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Dedication Tabb High School Tabb, Virginia ■ ' Tabb Forfeits Traditi i Challenging the historic setting found throughout York] County, Tabb High School forfeited tradition to offer students a new, dynamic, and modern learning: ! opportunity. To the majority of the students Tabb was totally different. Several students questioned went as far as tq remark “I ' ve never seen anything like itl " Richard B. Miller Principal . 1 George H. Pope Superintendent ■ V. A Real “Cool " Place . . . Literally M The contemporary structure was designed by Oliver, Smith, and Cooke AIA Architects. Students and faculty described the symmetrical 1 54,000 square feet as " quite convenient. " The carpeting and air conditioning were highly commended. However, students did express a desire for " windows to see outside. " Situated on 30 acres of land, the building and property development was contracted to William Jordan, Incorporated, a company that overcame the technical problems to complete the assignment in fourteen months. Doors opened to the masses August 28th, 1 972. Built to accommodate 1250-1600 students, by September 5th, Tabb had only been blessed with 950 eager young students, since only the ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders attend is year. THE 1972-1973 YORK COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD Mrs. Willets Bowditch, Chairman Dr. Robert E. Fulton, Vice Chairman Mr. Cecil B. Heith a Mr. James C. Hopson Mr. Wilbur T. Covington »lr.- Is Facilities Designed for Student Needs Keeping in mind student interest, the architects designed facilities for the student, both in the crowd and os on individual. The auditorium, equipped with a large stage and prop rooms, was designed to seat 967 people. Here students, and members of the community as well, can attend band and choral concerts, student productions, civic meetings and assemblies. When the large auditorium is not necessary, two Kivas can be used to seat 1 32 people each and are ideal for lectures, club meetings and classes. Sports fans in the community and student body enjoy the large gymnasium, able to contain 1 600 boisterous spectators. For the sports requiring less space, such as gymnastics and wrestling, an equipped auxiliary gym is also available. Outside, a baseball diamond has been laid as well as ' plenty of room for physical education classes. Student facilities also include the two often most essential — the cafeteria and library. The cafeteria was .equipped to serve 400 students per block. The library was well stocked with references and new books ' Special attention was paid to the availability of .personal visual aids at the student’s disposal. s At meeting place im Departments Highlighted In accordance with the new variety of specialized subjects, classes were arranged for participation. The Drama department was designed with a small stage in the classroom where students can rehearse their 3-act play and spring musical. B Chorus rooms were constructed with the best acoustical design. Percy E. Ironmonger, bond director states that Tabb ' s band room " is one of the best designed and equipped on the Peninsula. " He comments that it is excellent to produce concerts with the chorus. Stage Band concerts, and results in Winchester. Art rooms are described as " the best to work with. " And business students feel as if they have already gone to work. " It’s practically an office. " TABS — A Picture of Change Students . . . Mirror? " Tabb High School — different from its outside edge to its inner-most crevice — is characterized by a new attitude, new technique, and by an effort to instill new interest. Will the students become a part of this? Whether it be buzzer or bell, carpet or tile, nine weeks or thirty-six, can Tabb make the innovations a reality? Somebody does want their children to learn. Will those 950 respond? The School Board thinks so. Mr. Miller, principal of Tabb, thinks so. The faculty thinks so. Well students. What do you say? Q Penfamesters Offer Subjects Tabb ' s faculty began their year with adopting the pentamester system of courses in lieu of the traditional full year subjects. In this system students choose four nine-week courses to be collaborated into one credit. This enabled students to choose areas of personal interest and to break d away from the full year routine. For example, students could learn communications skills, particular areas of literature speech, journalism, speed reading, or others instead of that standard requirement — English. With the adoption of this new system, days are shortened to six periods. - p “Somebody Sure Wants Us To Be Smart!!’’ This addition to the County ' s fine scholastic standing was financed through a local bond issue. It has been said statistics make one more appreciative. If so, the citizens of York County will be proud to know that the building alone totalled a cost of $3,091,584.12. Its surrounding property is valued at $140,000.00. However, interest was not solely taken in the school ' s outward appearance. $500,000.00 was spent on facilities to aid the student. " $3,731,584.1211! and that ' s not even including teacher ' s payl Somebody sure wants us to be smart! " — overheard. DEDICATION November 12, 1972 — 3:00 PM. Auditorium Richard B. Miller, Principal, Presiding Opening Prelude Tiger Band Invocation o Cary ' s Baptist Church Remarks gYork County Public Schools Introduction of Special Guests . . . Musical Selection Acceptance of School Plant . . . .Mrs. Marian H. Bowditch (Mrs. Willits H. Bowditch), Chairman York County School Board Musical Selection a Introduction of Speaker Speaker Preston C. Caruthers, President Virginia State Board of Education Benediction B Reverend Edsel L. West Bethel Baptist Church Conducted Tours of the Building PROPF-j- Y op yORK Pu IBRARY YORK.1 V A- BEGINNINGS Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step . . . Lao-Tzu And so it was with Tabb High — the first step being the erection of the building. Pounding hammers and instructive cries from foremen became familiar sounds in the vicinity of the construction project. Everyone labeled it ‘‘the new high school,” but soon it was named, TABB HIGH SCHOOL! With the students came excitement and the beginning of another school year, TABB’S FIRST! The dormant halls were awakened by the spirited Tabb students. With them were brought new ideas in an effort to make Tabb rated top among neighboring high schools. The student body worked as one