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Tamarac High School - Triumph Yearbook (Troy, NY) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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EQZQ J-Q I x f fx I, w fqfvkw ,I Q ' wx. ,fdjj J-' -- ' ... .Q EGU F22 1 4.5-43 ' , -fx I-,NNY r-X"'sq , 'ff -1 .f.EQT3 iCLC?2,F Cibf, f . f "-A .r AV Q'-r ENJ wk' 'Z nf K ,fl qzbgfvx 4' y 'X 5,1-57 Qi ag ,. " J .- f ,,- Y. r M 4 - B ' 1. ?a SX ,K ' ggi I X. J 1 ,-x 'Iqx , ! -C . my ,LK-Jn IW? 2 "Dwi Ki fg I, ffigfffygj J JW- If ' .. if it kr-53,7 J' -X f"x.4x M5 fuwf 13' C123 3 X f iibiigj -'...1i4EDi if Q15 f if 'gf Jafipvf -1-5 wife' 'rip rl ff EQLXEQ. N' Sl? X-.7 Bilrffyfa T-'b:f'Q5'f JE A ' f-ff, 'I' 'PCM . "'?: ,"f"'- if ij f ,J ' K Q! X . 9' "A K f .J A, L, ff f5fQr'3 X- f vig K1 Ar ff,25'!7Q 1. Jfjf' fDffff QQ 566951, ,- VY7Q5 ? ' "I+ J ' . .1 w .-.,-Ax . ,f L , .- ,x 5f4i?94 A-,QL 'TUT34 ,QQ 'El -xdgggglff N- .ffr R 'A' 'wa S.,-' ' "X" 'nf fb LA x .. NF. ,v-f,f'NL - . l, , N,-N X. 15' jgfw '--F ' ' ix gf x., . ,.5- X 'N '4-'sp "a"2f'5 N f ' QL XWW '- KJ ' 1 I' x V31 X6 ,XJJXQJ L I X 3 fp, f' 1535 . J A... Y , --V xs 1 D , 1' -E -j "L BL I N Viifi57i5' A , p -J' U ,,-,. w EB! 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" Qi-1 5 v ., W,.,,, . .,..1 , , Q. 55. 1, If SSN Tir 1 ,xi I .,!w ,u JQMQ 1 rrwwwwwi T fM4gwQ ard - i " - b T 1 xfT Qi1 'f V--,JA A' gf X W "' gh T in f., Q9 TQ GE' 'WT'TrdEwaT 1:W ' YW7 F I EET f M 1 s , h. .T ,, K IIT- L5 Q . . ' I V FL. T ' -- T 4, " ,, ,T 53521 ' -.,.,, 9! ,, wail? Q fr J T ,EU 5 2 T 5 z f T Q P 'r C ' K T 9 I ht 53 5 X' T. 5 x 2 P , f i ., ' K E Elvi s? 1 A Z "W, Y M ' I 4 aff77"" Q E ii "Good frrend ln The paThi Iiahave vcomey "f f, 5 2 I T L T There foIloweTh afTer me Today 'T , A ' T 3 A T. I QI Ig f A youTh whose feeT musT pass This way. , if ll' Tr,.f'57 . QQ-T L 5 i 'ig ri This chasm ThaT has been naughT To me I T I S i F ' 3 f?1?'T'Qff'f' . . . rd - MPT T s T l r T + if gg To ThaTfalr-haired youTh maya plTFalI be. T T u T T! T y I I ilfih' 'T . .. . G' T E ,yr I 'i He, Too, mUsT cross In The Tw1hghT dump T 9 lr Q Ti 35,9-f-g.'i: . .. . . ui i gg 2 L I g Good frlend, I am buuldmg The bridge for hum." T 2 ' I I ' T f E I TP 2 fr T . T gg T f r . 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A 'I o ip QF, 9 W , f li '.........,..,i:,!1?5 X5 f G 'Z ' ia T qi 6 Fl 5 'fi Z X f W' 1 5 W' lf! if 1: 1 rf W oxalfa 71 sf I 9 X T X ' f' , 'V' ' 'X , ' - -'ic , 7 ,z Th of 4 b 23 f l sv 71 fr 1 2, 3 T . ,, ,,43'..:'g,1f:,'- we ogg s,,Q9 L f .Ty fu fz' I T ' . T Z. . T TT T - ' 'fisif ' Ni ' "" in J L fl 1752-Jof,Qf:,'Y' xv- 5 A 7. fr Tgwiivp' T M Eg, I , , K -U 6' g g H LN V' ' A ' VJ' V ' 'riklfj J., T V? fa' T fri? iv fra f mw?'m? sors TTTTT or Tir Try TTTT ay -TMQT+wwwTsNmmmwWwre,gawU TTT X d'eem f r ' I - . "Z i . : . T' ' T , MM 2 E , , . . .w ,, - U77 'V I 1. f 2, f?"..?lw.-Thsr.'5E'B!sii f N' E . Awmwgggf-5 N ! C o NT E 5 T S'- mmlillIlllIlilll1IllllIInImum1111111N1"WW1IKMMXXKXXXXN HH ll Q-H N ACULTY 'W - UNDER CLASSMEN ORGANIZATION S '1- ATHLETICS H X ENIORS 'L- DVERTISEMENT S Pi N ww Pi l DEDICATIO The Class of 1966 is pleased To announce The dedica- Tion of our Triumph To Mr. RoloerT Converse. We wish To Thank him Tor The many hours he has spenT boTh in and ouT of school Toward The improvemenT of school spiriT, The beTTermenT of sTudenTs, and in parTicular, his remark- ably unselfish work wiTh The Senior Class. ll ui Fi wilt!! nv' ...- M "95"'lMlgw.v 2.1 1 I M --- u Q ' 9 ir I glgxx Y! 01 nil' an I' lllll nlvll"""'3"' 'mn A l g ' ,ffffrrlf 1111 Inv" ...-4 -'f 1: gi I I -. I s N an-W" ll. lib "lui ""-V-+.:"eu III II P ang, J V v V O Q , P 1. l-".'.-- liz.. A QW 'NIIII AQVN 49 Q 7'----s ,N ,M ' I Q av" x '-- f 'lgllll -M wi lu. QA N ,lull 4 N, III. 9 . "I "NN 'lu .nl '! N v"'iiH ' fe- . .E-ll" INN -I n"nlIIl ,f4fiS2nsr.r M. H..LLm1mfz .' ,mf , .ma-ff'f'immllllllnllllll y I gui--,wgl-'ug 1 I .,...f:1:eQ Fqgifefifg z2asvs5si!E,. l -wwe:-Lg. , ..54v"iff13?':" I A E' ' ulwinngg'Aagaagiyavlliisg. vhfczv 4 I ,wf"' ""-z:J'."2-- un.. . v V, , V N L1-.ag ":-w..,:,-- A"'ISfk,,,, 1 q 0 AQ. 1.1: -ix x-gll N o,,,' p..n R'k ,., -., ' blk, ,va 61- 1 '02 1 -1,1 If M, 'af 9 M, M -N M1 lf.. V --fx, hf.. ,A-gg 63,4 ..- as 2 9 VX W If 1' XXV! 1' .-! PACU LTY X BRITTONKILL CENTRAL SCHOOLS CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 2 HERBERT W. FORD HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL PHONE 279 - 3463 PRI CIPAIJS ESSAGE TO THE STUDENTS OF TAMARAC: Education is a life long process. It begins with birth and should continue until death. Already you have completed twelve years of formal education. This, however, is only the beginning. May you always be enthused with a desire to learn more about our wonderful world, the people in it, and the universe of which it is a part. TAMARAC JR BOX 2OOA R D NO 3 TROY NEW YORK Enthusiasm, curiosity, and interest in life promote learning and improvement Continuous education opens bright new horizons, fosters humility, sincerity and dignity, and inspires one to make the most of his life in service for God and his fellowmen. 6. w?2fmQ Herbert W. Ford High School Principal STANDING: left to right: Mr. F. Richard Decatur, legal advisor, Mr. Edward Grady, Mr. Charles Meeson, treasurer: Mr. Frank Sheffer, Mr. Bernard Fleishman, Mr. Joseph Bursikp Mr. Herbert Olsen. SEATED: left to right: Mrs. D. Bonesteel, clerk, Mr. T. P. Plumb, first vice-pres., Mr. Alex Murphy, pres., Mr. Albert Hems, second vice-pres., Mr. John Lloyd. BOARD OF EDUCATIO Mr. James T. McFarland Supervising Principal MR. PAUL HEALEY English B.A., Siena College MR. DAVID L. TENNEY English B.A., Siena College: M.S., College of Saint Rose MR. EMERY FULLAYTOR Department Head 'English B.A., Manhaitan College: M.A., SUNY at Albany MRS. DOROTHY R. OLSEN English B.A., Russell Sage Collegep Middlebury College MRS. LOIS KATZ English B.A., Hunter Collegep College of Sf. Rose MR. HOWARD F. STOVER Music B.A., Mansfield State College, Pa.g M.A., Ithaca College MISS JANICE LEACH Language Arfs B.S., Taylor University, Incl. MR. ROBERT W. CLAUS Music Education B.S., SUNY at Potsclamp lthaca College HI TORY MR. EARL L. WELKER Social Studies B.A., SUNY at Albany MISS JULIET ANTUNES Social Studies B.A., College of Saint Rose: M.A., SUNY at Albany MISS FLORENCE E. GABAUER Department Head Social Studies B.A., SUNY at Albanyg M.A,, Syracuse Uni- versity MISS ELIZABETH L. AVIZA Social Studies B,A., SUNY at Albany MRS. ELIZABETH HASKINS Social Studies B.A., Wellesley, -Mass.: SUNY at Albany CIE CE MR. ROLAND c. BRIGGS MISS JOY 'CARTER Agriculture Zoolc9Y' . . B.S., Cornellf' University of Arizona at Tuc- B.S., UYHVBVSITY of M555 SUNY if Albam' son MISS ,MARGARET A. WHEELER Department Head Chemistry and English 4- B.A., Russell Sage: M.A., Middlebury, Vt. MRS. JANE NEUHAUSER gs- '5'NU5 THRASHER Chemistry YSICS s.s.-, College of Mr. sf. vincem B-5-I M-5-I SUNY af Albam' MR. G. ROBERT CONVERSE Mathematics B.A., Lycoming College, Pa.: U.S. Naval Academy M'lSS BARBARA A. KERR Mathematics B.S., SUNY at 'Potsdam MR. ALMER BAKER JR. Department Head Mathematics B.A., Houghton College: R.P.I. MRS. DONNA S. GIBSON Mathematics B.S., SUNY at Albany lil MRS. WILMA W. MANNING English ALB. and Library Certificate, SUNY at Al- bany MR. ROBERT SWANICK Industrial Arts B.S., SUNY at Oswego: M.A., SUNY at Al- balny MRS. ELIZABETH CUMMINGS Home Economics B.S., Cornell University: M.S., SUNY at Albany MR. THEODORE A. MEYER Mathematics B.S., SUNY at Albany PHY ICAL EDUCATIO MISS SARA WRITER Physical Education B.S., Russell Sage College MRS. EVELYN W. SPENDIFF Business B.S., Russell Sage College: M.S., SUNY at Albany USIN ESS MR. RAYMOND J. CHAPMAN JR. Business Economics B.S., Siena Collegep Secretarial Degree, Al- bany Business College MR. DOUGLAS HAINES Physical Education B.S., SUNY at Cortland MISS LORETTA GUSBERTI Business Education B.S., SUNY af Albany LANGUAGE p MISS MARY-ELIZABETH WEBER MRS. ELLEN M. DRAN French , .French B.A., Russell Sage College: M.A., Middle- B-A-, Harpurz University of Paris bury College, Vt. MR. RICHARD COMINS MISS DONNA M. CURTIS Art Art Education Newark School of Fine Arts: University of B-5-, SUNY HT New Paltz Buffalo, Pratt Inst. S Miss guard. uh' liffef-61221. I8 Miss Aviza and Holly Murphy, Mike Breault-quite busy. Mr. Thrasher and scholars. Anfunes was caught off- Miss Gabwef WBSf1'f- Mrs. Cummings and cadet teacher-a nice, private lunch. '51 if jeg' M 'gf"..1,g-6J,i'.L4.f.+l-,gglz an l th in -.cf rvixuffss-zz 5 , , MQ.. ag. ...fm ..:,L.q.QA? fe x wiki 5'-4:5 fl-Kiwi 4315? in T":-find E' 'Y -'NMS' .v:2l1i5i5??i5?ff' MVS- FiSl'Ier, always ready to help. Mr. Healey' a smile always. Students usually occupy the'desks. Well, They're all happy. Mr. Meyer's holding forthy Driving lessons? 