, S Q X QQ If 5'4 f, 4. fm f S W? , fx AS 4- ,....- ,. ,-5, ...Mn f..,, ,K Y -Q- -Q, --,--,- - ,H ,,., . .,,. .-- -..-:fi-.Aw ,- ,, - . -M -- '-1-11-1'-ig LCDR Ronald L. Crozier Hydrographic Department Head LTJG George T Kaye LTJG Rlchard L Bugko ENS Peter D Sangef ' We m . Q O Q ROW 1 - PH3 T. HELFERT, EA2 M. BEASLEY, EA2 J. SEVERIDT, LCPL A. TELLO, LCPL D. VUTCI, LCPL J. WISE, LCPL P. JONES, CPL D. EVANS, EA3 B. TWICKMAN EA3 T. MCCOILISTER, EA2 B. MACBRIDE ROW 2 - LTJG G. KAYE, EA2 B. HEPLER, EA3 A. KRATZ, EA2 F. MUELLER, YM3 E, KAYTQN, EA2 R. ALEXANDER, PH3 J. EHMAN, EA3 R. REGISTER, LI2 A. HAMBERLIN, EA2 E. CROWLEY, EA2 U. TYE, EAC T. BUCKLEY, ENS P. SANGER Y' 1. DIVISION p 1 Q gwlfwki ' in . EAC Timothy Buckley The Hydrographic Department is responsible for the gathering, recording and compiling of all geodetic, hydrographic, oceanographic and photogrammetric data required by the sur vey specifications. Further functions in- clude the erection and logistic support of beach camps and operational control of sound ing boats. V-l Division includes skilled surveyors, draftmen, lithographers, marines, and photographers whose combined efforts helped to produce TANNER's successful Micro- nesian Survey X islanders in Ulithi EA2 MacBridge and And I boarded the helo with my Kodak Instamatic Camera PH-3 Tom Helfert taking Nav Aid pictures on Ulithi LIZ Hamberlin sets the Surveyors receive sup- Copy camera controls plies while in Palau. D E EA2 Hepler, Mr. Cushman and EAS Kratz 4 , work out triangulation points on the ' charts. Sea C011 mal' going SEABEES plant crete triangulation ker in Ulithi xqlik EA2 McCollister, EAS Register and EAS Kratz paddel raft across har- bor to get depths. ok .1 EAS Beasley and EA2 Alexander tune in on their IBM Key Punch machines and record depth at known positions. DMS Kayton draws sketches of Ulithi EA2 McCol1ister slots soundboat otcom tracks. .-K ... -1. -.....,......---,......-.-- W . MW ,wwgpw my Agffz Swswa 9 Q 'wif N ,hh 9 Q7 Sc: 4 if S N 5. Z LT John H. Hege Medical Department Head X K4 A - Zi S LT Gary L. Smith D - Division Officer NNA9 AXKQN DR IQ 'S all-4 'QQ QV . We I' 5, ' v AJ ,R .iz f E Q 5 . . 1? W? T1 . sl L T 1 W G 9 I M i 5 D pw , 9 w T s T J HEGE HM2 J STEWART HM1 SCOTT HMB NEEL L ' ' HMZ TREDINO, DT2 KRESGE, LT G SMITH TANNER's Medlcal Department lS comprlsed of several corpsmen a dental tCChHlC13H, and a med 1cal and dental offlcer Thelr purpose to lnsure the phys1 cal well belng of the crew From Truk to Palau, from Ponape to Ullthl, pa1n was el1m1nated and teeth were restored or re moved by the Dental Departmen The Medlcal Department for the slck or lnjured personnel through out the CTUISC proved to be a sometlmes 24 hour Job In add1 t1on to treatlng common colds and OCCaS1OHal cases of 'mornlng after the nlght beforen slckness a great deal of m1nor surgery was and healthy... H performed. Maybe two months T 14 D DIVTSTQNS . . 