and successfully achieved this goal. From the willingness and cooperation of all classes emerged the foundation for even greater accomplishments to come. EDUCATORS embark in a broadened instructional program. A more relaxed and personalized itmosphere prevailed between the faculty and tudents throughout the first year at Tabb. The acuity met the many challenges of the new urriculum with enthusiasm. A week prior to the pening of school they met to make reparations for their new courses and new aces. Their hard work and enthusiasm ontinued throughout the year. 17 Administration After six years of being principal of York High, Mr. Richard Miller earned the privilege of being the first head master of Tabb High School. Inevitably, new schools are faced with a lot of problems, but with the cooperation of the student body, Mr. Miller was able to smooth out the rough spots and easily get Tabb into the swing of things. In his absence, Mr. Charles Cherry and Mr. Edwin Markoff took over the " high seat.” While Mr. Markoff headed sports, activities, and corralled school spirit, Mr. Cherry took care of disciplinary measures for problem students. 18 Opposite page: (right) Mr. Miller and Tabb ' s yearbook representative, Dan DeFalco, tour the Taylor plant in Dallas, (left) Mr. Miller and Mr. Pope during the reception at the dedication of Tabb High School, (bottom) Mr. Miller enjoys his new office, (top) Mr. Markoff makes arrangements for a school dance, (middle left) Mr. Markoff phones home for dry clothes, (middle right) Mr. Cherry reviews teacher evaluation forms, (bottom) Mr. Cherry discusses a discipline problem with Mrs. Wyche. This year’s guidance department consisted of Mrs. Wilma Luck, ninth grade counselor, (top left); Mr. Ruth Wyche, tenth grade counselor, (top right); Mr. George Hosse, eleventh grade counselor, (bottom left) and Mrs. Mary Fox, Secretary, (bottom right). 20 Our Secretaries helped keep the school running smoothly. They were: Mrs. Doris Barnes, secretary to Mr. Miller, (top); Mrs. Doris Burcher, attendance secretary, (middle left); Mrs. Joanne Allomby, general office secretary, (middle right). Mrs. Doriel Hawkins, nurse, treats patients with a smile, (bottom left). The visiting teacher, Mrs. L. Ivey, works with absentees, (bottom right). 21 Coordinating field trips, arranging speakers, and seeing that their departments ran smoothly were jobs assigned to Mr. Tom Doggins, Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, and Mr. Mike Wollard, the department directors. The team leaders provided textbooks for class use, kept records of subject matter taught in each class, assisted the teachers in their plans of instructions, and assisted guidance in assigning schedules for students and teachers. 22 Checking out books, keeping shelves straight, loaning projectors and providing just plain old information were jobs of our devoted librarians Mrs. Nettie Morgan (top) and Mrs. Cindy Ford (middle left). Mrs. McLean, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Wilcox, Mrs. Wilshire, and Mrs. Hubbard, the teachers ' aides, were considered lifesavers by most every faculty member at Tabb. Taking on some of the teachers’ duties, the aides took a load off of many shoulders (middle right). The cafeteria staff, with their never ending duties, provided balanced lunches with added goodies five days a week (bottom). 23 Educators . . . Sharing Their Knowledge Mrs. Marilyn Anderson Physical Education Mr. Robert L. Anderson Social Studies Mrs. Mary Arzt Art Miss Jane Blalock French, English Mr. Ellis R. Boyd Science Ms. Audreo C. Brody English Miss A. Clark Business Education Miss Louis e Cocks Mathematics 24 Mrs. Ann Hancock Science Mrs. Saundra Hansford Spanish, English Mrs. Susie Harrell Mathematics Mrs. Ivey Hawkins English Mr. Frank H. Henkel Pre-Vocational Electronics Mrs. Brenda Higgs Home Economics 25 Mr. Ron Horton History, Psychology Mr. Willard Hunt Social Studies Mr. Percy E. Ironmonger Director of Bonds, Music Theory Mr. George Jobson Science, Mathematics Miss Suzi Johnson Physical Education, Driver Education Mrs. Sharon Jones Business Education Mrs. Bev Kearney English Chief Claude Kirkland NJROTC For the teachers, the 1 972-73 school year started long before August 28th. For some, the new pentamester system meant not only having to teach more than one subject, but also specifics under those subjects. Although this called for more work on the teachers part, they still managed to find time to sponsor various clubs, and help out with other extracurricular activities. 26 (fop) Before beginning class, Mrs. Harrell, annual staff advisor, finds time to sell a few subscriptions to members of her class, (middle) After assigning work to the rest of the class, Mr. Hunt goes over one of his student ' s papers with him. (middle) Head administrators, Mr. Miller, Mr. Markoff, and Mr. Cherry, chaperone Tabb High ' s Ring Dance, (bottom) Mrs. Wright and Ms. Halvatgis do their part for the first Annual Tabb High Talent Show. 27 Mr. Bobby Pippin Industrial Arts Mr. J. Wolf Prow German, Science Mr. Peter J. Pugh, Jr. Art Mrs. Carol Roberts Social Studies, English Miss Dorothy Scott English Mrs. Patricia Thayer Seward Mathematics Mrs. Myrtle Soles French, English Ms. Dianne Spearman History Mrs. Brenda Tagge English 28 Mr. William A. Tew, Jr. Director of Choral Music Miss Lisle Turner Mathematics Mrs. Ann Valenta Spanish Mr. William VanderPas Distributive Education Mr. Bill Weaver VICA Captain John Wells NJROTC Mr. Jeffrey Williams Mathematics Mr. John Wood Science Mrs. Pat Wright Drama, Speech Miss Barbara Zalumus Social Studies 29 First PEOPLE to inhabit Tabb The new pentamester system at Tabb was met with mixed reactions. Students were able to specialize in specific fields and appreciated the break in monotony. It offered t hem a new challenge and new tasks every nine weeks. Some students disliked the system because of the pressure put on them by the individualized work assignments, while others enjoyed working on their own. Much progress was made by the students in academic, extracurricular and athletic areas even without a graduating class. Juniors . . . Leading the Way 1973. . . For the class of 1 974 it was a year of indecision, uncertainty, and unpreparedness. No longer were we scornfully called underclassmen, but we now honorably held the title of upperclassmen — and upperclassmen we were. Without seniors at Tabb, the administration left the pace-setting up to the juniors. Eager to do good, well-qualified juniors petitioned for the right to run for class officers. With the guidance of the elected four and the unified efforts from the rest of the class members, a great and memorable year emerged. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: (top row, left to right) Emily McGuire, president; Charlotte Anderson, vice-president, (bottom row, left to right) Marsha Thomas, treasurer; Donna Newsome, secretary. 32 Cindy Abbott Carol Ann Ambrose Charlotte Anderson Richard Andersen Charles Arnold Tanya Askew Alan Barclay Mary Barnes Steve Baxter Rudolph Baytop Phillip Bazzani Joey Beal Randy Beeson Mark Bellamy Roger Blankenship Donald Blow Wendell Blow Bob Bolender Joel Bossard Charlene Bowman Lawson Bradshaw Teresa Bray Kerry Breen Sue Bresee Lynn Brooks Sharon Brooks Julie Broussard David Brown Pennie Brown Victor Brown Lynda Bryant Sharon Bryant Gary Buckley Joseph Butler Fred Butry David Caldwell Larry Callis Pam Chambers Chris Chapman Lynn Childers Debbie Clark Jim Cinotto Norman Coggins Jerry Cole Debbie Colvin David Conrad Don Coryeo David Craig Debbie Dagley Rick Damon Carol Darlington Debbie Davis John Dawkins Linda Dawkins Lee Deskins Grant Detweiler Maynard Dillard Roy Dillard Marie Dougherty James Driscoll Greg Dryden Sherry Earl Jeffrey Eddy David Ediow Jenny Edwards Debbie Elliott Ricky English Mike Eppard Ricky Fairfax Steve Farris Donna Flood Karen Foster Paul Freeman Jeff Garber Jim Gardner Carl Giese Glenn Graham Kim Griesenauer David Griffin Susie Grimes Steven Grow Randy Hair Sharon Haley Steven Hall Ricky Hancock Mike Hartmann Donald Hayer Sam Hicks Joyce Higgins Wayne Hill Rynwick Holland Steve Housum Bill Hovanic Ross Hubbard Debra Hudnall Dirk Hume Darrel Hurst Michael Jackson Dennis Jarrett Larry Johnston Pattie A. Jones Patty Ann Jones Sharia Jones Donald Jurgenson David Kallner Lisa Kehrer Teresa Kemp Yvette Knott Mike Landrith Wayne Langevin Sharon Lassiter 35 Sherri Lee Jarlyn Lesson Jeanette Long Angela Love John Lovett Ann Lucas Dan Luke Mike Lunsford Angela Luongo Tim Mabe Donnie Marshall Larry Marshall Diane Martin Vee Martin Jim Massay Sherry Massey Robert Maynard Emily McGuire Cindy McIntosh Marie McVay Mike Melo Eddie Messer Robert Moore Ray Nailing Melissa Nordi Bill Nelson Debra Nelson 36 Robin Northrop Jon Oesterle Karen Owens Roxanne Parsons Bobby Pearce Terry Peterson Larry Pratt Ricky Prewitt John Prior Dorothy Ranctall Mary Reeves Robert Richardson Hardy Richmond Mary Rilee Beth Riley Lettie Riley Lundy Ritter Cheryl Rivers Kim Rogers Daniel Roob Donna Roos Jody Roper Billy Rowe Larry Royalty Cheryl Russell Charlotte Sandefur Jim Sarver Judy Scadden Mike Schuk 37 Mark Scott Elvira Sedgwick Chuck Shaw Duane Shephard Deborah Shiflett Joe Sidler Carroll Slade Anita Smith Doug Smith Kim Smith Linda Smith Sherry Smith Billy Smith Robert Sothcott Steve Spencer Sue Stannard Rob Starr Dennis Stewart Greg Stewart Tangi Stimpson Del Stokes Kay Stokes Mike Stombaugh Jenelda Stratton Phil Tassone Lealon Taylor Donna TerEick Marsha Thomas 38 Orsby Thomas Mark Thornberry Wayne Thornton Ronald Tomaino Debbie Tracey Donna Traylor Minyard Treadway Michael Tyler Valerie Urie Debra Vaden Chico Valdes Melody Varner Steve Veach Kathy Walker Lorraine Wallace Vanessa Wallace Ricky Waters Travis Waters Michael Webb Mark Weidman Richie Westberry Robbie Westerfield David White Barbara Wilburn Billy Wilson Larry Wilson Denny Windmuller Angie Wright Eddie Wright Jon Zernes I 39 Sophomores . . . Set Forth With Steady Pace For the sophomore class, the 1 972-1 973 school year meant no longer being low man on the totem pole. Now aware of what credits are all about, sophomores began realizing that high school is serious business. With this in mind the class of 75 focused on preparing for the future. Aided by the guidance department, they were introduced to the many vocational courses offered by Tabb High. The class officers helped the class put on a successful record hop after the guidance assemblies were finished. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: (from left to right) Donna Brooks, vice- president; Carrie Meinberg, president; Karen Hughes, secretary; Mary Faxwell, treasurer. 40 Robert Abdill Roy Ackerson Marc Adkins Sue Anderson Ronnie Angel Steve Appleton Pot Arena Beverly Auvil Melanie Boily Roosevelt Bonks Joy Barbee Pat Barclay Sandra Barkers Danny Barnes Robert Bazzani Holt Bellamy Toni Bennett Diane Biddle Barbara Bigelow Bruce Bingle Danny Blackwell Randy Bowyer Anita Bradshaw Arlena Braxton Linda Bresee Luke Bridwell Kathy Britt Perry Brilton Bonnie Brooks Donna Brooks David Brown Steve Bryson David Bunting Buddy Call Bill Cannon Amee Carmines Korren Caruthers Kurdt Carruthers Marie Carter John Cates Kaoru Chaboude Delores Chandler Danny Cheek David Cianelli Garry Cole Sharon Cole Rhonda Coleman Janet Coleridge 41 Janice Collins Kathy Collins Donna Colwill Teresa Cooper Kofhy Corey John Costello Ron Cottinghom Ky Cowan William Cowden Jomes Crawford Dona Cubberly Kim Cuddihy Mike Dogley Robert Damon Tommy Dandridge Ellen Danehy Mark Darnell Brian Davis Scott Davis Tammy DeLouis Gary Derby David Dery Sherie Dickson Delores Diehl Robert Diggles Ricky Dunn Keith Durence Sallie Edens Donnie Elliott Kim Ely Cheryl Emerson Chuck Engle Rickey Estes Clara Etheridge Richard Evans Joni Eversole Cliff Falk Dennis Farmer David Feller 42 Cindy Femia Doug Finch Cindy Fisher Herbie Flood Cindy Forrest Debbie Forrest Ronald Foster Ken Fowler Raye Fox Martha Foxwell Mary Foxwell Laura Fricke Linda Garrett Mona Gerhard Joanne Gettman Steve Geyer Sheryl Gibbs Pat Godfrey Cindy Good Fran Greene Libby Grow Pam Guill Laurie Haas Keith Hagy Mary Hall Warren Hall Glen Hardister Louise Harris Sharon Harris Bill Hartman Cathy Hartman Sharon Haskins Kim Heard Rhonda Hedgepeth Greg Hedrick Terry Heilman Debra Hermansderfer Liz Hern John Hogge 43 David Holland Dennis Holland Timmy Holmes Jerry Holt Cindy Hoyt Karen Hughes Leonard Hughes Richard Hurley Richard Ingram Garry Insley Charles Jefferson Susan Johnson Donald Jones Kathleen Jones K. C. Jones Tom Jones Nancy Jordan Merissa Kelley Wanda Kirkland Ronnie Knott Russell Kounse Suzanne Krowe William Lace Duane Ladewig Steve Lomp Terri Lamp Russell Layman Debbie Leopard Lori Lieblein Susan Lindsay Dianne Lochstampfor Mike Loding Sugar Lorenzino Joe Luke Gail Lunstrom Mike Marino Comer Martin Chuck Masser Nancy Maxwell 44 Al Maynard Pat McGuire Brenda McIntosh Mike McIntyre Gary McLaughlin Renee McLaughlin Anne McLean Carrie Meinberg Jack Menke Cathy Merriman Cindy Merriman Marianne