45 3 'r, . ' Y' 1 W, ,PFJJIIIH I V 1 VJ .H L I ' yfnmilflli rf, :H ' ' lf 'WL HHH if Y 2 ', xx! N 1 ' 1 I E Q, 9'5y'tgN! J 1' K?'mi'H'!r W H W: ---in-,,,..XN H.R. 202-ROW 1-R. Bornt, D. Carner, A. Bryce, J. Bowman, E. Brock, J. Austin, S. Barnard, R. Brown. ROW 2- B. Bielawa, T. Bornt, B. Baker, M. Ainsworth, T. Bursik, D. Clarkson, S. Campbell. ROW 3-D. Briggs, G. Blauvelt, M Centanni,-Absent-W. Brenenstuhl. SEVENTH GRADE r H.R. 203-ROW l-S. Fitzgerald, D. Fearnley, D. Clickner, T. Curtis, D. Cummings, P. Clickner, ROW 2-A. Dwyer, L. Daley, P. Deegan, L. Creagan, P. Corlew, G. Frederickson. ROW 3-M. Dougrey, G. Dormandy, S. Dougrey, A. Cran- dall, P. Fitzpatrick, C. Curran, G. DeMatteo. Absent-T. Fuller. H.R. 205 ROW 1 K. Rathbun, N. Pickett, L. Milks, D. Lussier, M. Morris, T. McLoughlin, ROW 2 D. Passineau, N. Pratt, S. Lynn, C. Plumb, T. Miron, D. Nichols, C. Roche, ROW 3-A. Murphy, S. Petersen, S. Moody, L. Ritrovato, S. Palitsch, R. Parness, E. Pratt. SEVENTH GRADE H.R. 204 ROW 'I-N. Hudson, L. Hayner, V. Hewitt, K. Lionarons, J. Kaschgk,'W. Lewis, P. KnaPPf ROW 2-D. Joy, M. LePage, A. Kenney, L. Lewis, K. Kugler, I. Loccisano, N. Hewitt, ROW 3-L. Lemner, E. Kreiger, R. Knauer, K. Johnson, F. James, A. Kaschak, ABSENT-C. Jacques H.R. 206 ROW 'l-D. Waters, D. Smith, G. Sipel, G. Wade, T. Stevens, R. Tyrrell, ROW 2-K. Schneider, D. Strait, M. Smith, J. Szemkow, J. Toomaiian, D. Sluus, S. Roden, ROW 3-T. Wallace, M. Welch, L. Sherman, J. Wagner, R. Wallace, S. Towne, D. Wenzel. preside,-,f Vice President Sally Moody SCOTT Dol-'Ql'eY Secretary Treasurer Kristine Schneider Sheila Campbell They're kidding, Marlene is just about to howl. Andy Dwyer and Tina Curtis fascinatedp Ann Kenney has the Ianswers. Miss Carter trying hard to suppress great laughter. The students are happy. Mrs. Olsgn, seriousp students are too. You can't hear the noise! Mr. Welker keeps em on their toes with tales of Peace Corps and Ni- geria. H.R. 105 ROW 1-M. Hoag, V. Krogh, S. Keeler, J. Littlefield, R. Mattice, C. Horning,-K. L0n9,.ROW 2-D. Mar- shall, M. Hayner, P. LeFleur, H. Kaufman, J. McFalls, R. McCanney, G. Hoogkamp, M. Littleiohn, ROW 3-S. Manzer, C. Jarem, J. Lionarons, E. McFalls, R. Kapps, D. Lewis ABSENT S. Hicks, B. Lloyd EIGHTH GRADE H.R. 106 ROW l-D. Perrott, P. Olsen, J. Riley, R. Rumpf, C. Morrison, M. Quinlan, ROW 2-C. Ross, H. Rediker, M. O'Neil, J. Morizio, J. Miles, N. Rathbun, C. Passineau, ROW 3-M. Petersen, G. Ryan, D. Rader, D. Remillard, C. Morse, V. Rogers, K. Michalko, ROW 4-S. Rivest, T. Pollock. H.R. 102 ROW 1-P. Brennan, R. Brunclige, G. Bonesteel, M. Argo, N. Blocksidge, R. Bryson, Baker, ROW 2-A. Bryce, C. Campbell, D. Adams, G. Boughton, M. Bulehler, L. Baker, R. Bonesfeel, ROW 3-J. Barkley, J. Breault, R. Abbolt, H. Albarelli, D. Burhans, F. Brock, R. Ahernr, ROW 4-D. Bonesteel, J. Belcher, E. Baker EIGHTH GRADE H.R. 103 ROW 1-D. Fleishman, A. Green,'R. Curtis, P. Centrella, L. Colangelo, M. Dunne, J. DeMaHeo, ROW 2- J. Flori, E. Durkee, C. Emple, D. Doberf, M. Edelman, V. Crandall, J. Deane, ROW 3-L. Cushman, J. Danish, J. Campbell, P. Chuhra, M. Felclhaus, M. Fitzgerald, G. Estabrooks, H. Campbell Absent R. Haner, C. Dunham H.R. 107-ROW l-F. Tybush, S. Staslak, VS. Sheffer, E. Weeclen, D. Stevens, S. Taylor, P. Smith, ROW 2-R. Showers D. Sherman, J. Welch, J. Weiss, P. Scanlon, M. Smith, M. Sauter, ROW 3-A. Sirco, P. Szemkow, J. Young, D. Trianta fillou, S. Weeden, M. Toomaiian, ROW 4-M. Wescott, P. Wallace. PfeSiOlSf7f Vice President Daniel Fleishman Alan Bryce Secretary Treasurer Kristine Long Vickie Krogh Judy Lionarons and Linda Colangelo hiding, Mrs. Neuhauser, Peter Olsen, and Paul Brennan posing. There's Olsen again, posing again, so are The others. Mrs. Spendiff off-goard. Well Sue Keeler is awake. Mr. Tenney in The right spot-directly on Ronnie's shoulder. Jim Jordie and Mark LePage absorbed, working? Everybody finds 'lil Georgie amusing. H.R. 207 ROW 1-J. Baker, D. Bornt, D. Baker, G. Duncan, A. Bonesteel, D. Breen, P. Baker, ROWA2-S. Brown, D. Brock, D. Boomhower, K. Borden, S. Bisnett, K. Briggs, A. Deane, ROW 3-D. Campbell, C. D'Angelo, D. Austin, D Ahrent, P. Dunham, W. Dehnert, B. Bryce, ROW 4-S. Decatur, M. Breault, R. Burdick, B. Barber, Absent J. Bowman C. Clickner, J. Dayton. NIN TH GRADE l H.R. 208 ROW 1-M. Geene, D. Hoag, K. Keeler, G. Hayford, R. Grady, S. Lagasse, D. Freckleton, ROW 2-J. Jordie, W. Goard, T. Hoffman, J. Graig, S. Fearnley, C. Dwyer, L. Haner, D. Herald, ROW 3-D. Johnston, H. Heffner, R. Kaufman, P. Hems, R. Lemner, R. Garmley Absent G. Horninig, R. Kautz, T. Kehn, J. Kershaw, K. Kreiger, M. LaPage. . I H.R. 209-ROW 1-L. Lloyd, D. Remillard, P. O'Donnell, R. Rafun, J. O'Brien, R. Littleiohn, J. McDermott. ROW 2 -R. Lynn, J. Maxon, A. Mantello, H. Morion, L. Phillips, D. Miron,1 C. Lionarons, M. Mason. ROW 3-D. Lewis, S. Rifenburg, D. Milks, R. Lockwood, W. McLaughlin, F. Pickering, D. Miles, C. Paulsen.-Absent-P. Lundy, J. OH, J. Pfeiffer. President Vice President - x Sharon Srickelmyer Harold Heffner Secretary Treasurer Bonnie Spitzer Douglas Johnston T. 7' Cl, S 8 7' H.R. 215-ROW l-D. Valoze, D. Thompson, C. Weeden, A. Welch, D. Sluus, D. Winters, D. Shaffer, ROW 2-D. Ste- yens, S. Stickelmeyer, B. Spitzer, T. Wade, R. Terk, G. Sitcer, R. Sanefski. ROW 3-D. Stevens, K. Sheffer, S. Ritrovato, S. Ryan, A. Smith, P. Slicer. Absent-J. Steward, M. Stickelmyer, T. Wagner, F. Winters. The easiest part of the whole clay. Sue Fearnley way in the back, Linda Rathbun knew this was happening. 30 We stood in line and finally get to enioy the luscious lunch. One of the most familiar sights-and sounds in Tamarac, Mr. Converse. H.R. 210 ROW 1-L. Edelman, F. Curtis, A. Callander, J. Brenenstuhl, N. Busby, ROW 2-D. Bielas,. D. Clickner, D. Boughton, J. Callander, K. Bulson, W. Clickner, ROW 3-R. Doloert, R. Bornf, P. D'Angelo, G. Aldrich, D. Danxsh Absent C. Brock, K. Crook. TE TH GRADE H.R. 211 ROW 1--S. Hudson, I. Holt, S. Kenney, D. Golinski, S. Hyde, J. Lewis, ROW 2-N. Lovegrove, D. Grady, W. Marchand, L. Kaschak, J. Griffeth, B..Freemantle, L. Fletcher, ROW 3-R. Jarem, D. Empie, E. Kepner, D. Gon- goleski, K. Lewis Absent K. Feathers, A. Griffeth. H.R. 108-ROW 1-M. Cenfrella, E. Bornf, P. Perrotf, P. Burdick, N. Bode, L. Davis. ROW 2-B. Allen, T. Campbell M. DeMaHeo, J. Barber, M. Dixon, S. Bonesteel, ROW 3-B. Baker, C. Baker, E. Bonesteel, T. DeLaMater, M. Downey W. Abbott, C., Bulson. Absent-C. Adams, P. Brust, F. Curtis. ELEVEN TH GRADE H.R. 109-ROW 1-M. Lloyd, N. Eslabrooks, F. Durkee, M. Jordie, D. Kiefer, D. Meeson. ROW 2-J. Lee, C. Hicks, R. Keeler, R. Fearnley, R. Hayner, R. McFaIls, ROW 3-R. Heffner, P. Herrington, R. Gardner, R. Groveston, J. Miles, A. Fox. Absent-J. Jacques, D. Freemantle. I 1 H.R. 110 ROW 1-fl. Norton, H. Murphy, B. Scanlony R. O'Donnell, C. Pollock, ROW 2-C. Riley, T. Nelson, S. Morse, F. Rafun, P. Miron, J. Parker, ROW 3-S. Moody, T, Morse, S. Quackenbush, S. Salvi, J. Scllaudt, J. Petersen Absent B. Moore, K. Saniski. U President Vice President Mark Smith Jeffrey Petersen Secretary Treasurer Frannie Curtis Deborah Meeson H.R. 'Ill ROW 'l-L. Yearsle J. Stannard, J. Wagner, T. Zal Taylor, L. Wallace, R. West. y, L. ucky, Wagner, M. Shaver, S. Thurber, T. Williams, G. Terk. ROW 2-L. Strait, M. Smith J. Schmidt. ROW 3-S. Towne, W. Wagner, G. Sheffer, Absent R. Sitcer, J. Mary Ann Jordie, as usual, demuref usual, Linda Davis as g ay. Another unpleasant upset, Miss Weber took if nicely. Marcia Dixon-Surprise! Nicholas Carte Weber CAN n A A ,- 1, . ,A . fl . Q 4 ZAT , A V Q X Q' Q ,m -'I 4 5 n 4 Q 'Wx ,ALA A s L, M 1 M fbi, X I i x V I A Q I P? 1. IO u fx.: v,-, 'v I A-1 ' 2 1 ' .M a , ,g 1- F X V. f Q20 f I ' 11 '- 1 .f KX t fzviley X fn X 04259 I 7 f as '. f X I X 5'. ' efivbx I 1 X "+ z' Tw " i :V 1275 ' AMqF3f f 2 w WWWYQUE , I ' ' A W A ,f H 1 ff 1' :Vx A, , ' A Mme , f i 5 x , il 1 'N 1 1 4 W, 141, uf. A , ,A N fl, L-.5 V 'T V . fl fffsg 1153 jf S I 1' e 3, XI P' ' " ' 4' ii U1 W ' 444 ea uf 'H 'Vw . , 'SIA E , A A -K 'A 5 vii 3 1 A , - -f f H ' 1 T W fa-Q " ff N "" 62 5 X 4? A -3 13. W I ' H A' " gi 5 0,77 ' , ' ' ,.-. 1 Q uw. . - 1 , f'-A , . I , A 1 an 'A .A L A 1 A - ' y M X' Xl fl 'nfs M 'w f 5 5: I 1 1 WF G" ! 1 ff v ,saw-,,"' C5 . I' ?- - ', W1 4 1 J W I ,gf A, f " ' I 55' f " 233' A ' 1 4 ' . f -NF r ew-Af If 1 M 5 1 2 L ' A I V ,W my it N -A A I W' t, V W A 1 gg: 4 V -A: ' ,v -W "j ' A, - ,, I L: 1 I , nl 1 A 'X ' 'f F 'fa' J ffr ' 1 A rr' ei A 3 'W 1 ' 3 ff 32 Em s f, 1 ' f 3 ' 1? 1 .A ia? ' ' f 'f. 1 -f . 55321 Wif ff I 1' ' l 32?- V W ,af NX? Q ,fn , 11,4 V! ,M .A , :fa W 1 1 : : AV Q . A . A-N A A, A p ,g'f ,-1: W yw 9 L A. . JL f " 'S' fix' ,ag ' 5.2: f 1. -f Y 2 Q ' ' 'I - W Q9 Q91 Q. Q7 1' f ff f i ARA' , J I Q- AN. fx I F" -. sf: V Tx 4 44 A A , ,ex gf ' . . A A AF- ju A , A 1 ' ug x ssgwr 35,1 A' ' 1' 'Liga A A 5-XY ?5QAf 1 1 , 21 Agfigkff Q' agp? QALW ' F' fif N A i 1 A 5 X A K J' T" A bb I 1 5 . Ami fm f 4 W. 1 351 .- ,Q if A.: f f' Q A 5 x A' gf' f :X K '-Q gxil'-A 1, 1 .4 gg' '-ffff A A :sri . fg fb Iwi sf A fffi Q X f . f ' It 5 A N5 vm ,v Z f51fI:S.fFF , 'Ex A ff' fr. A x9 'X' "rg A Ri f , A ', " ii xx :QEQAFA QW? ,f 4 3 X 1 xb A E K X.-' 95. A' A T y .viiff vefg 4 XJ' '. 5, 9 2 S , A " J-X 1 vi .A ww W 'W 4' - Q' ---f A I. 0525? A gm, V ww A kkgrhv M, Q 1 A jf' w iwew 1' Nw si- A I f r Q5 WN gum 3 51 2 .' ! 2 f av 256.2 1- I - .S.tA1A?. , 1 ' fl ',A,0-- --13-rg. Qsglx A AA z3,,f':..,j5, KSN Wx ,A , . kN Y fiigx Y X, grtlgiii 1 . A l E f if , . A 1 if 'A 4 15" 1 t ' ..,, .mf ' ' ,x'J,, ' g,"":ff.:N 11112 A -Aw we I eff ,al vf f M 1 me ,f:. , 1 Q- A TLDE T COUNCIL ROW l-F. Curtis, R. Keeler, D. Van Derhoof, T. Nelson, W. Clickner, S. Moocly ROW 2-C. Lansing, J. Lewis, C. Stannard C. Hems, M. Dorrance, J. Barkley, F. Lewis ROW 3-T. Gallagher, G. Morse,' C- H089, W- Nl6l'Cl1Hl1d, D- Klefefr C- RUBY. l-- Wallace, M. Smith ROW 4-D. Roeck, C. Bulson, J. Hilton, C. Clickner. Executive Council P ROW l-J. Lewis, M. Smith, C.. Hems, Sec., F. Lewis, Pres., C. Lansing, Treas., K. Shelter ROW 2-Mr. Briggs, Advisor, M. Dougrey, M. O'Neil, J. Barkley, T. Nelson, R. Keeler Absent-J. Smith, Vice-Pres. Student Council Grades , 8, 9 ROW 1-M. O'Neil, P. Brennan, G. Wade, G. Horning, J. Deane, M. Dougrey. ROW 2-D. Clarkson, M. Buehler, R. Tyrrell S. Barnard, K. Johnson, M. Geene, F. James. ROW 3-K. Sheffer, S. Bisnett, M. Mason, T. Curtis, B. Lloyd, D. Remillard, J O'Brien, C. Lynn, C. Plumb, J. Danish. ROW 4-M. Toomaiian, B. Barber, R. Sanefski. TAMARAC STUDENT COUNCIL The Tamarac Student Council is composed of rep- resentatives of every homeroom grades 7-12. Totally 26 Homerooms send 52 representatives to our meet- ings. The weekly meetings are led by four capable officers, President Fred Lewis, Vice-President Jackie Smith, Secretary Carol Hems, and Treasurer Charlie Lansing. Elected in a fast moving campaign last May, Pres- ident Fred Lewis brings new spirit into the council. Fred