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'Thel 1970 r N ll presentse5l s d 0'PEQ12e4iSfl'lElU?I'l7i3OZDSC317'HOZlfRCDILTZD g e g digg l ' ws? 1 R lf ' s . , V r an . r -- . ,x A s 1 . '. , I - .1 . l . 1 ' I 1 - . 1 la f ' lli r s li? l l : a f Y I l l- il -.Ql - ill.. a l l Af, - - ...- f l J' l ' Editor: Patricia Penner ' l Photographer: Doug Wiens- Published by Tabor College a Hillsboro, Kansas 4 9 -f f Q ' ' u 1 ' 3 ' 2 . ,FV Q ' , -, ,Q . ' . - - 4 , 1. z F Q .QQ ur - ' i ' , f. "VY ' .- 'wg .. ' ,. .N ,,, f - K r. I , 5 - . L- nf H- f ""' - . , , M1 -N, -- ..' '. ' ,. v- - . ,L , , , . F I I V.. f- ' ' . A 'P' -4 ' ' '. 41,5 L-L. - l. 5. , 'f -LJ.. .f 5- ,. v. '-Q 1 ' -4 - -:,, V . ' ' -41 -2 ,r - ff ' f. 1. 13 ' ' 1 . .v '-, J, Q 4 - -ff UML. .' '. . - "' gi ru ,Ah C. ..' ,X , A ,Q ' 1 ,V kv WV, .5 A , ,.. m,,.w. w, A, , ,yy , .. . , ,x.. .5 J, 5 - 4 '1,. 7, . Q- . - 12 Openwto ues, Tabor College K Theyvyiritllows ofnK'nowle'dge' by Open-thefourpaneswide, j I 'So we mayseethe light Whichvyill help usgrowf in y Mentally, physiqallyn , i Soltially arid spiritually 1 "Freshman, Sophmore, junior years, Cobwebsj ,SIT1lQIdgES, or broken panes' Of irnrnaturity, wipe ayvayior,repai'r,f , As Seniors, more light is Heade-dj To ,make our lives complete. , A - At last, as Graduates it i . Childish things havelbeen put away For those which arefmature. i i V Howeveriotir Windows ofnrlinowledge Must always be open, 1 i it Sovour four panes remain bright, That Welrnay give out lwht, fu i Ioothers roundabout usn Q if q - e 1, may the-' wafna0,wsgi.Qfr K named ge 5. ' ' Aira'-baricaiiegelff5imain'eapan.i' ' ' open Wilde-tlhve Wiaagwg 4 Of Knowledge fA'. y i r ' 4 . 1 And letitheblear crystals ofgrowthi' ' Surroundourelives-.Q' Q 'ml Q 1 h tn fi 52 U fi 5 12 'z J 1, A' f. E I 2 5 6 my A it f Q? ,wf' MM? K' m'L' yy I V u ,I 1 I n iz ff TABLE f CF C ONT ENT 5V lntrcjdQCtiOn. ndwd'wS Q.f1 th WO rj d" WindfoWs of'A'ctivity -Wiridovsfs bf Afh,fEticfsf? Closqng V. bn . 7jQ20 ' A. 361 61 64.-P92 WV i 94-i1i 112f1iG ' N '. 3 N , f 4 ' , x 1 :EQ I ' .. Q 1 ', V6 survival OfTheFiwt ' . Sr V, , M 34 - ., , ' Tw ' Q .. I ' 1 - 4- . - Q. T , V 1' . - , , ,gf , h ,, . ,. W 7 L4 .V Helhcrfigsed in Favor Man Mastering New Concepts A nd Skills 1 , Al Berg, a ,biology-c'hemistry major, is from Wichita, Kan- sas. He is currently serving his second year as student body president. Berg is a Dean's Scholar, and has taken an ac- tive part in student govern- ment and publications. He is in his second year as a teach- ing assistant in the science department and served as research assistant to Dr. Clar- ence Harms during his soph- omore year. Medical school is in his plans upon graduation. Ernest Unruh, a mathematics major, is from Vauxhall, Al- bertaf He is a teaching assist- antfin the Mathematics de-E partment and .wasla member of the College Choi-r last year. ' t 'f Who S , Who C ln American ,Colleges And Universities ,O ' 1 Ruth Epp, social' work major 'is from Henderson, Nebras- ka-. She is currently in her second year in student gov- ernment. Ruth is a member of-'the' Student Personnel Committee and ' lnter-dorm Council,' and was elected as homecoming queen. A jim lost, from Hillsboro, Kan- sas is a chemistry major., Heis also recognized as as Dean's' ' scholar. He' is in his second year as a ,teachinlglassistant in the science 'department and has been active in basketball and student faculty commit- tees.'He is planning to attend medical school. Lynden Krause, a social sci- encemajor,-is the son of Mrp ' and Mrs. Herbert Krause, Kodailgafnal, India. He is a member' of the Student ,Council and Student Person- nel Committee, Berry Friesen, social science major, Bingham Lake, Min- nesota, has beenactive in student gove rnment, publi- V 'V cations, and, athletics.. Last year he participvatedlin the CUTE,pnogram, a projectlde- signed to prepare teachers for inner-city classrooms, Q Azu Owunwanne, of Biafra, served as junior class presi- dent and news- editor of the student paper last year. He is in his second year as teaching assistant in the science de- partment. He is a member of the Library Committee. His plans are to continue in chemistry. ' Love Is An Art And The 3 'f 'isflwffwga 5 V V w A Y' .-'-YA ,X , Q. :KV W , V: .Q V, . , Q wg. ' 'X My 38 , f ,gg fi Greatest The Arts , g-y..- ,V x . ' 1 ,. ,-, .it .i I.. ..X.H .L kill- .A , I 4 1. .,, 4-,Z-J A ,:5::1:, z.. , 1,5 V f- V, I A . we--X , , vw,-' 1 4 , . ,. , W. 1 ,. , - 1, ,L , , '1NTERTERn4197o.Q Togooutisto know... K .1 To go out and explore the unexplored ' 'To intensify the vision of the future and To clarify the purpose of the past. ,Q p ' To go out to Los Angelesg Sanjuanh, Omahaf- if New York,Mexico'City,'Colorado 5 ' To reach out to new areas of education ' new realms oflexperience and V. new fields of technology g l By, reaching' out to grasp- these opportuni- ties, the inner world of the 1970's is being shaped. Even on campus this reciprocal ac- tion is availableto all. lnterterm affords a variety ofgspeakers to head convocations, bringing- Contemporary personages' to cam- pus fro-mfall over the United States. Selept' g Q y films ranging 'from the'Harlem Housing 4 -problem to German Concentrations Camps were viewednightly. One of the most vital ,avenues offreaching outisiengaging in rele- vant inter-personal dialogue with rstudents bothion and off' campus.,It is through this ihte'ractiionlthat'the windows of the mindare opened, letting the winds of-'change roam freely changing and shaping its own world for 1970. A Q V i. '., LES C tl sMExlCoie ljEElR...CRlEEKw TABORf M . .M ESOTA NEW YORK Z ... You will be told that classes are the most important things at college. Don't believe it. The most valuable things that happened to us in college usually happened in our dormitories, most of them after midnight. - Roger Holmes Mens' Residences North Hall , ua, up ' '- X 4 tr Pig I ny fl In-A "East Hall" new womens' residence under Construction 1 , ,ff--X ufff. ,L x -f--I 'S South Hall 19 .f4'. Wx, AN Q i As an emblem of our fathers "To thy trust be true," Beams our haloed Alma Mater, Rising toward the blue. Refrain: Onward still we'll bear the banner, Gold and Royal Blue, Hail, all hail, dear Alma Mater, Tabor tried and true. To a higher plain of vision, and to truth and light, We are led within thy portals, Vigil of the right. Glorious memories, Alma Mater, Thrill us at thy view. We will hail thy name with rapture, Tabor, we'll be true. ZOILDDOUJS OP 'KCUDZOEETDGE Z' 4- 2 ' ' , J-f- . NX f -'xv A-A W IQ 57 WIN V 'Q 'f4 W +L ' ' N-.,1f" '7 Hf'Q' Q Ti i ,f nl I ,g', '13 'lf wif iw R Nw ,Tmrllijl I 4 5l5?'??I J 1 1 Wi? iq 1 W 'lilwifi i V lift? X f PL! i S 4 fi?-xl xx W -:ff 2 fee: ' - DR. ROY JUST President ofthe College "The God-given potential within each and every student is a constant source of inspiration to me." ,-4-"' dn X'-., DR. ABRAM G. KONRAD Dean of Academic Affairs DR. IOEL A, WIEBE Director of Public Relations Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as ever you can. john Wesley WALTER F. KLEINSASSER PAUL l. WIENS Dean of Students Business Manager JOHN EWERT Registrar MRS. GRACE UTTING Dean of Women College Nurse D' fS d Pl t . 