3 my ... t.- Wi A If we erase this shot we could give him another War is hell ..... gqw I said open...not close! Q T 2ZQWstZ Msffimj Darvon anyone......? Oh...is he going to get it. N E X T ! Q Ulf' N fmvfW""f 4' ' I A 'f' gi? -' Q fw z' ,,we.?f4' qv! , - f , , 4 X . , , ,UI f W ,Q .Q y , W i I Q W I W 9, "' N Q CQ. J.. I Z I far f .Wm I K Z f f X 7 . I 4 ,',, fy 7 f LT Gary E. Longanecker LT John N. Bennett Navigation Department Head Operations Department Head 21 gf f' M , ,X L 57? .2111 V 4 31? ar A 2 i'tWie'4?W'a4 ' - 5 QWM15 f , 2 5' ff - ' s W 5? iY5.taap E Qsff f Z X . H, lm af H f ,ff CW02 George T. Pedersen LTJG William R- Dlwgvsh EMO 5 CIC Officer Communications Officer N i w 1 4 LTJG W. DLWGOSH, RM3 J. BRCCKMAN, RM3 R. GARRIMONE, SM2 J. HUGGINS, SM? G. PEMBROOKE CYN3 J. MCCMAHON, RM3 D. FLUGAN, CYNSN W. JOSLYN, CYN3 J. KNADLE, RMI R. WASSON O C DIVISION OC Division aboard the TANNER is comprised of radiomen and signal- men Their responsibility a reliable secure and ra ' ' pid handling of visual and radio communications. From bridge to bridge semaphore, to t Ousand mlle radio broadcasts, they speak with many tongues. X 1' .. i ff, 7 ,N , Z f W Can't you read guy? Nobody come in here! One signalman who thinks he's really Hbright ip- IIIIIII-I'llII-IIllllillllillllllllilIliilIIIIIiilEuuimillliiillllil--.Ill ROW 1 - AG2 G. SEEFELD, ET2 D. FORTNER, RD3 J. BELZ, RD3 F. NADEAU, ETRSN H. HANSEN, AG3 K. SCHAFER ROW 2 - CWO2 G. PEDERSEN, AG2 L. KILE, ET3 R. NOLLNER, ET3 T. BURNS, ET3 R. HOUSE, RD2 J. BENDER, RD3 J. POTTER GE, DIVISION OE Division is the electronic tech- nicians. Laced with wires and armed with pliers, their to insure that all ment aboard TANNER tional condition. mitters, receivers minal equipment to tems, fathometers responsibility is electronic equip- is in top opera- From radio trans- and teletype ter- cryptographic sys and recorders it' . O ' 3 S I X their Job to keep ' 5-J A them going. ETC Billy Douglas ,f .if ' I always did like Where do I find KPOI? penny arcades.... . M fx f 9, AG3 Seefeld RD3 POTTER faQ,,..amds. 1 UI'm glad this belongs COMBAT...who are you kidding.. , H to the crew s lounge... 1 1 X M f- Www wwf ??wW . QS? 2 is 1 iii L N ANECKER M2 J. CROWDER QMS D. CHAPMAN LT G' E' LO G ' SMS G. BROWN, EQM3 J. MORRIS, QMCS W- PATTERSON R, f : E W P' 'il R4 DIVISION 1 5 . S E Q N Division determines TANNER's location 5 at sea, insures her safe entry andcbpar- E ture from ports, and maintains current I and up to date the ship's log of daily l events. LT Gary Longanecker, ably as- W . 'i sisted by four quartermasters and a chief safely navigated the ship over thousands of miles of ocean and coastal waters dur- ing the TANNER Micronesian Survey. ,M QMCS William Patterson 5 i lg s la l W S X 1 w -A E 3 You added wrong... 