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 - Class of 1946

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Tahlequah High School - Tiger Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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4..,f-,nf-wak f V.-nu, f F:-9 V 1- 1 ' ., - - , 1,. 4, V , A . "':5'?7',.-'fwfs W' - ' ' K fm, g, ,J2?f '1'J 5 "7 'i f 1" .::, ,JL-,L gli! - , ' - f:ff5'1 ,1.f1?" , ' X " ' ' ' Kr1,,,.m -" -54 :-1f"+ ' . J 41 1: ' THF 'Zn-wffi-,ff,i.3. U, ,wgw . VP, I , lx .V ,E .Q V , fy ini., W -rrq ,,,.T,1Lf-X we 3:5 v 65?-3 . Q frm -- , A -7 gat, ,w w 1 I M- W , 1 ll' " . -- ..: ' 1' ' ' :'-'2g3',g., FJ 1 . xg- A 'fs 1 ,. ff, ' a ,., - - f' V W, 1 v L1 -1 ,in ' ' Mb. hrifgpvf' ,nik I 4 Q ' ' 1 la. W1 X ' ,N".51' ,?1y,,A ' . . .. 1 , mn' Q 1-.w ,- ' W , f f o W ' . ' , . -V X J , J 1 7' aff' ' 1 ' n r 5 jf ' 'MM' C 'L 'QKUQ YW5! M Qwcfptw QAM X355 , Gygax M ff W1 My 10 MM My ff My W Wdyjf S'Wigy9sa5fW Nb 5 9 . ,,, , wif V W W W0 QQ Q-if L 9o gf 'Q . - 9 ' L , . A0 at Qfwg I K J' ' Q 6 X , - Ns X ci W gg -- Qffwlmvwoj . ffm 'lf Ei Xi M ff WM' ffl S,1f,fN'9-I". QQ sd, W , qi Q. VW ,V WMWf'f"W'7f3,!fffo S 53 - Sm 5,6 is ,,LjfQiW f .,., G J , . 'cw'-Q-i 'I' , ' ' ' ' K' ' , x ' . -' ' ,xr w f, , .,, . x ,, 0, ,W , , L I an rf' Ny U Q ? QF? 3 Lygj xiii ri g X53 J2mMwMmy R9 22,0134 9 .gui MJ .9 ' YQ Q . K vvafgff fum 4 wjxwbw 2 'yn ,, MM flu' H QM QM- mm, :L7Q 6-QA Q-0-1fCDLQ,Q - - 6 ", MJ W , Ni. MM i, Q 2 Q'g,v,e fylf.' '.-44' xy? K! E E as x f ,Q f 1 k W Af K 4 Q4-f"V ' YL5,1'1'! : 5 ,,,f if Q? . A 1' 4g .rf ,,., 43 , E xi -' ,K -1 Mww x, ..4l..,.-,mJAn....1r-f M, ...M ,,.. ,M,,,,M ,g.fvw-- - - - +--- W IHIHHIHIUHIIIHU X89 If KKRQBN, mflllfmlnf If 5 'Qfgx C""7 rw 3 . E A NPJUIUJTHUX 7 'a 3 5 J S N f 4 Q if SX 9 i.'lLLM Q6 Wflrfuzmnnnrlli Ypublislzed by The Stu0le1 1,t Qouncil Of Central High School Tahlequah, Oklahoma ,N , iv-4,53 f... T- jAe ,iwliglz Skov! , Zia,-J O! gyucafion ' A meeting of the members of the Board of Education of the Tahlequah City Schools Reading from left to right: ltr. Robert Molloy, President, Mr. Jack Ross, Clerk, Mr. Alden Dryden, Member, Mrs. J. W. McSpadden, Member, Mr. O. W. Jones, Superintendent, and Mrs. Robert L. Parker, Member. Elm' so fe e f ' ' f t' SQ l'l'lU'll5 PCI, L0l'l E X .1401 lith a profound hope that pupils and faculty of Central will meet the challenge of the coming years with the spirit of - detennination, industry, enthusiasm, in- g telligence, and perseverance that charac- terized their work during the war years, I extend my sincere congratulations upon another year's work well done, and upon the X E production of the 19145-19146 edition of the N Q "Tiger". V Q5 r g A . A l XX lr. 0. I. Jones - 'K Superintendent of Schools lb' congratulations to the Glass of l9l,6 on your accomplishments during the past four years. lay yours be happy, successful lives' based on the principles of loyalty, devotion, and service. ly sincere thanks to the faculty of Central High for a year's work well done. To the entire student body, your earneartness and diligence has been an inspiration. To the sta!! and faculty advisors of THE TIGER, and all of our friends who made this annual possible, THE 19146 TICER will be a lasting tribute to your unselfis ef rts Wi , gm j'r'Pign2ap'i3m'1 ,fo 114 W ,Qmgl Hrs. George Lemons English . vwrv, ., c -.1 --Y Y ,fi-ae, , - " 1 4717 CLCLL f Wg..,9'i5QW2v,Y,f ZW u -fl-A--.-p.!w4',,gN W! 41 WS f rg. XX. 1 ,LQ 'lk .jf ,E 'I 1 e If ' no .M A K Q Qfmiffly Not Pictured 5 214, -- ,-1: wi Jw urs. w. B. Covey W ' gin Speech and English T'XZ vfg.,. , P J , -K Q11 'x S Hrs. D. L. Sollock Social Science , ,g.. ' - ' Ik-'rf xl 1 u W 'g f 'gf' x 1 gy X If I ' 1 0 'Aff , 1-ff :IF " f in fy 'I' Z E a K ff iw 131 fm W 1, ,V 0' 1 f wx - V , Nxvgj i N314 gl -4 Xx f ..,kl1lL' I Z, ,. , ,Q ,f Lfigngf f' UQ. " , ,., fall- 'f55v:4'I7f 1 ' fx-wma? f f4f ' HE' xk'51'5'1' 4, 1' f 1 ,N lp, x"'lil1Q' '- Ver- 5 ff MW , 1, wave 1 , f 4-me E ,X 1, U N X x wa X , 5 - If 5 E X wo fi' ff , 1 . X, ff ,gif ,mn I yi' 'IX , Miss Vera Workman Commerce A .X f. 1 - Nh 1 r I xlx L7 lr. Charles Lemons Hrs. John Paul Jones lr. D, lg, wadley Industrial Arts Vocal Music coach K5 We f 555' A 1 -or ,I 'gy -, 1l- - vi, . ,.-H..-P-f Eight Gradgn An mathematics -7 0500 3 ff' ff f o w arf' i X W x j ! X Q rl ,fam an D 'li , N, M Q 1 Wm ,, , Q I f,' ' '- ,:" " V, '- .,:-+-1- V aww 4 f ' . it f 'MQW A X, -' Lf X 1 if 5 K 21, u ff W Miss Hurrell Ross Science F Af.. affblhy Ir. Gene Beach Vocational Agriculture I. , ltr. B. P. Ferguson Diversified Occupations if u ---.f Z-ful-7 o, 5.44 .if,f'--- ' 1 xi 'W ,,,..- u vp ., J - V ,- ,ZZ-7"'Z'jAM acuh f' ' W7 if T X M on + ' ml n "A f 1 f y, yy L mo 'I ' i ff" Mo' y f HN N ,fx 1 -if! 1 w X T, , 1321212 o 1 15112151 I 1. xl, 'Jw ' A - J MM Hx K I 'Xb , Xfire o "' X xx 4 " 1, . -gn . 7 ":.' --ff M... W3 7 1' --' f ,A ,-,,,,, Q ,, me so rk , ij 'G 5 9 c N if ' .M """ ,ss V ' "f 'N' L""p'u,'f ur. J. n. ucnonala Band Director ,cr Ziff 1 'X ' Nj:- lliss Carolyn Tissington lliss Iary 'BH3t1'99t English Vocational Home Economics Hr. Tom Johnson Librarian : CAM is ,ii X Q -7 . , 8l'lL0l"5 fi XB Football 3 years f ' U Q! Basketball 2 years 2 P Mb Librarian 1 yegr Physical Education Diversified Occupations 'hysical Education JMMSQJZXJ 3 yur: F. A. 1 year of 'ME TIGR! year Editoii of THE TIGR President of Senior Class Football 3 yur! Football Captain Student Council Vice President Student Council 2 years Radio Club Art Editor of 196 TIGER President. Freshmen Class Queen gzgoglisciety is years Council Representatzbre " K' Drum Corps H. O. L years, Vice Presldent Librarian sizzzzifsedowmom Club, Secretary-Treasurer Q ,gdlffaf Club 2 years Q Society A years TIGER Advertising Manager WfZ? f' "1'3'f ' el'll0l"5 Fe rn Ae 3 ml F. P. A. Treasurer Football 1 year Diversified Occupation Radio Club and Dramatioa imfw -'9fv5C4f'ftJ'4 