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H a ix .L 1' Q 'Q Q X C M ,Y ' - 73 5 , V 3 v V I ,f 4 A ,rf z , . Jn 1 'nv . r f' 'Q -Y 'A ' . fa' r', W1 V...' --f 4'-1 . .3 A A Q' vii 1' .a,,,,.u ' . F I rg' 4 ' -5'-h-',, ,jfs - 1' 'F I A .-. - ,--1 Vg! 'AVI'-. .', uf . 0' a. if K 1 ' vo. , . 'Ni Y -, , 1 f 'Q 4 Q . 1 ' ii fix 1' , 1 3- , h , 4, V 'Mg 'mr .X w i .gr-, b Q1 ,. I- ,R-5. I ,rd ,, ig ,, W :Q f ' - L 1 Y . v , ,191-'213'3'3'3!-,fvf,'32-'--.:"H:3 -' A , Mir: ' 'D Q' : , 'so -i ' Y .vi , S - , . m V' V , ka ,Sq G ' . ' s .- '- Q -, - 1 - ,4 . 1 Av. ,., C 1 p 1' v l .io " 's f. ' - Q ' ' ' ' s ' - ' 1. , . -4 . L, X ...K 4' E ' . , X' 50. 1 . A J- , In .kwa ' sh Q g,. ' 'g -'51, ."'. ,rr -jf, f,1:2,:,'h -" - .-, ,7 - . tj ' . ,' g 'f:, ,w ,- '-. - S . 1 'F 'L xml. 1 "qw ' f , , f. . - - - A --1 'P ,gn , , , .P i 1 ' J ,, Y, If Af Q ., .LN -f. -. L: ' 4. 'J , Y 4 , 8-3 ,faq . .?"fgf' -9 ., f".4 D, " f,Lg- L' A - 1- I", 'sn , "in '. "'5 ' I- '5' 1 v. A J- N' 4 ' , V f, - .K .,f ,ig ,gi ,. .M -.nv Q , I .. - ,' '. Q , 'f "' an ,Q - 1 h-I V '-- -if"4'.Q'1,'?T. ' -w" - 'h-"f-swf. if ,fn , ,-. 7,3 9 ,1.!.,l-'xl ,-It . A4::'4-.1 .L 5 -5 'J . , ' ' 9' -' 'iff-4. '- "jf 7E'i,1,,""fj.f"' 5, Q rv' ,, , fxj. gl-, f "gf ii ', . .4-X9 ' nf f"'1,'iIK. 4 .,f, ' -LiV.f-f'-Y'-.1-Q' fx 37-"A -f' - --gm' Nw- , 1+ ,ML-4 ,sf rl' :K - 'ff 52. ' V 245, ii' ff.-Q I IV? ... will --nl E: .D K, 1- v,,V . -Ya9v'x,4..:-qv 4 - 4-:,., 1" 5 F .J ... - .w A - nf Mg -- '-,fm ' fu-.,,9-fegif -' '. iq' Q 1"v'sY""1..8 at lj -ffsfrfv .9 haf.. , ,a,- Y. A- .3-13. 2, - ' X A". KV:-L? T f Q'-ff5Q-,g,Q,' U' Vi 1 C' ' - Q yr . 'l,h"i- 3432 '5 'f' - 1 Q , If ,jg n w . 1 . f -4 ,dggftfg-,Ko D 1- -s, ul- L. --'-- ' f ,s. N . 1 :fa .-, ' , ' ' 5 f, " Q, f nl ! , 'hop ' 1 fi' 'I' ., .. ' K,- f- '.,,:.,, . wr, Q 2" g 3 . if A 1 to ,i k..L . . -Q-,pr L-f '- pl 1 any 4'- sl, .gt ifgflz- ' ,. N., U W! www ibw fr Ing sk? Tiyavjeil 4fsFE?f - W! ,,,f'?'N M,fwwQW5M W, 51:7 5' ' V .fi M S., ' qv 1. .flmmw 'M if , ' V' Eigw E jgfg-,aw ,fa j W, 1 - L2 , ' A M + 513 3 373 ' Q5 iki ig? ww ., fax' Xww'1' 4fW S z ,NM H -' iH'Fi!iQ K, ,M X N H N wwWW M 4 4 ln 1 H W , M W M ww K l ,,-4 W S I ,, "v J W I :W :V " .M MQH Q ,. w 4 QQ, as gif H45 , Q Y , W 1 --1 1 'N l 1 Q S yw1 im W g! 7Q au - , -gn W "' ':1Q,x:,-i,g.f 1 TE'fi3 -F?fwi3 H Univ' A 7' A 'lwjgm 1 l l 1972 TRIUMPH Volume 13 Produced by Triumph Staff Tamarac High School Troy, New York o fJ,?A EJ gee? Table of Contents Faculty and Administration Graduates Undergraduates Clubs Athletics Advertisements gf ww -. .W-, 'I X W Y A Refi: . .ff . ,, jg, 0 A jffr x -, 5 as ry' ,, 2 w iz: - ' 4 Z1 at play .... at work . .. DEDICATION With many thanks and much appreciation, the Class of 1972 dedi- cates this Yearbook to Mr. George Backhaus, for his tireless service and unfailing devotion in our behalf. , PRINCIPALS S un.-. Mr. Robert Swanick, High School Principal. Mr. Herbert F ord, Supervising Principal "Someone's in trouble, is it the staff or Mr. Swanick?" BOARD CF EDUCATION H ,E 5rt5eSEkiaEQg:zslQf Missa ss lst Row, Seated: Mr. W. Dessingue, Mr. E. Duffey, Mr. A. Murphy, Nlrs. M. Lockwood. 2nd Row, Standing: Mr. H. Olsen, Dr. B. Fleishman, Dr. J. Bursik, Mr. J. Pattison. Left to Right: Mrs. Feathers, Sec. to Sup. Principalg Mrs. Bonesteel, Treasurerg Mr. Printsky, Business Manager. GUIDANCE SECRETARIES Mr. Backhaus, Scienceg Mrs. Ecker, English. FACULTY Mr. Baker, Mathematicsg Miss Gabauer, Historyg Mr. Fullaytor, English. Right: Mr. Senecal, English Mrs. Cannon, Businessg Miss Wheeler, Scienceg Mrs. Haskins, History. Below: Mrs. Spendiff, Businessg Mrs. Thompson, Mathematicsg Mrs. Joyce, Physical Education. xi Mrs. Pratt, Scienceg Mr. Claus, Musicg Mr. Pascucci, Driver-Educationg Mrs. Osborne, Mathematics. Mr. Petronis, Industrial Artsg Mrs. Cole, I-Iealthg Mr. Legasse, Businessg Mrs. Fischer, Nurse. Above: Mr. Stein, Language, Mrs. Manning, Librarian, Mr. Healey, English, Miss Aviza, History. Right: Mr. Smith, Instrumental Music Mrs. Cummings, Home Economics, Miss Jackson, History. lVIr. Tweedy, Physical Educationg Miss McKeon, Scienceg Mr. Connor, Art. Mrs. Bursik, Library Techniciang Mrs. Rist, Clerkg Mrs. Stover, Attendance Officer. 1 1 1 I 1 , CUSTODIANS Left to right: D. Rancourt, P. Kaufmann, B. Pickett, F. Yates, I-I. Rist, W. Ives. BUS DRIVERS lst Row, Left to Right: D. Romano, I. Blauvelt, A. Tefoe, W. Romano, N. Fera, F. Roberts, M. Dunham. 2nd Row: A. Kreiger, B. I-Iayner, A. Kreiger, H. Buck, D. Kreiger, K. Cushman, A. Rogers, J. Roberts, J. Messemer, M. Button. CAFETERIA STAFF 1st Row, Seated Left to Right: D. Davis, S. Alderman, G. Lally, B. Jones, B. Pfeiffer. 2nd Row, Standing: R. Murphy, I. Twogood, M. Terk, M. Brennan, K. Kehn, R. Snover, H. Joy. "Peace" "Were you really sur- f "What happened tast prised, Mr. Thrasher?" period Mrs. Spendlff? Was it that funny??" 1? 4 N ' we in rg, Brava 1 4 0,01 6 W4 wg 4 .firms 0 46' U qi' ,zz gm A .V -. K f' if Q g-553 A.. Aag, .th ag, X 1 +4 Agisjkei P. P uf? si, an ygxzu-12.5 qw-F Ai N .1 1 A 'fvffzvdgg g -. .1 aw -4,4 s.. ' ff Q, 1 5' vm: '- .. . lb - l, Y , . , S U , '.3fs,5Qf11 ,Z I X, 19,5 -iiggqm 5 . 've-A f ei A F , , 3'-?'f ,. - ,.,k..f,- -I , I . v.., Af., 1 x .x , A wr,.,V A . 1 -. ,, 1 .. -.1 ,' V , .ff - ' H -0' J lwzaf LQ 3' , A 0 I ws' jk: MNS5' ,1','Q'.vi' 'I , -' .Q 2- ' f' x f 'U ' 5 ' Qrfiflmx , 4 74' L 4-A Q R 4 ff ,, X 72 35 :+ f f V1.4 if ff qw fn , V ,fl 323 Q53 i'1"'i' , Q, A , W' TH 1' M N A f 44 ' Q ' ff. Q +,?,,g," S: 2 s if liiihyl Xkxprv 1 A. -ff , 19. A 4 , z y V' Q., '19 4 1? Q , ' , Tf-,J-i, lm 'WE' ' . . Wg is ' it . H '11, . . f i- K my ef, 1615253171 . ., ,abil k x ,N LA 5 ng, ,N X gf Xi W. W ' Q. A wx N .x . ', , ASW ff -.GI Donna Roberts "A thousand years is but a grain of sand in time, but love is a thousand grains of sand in one human lifetime." Yearbook Staff fTypingJ 125 Business Club Sec. 125 F.T.A. 125 Y-Teens 10, Vice-Pres. 11. Betty Jean Baker "I do then with my friends as I do with my books. I would have them where I can find them, but I seldom use them." Yearbook Staff QTypingj 125 Paper Staff 115 Chorus 9, 10, 115 Speech Club 115 Business Club 11, 125 Library Club 10, 115 F.T.A. 125 Y-Teens 9, 10, 115 Music Man 105 Inherit the Wind 95 State Award at Cobleskill for Introduction to Business-6th Place 4105. Dorothy Kaschak "There is no remedy for love, but to love more." Yearbook Staff CTypingj 11, 125 Chorus 125 Band 9, 125 Ski Club 11, 125 Speech Club 115 Business Club Treas. 125 F.T.A. 9, 10, "ITeas. 11, Treas. 125 I.R.C. 115 Y-Teens 10, 115 Prom Committee 11. Karen Quigley "I do my thing, and you do your thing. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful." Chorus 9, 105 Drama Club 9, 115 Business Club 125 Yorkers 9, 10, 11, 125 F.T.A. 125 I.R.C. 9, lO, ll, 125 Y-Teens 9, 10, 115 Majorettes 9, 10, Co-Captain 115 Girls Basketball 125 Camelot 95 Music Man 10. "Without love and laughter there is no joy. Live amid love and laughter." Yearbook Staff fTypingl 125 Paper Staff QTypingl 115 Chorus 9, 10, 115 Speech Club 115 Business Club 11, Vice-Pres. 125 Library Club 10, 115 F.T.A. 125 Y-Teens 9, Vice-Pres. 10, Pres. 115 Inherit the Wind 9 State Award at Cobleskill for Introduction to Business - 9th Place 1101 smsg:e,,m,,em, ,- f .... , -anrcsfps George Cipperly "There's a story about a psychologist who was studying the intelligence of a chimpanzee. He led the chimp into a room full of toys, went out, closed the door, and put his eye to the keyhole to see what the chimp was doing. He found himself gazing into a glittering, interested, brown eye only three inches from his own. The chimp was looking through the keyhole to see what the psychologist was doing." MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST SCHOLAR MOST RESPECTED Student Council 12, Mu Alpha Theta 10, 11, 12, Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12, Computer Club 12, Ski Club 11, 12, French Club 9, 10, ll, German Club 11, Biology Club 11, 12, Varsity Club ll, 12, Football 9, 10, ll, 12, Basketball 10, 11, Class Vice-Pres. 10, Inherit the Wind 9. R.P.I. Mathematics and Science Award 11 Henry Stewart "From tomorrow on I shall be sad, from tomorrow on. Not today. Today I shall be glad. And every day, no matter how bitter it may be, I shall say: From tomorrow on I shall be sad, not today." MOST SERVICE TO SCHOOL CLASS POLITICIAN MOST RESPECTED MOST HONEST Yearbook Staff 12, Student Council 10, Treas. 11, Pres. 12, Executive Council ll, 12, Mu Alpha Theta 10, 11, 12, Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12, Computer Club 10, Ski Club 10, 11, 12, French Club 9, 1-O, ll, 12, Speech Club, Pres. 11, 12, Drama Club 11, Biology Club 11, 12: Football 9, 10, Inherit the Wind9 School's top scorer in National lVlath Contest 1115 New York State. Math Contest at Cobleskill-5th Place 1105 New York State Math Contest at Cobleskill- 2nd Place 1111 Delegate to New York State Governor's Conference on Children and Youth 119701 National P.T.A. Ethnic Arts and Writing Contest -Honorable Men- tion 119701 Bradley Ford "Education is that which remains when one has forgotten everything he's learned in school." MOST SHY MOST CONSCIENTIOUS Student Council 125 Mu Alpha Theta 10, 11, 125 Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 125 French Club 9, 10, 115 German Club 11, 125 Biology Club 11, 125 Varsity Club 125 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 125 Inherit the Wind 9. Christopher Eckel "Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm." Student Council 125 Executive Council 12 5 Mu Alpha Theta, Treas. 