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U AV O R. O RT V5:)f- V „ „L|,iiiilill|lll|||| GENEALOGY 3 1833012263015 -ni- v pXJjjC Jc£ljUQ ilyXtvd, AU4JOS o3X)-| ClUCiX nJUc±- L QA a.,n-. vlil iuuc ljr u cx d QJi! :) XcjOK bo.oj( — i}xv £unLi3a H-O OJOoLi yiCL ict u cu HoV Mc Oy ci G) e.u ftianua, O: U)Clo] om oA JJicL bxdt daiiui- uL - -hcxcl, oo o juoCii-u a aod jUnndo JLhi uL lOc ncxd XKjl- fcoji ueaA jii Qji. IPiatM o Ouu i oiv ctiuxt .L UI LM CXi- |J(X - UUULO- dUfVXX - - xyo ' LXj CA-UV LLA-OUa Jtio vouL a_yx-oL i uvJLu ljMjulJ: v i s n hoflpiA ■ Sj ' Oa Dm U) u iji«- " P ' " ciact noc dM.kts f T jflu " JLoA aa.« tw , .00. ok .-Jtd :» 7 vi XaiA _ pjL U - - - ► Lp. Xb£)) oo-b - T " " n VKx axTM. u)auo;xK t dication • Queens • Homecoming • Administration and Faculty • Classes • Organizations • Sports • Superlatives • Advertisements • Dedication eens • Homecoming • Administration and Faculty • Classes • Organizations • Sports • Superlatives • Advertisements • -AHen County Public Library 900 Webster Street PO Box 2270 Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2270 A Fantastic Voyage Through A r Journey Of Memories 1 . aPT H fisi S i — i ' t - ' i ' aCi f A yearbook is more than just a compilation of photographs, copy, and advertisement. It ' s a book, a treasure, filled with memories and excitement. Memories last forever, and therefore we, the 1983 yearbook staff, hope we ' ve presented a book of everlasting memories. We invite you to sit back, relax, and take " A fantastic voyage through a journey of memories " with the 1983 Eagle. Bon Voy- age! This Voyage Is She is caring, concerned and highly capable. Not only has she been named " STAR Teacher, " she remains a " star teacher " for practically every student at Josey. Mrs. Marguerite Hammond is truly a dedicated and loyal fan of the Eagle crew. Thank you, Mrs. Hammond, for a pleasant journey of learning. Dedicated To You Mr. James Roundtree, affectionately known as " Mr. Tree, " is one of our more tenured teachers at Josey. He contributes much to our school life, as a teacher, coach, and friend. Mr. Roundtree remains a necessary part of Josey; and because of his admirable qualities, we the 1983 Yearbook staff salute " Mr. Tree. " Miss Josey 1982-83 There are many types of journeys in life, but the greatest journey is one that is self-directed toward achievement. The coronation of Miss Josey is always a breath taking event, filled with moments of suspense and awe. The nomi- nees, all deserving, howerver only one would actually realize the fi- nal destination — Miss T.W. Jo- sey. CAMPUS QUEENS The journey for these girls has only just begun; our class queens, (L to R) Caria Washington, Diadra Tanksley, Lee Anne Tedder — Miss Freshman, Cynthia Wil- liams, Diadra Brown, Tammy Howard — Miss Sophomore, Audrey Robinson, Wanda Gardner, Sandra Jennings — Miss Junior, Cheri Kershner, Cassandra Glover, Barbara Moore — Miss Senior. Mr. Esquire Kenneth Clay Mr. Esquire Mr. Esquire, Kenneth Clay is a 17 year old senior of division 12-1. He is a very active mennber of the Eagle Fannily. He holds the respective positions as President of the Senior Class and science club. His rank In the AFJROTC is that of Captain, where he serves as Connmander of the Georgia 64th AFJROTC Squadron at Josey. Kenneth is also a proud nnem- ber of the " Sonic Boom of the South " . Alonzer Kitching Carlus Mitchell 10 A n d Nominees These young men are to be com- mended for being chosen as nominees for Mr. Esquire. They are a fine example of our out- standing talents and abilities here at Josey. John Walton First Runner-up Mark Combs Chris Price 11 ' it f ' Hi HI K;: ' y M W f Our Queen, Miss Pamela Lovelt Homecoming Events ' 82 " Mini ' Voyage " I J jg Eagies Soar! 15 Jooper. Alphonzo Copeland, Otis Crawford, Henry Crockett. Charles Curry, Pamela Dansby, Kimberly Davis, Cynthia Demmons, Constance Doyle, Vernease 22 Green, Shelia Halley, Michelle Hambrick. Jeffery 23 Harvey, David Harvey, Sandra Hazel, Alphonso Heyman, Jonathar 24 Johnson 25 Lane, Francine Langston, Dwellie McDaniel, Berlinda McDaniel, Daisy McRae, Wesley Meyers. Andrena 27 Moore, Barbara Morris, Sonya Nehlson, Ralph Nero, Terrie Newton, Maddonna Oarman, Sharon Oliphant, Walter Ortiz, David 28 Ponder. Lenzell 29 Reeves, Cynthia Richardson, Timothy Robinson, Dorothea Roman, Yvette Smalls, Joseph 30 Thomas. Elizabeth Thomas, Maurice Tolbert. Patricia 31 White, Willie Whitfield, Sabrina Whitten, David 32 33 Adams, James Adams, Robin Ali, Jinnah Armstrong, Alopecia Attaway, Lee Bass, Helen Bennett, Nancy Bolware, Willie Brisco, Rachel Brooks, Thomasina Brown, Dorothy Brown, Gregory Brown, Tonya ml — (- Burns, Craig mi Bush, Barry • ' Butler, Choyce I Campbell, Kim Cawley, Larry Cohen, Tina Coleman, Brenda 36 Cooper, Steve Crawford, Lisa Crawley, Robert Cunningham, Connie Davis, Reginald Demnnons, Roderick Dunbar, Frank Evans, Constance Evans, Michael Evans, Rosetta Ewing, Troy Frails, Steven Frails, Tonethia Gardner, Wanda Gardenhire, Cindy Gibbons, Karen 37 Gilchrist, Paula Gilliams, Alberta Gilliland, Brenda Glover, Shiela Gomillion, Bridgette Gowdy, Charles Graham, Ernestine Graham, Forris Halter, Naomia Hampton, Deon Harris, Ricky Harris, Robert Harrison, Randy Hayes, Lynn Hayes, Tyrone Haynes, Cassandra 38 Haynes, Jesse Haynes, Moses Hill, Norman Holland, Janet Holliman, Joseph Hopgood, Michelle Hopkins, Patrick Hooks, Angela Home, Melanie Huffman, Kim Hunt, Johnny Hurley, Jonathan Irvin, Nathaniel Ivey, Edward Jenifer, Andrea Jenkins, Everett Jenkins, Tyra Jennings, Demetries Jennings, Sandra Johnson, Caroletta 39 Johnson, Cathy Johnson, Danny Johnson, Ivan Johnson, Jimmie Johnson, Richard Johnson, Willie Johnson, Wesley Jones, Lorenzo Jones, Velvet Keeling, Levell Keever, Janine Kelly, Peter Kelly, Virginia Kinsey, Deanne Lacewell, Wendy Lafavor, Blanche Langley, Gail Lawson, Brian Lavi son, Melissa Lee, Darvin 40 Leftwich, Mellisa Lemon, Steve Leverette, Rickey Love, Albert Lowe, Anna Manning, Vicky Manor, Tarean Martin, Chuck Maryland, Marcus May, Lisa McCain, Anthony McGahee, Troy Mclntyre, Marlow Meyers, Charles Muns, Christine Mylrea, Sheila 41 Neely, Yolanda Neloms, Napoleon Parker, Jason Paugh, James Perkins, Darryl Pierson, Richard Pressley, Mike Raimer, Margo Ray, Phillip Rayley, Linda Redfield, Vernon