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Tahoe Truckee High School - Chipmunk Yearbook (Truckee, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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A ,ww-..r:'v,ae -.,:..e Y - r-11-' . 'Z 5. -g..1 ,.'- ,ri :V -.-.. A-:7 5,5-,4,,f, 4, .f..-1 -- mg-' Pagina:-TYnir':f:f , ,JI , ,Q A, ,IFY K . ,. --. ' . le. , -, , ..g.,,4.f ---HH --'ln-2 - -' --1-P-'kiaiuu' 'funzr ' . . - ' rw. fxrwuufcz. ,'rv:::::'.:.a::.ss-.mazs:wr- -:n:a.:xmn.': :. u 4 , N w fffvwzrn v w1W x ff 'Suri' f f fl VJ' r ,fb -wg Hr? WI ffff' , 'M ' ' ' f o o oo , MIIIII flu 2 IM if: 'H+ 1 +W imnlmmm 11 i ' We 4 ' ww' -3, , , -3- M -n , w- 2 l ,Q-,.,,., 'I 11 li r W . A 3 5 I N.. IL. 1 4 any IX-Im M, 4 555 N ffJ Hfl' ' N ' f fW'i f j ? ll1 ,-4r- 1uJ, 5 l ' T is N 1 l 'Q'f!iTLr!iIH,' A 'tl i 1 ? I' We HFIW1 ,X 1 9 3, X1 ' 1' XF!! , -V, 'Q X NL' ,I W T1'W' Hi f l , All ki: Eg E W' : ll f,t 1,x why 'nfl 3 I5 m '. 1' U1 ' W X M All 11' Ish :If I MMIIHMMMIIWMH EdHor... Jude'C:onwnagere Tahoe TFuckee Fiqh Busmess Edufggygunkel I 9 5 2 Truckee, California !Nr+ Edi+or... Doug BaH PRINTED BY Ari CIW Publlslwinq Coq Sprlnqvzlle, Ufah June l957 Betty Lou Raker Our cieepest gratitucie is extencieci to one who has given us,-through tier ciignifieci cievotion and tireless effort .-the importance of high ideals, a better sense of vaiues, gooci sportsmanship, fair piay and team work. May our futures be guifieci by tier basic code of ai- ways accepting time HBooiz of Rules. To our beloved teacher anci friend, Miss Betty Lou Raizer, this 1957 Ciiipmunk is respectfuiiy cieciicateci. 2 A 'US'573Q rfb 5 gg V 27 ' . - 6 n,,I Q ! www' X X 1 X Q , , 3 ' iff -Lf' 4, 95 620W lv , -Pp V CQL., .P 52.- 1 Charles Sciutto Principal Tahoe Trucleee High School is a synonymous term for work and play. Students must realize a healthy balance between those two factors leads to a well- rounded life. Through hard worh we realize the value of play. Those of you who maintained that ratio during your school days learned an important lesf son. Vve live in a great country in which opportunities abound to do hoth. Let not one over- power the other: letis keep a healthy halance hetween worle and play! Fred Pedley Truclree Reginald E. Smart President of Governing Board Herbert Obexer Governing Board Clerlr Byron Miller Vice-President 4 John Corbin Superintendent of Schools During the short space of time as superintendent of your school district, your actions have streng- thened my convictions that the young people of this great coun- try of ours will assume future students that they too will have more of the same golden advan' tages. It is the purpose of school to provide opportunities so that each individual may become a hetter citizen. a hetter member of his family, community, state, and nation, and thereby insure the selffdevelopment of succeed- ing generations. Jaclc Felte Kings Beach Sfephen Marvin French and Maflmemaiics James Pringle Vocal and lnsfrumenfal Music BeHy Lou Raker Girls' Physical Educaiion, Siudenf Body AC Barbara Kemp Business Macllines, Bookkeeping, Typing and Shorilwand Donald Trask Core II, Science and Mafhemafics Frank Railiff Core IZ, Greai Books Rowena CincoH'a CharloH'e Pafnoude Core 8 Public Healfh Nurse 6 Mariam Zwarg Cool: Y g Mainfena nce Supervisor Adminisirafive Assisfanf Jacob Sfuari' L nn Kishbau l1 Lelf fo riqhl: Margare+ Madden, bookkee-per: Dorofhy S+ice, adminiqrafive secrelaryy Mary Holden, clerlcq Helen Arms+rong, regislrar and secrelary To lwiqlw school principal. Leff lo riqhfz lleen Risdeng Phyllis Snyder, Roy Baker, librarian. 7 All stucients wish to express their Hthaniesu to the bus drivers for their patience, courtesy an-ci cooperation. nil Leif io righiz Bob Reaverson, Tahoma, Tahoe Ciiy io Truckeeg Aimen Abrahamiam, Tahoma, Tahoe Ciiy To Truckee: Allen Newell, Kings Beach io Truckee: Erv Wafers, Truckee io Donner Summit Paul Raush, Florision To Truckee: Sieve Cozzi, mechanicg Harry Eaion, supervisor of iransporiaiion. v i Leif 'ro righi: Phil Geirer, Hans Neilson, C. M. Arms+rong. 8 Judy O'NeiII President Kenny Vaughan Vice-President Being vice-president of the student hotly is a high honor hecause Tahoe Truckee High School means a great deal to me. By holding an office and being a part of the stuclent gov- ernment, I hope in my small way I have servecl the school to the best df my ability. During the six years since the '57 Senior class first entered Tahoe Truckee High School, many changes and improvements have been seen in our Student Government. The Student Council this year has endeavored to maintain the tradition of the past. and at the same time build new traditions for the future. We have appreciated the opportunity of serv- ing as your student hody officers and know that the council that you have elected for next year will work toward continuing the Wolverines' tradition of steadily improving student government. J Linda Loynd Treasurer Our school has always been characterized by its spirit, sports- manship and friendly atmos- phere. I will forever he grateful and proud that I was part of the tradition that is Tahoe Truckee High School. 