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YH' ' N ,QW a 1 M f M2 iff? fm 3 ' L' W' iff? W My w ' ,jf ff2VZ on W 'T Q13 '51 ' X .SV 4' 'iii A 8 HW:-Q.. Q Q jx A ff!!! ,. X ' , 5 6' l WJ M JY ' f xy 003 ,, i x , X, Y: A Q X-QFW75' 53 ' ff-,Tv , 'a 4 ., 4 L L X! .XX 3 W, , 'pix yvcv fx X? g 4 mf fx! V ,Az I - 3 1. , IL Z3 ,4 , U 3 I ! ,tix Q M :,fl5'ifm" 'f fllv , Wm, 3 girl I I' 24 vm ' ff' ,ff 60 ' ' fijgf DA .fy N Z J dwg? w pf 'Ti an .fwf ., . A .A 41 ' . ' ' AA ' ' . 1 A r . J M 3 V, ' , X . , ' 3' ,. A 3 WW 3691 N M 6 X .. -. ,e an lf! ' ails ' - . ,, W 1f'MfJ4'ff'p"'f'5mJw wif 9:39 Wa' M MMM ff? Www ? 1635+ W MW W MW M wr? E 1 N SWW fm U H figwfwof-5 i ' ', 4, df'y,iv ,f i si -. , ,. ,Q ,Q .. nd LO BMD Q EDJTTQK U ' VERQMIASEPIQN Ass? HYKE DM Spams ROGERIACQBS-QNDPHQTOS KZMLHY HQRSEMMHQCQPY :rm MQNTE OAR? Of Qour5e....EHAkUf Foreword One school year has passed. Caught in these one hundred pages are a few of the highlights of i954-55. Iust by being here you have become an integral part ot Tam's history. So look and remernloerg this PAI is yoursg the subject is you--the students. the teachers, the administrators. Administration pages 5 - 10 Undergraduates pages 27 - 40 Tab e of 6'ontents Student Government pages 41 54 Graduates pages 11 - 26 Activities pages 55 74 Sports pages 75 100 A gmtgw Marjorie Cortez De ication We the graduating class of l955 gratefully dedicate our Pai to Marjorie Cortez, who has offered to us the most valuable gift of all: her lasting friendship Four years ago Margy and our senior class began or new stage of life within Tarn. Together we have shared in our school's traditions, we have learned loyalty, and we have achieved great understanding. Margy has worked with us and helped us with our problems. She has taken a personal interest in every student and knows each and everyone by name. This is a feat few have accomplished. She brings her charming wit and flashing smile to all those who know her. She has made our school years happier and richer. It is for these reasons that we, the graduating class of 1955 dedicate our yearbook to Margy. Page 4 N x X - x - F 4 E 1 1 lb 0 '. . s .VF ' Q r ki , Mr. Carnine Principal Administration .... we hear the word often in regard to most school functions. The people under this title are more than a "rules committee." They are individuals interested in us as individuals. Not only do they work in every way possible to insure a better education for us including everything from spelling to dancing, but they also are interetsed in us after we graduate. The atmosphere around Tam is triendlyy birthdays that are remembered: diftuculties that are Worked outy accomplishments that are congratulated. These things make us glad we go to Tarng these things help us grow into mature, well-rounded, thinking adults. Thank You The Class of '55 Mr. Carlisle Mr. George Mrs. Larson Du trict Superintendent Vice Principal Assistant Princu al of Girls School Board Office Staff P. T. A. Officers L1-ft to right: Mr. Carlisle, Miz Hayes, Mrs. Ehlcn, Mr. Lewis, Mr. McGill Mr. Thomas. Lvft to right: Miss Lingrin, Mrs. Bodc, Mrs. McKinney, Mrs. Bowyer, Mrs Ilcib. Loft to right: Dr. Rossman. Mrs. Van Clem-, Mr. Gi-orgw, Mrs. Sr-liwui-Lzzlmpt Mr. Ln-iris, Nr. Cmifiii--, Miss C4-ssna. MVP. Horsburgii. Counselors Dr. Wallace Mr. Baat Miss Reader SCIENCE Front row: lvft to right: Mrs. Flznlugznl. Mrs. Cobb. Mr. Palnn-1 I,I1'l7U.I'IIllPlll In-Qui. St'i'UI1i,I row: M 12 Aitkm-n, MV. Higgins. M11 .I'U.Ill1'. P4 x gn, ' gf , uv f-xfbwk Q I MATH 8 VOCATIONAL Front row, ls-ft to right: Mr. Pain, Mr. CIlOl1I'I'1', d4-pzwtnu-nt 1-llzxillnun. Mr. Cassuu. M1-. Dnfifly. Mr, Putts. Bar-k row: Mr. B1-II. Mr. Mills-r, Miss Tlumnpsmn. Mr, Vnlumix-i. Mr, XVi1b4-rt. Miss VVz1!k-lr. :II-parlrxn-111 CIlZiiI'Il1al1. HEALTH 8. PHYSICAL EDUCATION L+-ft to right: Mr. Nordstrmn. Mrs. Rulu-l'Ls, M12 B1-nw-l'i1-141. dvpartlns-llt In-ad, Mrs. Powvrs, Mr, Gustafson. MVS. Bakvr, 1I4'lT21l'Il'llK'llt In-ad, Page 8 Bi Faculty LANGUAGE ARTS Li-1'1 iff riy:'mt: Mr. VVy1iH. Mrs. Fustf-r. Miss UI-im-k, Mrs. Pittvngvr Hr. Gihsim, Miss Abbott, Miss Ruth. Miss Ballarfi, Miss Sf-ott, rIv1:z1r'ti,wiit rhzxirniau: Miss Buliilvr, Miss Stump, Mrs. Thonipsmi. Liimrziizmz Mr. Huw'-. M1'. Bodum :ii-3w111't111e'i1l rliairniaxiz and Miss Smith. if SOCIAL SCIENCES Frmit ruw, ls-ft to right: Mr. Pohlman, Mr. Baat. Miss Buttnvr, cirpz11'tr1u-lit hw-adi Mr. Stauffvr. S4-cmici row: Mr. Amvs, M1'. Murunmiu, Mr. B1-iivfivld, M1'. NVy1i1-. ART 81. MUSIC 1.4-ft in right: Mr. Boussvy. Mrs. Pitt'-iigi-r, Mrs. Stwfify Mr. iiiwi-ii'.xurm4i. i Page 9 M r. Stauffer Mr. Rowe Miss Roth M rs Cobb 9 Cafeteria Scene Mrs. Rushton t lm ro vement Committee Few students realize we have an exceptionally beautiful campus. One that is admired by all Visitors, not only tor its vt clean and tidy atmosphere, but for the beauty of the lawns W", llil and gardens. This we owe to our custodians, the qardeners and janitors. Not only are these people responsible for the beauty of our campus, but they also act as friends to every Tamite. They are-of the most popular people on the campus. First row, Left to 1-ight: Jim Milani, John Dunning, Pete Casagrande. Second row: Paul Ryan, John Canziani, John Mani. Third row: Miks: Pritchard, Al Heinrich. In sv 1, 5 --V+? . W i '.,,,. by I K". faq Q ff' 'J we X .yj Q 2 2 e 1 3 55 NW Page 10 1 1 Frourt row: Mickit- Mvalman. S1-1-:tml row: lVIa1'v:1 Iiztrxw-yi Amit- L1-din, Lenora. Daly. enior 6 ass 0 Hcers The tgll senior clgss cificers under the lecrdership ot President Lencrot Dgly got gn egrly stgrt in the plonning oi their Senicr Bail. Miss Buttner, the new clgss ctdvisor, gided the seniors throughout thot long lost yeor. By lote Febructry, it wos decided the boil would be held lune 37 in the Regency Room ot t'ie Huntington Hotel, ottoo Nob Hiil. The spring clgss otiicers, under Don Mote, were ccncerned with speciol projects to reduce the price oi bids ond to rcrise enough mcney to poy for the bond. They were also concerned with the tgslc oi plonning the graduation. ' Other projects included crronging the Senicr Picnic ond the oresentotlcn of the gnnuotl Senior Plgys. This yecr's "Ever Since Eve" ond "St5ige Door" were both considered hits. The clgss ot 1955 Wots the inost successiui loecouse we wcrlced so well together gs o group. Front I'ipW. 1.-fl tu right, :fhfm-5' Sulln-rg, Emily Spzirlis. S4-mum 1-mxz Dam Mlm-, Matti-t-4-it Dias, Jeff Van C11-vt-. Page 12 wp Earl Le Roy Saying right thing at wrong timi- On ship to Europi-. then to C0111-get of Marin Abbott Maryann Adams Roger Albertson 'John Astley Michael Athenassiades Bl' a girnllv stiwltclioi' Elvctronic engincol' My many nam:-s Dancing, dates, and College of Marin science College , Gloria Baker Lori Barcl Barry Batchelor Claudette Bates Jerry Behrens To bn- Ll nurso Visit all tln- ru-nioto Wilfl lifv lIl21lli,l.gtfIllt'11t Fashion Illustrator R1-fl hair plaw-:4 of tho world Swininiing and 1 hair on Attending Art Collvgc Attvnrl Provide-num: Editor of PAI vhs-st I Hospital Collf-ge of Marin Military ss-rvlco Elizabeth Benjamin Pianist and teacher That A in S4-nior English AtU'llfllllg S. F. Con- servatory of Music Patricia Berge Edward Bishop Kathryn Black Joyce Blackman Travel incessantly and To own my own storm Secretary Work in a bank aeconiplisli Sunil-tliing Working or swviceo 21-inch waist Blond hair worthwhilv l-n route City College of San W01'king at something University of California Francisco Dianne Booth Fred Bremerman Kathryn Louise Brock Cynthia Browne Betty Bynum Livv in Los Angvh-s Svlioul "lVl:irn1" lloilsl-wille Nursiiig-Pwli:1tric'i:in To trzivvl living 1-lngzigiwl for wliolo Singing "I lmn'l xvfllll Phi-ir, tri-ls. :ilnl 4-:itingj Piano, Ill'l. :xml flow-lrs l+'ollmx'ing rulws :intl Will' no HAR" ln-tw-A-ii rlslssl-s Coll--gn gl-tting along with Nvorking. mawrii-ml Coll--gn ul' Marin t--an-lilcrs Page 13 Sharon Cain Sally Cladwell Marilyn Calhoon Carol Canavan James Carlton Marry Marlon Brando Gvt R.N. and B.2. from f3l1'rvt:11'y College of Marin Stanford Nursing Srlinnl Slinwllniinl lnlnil-work G.A,A,, and skiing V.'nrlqiii,f: College of Marin Robert Casci Dentist Swimming College of Marin Robert Chaponot John Christiansen Andrew Clark Toby Trezona Ranki-r Nut Illllt'll in tlnl Marinl-s Working in bank nr Judith Clark Curtis Coburn Frank Commins Alvin Conley Become a certain Gunsniitli Own il Ilznw-in Bm-colin' a printvr and realit0r's wife 4 Davis Colin-gr Littlr- Rl-xl Wagon nrint my OWN 1IlfllI1'Y Spelling name J-U-D-I Joining Girl Scouts Football and track Working at phone officv San Jose Statm- Collvgl- Sally Crawley To gf-t a job and mont-y R1-il hair and being a character Working Sam Daijogo Lenora Daly Aliene Deolrick Darrell DeMartini Be an illustrator Assistant buyi-r at l'lonzwinaking toacher To be a lumbernian A gr-ni-ral "goof off" Mngniirs . Quit-inf-ss Being in the Print Going to school lining willi Bob Wliillnun Vfurlcilig or colll-go Shop gang University of Ori-gon Military service Pago lil Valma Denson Social work in orphan's ll0l'llD If Soon with Connie Edbert Collvgc Donna Denterlein Maureen Dias Malcolm Doyle Michael Durrle Mary Jane Easley Dano:-r or vlumontary Diplomatic Service Kids- potato boat to lloust wire and wolk foi school tvachvr An imaginative mind Irolaml tt lephom company Santa Barbara Static Univorsity of California Army Colhge of Marin University Connie Egbert John Ehlen Karen C. Engelhart Sue Enos Emma Erickson Sociologist Engineer Pathologist Busint-ss Executive T13.L1lLl Paling around with Val Tunnel vision when Boing alone Always being on timt B4 ing intonspicuous Denson skiing Univvrsity of California and nvvvr cutting San I'I3.Ilf.1SCO State Collvgr of Marin University of California College of Marin Mercer Ervin Ann Farnsworth Gerald Farr Virginia Ford Frank Foreman Field of Drama Art in Advertising Be a good housewife Lead in Senior Play, Red hair Sz Publicity Quiteness Sec. of Girls' Association Committee Head Keeping house College Collvge of Marin George Foreman, Jr. Paula Foster Al-ronautiral l'llg'lllt'l'l' Nurso and get married S. B. Prvsirit-nt. Judicial Yell-loading. and Glvnn Committw Chairman Nursing School Cal T4-ch or U. of C. Juanita Frederick Berta Gardiner Larry Gates Bw a hm-autician Marry-cwirtain guy, mon B--auty collt-gr to Utah Pago 15 Working or collt-go Robert George Albert Gilbreath Myrna Lou Groth Barbara Gunn Florence Gustafson Lin-o-type operator or Rich secretary Nurse Censored civil service Stock Clerk Wild Parties, and smile Gunn family name at University of California Trade School, college, College of Marin or work Tam or Alabama School of nursing Miriam Ham Christine Hardy Marilyn Harris Marva Harvey Sue Hearrell Nothing Got ahead in fir-ld of Housrwvife Public Health Nurse Beauty operator College music Choir, tarciivs to gym, Guy laughter, 4'l1' high Sotln--rn drawi from Pi Alpha Tau Proxy and talking Mt. Zion School of Lucybolle in Senior Play College of Marin College of Marin Nursing Don Lux Academy Joanne Hopper, Travel around the world and marry a Wealthy V Jerrie Henson Curtis Hoffman Rosemarie Hollis Joan Ellen Houge