Reif, Tom Rhoades, Lisa Rice, Carol Robertson, Clevland Robinson, Keith 42 Rogers, Leroy Rucker, Sarah Sawyers, Gary Shelton, Lisa Shuckelford, Herbert Smith, Carl Smith, Joseph Steele, Daniel Stokes, Michael Stringer, Karen Tatman, Alton Thomas, Christopher Townsend, Marvin Van Buren, Donna Williams, Anna Williams, Nathaniel 43 Acree, Anthony Andrews, Donny Bailey, Doris Banner, Mia Beale, Eric Beasley, George Beckham, Timmy Blackwell, Michelle Brown, Devon Brown, Diadra Brown, Gregory Butler, Sherman Bynes, Horatio Campbell, Randy Chambers, Joey Chiids, Linda Cofer, Garen Cook, Lee Dansby, Candy Dekle, Henry Demmons, Antonio Dennis, Sabrina Dickerson, Lenora DuBose, Tonia Dykes, Christine Eberhart, Ricky Fowler, Jessie Fowler, Keith Gaskill, Teresa Germany, Theresa 46 Gowdy, Sheila Grant, Amy Greene, Lanie Hall, Carlton Hall, Stephanie Hammond, Jeanette Hankins, Loretta Hawes, Gary Hayes, Jadene Henry, James Harrington, Alvin Hillman, Celia Holmes, Micheal Horton, Robert Howard, Tammy Jackson, Cartrella Jenkins, Dianne Jenkins, Wanda Johnson, Karen Johnson, Shirley Jones, Jennifer Jones, Lathelia Jones, Timothy Kendrick, Gary Lattimore, Rodney Lawfton, Wanda Lockhart, Bruce Logan, Victor Lowe, Jackie McKlnney, Cristie 47 Mikel, Shannon Moss, David Norfolk, James Norman, Robert Oliphant, Mark Owens, Cathrine Perkins, Connie Pickney, Barthonia Pilger, Eugenia Polen, Hilton Ponder, Patricia Prather, Angie Price, Tresha Redfield, Gregory Reese, Kenneth Rice, Michelle Robinson, Stephanie Roundtree, James Rowe, Timothy Rowe, Tommy Sanders, Darren Sanders, Jeff Sapp, Pamela Scott, Virgil Sims, Curtis Singleton, Robert Smalley, Clarence Smith, Anthony Smith, Dennis Smith, Eva 48 SOPHOMORES Smith, Monique Smoot, Gregory Stanley, Paula Thompson, Faye Tillar, Adalene Tucker, Travis Vicory, Richard Walton, Darrell Walton, Maurice Weed, Elmira Williams, Andrew Williams, Carl Williams, Cynthia Williams, Darryl Williams, Dwight Williams, Eddie Williams, Gloria Williams, Tia Wilson, Patricia Woods, Traci Wright, Anthony Wright, Dia Wright, Douglas Wright, Gladys Yates, Darlene Young, Dale Zimmerman, Mark 49 50 Anderson, Wally Badger, Kenneth Baker, Darrell Banks, Clifford Barefield, Kelly Barley, Melvin Bass, Keith Barrett, Harold Beal, Michelle Bennett, Angela Bennett, Nathaniel Bing, John Blitch, Van Allen Bolton, Lonnie Boyd, Tonya Bragg, Rose Brown, Sharon Brown, Vicki Bruyere, Jenny Bryson, Zebris Burley, Ronald Bush, Carol Bussey, Timothy Campbell, George Carothers, Mike Carthen, Theodore Chanani, Son! Chance, Joshua Clark, Julia Clark, Tonia Clark, William Crawford, Willie Daggett, Johnnie Dallas, Barry D ' Antignac, Sean Davis, Anthony 52 Davis, Lethia Davis, Tracey Dilley, Donna Drew, Collin Durham, Laura Elkins, Tina Emery, Robert Eubanks, Pat Evans, Charles Evans, Monique Faison, Timothy Fields, Anthony Flowers, Jennifer Foreman, Kerry Frails, Sharon Freeman, Matthew Gallop, Jeffery Gaugh, Charlie Gibbons, Kenney Gibson, Eric Gibson, Loquiter Gilchrist, Betty Godbee, Levia Golphin, Lewis Gray, David Hall, Nancy Hammond, Alvin Hannah, Anthony Hardy, Reginald Harris, Angela Harris, Bernard Harris, Erick Harris, Keith Harrison, Billy Harrison, Michelle Hatcher, Walter 53 Hayes, Stanley Herrington, John Hicks, Angela Higgins, Scott Hill, Clyde Hill, Melvin Horton, Cherly Hood, Sonya Ivey, Angela Jackson, Belinda Jackson, Tony James, Lynn Jenkins, Belinda Jenkins, Chris Jenkins, Gregory Johnson, Rhonda Johnson, Rodney Johnson, Tonya Johnson, Vickie Jones, Angelia Jones, Annesia Jones, Dennis Jones, Evelyn Jones, Patricia Keever, Jolita Kelly, Clayson Kerr, Tommy Lacy, Darlene Lark, Julian Leverett, Jerry Leverett, Yolanda Lewis, Caria Lewis, Estelle Lewis, Melvin Lockhart, Shawn Lockleer, Tonya 54 Lofton, Nicholas Love, Charles Lyons, Janie McCain, Willie McCain, David McCreary, Sean McGahee, Paul McLean, Sheila Mack, Cekecia Martin, Michelle Mason, Tonia Medina, Elizabeth Meehan, Mike Mitchell, Mike Moore, Chad Muns, Lawerence Myers, Patrick Neal, Pheolian Nelson, Carrie Newton, Melinda Odom, Steve Oliver, Yolanda O ' Rander, Randy Overstreet, Jasper Patterson, David Patterson, Trade Paulos, Vikki Perkins, Marie Perkins, Terreance ' Perrish, Alan Pettiford, Roy Phillips, Dorothy Pickens, Becky Pinson, Troy Pressley, Paul Pruitt, Roger 55 Quattlebaum, Jody Rambow, Donna Ramsey, Terry Ramsey, Willie Reamey, Vicki Redfield, Marcine Reed, Marcy Reese, Kenneth Reeves, Rhonda Reid, Derrick Reid, Tye Lee Robertson, Anthony Robinson, Margaret Rosier, Pam Rouse, Angela Rouse, Garfield Royal, Kenneth Royal, Kenneth Saez, Willie Sanders, William Schaultz, Suundra Scott, Carl Shiflett, Troy Simmon, Lionel Sdomon, Edward Steele, Michelle Stevens, Kenneth Stewart, Chris Stokes, Tabatha Stringer, Herbert Stubbs, Rusty Tanksley, Diadra Tedder, Lea Anne Thomas, James Thomas, Jonnie Thomas, Tony 56 Cxaddoh 00 Thomas, Willie Thompkins, Antonio Thompkins, Maurice Thompkins, Pamela Tobias, Tim Tollison, Amy Toole, John Trumpler, Isaiah Turner, Kelvin Van Buren, Theresa Waldrop, Mark Walker, Angela Walker, Veronica Washington, Caria Watts, Carl Weathers, Dionne West, Guy West, Rosa White, Cassandra Whitt, Darryl Wideman, Zeric Wilcher, Willie Williams, DeWayne Williams, Janice Williams, Sharon Witten, James Wright, Demetria Wright, Shawn 57 Special Programs Aldridge, Andy Allen, Sonya Bassett, Robert Bennett, Jackie Brinson, Gwendolyn Brinson, Alonzo Brown, Crystal Brown, Lee Clark, Jeff Clay, Tammy Cooper, Milton Cutis, Shirley Dalton, Charles Dalton, Anthony Davis, Jacqueline Engrim, Ella Gibbons, Eddie Guy, Delia Hannah, Christopher Hester, Dale Heyman, Richard Hudson, Jackie Hudson, Richard Jackson, Ramona Kelly, Terri Killam, Laura Markwalter, Tony Moore, Danny Moore, Juanita Moore, Renee 58 Newton, Michele O ' Neal, Ronna Osgood, Maggie Schofield, Susan Scott, Davis Snnith, Darrell Smith, Micheal Sullivan, Stephanie Sweeper, Simore Walker, Connie Moss, Wally White, Bernice Williams, Kenny Woods, Louise Wyche, Louise Child Development Davis, Amber Elam, Reginald Harshaw, Antonnette Mitchell, T.C. Newton, Rosylin Parrish, Tasha Ross, Carry Roundtree, Shay Stallings, Dori Williams, Regina Williams, Virgil 59 Principal .:: f L Marion E. Barnes Principal 62 And Staff L. to R.: W. Evans, F Stallings, V. Smith, F. Simmons. Seated: WE. Barn 63 Bailie, A Social Studies Beard, B. — Counselor Beard, R — Science Berry, G. — Driver ' s Ed Chamblin, E, — Language Arts Chiles, M — Librarian Counts, B. — Special Programs (V.I.) Curtis. E K — Health, P.E. Davis E — Language Arts Fahnoe, C. — Language Arts Gill, S. — Special Programs (Aide) Giilerese, J. — Special Programs (E.A.P.) Gilyard, D. — Language Arts Goggons, S. — Special Programs (Aide) Greer, C. — R.O.T.C. Hall, C. — Music 64 Hendry, L. — Counselor Hammond. M, — Mathematics Hampton, H. — Social Studies Holliday, M. — Mathematics Hunter, G. — Language Arts Hurt, G. — Mathematics Hartman, A. — Foreign Language Jones, A. — Special Programs (E.M.R.) Johnson. J, — Social Studies Koon, J. — Art Shelko. L. — Secretary (Vocational) Lee, C. — Secretary (Library) Mclntyre. J.B. — Librarian McNealy. P. — Social Studies Miller. T, — Speical Programs (MH) Pontoo. R. — Mathematics 65 Pride, R. — Special Programs (HI) Ramos, V. — Special Programs (E.A.P) Rhaney, J. — Records Clerk Rhodes R. — Dist. Ed. (DECA) Wm 4 Hmk ' - ;■■■ r 7 Robinson, C. — Mathematics Taylor, L. — Special Programs (Aide) Smalley, 0. — Special Programs (Aide) Smithson, V. — Speical Programs (T.M.H.) Sullivan, T. — Special Programs (Aide) Toole, T. — R.O.T.C. Walker, B. — Special Programs (B.D.) Washington, B.J. - Language Arts Varner, S — Mathematics Vericella, R. — Special Programs (L.D.) Wescott, K. — Special Programs (E.AP.) Williams, C. — Mathematics (Resource) 66 67 Cafeteria L to R: L. McKenzie, R. Mollis, A. Stokes, N. O ' Bryant (Dietician and Manager), M. Prince, L. Bell, B. Royal Maintenance Standing L. to R.; R. Martian, D. Williams, D. Doe, W. Smith, Jr. Seated L to R; A. Irvin, M. Jones, R. Evans, F. Jones 68 In Memorium Stephanie Denise Sullivan 1963-1982 For friendship binds the worlds together — World over there, world over here. From earth to heaven is the tether That brings the earth and heaven near, And makes them both a bit more dear. 69 Eagle Achievers Josey ' s most valuable elements are her people — both students and facul- ty members. They are the definition of the word " school " . Whenever a mem- ber of our crew achieves or succeeds, we proudly gesture a salute. We know that anything an eagle ' s mind con- ceives and believes, he can achieve. This is why there ' s loving pride in every thought of our fellow eagles. Felicitations Eagles!! Anthony Barber and Mrs. Rosa student and his STAR teacher. T. Beard, our 1983 STAR 4 Ricliinond students honored by civic club Four Richmond County high school students have been recog- nized by the Exchange Club of Au- gu:ita for school activities and schol- arship. Named " Youth of the Month " were Kim Lockett and Ar- ron ;McKie of Lucy Laney Compre- hensive High and LeShawn Barnes and Warren Williams of T.W. Josey Comprehensive High. Veteran ' s Day — Jill Stewart represents Josey 70 School News Mr. Arthur Williams, inducted into tlie Morris Brown Hall of Fame Aiken, Augusta Students Win Du Pont Grants AIKEN — An Aiken high school student and an- other from Augusta have been chosen to receive the Du Pont Minority Engineering Scholarship. J. Drew Lanham, a senior at South Ail en High, and Warren A. Williams, a senior at T.W. Josey High, will have two-thirds of their total college edu- cation expenses at a Du Pont-approved college paid for by the company. In addition, the youths will have the chance to work at a Du Pont plant during the summer. Four scholarship winners are chosen per year from nominees from sites company-wide. The pur- pose of the award is to provide engineering schol- arships for outstanding minority students in quali- fied National Action Council for Minorities in Engi- neering programs. The award-winning " Sonic Boom " strikes aga in U.S. Jaycee ' s " Outstand- ing Young Man of America " itJt Ul ft 01+ X " " student Council Top Row L to R; Cindy Gardenhire. Pam Sapp, Yolanda Williams, Cheryl Williams, Lavert Anderson, Blanche LaFavor, Mark Oliphant, Angela Hicks. Serrano Smith. Anna Williams, Linda Childs, Middle Row L to R: (Advisor) Mrs, Hampton. Wanda Lofton, Sheila Gowdy, Anita Jones, Alopecia Armstrong. Paula Gilchrist, Otis Copeland, Tareon Manor. Karen Gibbons. Zachary Rumph, Billy Fields. Theodora Wills, Nancy Bennett, Cynthia Reeves, Michelle Rice. Lisa DeBouse. Veronica Walker. (Advisor) Mr. Pontoo Bottom Row L to R: Michelle Halley, Madonna Newton, Renee Zinnerman, Traci Woods, Dianne Jenkins. Francine Lane. Tina Elkins, Michelle Beal, Nancy Hall, Amy Grant. 74 Officers: Co-Pres.: Zachary Rumph, Billy Fields Co-Vice Pres.: Paula Gilchrest, Nancy Bennett Sec: Dianne Jenkins Asst. Sec: Tareon Manor Treas.: Traci Woods Bus. Mgr.: Pamela Sapp s e Honor Society Sitting L to R: Troy McGahee, Monique Little. Le ' Shawn Barnes, Anthony Barber, Mrs, R. Beard, Advisor Michelle Halley. Zachary Rumph. Standing L to R: Teresa Barber, Ellen Barber, Dons Ballard. Lisa Rhodes, Blanche LaFavor, Janice Love, Aleopecia Armstronge, Toneithis Frails, Angela Thomas, Warren Williams, Delores Tanksley Robbie Colbert, Top Row L to R: Traci Woods. Stephanie Hall. Dianne Jenkins, Michelle Rice, Shirley Gibbons, Mark Oliphant. Bottom Row L to R: Diadra Brown, Celia Hillman, Douglas Wright, Theodora Wills, Cartrella Jackson, Ms. Washington, Advisor, 75 Science Club BACK ROW, L-R: Shedrick Moore, Anthony Smith, Tarean Manor. Henry Hamnnond. Mr. J. Scott. Advisor MIDDLE ROW. L-R: Carolyn Williams. Alton Tatman. Blanche LaFavor. Yolanda Neely. Vernease Doyle. Mrs R T Beard, Chairman FRONT ROW, L-R: Ram Sapp, Tonethia Frails. Henry Crawford. Levern Reese. Karen Gibbons. LeShawn Barnes. Michelle Jacobs. Cheryl Williams, Rosetta Evans Math Club STANDI NG, L-R: Warren Williams, Gary Morgan. Delores Tanksley, Janice Love, Anthony Barber, Floyd Lark KNEELING. L-R: Jacqueline Parham. Eric Evans 76 Art Club • 0 ' STANDING, L-R: Warren Williams, Tim Jones, Reginald Barber, Alonzo Kitchings, Leroy Rogers, Mrs. Koon, Clifford Montgomeery SQUATTING, L-R: Josepfi Smitli, Willie Wilcher, Alicine Hawkins, Valerie Williams, Renee Zinnerman, Clarence Smalley Debutantes wm STANDING, L-R: Mrs. R. Beard, Sharon Stewart, LeShawn Barnes, Belinda Miller, Yvonne White, Monique Little, Bridgette Gomillion, Tonethia Frails SITTING, L-R: Pamela Curry, Sonya Morris, Robbie Colbert 77 Foreign