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Tamalpais High School - Pai Yearbook (Mill Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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,959 ff?i,3GW , F X NM: 3 ,,....-1" Q' gf? A " N x E N fg WNY 4 A ff ,f-'K X f QQRUJ ' aH?vy ii .4 b H in . y V f "i' Q 1 r f ? mv f?-,2 ' ', - wi. M X . , f ff , RK' w5 z 1- x QJH QLY' fuQ I - . .h , f V bw K X X ,ff ii 'Q 'X A . - ' x W 1 Z K'2 ' . M1 H" m - 4' ' , fi f. 1 if - .kvfdvi X I VTE ' ' 1"- , Q' ' M ' V Qafm gg N7f'9 L ,N QS' -f A M . R , V , Q .Q M- 'A Y Q .,..,..9, 511 1 I L ., ' ' ' F... 3. .,,. ,,,.,r,: ., ' fl A .,, . A N , . . ,,. "W" K sf, , ifgi ,Ji 3 A, 4:, 'S' 5A in F,XQK' A V .pf fQQ . T' , Q x V- f L 3. - 'Q --"" 171.6 :,,,,,,, SH 9 I 1 A 5 va X 1 ww mfguw gag Q AQ V Qf 2 ig ! ff A V s . "'x grx V Q2?G Sy 1 Sak? 2 xx . fi UH' 5 E Qi M Z 1.,A 7 'lkl Q iw , ' . Fw .X 3,5 N JY I ' 'Qu 'mf .,m, Q H " X! , 1 gl .Nix L Luv , kf .Nz 1 V1 r K 'K' "1 .A .. 4 fi! 'f 'A L K V ff- IVQF X"--w-viii? 6 'Q aw ,F W K' it Q X X 5 ' ' 1 - is Ns I' 'X Vi XX 4 Y 1' "Tig, if ' ki' ,fx .- TY Q9 'L' "4 MW. ,QV . A ix T-W X I, J ' ??, ,i R f 455 X W U, C,,,,.ixfC "" V 1, P Q' V V jc, "' I X' - ,.:. Q '1 Z 'T yr 3- . V " 55 f f ' Ji V 5 Ni' 0 '5 if '1' X ,NB JA 'I' Q E ' ' fri? " Q I P D A4 Xiu f""l ' .f x gy .Ra Q K .5 , '+V , 93+ . R 1 Q NY' , V5 ,li H ' ' - Gif ., .. K- 3 Tcsij-Q01 : hwy - ' U , , 1.91 . V I i II IM ,,,4,,,ffff' "' S9 TAIVIALPAIS UNION HIGH SCI-IDOL MILL VALLEY CALIFORNIA IA9 4 5 I . H. I I I III'-5III... Q, ATL- " Arthur Argtewtcz Frank Gomez Robert Poarche F Iohn Bell W1ll1am Butt Wllltam Burgren Burdean Conser Geoffrey Constable Robert Cooney Stephen Davlson Gregor Duncan Iarnes Dupernell Arthur Fontes Alfred Franclce lohn Grlhland :5 n a 'ln We the Class oi 1945 dedlcate our yearbook to the Gold Star SSIVICG men of Tamalpa1s In solemn salute to those thou sands of our comrades great brave men that they were for whom there Wlll be no homecom1ng ever Matt Gravander George Landrock Thomas Lydon Stanley Happersberger Robert Hasbrouck lack Lynch Tom McDermott Donald McDougall Letghton Mclienzte Lucren Marsh Charles Mtrata Don M1tchell Russell Modln N iv Xxhnllui X f Mfho NHIN ' 0 l I 'NN Q., X Us N4 Larry Proctor Charles Ramsey Wllharn Reeve Ioseph Roberts Allan Seaman Wtlharn Shepherd Wtlharn Souza Iames Talbot Edward Tackle Donald Wattenbarger Ogdon Wheeler Iohn Wolf NWI: 'M' o o hx, ills' ' ff ' . :f,,: 1 I 1, 4 'L - - 5 . ll I " I l I ll , . .A t -Ernie Pyle ,N 1 I k '44 ' I M A . l It 1 lx A 4 x H " t 1' ADMINISTRATIUN i I7 W xi M Q! Q' 5 3 N 15 ', an 9 ' , . f - Q , 9 13. - J X V -' Iuxnf M L, s ,Amy ' M fm 1945 Back through the years our school has made a record of which we can all be proud. l-lowever, we can not rest on past laurels but must strive to see that every student who leaves our school goes with the best possible training for a successful future. As l have be- come acaainted with our teachers, l have been impressed by the fact that that is the aim of every one of them. l am appreciative of the co-operation of our entire student body, lt would be difficult to find another student body of the caliber of ours, Our students have demonstrated a desire to achieve in an academic sense as well as in athletics and other extra-curricular activities. Our accomplishments in the war effort are noteworthy. The pur- Mr. W. H. VOID Dyke, Principal chase of war bonds and stamps has enabled us to fly the Minute Man flag every month this year. The enthusiasm with which our students have carried on Red Cross and lnfantile Paralysis drives and the l'Clothes For the Needy" campaign is praise-- worthy. We all earnestly pray that the war will soon be over, A great many of our alumni are making outstanding records in the service, and of these, many have given their lives that our democratic ideals may prevail here at home and throughout the world, To these go our greatest praise and to their parents our sincere sym- tiatliy l have enjoyed working with our faculty and student body during this past year, l believe that Tamalpais has a great future and l am proud to have the oppor- tunity to work with you all for that future. ...nf Student Congress First row: VVillarcl Esplin, Dun VN'lSll0l', Don Brown, Margueriti- Houglanfl, Pat Mibach, Shirley Join-s, Barbara Smith, Barbara VVs-nflt, Rim-hard Owen, Harold Strauss. Second row: Al Nelson, Jan Remington, Ellie Right-tti, Raf-hr-l Chapin, Lynn Arden, Joan Guess, .Ioan Powers, Ann Tompkins, Margot Klaus, Barbara Bjurnstrom, Barbara Kupbens, Leona Lanvi, Mary .lane Curtis, Pat Jackson, Peg Biondi, Pat Jordan, Roberta Long, Betty Ward, Doreen Greenfield, Adm-le Cram-r, Myrtle Cunt-n, Clark Gilman. Third row: Bill Bawdcn, Stanley Klein, Al Row, Joe: Gunn, Meade Badger, Dave Mallory, Al Cordone, Ronald Craig, John Waddell, Lee Irwin, Dim Smith. Executive Committee First row: