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Talladega High School - Tallala Yearbook (Talladega, AL) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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J E , -A . , Y , H . I I I , x I x n , 1 , Q 9' 0 -4 1 ,F 5. I ..L...,.Y ,--- --...-- Q. 4 I . ' f 1 v O i M .M -L' 1 Q... 4.1--1 A Y ,ffL.f.1",..hmfJhY4 " 5, ,, .,.., br., ...,vu-rfglvf-H--P11-F'Mf-Fb.'M--'lv -f' P -" ' "5""W" -- """""""1" ""' """"" u -vw- - .l -.... Ex Libris knlf dip .. fi gi S W 'S 2 Sf 1 4 TX . .... ,.,. , Q JXWZVFWUH fmarflrrhbwz C5112 Qaragnn Qczss --mnfyxunrffyg flfzl, .1 I Q 1 1 . Q L 1, i E V L, I 1 5 T' NZM dfafefz Cn the c1ty's southern border Straight against the sky Proudly stands our Alma Mater As the years roll by. Long well cherish ner and love ner Lips will sing her praise Over her a halo snineth As we her standards raise. "Forward ever" be our vvatchvvoard Conquer and prevail Hail to thee, our Alma Mater? T, H. S, all haill ' - Q Q . '1l'!l!'Ill ' A ' V . A . ,'.J:..1'1 . . f 'h'li i'z.:,-,ta A f lv: ? Y' A J I 4 V. H ' ""' -, - yi ' -'-' M Z M Photographs--Robert Leonard Mmm THE 1945 TALLALA ml Talladega High 5011001 95260026 Our high school days are almost overe-those vvonderful days when everything is exciting to our young hearts3,We vvould capture again the thrill of the football games in the fall, the Christmas party in the vvinter, the lunior-Senior banquet in the spring, and finally the day of graduation We would not forget all the little in-between things that make .our school immortal to everyone vvho enters it vvide-eyed in his freshman year and graduates a "Sparkling Senior " ln this tenth volume of the "Tallala" vve bring you familiarscenes, faces, and events to recall those happy days at T, H S, in V946-'47, The Senior Class of Talladega l-ligh School dedicates this lOth volume of the Tallala to Miss Zora Ellis. During the twenty-one years that she has taught English in the Talladega High School, she has fulfilled her responsibilities with unfailing enthusiasm and zeal. Without Miss Ellis' help we would often have been unable to accomplish some of our most worthwhile undertakings, for she has always been ready to give generously of her time and energy, She is the living example of the success and contentment we would like to attainin. our lives. We wish to dedicate this as a token for her services through the year. The Annual Staff has worked hard t ' o give you this year book. lt wasn't easy to convince the merchants-who responded most liberally-that the i947 Tallala was the best way to advertise. Tuesda attern ' y oon meetings kept us at school until dark. Pict - k' " ure ta ing days were tales full of sound and fury." But all in all it was loads of fun. With the untiring help of the staff and aids, the co-operation of Mr. Nunnelley and th o er members of the faculty, and under the leadership of Miss Ellis, we give you this tenth volume of the"-l'allala" Tallala tall Editor ...... ,......... l ames Peeples Sports Editor .... ..,. B obby Nabors Associate Editor ........r. Iris Ferguson Art Editor ..... ........ l immy Filce Business Manager ....., jimmy Hamilton Photographer .......... Tommy Duncan Advertising Manager ......... Billy Hall Typists ............ Stan and Billy Biggs junior Representatives. .... .. ....... ........... P hillip Smith, Charles Nunn Sponsor ............... ............. M iss Zora Ellis AIDS Dot Beverly Lula Faye Goray Myra Dean Connie Baynes Betty Landreth loanne Ingram Imogene Stone Annie Ruth Henley luanita Tate lack Remson ig-www MR. FRANK l.. HARWELL MR. NEWMAN NUNNELLEY Superinfendent Talladega Principal Talladega Cily SCl'100lS High Schcol Mrs. Alice C. Eigle Miss Clarissa Stalcup Mrs. Mary D. Beckett Miss Ann Sullivan QED' fxz If KB! Ely 'all fiilaf i QQ - ,sr ff-"Y , M 'ri, . 5' ii E l i 15 Q, H ,H 9.Qe"fW,5 , f 3 mg 3 f ff Q., fiiif , ME? 4 h X M wwwfmm .W- ri, M s .fx -.,.J i f ,ew2 fi, 1 A an gf? :iii QE 'rffglgif Ia D515 'fa gy 5: 55 :gr 2:52 Qs? we dt! H."'il4n H.. .L Marv Fl fl I Q . 4 if my ' - 4 My .lr .:. 2 i in ff? L klfwf, wx W m,,,s .-A .. N4 V. ,Q . - we ' f-. x , Qi' A ui Q ,E X 5 Zi -TIT ,Q 1 wig M I , 5 ' Q W we f 6 225 51 :,' z f , ' ',,, Q' wg' :.:- -l"' 1' J I V we .. f 1.' 