'Venom tu em acemen 'flvian is not born to solve the problems ofthe PERSONNEL CLINTON SEIBEL DAVID WIEBE Admissions Counselors universe, but to find out where the problems begin, and then to take his stand within the limits ofthe intelligible." Goethe ORVILLE WIEBE Counselor SCIENCE HAROLD NACHTIGALL Math LORIN NEUFELD "Science is the literature of truth." Billings Chemistry and Phygigg SOLOMON L. LOEWEN MAX TERMAN WILLIAM IOHNSON Biology Biology Chemistry 3 V gt fkf, 1. V ., , T gag, 2 1 .. 25 SOCIAL SCIENCE History is from day to dayg and it is not events, it is sociologyg it is the progress ofthought. Alfred North Whitehead HENRY FAST History f , 544 LEONARD 1. FRANZ President Emeritus IQHN BQWER History and Government ALVIN DUECK Social Work Psychology 26 vi W MARVIN SELLBERG Business Administration "The usual education of young people is to inspire them with a second self-love." La Rochefougauld AMY DAHL ALLEN R . . Educatign UNAU Physical Education SOEREN BRYN N Physical Education Coach sw W Ki E ' all . . ' if if 9' 5 in A- -xi V sez. -152255 V 1 3 ,K 3 1 is ,P l an er fa: 1 ' W, .W ,..,,.,. ,. ,t,, ts ,,t,ti,.,, ,.. 4552917 - fzzf' 5 swzsitafzi, WEL -ii fvisiaziaiiitzszsfw DELMAR REIMER NORMAN HOLMSKOG Director of Athletics Physical Education Physical Education Coach 27 MUSIC Great music is a psychical storm, agitating to fathomless depths the mystery ofthe past within us. Well may the influence of music seem inexplicable to the man who idly dreams that his life began less than a hundred years ago! He who has been initiated into the truth knows that to every ripple of melody, to every billow of harmony there answers within him! out of the Sea of Death and Birth, BILL BRAUN some eddying immeasurable of Band ancient pleasure and pain. Paul E. Moore L we A, 5-Qt. Q iffix PAUL WOHLGEMUTH Choir WALACE DUNN LARRY FEIL MARILYN CRUIT Organ. Piano Music Voice Music Theory me inn LYNN ROTH Spanish MRS. KATIE WIEBE Publicity and English l il S is 1 lr Q A ' 2 M LANGUAGE is built upon the plan of his language. Henri Delacrorx 2 5 5 sl 5 MRS. MALINDA NIKKEL English The individuaI's whole experience WESLEY PRIEB English MR Ger S. KAETHE WARKENTIN lACK BRAUN man and Russian Drama and Speech 29 REV. MARVIN HEIN Throughout the endless crystal of man's wanderingsg throughout myriad paths of untraveled ideas and religious expression The Word stands .. Schwarz 3 CLARENCE HIEBERT, Bible STEPHEN CLINTON, Philosophy and Bible ' MRS, ALVENA EPP ANNA BARTELL MRS. ELEANOR PAULS Cashier Accountant Sec. - Business Manager MRS. MARY BALTZER MRS. ESTHER KLEINSASSER Secretary to Receptionist Music Dept. and Alumni i MRS. NANCY HIEBERT ANNA PRIES RUTH SCHWEITZER Secretary to Registrar Secretary to Academic Dean Secretary to Student Personnel 31 MRS. RUBENA WIEBE Secretary to the President To make a start out of particulars and make them general rolling up the sum. Williams MRSJANICE WINTER Secretary to P. E. Department LIBRARY AND BOOKSTORE "He ate and drank the precious wordsg His spirit grew robust: He know no more that he was poor, Nor that his frame was dust. He danced along the dingy days, And this bequest of wings was but a book." Emily Dickinson MRS. FRIEDA WALL Bookstore 'H ,fs vw-um L ,J 5 EGGS, M 4 rf ' W M Alv' 2 1. ..- z, Q ameri .,'r A ' ' A r ' ,M b,,,,,,,.,,..,.' sWi'U 'N " . ' in SN v ,,,, asm , L A A ROBERT SUDERMAN MRS. GEORGINA IOHNSON MISS MARY KLIEWER Head Librarian Asst. Librarian Reader's Advisor 32 S L U ,rg he , I I A krgy f' :I 2' Q r' K. . ? f 3 i r v. T f f rf, Mrs. justina Klasseng Mrs. Lorene lost, Head Cookg Mrs. Katherine Schrnidtg Mrs. Kathy Thiessen. KITCHEN Mrs. Selma Frieseng Mrs. Merlie Frieseng Mrs. Fern Heing Mrs. Matilda Unruh. "Double, double, toil and troubleg fire burn and caldren bubble." Shakespeare Ken Schroeder Head of Maintenance 33 MAI NTE N AN C E Marvin Funky jacob Wiebep Herman Friesen FACULTY CANDI DS David Wiebe, Stu Brynn Q' V' '5"'4 in M1-9 i mi F W """'W"W"""iil,lml:-T iiil' 'M W i 'ii ,M T ' in f ' WW' N' Vkyk I I M A7 -vwmnwiff.. 'ww f--' W., we U gr .,,,, H, K 'A Nzcugqm--A K kzwdnef... f-k., ggi 'MW' jl,,L,, m' ' A " All " , 1 , ,MH gh +5 . 1 .,,, . ,,m::""""" V MA-vs m i H515 ' Q my """-""' " ' ,w....... , ----- ' "M M .A v,A. --M 71. ""?f . QM maiiiiljf xx f W Clarence Hiebert Alvin Dueck, Clinton Seibel 34 wlfmbows of 61415 woqzmn Z' fs Z' fs 4 V 5 'xv ,kfg v 1-Q X ',r N si 3 35 F , gf' U ' gfsmvl ' Iii? ?1i y l, f qw! +4 f EW , -iiiliil V .dal Q 7 if , -X K Xl 1 .gt 35 M W if me f- M , ' W M M . Q ' V , 1 , - ' W' "-- E . ..,. ,. .RFQ iii 7123 W5 IQ ii? .51-' ilfff . iyjgls fsr . . REBECCA AARON Wichita, Kansas Sociology SANDRA BARTEL Wasco, California Physical Education ABE BESTVATER Steinbach, Manitoba Psychology BRIGITTE BESTVATERV Steinbach, Manitoba Elementary Education ALFRED BERG Wichita, Kansas Chemistry - Biology PETER BRAUN St. Catherines, Ontario Biology - Chemistry EVELYN DERKSEN St. Catherines, Ontario Social Work 36 A KATHLEEN DICK Corn, Oklahoma Education - Language CAROL ENN5 ELWOOD ENTZ RUTH EPP Enldf Oklahoma Peabody, Kansas Henderson, Nebraska MUSIC Business Administration Social Work fl.f W , Err. ,,V. E -I6 AVIS EWERT Bingham Lake, Minnesota Social Work CLASS OFFICERS: Mr. Clarence Hiebert, Sponsor, Mr. Walter Kleinsasser, Sponsor, Sandra Bartel, Sec.-Treas., Ruth Epp, STUCO Rep., Lynden Krause, Pres., Kathy Regier, V. Pres. STEVE FAST Hillsboro, Kansas Social Work IVAN FLAMING Ogallala, Nebraska Physical Education SALLY FRANZ Shafter, California Elementary Education BERRY FRIESEN Bingham Lake, Minnesota Social Work MARILYN FRIESEN Kobe, japan Elementary Education QUINTON FRIESEN Geneva, Nebraska Business Administration ELIZABETH GIESBRECHT New Bothwell, Manitoba Elementary Education STANLEY GOSSEN Corn, Oklahoma Business Administration ROGER HARMS Lehigh, Kansas Social Work RUSSELL ISAAC CAROLYN IOHNSON Meade, Kansas Peabody, Kansas History Social Work JIM IOST RONALD KLAASSEN Hillsboro, Kansas Hillsboro, Kansas Chemistry Physical Education BOB IOHNSON Colby, Kansas Psychology LYNDEN KRAUSE Fresno, California Social Science RONALD LIDDLE Garfield, Washington Bible MYRON LIEBELT . Sawyer, North Dakota Social Science ELAINE LOEWEN Hillsboro, Kansas Elementary Education C. PAUL LOEWEN Steinbach, Manitoba Business Administration LOWELL HOFER Carpenter, South Dakota Business Administration MARILYN MEGERT Durham, Kansas Music DEBORAH MILLER Reedley, California Elementary Education AZU OWUNWANNE Biafra, Africa Chemistry ELDORA PENNER Hillsboro, Kansas Elementary Education FRAN PENNER RICHARD PENNER RONALD PENNER Hillsboro, Kansas Hillsboro, Kansas Ingalls, Kansas Social Work Chemistry Social Work IOHN QUIRI NG Hampton, Nebraska History DAVID RATZLAFF l MARILYN RATZLAFF GARY REGIER EdW2fdSVIll9, llllfl0IS Hillsboro, Kansas Henderson, Nebraska Natural SCIENCE Elementary Education Pre-Professional PHYLLIS REIMER Corn, Oklahoma Elementary Education KATHLEEN REGIER Enid, Oklahoma Biology RICHARD REIMER Canton, Kansas Biology ROLAND REIMER MERLE SCHLABAUGH HERBERT SCHROEDER Ulysses, Kansas Kalona, Iowa Moundridge, Kansas Medical Technology German Social Science RANDALL SPERLING .IERILYN THESMAN DOROTHY THIESSEN Burrton, Kansas Kremlin, Oklahoma Inman, Kansas Business Administration Business Education Business Education IOLENE THIESSEN Cordell, Oklahoma Education-Music Eiga NORMA THIESSEN Hillsboro, Kansas Elementary Education A1 ELLIS TOEWS Enid, Oklahoma Mathematics ROBERT VIX - Velva, North Dakota History CHARLOTTE TSCHETTER IANET TOEWS Dolton, South Dakota Frazer, Montana English Chemistry ERNEST UNRUH KAYLENE UNRUH Vauxhall, Alberta Tulare, California Mathamatics Elementary Education DOUGLAS WIENS Buhler, Kansas Sociology CAMERON WEISSER Vancouver, British Columbia Social Work IOHN WOHLGEMUTH Hillsboro, Kansas Business Administration F m J.. . . M , sn. ..,,i,Mirimi,,.wfZk,iaEwSat3,iw 2 Q R I E E I I B all ii I el Class Officers: Nancy Marlatt, Sec.