instituted the positions of Parliamentarian and Sergeant at Arms. Rick Keeler and Tom Nelson filled these new offices with admirable zeal. A believer in the committee system, Fred organized the Finance, Alma Mater, Student Control, Assembly, Student Exchange, Awards, and Executive committees. Serving as chairmen of these committees were Charlie Lansing, Mark Smith, Kathy Sheffer, Carol Stannard, Mark Smith, Jackie Smith and Fred Lewis, respectively. We feel that the 1965-66 Tamarac Student Council has prepared a large area for achievement by later Councils. The basis for a potential Student Exchange committee has been formed. Tamarac now has its Alma Mater. , Work initiated this year under the direction of Mr. Briggs will certainly be continue-d when the Council reconvenes in September. A small part of the controlled . . . uncontrolled BE GALETTE ROW l-J. Pfeiffer, M. Parker, M. Smith, F. Lewis, B. Satterlee, C. Hoag, D. Church. ROW 2-B. Wildiman, K. Campbell, J. Jacques, P. Perrott, J. D'Maiina, P. Burdick, V. Hewitt, J. Lewis, J. DeMatteo. ROW 3- H. Murphy, l. Holt, A. Murphy, L. VanDerhoof, W. Marchand, S. Bisnett, S. Kenny, M. Dorrance. ROW 4- D. Fearnley,'D. Nickles, J. Hilton, D. DeLaMater, D. Boomhower, A. Callander, P. Miron, S. Decator. Executives Miss Leach, advisor, and Fred Lewis, editor. OFFICERS-A Callander, treas., F. Lewis, editor, M. Parker, Business Manager, B. Satterlee, Sports editor, M. Smith, Associate editor. Miss Gusberti, Business advisor. This year was a year of change and improvement for the Bengalette. These improvements, along with the usual interesting and informative news and sports coverage, were mainly engineered and produced by Fred Lewis Editor-in-Chief, Mark Smith Associate Editor, Mary Parker Business Manager, Allan Callander Treasurer and Bruce Satterlee Sports Editor all under the direction of Miss Leach and Miss Gusberti. The goal of the bi-weekly newspaper was that of informing and entertaining the student body. The Bengalette has become a newspaper which represents the activities and ideas of the students. F.T.A. President Vice President . Cynthla Mlchele Baker Centrella Secretary Treasurer Mary Dorrance Advisor Paul Miron Miss E. Aviza ROW 'I-P. Miron, D. Baker, J. O'Brien, M. Jordie, M. Lloyd, D. Johnston, ROW 2-M. Mason, C. Lionarons, A. Murphy, H. Murphy ROW 3-T. Kissinger, M. Dorrance, S. Bisnett ROW 4-C. Baker, K. Sheffer, C. Pollock, D. Miron Absent: Michele Centrella, Linda Rafhbun, SENIOR HO UR SOCIETY r i SEATED l. to r.-P. Cummings, C. Stannard, C. Heims, C. Hicks, N. Chuihta. STANDING-G. Bryce, J. Pfeiffer, J. La:FIeur, D. Meeson, G. Terk, C. Lansing. Advisors and Presidents i Miss Gabauer, Senior Honor Society Advisor, C. Hems, Senior Honor Society President, Miss Antuneis, Junior Honor Society Advisor, A. Callander, Jufnior Honor Society President. JU IOR HO OR OCIETY SEATED, l. to r.-V. Krough, M. Toomaiian, R. Terk, A. Callander, A. Deane, J. O'Brien, C. Clickner. STANDING: Miss Antunes Advisor, M. Smith, J. Callander, G. Morse, R. Jarem, D. Burhans, L. Haner, S. Bisnett, D. Baker, K. Keeler, D. Johnston, P Fleishman, M. La Page. The Junior Honor Society was busy making posters for the basketball and hockey games this year. we were also rendering our service in selling tickets at home basketball games and wrestling matches. , l The purpose of Honor Society is to create an enthusiasm for superior scholarship, to stimulate a desire to serve faithfully our school, community, and country, to promote trustworthy leadership, and to instill exemplary qualities of character in the pupils of our school. This year our program included volunteer work, tielcl trips, a tour of allarge industrial plant in a neighboring community, and guest speakers at our meetings. L1brary A1ClS SEATED L. to R.-V. Kautz, J. Lee, D. Winters, A. Montello, Mrs. Manning, Librarian, J. Green, C. Sheffer, N. Bode, N. Lovegrove. STANDING: B. Spitzer, D. Lewis, C. Weeden, L. VanDerhoof, R. Littleiohn, M. Taylor, N. Chuhta. ELECT BAND-REEDS ROW"l4C. 'Hems, K. Sheffer, C. Baker, C. Lionarons, J. Barkley, C. Morrison, D. Meeson, D. Clickner, D. Kiefer, J. Barkley. ROW 2-A. Smith, W. Abbott, R. Keeler,.R. Groveston, L. Fletcher. ROW 3-S. Schmiedeshoff, D. Morse Select Band-Brass ROW 1-T. Nelson, N. Estabrooks, L. Baker, J. Lionarons. SEATED-V. Tyrrell, R. McFalls. ROW 2 -W. Clickner, P.'M,iron, D. Burhans, J, Pefersen, The Tamarac Band, monument to school spirit and youthful ambitibn, has achieved new heights. The Band now maintains an extensive and varied repertoire of marches, overtures, show tunes, and ensemble composition. Our concerts this year took place in October, December, March, April, and in May. Appearing specially in concerts were the ensemble players pictured on these pages. These five concerts led to our crucial effort of May 20th when the band entered State competition in two divisions Grade 3 and Grade 6 in difficulty. Aside from the Dance Band, Dixieland Combo, and Brass Ensembles of previous years, the Tam- arac Band now includes a new Tiiuana Brass of seven pieces originated by Mr. Stover in emulation of the Mexican combo. The officers of the 1965-66 Tamarac Band include Bruce Scanlon, President, Judie Barkley, Vice President, Karen Shaver, Secretary-Treasurer. BRASS - GR DE 3 ROW 1-P. Brennan, D. Fleishman, D. Joy, T. Miron, A. Welch, S. Towne, A. Bryce. ROW 2-H. Campbell, M. Petersen, M1 Toomaiian, E. McFalIs, G. Estabrooks, S. Rivest, D. Burhans. 1 l rx v Dance Band x ROW 1-W. Abbpft, D. Morse, S. Schmiedeshoff, L. Fletcher, B. Scanlon, R. Groveston. ROW 2-R. Yates, T. Kehn, P. Scanlon M. Smith, ROW 3-P, 'Miron, T. Nelson, D. Burhans, J. Petersen, V. Ty-rrell. STANDING-P. Coonracl, K. Campbell, K. Shaver 1 GODWINDS ROW 1-D. Cummings, S. Lynn, S. Morrison, J. Barkley, S. Roden, C. Jacques, P. Corlew, R. Wallace, M. Smith. ROW 2-M. Mason, D. Baker, R. Abbott, S. Bisnett, K. Sheffer, P. Feldhaus, H. Morton, D. Stevens. Percussion 81 Reeds ROW 1-K. Lionarons, T. Curtis, A. Kenney, D. Strait, T. Stevens, C. Phillips. ROW 2-N. Estabrooks, L. Baker, J. Lionarons, J. Toomaiian, A. Bryce, W. Clickner, A. Smith. t TRU PET 81 PERCUSSIO ROW 'I-D. Joy, K. Shaver, M. Toomaiian, P. Coonrad, K. Campbell. :tow 2-T. Kehn, B. Scanlon, M. Smith, R. Yates, E. McFaIls. Dixieland Combo SEATED-P. Scanlon, R. McFalIs. STANDING P. Miron, T. Kehn, M. Smith, S. Schmiedeshoff. FRE H Sz SOPHO ORE ROW 1-N. Lovegrove, S. Bisnett, M. Wells, D. Bielas, B. Wildman. ROW 2-D. Sluus, A. Murphy, D. Baker, S.- Kenny, L. Rathbun, K, Crook, ROW 3-D. Golinski, P. Perrott, W. Mar- chand, J. Lewis. The Rensselaer All-County Festivals are held twice each year. One Festival features a Senior Choir, Junior Band and Elementary Choir, the others, Senior Band, Junior Choir and Elementary Band. Most of the.schools in our county send representatives to these festivals. This year, Tamara-c had choir members singing in the Senior Choir, held on February 5th at Knickerbacker Junior High School, and in the Junior Choir at the festival on April 23rd at Averill Park. The Senior group was directed by Robert Campbell, Supervisor of Music 'For the city of Schenectady. Calvin Pedersen, Vocal Music Director from Hoosick Falls Central High School directed the Junior grou-p. The 150 voice All-State Chorus representing 15 schools under the direction of S. Talbot Thayer from Hoosic Falls on November 19 and 20, 1965. Each of the New York State School Music Association sponsors many bands, choirs, and orchestras are represented. Each or- ganization is directed by guest conductors, all of whom are distinguished in their fields. Tamarac invited students were Jeanette Bow- man, Karen Campbell, 1st soprano, Judie Bark- ley 2nd soprano, Carol Hems, 1st Alto, Karen Shaver, Barbara Grady 2nd Alto, Dennis DeLa- Mater 2nd Tenor Paul Miron Dave Freckleton, Dick Parron 1st Bass, Scott Schmiedeshoff, Pete Coonrad 2nd Bass. Juniors SZ Freshmen ROW 1-M. Shaver, M. Mason, K. Sheffer, D. Miron, C. Riley. ROW 2-D. Freckleton, R. Rafun, C. Clickner, B. Scanlon. ROW 3-R. Parron, P. Hems, P. Miron, R. McFalls ALL-., T ATE CI-IOR ROW 1-K. Campbell, ROW 2-J. Bowman, J. Barkley. ROW 3-B. Grady, K. Shaver, C. Hems. ROW 4-R. Parron, S. Schmiedeshoff, D. Freck- leton. ROW 5-P. Miron, D. DeLaMa'rer, P. Coonracl, Mr. Claus, chorus director. ROW l-M. Dorrance, K. Campbell, J. Bowman, J. Barkley. ROW 3-D. DelJaMater, P. Miron, S. Schmiedeshoff, B. Scanlon, R. Parron. by V 3 9 dl 'l e ll-Count Chorus CHORUS OFFICER ROW 'I-B. Wildman, K. Campbell, Librarians, J. Bowman, Vice-Presidenf, J. Barkley, Secrefary. ROW 2-M. Dorranrce, Treasurer, K. Shaver, President. Mr. Claus. Absent-W. Marchand. i Left to riaht-J. Empie, P. Coonrad, S. Kenney, T. Kissinger 'S'-ia k 405 E.-ef2 KN 'Q' 'rf JU IOR HIGH CHORUS ROW l-J. DeMatteo, R. Tyrrell, D. Clickner, V. Hewitt, B. Lloyd. ROW 2-S. Moody, N. Blockiclge, M. LaPage, S. Barnard, L. Daley, K. Sheffer. ROW 3- M. Edleman, C. Curran, S. Manzer, S. Petersen, N. Rathbun. ROW 1-S. Keeler, C. Synder, C. Plumb, J. Bowman, M. Smith. ROW 2-P. Clickner, P. Feldhaus, R. Abbott. L. Cushman, M. Buehler, A. Dwyer. ROW 3-M. Smith, S. Palitsch, D. Rader, D. Nichols, T. Miron, T. Bursik. ROW 1-M. Quinlan, G. Boughton, L. Colangelo, M. Agro, G. Bonesteel. ROW 2-S. Towne, accompanist, J. Lionarons, J. Barkley, L. Baker, Mr. Claus, director. ROW 3-D. Clarkson, A. Murphy, G. Dormandy, K. Lionarons, D. Strait. Via KEY CLUB KNEELING-F. Lewis, D. Roeck, C. Lansing, L. Strait, R. Parron, W. Clickner, J. Hilton. STANDING-R. Heffner, G. Bryce, J. Petersen, C. Clickner, K. Lewis, J. Schaudt, R. Fearnley, R. Keeler. The Key Club is a service for boys from the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. Although Key Club is similar to other high school orga- nizations in that it operates under the school's regulations and draws its members from the student body, it is uniquely different from any other in that its sponsorship, and pro- grams are directed to the community at large rather than the school. First the Key Club is unique for it is sponsored in cooperation, with the school officials by a local Kiwanis Club, com-posed of the leading busi- ness and professional men of the community. The Key Club is also unique for its aim is the develop- ment of initiative, leadership, ability, and good citizenship practices. The Key Club service program not only provides the school with services which make it a more pleasant place for students and teachers, but it goes into the community as well to under- take various proiects for the benefit of the entire community. Leadership, good citizenship, education, and fel- lowship so important to you and democracy are best acquired through actual participation in service pro- grams. L. Strait, Secretary, G. Bryce, Vice President, Mr. Meyers, advisor, C. Clickner, President, R Fearnley, Treasurer. Y TEENS President D. Smith 'x f . Mi if i llffllil it .1 .x , AQ...