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Tallulah Falls School - Retrospect Yearbook (Tallulah Falls, GA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 64 of the 1986 volume:

v I-1 Q We 1,15 , L .gg ,, ,VL .QQ ' 2 F K if f" x 5 ' '-fi 454, wp 1 if V' H - 6' H' 'Y 1 , " X f 0 Heh gl ff!! 1. 'FP XA. ' . '. ,.':.' " iii , ig 1 . , ra., 'le' ' wiv? Anal! ,Ti - .- a Q ,Va n I . 4 , , ' N., .1 -U . -'f-, . ,WJ '.. ' -3 ' " Q 'ffl - + x ,. - k 523' ., MH K -43,21 , H, - ' v a . nh X . - ' 1' 'A 4- K 'I .-'h'-'I 5-I". L A .4, . Ig Q" X A mf . Q - X k A ' n 'rl' , l , 3. e h' ,-- , iw, - . , " " 'T ,. -V-.. ' --.., .ff f V f , P ' P , ,. . . . , 5 , .fwl . W-lg 5 It l, ,ge fl .W " ' fi-+lQ.,,,,' M ,'--vw 5 Teri.. - 1 M, fn-rl vf' I , . V WM.-,,.'--"I ma-A ' 1 . -' . , - seg., ,f...,.4,- . -. , Ai -Q ' 1,7 ' 46 x 3 " ' ' A, - 'W-M, ' I, - Ls , A f w V A ' vw - ,v ' . , 5 '7 '. ' r , ' A :bp V ,..,, .-.. Mi it 1 A e'i'l Academic Dean: . I Aaron Turner Retrospect staff: john Graham, Lon Gilbert, Todd Parrish, Amy Adams, Abby Goldman 1 M i 4 . ,, I , 4 67 1,11 ' uf. 1 If 4 PWS- Franklin Shumakc Photographers: Andy Coker, Sedge Johnston Tallulah Falls School is playing a big part in the 100th birthday of "Our Town" A INDEX RETROSPECT STAFF Introduction page 3 Editor: John Graham Seniors page 14 Staff: Lon Gilbert, Todd Parrish, Amy Adams, Abby Classes page 23 Goldman, Sedge Johnston, Andy Coker Staff page 29 Sponsor: Emily Lyne Activities, organizations, sports - page 34 ,V 5P,,T'i?1fif'f 1..gaf 'sf .- .tw . . M, ,fu :i,,,:- ii 'Y' ff. i gn The Light in tlw Iyflounllqing, The Mow- Houge, Tea Room, and Community Centex . - . . A wt.,-V . au. NN M . ,4 . , , 9 '15 P 'X Utd Town Cvrwml Stow X Ao! . L f 4,,.tf5f.i'f" 'r - L E Q 'w , ' " ,, ,N 1 - . V. t Y TALLU LAH TE ROOM OPERATED BY 1 attsSCh00 Tallulahft tl.. ..g M The Tm Room VVclt'omc to ous town, and wvholnc to out school, Solving youth .md tht- Community I, OE ea- A---an Say what? Wm ,pv- ,. Q5 Mail! Mail! Maul! 'Gif an ll Ji Sweep it clean Hurry up and wait M -GSE' Ly? .im The jungle Queen Mr. Clean v'b- 4 . VS gf af W4 ,-va Q .,. 6 ww. ,,.L 'L' Where's my Falry Codmother7 Restmg on the job 4 Q2 Q . Z'--'ww A li H, 4 A : , ' ,L-J Q , , t Very nice work, Shannon COFFQQF t00 Sweet Dorft worryg this is almost over These sofa warrantees aren't very interesting AW:-1 What do you think YOUIFC doing? Arc we having fun yet? 6 t I ,ff -an-.,,,,,, I thought the baby kicked me Was this door knob supposed to tome off7 This is the worst family reunion I ever attended Is this a biscuit? . Y. . xt V Q, QU- M v- g ,figs 5 f',., ,V ' 'ff ,., , vb 12:5 A - ,,..f 52 ' m iie Mn"" gif? 'Y N tiff?-ii" ' l 'X sv, of ' Is this plcxi-glass? How long do we sit here? 8 Lu Oh, boy, a picnic I 1 Q ,,, , xx, AA " , , J f ' I if " V H: an Wi r i fig Z 5 5 W. ' Q X, 41 if , Y' ..,, - I I V 5 , , ,, Q: U V I H 2 i iii ... 