-Treas.g Ralph Heinrichs, V. Pres, Don Wohlgemuth, STUCO Rep., Mr. Alvin Dueck, Spon- sor, Terry Oberg, Pres., Not pictured, Mr. Orville Wiebe, Sponsor. juniors Ruth Boese Buhler, Kansas David Dyess Shakopee, Minnesota Harold Buller Frank Buschman james Carter Charlene Decker Dinuba, California Hutchinson, Kansas Maize, Kansas Hitchcock, South Dakota Luana Enns Dennis Fast lanice Fast Paul Flaming Steinbach, Manitoba Marshall, Arkansas Hillsboro, Kansas Hillsboro, Kansas 44 -fer' , an james L. Frantz Ralph Heinrichs Mark Hutcherson Roger A- lost Nancy K6SSl6'I' Hillsboro, Kansas Ulysses, Kansas Edwardsville, III. Reedley, California Lodi, California "bmw ' .,,, its lf. if QQ? .3 , 'Z fly, s " ' 1 ' ', s. I JL ,- i Margarete Klassen Helen Kroeker Wesley Kroeker Raymond Lepp Paulette Liebelt Clearbrook, B.C. Winkler, Manitoba Winkler, Manitoba Edmondton, Alberta Harvey, N.D. 5,3 M 1. A, .5 1 W f as K X' Q 0' me . , . : y if 3 T? sf ,mf f lm gf, xx is L JK D 2 l 1 Q , , L we fl' P' to Adina Loewen Harold Loewen Nancy Marlatt Rita McCabe Kathleen Neufeld Yarrow, B.C. Hillsboro, Kansas Shafter, California Hoyt, Kansas Balko, Oklahoma at 'S- C5 i t 51 L L , ' - 1 M P , . :, , , , , img, . DW. . I .Q W r I Terry Oberg Mandy Mae Nisly Patricia Penner Sherryl Peters Kathleen Regan Minnetonka, Minn. Hutchinson, Kansas Cimarron, Kansas Mt. Lake, Minn. McClusky, N.D. 45 if' l .3 lx I Maryetta Regehr Evelyn Regier Hillsboro, Kansas Enid, Oklahoma l Phil Richert Irving,Texas Iudy Reimche Martin, N.D. V , 46 Nathan Rempel Nancy Schroeder Meade, Kansas Inman, Kansas Bert Steeves Martha Stobbe Blairsville, Penn. Phoenix, Arizona l Leon Thiessen Rowena Toews Whitewater, Kansas Freeman, S.D. Deon Vogt Keith Wall Helen Wiebe Gary Wiens Tulsa, Oklahoma Reedley, California Kelowna, B.C. Visalia, California .AS-PW XF F!-' Lynette Wiens Dennis Willrns Mary Wohlgemuth Don Wohlgemuth Meade, Kansas Kitchener, Ontario Hillsboro, Kansas Dinuba, California 117 f E I john Asonibare Alfreda Baerg William Barington Lonnie Bartel Carleen Buller Ibadan, Nigeria Virgil, Ontario Minneapolis, Minn. Fairview, Oklahoma Aurora, Nebraska ,.,?Ewf I L ie ? Q 1 ig? - ww-V., - L, ,55,g1fq,. Naomi Classen Karen Duerksen Henry Dyck Kathleen Epp Allen Ewert Minneapolis, Minn. Fresno, California Three Hills, Alberta Hillsboro, Kansas Hillsboro, Kansas CLASS OFFICERS: Ken Fast, STUCO Rep., Mr. lack Braun, Sponsor, Kathleen Epp, V.-Pres., Cathy Gunther, Sec.-Treas., Dale Leach, Pres,, Mr Norman Holmskog, Sponsor. l 111 niilus Ji: asf' T F 2 If i , Elaine Ewert Morris Ewert Bingham Lake, Minn. Hillsboro, Kansas Mike Frantz Larry Friesen Hillsboro, Kansas Eldorado, Kansas Lavon Fast Ken Fast Howard Foote Hillsboro, Kansas Okeene, Oklahoma Clinton, Oklahoma Sandra Friesen Steve Friesen Don Gaede Meade, Kansas Kobe, japan Fresno, California Samir Ghawi Cathy Gunther Amman, jordan Dinuba, California Linda Harms Marilyn Harms Hillsboro, Kansas Hillsboro, Kansas 49 1 i l l E l Sidney Harms Morris Hatton Karen Hein Bonita Heinrichs Gordon Hiebert Hillsboro, Kansas Boone, N.C. Hillsboro, Kansas Hillsboro, Kansas Hillsboro, Kansas l W Nadine Hiebert Glorian Hirschkorn Mari janzen Newton, Kansas Goodrich, N.D, Fresno, California C, l Judy johnson julia johnson Charlene lost Pierceville, Kansas Shafter, California Hillsboro, Kansas l l l i C C Shelby Kilmer Connie Klassen Ruth Klema Stgphen Kligwer judith Koch Haysville, Kansas Dinuba, California Kenosha, Wisconsin Babella, Oklahoma gtrong City, Kansas 50 l i U ig' it , e Wi 'mf j sr' i -0. I as ' ,,s. fl' , A ' ad i P Mary Krause lanice Lisenbury Casey Malek Trent Martens Aurilie Mohrmann Mountain Lake, Minn, Delores, Colorado East Chicago, Ill. Orienta, Oklahoma Columbus, Nebraska unjxx Sheila Nachtigall Dennis Penner Diana Penner Paul Penner Steve Peterson Collinsville, Okla. Hillsboro, Kansas Denver, Colorado Durham, Kansas McPherson, Kansas il, 2332 Phyllis Poetker Gordon Prieb Linda Prottsman Chicago, illinois Hillsboro, Kansas Venango, Nebraska r 53 ' . A Q nv-, ,Q My as A. 9, sk xr 9' in mf S s gf- , X If I . 3 i '-- S . X 3 Mary Quiring Karen Radney Barry Raugust Hampton, Nebraska Oklahoma City, Okla Harvey, N.D. 51 lv-f-, -vrgw 2' David Richert Timothy Schellenberg Allen Schmidt Ray Schmidt Elaine Schmidt Irving, Texas Doland, S.D. Lehigh, Kansas Hillsboro, Kansas Fairview, Oklahoma Elizabeth Schwarz june Siemens Park Forest, Ill. Meade, Kansas dl- YT? 1 Lou Spenst Anna Spradlin Mayville, N.D. Haysville, Kansas Elaine Stucky Mary Stucky Newton, Kansas Newton, Kansas 52 Sandra Swanstrom Robert Thesman Oak, Nebraska Kremlin, Oklahoma Paul Unrau Sherry Unruh Larslan, Montana Durham, Kansas 'E Sandra Wall Judy Wiebe Dallas, Oregon Enid, Oklahoma -qs' 4"'1 Margaret Wiebe Marlys Wiens Hillsboro, Kansas Bingham Lake, Minn. 1 iw M.. V vp 4' Qi fwfr ff. llx Tlx' in Nz! ,,,. . . Y K H. 1' :I K 1 46 Xe? bak Q, xu"""'i-Q34 A' J , V E , Marlys Woosley Chicago, lllinois l 2 4 --A-4.1 P ., 1 N? ELEP ' D, Wig s WI' Q, CLASS OFFICERS: Hugh Raugust, Vice-Pres., Melissa Frantz, Sec.-Treas.g Mr. john Bower, Sponsor, Sharon Loewen, Stuco. Rep., Mr. Stu Brynn, Sponsor, Fred Fulton, Pres. F res h m e n ,-, 'Q 'QQ' QS' Sonya AddiS0n Vicki Adrian Naomi Brucks Eleanor Braun Ardean Buller Ingalls, Kansas Buhler, Kansas Hillsboro, Kansas St. Catharines, Ont, Henderson, Nebraska 54 Ray Classen Newton, Kansas R.C. Coffelt Donald Cole Betty Couts Hillsboro, Kansas Oak Park, Illinois Hillsboro, Kansas , l Beverly Dahl Loretta Dick janice Disch Rhonda Ediger Hillsboro, Kansas Mt. Lake, Minn. Midland, Texas Enid, Oklahoma Martha Croft Hillsboro, Kansas George Enns Steinbach, Manitoba Richard Entz Alvin Epp Donald Esau Galen Fast Van Nuys, California Hillsboro, Kansas Hillsboro, Kansas Godfrey, Illinois Q77 Lois Fast Marshall, Arkansas r , .M I Nancy Fast Margie Franz Melissa Frantz Lois Friesen Inman, Kansas Campbell, California Wasco, California Meade, Kansas 55 Lynette Friesen Hillsboro, Kansas Fred Fulton Robert Goentzel Gary Gossen Harlan Graf W, Monroe, Louisiana Wichita, Kansas Corn, Okla. Cordell, Oklahoma ,.W l Warren Grunau Beverly Harms Cynthia Harms Douglas Hein Balko, Oklahoma Ulysses, Kansas Denver, Colorado Hillsboro, Kansas ' X " I13l'w373i::4i5lfii1F' Q , 'V'-' W " , K fl ' f 'il',f ' t- H X , y V ,V fi . V A ,--, , - Arlene Holland Roger Hubin Bisbee, Arizona Moundridge, Kansas Carey Johnson Mohammed Kanji Hillsboro, Kansas Kinshasa, Congo 56 ak, a. 2 M W tg. Ag 3 5 4 1' ll ' ' f M 5 fn: rs wa? 