Drum Corps 1 year Pep Club 2 years Librarian 1 year Physical Education 1 year xj ' 4 Football 2 years Basketball l year Basketball 2 years hysical Educati on' lee Club Basketball 1 year LZJQ 7414 Radio Clxb 1, P. H. O. A years KW Glee Club 2 years 1, Honor Society 0 Office Receptionist D. A. R. Good Citizenship Award, Radio Club Pep Club 2 years 1112? gif 'ina Wiv' " iw' T eniorb Physical Eduoationh years ei,-We 722 PhYsic sl -Education Diversified Football 2 yearn S Wm Librarian Office Receptionist Honor Society 2 years Physical Education 1 year Football llanager Radio Club Vine President Basketball 1 year fftffffff Phvlicll ldmltion 2 yuan F. F. A. Queen Drum Corps 2 yearn Senior Student Council Representative P99 Club F. H. C. President, Sub-district Chairman mimticl 1 year Pep Club 2 years I-ibrlrian 1 year Dramatics 2 years 5 Glee Club 2 years ,L-fviiffp Band 2 years News Editor, Radio Club Assistant Editor, THE TIGER Honor Society 1, years Office Receptionist 161444, Z-'fn 9747 ' 1, eniord o if 323.332 2 y""' t , Honor Society 3 yoarl 74- Offico Receptionist Fa Ho on 2 yarn Pop Club 2 you-a Drum Corps 1 yur Glu Club 2 years rn 2 'V PfLY8!0lI1dmation L yea f3L4.,., U. S. Navy sical E Football 3 years Basketball 1 year Phy duca ' t1on Baaketball 1 your Sta gecraft myfw-IQMMAW G18 Club 2 yuarl Physical Education 2 yoarl P. H. 0. lyaar Librarian E7 ggi. Az-my us.r.o '18 Physical Education Basketball 1 year eniorrb Diversified Occupations 2 years 4-Mime F. H. O. I+ years, President 1 year Delegate to Sub-Regional F. H. A. Meet F. H. 0. State Secretary-Treasurer Pep Club 2 years 'TWP x .ZH A ' H W Honor Society A years Junior Red Cross Council Dramatics Band 2 years Secretary-Treasurer Student Council Glee Club W Senior Queen J f Honor Society 2 yeerl Libnrian 1 yur Pep Club l YOU' '7'b ,Physical Education HF. F. A. 3 years 7WVMj ...Mau 2 W... Honor Society TIGER KING 19h5 Student Council President Sophomore Ulu: President Junior chu President Business Imager at TBI TIGR Basketball 3 years Basketball 3 years Sophomre Chl! King Glee Club 3 years Librarian Btu raft Pep Club 2 years geo and Radio Club Q., A Q-W6-W Q far- Honor Society 1+ YSGPS SENIORS NOT PICTURED Music f7f, Y Q 2 ef Honor Society I., years Physical Education ,lf f ff' yi, wow Physical Education Band 2 years Basketball 1 year Physical Education C 0-fvuulf Physical Education l Educat on i Stagecraft dime Glxgkydnqhdj Diaz' M 15 2SlK1 m Lt. John H. Rudd United States Ar-nw CLASS OFFICERS Jim Starr, President Bob Sanders, Vice President 1 0l'lL0l'6 Football 2 years Dramatic s Stagecraft Projectionist J Gln! TIGER Queen Radio Club President Junior Class Queen Junior and Senior Sec .-Treas. Advertising Manager 19L6 TIGER Office Assistant 19146 Office Receptionist F. H. O. A years Dramatics 2 years Sophomore Class Queen Maid of Honor to Homecoming Queen Pep Club Student Council Representative .WW Bind I+ years Vice President ct Band F. H. 0. I, yqrg Glee Club 1 year Honor Society I+ you-3 Office Receptionist tyeQg,04e,ee Diversified Occupation Smior Studmt Coumil Rep. Honor Society 3 YNY! bleed, Keely lorma Mathews, Secretary-Treasurer 'x uniora Xt 3 if ,gk ,. -.. D E y mvl an A . fi M if-if U -w 1-'fifv . 3,5135 2 nw' 'Q ' 4 15 '3 S , , fir Q y M' 'ie , .. : Q X , A ,sf 3 . f ,nf .s,, wi K j ,I 'P - . ,- I Q 4 1' front gel: Billye Jean Wheeler, Marie Lester, Floye Littlefield, llary Beasley, Imogene Vann, Bums Joyce lorgan, Faye Hensley, Miss ef, If Wanstreet, sponsor, and Hrs. George Lemons, sponsor. Qeoond gr-x Nadine Woods, Wanda Langrill, Jeanne Hill, llelba Clark, Betty Rea Robertson, Ann Waterfsllen, and lla:-tin Spears. Ihird gg!! Mildred Bitting, Betty Jo Clay, Betty Jean Ross, Sally Gilbert, Jeane Justus, Mary Katherine Siloott, Barbara Ferguson, - Frances Lowery, Jane Haymes, Boscoe Teehee, Dolores Carlile, and . Le Lloyd Cunningham. Back is Hr. Charles Lemons, sponsor, Odie Biggs, Russell - --Q.-, Hitchcock, Kenneth Craig, R. B. Breshears, J. L. Gist, Bob Kedearis, 5 Jimmie Littlefield, Raymond Hitchcock, Cleo Brixey, Blynn Spears, Webber Lazenby, and Glenn Durland. 0" M ffg-V . rg, student Cgumil , .,..'. Q 1, . . H . N 4 Je :Q . - if Q- ....Y,-., -,,m,,' tv A .Km .SZIOAOIWIOPQJ . 1 . 3 b F ,RXQ2 -use S Erma Lorraine Vensble, Patsy Martin, Marie Swepston, Edna Vanderpool, Shirley Sellers, Bally McNeil, Naomi Byrd, Billie Jean Dotson, Addie llae Hall, and lies Anna Freedle, Sponsor. Second rom: Darril Baskin, Edward Goss, Zelda Stinnett, Joye Barrett, Patricia Roberts, Esther Mae Lawley, Vera Sue Stratton, Mary Sue Baller, Grace Latte, Imogene Shirrell, Pestus Williams, and Miss Vera Workman, Sponsor. r Third row: Clayton Sellers, J. E. Presley, Patsy Fuller, Lois Reed, I Cf, Jones, Anna Belle Justus, Laverne Faddis, Betty Jo Brooks, W Q I Fourth row: Junior Price, Roger Morris, Lois Johnson, llarian Rousey, im Virginia Sumpter. lhrtha Tillison, Lucille Thompson, Ruth Paden, x Im! Virginia Jones, Geneva Dause. ' 'Ill Fifth row: Vance Lourey, Bennie Caviness, Levi Haddock, Hadley Reece, f X ' B Delma Webster, Leon Daniel, Roy Brogan, Hubert Dunham, Keith Thunnan, N Dewey Baller, and Bobbie Brown. Back rows P. L. loss, Billy Carl Piersall, Kelly Guthrie, Wendell lelch, Charles Williams, Louie Stratton, Kenneth Guthrie, Dero Carter, Rothel Cole, Albert King, Lynn Adcock, Gaines Ballew, Ray Bond. S Marguerite Rutherford, Flora Keys, Goldie Bird, Billie Bailey, Louise ' V? Pff?4lq,,,t , clue mmm Ywyvd' -2- 5' B ' om' X , . ,yin lkry sm nu, I, vu-gum Sumpter -V Figfgg, Bomooming Queen ' '- ,ati-" - P gI"06AI'l'lel'l , HJ .. ,ff -ff-"' 'I xt.: ' ,Ny .l S Lx N. 135' ai N 'Y , N First row: Bobby Dean McCaslin, Billy Joe Hamilton, James Carlile , Jesse Phmby, Cecil Ballew, Donald-Ehdrzlx, Arland Hamby, Eugene James, Mack Lafevers, Roscoe Somner, Wayne Lawton, Jack Lafevers, James Hayes, Hannon Nottingham, Thomas Hubbard, T. J. Dawes, Charley