2' , 47 nz ,p g Vrrr V A I ,V L '1' H A " xy I Ri ,,,V V , Hi ,UI - .M F GYmna5f5 reeze Yummy, yummy to my tummy is . Three's a crowd -4' MMMMMMM HaMMMMburgcr Little darlins ! X -4 ,J 'ii ff' f f 'Kf- iw' me dig in CQ aqua man, 240 s'5w.,,,M ., 1 Q if ,,, A 15-'it H 'm.A W, M' 26 . I ,, Follow the leader what a line up Middle School picnic TPS Swim Team? 'Yi- Do I look like Christopher Atkins? .nr wa 3 ' i -gg 1 ,. f , 1 2 :T i fluff .4935 . l. .., . . Q ,W 4 ., -4 4 5. 4 ' Hey, sweet thing Youn Hank Aaron 3 Fi'-.5 6,4 2.5.24 v. , ...X .if ra- . va 1 Q1 f i ' if fm 'Q A 3 - ,I Miss America contestants Hero Comes the locomotive Middle School wall flowers AM I M K L lx F ft' iv Yi A 'g 2 il, 5 , W A BIA V 'f Q R ,fi v E 4, 's X J l dv? i Q1 fi it l V j X - a , .i ,Q , W , ,l W l 2 I ' 'i W 1 ' V If V' fl l If X l Q i K-si Xl , 1 i A P . F f Jinsx . I vs . ffm-.fl ,iv ' G A ' A A. 5-:S-,5r:53'mnQfQ4i 0' E. - J sw' 'tif' L.: -:Q "+'L.. Fi Smile bigger, Tara! She man findli5f5 4' 5-M 'WWN1 'LL-" Swim, you guppies, swim! TPS Cymniwts i ' i i l ,KI 5 K fd .J Cmon, smile like me, David ,QA 11 Swing double? The gangs all here Going to chapel The gathering Yan Gogh of the dorm Clmc-we H: fo. JD 553' -1.4 -1 W-vim, . Canteen time all Glance 1' ' - TK' A sk L, G- " ,..' ug u a vias- Q 'Q I - ' 1 4 K Q .-, 1. xi Fl' f.f.SQT ' 1 1 S r , k44,E , ' 5l"..a .- Lt 1 fx L M 1, 1 l.et's ALL smile S .- 1.0 , E -- 0 ,oc" 0 I .' ll.. VVhat's the matter, Scdge? Road runners 'Y JYT 1' 1 , I v -1 ,Y I 1 gk f, ,WA at ff fi .N ar "' A . F54 Lx .r -ff.-f Let! go! Kevin EX Seniors Live as you would die tornorrow Learn as Brian Franklin Cason Holly Crumpton Shannon Dianne Dienei Lon Bradley Gilbert john Thomas Graham Ethan Rory Howe john Paul Hifks Heller Felicia lvester William Sedgewick Johnston you would live forever Kelly Renee Brook Tara Brownell 'W 242221.19 fi? K 'inf 'Q'-Til 'lv ik' wi J, 4413: 6 'l'12"a"'jT'7'l NM Num.,-i 'X-el 3 f' 1 Alan jordan Andrea Kilgo Tara Leigh Kirby Eleanor Read Lawson jennifer Lennon Bob Orr Rusty Todd Parrish Cindy E. Pervis Kimberly Ann Post Sean Smith Margaret Ellen llviargyj Tabor Wendy Prudence Worthy All in the family i A MW genim- boyg Did you soc tlic nurse 16 Hollyfg ,Cady Listen fox the last time! M 4. KELLY RENEE BROOK Doraville, Georgia President's Honor Roll, School Honor Roll, Commendation list, National Honor Society, 11th grade Valentine Queen, typing, com- puter club, Who's Who Am. High School Students BRIAN FRANKLIN CASON Lawrenceville, Georgia Track Team 83-84, 84-85, Pres. Honor Roll, Commendation List, Annual Staff, Centennial Play. is vgfsifff f i' fri ' f :ig ,,v..rvw'ixQ'e f e X - Nh TARA BROWNELL Evans, Georgia Track '84- '85, Drama School summer '85, NBC, Ballet Club '84, '85, Gymnastic Award '83, '84 Senior Life saving '83-'84, one act play, Drama Club, intramural sports, School Honor Roll. HOLLY CRUMPTON Warrenton, Georgia jr. Christian team club, Sr. Christian team club, High School Chorus, Rainbow Tour Chorus, Pres, Honor Roll, Commenda- tion