'iffiiiiiiiii -'V ' ' JS r :?5?5Q-.'4"'i aw-,f what , , M.2,mit,, -f L- ,W I H 2 -f 1aw.a,t,A,.t 1 -' Y fmrsttffisigw " HxfV'f'5N' t 'zazftwfn M .tra ,s,..,, ,. , -s,1f,f,,f,s1,s 111 1' ' 'fr ' -H?fEs,.s?fezw? ' W- W lhfffl T A . gif . 1 a. , . Xa' z"f f I ,. f ra aug if 'lf W 9. , K' 9 Q A Efflkn MK 1 -2 , ti ll fi 233' I Q., Q-awk' 'g,fy5J.,Q,Q: H mf ar een roenin K I G Hillsboro, Kansas Carol Hiebert Bakersfield, Calif. If we Q W 1 4, Kathy lanzen Reedley, California Royce Karber Fairview, Oklahoma Eli' ff' fl .5 ' l . Milford Klaassen George Kliewer lanice Kliewer Hillsboro, Kansas Inman, Kansas Hillsboro, Kansas Phil Kliewer Glenn Koehn Bryan Kroeker Omaha, Nebraska Ringwood, Oklahoma Enid, Oklahoma Ellen Kroeker Cheryl Loewen lohn Loewen Sharon Loewen Wesley Loewen Wichita, Kansas Dallas, Oregon Dallas, Oregon Lima, Peru Meade, Kansas A ' , .- W .,... In I f 'li' . . 3 Q if w- 3 . if ii i J Diana Mayer David McGinness lan Miller Don Neufeld Cynthia Paro Harvey, N.D. Marion, Kansas Ogallala, Nebraska Fairview, Oklahoma Glasgow, Montana 57 Alan Penner Cimarron, Kansas Kenneth Penner Ingalls, Kansas Fran Ratzlaff Goessel, Kansas john Ratzlaff Mike Ratzlatl Hillsboro, Kansas Balko, Oklahoma ...4 Velma Reimer Meade, Kansas Mary Rempel Barbara Sallaska Mt. Lake, Minn. Balko, Oklahoma 58 Don Penner Hillsboro, Kansas Carol Polson Minneapolis, Minn. Hugh Raugust Harvey, N.D. l JoAnn Sawatsky Weatherford, Okla. 'Y' Kathy Penner Hillsboro, Kansas Gordon Quiring Hampton, Nebraska Carolyn Reimer Shafter, California Laura Schmidt Lehigh, Kansas it c is M I H P 'V' x fi yy, f I l X , ff' Don Schroeder Gilbert Schroeder Miriam Schroeder Vernelle Schroeder Vincent Schroeder Inman, Kansas Inman, Kansas Moundridge, Kansas Adams, Oklahoma Canton, Kansas its-.fx C' "7 Myron Showers Kathleen Siebert Marilyn Sowers Mary Splitter Briggsdale, Colo. Hutchinson, Kansas Emerson, Iowa Liberal, Missouri Ken Stobbe Mark Stuchlik W nf Corn, Oklahoma Lost Springs, Kans. 'QR' .. N . "s' A I wi' 'ff ai Y ,fa ? g 1, i ai 4' a YN 7 , W Y f 4 1: , I ' ' .4 . L' ' A , I I ' ,- X a 'I' lk' v.. .. 'no I Krista Suderman Marvin Tajch man Anita Thiessen Betty Thiessen 1oHanna Thiessen Hillsboro, Kansas Lincolnville, Kans. Inman, Kansas Hillsboro, Kansas Colony, Oklahoma 59 +6 Eldon Toews lanice Toews Frazer, Montana Enid, Oklahoma 4r'n"' Myron Toews Danny Unruh Kremlin, Oklahoma Chicago, Illinois til Aa- " ,ff 3 l f Marsha Unruh Naomi Vogt Wesley Voth Beth Weber Debra Whitcomb Bakersfield, Calif. Hillsboro, Kansas Lincoln, Nebraska Beatrice, Nebraska Cedar Point, Kansas -Q ec fi l i l Dorothy Wiebe Susan Wiebe ludy Wiens Mark Wiens lane Wohlegemuth Windom, Minnesota Hillsboro, Kansas Hooker, Oklahoma Butterfield, Minn. Peabody, Kansas 60 ik.. V 5.- Qu- MSE- 'inf BACK ROW: Lonnie Buller, Omaha, Nebraska, Io Ann Yarusinsky, Danville, Illinois, Robert McGoren, North Surrecy, B.C., john Kliewer, Inman, Kansas, Gordon Ediger, Inman, Kansas, FRONT ROW: Phebe Neufeld, McAllen, Texas, Edita Angel, Philippines, Heather Gunther, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Marc Isaak, Dinuba, California. Second Semester Students ZDICDDOZOS Ol: ACGIUICTJ 1' fs Z' -f 1 xx -iv!l.A veg W RT-'-g"' 'fy I IN I' I I N -..-1' I H. X 57 II, I . I 3 if ' FII II I I WI! I I' IMI I QI , f+,If Nj I I IIII III I III V I I I III fl H III M51 I .Iwi I I AgwUI ! I X I'I I 1 A Xxx, if X ai V"'w Q in Q mf- , W W ,Q 2 4 mfs , .L ' 1. ifiggsfgsuinggfgsfk 145,-as f.-f f, Q Q fe-in M 'Uv W: 4 Z ,W ,R if f. ,iv Pr 55. . 53 ? af A s. Wm :M '- it N n MW lv ' C.F.A.Retreat "Hang Loose" Camp Wood was again the annual tramping grounds forthe C.F.A. retreat this fall. All who went could enjoy a "relaxing" weekend of horseback riding, tennis, football, canoeing, volley ball,andthe usual late hours fxt and chicanery expected while "hanging loose." "Hanging loose" in this area, however, E was not so important as Harv Smuckers i "hanging loose" is a real relationship with a "now" Christ. Many saw new depths of reality thru the talks and reflective times A, And had a chance to share them at the closing campfire. K 1. L Vi' ,xi Mr. Bill Panel Christian Emphasis The Christian Emphasis Committee, composed equally of students and faculty, has as its responsibil- ity the consultation and coordination ofthe Chris- tian emphasis and spiritual life on campus. Other activities include planning the annual Bible and Christian Conferences, and acting as a consultant to C.F.A. This year the Christian Emphasis Week speaker was Bill Panel. He minced no words in telling us ex- actly what the "black situation" of today entails. Some of what he said was thought controversial, but the important thing was the way he opened a new window of racial views to Tabor students. 65 ,, P34 f lp My --H--..v 4 Wana, ,., , G M . , as ., .. ,t 5 ..i - if we T 'P BACK ROW: Connie Klassen, Sec.g Dennis Fast, Pres. SECOND ROW: Norma Thiessen, Christian Service Comm.g john Bower, Sponsorg Naomi Classen, Treas.g Cam Wieser, Christian Service Comm.p FRONT ROW: Pete Braun, Christian Life Comm.g ludy johnson, Christian Life Comm.g Paul Unrau, Publicityg Gordon Prieb, V. Pres. Christian Fellowship Association CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP ASSOCIATION students find fellowship and service opportunities The Christian Fellowship Association is led by two groups: Christian Life Committee and Christian Service Committee. The Christian Life Committee carries the responsibility of providing the Wednesday evening meetings while the Christian Service Committee directs the service activities of C.F.A. 66 Ken Fast and Dennis Fast cut watermelon at first C.F.A. meeting. Pete Braun leads singing at C.F.A. Steve Friesen and Don Gaede entertain at the C.F.A singspiration Social Activities The Social Activities Committee never recieved much credit for its diligence, but the committee donat- ed many hours tothe cause of Tabor's social activities. Chairman Marilyn Friesen, and commitee members Barry Raugust and Dorothy Thiessen help to accom- plish their goal of sponsoring several activities. The Spanish fiesta, the Cilump-in, coffee house, Hill- billy night and the Christmas "Snowed Inn" dinner were just a few of the events that provided us with an opportunity to throw studies into oblivion and seek out new friendships and modes of relaxation. , , K - .u P 'xx " f ,.. ,, Q, Vg, 1. -. 