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TAMA HIGH SCHOOL TAMA, IOWA Foreword Welcome to Iama High School and a trip through the year 1958 59 We the Iuka staff hope you enjoy our efforts at recording the events of the year We snapped pictures sold ads argued over covers and suggested the impossrble to our photographer Time was wasted and tempers flared During the sales campaign we begged and threatened trying to out do each other and wm a free book We complained to the pub lisher and worried over finances and lay outs After all this we finally came up with a yearbook The layout of this year s book IS in a different form from previous years You will find that they occurred We sincerely hope that some of those precious moments of the school year have been recaptured in the 59 Iuka Table of Contents FALL Freshmen Football Marching Band Cheerleaders Homecoming Seruor Play WINTER E1ghthGrade Basketball T-Club Wrestling Sophomores Concert Band Owl Club Speech SPRING Juniors Iunror Play Prom Girls Sports Baseball Track Tenrus Music ALL THROUGH THE YEAR Faculty, F.F A. , F.H. A. , Office Staff, Library Staff, Student Senate, Tattler, Iuka, Quill 8L Scroll, National Honor Society, Administration, Seniors. , . - t ' , . I I I l , . . , activities are not arranged according to subject but have been pictured in the order in which I I I I I I I E ' . I I I . I I I I ' ' 1 ' I I , I I I , I ' The Freshmen ROW ONE Left to Rrght Angelme Kapayou Geneva Bullard Darla EIVIII Mary Bidwell Pat Harr1s Bill Blazek, John Doran ROW T WO B111 Hoyt Katherme Davenport Sherry Daven port Pauline Chne Sharon Joy Faye Guthr1e Shlrley Hartman JoAnn Belton ROW THREE Houstan Nancy Kent ROW FOUR, hm Ervrn Ronald McFate Tom Brundage Gary Daven port Dan Duffy Doug Kouba David Cline Robert Lerghton The freshman class of 1958 59 started the year with ahilarious Qand smellyj inluatlon day No one was spared a necklace ofl u onions and garlic but almost everyone emoyed the fun. They looked like an entirely different class in the evening at the Inltiatlon Dance, sponsored by the Seniors The best bands played a klng and queen were crowned, and refreshments were served. The students spent a busy year as full fledged students of Tama Hidl and participated in many activities Mike Skala Jim Vldetich and Nancy Spooner were chosen as class executives with Jun Morgan and Judy Timm elected to Smdent Senate. The entire school was saddened when a tragic accident claimed the life of Judy Timm. Her memory will be cherishedbythemembers ofthe class of 62 as they continue their journey through Tama High BOOTH STANDARD SERVICE TAMA CLEANERS SPOONER'S FCDD MART Janice Davenp-ort, Jeannette Koutney, Linda Hardon, Patty Bohmke, Peggy Hayward, Ruth U D I H Class of 1962 ROW ONE, Left to Rrght Mlke Tower Maths Poweshrek Susre Smrth Evelyn Palmer Carol McNamee, Dena Martrn, Leon Youngbear ROW TWO 11m Vrdeuch Catherme Shefchrk Kenne McFate Barbara Mathes, Lynda Scott, Glona Strachota Manlyn Malone, Leroy Serck. ROW THREE Mar11ynMcAdoo Janet Youngbear Betty Srlhanek Ann Trmm Judy Trmm Beverly Masker, Nancy Spooner ROW FOUR Kenneth Smrth Rrchard Rutledge, M1ckeyQu1g Iey Rrchard Pntchett Mrke Novotny Lyle Spire, Mrke Skala Duane Peterson CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Mrke Skala VICE PRESIDENT Irm Vrdetrch SECRETARY TREASURER Nancy Spooner TAMA CLDIIC FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES 2828 I H. NEIL CREAMERY COMPANY Champs FMT ROW M. Snyder M.B1ocker D Doran,R Kriege.l,R.C1ayton R.Cleppe, B Bauska C Squlres. D Benda J Vtdeuch M Tower D Duffy R.Rutledge. SECOND ROW D Sanotan B Benda J' Potter R. Pagel,D Quxgley B Brecht, A Youngbear R. Woodworth B Armstrong D Tunm G Edwards Sam Salomone the Manager THIRD ROW C Pastormo the Head Coach N Wh1te,J' Van De Walle, M Wtese, T Tower D Zhorne, B Masker L Svacina E Mauskemo L R1ff'1e D Knegell Carrey Assistant Coach and D Dunlap Assxstant Coach This is the team that won theSouth IowaCedarLeaguechampionship to make tt the fourth consecuuve ntle. The team was faced w1th one defeat and one tie. The defeat was dealt to Tama by Grtnnel which was always a Jmx to Tama. The tie was given no the Hawks by a powerful team from Fairfleld. They mded the season with a seven win one tie, and one loss record. The Hawks have.n't had one conference loss 1n four years Bue Wiese, Ernie Mauskemo Tim Tower and Pete Zhorne were the offenstve standouts on the Tama squad. Bob Brecht, Bob Benda Dennis Semotan Allan Youngbear Dave Qmgley Roger Pagel, Larry Rlffle, Bernard Masker Jerry Potter Ronald Woodworth and Bob Armstrong were the standouts on both offmstve and defensive squads Gnnnell Belle Plame Pralne Falrfleld Monte zum a Slgourney Toledo Brooklyn Marengo SEASON RECORD Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama '7 Tama CENTRAL FIBRE PRODUCTS COMPANY tarting Twelve -3-3a.wal'i.W FIRST ROW Denrus Semotan Robert Benda Jerry Potter Roger Pagel Davxd Qurgley Robert Brecht Allan Youngbear SECOND ROW Charles Pastormo, Larry R1fHe, Darwm Zhome Ertue Mauskemo Marhn Wrese, T1m Tower Douglas Dunlap These are the men that earned the startmg Jobs on the Tama I-hgh football team Captains T1m Tower Co Captam PLEASE U CLEANERS EARL SPOONER WHOLESALE GROCERIES Robert Benda Co Captain SCOTT S PHILLIPS 66 emor tandouts Bernard Masker Roger Pagel Larry Rlffle Dennis semmn sa-so CLUB Darwin Zhome Our Coach WWW!! On th1s page we pay tnbute to a man who has helped to brmg new glory to Tama Through hls proddmg push mg threatenmg and coaxing t.he Tamahawks have set a new con ference record wxth four football champ1onsh1ps rn a row only say Thanks Coach' yes one more thmg where are golng to put all the IIODTLICS7 PIONEER HI BRED CORN COMPANY O R I N O l W . Q - U ' s ' Q . . . Q - x For all your efforts, we can E , H . .' oh, ' 1' , ' , ' we 7 Freshman ophomore quad FIRST ROW Melvm Blocker, Denms Doran Ronald Kriegel, RonaldClayton, Colin SClU11'eS James V1det1ch Michael Tower Danuel Duffy Rtchard Rutledge. SECOND ROW Ronald Cleppe, Melvm Snyder Marlin Wiese, J' oesph Van De Walle, Novle Wlute, Richard Benda Damel Kriegel, Wxlliam Bouska James Carey the Coach This IS the Freshman Sophomore squad. These are the men of the future Tama Hawk squad they are the backbone of the future. The outstanding offensive players are Joe Van De Wajle, Bud Wiese, Novxe Whxte, Melvm Blocker and Merle Snyder helped to clear the way with his good blocking. Whm the team got 11'l the position where they needed to PllI'llfWh1Ch was not very oftenb Merle Snyder was there to give h1s ass1stance The outstandmg defensive players were Danny Knegel, Bud Wiese, Bill Bouska Denms Doran Cohn Squlres and Ronald Cleppe. These were the rnen, when they teamed up were Just like a bnck wall. SEASON RECORD Toledo 33 Tama 19 Marengo 26 Tama 13 Belle Plane 39 Tama 13 Marshalltown 20 Tama 39 Gnnnell 6 Tama 26 Toledo Juv. Home 14 Tama 18 Newton 13 Tama 13 Montezuma O Tama 0 'I'he Little Hawks ended up with a season record of three wins, three losses and two ties. They were backed by good coaching from Jim Carey. TAMA ELECTRIC LIGHT 8a POWER COMPANY .TCSLYN MANUFACTURING 8a SUPPLY COMPANY ' J- 'Lf D 4.4 f 5-.ALI H: .Y - : n ' 9 f . : f I I . 1 . f l Marchmg Band ROW ONE F LEWIS K Cooper S Townsend K Winter C Stump B Crawford. ROW TWO C Malone R Pastonno F Raymon M Malone, S Quxgley N Flesel D Kouba K Pagel,S Whxte B Bouska ROW THREE G Strachota S Davenport P Prusha L Uchyt1l,R Ross J Morgan,J Stump C Shck M Hayward L Hardon W Sebetka E Haberman L Pagel,M Maltn S Kesl,C Melsa. ROW FIVE J Groenenboom M Marlow B Rutledge, D Youngbear R Inman J Lewers L W1lson K McMurray M Atchlson S Hanus ROW SIX K Melton G Fowler Dtrector Robert Wade. One two three four march! Better clear the way Here comes the T H S Marchmg Band. Band malorette Karla Kaye Wmter s lil the lead. She s followed by the twtrlers Karen Cooper Fa1th Lewts Susan Townsend Conme Stump and Beverly Crawford And then comes the rest of the band. As usual the band members used theu' talents to prov1de entertamment between the halves of the home football games The glrls drtll team marched w1th the band durmg practrce sessxons and performed with them. The band attended the Iowa State South Dakota football game at Ames Saturday November l and along w1th 32 other Iowa bands performed dunng the half tune. The hlghhght of the sprmg was the Eastern Iowa Band Fesuval at Cedar Rapxds Saturday May 23 Jertlyn Stump was selected by the student body to represent T H S as a queen candldate at the fesuval. Barbara Bre1a Conrue Long Sally Knegel Karen Cooper Larrxe Kasal 'X' 2 xx Mrchele Doran, Jeanette Koutney Beverly Masker Carol Duhachek PETER S SHOE STQZE ROYAL DAIRY NORTON S MUSIC COMPANY TAL 'P N 2 . xv I , 1 K- C7 S Y E QS , I I i , I D . , I me - ' . 4 ' -, ' . xi 1- ,- W 2 X SLK' , - xx D ' . 