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""4 , M WWW WfZ5M3w i S 1 1: 3 21 J , 5 E E v 2 2 s 4 5 1 4 1 Q i i 1 l 1 w 1 1 E 2 y I m C. .,, S . . -QAHQQ . 4,5 f Q 1- I fg:"511"f"'T f' ' f 'T T--'M - -- 1. x 'N-:."'- 4 I ,. H IX Q '11--.,,--4. f "T 1 - ' " 'X-ff I- ' 1 XX X I V 1- :V J 'V 4 gg-X , V , X X: lv " In WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT HIGH SCHOOL TABLE OF CONTENTS ' 2 Adminisfrahon ., .,,.,,,,,,, ,,,,.., . ,Y,.,7Y.,.,v,A v ., Under-GracIua+es 24 Graduafes ,.,,,,,,, 43 A'rI1IeIic:s ..,.,. 79 Clubs Y, H , , 95 Service , ,,,,,,, I I0 Music .,,,, ,YYY,,,..., I 22 R.O.T.C. ,,,,, ,,,,, I 29 OW V V' "' T A5-QI, f' f X ,L.1l fx I if 'f A A 1 ' LTI 4 gf. xr:--qi ', - ,...4 A . 1-i,,,,...-- . J I . .H ' -'-' .'- , ul. . , . 1 A ' I ,I f I I 'n 4,11 I I B I A X L . , I I ,Xu QX bx IX 1 S4 L. A ,AML A r QQ ,f 215 My Q W al : j'5T1f,iW 55. x 5' 1.3 , mfifkw W jx f W' 4Ag'f F 1, fx 441.5-I ? 5 , ef.: Q F 'L -S fi 259 3 L12 Qi, 'Q an 2 ,F , 3,5 a., Wk 4 ADMINISTRATION . fig .T ,gf-?f i'j' iii: ' we I ' "TN I , I fc I I I' g f m 3' !1f V Ay,. f IM WIA fm I -,V I!'II:l J: XII I, fl 1 ,E ' I ' If If 'IIII fn mf 'I' X HH ff I I vw MII' ,ff . I f 'r I- III fx X wif' ,XV V! Y K 'X ,xi 1: kdm.. V I1, '!' . XX , XR I 1 If 6, I ,ff I Wy Q., If 4,--' 1 ' I 1 I XXX I-,I f n ,f I ,K ,.. , I - . IIZZII' ' - , X , I I I IIN ' ,1fmf2,'l7!7?fi7fffg?Z' 1 I If I I WmwffIWYWFIIIIEINN iff ff-A I wx III I IW ww 4 -I ' I A 1" '-.- I .I -A I ' nf QI 11 O f f I I I if I Nw ' f x I I- II 'I 1' I M f - I 9 w 1 I ' "NM NA QI IIIII 1:,II.MII,wjI,x ex, X X XXIII III III ' ,IQAI-:4,II'.I ',3f,z!ff'fin:.' f ' ,f ' I I"-f'?Mff422:''ETVQWW7' f , A Vx Il , 1,115-53: Qin 'aff jak lx 3, ' I 1.1 pi 4 X 1 ' --,II 1 ,I WMI IW15EI?5ISIIIIIyzII'I J 'IIIIII gIM.sl191r . 'Elf' A? f-" --zfxipifg, I, "1 '-1-..f' 2 f I 0 -2154 f ff? C7 "MQ My vvylf QQgII1,1Ify'vZfwC1-,- , xxffvfi .-ff? I' ' if W T- aff ' f.,-fy 'V K i ,T .7 'six I ,fQ359VS'24I I I QX x X I IX f ww :x xx ,, Q I KIX , Q wxygifx ix .N J It K . X, ,of f . X . mx 5 K W x I f QD NTRGDUCTION TO DR. GERALD J. HALEY, PRINCIPAL Dr. Gerald J. I-Ialey is a nalive of Chicago. and he a++en,ded Ihe local elemenlary and sec- ondary schools. I-Iis undergraduale days were spenl al Ihe Universily ol: Illinois where he allain- ed a Bachelor of Science degree in I926. Wilh Ihe ensuing years he achieved Ihe degree of Doclor of Jurisprudence in l93O, aI Loyola Universily and a lvIasIer's of Educalion in I938, al' Ihe same universily. Allhough Dr. Haley has been licensed Io praclice law in Illinois, his chief inleresl has been Ihal ol an educalor. I-Ie has Iaughl Ior Ien years in Ihe Chicago junior and senior high schools in The fields of U. S. I-Iislory, Civics, Commercial law, mechanical drawing, and malhemalics. For approximalely eighi years he was Ihe assislanl principal of Parker I'Iigh School. In I948, Ihe posl of principal of Medill Elemenlary School was conferred upon Dr. I-Ialey unlil March, I957. From This lime on he has been Ihe principal of Tall I-Iigh School. INTRODUCTION TO MR. SMILGOFF TaTT High School is proud To have Mr. James SmilgoTT as an assisTanT principal since his appoinTmenT Trom June of I958. Mr. SmilgoTT is a graduaTe oT Lane Technical High School. He holds The degree oT Bachelor oT Science Trom The UniversiTy oT Wisconsin and also a MasTer's oT EducaTion Trom DePaul UniversiTy. WiTh regard To his Teaching experience he was assigned To Harrison High School Trom I939 To IQ46, during which Time he coached baseball and Trosh-soph TooTloall. From lvlarch I, I946, lvlr. SmiIgoTT ioined The TaculTy oT TaTT High School and assumed The role oT coach Tor baseball and Trosh-soph TooTball. TaTT acclaimed iTs laurels Through Mr. SmilgoTT's leadership by winning The Chicago Public Schools' Baseball CiTy Championship Tor Two years, I957-I958. INTRODUCTION TO MR. TEUSCHER lvlr. Teuscher has been wiTh TaTT High School since iT open- ed in I939. He has displayed his adminisTraTive abiliTy many Times over. Prior To his arrival aT TaTT, lvlr. Teuscher TaughT vocaTional educaTion aT The Gale ElemenTary School, l925-26: Sabin Junior High School, l926-27: and CalumeT High School, I927-35, IT was aT CalumeT High School where Mr. Teuscher began his career in adminisTraTion. This was TurThered by his appoinTmenT To Foreman High School Trom l935 To 38, and To Amundsen Trom l938 To I939. Mr. Teuscher holds a Bachelor oT ArTs degree Trom The Uni- versiTy oT Chicago in I938, and a lvIasTer oT ArTs degree Trom DePaul UniversiTy in I946. In addiTion To The above, Mr. Teuscher did adminisTraTive worlc in adulT guidance aT The Lalceview NighT School Trom I94-O To I95O. '1 SCHOOL CLERKS Benedeck Mrs. Kruger Miss LHHe+on ADJUSTMENT AND COUNSELOR TEACHERS s Capron Miss Casey Miss Def Campo . Favaro Mr. Haase Mrss Lowes I ,H ! xglk V 1 w w , -1 ,5 g- X y , Q ' 5 .RX 1 fx 5 ,Kyra 'I , ff ni' T Ta -wx ,,, J M fe ig 4 1f':f V-, F 1 ,I ' 5: 4:51-F'f:iV mlffn ,- R-mg ' r I Q ij M X-Q?-We I- 1 44' , X + f ffl ff f A Q, f fn J ff Q , lo - P H , , 7 f f,,3WW ,Qb?3b5s 'jf , X., its I Q? 'f fi-,SS jwqfwi '11, Q --1 l I ', ff- -5 ,rf I' I ffm! Z' 'S H i ' ff 55' tk M4 - T , X? r' .U 5 I XX H KX? , ' X S ,g ' M, ffg Q gf ' , ' U,N,,- Xi in f ,Z J X I j 'N nib xx 'ts y I", fffffi ' g iiw . 5 ,ZR je f J' Y Q 4 4 y ffm ji M fav' ' X J! 'A' 7 ,iii 'Ig' I 116' ff X , :X Inf Q ,Q 1 xx ,LX ' J l N 'f x N ' jx XL XX, . I iv- , u 'v L ,NX XX X q' N! My X f V, ffljjig h x Q X ,, ,ff ,W ,, V 3 jx Rx ,Q N " ix 'gg Q! . '!5g?Qxs,J'3A' ' V X 'lf A ZX., W' -Y ii F XX L - A --.Q QI f vs ff. f V - A , 'JY fl Y ff ". V Y fyfx X , bl X in fl W 4i'fff1 ' 4 iX1 - ' f f W fn "f N f,fp1 . ! I 1 'XJJ f H VX X f 'll x'1l..v?4,vl5'g.F, f fhf ., 3: H wfxgwqafitqmw.. K I H5E'y1HM'-L' af' 1 L fxiw- 9 3 fm 'Q 1 fwf 'P , view ' I X. -,V X N -1, ALYM, WI In I V, HEI' -' VX X -, s fi I tiff ! !! Vilxlsix f I I ' fig! 1 Q - 14 -f 1 3 M X 3 wi- 'ff ' . ,f:'L' EK K gg I' ,f, Q :L W ' , K N if 1 fi A W 5 Q, ff ? f ff N I X .01 ny ' 1 r Jlf KQAIXIXQ Xxxx ' 'L 123 Sludying liferary movemenls in England. 2 J I Mrs. Anderson Mr. Dillon Mr. Dunn Mrs, Fidler Mrs. Hansen ng, Mr. Kilroy Mr. Mcfivlollwin Mrs. Perry Mr. Posfol Mrs. Savin Mr. Tlrilrilll 8 5 n T I ' Mr. Blacharski Miss DelCampo Miss fv1cMurfry Mr. Pera Mr. Vanderah LANGUAGE Foreign languages broaden our horizon. X:--biv bu-4ac fa MATHEMATICS Mr. Beaver Miss Casey Mrs. Larkin Miss Larson Miss Newman Mrs. Ra 10 pp Mrs. Sobaski in .f x 1 If -W s, Q , A 'A' Mr. Bigler Mr. Culberison Miss J. Fox Mrs. M, Fox Mr. C. Johnson Mrs. Kerr SCIENCE Mr. Longman Mr, Puippo Mr. Robins A sysfemic approach To nafure. Pho'ro by Bob Miller ,mmf Mr. Cuny Miss Fel? Miss Godenralh Mrs, Halverson Mr. Howard Mr. Kaplan Mr, McCar+liy Miss Nelson Mr. Phipps Mr. Slein Mr. Pefersen SCCIAL SCIEINC Underslandinq Civic responsibililies. Increasing speed and accuracy for be-Her office work, COMMERCIAL Mrs. Foiey cV'A 1 e1c:" .,,c r Q g W , . 9 ,I af , if , 41 'I '42-gb' 3 I Mrs Hemrdv Mrs M Johnson Mrs Kelerwer Mrs Meufes Mr Nachfwey Mr Wafers Mrs. Sams Mr. Avichouser Mr. Compfon Mr. Freedman MF. 5. Sfamm GRAPHIS ARTS AND MUSIC Aff courses sharpens appreciafion of beaufy ,, , . 5 ,Q-.www . .mug mv .QQ mi MX ,..-,I .X ggggw 1 vw M . . fires n rr: . 'T ffm 2 5 . Mr. Dyanfis Mrs. Healy Mr. Kupcinef Mr. Miller Mrs. Norman Mr. Rapper PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND R. O. T. C. MfSq+. E. Ne-ase M,fSg+. Pruessinq Gymnasfics develop a sound mind and body. f., 1 ,1:ffg?9gQ?f'M S I f -fmwq A, , 1, .gym Q . .ffii':k::f:c52:if,.fk,.:.fT--fggfifem, ' Y f K f, --mf'fif1,-lla-fn W: 2 yy if., iuffffwissgfelww A - f. igggxpfmfmgwa'-m,Gfff:g,,15..."g5if, ,. .- A, ,wgwlxrkzxflfkf e 3--A ..,s.1T?f?'f A -LiffmMiQ-rzf A L4U,,, ., 3, -MA Wh!-or HGME ECONOMICS AND TECHNICAL Miss Devenislw Miss Nielsen Miss Whalen Mr. Collrnan Mr. Deering Mr. Favaro Mr. Fenn Experience and knowledge will make befler homemakers. Pholo by Bob Miller Training loday fo develop slcills for +0- morrow. Phofo by Bob Miller LIBRARIANS 5. Ladendorf Mrs. Quinn LUNCHROGM STAFF Mr. Lanfz ENGINEERING STAFF THE KEY EGR TAFT H. S. The Key, a carved walnuT emblem. is a symbol oT leadership which one Senior Class passes on To The nexT. The idea Tor such a symbol originaTed in Miss Nelson's U. S. l-lisTory class in IQ44 and The Key ceremonies sTarTed The same year. ln more Than a score oT Key ceremonies ThaT have been held in The pasT eleven years The Key has gaThered deeper meaning. The signiTi- o o:': 5 oO'ga:5t,3 . .Y 1 A ,':'.'n ' 5':: K z. 1 0 ,Os o,,. f is o ' ...ffl 1 0.0, A 0 1.0.0 , 1 a ' to 3 fs' 4 ' . ati" ' " ,U 1.129 i"":' 31 ? 65.1 ' ,V 8 ,'x H 'M 0 u':, u .- s , pt fl : sz., D io'.i 0.5.9 O:':o' U X ' il cance is more Than ThaT OT a wooden lcey w'Th Th inscripTion oT iTs keepers. IT symbol- izes The imporTance oT The responsibiliTy ThaT every member oT The graduaTing class has To TaTT. This responsibiliTy is ThaT every Senior conTribuTe his services To TaTT and seT The besT possible example To be Tollow- ed by each sTudenT aT TaTT. S . . . ' I S :5 c J- " .'j . 'T,Ou:' 0 0 I S10 'xg X s ' . A 0' . V O 5 u el ' TZ. : . . 99:21 215: A... 4 .3a,:,:,,gg.. U 4 O D Y ,',1o,9 K' 'Q' . ' 5' 4... an O 0. 5 X g'UI "':: Q25 u, qv, s b.:' gnv' ' . Q 'il X 5 A .4 .uf fx K X .-Qc K THE IMPROVED TAFT PREAMBLE: The aim oT educaTion aT TaTT is To develop The good ciTizen oT Today and Tomorrow. WiTh This in mind The Code CommiTTee presenTs The Tollowing seT oT careTully chosen principles which iT believes are The six mosT imporTanT ideas underlying sound ciTizenship here aT TaTT. The sTudenT mosT represenTaTive oT TaTT will be recog- nized by his accepTance and pracTice oT These ideas. PLEDGE: l pledge ThaT: l. l will have The uTmosT respecT Tor God, my CreaTor, The AuThor of all my righTs, b giving l-lim aT all Times The TirsT place in my like. 2. l will recognize and respecT all Those holding auThoriTy because l am aware ThaT respecT Tor auThoriTy, which comes ulTimaTely Trom God, is absoluTely necessary Tor peace, order, and progress among men. 3. l will seelc To develop a worThy characTer by sTriving Tor The highesT ideals and values in liTe. 4. l will respecT The righTs oT my Tellow sTudenTs aT all Times because l know ThaT This is The only way True Treedom is preserved in a democracy. 5. l will devoTe my besT eTTorTs To my sTudies and general menTal developmenT because inTel- lecTual compeTence is The suresT basis Tor success and happiness in liTe. 6. l will supporT all TaTT acTiviTies and Talie an acTual parT in Them wherever possible because This is an excellenT means Tor pracTicing my TalenTs and being oT service To my school. . of K CODE T111 f E T TEL Tl lf i T . Yif X i i U , iv T' K, 1 sl I7 I f f f ,- HI GANG! ' li '--f T-Il' 1.-,i,.,,.f 2 " , , A915552 , I by 5 . :li 5 l Hi Gang! Can Ihey fighr all day? ' I" 4' ' '-"M ' Hi Gang! Yeah man. 15-1 KW Ah f W,A, f KMAL 5 no 'A-W 5 m,i!5Lh, A Gonna win This game? Well Tifleen rahs '- : : x ' - 5' Q 01-e.w " "' I ' f 7 ' Q K i Yeah man! for The Iwi 4' yr' 2 ml Well who says so? Silver and Blue IM We say so! Hey rah rah - rah rah rah s s ' "Z fi gi 5' 1: 4 Tafl' High! Hey rah rah -- rah rah rah 1 I' r- -- 1 I Can The good Team play? Hey rah rah - rah rah rah 9-TS ' -fl: fl 4' 15 Yeah man! Yea Tall! 1 x iTI!,T'l 5TTTfTl"A,'A'i I I f f f eeee L! I WE RE FRoM TAFT L sTfMa'T:liTfi golf' fix :Tig xr We're from Tall. We're from Taft I .,,,, if. ' , We Couldnif be pmude" We couIdn'f be prouderi 69.1 6 W .,. , , Y, I f I A Y If you can'I' hear Us now If ,+ h W ' we if il: 7 " !f:Lf'. 35 weru yen 5 Iiffle louder! You can ea' Us no ' We'II yell a Iillle louder! Q. 5 A ,,e, we 1.4!-:Eze In 5 5 1 Af 5 ,Wg 41:-3-:L-:v ,I f W ,f -' 3 a - Iwi ' "" 4 M If g We're from TafI', Ii -M 2 T35 . T' IT We couIcIn'I' be Proucler. 5,59 A A ,M ,JV , If you can'I' hear us now kr "3 .-5-riff: rf:-1 11:1 24:11 :gg --2 'g' 5 , I, I I d I , , gf gf! f vi f Well yell a :He ou er. Img -1 of--fjfvflsigiikl-sfgeei,,ip gh, J 1 . I I TAFT EF" . view: -J W" 3 xlh - ward flee! . ,J , L, ., .L , 5 'i ' B1 YEA rr TAFT ! ! T " I ' I Qi: On Tafl go down The field '1 7-' ' K 'A :, If Your spirir will never die -1' Q A -"' On Tall Tighl on, I fg i ll. I f Fling your Banners High I " 12 Q, Yea Team Fighr! I T-Q' You're on The Gridiron . I XTBQ Fighring as you always do ':5QZjgMh M,KikqggQ:!I' If To carry The ball Io vicI'ory ff N X For Ihe dear old Silver and Blue g I Figh+! Team, Faghn n V , . 5 A X L Go! Team, Go! ' ' TVX' - x : N Hil' 'em high! Hi! 'em low! AM A Xa a- Go Ieam Go! WHO YA GONNA YELL FOR Who ya gonna yell Tor? EAGLES! EAGLES! Whal' ya gonna yell Tor? FIGHT FIGHT - FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT Louder! FIGHT FIGHT - FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT Louder! FIGHT FIGHT-FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT Lower Fighl' Fighl - Fighl' Figh+ Fighr Real low Fighl' Fighl' - Fighl Fighl Fiqh! Real loud! ! I FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT 21 IB I 2B ,, ,,, 3B ,, , 4B E, DIFFERENT TYPES OF SERVICE: Hall Guard S+udenI' Council Newspaper-Yearbook Clubs Business Manager Teacher Helpers Library Helpers Boolcroom Helpers and many more SERVICE AWARDS POINTS SYSTEM PURPOSE: The purpose of I'he poinl' syslem awards is 'ro offer some Tangible symbol of recognifion I'o 'rhose s+udenJrs who coniribule mosl 'ro Jrhe general civic welfare ,ol Taff by Their parlicipalion in vari- ous serviceable ac+ivi'Iies for which 'rhey receive no credif or olher award. This symbol shall be Icnown as Jrhe shield: Ihe awarding of a shield will be one of Jrhe highesl' honors which can be be- slowed. AWARDS: Shield Y, ,,,,.,,c,,,....,,,,,........,,,,. , .....,,s 60 poinls Chevron Iaddilional awardl ,.,,,,,s,,,..,,, 30 poinlrs LIMITATIONS: 25 poinls IA ,, 25 poinls 30 " ZA, 30 " 30 " 3A 30 " 30 " 4A ,.s.,,, .,...,. 3 0 " UNDERGRADS ww r .Q . -fp f f' 4 ,fs Q- ,fy f ,Q 1 .Q 3 QQW4 uv' ,ff , 747' ' , f Z V I gg' ' . I LEX il lV "' X . f?7 I' en: ' XX! f '1 N 21.11 If' 511,741 ' I tang' w .- fJ " 1 J ff'W""WKW X f emefaw f I X , NM.-'kgs' ' yn m' MIG Hifjeffsifyn ' ff! twwwyww 1 'Z ' f-' r- f 1'-V , E xv "FN .'1"Q3fi'lv !'Eff'2f1l f' if lwvfrfgifgvy , Q! Q5 ,TPL , I -, 14-' . l l W bk 12934 VK If W A H 'YQ f, , wwf' LEEi'?3"g5 Yii1 ' f if mg: X wL ff l 71 ,f " 'XXX 5 fW'4f1 :!!9L1ih? ?'wl f,.'3?ff5f:'r f V L ' 1 2 ,C W3 , f ,ff f . Y- -. ' 'w f W, new fzwi f::'P25z22's' X f '. , W ph ,O I 1- ':gg1LM:gQ!?! ff ,Q 4.5,15fy2Q,, f ,ff , X 5+ 4. 9,1 Lit A Wa' f ,, ,f fi X if A uf f f 4 f f 2- f ' ,H V 'fiiffxi-?fQi'vf' if fl-f".w, ' my XX ff fi, Av A mx WWW mmllluulw., f f f A ,,, A ' A - E 2' gl, j4 5', ! , .:': " ' W I lE'r'f"Q,fQ, If X f AIS' ffdf f L+ W W? ,X WM gm . , 11' 'V ,X . Y I ' ,' . ' ' , f '- l JW 'V V HN -1 -' f f"'L"f -k 1+ , ' aff' X f Lf ' ,Mfr w f, f'l41Qgl JG M 5 , ' -g If 2 ww ' ,Neff 1 'e4 -1Lf,f iifgijff - N - W f' 1 1 'I 'I , . , N Ll ,VM K y f f ji 24151 A me If XXX-X ffq j il 1 I 1Jni I,:.. X lfif. , ,r mf? , fy M A X 3 M- ? mfg- 1 K, Njl flify' ', ff!!! - , , A M 1, 'gm ' X Y 1 mg fffffff 1 f +" - f W U f M - QQ 1 5255216 f , L lri V :Q F 5,3 1' I l. :yn I Wm' Dx xq ' nga ap M 1 11 . , f V X M M W 19" Q-ff, ,fx 4 ' KEEP' Q 'W1r , r,Alff ..,.,f . , JA r l -AfNQ,XNQx f, W W Q - 1' " W ,, , 1"f:f' f f ,. 'rv , ' x 442,225 ",f , X ' A 4 " XYZ' ' ,1' , 1 ' IF Zn 5 M 1 af' W M x wff , ' 1 J ' -f y y , 4 fgf' - H X"-. 1- 1 V , 1 I! A if Q lk W ,,.---W--'1 fi" W Q. in xlvimf W l, Y .- A ff' Y A f ' xx I Q, .NIH W X V "X y . '. f it ll'-itil 'I X fy 'X ' - -4Jji 'tis -- xx figigf' U' ,,, 'Y , ' .K K, X ,.2'-.i 'ix Aff. v if afuwag-'fA X Y, if i' N xx X dxf., A X -' x 4' U: ' X ' x . . f J-:LC-I '- N ' . XJ' "-NE' 1' - W 1' '5' "Jf':.J,T' "f,- ' -.- . n QW? I -dna-.-.,w,, 1 ,mfg ? l . , , , , - 12. 'l ' Sr- - X 'ga -x X i V, .,., . .,,. .. M- 'W X X JUMBLED JUNIORS Keleher Row I llefl Io righll: Dianne See- fell, Karen Johnson, JoAnn Nardella. Sally Boslon, Lynda DeJorige, Lynda Billharl, Carole Aumuller, Annelle Badendick, Row 2: Robin Schroeder, Dolores Chison, Phillip Foss, Carol Engherg, Wayne Guslanson, Bonnila Depowski, Carol Carlson, Sharon Gallaher. Row 3: Roberl Hoffman, Earl Nielsen, Frank Mueller, Slanly Sisson, Jim French, Dianne Wesfman, Holly Skreko, Chuck Schoenberg, 'Richard Murphy, Mrs. Keleher. February 'I960 J. Kaplan Row I llell 'ro righllz Sharon Chiyek, Valerie Feilen, Pal' Beckslrom, Elaine I-leiy, Barbara Rose, Lois Kuch, Carol Monachek, Linda Crablree. Row 2: Rosemary Gerber, Barbara Boll, Barbara Nelson, Darlene Slille, Pa+ Truver, Barbara Wahrlein, Jane? Sediul. Row 3: Judy Maag, Charlan Skoan, Sandra Hanson, Sandra Noffhe Florence Youngberry Barbara Maedge, Rufh Bernahl, Roberl I-Ioy. Row 4: Cecil Rolhermel, James Kaiser, Wayne Baxler, Alvin Crumb- liss, Roberl Speckmann, Bill Slring- lellow, Sieve Mack, Gregory Drum- mer, Roberl Curry, Donald Soder- Iund. X i Rapp Row I lleff 'ro righllz Eileen De Marchi, Elaine Rechsfeiner, Asfrid Bloch, Karen Schullz, Sandra Mau, Carolin Gulharle, Carol Ann Schreyer. Row 2: Judy Holi, Carol Wallz, Judy Wencllandl, Joan Pfei- fer, Diane Nelson, Suzanne Kelch, Barbara Van Derlip. Row 3: Leonard Simon, Gary Bhohm, Roy Gufhrie, James Dopp, Fred Jordan, John Berg, Jeff Bernahl. Row 4: William Sleinhaus, Richard Swanson, Leonard Bierer, Charles Schoenberg, Larry Lucas, Kennelh Anderson, David Wil- son, Don Cook, Gerald Anderson. Whalen Row I llefl' 'lo righllz Kalhleen Ely, Nancy Swanson, Lynn Sparlc, Sue Ell En el, Barbara Hurst Marlha en g England. Row 2: Terrence Rennhaclc, ' ' ' R den, Roy Palricia Truver, Louise u Dabbert James Hagslrom, Darlene Hopper, Linda Null, Barbara Uebel. Row 3: Les Von Bergen, Linda Carl- Larr Sfenzel Karen Johnson, son. Y . Marge Prassel, Marge Hasse, Mary K ren Hobert Carol B a u rn a n n, a Chaput Row 4: Terry King, Larry McCann, John Pearson, Howard zelc Don Schoenbeclc, Lewis B l a . Robert Ken Sleiner. S+amm Row I: Sue Sfollman, Barbara Lan- 'lle Jane? Howard, Judy Anderson, Q1 - Beverly Hannibal, Carole Mondel. b Wold. Row 2: Jaclc Wulf, Bar ara Paula Broclcslein, Jo Anne Barry, Carole Schreeder, Pal Slcaluba, Gayl Gilbert Marilyn Kriepke. Row 3: Norberf Tamillo, David Morgan, Shir- ley Mayilcowslci, Barbara Blomberg, Judy Kolpelc, Naydene Ehrnlce, Karen Slumpt Janice Beuielspacher. Row 4: Dick Todd, Rudy Zavodny, Bob Baeder, Barry Olson, Tom George- pules, Don Fermoyle, Ernesl Kroep- pelin, Jerry Cayanaughp CLASS OF JUNE 1960 Almlof Row I: Valerie Duszalc, Jurelfa Weis- geiber, Merrily Malida, Barbara Slary, Susan Slanelc, Penny Rhodes. ' ' " ' " P l Row 2: Judy McKevlTt Lynn oo ey, Jim Formeller, Bob Burlce, Donna Zapp, Corrine Koralik, Belly Jean Herz Row 3' J o h n Olson, Paul D h, Charles Schueze, Jim Boddy ues c Marilyn Omland, Marilyn Boellcher Th Sandy Bula+ek, Par Simelc, Jeff orn lon, Kanen Klose, Donna Colburn. Beaver Row l lell' To righl : Jaclcie Kiellen, Mary Ann Gulino, Joyce Cys, Gerry Slowili, Joyce Madura, Niia Mend: cino, Lynn Foerrsler, Sue Blumenlhal Diane Mali Row 2: Toni Zalroslci Ken Frizane Mike Kornos Bar Teliser Kalhie Gibson Ron Tarcia Tom Freeze, Rose Chudzunslqi, Row 3: Lulce Mazur, Paul Wagner, Karen Olsen, Ron Kwiaihsowslci, Eugene Klueppel, Ron Worberg, Siqrid Nau. Row 4: Mr. Beaver, Ron l-luber, Ken Karbowslci, Bob Benziger. Andrews Row l: Joyce Marianowslci, Bonnie Wall, Marilyn Raffel, Jean Bie, Carole Buscaqlig, Siclni Schwaneke, Sharon Sarcia, Lynne Larson, Marilyn Lalall, Barbara Johnson. Row 2: Linda Borgs, Arlene Abrusealo, George Guyer, Carol Ann Zaplel, Mary Wolz, Karen Chrisliansen, Lorna MacLeish, Judilh Tomal, Chrisfine Hoy. Row 3: David Newhall, Bill l-lorn, John Knulson, Dennis Person, Sieve Zienllco, Glenn Simcox, Bob Maczlco, Carol Selbig, Mary Ann Kolb, Jeri Nolson, Diane Johnson, Karen Dilz Blacharslci Row l llefl lo righrl: Ronald Denny, Barbara l-lyrcyclc, Elaine , Judy Rapaba, Roberl Namnini, Carol Mc- Bee, Kaihy Chrisloph, Elaine Babrer, Kalhy Yosl, Arlene Mazurlciewicz. Row 2: Nancy Novak, Carole Bollum, Richard Bode, Janel Puchalslci, Donna Calanese, Susan Lebo, Carol Wal- lace, Kalhy l-leggen, Roberla Moore, Beverley Bloss, Mary Elliol, Row 3: Jack Burke, John Boiron, Roger Haaning, Wayne Veller, Sieve l'loye, Marla Seplalc, Roberi' Sperl, James Woods, Ray Malcynslci, Richard Bar- lhel, Judy l-lendriclcsen. THE TOP TEN i r l. Susan Willers 2. Kelsey Peterson 3. Larry Marsh 4. JoAnne Schultz 5. Ronald Barth 6. Kenneth Erikson 7. James Fisher 8. LaVerne Myers 9. Dale Rolfsen 10. James Hansen TEACHERS, OUTSTANDING TOP TEN Ronald Barth JoAnne Como Kenneth Erikson Rita Kalcony Sandra'Leal Larry Marsh Kent Meyer Kenneth Neubert Karen Newberg JoAnne Schultz Prom Committee The Senior Promenade On June 12, 1959, the Taft Senior Promenade was held in the Red Lacquer Room of The Palmer House. From 9 to 12 they danced to the strains of Don Caron's band. Afterwards the seniors and their dates scattered to the various night spots in and around Chicago. Our thanks go to Miss Marquardt for an ex- cellent job in making the necessary preparations. FV""'5kI-2'2-1"f'II---2'1-- :-. - i R. O. T. C. FEDERAL INSPECTION ilefti Color guard passes in review ROTC Band passes in review I ! ilefti Awards being presented to outstanding cadets irighti Inspection of Rifle Platoon by inspecting officer accompanied by battle commander The Head Table SENIOR fl1Q',..e UNCHE0 Meet the salt! senator' Happy Carol? Hiding, Ciffone? Whaf's so funny? Cufe Couple? Yum-Yum! gym V """" ' 31 ,wi ,,.xx .,.,.4., ,.2..,. .... , .2.,:.,.Z.: ,,.,. ,.,.,.... .,1,.. ,,,, :,,,,, ,,,, , , , ,:.1.,.,.,.,,, ,. 