'N l fl 12' ' wp 4 'Y' WM, avg . :, w w , , f,,,s1z1w, 'g,.,,:g,g5y41v ,,:,,.. ,,,: t , , , K -1151415 -'fn W. ..fw""' 'Q fl Ah-W f . rm F ,I 4115.2 fn- 'W' '45 axis no--'ff 46" N Ml' ' 3 -3 uw 1 IQ Tk sf! x xi as "ax Homecoming l l f ,,,.,,,s....... .....,... t aZ ..s my MA W' n, , l at .fl I in ' ., . :if 2 'Ei "' J ' :QW-, North Halls' knights of Tabor Round Table win wom- ens' dorm decorations. Homecoming 1969 was a weekend filled with the flurry of the last minute dorm decorations, and the ex- citement of the queen crowning. The film "Born Free" was shown, along with other outstanding cultural af- fairs including the play, "Strangers at the Mill," written by Merle Good, and a choir concert directed by lean Berger. Both men were on campus for these produc- tions. The weekend was climaxed by our victory over Bethany. The weekend was faithfully closed with the traditional Dutch supper. I t Ji, ts, Missionary Song Finale of "Strangers at the Mill." Queens Court and escorts, Connie Klassen, Barry Raugust, Ruth Epp, Roger Harms, Mary Quiring, Lynn Krause. Dale "Namath" Leach swings around for a pass during our victory game against Bethany. Tabor won12-7. Nebraska Hall wins mens' dorm decorations. wxwx axxxx Nix NN-. Xxx if xxx, HOMECOMING QUEEN MISS RUTH EPP 4 , 5 N .-r-.M ' WF U Vti , V., I My W WH .MM , 1. 1, ,W I 1, y 'Z A -v Q 1' .5 f ' vw ,gf ,M M K MK , . Y' ig' . 2, An- , 1 w f , Q M - y. F ., f x "' f xw. I K A " - , A-1 X' W V . rn win '95 W nf nr' C 1 "anew , s Ip "'b 4 Aff? In Wo , lg fm M i',k aw AQ M. -4 M! m ,si 4' 1 'X '- yu X A 4' 'Qs z v, F H ,A E , Q 2 4, A f7',w,Ni A , J. Q M, W! i 5. inf" hh' . 1" f, 1 ' 5 F .5 V+- 'V v R5 i -J : "f-rf' if s .Q 53" ifyhli N" ,Ezine Y "Wulf A A Aga X ,. , Y W W O .S- ,, - ,,-. g ' 5 gf! f WW 4 5' Y, ,4 V A , W V I . .N VV 1' J, I-E Lg Q-by-1 A L '.,:"'g J LV E V 'V fy I ,G dl ' E if Lk 1.1 . , few. A -f F' Y' W: M 'V E a gg ,rf V5 I 0- " ff 'V , i 5 V3 V . 4 . W ,Q at f ' ' W .J sk 1 ff?-7 ' SK Q L '15 K: " fb' wwf 9' nn.. 5 ' CL" , 4, N , xr 4, w K , . 4 - ,f ,JW - K A -fix I' L ' ' .V g Rf-S fl. M -, M Wy, 5 ff, ...a ui ,gi M df, , duff hw w ,, . , vu .nv ll, 41' 5 Q.. 4? milf 41" Y 5253 r I . fr! wr . ,W 4:1--H W,,'.-nMw" 1" W 'MLJMW Strangers At The Mill This.year's fall production was entitled "Strangers at the Mill." The play was centered around the old Mennonites of quaint Lancaster County, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The time was at the present and showed very clearly some of the conflicts and problems of a people trying to retain the traditional when there are forces all around trying to de- stroy it. Cast: Dick Kauffman . Paul ,..,,..... lake Stalzfus . , . Becky Kauffman .... Amos Kauffman Fred Miller ...,.. Noami Miller .. johnny Miller T... Chorus ,,,. Gary Wiens ... Paul Rempel Donavan Friesen Connie Klassen Warren Deckert .... Neal Buller , . , . Margarete Klassen . .,... Barry Raugust Sharon Miller . .. . A , Karen Duerksen Leonard Getz . . . ii.. Darnell Lautt Debbie Wilson ..i,,,......, ... Carol Dick Bill Wilson ,i,.iiii,.......i..... ' ........ Ted Seibel Chorus: tpeople of Lancasterl Paula Liebelt, Anna Spradlin, Judi Wiebe, Annette lost, Charlotte Tschetter, janet Toews, Peter Braun, Butch Gerbrandt, Herb Schroeder, Ron Penner, Wesley Loewen. Neal Buller as Fred Miller. Barry Raugust as johnny, Donavan Friesen as lake. johnny Miller, played by Barry Raugust sings to his lamb. Warren Deckert plays Amos Kauffman, "Unser Fater in dam Himmel." ' 4'a.i,Y l gl- wg-he :lil UQ' Q l :Ln :. ,,. 77" figs, Q.. -V s ' 9' vs F Q ,Q . zanwym - S LN! '11 C - A. 'aff f 'Aa 442: we Q-:x 'ra 4 ,- 'ifwff - Lf 'E Q-5, X , Q S ' ' A 27 2 5 "i.., "7f ' A 'W' 5 "are , ' " . .Mi . A .4 L ,, . , . ,y 'S' x 's af .Y .7 K A 1, . X K Q WB' 1 1 ,K 3 - -X I ' I FV f , as V - ia . ,,,. V' iw ., " A Q h in 3 1 A " ,,. an 'Qt H as I an -- an in ll -1- Paul is played by Paul Rempel, Becky Kauffman is played by Connie Klassen. Culture Touches Tabor It is the purpose of the Cultural Affairs Committee to bring as many stimulating, and broadening experi- ences in the arts to Tabor as possible. These affairs have a wide range, compensating for the diverse interests and cultural tastes of the student body. Cultural events have varied, including a concert by former Miss Illi- nois, Suzzanne johnson, a pianist and harpsicordist, Phylis Benson, and internationally known lecturer Rappard Meuller, and the Every Man's Players dramatic Greek theater reading of Romans. Rappard Meuller Suzzannejohnson Everymans' Players "Romans" PHOTOGRAPHERS: Gordon Prieb, Doug Wiens ihead photographeri, Rich Penner. EDITOR: Patricia Penner, Advisor Dr. S.L. Loewen, Asst. Editor, Beth Weber. 78 Bluejay Staff ' ,Wm WORKING STAFF: Ruth Klema, janice Disch, Sharon Loewen, COPY EDITOR: Betsy Schwarz 79 Melissa Frantz, Mary Krause, Kathy Penner ,aw-q gt: . Q, WM 11-Zi MMV A , . r P ' is-ug? ' 'K STANDING: Neal Buller, Sandra Friesen, Gary Wiens, Cheryl Loewen, SEATED: Connie Klassen, Carol Enns, Paul Rempel, Mr. lack Braun, San- dra Wall. Chancel Drama The drama group was on tour for seven weeks during the summer of 1969, performing in churches and youth camps in the northern states and Canada. The fall itinerary ofthe Players included church groups and schools in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. The final schedule of this present school year occurrs during the january inter- term, taking the group to California, Oregon, and Colorado. 80 , , ....., -' Under the capable direction of Dr. Paul Wohlgemuth, the choir had an active and enjoyable year of activities be- ginning with a concert under the direction of jean Berger, who was on campus for a special homecoming concert. Through the year, the choir sang for audiences in churches around Hillsboro. The busy year was climaxed with the annual choir tour. College Choir BACK ROW: Gary Wiens, Henry Dyck, Morris Hatton, Randy Sperling, Paul Unrau, Nathan Rempel, Roger Harms, lim Boese, Herb Schroeder, Neal Buller, Ralph Heinrichs, Harold Buller. THIRD ROW: Pete Braun, Steve Friesen, Ray Lepp, Wes Voth, Merle Schlabaugh, Paul Doerksen, Clyde Seibel, Don Ciaede, Dennis Willms, Wes Loewen, Harold Gerbrandt, Leon Thiessen, Dean Hiebert. SECOND ROW: Anna Spradlin, Lynette Wiens, Helen Wiebe, Lavon Fast, Eileen Hiebert, Margarete Klassen, Rowena Toews, Lou Spenst, Cheryl Loewen, loyce Duerksen, Kathy Neu- feld, janet Toews, Annette lost, Marilyn Megert. FRONT ROW: Carol Enns, Mary Quiring, Karen Duerksen, Paula Liebelt, Mary Stucky, Marcia Hiebert, Sandra Wall, Nadine Hiebert, Liz Martens, Kathleen Dick, jolene Thiessen, Dorothy Thiessen, Dr. Paul Wohlgemuth, Director. wma M Q. fm 'TN vi is ff' Q" . 1-nv , 3 ,S fa Q21 fagif, Y V BACK ROW: K. lanzen, 1. Wohlgemuth, Mrs. R. Harms, T. Schellenberg, R. Hubin, K. Penner, A. Epp, D. Froese, H. Foote, P. Penner, G. Kliewer, R. Klema, B. Harms, S. Addison. THIRD ROW: M. Splitter, A. Thiessen, L. Friesen, H. Graf, E. Toews, B. Raugust, G. C-ossen, H. Raugust, M. Show- ers, D. Sperling, K. Wall: Pres., B. Sallaska, D. Whitcomb, L. Fast. SECOND ROW: K. Groening, M. Schroeder, N. Fast, B. Dahl, B. Thiessen, C. Bull- , er, V. Adrian, L. Schmidt, F. Ratzlaff, B. Schwarz, E. Kroeker, C. Riemer. FRONT ROW: M. Frantz, M. janzen, 1. Wiens, M. Rempel, G. Hirschcorn, l H. Vogt, I. Toews, M. Franz, C. Suderman, C. Paro, A. Holland, A. Dueck, K. Claassen, C. Ollenburger. CHAPEL CHOIR 82 I-CF BAND Both the band and chapel choir at Tabor strive for excellency in the music they produce. In this way, they can better glorify God, and present the Christian testi- mony in a meaningful way to both the campus itself, and also to the surrounding areas. This year the band was combined with Bethel and McPherson Bands. A concert was given for each school, Mr. Bill Braun was in charge of the band for Tabor. 