Pat Paulsen, Walter Dawes, Meade Badger, .lim Gunn, Jim Culpepper, Gordon Misner. Second row: Barbara Bjornstrom, Janin VVintnn, Pat Jordan, P1-g Biondi, Pat Jackson, Adele Craner, Leona Lanvi, Third row: Dick Kure, Clark Gilman, Donald Fox, James VVz:ste, Stan VVoodward. Self-Government First row: Meade Badger, Dun Edwards, Leona Langi, Pat Jar-kson, Bill Mendenhall, Pat Smart, Fred Marfrhbank, June Capel, Ed Kothgassnf-r. Ray Ahlers, Pat Paulsen Second row: Clarence Hobson, Joe DeMaesti'i, Jerry Smith, Ts-rry Conlon, Rick Sherman, Bill Bawdf-n, Don Smith, Harvey Hendricks. Third row, Marcel Rombac-h, John Lowe, Ray VVcbster, Alan Cummings, Jack Plumbridge, Don DQM0ss, Bill Andrew, Eugene Blf-asflale. Student Congress The Student Congress, the legislative body of the school, is composed of all class officers, committee heads, and club presidents. Though not particularly active during the fall semester, it became one of the schools leading organ- izations under the presidency of lim Culpepper. Executive Committee The Executive Committee, which discusses school problems and authorizes school activities, consists of student body officers, Girls' President, Self-Govern- ment Presidents, class representatives and Editor of The News. Members of the fall committee were: Iohn Roll, William Dux, Shirley Iones, Gordon Misner, Barbara Smith, Leona Lanci, lanet Shapiro, George Eontes, Gene Laxton, Mickey Iones, Madge Lude, Rosemarie Zegarac, loe Gunn, Dick Kure, Sherman Hall and lack Eahy. Self-Government During the past year, Self-Government was under the leadership ol Leona Lanci and George Eontes in the fall and Pat Iackson and Fred Marchbank in the spring, lt is the boast of Tam students that Self-Government this last term, has been better than ever before. Members of Boys' Self-Government under George were: lerry Frame, Pres- ley lenkins, Ed Kothgassner, Frank Lamb, Gene Laxton, Carl Lude, Kenzie Maclnnes, Dale Newbold, Don Newbold, Will Smith, Eugene Stone, and Stan Woodward. Committee heads under Leona were: Gerry Mitsch, Ioan Stoner, Mary lane Curtis, Lois Way, and Maxine Esslinger. FACULTY AND CLASSES ff fd If Q -' .J Office Staff First row: Mrs. Adelaido Todrick, Miss Mary Silvoira, Mrs. Lela Smodene, Mrs. Ruth Porter. Serond row: Mrs. Jane Hill, Mrs. Edith Lriwis, Mr. Harry Russell, Miss Winona Pierce. Third row: Mrs. Dorothy Parent. Mrs. Lila Hemenover, Mrs. Jean Bullard, Miss Jeanne Rf-netzky. Faculty Women First. row: Mrs. Kathorins- Flanagan, Mrs. Lois Polanshok, Miss Rae Buttner, Miss Frances Parks. Mrs. Judith Dvmpstpr, Mrs. Lotitia Larson, Miss Bruna Sartorio, Miss Amy Thompson. Second row: Miss Mary Mc'Curdy, Miss Holon Courtright, Mrs. Ann Morris, Mrs. Vivian Loomis, Miss Pearl Smith, Mrs. Verna Foster. Third row: Miss Vera Stump, Mrs. Murif-l McCrum, Miss Barbara Mr'Kenzie. Mrs. Mabf-l Pllt0Hgf'l', Mrs. Ruth Closo, Mrs. Florf-nr-P Westerberg. Fourth row: Mrs. Maynle Powoll. Mrs. Margaret Woodruff, Mrs. Ruth Hall, Mrs. Flora Svott, Miss Ruby Scott, Miss Elizabr-th Keyser. Fifth row: Mrs. Albertino Nash, Miss Franres Finnegan, Mrs. Julie Crawford, Mrs. Leia Smodenf-, Miss Lillian Roth, Miss Lois Walker, Miss Gwenmar Powell. Faculty Men First row: Mr. G+-orgfr Gustafson, Mr, John Mr-Glynn. Mr. Adren Aitken, Mr. Willard Van Dykv, Mr. Gr-orgv Grant, Mr. Arthur VVlgv-ll. Sf-f-onfl row: Mr. Rohn-rt Pratlie-r. Mr. f'harlQ-s Drill, Mr. F.A. Jurh, Mr. VVallacC Andrews, Mr. Harry Clos:-. Third row: Mr, Cletus Gian-s. Mr. Gliflfli-n Rl'Ilf'flt"lfl, Mr. Vif-tor Rowv. Mr. Gerald Wondering. Fourth row, Mr. G:-nrgo Pohlman. Mr. John R. G"Ul'Lfff', Mr. Raymond Palmer, Mr. Dean Potts, Mr. Thomas Edwards. Fifth row: Mr, VVilliam Tlioi'nbf-rry. Mr. Harry Russ'-ll. MF. ROY Jacks. Ml'- Reizy An-tm. of' X1 4 f F' Q . 'r f'+ ' .Q 1. s 01, " mf rf W-lj 'fiflli X -'ilf -P , 1? '3 1- '. ' - . ' 4 ' +7 -if 'f i lf' -. U "Q ' 1' N do Q 'QA' Tyff' 35,25 aj -x i -gm ,Ui r - il w -:Q if 1 + ' C . 1, z ' if ' s . " ' , 'fz 4' 'f' ll' --17 J T - ,,. f , .. on - . . - .. : . ' 7-S N'-X . g, . ily. ,, 4 V z ,I . s, A it ,QD bi A 4 g 34,6 .gag N. .ieqt , Vx, 2 ' - .A .LQ '- x U A f "'f ? iq " A. . Q Sv . X K , 5 , . 4 , 9, 1 . .. , , ' Jw 'V . gn --YA? ' A' -gag' - ' 31,2 1 ' 4 nf? 'i'fff 'i.fg ' .g'E'f1i ., - ,, ,, 1 ,gk X ,-x -Amp-r v givvg' tw ,. -- fi nf, VJ 1 Jjlfrxgngg .11 1 V 1, 3 A . . ' i ' . ax. 'fq g ' , j ,H-, 3, xi' ', f V i "td 7"1vf',a-4 F ,Rv .4 .. , wh K, , K , my .A 1 , n G 3, , 5 " l.t"'A N jg' 352- ' Y' I x 7 wi-,ix X 'D- f 'Q Wi ff- v -If 1 ' G , H '- ' V, 1 K. J u A X? 5, .22 fa fm A f f nf. . I- , . . ,. H, if .. ,J M N , ,,.: 35 31? V 'if 'Q ,Q ' Q gf, ,4 'Mg .W ff s ss .1361 U xx. -f M, X, X s- f in 1 If I' QQ,-4. 5 ' ivf 413 ,' Ayr ' A f' 5 ,pf Aff: 32,-1 1 . . 951 vc' lu . 4 ,.,A'w.Y'0' ' ' X -wj A. 'QFD N Q , gi' ,vjvfgziiv A I . 