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Tahlequah High School - Tiger Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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PUBLISHED BY STUDLNT COUNCIL TAHLLQUAH SFNIOR HIGH SCHOOL TAHLLQUAH OKLAHOMA 1 wi lj C 955 1 I ' .-2-1 Qfnfwfbx..-,ww . I 3 I 0 iffy' I I f t -' ,, " gi A 5117, C ,Ir ,fr J' r Q-.M 45,f,I.' ..Qffff.:-Kilx - . 4 Z' ,- v.,,'t,., . 7 , 2-- 445' P X 'Q' , ,.,, i k. . . , . MT? 5,-.f'.' .2-' .Y.v ,""', 1 ' 1 I I I If . Q ' .QA I 1 Val' 5 ,V I . . N if ' nv" Ii I I H... A' 1.-nf' :.2."' ""'-' ' ' H I V ,ED IX ,, 1: I, ,1 . .. . .,- 'La 5 ., fly All? , nf ' ' ' ' J: B ga.,-.-.-Q-:-4 fi-""-'IWC if 53' I 4 iffy" qv 'jgjffzz-.1 I is 'sIX.IffI 3 2 TQ ip 32" .-7, AHF A , .ju www.. "W -gg 5, :V .gj,,1.1 2 Q Xiu .r fi , gm' 1. 1 ., .fi I I - sw , 1 I . ,I ,I I Q V- . . .H ., ' ' X5 ,. - - . , -. 1 xx . ,..:.+azs::.::.n2 gig -M" ff' 'W Y " I' -:'1:'.'f',s .Q I 'Tris-f, - , J -A MTA "5 III- ' Vwvfw. I Q E E 1 'IW .l fy:-2 4' R fn-H 'g-rg: Iiv' - , 1 , , I .I I ,IQ si Qf. 'L,-V3.5 u if s .g ii'-QL ', rf' . 'vit '..7g"3r" Iwfl .f '!- . . . 3 13 ' ' ,. .Q'f,'i' :Lift Lv I' - , . Q 1 ff' ' ,,,,,,,,....,4"e -4+ W ' x .. I 1-' ,1- :nu-Inuit' ,fi ' 141- A ,'? , '..,k -J, .. ,Q --L.. ' ff .. U- , V 1321. - .'t.4W.. S., iq, ,N 'F' ,V g:f..'. ',:x::e!i5v " -- -g2i""h' 332. -' wb- .- ' 1 1 ""' ,, ...... i I .Iv-' X s. SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL N--sv' ti'-.1. - r ."1. - 1v.,.,A ""'.'?fff i I ' , -if ,. M, . 'MQTIQ . . .WNW . 2 i , , 1'-4, A I am Americas Promise for unfulfilled dreams. - 41? 5:14 I Iam America'.v Youth."-Schmidt I'Xigijki:2A V I b I ?f"L'i 4- , E Qijlw. .2 4 . ,. n . I -I...--sr, fa:-. . :- ,,1,., , M'-1 F-V '.- .. ..,k l is ,. I? ,, , , -, X fff?":,1w:f:4pz.-...'.,.- M.. .-5 ..-,.--..-...-...-. ,, , .. I , v . Q ' Q ,yur , If, : , ,... ..,.. . .V ." I , 1 'I ' , -rl ...-.I J 4 -. .wi :irq Fi? 4:1 J"'W1,.- 'w . N'- '-nh .Qs M I X .f ..l a fw- ,L BILL GRAHAM Editor NORMAN HEATON Axsociaze Editor LYNN IONES Business Manager WILLETTA HAYES A syac fate Businm Manager ' .e P-eggs'-"" Entrance to Se uoyab Grade Building ' . un S4 I F327 Entrance to Tahlequah Senior High School Blue print of the future! Challenging words! Words that urge America to hold to the ideals of our forefathers - a devotion to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As America shows the nations of the world ber devotion to such ideals, so must each individual show those with whom he comes in con- tact that these same ideals are guiding principles in his life. A life built upon these ideals should bring personal satisfaction to the individual and also make h.im or her a useful citizen- Thinking of the influence of youth on the future, we present our theme - "Blue print of the Future" - It is the hope that this annual will show you how these ideals are emphasized in the American educaf tional system as typified in the Tahlequah City Schools- I xxx . 7 . 4 xxx: - x 'fx ah: . 'g. ' , -aMsQw.xi,fQfxf1?. h . -, 4 'lfx ' -' -- .,, 'M f.:,vy"'fgf:.I qi' ,uv 'gh 'xft r V 'Q at-5: -f, , mfg.-4.5.5 ' S -K-ix. . , I txlgfj .1 rv, X lr 1 ,A-f-3-nn 'Ls gl. JT Y -Ti-. E153 .11 , 1 9.5, -: . A- gf. 5 . B .A V , Q M o W- low' f. ' I Su1Jer1Y""'dt nt Ol Cay S cbonls. ADMISISTRATION In your plan for the building of a future life let it be built upon the sound founda- tion of good character, honesty, depend- ability, perserverance, and a sense of responsibility for good citizenship in your homes, your schools, and your com- munity. You have already begun to build, to plan, and to lay the foundation. While there will be walls provided for in youi blueprint, there will also bc open doors of friendliness, cooperation, and whole- some relationship with your fellow man. Finally, may the roof not shut out the stars of your ideals and dreams but point upward and onward, symbolizing the continued striving for the highest and finest things in life. gwsf, Q44 THE SCHOOL BOARD HB6 9.-HHVKNIK1 YZ!! Dr. T. O. Graham, iWember,' Mr. Frank Stauss, Member: Mr. Alden Dryden, Prcxidmtp Mr. Virgil Trent, Member,' Mr. Clay Felts, Clerk, i'!'2-if-45311 4 U? ' 'Z 'I' p ff .,, gg ,ilafiifv MR. VERNON nuiuiows, co. Congratulations to the Staff and Sponsors of the 1953 TIGER, the first yearbook for the combined senior high school. Not only you, but the entire student body of our new high school has made this year a milestone in the prog- ress of education in Tahle- quah. You have rightfully' used as the theme of our year- book, "The Blueprint For To- morrow." May your coopera- tion, loyaltyl and efforts re- turn dividends of happiness and success for you and those who follow. "Wit RIA -4' .AF KAUWAN princ'P3l of Tahlfq ua h C3 Senior High Scho I 0 . MR. LEONARD RAINWATER, Principal of Sequoyah Elementary School. ' ' S -.,., li 'KW MR. TOM IOHNSON, Principal of Tahlequah Junior High X School and Bagley Elementary. mf if y 1, ,435 i ,,,,,,,. , r ordinator of Secondary Education in Tahlequah Schools. Vg! A' IN W i The teacher is 3. BUILDER The Vocational Subiects f" lfll Box N Rulwx -lllllllll xt I-.UMW 4 Us 11 f 1 1 unmr H4 ,mx 'xir Clmrh Hanlamn rg 5: Q", 49' f'Y LJ ,. b lf MVN I4 If rlvm ,455 K X01 'IUUHI I0 I Lltlllllllll LLYS ll Y Xl! IX 4 L U1 'IYISK Ill IQ X I Ill tllll flillllll P ll 050 7 N I I L The Industrial Arts Department 'ff-"'-A .... N1 Hmm u as SU m Clurlu lam: s 498 .34 i .-....., Q:-fr wiv 4 'M on L 3 e leads the Way toward worthier tastes, saner atti n Redman- Kun p, ter b Ken Due 0flt'li'cg6l:I0'ti0:::n banquet C 1 Mathematics Department Mr. Bill Turney Mr. Roy Helmet Mrs. Harris L. Elliot fSecretary to lxlr. 1 sptalger, higher intelligence. Physical seminar f gi ' "Os 22,2 is , . s in ff. .. 'u-,gjx,f M, ff- W - ' 1 ' 3?L.E9f,Sgg5f'+, ' Y , sl.. QE- 1 ' P' '44 Mr. Francis Ford Mr: Guy Lookabaugh QDrivers' Trainingj The courses offered in lvlathematics Department include Plane Geometry, Solid Ceometry, Trigonometry, and Algebra ll in the Senior High Schoolg Algebra l and Composite Math in the lunior High Schoolg and arithmetic throughout the grades. These courses are designed to insure mathematical com- petence for the ordinary affairs of life, as well as to provide sound mathematical training for our future leaders in the fields of math- ematics and science. Izzy- Cbristmfs 'M' Cuumg :bc We -1'-If A. The teacher is an ARTIST The Science Department 'W Nliv, fXlin'rv.'ll Rusx Nlr. A. lf. Bc-niictt Nlr. il, H, Gobcn Mom mizcll by , ' rrvl 4 , wr. 20226 'lfrsnl Q Lai iw me l,,mrin' 'f ,, ,nuff rllf Hr A lffu, junior Imlrfvf-7 V lruzr1,,f,I M7 f' lf mf".Q',V ffam, XVc src living in tlic nge of scicncc. Young people toclnx must lmvc nt least .in clcmcntgirx' lcnowlcllgc of scientific lvrinciplcs in orclcr to live lmrmoniouilx' in tlicir surroundings, Connex in Gcncrnl Science, Biology, Pln-Sics, .incl Cllcniistrx' iirc offfrcd in our sclioolx, i i I Fine Arts Department QQ N C1257 49' wi Nlr, Rnlu-rl Hill Nliss llclli Hcrriiigmii Nlr, Bill Nicliols QAIKD 10-A- .N OT I'ICTll'1fI:D Nlr. Glenn Stark, Axllljlf lrlslfln fllf Il! Srruor High Salma! e works with the precious clay of unfolding personality L -f-H!" V ii MY k T b 7 8 Mrs. 1. E. Clark I fl A A!" K The Primary Department W eeiilegg T E Q VIA rer, V r 4 .Q The teacher is a FRIENDg Intermediate Department Q nw-34" :-, V -SEQ: '1 mmf TL. 4 -SOAP valuing! Intermediate Department Nfiss Nfildrcd Randals Mrs. YV. T. Hunt Nfrs. R. K N1 I h S Fygg readmg pfffod fi! ' 'Y Dll N Y-he His heart responds to the faith and devotion of his students. The Elementary Department XA! 'X lrztermedlkztg ,I d 1 u yfng gfagfaphy Mrs. Ruth R cc The Elementary Department Mrs. Ray H lden , Mfr. Flo GM L,-X -rf' 3' T""Pfct0n f....., 4""" The Teacher Training Program The reorganization of the Tahlequah Public Schools in 1952 into three separate and distinct ad- ministrative units Qelementary, junior high, and senior high schools, led to an agreement between the Board of Education and the Board of .Regents for North- eastern State College that the public schools may serve as a laboratory for the training of student teach- ers. The college tries to give each prospective teacher a good general background of culture and information, plus a knowledge of educational theory, before he be- gins his student teaching, but an understanding of children and the intelligence necessary to guide them in their development cannot be acquired vicariously. To know children, one must work and play with them. Since the pupils in the public schools have much greater opportunity for supervision 'and guidance which the teacher training program affords, it is be- lieved that the quality of instruction in the public schools is materially improved. Approximately one hundred fifty college stu- dents did student teaching in the public schools of Tahlequah this year. C , 54718: Iffldltc,-J on Evidence of ability to fulfill successfully the student teaching assignment serves as the most significant measure of a student's fitness to receive a certificate to teach. It is agreed that student teaching should be so organized as to protect the best interests of the pupils to be taught. The pupil-not the teacher-is the cen- ter of the school program. Consequently, all student teaching is done under close supervision by the reg- ularly employed senior teacher. Each student is required to observe, assist, or teach a period equivalent to one-half day each school day for one semester to meet state certification re- quirements. These assignments are made in his major and minor fields of study during his senior year of college education. lgbn Willis with bis Fourth Gfdde wood working class l r 'yd r vi, al 137' l cafeterzh du ty ea ,.- H I xv- , M " -ug ' ,f'f',.