4 , F Y 'lvl -.. ff U l ' I Pep Club ROW ONE Left to Ridlt M Atchison, S Murty F RaYm0l1f.T Dolash P Metcalf M Marlow B Wolf ROW TWO D Wemer N Snyder E Potter P Janssen I Stump Mathes M Malin, S Cooper Mrs Van Beek. ROW THREE L Haynes J Belton Winter .T Timm, B. Masker D Backen, C Duhachek E. Houdyshell. ROW FOUR M Metcalf F Vavra C. Suchy K Pritchett, J Zhome S Kesl, K Steuhm, L Wllson,J' Koumey Dancing, baking, selling, and above all, yelling and c1aPP1I18 entered into the Pqz Club activities this year The club sponsored a sock hop Novanber 21 inthe Tl-LS gym after the Tama Brooklyn 91118. The members of the club applied their culinary talents for a bake sale held at Kupka s Meat Market December 4. They tested their salesmanship quallues by selling season tickets to the home basket ball games and wrestling matches. Their lungs got plenty of exercise at every game. To addtothepep ofthe cheering, some of the manbers made black and yellow shakers for the club. President Jerllyn Stump assisted by vice president Donna Werner and secretary treasurer Karla Kaye Winter planned the activities. Mrs Van Beek was the club s advnser INDEPENDENT ORDER OF ODD F ELLOWS ' TAMA LODGE NO 152 DR LINNIE PITCHER, Q-IIROPRACTOR TWIN CITY LAUNDRY no u :O so sv ns no :Bu .. . , . :. .. ,K, Tama High Royalty Queen Karen Cooper if Phylhs Dunnlng, Conme Long Lame Kasal Donna Werner Homecoming -1958-59 The 1958 Homecoming festivities began with the traditional bonfire at the football field Thursday evening October 16 A dummy representing a Marengo football player was thrown into the fire by Tim Tower and Bob Benda co-captains of the football team. As usual all classes made Homecoming floats which were judged Friday afternoon October 17 The freshman float We Can t Swallow De feet won. After the assembly the whole student body marched down town behind the band. Karen Cooper was crowned Homecornmg Queen by David Garrels president of the Student Senate during the half time ceremonies of the Marengo game. Dave also crowned Karen s attendants Donna Werner Larrle Kasal, Connie Long and Phyllis Dunning. The Deep Purple Orchestra played for the Homecoming dance, which was held ln the gym followmg the football game. Harvest Moon was the theme of the dance. The back wall of thegymwas decorated with orange and brown streamers which extended to the floor A moon was at each corner and glittering gold stars sur rounded the thane. Stars and streamers also decorated the side walls The orchestra was seated in the center of the gym near the back wall, and the Homecoming floats were placed on both sides of the orchestra. Punch and cookies were served as refreshments All plans for the Homecoming activiues were made by the Student Senate. KUPKA'S MARKET 8a LOCKER PLANT we Can t Swallow De feet Freshmen wings to Victory Sophomores we've Got the Joker Up our Sleeve Juniors KUNK Nr QNGQ 'Skunk Marmgo ' Setuors CENTRAL IOWA TELEPHONE COMPANY PETERSEN'S PAINT WALLPAPER8: GLASS The eniors' "Guest Cottage" You're too young! The maad sees all. Love conquers! Should an 18 year old gul marry? What happens when a senator and anactress are mvlted to stay at the same place at the same tune? These quesuons were wovm mto the plot of the sexuor class play The Guest Cottage. The play was a three act farce. October 29 was the date the semors presented The Guest Cottage, whxch was wr1tten by Alben MoCleery producer and dlrector of N.B C Matinee Theater The senior class voted to have the play m the fall mstead of the spring, which had beax the accustomed time tn past years Mr French duected the play and was RSSISIQ by Mary Malm. Harold Dolezal was stage manager and Leroy Kellogg assisted. Pubhcity was handled by Linda Sulhvan and Charlotte Laclna sold tlckets the night of the play Six students handed out programs and took tickets They were Phyllis Dunning Evelyn Zeman Donna Werner Carol Smith Larry Riftle and Quentin McCxme. CAST Hope Fairchild Lyman Poole Walter F31I'Ch1ld Janet Falrchlld Mrs Foote Rxta Forbes Harold Gnmes Mrs Badgar Sandra Kesl Mike Bud Davtd Garrels Terry Booth Joan Osterberger Grace Crabtree Herb Hill Ltnda Sulltvan SF' The Cast Albert French Helen Fairchild . . . ...Karla Kaye winter n susuuoqeuuusooucnoo . I Y 'tty W f I 1 N -ng. E R Eughth Grade ROW ONE Left to Rlglt Stephne Davenport Vxvxan Henderson Elaine Bryant Betsy Bouska. ROW TWO Charles Anderson Becky Damman Carl Janssen Jtm Booth Dodxe Lewls ROW THREE Judy Lawless Karen Bear Amelxa Buffalo Jay Brooks Carol Am1strong. ROW FOUR Lawrence Benson Dale Flmt Cralg Danner Dennis Hood Fntz Beardon Jean Bohmke. All the confus1on and fun of bexng U1 the high school bwldmg but yet bemg classlfxed as Juruor h1gh students met the etghth grade thls year as II d1d the etghth grade of 58 Denms Hood was elected presxdent of the class Becky Damman vxce presldent and Joyce Werner secretary treasurer Mrs Van Beek and Mr Sorensen served as class sponsors The eighth grade boys parucxpated U1 Jumor hxgh sports and Shlrley Murty Carol Kasal Kathy McMurray and Pam Rlbby were Jumor high cheerleaders The etghth grade glrls boasted two teams m the noon basketball games Sharon Joy s andSh1r1ey Murty s and formed two teams for g1rls softball F,H A also attracted the mterests of many of the gxrls The students met Governor Loveless when they traveled to Des Momes for thetr annual sklp day Forty flve happy elghth graders recelved thelr dxplomas Thursday aftemoon May 28 m the T.H.S. auditonum. The Reverend Norman Kauble of Gllman, formerly of Tama, gave the address. . .. . It ' " Il 45 X1 I ' gl, t J' ' . Y. I ff .-.1 , w' , .1 -. V , 1 1 . . . . , K ,Q ld ., ,J Q 1 we -- va vm", N h -,I vttwah , . f . . . . . . I ' I I I : I I I I I : I I ' I I : n n v o o I . . . l . - . ' I I I p ' 0 c o c I I Q ' -- ' ' ' I . , . . . . Q . Q ' n l Class of 1963 ROW ONE, Left toR1ght Angela Whrtebreast BruceTode Dav1dTom11nson LarryPage1 Audrey Shck ROW TWO Gary Morgan Pam Rlbby Ioyce Werner Fern Whuebreast Dorothy Tur bert Harvey See ROW THREE Sh1r1eyMurty Kathy McMurray Arlene Votrobeck Marjone Marlow L1nda Wrgnall ROW FOUR Delmar Sreuhm Dav1d Shoemaker Jrm Moms Lavern Uchyt111 Gary Parrzek Buddy Melsa PRESIDENT Denms Hood VICE PRESIDENT Becky Damman SECRETARY TREASURER Joyce Werner ZOBEL S BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP LAIRD S DEPARTMENT STORE BROOKS BY LO .V fi V Ulf ROW ONE: Q. McCun6. L. Riffle, D, Zhome, D. Peters, G. Anderson. ROW TWO: L. Svacina, D. Oldbear, R. Brecht, M, Wiese, A. Youngbear, D. Timm, Coach Carey. ROW THREE: Manager L. Davenport, D. Semotan, D. Garrels, P. Skala. J. Potter, R. Woodworth. Varsity Basketball The basketball squad finished in a triple tie for the South Iowa Cedar League championship this year with Sigoumey and Montezuma. This is the fourth consecutive year that Tama has won or shared the title. No other school in the conference has ever accomplished this. Tama won 10 games and lost two in conference play. Ta.ma's overall record was 17 wins and 6 losses. The basketball team also won a sectional championship this year. Tama's sectional was one of the toughest in the state. They had to defeat St. Patrick's of Cedar Rapids and Keystone on the way to the championship. Tama was eliminated in the first round of the district by a red- hot Montezuma squad which made it to the state tournament. This was the second year in a row that Tama was eliminated by a team which reached the state tournament. Tama placed four boys on the first two conference teams. Six players were elected to each conference team, with no regard for the player's position. Pete Zhome and Allan Youngbear were first team selections. Pete and Allan also received an honorable mention on one of the all- state teams. Larry Rifile and Pat Skala made the second team. The normal starting lineup for Tama was Petelhome and Larry Riffle at the Guard positions, team captain, Dennis Sernotan and Allan Youngbear at the forward slots, and Pat Skala at center. However, several substitutes filled in very capably and started several ball games when starters were sick or injured. Bud Wiese played a great deal at all of the positions during the course of the season. Bob Brecht filled in as forward and center several times. Jerry Potter played center when Pat Skala became hampered by fouls. Roger Pagel and David Oldbear shared a guard slot during the first Toledo game when Larry Riffle was bothered by a sprained ankle. David Peters came in at a guard spot during the hetxic closing minute of the Keystone game. Seniors Quentin McCune and David Garrels hustled and helped the team in practice, although they saw little action in the games. In individuals departments Pete Zhorne led the team in scoring, Pat Skala grabbed the most rebounds, and Larry Ribble had the most assists. Coach Carey points out that the team hit only 36670 of its shots from the field, which is not a very high percentage in basketball now. He says that Tama's great spirit and tough defensive play were what made possible the team's success. Tamahawks Denms Sernotan Captaln Pete Zhorne Laffy Rlffle Allan Youngbear Pat Skala W Bud wlese Dave Oldbear Bob Brecht 'YT' A -A-s......4. Rf' fl xi L .9 O J " l J X LL s. IJ I Y' FRONT ROW, From Left I Vldetech D Kouba John Doran W Blazek K Smlth lvl, Novotony SECOND ROW J Townsend, D Novotony M. Qulgley I' Brundage,R Rutledue G Davenport THIRD ROW N Whrte, B Bouska A, Tlmm L Sleek M. Skala and D Duffy Jumor Varsuty Basketball The Jun1or VHISIIY won erght ball games and lost 10 th1s year The squad 1mproved con srderably dunng, the season They frnlshed the season by takmg four of thelr last f1V6 contests, VARSITY SCORES Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama r 66 61 65 57 55 53 86 Belle Plame Grlnnell Brooklyn Marengo Montezuma Srgourney Pralrle CC RJ Des MOIDCS Tech Toledo Belle Plame Wrlhamsburg, Brooklyn Marshalltown SL Marengo Rembeck' Montezuma V1nton Sxgourney Toledo Secuonal 60 60 47 DISUICI 57 Center Point St. Pat 's QC. RJ Keystone Montrcello Mary 's JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama Tama 58 Tama 45 Tama 46 Tama 60 Tama 58 Tama 48 Tama 34 53 55 43 90 IUKA CAFE Belle Plame Grrnnell Brooklyn Marengo Montezuma Slgourney Prame QC RJ Des Mo1nes Tech Toledo Brooklyn Wllllamsburg Marshalltown St. Mary's Marengo Rembeck Montezuma Vrnton S1gourney Toledo I'I'RRY'S LLOVI R l'ARM STORL CUSTLR IMPLI Ml NT H I 47 32 41 48 34 39 Sr HARDWARE 5 I X . , ., ,, ,.. .,-L 5 1.4.li:.': X? ..