5 , , air, .Jw .K . M, f W ' M Y , Z3 'f ' "ZF, 'fig N A iw Y. 5-V ff' N 1 ,, 1 Mu f. Q Mix ,W I L, , . ,Ay . X VV 5, I .I , X I N Z' ti , "'3'. V I J if , - V-' V ,, ' Af, 1, ' 5 ---A I, g 5 It .sk P , . W 4. I ,L , 'sl v f 1 1 119 H1 if U1 Ui 1 ,AA 3 sul Samoa New We the class of Iune 45 after spendmg four memorable years at Tamalpa1s are golng out to face a world of turmoll destructlon and bew1lderment wlth the hope that we can take part m 1nsur1ng a lastmg peace lt was tn September l94l that Tam was plagued wrth the entrance of the class of 45 Mrssmg the renowned Speclal by only slx months we boarded the huge yellow cofflns--at that t1me three of us could squeeze mto one seat We1ghted down by a pyramld of text books but wear1ng our most grown up atr we were gulckly deflated by a sophtstlcated semor rn one word Scrub' l94l We lost The Blg Game l4 7 The most serlous event 1n all our hrgh school years was f1l1ng 1nto Mead Theater on the mormng of December 8 l94l and l1sten1ng gravely to Presrdent Roosevelts declarat1on of war Our class dld not fully feel the lmpact of war but we could see the effect upon upperclassmen as many of the boys enllsted tn the servlce lt was 1n our Sophomore year when We started pat ron1z1ng ye old Canteen and 1t was here that we enjoyed our flrst smoke Tam females were gomg around wlth a dazed look IH the1r eyes about thts t1me Reason? The arrtval of teachers George Corson and Harold Alhson The SCOb16 rage struck Tamalpa1s as numerous glamor boys showed up on the campus mlnus the1r curly locks l942 We lost The Brg Game 3 O As our boys gave the1r all Tamrtes also dug ln to achleve the 90 per cent goal ln bonds and stamps sales and the Vrctory Flag Th1s had been the arm of Tam students for a year We remember when our names f1rst appeared ln The NEWS how ex ctted we were and how b1g t1me we felt Graduat1on seemed too far m the future to worry about Our f1rst school dance w1ll always be among our most cherlshed memorles havlng classes w1th semors Sundays at Stlnson betng recon1zed by the Blg Guns of the day-all these made our sophomore year one to be remembered always ,, B The man shortage struck home as an all glrl cast presented Brtef Mus1c a college comedy as the semor play and what a success 1t was' 7 Y At last-after two years ln obscurtty we became upperclassmen lunrorsl T3 We had waltea so long to reach th1s goal and now for the f1rst t1me we real tzed that our hxgh school years were more than half over l943 We lost The Blg Game 6 O Wrth the end of our Jun1or year approachtng Tam1tes were startled by the announcement that after 36 years of prmclpalshtp Mr E E Wood The Du ke was leav1ng Tam ln Iune We recalled then all the ttmes he had spoken before the Student Body and we reahzed that all our memorles of Tam had been connected w1th th1s whlte hatred amrable personahty Mr W H Van Dyke would be our next pr1nc1pal and we wondered what he would be l1ke And then all too soon tt happened We entered our last last year at Tam semors We started off wtth a thud when for the fxfth consecutwe year we lost The Btg Game 20 12 How we wa1ledl' Fate 1ust couldnt do th1s to us we felt a l1ttle better as we defeated the once mtghty Bulldogs m basketball tw1ce x The past year has whlzzed by gomg to all the football games and cheer mg t1ll we were hoarse w1th the Pep Comm1ttee seemg all the up and commg B1g Shots not1c1ng the whlte halls as the pa1nters changed them from dark to hght trylng desperately to get a tan by s1tt1ng tn the Mead Theater at lunch and l1sten1ng to the rad1o all these and oh so many more are the memorles ,hd or our senlor year lu Then tt came so fast the great day was approachmg N., Q9 Graduatton hsts were pubhshed announcements were sold at last we reahzed that we yes tt was us th1s t1me were gomg to say goodbye to our beloved alma mater Tamalpa1s We have only one request to make and that IS that you never never forget us because whether we are on the battlefteld or ln war work whether 1t IS durmg the war or after lt we W1ll always always remember you and our years at Tam So the Class of 45 says goodbye to you foster mother goodbye to four of the most wonderful years ln our l1ves our years at Tamalpa1s I-hgh I ff I ,....a - 1 sa , , ' V f . . tt . 1, . J - .,v I l ' , . fbi I ' . s A g. y , , , . 4- fly l , . . . . . . ' ,nl I I I 1' . .. . ff 5 .1. - ' '.u ' "fu -'.'.' f . '-" lt - - I , ii . l 4 f 4 A , , 5 . . . , . - ty 1 1 I O , , ' , , . . . . I - ' ft vt 2 ' M xx . . . . l . - - . , U s ' y 5 , L , 1- , , , NJ f , . I I 1 'L l I , . if 9 Rosemarue Rossa Lee lrwln f-hgh Sentor Class Offtcers for the fall semester were as follows pres1dent lack OConnor v1ce pres1dent Rosemane Rosst secretary Natalre Stevenson class representattve Gene Laxton g1rls representattve Elsle Foglra H1gl'1 Senlor Class Off1cers for the sprmg semester were a follows presldent Lee lrw1n vtce presxdent Dave Mallory secretary Betty Ward class repre sentat1ve Pat Paulsen g1rls representatwe Barbara Kupoens Semor Class Ofhcers Low Senror Class Off1cers for the fall semester were as follows prestdent hm Coddmg vtce presldent Dave Walker secretary Peggy Brondl class rep resentatwe lvhckey Iones gtrls representattve Bobble Wendt Low Seruor Class Off1cers for the spnng semester were as follows presldent lohn Waddell v1cepres1dent lack Baker secretary Doreen Greenf1eld class representatwe Clarence Hobson grrls representattve Marguerlte Hougland James Coddmg John Waddell 'W 1 ff? If ' M 1 1 , . . . . . V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 . , I 1 I 1 1 ' . . 