-0 4,7 4 ,1"""d Qalrfn. IT' 5 'ser' s'-are Vs? lv" 5- 4? A ,A "f"1s.X -1 .,. all r fa ,, x""!'5' f f 'Q G . . ,"",h 1 yrfgi ' '- . -sam? A 'SI anffbu. '94-., 2.1 BETTY ADAMS Glee Club 4 years Dramatics WANDA ANDERSON Pep Club 2 years F.H.A. 1 year Physical Education 1 year Library 1 year SHIRLEY BAKER State Honor Society National Honor Society Girls State Student Council Football Attendant PEGGY BARTON F.H.A. 2 years Senior Play Thespian Society 1 year Pep Club 2 years SYLVIA BERRY Physical Education 1 year Chorus 1 year FINN ANDERSON Audio-visual 4 years 4-H Club 4 years Physical Education 4 years String Class 52-53 BILL AVANT Football 2 years Baseball 2 years Physical Education 4 years BERNEICE BALLARD Physical Education 2 years Library 1 year BOB BELL Boys State Football 2 years Junior Vice-President Letterman's Club 1 year Glee Club 4 years TOM BRADSHAW RONNIE BRYANT National Honor Society Vice-President of Student Council 52-53 Baseball 3 years Football 2 years Boys Quartet and Chorus 3 years JIM CAMPBELL Football 3 years Vice-President Senior Class Vice-President of "T" Club Baseball Manager 1952 Sports Editor of Tiger 1953 DOROTHY CARTER Glee Club 3 years, Treasurer 1 year Library Club 2 years F.H.A. 3 years FLAKE CARTER Physical Education 4 years JEAN CHRISTIE 4-H Club Art Club Dramatics TOMMY BURNS President of Senior Class Vice-President of Bagley Student Council 51-52 Football 4 years CCO-Captain 19521 Baseball 3 years National Honor Society BARBARA CARPENTER Chorus 2 years Library Club 1 year State Honor Society 3 years FELIX CARTER Football 2 years Baseball 3 years Boxing 1 year Arts and Crafts "T" Club GERALDINE CHAFIN National Honor Society Thespian Society Senior Play Football Attendant Pep Club 4 years MARTIN CHRISTIE Physical Education 2 years Audio-visual 2 years uw' 'Jr QI? L .. g""h1iiA'? . ., -r A A-4-, if QQ Q'-rj' . kv' 'fu-.Q Wi' F IMOGENE CLAY Pep Club 1 year Glee Club and Chorus 3 years JO ANNA CONNOR Chorus 4 years F.T.A. 3 years MAC COOK F.F.A. 4 years 4-H Club 4 years Band 4 years National Honor Society Basketball 2 years JEANETTE COYAN Senior Class Secretary Chorus 4 years lAccompanist5 College Orchestra 4 years F.H.A. 4 years fpianist 1 year! F.T.A. 3 years 1 pianist 2 yearsl PHYLLIS DAVIDSON F.H.A. 4 years Pep Club 2 years Football Attendant Dramatics 2 years Radio Club ANN COLE I-land 4 years Library Club 2 years F.H.A. 4 years Radio Club F.F.A. Attendant 50-51 WAHLELLE COOKSON Football queen 1951 Tiger queen 1953 Secretary of Junior Class Student Council Treasurer 1953 Band 3 years 1Majorette 2 yearsj FRED COOPER Student Council Representative Senior Class Sports Editor of Tiger 52-53 Football 3 years Basketball 2 years "T" Club BETTY DAUSE Library Club Pep Club Physical Education F.l1.A. LAVENA DAVIS 4-H Club Physical Education Library Club Pep Club MARY JO DEEM 1952 Football Queen State President F.H.A. 1952-53 Governor 1952 Girls State Delegate to Girls Nation, Washington, D.C. National Honor Society MAE JEAN DOLLISON Radio Club Thespian Student Council F.H.A. National Honor Society FONDA EVANS Chorus 4 years F.T.A. 2 years JOE FADDIS Physical Education Senior Play Radio Club Lakeland Splash Assistant Editor Audio-visual DARLENE FLETCHER Girls Physical Education 1 year ULYS DODSON Physical Education 3 years MARY DREADFULWATER Pep Club Librarian Girls Physical Education MARGARET EVANS College Orchestra 2 years Vocal Music 4 years Pep Club 2 years F.T.A. 2 years National Honor Society BETTY K. FLEMING Band and Chorus Student Council Representative Thespian Senior Play National Honor Society JIMMY FLOURNOY President 4-H Club '52-53 Outstanding Freshman and Sophomore Key Club National Honor Society -+A is Dru who hiyfgigzii 1' jf 'ff V 'U' an 14" xg ,mf fu '15 4-'45 X if 'NS ,gn-sa Q 'wiv aw ' gb-as 063 fhfin nr, 3... if up .swwu"'w '05 Us aw ii --. 4771 DOROTHY FRENCH 4-H Club F.H.A. Dramatics Club BERNII-ICE GIRDNER JACK GOURD Football 2 years Basketball 3 years Baseball 2 years Junior Play Tiger King Candidate 50-51 DENNIS GRAHAM Physical Education 2 years Audio-visual 2 years EVA HALL Pep Club Physical Education 2 years FRED ALLEN GIBSON Jr. and Sr. Play Thespian Society Lakeland Splash Physical Education Wrestling 1 year JACK GIRDNER Baseball 3 years Football 3 years Key Club "T" Club Audio-visual BILL GRAHAM Football Band and Chorus 3 years State and National Honor Society Senior Play Editor of 1953 Tiger BOBBYE HALFACRE F.T.A. Glee Club and Chorus 4 years Pep Club 3 years JOIINNIE HARPER Physical Education Wrestling 2 years United States Army WILLETTA HAYES Girls State 1952 Junior and Senior Plays F.T.A. Parliamentarian F.H.A. 4 years National Honor Society BILLY HINTON Audio-visual Physical Education Basketball Tennis ALFRED HOLLAND Thespian Band National Honor Society 2 years State Honor Society 4 years Radio Club LUCILLE JENKS Freshman Queen Attendant Sophomore Queen Attendant Cheerleader 3 years F.H.A. 3 years Radio and Thespian Clubs LOIS JOHNSON F.H.A. 2 years F.T.A. 1 year Pep Club 1 year Library Club 2 years mm NORMAN HEATON Freshman Class President Football Mgr. 51 Editor Bagley Buzzer Student Council 2 years National Honor Society ,gf Gu BARTOW HIX gals GARY HUNT Football Letterman Club WT" Club! Annual Artist Visa..- ss- BEVERLY JOHNSON Girls Physical Education 11' :tx F.H.A. 4-H Club Librarian -f Pep Club if 4-:ff . Q.. 4, 1 A .-r J' ' 447 gains!" ff L., 1 I r 'Z ...af 'Rm Qi '15- LYNN JONES Junior and Senior Plays Football and Basketball 2 years 2d'Tfl4?ff'T5 V. . . J , uslness Manager 53 Tiger National Honor Society L,,.. V .'3 ' 2 'C fo, , f by 4 V Y- Q A , ,H 'i" 'Nfl llnan-Pi' f 1... 93' ,ar y .av if 'Nm IN Q e onln- A-bn if 1 E 'G' i , 1f2?5geI?f 9 t GENE JONES Football, Basketball, Baseball 3 years President of Sophomore class State and National Honor Societies Secretary-Treasurer of "T" Club Tiger King 1953 BILL KEITH Football 3 years President of Student Council and Radio Club Band and Chorus 3 years Junior Play RUSSELL KELLEY F.F.A. 4 years F.F.A. Sentinel F.F.A. Secretary Football I year Physical Education 1 year VIRGINIA LAMONS Glee Club 2 years Dramatics 2 years J. T. MANN Armed Services for 46 months Four months spent in U.S. 42 months in European Theater JACK JONES Football 2 years tAll-con ferencej Basketball 3 years Baseball 3 years "T" Club National Honor Society FRED KELLER Boxing 3 years BOBBY LAMONS F.F.A. 3 years F.F.A. Reporter 2 years Wrestling 2 years Radio Club Boys Homemaking JEAN LEDBETTER State Honor Society National Honor Society Senior Class Queen 1952 DAVID MARKHAM Band 3 years Chorus 2 years Junior Play Lakeland Splash Staff Thespian Society JACK MILLER Football Mgr. 1953 4-H 2 years F.F.A. 1 year Radio Club "T" Club JEANNE McDANIEL Pep Club 2 years F.H.A. 2 years Glee Club 2 years Library Club 1 year JIM MORGAN Junior and Senior Plays Band 4 years Basketball 1 year Thespian Society State and National Honor Societies LILLIAN NORWOOD Secretary of Junior Class Student Council Chorus Office Girls Physical Education BARBARA RATHJENS Band F.T.A. Vice-president Thespian 3 years Senior Play Football attendant 2 years TONY MIMS Football Manager 1951 Basketball Manager 1952-53 SHIRLEY McDANIEL 4-H Club F.H.A. 2 years Physical Education Pep Club 1 year TOMMY MCCOY Baseball Wrestling State and National Honor Societies NICK PULLIAM Football 3 years Basketball 3 years Vice-president of Junior Class President of "T" Club National Honor Society KAY REA F.H.A. Pep Club Office Chorus 05' .l -Q, :Ji KQTTZQS 'Z' an 'US ii-I. fl ' f E 42 ,- ,, 2 - 1, if fi I 1 f J? i GEORGIA RICE Chorus 1 year Library Club SHIRLEY RINNERT Thespian F.H.A. Outstanding Bandsman 51-52 Shorthand Award 51-52 Typewriting Award 50-51 BOBBY GENE ROBERTS Physical Education Audio-visual NORMA ROBINSON Pep Club 2 years Mixed Chorus 2 years F.H.A. Physical education 2 years DONNIE RUTHERFORD F.F.A. Boxing Football 2 years "T" Club LARRY RICHMOND F.F.A. 4 years F.F.A. Reporter DORA RISENHOOVER Chorus 1 year Physical Education 3 years F.H.A. 3 years Pep Club 2 years Office assistant BOB ROBERTS "T" Club Junior and Senior Plays Tiger advertising manager Thespian Society Chorus 2 years DELSIE ROSE F.H.A. 4 years Office 2 years FLYOD RYDER HAROLD SHEPHERD Boxing 2 years 4-II Club 2 years Physical Education 4 years DORIS SPARKS Civics Club F.H.A. Dramatics Chorus Physical Education FARRIS STEVENS Civics Club Boxing Football Radio Club VIRGINIA STROUP WILBUR SMITH ga -iv 1'--fs F.F.A. 4 years, Treasurer 1 year ,--, Student projectionist 3 years 'vt Boxing 1 year Wrestling 1 year JOE STEELEY LORETTA STOTTS Pep Club 2 years Librarian 1 year Physical Education 1 year F.H.A. 1 year MARY ANN SUNDAY Sophomore Homecoming Queen Pep Club 2 years Tiger Queen 51-52 F.T.A. 3 years Chorus and Sextette State Honor Society SHIRLEY TEAGUE Home Economics 4 years Glee Club 3 years Speech 1 year Radio Club 1 year Chorus and Glee Club 4 years EARL TACKETT Football 2 years Baskeball 3 years Physical Education 3 years 4-H Club Audio-visual 91 'Q' ' 7' avi im 3 K wfffsfi M, O New K2 'Tw f Q W' Y 1'-uvf 13' fl B. X H-wr if if ivy 253 C X f""P' Q'-'77 4? at M 0 149 ,ff ....,,g'-'fx 431-. "N-.. 41 R? ,,..-ff A JCr' eeyy g 5' f , V at 4, f .fa sf., F Y . "'w- 'Numa A , TQ? e iT1+r"f" qv' 1. A ,333 J Zi . 7 ' V' , ,il ffl L ' F 4 ' SQ A x .fi 5' X. A , -:ii RW f xv- 'Y' ' .nv XX . HQ .rn PGN W 'hiv Qs-'nv' '-5" REGINA TINCHER Chorus 3 years F.H.A. 3 years Pep Club 3 years F.T.A. 2 years Junior Queen Attendant EUGENE VINYARD Football 1 year Physical Education 3 years State Honor Society 4 years BARBARA WALTERS Attendant Football Queen 2 years Cheerleader 3 years F.H.A. 4 years Staff Lakeland Splash 1 year JUANITA WEBB F.H.A. 3 years 4-H 2 years Pep Club 3 years BARBARA WELSH State Honor Society F.F.A. 2 years Glee Club and Chorus JERRY THOMPSON Civics Club 49-50 F.F.A. Radio Club JOE WALKER RAY WEBB Boxing 3 years Radio Club 1 year Physical Education 2 years Mixed Chorus 1 year JERRY WEBSTER STEWART WHEELER Football "T" Club Boy's State Student Council Key Club WANDA WICKETT HOOD Secretary of Sophomore Class National Honor Society Glee Club 1 year F.H.A. 1 year State Honor Society DON WHITE Baseball 2 years Physical Education 1 year Annual Negro Minstrel 2 years F.F.A. 1 year WILLIE WILSON Football 2 years Baseball 2 years Basketball 1 year CAROLE TRIBBEY Pep Club 3 years Radio Club Football Attendant 2 years Majorette ELDEE PANELL Physical Education 4 years F.H.A. 1 year MARY ELLEN WITT District F.T.A. Secretary and local President Junior Class Student Council Representative Treasurer of Senior Class Maid of Honor 1952 State and National Honor Societies COY WHITMORE F.F.A. 1 year 4-II 1 year Audio-visual 1 year Physical Education 3 years MARGARET YATES Physical Education F.H.A. PAT TUCKER TED JOHNSON Band 4 years Lakeland Splash Editor Chorus 3 years 'X ret -lldgf' 'wc -cj P8 ,AY 'sub 5, .. C . .', .'.'o -is-fin ,Q-sa A,A .Qui 91: -E3 F 73 'F' ' , ,, ,fe 1 .K 1 NANCY JANE HICKS Glee Club F.H.A. Receptionist Mixed Chorus Library Club LOUISE BLAIR MARY LOIS McCUISTION F.H.A. 3 years, Historian 1 year Chorus 2 years Receptionist 2 years Library 1 year BILLY MOORE Arts and Crafts Club Audio-visual 4 years JOHN TAYLOR Audio-visual 1 year President Junior Class F.F.A. 1 year Radio Club Physical Education 4 years BILL REEDY Bi-Phy-Chem Club 1 year Audio-visual 1 year F.F.A. 1 year Arts and Crafts Club Physical Education 2 years CALVIN WHITMIRE Basketball Football Baseball Radio Club U. S. Army SENIORS NOT PICTURED NORMA GORDON GROVER McLEMORE WILLIAM TAYLOR Av. y 4. ug gui! rj M F 91 JU IGRS 'F K F f. I, 10 4 "" g fm 6' ft x I life ,' 'V Q B, . ,, x fl 7 A 7, f . 44 . g, Q 5 1 W its Top Row: Ewin Adcock, Doyle Al- taffer, Clifford Anderson. Samuel Anderson, Carol Jean Anno. Second Row: Belvert Arnette, Ed Baker, Bill Bingham, Gene Bitting, Carla Blank. Third Row: Betty Jo Bond, Mau- rice Dale Box, Joyce Marie Brown, Shirley Brown, Julie Bryant, Fourth Row: Billy Burgess, Mar- garet Ann Burgess, Blanche Burk. Shirley Butts, Mary Callaway. Fifth Row: Tommy Sue Wheeler. Carl Woolverton. 'Z if: if H .wmv . if , I . :gg 2 e r e Y 6 X ' n ,.. 41 V ffl' . x , Our Infllll 1' Bam! ver' A X Y Top Row: Louise McGowan, L. D. Stevens, Second Row: Buddy Carter, Patsy Carter, Leroy Capps, Charles Chaf- fin, James Chafin. Third Row: Creta Mae Clemons, Grace Cole, Roy Cole, Ruby Collins. Thelma Cookson. Fourth Row: Ben Cooper, Hazel Coursey, Jlm Cox, Charles Craw1 ford, Claudia Pat Cunningham. Fifth Row: Luraly Curry, Sally Curtis, Stella Dause, Nelvls Day, Nadine Downing. 1 . ,av ss' 1 -l 1 lol 2' V 153' 1 lllnxic Department I'rwfnts Chrixtmas Program f Q , 1 - , x 3 1 1 'Q .4 I ,L f y H? If k .1 x 'A 'ff' ld 'V H ' 2 ' in - ly ' ET: wk, I 'H f s ,mg Q ,, ,f - .. 