Work and become Outdrag Kostic's Olds Bo beautician and Private Secretray housewife with our Dodge certain guy's wife Being quiet in class Working and going to University of California My Bardall jacket VVorking sheik modeling school Don Lux Academy Working Kathy Horsburgs Ernst Hoyer Preston xlohnson Ulla Jokinen Leola Jones Writer and nrtiut Diploniatis' or lim-igii Tziilin' Exilim- of thc Tam News scrvico Being friendly at all Will be in Scotland Page 16 Treasurer of S.B., Accent times Either Wellesly or U. C. Workiiig and to college Peter Kacharos Patricia Katz Sue Kirkland Go to Gilead Travel and be a Housewife Quietness secretary My Pepsodcnt smile In the ministry Bad temper Trying to be a good College of Marin wife Thomas Kostic M.l.R.C. or to out drag Curt fI0ffIll8ll'S Dodge Great basketball ability University of California Eugene Krautheim Forest Ranger or loaf ' Taking more shops than solids Wood Butcher Marian Kuhne Karen Lamoree Barbara Larsen Frank Lacsy Anne Ledin Lawyer Go to college and be Go into mens' clothing To be rich and famous Pai Sail-snian, Sclf a secretary Wlio knows College flow-1-rinicnt Lefty's sister College of Marin University of California College of Marin Robert Leech Lore Ley Manuel Lopez Leila Loudon Donald Love Doctor or surgeon Registered Nurse with To' be John's wife Track, liking trig BIS. Going with a certain boy University of British Long hair for over a year Columbia San Francisco State Working or housewife Shirley Luetke Craig Mahoney Roberta Maisac William B. Marble Carol Markillie Ilgiil- 5151151 01- Memlival Sl'4'l'1'tfll'Y 'IV' got out of svlnnml zxl1UlUl'l'5S and beautician Quictnvss Mm-lilo livml journalist C'5 19g Burgers Marin, then San Jose Air Force My permanent permanent Go to beautician school State College Page 17 Margaret McAllister' Charlotte McClure Patricia McFaddin Howard McGill Judy McKinney Admiral in the Waves Sell 1'iw-um-i's to Air liiir liustuss Talking and choir Eskinios El--rtimi X Sui-V1-y College Of Marin My siipi-i'im' gradvs Cum, Hi-ad Culli-gif of Marin Gully-go of Putcilirz Carole Mealman Micke Mealman Grace Melbern Jerry Milton Robert Mize Ilmiif-iiiaki-r or a To limi :iii :uiiliitioii and Bw ll i.Pllj'1'l' in big Artist. and sing pro- inml--l li- rmm- uiiilritinus ill-pt. storm- IW-ssiuiizilly with the Colli-gi: Ci-ll'-gr ul' Marin Sf-rn of Stufl--nt Body Starliglitl-rs Cullf-gr rrl'Mai'i1i John Moats Marlene Mooney James Monte John Moore Suzan Moore Mui-ry Bob and bs: Pm-sich-iit of Guatemala C1-nsiwr forvign films Exist for yfiars and :i sr-rv-1-tai-y For my high living and Building drag raw cars yi-ars Bolfs girl limiif-mark car Attending Cal Poly Pvrpf-tual latonoss Colli-gr of Marin Attviirling Art School Collvgv Clayton Mote, Jr. Carolyn Neher Hygivnic Septic Tank Airlini- Stuwardvss Clvaiivi' Ability to lmlusli and S4-nim' Class Prexy my D.A. University of California F4-llr-gr ol' Mziriii George Nock Horace Olds Richard Page VVriti-r Siwai'l'isl1vi' and Marine Bi-cmiiw milliwi' in Aii Cutting ti-uc-ln-rs and biologist Forum- rlwss rlubl Siwarfisliiiig Going to O. T. S. or Szm l+'i':im-isru Slutv Syn-:iilisliiiig sing with St:ii'lig.:'litvi', Page 18 N Donald Palaia Wauna Peterson Jane Peterson La Verne Phillips Mary Phillips Working Quietness Gary Perachini Diane Pollock Roland Purnell Larry Qvistgaard Brian Randolph Electrical Engineer Ofrrncr of the Avenue Music Teacher Attending college Cleaners Sunburnod face after ski Perf:-ct attendance trips ' rt-cord 1 Melvin Randolph Sylvia Rapp Norita Rash Bonnie Reardon Stephen Retter To br-como first mayor President of Bank of Teacher of Marin City America. Honor T Chairman and G.A.A. Karen Rich Charles Rixford Bill Rosa James Rosentreter Bruce Rossman Bookkeeper 'l'o f.fl'2Lllllill4l :tml hook Lawyer Basketball ability :L lg.-rtuin gil-1 for good Stumlm-nt Body Tl'ri-ztsiiwi Working Cuttting and CRAZY pink car Page 19 2- -. l -,w .,. Nancy Schneider Linda Schoening Frances Schroeder Rosemary Schultz Valeria Schwertfeger Marry a lawcr Bl-1-oniv a rnodul To dancl- in S. F. Ballot Maniac driving Natural blond hair Co. San Francisco State Culll-go of Marin 'Working and taking College ballot vvvry day Dorlean Scott Richard Seymour Ann Shelton Vicki Shimmin Ernestine Signore Work and bm- a lmusuwifc T1-lling tall tall-S, Spinst:-r or a wifo To finish building our For my long, golden Swimming, and sports Ability to svll Girl Scout own homo locks writing Cookivs Majorette Work at Buclgvt Finance Collr-gn of Marin Vvhitnian Collvgf- Housewiff- William Sievers Leon Sivertson Audrey Lynn Smith Chriss Smith Glenn Smith Engineer in South To have my own print To bl- 21 l1S5'Uh010giSt TU be 3 music t1-acher Calif. Medical School, Amvrica or Europe shop Lifemf-nlbvr of Honor T Dance band, marching Psychiatry Swimming and C.S.F. band, track, basketball Paula and hair cuts College of Marin University of California Colloge Cal. Pre-med 1 Phil Smith Geraldine Solberg Emily Jean Sparks Annona Springett Ray Stangenberger Collcgc Nursing Bl- :1 p--elizitrir nursv and Work and liuvc- a good Golf. tvnnis, :mul My gigantic sixv :mil gl-t BS, ni Cal or timv luaskl-tball talking a fast pattl-r Stanford Attvnding Burrough's in Q Going to collvgc Ativnding Mt. Zion Attonding Mt. Zion S,F, Page 20 rn' f' -r 1James Stevenson Robert Storvold Robert Stoye Topsy Stymans Katherine Sutliffe Dentist Be a nn-clianic Eli-ctriclv e-ngincer Bm- nianagvr of C's Boing a flirt Anybody's guess but Collegv of Marin At school everyday and Collogo mini- never being tardy Appronticc Mechanic Working ' Delores Swann Jay Joseph Taylor Donna Terzich Harold Thomas Beth Thomas Garbage man in M. V. Nursing Succl-ssful in business Elm-nn-ntary school Slceping in class Self- Govl-rnment and Playing C basketball in teacher Dodging draft Svnior Play '52 81 track in '53 In-t's face it, I'm not Mt. Zion Collcgc in L. A. San Francisco Statl- Miriam Tiernan James Tousey Jeffery Van Cleve Richard Van Meter Adriana Van Winkle Airline Hostess Big cars and Graduate To marry a certain My big mouth swimming Loafing in classcs lwrson Collcgv of Mai-in Collvgu of Marin College of Marin Working or College of Marin Toni Varney Jacqueline Volz William Wallace Edward Warde Margaret West Pl-lliatrician Bc a good secretary For bvaclibuining and Major:-ttc . latwst unbutton fad College of Marin San Francisco State Page 21 V -, Norma White Robert Whitman Dave Whittington Jean Wilson Working for F. B. I. Bc a teacher Social Service Work and get married Going with Lvnora Sailboat Hector's girl Daly College Working for F. B. I. College Shirley Winther Concert pianist Senior Play, eyelashes, and Piano San Francisco Statc Tom Wishart Marcia Wirth Editor of Tam News, assistant yell leader, skiing, talkative San Francisco State John M. Wright Cora Lee Young Patricia Young Research chemist Cl1ild's Nurse To go to Europe Egotism, mad chemist Friondliness Wave in my bangs Cal Tech or U. of C. Nursing School Working Page 22 Shirlvy VVi11tl11-1' .lmi Fm'vn1u11 9. B1-tty Bynum ISI, Dan Motu 174 .I+-l'I' X'Zlll Clvx Arun- L4-din 65. M2Ll1I'1ll'l1 Dias 10. Jim Mmm- 14. Cynthia Brownv 18. L--nurzm Daly PM R1'Vf2C" 7. BOD Casci 11. Balwy B2l4'ill'l0l' 15. Karvn Engn-ll1arL 19, K21I'I'I! IAZIIUUNK Bob Wlnitlxluxx N, Nzmuy Scllllivmis-1' 12. Suzi Mmnw- IG. Ailvnv Dvdrick 20. Kathy Blur-k 21. Pat McFaddi11 Page 23 Frmil row, left to right: B4-tty Bynum. Topsy Stymans, Pat McFadd1-n, Val Scliwartfagvr. Bonnii- B1-vin. Howarrl McGill. Brian Randolph, Gvorgv Diniitroff, Judy Clark, Rosim- Hollis, Miukiu- Lialws. Sylvia, Veirel, Se'-4-mirl row: Luu Anna. Hartz, .lvrry H1-nson, Darlvvn Scott, Earl Almbntt. Third row: Shirley VVintlwr, Fw-rl Brvinvrnian, Mercf-11' Ervin, Suv lil-ariw-ll. Donna Tflrzicli, Bob Cast-i, Martha White. Mirian Kulinw, Shirley Luvtkv, Rosemary Srliultz. Manu:-l Lopi-z, Doylv Nance, Sandy Ss-ibort. Senior P ay I Ever Since Eve ir 4 Stage Door I A' Mr. Bode ". .lieF 4 5 u Nlost Likely to Succeed Most Active Biggest Characters Pat Berge and Jud Foreinan Mike Ilurrie and Suzi Moore Sain 13-iajogo and Grace Melberi K' I 'Lvl sl Pl aff Most Talented Brainiest Best All Around Shirley Wfinther and Jerry Milton John Wright and Betty Benjamin Donna Terzicli and Fred Bremerr Senior Ball Commit ee fiivery Special People Front row, ls-ft to right: Sliirlm-5' VViIlf,l11'1'. Gram- Mi-IIJ4-rii. Miko Durrie-. Marcia Wirth, .laun- P1-torsoii. Second Row: Donna Tvrzicli. Ann Ll-din. L+-nora Daly. Micke Moalman, Marva Iluiwoy. Third row: Dau Moto, Bill Wallacv. Karon Laniorm-4 F enior arewell We'll be Seeing you ..... as the strains of Pomp and Circumstance grow louder we, the graduating Class of l955 take time to remember. lt hardly seems possible that it has been tour years since we entered Tam as green freshmen. This was the yecr Bob Gunn and lim Bennison were our Student Body Prexies, remember? We got our biggest thrill when we won the N.B.L. Championship and who can forget those victory rallies when we yelled our heads off for people like Paul Knowles and Schyler Iefferies. Then, in no time at all, we started our sophomore year. With Bob Sapp and Dayton Drake leading us in student body affairs we felt right at home. This was the year the weary skiers were burned out of their lodgings. We danced at the "Mardi Gras" and went to the annual News Barn Danz. At last "UPPEFiCLASSMEN!" Our junior year was filled with many memorable occasions. Our ski team won the county Championshipg we put on the best Iunior Prom ever: "Fantasia" under the direction of class Prexy Mike Durrie. We watched lay Bardwell and leanette Ehlen in the Senior Play. We bid good-by to the seniors as we got ready to take their places. Y again." Page 2 li t. , , ,,,,, We arrived: SENIORSl The best year of all We cheered at the Letterman Faculty game practically cried when we won the Tam Drake football game to bring home the cherished silver trophy and rolled in the aisles at the Faculty Frolics lud Foreman and Mike Durrie were our Student Body Prexies and we all felt kind of nostaligic as we attended games for the last time Then came the week we will never forget Senior Picnic, Senior Cut Day and of course the fabulous Senior Ball winding it all up in the Regency Boom of the Huntington Hotel. We would like to take some time out from all our last minute act vites to say to everyone at Tam, "lt's been swell We ll refrain from saying good-bye and make it Until we meet Q1 '26 Wd QW Um HQEJGMW ,,,Fr'0nt row, lt-ft to righti N4-ttiv Gill. Gimiii- S4-ftmi and Bovky Simpsmi. S1-amid row: Jvrry I O Class of 56 0 hcers Heading the Fall semester ot the lunior class was President lerry Stram. Strain and Al Gilht-rt. Ierry and his committee worked to present a very successful skit in the PAI rally, and the class was awarded a prize tor it. Gther otticers were Al Gilbert, Ginnie Setton, Becky Simpson and Nettie Gill. This Spring Ken Meade was elected President and began Work immediately on the lunior Prom, "Sand 'n Suri." The Prom was held March 26 and hailed as one oi the best ever. Bonnie Boyer was chosen to attend Girls' State and the year ended with a number ot lunior girls acting