Baker. Second gf Fred Bliss, Kenneth Bridges, Eugene Gist, Kenneth Laster, George Garrett, latie Bitting, Clay A. Yeager, Franklin Yates, Walter Reeder, Keith Lowrey, Robert Hensley, Robert Bond, Tonmw Center. Third Q2 Mrs. D. L. Sollock, sponsor, Billy Wallace, Raymond Jones, Juanita Atwood, Mary Katherine Miller, Towena Third Qu.: Mrs. D. L. Sollock, sponsor, Billy Wallace, Raymond Jones, Juanita Atwood, Mary K. Miller, Rowena Piersall, Billie Mears, Betty Shepherd, Norma Jo Carter, Laverne Garroute, Barbara Wilkerson. Margaret Alice Mears, Karolyne Bode, Ruby Gray, Patricia Belknap, Myrtle Lou Box, Jenora Snith. Robert Dawson, John R. Cain, Donald Skaggs, Miss Tissington, sponsor. Q-ujg 3: Paul Wallace, Junior Tarkington, Bill Ballard, Geraldine Swepston, Imogene Hensley, Jean Marie Morris, Helen Welch, Parilee Merchant, Betty Lou Hensley, Pat Wood, Edna Lea Sanders, Enma Lou Rutherford. QIQ Q: Juanita Atwood, Vera Louise Mul.holland, Frances Roberts, Mary Sue Baker, Carrol Sue Thompson, Patricia Pickard, Margaret Blair, Ruth Alyce Bean, Loretta Dickerson, Caroline Crew, Elva Stinnett, Ethelrose Kaufman. ' E: Richard Davidson, Jimmie Leathers, Beverly Adcock, Kenneth Hood Jacqueline llhittglnilon, Ruth Ann Denton, Betty Dill, Betty Hensley, Mary Lou Krouse, Georgia Scott, gg Q2 Billy Joe Jackson, Johnny Kupsick, Larry Lehman, Tracy Day, Dgylg Green, eo ompson, Arley Parsons Helen Melton Oscar Cummins Ma i R Syimmg Be Giesler, Gladine Littlefield: Martha Garrison, Lorena Carggentfi eTenc1::n Johnson, J fi? Phillips: Benny Dreadfulwater, Leroy Turnbull, June Cookson, Joe lheeler, Budei' lobster, and Carlie Hill. K,,3 J W Jack Ethelrose .. . .. student Co N ' ' uncil Rep. Student council hp f 4, V HD'w ,xanga . : ' " E Vice President I President ,WW Secretary 'lreaaurer S f - 1 . F Qllmr ii ... M Q W .,.a, L I A, . K - eV-: .. Y M A pred A June 'libel' lin Grace 1 -vw-V , an-H ' fo Sugar.. QQ A 1- - - s ,, 1 if Z -.1 o.Y' 'xv v Y EH, , , .. ---.Y-., ----v v-.su--'vu we Us nwsul-I-Uiitvt 3513? Fun, Joe muy, Lolell ummm, J. 'r. Dunham, and Bobby sinh Csittingl ' Second 5-ow-x Tommy Courtney, Joan Covey, Ann Daniel, Lila Dickson, Virginia llollinn, Samantha Teehee, Bobbie Lotta, and Letha Raye Sumpter. Third lls if ry llasters, Nancy Talburt, Shirley DeRieu:x, Jean Healey Clydia I Trolinder, and Dorothy Gilbert. Pourth rows Dorothy lloGuffin, Ophelia House, Patsv Bailey, Shirley Salyer, Lou A1"'1c"s'mTE61.1um, and Judith Baller. ' ack 1-gy John Frames Washington, Jack Underwood, Henry Roberson, Bill Jones ltr. Loveless, sponsor, Psul Armstrong, Chrence Cole, Sammy GancLv, Jim Belt, Billy Joe Cooper, snd Bryce Bliss. 4 Posing for Hhs Role Dorothy llnGuffin, Nancy Talburt Gly-dia Trolinder, Bryce Bliss, Joe Gsley, and Henry Roberson SOME WINNERS or VICTORY GI.-0'1HING DRIVE OUR QUEEN Dorothy lloGut'fin 0 f , -mx ll . z 0 . C 1 Billy Ballew, Virginia Moliinn, Judith Ballevr, Tommy Courtney, Lou Alice McCollum, Hr. Loveless, ltr. Jones, and Sammy Candy. SEVENTH GRADE Our teacher. . gh J L LQ Miss Fern Farrell A ' u 4 Q First row: Dannie Gibson, Tom Wolfe, Oscar Stopp, Harry Reeder, Roy EfroupT'Betty Jean White, Billye Jean McCollum, Lawrence Lee Combs, Donald Bryant, Billie Bowles, Dan Ashbrook, Dewey Spencer, Miss Farrell, teacher. Second Egg: Richard Shapley, Nadene Nodine, Wanda Gravitt, Mary Jane Kupsick, Beverly Peck, Talitha Stanford, Camilla Crane, Jerry Chaffin, Freddy Dunlap, Buddy Tennison, Junior Crawford. Back row: Junior Sevier, Sammie Hill, Jimmie Creech, Gene Wadley, J. W. Hensley, Bobby Guthrie, and Clarence Fodder. 'lm r. ' qv, , .IW er SIXTH GRADE Our teach Our friend and custodian. :e ,G or i 1 f Mr. Albert Rosser f W Miss Ruby Seay ,J A ifyff' runnin Qgwggb I , R.lTIN I 3 K . X, '-A 4-1 - - - --,sm ', ' 5 Front row: Sue Talburt, Bennie Latta, Eunice Wakefield, Jackie Lee Spearsffeon Smith. Second row: James Osgood Knight, Sue Caroline Leathers, Pearlene UIIo1E, Terry Morgan, Gilbert Gibson, Virginia Lamons, Billy Sherer, Robert Holland. Third row: Billy Arthur King, Skeet Sammons, Prentice Robinson, Billy Foe Smith, Thurman House, Shannon Garner, Kelly Rae Ross, Ronald Ashley, Donald Ray Dunham. Fourth row: Alma Mae Sullivan, Mary Lou Denton, Joe Wayne Garner, Efhiine Leafer, Jack Creech, Dwight Randall, Georgia Lue Mann, Bob Ed Culver, Thomas Graham, Miss Ruby Seay, teacher. Back row: Marlene Fate, Wessie Mae Pound, Leroy Bluebird Manney, 5eorg5'Fobert Bean, Carl Brown, Nancy Jane Fowler, Jane Lowrey, and Betty Jo Baker. FIFTH Gunn Our teacher. Having a little football practice. ' Front row: Bobbe Marie Halfacre, Jean Sohleoht, Wahlelle Cookson, Bobby Gene BEIT, Tommie McCoy, Jean Christie, Phyllis Davidson, J. R. Hawley. Second Egg: Fred Allen Gibson, Billy Keith, Geraldine Chaffin, Bobby fee Eamons, Jeanette Coyan, Kathryn Latta, Diane Blalock, Oran Ray Spencer Third row: Jimmie Ann Sharum, Jo Martha Hair, Robert Reeder, Jack Gourd, Vera Marfe Gourd, Ruth Lisenbee, Ruby Lisenbee, Clarence Edward Clark, Mary Jo Deem, B. W. McKee, and Miss Dyer, teacher. Fourth row: Leah Alice Dunlap, Freddie Cooper, Willetta Hayes, Ted JoEnsonf'fottilyn Hahn, Lewis Joe DeR1eux, Virginia Danielson, Norma Lee James, Ruel Lee Osburn. Fifth row: Addeline Phillips, Ann Cole, Dorothy Holdt, Amy Garner, Trance?Inn Chouteau, Retta White, Dorothy Shirley, Shirley Rinnert, Norma Jean Butler, Jimmie Choate, Glenn Shapley. Back row: Dean Mooring, Bobby Ray Pitts, Billy Birge, Suzanne Crew, F1'IIy-Gaham, Francis Donaldson, Ronnie Bryant, and Billy Mooring. .. -9- FOURTH GRADE Our teacher. l Batter up! K fi Mrs. Marie Jarrell Maloney Front row: Maurice Dale Box, Patricia Garner, Shelton Garner, Rebecca Jane Hier, Callie Mae Gritts, Vivian White. Second 323: Phyllis Esteb, Dolores Cochran, Betty Tennieon, Stanley Marfln, Betty Sue Dry, Jimmy Cox, Joann Creech, Jimmie Sevier, Beatrice Clark. Third 323: Mrs. Marie