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1 f 1 Q5 , w g. 4 Lingv- if ,,3,vf'j'f Q , M f-A ,A'- . A ",Q., .ff Q ' , -AAP - V q . g ,'. - I, -A -lx I- A , U MiW w Q1mAjy.f3 ,QWW f W1 ,ff iWKf ffm EQ? My f f X ww V A JXXZJXK' XE. Af 4 107079 fo! W NIV' W . pw' ,WW IJVQ , -- rv ! ,f'b f fo ' y W 0, MW '12 jj A gg MQW i 1 1 1 u K Q x F S Q 5, X is i -Na x T ., , , P 1 xx, x . - '-'N-it l X- yr- ' gi my . - I y Mi' ri JV 'Q ' , .g Qs 4 Qij, W?f55f'yV ' X? N Q UC , X Mzi 3 5 Xi f fx MJA fax llib Svzifvfx 4 M 67059 'Q 6 ,ff Sf? W 'QQQEYXHM Asyvtafsgzi , M ff LWW 519.55 waz DERRICK 'isesfg Rf ,X 'x I' X I- If h..b.,, . I , ,K Zflfiih 3 1f:Qli!'ffff " fl A J 5 I ' YE 'af ' ' If A ' Q ELIC' V' I If I Aj f . 5 . . ' . . fgff' ,Q L,-MV 175' f ' mmaxm I E I Q 3 6 ' 5 3. .p A- 'NI , in K. A, VI T I XI if x 'B f , ' , IX N N v 5. K A . QQ . w. Q, 5 5.1. X Vi .XV 5 A T 'w I J. 7" R SLI X X K xg . 1 Ng I - - XL' . ,NE Q X N. . xv X X - I ALI. HIGI-IT'S IIIISIIIIVIIII PATRICIA ARNDT, IfI.I3ANOI'I ITIANS EDITORS I-'OIIRFST MOOIWIIT Iv'IANAfITIII S JW: l u Su ,'iQ li A,, gf .A Lgjvojv Y bf! m it-af M' ,A 5 ' .J--,-,t,'Qakf- II: Y . ,, 71 ,L ff ff' S Bw Sf g,kUJ.,,,r. .JJ .Jwwxp J4Mj A,ff3TJJJ,x' -ajg. ,,, ,rkqi-fgg-f1f"k""U ' aff fjfw My W Off ,L N ,pg :Nw W' MQW! - V PREa.ENEi'E-xg!-Ei,'?Slu,zg, Dtfyf - A K .r I, X 3,7 HM! S 1 VQ,1f7f ,J WW ,M 5 1-HUNT, P M Ulf 70 ff' Wir Lu k, 'QM H f"f'?,fff Nw- Sify 7f-f A f G If .' J' 1 If X, f fl ff' LJ! 'fy V. ,fafjf X' j, f ,fl I Ill!! ,M S ,W ,fllky f ff fywyfgwy J . 'I 4 If f 1 , F .V , I If .- . '7 X. A I .f ffw5?7 E R R K SQ,-yy-Afwff fy. gf"-f' ' Ak .v-'lf' I gf, jD Of-fr V. I If ,,SSS , L.4,,.,w,: N,4, , , V , Mr, ij V431 Ja Hg A ,H NIJ' A J.--' ' 'V ,! f ff- 'Yr 4444 PUELISHED BY THE was 4 C ' ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE .N N f? Q29 TAPT UNIONQNO SCHOOL S .1 r ,N A, , ? N A, 7 WJrgfASgN'j' AND JUNIOR O 35,427 T? SWE Q 1 uJ" ' Q5ffTAFT,OAL1PO wqw L. I 91,0 54,7 QT-hwy' fp? "'Z"V?' an NP ff, ESE X gm W Wm . 'S 'g 1 E x X X' K x , 5 . - X. x ...a A" ' X-I 4.4 - -'- .. 's . Q., Locking north from the administration buiidinq to the qymnasium and the Science building. I 1 1 . ,zb-W P 22 - gt it X . 'Cl' ' ,,w 1 JIM V-"Wiz ,+""'L' it i s M Nj l,f'1"!:r' A ii I : wtf. wif it i -t ii 1 lL,1ff1,-Czjwyyf If 1 lt lui 'Q 7'.f'Vy' ii-'r. t, K 3 ,Jft ,thirties ,'!l'-IV U X i iw" x ' X i -- t t X rx ig Q X N' 1. 'ite -N X M ci of tin and paint, ' jj X . - N -X i x h qavly across xx .1 -.v .- ,xx X th p g fy b k, X, ' ' 4 DEDICATICDN We,, the members of the staff of 1936, dedicate this "Derrick" to our friend and adviser, Louise Lambert Stewart. For a number of years she has unsett- ishly devoted much of her time and energy to making the "Der- rick" a success. In our turn, We Wish her as much happiness as she has given us. up vs va up an , 3 1'-7 4 1 ,- , . f , 1 -"Inf,--L,'. . ff M341 .1 ,- , fr x L? V Y.. , ,xv A Qi "'xu Q3 9 -iskl 3 3 -iff' fi ifkg Q9 X . L , X Q ., Q., X x , 5 4, N Qi is 'iw . 'haf K' 44 U s . A " ste nf. K "Rv, ' V' -A.: L' if LC'-fg ,. S 1-f 91.0 4 'tug .33 Ke. 115' J I, , , :7,?k1k fskkk ML I QA- Ld 'LX tb-fi :,,f,fkMxiQ,, MM -. itF'r Llama. LR, W Y Lf y S-C add o nrss-if wv FCDREWCDR With the pounding of hammers re- placing the laughter and voices of students in the main entrance hall, 1936 began as a construction year, a year in which careful foundations Were laid for the future. So the staff of the 1936 "Derrick" present to you this book, built With careful hands, hands that have constructed the puppets dancing across its pages and have fashioned the sentencf of its contents to bring you memories of the past school year. an va as an up sr, . gliik,3XgcoNTENTs iixfix axtgtstiggigftltzi it gt 3 RQSGESQSE your h L-if f4'J.nf, - f',?y'Y'Yf fl ,- . Q al.. rn f, JL-M or zfefn, .J Qwf. 'VAL y 1,7 f ,A ,:.,.y' fi f ,Q-g, fi! . " ,cgi ' 'Y LA., f lair O11 the steps of the gymnasi -ffl If J , L . ,X i ". - W4QWWfgE?S5? ,QQ xEg W5sYSQ amygmxf M35 Wwffxg Q3 QW jig5,,,'fje5 -f Ga 1: T ,,, Wd "" ' fkwfmmw Qligfwx 73m 4.04 N51 V' 3 Jiri WW? A752 gl L4 fag? W WJfw' , .xr W , H - K1 ' ff yr? .W Z-ies? aw - f f, nf- ,UH 7, i Q W L Lf: , ffmtaf 7' M7 4 ew 7 WW-Q: Q, , ev , W uf A-mf wif :fg 7 M 53,12 xg' '?l72Q55iQgala5 -133913 f ,313 , X Y NI .Hg . -.f , E 11 . f.F 3 9 , KLM: K fi nfl XJ , a".yL-Jff "ff e, .4 .fvffzv ,W ,,wLf f+ f-M -W4 5 "' ff ay' 11 I fl," , 'lor' H- X , -12 ,am ,fy Www ff- ! ' ,, .-,Lf J , Q7 4, . , 1' ' . ,afif :0A.eafw5,ff0"'f 'gcjjfgff -H -. Vp-1 .7914 ' ' ' X I- ' V? f fl 61 IN MEMORIAM ,yr ! J , 2 ,-7 I' Facu1iY 'I MAUDIVLIONES jf ll, J! N Ianuary Class of 1938 E gi, I M i ,fT3"!Q,,uW A h IO H N M C L A U G H L I N gg,-f,f,fW"",:. D' . -J' 1 'I IA' wx-""' W .rl ' - J nun, I ff I, ' N 4: ' 'L E 3 S tj M"'b , N A , fy "Mfg J if nip-f,w?"'1y" .t ' Rf' , '. A .',v ' ,' V f'-' " , ff A , 3 A J ,mf ,Jo "L , iz . B! -Mg, F ? RK!! Q I V- ' !d1jJ.,, 45:..5f4v3.. 1 ' ' in , r V f' '-"' 'zkll A' :fu 'l .-' gh A -v . 'Iv' h 'f'.qLr.I.,-gi, ,I 1 nv 1 X? - 51-'V 0' ' fif xi F 4 z ' f' ,ff , g.f'-'Q- K fx W 1' ,fn-4""" " A ' Y ' 2 11 X , 3 3 h ix? 3 . ' V W , ' , . gb Q ' E A Q D 3 -if V " :Ai ,Q , . N. 1' ' W' f Q xr- . l . . ij gg, X .L R 6 A nt li , V 5 3 K 'L ' I iii ,QW , 1 , . Q N Uopfr left: H. H. Boll, President of the Board of Trustees. Upper right: F. A. Bauman. District Superlrvtentivnt. Center-fleoft to right' L. R. Musserl W. F. Blackburn, H. H. Bell, C. M. lnmsnl B. Stricklcr. Lower left' D, W. Reidy, Dean of tlic Juvilor College. Lowa'-r Cent Williams, Vice-Principal. Construction pictures. R -v K, A, . ,A In 14 SQ ' f , L Lf ,D 'ICT if ADMINISTRAITI 1 AND TEE Tai RQ x TRUSTEES QI? ADMINISTRATION FRANK A. BAUMAN District Superintendent D, T, WILLIAMS Vice-Principal DAVID W. REIDY Dean of the lunior College BOARD OF TRUSTEES I-I. I-I. BELL President l. REX IVIUSSER Clerk BEN STRICKLER W. F. BLACKBURN C, M. INMAN When it was found that the study hall, offices, and library had to be torn down, a bond issue was voted by the conirnunity, again showing that Taft is proud of its schools. Built some years ago, at a time when earthquake regula- tions in regard to schools were not in force, this building was now deemed unsafe by the inspectors, and a new building was to be constructed with all steel and concrete through- out, thus providing the stu- dents with a larger, safer, and more beautiful school. bl:?!'ilfg:'!"a5.r I 2 :"55i'f' if 3, "'-31,321 vc'- 653.1 like flgsi' ' -ac. as X? .4565 'T1JgL:I.'- .' V N. '. F Ewxfgiy .953 J 53. ,,1-Zen.-"S if , ' 7 , -Un.: "' ' - .,-- ' 2 ,it If-fe. -. A .-str' 'I-w.:-3.2 i ftifhf A C I I L A FRANK A. BAUMAN District Superintendent D. T. WILLIAMS Vice-Principal DAVID W. REIDY Dean of the Junior College, Orientation, History ALICE G. ATWOOD Biology, General Science MILDRED M. BAER Clothing, interior Decorating, Home Making SARAH F. BAILAR Latin, Spanish W. D. BAKER Head ot Foreign Language De- partment, Latin, German FRED I. BAUMGARTEN English, Journalism FRED BEATTY Mechanical Drawing MAURICE D. BEIACH Algebra, Photography GLADYS BENERD Physical Education ERNEST BICKERDIKE Geology, Chemistry RALEIGH A. BORELL English, Dramatics, Stage Craft MAUDE BUNDAY History A. C. CLEVELAND Registrar of Records, Home Room Director IOHN E. COLBERT Technical Institute Shop Course IA. I. CONRAD Machine Woodwork, Cabinet Making MARION E. DAHLING English EDNA L. DESSERY , Dean of Junior College Women, Hygiene, Orientation, Zoology, Psychology WILLIAM DIENSTEIN English, Study Hall IOHN H. DIXON. IR. Commercial Law, Typing, Bookkeeping C. M. DODSON History, Social and Economic Problems, Mechanical Drawing BEA'I'RICE EDWARDS Head of Girls' Physical Educa- tion Department, Physical -Edu- cation S. GLENN HARTRANFT Algebra, History, General Mathematics, Physical Educa- tion, Coach of Athletics V. W. HELMA History, Coach of Athletics T Y DOROTHY S. HENDERSON Leather Craft, Metal Craft, Textile Craft INEZ HOPKINS History, Social Studies IOI-IN G. HOWES .Head of Social Science Depart- ment, Economics, Commercial Law, Social Science, History, Law PEARL HUGHES Stenography Typing, Bookkeep- ing, Junior Business Training HENRY T. IMES English, Philosophy EUGENE M. IOHNSTON Geometry, Algebra, Coach of Athletics DONALD S. IONES Vocal Music, Harmony, History and Appreciation of Music, Musicianship BERTHA M. IUDGES French, Spanish L. I. KIENHOLZ Head of Physical Education and Athletics De artment, Physical Education, l-lifgiene, Coach of Athletics IULIUS LANG Band, Orchestra, instrumental Instruction I-I. R. LEE Hygiene, Physical Education, Coach of Athletics ELMER LIDDICOAT Biology, Geography, General Science PAULINE LYON Chemistry DONALD B. MACFARLANE Auto Mechanics GERALD E. MACKERSIE Study Hall, Physical Education ERNEST MCINNES English, Public Speaking, Social Studies RUTH KOFAHL MCMASTERS Social and Economic Problems, Social Science, German VERN E. MULLEN Physical Education, Coach of Athletics MABEL MYERS English BAILEY H. NEWLEE, IR. English DR. ORAN NEWTON School Physician H. S. NIX Welding GEOFFREY B. NOAKES Hand Wood, Carpentry, Mechanical Drawing MARY V. OWENS Organization and Social Work, Dramatics CATHERINE M. PAULSEN English DOYLE S. PECKHAM Head of English Department, English AMY C. PETERSON Acting Dean of Girls, Librarian JEAN POLLARD Typing JAMES M. ROBB Head ot Mathematics Depart- ment, Physics, Mathematics, Technical Related Science FRANK W. ROSE iHead of Science Department, Physics, Surveying, Technical Related Science MARY BRADY RYAN Social Studies FLORENCE M. SANDIFUR Spanish, Clothing, Foods, Dietetics RAYMOND H. SCOTT Head of Commercial Depart- ment, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Junior Business raining EDWARD G. SEWELL Algebra, Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry ELOISE SMITH English IOSEPHINE C. SOUIRE Clothing, Costume Designing SYDNEY S. STANSELL Supervisor ot Attendance ALMA H. STEININGER Drawing, Stage Cratt, Art , Appreciation LOUISE LAMBERT STEWART English, Journalism MARGARET SWEET Physical Education FLORENCE E. UNDERWOOD Ottice Training and Practice, Stenography GEORGE R. WATSON Head of Mechanical Drawing Department, Engineering Draw- ing, Mechanical Drawing,Coach of Athletics FREDA WEERSING School Nurse, Visiting Teacher, Hygiene THELMA WHITE Foods FRANK WILLIAMSON Study Hall, Coach ot Athletics, Physical Education LEE A. WITI-IROW Bookkeeping, Junior Business Training WILLIAM F. WOOLLEY Elementary Metal, Mechanical Drawing Top row: Owens, Dodson, Pollard, Stewart, Judges, Bickerdike, Peckham, Dixon. Eighth row: Sweet, Sandifur, Colbert, Lyon, Edwards, Noakes, Johnston, Liddicoat. Seventh row: Mactarlane, Atwood, Hughes, Benerd, Myers, Withrow, Ryan, Williamson. Sixth row: Watson, Steininger,,Peterson, Newlee, Baer, Borell, McMasters, Smith. Fifth row: Cleveland, Beatty, Dienstein, Underwood, Robb, Hartranft, Mackersie, Baumgarten. Fourth row: Conrad, Henderson, Squire, Baker, Woolley, Bunday, Jones, Lang. Third row: Helma, Lee, lmes, Hopkirls, Beiach, Howes, Bailar, Weersinq. Second row: Mclnnes, Rose, Paulsen, Scott, Stansell, Kienholz. Bottom row: Nix, Sewell, Dessery, Darling, Mullen, White. 2 55..- .45 Q, Nr K XX,-f '. vS1,-Q2 fx J, if Al W ' 1:4 g A ij T K I 1 0 Iwiwlki' 1 , . f wi K 5. if 1 A school was originally organized as a 45 bJ4'4l'sghTV'5',a'f3 ,,q:yEf5:,4' GJ' 523,-g9.uY?'gbtx 91-63,-Q' 3,155 !,i'14s'g29"l Sw Qi Q' 13? K JIQ4, 12: .l. yi .:f,.- ,t cp -, -. V . il- - ' 1 '. . 1- Av tx I f gg-rush 7 V- C1'f"f. fm' A ' 4 N A v Y ' 'f , 5.15 1- " ' A ., P I .4?"521x6f? ffm -A 2.-A ,- 'P "l'.iQ-'M ' ' s 'Lp'-- ' X. T. it .57-In f' N ' 'I I T T C I If In -4: rms Ii S A board frame instead of a White marble dome, a group of men cheerfully at work instead of the comparative silence that usually prevailed, these were the unfamiliar sights and sounds that greeted the high school and junior college students as they arrived at school on the first day of March. Work of destruction, soon to be Work of construction, had begun. Similar events, however, have hap- pened many times in the history of Taft High. The Conley School, as it used to be called, was a two-room building in South Taft, which boasted an enrollment of ten and a faculty of one, Mrs. Lavilla H. Campbell. When the enrollment reached eighteen in 1912, another teacher, Miss Ianie Michaels, was added to the staff. Because Taft was then small, the took place. An operetta, "H.M. S.Pina- fore," was presented, with Mr. R. H. Scott, present head of the Commercial Department, playing the Captain. Pic- nics of the whole school were held at the San Bmidio Orange Ranchg and a comic opera, "The Chimes of Nor- mandy," was presented in the Sun- shine Theater on three wintry nights. ln 1922 a new athletic field was duly dedicated when the Taft English soc- cer team defeated Bakersfield Scotch part of the Bakersfield High School, team and when later in the Yew the but in 1915 Conley becamea separate Valley track meet was here' That school and was placed on the accred- ited list by the University of California. By 1917 the school had progressed so far as to enter the beautiful new school buildings in North Taft: and on the evening of February 22, 1917, the school was dedicated. ln the early same year the Taft Iunior College was established under the provision of an act of the California legislature. By 1926 the junior college enrollment had increased from nineteen to thirty. In the past year over three hundred have "twenties" many interesting events been enrolled. The early Taft High Buildings, about which the students were so happy, have been only a beginning. As the student body grew, an auditorium with complete stage facilities was added. A science building equipped in every way for advanced scientific study, a domestic science building with an up-to-date cafe- teria, a machine shop, an aviation shop, a gymnasium, and a beautiful music building have taken their respective places on the campus. Now eight new class rooms With a large library and a study hall are being added, and a new dome is to take the place of the old, again giving back to the school its former beauty and dignity. 4 ABOUT THF SCHOOL Top le-it: L, Ritter, Clerk, E. Wilson and V. Stone, Sevretaries. Top Center Cafeteria Force: Lett to riqlit: Mrs. Rose Harris, Miss Frances Bryson, Mrs. F. E. Col-tor, Mrs, Helen Ptitenour lHead of the Cafeteria Fmrcel, Mrs. Laura Hamilton. Top riqht Bus Drivers: Back row: W. H. Montiqel, H. V. McNinc'h, V. W. Casey, C. W. Barnes, F. W. Ternan. Front row: H. L. lohnson flrlead of Transportationl, l. T. Wil- liams, lftl Smysor, C. M. Platzek. Center left: Mrs. Vivian Vlfathen and Mr. S. S. Stansell at the attenr'lanc'e desk assist Orna Louise Dear in making Ulll fill CIlJSPItf'6? PXCUS9. Ceritor next: Miss Phyllis Poulin, School Bookkeeper. Canter next: Mrs. Eva Doner Checks out u book to Patricia Arnrlt. Center riqht Assistants: Bark row: lvlvrraarfft Atwtwtl. Thelma Mattison, Mrs. Vivian Wathen, Annie Brown, Zollfr Vaughn. Front row: Mrs. E. M. Dane, Elton Houalirfn, Mary Priest, Mrs. Eva C. Done-r, Corinne Varnei. Lower left: Back row: I. W. Williams, C. D. Hitch f'fit' lc, lt. D. Clinton, Mrs. R. L. Fisher, W. V. Drake. H. V. Mf'Farlflin, A. Turner, C. H. Morgan. Serond row: l. R. Downs, l. if Foster, W, A. Pott. Front row: W. F. Wliittalcor, l.. LT. Silt' lift, E. P. Coltrin. Lower conter: Otlivo ot Mi. A. C. ljl"tV"'l1Ill'l, llfrfgistitii ot Records. Lower riqht: Mr. H. O. Elliott, Siiiioiiiitfbiitloiit ol lluilfl- inas and Cwrounds, at his ciosk. vi ffl:-2.'V'4 ' r -C suv jhmglf, i,:-Mx 'xi 1 r 1. V'q.sQ'f ir.: I qa s-N 4: .lcv -I Ep' I- 1, s 1-"2-A - .-f' :Q-17, 5' 5:9-245 "' "fe-' .f'.7.'4.1' .9 ,:.'.,,- rf 5. . . ,. -. 'IQ' U D E N 'I' B 0 D Y "Hi, Bill, move over" . . . "Where's Dot?" . . . "Do we have to sit in assigned seats?" . . . "Down in front!" . . . "Quiet, please!" Out of the confusion comes silence cmd attention as another Associated Student Body assembly is called to order. Most of the assembly time this year was given over to a series of well-bal- anced and varied programs, planned and presented by Mr. Ernest Mclnnes, the director of student assemblies. The more serious of these programs included lectures by well-known authorities, concerning foreign affairs, American prob- lems, and scientific industries. One of the most interesting and educational pro- grams of this type was a lecture and demonstration on electricity and its uses in the motion picture and radio industries. The vividly colored, noisy, electrical display with artificial lightning, music played on whirling disks, and metal rings which defied the laws of gravitation was a sight to be long remembered. A number of amateur contests, amusing plays, and singing assemblies, many of which were presented by classes and school organizations, furnished the lighter entertainment for the student body. The noon movies proved to be one of the most popular forms of student body entertainment. Lunches were hastily swallowed, and the auditorium was crowded whenever a motion picture was presented. Sharing attraction honors with the picture shows were the noon dances and the Golden Gloves Boxing Tournaments. These noon-time activities were planned for the enjoyment of the students. Competent officers, advised by Mr. D. T. Williams, and a student body willing to co-operate have combined their efforts to form an efficient government. "Horse racing, the sport of kings, can easily be encroached I upon by lesser individuals, but passing the gavel is a sport restricted entirely to presidents: so, with greater pleasure and less ceremony than ever before, I pass on all the trials and tribulations of a Student Body President to my very competent successor, Gilbert Downs," says Lee Graham, A. S. B. Presi- dent for the first semester, as he hands the gavel to Gilbert Downs, his successor. "As one horse racer to another, I am fully sensible of the obligations which you so qlibly pass along with the gavelg I hope, however, that your proficiency will accompany the responsibilities so that I may administer the Student Body affairs with at least a semblance of your sophistication and aplomb," replies Gilbert. 6 i . I h 1. Adi ..,,,.5 .- 4. TOPPlCTURE EIRSTSEMESTER ADBOARD: Lett to riqht: Murdock, Bell, Waqrier, Denton, President Graham, Peden, Sherman, Varner, Lntton. BOTTOM PICTURE SECOND SEMESTER AD BOARD: Lett to riqht: Graham, Murdock, Ko- iahl, President Downs, Dykes, Sherman, Peden, Denton. CORNER PICTURES AAPTER ASSEMBLY. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS First Semester President , , Vice-President , Secretary-Treasurer Boys' Representatives Girls' Representatives Business Manager, , Advertisinq Manager. Lee Graham . lean Peden ,Loree Denton lClark Wagner lCecil Murdock lMaxine Varner I Vena Sherman ,S ,David Lutton lames Eleharty Second Semester President , S Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Boys' Representatives, , , Girls' Representatives Business Manager, , Gilbert Downs lean Peden Loree Denton lCecil Murdock I Bob Dykes lVena Sherman I Gladys Kolahl Clark Wagner y,..' ', A A--1 I r,,g.."4,, .- fuhffc -,vi-7 P flfgd-."5?"'. "' I 'I' 5 rffifn' Pf2'.ff14l , ' .xx - ' -' - "1':'3 F- - I .-f . ' U "q"'j ' .fr f 211-7 Q' y, f' . A 917. 'viii 'I .,?':5'dx' ' '+e"fs'1f' .-if file- khyi A, 5 n in bf tr-- .,.,-Aizl'-pivpil' U EIIFIIM IUX' " R A D U A I E S FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER BILL DUNN .....,..... ........ P resident ........, ....,.......... P AUL LYNCH PAUL LYNCH ,,...,,.,,.LA, ......,., V ICG-PISSICISUI ........................ ISABEL DIENSTEIN GLADYS KOFAHL .4,......., ..,LL, S ecretary-Treasurer .......... MARILYN MCFARLAND MR. BAILEY NEWLEE ........ ...,.,..... A dviser ....,....,....,.......... MR. BAILEY NEWLEE VERNON AGEE Football 3, 4. HOWARD L. ARGENT Basketball l, 2, 37 Football 2, 37 Indoor l, 2, 37 Baseball 37 Radio Club 47 Home Room Representative 3. PATRICIA ARNDT Scholarship Society l, 3, 47 District Publicity Manager 47 Latin Club 2, 37 French Club 47 Prom Committee 37 "Derrick" Copy Commit- tee 2, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4. THOMAS BAILEY Baseball l7 Basketball 47 Boxing 4. DOROTHY BALZER Spanish Club 2, 47 Program Chairman 47 Orchestra l, 2. HUGH GARDNER BEATTY San Bernardino High School l, 27 Football 47 Track 47 Boxing 4. VIVIAN BECK Carlsbad Union High School, Oceanside, l, 2, 37 Hockey l, 2, 37 Baseball I, 2, 3, 47 Volleyball l, 2, 37 Basketball l, 2, 37 Tennis l7 G. A. A. Treasurer 4. CHARLES HERBERT BELL Basketball l, 2, 3, 47 Football Manager 2, 37 Track 1, 2, 37 Latin Club l, 2, 3, President 37 A. S. B. Assembly Manager 47 Class President 37 Debating 4. THELMA LUCILLE BENNIGSDORF CURTIS BENSON Track 17 Football 2, 37 Basketball 37 Indoor l, 2, 3, 47 Radio Club 4, President 4. FRANCES BIRD Alhambra High School 37 Yell Leader 47 Latin Club l, 27 Archery Club 47 Orchestra l, 2, 37 A. S. B. Play 2. MARY LEE BLACK Glee Club 4. DONALD C. BLAKENEY Football 3, 47 Basketball l, Manager 3, 47 Latin Club 3. WILLIAM HOWARD BLAKENEY Basketball l, 2, 3, 47 Football 3, 47 Track 2, 3, 47 Block T 3, 47 Glee Club 3, 47 Latin Club 37 Operetta 4. EVALONE L. BLUBAUGH Spanish Club l, 2. DELBERT W. BOUTWELL Track 4, Manager 37 Forensic Club 3, 4, President 47 Hi-Y 47 Home Room Represen- ! tative 27 Kern County Oratorical Contest 37 Interscholastic Debating 3, 47 "Derrick" Sports Editor 4. TYRUS L. BOYD Auto Club 4. ARNDUL BRATTON THOMAS BRICE Football 3, 47 Boxing Club 4. FAY BROWN Wilson High, Long Beach, 27 G. A. A. l, 47 Hockey Captain 17 Tennis Club l,21 Scholar- ship Society 17 Home Room Representative 2. GENEVIEVE BROWN Basketball l, 2, 3, 47 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Cap- tain 27 Volleyball l, 27 Baseball l, 2, 3, 47 Speedball 3, 47 G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 37 "Derrick" Salesman 2, Donor Com- mittee 3. THOMAS E. BROWN Orland High School l7 Indoor Sports lj G'ee Club 47 Band l. IANE BUSH Tennis 3, 4, Fullerton Tennis Tournament 47 G. A. A. 17 Latin Club l, 2, 37 Scholarship Society l, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 47 Home Room Secretary 3, Representative 47 "Der- rick" Copy Staff 3, Copy Editor 4. HELEN COZETTE CALBERT Hockey l, 2, 3, 4, Manager 47 Basketball l, 2, 3, 47 Volleyball l, 27 Speedball 3, 47 Latin Club 3, Treasurer 37 G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary 4: Home Room President 2. VELMA MAE CALLEN Reading Club 4. MATILDA CALVERT Paso Robles High School 17 Atascadero High School 2, 3. WILLIAM CHARLES CAMERON, IR. Football I, 2, 3, 47 Track 1, 2, 47 Block T 2, 3, 4. DON CAMPBELL Football 2, 3, 47 Indoor 2, 3, 47 Sports Club 4. EDITH CARTER Basketball I, 2, 3, 47 Volleyball l, 27 Speed- ball 3, 47 Baseball l, 2, 3, 47 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 47 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 47 "Derrick" Copy Com- mittee 2. AFTON ADAIR CLARK Basketball Z, 3, 47 Baseball l, 2, 3, 47 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 47 Speedbal13, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Sports Manager 47 "Gusl'1er" Contest-Best Dimples 2. lop row: Aqec, Ar qc-nt, Arndt, Baller, Balzer, Beatty, Bcvjli. Fifth row: Bell, Ben- nlqSdorf, Benson' Bird, Black, D. Blak vm-y, W, Blnlreney. Fourth row: Blu' bniiali, Bautwoll, Boyd, Bmttorr, Brier-, F. Brown, G, Brown, Third row: T. Brown, Bush, Calbc-rt, Calf len, Calvert, Came, ron, Campbell, SCC' cmd rowt Carter, A. Clark, H. Clark, N. Clark, Coffee, Col bert, Conley. Bottom row: Connors, Coo- ley, Coyvy, Cullrns, Cuthbertsorr, Dane, Deakins. Us A v 1 5 . HARRY CLARK Football l, 2, ll, 4, Track 4. NORRlS lAMFS CLARK Glee Club 2, ll, 4, Manager 45 Opmetta 2, 47 Quartet 4, A. S. B. Play 45 Senior Play 45 Radio Skit 45 "Derrick" Senior Corrrrriittee 4. lANE E. COFFEE Glee Club ly Public Service Club 47 Spanish Club 2, Girl Reserves 4, President 47 Class Secretary-Treasurer t, 3, President Ii: Home Room Representative 2, li. FRANCIS R. CQLBERT Track 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, Gerrnan Club ft, "Derrick" Assistant Sports Editor 2. WALTER CONLEY Spanish Club 77 Science Club 4, ViceAPr0si- dent 4. 9 FLSlE CONNERS Basketballl 2 3 4 Volloyballl 7 Hockey l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l 2 3 4 Speodball '3 4 Public Speak1riq2 3 G A A l 7 't 4 GLEN CGOLEY Football 2, 4 Tra k 4 Arch: ry Club Wrestling Club 4 RALPH COVEY MARGARET ARLINE CULLINS ALAN CUTHBERTSON Football 37 Stamp Club 4 C rshr r Crrri lation Manaqer '3 Advertisina Manager Business Manaqer '3 lEAN D. DANE Spanish Club 2 Photography K lub TAMES RICHARD DEAKINS lR Track lp Scholarship So rely l 7 4 Band l, 3, 4, Business Manager 'S 4 Hi Y 4 1 ' 4---.-an - K 4 1- - 1 -' "W, ,,, -1 3 .. -- fl-ew fi! CFM '- . -'garish 5-,Q-Y ..w.4. ' 'wife Q-.T . gidggtdsly A .Q 'f .I4tgyg? 4.4 '.'Z""' LEW" ' .- C, . Vgf ifk XF, ADUATES K 53.---'Q -' gf - 5 ti li . h v , .' .C uf . -'ff'-? :fS-axrff R Slickinq back their hair and putting on their best dresses in preparation for the welcoming reception, the present Seniors, then apprehensive little Freshmen, received their first introduction into the high school social whirl in the fall of 1932. Some enjoyed dancing, and others watched, but no one ever admitted that he didn't have a very qood time. OMA LOUISE DEAR Yell Leader 4: Latin Club l, 2, 3: One-Act Plays 2: "Gusher" Reporter 4: "Derrick" Copy Committee 3, Exchange Editor 4. RUTH LOREE DENTON G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4: Sweater and Letter Club 3, 4: Scholarship Society l: A. S.B. Secretary 4: Girls' League First Vice-President 4: Class Secretary 2: "Derrick" 2, 3, Advertising Manager 4. ISABEL DIENSTEIN Scholarship Society l, 3, 4, Vice-President 4: Latin Club l, 2, 3, Secretary 2: German Club 2, 3, Vice-President 3: Class Secretary 2, Vice-President 4: "Gusher" News Editor 3: "Derrick" Copy 3, Senior Editor 4. BLASE DIFFENBAUGH Basketball 2, 4. BURDETTE DISCI-ILER St. Vincents High School, Valleio, l, Z: Foot- ball l, 2: Tennis 4: Latin Club I: Band 4. EARL A. DONNEL DWIGHT T. DOOLlT'I'LE Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Track l, 2, 3, 4: Block T 4: Glee Club 1.2. MARYELYN DEVINE DOOLITTLE G. A. A. l, 2: Latin Club 2. MURIEL ALICE DOUGHTY Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Varsity 4: Hockey l, 2. 4: G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Manager 2, President 4: Sweater and Letter 4: Yell Leader 4. IAMES GILBERT DOWNS Football l, Z, 3, 4, Captain 4: Track 1: Box- ing Tournament 4: Basketball I: Block T 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 4, President 4: A. S. B. Presi- dent 4. ALBERT ETHRIDGE DRAKE Football 3, 4: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Track l, Z, 3, 4: Indoor l, 2: Featherweight Cham- pion 4: Block T 2, 3, 4: Class President 2, 3. ROBERT E. DUFF Track 2, 3, 4. GEORGE WILLIAM DUNN Tennis l, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club l, 2: German Club 3: Class President I, 4: Hi-Y 4: Glee Club 4, President 4: "Derrick" Salesman l, Assistant Sales Manager 2, Assistant Busi- ness Manager 3. H. ROBERT DYKES Football l, 2, 3, 4: Track l, 2, 3, 4: Boxing 4: Block T l, 2, 3, 4: Class President 2: "Gusher" Contest--Best-Looking Boy 2: "Derrick" Assistant Donor Manager 3. BERNICE E. ELLIOTT Latin Club 2: "Derrick" Art Stall l, 2, 3, Assistant Poster Manager 4. WILL F. ENDICOTI' Basketball l, Z. 3, 4: Indoor l: Baseball Z, 3, 4: Class Vice-President 2, 3. ELEANOR ENG Latin Club l, Z. 3: French Club 4: Scholar- ship Society l, 2. 3, 4: Life Member Califor- nia Scholarship Federation: "Derrick" Copy 3, Copy Editor 4. CHA RLOT EYER Porterville Union High School I, Z: Photo- graphy Club 4. ALBERT L. FAIRBANKS Football Z, 3, 4: Indoor 2, 3. IAMES N. FLEHARTY Inalewood Union High School l: Basketball l, 2, 3: Indoor I, 2: Track 4: Hi-Y 4: A. S. B. Advertising Manager 4. HAZEL B. FORGIE Girl Reserves 4. ALICE VIVIAN FOSTER Latin Club 1, Z, 3, 4, Treasurer 2: Scholar- ship Society l, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Trio 'and Quartet Accompanist 3, 4: Girls' League Musical Director 4, Second Vice- President 4. MILDRED I. FOSTER Tennis l, 2: Latin Club 3: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2: Ooeretta 2: Usher I, 2: "Gusher" Reporter 3, 4. LOUISE FREEMAN G. A. A. 1: Basketball I: Hockey 1: Base- ball l: Tennis Club 4, Secretary 4. WAYNE B. FREEMAN Orchestra l, 2. MARGIE JUNE FULBRIGHT Wasco Union High School l, 2: Spanish Club 3: Drama Club 4. ROMAN AUBREY GEISSEL Indoor l, 2. WILLARD O. GERVAIS Basketball l, 2: Track 1: Tennis 3, 4: Latin Club l, 2: Band 3, 4. WALTER P. GIBSON Football 2, 3, 4: Indoor 2: Baseball 3. LEE RICHARD GRAHAM Scholarship 3, 4, Secretary 4: Senior Play 4: A. S. B. President 4, Assembly Manager 4: "Derrick" Sports Editor 3: Debate 2, 3, 4: Oratory 3, 4, First in County 3, 4, Second in Valley 3. 4: Extempore 3, 4, First in County 4, Second in Valley 4, Second in State 4. Top row: Dear, Den- ton, Dlcnstein, Dit- tonbauah, Dischler, Donrwl, D. Doolittle. Fifth raw: M. Doolitf tlf-, Doughty, Downs, Drake, Duff, Dunn, Dykes. Fourth row: Flliott,Enrlicott,Fnq, Eyrir, Fairbanks, Fla' harty, Forqic-. Third rowi V. Fostc-r, M. Postr-r, L. Fronrrian, W,Frcvn1an,Fut- briqht, Goissel, Gor- vais. Second row: Gibson, Graham, Gray, Hardor, Harr, Harrison, Hart. Bot- tom raw: Haven, Haynes, Hcrrod, Hess, Heulcr, Hiq- qins, Hawk. DOROTHY GRAY Brazil Hiah School, Indiana, 2, 35 Rowlina Grflon I-liah School, Indiana, lg Latin Club 2, ily Scholarship 4, Oratory 45 Dohatina 4. BUFORD E. FIARDER Indoor 35 Auto Club 4. NORILEIN I-IARR Coalinqa Union High Svlioril I, 7, I-Alirvtvt araphy Club 4, Reporter 4. HELEN FRANCIS HARRISON Tennis l, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A, ly Baslcottwall Ig Gloo 3, 4, Vice-President 3, 4, Opciotta 4, "Derrick" Star Salesman 3, 4, "Crusher" 3,4 ORVRAL HART ROY I. HAVEN Svionce Club 4. KENNETH HAYNES Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, TI, Track I, Il 2,31 Intorclass Track I Blork T 7 'S 4 Horn: Room Representative 'I 4 Pre sidflnt I IESS IOHN I-IERROD Basketball 3 4 Indoor I 7 I Football Baseball 45 Block T 3 4 Gloo C lub 7 '2 WILMA CATHRYN HESS G.A.A.I,Z,'34H y 34Bas ball I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball I 7 4 Clfo Club ft Spanish Club 'I 4 Socrotary I Pifsiflv nt 4 Homo Room Vino Prosidont 7 LFO KENNETH I-IEULER Latin Club I, 2 Gorman C lub 7 B I 2, 3, 4. GERTRUDE M. HIGGINS Gorman Club 3 COIIIIIIOIIFDIIIPIH I ornnnttf o 4, Prom Coninnttoo 3 Ushor 'I 4 Ilf Usher 4, "Derrick Donor Coinmittr r LLOYD F. I-IOWK Football I, 2. 13' klein.: C157 -.Q sf ,Quit 3 FSQIQYY 133 M" ,1.',---- s ' -' ET L ' r- ' ' .SG 3-'Ir -J' ...g sfgif 'Ser-iftlglfr +2 f .I x 7 ,vw , D , . . .5 "5 .--.-fgQ.'f. ' Ll, wiv lv ' ifypg ,n. RADUATES Bespattered with yellow and green paint and covered with mud, the boys of the Sophomore Class of 1933-34 emerged victorious from the annual Freshman- Sophomore Brawl. Loud and enthusiastic support was given them as they optimistically dived through barrels, persistently struggled to gain possession of heavy sacks, and vainly tried to climb greased poles. VERNON I. HUBBARD Football l, 2, 3, 47 Track 17 Boxing 4. ROBERT W. HUEY Football 1, 2, 3, 47 Indoor 1, 2, 3, 47 Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 47 Block T 2, 3, 47 Track 2, 37 Class Vice-President 3, 47 "Derrick" Sales 3. ILLA IULIA HULSE G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 47 Sweater and Letter Club 3, 47 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Cap- tain 27 Hockey l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 47 Volley- ball 1,27 Soccer 3, 47 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. OPAL PAULINE INCE Pryor High School, Oklahoma, l, 27 Glee Club 27 Home Economics Club 47 Dramatics 17 Home Room Secretary-Treasurer 3. GERALDINE INGERSOLL G. A. A. l. IOHN F. IAMES Fort Stockton High School, Texas, l, Z, 3, 47 Track l, Z, 3, 4, Captain 37 Football 3, 4, Captain 37 One-Act Play 37 Dramatics 3. WILLIAM-A. IASPERSON Football 2, 3, 47 Track 3, 47 Indoor 27 Latin Club 1, 2. EDWARD IENNINGS, IR. Football 47 Latin Club l, 2, 3, 47 Science Club 4, President 47 French Club 27 Scholar- ship Society 3, 4. HAZEL IESSE Forensic Club 3, Vice-President 37 Class Treasurer 37 Fresno and Pasadena Play Tournaments 2, 47 A. S. B. Secretary 3, Rep- resentative 37 Girls' League Second Vice- President 3, President 47 "Derrick" Commit- tee 3. DURWOOD IOHNSON Coalinga Union High School l, 2, 37 Base- ball 3, 47 Scholarship Society 4. ANGUS MARTIN IOHNSTON Track l, Z7 Basketball l, 2, 3, 47 Tennis 3, 47 Fullerton Tennis Tournament 47 Latin Club l, 2, Vice-President 27 Tennis Club 47 Hi- Y 4. IAMES A. IONES Track 17 German Club 3, 47 Hi-Y 47 Traffic Club 47 Class Vice-President 37 "Derrick" Assistant Advertising Manager 3, 4. OLETA LEWELLEN IONES Basketball l, 2, 3, 47 Hockey l, 2, 3, 47 Baseball l, 2, 3, 47 G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 47 "Der- rick" Donor Committee 3, Donor Manager 4. WILLIAM MACK IONES Football 3, 47 Basketball 2, 3, 4. ROSE GERTRUDE KIELMAN Library Club 47 Girl Reserves 4. BARBARA KINNEBREW Latin Club I7 Scholarship Society 47 "Dor- rick" Assistant Copy Editor 3, Copy 2. ROBERT KINTNER DWAYNE SOUTHARD KLINGE Football l, 2, 3, 47 Track 47 Basketball l, 2. 37 Indoor l, 2, 37 Latin Club l, 27 "Derrick" Assistant Sales Manager 4. GLADYS KOFAHL German Club 3, 47 G, A. A. l, Z, 3, 4, Secre- tary 2, Vice-President 47 Varsity Basketball l, 47 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Manager 27 Volley- ball 27 BGSQBQ11 1, 213, 4, captain 1, 37 A. S. B. Representative . TOM KUWAI-lAP,A Football 3, 47 Science Club 4, President 4. GROVER LANTER Basketball l, 2, 3, 47 Indoor l, 2, 37 Baseball 17 Track 3, 47 Block T 3, 4. IOI-IN LAVELLE Football 1, 2, 3, 47 Basketball l, Z, 3, 47 Baseball 2, 3, 4. PAULINE LAYFIELD Basketball l7 Baseball l7 Art Club 47 G. A. A. l7 Usher 2, 3, 47 Home Room Secretary 3. GERALDINE LEWIS G. A. A. 2, 37 Dramatics 3, 47 A. S. B. Play 3, 47 Fresno Drama Tournament 3, Honorable Mentione-Individual Award 37 Plays 3. REX LEWIS BOB LOPERENA Football l, 2, 3, 4, Inspirational Award 4: Basketball 2, 3, 47 Track l, 2, 3, 47 Indoor l, 27 Middleweight Champion 47 Block T 2, 3, 47 Class President 3, 4. STANLEY LOPEY Tennis l, 2, 3, 4. ILA LUNDY Randsburg High School l, Z, 3: Scholarship Society 47 A. S. B. Play 1, 27 Class Play 37 Class Secretary 3. PAUL E. LYNCH Tennis I, 2, 3, 47 Valley Doubles Champion- ship 2, 37 Ojai Boys' Doubles Champion- ship l7 Hi-Y 47 Fullerton Tennis Tourna- ment 3, 47 Block T Letter l, 2, 3, 47 Tennis Club 47 Class Vice-President 4, President 4. BETTY MacKENZlE Inglewood High School l, 2, 37 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 47 Swimming l, 2, 37 Fullerton Tennis Tournament 47 G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 47 Forensic Club 47 "Derrick" Copy Committee 4. GILBERT N. MACY South Gate High School l7 George Wash- ington High School, Los Angeles, 27 Basket- ball l7 Football 37 Track 37 Stage Crew 4. 5 if Q 4 -S H af In E Q 5 5 4 S 3 9 44 L Va 5 t gf lQ'iV.5- Y-R" . TW' C 'NIVI7 - .J Y . 'LWJEI 1 Q. pl' T 3 -B f 4 I Top row: Hubbard Hucy, Hulse, lvvcv lnqvrsoll,JnuwS,J.iS person. Fifth row Jminlnq5,.lL'S5c,Jolin son, Jolinston, J Jonvs, O. Jones, M Jonas, Fourth row Kiulnian,Kinncbrow Kintnvr, Klinqc, Ko iqhl, Kuwalmra, Lan ter. Third row: La vclle, Loyfield, G Lewis, R.Lewis,Lop0 reno, Lopoy, Lundy Second row: Lynch MacKenzie, Macy Madson, Mason, Mc Farland, McKain Bottom row: McKee McNatt, McNeoly Mitlor, Mon: it-r Monson. Moodle. Rem' 4- 'f ' if f . ",g.,5 . 5 ' Q . can A 1 A X 5 lvl, LFROY MADSON HELEN THEDA MCNATT Football 3, 45 Handball Club 4, Hockey lr 27 BOSk91bC1ll l. 27 G- A. A- l. 2, N 35 Spanish Club 35 Glee Club 45 Cwirl Rr-- IMQUE ,MASON serves 45 "Derrick" Senior Cornniitteo 4. Public Service Club 4. LOWELL MCNEELY MARILYN MCFARLAND Sedelia High School, Kentucky, 1,25 Arroyo Scholarship Society ly 21 31 4' Vlcerpresir Grande High School 25 Football 3, 45 Baskwt- dent 3, President 45 Life Member Calitornia ban lf 2' 3' 47 Sport Club 4' Scholarship Federationg Class Secretary 45 MATIE ELIZABETH MILLER I 4 "Derrick" Copy Editor 3, Senior Editor 4. G' A' A' 1' 27 Volleybqll I' Z' Cupmlm lf Basketball l, 25 Drarnatics l. IAMFS llgliiclimli T k 3 4 B it tb ll 9 3 NAOMI MONCIER ooa,,5rac,5asea.,5 R N Photography Club 4, President 4. UTISZQS H?3qNSChOO1 ly 2' 3A HELEN McKEE FORREST D. MOODIE Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Hockey l, 2, Football l, 3, 45 Basketball l, 45 Track 35 3, 45 Volleyball l, 2, 3, 45 Forensic Club 25 Band l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 35 German OnefAct Plays Z, 35 Fresno Drarna Tourna- Club .iq Play 45 "Derrick" Copy Zi, Al.lVLfI' ment 35 "Derrick" Salesman 4. tisinq Manager 3, Business Manaaor 4. 13 If-ui' 45 Srgfrgs J "053jtfhfl9lf,n 'fl' 1 rj' was 55.52. 1579 ,h.l'fJt, pqpgfvfh V1 t " r :H 5 4' - -. -5, ,ii-.. 551. ' ju,-Q .QM j .A , - 2' 4" " W4 f 5' - ' . lg 4 'mx . gl 3-g,.' Lfxgugyslf .511 "uf 5- .. -Yr' f fi 5.1 , ,fp- 'IJN ,,p ,. og' ,' lb , 1 A rl ,zxl ., 5.1 of gi! :ig . Ji7T 5.11 ,-in 5 ' '.1:4-,ip 2 , al- :Jn RADUATES With grass huts hiding lemonade stands and palm trees furnishing secluded nooks, the once barren gym in the spring of 1935 was transformed into a magical South Sea Island, while, with the influence of frilly dresses, corsages, and new suits, trim students became part of a magic world. Thus did the luniors' dream of a successful Prom come true. FLORENCE ANNE MORGAN G. A. A. I5 Tennis 25 Glee Club 45 Band 3, 45 Operetta 4. MARIORIE MORRIS Basketball l, 25 Volleyball 1, 25 G. A. A. I, 25 Photography Club 4, Secretary-Treasurer 45 Glee Club 4, Girls' Sextet 45 A. S. B. Play 35 "Derrick" Donor Committee 3. IOSEPH R. MOTT NORAH NIGHTINGALE Hockey 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Speedball 35 Volleyball 15 G. A. A. 1, 2, 35 Girl Re- serves 3, Treasurer 35 Spanish Club I, 2. ROLAND NIXON Football l, 2, 35 Track l5 Aviation Club 45 Home Room Representative 3. RALPH Q. OAKES Spanish Club 35 Glee Club I5 Home Room President 3. ARLINE O'DELL Home Economics Club 4. FREDERICK C. ODELL Spanish Club 3. ALYCE OLSON G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Cap- tain 25 Volleyball l, 2, Captain 25 Sweater and Letter Club 45 One-Act Plays 25 Home Room Representative 2, 4, Vice-President 35 Prom Committee 3. IOHN OZBURN Travel Club 4. IESSIE PARKER Social Studies Club 3, President 35 Home Economics Club 4, Vice-President 45 Fashion Show l. MARIE LOUISE PATTERSON Tennis Club 45 Latin Club 1, 2, 35 Operetta 15 Home Room Representative 25 Prom Committee 35 "Derrick" Copy Committee 3, Senior Committee 45 "Gusher" Feature Edi- tor 4. IEAN MARIE PEDEN Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 15 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 25 Speedball 3, 45 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Captain 25 G. A. A. 1.2, 3, 4, Vice- President 3, President 35 Girls' League Sec- retary 35 A. S. B. Representative 3, Vice- President 4. FRED G. PELL Kern County Union High School l, 25 Indoor 2, 35 Tennis Club 4, Tournament Manager 45 "Gusher" Managing Editor 2. ELBERT PHILLIPS Football 1, Z5 Photography Club 4. FRIEDA L. PIERCE Spanish Club I, 25 Drama Club 4, Reporter 45 Class Play 45 A. S. B. Plays 2, 3, 45 One- Act Play Tournaments 3, 4, San Ioaquin Valley Honorable Mention 3, Pasadena Tournament 45 "Derrick" Copy Committee 2, Assistant Copy Editor 3, Dramatics Edi- tor 4. ROBERT PITTMAN Football 2, 35 Boxing 45 Sports Club 4. ROBERT I. PORCHO Track 2. EDITH GAIL POTTER G. A. A. l, 25 Volleyball 1, 25 Hockey l, 25 Public Service Club 45 Class Vice-President 25 Home Room Representative 2, Secretary 3, 45 "Gusher" Contest f Prettiest Eyes 3. DAVE E. OUIGLEY Gardena High School I5 Fremont High School, Los Angeles, Z5 Football 3, 45 Base- ball 3, 45 Track 45 Band 35 Dramatics 3. IOHN RAMSEY Football 3, 45 Basketball 4. ALVIN RASMUSSEN Football 25 Track l, 3, 4. GAIL LOUISE REICHARD Kern County Union High School 15 Ventura High School 15 San Fernando High School 25 Los Angeles High School 3. IAMES RENNELS Football 45 Boxing 45 Prom Committee 3. LULA I. RENNELS Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Hockey l, 2, 3, 45 Base- ball 2, 35 Volleyball l, 2,35 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Debating 3. VIVIAN RENNELS G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Soccer 3, 45 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. MELBA IANE ROGERS G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Hockey l, 2, 3, 45 Secretary of Handbook Committee 35 Home Room Representative 35 Usher 45 "Derrick" Salesman 2, Donor Com- mittee 2, Donor Manager 3, Secretary 4. JACK G. ROSE Glee Club 1, 2, Treasurer 25 Quartet 35 Operetta l, 2, Business Manager 2. IUNE LORENE RUMBAUGH Home Room Secretary 4, Representative 35 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4. RAYMOND SANDERS Football 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Indoor 25 Track 3, 4, Captain 35 Block T Il, 4. LEO SANKOFF Handball Club 4. lop row: Morgan, Morris, Mott, Niqhtf inqale,Nixoii,O0lxeS, A.O'DeIl. Fifth row: lr. Odell, Olson, OZ- burn, Parker, Patter- son, Peden, Pell. Fourth row: Phillips, Pierce, Pittman, Por- cho, PoNer,Quiqley, Ramsey. Third row: Rasniussen,Reichard, J. Rennels, L. Ren- nols,V,Rennels, Roq- ers, Rose. Second row: Rumbauqh, Sanders, Sankoff, Schwab, Scott, Sha- ver, Shelburne. Bot- tom row: Sherman, Sir'nons,Slater,Smith, Snyder, Sperht, Springer. GRANT SCI-IWAB MARGARET IANE SCOTT EILEEN Sl-IAVER Typing Club 4, Secretary 4. HARRIET LUCRETIA Sl-IELBURNE G. A. A. l, 2, 35 Latin Club l, 2, Vice-Presi dent 25 German Club 3, 4, Secretary 35 Glee Club 45 Operetta 45 Scholarship Society l5 "Derrick" Assistant Secretary 3, Secretary 4. VENA SHERMAN Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Speedball 3, 4, Captain 3, 45 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Captain I5 G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Sports Manager 35 A. S. B. Repre- sentative 45 Class Secretary 35 Home Room Secretary 3, Representative 4. CHARLES FRANKLIN SIMONS Football I5 Indoor lg Track 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Handball Club 45 Star Theater Ticket Salesman 3. PATRICIA ANNE SLATER G. A, A. l, 2, 3, 45 Buski-lliull l, 2, il, 'lg Speedball 3, 45 Baseball l, 2, 4, Lritiii tflul, l, 25 Glile 45 Hl34'IIi4'l1lllTc1liy tluiiiiiiillz-wfl, IRVING SMITH Traffic Club 4. DICK SNYDER Basketball l5 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Track l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Block T l, 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 3, Vice-President ly 'lGl1Sll!JIll Contest Best Athlete 2. IACK W. SPECHT Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2,35 'l'iuc'k fill, -l, HAROLD L. SPRINGER Willits Union High School l5 Ritrliiiioiiil Union Hiqh School 25 Basketball l. QW-5 'Q 'agzivfsu gpzga 'ffl' it "5 Q Efsfuf AQ .dd- 'bfdt -gyzdsl f '.. I RADUATES 1 . '. A . an-' I N' 1,41 . 