552 435355 EEEWQEEQEQEEESE5E5E5E5E5Eg5jE5E33R zgifgigigi .- ,,-. - : ..,.... . " - , " , ,. ssss,ss:Is :safa-T 1 aide: ' f ' 1,55 s.:5 .2:2::b1'1- "':':":::1:+'I:1EE.1:: :E 1:25911 1-af .sfalfze 1512- . ' A A ,.., ---- V '- SPRING CONCERT Orchestra M ed Chorus Symphonic B an d Girls' Chorus POTPOURRI The Winners Kenneth Erikson Q seniorj and Douglas Thornton Cjun- iorb won top honors in the 9th Annual Chicago Public School Science Fair at the Museum of Science and In- dustry. The Fair closed on Sunday, April 19, after displaying 214 final exhibits which were cho- sen from more than 3,000 sci- ence projects prepared by high school and upper grade elementary students. Erikson and Thornton re- ceived the 3100.00 U. S. Bond designating them as the top contestants for the year. In addition to this, they were presented two gold keys for excelling in their particular category. trighfl Mother-Daughter Tea Taft closes its 1959 Baseball Season "2--'?"9F ii- w A- eg.: 3 .mf me .5E1ErEfE5E5555fI .r:55EEE:E5E5Z:5Z5E5E5E5E:ESE5E5E5E5E5E5Ep5E:2Ea'?-IE3i"3E 4'E2?EM:E1:1x,. V.. Vr- :s:a:a:s:::::::::as- .a.s'5:::fri-.215:55:5:3:2rss:2:5:5:a:e:s:5is:2:sE5:zs5555315. :e 1, 1.3: 32'-. '2.2E2ESE!E2E1555552E5EEE:'1f'E5E2E1E1E2E2E-E1:1"'51555EE55553255555525555552E'f'I'i4225IECEEEEEEEE5E555E5E52E1E5E2E5ESEfE1Ef5E2515E5E5E::a5E555??E5E2EIIEIESE- ,I.::E, -1 - :2:s:,. .1--e: -5:5-sie" ...:.:s:s: 15--lem, 5-2:.,,,.g'5::1-M5555 ':i:5:5f::v','1E: ,:5:2-':3sS5Er55255553555525E5f5a:2:?2EE 1. -1 ,E -:5 1 5555523-V: I Ki time s:sfsag.::....:-55,55 .sa:a2:..:a2z:a:a::.s:s:s:s:::5:asaggsfg - "5f2E5EjijS5E5Er4,1:-- . .- I'f .'. gz z isfe-v-'."'f'I'??52: 2" .-i:::':':'::'? g g - : . . -' ' '4:'3?:.5i5EiSE11??:15E:2Ef3:1955M--555151552 '. ' "E: TE'V:if''aff-1-f:-::::-az:-:3:1i"fE?iE5?55:255e5r:: ' : : 5:55:41-1551-552515:-' I EEEG- . Q :g.l:g-A- 5122 :'.Z,g:Q.Q:gzg:g5:25fj25535.::, -,.,,,:,.,:-,555 .,.,-:-::-: ss: Lx-:::..I.Q'QiQ.2.f.1.I.'.QQI ":'E':?fE'i:':'E"" fi ' 5 We ' J. Fox Row I llefl' io righilz Nancy Darsch, Tom Pavolowski, Richard Borowski, Beverly Breh, Pairicia Edman, Noel Tureck, Judilh Rice. Row 2: Barbara Noon, Jacqueline Melcali, Eleanor Haxlon, Arlene Lauiir, Gale Scripl, Mary Jean Eggerl, Carol Rychlanek, Sandy Punlill. Row 3: Carol Rundell, Carolann Jones, Carolyne Johnson, Doris DEWIH, Judilh Gvreasly, Bar- bara Noon, Marilow Beaver, Sandra Scholl. Row 4: William Shuler, Michael Day, Thomas Klein, Don A+- kinson, Gilberl Romilo, Tom Nelles, Roberl Ellioll, Eugene Phillip, Richard Eellon, Barry Bruner. Kerr Row I: Gerrie Bauer, Geraldine Gunlher, Jan Ross, Margie Greir, Janis Dosl, Joyce Jonannsen, Joyce Wilcraii, Judy Peineri, Audrey Jur- kin, Row 2: Sandra Swanson, John Parker, Chris Plasko, Donna Price, Ronald Dore, Kerry Kremer, Judiih Caloud. Row 3: Nancy Ackeri, Carol Jo Freici, Sue Mason, Judy Sherman, Marilyn Calkins, Tania Romashko, Bob Brushwyler. Row 4: Bill Madden, Roger Anlkowik, Ray Weiglein, Jim Schullz, Jim I-larris, Bill Gronke, Harry Cybul, Roberl Webb, Sieve Anderson. McCi.."l'hy Row I lleir lo righfl: Sharon Raupp, Terese Maday, Joan Szady, Joan Lohrmann, Gloria Schwarz, Calhy l-luck, Pai Larimer, Arlene Jedlinski, Ann Lovgren, Row 2: Ardice Lieser, Jackie Ashfield. Beverly Konez, Sandra Murray, Rosanne Kozubal, Mildred Elias, Louise Slolpa, Roberl Allen. Row 3: Corinne Kescik. June Kunzle, Tom Grud, Louise DeVries. Joyce Celrner, Eileen Dorsey, Rosalee Suilon, Roberl Jensen, Roberl' Fenger, Ron Pepsnik, Dave Phillips, Dave Jones. Leonard Melz, Kennelh Koslluchowski, Joe Lecinslci, Norm Ponzer. Silling on rail: Bruce Micek, Fred Windeler, Ken Wisneskl, Carol Connor. McMur'I'ry Row I llefr ro righrlz Karen Plodzien, Nancy Spifz, Carol Curran, Lyn,ne'r+e Maher, Gloria Reberger, Marilyn Sfano, Diane Lewandowske. Row 2: Judy Granucci, Joan Bonema, Suz- anne Anderson, Judy Schmidt Bev- erly Carpino, Virginia Byers, Lynn Padgilr, Lillian S+ral+on, Tom Mc! Kenzie, Dolores Slivo. Row 3: Carol Lisowski, Rurh Lindenberg, Diane Richerl, Barbara Kolak, Phillip Pear- son, Jesses Crawford, Frank Gem- bala, Judy Zika, Tom Meyer. Row 4: Jim Jacobs, Dave Robinson, Bob Corole, Wayne Deering, Bill Saracco, Charles Duckman, Jim Roxburgh, Dave Orland, Ken Zuber. Lei+ens+orFer Row l: Connie Rzaczke, Mary Locker- be, Nancy Weison, Maureen Kosloff, Esla Bargefl, Karen Kelly, Marilyn S+. John. Row 2: Cinihia Jackson, Paulele Gundal, Carolyn Hookanson, Carmen Geraci, Mary Smifh, JoAnn Babyar, Sandra Manke, Ed Lindberg. Row 3: Bill Michaelis, John Turk, Mary Dierking Nancy Zahnen, Anifa Schoessling, Susan Richardson, Roberi Parkinsen. Row 4: Richard Alex, James Krass, Berndl' Ehmann, Bob Hannon, Bill Crawford, Leo Gao, Bob Ruizen, Marv Wren, Frank Mad- sen, Ronald Bork. Posfol Row l llefl To righflz William Hen- riclcsen, Sandra Forresler, Arleen, Lammersfeld, Toni Tobias, Rosemary BuHiHa, Bonnie Engel, Myrna Braun, Carol Plalc, Row 2: Sianley Magnn- son, Linda Pohle, Marion Schleepe, Paul Verisario, Tom Anderson, Roger Pelers, Jim Caruso, Ross Holloway. Row 3: Jerry Ellrich, Carol Johnson, Judy Podiaselc, Ken Darville, Richard Grunewald, Roberla Mueller, Judy Rochelle, Shirley Kaliuoda. Row 4 Jh Breen Alf Logan, Ed Porfalsai, o n ' ' lc W'I- Sfanley Golucln, Unknown, Duc r liams, Paul Nasiaflca, Terry Nelson. ' ' vi ,f ig fiajffze M34 X by , AQ! Miss Ficller Row l llefl 'ro righfl: Diane Koss, Carolyn Barnes, Marcia Moll, Kalhy Loranq, Nancy Wehmeyer, Diane Cowslcy, Susan Bowers. Row 2: Louise Perille, lnez Jablon, Calhy DuVal, Judy Koehler, Linda Ness, Arlene Pedersen, Barbara Silcorslci, Annefie Bucaro. Row 3: Judilh Jalcush, Con- nie Caldron, Palricia Howleff, Pa- 'rricia Kloslce, Carol Wililco, Jay dl'lc Mariann Schlageier, Ro- Hr ic a, berla Russnalc. Row 4: Harold Chris- iensen, Wayne Schnell, George Geyer, Roger Jensen, Kennefh P l Kremer, Hans Knoff, Wayne auy Roberl Koslcela. 30 Devenish Row I: Diane I-lansen, Julia Fuller, Merry Ann Koch, Sharon Kurr, Joyce Janci, Kalhy Kammien, Marge, Judy Olsen, Mary Morgan, Roberl Braude. Row 2: Diane Nusbaum, Greia Nor- man, Richard Knickles, Willard Jarcho, Sandy Olson, Lynn Lorenzen, Carol Slienke, Edeard Gerseh, Bar- bara Orzyp, Carol Zullo. Row 3: Jim Wanlez, Bruce Eichaker, Linn Opder- becke, Warren Schimpil, Marge Brownfield, Holly Nielsen, Barbara Buck. Row 4: Vernelle Peede, Nancy Pilalis, Tom Domenz, Ken Korres, Lou Difimer, Roberl Young, Frank Mar- lin, Dennis Camp. F. Jordan Row I: Joyce Di Calaldo, Bonnie Peilersonn, Belly Siramaglia, Char- lene Buzard, Toni Dubslcy, Virginia Blomqren, I-lelen Geyler, Joan Holo- waly. Row 2: Carol Mendel, Charlene Pechek, Barbara Reinke, Deanna Jan, da, Pauline Severyns, Donald Koerner, Bill Whiilield, Larry OlBrien, Row 31 Joanne Schullz, Dennis Pollina, Frank Vlcheli, Dennis Swanson, James Sob- Czak, William Helm, Don Wilson, Rich- ard Wagner. Row 4: William Buerkle, I-loward I-Iepner, Melvin Balk, Niclrolas Lo Presli, Allen MacFarlane, Kenneih Krzeminski, James Lallanzio, Allen Paul. wash--...,, --...W Knickerbocker Row I llefl 'ro righllz Sharon Schullz, Linda Tornal, Barb Thompson, Jean- elle Anlol, Carol Wenske, Diane Soderlund, Karen Jandl, Charlolle Rizzo, Row 2: Arlene Rohr, Paul Sum- mers, Bob Laslick, Gerard Baer, Sharon Grumd, I-Iolly Nielson, Carol I-lillis. Row 3: Judy All, Arlene Ar- mour, Mel Miles, Mike Kissel, Barlo Wagner, Sandy Ashlon, Ray Domi- nick, Larry Evans, Ron Jalolon. Row 4: Tom Broderick, Jay Marsh, Tom Lanclgral, Raoul I-lill, Jeif Anderson, Joe Mango, Bruce King. SILLY SOPHGMGRES Phipps Row I lleff To righll: Barbara Buclc Nancy Wallcer, Nancy Boin, Barbara Alex, Marlyn Walers, Nancy Wanlce, Jerry Malin, Judy l-ledilian. Row 2: Judy Andersen, Jerry Kafzlci, Dar- Iores Greqgor, Darlenn l-lahn, Danna Vulchelc. Row 3: Evelyn Queen, San- dra Koclie, Lean Gelinqer, Bob Alexinch, Ed Anderson, Bill Alphell, Sieve Regepolous, Ray Danahue. Row 4: Mel Miles, Torn Guide, Ron Anderson, Dave Gallorne, Arnie Wer- ling, Tom Fool, Kelsy Pelerson, Don Weslergin, Bill Rice, Roberl Wallcer. Q14 L February 1961 Nelson Row I lleff +o righrlz Virginia Haalc, Judy Anderson, Marlys Johnson, Carolyn l-looper, Pal Faurie, Helene Balcula. Row 2: Joyce Baxfer, Dorolhy Krause, Sharon Fleming, Chrisline Marsh, Failh Pelers, Marilyn John- son. Row 3: Tom Baldwin, Wayne Meyer, Marsha Slein, Darlene l-lahn, Sue Payne, Lois Celander. Row 4: Philip Demma, Roberl Milos, Donald Palermo, Samuel Papanelc, Raymond Fairbanlc Jr., Jay l-lillis, Michael Powers, Gregg Schumacher. Brueclcman Row l llefl' lo righll: Beverly Al' breghl, Jim Case, Carolyn Larsen Row 2: Joyce l-loplcins, Mary Geri very, Roseanne Kinzle, Donna Mag- nan, Mary McArlhur, Row 3: Chuck l-leirnraclc, Dennis Lane, Linda Perry, Lynne Maliwilz, Roger Gorlcos. Gibbons Comp+on Row I llell lo riqhll: Joan Bucklele, Pal Schrnidl, Sharon Roddel, Nancy Kuciak, Paulelle Carrion, Jackie Schaqeler, Row 2: Marsha Beaugu- 'rd He reau, Mary Lou Harles, Berna e Bernard, June Kemper, Diana Harri- son Alice Easlman. Row 3: James Kebnelz, Daryl Grifiin, Paul Ralhun- ' k' Roberl Golfer- de, Dennis Lillers i, rnan, Terry Louis, Paul Pierog. Cebelin Row I llefl lo riqhll: Bonnie By- waler, Carol Kiesz, Kalhleen lucas, Anne Greco, Mary Papciak, Marga- rel Meyers, Arlene Norman, Bill h R w 2: Guelslail, Andrew Garsf a. o Eric Miller, Larry Jankowski, Dale Nollinq, Jack Bloomquisl, Bill Freese, S l 'a Cunningham, Roberl Ander- yyi son. Row 3: Jim Melz, Roberl Klarl ' ' l d T m quisl, Arlhur Hell, Jim Ke qar , 0 Piolrowski, Tom lsacson, Pal Kuhles, Bob Janciak. Row 4: Cheyl Grass- man, Diane Fluer, Nancy McDonald. X llell 'ro riqhll: Paric Row 4 Luberda, Kennelh Rappe, Arlhur Krueger, William Slolpa, Ronald Michna, Charles Larson, Charles Krause, Nick Pleller, Louis Sko- nieckzny. Row 3: Jim Bauman, Don Blensow, Gloria Barlholomay, Pamela Squire Janel Piech, Gail Herlbrink, Sandra Carbine, Dolores Drobis, Donna Lundqren, Susan Croll. Row 2: Davis Bernahl, Caroll Fagusl, Pal Di- B d , Tom Gunder- Vience, Sharon au y son, Beverly Kolner, Jeannie Kozem- zak, Lorraine Dahl, Jackie Alley. Row l: Darlene Johnson, Cynlhia Jancyw- k' Maur a McGinnis Janel Cullen, s i, y , Margarila Amado, Barbara Mueller, Donna B urkill, Mary Herman. Halverson Row I: Roberra Brvcir, Sara Grlig Linda Jacobsen, Sharon Norberg Car olee Crawford, Laurie Kielson A , rn old Eicharsl, Chrislime Baun, Laurie Ph'Il' ' i ips, Dick Norlhway. Row 2: James Claypool, Ed Palheal, Joyce Keidrow, Merry Ann Rossi, Doloris Grobner, Marilnn Acelo, Mary Gulia B' lc , ic Sladler, Bob Hendricson, Lous An- nes. Row 3: Paul O Mally, Ed Samp, Marilynn Collins, Janel C a r l s o n, Charles Giles, Malhew MiKa, James Pagano, Carol Franilce Allen John, Bob Nole Row 4 A 'lh . : u or Olson, Waller Peleyynslci, Jaclc Bauman Rog er O'Donnell, Fred Hunler, James Koepke, Hugh Fulion, Ronald Son- pek, Tom Ellis. Hansen Row l, llefl To righl: Barbara Cris- anli, Mary Ann Pavelc, Joan Bauer meisler, Coleen Allig, Claudia Pelrie, Lynn Anderson, Jackie McQui ggi Ann Richards, Pally Shafer, Beverly Dencer D ' ' , orel' Cunis. Row 2: Pal' Frll- zsche, Judy Franzen, Janel Bellle, Janice Werner, Merrellee Mallz, Sue Miller, Janel Hamly, Lynn Wissing, Judy Preglow, Jim Page. Row 3: Darcy Gallaher, Pal' Barry, Sandra Senchlc E'l ' u, :een Long, Diane Koer- ner, Kalhy Alfergorl, Vicloria Scan- lon, Jim Hoklas, Sanlo Callaci. Row 4: Jim Kuffel, Arnold Anderson, John Prochaslca, Ted Kleen, Gordon Sch- mill, Roberr Sullivan. gi X, Larkin 2b Row l, llefl' To righfl: Joyce Plyman Thomas Murphy, Richard Chrislens Ronald Rohde, Judy Wilhelm, Mari: anne Reading, Merilee Manda, Mari- I fs' I' iyn GIUIIGDO. Row 2: Marilyn Swan, Sandra Swider, Mary Bowie, Sharon Th ornlon, Barbara Spurelc, Karen Waldmann, Nancy Wieczorek. Row 3: Chrisline Slanlciewicz, Rosemary Harris, Pal Bonnievien Arle R , ne e- zollco, Sharon Schramm, M a rily n n R b' o inson, Carol Maluszalc. Row 4: Edward Hansen, Archie Horn, Ho- ward Helms, Tom Maka, Howard Szczech, Scoll' Reid James ln em . Q an- son, Clarence Dase, Kennelh Penlcala. H-X 33 Perry I05 2b Row I, llefl' To righll: Marge Mac- Leen, Richard Biesler, James Jezierslci, Unknown, Judy Krispin, Caroline Piz- eclc, Marlha Splillhof, Nancy De Vrus. Row 2: Bruce Arnsligor, Sharon Wil- liams, Barbara Corless, Eileen Gierlce, Sharon I-lanning, Miclcey Blom Pal Chew, Janice Van Puymbrouclc, Ilene Choyinski. Row 3: Richard Lund, Jim Blellig, Arlhur Kay, Sleve Konz, Char- maine Rollo, Louise Smilh. Melany Smilh, Lynn Syverfson. Lulcens 2b Row I, llefl lo righll: Joann Schuler, Bonnie Bonowic, Sandra Arre, Chris- 'Hne Mischulc, Louise Casseffari, Don- na Sensylc, Susan Lolslrom. Row 2: Janel' Rasi, Jacqueline Pawlalc, Mary Langenegger, Arnold Dambinski, Jo- an Loilz, Kalhleen Schneider, Peler Kennedy, Wayne Lossmann. Row 3: Kennelh Niell, Michael Enright Keilh Helzman, Slanley Lazowslci, Wil- liam Chrislian, James Reichard, Ger- ald Melz, Bruce Arnspiger. Gallus 2b Row I, llell fo righll-: Janel Scafuri, Dolores Weslerlund, Susan Depke, Noreen Sherwood, Rulh Rice, Carol Sanders, Mary Forle. Row 2: Judy Juricelc, Dlorence Trulur, Jean Degr- mann, Jean Slar-Lec, James Roos, Ter- ry Johnson Frances Kulchinslci. Row 3: Carol Hollasch, Carolyn Shully, Paul Lauclicna. Carol Sfrlzner, Ewa Rae Tymilz, Pauline Schumaclcer, Ca- rol Krolca. Row 4: Roberl Kazmar, Diclr Malusili, Ken Koeber, Roberl Thomas, Richard Kulfner, John Sch- rallenlaurger, Russell Krogslad, Bill Senno, Henry Guerro. Pelerson Row l, ilell lo righll: Palricia Si- racusa, Joan Zaborsky, Don Thomp- son, Larry Voss, Marilyn Slernberg. Nancy Rolh, Marcia Voql, Chrisline Zukowski, Mary Ann Zdeb. Row 2: Barbara Vislian, Marlene Spilza, Chryslal Swanson, Barbara Shell, Ju- di Schrage, Grace Smorynski, Pam- ela Wilson, Lorella Corrigan, Lillian Maionchi. Row 3: Douglas Wilk, Fred Slupph, Judy Zamalis, Belly Skwier- czynske, Mariory Weiler, Mary Lou Szewc, Kalhy Ashlield, Linda Slilk. Row 4: Dolores Sleliga, James Wolk- ober, Joyce Van Pucimbrock, Dan Wcislek, Bob Tokay, Jerry Wem- slrom, Sleve Wren, Ken Zaiac, John Nigro, Donald Goudie, Wayne Larn- beck. Culberslon Row I, llell lo righll: Barbara Hen- riksen, Jeannelle Turk, Jim Bobulski, Anila Annel, Lanora Slrand, Judy Jordan, Judy Lewandowski, Karen Schreiber, Judilh Owens Janice Pro- var, Ted Van Spanheren. Row 2: Jim Speckman, Ronald Schenk, John Kel- ly Dan Powers, Georgeanne Slephens, Diane Fosler, Carolyn Gimmig, Carol Marshall, Valerie Mille r, Row 3: Donald Miler, Karl Davis, Carl Mun- I b Jacobson Roberl Marshall son, Her , , Mike Fischer, Tom Gerber, Rich Ter- ry, Sharon Evasink. Row 4: Ray Hul- berl, Tom Guzan, Glen Andersen. Nachlwey Row l: Pal Gardale, Kennelh Meis- ler, Marilyn Nelson, Diana Enqmann, Marilyn Markqral, Linda Schaller, John Dziak, Janel iviaika. Row 2: Judy l-lines, Joyce Purlan, Sharon lclilslrom, Joyce Jenke, Kalhleen Ap- pleby, Roberl Heroux, Roberl Laurie, James Demas, Ronald Pearson. Row 3: Marqarel Moore, Warren Day, Alan Biberqall, Jayne Dellino, Bonnie Crawlord, Rickey Cassai, Arlhur Paul, Marlin l-luska, Waller Gordon. Row 4: June Radis. Vanderah IA Row I, llell Io righllt Carolyn Guy- er, Karen Kasallis, Bonnie Luclcner, Teryle Barcanic, Margurile Schmidl, Judy Vilcen, Mary Lou Kiielc. Clara Jo Freda. Row 2: Carol Grandl, Karhy Mcl-Iugh, Lucy I-Iolm, Karen Rodeghier, Ellen Isaacson, Nancy Sle- warl, Lynne Fallen. Row 3: Mary Geslce, Mary Kaiser, Linda Norris, Joyce Thomas, Marilyn Anderson, Mike Olsen, Nancy Lussow, Larraine Meland. Row 4: James Lamonia, Richard Sission, Randy Turner, Tom Fromm, Larry I-Iinlcle, Roberl Toll- man, Glen Perlle, Randy Merlon. Sobaslcik Row I, llelr 'ro righll: Sus Larson, Marfha Thompsen, Dale Zuchel, Wendy Thornlon, Sandra Weichbod, Irene Valach, Andrea Wolf, Janel Swanson, Madeleine Pahn, Pal' Siilc. Row 2: Kim Woller, Barbara Walers, Terry Zeman, John Yosl, Joe Wil- Ienberg, Lawrence Sloneberg, Tom Wall, Charles Sladilc. Row 3: Judy Wrich, Virgina Thornlon, Bill Schullz, Vic Shufhlowlce, Long Wachsninz, Jim Tisianl, Allen Slromsla, Jim Fall- esl. Row 4: Frank E. Kelly Louis J. Vassos, Richard Weniriclcs, Bill Shand. Roberl Valovic, Joseph Hageli, John DiPenlino, Dom Weagr, Aronald Kra- bi, Dean Williams. Wallcer Row I, llefl lo righll: Judy Senn, Carol I-Iawlcinson, Darlene Pafrays, Alice Fellerman, Karen Schnasse. Row 2: David Barlh, Dorian Belva, Diane Bolhman, Carol Collins, Susan Meeker, Carole Rose, Marsha Erick- son. Row 3: Janis Larsen, Milchell Frumlcin, Charlene Koslofl, Mary Lee Meredilh, Pal Paiml, Nancy Frahm. Row 4: Bruce Carler, Slephen Browne, Jim Egan, Carl Guslavsen, Paul Messina, Dennis McDougall, James Mazucca, Richard Redemslce, Bill Rizelc, Richard Heilaerger. I I I I My ,, gi' , ,.,k . . ,,, 2l - ass. X-:mm ,sX?g,g, , X , XX ,z X a , ef: ' i5i?53Ql95fSe " 1 f Sli n . 