3 1 A-"2-'-Sf, 4 -N L Q- will f- 3" as . :,'sQ,z':, ": :Q-S..--. I: ,ix -'mlb-u,:'g5.4 .:,-5 .h - '. ,oz L 'Q !' K ' 1' ' Qga , lf ,-X-K 1 5 f", 5 J ' ff i f an-3 Q s Q I Top Row: James Dunn, Charlene Eastham, Loretta Evans. Roger Fain, Shelba Ferguson. Second Row: Robert Frank, Pat Garner, Shelton Garner. Connie Ghormley, Jo Ann Gist, Third Row: Callie Gritts, Dale Gross, Boyd Halfacre, Estel Humby. Fredabeth Hargis. Fourth Row: Bcn Hzlrris, Joyce Hendricks, Alan Herron, Dail Hol- comb, Bobby Hood. Fifth Row: Herman Kennicutt. Ruby Randolph. I, l, lvl' flnlf zfnflm-Q fm flfwzfi mfnlq l'i1rml'1 I I -Tr I . f- in Q -43 I l L E: . 11 x u H 4 , .Q 'Z 1 Y 1 fl' if Wall 9 'f U 4 Q. ll Eh fs .dj V3-S url Cwfnr Cfmlrlli nf llllfvffflmllr I 1 1 Top Row: Shiriey Hood. Roma Jean Howard. Charmis Hill. Jeannie Kaufman, Helen Kaufman. Second Row: Billy Kay, Patrick Keenan, Lee Roy Keener, Rose Marie Kissinger, Cora Lee. Third Row: Dale Lewis, Richard Linam, Ann Lookabaugh, Martha Masters, Betty Matthews. Fourth Row: Helen McFarland, A. C. McKee, Mary McPher- son, Katherine Morgan, James Nally. 'Q PQ 75 M he nh- na ,I - jk X. el-:r 'fr i ff? i t ' ' ! K ,alia Top Row: Donald Smith, Helen Smith, Geraldine Sparks, Ro- wena Steeley, Evelyn Stowers, Goldie Sullivan. Second Row: James Svoboda, Donald Swim, Mary Ann Terrell, Judy Thomas, Eva Nell Tincher, James Thompson. Third Row: Miles Thompson, Jackie Townsend, Louis Trapp. Mary Tussinger, Myra Tye, Frankie Warren. Fourth Row: Johnny Whaler, Eva Wheeler, LaRue Wheeler, James Wilson, Frank Woodard, Bun Wright. Prcszdent B111 at Football Banquet .4 Q In I ' . 'R A -. 3 9 .av .If 2 'vu 'Q .10 I Q lg 1, C 4 f lx w, :ui x 'T QQ -og ,fl- f lf' Y-if .ffisial 'Q lf , I A Q-, f A ,.. ? I .,gf W ! if Q hhu i I V 2 if f A 1,4 -s - .. W 14. . Top Row: Delphine Neel, Lloyd Panell, Joyce Parish. Frankie Par- ris. William Perryman. Second Row: William Pettit. Robert Potts. Donald Procl-1. Johnny Pruitt. Daniel Pulliam. Third Row: Ruby Randolph. Carol Randall, Louise Redfearn. Faye Rice. Victor Robards. Fourth Row: Jackie Sanders. Bill Stauss, Lila Se-itz. Jerry Simmons. Wanda Skaggs. Fifth Row: Delphine Neel. Marion Phillips. Q If 3 f I 1 K l 1: 1, .1 ,Q Qf. x ' 'R 1? f if . S 0 . Nj ', J., Q A X n "6 , felllli ll Dltml If ftiiy Slllln :ff 1,1111 2 I X. 'H A-. 'Q i fY"w- 4? dssfaxxx 1 Q 4 'Cl ,411 y ,3 I "? I ef Mildred Patricia Acra Vlvxan Alngworth Jack Ames Jessie James Anno John L Anderson Betty Byers Barbara Ruth Bailey Joe Dlck Baker Ellen Ballard Jack Lee Ballew Patricia Blgbie Lloyd Nelson Brock Wilma Lee Burns Barbara Ann Carter Flnls Carter James Chafln Donna Irene Chance Avis Lee Chapman Cleto M Chapman Delorls Chapman Gary Chapman Roger Chouteau Dennis Lee Clapper Norman Dean Cole Wesley Dale Connor Roy Cook Nancy G Courtney Shirley Faye Craig Barbara Jean Crane Joann Creech Ben Davis r - 4 Gaynold Davis A , Jane Davis Wilburn Davis Judith Douglas Betty Edgar ., Nettie Edwards 3 X . Phyllis Evans fl V Quanah Fisher Thomas Fletcher Vivian Flournoy Peggy Foreman 'F Ronald Funderburk Linda Garrison Arnold Garroube Harold Gates l' 4 Joan Gideon Anna Gilliam Andy Girty Patti Gladd v-A SOPHO ORES arf '3 sh' f" off -'ll' fu Ds? Sophomore float m the F homecommg parade' F. fo pg. 'Y -'Q 2 f- 1? ..-no f 'C 1 H . I: 14. 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X Q 7. i C-. f" ' ' 4- C n GRADE Norma McCollum Mack Mclntosh Burke McSpadden Mlle Malone Rxchard Mormon Edwln Moore Berry Ann Munn Elbert Mutzxg Iudy Odell Benny Ioe Price Richard Reid Evelyn Ross Bully Rylter Bonneva Sellers Fred Shapley Alyce Faye Smrth Charles Smith Frank Smith Ierry Smnrh Clyde Southem Leonard Southard Vera Sowdcr Bxlly Bob Stopp Nancy Nell Tarkm Mary Lou Tharp Davxd Thomas Alfaye Thompson Iames Thompson Iulla Thorne Clmzon Thornton Harvey Truxtt Clarence Vmeyard Bully Westfall Anna Whnre Sherldean Wilcox Kenneth Bridges lack Wxllls gton -vs I -0 11 'ul Mary Carol Woodall ,Q Erma Lea Yeager oe Young Robert Young Sidney Bndges Darlene Moses Carol Foreman Sharon Krsner Utemah Davis Velma Wheeler Vnctona Glory Floyd Clmton ohn Herron L ' rdf s 'Q 'G A P 'v-'urn 'Q .-rg. ft' .are -0 "Y P Ji .441 ,M as '. l"r U In X . fQ D U' 3 A ' 33 W .V 4' V .9 F 'A V4 V. '10 - I ' Y S '-1 A ' - ' ' , . A ' A 'A Q ' 4 .V ,.-- H xx If N 71, N .l fe 7' 'il Q f X -" l 4 . V I . 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I 5 at .X Q j-"W N , Bully joe Amon Iuanlta Aulgur Norma lean Br-aswell Bully Bruce Frances Campbell Ros: Dawes Ionme Courtney Peggy Dreadfulwzrer Llffy Fate Ioyce Wnlhs Benny Drywatcr Tray Freeman Ben Gunn Mary Holmes Robert johnson Carolyn Keys Pntncn Klnxey Homer Kupslck Ted Kupsnck Glenda Mann Patsy Mm W llnam Moore Charles Masters Lnnda McClain Kenneth Orr Chester Phrllrps Geneva Reedv Maxine Roach Robert Scearcc Alenc Smith Barbara Smith Kirby Smith Patsy Sweet Serena Walters Ah Ann Wheeler Margaret White lrmmnc White Eva Nell Wm Dlclue Woolbnghl A-'2 'wa' SIXTH GRADE XA I 110 fb. 1 'Y xii IO E. fi! gl? wifi X I ff' e .4 ff 01 A .ag A 'Jr Ali O I ,.,. M Q 'Y wi H .. aotr iatio B t i 5? - :m?li?4?l fQ-, fi 1. :I A ' ff l - A ff. ' , L, ini ,wilt-. H ii. sci". . ' 2 ?, 5M x 5 R 1 A V 1 , 4 B wr. 1 A :I ff- . . .I X fe Z0 P . Making puppets. Prlvgilla Anderson Ruby Carol Burk Agatha Odcll Charles Crouse Carole Sue Donahue Dcnzil Dawson: Ervin Eastham Sandra Garrison Harry Arthur Farnsu orth Arnold Gray Gary Griffin Douglnx Hargis Martha lohmon D1-anna Iones Gerald Kelley Patricia Kelley Sandra Kish Bob Klsner VVyrnhcrr Lane George Marius Martha Markham Blake Parris Paul Pennington Bobby Pebwurth Inhnnle Phillips Opal Pierce Ian Rathcrt Bonnie Renfrow Billie Shoemaker Sue Ann Smith Iudy Thompson lndith Ann Ward Herman W'hxt1: Patricia Wilkerson No! Pictured Raymond Kirk Iackie Watford Kenmth Bibb lxarul Bxcc anus Chxldnss Sn phul K ravens XX Cummins Hmm, Dlck Bxllx Rax Gourd Isla L1-1 Cmns Sandra Qrltls llualuth Harris Uudch Harp ld Holmes Barlura Amx uncs Iloroxhy 1 um C lun: Sm n YN mx K 14 once Blllx Rax Nlamn Curms Nusron C lmrln Ninn Rulnnl D-all Nun X nun Nix Karol Amr Orr Rm Iklmnrrlx X nrbnma Phxlhpa 1 L rn u Ronald lu x Slxlrlu Ann Roach Lu Rohm Rnhard Rolmuou Phxllls Ro Dann R 1 Bulslm Rnx Smith nm Smuh Darnll Snmh Iarl Sqnx na ummy Srauss Ill luln Szulq Dun XVa1 0 Arthur VVhul4r Dons NX hccler lack Trum Cahn rmc- XVhnc Blllu. kan VV1ll1w Carolyn Watt 3 Shnrlcy Inan Wolfe 'iv xx f 'J 1 FOURTH GRADE l fl! I 11 J! -0 1-1-.-....... A ' fl ,aff ' 9 -4 sfy 'Q X I ,pf li Q af I 1 'N V i 1 . ., " , "1 s Inf! 'SY ,S K 'N t 'W5uu' yn nik' X A ,L- 11 ,- -l -6 if 2 A. I V ., g 1 l , I' ' ' 3 ' - " adv X N ' A fi ! A ,H 1. 1: v Ff"..' A'l"T .f l. l fl , mf.. ' ' lmh iw 'lqu q Mig? 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'I , . 4 ': ., 2 .LIA F ' f L ei ,IL HALLowe'EN KINGEAND QUEEN Larry Culver and ,Bliss ,,,Q' Shown below' , e candidates for both the Hallowe'eneZ:'i'ff'Q and Queen and the Annual Prince rincess ,,,.w, . , 1 .iw Q . iw' V , xf ' ' me ' , 2 - 1 ' A 'ff fx' 53 1: W A me l. -gil l if I f .W as 4 I, wg, e iff ' 4 fl: 4 if 1 .Xi A . X. -1, ,241 ,YQ - - , rw, z- 5 J' . ,. ' 421' . ,Y Q44-fx, , 4. . q, ,W are We Leam Kenny Adams Lanna Ballard Sonny Ballard Michael Davnd Byerley Charles Bynum Patncla Ann Callco Charlotte Clowers Imogene Cook Johnny Corn Donna Craig Albert Daugherty Jr Gary Don Davidson Donna Mae Denton Clyde Felts Jimmy Fleury Donnie Garner Dxane Gates Wllllam Kirk Ghomnley John Gowdy .lxmmy Gowers Sharon Hacks Nancy Holcomb Gene Eloyae Horsechlef Twxla June Hunt Terry lrvm Marilyn Justus Ina Louella Kenmcutt Mary Ketcher Barbara Kllpatrxck Dansy Lawhead Damel Robert Lewxs Blllle Loftln Ida Lee Medlm Patrlcla Medhn Jxmmy McKee Linda Kay McKee Carolyn McNeal John Ray Molloy Linda Carol Morgan Ansen Murphy Randall Newman Loune Parka Opal Payne Brooks Perryman Gary Phillips Tommy Reynolds Tommy Rickard THE FIRST GRADE Rea Q Q ...- ...- f .4 W ' 3:2321 """9"'-tw aggal 1 me if' 110051. f 'Mg 1" bn L1 R.. f Look ' ' ' An Elephant. A."1 5 lv- 41 rs f"?2 4 . J Y, ,BQ -Lfgz , w 1-.1 u J,rv.g, K an lfilllll is uv.: fine im a-1 . 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QQ ,Nfk ,gg 'UH Dorothy Jo Thompson Dorothea Unruh Lmda Kay Walker Margaret Walls Clyde Weatherly B111 Wolfe Tommy Woodard THE SECQND GRADE 'as IHIIN Leammg to do y f-W -.. 1 H-K plug? of tv domg My rw al -lf I l l And now a quarter tlll slx Sharon Anderson James Austln Janet Baxter Jill Berry Susan Bliss Pat Braun Thelma Burwell Patrlcla Cooper Mlldred Cowan Kathy Craig Larry Culver I Sharon Dale Frances Dry M Clell Fountain hiv Raymond Fourluller Brenda Fuller J C Gage Randy Garner -1 Joe Bob I xll Sandra Glover Dorm Gowers Mmke Graham Darla Haddock lla 3 , - r-1 - 4 X "0 f f' ' , Q 1 1 5 ' V A 7 O , 0 2 .3 Q N 4 ' x A I , l Q- l - f 3' " 1' X 4- ,-ff " . ' ' X' - : lo K I " 1 ' g ' f - ,. Q . , t -M wnl,if'. I xc 'Q ' 'al 4 i K .7 , ga I ' , I , 'V I Af i 1 Q. ' -,n ' v h A N A V' Q v Y K N. , b , I - . . i 'ge 1 A il! l M. f' Q W W 4 X 4, ' ' ' W! sv 7 :A , Q . .ni ' r X I ' 1 -J , - ., me X , it "f:s1ff".g " ' f W .lf ' K EE: U i ' V f " Lou Nell Campbell N 4 it V A f- 2 ,, A ' 1 '-5 4 -. 4 "lg ' ' L A -Nl , QQ 31 ' 1 -- -L Lg .r ,,, ,N 2- 'z I t fps- -' :zz-E, Q I I s -I , , ,ffl J, , 1 rl , I .,. D , 4 x4 no 'I W 1.432 -oy 5, 'als if 'I l 7 Q? '-4 " lf, f 3, ,. an dl-,Q R 5 L 0 LA 1 . pk ff " ,xt A ' o ' ,i 1' W V '. 5 i f F 1 l I , - ', fl 'ff' f 5 A' -, , , ' f I "-2? Mxke Hathaway Bull Hands Arden James Johnny Johnson James Loftln .Indy Lovury Nancy Caroll Matthews Chrlstlne McCarty Jerry Mulholland Carla Pay ne Mxke Pollard Blll Rhoads Bob Rhoads Jerry Ritchey Fddxe Rozuh Bruce Ross Ruth Ann iands I mda Scott Sears Vlrnon Crystle bmlth Kathry n Qmlth Mary Fllen Smith Foxx Ray Stauss Mike Swim Betty Tnllny Mary Jane Thomas Bill Thompson l' ddn Thompson I- y a Ihompson Billy Rm Turmm C eorgo Furman D n ld Whu lnr --ami' .rs ,xx j"f'Yl A .fkxw 1H......s:...5 Q 1- I-ram-es Adcock Maudlne Bailey Brenda Ballard Laroly n Bunyard I-dwm Lee Bynum Louise Carter Jerry Cass Shlrley Childs Jean Fhufln David Llapper Sharon I lowers Weslev DeMoss Joy ce Duffxeld Mary Ann Eakrldge Johnny Farmer Knstlne Fvens 4 4 mng to read the modern vsay l plcdgr dlegmnu val F' nk, .f Ill' un, 4001 gif' n 1 4'9- I fix 1 gk 'SJ A 1 ix xl : 'Sr 4' 5 Z 'J wyzixf' 4 54 i 'P W YN! 1 ' - s H h 1 - rgglw : i1,,i.1:i V 'Q A , W ? A, M - if Q az- , 'y,' L Mg. 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A, 1 . 11.1 I I .III bi!!- J' rj NZ Q J umor Turman Janet Unruh Margaret Ann Vann Linda Webb Barbara Wheeler .....-I' HE F0 RTH GR 4 np ,- 5,64 0'-P .t , l 47'-QI X 'sw i 9 A 1 k ,A E, tl I ' A 1 J Glenda Flanmgan Denms Gardner Darlene Garner Lynda Garner Laura Lee Glory Maxine Glory Judy Gosnell Dorothy Gower Caroline Green Robert Don Hathaway Nita Sue Hendncks Mary Holcomb Sharon Hubbell Carolyn Johnson Betty Joy John Ketcher Maxxne Kennlcutt leon Leep Le Vem Lehman Davld McClure Amta McSpadden Vance McSpadden Mike Nalley Charles Ray Noblltt Gary Nodme Thelma Pettit Beverly Prxce Judy Pruxtt Erryl Lee Potts Donna Jean Ramwater Kenny Reed Harold Reynolds Jewel Irene Sands Allender Scott Bobble Scott Sandra Sowder Judy Mae Smlth .Iuhe Smith Joyce Taylor Mary Ann Townsend Allce Anderson Jerry Austm Denms Bearpaw Carolyn Sue Beaver Leon Clark Bxll Berry Paula Blank Frances Butler F1-eddxe Burwell Ruth Ann Capps Mackie Casey Sharon Chandler Faye Coffee Norma Jean Cook Johnme Cook Steve Craxg aigy Qfllizr 1 'SA f , S f ff . G 4 X , ,' 3 " I qt ,J f' ,, 'gf gf' 1 ' -X ll J . -all l 54 all fi'-rl -ig ii A 'V -ig 44' lla l I , f J 1 Q E 1 My 74 X s . f' Hee I :Ko ,1 L f 4' ' f u J , l ' " k irlwii -I " ' .sf 57 . I 5 L, ' ' r fx I J . . ,,. 