2.1.2 . i. Emma CLASS OFFICERS THOMAS IVEY ...... . . ........,....,..... ......... P reSidemt MARjORIE I-IERRINC ..,...... .... V ice-President CONNIE BAYNES ............... ....... S ecrefary CLAUDE TINNEY, STAN BICCS ..... .... T reasurers ELLIIAY ALVERSON IOHN LEWIS BARBER Band 4, 3, 2, I, Football Mgr, 4, Basketball UB" Team 4, 3, 2, Senlor Play 33 lunlor Klvyanuan 4, DAVID ROY BASSET, IR. HELEN CONSTANCE BAYN ES Honor Society 4, 3, Ivlajorette 4, Class Secretary 4, Class Treasurer 2, Vuce-Presudent I , Latun Club 2, Dramatic Club 4, Annual Alcl 4, President Youth Center 4, Sennor Play 3, Whos Who 4, Coocl Cutl- zenship Ctrl. VIRCINIA LEE BENEFIELD F, H. A, 4, 3, 2, I DOROTHY HELEN BEVERLY Honor Socuety 4, 3, Lattn Club 2, Class Prophet 4, Class Reporter 4, Annual Aucl 4, Sec. of Honor Socrety 4. LEONARD STANTON BICCS, IR, Honor Socuety 4, Class Treasurer 4, Flag Bearer 3, Home Room Treasurer 3, Annual Typust 4, Latin Club 2, Clee Club 4, Youth Center Rep 4, House Cornmuttee ot "Tnple T" 4, WILLIAM CARSON BICCS Honor Society 4, Flag Bearer 3, Annual And 4, Latnn Club 2, Clee Club 4. IULIA ELIZABETH BLACKBURN Olee Club 3, F, I-l, A. 3, l IIIVIIVIY LEE BLACKIVION Football 4, 3, 2, "T" Club 4, 3, 2, lvloclel Plane Club I, lunlor Krwanuan 3, HILTON ALEXANDER BOWDEN ARDIE FRANK BoWERs Football 4, 3, HT" Club 4, 3 lOAN DARE BURK Student Service Council 3, 2, l , Treasurer Service Council 2, Band 4, 3, 2, l, Librarian ot Band 4, l, Class Treasurer 2. JOSEPH ALTON BURT Football 4, 3, Track 4, 3, 2, "T" Club 4, 3 lUANlTA DARDEN BURTON Clee Club 3, 2, l 3 F. H. A. 2 PEOCY BUTTERWORTH RAYFORD CALDWELL CAMERON Clee Club 4, 2, Clee Club Treasurer 4 IOHN BRYANT Cl-lRlSTlE HT" Club 4, 2, l , junior Kivvanian 4, Football 4, 3, 2, High Y Club lg Vice-President "T" Club 4, Whos Who 4, 30 Months in Navy. lAMES curroiao coui Football HB" Team 3, 4, Basketball 2, Fire Fighter 2, l. L. D. COOPER Football "B" Tearn 3, Basketball Mgr. 3, Clee Club 3, HT" Club 4, 3, Baseball 3. OWEN ELDRIDOE COX Football 4, 3, 2, "T" Club 4, 3, 2, junior Kiwanian 3. JACK -MILTON CURTIS Olee Club 4, Student Director of Clee Club 4 MYRA LAVERNE DEAN Honor Society 4, Annual Staff Aid 4, Latin Club 2, Treas. ot Honor Society 4, EDITH MARIE DENTON F. H. A. 4, 3, 2 MARY IOSEPHINE DUNCAN F, H, A. I, Glee Club I , Cheer Leader 4 WILLIAM THOMAS DUNCAN Dramatic Club 4, Reporter Dramatic Club 4, Honor Society 4, 3, Class Photographer 4, Annual Statt 4, Rep. to Boys' State 3, Senior Play 3. IOE SHARPE DURDEN Cheer Leader 4, 3 IERRY MATSON ELDER Basketball "B" Team 3, Football Mgr, I , Glee Club 4, Cheer Leader 4, Fire Fighter 4, 3, 2, I. IRIS VIRGINIA FERGUSON , Student Service Council 3, 2, Reporter 2, Honor Society 4, 3, Band 4, 3, 2, I, Vice-PresfBand 3, Beauty 4, Annual Staft 4, 3, Associate Editor 4, Latin Club 2, Girls' State 4. IAMES HOWARD FIKE Football 3, 2, Basketball 4, 3, 2, "T" Club 4, 3, 2, Track 2, Annual Staff 4. MARY ELLEN FORREST Glee Club 3 ELIZABETH ANN FOSTER Band 4, 3, 2, I , F. H. A. 4, 3, 2 HOWARD EUGENE FREEMAN Football 4, 3, 2, Basketball 4, 3, 2, Fire Fighter 2 t1l"f,,.,g"l "T" Club 4, 3, 2, Favorite 2, Who's Who 4, Basket- ball Co-Capt, 4. if PRESTON HAROLD GAMBRELL LULA FAYE GORAY F, H. A. I , Annual Aid 4, Honor Society 4 BILLY EUGENE HALL Band 4, 2, I, Annual Statt 4, Adv. Mgr. 4,4 Glee Club 4. ifwies HENRY Halviiwon Service Council 3, Cheer Leader 4, Annual Staff 4, lunior Kivvanian 3, Homeroom President 3, Busi- ness lvlgr, Annual 4, Vice-Pres, "Triple T" 4, TALlVlADCE EUCENE HARRlS Baseball 3, Football 4, 3, 2, Alternate Capt, 4, "T Club 4, 3, 2. ANNIE RUTH HENLEY Pres, Honor Society 4, Honor Society 4, 3, Clee Club 4, 3, Annual Aid 4, Who's Who 4. MARGARET ANN HERRINC' Favorite 2, Beauty 4, 3, 2, Girls' State 4 lVlARlORlE RUTH HERRI NC Beauty 4, 3, 2, Annual Aid 3, Class Officer 4, Cirls' State 4. WILMA KATHERINE HINSGN Cheer Leader 4, Clee Club l, Who's Who 4 CLARENCE FERRELL HOBBS, lR. Football 4, 3, 2, Class President 3, Basketball 4 3 i 3. 