5 M5 1 ., , X sr .X X .XX : iff li X,5,sf,gv11 XX I 'K 9 ' EXE 5 E2 Xfz1z?is:rXsf X X gm gm XX ls ef x S XQXX ,X :gg ,X Xl isi s 'f K X s ,S ,yi X .Mfr . F s 3 1w?1sg.- .5-.e ' ' X- ,g " ,, lr N X X ifsesuieimf sa sifiawfissas ' - -f-- azwafwfu farvggrgaml -X.,-W: me -.ser-w r vis . , 5151421 .. . ,. ,ease- T filir 1- . ' -fiiliii, 3 :,,, . .,X 5 X. ,,. X,-s, - X.,,,,,.,5 ' fifi, ' .J-is -41 ,.Z 1' pisx '1,,,1'51Eg 51 f .,:.:",!:. -sselif' - V' 5:5 -:g-Eff: .. i ' " " ' :" sw 51,55 X. ,., as fl .fs 3,15 sr sw, .,,.,, 1-1-W . i:,J,.., J, X, , rv X X5 K .ri .. g , ,f - rr.,-E. .IQifii!',?-ff" bf-:1':'EE'lE::..: ..ff:i iii? ., ..-:,gs,,.f-.ef ,. 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Row 3: Barbara Maz- zuca: Cheryl Newquisl, Don Oll, Pel- er O'Sullivan, Ronald Paszlciel, Renes, Pawlelc, Bob Schlede, Ray Slezlce. Row 4: Phyllis Sheldon, Carol Soske, Terry Spilzerli, Jim Waschbusch, Paul Wilson, Nancy Wohlleil, Malcolm Young, Bob Zerwer, Milne Zimmer- man. Row I: Frances Aberino, Melodee Aep- pli, Carol All, Cheryl Aldrich, Pal An- derson, Nancy Angorola, Judy Arnold. Row Don chi, erly lene son, 2: Ronald Barlel, Roberl Becker, Bendery, Wayne Bernal, Gina Bian- Barbara Bigelow, Dave Bone, Bev- Borowslci. Row 3: Kalhy Brandys, Dar- Bruemmer, Paul Bucchi, Mary Carl- Claudia Chaplain, Russel Chizek, Arnold Consdorl, Susan Craumer. Row 4: Karen Crowhursl, Roberl Fagusl, Gin- nie Harl, Roberl Monlcowslci, Kennelh Thomas, Fred Voyd. DIVISION-Freedman Row l: Elena Borg, Corrine Davis, Gail Davison, Don Freeman, Sandra Gallis, Diane Gullman, Jim Hovinen, Richard Kellerman. Row 2: Palricia Kellis, Milce Lalerza, Virginia Lesnaw, Mike Marlin, Judy Merrill, Marqarel Nelson, Harry Nickels, Judy Osminslcy. Row 3: Ed Parkel, James Passon, Gloria Poleles, Barbara Quensman, Denise Reed, Diane Rollinqer, Sonia Romashko, John Sadler. Row 4: Diane Scanlon, Jim Taylor, An- na Ticali, Douglas Ward, Joanne Wem- slrom, Debbie Wernes, Eugene Willimel, Barbara Zdebslci. K , L? be K+ if K nr Ha , K . 1 ri 5 , if my , , wr , .. ., S ,. ,.,., 2 ks 5 if H c s f VVV5:,,, ? 41 .QE my , V f asa- . .--.: fi5"-3 pi f -. ff: 1 is al' 'W ilnf--HP-risk:-,, rv ,, 1" 5.52.22 ':ilz:ff.,11iZ'1a ..g"E: g' :vie is f' , V if V l all , 'II' r-IQ? is L fffmizf El his 'fbi 'f' ,- . 'lL-1i1fQ, V , 5, f ffgf. V-4. Mr, 1 . ,, 5.-as, . "if, 1 1 1 , ' ' ' , ,, .Wi K ,, k A.., ,,,. 4 f f 5. .me AQE il ,. 2 1 X 5 if A 5 24 2 1. 4? 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Row 4: Henry Snyder, Wayne Slruclc, Richard Svoboda, Rich- ard Tempinson, Ken Van Jourchres, Ka- fhy While, Louise Zakerzewski. DIVISION-Heinrich Row I: Richard Biver, Darlaine Blocks, John Carsella, Newell Chiesl, Nancy Ciskowslci, Leslee doubek, Pam Fisk, Lar-, ry Hansen. Row 2: Dave Higgens, Car- olyn Hinds, John Hoevel, Gloria Karl, Michael Korczylc. Rifa Kuban, Ronald LoDolce. Carol Lohr. Row 3: Ronald Olander, Virginia Olander, David Orl- lepp, Maria Pappas, Darlene Pobal, Joy- ce Roholl, Richard Scales, Marilyn Sher- wood. Row 4: Diane Shuffy, Joanne Slonski, Richard Sperl, Bob Srolca, Paul Sfunelc, Frances Tripniedi, Eric Woger, Bob Wulf, Carole Youngberg. DIVISION-Longman Row l: Kafhy Andersen, Harry Bom- sfrum, Linda Lee Burrows, Ken Cloos, John Cwaclc, Marilyn Dahl, Joe Di- gore, Perry Du Bose. Row 2: Joyce Er- landsen, Mary Befh Frame, Violef Geo- rgo Pollis, Diane Gronek, Carl Johnson, Dawn Kownig, Sandy Kraus, Tom Kuciak. Row 3: Gloria Kuhles, Dennis Mazure. Nancy Miller, Edward Minnes, Karen Moen, Jeffery Pefers, Marilyn Procha- aslca, Dennis Rasmassen. Row 4: Arlene Raliloski, Mary Ann Rusleberg, Joe Servedio, Tom Tomilson, Donna Tureclc, Frank Vrecher, Dolores Walfer, Roger Johnson. ., .,. ,... . J. ,. ,. M , 'H : glee? . Jia . .Qi - .l.k. - --1, , gag i : my Iv 2 iv, 1 4 ra 1 S2355 55311 v l J ig ig: " gm-L rf f X, .W ye . K 5 V ff L1 Il M TQ . 1,--gi -:.f-.g f ifemif--,K . , ,, we - .. --.ai . W 5 1 M if ia ii. Y iff' 2 2? fn. 0 1 , . k f , K1 ,, - ., r .easing-. ,.,f 5: . . , ,,, mia: ' rf, W -ri e rf.--wg - i 5 ' L?:-itil Y Lover R i i- e ,lik ff K K K i J Q L.: i, . am if X J' if i in :::., iii: .., 1. ,aus 222.5 .F -el zfv ifaza if . ish 1,332 1 ,i iii ? if x Lf? 'QF TA EW' .x Q aa!- ., .. iwegfzes w : iw P, ,iw -iii . 301 ' :Jaxx 1, iii- . , ia 'S A 5 x ah.. 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Row 2: Rich Hookanson, Linda John- son, Karen Kekish, Keifh Koeller, Gail Lundgrem, Wayne Madai, Dennis Mar- ion, Diane Mikulski. Row 3: Barbara Neuberf, Eddie Nowakowski, Barbara Nu- berf, Dan Paiak, Howard Paskie, Debbie Piernerr, Craig Sabey, Bob Sak. Row 4,: Mike Sardo, Kafhy Shroeder, Linda Smifh, Don Sporledor, Margey Sfadel, Harold Sfeinke, Nina Suszczenko, Dennis Thornfon, Don Willards, Kafhy Wilson. DIVISION-Neilsen Row I: Bob Arendt John Drexler, Judy Ellrich, Norma Giizke, Judy Grau, Kalhy Jehlek, Lowell Johnson, Sharon Kray. Row 2: Diane Kifowski, Geri Kolb, Bob Lackowski, Richard Lenfz, Fred Meyers, Dan Mickey, Maryanne M, Diane Moe. Row 3: Laurel Moe. Joan Murvic, Roberl' Piper, Ronald Pollina, John Don- ahue, Marilyn Ramano, Karen Rinkach, Arlene Rolinski. Arlhur Sauiler, Melinda Splelf, Joyce Teidman, Dick Templin, Jerry Trussel. Sleven Turk, Maryanne Wagner, Sue Walsh, Richard Beamesder- fer. Roberf Lenfz, Maryann Maruska. DIVISION-Pera Row l: Barbara Borowslci. Bonnie Bode, Larry Bowers, Brain Olson, Bob Cada, Donna Drake, Pai' Engquisl, Fred Ford. Row 2: Bob Hansen, George Hibbeler. Karen Kailis, Geraldine Krypciak, Susan Lucas, Ralph Lewandowski, Bill Lewis. Pal Mendel. Row 3: Mike Merino, Pal' Macky, Roberi' O'NeiI, Diane Osmolalr, Diane Paiak, Sieve Quinn. David Rowly, Fred Schwindf. Row 4: Roy Sherock. Paula Simonides. Elizibefh Sinisealchi. John Traficanfi, Charles Wolauka, Lucien Woyciechowski, Elizabelh Zapp, Berna- deff Panknin. .. ' ' W ' 2 " .5X:-5-:fgzp fill? ii i' --f sz, . Eli ' J ' Iliff . 3, M .. ,- s X 1 A . " . X .. : E X ,vim mi,-Z 1 bhig gl If we X x VM ,, 1 Q af fi , ' 5 , ' A+- "Y TK XJ? .., W., fr ' I ' . X .X .., DIVISION-Robins 'X , , Y Row I : Dave Aclcerl, Rich Bebee. J ' fi: Q Q I N 3 -2' Beasley, Wayne Bendler, Tony Bly 1 . ,ll .. A -- I P Arlene Cabal, Andrea Chrislainsen, I Ig, Du Fore, John Ellis. Row 2: Susan I 9151: 5. ii ' . 9 ivilffi iliL5iisxVfxi'eE --"Ti I if ii:::X:u:'i: -I 'EE A ii ,gp ,I :si " I V-lx. sv H5 X' , :' :: '. ' - - igsgg r 'RI 'ev -' ' 32 X My , A :iff ' vin, Karen Gibbons, Janel Grossarl, A .. ' X . -I V Hemmmgs- Allan lflleffmlll I-Ylle JO -zzllzww , - X, I-,se-, 1 WX.-XX, .. . H rxgsf-11, . . X A I I f I Son' PM Kn'ClfefbOClfefX Ksll'Y Le' H , .,.,., ,m EQ FiEg ii 5 x V,,. X, ., . kg, -g:,i, , 4.2111 Ken Lmdenau. ROW 3: John Lorlngl J ffm.: -1 X-ls gs- swf 11X 1-gifffl ,:,,, . - f . Mack, Marge Ma relc, Marilyn Orzyk, E ,, "n ge:-gpg, 5: .. -, 1 ., In Z . ,TL :. 3 i ii -- XX A X . I, 53 P X j g ,E P S ,gg Pelerson, Ka+hIeen Redwans, Dave 1 fi f i i ia I H. Xilqffifi 1: -e"h 2213225 ' ff I ' ii nm ,, '- X lll, f ' , I A -' befls. Nancy Ruhlow. Susan Schw , . X ,Z 4 as 46 L 7,QX,g Ly. 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' ' -1 I I DIVIS l O N-Slein .j ., Row I: Rose Ann Baelz, Ari' Baslyr, Sara ,'II ii , " ff Brown, Rose Marie Carone, Kafhy Ca- X-" W w i fi i . . . 1 rl N' nale, Michelle D'Ascamo, Tom Dicken- S -' 15? SS son Dianne Fiegel Row 2' William Fer- fi ,, ,Ea l -bil - ' . ' ' . ' sg moyle, Elaine Gunlher, Sharon Gewilsch, S iv Owen Jacobsen, Larry Jensen, Janel fi X .' . : A A I ":, - , 7 H, gg ' Knoll, Ann Kwerneland, James Mazik, . as X ' --" ' - L ' I Row 3: Kalhy Meyer, Rosemarie Na- . , f Q ' ' R d N ' K Ol K + , ,,,,, , I larian, an y apner, aren son, en -' -ff'-Ve .ff 5 ll . . I s-XX ' " 'U Perkins, Dan Pimenlco, Jean Pollalc, Ron- f?sQ5flsf5sz,. 5 5 S I . . . n Rushin . Row 4: Bonnie Sanlucci, Liifissifgfazes . , Carol Saulmer, Judy Soucelc, Tom Thom- rzzsm'-as 2 :., Q-fe1'y,s'f 5,4 fl . - v, ,. X ' 52 1,f1Xei'123 le, Sandy Trefny, Richard Vendegna, -me . KX I Donna Weeden, Howard We ner. 25955521 E .. n --,, In 'iff .pan 1' ll fX, X g fezlikii ,. ,. -'lv V Q -Xiflfl,-L5 ml , '5ill,z' fi 35, ,., 1 S ,,,, ,,, .. X. Xiefesl 1-an -1:15:71 - . IXSXX lss I - . al IXX, 1 5 f X ' EL , -f.X , ,Q sy' - , IX .X1 , , W ,- an Fri 5 M 5 Sym Sis. X W ig X DIVISION-Slrandberg Row I: Bonnie Armour, Diana Barlh, XX J Janice Berg, Ken Conner, Susan Crosby, Donna Dill, Frances Gaughan, Jim Gros- f -X sen. Row 2: Dan I-laicluk, Jerry l-Iollz, Sue Henclrilrsen, Jack Hoschouver, Karen Kamphaus, Bob Karnic, Nancy Klage, John Gust Row 3: Tom Kozel, Linda " Leshulc, Judy Lowing, Rosemary Makin- ,-X en, Phyllis Miller, Gregory Nielsen, Mar- ? zgn , .. ig. . ':,, I " i"' go Olsen. Sue Olson. Row 4: Allen . 9 Peebles, Susanne Pelerson, Jim Riggio, lbsifxici ' 'X . 3:12. lvl' :I - 0 ,g A Q Kalhy Ries, Sandra Schmoolc, Richard Schumann, Bruce Williams. ELYIIAI fe if . " " 'i : 'f'jf, 5 z' 1 fl I AQ l as S' ' . if 'r'r: as I 315 X:'i X X -:., I " iv-is -f veg 4 ,F I 5 -Vi :mas I Q . ig: 1 ' - I - f.,,. W -1, 1 Q -Q ll +- i k:k.:,. ,V A- fl V f if if J 'f1:Q'ihh.k f'-1. ,KVL ' i ,I r is aan! 1 WSL? su ,, fi, . ',,gV,1, 15'--gran-: ,,,f,11,'ii ' W sf, fx I 2 . , x, -, .,., EN, .V 2' psi I 121 SEM . I .M M N? J K 75 Q ir . I I g - i ---: rar , M sa y 'Q I 1 , I 2 :WF I sig-5 V- "'- 7' 'ffsrisi 7 e if f 125' ,s K4 v ..,, -M ktll M -W -Av 5 ' iliflii' , V , sf . i a, 5MT',,"f, WE E , .,-' - Q V :,, m Vg 1 I 'R mu, fa sw, ss, mm, 1fe.fsi,:- lhsilisi ,ME I . I-sw as P 1: .11 -f . '.'E'352i3?H.: .us ns: .:- .V Ki , is de Q I .. I ,Q I s a:'1s:,: is 1, - . V s 5 . . as ir , -,,. , if fe as if 'RQ ei V,A,A 516514 er ,, r Q . M ,L ...,.A,. . 4 ilk i s W'-,,1fV:-fin Q i I an 'Q ai in 9 if ? sim K Q -121: It 12 f.wg:V,iizzii,- ,..v l5,elfzs,fS,,5?iv f X I -25511-V. ' 'fsifs 5, : fy, . , Q A wi s s as .Q A A. .Q .. sr ,L I ry 1 ii 'nf Q1 as wi. 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Row 2: Carol Dorn- quasl, Lynn Elder, JoAnne Freeman, Clyde Golhann, Nancy Grifsonis, Louis Hachmeisler, Don I-Ieimbuch, Richard Hohmann. Row 3: Nancy Ilg, Richard Johnson, Richard Kalhauge, Waller Lang. Darlene Leif, Carol Lundberg, Terry McGrew, Janel' Mieling. Row 4: Bar- bara Piper, Barry Rickelson, Gloria Ryza, Edwin Slomczewski, Anders Skoar, James Spirek, Mary Terlecki, Eileen Thorne, Tom Wallner, Rober Wilson. '35 'W DIVISION-O'Connell Row I: Anlhony Affalalo, Richard Brau- ligam, James Chrisl, Dick Coady, Don- ald Decker, Jay Gafz, Calherine Gra- bowski, David Guelller. Row 2: Marilyn Hepner, Holly I-Iillis, Jay I-Iogg, Dennis Inglesby, Slanley londolo, Diane Koerner, Diana Kolpek, Susan Koss. Row 3: Roberl Kussy, Slanley Laslick, Diane Maksimuk, Ken Miller, David Mollell, John Mounl, George Palko, Arlhur Raymond. Row 4: Donald Sarau, Susan Schlele, Donna Sears, Dennis Senchul, Palsy Shand, Mary Ann Slaslny, Linda Sloklosa, Linda Sloll, Row 5: Lee Tonn, Pal Walin. Brenda, Zamorski. DIVISION-Puippo Row I: Thora Ashley, Sandra Benlley, Suzanne Berg, Mike Brooks, John Chris- lensen, Jane? Femplin, Edhar Golhlieb, Paul Havlovic. Row 2: Ronald Jageman, Keilh Johnson, Ralph Johnson, Vicky Layman, Gail Lindy, Maslhanne Loose, Jerry lvlanke, Richard Monaham. Row 3: Joan Mueller, Toni Mueller, Thomas Ogren, Carol Pallerson. Carl Pelerson, Gloria Poppo, Tom Pouliol, Colleen Powers. Row 4: Dennis Romlola, Edward Scholl, Kalhy Schumacher, Muriek Sci- meca, Edward Sienkiewig, Charles Smilh, David Sleege, Gloria Trese, Penny Wesl. -mi '-,f -fr. :file :ii-2,-,si-, ' i. ,. my , sire: '51 1:s,3fsq,,, . V -wil: ,159 , s. if .gnfvvli 'fr-'if 1- " . , , .,... : is A k . a . ,. --f- Nw. A , .. Q 1 H If --', - ,..- , s . N , K . V afi S ,., i ,-,, , , ,5:,,,i.k , xg ,s ,. 7,9 v,,VV , ,QM E1 H w w f' f V ,V.,. , , . .V , ..,,, VA a s .- V,,f,,,,,s,g,,i,,,.x, ,.L ,. i V . -.:v5.:f,:.::,,:g5:,'f:V'. s:e'r,,e:-Q - rev fff m- - 'I+ ..: -M ,,. -- :,V-I V V.-if-:,,,,:..:.,: ,.,sg.,-ms was - 2315522 , R . - Q ' as B LJ his k s ,W .W he 1 2? my , jf m Q' .ax ,..,,,. f " " ffe2mt'efgg,g , , H sw evlsfffsw srw - -7 ai - 3 544 fair? ight a QWK 1 ix Z i La I l 1 4 1 5 aa , ,ff ,Q yjegalr . ,w,aae.1QQ1wa-41 1-- 1Q::2??fffsf-1,1c " KES: 3 H X 1- . ., -5. Q . ,- ,pgs all -1-ii? , g if -7,L.y ,., , i, f li r 4 Q- if P M safer-a':n,r1 were it 'S a X 1 Q5 ,ii K i as gflaig? 1 II 5555 ls? 2. , ,Z -.fri 4 . f 1 5331: s 2 Qt J M Q- me 1. .Q 225.2 5 fsesaffsff as s 3 sn, fl' 555 A .:.: I liz' ,:?Z i..j1,: i::::?aEE:"::: 'f' .:lv:::f" . s' . sigiefiia - we ,:-'I 5 J iii i2li?ig?s .. i 'F' ' x wi f' i -is .,. L L :Zziliiifz.i'i55ff?H:-'9'E5'e! ef, in as .i i ,r ,z . ,sei swlfsfr - fm : .fiffiifl ,. W , Miglia ' " S rx , raw 'gf a 1 di Z3 ww s ' . 11 ,skffieiibiip 42 DIVISION-M. Fox Row I: Marilyn Anderson, James Annes, Roberf Biggersfaff, Don Birlcenheer, Roy Brunn, Sheryl Bverger, Raymond Burger, Kay Carlson. Row 2: Carol Curland, Linda Doras, Walfer Emrich, Jim Fen- ner, Gordon Goranson, Karen Hanson, Donald Howarlh, Sieve Janusz. Row 3: Paula Johnslone, Laird Larson, Marian Longfeldf, Terri Meyer, Charles Peler- sen, Donald Pelerson, John Philipp, Pam- ela Reever. Row 4: William Roy, Craig Schulfz, Bob Shand, Judy Siown, Terry Spechf, Virginia Suflon, Joe Szabo, Ron- ald Tiedie, Holly VanRie+, Jeanne Wal- rous, Henry Wingerf, Carol Zinlc, Carol Zmuda. DIVISION-Fell' Row I: Alice Acl:er+. Phyllis Aldrich, John Alley, Barbara Barwick, Susan Beu- felspacher. Barbara Bolling, Ken Carl- son, Carol Downing. Row 2: Madge Fizzell, Anne Flexman. William Green, Charles Hall, Charles Hanson, Richard Hoehn, Ellis Hoffman, Dean Hulherf. Row 3: Diane Klima, Jim Klose, John Knechf, Jane Maerlc, Rufh Nelson, Jean- eH'e Olsen. Jim Owens, Sally Palm, Row 4: David Pfender, Virginia Schulze, Rich- ard Sliwinslci, Jane Spenny, Lorraine Sfeele, Wendy Sfoclcing. Roberr Sun- quisl. Lynn Valfers. Row 5: Alan Vogf, Cilenn Volava, Judy Zienfko, Phyllis Fur- l' . 1 GRADUATES P1 'wx I 1, E.E-:vt T.: i f I W, H f ' a f ' W 2,- f f x'-S ,T 6 X fy! , Q , x Xl f f,f3,,9 ,qf""' ' "T,? Q' f aw W MQ ,W W UH X f zfN X + 1 'Q 5- W I N , 1 . N 4 N JQM W l jg ww Q ' H, 5- S If M ' ' f f ? 1 H, f' XX . K, ia I X f-f nf 'I I r I XX! J Y ' , I If It , N b 1 ' ' V ' 4 r ily I ' ',.irrf,ff X of VN W r U s w ff' 1 GQ YRWX n fl 171' X19 10 f I ' , 1 VL I A4 NF hlfy' L AN WRX' 0' 33 ' r y fl 'f Ill F3 LI funk M I AJ ,V Ill! 0,1 M' 4' Rn, TIN K K ' fir l 'w xl w 4 ff ,Y ' s lv N Y N 1' H A., Q W ' x L i 1 i fx X, In Ji W! 1M WH Y XXX X X X U W' Y Win , : , 34. ,,..a-ER Lid! : XX f' "'1 "',"- gawk' Mr Hit as .' gun' K 'Y r ' Nik 4 gli 'xx 1 1 1 NM! I X. H V LM , ' V- 1, mx! . x all ' f 74 Q i ,g, f ff-' , . nf- Y, ,lf KEY TO CLASS ACTIVITY LISTING Aerie AnnounCom - Announcemenf CommiI'I'ee Band BaseT - Baseball Team BsIcfT - Baslcefball Team BigBrofBigSis - Big Brofher and Big Sisfer Commiffee Blcrm - Bookroom Helper BowlT- Bowling Team BoxO - Box Office Helper BusMgr - Business Manager C8iC -- Cap and Gown Commiffee Cheerldr - Cheerleader ChessCI - Chess Club Cln-uplvlom - Clean-up Commiffee Color Guard DanceCom - Dance Commi'I'I'ee DivTreas - Division Treasurer DraCI - Drama Club DriIIPIa - Drill Plafoon EYI - Expanding Youfh Ideas FfbfT --'Foofball Team FrCI - French Club PNA- Fufure Nurses of America FTA- Fufure Teachers of America GAA -- Girls Afhlefic Associafion O -ii fffif Q ASV! f s I ffl If GAACoun - Girls Afhlefic Associafion Council GerCI -- German Club GifICom - Giff Commiffee GChor -- Girls Chorus GoIfT-Golf Team Pres - Presidenl' VP - Vice Presidenf Sec'y - Secrefary Treas - Treasurer ProgCh - Program Chairman Ch -- Chairman PgEd - Page Edifor Sgf-Arms - Sargeanf af Arms Chap - Chaplain HIGd - Hall Guard HonCI - Honor Club ISW-- Inframural Sporfs Winner JeweICom -- Jewelry Commiffee JrGIs - Junior Girls LfrmensCI -- Leffermens Club LibH - Library Helper LSIF - Losf and Found Helper LunchnCom - Luncheon Commiffeee LunchrmCom - Lunchroom Commiffee IvIa+hCI -- Mafhemafics Club Iv1Chor - Mixed Chorus N'-rnCom - Nominafing Commiflee OffCI -Officers Club OffH - Office Helper Orch - Orchesfra Proi - Proiecfionisf PromCom - Prom Commiffee ProphCom - Prophesf Commiffee RifIeT - Rifle Team ROTC ROTCBand - ROTC Band SciCI - Science Club SrGIs - Senior Girls SpanCI - Spanish Club S'I'gC - Sfage Crew SCoun - Sfudenf Council SwimT - Swimming Team TchH - Teacher Helper TennisT - Tennis Team Trib - Taff Tribune resicfenf Vi Marcia Macleislw Margaref Reis JANU CG-President ff-1155? SiQWWTQ'5fi2f9?g91.aiSg2?i I ' -31 . 71 2gfsGlg?3xg2'ewrg??g -mm: 41,735 Zffffv-" M " '.g,f.x1n'?sL5?::YSw':?rL?AQff:E5f'foi735'iS.1V5i?2Sif WY: 4 . , 7 . fgzafwwf, Q ' 5 W if ' '?k'z'Lf222? U i 'iii LH: E 5 if QT 1W??1vfVfys.y V mm ,sh :V .wel-fLL1sff.2,41.'ww '2zwffiS2Aff3:1v,,5-:-1 ., iifffg' 7-51115-.253 viii : , M V' ,, wf:'wfz1ffvW," . -- 5f?k533?E L:,,la15z,ii'2 K7 f l : ?15'e1lff?i?5i5l?7??5ffl 42,21 eww .gg - f ?2r g1f5,w5zf-Qfzffti ,iq 'N we Z .5 . 1, if X X T x fav 1 U ? rg, S 5,324 5 TW , 2 Q D H am. Q53 ff 3 1 'B ff 543 Nw 223 wg if ig! 3 wi K wa Y r fa Ap H ,L H lk, M X, wx , X ms gmt iw R Q Q r 1 4: 4. 2 , .ax 4 7 fine 9 7' ff- 3 K as - ., . , ,. ff y In 1, , ,M M3535 , , 4, sf?-5 g , Q 41 af! 2 H W A ,, 'Q 3 ,Q N, 2 1 Treasurer cube PT LST Ko Crefa ry " i?5n.Y5rf.?Q.,,, 3595515 5fsl'Q:s5 1 , 21 , M5555 , Q ss 1 ?L'i1i'i?f fsfQ,1 'w 1siz5? ff wwe E143 'ef:fg::f27 ff' ziwsfaxm i,vPi!31f . 41- f fff f ,wage2S:fff?1isges11fg'Q wgfw Mszaz: .m,a1QX,3?'Q'?m1,g1 : 'Kew -519 A iHe'iQf?a4wvt,:Gz7:?1ftzI frffgiwgiff' Z frf:f2sf1ga:fx1.f, - , 12 : 'fmzwg 219.2 M . is ,ffffqfzfwfszisszmssffwKs 1 :Y WM e 3 ,1122 ,. 1914 " '?'sfiSiYfWzc"::,'lfE1,ff2fi4V'f'z,"'f X-V5 fffw zrwf my w4g:Q:w'fmw,,,,g:,,f1,,., " ww iff: -f ' ff!" -1z?5qf'4 :.E' ::'-1,f2?1,:::i .s?i5'W5sm up-,'5Qf'.'f?ff" wx '17 w wk-1 . ' 'f' . ,, ' ,.-,.r 111 W:f Paificia MOISOH i ii f i ii' A -4 X fin , Nominafing Commiffeez Kay Berg, Bill Schaefer, Dona Olson, Allan Larocco. XC T on W 7 l Y Z l 5 ll , U , lS'Qi+ - li g4"4f x xl Y x ' di pn 34 X' i Prom Commi++ee Chairman: Mike Murray, Gwen Buck, Richard Lange, Lars Gosell, Donna Lang. ' , x f .... f -iz 'Q -5-' -3 , x ' --TQ xr X V 5 N....,-, i gg' J 'lit' ' -- , 'Q'- ' fi. . Ji g? ...., , , 5,3 "'-xt , ' T' ' ,g Announcemem' Commillee: Diane Miller, Bruce Maison, Glenn Templeman, Vicfor Baer. I mmm N iilll' M. l J , 4 is ' W f 1 ? XX xnxx ,LW 3, ..... Cap and Gown Commiffee Chairman: Bill Becluhn, Jane Baldwin, Karen Whifney, Karen Berg, Rulh Seger, Wayne Schimpff. x Luncheon Commilfee 'ly prophecy Commmee Chairman: Phyllis Ruhnke, Bonnie. Fisk, Bev- If ' Chairman: Joe Pefruselc. Diane Beisfer, erly Norfhway, Allan Peferson, Jim Schulfz. 