- ,U ,I 1 5 Li ,HA - -.. . .I ,.,. , . l..., , - . ' C-. ' "L KO' ' 'f B' a 1 f 117 4 to 5 D B I x-X ,fx fi xg - I ,Q ll 'A I nf - , 2 I -- 4' Vw, K lfl ,S V . I -' M: xx xx I, ll' A Q , I 3- K ' ' ' Xl ' owl Q 4 WA 6 l 1, xx . 4 ,J f., A 'V . J! sv 1 XX I ,X " 2 X all 4 X' " 7' 5 X 1 1 tx, 'T' I :.a.':3,U'9 . ,1 , so ' H' W ,- I h 'Af ' , A A L- .- " 1 . 3 'K , ' , A ' ,T ' will , Y Y Q l . 0 ' 'X if " 7 N7 0 X , , I Q , Q K I X.-' 'Akpq 1 A A A v ! I B y It 5-ig?-'fs' ffl Q V V. I xs A A Ai-"5 V g Q ..- if ' ' ' 5 K I x 'gp ' 5 V:.,,, l l 53 ' 44 18 I 20 43 ' 42 39 ' 42 54 26 32 26 60 40 22 52 60 49 40 43 ' 48 h 51 61 ' 42 43 I h . 36 16 0 ' . 38 39 ' 67 38 ' 44 51 41 39 34 55 ' 30 34 23 42 ' ' 04 21 ' A 3 51 44 33 53 ,., ...t..4.- ...Qvw Jer Om 11 mn ::E"f' ROW ONE Left to Right R Backeu C Melsa L Lenning L Rxffle W Smith D Qiugley Coach Pastormo ROW TWO E Mauskemo B Masker DZhome T Tower R.Benda R Craw ford D Spire R Chaloupek. ROW THREE J Willett G Anderson M Wiese D Semotan L Svacina I Pot ter R Brecht Coach Carey ROW FOUR L Davenport D Oldbear A. Youngbear R Woodworth R Arm strong, D Garrels J' Mason. The 1958-59 T-Club approved a con- stitution for their organization which contains an athletic code. The code sets up training rules for all athletes Violators are put on trial by the of- ficers of T-Club and the captain of their sport. Mr. Pettengill and the officers of the club prepared the con- stitution. There were 28 members in T-Club this year. The officers were: President, Roger Pagelg Vice -President, Bob Brechtg Secretary, Pete Zhorne, and Treasurer, Gary Anderson. Our Letterman-T-Club - fl . F9 N, , h cr-3 if T P2 R, ' X 2 ' , 5, rf af A if The Wrestlers ROW ONE B Smrth M Doyle C Squrers D Sprre L Lennrng M Tower ROW TWO B Mas ker T Tower R Backen D Qurgley I Van De Walle R Armstrong ROW THREE Coach Pas tormo D Brower G Kesl D Nertzel J Wrllett W Sebetka D Benda R Clayton D Blocker Trm Tower Lrghtrung rs the word for Trm as he racked up a score of 18 wrns and only 5 losses Lhrs year Trm won all of hrs dual meets and took frrst place rn Traer Invrtatronals He went to state and won 4th place rn the 138 lb werght POTTERS WRECKING YARD KENSINGER INSURANCE AGENCY DR C P SEABERT DENTIST 4 1 I I ' , 'Y 4 - - 1 - v ' u - 1 1 1 - - - - , 5 . . I ' I ' I ' I ' ! ' I I , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . Q . . . , . v enior Matmen Bernard Masker Duane Sprre B111 Smrth The wresthng team set a new record thr year They had frve team vrctorres over four last year A new coach assxsted Coach Pastorrno f.hlS season 'vir Clubrne The boys worked hard and took rhrrd place rn the Traer Invrtatronals Three wrestlers went to state and won fourth place They were Trm Tower Bernard Masker and B111 Smrth The team rs strll young and Coach Pastorrno has hrgh hopes for next year s team Smrrh and Masker Tower and Quxgley ophomores ROW ONE Left to Right Ronald Clayton Ronald Kriegel, David Blocker David Kacer Fran c1sKroeger ROW l WO Suzanne Herink JanetH1ll Jan1s Hill, Ardythe John Mtchele Flowers kathryn Bullard Mike Doyle. ROW THREE Benny Crooks Doralee Booth Michele Doran Martha Atchison Harriet Roberts Lola Crooks Betty Buresh Larry Davenport ROW FOUR Dick Benda Betty Hanus Carol Duhachek Susan Cooper Ger1e Braye Ruth Cosner Gary Kesl. ROW FIVE Rick Crawford Larry Henle Gerald Konicek Joe Duffy Danny Kriegel Bill Bouskm Ronnie Fricke Ronald Cleppe. together as 1 whole but individually they moved forward, gairung recognition for their class The class qot some advance knowledge of sales technique for use next year when they sold candy as a class project A n1yster1ousJ at K kept tabs on the class in a column of the Tattler labeled Sophomore Stuff Several members of the class were honored by being chosen servers for the Prom They were Jun Townsend Polly Prusha Larry Lenning Janet Hill David Novotny Janis Hill Bill Bouska Norm1 Lacina Alan Timm Judy Crabtree Merle Snyder Doralee Booth Rick Crawford Susie Cooper Novie White Carol Duhachek Danny Kriegel and Michele Dorm Representing the class on the Student Senate were Michele Doran Judy Cmbtree and Marlin Wiese. ' . z ' . . . . , - . X . ,, 1 r 4 I . , . . , . v I D , : D D D I l D . I I D 9 : I D D D D I I D : . D D . I D . I . C ' . . ' A collection of individuals--those are the Sophomores. Few class activities bound them , ' ' ' H ll I 1 I I -' 4 I I . I 9 0 I . I . I . . . ' ' I . . . Class of 1961 i ROW ONE, Left to Rrght Sharlene Lenhart Carmen Lasley Marran Wanatee Maureen Mar low Barbara Wolf Barbara Papesh Nancy Werner, Pearl Metcalf ROW TWO A1v1nSanache Dave Novotny, Wayne Yohn Mrke McFate Jrrn Townsend George Osterberger Robcrt Lacrna Nov1eWh1te ROW THREE Mary Sankey Sharon Shaw Norma Lacrna Polly Prusba LaVon Meyers, Joyce Zhorne Mary Meek. ROW FOUR Robert Ross John Lewcrs, Marhn Wrese Alan Trmrn, Richard Lacrna Lynas Leaf, Eugene Zeman Cohn Squrers, Larry Lennrng. PRESIDENT Novre Whrte VICE PRESIDENT Suzre Cooper SECRETARY TREASURER Kelth Tomhnson L.ANRl.l 'N STORY PI 4YLE'9 FOOD MARLET WHEELERN BARBLR bHOP fi 'A 4 I 2 ' . , M 1 ' E N 1 Y ' ' 1 Q ".. . K Lv, They shall make music - - 5 ROW ONE M Hayward I Lewers B Crawford M Malm S Kesl ROW TWO G Strach ota L Uchytrl P Prusha R Ross L Hardon M Marlow A Hyland I Stump F Lew1s ROW THREE M Atch1son L WIISOH C Melsa L Scott S Hanus OFFICERS PRESIDENT. . . John Lewers VICE PRESIDENT . . Jerrlyn Stump SECRETARY . . Beverly Rutledge PUBLICITY Lo1s Wrlson I s ' 4' ' 71 lv 3151" P U J 4 , .A T , T? 1 fl , r P 5 , --' V423 fff' 'Lx' , ' .: . -if : . , . , . , . ', . . : . - , . D, . , . , . , . , . , . , . D. 2 . 4 , . ' , . , . , . . The Concert Band ROW ONE S Townsend C Stump K McMurray K Pagel D Kouba ROWTWO B Rutledge K Wlnter M Malone R Pastorrno F Raymon B Bouska S Qurgley S Whlte N Fresel ROW C Slrck D Martm The concert band presented four concerts dunng the year They were a Chrlstmas concert a sprrng concert fwhrch was postponed once because of bad weatherp a school concert and a pre contest performance The band thrs year was under the d1rect1on of Mr Robert Wade The band traveled to contest rn late sprrng and recelved a d1v1s1on II ratmg THREE: K. Melton, G. Fowler, Director R. Wade, D.Youngbear, L. Pagel, W. Sebetka, T. Lewers, owl Club X ROW ONE W Blazek A Iohn E Houdyshell M Doran L Sulllvan J McRoberts P Harrls S Lenhart J Doran. ROW TWO K. Tomlmson R Houstan P Metcalf B Breja S Kesl, M Hayward E Ferneau D Duffy W Snuth. ROW THREE G Fowler N Whlte C Melsa ,T Zhome C Suchy K Wmter K Pntchett M Blrd D Peters ROWFOUR J Lewers R Who ooo Who ooo Who ooo? Why the Owl Club of course. What s more, the members of the club can answer many what where, when why and how quesuons The requlrements for membersh1p th1s year was that a student make both flrst and second quarter honor rolls or the f1rst semester honor roll. To ach1eve a pos1t1on on an honor roll, a student must earn a 3 pomt average Cstra1ght Bsj or above for the quarterorsemester Students recewmg specxal ment1onC3 5 or abovey on both quarter honor rolls are as follows Semors Mrke Bxrd Dave Garrels Sandra Kesl and Eleanor Houdyshell Jumors George Fowler Roger Hala Cleon Melsa Carolyn Suchy and John Wxllert Sophomores A1-dytheJohn Sharlene Lenhart and Kxeth Tomlmson Freshmen Pat Harrls Bil1B1azek and Danny Duffy BEN FRANKLIN STORE R O THOMAS SL COMPANY THE CLIFTON HOTEL X Hala, M. Wiese, D. Oldbear, D. Garrels. I. Potter, D. Riha, L. Svacina, J. Willett. The peechmakers ROW ONE Left to Rtght P Metcalf S Lenhart E Ferneau C Suchy S Kr1egel,J McRoberts ROW TWO Mr French N Whtte, K Tomhnson J Duffy M B1rd,C Melsa S Salomone. ROW THREE I Potter R Brecht H H111 D Garrels J Wtllett J Lewers Butterfltes goose bumps chllls Then the moment. They were on' Some were veterans the others, novlces It was the mght of January 26 the mght of the local speech contest at 'I' H.S After the contest 16 anxtous contestants wanted for the ratmgs wh1ch were dealt out by Mr Petten glll ongmal oratory Mrs Van Beek radro speaklng and Mr Roberts humorous declamatron The ten v1ctor1ous students were Jerry Potter, Sam Salomone, and J 1m Morgan rad1o speakmg John Lewers, Ketth Tomlmson and Sally Krtegel humorous declamauon and M1keB1rd John W1llett Cleon Melsa and Elalne Ferneau Oflglllal oratory There was no local contest rn tnterpreuve readmg dramattc declamauon or oratortcal declamauon. Next was the prehmtnary contest Ln Toledo February 7 All the local contestants who recetved I s partrctpated. Janet McRoberts, Joe Duffy and Sally Knegel entered the mterpreuve reachng d1v1s1on and Elame F erneau was Tama's entry tn oratorlcal declamauon. Carolyn Suchy and Cleon Melsa drew byes tn dramauc declamauon as d1d Dan Duffy m oratoncal declamatton. RSCCIVIHQ I s were John Ke1th Jun Dan, Janet and John. Sally recelved I s tn both humor ous and mterprettve reading d1v1s1ons Though postponed a week because of snow the d1str1ct speech contest at Tama was a great success the days of March 14 and 15 Four Tama 1tes came out wmners They wereJohn Lewers and Sally Krxegel humorous Janet McRoberts mterprettve readmg and Sam Salomone radto speakmg. We've traced the speech contestants from the local contest to the dlstnct, but what happened tn the state contest? To fmd out, keep iltppmg the pages of the Iuka l : 0 A 0 9 I 9 U l ' I 0 : o g q o 1 o y s 0 9 n I - I I f I , l I l I I U 9 9 0 ' 2 I n o u v 0 ' ..- , , -.. ' . -- . -- 3 1 " S 1 9 n -- ' I 9 , . , . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . , . - s 1 O - I -- ' -... , -- First in tate Txowht re out ot the pages ol' 'I IIS history has come 1 play to reap such honors as "The Valiant. "I he Valiant ' by Ilalworthy Ilall and Robert Tyliddlemass began its long trail of performances on the 'afternoon of February 6. This was an assembly for the whole THS student body. earwln and Iefrand students were privileged to sue it on February 13 for this was the day "The Valiant" went on tour. Ihe frrst bxg test tor the play was the drstrrct speech contest at Tama It passed w1th flylng colors all dryrsxon I s lhen Thursday evenmg, Aprrl the state contest was held at Cnnnell The result a I for Tama lhe Iowa Play Productron Iestlval at S U I beckoned The Vallant Thursday Apn116 Here rt reruwed an Fxeellcnt ratrng The N altant s last stand was tor the publtc Frlday Nlay I lh1s dramatrc one act play centers around James Dyke, a condemned prlsoner wrth only a half hour to l1ve A prxest Father Daly and the warden Mr Ilolt try to help htm but he refuses to telt anvthmg about hrs past suddenly a young glfl Josephrne Parts appears on the scene she has come rn the hope tha James IS her long lost brother She rs allowed to talk to h1n but he rnsrsts that he ts not her brother James tells Josephrne that her brother dred heroxcallv frghtlng for 'us country tn France Upon eonunerng Josephme that she 15 mrstaker about hrs rdenuty James glwes her some bonds tc take back to her VL rv smelt mother Alter Josephrne leaves James recrtes some lrnes of poetry provrng, that he really was her brother -Xs the curtaxn falls James IS berng led from the room repeatmg the xaltant dre but once I ather Daly rntones lhe lord ts It v shepherd Warden Ilol I ather Daly Jar tes Dyke Josephme Pans An attendant Jarler stage Manager Assistant l51l'LL lor lllfeklkll QASJ lob brecht John Wtllett San Nalomone Llarnt Iernt au Ile rf' Ill ' Ut lnxar Whm brr ast Dart t Irrels Nlllxk bird Albn fl l Fu llxl ' s 1 " I r . , . . . , , , . . , ,N , ,,, , . ' I f ,X , . .O 1 E 2 v. A I , ... . . . -. . . , . .. , ,. - .. , - ... f - .- , . . ,I . 'V ' - 1- 1 I h A - 3 2 A 1 ' Y 1 I ' I . . ' v ' 1 ' fs ' ' ' . v . , , , , . e I ' I - w x ' Yr l 1 - ' t . . . . . . .X x x .3 . . . . . l , 1 X u - v' w' ' -I 1 ' '- ' ' N. ' f J- - - . . , .. . As 1 I x x L ' 1 x ' 1 1 ' 5 Y 3 Y 1 ' ' 1 s I 1 ' ""' r ' ' , "aQ . - . . . - . . . s . . . . . . . - . . . . . . . . . 5 I '. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .e l.' , ', 4 :.' . z. ,. . - '1 s v I . . n s n n 4 n I q n g n . . n . 'A ,' ' ,. v. " I sn . . a Fl he Vallanf Sam Salomone Bob Brecht Delmar Whrtebreast John Wrllett Herb H111 Sam Salo mone Nfl1keB1rd DaveGarre1s E1a1neFerneau Dxreclor Mr lrbnch Herb H111 W l I x I Elame Ferneau Bob Brecht Davr Garrels Nuke Brrd fNo prcture available of Delmar Whrtebreast J I OlN1AHAxN'lx SWEET SHOPPI Dm ll 5 bU1l Lk N Jl WI I ld 0 , John Wrllctt an A. P 'ix Albert Freud ll a H 'W r "fy 1 P' .ff 1 EA 1 f ,, r i. Q r A 'hh .Q l , L Q ,I ' gi -' ' yn - I f E 4 , 5-' 'Z , ., EHl'F'l', ' Il'l ' 'fxf Y P.' ' j,-ku ff 4 , ,ity . L 5, Sam Salomone, Sally Kriegelf Janet McRoberts, John Lewers "Willy, the Worm" and "From Pillar to Post" or "How to Raise a Dog" will probably always hold a place in the memories of Sally Kriegel and John Lewers. With these selections, they won I's in the state speech contest held April 2,3, and 4 in Grinnell. Janet McRoberts and Sam Salomone entered in interpretive reading and radio speaking respectively. 'Ihey each received a H rating in the state contest. This was indeed a wonderful year for speech at T.H.S. Mr. Albert French did a tremendous job directing all the speech activities. Rebuttal? What's a rebuttal? This word had Pearl Metcalf and Sharlene Lenhart, the newest members of Mr. Pettengill's debate team stumped more than any other. Pearl and Sharlene joined veteran debaters Novie White and Joe Duffy for a year devoted mainly to becoming acquainted with the world of Debate. Pearl and Sharlene performed the duties of the affirmitive side, and Joe and Novie the negative side. The Debate Contest was held at Waterloo. The debaters, with no previous experience, came up with a win and four losses for each team. Mr. Pettengill contemplates a great future for his young sophomore team. Joe Duffy, Sharlene Lenhart, Mr. Pettengill, Novie White, Pearl Metcalf. Q00 S0 00 0 mme mm X...-J sql ROW ONE Left to R1g,ht Sharon Scott Frances Vavra NorrmJcan Snvdef Fern Rayman Elame potter Betty Lhorne Jerllvn Stump ROW TWO Sam Salomone Char1eneSl1ck Carolyn Suchy Lors Wllson karen Pntchert karen ,To Steuhm Donna loungbear Dave Peters ROW THREE Ronruc Lhorne Arnold Shaver John Lhorne, Pat Skala John Wrllett LarrvSv1cma Dave Qurglev ROW FOUR La Verne Shadden Davxd Tlmm Allen Wllcox, Wesley Sebetka Ronald Woodworth Dave Oldbear Allan Youngbear Jerry Potter 3 M ROW ONE Left to R1ght Sally Knegel, Fa1thLew1s Sharon Murty Betty Buffalo Barbara Breja Rose lvhry Ervln Dons Backen. ROW TWO Cleon Melsa Lmdaliaynes Martha Metclaf Elzune Ferneau Delor1s Blocker Demse Ewlng Jeame Dolash ROW THREE George Fowler J'LmLac1na R1chard Backen Davrd Iwenzel, Russell Addy Sam He1l1g Errue Mauskemo ROW FOUR Robert Chaloupek Gary Anderson Garv Edwards Kenneth Melton Roger Hala Robert Amistrong Bob Brecht Lyman Davenport Q 1 f ' A ag' ' ' 'of Y 1. 3 g E 2 , W Jr f 'xy y f -5, ,jr .11 f . ' ,M fn c- ' ga .MTI Q. 1 ,. N H I'Il'lJX .4 ' 1' - v V afux 1 -' ' 'rn gf -A f '1 ' v , ' 1 .Y 3 1 1 A 1 1 4 . ,Tv 1 . 1 I A. 9 : I l U A l 'W I 1 r A 1 I G 1 I 1 I : ' F 1 ' . 1 f 1 , x 1 . f . 1 ' .1 V Z " I . D I . ' I I l Y ' . y. 411 1 Q 3 , Q A ,. fl , , qi 8 - 3 , 2 1 , . 3 . lv V, , 3 21 12 3 F 2 gas K3 5 , S ' ' , E . f: Q-,airy of .3 . i , I , 3 A i :Ie , ': V 5 Q 'Q . , Q - 1 . ' 1 i.'.f',if 3 ' A If 31 - 25 : . - 1 1' x .y , 3 I " : ,- ' A 'rf R X XX :L 19 4 1' LI. 4-.1 ' ,J M, . . X. -: L, - , ' 1, :'. ..4 ,. V as ' I . 1 I I , : V ' ' . I 9 I I 1 ' 5 1 1 . : D . 1 1 1 1 , . . . , , . I I . . , . , . ,. D . . ' . . : K ' U 4 I I l I I K Class of 1960 Eat dnnk and be merry' Chrrstmas Party 1958 Our ,Tumor year was the most excrtmg hecuc and profltable year we have had yet. Our frrst duty was to elect the followmg Qfhcers presrdenr Barb Brela v1ce presrdent Sally Krregel secretary Bob Brecht treasurer Roger Hala. Student Senate members were Pat Skala Jeann1eDolash Sam He1l1g and Gary Anderson. In the fall we sold refreshments at the football and basketball games and our float We veGot The Joker Up Our Sleeve" came lfl second at homecommg. We conducted our annual magazme sale and later sold Stanley Floor Wax. Early sprmg found the .Tumors buslly memorrzrng lrnes and preparmg sets for our play Dmo wluch was presented on Apr1l 17 and 18 May 11 was the date of our ,Tumor Semor Prom. The theme was Mardl Gras and the Deep Purple Orchestra played. Many colorful streamers and balloons helped make the prom a beautlful success B. Breja, B. Brecht, S. Kriegel, R. Hala Juniors' The juniors, under the direction of Mr. Alben French, presented the Emmy award winning play, "Dino" in a two night stand which was successful not only to the tune of 35225, but also in loads of enjoyment for both the participants and the audience. "Dino," an adaptation by Reginald Rose from a presentation on "Studio One" is a timely drama of juvenile delinquency in a big city. The plot centers around Dino Falcaro fSam Salomonep a boy just back from spending four years in the state reformatory for participating in arob- bery -murder at the age of twelve, and his difficult adjustment to society. His parole officer, Mr. Mandel fBob Brechtp and the workers at the James Street Settlement House, namely a psychotherapist, Mr. Sheridan Gerry Pottery the receptionist, Jackie fFaith Lewisj and Miss Haines fCarolyn Suchyj try to help him. On the other hand, his parents never take the time to try to understand him and his father even goes so far as to "belt" him and tell him never to go back to the settlementhouse. The plot is deepened by the pre- uDi-no!! I 0DadPl "Efficiency" lloinoll joined a gang called the Silk Hats. The Silk Hats want Dino to lead a robbery of a filling station. No dramatic play being really com- plete without a touch of romance, Shirley Wallace QSally Kriegelj a quiet, self- conscious girl who works at the settle- ment house and Dino provide that ele- ment. Everything comes out right because of a simple gesture on the part of Mr. Mandel. In the hope of getting Dino to go to a dance being held at t.he settle- ment house, Mr. Mandel brings Dino a bottle of shaving lotion as a present, and leaves him saying, "Have a ball, son." Other members of the cast in- cluded Larry Svacina, Gary Anderson, Sharon Murty, Lois Wilson, J erilyn Stump, Karen Jo Steuhm, Elaine Fer- neau, Vivian Henderson, Faye Guthrie, Fern Raymon, Dave Quigley, Linda Haynes, Jim Lacina, Pat Janssen, Nor- ma .T ean Snyder, and Ron Woodworth. Larry Svacina was assistant director with Roger Hala as stage manager, Barbara Breja, housemanager and Karen Jo Steuhm in charge of publicity. Many sence of Dino's brother Tony, CCleon Melsaj who idolizes Dino and who has 'I'1l try to help. other members of the class performed valuable services on backstage crews. "Unhappy Family" "Coke Break" "Budding Romance" The Prom Kiflg Tim Queen Larrie Ttm Tower and Larr1e Kasal re1gned over the J' un1or Semor Prom Mard1 Gras held Monday evemng May 11 U1 the T.H.S gym. Donna Werner Dennls Semotan Karen C oopcr and! arryklttlt were attendants Balloons were taped and stapled to every wall and to the cexlmg and also decorated the bandstand. Two trees f111cd wuh balloons were set ln the corners of the gym. The kmg and queen were enthroned on a platform under one of the trees and a wooden bench was placed beneath the other Masks played a promtnent part rn the deooratlons A large eye mask was drawn on each end of