2, CO-Capt, Basketball 4, HT" Club 4, 3, 2, Band 4 3 2 l i i i ' ierr iviamorsi Hoses, JR. oEoRcE HOLDRIDCE, JR. lNo plcturel SALLY CAY HUTTON F, H. A. 2, l IOANNE INCRAM Band 2, l , lvlaiorette 4, 3, Head Majorette 4, Honor Society 4, 3, Class Secretary 3, 2, Latin Club Zg' Poet 4, Dramatic Club 4, Secretary Dramatic Club 4. THCMAS CALVERT IVEY Senior Class President 4, Homeroom President 2, Student Service Council 4, 3, Favorite 3, Football 4, 3, 2, Captain Football 4, Basketball 4, 3, 2, l, Baseball 4, 3, Track 3, Sec. Treas, "T" Club 4, "T" Club 4, 3, 2, l, junior Kivvanian 4. jULlUS ALLEN IONES Football "B" Team 4, 3, "T" Club 4 CHARLES DOUGLAS KEITH Football 4, 3, 2, "T" Club 4, 3, 2, Baseball 3 BETTY IEAN LANDRETH Band 4, 3, 2, I, Glee Club 4, 3, Class Musician 4, Band Historian 4, Honor Society 4, Sec. Glee Club. IERRY P, MALONE, IR, "T" Club 4, 2, Football 2, Class President 2, Sec- retary of Class I , ZI Months U, S, Nayy, HELEN INEZ MILLER IOE BOB MORRISS 28 Months Navy ROBERT LEE NABORS Service Council 3, 2, Football 4, 3, 2, "T" Club 14, 3, 2, Basketball "B" Team 3, Annual Statt 4, Sports Editor 4, Band I. ELIZABETH FIELDS OWENS INo picturel IOAN FAIRLEY PARKS Sec, "Triple T", Band I , Honor Society 4, 3, Vice- President Class 3, Glee Club 4,-Glee Club Pianist 4, Class Musician 4, Who's Who 4. WILLIAM OLIVER PATTERSON "T" Club 4, 3, 2, Football Mgr, 2, Basketball "B" Team Co-Capt. 3, Fire Fighter 3, 2, I, Model Air- plane Club I. ifxmes CALVIN PEEPLEs, IR, Honor Society 4, Senior Play 3, Glee Club 4, Editor Annual 4, Annual Staff 4, Latin Club 2, I, Band 4, 3, 2, I. GEORGE CARROLL PHILLIPS Annual Staff 3, Honor Society 4, 3 IAMES HANDLEY PITTS Youth Center Rep, 4, Transfer Eastern High School, Detroit, Mich. iAtyiEs OLNA PRUET Band 4, 3, 2, i mag, rms , W! 'W -"""'lA , Q, 1 Q.. M k 4'-.wg 2 I ,... . 'ii " M' ,-wk like M,g ,jr-I, A-42.-',s'ii., : bats! , - 11, , JAMES EDWARD QUARLES Football 4, 3, 2, l , Co-Capt, Football 3, Favorite l 3 "T" Club 4, 3, 2, lg President "T" Club 4, junior Krvvanian 4, Whos Who 4, Student Council 4, 22 Months Navv, JOHN HOFFMAN REMSON lOl-lN LEROY ROBINSON Football "B" Team 3, Football 4, "T" Club 4, 3, Baseball 4, 31 Rep, Boys' State 3. PAUL ijACKl EDWARD RUTLEDCE Whos Who 4, Favorite 2, Football 4, 3, 2, All State 4, "T" Club 4, 3, 2, "T" Club President 3, Hugh Y Club 3, 23 Honor Society 4, 3, lunror Krvvanian 3, Class Vice-President 3. lOYCE LEA SCOTT Clee Club 3 MILDRED LOUISE SHADRICH Honor Socretv 4 BETTY FARlSS SlVllTl-l Honor Society 4, Transter Trpton, Ca, FRANCES IEANETTE SMITH Band l Q Clee Club 4, l g Vuce-Pres Clee Club WALLACE LEE SMITH Football "B" Team 45 Football Mgr, l, Basleetbal 4, Basketball "B' Team 31- Basketball Team- Capt 31 "T" Club 4, 3, 2, Cheer Leader 3, Favorite l g Fire Flghter 3, 2, Model Airplane Club l, lMOC,ENE STONE Honor Society 4, 3, F H A- 2, Sec -Treas. 7' Re- porter 3, Song Leader 4, Annual Aid 4, IUANITA DEVANN TATE Band 3, 2, Clee Club 3, 2, Annual Aid 4 ...ff WALTER NICHOLAS THORNTON ' 5 Years Army E CLAUDE LEEPER TINNEY D. O, Club 4g Class Treasurer 4, 3 WREIXI WAITES 32 Months Army Air Eorce DOROTHY RAY WALLACE Honor Society 4, 3g Annual Aid 4g Senior Play 3 Dramatic Club 4g Treas, Drarnatic Club -I. IVIARCIE ELIZABETH WALLACE E. H. A, 3, 2, I 4 CLENNIE LOU WILLIAMSON Band 4, 3, 2, I , Band Vice-President 3g Band Presi dent 4g Clee Club 4, 3g President Clee Club 4 Clee Club Adv. Mgr. 33 Honor Society 4, 3g Clas Testator -lg re, Seven ll Double attractions V55 1 fgefiqiani frzfeaalit MCK RUTLEDCE CONN l E BAYNES Samara Presbyterian Youth League jimmy Hamilton Baptist Training Union james Peeples First Methodist Youth Fellowship Betty Landreth Trinity Youth Fellowship Thomas lvey , si SZMCQJWX Swccwafed Representative JOAN PARKS and MMES QUARLES Popular ANNIE RUTH HENLEY and EUGENE FREEMAN :Zi 5 il in Pin-Up KATHERINE HINSON Handsome JOHNNY CHRISTIE "Aww" W ' A Above FIRST ROW-james Laskley, Annette Lott, Dick Burton, joyce Nabors, Bryant lyey, joyce Nelson jerry Deupree. SECOND ROW-Louiselimbaugh, Wilma Chappell, Odessa Matson, Sara Hamilton, Agnes Horn Daniel Chappell, Edward Cox, Betty Elliott, Harry Sherman. THIRD ROW-Durell Morriss, Cecil Tant, Tom Gallant, Edward Dowling, Arthur Clifford, Billy Ed- wards, Charles Quarles, Eugene Forbes. Top lett FIRST ROW-Nina joy Morriss, Bobbie Denton, Ellen Durden, Emelyn McLane, Sybil Noel, Ann Capps SECOND ROW-Edward Hussey, Bob Gene McBride, Robert Thompson, Cuy Kaylor, joe Hurst Charles Nunn THIRD ROW-Walter Crider, Lamar Roberts, Buddy Martin, Fred Burns, Charles Buckner. Bottom left FIRST ROW-Rupert Crenshaw, jean Fike, jim Thurman, Dot Hutton, Bailey Dixon, Ruby john Knight, Phillip Smith, Catherine Churchill. SECOND ROW-Ercelle Howell, Betty jean Cox, Doris Brown, Richard Robertson, Elizabeth jenkins, Shirley Heath, Mary Frances Caney, Mildred Ford. THIRD ROW-jimmy Mizzell, Carlton Holmes, Billy Coulter, Romayne Ledlow, Catherine Wellbaum Ann Screws, Dorothy Waters. i mmm President Bryant' Ivey pcfywfafz Dot Cray and jimmy Pursell Representative Ann Capps Charles Nunn awed Sue Peters Walter Henley Sfmea W Pin-Up Bobbie Caldwell Handsome Roemayne Ledlowe MISS DEAN'S HOMEROOM MR. WESLEY'S HOMEROOM MRS. WILLIAMS' HOMEROOM SEN-ICR I MISS DEAN'S HOME ROOM Left to right lst Row-Edna Ruth Drumrnand, Nellie Ruth Suddeth, Betty Ann Poole, Betty M. Nabors, juanita Davis, joy Mae Harrison, Wanda Sue White, Betty Sue Bryant. 