- ftfliliifii' " -- 1 5 2 I i R 5' l ll X 5 til flu l I all V l Vice Pres. N. Chuhta , , X'-., . ' P PATSY- ASMQV CW ' 'Wa f Secretary Advisor Advisor Treasurer P O Donnell Miss Faith Meyer Mrs. Spendiff D. Stickelmyer ROW I-Faith Meyer, advisor ROW 2-B. Wild- man, A. Bonesteel. ROW 3-A. Murphy, M. Geene, D. Stickelmeyer, L. Wagner. ROW 4- R. Rafun, K. Caruso, H. Murphy, W. Marchand. ROW 5-C. Phillips, P. O'Donnell, S. Fearnley, C. Dwyer. ROW 6-T. Kissinger, Mrs. Spendiff, advisor, B. Shuler, ROW l-D. Hoag, ROW 2-B. Hoag, D. Bornt. ROW 3-B. Spitzer, R. Littleiohn, R. Lynn. ROW 4-J. Jacques, D. Miron, D. Grady, B. Grady. ROW 5-D. Reckner, N. Chuhta, C. Stasiak, L. Yearsley. ROW 6-S. Towne, D. Freckleton, M. Taylor, D. Smith. ROW 7-B. Bryce, J. Berney. TAMARAC Y TEENS The Y Teens are representing the Troy and Cohoes Y.M.C.A. Inc. Mrs. Evelyn Spendiff of Tam arac High School serves in a Voluntary Capacity as advisor. The club has varied activities in the interest of the girls and in line with purpose of the National Y.W.C.A. This year they have planned such activities as speakers and slides on foreign countries. A Sadie Hawkins Dance and Social with a Massachusetts Prep School. Speakers on the interests of teenagers and sports activ- ities such as Bowling, Pool Parties and lce Skating. The officers this year are President-Dale Smith, Vice-President-Nancy Chuhta Secretary-Patty O'Donnell, Treasurer-Donna Stickelmyer. YGRKERS ROW 1-T. Hoffman, M. O'Neil, D. Rader, M. Centrella. ROW 2-M. Geene, S. Keeler, M. Buehler, P. O'Donnell, A. Welch, L. Haner, J. Jacques, J. O'Brien, C. Clickner, K. Keeler. YORKERS The Yorkers met this year semi-weekly in Room 108. The purpose of Yorkers is to better understand our community, state, nation and world. Our motto is "History can be fun." The Club is associated with the Ca-pital District Yorkers, the New York State Yorkers, and the New York State Historial Association. This year membership consists of those students in grades 7-12 who are interested in history and have a qualifying average. Miss Aviza is our advisor and Mrs. Haskins our coisponsor. The 1965-66 officers are President, Cynthia Baker, vice president, Debbie Baker, secretary, Karen Keeler, and treasurer, Doug Johnston. This year's activities included District and State wide activities. Yorker proiects include building Iroquois' long house dwelling and publishing a lqooklet on the History of the School District. ROW i-S. Dougrey, G. Dormandy, N. Hudson, M. Pickett, T. Miron, G. Sipel, P. Fearnley, M Dougrey. ROW 2-D. Johnson, B. Tyrrell, D. Cummings, L. Lewis, L. Sherman, D. Baker, S. Petersen, P. Corlew, L. Daly, D. Clickner. ROW 'I-S. Lagasse, M. Petersen, M. LaPage, P. Olsen, G. Boughton. ROW 2-C. Dwyer, R. Lynn, A. Deane, L. Baker, S. Bisnett, D. Winters, P. Feldhaus, D. Bornt, G. Sitcer. 1 L I -gm s ' Debbie Baker Vice-President Karen Keeler Secretary . if M -.1-231ss2i!111i" W 1El...,.f,....g.gp,ggy :qu 'Qu ' Qi sa 'H' if lil lfiltilr Kiwi? n rag, Douglas Johnston Treasurer Senior Yorkers Cynthia Baker President Miss Aviza ROW 1-R. Mattice, J. DeMatteo, A. Loccisano, R. Curtis, D. Remillard, D. Baker, K. Long, Advisor P. Chuhta. ROW 2-J. Green, J. Lee, D. Johnston, B. Barber, L. VanDerhoof, G. Baker. . f 3 if' 1' . ,,.-L... ...r . A we .L 1 ' , M 5 x. ,.,, , 5 1 5 li tfiml, .MQ5 ,Q 'ff qw v ATO IC MODELS 1, ROW 1-N. Estabrooks, F. Durkee, M. Jordie, D. Meeson, C. Baker, D. Kiefer, L. Campbell, M. Smith 2, ROW 'l-D. Hewitt, L. Davis, C. Hicks, P. Cummings, B. Allen, T. Campbell, C. Stannard. ROW 2- L. Strait, G. Terk, J. Schaudt, R. Gardner, S. Towne, C. Riley, G. Shaffer. Ceramws ROW i-D. Baker, B. Spitzer, D. Miron, S. Bisnett. ROW 2- C. Hyde, A. Bonesteel, M. Dixon, J. Barber, F. Curtis, B. Allen, A. Welch. YEARBOOK STAFF ROW 'I-C. Hems, Senior Editor, K. Caruso, D. Freckleton, Feature Editor, K. Shaver, Faculty Editor, M. Parker, Carol Stanntarcl, J. Bowman, Girl Sports Editor, P. Cummings, Underclass Editor, M. Dorrance, Editor-in-chief. ROW 2-A. Loccisano, D. Reckner, T. Gallagher, Sports Editor, C. Lansing, G. Bryce. ROW 'I'-l.. Boughton, L. Bulson, D. Smith, D. De La Mater, R. Green, J. Berney J. Barkley, C. Brenenstuhl Absent: J. Smith, J. Lewis. Ir. Editors ROW 'I-C. Hicks, D. Kiefer, C. Pollock, M. Dixon, H. Murphy, M. Jordie, D. Meeson, M. Smith. I.R.C. SEATED-C. Hicks, M. Jordie, D. Kiefer, D. Meeson. STANDING-C. Baker, N. Bode, S. Bonesteel J Jacques, L. Campbell, L. Boughton, N. Estabrooks. Absent-M. Centrella. Judy Lewis, efficient typist, Jackie Smith, Yearbook Business Manager We made the basket Come on fellows, let's sing! The Musical Mob And to think balloons were once so much fun. 1 I .L 1 1 I v v 1 v 3 . ? TH LE TIC 53,1 33 Z,K-ggfwghgglfisffiifgggjimjggk1 ff W 4,Jwwwgjgggiiggliyfp-21g'fffge,4v'61gi's'zw3s .,w!,z.g4xm.' f 72.5, asf.:-1 . yy u '1,,w5,!fegfg5:wfsszmmzsvfffgQfZfw,f3z25.'63, M555-psf!'Jwwwg,,vc,uL.Lf..f..-tar. ,, . ,xg M -, . Yi5SSQE'?Pf3i?2E555i5SEi??f?1i3f9:5?fWifgfigifilgilii IW56535535255555555TEEQ25952ff?5iiQzi3if'flkf25ii52s252F5ef?5ifF33f???31:ii5 vigil-2'lQf1 J " 'W mliszf m13z:Qa:xMEE::Q,sffffsmfiifzmiiia': IuhMmffsfiiffIm,gefswrwfwfQ:wa-2r'fffsfz1wsas4s1i,,fs1f.unv-mf-.aff11:11.2:1-.fs.1ef:fffw:-A:'win.wwvw ' f '''UQwt!3RRZBiiC5zr!?3:4!Min!29IuE3?KLi5PQQHSXISCAB3331855093u56!!x!2Eb!55TJ5!U.w,islM'u...,,,rlfi..5w,M, !E Wa Wh 'fn 4' 4 ' FOOTBALL ROW 1-B. Satterlee, J. Guinan, G. Bryce, W. Dayton, H. Bulson, P. Milks, D. Bulson, D. Roeck, R. West. ROW 2-Mr. Converse, T. Zalucky, R. Heffner, K. Lewis, B. Roeck, R. Jarem, J. Taylor, R. Bornt, S. Morse, R. Gardner, J. Parker, J. Dayton, T. Kehn, Mr. Haines. ROW 3-J. Petersen, J. Schaudt, B. Barber, R. Dobert, R. Rooney. W. Dayton, Coach Haines, Coach Converse, H. Bulson 62 Tamarac moved this year from 8-11 man foot- ball. The old little 8 conference dissolved and we joined the newly formed Southern Conference with Van Rensselaer, Ockawamick, Chatham, Voorheesville, Mt. Everette and Roeliff Jansen. Two non-league teams, Ballston Spa and Schuyler- ville, were also on the schedule. With two fine running backs in Senior Grant Bryce and Junior Jimmy Miles and two fine Jun- ior Alternates, Scott Morse and Tom Zalucky, more than 1500 yards were gained rushing. Bryce alone had more than 700 yards. Seniors Bill Dayton and Joe Guinan sparkled both on offense as ends and on defense as line- backs. Seniors Pete Milks, Denny Bulson, and Sam Bulson also played well on both the offen- sive and defensive lines. Van Rensselaer H. 12 19 Voorheesville H. 0 13 Mt. Everette A. 38 21 Roeliff Jansen H. 13 18 Balston Spa A. 6 28 Chatham H- 0 37 Ockawamick H. 12 25 , .,,. .,..,... ,.,,.........w..-, M, y -aw -1 ""' ,. ,kvb - I 1 .. W -- , - ,.., - .L M.. ,,.,. --'- vm. -If Q -: -- 3iQ"g3,gii1'iii1fEE1 ' ' ffxgmwgg 41112, .Tf" '.- -QT . f i-. . V., .3 , , gi , . ,. W - ',,h w ---- e f D' 'F' G. Bryce B- Saffeflee D. reoeck P. Mnks J- Gvinan i Q " , Q" I - -A' . 5 va - 95252. f eyiye 1 D D 3- Bulson D. Bulson Someone has him, he got nowhere. L L,., , I. gm 7 , J . wif m ., K , 5' 3 Q1 7 ,F 4 Xl eeee W. Dayton There goes Bryce. Somebody has him-Jim Miles wants him. OFFENSIVE LINE-R. Jarem, R. Bornt, H. Bulson, D. Bulson, P. Milks, K. Lewis, B. Satterlee, W. Dayton. ROW 2-T. Zalucky, B. Roeck, G. Bryce. ROW 1-S. Hudson, T. Kehn, R. Jarem, D. Freckleton, G. Hayford. ROW 2-C. D'AngeIo, F. Winters, B. Barber, K Ryan, P. Lundy, R. Born1',' J. OH, M. Schmiedeshoff, Coach Chapman. Good form! The Captain shoots from outside. and wdifing- 66 Eeverybody's ready- These gals always helped- More basketball action- 'That kid hae! better watch it The cat doesp they do' not appear too ferocious. Oh no you don't! Captain Denny and Coach Converse. High up again- CHEERLEADERS ROW 1-C. Lionarons, D. Grady, S. Stickelmyer. ROW 2-D. Shaffer, B. Shuler. ROW 3-D. Miron, D. Hoag, K. Sheffer. Capfain Donna Grady w W-WMM ,yi 'mp Nw W W, ,w,wr'-Nyv ww www-tl: mul: uw o N Uwl, N ' 'N' "4 1x:x1Q'NtNN1!f5w,,W! J r. Varslty - A WE EEEEEE E M E E wi Www H !,,v V L wig , ff ww UMW 11 1 ' WM 'iw H - ,iw W' HWwL5JN!u1' N W I M m QM ,f ' X' "" WWF' T 1 EEEE E E ' E N E " H ,- 'xxx W, '3'M1m'lg Y? 'WWE " E A EEEE wi W EW E f L' x if w X 1 V E EEEE E EEEEE E E , Nw! 'i ',,!, M Co-Capfam W :MWQ XNX uw X, Diane H089 'K Wwiffgfiiwlxwfwu wx w uzu HOCKEY ROW l-C. Lansing, J. Guinan, B. Satterlee, G. Bryce, H. Bulson, R. Keeler, T. Gallagher, T. Nelson. ROW 2 R Mattice, Manager, Mr Healey, Coach, D. Boughton, D. Roeclc, F. Lewis, J. Schaudt, S. Schmiedeshoff, L. Fletcher, R. Lockwood P Hems T Zalucky Mr Dorrance, Assistant Coach, A. Bryce, Manager. Special shot of the Seniors. This season marked the first year of competition for the Bengals in the Bruce and Gram played well Eastern District Hockey League. Seniors Grant Bryce and Bruce Satterlee led their team to five victories in thirteen attempts. The first line con- sisted of John Schaudt as goalie, with Bruce Satterlee, Charles Lansing, Tam Gallagher, Rick Keeler, and Tom Nelson. The second line included, Joe Guinan, Grant Bryce, Fred Lewis, Sam Bulson and Doug Boughton. Scott Schmiedeshoff also served in the goalie position. Tom Gallagher was high scorer with 13 points and John Schaudt had 136 saves.