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' . . , 1 . . 1 1 1 - . . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3' ' , fl it A K , -1, .- M - 1 Q 1, ,af 4,4 ,354 "CGI 11 " 1 -vzxx -gf! Q 4 , ", 7,3 Q-.5 fn.. 3 5 jifak? -M' W ' gag! ww Q ? ,Eng ' ,Eng , lm AQ! 'UW X :s35'2:2f?.. ' a 4 ' 1, f fmfh J ?MVw .-,, Qi yi' H Q if 'MM QE? Ek is ,yv A K W A U A, A f I Quin --'-f vw m?M, 1 ' Jwh V, fi, W4 My X ,W' 2, H' Q ,1:,, 5f lid Zh ?f- Wiwwi E mfMW' ' ?5AH M ,,,, uw, zzvzv, f, ,,..,, in , .Q xfQ g Q QZQ : , ,,..,. V 4m3 ? . MQW 1 ?Zf f ',JQ Qyu 5 6"Ww! .,,.,. 2 Swap .5 794 KZEQ, f W2 ZMM? 'w:-:-:-:-55"P a wmv ??WW V f X' 1 MQ LAL -5 ii2E?' '412E 412.44 1935.2 -:-1l- 225225 faximi 1 i E EEEEZQ 5Eg441 Q: :dm :aww Zzffif zhidii iiiaff Le-Q32 5 7 3 d F 5 M, I n -vzfxm Qzgfcm '25 2? ix :mE EkMEm7 cuuiui PM?:SE alrwxw .-Qdwmvfr 2- F. pzT E fiikk -- .L cEEgEm 352552 -?7?45 -,m--2 ...:,d:J... GHLLAQ 5,2g S ::-Y-' .1 f:F' 1 -,,--, 12222: -I'E E Zpmggb 522252 :'f'i: ZFLEWM : - F EZ 257 -:-53: FLi,ZT '-591' iqiysf izizif 'lf in j:.x. xfiifi 3:3515 3iw'i3 mF1Z:: "': - 42-'A Z1 I '1 27- ..-H ,...- v SEQ. ir.: QQ? E6 BQ 9? Bk 7' "' s 5 in , f I I E55 " 1 If Y. -A.n .ml TT3' Z-: L:- L afi- -1 ws-Q Y Q gg 2 E:- If "if fi CN S I QA 0 16- SENIORS 79 . .1 5 Q' ff 8 E 45 V1 1 5... ,f 9. , ,Jim mm S'ENl0l?S1945 'Q' ,,, .Aa aww 1 ' At -QI-3-1. 5..I.'.I'...-11 7. 1 Z::'s- f. - ,.f-1.2 1 51227 ' F r-. 2 V. C .LC FI P 1 if. 511 'ff -,.-f mn! -xg 172 SI. 2121.-n-A, .. yr.,-:: C ,Z - ... J Fr: .E v 21.11 :Zu 3: . 1-.-C 2 1, H4555 ::-., -ifi 41 I .,- Y, 2. .. --,:v. -s :TZIV I, ...I:ZL 25357- EZQES: QEQSQ5 b. tL -LIL. n: ,-,. C -jf--5 .,-4,4 "" z b. L-Q22 ...vc-f-f .L g,,U 25" 1 g-, Lf'-PA 1 -:TT 1 I I-AJ :F"' iff F1 1 52'- 4 faqs.. 3-'P' , 1211 FT--NH 3: Tv ::',y FJ, V ZZL: si fi TS AZ:-'Ay Tilt: 'T 777 5:34 ,s ,- ah" if--.- A - 7-""--...,.. 7? T I r :1 - gum., 159 .ai ,H H4 w C in Q. 61 x.g 0 4 W? SENIORS' 1945 "Q--.... f "WW" "' VT'5U'J "H 113:11 A 52536 Q W 4:, I' if 4? Y :Maj ll if F' I I ,, gl A gs Qu. .MJ z 2. ,xv MM ,.,.,,.,agage.a E ., 4, ,. 1 es. W A ,:::,:,::,., E WW Y 3 if it as 'I' .5 , W, f 2 W n f 1 4, 6 xy , , SENIORS' 1945 liig MM www, 65 I M4 ., 3? , . Qu. 4 1 V V-.-.45 W ...J 7 . ,,....,,4 .. 24 , 7 I - 1. ,, l,4.,:. f.. :E"7 .- 'f -1 ... E262 551' 1:..L. LL- P- Z-. L Q., fl 'Z 5: LZfE?'I 1 -- y V-:ii Lp:- -Z.-l. -f.,, 1 A 7 7-L' ki :IEW .. Q V 7 1 g -.,,.,v WA ' W4 ,J fm, V If.: .. 1 ,.,,-....-: zlflrl x,.L L I.. LZEQE Z ,Eli- ..gf--' I ... -,L,-.- L, .L..L :7 :--L- I?.' I.. -ZLQS 5 : 2 - v ..L..-, 1. 1. 1 I 7. . 1.:.. -f "... - --I .-1. J-L:"' Z QL -z:': , -.. , QV. L , - S-9 1 Eiur xEiLE sis? .:,r :jx IE-. :--'-ff4 2 i -K5 IC U i ,M A is ,A Q 4, 1 79g "" 153 ' ibm W K' or, Low Senior Class 'Off' 45 A , N I Q- ' Duck Shelton Bull Bawden l-hgh Iumor Class Offfcers for the fall semester were as follows presfdent Drck Shelton vlce presfdent Alan Kane secretary Clarence Hobson class epresentatrve Madge nude gfrls representatrve Doreen Greenfreld l-hgh lunror Class Offlcers for the sprrng semester were as follows pres1dent B1ll Bawden vrce presfdent Al Fowler secretary Ardls lones Class represent at1ve lanm Wrnton gfrls representatrve Sally Sherman Iunlor Class Oihcers Low lunlor Class Offrcers for the fall semester f ere as follows pres dent leanor R1ghett1 v1ce pres1dent Ard1s lones se retary lanet Rodger class reo resentatfve Rosemare Zegarac gfrls representatfve Polly Cummms Low lumor Class Ofhcers for the spnng semester were as follows pres1dent Stanley Klem vrce presldent Al Nelson secretary WllllGV Mendenhall class reoresentatfve loe Gunn grrls representatfve Pat Mlloach Eleanor Rlghettn Qtanley Klem fwvqf Y of wmv ' ' ,ws lf' . ,14 Q if 52 3' 'Sf Q .R Q - , , , , , I f . ' I I I ' A , I I I I I - , , I - . . . . 1 n Q J . . , ,F . . . , . - ' f' - - 1-' 1 1 1 V 1 I A 1 . I A I I - I ' I I , I I 11 I - .. ,,..M,, ii is R Viv mf gig ' i Q. 