as flower girls at Graduation. t ui iight . Lol' " f :.JimIImi1t1fl'smi.Gimiif-S4-l't1m, Kvii Mm-sul--, Sylvizi V: irfil. ifvltmi K1-nm-ily. Pugc ZS Front row, loft to rigntz K. Willlalns, w. llarper, N. Gill, 15. McCarthy, B. Ste- vens, L. Signoro, D. Woods, S. rlowc, J. Smith, J. Thompson, T. Thomas. Second row: Reona Neal, F. Corbett, N. Finns-gan, E. Black, M. Chap- man, S. Johnson, B. Lawroncn, N. Cavag- naro, C. Wood, F. Sliimmin. B. Holton, S, Dinning. Third row: R McGlothlon, D. Taylor. C. Iloaglin, D. Biggio, L. Bollior, J. Gillvspic-, B. Ben- son, H. Lvcy. P. Mon- zio, G. Rogc-rs, B. Sikora, R. Boatvs, Fourth row: K. Mfladr- J. He-nderson .B. Mar- shall, T. Elliot, J. Strain. R. McCaw, B. Dunn, S. Backman, C. Canziani. Front row, loft to right: E. MacGc-orgc, J. Fulton, V. Butter- field, E Gallegos, J. Embry, G. Sefton, M. Rocha. Second row: J. Howerton, M. Beld- man, V. Tamorlanv, B. Boyer, J. Hong, A. Nelson, K. Yodor, N. Shinn. B Baker. J. Franklin, L. Houston. Third rowi B. McCaW. J. Schmidt, D. Raven. C. Curley. L. Ortman. M Saotti. A, Shugruv. M. Till- man. Fourth C. Upton S. Mills. W. Hildrotli, D. Bambvrg. G. Wood xnansoo. A. Gilbvrt. D. Pupont, T. Van Ogio. G. Dimitroff. D. Mizc, J. Joyce. T. Dickf-y. F Front row, loft to right: R. Jones. P. Hendorson, B. Cole- man, J. Adams, L. Jones N. Samuels. I. Cagv, C. Hoaglin, S. Thomas, E. Combs, G. Paramoro. J. Wilkin- son. Second row: C. Daly, M. Roan, T. Samuols, L. Battlv. S. Wvlls, B. Lamb, D. Lostvr. K. Clark, M. Cola-rnan. R. Young. J. Battlv, D. Powers. P. Haggerty. Third row: R. Silva, B. Wright. B. Santos, T. Robichaud. K. Knut-K son, B. Foroman, M. Km-lly, T. Young, F. Kennedy. L. Crans. .T, Wlwvlor. D. Mc- Donough. H. McKean W. Millcr, C. Wil- Hams, J. Varzus. R. Hudson, F. Corson. D Class oi '56 t Y . Front row, 11-ft to right: J. Rassvr, C, Coolidge, rs.. Hunt, L. Hartz, L. Hawk, S. Winslow, B. Bvvan, M, Liapvs, C. Wilson. Svcond I'0W2 R. San- cln-Z, Pat Falkn:-r, B, Smith, J. Haning, N. Whitney, R. W:-st, M. Fidlar, C. Cougar, G. Pirro, S, Fix-lrl, M. Dakin, C. Crompton. T hird row: P. Nugvnt R. Larson, J. Harris, D. Mullwr. C. Rivvrs. B, Huluska. L, Davis. B. Harris. Fourth row J. Grant. B. King. B. Hayr-S. J. Mi:-rdirks. J. Smith. D. Caralaton F A . Frison. B. Mar-- nnaly. Front row, lu-ft lu right: D. Ili-rnzloll. .I C . Fonts. L. Alv--rnaz. . Tofoya. C, Gr-nhl-rt B. Mizv. L. Loswr, A. Fwrtig. D. Crawlvy. D, Cook. J. B4-rnzirrl. Second row: P. Gallo. N. Cahill. S, Voirol. S. Dim-bs-i't, N. Shot- wvll, B. Johnson, S. Kuskiv, B. Simpson. W. Walkor. B. l'Izn'1'is L. Davis. D. Mc- Donald, H. Scliwzxrt- fagvr. T 'WY ' ' "W" , W ' ' il "'1f"' ll'1'ont row, left to right: Juan Dias, Sandy Gl1ll4'l and Pam Wilson. S1-Cond Rowg' Ralph lllwtt and Bob Wallzuft-. Cla s of C5 0 Hcers Bob Wolloice, tall sophomore president, storted the boll rolling with plons tar rnrny octivlt With the help ot the other clcrss ottloers, it went olonq srnoothly oll yeor. Plnns tor the sophomore donce, Dinoscur Droq, were under woy eorly in the toll. Complete with huqe prehistoric monsters on the woll, the donce Wos considered d success. Class odviscrs, Mr. Pohlrnonn ond Mrs. Cobb, helped both with the donce ond Poi rolly skit, o courtroom scene. The spring elections Crrived omidst frenzied compotiqninq omonq the numerous cdndidotes. Rudy Browne, sprinq prexy, took up were Bob lett ott, ond did on equally qood job. Front 1-uw: lvft to right: F4-1-ri Kvzmecly, Suzi Bmolcs. Srf-vmisi 1-ow: Sid Chapin. Hufly Browne, Da 1' Cvcvigu. Page 31 Class of '57 Front row, loft to rlgnt: Uarlic Uornoach, kat Dawson, Lila Uornbs, Virginia Sher- nian, lvlartna Scnnci- dur, holly Ring, Sandy Whitney, Jannc Ful- lani, Deanna Aincr- son, Dolores Bchrcns, Sharon Atvn, Sue Mar- bleblc. Sccond row: Bruce Krclting, Lynn Nugent, Chris Wcisen- hoimer, Rosvniaric uarcia, Corinnv rur- nvll, Sandy Jonvs, Gail Beard, Sandra Davis, Bonnin- 'l aylor, Junc Scott, Gladis Llovoll, Kar:-n Schoen- ilig, Julia Taylor. Third row: Bob Con- gf-r, Miki- Figour. Blair Francis, Larry Ll-Wis, P4-tv Fischer, Jirn Dunn, Daw L4-wis, Bill Mai-bln, Chuck Morris, Donnis Burkell, Allan Wann. Front row, loft to right: Eddie Clinton, Kathy Nchcr, Gloria Groth, Sonia McCom- bor, Judy Smith, Joanne Erwin, Judy Bowman, Pat Ani mann, Jcanctto Eddy, Mary Williams, Judy McG1othlcn. Second row: Bob Mizc, Fred Miko Ticrnan, Shirley Ford, Ralph Brott, Pritchett, Bob Wal- lace, Dianc Fortini, Hal Hosnicr, Virgic Witt, Joannu Fcickcrt. Gvarldinu Young, Lorem- Fryn-. Third FUXVI PUX4' VV2ll'I'4'll, Ilondrik Van Dalcn, Brucc RllSLTIltl'1'tl'l', Robbie Nelson, Willie Hvctor, Ron Mr-Clure. Herb Judson, Torn Rickard, Clawiicv Page, Lindsay Cage. Tom Connors, Ll-land Gaston. 'Front row, lvft to Vjtlhtz Lois Ilamilton, E114-n Nurdahl, Suzi Brooks, Sharon Smith Hvllen Mins, M3UI'C'l?H' Lascy, Joannm- Ron- nmg, Carol Wolcott, Susan Elliot, Linda Hfi!'V0y. S4-4-ond row: Qlane Kopan, Joanne Nnlsxon. Gail Matthriws, M3l'115'H Bryson, Joan Alfshulcr, Carol Altshulvr, Carol Alfsliulvr. Sandra Potts. .lllliv Sfnnn, T-infia Fidlr-V, Samh- T""f'f111ist. Fli":whp+h Xviiiinmg, PM c+,,,,,,,,,4 Ann flnvin, 'Pl-ip-A pm,-I TTnl l'V'f'C0""'ir'lf Dfw F':111s1'ivm, .Tim fflrinvn- "Wd, Im- .Tulif-H wrnv, Y7l19F0"f'. .Tihw Dlmhov- rw-1--0 'vm-if,--, 1mwNv...- 12,-llah Muff. '111.fw-im son. Bob Rl-vv-4.1,1HA Front row, left to right: Shirley Law- rence, Kathryn Keen- an, Connie Casey, Vicky Wilder, kathy McMurran, Kathy Mer- Mersereau, Pam Wilson, Judy Eaken, Tcnncy Coulon, Jean Roberts. Second row: Rupert Farr, Tom Leech, Dean Richard- son, Jolm Christiansen Jone Dias, Irene Bell, Louise Gore. Mara Lee Shillinger, Norma Meisner, Lola Combs. Third row: Todd Bartlett, Jack Blondin Bill Spenee, Bob Keegan, Adam Four- man, Bob Whipple, Norman Dubrow, John Meyer, Grant Willson, David IIam. Front row: left to right: Shirley Per- ierra, Karen llall- ing, Sandy Gudel, Camilla Clark, Rose- marrio Santos, Carla Iverson, Priscilla Spires, Charlie Poole, Gale Williams, Alan Rein. Second row: Bill Moore, Judy Elliott, Marilyn Bag- shaw, Susan Moyer, Franklin Pitt, Judy Orvis, Dick Davidson, Irene Vierra, Arlene Vierra, Betty Ueecke, Sandy Slack, Linda Varnell. Stuart Mc- Indoe. Third row: Kent Beal:-s. Jim Howe, Don Lenherr, Tim Strong, Bill Ahern, Jack Brubeck. Larry Bowen, Nat Johnson. Gary Blount, LHUTCII Bucholz. Front row, left to Waltcr Thomas, Roger Jacobsen, Pat An- thony, Sid Chapin, Jane Durrie, Fern Kennedy, Juan Con- verse. Second row: Linette Simpson, Darlyn Ashpole. Sandy Koler, Jean Beek- strand. Mildred Stevens, Louise Lacey, Kay Johnson. Third row: Paula Ketten- hach, Diane Kipp. Judy Andrews. Betty Lou Flygge, Jannet Graham, Barbara Alessia, Dacia Gareis. Norma Sehnieder, Bea Hebert, Sara Richardson, Mary Anne Sparks, Diana Herndon. Kav Combs. Fourth row: Mike Hackett. Eldon Peter- son. Sterling Wal- hnrn. Don Hansen. 'Vim Lyman. Judy' Pruyn. Shirley Uen- derson. Deanna For- bes. George Havstad. Lyle Lewis. Jack Ogren. right: Audrey Haynes, Class of '57 Class oi '57 Campus Candids Front row: Lynda Thoman, Susan Doii, Dana Currie, Janet Waitv, Arleen Bor- nard, Connie Bond, Miko! Schwartzkopf, Carol McKibbin, Nancy Embry, Janice Brown, Bob Schweit- zvr. Ss-cond row: Franm-s Chapman, Judy Marvin, Dick Bray, George Kirk- land, Curtis Moorv, Bob Banos, Harold Schutzman, Tommy Mondrogan, Ann Hackvtt, Lynn Smith, Michavl Palmer, Jack Burris. Third row: Don Carlton, Boh Grunigan. .Tack Mar- tin, Don Johnson, Duanm- Hearvll, Don Hufidli-son, Davfs G1-orgv, Tom Goodale, John Nordstrand, Grant Smith, James Folibor, Rudy Browne Front ww, lvI't tu right: Janvt llziyvs, Juni-t lXIou1'i11g and .Iumly Trau. Back ruwz Lvl- I"1Il'+'lD8ll and Fruucit- Daly. C ass of ' 8' 0 Hcers Freshman advisors, Miss Ballard and Mr. Wilbert helped the class oft to a great start, as did the Fall president, Lee Foreman. The class' tirst dance, "Flirtation Walk" proved to be a success, showing doubtful upperclassmen that stag dances can work Frosh talent was at its peak this year. Mike Walker, Spring president, and his committee made that evident at the Freshman Rally. 1f'1'unt ww. lvft to right: Jam- llirfkmzxn, Denny Dc-c'k1-V, Sm-oml row: Mit-ltzutl Wzxlkvr, Phil Rli'llZll'1lSOTl, Curl Wobm-V. Page Si 5 Class of '58 Front row, left to right: J. Hickman, S. De Gorog, J. Swart, J. Somonian, C. Mono- han, C. Patton, N. Clark, D. Terwilicger, C. Murphy, J. Moor- ing, F. Daly. Sc-cond Row: J. Churchill, B. Shrievc, M. Lit, J. Garrison, E. Mc Coy, G. Emler, D. Clinken- beard, C. Foss, N. Lccy, J. Marchini, D. Terris, J. Haycs, P. Schnt-ide-r. Third row: L. Chang, B. Janice. G. Dedrick, D. Hin- shaw, J. Millznvr, A. Wassn-rman, K. Dctsch N. Watson, J. Hart- nack. J. Erskino, C. Uithof. P. Biosvnir-irc, J. Hickman, M. Falk. A. Johnson, D. Martin J, Buol, O. Malcolm, D. Dt-ckvr, A. Ed- wards. l1'ront row, lclt to right: D. Maciacan, B. Delvlar, A. Mathias, M. Gallegos, P. Rourke, J. Borba M. Smith, P. Pritchard, L. Simpson, R. Benson Second row: S. Bis- hop, B. Peterson, P. Stickney, G. White, R. Kelly, P. Richard- son, P. Bogel, R. Pas- co. C. Solo. A. Woolcy, D. Reystead, E. Ono, Third row: M. Becker, J. Booth, B. McGre- gor, S. Meyers, W. Gheo, M. Walker, R. Cherry, K. St. Clair, R. Keeton, C. Hoofer, G. Steel, P. Pepper, L. Jager, B. Shaw. Fourth row: A. Dahl- quist. P. Bc-ismicr, S. Hanchet. D. Conway, P. Faulkner. B. Vancv M. Morgon. T. Know- les, J. Kelfis, F. Kitz- miller, B. Cummings, J. Morgan. J. Wil- liams, C. Pearson. Front l'UNV, li-ft to right: J. Flaggi-, F. Mauroni, J. Saw, A. Ward, J. Pignoy, T. Kordik, J. Pleur, J. Trau, L. Pina, S. Smith, C. Gillett. Sec- ond row: E. Paramors C. Colman, W. Rob- son. M. Frm-man, P. Knutson. C, Wm-bstor, E. D1-drick. V. West- brook. E. Philips, L. Harris, K. Hart, D. Pickersgill, C. Skin- ner, Third row: L. Davelor. D. Di- Har- grougo, S. Clowors, S. Barkor, S. Blakly. C. Brown, R. Harvoy. H Miller, J. Harris. W. Riggins, D. Pruitt. Front row, left to right: J. Sultzur, J. Cnthbvrtson, A Lottor hand, S. Rovclli, C. Km-gan, II. Vargas, S. Parish, M. Spf-1:i', P. Norton, D. Brown. Second row: P. Hud- son, J. Reis, J. Bart- lett, E. Wybiorala, B. Calahan, R. Mollbcrg, E. Mc dcrniand G. Pvtorson, J. Hartrnan, B. Dunn, F. Wynn, C. Lillf-ston. Third row: P. St:-rnloff. M. Lf:ibvrI,, K. Sll'!D?ll'll. C. Jones, S. VVhovln-r. B. Nlanning, J. Wal- ton. R. Robson, D. Franklin, B. Hass. D. Doolwy. Fourth row: L. Kia-W4-rt, B. Ford. F. Athvarn, B. Brun- nor. M. Willimns. J. P1-oil. N. Bolh-S, J. Polnvhi. C. Mull:-n. VV. X Loo, C. Baxtr-r. S. Bogvl. Front row . lf-it to right: J. Rule-y, R. lhonzlrogon, V. We-lls, C. Donnnguvz. J. Mantos. C Portor, M. L+-tson, S. Enbvrg. C. Toso. E. Walkvr. Sm-vond row. D. Hag- gf-rty. J. Mash-n, M. Johnson, D. Ilonroifl. V. Ks-ppil. R. Mason. R. Jzwkson. S Spirvs. D. Byard. J. Rash. K. Faure-aux. Il. Bart- lvtt, D. Davis, W. Bollior, M. Millor. Third row: P. Mc- Carthy. T. Summers. C. Young. M. Pina. K. Lindoll. L. Huff- man, J. Gustafson, P. Pzissnioro, B. Hoag. C. H1-nry. M. Taylor. R. Kolly, B. Spotts- wood. Fourth row