the gym s north wall and a full face mask was drawn on each s1de of the bandstand. Each person found a mask at h1s place at the table. A candle, covered w1th ghtter and w1th two paper masks stapled around the holder formed the centerp1ece for each table. Two bags of COYLf61Il were placed on each table and were put to very good use before the banquet was over the floor was thoroughly covered w1th the gay bxts of paper Program booklets and appropnate Madrr Gras napklns completed the table decoratlons In keeplng w1th the theme, the sophomore servers were dressed IH vartous costumes as at a costume party The servers were Polly Prusha, Jun Townsend Larry Lenrung Janet H111 Davld Novotny Jams I-1111, B111 Bouska Norma Lacma, Alan Tunm Judy Crabtree, Merle Snyder Doralee Booth Rxck Craw ford, Susre Cooper Novle Whlte, Carol Duhachek Danny Knegel, and M1che1e Doran. The servers sang a song to the tune of I ll Remember Ton1ght after a dehc1ous meal prepared by the mothers of members of the jumor class Barbara Breja Jumor class pres1dent welcomed the semors and Tlm Tower pres1dent of the seruor class gave the response. Short speeches were also glven by Mr Cralg Mr Jones and Mr Hoskrns The Rev Paul Hoyt offered the table grace. The Deep Purple Orchestra" from Iowa Cxty played durmg the banquet and for the dance. A mrd mght show Omonhead cltmaxed the fesuvmes 1' W K 1 ooprr I K1s1l,lJ Werner D Semotan T Tower, L Rlffle . . . . - . U . ,, I I I I U I I ' ' 1 4 - A . . . I I - . - , . I , . ll ' II ' ' . ' I I I I I l 1 1 ' I I L5 I ' II ' ' I . I I I I , - , . . . . U . . . - . U . ,, . . . . 1 1.-La '1:",f 'V Q . A , 515, ,WJ ,l,,Lr::1- in 5 inf' 1 1 j .NNE 1 gl - . VV' i I .. X 3 . Q. ' , a . , 4, . . 4 . . , . , . Mardi Gras Girls' p The weck of January 7 marked the beginning of this year's noon basketball games. Six girls' teams saw action during the season. A round-robin tournament was held the week of March 16 with Janet Youngbear's team coming out victorious. In the hope that intramural basketball will be continued at T.H.S., the school purchased a trophy which was presented to the winning team at the Honor Assembly. The names of the team members and their captain were engraved on the trophy. Since the name plate can be removed and another one inserted, the trophy is intended to go to the winning team each year, the victorious captain of the previous year making the presentation to the new champs. Mrs. Van Beek arranged all the games. Each team had a varsity player as coach. The teams were: Team 1- captains Lois wilson and Betty Zhorne, coach Jerry Potter. Team 2-- captain Sharon J oy, coach Ernie Mauskemo. Team 3--captain Shirley Murty, coach Pete Zhorne. Team 4--captain Joanne Crabtree, coach Roger PageL Team 5-- captain Janet Youngbear, coach Allan Youngbear. Team 6--captain Carol McNamee, coach Dennis Semotan. Softball and tennis teams saw little action because of bad weather. B Buffalo, D. Poweshiek. J. Youngbear, J. Youngbear M Poweshiek, J. Davenport, S. Scott. Mrs. Van Beck arts i S ROW ONE: K. McMurray, S. Murty, B. Damrnan. ROW TWO: J. Bohmke, C. Kasal, P, Ribby, E, Bryant, A. Votrobeck. L. Wilson, B. Zhorne, K. Steuhm,S. Murty, D. Booth. G. Crabtree, C. Lasley. I. Crabtree, L. Haynes, P. Harris, B. Buresh. C Lasley IN Bullard Ju E Lxsley, A B uf falo. Batter Up ROW ONE Mick Novotny Roger Paqel Ernie Mauskenro Jin1Videtich Daxid Qru lev Mike Towor John Doran ROW TWO Coach Dunlap Bud Wiosc Tim Tumor Denris Soi oian Bon BI'l,f'lll Dau. Novotny Leroy Sicuk Butch Rutlodge Assistant Coach Carey LEFT TO RIGHT Tin' Tower Denni Serrotan and ROs,Lr Pas.,L,l of thru w ns ana fivg lossos and io Lot boat out n Lho first round or the tournanionts H Llllllr NUPIR lxfllxlx MUUH A ll NA Tl -.Mx LHLXAO' . : , 's, " ", 1' an , ' -,, I s D A 1 I W 'I A l T : ' . ' , 'S . .Ta I A ' Those ar-4 tho Suniors that helped to give the Tania Baseball Lean: to finish up with a season roconi , s A - ' ' rv -s 1- ,y s 1 'I Q ' ' ' 1 lv . 'I' li ' 3' I E' 1 ' 'LT is AIIIARM Ill U ' ' .' LUN ML' ' ll.-' 'lb I nf Lili' Track if 4 1 FRONT ROW, Left to Right: E. Mauskemo, D. Blocker,L. Lcnning,B. Bouska,I.Videtech,M. Tower, C. Squires. SECOND ROW: Coach Pasterino, D. Timm, J. Willett, D. Doran, L. Davenport, J. Zhorne, D. Oldbear, M. Doyle, assistant coach Carey. THIRD ROW: N1. Wiese,J. Vande Walle,L. Davenport, A. Youngbear, W, Sc betlfa , D. Peterson, L. Sieck, manager, R. Chaloupek. 1959 TRACK HIGHLIGHTS The track team won the county championship for the third straight year. They won all four relay team trophies and the championship trophy in this meet. The squad also finished second in the conference meet. In the state indoor meet Tama tied for eighth in a field of 90 schools. Tama finished last in a tough field in the Grinnell meet, and placed no one in the Iowa Teachers Relays. Allan Youngbear stood out for the 'Hawks. He was the only Tama trackman to place in the state indoor, and outdoor meets and the Oskaloosa Relays. He finished second in the highhurdles and third in the lows in the state indoor meet and third in both at the Oskaloosa Relays. He won several events in the conference and Grinnell meets. Tama's mile relay team of Allan Youngbear, Wesley Sebetka, Lyman Davenport, and David Oldbear set a new school mark in the Grinnell meet. They won in 3:39.9. David Oldbear began to stand out in the 440 late in the season. He won it at the county, conference, and Grinnell meets. EIL Allan Youngbear David Oldbear D. Oldbear, L. Davenport, W. Sebetka, A. Youngbear Mile Relay Team Tennls ,ff . ....,-,K xsa. ff' ,Lt A-L. FROM LEFT: Cleon Melsa, Gary Anderson, David Garrels, Jerry Potter, Larry Svacina, and Coach, Mr. Rausch. 1959 TENNIS SEASON The Tama netmen split even this year, winning four meets and losing four. The tennis team will need to rebuild next year, because David Garrels and Pete Zhorne are graduating. David Garrels captured second place in the district tennis meet at Grinnell. He defeated Don Swim of Oskaloosa in the third ronnd. Garrels lost to John Wilmeth of Iowa City in the finals. Pete Zhorne and the doubles team of Gary Anderson and Larry Svacina were eliminated hy Iowa City players in the first round. SEASON 'S RECORD INDIVIDUAL RECORD S Tama 1 Jefferson QC. RJ 8 Player's position W Tama 5 Oskaloosa O 1 David Garrels 6 Tama 6 Grinnell 1 2 Pete Zhorne 5 Tama O Cedar Fals 8 3 Gary Anderson 4 Tama 7 Oskaloosa 0 4 Larry Svacina 4 Tama 4 Hartwick-Victor-Ladora 0 5 Cleon Melsa 4 Tama 3 Grinnell 3 6 Jerry Potter 0 Tama 0 Marshalltown 7 WALTER J, WILLETT PLATT AND ROSHEIM REXALL STORE DR. M. R. BOVENMEYER, OPTOMETRIST Mixed Chorus R VONE wrs Cooks Scot Sn er Bra e Janssen J 111Tll'l'l J lewers B Brecht D Lhorne T Tower C Nlelsa B Nlathes S Nlurty P Nletcalf ROW O R Ervrn J olash S enhart S Brdwell 5 llerrnk A Wrlcox R N1 Xl Snyder L Kellogg I lownsend 9 Kesl J btunrp 5 Townsend 5 Cooper ROW THREE I Osterber or P Pruslla lt Houston B Nlasker C Duhachok N Kent I lotter N Wrese D Peters D Garrels N1 Nletcalf S Krrellel Xl N1 lrn D Bmken C suor K Wrnter Ai C OHPANIS l S DIRECTOR PRESIDENH bECRETARY: LIBRARIAIN: S Scott I lowers A John Robert Wade Tim lower Ierrlyn Stump Hike Bird The gurls ROW ONE D Erun N L1c1na 'vietcllf I3 'viathes I Davenport J' Belton 13 Hanus N1 51dweL1 s Niurty In Lewlb G otraclota Hartman R Erv1n NI Doran A .nnntlm ROW TWO NJ xvgfllgf 5 Joy 'vi McAdoo 5 mrlegel NI Hahn Cooper PC t scott G Draye N Davenport P Harms L Crooks K Bullard K McFate A Jonn. ROW THREE E Palmer IN Snyder C Lasley K Wmter S Kcsl, NI Metcalf C Suchy 1 Tnnm and the boys ii? ROW ONE C Me-.Lea D Lhorne A W11cox R Brecht T Tower ROW TWO Ni Bud L Kellogg R Hala M bnyder J Townsend Mr Wade Dxrector ROW THREE cott XLCOIIIPLIHISI D Rum D Garrelb I Potter M Wxese, D Retera lee Clubs I I ' 3 ' vi' ' A , ' Y I I V 9- ' 1 4 ' .L ' - " - 1 . ,, f 8 r .V I . . 'V , -U. c - , V- 1 e , 5.1 , n , Q 1 v - g A 0 L I I :O ' 1 in li, n K I ' 1 3- Y 1 I I 1 A n 1 Ao Vi A u ' :.. V - 1, , . . , 11" .A .. ' ,S. , .jlin'.L. I l Ur-1 I V. V I U I 7 5 ' I I A I 0 I I I I R. Cosner, I. Davenport, I. Timm, R. Houston, D. Marlin, P, Bohmke, N. Kent, I. Kontney, I , 4 , ' ' 'Ar Klip ,, 5 . . -- .lf ' ' I N ' ' 4 K -F - v , ' ' A I 1 LIL, l . 3 ', f 4 X f " " Q 4 . x, .SPN 'M' 5 , I ? i ,, ,J 5 1 F . 5 I ' I n p o V n e . n Q I 1 0 31 0 U 1 . ' . , . ., . ' , N , . , ' . ' 1. :S. 5 . pm, .... -A ,S STATE FINALISTS Dave Garrels Sally Kriegel Carolyn Suchy Joan Osterberger John Lewers Vocal Groups GIRLS TRIO Joan Osterberger Faith Lewis Sally Kriegel MADRIGAL J Osterberger P Prusha C Suchy F Lew1s K Wmter S Knegel T Tower C Melsa D Garrels I Potter BAKLR QUART E I ror e Q1 Pete Lnorne Nuke Brrd Uwe Farrels X!!!-L11 'x 5-L DOUBLE QUART ET Marlrn Wxese Dave Peters Merle Snyder hm Townsend Allen Wrlcox Bob Brecht Trm 'lower Cleon Melsa -s Pl ABI L QUARTET Trm Tower Bob Brecnt Leroy Kellogg, Jerry Potter CLARINET TRIO -- LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Hayward, P. Prusha, I. Morga n. Instrumental Music Groups CLARINET QUARTET -- G. Strochota, L. Hardon, J. Stump, I. Cashatr. ff ...X- BRASS QUARTET -- T. Lewers N. Feisel, D. Kouba, B. Bouska. MIXED CLARINET QUARTET -- J. Morgan, P. Prusha, F. Lewis, B. Rutledge. THR0 T F? LL U A 'xx Faculty ARLENE BUNTING - Art ROBERT WADE - Music S-,f JACK SCHEMMEL - Business Ed. SHARILYN COOPER - Typing !,.-. 4-5 n""X. 2 .ga -mtv?" -'DEQ ' , 1 WILLIAM BENNETT - Agriculture HOWARD HECKER - Industrial Arts .u- f-, K, . 529,22-1-zffs-244. .aria 'Y 'rf CHARLES CLUBINE - Physics CLAIR RAUSCH - Science 4'5" ALBERT FRENCH - Speech KENNETH ROBERTS -Journalism 'lg .5 is V iff? ca , A H EQ' , . f ,gl A ' Q-Q? ,A gf? n'.,51- x ' f '..3. ,. 