9 Jude' Commagere Secretary The gavel clescencled on its mark to close the last Student Council meeting of 1957, an outstanding year in TnT's his- tory, filled with numerous ach- ievements. It has been a great privilege to he one of the leaders of Tahoe Truchee High School's Student Government-an office that will always be a memorable and worthy experience to me. Student Coun il . , Lett to right: Norman Dewhurst, iaculty advisor1 Bob Traslc, Block T1 Carol Street, I2-l1Sharyn Wright, lO- 1 Doug Ball, IO- 1Tom Sheehan, I2-21 Karen Decker, head cheerleaclem Lily Cushing, 8- 1 Tim Risden, 8- 1 Don Van Hooser, ll- 1 Dean Holbrook, ll- 1Tim Molsberry, 9- 1 Luisa Sciu'H'o, 9- 1 Milne Armstrong, 7- 1 Jerrie Grinstecl, 7- . One of the best ways to learn something is to do it. The loest way to learn how a democratic government functions is to participate in one which will represent, thinli and spealc for them. Even more than this, by doing the things a good citizen does, loy talcing significant steps to alleviate a situation, or loy suggesting ways and means to improve an unsatisfactory condition, the government ot your school becomes very worth-While and real indeed. ln this, each student who accepts his full active responsibility may enjoy the real loeneiits and rewards ot his school governmentg those who choose not to participate must not and can not have any complaints. For in the long run, your Student Council belongs to you. It will he vigorous and strong or it will be suppressed and wealc. Which one it is depends upon you, the students who run it, the students oi Tahoe Truclcee High School. -NORMAN K. ljliWllURS'l' I0 SENICRS I957 l Jacquie Abbott Robert Armstrong Class Vice-President 1, Trea surer Transfer 2 Senior Band l. 2, 3, 4: Ac- tors Ltd. 4: Dance Band 4 Frencli Club 4: Publication Staff 4: Tennis Team 3, 4. S Class Treasurer 2, Secretary 4: Drama 2, President 4: Spanish Club l. 2: YMCA Representative l. 2. 3: Clwrus 1, 4: GAA l, 2, 3. 41 Song- leacler l. 2. 3, 4: Heacl l, 4. Spanislx Cluln 2: GAA l, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 3: Songleacler 2. 4, Head 3: Hoclcey Captain 4: Vvolverette 2, 3, 4. David Ashton Chorus lg Spanish Club 2, 3: Intramural Sports 1, 3, 4 Baslcetlnall 3: Senior Play 4 I2 Anita Anfillon Wesley Ball Class Vice-President 2, 3, president 4: Prom Cliairman 3: Bloclc T l, 2, 3, 4: Baslcet- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 3. 4: Tennis Team 3, 4. Z Marilyn Brown Rosalee Christensen Drama 2: Clnorus 2. 3, 4: Pulnlicutions 3: CAA l, 2, 3. 4: llnselmll. llaslu-tlmll ancl Horlcey Awards 2, 3. 4: VVol- vc-rotte 2. 3. 4. Spanisll Club l. 2' Bancl l 2: CSF 1, 2. 3. 4: CAA 1, 2f 3: Vvolverette 3. Transfer Mountain View 3: Class Vice-President 4: CSF 3. 4: Baslcetball 3: Drama Play 3: Boxing 4: Baseloall 4: Senior Play 4. Jude' Commagere t Class Representative l, Vice- ljresident 2. Secretary 3: Stu- dent Bocly Secretary 4: Editor ol Annual 3, 4: Pep Club Vice-Presiclent 3, 4: Lions Club Spealcers Contest lst. 3: 2nd, l: GAA Point Recorder 4: Vvolverette 2. 3, 4. I3 Jerry Browne Douglas Coolce Transfer San Ramon: Class Presiclent 2. 3: Bloclc T 2. 3. Secretary 4: Drama 2: French Club President 4: Traclc Team 3, 4: Tennis Team 3, 4: Foot- ball 2. 3, 4: Basketball 2. 3, 4. l Cecil Craddoclc Karen Decker Class Representative l, 2, 3: GAA l, 2. 3, 4, Vice-Presb clent 4, Treasurer 2, 3: CSF 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Treasurer 23 Pep Clula Treas- urer 3, 4: Senior Play 43 JV Cheerleader 2: Varsity Clieer- leader 3, Head 4: Wolverette 2, 3, 4. Junior Skit 33 Baslcetlaall Free Tllrow Awarcl 2: Intramural Sports l, 2. 3, 4: Baslcetlxall 2, 33 Football 3, 43 Ping Pong Tournament 3: Baseloall 2. Talioe Truclcee Higli Sclioolg l, 2, 3, 4: Baslcetlaall V2 year. Frank Giovannoni Bloclc T l, 2, 3, 4: Football l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 4. I4 David Eaton l Scott Gilmore Class Vice-Presiclent 4: Trea- surer 2,31 Cliorus 1, 2, 4: Drama 2, 3: Spanislm Club 1: Bloclc T 3, Treasurer 4g Lions Club Spealcers Contest 3: Footlaall 2, 3, 4. Senior Assembly 4, Varsity Baslcetlaall Manager 4. Intramural l. 2. 3: Basketball 3. Football 3, 4. Gary Gunlrel Roger Halbert Dean Herzog Robert Heuga Rosalie Kaspian Transfer Ogden, Utall. 2: Slci Team 2: CSF 4: Actors Class Treasurer l, 4: GAA Senior Play 4: lntramural Ltd. 4: YMCA Youth Con- l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2: Base- Sports 2. 