Language ' B Row, " L-f Aric Wideman, Ti iortiJ P d Mark Oliphanti ouse, lifa kver; DfAotheia; Rdbinsp Mteithcyiy ei Middle ow! t Mrs A partAian (AdvloijlKtan h yas;, :» . (L _ .1 .. ,T. . _ ,. ,,_. , .L-i.fW.n — s iat 1._ i»;j;._ n_. »r.,i,j„i,- ' = " ' ' ' ' ' ' " Jompkins. Cheryl Horton, Vicki Reamy.Tsrm ' ley Gibbons, u . , Seated L-R: Lea Anne Tedder. Vikki Paulos. Becky Pickens, Lanie Greene, Francine Lane, Contance Johnson, Yvette Roman, Theresa VanBuren, Angela Toole. Drama Club Front Row yCSliiBaGSalflfcBi ona Cllie Blackman, RichaTXpa TOSon, Carlus Mifbheli Johnson, Jacquelyn Parham. . »» -- " ' ■ ' ■■ - ' jn Middle Row, L-R; Henry Hammga af TEagle, Alberta Gllllams. Jonath n Sawyers, Andolyn Danills, Ann Lockleer, Robert Harris f fCsbltt, Cynthia Reeves, Darlenne Hayes, Sandra Oglesby, Billy Fields. - Back Row, L to R: Judy Williams, Yolanda Williams, Kenneth Kirk, Paula Gilchrist, Robert Crawley, Michelle Rhunelte Walton. tesley , Tonya Jackson. 78 Top Row. L-R: Milo ShieB Davis, C! Montgomery, Standing L-R: B. Patterson. L. Rhodes, P. Wilson, O. Copeland, R. Walton. A. Williams, A. Ivey, A. Robinson, S. Johnson, A. Pace. G. McCrary, P. Thurmund, C. Norman. J. Hurley. Mr. J. Cummings (Adviso-) D. Kirl land. ' R. Stanley, Karl Brown, Kneeling L-R: Willie Elam, A. LaFavor, G. Langley, S. Patterson, D. Kinsey. J. Florida, K. Dansby. A. Hawkins, S. Robinson. o c A CVAE Club DECA Top Row, L-R: Maryla Dority, Earnest Hill, Brenda Wright, She- ila Glover. Levert Anderson, Wal- ter West, Ernestine Dykes, Tra- cey Scott, Anthony Smith, Lisa Crawford, Greg Redfield, Vernon Redtield Bottom Row, L-R: Mike Stokes, Sonya Morris, Monqiue Little, Lori Beckner, Kim Huffman, Te- resa Snodgrass, Lovell Keeling, Jessie Fowler. 79 VICA Vocational Industrial Clubs Of America VICA Officers L-R: Chris Price, President, Dons Ballard, Vice-President, Melissa Hopkins, Secretary, Darlene Hayes, Treasurer, Sandy Oglesby, Parliannentarian, Allen Vaugfin, Student Advi- sor. Kneeling: P Quinn, Club Advisor Top Row L-R: James Paugfi, Lisa May, Connie Harrison, Celia Hillman, Cfiristine Muns. Mark Jackson, Lisa Sfielton, Freddie Martin, Ellen Barber, Pat Hudson, Teresa Barber, Randy Lamb, Jacqueline Parfiam, John Walton, Kathy Verneau, Ronald Eberhart. Middle Row L-R: Eric Elkins, Jimmy Norfolk, Yvette Roman, Tarean Manor, Pam Jenkins, Lee Attaway, Cynthia Davis, Constance Demmons, Henry Hammond, Chris Price, Dons Ballard, Melissa Hopkins, Darlene Hayes, Sandy Oglesby, Allen Vaughn, Charles Gowdy, Michelle Jacops, Leroy Rodgers, Janet Holland, Patty Padgett. Third Row L-R: Mike Pressley, Yolanda Neely, Judy Williams, Velvet Jones, Carol Taylor, Nancy Bennett, David Ortiz, Percy Quinn, Lisa Groothand, Michelle Halley, Cynthia Reeves, Teresa Alderman, Brenda Coleman, Rhonda Slade, Teresa Jones, Melissa Smith, Tresha Price. 80 Officers Front Row. L-R: Chris Price. Secretary; Tim Russaw. Co-Secretary; Douglas Bolton. Parliamentarian; Ronald Eberhart, Treasurer. Back Row. L-R: Mi- chael Smith, Treasurer: Lavert Anderson, President; Otis Copeland, vice- President. Eagle Brothers Back Row. L-R: Henry Crawford. Dale Luckie. Leon Mitchell, Anthony Barber Middle Row, L-R: Mr. C, Carpenter. Alonzer Kitchings, Zachery Rumph. Bernard Bussey. Mike Vakoc. Len Stokes. John Walton. Kenny Clay. Mike Smith Bottom Row. L-R: Tim Russaw, Lavert Anderson. Chris Price. Ronald Eberhart. Douglas Bolton. Otis Copeland 81 Eagle Sisters K A Back Row. L-R: Lori Beckner, Andrea Lafavor, Valerie Williams. Kathy Verneau Middle Row, L-R Sharon Oatman. Miss Durst (Advisor) Vernease Doyle, Pam Jenkins, Phyllis Thurmond, Cynthia Davis, Belinda Miller, Madonna Newton. Cynthia Jones Front Row, L-R Sharon Bonner, Renee Zimmerman, Constance Demmons Pep Club On Fence. L-R; Henry Crawford, Ms Davis, Tyrone Walker, Rhonda Jackson. Renee Zimmerman. Henry Hammond, Michael Cobb, Anthony Smith. Middle Row. L-R Ms Miller. Sabrina Dennis, Sharon Bonner, Madonna Newton, Anthony Barber, Valeria Williams, Dorthea Robinson, Tim Russaw, LaShawn Barnes. Tia Williams, Keith Robinson, Belinda Miller, Alton Tatman, Anna Williams, Yvette Sharpley, Pam Johnson, Ms. Fahnoe. Cynthia Jones. Blanche LaFavor, Johnny Phillips. Mr, Hughes Back Row, L-R: Thomasina Brooks. Diadra Brown. Cystal Brown, Karen Stringer, Shedric Moore, Teresa Germany, Theodora Wills. Deane Jenkins. Michelle Rice. Connie Cunningham. James Adams, Michael Evans. 82 Cheerleaders V a r s m I t y Fall Quarter Standing L-R: Cindy Hughes. Sandra Jennings, LaShawn Barnes, Robbie Colbert, Angela Rosier, Sitting L-R: Renee Zimmerman, Sheila Greene . . ITN , Middle Row, L-R: Sonya Fletcher. Phoebe Yarbray, Rebecca Bush. Co-Capt. Lea Anne Tedder, Mrs R.A. Vericella — Advisor Bottom Row: Traci Woods — Captain 83 FHA ? t f 9 Top Row. L-R: Connie Cunningham. Pamela Johnson, Theresa Germany, Caria Washington. Theodora Faust. Middle Row, L-R: Alexis Williams, Laverne Reese, Victoria Allen, Kathy Edwards. Sonya Hood, Bottom Row. L-R; Belinda Jenkins. Devon Brown. Contance Dorsey, Patricia Ponders. Brenda Givens. HERO standing L-R: Phyllis Thurmond. Laverne Denton, Lorenzo Jones, Michelle Jacobs. Willie Jones. Michelle Hopgood. Nathaniel Williams, Christie Dykses. Cindy Gardenhire. Sitting. L-R: Cynthia Jones. Linda Knight 84 FBLA % v-..r i -v-» . Top Row, L-R: Rosetta Evans. Barbara Wicher. Rhonda Jackson, Janet Love, Pamela Lovett, Mrs. A. Martin, Advisor, Dorothea Robinson, Cassandra Giover. LeShawn Barnes, Daisy McDanieis, Bottom Row, L-R: Henry Crawford, Anthony Barber, Milton Burns SECME Kneeling L-R: Theodora Wills, Deidra Brown. Sharon Frails, Scott Higgins, Randy Manning, Yolanda Oliver, Standing L-R: Cheryl Walker, Cathy Elam, Mark Waldrop, Anthony Hannah, Johnnie Mae Daggett, Tracie Patterson, Matthew Freeman, Angela Ivey, Eric Gibson, Lea Anne Tedder. Becky Pickens. Theresa VanBuren, Lisa DeBouse, Nancy Hall. Veronica Walker. Caroline Durst. Advisor. 85 Eagle Express Staff msseissisc . ::t Z .-iMt ' Ui tn iA t ' .. t i ' . ' i ' .r .. ■ ■ I, .,ii- J 3 Standing L-R; Forris Graham. Alton Tatman, Patrick Hudson, Felicia Golatt, Johnattian Heyman, Melissa Hopkins, Alonzer Kitchins, Cindy Hughes, Sheila Greene, Wanda Burnett, Rosetta Evans, Gwen McCrary, Sharon Lee, Contance Dorsey, Willie Stringer, Marilyn Dority, Caroline Durst (Advisor), Kneeling L-R: Patrick Hopkins, Norman Hill, Lynette Jackson, Tim Russavi(, Audrey Robinson, Ernestine Dykes, Wesley McRae Otis Copeland not pictured: Janine Keever, Gigi Pierce, Bridgette Gomillion, Walter West, Suzann Jackson. 