14' '41 VL N- 'Sa ,.., Xa Y, A xg 1' ,l ' ' .X 4 ,fi if V ' If 5 A -J M1 14 l 55 X fl sf- I 7 ' , 'S K 9 ' fi Q. fe i ,Q gf' Q lf 4" M 4 'T-G 5 l I '11 Q ' r 4 T A raw Q J t 4 4 ' ' . , .ar-I -f , N l lla -fx .s Q , f :is l J 'L -it Ji? igf , lzi I V 7 3' K x Q -M ix K - I A1 Q, lil an X ,M , 4M ' ' We 'iff . "' Q-. f -l Q Y Q ' ' ' ', : 4, ', ' LQ f ,-gf ' I fi l ri "-3 A .. "' lf af. ' ' 4 sf? " f' f f J ' 5 1.955 4 '- .fs A J I 1 u'I"fi 2 My , , - ,fm 1 . f- , 9.2 ' ci 3 ' "fe if ' fe' K I lvxd ,ff 9 6 ly, 5 ,:' is ! - . 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O 1' L S' Martha Rose Thorne Betty Jane Thompson Jerry Rex Toney Jlmmxe Tow ry Sharon Kaye Towry David Towry Sally Wasson Gary Wheeler Tommy White Kay Whlttenburg Walter Willson LaNeal Woodall Roy Woodard Robert Yeager ,E as lf Drawlng' our Geography lesson fd QVQW s.. I A . oggizpf' fs, Eygggyke 5 I 4 N re: A- .Q I 1- 9 "AQ f 4 - P5 ff? 'V ' if? - 1, -,1g' -v y " v ' . - A T1 l ' ft a " . ' V 352: fl ' - H ' ' r a aw f W - ' W I " S W is ,rl ' V Z 5 f Q Q, 'ff , ' ,Q . I ,J 1 1 f' Q 'ffl 4 f f V' 3 Q ' ' -' -'rv ' 'ar . fri'-.1 1 I k'Jx . fm K ' 4' - 'Ai ' A 1 .4 3 ' vf 5 Q 'W . ' ' - WM? I l.-if 4 1 . .15 , g5g?..'f. .1143 , , Q if 4 , f VA, . X Q . I N .W ,K . , ' ' .L . ,' 9 D ' 'Q 4 -sf " l if-A Q 'e ' X ,r , ,ft L Lay y A tl K 5 1 I ' . ' K us! X H 1 B H l ff . Q k a 3 A . V ,N J r tm 'G mv G 4- A 9-to 'f's 9 3' " air' 'Q' ' 1 Y 593.1 "'. ' I ' Liz! . V, yy, P A r Q , J g , ,,, Q v ' ' V ': , - I A Muff M- .B ,J nf- W J L-, G Y? 7 A so , G 4 - a ' ' 'L Q " 4 , . ' " f S ,, - 445 Si X A ' eg aer - ." a y l , e - ,4,,.,, I . g y ,rf .. aeaaa G .., 2. l 1+ 'U "I . " fl -f 5, fs" , 'fo Q 4 Q . ' A .g .17 L A ' .- ' I ' ' - , 7 x M 'ffl 'L if 'l ', . ,f , gi: ' r I 1 1 . E -'L G , . , X I L ff I E X S 1151 9 i .1 ' .X Q lv s 1.14 5 L. 5 ' K .H . ' . .' ., 1, W .1 isp ' D ' S x 1 " fi" f yl'l fijlftii ' A , I x ,til l X A 1 1 has h h. 'V 1 he , K gl x- 4 If , is ,M , X I V,.. . I 'nz , g. Iggphqgl X22 7 ' , ca 1 H el - 1 H' if A ,Q Q Q 55.4 2'-,gf . 29:3 uuun lumix ' f B ,f-M . 1 4 Jerry Bingham Karen Blalock Donald Boldmg James Box any K4 Wil It an 'Ilia 1' A 'Q , an Joe Baker Bernice Ballard I Carolyn Ruth Baxter FIFTH GRADE 5.- and the state north of Oklahoma is Kansas --0 te . Al .4 V' gg.. -. -4 ' x -o , , v - ,af if 31 Jr Artists at work nba: inf. i Betty Breece Jimmy Burks George Buzzard Juanita Coffee Ceorge Clinton Betty Jean Cook Thomas Cooper Bobby Crawford Herbert Dallls Dorothy Durrant Roy Lee Fd:-lar David Evans. Garland Exena Ethel Fisher Gage Harold Carl Ceorge Janice C lst Frances Glory Charles Gosnell Joyce Haddock Janet Hahn Zack Hamilton Bob Hawkins Betty Heaton Haskell Hunton Dianne Lehman Johnnie Marshall Margaret Masters Darlene Matthews Nolan Morgan Billy Mutzig Rebecca Pearson Arlan Pruitt Kelley Pruitt Earlene Rains Carole Rainwater Judy Rickard Karen Sanders Anita Sellers Jacqueline Smith Katie Smith Richard Smith Carolyn Sue Swim Gary Taylor Sandra Thorne Eugene Walls Rebecca Ann Wolfe Kenneth Kilpatrick Sue Ellen Woffard X Nelda Wolfe THE SIXTH GRADE B Hfbafa Katherine Adcock Helen Auetln J W Aw tes Lmda Bates Thad Whlte James Lee Butler Joel Campbell Johnme Levx Carlile Sandra Clark Henry Houston Cook Marcxa Coxew itexe Fskrldge Gan Exens Bennx Ray Denton Jerrv Lee Dorr Phlllxp Drx Wax ne Feltm Clarence I-letcher Bobby Ford Barbara Ann Cate: Clorla Lee Famer ,ff 4 Jerrw Carner .lerrs Ann I 1ll Larry Graham I' dna lladrloclt Don lld ll xhn l- uge ne Hurrw Q. Marx but llkato Buddx Hodge: Linda Holland Jo Ann Hooper Shxrles Hooper Neal Jonea Brenda Kaufman Joanna Ketcher Allu Ann Lamons June Lanm J H Laxne Jearl Sue beep w1ld0l'l Lmulle Jamk De Mcfartw Verna Jox ce McKee Hubert Neloon Margaret I lake Patricia Phnlllp Kelly Inernall Fiona Poet Ruth Ritchey Johnme Lee Ross David Rus-xell Mld Rv ker Barbara Que Scott Abe Smxth Magme Smith DeWitt Tallev Flla Mae Talley Lucretia Tenmson Johnny Thorne Kenneth Thornton Betty Sue Townsend Eleanor Sue Trent Arlena Vann lg z 0 1 in-Jr s.. 1 J! sq mol f lx I 's X Y' 'Q Glenn Wheeler if " I 1 .AA .- Maryann Whitmore "Lg: 0 'tml 1' T Vxd I 1471 .ar 4? 4 'fp J M3 SF 'Q 4' V " ' lf: .3 3 I fx . V ' -o h 'fx A gy will 'Q s V ' - d W5 A A . va A4 -f-. , .-. to l,i,Q' 63' ' ,P ' Q 5 . ,, Q Jr" ' 5 fx 0 ' ff A . -X ,. S 2' 5. I '- f , , A V .l. 1 , ' WH, '90, cl S 1 7312. Y 4 ,R 'Qi , . X -6 ...Ll v vs :Vg -1-.5 M is LY, T tx! if lat Ja lla ' " Ae .I v ,, , 2 KX ' I . ,f I J 3 ' A -' lor. . 2 J lf X . 'lah' 'I x I ' -if x 4 A Q . Y 73 V .2 - ' , 4, V Q K , V if ' . J 1 ' C7 ' V ,f' '. J , X . X 'I J ' ' . ' , F'-6 -2'. 5?-' 'J Af Y, QwdJHQf uma ."l 35 gfg -. " 'W' af. ..k,. jf ij f: ei 'K Fl 5543 Ala- I E.-' f 'K T J J he - J 3 ' ' . .-as f.' .T 1 - ' if F, , 1 2 -, H, 2 ' in 'l J pa J if A ' -1-. .-A . W , , ,, -Q . . l ' .ff i-, W s I ,KL., Q, ross: 'A 1 1,1 ., 1 'Qt ?Qf', A V Qfayf we -- at . . i 3 Q png I . I 6 Ka Q L-. '3 ,QL . 49 J X ' . , .x 5 , , A 'v K , B. Ag A I l Q1 , Klfix A, ' 4 A xt J d -- 1. - , ' - - 1-X-X, 1 - f fr leak r Ml 4 21" 'H ' ' 'V f -, .A 5, . A "I W Q ' Q K . T ' . l , X wg, , , f. -5 on of f' ,ex rl 1 'X , -,J ,f 1 . A , A ' 'jzs ..' , K . . . R - - M, g " ':" ' K . a L ' . L . 4 Q13 , - Q .Q l ,, A fo' I t 3 14. . lx ' :if ' '12 ff ' 3 ,K if ,fx 4, ml lx 3 X I I S' , K. . K . 5 V 1 I 1-99 : L 2 I - y ri is , I . fi? I '1 1 'lf i x . J if Q. lv ' t Q 'lvl A V Q, :la Z' -5- , Q mA ,ja iw. 8 .. 8 m X - i-,, c J ay 4 I - , H J 'K I ' 5 iq W .F H 4 g f K I , F A J., ,T .Q -of . l J ,ff ' 3 ' , . A 1 A, . ' so . pk W-v We Gr. J, I v 4 1 ' '.'i:h'? 5, ,, . 19'-f "E . visa". ,ag .93-' FIRST ROYV: VVal1lcllc Cookson, Yvlnc lain Dollison, lane Davis. Carla Blank, Dianne WVillis, lualy Thomaw, Shirley Butts. SECOND RONV: Bill Kcitli, Clmrli-X Rngvrx, luninr Hnlfncrc, Ronnie Bryant, Rolvcrt Slwwlmrt, Bob Bell, Freddy Camper, Bill Pcrryman. Caro ' nation of Kin - 8 an rl Qin-on at An ilu STUDENT n f A af fifty CGUNCIL E55 " -. ' .vnxlx f Y ws' Twsmni """'Nh Sl l . 1 4 Our contributions to the needy chilclrcn. , P -3,71 I 5 y ' I 3 .ik- Lw-4 ...sn 3' Elccrign da fm, , A ' K Y is a busy clalvf X i 1- '95 1' 1 8 E V A 'A 0 9 ,x I 15 gfaf M,-A ,I A at , , . ,, 3 'i Q .7 ,. r I . .. "',.rfl, ., ffl aw ',,n,f y -., , 7 s' L 2, " l '. . lg sf' N E ,iff ... A 1 4 if Kimi 1 ax wx . ,ff ,, , we , QUR RQYAL FA ILY Junior High King and Queen Russell Glory Iudy Dnuthit Yf. Bagley Elementary Prnnc' xml ,ll -KVV M JANET HOUSTON and BoBBYllf0T4xNsoN Sequayab Elementary Prinreland Prinfesr ' A KENNY REED and DONNA JEAN RAINWATBRQQS' 7 3 , , , 3 E ' ' -s ' gf, Eg, ' - g .E ?'K,' , 1 f,'- W Q f 'X , H cisbsal ' 6 -v 4 , fs ' SW r El' . :ws fi , gl :.,. ,Q f -14 'B 1 ...a-""' TIGER STAFF BILL GRAHAM, Editorwin-Chief NORMAN HEATON, Assoriate Editor LYNN IONES, Business Manager VVILLETTA HAYES, Business Alanager WAI-ILELLE COOKSON, Faculty Editor MARY IO DEEM, Activities Editor MARY ELLEN WITT, Activities Editor FRED COOI7ER,Sports Editor IIM CAMPBELL, Sports Editor BUDDY CARTER, Art Editor GARY HUNT, Art Editor BEI IY "K" FLEMING, Features Editor CHARLES ROGERS, Photography CARL WOOLVERTON, Photography CARY SOVVDER, Photography BILL KEITH, Advertising BOB ROBERTS, Advertising ULYS DODSON, Advertising PAT KEENAN, Features Editor MISS MURRELI. ROSS, Sponsor MRS, DIXIE SOLLOCK, Sponsor 9 LAKELA D SPLASH -1. 4 - -. .17 Y ..f?'+-V FIRST ROW: Grace Curtis, Peggy Foreman, Dorothy Carter, Margaret Evans, Barbara Rathjens, Barbara Walters, Wahlelle Cook son, Wauhillau Priddy. SECOND ROW:IoAnn Gillian, Pat Glory, Roy Cole, Sam Anderson, Robert Potts, Herman Kennicutt, Fred Allen Gibson, Bertie Kirk Miss Hicks S nsor Io Lee Pitts . , po Q y . THIRD ROW: Eddie Baker, Ioe Faddis, David Marham, Bill Graham, Ted johnson, Editor, P ,aa wif Sponsored by lvliss Marie Hicks and Mr. W. D. Kaufman, the LAKELAND SPLASH has been published weekly as a service to our student body. Ir has served a dual purpose in keeping the students in- formed about school zictivities and in helping to train students interest- ed in journalism in the fundamentals of the profession. LIBRARY CLUB FIRST RON Cwrgm Rxcc Nadmm IBOWHIIIL Stella IDJUSC Claudia Pat CxllHI'lll1gl'11l'!1 Lawcna Dans can Ann McDaniel Callxe Keener Phxllls Evans Callm Crltte lucullL Hut Rosa Marne Knssnngcr SI:CO'VD RON Shxrlev Knrk Wanda Pure lva Whulcr Delphnnc Nul Mrs Dcnme cms Sponsor Christine Coursex Mll dred Acra lo Ann Lreecn beverlv Iohnson Bernlcc Ballard Pcggv Workman Evelyn MCGOWZII 4 H CLUB Xu -uw FIRST RON Ixmmv Flnurnox Rmmu lgumlnrlurk lnmnkn Parris Lcnora Nodlnf. Shlrlec Broun o Ann Creech o Mac Was son Wauhnllrau Prnldv Bunn. Kirk ba TIllLl1tf SECOIND ROW Inn Chrnstn lnla Suu Tlulmn Coukxon Kav Smith Lavcna Davns Shxrlcv McDaniel Vlvxan Flournoy Bexerlv Iohnson Inv Puts Lloyd Pamll THIRD ROW Bxll Swaggerry Fmn Anderson Howard McCollum Gary Chapman Dnckne Baker Harold Shepherd Alan Hcmn BACK ROW Bobby Scott Harold Gates Cllftord Anderson L Q., ,ss W E 0 in 'lf v V "C S L' - ' 1 C sa! l 1 Q xl ri , ,' ' Y ' . .' ,' . , Y , ' . A ' I V . ," I ' Y ' I xxx'--6.,-,, M-w ...W x ....,"s,. ,- SLM. -x,.,.,"L.,, 1,s...x,,, .L XV . -Y -f'x.Nf"N.,-v-x...---.-4' , . , - K . I ,. ' -A .' J . x - fx ' , 1 J ' QA A i 4' 1? fi' 1. ., Y., '. 'Y '., ' ,,, ,I 4 THESPIAN SUCIETY r1 FIRST ROVV: LeRoy Capps, Ioyce Brown, Watihleah Young, Willetta Hayes, Mary Io Deem, Wahlelle Cookson, Helen Deane Kaufman, Carla Blank, Vivian Ainguorth. SECOND ROVV: Fred Gibson, Barbara Rathjens, Io Aim Creech, Claudia Pat Cunningham, Shirlee Brown, Lucille Icnks, Peggy Bar- ton, Virginia Chafin, Wauhilleaii Priddy, Mae lean Dollison, Lynn Iones. THIRD ROW: Bob Roberts, Bill Keith, lack Gourd, Ronnie Bryant, Alfred Holland, lim Morgan, David Markham, Tony Mims, Gary Sowder. FOURTH ROVV: Bill Graham, Ronnie Funderburk. MISS MARIE HICKS, Sponsor The National Thepsian Society was established in l929 by a group of teachers and students interested in the advancement of dramatic arts in high school. The flowers of the organization are the yellow rose and the blue lark- spur. The motto: "Act well your part, there all the honor lies." The officers for the 1953 year are Carle Blank, president, Willa-tra Hayes, vice-president, Bob Roberts, secretary, Barbara Rathjens, treasurer, Bill Gra- ham, scribeg and Bill Keith song leader. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS GF AMERICA qi 4. 