2-v , f - X U, V 'I' PATRICIA ENO - Homemaking GEORGE PETTENGILL - Social Studies Q , EVE VAN BEEK - English, German DONALD SORENSON - Eighth Grade JAMES CAREY - Basketball Coach CHARLES PASTORINO - Athletics Clayton R Lactna D Peterson D Cline T Potter ROW THREE J Zhorne C Squters W Sebetka D Spxre J' Van De Walle. F A new program was truttated mto Tama Hrgh School thts year that of the Future Farmers of Amertca. These boys have worked hard and gamed the respect of all the people they have come U1 contact wlth. They worked to ratse money for the Sweetheart Ball selhng garden seed rat polson and DICRIDQ up corn Wesley Sebetka and Mr Bennett advlser attended the Nat1ona1Convent.1on III Kansas C1ty October 14 lo Duane Spxre and Mr Bennett attended the Dalry Cattle Congress held m Waterloo um September The Sub Dlstnct Contest was held at Hudson on March 11 and Ronn1e F rtcke won a sxlver award for extemporaneous readmg, Joe Van De Walle and Arnold Shaver attended the Dtstrtct Contest U1 Sumner on March 21 A Parent Son Banquet was held on Apr1l29 A Chapter Gulde was purchased tn January Mr Bennett orgamzed basketball and softball teams for the boys amusement. wir Bennett Chapter Advtser HYLAND at H111 AND TAM-X HATCHERY df FARM STORE THE CENTRAL HOTEL 1 A, it ts 'E "' ir.- , a U -3 QL ge w, ' , - -A Q , iii F 4331 Te ' A xo E3 Q ROW ONE: J. Stone, D. Neitzel, A. Shaver, R. Lacina, R. Fricke. ROW TWO: R,C1eppe, R. Fo 0 Ao Future Homemakers of America ROW ONE LeffI0R1ShI Miss Eno C Laclna M Marun D Werner S Townsend B Rutledge P Dunmng L Wllson M Doran. ROW TWO A.John J Belton M Atchison M Flowers E Palmer, F Raymon S Smxth P Rlbby K McFate. ROW THREE M Marlow D Turbert S Hermk S Lenhart M Hayward B Mathes L Scott L Hardon M Malone G Strachota. ROW FOUR N Snyder B Hanus K Wmter M Mahn C Smlth E Leman B Buresh P spear J KOUIHCY D Manm E Houdyshell. ROW FIVE A Txmm S Shaw S Kesl C Suchy K Steuhm K Pntchett M Meek K McMurray B Masker N Spooner Do you want to buy a S3l'ldWlCh9 COOKICS and candy for a mckelll These two ones became farmhar to T.H.S when the F.H ,- gxrls started sellmg sandmches to raxse money for the Sweetheart Ball. They sold the S3IldVl1C1'lCS ralsed me money and had a beauuful I-'.F.A FJ-I A Sweetheart Ball on Apnl 4 at the Toledo Cornmumr, Hall. Candxdates sophomore. Votmg boxes were placed LH the study halland eac. penn coumied at one vote. The FJ-I A dlstnct meenng was held atG1adbrookw1th about tw-ent' fo- r glrl. parucxpaung. Phyllxs Dunmng was mstajled as Dlstnct Parhamentanan. Taree Ji rre real elected ofhcer Lo1s Wllson Peggy Hayward and Mlchele Doran along wnn ' lbs Eno attendee L e tate Conven non at Des Momes on March 20 and 21 Dlf'If'3 RESTIGUI111 I THE :JORDE COVI1 A I WI ILN DIVI. IO HPI' I PLVHI IH-.IIUWAHL fp HH NIIIIVI 9' . : I n 1 - r o ' , e , . , . ' ', ' ' ' I ' : 0 o o e I 1 n , a ' I 0 ' n I . n o I S , Q , Q . 9 0 p o 1 o , 4 , a , S , . ' ' 7 ' s : ' ' I U 3 0 1 I n o 9 0 a 0 n o I I 9 o - u ' - - . . . . . A A . A . ' I I .A I I . .- . 0 . . . chosen for queen included Donna Wemer, seniorg Lois wilson, juniorg and Michele Doran, ' ' H 3 -- - . . . . . . . . :M J . 2 A . .F . 'A ' ' ' ' ' ' . r X .I 'y ' 3, ' I A 0 , , ' T . Ji" ' I2 I " .TT . 'Q Ii l.J5.". "'fL " L ' " E K Q0 ROW ONE Left to Rlght M Meek L WIISOD C Suchy M Hayward P Janssen E Ferneau L lxasal. ROW TWO M Doran K Tomlmson B Zhorne E Chaloupe D Sulhvan G Strachota E Houdyshell L Sulhvan N Wh1Ie,C Kasal. The mformatlon you re hunung for should be lll th1s book Th1.S statement offered many umes durmg the year by the student hbrarlans shows one way xn whtch they try to help thelr fellow students and be of servlce to the school. The student hbranans made a poster for thchbraryeverymonth They were also responslble for keepmg the hbrary m order Mtss Thelma Carmichael supervxsed all the act1v1t1es and devoted hours of her t1me helpmg TJ-LS students Lubrary and Offuce taff .-Q S 2'- K Wlnter P Dunnlng C Lacma L Kasal E Zeman E Houdyshell L Hayn,,T Dolash J McRoberts Mr Cra1g. Do you have t1.me to type thls test and run off 30 CODICS7 ' became a famlhar quesuon to all the offxce gxrls They became great fnends w1th the dupltcator wh1ch seemed to eat paper and dupllcator fluxd hke a hungry boy downs potato chlps and pop Though the g1rls enjoyed then' work they soon came to regard the stapler and paper cutter as the v1lla1ns of the off1ce. All of the glrls worked at least one hour a day and Phylhs Dunnmg was the mam secretary CARTER JEWELRY SPAHN 8: ROSE LUMBER COMPANY DRS MAPLETHORPE 8a MAPLETHORPE TOLEDO 1 -. 'Ja ,- 4 -ng 6' 7, . . K 3 . N in I 4 V , . . ,Lf , . 1 Q 4 o f 1 L. 0 .' . g., f. 1 f 5 g ., ' L, ' ' -f Q g.,- ' tx 'X ' . 1 ., v . I " ' - . '-4 """ . - ' x l, 1 - . - f , . - , . , a , 0 , . , u . 1 Z - p - y n , . , . , . , 0 , u . . u u ' - n - ' ' n ' Q I I . . . 1 , . I I Emu :V ' 4 'WV' 9' ff' ' I NQXSEQ.-,, , I 'aim' M I I 1 4. 2 3, T' 5 -. , al 'V " ' it ww J R , . f 1 y ' ffjff-' - R f ' I 5 'J , . ' , ' I 4 1 - , ,. OLP K ., - ', .' ' 1 ' Q ' . e g 1 , . . , , I , . , . , 1 1 1 y a U n Q , . M . . . , . . . 1 I ' . o n Y Q - 1 tudent Roger Pagel Larrle Kasal Jeame Dolash Pat Skala enale Beverly Rutledge 'N Sam Helhg Gary Anderson x X33 Marlm Wrese Mrchele Doran Il1dY Crabtree hm Morgan The "Senators" Th1S year 1n addluon to therr usual dunes the Stu dent Senate members got pracuce 1n packmg sack lunches They held then regular meetmgs rn the Homemakmg room dunng the noon hour Most of the pohcres of the Student Senate go unnouced ex cept for rare 1nstances such as therr decrsron not to have a Homecommg Krng Senate members plan ned all Homecommg fesuvztres and began work on a rev1s1on of the Student Handbook Not PIC tured above are Presldent Dave Garrels Dennrs Semotan and Judy Trmm Mr Crarg was advrser to the group. 3 'I A i"if, :1f..' gags- - 2 5 V 129 ' Nr? ' ,. ' Q '+A ' :.. .,', K . 'il' 'L. ?':f:f -'- 1 3 A x ' W" ' v -' 5 A 1 1 , ' f 545 - ,, A A gf.v,s- ,ggpffg 'L X , , U -'v ' Q - G l . 1 . U , .' - o ' r - 4 A ir? "Q, ' Q ' gs .E 1 Q, h, f f .Z , ' - . - ' I , . . , Joan Osterberger he "TaHler" taff ROW ONE E Houdyshell, L Wrlson L Sulllvan ,T Wrllett H H111 Mr Roberts G Fowler L Rlffle. -ini E Ferneau R. Woodworth ROW TWO ,T Mason Outstanding paper Congratulauons staff! There IS room for unprovement though. Good work' were the words wtuch greeted the Tama Tattler staff members when they read the Iowa Htgh School Press Associauon s summary of the Tattler Last fall the staff attended the I.H.S.P A convention 1n Iowa Crty At the convenuon Eleanor Houdyshell, edltor of the Tattler appeared on a panel that dlscussed Problems of T1me11ness Later on tn the year Davrd Forsyth a representatrve from the School of ,Tournallsm of the State Umversity of Iowa v1s1ted the class and talked to the staff members about therr work and problems The Journahsm class was conducted as a lab and Mr Kenneth Roberts acted as advrser Edltor Assoclated edltor Sports edltor Sports ass t News reporter Feature ed1tor Feature wrlters Organizations. . TA TTLER STAFF Eleanor Houdyshell George Fowler Ronme Woodworth Larry R1ff1e hm Mason Lo1s w11SOn Elame Femeau L1nda Sulhvan Sam Salomone Mike Bird . Charlotte Lacina Delores Sullivan Muslc Do You Agree Typlsts Contrlbutors Adviser WALT'S RADIO AND T V TAMA NEWS HERALD Jotm W111ett Herb H111 Janet McRoberts Jeame Dolash Dons Backen John Lewers Kelth Tomllnson Ardythe John Kenneth Roberts TAMA BOWLING LANES Edrtor Assrstant Ed rtor Busrness Manager Wrlte ups Assrstant Wrrtt, ups Art. Senrors Junrors Sophomores Fresh men J McRonerts M. Doran Mrss Cooper Janet McRoberts Mlchole Doran Karla Wrntor Eleanor Houd yshell Sharlenc, Lenhart Barbara Bren Mrke Bud Karla Wrnter Lots Wrlson Carolyn Suclry Doralee, Booth Snzannc, Herrnk Suzre, Smrth ll Photographer Davrd Brower Basketball tratk tonnrs Davc, Garrels Football wrestlrnsj tragk Ltrrx Lennrna. Jrnl Townsend Pat Jenssen S lllw Kr1c,s.,al Elarne Potter Fern Raynuon Farth Lewls Karon Jo Stfouhnf Musrc John Lowers Dorrs Backen Orga nrzatrons Cleon Melsa Joe Duffx P Janssen D Booth F Raymon S Smrth F Lexus ROW TWO S Herrnk E Potter D Backen E Houdysholl S Lenhart L Lennrns, ROW THREE K W1ntc,r, B Breja K Steuhm L Wrlson C Suchy S Krregal ROW FOUR J Townsend J Lewers D Garrels, M. Brrd, C Melsa ROW ONE J Duffy 'wr 'IH Quill and croll SEATED: E. Houdyshell. J. McRoberts, L. Sullivan. STANDING: J. Willett, M. Bird, G. Fowler, D. Garrels. Four seniors and two juniors joined the ranks of Quill and Scroll this year. The seniors were Karla Kaye Winter, Mike Bird, and Dave Garrels, nominated for their work on the Iuka and Linda Sullivan, nominated for her work on the Tattler. The two juniors were George Fowler and John Willett, both members of the Tattler staff. Janet Mc.Roberts, Iuka editor, and Eleanor Houdyshell, Tattler editor, were nominated to the Society last year and retained this year. Miss Cooper, Iuka adviser, Mr. Roberts, Tatrler adviser, and Mr. Craig made the nominations. The Executive Secretary of the Society approved the nominations. Each new member was presented with an official gold pin at the Honor Assembly and each received a year's subscription to the "Quill and Scroll" magazine. Qxill and Scroll is an international honorary society for high school journalists. Its headquarters in Iowa is the State University at Iowa City. CENTRAL FIBRE PRODUCTS COMPANY Nahonal Honor oclefy 3 1 6 3 ,4 ROW ONE Karla Wmter Phy111s Dunnmg Eleanor Houdyshell, Janet Mdloberts ROW TWO B111 Smlth Davtd Garrels M1keB1rd. Marchmg, typing sweepmg, writmg, singing, readmg, and actzng g1V6 us an xdea of the numerous activities