86 AFJROTC Color Guard Angel Flight 87 " ' ' ' " ' " ' S5 r " H| K ' 88 Flight D V i iA iA % An II u • . «« ' ' - - f ' • %3£ » ' 90 91 Miracle play hikes Josey SWAlNSBOHO.Ga — Josuv ' s F.rstaowns " Vo " " " u ,, .. 11 r- I r ' 1 ' u. Rushing vardiTje 4B 1 5 iootball Lagles Friday nighl passmgyardagu ist 103 proved that it s almost never too :?, ' „rdagc ' :r:::::::z ' : ' v " M late as long as there ' s tune left or Fumbles losi c _ i_ e en It there isn ' t. Yards Bunahied ,, " ,. ' .,, ' ..,.,. an 10 The F:agles were down ' 23-20 i " ' " ■ ' ' ' ' " It " Swatnsboro 10 o — 23 and time had run out as quarter- josev Lcrov Rogers 5 run ikick ia,i-di , I -« , i ir ij 1 ri ,,j ,, i „„ Swains- Satelv (Josev ' s Greg Redtield baek Greg Kedfield lotted a long ,a,Kied ,n end zone by swamsboros Amno pass gOalward The SwainsborO ny Freema.1, RicaraoRedd.ng) r o II - i_ Swains—Kenneth Nobles 41 pass from defense got to the ball first, but Lonn.e Gibbons (Randy Dekle pass from only tipped it back into the air. " Jos y-Oale voun9 4run (passlailedl When the ball came down, Jos- ' " " " ' 7p ' ' ' °? t? " ' ,Tni ' ' " , ' ' rm b.h jQsey — Michael Slokes 72 pass from Red- ev ' s Michael Vakoc was there at iieid (cnanesDurdenron) u I lu c J r„, ♦ ,.1,,,, ,t Swains -Melvin Frazier 44 pass from No- about the 5-yard line to claim it bies(kicktaiiod; and carry it into the end i one. , J " " - ' ' f ' « ' ' ° ' ' ° " " ' ' " " " ' ' ' - ' field (run failed) Final score; Josey ' 26, Swains- mg play. boro23. The lead had changed hands The victory kept Josey un- five times before the final touch- beaten (3-0) in Region 2-AAA down as Josey had led at the half competition and evened the Ea- 12-10. Svvainsboro had led at lU-G, gles ' overall record at 3-3. 17-12 and 23-20. Swainsborois2-4 andO-3. The victory gives Josey a 3-0 Kedfield had earlier thrown to region mark and an overall 3-3 Michael Stokes on a 72-yard scor- record, Swainsboro is 1-5 and 0-2. Varsity Football T o u c h D o w n! 94 K 95 Front Row L-R; Mike Vakoc, Keith Alexander, Dale Young, Willie Elam. Joe Hollimon, Tony Bussey, Ivan Johnson, Steven Frails, Charles Darden, Second Rov -, L-R: Michael Stokes, Charles Crockett, Peter Kelly. Jimmie Johnson. Sherman Butler. Greg Brown, Marlow Mclntyr ' e, Willie Jones, Levell Kelling, James Henry, Third Row, L-R: Keith Barnes, Chuck Williams, Maurice Thomas, Tyrone Hooks, Henry Crawtord, Ken Leverett, Greg Smoot, Ernest West, Tyrone Walker, Ira Span, Carlus Mitchell, Anthony Thomas B-Varsity Football Team kS ' V 18WW FronTRovrL-R. Trainef; Tommy Keh, jviark " C5liphant, ' 2ack Jesse, RoBertTlortc - - , _ Antonio Roberts, Travis Tucker, Lewis Golphin, Reginald Davis, Ricky Eberhart, Second Row. L-R: Daryl Ryans, Darryl Wesby, Keith Harris, Alphonso Wright, Patrick Meyers, Paul Pressley, Charles Evans, Chris Stewart, Claude Anthony, Barthonia Pinckney, Shawn Wright, Donnie Andrews, Clyde Hill, Darryl Baker, Chris Hannah, Joshua Chance, Carlton Christie, Third Row, L-R- Trainer Bruce Lockhart, Anthony Smith, Dwayne Anderson, Don Ray, Eddie Williams, Reginald Harden, Curtis Asbury Hilton Polen, Melvin Barley, Bernard Chenault, Douglas Kirkland, Carl Watts, Clifford Montgomery, Antonio Demmons, Samuel Davis, Michael Carruthers. Bobby Sims ton; John Johnsbil, Waurice Tompkins, ■Wfflle Smith, 96 Eagle Coaching Staff 2 «M, Q o WBBfc- f f I » I n in h i» L-R: Q. Motley, C. Carpenter. R. Williams, Head Coach, A. Young. I. Arnold, A. Williams, J. Roundtree. A. Jones ,„ FOOTBALL ,„ 2 SCHEDULE SEPTEMBER 3 WESTSIDE 11 ARC 24 THOMSOf OCTOBER I WAKNESB 8 SWAINSBORO 15 GLENN HILLS 22 WASH. CO 29 EFFINGHAM CO NOVEMBER 5 SCREVEN CO ARC ARC HOME OMECOMIN( SWAINSBORO LUMPKIN RD SANDERSVILLE SPRINGFIELD 97 ..A4iA« " aAimM ••« t ' • . ,1 . wi:r jMflRffiWl yj PpSH BflT V H| 9 ■fWMl - " " " tH P • • ' lESMl . ' ■ « I S -■Li ' I W Basketball V a r s m I t y fS ' J FIRST ROW. L-R: Tyria Jenkins, Angela Pace, Allison Hawkins, Angela Rawls, SECOND ROW, L-R: Bri dgett Gomillion, Teresa Snodgrass, Ernestine Dykes, Narissa Johnson, Coach Brantley, THIRD ROW, L-R; Anna Taylor, Wanda Holt, Cindy Gardenhire, Tarean Manor, Elischa Scott, Constance Evans B V a r s m I t y li ( X: - y Js. Aw- J M FIRST ROW, L-R: Debbie Sheffield, Caria Washington, Cekecia Mack, Barbara Sims, SECOND ROW, L-R: Leroy Rogers, Sonya Fletcher, Andrea Beard, Rosa West, Shelia Gowdy, Coach Curtis. THIRD ROW. L-R; Sandra " Sam " Robinson. Victoria Brown. Sandra Robinson 100 Basketball V a r s m I t y FIRST ROW. L-R: Patrick Hudson. Steven Frails. Ivan Johnson. SECOND ROW. L-R: Zachary Rumph. Jesse Fowler. Troy Ewing Dale Young, THIRD ROW. L-R: Michael Jackson, Michael Stokes, Mike Vakoc, Jeff Sanders, Charles Darden, Jimmy Johnson B V a r s FIRST ROW, L-R: Robert Norton, Gregory Smoot, Gerald Hargrove, Jasper Oversfreet, SECOND ROW, L-R: Reginald Barber Anthony Thomas. Garen Cofer. Coach Arnold, THIRD ROW. L-R: Darnell Walton. Douglas Kirkland, Clifford Montgomery 101 o I ' T lf " » ' ' - ' Hji f n t -J ' . 1 mi 1 FIRST ROW, L-R: Alice Johnson, Tonya Johnson, Kendra Stevens, Yolanda Levertte, Demetria Bolden, SECOND ROW. L-R: Jackie Lang, Sandra Shaultz, THIRD ROW, L-R: Sandra Robinson, Coach Brantley, Pam Thompkins FIRST ROW, L-R: Anthony Thomas, Gregory Smoot, Garen Cofer, SECOND ROW, L-R: Yvette Roman, Floyd Lark, Lavert Anderson, Patrick, Hudson, Mike Vakoc, Michelle Halley, THIRD ROW, L-R: Greg Redfield, Joseph Smith, Gary Sawyers, Zachary Jesse, Steve Lemon, FOURTH ROW, L-R: George Collier, Ken Leverett, Charles Darden 102 «: FIRST ROW. L-R: Roxanne Dickerson. Barbara Sims, Rhunetfe Walton, Vernease Doyle, SEC- OND ROW, L-R: Rosa West, Geraldine Faust, Coach Curtis, Ernestine Graham, Constance Evans FIRST ROW, L-R: Roxanne Dickerson, Vernease Doyle, Rhunette Walton, Melissa Lawton, Carol Taylor, SECOND ROW, L-R: Coach Curtis, Geraldine Faust, Rosa West, Sheila Gowdy, Coach Scott, THIRD ROW, L-R: Destyna Lockleer, Ernestine Graham Sandra Robinson ' Constance Evans 103 FIRST ROW, L-R; Joseph Smith, Tyrone Walker, Belinda Miller, Bridgette Gomillion, Faye