Maloney, teacher, Jean Marie Kaufman, Tommie Hensley, Norman Cole, Gilbert Hicks, Billy Nottingham, Junior Lee Watkins, Robert Lee Carroll, Robert Lee Frank, Herman Kennicutt, Connie Ghormley. Back row: Joyce Brown, Fredabeth Hargis, Marie Fritts, Helen Smith, MamIe'F?itts, Betty Jo Bond, Charmas Hill, Joan Neale, Eva Nell Tinoher. ' - f .W -17- THIRD GRADE Our teacher Enjoying the sun on the fire escape, arf:- I 4 E. Hrs. Dorothy Trapp 4 f First roy: John Hohn, Goldia Lee Sullivan, Billy Joe Thompson, Joy Lee Pitts, Roger Lee DeRieux, George Kennicutt, Barbara Jean Crane, Lenora Nodine, Ronald Stroap, Eileen Thomas, Wayne Wadley. Second 521: Shelba Jean Ferguson, Donald Ray Osburn, Joyce Cochran, George Gourd, Shirley Hensley, Joan Morrison, Jackie Lee Ballew, Gayle Sunday, Sylvia Graham, Johnnie Lee Thompson, Crystal Ann Robinson. Third roy: John Anderson, Barbara Ruth Bailey, Donald Lee Morrison, John Neale, Wanhillan Priddy, Arlena Ashley, Peggy White, Shirley Fritts, Patricia Lee Glory, James Chaffin, Dan Schlecht, Betty Edgar, Gloria Jean Hicks, Marquita Hawley, William Dry, Charles Rogers Back 523: Jimmie Rockett, Leon Reed, David Nottingham, Howard McCollum, Roger Choteau, Billy Wasley, Carol Randold, Katie Lee Tencher, Benny Davis, Russell Talley, Joan Nodine, Lillian Marie Pickup, Ruth Ann White, Hrs. Dorothy Trapp, teacher. W-Q A f av ff- - SECOND GRADE ., Ou teacher. ,A mggq, . I if .17 J 'U . p C' 3 I jj v J .1 N if? nn mtyjo mn-is Q 5 5 29 2 1 Front row: Anna Lee Foley, June Morgan, Sue Clark, Betty Sue Fodder, Eugeniaifountain, Mardell Wadkins, Billie E. Layne, Virginia Louise Kindle, George Sevier, William Bynum, Mack Covey, Thomas Leon Gourd. Second Egg: Doris Cole, Aunetia Crow, Lorene Reed, Anna Lea Nottingham, Hfffones, Joe Charles Lemons, Jerry Wayne McNeil, Tommy Johnson, Ray Dodd, Don Martz, Billy Gravitt. Third row: Emma Louise Walker, Russell Glory, Donnie Beardsworth, 5'ImmIe'5'ufman, Robert Earl Martin, Willie Scott, Frankie Reed Smith, Jerry Knight, Johnny Lee Guinn, Billy Bliss, J. W. James. ,,, . FIRST GRADE Our Principal. Sliding at recess. Q fro 0 ' Miss Birdia Mayberry l 6? Front row: Everette Turnbull, Billy Nottingham, Jimmy Keys, Bob Hawkins, Berberiasters, Billy Burchett. Second row: Beverly George, Jimmy Ed Rogers, Trebuah Sue Hawley, Francis Fhfflps, Georgie Front row: Everette Turnbull, Billy Nottingham, Jimmy Keys, Bob HawEIns, Herbert Masters, Billy Burchett. Second row: Beverly George, Jimmy Ed Rogers, Trebuah Sue Hawley Franc1s'FHil1ips, Georgie Springer, Lavonne Cochran, Judy Carlile, Arnold Dotson, Darla Dean Cox, Johnny Foley. Third row: Norvel Crow, Eugene Spencer, Carolyn Morrison, J. C. Hargis, IEE Ffelds, Linda Kay Gates, Clayton Smith, Bob Skelton, Jimmy Price, Darry Carlstone, and Miss Mayberry, teacher and Principal. Back 325: Ezekiel Gritts, Bobby K. Goodacre, Jimmy McSpadden, David 'man, George Keys, Billy Bob Stopp, Dolly Lisenbee, Bob Dodd, Dan Sherer. ff-Y-ur 0u'UhecM szipQQX1?6i' ciEQgl7l1l1f lies lhdeen lerryman Front row: Patty Garner, Jimmie Ann Sharum, Maurice Dale Box, Fred Allen 5IBsonT'Toan Neale, Vivian White, Fredabeth Hargis, Joyce Brown, Ruby Lisenbee, Connie Ghormley. Second row: Ruth Lisenbee, Eunice Wakefield, Shelton Garner, Lewis Joe 5eEIeuxT'Sue Leathers, Ted Johnson, Donald Dunham, Billy Joe Smith, Lawrence Lee Combs, Suzanne Crew, Diana Blalock, Kelly Rae Ross, Pearleen Click, Lotylinn Hohn, Billie Jean McCollum, Tommy Graham, Jack Gourd, Glen Shapley, Danny Gibson, Billy Keith. Third row: Billy Shearer, Betty Jo Baker, Joe Wayne Cerner, Beverly Peoi, Talltha Stanford, Jane Lowery, Dan Ashbrook, Billy Smith Graham, Bob Ed Culver, Nadeen Merryman, director. Back row: Shannon Garner, Ronnie Bryant, Amy Garner, Shirley Rinnert, FT5Ea?d'Shapley, Camilla Crane, Jerry Chatfin, and Frances Ann Choteau. carniynl Quggn Carnival King Trying a folk dance. 'Ea gihiqagal f BQ M in I 9 . ggbx New BLUie Jdnlldbllwm i V Q 5 V Ihrgylhgdar .5 AX, 5 42, . 1, ? -is SE EMQHER , ff .3 f':r.,,"?1 J. -A ig 25 :A W if fag 10 a 13 ,Qf QQ ,341 -1 21 I-. J . , Z8 Oct e 5 6 9 12 13 18 19 23 26 30 Nov. 2 6 7 9 15 16 21 22. 30 3 7 A ll 4 13 19 zo 21 1 A A LQ Dec. 'a W 1 Jan. I. 11 17, 22 25 29 Feb. 8 ll. 15 21 28 1 Marc h 2 5 12 11+ 19 21 April QM AY? its 'Sage Ti! 3 29 19 26 3 10 17 22 23 1 I '1'l1 fx is-5' t 14 lei' 21. 5100! caan., T . 2 A ,', -f a t . ' mr HAPPENED na 191.5-191.6 .vr csman. 'A 'B' N' ""'2 1 ' ' Enrollment day, everyone getting acquainted First F. H. 0. meeting , 'Adventures of Chico', Bill B. sits with Dorotlv Tigers to Okmulgee, 20-O, Okmulgee Betty blue! Bob B. not at school Tigers to Sallisaw in rain, 1-0, Tigers Tigers to Stilwell, 21-13, Tigers Formal Installation for F. H. O. Jim S. visits dorm. Wagoner comeslfhere, Student Council party after game, Betty J. excited Gladys G. gets letter from fiance "Char1ie's Aunt' We go to Pryor and lose 21-O, Bill bruises 'apple' Frances L. meets Bob J. Oh!!! Off to Eufaula, Tigers 25-0, Everybody scores but Jim S. Leon seen entering dorm Tigers vs Westville here, nobody hurt Lauben's Dance Team Betty Peck chosen Homecoming Queen Hormcoming to welcome home Veterans, llr. K. worn out. Homecoming party 'Swiss Family Robinson' Stigler here Qrefreslmentl in Home Ee rocml Tigers to Grove and lose, football season over 23 Thanksgiving. Goody! Norma finds heart-throb KJ. BJ Sheetz, the Magician, Johnny H. wonders how it's done Loring invites Betty B. to banquet Donkey Basketball Game, donkey tosses ? Football Banquet, llary K. toastmistress, F. H. O. Christmas Party "Heidi" 4 Special Christmas Assembly Jan. 2 Christmas Holidays, Oh Bay! Bill Hill visits office Student Council party 18 Semester Exams, Wheh! 