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frmkg 'BS TAFT HIGH SCHOOL TAFT, TEXAS Published by The Journalism Department EDITORS: 'Jean Swanson - Steve Pullin 74156 gf Gonfenfs S74 ca0Q1221b's .............................. 2 0 Qzbfzhyuzkfeof CSXUQQJQXJ ........ 3.2 SXUQQUX 5009 ...................... 52 c'3XfmfC3'Uff1cUhf .................. 90 Ofyanfzaffom ......... ...... 1 30 Uiffkffcs ....... ...... 1 45 V f af' 'iw magna .Si:,1,. ' 5Lif::.5Si,-. .. t t ,..mr,,,,5,..f "Q, y , 1 t A , - ,' ' ' ,M,,..fgy1j-J:a W txt M ' "- M, f - ,:fr':JJ'?rt V 3 2" 4 4 ., 4 ,A ,, Vi' . f is f OFQ 60014 A school building is constructed of steel and cement, strong and permanent, but it is designed to accom- modate an everchanging flow of students. 'Year after year buses empty their loads each morning, and people stream in waves into the hallways and classrooms. To the rhythm of bells, tides of people wash in and out of the rooms and corridors and finally empty. Carl Sand- burg in his poem "Skyscraper" says, "lt is the men and women, boys and girls so poured in and out all day that give the building a soul of dreams and thoughts and memories." As each individual forms a part of the mass, so each personality contributes to the whole of TRACK'S soul--that abstract thing we call school spirit. The Track's Staff presents this abstract collection of people and events which filled our school year. 3 I 2 'ix T' Qgfzlm UQZKQ . to excite to activity or growth or to greater activity. was-W, Qld' are . freedom provided by the cessation of activitiesg time free from work or duties. 5 ssoczdfe . to join as a partner, friend or companion. ifyx 6 X A sf ,-.. ', Q 'tiki a 31. x at Xperzkn en! . an operation carried out under controlled conditions in order to discover an unknown effect of law, to test or establish a hypothesis, or to illustrate a known lawg the process of testing. , . so N gi -M 3 sf . ' " f b t eq f" . I ' .ff 'L L ' ' , '51 .V is J figffj win-14 , h 'iff t jjezison af? . the complex of characteristics that distinguishes an individual or groupg the organization of the individua1's distinguishing character traits, attitudes or habits. "M Xxx . K w . fjxfzfkafzbn to make cheerfulg the feeling or the state of being cheerful. 9 h ,we A O F., 122 usemenf . a means of amusing or entertaining pleasurable diversion. ,A I0 flel? . . one attached to another by affec- tion or esteemg the state of being friends. ' H219 51 7 H .TQ e " v T74' 1 Q 1 ,ii , xnxx! ffm ,f7".e,vi ff ' Q P ' g , , .-if nnet .t t "W" f ' , 1 Q., 1 "4 i Q. - 4 E2 1 R ff Lt. VV . fivw A QAM .F ,45J,,g3??.QLkfV5V I -, N lm 43535 W . . ,. .mb ,gg J pd ff?-93 ,. wwe: -- W? il Qin. Q 8, 'w. yjoar gf 50Q1caf1bz2 STANDING: Bob Paterson, Robert Lerma, Fred Floerke, Tillman Threadgill, Jr, C. R. Marsh. SEATED: Carl Waddle, Dr. John Tunnel CPresidentJ, Ernmitt Flinn. uper1hfefz0Q1:1f CA RL WA DDLE io - ,WA E 3 E E 3 I2 1 ! 2 Gurr1Cuf1m iD1k'eCf0r jay: Qqssessor-Gokcfor FRED ROTZLER GENE PULLIN Cfoof cgecrefary ijax Ojgbe Qgecrefary MAXINE GLASSON RUTH EICHBLATT I3 f l 5 new .E ,,,.w0!1F'9' C5050 of jjrzh C40 af J. W. BOOHER HIGH SCHOOL SECRETARY Deon Howard I4 N .W- X "fs" Tim, ? 5, v 'Y ffl Q 5 Q73 Q' an u-,Q-u. no- ilwiwllmin-Q nm ana. 2 G0 C1125 Qkl' bvzgfarzkzn HENRY POTEET KATHRINE CRAWFORD -a.. Rox xe mu x mx E, ffi-255314 iii: f mum..-mm. fggnaawmm--. ....Q.,........ 13 mu....,... ,,...2X.....-.- 1,3221 ,- ,,...Q,...,. QM .,...fM -.:...... ggmszum... ,....... .,..,v in 4.5333 ,,,,,...,......-- 50, L.,.....-..- li 15, pg 'Q sr: ...L-3: -' ' if-"nv-.af , 'Q XZWNE w:": ,,. .A ... 19" -vu wg ze ri Q15 -. r get ' veaxfr ,- Q X Ak w ggi? R 5' 3 bv fp K ig' x wx Wifi J jg .X ,M A' uv. 5 f K YW'-v' :MIM ,,- .....-.--4' l"'- I.. ' , . T 14 i,,'i'4x V far. M H 'vida M my " 1 H -M., . -M' "W- . .QQ - h f 'N M " f' :A . Q -- ,- ' . , ' W' - . A . ..,, . M K.. Liffary Jqsszkfanf MELBA TIMS I5 Y' Qeznfzfcf yghfaffczf 71 Norway Hialk iugeihsr, talk iugviher n ge penple nf the earth: Qhvn mth unlg than if was if la Shall gr hmm pears. This is the motto of the American Field Service which is sponsoring our first AFS student at Taft High School. Coming to Taft High School for a year of study is Miss Sveinhild Brattaaker of Al, Norway Hildi, a name given to her by her American family, came to Taft in August and will return to her parents Mr. and Mrs. Lars Brattaaker sometime in late July of this year. Through the AFS program it is hoped that Hildi will return home and tell the people of Norway about her life in the United States as this is the way to peace. is 7513 gs . . . fjqg' Qgcfoof I8 5 , 3, 5 it N, u 5 li 'bi Wl"'Fl'b4"rb-4 5 , i Taft is an edifice of weathered brick, time-worn wood, and rain-stained concrete. Through the past years, hundreds of students have walked its halls, sat in its many desks, and enjoyed the warmth of high school friendships, keeping the torch of tradition afiaime while kindling new sparks to light the way for future classes. Each in his own way has added to the heritage of Taft while growing in knowledge, understanding, and maturity. I9 ,Y A 1., T- 1. - .. 5- ' Q.. N Y Z I 1 20 1 I TA FY Pwailemire-2 x W 'N ,, MRS BETTY THOMAS The Art Department believes that creativity should be a facet of every student Whether building a book end, or painting an original oil, they learn that beauty must not be lost in this world of automation. 22 ' t , . LQ L It 1 A l ya l5 N li -.... FRANKLIN MCALLISTER MISS FLORENCE MAYFIELD Vocational training for the business field is offered in the Commercial Department curriculum. Commercial courses supply not only unlimited opportunity for students planning to pursue a career in business, but also offer specialized subjects, such as personal typing and notehand which aid in improving study habits. 23 Z9 115122 ess 'X ' V ,N M With the advance of this technical age, the need for a better math and science pro- gram increases. Both in classroom discussion and laboratory experimentation, the enlightening guidance of our teachers paves the way toward an in- conceivably wonderful future. y7Z-gaff - 50102 ce x"-"",,......A 0,,,,....--e-2 HANK HALVORSON MRS. MARTHA CUMMINS JOHN CROSS DOUGLAS MIKUS BOB DAVIS 24 EQ 15" 91 Ss X ,Q L, W? .S rw Y X NA ,gf 119117 RAY VON ROSENBERG MRS. EVELYN MAPLES MRS. LINDA STAPPER MISS ALFREDA RANKIN i4!"" The teachers of the Language Arts De- partment have promoted a vital curriculum. This department has worked to provide students with a quality education. Through their efforts, we have learned to think and express our ideas to others. ganvquaye 57113 yjfyszbaf 5 OQICGZIIOIZ Today some industries train three executives for a top position, expecting two -to die prematurely. Other companies have set up physical fitness programs for their employees Schools in many cities have begun to realize that if a student starts life fit, chances are he'l1 stay that way. 'F Citsf' . " 142 'tmwfaas ROY STEGALL MRS. JOYCE MARKAM 26 S. L, ALBRITTON BILL STEPHENS Wuszb Spirit is the essence of the school, and the THS Band is a vital spark of that spirit around campus. In the case of these uniform-clad music makers a motto is more than just words. "Music of all some of the time," is a creed by which our band serves us. In numerous pep rallies, through parades, and at our football games, these devoted studentsvgive of their time freely for the enjoyment of others. Q . . nw ' ,. G 1, I' ,V Sl 1 P' f QD .a V wh. J 4' Q' 27 HERB SIGLE MISS GLA DYS TI-IREADGILL nzarmgggq The study of Social Science, be it history or modern problems, has no equal in teaching understanding and appreciation. By seeing the mistakes of the past, future ones may be avoided. Studying our true American heritage is a rich and rewarding experience. Qsoczbf 6311110695 . . 1... Qgpanzlvf Presidents tour foreign countriesg missionaries explore remote islands. Throughout the world, people are constantly coming into contact with each other. What one factor is the key to their increasing harmony? The knowledge and understanding of Foreign Languages. 1' MRS . BARBAPJX JONES SF 29 U0 cafzbn af In the vocational departments of Taft High School, students are trained to use their hands as well as the mind. To create an interest in industry, the home, and the farm, and to prepare students to live a more productive life is the goal of the-vocational departments. No matter how large or small the job, their task is important for them- selves, as well as others. The vocational departments of Taft High School include: Home Economics, Vocational Agriculture, Auto Mechanics and Electrical Trades. LEON TOMLIN Agriculture tlti p ART HUR MCMILLIN ,, Auto Mechanics ARTHUR FIELDER Electrical Trades 30 Home Economics Faculty 1.