Meservey Billy Michaelis Doug Milton Lawana Milton Sharon Moody Jo Ann Mooers Vernon Moore Dinky Moorefield Bill Morris David Mulkey Sharon Myers Tammy Nailing Gary Nelson Joyce Nobles Laura Oliver Andee Orr Sherrie Overcash Sandra Panak Al Pate Brad Paerson Jeff Pegram Tony Penna Sandra Perrin Doug Peters Scott Peterson Wanda Pfeiffer Karen Phaneuf Jimmy Pierce 45 k Patti Pike Mike Plasterer John Pleasants Leroy Pollan Carol Pollard Alma Pomeroy Kim Potter Mike Price Lydia Pro Sheryl Purvis Donald Randall Cindy Reeves Steven Reid Howard Rhodes Debbie Rice Debbie Richardson Donna Riley Pat Riley Patty Rodgers Shiryl Roller Connie Rose Charmaine Ryan John Ryan Kathy Sedgwick Kenny Seward Stephen Shearin Laura Shellhammer David Shelton Duane Shephard Michael Shephard Harold Sidler JeK Slade Gerri Smith Mike Smith Randy Smith Curtis Soles David Sothcott Donald Southard Ruth Spivey Joe Spohn Randy Springham Kippy Spurio Scott Stafford Steve Stalnaker Hazal Steer Debra Stewart Rhonda Stokes William Stutler 46 Renee Sullivan Jalene Sutton Sharon Swanson Steve Takimoto Brian Talley Pam Terry Steve Theriault Carol Thomas Marilyn Thomas Susan Thomas Karen Timmerman Sharon Timmerman Bruce Tossman Debbie Trainum Mark Travis Lisa Trombley Joe Tunstall Pam Tyeryar Jesse Tyson Jay Vacekbnis Dee Earl Vaden Karen Valdes Merri Valentine Vickie Van Meter Sherri Varner Kathy Wallace David Walton Billy Wandall Larry Ward Carl Warner Mel Watson Bryan Weisz Diana Wells Tom Whitelaw Marie Whitlock Dennis Wiggins Tom Wilburn Diane Williams Etsuko Williams Billy Wilson Cindy Wilson Larry Wilson Toni Wilson Steve Windmuller Monty Winget Debra Worley Felicia Wright Clay Wynkoop 47 ' i Freshmen . . . Up Front With Enthusiasm The class of ' 76 has faced the new challenges and responsibilities of high school throughout this school year, gaining confidence along the way. The spirit and determination of our class has been shown by the outstanding effort put forth during many of the fund- raising activities for the school. While taking in stride all of the difficulties bestowed upon us; we have greatly enjoyed the novelty of being the first freshmen class to attend Tabb High School. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: (left to right) Kathy Redhair, secretary; Terrie Clay, president; Debra Cozart, treasurer; (standing) Jana Tanner, vice-president. 48 Carol Adamowski Jackie Adams Ronnie Aikens Frank Arena David Armstrong Donald Babb Stan Bagby Bill Bailey Diane Baird Cindy Baker George Ballance Avila Banks Brenda Barnes Jeannie Barnes Christine Barrack Shelia Baytop Donal Beol Tony Beal Kathy Bickett Susie Bieri Larry Blair Vickie Blair Ralph Bonome Karen Borden Skip Bovrman Eddie Bowman Victor Bowyer Kevin Breen Donna Bristow Mike Brooks Chris Broussard Julie Brown Larry Brown Debbie Bruno Tim Bunn Ray Burcher Jimmy Burns Janet Butler Clint Campbell Matt Casella 49 i Mark Casto Anita Cate Lester Catlin Billy Chambers Clark Childers Brenda Chittenden John Cinotto Charles Clark Lynne Clark Terrie Clay Gary Clontz George Close Robin Collins Debbie Combs Kim Combs Danny Cooper Marion Cooper David Copeland Tracey Corey Sue Coryea Eric Coultrip Kaci Cowan Tim Coy Debra Cozart Terry Crownover Bruce Cunningham Steve Darouse Ellen Davis Janet Davis Mike Davis Ron Davis Gail Dawkins Janet Desmarais Patty Devon Tony Diaz Wendy Dillard Wilford Dozier Vicky Drier Joe Dukes Don Eacho Russell Edwards Missy Emerson Russell Enos Susan Erisman Gayle Estes Donna Evans Linda Evans Donald Ewton 50 Karen Faizone Cheryl Fields Chris Fisher Cindy Fletcher Pat Flood Mike Foard Kaye Fox Valentino Frances Glenda Franks Russell Frazier Kathy Gaines Tricia Gallagher Susan Garrett Rachel Gaultney Cheryl Gilmer Sue Gorman Scott Greenhagen Joan Grimes Michelle Groff Franklin Gurley Tami Gutshall Robert Haley Evala Hall Sandy Hancock Donna Harrison Mike Hartman Chad Hawkes Steve Heathwole Tom Hiemstra Jim Hill Kevin Hill Janet Hodge Kathy Holly Brenda Honeycutt George Hopson Mike Housum Penny Howell Debi Hudgins Robert Hunt Brett Irion Susie Irwin Annalisa Jackson 51 Michelle Jarrett Lee Jennings Betsy Johnson Cindy Johnson Elaine Johnson Donald Jones James Jones Mike Jones Rod Jones Susan Jones Vicki Joye Mitch Kammeier Don Kappes Valerie Kent Donald Kidd Kevin Kilgore Roby Knight Angela Konik Janet Landrith Lynne Larson Cindy Lassiter John Lavin Stacy Lawrence Punkin Legleu Trina Liles Pamela Lindsay Bronwen Llewellyn Brenda Londeree Linda Lorenzino Chris Luke Gary Lunstrom Jeff Lytle Sabrina Manning Greg Marchi Wes Martin Jodie McKenzie Laura McMahon Kevin Medler Larry Medler Janice Melcher Sandy Melo Carrie Merriman ! 52 Gary Michaelis Beth Miller Teresa Mokszanowski Candy Maore Gerry Moore Patrice Moore Ricky Mounts Debbie Myers John Noce Mike Noce Pot Neejer David Nuckols Steve Oore Frank Occhiuti Karen Oden Kenny Owens Ricky Parham Annette Parks Raymond Patrick Denise Partridge Dennis Pearce Jane Petty Brenda Pfeiffer Edwin Pickens ! 1 1 Kathy Piner Mike Polifka Bambi Pollan Wayne Pollard Paul Pratt Steve Prior Hugh Proffitt Barry Prosser Vic Puckett Phebe Quarterman Kathy Redhair Carol Reeves Tom Reynolds Sandy Rhew Jeannie Richardson Kevin Richmond Sarah Riley Michael Roberson Jack Rodden Ken Roderick Richard Roob Linda Roos Susan Rotz Alvin Russell Andre Russell Jane Salisbury Ellen Sandefur Bridgette Sanders Sheryl Sanders Margie Sarver Mike Sarver Ann Saullo Donald Saunders Paul Swartz Robert Seago Judy Seay Janice Self Tony Serene Donna Shellhammer Eddie Shepard Barbara Shields Steve Shifflett Kathy Shoveller Cathy Sidler J. W. Simpson Regina Skillman Keith Slade Debbie Smith Mark Smith Mary Jo Smith Melissa Smith Robin Smith Steve Smith Tom Smith 54 Cindy Soles John Spurio Julie Stallings Lory Stallings Larry Stamper Dusty Stanaway Charles Stanley Sandra Stokes Wallace Stokes Paula Stump John Strickland Keith Swicegood Jana Tanner Mary Taylor Cindy Ter Eick Gary Theriault Darlene Thomas Peggy Thornberry Donna Thornton Lynn Tiller Blair Travis Charley Treadway Michael Trundy Catherine Tufo Kaye Turlington Lynn Vacekonis Suzanne Varner Mike Volpone Cheryl Vouri Joey Wallace Bonnie Walters Dale Warden Gerry Waters Charles Watson Cindy Watson Brenda Watts Haro ' d Weber Eric Weiner Greg Williams Charles Wilson Lance Wilson Linda Wilson Mickey Wilson Carolyn Winters Mike Wirt James Wogoman Danny Wolford Lisa Wooddell 55 A HAPPENINGS initiate student participation Giving vitality and refreshing existence the events of Tabb High shaped the course of this year’s student body. Many stimulating experiencing were undergone and those who participated hastened to become involved with the activities that were to follow. Anxiety and joyful sensations were amidst the contenders for Miss Tabb High, Basketball Sweetheart and those participating in the school’s two plays. The Chorus and Band added to the thrill that went beyond all expectations. And the Ring Dance and Awards produced those special and exclusive moments for those most deserving. L 57 Kathy Collins crowned first Basketball Sweetheart For two weeks six Basketball Sweetheart nominees asked around school and their neighborhoods for contributions to their funds in order to become the Basketball Sweetheart. The girls raised money to help the cheerleaders go to the Apple Blossom Festival with the band. Collectively they raised approximately $500, with Kathy Collins being crowned Basketball Sweetheart by Coach Rowley with her collection of over $150. 