'Alexarder Graham Bell' Tigers-lose overtime game with Ruth Ann seen talking to T. J. Tigers Basketball team goes to "Drums Along the Mohawk" Herbert and Norma crowned King Tigers win first N.0.A.A. Championship Betty Jean sees Betty Rea with Johnny O. "It's Tougm To Be Rich", Junior Play, big crowds Tigers defeat Okmulgee in Regional Henryetta noses out Tigers in Regional 36-35, Joe B. fouls out Stock Show F. F. A. boys shine Norma sad, Joe loses tonsils "So Proudly We Hail", late dinner Vaccinations, Ouchl Jackie R. has boyfriend worries R. B. likes locker-mate from Muskogee, 20 Girls galore, F. H. O. District Conference Senior Play Junior-Senior Banquet Senior Day, tired but happy Award Assembly 23 Final Exams! Commencement, most Seniors get diP10maS 1 Bob S. sits by Cora Ann Pawhuska, Cleo and Bill foul out in hall Checotah, Joe B. wins pitch game at 1 and Queen of THE TIGER ,, ,WY ,,, f' Q le IQMO CL! Bally Gilbert, Bob Kedsaris, Jim Sterr, Betty Rea Robertson, Betty Peck, Elma Grace Young, and Core Ann KoBpadden latching John D. Henson and Betty Belt do a morning devotional and newsosst. Miss lurrsll Ross is sponsor of this daily progral. .gzzclenf gounci The group that sponsors school activities such as THE TIGER, Homecoming, and monthly and special school parties. Seated: John Francis Washington, Ethelrose Kaufman, Kelly Guthrie, Cora Ann Mo8padden, Duard Lavley, Mary Bus Baller, Betty Rea Robertson, and Nancy Talburt. Standing: Jack Lafevers, Jim Starr, Vice President: J. A. Kaufman, Bponsorg Joe Bruce Reeder President, and Bob Medearie. Shirley Kyle, Secretary-freaeurer, inset. 32 Xpix K , V I ,"7 4:1 .Xqyf W-B - X X. 1 X 1 X' S qvwsrw' 47 nnua! Sfcf Mi g r r- ,-.l. Editor Iim Starr pointing out a change to Business Manager .Toe Reeder. Art Editor Frances Lovrey and Assistant Emma Lorraine Venable drawing. Assistant Editor Cora Ann MoSpadden helping Advertising Manager Norma Mathews check on the money for THE TIGER. ur. George 0516 Duma W N I Lorr-alne France!! i s KN0wL6aG HL! Q 00 'D 4524, ff COTE Ann -"J.' l 5' X F ,J , 9- ix ff! J. A. Kaufman, 64? Typist Q - zfger' Queen . WMWMM jgel' QWM 62 QS eps 17,9 242 J MWQAML Cyan ali cla fed qwiiilliiirrp Front: King Herbert Carter and Queen Norma Mathews, Seniors. Second 5-oy.: Bryce Bliss and Ann Daniel, Eighth Gredersg Freddy Bliss and Eyrfle Lou Box, Freshmen, Bob Medearis and Betty .Tenn Ross, Juniors. Back: Kenneth Guthrie and Betty .To Brooks, Sophomores. Aiea! glclucafion Front Q!! Jack Parnell, Bino Johnston, J. D. Kennicutt, Billy Billew, Csrlie Hill, John Frances Washington, and Billy Joe Cooper. Second gg-wx Tormny Courtney, James Merrymsn, Bryce Bliss, Joe Gsley, A1-land Hamby, Lowell Lehman. Third row: llr. Hadley, director, Eugene James, Keith Lowery, Jack Underwood, Clsy Arnold'Teager, Jesse Hamby. Beck Ir-ol: Henry Roberson, Kenneth Bridges, Bill Jones, R. B. Breshears, Perl Armstrong, Jim Belt, and Robert Hensley. M. ell Junior Attendant M8811 67,1161 .!4ttel'l6!al'lt6 Seated: Norma Mathews, laid of Bonorg Betty Peck, Queen. Stangngz Frances Lowrey, hmm Lorraine Venable, Sally Gilbert, Betty Belt, llary Katherine Silcott, Shirley Kyle, Petey llartin, and Cora Ann lldipadden, Attendants. Barbara Ferguson, Attendant, not pictured. unior Attendant Judy Kyle Queen and attendants et the game. Bill? 161018 H ern H+' ? Wee m 1 STARTING-LINE-UP Pos. Name Wt' LE Cleo Brigcey 150 LT Herbert Carter 160 LG George Haga 195 C Leon Jarvis 145 RG J. D. Teehee M5 RT Louie Stratton 133 RE Jim starr 155 QB Bob Bair 150 LH Bin Hill M0 RH Eugene Dawson lh5 FB odie Biggs 175 SCORES THIS SEASON Tahlequah O - Okmulgee Tahlequah 1 - Sallisaw Tahloquah 21 - Stilwell Tahlequah O - Wagoner Tahlequah O - Pryor Tahlequah 25 - Eufaule Tahlequah 13 - Westville , I H fX 1 I - N J- VLLQ' Ar GERD RESERVES Roscoe Teehee Loring Garner Kell Guthrie en eth Guthrie hard Davidson lq...Adcock Jesse Johnson Budd Websuer Lester Johnson Willie Rider John Willis Junior Clark Robert Johnston James Hayes Kenneth Craig Joe Reeder Roy Brogan P. L. Moss Ray Bond Robert Bond Hubert Dunham James Morgan Milton Mood Vhnne Lowrey Coolidge Hanes 'SX Y , 4 . I cord 900, pair fi-lens 3:3 A28 dill?-eg ,SEZ 235' the 3005232 and' 245231 mid- W me 41-23 at te played laster- tw - we :ta 9 Bum zameiaw F-reels: Okmulgeeig Dgclfxllihule llclgit Henrveglz ace- igulldoxsi 4g,K,,1g:1Z. ,Ngfsslig 22. 40'30ahwl1l2"'1 naming r "Elftown O""t.1n.n me 3 ' are ll' ' crav- '1-len! Z?a4sLef6af Tigers Take N.O.A.A. H0l10I"S.0ver Stilwell Th Tahlequah Tigers took two s gd s g lvlillzhet' 'eggs we W :fthe B' 2 okmme emmnals trouble 2 Etta hxfxglxehive wks :fed the to. rn ' r- , . ages mem, as. 01? at 1.45 P ting Txgel' 1 5 fI'0m a scrabpy Stilwell quintet brln home the championship 'title the N O A.A. for the first time since association was organized: , Coach "Doc" Wadley's boys took the and last game from Stilwell night 41-20. A large crowd bf rsday nlg team 15 huhe Tablequme out Ui the stronllegt 13153 Tigers Wailea in fiiiir of we 2235'-f1'm 2:21 at to 12.51111 past Stllwepiayofi Seri dass ing of 'hir the class I Someames will be into gills: ana Winners Tahlequah - ht. f ratea T Bl" - " T V the e rs were at Stilwell to se? b0Ys in the -championship game. 5 Last Friday the Tigers, led by Kang CF8-ig and Eugene Krouse, dei- Stllwell Indians by a score This lwss the first"ot tvlfo Of three playoff games for the ti- e Tigers went through the sea conference tilts' unbeaten. onight they go to' Muskogee fforigi tilt in the regional playotfjmeefi Okmulgee. Tiger Team Tournament Dark Horse Dork horns ofthe class "A" division of tho regional high school laoslrotball tournament now in progress at Central High School oro the Tahlequah Tigers, champions of the N.O.A.A., who lost night upset tho Okmulgeo Bulldogs, 30-25, in the opening round of the tournoy, Tonight the Tigers go up against the Henryotta and will nfgain bs tho' underdogs, but may have another In :tors or tho ons. Under the direction of D. M. "Doc" coach on loan rom Northoastern State collage, the Tigers' through an aight-game N.O.A.A. schedule