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.Study to shew tfzgsefjpapproveal unto Qocl a worfman tlzat neecfetlz not to be asfzameaf rigidly cfivicflng tile wore! oftruth. D 2 cgzm. 2:15 PAGE 2 ,ww .-f 4' iffy' ' if 1 Af' x ..JJQf 1' f yi, A , ,V , ,V 5? ff , by wi ,yy f,-I , gffgfifflifff ,ji5'f':ff' Nffalyifwff Qi. swf 'QLGQ' fdiffmsi ss 4? ,-ffffiffiffsff JK' Q gyy 6' 65, fi, .f'i,,fK 5 :Mfi1'3Alfj,fif'!!i'2':',,ff1ffE""?s2if V if , ,8"',-'x,!'L-"J .af fy IFA ,ff ffQgf.,'j'3j,q K f5fi,f,-Q ,xj"f'Q',.iGg'if-3537 ,nj 5, .J x J' ,,Zj,'f,,,f,Q,ff 3,4 -fs" Wiffffwisfss A M, ,A J, xpi, M,3,,H,.,. 0 3, , fi, v,4f,,..ap,i,,,,f,i fr, 523 .fy MSF' ffifiyfiff ffi Lai iff' W A ,fyfgfff fs-pf ,ef F65 s sa 6 'ff V - ' ,ff ,Mx Q has is 5,55 4 ff f , A- .mm ,E I., f 25:3 as 5-if 2 wi f "A- fi s ' - ff' jig MAA ap, ' , .V.V. ,- , Q, K Q 'fs 'W cf? 5 " wk'fff:f1 ' A -ffeffm l L 'Ml My is RQ 'iw I 4' f-5,1 .f ff ..:f,,1-'Tw' . .A,.fy,,w,:.,a,,.yj... X.,-v"fff"'sff'lw'f M' ,. fffff 1IP:'f""' .-Q W s is-if A 'f"fffd ' 2 5 ,mf ' ,ga-'?,,f1f-f,'i'5',f iff . Q ,z""'ff-f"'j.,f'f'fy-"jf-1-"' 553 .,,:,pa-fg,"Zi,w' . S ggzw f'f,,-di' WWA' ff,.,f-T" U 4: FMMNMJWM' fx .--""""w h b 'ld d and b understanding is it established." Through wisdom is an ouse u1 e , y PAGE 3 Not only our dream, but our. prayer. Ask and it shall be given unto you." ' PAGE 4 'E K, gi . ,Q 2 Ei S 5. lil Aud- ART FLAMING QF, 4,-.av-v' Editor ' ESTHER LOEWEN l Afmciate Editoff I Ml ' if M Olulwil 'T L -UUAV-V . gijrff ' " XA 7 ' x k RAY SCHLICHTING NV,,-' V i , 14 ' V Bzlfineff Manager New N 1, 5 1, 1., , buf .rg X ie I A . he Sta 3- BENNIE REMPE1. College Q jf - I, ..1.. -. vnrq b -nf Z 1 J , 'ff' e "W" Wilde., adweel S' ,N .54 f vw ...+- ABBIE FUNK Fine Ari: PAGE 5 M. 0115 Nd WALDO WIEBE Bible 3 i "' 'F' in LUELLA Koo Academy I' v-J 1 :liz J! Vlflcllvar- . . . 4 W v- us ' Lia tri 4 P lung - W cfs We nfl ' Sy: 'fe I 'I - z aff"-' li Elm! 6 " T ll Nanifo ' Mar, K4 fl! . wmv ter .' N A re .H ni ali' lx, uihy X ' 5 i ,5.n.:m .wif Y . ., N, , - ' WY . iwg a xx' XN ,Y xx ' XXX . M ' 'V If Mffif azxo 01,5 Pszrfzf, i Salle mud Je nfal. sz weicl it 5,119 t 7 01,3 X llinsvil 'Inat- vrliahgm. Y Dedicated to our constituency-the members of the churches of The Mennonite Brethren Conference who are interceding for and supporting Tabor College. qzzaszt Q if Prefident REV. P. R. LANGE REV, J. G. WIENS Buhler, Kansas Winkler, Manitoba Southern District N arlbem Dixtrirt PAGE 8 D. I.. SCHELLENBERG Shafter California Parifc District minis tra tion A ,Q N, Q.. .A 1' ...W Chairman of the Educational Comminu Dean of ,bg Bible Stbool ,v J. K. WARKENTIN REV. H. E. WIENS Marion, Kansas Mt. Lake, Minnesota S outbem Dixtrict Middle Dixlrirt PAGE 9 A E. JANZEN-President His sincere, understanding nature and wise deci- sions make him a personality all the students love. He can firmly uphold the Christian principles of our College without being stern. His life is a liv- ing testimony of the power of God, and his earnest efforts and prayer-life a challenge to our College youth. DR. H, W. LoHRENz-Vice President and Dean of Bible School Behind his every Bible lesson, we see not only Dr. Lohrenz teaching, but also living. His deep spirit- uality is the basis for his wise counsel. I1 PRoF.VP. R. LANGE-Professor of Bible His dynamic personality and deeply consecrated life have left a profound impression upon us. DR. H. F. TOEWS-Professor of Bible and Religious Education A spirit-filled Bible Teacher. He is also admired for his thought-arousing skill in any subject. His deepest interest lies with the education of youth in the Word of God. HERBERT C. RICHERT-Head of Music Department, Professor of Voice He is ever concerned and interested in the musical welfare of both school and community. Perfect harmony is his goal in every walk of life. HENRY D. XVIEBE--Professor of Bible and German His well-prepared speeches given in a clear tone bespeak his manner of living. 'A' PAGE 10 lil J. H. FADENREC1-1-Professor of Education and Psychology He is new as a teacher in our College, but his straight- forwardness and keen interest designate him as a character of great worth. Besides teaching the student-teachers how to teach, Prof. Fadenrecht tal-:es active part in church and community activities. ORLANDO HARMS-Registrar, Professor of English and Public Speaking Prof. Harms checks our registrations, explains de- pendent clauses in English, and directs the would- be Demostheneses, all in his unique, inspiring manner. aculty A. R. EBEL--Professor of Art and Social Science His wit in our daily history quizzes is what his paints are to the canvas. ALBERT FooTE-Professor of German and Biological Science The interested adviser of the Student Council. He is as capable a teacher in Biology and German. PAUL K. WEIMER-Professor of Mathematics and Physical Science, Director of Orchestra Besides teaching us how to make H25 and to har- ness electricity, he has taught us that a magnetic personality cannot be measured in a mathematical equation. His chief delight is playing "first fiddle" and keeping the orchestra in time. ENOLA MILLER-PIOfCSSOf of English Her shy, reserved nature reveals her noble person- ality in the same manner in which she reveals to us the deep hidden meanings of the Aeneid and other classics. .J X fx,- ttsw 'ft' 0 L ELLA FRANZ-Instructor in Piano and Violin Always in her place, Miss Franz unravels the sweet- est grace of music with her nimble fingers. Not only does she teach the harmony students the tech- niques of composition, but also that true beauty of music comes from within. ESTHER KAUFMAN-Chief Librarian and Instructor in English Our eflicient and capable library supervisor. Neat and resourceful, Miss Kaufman has won the respect and confidence of all who come in contact with her. PAGE 11 mm ,WN my Q g . l MRS. STELLA GOERTZEN-OfflCC Secretary and Instructor in Shorthand Because she brings in the mail, we hail her appear- ance joyfully. She is as gracious and patient in the business oliice as in her shorthand classes. CLARA LOHRENZ-Instructor in Bookkeeping and TYPiHg Not only has she taught us how to balance accounts, but her personality has revealed to us the value of a truly balanced life. If 4-...L lze ice evefal l.2WS and the LQel'SOnfle MARTHA UNRUH GOLDIE SEIBEL AND ROSELLA LEPPKE At the Information Degk Assisting in the Registrar's Oflice The Entire Office Force at a Glance- BACK Row: Hulcla Berg, Rosella Leppke, Esther Wiebe, Elfreda Penner, Esther Franz, Martha Unruh, Agatha Wiens, Irene Regier. FRONT Row: Stella Goertzen, Goldie Seibel, Anna Friesen, Verna Ediger, Abbie Funk, Kath. Lentzner, Anna Bartel, Wilma Bergthold. PAGE 12 ANNA R. BARTEL Serrefary to the Prexident JW' WM WW 'K p nnucz! Qibfe Gonkrence Tabor College conducts an annual Bible Conference near the middle of the school year. This conference is designed to furnish a brief training course for ministers, Sunday-School teachers, and other christian workers, the meetings of which are conducted in the forenoon and afternoon. In the evening the meetings are of an evangelistic nature and have served to draw many students and other friends to the acceptance of jesus Christ. REV. J. D. HOFER Rosedale, California REV. GEO. B. HUEBERT Reedley, California REV. J. G. WIENS Winkler, Manitoba REV, WM. J. BESTVATER Shafter, California The conference of 1938 was held from january 16th to the 23rd. Rev. G. Wiens had as his theme, "Christ in the prophetic garment," in the forenoon serv- ices, and in the afternoon he dwelt on the subject of "justification through faith in Jesus Christ." Rev. G. B. Huebert, of Reedley, California, served with messages of evangelistic nature in the evening. The conference of 1939 started on the 29th of january and continued to the 5th of February. The general theme was "Preparing the Way." Rev. Wm. Bestvater, Shafter, California, served with discourses during the day. Prof. H. D. Wiebe led the meetings of missions discussiong the Sunday School and Vacation Bible School discourses were under the direction of Dr. H. F. Toews. The evange- listic messages in the evening were brought by Rev. D. Hofer. PAGE 13 Qraaluates o G. D. Piuiss ........... Winkler, Manitoba, Canada Th. B. 39. Y.M.c.A. '59. "Rightly dividing the word of truth." JACOB P. KLIEWER ............. Hillsboro, Kansas Th. B. '39: Y.M.C.A. '58-'393 Mission Band '38- '39g President '39. Has great capacities in get- ting along with others. ILQQL 1938 ana! 1939 CLARENCE FAST ................ Hillsboro, Kansas Th. B. '39g Y.M.C.A. '38-'39g Mission Band '38-'39g Men's Glee Club '59. Christianity is a good man's textg his life, the illustration. SUSAN FRIESEN ................ Hillsboro, Kansas . ertific e ' . ' le ' 5 Y.W.C.A. '38-'39g Cab- n Band '38-'39. Working for 8 . 7 t welf mankind. 7 WK' ?n-. ggahni CMMJQK Q4 0-rx-A . Four years of study it X CJ h . , quired for the ThlB, degree: Louisa FLAISTIQBIEG. . ..... Minnesota two years must be devoted to CCftl6C8IC in '3 Cab' advanced courses in Bible and Theology, one must consist of College Courses and the fourth is open to electives in Bible ' and College. . The certificate course provides for two years of Bible study, and is open to students who have not met the standard en- trance requirements in secular subjects. PAGE inet '39g Mission Band '38-'39. Her quiet ways have won her many friends. ANNA SUDERMAN .... Mahbubuagar via Hyderabad Deccan, India Th. B. '38g Y.W.C.A. '38g Cabinet '38g Mission Band '38. Is spreading sunshine in dark India. 14 ww N Y C oo! Qiole Students FRANK BUSCHMAN ............. Hillsboro, Kansas Y.M.C.A. '38-'39, Mission Band '38-'393 Men's Glee Club. Serving his fellowmen with every inch of his tall stature. MRS. EDNA FAST ...,........... Hillsboro, Kansas Y.W.C.A. '38. Quiet, reserved, but ready to help. up D. E. FRIESEN .................. Corn, Oklahoma Y.M.C.A. '38-'39, President '39, Mission Band '38-'39, Spectator Staff '39, His executive abil- ity, his geniality, and his sincerity have won for him a place in the heart of the student body. ELFREDA PENNER ................. Ingalls, Kansas Y.W.C.A. '38-'39, President' '39, Mission Band ' -' - ' ' 1 - 'f '38-'39. many 38 39, Science Club 38 39, Choi Great as a leader, this beloved lass virtues that few can surpas . fill f--sang ' 13?