-,X N MRS. JACKIE SANDERS MRS. KATHY LOWMAN Ai J RR 4 R A Nm . 4, Qfxira Qhtrrirulnr Zac! fo C5C500f gqgazb As school began this year, students and teachers seemed prepared for the year to come. A year of hard work and courage lies ahead of everyone. As class begun, students worked hard and teachers entered the routine of grading papers and check- ing roll. Mrs. Markam, Mrs. Lowman and Mr. Jacob get acquainted at a tea for the teachers. Dru Rosson tries to complete a paper for one of her classes I I 34 3515 -- is Annette Brezina and Ronnie Homann gather their books to start the year. One might wonder if they will use them all. Lupe Fuentes works hard on her shorthand lesson, to hand it in on time. 541. ,,xp,, J jf,-V ' ,azgdxk 1 . to A 151315, K ,,,k .fi - R , .ff . K ,vrxzqw , M257 . .K 1.a,l,aaE"i'ns,w,g:,,,g.et,Wx,t,,j,-if. k . ' -' :ff .1 ., ' 1 ,far 3341 'Q' M 51 f T? , C ,Q , A by , ..,o:7,.I3 u 1 ,,,,. 0. Eff .:,.f9,'..flLg. wi 5 .:1 , C i 5 1 ' ,1 gk f f f H 'A A V H K' Q rv , x N Q K , . ,. , L K, ff: r " ,- , KAAA 'fr it .:,,. vtxgff a . A f, Q., V : - 1 'Y ,. Q js 't ,je K . K any r.-- rr , if 'H f if NA dj .5511 X ,. , TOP: Football players seem to show various moods when the Alma Mater is sung. LEFT: The bonfire showed that not only students show enthusiasm at the bonfire. RIGHT: Missy Hardy seemed to put all she had into her twirling in the pep rally in the new gym, 36 In the new gym Coach Sigle shows the seriousness and the impor- tance of the pep rally and the football game. It seems the different moods range from serious to gay. 37 Qscfoof cspzlrvf gs yjromofeof af gjep WGMQS Pep rallies always mean so much to so many. Spirit seemed to grow at each pep rally, although the moods of the students and faculty seemed to range. Enthus- iasm, spirit and concentration are all involved in the pep rallies. The old gym was a perfect place for a skit put on by Nancy Tunnell and Becky Pinkett. The fire was lighted and the memories of football, homecom- ing, and past bonfires appeared. Slowly but steadily the Braving the cold to support bonfire grew to great pro- their team are some of portions. the student body in a car parade. .Q if 38 j7Q122ec01221lr2y goofgaf Season Homecoming is both a joyous and sad time. Seniors see their last real football game, while ex- students return to relive past mem- ories. 1, at 5- 5 A 'S , nr, ,,,.. , ,Fu 5 . . 1. ., X ' . -,924 ,,,. sr gift :V , .W 2 ki M, l 39 Cynthia Glasson and Cheryl Phillips try to show their artistic talents by helping build the football for the Homecoming dance. Mrs. Lowman helps Ronnie Homann with his mum for homecoming. The Sophomores really go wild with their paper collage hall in the Hall Contest during the Home- coming Week. 'Hitman-...rt Lawns Homecoming queen nominees: Debie Marsh, Hildi Brattaaker, Celeste Duprie, Cheryl Shelburne, Cheryl Phillips, and Nancy Bray. 1 Debie Marsh, escorted by her father, C. R. Marsh. The 1966 Queen, Carol Kolb, presents Hildi a bouquet of Red Roses for her parents in Norway and also a bouquet of white Mums from the student body. 40 Nancy Bray, homecoming queen nominee, shows her excitement of the homecoming activities Noe Duprie tries to keep his eyes on the road. 9'f0rwey1d12 yrs Gr0w12e0fj7Q122ec01221lfzy Queen During the Homecoming activities the nominees and the queen seem to show in- creased excitement. Hildi Brattaaker and her American father C. I. Toland seemed bewildered by the excitement of Hildi being chosen Home- coming Queen. 4I ywenfy cgfuofznfs Wecezbe C'fDcS 7' gqwarag The "Distinguished Students of Taft High School" were chosen in and presented in assembly. These students were picked by the departments, as an outstanding student through- out the year in his studies. Twenty students were honored for their outstanding work this year. Nancy Bray can not believe she was winner of the Betty Crocker Award. The Distinguished Students seem to be in various moods over their honors. Jackie Tims receives his Distinguished Student Award from Steve Pullin. Jackie was nominated by the Art Department. Mrs. C. J. Toland pre- sents Curt Davis with the "Creative Writing Award sponsored by the Woman' Club of Taft. Zrama QSfu0Q12fs Qjresenf yUQys The Drama Class displayed its best for the Elementary grades, in their portrayal of "Cinderel1a. " They enjoyed every moment of preparing for the play. The children at the elementary schools enjoyed their performance very much. TOP LEFT: Jimmy Hisey, portraying a wicked step sister, bounds across the stage. Juanita Guerra, Rosalinda Rod- riguez and Imelda Rendon seem un- interested in Iimmy's entrance. BOTTOM: With cast on stage, the play draws to a close. h,Z.mk I '--' 1 V e lil? 'P' Y HAZ CC 77 if enzbrs game ffe grew The seniors displayed their best with their portrayal of William Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew." The setting of the play was clone in western style. Many people will long remember Cicely Hacket's Saloon, can-can girls and the immortal "taming of the shrew. " QSXUQQHXJ ,70122 122 Cwfrzlsfmas cgpzkszf Christmas meant so much to so many. The Christmas parade and door decorations contest seemed to start Christmas off at Taft High School. The Christmas assemblies seemed to show the different serious and comical moods. Christmas was a joyous and serious occasion for all. The Christmas parade shows that even a clown and Don Quixote enter the Christmas spirit. The Band shows its usual good style in the Christmas Parade. . . R15 6- I I-Iildi Brattaaker and Steve Pullin ride the Student Council float past the judges in the Christmas parade 46 Beth Guedin seems to be shearing a Christmas tree for their door decorations for the newspaper staff. Gary Moody shows his surprise as Jean Swanson attacks "Santa" in the Student Council play, "The Night Before Christmas." Celeste Duprie, Annette Brezina, Beth Guedin and Mary Jane Ingram show their artistic skills in decorating a door. Gloria Garcia was a reindeer in the Student Council play. 47 QHJ4 jafe yjarf 122 Gounzy 65050 The San Patricio County Agriculture and Home- makers Show, in Sinton, proved to be fun and pros- perous for all the Taft High School participants. As usual, there was a large group of Taft High School students participating in the show. Thru much prep- aration for the show and much effort, a number of students received several outstanding awards. Valerie Becker, Pam Bennett, and Ann Rachal brought home honors for their food entries. Miles Reynolds shows his seriousness as he passes by the judges at the fair. Tommy Reding and Mr. Tomlin, Ag. adviser, look over Tommy's angus. Suzan Threadgill gets her working tools ready for grooming her horse. l Betty Koonce took top place Z in both food ' ,A i and clothing PYLE EPSTAKE wAR s Billy McClanahan, Kenneth Poenisch, Mac Hunt and Robert Poenisch relax 'at the fair by playing cards. 2 divisions. 49 All the candidates seem in various moods during their introduction to the student body. Sandy Oliff cast her ballot for her choice in the ballot box. C3Qcf1b12s f ear Student Council elections and the election of class presidents and class representatives were held February 23. Campaigning was at its peak when the election took place. An assembly was held to introduce the candidates for the offices they were running for. The tension mounted every moment a candidate was introduced. When the day of the election finally arrived, the students had reached their decisions on their candidates. Suzan Threadgill was elected to head the 1969 Student Council. 50 Wssemgfes gre gf gnferesf fo CSXUOQIQXJ As school begins to come to a close, farewell speeches, prophecies, and wills seem appropriate. During our last assembly program, there was a variety of programs. Hildi Brattaaker, our first foreign exchange student, said her good-byes. She considered Texas as her second home and will always remember her year at Taft High School. After Hildi's farewell speech, the annual reading of the will and prophecy was done. The juniors presented their prophecy in the form of "Bonnie and Clyde" and the seniors presented their will in a very unusual and indescribable manner. Juniors presented an accurate account of things to come and seniors parted with several possessions they truly loved. It seems that the juniors and seniors always are so kind to each other. 