2 + 2 is 5 .... At 66 a mile we ought to get Somewhere out there is land fr ffa W yfff A "1 4 f f - gf A , f 3 fi Aff , ,jgfyfwir , 1' ,, ' ,4f5','J 17 . . , ,,,, , ,,,,w', 'Wfff f 771 ,ffm 1 X f , . 7 W . . W 1' ii ' wwf! N1 ,ff . f , if 2 , 1 0 . ' f 1 Q X fir' NME . , N f . 1 , X A, . ,fa M5635 Q Nz: ' fQ,,,. .Wf . ' -- ' H .sfX,g1g,fjf X' f, I 152, .ggi F X. . .XTX 5: V, X 1:5 A . .. if R I 2 x ' fi i A ws? WY . x iw 5 4 f -F 3 S 5 . 5 E, Q 4 '- - - 1.-.--..v. ,,. .0-....- , .,-.,.-,,.......- saw .... .J-2 ..'.,Li-1-5azv'.:.,...,., ,-- -H' if ,h., 7 I ' if fm L! , ,.,: V ,x ff ,4 1 Q 5 ww X. Q-w W. if ff Y W 1 X f ff ff! mm. N .N xym mwmm ff' I 2 ff' f J , af' , 44" , 1327? N' vf . 1 ,y 2 ,..,s' ,Y I , y-mf , , fi, ' . ff-,N 4, : ' . l a ' X . 94 f if 1 Q I l . A 'L Ye . 5 - K- .QQ Rexx X ' 1 1 gf 4 , W 4 f gf fn .f i Y I . Q Q .X A N 3' Q 1 Xix .X Q f -555L.a252E2tTf- -f 5: gt-- --.R ,.. , ,, 7" , f ffiff I, My . f 'MC Wm Y 1, X, f' , N W KW N .5 X . in ' T . .. X . sf Q f f X L - - J X 'f 5 I X.. . . .ww F i . Y M , X X .g -V .wx 5. '. A ' . 'XX f K K I - K K j, - . Q v:g::,vy. Q:.:.:,,..,..:,:.:..tT....::..-.,.,.m...L..2m.. ,,'L.M - E, K , k lgg . , . . . . . . . . fn .....JA?-M' J' .." .:'T"'-V' '- 'J' -'..v., .., ,Q X ,. .I J-- ,,,.f -,., ,-.vu .. -- ,- -- H4 x .. -...-,H ,,,.5.f.....--...,,.. y . x . ..,.:.:,.. -..,--,.,....,,.f.:r.:..-P-. flzf,-f.g4'-.-frgsl' -i2..1f.e1::-F11 1--ff.. :. 2. Hfggv-k-:2f:i?zNb -Lvfw.T?-.1,QN......- ug. N S X A X X W i ?ff LT James W Hargus Supply Department Head LTJG John B Bruce LTJG Cllnton W Inouye Stores Off1CST DlSbUTS1n8 Offlcer O 1 5 X S , . I I Q , . . SK1 w WEISTER sKz J BELL SK3 J CARMACK, SKS T BAXLEY sK3 T KICKER,,SK2 C SENA,,SK3 R BRUNER, SK3 J DAILEY I Sl DIVISION What do you need? A thousand feet of cable? A light bulb? Paper clips? Perhaps a boat engine, a pencil, or a motor armature? If it is supplies, S-l Division is the place to go. They are responsible for procurement, stowage and is- sue of all general stores and repair parts. SK3 BRUNER, SK1 WEISTER SKS CARMACK p SK3 KICKER . 4 3 ,EZW 2 , . gW'anZPWSw What do you mean I have the wrong number... SK2 SENA SKS BEAN SKS BAXLEY He11o...Mom V I CS3 K. ZIMMERMAN, CSSN T. ROSE, CS3 BOGGESS, CS2 P. GURULE S2 DIVISION The preparation of food and maintenance of the galley spaces is the reason cooks exist. Without them we would starve. The produc- tion of fine food can only result from a little study- ing and alot of practical experience in the culinary arts. The TANNER crew has served both as Guinea Pigs and beneficiary to S-2 Div ision's efforts. CSS K. ZIMMERMAN and CSSN D. LESTER ...and this is how you make chicken SOUP' Y . n dk 1 A-4411 Wllvvaprww... , ,,,, , Md, ,,, f , , ,, MX 1. fwmx - SEJWJV 1 CS3 R. VANDERPLOEG Jim, that bread is eight weeks old... that's alright... cssN T. ROSE HBOOTH C52 R. BOGGESS 'hw 4 N!W ,, My an s CS2 GURULE oversees But ROSS, were Sfclpgfiie TANNER's newest cook to be Cookles HO Y - css BURTON