'sm ,, if X 1. gmiwillr 9,5 's Qi! f I V' X J -2A. if bbw 'QQ' F W. ef ii -in - if EF S? 5 ? ag ain? in gi 5 5 3 Wu W -. f 1 fg it utwhvf ,QE 1 ' J if f B a 2 is If , Qf ' ,Q me Q-Ig 59 .1 H-1 ggrlr-ruling 2,1Fl:: , 4"'-3' Jlm Waste Don Wxsher l-hgh Sophomore Class Offlcers for the fall semester were as follows pres 1dent hm Waste vlce prestdent Laurence Herman secretary hm K1ckhofel class representatlve Ioe Gunn grrls representatlve lean Duff l-hgh Sophomore Class Offrcers for the sprrng semester were as follows pres1dent Don Wrsher vrce presldent Al Row secretary Marge Upham class representatlve Drck Kure grrls representatrve Lynn Arden Sophomore Class Oiflcers Low Sophomore Class Offlcers for the fall semester were as follows presxd ent Ioe Enzensperger VICE Pres1clent George Burt stepped 1nto preslclency when Ioe left at the begrnnrng of the term secretary Phyllrs Kotlte class repre sentatlve Drck Kure g1rls representatlve Marge Wheat Low Sophomore Class Othcers for the sprmg semester were as follows pres ldent Donald Smlth vrce presrdent Al Corclone secretary Shlrley Krogrnan class representatrve Don Fox g1rls representatrve Ioan Powers George Burt Don Smith MRKQU Ross Tucker Jlm Normandn l-hgh Freshman Class Otttcers lOl the tall semester were as follows presrdent atlve Sherm Hall gtrls representatrve loan Guess H1gl'1 Freshman Class Oftrcers tor the sprlng semester were as follow pres ldent lames Normandl v1ce presrdent Donald Brown secretary Ann Fomp kms class representat1ve Clark Gllman grrls representatlve Gayle Glager Freshman Class Ofhcers Low Freshman Class Ottlcers for the tall semester were as follows prestdent Steve Harper class representatrve lack Fahy gtrls representatrve leanene Farktnson Low Freshman Class Otftcers tor the sprmg semester were as follows presrcl ent Rtchard Owen v1ce pres1dent W1llard Espltn secretary Ian Remmgton Class representattve Harold Strauss alrls representatlve RachelChap1n Steve Harper Rrchard Owen .mv ga gftitav swf? ' x ,W ,fe V lf, Ross Tuckerg vice president, A1 Cordoneg secretary, Nancy Nyeg class represent- . 4 . S: - , 1 ' ' , 1 , ' - ,..r-.-,.o,o . We , A H . V, I ' 'W V, 2 E M, ,M fzfa F 'aa 52 Di xiii, M ff' QLQQYQQ ? QV faf wf my 3.5 1 ', M, Yrgi ., V W .MQ ,Q Q 'Q 'V . x 4 if f ffwf ' W, if' '1 'HK 6, f 2 Q guy' ' ' ey :X-N, u MA - 'A u ig'gw - J Y -5,0 .Yrfhl Av A n sv 5 Q9 52- -5 E' E" 5 551 -3 ? Q, gf 1 ,, .gg , -i 3,2 1 W 3' R A7 ' .,f:" - - " Af' v-,jf ,n VJ I W 'fk M 4 gf, L f, 1 M .1 'F ' E' ga -A M..-fx: ..- isis? Ab W . in f v , g ,Mg if Haw, 454 an 51,1 I V V . Y, A Y w 5: if Q, in 2 -f ' 7,1 ,wfim FQ. D ,' 'WG V n lg f 4 ig f sg x X v E5 E af 4 . 1 '-' 1 -- , Wk? 'vm 'Vi ffm! .1 2 E 3 5' ff 5 fi 1f wang" ar ft lim' 5 gp 1 . W '5 in V i ,, V gs 5 1 V 3 wg , f' I 2 15. ff' 1? H' I v 2 xr- Vs A, 5-5V A-1' n:g.1"g', Y' 'A f 'Zia r' fx 'gg Mg A 6 A Z 'X I 1 V . ,, 4 . R 14 N -V , A I 'Y HMA! S 4- ' ff 1 , 5- if 5 IWW! - F - Swv if' ' U K my -W an i lik X -1 V. -Q-1' K . ri . 4 Ab fn-1 .7 . . 'Pig .s , p .r 'f-.s ' I wi, . f, f.,.,' 1, 4,1 wg? WMVQA K , pm Q ACTIVITIES AND URGANIZA TIUNS Nxx REQ Ag IM fa, N Y X4 W ,Xb v w J V WW 'Q John Roll Jim Culpepper Under the leadership ot Fall President lohn Boll, the Tarnalpais Student Body was entertained by the Coast Guard and Presidio bands, Xylophonist Pierce Knox, Singer Ann Ashley, and many others. Assisting lohnny were: Vice Pres- ident Bill Dux, Treasurer Gordon Misner, Secretary Shirley lanes, and Yell Leader Barbara Smith. With Spring Prexy lames Culpepper, came efficient self-government and lunch time entertainment, Tarn was entertained by the cast ot llLite With Father," and CBS. singer Peggy Lane, Assisting lim were Vice President lim Waste, Treasurer Meade Badger, Sec- retary Leona Lanci, and Yell Leader Adele Craner, Fall and Spring Student Body Officers 4'- IW' 195 Pat Jackson PSQQY Bivndi Under Fall Prexy Pat lackson, the Tarnalpais Girls' Association sponsored drives for Worthy causes, a Girls' linx, and a Christmas Banquet, Officers who Worked with Pat Were: vice president, Pat Smart, secretary, Peg Biondi, treasurer, Eleanor Righettig and yell leader, Adele Craner. Highlighted by a Girls' Day, complete with a Girls' Program, banquet, and dance, Spring President Peggy Biondi and the Girls' Association made the spring semester one of the best at Tam. Officers who aided Peggy in having a successful clothing drive, and who helped her in the many activities were: vice president, Adelaide Iacobsong secretary, Barbara Kavanagh, treasurer, Shirley lonesg and yell leader, Evelyn Nerviani. Fall and Spring Girls' Association Officers R nald Craigx Bobbie W'cndt Roberta Long Iris Twigg Shi en Da Snap Editor X I , X, 'Manager Editor Sales Mgr. Sports Editor War time restrictions once again put their limitations on the Pai. Editor Roberta Long and Manager Bobbie Wendt were assisted by Mary Ann Corthell and Betty Griffitts. Helping to organize the Pai in its first stages was Graduate Editor Gerry Adams. The Pai copy staff included Newsers Adele Craner, lerry Hill, Shirley lones, Dick Shelton, Chuck Crawford, Dick Starr, and Mickey Iones. The sales staff consisted of: Peggy Biondi, lack Conner, Mary lane Curtis, Willard Esplin, Maxine Esslinger, Iimmy Goulding, loan Guess, Lee lrwin, Shirley Moretti, Rick Sherman, Barbara Smith, Shirley Tigner, and lackie Williams. Despite the shortage of printers, Fall Editor Ianet Shapiro and Spring Editor Pat Iordan did manage to publish their Newses with the help of such print shop notables as Nick Dollwet, Ed Milani, Ed Sousa, and Louie Ferroni, Newsers lanet Shapiro, lerry Adams, Ozzie Oswald, Grethe Christensen, and Dale Newbold graduated in February but were replaced by cubs Mary Ann Corthell, Gerald Hill, Peggy Hittle, Dick Starr, and Chuck Crawford. Veteran writers were: Roberta Long, Barbara Wendt, Shirley Iones, Mickey Iones, Dick Shelton, Warren Dawes, Adele Craner, and Mike Misner. 