List, Indian Art L: Mythology, Literary Day, Ga. Art Sympo- sium, Moclern Dance SHANNAN DIENER Atlanta, Georgia NBC, Commendation List, President's Honor Roll, Who's Who Am. High School Students, Nation Honor Society, Gymnastic Award, Most Valuable Player, Outstanding P.E. Student, Cheer- leading Club, Archery Club, Hiking Club, Weight lifting, Intra- mural sports, Middle School Christmas play, track, two years typing, jr. class secretary, crew leader, teacherfs aide. JOHN THOMAS GRAHAM Atlanta, Georgia Honor roll, Hiking Club, CPEP team B, Weight lifting, Photo club, typing, Annual staff, editor of annual, Centennial pageant, 2nd in Art Show, NBC, Crew Leader, Commendation List 85. LON BRADLEY GILBERT jacksonville, Florida Tennis team, Basketball team, NBC, crew leader, Annual Staff, Tennis Club. ETHAN RORY HOWE Woodstock, Georgia Commendation List, Honor Roll, NBC, Centennial celebration play, Boys' piano, Boys' Quartet region. n Aw Q ,f ,,1',1 l' ,i ',,",,z' 4,4 yr, f ,i A , V, 1, .M f,fj1fg,ff' 'jail' 1 4 1.l':,l"j1 fL,y?J,,1f4 1 1411 r My 4 4 J 131' Qrivaf. X fi'- JOHN PAUL HICKS Thomasville, Georgia Tennis team, weight lifting club, SAT club, typing, Pres. Honor roll, school honor roll, National Honor Society, Outstanding art student award, Commendation list, Bowling club, Who's Who Among Am, High School students, Intramural Sports, Crew leader, NBC, Tennis club, Math club. HELLER FELICIA IVESTER Riverdale, Georgia jr. Varsity Basketball, Pres, Honor roll, Ind. Arts club, United Meth WILUAM SEDCWICK JQHNSTQN odist Youth Fellowship, School Honor roll, Track team, Typing Greenville, South Carolina Outstanding Boarding Student 82-83, 84-85, Annual Photogra- ALAN JQRDAN pher 85-86, Commendation 82-83, 83-84, 84-85 Atlanta! Georgia Pres. Honor roll, Commendation, 2nd Art award, Math award, An nual staff, National Honor Society, Horseback riding club ANDREA KILGO Athens, Georgia National Honor Society, Who's Who Am. High School Students, Tennis team, Field Day: 1st shot put, 1st foul shooting, lst softball throw, Math team, N.G.C. 85. ELEANOR READ LAWSON Gainesville, Georgia National Honor Society, 3rd Girls Solo Region, Girls Trio, Pres. Honor roll Trustee's Honor Roll, Who's Who Am. High School Students, Commendation Typing, Voice, Literary Day: 1st Poetry 9, 10, 11. -If iq, - ,, ,, . TARA LEIGH KIRBY Lyons, Georgia Commendation list, School Honor roll, Pres. Honor Roll, Who's Who Am. High School Students, Comput- er Club, National P.E. award, All Am. P.E. award, jr. Class Treasurer, Tennis team, typing, One Act Play, Drama JENNIFER ALIXIS-SCOTT LENNON Dunwoody, Georgia Nat. Honor Society, Pres. Honor Roll, Commenda- tions List, Drama, Who's Who Am. High School Stu- dents, Horsemanship, Intramural sports, Teacher's Aide. rw-... l iwmvmnamm ,- BOB ORR Cumming, Georgia SAT Club, Wrestling Club, Pres. Honor Roll, School Honor Roll, Commendation List, Who's Who Am, High School Students CINDY E. PERVIS Roswell, Georgia