89-91 ---...E 83 STANDING: D. Leach, M. Quiring, D. Gaede, S. Loewen, D. Wohlgemuth, T. Oberg, R. Epp, Mr. Kleinsasser, M. Hutcherson, M. Friesen. SEAT- ED: D. Vogt, K. Fast, M. Harms, Lynn Krause, A. Berg, Pres. STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council is the tool and channel of the students. It is through this media that relevant teacher-student communications can be increased and maintained. Students elected by their representative classes have an oppor- tunity to become sensitive to student needs, and are engaged in utilizing the facilities for improvement and change. One of the most useful projects to come out of Stuco is Work Days. For three days students go out to work and vol- untarily donate the money to a specified fund. This fund purchases such things as library equipment, educational media and athletic equipment. In this way the students are sharing in the experience of working, not for their own personal benefit, but working together for the common good of all. 84 'W' dy f ,ir -Yi . T ' -xv 'x , W .f Q4 ,, We 34 yu- 'EERE Q'-5.2 935253 Get to work Terry! President AI Berg .X 5 in.-t-.Q,, .1 5 f9'Wx"-vs ,F Q 6 Work Days Chairman Lynn Krause -Q---..- V... -,,......., ' r i ll i i lf-- elif is U U I 0 Q BACK ROW: K. Neufeld, C. Buller, D. Penner, S. Friesen, C. Dick, S. Gossen, A. Spradlin, B. Thesrnan, Mrs. Katie Wiebe, Advisorg W. Deckert, S. Loewen, C.. Cioertzen, S. Nachtigall, B. Friesen, M. Kanji. FRONT ROW: S. Peters, P. Rernpel, Editorg R. Penner, B. Raugust. VIEW STAFF The View, the college newspaper is completely run and staffed by students. They have an opportunity to get into the field of journalism by using and learning new skills and techniques of writing. They also enjoy the added benefit of reporting and recording the important events of the school year. 86 TABOR COLLEGE STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION FOURTH ROW: D. Hiebert, H. Wiens, W. Deckert, M. Liebelt, G. Klassen, R. Lepp, M. Schlabaugh - Pres. THIRD ROW: R. Klaassen, L. Martens, L. Schlichting, M. Regehr, M. Megert, K. Ianzen, I..EIaming. SECOND ROW: S. Bartel, P. Reimer - Vice-Pres., L. Harms, I. Thiessen, D. Miller, D. Dick - Sec., D. Thiessen, R. Vix. FRONT ROW: K. Neufeld, G. Goertzen, R. Boese, M. Friesen, C. Klassen, J. Disch, E. Hiebert, L. Wiens. STUDENT MUSIC ASSOCIATION BACK ROW: M. Hatton, H. Dyck, G. Klassen - Pres., R. Lepp, L. Thiessen - Vice-Pres., P. Doerksen, D. Hiebert, W. Loewen. FRONT ROW: M Megert, K. Croening, N. Vogt, C. Enns, Dr. Paul Wohlgemuth - Sponsor, A. lost - Treas., L. Spenst, S. Friesen - Sec., C. Paro, B. Sallaska, L Friesen. 87 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB SOCIAL WORK BACK ROW: I, lost, M. Schlabaugh, M. Hutcherson, B. Friesen, I. Franu, L. Krause. FRONT ROW: G. Regier, M. Liebelt, P. Kliewer. STANDING: R. Penner, S. Peterson, G. Ratzlaff, C. Weiser. SEATED: Mr. john Bower - Advisor, F, Fenner, R. Loewen H. Kroeker, R, Harms - Pres., H. Loewen, N. Kessler, Mrs. Donna Neufeld, A. Ewert, C. johnson, R. Epp, H. Wiebe. 88 , I ,Q Q wr .Ego 1 , K s 1 I - 'K' FOURTH ROW: T. Pauls, T. Oberg, B. Raugust, P. Braun, R. Penner. THIRD ROW: 1. lost - Pres. A. Berg, R. Jost, R. Reimer, R. Vix, D. Rat zlaff, M. Isaac. SECOND ROW: E. Toews, A. Toews, S. Bartel, K. Regier, I. Toews, E. Regier. FRONT ROW: Sponsors 4- Dr. William john son, Dr. Solomon Loewen, Mr. Max Terrnan, Mr. Lorin Neufeld. SCIENCE CLUB 89 Cheerleaders Add Emotion To Bluejay Games judy johnson 'foo-right-wanff 4. gf sqazffiaihfag-sldzsy Our team boosters. Mary Quiring "sock it to'em" new-'wen 5-J'-flwissaim - Cathy Gunther "swings to spell-out" 90 Q' 1 mmm we xx my il N Q J: 4 uv-vs, Q t Nancy Marlatt-captain "Let's have one big fight!" .,....-..-....-W, Connie Klassen Sings fight song? 91 4 , 'ii BACK ROW: 1. Carter, G. Mohn, I. Nettro, L. Friesen, M. Klaassen, I. Buller, G. Regier, B. Friesen, P. Flaming, K. Wall. FOURTH ROW: M. Ratzlaff, R. Prottsman, B. johnson, R. Klaassen, D. Wohlgemuth. THIRD ROW: E. Fntz, D. Leach, 1. lost, K. Fast, R. Heinrichs, I. Flaming, D. Fast. SECOND ROW: Coach Brynng Advisor, R. Franz, H. Raugust, E. Yockey, R. Penner, T. Oberg, B. Raugust, L. Shouseg Pres., R. Walter, Coach Holmskog, Advisor. FRONT ROW: R. Vix, K. Penner, W. Unrau, B. Lawrence, C. Lawrence, C. Malek, G. Horton. LETTERMEN'S CLUB ZDICDDGZOS Ol: AGT-UZEGICS L 1' -N lx -ff-. ' X .f!vA-A 'fig E'-"':""' ' iv! x X .-,.-df' N N.--f' ' ' -A s-13 -, I I 1 S + 5 5 ? 4 V f r Wi ' Wig +1 X vf THV1 fbi -Wffil 553 fm: ' 21 f i l +1 . w? 91 ,' l, 1 I w' I : 'W i i N U I A-A-G .l , ff f X K , Xl if 5 'lf t5,, ,ilk-4-f Q BACK ROW: Gary Regier, Ralph Heinrichs, Myron Harms, Butch Steeves, Terry Dillner, Don Wohlgemuth, Earnie Miller, Keith Wall, Ken Fast, Dennis Fast, Assistant coach Norm Holmskog. THIRD ROW: Delmer Reimer, athletic director: Stu Brynn, head coach: Fred Fulton, Keith Regier, Mike Gipp, Vern Schultz, Mil- ford Klaassen, Doug Hein, Tim Schmidt, lim Henry, Bryan Kroekerg student assistants, Tom Tano and Ivan Flaming. SECOND ROW: Ron Klaassen, Dennis McNally, Gordon Mohn, Roland Lawrence, Mike Ratzlaff, john Buller, Kelly Wahl, Ardean Buller, Hugh Raugust, Ron Prottsman, Mark Stuchik. FRONT ROW: Marvin Tajchman, Bob johnson, Scott Brown, Walter Wolff, Ernie Yockey, Gary Williams, Don Holcomb, Dave Mc- k ' A Ginnes, leryl Mohn, Rolland Lawrence. I I IHGFCFW i ix Flax iv ' in 'Tit ' ' ,x,' U, HWW' 6O.H Q S -, 4 ' li A I gf if 4.1-,fi V' - Tabor 20 Tabor 0 Tabor 7 Tabor 6 Tabor 7 Tabor 7 Tabor 12 Ta bor 34 BLUE Friends University Bethel St. Marys Kansas Wesleyan Baker University Ottawa Bethany McPherson I 21 27 41 49 36 36 7 7 mf 'Y Ni A asv'- 2' ,A 2' Y L, Q ii- K, , , fr ,, Ava t J is-4' 4- 7 Ai . A, tw sm' A 'lifiil' X if 'Q f F F F -. A X JW ,KE 7 'T' A kwin' V, 'mlb' K Ltlsmfx, Ne FTFSQFQAK J' A A 'SQA Ln , ' , ' T' R In A it 5 i Lk ,vw fixi iz-2 :qf,,i5.a A X Q sf I i -w is-.I 9 K fy, ', N 1 x, qi ' f 1 'X . ,xxx Y I ,i.7rA!. guy? I Y, 1 9 U "Fightin' Blue" defenders Fulton, Klaassen, Lawrence, and Fast put the "job" on Be- thany ballcarrier. Coach Brynn sits "on top of his world" after homecoming victory. e-3' rv-..., ....4...,. .wo-4-V Senior Ron Klaassen runs for daylight against Bethany. 95 "Bay" Lawrence and "Parsons" Regier combine for yardage against Friends. lt just isn't the same on the bench. 