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QLDKNOW Bnsrness Managers - YDWIGHT KILLION Treasurer - -' - - ORAL KILLION MARGUERITE HUNTER Pemonal - - MARY MAYO General Assistant - - LULU GREENLEAF GREETING To all Who are interested in the welfare of Table Grove High School, the Senior class gives greeting. This book is intended to be a review of the past four years in High School, to portray the interesting things which have happened, and in this Way to create a more vigorous school spirit. Hoping that the Work which has been commenced may be continued, and more successfully by future classes, the Senior Class takes this means of tlianking those who have encouraged them in completing the first year book, upon the eve of their closing year. MR. DYAR MISS KOBER TO MISS KOBER AND MR. DYAR, OUR BELOVED AND HONORED TEACHERS, THIS VOLUME IS RESPECTFULLY AND AFFECTIONATELY DEDICATED AS A TRIBUTE OF LOVE FROM THE SENIOR CLASS OF' 1909. ' GRADE TEACHERS. M155 MARGARET c. ELLIOTT, Primary MISS ADAH J. BAILY, First Intermediate Miss MYRTLE 1.4 LONG, Grammar Miss J. BERNICE PARMENTER, Music MRS. D. H. GUSTINE, Second Intermediate 1 1 , 1 ' P - , ?'V7'?fQ 9' 5 ,W fgw f f 01711 Ns, N W f M XXX, ,iv ,V aff ww-, ff ,, fz'fx f , JW1.,f,,M,,7 f 1,1 ,Ng ffff X ffyf f1',ffv' 'f'ffl' lv 'ff45:'w'. 1 X 1 WW f Lflilzw NW ' lf, M' f ff 4 er' f l.' M if X, gjffl A J r XXQxv,A,',4f,f '1 JW 'ff '7' ""JvW Y. ff QV W v 'W Wl'WI5 Xx ,W 5 W f ,fly ki f,XH' ,f v if ' V ,iff hmm, . if ' fyiigeylf , , " Qf xwQmX'TSXxi3gjI,v1f, ff vm ff W X mf Q Wag' , fr jf ' WW 1 '.,f ff! df mf X N w if fM - 'I I' Q11 fy 'N 1,0521 ff! 'ff fl 'ff ff M 17 ii' W I Wy' f C J y QM X W " 4 ' 'W4 "'f'2 Q.QF 3X e5w "fZf" 176W .N'W f .QU Si W, X ff ,,, I.. DWIGHT KILLION MARGARET BAILY - EARLE OLDKNOVV A MARGUERITE HUNTER L-ULU GREENLEAF ORAL KILLION MARY MAYO SENIORS MARGARET BAILY - - -A - President EARLE OLDKNGW' - - Secret-ary ORAL KILLION - - - Treasurer Mary Mayo Lulu Greenleaf Dwight Killion Marguerite Hunter Class C0105-Maroon and ,sky blue. Motto-"In Union there is Strength." ' f , cLAss HINTORY e When we entered High School in '05 as Freshmin, we were as green as "june applesu in May, but after a few months of the new life, the rough edges wore off, and we 'overcame the proverbial awkwardness. In our Sophomore year we were as brave and brilliant as any Sophs. We left a record-breaking impres- sion upon the minds of our more serious school-mates fandteachersj. i As Juniors, a great fortune befell us, in the coming of Mr, Dyar. This was one of our happiest years. Altho' we were not victorious in the color rush of thelspring of '08, we spent our time in more profitable ways. Ii May, 1908, we were the first juniors brave enough to give a reception to the f'08j Seniors. In the fall of 1908 we entered High School as grave and reverend QFD Seniors. So far, our class ranks as one of the best on the High School records. It is our desire, that thru the coming years, this record may be kept up to its mark of perfection. As a crowning glory to our already brilliant career, we have issued the first year book ever put out by pupils of Table Grove High School. - ' I We will never forget the happy times we all have had during the four years of our High School life. lt is one of our parting wishes that the succeeding classes may have just as happy times, and have as good a record asiwe have. And above all, that they may be as fortunate in having instructors of sueh superior ability. HORTENSE ROBINSON PAULINE VAIL VADA STRODE ALICE WRIGHT EDSON ROBINSON ORAL WILSON DAISY ROGERS GUY WRIGHT LLOY ROBINSON JUNIOR ROLL Pauline Vail Daisy Rogers Oral Vlfilson , Edson Robinson Guy Wright Alice Wright Vada Strode Hortense Robinson Lloy Robinson I Class C olors-Black and Orange CLASS H1sToRY ' In the year 1906 We entered as Freshmen into the Table Grove High School. Our class has, so far, exceded any of its predecessors by a great margin. Our class has greater prospects for the future than any other class of T. G. H. S. In athletics our class is the mainstay of the school, our members being the foremost players on both the basket ball and base ball teams. Next year our history will be longer. A RDSON ROBINSON, '10, LUELLA WRIGHT MAUDE DUNCAN CLYDE CASS ISABELLE PRUGH IDA STRODE CLARENCE 'HAMMOND WALTER PICKERING VERE MILLER RALPH HUNTER HENRY BERRY MYLES ROBINSON CLARENCE KILLION Qu soPHoMoRE t RoLL A Clarence Hammond Clyde Cass A Luella Wright