4 X I Eleanor lmbiorski' Lynn Mommsenx Judy A X X 1 Sonnenleiler. ' K K ' li fat. , ":' i X if WM px 'f 55. r Q0 '--bf-3.51 5 ll M. ' A 1 W -l lil 1+ rljl , al ri bg fl Giff Commi'H'ee Barbara Peferson, Pai' Krienih. Roger Moore. Baldwin, Jane Norma She reminds us of champagne-always bubbling over. GAA, BowlT, SpanCL, FTA, DraCL, JrG's, SrGls, TchH. Barry, Sfephen Underwood Sfeve likes foreign cars and American women. FfblT, lSW, Band, Orch, HLGd, Proi. Beduhn, William George - Nafional Honor Sociefy No goal's foo high for him fo fackle. GolfT, BslcfT, FfblT, LfrmensCL, HonCL, Band, TchH. Berg, Karen Louise lnfriguiging, gay and oh so full of fun. GAA, ISW. SpanCL, JrGls, SrGls, TchH, OffH, Berg, Kafhryn Linda Kay has more friends fhan she knows whaf fo do wifh-especially boys. GAA, lSW, SpanCL, BowlT, Jr6ls, SrGls, TchH. OffH. Biesfer, Diane Joan - Nafional Honor Sociefy Sweef, sincere and friendly. HonCl. MChor FrCL Pro Ch FTA SrGls SCoun DraCL Pro h- . 1 1 Q I i I - I P Com, OffH, TchH, LibH, Buslvlgr. l l r Alley. Roberf Waymond A Soufhern genfleman you'll never find in an alley. TrlcT, BowlT, lSW, ChessCl, Band, Trib, Scoun, ROTCBand, lvlafhCl SpanCl, SciCl, Proj, TchH, DanceCom. Alongi, Joan -- Nafional Honor Sociefy Her every fhoughf is a melody. GAA, MChor, Trib, DraCl, SCoun, FrCl, HonCl, FTA, SrGls, JrGIs l.ibl-l, Offl-l, TChH, HLGd. EYI. Anderson, Gary Edwin "Don'f disfurb me l'm really fhinkingf' F+bLT. Arfner, Joseph Pe+er As carefree as fhe breeze. GerCL, SCoun, Band ROTCBend, HLGd. Aflcinson, James Frederick - Nafional Honor Sociefy He's handsome and neafg gof fhe girls af his feef. HonCL, SCoun, BusMgr, Proi, LunchrmCom, EYI. Baer, Vicfor John, Jr. Vic may nof succeed, buf he will have fun frying. SwimT, F'rblT, ISW, HonCL, SciCL, Proi, TchH. DanceCom, SCoun HLGd. Black, Briffon Harvey Why should fhe devil have all fhe fun. FfblT, Trib, TchH, HLGd. Bohrnell, Norman Roy Small, buf how fhe girls like him. FfblT, BowlT, ISW, SpanCL, TchH. Broclrsfein, Allan Joel - Nafional Honor Sociefy Always willing fo lend a helping hand. DrillPla, ROTC, Aeric, ChessCL, Cln-upCom, DanceCom, Hon- Cl, OffCl, SpanCL, BusMgr, DivTreas, TchH. Buclc, Gwen Joyce - Nafional Honor Sociefy A liffle bif of sfardusf. Cheerldr: Secy, GAA, EYlgVP, DraCl., HonCL, SpanCL, FTA, JrGls. SrGls. SCoun, LunchrmCom, Trib, MChor, TchH. Buslvlgr, OffH. Brugis, Roger David Liked by all. BskfT, FlblT, Trib. SpanCL, SciCl., TchH, L8fF. Carson, Carolyn Jean A nicer girl is hard +o find. HonCl., DraCL, JrGls, SrGls. Caya, Gail lrene Cuie, perky, danceable, She's a mixlure of seriousness and fun. FTA, FNA, MChor, HIGd, TchH. Chrislian, Thomas Gilberi' He's gol' whai if lakes 'fo be a man. Colombo, Carol Frances Small of sialure, large of hearl. one who'll always do her par'l'. BewlT, JrGls, FTA, SrGls. Crosfon, Thomas John - Nafional Honor Socie+y He's our boy . . . FlblT. L'lrmensCl Devlin, John Joseph Where +here's music and dancing John is near. FlblT, L'lrmensCl. Dieh. Richard Charles When everyone is always smiling, Diefz is in 'there always frying. HlGd. Franlr, Geraldine Diane - Nalional Honor Sociefy You rarely find a sweefer girl ihan Geri. GAA, ISW, FTA:Pres., FRCL:ProgCh,Pres., SrGls, Jr. Gls, SCoun, Hon- Cl Cln Com, LunchrmCom, EYI, DraCl, BusMgr, LibH, l"llGd. OHH, - P TchH, Trib. Gildemeisrer, Roberla Louise There's mischeil in every iwinlrle. GAA. GChor, HonCl, SrGls, GerCl, TchH, OHH. Gemnig, Edwin Joseph A quesiion here, a quesiion l'here, lhis boy musl be a genius. Bsld'T, ChessCl, GerCl, HonCl, Band, ROTCBand, Orch. Gold, Samuel Beniamin "l haven? kissed lhem all yer, buf heaven knows l've 'rried." ISW, BowlT, Band, TchH, Buslvlgr. Gosell, Lars Edward He seems quiel, bul' you'd be surprised. Swim T, BowlT, TchH. Green, Bonnie'Jean She brighlens everyone's day. GAA, SpanCI, HonCl, FTA, SCoun, MChor, FNA, LunchrmCom. JrGls. SrGls, Trib, Cln-upCom, Olil-l, TchH, HlGd, L8fF. Drumlre, Ronald Alfred Handsome, blond, inlelligenl' and musical - Wo EYl, Band, BigBro, HlGd. Egeland, Marilyn Ruih Quiel someiimes. Friendly always. sweei' forever GAA, FrCl, HonCl, FTA, SrGls, Band. Egeland, Marlene Grace- She seems lo be quiet buf one never knows. GAA, FTA, SpanCl, HonCl, SrGls, DraCl, Band. England, Bruce Donald Wine, Women and Bruce. FiblT, BowlT, SpanCl. Fanslow, Bonnie Gail Lilceable and loving: an effervescem' personaliiy. SrGls, TchH, HIGd. Fislr, Bonnie Sharon Small and quiel'-uniil you gel' To know her. GAA, HonCl, SrGls, TchH, L8iF. wl Orch, TchH Hoffman, Holi John Never a dull momenl' when Holi is around. ISW, GerCl, HlGd. Hoolhorsi, Waller Franklin Never sad, never serious, a happy good nafured lad. Hulberf, Diana Margarei' Carefree. gay, lull of fun, Diana's liked by everyone. BowlT, SrGls, TChl'l. Hummel, Frederick Michael Well done is belier Than well said. sfgc, offcl. Hu'H', Nancy Ann She proves fha? good ihings come in small packages. G-erCl. HonCl, SCoun, JrGls, SrGls, FTA. TchH, L8cF, BusMgr. lmbiorski, Eleanor Gerfrude Good friends like Eleanor are 'l'he essence of life. GAA. HonCl, FTA, JrGls, SrGls, DraCl, BusMgr. OHH, LibH. ..s....,.-. i M., -..H .-Mi..ia.,. ... Guniher, Norman Henry Neal, buf shy. BowlT, iSW, Tchl-l. Gusf, Margaref Anne Wiih a iwinkle in her eye she is mos? unprecliciable. SpanCl, TFA, DraCl, SrGls, EYl, BigSis. Hansen, Ka+hleen Claire Quiej and kind, wiih peace of mind. GChor, TchH, HI6d. Haxlon, Barbara Lou Sweei and quief as a woman should be. HonCl, SpanCl, JrGls, SrGls, FTA, GChor, OffH, TchH. Hill, John Pehar "A li'r+Ie nonsense now and 'rhen is relished by lhe wises+ men." F+bIT, ISW, Hoad, Susan Mary "l haven'l' daied fhem all, buf heaven knows l've fried." GAA, BowlT:Pres, JrGls:VP, SrGls, FTA. FNA, LibH, Trib, DraCl. lsacksen, Daniel Paul "Why do all 'rhe girls pesfer me so?" lSW, BowlT, Cln-upCom, HIGd. Jenewein, Linda Louise - Naiional Honor Socieiy. This girl was cerfainly giffed wiih inlelligence and sweelness. ISW, FTA, l-lonCl, EYl:ProgCh, FrCl, Band, Orch, Trib, SCoun, DraCl, FrCl, FNA, OHH. JrGls, 5rGls, TchH. Jenkins, Sharon lrene Always find her brighi' and cheery: never 'find her sad and weary. JrGls, Sr.Gls, DraCl, BusMgr. TchH, HlGd. Johnson, Lorraine Lynn Always laughing, never sad, somefimes naughfy, never bad. BowlT, JrG.ls, SrGls, Tchl-l. Keiler, Sandra Pamela Personalily plus good looks makes Sandy iops in all 'lhe boy's black books. JrGls, SrGls, DraCl, Buslvigr, TchH, HIGd. Knoll, Gerald Roberi' He shall accomplish lhe secrefs +o success. ISW, l'lonCl, EYl,BusMgr. Kornafz, Marilynn Gene - Nalional Honor Sociefy Three S's for her -- Sweei, Sincere, and Sparkling. GAA, EYI, FTA, Cln-up:Ch, JrGls:Sec'y, Pres, SrGls DraCl. GChor, HonCl, GerCl, TchH L81F, LibH. Krienilz, Palricia Rose She is never 2 minules lhe same, slill she never changes a bil' from whal she is, a peppy gal. GAA BowlT lSW FTA ConCl FNA JrGls SrGls S anCl, TchH, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 P OlfH. BusMgr, GChor. Kriewall, James Adolph A fellow who likes lols of laughs. BowlT, ISW, GerCl, l'lonCl, TchH, Offl'l, LibH, l'llGd, Proi, Buslvlgr. Kroening, Clifford Ronald "I'm noi as quiel as you +hink." ROTC. Krug, Edwin Kay Someone has lo 'rake life seriously. HlGd. Lang, Donna Jean - Naiional Honor Sociely A lilfle bil of fhe devil, wifh an angelic smile. GAACoun:VP. FTA. EYl, JrGls, HonCl, SrGls, PromCom, TchH. Marcus, Mary Lynne Sugar and spice and everylhing nice. GAA, MChor, HonCl, FrCl, DanceCom, GChor, JrGls, TchH. Marlrgraf, Rodney Howard The world awails his accomplishmenls. DrillPla, ROTC. OHCI. C81G. Marlin, Judilh Holly Brighl' and vivacious, wilh a smile 'lhai' says many lhings. FrCl, SrGls, TchH. Maison, Bruce William - Naiional Honor Sociely To know him is 'lo like him. Fi'blT, ISW, HonCl, SciCl, EYl, AnnounCom, LibH, Band, ROTCBand. McDonald, Charlofle Ellen Don'+ love lhem: They leave you! FrCl, SpanCl, SCoun, HonCl, TchH, OHH, HIGd. Meland, Carol Marie Somebody quiei' and very nealq somebody shy, buf mighiy sweel. SpanCl, SrGls, TchH. Lange, Richard Lesfer If 'lhere are qirls around, Rich is near by. SwimT, GerCl. DanceCom, Band, Tcl-1H. Larocco, Allan Charles Al's his name, big and slrong. If he's your friend you can'l' go wrong F'rblT, ISW, HonCl, SciCl, NomCom. Lallro, Roberi' Joseph - Nalional Honor Sociely This boy will lruly succeed in life's goals. lSW, SciCl, HonCl, SCoun, ChessCl, HlGd, BigBro, BusMgr, Proi TchH. Libby, Raymond James lf you don'+ succeed lry. 'lry again?? OflCl, ROTC, Proi, TchH. MacLeish, Marcia Jean -- Nalional Honor Socieiy Sweelness and beauly, nalure made her 'lhal' way. FTA:Treas, HonCl, SCoun, JrGls, SrGls, GChor, DraCl, BusMgr, TchH OlfH. Maihen, Linda Mary - Nalional Honor Sociely She gives her 'Friendship 'ro all, bu+ her heari' 'lo only one. EYI, SpanCl, FTA, HonCl, DraCl, GChor, MChor, SrGls, JrGls, BigSis TchH. Miller, Diane Sena - Narional Honor Sociely The Iighi she gives is a shining example. GAA. EYI, HonCl, FrCl, SCoun, MChor, DraCl, JrGls, SrGls OifH LibH. L8iF, TchH. Trib. Molson, Pafricia Ann -- Nafional Honor Sociely Her knowledge and charm go well iogeiher. HonCl, FTA:VP, EYl,.BigSis, BigSis, SpanCl, GChor, JrGl Com, BusMgr, TchH. Mommsen, Lynn Edna - Naiional Honor Socieiy Friendliness is her business. This should be her career. HonCl, FTA. MChor, FrCl, DraCl, BoxO, TchH, Moore, Roger Marfin One whose loyal and sieady ways will win him friends f his days. MChor, F+blT, BaseT, Gif+Com. Morgaridge, Roxanne Lynn - Naiional Honor Sociely Fashion and good looks are righi' down her line. GAA, Cheeldr, SpanCl, FTA, HonCI, SCoun, JrGls, MChor, DanceCom. BoxO, TchH, Trib, LunchrmCom. Mohny, Edward Dennis "Work fascinafes me: I could sil and wafch if for hour ROTC, G-erCI, Trib. Olson, Dona Rae Her smiles and sweelness make lasiing friendships. BowlT, DraCl, SpanCl, SrGls, JrGls:Sg+-Arms, FTA, FNA HonCl SCoun, TchH, L8iF. Olson, Richard Arfhur He knows whai ro do, buf does he do ii? FiblT, RiileT, SCoun, SciCl, HlGd. Band, Proi. Orfinau, Susanne Louise Good Things come in small packages. SrGls. TchH. Osferman, James Gunner Nice and iall, friendly io all. F'rbIT, BaseT. Pefersen, Allan Charles A popular all around good fellow. SwimT, Fi'blT, !SW, HonCI. SciCl, SCoun, LunchrmCom, BigBro Bkrm Cln-upCom, DanceCom, DanceCom. Proi, TchH, HlGcl. Pefersen, Marlin Augusi' Why should 'ihe Devil have all +he fun?"' ISW. s SrGIs Jewel s Peierson, Barbara Ann - Nalional Honor Sociely The prefliesf eyes, fhe brighlesf smile: fo know our Barb is mosl' worfh- while. GAA, EYl:Sec'y, G-erClgSec'y, JrG-ls, SrGls, HonCl, DraCl, SCoun, Lib- H, BusMgr, TchH. Pererson, Nancy Lee PreHy, perky, "Pe'ley." GAA, FTA, FrCl, JrGls, SrGls1Pres, DraCl, GChor, OTTH, TchH. Peferson, Richard A fine alhlefe, 'lhal iusl' can'+ sfudy. BaseT. Pefrusek, Joseph Edward - Nalional Honor Sociely The lilfle man wilh The big voice. DrillPla, HonCl, EYI, OHCI, OffH, BigBro. Poinr, John Michael "Through our own hard efforfs do we rise." OHCI, FTA, ROTC, HlGcl, ColorGuard. Pulley, Joanne Ramona To know her is 'ro love her, and she is very well known. SpanCl, DraCl, FTA. JrGls:VP, SrGls, GChor. SCoun. TchH. Ruhnke, Phyllis Joan - Nalional Honor Sociely Wherever she meels a sfranger, There she leaves a friend. SpanCl, HonCl, JrGls, FTA, 6Chor, SVG-ls, Trib:PgEd, LibH, TchH. Schaefer, William Andrew "Oh, lhose dimples!" F+blT. HonCl, Ma+hCI, HlGd. Schimpff, Wayne Huber He looks innocenf, doesn'l' he? SwimT, ChessCl:Treas, HonCl, ROTCBand, Band, Orch, TchH. Schullz James Carl Noi fall and skinny, nor shorl and far. iusr righf. F+blT, MChor, HlGd. Seger, Rulh LeAnn Charm ancl poise plus a way wil'h 'l'he boys. JrGls, SrGls, GerCl, FTA, FNA, LibH, TchH. Severyns, Jack Leon As carefree as The breezes. Rasmussen, Anifa -- Nafional Honor Sociefy ln her quielness 'rhere is charm. SrGls, DraCl, JrG-ls, HonCl, G-Chor, HdGd. Reinke, Dororhy Shirley Jolly. good nafured, full of fun, Doffie is a pal for everyone. Cheerldr. GAA, ISW, FTA, DraCI, FrCl, HonCl, JrGls. GChor, SrGls, SCoun, LunchrmCom, JewelCom, TchH. Reis, Margarei Treve'H - Nafional Honor Sociefy Her big blue eyes are full of sparkle, malched only by The swee'l'ness of her personalily. IWS, EYl, FrCl:VP, HonCl, FTA, DraCl, SrGls:Sec'y, G-Chor. JrGls, TchH. Offl-l, Buslvlgr, BigSis. Rocen, Jerry Feler lnnocenl'-fill you know him. Rodiek, Edward Henry He's The guy wifh 'rhe cerfain smile. SwimT, Ll'rmensCl, Proi, HlGd. Roy Roberl Merron, Jr. - Nalional Honor Sociely He's small. buf whal' a guy! FfblT, ISW, GerCl, HonCl, TchH. Templeman, Glenn Scoll' Handsome yef quiet buf soon will conquer 'rhe girls. Orch, Band ROTCBand, Proi. Tomsovic, Rila Pahicia We leave her praises unexpressed. HonCl, SpanCl. FTA, GChor, MChor, JrGls, SrGls, OHH, TchH. Vogf, Paul Glenn A quiel iolcer. TennisT, SCoun, ChessClgPres, SpanCl. Wagner, Bonnie Anne A friend indeed. GAA, FNA, SrGIs, HlGd, LibH, OffH, TchH. Wafson, Kenneih Lee The lillle man wilh lhe wild ideas. HlGd. Weslergren, Don Gordon All 'rhe world loves a lover! FlblT, BowlT, L'rrmensCl, HonCl, EYI, SCoun, Band. Sherwood, Charles Arlhur You can? keep a good man downl DriIIPIa. ROTC RifleT. OFTCI. Slclodowslzi, Bernadine Ann - Nalional Honor Socieiy A quiel reserve covers and ,ambifious nalure. FrCI, HonCI. FTA, SrGls, Libl-l, TchH. Smilh, Judilh Anne She iusl can'+ help being happy. MChor, JrGls, SrGls, Aerie, Trib, BusMgr. Sonnenleiler, Judilh Jean The sunshine girls wilh 'rhe bouncy pony lail. CheerldrPres, GAA, FTA, DraCl:Sec'y, HonCl, JrGls. SrGls. TchH HlGd, Buslvlgr. Squiller, Nancy Jane - Nalional Honor Sociely lnlelligence and sweelness reilecl' in lhe gleam of her eyes. iglggn, EYI, FTA, SpanCl, HonCl, GChor, JrGls, SrGls, OffH, TchH Slanforcl, Pafricia Ann Her 'Friends are unnumberecl. Gchor. Whilney, Donald William Trusl him nol 'fhal seems a sainl. HonCl, ChessCl, Band, ROTCl3and, BusMgr. Whilney, Karen Joanne Nice and neal: real sweel. BowlT, SrGls, GCh'or, FNA, LibH, HlGd, TchH. Wie, Conslance Janeane Sugar 'n spice, 'n everylhing nice! JrC5ls, SrGls, FrCl, TchH. Weiser, James Alvin He looks quief, buf is he? Willc, Gary William A man of silence is a man of sense. SwlmT, ISW, L1'rmensCl, HIGd. Wise, Tom John ln alhlelics he does excell, and as a guy he's really swell. BsldT, BaseT, LlrmensCl. CAMERA SHY: Evasinlr, Daniel Michael A nice guy. ROTC, OlfCl, TchH. CL reside H+ ViC6-'PrESfden1' Lal' ry Mg,-,L a..4..f.. 7Wen+ Vgar Suduakumud Karl Fueflla- ecre+ar3 Trea s u re r Aerie AnnounCom - Announcemenf Commiffee Band BaseT - Baseball Team BsI4fT - Baslcefball Team BigBrofBigSis - Big Brofher and Big Sisfer Commiffee I Blcrm - Bookroom Helper BowIT - Bowling Team BoxO -- Box Office Helper BuICom -- Bullefin Board Commiffee Bus Mgr- Business Manager C8fG - Cap and Gown Helper Cheerldr - Cheerleader ChessCI - Chess Club Cln-upCom - Clean-up Commiffee Color Guard DanceCom -- Dance Commiffee DbfCI - Debafe Club DiscCI- Discussion Club DivTreas - Division Treasurer DraCl - Drama Club DriIIPIa - Drill Plafoon EYI - Expanding Yourfh Ideas FfbIT - Foofball Team FrCI- French Club FNA- Fufure Nurses of America FTA- Fufure Teachers of America GAA - GAA Leffergirls GerCI -- German Club GiffCom - Giff Comrniffee GChor - Girls Chorus GoIfT - Golf Team HIGd -- Hall Guard Pres - Presidenf VP - Vice Presidenf Secy - Secrefary Treas - Treasurer SecEd - Secfion Edifor Pg Ed - Page Edifor HonCl - Honor Club I-SlcfT- Ice Slcafing Team ISV! - Inframural Sporfs Winner JewICom - Jewelry Commiffee JrGls -- Junior Girls LfrmensCI - Leffermens Club LibH - Library Helper I.8cF- Losf and Found Helper LunchnCom - Luncheon Commiffee I.unchrmCom - Lunchroom Commifmee IvIafhCI - Ivlafhemafics Club IvIChor - Mixed Chorus NomCom -- Nominafing Commiffee OffCI - Officers Club OffH - Officer Helper Orch -- Orchesfra Pro' - Proiecfionisf PromCom - Prom Commiffee ProphCom - Prophecy Commiffee RifIeT -- Rifle Team ROTC RO'TCBand - ROTC Band SciCI - Science Club SrCIassOfficer-- Senior Class Officer SrGIs - Senior Girls SpanCI - Spanish Club SiIverKnighf - Silver Knighf' Award SfgC - Sfage Crew SCoun - Sfuclenf Council SwimT - Swimming Team TchH - Teacher Helper TennisT - Tennis Team Trib - Taff Tribune TrlcT - Traclc Team Luncheon Commillee Chairman: Carole Mommsen, Sally Gundel, Jerry Cliflone, Carol Ford. Le Anne Plahiclc, Sandy Leal, Karen Lange, Judy Young, Mar- lene Pizzi. Sr. Class Treasurers Leah Herlnsl James Hansen Barbara L nn I . Y 1 Kennelh Yonan, Linda Halencher, David Q Gallorna, Jane? lngrarn, James Weslney, Lesler Torrey. Nominaling Commillee Chairman: Rolf Kolconay, Angeline Paul - Absent Joe Barrel, Anne Fear, Marilyn Winnenger, Cafherine Crisanli, Slewarl James, Sharon Brazale, Ted Rolander. MN KE J Prom Commiflee Chairman: Ken Neulaerl: Bolo LaPiefra, Bev Minison, Rae Hillier, Diane Gerelfa, Bob Drinan, Sally Weed, Neil Veller, Tom Poole, Diane Dylceman. lag Gill Comrnilfee Judy Woolf, Carole Talara, Sue Harvey Ken Vlsconfi, George Anllcowialc, Mary Mollloris, Allan Pelerson. Yvonne Kllncslc Marilyn Molclenlwauer Bo Sclwmrdr, Joyce Wunlher, Barb Knucls Sandy Jensen. Announcemenl Commlllee Diane Dramas. Karen Mafson, Joan Hamerin, Jean, Rupany, Carolyn Merrill, Janel' Wor- dell, Karen Newberq. Oberlneude Ron Barflw. Sue Willers, e Lansdon, Sieve Sveflilc, Judy Hen- n. Lols Jacobs, Penni Elclwin, Sue Sur- hecy CommiHee n I I e Caryl Guisli. L J ll I5 f 'U l Lx H90 AQ fx Graduarion Commi+'ree . . I . I V n x 1 I t l ef? Amend, Diane Dorolhy FrCI. She seems lo be fascinaled by Lane Tech. Andersen, Richard Carl BowlT, F+blT, Band. Anderson, Bonnie Sharon ISW, Bowll, SrGls, JrGls, l-ll6d, OlfH,Tcl1l-l. A life-size doll wilh an abundance of cheerfulness. Anflrowialr, George Waller F+b!T. Some say he's shy and all say he's a line guy. Ashb Evel n Jane Y- Y GAA, ISW, Glsflhor, FrCl, Jr6ls, SrGls, FTA, Tchl-l, SCoun, Ofll-l. Small in size, bul easy on The eyes. Aylward, Donna Josephine Tchl-l. Why worry, i'r's more lun lo laugh. Alberfz, Rulh Ann GAA, FTA, FNA, GlsChor, A penny for your fhoughls Allegreili, Fred F+bIT, BowIT, ISW, DraCl, HIGd. Tchl-l. Ol merry lhoughl' and full of fun Alonzo, Augusiine Nicholas ISW, DraCI, HlGcl. Pure clynamife. Anderson, Carol Jeanne GAA, Bowlil, SrGls, PNA, l'llGcl Tchl-l ln all sporls she bafs IOOO Anderson, Daniel Broolcs SpanCl, Tchl'l. The man who louill' lhe ls eller mouselrap Anderson, Gerald Warren Band, Orch, ROTCBand, Libl-l, Tchl-l, HIG-d, Proi. Full of pep. Bacherf, Ann Madelyn FrCl, Libl-l, TchH. l-lonCl BigBro BowlT MalhCl BusMgr Silence is golclen, bul' i'r's more fun 'lo iallc Bachmann, Alan Andrew BowlT, HIG-d. A slrilce every lime. Baefz, David Allan Bsk+T, TennisT, lSW, Band, Orch DiscCl HonCl An enigmafic curmudgeo H Barlel, Joseph Harry SwimT, OllCl, Band, Orch, ROTCBand, NomCom. As a drummer he is greal, we could even say lirsl rare. Bar+h, Ronald George - Nalional Honor Sociely Drill