1 QSXUOQIQXJ JYQIQ oreof af Qgazzyuefs The Future Farmers of America Chapter of Taft spon- sored its annual Father and Son banquet, this year. The Taft Athletic Club honored the athletes of Taft High School with a banquet at the East Elementary Cafe- teria. At this banquet boys and girls were honored as being outstanding: Frank Davis for basketball, track and All-Around Athleteg Ray Gabrysch and Lester Rhodes for footballg Melvin Ramos for baseballg and Karen Randolf for girls basketball. Kenny Mutchler presents Kenneth Hutto with the Dekalb Award. Kenneth Gatz announces the judging con- testants in all fields of agri- culture. p"' The various guests of the F. F.A. enjoy the speaker and program before they eat. Cheryl Shelburne, chapter sweet heart, seems pleased with her corsage she has just received. , mx! YE ZUGQAQIZJ The Taft High School Student Council this year sponsored an AFS weekend for several foreign exchange students. Students from Australia., France, Norway, Iran, Argentina, England, The Philippines, and Italy attended. It was a busy and a very short weekend. The foreign students were taken to the Reynolds Plant and to visit the Wildlife foundation. After they returned back to Taft, they were honored with a beach party. The next day the students visited Texas A Sa I University and the King Ranch in Kings- ville. After their visit there they journeyed to Corpus Christi to eat and to visit the Naval Air Station. That night they were honored at a dance. Sunday morning the students attended various churches and some had to return home. .1 W, W 5 It was so sad to see them go but the weekend was most enjoyable. 5775 79113 Uzbzf W S x. 'Q XIXQ OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP: During an assembly the foreign students were introduced to the student body and questioned about their countries. BOTTOM: Steve Pullin gives his welcome and introduction of our special guest. TOP LEFT: Anne Ayers seems buried in her thoughts during the AFS Beach Party. BOTTOM LEFT: As mass hunger struck. The AFS students, as well as the Taft High students, roasted hot dogs and drank ice tea. 55 Amid the rush and the hurry, Jean Swanson, Nancy Tunnell, Karen Dozier, and Nancy Bray take time out for a brief rest. Nancy Tunnel and Celeste Duprie seem to have done quite well at the carnival. enzbrs Uzbzf Zijofffs gazk 56 i ,M fp The Seniors journeyed to San Antonio for their trip this year to the Hemis- Fair. They walked amid a world's fair of excite- ment and pleasure. With twelve hours of fun ahead, the seniors walked all over the fair to find some- thing exciting. After being scattered all over the fair the seniors came together to eat supper at the "All you can eat buffet." With the coming of night the fair lit up with its gaiety and merriment. At ten o'clock the seniors left the fair tired but happy and pleased. 92246 CCWFGAQ Y! M175 Woof, Several girls from the HE department entered the "Make It With Wool Contest" in San Antonio this year. Each girl displayed her talent in making fashions of wool. The various designs and materials show each girl's individual taste and style. Betty Koonce placed third in the con- test. Her suit was also the highest graded piece of work in the entire contest. All the girls did quite well and each girl will long remember the contest. The girls had fun in San Antonio, win- dow shopping and just enjoying the city life, as well as working to get top honors in the "Make It With Wool Contest. " Mrs. Sanders and Mrs. Lowman accompanied the girls on the trip and enjoyed every minute. NANCY TUNNELL V 1 1 K, s, E1 . ft v , 1 , CLAUDIA MARTINEZ 58 LUCILLE MONT ES :gi Q ew 5 q . BETTY KOONCE Third Place winner. L 7 aff -fi- f I , KAREN DOZIER CELESTE DU PRIE 59 A. V., ,. v 0 wfhsfwwgn. .4 , gs may ygepfesenfeof af ibzlsfrzcf Wee! Taft High School was well represented in U. I. L. competition, this year. There were many entrants from the various schools and Taft won many honors. Joe Hernandez won first in extemperaneous speaking, Joyce Rotzler won second in ready writing, Patti Toland won second in Gir1's Prose, Betty Koonce and Ranell Titus won second in gir1's debate, Michael How ard won second in Boy's Prose, Curt Davis won second in Boy's Poetry and Becky Pinkett won second in girls extemporaneous speaking. Joe Hernandez and Joyce Rotzler went on to Regional, where Joe won first place and was entered in the state meet in Austin. 60 OG c7YQZ'I2dI?OQZ TQCQS af cgfafe Joe Hernandez was Taft's only entrant in any State UIL competi- tion. This was Joe's first year to enter any competition and he did quite well. He won first in dis- trict competition in Corpus Christi and went on to win first at Regional At the state meet he won fourth. ygazzaf gzwzfeof fo C3155 5ZQys The band left Taft at eight o'clock for their long awaited trip to the Six Flags Band Festival. They arrived tired and weary but excited after their trip on the Greyhound buses. After a rest, the band went to the University of Texas at Arlington to practice for their concert. Arriving back at the Six Flags Inn, the members of the band had some free time before their curfew of twelve thirty arrived. The next morning the band played their concert. Their rating was a two, which is fine for their first competition of this sort. After the concert, the band ate and was turned loose on Six Flags. The band left at eleven o'clock for their long ride home through rough weather. They arrived in Taft at six thirty in the morning, happy and contented. gays. V C . gm. va ' 0 It TOP: The band poses for their picture at the Six Flags Band Festival. BOTTOM LEFT: Brenda Ewald seems bewildered by the whole idea of going to Six Flags. BOTTOM RIGHT: Walking through Six Flags, the members of the band enjoy their brief visit. 63 Delegates to the Texas Association of Student Councilsg Becky Pinkett, Gail Ivey, Carolyn Wen- del and Hildi Brat- taaker show off their scrapbook which took Second Place in the State Competition in the combined clas- ses of B, A and AA. BELOW: Students pose at Trinity University where they attended a Journalism Con- ference. QeQyafes gqffencf csfafe Gonuenfzbns SS? 64 fi Fa FHA STATE DELEGATES: Mealine Becker, Roxie Schmidt, Sylvia Beyer, Theresa Langen and Mary Smith X Voting at TASC Convention. 65 Fun at TASC convention. 39 i E34 ff? Q, 5, 1. zzzzzbrs anof Qsenzbrs yjrefoare fbr yjrom As prom time came around this year, the juniors were ready. They had saved their money and were ready to use it. The juniors chose the theme "Roman Holiday," and worked hard to decorate and plan for it. The Corpus Christi Country Club pro- vided the needed atmosphere for the Roman Holiday. The day of the prom had finally arrived and juniors began their traditional all day decorating. Sponsors as well as juniors decorated. They used every type of deco- ration imaginable. While the juniors pre- pared the Country Club, seniors made sure that they were ready for the prom. The boys picked up their date's flowers and the girls wore rollers all day to make them- selves beautiful for the night to come. All were ready for the prom. grzenog, Womans, 'ers gaffez' Er H37 Woman j7QJf0Qy The night of the prom, finally arrived. As the Juniors and Seniors began to arrive, one could sense the excitement of everyone. The Country Club provided the needed at- mosphere of the Roman Holiday theme. Beto Garcia's fine band provided the excel- lent music during the prom. There was time for dancing as well as conversation throughout the prom. Each junior and senior seemed to be in a new world of elegance and grace. 68 Q .lr Gorpus Cjfrzlslif' Gounfry yy Scene fgr yjrom Juniors and seniors, alike, seemed to enjoy the fine food and decorations provided by the juniors at the prom. As the band played, the dance floor became crowded. The last song was announced, the juniors were proud of their work and the seniors were sad because it was their last prom. 69 F 5:52 K H Z is M C44 1' 1- 13 M nlifkifix yjarfzes Mn or Qsenzbrs Each year the seniors are honored by many parties and receptions. 'l'n1s year there were parties given by many of the families plus the Mexican Baptist Mission, The Methodist Church, the Catholic Church and the Ladies Auxiliary. There were dances, coke parties, luncheons, patio parties, swimming parties and many others. Many seniors were honored by these parties. ABOVE: Kurt Wilson enjoys his supper at the A.D. Toland home in honor of Hildi Brattaaker LEFT TOP: Curt Davis rests up for the next party. LEFT BOTTOM: Mrs. C. J. Toland serves Steve Pullin at one of the parties. Hildi Brattaaker, Celeste Duprie, Larry Ewald, and Karen Dozier being served by Mrs. A. D. Toland. 