- 'CT"' .J SCHAFER ...... Pickardsville, North Dakota Y.W.C.A. '39. She is the quiet kind, whose nature never varies. CHESTER FAST .................. Corn, Oklahoma Y.M.C.A. '38-'39, Cabinet '38-'393 Mission Band '38-393 Editor of Bulletin '39, Choir '39. Well-dressed, a good leader, deep thinker-yet modest. 'Nr'-fl' P--is-rap-is 5'1u?' MARTHA UNRUH ................ Enid, Oklahoma Y.W.C.A. '38-'393 Vice-President '39, Mission Band '38-'39, Choir '38-'39, A kind heart and a warm smile, plus character. Joi-IN Torsws ........... Namaka, Alberta, Canada Y.M.C.A. '38-'39, Science Club '39, President German Club '38. "A workman that needeth - not be ashamed." ' '9' emma-4 PAGE15 argue! ! in Q X Bible WILLIAM NEUFELD . Lockwood, Saskatchewan, Canada Y.M.C.A. '39g Mission Band '39g German Club 39. Will stop at nothing to attain his goal- a preacher. VERNA DICK ................. Dinuba, California Y.W.C.A. '39. An ambitious girl, with a pleas- Students WALDO WIEBE .......... Bingham Lake, Minnesota Y.M.C.A. '38-'39g Cabinet '593 Blue Jay Staff '39g Choir '58-'39, If we make religion our business, God will make it our blessedness. VIOLA HODEL .............. Inglewood, California Y.W.C.A. '39g Music Clubg Ladies' Glee Club. A cheerful little blonde, who aims to make others happy and well. ing personality. J J fwsiifx 'Y . +35 54 f MRS. ROY SEIBEL ................. Marion, Kansas Y.W.C.A. '38g Choir hand in hand. '38, Song and service go ROY SEIBEL ..................... Marion, Kansas Y.M.C.A. '38g Debate '39. A willing instrument of his Master. RUBY REIMER ................... Corn, Oklahoma Y.W.C.A. '38-'393 Mission Band '38-'59S Cab- inet '39. Her joy lies in serving others. ROLAND WIENS .............. Berkeley, California Y.M.C.A. '38-'39g Mission Band '38-'39g Choir '38-'39g Men's Glee Club. A young man who will carry on the high principles of the Mennoni es. l Fx .... . ahji' Qihle Students BLONDINE LOEWEN ,........... Hillsboro, Kansas Y.W.C.A. '39g Ladies' Glee Club. The flower of meel-:ness grows on a stem of grace. JACK ADRIAN ............,. Dolten, South Dakota Y.M.C.A. '38-'39g Cabinet '39g Mission Band '38-'399 Vice President '39g Science Club '39. Sincerity is a trait of true and noble manhood. TINA C. HARMS ............... Reedley, California Y.W.C.A. '38-'39g Mission Band '38-'39g Girls' Glee Club. A contented, reserved lass from Sunny California. LYDIA MILLER ................ Harvard, Nebraska Y.W.C.A. '58-'39g Cabinet '39g Mission Band '38-'395 Science Clubg Bulletin Reporter '39g Girls' Glee Club. She needs no eulogy-she speaks for herself. We R R A ew l.iA 5 K ' i s 'I' s All if, FRANK N1cKE ......... Kansas Y.M.C.A. '38-'39g Debate '39g Men's Glee Club. Life is real, and I am earnest. MRs. ALBERT SEIBEL ........ Harvey, North Dakota Y.W.C.A. '39, A cheerful countenance reveals a good heart. PAGE 17 MRS. jAcoB P. KLIEWER .,....... Hillsboro, Kansas Y.W.C.A. '38-'39g Mission Band '38-'39. Her personality rings of extraordinary quality. A. B. DAHL .....,................ Colby, Kansas Y.M.C.A. '38-'39g Mission Band '38-'39. At peace with the world. LMJG3 ' . M DJ J gable cgtualents 0255 LENA FRIESEN ................ Fairbury, Nebraska ANNIE CLASSEN .............. Fair ry, Nebraska Y.W.C.A. '39g Mission Band '39g Girls' Glee Y.W.C.A. '58-'39g Cabinet '39g Mission Band Club. The noblest mind the best contentment has. '38-'39g Bulletin Reporter '39g Girls Glee Club. A noble character has been molded through difliculties. HARVEY-WIENS .................. Ingalls, Kansas JULIUS KASPER ..... Avonlea, Saskatchewan, Canada Y.M.C.A. Lives to learn and learns to live. Y.M.C.A. '38-'393 German Club '38-'39g Presi- dent '39, A jolly, true and happy fellow. fi. 1 00 .. .. ,- .I. ff. , ,, V... ,-. 7 , , . . , erm' V M" MRs, JOHN Toews ....... Namaka, Alberta, Canada ETH FRIESEN .,......... Fairbury, Nebraska Gentleness and goodness of heart are her wealth. . .C.A. '39g Mission Band '39g Music Clubg Girls' Glee Club. Loyalty is a cableg she weaves a thread of it every day. ANNA FRIESEN ............... Fairbury, Nebraska JAKE FLAMING ................ Reedley, California Y.W.C.A. '39g Mission Band '39g Treasurer Y.M.C.A. '39g Mission Band '39. It is man's to junior Class '39g Girls' Glee Club. Her hair is light and God's to give success. not more sunny than het face. PAGE 18 ANNA STRAUSS ..........,...... Inola, Oklahoma Y.W.C.A. '39, A gentle mind by gentle deeds is known. fpgfixfa-J. I:1gr"-L" 4 f U 1 38 amor Goffege graduates HENRY UNRUH ........ Winkler! Manitoba, Canada WILFRED BAERG ........... Hepburn, Saskatchewan A.A. '38g Y.M.C.A. '38. He has the rare com- A.A. '38g Y.M.C.A. '58g German Club '38g bination of audacity and calculation which as- President '38g Choir '38. Gray hairs and wrin- sures success. kles, too, may come, but a happy heart is always RACHEL WIEBE ................ Hillsboro, Kansas young' A.A. '38g Y.W.C.A. '38g Cabinet '38g Choir HELEN JANE WILLEMS ............ Inman, Kansas '38. A happy combination of sincerity, trust- A.A. '38g Y.W.C.A. '58g Choir '38. Has the worthiness, and originality. power to steal us from earth on wings of song. SELMA UNRUH ................. Durham, Kansas ALICE KROEKER ............... Madrid, Nebraska A.A. '58g Y.W.C.A. '38. If silence is golden, A.A. '38g Y.W.C.A. '38. Laughter is the health then I'm priceless. of the soul. HENRY F. THOMAS. . .t ............ Premont, Texas A.A. '38g Y.M.C.A. '38. He reaps golden sheaves who labors in the name of truth. PAGE 19 mcfucz MENNO W. VOTH ............ Kremlin, Oklahoma A.A. '38g Y.M.C.A. '38g Choir '38. He has the courage of his convictions. ELSIE BARTEL ...............,.. Tsaohsien, China A,A. 'Z-8g Y.W.C.A. '38g Cabinet '38g German Club '38g Mission Band '38. Her modesty of a type is worthy of wide imitation. tes o 4938 RUTH R. VOTH ........ Winkler, Manitoba, Canada A.A. '38g Y.W.C.A. '38g Choir '38. Laughter and song best describe Ruth. ELFREDA PENNER ................ Ingalls, Kansas A.A. '38g Y.W.C.A. '38-'39g President '39g Mission Band '38-39g Science Club '58-'39g Choir '38-'39. True nobility is derived from virtue. BERTHA EPP ..................... Buhler, Kansas A.A. '38g Y.W.C.A. '38g Mission Band '38. Her's is a sensibility as tender as it is refreshing. HARVEY A. HEFFEL ........... Okeene, Oklahoma A.A. '38g Y.M.C.A. '38. The great man is he who does not lose his child's heart. fx A I 225 ,,...uu6 MARVIN G. jos'r ............... Hillsboro, Kansas A.A. '38g Y.M.C.A. '38g Science Club '38, A mind which can think for a commonwealth. MARTHA Foona ................. Corn, Oklahoma A.A. '38g Y.W.C.A. '38g Cabinet '38g Mission Band '38. With her determination and perse- verance she has won the laurels of valedictorian. PAGE 20 QIZZCJUCZ ORLANDO DICK ........ Mountain Lake, Minnesota A.A. '38, Y.M.C.A. '38, German Club '38. An ambitious, self-confident, industrious student. ANNA RUTH JANZEN ......... Kremlin, Oklahoma A.A. '38, Y.W.C.A. '38, Science Club '38, Choir '38. It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice. o 4938 IOSEPHINE GROENING ........... Hillsboro, Kansas A.A. '38, Y.W.C.A, '38, Choir '38. Music is that fundamental thing that lifts man from the common levels of grim reality into spheres of beauty. IESSE J. HARDER ............... Isabella, Oklahoma A.A. '38, Y.M.C.A. '38. Constant, aspiring, Jesse upholds the finest standards of our school. , I CHARLES HERBERT BATT .......... Marion, Kansas A.A. '58. The better he is known, the better he is liked. LYNDA EDIGER ............... Kremlin, Oklahoma A.A. '38, Y.W.C.A. '38, Choir '38. A born leader, she is temperamentally gaited to do things. , af r,p,!i , ,' ERNEST MILLER SIEMENS ....... Shafter, California A.A. '38, Y.M.C.A. '38, Science Club '38. Stands by his conscience, his honor, and his faith. ANNA KATHERINE REGIER ........ Enid, Oklahoma A.A. '38, Sceince Club '38, Choir '38, Orches- tra '38. She has the wonderful gift of making friends. PAGE 21 ommercial anal academy Qracfuates Of1938 RosA VOTH ................. Kremlin, Oklahoma Certificate in Stenography '38, Y.W.C.A. '38- '39. Burns her candles at' both ends, that is, she lets her light shine. VERNA EDIGER ................... Buhler, Kansas Certificate in Bookkeeping '38, Y.W.C.A. '38- '39, Spectator Staff '39, Music Club, Ladies' Glee Club, Choir '39, An accomplished pianist with a promising future. LEONA CoRNELsoN ............. . .Dalhart, Texas Academy '38, Y.W.C.A. '38, Spectator Staff '38, Class Secretary '38. The efficient, smiling stenographer. LEONARD F. FUNK .............. Littlefield, Texas Academy '38, Y.M.C.A. '38, Class Treasurer '38, There is always room for a man of character. ESTHER M. WARKENTIN ......... Hillsboro, Kansas Academy '38, Y.W.C.A. '38-'39, Class Presi- dent '38, Girls' Quartet '38. She is sincere, witty, active and neat, a combination hard to beat. ADOLPH ENSZ .................... Inman, Kansas Academy '38, Y.M.C.A. '38, German Club, Boys' Glee Club. Never loud or daring but always willing to work. PAGE 22 ek? 3a A--"'!!'l"' W, 'MIQP MARTHA REMPLE ................ Enid, Oklahoma Academy, Y.W.C.A. '38, German Club, Girls' Glee Club. A contented person is never poor. LEONA ENNS .................... Meade, Kansas Academy '38, Y.W.C.A. '38, Mission Band '38, German Club '38, Girls' Glee Club. Her virtue and grace are revealed in her face. ERNA H. NABER ............... Bessie, Oklahoma Academy '38g Y.W.C.A. '58g German Clubg Girls' Glee Club. Her greatest endowment is an uncommon share of common sense. and an un- derstanding heart. BERNICE J. SUDERMAN .......,.. Hillsboro, Kansas Academy '38g Y.W.C.A. '38g German Clubg Girls' Glee Clubg Girls' Quartet. Always happy and full of life. l academy Qracfuates o 4938 ORLEN C. WOHLGEMUTH ........ - .Peabody, Kansas Academy '38g Class Vice President '38, As good as he is long and as friendly as can be. MABE1. GLADYS WIEBE ......... Hooker, Oklahoma Academy '38g Y.W.C.A. '38. With her demure and gentle ways she endeared herself to our hearts. MYRTLE H. THESSMAN ......... Hillsboro, Kansas Academy '38g Y.W.C.A. '38g German Clubg Girls' Glee Club. It's a friendly heart that has many friends. 101-IN A. Tolaws ......... Namaka, Alberta, Canada Academy '38g Y.M.C.A. '38g German Club '38g President '38. "A workman that needeth not be ashamed." PAGE NEVA L. SUDERMAN ............ Hillsboro, Kansas Academy '38g Y.W.C.A. '38g Girls' Glee Club. A smile is worth a million dollars and doesn'r cost a cent. AGATHA THIESSEN ................ Inman, Kansas Academy '38g Y.W.C.A. '38. The lure of anes- thetics and doctor's prescriptions called her to serve suffering humanity. 