3: Boxing 2: Wrest- ference 4: Senior Play 4. ball 3: Hoclcey 4: Drama ling 3: Rope Climb Clmam- Club l: Chorus 3, 4: Spanisll pionsl1ip 3: Football 3, 4. Club 2: Songleader 4. I5 Kirty Kiser Linda Loynd Class Secretary 1, 2: Student Body Treasurer 45 Spanish Club l, Secretary 2: GAA Secretary 2, 3, 4: CSF Secre- tary 2, 3, 4: Pep Club Sec- retary 3, 43 Business Manager of Annual 33 Lions Club Spealcers Contest lst. i. 3: 2ncl, 2: Chorus 2: Drama 2: Wolverette 2, 3, 4. Rally Commission lg Swim- ming Award 1: AGS Secre- tary ig Transfer Burlingame 2: GAA 2, 4: Spanish Club 2: Hockey 4: Cheerleader 4: Vvolverette Timelceeper 4. Block T 1, 2, 3, 4: Traclc 3: Baslcetloall 1: Football 1, 2, 3, 4. WY Ken Lavery John Nickelson Janice Mandeville Football lg Car Club l. Class President lg Eclitor, 16 Chipmunlc Chatter 4: JV Cheerleader lg Varsity Cheer- leader 4, Head 2, 3, GAA 1. 2, 3, 43 Drama 1, 2: Pep Club 1: Publications Stall 3, 4: Vvolverette 1, 2, 3, 4. Judy O'NeiII Studs-nt Body Presiolvnl' 4: Spamisll Club l, 2: Band l. 2: CSF 3. 4: Prom Clmir- man 3: Publicalions 3: Pe-p Club Presiclenl 3. 4: CAA l. 3. pre-siclvnl 4: Vvolver- vile- l. 13. 4: Caplnin l. Sc-mor lluncl l, 2. 3. 4: Hum llnncl 4: BAA 4: Boxing 2 3. 4: Svnior Play 4. Joanne Palmer David Rickerf Be++e Robertson Slurlr-nl llmly l,H'Siflf'lll fl: Trunslvr Sun livrnurdino 2: Spin' 1 illliliflllilll. ilrrsr. lsilllflllvl ii Ibrilnlil lilily 21 lllorlc 'V 2. 3. 3 1 l,ll I ll I I I C l0fll il1I'illlSlvK'f' Kflfliilk, AlilSkil 3: 4: Fflollfilll. lgilSf'l'JilH. I5ilSkf'l' 5 1 Sl Illllr l0lr film- Club l. 5: Sm: 2: Spun- In-II. Trnvlc 3. 4. C lu m r isll Club l, Si-r. 2: ljrmnn lg fwluss S4-vrvlury 4: Yuullr l.1-nclc-rslmip Conli-sl 3: Publi' vnlions Slnll 4: Svnior ljluy Sluclc-nl Dire-rlor 4: 4. I7 Sonja Sclimidl Nelda Sfone SpillllSll lg Pep Club 4: Cllorus 2, 3, 4: Spring Conceri ljrama 4: GAA l. 3. 4: Vvolvvrvlle 4. CSF 1, 2. 4. Rep. 3: Flag- lwirler lg Drill Team l: Span- ish Club 2: GAA l. 2. 3. 4: Hoclcey Captain 2. 3: Slci lvleel 3: pf-p Clulw 3. 4: Wolxfererie 3, 4. Class President 3, Rep. 4: Bloclc T l. 2, Prvsiclvnt 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Foollnall l, 2. 3, 4: Basliellmall 3, 4: Slci- ing 3: Boxing 2: Traclc, Tennis 3: BAA l, 3, 4. Don Siles Band l. 3, 4: Senior As' semluly 4: Dance Bancl 4. I8 Tom Sheehan Carol Slreei Class Serrelury 3. R1-p. 4: Xfire-ljrvsiclvill 3. llre-siclc-nt 4: .IV Cllevrlvucler 4: Ski Qu:-en 2: Homvcom- ing f2ueen 3: Spunisll Clulm l, 2: Rotary Essay lsl lylncv 2: Cliorus l: CSF Dist. Conf lerencc Presiclenl 3: GAA l, 2: Vvolverelic 2, 3. 4, Cap- lain 4. Bob Trask Harry Woodward CSF 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Drama l, 2. 3, 4: Plays 1.2. 3: YM- CA Conference 4: French Club 4: Cborus 4: Senior Play 4. Student' Body Vice-President 3: Bloclc T Representative 4: Awards: Outstanding Boxer 2: Wrestler 3: Football Play- er 3.4: BAA 1.2. 3. 4: Track 3: Basketball I, 2. 3. 4: Foot- ball 2. 3. 4, Captain 4. Class President Vive-Presh dent 3: Cllorus l: Spanislm Club l. 2: Senior Band l. 2. -4: Dance Band 4: Block T l, 2. 3: Football l: Basketball l. 2, 3. 4: Baseball 2: Track. Tennis 3. 4: Senior Play 4. Nikki Ann Wing Spanisb Club l 2: CSF 2. 3. Treasurer 3: pep Club 3. 4: YMCA Conference Treasurer 3: GAA 1, 2. 3, 4: Lions Club Spealcers Contest l, 2. 3, 4: Drama 2: Vvolverette 3. 4. I0 . Doug Wilson Ernestine Alameda Transfer Nlendocino. Calil. 4: Class President l. Vice-Presb dent 2. 4: CSF President 3: Student Body Vice President 4: Majorette l, 3. Head 2: Glee Club l. 2, 3: GAA l. 2. 3: Basketball Team 2, 3. Cur Histor The fall of 1954 at TnT was a scene of hedlam as a ramhunctious group of freshmen hegan their high school days. Being the largest ciass to enter the new high school at the seventh grade level. the class of '57 was divided into two core classes under the direction oi Miss Nia Finger and Mr. Smith. The class officers that year were the following: Janice Mandeville, presidentg Linda Loynd. vice-'preside-nt: Rosalie Kaspian, secretary: Karen Decker, lzeasurerg Jude' Commagere. class representative. These enterprising freshmen contributed eight members to the football squad, five to the ioasicethali team, and Judy O'Neili and Janice Niandeviile made the newly organized VX7olverette team. The girls also proudly placed third in the volley hail tourney that year. The sophomore year brought more activities and interests' to our spirited class and the core ciass officers were as follows: Doug Cooke, Doug Vvilson, president: Vves Bail, Jude' Commagere, vice-president: Linda Loynd, JoAnn Allen, sec- retaryg Jacquie Ahhott. Scott Gillmore, treasurer: Karen Decker. Carol Trent, class representative. mm Mr. Redd and Mr. Stewart suffered through our sophomore year with us and Well always re- member world history class and drivers, train- ing twon't we, iVlarilyn?i. The Aloha dance was a flashing highlight and it rated second only to the Junior-Senior Prom that year. Vve impressively displayed six hoys on the football squad, eight on the hasicethail court and seven girls on the Vvoiverette team. Upperciassmen at iasti Mrs. Di Suvero tool: the reins of the junior core classes. Class officers were the