K. Andvrson, C. Monzios. C. Albin, V. Stow. B. Konnody. C. Ed- munds. B. Davis, G. Upton, B. Parchini. B. Brabo. R. Hondo. Front row, 11-ft to right.: Y. SHIIHS, P. Fish. A. Rob'-rtson, B. Booro. C. Domin- gnoz, L. Farr. M. Lund, P. Lorst. S. Davis, D. Wr-HS. D. Smith, T. Buc'klvS. R. O'Bris-n. S4-Pond row: K. Bai-k. J. Poarco. Ti. Isravl. D. Laufvn- horg, T. Diovknian, R. Trozona. .T. Jacob- Qin. C. Boyvr, Fl. Roifl Fl. VVillian1S. M. Wil- son. D. Bloomquist. G. Dias. L. Baglie. Class of '58 Class of '58 Campus Candicls ea ,Ai M limi fix 35 l i , 5 1 , , I Front row, loft to right: Claudine Hou- inson, Elizabeth Ford, Sarah Mitchell, Limull- dolyn Schoucrmann, Joan Williams, Lutllyl Skinnvr, Joannv Diaz, Lois Bumgardnl-r, Mary Laurin, Alma Willington. Second row, loft to right: William Baker, Stop- lwn Schwertfigf-r, Douglas Simmonds. .lamvs Hopper, Jams-5 Brogioli, Patrick Dun- das, Lvstl-r Livu, Duane- Fricscn. Ps-tc-r Bowman, Lieth Ll-- won, Nina Clark. Third row: Storm-n Matson, Mike Gvrling. .Tim Barkor, Francis Suzuki. Sheppard Paige, Howard Dv- drick, Doug Quivtt. .lohn Davy, Jerry Jon kl, Lf-0 Forman, Gor- don Smith, Jack Marks, 1954-55 Calendar SEPTEMBER 13-School openedp new and old students met to begin another year. SEPTEMBER 22-The Seniors welcome a class of 500 students at the Freshmen Reception. OCTOBER 22-We lost the Big Game to San Rafael, 22-7. OCTOBER 23-The Honor "T"ers were initiated in the Assembly Hall. OCTOBER 29-The annual G.A. dance-"Stairway to the Stars." NOVEMBER lO-Champions! and possessors of the silver football as the Indians sunk the Pirates in the Civil War, 29-141 ! ! NOVEMBER l5-l8--Seniors and Sophomores struggled through four days of the Iowa Tests. NOVEMBER 24-"Flirtation Walk" was presented by the Freshmen, then Thanksgiving vacation. DECEMBER 2-The football players were honored at the first Fall Winner's Dinner, which was sponsored by the P.T.A. DECEMBER 10-ll-Tam basketballers got under way and brought home a trophy from the Vallejo Tournment. Nice Going fellows! ! December l7-The first organizational dance at Tam was a success with "Mistletoe Magic." IANUARY 4-We beat the San Rafael hoopsters in a tough battle 53-48! IANUARY 15-Tam played host to a successful Student Leaders' Conference. That evening attended "Dance Around the World"-by the 3- in 9 I.R.C. IANUARYZI-Campaign speeches and Student Body elections. IANUARY 21-22-"Ever Since Eve"-Senior Play. IANUARY 28-We wished the snow bunnies good-luck I 5 on their first trip for the year. END OF THE SEMESTER. ' FEBRUARY 4-"Charlie Bird" entertained at the PA! .9 Rally and the Sock Hop! 4 FEBRUARY ll-"Cupid's Frolics," our Valentine Dance. A FEBRUARY l8-The faculty, lead by Mr. Crawford and Mr. Wylie, ran all over the lettermen in an uproarious Faculty-Lettermen game. FEBRUARY 26-Many monsters were seen at the "Dinosaur Drag." March 25-We danced to the music of Ray Hackett at "Sand n' Surf," the fabulous Iunior Prom. APRIL l-We weren't fooling when we outswam Drake 54-ES! l APRIL 15-Spring Music Concert-"Musicirama" APRIL l6-County Track Meet! APRIL 25-29-Time to show off our good work-Public Schools Week. MAY 4-The G.A. Tea and Fashion Show was pre- sented to the mothers. MAY 27-Oh, Yes! the Letterman Dance! MAY 4-5-Mr. Bode and cast produced "Stage Door." IUNE I7-Schools out! ! PAI distributed! I ! Senior Farewell! ! ! We danced our hearts out in the Regency Room of the Huntington Hotel at our Senior Ball ........ ' ' IUNE I9-Four Years, Alas! ! GRADUATION Page 39 'Q w ii' .1 i 'L ,M 1 .14 - -5-1 N -f , W . r 1 i v 1 1 x W Iv 1,. Y. 1. 'ff , r . ..,, .,,.. 4. .- mu, 1 x -f ' w .w 5 1. ' Z9 F-f3'ff3fi ' ,g .. v. .mmf 'nv -.J .F I V ' , ' - , ' , . X - ,- - A-M-.T:':n?fXi2i,f. ' 5'-5,4t5,' r , ,- ' . n - r f.i 'L , .-.W - ., 1, V.. . ..,,. nv ,. .. V, 4 N ,,,. A ,, I L A A Y , x , M .wk V 4,--1. if 4 ,,, H .3 , , . - V , k Lu, I A . .- , . 1 f,-Z , ,Vg-.ng A ,gpm 5- ,SX ' ., ,b I - Q In , - .Ni l i ,t . ww, f 1 N ,w."L'IJT' T' ' 5. . ' ,f - -' 4, .' , . .M - X ,V VA.--Q - f f ,. 5 0 L . . . . . , . .I . f 1' . A ' 1 1- ,. -A ' :'fj1Eg,--f, ' 4' ' 1 '- ,1 Y1'5,' x Q, ' . C' -143 ff :Iv I -.. J: . 1 . V - .1 .. X: ,g 4 M f, - v g V., ,- x' , 1 - ' ,V 'V - 5 4, ,,' ,' - . ., - . v. .' v . ' x L , -Q' f 1' 1' - ' - - f' ' ' - 1 . .V , 2 " , ' - + ' , V. - f N .-,,, ,H-gy . 1' ,. , ., , ' V---1... , lz- ' ' . .4 ,, V ., 4:.,1 +L., . ft, - X .5-1,3 N' W, .. . 1 V, ,,0 ', 'e K' ,, .' ' , "' . "X,,', " '.."'- 'f '. ', A 'V 1, 1 K . .. , , ' , , . ' mv Q H, K . ' ,' V , ' ,I H X "V I Tm. - - . ' f, - ' ' ' . - I ' ' ' 'Q ' ' ' ' V I .. ...B , f . , .- . . . , ., .' ,, .' A- X7 S 'Y IV I Vi Mug 5 my 5 A Alu XE J lu IN 1 5 QQI? fi , ,-my Emily Sparks Ulla Jokmen Pat Berge SeCF6taI'y Treasurer Yell Leader Student Body 0fHcer.s' A highlight ot lud Foreman's tall presidency was the North Bay League Student Leaders' Conference held at Tam. These conferences, meeting twice yearly, bring together representatives of titteen bay area schools for discussion ot various phases ot high school lite. The Pep Club made its initial appearance at Tam and has provided more color, spirit and noise at games. While one club was added to the Constitution, the Dance Committee was discontinued tor lack ot finances. Tam's lnterschool Relations Committee was composed ot the Fall otticers. These Tamites helped plan the tall dance sponsored by this or- ganization. "Dance Around The World," held at Marin Catholic. A major improvement was completed at Tam during the spring ad- ministration ot president, Mike Durrie. The boys locker room was tin- ally put into operation. The spring student body officers were among Tam's representatives at the second N.B.L. Student Leaders Conference, this time at Vallejo. They also planned the spring I.R.C. dance, held at Tarn. Besides the locker room, two more innovations came to Tam in 1955. A History Club was organized and received a seat in Student Congress. And the P.T.A. sponsored several Winners Dinners in honor ot Tarn's spring and tall athletic teams. Grace Melbern Anne Ledin Bill Wallace Secretary Treasurer Yell Leader Fiwmt row, 14-fi lu rigliti Pat B--rgl-, Ulla .Toliiiu-ii. Jurly MvKi111i1-y, Svcoxirl row: Marcia Wirth Dan Mot:-, Suzi Mormiwz Lvilmu Daily, Emily Sparks. Tliirfl row: Jud Foruniaii, Bob GL-orge, Jerry Strain, Bob Wallace, Mike Durric. Executive Commit ee Front imw. 11-It tu right: Kathy llm'slm1'g.:l1. Suzi Mmm-. Axim- L1-din, Grace- M1-lln-rn. VVQ-lilly Harpor. Donna Tr-rzich. Socond 1-ow: Stow: Rvttviy Dan Mun-, Bill VVal1acc. Jud Furvmau. Mike Durriv, Kvn Meade. Page 432 ,: 7 J 'lf s. 1 Left to right: Carol Ca11avz111. Jud FOI'f'11lHI1, Daw L'eo,gf-, Cami Wilson. JJ3"ii2T:L2g,. Judie 'al Counc 7 Chairman: Mike Durrie Frunt row: Mikv DUl'1'iL'. S1-0111111 1-nw: A1111 l"X2l.!'llHNYUl'tll, John Wright. Gi1111i1- S4-114111, Daw- 1 rge. Page 44 Front row, left to right: Marcia Wirth, Suzi Moorv, Dan Moto, Joan Dias, Lori Bard. Pat 1 Bvrgv, Miko Durriv, Ulla Jokinvn, Ginny Sefton, Nottiv Gill, Judy Trau, Jud Foreman. Second row: John Wright, Ernie Hoyt-r, Emily Sparks, Jane Peterson, Ann Farnsworth, Judy Mc- Kinnvy, Ann Lvdin, MPl'CHt"l' Ervin, Donna Terzich. Third row: Al Gilbvrt, Tony Varnm-y, Lonora Daly, Jani-t Mooring, Flo Gustafson. Fourth row: Bill Wallace, Ralph Brott, Jorry Strain, Bob Wallaov, Bob Georgv, John Ehlon, Frances Daly. 5 W .,,., I , 5 i"-. - .5 Judy McKinney ..,,,,- 5 X 3 izizi Student Con re s Managers Wendy Harper , ,:,:,:,, J wa V ...,. I:- S ijgggzsi w I Front row. lc-ft to right: Amir Ledin, lVIaurvvn Dias, Ginniv Svfton, Lori Bard, Judy Mc- Kinnoy, .lorry Solbr-rg, Wendy Harpcr, Emily Sparks. Second row: Dave George, Donna Turzich, Fern Kr-nn:-dy, Pat Bvrgv, Janv Peterson, Ann Farnsworth, Sid Chapin, Kathy Horsburgh, Suzi Moore-. Graco M4-lborn. Third row: Jud Foreman, Dan Mote. John Schmit, Jeff Van Cleve, Bill NVallaco, Jini Henderson, Grant Smith, Tom Kostic, Wes Hildreth, Mike Durrio, Stow' Rettvr. Page 45 Co-heads: Suzi Moore Dan Mote 5 0.'60V0 lilllellf lnfllllt row. 1v1't to right: Mirizml 'l'ivr1.an. Carol CliIl2lVdll, Gunny Sm-fton, Front row, loft to right: Claude- Curlwy, Bonnie Bovan, Fran Thurlow Ginny Svfton, Kathy Black, Donna Torzicli. Anne Lodin, Judy McKinney Bvcky Simpson, Jan Thompson. Se-Cond row: Frank Forvnian, Suzi MiJ4Jl'l .Tudy Bowman, Lenora Daly. Karon Laniorvv. Jane Hickman. Lois Hamilton handy Lundquist. Me-rc'1-r Ervin. Killvr Mc'Bridv, Frank Wynn. Bill Wallace Third row: Miko Tir-rnan. .lorry Strani, G11-nn Smith. Brum- Hossnian, Dau Gt-orgl-. Mol Rzmdolplz. Miko Durrio. Dan Moto, Sam Daijogo. Arh-igh Hayes Roland Purnoll, Alvin Conl--y, Jr-ff Van Clvvo. Co-heads! Steve Retter Donna Terzich lfrank Wfyiili, Kathy Blank. Put Katz. Jn-rry Solhl-rg. Annu Lcdiii, Emily Sparks. Sm-m14l ruwi Jr-an Wilson, Judy MuKinxx--y. Dianu Kipp, Joanne: I'h'win, Kathy N1-hw-r, Mivliiv Liam-S, We-nrly Ilariwr, Sylvia Voirvl. Beth Thomas, Vic-ki Shimnein, Mirkv M4-silman. 'Third row: Steve Rott:-r, Donna Tn-rzich, Miko Te-ilnian. Jim Sc-ltm-r, Sim Bowman, Sid Chapin, Karon Engel- hart, Lana Chang, Bruce Rossnian, Judy, Trau, Jann Potvrson. Fourth row: Jvfl' Van Ch-vo. Bill Wallau-. llank Lmcy. Sam Diajogo, John Ehlr-n, Jin: St.x-vonsoii, John Sf-hrnitt. Karon Lemioreo. Curt Coburn. Fifth row: .Torry Stram. Tom Gooflzilv. John M1-i1-iwliviks, Howiw Lascy. Dan Moto, Larry Qvistgaard, Fl-lton Kr-nnody. Bob Lzwch. Todd Young. Jud Forvman, Tom Kostic. Curt Hoffman. Bob G:'flI'zi,'11, Page 46 .MW -1 Front 1'1vw. loft tm righrii Dar ZVZUU-. Suzi Moorv, Pat Br-rg:-. Ulla J0ki11u11. Emily Sparks 1-c'u11rl row: Bob Gcorge, Jud F01'1'Illal'1, Miko DU1'l'iC. Inter-School Re ations ammit ee l4'1'u11t naw, lvft tu right: S11-vv l'f1'Ul'I', Gram- MllllJ4'I'll. Suzi M0u1'n-. Sl'CU1ld ruw: A111111 Lmiin Mlm- DlIl'l'i4'. Dl7llll3. Tt1'ZiQl1, Ilill Wallacv, Page 47 row: Miki- Durrie. Co-heads: John Ehlen Donna Terzich Prmif royv, hlft to right: Jerry Sirzun, Larry Qv1Stg'aarci, Donna Tvrzicrh, John Ehlfn Judy MKfI'Illl11K1y', .Jn-i'i'y'Saihvrg, Svcoiirl row: Sandra Gufivl, Marva Harm-y, Joy Hoig -IEFIII1-71' Tliunipsrmi. Thlrri row: M1111-1-1' Ervin, Eugm-nv 1VIc'Gv0rgv. .lim Ste-veiisoii Vu-kl gillllllillll, Sue- IIN-rail, .I01'r'y il4'lllil'I'SUI1, Norrxizl Whitv, Bvrta Gurcivnm-r. Fourth Election and urvey Committee Ifiwiit row. If-ft in I'i,2'ht: Curt lIufl'mzxn, Be-1-ky Sinlpsmi. Gs-nny S1-ftmi. Jack Nlarks, Mvrm-r Ervin. Phil f2il'il2ll'1iSUI1, Mzuiiw-ii Lascy, ,Iurly M1'Kilill4'Q', Svcrmfi row: Pat Bvrgc-. Wvmly Tlarywr, lXT2'l.Xll'f'1'Il Dias, Judy Bowman, Fvrn K4-nnrkdy, Lois Hamilton. Beith Thomas, Mivkim- Liapvs, Janvt Ilayvs, Emily Sparks. Third row: SN-vw R4-t'v1', Jwrry Stram, .Iuhn Elilvn. Eugi-nv Mr Georg:-. Arlvigh Hayes, Tom Goorialc-, Tom Kostic, VVm-S Hildrvili. Co-heads: if Judy McKinney Tom Kostlc J it .Q -Ji, J M f 6 . in i it '4 2 415 1 Page 4 S lfront row, lPft to right: Marva Harvy. Larry fQlllSlg2121l'fl, Emily Sparks. Joan Dias, Judy Mm-Kinnm-y. Judy Bowman, Brucv Rossnian, Miriam Til-rnan, Kathy Mersereau, Dianf- Kipp. Sl-omni rmv.: Joanne Erwin. Maurm-n Dias, Ulla Jukinan, Mau-ia Wii'tl1, Jane Peterson, Toni Vai-nl-y, Nvttiv Gill, Caroh- Wilson, .Inlay iVIrClui-4-, Pinky