14 v 'lf V " Fe' "1 ' v -Q I-'.. --..s.' I-.,-Q .Q-, 4 - ., -3 - g I. v "H K' .I :VL E '-, ' . '- . ' 1 . , ' P 7 7' 4 A 3521! .'f:5".-iltffl' 'uf' ff -- Arne:- f-' 'I ' 'N ff 'Z 'K . A' " '. ' mx .' '- 7. 'ntl '31 All- 1.1 . at lf, fx. ,. haiivkl r A 'Y A cvs, ,- 4 , ' IMP' Cameras, slacks, noisy laughter, and carefree expressions were good indica- tions of the Seniors' annual Ditch Day on May 1, 1936. Enthusiasm was seen everywhere as the students climbed into the busses to be taken to Wheeler Hot Springs, Where swimming, dancing, and picnicking were the order of the day. What a tired group came home that night! MAXINE AVANELL STANLEY "Derrick" Club 47 Fashion Show 1. CHARLES EDWARD STIGALL Football 17 Baseball 17 Tennis 2, 3, 4, Man- ager 27 Spanish Club I7 German Club Z, 37 Scholarship Society 3, 4. President 47 Hi-Y 4. MERVIN E. STRANG Basketball 17 Baseball 4. IAMES STUART Football 2, 37 Baseball 17 Auto Club 4. BOB SULLIVAN Hanford High School 1, 2, 37 Football 47 Track 47 Band 47 Tennis Club 47 Yell Leader 4. CATHERINE THOMAS SULLIVAN LORRAINE L. TELLYER Library Club 47 Photography Club 4. DONALD A. TITUS FORREST S. TITUS Basketball 17 Track 1, 47 Sports Club 47 Woodcraftsman Club 4. OLIVER I. TRIBE Woodrow Wilson High School, Oakland, l, Z7 Emeryville High School 3. ALA MAE TROTT Basketball l, 2, 37 Hockey l, 2, 37 Baseball 1, 2, 37 Tennis 1, 2, 37 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 47 Senior Nominating Committee 47 "Derrick" Copy Committee 2, Copy Editor 3, Picture Editor 4. MARTHA LEE TURLEY Baseball 1, 2, 3, 47 Tennis 2, 3, 47 Kern County Mixed Doubles Championship 37 Latin Club 17 German Club 2, 3, Secretary 2, 37 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice- President 47 Class Secretary 1. WILLIE R. TURNER Coalinga Union High School 17 Track 27 Football 1. WILMA VAN SCYOC Bell High School l, 27 Baseball 1, 2, Captain 17 Basketball 1, 2, Captain 27 G. A. A. 1, 2. 47 Tennis Club 1, 2. GOULD VAN STONE ball 37 Football 47 Aviation Club 47 Scholar- ship Society 17 Class Play l. ADELE VAUGHN MARY ELIZABETH VOGLE ELINOR IANE VOICE G. A. A. 17 Basketball 17 Hockey I7 Tennis 17 German Club 37 Tennis Club 47 Band 3, 4. CLARK PARIS WAGNER Football l, Z, 3, 4, Captain 47 Basketball l, 2, 3, 47 Track 1, 2, 3, 47 Indoor 17 Block T l, 2, 3, 47 Class President 27 A. S. B. Business Manager 4, Representative 4. MARGARET WALLACE Girl Reserves 4, Program Chairman 4. MARION ELIZABETH C. WALTON Pacific Grove High School 47 Basketball l. 2, 3, 47 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 47 Scholarship So- ciety l, Z, 3, 4, Secretary 47 Life Member California Scholarship F ederation7 Usher 3, 47 A. S. B. Play 2, 37 "Derrick" Copy Com- mittee 3. IOHN ELY WEAVER Football 2, 3, 47 Basketball 1, 2, 37 Indoor 2, 3, 47 Spanish Club 2, 3, President 37 Scholar- ship Society l, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Prest- dent District Convention 47 A. S. B. Play 47 "Derrick" Assistant Advertising Manager 3, Sales Manager 4. MARTHA ELIZABETH WEAVER Forensic Club 1, 2, 37 Dramatics Club 47 One-Act Plays 2, 37 A. S. B. Plays 37 Home Room Secretary 37 Debating l, 27 Orations 1, 2. ARDITH MARGARET WEBBER Photography Club 4, President 47 English Class Club l, President 17 Lyric for Girls' League Song 4. ADELE 'NESSON "Derrick" Salesman 4. MELVIN WHITLEY Baseball 1, 2, 3, 47 Football 3, 4. MARIAN WI-IITWELL Art Club 47 Home Room Secretary 37 Prom Committee 37 "Derrick" Art Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Art Editor 3, Art Editor 4. Montebello High School 17 Tennis 17 Basket- DAVID WILDER 16 Top row: Stanley, Stigall, Strang, Stu- art, B. Sullivan, C. Sullivan. Fifth row: Tellyer, D. Titus, F. Titus, Tribe, Trott, Turley. Fourth rowi Turner, Van Scyoc, Van Stone, Vaughn, Vogle, Voice. Third row: Wagner Wal- lace, Walton, J. Weaver, M.Wc-aver, Webber.Second row: Wesson, Whitley, Whitwell, Wilder, Wildharbcr, Willis. Bottom row: Wilson, Wodars, Wood, B. Wright, M. Wright. AGATHA L. WILDHARBER Basketball 25 Hockey 25 Volleyball 25 Base- ball 25 G. A. A. 25 Tumbling Club 45 Knit- ting Club 4. IAMES R. WILLIS Football l, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Boxing 45 Golden Gloves Tournament- Light Heavyweight Champion 45 Block T 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice-President 3, President 4. RACHEL F. WILSON Redondo Union High School l, 25 Basketball 45 Volleyball l, 25 Hockey 2, 45 Speeclball 3, 45 G. A. A. 45 Girl Reserves 45 Girls' "R" Club 2. GERALDINE MAE WODARS G. A. A, 15 Scholarship Society 15 German Club 3, Treasurer 35 Class Vice-President 35 Prom Committee 35 Commencement Com- mittee 45 "Derrick" Art Staff 2, 3, 4, RALPH W. WOOD Whittier Union High School 2. BETTY PEARL WRIGHT Santa Barbara High School l, 25 Art Club Z5 Scholarship Society 25 "Derrick" Art Club 3. 45 Health Poster Contest 15 "Gusher" Copy Reader 3, Exchange Editor 3, Art Editor 3, 45 "Derrick" Art Staff 4. MELBA IEAN WRIGHT Clovis Union High School l5 G. A. A. I, Z, 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Hockey 1, Z, 3, 45 Volleyball l, 2, 3, 45 Soccer 35 Baseball l, Z, 3, 4. -r 52? fgggfgg lil! 'xp Sr, K r - his fin bk' 1-1, 5 45: is -.!."leYQ',:'-cg '-3' 2'S'2"". jeff' figej ' ' 'ii' 75 ' A se, " 2 -va? 1,1 X' . -' lrirl ".412gfI5s,ff?ifgze-Mfg ff -- 'fig "tif,-'X ,: ig, '-55: - ' I I-'I '1ii'- QR -r' ', 'I if: U N I O R C L A S S OFFICERS High First Semester Low EUGENE ODELL ......,.. ....,.... P resident ,..,,.... ......... C ECII.. MURDOCK ORAN NEWTON ...., ..... . .. .,,.,,.. Vice-President .,,,..... .......................,,, D AVID LUTTON IANE COFFEE .,..,,.,.........,. ...Secretary-Treasurer ,....., .....A.............. B ARBARA BARTLETT MISS PAULINE LYON ......,.,, .............. A dviser ..,........... ......., M ISS DOROTHY HENDERSON High Second Semester Low CECIL MURDOCK ......,.. ............, P resident ..,......,... ........... H OWARD HALL DAVID LUTTON .,.....,...,.,,,..I......., .....,Y. V ice-President ,........ .....,...,,.. B ILL PATTERSON BARBARA BARTLETT ,,,,..,,.,...,,,.... ....... S ecretary-Treasurer ....... .......... I OHNNY KENSINGER MISS DOROTHY HENDERSON ....,.... .,..,......... A dviser ...........,.. .......... M R. G. B. NOAKES ' Senior Low PRESIDENT ......,....... ....A,............... VICE-PRESIDENT .....,.. ........... SECRETARY ......... ,........EUGENE ODELL ORAN NEWTON COFFEE ADVISER ,.,..,.,,,, ....,..,. M ISS PAULINE LYON TOP PICTURE-Back row: Hogan, Lott, McBrien, Kensinger, Lewis, Mosher, Crawford, Mason, Hedrick, Maize, Murray. Third row: Shaffer, Barnes, Scott, Nichols, Hengst, Kinnebrew, Hoffman, Rader, Oliver, Tardiff, Le Valley. Second row: Slentz, McCall, Brown, Layfield, Harder, O'Dell, Baker, Blank- inship, Lamb, Radford, Chappell. Front row: Gregory, W. O'Dell, Hitson, Townsend, Shelton, Cullins, Sather, Blackwell, Reed, Hulse, Reid. FIFTH PICTURE-Back row: Alexander, Winslow, LeClear, Kehoe, McNatt, Traweek, Lippert, Covey, Gotcher, Silcox, Forgie. Third row: Hamilton, Hagler, Slentz, Rothwell, Potter, Dawson, Davis, Howard, Allison, Stewart, Brogden. Second row: H. Hall, Krigbaum, Park, Patterson, Fisher, Black, F. Hall, Barrett, Taylor, Donnel, Hogan. Front row: Casparis, Adams, Cook, Evans, Reichard, Nicholson. Madson, Bolerjack, Nisbet, Noell, Donnel. FOURTH PICTURE-Back row: Reagan, Prescott, Hobbs, Fitzpatrick, Lisman, McCarty, Rafferty, Sauls- bury, Townsend, Agee, LeProhn. Third row: Butler, Appling, Baker, Bullman, Hayden, Stanley, Faughn, Porcho, Lowe, Quisenberry, Fullbright. Second row: Freeman, Brandenberg, Wood, Baker, Hess, Phebus, Swinney, LaMarsna, Preston, Stevens, Lutton. Front row: Gordon, Davis, Sieck, Lee, Rush, Rector, Fry, Des Cormiers, Asbury, Sorter, Turner. THIRD PICTURE-Back row: Hall, Brooks, Roberts, McKain, Kinney, Sears, Heck, Garratt, Newton, Carney, Schmitt, Clammer. Third row: Kofahl, Clark, Townsend, Graham, Druliard, Leep, Pinkham, Moore, Porter, Farnham, Eddinger, Ioppini. Second row: Demaray, Brown, McNeese, Anderson, Con- radt, Monson, Diffenbaugh, Evans, Ellett, Wells, Ellis, Stonbraker. Front row: Doyle, Eidson, Reyes, Clark, Brooks, Holt, Pell, Christian, Campbell, Torrey, Culp, Smith. ' SECOND PICTURE-Back row: Stuart, Small, Odell, Scott, Thomas, Lynch, Crafts, Danford, Upton, Baker, Gooding. Fourth row: Stirn, Curry, Johnston, Schwalel, Morgan, Wurster, Shea, Howard, Iordan, Peahl. Third row: Rogers, Bartlett, Vineyard, Ware, Scott, Erickson, Seymour, Kolarik, Sewell, Ray, Carlisle. Second Row: McCool, Wheeler, Brown, Ieffress, Waldner, Kommers, Grissom, Orloff, Smith, Rintoul, Fleming. Front row: Fedewa, Witte, Cleveland, Tucker, Meyer, Brown, Reaves, Macaulay, Schulz, Leach, Ieitery, Welch. BOTTOM PICTURE--Back row: Colston, Nichols, Ferguson, Skeen, Iohnson, Graue, Alldredge, Mon- cier, Walter, Murdock, Melloway, Romines. Third row: Puryear, Halliday, Davis, Santsche, Keckler, Wright, Hart, Fredburg, Griifeath, Krohn, Hall. Second row: A. Cameron, Lewis, Sather, Romines, Beene, Rornines, Nix, Schoenly, Watts, Hollingsworth, Lingo, Lippert. Front row: Waddell, Varner, Gray, Blue, Edwards, Heasley, Oxford, Snyder, Hessick, Fox, Gill. 18 ll ,F rf 5 m f 1. V -4 V . . V, V T an . x ?!?ljgz..? Q MA V ff, 1 5 QA vm 'rf' M ,B V 444+ w W A ... ' 5 Af S Q ' , n Vg 5-,M M, W 'VW f Q - ms? ' WW 5 My ,i,.q ,,,, is 'Q . I' '25 Q V Q 1: ' YO W md ,pix E, ' 5 L .. We W . ' X I 4 1 5' ' V 'NM ' QQ QM FS -5 h . S Q ss W 'VJ N 3 ' mlm ,QM " 2 255' EVE fi Q VSV M eVe 'ivy '?V 'QQ f .if wtf Ysfif, ' 941- if 3,-as-R"?qfl',2 K 1 OPI-ICMCRR Cl .ASS E51 " 'Fw 'T'-' ' 1? U- fi gffy:-jr 'Rte-fe' ff' q:4gKtgLff'5j ' rr , 4' h' P 55155-?1iQzi:Y.'93f,f5"' ef? 45 me-f.-2, OFFICERS High First Semester Low HOWARD HALL .,..,,... ,A,,.,.,, P resident ..,..... ....A.......... I ACK DYKES BILL PATTERSON ,..,,...,,. ..,,, V ice-President .......... ,,..,.., R OBERT GARLOW IOHNNY KENSINGER ..,..., .,..,..,. S ecretary-Treasurer ................,....,...,.,,..,..,...,...... DOUGLAS GALL MISS MABEL MYERS ........ ............ A dviser .......A,... MRS. RUTH KOFAHL MCMASTERS High Second Semester Low IACK DYKES ............,.. ...,...., P resident ......... .......... E DDIE MCCORMICK ROBERTGARLOW ..,..... .,...,. V ice-President ..,.,,,. ....,.,. M ARGUERITE RULE DOUGLAS GALL .....................,.....,.......,....... Secretary-Treasurer ....., . .................... PATRICIA KEEFE MRS. RUTH KOFAHL MCMASTERS ...... ,,..,......Adviser.......... MRS. MARY BRADY RYAN TOP PICTURE-Back row: Hillis, Smith, Swearingin, Ito, Iordan, Teel, Eding, Hastings, Dykes. Third row: Westfall, Scott, Macfarlane, Rule, Niebel, Lewis, Sturdevant, Phebus, Brockett, Wright. Second row: Iohnson, McAllister, Marks, Schwab, Cawelti, Lovitt, Borgsdorf, Aldrich, Iohnston. Front row: Silcox, Cuthbertson, D. DeClue, Stewart, Brandenburg, Paulsen, Farnham, Feliz, Williamson, Andrews. FIFTH PICTUREABack row: Parris, Saulsbury, Kilmer, Nance, Campbell, Arndt, Beard, Nichols, Hittle. Third row: Heaps, Pickrell, Schwab, Hayden, MacKenzie, Vada Payne, Iohnson, Gregory, Scott, Potter. Second row: McCormick, Grimes, McCall, Handy, Mitchell, Shelton, Garrison, Cameron, Christian. Front row: Verna Payne, Fedewa, Rathbern, Stewart, Fitzpatrick, Martinez, Schilling, Holden, Nixon. Finley. FOURTH PICTURE-Back row: Morris, Clark, Pruitt, Deakins, Donaldson, Dosier, Byers, Brice, McClel- lan, Achatz. Third row: Tiffany, Richardson, Nunes, Rockholt, Ballangee, Brown, Edmonds, Rennels, Freeman, Casley, Palmer, Sunderland. Second row: Pewitt, Brackett, Schmidt, Smith, Calbert, Schas- teen, Pennoyer, Slone, LaBarthe, Price, Ike. Front row: Cooper, Young, Markley, Leach, Peahl, Aqee, Fox, K. DeClue, McGee, Ingersoll. THIRD PICTURE-Back row: Wright, Lyon, Dischler, Berryhill, Cruzan, Hatfield, Bramham, B. Pruitt. I. Pruett, Haven, Thompson, Boness. Third row: Benson, Bacon, Love, Iennings, Bachelder, Hitchings, Cameron, Derden, Dixon, lesse, Koker. Second row: Peden, Beall, Steen, Barber, Garlow, Fuller, Peter- son, Brenoel, Redman, Franz, Dawson, G. Phillips. Front row: Schumaker, Hovis, Chapman, Crawley, Allbritton, Thomas, Graue, Buchanen, Pittman, Manning, V. Phillips. SECOND PICTURE-Back row: Wilson, B. Wilson, Klinge, Hawthorne, Pruitt, Billingsley, Eng, Rader, LeGar. Third row: Canady, Lott, Loperena, Reagan, Davidson, McGuire, Simms, Lippert, Phillips. Moore. Second row: Bilby, Slater, Kelly, Smith, Chandler, Tripp, Huddleston, Rockwell, Miller. Front row: Hunter, Cook, Probst, Laase, Fedewa, Scheidt, Lewis, Crawford, Hedrick, Hunter. BOTTOM PICTURE-Back row: Long, Christian, Brogden, Robey, Herrod, Crossan, Seymour, Vaughn, Hefton, Wilder. Third row: Sherlock, Robertson, Moore, Denton, Kennedy, LeCount, McGinley, Porter, Johnston, Fletcher, Townsend, Stock. Second row: Brown, Turley, Cline, Cronin, Walton, Hiney, Childs, Mills, Cook, Vineyard, Taylor. Front row: Stamback, Treece, Patterson, Stone, Allen, E. Stone, Yearout, Hart, Tinker, McFarland, Pruitt, Douglas. 20 ZFX! G3 Y. FQ 12. .YJ fam, vi 'VV' E13 .H n' H 21? H:- L' 4: PKK' M .43 fjgj SJ ,ix ' i fi' 'fri 1.5 5. 1' T X 5' 4 gi 53' .,-. nf Q, 'ff' LEX V .JA -51 YS' EEE fi" gn. 14 'J .. 'fe N W , if FP ,ff ' xii! T1 ii 'Aj ., K, - M iz' 1, ,- fix K3 Ms Lil. E'-r 1 .W 1, v 591 x. 2713 J Nh +441 'Q I. A ,., Q' fs ll fr if A gl , A fi' 'x sp V fi ..,u fs 9' gif 553 'm A-5: XJ" PJ M 2 ,- ,. eff ' 7 133 'H x -K ' N ,J ,. , ..f. V7 ,-,, 'QE ,fir utr l v N 'qu Q! LL N-. f 5 ,Il ,C 1. .J 4,5 9111 kr? 3 .1 73' . ,A Ui, ,.g, .M ..,.. fw gg: 2' v ifhgxgi 'C -x?,i A 1.1 Ifa 'X wr-A ya 'ur' 4 ft? -fs fit -1 v . zffffx-Q LT553- i 1 -' Q79 Q. . 1' - 5 I' P -5 ffl .-4- . " 2 ' , 1 , - F A1 3. ' 'AW I' -vAfi". s' , . f . 1- .-gr.-. - n .1 ,n IW, .D 'A ' 'f':'clj"-" of if 'A 1 3a':r,:'3?.'.6! iv , .L i, L 9.-115' , .- - ,. , , wffv' .L - ,P'.', 5' 1 i. AJ . 1: . 3x,f"-..'IC- .,-., . - . .Ev if . .3-. 4, ..-j .ff RESHMAN CLASS High EDDIE MCCORMICK ......,. MARGUERITE RULE ,....... PATRICIA KEEFE ........,.....,.....,.. ........ OFFICERS First Semester ...H..,President.....,... .,..,.....Vice-Presidents... .Secretary-Treasurer. ....., ....... . MRS. MARY BRADY RYAN .....,.A. ................ A dviser ,.,,....., PRESIDENT .............. VICE-PRESIDEN T ...,....,..,,,......, SECRETARY-TREASURER .....,... ADVISER ,... ..,..... . . ,,.............,. Second Semester Low ..........BILLY RINTOUL ..,.....FRlEDA IACKSON MARIORIE HAMILTON MR. LEE A. WITHROW ..........BILLY RINTOUL ........FRIEDA IACKSON MARIORIE HAMILTON MR. LEE A. WITHROW TOP PICTURE-Back row: Fuller, Moncier, Kruger, E. Williams, Owen, McGuire, Crowley, Rintoul. Third row: Schultz, Brown, Endicott, Griffeath, Letlow, Amadisto, Hern, T. Haney. Second row: Kiel- man, Bace, Kelly, Lazar, Watts, Powell, Sherman, Steiger. Front row: Walters, Sunderland, Hoff, Rum- baugh, Ross, White, Terry, Donnel. FIFTH PICTURE--Back row: R. Rhoten, R. Williams, W. Haney, Bridges, Plaugher, Quinn, Roberts, Foster, I. Rhoten. Third row: Dana, Evans, Lacy, Sanford, M. Hamilton, Hill, Potts, Iackson, Mullins. Second row: Richardson, Sinqletary, McNutt, Dennis, Wirts, C. Hamilton, Beck, C. Foster. Front row: Webber, Phillips, Harder, Susoeff, Graves, Law, Kurtz, Schultz, Gamby. FOURTH PICTUREfBack row: McFaddin, Witte, Stafford, Conant, Lester, Cauffman, Cook, Stratton. Third row: Pinney, Wallace, Boyd, Puryear, Childs, Lisman, lvester, Patterson. Second row: O'Dell, Callen, Brown, Collett, Alley, Hittle, Caldero, Gibson. Front row: A. Davis, Clinton, Cooper, Elliott. Schwafel, Snyder, Oakley, Carney, Bartlett. THIRD PICTURE-Back row: Pierce, Clark, Olding, Frank, Poler, Moore, Vaughn, Iohnson. Third row: Hankins, Beatty, Blair, Duthie, Bilbey, Agee, Treece, Rockwell, Gill. Second row: Poli, Rogers, Baker, Kirwan, Widen, McCoo1, Vaught, Lewis, Wood. Front row: Ingersoll, Huson, Griffith, Sansome, Bradley, McCain, Hart, Calbert, Curry. SECOND PICTURE-Back row: Krohn, Sarter, Halley, Pruitt, Osborne, Mclntyre, Scheideck, Kohli. Third row: Deaubler, Anderson, W. Smith, Antonqiovanni, Rosevear, Porter, Wallen, Orton. Second row: White, Brannurn, Finster, Morgan, Borga, Lowell, Monson, Martinez. Front row: Varner, Kliewer, Simons, R. Smith, Hagler, Keckler, Butler, O'Brien. BOTTOM PICTURE-Back row: Brant, Archibald, Foster, Baxter, Eidson, Stephens, Gregory, Malm. Van Scyoc. Third row: Owen, Lopey, Amburn, Godbey, Schmitt, M. Clark, Chappell, Lutton, Houts. Second row: Richard, Hitson, Robey, Hawthorne, E. Haney, Bennett, Shea, Simmons, Davis. Front row: Blackwell, Iohnson, Ruch, Kuwahara, Hunter, Mueller, Hall, Humphries, Eddinqer. 22 I I Lt I 4 I I E I Y E I l J E I c 5 .1 Q05 4. F! Y x, 1 C 'E 'sv 65 Sq "Wk Y H y 335 ,Q gqkifj W .3 1, ii fl was 45 9 Fa 1 ' - N X,.. g .gi E Af 3? QM H: Q , , , . e v -' r1'.vf1- H -A" -ff QM . 'fl :'g,K.l? ,. 1 35.1 2: -1 1. n el.. 1. 1 L 1 m 1 1. g X 1 V, . .LK , I Q ' K 1 -M 1 ' P . . . Q U W KV 'AQAJI ,ffl ,fly . JJ H. N " ,Lf ' , J'f"' ,J ffm' ff'f"J N Mpl ffhfzf' dj 79 yviyly ' ' VLA YVJXL . X Q5 729' X 3' 2 A 44 'T jwfffjj' A My Q9 ffm 4,1yf' "'f . - , ll: f fx ff, Yfglza, up '74-f'-710. ,coke .9 X. ' , ' ,O--u..,, , 4 ,H ,. .. fl- .1 ' , VW, I V I A V ' Www f60-Z-W 2' Lb. Z"!"E""'-J . jig. Z: 44 - 3 F Y"'?"'6"b"'M-'f ff'-W-vw 'A if 'Lffdi 7 ' Z W M MMM Id .: I ' , I , I A Q . -1 n r, 'LW W We are the actors. As we act, we pass briefly across the slaqe ai our high school years, and The parts that we play are reflected in our lives. ACTIVITIES K .1 'I ' Yr , .-pg" I lv, - E in .3- fm 24,5 fl U L ' am,J J ,mm JJ-can 7,11-fd-ooff' ,4'w,,4,,44J4fa-M fwjflf ,awfd Um -WP W .1 l ' J . yd ffWw A blk. :M C, 50 " fx -, , 21155832 -P 'f', w'7I' f!F fYV1"lYJ , WN "4F-f- 9W2'f7?Tl'-h 'N 'TTY '49, WIS '1i.9'H.R9.alh !-'Sw 4 FEB. - J I v K ..,f,s.,y-.x.Na-st... Q ,ix f My - wx' . .Q asf-xi-1 ' ' . K ' MM"-.ffl. ew l 9 XX .N-:tafytifgis TOP-Yell Leaders on the field. CENTER--Lett to riqhf: Clark, Doughty, Sullivan, Dear, Bird. BOTTOM-Traclcstcrs check out equipment. THE SPORT SPOTLIGHT Pompons streaming viv- idly and bouyantly, ye'l leaders racing vigorously to and fro, spectators rising to their feet in the surge of excitementethus the first game of the season took its place among the year's highlights. The strains, "Taft High, we love you, Taft High . . . lustily sung by the student body, clearly showed the spirit of the stu- dents. "Enthusiasm" was the password in these games, as it was in the club activities with the stu- dents efficiently and zeal- ously carrying out the aims and purposes of each ac- tivity. Along with this en- thusiasm carne co-opera- tion--co-operation among the members of the teams as they ran interference and carried the ball and co- operation among the mem- bers of the clubs as they served on different commit- tees and did their part in makinq their activities suc- cessful. Truly a joyous and progressive Year was 1935- l936 for the students. iv '35 -If -4 1,4 A 14",g'9g'fik ,133 + .a-cg, 5943. A -fifviv' iggffffk QSJGTU ,u - 45 ,. 1 . 4- w. - , ' :Z 'If M' . , . ' . D -gg Q-1:11--nf ,Eglitaq 1' , - 4 iff 'D ' ' -. -1-as A sis '-qu,-Y n J .lf -3 'gg -e - ' --'.. -, , - . . . , ,., if , . I ' 1 if-.4-T?-.. 1 u, ,ygsf '--JL" . , ', Q ln. 