following: Doug Cooke. Tom Sheehan. president: Wes Bail, Doug Wilson, vice-presi- dentg Carol Street, Jude' Commagere. secretary: Scott Gilmore, treasurerg Karen Declcer, Carol Trent. class representative. Our main objective this year was money for the Junior'Senior Prom. Pompom and refreshment stand sales contribu- ted largely to this and the Junior Uchristmas Fantasy dance was a successful help also. The 20 l,roni was lielcl in Ilie Falmle Room oi tlie lxlaies Hotel in Reno. wllere slit- tlleme ol' Stairway to I Stars was carried out lmeautifully. It was a great success under tlie leadersllip of Xves Ball and .lucly U'Nt-ill. F0-K'ililll'lllt'Il ol- tlie prom committee. Tlie year court will: liolm 'lqraslc and Doug VVilson on tlie varsity VV4-'Il always rememlaer US. liistory classes fwliewll llii- Vvolverettes' Fallon game. Vve started our senior senior assembly, wliicli was ous core seliedule, and tlie Decker, Doug Vvilson, and tlie leading roles. tlie Vvolverette team. liundred sllort story reports ITIOFP lull illld heilfl CIOSPI' by our line teacliers and friends. QI liumorous success. Our senior year was by far tlie most enjoyable, informative and decisive. lVlr. Ratlilaf put us tlirougli tlie paces of a rigor- Vves Ball. .lerry Brown. president: Scott Gil- more, Kirty Kiser. vice-president: Joanne Palmer. .lacquie Abbott. secretary: Bob Armstrong, Rosa- lie Kaspian. treasurer: Carol Street, Tom Sliee- lian. class representatives. As Almighty Seniors we gave tlie lirst annual Senior Cllristmas Ball. witli tlle tlieme of niVlistletoe Magic . Qur sen' ior play ol' Girl Crazy was a tremendous suc- cess witli Harry Vvoodward. Bob Heuga, Tom Slieelian. Dean Herzog. Jude' Commagere, Karen Alliletically-minded. we outdid ourselves tliis year. rl-lie varsity football and baslcetlnall teams were composed of mainly seniors as was VVe'll always rememlmer Dean Herzog's interpretation of ELVIS at our assembly. tlie one and Judy. tlie departure of Cary Gunlcel lor tlie lxflarine Corps. opening nite of UGirl Crazy. Cliris and Franlc, and tlwe niglit of graduation . . Togetlier. we tlie class of '57, llave llad we ever will be again. As we eacli go our individual ways may we upllold tlie ideals and standards ol our country as represented to us of '55 nine of our boys were on tlie basketball team. VVe liad ten girls on llie Nvolverette team. tlie Future Occupations Project, Nlrs. Di. and year by giving our an entertaining and class officers were: Nikki Wing taking tlvlr. Ratlilnlqi. Scott to Pilfll otller tlian Ilif- Memories Are Made of Thus SQ aw' 6' 44 CCRES fl g 4 I!! 'QHFUMUSSIHI 45' as-'ga ,X Xt, U K ' Q ii Juniors The juniors were kept quite luusy this year, reviewing United States history, and the Declaration ol lndependence and outlining the Constitution. They have also loeen study- ing music appreciation, poetry, and parliamentary procedure. For social activities the jun- iors sponsored two dances, Alleghany Moonn and HAutumn Leavesf, The juniors took good advantage of the fact that they sold all game refreshments, lay selling pompoms. hookcovers, and uschool dazed, They sent entries to the Lions Cluh contest and many athletes to participate in the Jayvee, Varsity loasketlaall and lootlball games. Alter ending the year with a successful prom, the juniors are looking forward to their last year at Tahoe Truckee. TNT Lett to right: Barry Graton, Dean Deyer, Dave Whitley, Stanley Balcer, Bob Striclr- land, Fred Schultz, Jerry Tomplcings, Ron Kirby, Stan Dralculich, Irene Englehart, Jack Cottey, Berger Nelson, Patricia Gunlcle, Joyce Hallett, Noland Little, Marilyn Boyer, Sheila Fanger, Dean Holbrook, Floyd Cooper, Joyce Slate, Donald Van Hooser, Judy Hastain, Sandra Tremayne, Kenny Osburn, Kit Schull, John Wood, Janice Grey. Nancy Cruse, Alice Lander, Sandra Frank, Kenny Vaughan, Lloyd Robinson, Dave Holleman, and Mr. Donald Trask. 24 Sophomores llislory, lillQfllSll, drivers educalion and lraining were llie learning aims ol llle sopllo- mori-s. lVlr. Holulm and lVlr. l'arley llrieifffl llie sludenls in llw lundamenlnls and slruc- luru ol n Cnr. Ullocflc Around lhe Soclcf, El couples-only dance was a huge- success. bevcn sophomore sluclenl were representatives al llme YMCA Youlll Conlerence. The sopho- more-s also provided members lor llle Vvolverines, Vvolverelles, and lv. lmslwllmll li-aims. Alilvr in lull year ol slrcnuous worli, llsle sophomores leel lllal llley are ready lo lulu- an lmig slop upward lo lhe junior Class. J' Lell lo righl: Jim Hulchings, John Firpo, Waller Trainor, Carlef Terlcildsen, George Kenyon, Harold Brown, Dan Holub, Gavin Roberson, Marcia Gralon, Sharon Barlh, John Quarlley, Nancy Kaspian, Janel Allen, Koby Kiser, Allan Young, Shirley Taylor, Beverly Gunlzel, Sharon Bechdoll, JoAnn Van Hooser, Rosalie Frales, Shirley Kohl, Chrisli Lander, Carol Ann Quilici, Anila Diaz, Nancy Walls, Janice Nolley, Bob Hardin, Errol Kehm, Dorolhea Frey, Judy