partic1pated in by the sexuors elected to the Nauonal Honor Socxety thxs year These versaule seniors also reserved spec1a1 places m theu busy schedules for sport club and servlce acmvmes Those elected this year on a pomt basls accordmg to character leadership and servlce by the T.H.S faculty were as follows Karla Kaye Winter Cband majorettey Phylhs Dunnmg fMr Craxg s mam secretaryj B111 Snuth fasststant Janitorj E1eanorHoudyshel1fTatt1er edxtorj Dav1d Garrels Cvocal sololst I III statej Janet McRoberts Cstate contestant lll mterpreuve readmgj and M1ke Bud fleadmg, manmthe senior class play 3 All the members ranked U1 the upper 25010 of thexr class Mr Craig officlally installed the seven mto the SOCICQ' EDDIE'S D X TAMA COUNTY FARM SUPPLY COMPANY MUNN 8a CASSADAY COMPANY INC li in uck dL f WE v-4 Baccalaureate lorty slx solemn senrors entered the THS audltorrum sunday nrght May 24 to the strarns of the processronal Lead on O Krng Eternal to seek God s blessrng and gtudance upon enterrng the adult world wrth all tts responsrbrlrtres and cares John lewers sophomore accompanred all mustcal numbers Ihe rnvocauon and benedrctlon were gtven by the Rev A P Cerstmann of it Paul s Iutheran church Ihe Rev J R Goodman of St Patrrck s church delrvered the Baccalaureate address Rev Coodman stated that frrst of all a graduate should keep learnrng from parents employers people of the Comnlunlty and from readrng good lrterature Ile sard that a person should go to college lf he has a real desrre to attend college he has t.he aptrtude and he has the rrght attrtude Rev Goodman advrsed the students to take much ume and prayer rn decrdrng upon a Job and to be eareful rn selectrng a marrrage partner lle admonrshed the students not to go through ltfe wrthout God because rn mme duratron a lrfe trme 15 nothrng compared wrth ljternrty Rev Goodman closed the address wrth the Peace Prayer of St Francrs of Assrsr 1 he Clarrnet Quartet composed of Ltnda llardon Joan Cashatt Jerrlyn Stump andGlor1a btrachota played a selectron called Pray The Mrxed Chorus under the drrectron of Mr Robert Wade sang Battle Hymn of the Republlc and O Clap Your Hands Junrors Lrnda Haynes and John Wrllett led the processtonal and the recesslonal Commencement Educatron for What? was the questron probed by Dr Joseph E McCabe presrdent of Coe Col lege C edar Raprds for the THS senrors at the commencement exercrses Monday nrght May 2a Dr McCabe stated that educatron rs not really complete unless rt develops for a person a sense of socral Justrce personal relatronshrps and responsrble rndrvrclualrsm Dave Garrels class valedrctorran sang You ll Never Walk Alone The brass quartet composed of Kay Pagel Nancy leresel Betsy Bouska and Tom Lewers played The March of the Prrests and Jrm Morgan Peggy Hayward and Polly Prusha the clarrnet tno played Bouree John Lewers gave a plano solo The class of 1959 was presented by Prrncrpal Hayden Cralg llarold Hoskrns presrdent of the Board of Educatron presented the students wrth therr drplomas The Rev A, l Cerstmann gave the rnvocatron and benedrctton I - . . i X . , , . , . J . , , - 11 - 11 1 - - - ! I 1 3 , 1 1 1 1 , , . ' ' ' ' 1 1 ' ' ' s ' 1 ' 1 0 u I ' x 4 1 ' W ' ' A ' 1 1 1 . . 1 1 1 . . 3 A . , - - 1 D I 1 . . 7 . I - . 1 . 5 2 ' 1 J 1 . I 1 . . , . 1 x , I . . 1 I . . . . x . . I . . - 1 1 . 3 . . . A . 1 . 1 1 , . I . i , . i 1 n . ,, ,, . z . , 3 2 1 ' r - 1 11 - 11 11 11 1 1 - 11 A 11 3 ' 1 ' - . - f 1 A X , . H . 1 I . . , , , , , . . 1 I . . . . 1 1 ' 3 - - 11 1 I 11 I I . X -- X 11 - , 11 - 1 1 1 1 ' N A H 'z 'V x 3 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 , . I 5 . . , . , , 1 1 Board of Educahon and Prmcupal Mrs Cleo Melsa Alv1n Kouba Harold Hoskrns Walter Wrllett Robert Ingles and Ceorge Inman What happens when an attorney a meat 1nspector a frlhng statron operator an assrstant postmaster an rnsurance agent and a housewrfe get together? Anyth1ngcor1struct1ve'P In the case of the Tama Board of Educatron the answer IS an ernphatrc Yes' The frllmg statron operator Mr George Inman was elected to the school board for hrs frrst term 1n the school elecuon last March 9 Mr Joseph Foreman who served two terms on the school board d1d not seek re -electron thrs year The 1nsurance agent Mr Harold Hosluns was re elected for hrs second term March 9 and at the school board re organrzatlon meetrng March 16 the duues of board presrdent were bestowed on hrm The attorney Mr Walter Wrllett handles the responsrbrlrtres of bemg secretary of the board The school board IS completed by the housewrfe Mrs Cleo Melsa who was elected for her frrst term last year the ass1stant p os t m a s te r Mr Alv1n Kouba who IS servrng hrs second term and the meat 1nspector Mr Robert Ingles, who served as school board Dresrdent last year Each drrector s term IS for three years A person passlng by the Central School J on the thrrd Monday mght of every month w1ll see a lrght on rn Mr Jones offrce as the board meets to carry out 1tS numerous dutres Mr Hayden Cralg a rnan who has garned the respect of everyone rn the com mumty was prlncrpal of Ta.ma High for the second year Hrs help and gurdance was greatly apprecrated by both students and faculty For all you ve done we take thxsopportumtytosay Thanks Mr Craig HAYDEN CRAIG I I I r v l 1 fps- ' as 6' , ' I I ' I I ' I Y I u , . . . . . , i ' . . . , ' . . . u . I . . l u . - . . , ' . . . , . , I I 1 ' I 5 ' 1 A ' . I I : , . ' I . . . , . ' I I I ' ' I7 ' ll 1 I ' ' ? P X TIM TOWER President "His eyes shine like his car. " "Great men often die young and I haven't been feeling well myself lately." LARRY RIFFLE Secretary fs- I-Q" ? "As President of like to propose sixty-minute recesses every hour. " DAVID GARRELS Treasurer enior FF "If all the world's rnasterminds were put into one room, what would they do with me?" BILL SMITH Vice -President ,,J icers Student Senate, I would A mrle a mmute IS good speud but a STU1le a mmute quts more ac t1on SHARON BID WELI Do unto othurs what you would have others do unto you but do If f1rst TERRY BOOTH I ucpuct tho worst that Y I I I bu appornted AUDREY ANDERSON Thurs irc, trio S1dSS to our argumunt your s1dE and the r1ght Sldd BOB BLNDA To eat 15 human to She put the MISS dlgest IS d1V1I1E m1sch1evous RONALD CHRISTENSEN KAREN COOPER Playlng mood Jazz on h1s plano when no one IS 1n the mood for mood Jazz MIKE BIRD Angels are perfgct but I rn a man KENNETH BRYANT Niy ambrtron 1 to burld an egg un Scrambler HAROLD DOLEZAL Ifyou ask me a frrend rn need rs a frend rn deed EUGEINE HANIUQ She s very prompt ar Ive got to qurt work not bemg on t1me mg so hard rt s makmg me thrn IOANNE CRAB'I REL GRACE: CRABTREL There s a lrttle b1t of Wart unullmake bad rn every good lrttle other m1111on and I 11 g1r1 be a mrlhonarre ELEANOR HOUDYSIIELL IARRIE KAbAl Keeprng your fmgers crossed may brmg good Iuc but ll wont get you an A rn typmg I 11 meet you half way you admrt you re. wrong and I 11 admrt I m rrght HERB IIILL Y , - 'U R, ' I , Q I PHYLLIS Duxxmo I --1. VI? f ' A 5' ,. 4 49 - W J v n N ' ' 7 l"' 'V ' A Aan- Keep sm1l1ng ll makes people wonder what you ve been up to CONNIE LONG Cat on a hot tm roof MARY MALIN I m here. let s have a party rlung there are stocks bonds annultres Xloney lsn t every LEROY KELLOGG NANDRA KESL his Grmme a gultar daddy Be reasonable do1t my What so great about bemg a m1ll1ona1re except a m1ll1or1 dol lars'? BERNARD MAQKER Classy chassls MARILYN MARTIN and I ll eat ern up Way IIM MASON QUENTINJ VC CUNE Rogtr Pagel tht Crmt grvo. me a mrnuta, whrlt I tlnnk of some thrng ROCER PAGEL Cets a charge out of IIIS eloctrrc gultar DENNIS SEMOT AN Im ctrtarnly tryrng vtry rryrnsa JANET NTC ROBERTS Okaygrrls rfrts htads we go to the show 1f1lS tarls we ago to the dance rf rtstands on End we stay homo and study JOAN OSTERBERC ER his Im a Folgers cofftt crystal I Just drssolve DU ANE SPIRE Man you don t know what trouble IS t11 you got your automobrle horn stuck rn a hosp1ta1 zone DUANE RIHA I mpop gun the fathtr of Pettr Gunn ROBERT PAL NIER Bored of Educ atron CAROL SMITH 'im ,HQ Play IS play and work IS work and boy rs lf ever LINDA SULLIVAN Sometrmes Im ready for a good t1me all the trme DONNA WERNER P' "The more you study the more you knowg the more you know, the more you forgetg the more you forget, the less you know- -so why study?" BEVERI Y RUTI EDGE "Never put off until to- morrow what your friends can do today. " JERRY STONE Just a mrnute whrle I Rrde and the grrls rrde untre my shoes I can w1th you walk and you thmk better that way walk alone EVELYN ZEMAN DARWIN ZHORNE If you have a rrnnute to spare tell me all you know SUSAN TOWNSEND Aw you re Just sayrng that because rt s true KARLA KAYE WINTER enior Trip An ever-memorable trip to the windy city of Chicago marked the last stop for 13 seniors on a jour- ney which started from Initiation Junction, and made stops at such points as Homecoming, Class Plays, Sophomore Servers, Junior Prom -Planning, Senior Banquet, and Graduation. Although only a fourth of the class braved the winds, high prices, and heavy traffic of America's only inland seaport, this group showed enough enthusiasm for a class of 80 students. From departure to return the trip was eventful in every minute of its three-day existence. Girls Boys Chess M911 Sleeping Beauty Look out Coach' Wimmenl It s a long way down Up up and away' Nodoze'P Lift bridge Merchandise 'viart Chicago at night emor Directory AUDREY ANDERSON F H A 1 2 Pep Club 2 3 Llbrary Staff2 3. SHARON BIDWELL Mlxed Chorus 1 2 3 4 Pep Club 1 MIKE BIRD Track 1 Basketball 1 2 Intramural Basketball 3 4 Mzxed Chorus 1 2 3 4 Boys Glee Club 2,4 All State Quartet 1,2,3 Boys