Isabelle Prugh Maude Duncan Henry Berry Vere Miller . Walter Pickering Ralph Hunter Ida Strode Clarence Killion Myles Robinson Class Colors-Purple and Old Gold. A CLASS HISTORY In 1907 We entered High School. Our first year was spent very much in the same way as any other Freshmen. We noticed the Ways and manners of the Sophs of '07 and made up our minds not to act like Freshmen all of our lives. We are showing people this year. We are the Sophs! I ' A SOPHOMORE, '11. GRACE HUNTER MARCIA HAIST WAYLAND ROSS SUSANNAH BARKER BEULAH WRIGHT WILLIE GEER LEE- CLEMENS JESSE KELLER FLOYD WILLIS RALPH BROWN WILLIS COX HERSCHEL BIRT FRESHMEN RGLL Susannah Barker Wayland Ross Beulah Wright Lee Clemens Floyd VVillis Grace Hunter Jesse Keller B Marcia Haist Willis Cox Class Colors-Pink and Nile Green. CLASS HISTORY I Ralph Brown Curtis Strode Willie Geer Herschel Birt HISTORY OF TABLE GROVE HIGH SCHOOL The earliest recollections of a school building in Table Grove dates back to the year 1830. There were so few pupils in the district at that time that the building was used for other purposes, and not until 1846 do we have a record of a permanent school. In 1850 a three-room building was built. lt stood until 1885, When it was destroyed by fire. In 1888 was erected the present modern brick building, to which has been added many improvements from year to year. ' M. H., '09. X BEST MAN" The tall, broad-shouldered foreman was directing a gang of workmen, when he was interrupted by a messenger boy. i .T I H "Say, Mr. Armstrong, de boss wants to see you after live." H . "Thanks, jimmy, tell him I'll come as soon as I can." W 'g , . jimmy thrust his hands far into his pockets and strolled away, whistling his latest favorite, "I'm Afraid to Come 'Home in the Dark." Armstrong turned again to his work, perhaps he was not so cheerful as he had been,--he was busy thinking. What could Nelson want of him? ' A ' john Armstrong had entered Nelsonis steel plant a year before. ,He was a Yale man and wasito have received -his degree in '07, but suddenly reversed circumstances made himlgive up college andgenter the factory. He had rapidly become the favorite of mo-st of the employes, but he had his enemies among the men. He now occupied the position of foreman. It can be said of Armstrong that he was suited in every way for his present position. ln the first place he was a born leader of men, and he also had so much sympathy for theimen under him. He had once been in their place. . . ' At live o'clock the whistle blew, The day-shift gathered up jackets and dinner pails and walked out of the gates. Their places were immediately taken by the night-shift. Armstrong remained a few minutes to give the night foreman some directions, then he hurried off to Nelson's oliice. A When he entered the office Nelson was occupied with some papers, so he told john to take a chair. Why he had been called there did not trouble John very much, he supposed it concerned Bill Jones, who had been giving some trouble lately. g A p ' ' After a few moments, Nelson wheeledaround in his chair and faced Armstrong. He was a fine looking man, and john had always admiredihim for'his strong character, and especially for his fair N dealings with the workmen. His opening remarks were enough to make john aware that his interview had nothing to do with Mr. Bill jones. ' "Armstrong, I have something to say to you about the coming election." 1 A close observer might have noticed Nelson's eyes twinkle and his lips twitch. He continued: "If you have paid any attention at all to the party tickets you know that the Republicans have Holt and the Democrats have Mack up for Governor. If you remember, the last election went very close, and the Dem- ocrats Won by a small majority. Mack is a very good man, and represents a pretty good party, but Holt is pretty favorable to us companies. He has made a general offer of good freight rates." If Armstrong had thot for one moment, he would have known that the freight rates were all that could be desired. But he did not think, at least about this one fact. . "This man Mack is putting up a good iight, but we want Holt to put up a better one. You know if you would cast a vote in Holt's favor and a 'few choice words to these 890 men, it would have some weight in the matter." John was silent. He could not have spoken had he wished to do so. It was too much for him to grasp, coming as it did from Nelson. .A vision of the two