- The icers faced stiff opposition from more experienced teams, yet managed to upset game favorites Albany Academy and C.C.H.S. Tamarac surprised Academy by beating them 3-2 in 42 seconds of overtime. Tamarac handed Academy her first defeat in her new field house. The Pep Club, an organization of girls, displayed school spirit by leading the cheers of the large numbers of students and adult supporters. Miss Curtis was faculty advisor to this organization. C.C.H.S L.S.l. A.A. T.H.S. L.S. I . Hoosac 2-3 Hoosac 2-5 T.H.S. 3-2 Darrow 'l-7 A.A. 2-6 C.C.H.S 5-2 Darrow 5-2 2-4 4-2 0-7 5-1 5-7 Cha rles-faces-off One of John Schauclt's many saves Fred Lewis makes it ioilgh for La Salle- Joe Guinan saves. The pass io Gallagher was good! Bruce breaks away- r PEP CL B FIRST ROW: J. Lewis, K. Keeler. SECOND ROW: P. Perroti, M. Geene, D. Thompson. THIRD ROW: A. Murphy, D. Lewis, N. Busby. FOURTH ROW: K. Crook, M. Taylor, H. Murphy, I. Holt, L. Edelman. FIFTH ROW: L. Rathbun, D. Stickelmyer, L. Boughion, R. Lihleiohn, S. Kenney, M. Mason. SIXTH ROW P. O'DonneIl, K. Borden, D. Clickner, S. Towne, B. Spitzer, B. Grady, M. Parker, M. Schmidt. Advisor, Miss Curtis. Co-Captains, Jane Lewis, Karen Keeler. Miss Carter, the tutor. They're quiet now, iust wait! Another gang. Active cheerleaders. Basketball or frenzy! Quietly hoping. Gang of girl athletes. ,ES A sturdy lad. 4 .- Good cheerleaders. Jeanette, making her little friend shag it. -- .lint re A 112552-t,.w , ,QE ,3 5 7 E. :gg g-- . .. ' A- we 1 .fr' 5 - Marcia, bawling 'em out. 'Small fime riof, 73 RE NTLI G ROW 1-L. Strait, B. Rebhun, D. O'Donnell, F. Rafun, J. Wagner, S. Morse, T. Shaffer, R. Grady. KNEELING: D. Nichols. ROW 2- J. Stannard, S. Ryan, R. West, T. Shuler, F. Brundige, R. McFalls, D. Bulson, D. Pratt, C. Edelman, H. Heffner, R. Lemner. Captain Dennis Bulson Coach Robert Converse Captain Tom Shaffer TAMARAC'S WRESTLING TEAM The season started on Nov. 2nd and ended Feb. 18th. We started with a squad of 42. After a week of vigorous training consisting of intensive roadwork, calisthenics, and weight lifting we lost 19 boys, leaving us with a squad of about 23. The coach was Mr. Converse and the elected captains were Denny Bulson and Tom Shaffer. Wrestling is a self sacrificing sport. lt takes great individual effort'to make and retain weight throughout the season. The wrestlers had to concede Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations in order to remain in top physical condition and to take part in the invitational wrestling tourna ment at Mechanicville. We competed against 8 schools, Dick O'Donnell and Bob West came in 3rd, The team also competed in the Washington County tournament held at Cambridge. Again we came in 3rd. When a wrestler wins his match by a pin he is awarded 5 points, when he wins it by a deci sion, 3, and when the match is a draw he is given 2 points. Some of our team scores are: Cap tain Tom Shaffer 9 and 6, total points 35, captain Denny Bulson 7 and 5 total points 29, Doug Pratt 6 and 8, 26 points, Clark Edelman 3 and 7, 13 points and high scorer Dick O'Donnell 13 and 3 total 51 points. Our team finished the year with a winning season, a 6-5 record. Denny showing his muscles! Donna Grady-Way back peering Through The shag! They're not smiling: more like groaning. Ye Gods! He smiles way up there No! lt's not'ole man river. ROWV1-D. Bulson, H. Bulson-ROW 2-J. Guinan, B. Satferlee, G. Bryce, T. Gallagher-RUW 3-C. Lansing D Roeck, J. Hilton, D. Rifenburg, T. Shuler-ROW 4-T. Zalucky, S. Morse, J. Petersen, R. Jarem, W. Dayton, P. Mllkg OFFICERS: President-Peter Milks, Bryce Vice President-Bill Dayton, Treasurer-Doug Roeck, Secretary-Grant .gh W. gf rf- , 'g 'mid Y . YT g'sf'3f!i:Nl' ,-4'ifj-g.5ggLiiLi N. ,.,.,,!,? .... . 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MIST-253: z.. .-grsfiis' A N " 4 -- 'Waf2Pr.wf'Mf?-a-1fffi. 512413 ""X 'H " M :Try-L' WWf".WW' -- , ,, ffi,-5.:3s,Wi,,gngx ,....,f,. , fu 7-17--A - "ig uw' ' -m:fJH:?'f'wwa2f1 fx ffmyffbh -H-.13 die? MPWIL TQ,-iii?" ie: 3' vo. ' ik f f fim- W V Wu JUDIE BARKLEY "lf I have done the public any service, it is due to patient thought." Undecided, Student Council 1, 4, Honor Society .Vice President 1, Band Secretary- Treasurer 'l, 2, 3, Vice President 4, 'Chorus 2, 3, Secretary 4, Atomic Models 3, Cheer- leading Co-Captain l, 2, Junior Play 3, Jun- ior Prom Committee 3, Junior Prom Court 3, Class Secretary 2, 3, Yearbook 4. JEAN BERNEY "The secret of life is in art." I College, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Atomic Models Club 3, Junior Play 3, Yearbook Art Editor 4. ' JOHN BERNEY "Joking and humor are pleasant, and often of extreme utiIity." College, Junior Play 3. ROBERT BISNETT "Silence is gain to many of mankind." Work, Basketball 'l. LAWRENCE BORNT "He that's content hath enough." Service. CHRISTINE BRENENSTUH "Art is not a thing: it is a way." Collegep Bengalette if Yearbook 4. LINDA BOUGHTON "ln her tongue is the law of kindness." Collegef Bengalette 1, 25 Y-Teens 25 I.R.C. 41 Junior Play 37 Yearbook 4. L FRANCIS BRUNDIGE "Good words are worth much, and cost little." Service: Wrestling 4. I I JEANNETTE BOWMAN merry heart makes a cheerful coun- tenance." College: Student Council l, 27 Chorus 'l, 2, 3, Vice President 45 Cheerleading if Junior Prom Committee 35 'Junior Prom Court 37 Junior Play 37 Class President ip Yearbook 4. IIA GRANT BRYCE "Character is the governing element of life, and above genius." College, Class President 3, 4, Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Atomic Models 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey 4, Varsity Club 3, Secretary 4 Junior Prom Committee 3, Yearbook 4, Senior Play 3. A DENNIS BULSON "Oft has he helped in time of need." College, Football 4, Wrestling, Captain 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Junior Play 3, Yearbook 4. LESLEY BULSON "The way to be happy is to make others so." Work, Bengalette 1, 4, Cheerleading 1, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Yearbook. F HAROLD BULSON "An easy minded soul and always was." Work, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 37 H0610-IY 4: Varsity Club 4. KAREN CAMPBELL "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." Vocal Music, Yorkers 3, Bengalette, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3. DOLORES CHURCH "A good laugh is sunshine." Work, Bengalette 4, Y-Teens 2, Yearbook 4. KARlN CARUSQ "Wit to persuade and beauty to delight." College, Honor Society Treasurer l, Secre- tary 2, Band 'I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 4: Atomic Models 3, Yearbook, Junior Prom Committee 3, Junior Prom Court 3. ! l ll 9'.'5z5.5tjgf 'l i CALVIN CLICKNER "Slow and steady wins the race." College, Student Council 3, 4, Key Club 3, President 4, Atomic Models 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3. NANCY CHUHTA "Help for others is out of a fellow-feeling." Nursing, Bengalette l, Honor Society 'l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, Vice President 4, Atomic Models 3, Junior Play 3, Junior Prom 3. PETER COONRAD "AII Nature wears one universal grin." Navy, Band 'l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 'l, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, Varsity Club 2, Sr. Play 3.' Ii! Qs. PATRICIA D'ANGELO PATRICIA CUMMINGS "Where my heart lies, let my brain lie also." College, Honor Society I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, Y-Teen 3, 4, Yorkers 3, Atomic Models 4, Cheerleading I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Play 3, Jr. Prom Committee 3, Jr. Prom Court 3, Yearbook 4. I F WILLIAM DAYTON "A wise man does not try to hurry his- tory." Service, Football I, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4, Bas- ketball 'l, 2, 3, Captain 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, Vice President 4, Jr. Play 3. "MingIe your ioys sometimes with your earnest occupation." College, Student Council 3, Cheerleading 'l, Pep Club 4. I DENNIS DE LA MATER "Art is the conveyance of spirit by means of matter." College, Bengalette I, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Key Club I, Secretary 2, Jr. Play 3, Jr. Prom 3, Yearbook 3, 4. JEAN DIMAINA' "lt is work which gives flavor to life." Work7 Bengalette 3, 47 Yearbook 4. CLARK EDELMAN "Enough work to do, and strength enough to do the work." Army7 Atomic Models 37 Wrestling 4. MARY DORRANCE "Few Things are impossible To diligence and skill." College7 Student Council 47 Bengalette 3, 47 Honor Society 'l, 27 Chorus 'l, 2, Treas- urer 3, 47 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 47 F.T.A. 3, Secretary 47 Atomic Models 37 Junior Play 37 Junior Prom Conlimittee 37 Junior Prom Court 3j Yearbook 4, Editor-in-Chief. JOHN EMPIE "Moderation is best in all things." College7 Chorus 47 Football 37 Basketball 3 Wrestling 37 Baseball 3, 47 Yearbook 4. F LESLIE DUNHAM "The best of blessings is a contented mind Vocational School. DARLENE FRECKLETON "Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice . . . " College, Bengalet-te 1, Honor Society 'l, Chorus 2, 3, Y-Teens 4, Atomic Models 3, Junior Play 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Yearbook 4. THOMAS GALLAGHER "I shall never ask, never refuse, nor ever resign an office." College, Student Council 2, 4, Atomic Models Club 3, Basketball i, 2, 3, Hockey 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Class Treasurer 3, Yearbook. JUDITH GREEN "What wisdom can you 'find that is greater than kindness." Nursing, Bengalette 2, 3, Yorkers 3, 4. Atomic Models Club 3, Junior Play 3. BARBARA GRADY "All good things which exist are the fruits of originality." College, Student Council 2, 3, Band 2, 3, Y-Teens 4, I.R.C. 4, Cheerleading 2, Junior Prom, Yearbook. 