58 Miss Tabb High Tabb High ' s first pageant was produced with few mistakes and Valerie Urie was crowned the first Miss Tabb High. But in the event of Valerie’s moving, Charlene Bowman, first runner up, claimed the title. Pam Terry was second runner up and Jana Tanner was Miss Congeniality. 59 A 60 Set on a college campus in the 1 920’s, Tabb High ' s first musical production. Good News, a comedy spoof, opened May 1 7 in the Tabb High auditorium. From the close of Thunder on Sycamore Street, Mrs. Pat Wright auditioned future actors and actresses for parts in the play. Mr. William Tew took charge of vocal direction while Mr. Percy Ironmonger directed the band. Because of Mrs. Barbara Zalumus ' help in straightening out technical problems, the play went on without a hitch. Lj Boys’ State — Girls ' State Three boys and three girls were chosen to attend Boys’ State and Girls’ State from our school. Boys’ State was held June 1 7-23 at Lynchburg College. Girls’ State was held the same week at Radford College. The boys elected were Lee Deskins, Mike Melo, and Eddie Wright. The alternatives were David Craig, John Prior, and John Dawkins. The girl delegates chosen were Vee Martin, Donna Newsome and Sue Bresee. Their alternates were Charlotte Anderson, Yvette Knott and Cheryl Rivers. Charlotte Anderson attended in the place of Sue Bresee. 62 February 24, 1 973 marked the climax of the year for most of the juniors. Renting tuxedos, buying gowns, and getting Dad ' s car for the evening were all events leading up to being at the Chamberlin Hotel at 9:30 p.m. Dancing to the music of the Newport News, juniors socialized amongst themselves and faculty members up until that magic moment. As Mr. Miller and Mrs. Jones passed out the rings, silly grins appeared on faces, as couples kissed and sat back down. “Let me see yours, " and “Turn mine,” became repeated phrases the remainder of the night. Most decided to call it a night at 1 2:30 and left with ear to ear smiles. 63 64 dn J 66 INVOLVEMENTS inspire school unity Being newly organized, the clubs of Tobb High School hod to first adopt charters and constitutions before plunging into their activities. After becoming organized, with a majority of the student body participating, many became involved in helping the community, acquainting its members with diversified aspects of life and enriching the composition of all they touched. SCA The SCA, under the leadership of John Dawkins — President, Pom Chambers — Vice President, Sharia Jones — Secretary, Vee Martin — Treasurer, and Anita Bradshaw — Chaplain, had a very successful year despite many difficulties. Their faculty advisors, Mrs. Soles and Mrs. Hansford, aided them on their various projects. SCA MEMBERS: (bottom row, left to right) C. Broussord, L. Brooks, V. Mortin, S. Jones, J. Dawkins, P. Chambers, A. Bradshaw. (2nd row) K. Wallace, D. Harrison, V. Urie, L. Deskins, M. Hortmann, L. Wallace, P. Chambers, D. Trainum. (3rd row) B. Miller, K. Phaneuf, S. Haskins, C. Bowman, E. Wright, C. Moore, J. Adams, E. Johnson, L. Thrombley. (top row) K. Jones, A. Orr, J. Higgins, S. Bresee, L. Bresee, J. Grimes, G. Dawkins, B. Barnes, C. Soles, and D. Davis. 68 Key Club — Keyettes The Key Club and Keyettes are service oriented; both clubs were organized and chartered this year and each embarked on a number of projects. The Key club engaged in clean-up campaigns, ushering at school functions and they also assisted “Patrick Henry Hospital " and the Bargain box. Lee Deskins, the President was elected Lt. Gov. of Division 1 3. The Keyettes fixed food baskets for needy families at Thanksgiving and honored the teachers of Tabb during National Education Week. At Christmas time, they went caroling at the Home for the Aged and later put themselves at the mercy of the students during Keyettiquette Week. KEY CLUB: (top) (1 St row, left to right) L. Deskins, D. Windmuller, D. Craig, J. Dawkins, R. Richardson, Mr. Anderson. (2nd row) D. Robbins, D. Ewton, B. Cunningham, J. Pierce, D. Stuart, M. Hartmann, T. Smith. (3rd row) C. Arnold, M. Wilson, P. Toson, C. Soles, T. Mabe, M. Volpone. (4th row) J. Gardener, D. Brown, C. Engle, M. Melo, M. Server, B. Travis, and R. Stanley. KEYEHES; (bottom) Mrs. Hawkins, Mrs. Jones, E. McGuire, L. Dawkins, D. Elliot, V. Seay, S. Smith, S. Lassiter, D. Brooks, A. Smith, L. Riley, R. Fox, B. Brooks, j. Higgins, L. Brooks. L. Bresee, J. Broussard, S. Roller, S. Bresee, B. Wilburn, D. Tracey, K. Smith, L. Kehrer, K. Collins, C. Meinberg, K. Ely, V. Martin, M. Baily, P. Terry, D. Newsome, S. Jones, C. Fisher, C. Abbott, D. Davis, S. Emerson, D. Martin, R. Wallace, C. Bowman, M. Thomas, C. Anderson, and D. Clark. 69 FCA — Pep Club C. Soles, D. Ediow, L. Wilson, T. Smith, B. Rowe, L. Taylor, C. Engle, B. Bolender, D. Peters, M. Ford, E. Wright, M. Thornberry, D. Craig, L. Wilson, M. Scott, M. Melo, D. Pearce, D. Windmuller, D. Marshall, L. Deskins, J. Gardner, J. Vacekonis, C. West, R. Hubbard, J. W. Simpson, W. Langevin, R. Richardson, S. Davis, D. Hurst, D. Walton, D. Brown, T. Mabe, S. Windmuller, J. Barbee, S. Prior, D. Hume, G. Buckley, G. Hedrick, K. Roderick, B. Cunningham, V. Frances, D. Conrad. The Pep Club soared the spirits of the Tiger fans to a natural high. They cheered the team on through thick and thin and contributed to the cause by selling team ribbons and spirit chains. Mrs. Drake and Mrs. Hancock guided the club members in its efforts. (first row, I. to r.) Mrs. Jones, J. Higgins, C. Abbott, L. Riley, A. Smith, S. Smith, S. Lossiter. (second row) A. Pomeroy, E. McGuire, C. Chapman, C. Martin, C. Rivers, A. Braxton, D. Randall, Miss Clark. FBLA Visiting the C P Telephone Co., various business, and selling doughnuts were a few of the FBLA undertakings. Girls with business interests joined this club and by doing so were able to decide if they wanted a business career. FHA The FHA was successful and accomplished much for their first year. Among some of their projects were: baking and decorating cookies for Christmas; participating in the Christmas canned food drive; and holding a panel discussion with five guys expressing their views on girls and dating. 