candidates flashed before him. Mack, big, generous-hearted, loyal to his party and always Willing to defend the right. Then Holt-the contrast was great. Holt had dol- lar signs all over his greedy countenanceg no one ever remembered of his doing anything to better his country, and every one was afraid to delve too deep into his past to find out, and, besides, he guarded carefully against anything of this kind happening. . Armstrong parried a reply: f'Excuse me, Mr. Nelson, I don't quite catch your meaning." "Well, Armstrong, I have to do a great deal for policy's sake. I don't believe an adventure of this kind would be safe for my trade. Now, if you will talk to these men, I will make it worth your while." John's eyes blazed with anger and amazement. Who would have thot such a thing from N elson? "But what do these poor devils get out of it? Less wages? Higher taxes P" "No, Armstrong, I can sayfthewage rate will remain the sameg I cannot testify as to the tax rate. I'll tell you what I will do, I'll incizese your wages S600 more per year 5 how's that for a deal ?" john started to' answer Iliiegatively, but he hesitated and was almost lost. A vision of a tiny white cot- tage,-with vines running over it,-came to him, and yes, there was some one at the gate waving 'her hand in greeting. It was Bess. She seemed to belong to the place and this little cottage just suited her. And then--this was his first vote-would he actually want to sell his vote? His right as an American citizen? Did he want to cast his vote for an inferior candidate? And what would Bess think of him? She waspquite a little politician, herself. I . I Perhaps for an instant the scales balanced- "No, Mr. Nelson, I cannot accept your offer. Good 'eveningf' I He walked out of the office in a dream. He had worked so hard for that little home and now when he might have it, he cast it from him. He knew he had done the wisest thing. For a long time after John had left, Eli Nelson sat staring out of the window at the sun, slipping below the horizon-a glowing ball. At length he arose and addressing the empty room, "There is a man. tWouldn't the world be benefited if there were more like him ?" The next morning as Nelson was opening his mail he came across a short note signed, "Respectfully, john Armstrong." It was his resignation, to take effect immediately. Nelson smiled as he read it and then tossed it into the waste basket. He wrote an acceptance of the resignation as foreman and at the same time an offer of the junior partnership of the firm. He added in a post-script, "You have had your trial and I guess you are the man for the place, and it is yours if you will accept it." He also said that he, too, believed in voting for the man and he did think Mack was the "best man." M. A. B., '09. r , JOKELETS I CNewton's third lawj-"Every body keeps everybody else in motion by rotation."-Daisy. "I think we will have a fine time in the Spoon."-Clarence H ammond. ' "A curtain lecture is when a man is delivering a lecture and the curtain falls down."-Walter. "I don't know what a fly wheel is."-Maurgarett B. "Must I make sense in my Caesar translation ?"-Isabelle. "Where is the singer ?"-Mr. Dyar. Daisy fprovokedj-"I can't remember that word." Marguerite-Speech ! Speech ! O WAYLAND ROSS LLOY ROBINSON VERE MILLER HENRY BERRY ' . I-IORTENSE ROBINSON RUSSELL CASS LEO MILLER GUY WRIGHT MYLES ROBINSON EARLE OLDKNOW CLYDE CASS EDSON ROBINSON VVALTER PICKERING EVERETT HAMMOND 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 4 A 4 1 O RCH ESTRA "Here will we sit, and let the sounds of music crep in our ears."-Merchant of Venice. The Table Grove High School Orchestra is the result of a surprising growth. Earlylast year four timid players met for practice. After due persuasion they appeared in public and later upon small provocation droned out wailing strains at every High School program. The music, always executed with enthusiasm, if not with artistic taste, was inspiring at least, and soon there were .seven blowers of brass and tinklers of cymbals. i Thus strengthened, the orchestra furnished very creditable music for the annual declamation contests and the Commencement exercises. It also filled one professional engagement at Industry, Ill. The present organization has fourteen members, well equipped with standard instruments. Instrumentation Piano--Hortense Robinson, Vere M'iller. Violins--Russel Cass, Leo Miller, Clarinets-Guy Wright, Myles