70 ' '75 f if 5 ' 5: ,-,1 , ., 3 5 ,, ..f,. ,M ., f L11, Lf- U e fe M, W-'-f.W,.....s MQW, ,K .K . .ks i f as-m.,, ,. -MM TM, ' , ,, Y " I - ww, 4 gym, my 2 "',,"f1f.'45Q,.wf -S, . , Kg f , N "R k 5511- fi ' E: f' -.?ig ,,x 5 6.19 F .. ' " .1 N,.,,, , A ff W ., , . W ,Q A H! .. ., Q , 53, 3 . , Lf. 1ss1w..ai.Q S-21112132 ,. 1 l " b J ,ff Q .ij Q. . if E ' X fix 1.4 ann.-""' -47. 15. 1 T 1 15. yn 1- 72 .fz,ffss,-if' U 2 .,,,.. -H .ws 5 I .51 . Qkewm - 5 -92, f xi, L.., - 7- ' s A -fmf5wi?iei,fse3ggei2f.1 1 k 5 ' ' egivsssigfi Wil --ffglvetliglf TEFSWTLE E f'igSTg5z,.. 1 -In :V , f , 1 - -, Y.,- ,. -,:,, z wx ,lf - m,,,z, ,A 1 ziisfv .2 f- 1:2 '-Qfwwfggiisi iii 4?1ss2i:wa" i i1-f1-1a.fg- fff W Q N ' K Wfliikf' , f K - ,I 115241 f ' EL ,QL , i?',sfi3f" -11 I '. - i fi? Lmiffiiffifl 5 H X ,512 3gf25sgfg,st1ff5w,sfz5iegzaz.iff P fi" ff, 'LSTSQE nik? ,Ani 3:15352 1:f1ibi113jLj'L' :QW-.5,ff-:ifzzfkffpi 2415: ' , 1 My -wr:,fgs'.i5I.lp,,figs,12245, 'fri g - -45,5 K xr 1 " , lfzfffiff-1 igiffsszfsi if f isffli we,:-yiimxfimggizfis. Emi V- wi., , gm Nkz-1. ,L-::fx'1fJ9'xsai'f-ff-V -1 ,.:f:!zE X k,v,A,i.,,A ' f" ' , xggssigkgggf ,ffl ,i ff 73 ihlstirg .L 1 1 I I I fl I x ffhliffass' A byzknpzby Qreyfounog GOIDIUQIQ a gazk Qgeason There were ups, and there were downs, but a young team of Greyhounds managed to complete a fair, overall season. The Greyhounds were often outmanned, but never quit. Their desire made up for their lack of experience as they managed to win four games and tie one for an overall record of four wins, four losses and one tie. In district play the Hounds gained a three way tie for third place with Aransas Pass and Aransas County. All three had identical 3-3-1 records in district play. Bobby Nance, Lester Rhodes, and Frank Davis represented the Greyhounds on the all district team, but every Hound deserves recognition for his effort. Recognition should also go to Coach Herb Sigle and Coach Jon Markham along with the entire coaching staff, who did a fine job throughout the season. 74 r X IVXL COACHES: C1 to rj Herb Sigle, Glenn Schoenfeld, Ion Markham, Art McMillan, Gilbert Moehnke A11 District 28-AA Frank Davis, Lester Rhodes, Bobby Nance 75 Muni ZUITZ Season Qfoener The Taft Greyhounds defeated the Mathis Pirates 19 to 6 in the opening game of the season. Taft scored in the first quarter on a 20 yard pass from Jimmy Miller to Frank Davis. The point after failed. In the fourth quarter the Hounds scored on a one yard plunge by Ray Gabrysch with Lester Rhodes kicking the extra point. The touchdown was set up by a blocked kick on the Mathis 20 yard line. Taft scored on a 40 yard drive that ended when Julio Garcia took a pitchout from Jimmy Miller and went the last six yards. Mathis took the kickoff and Blackie Urquizo went 80 yards to Taft's eight yard line. Three plays later, A1 Laochlin went over from the one yard line. Melvin Ramos eluding a tackler Julio Garcia C441 goes high. 3 I ,R ff 5 1 +10 Q Y 9 .,.' 'f ,Q Q, swf 9 5 Lester Rhodes attempts the extra point, Jimmy Miller holds. fjcyf' - 6 gqransas - I3 The Greyhounds lost their first district game of the season to the Aransas Pass Panthers 13 to 6. The Gre hounds scored on a 34 yard drive set up by a Panther fumble. The drive ended when Miller went over from the two yard line. The point after failed. The Panthers first score came when they recovered a fumbled punt on the Hounds six yard line. Three plays later Darce Kull- man broke around end and went in for the score. The kick for the conversion was good. The Panthers final score came in the third quarter on a 40 yard drive set up by a Greyhound fumble. The Panthers moved to the two with Kullman' going over for the score. The point after failed. 78 Frank Davis gains good yardage An unidentified Hound being mobbed by the defense Muni anof Efafes are 0-0 A tough defensive struggle ended between the Raft Greyhounds and the Rockport Pirates in a 0-O tie. Neither team was able to climax a scoring drive. The closest either team came to scoring was when Larry Ewald returned a punt '76 yards for a supposed touchdown, but a clipping penalty called it back. 79 jfounf Zfaf GQQQI2 33 fo 7 The Hounds won their first district game of the season by defeating the Calallen Wildcats 33 to 7. The Hounds scored on a three yard plunge by Frank Davis in the first quarter. The conversion failed. Early in the second quarter Larry Ewald went over from the two for Taft's second score of the night. The conversion failed. Calallen was unable to climax a drive in the remainder of the first half. Ray Gabrysch broke 22 yards in the third quarter for another score. Lester Rhodes kicked the extra point giving the Hounds a l9-O lead. The Wildcats came back to score on a twenty-seven yard pass play. Gary Pitman kicked the extra point. Frank Davis intercepted a Wildcat pass on the Wildcat ll yard line. On the next play Julio Garcia broke through for the score. Tafts final score came with Larry Ewald going in from the 6 yard line. Ewald passed to Ronnie Homann for the two points to give Taft a 33 to '7 win. Ernest Rendon C801 and an unidentified Hound down the ball carrier Jx. ixw r 80 9-G73 2060123 ji U12 Og' It was the kick of Albert Fixmer, that spelled the big difference on the score when the G.P. Wild cats defeated the Taft Greyhounds. In the first quarter Julio Garcia carried the ball from the 1-yard line for a score. The conversion failed. Then Ernest Rendon managed to break in the clear for the last Greyhound score. Lester Rhodes kicked the extra point. The Wildcats came back and managed to score over Taft, 16-13. Frank Davis C887 plunging for a touchdown. Larry Ewald OOD turning the corner. 8I 4 6 w u A 1 f BI - Julio Garcia C443 running for a touchdown. 1 f, A Hound charges downfield. The team in a huddle before the game starts. Muni Qrolo g12yQ'51k 26 fo 6 A good running game enable the Taft Greyhounds to defeat the Ingleside Mustangs 26 to 6. The Hounds came early in the first quarter. On the Hounds' first play from scrimmage Ray Gabrysch broke for twenty yards to the fifty yard line. The Hounds continued to drive the ball on the ground. Julio Garcia went over from the five for the score. The Hounds scored again on a 30 yard drive in the first quarter with Frank Davis taking the ball over for the score. The pass for the conversion failed. Ing1eside's only score of the ballgame came early in the second quarter. The score came with Kucera going in from the three. The conversion failed. Taft scored again late in the half on a 35 yard drive climaxed with,Frank Davis going in from the three. Davis scored the two point conversion to give the Hounds a 20 to 6 lead at half time. The Hounds only score in the second half came on a 57 yard drive. The score came when Ray Gabrysch scored on the ninth play of the drive. The conversion failed. 83 ygzlsfofo Zeafs j'YQUI2OftSi . gage fbzlsfrzbf Grown The Bishop Badgers put together a strong offense and made the most of the breaks to defeat the Grey- hounds 34-6. The Badgers scored on drives of 50 yards and 55 yards in the first quarter. With Binion and Piquet going in for the scores. The Hounds score came in the second quarter at a 65 yard pass play from Jimmy Miller to Steve Pullin. The kick for the conversion failed. The Badgers scored twice in the second quarter on a two yard run and a 43 yard pass, leavingxthem with a 27-6 lead at half time. The Badgers managed only one score in the last quarter to give them a 34-6 win over Taft. Action in the middle of the field. - -.yr wr fa ff w N ff i - 2, 1 . ,, - , .,-.1 fu, 1'- , gow . .f W, I ,. if A gi N k- . , ss,y X - . gt, ff. 84 yjzlsfop 6,0016 jlgmecomzhg The football season came to close as the Grey- hounds celebrated Homecoming. The rival team was the Bishop Badgers, champions of District '28 AA. The pregame festivities were highlighted by the selection of Homecoming Queen. The nominees for this year's queen were Debie Marsh, Cheryl Shelburne, Cheryl Phillips, Nancy Bray, Celeste Duprie, and Hildi Brattaaker. Hildi was elected queen by the football players. The Greyhounds lost the game to the Badgers, but the 1967 Homecoming will live in the hearts of many. To the senior players it was their last High School football game, to Hildi, a great honor, and to all a night to remember, a night for memories. NOMINEES: Celeste Duprie, Cheryl Phillips, Cheryl Homecoming Queen, Hildi Brattaaker. Shelburne, Debie Marsh, Queen Hildi, Nancy Bray. 85 m,J-I-,f'N.,f""x.f' f7w1kQr.s MISSY HARDY JOYCE PIESTER BRENDA EWALD LINDA KRETZMEIER 2111122 Wqbr CHERYL PHILLIPS 86 N...r5C NMNVA 'Sw 7 'N..,,,'Y,xq.f"4ax'-f XTX YCY ,.,, C,6QQI'kd0Q!'S CELESTE DUPRIE MARY JANE INGRAM RAKELA RODRIQU-IZ. NANCY BRAY JOYCE ROTZLER CYNTHIA GLASSON 87 . .U ......