without q loss than polished off the Stilwoll lndions in o championship 46-12, and 41-21. Members of the team, above, urs, loft front row-Bob Bair, Bill Hill, Blynn Sears, Kenneth Craig, Brlkoy, Jimm Littlefield. Bock row-John D. Hanson, .lim Y Reeder, Vanao lowrsv, and Eugene Krause. Scores of Conference Champs Tiger! Lil-Haskell 21 Tigers 27-Checotah Zh Tigers 27-Eufaula 11, Tigers 29-Pemhuska 30 Tigers 53-Stigler 5 Tigers 28-Soquoysh 29 Tigers 38-Haskell 35 Tigers 33-Checotah 25 Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers 32-Eufaula 11, 21-Sequoyah 5 l+O-Stigler 9 L1-Stilwell 21 lo6-Stilwoll 12 30-omulgee 25 35-Heflryetfa 36 Tigers Break Loose ,To Overcome Bulldogs ' The Tahlequah Tigers and the Olf- rnulgee Bulldogs found themselves locked in an apparent desthgrip last night in a, basketball game of thcf a 5Muskogee region 1 but Qthc 'Iigers soon sn early '2-1 lead. to wm Ouzdriving, the l third club 1 the 1 of the Inch 165 to and l one in were throw the 881119. the going rough at The Tigers, after grabbing the leady on a set shot by Craig, moved ahead, 5-2, when Cleo Brixey hit a one- hander closein. The Bulldogs never closed the margin to less than three points until near the close of the second V period when Bill Bennett tallied on a drivein to cut the Tiger lead to 12 to 10. A sneaker by Bill Hill moved the Tigers ahead 14 to 10, but Ace Olzawski pitched in a pos- itively weird one-hander just before the half and the Tigers led 14-12 at the midway point. , Belvinl T spine our- set 'ing two 1 strai h ew mo- men ly again and the lead back -ved this with 'ixey hit a pair he max'- gin to "' c with s free another 'long 15. Then ay for a setup. ly pull- ing a fee from Reeder ahleqush a 23 to 17 the 'final period. - 'I'he Okmulgee tum seemed to de- velop some drive at. this point. Ben- nett hit a jump shot and Blevins broke in fast for a setup that cut the margin to 23-21. 1 But the 'favored Bulldogs couldf never catch up. Krouse came roar-l ing down c' rt to bucket along' guthpaw hog? shot' on the run and. rixey hit I b I ht free' . at ' "lgEl"?tHl1g l toss Th The ff . one with beth, 9 lcourt igif 1 each other otlng section st s fourth of l. the fTigers to Bennett ltmul-5 gee to , but: Brixey voting, ,and ma ennett came one- ' hander lte to play word with a equah margin " Okmulgco 1253 Tshllqulh 430 1 ig it pf fl it pt, Creekmore :E 0 0 lHlll I 4 2 li f!Olzswsk1 1 3 1 4 Brixey 1 3 5 4 ,Bennett p 4 o 2Reedet e a 1 xl Blevins c 2 4 3KrouAe I ,A I 0 U1 Briscoe g 1 0 2Crslg g 3 fl 0 Swslfordg o o llflttleflela 1 o o o Swsln g 0 0 2 Bair 1 0 0 0 TOTALS 10 es is TOTALS it T s sale' ' 634' f 5 lf N F ,P State Secretary and - we qreasurer 'inf A. uh., , J First row: Naomlf Eid, Miss Wanstreet, sponsor. Second 323: Vera Louise Mulholland, Nitaree Hayes, Myrtle Lou Box, Betty Rea Robertson, Betty Peck, Frances Roberts, Jeanne Hill, Pauline Gray, Melba Joyce Clark, Patsy Fuller, Lois Reed, Lois Johnson, Grace Latte. Third 521: 'Carolyn Crew, Nadine Woods, Edna Sanders, Norma Mathews, Teen Morris, Mary Sue Baker, Shirley Kyle, Cora Ann MoSpedden, Ruth Paden, Wanda Langrill, Delma Webster. Back 533: Floye Littlefield, Mary Katherine Silcott, Betty Jean Ross, Faye Hensley, Sally Gilbert, Jane Stanford KA. M M.J, Emma Joyce Morgan, Betty Belt, Emma Lorraine Venable, Marguerite Rutherford, Imogene Shirrell, Martha Tillison, Geneva Dause. Zelda Stinnett. and Bar . eraon, Elva Stinnett, bare Ferguson K. Silcott presiding 'feb If In Ibsyo-Psa 8 Q0 fb 'wa ber G I' 061,180-I' C 4 o Ann MoSpadden serving at the tea table at formal 0 QS , K' Box' 4QQtbe 00 e A 'roll 1. SD QS QW9 1 Owl Ot 999 gg- Oat QQ 1 9 X Q1 y Cb tb 9 QP l e e Q 9 599 y ffeelgfioq giumelpbpqy 3 I bo, is at DQQSOFQS be ovy r. F. A. Rodeo 41 yd eff' 63' 15,0 We' ufure Farmers Welding Instruction . Je Using the forge Charles Williams, Robert Westlake, Leon Daniel: llr. Beach Clnstmotorl Johnny Baker With fl-983, Leon Daniel Carr-rem' rightl Tom Hayworth, Leroy Lemons, F. F. A. Queen, Cora Ann MeSpadden Showing 'UW Wil' limb' Tom llorgan Loring Garner - -5 :gk -2555 1? 4' my Q P370 57 b oo ,.,l1v 5 '? FE'N'5 2, p- ,' I ' "' X n rg ' S Delbert Miller holding his Hereford calf E 2 6 .6-m,i19 bX winner of Grand Championship at the ne Bench, Instructor rf Cherokee County Junior Livestock Show. The Future Farmers of America, Tahlequah Chapter, have carried out many worthwhile projects in addition to regular classroom work. Some of the projects have been: 1. planting redbud and dogwood trees over the city Csponsored by the Kiwanis ClubD, 2. pruning of fruit trees, shade trees, and shrubbery, 3. sponsoring the F. F. A. Rodeo Cassisted by the Tahlequah Round-up Clubl, L+. entering the Cherokee County Poultry Show and the Horse and Colt Show, 5. entering thirty-five animals in the Muskogee Junior Livestock Show, 6. showing seven animals at the Tulsa Magic Empire show, and 7. sponsoring the Annual Achievement Day Program in May. Omg Wd Ling 1 5 Q, .ex 'I RQ X V Quantity cookery s jk ' U gfllf Ll. Using the reference libra!'Y 151' H Cm Aix' . . K 6-wt-2' ' Af ff" fi ln, . P Pronf it Joe Hamilton, Bobby Dean McCaslin, Martin Spears, Franklin Yates, Hadley Reece, J. U. Phillips, Festus Williams, lr. Beach, instructor. Second gl: Junior Tarkington, Tom Hubbard, Bennie Dreadfulwater Watie Bitting Eugene Gist, Albert King. l , 'A-i,'w -rel: Billy Wallace, T. J. Dawes, Russell Hitchcock, Delbert Miller, Robert V! ' ' Westlake. ' f Back -133: Larry Lehman, Paul Wallace, Charles Williams, Leon Daniel, Russell 5 Hitchcock, J. L. Gist, Loring Garner, and Rothel Cole. r ff ,AG gan!! Pat Davidson, Nancy Talburt, Ruby Gray, Mary Estelle Smith. Roberts, Ophelia House, Patsy Bailey, Nita Marie Moore, stty Willis, Doris Willis, Jean Marie Morris, Mary Masters, Donald Merrit, Nitarae Hayes, Billie Hood, Mack Lafevers, Bliss, Eugene Pyeatte. ' Third 591: Mary Katherine Miller, Barbara Jean Wilkerson, Enma Lou Rutherford, Pauline Gray, Mary Miller, Buddy Ford, leon Daniel, John Framis Washington, Ann Daniel, J. D. Kennicut, Stanley Thompson, Joel Adcock, L. P. Woods, James Merryman, Claudette Carroll, Lillian Thomas. 