Vaukhan, Sharyn Wrighl, Larry Reid. Luisa Sciullo, Linda Lloyd, Gary Holbrook, Sieve Cowan, Richard Beyer, Tome Banyard, Jimmy Harper, Bob Williams, Dennis Rickerl, Waller Bailey, Craig Robin- son, Rex Donaldson, Jimmy Hensley, Joe Romo, Phil Rausch, and Gary Hulbert 25 Freshman The class oi '60, under the guidance of Mrs. lvleiss, learned a great deal about people and places in America and in foreign countries. They held debates and studied English, literature, and speech malcing. Their two major products for the year were: auto- biographies and vocational reports. Both were successfully completed. They participated in a variety ol sports, sending memhers to the varsity lootball and J.V. baslcetball teams. They produced two successful dances, one of which was very unusual, 'Blue Jean Bop. The freshman year has been an eventful one, lull of preparation and accomplishments, which give the freshman a sturdy foundation tor the coming year. to K ,' 1 gm f1?9 .5 3 XX, Q' , 5 A' xisii Lett to right: Walter Mandeville, Richard Trent, Doug Ball, Judy Collins, Jerry Beck, Karen Little, Bill Sanders, Bill Burchtield, Joe Montano, Frank Patton, Barbara Neison, Dale Eaton, Steve Ayala, Nona Rae Coffey, Carla Nixon, Arlene Copeland, Lydia Craig, Judy Fanger, Bob Merica, David Huntermeister, Debra Bradley, Linda Morrell, Larry Rolison, Sherry Thatcher, Paul Mason, Stanley Stock, Peggy Hubbard. Wilma Hensley, Gary Henry, lreda Harris, Thelma Meiss, George Boyer, Sherry Curran, Carl Levy, Carol Bailey, Joe Kohl, Shirley Hall, Errol Kirby, Jim Loynd. Paula Kaspian, Marty Kumle, Sharon Tremayne, Randy Schultz, Diane Speeter, Mitchel Terlrilsden, Diane McGihon, Larry Hughes, Fred Davis, Diane Kenyon, Richard Brown, Jess Marin, Jerry Cinani, Merrill Englehart, Sam Medford, and Don Brown. 26 E' hth Ylilu- lfightli firaclc- Core- Class has uncle-rtalwn several major mrojorts, under I lu-ailing ol Uvvinning fiur IIKl0lJ0Ild0Ilf'0H. This heading incluflecl panel discussions. ports, plays, anrl other group works. Graphs and illustrated reports were the items on sc'i4-iirv agvnrla. Slllllt'IllS have shown interest ancl promise in physical education and Hel girls won tht- spve-rl hall tournament. 'lihe lfaster Dance was their big event oi year with the whole- school participating. Alter having a spectacular graduation, lfiglith firacli- is rc-acly to lu-ronw high school students. Lett to right: Tony Calcagno, Ellen Rich, Jim Schull, Linda Barnett, Barton Stone, Margie Pearson, Doug Single, Carrie Helgren, John Olinghouse, Diane Horvath, Chuck Bergman, Sharon Worsham, Lily Cushing, Robert Balsavage, Varien Frey, Tim Risden, Judy Giovannoni, Barbara Perry, Dorothy Corbin, Ruth. Parkhurst, Elethia Marquis, Joan Brown, Alex Marin, Arthur Hulbert, Stettie Firpo, Quinton Kay, Donna Moe, Tina Grudaman, Paul Quartly, Joan Decker, Kathy Seaquist, Rowena Cincotta, Jimmy Heuga, John Hutchings, Carol Patnoude, Mike Kaspian, Amanda Sanders, Jimmy Moore, Wanda Burchtield, Cynthia Reynolds, Barbara Kammerer, JoAnn Pomin, Ronnie Borden, Mike Robinson, Ellen Hubbard, Robert Wentzel, Reggie Smart, Gary Sciutto, Bill Notley, John Bervid, Curtis Draney, Clark Kydd, John Saarni, and Trent Giannini. 27 the re- the the the the Seventh This years, seventh grade has become acquainted with Tahoe Pllruclxee by learning trom the various actions ot the older students and by adding to the spirit oi Tnlys rallies. assemblies, and games. They have been briefed on the Eastern Hemisphere by Mrs. Schultz and the use of maps. They have outlined their science boolcs, learning about at- mosphere and weather. To help lceep up school activities they have participated in intra- mural sports and produced the successtul Soda Pop Hopu. Tahoe Truclcee will be loolcin'T torwardl to the hard-worlcing, high-spirited seventh graders and their tuture years at TnT. age-X Lett to right: Karen Grahn, Dewey Tachousky, Sharon Quinn, Charles Berger, Jeanne Spitsen, Terry Walker, Terry Beck, David Decker, Terry Ellis, Dana Hamilton, Gene Miller, Mary Pratt, Charles Glenn, Virginia Glass, Richard Baker, Frances Howard, Dennis Ludlow, Sandra Farris, Mike Armstrong, Nell Ellis, Betty Proctor, Linda Gio- vannoni, Sharon Quinn, Karen Smart, Leslie Androus, Dee Dee Frates, Berry Leaman, Donna McReynolds, Stettie Cozy, Joan Nickelson, Wade Hensley, Pat Collins, Mike Kumle, Pat Lewis, Olivia Montano, Dorette Rose, Kathy Graton, Evelyn Trent, JoAnn Harden, Diana Gill, Kathleen York, Julia Fuentes, Linda Draney, Vickie Firpo, Cheryl Bramlett, Dave Ayala, Wayne Poulsen, Carl Bechdolt, Joe Sheehan, Kenny Bailey, Jim Osburn, John Roberson, David Bartucco, and Bob Howell. 28 M C37 3 Raw! RT . wap i W X x X V D 7 x Isl I X SN CTWGX' Of 'gh af G ,X S WO AMG' Q0 v dee X GW X656 I me 90743 fl O Arm . nc C F96 fl 'af new 45 Eff vryffn ff y Q pefvfrffv Q, wha f 1.5 1' Morfafs die , gfea f boo is ff VS ,YAJXHY V0 HO 6 Y a W e U aft: Lelr lo right Janice Mandeville, edilor of Doug Ball Leif +o riqlwfz John Firpo, sporls edi+or7 Pal' Clwipmunlc Clwallery Jude' Commagere, Chip- Arl Edilor Gunkle, business manager and assislanl arf nunlc edilor, edilor. Leif +o right Harry Woodward, Bob Williams, Joanne Palmer, Allan Young, Jim Harper, Mr. Alosi, advisor, and Gavin Roberson. 