1945 Pai Staff is if 0 ,xr W 1 an M LQ kwg, Q 4.4: adv ,E 'L it ' q Q A ' 2 , 'I N Q ? fl gg J 2, S 'S aa wx QI .YM ea ,r 1 fra Q Al 'M Jig' N55 19? l Q -,-1. ,,,.' 6' if J ' N A vi . Q i V , :Q ' , 'K-jg: b X I rn f W 5 22' ' , ,, ' x ' ff 'A Q y. , ,M Q I 39 "ii AQ A0 ' . ' Q Y' Ng, , ' fv' iff. Q 9, if 4, ,Q ,, ww 'W zu 1 ,W l . ff 9 R 4" R ' + 1-474s 3 5 ik Victory Hcrrvesters 362,525 ov 1 jfoo W 49 X E43 n e Honor T Society 2 K S , Math Club gf 5- 3 U nv gf 5- .Q H Q51 Q .yy fly .735 R ,A -f -f f ,U -x ' . J fy, ' M 17- lx-I - ,ry i . ,W X V, x .55 4 V x f Q 3 Q L, pix , K K 6 ,A iff A f HW Wgm R36 I Q' -.1-gg? Q CJ' b ,- " bf x ! 9 " " 'Q 'xi 1. s if J ka. Y i 'G' ,, ., W t it ' I i l I mia, V .Q if M, f Www sg""Qe - WA wk N5 gf Q, 'Z 56 V, g S Y 5 Anka, . 1 i Z V I Q 5 Fd If wi 3,1 . , ' F1 if fr' 9' if if fa Q 8 0 an 'M F 54 A , 'Y ., Q K W EL ,A , r W W 1 M '54 M ff'- VH' 553511, x .K .4 1 ff. X, fu M , fwawwzv . 1 . gf , 1 :Jw fl A WBW1 X Z .f an v- r f f f gf . wxfnigg., ! I N I ,pH'ff.,' ,iv ,, , Pep Committee ef! 4 Rally Committee Fall And Spring Yell Leaders T : Q, 755961 aye' Ii!-M iff, ,wwf n . 4' , 'N x , i i . if , aft: .,i:h: : 3 , '.'kA,,-2,5 .P-,gf l - AQ JS . A 0 eikfwiffnei . ' A I V J i ' H , ,E if , E. Q 0 in 7 if lf? ai " K' L,-v ,Q ,M ' y, m ' an ,Z 4 R I f, 'F' X W, rt fr' 7: ff ir Xnn ' , x ., ' fv wif 'Qfifv 4 ' .., A 'f ' 144-4 A r N' 5 im 1 U L .M Q :L H Ya LAK J H x. , K 52,4 A X If w V f X? I :' L. 4 X il iq X I' , 4 A I , ' v, 51 . V, . f N 'f 7 , M' l V + 7 4' ' 1 ,M luv gy W iff, O O Q' 4' ' ' 'WX ..,. 3 mm Q, . 2 I - 4, . 3 Q 4 , 32: -xy wr 'Q ff' -vs" 1, QT R I ZE. if . Af xihdg, N Y .5 I '21 i 4 gf W! 3' ' if 1 Q 'yfw 3 Q 'K 44 Q4 gi A K5 I Q w H43 4, 3 gs! A ., A 5, M 'y5"ffW' W2 ' f ' : Q my , ' ' V MW wiv 1, ' A , X ,Q M if ..., 'gy ,:,,,.: 5 :li X 'FV Y . 1 ,AA':'A: :., Qvii' Q :'f :., ':"' ' in "": Q' V,-:. ., ::'. ' : 4 .-1' .... ' '72 ,E ,.,5 ,,:,z -' 1 S 5 '11' at -sing, Wg jflfww . Us N ,.,.. Vw A 1 if . are-:-Q QV ik Av' fi V+ ...,,",. .,, ' .. ,:,:.. H+ ,, v, f fm an -H U is : ik We Q , .Q ,W Q , WWW V. 'Q Orchestra af 8 6 Dance Band Marching Band 1 S Q s 51 First row: Louise- Bush-r, Pa! Jordan, Rube-rm Lung, First row: I,nuis.- Hush,-U Maui-il Tullis. Mrtry Bobbie Wendt, Elaine' June-s. Fttrtis. lfllziint- .J-mf-s, .lzuiin VVtiitnn. Swunntl row: Gerda Franklin, Mary Jam- Furtis, Peggy Sm-niicl row: Atl'-luillv Zviitn-fr, .login I'-iw--rs. l':it 'XIII vli Biunfli, Anne- Limit-rman, Alirf- Uplialn. Alnw' Ulllllllll- G. swf' if 14. 14. Headed by Roberta Long in the fall and Mary lane Curtis in the spring, the Girls' Athletic Association once again became an important organization at Tam. For the first time since the outbreak of the war, two girls, Mary Ralston and Doris Polack, qualified for membership last term in the Big MT" Society Under the new system, girls who participated in two or more of the follow- ing sports received awards: basketball, baseball, volley ball, bowling, tennis, hiking, riding, and swimming. Fall officers under Roberta were: Pat lordan, vice president, Barbara Wendt, secretary, Doris Polack, recording secretary, Louise Boster and Gerda Frank- lin, yell leaders. Managers were: Alice Upham, Anne Linderman, Elaine Iones, Diane Smith, and Mary lane Curtis. Spring officers were: Mariel Tullis, vice president, Alice Upham, secretary, Elaine lones, recording secretary, Pat Mitsch and loan Powers, yell leader-fs Managers were: Adelaide Zentner, lanin Winton, Ianice Holland, Virfginia Arata, and Louise Boster, ATHLETICS fi a I I fy -5: T -R72 X-J df time NBL, crown the Red and Blue went into their final contest with Analy with plenty of confidence only to be handed a I9-5 defeat. The Tamalpais Rambler football squad played three San Francisco schools and two North Bay League teams during their abbreviated I44 season. The little Injuns lost to Poly 2-U, to George Washington 13-7 and to Saint Ignatius 25-O. In their two games with league schools the Ramblers took a game from the Santa Rosa Panthers 6-U and went on to win the LITTLE BIG GAME from San Rafael 8-U, The first string included Captain Tony Brazil, Sherman Hall, Bill Andrew, Kenzie Maclnnes, Marcel Rombach, Frank Henry, Emil Pohli, Tucker Henry, lack Hill, Warren Dawes and Bill Men- denhall. Rambler