Thompson. Rena Andrews, Madonna Newton, Angela Rawls, Celia Hillman, SECOND ROW, L-R: Coach Berry, Michelle Rice, Karen Gibbons, LaShawn Barnes, Francine Lane, Michelle Halley, Tonethia Frails, Rosetta Evans, Sharon Stewart, THIRD ROW, L-R: Patrick Hudson, Greg Brown, Anthony Barber, Ernest Hill, Andrew Williams, Gary Sawyers, Willie Jones, Milt on Burns, Randy Lamb c h I e r s FIRST ROW, L-R: Sonya Morris, Cindy Hughes, Advisor, Miss Hurt, Sheila Greene, LaShawn Barnes, SECOND ROW, L-R: Michelle Halley, Robbie Colbert, Judy Williams 104 105 1983 VALEDICTORIAN The Eagle crew is indeed proud to honor Warren Antonio Williams as our valedictorian for the 1982-83 school year. Through his respect for the faculty and his fellow students at T.W. Josey, a unique personality is observed, Warren ' s participation in school and community activities has allowed him to excel in various endeavors. His social techniques are only parallel to his academic excellence. Warren ' s personal philosophy is, " Dreams come true if you believe in them. " Warren, " you are unique. Go show it to the world around you. " 106 And Salutaton ' an In honor ot his outstanding scholarly achievement, we are proud to also pay tribute to Anthony Ulysses Barber, this year ' s salutatori- an. For the past five years, Anthony has been an active participant in school activities and a lively member of our student body. His high school career has been highlighted by his personality, ethu- slasm and stedfast ambitions. " We congratulate you Anthony, for an exemplification of scholarship. " 107 Most Likely to Succeed Delores Tanksley — Warren Williams Most Attractive LaVert Anderson — Doris Ballard 5 U P Most Popular John Walton — Ernestine Dykes Most School Spirited Francine Lane — Bernard Bussey 108 Wittiest Ronald Eberhart — Valerie Williams Most Athletic Ernestine Dykes — Mike Vakoc s u p E R L A T I V E S Most Businesslike Daisy McDaniel — Zachary Rumph Most Dependable Janice Love — Warren Williams 109 Most Talented Mike Vakoc — Judy Williams Best Dressed Doris Ballard s u p Most Cooperative Warren Williams — Judy Williams Best Personality LaVern Reese — John Walton " t ' ) ., -r .- . 110 ■ xv £ ' ' ' ' R " rf L ■ A r ' T m 1 Us V n E Kl S Ill 1983 Senior ALDERMAN, THERESA nual Staff, Pep, Club VICA, An- VOT, Pep Club, Upward Bound BALLARD, DORIS — National Honor Society, VICA Vice President, Who ' s Who, First runner up Miss Aerospace, Miss Josey nominee BARBER, ANTHONY — Vice Pres. Art Club, Pep Club Treas., Eagle Brother, Jr. Honor Society, National Honor Soci- ety, French Club, Explorers Club, JA, Who ' s Who, FBLA President, Math Team, Jr. Class Vice President, Sr. Class Treasurer, Football Stat., SECME Pres., Science Club, Upward Bound, Wrestling Team, Explorers Club, Society of Distinguished American High School Students BARBER, TERESA — National Jr. Hon- or Society, National Honor Society, VICA Club Officer, Who ' s Who, Sr. Class Representative, First Attendant — Miss VICA BARNES, LESHAWN — Second Atten- dant to Miss Sub-Freshman, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Second Attendant to Miss Junior High Homecoming, Na- tional Jr. Honor Society, SECME, Pep Club President, National Honor Society Vice President, Science Club Vice Presi- dent, Science Club Vice President, VOT, Debutante Club, Head Majorette, Who ' s Who, Society of Distinguished American High Students, First Attendent Miss Jo- sey BECKNER, LORI — Choir, Softball, FHA, FFA Pep Club, DECA BENNINGS, GLORIA — Pep Club, VICA, R.O.T.C, VOCA, Eagle Sister, Yearbook Staff, Newspaper Staff, Track BLACKMON, DOLLIE — Foreign Lan- guage Club, Drama BOLTON, DOUGLAS — Junior High Football, Junior High Baseball, Eagle Brothers Paul. BONNER, SHARON — VOCA, Track, Chorus, Eagle Sister, Pep Club BROWN, KARK — R.O.T.C, VOCAL BUSSEY, BERNARD — Football, Bas- ketball, Track BURNS, MILTON — National Jr. Honor Society, Who ' s Who, Society of Distin- guished Students, FBLA Treasurer, BUSSEY, FREDERICA — Pep Club, Track, Band, Chorus, VICA, VOT, Who ' s Who, LA CHASSEREAU, MELISSA — JA. News- paper Staff, VICA Secretary, LA, 1st At- tendent Miss VICA, Candidate Miss Ju- CHINNERY, TIM CLAY, KENNETH — Baseball, Com- mander of AFJROTC, President Sr. Class, Band, Who ' s Who, Society of Distinguished Students, Drill Team Color Guard, Eagle Brothers, NAJE, Mr. Es- quire COOPER, ALPHONZO — Baseball, Wrestling, Science Club. Football CURRY, PAMELA — Chorus, Band, Pep Club, Debutante Club, Society of Distinguished American High School Students, Eagle Sisters, Sr. Class Re- presentative DANSBY, KIM — Softball, Basketball, VOCA President, National Honor Soci- ety, Who ' s Who DAVIS, CYNTHIA rus. Eagle Sister VOT, VICA, Cho- DEMMON, CONSTANCE — JA. Up- ward Bound, R.O.T.C, Pep Club, VICA, Eagle Sister President DORITY, MARILYN — DECA, Student Council, National Honor Society, Bas- ketball, Pep Club DOYLE, VERNEASE — Eagle Sister Sec, Pep Club Science Club. Band, Track DYKES, ERNESTINE — DECA, Pep Club, Eagle Sister, Basketball, Softball, Track Band FAUST, GERALDINE — Track, FBLA, FHA, Eagle Sister, VOT GIBBONS, JUALISA — Band, FHA, Pep Club, Foreign Language Club GIVENS, BRENDA — Pep Club, Miss FHA, FHA Par. GLOVER, CASSANDRA — Cheer- leader, Eaglette, FBLA Sec, VOT, 1st Attendent Miss Senior, Chorus GRESHAM, CATTINA — Pep Club, FHA Vice Pres., All County Orchestra, Red Cross, Who ' s Who. Chorus HALLEY, MICHELLE — Drama, Span- ish Club, National Honor Society Secre- tary, Bus. Manager Newspaper Staff, VICA. Ms. VICA, Candidate for Sr. Class President. Varsity Cheerleader HAMBRICK, JEFFERY — Football, Wrestling, Pep Club HAMMOND, HENRY — Student Coun- cil Rep., Science Club, Band, Pep Club, VICA, DECA, REAP, SECME, Jr. Honor Society, Executive Body Jr. Class, Dra- ma Club, American Distinguished High School Students HARRISON, CONNIE — VICA Rep,, VOCA, Student Council, Pep Club, FHA, FBLA, Chorus HAYES, DARLENE — VICA Treas., Who ' s Who, Jr. High Cheerleader, An- nual Staff HICKMAN, PAMELA — Pep Club, Who ' s Who, Chorus, DECA, Science Club, SECME, Eagle Sister, Band, FHA, Softball, Track, Basketball HOLLIMAN, FELICIA HERO, Eagle Sister FBLA, DECA, HOLT, WANDA — B Team Varsity Basketball, B Team Varsity SoftbalJ, Chorus, DECA, Eagle Sister HUDSON, PATRICK — Baseball, DECA, Newspaper Staff, Basketball