4 Fourth Q: Rose Mary Kirkwood, Vera Louise Mulholland, Camilla Crane, Dannie Gibson, Joe Galey, Bill Jones, Nancy Sue Rutherford, Callie Adkisson, Charley Griner, Keith Thunnan, Billy Joe Cooper, Ada Lou Garner, Lawrence Combs, Charley Baker, Joel Dean Bessire. Back .IES Lowell Lehman, Serena Tillman, Raymond Griffith, Tommy Box, Betty ' Ann Jaggard, Patsy Martin, Myrtle Lou Box, Ella Mae Jones, Vivian Davidson, Elma Grace Young, Jim Belt, Roger Morris, Richard Shapley, Dr. John Paul Jones, Crew, B Francyle Jack Lafevers, ,.f- f f A X I ,far , le d .f', I J-.BK 'T' 'E If 'ffl E v I - 42 XXX E w Y, X j fha me Ctor ' QL CL! Front Qui: Billye Jean Dotson, Betty .Jo Clay, Margaret Alice Mears, Laverne Garroutte, Billie Mears, Betty Dill, Addie Mae Hall, Mrs, John Paul Jones, directory Second Q: Mildred Coffman, Elma Grace Young, Betty Lou Hensley, Helen Welch, ' Gladine Littlefield, Anna Clay. ' Back -ro-1: Lorene Carpenter, Anna Belle Justus, Mildred Bitting, Georgia Scott, Mary Lou Krouse, and Jacqueline Whittington. J ommercia C addea One of Hias Workmarvs Typing classes in action. Some of the students shown areg Pauline Gray, Lloyd Cunningham, Faye Hensley, Billie Marie Carlile, Russell Hitchcock, Jeanne Hill, Bob Sanders, Betty Rea Robertson, Melba Joyce Clark, Marie Laster, and Betty Jean Ross. Hel-P1118 the Principal Office receptionists Norma Lee Mathews, secretary, yr, Betty Jaggard, Jackie Rodgers, Betty Kaufman, and Mary Katherine Silcott, Rea Robertson, Faye Hensley, Betty filing clerk. Jean Ross, and Billye Jean Wheeler S 7 X 'X 0 456 'Sew e ,'pPl'-.eng 325579, .. a Q, Venable not shown. Z lQ'S 2535? 5 n :L . ' T77 y et f-ll mm ana E P2 22122 Garvlyn Grew, Ruth Peden, lhry Sue Baker, mn stinnem, uni. Jean Hatfield, Jean Marie Morris, Billie Bailey In-gig Sum Pier Shirle Talburt gildred Bitting, Patsy Fuller, Patsy Martin, Joyce Clark,,Betty Jzggard , eanne Hill, and Betty Jean Ross. Nitarae Hayes lnotpictured. , ccence 5154 Somehmembers of one of the General Science c1aaeee'pe'f'rorming an e.xper1mefnt. Some of the students pictured are Shirley Sellers, Duma Lou Rutherford, Bill Ballard, Lillian Thomas, Clay A. Yeager, Virginia Jones, Gaines Ballew, v Mary Katherine Miller, Margaret Blair, Rut Alvcd Bean, and Nancy Sue Rutherford vw.-I wg' .,,,,,-,...,-,.l. . ,e..,-nm-n- ,--- iza- Diversified Occupations 'THERE I8 ABSOLIPELI NO SUBSTITUTE FUR E' is the motto for the Diversified Occupations class of Tahlequah High Schools as lt moved into its second year of vocational training. The class is a coopera- tive vocational program in which the students receive technical information in the classroom in addition to special training on the Job under actual job conditions. This class is designed primarily for students who plan to be gainfully employed upon graduation from high school. The pictures below represent s part of the class in actual Job conditions. The remaining students a d b 1- n us nesses for which they work are as follows: Mary Beasley, eel esperson, Smith Supply Companyg Kathleen Ballsw, butcher, Safeway Store 3 Eugene Krouse, shoe repairman, Hutsig's Shoe Shop, Blynn Spears, auto mechanic, Galey 6: Hargis Motor Oomparvg Vera Watkins, salesperson, Family Shoe Store 3 lax Molloy, auto parts, Galey 8: llolloy Garage, Robbie Spencer, printer, Tahlequah Citizeng Jeanne Reece, secretary, County C1erk's Office 3 Peggy Shipley, salesperson, Ben Franklin Store 5 Gladys llolleil, secretary, Diversified Occupations Office. We would very'munh like to express our appreciation to the business mn of Tehlequah for their splendid support. -1 n, Lailey, Printer I terfsllen, Se1esperl0 c 11 Print Shop Am :Perfection 3114017 A u - 0 eg. 1 . 2 Banu, Secretary . J Justus and Peggy Shipley Play yubnghing Co. amsalespersons, Ben Franklin Store mmcnb at r laehington Motor COIIPUIY ir .-i i.--,I unior pay 'Milfs 'dfuugh En me ZKirh" 3305 X Y Y Q79 100' OXXQQQYXQ' ' QYKV1 9 , ,. rw 569 ' Yxoblgefll fg'i'v?' r 63 1525 ei as GO eefgelsf 96 eff' 'new i X613 -99 yet .sea Q65 xfl Dix 0 go' 99 ik gg?-1 21330221033 6255, 351 if 1 R to Ht ix, Sogse X-reg, 931599 Jw Slug 'telling off" Pa Ross 6 0 -Q6 , 6 . 0 XG oO 09 eww B' 'Yu 3 15553 ' ll 'Garber ' "ea3,XEl Pa Ross . Loring Garner Ma Ross ...., . Frances Lowrey Carolyn Qtheir oldest daughterj . . Jane Ann Haymes Edna QCarolyn's imitative sisterj . Mary K. Silcott Tommy Hedges QCarolyn's loverj Bob Medearis Slug McGonagill Qex-convictj . Johnny Henson Henrietta Vandergrift fsocial workerj . Melba Joyce Clark l Tommy, sees the ln-gm., Maisie fSlug's accomplicej . . . Sally Gilbert Miss Hudson fHospital Representativej . Betty Jean Ross Mrs. Barton QFriend of Aunt Bertha, . Betty Robertson Aunt Bertha .... . Joyce Morgan Hrs. W. B. Covey 9444 'lx' i 2915 Z! fczwwff I WYE M f 521160-404.0 2 Directed Hs '-..... F Mrs. W. B. Cove Make-UP ----.. Miss Mary Wanstreet Slug setting Aunt Bertha Assistants Betty Jo Clay, Barbara Ferguson, Jeanne Justus 3 ngold mi-'len Advertising Manager ...K Mrs. George Lemons Assistants . . . Frances Lowrey, Jean Hill, Joyce Morgan, Weber Lazenby Stage Manager ..... Mr. Charles Lemons Assistants Kenneth Craig, Cleo Brixey, Raymond Hitchcock gm f y 34. pep cm N tel? ?'f5s f x ..S ' Q E-' 4 Lfiljf, . ,,-5, iL':S1I,5' sumti? Leaders V Front row: Miss Wanstreet, sponsor, Nitarae Hayes, Betty Jaggard, Shirley Talburt, Emma Lorraine Venable, Billie Jean Hatfield, Jeanne Hill, Lois Reed, Elma Grace Young, Billie Marie Carlile, Wanda Tyler, Patricia Belknap, Nadine Woods, Shirley Salyer, and Mrs. Lemons, sponsor. Second row: Patsy Martin, Frances Lowrey, Joyce Morgan, Esther Mae Lalley, Shirley Sellers, Rowena Piersall, Billie Mears, Betty Hensley, Karoline Bode, Patricia Roberts, Ethelrose Kaufman, Faye Barrett, Maggie Swimmer, Imogene Venn, and Billie Jean Wheeler. Third row: Lucille Thompson, Melba Joyce Clark, Billie Jean Dotson, Beverly Adcock, Edna Sanders, Pauline Grey, and Delma Webster. Back row: Patsy Ann Fuller, Jeanne Justus, Faye Hensley, Sally Gilbert, Betty Jean Ross, Betty Rea Robertson, Betty Belt, Cora Ann McSpadden, Margaret Mears, Betty Peck, Mary Beasley. Norma Mathews, and Ann Waterfallen. o w uf' n Q I XJ x Front --..