-.-Q ' QL,,,,.,,,ag,.,.,, ,,..,...,M , - . r 31 , y 2 4 6 f .Q .V BACK ROW: Coach Markham, J. Mayo, B. Nance, F. Davis, S. Pullin, Coach Stegall. FRONT ROW: R Fabrysch, L. Rhodes, B. West, R. Homann, D. Beyer, Mgr. K. I-Iutto. greyfounf G0122pQfe Zine Season The Greyhound Basketball team, completed a fine season. They won first place in two tournaments, and second place in one tourna- ment. In district play the Greyhounds compiled a record of 13 wins and 1 loss, to win the district championship. ln bi-district play the Hounds were defeated by Poth, 37 - 34, lacking the services of starter Johnny Mayo. To many people, the Greyhounds were considered unexperienced at the beginning of the season, with only two returning seniors, yet as the season progressed the underclassmen served the Hounds well, in acquiring a season record of 27 wins and 6 losses. 88 Rank yeepeaf as Cfampzbzzs . Wgqzyzb dI2Of gg? yourney anof Qzlsfrzbf TAFT OPPONENTS 59 San Diego 53 Sinton 57 Refugio REFUGIO TOURNEY 57 Woodsboro 51 Sinton 49 Refugio TAFT TOURNEY 49 Ingleside 51 Benavides 65 Sinton SINTON TOURNEY 22 San Diego 58 Flour Bluff 53 Refugio 31 Sinton 43 Refugio 73 Zapata 41 Premont 50 Prernont 70 Sinton TAFT 54 67 50 86 70 67 54 63 65 55 61 67 58 48 34 OPPONENTS DISTRICT Gregory Portland Aransas Pass Tuloso Midway Calallen Rockport Ingleside Bishop Gregory-Portland Aransas Pass Tuloso Midway Calallen Rockport Ingleside Bishop BI DISTRICT Poth La-X The Greyhound B-team placed third in dis- The ninth-grade Pups posted a season record trict play with a record of 9 wins and 5 losses. of 18 wins and 8 losses. In district play they Their season record was 18 wins and 7 losses. placed second, with a record of 11 wins and 3 losses. f W' yjoff Qfpsefs greyfouzzf fo Q31LiD1sff1c4 37-34 Tension runs high before the game. O 5 Y We 51033: 4 4 VAYJ'-yi., fl. !xAQ Q' Q, 5 , O M if 4 Q G V f X So Tommy Repka hit a short jump shot with 10 seconds left in the game to break a tie and send Poth to a 31-34 upset victory over the Greyhounds in a class 2A bi-district game before a capacity crowd in Refugio High School Gym. Poth led almost throughout, but on several occasions the Greyhounds rallied to take the lead. Poth held a halftime lead of 19-15, but the Greyhounds regained the lead 26-25 late in the third quarter. The quarter ended in a 26-26 deadlock. Poth took the lead early in the fourth quarter, but the Greyhounds rallied to take the lead 34-32 with 2:15 left in the game. The Pirates played for one shot and Tommy Repka hit a goal with 10 seconds left and the score 34 all. The shot was good and a foul in final seconds enabled the Pirates to win the Game 37-34. The Greyhounds were without the services of starter Johnny Mayo, who was absent due to surgery. Jimmy Miller C105 goes in for a layup. as Steve Pullin and Lester Rhodes tie the ball. Lester Rhodes scrambles for the ball. 9l The Taft Greyhounds swept through the Kiwanis Tournament defeating Sinton 65 to 31. In the opening rounds of play Taft defeated In- gleside 49 to 28, with Johnny Mayo scoring 12 points to lead the Hounds. In the second round of championship play Taft defeated Benavides 51 to 38. Steve Pullin hit for 13 Q points for high point honors. Jimmy Miller hit 18 points to lead the Hounds to victory in the championship game with Sinton. Those from Taft chosen for the all tournament team were Steve Pullin, Jimmy Miller, and Frank Davis. Frank Davis C345 takes possession of the ball. gg? ZUAQJ mkoazzzls S70 ufnamenf 92 T Steve Pullin rebounds for Taft. Frank Davis gets the tip. 93 Jimmy Miller blocks a jump shot. 6122 fOf2 70 urn am enf Sinton slipped past defending cham pion Taft, 33-31, to win the cham- pionship of the annual Sinton Invita- tional Basketball Tournament. Jerry Wilson paced Sinton with 10 points, while high-scoring honors went to Frank Davis, who accounted for 12 points for the Greyhounds. Named to the all tournament team from Taft was Frank Davis. Qreyfo unog CDQGX Wfusfanys fo Gapfure Zzkfrzbf SZYQ Ingleside The Taft Greyhounds clinched the district 28-2A championship here Tuesday night with a smashing 58-33 victory over Ingleside. Jimmy Miller led the Taft attack with 16 points, followed by Frank Davis with 12, and Steve Pullin with 11 points. Mike Rubalcaba led Ingleside with 14 points. Ray Gabrysch C303 awaits the ball Bill Flinn 1245 grabs a rebound in a Freshman Game. 94 Frank Davis scores on a jump shot. Ronnie Hickman C522 tries for a rebound. Jimmy Miller scores on a lay-up. Don Taylor gets the tip. Johnny Mayo lays it in. Johnny Mayo C111 blocks a shot. Frank Davis C341 up high for a rebound smunf Qlosef 122 h Zz! Qzkfrzbf Frank Davis C341 in the act of being fouled. I Lester Rhodes scrambles for the ball. Lester Rhodes C355 goes high for the tip. 97 SY? zixs. ea- Q-A 4'f"'b4Z"""if' STANDING: P. Moore, R. Bayless, C. Wendel, K. Randolf, I. Jefferson, S. Laws, Mrs. Markham KNEELING: R. Rodriquez, S. Perlta, I. Collavo, B. Tims, L. Lott, M. Molina. 921246 93455811605 The Taft girls basketball team showed considerable improvement this year. They placed 5th in district by winning seven games. The Greyhounds defeated Mathis twice, Odem, Premont twice, Flour Bluff, and Ingleside, to give them a season record of '7-15. The district record was 3-8. Carolyn Wendel scored the majority of the points and Karen Randolf was chosen the most outstanding player of the year. The coming year offers many possibilities for the girls, who have shown increased improvement for the four years that they have been playing. 98 A f -.. J. kk rs ' 'N .1 , ' f'3'f 6 x,Q sf '?" In 01' wv zw xsf' 5,155 I . L X , Q A S ,E 'Y 3 I as 55? .ik ,,.g4ir 's9 '- ., if lfizif 'gif f .552 6 -,,f,.,f S www' ...WM asf' ,mf Q S K 'iw Www.-.el 'R-v-.Mfr wi ..r ,y M N --Q33 f X f. AV 9? ,g ,521 we 62 E Left to Rlght Curt Davls Bubba West Johnny Mayo Bobby Nance and Larry Ewald The above boys represented Taft I-hgh School rn Un1vers1ty Interscholastlc Cornpetltron on the d1str1ct level Johnny Mayo was a d1str1ct medallst and represented Taft H1gh School 1n the 1'Cg1Ol'131 meet Qof A04 1105 B ll Y. vi r g, IOO 4 CD fir Left to Right: Debie Marsh, Theresa Langen, and Anne Ayers. ennzls The 1968 Girls Tennis team played in the district tournament in Toluso Midway. Theresa Langen competed against Aransas Pass in singles while Debie Marsh and A I1l'1C Ayers competed against Bishop in doubles. Although they did not place in district, they kept up their spirit of competition. IOI ,... ,Quai-1 N 34 BACK ROW: C. Fennel, J. Hisey, I. Burch, R. Gabryschg MIDDLE ROW: T. Floerke, D. Taylor, I. Mil ler, G. Davis, C. Fennel, FRONT ROW: R. Homann, E. Rendon, F. Davis. i7I'dCA The Greyhound Track team completed a fair track season. Each week, the team showed improvements. Frank Davis won first in the district meet in the high hurdles, and represented Taft in the regional meet where he won fifth place. The entire Greyhound Track team de- serves recognition for a fine effort through- out the year. Frank Davis, showing his form. .R ' .,,,x ,pf , f lfiiiiemsimfdxil,-5:34.Aff-fin.. .J .'t"33X-W'-1 wi., ' V f iffikf Clarence Fennel, Coming down. , , Tony Floerke clears a height. XE' I - MwAk4E'?. 1N':l'W ml "' 1 H .. 'I ff f - Qi? S f ,gl W f' ft jk Q Lu f ' ev-by 4 '5 ,," H el 1 X l 1 ,, "- -A ,X . v , ', -, .'.si-555: --,., ,gui ,ly-ggi, 53f'fm2fffsxff1 , If .L1s"'?fi' 1 7 4- laqggwz? , , M e . , 1-W, l, . W4 :fx , gf , 1, X4 J ,H z- ,-1,nuzgfzz-1m:'e-"w,gg '- "'n lf l l . fi . -V 552545 ,::,-me-V ,fwmgsi .,. fig?:kq.C'1g5,w,Wl1..,,3g,mwg, ,...,v,Viw,3w.v-iiefe.. HA w A f. Q.,-Ay ,. - .5,: , .w 5, 5,2- ,2g,s3'we2ws:m.1' . I, ,lp-K - , vw'-gg The mile relay team composed of J. Miller, C. Fennel, D Ray Gabrysch puts the shot. Taylor, and E. Rendon. IO3 -.Nm BACK ROW: T. Reding, I. Mayo, D. Taylor, S. Pullin, R. Homman, B. Nance, V. Heckg FRONT ROW R. Gabrysch, J. Burch, S. Hamilton, M. Ramos, K. Poenisch, E. Rendon, A. Morris. 