23 Goflege HAROLD FAST ................ Fairview, Oklahoma Y.M.C.A.g Science Club. A still tongue makes a wise head. CHESTER FAUL ............. Harvey, North Dakota 3288 471811 HULDA BERG .................... Walton, Kansas Y.W.C.A.g Reporter Freshman Class, Ladies' Glee Club. She is "chuck" full of fine sentiment. ROBERT GRAUMAN .i....... Harvey, North Dakota Y.M.C.A.g Science Club, Bulletin Staff. Attends K7 A rmmrrv church-there miohr be a rejsnnl- ping-pong ball 491 Science Clubg Men's Glee Club. "Where's the ' ' . 1 l gave dev-4! N 1 K N E 'Q x w N O I M deaf- WILMA BERGTHOLD ......... Waukomis, Oklahoma Y.W.C.A.g Music Club, Bulletin Staffg Ladies' Glee Club. Has an air of business-like deci- siveness. ALVIN HIEBERT ................. Enid, Oklahoma Y.M.C.A.g Science Clubg Orchestra, Men's Glee Club, College Quartet 3 String Quintet. "Col- lege days have pleasant memories, but give me college nights!" MARLYS JOST .................. Hillsboro, Kansas Y.W.C.A., Ladies' Glee Club. The artistic- minded brunette with a cheerful disposition. RUBY FRIESEN ............ Weatherford, Oklahoma Y.W.C.A.g Science Club, Ladies' Glee Club. Small, but tends to the athletic type, especially in boys. PAGE 24 College ROSELLA LEPPKE .......... Minneapolis, Minnesota Y.W.C.A.g Secretary Freshman Classg Mission Band, Bulletin Staff. Her competence, jollity, and sincerity make her an ideal registrar's secretary. MENNO LOHRENZ .......,...... Hillsboro, Kansas College Quartet, Choirg Men's Glee Club. The Lauritz Melchoir of tomorrow. Cgigsftmen u MWWJMQIIMM fwf- 9 Mia ,afa- Zifflw.. w ' KATHRYN SCHROEDER ........... Hillsboro, ansas Y.W.C.A.g Music Club, Science Club, Orches- trag Ladies' Glee Club. The secret of success is constancy of purpose. ELIZABETH ANN Vocr .......... Hillsboro, Kansas Ladies' Glee Club. If language is the dress of thought, then she speaks in many tongues. J.. yy-.J W M 0 OLIVER UNRUH ................ Hillsboro, Kansas Science Club, Treasurer Freshman Class, Choir, Men's Glee Club. "Early to bed, lie as long as you can, Eat ham and eggs and you'1l soon be a man!" ILINDA MAE THIESSEN ......... Hampton, Nebraska Y.W.C.A.g Music Club, Ladies' Glee Club. Peace is rarely denied to the peaceful. 5 , M wr sgQ,i,JL.f me PXUL RATZLAFF ................ Corn, Oklahoma Y.M.C.A.g College Quartet, Orchestra, Choir, Men's Glee Club. It is in learning music that many youthful hearts learn to love. RUTH E. EWERT ............... Hillsboro, Kansas Science Clubg Music Club, Orchestra, Ladies' Glee Club. Is fiddling her way to a domestic science position? PAGE 25 o1wJl1'i2f5'M' l l Gollege 8j'9SlLfl'l,Ql'I, HELEN DAVID ................. Hillsboro, Kansas Choirg Ladies' Glee Club. As wistfully charm- ing as the music she sings. EVA BLOCK ................... Lushton, Nebraska Y.W.C.A.g Bulletin Staffg Ladies' Glee Clubg Mission Band. Is inclined toward dairyman's domesticity. ADINA ENNS ..................... Inman, Kansas HARRY GOERTZ ................. Enid, Oklahoma Y.W.C.A. Kindness in women wins the love Y.M.C.A.g Science Club, Music Club. Where there's Goertz there's life. of au. 7 WAI' . KN 4Il- '0 0.5 . fl fl-I fbw1.uff.L,,Jhh'by OTTO FAUI. ............... Harvey, North Y.M,C.A.g Science Club, Men's Glee Club. "My .M.C.A.g Science 'I ew-A 'ibn name says I'm lazy, but the Fauls have a good Class, Bulletin Staff, Men reputation in North Dakota." haired fellow who says knows, but always know what he O 'fab AP EI.sIE MARIE EPP ............ Henderson, Nebraska EVA WIENS ......,............... 141,11 ,klsagszsq ' Y.W.C.A.g Bulletin Staff. "A merry heart mak- Y.W.C.A. Quiet, reserved, but ready togldp. 'it eth n cheerful countenance." Jrolreqb X! I PAGE 26 lnpz Golfege 3j'eSll.l7l8l'l ABBIE FUNK .................. Hillsboro, Kansas GEORGE WIENS .................. Ingalls, Kansas Y.W-C-A.: MU5iC Clllbi Blue JHY Sfaffi Orches- Men's Glee Club, Y.M.C.A. Wise men argue tra, Ladies' Glee Club. Smiles, Songs, and nim- Causes, fools decide them, ble fingers design her future as a promising one. INEz WIENS ..................... Ingalls, Kansas LINDA CLAASSEN ............... Hillsboro, Kansas Y.W.C.A.g Choir, Ladies' Glee Club. Is from Y.W.C.A.g Choirg Music Clubg Ladies' Cl I the dust bowl, but her sunny hair belies it. Club. "Love lightens labor-my, xiLgJ , . 1 qv! 1' ' 'V' Mu ' ' W' l . t W A' Q s l f er if 53 its l ' aeletirsygt ,L E ESTHER W Kansas IRVIN L. NICKEL .,...,......... Hillsboro, Kansas I Science Club Ladies' Glee Apples, school teacher, chevy, diary-this fellow Club. Education with her out- is set to go places. ' , Side activity' Doius SEIBEL .............. Harvey, North Dakota N ESTIL SCHALE .... .Two Buttes, Colorado Y.W.C.A.g Ladies' Glee Club. "Rome wasn't Y.M.C.A.g Men' Club. "Look what Na- built in a dayg don't worry, I'll grow up!" polean did!" PAGE 27 cease ELEANOR SCHLEHUBER .......... Hillsboro, Kansas Y.W.C.A.g Science Club, Ladies' Glee Club. Quiet, studious, and happy with the rural school . . . . .Inman, Kansas Bryan of to- The his as a worthy aim. DAN .............. A 'a is , gjqllij lsgfiillf 3 Mali on Nj? e fgffiifb Oklahoma X! ANNA E. Vorn .............. Y.W.C.A.g Science Clubg Ladies' Glee Club. "If a sunny disposition lengthens life, I'll be a Methuselahf' HERBERT KRAUSE .............. Hillsboro, Kansas Choir, Spectator Stalfg Men's Glee Club. Our "high-point" athlete who plays the game of life fair and square. PAGE A Cgj'QSll,l'l'l9fL SARAH BLOCK .............. Henderson, Nebraska Y.W.C.A.g Mission Band, Ladies' Glee Club. Much of her is happy. ORLEN WOHLGEMU . . . . . . . .Peabody, Kans . f . , own mind w ' X . Choir, Men's l . xflp is a man of his a 1 QL J 1 sal f af Q? LEONA ENNS .................... Meade, Kansas Y.W.C.A.g Mission Band, German Club, Sci- ence Clubg Ladies' Glee Club. She has not only a well-governed mind, but is also an acute observer. HILDA WIENS .................... Inman, Kansas Y.W.C.A.g Ladies' Glee Club. They say charm- ing teachers in the end are destined to organize a school of their own! 28 vin Gollege LUELLA LOHRENZ ............,.......... Aulne, Kansas Y.W.C.A.g Music Club, Bulletin Staff, Choir, Ladies' Glee Club. Her musicianship and happy temperament spread sunshine to those who know her. Esrruan PEARL Wnsms ................. Hillsboro, Kansas Y.W.C.A.g Ladies' Glee Clubg Orchestrag String Quin- tet. Where sweet music arises from the soul, there purity like incense also doth circle upward. bf' 3298 ITLQII. ALLEN Hrzimuci-is ..................... Corn, Oklahoma Y.M.C.A.g Choirg Men's Glee Club. The workman by his work is known. Lonems KLEIN .............,..... , ..... Tampa, Kansas Y.W.C.A.g Ladies' Glee Club. "I have not had one melancholy hour-why should I?" ww. Q 9 e godfvwvf-b :HCL M' xiii we M. .,,.., ..,. , , W ,af : . -' iigm , Q HS 3 2 is Q, - - 45 -, pi rage wigsim -'-' 5 if -B4 444AA-Cf 144 ' 5 sunmnnn .................. HlllS 3Di LPH B. Ensz ...,.................... Inman, Kansas Club' Vice President Freshman Classg S tator Y.M.C.A.g German Clubg Music Club, Men's Glee Club. Men's Glee Club. Our ace chemist, expert . This grocery clerk sells beans and sugar with the same yup ong, jokes and song hits, X alacrity that he attacks his Modern History lesson. . ,MQ , , MMU' i UI. MAJ 'P . ' . ' fm., ju' XCNES Qum1NG ............... . . .Garden City, Michigan LINDA LOHRENZ ...... . ............... Hillsboro, Kansas .J -rrY.W.C-Arg Bulletin Staff: Choirg Ladies' Glee Club. Y.W.C.A.g Secretary, Science Club, Bulletin Staff. She ' f ,"'Laughter is contagious-well, I'll start an epidemic! has a good word for everyone and passes it out in gen- ' 'fl erous helpings. .1 FLORENCE Hnims ....................... Meade, Kansas Y.W.C.A.g Mission Bandg German Cilub. Like Emily Dickenson, this ch ry lass reaches the stars an plucks a poem! 'W rd- 44-I to ' 0,,.14:ls-oGwlJ!ff,n,wvvfv7,J tm AGE CLIFFORD EITZEN ...................... Marion, Kansas College View Staff. The study of mathematics gives grasp and power to the mind, and sharpens the wit. 29 li olfege CS3Of9llOI7'LOI'Q.S' ERVIN A. NIKKEL ......... ..... C orn, Oklahoma MARVIN M. FAST ............. Fairview, Oklahoma Y.M.C.A. '38-'39, Science Club '38-'39g Treas- urer '38-'39g Spectator Staff '39. "Finished the course and kept the faith." Passed away Novem- ber 12, 1938. .- .f -J 4 Y.M.C.A. '38-'399 bi '393 Mission Band '38-'39g Science Clu ' -'39, College View Staff '39g Debate '39. ' ick." Eminent author- ity on Einstein a Dorm pancakes. NX ' I 1 r Q X 'I .S 'Nl VICTOR BECKER .........,... Fairview, Oklahoma Y.M.C.A. '58-'59g Science Club '38-'595 Secre- tary '39g Editor Spectator '39. Trust Vic to "make the goal," from basketball to any phase in life's big game. jol-iN FRANZ ................... Chicago, Illinois Y.M.C.A.g Science Club '39g President '39g Men's Glee Club '39, Music Club '39, Science and personality make him a charming person to know. Some day the world is going to be startled by this modern Edison. Kid .Chicago, Illinois '38-'39g Music Club '38-'39. Where'er she treads, a wake of happiness she leaves, for smiles and cheer she -osses fancy-free. 5 Zin! if ESTHER FRANZ Y.W.C.A. '38-'39g ARNOLD HARDER ............. Ogallala, Nebraska Y.M.C.A. '38-V394 Science Club '38-'39g Music Club '39g Men's Glee Club '39g German Club '38-'39, Tabor's own Paderewski presents his symphony in "Personality B Natural." PAGE 30 Gollege CSJOpllOll'lOl'9S ARTHUR FLAMING ,............... Buhler, Kansas BENNIE REMPE1. .............. Fairbury, Nebraska Y.M.C.A. '58-'39, Music Club '39, Science Club '38-'39, Editor Blue jay '39, Orchestra '58-'39, Choir '38-'39, Spectator Staff '38, Men's Glee Club '38-'39. Hail to our editor! Who wouldn't admire a man of such magnanimity and ambi- tion? Yea, even a French horn fails to dispel thoughts of labor and love. 1 4 . 'aww 1 :iff ig-,'a't,A Nffiwh , gr ,iff 1 Q 4-'-wif fl 3 ' V s:'i?i'a, f ,M Y.M.C.A. '38-'39, Science Club '38-'39, Music Club '58, Vice-President Sophomore Class '39g, Blue Jay Staff fcollege editorj '39, Choir '38- '39, Men's Glee Club '58-'39. A jolly, likable chap in spite of pranks, jokes, songs, appetite, sleep. Takes his commercial work seriously. ESTHER HARDER .............. Ogallala, Nebraska Y.W.C.A. '38-'39, Cabinet '39, Music Club '39, Choir '38-'39, Ladies' Glee Club '39, Golden hair, golden voice, an elliciency and disposition to be envied, describe this Nebraska school- ma'am. I . , ,,.f ,af A, ft ' 5',v",A' , 1, ,- -fl' . 