- ..--- ------- --wee, seas. . e - 'tt' Lois u Johnson, Sally McNeil, Zelda Stinnett, Delma Webster, Parilee Merchant, and Mr . G Leno s director. Segondegge? Bevgrly Adcock, Laverne Faddis, Lorena Atwood, Marian Rousey, t R Pi ll. ' - g:5ier2:?psEg2a Ssgeggndeggggl, Juanita Atwood, Marguerite Rutherford, Grace Latte, Edna Manship, Geneva Dauso, Naoma Byrd, and Geraldine Swepston. A' ,em,orgeA fwg Q' vw- .fdcluerfiding Mzmbers offfre Iyer iiflaff wisfr fo express flveir cfzep apprecfdfion fo Uwe foffowiny Business firms who Ay Meir foyaf suppori have a55j5fea' in MIS Pubficafion. I ' A--4 I J 4 1 C I3 cz vw :s c: L, u I: IN T' C5 ED wa r 1 rrrr Xi- :II s W 1 r u gallons of Butane annually. u Berry-gas listed with National Bureau of Standards since 1937 913'-'df G: 1?Qr1'ri s 59155 XXNNY-3 lam 0f21la,f,fczm "CO N P LETE rf Iwsummcc snuvlclr' My Dwi, J, ' ' ' !11Ql"C!7O!'lC7!l5G'.O.5:5. Crew Blclq. phone 87 TA IH Q A c PuRsEl.l.EY s L A N D Q Y A:':3.,'.Z:r::A 65- 5,1ZTN2A3LZZ,NEs D RY C LEA N I N Cl ' p H o N la I75 5 J, 'DO UGLEQY A A YQ, d , E l QM C REAM IT PAYS Ig' Sb " 'I VADMTLEQD gon? DDODUCE Lge, QW" ,gssfslglgl Efre Texcfs rid oatsliargziw on Z Lwjgr l ' Q mama Quia? Mill sl Elevator F ll d Sl Lee Lrlils Pflone Nsdiskogee .336 sm-:vzrxrsom FLOMEQS l1fpflMND'5t ALQASIQNS Bovn gwfw Q fmjffffff 5TEvfLN5oN , EMM mpg Jiffy MANAGER 424, scomzsrg , DHONE492 , . v, .lg .l ' ' DEIVI0CRAT LI STAR Q98 I7-499, Your! Nfv5PAPfp 0? REDMEN SHOPPE BOOKS AND SUP UE STH FOR MGR ' -may , , 1'IfII Bmw STATE BANK I fm BMA wagfwymjwz CZL17y02?28 " DEPOSITS INSURED TO f5,000. FEDERAL DEPOSITS INSURATNCE CORPORATION OFPICEQS IVV- IQEID ' przsldznf -T. WYLY- AC:tIv2VIC2'DY2SidZh1d I.H.CAQTET2 Caskizv- ASsISI'e.nI' Cashier- I sueclxs urn! , comozmv T MC COTZZQMA' DLE GMA z9fwr,yyc5 HEVQ 555555 Mafzkeb C 5590155 mwnzucs McCOLLUM van IVIOTOD CO CAFE 5ATLkZgR'2-E ssrzvncz MRSIDITS RHYSNOLG I WSHINQTON D Tahlequah Fender 5 ' My BWUMlEUHAHU!VABf Munden's Studio 411 N. Muskogee Ave-Tahloquah PHOTOS WHILE YOU WAl'I' AnySlzc ENLARGEMENTS Mao: From Any Photo COMBS OIL OOM PANY SKEI-LY PRODUCTS ONE STOP STATION IIN CONB5 OWNER ZQSIIDCCEJZS ' zfwr,-Qmnifwzem CL STORE --f" HEUJ dn USED FURNITURE -,CA LL. .. H QTOCIIMCQTS QGTTQ, 6316. "There Is No Substitute for Quality" TOWRY BROTHERS 5 AND 1OC STORES TA .OKLAHOMA COTAH wn.a VENER svn, The Hollvlwooel Beauty Shows O 'PMWEU 34 , COmplimer1fS of' DD. AGGIBSGN Iwmiz EIAIHDI I Phone SUWPIILUII3 BAIIW 11 I L Ounev. """"' 0kIAhomn-IIN CI-Suppbf j4 fIssoclAI,ecI Srone Philco I?nJias Phone 87 Leommd I?eFRi ermtons I F 'l -E 5 ,I IEEE E am! y oe Store . " . ,1 "M WPFNFI-iCf1'0'EA'l"1 .' I? ' , I EL LL F. L. WaIrd8zSon COMMUNITY SALE C U I TAHLEQUAH, OKLAHOMA EVERY SATURBAY OP :AEAELF Miss Richard Wa. :hone 111 Tuasm' NORMAL CLUB :mu-APPREClATFwZgU's CSfz?!E:ATl0N!:-g ,, ,,,,,.,, my K CLEANERS HANK YOU co E BACK I Vi yr ll Y A W V Am' V- Y my V EDGARA,5T wi - L TEC 1 I TAHLEQUAH RADIO 8: APPLIANCE CO. SALES AND SERVIC 125 N MUSKOGEE AVE. PHONE IBO TAHLEQUAH. OKLAHOMA DEPENDABLE SIERVIIII-I ON ALL MAKES OF RADIOS -'vi' J.. ' ' Em Pl Q X, B E GQUAH' 4. D O S A f , 3 0 TL hi CAPITAL 350,000.00 ' er as NA Tmannqauairs xam L IN THE YEARS THAT LIE AHEAD, WE KNON OF NO BETTER WAY TO EF-MIND YOU OF THE PLEASANT ASSOCIATIONS OF YOUR HIGH SCHOOL DAYS THAN T0 AGAIN PRESENT, AS WE DID LAST YEAR, FOUR EXCELLENT REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD PATRONIZE THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF TAHLEQUAH Csince 1891, - I Ethel Claire ' Arvilla ' Jane Rosalyn V FEDIERAI. DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION HINDS MERCANTILE rm YZSSEAHQEAFQQES ff ' INONE! Q 1.GQOC'lDIE5 ZDQYCOOD5 3HAL2DWA,2E 4. FUQXIITUQE 9 ' 5FAl2N VIACFHNEQY Leonard Studio 5 uweare 5005529 ,F A ,.........., A The 'Bgzrs ww-wwf 1 I ! E L i W 1 Pzxlilffb KOTOR Congplimerpfs com DANY Qf Infernaiionol 56128 S U gg emi: CQ Pl'xone125 'TAIHLIE UA OKLAHUMA mniclfuimvm LU M Ez ED CO. J, J. L. Brsow N, W.. 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Out of the Oven af 11 :30 Each Day' i FRESH DONUTS EVERY DAY-30c Dozen F ' A ' . 1 CHEER1 O INN Perfection Bakery EDRALEATHERS Phone 500 , H L Q4Aoe'mAN'5 GARAGE ff AUTO S U D D LY .- EZLa1:04:6:.0 COMPLIMENTS Of 4 Dr'-If Jn. QUALITY MERCHANDISE IUSTU5 GQOCEQY 6' MARKET 6 PHONE 2.4 H HGIVIE BAKEQY of Go e oy Co Off? .H Q . R.E.GUTHl2lE C5 IOYIPLINENTS or THE SHACK owutus REU N9KINNEY,OLNI WEBB mmmds MM M Slave: 'Your CQYHLPBLM DDEASLEI2 ff SON Home or Queen? Juswvorns WHTF OWL. C1475 KEEP our WiFE ov Y-A Pe,'f'-- EAT WITH US." CQEW U WS Khjflw JHONE 54 D dem' E VERYBODY 'S STORE Men's Wear and Footwear Tahlequah, Oklahoma I 1 ' l JVLQJLLAX I hu Here MMM 'M f'7J44'h,fx A She? Bi, he-All A K 'US--' 'Q A Q'W'wf"NEgY'm7 X 1 V 5 ,Mg r 'f f 'av -M 1 ' X ? A X L A Q Q M, . -Q-Jn 'Q .,., 'z If A 5 -W H . I f . ' :vw Q an '4f V reA1uReolN me PAGES or... ' IA I - ' 'MADEMOISELLE WWW ' ' l ' ZZZGUEEEN CH RM ?afL.'Mf4,,N A, vita 9YYYfyIfhtr1 'I wk R swung .usupggx I K'Zi.. 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Tahlequah High School - Tiger Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Tahlequah High School - Tiger Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 42

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1946, pg 48

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