4.2 g 41, gr, 'l,"x74lr'r R' vii 9 i ' ,1 Y ana Ili FIRST ROVV: Dorothy Garter, Icanic Kaufman, Gayle Rhoads, Shclba Ferguson, Gail Iohnson, Shirlec Brown, Frcdabeth Hargis, Viginia Chaim, Peggy barron, Mac Ican Dollison, Dorothy Hough. Sf OND ROVV: Blanche Burk, Ann Lookabaugh, Vivian Aingworth, Shirley Butts, Pat Bigby, Bettv Edgar, Io Ann Gilliam, Eva Tincher, Donna Hampton, Clcro Chapman, Lenorn Nodine, Shirley Baker, Wodia Smith, Kay Smith. THIRD ROIV: Wauhleah Young, hlarrha lwlastcm, Willctta Hayes. Mary Ellen Wilt, Pat Garner, Kathryn Morgan, Helen Kauf- man, Icanctre Coyan, Nancy Courtney, Linda Garrison, Carla Blank, Elcanor West, Shirley McDaniel. JR HIGH FUTURE HGMEMAKERS FIRST ROW Mxss Tmnm Sponsor Ann Iones Linda Kay Gates Lorna Hendricks Mary Io Casady Carolyn Cockran Betty oann Tomblln Anna Loy Fletcher SECOND ROW Margel Southern Indy Knight Phyllxs Durrant Darla Dean Cox Alene Tlncher Ioyce Gull Betty Stott Vxr gmxa Kmdle udy Carlxle Frankie Suns Olne Bridges Clarene Watkins Shlrlev Taylor Oma Sue Knxght THIRD ROW Wnlma Wheeler Metta Rose Foster Dnxle Carpenter Betty Sue Fodder Vlrgxma Anderson une Morgan Margie Wmton Manlvn Iustus Phyllls Smith Mary ane Howell Patncna Anderson Maedme Shoemaker Bllhe Lavne Naoml Whaler Llllxe Hoppmg Lots Whaley Carolyn Graham Lenora Chapman FOURTH ROW Mattne Pnutt Eula Welch Kathleen Bearpaw Norma Lobaugh Bonme Hood Peggy Wxlcox Anna Clair Mills Irene Lxggett Wanda Pnltz Ruby Smith FIFTH ROW Vontnba Steeley Romona Thornton Glenms Fnsby lmogene Neel Dons Cole Laverne ohnson Mavxs can Hub bard Shnrley Frxtts Suelene Watkms Lounse Mathews Alncxa Davxs Manlyn Yeates Mary Rose Oakbell Patty Wolfe Yvonne Davidson Carolyn Box BACK ROW Mary Frances Kenmcutt Mary Frances Burton Beverly Ternll Mardell Wadkxns Kay Thomnson hmmne Harns En. 1 ,rf s. Future Homemakers serve the school CC FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Rn-MX-if N.. 'X FIRST ROW: Mac Cook, Ierry Webster, Wilbur Smith, Larry Richmond, Roy Cook, loc Lamons, Roger Fain, Mr. Hathaway. SECOND ROW: Benny Rice, Ierry Thompson, Billy Cordray, lim Cook, Coy Whitmore, lim Thomas, Harold Cassidy, Charles Martin, Sam McCarter. THIRD ROW: Bill Taylor, Dallas Scofield, Ray Thompson, Sidney Scorr. Bartow Hix. Marion Phillips Bobby Hix, Richard Kinsey, Dennis Clapper. MR. CHARLES HATHAWAY Instructor of Vocational Agriculture I believe in the future of farming with a faith born not of Words but of deeds . . " I beheve that to hve and work on 3. good farm 1S pleasant as well as ehallengmg clot l S CU lick Her Cal ion ic Tony' Mims and his dum? County Fira: 1 Champion Cl itster Vg hm Y 'S Bobby Hix anl his fir t plice trsu cow at the Cherokee County Hlf on it th Clitmkcc 1952 53 Accomplishments T-nhleqmh FF A Chapter men bers had 49 581 00 invested in livestock buildin s land and equipment These members ex hibited 7 rand champions 4 reserve rand champions 14 Cham pions 34 first place winners 21 second pl ice viinners 15 third place winners 13 fourths and fifths OUTSTANDING SHOWMEN WERE lvlac Cook Tom hfllllli lck MlllCl' ack Callco errx Xvebster 1nd Bobbi Hrx IUDCING TEAMS Land luclgm team Wllbllf Smith Bob bs Hlx Alvin lowell Mwtk Cook Georve Morgan placed 17:11 in the National contest and first in our district Mac Cook Tied for first in Distritt ersex contest Mic was llth high inclividml in the Nitionil lr Poultrx incl in contest at Fort Worth l'ex1s and 1 member of the 4th place team A barrow raised and fed bx ack Calico was the Reserve Grand Champion pi at the l9D2 American Ros il l ixestock Show Our F F A members planted 30 000 trees Our chapter owns and operates a 200 acre ieforestration forest- A 12 acre pasture project. Our members were on three television shows anal 14 radio proorams. Our nnior lvlaster Farmer cantlitlates arc lwlac Cook and Rus- sell Kelley. Our winner of National F,l7.A. Foundation awards are: Dairy, Mac Cook' Soil and Water Conserv ation. Russell Kelley' Star farm- er Mac Cook. Mac Cook prernts Phil Keller with a rex istereal Ierscy hcifcr. 4' Larry Richmond exhibits champion barrow. Our Community services include: F-F.A.1,,, l. Building a show pen at the County Fair. 2. Growing and giving 44 Christmas trees to schools and churches 3. Erecting a slide and jungle gym at the Bagley Elementary school. 4. Showing films for the Marcli of Dimes drive. 5. Remodeling and painting out building. 6. Decorating the courthouse square for Christmas. 7. Holding field days and taking part in them in pasture, shop, dairy, horticulture, and forestry. 8. Furnish emergency help to stockmen in prevention and con- trol of diseases of livestock. 9. Furnish emergency help to stockmen in prevention and control of diseases of livestock. 10. Open our shop to the veterans and farmers who want to use it. Our accomplishments help us to learn by actually doing the jobs which will earn us :i living and make better citizens of our members. .fi dCCOr.1ffng the I Own S qllare, , .assassin , Roy Cook exhibits first prize Holstein heifer in Cherokee County Fair. GREEN HANDS FIRST ROW: Bobby Ayres, Willis Smith, Dale Wheeler, Tommy Farguson, Lehman Eerls, lim Cook Roy Cook Co Whitmore . y -. SECOND ROW: Mr. Hathaway, Sidney Scott, Ioe Lamons, Robert Shewbart, lim Thomas, Harold Casady I.. D. Stevens. HLEQUAH BAND Dunn Xfsym VK KY RCJli,X,fqfyS 5 5 IIQQI' Ni.lHU4'lfL'N alhlcllc Gyfmkslxrx. XX'mi1.1 Nlmrlx I'1a.llwr' Wlul. .llul H.I-11 Umm K.mfm.m D SOLOISTS FOR THE BAN Innes Bargwmx lim lvforg3l'!, Trombonel Lynn ' ev T FIRST ROlV: Diane Willis, Vic Rulwarmls, Bill Petr Stauss. lklartlia Mas- ters, Shrlba Ferguson, Mary Frances Burton, loycc Gill, Phyllis Smith, Rose Kissinger, fxlary Sur Box, VVahlc-ah Young. SECOND ROlV: Iim Rncl-cc'tt, Iuhn Hoclgts. Dale: Lewis, lim Klnspariclcn. Mary' Io Dr:-m. Par Glurv, Linda Kay Gates, Alicnc Nloscs, Hclcn Knnff man, Paul Cook, Sharon Kisncr, Ann lmuw, Pat Biglwiv, Xvalilcllc Cuoksun, Iohn Cuinn, Xkbdia Smith, Ann l.U0l'i21bLlllgll, Ann Colc. THIRD ROIV: Gloria Hicks, Linda Kaxv Burrows. Rav Smith, Elcnnnr Yvesr. Gayle Rhozuls, Dave Kaufman. Iackic Vfillis, Darrcl Gosncl. Alfred Holland, Klnc Cook, Lvnn Iuncs. lim Flourncy, Dan Pulliam, Connir Ghormlcy, lim Ixforgami FOURTH ROlV: Barbara Rntlijcrix, Avia Cliapnian, Sliiilcy Tlinmpson. Connie Sue Tlmrp, Iamcs Chaffin, Ronnie Fumlcrlmik, Dau' lwlarklmm, Betty "K" Hcniing, Tcmi Iolinsnn. FIFTH ROVV: Fred Shnplcy, Ed Baker, lim Chastain. Ja ., 1:,.6x fl X251 J V' f x , 'L' 3 MR. GLENN STARK Band IJ1ft'Cl07 for Second Semester. MIXED FIRST ROW: Regina Tincher, Ioy Lee Pitts, Virginia Lamons, Gail Iohnson, Lee Etta Welch, Dorothy Carter, Margaret Evans, Dovie Kelly. SECOND ROW: Pat Glory, Ioyce Brown, Mary Ellen Witt, Tommyc Sue Wheeler, Linda Garrison, Pat Bigbic, Shelba Ferguson, Miss Bettv Durham. THIRD Row: Barbara Rathjens, Sylvia Graham, Helen Kaufman, Ieanette Coyar., Barbara Carpenter, Grace Curtis, Bobbye Marie Halfacre Wauhillau Pridd , y. FOURTH ROW: Rose Marie Kissinger, Katherine Morgan, Bob Bell, lack Ames, Eddie Stanford, David Markham, Iunior Half- acre, Sam Anderson, Benny Davis BOYS QUARTET Bill Graham Lynn Iones Bill Keith Ronnie Bryant Q r I ' i N f I X Q-1 x 'ix ll L FIRSI' ROW: Iudith Douglas, Bobby Rozell Iudy Thomas Louellen Linam Dora Riscnhoover o Anna Connor Norma R son Mis Singleton. SFC ONI7 ROVV: Shirley Craig, Sue Trapp re a ing xr ev ir F d Evans Peggy Foreman. THIRD ROlV: Patty Glacld, Kay Rea Wanda Peace Sally Curtis Sarah Gladd oan Gist Vivian Flournov Pat Garner Willena FOURTH ROW: Norman Heaton, Dale Connor Bill Keith im Campbell Maurice Dale Box Bill Graham Freddie Tillison amc-s Chafin, Iimmy Flournoy. GIRLS SEXTET Ioyce Brown Virginia Stroup XVauhlc-:nh Young Helen Dean Kaufman Frcclaberh Hargis Iudy Thomas UNIGR HIGH MIXED CHORUS IUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS MRS. STIDHAM, director IUNIOR HIGH PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS I-1 lip Q4-:fix -lx iii 36 fl' N Loycc Matlock, Dixie Carpen- u ter, Beverly Tcrrill, Peggy Wilcox, Ioyce Matlock, and -5, Yvonne Davidson. .fi KJ, av ,Nu no 1 if V4 N 'O' 3 ,-P' 442:31 11" T. Afers fix scrapbooks for Crippletl ildren. MARX' ELLEN WITT. Our President and Also District Secretary. 1 ning FUTURE TEACHERS " AMERICA Wit! lcn . Mary El . H YU' ' - 4 Bk by. rllettat' gafbara Rathltxfite Coyan. Rhoads. vat Iflaric Yxissingcl V SUOUV' le rmsr ROW: Ciillllia Clog' lifscvla ScliZ'plilffr3'1"0'4.' ting Bobby?-file! n. ' ar ' iv o Ah 0 ' i - in ' Vtggy Fcgerrizwi Ffankse Barharfi wClj,xDccm- mlaulcdt Evans. Rtgma SECOIS fish Fendi ilvizlinson, lwl2fY.xlc lcnks, lxhlgar loyce AROW' Gaye' lohnsnnv Luo A BACK Brown' Lois crC- loyce 3 IOYCE BROWN President of Nortbcart District F.T.A. Pedagogian Chapter, Future Teachers of America, was installed in 1949. Anv student who is interested in teaching as a profession is eligible to join. lvlembers of l5.T.A. are members of the Oklahoma Education Association and the National Education Association. An important event of each spring semester is Tulsa Day when the Pedagogian Chapter and the other l:.T.A. Chapters in the Northeast District of Oklahoma are guests of Scquoyah Chapter, Tulsa University. The club is actively represented at district and state meetings. lwlembers of the club assisr the teachers, when needed. During National Education Week, the club serves in many ways, Pro- grams consist of: Panel Discussions. Talks by recognized leaders in the field of education. Scrap books have been made for Crippled Chilclrcn's Hospital in Oklahoma City. xl Christmas party at Mrs. Sollnck's. Y., 4-it R DIO CLUB ,fr--W-,-vq, ...fe .v A,-Avi.. i- - ,E - .Q -, - 4 1, -j 04-ji 0 0 Q FIRST ROW: Ruby Lee Randolph, Wahlelle Cookson, Willetta Hayes, Mary Ellen Witt, Mary Io Dcem, Shirlee Brown, Claudia Pat Cunningham, Kay Smith, Eleanor West, Miss Hicks, Sponsor, Carol Tribbey, Stella Danse. SECOND ROVV: Iames Chafin, Evelyn Stowers. Shirley Teague, Shirley Butts, Ann Lookabaugh, Fredabeth Hargis, Carla Blank, Mae lean Dollison, Wauleah Young, Vivian Aingworth, Bobbe Marie Halfacre, Lucille Ienks, Iudy Thomas, Louellen Linam, Vir- ginia Chafin, Margaret Evans, lo Mac Wasson, Bill Graham. THIRD ROYV: Pat Glory, Linda Garrison, Larue Wheeler, Evelyn McGowan, Delphine Neel, Lynn Ioncs, Ronnie Bryant, Eddie Baker, Bill Keith, Ann Cole, Bobby Lamons, David Markham, Betty Bond, Barbara Rathjens, Alan Herrin. FOURTH ROVV: VV'allace Smith, Nancy Courtney, Lt-roy Capps, lim Morgan. BACK ROlV: Doyle Altaffcr, Alfred Holland, Norman Heaton, Ray Webb, Iim Flournoy. .f ini' WJ Af' President, 59 11 " in e NICK PULLIAM I 4 ,I l l . f E " 5 , Jn if 1 2 f i 1 6 A x X i , ai 4 Abe Vice-President, ' X' IIM CAMPBELL -ff 69 J is - 17 . Q' s 5 4 Q., ai! ff- 'E ' ' T3 I' g Secretary-Treasurer, 0 GENE IONES , , FIRST ROlV: Tony hlinix, lack Girtlner, Bill Keith, Roger Chouteau, Bun Vvright, Norman Hea- J ton, YVillie Wlilsrmii, Iaek Townsend. Felix Carter, Robert Shewlaart. SECOND ROTV: Stewart wlllL'L'lC'Y, Lynn Iones, Donnie Rutherfortl, Gilhert Oslxurn, Bobby Scott. 4 Lowell Tnwnxentl, Iirn Cox, lack Innes, Fred Cooper. THIRD ROlV: Iini CLlIllPl5Cll, Robert Frank, Gene jones, Ronnie Brvant, lack Courtl, Tommy - Burns, Boh Bell, lack hliller, Bob Roberts. 1 W " 'N The purposes for organizing the "T" Cluh are to promote the stand- ing of wtsity Sports and the boys participating in them: to create a better understanding and appreciation for the xarious athletic events: and to serve as an honor group for those who have won a varsity HT" Letter. 