1 . . ,. '- 5 4 K jg,-al, ! ,rnfiu IJ a I 'C PJ y 1 Liga-'.1,.f'J.N,, it I 94 ,J My ,A QM! L 1 Z", 7 Wh!!! l 4. 1 , 1 ',,. ,ii f E' .Haj 1 ll Q! . . 1' ,fa A, ' L2 .'. 4' Q. f a mg J , aa l MANUEL Foorie? .......... fffforn Oklahoma My "thi N ............... Shafter, California Y.M.C.A. '38-'393 Mission lzd '38-'39g Ger- man Club '38-'39, Choir '593 Men's Glee Club '38-'39. He'll never owe you a word or smile, for he's "up to the mark" all the while. CARL KROEKER ............... Colony, Oklahoma Y.M.C.A. '38-'39, Science Club '38-'395 Ger- man Club '58-'39. His life is one of few words and many deeds. PAGE Y.M.C.A. '38-'395 Science Club '38-'39g Debate '39. He is not valiant that dares die, but he that boldly bears calamity. james YEAGLEY ................. Marion, Kansas Jim's ability to argue has often proved an asset to him, but we like him best for his good nature. -' .o f ,- 1 ,x 1 - , I' ri ia ' 4 . g .nw ' 5 ,ffm V, . APA," ' rfkf I , 'iafw' qv" .4 l 1? I X umior oflege racfuates HOWARD CLAASSEN ............ Hillsboro, Kansas Associate in Artsg Y.M.C.A. '39, Science Club '39, President '39, Music Club '393 Choir '39, College Quartet '39, Men's Glee Club '39. His authority on science and his talent in voice make him one of Tabor's greatest assets. IRENE WALL ................ McPherson, Kansas Mfg I A .Lf ,pcry Wm! jkiwwjlf 'vi ffdffifsifga af MA 1 lfffeofm Ms Teacher Training, Y.W.C.A. '38-'39g Science Club '38-'39g Vice-President Music Club '395 Bulletin Staff '38g Editor College View '39, Her personality rings of extraordinary quality, and her knack of writing interesting editorials.makes her invaluable. ' Lflp ERNA HARDER ......,......... Ogallala, Nebraska A.A.g Y.W.C.A. '38-'595 Music Club '39g Choir '39, Ladies' Glee Club '39, The cheerful blonde whose true work of art is but the shadow of divine perfection. CLARENCE E. FAST ............., Corn, Oklahoma Th.B.g A.A.g Y.M.C.A. '38-'39g Mission Band '38-'39, Men's Glee Club '39. A prospective "pedagogue" who makes it his business to glorify God even in the common round. ELMER SCHROEDER ............. Hillsboro, Kansas A.A.g Y.M.C.A. '38-'39, President of Sopho- more Class '393 Science Club '38-'39. The stu- dious, consistent chap, though not outspoken, has many admirers. GLADYS REGIER ....,............ Peabody, Kansas Teacher Trainingg Y.W.C.A. ' '38-'39. Her twinkling brown eyes belie her seeming quiet, unassuming nature. OLGA UNRUH ................. Hillsboro, Kansas Teacher Training, Y.W.C.A. '38-'39g Bulletin Staff '39, Choir '38-'39, Ladies' Glee Club '39. "Where's Esther H,?" Is remembered for her readiness to help others. RAY SCHLICHTING ..,...... Weatherford, Oklahoma A.A.g Y.M.C.A. '38-'39, Treasurer '39, Busi- ness Manager Blue jay '39, President Freshman Class '38g Music Club '39g Science Club '38-'39, Choir '38-'39Q Men's Glee Club '38-'39, The fellow who doesn't know the word "quit," seri- ous in philosophic way until humor gets the best of him-which it often does. PAGE 32 amor College Qracfuates ANNA G. ENNS .................. Lehigh, Kansas Teacher Trainingg Y.W.C.A. '38-'39g Cabinet '39g Science Club '38-'39g Ladies' Glee Club '39. She possesses the rare kindness and joy of serv- ing that are essential in the teaching profession. ESTHER LOEWEN ............... Hillsboro, Kansas Teacher Trainingg Y.W.C,A. '38-'39g Associate Editor Blue -lay '59g Spectator Staff '39: Bulletin Staff '39g German Club '38-'39. Tabor's poet laureate whose keen taste for art have made her invaluable to those she serves. .al CHESTER H. FAST ......,.,...,.. Corn, Oklahoma A.A.g Y.M.C.A. '38-'39g Cabinet '38-'59g Mis- sion Band '38-'39g Editor of Bulletin '39g Choir '38-'39. Teaching is a noble occupation for a character of sterling excellence. ETHLYN WIEBE ................. Walton, Kansas Teacher Trainingg Y.W.C,A. '38-'39g Ladies' Glee Club '39. She's pretty and witty, active and neatg a combination that's hard to beat. QMW NON 1,411 .pzziab 2:11. . o A A RICHERT ....... Weatherford, Oklahoma wdmwLTi g Y.W C.A. '58-'39g Secretary X4 Sophomore Class '39g Ladies' Glee Club '39. Jo as what it takes teyumake the goal." -LL, 144 - 1 f7"k ' R M R HY Mussss ................ Marion, Kansas Teacher Trainingg Y.W.C.A. '38-'39g President i Music Club '39g Choir '38-'395 Ladies' Glee Club '39. Her cheerful heart and joyous song makesa dreary day only half as long. PAGE .............Hillsboro, Kansas Orchestra '38-'39. The quiet- natured 'celloist whose kindness touches in sweet harmony the heart-strings of those who know her. WANDA FRANZEN. Teacher Training g CLIFFORD GRUNAU ............ Isabella, Oklahoma A.A.g Y.M.C.A. '38-'39g Science Club '38-'39g Treasurer Sophomore Class '39g College Quartet '39g Choir '38-'39g Men's Glee Club '38-'39. Borrows of those golden morning hours and be- stows them on his books. 33 bfi fifbiw? Z4 '4,qggA9f 0 ,Z??T,f .6b4Z?L1 10202 fda ff' this ffl f fff Jr !,p1,,cgffL,, I unlor Gollege Qracfuates 5 VX VIRGINIA Dyck ................ Hillsboro, Kansas Teacher Training, Y.W.C.A. '38-'39g Music Club '59, Choir '38-'39g Ladies' Glee Club '39, Let me have music living and dying and I seek no more delight. PETE WIENS ................... Enid, Oklahoma Teacher Training, Y.M.C.A. '38-'39g Music Club '39, Spectator Staff '39, Bulletin Staff '39, Choir '38, Men's Glee Club '38. Tabor's Demos- thenes whose greatest asset is his ability to argue. ESTHER EVA WIEBE ............. Hillsboro, Kansas -N Teacher Training, Y.W.C.A. '39g Mission Band '39, Music Club '39g Bulletin Staff '39g Choir - '38, Ladies' Glee Club '39. Sings the clouds y away and makes sunshine with her smile. 4 , PAULINE KLIEWER .............. Balko, Oklahoma 3 Q Teacher Trainingg Y.W.C.A. '38-'39g Sciencex I4 Club '39, Music Club '39, Ladies' Glee Club L '39, College View Staff '39. "I'll sing my wayx, to the panhandle with a fairview of tomorrow." WW ,lgiwiaifsf xii a ALVIN BULLER .............. Stockham, Nebraska Teacher Training, Y.M.C.A. '38-'39g Music Club '39g Choir '59, College Quartet '39, Men's Glee Club '58-'39. He who is firm and resolute in will, moulds the world to himself. KATHRYN MARTIN .............. Corn, Oklahoma Teacher Training, Y.W.C.A. '38-'39g Mission Band '38-'39. She is quiet and modest, yet as friendly as can be. Rui' vnu- jg.,-'Cz 0 ELMER A. FLAMING ............, Paxton, A.A.g Y.M.C.A. 'ss-'am Music Club '395 'W 5 Science Club '38-'39g College View Staff '39L 7"hJ'4'a' Men's Glee Club '38-'39. "Coach Flaming's"U sincere sportsmanship have won the respect , s all who know him. JJNU g,,11w GOLDIE SEIBEL ............ Harvey, North Dakota Teacher Training, Y.W.C.A. '38-'39: Music Club '39, Choir '38, College View Staff '39. Like the fair lily that needs the "winds of the south" to refresh her enthusiasm for living. 7 PAGE 34 JL"-ff W.. amor Goflege Qracfuates IRENE REGIER ..... .............. B uhler, Kansas Teacher Training, Y.W.C.A. '39g Ladies' Glee Club '39. The Sand Hills boast not only of good watermelons, but of charming school teachers as well. ELIAS WIEBE .................. Hillsboro, Kansas MA Teacher Training, Y.M.C.A. '38-'39g Secretary '39, Editor Bulletin '39g College Quartet '39g M Choir '38-'39, Men's Glee Club '38-'39, Our any opporru ities to do good are our talents. z,Mu-fu' Mfg 0"'-41-'?-94-'K IRMA RICHERT ................. Cimarron, Kansas Teacher Trainingg Y.W.C.A. '38-'39, Mission Band '38-'39, Music Club 393 Choir '38-'39, Ladies' Glee Club '39. Her countenance beams with that inner radiance that makes her circle of friends a large one. BENNIE j. FADENRECHT ..... Munich, North Dakota A.A.g Y.M.C.A. '38-'395 Mission Band '38-'39Q Science Club '38-'59g Choir '58-'39, German Club '38-'39, Men's Glee Club '38-'39, Victory belongs to the most persevering. - f J ,4 . , K I .1 s W ,, ,W ,Ay J fy' i ly flfsjrffufi-yf LYDIA WIENS .................... Meade, Kansu VERNA EDIGER ...........,....... Buhler, Kansas Teacher Training, Y.W.C.A. '38-'39g Mission Stenographic Courseg Y.W.C.A. '38-'39g Music Band '58-'39g Secretary '39g Science Club '399 Club '393 Spectator Staff T395 Choir '38-'59, German Club '58-'39g Ladies' Glee Club '39. Ladies' Glee Club '39, "Hang sorrow! Care Who loveth instruction loveth knowledge. will kill a cat and therefore let's be merry." PAGE 35 55Z"lfy?4',-CL it, Lg L Aj, f L9 eekff-f-il fseaw jfliflffl,-1' 'Tl Ar, wp,-if Zfgyfzl' fe, ' Iva' .r,4,g5,.,, ff K1--rl-Aff. Q4 A 1 -f lf ffiWfift M! ,bdtfr T ,CV 1: ,Il ,f rigging iiiii if fi . fflgiiii ca emcy emors VERNON Vocrr ..,............. Hillsboro, Kansas Y.M.C.A. '38-'39, Science Club '38-'39, Presi- dent Senior Class '39g Boys' Glee Club. Facing life squarely. ELIZABETH WIEBE .............. Hillsboro, Kansas Y.W.C,A. '38-'393 Cabinet 393 Glee Club, Sec- retary of Senior Class '39. The very heart of kindness. fur-v sri? ,IANICE GOENTZEL ............. Hillsboro, Kansas ALICE MEGERT 'Tw' Bessie Oklahoma Y.W.C.A. '38-'39g Glee Club. 'Tis the mind YWCA 38 39 Science Club Glee Club that makes the body rich. Earnest and gay through all the day JOSEPH PLETT ................... Lehigh, Kansas HENRY BOESE Hillsboro Kansas Y.M.C.A. '38-'39, Glee Club. The stuff of a Mission Band 38 39 Glee Club Aman whose hero in him. life is rich in unselfish service academy eniors J. W. EDIGER ............... Henderson, Nebraska Y.M.C.A. '39, Mission Band '393 Glee Club, German Club. Always time for a considerate word. ROSELLA LOEWEN .............. Hillsboro, Kansas Y.W.C.A. '38-'39Q Glee Club '38-'393 German Club '38-'39. No one ever displayed a sweeter spirit than this twin. 111141. ROSENA LOEWEN .............. Hillsboro, Kansas Y.W.C.A. '38-'39, Glee Club '38-'39g German Club '38-'39, Her other half. To know her is to love her. RUBEN KLIEWER ............... Hillsboro, Kansas Science Club. No man is happy who does not think himself so. lx. ,y J, xy half? il'yi4"'V WW?-aaa ESTHER L. WIENS ................ Meade, Kansas Y.W.C.A. '38-'39, Mission Band '38-'39, Glee Club. Lovely in all her nature. DAN GOERTZEN ................. Ulysses, Kansas Y.M.C.A. '39. Still and quiet but deeper than you think. ALBERT SEIBEL ............ Harvey, North Dakota Y.M.C.A. '39g German Club '39, Glee Club '39. TENA EDIGER ............... Henderson, Nebraska Y.W.C.A. '393 Mission Band '39g Glee Club '39g Music Club '39. Always sweet and shy is she. PAGE 37 1 l my l l I' r l all , 'el V 3 fl' .J l aca emy eniors RUTH E. DErNEs ..................... Hillsboro, Kansas JOSEPH-SUDERMAN ..................... Enid, Oklahoma Y.W.C.A. '39g Orchestra '39g Glee Clubg Music Clubg Y-M.C.A. '591 Glee Club. "l don't tell all I know." German Club. A cheerful girl with a winning smile. N. 5 l.n.1.1E ANN IIARMS .................. Cordell, Oklahoma I fy EDN-4 KUEWIER - - - 3 -3 -------- , ------- 5--UIYSSCS, Kansas Y.W.C.A. '38-395 German Club '38-'39. Her firm de- Y.W.C.A. 391 MISSION Band. 393 MUSIC Club: German termination will get her there, Clubg.GIee Club. Not swervmg from the path of duty. - . f .3 H , x ' I , , , D0 -il 5 ,J Y '7 sf 'Y ,X fvultt. Wk- , .. x Q ? ?J SLP' ws' W.. L Q7 .. . mf' ? " lui, 'J in 4 A J K bl Qsgixjlxlur f' li is E. . -l E eu YE sg z S Qi w l l w4'i3W"1- " 'C 7X qv' .-in af ALvrN SIEBERT ....................... Hillsboro, Kansas KATI-?I:YN BARKMAN ......,........,.. Hillsboro, Kansas Y.M.C.A. '58-39: Mission Band '38-'39g Glee Club. . . Y.W.C.A. '393 German Club, Music Club. She is striv- Kind, sympathetic, and conscientious is he. ing for a worthy goal. li DAVID ENsz ............................ Inman, Kansas Y.M.C.A. '38-'39g Glee Club. Be good, get good, and do good. PETE ENS .............,........... Garden City, Kansas Y.M.C.A. '38-'39g German Club '38-'39. I always find something to do that is worthwhile. SARAH PETERS .................... Henderson, Nebraska Y.W.C.A. '39g Music Club, Glee Club. She is full of good meaning and wishes. RUBEN WEDEL .............,.......... Corn, Oklahoma - Y.M.C.A. '38-'39g Glee Club. As true as I live. PAGE 38 ,ff f I , ,I X, CCI Qffly 'guniors ELMER JANTZ ........................ Hillsboro, Kansas ELIZABETH PETERS .........,........ Greensburg, Kansas Y.M.C.A. '38-'39g Glee Clubg President of junior Class. Y.W.C.A. '39g Glee Club. Nothing can bring you peace I don't say much but I often know best. but yourself. Anrnun Hzmms ........................ Meade, Kansas Eumnsru P1.E1'r ............,.......... Lehigh, Kansas Y.M.C.A. '38-'39g Missio Band '39g VicoPresident Y.W.C.A. '38-'39g German Club '38-'39. A tender word junior Class. J t ask m I know. , is not forgotten by her. .tif I 4 2 la. M 5yQ" sfeWi'l ,Nil ,t t RUTH LOEWEN ....................... Hillsboro, Kansas L' WALDO FUNK ........................ Hillsboro, Kansas Y.W.C.A. '58-'39g Mission Band '38-'39g German Club. I know not what the future has in store for me. HAROLD DEINES .......,............. Hillsboro, Kansas Y.M.C.A. '39g Mission Band '39g Glee Clubg German Clubg Orchestrag Music Club. He is one of moods and moments. Esrmsn R. BAKTEL .................... Hillsboro, Kansas Y.W.C.A. '59. She tackles the troubles that come her way. PAGE 39 Glee Club '58-'39g Music Club. Sometimes I study and sometimes I only go to school. KATHRYN LENTZNER ..........,....... Larslan, Montana Y.W.C.A. '38-'39Q Cabinet '593 Mission Band '38-'39. Faces the problem squarely. RUBENA LEPPKE ....................... Marion, Kansas Y.W.C.A. '39g Glee Club. Nothing is really lost by a life of sacrifice. JuiJ f7m f 7:55-V' ff 0 7"'izgTE'Zfa 4-fa CCZ Qffly PHOEBE WIEBE ................ Hillsboro, Kansas Y.W.C.A. '38-'39g Cabinet '393 President of Sophomore Class '39. Her presence makes us rich. LUELLA KooP ................,. Enid, Oklahoma Y.W.C.A. '39, Mission Band '39g Vice-Presi- dent Sophomore Class '39g Science Clubg Music Clubg Blue jay Staff '39, Glee Club. Laughing eyes, musical instruments, and songs are but only a few highlights that make up her attractive personality. 4 44117 4f Cgflpll O4'l'lOI'Q.S' FRANKLIN WIEBE .............. Hillsboro, Kansas Y.M.C.A. '38-'39, Secretary of Sophomore Class '59, Glee Club. A man of generous disposition. MALINDA JOST .....,........... Hillsboro, Kansas Y.W.C.A. '38-'39g Glee Club. A character worth w' . My .N 'Iliff' " vfv"' V LZ' BEATRICE Koop ................. Enid, Oklahoma Y.W.C.A. '39, Science Clubg German Clubg Music Club, Glee Club. A smile, and cheery word for all she meets, and is known as a true and loyal friend. MARTHA PETERS ........... ..Greensburg, Kansas Y.W.C.A. '39g Glee Club. A laugh is worth a hundred groans. AGATHA WIENS .................. Meade, Kansas Y.W.C.A. '59g Glee Club. The secret of success is to live well, laugh often, and love much. MARTHA WIENS .................. Meade, Kar Y.W.C.A. '39g Glee Club. Has a great amount of happiness and humor. PAGE 40 CCI Qffly 3298 ll'LQ4'L BARBARA WIEBE ............... Hillsboro, Kansas ESTHER PLETT ......,........... Lehigh, Kansas Y.W.C.A. '39g Glee Club. An altogether de- Y.W.C.A, '39g German Club. -She does what lightful companion. she can and does it well. ' M M LILLIAN HIEBERT .............. Hillsboro, Kansas ff fy Y.W,C.A. '39g Music Club 395 Glee Club. one bpfbfjlrv DMU!! 9 can conquer if he believes he can. Wig W fffI'IZQ"5Q,'7N"'ff'T,"'i+12,,-'ff FRESHMEN NOT ON PANEL WILLIAM DUECK. .Sardis, British Columbia, Canada BENNIE PLETT ..... ..... L ehigh, Kansas RUBY LEPPKE .... .... P eabody, Kansas PAGE 41 cglae ine rts Music is heard at all times of the day at Tabor College. The students are very music-conscious. Those who are not especially gifted in the ability to produce music are taught to appreciate and to understand good music. There are many divisions of the music department. The orchestra aHords ample opportunity for virtuosos to practice and perform. The chorus gives everyone that is interested in singing a chance to develop his abilities. The college choir helps to train the voice and ear to almost perfection in harmony. The art classes provide for the student's self-expression in creating beautiful pic- tures. The expression department contributes much in that the art of interpretive speech is stressed. The forensic department aids in constructive and forceful thinking. Cglze Qra torio ocletg Every fall the director of the oratorio. Professor Richert, issues a call for voluntary singers of the community to help the college chorus present the sacred oratorio, "The Holy City," by Gaul. Many respond. Approximately two hundred persons participated in the rendition of this expressive production on December 4, 1938. People from neighboring states came especially to hear it. PAGE 42 Cqlze Qrches tra The orchestra has made considerable progress the past year. Several new membeis were added, especially violins, of which an orchestra never can receive too many! It made its first public appearance in Tabor College, March 21, 1939. Ruth Edwert, violin, Ruth Deines, violin, Alvin Hiebert, violag Professor Franz, violin, E ther P. Wiebe, violin, Luella Lohrenz, piano, Professor Weimer, director, Wanda lhnzen, 'cellog Arthur Flaming, French horn, Alvin Buller, clarinet, Alvie Hefley, clarinet, Harold Deines, baritone, Harvey Hefley, cornetg Abbie Funk, trombone. -Q' X K .XC +21 Cglze College Choir 38-39 Fran! row: H. David, L. Lohrenz, E. Harder, A. Quiring, L. Claassen, O. Unruh, E. Harder, I. Wiens. Serum! row: V. Dyck, E. Wiebe, D. Miesse, E. Penner, Prof. Richert, I. Richert, M. Unruh, E. Warkentin, V. Ediger. Third row: C. Grunau. E. Willems, M. Lohrenz, W. Wiebe, H. Claassen, A. Flaming, R. Wiens, P. Ratzlaff, A. Hiebert, M. Suderman, Pete Ens. Fourth row: A. Heinrichs, O. Wohlgemuth, H. Krause, M, Foote, C. Fast, E. Wiebe, B. Rempel, B. Fadenrecht, A. Bullet, O. Unruh, R. Schlichting. PAGE 43 H119 md 9 llOI'l,lS OUl'S alla G D. Penner, L. Flaming, B. Fadenrechr, Harder I. Jost, Prof. Richerr, E. Wiebe, B. Rempel, E P. Wiens. Soloiflf: Marguerite Wall, Josie Iona Wahl, jf :un H .qu mg K li 1.6m ,Gi 1 M Q 6,5112 ...... , a A B - -:-. , "B" J- - .HV L i X, in af X Flaming W. Berg panixt 1 ...rv A fix MW Et .. ef' l 5 ,L in . , if Q E .. " "' 1 W ff :X fr'fW , www aWwg gg , wgyg ., A . . ..,. , - . f Qi , 'f-g f 'yan ' -aiwsg' . W MW. ,, , Z ,:, ' .IQ..wQ. l"'. , .- 2 - Ea an W 431 X 1 vim ., . A QW' ,ny V S. I Q 'Wi , . 4' ,.,, . 5 :,-1 B wif: fwwM'fwf:f-TW H ' ., Q. 1' 3253, , F' A i f 'f9,fj?.,1r,f,1,,, if ., 1 l f 1 .... w w7,gi:ffm - . , , gy. -f i' 4 WWF: V i s A 2 w g .- ' ' ' B no 3 fwg.m7j.f, f .I - Q a ., , , awi33fwrfw 1 .rw -.. f ' it fi fl 'Z 2 - 1 X- PAGE 44 :Q JA O88 OM' OUI'S ,X at , g .. M.. , ,ff Y ,. . . 1, 5 X V i' 91.5 1212 ' A -I -1' ?a . T if ff -. ..-H.-yr-i-.-:f .At .. 30 : .aixgw W ' . ..., 5 A ' ,y ' V A e q, 1 ' ,,A,. ' - .-. . 2. '- is 'f zgv r . 1 s 57 Lffiiws g ff sz ' V , ' .. " " ,W S1 : , . A iT'wE'y of Q13 ., V . . fi e .M ' i I '144'-.,4,ofv-f" 5, Q. N i A e. .9 'Gia .K V ' . is A 1. iv J 3 . W A I! Mfg' i 'ii W II J 53' PAGE 45 5 055 . ,fy California tour of '57, Strolling through Tulsa Park. The editor goes native in Oklahoma. Pete goes "Hutterite" in S. Dakota.. Rastus jones gives the "six" a lift. Miesse likes cats. The pause that refreshes. Prof. lends a hand. After the program and supper. Prof. misses nothing. Dodge City feed. Krause drove 4,000 miles. Hum-it's good! Hiebert up to his old tricks. The choir reaches Texas soil, Oklahoma badlands. fa. '-fe. 4531...-if wi nv iuwwipw me ff., .1 .. PAGE 46 'f Xe .Es-1 I 3 Hg JW' NL.. f-is if ,..,, W ,. 6 fa - ,.. .1 '.. ' -'--, -V .1 -vi .,.. E A 2' 1 ' .I , a?.y:f.f' . L- A TW. 3::1.-:sa.:y.-.- x M tmiw... li . ..i,?.x.,.i a 352432 g . . .-.- .. 1 " Q "7 "fir 6... V3.3 N' ld "' ' 5 - ' gli? V 1 f . . f sg W I Q G P :.:. N mini iwytb ,ima 'xx . W 'A' H W .5 1 it E E if . ' ""' 1. Male Chorus crosses U. S. border on ferry. 2. Abe throws a "dark red one." 3. It's only ice. 4. Harold guards reception room. 5. These will also go through college. 6. Bright side of college. Our campus sees changes. 8. Our soloist. 9. Your turn next. Part of Tabor diary, '39, Arbor day PWA. Don't shoot! Part of Senior sneak clay. 7. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. "Babe Ruth" Hiebert. 15. Three good pals! 16. Norse trio with us one semester. 17. Walt keeps us warm. 18. Almost a load. 19. One spring afternoon. 20. 21. Arbor day soup line. Onlygirl permitted in Y.M. 