Cummings, and Mary Chapman. Third row: Bonniv Reardon, Jano Hickman. Bvvky Simpson. Ann Farnsworth, Dave Barnburg, Czirolv M1-alman. and Sally Cladwell. Fourth row: Brian Randolph, Phil Smith, Jim Montv, Kvvl-l Williams, Dave Sondborn, Bill Wallaczv, lluwiv Lascvy, St:-wart Mclndoc, and Mike Durrie. Head: Ulla Jckinen l 0 Budget and Finance fomrmttee Head: Anne Ledin F Front row. 11-ft to right: Davv Georgv. Ulla Jokinen. Annl- Lvdin. Si-cond row: Wendy Harp:-1', Chris Hardy. Jvrry Solbnrg. Majorifi Freeman, Borinii- Ri-arrirm, Marva Harvc-31 Tliir-ci row: Frank Wynn. Sally Lillvston, Beth Thomas. Bobbin- Maisac. Judy Trau. Fourth row: J01'i'y Strain. .lim Hvndvrson, Didi Raven. Sally Clafiwvll. W4-s Hildrvtli, Dianp Kipp. Page 49 'Mm we R Jw. Frfmt row: Carol CPIIIHVHII. Judy 1N1CKillIlt'5', Emily Sparks. Svcfond 1'0XVZ St:-Vv Rm-ttvr, Matin-w Perry, George Cagwiu. Head: Award Committee Head: Wess Hildreth 1'il'Hllt, ruw, I1-ft to right: Ulla Jtlkillllll. Phil Smith, Mivkiv Lmfw-S. Iiullrln Brutt. S1-vmul row: Tum Kmwfifz Curt Ilwfflllilll. Frank VVym1, Bmmiv Bevan, Arlm-igh Hayvs, Wvmiy Il3.l'IT4'I', Wvs Hildreth, ...J ie Q , Page 50 Judy McClure, Alice Freeman, Co-heads: Bill Wallace Toni Varney Front row, li-ft to right. Kmel Williams, Linda Sclioening, Mic-ki Liapvs Tom Varm-y, Ann Earnswortli, Bill Wallace. Jam-t Mcm1'ii1g, Judy Bowman. Margi- Friiman Back row: Phil Smith, Mi-rcwr Ervin, Tom Buckles, Abby Wasserman, Carol Muxphy Publicity Committee F1-wilt row, lvft to right: Ami Farnsworth, Grant Smith, S1-cuiid row: Sill Cilzlpih, Carol Gillvtt, .ludy Bowman, Mickie Liapm-S. Linda Schoeniug. .Tami Pi-tmwsuli. Abby VVasSi-rman. Third row: Toni Varnvy, Phil Smith. Kathy llnrshurgli, Sandra Joni-S. Judy Hartnack, Wvndy Harpi-r, Judy Bowman. Carol Canavan. Liz Cummings. Dc-ana Forbes. Fourth row: Lila Farr. Bomiii- Bi-van, Bruco Krafting, Arli-igh Hay:-S. Jim Monte-. Linda Thoman, Mauri-1-n Lusvy. Q ,,.,..,.A Page 51 Co-Heads: Ann Farnsworth-Grant Smith For-vnian, Miko Durrie, Dan Huddlcson. Chairman: Program Committee Front row, left to right: Pat Bergen Wonfiy llarprr. Dana Curriv, Nvttio Gill, Bob Gvorgv, .lorry Stram. Hank L1-cy, Ginny Softon, Mike-l Schwartzkopf. Allvn R4-in. Second row: Marcia Wirth. Bill Wallace-, Graco Mm-lbvrn, Judy McKinnvy, Suzi Moorv, Stovo Re-ttcr, Carol Canavan, Kathy Mswsoi-eau, Larry Qvistgaard, Lori Bard, Toni Varncy. Third roy: II0wi Lascy, Frank Chairman: Suzi Moore Front row, lm-ft to right: Kal't'll Curnctt, Donna D1'llU.'l'lUlll, Abbe Wassi-rinzin, Suzi Moor:-. Second row: Frank Wynn. Miki-l Suhwartskopf. Wi-ndy Ilarpvr, Mercvr Ervin. Marva Harwy. Third row: .lofi Van Cleve, Ralph McGlothlen. .lorry Milton, Felton Kvnnmiy. Fourth row: Phil Richardson Bill Wallace, Sid Chapin, Dick Powers. Page 52 Chairman: Pat Berge Front I4 1 1 G au M1 11111 1VI1kd qL'1W3.l 1 11111 Tmhl Young W1111 y I ll 111 Pat B1 xg B 1a11 f111ciolpl1 M 11.1111 1111 an 1111111 1 1111 V11 1 Qllll 1111011 .0111 11111 Lev F0l'l'IIlUIl, Bob Gvorgo. Davv Sa111lhu1'11, Fred Bl'OIll1'l'IllZlll, Dan Moto. Qarn Daijogo. .Indy MCKiI1ll1fj', Bobbin Maisac. Bob Wallaw-. nI1'I'Ct?I' Ervin and Sandy Gudvl. Ral y Committee Chairman: Bill Wallace Page 53 men in d N 7"'f"wf 9 vu. 3 ' M il' WMM L ww A :EQ , 5 1 I 1 Fall Y1-ll Lf-21111-1':4. 14-ft to right, frmmi rmfw: VVvmiy Iiarpvlt Pat Bvrgw, Bank ww: Todd Young. Brian lflzmcirvlplm. 2. Hwzui Y:-ll Ls-:id--V: Pat B--rgn-, 33 - 5 Rally sw-vu-S, ti. SHIlgl1'21d1'1'S1 front mw. lm-ft to right: Couniv Bumi, Sylvia Vwizw-l. A1111--LLP Fm-Mig, Bunk www: Dann CKll'1'il', Jam-t VV: Szmdy Gudvl, Javkiv Vulz, Mi-lrium 'Ti4'I'IlIlll. T. H1-:ui Y4-ll L1-:UIQ-1': Bill VVal1aC4-, S. S111 L--1141-11-si Paula Ifwstf-1-. Bill Wullau-fx. Mm'l1-n-- 111111111-5'. Page 54 llt F"'l Yi a v v . I Q ,, 4 fe I. I 0 ii al fs X! W My Page Co-ordinator: Glenn Smith .mtv 1"i'0lll 1'11w, if-ft 111 right: Dimuzi 'l'1'l'Zi4'ii, Mikv Dlli'i'i4', MQI'K'l'l' ICI'Vill. Secmiri naw, Lori Bard, Suzi NI11111-1-, L4-110111 Daly. Tl1i1'ci 1'uv.', M12 Gibtllfll, Iiiuii S11y11111111'. G1'zu'i11 Mk'llll'I'1l, Bill VValluuc-, IzIIl.I'1'i2l VVi1'tl1. Rad'o Staff am News ' P mfs? in , 5 Hi 1 ww 3 5 955' 1 Q11 ' ? "': 2 "::lI f , '11' -1-- ":' 3 if 1 Fall Editor: Spring Editor: Marcia Wirth Nir. Gibson Kathy Horsburgh 19111111 ww, lvft, tu right: A2111 S111-liu11, Rick SC'XlIlIrlll', Malria. Wirth. Siltlillii row: Dick PlJNVt5l'S G1':1m- Ms-1114-1-11. Hunk Lavy, M13 Giimsun, Ll'l11il'?1 billy. Carol M2LI'lcillil', Kathy lI411'Sburgh. Mr. Gibson, Mr. ChOU1'I'f' and Mr. Paine ' ,S if Business Mngr: Art Editor: Copy Editor: Photo Editor: Sports Editor: Cartoon: Dan Mote Jim Monte Kathy Horsburgh Rodger Jacobsen Mike Durrie Bruce Krefting EDITOR: C5 Pai Staff Q ,.,,.,, 2 4 Front row, lm-ft to right: Dick Powers, Hank Lucy, Rogvr Jacobsen. Brucu Krefting. Svcond row: Ginnie Sufton, Grace Molbvrn, Lori Bard, Jerry Solborg, Mickio Liapcs, Kathy Horsburgh, Suzi Moore. Third row: Jim Monte-, Mike DUI'I'i!f'. Lenora Daly. 1 ,,,, e "" -1v. Q: f , if .:.5: f EEE:" Q. ' 3 3 Page 59 Pai Salesmen Front row, ll-ft to right: Janvt Iluyws, flllllllll Svftrm, Diauv Fnrtini, Suzi Muorv. Sn-rmirl www: Hank Lvl-j.'. Dianl- Pnllack. Szimlra Luiuiquist. Kenny Nix-adv. Third row: l"l'l'Il Brvizu-1'n1z1li, GiJI'Cll!ll Smith, Bill XVallaf:m-, Kan'--11 I4Zlllllll"'l', Lemwzi Daly, Lvl- Frm-ihaii. B1-cky Simpsmi. Publicity and Sales Managers Lenora Daly and Suzi Moore Q R ...g55:,.,,:.-,:,- .... ,. ,W Jw ' 3? 'K J Top Salesman: Diane Fortini I i Print bo Front ww. ls-ft to right: Mr. Cl10l1l'l'l', Haus Sc:l1wu1'tsfugv1', Jim Tcsussvy. and Doug Be-llah. Svcond row: .lim Carlton. Jim Harris. Rich Larson. Al M Gillm-ath. and Darrvll D1-Martini. F' a Chourre Print Shoo ' f I ef 4 iii 9 Front row. loft to right: Lori Bard, Dan Moto, John Ehlvn, Phil Rivllardson. Mike Athanas- 'K Siados. Suzi Moorw-. Frank Wynn. Janv Pvtvrson. Svcond row' Wvndy Robson. Marjorie Frmw-niari. H Cynthia Brownv. Barbara Allossio. Miki-l Svhwartskopf. Marilyn Bagshaw. Diane Kipp, Carol O Y Wolcott. Judy Bowman. Priscilla Spirf-s, Carol Gillvtt. Third row: T1-nny Coulon, Biltty Liapvs. Nl Holly Ring. Val Dvnson, Audrey Smith. Judy MCKinnvy. Fourth row: Barbara Shrioyv, Caroli- Moalrnan, Janvt Hayvs, Lila Farr, Sur- Doll. Carolyn Nvhwr, Bonniv B4-van. Joannv Hopps-r. 3 Donna Tm-rxic-h, Marya Haryvy, Both Thomas, Emily Sparks, Mrs. Bakr-r J J' Ilonor T Betty Benjamin, Pat Berge 641 Tomio cbolar I: Jo ede ation Front row, loft to right: Pat Bergv. Michael Schwartzkoff, Bonnit Boyer, Mrs. Mary Bakvr. Judith Aikon. Kav Yodvr. Botty Benjamin, Gt'flI'g4' Diniitroff. Joyco Gilardi. Sorrond row: Florence Gustafson, Barbara Alessio, Mary Chapman, Sonja Johnson, Dianv Kipp, Mickif- Ll3.flti,'f. Third row: John Wright. Stl-vv Rs-ttvr, Gvorgn Knock. Ann Farnsworth. Vickie Shinnin. Maur:-on Dias Carole Wilson, Allvn Rvin. John Wilkinson. Fourth row: David Hain. Michas-l Palnn-r. Harold Schutzniann. Jud Foreman, L1-nora Daly. Dan Moto. Suzi Monro . W Page Gil Front row, left to right: Emily Spark:-1, Liz Houston, Karon Engle-hart, Ann Farnsworth, Bonnio B1-van, Audrvy Smith, Wrfndy Harpvr, Ulla .lokinn-n. Larry Qvistgaarri. Sm-cond row: Lore Lefy, Ann Shvlton, Flor:-nov Gustafson. Davv San- born. Ernio Hoyslr, G+-orgv Nock. Barbara Gunn, Bonniv Rvardon, Marcia Wirth, Bob Gvorgn-, Pat B4-rgm-. Third row' Roh Sikora, Tom Kostic Earl Abhott, Curtis Hoffman, Dan Moto, Lori Bard. Miko Durrie. Gram- Mvlbl-rn, Pat Katz. Junior Statesman Flo Gustafson, Ernie Hoyer, Ann Farnsworth, Barbara Gunn. Front row luft to right' Jovcv Gilarlli Cnrinnm' Purnvll, Lurv L1-V. Kay Yodvr, Sue- Dull, Emily Sparks, Bonnie Ri-arrion, Ulla Jokinvn, Wm-ndy Harpvr, Cynthia Brownv, Sl'l'Ullil rowi Susie- 3 Brooks. Barbara Allvsio. Ann Farnsworth, Ann She-lton, Sonja Johnson. .lohn Wilkinson. Thirri Lf 'U '- rowz G1-orgv Diniitroff, Mikel Sczhwartskopf, Bomiiv Boyc-r, Flo Gustafson, Miukiv Liapvs, 3, I 5 Shirlvy Pirwira, Priscilla Spirfis, Joy Hong, Alan Rvin, Dan Mott-, Pat Bergv, Carol Wilson, 'MIL Mary Chapman. Fourth rowi David Ham, Harold Sczhutzman, Miko Palmer. Tim Lyman, Jud Foreman, Ge-org? Kuock, Curtis Hoffman. Tom Lu-ch, Bob Sikora, Rogvr Boates. B1-tty Bc-njamin, I 3 5 Erniv Hayor, Mimi Ham. Mr. Potts. Page 62 Front row, left to right: Carol Wood, Mickey Liapes, Bonnie Bevan, Alan Rf-in, John Wilkinson. John iWr-ight. Cynthia Browne, B4-tty Benjamin, Wendy Ilarpvr. Second row: Liz Houston, Emily Sparks. Mikel Schwartzkopf, Bonnie Boyer, Mary Chapman. Sonja Johnson, Kari-n Englehart, Pat Bvrgo, Ann Shi-lton, Grace Mvlha-rn, Mike Durrie. Third row: Ann Farnsworth, Brian Randolph. Marcia Wirth. Fourth rowi Goorgo Dimitroff, Tom L04if'll. Harold Svhutzman, George Nock. Bob Sikora, Tom Kostic, Dan Moto, Jud Foreman, Curtis Hoffman, Erni-st Iloyvr. Larry Qvistgaard. cience Club Ann Shelton, Bonnie Boyer Front row: Sandra Jones, Bea Hebert, Jane Pigney Back row: Pete Sternloff, Michael Walker, Bob Nlan- ning library C ab Front row: Diane Kipp, Suv Doll, Danny Moto, Pat Bergm-, Cynthia Brown, Jani: Pigns-y, Mikel Schwartzkopf, Sandra Joni-s, Lou Anna Hartz, N1-ttiv Gill, Emily Sparks. Sara Richardson, Second row: Julie Stone, Kathy Morserau, Kitty VVoofis, Bonniv Mt-Grvgur, Windy Robson, Alex Randolph, Betty Benjamin, Nan:-y Whitney. Romona Mondragon, Kar--n Englehart. Vickie Shimmin. Reona Ni-al. Marjorie Dakl-n. Li-ila Loudon. Judy Erskine. Third row: Jim Slvtzor. Bob Congl-r. Pete Str-rnlol'i'. Shirley MCFOAX. Marc Smith. James VValt0n, Robert C. Manning. Bill Parachini, William McBridv. Barbara Johnson. G4-orgv Porrymori-, Carol McKibben. Bi-tty Coleman. Fourth row: Wayne Kennedy, Gs-raid Kalfas, Svott Spirvs. James Battle. Page 63 Rirh. Marilyn Calhoon. l Officers Al lm Rlw Tau Front row, loft to right: Abby Wassisrman, Ls-la Loudon, .luriy Aiki-n, Lynn Smith, Karon Cornvtt, Ulla Jokinon, Dana Curriv, W4-nriy Harpi-r, Sc-cond row: Bobby Maisau. Carol Cunavan. Gloria Balm-r. Lynn Nugm-nt, Martha Sclniioder. Km-vol Williams, Toni Varna-y, Brian Randolph, .janv Pignvy, Carol Altshuli-r. Third row: Poggy Waist. Nancy Whitnvy, Kay Johnson, lfliln-vii Walkvr. Sandy Whitni-y. Carolyn N1-ln-r. Linda Sc-hovning. Ann Farnsworth, Mikol Scliwartzkopf, Dianv Forlini, Karr-n Ilalling. Joy Hong. Fourth row: Mar:-:ton Morgon, Emma Erickson, Franw-S SCl1l'OPdt'l'1 John Grant, Gladis Llovs-ll, Conniv Casvy, Joann Ronning, Auflrvy Smith, Holly Ring. Val Dvnson, Joann Ilopiwr, Marva Harvc-y. Mr, Boussvy, Jean Wilson. Bark row: Bob McCaw, Cliff Rivers, Jimmie Whvvlvr, Marilyn Bagshaw. Mivhavl Palm--r, Bruc-v Ki-4-fting, Carolyn Young. Bud Smith. Page G -1 Y Front row, lc-it to right: Suv Enos, Diario Seconrl row: Paula Fostr-r, Kathy Black, Misa Walker Marlin: Moonu Kaiin Si ma kappa Al lm Loft picturv: front row, loft to right: Linda Loser, Kathryn McMurran, Ginniv Si-fton. Jan Enibry. Shirloy Winthvr, Karen Cornet. Nettiv Gill, Joanna Ronning, Iudy Marvin. Second row: Linda Suhoi-ning, Conniv Casvy, Carolyn Nehor, Diane Kipp, Priscillia Spin-s. Clair Crompton, Mik+-l Schwartzkopf, Linda Hawk. Roona Ni-al. Dorothy Clawlvy. Annvttil F1-rtig. Third row: Joyce Sirnonizm, Jean Marczhini, Alvx