10, 11, 125 Computer Club 125 French Club 9, 105 German Club 11, 125 Biology Club 11, Treas. 125 Inherit the Wind 9. l l I s Eric Bauer "Noise is the most impertinent of all forms of interruption. It is not only an interruption, but a disruption of thought." Student Council 9, 10, 11, Treas. 125 Executive Council 11, 125 Paper Staff 95 Chorus 9, 10, ll, 125 All-State Chorus 10, ll, 12: All-County Chorus 10, ll, 12 5 Choralaires 125 Computer Club 12 Ski Club 10, 125 French Club 9, 10, 115 Drama Club 115 Biology Club, Treas. 11, 125 Key Club, Sec. 11, Sec. 125 Class Vice-Pres. 95 Camelot 95 Music lVlan 105 Inherit the Wind 9. June Boomhower "Some men see things as they are and say why, I dream things that never were and say why not." Business Club 125 Yorkers 11, Historian 129 F.T.A. 9, 11, 12. Alice Bulson "It isn't the size of the man in the fight. It's the size of the fight in the man." Speech Club 12. Jill Tweedie "I am what I think I am going to be." Chorus 9,10,11,12g Ski Club 11, 12, Biology Club 11, 125 Yorkers 9, 10, Vice-Pres. 11, Pres. 12, F.T.A. 9, 10, 11, 12, Camelot 95 Music Man 10. Kathleen Berard "A good heart is worth gold." MOST CONSCIENTIOUS Chorus 10, 11, 12, Speech Club 11, 12, Yorkers 12, Y-Teens 10 Girls Basketball 10. Pieter Burhans "I know the nature of women: When you want to, they don't want to5 and when you don't want to, they desire exceedingly." Key Club 12, Louis Dunham "I have found you an argumentg I am not obliged to find you an understanding." CLASS BULL-THROWER Varsity Club 10, ll, 125 Key Club 11, 125 Football 9, 10, 11, Captain 125 Wrestling 9. V I t Charles Seyffer "The society which scorns excellence in plumbing because plumbing is a humble activity. . .and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity. . .will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy. . .neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water. " MOST GENEROUS "CLASS GOOFOFFH Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Biology Club 105 Varsity Club 125 Key Club ll, 125 Football 9, 10, 11, 12. Raymond Trzcinski ". . . it is better to be impudent than to be a boot-licker. . . " Camelot 95 Inherit the Wind 95 Music Man 105 Prom Committee 11. Richard Brown Praise is the best diet for us, after all si- lwa f"7 H' -W, .124 nw Mary Kaufmann "To be what we are and to become what we are ca able of becom- 1 P ing, is the only end of life." MOST SHY Susan Lemke "If you would have friends, be one." Y-Teens 10, 11. Beverly Decker "Anger is never without a reason but seldom with a good one." MOST CONSCIENTIOUS Yearbook Staff 12, Mu Alpha Theta 11, 125 Honor Society 11, 12 French Club 99 Speech Club 115 F.T.A. 10, Sec. 12, I.R.C. 9, 10 Y-Teens 9, Vice-Pres. 10, 11. Cherry Bornt "Concentrate on the futureg the past is only a fading memory." Chorus 12 5 Library Club 11 Honorable Mention Award at Cobleskill for Introduction to Business CIOJ Honorable Mention Award at Cobleskill for Business Math C101 Judith Lavigne "Supreme happiness will be the greatest cause of misery, and the perfection of wisdom the occassion of folly." Chorus 95 Y-Teens 10, 115 Camelot 9. Mary McLoughlan "We must laugh before we are happy, for fear we die before we laugh at all." Yearbook Staff fTypingj 125 Business Club 10, 11, 125 F.T.A. Vice-Pres. 125 Y-Teens 10, ll, Agnes Doyring "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." Yearbook Staff fTypingj 125 Business Club 10, 11, 125 Library Club 10, 115 F.T.A. 125 Y-Teens 11. Deborah Jones "The difficulty in life is the choice." Yearbook Staff fTypingl 12, Paper Staff fTypingJ 12, Business Club 11, Y-Teens 10. Janis Phillips "Some people run, some people walk, some people don't move at all. Some roads lead forward, some roads lead back, some roads are bathed in white, some wrapped in fearful black. Time, oh good, good time, where did you go?" CLASS BULL-TI-IROWER MOST TEMPERMENTAL Yearbook Staff fTypingl 12, Paper Staff QTypingl 11, 12, Chorus 9, 105 French Club 9, 10, Business Club 10, Sec. 11, 125 Library Club 9, 10, 11, 12, I.R.C. 10, Y-Teens 9, 10, Music Man 105 Inherit the Wind 9. State Award at Cobleskill for General Business Information I - 8th Place 1105 State Award at Cobleskill for Shorthand and Transcription I - 4th Place C111 State Award at Cobleskill for Shorthand and Transcription II - 6th Place C121 State Award at Cobleskill for Rapid Calculation - 9th Place 1121 l Jo Shelnutt J si ei 4 LJ PE,-1' MUSICALLY ORIENTED CLASS POLITICIAN Yearbook Staff 115 Student Council 10, Vice-Pres. 11, Sec. 125 Executive Council 1O,11,125 Honor Society 11,125 Chorus 9. 10.11. Librarian 125 All-State Chorus 10, 11, 125 All-County Chorus 9, 10, 11, 125 Choralaires 10, 11, 125 Band 9, 10, 115 All-County Band 115 Ski Club 11, 125 Drama Club 115 Biology Club 115 Prom Committee 115 Camelot 95 Music Man 10 Voice of Democracy Award C115 - 1st Place in school competition, 1st Place in inter-school competition. Robert Bornt "Outside show is a poor substitute for inner worth." BEST DRESSED Band 9, 10, Treas. 11, Treas. 125A11-State Band 11, 125Al1-County Band 10, 11, 125 Varsity Club 11, 125 Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Basketball 9, lo, 11, 12, Baseball 1o,11, 12. Douglas Stevens "Behavior is a mirror in which one shows his image." FRIENDLIEST' MOST GENEROUS Yearbook Staff 125 Student Council 9, 10, 11, 125 Executive Council 125 Band 9, 10, Vice-Pres. 11, Pres. 125 All-State Band 125 All-County Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Dance Band 9, 10, 11, 125 French Club 95 Baseball 125 Prom Committee 11. Judith Rivest "You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give." BEST ALL-AROUND GUY MOST GENEROUS MOST SINCERE MOST CONSIDERATE Yearbook Staff ll, 125 Mu Alpha Theta 105 Chorus 9, 10, 11, Vice-Pres. 125 All-State Chorus 125 All-County Chorus ll, 125 Choralaires 125 Ski Club ll, 125 French Club 9, 105 Drama Club Treas. 115 Biology Club 115 I.R.C. 105 Y-Teens, Treas. 9, Treas. 105 Prom Committee 115 Class Treas. 95 Music Man 10. Joseph Colarusso "You shall have joy, or you shall have power," God said, "but you shall not have both." BEST LOOKING MOST GENEROUS MOST SINCERE MOST CONSIDERATE Student Council 125 Executive Council 125 Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Biology Club 11, 125 Key Club 125 Varsity Club 11, 125 Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Baseball 10, 11, 12. Irene Hazen "Believe only half of what you see, and nothing of what you hear." Library Club 95 Y-Teens 9. "I-Ie who travels alone may come and go as he pleases, but he who travels with someone must wait 'til he is ready." Yearbook Staff fTypingJ 125 Student Council 115 Paper Staff QTypingj 11, 125 Y-Teens 95 Prom Committee 11. J P Shelley Sheffer "We can change the world, Re-arrange the world. It's dying-if you believe in justice It's dying-and if you believe in freedom It's dying-rules and regulations, who needs them Open up the door." 1 Debra Carroll Joyce Knauer "To know is nothing at allg to imagine is everything." CLASS "GOOFOFF" Yearbook Staff QTypingj 125 Paper Staff fTypingJ 11, 129 F.T.A. 115 Y-Teens 10. 5 Jessie Haner "The music that can deepest reach and cure all ill, is cordial speech." Chorus 129 Library Club 11. Donna Hoag "Life is just one damned thing after another." Library Club 95 Y-Teens 9 5 Cheerleading 109 Prom Committee 11. Q -il-.-----1-i inf, ww if , -mam. m Patricia Page "The road to Wisdom Well, it's plain and simple to express Err and err and err again but less and less and less." MOST GULLIBLE German Club 11. Colleen Buehler 'fThe thing that goes the farthest towards making life worthwhile, that costs the least, and does the most, is just a pleasant smile." CLASS CLOWN Ski Club 10, Y-Teens 9. Rosemary Vellotti "Men may come ! I Q Mary Lou Taylor and men may go, but I go on forever Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Library Club 9, 10. "Put up in a place where it's easy to see the cryptic admonishment T. T. T. When you feel how depressingly slowly you climb, it's well to remember that Things Take Time." Ski Club 9, 10, Y-Teens 95 Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, 125 Prom Committee 11, Prom Court 11, Class Treasurer 10. Ann MacLean "On the horizon a new day is born. Celebrate lt's new life." Yearbook Staff 11, 12, Mu Alpha Theta 10, 11, 12, Honor Society 11, 129 Chorus 12, Ski Club 10, 11, 125 French Club 9, 105 Speech Club 11, 12, Cheerleading 10 3 Class Pres. 9. Sandra Towne "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." MOST ATHLETIC Yearbook Staff 123 Student Council 11, 129 Executive Council 12g Chorus 9, 10, 125 Band 9, 103 Ski Club 10, 119 French Club 95 Speech Club 10, 12, Girls Basketball 125 Prom Committee ll, 12 Mary Scanlon "You trust your mother, but you cut the cards." Mu Alpha Theta 10, ll, 125 Chorus 11, 125 Speech Club 115 I.R.C. 9, 10. Janet Kuhl "if I was a witches hat sitting on her head like a paraffin stove I'd fly away and be a bat across the air I would rove." Holly Bolliger "No sadder proof can be given by a man of his own littleness than disbelief in great men." Chorus 95 Ski Club 11g French Club 9. 