'f Ia 'hilt' Jilin ll I IJ D C I I S .. , V y, After dropping their opening game to Paso Robles by the narrow margin of one point, the Wildcats returned to home soil and turned in one of their best per- formances of the year, holding the powerful Santa Barbara State Frosh eleven to a score of 6-O. Expecting an easy victory, Santa Barbara was amazed to find their opponents fighting them to a standstill for three quarters, but in the final period they made a drive down the field which Taft was unable to stop. The Wildcats, playing a fine offensive game in their next contest, defeated a strong Fresno State Frosh team 14-O. Big Dick Snyder, Taft fullback, provided a thrill for the fans when he raced 82 yards for the first score. Encountering one of the speediest teams ever to appear in the Martin Memor- ial Stadium, Taft lost the next game 12-O to Loyola, the State Catholic Prep cham- pions. Although fighting valiantly, the Wildcats were unable to halt the ever- forward march of the Southern team or the flying feet of its elusive captain. Following in the wake of Loyola, Cathedral High invaded Taft but was re- pelled, 7-0. The fine kicking of Soares, Cathedral fullback, held the Wildcats in check until a fourth-period drive resulted in a touchdown. ln each of the next three games Taft was defeated, losing to Santa Maria 13-O, San Luis Obispo 12-7, and Occidental Frosh 30-12. ln the final game of the season the Wildcats lost to their traditional rivals and the Valley champions, Bakersfield, 25-O. The Wildcats, snarling and fighting, held their mighty opponents to a single touchdown in the first half, but were unable to stop the power and speed displayed by their foes in the second half. Gilbert Downs, tackle, was the capable captain of the 1935 Wildcat squad, while Bob Loperena was voted the Service Award for his consistently good football in the halfback position. Coach lohnston capably coached the team. WILDCATS-Back row: Lavelle, Morgan, McKain, Grissom, Lynch, Fairbanks, Mack Jones, Orloft, Kommers. Third row: Odell, Captain Downs, Snyder, Klinge, Blakeney, Dykes, Willis, Monte Jones. Second row: Cameron, Ellett, Huey, Hubbard, Long, Smith, Quigley, Brice, Coach Johnston. Front row: Manager Agee, Donnell, Barrett, Loperena, Murdock, Stonbraker, Taylor, Clark, Manager Townsend. 26 P33 ' . ,drYi5Q1" .P 'rr'-9' Jr' u'f'Ti'i3",c. 'U"r'-"5"lX" 'W .. ,,"YIg4Vi6-fri: - z.. :ny-:.v 1-wr ?'l'39f."'2Ja'7i,sF.'.R'.lfi 5-3' tfifl .f. 5 1'-' sri, 1' UPPER LEFT: Loperena, winner of the Service WILDCAT SCHEDULE Award. September 28 Paso Robles e,,,,,e.,, 7 Tait. CENTER: Occidental game. Odober 5 S. B. S. Frosh ..,....... 6 Tait. UPPER RIGHT: Downs, captain oi Wildcats. october 11 Fresno S. Frosh .... O Tait. LowER LEFTeeBLUE SQUAD: Back row 0Ct0ber19 Manager Pittman, Cuthbertson, Beatty, Small Loyolq P FFFF' FF""' 1 2 Taft' I S October 26 Weaver, Ienmnqs, Upton, Cooley, Seale. ec Cathedral In " ...Ww O Taft. ond row: Coach Hartranit, Demaray, Wells November 2 Plauqher, Graham, Moodle, Brown, Gibson SUNG MUUU-f ---'-f- 13 Taft' Manaqer Scott. Front row: Lewis, Stratton Novemberg San Luis Obispo..l2 Taft. Minton, Foster, Blakeney, Doolittle, Hitchcock, November 11 Turner, Captain Haynes. Occidental Frosh..3U Tait. November 23 LOWER RIGHT: Haynes, captain of Blues. Bakersfield .,,, ....,.. Q 5 Taft, ,JL wrt vwv ,jeff in J' he k. K-'xii' lv -A dw .Qin R f ,ik ,angigihcgih PK, xx wr ,,. . A' - N 1 5, ' A . f 'Q ' , .AV- uw ' ,SL 'wif I x v ' iif - . ' .16 ',- ,. ir AJ ':"1'ff'? is '- I A .V E .. ' - 'Du' 'Q v L .4 , . .NAP Th f I - I I e- ' - if. .g M L+'-..s,fj.,-3 Under Coaches Helma and Mackersie the Taft Lightweights played a bang- up brand of football during the 1935 season, frorn Kuwahara's opening touch- down against the Maricopa unlimited team to Drake-'s final tally in the County championship fracas with the Bakersfield Sandabs. After playing more than three quarters of scoreless football with the powerful Wasco heavyweights, the Bobcats, led by Captain Wagner, made an unhalting drive from their own 12- yard line until they struck "pay dirt." After being badly outplayed during the first half of the game with Loyola, Taft turned seeming defeat into victory by a brilliant counter attack in the third and fourth quarters. Then, breaking the light-heavyweight Atascadero team's record of no defeats and an uncrossed goal line, Taft overcame these former champions, although encountering the finest speed and power found in any of its opponents. With a spotless record behind them the Bobcats faced the crucial test, the County championship game, and won the title for the first time in six years. ln the second quarter a sustained drive of 76 yards, made possible by perfect block- ing, was culminated by the making of the first score by Hogan, Winner of the Service Award. In the next period Taft scored again, with Drake catching a pass on the dead run and sprinting 25 yards to the goal. The Bobcats have lost but one game during the last two years and this season have scored nineteen touchdowns and twelve conversions to their opponents' two touchdowns and one conversion. Their success was due to the will to win, team co-operation, and the help of the coaches. After the Taft-Bakersfield game Referee Lopez informed the coaches that Taft had the finest running, blocking, and play-executing team he had seen in the high school football season of 1935. "Come on, Wagncr!" yells the crowd at the Maricopa game. 28 LEFT: Harold Hogan, winner of the Service BOBCAT SCHEDULE Award' September 20 RIGHTZ Clark Wagner, captain oi Bobcats. MUNCOPU f P Tall' September 27 CENTER: Tait makes touchdown in Maricopa Delcmo Y U TCH game' October 5 BQTTQM PlCTURE BOBCATS: Back row: Shatter , O Tait McNeely, Smith, Mitchell, Cauiinian, Berry- October 8 hill, Robey, Conant, Loviti, Murray, I. Carn- Waggg , , , O Taft eron. Third row: Miller, Silcox, Gall, Fisher, October 19 Park, Sullivan, Byers, Donaldson, Peterson, Loyola , , U Tait Patterson, Rafferty, Campbell, Black. Second October 25 row: Coach Helma, H. Hall, Ramsey, A. Cam- Kinqsbura . , U Tait eron, Linqo, Small, Hamilton, Haven, Garratt, November 2 Barber, Harold Hogan, Alexander, F. Hall, Tehachapi 7 Taft Coach Mackersie. Front row: Manaqer Mc- November 9 Brien, Shelton, Captain Wagner, Sanders, Atascadero ., .,,.,,. O Tait Dykes, Kriqbauni, Kuwahara, Drake, Mason, November 15 Howard Hogan, lohnson, Manaqer Lutton. Bakersfield , , , O Tait A A 12 28 19 7 14 20 13 'I ' is-rzfl? 3 Y in 2 'gt' ' all A 0 syiglddl X +9 ' 'ew' -"L sa pqm 'EH' if 4 ' "q...,L5 'f .. Aj, . ,,. f 7 . gl' FQ' I Ii: .' . 1- " - Ve" 1 A -4 , ' ' ' wtf. 'R -Ad' .. Q Zn- 4- . f try - -3-- 7481. "'- - 'Q -J. :., 9 :flat q.?? kiwi, , "L, ' -7 TN 9- ASKETEERS Crushing McFarland 18-10, the Wildcat basketball squad began a very suc- cessful season, which was marred only by a few early-season defeats at the hands of powerful opponents. Undaunted by their reverses, the "A" Class improved with each game. Their ability to play a fine brand of basketball was demonstrated when they twice decisively defeated Bakersfield to win the County championship, earning the right to play in the semi-finals for the Valley cham- pionship. With a Valley championship in view the Wildcats faltered and dropped a hard-fought contest to the strong Visalia five, losing by a single point. Iohn Lavelle, dependable guard, was elected captain of the squad. Odell, center, and Murdock, guard, were high scorers for the season. Proving themselves worthy successors to last year's undefeated Bobcats, this season's lightweight cage artists overwhelmed McFarland 30-9 and began a long string of victories broken only by the Santa Barbara Sophomore Class "A" team and the University of California 145-Pounders. The basket-bombing Bobcats easily defeated all "B" Class competition except Bakersfield, whom they barely nosed out 28-26 in their first encounter. In the second contest with the Sandabs, the Bobcats proved themselves real champions by coming back, after trailing l8-10 at the half, to win by a score of 23-20. Ethridge Drake, flashy forward, was elected captain. Other outstanding players were Wagner, Howard Hogan, and Sanders, forwards: Garratt, centerg and Harold Hogan and Cameron, guards. Due to the inexperience of the players, the Kittens were greatly handicapped this year. They showed flashes of potential power, but they met defeat more times than victory and lost the County championship. Although the newer players turned in commendable performances, the work of the two veterans of the squad, Captain Burel McBrien, guard, and Mitchell, forward, was outstanding. "A" CLASS BASKETBALL TEAM - Back row: Coach Johnston, Bell, Captain La- velle, Jones, B. Blakeney, Odell, D. Blakeney. Front row: Saulsburv, Mur- dock, Endicott, Johnston, Her- rod, Newton, Lopercna. 30 " .lg :nn .V4 7, . tba N-v .'. -5- GL fin Q41 - J ,I'ZFi1' bi"Pf 3 A . '.uZ::ua..e,e1,:nsf-.Ar a h.L JBUK3 f' 11-Iu naapv gzsys K. 1-1-paw .q-.-X C 3:5 ',-'fs ul?-'WNY f!.'u-ill '1 1: '-'V+ 7. P""N-I 4 -,sgxfkgz ...rug Ln- v",fL'Pl Jxmvxfagc- , 5165471- Fw!" MPT! 'HUT C, ' .J . C' 'SS 1 .lvl Endicott literally dives inta the air far this arm. McBrien, "C" Class Captain, Drake, "B" Class Captain, and Lavvlle, "A"Class Captain, practice far the Brq Ganrv Lavelle rinas one up for Taft. BELOW, LEFT The "C" Class Squad: Back raw: Manaqer' Iohrrson, Hawthorne, Hastinqs, Clark, Mosher, Miller. Second row: Aaron, Hess, Garlow, Gervais, Srnith, Mit- clrell. Front row: Captain Mc:Briarr, Shelton, Parris, Ken- sirrqor, Cameron, Huddleston. RIGHT "B" Class Squad: Back row: Coach Lee, Srnall, Garratt, Anderson, Manaasr' Schastesn. Second raw: Hall, Cameron, LeClear, Hogan. Front raw: Wcrarier, lVlc'Neoly, Patterson, Captain Drake, Sanders. Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class A B C A B C A B C A A B Taft, Taft, Taft Taft Taft Taft Taft Taft Taft Taft Taft Taft BASKETBALL SCHEDULE ffl 24 18 26 HU 9 l 4 1112 ll ll? QU December 7 December 14 Decernber 20 December 21 Ianuary 3 lvfsfarland, , Mclfarland, Mcljar land , Oxnard . Oxnard Oxnard Glendale, Glendale ,, Glendale Beverly Hills Santa Barbara Santa Barbara IU 9 ll fl-1 9 2U 35 i5 13 'il 34 22 Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class C, A B C A B A B C A B A B A B C A B L, A B L, A Taft, Taft Taft Taft Taft Taft Taft Taft Taft Taft: Taft Taft Taft Taft Taft: Taft Taft. Taft, Taft, Taft, Taft, Taft, Taft, Ianuary 10 Ianuary 11 Ccirrrptarr Carrrptarr Carnptan U. of C. l4b lla, Team ll. at C. 145119. Team Ianuary 17 Ianuary 18 Ianuary 25 Ianuary 28 February 15 February 21 February 28 Dralarrw Delano Dvlarra Visalia Visalia Bakerrstivhji Bakersfifiild Bakersfievlri Wasro Wasca Wcrsc'o Shaffer' Shatter Slraftfir , Bakersfrvld Bakersfield Bakersfield Visalia Qi, .gg p x IV JS.: :iris A 'te 'tru :U gavgfi 6 ,hd f O 1 'Wad' Yfsrggy Wlrf-6 kqlyla S .gnu , ,G r' -5 rf '. ' thi. l wr - i 'uw '. xg, 'r ' ' "Jud ya- 1 ' " '. 'ul 1.5 A "-. fam' ' Afhlf, :ffl A ,,J. , ""3f.:, 'L l' 4'-L' . Q" f -""Q 'VL tl 4. Y ' .' ' . 4 .1l" I -'. .4 1yh.',,L.q . lfs. J in: J . ' f- , J.. I--. . ffnf Gr: ,.1n..1,-1.3 4' ' -I ,H INDER SQUADS Under Coaches l-lartranft and Williamson this year's tracksters, by placing second in the County, third in the Valley, and third in the West Coast Re- lays, have proved themselves to be the strongest track team ever to rep- resent Taft High. The Taft cinderpaih artists opened the season by enterinq five men in the Lona Beach Relays, where they took a second, two thirds, and a fourth. This was followed by the Paso Robles dual meet, which the Wildcats won 75 576 to 47 U67 the Bobcats, 64lf3 to l2 2,'3g and the Kittens, 44V2 to 32V2. ln the Bakersfield Relays the "A" and "C" Classes finished second, and the "B" Class third: and in the Tulare Relays all three classes finished third. A four-way meet was the next exhibition of the track men. In it Taft totaled 272 points, to 78 273 for Delano, 20 U3 for Tehachapi, and 3 for McFarland. ln the Bakersfield dual meet the Taft trackmen turned in their finest performances of the year, winning 7llf2 to 59lf2 in the "A" division, winning 49lf2 to 45lf2 in the "B," and losing 64 576 to 21 lf6 in the ln this meet six school records were broken, two were tied, and one Valley standard was beaten. Those who consistently broke records this year were Snyder, Orloff, and Dykes in the Class "A" shoieputg Stockman and Lloyd Small in the 120 hiqh hurdles: Snyder in the 220-yard dashg Simons in the football throw: Odell in the hop-step-jump, Forqie, lohnson, Hogan, and Mason in the Class "B" 440-yard relayg Paul, Lester, Rush, and Gall in the Class "C" 440-yard relayg Gall in the 330-yard dashp and Lewis in the pole-vault. Records have been tied by Snyder in the Class "A" lOU-yard dash and by Prescott in the Class "B" 660-yard dash. A CLASS TRACK-Back row: Konnrners, Monson, Orloft, Morgan, Fairbanks, Titus, Cooley, Stockmari, Snyder, Dykes. Third row: Coach Hartranft, Heulsr, Flenarty, Simons, Odell, Johnson, B. Small, D. Taylor, L. Small, Manager Deniaray. Second row: Foster, Boutwell, Quigley, Graham, Hatfield, Haven, Doolittle, Jasperson, Springer, Barrett. Front row: Captain Donnel, Fishsr, Beall, Stonbralcer, Lingo, Romincs, R. Taylor, Turnor, Waqner, 32 N vi Ll: and 1'.123u.'W' ' .alitfk N, If I 5 f '. 1 t " fzdinf u -...- .rv.lJ!'-' ATG! " dill Li Qaia-Eff u.m.23.m'?s.Fe:n rr-v IBIS 2:'?htw-' -:iii TOP PICTURE CLASS TRACK TEAM: Back row: Cawelti, Gall, Alley, Cworlow, Hitchcock, Manaqer Crafts, Stranq, LaBarthe, Pruett, Marks, Winslow, Beard. Third row: Lewis, Oldinq, Weaver, Captain Mitchell, Hittle, LeProhn, Te-el, Baker, Arndt, Morgan, Iohnson. Second row: Rush, Enq, Vaughn, Parris, Lovitt, Harder, Paulson, Pilqrim, Prewett, Platzek, Slentz. Front row: Miller, Beatty, Wildharber, Tripp, Watts, LeGar, Crowley, Foster, Brandt, Garratt, Simmons, McCormick. BOTTOM PICTURE "B" CLASS TRACK TEAM: Back row: Manaqer Brice, Turley, Wilder, Anderson, Wardrip, McNutt, Cline, Shasteen, Coach Williainson. Third row: Barber, Donaldson, Byers, Hamilton, Petersen, Conant, Winslow, Cauffnian, H. I-Ioqan. Second row: Grimes, Sul- livan, Wood, Gotcher, Lippert, Prescott, Colbert, Colbert, I. Hogan. Front row: Captain Mason, Sanders, Rafferty, Ferguson, Reagan, Beene, Forqie, Silcox, Dykes, Murray, LEFT: Mason, "B" Class Captain. RIGHT: Mitchell, "C" Class Captain. LOWER CENTER: Donnel, "A" Class Captain, TRACK SCHEDULE March 7, , Lana Beach Relays March 2l Paso Robles Meet March 28 Bakersfield Relays April ll to Tulare Relays April I8 Delano,McFarland,TehachapiMeet April 25 , Bakersfield Meet May 2 . County Meet May 9 Valley Meet May I6 ,,,.,,, ..r, W est Coast Relays May 23, ,, State Meet K a A if W 'P' EL? "zaT?.a'?.1f5 i Eff 43' 51535-sn ffiwtevg, -age ,f-5 lo e-Htl' tj NS ig F, 1 K iw + ' : as -r :ik I gc-V If ".' ti' cj.. F 11 ig: .sei-Lg :.5:5,.1 'AT . -E' T' i4.""1 E. -- -At 1-'Thi' " 'l " 'T-if T' l-I L E 'T' E S A L L Besides sponsoring such sports as football, basketball, track, baseball, tennis, indoor, and boxing, Tait High offers an excellent all-around physical education program. Students participate in athletics for health, and these activities are exhibited each year in a gymnasium show presented on the football field. This year's tennis teams, under Coaches Benerd and Lee, compared favor- ably with any in the Valley. Although defeated by Hanford and Santa Barbara, Taft vanquished Compton and Bakersfield: and in the County tournament Lynch captured the boys' singles crown, while Gervais and Stigall won the boys' dou- bles, and Lopey and Turley won the mixed doubles. Lynch also won the Valley finals. Baseball prospects were good during the past seasong and, although they faltered at times, the Wildcats defeated such teams as Delano, Antelope Valley, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, and Bakersfield. The only weakness lay in the hurling department, which was strengthened by moving Captain Endicott, star centerfielder, to the mound. By defeating Bakersfield, Taft won the County title. A new athletic tradition was begun when a Golden Gloves Boxing Tourna4 ment was held. An unusual amount of fistic talent was displayed, with the follow- ing being awarded golden gloves: Simmons, flyweighty Murray, bantamweight: Drake, featherweighty Wilder, lightweight: Morgan, welterweighty Loperena, mid- dleweight: Willis, light heavyweightp and Snyder, heavyweight. The indoor team, led by Captains Krigbaum and Hall was very successful, winning from practically all opposition. Boys who earn letters in athletics are eligible to become members of the Block "T" Society, an organization which encourages interest in athletics. Block "T" officers for the first semester were Gilbert Downs, president: Tom Kommers, vice- president, and Bob Dykes, secretary-treasurer. Second semester officers were Iim Willis, presidentg Dick Snyder, vice-president, and Gilbert Downs, secretary- treasurer. OPPOSITE PAGE-TOP ROW-UPPER LEFT: Turley, girls' tennis captain. LEFT CENTER-COACHES: Back row: Mac- kersie, Hartrantt, Mullen, Watson. Front row: Johnston, Williamson, -Helma, Kienholz. R!GHT CENTER: A good old game of horseshoesl UPPER RIGHT: Endicott, baseball captain. FOURTH ROW-LEFT-BASEBALL SQUAD: Back row: B, Hawthorne, Hastings, Photen, Wirts, Black, Beck, McClellan. Second row: Garrison, Dickson, Elmer Saulsbury, Swearengin, Callen, Appling, Rogers. Front row: Davis, R. Hawthorne Bennett, Kurtz, Gregory, Rothwell, Shea. RIGHT: H. Hall and Krigbaum, indoor captains. THIRD ROW-LEFT: Gym class in action. RIGHT-TENNIS TEAM: Back row: Dunn, Captain Lynch, Borgsdorf, Pen- noyer, Gervais, Johnston, Stigall, Hayes, Coach Lee. Front row: Bush, Patterson, Hess, Captain Turley, Denton, Bachelder. SECOND ROW-LEFT-BASEBALL SQUAD: Back row: Coach Mackersie, Lavelle, Grissom, Lynch, Smith, Wells, Whit- ley, Coach Johnston. Second row: Earl Saulsbury, Curry, Evans, H. Johnson, Long, Scott, Simons, Murdock. Front row: Crawford, Agee, D. Johnson, Ed Saulsbury, Nance, Stratton, Sunderland, Bilbey. RIGHT-GOLDEN GLOVES CHAMPS: Back row: Morgan, Willis, Murray, Loperena, Front row: Simmons, Coach Williamson, Drake. tSnyder and Wilder not in picture,l BOTTOM ROW-LEFT: Lynch, boys' tennis captain. RIGHT: The brawny Block "T'ers." Back row: Snyder, Long, Blak- eney, Lynch, Grissom, B. Dykes, Willis, Odell, Mr. E. Johnston. Fourth row: Kommers, Anderson, Garratt, Herrod, Bell, Lanter, L. Small, B. Small, Third row: Stonbraker, Downs, Doolittle, Endicott, Johnson, Murdock, Loperena, B. Camr- ron, Barrett. Second row: Hogan, A. Cameron, Taylor, Lingo, Fisher, Mitchell, Watts, Krigbaum, Haynes. Front row: Murray, J. Dykes, Silcox, Forqie, Hall, Sanders, Wagner, Drake, McBrien. 34 1 -. x.,X. V ' was l r Y Y 1 ax 'g y ' si gml 3'ip,'1 . 1m-.1 4 - w x "1 ' x Mn ' '9. , '-gf 1'.:i'.'.: ' .QL ' A fm...--f":'f"' - Q . ' .2 . ff-pf' . RT M , . .1 .111 -K - 5 ,. x frmwfhig ' . ' 4 l yu-J-,wwx gl , 7 l 333-i mb X 'Cy wx '31 :tty W - --flaw ::::-- 11:11 ,ff--ig --f--Q-. -Sf- -..ri,., jig My --u..... Q sztkfi .flf gf , , M7.:'.4.: ic1fg,isrZ5'r:at'fffE .Sk-sid'-' ' -Mis'-.' gqzgfgififgziiffi W' 'f.'i3Tf3f .If ' :fwfr fr- 'E -. 5 .. -mir-+ . 1, , 4- A-ef sf o D E R N MIS s E S sh.. . fo 93, ,Q K ff, Tj i J I 2,335,157 211 2 x its J .gg X .if .6 or fe X Q , ,V cE""" 1 . ' 2 'xr , ffyc- Z' -E- else "All around outdoor girls" were the girls of Taft High as they eagerly partici- ated in basketball, hockey, tennis, and the other sports offered by the capable physical education instructors, Miss Bee Edwards, Head of the Girls' Physical Education Departmentg Miss Gladys Benerdp and Miss Margaret Sweet. These instructors taught the students the correct form and the fundamental shots of each port and helped them to appreciate and attain skill in these various activities. Bull's-eyes were not accidental for the youthful student archers nor were ringers a matter of chance for those who excelled in horseshoe throwing. A nice dribble down the field, a three-base hit, or a tennis smash executed with perfect timing were the rewards of hard practice and gave a satisfied feeling of achievement to the participant. To keep the girls from becoming too much like Amazons, tap and natural dancing were offered. Those fairy nymphs who went tripping so lightly "over the green" were really students in the natural dancing class. Tangos and Russian folk dances were only a few of the routines that were interpreted by these grace- ful dancers. A few members of the class danced at the Teachers' Institute held in Bakersfield in November, while the whole class gave several numbers on Exhibit Day in April. Those students who preferred the more lively dances were invited to learn to tap. Some clever steps were taught the girls in rhythm dances and sailor routines. These were also presented for the approval of the public on Exhibit Day. By means of the sports and dancing practiced in the physical education periods and in the after-school periods the students were able to build healthy bodies and to become skillful in various recreations which could well be used to fill their leisure time in the years to come. OPPOSITE PAGE-The girls with their feet in the air are limbering up for the morning tap lesson a getting a big kick out of it, too. In the next picture it looks as though lean were going to sprout wings and fly away, but don't e alarmedg it's only the tumbling class giving an exhibition. Below these we find Martha Lee demonstrating one of those fancy smashes that whiz by, leaving ou standing there wondering how that hole got in your racket. Are the girls in the next picture playing Atlas? No! Oh, a basketball team. In the picture next to them you see Miss Bee Edwards, Head of the Girls' Physical Education Department, demonstrating the tricky intricacies of tapping. In the picture at the left in the second row, Miss Gladys Benerd shows her class how to stop a hockey ball. Next we have a candid camera shot of Miss Peggy Sweet, chatting with two girls. Note the gracel That must be from teaching natural dancing. In the picture in the lower left-hand corner you can almost "hear the beat of dancing feet." Beside the tappers we have talented Virginia. Evidently this is one of the dances which is being taught in the natural dancing classes now. Or maybe you prefer a fast basketball game. Well, here it is! 35 1213 In ' ,1u6inv'A:'-2.119 "'A4'iXI'i11:i.LS " 313.9171 'R-A -3, . . L... IZA.: Elf 'gf WM ., 9 1. 