'Nebraska one week end to ive concerts' .A A 'f le I, we -f , 4' K .fv ,I Lf , , ' f' "' -l - L The choir consists of students seletced in fall by tryouts. It is deemed a privilege to sing in this organization. As one of the main advertising agencies of the school, the choir makes tqxrs during the year. The choir of '39 visited the "dust bowl" and sang in various churches in Western Kansas and Oklahoma. lt also served in numer- ous communities near and in Hillsboro. l E . Y QUARTETS OF '39 in QUARTETS Tabor College has two college male quartets. Each quartet gave programs dur- ing the school year. One quartet went to . g y the other quartet gave concerts in the neighboring churches and colleges. STRING QUINTET At the beginning of the school year a string quintet was organized. Through diligent work they were rewarded for their efforts. They, together with the Col- lege Choir, gave their first concert Febru- ary 16, 1939, in the Tabor College audi- torium. PAGE 47 Willems, Grunau. Claassen, Hiebert, Lohrenz, Wiebe, Ratzlaff, Buller. OUARTET OF '38 Willems, Wiens, Jost, Bullet. THE STRING QUINTET Prof. Weimer, Prof, Franz, Esther Wiebe, Wanda Franzen, Alvin Hiebert. THE ART CLASS Many who come to Tabor find an outlet for appreciation of the beautiful in the art course. Professor Ebel, our able instructor, says, "No one can spoil a picture," there- fore, the study of perspective and elementary charcoal drawing is launched upon with zeal. Pastel drawing calls for gay splashes of color to brighten the picture. The advanced stu- dents turn their eyes to more complicated studies of paints, oil, pencil, crayola, pen and ink, and lithograph. THE SCIENCE CLUB One of the educational clubs of Tabor is the Science Club. It has done much to stimu- late interest in practical science. One of its major projects started in '38 by Professor Weimer and Erwin Hiebert and now finished by john Franz, is the 8-inch reflecting tele- scocpe. This was made possible by interest an donation by Doctor Hoeppner, of Hills- boro. THE GERMAN CLUB The German Club or "Deutsch Verein" was organized in the in- terest of those students who de- sire to obtain a more practical knowledge of the German lan- guage. The meetings, which take place bi-weekly, consist of gen- eral singing, themes, essays, poems and songs in the "Mutter- sprachef' Especially those stu- dents who are enrolled in a course of German find it bene- ficial to participate. PAGE 48 ission Band activities 1937-1938 President .... Dick Gerbrandt Vice-President . .Chester Fast Secretary ....,... Ruth Dick Treasurer . . .Frank Buschman Vinum 1938-1939 President ,...,. jake Kliewer Vice-President . , .jack Adrian Secretary ...... Lydia Wiens Treasurer ..... Manuel Foote ission Qancf Saturday night holds for the Mission Band members a "Spiritual Reservoir" which opens when they gather to mutually strengthen themselves through Christian fellowship and to awaken and encourage Mission interests in the community. Furthermore the band is deeply interested in doing definite Mission work in and near the immediate territory, including the neighboring churches, Sanitarium, and Old People's Home. F it A very interesting and vital feature of the band is to extend Summer Vacation Bible Schools into nearby and distant vicini- ties. Teachers are usually sent out in groups of two's. The aim of the teachers is to bring Salvation to the hearts of the youth. Several tours have been made. Last year the Male Quattette went to Nebraska, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Another group went to western Kansas, and a third group went to Co1oL rado and western Kansas. This year a group of ten went to western Kansas and Oklahoma. A smaller group toured through eastern Oklahoma. PAGE 49 --...S CABINET FOR 1937358 .jesse Harder . .Ed Willems Orlando Dick .jacob Kliewer .H. F. Thomas Gospel Extension . .Clarence Fast Devotional ...... Waldo Wiebe Social ..... .... D an Penner Sponsor . .. ..... Prof. Foote President ........ Secretary . . . . . . . Treasurer . . . . . . Prayer ......... Visiting ........ Great blessings have been experienced by the Tabor College Y.M.C,A. during the last two years. Answered prayers, as a result of the united prayers of the boys, have been a great source of inspiration. Every Thursday evening a large group of boys assembled in the Y.M.C.A. room for prayer and testimony. Exhortation and encouragement have been received from the talks which were given. Besides these weekly prayer meetings a room has been secured which is dedi- cated exclusively to secret prayer. Opportunities for active service are presented by the extension work which is' carried on at the Marion County jail, the Marion County Poor Farm, the McPherson County Poor Farm, and at a PAGE CABINET FOR 1938-'59 Mission and Bible Dept., 1 X C is-ov ba ..., 3' 'Nw at t 2 .ttt T. ','.""" 't.-a.-:- t.,t., . ., il " 171. 1-' 'Q . .: :Q ,,.-. Q. I 5.-Q? , ,,... :fi ii . t,,' .-.t-2 ..... , -no-Q . M- 2 -- W .Pk ' .l..,.: V 5. H ' T H . r zl. 5 :zl at-, ff- R A M. . 1- ' tezaakgig 'Z church in Medora, Kansas. Street meetings have also been held in surrounding towns. An indispensable part of the Y.M.C.A. activities has been the work done by the visiting committee which has visited the boys and aided them in a spiritual and social way. Various programs in surrounding churches and colleges have been sponsored by the devotional department. Each year the social department of the Y.M.C.A. supplies the physical and social needs of boys by giving a watermelon feed, a chili supper and perhaps ri hike. 50 President .......... Dan Friesen Vice-President .... Ervin Adrian Secretary .,........ Elias Wiebe Treasurer ...... Ray Schlichting Prayer ............ Chester Fast Visiting .......... Jack Adrian Ed Willems Chorister ........ Waldo Wiebe Devotional ...... Roland Wiens Social ..... .... E rvin Nikkel Sponsor .... .... P rof. Foote ...G 1 CABINET FOR 1938-'39 President .... Elfreda Penner Vice-Pres. . , .Martha Unruh Secretary ,... Linda Lohrenz Treasurer. .Kathryn Lentzner Sponsor. . .Mrs. A. E. janzen Devotional. .Elisabeth Wiebe Mission .,.... Clara Lohrenz Social ......,. Esther Harder Publicity .,,.. Annie Classen Visiting ..... Louise Flaming Library ....... Phoebe Wiebe CABINET FOR 1937-'38 President .,.. Clara Lohrenz Vice-Pres. ..... Anna Bartel Secretary ..., Elfreda Pennet Treasurer ...,., Elsie Barrel Sponsor ..... Miss Kaufman Visiting .... Anna Suderman Mission ....,, Susan Friesen Devotional . . .Martha Foote Bible ....,... Rachel Wiebe Social .... ,.... R uth Dick Publicity .,,... Anna Ediger Library , . ,,.. Annie Classen ,---'eg -' H-,, ei if It , " Y Ei .,f,,,,. if in A - . if sake VM' 'Kisfl The Young VUomen's Christian Association is one of the most active organizations in school. The cabinet which has the management of the work, is always engaged in planning some activity which will reach the interests of all the girls and which will give them an opportunity to develop a richer, deeper spiritual life. Early in fall a get-acquainted program is sponsoredg later hikes and picnics and a "heart-sister" week. ln spring the girls invite their best friends-their mothers-to a Mother-Daughter Banquet." This all helps to unite the girls in Christian comradeship. The interests of this association reach out even to other lands. The girls are given an opportunity to show their desire to help in the cause of missions when the preparations for the annual mission sale are made. In connection with this the girls serve a supper to the community. The pro- ceeds of this sale and supper go to support a Bible woman in India, to the upkeep of the rooms that the girls furnish in school, and to the general treasury for missions. ' is Another important phase of the work is carried on by the visiting com- mittee. This group goes out every Sunday morning to bring cheer and comfort to the 'invalids of this community by conducting worship services for them. The strength of this organization, however, comes from its weekly Thursday-night prayer meetings. The prayer committee secures speakers and special music for these gatherings, but the major part of the time is spent in prayer. "Prayer is the Christian's breath." Here many a troubled girl takes new courage and goes on to victory. PAGE 51 1 OI'QI'L.S'tCS Gollege medate When school opened in the fall of 1938, a debate class was organized for the benefit of those students interested in forensic activities. This class, under the direction of Professor Orlando Harms, first studied the fundamentals of debate, then began to work on the national inter-collegiate debate question, "Resolved: That the United States should cease to use Public Funds for the purpose of stimulating business." After some time of class debating and an exhibition debate in chapel, the members of the class were given oppor- tunities to compete with various other colleges in practice debates as well as in tournaments. During the season Tabor has debated with the following schools: Hutchinson junior College, McPherson College, Bethel College, Bresee Col- lege, Hutchinson, Kansas, Kansas State College, Hays, Kansas, Nebraska Teachers' College, Chadron, Nebraska. Although Tabor has in former years been prominent in forensic activities, the debate class is at present a new organization, yet the progress which has been made in this respect during the present school year makes us confident that forensics will hold one of the prominent places in Tabor College in the years to come. THE DEBATE TEAM FIRST ROW: Ervin Nikkel, Roy Seibel, Dan Neufeld. SECOND ROW: Prof. Orlando Harms, Frank Nickel, John Strauss. Qratorg During the last three years oratory has again acquired a prominent place in the activities of Tabor College. In 1938, after winning a series of preliminary contests, Pete Wiens represented Tabor College at the Intercollegiate Anti-Tobacco Oratorical Contest held at McPherson College. His oration, "The Tobacco Evil and the Challenge to Youth," won fifth place in the contest. This year, under the instruction of Prof. Harms a class has been organized for those interested in oratory. After a study of the oration and the various phases connected with its preparation and delivery, the students were required to prepare orations for the preliminary contests which were to determine the student who would represent Tabor at the Intercollegiate Anti-Tobacco Contest held at Bresee College, Hutchinson, Kansas. Dan E. Friesen won this honor and tied for third place at the state contest. His oration was entitled, "America, Reckon with this Evil." Later in the season a second local contest was held. The general topic for this contest was "World Peace." Three prizes were offered to the winners by the school. The winners: Pete XWiens, first prize, Dan E. Friesen, second prize, jake Flaming, third prize. Oratory has gained a foothold in Tabor College and should be encouraged, for it is not only a valuable activity for the school to have, but it offers unexcelled training for those who participate. WW -W' 5"f9zLw4f 47, ,il 'iii if ' 4 fw 14 ., W, ,s 5,1 .,fgf,,.i,-f'-::,-,,-- 4 izaafnm ,na fl9f74f7'H"f5 W'ff'4""5?4jf?gfN5AW'Zf' C414 'Zg6""' ' MORNING LIFE AT THE DORMITORY i The rising bell rings every morning at six. Yes, its morning and lights flicker here and there in the various rooms of the dormitory. The fragrance of freshly fried pancakes creeps up the stairs from the kitchen, that is if it's pancake day. My! but sometimes it's hard to get up, but one can hardly stay asleep when the shrill tones of the bell calls one to a new day's duty. PAGE 53 Cglze physical gcfucatlon epartment The Physical Education Dc- parrmenr of the College looks to the physical side of life . Due to the fine coaching of Harder and Flaming, '38, and Flaming and Friesen of '39, a fine intramural program has been introduced by which the boys receive fine train- ing in sportsmanship, loyalty, and keenness of mind. The girls are coached by jo Hanna Richer: and Selma Wall. Q 4 Q THE PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT 2 Q 1 " l i ff "1 ,. Y Q is W, ' ., H - - , : 3' .,., , who v 1 , wr , X ,pr .3 , ,,,,.," -,: H' s -1 .,.iwP'2, ,sei ,T Q . Y , V- ,, ,W . -, ,. . . ,Q u1 - . em 'n r'H .. r ,: .II -, .... 