Ir. Varsity Cheerleader, FHA, FBLA, FBLA Parliamentar- ian, Miss LCHS Pageant, VOT W-vi-,r ,M M Q RUSTY TODD PARRISH Doraville, Georgia Tennis team, Basketball team, Honor Roll, lst place Pottery, 2nd place Wood Working N Lake Mall Show, Archery Club, Annual Staff, NBC, Weight lifting club, Centennial Pageant, Commendation list, Const. Par Course. KIMBERLY ANN POST Atlanta, Georgia Drama, Tennis team, 9th grade Valentine Court, Commendation, School Honor Roll, NBC, Crew Leader, Intramurals, Teacher's Aid, Typing, Bowl- ing, Silkscreen Club W nm SEAN EDWARD SMITH Cleveland, Georgia Crew leader, Tennis, NBC, Weight lifting, Commendation list, Bowling, 11th grade ironman, piano. MARGARET ELLEN QMARGYJ TABOR Toccoa, Georgia 9th grade cheerleader, Varsity Basketball cheerleader, Student Coun- cil, Key Club, National Honor Society, Pres. Honor Roll, USAA in Art, Ga. State Art Symposium, Ballet club, Modern Dance, jazz, Teacher's Aid, NBC, Acis European Tour '85 WENDY PRUDENCE WORTHY Roswell, Georgia Outstanding 7th 8: 8th grade student, outstanding French student Z yrs., outstanding Science student, US National Art Award, Pres. Jr. class, Vice Pres. National Honor Society, Gov. Honors Program Participant in math, lst UDC Essay Competition, Ga, certificate of merit, Trustee's Honor Roll, Alternate Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange Program, tennis, Pres. Commendation. Fi , Bobby Potter Claudette Seay Marti Strickland jay Wehner Amy Adams James Atkins Bill Bailey Mari Bailey Chris Bissell Dione Campbell Claire Clifford David Creagh Matthew Eason Billy Estes Rhonda Gibson Trudy Hardy Laura Hopkins Solomon Huebne Cindy Johnson Hara Kahn Samantha King Sara Lilly Dee Dee McCollum Skip Phillips Sophomores Is it time to quit? Chris Pic Sara Roose Diana Rouse Dana Scarborough Bart Stebbins Courtney Thompson Nancy Tisinger Hubie Vickers Kevin Weems Suzanne Williams Bill Allison Scott Antonion Jason Cadle Andy Coker Robyn Ellis Amy Elsberry Lisa Farmer Andrew Flury Abigail Goldman Leigh Lingenfelter Laura McGahee Wiley Petty X a, W X X ia. X X N X X X X Nm .,... Q., w W W2K S Sb K ww QS NNW X X X ,Q X sm X X5 X N as EE. E: .... K.. .... , IIE" in at 2:3 nn, if- .. eeetee A Q is , 4251 Efffifie N X ex ? 3 E' N Xie Q -' H ""' 3 1 ef, ,ma y ....... 7 ,.,f:, ee. V .. W? 7 1144 f 1 it h W 1 W, Freshmen It's a whole new world! 12 K , YH ,V me , W , Courtney Stroud Lorra Veal Susan Watkins Sean Armstrong Todd Besier Benjamin Brewer Tony Brown Steve Burnham Heather Butynski Andrew Byrd Martha Chan May Chan Ted Foster David Casser Desha Grubb Kristin James Kristi Lambert Scott McGrath Dusti Owens Chip Pearce Sabrina Riddlebaugh Billy Roach David Rose Bridget Shea Mary Shepherd Dean Sorrow Stephanie Strobel It's a lo Stephanie Akins Shane Arrington ,P Rebecca Batchelder if 5,23 David Buice Gabrielle Chaput Kelly Connor Travis Cook Daniele Ferreira Michelle Foley Rodney Gibson Kerri Hirsch Hayden Hutchinson f 5' -. Steve Moore Scott Moreland DeLayne Nicholson Paul Nuckols YQ mm 'eiii gl A isa Seventh Gaining momentum 'Wt'- 'VN 'o y-get A MT. f. t y y em mAm ' M.