9 W 4 V . - X sv 7, - if W ,Wt Q, A N? M -Vg -M ., ,M 4. ,if 53 , Mig, x xxx 5 'C sv Jug' 'I Q L v.. 1' wg ws, , L , '- 5. L,-- wimmw, ,H i ffm - Q - 4' -.,-- f ,.,1,i1,Q,,k gg ,--, , my ffviW X , j-1 E4 ',.-" 'A fi Q y - ' .' ' -' ..-gm-ggi. '- A 'YL 'if'ng,4: 'Q 'T-1 - V Av,-iiryg-31,4-4. 3' t f" HE FEMININE SPHERE . . " fl, 5 Q1 -5' r 5gnJ..,,, ' 1' 25.11, Q. 74. ,':f:vC.3' ,f K4 ,W , .1 .:x':f4v5-H Ng- ' ' asv: 1-'MA ' ' 'K 4 rf N all . . if, ' 1. . fav.: r ' ' ,A 2 . ff- xv, x Q, Y -,:--,. -1-x.-wi V U . 'Nl Monthly assemblies of the Girls' League have been a source of pleasure to every girl who attended them. Each of these meetings was started with a quick but thorough discussion of the month's businessp then a short program was pre- sented. A special motif for each assembly made these meetings more enjoyable. The October one was in keeping with Halloween, and Santa Claus himself was present at the Christmas program to give candy to the girls. New officers were presented and installed in February, while amusing skits on etiquette provided the entertainment for March. In April the girls saw a spring fashion show planned by the faculty and girls of the home economics department. The annual girls' Hi Iinx, as hilarious this year as ever before, carried out an excellent "Grand Hotel" theme. Various skits were presented by the high school and junior college girls: but the highlight of the evening was, as usual, the faculty skit. Many different and amusing characters were portrayed by the girls. Hazel jesse as Sherlock Holmes, the house detective, won first prize, after which wel- come refreshments of ice cream and cookies were served. During the week of Halloween the Girls' League sponsored Witches' Week. The students bought tags which admitted them to various noon activities. ln November the officers enjoyed a pleasant trip to the Girls' League conven- tion at Visalia. By mingling with delegates from other San Ioaquin Valley schools and participating in various discussions, the officers brought home many ideas that will be helpful in planning the convention to be held here next year. In March "Whistling in the Dark," a comedy mystery drama, was sponsored. Due to each girl's enthusiasm and salesmanship the affair was a success. This has been a busy year indeed for the Girls' League as its members helped each other to build additions to their treasure houses of personality. "This way, please," say the ushers as they courteously direct the members of the audience to their seats in the auditorium. The ushers are sponsored by the Girls' League. In the back row of the picture are leannette Brooks, Melba Rogers, Margaret Pinkham, Gertrude Higgins fhead usher, second sernesteri, Marion Walton, Marion Moore, and Charlotte Tucker. ln the sec- ond row are Louise Edmonds, Ieanne Casley, Geraldine Casparis, Vola Reagan, and Madge Rathburne. Those in the front row are Isabel Dienstein, and Ruth Crawford. Patricia Keete and Ruth Moore thead usher, first semesteri are not in the picture. 38 GIRLS' l.,EAGlll'I OFFICTEIIS har k IC7W1Ir.VLIIIIOI', Doiitoii, lesse, Bachelder, Simms. Front row: M. Vrrrnor, Foster. LEFT: Mrs. Amy Peterson, advisor. RIGHT: Hazel lossc-, president, OFFICERS First Semester PRESIDENT .,,. . . IIAZEL IESSE FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT LOREE DENTON SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT ,, IVIAXINE VARNER SECRETARY , ., ,,., GERALDINE BACI-IELDER TREASURER , . .DELORES SIIVIMS MUSIC DIRECTOR . , , VIVIAN POSTER Second Semester PRESIDENT , . , , HAZIII, IESSIL FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT . . LOREE DENTON SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT VIVIAN FOSTER SECRETARY , , , GIIRALDINE BACHELDER TREASURER , . . . I.IIC7II.LE VARNER MUSIC DIRECTOR ., ,, VIVIAN FOSTER ACTIVITY CALENDAR October Z - Program Welcoming Freshmen October 6fHiIinx October 28431 -Witches' Week November I5- December I8- December 20 February 4h February I9 March I8 March 20- April 22 May I4 May I6-A May 27 I6 --Visalia Convention -'Christmas Program fChristmas Ball flilection of Officers -Installation of Officers Etiquette Demonstration -"Whistling in the Dark" fSpon- sored with drama departmentl Fashion Show Election of Officers --Senior Mother-Daughter Tea Installation of Officers ISenior qirls quests of honorl ,Ii wig Zjlry fair: fql 1 In 1. ng'.",5g 'L' al -rf' ax Mfffia s., is ' ,A f4 I s rix cdkxc ,r ' -,..: ,,,r. ,s,, ,Q Q - . j . .wk ,5.g','f ..' -3:22, . , !v,i-'- ,s ,,? V'-'r ' ,r.f'J-,yZ-+'- 'T,5,345', V -if C: ' :tiff-"f':I' rlnyqfk 4 . .V Q I ' -SLC' N' , '9f'9'jji'- -1" ,2ti1"'gE5, T' 4. iff.-bt, .cgtafxtf T:,:',.1f,:l Good times? Oh, yes! A swimming party, a candy sale, a picnic convention at Porterville, and a flower service were only a few of the highlights of the year that the members of the various organizations of Taft High will remember, but added to this list were the more serious activities which laid for each student a true foundation in education and culture. SPANISH CLUBAAppreciation of the Spanish-speaking people and countries was learned by the members of the Spanish Club. The officers for the first semester were Annie Stewart, president: Dorothea Noell, vice-president: Barbara Bartlett, secretary: La Veta Adams, treasurer: Harlan Iohn- son reporter: and for the second semester, Wilma Hess, president: Barbara Bartlett, vice-president: Dorothea Noell, secretary: La Veta Adams, treasurer: Annie Stewart, reporter. Miss Sarah Bailar advised the club. TOP PICTURE-SPANISH CLUB: Left to right: Reed, Noell, Hess, Pinkham, Balzar, Bartlett, Stewart, Adams, Nisbet. LATIN CLUB-"Gaudeamus Igitur" sang the members of the Latin Club at the end of their meet- ings, where they were represented by the president, Mildred McGee: the secretary, Edna Porter: the treasurer, Vivian Hamilton: and the pianist, Anita Agee. Mr. W. D. Baker was the adviser. FIFTH PICTURE-LATIN CLUB: Back row: Aqee, Edna Porter, Allbritton, Mr. W. D. Baker, Rogers, Howard, Hamil- ton. Second row: Ethel Porter, Hayden, McGee, Lee, LeValley. Front row: Cook. HI-Y-The promotion of high standards of character was the aim of the Hi-Y boys. They were led in the first semester by Gilbert Downs, president: Art Macfarlane, vice-president: Paul Lynch, secretary: loe Lynch, treasurer: Iohn Weaver, chaplain: and in the second semester by Art Macfar- lane, president: Oscar Van Horn, vice-president: Paul Lynch, secretary: Tom Kommers, treasurer: and Iimmie Iones, chaplain. Mr. Murl Dodson and Mr. D. S. Tones were the advisers. FOURTH PICTURE-HI-Y: Back row: Graham, Fleharty, Lynch, MacKenzie, Johnston, Coombes, Van Horn, Fierro, Stigall, D. Macfarlane. Second row: Mr, Murl Dodson, Klinge, Kornmers, Bell, Deakins, Waldner, Lynch, Moodie, A. Macfarlane, Mr. D. S. Jones, Front row: Jones, Dunn, Boutwell, Cuthbertson, Ellett, Gotcher, Smith, Evans, Diefen- derfer, Lutton, Freeman. G. A. A.-Being hostess to six Valley schools at the annual spring G. A. A. play day held April 25 was a delightful experience for the G. A. A. members and their officers, who were, for the first semester, Muriel Doughty, president: Gladys Kofahl, vice-president: Cozette Calbert, secretary: Illa Hulse, treasurer: Afton Clark, sports manager: and for the second semester, Loree Denton, president: Martha Lee Turley, vice-president: Gladys Kofahl, secretary: Louise Donnel, treasurer: and Cozette Colbert, sports manager. Miss Gladys Benerd was the adviser. THIRD PlCTURE-G. A. A. OFFICERS AND SWEATER AND LETTER CLUB: Back row: Meryle Rogers, Varner, Sherman, Potter, Olson, Bartlett, Dawson, Peden, Brown, Sewell. Second row: Freeman, Connors, E. Clark, Rogers, Nightingale, Hovis, Hess, Shatter, Reid. Front row: A. Clark, l. Hulse, Doughty, Turley, Denton, Kofahl, Donnel, Calbert, F. Hulse, Gregory. SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY-Seal Bearers of the Scholarship Society qualifying at the end of the first semester were Eleanor Eng, Marion Walton, and Marilyn McFarland. lane Bush, Dorothy Gray, and lohn Weaver are expected to qualify in Iune. The officers for the first semester were Marilyn McFarland, president: Isabel Dienstein, vice-president: lane Bush, secretary-treasurer: and for the second semester, Charles Stigall, president: Iohn Weaver, vice-president, and Lee Graham, secretary- treasurer. Miss Mabel Myers was the adviser. SECOND PICTURE-SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY: Back row: Miss Mabel Myers, M. Walton, Stirn, Lamb, J. Dykes, Stigall, Weaver, Deakins, Crafts, Kornmers, T. Walton, L. Graham, Johnson, Williams, Dienstein. Second row: Rintoul, Gray, Vineyard, Tucker, B. Kinnebrew, Keclcler, Witte, Reaves, Sewell, Rogers, Howard, Lee, Noell, Kliewer, Lundy. Front row: Crawford, Eng, Bush, De Clue, Arndt, B. Graham, B, Jennings, McFarland, Butler, Foster, V. Kinnebrew, Silcox, Hunter. lMembers not in picture: Bramharn, E. Jennings, Turner.l GIRL RESERVES-A triangle in a circle standing for the friendship of the girls of all nations is the symbol of the newly-organized Girl Reserves, The officers for the first semester were Ina Mae Cleve- land, president: Peggy Appling, vice-president: Nancy Henderson, secretary: Norah Nightingale, treasurer: and for the second semester, lane Coffee, president: Ruby Scott, vice-president: La Vonne McKenzie, secretary: and Theda McNatt, treasurer. Miss Marion Darling and Miss Florence Sandifur were the advisers. BOTTOM PICTURE-GIRL RESERVES: Back row: Smith, Miss Florence Sandifur, Edwards, Blue, Appling, Witte, Cleve- land, Stirn, Peahl, Meyer, Nightingale, Robertson, Bacon, Mullens, Miss Marion Darlinq. Third row: Blair, Hart, Sontaq, KU. Wallace, Tinker, Pell, Puryear, Boyd, M. Wallace, Madson,- Phillies, Nicholson, Schmitt. Second row: Blackwell, Piclrrell, Ambern, Gamby, Coffee, Davis, Carlisle, McNatt, Dana, Wilson, Patterson, Letlow, Stewart, Antongiovarini. Front row: Kielman, Curry, Nichols, Finley, Nunes, Schwab, Henderson, Puryear, Scott, McKenzie, Ike, Shelton, Johnson, Blackwell. 40 ' f-.-x . g f '1-fmt' nn ' 1 4233-3 if .9131-tv, .,,.XN. -. gl' Usa: at I . ' Z5 'N 'f .4'4lSfQ . sd! I A: Nflit, 'K' ' 'A .lf'T"n" "3 U, Y 55 , ' L14 J,-J? -S ,., .5 ' glam ' 1 rig? :1':'L5:'x':'i' . D E R R I C K With "Building" as its theme the 1936 "Derrick" is presented. lust as the school is building with the idea of the future in mind, so the staff made this book with the idea of putting into permanent form some of your memories of the past year. As the constructors work, carefully laying the foundation and building piece by piece, so the entire staff have worked together, building this book. Only with their whole-hearted co-operation was it possible to carry out the theme. To Mrs. Louise Lambert Stewart, faculty advisory committee chairman, who cheerfully smoothed out the many difficulties encountered: to Miss Alma Stein- inger, adviser of the art staff: to Mr. M. D. Bejach, photography adviser: and to Mr. R. H. Scott, chief accountant, the staff wish to express their sincerest apprecia- tion. The staff also wish to thank Miss lean Pollard and her typing students: Mr. T. H. Ellsworth, of the Graphic Arts Photo Engraving Company: and Mr. F. A. Knapp, of Lederer, Street and Zeus. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP "DERRICK" "HEADS": Bob LeProhn, Assistant Business Manager: Marian Whitwell, Art Editor: lane Bush, Copy Editor: Marilyn McFarland, Senior Editor: Ala Mae Trott, Pic- ture Editor: Loree Denton, Advertising Manager: Iohn Crafts, Donor Manager. Second row: Delbert Boutwell, Sports Editor: Frank Stockman, Poster Manager: Frieda Pierce, Dramatics Editor: Isabel Dienstein, Senior Editor: Oleta Iones, Donor Manager: Meryle Rogers, Assistant Editor: Iohn Weaver, Sales Manager. Bottom row: Melba Rogers, Secretary: Oma Louise Dear, Exchange Editor: Bob Loper- ena, Picture Editor: Harriet Shelburne, Secretary: Dorothy Sewell, Assistant Editor: Eleanor Eng, Copy Editor. CENTER LEFT: Forrest Moodie, Business Manager. UPPER GROUP PICTUREi"DERRICK" SALESMEN: Back row: Cameron, Bacon, Killian, Wesson, Reagan, L. Hunter. Front row: Clark, D. Rumbaugh, Cawelti, I, Rumbaugh, McKee. tKillian, Le Prohn, and I. Rumbaugh were winners of the sales contest.l LOWER GROUP PICTURE- "DERRICK" ASSISTANTS: Back row: Vineyard, Assistant Art Editor: Casparis, Assistant Copy Editor: Elliott, Assistant Poster Manager: Patterson, Assistant Senior Editor: Wright, Assistant Art Editor. Front row: Loperena, Assistant Art Editor: Tucker, Assistant Copy Editor. Clones, Assistant Advertising Manager and Klinge, Assistant Sales Manager, not in picture.l CENTER RIGHT: Patricia Arndt, Editor. BOTTOM ROW'--"DERRlCK" FACULTY ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Mr. M. D. Beiach, Photography Adviser: Miss Alma Steininger, Art Adviser: Mrs. D. I. Stewart, Chairman of Advisers: Mr. R. H. Scott, Chief Accountant. "DERRlCK" COMMITTEES--Back row: Skeen, P. Potter, Laytield, Wright, Johnston, Denton, Bartlett, Rhine, Rennets, Druliard, Eidson, Allison, Stephens. Front row: Hunter, Scott, Kiltian, Schumaker, Jesse, D. Arndt, Douglas, Wodars, Fox, Westfall, Betty Fedewa, Barbara Fedewa. 42 34 ' I lv ,J v' SNS ,jeffhb .Pu x "ff-ggi' -JA ami I' aft 1.- 4'fE:3,,z'5 ,g,,sF'f'.x,,' Qi 4 .1 . gr ' 4 -- --A " .4 r.: - -1-'f 3. ,, r - - , A, AJ5- . ' ug- c ie. Xlf. -733' 1 ,-. W. . A -us, f - ' :Sf at'-' .T K ' ssl- N vu? is D " 'Q -Vi ai -ti?--2'--ffl? fgf A- - 22432 'J' 4 L ""' " s u 3 , . -4 YY. I . 4.4 ' V 'I' 4-row ' .itil I V L' :trip ..,. . 1: K . , ' " ' A HE GUSHER With the printer's ink scarcely dry on the latest edition, "Gushers" were dis- tributed every other Wednesday on the steps of the gymnasium by the members of the journalism class and club. To those students who possessed a student card, the papers were issued free, but to the rest of the students, a small fee of five cents was charged. No sooner had the editorial staff completed work on one edition than they began work on another. First came assignment day, and reporters were sent out to bring in all possible stories-the date of the coming school play, the winning of the last ball game, and even the latest gossip. These write-ups were corrected and sent to the linotype after which galley proofreaders were set to work correct- ing. The long strips of printed stories were then cut and fitted into an old paper, known as the dummy. After this the dummy was turned over to the printer, and the latest edition of the "Crusher" was ready to be printed. To George Monson, Ierry La Marsna, Bill Hanawalt, and Mr. Fred Baumgar- ten go the credit for making up the paper, and together with the printer, the credit for building the news articles into a full-fledged newspaper. Since no edition of the "Gusher" could go to press unless there were enough ads to eliminate any financial difficulty, the business staff had im- portant work to do. Ads had to be se- cured regularly, and only by the fine co-operation of the business men of Taft could the bi-monthly publication of the "Gusher" have been possible. Bills for advertisements were made out and sent to the advertisers at the end of each month. On the day the paper was issued, a well-organized circulation crew worked hard, keep- ing an accurate account of how many papers are given out. On special oc- casions extra papers were printed and given to guests visiting the high school and junior college. Much credit should be given to Harlan lohnson and to Bill Baker, the business and ad- vertising managers respectively, who succeeded in making the "Gusher" pay for itself. Through the "Gusher" the school was kept well informed about the social and the athletic activities of the school. Nice spicy scandal was provided the students under the headings of "Ioe lacee," "The Phantom," and "Ye Olde Dirte." The "Book Shelf" and some good editorials were a few of the other write-ups that helped build an interested public for the "Gusher." lf - . .fbi-PD lui' Lauri.: 'lffti' 1' H1 foil-L,"'I . :C- in 1-1GZ!1f4"W 50-11 YA t ,Q-A-.1 - as-Q. --- WT.-N. . 0'3" l B I P Asxnnu IKEA gvmrefwo-Q-ag-ws i., XM TOP lOURNALlSlNlt'LtlIi1 Back low: Pi'-wilt, Porter, Hath- lsinn, Townsenti, Lave, Hall, Haalei, Williaiiis. Second row: McGinley, Krolin, Sturdevant, Foster, Harrison, Den- nis. Frnnt row: Clark, Baker, LaMt1rsna, Mr. F. l. Baum- qcntnn, Munson, Cullen. BOTTOM, LEFT 'GUSHEBH STAFF: Back low: Lutton, LaMai'sna, lolinson, MI. F. l. Bauinqaiten, Monson, Wilder. Front low: Hauler, Kiohn, Patterson, Wriqlit. BOTTOM, RIGHT Mr. F. I. Bauinaaiten and staff discuss tht' -'niiont issue ot the l'CFlt1SllOI1H Reporters Lois Foster, lerry LaMarsna, Ruby Sturde- vant, Christine Stock, lohn Barnard, Mary Dennis, Evalyn Ballaah, Loraine Paulsen, Ruth Hixon, Dave Wilder, Necia Wriaht, Paul Fierro, lean McGinley, Lee Clark, Betty Town- send, Mildred Foster, Alene Hall, Helen Harri- son, Blanche Porter, Madae Bathbern, Phyllis Bennels, lane Love, Lottie Willianis, Goldine Shtirley, lacauie Qliver, Bill Talniaqe. "GUSHER" STAFF Editor-in-Chief , , Ed Bosticlc Copy Editor, , , ,Georqe Monson Feature Editor , Marie Patterson lAdell lohnson E h Ed' XC Cmqe Hors 1MaxineHaqler Business Manaqer T Harlan lohnson lAdell lohnson lunior Colleae Editors, I Ruth Hixon High School Sports Editorsl DGV9 LUHON lGeorqe Monson Assistant Sports Editor lerry LaMarsna lunior Colleqe 8 Bill Hanawalt Sports Editors lClarence Hutchinson COll1IU1'1iSl ,, Dave Lutton News Editor, , , Mary Kfghn Advertising Manager Bill Baker Art Editor , Betty Wriqlit X135-:'k'9'iY'if'?'ot 47 xv QNIQ J is 'fy 5' L.: 1 Dau! pl, E .U 9 Q5 ,.. .P e o 'Af-.1 4-'fm L, J. 4 104,33 " -P"yi?'. -kit .4112 g-QQ !'L",..c' FI WT, Wg'-s','Y igw 5, " 'cihh A A T 6, V ,-1 L P iz. ' 1. 21. -P -44 ' ,Q It '- -. --.-': ' "' ,11- I 'gg' 'F fa T t -Q-li ' . ' ,NM Q' -ff' r" '..',ff-' -1' 4. vi " 'M N ' MMM Wy jill? f L ln the dramatics season of l935-l936 the curtains parted first on that well- known play, "The Royal Family," written by George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber. Mr. Pt. A. Borell, assisted by Miss Mary Owens, directed this and the other plays of the yearg and Miss Alma Steininger was the art director. "The Royal Family," a three-act comedy depicting an eccentric family of peramental Broadway actors, is a difficult play for amateurs to produce. But he actors gave excellent characterizations, and the setting made by the stage- craft class helped to create an atmosphere of confusion and theatrical elegance. "Three-Cornered Moon," written by Gertrude Tonkonogy, was the second three-act play of the year. The cast succeeded in creating a delicate atmosphere of playful nonsense. Such instances as losing the family fortune and planning a double suicide were viewed with an unusual nonchalance. These were all typi- cal attitudes of a family known as the "crazy Rimplegarsf' Among the many one-act plays produced was "War to End War," a radio skit with which Taft High School represented drama in the San Ioaquin Valley for the California Teachers' Association's educational program over station KMI. "Growing Pains," another three-act play, was started as a summer project and then taken over by Alva Gregory, who directed and produced it-a complete student production. "THE ROYAL FAMILY" "THREE-CORNERED MOON" Della ....... . Io ............,...... Hallboy ............ McDermott ........... Fry ..........,Norris Clark ...Everett Schmitt Phillip Munding Herbert Dean .....,.. .............. I ohn Crafts Kitty Dean .......,...... ........ G eraldine Lewis Gwen ..................,....... .,.,..,... I esslyn Peahl Perry Stewart .............. ........, A lva Gregory Fanny Cavendish ........ .....,.. F rieda Pierce Oscar Wolfe .....,...,.,. ..,.,i,,, I ames Stewart Iulie Cavendish ..,.,.,.,,,... ,,,,.,., .Margaret Lovitt Anthony Cavendish ....... ..,,...... I im Patterson Gilbert Marshall, ....,.,., .,.. A ,..Iames Crossan Douglas Rimplegar.. ......Dick Skeen Kenneth Rimpleqar ,,.,..... ........ A lva Gregory Ed Rimplegar ..,..,...,,. Elizabeth Rirnpleqar ........ ....... Mrs. Rimplegar ..... Iennie, the maid ...... Donald .....,...,...... ,. Forrest Moodie Meryle Rogers ..........Phyllis Clark Annie Stewart ,,......Iohn Doss Glmqa ------------------------ ---------- V GFUOH Guess Allan Stevens ......... .,.Iohn Weaver Miss Peake ............. ....,...... B ecrtrice Lutton Chauffeur .,,.., .. .... ....,. G ordon McMillan Kitty... ..... ., ...... Geraldine Casparis UPPER LEFT: Scene from "Growing Pains," with Dick Skeen, Gerry Casparis, Louise Edmonds on floor, and Willie Steen. "Willie wants a gun." I UPPER'RIG-HT: "Sherrie on Mrs. Rimplegarf' says Forrest Moodie, in "Three-Cornered Moon." Others are Gerry Casparis on davenport, John Doss on stairs, and Annie Stewart. CENTER LEFT TOP: Mr, R. A. Borell, Director of Dramatics, CENTER LEFT BOTTOM: Frieda Pierce, as Fanny Cavendish, tells her daughter, Margaret Lovitt, and her grand- daughter, Jesslyn Peahl, "Marriage isn't a careerg it's an incident." CEFIZER RIGHT: Jim Patterson and Phil Munding in the fencing scene from "The Royal Family." Norris Clark stands wa c Ing. LOWER LEFT: Family scene from "Three-Cornered Moon." LOWER'Rl6-VHT: Meryle Rogers and John Doss plan the suicide in "Three Cornered Moon.' 46 'X ' A x v X .Y X A4 " 'SEX- Y ,5 gi x ., 1 4 . 1 xt Wi I l R :tw W E585 Q f if - -L W M A :- Im ,VA 6 ,g .sf -r 4 ,,, s wgnjijgtt Q15 Ji ' E1 ,ix Wvcfsvgl xy QXQJ wqylg? ry Q .4 ., . I ,z.,.vLl,. l, 5- rfb '13, 1 I. . uv.. ,Q-, V,n::u1l Xi- 5' x- . I : , , ' V :E Aw 44. Avg- .L1K , z .Wm I U ' -. QW' T,"9' .f fc-'fig rn", MN 10' 1-'V '-1,'Ij-'Q , ,,-' rn 'v s ,yi ,. , r' , , . 'I v was .J ,L ,I . T 'Qu rf :ff ',,- . ac 'fa ffl ,., r , ' 1 cis, "TP , "Mkt :fl HE SCENE SHTETS The scene shifts, and there appears a dark old house, the setting for the play, "Whistling in the Dark," written by Lawrence Gross and Edward Childs Carpen- ter. The actors succeeded in keeping the sinister effect of this play through the excellent characterizations of the young novelist and his financee, who are held captive by a gang of "tough mugs." A pair of missing false teeth set the plot for the next three-act play of the sea- son, "Billy," by George Cameron, which was chosen for the Senior Class play and was directed by Miss Mary Owens. Amid applause the curtain falls on the final presentation of the year, "Neigh- bours," which was presented at the Fox Hippodrome Theater. It was with this one-act play by Zona Gale that the dramatics department won the Senior High School One-Act Play Tournament held at the Pasadena Community Playhouse. The competitors in this contest were the winners of preliminary tournaments held in the various sections of California, south of the Bay district. Much credit should be given to the following members of the cast for winning highest honors: Frieda Pierce, Geraldine Lewis, Iirnrnie Crossan, Geraldine Casparis, Dorothy Erickson, Dick Skeen, Hazel Tesse, and Meryle Rogers. An honorary society, The Drama Tournament Players, was organized at the end of the year by this cast. HWHISTLING IN THE DARK" Hilda ............................................... Margaret Lovitt I Billy Hargrove ,................................... Norris Clark IO? Sulvaiore """"" """""' I 'Dust iskeen Alice Hargrove ........ ......,.. G eraldine Lewis Shm Scan on """ 1 A"""' A"""k' I lm G lemon Iohn Hargrove ..,..... ........ C harles Stigall Herman Lefkowitz ........ .,..... A lva Gregory M H F B, d Charlie Shaw ............. ........ L exie Lynch rs' mqmve 'A"""' """"' ences. lr Jacob Dmonw-W 'mm--John Crafts Mrs. Sloane .........., ........ F' rieda Pierce The Cossack ......., ........ B ill Hanawalt Sem Eusmce "-4""' ---"t'-'- L ee Graham Benny ....-l.','A--,Y,'.-. nuuhhhhyh I immie CI-osscn Beatrice Sloane ....... .,....,.. P atricia Slater Wallace Porter ....... ....... T ames Stewart Doclof '---'-'- 4----'- '-'-- -----'-- D W U Yne Kllnge Toby Van Buren ........ ,........ H azel Iesse BOCITSWGTH ....... ....... T Ohh Weaver Cap O'Rourke ,........ .............. N ile Baker Sailor ,...--..---- A -,.,---- Forfest Moodie Police Sergeant ......... ........ D wayne Klinge Steward ---.--- ------.------t,t-- I im Tones Operator .........,..,...... ......... D orothy Halliday Stewardess ..... Betty MacKenzie OPPOSITE PAGE-UPPER LEFT: Miss Alma Steininger, art director, and Miss Mary Owens, assistant to dramatics department. UPPER RIGHT: John Crafts, as Dillon, threatens Jim Stewart, the young novelist in "Whistling in the Dark," with death unless he plans a perfect murder. TOP CENTER LEFT: Hazel Jesse and Jim Stewart in "Whistling in the Dark." TOP CENTER RIGHT: Hazel Jesse, Geraldine Lewis, and Dick Skeen-some ot "The Neighbours"-in an argument. BOTTOM CENTER LEFT: The entire cast of "The Neighbours," winners of the Pasadena Tournament. BOTTOM CENTER RIGHT: Frieda Pierce gives Gerry Casparis sorne sound advice in "The Neighbours." BOTTOM: Scene from "Billy," the Senior Class play. 48 I 2 . X " 1 K w ik is' : - - y 1 , Q . 4 'W f' , ,H ' Y M1 ' sf N Q , M 4 2 S 1 2 Q. N -2 4 YR W C . 1 , Rf? W I ,frws - X ,Ny it Q sv, i Qs 5 755' x 'hx 1 5 ". x 1 253 1 I :V uma' , f. -. t 'E . ,,, SL. N bi X1 an ' 0 .-, K '2f: - , , I ' 'Tr ' 31, '- fum 9-64 J fu-1 'ilk' if '95 , it e? U s IC A L M o M E N T s White walls of a new music building, thrown into bold relief against the slop- ing brown hills, form the background for colorful snatches of melody from the band, orchestra, and glee clubs. The success of these groups is due largely to Mr. iulius Lang and to Mr. Donald S. lones, their directors. The band, displaying trim new uniforms which received their first "once-over" at the concert held at the Hippodrome Theater, provided stirring accompaniment for football games and for parades in Taft and in Bakersfield. Among the other outstanding events in which the band took part were the Kern County Music Fes- tival at Wasco, the dedication of the Buttonwillow Road, concerts on the U. S. C. campus and at Tupman, and a special broadcast from WGXAI. The orchestra presented specially arranged selections for all of the schocl plays and the operetta and its yearly concert at Tupman. A special ensemble composed of Genevieve Hoffman, lune Rumbaugh, William Steen, Iohn Murray, Robert Preston, Christine Lang, Iulius Land, lr., and Vivian Foster, played for many civic programs. During the illness of Mr. Lang in the last quarter, Mr. E. P. Whitlock substituted as director for the band and the orchestra. The glee clubs, directed by Mr. Donald S. lones and accompanied by Marvel Hopkins and Theodore Walton, presented many programs during 1936. On April 24 the Girls' Glee Club presented a half-hour concert over KFI. During the second semester a freshman chorus was organized and directed by Mr. lones. The combined glee clubs also took part in the Kern County Music Festival. The music season was successfully brought to a close by a premiere presenta- tion by the music and dramatics departments of the collegiate operetta, "Open House," with Mr. Iones as general director. CAST OF "OPEN HOUSE" by Oscar Rasbach and Ruth Land The Music Lesson - Mr. lulius Lang, director of the band and of the orchestra, teaches Genevieve Hoffman how to play a difficult selec- tion on the clarinet. Bob Freeman Kay Davis Dick de Soto Daphne Deerborn Sally Spotts K 'th Th EI ornas Fred Freeman Bruce Roger Archie Tansy Lindy Samson Dandy Washington Sandy Mr. Davis Sheriff Stone Professor Grady Hubert Oliver Lee Eric Beatrice Eva Inei Doris Chorus of students, cow servants William Steen Emma McCool Marion Hobbs Barbara Graham Jeanne Casley Norris Clark Dwayne Klinqe Alva Gregory Bill Dunn Glendean Roberts Dorothy Sewell Lottie Killian Paul Fisher Eddie McCormick Joe Rafferty Delton Greer Jim Crossan Lonnie Childs Lester Doolittle Don Macfarlane . Lee Clark ,Edward Clark Joe Carneron Dorothy Erickson Elnore Dixon Alma Gregory Harriet Shelburne boys, and negro UPPER LEFT GIRLS' GLEE: Back row: Mr. D, S. lanes lDirectorl, Bartlett CSeCretary ll, Sill, Patterson, Scott, Erick- son, Brown, Dawson, Dixon, Hart. Third row: Shelburne Paulsen tSecretary Ill, Graharn tManaqer' ll, Cruzan, Fos- ter lManaqer Ill, Eidson, Rector, Lewis tTreasurer l, Vice- President Ill, Snyder, Second row: Elder, Macaulay, Mc- Kenzie, Lee, Gray, Rule, Lippert, Connors, Front row: lohnson, Reagan, Greqory, Sunderland, Casley, Shatter, Blackwell, Cullins. Not in picture: Cannock tPresident ll. Harrison lVice,President l, President Ill, Slater tTreasurei Ill, UPPER CENTER: Rehearsal ot the operetta, "Open House' UPPER LEFT: Entrance to the Music Building. CENTER LEFT: Rehearsal ot the operetta, "Open House." CENTER RIGHT BAND, Ml. lulius Lanq, Director. LOWER LEFT -ORCHESTRA: Back row: I. Lana, Hessick, Foster, Mr. lulius Lang tDirectorJ, Preston. Third row: Lazar, Brownfield, C. Lana, Alley. Second row: lohnston. Lowell, Williamson, Garnby. Front row: Wallen, Ruin- loauqh, Steen, Townsend. LOWER CENTER BOYS' GLEE: Back row: Mr. D. S. lones tDirectorl, Roberts, Klinqe, Clark tLibrary Manaqerl, Wal- ton lPreside-ntl, Childs tSecretary-Treasurerl. Second row: Sather, Sloan tVice-Presidentl, Gregory, Fisher, Frank, Doolittle. Front row: McCormick, Carneron, McAllister, Campbell, lohnson. LOWER RIGHT: Mr. D. S. lones directs the Freshman Chorus, BAND INSTRUMENTRTION Altos: Brownfield, Gervais, M cnrn 3 an, Baritones: Clark, Scfhniitt. Bass Horns: Brown, Chriistiarr, Wilson. Bassoon: l. Lana, Clarinets: Roler,ack, Cleveland, Conner, B. Distglrler Duntsch, G. Edina, Hopkins, C. Lana, V. Love, Mac tarlane, McCorni1ck, McFarland, Moodle, Sclirnirlt. Drurns: B. Deakins, Diflenbauqli, Ferguson. Hillis, Plaskett French Horn: H. Edina. Piccolo: Larnb. Saxophones: Hobbs, lacobus, Kornrnvrs, Parris, Parkinson Sullivan, Turner, Voice. Trornhones: l. Deakins, Donaldson, Emi, Lynt-lr, McGuire B. Reed, Sorter. Trumpets: Cameron, C. Discliler, Hauler, l,eGar, Irrn Mur ray, John Murray, Preston, M. Reed. - 1 gd' Jr 4 17' g 523:45 if fr age! ri -Flor L if tT'9"" "i:+f'-T fe ,. iff' 'Rig C R E N S l C S Those flushed, excited people who issue into the corridor from Room l9, ges- ticulating wildly and arguing earnestly among themselves, are only orators and debaters finishing discussions started in the public-speaking classes under the guidance of the forensic coach, Mr. Ernest Mclnnes. Informal discussion has been the emphasized type of forensic activity this year. A friendly attitude toward opponents has been maintained, for both sides of every question have been considered. ln this Way a decision is reached With- out the old-time aggressive feeling. Non-decision debates have been a feature of this type of activity. Shafter, representing the Sierra League, and Bakersfield, of the Kern County League, were opponents of Taft in such debates. Much of the preparation for contest work has been done through the regular public-speaking classes, and many programs for school assemblies and for civic events have been prepared and presented. Delbert Boutwell, Lee Graham, and Geraldine Casparis were the student speakers at the Armistice Day celebration of the American Legion. Radio speaking, which is the popular form of speaking today, was also developed in the speech classes. The "mike" was in great de- mand and proved to be a help in speaking before an audience. A playlet was presented by the club members for general assembly, and the Forensic Club has also provided speakers for advertising various school activities. ln forensic contests Lee Graham was high-point man. He Won the Kern County Oratorical Championship and took second place in the Valley contest. In the extemporaneous contests he Won first place in Kern County, second place in the San Ioaquin Valley, second place in the State contest at the University of Redlands, and entered the national contest at Oklahoma City. "Congratulations, Lee," says Coach Mclnnes, as he pre- sentsthe Kern County Oratorical Cham- pionship cup to Lee Graham. 52 TOP PICTURE FORENSIC SOCIETY: Back row: Grahani, Crossan, Bell. Third row: Hawthorne, Gray, MacKenzie, Boutwell. Second row: Mr. Ernest Mclnnes, lesse, Rogers, Weaver. Front row: Tucker, Dykes, Reagan, Casparis. LEFT: Forensic Coach Ernest Mclnnes. RIGHT: Herbert Bell acts as chairman FORENSIC SOCIETY OFFICERS President Y,,,Y,,,t,, Vice-President ,,,., Secretary. Treasurer ,,.,...A.., , Social Chairman Adviser: C C ,,.,Delbert Boutwell . ,e,,,, Bob LeProhn limmie Crossan Geraldine Casparis .,,Meryle Rogers Mr. Ernest Mclnnes NATIONAL CONVENTION National Forensic League Convention Number of Contestants cc .. 750 Number of States Represented, , , . , 33 Place: ,Classen High School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Date ,,,,,, ,,,, , ,, ,, ,, May 4-8, 1936 Types ot Speaking: Extemporaneous Original Oratory Oratory Declamation Serious Humorous Debate Taft Representative., .,,,, , Lee Graham Sponsors of the Trip: Kern County Chamber ot Commerce Taft Chamber of Commerce Rotary Club Kiwanis Club Elks' Club High School Student Body .r 44215 1' 'L gsm -2' -,qv ff-'fig it ?".xl'N".':i Aw A., 1. Er!! '0- rk 1. . -.J W-G 5"-W ' . A .rg-i"'h,"if:fJ :Af ' I1 'iff 'f ' ,. ji-' L.: gig:- . , ,A ,. ,. , D. 1.5. , . 74.-KL'AfL"' Qiiggff "A" - ' L- 'f fJ ,' h w..if.v.1.- .i1f'5, " ' -.- L "K:43'r lfgx -1 '-loffbtqf' .V r'1'- 5 - ,t'. lj 5,1 . 3 I '1 . ' Lg, -' 'Z :F'wX..'-g 'S' wg- .. 1- lu .f i'it"':"Ni'fi""'i:l1' A U G I I I I I Ll C L A S S .. - .- . - - . Metal craft. Not content with driving the Indians away from their happy hunt- ing grounds, these rapacious palefaces have to muscle in on the ancient Indian craft of metal-work, too. Chiselers! A lecture on "line". Wipe those grins off your faces, children. Iust wait until you try to draw something that doesn't look like a cross between a scarecrow and a gargoyle. You won't feel like laughing then. N. B.-Look at Barbara's classic profile. A demonstration in a first-aid class? Nope, it's the real thing. Frances fell over her foot and had to join the ranks of the invalids on crutches that fairly swarmed over the campus this year. The lady doing such an efficient job of bandaging is Miss Weersing, the school nurse. And this, boys and girls, is the place where the office training classes spend hours and hours in making the play programs, special bulletins, and other an- nouncements which you so blithely tear up and throw away not two seconds after your teacher hands them to you. Tskl Tsk! Aren't you ashamed and astonished at your lack of appreciation? "Ready, typeI" and these reckless typists are off, shooting for the world's record, no doubt. They don't look very perky, though. Maybe Miss Pollard should have given them a pep talk before they started. Or maybe she did, and that is what is wrong. This is the sewing class, where the girls spend half of their time in sewing seams and then spend the other half in ripping them out again. Ho hum! The futility of lifel Ala Mae is merely trying to keep up with the signs of the times. With the modern girls going in for surveying, engineering, and aviation, the boys decided something had to be done about it. And this is the result. They have already learned to boil water without scorching it. Next, they are going to try something really hard-like making toast. Then not one of them will ever need to say, "lf you could only cook! " The library always wears such an air of studious endeavor that most of our lads and lassies ordinarily get brain fag by just looking through the door at the rows and rows of books. However, it is very different when they get a tough reference assignment in history. Then they practically come in droves to get Mrs. "Pete" to help them. "He loves meg he loves me not: he loves me-." What's that, Miss Atwood? It isn't a daisy, it's a Vinca rosea, sometimes called Madagascar periwinkle? Oh, well, that's all right. No one but a biology shark would know the difference, anyway. 54 ,. gg 'M' -K , If .5 :J 'FI 5 J' ' M . , i X , ' I4 1 ,' yr If 5, .M Q NN.. 1' " waz., -"f 1- Q 1 1 -M .. 3:52 f K N A ,ww if n 5 ui 1 . ' 'iv . ' t - L , ' 5 f I ' few 4, -' -.df A -...mg 5 4 ii ' 4 L v+.,,g "- " ft' 'fir f I I F P 2 :Elf f my K e is Qgiiggglr-gas.. F "f i7?32. ,- ..- 1-.,'g,'Ef:'.'! fiftiig.-givin T1 'iw YP 'k'fY7'ff?Y' -gf? -.." as- 1' N 92- Rftti-24,1 . I T ...SHN .r . 4- Pk ,Mil 1 L-1' ' ,D . ff' ff ,C.' 'K I 3.1.2 ,w-i. Hg." ,,,,x4 ,,., . 'A .H '-A --'-qfvs' Yo heave ho! That's it, Tiny. Show them how it's done. The Hi-Y boys made a trip to Big Pines and brought back this picture of Iohn and Forrest to prove it. 'N bg . The intelligentsia at lunch when Taft entertained the C. S. F. Convention. X Oh, it's Hazel dancing at la Hawaii at the dramatics party. Aloha! Ahal This must be an after-the-noon-movie exodus-otherwise there would Fry be a bit more haste to get to the cafeteria. Elementary, my dear Watson. fy Uh X And on my left, friends, you see the one and only Aubrey. Frieda Pierce in '- ' he Royal Family." Y , hat a boon these make-up artists will be to future detective bureaus. Why, f , ould disguise themselves as clothes hampers or some such thing and solve If cases in no time at all. "lust an old-fashioned girl" in her flannel nightgown. Hazel is reciting " 'Twas X the Night Before Christmas" for a school program. N The thundering herd, or in other words, just the usual noon crush. QQ ir Naughty, naughty, mustn't try to climb over fences or the big, bad safety man E Q tg will get you. Student Officer Committee: Nile Baker, Eugene Carden, Andrew Q X was ' Fluhrer, Orley Hammon, Roger Glendening, Paul Vergon, Iames Diffenbaugh, .kk N ' R s xayxx X.. Q, or gt .Aiwa t 352 - .is se? iii Burdette Dischler, Everett Schmitt, Charles Simons, Irwin Smith, Robert Town- send, Lionel Carney, Oliver Tribe, Iimmy Iones. Could it be the spring or something that makes our Taft High maidens practice Cupid's art? We didn't know a ladder for the photographer to take pictures from would need so many attendants to help it on its way. Of course, the boys may be getting out of study hall, in which case- Example of patience. Waiting for the noon bell to release them. Are our eyes deceiving us? A lighthouse? In Taft? Ha, ha, we knew it was in the fish pond all the time. We just wanted to see if you knew. Miss Steininger working on the little figures for the "Derrick" division pages. From her expression, we judge that she has just sprung one of her famous puns. Shl This is a shot of the "Derrick" Editor in action. Dick Skeen, Evelyn Fritts, and Nile Baker in "Managers," one-act play given at the party for the school employees. Gazing down on the unsuspecting audience at the noon movie. Snapped at the party given for Mr. Borell and Miss Owens. Mr. Borell doing his bit in planting the "royalty tree" for Zona Gale's play, "Neighbours" 56 l 1 'G iz is 3 W ""3r1 his 5' .s nf , .nw ww. 3 .NK , ,inn Q .- M, 4' M we Avi-sg: 2. ix 'O ad' x 'P 11 2X 4 Jr s. 7 wr' MW .gal .if K X O 2 .L-5 is A 1 --1 ' fl 'ui .321 1,54 'it v-- ' , w. w :J- , - X5 Q -1.9 'Q ,J . 1 . Q , 1, 1.3, 1459 r .xg 94 -Lf? 5-F ,-, L3 ,.1,, 'V X J- .,-gf. 1 x 5-. ax! ' 1, w 'J 4, .,. H gf rn, -u .-.Y -m 1, -1 v We ore the citizens ot tomor- row. Toddy, in our studies ond in our dctivities ond through our associations with others, we qdin the knowl- edge which tomorrow will help us to carry the burdens ot the world. PP P7 PP wr wr T E U N to it Q J tggi i r ,iii tis . XgmNp f 'T "f'Tf"-" Z3' VM QAW Qi MM ,Q Q Q-M . , :. -r 1 k- J? A feb ,E fm 45 -f J -be J! AME' SP5 Upllll IIFI I A Brmrvvi' Dlstrtft Surir-flute 'Xf' icnl, UPPER RMAHI IW W Rrilriv Dt-ww I tt I C l if, CINIFR LEFT IW, l. Xfwfittuiins. Viffi Privwrini IOWER RIGHT I R 1 I mi Miss I.ivv.1 Dessert, Dew at Women mu-i MQ Dart, Tm-twin My NNQIRUCIION SCINFS F'rnp.vfiH lxvw I r 'tm wi, twin' tum IUNICDR CCDLLEGE ADMINISTRATION Cn turnina the paaes oi the history oi the past two semesters one sees that the Tait Iunior Colleae has had a successful year. The high standard ot scholarship recognized by State uni- versties has been main- tained, championships have been won on the ath- letic field, laurels have been brought back to the junior colleae by debate tearns and play casts. Whether on the athletic lield, in the class rooms, or in the auditorium tor assemblies, plays, or de- bates, the students have entered into the spirit ot thc occasionq tor Tait Iunior Colleae offers an interest- ing social calendar and an excellent proararn oi courses. Whether a student plans to ccntinue his education in a university or wishes to terrninate his iormal ed- ucation at araduation from junior colleqe, he will Iind a proqrani to suit his needs. Each year new courses are added, keepina pace with the qrowinq student body and its needs and interests. Tait Iunior Colleae is ine deed proaressinq in every way. -fszft-1-.s .ff s. arg- u-gl.-4,1 I ,H -47'-3'i'i, iigixgftmce, ','H-f'2?f9g .' f- -.-32' 'EL 5:12 -9' Ju. V! - f 5555 :ii-fS.:,15v-:Ct-1: " -'-. t -l ,. Eva-. :Z . . . ,g,.3Q' " 3 . ' 6 . b ,,','l'::?