Randolph. Chris Hardy, Carol Wilson, Bonnie Bvyan. Shirloy Winslow. Fourth row: Holly Ring, .lm-an Wilson, Judy Mc:Kinnvy, Bill Wallacm-, Lonora Daly, Kari-n Laniorw-, Howiv Lasvy, Brian Randolph Right IllCtLlI'l'l Front row. loft to right: Corky Ki-onan. Jerry Solbvrg, Judy Bowman, Dana Currier, Miriam Tiornan, Ulla Jokinvn, Pat BF-rgv, Cathy Nehvr, Abby Wassvr- man. Sw-cond row: Emma Ericson, Franrziv Daly, Donna Rvystead. Donna Torziccli, Sylvia Rapp. Carolyn Young, R4-lwrca Simpson. Janicv Thompson, Betty Colvrnan, Third row: Mya Litt, Judy Smith. Suv Kirkland, Liz Houston. Sally Cladwvll, Gloria Bakf-r. Gail Mattln-ws, Karon Schoening. Fourth row: Dianv Booth. Jann Hickman, Kitty Woods, Sally Lilllhston, Ami Lodin, Robvrta Masaic. Linda SfEll0f'I'1iTlg, Carolyn Nm-hor. Elizalwth Cummings. Fifth row: Grant Smith. Ricky Soymour, Phil Smith, Carl Knutson. Miki' Tivrnun, Joyw- Gvlardi, Mic-kie Mvalnian, Elainv Walki-r, Hank Li-cy, Judy Eakifn, Sam Diajogo. Ppfub Spring Chairman Lenora Daly 'iont NIV. right: Sandy Sivbl-rt, Joann Erwin. Karon Cornett, Nvttir- Gill, Lil Houston Tlnusa Sonmn-rs, Claire Crompton, Kari-n Hunt. Stvphaine- do Gorog, Sonja Johnson. Sxooud row Fun K1 nm-dy, Sylvia Voirol. Joyrs- Gilardi, Mary Chapman, Sarah Richardson. Liapos, Carolv Wilson, Judy Bowman, Karen Halling. Ii-env Bi-ll. Third Page 65 "W i Q g6:.:. sq: Front row, lift to iight Nliiiam Tuinan, Ulla, Jokimu Siumd row Grace Grace Melbern, Arliegh Hayes, Marcia Wirth Me-lbvrn, Sally Clariwvll, Gloria Bakr-r, Maruia Wirth. Third row: Mr. Bell, Lori Bard, Aimcma Springzwtt. Carol Canavan, Adrianna Van Winklc-, Bob Gv0i'gv. Fourth row: Chuvk Rixford. Bob Siknra. Suzi M0Ol'l', Dan Motu Larry Qvistgaard, Fifth ww: Didi IlZlVL'1'1, Roland Purnell, Juhn Ehlvn, Arloigh Hayvs. Ski 6 ab Page 66 L it to I1 ht Suv Enos, Mickio Mealrnan, Cynthia Browne, Mariam Tiernan, Bt-cky Simpson Girls' Association ounci Being one oi Tam's largest organizations, the Girls' Association, is also one oi the most active. The tall semester saw the successful developement of the Big Sister program. ln conjunction with this came the Freshman Reception. "Serenade ln Blue" provided the theme tor the traditional Girls' Dance. Always one ot Tam's biggest dances, this year's was no exception, with girls asking the boys. Later in the term, a Christmas Banquet and the Sunny Hills Grape Festival combined to keep President, Cynthia Browne and her com- mittees busy. Causing much controversy during the Spring presidency ot lane Peterson was the question oi uniforms tor girls. After a hotly debated election, the issue was soundly deieated. Among the G.A.'s spring activities were the Mother's Tea and fashion show and the Senior Girls' Luncheon, given by the junior girls. Fiont IOVS left to right: Diane Fortini, Wendy Ilarper, Jane Peterson, Emily Sparks. Second xx M1 Larson, Sylvia Voirt-1, Denny Decker. Page 6 7 Y Front row, 14-ft tri right: John Wilkinson. Kin Lliark. 54'-1-01211 row: Mlss 1-torn, Palmer -........ --...-. -.., . H, Jim Clvu-land, Harold Scehutznian, .Inn Martinoni. Miko Athanassiades. Meriai Havstad, Nova Cavagnero, Beth Thomas, Bonnie Bevan, Diane Kipp. Spanish Ilonor Society Front ww. li-it to right: Nova Cavagliai-0, Carol Vhilcfitt, Dinm- Kipp. Audrily Smith, Barbara Gunn. Svc-cmd mw' Suzi liiiwile, Bwmiv R1'H1'IiO1l. .lvrry Solbi-rg, Lvnora Daly, Erika. Black. Third VINVZ Miss Stump. Bvth Thomas, Joycn- Gelarnii, Bonnie Bs-Van, Barbara Alhssio, Suv Dull, Judy' Pruyn. Page 68 i Front row, left to right: Chris Hardy, Diane Kipp, Shirley Pierera, Marilyn Taylor, Anita Nelson, Sandy Bishop, Cynthia Browne. Audrey Smith, Gwen Scheuerrnann, Sue Smith. Second row: Kay Yoder. Bonnie Boyer, Carla Henry, Karen Lyndel. Mari Anita Becker, Joan Flyge, Carol Vvalcott, Bev Peterson, Irene Cage. Marva Harvey, Ann Shelton, Violet Butterfield, Lila Farr, Linda Thoinan, Carole Meahnan, Susan Doll, George Cagwin, Kathy Mercereau, Lana Chang. Thirll row: John Wilkinson. Mrs. Pittenger, Joan Millzner, Betty Hoag. Judy Orvis, George Diniiti-off. Linda Huffman, Dorothy Hinshaw. Alan Rein, Barbara Alessio, Corrine Purnell, Kathy Ilorshurgh. Karen Engelhart. Mikel Schwartzkopf. Annette Shugrue, Roger Boates. Fourth row: Robert Lamb, Lindsey Cage, Earl Abbott, Frank Pitt, Micheal Palmer, Raul Silva, Jan Doe, Dick Powers, Toni Wishart, Phil Sinith, Howie Lacey, Mike Gerling. Music Club Urclvestra , W , Front row, left to right: Carol VVolef-tt, Joanne Flyge. Mike Gerling, Judy McClure. Betty ELEH -AL Hoag. Sally Caldwell, Donnie Boyer. Lynda Thonnin. Sue Sniith, Paul Stoors, Marva Harvey. sTRA1 Second row: Kathy Merczereau, Cynthia Browne, Anita Nelson, Ann Shelton, Violet Butterfield. gi ' 'lnird row: Lana Chang, Diane Kipp, Carla Henry, Annette Shugrue, Dorothy Hinshaw, Bev Kiki .' Peterson, George Cagwin, Pete Henderson, Jesse Adams, Gwen Scheuernfiann, Marilyn Taylor. W Fourth row: Willie hfctor, Carol Conger. Kay Yorler, Mrs. Pittenger, Gail Beard. Chris Hardy, '1-'Z-,," I' Grat Wilson, Mikel Schwartzkopf, Patsy Passinore, Earl Abbott. Torn Wishart, Ed Zuber, Net' Charles Iloaglin, Vxfilson Clymer, Lindsey Cage, George Dirnitroff, Robert Lanxb. Page 69 't'w,1 'g:.- iz . .1 :.f. Gill4-th-. Pat Pl-hiv-1'. Put M'C'z1riliy, Mi-rw-1' Ervin, Suzi lllmm-. Svc-mul rim" Caruli- Mi-zilmzin. Lv-tha lizirI'iS. Margi- l"l'4't'Ill8ll. Kari-n Linflf-ll. Mary Ann-- Majrrr. Kay Combs, Susan Alwywr. Thiril 1-mv: Pnl 'I'lm111psfm. Davin Garvia Fredda Cnrboti, .lziynv BL1Sf'l1lIlZiHll, Ernvstinm- Slflflllllv, Bi-v VV:1tkins, Casvy Coolirlgf--. Fourth ruw: Carolyn Brown. Oni-ifla Mzili-nliii, Pat, l"2Al1lkIll'l', Donna Martin. Toni Bowl-li, 14wI'2llll'1'H Daly. Palm Faulkni-r, Shi-ri Bak:-r. Filth row: Judy Scott, Bunniv McCarthy, Carolyn Hui-fOr, Kathi-rinc Hurt. Daisy Pruitt, Chris VVv-isi-nlio-inn-r, Linda Luxe-r. Sixth row: Mzirgari-t MvAlliSu'r, Judy Swart. Ann Chi-ltun, Kay Brnwk. Kitty V.'om'lS. V1-rlin VW-svrvtt. Front ruw. lvft tn right: Mzirgv Mc'Allist1-r, Erni-slinfi Sig'i1fmi. .Tr-zillllwltv Eddy, .Judy McGlrvt,h1-n, Casvy Csmlidgm-, l+'rvclilu C1-1'ln-tt, Cunnin- Egbvrt, Mimi llznn. Se-Cmnl rnw: Shvila Bluinviisun. ,Iuwly Orvis, Pani Wilson, Nanvy Claussn-n, Sue Mrvyi-1', Sandy Lund- auist. Kay Brrmk. Nanny Shutwvll. Myra VVillian1s. Buck row: Ralph Mn-Glothli-n, Bill Santos, Dun Low, Cunrafl Williams, Ron Pasuw, Bill Mimi, Ed Zubi-r. Ed Bishop, Allen Maxvy, Gary Bluunt, Nat Johnson, Franklin piits, Vkfayne Kwnns-dy. Choir Girls' 6lee Flon IU left to Ii 'ht Qur Fields Di l.Y1ll'1 Anil 1'-wil BUI'lT'lI'1 Sli iw C'xr0I Page 70 Front row. lvft to right: Fvlton K1-nnedv, Jann-S Battlo. Cliriss Smith, Clin-sts-r Pvarson. Back row: M13 Gl't'1'IlXX'IJ1lfi. Rolanrl Purnvll. John iWIl4'I'4iir'l'iCkS, Pat Faulknm-r, Lindam-y Cagc. Dance Band Mr. Greenwood Marching and Front row, loft to right: Lore-ii Bertonshaw, James Batting Viator Koppi-l, Sliirlvy Periera, Bob Lonson. Doug Simmon. Dirk Bray. Corrinnv Purnvll. Pat Falknffr. Bill Cummings. Socond row: Phil Monzval. Bill Marblv, Robbie Nz-ls-on. Gordon Mavhf-an, Conrad VVilliamS, Roba-rt Siorvold. Franklin Pitt, Clif-stvr Pvarson. Roland Purnell. Tllirri row: Stan Barkman, David Ham. Alan Vlann, Joff Whitf-. Mvlvin Randolph, Hap MaCGill, .Jim Wlwelor. Dirk Van Motor. Page 71 Majorottvs: Pvggy VVost, Norma Finnigan, Luis Hamilton, Adriana Van VVink1v, Shzuun At--11 Jackie Fontvs, Llwacil. Page 72 Front row. left to right: Dona Dt'lltl'1'l4llll, Marva Harvciy, Pat Bergc, Flo Gustafson, Wendy Harp:-r, Lwnora Daly. Marcia Wirth. Gracv Mvlhvrii, Ulla Jokiniln, Vicki Shininiin. Ji-rry Sol- br-rg. Paula Fostvr, Shirlvy Winthvr. Pat Katz. Si-cmifl rowz Lori Bard, Ann Farnswortli. Anne Lvdih, Linda Losvr, Sylvia Rapp, Dfinna Torzicfli, Sus' Enos, Bvrta GZJ.l'lill1'l', Fran Thurlow, Nancy Claussvn, Annvttv Fnrtig, B1-cky Simpson. .lanicv Tlioiiipsoii. Lou Anna. Hartz. Third row: Mickio Liapos. Kathy Black, N4-ttir' Gill. Sylvia Voirf-l. Kvvvl Williams, Dianw Pollack. Jvrriv Ili-iisvii, Nancy Cahill, Sandy Sz-ibm-rt. Cynthia Browne, Aurirvy Smith. Ginny Sefton. Fourth row: Simi Moorv. B1-tty Coleman. Caroln Mvalnian. Tony Varnvy, Fifth rww: Beth Thomas, Car4i'v VVilson. lYI2il'f.fH.l'4't Mc-Allistm-r. M+i1'cPr Ervin. Bonnie Bn-win, Bonniv Buyvr, Ann She-lton. Bonnii- Ri-ardon. Carolyn Nehi-r, Juily McKinnvy. Mickief Mwalnian. Sally CLllflXV1'll. Chris Hardy. Linda Srhowiiiig. Suv Kirkland, .lan Enibry. Suv Hearell, Carol Canavan, J:-an Wilson, Lore Ley, Emily Sparks. Pi Abba Mu Left to right: Beth Thomas, Chris Hardy, Anne Ledin Mrs. Flanagan iiilzf VHA I 1' X M Initiation Steve Retter, Mike Durrie Fr-ont row. lf-ft to right: Barry Batchlvr. Felton Kennedy, Rick Seymour, Sam Diajogo, Fred Broniorman, Jud Fon-nian, Bob Whitman, Larry Davis, Tom Elliot, Frank Forvnfian, Frank Coinrnins, Karl Knudson, Miko Anthony. Second row: Bob Lvoch, Mol Randolph, .John Ehlc-n, Bob G4-orge. Ralph Brott, Bud Smith. Ji-rry WalkQ1'. Phil Smith, Georgv Cagwin. Stl-vo Rs-ttvr. Gary Rogers. Bruce Rossman. Third row: Miko Durrif-, Sid Chapin. Jeff Van Ch-vw, Jon lwfeym-S, Doug W1-bbor, Grant Wilson, Bob Wallavss, Daw- Banibvrg, Chuck Rixford, Bob Casci, Horb Judson, Howie Lacoy, Bill Siovors. let e man C ab All Stars: Jud Foreman, Bob Whitman and Steve Retter' Puge 74 2 1-2 Z i f if i i , pg if 2 .-f-A of' ,,. 55' f? f ,f-1' - rf f ,- ,- .1 5 ,Z 2 -g -Z f',,.,- '5 1 Wx MX X gl ! W A U Varsit Coaches Mercmdu--Mxller Ioyfe Page 7 6 Davx Al Conley Bob Whxtmcm 00f A1 Conley Sam Dicaioqo Q . Page 77 Fred Bremmermcm P ff... fi - Front row, lvft to right: Tom Elliot. Alvin Conh-y, Joe Joyc-4-, F11-li Bl'ilDlt'l'- man. Larry Ortmaii. Frank Comiiiiiis, Bob Whitman, Sam Diajogo, Bruu- Rross- man, Tnhy Trvzmia. G1-ralfl Milton. Svcoiid row: Jud Fore-man, Doyh- Naiic'-L, ROg1'l'Alb1'l'lS1Jll, Paul Krvutvr, Bill Mf'Caw. Larry Davis, Hank Lvcy, Ks-ii Mvadv Charh-s Upton. Jim Ilviiih-rsuii, F1-ltoii Kmim-dy, Third row: Je-rry Sirzmi. Jim SU1V4'llS4lll, Frank Forvmaii, Don Dupont. Ralph MOGl0tl1l9n, Brucv Marshall. Al Gilbl-rt. Dax'-A G4-orgv, Stl-ve R1-itvr. Bill Rosa. Claurle Curlvy. Page 78 Page 79 -- Wess Hlldreth Wayne Kennedy Clade Curley Varsity Basketball Tam's varsity basketball team enioyed only a mediocre season, with lack of height and experience being the two items which hurt the Indians most in wading through a rugged 25 game schedule. The record shows that the Indians did pretty well in the practice season, winning nine games while losing only eight. However, they were able to cop only two league contests, which gave them an overall season record of ll wins against I4 losses. Coach Chuck Crawford in his first season at the helm of the local varsity inherited last year's high scoring "B" team intact, but lack of varsity game experience plus a decided deficiency in rebound power hurt the Indians badly in the late stages of their ball games. Bright spots of the season included a last second victory over Marin Catholic, a pair of thrilling wins over San Rafael, consolation honors in the Vallejo tournament and a big trophy to go with it, and the two league decisions over Napa. Joe Joyce Bob Whitman Jim Henderson Page 80 Coach Crawford