pigeons - ' - ' f SHL3 M. PLON, SN B. ATHERTON, SN J. GONZALES, SHB G. AMORIN CSS VANDERPLOEG, SN P. WOODS RY SHL5 H. BAKER, SHLSN K. STOVALL, SHL3 N. PAIN, SN D. PEE , SHL3 DIETEL S3 DIVISION The primary mission of S-3 Division is to provide a convenient and reli- able ship store from which personnel may obtain articles necessary for their health and comfort. S-3 also supplies services needed daily: laun dry, barbering, tailoring and cloth- ing, Profits from thea ormentioned activities are paid m the ship's Welfare and Recreation Fund for use by the crew. SN D. PEERY G LTJG BRUCE ..those sideburns are a little too long... But Nick...we're suppose to use soap in the laundry SN B. ATHERTON 5 SN J. GONZALES in-Q 1 Just like Mom's ole washer... Our ole friend HSode Jerkn... No, I won't contribute to HFain's Have Fun in Hong Kong Pundn. f! OOOOOPPPPSS!!!! Dress edge to the right... 4.A. ....,- ...a-H., ...i.,-4-,,,i,1.-1- 7 QWQW XX Us ff WW? NX ww 1 fN w 7' WXNWN wx mm EE" -1 V' X57fX Xw X1 N R W 5 WQWXX wx WX sf fs XM xx Q f N wwf Xw ff 'KV'm7fifW'N ,f fX fNv f IWRNWWNW f f R N f XX 1 X , f , fx fXf N WM XX f X N4 X ZX MX fxy fx Wqww fsf ffm fx? 0 Sl 4NwZ ZX! X f I wma WN f 2 f Wx fQ f ff f N vf Q67 WNVWAN QNW X N WRWX ZFX W ' me QW 7 x4N Axfsf Xfhsfffjfffsxfxv f We Q fhsxww HS BPWSMSRQXX Kgs? X figy V Nqsggwliwfyf X X Z! X WNW fb WXXX WM NW wax f ff fs' xW Jw Wyw X W dxf A Us XWX W WNV' X V f QblfNg?WfAWJQf f?!fVf Nf -'KX f wwf WNW X R Q WXW NW X R f if f Af fs f 'HZ' X X ! N lk iXN,w,WA.SWYQgkX Z A-NZ WZ MXWWX QM X Xyagff XX aw QZAQJ? Qsffx Sf ,fs ay... cm , 4 1 f N-A N1 4 7 'NW'Q7 sf NZ S! YA X fffw 'QR NQQX WWXZ 0NWfN,Nw ' i f' fwffwfxf NW if fx' W AKXWNNW ' SW? Z , QNXZXX QXXSN X fy X X Xe QV 4 X f f f X X Www X QR? sy W , AN' ffww my XXf ZX fs WIN fXW A 2? N WX Q Wisffvy isa W, f f bww XM W WN W Xl' 1 XFX W mf WRX? I iw 'NZ KWXX WX AX f VN NMX I I f W WZ! 5,50 A J IQ 11X N sf NN NW QQ' ,Q 'XX MW' we , wr W 1 wr Z! Ii W f aff X M! NW f W Pa-X V+-TR Z AX! 7256 gfmy f fx WWA X f Zi? Z ff 7 w X fr! 4742! IWW f V Row TN c SEVILLA, TN H sm, TN N BAGALSO, sm R AREOLA, TN E mm, ESTANOL TN c CERVANTI-:s Row 2 2 Aumzm: TN w ANCHEIIA, sn: A ocmro, TN E COLANTA, TN R SIMSUANGCO TN D mon, sua R cATARoJA S 4: DIVISION HChow Downn in 0fficer's Country is taken care of by S-4 Division. Ably run by SDl Areola, the stewards see to it that Wardroom meals are prepared to meet the strict criteria required by the officers. Other responsibilities include the maintenance and cleanliness of Officer's Coun- try. In-,.,. X-M.. 15' TN ANCHETA, TN BAGALSO, TN SIM There's nothing like a shrimp curry... SD2 GAOR aaaah, kxs see..two eggs.. B4 Mf'Q SDS CATAROJA G SD1 AREOLA Preparing weekley menu 65 9lVl6l0N PAY DAY' the day everyome leoks for- ward to wlth marked anticrpatlon. The Suppllers of all the happ1ness are the D1SbUTS1Hg Clerks These H8?n1U5e5 Of numbersn work untlrlngly