-'AL .ii WHAT did YOU Say? It's just like playing in the mud I' f' , , . mn' , A Stacey Brett I jay Dresser " ' David Farris 'ffm V Y XX' , , llx gr' ' Y V' ' it 1' f 3 3 va Q it f J. S39 i w 31 er X 5 gg 'S V aw if ""hV' Charles Fersh Bryan Frenzel Scott Kerwath Amy Pierce Annette Sandberg Michael McGahee Nita McMillan Damon Wood Sixth The road begins here 7 Is it all play? Dusty Blakey Alice Carnes Demetrus Dawson Melanie Gibson Ben Morang Michael Wood -Ma ' Q I ' 5 6, 1 K J fir w Hook 'emi '," 11 3 ' ,V..-, Zllli f is Charles Akers A Camille Atkins f" ' Leading the way to the light fi' D 2- 1 f Dr, Franklin Shnrnake - President Mr. Aaron W. Turner - Academic Dean Mrs. Hildred Shumake - Dir. of Ad- missionsflinglish i ,nn, nnnnn , ZVJ nnn rt .Jw In gg... ,ax Md, V Mr. Mike Dale - Director of Information Qnrvir-oc Mr. Truitt Franklin - Business Manager Mr. Sam White - Dean of Students Mrs. Harriet Worrell - Dir. Food ServicesfHomc Ec. Mrs. Holly White - Counselorflfrench MTS- Vanifa Croom - I-ibfafiafl Mrs. Carol Hancock - Historian 29 Mrs. Martha Cantrell f Mathematics. Mrs. Glenda Franklin - Music Mr. james Harris - Ind. Arts 9,15 Mrs. Judy Sprague - Middle School ,I . 2' I 'w Q ' my -wax ' If 5 , -.Q Raef' . 1, ' , ' XX N. Mi x .9 4: ' Mrs. Donna Gray s Receptionist 81. Secre- tary K it X lt, Mrs. Linda Harris f Mathematics Mrs. Emily Lyne - ArtfAnnual .,,, " ,'Q..,,-,.- I Mr. George Roller Y Middle School Mr. Frank Gannon - English 5 Mr. Gerald Sanders - Middle School Sz Social Studies 1 . ' 'i,. fd Q 3 ,.,, an Y Mr. john Saye - Social Studies Mrs. jenny Walker - Nurse 1 V I N.. ,es X K M ,- - fungi? 5: 'x'x'3?i 31 1?-S., it I 4 S 5 as I I! l f xffiizt 'feiii gf '7 filjz it Q. H+, .1- "'3.k J Mr. jim Wilson, Science .ee :::- - .-: . .:r1::i'l?N',i I 1 X Kgs 3 sg t Q Q . Q Q, X ' if A . A. ., -. """ " .. N 'Y F S'1 2 Q Sk Miss Cindy Dickson - P.E., MT' Don Bundfifk - P.E. Work Program Supervisor , U41 Allen Campbell - Dorm Counselor, Mr. Mark TOPOF- Mr. jimmy Franklin A Dorm Counse- Miss Peggy Hanna - Dorm Coun off - Dorm Counselor, Student Center, Miss Melody jackson - Dorm Counsel- or Mrs, Donna Saye - Secretary to Aca- demic Dean 8: Dean of Students Biology lorffea Room selor .41 3 ' .N -11 Miss Kay jones- Dorm Cgungelor- Mrs. Betty Turner - Secretary to Business !Student Center Mgr. Mrs, Pat Shore Y Secretary Admis- Mrs. Gail Mote - Secretary to Pres. sions :Sr Plant Services K- gush' Si I f N M if Ak, I V 0 is J tr M Mrs. Naomi Wolff! Mgrffallulah Gallery 8: Tallulah Tea Room Mrs. Donna Van Lear -W Tallulah Cal- lery ,f?" ,ir ' is Z MiSS Donna MCGib0nBy - Dorm Mrs. Martha Yon, Mrs. Kathy Hamilton Mrs. Merle Free - Tallulah Tea Room Counselor - Old Town Gen'l Store fz, ,dr 2 s 15-9 'M' 1 an 1.9 1 i 5 7 8' , 5 1 3 1- 5,5 if 1 -I , V , Q- 1 A fl 1 Q E, My 'V