's "Big Blue" offense is off and running in one of its best efforts ofthe season. S. L sf i li Linebacker Ralph Heinrichs eyes loose ball just before picking it up and running for aT.D. all v Heinrichs and Fred Fulton wrestle Swede runner to ground as "Bay" Lawrence moves in to "clean-up." 97 "Bay" Lawrence streaks past Friends linemen on the way to one of his three first half touchdowns. A whole 'Flock of lays' surround Friends ball carrier. Leach uncorks a pass on the run against Bethany as Yockey and Miller look on. Who is the guy in the white shoes? Five members of the defensive unit show the teamwork that won them the respect of many KCAC schools. 98 Milford Klaassen, leading tackler on the Bluejay squad "puts down" another as Walter Wolff moves in to help. Bay" Lawrence meets Swede runner as Wolff and Fulton pursue. 99 Basketball View from the bench. BACK ROW: D. Reimer, Athletic Director, N. Holmskog, Coach, D. Fast, 1. lost, I. Harms, H. Buller, K. Fast, B. Friesen, B. Fast manager. FRONT ROW: C. Malek, 1. Nettro, B. Lawrence, D. Leach, L. Shouse. BACK ROW: B. Lawrence, Coach Del Reimer, K. Penner, S. Utting,1. Harms, A. Penner, I. Flaming, C. Lawrence, D. Leissner. FRONT ROW: T. Pauls, B. Kroeker, L. Harris, G. Fast, W. Unrau. Coach Holmskog Ta bor 62 Tabor 92 Ta bor 80 Ta bor 77 Ta bor 77 Ta bor 66 Ta bor 82 Tabor 65 Tabor 103 Tabor 85 Tabor 80 Tabor 94 Ta bor 96 Ta bor 74 Ta bor 84 Ta bor 84 Ta bor 75 Ta bor 74 Mennonite Classic Ta bor 62 Ta bor 50 Ta bor 66 Tabor 81 Tabor 63 Tabor 90 Tabor 67 Ta bor 70 Ta bor 74 Tabor 75 Ta bor 79 Ta bor 92 Ta bor 68 Ta bor 67 Ta bor 77 Ta bor 71 Ta bor 60 Tabor 83 Tabor 66 Tabor 80 IUNIOR VARSITY Friends University Hesston Mid-American Nazarene St. Mary's Sterling Sterling Bethel Southwestern M.A.N.C. Ottawa Bethany NcPherson College Of Emporia Ottawa Bethany McPherson Varsity Scores Bethany Nazarene Friends Goshen Blufton Colorado College Bethany Nazarene St. Marys Sterling Sterling Bethel Southwestern Ottawa Bethany Baker K.W.U. McPherson College of Emporia Ottawa Bethany Baker K.W.U. McPherson Casey Malek Harold Buller John Nettro . 1 r I Dennis Fast '-5 .sh Tim Pauls Ken Fas Berry Friesen Larry Shouse Dale Leach lim IOSI is Get that "tip off" Ken. -ww., ,..,, -'mem-wwsvmmsafmwm M 2 I an A- A ' Y Qu " , . ...-um.1,1-- jim Jost scores two points for Tabor. Larry Shouse puts up a shot for two points. Harold Buller goes in for two. ff 2 ga leixfiof t ,af w ,M Q M xi. , E .,, - 5. K LV i n L vi V, I F, ii V,kAk , .Q 'MW -'1' I .'t. Ngwii .itx - 94575 M, N W., 1' ,,., if? 335533 Cross Countr This year the cross country team was a young, but hardworking team. It was coached by Terry Oberg. The teanianendedthe conkwencerneemgdussevendinvb tadonahneewandtheannualKCACIconhnencerneet im , 2 ' .f 4 yre T ' 2m:?i6,'7?5fjfg5-42,3 '9:55zaL.J',wf K ,is Qfi"2Tf'?lTg,,f,, it p L1 ,jj gy e' T :gfiM."7,fJ.f'? -41'ixf5'h "'3a5?i"mw ' . ' ' -'7Dg'T7fUP3ff'rf?v if ' fTi5m5i1igQ r 'ffiiiifglf ifffp g, f - " ,aim 1 , ,gl rfaifigifgif. fm Q ,Wi 'rw , . .iffvi 7 K f T' Q. , iiifm f ' H ifi' I' f 'L l-,J I gf' iw,5',,k5,43.a TL! F gk... 4-QQ, Zigi-.g riiljj Z. ,,,'.f .. Q ' e'fff'll 'A ,siyw 'T ,W ' TW ' 5 -.ifgjfrfffffi i gi ,T 'QJ-3 25 5? , ' J - ii., i X 7 w:As.x,w -,- jr- ' A324 -,y ' 1 M, .A ,T iff- ,M Q., r ' -5 e , ., F121 3 - Bggf raeiaagv - Q51-yy jk kj, 3XQ.f'w,f?l,'gw X,, 3fi 1 ui ' 131353163 Wisden Ray Hagen, top runner for Tabor. Ray Hagen, Barry Raugust, Terry Oberg, Richard Walter, Bob Vix, Ken Penner. 106 BACK ROW: P. Flaming, A. Ewert, D. Penner, K. Fast, D. Fast, R. Wall, R. Wilson, R. Heinrichs, Coach Stu Brynn. FRONT ROW: D. Wiens, R. Klaassen, T. Oberg, l- Buller, D. Wohlgemuth, M. Hutcherson, R. Ollenburger, B. Raugust. Ron Klaassen 1969 Track Dennis Fast placed second in the intermediate hurdles of the NAIA Track and Field Meet at Billings, Montana. He ran it in 52.0 seconds. """ 'i 2 ,J l l n i l Y E.. "TTT '1ll!ul1r'f A A 55'-L Mini' i' Miata'-HEOQQL.. v..-f. ,N lim lost, Alan Penner, Lofton Harris, Dan Leissner, Stan Utting. 1969 Golf Bethany Tabor Bethel Tabor Bethany Tabor Sterling Tabor Bethel Bethany Tabor Sterling Bethel Tabor Tabor Sterling Tabor McPherson 1 4V2 V2 5 10 22 16 6 9Vz 5Vz 22 1ZVz 10Vz 1 1Vz 3V2 9 6 gV2 SV2 1969 Tennis Team Tabor vs. McPherson Tabor vs. Bethel Tabor vs C, of E. Tabor vs. Southwestern Tabor vs. Sterling Tabor vs KWU Tabor vs Bethany Score 8-'l 3-6 Forfeit 0-9 5-4 0-7 'l-8 BACK ROW: jim lost, Terry Oberg, Tim Pauls, Larry Friesen FRONT ROW Coach Del Reimer Steve Friesen Barry Raugust Don Gaede l I I ,Mfr INTRAMURALS Tabor College has a full intramural program. There are many sports which one can participate in. There is a program for women as well as for the men. l A v ff Q. ii' 4 1 ,W-ni? WYN V J. F"""' Q -W. , A .. . .f Ifimwffkikzvfiii an is 55? I ,X 4 ,,f 1 1 wQ,gK1,,,E,x5S35,.3 my K- S. WE ' N L, g .M ,. ,1 Y , 1 ,L . ,Z W ,,.J,w , Wfwiww in-' ., ww W.. Mm Q 2 f . 2' E f g: 1- f - -sq!-ff'-mf" Q -www F... Va, W fan- Yf msg? 3 , F. 1 M 3 iw T 6 fx, , ,, A K v. 1 +1 P1 1f1,fv- 4 . Wx ' .2 Y Q, R h 5 111 f Sports Of The Seasons X A x ','jg., ' 8 XT' ,fs-lsx K ' ,K J' xx K' , " A . K' 'K '45 ff si '5"""Ef'+2 .,,. s L s +41f"'k'--Q ff 1 4, fwfr . .X , ' -' if x . wx' ' A if s 1 ll., Civgtglk'-L M n V ' ,. QQ .4.'VQ,,H, .-,gg-'.5'-4 ff"3El!3 a Sf' .ugj y ' ' 4. .Ulf -v1YRL. 'Q , 1 . Y . , 1 X 4 , X , 33? 'sss X . t,',..v1 8 Yffm k 1 fs-LM ? Q 'fa 4. was rx, H55-QDQA QI .4 ii.: CIMARRON MENNONITE BRETHREN CHURCH Cimarron, Kansas Rev. Stann Lyman, Pastor EBENFIELD MENNONITE BRETHREN CHURCH Hillsboro, Kansas Rev. Sig Polle MENNONITE BRETHREN CHURCH 110 Nichols Avenue Dinuba, California Rev. R, M. Baerg ENID MENNONITE BRETHREN' CHURCH 2500 North Van Buren Enid, Oklahoma Rev. Lvnford Becker CITY MENNONITE BRETHREN CHLERCH I MENNONWE BRETHREN CHURCH 218 West Ninth Street Box 311 Harvey, North Dakota A Henderson, Nebraska Rev. 1. K. Siemens llnteriml ' XX Rev. David Plett, Pastor f-'i x l' C ..- ff 1' .. V f f .-K-X 7: . , .7 1 X "xl l I ' - . if f ' fx Y lx If X4 s im iq lvl il ,.f':f,,f"-Xt l A R xxxll I fl X 'Cixi XX' I . H - 1,l......-.yi If I rp,-V,...1- 'V X K , I 1' - 1" i ' , f X' A, xx ' I 4 ,l l C R ff ,' . V ' '-- 1. l .1 N lg f X a 1 , X I ,RX I NNN X f . -,-ff- -ffxl . ,nf MENNONITE BRETHREN CHURCH 104 South Washington Hillsboro, Kansas Rev. Marvin Hein, Pastor PARKVIEW MENNONITE BRETHREN CHURCH 610 S, Main Hillsboro, Kansas Rev. jacob Froese, Pastor 3 A I ..... xx' C Xi ' The BLUEIAY would like to thank the above church- es for their financial support and also individuals who have helped to make this yearbook possible. t Index Aaron, Rebecca 36 Addison, Sonya 54 Adrian, Vicki 7, 54, 82 Asonibare, john 48 Baerg, Alfreda 48 Barington, William 48 Bartel, Lonnie 48 Bartel, Sandra 36, 37, 87 Berg, Alfred 12, 36, 84, 89 Bestvater, Abe 36 Bestvater, Brigitte 36 Ewert, Elaine 49 Ewert, Morris 49 Fast Dennis 14 44 Fast, Galen 55,101 Fast, janice 44, 87 Fast, Ken 48, 49, 67, 84,94, 100,102, 107 Fast, Lavon 49, 81 Fast, Lois 55 Fast, Nancy 55, 82 Fast, Stephen 37 ,66,67,92,94,100,102,107 Boese, james 81 Boese, Ruth 44, 88 Braun, Peter 36, 66, 67, 81, 89 Brown, Robert 94 Brucks, Naomi 54 Buller, Ardean 54, 94 Buller, Carleen 48,86 Buller, Harold 44, 81, 92,100,102 Buller, john 92,94,107 