3 if The Greyhound Baseball Team posted a N .,..,.. W 5 record of 3 wins 10 losses and 1 tie. nlll an 4 ' greyfounof ZQQSQHQH Coach McMil1in I 04 . ff, Y ,, - 'K x n. ' I 4 -537, e.. -hi , Lf 3 my mg' y ,. QA M I05 Steve Pullin playing first base. Melvin fixes the ball home 1 .--- ' ii ing l ' lsls ,W -Q Earnest Rendon winds up. ' sw- Q 1z3ii'7a'5' 2-'-'T If W 'fm ,Q Melvin Ramos C71 battingg T. Reding catching. Speedy Hamilton takes a swing at the ball, IO6 f-as-hp. Coach McMi11in observes batting practice. f 44,5 , X . 4 5 Agn' 5 . GIQX- x L si 7 ,Mx . N v' ' X v ,Ls xy ,i -V Y - ,M if I ,. l. 7 1 'i ak K K s "Rf f , f. 1 S - xg t - Q' if 15' " ceee 1 Q . i, . , AJQ Nifwifff lif f ' 5-K f' -.1 'me' 1 ' 4 Ae,, E' if c i c . 1 -A f' sb- -.. -- , . I ,VVV w i in in Mi: , Q I 'I-In ...JT-"l elQ.1 lf ' ' W' V . L Y ' in , 'A m f "L' " W Q71 JAM , N Q A . ,Jfrf f x ,,,,.,,,,-y .1 Jw ,,+,g.J?5a.1QSs+f' .X l,,. LM v - . .laytpfgy - A 1, -f'g':wi" 11Z1'., "H e ' my ' I' f- Kenneth Poenisch winds up. T -4 f 1 15. 1, - B. L v 1 .1 f l. X 'A. I Q Q. av h' .- i L A- , 1 "1 i- -r . .D 1. J X ik 1 09rga1niza1iiun-zz FIRST ROW: A. Morris, H. Brattaaker, C. Wendel, B. Tims, J. Collavo, G. Garcia, O. Perales, I. Swanson, S. Pulling ROW TWO: G. Moody, P. To- land, J. Rotzler, D. Rosson, C. Phillips, S. Threadgill, B. Koonce. B. Pin- kerr, BACK ROW: E. Rachel, T. Langen, M. Becker, J. Piester, C. Glasson. M. Smith, J. Hernandez, J. Moran. f QSXUQQUX Councz' During the year 1967-68 the Student Council found it- self very active in many pro- jects. Gatherin furniture for needy victims ofHurricane Beulah was one of these. The Student Council also planted trees on Arbor Day, gave teach ers flowers for their birthdays and raised money to sponsor another foreign exchange stu- dent for the coming year. The highlight of the year came for its members when they recie- ved second in state on their scrap book at the convention in San Antonio. 'AAP 'G NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY S 'ff S . 1 'E ,, 1 f 5 7 Qi Ofafzbn af 376 Members of the National Honor So- ciety are required to have an average of at least 85. They are selected on the basis of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. This is one of the highest honors attainable by high school students. Curt Davis Juan Moran Jean Swanson Larry Ewalt Olga Perales Ranell Titus nor 6001619 Nancy Bray Alfonso Guaj ardo Qurino Perales Pablo Valdez 4. x 'wif Ray Cisneros Sonia Guerrero Lydia Perez Kurt Wilson ca A 'Jil' I II2 ' Quzy ff CSCFOH cgoczely Quin and gcroll Society is an Inter- national' organization for high school jour- nalists. Membership is granted to high school journalists in recogni- tion of their work in scholastic journalism and school 'publica- tions. High standards are maintained, mak- ing membership a coveted honor for the individual student. STANDING: susan T., Sandi G., Annette B.. Steve P-. Celeste D-- Gary M- SEATED1 Beth G-- Pam T. , Jean S. , Brenda T. , Mary Jane I. CINIEQNATIONAL FRONT ROW: Sue E. , Melanie B. , Sylvia B. , Mary S. , Carolyn W Lynne L Nancy T SECOND ROW: Sherry G. , Shirley H. , Jana M. , Linda K. , Sandi W. , Theresa L Gail I H1ld1 B THIRD ROW: Deneane W. , Janie C. , Martha R. , Helen C. , Pasty R. , Betty K Mary M BACK ROW Rox anne S. , Dorothy M. , Barbara G. , Virginia B. , Diane P. , Evelyn R Mary Lou M Gif? The Modern Mis- ses F. H. A. Chap- ter is always busy. During the year they had a hayride for members and their guests, gave a spa- lgxhetti supper, and ad numerous bake sales. Most of the members won rib- bons at the county fair. Delegates sent to the State Conven- tion in Austin were Theresa Langen, Melanie Becker, Sylvia Beyer, Mary Smith, and Roxanne Schmidt. This club is for girls who wish to work, learn, and have a lot of fun. Em' Gzufure garm ers qf rf!-?I22 erzba The Future Farmers of America helps to prepare boys for the various opportunities available in the field of agriculture. The boys have access to a farm and they raise animals for the county show. Several groups are sent to various judging contest throughout the year. fr-X ATIO o Agn Ile, Qleuufo ,'-' n 5 . . ,-325.5 Ill' Q ,, , N 1 fr 'lf "0" Q 4' FRONT ROW: Mr. Tomlin, J. Burch, K. Poenisch, K. Hutto, K. Mutchler, A. Jones, I. Molina. SECOND ROW: J. Moran, R. Poenisch, D. Brezina, C. Tomlin, D. Beyer, G: Hodges. THIRD ROW: E. Garcia, M. Burch, S. Roper, I. Waggoner, R. Hickman, A. Barbee, C. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: I. Hickey, D. Hodges, R. Threadgill, B. McClanahan, C. Vickers, E. Syma. BACK ROW: J. Carrizales, S. Ayala, M. Ramos, M. Avalos, T. Reding, M. Hunt. ll5 8 0 0:10 to 0 m f STANDING: Anne A. , Nancy B. , Sandi G. , Carolyn W. , Estella E. SEATED: Ronnie H, 7575? The F. T. A. strives to learn about teach- ing as a career and to become acquainted with the opportunities in this profession. The F.T.A. members learn by observing in a classroom of their choice, then practice teaching under the supervision of a teach- er. During the year, the members attended- the F. T. A. conven- tion in Alice. ..-Q-asv f 4,1 -ww.:-nu: v . t 'V A , Qspanzbrf C3115 Membership in the Spanish Club is open to any first or second year Spanish student who is interested in the Spanish language and Latin American culture. Members of the club have had several bake sales to raise moneyto take a trip to the HemisFair in San Antonio. FRONT ROW: Janice C. , Raye Anne B. , Celeste D. , Jean S. , Gail I. , Dru R. , Jackie W. BACK ROW Gerald D. , Ed R. , Johnny M. , Noe D. , Mike K. , And Dru I. II7 SEATED: Debie M. , D011 D. , Cynthia G Melanie B Mary S Linda G 2nd ROW Curt D Cheryl S. , Sylvia B. , Ray G. , Bubba W Ronnie H BACK ROW Bobby N Tommy R Mike H Miles R Robert P. , Charles T. YXQQ n 1 601812 ce C115 The purpose of the Science Club is to direct the students energy and enthusiasm toward science. In this way students real- ize their potential for con- tributing to their future in science. The main project of the Science Club is sponsor- ing the Science Fair. SCIENCE BLUES UF HMEHIEH T Tgp csguaof l is MEMBER J' The Pep Squad's goal is to promote school spirit and keep it soaring. Its mem- bers provide much of the noise and enthu- siasm at the games and pep rallies. The Sponsor is Mrs. Joyce Markam. XX, FRONT ROW: I. Swanson, S. Gracey, H. Brattaaker, N. Tunnel, C. Wendel, B. Pinkett, K. Dozier. SECOND ROW: I. Guerra, R. Rodriquez, A. Gonzales, M.,Gonzales, M. Avalos, J. Lopez, M. Hinojosa. THIRD ROW: B. Maladonado, E. Rendon, B. Laws, B. Gray, N. Townsend, T. Montez. FOURTH ROW: E. Belmarez, E. Sandoval, D. Rosalez, F. Solis, B. Wallace, S. Laws, M. Medina. FIFTH ROW: V. Her nandez, S. Cortinas, W. Warren, J. Jefferson, M. Warren. SIXTH ROW: K. Jefferson, L. Lott, G. Monte mayor, J. Guajardo, C. Casiano, M. Fiqueroa. SEVENTH ROW: M. Ruiz, N. Sifuentes, A. Garcia, J. Rodriquez, S. J. Gonzales, G. Ayala. EIGHTH ROW: I. Hernandez, M. Narvaez, S. Trevino, A. Jaime, E. Villalobos. NINTH ROW: M. Longoria, M. Ybarra, L. Bustos, A. Solis. II9 K., N JqMiD1lS'fr1Cf Debie Marsh, Scott Hardy, Brenda Tims, and Becky Driver I20 1 I ygancf Spirit is the essence of the school, and the THS Band is a vital spark of that spirit around campus. These devoted students gave their time freely for the en- joyment of others at numerous pep rallies, through parades, and at our football games. The band also went to UIL where they received a Special Award. The band was invited to Six Flags in Dallas where they played in a concert. They re- ceived a two rating in competi- tion there. gqmcsfafe .TENDA MARSH FRONT ROW: S. Valdez, R. Lopez, J. Gaitan. SECOND ROW: I. Ash, H. Herrera, D. Silvas, E. Martinez F' . Jqufo Wecfanzcs FU., G: M. Vara, A. Galindo, D. Silvas, R. Mireles, L. Salis V FRONT ROW: I. Mendez, R. Garcia, D. Rozales, H. Moreno. D. Perez, F. Naranjo, Y. Moreno. SECOND ROW: T. Rodriquez, P. Valdez, H. Cruz, E. Rendon, B. Cleveland, L. Solis, R. Sturgeon, S. Saldana. BACK ROW: L. Mendez, S. Encintia, S. Saldana, S. Cruz, R. Martinez, I. Mendoza, L. Martinez, T. Silvas. Cr,jQCfr1C'af i7f'd0QS Elecuical Trades is one of the courses available in our vocational plan. One of the main purposes of this organi- zation is to teach the skills of this specialized field to those who do not plan to attend college. W W , I ' 1 : f rf' 5 ' , 1, . , ,ws R 1 , ,cf All li 1 ' . C . I23 yjugfcafzbns GYM ALL -TEXAS AWARD Texas High School Press Asso- ciation B+ National Yearbook Association Work began on the 1968 annual early in September. Students were assigned jobs and began gathering pictures and writing copy for the pages. The Annual staff attended a yearbook workshop at Trinity University to help them publish a good annual containing an accurate picture of THS life. EDITORS .Tean Swanson S teve Pullin . 