71 Distributive Education (row 1, l-r) K. Owens, D. Cionelli, B. Crawford, C. Wyncoop, M. Tyler, R. Smith, J. Scodden. (row 2) D. Nelson, C. Grennier, K. Hartman, R. Angel, P. Rogers, C. Gibbs, (row 3) J. Collins, C. Martin, G. Lunstrom, S. Stalnaker, G. Hardister, R. Foster, H. Richmond, G. Smith, D. Randall. (row 1 , l-r) F. Butry, T. Hall, D. Marshall, (row 2) D. Jergenson, M. Treadway, M. Varner, D. White. Health Careers Club D. Bristow, T. Corey, L. Ritter, A. Wright, V. Joye, L. Dawkins, C. Valdez, Mrs. Hawkins, S. Lewis, G. Dawkins, P. Chambers, D. Legleu, J. Mooers, D. Roos. Chess Club (floor) G. Moore, H. Weber, (seated) D. Coryea, M. Webb, D. Conrad, B. Bingle. (standing) M. Watson, T. Hiemstra, B. Hovanic, J. Luke, Mr. Coulter, D. Brown, K. Richmond, D. Babb. 73 French Spanish Club FRENCH-SPANISH CLUB MEMBERS: (seated) B. Wilburn, K. Phaneuf, C. Arnold, N. Maxwell, Mrs. Valenta. (standing) M. Sarver, D. Armstrong, M. Meservey, T. Lamp, S. Irwin, C. Thomas, S. Swanson, M. Kelly, R. Smith, L. Wallace, S. Coryea, D. Peters, D. Holland, A. Carmines, C. Femia. Club GERAAAN CLUB MEMBERS: (floor) S. Bieri, D. Holland, G. Detwieler, A. Love, (seated) L. Harris, M. Hall, C. Childers, T. Holmes, B. Lace, D. Worley, A. Konik, R. Hedgepeth, J. Desmarais. (standing) A. Pomeroy, S. Anderson, S. Geyer, J. Oesterle, B. Diggles, B. Cannon, B. Hovanic, W. Hill, A. Pate, Mr. Prow. German Club LATIN CLUB MEMBERS: T. Whitelaw, S. Baxter, Mrs. Smith, M. Reeves, K. Spurio. 74 Sight and Sound (seated) G. Derby, (standing) M. Shepard, G. Nelson, B. Talley, Mr. Tew, D. Stokes, M. Carter, B. Rowe. Drama Club Many members of the drama club participated in the productions of “Good News " and “Thunder of Sycamore Street.” Under Mrs. Wright, members explored their own personalities, experimented with role playing and found escape valves for emotions. 75 76 Tiger Band Members Kathy Jones, Teresa Belford, Diana Wells, Karen Valdes, Joan Gettman, Rod Jones, Phillip Bazzani, Beth Miller, Debbie Bruno, Tanya Nailing, Scott Davis, Linda Dawkins, Susan Jones, Gwen Bazan, Mike Smith, Kathy Bickett, Peggy Thornberry, Glenda Franks, David Clark, Pam Terry, Steven Heatwole, Mark Travis, Betsy Johnson, Judy Seay, Greg Dryden, Harvey Austin, David Nichols, Donald Saunders, Steve Reid, Chico Valdes, Donald Babb, Jim Pearce, Steve Housum, David Kallner, Robert Diggles, James Jones, Gary Clontz, Ronnie Belford, Chad Hawkes, Daniel Roob, Leonard Hughes, Victor Brown, Danny Barnes, Raymond Montana, Jim Nichols, Sandy Hancock, Tim Holmes, Joe Buttler, Bruce Bingle, Bill Hovanic, Kathy Redhair, Robert Maynard, Lance Wilson, Larry Maddox, Ricky Waters, Susan Coryea, Edwin Pickens, Greg Hedrick, Ralph Bonome, Robert Liles, William Stuttler, Donald Jones, Richard Easley, Brad Pearson, Dennis Holland, Ray Burcher, Stephen Lamb, Russell Edwords, Mitch Kammeier, Paul Freeman, George Close, Stage Band Members Greg Dryden, Harvey Austin, David Kallner, Robert Diggles, Ronnie Belford, Brad Pearson, Jim Nichols, Tim Holmes, Larry Maddox, Joe Buttler, Steve Lamb, Robert Liles, William Stuttler, Donald Jones, Edwin Pickens, Scott Davis. rarfiJI Tiger Band The Tiger Band was kept on the move practicing on the field, off the field, and in the street. Money making projects enabled them to attend the Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester, Virginia, emerging victorious with a fourth place trophy. The band, under the direction of Mr. Percy Ironmonger, performed at pep rallies, assemblies, in the musical, as well as in other parades. The musicians were proud to be the first to put a trophy in the showcase. 77 Majorettes The Tiger Majorettes marched to the rhythm of the Band throughout the 72-73 school year. They performed their way through pep rallies, football halftimes and Winchester revealing their excellence. (kneeling) Captain Debbie Tracey and Co-captain Brenda Barnes, (standing, I. to r.) C. Good, S. Jones, C. Johnson, E. Johnson, J. Adams. 78 A Cappella Choir — Mixed Chorus A CAPPELLA: ( 1 St row) L. Ritter, J. Broussard, C. Luke, S. Krowe, J. Hodge, T. Lamp, D. TerEick. (2nd row) D. Newsome, K. Stokes, A. Luongo, A. Dery, B. Pollan, A. Wright, A. Bradshaw. (3rd row) A. Carmines, J. Sutton, M. Carter, C. Johnson, D. Tracey, B. Barnes, S. Bryant. (4th row) M. Brooks, M. Travis, M. Lunsford, G. Derby, D. Stokes, D. Smith, G. Nelson, B. Rowe. MIXED CHORUS: (1 st row) S. Erissman, E. Davis, D. Chandler, V. Kent, K. Oden, M. Reeves, S. Crochet, T. Gutshall, T. Kemp. (2nd row) K. Smith, C. Anderson, B. McIntosh, F. Wright, S. Riley, T. Wilson, C. Broussard, S. Roller, B. Saunders, R. Parsons, J. Edwards. (3rd row) R. Stanley, M. Jones, V. Puckett, B. Cannon, G. Waters, J. Beal, R. Pruett, D. Ediow, B. Talley. I 1 R. Abblll, S. Bagby, G. Ballance, R. Banks, S. Baxter, D. Beal, T. Beal, R. Beeson, B. Bingle, W. Bonome, V. Bowyer, W. Blow, M. Brooks S. Bryson, L. Cotlin, D. Cheek, G. Close, D. Conrad, J. Costello, T. Dondridge, J. Dawkins, R. Easley, J. Enos, R. Evans, C. Fisher, F. Flood K. Fowler, G. Graham, H. Hogey, R. Hair, L. Horrod, T. Heilman, M. Hesslink, T. Hiemstro, R. Hurley, A. Maynard, K. Medler, L. Medler, J Menke, J. Mulkey, R. Nailing, S. Oare, S. Oliver, K. Owens, T. Penna, S. Peterson, T. Peterson, J. Pleasants, E. Pollard, L. Polan, P. Pratt V. Puckett, M. Quesada, D. Randall, M. Roberson, D. Robbins, M. Sarver, D. Saunders, M. Schuk, M. Scott, H. Sidler, M. Smith, R. Smith N. Spurio, D. Stewart, G. Theriault, S. Theriault, B. Travis, M. Webb, T. Whitelaw, T. Wilburn, G. Williams, W. Wilson, L. Wilson, K Winge NJROTC The cadets of NJROTC took many field trips during the course of the instruction and participated in several parades and competitions. They won trophies at the ROTC day at Hampton Institute in April, the Loyalty Day Parade in Hampton in May, and the Armed Forces Day Parade in Hampton as the drill team displayed their skills. The rifle team won the first match of the annual shoulder rifle match with York High School. Great things are expected of the ROTC next year in their second year of operation as young ladies enter the program and benefit by this experience from their first year of operation. 