1 fm: KEY CLUB Striving for 11 better communitv, the Chili helps its members learn to 1 k together and be of more service to school and to the eommunitv. iSl KOH t nit ici lx ir lhll lerryrmn A ru Hollancl LtRox Sins SIKONIJRO11' Bill lxtlth Carl Woolxtrton Bill Crahini Runnin llryint Drlt Lewis IHIIHX olllliux Hun! OX --gi a-L vw, 4,.i,kA-,tr Mtv! N' 1 FIRST ROW Bobby Hn. Phil Keller lack Ames Finn Anderson Eddie Baker Charles Rogers Carl Woolvcrton Wilbum Davis SECOND ROW Russell Talley Frank Lucas Fred Morrison Iohn Anderson Alan Herrin Howard McCollum Billy Moore Dennis Graham THIRD ROW Earnest Iohnson Don Ingram Aldon Hodge Bobbv Scott Dale Iohnson -. The Audio-Visual program in Tahle- quah City Schools has been in operation for several years. The department consists of an Auclio-Visual Center and a Co- ordinator who schedules all films and film strips. The students are trained in regular Audio-Visual classes to run all machines 'md do minor repairs. At pres- ent there are about 30 trained operators in school. AUDICIVISUAL EDUCATIO DEPARTME T "'Xa.- w.--.,. . ...egg f .a . a at M v Q f l Mr. Ivhmon's hard working office receptionisrs. 1 sw., iw .igri '37 .A hh awww " 1 1 I VHGCY XVILCUX. Tr'c.1wl4'1' VONTRIQVA STH-l-,IAY S4-c Nfmmmv 5,051 IZQQDI C, HARCIS, Viufl'u-sizlvllr Ilfvf ROGERS. Prcsulull lkl.Il'X At 2-a cooling drink! 8th GRADE CLASS O FFICERS I 1 Y I 'fi Q gx -is em, . E! :ii fig ga ssl! 1592 49. I' 12 9' ,aa I s ff E A Iccdlng our flccx me .kc .mf mm cgmfmm Our Father NNN: Arr m Hcwcn Tombox s Qvazf-aww gg. x ,ga-4' I 16 E d'fi'f1' Hop mm h .I mx pnfurc 0 xr dcllcmm lun ms uw lookm Barre: up Szfcn Furs: gour morro H: xurrly rods Good Hnusckccplng -'Q cv Qi, x,Q,,4q-vw 'aw J K M ,K 4 'lvfjffiir Jn ,Af Is the const clcnr F? an Three 5 2 crowd" Tw Ball ., 'Mr'-'A v- f f f ' f . 1 Tk v . A A. "v 9 fi u 1 I- ,K ,sl if s A v I N yu V ,.. 1 ff W ,, fn I - 'Q J A ' xx. ,I , , y , .ff ' .. f K . - - - 'Y Y L- I ' rn' M f 4 . W , .- 11 , f ' 1 5 ' , " 'wg Q - gn ,. 1 .1 .1 - ..f , 7 - 7 r Q54 . A : .... 3 . L , . ff , . . X rx . ny Q 4 ' - .5 1. -"'- A l ,E " " ri ... . 5' 5 5 4' '- . 'R l - i ' 3. 5 . , , 'yt Q- ' ' V v HZ nf , .4 ,W v ,.-- A ,. r L . ' r , r 4 r is ' " Al f V 1 1 cl . l " ' ' A -' W N Y, r Y 4 94, . . A ,K . fi t Q V . 4 WX m K Liffff' A ' , - . J " x J- 5 i 1 A, I x A l I . 2 K , V Q b , x , . g . I I ' on. . 3, . i , yly K , , x x 'ifw V ' 4 . X r L ' .4 e N. 'V' ,A- .,5.y: rf r ' ' ' I 4, ' I J- - vs .5, fi gy ' ., .Ln . . f fkrti' ' : -I fi 1' 'A is ' :'-3"L- x A I , i ll x .W ki ' J 1 1 fazsrifw ,is Mfg W f p. Y 1 M Hu. H W X 1 wish w tw .. Scquoyah Chorus mf Playing the Auto Harp Enjoying rhythm band Christmas Cantata TIGER fr egg' - av' 'is '- u 6 Qt? a . y , :fa I. i ? , V. ,, u e f lin.- Bob Shcwbart-Tackle S 4 'Bob Roberts-Tackle Bill Graham-Tackle lack jones-End 3 Gene jones-End 'T u ,. V we 1 if iv -W 5. 'L X A Q ,Q 31 f A ' i Q i - . f . 25? . ' if I 'i I 'Mi il faq W ff -V 5 I mi , 'i '4 ' I " M Qt as . 1 , - B 'gf A f Eiffe l Bill Keith-Center jim Campbell-Back Lynn jones-End Roger Chotea . 4.3 Nick Pulliam-Back fA1l-Confrrznrrj j1ck Conrl Back The powerful Tigers, winning six games and tying three, fin- ished their first undefeated season in school history. The Tigers showed remarkable stzength in the BlG games, which the 6A con- ference title hinged on. The Tigers finished second behind the strong Poteau Pirates in the race for a berth in the state championship playoffs. This year the Tigers had a magnificent backfield with a strong line in front to open the holes in the opposing lines. The Tigers' starting backfield was made up of quarterback Robert Frank, half- backs Tonimv Burns and Nick llulliam, and fullback Fred Cooper. The starting linemen were: lack and Gene lones, Ronnie Bryant, Bob Shewbart, Felix Carter, Gary Hunt, and Bill Keith, Four of our own Tigers made the 6A allfonference "dream team". They were: lack lones, Felix Carter, Tommy B-urns, and Nick Pulliani. An additional honor was given to Nick Pulliam, as he was given honorable mention on the Tulsa World and Dailv Oklahoman all-stare teams. i ll!! -in Gary Hum-Guard . ' ' W4-af ' '- t V ,M H50 4 is . , ll 1 i V V -w J 3' 3' A. 59' Nick Pulliam-Back Cary Hunt-Guard Rohr-rt Frank-Back GROVE The Tigers opened their l952 football season with a dazzling 25-0 victory over the Grove Ridgerunners. Co-captain Tommy Burns led the scoring against the Ridgerunners with 18 points. SALLISAW The Tigers played their first conference game when they met the Black Diamonds from Sallisaw. The Tigers won this high- scoring affair 44-25. Tommy Burns again was the leading scorer with four touchdowns. STIGLER The Tigers journeyed to Stigler, after having an open date, to play their second conference game and their third contest of the year. The Tigers were victorious as thev blasted to a 32-7 win over the hometown Panthers. Nick Pulliam's 12 points were enough to give him scoring nonors for the game. EUFAULA The Tigers went to Eufaula where they were almost upset by the underrated lronheads. The game ended in a 13-13 tie with Eufaula having the edge on first downs. Pulliam scored 12 of the Tigers' 13 points to lead the scoring parade. PRYOR The spectacular blocking and the ,X marvellous defensive play was the if sparkplug of the Tigers' 33-0 victory over the Pryor Tigers. The remark- able line play stood out all year but it was especially noticeable in this game. The scoring was pretty evenly divided with Pulliam getting 2 touchdowns, Cooper, Campbell, and Frank each getting one. ln addition, Townsend kicked 3 extra points. Tommy Burns-Back us' 'W ..- b f. "iw ' Y -Fullhack 11111-Conlerc wo- xt ,a 4 1 QF lfrul Cooper-Back nrt, 5, . ,rg ,.g'..3i Qi Q sf' A ' X . Wm. af, ,Y ka -Q . A. ,nga ff' .Q 1' i fill-i .-t if 3 4- 1 A ' ':. - 'i M , Q 1 C ,Ur .--f hw: , 45 .Y-1 .4 5 -F, A J ,,. , .. 1' x T., A ,K I .. F54 Tommy Burns 3- -Ui. -5 ' ex' ., f. gas z I Q s - 5, Q. w V- - Ronnie Bryant-Tackle le Lowell Townsend-End Bun Wright--Tackle Willie Wilson-End lim Cox-Back m""1, -1 Felix Cartcr-Guard jimmy Glenn-Ccnlcr TIGERS UNBLENIISHED RECORD TIGERS 25 Grove TIGERS 44 Snllisaw TIGERS 32 Stiglcr TIGERS 13 Eufaula TIGERS 33 Pryor TIGERS 28 Gliccotnli TIGERS 19 llotcnu TIGERS 25 Stilwell TIGERS 6 Wagoner CENIOR SQUAD ffront Row, seated, Bob Roberta, Gcnc Innes, Bill Keith, Tommy Burns, Iircil Cnnpcr, Lynn Ioncs. QSCIOVIJ Rr1u.'Q Farris Slcvuni, lack Ioncs, B011 B1-II, Calvin Whit- mirc, Nick llnllhnn, Gary Hunt, Iiarl Tnckcrr. fThird Ruwj Stuart YVl1s'L-lur, lack Gonrcl, Yvillic Wilscvii, Bill Grqilmni, Ronnic Bryant, Donnie. RIIIIILTIUFII. lim Campbell, five! Pnlurwfj liclix Carter. Ink Muller, Bob Scan. al Pruitt, Managers. CJ-ETX Q r r ,X - 1 if g . :': fi -' ' ..,. -I I-E19 Smart Whcclcr-Back .urns Sl v 1 B ck Rumi Fund burk Tackle fi ul Iohnny L J' 4' ,fi?f5,1 A . , -Q L . x X ww H M. ...Q , -s y ,ew . A ' 4' ' a 33" ' , ,. , M of ffilti-ues, ,g ifts X uw fi' fm. f if if ,lf M Q. I , -g-i5M,,, , s?,g+51:',gaffr-Wfv ' 1,mif4'Em.,.f'.gw,5, 'f . 5 '1 -55 i4EiP"3 52 3' fvrfkffi' W' V -f'4f':-4"g-sit' ff 'K' A my Qgaf , Q1 M V 4 , we ss rv' , ,K ?,:!p,yt,-14,1 . JG I . W if . ,, V M l A .,., ., .3 .f 4 - , Bank Raw: Bill Nichols, Roburt Kinsey, Lehman Et-ds, loc Kirltwno1l.Stcvt- linrcman, YVillard Hampton, Frank Smith, Inn Thomas Bill Chastain, Sammy Lamons, Ray Dodd, and Homer loncs, ,llnfdlu Row: Arnnld Townsend, Bill Rulxlc, Dale Whccler, William Sccarcc, lim Brixcy, larry Knight, Bill Bliss, Hcnry Thomp- son, Icrry Lanc, I, C. Hnrgis, It-ssc Yothcr, Frank W'inton. anal Bill Smith. Fmnt Raw: lim NIcSpaddcn, Iolin Pulliam, Rnsscll Glory, Iohn Childs, Clayton Smith, Clcll Carter, Herbert Masters, Bobby Mc- Dnnicls, and XVL-luster Robbins. Rnsst-ll Glory and lfrank Smith Bill Bliss and lim Brixcy .Q '55 f K wwf t A X- k X 2 la. ,- Robert T UW y, Kneeling: lack who Y' ly ni litit Gimnl, Gene lotus , '-lc U 'A ' R . jones. NK Standing' Lynn SE ICR HIGH RCU DBALLERS A S8-S4 victory over the state tour- nament runnersup, the Sallisaw Black Diamonds, early in the season, was the highlight of the Tiger's successful season. The Tigers won six Conference games with- out a loss before being dropped for the first time by the Dewey Bulldogs in the Northeastern tournament. In the second round of conference play the Tigers won 4 games, lost one and then dropped the NOAA championship game to the Sallisaw Black Diamonds. K ar ,sl I Cooper gets high for 2 points against Sallisavx. GENE IONE5 Guard GF 1953 TAHLEQUAH SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL WE THEY 46 Eufauln 34 -U Stigler 41 55 Checotah 27 72 Stilwbll S3 S3 Wagoner 35 SX Sallisqw 54 59 W'estville 25 Hcnryctta 1Won on forfeitj 60 Dewey 78 95 Sequoyah S4 44 Eufaula 34 71 Stigler- 49 44 Checotnh 42 S2 Vlnlta 47 90 Claremore S2 S6 Stilwell S7 5 I Wagoner 42 -U Sequoyah 53 40 Snllisaw S4 47 Srigler 61 40 Alumni 43 -w. JACK JONFS Qcntcr 0 f N , S 1 f .oa' X . Q' Mr1fx,.w' , fa 4. QOQVFR IACK GOURD NICK PU1,LlAM FRED F ,. .1 , MA 0m"'l Guard ', Q , :rf gi Q. 'X' ,my 'N-va LYNN IONES Forward fx A TIGER BEES KNEELING Lowell Townsend, Ronnie Funderburk, and Norman Cole STANDING: Don Smith, Bill Fuller, Estel Hamby, and Ilmmxe Thompson KNEELING: Vicky Robards, Robert Reeves, Howard McCollum and Ewm Adcock STANDING' Connie Ghormley, L. D. Stevens, Dale Connor and Garv Chapman 2 -'- 153, 1 fm.-5 rd ' - 5 14' 'S 13 l9 . A Vx I DM 4 5 "qi ,Wk 3 f JUNIOR TIGERS FIRST ROW: Ierry Lane, Tommy W. Iohn- son, William Scearce, Bill Ruble, C. Hargis. SECOND ROW: Frankie Ioe Roof, Iames Witt, Carl Randolph, Iohn Pulliam, Bill Bliss THIRD ROW: Coach Homer Iones, Man- ager Lehman Eeds. FIRST ROW: Russell Glory, Tommy Johnson Ir., Ierry Knight. SECOND ROW: Frank Winton, Steve Fore- man, Coach Homer Iones, lim Thomas, Ioc Kirkwood. Kirkwood scores against West High TIGER FL 2' ,, i .1 fu ,D f, A'u x-1 fx fl f. S J vm wow' '39fg13i'f-fe if , :fist nd' Xadk X 1. , X H fl' XM weve - H es Lows 09 ' r. 051.96 and wk Gicdlxel ' Frantz Felix Carter, Buck Craig, luck Girdncr, Bill Townsend. Back: Gene Ion:-s, lack Townsend, Louis Hogner, Robert Holland, lack Iones Sam Knight rounding first base. N. xN 405 Wm W C-1 'Nli!Ki R RObg,-t H R ,, 'NRL I0 QW fo I WY vi Mig' 011 N H . ani Buck Cr , IL Felix Carter , and lack T Front: Robert Frank, and Tommy Burns. Ownsc Bark: Ronnie Smith, Lowell Townsend, and Sam nd- Knight. 