2 ROBERT GREEIN "The real essence of work is concentrated energy." P Coast Guard, Atomic Models Club 3, Year- book 4. JOSEPH GUINAN "Mortal deeds and institutions cannot sep- arate a happy fellow and fun." Marines, Football 1, 2: 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee 3. CAROL HEMS " . . . here is a proper dignity and pro- portion to be observed in the performance of every act of life." College, Student Council 3, Secretary 41 Bengalette 3, Honor Society 'l, 2, 3, 4, Band 'l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, Atomic Models 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Junior Prom Queen 3, Class Vice President 2, Class Treasurer 4, Yearbook 4. ROBERT HAYNER "Men of few words are the best men." Military Service, Baseball 'l. DENNA HEWITT "Silence is true wisdom's best reply." Work, Bengalette 3, Honor Society 'l,'2. . 1. , RUTH HAYNER "Friendship is a word, the very sight of which . . . makes the heart warm." College, Band 'l, 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 4, Atomic Models Club 3, Yearbook 4. JAMES HILTON "A constant friend is a thing rare and hard to find." Collegey Student Council 4, Key Club 3, 4, Atomic Models, Basketball l, 2, 3, 41 Varsity Club 3, 47 Jr. Play. BEVERLY HOAG "Silence may do good and can do little harm." Undecided, Yorkers 3. HAROLD IVES "And who loves nature more than he." Ranger School, Band 'l, 2, 3, Jr. Play. CAROL HOAG "There is a great deal in the first im- pression." College, Student Council 4, Bengalette 1, Y-Teen l, 4, Cheerleading 2, Captain 3, 45 Jr. Play 3, Jr. Prom 3, Jr. Prom Court 35 Class Siecretary 4. LESLIE , JACQUES "He is a gentleman, because his nature is kind and affable." College, Baseball 2. MARY KAUTZ "Life is only a document to be interpreted." Secretary, Bengalette 1, 4, Y-Teens 2. JANIS LA FLEUR "Friendship is a union of spirits, and the Ioond thereof virtue." Work, Honor Society 3, 4, Cheerleading l, 2, 3, Captain 1, 2. VIVIAN KAUTZ "As merry as the day is'long." College, Bengalette 1, Chorus 1, Y-Teens 1, Yearbook 4. CHARLES LANSING 'A fellow of plain and uncoined constan- cy." College, Student Council 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Bengalette 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Atomic Models 3, Hockey 4. TAMARA KISSINGER "A word in earnest is as good as a speech." College, Chorus 'l, 4, F.T.A. Secretary 'l, Treasurer 4, Atomic Models Club 3: JF- PIBY 3, Jr. Prom Committee 3. JUDITH LEWIS "Where the willingness is great, the diffi- culties cannot be great." Secretary, Bengalette 3, 4, Yorkers 3, Junior Play 3, Yearbook 4. z. FRED LEWIS "There is only one success-to be able to spend your life in your own way." College, Student Council 1, 3, President 4, Bengalette Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4, Honor Society 1, 2, Key Club 3, 4, Hockey 4, Varsity Club 4, Junior Play 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Class Treasurer 1, Class President 2, Yearbook 4. PETER MILKS "Step after step the ladder is ascended." Military Service, Football 1, 2, 3, 4,-Varsity Club 3, President 4. ANGELA LOCCISANO "Ornament of a meek and quiet spirit." College, Bengalette 2, 3, Yorkers.3, 4, F.T.A. 1, Atomic Models Club 3, Yearbook 4. DAVID MIRON "Patience is the best remedy for every trouble." College, Yorkers 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4. DAVID MORSE "Sincerity is the luxury allowed only to a few." Army, Band 'I, 2, 3, 4, Football 'I, 2. MARK POLLOCK "He was wont to speak plain and to the purpose." College, Bengalette I, 2, Atomic Models Club 3, Wrestling 3, Baseball 3, Varsity Club 4. MARY PARKER "Give to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself." College, Student Council I, Bengalette Busi- ness Editor 4, Yearbook 4, Junior Play 3, Y-Teens 4, Pep Club 4. WILLIAM POWERS "And unextinguish'd laughter shakes the skies." College, Baseball 2. JUDITH PFEIFFER "WeII timed silence hath more eloquence than speech." College, Bengalette 4, Honor Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4. DOUGLAS PRATT "Life is very short, and very uncertain, let us spend it as well as we can." College, Wrestling 4. DIANE RECKNER "Gentleness succeeds better than violence." Medical Secretary, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Atomic Models 3, Yearbook 4. DOUGLAS ROECK "A good mind possesses a kingdom." College, Key Club 4, Student Council 1, 2, 4, Honor Society 1, Football 3, 4, Hockey 4, Wrestling 3, Varsity Club Treasurer 4, Chairman Junior Prom Committee, Class Vice-President 4, Yearbook. DUANE RIFENBURG "Silence is strength." Work, Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4. PAMELA ROGERS "Life is a co-ordination of actions." Office Work, Student Council 3, Band 1, 2, F.T.A. 1 . BRUCE SATTERLEE "Many a true word is spoken in iest." College, Student Council 'l, Bengalefte 4, Atomic Models Club 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 3, Hockey 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Junior Play, Junior Prom Committee, Yearbook. THOMAS SHAFFER "The mildest manners, and the gentlest heart." College, Wrestling 3, 4, Yearbook. SCOTT SCHMIEDESHOFF "A sound mind in a sound body." College, Student Council 2, Band 1, 2, 4, President 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, Basketball 2, Hockey 4, Junior Play, Junior Prom Committee, Class Treasurer 2. KAREN SHAVER "Skill and confidence are an unconquered army." College, Student Council 1, 2, Bengalette Editor 3, Honor Society l, Band 'l, 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, Pres- ident 4, F.T.A. 1, Junior Play 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Yearbook. CLARENCE SCOTT "Knowledge, in truth, is the great sun in the firmtamentf' College, Atomic Models 3, Junior Play Yearbook. TIMOTHY SHULER "True goodness springs from a man's own heart." Work, Wrestling 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 4. DALE SMITH "She is the mirror of all courtesy." Secretary, Y-Teens 'l, 2, Vice President 3, President 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Yearbook. CAROl. STANNARD "A silent address is a genuine eloquence of sincerity." College, Honor Society 1, 3, 4, President 2, Student Council 4, Bengalette 2, Chorus 2, 3. JACQUELINE SMITH "Beauty and wisdom are rarely conioined." College, Student Council Vice-President 4, Atomic Models Club 3, Junior Play 3, Jun- ior Prom Committee 3, Junior Prom Court 3, Class Vice-President 3, Yearbook 4. JOHN STUART "He is always laughing for he has an' infinite deal of wit." Service, Bengalette 3. LYN NE VAN DERHOOF " . . . pure daylight of honest speech."- College, Bengalette 3, 4, Yorkers 3, 4, Atomic Models 3, Junior Play. ROBERT JYATES "There is nothing of which men are so fond, . . . as life." College, Student Council 1, Band 'l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, Junior Play 3, Junior Prom Committee 3. Eg,f 'i PHYLLIS WAGAR "In'quietness and confidence shall be your strength." Undecided, Chorus 2, Y-Teens 1, Junior Prom Committee 3, Junior Prom Court 3. LAWRENCE WILLIAMS "Gladness of the heart is the life of, man Work. Mrs. Barkleyand Mrs. Dorrance serve.. CLASS HISTORY The high school years form a pleasant span in the bridge which does much to mould the lives of those who cross it. In September, 1962, we began our iourney over a section of' this bridge. Now, four years later, we can look back happily on our crossing. We spent our Freshman year getting acquaint- ed. ln Mr. Thrasher's earth science we learned that rocks could be the subiect of scientific in- quiry and not the vehicles of personal warfare, the typewriters in Mrs. Sala's room proved for- midable foes to a few of us, and the machines and tools in Mr. Swanick's grotto baffled many of us until our very graduating day. We chose Jeanette Bowman president at our first election. She and Janis LaFleur, Bill Quinlan and Fred Lewis guided us through class meet- ings, the usual dance and fund raising activities. We sponsored the Freshman Fling, and realized tiny profits, Mr. Terzian flipped. We stopped there to observe, to gain experience, and poise. We did. We came back as Sophomores, much wiser. We started a car wash, transferring the dirt in most instances from the cars to ourselves. Who Carol and Grant Regents Scholars cared? We made money. Oh, yes, that year we elected Fred Lewis, President, Carol Hems, Vice President, Judie Barkley, Secretary and Scott Schmiedeshoff, Treasurer. Miss Wheeler took some of us on a field trip. Everybody happy. We sponsored two dances, one, "White Christ- mas," the other, "Spring Swing." This year marked the advent of Mr. Converse and wres- tling. We all took World History Regents, most of us passed, others took biology, more success. Plain Geometry left a few casualties among the scholars. When we -returned in September, we discov- ered a new principal, Mr. Ford. We bubbled, and Mr. Ford, fooling around bustled with the usual enthusiasm of people "who had been there before." Class elections, planning plays, arranging committees, all these were old hat, and we went through them meth- odically. We elected Grant Bryce, President, Jackie Smith, Vice President, Judie Barkley, Sec- retary and Tom Gallagher, Treasurer. We selected our classrings and at a dinner at Dan-Jo-Marie's they were presented. Mr. Ford, our new principal spoke, Mr. Terzian, our class advisor, worried. Cwho's paying the bill?J Our prom "Wonderland by Night" was a great suc- cess. Grant Bryce, president, crowned