2nd Row-Betty jo Sherman, Gwen jones, Sue Dunn, Barbara Duncan, Ina Ruth Brooks, Norma jean Dean, jane Tuggle, Bobbie jo Baker, Mildred Morrow. 3rd Row-Betty Davis, Peggy Cline, Polly Gurley, Martha Hogan, Ellie Rue Bailey, Betty Teague, Doris Peeples, Mildred Burnham, Miss Dean. 4th Row-Billy East, james Moncus, Paul' Hamilton, Elon Pope, Harold Cottle, Fred Nelson, Herbert Cooper, Bobby Garrigas. MR. WESI.EY'S HOME ROOM Lett to right lst Row-Durell Mock, Betty Hall, Boots Parsons, Mary Frances Britton, Rebecca Townsend, Christine Brooks, Ralph Randall. 2nd Row-Earl Nabors, jenny Freeman, Imogene Brown, Gertrude Tomlin, Rudene Burclett, Sara Chandler, Betty jean Cooper. 3rd RowmBobby Griffin, Marvin Washum, Edwin Deupree, jimmie Edmonson, Billy Atkinson, Paul Patterson, Dewey Atkinson, Hubbard Dennis, Mr. Wesley. 4th Row-Russel Lakey, George Ansley, Tommie Barber, judson Burks, Billy Cobb, Harold Hurst, Lewis Hollingsworth, Bobby Haynes. MRS. WILLIAMS' HOME ROOM Left to right lst Row-Mary Ellen Rozelle, johnnie Dean Watts, Mildred Spencer, joyce Sweat, Mary Elizabeth Bowman, Bettie Lee Chappell, jo Ann Young, Lilly Vlahakis, Martha Ann Scott. 2nd Row-Priscilla Woodref, Lola Mae Parsons, Elaine Burks, Sara Wallace, Mary Ann Cooley, Betty Barnett, Inez McGlown, Faye Patjens, Mrs. Williams. 3rd Row-Aaron Browning, Charles Spencer, jo Neal Sprayberry, Maurice Patterson, Billy jo Knight, john Hollingsworth, Maloy Pitts, Richard Patterson, jack Wright, David Riddle. I 4th Row-Richard Tebo, Andy Moore, Bradley Askew, Billy Bradshaw, Bobby Burns, jack Held, Leon White, Thurman Baker. IUNIOI III MISS SULLIVAN'S 'HOME ROOM Left to right lst Row-Frank Danner, Hilda Dean, Mildred East, Frankie Tant, jean Vickers, Billy Cooley, Law- son Coray. 2nd RowMCarl Darden, Henry Cu'rtis, Barbara Ann Wright, Betty jean Ciambrell, Bobbie Ann Churchill, Mary Wren Pugh, juanita Harris, Ed Ledbetter. 3rd Row-Barry Self, Carlton Pope, Buford Robinson, Charles Freeman, Aulton Robbs, james Ingram, Billie Hurst, Miss Sullivan. 4th Row-Bill Ledbetter, Eric Canada, Donald Blake, Bill Nunis, jimmy Hall, jimmy Henley, Bobby jones, Robert Tanner. MRS. WILKS' HOME ROOM Left to right lst Row+Mary H, Simmons, Doris Fowler, Fay Langley, Sara Slay, Doris Miller, Evelyn Drummond, Blondell Langley. 2nd Rowe-Rena Nelson, Florence Watts, joyce Blackmon, Billie jane Snyder, Patsy Hayes, Margaret Beard, Erma Williamson, Betty Statium. 3rd Row-eDorothy Blackburn, Elna Williams, Helen Coss,,Sarah jo Turner, Betty jo Dabney, Betty Taft, jerldine Colvard, Dorothy johnson, 4th Row-Sue Teague, Martha Hutton, Bertha jeter, Evelyn Blow, Dorothy Taylor, Mrs. Wilks, Edna Bell Stoddard, Fay Grace, Willie jarvis. MRS. BECKETT'S HOME ROOM Left to right lst Row-'Lamar German, Donald Denton, johnny Warren, joe Mel Smith, David josey, Tommy Deupree, Billy Waters, Tommy Tate 2nd RownDoris May, Mae Bell Cooley, Doris jean Mclnnish, Christine Hamlin, Dorothy Duncan, Nancy Harper, Betty McFarlane, Sue Cox, Dorothy jones, Barbara Riggleman, 3rd RowfRichard Steele, Fred Hare, Curtis Lackey, jimmy Nixon, Billy Martin, Billy Malone, john Wilcox, Edward Shadoin, Mrs, Beckett. 4th RoweeGlenn Turner, Wren Munroe, joe Wayne Ingram, Sidney Robertson, George Renwick, Daniel Hughston, Homer Blankenship, Terry Stringfollow. MISS BROWN'S HOME ROOM Lett to right lst Row-Clardy Noel, Robert Towles, joyce Ansley, Edna Earl Cheatwood, Sara Phillips, Dan Cox, jimmy Nabors. 2nd Row-afBilly Mac Brand, Frances Biggers, Geneva Maxley, jimmie Sue Brown, Sue Hall, Nancy Claxton, Ida Sue Cotield, Reginald Rogers, 3rd Row--Walter Rozelle, Cason Capps, Billie Barnett, Bobby joe Watson, Tommy Mizzell, Billie Anderson, Miss Brown. 