'Sl Tommy Burns poling a long one. Ng ., 1 ot K ,.,+,,gE:N:+z, f I . V, . A 1,645 Si" .Q ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS KX XSS' QF! . Mr W D Kaufman shown with a section of hxs salesmanshxp class Sylvla Berry Mr Kaufman Bob Roberts Ray Webb Imogene Clay and Wlletta Hayes advertising section of THE TIGER Our thanks and congratulations to Mr. W. D. Kau man and his salesmanship class or their sec- ond success ul year in sponsoring the advertisement section of THE TIGER. - - - and also wish to express our appreciation to Mr. Bill Nichols and his students or ther untir-ing e orts in doing the art worle or the Annual. On the preceding pages we have shown scenes which portray our school at Work. It is our sincere wish that this copy o THE TIGER may he cherished hy our students as a memory hook and at the same time help them and interested riends judge the e ectiveness 0 our phil- osophy which provides an educational program that enahles each student to develop the skills attitudes and emotional balance he needs to it in our complex li e o today to his maximum ability--va hlueprint of tomorrow. xx , J? M "-vlww ' ..ru.ei1zg1J MR. KAUFMAN TAlKS TO SENIORS STAUSS DRUG STORE 'mn Stauss Drug Store offers you prompt courteous servlce Mr Kaufman explams some of the commg events of the ln supplying your prescription needs Sattsfactlon IS the vear that will be very Important to the Semor class :whey at this fme drug Store where expertly framed pharmacists are at work SINOR AND THOMPSON MOTOR COMPANY N 'S-.. Come ln and take a look at our new 160 horsepower De Soto wlth nts new Fnredome 8 engine If you are wanting a car that will make your future a greater success look at this flne car and It wall sell Itself to you Snnor and Thompson are relatlvely new nn town but are becommg well known as IS their new DeSoto ll A S ' 1+ -A 1 .A A 9' j -- Z' " 3 l I , O ' ' ' - - 3 I I I f k I -- ., . In .A4 A A 3 f ' I ' 2 ' V I N K5 Q i ., Q - , , K ,, -2 a MORGAN'S BAKERY SOUYRES IMPLEMENT COMPANY For better and tastaer pastraes and more enjoyable prod uctfz buy from Morgan s Bakery Thas Bakery as a fav orate spot for many school chaldren Squyree Implement Company eupplaes any need that you maght have for farmang' machanery 'lhas company as well noted for thear fane lane of lnternataon al Harvester Farm Machanery and Equapment MORRIS FLOWERS COMBS Oll COMPANY iyx, For attractave and heautaful floral arrangements where qulckeet possable servace as avaalalale see or c all Morras Plowers the center of attrfactave flowers lor quack courteous anal fraenrlly serwace come to 1 omh'-a 0al lompaany owned and operated hy Mr lam lomhfa Thas company stands out as havana., the cleanest most modern st ataons an town lomc an and lct us servace your car md we wall promase you satasfactaon RAY S GRUCERY Gnd MARKET PURDY S SPORT SHOP -fwf- ts... Nunn: -Ju, urn ll Young gurls must learn to choose meats wisely to pre pare for thelr future cooking The best ln meat products can be obtained at Rays Grocery and Market where the fnendhest service xs always offered x.,f" Durmg all the hunting seasons of the year young men s thoughts as well as olo mens thoughts are on sporting equipment Purdy s Sport Shop offers you the last thmg m sporting equipment Mr Purdy a sportsman himself can gxve you excellent advice on your hunting and fish lng needs HINDS DEPARTMENT STORE Hlnd s Department Store IS well noted for the various clothing articles to be found ln nts store Goods for esery age may be ob tamed here and satlsfac tlon always results I I U ' 1- I A T35 W ' r 4 44 19' . ,fs .' T , , e GI T , r F- ' I 4..'1 4 ., y we Q M , Y 1 A 1 'fa' ' - ' Y 51325 .E it Ffa. . . , . - , - . . , . . . . . , , ' 9 1 n ' 1 no 1 v . 1 , . . , , 9:1 3 M . , . E . I 8. H CLEANERS TAHLEQUAH STAR CITIZEN . I -1 ,A s In I1 The B and H Cleaners offer you a qulck efflclent SQFVICQ Alteratlons are made on very short notlce and cleanlng is done by the very latest methods Mr Davls glves your clothlng personal attentlon DREASLER S JEWELRY f A flrm plank ln the platform of our future hes ln the freedom of our prlntlng presses At low cost the Tahle quah Qtar Cltnzen among nts many other press services ff' Wm offers you the best ln advertnslng gk as f so-v09""'x As graduation time approaches many young women are choosing their silver which they will use down through the years Dreaslers carry a fme lme of silverware and are well known for their fme Jewelry products if 'X E . . . . , . . . . . . I . 9 ' ' I i Q . V3 1 , -...V l ,gr ...- . . . . X J-f'N'f"' E , X Y . . . 'L Y r.f,vr,.sf., H .mmf - f ' ' Kwan' " ' .4 'H Y , D . . . ' . MOllOY BUTANE .node G For the quickest dellverles both nlght and day call Molloy Butane Co Butane equlpment IS also avail able Mr James R Molloy promises you the best services possuhle both m dehvenes and In appllances SMITH BROTHERS FlOOR COVERING THE FOOD CENTER Quai: fu-.-.v..wiv...A-we EF? :9-wa ro 30: 'UZ' 0-5 im: fb--P' :rm :Gu-a N-E-E S30 mme Q35 "1 :ni Zion N 2543 91:3 -egg sz! 9:02 -Sf mngg ver! W :3cn '25 gn: :an- M S The Food Center IS operated by Mr. J C. Rhoads and Mr. Johnny Gates Here you find the fmest quality of meats as well as fruits and vegetables You can be sure vou wlll be satlsfled with the pur chase you make here A,kV , ' K . 6 I -TMI wry ,Q . xy I ' W 2333 R .fl '51 , 4 A E A? .. f . if ff l' W ig HP 4 JR T f'f THE SHACK TAHLEQUAH ABSTRACT COMPANY The Shack owned and operated by Mr and Mrs Ben Cnder offers you a wide selection of delicious food at moderate prices You may always look forward to friend ly courteous service when you dine at The Shack TAHLEQUAH Mlll AND ELEVATOR My .1 Anal'- lb-im was ,pav- Here the best feed possible may be found for any live- stock which you have. The best quality feeds are always available at low moderate prices and a very capable de- livery service is available to purchasers who buy from this store. Experience IS the factor that determines efficient work For reliable work in preparation of any abstract needs, see Tahlequah Abstract Company Professional advice regarding titles insurance and real estate values will be furnished graciously and courteously to all customers. SMITH SUPPLY STORE For all your home and car needs come and see the quality merchandise offered at Smith Supply Store. You will get more out of your products in years to come when you purchase them at Smith s. CAMPBELL MOTOR COMPANY . , ,, , Q M Come In to Campbell Motor Company ow ned and operated by Mr Howard Campbell and hls ther Mr C F Campbell See the 1903 Mercury' It IQ the most economlcally bullt car ln s fleld you are guaranteed more comfort and better servlce from this flne automobile 1951 52 BASEBALL TEAM pugggllfy 5 51035 1321 The 1951 52 edition of the Tahlequah High School base ball team This team won the dxstnct meet at McAlester but was defeated ln the State Playoffs by the Tulsa Cen tral Braves. E . 'EX 7 For plumbmg needs and for whatever hardware needs you may have you can be assured of the fmest quality merchandise when you buv from Purselleys Mr Pur selley also has a butane and propane servlce ln this lme of husmess you wall fmd very reasonable pnces. 1 lOWRY S HARDWARE OKLAHOMA LUMBER COMPANY Q' For the finest lme of furniture appliances hardware paints and numerous other items carried especially for the pleasure of its customers come to Lowrys Hard ware where friendly service nuxes with first rate mer chandxse ,440 The Oklahoma Lumber Company has served Tahlequah and the outlylng areas with unlimited service Mr J L Brown and his son Mr Cecil Brown are always ready to help supply your needs The Sherwin Williams Paints offer you much better color styling than afforded by other paints Blll WIlllS DRY GOODS ?' is. ' For the newest styles in clothing and accessories, visit Bill Willis Dry Goods. Mr. Willis will be glad to show you any item you care to see. I B COX and COMPANY MAUDIE S BEAUTY SHOP ,l ICQ Mr Cox specializes in satisfying his customers Wear Maudles Beauty Shop lg 3 smart place for a young girl Ing 3PP3l'0l f0l' YOUDK Slld old alike IS available at VCU' who wants the latest in popular hair styling You girls, m01l0l'3f0 PFICOS- Y0ll may fill Y0Ul' mln! household llllfll who are interested ln looking more attractive see needs 1380 01' Small, here Maudie who always is interested not only in the work, 1 but in the individual TAHLEOUAH INSURANCE COMPANY 41" Robert Shewbart, after just one year's experience, came into his own and was a regular this past sea- son. As one of the hard-charging linemen, he was always in there pitching until the final gun. radii l .ai For complete insurance coverage on whatever your needs may be see Bill Perryman at the Tahlequah Insurance Company. See the many types of available coverage that are offered. FOOTBALL BANOUET DRYDEWS The 1952 53 edltlon of the Tahlequah High School Foot ball Banquet was held ln the Sequoyah Grade School cafetena and was sponsored by the Pep Club The High School Boys Quartet furnished the muslc for the eve- nmg We hope the future years bring as outstanding a banquet and football team as we had this year I 'M'Q""" L X B This young man knows where to go to get the finest clothing whlch young men very deflnltely need in prep- aration for the future Drydens store offers a wide vanety of styhsh clothing for young men MURRELL HOTEL If you want the finest rooms to be had come to this flne hotel where satisfaction IS always glven Thus establishment owned by Mrs. Opal Wants Murrell IS a credit to us now and will also be a credit to Tahlequah xn the future f 'FCM , K. isa - A gf u q 0 5 l . - - . . . . . . , , ' 0 'Wi .1 , 1 W mg, 1 "' ,x 3-awww WI, L I V . m " ' ,N,1 if .' A 4 A 1 j2":- ., :- ft " 1 i 4 V , Q A Mba? ' wil A Q , , . 7 ! TAHLEQUAH GIFT AND NOVELTY SHOP TOWRY BROS 5 8. lOc STORE 1? .-Qi" At the Tahlequah Gift and Novelty Shop owned and operated by Mrs 'l 0 Craham Sr a wide variety of gifts are offered in a low Drice range 'iff Towry Bros 5 8: 10c store always offers to its customers a wide selection of the newest products available M and Mrs Art Towry always extend to their customers the friendliest service found anywhere THE REDMEN SHOPPE GALEY AND HARGIS Q-L.. A - hfffi-I-rn The Redmen Shoppe has always been connected with school affairs. Here all our school needs can be supplied. The future looks brighter when we see the wide variety of the stock. Mr. Ed Stanford, long time proprietor of the Redmen Shoppe, will gladly render any service to you that he can. Tahlequah Dodge and Plymouth dealers as well as Dodge and Plymouth dealers all over America are proud of the new cars that they are selling. Galey and Hargis garage is well known for the sales that make it easier on the buyer. Here also you can find expert mechanical repair for any type of car. FRED 8. MARIE S GROCERY BYNUM S GROCERY i s-' I-red and Mane s Crocery ls convemently located for the qulck service of its customers Fred Bell owner and operator IS always on hand to glve vou his own personal Bynum s Grocery serves the needs of tne grocery shop attention and help you plck the products you want from plng public to the utmost Bvnum s offers you service this fme store wxth a smlle and werv dependable rehable service where courteous sales persons are here to serve you SUCCESS MOTOR COMPANY The new Chevrolet of '53 IS finally here Success Motor Company, owned and operated by Champ and Foxx Stauss, offers you 16 models of the new Chevrolet For a car that IS flrst ln popularxty, fmest m value, come ID and look at our fme car Ask for our Safety Service I I Q, Q LM . Z.. ref , gag W YW . l - '--. R y . , . . C I x . . .. . , , , u . . . . . , . 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BEN FRANKLIN 5 81 lOc STORE LIBERTY STATE BANK 1 hm At B F kh V t St d i t f Por consolldatlon of debts speclal loans to farmers for I in mn n ane y ore a wi e var e y 0 sup crops and other fmanclal needs come to see Mr Thur P les or your every need ls available to economy mmded man Wvly President of the Liberty State Bank who I8 l d ld l l k young peop e an 0 peop e a I e always glad to serve the public s needs. BOB SHERWOOD PIGGY ROBERTS Afl- fi! Xlfzyv W Bob Roberts stout llttle Tlger guard was always ready to come into the ballgame and glve It every thing he had Although he was not a regular he saw almost as much actlon as any one WASSON S FLOWERS A Young men do you want to buy some bmutlful flowers for the glrl of your choice" Mrs Wasson IS always glad to gne you help ln meeting your floral needs. Wasson s also carry lamps and vases to satisfy your needs 4. 