Robinson. Cornets-Clyde Cass, Walter Pickering, ' ' Edson Robinson, Everett Hammond. French Horn-Wayland Ross, Lloy Robinson. Trombone-Henry Berry. Drums--Earle Oldknow. ' H. L. D. GDE TO Listen, good people, and you shall hear Of the class of nineteen-nine g how here Greenness of Freshmen has blossomed now To knowledge wonderful, Lord knows how, But it did. Dwight, say you? Surely we're proudiof him, .Forlthe lessons he gets and the snap and Vim That is part of him in base ball games. Heis bound to rise, for the teachers claim A It's in him. Mary, the center in basket ball, Has made quite a hit with "Caesar" this fall, Her brains and her wit of no small amount Wfould lead you to think she might land a Count, Afterwhile. Oral is known by his perfect grades, In the history class, nor never fades His base ball fame. Of a bashful streak He has been accused 3 but we'll not speak About it. THE SENIORS Charming, indeed, is Marguerite's Kind-hearted disposition, too sweets, This girl for study, HA friend of mine" Has her in mind and may in time Change matters. Lulu's star feature is basket ball, Still she'd like to dress swell all The time, if it were not for her class, But of course, for them all else must pass, For which she's wise, Happy-go-lucky for sure is Earle, But no one need think he'll ever curl Round their hnger. It's lucky that chance Gave us 'his brains to help finance . The "Annual" Stately, yet lightning like in her thot, Those sharp eyes of hers have caught Many a slow brain napping. After school She'll show the world she's no one's fool. That's Margaret. These seven brains! how can we tell The wealth they represent. But well We know what future shall declare And no one then shall try or care To question. f f if if, f' f ffl 4 ff, , ,,.1-" ,-- f-"" , I I fl ff! IDA STRODE PAULINE VAIL MISS KOBER VADA STRODE HORTENSE ROBINSON MARY MAYO DAISY ROGERS GIRLS' BASKET BALL TEAM GIRLS' BASKET BALL, '08-'09 During this basket ball season the girls have done splendid Work. Altho the majority of the team were new and inexeperienced in the beginning, they have developed into steady players. The team 'Work has been excellent and individual playing good. Next year We hope to have as good, if not a better, girls' basket ball team. Daisy Rogers L - Miss Kober - Vadah Strode Pauline Vail Hortense Robinson Daisy Rogers Mary Mayo Ida Strode Line-up Captain Manager Forwards - Guards Centers DAISY Rooms, '10 SOPHUMORE PROPHECY Clarence Hammond, a professor so wise, Knows all about the earth and the skies. And by and by around the world he will-go And bring home a great many curioes. Henry Berry, out on a great big farm, Will sell cattle, hogs and plenty of corn, For the work and the hurry do not bother him, And there's nothing he enjoys so much as a bustle and din. M'aude Duncan, after much sorrow and strife, Will finally become a millionaire's wife. t She'll live on Fifth Avenue, in a very large house, And have for her companion a German spouse. Ralph Hunter, of the old school days, C Whose mind was sometimes in a hazej, Took his pen, and an editor became, He prints a great daily of national fame. Clarence Killion, wont we be proud of him, When we hear of him in the world's great din? A first class lawyer thru and thru, And if he runs for Governor we'll vote for him, too. Luella Wright, a school marm will be, Her teaching is of high order, we all will agree, And those in authority, her virtues will see, And soon she will be assistant in the H. S. of G. Clyde Cass, who plays the cornet so well, And who looks after school and watches his Daisy Belle He'll be a great politician, early and late, And at length he'll be President of United States. When we get old and are racked with pain, We'll be glad to see Vere Miller once again, With his bottles of powders and packages of pills, He will be able to cure all of our ills. Dark-eyed Ida Strode, oh my! oh mel' What in the world will Ida be? In basket ball she is exceedingly good, But a lirst rate house keeper will be her livelihood. Walter Pickering, greatest cornetist ever born, Will play away on his silver horn, ' And by and by, in profession he'll stand At the head of our national band. Happy-go-lucky Myles of our class . Will see many years and remain content to the last. VVhile Myles never fumes or frets Helll be a first class parson yet. Isabelle Prugh, a famous artist will be, And finally on lifels great sea n We'll hear of our Isabelle, Painting