2 X PAGE 54 inn.. ,W AE' vw ff"'Qg'?f..,,,T... v Y 114.5 invfi + 'ff 1 " w.,fffw: 7 .W 6 .T 2 IE Q' . L ,xi S . 2. I lil!! : 55 v ': ." . rf Q ,g f A 1 gikgwmmeafe . ,paw g I wg, V325 5 .A " V A ..aY"e Q? ' Lglggjimif 3 Q Q 5 ' f eff " l ff ta," .W-1 iw f' l M' " M- dt'4wmmS6wW . ' S A ISLL- ff... .,W A anim , L f ' i . L 3 . Q iwxw ,Wh W 1 " N. ,i eww' . ' , 1 1 4, w il . if .,,, 451241, I A Z si V 2, i , It , r i -A X an. 1 , 'Z .2 . t 2 A 5-2' S, Q- K if U , - V -. rl' eww sit? A .. 42.391 A' is me T guqmawawpmmwg A1-ffaw . 1 N.?f3if-if afzfffgf T. Q ,n I I va ...1i... W 'lv A A K I , fjffl -'fi 's ' A f CK AVVW Min NS 'x 7 jfsyif' ' '. . K . V, .s -13 if X 3 f T N fi f s 1,1 f ff 13 23 . ' I 1 V ..,,' V I ' A 9- in S .-:v sg. X ., Q I 1 'ix gr 11. Q "" i PAGE 55 Goertz goes masquerading. There's a hole in the "Old Oaken Bucket This was peaceful until-? Found in Ed's mailbox. Will PWA come to this? This was Hiebe. Sometimes. One of the college firewagons. Not on faculty. It almost happened on the reservoir. Frat house symphony. '38 dairy departmenr. Estil goes feminine. Boys have war on dandruff. Buhler melons january 26ifresh! Those gay nineties! Siemens of Shafter goes native. April 7-'38. Julius makes hasty retreat from dorm. Cgetucfent QuL!l.Catl.On fm- -v -r fe f.- -v -r fl-131-v'v""' K BULLETIN 1 'rum Momunn-DAUGHTER :Www 'X TABOR COLLEGE n a I EA --"""" - -,.v,.i-,g..f-,c.,v.:,s.a..v..-1. STE ' THE surf RDLACAWON AT Tum It has been th-"' Editor .................,.......... ' s Wlebe A IWHTORY C. A. . 9 CUStom of th Week algo guels for at n e Y' W. 'Associate Editor ........ - sells L9 - rf-. ack- ay the gms be honor th . Umber of t i P mg and leav' gl elp mome years to yrypists ...... R uth Deines, Esther Wxens in various State mg for their hom to at banquet. rs by inviting mem ,Feature ...........,.,.........,.. E l5le Marie QP some had left Z ?:wpartS of Kansi On Thursdav ev ' WY. C. A .......... .......... A- Ttzhllf Vvle the choir tour How before , the mothpv H egllngv March 16 x Y. W.'C. A ......... ......... A nme Cla,asSe seemed to bg! O qmet everytml were if . W. C, A. gms lDo1'm1tory ......... .............,. E va. Bloc shone th mb' a few n A the auditori lblllssion Band Ruby Relme do rough the transolw vere take um' s' Cl be-me R th Ewe ore of the rooms. '1 w n to the Xgliyce U '--'---- --------' O 'ig U Yu halls seem dw- ,ht ag deC0rated e s ......................... .......... a n n o music. A Contrlbutor ........,............... L- ydia Wlens music as the xl Faculty Advlser. ndo Harms 's found their ,Zf ' A 'pon ente . W, STAFF Edhtotxa 6 es clugggii Irene Wal ......,....,.............. ......... 1 be ,',, ,nations were Pa e Kllewer ........ Associate Edltorx 5 Ae ,f -'CK and white, Th Edna Jost .................... Academy Editor 509-9' Gund on little .e 1.1 Editor X335 Placed just bo muslc' Clifford mtzen ..,....,...., unwr I xl tile fa 3 ve the Edltor V0rs, Shaped Plates. E-Amer Flaming ,.,........,.. .SPOAS l Rlaced on the stan like notes' were Goldie Selbel ..............,. Fl ne 15418 Edltor vw tablecloth. Lyrics at the edge of the William Neufeld ......., R ellglens E nmU'rSi'REm as Centerpiece, and harvs served Esther W arlcentln ...... Y f0dl1CT50n 28 containing the and 8 little bookle, Pete Wlens ...---- -V ---- Bginees Man Der deutclxe Vereln lxlelt den .nm Vdaled the thezenu and Pr0g'l'8-ln re: Samson oi-on Feeme' we Smmg' elxgangge- M0"he'h00d- e' The SYmPh0Hy' or Geaang wllrde von M8130 m G ng After each m th l lt t. Nach dlesem i01 0 0 esa I, o er and d unit Wednesday 'sxe Scrrce Gln? 50: Peter Emu .Dem WAS? Ovigigxy aughter had lts regular mee lng. ree ree Bl woman em yoga-ag, ' r 0. were shown. The flrst one "C0m- L 5- Maller gelleiert vn1rde.Sle 'mmmg with me Heevenen eeele wmxx elcjeteonze mbesonders den Gedanken. astronomy, especially the use oi the dasz def F1-lede lm Her!-en notwen- telescope to observe the stars. it -.. nm can cmastllenes Leben 211 'showed the operatlon of the sun dlal MOZART' B Jem erzaehlte Joseph and the lnstrument for detecting KTYS' CH0IR'MmlnlschP1l rth u ues. NEWTI APP ea'l'h: Ether reels, ehtmed "Pony-oi. The Mom 1- N EARSW showed the moral, soclal, and econor conduct ' ft Boys. f ed bv Choi C lc costs oi alcohol. Alcohol ls VT Ofmed bef Y Dr. Geo r of Vienn C 0 llc ge . ' some eses. but at Fewton' Fefe a 1arggGrube,, peg' SZZIPSIS' life argcvlfies and common QUABTET vtsrrs lov' alent Ofth wary 15 audience - - e 'H the tw "'1d.lY pre. Bram revel , ese vo - The ln The T 0 Publi . B T' Fe' ' tffelfin t ' 'mg mu - . aftisti rin . ab0r C 1 CaU0ns UB- . 0 slclans Wa C ., 7 Whlfh is Qlege Bulle The Taber Conege Mele Quartet' 001311611 051135 V S a Vofwarrsj' afgmted in tht? made up oi Edward Willems, Clifford QQPCI, t h C T the student Grullau. HowaIddCla9,s3en :nd A123 March 15, ....... Fresh-Sovh Beslaetbii liz. Hbor College lillebert, rendere at c aoe progf M h wh'-Mother-Daughter Band X for C Student ln Bethel College on Frlday, MMC W0 A . Ymgtam ax, Bethe S merly called Paper was 31. The boys sang a group oi beautl CHO .mq Recital PCCrar0f. the T a b 0 I ful quartet numbers including. "Serv Monday after IR TOUR "MF Ye me ml-dl" "Take Thou My Hand- 30? College Ch?-some Apm 3, they T 1- "l Slng, Klng Jesus ls A-Llgtenlflg' Iinfgsl Prof, A- 5- Jc0nsisung of gg! azxld gwlzichert, left' osntiflll, and profw CSIS fOr their E college bus 8-Ster tour i We reached Greensburg , PAGEA 56 ' 511335, inl T550 PAGE 57 iw And so they were married. Filled with dinner and knowledge Nor sisters. Wirher away Nick? The Walls. Y.M. octet tour. Human Be'ans. Clean up in Wimipeg. Pixy the cooks! Goin' places. Some of the '38 co-eds. Ain't love grand? an in ,, 'ff WMM, W. ,N . h ,M . V 1, 'f' f ' . 'ff fu . g-an - 1 Z-i i it . . .. L ila, .... . V f.,4i:"':V' V 'ie A W' l W , E E WJ, i 4-'V wcfm ' 'j A . . Q ...zz .2 Q3 V' Q. i ff I . ,W V,.,A ""'v-J ' ' T , s 'W C7 .. Mg-3 W A V ,V I- . I - ..s.f.:,.....:. ' V 'Y i :iw Z1 A fd 'K M r 4- an M5 n. an na K. ,LM wit I , ,Msg luxe 'sf vi? rf mf Q ' Q51-lv f 5 K 1 ff' .Lf 1. Typical dust bowl scene. 2. "Farewell to thee." 3. Those were the times! 4 . Good ole potato salad. 5. Stuck. 6. "I'm sorry." 7. Junior-Senior Banquet. 8. Remember Boot Hill? . That Listerine smile. " ,gag PAGE 58 9 10. Guess who? ll. We should worry. ,mmm l THE GOLDEN RULE : ? Whalsoever ye wish others should do unlo you: do ye even also unto them. . . is 'the very foundafion of frue cooperalion. The MARION COUNTY CO-OP CREAMERY ASSOCIATION A True Cooperative I I liafy Sept. 5-Freshmen register and enroll-timid, bashful, bold. Sept. 6-Other students enroll. Acquaintance social and handshaking contest. Goertz decides not to be a politician. Sept. 7-Classes beging freshmen get lost. Sept. 14-Faculty social. Sept. 15-Boys' Quartet invited to Old Settlers' Picnic at Mariong Hiebie wants to enter old fiddlers' con- test. Sept. 22, 23-Verna Ediger had old family bus at schoolg girls go places, including State Fair. Sept. 25-Tabor opening festival. Sept. 27-Hospital Day at churchg dorm kids get dime to eat their supper. Oct. 6-Students get half a day off to ride merry-go- round at county fair. Oct. 9-Boys' Quartet at Dorranceg Stella Pankratz and Henry Goertzen decide for better or for worse. Oct. 11-Pictures and talk on Alaska by lecturer C. Raine. Oct. 16-Boys' Quarter to Baptist Church ar Wichita. Oct. 31-U. S. Navy Band at Newton. Harold Deines wants to join the navy so the world may see him. Nov. 12--Students are saddened and shocked by the passing of fellow-student, Marvin Fast. Nov. 14-Faculty tea. Rev. A. I. Harms guest speaker. Nov. 15-Funeral of Marvin Fast at Fairview, Okla- homa. About thirty students go on college bus to attend. Nov. 17-Harpist, Miss Roselli, plucks strings. Nov. 23-Thanksgiving vacation begins. Nov. 24-National turkey day, with turkey getting wrong side of deal. , Nov. 28-Vacation ends: Ervin Nikkel still carries box of Bicarbonate of Soda. Dec. 1-Y.W.C.A. Mission Sale. Roland Wiens is in- spired to begin housekeeping. Dec. 4-Rendition of "Holy City," by Oratorio Society. Virginia Dyck comes to school with glittering left hand. Dec. 8-Piano students give recital and rumors of faint earthquakes in Europe as composers turn over in graves. Dec. 13-Boys declare war on King Dandrulfg wash hair but forget to oil and comb. Dec. 18--Annual Christmas program in auditorium. Dec. 20--School Christmas dinner in East library. Dec. 21-Christmas vacation begins. Dec. 25-Santa surprised at amount of cash and candy Tabor students want. Dec. 31-Students await day when they may begin break- ing resolutions. A. B. FLAMIN G Madrid Nebraska GOOD FEELING GOES WITH SOUARE DEALING OFFICE PHONE, I7-C2 RESIDENCE PHONE, I7-C3 A Full Line of John Deere Traciors and Tractor-Drawn Implemenis Simplicity and Durability Maytag Washing Machines DeLavaI Cream Separators Firestone Tractor Tires VOGT'S CASH GROCERY "The Home of Quality Foods" TABORITES- We welcome your patronage. Mak Store Your Food Headquarters. YOUR FRIENDS "THE VOGT'S" Olll' BROADSTREET STUDIO Marion Kansas Specializing in ine oil colored