to lnsure that each member of the ship T6CG1V6S h1S accurate dues DK3 w ENGER G DK2 N HALL W W Flex you're on Candld Camera g They'1l shrlnk li l4 Let's see... Jon Doe this time..... Maybe we could talk to h1m about a loan? The four 52 ft. sounding boats are the work horses of the survey operation. Working as independent survey units the boats are able to obtain data in shallow or restricted waters where the TANNER would be unable to operate safely. Equipped with two l65 horse power motors, and two generators to power their utilities, fatho- meter, and positioning equipment the boats are able to stay on sta tion for l0 days without returning to the ship. 601ANYP 5026 Skipper: LTJG Perryman Coxswain: BM3 V. Detec Crew: EA2 W. MaCBride, ET3 R. House FN G. Shaver, SN Sproul SN J. Wofford, 60pm O EQAT Skipper: LTJG BUCKO Coxswain: BM3 S. Nelson Crew: EA2 E. Crowley EA2 D. Tye, ET3 T. Burns EN3 S. Sale SN R. Brewer SN Finkleman Skipper: Coxswain: Crew: LTJG Johnson Z BMS Hayes ag y EA2 J. Severidt M W EAS R. Register gyy FN R. Henry iMMM SN D. Guin SN W. White may , f., ff ,ff x. M fx xy , , ,, If f y I 2 ,f 13, '22 7 sf , ZW ? 44 V2 , 5521! 7 is , 's s f 4 f Z QV, All f fg, X f Sf., f yin f k, r 60uNQ "' EDM' nv' I GMI, QUIJN D g SQAT Skipper: Coxswain Crew: ENS Sanger BMS Amundsen EA2 Alexander EAS Beasley FN Schroeder SN Green SN Lansdon . . Y -. Yr. ww -...Y-V. ar.--+...-r 1...-..,...-,.- m wil tt ,, ,N ZZ My wi ,W W , t ,Vw ,W .2 f .M 2 ff 1 af - CAPT Sampson visits Soundboat H3 Retreiving a bottom sample LTJG Perryman makes ready to view the beautiful Micro nesian'reefs -uv av ,,, X ,671 k C f U f- ,fs EA2 MUELLER catches a HBIG ONEH ,,om Who's got the boat? . Full speed ahead and Hglt them milesn lla Soundboat H4 prepares to moor alongside pier in Truk Atoll 1' , EA2 Severidt plots a sounding w 5 lx RYE A brief moment for a little . fishing and visiting with Yes XO,...ha1rcut? the natives - M- ,s,...,.1, s-.... -L,, . .. , 1- I hi-. .MII 'I'-,A F -4 I l Wx-H J i ,L I, I 2. D : if I J - -- xx -ff "' "' X X NI X. . I S 0 Xl N X ' I x ZI ' I rl, '- 71 6 Ix 6 I I .N X7 ix 7 I fo 9 I 13 P xo 0 ZAVEC,-2 EJIAN , Q 0 1 , I 45 M0 90 'bo' Q V' I , XQQX I QXYS I XX I VN xx I I KONG: 25, F5504 Mm I E Kane x,,f ' 2455 F56 z ' G I 5 BAY G-l:lAlh gg lm 2 I ' lip AWK I I D 9 W uma-Hx 5 move Icp Dec 10 5 -If TRUK I I 1209 Q 'B JSA :Au ' o 1106 0 N ' IZ FEE PGNAPB I ,, 1 , zo-zap MW, , Z, I A l 3 If x I I - I I". fn, "nf" N NI' ,L ,, My jg! I fn, Es' I Q , gf iw I S9 Q' "' ' II 6' 4 A In Ig + - - ,ww IIA II, ,M ,Q , a X N I ,M 1, , 11 1- QV 1 3 1 ,1 WY g- 41 ,..-,-:.+- ' l ir ,I f ' '15 -...- - - g ' ,,.f- ' nf I 1 I 190' 500 X 1 , 0 1 Clfyl Q PEARL 41 1 fy C CZQW HARBOR. 8 VEPAZTED 19 om' as Q ZETUZNED 5 MAY 09 I 10' 1 11:06 11900 M ,,, .+- .: XM f:1,?,, 41 - - -- -K Vhllflllill, QW Q E QWJYIIIIIHIF 5 'g.5Wffll 5 YWIIIUIII 5 1?