Vfrk A :I 5 x ll" V -rx 1 MQ: l, K 1 ,tu 1 1 t K wi M Q E '55 K ,ts an AWN t' - ,f Wm" . ',,fe-Qwve-P x X .i..,4 '--. S' t a ,-.ca Mr. Gary Wolff A Maintenance Mr. Doug Cipson - Watchman Mr. Terry Bleckley - Maintenance 0,1110 SYIZFI and Mrs. Shumake at Old Town Gen'l Store Mrs. Ola Galloway in the kitchen Dr. Shumake surveying the store Mr. Turner directing traffic on Main Street r eg 'ri H6 1 'R S an x Mrs. Gracie Dockins 8: Mrs. Edna White in the kitchen U Mrs. Lessie Miller Gr Mrs. Kathy Shirley at the slicer 'HTLL' , JW 'liilxx .1f fig, 1 G M ! Slpichfrgg More money' please! HELP! Cutie p Stud if The Odd Couple "Say cheese, Sam" "Wrestlin' tickets, wrestlin tickets" 33 Q: A goddess and a geisha girl Shannon showing her stuff Dancin' til dawn x 5 H :P x , ,J CX K J The Zoo '-lb... A More hunch punch? wwf You said that about who? if N-.. What study hall should be! - 1 I5 ,- ul IAQ H-4:44 Sean and Hayden doing homework !u J? LIBRARY STUDY ,ff ffm, WM Bosom buddies f0 942' Winning if S 4 44 'W Monday night in the boy's dorm W1 I E ,A ifkilprl V, ,ik f 4 ' 5 E L! fvi .nf -4 39 ,ffiix n W All aboard the party train Sleepy Two's company A-ha, we're seniors sqhyv Sunday morning S Sway? Wendy and Margy - all smiles -1 3 in .LA R4 I+ xx. ,Q V 'R H- ' :xx Q ia' s , 4 f. .X V 5 iw, .ao ' 'lv- 'fs 4. 4, If 6 ,V Looks good! Does everybody get a whole one? y Turkey Q ' I . ' 2 I I ",,, f -14, 9 If , 5, 'N' ' e I' I Is that PIE? Thank Cod, I ate it all! mv 5 Ruff 5 .g,f,,, INN 1 hh I, The Whole thing? 'xii 5? .X 15.53, im L Whigh one 15 the turkey? Where's mine? The turkey trot OK., who's doing this? Where do I begin? Holly and Margy with Dr. Edmond Feldman, speaker at art symposium Holly receives Scholarship to Savannah College Hubie accepts Merit Award for sculpture We could have danced all night . - ' V a College art will be fun! Dione painting at UGA 44 Singin' like angels at Christmas I Why does it have to be this way? l'm not scared any more Will you marry me? - One Act play YOU Cl0l'l'f say? The final contestants of Miss USA pageant Candle Lighting Service Mr. jimmy Franklin takes part in the pro- gram Light it, Steve! , . x J..-M Mrs. Franklin, Mrs. White, Mrs. Cantrell sing! Do all Franklins sing? 'wg X xi Blow harder! MERRY If if E W4 IR' -MGC: I1 Zh Nw: 'Zh -4 or Door decoration in boys' dorm The winner! Angels at Gallery Cf" 5 'i 4'i"Ym,'V?' f I fv'fi'gW 1 V ' - ' A an ,Q V H - " ff fl w M. ali Q l W. , , 4 ,ff x , ,, , ' V H y H 'Ai T, V K A .r A V W W it W ny inflate Silent night, holy night The chapel at night, dressed for Christ- mas CHRISTMAS AT TFS The big night finally arrives! The smell of Christmas fills the air. The dining hall is festive. Dr. Shumake greets Woman's Club members, staff, their families, and students. After a wonderful meal, everyone is invited to go to the Circle Building to see the Middle School students perform in an original play, written and directed by Mrs. Hancock. Then: stockings, presents, and carol- ing . . . and a dance. Mr. and Mrs. Hancock, our historian M.