1-'U SPORTS EDITORS CLASSES EDITORS Sandi Gracey Dru Rosson Gary Moody '24 Susan Threadgill OICQCUNSQUGPQF 5,197 EDITOR Brenda Tims SPORTS EDITORS Gary Moody Steve Pullin Sandra Gracey REPORTERS Beth Gueclin Annette Brezina Celeste Duprie Mary Jane Ingram Patti Toland Hildi Brattaaker Jean Swanson Suzan Threadgill I L5 tt,: i ,V M .V 4- ACTIVITIES Beth Guedin Patti Toland ORGANIZATIONS BUSINESS MANAGERS Mary Jane Ingram Annette Brezina Celeste Duprie '25 Brenda Tims 1 3 5 .4 ,- 1 I R. .- 1 f .f L -.N 1, - S. 1 ? .H r 'f - ' x 'l- 1 Q R 1 D ,:' i L ' 5- I ,--I -r - 1 .D 1 J 9 1 4 x. ff, ' I26 1- ' " f - f fi' . :ff,iixiiiifmflfkgEQjf5'iQ:jffk TA F1 Bisztinguiahvh 5116191115 Salutatorian and member of National Honor Society. Participant in various UIL events and a member of F. F. A. Bag Gfiszmerms The DISTINGUISHED STUDENT AWARD is the most highly coveted recognition bestowed upon students on the THS campus for distinguished and creative student activity. Given to those who render services to Taft High School .beyond that which might be reasonably expected, the Distinguished Student Award often finds its way to students who work behind the scenes, serving the school consistently in many fields of endeavor The selection is made by the faculty and students of sophomore classification. Selection is based on scholarship and attitude. I28 Valedictorian and participant in many UIL Speech events. Member of annual staff and National Honor .. Society. A twirler for the Grey- 1 ting hound Band 1966-67. IZ9 519112 lgullin Student Council President, American Field Service Representative and Co-editor of Annual. Participant in: football, baseball, track and basketball. All-district in baseball. Member of: Student Council, Paper Staff, Annual Staff, Method- ist Youth Fellowship, Science Club, and Quill 85 Scroll Society. A 1967 delegate to the Texas Association of Student Council's and chosen as the "Kiwanis Out- standing Underclassman 1967. " 'UNK First American Field Service Ex- change Student. Homecoming Queen and member of Pep Squad, Future Homemakers of America, Student Council and Newspaper. lfiilili Zgraftaaker -fi , r 45 ni ' I ,,,. Lauri Hililsun Winner of the English Award and UIL Ready Writing Winner. A member of the Science Club National Honor Society, and Methodist Youth Fellowship. Participant in various UIL and drama events. Ufblnria P arria President of the Senior Class. President of CYO and President of "Los Graduantes" . Partici- pant in many local and area Catholic Youth Organization activities. A band and student council member. 1 f-Q-ga-..m...,.,,.s,, ft ffuhnng mann Outstanding Spanish Student. The only Sophomore chosen because of his outstanding Distinctions. A member of the 1968 District Champion- ship Basketball team and Medal ist in the district golf tourney. A member of the baseball team and the MYF. Regional and District band member and editor of the school newspaper. Member of: Science Club, Future Teachers of America, Annual Staff, Newspaper Staff and Quill 8: Scroll Society. Participant in: band, basketball, volleyball, UIL events and track. . J 2 I Jammu. N if xg. ,asf .l w.. R. dwg, seem-e l35 55ugan 4 hreailgill Junior Class President. Member and participant of Student Council, Spanish Club, Future Teachers of America, Quill 8a Scroll Society, Annual Staff, Paper Staff, CYO and elected to the presidency of the 1968-69 Student Council. Junkie Qfimrs An outstanding artist. Jackie has participated in baseball, foot- ball and basketball and has painted much of the scenery for Drama production. I36 3112 Qiernanhezf ULL Extemperaneous Speaking winner of First Place at district and re- gional meet and fourth place at state meet. Participant in: Science Fair, Spanish Club, Student Council, Drama, Graduantes, Dis- trict one-Act Play. Bags Ann Engine Member of the basketball, track and volleyball teams. Member of Student Council, CYO, Science Club, Spanish Club and Future Teachers of America. Chosen by the Pan American Student Fourm to be a hostess at the HemisFair. Participant in golf, football, bas- ketball and Tennis. Member of 'I J' the band, National Honor Society and MYF president. Arion Award winner. I39 lienneih E11 vnimh Outstanding Vocational Agriculture Student. Participant in various FFA judging contest and baseball. Member of the Future Farmers of America. L -MCM-a. EQTIQ Afqnunre Julia Pyle, County Fair double sweepstakes winner and third place in state "Make it With Wool Con- test." Member of: Stu- dent Council, Future Homemakers of American, Pep Squad and Science Club. Participated in UIL contests, Science Fair and winner of the History Award. 3196111 5111111151111 Co-editor of Annual and President of Spanish Club. Member of: Annual Staff, PYP, Newspaper staff, National Honor Society, Science Club, and Student Council. D.A.R. Good Citizen Award, Kiwanis Outstanding Underclassman Award and delegate to the Texas Association of Student Councils. A .br 1' 5'?' 'ifii dpi- liiisiszs. 'xr' -wim 'B' Q! 'X x '51 ISPPXC n!i xo ' oi 'NX i Earp Hflnuhg Nanrg igrag Vice president of Student C '1 H ad Cheerleader, vice-presid t and an American Outstanding fband, and organist for the B p T g M b fStdt ttCh hA b fFt C 1 MYF S C1 b T h fA Sp h dD Ptpt C1bS Clb dNt 1 ftb11II kdcrc n H S cy ply tt Std tC 1d1 gt dUILLt y t l43 in H -x.. Eiunthvrin Qfruz A member of Vocational Industrial Clubs, Electrical Trades. Chosen Most Handsome and a member of the Catholic Youth Organization Participant in the Vocational Office Education program. Member of the Student Council, Pep Squad and National Honor Society. Vice president of the National Honor Society and the Junior Class. QQIQH igvralez 'is '. 4 ,,11.:,,1,..,f. TA FY 511519111 Buhg 4 3 Seniurz-3 GLORIA GARCIA - - JEAN SWANSON - - - JOYCE PIESTER ----- HENRY MONTEMAYOR - - ALFONSO GUAIARDO - - I48 - - President - Secretary - - - - Treasurer Vice President - - - Reporter xg ..,...,,,, ? 9 3 23 fi if A k.,TM ,of 5" 2 HILDI BRATTAAKER NANCY BRAY GRACIE CASIANO GRACIE CISNEROS RAY CISNEROS SULEMA CORTINAS ANGELITA CRUZ ARNALDO CRUZ HU MBERTO CRUZ CURT DAVIS PAT DOWNEY KAREN DOZIER iffcfgf :mf CELESTE DUPRIE .TEFF EVANS LARRY EWALD BARBARA FELKNER ANNA FRANKLIN JOE GAITAN ears, if 3 lfP""'x Q le 3 Mffbsf l50 X 1. fu i I ii I 1 i .RM '.,, X I "L- A' 52 ' I. J V . A ' iifpz. :mf ff., xfrllfffd' f Tx ,,1: .:,, A Q. .4 mx S B1-W :Q ,W AE Q -I L 'Yi' gk W ww f I f 3 WWW Hi' 'IU . 'if 1 fm. ,v ,-., W, .., ,-.fm 5 Y . I W v M fi, zz ,, , f ,,, ff- ,MW ,M aww ,I 1 Ji f S! w " I We A 1 4 f , M if M My 'R R Szgggh ng . RA AI A g A . 1 . 'Q I5I 'Q' ARTURO GALINDO ISAAC GAMEZ CAMILO GARCIA GLORIA GARCIA .IULIO GARCIA MARTIN GARCIA KENNETH GATZ ANA GONZALEZ BELIA GONZALEZ MODESTA GONZALEZ ALFONSO GUAIARDO JANIE GUERRA - , ,..., A ' 'Q-N , xx Mar -wg V .1- -'N IZUQQFIZ2 633601223 QS!0O1f Qfew ears yaesofzzfzbns -6?39'- 'Y' SONIA GUERRERO ISABEL HERNANDEZ IOE HERNANDEZ ROEL HERNANDEZ. VIRGINIA HERNANDEZ JOSEPH HICKEY ALMA .IAIME LINDA JIMENEZ. ALLEN IONES csenzbrs QSfrz1yyQ Zaffery cf yesfs 75140 Uyg G .TUAN MOLINA TERESA MONTES RAMON LOPEZ BLANCH MCGEE KENNETH MUTCHLER MARY NARVAEZ ANDREW MCLENDON RAYMOND MARTINEZ HENRY MONTEMAYOR IUAN MORAN CARMEN OLIVO ALBERT PENA I54 gl.. 'dr-'V vang 4-LE OLGA PERALES QUIRINO PERALES LYDIA PEREZ JOYCE PIESTER STEVE PULLIN PAULA PURVIS MELVIN RAMOS KAREN RANDOLF IMELDA RENDON EDDIE REXROAD LESTER RHODES LINDA RODRIQUEZ EVA SANDOVAL PATSY REYES RITA RIOS .TOE RUIZ FRANCIS SOLIS gra 061061612 75 KU IEAN SWANSON SYLVIA TREVINO SAMMY VALDEZ JACKIE TIMS PHYLLIS TUCKER MANUEL VARA ears, ear is RANELL TITUS NANCY TUNNELL TERRY WEBBER Ciuenfs f7a0Q MICKEY TRAVIS PABLO VALDEZ KURT WILSON Q, X -r--'sf ' 'gif I 57 1-...,,, 31 ' SUZAN THREADGILL - - - President MARGIE FIGUEROA - - ---- Treasurer CHERYL PHILLIPS - - - - Vice President ANNE AYERS ---- ---- S ecretary I58 Tony Acosta Anne Ayers Annette Brezina Abel Cisneroz 111216119 50 of 970rwar0f Jose Aldape Alan Houston Barker Lydia Bustos Bill Cleveland Pete Arnold Raye Anne Bayless Criselda C asiano Janice Collavo fo Qgenlbr Jerry Ash Ann Bivin Emmett Castillo Janie Mae Cox 'mg I 59 irlf GUI' Mary Lou Avalos Kathy Bradford Manuel Castillo Maria Cruz Santiago Cruz Frank Davis Lydia Diaz Frank Charles Eldrige Frank Erhard Beatrice Erskine Clarence Edward Fennel Cleveland Fennel Margie Figueroa Tony Floerke Lupe Fuentes Ray Gabrysch Vicenta Gamez Albert Garcia Angelita Garcia Frank Garcia Hilda Garcia Olga Garcia Raymond Garcia Roy Garcia Rv-' , iv .Q f ,A 5- 1 uznbrs j7QJ0 jjrepare or jfzrrzbane we UM Janie Gonzalez Alpha Guajardo Scott Hardy Janey Herrera Ibl Janie Gonzalez Beth Guedin Randy Hendrix Jimmy Hisey ra? QVX Sandra Gracey Manuel Guzman Lucille Hernandez Ronnie Homann CII2IbZ"S 77 fo CSC500f 63012417 11' th. ' N V I K M , ll . 