Pla, Riliel, Tennisl, DiscCl, FTA, Dracl. l'lonCl, EYI, SCoun, VP, ChessCI, OllCl, I-HG-d, ROTC, LibH. BigBro, LuncnrmCom, lrio, Silver Knighl. Ambilion is lhe seed from which nobleness grows. Behl, Jaclrueline Mary Ann -- Nalional Honor Sociely l-lonCl, FTA, DraCl, JrG-ls, SrG5ls, Tchl-l, OHH, Buslvlgr Il a prize was given for lhe "cules+ smile", Jackie could win in a walk. Berg, June Josephine PNA. Slill wafer runs deep. Berlhold, Kenl Erwin lSW, Tchl-l. Clown of lhe class. Bleelrer, Barry Ronald DrillPla, ChessCl, OllCI, Band, Tchl-l, HI6d. Big and fall and liked by all. Bourque, Beverly Ann Ol'll'l. She has lhe repulalion of being oulspoken-by none Bowen, Jennifer Jane Tchl-l. Blimeyl "Ain'l She sweel"'. Bower, Nancy June FTA, JrGls, Sr6ls. Nice girl wilh a big hearl. Bukowski, Roberi Joseph MChor, HlGd, TchH. All lhe women in rhe world would nor malce me lose an hour. Burhop, Richard Howard Band, ROTCBand, ISW. Really and lruly enjoys life. Burm, Charles Alphonse He's gor rhe whole world in his hands. Carson, Jeffery Charles F+blT, SwimT, DraCl. MChor, L+rmenCl, HIC-d. Pass fhar pigslcin please. Cavan, Dennis Grani- FrbIT, BaseT, I-Sk+T, ISW, FTA, FNA, DraCl. Pres: Span- Cl,Bltrml"l,TCl1l'l. Needs careful wafching since he borders on 'rhe brilliant Cervenlra, Richard Carl I-Sk+T, GolfT. SwimT, L+rmenCl. Band, HlGd. Love is an ocean of emorions, enfirely surrounded by expenses. Brazale, Sharon Sue JrGls, SrGls, VP, Pres: SpanCl, OHH, TchH, BulCom l-lonCl, FTA, DraCl. SCoun. A prelfy girl is like a melody. Brefrman, Dale Susan FTA, DanceCom, JrGls, SrGls, BulCom, Trib, TchH, HlGd lniriquing, gay, and oh, so lull of fun. Burdniclri, Eugene Marlin ColorG-uard, OffCl. TChl'l. Jusl call him Hugo. Byers, Arden Lyle BslcrT, RifleT, Band, Orch, SCoun, Libl-l. Tchl-l. l-le's go? whar ir fakes, and l'har's a lolz Carlier, Sharon Rae GAA, SpanCl, JrGls, SrGls, G-lsChor. FTA, BusMgr, OFFH. Tchl-l. A close moulh galhers no feel. Carlson, Nancy Diane Sr6ls, FNA, GlsChor, JewlCom. FTA, JrGls, DraCl, FrCl, Tchl-l, l-llGd. Different Chesrers, Marcia Ann HonCI, OHH. Quier, good nalured-Whaf more could you aslc? Chyles, Nancy Jane TchH. HlGd. Merry as fhe day is long. Cibullra, Franlr Edward Quiel'-yer nice lo know! Cline, Dorolhy Irene EYl, HlGd. A sweel disposilion wiih a 'rouch of spice. Coghlan, George Dunn MChor, DanceCom, HIGd, Db+Cl. Keep quiel and people will 'Think you a philosopher. Ciffone, Jerome Anrhony BaseT, Bskl, FlblT, DraCl, TchH. Jerry is of a likeable sorl. Lois of fun-good sport Cimfel, James Peier - Narional Honor Sociely BowlT, BaseT, ISW, HonCl, FTA, MChor, Trib, PG.Ecl: GerCl, HlGd, TchH. A friendly smile won him many friends. Cirricione, Paul Salvafore Whal we don'+ know abou? him will probably fill a book. Como, Joanne Marie - Naiional Honor Sociefy ISW, GAA, OTTH, HIGd, LXQFH. FTA, SrGls, JrGls, Span- Cl, HonCl, SCoun, Cln-up-Com, TchH, Aerie, Ed-in- chief, Accounlanrg Silver Knighr, DAR Good Cilizenship. May she never change, excepl in name. Conrad, Kafhleen Mary FrCl. A sweel' disposilion wilh iusl a Jrouch of spice. Crisanfi, Calherine Marie GAA, FrCl, HonCl. FTA, NomCom, TchH'. HIC-Bd, OHH. Sweel as honey. D'Alamine, Audrey Jean MChor, HonCl, FTA. SrGls, JrGls, TchH, Buslvigr. Reserved. Diven, Rifa Mary GAA, TchH. Full of fun, a pal 'lo everyone, Drake, Merfon Paul - Nalional Honor Socieiy F+blT, ISW, HonCl, Li'rmenCl, GerCl, MalhCb, FTA, SCoun. He who labors dilligenily never need despair. Cunningham, Abner Thomas F'fblT, BowlT. DraCl, FrCl, Band. Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more. Dramis, Deanne Margarei' SpanCl, DraCI, FTA, Hl6d. Jolly, good na'rured,'lulI of fun. Drinan, Roberl Thomas, Jr. 5panCl, DraCl, DanceCom, FTA, TchH, HlGd, BowlT. SCoun, Trib, PromCom. A lillle nonsense now and lhen is relished by 'l'he besl' of men. Dryer, Karen Elaine GAA lerler girl, SrGls, FrCl, DraCl, FTA, HonCl, Dance-Com, TchH, BusMgr. Dylceman, Diane Inadee GAA VP: ISW. l-lonCl, FNA, SrGls, Trib PgEd: FTA, Band, Orch, SCoun. Ofll-l, TchH. Life is shorl, so be merry, Dzielconslri, Ang'eline Pauline Frcl. HIE-d. Good Temper is like a sunny day. Eberl, Don George BaseT, BowlT, Trib. For bowling and 'Fun Don can'f be oufdone. Ellio'H', Bruce Reber? Ouief, bul' nice 'lo know. Elmberger, Arfhur Gregg lSW. Lebrochan, O'Elmberger Ely, Kaihleen DraCl, HonCl, FNA, JrGls, SrGls, BowlT, Trib, Tcl1H, l-llGd, BusMgr. We are all growing serious, and lei' me Tell you, 1'l1a'I"s The very nex'r sfep +o being dull. Fear, Anne Kay Buslvlgr. GlsChor, JrGls, FTA, GAA, HonCl, SrGls, Nom- Com, OffH, TchH. Lel"s really go. Fiedler, Karl Heinz Eduard TennisT, Ma+hCl, Pres.: LlrmenCl, HlGd, l-lonCl, SCoun. Busy, Busy, Busy. Fischer, James Edward Nol a word loo many spoke he. Eclrdhal, Tom James Good nalure is The essence of a good mind. Edmunds, Tom Ray BaseT, BowlT, LlrmensCl, HlGd, Tcl1H. He's our boy. Eichin, Milliceni' Ann DraCI, HonCI, FTA, DanceCom, Propl1Comm, SCoun. Tcl1H, Bulcom, BusMgr, Aerie, Trib, PgEd. A cure kid from lop fo bo'r'l'om. l Engels, Dorofliy Lucile ISW, HonCl, SpanCl, BulCom, FTA, JrGIs. SrGls, GCor, MChor, Tchl-l, Offl-l, HlGd. A smiling face, a lwinlcling eye, you simply cannol pass lner by. Ericlcson, Roberl Allan Olfcl, DrillPla, ROTC, TchH. Hilcln your wagon 'lo a sfar. Erickson, Kenn-eih Roy - Nafional Honor Sociely GerCl, Pres: SCoun, l-lonCl, Band, Orch, Silver Knighl. Fisher, James Glenn TennisT, DiscCl, l-lonCl, Band, Orch, DraCl, ROTCBand. Mos? likely 'ro succeed. Poole, Thomas Marlin - Nalional Honor Sociefy GolfT, l-SHT, BaseT, l-lonCl, SpanCI, Pres: LelrmenCl, Presg DiscCl, l'llGd. The world will bear a palh lo his door. Ford, Carole Ann BowlT, GAA, SrGls, JrGls, PNA, MChor, GlsChor, LunchrmCom. Wall fill 'rhe doclors see 'lhis addilion lo 'rhe nurse's slaff. Fulfon, Sandra Jean FTA, SpanCl, JrGls, SrGls, l-ll6d, Tchl-l. Ol all beasls, a boy is The mosl dilliculf lo manage. Gardner, Susan BuHon 6lsChor, FTA, l-lonCl. SrGls, JrGls, SCoun. BusMgr, SpanCl, BibSis, Tchl-l. Ofll-l. She reminds us of champagne, always bubbling over. Gareffa, Diane Elizabefh GAA, DraCl, JrGls, SrGls, Teh l-l, PromCom. A happy lace, a happy smile, To help a friend she'd wallc a mile. Giusli, Caryn lola FTA, SrGls, FrCl, l-lonCl, Olll-l, Tchl-l. A quief, lhoughllul, good sincere gal. Glaubich, Rila Anne BaseT, MChor, DanceCom, HonCI, SrGls, BurMgr, Ger- CI, FTA, l-llGd. Tchl-l. The vivacious blond. Goberville, Dorolhy Vicioria Conlinually Absent Freeze, Charles Melvin I-SldT, F+blT, Band, Ofll-l, l-llGd. Never worry, never frel, l'haf's Chuck-you bel. so forgel' abou? if. Frenzel, Carol Maryann FTA, JrGvls, SrGls, DraCl, SpanCl, TChH. The friendly giver. W Fruhauf, Dennis Anihony BowlT, Proi. Science is lhe spice of his life. Gallorna, David Barl F+blT, FrCl, DraCl, Band. Orch, L'rrmenCl, DivTreas, l-llGd. l'le's gol' The 'rrue spiril of Tall. Gilzke, Marilyn BowlT, SrGls, FrCl. A woman's guess is much more accurale lhan a man's cerlainly. Giusli, Caryl lona FTA, SrG-ls, l'lonCl, FrCl, ProphesyCom. Ollen lhe grealesl lalenls remain unseen. i Grossich, Kennefh Joseph Danceflom, Buslvigr, HlGd. Sorneiimes we wonder wha? he is Thinking. Gundiel, Sally Eileen LunchrmCom, GAA, JrGls, SrGls, HonCl, SpanCl, FTA, SCoun, DraCl, Hl6d. Here's an arrangemeni of molecules for you. Haasis, Rufh Joyce FTA, GChor, TchH. Silence is golden. i Hamrin, Joanne - Nafional Honor Sociely GAA, HonCl, DiscCI, SCouri, FTA, DanceCom Ch, FrCl Veep, JrGls, Jr. PromCom, Sr.Gls, Announcom, LibH, Tchl-l, OHH. Pardon me, l've gol a claie wiih success. Hansen, James Craig -- Naiional Honor Sociely ISW, HonCl, DiscCI, DraCl, Band, Orch, ROTC, Trib, Teh. f Lionel Barrymore of Tail. Harris, Judilh April GAA, BowlT, FTA, HonCI, SrGls, Jr6ls, Band, Orch. GAA, DraCl, Tchl-l. Can express a senience in Two paragraphs anylime. P Goebel, Karen Anne JrGls, SrGls, MChor, DancCom, TchH, OTTH. Kindness breeds kindness. Goldsfein, Dianne GAA lefler girl, FNA, FTA, DanceCom, Gchor, Spancl. DraCl, Trib, SrGls, Hl6d, LibH, TchH. Genlal al speech beneficenl of mind. Gornell, Barbara Jane Dracl, SpanCl, FTA, SrGls, JrGls, FNA Sec'y, Trib, HlGd, LRF, Tchl'l. Well groomed. Hafencher, Linda Lou BowlT, FTA, FNA, HonCl, GChor, SrGls, JrGls, OHH TchH, L8fF. She who laughs, lasis. Hallihan, Judi+l1 Anne SpanCl, HonCl, FTA, FNA, SrGls, Span NHS, l.3cF. TchH Nice looking chick, wiih lois of happiness. Halferman, Judilh Anne GChor, SpanCl, SrGls. One who Thinks before she speaks. Harvey, Susan Jane - Nafional Honor Sociefy JrGls, Sr6Is, DraCl, GerCl, HonCl, FTA, LunchrmCom. 6if+Com, LibH, Ofll-l, LXQFH. Jus? a Touch of mischief. Haubner, James Edmund HlGd. lf you can'i' be good--be careful! Helms, Joyce TchH. A ring on her linger and a sparkle in her eye. , x by 5 ...... . li- . , ',,5:ff'f',: ' , IQ Ag K, k " 'fmisaismez .. :2 22 1: L25 5351? is-:, Q:1f2xkmv fL :smug 4 - 55 :,+,....1'::--E., '--- Q 513, Q fi x pw swag 1 li, 5 buff 33,555 ws it ga ww ' 1-my J L ,. N , 1: f F sffrqkk I ..,,,. w g? 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Conlagious laughler. Peferson, Carl Allen - Nalional Honor Sociely. BaseT, HonCl, L+rmensCl, Band, Orch, ROTCBand, Span- Cl. Handsome, blond and musical. Peferson, Kelsey Carl - Nafional Honor Sociefy. Band, Orch, TennisT, SwimT, GerCl, Pres: HonCl, EYI, Pres: DiscCl, HlGd. Pelerson, Raymond Brian l-SHT, SwimT, ISW, BowlT, TchH. He looks mild, buf so does dynamire. Raymond, Madeleine Therese FrCl, HlGcl, BulCom, BusMgr, DanceCom, SrGls, OHH. Sweer and sophislicared 'rha+'s our Mal, a likeable gal. Rechloris, Bonnie Rae PNA. GChor, SrGrls, OflH. The girl who loves To swim. Reed, Larry Anihony DraCl, SCoun, Lunchncom Wine, women and song. ,TchH. Pellefiere, Vilo Nicholas Band, Orch, OHH. Happy go lucky. Pefersen, Reber-I' Creighlon F+bIT, BsldT. Men ol few words are 'lhe besi' men. Peferson, Alan Harry Swiml, BowlT, Treasg ROTCBancl, Gif'lCom, HlGd. A lillle lair of 'rhe devil, wilh an angelic smile. Pohle, Marianne Lucille GlsChor, SrGls, LibH, TchH. Sweelness and friendliness are her grea'les'l' asse'l's Polniaszelr, Roberl Henry TchH. As carefree as rhe breeze. Deslinecl 'ro be a leader of lomorrow. Pozdol, Sharon Joy SrGIs, HlGd. ln shyness lhere is charm. Rix, James Edward S'rgC, LibH, TchH, Appearances are deceiving. Rolander, Ted Leonard - Nalional Honor Sociefy BowlT, HonCl, GerCl, DanceCom, NomCom, BigBro, TchH. ' He looks like an angel and acls like one loo, buf you never can fell whal' an angel can do. Rolfsen, Dale Presion HonCl, SCoun, EYI, SciCl, lviafhcl. A good mind possesses a kingdom. Rynclak, Pafricia Rae SrGls, FrCl, PNA, JrGls, HIG-cl. Quiel, pefile and very very sweel. Saiger, Pefer Michael ISW, Hl6d. Fun, fun, fun, nobody likes +o work. Saniell, Pahicia Bonnie DraCl, JrG-ls, SrGls, FNA, HA, SpanCl, GAA, GChor, TchH, HI6-d, SCoun. Her friends call her "PAT" buf her name should be "Pep". Rice, William Keaion, Jr. Fi'blT, L+rmensCl, Ma+hCl. BulCom. Quiet buf fun, so nice To everyone - a likeable chap. Richeri, Glenn Herberl BowlT. SCoun. Noi fha? l love sfudy less, bul' ihai' l love 'lun more. Rizzi, Marlene Thomascin JrGrls, SrGrls, LunchnCom. TchH. The rule of my life is 'ro make business a pleasure and pleasure my business. Roos, AnneHe Lorena GAA, FTA, Band, Orch, HonCl, Tchl'l. As nice as 'lhe day is long. Ross, David Allen ,F HonCl. 2 ' , , Quiel' as a church mouse A 447 ,Li 255119 L!! r l . z f we , 1f,4...7 X MV Rupany, Jean MineHe 4, lzgl j ff' 5'1" GAA, HonCl, SCoun, Maih l, JrGls, SGW AnnounCom, I Aeraeseeed, OHH, MH. - fl if !V,,L,f Lf Always willing 'ro lend a helping hand. fjf 5,4041 if J Schmidt Bonnie Linda SciCl, GradCom, BullelBdCom, Buslvigr, LibH. TchH. Amiable! Schmidi, Jacqueline Befh FNA, SrGls, TchH, HlGd. Bouncy and brighf. Schulfz, JoAnne Rufh - Nafional Honor Sociefy SpanCl, HonCl, FTA, JrGls, SrGIs, GChor, DanceCom, SpanNHS, BigSis. OHH. "The secref of success is consfancy 'ro purpose." 73 Q Sears, Allen Jesse HonCI, Orch, Role Music, music, iha1"s his name. Semchulx, Barbara Marie JrGls, SrGls. Trib. TchH. A friendly girl is noi very 'l'all, buf lull of fun in spile of il' all. Shor, Beniamin John MChor. Who is 'rhe greafesl guy in fhe world? And why an I? Schwamb, Agnes Josephine 6Chor, TchH. The girl wilh 'lhe near hair. Schwengel, Helene Margarel' SrGls, JrGls, TchH. Lively. Scimeca, Dominic Joseph Bowll. Thi lulure has a way of repaying Those who are paiieni' wil ii. Sica, Margarei Ann FTA, FNA, SpanCl, JrGls. SrGls, SCoun, TchH. Dazzling eyes, shining hair, all in all and acfive girl. Slown, Joyce Ann SrGls, DraCl. TchH. "A good hearf is worlh gold." Snow, Eugene Norman CSG. He always fakes his work seriously. Sorrenlino, Phyllis Helen DraCl, SrGls, TchH. Grecian goddess. Sperandeo, Anihony Augusl' HIGd. Everybody loves a lover. Sfevens, Judifh Caiherine Life is never dull for her. Sfevens, William Berry F+bIT, Bowll. Words of wisdom. S'lewar'l', Sandra Sue HonCl, JrGls, FTA, GAA, Band, Orch, TchH, HlGd. SrClassSec. Sweerness, liked, friendly and bright Sliller, Janice Marie - Naiional Honor Socieiy FrCl, DanceComSec, HonCl, DraCl, SCoun, FTA, JrGls, SrGls, Libl-l, T:hH. "PreH'y, sweel and smart" Sfruck, William Charles "The only mischief l regref is fhafl haven'f done." Sunagel, Marlene Frances DraCI, JrGls, SrG-ls, BusMgr. This cufe liffle girl. shy and keen, fhals 'lhe girl we know as Marlene. Surma, Susan Norma lSW, BowlT, ProphCom, SrGls, TchH. The girl wifh fhe laughing eyes and a friendly smile. Szesko, Gerald Vicfor Quiel' people accomplish a lol. Szoff, James Elmer HonCl, HlGd, BullefBdCom. The music man. Talara, Carole Ellen GAA, JrGls, SrGls, DraCl. Giffcom, Tchl'l, Offl'l, HIGd. Friendly fo all, buf gave her hearf only fo one. . I ' - Tiedie, Joan Caryl ISW, GAA. FTA, GerCl, SrGls, BusMgr. SCoun. HonCl. GChor, TchH. They say good fhings come in small packages buf 'lhey were wrong. Topolinski, Dennis Roger He leads a merry life. Torrey, Lesfer Charles SwimT, BowlT, GerCl, MChor, LibH, OffH, TchH. "A leader of men and a follower of women." Surwal, Joyce Dagmar ISW, GAA, FNA, SrGls, Trib, OffH, TchH. l'llGd, GymH Being quief and sfill made her personalify well liked. BskT, BaseT, LfmensCl, FTA, HlGd, ProphCom. As likeable as he is inches fall. Sveflik, Sfeven Marfin Swider, Roberl' John ISW, DraCl, l'llGd. Liffle cogs make big wheels go round. 1 , ru: Fl. fi' Thompson, Louise Gladys JrGls, SrGls, FTA, PNA, GChor, TchH. Nofhing endures buf personal qualifies. Thompson, Slephen Eugene - Nafional Honor Sociefy BaseT, ISW, GerCl, LfmensCl-Sec, HonCl. JewelCom SCoun, DiscC, Tchl'l, Lilol'l. I Sporfs and spirif go hand and hand. Thornfon, Judifh Marie lSW, FTA, FNA, HonCl. SrGls, l'll.Gd, TchH. "She's as friendly as she is preffyf' Trefny, Carolyn Ann GAA, JrGls, SrGls, FTA. LibH. TchH. HlGcl. "Cour'leous, peppy, and friendly is fhis Girl." Tubbs, William Frank MChor. The boy who loves To sing. Ve'Her, Neil Allan BskT-Man, F+blT, ISW. LfmensCl. PromCom. HonCl, SCoun, FNA, DraCl. HIGS. Sporfs are his dish. Volling, Rufh Ann JrGls, l'llGd, Libl'l. "Quief somefimes, buf friendly always." Volava, Joseph George BskfT. l-lonCl. A dark, dashing genfleman. Wald'en, Barbara Ann lSW, SrGls, GChor, SCoun, L8rF, LiloH, TchH. Quief, buf you'd be surprised! Warden, Carolyn Ann GAA, ISW. FTA, SrGls, JrGls, Orch, FNA, Spancl. DraCl, GChor, HonCl, LibH, TchH. A friend fhrough 'rhick and fhin. Wafzlre, Charlene Marie GAA, BowlT, LfglsCl, FTA, HonCl. SCoun. Trib, Cln-up- Com, AnnounCom, SrGls, Offl'l, TchH, HlGd, GChor, MChor. Blonde hair and big brown eyes. fhe energy she has for her small size. Weed, Sally Ellen Cheerldr, GAA, ISW, SCoun, HonCl, DraCl, FrCl, JrGls, SrGls, PNA, MChor, FTA, PromCom. Trib, BusMgr, Bul- BdCom, HlGd, TchH. "Ain'f she sweefl" Visconii, Kennefh Vicfor HonCl, SpanCl, SCoun, HlGd. True of hearf he succeeds in whafever he fakes parf. Vlahos, Mary Carherine ISW. SrGls. JrGls, SpanCl, FNA. TchH. She is herself, 'rhe collecfion of besf ihings. Vlcelc, Corinne Lynne ISW, JrGls, Sr6ls, Orch, HonCl, FTA, TchH. "Never a dull momenf, never a loss for words." Wallcer, Paul Osborne - Nafional Honor Sociefy BaseT, l-SHT, l-lonCl, LfrmensCl, EYI, PNA, DiscCl, LibH, SCoun, Trib, Aerie. "A bachelor is one who enioys fhe chase, buf does noi' eel' 'rhe game." Walker, Richard James A liffle nonsense now and fhen is relished by 'l'he wisesl' men. Walfman, Karen DeE'H'e GAA, ISW. BowlT. FTA, JrGls, SrGls, Tchl-l, HlG-d. Her preffy hair and friendly smile are an assef 'lo her personalify. Wevang, Merle Elizabefh FTA, DraCl, FNA, DanceCom. SrGls, JrGls, MChor, Gchor, SCoun, l"llGd, TchH, Offl-l. 4 Pefile and sweel. Willers, Susan Ellen - Nafional Honor Socieiy HonCl, FTA-Treas: GChor, MChor, SCoun, Trib, JrG-ls, SrGIs. FNA-ProgCh: DanceCom, DiscCl, BigSis, TchH. Oni-l, ProphCom, Silver Knight The girl +hai's in everyfhing. Winiers, Kaihryn Mary Tchl-I "Quie+ and kind wifh peace of mind." Woolf, Judirh Ann GAA, GlsChor, HonCl, BusMgr, FrCl, Gifi'Com, TchH, OHH. Busy isn'1' she. Wordell, Janer Alice FTA, HonCl, FrCl,Pres: MChor, GlsChor, HIGd, OHH, LibH. AnnounCom. Loyal, helpful, cheerful, and hue. wifhoui' her whafever would we do? Wyse, James Roberi' HonCl, LibH, TchH A very smarf guy, wifh a very frue hearr. succeed in anylhing he fakes parf. isu Weninger, Marilyn Dorofhy ISW, GChor, NomCorn. Why genllemen prefer bloncls. Werling, Arnold Frederick F'rblT, BowlT. ISW, L+rmensCl, TchH, MChor. HlGd, Aerie SpEd. A friendly guy in everyway, who makes rho mos? of everyday. Wesfney, James Frederick MChor, BusMgr, RmTreas, HonCl, TchH. Quiel? Talkarive? No, iusr a happy combinalion of boih. Winfher, Joyce Kay GAA, SrC-Els, JrGls, FTA, GChor, FNA, TchH, GradCom. A smile for every girl and Two 'for every boy. Wolfe, JoAnne Grace ISW, SCoun, SrGls, Glschor, TchG, Hl6d. Personalily plus coqueffish whim, A girl 'rhafs always in fhe swim. Wood, David Franklin Tennisl' Aliby lke. Yonan, John Kennefh BowlT, ISW, Tchl-1, DivTreas. l'm no'r as quief as you Think I am! Young, Judiih Ellen ISW, ,JrGls, SrGls, FTA, GAA, HonCl, DraCl, Lunchn- Com. GIsChor, SCoun, OHH, HI6d, TchH, L8fFH. I+'s love, i+'s love Thai makes The world go 'round. Zamorski, Felicia Ann GAA, FrCl, L8cFl"l, Offhl. TChH. A pleasure io know. Knapp, Albin John Quiel, buf a friend fo all. N lf' , Nl ' L GjhliTipariaC?llaHounCl, GChor, SrGls, JrGls. Tchl'l. HlGd. Somebody quiei and very nea'l' Somebody shy buf very sweel. Albano, Carole Anira l'liFiCl. Big of hearl. buf small of slalure: Beyer. William Dennis BaseT. Now is fhe Time for all good men. Coco, Gloria Mary OHH. Noi much lallcg a greal sweel silence. Hinlrell, Wesion Arfhur Olfcl. Db'rCl, HonCl, DriIIPla, ROTC, TChl'l. This officer has ialenis, bul' has lcepl' Them well hidden. Korczylr, Paul Edward Many individuals have, like uncul' diamonds, shining qualifies benealh a rough exferior. Lansdon, Lorene LaNe'H'e Band, BowlT, SrG-ls. DanceCom, HlGd. TchH. She's small, bu? mighfy. Sfuplra, Adrianne Florence SpanCl, SrG-ls. JrGls. FTA. G-Chor. l-lonCl. TchH, Bus- Mgr, OHH. Sieadfasl. l P f-N f U an LW J ' 1, r li in xv X l ffl !f LK Zeifz, Evelyn Lucille ISW, SrGls, GlsChor, DraCl, FTA. LunchrmCom. HlGd Efiervescence. Zuberf. James William STQC. TchH. Why can'+ I burn 'rhe candle al bolh ends? Zurawic, Leslie Philip ISW, HonCl, HlGd. Well done is beller Than well said. I Tx Spiri'l' In a sTudenT body you always Tind sTudenTs who seem To enioy Their sTudies and social liTe more Than oThers. The ex- TenT To which you enioy your school liTe depends on The amounT oT personal eTTorT ThaT you exerT, and inTeresT you express: iT depends on your spiriT. This enThusiasTic loyalTy is Tound noT only in The bleachers and on The Tield. buT in classrooms and ouTside The school walls. SpiriT is an aTTiTude essenTial To a sTu- denT which worlcs TogeTher: essenfial To TaTT. 