Buller, Neal 74, 80, 81 Buschman, Frank 44 Braun, Eleanor 54 Carter, james 44, 92 Classen, Naomi 48, 92 Classen, Ray 55 Cole, Donald 55 Couts, Betty 55 Croft, Martha 55 Dahl, Beverly 55,82 Decker, Charlene 44 Flaming, Ivan 37, 88, 92, 94,100 107 Flaming, Paul 44, 88, 92, Foote, Howard 49, 82 Frantz, james 45 Frantz, Melissa 54, 55, 79, 82 Frantz, Mike 49 Franz, Margie 55, 82 Franz, Sally 37 Friesen, Barry 13, 37, 86, 88,100, Friesen, Donovan 74 Friesen, Larry 49, 92,108 Friesen, Lois 55 Friesen, Lynette 55 Friesen, Marilyn 37, 68, 84,87 Friesen, Quinton 38 Friesen, Sandra 49, 80, 81 Friesen, Steve 49, 67, 81, 108 Fulton, Fred 54, 56, 84, 94 Gaede, Don 49, 67, 81, 84,108 Gerbrandt, Harold 81, 86 Ghawi, Samir49 Giesbrecht, Elizabeth 38 1 Deckert, Warren 75 Derksen, Evelyn 36 Dick, Kathleen 36, 81, 87 Dick, Loretta 55 Dillner, Terry 92, 94 Disch, janice 55, 79, 87 Doerksen, joyce 81 Doerksen, Paul 81, 87 Duerksen, Karen 48,81 Dyck, Henry 48,81 Dyess, David 44, 92 Ediger, Rhonda 55 Enns, Carol 37, 80, 81 Enns, George 55 Gipp, Mike 94 Goentzel, Robert 56 Goosen, Stanley 38 Gossen, Gary 56,82 Graf, Harlen 56, 82 Groening, Karleen 56, 82 Grunau, Warren 56 Gunther, Cathy 48, 49, 90 Harms, Beverly 56, 82 Harms, Cindy 56 Harms, Linda 49, 86 Harms, Marilyn 49, 84 Harms, Myron 94 Harms, Roger 38, 70, 81, 87, 88 , Luana 44 Entz, Elwood 37, 92,107 Entz, Enns EPP, EPP, EPP, Esau, Richard 55 Alvin 55 Kathleen 48 Ruth 12, 37, 70, 72, 84, 37, as Donald 55 I Ewert, Allen 48 Ewert, Avis 37,87 Harms, Sidney 50 Hatton, Morris 50, 81 Hein, Douglas 56,94 Hein, Karen 50 Heinrichs, Bonita 50 Heinrichs, Ralph 44, 45, 81, 92,94 Henry, james 94 Hiebert, Carol 56 Hiebert, Dean 81, 87 4 Hiebert, Eileen 81, 87 Hiebert, Gordon 50 Hiebert, Marcia 81 Hiebert, Nadine 50, 81 Hirschkorn, Glorian 50, 82 Hofer, Lowell 39 Holcomb, Donald 94 Holland, Arlene 56, 82 Hubin, Roger 56, 82 Hutcherson, Mark 45,84 Isaac, Russell 38 janzen, Kathy 56 janzen, Mari 50,82 johnson, Carey 56 johnson, Carolyn 38, 88 johnson, judy 50, 66, 90 johnson, julia 50 jost, jim 13, 38, 89,100, 104,108, 109 jost, Roger 45 Kanji, Mohammed 56 Ka rber, Royce 56 Kessler, Nancy 45,88 Kilmer, Shelby 50 Klassen, Milford 57, 92, 94 Klassen, Ronald 38, 88, 92, 94,107 Klassen, Connie 14, 50, 66, 70, 73, 75, Klassen, Marg 45, 81 Klema, Ruth 50, 79,81 Kliewer, George 57 Kliewer, janice 57 Kliewer, Phil 57 Kliewer, Steve 50 Koch, judy 50 Koehn, Glenn 57 Krause, Lynden 13, 37, 38, 70, 84, 85 Krause, Mary 51, 79 Kroeker, Bryan 57, 94 Kroeker, Ellen 57, 82 Kroeker, Helen 45 Kroeker, Wesley 45 Lawrence, Roland 92, 94,101 Lawrence, Rolland 92, 94,101 Leach, Dale 48, 71, 84, 92, 94,100,103 Lepp, Raymond 45, 81 Liddle, Ronald 39 Liebelt, Myron 39 Liebelt, Paulette 45, 81 Lisenbury, janice 51 Loewen, Adina 45 Loewen, Paul 39 Loewen, Cheryl 57, 80, 81 Loewen, Elaine 39 Loewen, Harold 45 Loewen, john 57 8 Loewen, Sharon 54, 57, 79, 84 Loewen, Wesley 57,81 Malek, Casey 52,100,102 Marlatt, Nancy 44, 45, 91 Martens, Liz 81 Martens, Trent 51 Mayer, Diana 57 McCabe, Rita 45 McGinness, David 57, 74 McNally, Dennis 74 Megert, Marilyn 39, 81 Miller, Deborah 39 Miller, Earnest 94 Miller, janet 57 Mohn, Gordon 92, 94 Mohm, jeryl 94 Mohrmann, Aurilie 51 Nachtigall, Shelia 51 Nettro, john 92,100,102 Neufeld, Don 57 Neufeld, Kathleen 45, 81, 86 Nisly, Mandy 45 Oberg, Terry 44, 45, 84,108 Owunwanne, Azu 13, 39 Faro, Cynthia 57, 82 Pauls, Tim 102 Penner, Alan 58 Penner, Dennis 51 Penner, Diana 51, 86 Penner, Don 58 Penner, Eldora 39 Penner, Francis 40 Penner, Kathy 58, 79 Ratzlaff, Marilyn 40 Ratzlaff, Myron 58,74 Raugust, Barry 51, 68, 70, 75, 94 Raugust, Hugh 54, 58, 94 Regan, Kathleen 45 Regehr, Maryetta 46 Regier, Evelyn 46 Regier, Gary 40, 94 Regier, Kathleen 37, 40 Regier, Keith 94 Reimche, judy 46 Reimer, Reimer, Reimer, Reimer, Reimer, Rempel, Rempel, Rempel, Richert, Richert, Sallaska, Carolyn 58, 82 Phyllis 40 Richard 40 Roland 41 Velma 58 Mary 58, 82 Nathan 46,81 Paul 75, 80, 86 David 52 Phil 46 Barbara 58 Sawatzky, joann 58 Schellenberg, Tim 52 Schlabaugh, Merle 41, 81 Schmidt Schmidt Schmidt Schmidt , Allen 52 , Elaine 52 , Laura 58, 82 , Ray 52 Schmidt, Tim 94 Sch roed er, Gilbert 59 Tajchman, Marvin 59, 94 Tano, Thomas 94 Thesman, jeri 41 Thesman, Robert 53, 86 Thiessen, Anita 59 Thiessen, Betty 59, 82 Thiessen, Dorothy 41, 68, 81 Thiessen, johanna 59 Thiessen,jolene 41,81 Thiessen, Leon 46, 81, 87 Thiessen, Norma 41,66 Toews, Toews, Toews, Toews, , Myron 60 Toews Toews, Eldon 60 Ellis 41, 89 janet 42, 81, 89 janice 60, 82 Rowena 46, 81 Tschetter, Charlotte 42 Unrau, Paul 53, 66, 81 Unruh, Daniel 60, 94 Unruh, Ernest 12, 42 Unruh, Kaylene 42 Unruh, Marsha 60 Unru h, Sherry 53 Vix, Robert, 42, 87, 88, 89,106 Vogt, Deon 47, 84 Vogt, Naomi 60, 82 Voth, Wesley 60, 81 Wahl, Kelly 92,94 Wall, Keith 47, 94 Wall, Sandra 53, 80, 81 Weber, Elizabeth 60, 78 Whitcomb, Debra 60 Wiebe, Dorothy 60 Wiebe, Helen 47, 81, 88 Penner, Ken 58 Penner, Pat 45, 78 Penner, Paul 51 Penner, Richard 40, 78, 86 Penner, Ronald 40 Peters, Sherryl 45, 86 Peterson, Steve 51 Poetker, Phyllis 51 Polson, Carol 58 Schroeder, Herbert 41, 81 Schroeder, Miriam 59, 82 Schroeder, Nancy 46 Schroeder, Vernelle 59 Schroeder, Vincent 59 Schultz, Vernon 59 Schwarz, Betsy 52, 79, 82 Seibel, Clyde 59 Shouse, Larry 103 Showers, Myron 59 Siebert, Kathleen 59 Siemens, june 52 Sowers, Marilyn 59 Spenst, Lou 52, 81 Wiebe, judi 53 Wiebe, Margaret 53 Wiebe, Susan 60 Wiens, Douglas 42, 78 Wiens, Gary 47, 80, 81 Wiens, judy 60,82 Wiens, Lynette 47, 81 Wiens, Mark 60 Wiens, Marlys 53 Prieb, Gordon 51, 66, 78 Prottsman, Linda 51 Prottsman, Ron 74 Quiring, Quiring, Quiring, Radney, Ratzlaff, Ratzlaff, Gordon 58 john 40 Mary 51,7o, 73, s1,a4, 90 Karen 51 David 40 Francince 58,82 Ratzlaff, john 58 Sperling, Randall 41, 81 Splitter, Mary 59, 82 Spradlin, Anna 52, 81, 86 Steeves, Bert 46, 94 Stobbe, Ken 59 Stobbe, Martha 46 Stuchlik, Mark 59, 94 Stucky, Elaine 52 Stucky, Ma ry 52, 81 Suderman, Krista 59,82 Swanstrom, Sandra 53 115 Wieser, Cameron 43, 66, 88 Williams, Gary 94 Willms, Dennis 47, 81 Wohlgemuth, jane 60 Wohlgemuth, john 43 Wohlgemuth, Mary 47 Wohlgemuth, Don 44,47, 84 92 94 107 Wolff, Walter 94 Woosley, Marlys 53 Yockey, Ernest 92, 94 1 I l The windows have been open wide. Through these windows have passed many memories. Christ be- came alive on our campus, many new friendships were made, a few engagements, our team won and lost, we studied and learned, all things combined to help us grow spiritually, socially, physically and mentally. For those of you who had your windows open, this year will be a wonderful memory. For some people the windows of opportunity may need to be opened. This school year has come and gone. Many students will return again to Tabor, but many will leave for greater opportunities of service. The windows of the school year are closed, but not the windows of opportunity. Open the Windows of Your Mind and take advantage of opportunities to grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. The Editor T16 L--"" i x 5 w

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