a picture, of such porularity we never can tell IDA KATHERINE STRODE, '11. MRM. x,..i. 4 -as . ' 'fa K' :J . v CML' Tl. " 'HV DVVIGHT KILLION ORAL KILLION ORAL WILSON GUY VVRIGHT CLYDE CASS EDSON ROBINSON JESSE KELLER 4 VERE MILLER MYLFS ROBINSON LEE CLEMENS RALPH HUNTER BOYS' BASE BALL I TEAM V BASE BALL In the year 1906 we organized a High School Base Ball Team, but we played very little that year. In tne years 1907 1908 We played several games, only once being beaten and that was by a mixed team. So We can safely say that Table Grove High School Base Ball Team has never been beaten by any High, School team Guy Wright Oral Killion Oral Wilson Dwight Killion Clyde Cass Ralph Hunter Oral Wilson Dwight Killion Vere Miller - Jesse Keller - Edson Robinson Oral Killion - Myles Robinson Lee Clemens Henry Berry Willie Geer Line-up - Catchers - Pitchers First Base Second Base Third Base Short Stop Left Field Center Field Right Field Substitutes ORAL WILSON, '10 JESSE KELLER VERE MILLER GUY WRIGHT EDSON ROBINSON CLYDE CASS ORAL WILSON BOYS' BASKET BALL TEAM BOYS' BASKET BALL V f Basket ball was first introduced into Table Grove High School in 1908. The season opened with a few out door games. At first the games went rather rough, but now the players have developed into good, clean steady men. Line-up Clyde Cass - - Captain jesse Keller 1 Guy Wright 5 Guards Oral Wilson Forwards Clyde Cass Vere Miller - Center -Edson Robinson - - Substitute Schedule I October 3-Table Grove -Ipava October 10-Table Grove Ipava October 15-Table Grove -Ipava October 30-Table Grove Ipava CLYDE CASS, '11 CLASS AS IT WAS IN '05 Earle Oldknovv Marguerite Hunter Mary Wilkins Lulu Greenleaf Frank Stanley Dwight Killion Cral Killion Mary Mayo Margaret Baily . SORROWING SENIORS ORAL KILLION-K6Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit." LULU GREENLEAF--:CAD earnest purpose finds time or makes it." DWIGHT KILLION-CITOO wise to err, to good to be unkind." MARGUERITE HUNTER-KST oo much learning is a dangerous thingf' MARY MAYO-"When I think I must speak." EARLE OLDKNOW-"I-Iis brow is sometimes thoughtful." MARGARET BAILY-"Eternal vigilance is the priee of success." What We Are, and What We Will Be NAME APPEARANCE TALENT IDEAL FUTURE PROSPECTS Henryf Berry ...... Sophomore Doctoring .... .... D r. Adolph Lorenz, greatest living surgeon.. President of U. S. Lee Clemens .. ..... Herculean Ball playing ...... Mikado-Ju-Jitsu artist .. ...... ........ P rofessor Clyde Cass Digniiierl Loving flowers . Boehmer Kyrl-greatest corn-etist..... .. Cowboy Grace Hunter .... Giggly ..... .... P ianist ..... ...... . Paderewski, Polish pianist . .. ..... Sweetheart - Jesse Keller . .. .... Mas.sive. .. .... Playing :shinney Joe Gans, puglist .... , .......... Socialist Vere Miller . .. .. .. . Bow-legged . Laughing . .. . ..... Solomon, wise man ............ . . . . . Literary Isabelle Prugh .... Sweet Making hair-rolls John T. McCutcheon, cartoonist .... Chicagoian Walter Pickering Edson Robinson Hortense Robinson... Wayland Ross . ..,. . Daisy -Rogers ...... Myles Robinson . Oral Wilson .. . .... , Vadah Strode Flovd Willi.s .... Alice Wright .... Guy Wright Pauline Vail .... Natural Short . . . Pretty ..... Elongat-ed Flirt . Cyclonic . .. . . . Athlete . .... Large . . . Bashful Small ..... Bean pole Pleasing ........ Blacksmith ..., . . . Hearse driver ..... Helping Eidson .. .. Coachman .... . . .. Being Captain Blowing things up.. Pitching .... ...... Forward ..... .... Scrapping .... . . Having a fellow Musician .... . .. .. Chaffeur .... .., John Philip Sousa, band leader... .. .. Demosthenes, orator ........ .......... Mrs. Potter Palmer, society leader. Buffalo Bill, hair-raising adventures. Carrie Nation, man-smasher . ........ .. Eddie Foy, comedian ........ .......... Frank Chance, Cub manager and captain Diana, Golddess of the Moon. .... ..... . Daniel Webster, active mind. .. . . Louisa M. Alcott, authoress ........ .. Napoleon, general ............ . .... . . . . Hugh Chalmers, auto manufacturer ..... ,Tunk dealer Growing up Matrimony Latin scholar First woman voter Minister Janitor Wilson Building dog-houses Telegraph operator Creating school .spirit Honk! honk! ' Myles RalP h Oral CuRtis WalTer Edson ACROSTICS Grace Marcla Marcuerite MarGaret Lulu PaulinE HoR.tense Susanna Isabelle h Allce ' LueLla BueLah Floyd Da1sY OrA1 ClareNce Edson THE CLASSES His wondering gaze, his down-cast eye, ,, ':" His looks of awe when a Senior's nigh, I His awkwardness f,?'fl', , ti li' , so sacred, so sh Y: That shows he's a Freshman. 