'E' W , .- , A f uw, '-, , ,wffi-Mi L W. i,,, , If fi, .,,. , ., -L W we ff, A qs: f Y ,. f.,f fa . N . , KW. S. J J ir s. f. Q, - . 9, ,Q + Q. .w .Q . s. - .w-ce, , :tm 1 wif JT e s 5 Tr W Ek 1 T' 'H S S ze -- min" wh 31, fi, lf , Lk-w!1,'f'f it J 3, EIL-if ry Vs . ww a ET if is A S ww' ti ' f' il. Tgfsifig? i iii .V ii if, g P, i 31, Vi i E Wilvfvziffg 5 'li l 'iw iggjgif . i f in -, -, If islfli iii' 'L 'fr ,ggi if T,-IQ, 51,325 ig ,su HM gy, ,wi Q ,,,Sff if-i f gh? ,,b.iQ,,.,. .. ,. M it --,'Sff!f'M 11 'e xl 14 if K T' U , EM ii Ti 13. 3 153 5 , f ' lg TM sig? iii M f il f 2, , :Kiwi T 1 TTT T , nslQg1,Jf YQ 'ffiiw hgwzigw IX 1 55? ug? M315 L Q -3 F2213 T if in, yi T' 'lg la lf X tix if , 'g ' ' - q wii,,y1gggP' f-wifi., , Q. -,n n Q M-H , ,ff-T, N . ,..., he , rf ii - zg f 1 , iv'-fy Is? .i 'si 5115 5227 F, T, .,.- 'fs 51- W , ., f, , ,. H ,..., ,mv in f iw! -V : ' HH! vvvv 4129! -' . ':fJ',.,1?", , ' fi , ' , H2421i1?EYi'3f"i'35TLm15A7i'A7"f7?f WEi57"f'WffI'W 'iufiwf - 9 i 1 Wiiiw Mlssewfiilfe 'x 9 , iflstfirvfl ,9Ei5if3fiS?E'ii'i' i,,'6fff'11Vlsf, W' XY? A--ile15?5lE,' we T - ,- 'uf ,, ' A- if - ' I -Tl.l7,.fYxss :, -i , w. if i'fQHn?fw3'fi,'g, ,. 14. . ' ,M f,v'Wiirm., ., . 44 ifgqifvx3a'7'45'T""3f,iif,im,. ' ,V i, :u 'fif2f.ew,Q f:wxfQ1'w?h- ', ' , .... xii' ,.2z s, Juivgg' rSAgfQ'iiElf" - -V as .wif '55-?iW,.w,.1,1 qi ,L 1' .,'f . If H i.,wf:: f:fi-afiy mfm ' . " c,4a,ffq-W wi 111 M w wf g a, , nigh A A il T ' iir ' T i"f ' in ky , as af Taxa W ffeibziqsfagsffi-i T iw Q , .1i 51 ,l i-. +4-w5f3,,g.fig E W i' iil3i ?f15if 3' I ,M e i T .- 2 ""'M?1Qie sfi wc ia ss K '- DeTerminaTion To succeed in any aspecT of our lives we musT acquire proper sTandards and seT a high goal. Once we know whaT we wanT Tor our lives we musT sTrive Tor iT wiTh deTerminaTion. This power of deciding Things Tirmly and The consTanT' pursuiT of Them musT be a habiT. The level of our deTerminaTion is whaT decides wheTher our goal remains a goal or wheTher iT becomes an aTTainmenT. ff yf . STanding ll. To r.l: dindy Jackson, Lucy Reining, Sandy Swanson Pllolos by Bob Mlller Judy PeTerson. Kneeling: Barb Buck, Sue BlumenThal, Toni Dubsky Willie Horschlre. New capTain, Mary Wolz. Checking ou'r new cheers wiTh Mrs. Norman T-lave you g'oT ThaT spiriT? Go'nna lceep ThaT spiriT? During The TooTbali, baslceTball. and baseball seasons. These girls are on The field To lead us in cheering our Teams on To vicTory. The l958 squad elecTed Judy SonnenleiTer Their capTain, Gwen Buck as secreTary. and Roxanne Morgarridge Their Treasurer. The I959 squad elecTed Mary Wolz Their capTain. Carolyn Hoolcanson as Their secreTary, and Nancy Novac Their Treasurer. CHEERLEADERS I sr s 'O X -1 Kneeling, ll. To r.l: DoTTy Reinlce, Judy SonnenleiTer, Gwen Buck, Nancy Novac. STanding: Carolyn Hoolcanson, Mary Wolz. .Vg Sally Weed, Roxy Morgariclge. f il 'n Ls!! CITY CHAMPS ,. , BASEBALL W Tl1e baseball 'I'eam has worn +l1e laurels of oily champions for 'rwo conseculive years. Under 'llwe direcfion of Hs newly appolnlecl coach, Mr. George Leclcly, Jrlwe figlwling nine hope +0 swing and llwrow 'rogelher as a ream, aflaining new goals. Thompson C. Allen Edmunds Coach lLedC.lY Welker Marhn Lund Pl1o'ro by Larry MCC-ann 15 Nz 5 X155 I958 Varsify Top row: Bill Sclialk, Ken Korias, Bob Benziger, Merlon Drake, Micky Geyer, Neil Vefler, Mike Murray, Bob Speckman, Ken Neuberl, Sieve Miller, Bill Horn, Jol'in Devlin. Second row: Jeff Carson, Tom Klein, Mike Day, Dan Kiwalkowski, Roger Moore, Bob Young, Alan MacFarlane, Dick Arislen, Dick Walker, Alf Logan, Roger Jensen, Paul Walker. Third row: Arnie Werling, Bill Rice, Tom Hookanson, Jeff Bernalil, Torn Crosion, Glenn Simcox, Torn Nelles, Jeff Thornlon, Dave Ga'H'orna, Ron Anderson, Kurf Marquardl, Don Soderlund, Coach Joe Kupcinel. Four'rl1 row: Kenl' Meyer, Dennis Cavan, Bob Brusliwyler, Bob Roy, Sluarf Dunn, Bill Bibel, Tom Grud, Roger Ankowiak, George Ankowiak, Lynn Harris. Missing: Mike Molay, Managers Don Weslergren and Jack Hamrin. Plwolos by Bob Miller Q0 fi X A is f 5 fs - FOOTBALL TEAM , sfff,-r Marquardl fumbles Lakeview man as Mac Farlane sweeps end. D5Y follows bl0Clfe"S in 5l10"l'PUn'f 5P9Clal- Mac Farlane infercepls pass in Lane game. Harrison players can only wafch Mac Farlane. VeH'er pursues Wiel in Schurz game. Tall' 6 Tail' I6 Tall' lf? Tail' O Tall 6 Tall' 26 Tail' I4 Tail I4 Norfhwesi Red Division Sianclings Auslin 5-O-O Lane 3-I-I Tail' 3-I-I Schurz 2-3-O Sieinmeiz O-3-2 Harrison 0-4-I Expressions. Mac plows againsl Lane. Red Division This pasi fall our fooirball ream played i'rs firsr season in 'rhe red clivision. Even againsi beH'er 'reams for Jrhe firsl lime. Tail' losi' only once in league play. This was +o Aus- Jrin, 'rhe school +ha+ evenlually won 'rhe ci'ry championship Season Record Praclice Game Harrison 0 l Crane O l Lakeview 0 Schedule Games - Nor+hwesi' Red Division Schurz 7 Lane O Ausfin 20 Sreinmefz O Ci+y Championship Playoff Games C.V.S. 38 Werling and Soclerlund slop Wiel of Schurz. Phoios by Bob Miller l958 Frosh-Soph-Top row: Bill Dorsch, Allen Paul, Greg Schumacher, James Kep- ner, Ken Sveflik, Rudy Drosf, Gerald Mefz. Dennis Lilferski. Jeff Anderson, Sieve Regopoulos. Second row: Dick Kuffner, Jim Page, Ken Koerber, Larry Alberlson, Jim Hubenfhal, Tom Piohovvslni, Tom lsacson. John Blomquisl. Third Row: Manager Jim Melz. Coach George Dayianfis, Dennis Swanson, Frank Marlin, Terry Lewis, Eric Miller, Nick Lopresli. Arf Kay, Lyfle Johnson, Manager Ted Kleen. Fourlh Row: Bill Shand. Paul Landicin. Tom Fromrn, Rick Terry, Roger Gorlcos, John Conners, Dave Bernahl, Tom Formeller. Kneeling: Scofl Thompson. FROSH-SOPH WGRK HARD Tail' Tall Tall' Tall Tall' Tall Tall Tall' I4 2 2 32 6 6 7 26 Frosh-Soph Record Harrison Schurz Lane Amunclsen Ausrin Sfeinmelz Tuley Senn I8 6 6 l 3 26 Forfeil' 6 0 f F-, .,. TF P . A , x' Vikr- MSM? Jil ., X9 'fl BASKETBALL TEAM l958 Varsily-Top Row: Mike Molay, Bob Pelerson, Terry Dreiswercl, Sieve Svellik, Greg Schumacher, John Olson, Manager Joe Lacinslci. Firsr Row: Manager John Breen, Ron Ander- son, Gordy Lund, Tom Wise, Larry Marsh, Glenn Simcox, Jim Formiller, Manager Siu Dunn. Wise for Two againsl Von Sleuben 17 l958 Fresh-Back Row ll. lo r.l: Coach Don Willens, George Carlson, Paul O'Malley, Jim Kepp- ner, Darrel Grilfen, Ari' Hell, Bob Speckmen, Ari Olson lmanagerl. From' Row: Tom Formeller, Bob Young, Jay Marsh, Scoh' Kalish, Ed Samp. B5 86 A successful season AfTer a shaky sTarT, The Eagles seTTIed down To knocking off iT's firsf Ten opponenfs. This made TafT The winningesT Team in Chi- cago for The firsT half of The season. In The I.I.T. Tournamenf we edged by Hirsch before losing To powerful Crane, The number one Team in The Chicago area. Coming in Third in The NorThwesT secTion, The Eagles were down- ed by a slick Du Sable Team in The playoffs. Va rsify Season Record Tafl' Pracfice 63 Sfeinmefz " 7I Cooly " 73 NoTre Dame 64 Senn 63 Roosevelf 53 Von Sfeuben 76 Tuley 60 Ausfin " 85 Sullivan I.I.T. 63 Hirsch I.I.T. 56 Crane Pracfice 73 Amundsen League 83 Lane Coach Jack Ra er. 68 Lakevlew League Sfandings pp V Slflfailer W L on eu en Eglin 5, I Individual Sfafisfics Sulggig TBR 6 2 Player G ST M PCT. 76 Schurz Von Sfeuben 5 3 T Wise. I6 206 75 .364 80 Rooseveh. Amundsen 4 4 Sveflzk 22 276 148 .536 I- 71 Amundsen Lakeview 3 5 I-Und I5 Izq 47 -394 Playoffs 57 Du Sable Senn 3 5 Schumacher 22 2I5 95 .442 Waller 2 6 Dreiswercl 22 279 95 .442 R If O 8 Schalk 9 I2 5 .4I7 Ooseve Anderson 20 77 26 .338 PeTerson I6 20 I O .500 Simcox I I I6 7 .438 Formeller I I I5 5 .333 I.. Marsh II 87 32 .368 "J. Marsh 4 4 I .250 "Young 6 I9 8 .4-2I 'Kalish 4 9 4 .444 Molay 5 I O .OOO Clson 7 0 0 .OOO "Mid-year graduafe 'KI semesfer of play Sfeve snags rebound. Marsh waifs for rebound. Hey Bill. Turn The oTher cheek. Coach DobraTh A new compeTiTive sporT has been added To The curriculum oT The TighTing blue and whiTe. This exciTing new addiTion is The Track Team whose coach is Mr. Charles DobraTh. If This Team Tollows The paTTern oT oTher TaTT Teams, The boys on The cinder Track will be running up high scores Tor Their school. e C s if C F , 4- 'vf"'N ff ,.. fl 0 C T ,QQ 1- f C Back Row-ll. To r.l: Coach DobraTh, Dominick, PorTalski, RoberTs, Lopeori. Bone, Walker, Horn, Frum, Boden. Middle Row: Dorsch, HubenThal. KorTas, Beechler, Klein, Jensen. Deber. FronT Row: Wil- Walker over high iumps. liams, AhlTeldT, Mac Farlane, AIberTson, Paul, MarTin, AnTkowiak. FasT sTarT! 87 f' 4 u 'ul' Wrl l' N 'hiillifl Q lr, P AT if Q , Back Row-ll. lo r.l: Bob Webb, Hal Chrisfinsan, Dick Body, Kelsey Pelerson, Mr. Beaver lspon.l Karl Fiedler. Froni' Row: Ron Napier. Ron Neuman. Paul Vog+, Bill Gronke, Jim Fischer. Missing: Capfain Dave Baeiz. Wiih David Baefz as capiain. ihe iennis ieam has had iis bes+ season in several years. Having 'rhis record of winning 'lhree oul of 'rheir six games, 'rhe fennis 'leam has high hopes for coming seasons. Poise? Wailing for serve! A QOOCl mG1'Chl Iii' 3 4 I, 4 '39 25 'fi' f ll, lo r.l: Ron Anderson, Tom Foole, Dennis Luebe, Rich Cervenlca. Missing: Chuck Lunaberg. The Eagles who rrialce up lhe golf +eam have been invading Tiqhf Spofl l'he greens wilh woocls and irons, and bringing viciory io Tail. ' . I They aliained The Ciiy Golf Championship for The l958 sea- The games on 'Ce' son via a dislinguished display of golfing abili+ies. Chip' ,uni and prayed gi kwa.,-.. " 1 T 1 T in T is I Wffff 1 i 4, 21 C: ln The B.P.A. ChrisTmas TournamenT, TaTT girls really proved Them- selves capable oT upholding our high aThleTic sTandarols by winning a TirsT. second. and sixTh place Trophy in The girls' singles and a second place Trophy in The girls' doubles. The boys loroughT back a second place Trophy in The doubles and a TiTTh place Trophy in The mixed doubles. EighT shining Trophies in all! These Eagles are looking Torward To The ciTy and naTional championships. Top Boys Team Back Row: Waving MarTian Lynn Harris, Jim Cimfel, Jim Top Girls Team: Back Row ll. To r.l: Toni Dubsky, Carol Wiliko French. FronT Row: Don Eberal, Jim Bledig, Ted Rolander. Judy Anderson. FronT Row: Sue BlumenThal, Sharon Sarcia. Varsily Back Row-ll. 'ro r.l: Bill Bensinger, Jeff Anderson, Bernie Waldhier, Jeff Carson, Kelsey Peferson, John Knudsen, Bruce Cammeron, Coach Joe Kupcinef. From' Row: Warren Schimp lmanagerl. Doug Koferic, Jim Hacksfrom, Tom Mc- Kenna, Les Torrey, Gary lJoe Schworfzl Bauer. Junior Varsily Back Row-ll. +o r.l: Warren Schimp lmanagerl, Ron Rusing, Dave Fenner, Dennis Kuffel, Lynle Johnson, Coach Joe Kupcinelz Middle Row: Dennis Lir- lerski, Jay Hogg, Eric Miller, Dick Norlhway. Sandy Johnson, Dick Wier- ciak, Wayne Lossman. Fronr Row: Dick Treksler, Dave Orflep, Bobby Wislow. Dick Windrex. Frank Vrechek, Dale Bi- bel, Bob Johnson. Q I W mm 5LAJlVV'3lNCx y TM ,Y 5-'x,A.'g-i Ai'--,X-,. ..- XF: A-x g???J -1 il 1 l 91 92 Girls who earn +heir leHer are eligible 'For C-3.A.A. The Officers of ihis alhlefic club are presiclenf Chris Oberheicle: vice-presideni' Diane Dylqeman. and Donna Lang: and 'rreasurer Wil'ma l-lorschke, all of whom have earneol iheir chevrons. These girls referree volleyball and loaslcelball Jrournamenis lor ihe girls gym classes. GAA. Winners ll, +0 r,l: Barb Knuclsen, Diane Dylceman, Chris Ober- heide, Eve Zeiles, Pai Saniell, Sandy Jensen. K C l A NY, -' D G.A.A. sponsor Mrs. Jordon. GAA. Officers--ll. +o r.l: Chris Oberhide, Ka ren Klose, Willie l-lorsche. l Back Row-ll. To r.l: Ray Pelerson, Hugh Freeze, Chuck Freeze. Firsl Row: Jay lllredl Marsh, Bill Henning, Tom Grud, Roger Jensen. Missing: John Toiful. During 'rhe monlhs when The Tennis raclcels and baseball leafs are sfored away, 'rhe slcaling 'team aHrac'rs much a'r'ren+ion. ln fheir lasf season Jrhe Eagles on ice have come in fourlh place in Team poinis. TEAM AUTOGRAPHS Caplain Bob Young l958 Foofball Courf-ll. lo r.l: Sally Weed, Niel Veller, Queen Gwen Buck, King Mike Murray, Judy Sonnenleiler, Jolin Devlin. GUESS WHO!! ?. Zi" if ll K 'W' ln:-eh' 45.1. Q, W 51 . M. Q, 'ja 7 .- E 1, : ,,-i.-wgafirgg. A lk 31 z .wk ai .Q ky uueiue .. Nh! 5 Q 1 .- Packing Jrlwem in! f K' 41 9 .1 X A X Dads day king Mr. L. C. l-lookanson an daugiwler Carolyn. s Vo I MEN? c X Vx '-Us X e4,AA I, N0 f ii '23 X X . .Q 'Ji8""4 lgiitk' I ,Pg I-Q fx W? N?-XY"'y' N MQ' Q' 'Q F 'xai x I ml lx g-Ai X141-,DX 5233, C 5 ii. Ziff , . ww JNL' gi HEI ,lf 1 if fl f " X l gi, if rg' "FI iff!! '. '1 V ml' :iff 4' - f I f ' X QI 44-g gag ' IN:-5 , f 12' it -1551 I ,li flilv 'Z' .ef ,af -ffl Sfc".f K , no 1,59 "' X - r' ' 1' 1 0 , w. CTU B ! Q 3 'I F 2+ A -.xi fwlllklq QW A -,,-1 , f 4, I M. . ' S, K "il, ,' i"Q X '9 N Q 1 , If aL 6 1 f - . . I : N Q C3 N I 's X 7" ff' V xo' X fir s " A ' 9 '7 - ' lr - . . N . w gs waawf -W. 3 EC fx! ' . 1 I 5 ll - il ' 'f A FIA 1 I 4 I N.. 'Ho sl 1 4 I N X 1 .9 9, 5 rd WCTW f f H1 0 1' , GERMAN CLUB Deu'I'sche Ehrenverbindung Membership in The German Club is by inviTaTion only To sTu- denTs who have shown scholarship abiliTy in Their classes and a de- TiniTe inTeresT in ioining The DeuTsche Ehrenverbindung. The goals are To encourage and mainTain high scholasTic achievemenT, To learn more abouT Germany and The German language Through acTiviTies and proiecTs, and To sTrive Tor beTTer relaTionships beTween German and American young people Through correspondence. Members Try To carry ouT These aims aT Their meeTings. AT The end of each year They have an annual picnic, which is sponsored by The club. SPANISH CLUB l i gi X1 A x German Club Back Row-ll. To r.l: Bonnie Wevang. Second Row: MerTon Drake, Ken Neuberf, Dick Wegner, Hal ChrisTianson, Third Row: Hans Knoff, Chuck Schulze, Jim HubenThal, Ted Rollander. FourTh Row: James lgmansen, Paul Wagner, Joan Tiedii, Barbara PeTerson. FiTTh Row: RoberTa Parkinson, Ida Bruback, Arlyn Hainy, Sue Payne, Barb Wagner. SixTh Row: Jim Hallman, KaThy Schneider, KaThy AlTergoTT, Sharon Grund, AniTa Schosseling, Joanne BauermeisTer, Helen Guyler, Holly Neilsen, LesTer Torrey. SevenTh Row: Ed Gimmig, Jim French, Karen STumpT, Linda Pohle, Marian Schlede, Judy Eranzen, LaVerne Meyer. Eighfh Row: Carol Amueller, DoreT Cunis, Evelyn Kuehn, Elsa BergoTT, Nancy Krause, Geri Mahn, Jan- eTTe AnTol, Richard l.aEavre. EronT Row: Marlys Johnson, Mary Ann Vol- berding, Carol Schreyer. Beverly NorThway. The Spanish Club, under The sponsorship oT Miss McMurTry, meeTs during ninTh period every oTher Thursday in room ZI6. The purpose oT The club is To masTer The TundamenTals oT The Spanish language by pracTical applicaTion and To sTrengThen relaTionships beTween The Americas. Anyone who is now Taking or has Taken Spanish in high school may become a member. AT The meeTings movies are shown, games are played, and reporTs are given by The members. A Trip To The Pan American EiesTa aT NorThwesTern Uni- versiTy is anoTher worThwhile acTiviTy oT The club. Back Row-ll. To r.l: Tom EooTe, Lois Jacobs, Joanne SchulTz, Barb Nelson, Judy Kolpek. Second Row: KaThy Gibson, Noreen McGlaCle, Chris Oberheide, Sandy Jen- sen, Sue Wallner. Third Row: Judy RochoTTe, Carolyn Jones, Deanna Swanson, Lillian STraTTon, KaThy Heggen. EourTh Row: RoberTa Rusnik, Leanne MaTTick, RoberTa Moore, Sigrid Nau, Doris DeWiTT. FifTh Row: Sue Ander- son, Sue MaTThews, Eileen Demarkie, Judy Caloud, Linda MaiTzen. SixTh Row: KaThy YosT, Sandy Swanson, Marsha Mall, Judy PeinerT, Gloria Schwarz, Joan Lohrman. EronT Row: Sue Gardner, AnToineTTe Churchhill, Carol Karow- ski, Audrey Jurkin, Sue Blumenfhal. STanding: Miss Mc- MurTry lsponsorl. fi French Club Sack Row-ll. To r.l: Donna Canfonese, Sue Lebo, 'ania Romasko, Barbara Corliss, Adair Linn. Second Row: Darolee Crawford, Merilee Meridelh. Ellen Isaacson, larbara Johnson, Joan Loifz. Third Row: Linda Ness, .ynn Paclgifl, lrene Sfyzens, Carol Sfeinke, Mary Herman, Zourlh Row: Joan Zaborski, Janice Werner, Beverly Bloss, .ynn Anderson, Bonnie Pelerson, Carol Carlander. Fiflh low: Sandy Orre, Marfha Splifhoff, Nina Suszczenko, leverly Dencer, Chris Marek, Sixfh Row: Jennifer Simp- on, Margif Wevang, Marge Marek, Kalhy Ries, Carol iiez, Kif Loughrey, Pai Barry. Sevenfh Row: Pa+ En- quisl, Kalhy Lewis, Jackie Alley, Kafhy DuVall, Marge lies lsfandingl, Joan Alongi. Eighlh Row: Karen Gib- sons, Lois Knickerbocker, Jackie McQuig. Ninfh Row: laulefle Gundel, Lynn Foeresler, Kalhy Heggen, Deanna Swanson, Janice Ross, Merilee Maleda, Sharon Jenkins. 'enlh Row: Janel' VVordell, Judy Anderson, Toni Dubsky, Aarianne Zdeb. Fronl Row: Jean Kozyra, Marguerile Schmidf, Wendy Thornlon. French Club Back Row-ll. lo r.l: Donna Canfonese, Sue Lebo, Tania Romasko, Rosie Sullon, Shirley Kalivoda. Second Row: Carol Rundel, Vicky Scanlon, Kafhy Garvey, Karen Shea, Diane Fluel. Third Row: Marilyn Collins, Linda Gau- ger, Lynn Malwilz, Lynn Lorensen, Eleanor Heid- enson. Fourfh Row: Holly G-randin, Pauline Sevrens, Carol Carlson, Mary Garvey, Adair Linn. Fiffh Row: Sharon Williams, Beverly Bloss, Madeline Rahn, Charlene Kosloff, Joyce Thomas. Sixfh Row: Barbara Johnson, Mary Wolz, Karen Klose, Diane Biesler, Diane Nelson. Fronf Row: Pal' Frifzsche, Judy Peferson, Ann Richards, Jackie Hogan, lrene Slyzens. pi FRENCH cius The French Club lLe Cercle Francaisl, sponsored by Miss Del Campo. draws Hs membership from all fhe French classes. Hs purpose is fo liurlher an in'reres'r in French: .fro pu? info pracrice wha'r is learned in class: +o creale and fosler friendly relarions wi'rh France: 'ro learn and undersrand more of The French cullure: and lo use and learn 'ro enjoy rhe French language. Hs many activiries include games played in French, songs sung in French, and an annual luncheon ar a French res+auran+. This year 'rhe club has purchased several books wri+'ren in French, which are available lo all members. F.N.A. Miss Nielsen and Louise Thompson lpalienil jr X f y x f x 5 F.N.A. The Tail Furure Nurses of America Club is one of 'rhe newer clubs a+ Taft Under The sponsorship of Miss Nielsen. 