1 Robin Sanefski "Freedom, that's what I want Freedom, that's what I need Freedom to live, Freedom so I can give Stone free, to do what I please Stone free, to ride the breeze, turn me loose." - Jimi Hendrix BEST ALL-AROUND GUY Student Council 9, 125 Executive Council 12, Chorus 9, IO, 11, Pres. 12, All-State Chorus 10, 12, All-County Chorus 10, Il, 125 Choralaires 10, 11, 12, Basketball 11, 12, Camelot 9 5 Music Man 10. 38 12 Key Club 125 Mark Rancourt Entered Senior Year "We have so little time in which to do so much." FRIENDLIEST Business Club 12. Gary Johnson "Money is like an arm or a leg- -use it or lose it." MOST GENEROUS Student Council 115 Biology Club 11 9 Prom Committe 11 John Keeler "When the fight begins within himself, a man's worth something." MOST CONSIDERATE MOST SERVICE TO SCHOOL Football 9, 10, 11, Captain 12, Baseball 10, 11, Prom Committee 11, Class President 11, 12, StudentCouncil 12, Executive Council 12, Ski Club 12, Biology Club 11, 12, Varsity Club 11, 12, Key Club 11, Pres. 12. Michael Centrella "I hate to think of the things I should have done and haven 't and I also hate to think of the things I have done and shouldn't." BIGGEST DEBATOR MOST POPULAR MOST TALKATIVE Varsity Club ll, 12, Key Club 12, Football 9, 10, ll, 12, Basketball 9, 10, Baseball 10, 12, Class Treasurer 11, 12. Wendy Sinacore "Our first duty to society is to be somebody-that is to say, be ourselves, and we can only be ourselves if we are often enough by ourselves." MOST POPULAR FRIENDLIEST MOST RESPECTED Yearbook Staff ll, 12, Student Council 12, Executive Council 12, Mu Alpha Theta 10, ll, 12, Honor Society 9, 11, 12, Computer Club 12, French Club 10, 11, Biology Club 11, 12, Prom Committee General Manager 11, Class Secretary 10, Class Vice- Pres. 11, 12. Diane Campbell "Friendship is just a little word. It's people who make it big." Yearbook Staff 12, Student Council 9, 10, 12, Executive Council 12, Mu Alpha Theta 10, 11, 125 Honor Society 9, 11, 129 Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, Captain 12: Prom Committee 11g Prom Court 1 1 Voice of Democracy Merit Award C101 Robin Roeck "What is past is gone. Live each day with a smiley Your life has just begun!" Yearbook Staff 12 5 Mu Alpha Theta 10, 11, 12 5 Honor Society 9 10, Treas. 11, 125 French Club 9, Vice-Pres. 10, Biology Club 11 Cheerleading 10, 11, 125 Prom Committee 11: Prom COUIT 11 Miss United Fund Award 1123 KKEQHI B!!SJ!'SYNlElSlXl1El'WSnSiHf Jack Rifenburg "Till this evening is this morning, life is fine." Student Council 125 Chorus 9, 10, 11, Treas. 125 Business Club 9, 105 Varsity Club 125 F.T.A. 115 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Baseball 10, 115 Camelot 95 Music Man 10. 42 Joseph O'Brien "It takes as much time and trouble to pull down a falsehood as to build up a truth." Ski Club 10, 11, 12. Arnold Van Wie "Do you often stop and whisper in Saturday's shore, that the whole wor1d's a savior, who could ever, ever, ever, ever ask for more! !" Joseph Morizio "The easiest person to deceive is one's own self." MUSICALLY ORIENTED MOST GULLIBLE Chorus 12, Band 12, Dance Band 12, I.R.C. 9, Inherit the Wind 9. 43 Reta Bryson "Life is to be lived day by day, for there is no other way." Library Club 10, 119 Y-Teens 103 Prom Committee 11. Kathy Church Eileen Brundige "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you Library Club 125 Y-Teens 10. "Most of us will never do great things, but we can do small things in a great way." Library Club 9, 12, 44 Anna Kaschak 'A vein of poetry exists in the hearts of all men." Ruth Williams There can be no defense like elaborate courtesy." 'fv- Charles Parker "Repression is the seed of revolution." Student Council 95 Speech Club 115 Biology Club 105 I.R.C. 9, 105 Prom Committee 115 Inherit the Wind 9. Robert Wright "I do my thing and you do your thing. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you, and 1 am I, and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful." MOST WITTY Football 9. Walter Long "To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men, but to violently express their protest both physically and mentally makes fools of them." Student Council 10, 11, 125 Executive Council 10, 125 Chorus 9, 11, 125 All-State Chorus 105 All-County Chorus 10, 115 I.R.C. 9. Gregory Patrizio "Co-existence or no existence." Chorus 9, 10, 1 1, 125 All-State Chorus 9, 105 All-County Chorus 9 10, Choralaires 10, 11, 12, Ski Club 11, 12, I.R.C. 93 Camelot 9 Music Man 10, Inherit the Wind 9. Bruce Grady "A decent and manly examination of the acts of government should not only be tolerated, but encouraged." CLASS CLOWN Safe Driver's Award 11. rmmaesmwxlnlma ,sf vig A usd km , rv Q- M .1 rl Thomas Hubbard "It is easy to despise what you cannot get. Varsity Club 125 Football 10, 11, 12. James Monahan "In the days of prosperity be joyful but in the days of adversity consider." George Berard "Truth is the cry of all, but the game of few." FRIENDLIEST Mu Alpha Theta 9, 10, ll, 12, Computer Club 11. Daniel Hubbard "Liberty is the right of doing whatever the laws permit MOST GENEROUS Varsity Club 12, Football 12. l 1 5 Thomas Baker "Silence alone is greatg all else is weakness." MOST INDUSTRIOUS All-State Band 93 Football 9. Thomas Fuller "Some people look at things and ask why, I look at things and ask why not." Martin Goard "Diplomacy is to do and say the nastiest thing in the nicest way." Football 9, 10. Thomas Boomhower "There are but two ways of rising in the world: either by one's own industry or profiting by the foolishness of others." Stephen Kreiger Bruce Rowland "I consider it the best part of an education to have been born and brought up in the country." Varsity Club 11, 125 Football 10, 11, 12. Theodore Blackshear "Success is a garden with too much sun. Be careful it does not dry your roots." Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12 3 Wrestling 12. Daniel Dougherty "Experience informs us that the first defense of weak minds is to recriminate." MOST ATHLETIC Football 10, 11, 12, Basketball 9, 10, 11,12gVarsity Club 11, 12. Michael Phelps "There is nothing so powerful as truth and after nothing so strange." BIGGEST FLIRT Wrestling 11, Business Club 9, 125 Key Club 1 1, 12. 53 Tanis Sweet "The world would sleep if things were run by men who say, 'It mn't be done.' " MOST SERVICE TO SCHOOL MOST HONEST Yearbook Staff 11, Editor-in-Chief 125 Student Council 125 Executive Council 125 Mu Alpha Theta 11, 125 Chorus 9, 11, 12, French Club 9, 105 Speech Club 115 F.T.A. 10, 11, Pres. 125 I.R.C. 9, 10, Pres. and Sec. 11, Pres. 125 Y-Teens 9, 10, 115 Majorettes 9, Co-Captain 10, Captain 115 Prom Committee 115 Inherit the Wind 9 Magazine Sale Liberty Bell Award - lst Place Daughters of the American Revolution Award. Lucinda Feathers " . . . and as today's light fades, there is always tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow." Yearbook Staff 125 Mu Alpha Theta 125 Honor Society 9,10,115 Chorus 9,105 All-County Chorus 9, 105 French Club 9,105 Speech Club 105 Biology Club 105 Yorkers 95 Music Man 10. Paul Kordana "To fail is to have a chance to do better." Ski Club 115 French Club 115 Yorkers 9, 1 1 Magazine Sale Liberty Bell Award - 2nd Place zrfwmsxzmlsw, ,,.,,s.1ff , ' . ws Paula Southard "Most of us would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism." ' MOST INDUSTRIOUS MOST SERVICE TO SCHOOL Yearbook Staff 11, Business Manager 125 Student Council 125 Executive Council 125 Mu Alpha Theta 10, 11, 125 Honor Society 9, 11, Pres. 125 French Club 9, Treas. 105 F.T.A. 9, Treas. 10, Pres. 115 I.R.C.9, 10 State Award at Cobleskill for Math-3rd Place C105 Linda Gummer "Only that day dawns to which we are awake." Yearbook Staff fTypingj 125 Student Council 95 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 125 Band Vice-Pres. 125 F.T.A. 11, 125 Prom Committee 115 Camelot 95 Music Man 10 5 Wrestling Scorekeeper 11, 12. Lois Geene "What a doleful place this world would be if there were no little people in it." Student Council 11, 12g Chorus 9, 10, Prom Committee 11, Music Man 10. ' Voice of Democracy Award-2nd Place. Jane Young "Live for today, remember yesterday, hope for tomorrow." BIGGEST FLIRT Chorus 10, 11, 12, Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Librarian 9, 10, 11, 12, Sec. 11, 12, Speech Club 11, Drama Club 11, Biology Club 11, I.R.C. 10, Wrestling Scorekeeper 11, 12. is Deborah Hayes "There is only one success--to be able to spend your life in your own way." Yearbook Staff fTypingj 12, Paper Staff fTypingj 10, F.T.A. 9, 10, 113 I.R.C. 9, Prom Committee 11, Ski Club 11, 12. " I Kathy Roden "Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow." Mu Alpha Theta 95 Chorus 125 French Club 9 Voice of Democracy Award 1103. Kim Renaldi "i'm talking to a rabbit . . . i'm talking to the sun . . . i think iam a hundred- 1'm one i'm lying in a forest . . . i'm lying in a cave . . . i'm talking to a Dragon . . . i'm Brave. i'm lying on my left side . . . i'm lying on my right . . . i'll play a lot tomorrow . . . i'll think a lot tomorrow . . . i'1l laugh . . . a lot . . . tomorrow . . . Yearbook Staff 125 Chorus 95 Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Y-Teens 9 Prom Committee 115 Class Sec. 9 Jackie Trimble "Living in a world of thought I have few opportunities to act." Student Council 10, 11: Chorus 10, 11, 125 All-State Chorus 125 Choralaires 125 Band 9, 10, 125 Ski Club 10, 11, 125 French Club 95 Biology Club 115 Y-Teens 95 Cheerleading 95 Class Officer 10. Stephanie Guinan "Loneliness speaks to loneliness and though we mask ourselves with words of silences, our needs leap out from all we do and speak to those alike." Yearbook Staff 125 Student Council 9, 10, 115Paper Staff 10, 115 Chorus 105 Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 125 French Club 115 Y-Teens 95 Cheerleading 9, 10, 115 Prom Committee. Voice of Democracy Award Cllj. 59 Lois Geene, Cosmetologyg Karen Quigley, Data Processing Steve Kreiger, Auto Mechanics Dan Hubbard, Auto Mechanics Tom Baker, Electricity SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS John Keeler, Pres.g Wendy Sinacore, Vice-Pres., Carla Fitzpatrick, Sec., Mike Centrella, Treas. REGENTS SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS lst Row, Left to Right: B. Ford, E. Bauer, H. Stewart. 