Carol Hems, Queen and Judie Barkley, Jeannette Bow- man, Karin Caruso, Pat Cummings, Mary Dor- rance, Carol Hoag, Jackie Smith and Phyllis Wagar made up the court. Mrs. Kravitz left us for parts unloved, Mr. Healey came into places unknown. Mrs. Van Derhoof helped us prepare "Dear Phoebe" and on April 8, and 9, and 10, ready or not, we went on stage. Fred Lewis' ad- vice to the lovelorn elicited scads of letters. We had a bake sale in the Central Market on Hoo- sick Street, lhow did 'we ever get that conces- sion?J, we sold magazines and sponsored dances all to make money, why else? Many of our athletes appeared at school besmirched with lipstick and other goodies from the makeup pot. So sloppily applied and so abominably thick, it had to be a do-it-yourself iob. How else? Ca lad's indirect method of lipstick application is frowned uponl The arched eyebrows and fac- ulty frowns were soon eased and erased, for this was the first initiation of the newly formed Varsity Club. We won the Little 8 football cham- pionship that year. We bided our time, waited for and took for were taken byl a battery of Regents Exams. We left to bask in summer sun- shine anddream of Senioritis. Mr. Converse would not let the malady strike. Wow! Did he move us! We' never knew there were so many methods for raising money. We were on a split session because the grade school wasn't completed and things were hectic. This F.T.A. Dinner at Crooked Lake Hotel The Band at The Fair Karin-Scholarship chaos deterred us not. We elected our officers, Grant Bryce, Doug Roeck, Carol Hoag and Carol Hems. We sold a thousand submarines, and shed eight-million tears while doing so. Denny and Sam Bulson took on a personal feud and all of Troy, Cohoes, Watervliet and parts unknown to peddle candy. Each sold more than 200 boxes. What with pens, pencils and pancakes, we made more money. Scott Schmiedeshoff won undying fame for cold lpancakes and burnt sausage. Our school first entered a team in the hockey league of the Capital District. Grant Bryce and Bruce Satterlee captained a pretty good hockey team. They won their share. During all of this activity Mary Dorrance, Pat Cummings, Darlene Freckleton, Tom Gallagher, Carol Hems, Karen Shaver, and Jackie Smith were busy day after day putting the yearbook together, meeting and missing deadlines, plead- ing and praying for ads, the job went on. The English classes went to see "Othello". The drama people produced "Arsenic and Old Lace." The musicians dreaming of last summer's safari to the World's Fair Clncidently they had an excel- lent reception therel produced their annual spring concerts. Mr. Stover and Mr. Claus sup- plied us with a list of pieces performed, far too long to repeat here. Grant Bryce, Carol Hems, Pat Cummings and Karin Caruso received Regents scholarships and everyone was eagerly waiting to hear from col- lege. Lo, after all these years, the' school, thanks to Mr. Claus, has an Alma Mater. He wrote words and music, Scott Schmiedeshoff arranged it for the band. D We have spent our four years, we have bridged many gaps-a firm and finished struc- ture have we built, it can lead us to everywhere or'to nowhere, the choice is ours to make. God willing we shall choose wisely. Make-up time 1 . Q ii f 11f 5:fi2'i . fggii li ste. 2 Q. rgiiitfill' f"i' , 'Er , tests' 'wk -R :Set ris er - is I pig, fs. 'gi 52 1,555 5 .titer fiigsgi f -, A. 1 its ,rsm11' 523:13 . - Z' iff' ' 1 .'l"'if2a:11i'iw: ., 1' EM lit G . . g k geittet r '- 2.-1 ,is -.53 3 w s..rr. , i f?ii?3if it Pat-Schola rship 95 , ,N 2 :ff liz 'lemiil zz vm. L.,. ,X.., MOST WITTY MOST VERSATILE MOST STUDIOUS Karin Caruso and Judie Barkley and Nlancy Chuhta and John Berney Tom Gallagher Clarence Scoit Class C Personalities CLASS CLOWNS BEST DRESSED Lesley Bulson and MHVY Doffance and Peter Coonrad Fred l-eWlS MOST SOPHISTICATED FRIENDLI EST CLASS POLITICIANS Karen Shaver and Jeaneffe Bowm-an and Lynne VanDerhoof and Scoff Schmiedeshoff James Hilton Charles Lansing MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST TALKATIVE MOST ARTISTIC Grant Bryce and Joe Guinan and Karen Dennis DeLaMater Carol Hems Campbell and Chris Brenenstuhl MOST BASHFUL MOST ATHLETIC Bob Bisnetf and Bill Day1on and Lynne Campbell Carol Hoag BEST DANCERS MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT 5E5T LOOKING Janis LaFleur and Judy Lewis and Dennis JBCIKFS Smifb and Bruce Satterlee Bulson D0U'9l3S Roeck WGNDERL D BY IGHT Carol's all broken up-who did it? Waiting for the Queen and her court. , ' ik 'ww P i' "" -: sir 2 'M The Crowning-Little Rose Marie as prehy as any. Thais UU' adVlso""M" Converse' J H, .4 eeell La-dies and Gentlemen. ROYBHY Un Bill Hastings ..... 1 Mickey Riley ..... G. R. Fosdick .... Humpy ....... Maucle Miller .... Sandra Winchell . . DEAR PHOEBE - Order of Appearance-I Fred Lewis ........... Carol Hoag . . . . . Scott Schmiedteshoff John Berney Tamara Kissinger .. Mary Dorrance Victoria Parrish . . . . . . . Karen Shaver Patsy Connors Rochelle Mignonnee Karen Campbell Jean Berney Olga ...... . ...... . . . Pat Cummings Rocky Gilbert .. Windy Hill ..... Big Joe Moroni . .. Student Director . . Stage Manager .. . Prompter ...... Tickets . . . Publicity . . . Programs . . . Ushers .... Props .... Costumes . . Makeup . . . . Bruce Satterlee . . . Calvin Clickner . . Tom Gallagher .................Lynne Vandehoof .. Dennis Bulson Dennis DeLaMater Darlene Freckleton Ike Scott Charles Lansing Jacqueline Smith . . . . . Carol Hems . . . . Mary Kautz Lesley Bulson Ike Scott Charles Lansing . . Judie Barkley . . Nancy Chuhta . . . . . Miss Carter Lazy and sinister Who dat? Berney's at his best More ations? Mr. Clausat his best GaIIagher's working The editor-Z. Fred Lewis Somebodyfs hossing around Who dat? How come he's in Grant Bryce Uresidenf Sam Bulson and his creation Gentlemen dining Doug Roeck Vice-Presidenf Nice form, Peder Proudly! The Queen Carol Hoag Secrefairy Lost lfl"'iNeW York They always helpecl-Thank you! Carol Hems Treasurer A x xx 4 1 I nw new ' . 'IL ' ' 1 '.'T.-.... - ............... X.......XX. - .....MX.,..,.,X,Xm.mm.. .xXNM:.1im4-.mu .xmxmxwmmuxxxxmxxxxxmxxxxmmxxxmmmw. -my ' Mm -wx mmmxmxxmmimmtix k ENWXK I. X Y T Q E I-a " 1 S Ixmllxl lkl Ill IIUHI llnlllllllhlilllll lllll ll XB ,A A X, . W M-, ,, Wm, ,,,, X . , zrmrmllaflifllznmmurnnnmnn........-,. .I ..--.-.... ........--.-- ,,X,,.. A , 'N Q 4 R R . R . 'Q XX, ,,,...... .. Is X I5 X 5 .I - l I4 'A " Y! .W-.-In um I-my-.mmf uwmmln.-n.-mu..-....I.mm-ummmmnxInmIvwv.I.mm. .1-..I..f.u.I-m.IIm.....I1I1 I. 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Rou1'e 7 Troy-Benningfon Road Piffsiown Mr. Chapman IS usually far more peppy. TAMARAC KEY CLUB 1 fprycfzx ,MQ NIJK N N' X ia Q -'F RQ 557' X ,l'NA'Yx!ffl "'11llf x i Sponsored by TACONIC KIWANIS Com limenis of FRECKLETON'S PTEXACO STATION 60I Brunswick Road E I Mu N Y fi: coo n s N h BR 9 3435 BR 9 9:54 CongraI'uIa+ions and Bes'l' Wishes 'Io I'he . . . ' Class of I966 CURTIS PHARMACY AND PAINTS, INC EsI'. l856 "Over a Cen+ury of Service Io 'rhe CommuniI'y" CurI'is Pharmacy .................................... I05 Congress S+. CurI'is PainI's ...... ..................... I 05 Congress S+. and 4I5 River S+. Curlis Pools ....... ,..... I05 Congress S'I'. and 4I5 River SI. Swimming Pool Service, Supplies, ConsIruc'Iion GEORGE H. COLE SUPPLY CO. Wholesalers o'F Supplies for Plumbing and Healing Since I888 Troy, New Yorlc EARL RIFENBURG Congrafulaiions +o 'l'he GENERAL MERCHANDISE Class of I966 Cropseyville A New York 273-9664 KUSSLER'S . ATLANTIC SERVICE Comphmems of Carburefors Rebuili' 0 Ignifion Work PETER N. MATZEN General Repairs Conshuciion Co. 555 Congress Sfreef Troy, New York i L l I R y rl' N Y k Mr. Commins and some busy arfisfs PLEASANT VALLEY GARAGE S+ . NICOLL 8: MAC CHESNEY, INC eve Damsh Complere Car Service Genera' Insurance Cropseyville New York I FIVSI' SI- 272'5I2o 279-3788 EXCAVAT ING - A EDWARD F. sHowERs Excavafing-Coniracior Fill-Top Soil-Gravel-Sand Bulldozing and Shovel Work Complimenrs of ART'S BARBER SHOP Tel. AS 6-9558 Trl59l?'N:l?3Y. LEGEN BAUER C'2Z'il'Ila'io"s 81 CO. Class of I966 Mobil Healing Oil 8: Propane Gas BoHlecl and Bulk GEORGE F. BARKLEY REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Tel. 273-9570 Averill Park AShley 4-44l2 AwN'NGs M. E. WAGAR Qualify Meals Phone BRidge 9-3276 585 Brunswick Rd. Eagle Mills, N. Y. C. W. WHALEN 81 SONS Canvas and Aluminum Awnings Teni' Renfals for All Occasions 3 Fronf Sfreei' Troy, N. Y. BRUNSWICK SERVICE CENTER Tires-Tubes-BaH'eries-Accessories BR 9-9595 985 Hoosick Road RouI'e 7 Troy, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS of ' " SKYWAY ROOFING CO. GM-Ford-Chrysler Faciory Trained Mechanics AII Work Done Wiih Liberal Guaranfee Genuine Paris Used CAR-L-ASSOCIATES I9+h S+reeI- Off Hoosick Si-ree+ Troy, New York Phone 274-8655 DON CHARBONNEAU CHARLES CARELL 27 Yeaiigehlg-1:5:?EEIEhrysIer MARCEL N. MIRON and CENTURY REAL ESTATE, INC. presents DESIGNED FOR LIVING Box 46. RD QIEI, Troy, New York 279-3 739-235-523 I SIURINGIEROOK Congratulations to the Class of 1966 from the STUDENT COUNCIL Best Wishes to the Class of I966 TAMARAC ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Presideni'-KENNETH BONESTEEL-'60 Vice-Presideni-PETER HOBART-'63 Secrefary-JENNIE SPIAK-'64 Treasurer-MARGARET WHITE-'bl ED DANENEAU'S COUNTRY STORE CongraI'uIa'I'es 'Ihe Class of I966 PiH'sI'own, N. Y. MO 3-8389 Seeds Ferfilizer TROY FEED AND SUPPLY CO.. INC. Pioneer Qualify Feeds Cus'I'om Grinding and Mixing 2600 Six'Il1 Ave. Troy, N. Y. CompIimenI's of ANDY'S SPORTING GOODS STORE Texaco Gas LABRECK'S SERVICE STATION 63 Main Ave. EAGLE MILLS CREAMERY Makers of WINNE'S ICE CREAM "The Cream of Creams" Wynanfslcill, N. Y. BR 9-3455 544 Brunswick Road Troy, N. Y. Ho+poin'r Appliances CongraI'ula'I'ions Io Ihe Class of I966 from Ihe Class of I968 HOWARD F. RIST Elecfrical Wiring and Appliance Repairing R.F.D. il52 Pi'HsI'own Valley Falls. N. Y. MO 3-5539 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I966 Cplif ROBERT POLLOCK to the TRIUMPH Congraiulaiions 'Io Ihe Class of '66 from I'I1e EAGLE MILLS VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT and RESCUE SQUAD CompIimen'I's of GRAFTON LAUNDERETIE MOORADIAN'S Modern Home Troy and Wa'I'ervIieI' CompIeI'e Hbme Furnishers Come See Ihe Largesi' SeIec'I'ion in Ihe Area aI' TOM PACINI'S CEMENT GARDEN ORNAMENTS On RouI'e 7, Four Miles Easi' of TROY, NEW YORK PHONE: BR 9-9 I 90 Congra+uIaI'ions Class of I 966 MAC'S EAGLE MILLS BR 9-9994 Office Telephone Business Telephone AS 6-8I3I BR 9-3594 SYCAWAY BODY 81 FENDER WORKS In NO OTHER FIELD than business are CAREERS SO UNLIMITED! INSURE YUUR FUTURE! "k FOUR MAJOR COURSES OF STUDY i' FULL ACTIVITIES, SOCIAL .PROGRAMS i' LIFETIME PLACEMENT DEPARTMENT ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE -L MSW! If i?v"..i JI!