34 ees'-'34 4 4 6' M Ga K v 105 ff? X :X 'ch N19 WT Leif io righi: Carol Sireef Kiriy Kiser Karen Decker, head cheerleader Janice Mandeville !Q'I' 9 H rem Assls Leif +0 righi: Janice Mandeville, Varien Frey. Janice Nolley, Nikki Ann Wing, Carol Sfreef, Linda Loynd, Judy Vaughan, Luisa SciuHo, Anifa Anfillon, Dorolhea Frey, Sherry Thafcher, Sheila Fanger, Margie Pearson, Jackie AbboH', Janice Grey, Karen Decker, Joan Decker, Carol Bailey, Nancy Walls, Judy O'Neill, Valerie Mandeville, Judy Fanger, Carol Ann Quilico, Shirley Taylor, Anila Diaz, Sharyn Wrigh+, Arlene Copeland, Lydia Craig, Cynlhia Reynolds, Koby Kisor, Janel' Allen, and Sharon Tremayne. Q , Top fo bofiom: Janel' Allen Koby Kiser Sharon Tremayne 3l'll1S Chrisry Landers Nancy Kaspian ii J fl Leif +0 riqhlz Doug Wilson, Ken Lavery, Dave Rickerl, KH Schull, Bob Williams, Bob Trask, Floyd Cooper, Dave Holleman, Reggie Smarf, John Wood, Wes Ball, Craig Robinson, L. J. Robinson, Randy Schul+z, Ken Osburn, Fred Schul+z, Mar+y Kumle, Mike Arms+rong, S+anley Sfock, Sfanley Baker, Rex Donaldson, Dean Holbrook, Buzz Trainor, Doug Cooke, Tom Sheehan, Kenny Vaughan, Sco'H Gilmore. 37 Joyce HalleH Anna An+illon Rosalie Kaspian Jackie Abbofi Rosalie Fra+es Stamp Club Lell lo right Mike Kumle, Paul Mason, Randy Pomin, Richard Parr, Dorel'l'e Rose, Donna McReynolds, John Olinghouse, president Tony Calcagno, vice president Nell Ellis, secrelaryy Judy Giovannoni, Reg Smarl, David Decker, lreasurerg Mike Arm- slrong, Tim Risden, Mrs. Schullz. French Club Lell lo right Don Van Hooser, Jude' Commagere, Allan Young, Bob Williams, Maylon Record Jerry Thompkins, Harry Woodward, Bob Armslrong, Sheila Fanger, Shirley Taylor, Sharyn Wrighl Judy Vaughan, Luisa Sciullo, Nancy Walls, Dean Beyer, Bob Heuga, Janice Grey, secrelaryg Berger Nelson lreasurerg Janel Allen, vice-president Doug Cooke, president Dorolhea Frey, SCR: Slephen Marvin direclor. 38 sENioR BAND MUSIC Lell lo right Jim Harper, Gavin Roberson, Maylon Record, Lydia Craig, Jim Hulchins, Joe Romo Bob Armsirong, Sfanley Baker, Earl Kehm, Merroll Englel1ar+, Larry Rollison, Dennis Thomplcins, James ringle, band clireclorg S+an S+oclc, Jim Loynd, Sam Medford, Doug Ball, Doug Wilson, Morris Allen Harold Brown, Dennis Riclcerl. Top fo bollom: Dean Herzog, Joe Romo, Ernesline Alameda. Nelda Slone, Bill Burclifield, Rosalie Clirislensen, Jackie Ab- bo++, Linda Lloyd, Judy Hasf- ings, Joyce Sla+e, lrene Engle- l'1ar'i', Rosalie Kaspian, James Pringle, choir dire-clor. WOLVERINE DANCE BAND Leif lo riqhf: Merroll Engleharf, Dennis Thompkins, Sian Slock, Doug Ball, Larry Rollison, Maylon Record, Maurice Allen, Bob Armslrong, Dennis Rickerf, Doug Wilson, James Pringle, band direcfor. C. S. F. Leif 'ro righlz Sheila Fanger, Nikki Ann Wing, Bob Heuga, Berger Nelson, Bob Williams, Janice Grey, Sharyn Wrigh.+, Dorolhea Frey, Marilyn Brown, Judy O'Neill, Sonia Schmid+, Joanne Palmer, Harry Woodward, Carol Sfreef, president Karen Decker, vice-president Linda Loynd, secrelaryg Luisa SciuHo, SCR: Shirley Taylor, lreasurerq Thelma Meiss, advisor, .A.A. Top lo bollom and loil' lo righlz S. Thalcher, C. Bailey, J. Decker, K. SmarI', K. York, D. Frales, T. Ellis, F McQuinn, L. Barne'H, M. Pearson, J. Spilsen, P. Lewis, S. Quinn, N. Ellis, C. Helgren, V. Frey, J. Giovan- noni, S. Tremayne, K. Kisor, L. Morrell, D. Bradley, K. Nixon, J. Fanger, T. Beck, J. Fuenles, D. McReynolds R. Parkhursr, C. Palmoude, J. Brown, D. Moe, A. Sanders, B. Perry, C. Reynolds, J. Nickelson, L. SciuHo J. Collins, V. Mandeville, J. Pomin, D. Horvalh, L. Cushing, S. Firpo, C. Bramlelr, D. Gill, S. Farris, F Howard, E. Trenr, B. Gunkel, M. Gralon, J. Nolley, N.Crose, J. Vaughan, P. Gunkel, J. Gray, N. Slone, S Frank, S. Worsham, B. Kammerer, K. Seaquisr, D. Corbin, E. Rich, C. Graron, L. Draney, O. Monlano, D Rose, L. Giovannoni, S. Cozzi, V. Glass, N. Wa'H's, S. Wrighl, S. Schmidr, l. Engleharf, R. Chris+ensen, T Gruendemann, W. Burchfield, E. Hubbard, S. Kohl, P. Slinclzfield, J. Haslain, J. AbboH, V. Firpo, B. Nelson D. D. Speefer, A. Lander, N. Wing, A, Diaz, C. Lander, P. Kaspian, L. Craig, A. Copeland, J. O'Neill, K Decker, L. Loynd, S. Fanger, D. Frey, J. Allen, S, Taylor, A. Anlillon, J. Mandeville, J. Commagere. 40 S QQCTCQ F . Q57 I4 T' Bob Trask Varsity e Rickerf End Doug Cooke End Dean Herzog Guard 0- 6- 6- 6- 7- .26- .32- .I4- ootball Douglas . . Winnemucca Carson . . Manogue . Lovelock . Stewart . . South Tahoe Loyalton . . oH Gil Guard .lay Vee Top row, le'F+ fo right Coach Drakulich, Dennis Ricker+, Buzz Trainor, Mariy Kumle, Bill Lock- eH', Bob Williams, Rich Brown, Randy Schullz, Craig Robinson, Gary Holbrook, Reg Smar'l', manager: Sian Sloclc, John Firpo, Jom Lloyncl, Allan Young, Joe Monlano, manager: Milre Armslrong. Buzz Trainor Craig Robinson Gua rd Forward 3asketbalI A f TnT 37 ...,.. 