-f HQW Dr. Shumake welcomes everyone C vi Woman's Club members enjoy the dinner .1 5 S K -... M K www i +5-...M si 'Nw z 'f X Q4 . ' S X 'K x . Q LL,'f9 -8 'yS?Ypm' . - Q34 gg N - I Q. A W i W..--A -gr KW SN ,Q ,L . ew .. +. ai Q xr ww ,FI I 1 n gitl ri wg, Tia? whwwgww ,W W 21, fy fr 4, , E 'mb Q g AQ HS Www Q1 QQ'-Q '.-Cf, 'mf- Wm .W W,,, . f 11. J fa ffgmzii Ti U5 ggwllk O .341 x Q5 . Q is .A ui J 'S as, 90 1 gs u r K 1 Q 52 85, , gf Mp Q H 1. it ,Q .IS g'fffiN"'4b2w5'Q em f . l W'ee,.v a Q Q S44 x,K gf' 6551 V54 ' A 500 Q V -Q ,asf f.E Ja 34" N 14 1 1. v uri' 'fi' 03 i' , , 1 py.gqs.. U' Q .hd I X -fn X 627: auf -xt 'V xsjy Ib' la N. N' . 1 lg X " A11 around the tree ' X ' don't care what you got! Mrs. Santa -Z, - X 1 . f" I bN ,Y W v 1 ,f f .1 4 ' U YA ff 3 , Q QW .1 J ' el 'fi o Q5y4vjf,. Look what I got! s lit Did they all get here? Rifle range or ski slope? Love birds ridin' high Wheeeeeeee -1. iff' Casualty? That ain't skiing Where's the brakes? 'M'-u Oh, my bottom! Short haul? Look, Mom, no hands W., JV' Can't let go Admiral Byrd Sky ride W f only l'll'Qw LAST WILL L -1 . A L Being of reasonably sound minds and bodies, we the 1986 Graduating Class of TPS do hereby bequeath the following: Kelly Brook's- favorite jeans to Alice Carnes. Tara Brownell's acting ability to Michael Wood. Brian Cason's manliness to David Rose. Holly Crumpton's art ability to David Gasser. Shannon Diener's hiking boots to Camille Atkins. Lon Gilbert's 25 extra pounds to Mr. Harris. John Graham's long hair to Hubie Vickers. Ethan Howe's musical talent to Sara Lilly. John Hicks' crazed work crew to Chris Bissell. Felicia Ivester's high grade point average to Billy Estes. Sedge Johnston's photo ability to Andrew Flury. Alan Jardon's calculator to James Atkins. Andrea Kilgo's physical prowess to Bridget Shea. Tara Kirby's bubble gum to Claudette Seay. Eleanor Lawson's singing ability to Abby Goldman. Jennifer Lennon's golden locks to Dusti Owens. Cindy Bobby Orr's nothing 'cause Kim won't let him. Todd Parrish's perfect manners to Dusty Blakey. Pervis' ability to make the best of her senior year to DeeD Kim Post's nothing 'cause she's taking Bobby with her. Sean Smith's black leather gloves to Ben Brewer. Margy Tabor's integrity to Paul Nuchols. Wendy Worthy's mirror and brush to Amy Pierce. 99. W F' f' 1x0NO1-N '3ys l1'O .29 -Q. 1, kg El. E113 69 90 0? 1896 GEGRGIA FEDERATION CDE WOIVIEINVS CLUBS CCDNGFRATULATES TALLULAI-I FALLS SENICDRS 1986

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Tallulah Falls School - Retrospect Yearbook (Tallulah Falls, GA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 6

1986, pg 6

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Tallulah Falls School - Retrospect Yearbook (Tallulah Falls, GA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 9

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