Varsity Basketball LINCOLN, 72: TAM, 38 GALILEO, 51: TAM, 42 BALBOA, 44: TAM, 45 LOWELL IV'S, 24: TAM, 45 WASHINGTON, 57: TAM, 41 MARTN CATHOLIC, 50: TAM, 52 PLEASANT HILLS, 36: TAM. 45 IEFFERSON, 55: TAM, 32 PETALUMA, 59: TAM, 51 SACRED HEART, 61: TAM, 48 ANALY, 24: TAM, 32 SAN RAFAEL, 48: TAM, 52 DRAKE, 67: TAM 50 VALLEIO, 62: TAM, 46 SANTA ROSA, 69: TAM, 35 SAN RAFAEL, 47: TAM, 49 NAPA, 30: TAM, 36 VALLEIO, 63: TAM, 48 DRAKE, 71: TAM, 29 SANTA ROSA, 49: TAM, 29 NAPA, 46: TAM, 48 Page as 1 ,wr E , SWIMMING SCHEDULE l955 Tuesday, March l, Lincoln Thursday, March 3, Ieilerson Thur., Mar. 10, Geo. Washington Tuesday, March 15, St. Ignatius Friday. March 18, Napa Thursday, March 23, Berkely Wednesday, March '30, Acalcmes Friday, April I, Drake Tuesday, April 12, San Rafael Thursday, April 14, Cal Fresh Tuesday, April 19. Lowell Friday, April 22, Hayward Tuesday, April 26, Richmond Thursday, April 28, San Rafael Tuesday, May 3, Drake Thursday, May 5, Valleio Wednesday, May 11, Mi. Diablo Saturday, May 14. League Meet May 20 and 21. N. C. S. Meal yi N A 4755. --:,:,5:5,:sf55:::' me - r Aw, , I l i Coach Gus, Bob Casci, Bill Seivers Y Varsity .fwimmin Coach George Gustaison's mighty l955 varsity swimming team has come through with a remarkable season. The team, which is strengthened by many lettermen from last year's championship team, is a strong iavorite to win the North Bay League Championship, and it should also place high in the North Coast Section Meet. With three more dual meets to go before the league meet pn May 14th, the team has a very impressive record oi sixteen wins and one oss. The merman started out the season by scoring six victories over San Fran- cisco schools, including a very close meet with the powerhouse from Lincoln High. After polishing oft the city schools the Indians scored victories over such schools as Berkeley, Acalanes, Drake, and Technical. Boasting a record ci eleven straight wins, the mermen came up against the university ot Cali- tornia Freshmen team. ln one ot the most exciting meets ot the season the irosh lead all the way to the last relay, but the Tam depth over came the Cal yearlings and won the meet 36-30. The boys had a record oi fourteen straight wins when they met the Hayward Farmers, who have two All-Americans on their squad, at the Hayward pool and were knocked out oi the undefeated ranks. The team bounced back to score victories over San Rafael and Richmond, and they should go into the league meet with a record ot nineteen wins and one loss. Bill Seivers and Bob Casci were elected co-captains tor the season. Front row: Kent Quinn, J-ifl' Van C11-:uw-, Todd Young, Ge-cn-go Cagwin. Miki-AKiigorv John Mic-r'divr'ks. Coach Gustafsoii. Si-vmid row: Miki- Durrie, Jolm MOYOIN Bill? CHSCI, Don Mlllvlk Bill Seiviws, Ralph Brrvtt. TRACK SCHEDULE OF 1955 Wed. March 9. S. Rosa A B C Fri. March Il, Polyiechnic A B C Wed. March 16. Napa A B C Sat. March 19. St. Ignatius Wed. March 23, Valleio A B C Fri. March 25, Riordcm Wed. March 30. Drake A B C Fri. April l. Petaluma A H C Tue. April 12. S. Rafael cmd St. Scxt. April 16, County A B C Wed. April 20.5. Rosa A B C Sci. April 23. Martinez Relays Wed. April 27. F. S. Sat. April 30. Sub-League A B C Wed. May 4. P.S. vs. Tomcrles ABC Sat. May 7. League A B C Sat. May 14. Divisional Meet A B Sat. May 21. H. C. S. Sai. May 28. State Meat Front row. ln-ft to right: Jim Wlmm-ler, VV+-s Hildre-th, Jud Foreman, Bob Whitman, Willy Hector, and John Ehlm-n. Second row: Coach Bennx-field. Herm McKee, Nat Johnson, Bob Leech, Al Conlvy, Preston Johnson. Lee Mc Millian, Coach Crawford. Third row: Roger Albertson. Ben Pruitt, Gary Woodniansoe, Jim Hendvrson. Miko Thompson, Chris Smith, and Felton Kennedy. Varsity Track Coach Benefield's 1955 Varsity Track Team is one of the most powerful track teams in Tam's history. They have gone undefeated in league competition and are the only undefeated team in the league race. With the Sub-league meet over, the team is Waiting for the North-Bay League meet which is to be held on May 7th, Because of their strength and depth in every event, the Tam team is a strong favorite to capture the league title. The Tam team breezed to an easy victory in the County Meet and they won their Sub-League meet by scoring 114 points to their nearest opponents, Vallejo, 46 points. The consistant point-getters for the lndions this season were as follows: Co-captain Al Conley, hurdles and relay, Co-captain Iud Foreman, in the 440, discuss, broad-jump, Willie Hector, 1-lerm McKee and lim Wheeler in the high-jump, Ben Pruitt and Mike Thompson in the Weights, Andy Clark in the pole vault, Iohn Ehlen in the mile. Page S 5 Coach Benefield Co-captains Jud Fore man and Al Conley Coach Crawford . , VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE 1955 March 3, Washington, here March 8, Lincoln, here March 9, Lowell, there March 15, Balboa, there March 18, Washington, there March 23, San Rafael, A1berts's Field-S.R. March 25, Lowell, here .. March 31, Lincoln, there Easter Week-Marin Catholic Invitational Touma- ment-April 4-5, Albert's Field, San Rafael. April 15, Galileo, here April 26, Drake', there May 6, Santa Rosa', here May 10, Napa', here May 13, Valleio', there May 17, Drake', here May 24, Santa Rosa, there " Denotes League game. Steve Retter Bill Rosa Varsity Baseball Front row, left to right: Bob Foreman Bill Rosa. Larry Ortman, Frank Cummins, Bob Dunn. Second row: Joe Joyce. Didi Bur-kc-ll, K1-n Meade, Hap McGill, Chuck Stwort, Donnie Dupont, Bill Alicrian. Third row: Pete Pvt:-rson, Stan Wells, Donnie Ti-ol, Ward Miller, Laurvn Buckoltz. Bob McCaw, Steve Rvtter and Coach Ray Bell. The Tarnalpais Indians got oft to a slow start losing their iirst six straight games, but broke the string beating Lowell at San Francisco ll-1. Up to the date of May first the lndians have won four and lost nine, including a win over the Drake Pirates in their North Bay League opener. Due to the wet weather two of the opening NBL league games were rained out but were made up later in the season. The Indians have beaten Lowell, Tornales, Galileo, and Drake while losing to George Washington twice, Lincoln twice ,San Rafael twice, Lowell, Balboa, and the 666th ACD Squadron. Page 87 Front row, left to right: Gordon Smith, Tom Buckles, George Cagwin, Second row Wes Hildrvtli, John Wasserman, Phil Smith, Scotty Mills. ennis This year's Fall tennis team Was one of the strongest teams Tam has ever had, as they won all their matches 5-O except for the Santa Rosa match, which they won 3-2. Out of thirty individual matches only two were lost, with the first three singles men Phil Smih, Gordon Smith, and Eugene McGeorge going un- defeated. ln the Spring, Tam turned out an equally strong tennis team. They had a Winning streak ot eleven in a row, including City Champions Washington Oakland League champs Acalanes, Palo Alto of the P.A.L., and San Rafael, N.B.L. section ll champions. At press time the team has Won 16 out of the last 17 matches. For the second year in a row, captain Phil Smith was tirst man in the league. The Fall coach was Mr. Wilbert and the Spring coach was Mr. Miller. The players on both teams Were, Phil Smith, Scotty Mills, Doug Webber, Gordon Smith, Eugene McGeorge, Gett White, Wes Hildreth, Tommy Buckles, George Cagwin, and lohn Wasserman. W1 1 M Captain Phill Smith Page S8 Front row, left to right: Earl Brown, Fred Brown, Scotty' Mills. Second row: Doug Webber, Karl Knutson, Phil Smith. Golf This year's coach tor the golt teams is lohn Wilbert, who is doing a fine job. Tam had two wins and one loss in league play up to May first. Their league loss was to Sonoma 5-0 while they came back to beat Santa Rosa and Vallejo. Armijo and Lincoln were their other wins while their other losses were Marin Catholic twice, Washington and Sonoma. On the golf team are Earl and Fred Brown, David Dreyfus, Karl Knutson, Clay Lilleston, lack Marks, Phil Smith, Iohn Shmidt, and Doug Webber. The first five were Fred Brown, Earl Brown, Doug Webber, Karl Knutson and Clay Lilleston. Karl Knutson Fred Brown Page 8 9 A T i Front row, left to right: Don Huddleson, Gary Woodmansee, Mel Randolph, Wes Hildreth, Robert Leech, George Dimitroff. Second row: Walter Lee, David Hamm, Leon Siverton, VVayne Kennedy, Preston Johnson, Ed Allison, Steve Bogel. Third row: Mr. Benefield, Steve Wheeler, Dean Bloornquist, Gary Upton, Jack Burris. Gilbert Dias, Roger Boates. Cross Country Coach Gildden Benefield's Cross Country team had a very good season, Winning the North Bay League championship and their division of the North Coast Section With schools of their size. The Indians were champions from the Oregon Border to King City and they placed fifth among the larger schools for the North Coast finals. This was the first that Cross Country was officially named a league sport with every team entering except Vallejo. The Indians won six and lost one. They beat such good teams as Santa Rosa, Napa, Drake, Petaluma, St. Ignatius, Bishop O'Doud, Burlingame, San Fran- cisco State College, Balboa, George Washington of Centerville and Palo Alto twice. Their only loss was to Palo Alto. The champion marithoners were Mel Randolph, lohn Ehlen, Robert Leech, George Dimitrofi, Wes Hildreth, Iud Fore- man and Gene Clark. Bob Leech Page 90 Roger Norton B Anal 6 Track The Tamalpais B and C track teams at this time seems headed for a champ- ionship both in dual meet competition and in the league meet. Both teams ran Iafivvay with the Sub-League meet at Tam and they also Won the Marin County eet. Boger Norton was named captian tor the B's and Dan Faustino for the C's. Standouts tor the B's are Gene Clark, Ralph Hodson, Pete Henderson, Don Huddleson, Captain Boger Norton, lim Dunn, Bob Wallace, David Hamm, George Dimitroit, Bobbie Nelson, Bob Kennedy, Chet Pierson, Walter Lee, and Fred Thomas. Looking good for the C's were Dan Faustino, Paul Hodson, Leon lones and Barry Ford. Front row, left to right: Jim Jackobs, Gilbert Dias, Loon Jones, Ralph Hodson, Rudy Brown, Curtis Moore, Berry Ford, Don Fastiuo. Second row: Paul Hodson. Gary Rodgers, Fred Mouroni, Bob Kvnndy Don Huddle-son, George Dimitroff, Jim Dunn, Jack Marks, Pete Henderson. Third row: Coach Glidden B:-nefield, Doug Quiett, Elliot Williams, Robbie Nelson, Bob Wallace, Roger Norton, Gm-no Clark, Dave Ham. Walter Lee. Frm-d Thomas, Coach Crawford. Page 91 gigs X. Front row, loft to right: Ray Tre-zona, Bill Dunn, Paul Machado, Chuck Stewart. Tony Robachaud, Mac Doyle. Bob Fore-man. Miki- Kelly. Second row: Willy Hoctor, Miko Hackett, Roger Norton, Jim Dunn, Preston McCoy, Donnio Tool. Third row: Laurence Kiewart, Ron McCaw, Clay Baxter, Bob Kenndy, Rudy Brown, Bob Van Stow, Tim Lyman. Fourth row: Bob Wallace, Chuck Blonden, Dave Taylor, Doug Quictt, Tom Goodale, Coach Ray Bell. Mike Thompson Bob Wallace Rambler Football Under the coachinq of Ray Bell, this seasons rambler football squad developed into a powerful team. They ended their season with a near perfect record, their only loss being to San Rafael by a score of 19-13. The team started the season by scorinq a pair of 19-0 victories over two