4th Row-Rex Morrison, Carolyn jenkins, Nell Griffin, Carolyn Malone, David Sherman, Lewis Forman, Buddy Hubbard, james jarrett, No Pictures-W, M. james, Billy Mitchell, Martha Benetield, Sara Tom Munroe. IUNIGR i q 5 if , as mm she.. 1-iivifff l, HB" Team Clweerleaclersg 2 Pep Para-ldeg 3. Annual Dollar Day, 4 XX lwmgry lmeg 5. The faltlmful mzmeograplag 6 Lab emtl'1us,lastsg 7, Nrmble fmgers, United Nations Pcsferg 9, Girls' pllys. ed g lO. .,... . if? ,:., ,l,.,q., 2 we ,E K' xi Z-1:25 :vL:-- J ,. efl 1 T S K 7 " 8 li.. , E i 5 f z n E K I E NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY . Furst Row Left to rrght, loan Parks, Clennle Wllllamson, Dorothy Vxfallace, Annie Ruth Henley. lrls Ferguson, Dorothy Beverly, Myra Dean, Betty Cfne Landreth. Second Row Lett to rrght, lames Peeoles, Tommy Duncan, Bully Brggs, Stan Suggs, loanne Ingram, Betty Smrth, Imogene Stone, lack Rutledge, Connle Baynes, Lula Faye Coray, Louise Shadrick. Third Rowe-Carroll Phrllrps. OFFICERS ANNIE RUTH HENLEY ..... ........... .,...... P r esldent CARROLL PHILLIPS ..... Vrce-President DOROTHY BEVERLY ........ Secretary IVIYRA DEAN ...... ...... T reasurer The Theta Srgma Chapter of the Natronal Honor Socrety was organuzed at Talladega Hugh School in I933, Every hugh school student has the ambrtlon to belong to thas hrghly honored organlzatron. From the lunror and Sensor Classes the faculty selects students who meet the requlrements of scholar- shrp, leadershnp, character, and service. F I RST ROW joe Burt Leroy Robinson Bobby Nabors Harold Cottle Ciuy Kaylor David Riddle SFCOND ROW Thomas Ivey julius jones Billy Patterson james QUARLES .... IOHNNY Cl-IRISTIE .. THOMAS IVEY ..... GENE HARRIS .... T CLUB Wallace Smith Douglas Keith jimmy Fike Ardie Bowers Bryant lvev THIRD ROW james Quarles Gene I-larris jerry Malone iF,Qrre'll Hobbs Durell Morris Bailey Dixon OFFICERS Bob McBride Owen Cox jimmy Blackmon NO PICTURES L. D, Cooper jack' Rutledge Bobby Garrigus johnny Christie Charles Quarles jimmy Pursell jack Wright , .......... ,. .President ...........Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer . . . . . . . .Sergeant at Arms The object of the "T" Club is to promote better sports and better sportsmanship. Before a person can become a member of the "T" Club he has to earn a letter in Varsity Competition and be passed on by the members of the club. No one is admitted unless he is deemed worthy. X .Ami . iw 'Y .J kk .ijf'k.Y'.ti?:a1 GLEE CLUB Left to right lst Row-aLucile Warlick, Frances Smith, Dorothy Blackmon, Glennie Williamson, Sibyl Noel, Bessie lean Orr, Nancy Claxton, Annette Lott. 2nd Row-loyce Nelson, Lois Bowden, Ellen Durden, Donna Batterson, Louise Tramell, loyce Nabors Esther Goss, Betty lo Dabney, Rayford Cameron. 3rd Row-Miss Sullivan, Lillie Vlahakis, Martha Ann Scott, Bobbie Ann Churchill, Louise Limbaugh loan Parks, Anne l-lenley, Betty Chappell, Odessa Matson, Betty lean Landreth, Frances Burton loyce Nabors. 4th Row-elames Peoples, Milton Curtis, Billy l-lall, Billy Mitchel, Eric Canada, jimmy Hall, jerry Elder. v v No Pictures-Billy Biggs, Stan Biggs, Gene l-larris, L. D. Cooper. OFFICERS CLENNIE WILLIAMSON ... ......... ......... P resident FRANCES SMITH .......... ..... V ice-President BETTY lEAN LANDRETH ..... ....... S ecretary RAYFORD CAMERON .... ......,.. T reasurer MILTON CURTIS ..... .... , Student Director The Glee Club, which had only thirty members at the opening of school, has gradually increased to forty lby adding lO boysl. This semester's work has been to interpret songs and learn sight read- ing. Folk songs and Christmas Carols of other lands have been studied for a greater appreciation of music. F. H. A. FIRST ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW FOURTH ROW Fa Tangley Betty Chappell Sue Teague Helen Simmons Palsy Hayes Virginia Benefield Sara Wallace Barbara Wright Frankie Tant Betty Teague lnez McClon Ellie Rue Bailey Mildred East Nellie Ruth Suddeth Elizabeth Foster Dorothy Duncan Betty Davis Elna Williamson loyce Blackmon Betty Tatt Sue Wyatt Cox Betty Cooper Bobbie Churchill Blondell Tangely Geraldine Calvard luanita Davis Betty Dabney Polly Curley lean Vickers Wanda Sue White limmy Sue Brown Bertha leter Bobbie Baker Martha Hutton Dorothy lones Sara Turner Evelyn Blow Edna Ruth Drummond Rudene Burdette Mrs. Wilks Donna Batterson loyce Ansley Christine Hamlin DOVIS Miller Mary Ellen Pennington Helen Goss Bene N6lSOV1 Edna Bell Studdard Evelyn Drummond Doris May Mildred Ford OFFICERS BETTY TEACUE ........... ......... ........ P r esident CERALDINE CALVARD .... ..... V ice-President BOBBlE BAKER ........ ..... A 'Secretary BETTY DAVIS ......... .... T reasurer MOTTO-Toward New Horizons. FLOWER-Red Rose. COLORS-Red and White. EMBLEM-Octagonal in shape and bears the name of the organization around the top ot the plane and the motto on the lower side of it. ln the center there is a house supported by two hands DEGREES-There are four degrees of achievement, The key, the scroll, the torch, and the rose are symbols of the degrees. PURPOSE-The F, H, A4 is an organization to promote the appreciation and the importance ot hom making, and to encourage democracy in the home and community life. lt- also encourages good family lite and the promotion of good will It serves to develop creative leadership in the home and to provide wholesome recreation, The last is to promote further interest in home economics Flutes Shirley Heath Martha Williams Eddie Dowling Betty Elliott Cla rinets Iris Ferguson Ann Capps Catherine Wellbaum Elizabeth Foster Elizabeth jenkins Sue Hall Carolyn jenkins Bill DeBardeleben Martha Benetield jean Vickers Elaine Burt Mary Wren Pugh Ida Sue Cofield Marlene Patterson Helen Landreth joyce Sweat Betty Hall ' Doris Peeples Saxophones Bobby jones jimmy Owen Caynell Ferrell Dorothy Trammell Walter Rozelle BAND Cornets james Moncus Betty jean Landreth joe Wayne lngrarn Eugene Chandler Phillip Smith jerry Moseley Clennie Williamson joe Hooper Elon Pope Cierald White Ralph Burns Robert Towles Horns Dorothy Waters Betty Flowers Barry Self john Wellbaum Sara Phillips Earnest Winchester jack Spencer Baritones james Peeples jerry Spratt Basses Billy Hall Richard 'Patterson Claude Self Percussion Ann Screws Nancy Claxton Tommy Mizzell jimmy Hall joan Burk Martha jean Tate Majorettes joanne Ingram Trombones Connie Baynes Fred Burng Frances Burton jimmy Pruett DOT Cray Ferrell Hobbs BSHY Am Poole john L. Barber Dot Hutton Rupert Crenshaw Band Officers Mr, john Olvera .........- .i....... D irector Glennie Williamson. ., ............ President Ann Capps . . .- ......... Secretary-Treasurer Fred Burns ............... Student Director Betty jean Landreth ......... Band Historian un- e 1" ' 4 . ...Q Q f Ei . tha . 1., 5. .',. al In , is '- TQ, Office assistants Our faithful lunch room cooks l. Our coachesg 2. Efficient Manager Barherg 3. Fine fellovvsg 4, Pep meeting in The sfadiumg 5. Sadie sings Them off to Dothang 6, Rosie fakes lvanhoeg 7. Were all hereg 8. Good lock, Tigersg 9, Atop fhe skelefong lO. Who says so?g ll, The band uniforms arriveg l2, Football fans. AF' 1 "4 L3 V E .i asia 1' 6' 5 A ng.. '53 X rf wqis, 2 if of YU 45 WI. EF- ll M,-Mi-If V A-R N F0ll'I'llilLL "A" SQUAD This group of fine boys was complimented from every part of the state. They accomplished for themselves and Coach Shapiro and Coach Wesley, not only an undefeated football season but also a conduct record that was held true at every place the team went. Seventeen of the twenty-one boys on the squad graduate this year, but they are hoping that the team next year can carry on where they left off. First Row-W jimmy Purgejl Walter l-lenley, Douglas Keith, Bailey Dixon, joe Burt, james Cole, julius jones, Leroy Robinson, Bobby Nabors, Thomas Ivey, Eugene Freeman. Second Row-Coach Wesley, jack Rutledge, Charles Quarles, Durell Morris, Ardie Bowers, james Quarles, Ciene Harris, johnny Christie, Ferrell l-lobbs, Owen Cox, jimmy Blackmon, Coach Shapiro. Q 'fl' .3 W YM l 1:iEEi 9.E15fi??E'L'ff if? awfkiwdi i't'S??1'.2lSS'f?'E7EWuF5!N"'9" K ' . MHt9':!?'?i?1t?f., :S T Kite i3"a?WibT '5 . ' Y .aa .f N. sm .fees .- iw ... M im is FIRST' ROW l. jimmy Pursell 2. Walter Henley 3. Douglas Keith 4. Bailey Dixon 5. joe Burt 6. Thomas Ivey 7. julius jones 8. Leroy Robinson 9. Bobby Nabors IO. james Cole ll. Eugene Freeman SECOND ROW l. Coach Wesley 2. jack Rutledge 3. Charles Quarles 4. Durrell Morris 5. Ardie Bowers 6. james Quarles 7. Gene Harris 8. johnny Christie 9. Ferrell Hobbs lO . Owen Cox Talladega 39 .... Talladega 7 .... Talladega I9 .... Talladega l5 .... Talladega 26 .... Talladega 24 .... Talladega 32 .... Talladega 20 .... Talladega 28 .... jimmy Blackmon Coach Shapiro T THIRD ROW Glenn ,Turner David Riddle Buddy Martin Ralph Randell Leon White Bryant Ivey Edward Hussey jerry Deupree Bob Gene 'McBride Charles Freeman Dick Burton Roy Brooks George Ansley Romayne Ledlow FOURTH ROW jack Held Durrell Mock Richard Robertson Andy Moore Bobby Burns SCH EDULE Bobby .jones Charles Spencer Tommy Tate Cariun Haynes Billy Hardegree Carl Monroe Robert Tanner Phillip Smith jimmy Nabors FIFTH ROW Billy Adkinson Tommy Barber Wren Monroe' john McBride Sidney Robertson Reginald Rogers Wallace Smith Bobby Griffin jimmy Edmunson jimmy Mizzell Carlton Pope jack Wright john Lewis Barber . . . .Glencoe . . . .Dothan . ...Walker Co. . . . .Sylacauga . . . .Anniston . . . .Leeds . . . .Comer . . . . .Holt . ...Starke Q Mt Z, A f an as 55 "B" SQUAD First Row'-Glen Turner, David Riddle, Buddy Mar'tin, Ralph Randall, Leon White, Bryant lvey, Edward Hussey, jerry Deupree, Bob McBride, Charles Freeman, Dick Burton, Raymond Tapley lAsst. Coachl. Second Row-Roy Brooks, George Ansley, Romayne Ledlow, jack Held, Durell Mock, Richard Robertson, Andy Moore, Bobby Burns, Bobby Griffin, jimmy Edmondson, jimmy Mizzell Third Row-Bobby jones, Charles Spencer, Tommy Tate, Calvin Haynes, Billy Hardegree, Carl Monroe, Bobby Tanner, Phillip Smith, jimmy Nabors, Tommy Barber, Fourth Row-Buddy Griffin CMgr.l, Billy Adkinson, Wren Monroe, john McBride, Sidney Robertson, Reginald Rogers, Wallace Smith, jack Wright, Tony Pope, Bunky Nabors iMgr,l. The Talladega "B" team was victorious over all the "B" teams in the county again this year, They have won the county "B" team championship for two years consecutively, ,They defeated the Munford varsity squad in the early part of the season, but were defeated in their last game by the same team from Mumford. SCH EDULE "B" TEAM Talladega l8 ...., ........................ ..... S y lacauga B O Talladega 33 Comer B O Talladega 27 ..... Munford A 6 Talladega 7 Anniston B O Talladega O Munford A l3 Aida Thomas l"Torch"l lvey, Captain, made an excellent leader for this year's team, Although he was injured part of the season, he still played excellent football. His passing and running played a large part of every Talladega victory. Eugene l"Rosie"l Freeman was the leading scorer of the Tigers' machine. When he took the ball under his arm he had only one thing on his mind, that. was to go places with it. Walter Henley played outstanding ball in all the Tigers' games this season. He was particularly effective in the crushing defeat of Anniston by Talladega. lack Rutledge, also a returned veteran, was all-state honorable mention in l943. He returned to continue his excellent football playing. He played outstand- ing ball against Anniston. Ferrell Hobbs was adept at all departments of end play. He was a great pass receiver and defensive man. He was called by many scouts the best de- fensive end they had ever seen. Charles Quarles, a great blocker- and tackler, is the best college prospect of the entire imposing array of college prospects that have performed for the Tigers of 1946. Ww- ell E Ardie Bowers was the smartest tackleon the team. When Ardie started crying, he started playing football. Owen Cox was potentially the best football player on a team of good football players. l-le played won- derful football against Sylacauga and Comer. Leroy Robinson was one of the hardest trying men on the squad. When he played in a game he could be relied on to give' his utmost at all times. Bobby Nabors was the best pass catcher on the squad. l-le made many remarkable catches during the season. He called the playsupart of the time and did an excellent job. lulius jones l"Zeke"l didn't get to play much, but he gave his all when in the game. jimmy Blackmon was the best defense linesman on the squad. Weighing in at 232 pounds, "Pig iron" wound up three excellent years of football-. Gene Harris lAlt. Captainl, played steady, con- sistent ball .at guard. He called all the defense formations. He did a fine job and was probably the most underrated man on the squad. Durell Morris will be heard from next year. He was one of the four juniors on the squad. Great things are expected of him next year. Douglas i"Doug"l Keith knew football as well as any one else on the team. He was a finished per- former at guard. He played his best game against Anniston. Bailey Dixon, when asked to fill the shoes of the departing all-state Tapley, stepped in and did an excellent job throughout the year. He played an outstanding game against Walker County. johnny Christie, a. returned veteran, was one of the most finished players on the squad. He was a college ball player in high school. loe Burt played a great ball game against Starke. He