Qxartet 4 M1Xed Quartet 2 3 Double Boys Quartet 2,3 School Dance Band 3 Combo 4 Chorus Llbranan 3 4 Owl Club 1 2 3 4 Natlonal Honor Socrety 4 Qtull and Scroll 4 Iuka 3 4 Journahsm 1 2 3 4 Pep Club 2 3 4 Radio Speakmg 3 4 Humorous Declam 2 Ongmal Humorous Speakmg 3 Orlgmal Oratory 4 Semor Play 4 One Act Play The Valiant ' 4 Sclence Club 1 2 Prom Server 2 TERRY BOOTH Band 1 2 Mzxed Chorus 1 Grrls Glee Club 1 Woodwmd Tr1o2 M1xedClarmet Quar tet 2 Clarmet Qlartet l Pep Club 12 F H A 12 lukal Jun1orP1ay1 Sen1orPlay4 Prom Server 2 Amertcan Leglon Oratory 1 KENNETH BRYANT fAt Albert Lea Minn., Baseball 1 Basketball 1 Football 1 2 Student Manager 1 2 Mtxed Chorus 1 2 School Paper 1 2 F F A 1 Sophomore Play 2 RONALD CHRISTENSON Sctence Club 1 2 Shop Club 3 Electncal Engmeer for Imuor and Semor Class Plays 3 4 Basketball 2 Baseball 1 2 KAREN COOPER Band 12 34 Twlrhng 2 34 Flute Quartet 3 Gtrls GleeClub1 Class Secretary Treasurer 3 Pep Club 34 F H A 12 Prom Server2 Homecommg Queen4 Prom Attendant 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Library staff 2 GRACE CRABTREE G1rls Intramural Basketball 3 4 Mrxed Chorus 1 2 3 G1rls Glee Club 1 2 3 F H A 123 PepClub1234 Sen1orPlay4. JOAN CRABTREE G1r1s Intramural Basketball 4 Gzrls Intramural Softball 3 Gxrls Glee Club 1 F H A 1 2 Pep Club 1 2 3 Prom Server 2 L1brary Staff2 PHYLLIS DUNNING F H A 1 2 3 4 Histonan 3 Treasurer 4 Homecommg Attendant 4 Off1ce staff 3 4 L1brary Staff 2 DAVID GARRELS Basketball 1 2 3 4, Tennis 1 2,3 4, Mzxed Chorus 1 2 3 4 Boys Glee Club 2 4 Double Prestdent 4 Class Treasurer 4 T-Club 4 Owl Club 1 2 34 Qu1ll and Scroll4 Natlonal Honor Soclety 4 Semor Play 4 Radto Speaking 4 One Act Play The Valiant' 4 Or1g1nalOratory4 Iuka34 Tattler234. ELEANOR HOUDYSHELL Noon Basketball 3 Girls' Intramural Teams 3 F H A 1 2 3 4 Secretary2 Parhamentartan 3 Pep C1ub3 4 Owl Club 1 2 3,4 Nauonal Honor Socxety 4 Amencan Legron Ora tory 1 Dramauc Declamauon 2 3 L1brary Staff 12 34 Off1ceStaff 4 Tattler 1 2 34 Tattler Edltor 3 4 Iuka Staff 1 2 34 Qu1ll and Scroll 3,4 Hawkeye G1rls'State 3 Outstandmg Enghsh Award 3. LARRIE KASAL Student Senate 3 4 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Prom Server 2 Prom Qleen 4, Homecoming Attendant 4 L1brary Staff 2 3 4 Office Staff 3,4 Cheerleadmg 2 3 4. LEROY KELIJOGG Basketball 1 2 Mlxed Chorus 1,2 3 4 Boys' Glee Club 1 2 4 All State Quartet 1 4 Double Boys Quartet 2 3 4 Boys Qzartet 4 Sctence Club 1 2 Junior and Senor Class Play L1ght mg Techrucxan 3 4. SANDRA KESL Muced Chorus 2 34 G1rls Glee Club 1,24 Band2 34 Flute Q1artet3 F H A 12 34 PepClub1234 Sen1orPlay4. CHARLOTTE LACINA F H A 1 2 3 4 Reporter 3 4 Pep Club 3 Ltbrary Staff 1 2 3 Offxce Staff 4 Tattler staff 2 3 4. CONNIE LONG Gtrls Glee Club 1 ,Tumor Class Secretary 3 Pep Club 1,2 34 Iuka Staffl F H A 1,2 3 Sophomore Queen 2 Prom Server 2 Homecoming Attendant 4 Cheerleading2 3 Secretary F H A 2 MARY MALIN Band 12,34 Flute Quartet 3 woodwind Quartet 3 Mtxed Chorus 3,4 Girls Glee Club 2 4 F H A 1 2 3,4 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Student Director of Senor Play 4. MARILYN MARTIN Girls Glee Club 1 F H A 1 2 3 4 Htstorian 4 Offxce Staff 4. BERNARD MASKER Football 1 2 3 4 Track 1,3, Wrestlmg 1 2 3,4 Vice President 2 4 T-Club 1 2,3 4 Prom Server 2. JIM MASON Football 1 2,3,4 Track 3 Basketball 1 Wrestlmg 3 M1xed Chorus 1 2 T-Club 3 4. U l ' ical . l on: l U . I ' 0 I 0 of :nl 3 . 0 Boys' Quartet 2,3g Madrigal 43 Mixed Quartet 2,35 Boys' Quartet 1,4g Bass Solo 43 Student Senate : : : ...: ' z ' : ' ' .2 ' ...s ' s ...z ai nnnl I 5 . 3 l . ' ul Ill: l ' : ' ..: s ' .. ' sl h . sul ll: ' ll ' 0 ' Q ' n ' ' - lf. I .D " ..:" .s ..: :..... D: Ill: . ' 0 0 0 nan: ol I . ou: l F I 'U I f U ai 0 0 0 an 5 oar: ' I . 0 I ' O . I f U . Ill' I ' ill: C ' . so 3 ' as 1 ul QUENTIIN MC CUNE asketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball I 2 Football 1 Owl Club 1 2 Prom Server 2 JANET MC ROBERTS G1rls Intramural Basketball 34 Gxrls Glee Clubl 2 Band2 Nat1onalHonor Soclety 4 Qulll and Scroll 34 Owl Clubl 3 4 Or1g1.nal Oratory 1 Dramatlc Declamat1on2 In terpretxve Readmg 3 Debate 3 Prom Server 2 Tattler Assoclate Edltor 2 Iuka Ass1stant Edltor 3 Iuka Edrtor 4 Pep Club 1 2 3 ROGER PAGEL Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 4 Baseball 3 4 Tenms 1 2 Track 2 M1xed Chorus 1 2 3 Boys Glee Club 2 4 Student Senate 4 Sctence Club 1 T-Club 1 2 3 4 T-Club Presldent 4 Prom Server 2 Prom Escort 3 LARRY RIFFLE Football 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track 3 Tennls 1 2 3 Muced Chorus 1 2 Boys Glee Club 12 Mlxed Quartet 2 Boys Double Quartet 2 Boys Double Mtxed Quartetl 2 Class Secretary 4 Student Senate 2 3 T-Club 1 2 34 Scxence Club 1 Attendant Homecom1ng4 Prom Escort 3 Prom Server 2 Tattler Staff 4 DUANE Rll-IA M1xed Chorus 2 3 4 Boys Glee Club 2 4 Pep Club 3 Owl Club 1 2 3 4 Prom Server 2 BEVERLY RUTLEDGE Band 1 2 3 4 Clarlnet Quartet 3 Mtxed Clarlnet Quartet 4 Glrls Glee Club 1 Class Secretary Treasurer 4 Student Senate 4 Pep Club 3 F H A 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 V1ce Presxdent 4 DENNIS SEMOTAN Basketball 1 2 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Track 3 Mxxed Chorus 1 2 Boys Quartet 1 Class Presldent 1 Student Senate 2 4 T-Club 1 2 3 4 Prom Server 2 BILL SMITH Wrestlmg 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 Student Senate 1 Class Presldent 2 T-Club 1 2 3 4 Sclence Club 1 Owl Club 1 2 3 4 Prom Server 2 Hawkeye Boys State 3 Natxonall-lonor Soclety 4 Book keepmg Award 2 Tattler Staff 2 CAROL SMITH Glrls Glee Club 1 2 F H A 1 2 3 4 Pep Club 2 Offlce Staff 3 Ltbrary 2 3 LINDA SULLIVAN G1rls Glee Club 1 F H A 1 2 3 Qtull and Scroll 4 Semor Play 4 Llbrary Staff4 Tattler staff 2 4 TIM TOWER Football 1 2 3 4 Wresthng 1 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Mlxed Chorus 1 3 4 Boys Glee Club 4 Boys Double Boys Quartet 4 Boys Quartet 4 Madr1ga1 Group 4 Mtxed Quartet4 Class Presxdent 2 3 4 Student Senate 2 T Club 1 2 3 4 Sclence Club 1 Sophomore Kmg 2 Prom Kmg 4 Prom Server 2 Prom Escort 3 Hawkeye Boys State 3 Tattler Staff 2 SUSAN TOWNSEND Band 2 3 4 Flute Quartet 3 Tw1rl1ng 3 4 Glrls Glee Club 1 2 3 Mlxed Chorus 1 2 34 Glrls Sextet 2 Student Senate 2 3 F I-I A 1 2 34 Pres1dent4 Secretary 3 Server for Prom 2 Offlce Staff 2 Iuka 3 DONNA WERNER Secretary of F H A 1 F H A 1 2 3 4 Pep Club Presldent 1 Homecorrung Attendant 4 Prom Attendant 4 Prom Server 2 Offxce Staff 2 3 DELMAR WHITEBREAST Track 3 T Club 4 One Act Play The Vallant 4 KARLA KAYE WINTER F H A 1 2 34 Pres1dent 3 Parhamentar1an2 Band 1 2 3 4 Pres1dent 3 Majorette 4 M1xed Chorus 1 2 3 4 Glrls Sextet 1 G1rls Glee Club 1 2 4 Dance Band 3 Sen1or Play 4 Offlce Staff 4 Woodwmd Quartet 3 Sax Quartet 3 Sax Tr1o 3 Madr1gal4 Iuka 3 4 Tattler 3 Pep Club 4 Pep Club Secretary Treasurer 4 Qu1ll and Scroll 4 Nauonal Honor Soc1ety 4 Owl Club 2 4 Iuka Award 1 4 EVELYN ZEMAN F H A 1 2 3 4 Off1ceStaff4 DARWIN Z.I-IORNE Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Teams 1 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Mlxed Chorus 1 2 3 4 Boys Glee Club 2 4 Boys Quartet 4 Sophomore V1ce Pres1dent 2 Student Senate 3 T Club 1 2 3 4 Freshman Kmg 1 Prom Server 2 ' -B . . . : ,': 1 . : . ' I 1 9 5 u l 0 I 0 D 1 5 : . n I - I ' I S 9 I O I D I Z S - : I l ' DUANE SPIRE-Wrestling l,2,3,4g T-Club 2,3,4g F. F. A. 4. ' ...: ' ...s ..: ..:' ..: ' 1 ' ' u . n , n ' u ' . . : : - . . . : ' : ' : - . - ' ' . ' V . ' I I I I D l I l I 1 n ' o ' o I - . n n - Eureka! The Iuka is only going, into debt S500 this year! gor l1V6S I ll catch em by here surprrse on thrs one' Well, I thought it was supposed to bca slumber party not L1 dance. -an-ww 5, 141' Fortunately, there wasn't any frlm rn that camera Or WAS there'P Well can I help It rf you were Sllly enough to s1t on rt'? D 59" Quinn 'U' We had a German test to day I rn flunkmg them on a curve pe I l . 4,-, 5-,...--.+. I .di 4 in .Kyra ' 1 Y . i N W 1,11 fi X I ,.. lk K X , P -X 1 ' rfk , ,Wi K I 'xx .f 9 W, . A W xr -4 . dr K .1 -ZNA1 dt '-1. 'xufxl Q 1 t gk ',. k fx Quwxgf EZ, '- f G n .- W ve' PL Q 3 X ' ' 'j, ,,, Q - ' I Oh, I haven't tried it up- hill yet. 1 We re helpless he s got us trapped dOwn w1th h1s paralyzer ray You d better IIOI 1n the yearbook' -.,v' put that plctura, You mean the dance 1sn t UUI11 tomorrow n1ght9 if 'NASE QYQA And the f1ISI guy I catch wxth a p1n w111 frnd h1m self strung up w1r.h the rest of the prom decorauonsl Aren t you taklng It ups1de ., Phssst I Lh1nkI see a camera under the curtam. 0 iw I. 1 . i t, 5 ,,,. 1 Q 1 s - ' ' n 5 ,e.p 'A "lf 'V , :MLN K. 1 - 1 . "' I . Cookie- lend me your comb Some Spnng' 11 mxxiw Help I can t stop' Hey Jerry, remember those beans you left on the floor last nlght? C'mere qurckl Hey' There IS a turtle nrt' We U , . I - 1 Q ffl 1 ' 2 2 E' S 3 . 1 ' . 'Umar Salld 1U IV' it I have a cold' get the pillow I told you to keep out of the laboratory wh11e I m dolng experiments on Igor' What was scream? M Craig, I want you to meet Igor. A11 fi-ghfv who Put the Would YOU believe You girls bring the couch while I Vw w xl 1 uV1:LY I' M 11111 WUIA U1 PIU mybgll 1 Closing A A L 31 'l ld llll M wmv. ill 'X lv C OO L, Lum xN11U1OllluL W L Q ' Q 5 3 k I Uxx r LM bum 'md I I 'lsla 'o Cfllflix 'im !v11a1x:uw11 '11 :or Il1u'!TIifI.lIlL'lkl1 mplurl, U1' :tu uzxrs pm culry lor limit '.'o-operation, 4 d .112 T D1 , I ":1 X' N',fVUi.'fiLy "gd '. 1- 1' " VWOI 5' 5 " 11-riplul i11rcIu?vu,i11. f Efgc INTER LOI I LQIATL PRLS5 Publrshers Manufacturers Yearbooks Yearbook Covers Diplomas Graduation Announcements Factory Home Office Kansas Cnty Mo USA 'ff R c N S , gy

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