teams from Napa. Then they took on the little Wildcats from Marin Catholic and beat them by a 19-7 score. The ramblers journeyed to Drake next and dropped the Pirate's lunior Varsity 25-13. Fresh from their victory over arch rivals Drake, the Tamites were knocked from the undefeated ranks by San Rafael. The final game of the year left the team Wearing the victors laurels, as they beat St. Vincents of Vallejo 33-12. Page 92 Bamberg. Stan Wells B Basketball The B Basketall team had a successful season Winning ten games and losing six in all over play. They started out as a green bunch of boys and Worked together until they developed into a pretty sharp outfit. Their Coach Dick Miller, said that he had never Worked with a more cooperative group of boys. He said that they were the most improved ball club he had ever seen. They started out the season by losing to Washington and Marin Catholic but then they got into the Winners circle by beating Peteluma and Pleasent Hills, letterson. They suttered a 42-31 loss to Sacred Heart. As league play got under Way the team was beginning to Work together they turned out to be the highest scoring team in the league. Their two losses to Santa Rosa kept them from capturing the league championship. Both losses Were by only a very few points and both games were overtime. High scorer was Ken Meade, and the boys elected Stan Wells as their captain. The boys who played B basketball were, Dan lohnson, Dave George, Dave Bamberg, Phil Smith, Stan Wells, Dave Blount, Mike' Anthony, Pat Anthony, Ken Meade, Doug Webber, Phil Nelson. Page 93 Left to right: Dave Georgv, Doug Webber, Stan Wells, Kenny Meade Dave Mike Liebert Dave George Charles Dornback Grant Wilson Sid Chapm V O 8 wunmin The light weight swimming team has had a good season this year. With three more dual meets to go before the league meet, they have a record of 13 wins and 3 losses. Coach George Gustafson has discovered several freshmen who will develop into fine swimmers. Backstroker, Iohn Davey, freestylers, Mike Liebert and Kirk Shepard, and breastroker, Pete Sternloff, have done remark- ablely well for freshmen. Backed by the frosh, the veteran "B" swimmers, Sid Chapin, Blair Francis, Grant Wilson and Herb ludson, kept pace with the varsity and won most of their meets. They beat Lincoln 56-6, Saint Ignatius 42-14, and San Rafael 40-26. Their only losses were to Hayward, Drake and Washington. ln the League Meet, the Tam lightweights will be battling it out with Drake for top honors. John Davey . ..,... If I -I-2:5:s:s V ,.., , . s t , , . tr 5 i 1'1'Ullf ruw. lm-fl tn Vlglllj Duvm- Ile-nruitl, R111 Parzlvlmini. Charlt-s Du1'l1lrac'k, P4-iv W'aI'l'1-ll. vtm- Sl.:-rnluff. Sim-Yv Pollock. St-t-und row: Stvxw- Wliovlvr, Bill Mrmrri. Kirk Slit-paul. A Z' Mike Figoure, Ste-vo Matson. Sid Chapin, Pat Anthony, Ei-if: G1-ananu-n. Third row: Bill Spence, Miku Liebl-rt, Ht-vb Judson, John Davey, Dave Gr-urge. Grant Willson, Blair If 1-an c i s . Cr lash Gu s ta f s 0 n . QM., gw f iv Page 94 Front row, lvft to right: Buzxy VVPllSlUfl', K1-n Anrlf-rsuii, Bill Rm-ri, Woody Glivv, Dvan Richard- son, Bill Dunn, Mikt- Havk--tt. S1-5-ond mvv: Coach T4-fl Moranda. Gary Blount, Tom Goodalo, Don Johnson, Tint Lyman, Bob I-It-yiiolds, Malcom Mays, Chuck Erlnionds. Ramb er Baseball Ted Moranda is coaching the Reserves baseball team this season, taking the place of Roy Bell who went up to the Varsity. This years team is composed of Freshman and Sophomores working towards a good varsity team. The Reserves have looked good so far beating Marin Catholic and San Rafael twice, but have not played Drake yet. On the mound for the Reserves are righthander Buzzy Wensloff, lefty Dean Richardson, lefty Mike Hackett, Gary Blount, and lesse Mays. Wensloff and Richard have been the big pictures so far for the lndians. Catching is Bob Reynolds who was converted from the outfield to catch and is doing a great job for coach Moranda. . ln the infield are Paul Machado lst base, Harold Schutzman 2nd base, Chuck Stewart 3rd base and Don lohnson shortstop. The outfielders are Bill Reed and Doug Troup left field, Tom C.-oodale center field and Tim Lyman right field. Leading the team in hitting are Chuch Stewart, Don lohnson, Tom Goodale, and Harold Schutzman. Charles Upton Tom Goodale Dean Richardson ,A ' ' WWW Mwms Witt, Page 9 5 V I l Front row, left to right: Lauren Bucholz, Bill Ahern, Tim Lyman. Second row: gylefluiavis, Willie Hector, Larry Lewis. Third row: Guy Slack, Coach Glidden ene xc . Tim Lyman Fresh-Supl: Basketbal The Frosh-Soph basketball team had a good season as they came out with a total of thirteen Wins and three losses. They were beaten only by Iunior-Var- sity teams and Went undefeated in Frosh-Soph competition. Coach Benetield divided his boys into two squads. One squad, his varsity, played regular Frosh-Soph teams and lunior Varsities, and the other team, which was composed of smaller freshman boys, played Iunior highs and grammar schools. The two teams took on all comers and the boys had a full season. The boys who paced the team throughout the season- were Bill Ahern, Tim Lyman, Guy Slack, Grant Smith, Ianies Toliver, and Wayne Dennedy who also played varsity ball. Page 96 U 5 ff Front row, left to right: Jack Marx, Barry Ford, Bill Mize, Matt Perry,Dean Richardson, Morris Coleman, Harold Scliutzman, Lyle Shurtz, Jerry Williams, Buzzy Wensloff. Second row: Ken Anderson, Paul Simonson, Stuart Mclndoe, Charles Dornback. Bob Banos, Mike Walker, Jeff Pierce, Louy Pina, Charles ndmonds, Coach Gustafson. Dean Richardson Morris Coleman t C' Basketball t Although the C's were a small team they made up for their lack of height in tight. The little indians held the champion Drake Pirates to a 26-22 score and they defeated the Marin Catholic Wildcats tor the hiahlites ot the season. The lndicns were paced by captains Morris Coleman and Dean Richardson. Coleman and Harold Schutzman were hiqh scorers for the team all year and Barry Ford Was a dependable pivot-man. Others who played were Iackson Marks, Buzzy Wensloti, Charles Edmonds, Charlie Dornbaclc, Paul Siniondson, lerry Williams, Ken Anderson and Bob Banes. Page 9 7 l CKbl1llCl1-Fl'llI1t row, loft to right: Paula Kvtte-nhark, Emily Sparks. Back row: Becky Simpson, Sylvia Voirvl, Margi- McAllister. Girls' Athletic Association V,,,....-...,- THB' 14 x Wf I Bonnie Reardon, Corrine Purnell. Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Powers Anita Nelson, Shirley Pierra, Mary Chapman Violet Butterfield Mary Chapman Diane Kipp Sandy Gudel, Sandy Jones, Ernestlne Signore Carla Hendricks Page 98 Acknowledgements When something as complex as a yearbook is published there are sure to be many people who have contributed to its production. The 1955 PAl is no exception. To each and everyone ot you Who, have helped, l would like to thank you with sincerity and appreciation, for all you have done to make the PAI a reality. The people who composed the PAI Staff tfor being so will and able? The Administration Ctor being so patient and helpful? The Records and Attendance Offices Ctor being so ettecient for us? The Faculty ttor all those absences and tardies for pictures and production? The Sales Staff ttor trying so hard and selling all those PAls? The Walter Mann Company Ctor the excellent engravings? The S.K. Smith Company tfor doing such a great job on the covers? Mr. William Bard Ctor his excellent photography? The Print Shop Gang Ctor their exacting printing? The PAl Advisors Ctor their advice? Mr. Chourre ttor his unending patience, advice, and humor? Charliebird ttor being publicity manager? Again l say thank you, hoping the PAI is "better than ever". -Lori Bard Editor Q Pa ge 9 9 L.. 49 . 7' COLLEGE OE MARIN Cffers Qongratulations C50 CG'l1E Glass of 1955 .-I Four good years of high school are ended, and your graduation is prob- ably the most important and most exciting event in your life so far- Heartiest Congratulations Now that you have graduated, what next? An Invitation College of Marin, your own community college, invites you to compare its offerings with those of any other institution. See what it has to offer in the field of your special interest. A FEW OBVIOUS ADVANTAGES: l 2 3 4 5 Live at home Pay no tuition fees Continue your present friendships Make up any deficiencies for university entrance Transfer at the end of two years with full junior standing Dr. Robert Gordon Sproul, president of the University of California, has said, "The University s own statistics prove that students of comparable intellectual quality transferring from junior col leges do as Well as the students entering the junior year from the University's own lower division." COME IN ANY TIME DURING YOUR VACATION AND ASK QUESTIONS. FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF. COLLEGE GE MARIN Page 1 0 0 Aff Q W ,ff WMM! Qt v 0 fUC k 44 ff fwfZf, ff N04 W M Y 1.53: x A KM w ..V L a n , ,M .A G, . I W ,- af 'f f' "fa, , -,,-1..:,, gg f .3 ' ' N V . , X .' :f f . ' ' U: ' ' ' , . pgezf few' ' . x . 4. 1, - . 3 Q 1. ww f- ' ' t 1 ..g ' f ' 9 . - '. 214 , . A , f., , . .. ' v ' 5 Jw 5549 W, IMMMN M39 ,JWJ fuyp' ZW fjffw 'W ,Wi QKW ffjfkij TW W W iv iEl M94 ' f my MX vepivjb ww I X450 Nfgx J MW 4 ff W W v I. :lla If wil L U Ii A ' n ii: V ee! ,ill ll I ash! Hll' , .- '7nll 541: 5 E55 , u Y HH mi f :1 1, , Lil Amir I-lf?" -WA if iid fbfj 7 ,K , A . ' iii 'gtfiff 'lil ,p,L.L. ,ff Hg 'ii' 1' X. ,.. 1 i! 1 5 vm " ii lui' gs! z H V L EE' 1 f x, M, 1 1 3 Lcgfrrlf 5 ' ,X H-w 'Huff' ,. - ,f ' 'f L0 -f f ' f'? . W I ,f,, all . ,. N, ,4 If x, 3 A f f L f ' V Af' g , f4n.1f'7" riff, Mmgxlbflf 'I VP,fzf'j!J Mp! L f' Q WV Lg v K. 'fjfw 6 C L, t 'fha X My 7: if Ax X MQ J QL Q. j K 3 ff! F A x., XI X '.,, , J A i X x, +., , , 1,2 J vi 1 CDL? L, px Z JV x ,f I . .N wig ff- .LL 7, 1 xg L fl KX- 'un . ,ffl nn, uf . MQ' 1 - l' af' 'ii L ff A7 , sv' Q W A I K . J . If ff' 6 I - fu .vi 1 if M7 "3 KJV Q WX 1:76 F5 '17 in ,Ck m 'V 6 V H 5 !x " E J ' X ,S 1 X X fy V 4 U, .y X K 1, A , ., , A 1 X1 Q, L - , M f f f fi? 'fb J' if if inf ,J 'M 3 F Z if "LJ "gL'B'y L' fx! KV' J JMAV C ff" oi' L ' ' A-' ff if ,f 1 fb! , if f 1 y IL' 1' a f 4 ' I 'L ,' 'f 1 ' ,f 'WL V1 , A - if L 1 . ,U ,Q J - A Q, U . af J. i ,LL fa I 1 - 5 pf A 14 if pf f V yCVfw ' 1 ,ff V fb ' ' E 57? by fy Q if ,ff M df I - 1, A f cf I ,fa J Lf' L C , 1 I Q D A ,LV f ,"A f 1 1 fp!! V761 J fljr ufz 31" X M ,,. ,off ff' by ff if f F ,f L ff js ILL I Al I 4 l Vb! 4 Vf F v 4 I ,. A Y ' U ,'5f! . L A ff' f j. :J , A 5 4 I sz , I ' f . 5 7 ,L fl Tv, ,, 1 ,V 'V df M' ff' muff j .qt ff jj Lu' 121,171 ix L Qu, if If 1,4 f., E J, 5 , 1 , : v I, I u I f ' s . 5 ' .' t i . ' 5:4 r IP 1 , 1 J ' , 1 . ,A V P, ff U is - 1 itv ,J-'U L 1 A ,. , ,, 3 r IV' I ,. 3 Q 5 f If L , . E , 'fl' H. 1 is '. f ' K I I V.- : -. X I I. I. l. U 'Y .1 z ' s 1 , .X Q X X V. iv 1 fl ' ' n , 1 ! F Q s K S- 1 ,Q 1 I E xx : f 1 'U f 1 ,, , qi ' x g .L., i 1 1 f M uf V Lf lv fl cj-fvjf JJ. G51 XKDL1 7,17 Lgvfflib JK If I , I Ji LLJLLZIJ lcd' Mt HL, rfb H1 L V qlkfu VL J WMF! ff Vfiffll ,Nw L i,fb,,,f , J, I, i L, 4 X' C XX

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