-ng ' Q .1 ,S 130 WASHINGTON AVE., ALBANY, N. Y. 12210 a - fl . ,UI .131 G. ,ffifff SEND FOR FREE CATALOG HAVEN HALL- RICHARD L. OssENEoRr, Prop. Shop far Young Men Third Floor WELLS 8: COVERLY Troy 693 Hoosick Rd. Troy, N. Y, Congra'IuIa'I'ions -I' Compliment +0 We Comp1on'sif Class of I9b6 p H :L of ALMER BAKER Im Represen'Ia+ive Flgqifzjn BR 9-902I pfzdin FIRST IN QUALITY C00 Phone AR 3-24lO I n '-Dia fowmo ' gf PURCELL'S GARAGE """'l General Repairing IAuI'horized GraveIy DeaIerI Body 8: Fender Work 720 Hoosick Road Au'I'oma'I'ic Transmissions Troy, New York Cen'l'er Brunswick, Inc. VALENTE S+a'l'e Accepied DlxQN'S Washed Sand Crushed Gravel Excavaring Conrraciors GENERAL STORE Radio Dispaiched Eagle Mills New York R+. 6611-I' I 272-42I3 N. Y. CY EAGLE MILLS GAS C0. , J. lim HQMGA 'W P if .Ze Exfrv-J' Flea? Gas 'ill' 2, 6I7 Brunswick Road Eagle ills, New York Complimenls of FI'I'ZGERALD'S FARM SUPPLY BEN GINSBURG f Val THE TURKEY KING m ay , , Cenrer Brunswick ,gi Roule 7 Raymerfown Congra+uIa'Iions 'Io +I1e Class of '66 GOODS -- X THE WHITEHURST TIGAR'S SPORTING GOODS, INC 8' CO' I5 King S'I'. and 404' River Sf. INC. Ashley 4-424: my. New York mso CompIimen'I's of HOWE BROTHERS, INC. P. O. Box 244 Troy, New York HINSDILL TempIe's Furnirure Repair ELECTRIC CO., INC. RaYme"+0Wn- N- Y- Troy, N, Y, Repairing, Res'l'yIing, and Refinishing AS 2-0700 Anrique or Modern Furnifure EIec'I'ricaI Supplies -G.E. EIec'I'ric Hea'I- -Fix+ures- CUSTOM MADE FURNITURE PITTSTOWN BOX 74 R. D. MOrris 3-8883 MELROSE. N- Y. THE LLOYD STUDIO Pholography of ArI'is'Iic Qualily ancl Dis'I'incI'ive Beau'I'y Esfablished in I880 ancl presen'I'ly enioying iI's 85I'h year of operafion, +he LLOYD STUDIO, under 'l'he managerial reins of 'Ihe four-Ih generaI'ion of 'l'he same family, will con'I'inue Io specialize in PORTRAITURE WEDDINGS GROUP AND COMMERCIAL WORK SCHOOL ANNUALS FRAMES EMBODYING .BOTH STYLE AND MODERATION PHOTOGRAPHER for Ihe I 966 TRIUMPH Special School Ra+es DAVID A. LLOYD, Mgr. 5I Third SI'ree+ Troy. New Yorlc Telephone AShley 2-5902 WERE SAD TO SEE You SENIORS LEAVE econ OLD TAMARAC HIGH You've been good cusfomers and we have enioyed working wi'rh you and for you. Our very bes+ wishes for success and happiness go wi'l'h you- Before you go, +eII ihe under-classmen our service can'1' be beai' when ii' comes +o year- books, school rings and gradua'l'ion announce- men'l's. 38 years of service 'l'o 1-he schools in Eas'l'ern New York HODGKINS OF BALFOUR P. O. Box 2509 Scheneciaciy, N. Y., I2309 Gus Hodgkins-Bob Gray Don Nash-Jim Gerding T H E N C M A Jack-Guiiar Ron-Sax Pe'l'er-Drums Norm-Base VADCO INC. P. O. Box 4 Cropseyville, N. Y. I2052 Phone: Code 5I8 279-3445 SALES REPRESENTATIVE SanymeI'aI Producfs Company Inc., Cleveland, Ohio ToiIeI' ParI'iI'ions, Office Par'I'iI'ions, Hospi'I'aI Cubicles DISTRIBUTOR VGIVGS and FIIIIHQS ToiIe'I Room Accessories I'IeaI'In9 ECIUIPVHGHI Lockers, Shelving, Bins PUmP5 Wafer Hea'I'ers Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford ls. Abbo++ D. Agro F. William Aldrich George Barkley Mr. and Mrs. William Baie and Sons Dr. Waller E. Rev. and Mrs. Rev. and Mrs. Bean An-ion Beza N. V. Blankenship Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bonesieel The Hayne Borni Family Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Boughfon Mr. and Mrs. James Bowman Paul and Linda Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Roland C. Briggs Mr. and Mrs. Clifford H. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brundige Mr. and Mrs. George Brundige Sally Brundige James E. Bryce Mrs. James E. Bryce J. Earl Bryce Mrs. J. Earl Bryce Ruih Bryson Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' Bulson Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Burnside Mrs. Doroihy Bursik Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burion, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Che? BuH'on Mr. and Mrs. Emory Calhoun Beverly Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Willis Campbell Mr. and Mrs. MerriH Carpenier Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Chuhia Mrs. Anna Church Mr. and Mrs. Donald Clickner Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Colerii Mr. and Mrs. John Collegian Mr. and Mrs. Roberi' Converse PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. John Crook Mrs. Eliralrellr Cummings Mrs. Frances M. Cur+is Mr. and Mrs. Alfred De Guire Mr. and Mrs. Roy De Voe Dody and Dick Mr. and Mrs. James Dorrance Mrs. Margarei DiMaina Mr. and Mrs. John Empie Mr. and Mrs. Gene Herrey Mr. and Mrs. Dennison HewiH- Nelson Hewiii' Misiy Hills Al Hoag Mr. and Mrs. Alberf Hoag Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Holmes Mr. and Mrs. John Houser The Houser Kids Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fischer Mr. and Mrs . Ma'Hhew L. Fiizgerald Mariorie Flemming and Kenneih Mr. and Mrs. William Foley Mr. and Mrs. Herberi' Ford Mr. and Mrs. John A. Forsfer A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Roberi' Fuchs Fulure Teacher's Associaiion Miss Florence Ga bauer Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . Ruperi' Gamringer .John Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Gorgen Mr. and Mrs . George L. Gray Mr. and Mrs. Ernesi' Green Mrs. Frank Green Mr. and Mrs. Roberi' Grimsley Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mrs. Donald Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Gu-ibrodf Gordon Haggerfy Harold B. Harbinger E. Wayne Harbinger Haskins Lesier Hayner Roberi Hayward Mr. Paul Healey Mr. and Mrs. Alberi' Hems Lilian Hennessey Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hepner Mr. Mr. Mr. Will Mr. and Mrs. John Howard and Mrs. David C. Hubbard and Mrs. Edward M. HuHon iam Hull and Mrs. George Kauiz James Boyd Kaulz Mr. and Mrs. Richard Keeler Mr. and Mrs. William Kenney Barbara A. Kerr Mr. and Mrs. Augusius Krause Mr. The Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs.'Edward Kuscik and Melinda Raberr E. Langs and Mrs. G. K. Lansing and Mrs. J. R. Lee and Mrs. Harold Lewis and Mrs. William Lewis and Mrs. Zina F. Lewis and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. . Arfhur Lilly Ralph Link Lionarons Kennefh Lifflefield John Lloyd and Family Lockwood Randolph MacLean Mr. Roberl' Mandeville Mrs. John W. Manning Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mason Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. McDowell Mr. and Mrs. William McLoughlin Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Meeson Rev. J. Franklin Moisl Mr. and Mrs. Alex Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Noble Mr. and Mrs. Herberl Olsen Mr. James O. Pleiller, Juslice ol lhe Peace Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pollock Harold Poller Mr. and Mrs. William Prall Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Rederslorff Mrs. E. Winslon Rediclc Mr. and Mrs. Ed Riley Mr. and Mrs. Roberls Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roche Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Roeclr Mrs. G. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rooney Mr. and Mrs. Kennelh Ross Judilh L. Rowland PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. and Bruce Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mary Sa Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Kennelh Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Randall C. Rowland Anlhony Salvali nders Roland Sanders William Sallerlee Savnaclci Jack Schaudl F. Schmiedesholl Amos Scoll Alfred shaver Arlhur Shaver Clin-I-on E. Shaver Franlc Sheller Lenord Sheller Thomas Simlcins Harry Sipel Franlclin A. Smilh F. Smilh Roberl M. Smilh Alberl Snover Mr. and Mrs. Alberl Spendill Mr. and Mrs. John Slasialc Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Slrail. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Slrope Tamarac Yorlcers Howard B. Tale Mr. and Mrs. Linus Thrasher, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Toomaiian Mr. and Mrs. David Vadney Miss Elizabelh Weber Nicholas Calle Weber Mr. and Mrs. Lorin Weeden Mrs. Marlha Weeden Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Welch Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Whalen Margarel Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Alberl Whipple Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wilcox Mrs. Lucy Williams and Belly Mr. and Mrs. Wing Y. Wong E , . i ii EF A Denny Bulson l50l comes up lo help Russ Jarem Al. Fox is up lhere: lhe opposilion is up a bil go wilh Bruce Roeclc's pass. higher. Elfwflf rg: 1 sail l l f ' V 1 f E. JP.: QM .,,., .-.fcL'.' J.. .M , v K A, Qxfxiigv- 1 'Li-U , . af ,J ...1 YQ 4,-... 45"-y 'W ' -cfiffgz H 1523? 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Suggestions in the Tamarac High School - Triumph Yearbook (Troy, NY) collection:

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