1 , His haughty, over-powering stride, 'rn FRESHMAN y His sneer,.w'hich says, "I can't abide These Freshies' and his awful pride, That shows he's a Sophomore, iii? His air, which says "Another year will . ' . , if qw ' When no superior Seniors here, , ig We'li have things lively, don't you fear." These show he's a Junior. l His Dignity, so grand and cool, T His egotistic wish to rule, - I His air, which says, "I run this school," - These mark him for a Senior. O Tux SOPHOMORE ' BN-'l7Cha7Z'ga fr T 1 1422? fff f A ' . .5 xr! 1 'rf' f f I if ' if , x ' f f ,Q X 5 f f' f f 1 ,M , f ,, f . 41 l ' 1 'fi , flu! 6 ff ,IV f A ' X ' ii r ff l ',H 4 ll elf' 1, U, W l' lil! f :bf wh X Graf, 1 'fa !,f I pdf f - I, THE JUNIOR 59:53 6 THE SENIOR What The Seniors Are Thankful For WE ARE THANKFUL THAT: We are Seniors. We have passed the stages of greenness and avvkvvardness that belong to the Freshmeng the Sophomore smart ness and the junior spooniness. ' We have come to the stage when We have found out what we don't know. We have had the opportunity of attending High School and have had such excellent instructors. We stand at the summit of High School life and that We have been able to reach that point. We are the first class to attempt putting out a year book. We, as Juniors, were the first class to give a reception to the Senior class, Our school building is such a good one and that it does not leak over our class. Our course is one of the best in the state. We are especially thankful to Mir. Dyar and Miss Kober for making the course such as it is. Mr. Dyar has so much patience with us when We do not speak our German as he wishes. We have held our High School record higher than any previous classes during our career. FAMILIAR SAYINGS Talk to me children! Seats subject to change. just one minute, please. Do you recall? Now everybody together! -A Take the cat down stairs and shut the door. ' . Some Dont's for T. G. H. S. Pupils p Don't mark on the desk with your pencils. Don't shuffle your feet when you walk. Don't Whisper so much. 4 Don't be afraid to sing. ' Don't talk so low Qpleasej, 4 Donlt speak in Caesar unless you are called upon Don't giggle in Physics class at nothing. Don't look at the professor when you send a note I Happenings H X Bob goes to call on Beulah and falls asleep. Too bad. Pauline had an auto ride Grange Fair day. Good lecture in Physics class Nov. 19th, 1908. Wood alcohol and carbolic Were put to good use Nov. 20th. D A case pulled off by Mr. Dyar Nov. 24th. ' Junior motto: "Root, hog, or die." T. G. H. S. has a new fire escape-Dec. 15. N 1, xi' 'r Te x N ' i ii ' 3 xx.'l,. X XX Q- "Lives of great men, all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And departing, leave behind us Foot prints on the sands of time." --H. W. Longfellow. 4 1 1 The Business Managers wish to express their appreciation to the Business Men who have made "The Fad" a financial success. To our readers We recommend them Worthy your most liberal patronage. ' CEXWGQJEJ 4 GROVEYS BAKERY ' n 1 I - Fresl1Breac1., Buns, Cookies and Cakes on hand at all times CAKES MADE TO ORDER E I W. B. GROVE, Proprietor. TABLE GROVE, ILLINOIS I I 1 nJ.T.OLDKNOWu X I --DEALER IN- . . I Fresh and Salt Meats, Larcl, Tallow, Hides, Ice anal Salt I . Southeast Corner Square. TABIJE l-laist or Thompson 0 O Dry Goocls, Slloes, Hats., Furnishings, Groceries, Etc. 0 9 Mlller S Miguel Marco 5 Hand Sllort Leaf ancl cent Made Tlme Enterprise l rs I CORGNATUS 10 CENT CIGAR I J. B. MILLER, Table Grove, Ill. Subscriptions talcen for all 1 Papers and Magazines LOW Prices 'POI' Goocl Goocls Always prevail Here Your Trade ls Solicitecl GOOD CLUB OFFERS Wm. D. Hall, Table Grove, Ill. N. DEALER IN M--D QW I W atcl-nes, Clocks, Jewelry, Books, Stationery, I E CE QQ! Music, Musical Instruments, Sporting Goods, Etc. U N TABLE GROVE. ILL. -I ' - Repairing Promptly Done. A11 Work Warranted Satisfactory. MILLIE HILL , I RACKET STORE I -...L-2.