2I ...... 33 ...... 29 ....,. 30 ...... 2I .,,... 23 ...... 32 .,,.,, bl .....,... 39 ..,...... 34 .......... 43 ...... 42 ...... 40 ......,... 65 ......... 35 ...... 55 ...... Gary Holbrook Forward JAY VEE SCORES Team SOUTH TAHOE CARSON CITY LOYALTON .. .. YERINGTON RENO STEWART MANOGUE .. WINNEMUCCA LOVELOCK .. .. .,., RENO LOVELOCK .. DOUGLAS .. .. LOYALTON WINNEMUCCA DOUGLAS .. MANOGUE .. STEWART 45 John Firpo Forward Opp. 42 50 42 30 43 .. ..,..,. 36 2I '35 37 49 29 43 42 34 Boxing Top row, IeH io righl: Dean Herzog, Jerry Brown, Richard Trenl, Jess Marin, Maurice Allen, Doug Ball, L J Robinson, Coach Drakulich, John Hufchings, Mike Kaspian, Nicky Sfone, Quinlon Kay, Jerry Cinani, Bill Conners, Maylon Record. Wrestling Top row, Ief+ +o righi: Wall Mandeville, Joe Romo. Ken Osburn, Craig Robinson, Dennis Rickerf, Buzz Trainor, Randy Schullz, Rich Brown, Bill Sanders, Coach Trask, Jim Hulchings, Dale Ealon, Sam Med- ford, S+anley Baker, John Quarferley, Larry Rolinson, and Larry Hughes. 46 EIk r f T' 47 Wolver Chrisfiansen mmagere Fanger Decker FO RWA RDS Sireef ,MM Anfillion Schmicli' tt8S Loynd GUARDS Sfone Top leff in Ihe Sfone. Schmidl, ScuiHo, Taylor. Mandeville, Fanger, Decker, Allen. O'Neill, Coach Ralier, Slreel, Frey, Anfillion, Chris- 'I'iansen, Loynd, Bechdolh Vaughan, Commagere' and Wing. Wing Wolverelles 3 I .w,..,.......... 25 ..Yv.... 50 ...i..,. 43 ,7.,,Ywv 44 ,,,..... 58 ..,,..,, 35 v,....A, 3I i,,,i 40 7w,,w.., 26 ..,...,, 3l .7Y.. .. 30 .,.....,, 37 .,....,., 49 O Neill Mandeville WOLVERETTE SCORES Opponenfs Soullw Tahoe 26 Nevada Universily 27 Yeringfon 43 Soufh Tahoe IO Manogue 5 Sfewarf ZI Fallon 2I Yeringlon ,D 32 Douglas I3 Manogue .. 6 Fallon 9 Douglas 26 S+ewar+ I8 Wolve Top row, lell +o righlz Sheehan, Nelson, Vaughn, Riclcer+, Gunlcel. Row 'rwo: Trask, Cooke, Ball, Wilson. Row lhreez Robinson, Holbrook, Osburn ancl Coach Brehler. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES TnT Opp. TnT Opp. Soulh Tahoe Reno ,,.,A,, ,,,. . 37 Carson Cily ,, Loveloclc 7 35 Layalm 5 Douglas up 5 45 Soulh Tahoe , Loyallon . V 54 I'-lawlhorne Winnemucca 4l Yeringlon Y, Douglas H 55 , Reno Y, Manogue 46 ,, Slewarl , Slewarl ,,,,, ..,,o 4 l lvlanoque Winnemucca ZONE , Lovelocgk 7, , Douglas ., ,, .a,. 46 ines Riclrerf Ball Cooke Coach Brehler Wilson Sheehan Trask 51 ki Team Lefl 'ro right lop lo bollomz Gary Henry, Doug Ball, Billy Conners, Sherry Tl1a+cher, KH' Schull, ScoH Gilmore, Rex Donaldson, and John Wood. Tlie slci team finished willl llying colors tlwis year placing second tliree times and liirsl once in llie four me-els entered. Terry Tollelson. slci coaclw, has billed one ol tlie lgesl slci leams' Talloe-Truclcee ever lmcl. Congralulationsl wr' 52 G. A. A. GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Lef+ fo right An+illon, Chrisfensen, Manderville, Alameda, Commagere, Wing Sfone Lloynd, S+ree+, Abbo++, O'NeilI. Kneeling: Kaspian, Kiser, Schmidt Decker. GIRLS' HOCKEY TEAM Top row, leH fo right Scl'1.mid+, S+one, S+ree+, Loynd, Commagere, AbboH'. Second row Wing, Decker, O'Neill, An+iIlon, Kaspian, Chris+ensen. 53 Coaches Right Dan Holub, assislanf foolball coach: BeHy Lou Raker, Wolverelfes, girls' physical educalionp and Jim Brehler, varsify baslcelball, boys' physical eclucarion. 54 Lellz Sfan Drakulich, varsify loolball, iunior varsily bas- kefball, and boys' physical eclucalriong Rober'r Trask, wresflinqg Richard Hampf, Trainer. gl Senior Pla I957 ll z,-mulls J.IIf: Ijfnmy CIIIH IUIIIC Cm Inn Iuf Ify P010 If1IIIf LVIIAIIY GIRL CRAZY DOUG WILSON TOM SI-IEEI-IAN BOB HEUOA 81 DEAN I-IERZOO WES BALL DAVE RICKERT CAROL STREET DOUG COOKE JUDEI COMMAGERE CAST Ro-,e Tom. BeIIy Sam Iviafson Laura Baba Eqaqlerock LIeuIenar1I DEAN I-IE KAREN DECKER NIKKI ANN WING LINDA LOYND BOB TRASK JANICE MANDEVILLE MARILYN BROWN RZOO 81 BOB HEUGA MAYTON RECORD CAROL ANN 5 Our Siim-rc llianlcs an k QL-JILICI 1' extended to Carol Ann U Qiiilii-i for li--r ilmlifiiii-fl fx If-X in ,,l,.,i.,,ii,i,,iiy mi fb' W' lor In-r limi- and i-llori so vi O X willingly given no add lo Eh our 1957 Cliipmuiik. :gi - 1 N i Wi . ,,,,,i.. f i ffl' F ws' llrf Hb HM l , ,,,,g l 'X . ',,i. 5 l ..i: ' - iz... ',':i N ':-. - K3 .:-..-., N-.D Q Vx I - .:' 5 :5fZ,lE1E .uqb H . S .IZ-' k f Dance, Top, leli' lo riqlwl: Anyone for Mambo? , Doll, Guess, Music, Fligl1ly. Middle row Whal Smile, Enjoyable, Good Guy. Bollomz Ex+ra Curriculum, Guess Who' Who Dunm+7 Lei! ea? ouH Down, Ready Boffonm up! Clweese. Comforf. WL1iI! ? Runnin - Passing 57 Howdy, pal! Surrounded! Use Vifalisl The King and I Soficafion Sweef. Extracurriculum I. Darn! 4. Take ill 2. You See . . . 5. Slciing anyone? 3. Smiles 6. Hmmm . . . 7. Wlwal nexl? 55,333 8. Music Ma-slersl II. Surprise! 