2nd Row: M.' Scanlon, C. Aldrich, A. MacLean. 3rd Row: T. Blackshear, C. Eckel, G. Cipperly. HONOR SOCIETY 11q ww vi AEWHMWQ iasw-.vm.2:2a .a 27 mm NEW INDUCTEES lst Row, Left to Right: P. Morse, M. Thompson, M. Click- ner, L. Purtell, D. Erickson, J. Rivest. 2nd Row: B. Clarkson, N. Pollock, E. Bauer, J. Chestara, C. Eckel, G. Berard, J. Adams, K. Ford. 61 .nfln K Junior Prom Court: Jo Shelnutt, Colleen Buehler, Rosemary Vellotti, Judy Rivest, Queen, Wendy Sinacore, Diane Campbell Robm Roeck. The l1tt1e ones: Juhe Claus and Tommy Ryan. Presentation of the queen: Judy Rivest, John Keeler. Queen and her escort: l - Judy V---n-4 Rivest, Jay Colarusso ..-..,4 AUSTRIAN SKI TRIP The parents are in a jovial mood. 'I'he gang that couldn't ski straight. Who said horses can't ski?" lvlrs, P,-att - on patrol- Mr. Swanick - our fearless leader A meeting of the masterminds! Joe's getting reprimanded. "They weren't caught off guard." Debbi and Linda our "swinging" seniors. Is this the emergency room! ?" Yes, John, 2 x 2 I 4. Sandy, Bob, and Greg J'The Three Stooges." "Are Dunham and Phelps really paying attention? She's planning another battle in the war of the sexes. They all look to Ray for guidance. T S "Knit one, purl two, knit one, purl two! !" ' 'F Q f ,--553 . 1 waggf,frg'w,L:tsvwzw-wt twat: 1 fn f 5 f " ' ? ggi mz'x,7fYQS.:E :gg,ful7,liffflkQg4g,'ft,?' ,flf',f':!,'f'n,7f,JW' "" - YJ? " Y- t 4453 22 P315 ' ' TMQWYZ1' , n fQ2Q'?Qp',Zw?'545 5511 ' , " :'5'Z'4"'0 "A v gf,EwgygX A L1'2",f',fI'Uf fi' , f A, ZQWYJL V it .1'1,, , t MW i 'pi' 1' 7:2 222, at f xfw, z ,B -1, if, X fi 'gh 1 41 gf, Q iii ' 8 ,, ,Q Y Ei . " '12'f6i?if" C. 5 , 4,9 ,Qi fs fr: 4 k tj M' U f fv. ffl ,W V If ' 7 ' f 'V :Z u I . ,,. in , ,,., . www fi' 4 f if u 'ff gg gk ff f 1-6 3,1 - K,-K it: ,Z ,kt , , 'g fl 1 su352,gjf,-,,,f, z, f , .- 1- 7s3tff',,',tZiigfi:Hgfiifsifft , 'it u ,fa ., w : 1 : , .. 'Q 'E ' , , 2 ..,, Is George s1eepwalking?" H Now pick up the tempo, Jackie." ". . .and then the mean old pirate said. . ." What are Owl and Rat laughing at?" REMEMBER WHEN STUDENT TEACHERS Mrs. Mesmiano taught Math. Miss Lass helped with Journalism. Miss Tedford worked with Mrs. Haskins' History groups. Miss Lass fabovej and Miss Tedford fbelowj at party given by students. 4. x Z fi Ravi V 3. 3 Nw' 2 'Q mwrmmawmw .-N459 ,Wi - 4 Grade 11 lst Row, Left to Right: B. Campbell, M. Behan, C. Christensen Cromie, R. Church, K. Bissell, J. 'Adams 2nd Row: D. Carner Campbell, J. Chestara, J. Barkyoumb, M. Clickner, S. Colangelo, D. Belanger. 3rd Row: W. Bornt, J. Berney, B. Clarkson, C. Chuhta, A. Bonesteel, R. Briggs, R. Clayton. 4th Row: L. Church. J. Albarelli, W. Bloomer, C. Dehnert, G. Coletti, J. Cipperly. ,B. ,o. "Remember when? lst Row, Left to Right: S. Hartley, B. Eckel, D. Hoffman, A. Fallon, K. Ford, D. Hummel, T. Fox. 2nd Row: D. Golinski, J. Hardick, J. Floyd, R. Duncan, D. Erickson, J. Dehnert, W. Fletcher. 3rd Row: F. Kasmier, P. DeMarse, B. Moody, G. Johnston, M. Jarvis, E. Hoag, C. Harris. 4th Row: S. Empie, P. Holmes. lst Row, Left to Right: J. Kirchner, N. Martel, C. Morizio. L. Purtell, N. Pollock, S. Peer, D. Pollock. 2nd Row: M. Lynn, C. Lee, M. Lagasse, S. Passaretti, A. Mack, IVI. King, D. Keefer. 3rd Row: D. Moquin, B. Moody, G. Messemer, D. McDermott, P. Marshall, P. Morse, B. Lewis. 4th Row: G. McChesney, P. McGoff, T. Kivlin, R. Kugler. lst Row, Left to Right: M. Singiser, J. Wagar, L.A. Sipel, B. Tweedie, C. Seror, C. Wood, J. Rumpf. 2nd Row: C. Roden, B. Tate, E. Renaldi, C. Winters, M. Thompson, S. Walsh, A. Tarbox. 3rd Row: B. Whitford, G. Rufenacht, S. Wilson, K. Ross, G. Seabury, A. Salvoti. 4th Row: J. Stickelmyer, J. Schneider, J. Sirco, W. Rivers, P. Ve11otti,AP. Sauter. Left to Right: B. Clarkson, Sec.g G. Coletti, Pres.g R. Hazen, Vice-Presg P. Vellotti. Treas. Gym for all . .. Marching to her own drum Grade 10 lst Row, Left to Right: K. Clickner, B. Bourgeois, C. Chwalek, P. Burt, P. Brundige, N. Bauer, B. Clickner. 2nd Row: J. Bowman, P. Buehler, K. Airey, C. Bennett R. Blackshear, E. Boylan, K. Bursik. 3rd Row: T. Bergin, M. Bornt, R. Benac, M. Belanger, K. Coonradt B. Bieg, N. Burhans. 4th Row: R. Button, P. Briggs, D Brown. lst Row, Left to Right: N. Goard, D. Flanagan, D. Dormandy, D. Eastwick, K. Freckleton, S. Fitzpatrick, J. Hammet. 2nd Row: K. Gliosco, J. Duncan, R. Davis, S. Frederickson, R. Gaddie, J. Gibson, P. Daley. 3rd Row: B. Decker, C. Goard, C. Freckleton, M.J. Guinan, C. Cushman, C. Corlew. 4th Row: L. Derrick, J. Dunham, B. Gilchrist, C. Estabrooks. Who's Teaching who? lst Row, Left to Right: R. Keefer, J. Hoag, V. Matala, M. Herald, T. Iwanowicz, W. Harris, D. Hartnett. 2nd Row: K Kaschak, S. Labanowski, J. Hayford, W. Heffner, S. Kordana, E. Konieczny, T. Lovegrove. 3rd Row: C. Hunziker, J Hurteau, G. Hartley, T. Loucks, S. Horning, R. Hayward. 4th Row: G. Joy, J. Hetman. lst Row, Left to Right: B. Noble, T. Plumb, N. Melsom, J. Perrott, K. O'Brien, B. Morse, P. Muller. 2nd Row: D. McGrady, D. Page, B. Pickering, P. Pascucci, M. Mumblow, D. Moquin, T. Penman. 3rd Row: W. Reilly, S. Plumb, D. Page, C. Remillard, M. Rapp, L. Roden, T. Ritrivato. lst Row, Left to Right: R. Stevens, L. Towne, R. Vogel, R Waters, S. Ross, J. Tybush, J. Smith. 2nd Row: B. Sheldrick N. Welch, K. Wheeler, A. Spiak, S. Sherman, P. Whalen, Ji Trzcinski. 3rd Row: M. Schott, D. Yaiser, M. Rose, M. Wagner, J. Stannard, D. Rounds, J. Schneider. 4th Row: W. Webster, B. Whitford, J. Showers. K. Smith. Left to Right: B. Heffner, Pres., Mr. Legasse, Advisor, D. Moquin, Treasg W. Harris, Vice-Pres., D. Dormandy, Sec. Young Scientists at work Grade 9 lst Row, Left to Right: C. Baligian, K. Burdick, S. Austin, N. Bass, J. Bonesteel, J. Bornt. 2nd Row: H. Bissell, R. Alger, D. Belcher, A. Albarelli, D. Benac, C. Christensen, B. Chestara. 3rd Row: C. Brown, J. Brenenstuhl, C. Aldrich, K. Carner, D. Bouchey, W. Baker. 4th Row: C. Capra, D. Bornt. lst Row, Left to Right: K. Ellis, V. Durkee, T. Duncan, S. Cipperly, S. Clickner, N. Doyle, J. Crook. 2nd Row: R. Connor, S. Deegan, D. Erickson, J. Eckel, C. Connor, J. Elliot, M. Eddy. 3rd Row: B. Daley, T. Daley, J. Curran, R. Duncan, L. Church. 1st Row, Left to Right: S. Garmley, S. Hubbard, K. Freemantle, G. Herrey, P. Gibson, G. Haber, M. Hunt. 2nd Row: J. Guthier, W. Hoag, R. Fox, J. Fiore, J. Hewitt, E. Gummer, T. Hoodack. 5rd Row: L. Fleishman, P. Holmes, T. Hummel, T. Gilchrist, J. Geene, C. Howard, C. Fuller. Freshmen, on their time off? lst Row, Left to Right: W. Nealon, R. Morse, R. Nealon, C. Kivlin, M. Kirchner, C. O'Brien, J. Nelson. 2nd Row: D. Johnston, C. Lemner, R. Kaschak, R. Masterson, R. Muller, D. O'Brien, J. Nealon. 3rd Row: R. Kienle, G. Kneer, B. Martens, P. Matzen, S. MacLean, E. Leith, D. Krieger. lst Row, Left to Right: K. Purtell, S. Rebhun, N. O'Brien, C. Rogers, M. Smith, L. Qua, D. Roberts. 2nd Row: E. Seiler, P. Quigley, J. Prock, R. Schott, S. Rapp, D. Roeck, M. Rancourt. Std Row: W Sarnacki, R. Sandercox, E. O'Donnell, F. O'Donne1l, P. Smith, W. Roberge, M. Quinlan. lst Row, Left to Right: E. Wilkenson, B. Ware, D. Wagar, M. Wade, W. Tarbox, G. Terk, M. Tate. 2nd Row: W. Van Orman, D. Tweedie, E. Stephens, M.J. Spiak, D. Winters, D. Wenzel, M. Welch. 3rd Row: W. Sweet, W. Vellotti. Left to Right: R. Kienle, Treas.g P. Matzen, Pres.g Mrs. Cummings, Advisorg K. Heiser, Vice- Pres.g D. Erickson, Sec. Gary I-Ierry and Walter Tarbox getting first-hand advice from Mr. Senecal. About what?? "Why so shyp are they meant to be here?" "Fifteen more minutes till break! Pyramus and 'I'hisbe? or Tom and Jeff? Sniff! Sniff! What's that funny smell? What period is this, Judy? Third? 80 As Kathy turns her back, Diane strikes a pose. Nancy and Tom. They live the part , I I I Q I X x 1 i I 1 1 z gs J 5 1 ...., ,-. . .,.