Football cfs , .. H, M 'nf-0-u., Chuc-k Crawford Cu-Captain Gene Stone Clan-nr-e Hobson wiv 9 'Wil' . Varsity Basketball The varsity basketball league was the fastest it had been in many sea- sonsg the Indians ended up on the fourth rung of the ladder with a record of four wins against three losses. Co-Captain "Chuck" Crawford led the team in scoring by chalking up 71 points in NBL, competition, followed by Co-Captain lim Codding with 57. The starting five included Clar- ence Hobson at centerg Dave Walk- er and "Stinky" Stone at guardsg and "Chuck" Crawford and lim Codding at forwards, After the loss of Dave and "Stinky" to the Marine Corps, lack Conner and Bill Andrew filled in admirably -lack Conner Bill Andrew . Z .,x.:!i,. 1 .. gl in if l at 11 " rQWi t , Dave Walke Jim Cudding C0-Captain r G eorgq- Fonts-s ,lu If' 'l 'E' -5' Other substitutes who earned letters were George Fontes, Stan Woodward, and lay Simon. Scores in league competition were as follows: Tam 2l, Analy 16, Tam 47, San Rafael 30, Tam 40, Petaluma 35, Tam 38, Napa 46, Tam l8, Vallejo 38, Tam l4, Santa Rosa 42, Tam 32, San Rafael 22. The Tamalpais Lightweight basketball squad copped fifth place in the NBL. with a record of three wins to four losses. Dick Shelton, veteran center, took the scoring honors with 37 points to his credit, closely followed by Pat Paulsen with 36. The regular team actually consisted of six Papooses including: Art Ralston and Pat Paulsen, forwards, Dick Shelton and Sherm Hall, centers, Bob Grant and Captain Bill Bawden, guards. Hall alternated between center and guard. Subs who received letters were Clyde lones and Pete Bann. League scores were as follows: Tam 33, Analy l7, Tam 27, San Rafael 33, Tam 40, Petaluma 13, Tam l9, Napa 2l, Tam 26, Vallejo 25, Tam 22, Santa Rosa 23, Tam 25, San Rafael 38. The starting quintet for the legue champion "C" squad was composed of Captain loe DeMaestri and Bob King, forwards, Karl Olsen, center, Rich Her- bert and Doug Land, guards, Lightweight Basketball , .X ff' 22 if All I ,rx it Captain Bill Bawden F Q2 69.9 -I oo lleilaestri Bob Grant Dick Shelton Pat Paulsen Art Ralston She-rm Hall "C" Captain W ,W ar by .ra if 113' , -vr - .4-'p ,f . in l mi Q Qu, f??i3'f" ' w Z., ba ' 3-if Varsity Track With a rapidly improving team, it appeared that Coach Glidden Benelields predictions for another Tam championship squad would be fulfilled. The Varsity cindermen, after losing their first two meets to Polytechnic and Richmond, showed their true merit in the rest of their meets as they easily de- feated Santa Rosa, Piedmont, San Rafael twice, Napa twice, and Vallejo. Consistant point-getters for the varsity were: Emil Pohli, Al Brush, lack Baker, Frank Lamb, lack lohnson, Sherm Hall, Meade Badger, Mickey Iones, Foster Mahood, Bob Shaw, Bob Hoots, Bill Andrew, Harvey Zion, George Fontes, lack Conner, Warren Dawes, Bill Mendenhall, Pat Paulsen, and Co- Captains Chuck Crawford and Rick Sherman. The undefeated "B" cindermen looked as if they were headed for their third straight championship with the following boys pacing the victories: Clark Gilman, Clyde Iones, Bob King, Peter Bann and Co-Captains Erskine Bufano and Bill Hynes. A weak Tamalpais "C" team lost all hope for a high place in the N.B.L, when their veteran captain, Iohn Elder, missed the weigh-in, HBH ncll -Q "fuk il 14 1 1,1 ' 1.-cw," V. a ,. . -an 1: , -W ,f1f,Tf I. N 7 M, ,, .SJ '99 43: "I 3516 '41 ATKME' 3.-L R if" f 1, ' ' s -' 5 "W M 'QQ .f in 'mf qw as .N 4 my a f 'K -uf' my Q, 2 , ,W-:ffm A ,Y 4- vasfia Wwwxl , E , Ai 5 wg gf -f ,, x . ,, K an Wx , W 2 nw. -Q 1- 1., , xg KSN JWJS? "' H Q " " ill -, fp v. ,rx z Q J Wu 15' ,bf -ev ,U 25, ., '4 Mqplv ,Wm A 2 s 5' I ,.,.... cf M sa q I 45 --+f , Q Y I A f ,f 13, Q, Q . 6: Y , ,QB A . . 2580 f , 1 'f 1 li i J . Qs ,,,w f:!wE3'3 x X" ' Qi E, A .Nm'sa-K ..... .. ,..-,S!N... fi, Coach F A Iuch s B and C ball teams played many games durmg the lO45 season Although thetr won lost record was not tmpresstve many players were brought along and were rmproved for next year Leadmg hrtter for the B s was B111 Bowen Other top batters were Adams Uren Olson and Eskenberry Regular l1ne up forthe Bs was I Uren catch er I Eskenberry p1tcher E Bleasdale ftrst base B Bowen second base K Olson thtrd base R Peram short stop L Chrtstle left freld and I Morello rrght f1eld Uttltty men were T Ienkms outfteld and prtcher S l-larr1s 1nf1eld A Cordone and R Saunders outfleld Wtth only two games to play they had a record of one wm and three losses Scores were Tam over St Vmcents 6 to 2 St Vrncents over Tam 6 to 2 and 4 to 2 San Rafael Mtlttary Academy 6 to 3 They played several pract1ce games wlth the varslty reserves The C team played the1r games mamly wrth grammar schools Usual l1ne up was I Mclvfahon catcher T Mrtchell pttcher P Patrr ltrst base H Trudung second base I Ross thtrd base I Votaw shortstop I Mor ,, ett1 left fteld R Patrl center held H Culpepper rrght freld R Larson and T Masterson were ut1l1ty outhelders and W S1Sk was ut1l1ty tnftelder Showmg most promtse for the future were Iohnny Votaw Itrn Ross Remo Patrr and Iay McMahon Bc:ndC 1 .1 1. 