-fl-, E aw WUIIIUUAXNXHIIIII 3111110 Q1 f 2 gy Q 2 2 11111 ,Q 1 1 U33 fzzqmfvgaf A165015 -fgw-,. ,.r. X , Viggo S w UM X X Q VA Ng f W X ,, I A KW H M J. 4 QAM? 2 .v V49 . - Xa' W 91' A fx is N 4 .r vf 'f- a 4 Q , , Q.: f Q 95 Q4 , , Nav, M , Xsjzsa R V41 Em Q I wi 4, 7 Q W A x ' One of many greetings by a friendly Trukese A Catholic Church on the island of Moen E Q Hey guys .... we eat tonight... ! . But the Peace Corps is supposed to be a bunch of sissys If Dr' LiVingSton"' Juli takes the LARC ashore I presume.....? f ' 5 WX WN 4.0 Masts from a sunken WWII Ruins of an old Japanese pier Cruiser 1 The pause that refreshes who Stole the Water A b1Td'5 SYS vlew of a warm welcome , J z qndfn I i I I s I r The Truk Islander in Moen Harbor Q Navy dlVGTS DVFN Wheeler and EN2 Miller pose with sake bot- tles taken from a Japanese wreck 5 f 1 in N..no...now smile...ah... South Beach can ya move back about 20 feet .... N J 1 P A l Q A e. f,,. ,, X , get Q . , f If M ' sl ' Odafwa Castle Oriental beauty Sidewalk windchime store W! I D 4 'mein Have some octopus A Hlittlen bit of oriental beauty.. W -w,..,,,,,,-N. , , - . - - - - -, - ..,.-V, - -,W . .,.43 L .117-..,.. 53,1 ...,.4.g:.1 ..: .limi ?'w,H1, . T., I,-.,f,.:: .. , , .r 4. X .,,. -N .. . V V- ., , X 1- .. ,.., . .... ,,- ....- ,. A , . ,....- , -Y , ,. , . N - Y .,. - - 'Sq -- N- -.J .K ' ,-V., ,. A A.,-U ,-- J ww,--,..4 .,- ,U .,--f..-. M l .Q - ,,, ..,., , A-' -., .,,,, ,. . r f 'r , 1 X ' K ' 'L ' X ' - ---' -H - A., ' q.-:,...,,.- .- 3.,L1- 111 'AZ..1., .ff'27Tt-:g!-,..--.f:.1j,..--ff-'gill'-, 4 ..-,- ,2 "--f -f' ' - --,Z f'-'f'-"-' . . 11.-.,. " y W f W W W W W! af' fy, Lx W2 W V MQW W WN X Y I . V' , - f' fn. .1--. How can I get orders to that ship... Remains of a Japanese seaplane runway 9 5 LT hargus' better s1de Watch that flTSt step CAPTD22EpEgBtlnSpeCtS 1ts a dllly The Captaln takes some Common Slght ln the Well earned llberty MlCTOnGS1aH waters OI' ' Swim Call!! CAPT Sampson greets one of the royal queens of Palau LCDR Opgrand lectures Paluan royalty on helo operations VP returns from Koror F N I'm sure that old native said that the treasure was buried out here somewhere.... Z NAVAID site in Palau wsu i L Swim Call...again! I Q V, ,r V. N ' n I uf' ! DECCA transmiting sight HEY!---let me See"' LEE MARVIN 5' K Ng MICHELE PALAUAN DANCERS Mike, Romona, Orlando i Sing Michele, sing!!! Louie Louie Take it Off!!! The girls with a "CAN Do" spirit lANNER's answer to HLaugh Inn Hauli hulla by Mrs. Wilson BM3 Cunningham takes a turnni Michele G Lee do 3 duet :elm .X K xx - CSl Equils sings some . . Country Western YNSN Jenkins 5 Michele --M ee PF' ,K ug in 1 if sw , ,L- NW fx ,mm wif 'W X f 7 ww,-,, 4 x -fy, Wg, f M AY W ,-, 544.12m-,VAA L . . A ,.- 1- M- Qf SUM -if ,Q QQ O . , I N f 4 '-qu-. f 'V-'i The wonderful Filipino girls ' w ,f ...and deck force thinks they work 1 -w w U. S. 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