1' S A , . N A A vi '- Pb , J" . . . , 1 ' s n . . . . , , . ' . 1 l . . ', ll ll I ww.. A I fgjjzt, WA, A ,Y I X, L' :ff 1. 4 -, vt' -, , we-f f,, wwf .3 It - A we B , .f:f5',,r JW Q to . . . . '- .. , , . , , ,.. . . ' JJ.. ln 'J X f ' ' 'f - . . . , V. -Q ,..," f ' ' v, ,W fm V , ,M Y, ' . 7 9 ' 9 TAHLEQUAH LUMBER COMPANY wry-W, 7 NLESZ Ylix As a blueprmt of the future comes forth we must also thlnk of our houslng being part of this blueprmt We need only the best materlals for our bulldlng Just as we need the best materials to bulld our future Mr R D Cunningham of the Tahlequah Lumber Company offers the best of bulldmg materials FAMILY SHOE STORE BYNUM S STUDIO One thing that IS certam IS that the future wlll bring Bynum's Studio IS becoming well known for the flne us many shoe needs, but our problem IS easily solved photography that they do Nlce pictures at low cost are when we come to the Famlly Shoe Store where the flnest obtalnable when you do business at their studlo. llne of shoes 1n Tahlequah IS offered , N L 4 --Mm-my . .M MMM, Y-w..-,, .V W - 1-...swmwww , Y, 5 Mews ' W""fz ff--...r.,.,m ' ..s.,.,,..mM V '- 2 k - I , ' 2 ' Ji my 1 V ' , O - 'Y X' s 31 .1 5 ' 1 . I rl Q 4 M 4 I ,, v f. . 1 ,H . 1 I tx.. s...f- DAVIS TRUCK lINE ROCKETTS FURNITURE Davls Truck Llne serves eastern Oklahoma as well as other states with maximum truclung servlce If you want anythmg taken anywhere just see Davls Truck offers detailed transportation and growing servlce I Rocketts Furmture only began nts fabulous growth when people realized that they could buy more furniture for less money Easy terms on WASHINGTON MOTOR COMPANY furniture offers everyone The great Tahlequah Ford Dealer that sells a great car ns Washington Motor Company owned and operated by Wilson Washington one of the leadlng busmessmen of Tahlequah Here you can fund expert mechanics and the best nn auto parts Line. As a blueprint of the future, Davis Truck Line the chance .to have the best. TAHLEQUAH TRACTOR and EQIUPMENT C0 V2 Our future IS bullt up of many varlous dlstrlbutlng companies that supply our needs Tahlequah Tractor and Equipment Company IS well known for their farm machinery products that we can ob tam at low cost See us and our equxpment and your future will be much bnghter Call for Buck Cook and Andy Stills THE vow! TAHLEQUAH ICE Ann ICE cmm commw H-di' The Vogue offers to ladies and gxrls the latest ln wear 1 mg apparel for women Owned and operated by Fern Farrell the newest styles ln smart clothlng are avall Tahlequah Ice and Ice Cream Company delivers l ab e to It S customers quality mllk to the clty of Tahlequah Ice cream products are also sold and a bug Ice business ns done . 2:1 W , K , X x s xi . A X lx 'ff " Q P x . Y A . 1 x 4 i ilrl x f .' Y ' f f ' nf x X x i ' I . x , . 9 5 V , I Q . , - . . ,, Q A W ' J, - 'J -We ,.f'fw Z 7 5" , " , f, .aff .. A 4 ' 4 I ,Q r ll A , l I , . . ' , , . . . CREW DRUG STORE BOX'S GROCERY Box s I C A Grocery IS one of the flnest to be found anywhere Mr H H Box and his store are noted for thenr help yourself meat market which ns very conven lent Crew Drug Store IS the oldest continually operated drug establishment ln Oklahoma Mr Bob Crew owner and operator for the past several years offers you a wlde llne of Rexall Products that are popular the world over JUNIOR HIGH 4 H FIRST ROW JZHICGWCDD Carolyn Graham Glenms Frlsby Charles Wesley Masters Joe Johnson Dlckle Woolbrlght Robert Scearce Ben Gulnn Mike Malone Joe Young Bob Dodd Bllly Joe Tmcher SECOND ROW Al1ce Wheeler Vontreba Steeley Beverly George Jxmrme Mae Harrls Norma Hahn Mary' Holmes Maxlne Roach Serena Walters Ella Mae Dodd Loma Hen drlcks Bllhe Ruth Parrls Ray Harper THIRD ROW Mary Lou Tharp Carolyn Anderson Joyce Wxllls Carol Foreman Nelly Ann Woddard Anlta Whxte Ahce Fay Smxth Betty Ann Munn Mavis Jean Hubbard Marilyn Yeates Suelene Watkms Betty Joann Tomblm Eula Mae Welch FOURTH ROW Jeaneane Knlght Mary Sue Choate Mary Carol Woodall Henry Clay Fanme Teague Ohve Brldges Judy Knight Clarene Watkms Norma Lobaugh Alene Tmcher Davxd Klsner Leon Glst Jonathon Taylor FIFTH ROW Davld Baker Jlm Dryden Steve Funderburk Leshe Malloy Eldon Glbson Bxlly Ryker Mike Halfacre Bobby Carpenter Frank Smlth Elbert Mutzxg Tom Cooper Darrell Prultt Samuel Bardell PM, . HMA . XX' 3' ' A X, M., . Q. , . . 1 n Q 'n 1 Q . . . , . . . , . , . , . . . Q 5 . - . ' K . .. 3 1 I . l . , , , . ' I I I ' I I 1 l Y Y I I I I - 1 n y 1 1 y 1 1 n 1 ' I Y ' n I ' ' ' Y I I I . I I l Y I I , . . I I I ' ' I I I D Y I . I ' I Y I Y I I I I ' . ' I I . Y I Y 4 I I I I I Y , . BERRY'S BUTANE 1 Berry Butane serves eastern Oklahoma wlth the best m butane and propane gas. Mr Berry shows courtesy to hxs customers, the same courtesy and fnendhness that helped hlm to become Mayor of Tahlequah VICKY S CANDY COMPANY can Vicky s Candy Company gxves dehvery service for candy all over wwn You can t buy better candy products at less cost any place Buy asmuch as you wish and then you will wish for more I E f rw. 0 WHEY ,n A I 5 Qi . A Q A - ' A f- ,lj il 1, W Q, I lc W, ,fwdwg 4 l 5 , , gg x I K W U ' ' 9 FIRST NATIONAL BANK RURAL ELECTRIC CO OP COVINGTON S SHOE STORE The Rural Electric Assoclatlon IS serving our commun tty wlth one of the greatest helps that has ever been af forded our cltuens I'he Rural Electric ASSOCIATION IS doing more than any other agency to raise the standards of llvlng of our rural friends It IS making this possible bv gnmg electrlclty to more of the rural areas and en abhng them to have the manv conveniences that every one deserw es WILLIE WILSON One of the boys who formed our mam llne of defense, played a rough end position Wlllle Wllson was hard to handle and dealt our opponents a lot of mlsery mi my-'F rn .,,, -vnu-urs all 11" vers iffy 5, x ,M iffy you want to look at a mde selection of the latest styles ln shoes' Do you want to flnd a real bargain ln second hand shoes" Covington s Shoe Store operated by Mr Ben Pnnkerton can supply all your shoes Other needs are avallable for the home at thls store KNIGHT MOTOR SALES Knlght Motor Sales features the new 1953 Buick which lb so highly recommended Sam Kmght always glves you a bargain on your trade ms You can always be proud of your fme car and be prepared for the future ln your new Buick Thus IS the Golden Anmversary of the flne cars Buick has put out 1 Q . ' "' A 1-1 - if ' 'ff' A' ' , A Fi ' ' 514. . ' , f X f X- - v W . . gy . Y .' E fig, A A -iv --.6 .ixh Q Q . . ft B ':". i sf' jw Q4 "' .. , . . . .' 1, ' Ba" 5 ,e ' ., - A ', - F: "f'1'k"W n A t. f . I . . .... D0 I ' v' , . I V v . . - - . 'R 9 . ' . - ' , K . X1 N .Q . , . ' . PARKER MOTOR COMPANY rAHL:ouAH simon HIGH cuonus As the school vear IS comlng to an end many student are maklng phns for the future that wlll involve an automoblle Parker Motor Lompany offers us latest models of Pontiac as well as a wlde cholce of used cars PEP LEADERS AID MARCH OF DIMES The Fahlequah Hugh School Pep Squad ns asslstmg the March of Dimes campaign by taking up collec tlons at one of the local team s basket ball games The maxed chorus of Tahlequah Senior Hugh School pre sented a delightful Chrlstmas program ln the SCl1l0l' Hugh auditorium under the dlrectlon of Robert C Hull and assisted by student director Tom Box Glll LUMBER COMPANY rf L ' v ' ' , 5 . . . r . s 1 4 f ' Q 1 1 - ' xx ' 1 . M . "R 2 3 ,o g ,wx f 1, I R 5 f f lf! 2. ff i lk Q, fi 1 xi 2 -W: THORNTON RADIO CLARK AND NOWLIN X- Thornton Radlo offers you the best ln televlslon appll ances and ln expert radlo repalr by hlghly tralned tech nlcxans Thus store offers you the latest nn all televlslon models You can be certaln of satlsfactlon when you buy from us BAKER S SHOE SHOP 41-Q One of the few custom grlndlng feed mxlls ln this part of the countrv ns to be found at Clark and Nowlln Feed 'Store Here you null fmd the most reasonable rates on feed and the frnendlxest service McCOllUM AND HEATION GROCERY i l 'YDS 4' if W For expert shoe repair see Junlor Baker at Baker s Shoe Your every need lh grocerv and meat products IS avall Shop Mr Baker speclallvesln pleasing his customers and able nn quantity and quahty allke at McCollums and satisfaction with his work has never been questioned Heaton s I rocery Thls store has 3 reputatmn for wm- because It IS the best teous servlce and reasonable prices ,N xvkhk X 1 I ' I lj R ai R wiser, . ,, ffl i ., f f 5 Y it 'rl 1 A 1 5 It X 1 t, A - I j . Wil, 5 1' :- I A A ' - ,,. - 1 i A D, A A A 'A 'fs 1 ' H+ .T I jf" , 359 I wx' x X' 'S I If f nz N We ,Jn ...J L ' Y ' 1 - - - . . . ' 1. s . . ' ' ' " ' 7 .S . . . , , W ' ' . . I I g n DREAM THEATRE BYNUM S FURNITURE ....,-...- LJDAJUL e--u...,.,,l-.4 ,lynx MEL MD Y 5 aim lg :ns Hmmm A no n For an evemng of enjoyable entertainment come to the Dream Theatre and see the latest movnes provided by the motlon plcture lndustry Mr Allender Scott man ager welcomes you to come and emoy his show "?L,I' il Here IS one of the wxdest assortments of furniture to be found anywhere Mr Bynum wants to talk to everyone and see lf he cant make their future brighter and more luxurlous by purchasmg some of his furniture REED AND CULVER FUNERAL HOME of Esfzblrlalzly yiars Reed and Culver has been an outstanding part of our city and county. An servlcls mgindasuch as tlus would be an asset to any communltv. The qulckest ambulance e ln homa IS part of our motto. I W l- 4 ....-4-- .... , V, :gg g .1 ,,,........ -Q, A" tr: M2 52 ,............ .N'g.,w " 'E 'QS 'ix L A' 1 ...-4.-- -' 5 .. 4 ., ff: 'zu ,E 5 A In ,um , A A . ' -1 4 l' f 5 3 L 3 H 1 -4-0-.4--V gi'-9 D' an Q w ...,..., .M xx K - . . . . . . I . ', ' . , . . , , . . . . . . iwsmnls .. A fu- s A g 6 A Y R 'tv -I Km fskvrk . 1. ' ,W f. V ff A10 4 ,U . f 'i E r' ,v-,M . V, A JACK S GROCERY AND MARKET MUNDEN STUDIO Where you fund bugger and better pictures at small er and smaller costs NORMAL CLUB CLEANERS Where efflclent qulck seruce marks a convenience awww or the customer Jack Vhnton has taken over hls old busmess again We will fmd lower prices md better values when we shop at Jack s bee Jack' Try has grocernes and meat products' SENIOR HIGH GIRLS TRIO F The Tahlequxh Senior Hlgh girls tno consists of Joyce Brown Helen Ixaufman and Fredabeth Hargls The drum major and mujorettes of the band Iavlshly dressed m thelr new uniforms that our band received thls Cal' M nqgel' PAUL BENNETT of Yea bo k Deponme l ELL MRS AGATHA CAMPS f JOHN A CLARK Sec e "N Loywf D rector Congratulations . . . The task IS over and may we congratulate you on a job well done Yours ns a yearbook published with the skull and know how backed by years of experlence In the publlcatuon of better school annuals SEMCO COLUR PRESS Representatuves Northern Dlvnsnon Box 'l'l07 Joplm Mlssoun B L SEMTNER President 129 N.W THIRD STREET Oklahoma City Oklahoma I I n r0 ' r , i . . . . I I no I . If 5 116 HUTUGRHPH

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