80 1 Newspaper Staff STAFF: A. Barclay, R. Beeson, L Bresee, D. Colvin, C. Luke, J. Massay, S. Timmerman, L. Wooddell, Mrs. T. Lynn (advisor). oki, 0 . 3 " , A, K,. Photography Club 81 I Few people realize how much work goes into putting together a yearbook. Even the staff members didn’t know until this past year. Working after school 3 days a week for 1 V 2 hours proved to be an insufficient amount of time for laying out pages, cropping pictures, and writing copy. Members had to add non-activity bus days to their schedules as well as staying past 4:00 in order to meet deadlines. With the close of school and the coming of summer, the group found themselves in the middle of an incomplete book. Sheer determination inspired the staff and within 2 weeks of June 8, the Bengal was finished. 82 Staff Members R. Collins D. Biddle D. Shellhommer S. Earl A. McLean J. Tanner R. Maynard R. Roob C. Bowman M. Thomas M. Smith S. Baxter D. Colvin (Bus. Man.) C. Anderson (Co-editor) C. Rivers (Co-editor) S. Harrell (Advisor) Editor ' s Note . . . It seems as if an epidemic of inexperience plagued the whole 1 972-73 school year at THS. Following with, should I say “tradition,” the annual staff caught the disease also. For everyone on the staff, with the exception of Mrs. Harrell, working on the annual was a first. We realize many of the happenings around THS were left out, and we may not have given events and organizations that we did get full coverage. If this is so and you feel slighted, please have your club advisor contact Mrs. Harrell so we can correct our mistakes for next year. We feel that this first year was more or less a learning period and can assure you of bigger and better books in years to come. Editor 84 GAMES people play The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat was felt by the fans, coaches and competitors as THS experienced its first year of AAA competition without a senior class. While others doubted their ability the Tigers were determined to prove themselves as winners. It was a trying year; they lacked experience but they made up for it through hustle and dedication. The pride and spirit displayed by the fans was overwhelming. They supported their teams through victories and defeats. Although the losses heavily outweighed the wins, the determination, desire, and courage of the Tigers was very evident in all sports. I 85 Football kicks off winning season Hard hours of practice throughout the summer, along with routine workouts after school, proved to be worthwhile for the Tobb High football team. From the day of their debut, the mighty Tigers continuously chalked up victory after victory. Although Churchland marred an almost perfect record, the cheerleaders generated pep and kept the Tiger spirit flying high. With the return of the excellent coaching of Mr. Fred Mitchell and crew. Tiger fans can expect a repeat of season 1 . (top row, leh to right) J. Pearce, M. Scott, L. Wilson, R. Hubbord, J. Borbee, M. Lunsford, L. Taylor , D. Brown, C. Engle, B. Bolender, D. Walton, C. Soles, G. Buckley, J. Voskonis, B. Richardson, G. Hedrichs. (2nd row) K. Kilgore, M. Melo, E. Wright, S. Hicks, D. Caldwell, D. Windmuller, J. Dawkins, L. Medler, P. Arena, V. Francis, B. Wandall. (3rd row) D. Blow, J. Prior, D. Hurst, D. Croig, D. Pearce, D. Ediow, Ken Roderick, L. Jennings, B. Cunningham, G. Insley, and K. Perrin. 86 87 88 Cross country team runs and runs and runs . . . The Cross Country Team ran hard and their determination kept them from quitting. After school they could be seen huffing and puffing around the school, but they didn’t stop, just kept on running. Even after the season was over Danny Cheek could still be seen running the course, even in the rain. The team has gained experience, knowledge, and confidence from their first season. Next year, a girl may be eligible to join the team. There are high expectations for Tabb High’s second Cross Country season, thanks to the efforts of Coach George Coulter this past year. Girls basketball bounces to victory The Girl’s Basketball team under the coaching of Mrs. Marilyn Anderson brought a triumphant season to their Tiger fans. The team proved their worth with a final record of 7 wins — 3 losses. Their teamwork and skill earned them 2nd in the district and good chances of becoming No. “1 " next year. (kneeling, I. to r.) Coach Anderson, Y. Knott, D. Ponok. (1 st row) P. Thornberry, J. Oesterle, S. Ponok, R. Coleman, C. Breen. (2nd row) C. Adamowski, D. Tronium, D. Stewart. 90 91 Basketball shows promise Although the Tabb High basketball team had a practically winless season, the games were played better than the 1-19 record indicated. Up against more experienced opponents, the Tiger sophomore and junior squad put out a 1 00% effort every game. Inspired by Coach Rowley, the team hungered for a victory. After humiliating games in coming so close to catching our prey, the Tigers finally made the Ferguson Mariners their victims. 92 (kneeling, I. fo r.) B. Talley, V. Francis, J. Simpson, (standing, I. to r.) W. Blow, J. Barbee, D. Windmuller, M. Scott, J. Slade, C. Masser, J. Gardner, L. Deskins, D. Walton, C. Engle, T. Mabe, R. Richardson. 93 J V basketball As in most cases this year the loss column outweighed the wins of the J.V. Basketball record. With the more experienced sophomores on the varsity team. Coach Steve Baker was left with the task of teaching basketball fundamentals, specific plays, and shooting techniques to the remaining squad of 1 5. With long hours of practice, and the addition of spirit and determination, the Junior Tigers put their best foot forward every game. (back row, left to right) S. Stafford, K. Perrin, M. Foard, K. Fowler, D. Peters, B. Cunningham, K. Roderick, M. Wirt, R. Patrick. (2nd row) J. Tunstell, G. Hedrichs, H. Rhodes, C. Jefferson, S. Davis, G. Amaya, (front row) J. Jones and T. Smith (managers). Hey all you Tiger fansll Whether yelling at pep rallies, chanting at games, or merely smiling around school, the Tabb High cheerleaders were instrumental in promoting a spirited atmosphere for THS. In an effort to stronger support the school, the squad attended practically all sports events in addition to serving as guides at open house, pom-pom girls in parades, and participating in other extra- curricular activities. Jubilant in victory and encouraging in defeat, the cheerleaders proved to be a vital addition to the school. 