-fri. T U D E N T C C U N C l L The Student Council is made up of the officers of the Associated Student Body. It was created for the purpose of formulating laws and plans for the students as a whole. At regular meetings the council members discuss the programs and plans which have been submitted to them. After each suggestion has been care- fully considered, it is put into as finished a form as possible. Then it is ready to be presented to the students themselves. During the first semester of the In turning back the pages of history school year 1935-36 it was my privi- lege to serve the Taft Iunior College as president of the Associated Student Body. As I review the events taking place during those few months, the success of the Student Council be- comes apparent. An energetic broad- minded council plus a co-operative student body is a combination difficult to surpass. Since the Student Council is merely a part of the Student Body, its success or failure depends upon the attitude of the students who choose its mem- bers from their ranks. For their whole- hearted interest and co-operation, I sincerely thank the Student Body and council. They made my term in office a very enjoyable one. -Ed Bostick. we find that it has always been the goal of the junior colleges of Cali- fornia to promote a feeling of good will and co-operation among the dif- ferent schools, both in scholarship and on the athletic field. Taft Iunior College has always taken an enthusi- astic part in the activities of the junior colleges of its region. This year one hundred students and twenty-eight faculty members went as delegates to the ninth annual conven- tion of the Central California Iunior College Association, which was held at Visalia on March 28. I sincerely thank the administra- tion, the Student Body, and the Stu- dent Council for the interest which made this successful year possible. -Ierry Williams. The Student Body holds semi-monthly business meetings. At these times the president introduces to the assembled students all the plans and programs which have been formulated in the council sessions. Open-floor discussion is held upon each one, and every debatable point is settled as nearly as may be done. Finally, the motion is put to a vote, to be carried or lost. The business of the junior college assembly is finished. 2 .QBLJCFIJSY , 'tt n- , Si i 1 3 l 1 E 4 5 '1 i I 1101 vw-'qc-:gp . 'SJ-ld 1-. ' v- 5' "Puf- rr, -1- -..Ud,.,-, ,Q - 1, ,gent-.-ve TNF? I -.2-t-NJ 1 -.n-'nav-ni Q. WZ Qicuif' '17-C71 fr.f"- . Iva' if TOPW-FIRST SEMESTER COUNCIL: Lett to Rightf -Gibson, I. Macfarlane, Graham, Bach- elder, Bostick, Lawson, A. Mactarlane, Snyder. BOTTOM --'- ASECOND SEMESTER COUNCIL: Lett to Right- Keene, Edmonds, Graham, A, Iohnson, I. Williams, Lawson, H. Brown, Segelhorst, Varner. LEFT-elerry Williams, Second Semester A. S. B. President. RIGHTf'Ed Bosticlc, First Semester A. S. B. President. OFFICERS OF THE ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY First Semester President ......... .........,.. ........,,..,.,,,,,...,. E d Bogtick Vice-President ......... ......... V irginia Bachelder SGCFGTCITY .............. ......... F rances Lawson Treasurer ............,,.,,..., ,,,,..,,, , ,Bob Snyder Business Manager ...,..., ,...,,...,,.,,,, I oo Gibson Athletic Manager ...... ....,,,,., G ordon Graham Social Chairman. ....... ..... ,Art Mactarlane Second Semester President .............................,. ..,... I erry Williams Vice-President ........ ,,,, Adoll Iohngon Secretary .....,........ ., .. .. .Frances Lawson Treasurer ..................... , Orna Vornor Business Manager.. ..... . . ..Worth Keene Athletic Manager ...... . ,. .. Harold Brown Social Chairman... . Marie Edmonds Alpha Gamma Sigma '35, '36, Beta Phi ' I ulfsgrfffk 47 L fmrrf. 4 rp r 5 ?, 6:n A up 1 2' " L'-1,1 5554 W ,MTF 51535 N fy " - 'xl , .5 . '- f . s- f ' ' .X " - 4 r. - 9. ' , 7 I 'rdf' , l 1 ' - ar- ' ft ., w.2'+.+f' 'Q -5- .4 - I4 -,1 " fpli. -' " vfrtffa K w':,g?:',?ofsx,h:::,ft ' , ..'- 4 . A.. ,,.-0 ,f rr J, 35.5, 'Z -'Q .,. f ,- .s r 1 - f Q- . '.4 J 3: 'nj . iii? ,'.:L f . 'Ya' I.. QE 1 1 .inf ,I xv -- ffm RADUATES A summer garden with roses, a patio filled with lovely girls in frilly spring forrnals and handsome boys in flannels, dancing to enticing music, made the last May Prom a pleasant memory, which caused the graduates to be sorry to leave their Alma Mater even though they were anticipating happy futures. VIRGINIA BACHELDER ELEANOR MARIE IEANS Secretary W. A. A. '35, '36, A. S. B. Vice, President '35, '36, Alpha Gamma Sigma '34, '35, '36, Treasurer '36, "Smith Family" '35, '36 EDGAR BOSTICK Football '34, '35, Track '34, '35, Beta Phi Gamma '34, '35, Vice-President '35, 36, Key Club '35, '36, Hi-Y '35, '36, Maroon T '34, '35, Alpha Gamma Sigma '35, A. M. S. Sec' retary-Treasurer '34, Business Manager '35, A. S. B. President '35, Editor "Gusher" '34, '35, I. C. Editor '34, Make-up Editor '34. ARCI-IIE F. BROWN HAROLD A. BROWN Football Manager '33, Yell Leader '34, '35, Key Club '36, Maroon T '34, '35, '36, Vice- President '35, Phi Rho Pi '36, A. S. B. Ath- letic Manager '36, Debate '36. CHURCHILL I. CAMPBELL Baseball '35, '36. FRANKIE ELIZABETH CRAWFORD MARTHA IANE DALE MAX EASTMAN Tennis '34, '35, Golf '34, '35, Decathlon '35, Free-Throw Champion '35. MARIE EDMONDS Basketball '35, Hockey '35, Speedball '36, W. A. A. '35, '36, A. S. B. Social Chairman '36, Copy Editor I. C. "Derrick" '35, '36, Beta Phi Gamma '36. Basketball '34, '35, Hockey '34, '35, Tennis '34, Baseball '35, '36, Speedball '35, '36, I. C. Mixed Chorus '35, W. A. A. '34, '35, '36, Secretary '36, Beta Phi Gamma '35, '36, President '36, A. S. B. Vice-President '34, Assistant Editor I. C. "Derrick" '34, Editor '36. ROBERT SAM IENKINS MARSHALL LOTT Football '33, '35, Track '33, '34, Maroon T, German Club. IOE LYNCH Tennis '35. ARTHUR K. MACFARLANE Track '35, '36, Cross-Country Team '34, '35: Key Club '36, Hi-Y '36, President '36, Band '35, '36, Orchestra '35, I. C. Mixed Chorus '36, A. S. B. Social Chairman '35, "Derrick" Staff '35. DONALD B. MACFARLANE, IR. Track '35, I-Ii-Y '35, '36, I. C. Mixed Chorus '35, '36, A. M. S. Secretary-Treasurer '35, Operetta '36. IANET MACFARLANE Basketball '34, '35, Hockey '34, '35, Varsity '34, Speedball '35, '36, Captain '36, Indoor '35, '36, Tennis '35, '36, W. A. A. '34, '35, '36, Secretary '35, I. C. Mixed Chorus '35, '36, Treasurer '35, A. W. S. President '35, "Smith Family" '35, '36, "Derrick" Staff '35, '36, Beta Phi Gamma '36. ROBERT C. MARSHALL Gamma '36, A. M. S. Business Manager '35, Sales Staff I. C. "Derrick" '34, '35, Sales Manager '35, '36. PEARL LEWIS GREEN I. DELTON GREER Bakersfield Iunior College '35, A. S. B. Play IOSEPHINE FRANCES MCINTYRE '34 CARL E. MONSON DOROTHY MOYNIER FLORENCE ALICE HAMLIN VIRGINIA PYE HILL A. W. S. Secretary '35. RUTH HOGAN Mixed Chorus '35, '36, Beta Phi Gamma '35, '36, Secretary '36, "Smith Family" '35, '36, A. W. S. Treasurer '36, Sales Manager I. C. "Derrick" '34, '35, '36. Qin dun. Top row: Baclteltlcr Bostick,A.Brown, H Brown, Campbell Crawford. Flfllv row Dale, Eastman, Ed morrdS,Green,Greer, Hamlin, Fourth row Hill, Hogan, Jeans Jenkins, Lott, Lynch Third rowt A. Mac larlane, D. Maclar lane, J. Maclarlane Marshall, Mclntyrv Mor15om.S6'carrdraw Moynier, Nlebcl Palmer, Reagan Rush, Seqelhorst Bottom row: Snyder Slarbuclc, Stltes,Tor roy, Varls, Whltwill WALTER T. NlEBEL Yell Loader '35 LELA E. PALMER KERMIT REAGAN ' FREDA WEGIS RUSH Basketball '35, Hockey '36, W. A. A. 'Sip' PHYLLIS ELAINE SEGELHORST Fullerton lurrior College '34, Basketball ' Captain '35, Hockey '35, Speedball '36, A. A. '35, A. W. S. President '35 ROBERT E. SNYDER Basketball '35, '36, Track '35, Key Club '35, A. S. B. Treasurer '35. CHARLES LEONARD STA RBUCK Gall 35, Lapiant 35, Clue Club '84, lvlUSl' dent '34, Delaatirtq R4. EVA MARGARET STITES I. C. Mixed Chorus 'HIL PORTER C. TORREY Track '34, '35, Basel1all'.56. ROBERT M. VORlS Golf '35, '36, Phi Rho P1 '36, l. C. Mixed Chorus '35, Debating '36, Asslslarrl Sports Editor "Derrick" '34, '35, Sports Editor '35, '36, KEITH D. WHITWILL A. S. B. Plays '34, '35, ' Wil' " DLP! :I-4 u is "'js5",,t?t .unix yvggpg' X J, 9 ', 1 "'5"2g'Z-fav?-1 'O .g J - :Y ':', ' .Q '-,-' 4 H fi f ' . " pie' inf., -Q-43..., 3' 1 .3 e 0, 1 W-N . -1.-Z 'QI .,n, vi' 5. 4.445 'JJ' 5' . 'it L' A 'l' ll D EI N 'I' B G D Y General bulletin! "There will be a meeting of the A. W. S. in the Little Theatre today!" Seven years ago, in 1929, the Associated Women Student Body was organ- ized with Miss Edna L. Dessery as adviser. Every year has seen the gradual growth of this group into one of the most active organizations in the junior college. Under President lanet Macfarlane's capable leadership, the A. W. S. began the fall semester with a welcoming party for the freshman girls. The next event was the annual Mother and Daughter Supper, on December l4. Besides the president, other officers for the first semester were Edith Richard, vice-presi- denty Virginia Hill, secretaryg and Dorothy Moynier, treasurer. For the second semester Elaine Segelhorst was elected president: Edith Richard, vice-presidentg Myrl Petersen, secretary, and Thelma Elder, treasurer. On March 20 these officers and Miss Edna Dessery attended the annual State convention of the Associated Women Students in Sacramento. The Associated Men Students form an integral part of the student govern- ment of the school. lt was in 1930 that the men of the junior college first felt the need of an organized body, and the A. M. S. came into being. The first semes- ter of this year saw Merlin Lones elected as president. Ett Evans was elected vice-president, Ed Allen was secretary-treasurer: and Bob Marshall was busi- ness manager. During the year the men planned many events-a steak-bake and a Wiener roast among others-but other activities interfered: so the most important function of the A. M. S. was a dance given on March 7. Gordon Graham, a popular second-year student, was elected president for the second semester. Other officers for this semester were lake Garlow, vice- presidentg lack Macdonald, secretary-treasurer, and George Kennedy, busi- ness manager. A. M. S. OFFICERS-Graham, Kennedy, Marshall, Evans. A. W. S. OFFICERS-Elder, Moyniffr, Richard, Petersen, Macfarlane, Seqeltiorst. 6 UNDFRGRADUATES TOP PICTURE: Back row: Richard- son, McDermott, Denning, Huddleston, Paulson, Stnidv- vant, Myrl Fink, Essick, Doyle. Third row: Baker, Keene, Iaines, McNeil, Hoque, Foster, I-I. Torrey, M. Iohnson, McMillan. Second row: Clark, Hixon, Varner, Schmidt, Kness, Sniithe, Shurley, Dohrinq, Paulsen. Front row: G. McReynolds, M. McReynolds, Hiclcernell, Bryant, A. Mar- shall, Haqler, Petersen, Bennett, Nabers. THIRD PICTURE: Back row: Inrnan, Stone, Colbert, Nelson, Cuthbertson, Blacklock, Leclcrnan, Ensiqn, Greqory. Third row: McBrien, Hanawalt, Graham, Eastman, Dunn, Die- tenderfer, Ett Evans, Porcho, Wecldle. Second row: Eal- laqh, Tucker, A. Iohnson, Hopkins, Cooper, Harper, C. Lang, Love, Bond. Front row: Townsend, I-Iettesheimer, McCool, Hoyst, Beatrice Carroll, Willard, Bernice Carroll, Ayers, Carman. SECOND PICTURE: Flack row: Linden, I. Lana, Linscott, Hillard, McDonald, Fairbanks, Duntsch, K. Williams, Sud' bury, Bradley. Third row: Hobbs, McGuire, Richardson, I. Blanfoid, Woods, Keys, Geeslin, Haven, Henry, Bellochi. Second row: M. Sniithe, Lanier, Douglas, Carden, Verqon, Tolf, Weiss, Green, Lowell, Mclntyre. Front row: Connor, Browniield, Thomas, O'Brien, Endicott, Lutton, Harrison, V. Rush, Gratz, Snowden, Turner. BOTTOM PICTURE: Back row: Fierro, Rose, Coombes, L. Lynch, G. Halliday, V. Guess, Talmadqe, M. Guess, Teel, Kennedy. Third row: Fredburq, E. Thomas, Wilson, Glen- deninq, Pett, Meacher, MacKenzie, Stranq, Van Horn, W. Halliday. Second row: Stokes, LeCount, Lawson, E. Beck, Byrd, Welch, Mitchell, Richard, D. Blanford, Meyer. Front row: Skinner, Elder, Lamoreaux, Edwards, T. Kelley, Harn- ilton, Miller, Crum, Robey, Cruzan. .wifi J s"i'rf.f'E-P .Brit ef 6 43, 'EIK'gzk"'w 1 5: ir '45 ji, .J ,ss W' 1:-" ru-?'b, r ig? WWW f -- at .- ' 'I-"AQ, TL, I 'X ' 1 Z A T I Q N 3 , , , pw Temporary membership in Alpha Gamma Sigma, junior college scholar- ship society, is limited to students who have earned thirty grade points during the preceding semester. Ray Sturdevant was elected president of Rho Chap- ter for the 1936 term. Other officers were Owen Paulsen, vice-presidentg Fred Henry, secretaryp Virginia Bachelder, treasurer: Miss Edna Dessery, adviser. Under the leadership of Coach Ernest Mclnnes, and Assistant Coaches Mary Owens and William Dienstein, the junior college Forensics Club had a very active season. Harold Brown, Margaret Smithe, and Bob Voris were initiated into Phi Rho Pi, national junior college forensics fraternity. Beta Phi Gamma is a national junior college journalism fraternity. Officers of the Eta Chapter were Eleanor leans, president: Ed Bostick, vice-president: Dorothy Moynier and john Barnard, secretary: Gordon Graham, treasurer. Spon- sors were Mrs. Louise Lambert Stewart and Miss Alma Steininger. Members of the W. A. A. enjoyed a successful year of athletic activity. First semester officers were Frances Lawson, presidentg Marion Le Count, vice- presidentg Virginia Bachelder, secretary: Hazel Endicott, treasurer: Vera Rush, sports manager. Second semester officers were Marion Le Count, president: Edith Richard, vice-presidentp Eleanor leans, secretary: Sula Nabers, treasurer: Evelyn Beck, sports manager. Miss Bee Edwards was adviser. The Key Club, a service organization advised by Mr. D. T. Williams and presided over by Worth Keene, grew into a very active organization of the junior college. Other officers were Iulius Lang, vice-president: Bill Duntsch, secretary: Keith Williams, treasurer: Ed Bostick, lake Garlow, Oscar Linscott, board members. Maroon T members are those who have earned a letter in a sport. First semester officers included Kenneth Boucher, presidentp Harold Brown, vice- presidentp Ray Sturdevant, secretary-treasurer: Ralph Throop, business man- ager: Mr. Leslie Kienholz, adviser. Second semester officers included Oscar Van Horn, president: lake Garlow, vice-president: Toe Gibson, secretary-treas- urerp Harold Brown, business manager. TOP PICTURE-ALPHA GAMMA SIGMA: Back Row-Bachelder, Kness, Henry, Bostick, MacDonald, Miss Edna Dessery, Tucker. Front Row-Sturdevant, Paulsen, R. Marshall, D. Macfarlane. FIFTH PICTURE-FORENSIC CLUB: Back Row--Stewart, H. Brown, J. Williams, Voris, J. Blanford, Mr. W. Dienstein. Front Row-Mr. E. Mclnnes, Duntsch, Smithe, Miss M. Owens, Lutton, Bostick, MacDonald. FOURTH PICTURE-BETA PHI GAMMA: Top Row-Mrs. D. J. Stewart, Moynier, Jeans, Mr. Fred Baumgarten, Miss Alma Steininqer, J. Mactarlane, Mr. M. D. Beiach. Bottom Row-R. Marshall, Edmonds, Kness, Graham. THIRD PICTURE-W. A. A.: Back Row-W. Edwards, Blanford, Lawson, E. Beck, LeCount, G. Beck, Segelhorst, Ed- monds. Third Row-Bachelder, Crum, Hixon, Green, Miller, Richard, V. Rush, Endicott. Second Row-Callen, Dohring, Varner, Nabers, Miss Bee Edwards, J. Macfarlane, F. Rush, Elder. Front Row-Beatrice Carroll, Cannan, Marshall, Hagler, Harper, Ballagh, Bernice Carroll, Jeans. SECOND PICTURE-KEY CLUB: Back Row-Dykes, Jenkins, Weaver, Coornbes, Brown, Moodle, Mr. D. T. Williams. Front Row-A. Mactarlane, Murdock, J. Lang, Linscott, K. Williams, Voris, Duntsch, Keene. BOTTOM PICTURE-MAROON T: Back Row-Singleton, W. Smith, Ramage, Throop, Bostick, H. Brown, Van Horn, Kennedy, W. Halliday. Front Row-Dunn, Henry, Stone, P. Torrey, Gibson, Snyder, Sturdevant, Huddleston, Ernest Evans. 8 1' S ffffwv- ,IIHJF-L.K'Q'1?w4'f.'j'y-1,1-fgQ,2i,f!:5 .- 5 ,,47g,.-15, "VT ' 7:9 111' 7?fl!'Td"'l J"Z'14"Ns tary: 4 'H , K7 fG7'R-Klifi-FYEWISS' 532351 Hlffn gy- , u- F. 3, il 1 , 414' 5 J tw '-'Y' 2' 'XJ fgiitsf fx alt S Z 4-4 Fifa' ' sg-ZPL r xiii A . gli. 'gif ,wzialj lv 1 V '7 fl55 ' A "PFI-'f 5:-L-gf,gf'fQ3?gijij!'i. fp. 1-'M:ff"I'f .,.-'91, 1' .- -. .,f:t C T 1 v 1 T 1 E S lunior College activities represent a great variety of interests. Many stu- dents enjoyed taking part in the extra-curricular activities and at the same time contributed a great deal to the entire student body. In an attempt to publish a yearbook that truly reflects the life of the junior college, the 1936 "Derrick" Staff chose a book styled to the spirit of informal junior college life, in the hope that it would please both students and faculty and recall to memory in later years the outstanding events of the year 1936. The members :of the staff express their most sincere appreciation to Mrs. Louise Lambert Stewart, faculty adviser, for her advice and leadership. They are also deeply grateful to Miss Alma Steininger, art adviser, and to Mr. Maurice Bejach, photography adviser. To the various members of the student body and the faculty who gave their kind assistance, the staff extend their thanks. Taft Iunior College drama students and stage craft classes were honored this spring by being selected to ex- hibit their work at the junior college conference at Visalia. The play "Crime in the Park" was presented in a clever stage setting. Directed by Mr. Raleigh A. Borell, lim Patterson and Iames Stewart played the leads. Iunior college students in plays were Lovitt, Stewart, Gregory, Patterson, McMillan, Baker, Hanawalt, Lutton, Lynch, Mundinq, Guess, Doss, Ed- wards, Starbuck, and Greer. Last fall music lovers of the Taft Iunior College met with Mr. Donald S. Iones, director, and formed the Mixed Chorus. Dale Huey was chosen president: Adell Iohnson, secretary: Ianet Macfarlane, treasurer: Worth Keene, business manager: and Kay Willard, librarian. Lois Mae Conner was the accompanist for the club. On March 27 the chorus participated in the Kern County Music Festival at Wasco. In closing the year they com- bined with the high school in present- ing the operetta, "Open House." The news of the school appeared in the semi-monthly editions of the campus newspaper, the "Gusher." Junior college staff members were Adell Iohnson, I. C. Editor: Bill I-Ianawalt, I. C. Sports Editor: Gerald Diefenderfer, Assistant I. C. Sports Editor: and Bill Talmadge, Paul Fierro, Loraine Paulsen, Lois Foster, Evelyn Ballagh, Goldine Shurley, and Necia Wright, reporters. Taft debate teams met Reedley and Visalia on the California Parole ques- tion. lames Stewart and lack MacDonald won from Visalia. At Coalinga in the C. C. I. C. Oratorical Contest, Iames Stewart won third place, and at Visalia Margaret Smithe placed second in oratory. Mr. Ernest Mclnnes, forensics coach, was largely responsible for the success of these students. 10 UPPER LEFT: Art Carpenter and Marie Edmonds in ci scene from "'ln the Park." UPPER CENTER: lunior Colleqe Chorus practicina, UPPER RlGl'lT: Phil Mundinq gives lim Patterson a loncina lesson in a scene from "The Royal Family," LEFT CENTER HGUSHERH STAFF: Rack row: llanawalt, Talmadqe, Mr. F. I. Baumqarton, Fierro, Diefonderfer. Front row: Paulsen, Iohnson, Foster, Ballaqh, Shurley, Wright. TOP RIGHT CENTER: lim Patterson and lames Stewart discuss crime in a scene from "In the Park," BOTTOM LEFT CENTER: Some members oi tho "Derrick" Staff at work. BOTTOM RIGHT CENTER: Voris, ll. Brown M, Sinithf, I. Stewart practicing for a debate, BOTTOM LEFT HDERRICKH STAFF: Top row: Graham, Marshall, Kness, Edmonds, Hanawalt, loans. Rottorn row: Tucker, Moynier, I. Macfarlane, Cannon. BOTTOM RIGHT: larnes Stewart, in "Wh1sthnq in tht: Dark." .5 fu M "DERRICK" STAFF Editor , , Eleanor leans Assistant Editor Meriern Kness Copy Editor Marie Edrnonds Assistant Copy Editors . lanet Mactarlane, Selma Rose Tucker Sports Editors ,Gordon Graharn, Bob Voris Assistant Sports Editor Bill I-lanawalt Art Editor Grace Cannan Snapshot Editor Vernon Guess Sales Managers , , Dorothy Moynier, Bob Marshall if Sm -:FE 3" ff: g43s,,,.wr' 3 - r". A 1???'f'f" 5-T' 3.0.-gl . ' Mlm ' ,. 2,13 5 UL., ' V, f" --f-'Q ff: nl EIA , 'MIN' 1 I ,L 1 S..-3,'f,I ,G u'v'Q4 "'4r u, 1 . tr. N . '- J. 54 r .xg -5:rg .,y5, , ,gpg '15 .f -L+' , A "'ii "-,W-'C . 1:5-ug ,sw x n 1 ', ,Q ' fuk, 9 ' 'Fixer " 4 OE JAYSEE AND BETTY CO-ED The trophies lending such a collegiate air to this page are the cups and awards Won by T. I. C. during the track season. lump, girlsl While it looks like an exciting game, still it does seem a bit odd for the whole basketball team to be jumping for the ball at the same time. Iust an old I. C. custom, no doubt. Exhibiting the noble I. C. males in their natural habitat. Ioe and Ed are indulging in that most unusual of I. C. activities-study. Iiggs can't figure the situation out! I. C. Library. There is something unusual-not to say extraordinary-about this picture. Ordinarily Mrs. Dane is busily engaged in suppressing such levity. This Zoology class spends most of its time in looking for something that doesn't seem to be there. We always say that if a thing isn't big enough to be seen, it isn't worth seeing. After all, what is a mere protozoan or two among friends? We can't quite make this one out. They are just making peculiar-looking shapes on otherwise perfectly good paper. However, it is all very artistic. Yes, indeed. Step, brush, tap, step. Oh, no. That is for beginners, and these fair co-eds have progressed far beyond that. On with the dance! Donning their war-togs before the big hockey game are these Amazonsl The most popular place on the campus at noon-the cafeteria. And such trenchermen as some of our boys are! Iust a sample of what opponents have to face in I. C. Women's athletics. Oh, speedball's a wonderful game, Not fit for the blind, halt, or lame: After chasing that ball O'er the field in the fall We'll never again feel the same. Advanced shorthand. The girls listen to English, make pothooks, and then try to make them into English again. "What's this word? lt looks like 'problem,' but then again it might be 'purpose,' or 'jump,' or even 'bookkeeping' I guess I was right the first time-it's a problem!" No, no, Maudie, this isn't the boys' cooking class. This is chemistry, where they make weird combinations with heathenish smells. Oh, science, what horrors are committed in thy name! Home run! Well hit, Elaine. Two of the reasons for a good baseball team for the I. C. women. 