9. Happy lime. IZ. The llwinlcer. lO. Wlwo did il? l3. Hi! I4. Somelliing smells! 58 Senior Farewell To the Class of '57: This year may have seemeol one of finality, for it conclucles your experiences in a high school you have loved and in a school that has loved you in return. Although you have completecl those wonderful clays that are recallahle only in your innermost memories, there they will live forever for you to treasure always. These memories are now some of your most valuable possessions. As you step on into life you will realize this year, as well as all your high school clays, have not been an ending hut rather a begin- ning, an auspicious introduction to the happiness you will cliscover as your experiences increase clay lay clay. You have done well. You are beginning a new part of your life. l and the faculty of Tahoe Truckee High School only hope we can have contributed in some small way to your future happiness and success. Sincerely yours, 51,,,,,i new FRANK RATLIFF 59 HI tNt ERS! ANOtHER YEAR IS OVER! It'S tIME FOR '57 tO tAKE A PLACE IN MEMORY AND tNt tRADItION. :HIS YEAR MY JOB HAS BEEN SMALL, SINCE SPORtSMANSHIP HAS SURELY BECOME A WAY OF LIFE At tNt. A WAY VVHICH RARELY FALIERS. OUR tEAMS HAVE NEVER SHOVVN AS MUCH SPIRIt OR ABILItY, AND tHEY ARE StILL GEHING BEttER. It'S BEEN A FUN YEAR, AND MANY tHINGS HAVE BEEN DONE. LEl'S BID FAREWELL tO A WONDERFUL GROUP OF SENIORS AND LOOK FORWARD tO WELCOMING NEW FACES, BEING SURE tHAt EACH CLASS IN :URN VVILL DO ItS PARt tO ADVANCE tHE StANDING OF tAHOE IRUCKEE HIGH SCHOOL. NVILL BE SEEING YOU NEXt YEAR tO CONtINUE YOUR ENDQUS If' 2 lflfl SCHOOL SPIRII 60 Donors Siesta Pines Motel Fred and Alysmae Schultz Tahoe City Lumber Co. M. S. Spitsen. Owner Alpine Glass Company Reno, Nevada Byron E. Morris, President Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Your Favorite Drink Bill Sr. 8: Jr. Forrest Inn F. P. Faust Sunnyside Lodge 84 Boat Co. Goodfellows Coffee Shop Truckee, California Headquarters for Good Eating R. C. Smart Sportsman Port Tahoe Vista Harry T. Salmon Waddell's Slcylake Motel Red and Mary Lou Waddell Donner Theatre Jack and Nadine Neugebauer Heller's Variety Charles and Pearl Heller Tahoe City Cabona S J R and M S Sears Ametta and Nace Firpo Sierra Club Kehoe's General Merchandise Norden. California Basil T' Kehoe' 'lr' Armanlco Cffice Supply Co. Allen l-- Sklar. MD- M. L. Armanlco Kings Beach, California Donors Brown-Milberry, lnc. L. O. Prawn, Manager B ron Abbott, Plurnbin Y Q Byron Abbott - Kings Beach, Calif. Cedar Glen Lodge Mr. and Mrs. l'l. l.. Gunlcel Osburn Super Service Charles V. Osburn Bank ot America Nfl. and SA. E. l-l. Pearson--Photographer 935 Ferris Lane, Reno, Nevada Ralph R. Franlc Doyle's Market Doyle McGwinn, Prop. Ray 84 Milce's Shell Station Kings Beach Ray Bergman and Michael Cinani Conger's Cate and Motel Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Conger Tahoe Forrest Hospital Truckee, California Z Markets The Whole Gang Gateway Motel Truckee, California Richard Joseph Abbott's Cottages Mr. and Mrs. Abbott ' 1 Q, ,A f f-H3 3 wg, U 325-L,-, ig . ws -5 ' J i . , ,- Qs.. :F :' 2 .iff 54: QL .Y . .P,,, . an ' -- VDC 'fx f we 1 L x ff -. 2? k 5 A- iff A . T ,sg K ,, QQ uf- .f ,W w Q 4.1 Vri Q jA3?iQf51':: I i?l:ft3,, , I 57 L I -Wei, 71 fi-f75IJi'5?i1i f J 3, nafli-f ' A-E-,Z f 12121 Abi 1,3 1 -Jfvff 155. il. M. . ,Mk , , , .al at-1 2' -1 ix? L J' ...1 5',f pw V' W. ,,. ,V , AJXQQH 'ug iy: 5'4 J ix J5 A. .f:.,.g n gf.- JX'xT,IL 1F'ffF it Ny, A.1yf2'frz'f3 , ' ,. ,:1.::,1 1 , if ' Igafiy- Pu 5.59, . ,?,551.i, . H eil 1 I f ,ww iff. f :?f:'4:s31f , . fQQ., . .f5'-.4 . 221. :rw ' .gi 1 ' , N51 ' 1, 530 P , f fi rg. . ., A 'f 'f qw 1 ff: M. ' -nf x' Qs -iff , if -35 gif' 3'-'uv L5 QL gt wwf ' ww, + ff y I . ew. W4 ' ' ' -.. 155213 'ff V 1, 'fx , W fc-, 5. g ff 21 wwf' f ff i g ,av 14 A-ji 1, :fe QV. , , 2.5344 fav: ', -9 .K ,. X, X , f! i4 ' J, 555.2 1 1.31, . X ,iii 'gk W' yi , V ,,.1.fg.g 45' Maj., V- M fi :-'MM ' Q?-T .JI ' Lv X - A I at ,V . 5.. K -.- -, 1' 1 A if-5 Fx ww 4 -Sk g f- f 1 4, v -1 Ag' 'WL-4.-F 4 wi J'-2' -1m 2' ,M , A V ,X .f . .af 1 qkf' 11 , 'ill L! 4 'L Q,' ., V aft? Q lg 221 2 ,A if -' 4-.fgwg : fuel if ' .lnifz V ' 'x , 51, Myp. mg. .. .1r f, 1 . 21' ,avg-H W5 'A Yfff,' 1 iffvgsi' 3:5575-V Eff, ' ' N Nh K --1, .Tw fm., , , , .bw M , f-13 f , W.. 9232 ii , -y 9, f -.g ,H :,jl.7 1 ' 1 V f 34 f Y. .41 M tk .1 'V s ,-Q .fl 33191: QT3 Q -, va , L, f-Q, - hx, ' - 'Q 5- il , ' . 'R r - TI : . 1- 53- F ii 532 .,, ., 'Ev'H5: im' 4. , 1 . V- 'ID '- 'lf , 33.15.12 'fgjdfi , S-We 5 , . b. R . fu, 4 XT f?-93 35,-,ua 5. 'j -. we L 4. ,ay 4-'av . Wa - - ET- J' Lf HL- Lqli-Av , 1 Y,.,, f A E111-. ',x':p,:, :Q f -lays.-5. . if:-I ,-..- ,-,. 4. aff' Mag, f 1 I. ii A455 V P X Jr x ' 35 1 Ss f .3 ' J 1 , ,Y , 'ff-.Q 1' fm ,gf N If f -, -A-. f fx I 1. ' ,I v 7,-.. , xm R, J 1. A ,E I . EJ? 73 .,..:. 9: -MN .NM5 .. ' 411-5' V' ' jgggvir 1 wxlii 1

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