5 V V 7 H K Kenneth Hutto Mike Howard Wayne Hunt Erma Jean Jefferson Betty Jean Koonce Linda Kretzmeier 162 4 L L1 ' 1, mi Mary Jane Ingram Mary Lou Longoria Lucille Marie Lott Josephine Lugo 'Fifi K Gail Ivey Juanita Lopez Joe Lozano Billy McC1anahan Alfred Maldonado Beatrice Maldonado Mary Lou Maldonado Vidal Maldonado Debie Marsh Claudia Ann Martinez Emejildo Martinez Juanita Martinez Lupe Martinez Alma Masquifelt Mary Lou Medina Audelia Mendez Ernesto Mendez Joe Mendez Juan Mendez I63 5990 erzlm en fafzbn ..-.5 . A unzbrs Beafn ,M M i75I'O U J.-an E N 2-M aww- V, W -L xr J J J S . 1 .r lfiigv 13:1-1K 17 5 , "rm ' mfr' 1 LM., R425 "MQ ' ff me Ma H ' ,U st. Q: 7., San Juana Mendez Johnny Mendoza Maria Molina Ray Montez Gary Moody Jimmy Miller Raul Mireles Reynaldo Moreno Allen Morris Bobby Nance Patsy Moore Leandro Moreno I64 Fidel Naranjo Ted Nelson Manuel Olivo Willie Orta Sylvia Peralta Armando Perez David Perez Cheryl Phillips Becky .Pinkett Linda Pleasant Kenneth Poenisch Dewey Poteet . , ,fry i!!XQf ,F X 'XIV f' Ed Rachal Jaime Rivera Rudy Rodriguez Mary Ruiz Oralia Rangel Mary Rodriguez Roxie'Roper Raul Salazar X ..-4' Ni Ernest Rendon Rakela Rodriguez Dru Rosson Lupe Sanchez I66 ff? unzbrs Jrepare OI' yomorrow ,X X Cheryl Shelburne Ernest Syma Betty Jean Wallace Evangelina Yglesias Nelda Sifuentes Suzan Threadgill Cody Wallace Daniel Silvas Lupe Solis Brenda Tims Patti Toland Carolyn Wendel Bubba West Robert Sturgeon Nancy Townsend Raymond Ybarra .iuuwmmn-A wfgnphnmnreg SYLVIA BEYER ------ - - -Vice President JOYCE ROTZLER ------- ------ P resident GEORGINA MONTEMAYOR - - - Secretary-Treasurer l68 Sylvia Beyer Arnoldo Cisneroz Manuel Cruz Becky Jean Driver -Q " H5 ,, -f if fs ji T H V , NOX Eau , x XJ be lx. J I J B ml Manuel Avalos Gloria Ayala Santana Ayala Allen James John Carrizales Burch Elida Cortinas Ernesto Cortez Doll Davis Raul Cuellar Audrey Eldridge Noe Duprie Mary Banda Melanie Becker Juan Castillio Lupe Castillo Celestino Cruz Eusebio Cruz Gerald Davis Santos Encinia RN.- X W . A , fu lf -we Juan Delgado Susanne Evans Estella Belmarez Armando Cisneroz Juan Cruz Rosa Diaz Richard Ford , N ' i '! QJ 4 nw, 1 ,l .V 1-if -as I I I69 50105 012201093 c3AyffQ Confrzseof Carmen Galindo Albert Garcia Angie Garcia Clara Garcia Joseph Garcia T ony Garcia Cynthia Glasson Linda Gonzales Betty Lou Gray Amador Guajardo Janie Guajardo Pete Guerrero Sandra Guerrero Speedy Hamilton Von Lee Heck Irma Hernandez Noelia Hernandez Henry Herrera Ronald Hickman Grace I-Iinojosa Mary Hinojosa Donald Hodges Grayson Hodges Shirley Hunt Kathy Jefferson Evelyn Krebs Lynne Lavender Jaime Longino Rene Martinez Johnny Mayo Argikkr i N, .K N Mike Krumnow Barbara Ann Laws Alicia Maldonado Ruben Masquifelt Lupe Mendez x .....gr, Ci., Wx' ge 1 fi. ' x i ""u-1, 512 , ,ff 1 A Q Q, ' t X Theresa Langen Sandra Kay Laws Lupe Martinez San Juana Mara Rudy Mendez Georgina Celia Montez Montemayor Eva Morales Omero Montez Henry Moreno Consuela Moreno Sharon Nelson Jana Myers Robert Poenisch Mary Lou Orta Lucy Montez Josephine Moran Inez Moreno Sandy Olliff Bill Powers 1 X f 5 235' . x F e ., ' , rr 3 4 ., . , Zia! year af ae! mi Diane Priest Evelyn Rackley Rusty Rayborn Tommy Reding David Rivera Agapita Janie Rodriguez Joaquin Rodriguez Rodriguez I73 Miles Reynolds Juan Jose Rodriguez Pam Roots Doroteo Rosalez I . ' Pete Rios Tony Rodriguez Delia Rosalez Joyce Rotzler Q' gazneof jfrouyf Jarhczpafzon Amparo Saenz Santos Saldana Silvestre Saldana Yolanda Sandoval Ines Sauceda Manuelita Sifuentes Tony Silvas Mary Louise Smith Anita Solis Luis Solia aa 'M 5 Rx. X .ff X ? 111m Ffffo S N Xxx 1 T ka M D ' is Q r. Jf fs Ny Guillermo Sturgeon Scut Titus Domingo Vasquez LaVerna Wilson Bobby Suarez Melvin Sutton Charles Tomlin Mary Torres Patricia James Wagner W aggoner Mary Ybarra Sandy Woodall m IQ . s 1 r'is..."'1 V' - Angie Tamayo Gloria Tamayo Don Taylor Norma Trevino Pedro Valdez Alicia Barbara Jean Marsha Warren Valenzuela W allace Wando Warren l75 X A 4 --.... A 46574-FWWQ -UVWTM J A'fQW 5Mn5WSi'7 YCwm!.f!fl1lY fnrx ,L Pam Bennett Lusie Bustos Roy Cisneros George Cruz Neal Floerke Karen Abrahams Arnulfo Acosta John Acosta Roy Aguierre Virginia Blair Jane Boils Dennis Brezina Idalina Casino Juan Castenada Petra Castenada Lucio Coronado Mary Corullo Delores Cortez Gilbert Cruz Juanita Cruz Rosita Cruz Roy Ford Josephine Robert Galindo . 1 Galindo I J x . . 3. 1 X W1 Alan Barbee Freddie Buitron Robert Castillo Helen Cox Brenda Ew ald Calixtro Garcia iff ptg f Qrrf'- 4i.+ " 2 fe f -f Tmseirff .fm 1--' --N? " " Q42 fl J " W A .k ..,, Vx , fir, X N W - 555' x, "st s I I N ' Exibflrf ai. ' 44 f-. 5' s ' 'i?355.:9f.'s wi -WM'-S- ,' sv 352 fl ' O a I 5 his 195 Valerie Becker Melvin Burch Richard Chavez Arturo Cruz Bill Flinn Evangelina Garcia ,N XM R-fa V- r I f I X X J I r l' f i, iii - fr x .lf r 'Q , Xa ws, 1 3 ' was ' P' SSRI -ii r ff as . :PIA I f as . tili X I77 ril2!iE5EgIi fU gfesfman Qiqofusf fo New Jace Daphne Gibson Jaime Gomez Cindy Gonzales Joe Gomzales Juan Gonzales Isabel Gonzales Mario Gonzales Odilia Gonzales Jimmy Gossett Sherry Gossett Barbara Gracey Marshall Green Elizabeth Guajardo Felix Guajardo Alfredo Guerrero Aurora Guerrero Ophelia Guerrero Raymundo Guerrero Robert Guitterez Missy Hardy , or al if XX r rf Nix . G - s . rr, K ' t ya, gr' Ejsato 'iz Kuo? if 1 A"f A Joe Hernandez Jerry Hickman Randy Huestis Carl Johnston Kay Koonce Hector Martinez Raymond Hernandez Kathy Hinojosa Dru Ivey lessee Josserand Danny Lozono ,MM Janie Martinez Hector Medina Jesus Martinez Lupe Martinez David Mendez Cirildo Mendoza Manuel Moreno Mary Helen Dorothy Morgan Shelly Nelson Moreno Alma Nino Margarito Nieto ll f w 2. fig N li liir ., 2 olla 1 l' X KVVAY X y hi f i A. . w K, l . gift A Mil? X I80 'Z-Q' Marina Martinez Monty Montgomery Fermin Morin Janie Olivio araro .iiiif fiki i XAA T Mary Martinez Randy Montgomery Armando N arv aez Theresa Padron x X 1 we F Yoland a Martinez Oralea Morales Janie N arvaez Enrique P astillo M ik N t-Qt as X 4' "c L I qzggrg, Q:tQg:,, as-n' 'gm f'r5-'f'Nz'. . .k... . Vrl. ,,,, Y f 4 'I' 1m'.:"S':'1:'Ii'. Q . :qt -Ezrxtr'-,L r 33:2-Zvii?-ive--+:giy:1 .a 'iw'-r'1:.: ' 'Q g ,ji Ujfcs Zwefzomes 770f09f1on gf 9710935122012 1746121 Chuck Patterson Jodie Patterson Delbert Pena Kenneth Phagon Deryl Phillips Joe Puentes Ann Rachal Charles Reagan Janie Ramirez Mike Ramos Martha Adolfo Robertson Rodriguez s "" Q -H QM Y, Y "S ffi ' E is X We X Qu ' X it 5 P ' lil 2 is E? Cecilia Rangel Leon Rhodes Alfredo Rijos Elia Rivera Diane Rodriguez Dolores Estella Rodriguez Gilbert Rodriguez Rodriguez ...A "-Z John Rodriguez Martin Rodriguez Mary Rodriguez Ophilia Rodriguez Rosendo Rodriguez Rudy Rodriguez Scott Roper Laurie Rosson Jimmy Rushing Lupe S ald ivar Amos Sanchez Zulena Sauceda Michael Sawyers Tim Scheffel - V A. ' xf uv, " g , ek Q V 1 f ig-T rv TQ- ,ff .,", . X' erg R- ,gi Qgl - I" . V "fs , ' if 2' . RSJAKH 1. R 4447, ham. g y' rf. -' . 'ave' g-.3 R ' A W, I f - fn XX mum' fl - .Srfgzeffq i f f . If ' ' ,ab 3 - w ef ' X 'E e v ,x E or' r i i 1 Mary Jane Schmidt Ignecio Soliz Richard Threadgill Jimmy Villalobos 89501225 gijeguzke Orzenfafzbn Roxanne Albert Serna Leo Sifuentes Elba Silvas Schmidt Nancy Sturgeon Agapita Tagle Joe Tamez Larry Standlee Juan Vera Bobby Vesley Charles Vickers Adela Torres Denean Jackie White Robert Ybarra Connie Webber Wendell Harold Smith Bill Thomas Alex Villalobos Olga Yglesias I if J 3 V4 'rri if "ii 1 f . 5 ,K M ,i,. 'uhh Vi iw., krf. , N Q Y" is rr r fry qi Y x RJ I83 J '1 xx 1 3 Q X yin I 98 gk YQ- wx F W V y7Z,?G122OI'y 0 jjdllf C5dI2C.5QZ June 23, 1947 . Taft, Texas Died in Action April 2, 1968 Viet Nam ,, rm , by . if K -'Wa ,i. , , - xt, , ,,..,,..,,,, ,.fV,,?,5x,1si - EVM -- .,, ,,,,.,,,. - ,Q-,QA RV. T A 1 fi sw X f .ev--.gy - -t :we ff 1 53,355- l84f , 51 w 1 1 x u 1 N 1 1 4 1 4 1 4 i Q 1 Y K .-. , .. 4.1 w . A... ..mu.g.u1a.Q. ...:..u.mm.z... . - ull 1 N Y N , Y . - I 1 A f 1 5 1 I 1 I ' a 5 I 1 W N x w , I f . .,,.

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