95 Gymnasts spring info action Gymnastics incorporated six skill areas; the uneven bars, the balance beam, the horse, floor exercise, tumbling, and the category of All- Around which includes all of the previous areas except tumbling. All gymnasts are judged on a scale of one through ten by performing a routine that they originate themselves (optional category) or a routine that the National High School League prepares (compulsory). 96 Opposite Page: (top) Gymnasts display ability on the balance beam and (bottom) uneven bars, (left) The girls develop skills on the horse, while Miss Johnson, gymastics coach, beams at the prospect of winning the next meet (right). (standing, left to right) M. Foxwell, P. Terry, T. Lamp, S. Grimes, M. Sarver, J. Grimes, S. Rhew, J. Tanner, D. Cozart, S. Swanson, R. Knott, S. Irwin, B. Londeree, L. Wooddell, J. Desmarais, K. Cuddihy. (splitting, left to right) R. Collins, M. Meservey, C. Meinberg, K. Faizone, P. Stump, L. Kehrer, V. Martin. 97 Wrestlers come through Headed by Willard Hunt and George Haase, the wrestlers practiced long and hard hours in the Tiger Den to ready themselves for encounters with experienced opponents. With emphasis on spirit and determination, the squad ' s record proved to be far from disappointing. VARSITY TEAM: (I. to r.) D. Hume, J. Vacekonis, S. Windmuller, M. Hartmann, D. Craig, M. Thornberry, L. Taylor, D Brown, R. Westberry, W. Langevin, R. Smith, and T. Sereno, 98 JR. VARSITY: (standing, I. to r.) M. Melo, S. Prior, G. Hardister, J. Beal and S. Lamb, (kneeling, I. to r.) J. Pierce, D. Warden, R. Springham, and D. Feller. 99 Boys Track and Field off to a running start Up against stiff competition, the boys tried their best and many individuals excelled. Darrell Hurst in the district meet placed fifth in long jump with a jump of 21 feet, inches — a school record. He also long jumped at the Eastern Regional Meet. The one mile relay team composed of Clifford Falk, Curtis Soles, Chuck Engle, and Darrell Hurst placed fifth with a time of 3:37.5. In the Eastern Regional Meet the one mile relay team composed of David Craig, Curtis Soles, Chuck Engle, and Darrell Hurst set a new school record with a time of 3:31 .5. Next year the team hopes to have an all weather track. With the success they had with nothing better than a parking lot to run on, who knows what they will do with a track. 100 GIRLS’ TEAM: (1 St row) D. Stewart, C. Lassiter, L. Bresee, J. Grimes, K. Wallace, B. Bigelow, B. Londeree, A. Jackson, S. Grimes, S. Berri. (2nd row) S. Garrett, D. Saunders, J. Desmarais, M. Sarver, C. Broussard, L. Vacekonis, A. McLean, S. Earl. (3rd row) G. Dawkins, C. Breen, S. Panak, J. Osterle, P. Thornberry, Coach Johnson, D. Panak, C. TerEick, Y. Knott, T. Nailing, R. Knott, S. Anderson. BOYS ' TEAM: (1st row) Coach Baker, S. Lamb, M. Scott, D. Craig, J. Dawkins, L. Taylor, D. Hurst, C. Engle, C. Soles, G. March!. (2nd row) K. Kilgore, D. Nuckols, V. Francis, C. Fulk, P. Swartz, D. Pearce, S. Pierce, D. Hume, L. Brown, F. Arena, S. Bryson, B. Sommerville. (3rd row) Coach Horton, E. Pickens, M. Melo, M. Hartman, L. Hughes, Coach Woolard, R. Hancock, D. Ediow, B. Bolender, M. Price, K. Hagy, R. Davis. 101 Girls Track and Field runs off with honors The girl’s track team approached their first season with dedication, determination, and hard work. Their team work lead them to a victorious season. The Tabb girls tied for third place in district, and came in fourth place in the Eastern Section. At the district meet the 880-medley team composed of Yvette Knott, Ronnie Knott, Lynn Vackonis, and Anne McLean placed first, (top right) Coach Johnson, (middle right) Girls who won honors in the District and Eastern Section meets, (bottom right) Girls who qualified for the State meet, (left) Ronnie and Tammy working hard at practice! SCOREBOARD Tabb 42 Denbeigh 31 York 53 Tabb 42 Hampton 30 Pembroke 54 Tabb 40 Kecoughtan 22 Menchville 58 Tabb 40 Poquoson 39 Ferguson 41 102 J.V. baseball gets a good start The J.V. Baseball team showed much improvement as the year progressed. The first half of their season yielded a 1 -5 record. But they came back losing only two more games and chalking up five victories in their last seven games. The varsity coach eyes this record with pleasure since many of these players will aid his team in the future. (standing left to right) Coach Rowley, S. Stafford, G. Amaya, J. Wallace, T. Jones, M. Casella, B. Cunningham, D. Ladewig. (kneeling left to right) F. Hunt, S. Smith, S. Prior, M. Wirt, E. Furby, M. Smith, K. Fowler, and M. Foard. 103 104 Baseball team ends first season In the first year of varsity Baseball competition the Tiger team showed great promise. Through many depressing but hard fought games the team produced many fine baseball players. Next year for Tabb’s 2nd season there are high expectations. 105 Tennis team shows talent Tabb High’s tennis team, coached by Mr. Robert Anderson, hod o winless but competitive season. They played high doss opponents os several close matches found defeat in lost minute returns. Mr. Anderson sees underlying talent and skill in oil of the players and expects it to emerge in future seasons. Golf team drives ahead Tabb ' s first year in golf competiton proved to be disappointing, yet promising. Although os-o team they did not win any matches, certain individuals came home triumphant. John Cinotto went as far as qualifying for the regional tournament. Mr. Willard Hunt, coach of the linksmen, has great expectations for the predominantly underclassman team consisting of C. Giese, M. Loding, R. Damon, J. Cole, R. Damon, M. Heslink, and J. Cinotto. 107 Keyboard Corner iiiiiiiiiiffliwil " Your Keys +o Happiness” NICK ' S SEAFOOD PAVILION Yorktown ' s World-Famous Seafood House Overlooking the York River at Yorktown, Virginia LINK-WATSON CORP. Spor+ing Goods Division 3 1 4 Cragheaf St., Danville, Va. 2454 1 Phone: 703-792-3311 HERFF JONES MANUFACTURER OF THE OFFICIAL CLASS RING AND GRADUATION STATIONERY FOR TABB HIGH SCHOOL Local Representative Reed Schweickert P. O. Box 3206 Richmond, Virginia, 23235 Herff Jones Products: Class Rings — Graduation Announcements, Personal Cards and Related Accessories — Caps and Gowns — Medal and Trophy Awards — Club Pins — Yearbooks — Diplomas and Certificates — Fund Raising Ideas no 1 I t ! I i ' n 1 tm

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