12 af' L A bw fir i" u bw 1-ll 5 A ., W N-Q ----Q r' ' V f 12 Qr V exif , 4 K ' 'WTMK . .1 f,' 'Yi ,of ,xg " -4 X, - In Q: 1 Nw, 1--:annum HV' JM if I fn, I H' l rn 'bi lr' I P ? -lg, . K 2 L I, K' 1,-,,'7,,.g-,...-4 ...-.U-...,n W1 ' ' "l"H'2V N 1-rfdi 12 - Q J., 135 is if .1 ' Flzfm tx ff -Y .gif-at 45 L 'g -11, -xr , ,. . i -1 -f . gt . 5 4 of ' I r -795' ?k W: ',':i9'f4': Q 1 1 1 v O 4. A' " '-- 1'-ww Z9i5'Z:5,if 1' .Jr bf' ,Jess xv- . fi N .xNY .1 ' -6' ..,,-s,'.,g 519' - ,af rc. AMPUS HIGHLIGHTS College rhythml Sweet strains of music come floating through the air from the gym dance. Infectious, lilting airs that tell of haDI3Y couples gliding to and fro. Yes, the Harmony Gushers are playing. Q. Is Margaret giving an exhibition of her new dental frieze? A. No, she is just trying to "Whistle in the Dark." Rah-rah days, with Sula Nabers and Ioe Brown egging their fellow students on to bigger and better efforts. Ed Bostick, M. C., making a few choice remarks at the football banquet. Miss Edna L. Dessery, Dean of Women, was snapped as she was busily at work in her office. "Listen, my children, and you shall hear"Y-or at least you would if this were a talking picturefthe noble speech of renunciation with which Ex-Presi- dent Ed Bostick hands the gavel, the symbol of presidential authority, over to newly-elected lerry Williams. Thelma says her favorite indoor sport is looking up people and things in the "Rand" "Well," say we, "everyone to his own taste. For instance, some people like spinach." My football friends, just what do you see As you gaze at the print that you hold? Said they, "The pictures of him and of me In this print of the football team so bold." Life as a I. C. library guardian is not dull. Far from it! Something going on all the time. If there aren't two or three turbulent spirits making a rumpus, there are half a dozen. Quote--Variety is the spice of life-Unquote. Mrs. Dane speaking. So this is what goes on in the I. C. House. We've often wondered. This must be where the boys learn to bluff their teachers so successfully. "We-all done come clar from the Ozarks, ies' to play an' sing for you-all." The girls were so good that one innocent lady actually asked them to tell her about life in the mountains. This villainous looking quartet have not escaped from somewhere. They are merely four blithesome I. C. lads out to celebrate the Silver Iubilee. Take particular notice of the feeble whiskers grown for the occasion. Iolly good fellows are wel We sing of what used to be, When full whiskers were in, And waists small and thin Were revived in Taft's Iubilee. 14 s nfq A lf? th,"- A V ,N R.. 6 X3 54 rx A .,,. . bn' A L --I-L - 'i?:' '-' Qi ' - "'...,. 1 ' gk ilk 'Q ww.. WY? -"GW, ' 9.9 - VW! .3-'. wh ,Pu-f 5. .-'Jig-'f wg?-A1 4 1 5- X I-.qs-Y QNX 45-,:'3.'s3.s1w .Z f'-Z' r 3,1 t 5, 'Giro v"i::..f'f - 35515, gf' ,gpg rg -,Cr A gi:-iii' 91 'i ' '- fffffl' :L ,-Q I .+,,.f.,,,ff gi N l H E C B l D l B 0 N Iourneying to Ventura for their initial contest, the Taft Iunior College Grid- ders dropped a tough battle to the Pirates who capitalized on the Taft fumbles and pulled the game out of the fire with a safety. Wackeen scored in the first five minutes, instituting a tradition which followed until the final game. In administering a sound defeat to the Porterville Pirates, a Conference foe, all of the Maroon and Whites' latent power was displayed. However, disaster overtook the Cougars when they trekked north to engage the powerful Cali- fornia Frosh team. Although the Cougars scored early in the game, the Bear Yearlings proved too strong and tallied by virtue of several intercepted Cougar passes. Following this setback, the Cougars, playing air-tight defensive ball, vanquished a strong Long Beach eleven and then meied out a terrific drubbing to the Beedley Tigers, with Tate and Stone starring. Routing another league foe, the Cougars steam-rollered the Visalia Club, with most of the scores resulting from passes, Bellochi and Van Horn starring. Next, Taft grabbed off a decision against the powerful Compton team, scoring twice in the initial period and again in the closing minutes to cinch the game. ln their next tussle, which was featured by Dunn's punting, the Maroon and Whites averaged a touchdown per stanza to take the measure of a scrappy Bulldog squad from Santa Maria. Rounding off the season, the Cougars entered their traditional "Big Game" as favorites to defeat the Bakersfield Renegades, but Taft had to be content with a tie. Four Cougars were named on the All-Valley: Wackeen, end: Tate, half- backp Dunn, quarterbackg and Bostick, center. COUGAR FoorBALL SQUAD: Back Row-Pierre, swim, L. Lynch, Huey, Ford, coombes, capiain Karnage, car- EfenfiQ'iZYa2l'ffS' Rlhlfolffflifffiil U7''FSAnf2f,ensiaEE?gf'T4'QfI,' iifiiefilf' Elliijoelifl'nlfSiie'E1'fni.'liQ+,Cfffff Manager Foster. Front Row-Manager Sauret, Adkisson, Dunn, Linden, G-arlow, Gibson, Huddlcstori, Stone, Robinson, Leckman, Manager Allen. l6 UPPER LEFT -Walt Wackeen, lnspiration Award Vllinner. UPPER RIGHT- -fRice carries the ball for Tatt. LEFT CENTER -Action in the Compton qame. LOWER LEPTW Henry slides on his nose in an attempt to advance the proqress ot Tatt's ball. LOWER CENTER -Stan Ramaqe, Football Captain. LOWER RIGHT Tate is tackled by a Comp- ton Inan. Taitu ,. ,. Taft, Tait Taft Taft Tait Tatt Taft Tait SCHEDULE September 27 20 Ventura , October 5 20 Porterville October 12 7 Cal Frosh , October 18 l9 Lonq Beach October 25 .,.,t,t57 Reedley , November 2 44 Visalia November I1 20 Compton November 16 26 Santa Maria November 22 L ,.., , U Bakersfield - fi" 1, - A 5-ws - efffir J' iw. fiegifffw 'KQWE in Magi' C rlkvf '.'r,"' N,- t' " "W . .' 31" 'H-'f :ip 1 ..'.'-"-"Zffoa'. N T I-I E M A P L E C C U R T Handicapped this year by the fact that they started the season with only two veterans, Captain Bob Snyder and Ierry Williams, the Taft Iunior College hoop- sters finished in third place in the Central California Conference, winning seven league games and losing three. Taft opened the season against a strong cadet team from Black-Foxe Mili- tary Academy, coming out on the short end of the score. The Cougars were swamped in the next four practice games by Glendale, Compton, Ventura, and the University of California's 145-Pounders. Then, showing the undaunted spirit and fight which is characteristic of all Cougars, the Taft quintet defeated Reedley and Coalinga junior colleges in the first two league games of the season. Although decidedly improved, the Cougars lost the following three hard- fought games to Visalia, Black-Foxe, and Porterville. In the next game the Cougars emerged overwhelmingly victorious over their traditional rival, Bakers- field. Then the Maroon and White cagers took Coalinga with ease. With each Cougar distinguishing himself by his close guarding, Taft played an almost perfect defensive game to upset the leading team in the Conference, the Visalia Tartars, and to earn second position in the leaguey but in the followf ing game with Porterville the Cougars lost their stride and dropped out of the running for the Central California title. Reedley Iunior College, stronger than expected, was next defeated by only a two-point margin, and the season ended with another victory for Taft over the Bakersfield Renegades. Coach Kienholz deserves a great deal of credit for developing a fine team from players, the majority of whom had never played together before. While the work of all of the players was commendable, Clarence Hutchinson, with 80 points, and Ett Evans, with 72 points, were high-point men for the season. Bob Snyder, 1936 basketball captain, proudly displays the Central California Iunior College Association basketball trophy which was won by the 1935 Cougar team and accepted this year on behalf of the junior college student body by Bob, one of the two returning mem- bers of the team. lncidentally, the figure topping the cup was the award won by Bob for his individual high-point playing as a for- ward. 18 ' dev. C ' 'Ar- ii A151 fx I i I 1 Q at '1 I 4 1 5 t t I 4 I t I 1 I s L F5 any A ' " 2 22 l I untrue TOP BASKETBALL SQUAD: Bcmk row: Manager Ken- nedy, Williams, W. Halliday, L. Lynch, G. Halliday, B. Snyder, Hutfhinson, Coach Kienliolz. Front row: Manager Graliam, Mclvlillan, Tate, l-lucldlestoti, Henry, Fvcns. BOTTGIVI LEFT: Baker spars with Torrey while Van Horn relerees. BOTTOM RlGHT: llunltlltfston shoots mul Wil- limits Jumps lor the ball. IN THE RING The Golden Gloves Boxing Tourna- ment, inaugurated this year, uncov- ered a wealth of talent, with the lol- lowing being awarded miniature golden gloves: Hiram Torrey, light' Weight: Nile Baker, Welterweight: Robert Burnquist, middleweighty Roh- ert Pett, lightheavyweightp Oscar Van Horn, heavyweight. :A -11 Tall Tait, Tall Tait Taft, Tait Taft Taft Tutt Tall Taft Taft Taft Talt Tatt Taft BASKETBALL SCHEDULE December 14 December 18 Ianucxry 3 Icmuary 4 Ianuary 10 . Calil Ianuary 11 Ianuary 17 Icmuary 18 lanuary 24 February l February'7 February 14 February 15 February 21 February 22 March l ' Non-league qamrs tfrnitr l- ltlutfk Foxe Kilt-nrltilw Nrrtxysttm V-triturft lh lli, Fllrmri l'lt-etllrfy Cwoaliriotr , . Visalia lilcrvl-1 lhxf- Portwrvtllv l'TUl44?ISllf'l1l C tmrr lingci Visftliti Ptfrtw-rvillw ltr' r,-:, llvy llf'1lU'rSl1r-lil 5 r y Jv',wl 5. 541551-f, ,. I Q E Us 'Q H' A S, Q-if: X I f ,vt .v Nl-"'?!'gg"'s' 5'1" qei f Fe L l ",, fs.-. --fr ' .3-. . -:i 5454- V- 57-W, et? 12,11 1 -U. -.' .mg A .34 ' tx... 491' ff. :. .""gGtf,'. A ll" "'- 'shine 3,26 C... X JI' nj .left N T H E C l N D E R P A T l-l Although boasting only a dozen members, the Cougar cinder artists, capa- bly coached by "Moon" Mullen, easily defeated every rival, with the exception of Fresno, and Won the Central California Conference championship. The Cougars opened the season with an entry in the mile relay at the Long Beach Relays, placing third. They then engaged the Bakersfield Renegades in a dual meet, chalking up l00 points to the Renegades' 31. Next the Maroon and Whites tangled with the powerful Fresno State Frosh team, whose field strength proved the deciding factor, and Taft was defeated 79 to 54. Thirty points in advance of their nearest rivals, the Taft baton-passers stole the show for the third consecutive year at the Bakersfield Relays, turning back the best teams in the Valley and making new records in both the half and the two-mile relays. Then the Cougars swept the Tulare Relays, and Gibson walked off with the trophy for high-point man of the meet. Next, in a five-way trackfest the Cougars rolled up 91 points and then in a quadrangular meet turned in a score of 86 points to overwhelm completely the visiting squads. Accounting for 60 points, a record Conference score, Taft won the Central California title and hung up new records in the 440-yard dash and 220 low hurdles. New school records rnade by the Cougars during the season include a 220 mark of 22.2 and a 440 time of 50.9 by Captain Sauret, a time of l5.9 in the high hurdles by Iames, a javelin toss of l67'2" and a run of 24.7 in the low hurdles by Denning, a discus twirl of l26'l0V2" by Gibson, a relay time of 1:32 in the 880 by Sauret, Denning, lames, and Gibson, and a time of 3:31 in the mile relay by Baker, Van Horn, Sauret, and Gibson. COUGAR TRACK TEAM: Back Row-Coach Mullen, Graham, A. Mactarlane, Loperena, Nelson,Captair1Sauret,Baker. Front Row-Denning, Ramaqe, V. Guess, Mascot Jiqqs, Van Horn, Gibson, James. tMacKenzle and MacDonald not in picture.l 20 u-- -L "A!t'2' tl. I iaffgwne ' 'P'-RIT' Lk!L'f'."4 g..,,'v -vvzn, rvfi '17-1-'FSQRRV 'E-s vf..-62 f-'QE A svn' 4771 .7 12 ".,Li,' 5 I , -4'-SEEHBIZ ' u UPPER LEFT: Cecil l-luddleston, baseball captain. UPPER RIGHT BASEBALL TEAM: Back row: Carden, Fluhrer, Evans, Campbell, Pett, Carpenter, Farrah, Tate, Kennedy, Shuqart. Front row: Iohnson, Huddleston, Hana- walt, Henry, H. Torrey, Woods, Linden, P. Torrey, McMil- lan, Blackstoclc. LEFT CENTER: Ed Sauret, track captain. RIGHT CENTER- TENNIS TEAM: Back row: I. Macfarlane, Linscott, Meacher, Glendeninq, I. Lynch, Barton, Bachel- der. Front row: Eastman, Richard, Le Count, Nabers, Evans. LOWER LEFT: Coach Kienholz. LOWER RIGHT: Coach Mullen. LOWER LEFT CENTER: Miss Gladys Benerd, Womens tennis coach, and Mr. H. R. Lee, men's tennis coach. LOWER RIGHT CENTER: Lynch and Richard, tennis cap- ON THE COURTS Under Coaches Benerd and Lee, the Cou- qar netrnen made an excellent showing this year with Edith Richard winning the womens singles in the Valley: Gene Meacher, the men's singles: and Ett Evans and Ioe Lynch, the men's doubles. tains. Antelope Valley Los Angeles I. C. Cal Poly. Santa Maria . Ventura . Ventura , Black Foxe Cal Poly . Black Foxe . Compton Santa Maria ,. Compton . Fresno State . March 14 U Tait March 20 U Taft March 27 I2 Tait April 4 5 Taft April 11 4 Tait April 17 8 Taft April 18 7 Tait April 24 2 Tait May 1 3 Taft May 2 2 Tait May 8 5 Taft May 9 I I Tatt May 15 I2 Tait K1 . f J 1 V v Z,'f , J 1 f X lf, Q ' 1 ' I ,L , 5 ' 4 I lv J 1 Q, -H v J 1, r J If J .ff Q If if f V V f'f ff V ' , L 'X V Y' f L 1 I Q I f, f ff I , 1 k f V1 I I-S M. SCH0l4J. ffussouryp V 5 f DONORS The members of the "Derrick" staff wish to express their sincere appreciation to the citizens of Taft and of other towns for their loyal support and assistance in the publishing of the 1936 "Derrick." SMITH BROTHERS, INC. MERLE LINK FELTMAN From Lad to Dad Portraits 429 Center Street Phone 319-I 601 E Street Phone 238-I GAIL KRISHER DUSY'S SERVICE DRUG STORE Oldsmobile Telephone 5 209 Center Street Phone 232-W 427 Center Street Taft, California WRIGHT AND ADAMS RICARD'S BOOTERY Complete Automobile Service For Fine Footwear and Hosiery 612 Center Street Phone 42 421 Center Street C. N. HEIDKER PEACOCK DAIRIES, INC. Ieweler-Optometrist-Stationer Guaranteed for All and Pasteurized Milks 410 Center Street Phone 252-1 512 Kern Street Phone 345 NATURAL GAS CORPORATION PIONEER CHEVROLET COMPANY Modern Gas Appliances ChevroletY-Buick-LaSalle-Cadillac 111 Sixth Street - Phone 164 Chevrolet and G. M. C. Trucks WALKER'S STUDIO E. C. MORRIS Kodaks and Supplies Music and Stationery Store 507 Center Street 420 Center Street Phone 146-I P. W. STRICKLER WATKINS FLOWER SHOPPE All Kinds of Candy Flowers for All Occasions 330 North Street Phone 382-I 407 North Street Phone 486 G. AND G. CAFE Let the COTTAGE LAUNDRY American and Chinese Dishes Make Your Blue Monday-Sunny Monday 309 Center Street Phone 222-I 624 Center Street Phone 11 I. A. MACAULAY HEARD AND PAINTER "The Insurance Man" General Merchandise 209 Fourth Street Phone 37 Fourth Gnd Center Phone 257-1 ORLOFF INVESTMENT COMPANY SEARS' MARKETS Subdividers of Taft Heights and Additions QUUIUY MGGIS Gnd GFOCGNGS Everything to Build a Home Phone 553'W Phone 593 Corner of Lincoln and A Streets Phone 181 318 Fillmore Sffeef 315 COUUIY ROGd TAFT FURNITURE AND HARDWARE SUNSET DRUG COMPANY Hurd r D t COMPANY F It D 1 Your Neiqhborhood Store Giffoftluaid allison llfskisigrl mb and Nonh S"ee'S Phone 461 I. C. PENNEY COMPANY NEW DEAL MARKET Ladies' and Men's Ready-to-Wear Complete Food Center 321 Center Street Phone 301 231 Asher Avenue Taft, California xg! BURNS DRESS SHOP l Coats--Suits--Dresses 410 Center Street Phone 146-W WINSLOW'S SERVICE General Petroleum Products 1002, Sixth and North Streets Phone 158-M AGEN INSURANCE AGENCY Taft, California 217 Fourth Street Phone 118-W SIXTH STREET DRIVE-IN MARKET Sixth and San Emidio Streets W. M. Potts Aca Kelsay PURITY CANDY SHOP Home Cooking - Fountain Service - Candy STRAND'S GROCERY AND MARKET A Real Place to Buy Everything You Eat 302-304-306 Fourth Street Phone 322-W IOE DIENSTEIN Taft's Real Tailor 715 Center Street Phone 198-I TAFT GARAGE AND AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY Dodge-Plymouth Fifth and North Streets Phone 248 We Urge the People of This Community to Support Their Schools, the Trustees, and the Teaching Staff. TAFT LUMBER COMPANY, INC. Your Favorite Lunch Served Since 1920 at TROTTER'S BLUE AND GOLD FORD CITY FOUNDRY Brass and Aluminum Castings 204 Adams Street Phone 79 WESTERN WATER COMPANY Water Is Clean, Pure, and Healthtul L. A. IOLLIFF MOTOR SALES Hudson--Terraplaneewillys 219 Center Street Phone 222-M STANLEY ABEL AGENCY General Insurance 402 Center Street Phone 154 Dispatch Publishing Company, Ltd. OILFIELDS DISPATCH 302 North Street Phone 1 KEYSTONE SERVICE STATION Accessories-Gas-Oil-Sporting Goods 105 Asher Avenue Phone 138-I Compliments of FOX HOTEL Fourth and Main Streets Phone 470 Compliments of NICK KITCHAK Signs Compliments of BURNS FURNITURE AND HARDWARE 210 Asher Avenue Phone 188-W Compliments of COLBERT'S GREEN LANTERN Ice Cream Compliments of LUKE'S SNAPPY SERVICE Lunch Room Compliments of BOUCHER AND SEAY Fellow's Market Compliments of CHRISTIAN'S DRESS SHOP 425 Center Street Compliments of L AND F SHOPPE 803 Kern Street Phone 281 Fellows TAFT BAKERY Compliments ot Duthie's Bread BOB'S CAFE 411 Wood Street Phone 128-I Fellows Compliments of MITCHELL'S MARKET Compliments of IUSTUS STUDIO AND GIFT SHOP 324-6 Center Street Phone 4 Courtesy of 305 '----"--F-'H---. READERS JEWELRY STORE .Center I if Q 2 Ph? 423 center street Phone ss Street '----5 gg,----' Compliments of SAN IOAOUIN LIGHT :S POWER CORP. STATE BANK OF TAFT What's Better Than Electricity? Fifth Gnd North Streets 516 Main Street Phone 410 COmP1lm9"'5 of PIONEER MERCANTILE COMPANY WEST SIDE DRUG COMPANY If It's Sporting Goods or Hardware, We Have It Fourth and Center Streets Phone 26 5th cmd Main Sweets phone 80 Complimems of DAILY MIDWAY DRILLER THE LINCOLN MARKET The Home paper Complete Food Store 300 Lincoln Street Phone 338.1 4th and NOrtl'1 Streets Phone 314-W HARRIS AND CURTIS Compliments of U Hardware and Sport Goods IACK TGON 327 Center Street Phone 125 Compliments of Compliments ot CAMPUS LUNCH HIPPODROME THEATER Across from the High School George Angelich, Mgr. Phone 202 PROFESSIONAL MEN The following professional men, although their code of ethics forbids advertis- ing, have shown their interest in the school by donations. ORAN NEWTON, M. D. A. I. BURGESS, Dentist H. R. DYKES, M. D. H. G. HALL, Optometrist A. R. MOODIE, M. D. BAKERSFIELD FEDERAL OUTFITTING COMPANY 18th 20th Clothing for All the Family on "Easy Pay Terms" cmd and 1438 Nineteenth Street Bakersfield Eye Union Fine Foods " ' ' ' ' SEARS' MARKET Phone 2937, 2938 Third and H Streets Bakersfield MARKET SPOT Finest of Meats and Groceries Eighteenth and Union Streets Bakersfield K1RBY'S SHOE STORES V The Latest in Shoes f 1406 Nineteenth Street Bakersfield MONGERSON'S ELECTRIC WORKS Electrical Supplies 220-230 East Nineteenth Street Phone 316 HOTEL EL TEION We welcome the residents of Taft and ask that they make our hotel their headquarters. A. C. Armbruster, Mgr. C. N. IOHNSTON SHOPS Auto Body Repairing and Building Eighteenth and O Streets Phone 656 GENERAL OFFICE MACHINE COMPANY Typewriters and Adding Machines 1808 Eye Street Bakersfield NATIONAL DOLLAR STORES 1517 Nineteenth Street Bakersfield I ' WEILL'S Bakersfield's Oldest Department Store "Dependable Goods Always" MINN 1E RS I Furm re SLOrc r t0l6-24'Baker SL hoii: 901 .9 MOTHER TOWNS DAVIS HARDWARE COMPANY Wholesale Hardware and Lumber San Francisco -' ART C. HIGHAM Manufacturer of Musical Instruments 737 South Hill Street Los Anqeles Compliments of REMINGTON RAND, INC. CALIFORNIA WRECKING COMPANY Wrecking Engineers, Salvaqers, and Liquidators Los Angeles Compliments of FELT NOVELTY COMPANY 1240 South Main Street Los Angeles BAXTER NORTHUP COMPANY Orchestra and Band Instruments 837 'South Olive Street Los Angeles Compliments of LOS ANGELES RUBBER STAMP COMPANY KEUFFEL AND ESSER COMPANY Drawing Materials, Surveying Instruments 30-34 Second Street San Francisco LEATHER SUPPLY COMPANY Wholesale Leather---Leather Craft Supplies Los Angeles, California Printed by Lederer, Street 81 Zeus, Co., I Aff, 'x u i - ' , .uluamnavn - r-wvvgue--an M-1 - mzrmw--mnrnnun-nmmunmrnnynvnww 1.1 f,v:-.aw-w:.1r-Agnnsf-JJuf--w -1,-

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