-15 DEALER IN 1gl1i Novelties China and Glassware Granite , Tinware Post Cards L Holiday Goods and I WEST sms OF SQUARE I Goods for all Special Days Nothing But The Best A CANBEFOUND AT GUR STORE ' The Best in Chrality, Price and Service just now, when our Fall and Winter Goods are fresh and novel, is a good time for you to put us to the test, to make us prove that assertion. C OTVI E A N D SE E A You will find much that will interest you, much that you need, and ALL BARGAINS, MERIT 6: MONEY'S WORTH Come Early in Order to Secure THE BEST OF THE BEST Look over our Fashion Sheet carefully-you will find it full of attract ive designs, snappy, stylish, economical. The New Idea l 0 cent' Pattern ANOTHER EXAMPLE O F T H E B E S T ED. B. ROGERS 5-J? SON TABLE GROVE - - - ILLINOIS Chas. Doebler BARBER COIEQSEIIETSIYZESARE TABLE GROVE. ILL. J. A. HEFLI Barber Shop and Bath Room IN NEW LOCATION SOUTHWEST CORNER or SQUARE TABLE GROVE, - ILLINOIS ame B ker, M. D. J S a f l - - ' G. R. Blackstone M. D. PIIYSICIHH anal Surgeon TABLE GROVE. - ' ILLINOIS TABLE GROVE, .ILLINOIS Dr. C, F, Brgwn P. 'F. JOIICS., D. , D E N T I S T Physician anal Surgeon CALLS ANSWERED DAY AND NIGHT TABLE GROVE. ILLINOIS TABLE GROVE - H ILLINOIS JOHN A. CASS, TABLE GROVE. ILL. DEALER IN . Hardware, Stoves, Farm Implements, Yvagons, Buggies Tinware, Graniteware, Cutlery, Etc. Call and See Me for Anything in My Line. Prices are Right C. S. MAT TESON MANUFACTURER OF AND DEALER I Harness, Collars, Whips, Etc. Blankets, Robes., Fly Nets and Covers in their Season .al REPAIRING and OILING HARNESS A SPECIALTY .sl TABLE GISOXAESUTEL f ,J il.,-ff f ff if 1 NC? 1 If gf ' - LUMBER W V 1 A as X , r, or -X XXX, N- kmxxxxxxxxxxxxxvxwxxxx XXX xxx g C. P. HARDWARE 1. N. WILLIS fs? co. mums ff! 'V K s ff fffff' s f'ff"' MARIAM WILLIS 6 ftmmlb - W1 fffafdfkf-f. .fdfwi R jf 515:-1295-'f ' .gfygrgf 1:25-157, 4' - f gy? ' 144,74 fpufrp P4311 I!! 1 K , 1 ' I ' I 4? I 'Z 0t,Q . fs f ff f' of ,, , M-15:1 -, f -11:5-4: GA, , IK EWS' wiki X X x 432. g J ' f , ., -f , L, Q A 1 X- zf- 5, 3 qw-'ex , -as 74157 f -5.5! 42' -, f' " f C ff 4 41' fig 7 1512 , xiii? A 'Q ', fi ' 14, , I ,f "' , " .1 Q'-' ' mite Pine Sash Paints Builders' Hardware Yellow Pine Doors Gils Tools Washington Fir Blinds Varnislmes . Specialties Red Cedar Shingles Mouldings s Stains Nails Pittsburg Perfect Electric Weld Fence. "ASIC the Man." Table Grove's Biggest, Best and Busiest Store Clarendon Shirts Kingsbury Hats Kuppenheimer Clothes D I Corliss Coon Collars Black Cat Guaranteed Hose Golden Rule Neckwear Cooper White Cat Underwear Auto Brand Work Clothes .al .al THE ABOVE LINES SOLD EXCLUSIVELY BY THIS STORE .al .al American Gentleman Here IS 'IAhci:JHome of Good Goods AMERICAN LADY an lenty of Them SHOES t SHOES - American Beauty K d 5 d VENABLE 85 STORY Aa Y uspen ers TABLE GROVE, - ILLINOIS CORSETS l-lALWAYSt THE LATEST IN Dress Goods, Fancy Collars, Belts, Bags and Notions Quality never sacrigced in order to give -Quantity. Drop in and get acquainted Have a Modern House or have an Old house re- modeled. For Plans and Estimates See GENAR F. VAIL Architect, Contractor and Builder-i CEMENT BLOCKS and other Cement Work Furnished at Low Prices Paper Put on The Walls Painting of All Kinds I BUGGY PAINTING A SPEIALTY I CALL AND SEE ME DIVAN MILLER, Table Grove, Ill H. W. SHAFFER BLACKSMITH First-class Wagon and Repair Shop in Connection Dealer in Wagons and Buggies TABLE GRovE - ILLINOIS J. R. STUART W OOD WCRKE R A : AND WAGON M AK ER Rcpairer of A11 Kinds of Vehicles. First Class Work Guaranteed. Call and See for Yourself ONE BLOCK WEST OF SQUARE D TABLE GROVE - - ILLINOIS . I Q e armers estaurant Is the place Where you can get a Good Square Meal or Lunch: also a Complete Line of Fancy Groceries, Tobacco anal Cigars. Have you tried them? They have a. Rich, True., Flavor., Exquisitely Blended. A Perfect Delight. A single piece will clecide you forever in their favor. ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :: ' Proprietor WEST SIDE TABLE GROVE. ILL. ern Lea an ies re e Best . men you buy ICE CREAM, buy at the City Restaurant because it is Home Made, Absolutely Pure and 'Manufacmred uncler Sanitary Conditions. We know' the ingredients and know they are right. ::: ::: v ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: : E L ' H. LT. GRISSOM, Proprietor L WEST SIDE TABLE GROVE. ILL. f E HUNTER'S Thirty-four Years on East Side Square., Tahle Grove, Illinois T-115-purpose of this advertisement is to have the Pupils and Patrons of the Tahle Grove Schools lcnow that Hunterqs desire their Goodwill and patronage and that Hunterqs are in the Best posi- tion tosgive ALL for the money. Just give us a chance to show you that We secure the highest type of Merchandise for you, such as Men and Vwfomen of Good Taste and judgement want. We leave the rest to you. 4 h DryG00dS 0 C S - I-latS,.,CapS Groceries Ha Wm- Xve rsencl Special Orders for Clothing, Suits., Cvercoats, Fancy Vests and Trousers, , ' ' N J ." 