was the best conditioned man out for football. He played excellent ball at all times when in .the game. .Agile -a jimmy Pursell, known as "Ounce for Ounce," was one of the best football players on the squad. He was moved up from the HB" to the "A" Squad in the middle ot the season. l-le played excellent ball while in the game. J f larnes Cole l"labo"l was the roughest end on the squad. l-le was an excellent pass receiver when under pressure, l-le played a fine ball game against Holt, BASKETBALL "B" TEAM lames Quarles, a returned veteran ot I944, played hard during toot- ball throughout the season, l-le is an excellent college prospect and should be heard from in the future, lst Row-if Harold Cottle, Fred Burns, Bailey Dixon, David Riddle, Guy Kaylor. Znd RowmeRichard Robertson, Paul Hamilton, Ralph Randall, Billy Edwards, Earl Nabors, Leon White, U"""" .,..JR"i2f'M' .ll , - QvH'..W ,MM-ttwwufi BASKE TBALL lst Rovvee-Ferrell Hobbs, Walter Henley, Bryant lvey, Bob Gene lVlCBride, 'Thomas Ivey, Eugene Freeman. 2nd Rovv----Coach Shapiro, Harold Cottle, Fred Burns, Bailey Dixon, lohn Levvis Barber, Wallace Smith, jimmy Fike, Managers Tommy Barber and Leroy Robinson. 3rd RovvffPaul Hamilton, Leon White, Ralph Randall, Billy Edwards, Richard Robertson, Earl Nabors, David Riddle, Guy Kaylor. 4th Row5Reginal Rogers, lohn McBride, Clenn Turner, Ferrell lVlcCarter, Charles Freeman, joe Wayne Ingram, David losey. ' BASKETBALL SCORES Opponents T. HS. Winterboro . .. 28 24 Heflin . . . l2 49 Ensley ..... 3l 20 Winterboro ..... 23 43 Childersburg .... 26 35 Pell City ..... 23 75 Commer ....,.... 33 45 Marion County .... 24 36 Emma Samson . . 38 42 Sylacauga .... 22 35 Winterboro . .. l7 34 Ragland .... 31 36 Hetlin ... 13 42 Bryant lvey--Bryant is destined to be prob- ably the best all-round basketball player to be at Talladega High School He led the district tournament scoring in l946. Ferrell Hobbs-Potentially the best pivot man in Alabama High Schools, Ferrell is a good rebound man and excellent scorer, Thomas Ivey-Playing his fourth year of varsity ball, "Torch" is an excellent guard and a fine passera john Lewis Barber-Although not playing regularly, john scores consistently with his left hand shots. Walter Henley - Walter, a tour-year varsity man, is exceptionally tall and uses his strength to the best advantage. Eugene Freeman--"Rosie," one of the best guards in this section ot Alabama, hustles from the beginning to the end of the game He has been doing considerable scoring this year. Wallace Smith-Wallace, who is a tena- cious type of basketball player, is an ex- cellent floor man and ball hawks Bob Gene McBride-An excellent ball- handler, "Mac" has delivered in every game he has played, jimmy Fike-Although small, jimmy is ex- ceptionally fast and a fine guard, What he lacks in height he makes up in ability to go high in the air after balls. 4 Q... 4 , fis M f f 9 K 'Q I 7 WW Q Xb 'kt W1 G Qi 14 nr wg: , ff f,., , 2 , W vi. 1 'W ' ,, if 25 f Q' 8? Ab? 4 th, 3" M222 wa H 41 K? if WW "S515',ff New Y bw 552 .ysiiflg ffrfff 5655 1 E j f QL3j-,525-iii: if K Wifi Nm xg vs! W Wm Q ix Qs R X 1 f ,14 4 .,.,.:, 2 ,axis . ww E+, 'Q ' , Q : 5 9 fwess , ., I Age: S Q.. '4 - . .-.:::: Q: ' I 51525 3 z"""""""":""'::::::::::::::::::::"":::::::: Uongratulations . . . 'I lr ll l lr in r 'L 'u ll ln it l lr 1 as fx? , AW Ja' 5 2 ,f ' X Q ,l f l' 1 I U! - E l if Talladega Cotton Factory Talladega, Ala ba ma --A-AAA-Joc-'Joo4-AA- ---,--v- -- ,--.r0o-4-:J-0o4:::::: 'Ir CONGRATULATIONS S E NIO RS Compliments Of CI-IEAI-IA MCDTORS i' CHEVRGLETS BUICKS PIPER CUBS J.Al. CASE Equipment 'lr ::::::::::Jooo:::::::: e Have a Coke 0 lm ru cz E A90-6: J'4-:J-cot. v :::::::::::::::c::::::::::::: - - - A - A ' -vvvv ---.. - 'A' THE ISBELL NATIONAL BANK Serving Talladega City and County Since T848 'k i' I TALLADEGA ICE AND STORAGE C O M P A N Y ESTABLISHED IN 1906 Talladega Creamery MELLO ICE CREAM PASTEURIZED MILK ,, STEAM and DOMESTIC COAL and COKE ICE LOCKER STORAGE 'k --,,-Jo-tv nk CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '47 THE TALLADEGA NATIONAL BANK So fefy Service -A' -A COMPLIMENTS OF TALQLADEGA BOTTLING COMPANY LIME COLA NUGRAPE SUNBQW Phone 5121 ' A 4-ov.o-oo-0-rvvrp-YY:-ov-cvvvv A o ' 1 A M 'W' -"1" ' "' 1 . ' ' ' -rfsrg nvfvr- ' A -, - -4. ., fr --i-.fm-1-MQ 4 , ,,-,Q . ,5,f..,.Af, V. n9'?' I

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