-n--.lm-mv A-1n,Qwmm.u.mfmuwnmrx:nm4wsmmmm4-uwuumxamvvm.mnrmm-annum! na. . W ssanaw aasvxnsaaaa-famsfm' YEARBOOK EDITORS lst Row, Left to Right: '1'. Sweet, W. Sinacore, C. Aldrich, P. Southard, A. MacLean, B. Decker, J. Rivest. YEARBOOK BUSINESS STAFF 1st Row, Seated Left to Right B. Baker, M. McLough1an, D Kaschak, D. Carner, D. Jones, D I-la es L Gumme 2 d R y , . r. n ow, standing: J. Knauer, D. Carroll, J. Phillips, A. Doring. 82 1st Row, Left to Right: J Keeler, M. Centrella, B. Decker L. Brennan. 2nd Row, standing H. Stewart, D. Stevens, Mr Legasse, Business Advisor, E Bauer, W. Long. YEARBOOK TYPING STAFF Delegates lst Row, Left to Right: G. Cipperly, J. Rifenburg, H. Bissel, P. Vellotti, N. Pollock, C. Freckleton, P. Whalen. 2nd Row: D. Tweedie, J. Fiore, K. Purtell, J. Eckel, D. Erickson, S. Lewis, C. Aldrich. 3rd Row: P. Matzen, M. Thompson, B. Eckel, E. Weiss, K. O'Brien, D. Moquin, R. Sanefski. 4th Row: P. Sauter, G. Pattison, C. Eckel, R. Sandercox, J. Hayford, K. Bursik, L. Towne. 5th Row: S. Fitzpatrick, D. Bouchey, L. Fleishman. STUDENT COUNCIL Officers Kneeling: J. Chestara, Vice-Pres. Standing: E. Bauer, Treas.g I-I. Stewart, Pres., J. Shelnutt, Sec. Executive Council Seated: J. Keeler, W. Sinacore Mr. Petronis, Advisor, D Campbell, J. Shelnutt. lst Row: J. Floyd, C. Bennett, C. Eckel, J Colarusso, W. Long, R. Sanefski D. Stevens, G. Blauvelt, Bi Heffner, G. Colletti, H. Stewart 2nd Row: E. Bauer, S. Cipperly J. Hayford, L. Fleishman, B' Carmody. 83 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY lst Row, Seated Left to Right: J. Shelnutt, C. Aldrich, Miss Gabauer, Advisor, J. Chestara, W. Sinacore, R Roeck. 2nd Row, Standing: B. Ford, H. Stewart, A. MacLean, B. Clarkson, J. Floyd, D. Erickson, B Decker, D. Campbell, G. Cipperly, K. Ford. IUNIOR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY lst Row, Seated Left to Right: M. Quillan, J. Fiore, K. Purtell, D. Erickson, N. Doyle, R. Morse. 2nd Row, Standing: L. Fleishman, B. Chestara, S. Cipperly, P. Gallager, C. Capra. COMPUTER CLUB lst Row, Seated Left to Right: C. Eckel, G. Cipperly. 2nd Row, Seated: N. Pollock, W. Sinacore. 3rd Row, Seated: J. Cipperly, B. Clickner, B. Hayward. 4th Row, Standing: Mrs. OSb0lfHe, Advisor, P. Vellotti, P. Briggs, W. Rivers, K. Ford, E. Bauer. BUSINESS CLUB lst Row, Left to Right: K. Quigley, B.J. Baker, D. Kaschak, Mr. Legasse, Advisor, D. Carner, R. Kugler, M. Phelps. 2nd Row: J. Boomhower, B. Cromie, K. Rogers, J. Bonesteel, M. Welch, V. Durkee, K. Ellis. 3rd Row: D. Roberts, P. DeMarse, B. Bloomer, B. Whitford, K. O'Brien, L. Weeden, P. Quigley. 4th Row: C. Morizio, B. Tate, M. Singiser, J. Guthier, M. McLoughlin, A. Doring, J. Phillips. PAPER STAFF lst Row, Seated Left to Right: K. Gliosco, G. Pattison, D. Brown, L. Fleishman, Mr. Senecal, Advisor. 2nd Row, Standing: B. Tate, C. Morizio, J. Barkyoumb, D. Carroll, K. Farrell, D. Hoffman, D. Bouchey, N. Doyle, J. Fiore. 85 BIOLOGY CLUB lst Row, Left to Right: E. Bauer, B. Clickner, S. Frederickson, J. Cipperly, C. Eckel, B. Ford, Mr. Backhaus, advisor, G. Blauvelt, L. Purtell, A. Tarbox, J. Shelnutt, K. Clickner, M. Clickner, D. Erickson. 2nd Row: D. Pollock, S. Peer, J. Tweedie, J. Floyd, J. Adams, T. Penman, G. Cipperly, E. Konieczny, S. Plumb, D. Eastwick, J. Whaley, N. Melsom, T. Plumb, T. Bergin. 3rd Row: R. Briggs, M. Thompson, M. Guinan, R. Blackshear, R. Duncan, J. Chestara, G. Coletti, K. Ford, W. Webster, J. Schneider, T. Fox, H. Stewart, G. Rufenacht, C. Dehnert. 4th Row: P. Briggs, N. Bauer, C. Roden, M. Lagasse, S. Horning, B. Davis, B. Bourgeois, K. Wheeler, C. Corlew, B. Hayward, B. Gilchrist, B. Benac, M. King, C. Aldrich. MU ALPHA THETA l lst Row, Seated Left to Right: A. Bonesteel, A. MacLean, B. Ford, N. Pollock, C. Eckel, G. Cipperly, G. Coletti, C. Aldrich, L. Purtell, C. Bennett. 2nd Row, Standing: J. Chestara, B. Clarkson, B. Eckel, M. Thompson, R. Briggs, D. Campbell, B. Decker, T. Sweet, P. Southard, J. Floyd, R. Roeck, D. Erickson, M. Clickner, R. Blackshear, W. Sinacore. 5rd Row: P. Vellotti, N. Bauer, G. Berard, J. Cipperly, P. McGoff, H. Stewart, J. Adams, W. Fletcher, D. Brown, C. Dehnert. 4th Row: K. Ford, J. Schneider. LR11 YORKERS lst Row, Seated Left to Right: M. Singiser, J. Tweedie, S. Sherman. 2nd Row, Kneeling: M. Rapp, C. Corlew, J. Boomhower. 3rd Row, Standing: B. Tweedie, Miss Aviza Advisor, D. Tweedie. GERMANCHMB lst Row, Left to Right: K. Quigley, S. Deegan. 2nd Row: C. Corlew, M. Singiser, K. Wheeler, T. Sweet, E. Weiss, P. Muller, Miss Jackson, Advisor. lst Row, Left to Right: P. Briggs, J. Adams, K. Ford, S. Plumb, B. Ford, B. Hayward. 2nd Row: B. Morse, R. Briggs, B. Davis, J. Schneider, C. Dehnert, P. Plumb. 3rd Row: B. Muller, S. Horning. 87 SPEECH CLUB lst Row, Left to Right: S. Peer, J. Hammett, D. Hoffman, J. Chestara, B. Blackshear, G. Joy, S. Labanowski, D. Campbell, S. Colangelo, A. Fallon, Mrs. Ecker, Advisor, Standing, R. Button. 2nd Row: H. Stewart, D. Flanagan, B. Decker, J. Geene, K. Freckleton, N. Melsom, R. Briggs, C. Corlew, B. Bourgeois, N. Bauer, R. Duncan, K. Clickner, P. Briggs, B. Clickner, E. Weiss, A. Bulson, T. Penman. F. T. A. lst Row, Seated Left to Right: T. Sweet, M. McLoughlin, D. Kaschak. 2nd Row, Kneeling: B. Decker, B.J. Baker. 3rd Row, Standing: Miss Aviza, Advisor, M. Singiser, K. Quigley, D. Hayes, D. Carner, J. Boomhower, J. Tweedie, L. Gummer, A. Doring. SKI CLUB lst Row, Left to Right: G. Patrizio, J. O'Brien, A. MacLean, J. Trimble, J. Tweedie, S. Lewis, C. Fitzpatrick, J. Keeler, J. Shelnutt, G. Blauvelt, E.. Bauer, B. Ford, H. Stewart, J. Colarusso, J. Rivest, G. Cipperly, J. Whaley. 2nd Row: J. Adams, J. Floyd, C. Seyffer, D. Hummel, K. Ford, J. Cipperly, J. Sirco, K. Gliosco, J. Schneider, T. Fox, J. Schneider, M. Wade, R. Isager, G. Pattison, C. Lee. 3rd Row: J. Hayford, D. Hoffman, R. Duncan, R. Briggs, B. Chestara, N. Doyle, P. Whalen, D. Tweedie, S. Cipperly, K. Purtell, G. Hartley, C. Hunziker, J. Hardick, B. Gilchrist, P. Phillips, D. Benac. 4th Row: D. Dormandy, N. Welch, S. Peer, S. Colangelo, M. Clickner, W. Roberge, C. Beligian, L. Purtell, B. Konieczny, H. Bissell, W. Webster, T. Penman, P. Holmes, G. Rufenacht, A. Tarbox, L. Fleishman. 5th Row: L. Towne, S. Kordana, S. MacLean, W. Tarbox, R. Hayward, B. Kaschak, P. Matzen, B. Flynn, A. Albarelli, R. Elliott, B. Benac, B. Carmody, C. Belanger, K. Bissell, P. Buehler, D. Ashley. AUSTRIA TRIP lst Row, Left to Right: P. Whalen, K. Gliosco, T. Fox, G. Rufenacht, J. Schneider, Mr. Backhaus. 2nd Row: G. Blauvelt, J. Shelnutt, J. Sirco, J. Schneider, J. Floyd, J. Adams. 3rd Row: B. Konieczny, K. Purtell, H. Bissell, K. Ford, L. Purtell, 4th Row: W. Tarbox, P. Matzen, B. Hayward, J. Whaley. CHORUS lst Row, Left to Right: J. Rifenburg, S. Lewis, J. Rivest, R. Sanefski, J. Shelnutt, T. Sweet. 2nd Row: J. I-laner, C. Aldrich, K. Berard, J. Tweedie, L. Gummer, D. Kaschak, C. Bornt, M.L. Taylor. 3rd Row: M. Scanlon, A. MacLean, J. Trimble, K. Roden, J. Morizio, E. Bauer, W. Long, G. Patrizio. lst Row, Left to Right: K. Bursik, S. Passaretti, M. Lynn, T. Renaldi, K. Bissell. 2nd Row: A. Fallon, K. Roden, B. Tate, K. Freckleton, B. Blackshear, C. Freckleton, S. Kordana. lst Row, Left to Right: M.J. Guinan, D. Flanagan, M. Thompson, R.A. Briggs, C. Remillard, P. Burt. 2nd Row: D. Pollock, J. Wagar, H. Bissell. V. Matala, C. Goard, R. Stevens, D. Eastwick. 3rd Row: R. Duncan, N. Pollock, J. Trzcinski, L. Towne, S. Hartley, B. Decker, N. O'Brien. lst Row, Left to Right: J. Haber, T. Daley, L. Roden, B. Carmody, R. Waters. 2nd Row: N. Bauer, AM. Wade, N. Burhans, J. Adams, G. Rufenacht. CHORUS OFFICERS lst Row, Left to Right: S Lewis, Sec., Mr. Claus, advisor R. Sanefski, Pres., J. Rivest, Vice-Pres., J. Rifenburg, Treas. ALL COUNTRY CHORUS lst Row, Seated Left to Right: J. Shel nutt, J. Rivest, N. Pollock, L. Towne, J Trimble, R. Blackshear. 2nd Row, Seated: R. Sanefski, N. Bauer, G. Rufenacht, E Bauer, C. Roden, K. Bissell. 3rd Row Standing: Mr. Claus, advisor, T. Daley, N Burhans. CHORALAIRES lst Row, Left to Right: K. Bissell, J. Trimble, R. Blackshear, C. Roden, J. Rivest, N. Pollock, L. Towne, J. Shelnutt, M. Thompson. 2nd Row: G. Patrizio, G. Rufenacht, L. Roden, J. Adams, N. Burhans, R. Sanefski, E. Bauer. BAND A ALL-STATE CHORUS lst Row, Left to Right: B. Noble, B, Button, J. Dunham, P. Gallagher. 2nd Row: S. Kor- dana, N. Welch, W. Webster, G. Roscoe. Srd Row: B. Bieg, J. Morizio, B. Whitford, R. Waters, P. Daley. lst Row, Left to Right: J. Rivest, K. Bursik, K. Bissell, E. Bauer, G. Rufenacht, J. Shelnutt, R. Sanefski, C. Roden. BAND lst Row, Left to Right: .L. Towne, D. Kaschak, D. Dor- mandy, K. Gliosco, C. Lee, S Passaretti. 2nd Row: J. Trimble, J. Haber, D. Benac, S. Hubbard, L. Gummer, M. Bornt, S. Click- ner, B. Tate. 3rd Row: B. Bornt R. Blackshear, N. Bauer, JT Curran, K. Coonradt, D. Brown 4th Row, Standing: E. Seiler, M Wade, D. Stevens, B. Gilchrist N. Burhans. BAND OFFICERS 1st Row, Left to Right: R. Blackshear, 10th grade representativeg D. Kaschak, 12th grade representative: S Clickner, 9th grade representative. 2nd Row: B. Bornt, 11th grade representative, B. Bornt, Treas.g L. Gummer Vice-Pres., D. Stevens, Pres., J. Young, Sec. LIBRARY CLUB lst Row, Left to Right: M. Singiser, N. Bass, K. Church, S. Garmley, C. Wood, S. Hubbard, J. Wagar, B. Cromie. 