HUGHES, CINDY — Majorette, DECA, Cheerleader Pep Club, Eagle Sister, Miss Sub-Freshman, Candidate Miss Homecoming JENKINS, PAMELA — Track, Eagle Sister, VICA, VOT, Chorus, Band, AFJ- ROTC JACKSON, WILLIE — Track, Football JOHNSON, NARISSIA — Student Council, Basketball, Softball, Eagle Sis- ter, Track, Pep Club JONES, TERESA — FHA, VICA, VOCA JONES, WILLIE — Pep Club, Basket- ball, Track, Wrestling, Football, Student Council 112 Directory JOYNER, LEE ANN KERSHNER, CHERI — Miss DECA, DECA, Who ' s Who, Second Attendant Miss Senior KEY, RONALD — DECA, Governor ' s Honor ' s, Student Council KIRKLAND, DARRYL — Basketball, AFJROTC, VOCA, Pep Club KITCHINGS, ALONZER — Art Club, VOCA, Science Club, Student Council, Newspaper Staff, Chorus, Candidate Mr. Esquire LAFAVOR, ANDREA — AFJROTC, VOCA, Eagle Sister, Sottball LAMB, RANDY — VOCA, VICA, Ten- nis, Football LANE, FRANCINE — Student Council, VICA. Foreign Language Club, Year- book. LANGSTON, DWELLIE — Nominee Biology Science Governor ' s Photo Club, SECME, National Junior Honor Society, Pep Club, Basketball, Baseball LEE, SHARON — Eagle Sister, FBLA, VOT, VOCA, Chorus LEWIS, BETTY — Chorus, Cheerleader, Track LITTLE. MONIQUE — National Honor Society. National Junior Honor Society, Student Council, Who ' s Who, Distin- guished American High School Stu- dents, Nominee Governor ' s Honor, SECME. Debutante, VOT. LA, DECA. Pep Club, Science Club, Miss Aero- space LOVE, JANET — National Honor Soci- ety, Pep Club, National Junior Honor Society. Student Council, Math Club, VOT, FBLA, REAP, Cheerleader, Eagle Sister, Who ' s Who, Distinguished American High School Students LOVETT. BETTY — Pep Club, Chorus LOVETT, PAMELA — Miss Sopho- more, and. First Attendant Miss Junior, Miss Homecoming, VOT. FBLA, V. Pres Pep Club LUCKIE, DALE — Band, Science Club, Track. Eagle Brothers. Pep Club MCDANIEL, DAISY — Band, Math Club, Junior Class Treasurer. Student Council, FBLA, VOT President MCRAE, WESLEY — Science Club, JA, Science Club, DECA, Senior Class Offi- cer, Chorus MILLER. BELINDA — Chorus, SECME, Pep Club, Student Council. Eagle Sister, Debutante, Miss Josey Nominee, Distin- guished American High School Stu- dents MITCHELL, CARLUS — Band, ROTC Capt., Eagle Brothers, Football, Drill Team, Drama Club MITCHELL, LEON — Football MITCHELL, SHARON — Art Club, Pep Club, VOCA MOORE, BOBBIE — Pep Club, Cheer- leader, Miss Aerospace Candidate, Miss Senior MORGAN, GARY — ROTC, Baseball, Track, Student Council, Football MORRIS, SONYA — Band. National Ju- nior Honor Society, Debutante, Science Club, DECA, VOT, Cheerleader, FBLA. Miss Josey Moninee. Who ' s Who, Dis- tinguished American High School Stu- dents MYERS, VERNON — DECA NEHLSEN, RALPH — DECA, Band, Student Council NERO, TERRIE — ROTC, Band, Cheer- leader, Eagle Sister NEWTON, MADONNA — Who ' s Who, Student Council, National Junior Honor Society. SECME, FHA, JA, Band, Pep Club, Eagle Sister, Science Club OATMAN, SHARON — VOCA, Pep Club, National Junior Society, Eagle Sis- ter, FHA, Science Club, JA OGLESBY. SANDRA — VICA. News- paper Staff, Pep Club, Candidate for Miss Junior and Miss Senior ORTIZ, DAVID — VICA PADGETT, PATRICIA — VICA. Chorus, Who ' s Who PIERCE, ANGELENA — Student Coun- cil, Chorus, VOCA, Drama, Newspaper Staff, Yearbook Staff, Who ' s Who POLEN, SHEILA — Science Club, SECME, Basketball, Softball, Band, Trak, FHA, Pep Club, Eagle Sister, VOCA, Second Attendant Miss VOCA POLK, BRENDA — DECA, Eagle Sister PRICE, CHRIS — Yearbook Staff, Can- didate Mr. Esquire. VICA President RAWLS, ANGELA — Basketball, Art Club, Tennis, Asst. Secretary VOCA, Yearbook Staff REESE, LEVERN — Chorus Foreign Language Club, FHA, Science Club, LA, National Junior Honor Society, Pep Club ROBINSON, DOROTHEA — Flag Girl, AFJROTC, VOT, Foreign Language Club, Pep Club, FBLA RUMPH, ZACHARY — Bus. Mgn. Stu- dent Council, V. President, Student Council, President Student Council, V. President RCASC, V. President National Junior Honor Society, Pari. National Honor Society, Eagle Brothers, Pep Club, Pari. FBLA, Band, Who ' s Who, Co. Capt. Basketball Team, Foreign Language Club, Science Club, Distin- guished American High School Stu- dents, FHA SLADE, RHONDA — VICA, Yearbook Staff, Pep Club SMALLS. JOSEPH — Pep Club. Band. VICA SMITH, MELINDA — VICA, JA, Who ' s Who, National Honor Society STEWART, JILL — DECA, Miss DECA. FBLA, FHA-HERO, Student Council, Miss Josey STEWART, SHARON — Band, Science Club, Student Council, Senior Class Re- presentative, Junior Class Represena- tiwe. SECME, Who ' s Who, REAP, Eagle Sr ter, Debutante, Distinguished Ameri- can High School Students, NAJE TANKSLEY, DELORES — Head Eag- lette, VOCA, Miss Sonic Boom, Treas. National Junior Honor Society, Sec. and Treas. Chorus, Who ' s Who, Distin- guished American High School Stu- dents, National Honor Society, Junior 113 Class Representative, Senior Class Re- presentative, Student Council, Foreign Language Club THOMAS, ANGELA — Sec. National Junior Honor Society, Pep Club, Sci- ence Club, Bus. Manager National Hon- or Society, DECA, Who ' s Who, Distin- guished American High School Stu- dents, SECME THOMAS, ELIZABETH — VOCA, Eagle Sister, Band THOMAS, MAURICE — Eagle Brother, DECA, Varsity Track Team, Varsity Football Team THURMOND, PHYLLIS — Chorus, FHA, Science Club, VOCA Club, Pep Club, Eagle Sisters TORRENCE, KAMALA — Cheerleader, Band, First Att. Miss Homecoming, Miss Sub-Freshman, Miss VOCA, Pep Club, Cadet of the Month, ROTC VAKOC, MIKE — Football Team, Bas- ketball, Baseball, Golf, Student Council, Eagle Brother WALTON, JOHN — Brother, VICA WALTON, RHUNETTE Team, Eagle Sister WHITE, WILLIE ball, Track Chorus, Eagle - VOCA, Track Basketball, Base- WHITTEN, DAVID — VICA WILCHER, BARBARA — Softball, Cho- rus, VICA, VOCA, VOT, ROTC WILLIAMS, JUDY — Cheerleader, Track, Miss Freshman, JA, V, Pres. Sci- ence Club, Band, Majorette, Miss Ju- nior, Pep Club, VICA, FHA, FBLA, Firs Att. Miss Homecoming, Chorus, Drama Club, Eagle Sisters WILLIAMS, VALAERIE — Basketball, Track, Art Club, Pep Club, Asst. Sec, Eagle Sisters, Foreign Language Club, Miss Pep Club, First Att. Jr. High Home- coming, Softball WILLIAMS, WARREN — Newspaper Staff (editor; reporter). Yearbook Staff (copy editor; editor) Jr. Class Pres., Sr. Class V. Pres., National Honor Society, National Jr. Honor