1. 11 . . . .1 1 11 . - 1 , 1. 1 11 , , . ' , 1 , ' I - 1 I - I - I 1 1 1 - I I ' I - V ' I - I - 1 - - 1 1 1 A 1 1 . . , . - - 1 1 A 1 1 1 A ' - - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' I - I v I - I ' I 1 ' - I - I - I - V ' I - ' - ' - 1 1 , . n ll u ll 4 9' Q il.. li J ." I . X " 57 C vu vu 1. If X -Sf' X3 Tits? 1 fwwrfz 'N-.Q 2' J' if 1 ,, 4 x If in af. ,H 5. '11 it. Q frrgi ' A t I fi k ai? xii K Y 1 '21 2. 1 2 2 F 3 ,Q A if xi: 3-YE ,- "sg . f 2. JZ. + X 3 ,-3,4 H.. f 1 '-2. . I . we 1 3 Galemlaa A-,7 SErTEMBER 11 Tommy and Tesste Tam1te enter school as another semester Q begms Herght of rncommg frosh reaches all trme low SEPTEMBER 22 The Tam Vars1ty Eleven defeats a faxored Washmgton team la 12 tn the1r ftrst garne o the 44 football season OC TOBLR 12 128 mtelltaensta of Tamalpa1 are mrttatea at the mm annual Honor T lnrttatron as New Prrncrpal W H Van Dyke ana lhe Duke are awarded ltfe membershrp pms OCT OBLR 20 After defeatmg four teams the Tamalpats foo p 111 tea 1 loses the fxrst game to the Analy Eleven 12 8 OCTOBER 27 Tamttes swmg out at the ftrst ng of the semester Latm Amerrcan Dance NOVEMBER 10 School 1S drsmrssed m afternoon as entlre Student Body attend The B1g Game Rally at the Sequora Theater Tommy and Tessre outdo themselves m Splfll NOVEMBER 12 Kentfleld IS flooded by Tamltes tears as San Rafael takes the B1g Game for the frfth onsecut1ve t1me 20 12 Sad day NOVEMBER 18 Tessre Tamrte and her female pals endeavor to make G1rls lmx a success after hear mg that Tam had lost hope of Champronshrp at the hands of Analy Appleptckers Score 19 6 DECEMBER 8 Advanced Orchestra presents the Vrctory Concert m Assembly Hall DECEMBER 12 The Grrls Assoctatton holds a dance and Chrrstmas Dmner wrth turkey and the trrm mmgs DECEMBER 18 Tessle and Tommy attend the super Chrtstmas Dance where Santa Claus and hts remdeer awa1t them ny f lomce If Faculty m the1r annual grudge basketball game IANUARY 27 Graduat1ng Class 1nv1tes Tesste and Tommy to the1r Pent J' Q house Sentor Ball IANUARY 28 Tears run down Tamltes cheeks as they b1d goodbye to 83 m1d term graduates FEBRUARY 23 Tommy and hrs pals revenge the1r football comrades by 15" dumpmg an over confrdent Bulldog f1ve to the tune of 32 22 Revenge 1S sweet MARCH 2 An Eventng 1n a Sprmg Garden 151116 theme of the f1rst dance of the sprmj eme ter Semors stgh as last lap m h1gh school IS started MARCH 15 After a three year lull the lettermen 11jht are revrved blood and brur c are eel on campus the next day APR1L 8 Tommy and Tess1e dash home for the ma1l as the new report card system goes mto effect Tessle gets together wrth her srde lacks and holds Grrls Day for Tommy s entertamment APR1L 20 The ctrcus comes to town as Tamrtes dance at the Tumor Prom The Vars1ty Baseball mne defeats a strong Vallelo team 5 0 wh1le the Tam Cmdermen dump both Analy and San Rafael to make up agam for football defeats APRIL 27 Great news' 10 Tamrtes rece1ve news that they can attend the Umted Natrons Peace Con ference APR1L 28 Choral Concert IS presented m the Assembly Hall at 8 10 MAY ll Tommy and Tesste Tamrte don the1r Levl and pla1d slnrt a ll e vlgwg ' W NEWS presents the annual NEWS BARN DANCE IUNE 15 Tarmtes weep as they see the Semor Farewell a two hour varrety show wtth memorres crammed mto every l1ne Semors ba Nl at the Semor Ball was XQ TUNE 17 The Class of 45 recerve sheepskms and brd ad1eu to the1r Alma lflater T5 1 -1- I ' 'vi .. ., - , Y , , I 0 ,.- . . . U f 1 . E Aw v 5 . ff Y' J- ' 'C ' '5 ' ' Q A ' -, s, '- N-J ' T -. ' ' .t' Q 4 rr . IANUARY 4-The Lettermen are defeated by their age-old l?l rivals, The ' . . . I , sDf' sl l ' - ' . . 4 - - I - , . Xi ' W - - H J 'Y ' , ' ' 1, s 1, 1 ar,!...T A - ' ' 'W '53 . .' 's swf w' '.? . ,f,,,, iff' Wifi?-ww 1 Q 1 r . X. Acknowledgement To all those people who helped make the '45 Pai a success, we can never lully express our appreciation We can only say thank you- To Mr, W.l-l. Van Dyke for his en- thusiastic cooperation. To Mrs. Doro- thy Parent of the Book Store. To Mr. Robert Prather and his camera. To Mr GB, Cunningham and Mr, IR, George, our advisors, and their "black gang" and Hwhite gangw respectively. To Manager Bobbie Wendt and Graduate Editor Gerry Adams To all the snap contributors. To the Walter Mann En- graving Corripariy, To the Kee Cole- rnan Studios, To the Trade Bindery. To the Zellerbach Paper Company And last, but not least, to all those who bought the Pai. YN rxN Jw ff-. Q f "X , L. 'Ji' I fk,,, 4 W X , k K I V 4 , x r - " 5 K' LJ .QK ' , E51 f X , .L ,, , 51" . I A, r al A ' . 1 .1 b . . 3 , ,..-vw-'11 ""7M' Q

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