2nd Row, Standing: P. Buehler, J. Bowman, B. Tweedie, J. Phillips, Mrs. Manning, advisor. KEY CLUB lst Row, Seated Left to Right: W. Webster, B. Whitford, G. Hartley, Mr. Tweedy, advisor. 2nd Row, Kneeling: J. Adams, M. Phelps, K. Ford, D. Hummel, J. Sirco, T. Fox, J. Schneider. 3rd Row, Standing: G. Rufenacht, M. Behan, C. Seyffer, M. Centrella, J. Whaley, J. Hardick, L. Dunham, J. Colarusso, J. Cipperly, E. Bauer, D. Dougherty, J. Keeler. In our library .... comfort! wr ,ilfif Q P .. ...Z "Sophomore Thespiansf' "Bob! No karate-it's art class." 95 'Htl'- Five minutes before the stampede. "Yeeess! Ah! Not at a party!" Just a bit of boy play. Getting ready to "make the scene ,,,.4..+.4-----' "Not in our 1ibrary?!" M w. y, ,xv ,-qi' li l 1' 1 A.th19tiCS rw, 4? I Sf" :ar V5 il:m.K1v-li 1 'utensil' vm rm mf. W r VARSITY FOOTBALL 1st Row, Seated: D. Rounds, M. Bornt, B. Heffner, J. Hurteau, B. Gilchrist, K. Coonradt, C. Christensen, W. Harris. 2nd Row, Kneeling: ' S. Empie, C. Belanger, C. Christensen, J. Schneider, T. Hubbard, B. Whitford, D. Hubbard, D. Hummel, D. Dougherty, G. Campbell, B. Bornt, C. Seyffer. 3rd Row, Standing: Mr. Schott, B. Bornt, J. Adams, P. Vellotti, A. Tarbox, J. Hardick, G. Cipperly, P. Holmes, M. Centrella, R. O'Brien, J. Keeler, J. Whaley, J. Colarusso, L. Dunham, B. Campbell, B. Moody, B. Rowland, T. Fox, M. Wagner, Coach Tweedy. Dan made yards' The ref. is not going to tackle him. The best seat. "Are the Bengals playing the Rams? and is this Los Angeles???" TEAM Voorheesville Averill Park Taconic Hills Coxsackie Chatham Maple Hill Van Renssalaer TRI-CAPTAINS Left to Right: L"f-'ou og.o sno- U CU G50 5 v-1 :rf-'l-5 52' as Two more quarters and then the end of a hard fought game SCORE Tamarac Opp. 1 8 6 0 20 6 26 1 2 24 6 1 8 0 6 O 1 2 SENICRS EQ lst Row, Left to Right: J. Whaley, T. Hubbard, D. Hub- bard, J. Keeler, B. Bornt. 2nd Row: M. Centrella, B. Row- land, J. Colarusso, L. Dunham, C. Seyffer. Danny Dougherty holds the ball like a loaf of bread. A new cheerleader? Number 89, Bruce Moody? 100 I. V. FCGTBALL 1st Row, Left to Right: D. Brown, T. Plumb, C. Christensen, T. Bergin, J. Hurteau, M. Bornt. 2nd Row: K. Coonradt, D. Moquin, A. Albarelli, C. Hunziker, M. Wade, B. Carmody, B. Bieg, Manager-G. Coonradt. 3rd Row: J. Schneider, S. Frederickson, D. Rounds, B. Gilchrist, W. Webster, M. Schott, N. Burhans. 4th Row: W. Harris, B. Benac, J. Duncan, C. Belanger, J. Kennedy, J. Nealon, L. Roden, B. Howard, Coach Tweedy. "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!" "Watch out team, Diane's mad!" Ys..i,g... .ftaamiufsr swf views M, 9,-:ff :wr Mm' 'fwsIs..xafeew vff1335s,f .,1s,is tl VARSITY BASKETBALL lst Row, Kneeling: B. Bornt, Coach Tweedy, D. Dougherty. 2nd Row, Standing: G. Coonradt, M. Behan, C Belanger, J. Rifenburg, B. Bornt, M. Wagner, B. Heffner, D. I-Ieffner, R. Sanefski, J. Schneider, J. Hardick, B. Ford. SENICRS Bob 5'10" Jack 6 Brad 5 '8" Tamarac vs. Averill Park Tamarac vs. Hoosic Valley Tamarac vs. Cambridge Tamarac vs. Stillwater Tamarac vs. I-Ioosick Falls Tamarac vs. Watervliet Tamarac vs. Albany Academy Tamarac vs. Greenwich Tamarac vs. Schuylerville Tamarac vs Salem Tamarac vs. Averill Park Tamarac vs Tamarac vs Tamarac vs. Tamarac vs. Tamarac vs Tamarac vs. Tamarac vs Hoosic Valley Cambridge Stillwater Hoosick Falls Greenwich Schuylerville Salem Dan 5'9" Rob5 ll Chip "Jabbar" for 2 Matt gets the shot off. 4 J. V. BASKETBALL lst Row: Manager-B. Ware, B. Flynn, W. Harris, J. Schneider, S. Frederickson, M. Bornt, D. Roeck, T. Lovegrove 2nd Pfow, Standing: Mr. Tweedy, B. Benac, R. Schott, M. Wade, B. Carmody, D. Benac, M. Schott, C. I-Iunziker, D Moqu1n, Manager-G. Coonradt. SCOREKEEPERS 8: ANNOUNCERS I lst Row: B. Blackshear, J. Adams, N. Burhans, B. Clickner. 2nd Row: H. Stewart, D. Hummel, M. Centrella. Coach Schott VARSITY CHEERLEADERS lst Row, Left to Right Purtell, D. Campbell, Fallon, J. Floyd, Colangelo. 2nd Row: Roeck, D. Hoffman, Tate, R. Vellotti, Martel. The gals cheer our three- star captain. Professional form . . . he scored. Just as good as the ballet. J. V. CHEERLEADERS 1st Row: H. Bissell, W. Rob- erge, K. Smith, K. Purtell, K. Gliosco, C. Baligian. 2nd Row: B. Decker, S. Cipperly, D. Dormandy. Std Row: P. Whalen, J. Eckel. Mark Wagner fakes B Sh0'2- TWO P0iUfS? Matt Behan, is he shooting or rebounding? " 44.-- CHEERLEADING CAMPERS Left to Right: D. Hoffman, K. Gliosco, K. Smith, J. Floyd, P. Whalen. I. V. CO-CAPTAINS Left to Right: K. Smith, Co-Captain: Mrs. Tweedy, Advisor, P. Whalen, Captain. VARSITY CO-CAPTAINS Left to Right: Mrs. Tweedy, Ad- visor: D. Campbell, Captain, R. Vellotti, Co-Captain. 107 SENICRS Robin VARSITY CLUB ,ns ' if is-1 , ,, . ' Wi . " '4f25'71f A . ...fn 4 . 1st Row, Kneeling: M. Behan, J. Hardick, J. Colarusso, L. Dunham, M. Centrella, J. Keeler, D. Dougherty I G. Cipperly, B. Rowland. 2nd Row, Standing: J. Sirco, J. Schneider, T. Fox, B. Ford, P. DeMarse, J. Rifenburg, C. Seyffer, J. Whaley, C. Christensen, B. Whitford, R. O'Brien, S. Empie, B. Moody, B. Camp- GIRLS BASKETBALL amine? lst Row, Kneeling: M. Singiser, S. Plumb, K. Bissell, S. Kordana, P. Buehler, J. Bowman, K. I-Ieiser. 2nd Row, Standing: C. Christensen, Coach, K. Quigley, R. Fox, D. Eastwick, L. Towne, D. Pollock, B. Kon- ieczny, W. Vellotti, Coach. WRESTLERS 1st Row, Kneeling: D. Hummel, M. Jarvis, N. Burhans, G. Coletti, B. Whitford, Captain, D. Belanger, T. Blackshear, J. Sirco. 2nd Row, Standing: W. Rivers, T. Salvoti, J. Dunham, G. Hartley, G. Whitford, W. Webster, J. Curran, Coach Strauss. Coach Strauss is intent while Jack Curran's on the edge of his seat. Dave Belanger, after a tough match. WRESTLING RECORDS J. Dunham G. Hartley G. Whitford D. Hummel G. Coletti B. Whitford J. Sirco M. Jarvis W. Webster D. Belanger P. DeMarse N. Burhans J. Curran WON LOST 3 3 3 3 2 4 3 4 2 8 5 4 1 6 1 4 2 4 3 4 5 5 2 1 2 3 SCOREKEEPERS it Left to Right: Linda Gummer, Jane Young, John Hardick. Amid that tangle of arms and legs lies Bruce Whitford - he's winning. Dave Hummel - checking out his opponent. Joe Sirco has his opponent in a precarious situation. 111 - ,ii Over thrown. Oopps--he's sinking. A pretty glum crowd. Somebody's winning. Ready! Okay! div-Q.. Al? KN. xr' .x R em xx 53, wx '53 5 -9 Sim' 7880 ' ' 0 V d YOUR AWARD WINNING STUDIO Inferior View of fhe New LIoyd Studio Reception Room Now in our 92nd year serving the area with the finest of portraiture, group and commercial photography. To provide our customers with the finest creative studio in the northeast, we have recently moved to our present location . . . Eagle and Fifteenth, Troy, New York. Come in and find how myths of beauty become reality. PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE 1972 TRIUMPH Eagle and Fifteenth I5I8I 272-5902 . Troy, New York , Compliments of LATHAM COLONIE INC. .S?0wL .X4gel'lCg 12 STANLEY CIRCLE, LATHAIVI, New York HOIVIEOWNERS INSURANCE Protect it with Good Insurance -THE OIL OF IVIINK PEOPLE- INTERPLANETARY INCORPORATED "Dare to be greatl" Class of 1972 and YOU will. You, too, can still REACH THE STARS - this is America. Kolmeticl for the Commixnities afTomor:ow "Li-fe's battles d0n't always go To the stronger or faster man But soon or late the man who wins is the man WHO THINKS HE CANl" - "Anything the human mind can believe, the human mind can achieve" - BE INDEPENDENT - contact H. O. lHankl Hazelton, Distributor Golden Acres, Grafton, N.Y. 12082 lDial: 518!279-3843i lalso, help us help the mentally retarded - "Flame of Hope" perfumes and candlesl i , -il , 7 - ' wr Q. 116 Q-""-0'-ms.. lVlr. Healey surrounded by desks. Gladys W. Abbuhl Connie Ald rich Mr. 84 Mrs. F. William Aldrich Mr. W. D'Allaird Miss Elizabeth L. Aviza George R. Backhaus Betty Jean Bill Baker Baker The Battery Mart Mr. 84 Mrs. David Blackshear Ssgt. 84 Mrs. Roger Beauchesne, USMC Dan Benac Kathy Bera Mrs. Bergin rd The Big "S" Heather Bissell Mr. 84 Mrs. Eugene F. Boomhovver St Family Mr. 84 Mrs. Everett P. Boomhovver 8i June Mr. E34 Mrs. Raymond Boomhovver Mr. 84 Mrs. l-lomer Bott Mr. Si Mrs. David F. Breen iii Family Marge 81 Paul Brennan Brian, Wendy 8a Jennifer The W. K. Browns Margaret Burnside Mr. 8a Mrs. Joseph W. Bursik Mr. 8i Mrs. S. D. Caloccia Mr. 8a Mrs. l-larold Campbell Mr. 84 Mrs. Patrick J. Cannon Mr. 84 Mrs. Al J. Capra Mr. St Mrs. Frank Carroll Mrs. A. Casale Michael A. Centrella Chuck Christensen Cindy gl Jill Mr. Si Mrs. Robert W. Claus Mr. 84 Mrs. Joseph Colarusso Glen Coonradt Kirt Coonradt Mr. 84 Mrs. Corlevv Dave 84 Eileen Millie Del.air Miss Diehl William Si Madge Deegan Mr. 84 Mrs. Thomas Doring Doug 8: Ginny The Duncan's Gang Chris Eckel Mr. gl Mrs. Joseph Ecker Mr. 84 Mrs. l-larold Fischer Mr. Si Mrs. Francis Fitzgerald Mr. Si Mrs. Thomas Fox A Friend A Friend Frizzles Florence E. Gabauer Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert Gibson Mr. Craig Gilbert Goober's Mr. Art Gould T. R. Griffis, MMI USN Mr. 84 Mrs. John l-lardi Joseph C. Guinan ck Elizabeth M. l-laskins Mr. gl Mrs. George Hayes "You'II Find If Handy - To Park, Shop 8: Save Af AncIy's" ANDREW J. PETRUSKA, Pres. Telephone 1-518-273-7253 270-2-4 RIVER ST. TROY, N. Y 12180 APPLIANCES OF ALL MAKES ll e B GAS, imc 675 BRUNSWICK