'rhe club has been having meeiings in room 238 affer school on Fridays. Anyone who has a "G" average and is a sophomore or upper classman may be a member. The purpose of F.N.A. is 'ro inieresr girls in nursing and 'io perform service proiecls for people who are ill or in need of help. Their programs consis'r of guesl' speakers from vari- ous nursing schools and demonsrrarions of differenl' nursing procedures. The club sponsors one social 'lea a semesrer and several TOUFS of hospilals. This year 'rhe club has visiled Cook Counry Hospi+al, Illinois Masonic l'lospil'al, Norwegian Old Peoples' Home and Michael Reese l-lospiial. F.N.A. Back Row-ll. 'ro r.l: Bill Rice, Dick Arfsfen. Second Row: Neil Veiler, Ken Neuberf, Tom Hoolcanson, Denny Cavan. Third Row: Marlene Egeland, Unidenlified, Carol Mommsen, Sue Willers, Bonnie Wevang. Four+h Row: Connie Caldron, Shirley Kalivoda, Joanne Barry, Karen Johnson, Sheila Weber. Fiffh Row: Karen Slumpf, Donna Dowell, Bev Bloss, Joan Weidlein, Dolores Gregor. Sixfh Row: Julie Fuller, Cheryl Grassman, Par Kuhles, Sharon Grund. Fronl Row: Marianne Kammien, Karen Halbasch, Barb Warbein, Carol Carlson, Carol Bauman. F.N.A. Typical club meeling finds Miss Nielsen explaining proper pro- cedures for making a bed. lnferesfed lisfeners are Linda Carlson, Rosemary Gerber, Pal Sanlell, Diane Dylceman. l:.N.A. Back Row- il. fo r.l: Judy Hedslrom. Diane Neusbaum, Marge Hasse, Carol Schroeder, Eileen Long. Second Row: Eileen Schweda, Diane Soderlund, Louise Thompson, Lucy Rein- ing, Holly Nielson. Third Row: Karen Newburg, Diane Goldslein, Fai+h Pefers, Carol Mayer. Fourlh Row: Joyce Furlan, Valerie Duszak, Janel Wordell, Karen Madsen, Karen Lang. Fiflh Row: Eleanore Haxfon, Kalhy Kammien, Corinne Kessik, JoAnn Mefz, Jackie McQuig. Ann Lovgren, Sue Engel. Sixlh Row: Linnea Lundberg, Carol Hillis, Chris Chrislenson, Evelyn Kuehn, Jurefla Weisgerlaer. Sevenlh Row: Barb Buck, Jeanelle Anlol, Bonnie Pelerson, Geri Mahn, Pal Ryndak, Carol Curran, Karen Jensen, Gail Kaya. Fronl Row: Judy Thornlon, Joyce Surwal, Pai Mendal, Arlene Rafulowslci, Sharon Sfolle, Nancy Carlson. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA 15:03:52 Q: . ftf. vu .J .wmv ' 19. A Gm... ' P x 39:1 gr. - 1 1 Lfe 2' ' 'P-v if gifawyi A Q . X 1212221 72'-?' 1.11.4 A A IP 2 is x 57. . 9:4 . y A y n FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA F.T.A. FronT Row-ll. To r.T: Jackie Beal, Judy McKeviTT, Karen DiTTs, Gwen Buck, Jane Baldw Judy Harris. Second Row: Ann Fear, RiTa Globich, Mary Jean EggerT, LaVerne Meye Lynn Mommsen. Third Row: Dona Olson, Judy Greasley, Penni Eichin, Sandy STewarT, R berTa Parkinson. FourTh Row: Mary Wolz, RiTa Kolconay. FiTTh Row: Roxanne Morgaridg Sue Willers, Carol Mommson, Sue MaTThews, Karen Dryer, Eleanor lmbiorski, SixTh Ro Diane WesTman, Sandy Leal, Carol Johnson, Jackie MeTclT, Leanne MaTTick, Gail Kay SevenTh Row: Karen MaTson, Denise Kussy, Karen Newberg, Diane GoldsTein, Dia BiesTer. EighTh Row: Rosemary Gerber, Carolyn Merrill, Judy RochoTTe, Joann Schul LasT Row: MerTon Drake, Ron BarTh, Ken NeuberT. Have you ever ThoughT oT becoming a Teacher? If so, The TaTT FuTure Teachers of America Club is The one Tor you. The club is open To all Juniors and Seniors, who are inTeresTed and who receive a recommendaTion Trom Their division Teachers. The purpose oT This club is To inTeresT The besT young men and women in educaTion as a liTeTime career. AT The meeTings They show movies. and have speakers and discussions perTaining To The Teaching profession. The club also Takes several Tield Trips each se- mesTer To Teachers' colleges and special schools. F.T.A. Back Row-ll. To r.l: Carolyn Warden, Sharon Carlier, Nancy Sguiller. Second Row: Marian Schlede, Sue Wallner, Karen Olson, Marlene Egelend, Marilyn Egelend, Doris DeWiTT. Third Row: Sue Harvey, Barb Warbem1 Nancy HuTT, Barbara Lynn, Joan Alongi. FourTh Row: Judy Henriksen, Diane Doras, BeTTy Henning, Char- lene WaTzke, RuTh Haasis, Gail KaiTis, Carol LubineTz. FiTTh Row: Joanne Como, Nancy Carl- son, Evelyn Ashby, Joanne Harmrin, Marsha Mall. FronT Row: Linda BillhardT, Marge Ries, JaneT Jacobsen, Merle Wevang, Janice Ross, Linda MaiTzen. F.T.A. Fronl' Row-ll. 'lo r.l: Marge Hasse, Beverly Norlhway, Carol Amueller, Pai' Kloske, Sandy Swanson, Nancy Aclcerl. Second Row: Kafhy Heggen, Sue Blumenfhal, Karyn Guisli, Caryl Guisli, Evelyn Zielz. Third Row: Lorna Mc- Leish, Barb Johnson, Lillian Slralfon, Carolyn Hookanson, Sue Richardson. Fourlh Row: Sue Mason, Paulelle Gundell, Anila Schoessling. Fillh Row: Sidni Schwanelce, Irene Sfyzens, Kafhy Yosl, Carol Frenzel. Sixlh Row: Barb Telfser, Lois Heinrich, Roberla Naninni, Karen Maison, Elaine Bober. Sevenlh Row: Joyce Wilcrall, Dorolhy Engels, Marilyn Moldenhauer, Arlene Jedlinslci, Nancy Bower. Eighrh Row: Janel' Wordell, Cindy Olsen, Diane Goldsfein, Gail Kaya. Lasl' Row: Merle Wevang, Judy l-lullman, Arlyn Hainy, Cindy Jackson, Donna Coluburn, Sigrid Nau. F.T.A. Y i We Al' Tall we have one of 'lhe largesl and mosl aclive groups of F.T.A. in lhe sla fe. F.T.A. Several members of The F.T.A. are seen in fron? of Tall before going on a lrip E. Y. I. iff Expanding YouTh ldeas Club is an organizaTion Tormed Tor The purpose oT TosTering personaliTy growTh and widening horizons Through reading and oTher acTiviTies. Under The direcTion oT Miss Winger, The club meeTs one period a monTh. Their meeTings Touch upon such sub- iecTs as "How To read and undersTand a novel" and "l-low To increase your reading raTe." Members also give re- porTs on books They have read. This semesTer The club has purchased several pockeT books, which are available To all members. HONOR CLUB E.Y.l. STandir:g-ll. To r.l: Linda Norris, Nancy Lussow, Teryle Barcanic, David BarTh. Tom Cook, Bob Hedlund, Kelsey PeTerson, Paul Walker, Ken Monahan, Chuck SchulTze, Tom McKenzie, Dale Rolfsen, Ron BarTh. Rear Table: Gay Cook, Bob Sullivan, Ann Richards, Ron Rohde, Adair Linn, Vicky Scanlon. CenTer Table: Sue Kelch, Paula BrocksTein, Linda BillhardT, Barbara Nelson, Rosemary Gerber. From' Table: PaT FriTzsche, Miss Winger lsponsorl, Elsa BergoTT, Ho- ward Blazek, Jim French. This semesTer The TaTT Honor Club, sponsored by Miss JeaneTTe Fox, has The largesT membership in all iTs hisTory. STudenTs wiTh high scholasTic raTing, an "E" average or beTTer, may become a member oT The club. Members who have reTained a high scholasTic sTanding are awarded a pin of recogniTion annually. Miss Fox has puT much Time and eTTorT inTo making This The besT orga- nized club aT TaTT. The.meeTings are noT only Tun, buT educaTionlal as well. Speakers are broughT in To discuss various phases of higher educaTion, colleges, and scholar- ships. 102 liz X, yy af'r'On My Fad? g r X ff .J l MATH CLUB A 5 A Mafh Club Mr. Massarelli, Gayle Cook. Dick Wegner, Karl Fiedler. The Malh Club is a new club organized This sernes+er under The sponsor- ship of Mr. Massarelli. The club has been meeiing every Thursday morning al' , I 7:30 in room 243. To deepen underslanding and apprecialion of ma'rh and " Mu J,4Q5-Ll..AvQQ,: +o have fun while doing if is Hs chief purpose. Membership is open +o sfu- ' T' g ' denls who have had a year of malh. Meefings fealure Talks by Tail' mal'h feachers and gueslr speakers. Mafh Club You have 'lo gel' up early in The morning lo bear fhese kids 'ro school! Phofo By Larry McCann '65 V The TaTT DebaTe Club is a new club organized This se- mesTer. Seniors wiTh a G+ average, who are inTeresTed in public aTTairs and currenT evenTs, njay become mem- bers. Under The sponsorship of Mr. Durin, The club meeTs every week: and debaTes are held every oTher week. NexT semesTer They expecT To challengi debaTing Teams Trom oTher Chicago high schools. DEBATE CLUB DebaTe Club Back Row-ll. To r.l: STan Sisson, Ken STeiner, Al Crumbliss, Richard Swanson, Howard Blazek, Wes Hinkell. Second Row: Barbara Ball, Joann Barry, Rosemary Bloch, Karen STumpT, Carol Amueller, Junelle OTremba, Karen Johnson. FronT Row: Charlan Skoar, Jim French, Rosemary Gerber, Paula BrocksTein, John Berg, Dianne SeeTeldT. To be a member oT The TaTT LeTTermen'sg Club one musT have earned a varsiTy leTTer in any school sporT. Sponsored by Mr. Vanderah. The club is dedicaTed To giving service To TaTT and encouraging sTudenTs To par- TicipaTe in sporTs. Included among iTs acTiviTies are ushering aT school TuncTions and Tire drill duTy aT The exiTs. The club has Two social evenTs a year, one To hon- or The graduaTing seniors and The oTher To welcome new members. LETTERMEN'S CLUB LeTTermen's Club FronT Row-ll. To r.l: Al McFarlane, Tom Nelles, Ron Anderson, Ron Neuman, Dick Williams. Second Row: Bill Gronke, Dennis LiT- Terski, MerTon Drake, Jeff Anderson. Third Row: Bruce Peck, Bernie Waldhier, Karl Fiedler, ArT Olsen. FourTh Row: Dennis Mc- Kenna, KenT Meyer, Arnie Werling, Jeff Bernahl. FiTTh Row: Bob Young, Paul Walker, Bill Benzinger, Bill Schalk. SixTh Row: Gregg Schumacher, Kelsey PeTerson, Bill Rice,' Tom Edmunds. SevenTh Row: Mike Molay, Tom FooTe, Don Soderlund, KurT MarquardT. EighTh Row: Gordy Lund, Larry Marsh, STeve Thompson, STeve Zienko. LasT Row: Ken KorTas, Rich Cervenka, Mr. Vanderah lsponsorl, STeve SveTlik. LeHer Girls G.A.A. LETTERGIRLS Fronr Row-ll. +o r.l: Barb Johnson, Marlys Johnson, Sue Wallner. Second Row: Kalhy Heggen, Donna Price, Toni Dubsky, Judy Anderson, Karen Johnson. Third Row: Ann Fear, Marge Hasse, Lynnerle' Maher, Helen Guyler. Back Row: Sandy Slewari, Judy Rochoire, Marlys Seplalc, Carolyn Barnes, Lucy Reining. GAA. CHEVRON GIRLS Chevron Girls Chevron Girls are all 'rhose girls who have earn- ed nol' only a lelier bul' a chevron or siar as well. Chevron Girls Back Row--ll. 'l'o r.l: Kaihy Crisanfi, Linda Carlson, Carol Wiliko, Lynn Pooley. Second Row: Nancy Maiewski, Barb Nelson, Marge Prassel, Joanne Nardella, Carolyn Hoolcanson. Third Row: Kafhy Yosf, Roberfa Parkinson, Charlene Waizke, Lois Jacobs, Sandy Swanson, Carol Amueller. Fronl Row: Riia Kalconay, Evelyn Ashby, Leah Herbs+, Wilma Horschke, Joanne Como. r'Qx.!w " 0 fN 1 W? ' " .1-:Y . ,svn ' I ,.':. ' i ei gay QT ia? QB by 5451-:Q ,- G.A.A. LeHergirls, a club newly formed This semesler. is composed of all girls who have earned a varsi+y le'r'rer. Under fhe direclion of Miss F. Jor- dan. meerings are held once a monlh. Hs main purpose is io aid in organizing The acrivilies of The girls and To help fhem earn liurlher poinls for chevrons and siars. These girls are called upon To be referees and officials a+ all 'lournameni games. Phoro By Larry McCann. DRAMA CLUB Xi ml 'Y Drama Club Barbara Blomberg and Larry Reed discussing lheir cues The members of fhe Tall Drama Club can honesfly say +ha'I' 'rhey have a hand in every assembly program in +he school. Members are always being called on for ads. skifs and per- formances for various programs. Under +he apr direcfion of Mrs. Perry. lhe club has been meering daily in room IIO dur- ing ninfh period. In November, I958. fhe club presenled a 'rhree-acr comedy, Ring Around Elizabefh, and in May I959, Mr. Peepers, also a 'rhree ac'r comedy. Drama Club Gail Kaiiis poinfs an accusing finger af Larry Reed. Drama Club Love scene or wresfling mafch? Miss Perry is laughing af aniics of Larry Reed and Carol Ta- rara, rehearsing scene from "Mr, Peepers." 106 JUNIOR GIRLS Members of +he Junior Girls' Club are inleresled in helping Taff 'lhrough aclive parlicipalion and having fun while doing il. IT is lhrough lheir efforls lhal The Chrislmas 'free is decoraled for The holiday season. The Junior Girls also usher al' College Nighl. The purpose of 'lhe Senior Girls Club is lo promole The welfare ol: lhe school and communily and lo plan social affairs for members. Under The direclion of Miss Dev- enish, The club meels every 'lhree wee-ks on allernale Mondays and Tuesdays in room 24l. Among lhe aclivilies of +he Senior Girls are: The Senior Molher and Daughler Tea. a bake sale. and ushering al concerls and gradualion. l Exp Junior Girls Back Row-ll. 'lo r.l: Carolyn Jones, Roberla Moore, Rosie Sullon. Second Row: Sharon Penning- er, Deana Durben, Corrinne Kessiclc, Judy Rochelle. Third Row: Sue Richardson, Kalhy Gibson, Kalhy Heggen. Arlyn Hainy, Judy McKevil'+. Fourlh Row: Lillian Sfralfon, Lynn Foeresler, Barb Tellser, Carol Wallz, Barbara Kolalc. Fiflh Row: Arlene Pedersen, Dorcas Kealon, Jurefla Weisgerber, Holly Skrelco, Mary Ann Hobart Marilyn Krieplre. Sixlh Row: Roberl Parlcinson, Shirley Mazalcowslri, Judy Sher- man, Arlene Jedlinski, Marilee Melieda. Sevenlh Row: Florence Youngberg, Joyce Johanson, Beverly Bloss, Barbara Wold, Marlha England, Linda Neuli, Carol Carlson, Barb Warbein. Eighlh Row: Karen Johnson, Linda DeJong, Karen Jenson. Sandie Mau, Sue Engel, Belle Lindenberg, BeH'y Jean Herz. Fronl Row: Judy Anderson, Carolyn Barnes. Ro- Eerla Rusnilc, Anloinelle Churchill, Rulh Linden- erg. SENIOR GIRLS Senior Girls Leff Row-lFron'r 'ro Baclcl: Nancy Maiewslci, Barbara Lynn, Judy Moll, Phylis Myndak, Joanne Wolfe. Middle Row: Holly Slcreko, Marlene Rizzi, Marge Hasse, Linda Nuili, Carolyn Merrill. Righl Row: Barbara Ball, Joy Winlher, Marlha England, Judy Hullman, Ann Fear. N Y? .f SERVICE BOX CFFICE ,I ,. II I I ,I I. ,-N. I II ,I I. 1 'Wm I 5 . ITF rInNAjff I II n " N., ' ' 4 ,IIIII-, M! N., 17' I I" If- . ff I fifk II' Aff 'I II ' ,Q M 'flgfwf I i I ,gif PJQX 'A j K35:f,,j.T. -X Jon I III III.. fp 3 -Q-I ' 1, If ,. III. VF, A i f FEL, ZF I I I J X'A' v '1 I' I I I I, ,I , g f R XI I I Si VI II JI I A : ' gn, ,If 4,1 "I Aid. 1 ' I A I I ff ,I Sl: Q' I --L iI' l WAN 6 ffl SII-' ,IIIII ll X'IIII ' .L V :Cid 4' X-,-" II I X f fl I ,- I I I III If - ,I III I I I I H I I W If ft" NX iv- f Npkq? XIII M If X , fiirksi f I . I, .I .Im + I .mf I v-'-1---I xy . I I I in' I I1 ' IIII If II II M I II J IIIII I II I at I II X I I' I I ly "g' MII V if 'III V, I III? IIIIIIIII ' If I II II' I I II' 1 Ii, 1'-I PMI! 3, II ,II I II Q ! 'II I I I tfj I I II I II I I II I 'I III Q A I III' I II AI! III F I. if 'Ik' VI I If IIIII I I I I 5, I III I 117.1 J :I 'VI II I III I --I I I II I I .AI I-x I, I III I I I IIN III III I Q I fix ' QI IIY .f ', V II III I,-Q, I I I I I I' I I I I IN I I Iv- I I 1 III I: 'III II II? I ' IIV IIIPII I I I ,II I I I I If III IIIII I I I II I I 'I XI ,I , I , f ,,,! 4 , , 3 . I K , I I f 'Q-'i"'I In QIIf,II'I'. I I 'I I I I .I I' I II I III' I I I I I I I IjI,II I , II I IIIIIIIIIIII I Il I ' I II ,IIN I II i , v III I A V' M frs ix I I ,lik If J M II L I ff' seizvice AWARDS The service award sysTem is one way oT recognizing sTudenTs Tor Their service To TaTT. The sTudenTs conTrilouTe To The civic welfare of TaTT by parTicipaTing in The service acTiviTies. For This parTicipa- Tion They receive a shielcl aTTer having acquired sixTy poinTs and Then an adcliTional chevron Tor each ThirTy poinTs earned. When TaTT sTudenTs receive The shield. iT is one oT The highesT honors ThaT can be besTowecl upon Them. ll T nil rwis f S I 4 fi ",, 3 V Y 5 y . MUSIC LETTER The music leTTer is given To TaTT sTuclenTs who serve wiTh The Or- chesTra or Band. The requiremenTs are ThaT each sTuclenT has To be a member oT The Symphonic Bancl or Symphonic O'rchesTra Tor Tour semesTers and he has To play aT The concerTs, P.T.A., and all oTher TuncTions. L I A I ,E Wx r , Awww ,... ... N ss 3 ul L lr lily, 2 - - K' K ll: l i ' ' - ':' f - - ,aff ..., ' rl LL.: 'f f :Tl nl ,," V 'L 4' - - V f A - if M ,qu ' lf ,. ,,,,,an""" rl . ' Q ,S-' l W - 1 Y fr' . f' . "" 'A ,. A' M ,way l X' ' ,ff V A Q, f f .9 i 'Clif 4,4 -Qi fl Cjl cj 1 QQ D r 1 ii W M ...Km QE? C-hx.- 2?...:D Cl""" va vqrsa 'Si-Hi 'ls-v-f'f" -x --C..,,, its Q-.sh xxx? Top l: Pal Frilzsclwe-Copy Edilor-Clubs, Mr. Tiririlli-Sponsor. Second Row: Luke Mazur- Pholograplwer, Carolyn Merrill-Service, Mary Herman-Muslc. Tlwird Row: Barbara Knudson- Ari' Edifor-Arr. Penni Eichen-Arr, Rila Kolconay-Under classmen, Jaclde Hagan-Under classmen, Paul Pierog-Sporfs. Fourllw Row: Larry McCann-Plwolograplwic Edilor-Plwolograplwer, Arnold Werling-Sporls, Joan Como-Edifor-in-chief Graduales and Faculfy. Fiflh Row: Allan Brock- sfien-R.O.T.C., Ron Barlh-R.O.T.C., Jean Rupany-Graduales, Business Managers Back: Allan Broclcslein, Ken Grossiclx, Dennis Dzialc, Sandra Forresler, Judy McKeuiH', Sam Gold, Anne Fear, John Knudson, Wayne Baxler. Second Back: Sue Blumenlhal, Janel Ross, Merle Wevang. Righl Row: Sandra Keiler, Carolyn Jones, Arlene Demarlcee, Annelle Bucaiole. Lefl' Row: Mal Raymond, Sal Weed, Yvonne Klincik, Mar Sune- qal, Arlene Mazerifslci. mf T47 wx IM MN is Bacic Row: Mary Forle, Charlene Pechek, Jim Kepner, Joan Loilz, Norma Gilzlce, Richard Bebe, Diana Barfh, Bob Cole, Bob Valivic, Tom Cook. Sealed Leflz Jane Delfinio, Mary Ann Reading, Mary Herman. Sealed Righh Lois Celander, Barbara Barowslci, Bob Cole. BUSINESS MANAGERS Business managers give up one period a day 'ro handle school business for each division. The business managers sell Tickers, dislribule ballols for eleclions, collecl money for Tail Trilos, give our bus cards, and assisl The division leacher in every way. Each business manager gives up his or her lime willingly lo help his school. Mr. Paul Bigler, sponsor, works wilh The sludenls and aids lhem in giving lhe announcemenls 'lo relay To lheir respeclive divisions. Firsl' Row: Judy Merrill, Darla Blocks, Nancy Wohlfeil, Sandra Olson, Kalhy Anderson, Sylvia Cunningham, Rose Ann Bales, Sharon Williams, Jeannelle Anlol, Tom Cook, David Barlh. Sealed: Lucille Bisgalio, Ken Thomas, Carol Framlce, Ann Richards. STUDENT COUNCIL The STudenT Council works side by side wiTh The TaculTy oT TaTT in order To Try To do whaT is besT Tor TaTT. Their aim is To make TaTT a loeTTer place Tor iTs sTudenTs. One member is elecTed in each division To represenT Their division in The Council. They in Turn musT relaTe The news oT The Council's TuncTions To Their respecTive divisions. OFFICERS PhoTo by Larry McCann Judy Greasley, Kem' Meyer, Ron BarTh, Mr, Cuny. GFFICERS FirsT Row: JaneT Wordell, DoroThy Engles. Second Row: Diane G-oldsTein, Carole Bauman, Carol Tafara, Arden Byers. Third Row: DoroThy Reinlre, Marge Ries, FourTh Row: Penni Eichen, Merle Wevang, John Knuclson, Bob Drinan. :T Row: Nick LaprisTi, Ken Kramer, Roy Miller, Cary Kram- Second Row: James Rix, Jim ZuberT, George Guyer, hard Herman. Firsl' Row: Rae Marie Hillier, Karen Jensen, Janice STiller, Denise Kussy. Second Row: RiTa Glauvich, Lorna MacLeish, Judy PeinerT, Sue Mason, Sidni Schwanlce. DANCE COMMITTEE The TaTT dance commiTTee, wiTh The sponsorship oi Miss MarquardT, plan The dances Tor The enioymeni' of The TaTT sTuclenTs. Each Time They have a cliTTerenT Theme Tor The clance such as Japanese picTured here. The members oT The commiTTee give up Their Time will- ingly To plan The dances Tor Their Tellow TaTT sTudenTs. The sTage crew direcTed by Mr. Freedman, seT props, operaTe lighTs, operaTe curTains, and work The public acl- dress sysTem. AnyTime anyThing special is going on in The audiTorium, The sTage crew is always on The job seeing ThaT everyihing is run smooThly. ., HALL GUARDS P15825 I BCDX OFFICE Did you ever need a spelling lisf, English hand- book, sfeno book. fickef fo a performance, or game af Taff? lf