1 'a-wif 1 AX A AIA as M ' " ' ' f - V . "ll f ' I X 47634513 ..,'f f if ff Jvfx my ,, 1-lx I x-.,.,,41,'g1cu,-- at S H f YYY-'ff2,'--m.efZi4fflJH I If - vp Nr -Q5 ' 'f ' K .jgy xxx l I W . we ef .,. elf! .-my ,Q I ,Z 'Sli Y' ' Ta' ssl ! ge., fn -,su 5 a gif-.f 71 - Convigf-is Zfntrea 'C' HT I3 g ,, Q, M-'Dumg Ilon't Wear Their 0wn Clothes "lt is a very singular, hut nevertheless true, inconsistency that there are very many clothing manufacturers, a great many wholesale clothing salesmen, a host of retail clothing merchants, even many of their salesmen who do not Wear their own clothes," says Men's Wear, the leacling ready-made puhlication. It seems very like the hotelkeeper who won't eat in his own restaurant. an ou ee he Point? When these men Want a Good Suit they go to a Hrst-class tailor where' they can get just what they want in fahric ancl style. mere the clothesare fitted, when hastecl together, so as to insure a perfect Ht. They lcnow the quality of linings that go into a goocl Tailor-made Suit-also the superior worlcmanship that malces the suit hold its shape. :: :: :: :: :: You pay a little more for a goocl Tailor-made Suit hut the men who wear them lcnow from experience that they are the cheapest in the encl. :: :: :: :: FITZGERALD fd CO. Cantonis Leading Tailors South Siclef Square L. M. KEACH --AGENT FOR THEi Kilmlinger Motor Vehicles The Kiblinger is the simplest and most practical Automobile of its class made. A Hue Hill Climber: Speeds up to 25 or 30 miles per hour. Is marie easy to operate. no complicated parts., no tires to puncture., no repairs. safest machine made. Built for 2 or 4 passengers. 12' 3 3 Q3 J' -I also do all kinds of- ROOFING. SPOUTING. PUMP WORK and LIGHT- NING ROD WORK. ALL WORK GUARANTEED L. NI. KEACH POULTRY WANTED Having succeeclecl to tlme management of tlie poultry liouse in Talale Grove., We pay tlie Higliest Market Price for Poultry, Eggs anal Butter. run Wagon tlirougli tlie country on regular ciays. See us laefore selling your Butter., Poultry or Eggs. U GUSTINE Ed FORDYCE WM. M. MILLER GRAI and SEED MARKET PRICE PAID AT ALL TIMES TABLE GROVE - ILLINOIS E2222222225E553252332223223Eg2352?E532E22222222255523232335EEE2QEQE2E2Eg2gEgEgE2332322552552E22E25222232QE323222252222223352325532EEEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEEEQEQEEEEEEQEQEQEQEQE 5225252525252252225352121 'Iif522222222523232522225252ia2ai352g2g2q2eia2aiei2222252525 if2Qaisgzg2352S22sie2zieis2ai2zieiz2aEzE5252512gs5252siaiaizi12225?a2zizgg2g2zS2 232525233223 ' ' 11113E323E522225325232523332253222221if' ' ' ' '41Q2222222223E222?E5EQE2EQE2E3Eg23E3E1i1 ' ' W QEQE E5E5i5EQE3E3E5i5E :5" 9" :" 5.If1p-11:1 1 1, zg 1-'r::f'1111fifZ3f11:'1, . -1- , . ' " 11E'V '1955'5 25 :2E353E -s5fi2s2s2zfa2afaa5 . . fi f fs - 1 1 : 'LQ -12225122222 1 A : ' ij fi ilf .1:,Lfg6Z,Q ' 31'-U V ,- 5 .,:5. -42222 Eire,1.g.,.1.,.1-2-2.51.25f'QQ3:ii25?E3.1 Q. ,, , Q51-'-.g 555553555225EEREEQ52222251zrzfigigziiigiiE2553525232EZEEEQEQEQEQEQEEE5 4322232322252222535E3352QEQEQEQEQEQEZEQEQEE:EiEZEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEEEQ. 35333315f3Z?5E232ii5iiii32222Z2522322252525322325222222225555 1322Eiiii535522E2355532325255325232522Eiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiif A wes enn iiu ms State liege! School Autumn Quarter begins - - Sept. 21, 1908 Winter Quarter begins - - Dec. 14, 1908 Spring Quarter begins - March 15. 1909 Summer Quarter begins - . - June 14, 1909 wane run cuunsfs UF srunv TU ALFRED BAYLISS, Principal MACUMB, ILUNUIS ISS uha Starr N. W. comer square ' Table Grove, Illinois FASI-IIONABLE MILLINERY A w THE VERY LATEST W STYLES PRICES ALWAYS RIGHT H. E. Rohinson Will Furnish Your'Home Up-to-date -e I-IE SELLS ALL KINDS OF - FURNITURE, WINDOW SHADES, CARPETS AND RUGS THE WM. FREE SEWING MACHINES. The Best Machines Merle. The have no superior. Inquire ahout his easy Installment Plan. Also ahout the S175 Piano. It is a Dandy for the Money. Donst forget the Bargain Store. TABLE GROVE ee 1: ILLINOIS Schools, Churches and Societies Sometimes need printing of a little higher character than can be produced by the local printer. A coMI: TO Us AT sUcH A TIME A WAGONER MAIL PRINTING COMPANY S. . pRE51DENT and MANAGER GA LESBURG. - ILLINOIS QQ- 4.

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