ROAD TROY. NEW YORK 12180 JOE L.ACRO'SS TEL. 518 279 3821 Good Luck To The Class of 1972 PATS SUPER 181 Speigletown Road No. Troy, N.Y. Phone 273-7011 MINTZER Petroleum Corp. providing the area with the finest in Heating Oils and Heating Service since 1927 PHONE . . . Then says to . . . ROTELLI BROS. GROCERY QUALITY IVIEATS FRESH FRUITS 84 VEGETABLES FREE DELIVERY - PHONE 272-3722 KN D M ' 681 Hoosick Rd., Troy, N.Y., 12180 Insurance 13 First St. -I-roy, NIYI Best Wishes to the Class of '72 Wright's Construction Co. Eagle Nlills, N.Y. Phone: 279-9178 WARREN FANE Bulldozing - Ditching Sand - Gravel 84 Fill BEdford 5-0673 60 LEVERSEE ROAD BEdford 5-5531 TROY, N.Y. 12182 TIGAR'S SPORTING GOODS, INC. 15 King Street and 404 River Street Troy, N.Y. AS 4-4241 "Sure I know, I watch Adam-12 every week!" Congratulations to the Class of 1972 Friction Materials Division GREEN ISLAND, NEW YORK '6Brake Lining Headquarters of the World" Innocence amid the "noise and the haste" BEST WISHES IO The Class of 1972 from BONDED CONCRETE, INC Compliments of PETERNLMATZEN CONSTRUCTKNQCORP Raymertown, N.Y. The flowers are gay, the I attractive young miss, quite serious. Today's Army wants to join you. Your local Rep. are Sfc. Chuck Seymour 81 Ssg. Charlie Lindsay. Located at 1724 5th Ave., Troy, telephone 273-7561 Compliments of B 81 E Groceries Grafton, New York "Any Time! . . .Any Where! Any Weather!" LEGENBAUER Gas 81 Oil Co., lnc. Serving the Area for Over a Half Century "PROPANE FOR EVERY PURPOSE Fuel Oil-Gasoline LP GAS BOTTLED 84 BULK We have our own Bulk Storage Plant EMERGENCY SERVICE 24 Hour Phone 283-6666 Congratulations to TAM ARAC CLASS O F '7 2 Center Brunswick Volunteer Fire Co. l ' Tt'l7 M 'A' l 3Tf':31fl 'iff - f 91, ' Study Hall-Casual like. THE ARROW COMPANY A division of Cluett, Peabody 81 Co., IDC. PLEASANT VALLEY GARAGE 433 RIVER STREET, TROY, N.Y. 12180 STEVE 81 JOHN DAMSH 518!274'4OOO "Complete Car Service" Phone 279-3788 CROPSEYVILLE, N.Y. 12052 122 Phone AR 3-2410 Purcell's Garage GENERAL REPAIRING lAuthorized Gravely Dealerl Body 81 Fender Work Automatic Transmission 720 Hoosick Road Troy, New York -1 23 'QYQQQ WW ' .e ,f--i lille, will ,QQ 3 X ' , 'E , K -'L-, I fl is ' Aj. ROCKyAGliS WM MEMORIALS WM H. YOUNG, JR., INC. AUTHORIZED DEALER 330 EIGHTH STREET WM. J. JOHNSTON TROY, NEW YORK PRESIDENT TEL.: ASHLEY 4-4851 Nlrs. Ecker and future Michelangelo PERREAULT AUTO PARTS, INC. 63 River Street Troy, N.Y. J i HANNAN'S PHARMACY 140 lVlain Avenue Wynantskill, New York 283-4100 R USSE LL-STOVE R CAN DIES HOWIE'S JEWELERS 607 Second Avenue North Troy, Nevv York Phone 237-7729 STANDARD MANUFACTURING co., INC. Best Wishes 10 Class Of 1972 Sends it's best wishes for the Future to the Class of '72 750-2nd Avenue Troy, New York M. E. WAGER Quality Meats Phone BR 9-3276 NICOLL :SL IVIaCCHESNEY, INC. YOUR mkpmh-nl lfnurarrn ,IAGENT u-Niguel .H Insurance 1 First Street Troy, New York 12180 Telephone: 272-6120 124 lVlrs. Bonesteel working-up one of the payroll sheets for l.B.IVl. 7-Up Bottling Company Division of Fitzgerald Brothers Beverages, Inc. Poestenkill, New York Compliments of I 1-'M' I I fu ilil, 5 , 4.. if " i JAMES R. DUNN 8: ASSOCIATES, INC. GEOLOGISTS NEW YORK 0 MICHIGAN ' ONTARIO 0 PENNSYLVANIA Now if you touch the machine here. . . A gift for this year's graduates . . . free checking account service You want to be sure you manage your money wisely, right? Of course. So our graduation gift of free checking account service for one year will help you do that. "How?" you say. Glad you asked. When you pay by check your quarterly statement will show what you've spent and where the money went. And more. Those cancelled checks will be proof you paid. The Bank Q National Commercial Bank and Trust Company For job opportunities at The Bank, just write or call our Personnel Department ,, Q Compliments of ' H 1 ' f -Q. AV .,,,y,f M , , 2 x .. M X X I ,M f W R' P' I' 43 ' . x xx 5 'X' - V ,- . - sm i-5' Student U n ion Bookstore JM Congratulations to the Class of '72 Wate rvliet Pharmacy Martin A. Toomajian and Wm. E. Nlattocks Even the doll on the desk is enjoying it! 126 1 CLOTHIERS CUSTONI TAILORS DISTINCTIVE LADIES WEAR FORMAL WEAR RENTALS 8: SALES R O D IN O 'S 348 Congress Street Troy, N.Y. 274-1151 Organizing Again! , 0 F02 URMTURE i"' 24 JERRY HART'S 1 I if X ' f ' -iv. - ' ,f :I YOU CAN RELAX IN--' go to FEATHERS FURNITURE 831 Hoosick Road Troy HOOSICK STREET SUNOCO Cor. of Hoosick 84 Sycaway Ave Troy, New York 12180 Phone 273-9832 Compliments of LITTLEFiELD'S GARAGE SPIAK'S GARAGE State Inspection Station Gas-G rease-Oil-Accessories Work Guaranteed Keep Your Car in Shape BR 9-3427 Near Brick Church Center Brunswick PITTSWICK HOUSE ITurco Paintsi GlFTS,AND DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES Raymertown, New York Eleanor Cook, Proprietor 663-5033 ' h KE?-'nEsMg,d2..huN MIDDLEBROOK USICAL INSTRUMENTS Band Instrument Specialists ' 73 F rfh S1 N ,gif I 4 ' 0, Z3 If' 'WV N M I SX Miller's Music Store 4? . . ,W X fy! gs! myfun. Y.' fy NX rip BLACK 84 WHITE CAB SYSTENI 272-6961 H. Paul Schneider 350 River Street Troy, N.Y. I TWO ACRES MOTEL Sign with East of Troy 84 Route 7 added N I Raymertown Compliments of RI FENBURG CONSTRUCTION, INC. R.D. No. 3 Box 290 Troy, N.Y. 279-3265 GEO. H. COLE SUPPLY CO. T SINCE 1888 Wholesale Distributors of Pipes - Valves - Fittings Plumbing Fixtures for Schools - lndustry - Hospitals - Homes Heating Equipment Oil- Gas - Electric Office and Showroom HOOSICK STREET and FIFTH AVENUE Troy, New York Two are interested, one doesn't get it, and three don't care. Congratulations to the Class of i972 Herald's Used Cars and Parts Cooksboro Road 2 Troy, New York Phone 663-8302 EDWARD DANDENEAU'S "COU NTRY STOR E" SERVES ALL YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS" Pittstown, N.Y. 663-8389 RoseIyn's Beauty Shop Box 205, R.D. 3 Troy, New York Open Tues.-Sat. 9-5 Evenings by appointment only. Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert Hayward Paul J. Healey Mr. St Mrs. Donald Hebkelman The Hennesseys Mr. gl Mrs. Stanley Hicks Diane Hoffwoman Chauncy Howard Willard G. lves Miss Patricia A. Jackson Jane gl Allen Janis Si Glenn Gary R. Johnston Mr. gl Mrs. Alex Kaschak Charles A. Keiffer Mary Kirchner Mr. St Mrs. Henry Knauer Dona Kreiger William J. Joyce lll Mr. 84 Mrs. Everett Lawless Mr. gl Mrs. William C. Lewis Sean MacLean Mr. 84 Mrs. Paul Maler gl Carol Wilma Manning Mr. St Mrs. J. V. Marshall St Family Charlene Matthews Mercury Miami Hardware 81 Building Material Mr. Miner Mr. Si Mrs. Donald Moody Nicholas S. Moreno Mr. Si Mrs. Frank Osborne Angela M. Pascucci Dr. St Mrs. P. A. Passaretti Nancy Pollock Mr. 81 Mrs. Jay Price Peggy Ouigley Mr. St Mrs. Donald A. Rathbun Mr. Si Mrs. David Roberts Chucky Robillard Mr. 84 Mrs. Donald M. Roeck Don Roeck Mr. 84 Mrs. Ray K. Rose Duncan Rounds Glenn Rutenacht Good luck from Sam John G. Schaudt Jeff Schneider Mr. 84 Mrs. Ron Schott Mrs. Cassie Shaw Mr. Si Mrs. Harry Sipel Mr. Si Mrs. J. Sinacore Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles Southard Paula Southard Mr. St Mrs. Albert F. Spendiff Mr. 84 Mrs. H. Wellington Stewart Mrs. David E. Stone Billy Sweet Lucy Temple Terry, Larry St Tracy LeFeber Tim, Diane, Peggy Si Terri Mr. 84 Mrs. John Thompson Randy Waters Weird Harold Mrs. James P. Welch Mr. ESL Mrs. C. W. Whalen Mr. Si Mrs. John Whaley . and if you continue skipping this study hall . . Best Wishes LUSCO Paper Company Troy, N.Y. GINSBURCFS MARKET 8L HARDWARE Route 7 Center Brunswick If we don't have it, it isn't made. See our new second in command, "Stevie" Compliments of HASTINGS Oil Heating SPECIALISTS IVIr. Thrasher is trying to skip 6th period Physics. The Outing Shop R. D. 1, Box 102, Troy, New York 12180 On Route 7, Troy Bennington Road George W. Jacques 3rd, Phone 279 - 9020 B' iw ' .Cz .ff Gal Y Scususcrn vi 9 i suv ULBAMY ml. Pm Q : 51 55 The OUTING SHOP extends sincere congratulations and best wishes for the future to the graduating Class of 1972 ROXY CLEANERS Phone: 274-0400 585 Hoosick Road OLSEN-HALL Contractors Hoosick Falls-Troy "Building for better living" P. C. PAINT Factory Outlet 500 Broadway Watervliet, New York UNITED STATES AIR FORCE For Information Stop in 1724 5th Ave. Troy, N.Y. or Call 274-3320 I Bert wheeling his little package Tamarae Student Council Henry Stewart, President John Chestara, Vice-President Jo Shelnutt, Secretary Eric Bauer, Treasurer "A VOICE FOR ALL THE STUDENTS? Q RoKoN : re444:e7fff44Q?fR T R OV Wfa'g2W2de co-OPERATIVE . . O. PETERsBuHG,NEvvYoRK12138 SAVINGS gt LQAN 5181686-9804 . ASSOCIATIO N 407-409 G RAN D STREET TROY, NEW YORK 274-5420 If the school didn't have chairs, he'd be mad. COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF HOWE BROTHERS, INC. P, O. BOX 244 TROY, NEW YORK 134 Compliments of Doughney's Market 574 Congress Street Troy, New York "Double double. . . toil and trouble fire burn and cauldron bubble." Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1972 Compliments of EAST SIDE HARDWARE to the TRIUMPH Compliments of Fred Edelmann SALES 8: SERVICE Scorpion Snowmobiles Pittstown, New York Phone 663-5573 FLODENT PHARMACY DIV. JONCAS ENTERPRISES LTD 536 Pawling Ave. Troy, N.Y. PHONE 274-4671 Congratulations to the Class of 1972 Compliments of Robert Pollock To The Triumph Compliments of GEENE'S PLUMBING and HEATING R.D. 1 Cropseyville 279-9214 Ginsburg's CLEANERS and TAILORS 349 Congress Street Troy, New York Est. 1911 274-7291 "No, Wednesday's my bowling night." "The House of Quality" FINE FURNITURE RUSS CARPETS INTERICDR DESIGNIN John N. Hauf Service Manager 'rnnnuu on-qunurv 175 CENTRAL AVE. Albany, New York C5 --I - - I Ifiwlw Ifllilfiwlugv A iw'flfrs-gffvgggrfffvjj-Wsalxxxillf,"7rggfv'5f:5,wewazifgwfgsggifrgssgg'mgsr s At-fm. 1 , I A I - yr,-55 I s1431j,1fzsawvprffgvw gr'IrvIsglff.f4sw1jfjfr12'?lvl Q-mltfsag 1.14-siiiwl Wi:Ja1,1153g1q:"l'f,'rIlIIwI'l5!GI"f'Iil'iWN' vflff' f 'I . 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I I i from I ' 'r I 7' Q I , ,V ,V.:Ll,1 Z .E V, , K ,V . gy 5 if VL,V. ,, 'fy L I Industrial Supplies Cohoes Rd. at Elm Street Sewing Industry Over 100 Years Electric Motor Repair 84 Rewinding Watervliet, N.Y. 12189 ami Mary Lou and Jessie don't know what to thinkp Diane is somewhere else. B 8: G SERVICE CENTER 985 Hoosick Road 279-3561 SNOW JET SNOWMOBILE Sales 84 Service MORRIS STORES "lf it's Sportswear-WE HAVE lT" McG regor-Revere-Levi Slacks 319 River St. Troy, N.Y. "CHUCK MEESON" Your Agent for New York Life Insurance Now is the time to start a Career Savings Plan 9 Walter Road, Eagle Mills, N.Y. PHONES: 279-9502 or 489-4786 137 BUSINESS TELEPHONES DESIGNERS 84 FABRICATURS ASHLEY 4-2650-4-2651 BOILERS TANKS STACKS REPAIRS X15 px 'JRUC FIAT! Till P' f IGILEI WGIIS Ili 2800 SEVENTH AVENUE TROY N Y Glass Rings Graduation Announcements Name Gards and Accessories Gaps and Gowns Taylor-made Yearbooks BALFCUR-TAYLOR Schenectady Office Represented by Bob Gray - Don Nash Jim Gerding - Bob Macfaclden P. 0. Box 2509 Schenectady, N.Y. 12309 A.. Poor Mrs. Haskins' Albarelllilli The Be of EAGLEMMILLSVF Compliments Daffner Drugs Inc. of 49 Third Street Calhoun Bros., Inc. lL.T.l , Troy, New York Excavating 235-1421 Free Delivery Phone 272-3440 "There is nothing more to discuss Charles, 200 silly sentences for tomorrow." 139 DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE of BRUNSWICK ROMEO J. NAPLES Chairman 5 go to 'Q Ted's Fish Fry 7- N lNTl'lE at . what-DDFDR 3L . Eagle Mills Rt.11If2 XNE FOOD ocations F -' 40 447 3rd Ave. Watervliet D O N13 350 2nd Ave. North Troy 700 Hoosick Rd. Sycaway I. I 0 R selling custom fitted Compliments 543 1!2 Brunswick Road Donald J. Pitcher, Prop. of Lyle Pitcher, Nlgr. Mazie Bornt Tel. 279-3661 TROY, NEW YORK 12180 bras, girdles, 8: bathing suits by Command Performance 663-8805 R.D. 1 Box 167A Troy I Five "working" seniorsp we took yearbook pictures that day. Compliments of ANDREW'S Fine Food 81 Cocktail 665 Brunswick Road Boyntonvilie Garage General Repairs and Towing 663-9995 Troy, New York 663-8359 Steven and Andrew Triantafillou BOB'S GARAGE Benson's Heavy Duty Wrecker Service Auto-Collision Repairs River Road Phone H.F. 686-7393 Hoosick Falls, N.Y. Pittstown 663-5510 Garbage and Refuse Disposal Inc. Poestenkill, N.Y., Box 91 12140 674-5928 "Aah, Tom Seaver couldn't pitch his Congratulations to the Class of 1972 BRITISH MOTORCYCLE SALES Triumph-Honda RD 1 Hoosick Falls, New York Route 7, Troy-Bennington Road Phone: 686-7663 Offset Printing Letterpress Printing Wedding Invitations Rubber Stamps KENNETH W. BONESTEEL QUALITY PRINTING SERVICE The Center Press 2 Merrill Ave. . X ,V g , a.- .,..f. , a ,L .:,. f 5,2 V I f..' Y. 3 -'.f , :Vi 'ff'2J'rll?:' ' " T :.,.,, M :'f':' a om of Beauty WORTHINGTON FLORIST XA 'YJ xx f B ,if . AY ar . M 445: r , Ji 51,-QQ AI ' l ' i if li 'avr 3 w AG N E R FA R lvl S Send PM 1 f' 125 wear Sand Lake Road Troy, N.Y. POTATOES - REGISTERED HOLSTEINS lLocated in Poestenkilll RD- 5 BOX 108 Robert Wagner Tnov oFFlcE MACHINES INC. TROY, NEW YORK 12180 283-4513 7 First Street Troy, New York 12180 Dick Hartley Mrs. Osborne keeps warm by the heater. EDWARD F. SHOWERS EXCAVATING-CONTRACTOR FILL - TOP SOIL - ORAVEL - SAND BULLDOZING AND SHOVEL WORK R.D. 3, Troy, New York Phone 283-4700 TROY AREA NEW CAR FRANCHISED DEALERS, INC. P.O. Box 924 - Troy, N.Y. W, H. Bumstead, Inc. Cooley Volkswagen Corp. Dunning Buick Gilllgan Buick Ken Goewey Dodge, Inc. Hedley Cadillac Oldsmobile H. E. Hull Sl Sons Hickey Ford, Inc. Knowles Pontiac, lnc. Latham Motors, lnc. Marc Saab Nemith Motor Corp. Whitbeck Motors, lnc. Coony Motors 143 4 4 BRUNSWICK REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE BRUNSWICK REPUBLICAN CLUB i1 fl CIARENCE FRECKlETON'S 'IEXACO SERVICE Phone: 279-3435 Nigh'l's 81 Holidays 279-9154 MODERN SERVICE FOR MODERN CARS' BEAR DYNAMOMETER TEST DRIVE TUNE-UP AND WHEEL AL GNMENT 601 Brunswick Road Eagle Mi s Troy. New York 1 1 un I'IOAli'S EXGAVATDRS . 'Z NG 1. 9.- k g:-'l?g sEP'r1c h z!!! ' BULL .' . 14 ROUTE 150 - WEST SAND LAKEINX Tom Hubbard owns the feet . . . Berard WN, N. Y. . n 4 663 8867 ,, fl ..4 Em:r:..2...." .. HW 5'-fmilgliiif' ,.:,:iTi"' if - " C f : . - -+ f" n I ' IE W. fl I ' H , suorun - V 3-in If sms - 5 I fin sul-nuns , I 1,u I SK!-nous I N' I PoLAms 2 l' I I KAWASAKI- Q . I, 1 531 I 'El ' '5k4"-if -5 If 'I A ' f ffkv-l sn-zozz R! I If . . fzl N a: 4 , 4F i1?""25'?'-QQ' -F' mf and Whaley scheemmg. 145' M M, f V w:1xNm.w f ' ff '15, .,g,1w ny 3. .. . if Y' . 7, 0 ,,.. if iifffi? ?fF1,QIT' 2'-fvwfscw-0-fm' Q F Congratulations to the Class of 1972 CAMPBELL'S AUCTION Pittstown, New York Every Friday: 7:00 p.m. Sunday:2:00 p.m. Bill 84 Rita Campbell We Buy-Sell-and Appraise COVATTA'S PHARMACY, Inc. 16 Northern Drive Troy, New York Phone 235-5200 Congratulations DAVID S. CATLIN to the Class of SEPTIC SERVICE '72 VACUUM CLEANING From the INSTALLATION REPAIR Class of Poestenkill, N.Y. Phone 283-4117 '75 I' Well! Add ten and that should do it. Compliments of CLUIVIS CORNER SERVICE STATION One of the "open door poIicy" all directions SYCAWAY BODY 84 FENDER WORKS Richard L. Ossenfort, Prop. 693 Hoosick Road, Troy, N.Y. Office: 273-8131 Res: 279-3594 HURLEY'S GARAGE INC General Auto Repairing Body 84 Fender Work 24 Hour Towing Service R.D. 2, North Troy, N.Y. Phone: 235-4531 Comdliments of DELUREY SALES AND SERVICE "Your Local lnterhational Truck Dealer" North Hoosiclg, New York 12133 Phone:l 753-6511 l it Best Wishes Jorgensen's Florists Cropseyville, N.Y. 279-3045 l Best Wishes MAC'S EAGLE MILLS GF1OCERY 148 LOC KROW AND FIET Contractors and Builders 273-7978 279-3257 PHON5: 272-4080 JOSEPH P. IVIANGIONE INC. Locksmihchs since 1885 Door Closer Sales 84 Service-Yale Products 183 FOURTH STRElET, TROY, NEW YORK 12180 U-HAUL RENTALS SPECIALIST IN TUNE-UPS McCABE'S SHELL SERVICE 670 HOOSICK ROAD TROY. NEW YORK Good luck to the Class of '72 from Tamarac F.T.A. 81 Tamarac Yorkers JACK MCCABE. PROP. PHONE 274-7842 n ELECTRIC MOTOR REPAIR ssnvlcr II SPRING AV., TROY, N.Y. ELECTRIC Morgns l ww 4? 1-'E an PATIRE CHEVROLET-OLDSMOBILE INC. .EMIQEI f552,'g'f "SALES AND SERVICE" is our mono REPAIIIED- 191 lVlain Street T- - QEQLQSL5 ' N E U d M Hooslck Falls, N.Y. 12090 egoughtsea sofgofs WI Types sl Sizes, Phone: 686-7369 COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL - RESIDENTIAL Power Tools e Vacuums 0 Mixers 0 Dil Burners ' Circulators ' Sump Pumps - Water Pumps ' Washer 8. Dryer Motors ' Complete Home Electric Motor Repair 272-661 8 Fast Service - Reasonable Rates Come on-Things can't be that grim!-Even Here! BETTER SERVICE U R Q i F El leg E "' lVIlLLER'S SUPER MARKET West Sand Lake PINE GROVE RESTAURANT Seafood Steaks Draft Beer-Pizza to go V Friendly Atmosphere-Home-St Route 7-Boyntonvilie Phone: 686-9990 le Food Must be interesting: lVIr. Baker is at seat's edge. DAVE POST SIGNS NEON - PLASTIC - BULLETIN COLONIAL - TRUCK LETTERING ELECTRICAL SIGN REPAIR Bennington, Vermont 05201 802-442-6448 Congratulations '72 from PLUIVlB'S CPTOIVIETRISTS AND OPTICIANS Since 1857 15 2nd Street , T , N.Y. "Robert, you will not pull anything my like this again." M 3CfI'w'l msuRAr4ceAeEr4cY WILDMAH ASSOCIATES.!nc R EAL ESTATE Bev Decker, Athletics, Wendy Sinacore, Clubs, Connie Aldrich, Classes, Judy Rivest, Seniorsg and Tanis Sweet, Editor-in-Chief, are all working hard the last day of picture taking. Debbie Hayes rounded up typists and Paula Southard took care of the business depart- ment. w L 4 Ann MacLean and Stevie Guinan pitched in when art work was needed. I would like to thank Mr. F ullaytor, Yearbook advisor, Mr. Lloyd, our photographer, and the staff at Yearbook House for their help in making the Triumph 1972 Yearbook possible. I would also like to thank the students, faculty, and Yearbook staff for their cooperation and help. i Tanis Sweet i Editor-in-Chief Mr. Fullaytor keeping everyone on schedule. 6 0 .14522 im, TIEHBBOOR HOUSE L 922 Oak Sireet Kansas City, Missouri 64106 Litho in U.S.A. by members of Lithographers ravers ' -Local 235 ww! H. W, my W fa W-'gs 395 wwdgw ,n 'ii "-gr'-Q' C Jn!! -sn' 'iz 1 A -wi - D , NH , 0, '7 v""" Q . ' U 45.4 if" ', x. Y - A 4 ' 4. , 4, 'A xi X , , .V "5 I! ,Q 1 t XA? ml , , , , . 1 'QV' X x l L' .ks-, 'P "3 "Emu If? -if YJ' JV' 5 ,QM n f v 13,4 -V S k.'f1J'e.. - Im .as ld' "' fl -4.1 '-7 vc-0 W J' k an .4 I v ku i' 5 ,""'L .15 ' r ., ww. QM ,Mr .

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