portraits, and the re-photographing of old valuable pictures. We are equipped with modern back- grounds for weddings and other popular occasions. Your Business A ppreciated LESLIE R. BROADSTREET Hillsboro Kansas Ph0f09"0Ph9f ,175 4 - Square Lumber 4-Square Precision-Made Lumber is available at this yard. l 1. Exact length 2. Square ends 3. Tight joints 4. Full bearing BADGER LUMBER CO. Sam J. Unruh, Agent Phone 7 Hillsboro, Kansas THE E. R. BURKHOLDER LUMBER CO. Lumber, Building Material and Paint Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten TELEPHONE 80 Hillsboro Kansas jan. 3-Vacation endsg students loosen belts, rub double- chins, and start burning midnight oil. jan. 12-Dorm girls have birthday party for "Ma" Deines. jan. 17-Harry Goertz studies chemistry before class. jan.19-Semester finals. Teachers want to learn much by asking still more. jan. 24-Second semester begins. Jan. 29-Feb. 5-Annual Tabor College Bible Confer- ence. Rich blessings experienced. Feb. 7-john Franz goes to Lyons to look at "Wheaties" telescope for Science Club. Feb. 8-Broadstreet takes pictures for annual. Camera does not crack! Feb. 9-Misner Players present "Rip Van Winlcle" in High School. Quite a cast of Tabor couples. Feb. 10-First edition of "College View." Feb. 13-Broadstreet brings picturesg Hollywood scouts believed to be seen around. Feb. 16-College Music Department presents program. Feb. 18-Faculty socialg Prof and Mrs. L. Franz and Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Vogt present as guests. Feb. 20-Biggest snowstorm of yearg many students are snowbound for 2 or 5 days. Feb. 23-Big-Little Sister revealing social. Mar. 6-School socialg Cliff Eitzen wins free annual. Mar. 10-Comanche Indian program. Art trades off "Modern T" for " '39 Green De Soto." Mar.13-Art casts his "gold in the ring." A certain fair lass from Ebenfeld gets it-the ring. Mar. 16-Mother-Daughter banquet. Congratulations, Tabor College, for your Christian achievement J. E. SCHROEDER "Outfitters from Lad to Dad" PUTTING FOUNDATIONS UNDER DREAMS No matter what financial aims you may have in life, a good banking connection will help you put solid foundations under your dreams. You may say, perhaps, "But I haven't much money now-how can a bank help ME?" Our answer is that we're looking toward the future-and so are you. Using our services even in a small way now is the best means to estab- lish yourself and to prepare for the larger opportunities that time will bring you. We invite you to become one of our customers-soon. . THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Hillsboro, Kansas Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation GOING TO TABOR COLLEGE R E S U L T S GIVES YOU WISDOM ACTUAL EXPERIENCE MAKES That is exactly what you want when you start to bake. PERFECT ' Why not be 'sure of the very best re- HAE sults by using- Hntkrliysok Q W- R FLOUR have served their customers over a WALL-ROGALSKY MILLING CO. halt century in Hillsboro, Kansas. .887 , I939 McPherson, Kansas WAl.l.'S FOOD MARKET F I N E R F O O D S B. F. Wall, Proprie'l'or JOST BAKERY It pays to rely on jost's Bakery Prod- ucts. Their high quality, uniformity, color, texture, and freshness are unvary- ing year after year. YOU CAN DEPEND ON THEM We recommend PAN DANDY BREAD T A B O R'S qualify DRY CLEANER for over fifteen years L A S S E N LEANERS HILLSBORO MOTOR. COMPANY HUDSON CARS - - - GLEANER COMBINES Hillsboro, Kansas C. W. Flaming G. E. Dole lnsisi' on ge'H'ing JACK SPRAT FINE FOODS Your IGA Store Sold by Progressive Grocers - Everywhere KANSAS WHOLESALE co. GRQCERES Quahly MEATS DlSl'l'lbu'l'0l'S P H O N E 5 I Hillsboro . Kansas 5c and l0c H 8: H Store B.F.L. B.F.L. This store sells the best of everythingg you are always welcome and will save on all your purchases Joe Hein McCORMICK DEERING Farm Machines and Implements GENERAL HARDWARE CO. Hillsboro, Kansas TYDOL GASOLINE VEEDOL MOTOR OIL OUALITY PRODUCTS FISK TIRES USL BATTERIES VEEDOL I50-HOUR TRACTOR OIL I007, Pennsylvania VEEDOL will give hours longer service beiween drains in any 'Iracfor-OLD or NEW SAM SCHNEIDER OIL COMPANY Disiribufor Mar. 17-Choir sings at Bethel. Mar. 18-Mission Band group forgets speaker and come back nine miles to get him. Mar. 19-Choir at Gnadnau and Ebenfeld. Mar. 20-Ray Schlichting carries nine books home "to make impression on teachers." Mar. 21--Spring begins. Piano recital Qno earthquake reportedj. ' Mar. 23-Lindsborg A Cappella Choir here. Mar. 25-27-Boys' Quartette goes to Nebraska. April 2-Choir at Srassburg. Oratorio, "Seven Last Words of Christ," given in evening. April 3-Choir leaves for dust bowl and Panhandle. April -5-Ann gets letter mailed on choir tour. April 9--Choir returns, reports very favorable. April 14--Parkinson Music Ensemble here. April 16--Choir in Marion, April 21-Bethel College Choir here. April 23-Choir in Buhler, Hutchinson, Lehigh. April 30-Sangerfest in Ebenfeld. May 7-Choir at Sangerfest in Enid. May 15-18-Annuals arrive. May 19-Art still reported alive. May 21-Baccalaureate service in M. B. Church. May 24-25-Final examinations. Ray S. entertains big inspiration from Texhoma. Bill Neufeld leaves in big hurry. May 26-Commencement exercises. Graduates receive long-awaited laurel wreaths. Annual Alumni Ban- quet-Sad farewells. Gollege HUMOI Mrs. Richert: "Oh, I'm sure Herb, jr., is going to be an auctioneer when he grows up!" Prof. Richert: "What makes you so sure?" Mrs. Richert: "Well he's just put your watch under the hammer." "Chickens," says Herb K., "are the usefullest animals there are. You can eat them before they're born and after they're dead." From an academy essay: "A semicolon is a' period sitting on top of a comma. Some think that the first time a semicolon was used was when some man did not know whether to use a comma or a period, so he used both of them together." Chet to Bob: "The night before last you came home yesterday. Last evening you came home today. If you come home this evening tomorrow, I'm going to tell on you." Flattery is 90 per cent soap-and soap is 90 per cent lye. Howard C.: "Well, how did you like your horseback ride?" Ray: "I never though anything Elled with hay could be so hard." Harvey Hefley fin psychology classj z "How long can a person live without brains?" Prof. Fadenrecht: "That remains to be seen!" Irvin Nickel fin school Art classj: "I have some pastel paper for sale. The whole sheet cost me a quarter." Prof. Ebel: "I'll buy half of it for live cents. Irvin: "I'd rather sell the other half for twenty!" Says Abe Dahl: "Our apartment is so small I have to go outside to change my mind." K Mrs. Foote: "Oh, Albert, Baby can walk!" Prof. Foote: "That's line. Now she can walk the floor at night by herself." Miss Regier: "I think you had better board elsewhere." Ray: "Yes, I have more than once." Miss Regier: "Had what?" Ray: "Better board elsewhere." Ollie Unruh: "So you aren't going to marry that school teacher?" Irvin L. Nickel: "No, I couldn't show up one night and she wanted me to bring a written excuse signed by my parents." A certain student was heard to remark when the bell rang during English class, "Oh, dear! That's the second time the alarm has wakened me today, once in bed and once in class." One of the lady students was present at a faculty meet- ing to give a report of a conference she had attended. Upon seeing her, one of the profs remarked, "Did you join the faculty family by promotion or emotion?" Pete Wiens fin Health Education classj: "If boiling kills germs, that explains why eggs get so hard after they are cooked. The germs solidify." IN HEALTH EDUCATION CLASS: Some students have had the wrong conception of bac- teria until their recent study of it. Here is what they thought: Cliff: Bacteria are called germs in Germany. Harvey: Bacteria are called parasites in France and usually exist near Paris. Polly: Bacteria are called microbes in Ireland. Cecil: Bacteria are called organisms in U. S., especi- ally in the northwestern states. ' BETTER vlsloN AND MORE COMQFORT D. R. HOEPPNER. O. D. ' Hillsboro, Kansas Firsl' National Bank Building LADY ASSISTANT TELEPHONE 83 Complete Eye Examinations According to Most Modern Methods To the Faculty and Students of TABOR COLLEGE: We thank you for passed favors and invite you when in Tabor College to make our store your headquarters, for you will find courtesy and service. Steffens quality Ice Cream, Candies, Stationery, Gifts, and a qualified Phar-. macist to 511 your Prescriptions. THANK YOU PENNER'S PHARMACY Call PHONE I27 Resident 244 - Telephone - Oflice 242 CHEVROLET'S THE CHOICE 'Volume Leadership Always Means Value Leadership Chevrolet Leads in Volume . . . Chevrolet Leads in Value For seven out of the last eight years Chevrolet has led all other cars in sales. This means that you get more for your money in Chevrolet than in any other low-priced car. Chevrolet Leadership - Proves H' GOERTZ MOTOR CQ. DR. G. S. KLASSEN DR. A. K. RATZLAFF, M. DQ Dentist DR. H. F. JANZEN, M. D. X-RAY DIAGNOSIS Hillsboro Kansai Hillsboro Kansa, Office Phone 200 Residence I57 A. C. EITZEN. M. D. Surgeon Phone I 53 Hillsboro Kansas DR. LEON G. JAEGER Dentist A X-RAY DIAGNOSIS Hillsboro Kansas TABOR COLLEGE BOOKSTORE Textbooks and Supplies for Sfudenfs and Teachers SINCLAIR PRODUCTS U. S. Tires - Presl'-o-li+e BaH'eries We 'I'reaI' you III 'Ihe year O SCHROEDER SERVICE STATION SHOE REPAIRING Don't neglect the appearance and con- dition of your shoes. We have polishes, dressings and laces to preserve the uppers-we'll take care of the bottoms. Good Workmanship-Good Materials H. W. JANTZEN Modern Electric Shoe Repair Shop l N S U R A N C E wifh a'feI'y ervice aving ee Sinclair Insurance Agency Hillsboro, Kansas DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY Fine Watch Repairing JOHN HIEBERT J E W E L E R FARMERS EQUITY UNION Incorporated GRAIN - FEED - COAL FLOUR G. A. FLAMING, Manager Office Phone 7 I Hillsboro Kansas I A I 4 lg ,,WwLg3,ZZ?f4 CWMIZLJMZJW ' , Wgww3 EMMA- 9' ,WM Wwfw UW 4-. ml , 4f 9' x 1 t 3 ' 4.1 Uag. . . fl ' If , A MAJ- y,M,L,f2,,,,,X,,W.-1iLfw:J , aff-ul' A 'd4"""""""""' J MM Qhvglwaxfixlpwwffgid WM f' Hfrwfd-rv! uma JLZTZZ5 Z 224 4,0 0w77"J LLWW74- ,7fMMQ-- 4ff7 fjfjil AMT? -f,.. ., 1 , ,,,,,,,..A ,,....Y:V. A ,..,-v-+.g.f.. .lg K , ' M. zflfw, M HERE 84 CO PICTORIAL YEAREOFNKS TOPEKA KANSAS 5'-1-'i:"5"..L4, Vw 5 i E E E s

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