you did, you would go 'ro fhe Taff loox office. Upon arriving, you would see Mr. Bigler's helpers ready fo sell you fhese arficles. The box office helpers give up a period a day fo help and serve fhe Taff sfudenfs. The hall guard sysfem has replaced fhe feachers supervision in fhe halls. The hall guards see fhaf sfudenfs are nof in fhe halls wifhouf passes and fhaf orderly con- ducf is kepf in fhe halls while classes are being conducfed Gloria Barfholmay, Sue Schneider, Tom Hoolcanson. HELPERS ll2 AND MAIN OFFICE I-IELPERS WhaT is one oT The TacTors ThaT makes The Main OTTice and II2 run so smooThIy? IT is The aid of The sTudenTs who volunTeer To assisT The members of The TacuITy in These rooms. This is buT one way ThaT TaTT sTucIenTs earn service poinTs. PROGRAM OFFICE Office Helpers FirsT Row: JeaneTTe Olsen, Anne Flexman, Barbara Wahrbein. Second Row: Mariann SchIageTer, Andrea ChrisTensen, Joan Como, Alice FeTTerman, Joyce Jenke. The helpers who work in The program office make ouT and adiusT The programs of Their Tellow sTudenTs. This is one of The imporTanT iobs ThaT a TaTT sTudenT can hold To earn seryice poinTs Toward his shield. JaneT Howard. Judy I'lulTman Sue Harvey, Richard Swanson MIMEOGRAPH HELPERS Where does your Teacher geT his mimeographed TesT Trom? Now you know. IT is done by Miss John- son's helpers. The Teacher gives a copy of The TesT To Miss Johnson and she has iT Typed on a sTenciI. IT is Then mimeographed by The helpers and re- Turned To The Teacher so he can give his TesT more easily and quickly. Carolyn Hooper, Delores Gregor LIBRARY HELPERS WANTED: A copy of Treasure Island. Moby Dick. Jane Ayre, Ivanhoe, and l-lamlef. The place fo find fhese books would be in our school library. The people fo help you find fhem would be a library helper. She is familiar wifh 'rhe layouf of fhe library and can fell you where cerfain books are locafed. Ask her abouf a book you are looking for and cannof seem fo locafe for yourself. She will be glad fo help you. l E. II4 81 II6 HELPERS These sfudenfs give up fheir fime fo help fhe feachers. If may be filing, marking papers. or mark- ing fesfs. By doing fhese fhings you are fraining yourself fo perhaps become a fufure feacher. Susie Knudson, Barb Gornell 1 l ,X , eXgg f, l 1 QU i T Y LOST X4 FOUND LOST: One Taff sweafer-size 92 The firsf place fhaf you would look for your losf sweafer woul be fhe losf and found. Every fime somefhing is found if is furned over fo fhe helpers in fhe losf and found. lf you have losf anyfhing re- cenfly, look in fhe losf and found: BULLETIN BCDARD COMMITTEE PhoTo by Larry McCann FirsT Row: Joan LoiTz, DoreT Cunis, Judy Hines, Kafhy Appleby. Second Row: Sharon Brazele, Rae Marie Hillier, Barb Knudson, Rosemary Bloch, Judy Greas- Iey. Third Row: Asfrid Bloch, Yvonne Klincilc. FourTh Row: KurT IvIarquardT, Bill Rice. Ken Neuberf. BULLETIN BOARD COMMITTEE The nexT Time you are in The lunch room Take a look aT The beau- TiTuI buIIeTin board aT The end. IT is prepared by The members oT The buIIeTin board commiTTee under The sponsorship oT Mr. Rodgers. The buIIeTin boards are made Tor The enioymenT oT The TaTT sTudenTs while They eaT Their lunch. ri D 'Q --9 s - J CAP 84 COWN COMMITTEE The cap 8: gown commiTTee sponsored by Mr. Fenn Take care oT The caps and gowns aT TaTT. They see The proper sTudenTs geT The proper caps and gowns aT The righT Time. The chorus uses Them quiTe a IoT and The boys on The commiITee are always ready To serve Them. Firs? Row: Bill Borcharf, David Roberis, Clarence Daze. Second Row: Siewari' Dunn, Dennis McKenna, Edward Lindberg. Third Row: Lynn Opferbeclc, John Breen, Arr Olson, Luke Mazur. S 9 o 3- !" 'S'- We The members of ihe Tall' Trib slaff gel' oui a paper every Two weelcs under ihe sponsorship of Mr. Don lv1cGlo'rhin. The Trib members spend many long and hard hours geiiing ready 'ro release a paper for ihe siudenis of Taft Many iimes you can 'find The members in 210 aifer school discussing The nexlr issue of Jrhe paper. They do 'rhis for you. The s'ruden+s. Bofiom Row: Connie Caldron, June Kunzle, Charlene Waizke, Roberia Russnak, Sandra Swanson, Carol Carlander. Second Row: Carol Johnson, Erwin Cornelius, Phil Banlca, Mr. Don MCG-loihlin, Don Schoeiibeck, Linda Gager. STUDENT MANAGERS The main duly of 'ihe siudenl man- agers is io assisi' The coach in every way. Some of 'rheir main duiies are: colleci- ing equipment ice e p i n g equipmenf clean, disfribuiring equipment keeping score of 'rhe games and keeping a rec- ord a'r all +he games played. Two of 'rhe boys, Ari Olsen and Luke Mazur, +ook movies of several games. TAFT TRIB STAFF Linda Jenewin Pairicia Molson Diane Miller Barbara Peferson THE TOP TEN The Top Ten Probably one of Jrhe grealesr honors a+ Tall is being selecrecl as one of Jrhe Senior Top Ten of Jrhe gracluaring class. The requiremenl for such a seleclion is 'l'o mainlain an "S" average for all four years al' Tall. Geraldine Frank Joan Alongi Linda Mairzen Allan Brocksfein Marilynn Kornah Nancy Squiller NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Nahonal Honor Sociefy membership is one of The highesf honors a s'ruden'r can have To be a member you musl' show inemldswmwleaclenship. scholarship, characler and service. The L , , , members are chosen by a Facully commullee They weigh care- fully each faclor and 'rhen decide upon :Ts members. Firsl Row: Susan Willers, Marge Hasse, Beverly Hannibel, Janice Sliller, Joan Alongi. Second Row: Gwen Buck, Bar- bara Pelerson, Lynn Mommsen, Nancy Squiller, Lois Jacobs. Third Row: Roxy Morgorige, Carolyn Merrill, Marsha Mc- Leash, Sandy Leal, Linda Jenewin. Fourfh Row: Tom Foofe, Susan Harvey, Sandy Slewarl, Leanne Mallick, Judy Hen- driclcson. Fif+h Row: Roberi' Roy, Paul Walker, Bill Badoon, Bob Larko. Jeff Aclcinson. Sixlh Row: Sieve Thompson, Mike Murray, Kelsey Pelerson, Jim Cimfel. mee' Firs+ Row: Bob Henninger, Tom Croslon, Ted Rolander, Bruce Mafson Second Row: Diane Beisfer, Geri Frank, Gay Cook, Linda Maifson, Bern- adine Slclodowslci. Third Row: Ken? Meyer, John EQ, Marilynn Kornafz Anifa Rasmission. Fourlh Row: Toni Garralanio, Ken , Alan Brock slein, Gerald Anderson. Fif+h Row: Joe Palusilc, Merlon Dralce, Jim Han- son, Ken Neuberf. Sixfh Row: Larry Marsh, Ken Erickson, Ron Barrh Richard Swanson. Firsf Row: Joan Como, Karen Neuberg, Laverne Meyers, Leah Herlssr, Marge Ries, Jaclcie Behl, Denise Kussy. Second Row: Joanne Berry, Panila Brocksrein, Barb Knufson, Carol Amuller, Beverly Norfhway. Third Row: Rosemary Gerber. Joanne Schulfz, Carole Mommsen, Ron Drumlce, Diane Miller. MUSIC QM 'fa m' ' J! h pf? A 7" " I n w ffm is -f? l -fgvif X 'f-'Y' f fi , x " fwJV'X "i1 ' V LW, 1 1 M ' E53 452' 3122 J ! X xxqi f ly.-yn A 1 , 1, Jiiifx ,,-' ,I X fi v' X 151 I , xx lf: X X. ,X f Q! 'fjlvvk-T"gq,1 Q ,A ' 'fs N Wa'pfM Y5lq J' . P NX MW Mf kjss 4 - --fizf -.::"f"' fffff XX ' rm ,., f 7 ? ff' Lei-+3431 Y-,1g,,,-"fl W' 55,1 Mx' :H ?f2Z2'f1f!Mw'z:zvzi!Wm 'Vx'MIX.,-g-vjilm1vl,u. wwzmwnf f 4 M 1 fy df. l!u lll'lll1! Nf'l!l lg I HMM fv' 'vqf f f 1 ,JVM I W' Www! ' fb" 4 uae!!! JN? L1 . N 1 txt. 1 X . f-F MIXED CHORUS Firsf Row: Sharon Sarcia, Mary Wolz, Lynn Pooley, Donna Price, Erwin Cornelius, Car- olyn Hookanson. Second Row: Beverly Hannibal, George Caughlin, Bernie Waldiher, Jack Bauman. Dick Sisson, Bruce Peck. Third Row: Marge Malcner, Sharon Hullman, Brian Arnspiger, Jim Bauman, Conrad Slolle, Arnie Werling. Fourih Row: Kenl' Meyer, Tom Klein, Jeff Anderson, Sleve Miller. TAFT The Tall Mixed Chorus is under Jrhe direciion of Mr. James Siamm. H' enlerfains ai The Chrislmas, Len- 'len, and Spring conceris plus many olher School funclions. For Jrhe Second year The Mixed Chorus received an "S" in Chorus com- peiilion. Tail is very proud of Jrhis fine group. f Z A f ilu Firsf Row: George Carlson, Denny Lane, Dennis Lifierski, Tom Issacson, Jim Page, Bob Piper. Second Row: Sue Miller, Pai Anderson, Janice Ervin, Carol Whi+craf1', Jim Cimfel, Benny Shor. Third Row: Judy Rochoffe, Valrie Duzalc, Sigrid Nau, Rosemary Bloch, Linda DeJonge, Rober+a Nannini. Four+h Row: Audrey Dalane, Linda G-auger, Par Frifzche, Leanne Mafick, Penni Eichen, Carolyn Gurhorle.. Fiflh Row: Mary Jean Eggerf, Joyce Helms, Mary Kaiser, Mary Lee Meredilh, Mary Carlson, Sharon Hilsfrom. 4 GIRLS' CHORUS X 0'-S-,. 'N S, y Ml K. C The Tall Girls' Chorus is direclecl by Mr. Joseph Complon. Each spring Mr. Complon holds 'rryouls and choses girls who, he feels, will lceep The slandards of lhe group. The Girls' Chorus, like The Mixed Chorus, gives a Chrislrnas, Lenlen, and Spring concerl' plus enler- laining al olher school funclions. This group cerlainly ranks high in our lhoughls. 124 Firsl Row: Joann Bauermeisler, Marilyn Belcher, Carolyn Johnson, Connie Caldron Chrisline Hoy. Second Row: Marilyn Kornalz, Anila Rassmusson, Evelyn Zilz, Sue Sloll- man, Karen Johnson. Third Row: Marcia Mall, Linda Larsen, Carolyn Warden, Carol Mc- Bee, Sandy Swanson. Fourfh Row: Judy Allerman, Carol Carlson, Diane Goldenslein Marge Prassel, Jane? Carlson. Fillh Row: Nancy Nelson, Sandy Orre, Judy Hullman Sharon Carlier, Barbara Reinke. Sixlh Row: Carolyn Johnson, Marge Weiler, Linda Nuli Barbara Buclc, Judie Hedslrom. Sevenlh Row: Wilma Horshke, Sandy Neal, Lyn Ander: son, Chris Oberhide, Joyce Johannson, Sue Kelch. Firsl Row: Kalhy Malmberg. Gloria Barlholomay, Jaen Bie, Kafhy Hanson, Janice Brilfon. Second Row: Judy Franzen, Janel Hamly, Susan Lolslrom, Carol Korowslcy, Judy Greasly. Third Row: Kalhy Yosl, Carol Mondel, Diane Koss, Barloara Wold Carol Bau- man. Fourrh Row: Bonnie Recloris, Jenell Olrenba, Louis Thompson, Lois Heinrich, Valrie Duzalc. Fillh Row: Marilyn Moody, Dorel Cunis, Sylvia Cunningham, Evelyn Kuehen, Susan Richardson. Sixlh Row: Carol Amueller, Darlene Hooper, Lyn Forresler, Lillian Slrallon. TAFT BAND MEMBERS BAND MEMBERS: Richard Gervenka, Harold Chrisfiansen, Jim Hoklas, Mary Lou Kiiek, Par Kuhles, John Pearson, Charles Schuliz, Nancy Ackerl, Margarila Amado, Dan Anderson, Gerald Anderson, Pefer Andruska, Arlene Armour, Bonnie Armour, Donald Afkinson, David Baeiz, Joseph Barrel, John Bollon, Barry Bleeker, James Bledig, Allen Blume, Marge Brownfield, Jack Burke, Andrea Chrisl- ensen, Alvin Crumbliss. Phil Derna, Tom Dickinson, Diane Dyke- man, Bruce Eichaker, Sharon Evasink, Mike Fanelli, James Fisher, Philip Foss, Judiih Franzen, Charles Freeze, Miichel Frumkin, David Galrorna, James l-lallrnan, Arihur Heli, Lawrence Jankowski, Alberi' Kleinhuizer, David Knickerbocker, Roberf Koskela, Jim Kuf- fel, Gloria Kuhles, Denise Kussy, Roberi Lackowski, Roberl' Lasiick, Sianley Lozowski, Alf Logan, Frank Madsen, Karen Maden, Kurl' Marquarf, Don Meeker, Barb Mueller, Holly Neilsen, Barry Olson, Brian Olson, Margarel' Olson, Nick Pelleliere, Carl Peierson, Ruih Rice, James Rix, Anneiie Roos, Vicloria Scanlon, Ronald Schenk, Warren Schimpif, Sian Sisson, Carole Sieinke, Sandra Slewari, Doug Thornion, Ken Van Vooches, Paul Wagner, Carole Ward, Richard Wendriclcs, Donald Wilson, Barry Wrighi, James Zuberi. Woodwind Secfion f f A Q4 ! 'Woodwind Seciion Wirh a clash of ihe cymbals and a roll of The drums 'rhe Tail Band and Orchesira finishes one of i'rs 'fav- oriie pieces. They are conducred by Mr. W'al'rer Freedman. The band and orcheslra play ai many school assemblies, plus giving 'rheir annual Fall con- ceri. The concerl' is given boih during school and in 'rhe evening. This year one of ils highlighis was a number enliiled "Seminole S+omp", wiih dance in- lerpreralion by Judy Sonnenliler, James Schulrz, Sieve Sveilik and Toni Gerriiano. Brass Seclion Slrinq Seclion ORCHESTRA MEMBERS: Alan Beachler, Alvin Crum- bliss, Karl Davies, Karen Dilz, James Fisher, Carol Haw- kinson, Arlyn Haynie, Ellen Isaacson, Bob Kazmar, Lois Knickerbocker, Denise Kussy, Richard La Vavre, Sian Lazowslci, Ardice Liesen, Linnea Lundberg, Jeff Mack, Merrily Manda, Barb Mueller, Eric Radflce, Scofl' Schrei- ber, Sandy Senchuck, Carol Shully, Lynn Spark, Doug Thornfon, Corrine Vlcelc, Carol Jo Wallace, Carol Warden, Roberl Webb, Jurre++a Weisgerber, Lynn Wissing, Toni Zaborske, Donna Zapp, John Breene, David Bernahl, Car- olemae Bollom, Belly Biiller, Gay Cook, Ken Erickson, Mike Fanello, James French, Ken Frizane, Linda Gauger. Helen Geyler, Roberl' Koslcela, Janis Larsen, Lorraine Meland, Joanne Mafz, Judilh Olsen, Beverly Pielrzylc. Vicloria Scanlon, Donna Colburn, Mary Kaiser, Charles Schullz, Carol Ann Schreyer, Richard Sisson, Karen Slumpf, Thomas Thomle, Frecl Vallers, Dave Weslman, James Zuberl. TAFT ORCHESTRA Sfring Seclion Joe Barfel-Capfain Firsl' Row: Alf Logan, Alvin Crumbliss, Don Whilney, Warran Schimpff, Ken Koerber. Second Row: James Fisher, Frank 'Madson, Glenn Temple- man, Ken Erickson, Arden Byers. Third Row: Don Meeker, Scofl' Thompson, Don Olson, Barry Olson, John Olson. Fourfh Row: Dave Knickerbocker, Phillip Foss, John Schraffenberger, Ronald Slolpa, Richard Burhop. Fiffh Row: Nicholas Pellefiere, Larry Jankowslci, Robin Schroeder, Bruce Malson, Ron Drumke. Sixfh Row: Gerald Anderson, Jim Woods, Sian Sisson. Arihur Hell, Richard Cervenka. Sevenfh Row: Wayne Schimpff, John Hallderson, Dennis Pollina, Donald Aikinson, Mike Molay. FRESHMEN CHCDRUS ROTC BAND The Taff R.O.T.C. Band is under The direcfion of Mr. Walfer Freedman. Each year H' performs a+ fwo special evenfs. Our band parades on Cader Day down- fown, and if also plays for Federal In- speclion. Any boy may join The R.O.T.C. Band even if he is nor in rhe R.O.T.C. ' I X4 JN Qls.. L 6 CI-IQYUS y EMIS' Lenfen nIen Come' ' Concerf . 9 E'-Wm Corn IIUS. Speaker MIXGCI Chorus MUSIC! MUSIC! MUSIC! GIrIs' Chorus Triple Trio BOYS' B55Ife!'b5!! QUBFIGI Se Fall 'Din I nge!! oe Sfomp Ya!! Co Orcheskfa Co'7Ce 6 and ff B50 Je ROTC The Officer of lhe Day has lhe duly fo raise and lower The flag a+ The beginning and end of lhe school day. In addifion, he officiales a+ all school assemblies. HQTC. MISSION OF R.O.T.C. To lay 'rhe foundaiion for infelligenf cifizenship by Jreach- ing ihe principles of leadership, respecl for consfilrulred au- 'lhorify and habils of precision, orderliness, courlesy. hygiene and correclness of poslure and depor"rmen1'. To give +he sfudenr lcadefl basic Milifary 'rraining which will be of benefi+ 'ro him, and of value 'ro Jrhe service if and when he becomes a member Thereol. The 'rime spenf in drilling a group develops precision, leadership, and Teamwork in The R.O.T.C. cadet Masler Sergeanl Charles L. Pruessing has been in milifary service for 23 years, having enlered 'lhe Army in l935. He is a veferan of World War ll. Q HDQ5. These officers were flue 'rop-ranking cadefs of TaH"s R.O.T.C. corps in fhe 'Fall lleffl and spring lrighll. Cadel LT. Col. Allan Broclcsfein lsea+edl, Cade? L+. Col. Ronald Barlh lsealedl, Cade? lvlaior Ron- ald Barlh, Cadel Maior Richard Jurgens. Masler Sergeanl Banker is lhe new senior milifary insfrucfor a+ Tall' who came here lasl December He is an I8 year veferan of World War II and 'lhe Korean War tg X B-L, . J, i 4 a gf :V ' 4 6 .vw 1,1-' Fa gy if Q? Qi G Q , , A. gifs 5 Q 4 aging Q 4, Q 3 rf- Q 43 W . -,WT Q .,. E137 Ei? ,V .Qigfjp - w ., n'?F9i,5'gjd 6 v , A' 4 J 6 as Q 0 Hu., to Q ff 'Q an Q. .Q "P ,Q - f U 1 Eg f " - -. .,.,, ,MN.,4f, mf: gf, if i 1 gba 1 5 2 1 nw in 2, Q : Q swf iw, aw , Q wg g i 5,5 ,W M, A QS 5iff?g,3e?nQ"'q Ylizzsef' V sis 5 Elf Bax 5 uw... , . .. :sw f -- ie A 3' 4 X 5 23: is 2 1-5' xl? X , -fi' xsvf xgswir' . My fi , X N ii? , Q ,, s M, B 4 ff 3 xg, 5 1' .YQ .wx iii M mm ii v.,.N.W fi Q , sl! f' ease X Za , xx RIFLE TEAM The color guard is inslrumenlal in gelling all school lunclions and assemblies underway on The righl lool. The Tail ROTC Rifle Team represenls The school O FTIFLE TEAM i in compelilion wilh olher schools in lhe olislricl and cily. The members of lhe regular Team wilh Their re- speclive scores, from a possible ZOO, are as follows: Ronald Barlh -- high score-I8I, average I72 Michael Chrislensen - high score-I7l, average l69 Richard Jurgens - high score-I79 average l7O Joseph Mango - high score-I77, average I58 Charles Williams - high score-l7I average l6I Douglas Will' - high score-I27 average I23 ROSTER OF "A" COMPANY AI Riglnlz Libby, Evasinlc, Benziger. Squad I: Lallavre, Crocker, Gerson, Graham, Tlwomie Johnson, Giles, T. Anderson, Proclnaska l'leiI3erqer, I-Iardy. Squad 2: D. Bariln, Ellis, L. Hinlcle, Ziegler, Papanelc, Plwilip, Radflce, I-loyer, Orland. Squad 3: Dolwerly, Rulzen, Sears, Fairbanlc, Rasmusson, Zaiac, Tliorion, Clirislian, Mailca. Squad 4: Com GD- I-Ianseclc lGuidonl, Bernalil, Molzny, Wag- ner, Rorlwermel, Kroening, DuPon+, Newlwall I-I. Clwrisienson. R. Pearson, O'Brien. I O .1 Q ix I QQWIW ROSTER OF "B" COMPANY A+ Riglxlz Jurgens, Erickson, Dopp. Squad I: B. Olson, Jackson, Servedio, H. Wegner, Laudicina, Haase, Mareci, Burm, I-Iallman, Tommansen. Squad 2: Bendien, Jolwnson, Golf, Kolinlc, P, Pearson, Jordan, Rinqen- baclc, Konelzny, Monlcowslci, Mango. Squad 3: Siumpf, Tollman, J. Donalwue, Powers, Enmann, Krause, Bledig, Paslce, Balcer, R. Wagner. Squad 4: Polniaszelc lGuidonl, Szeslco, M. Enriglnl, Carsella, Marlcgraf, I-Iepner, Dickinson, C. Williams, B. Williams, D. Williams. ll Q E QQVIQN ROSTER OF "C" COMPANY Al Riglwlz Marlqgraf. Squad I: Marlin, Niel- sen, L. I-linlcle, Wiegman, Peiers, Lindenau Enriglnr, Sliand, Voss, Claude, Dzialc, M Clirislensen, Frizane, Anderson. Squad 2 Gueizlaif, l-lowell, Claypool, Pelerson, Fis clwer, Lund, Kaslner, R, Anderson, Clnizelc Robinson, Scliulrz, Munson, Karniclc, Kolf conay. Squad 3: Annes, Milos, Guver, Lu- berda, Browne, Kruger, I-lelms, Eiclnalcer Merlc, Brunn, Sclmullz, Boieler, Lindquisl Drummer. Squad 4: Morgan, Cummings Srolpa, S Wren, Klienlwuizen Mur li , K - . , p y o walslci, Knofi, Bleelcer, Kazmar, D. Anderson Anderson. 0 , Q CQYXPANXI I OFFICERS OTTicers' names LeTT To RighT, FirsT Row: LT. Col. BroclcsTein, lsT LT. PoinT, lsT LT. Erickson, CapT. James, CapT. Hummel, Major BarTh. Second Row: CapT. MarlcgraT, IsT LT, Hinlcell, lsT LT. Evasinla, CapT. Libby, 2nd LT. BaxTer. Third Row: CapT. Sher- wood, lsT LT. Kolconay, CapT. Jurgens, lvlaior PeTruselc, 2nd LT, Drummer. The performance oT The TaTT High School ROTC solely resTs upon The shoulders of These high ranking cadeTs. The awards received by The Corps are presenTed by The DeparTrnenT oT The Army and various civic groups including The American Legion, VFW, The Chicago Tribune, The Board oT EducaTion, The PTA, and numerous wornen's auxillaries. we if i 2 3 f Receiving a medal is a Tremendous TribuTe To The cadeT. He musT sTand- ouT among The oTher cadeTs oT The corps and among oTher Things musT raTe scholasTically in school. The re- cipienT OT an award is chosen by The cadeT oTTicers wiTh The advice and consenT oT The miliTary insTrucTors. T 5' . .s . M., i..,,Q,,,, 135 Ti Q n 1 ' M sig at -' W A X . V If" 3: 3 12 3 1? 'W M x, Q, ,ig-,iii M ' E iii its 32 wi . Q f 2 mm - 54 3' 4? Q

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