Society, Pres., Art Club (pres., V. Pres., Bus. Man)., Stu- dent Council, Basketball scorekeeper, Football Statistician, Who ' s Who, The Society of Distinguished American High School Students, Foreign Language Club, REAP, Math Team, Explorers, Ex- change .Club Student of the Month 114 YOURSMARTEST FINANCIAL MOVE IS TD AUGUSTAS HOMETOWN BANK. . NKJ AF RST RAILROAD S BANKING COMPANY SUBSIDIARY MKMBHK Fine 116 CIMITEIT MIMORIAK Display 1601 Central Ave. Baird Memorials Monument Pink Blue Granite-Marble j All Styles Designs jf 1601 Central Ave, Augusta, Ga. Ph. 736-8037 X GLASS SERVICE CENTER Compliments of Buddy Ivey G.S.C. of Augusta, Inc 1230 Reynolds St, 30901 Twiggs St. Upholstering Stio 20 years experience — Free Estimate 1928 Olive Rd. — Augusta. Ga. 30906 =K=: E. Hatney Ph. 736-0327 Originals Replaced J.W. Auto Tops Trim Complete Auto Interiors — Seat Co i Convertible Tops — Vinyl Tops % Ph. 722-5595 918 Reynolds St. Augusta, Ga. 30901 t BRUNKOW ' S r Band Instruments Repair JlJ 1 Bach — Bangle jg! Olds — Selmer — Getzen — Ludwig — Gemeinhardt Rental — Purchase Plan TIGER CAR PARTS COMPANY J.I. (Jr.) Teasley 2828 Milledgeville Rd. Augusta, Ga. Ph. 738-1651 x 1937 15th St. Augusta, Ga. Ph. 733-5501 BABCOCK • WILCOX INSULATING PRODUCTS DIVISION A McDERMOTT COMPANY AUGUSTA GEORGIA S fnng H pf) I6«n ft Go ' tfo.. M« ' tin» i £,g COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICE cffS WEDDINGS — FUNERALS HOLIDAY GIFTS FRUIT a CANDV BASKETS HANGING BASKETS Dried A Silk Arrangamants HART » SONNT ANDERSON irii watHiNC ' OH 1 798-02731 863-6002 IF NO ANSWER DIAL 7 BtlSI VISIT US IN OUR NEW MARTINEZ LOCATION g T7 THE EASTVIEW LADIES CLUB ECONOMY DRUG, INC. 25 M Milledg lle Rd. Augusta, Ga. ' - " Ph. 733-2281 Motto: " We are to be Kind to each other and honor them by helping " Janie Martin, Secretary I Georgia Jenkins President FOX APPLIANCE PARTS OF AUGUSTA INC. Parts and Supplies for Major Appliances and Air Conditioning P.O. Box 5698 30906 2142 Miliedgeville Rd. Augusta, Ga. 30901 (404) 722-4361 m Compliments of Clint Williams South Augusta Tire New and Retread Tires 118 JENNINGS AUTO MACHINE SHOP, INC. 1223 Reynolds St. Augusta, Ga. 30906 722-6828 .90 = s- 4. TONY Specializing: hair cuts, afro perms, and curls. Sharpening: Clippers, barbers, beauticians, garden tools, and veternarians blades One Day Service Dougherty ' s Beauty Barber Supply 1028 12th Ave. Augusta, Ga. 30901 Phone (404) 724-6836 MR. MUFFLER OF AUGUSTA 2329 Milledgeville Rd. Augusta, Ga. 30904 Phone: 738-8367 owner Ed Miller manager Mike McGahee Auto Parts Hdq. EAST GEORGIA SUPPLY CO, AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 1939-ISth Street Phone: 736-1465 McQUAY PROD. FILKO IGNITION FRAM FILTERS CHAMPION — AC PLUGS DECLO and DOUGLAS BATTERIES AUTOLITE PLUGS MAREMONT EXHAUST BENDIX BRAKES World ' s First - World ' s Finest VALVOLINE MOTOR OIL Open Sunday 8am-5pm Open Weekdays 8am-8pm m 2327 Milledgeville Rd. Augusta, Ga. 30906 l Consumer Oriented Planning Services, Inc. INSURANCE — WILLS — NOTARY — COPIES Leroy Jackson 736-4870 y " 119 REGENCY TIRE CENTER Complete Automotive Service Center The Best in town in hair 1745 Gordon Highway fashions for men women Ph. 738-0281 ERUINS HAIR PLACE Four Wheel Drive Parts and Service Peach Orchard Plaza Larry Chavis Ph. 798-3359 Tom Cooksey AUGUSTA RAILROAD SALVAGE Compliments of COLONIAL PANELING PLYWOOD BAKERY LUMBER 1771 GORDON HWY. i i THAT PARTY SUPPLY PLACE COMPLIMENTS i f OF 1629 Walton Way 1- 736-7372 -- SILVERSTEINS ■■■ ■ - . . " . .. ■ CLEANERS Decorations for All Occasions the store with the pink awning DAIRY QUEEN • Pi Compliments of Frank T. Delley " We Treat You Right " Architectural Engineering Consortium More Burger Than Bun Planning Consultants Thick Shakes 2327 Milledgeville Rd. Delicious Sundaes Augusta, Ga. 30904 Ph. 736-5790 120 Compliments of Dr. Varnell Gaines — Class of ' 70 Mrs. Glenis Gaines — Class of ' 73 Mrs. Gwendolyn McCrary — Class of ' 73 Ms. Lenora Adams r.. it YOUR STORE Steve Gurley GURLEY ' S Super Markets 843 Laney Walker Augusta, Georgia r 121 Thanks to our ' ' Special People " : Ms. T. Miller Jack Anderson Charles Meyer Coach A I Young Miss C. Durst Mrs. M. Chiles Mrs. Gloria Hunter Rick Milton (photographer) Administrative Staff Coach H.R. Daggett All our advertisers and school supporters ? ; « enMr Superlative pictures were taken on locatiorCat the tfWfle of Mr. LD. Waters, on the Water ' s Edge. " nfr r z(ic: ■ ] M from ' The Eagle Crew ff n Calloway ' s HEALTH SPA FITNESS CENTER FOR MEN Facilities Include: universla gym equipment Olympic barbells complete dumbell set nautilus equipment whirlpool private showers dressing area sauna blow dryers vanity vitamins health food supplements largest workcut space in Augusta full line of conditioning equipment posing booth heavy punching bag free parking 790-9146 Family Dentistry d, Ma, Familv Oentislrv Implant Dantislry Preventive Dentistrv Frank M. Durst. Jr. DDS F Marion Durst. Ill DMD 2325 Washington Road Augusta. Georgia 404-736 7146 PHONES: 738-3307 738-3308 SAM JACKSON GARDEN CITY INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. AUTO — HOME — LIFE — BOAT BUSINESS — MOTORCYCLES — MOBILE HOMES " WE WILL SAVE YOU MONEY " sc 2539 DEANS BRIDGE RD. NO FAULT INSURANCE AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 30906 The Citizens and Southern National Bank We ' re here DoYour Bankiiig AtThe BigBlueT IT First National Bank When you buy a Jostens Class Ring you continue a tradition that has made us America ' s Class Ring for over 80 years. There ' s only one way you can buy a Jostens Class Ring. And that ' s to buy it at school from a Jostens representative. JOSTENS. AMERICA ' S CLASS RIN. For Information Contact: Bobby Carrell P.O. Box 690 Monroe, CA 30655 404-267-3043 123 CONGRATULATIONS to a Fine Student Body from the ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Congratulations 12-3 fronn Mrs. G. Hunter Congratulations Warren We are prou d of you! from Your mother, Pamela, and Shawn Congratulations to , 12-7 ■■■ " ; , from Mrs. C. Hall Congratulations to 12-2 and Warren Williams from Mrs, G. Hurt Congratulations to 12-1 " A Great Homeroom " 1 from Mrs. Lynn Brantley Congratulations from Tabb Finance Company " Senior Crew Members " Congratulations Love ya " DWG " Congratulations to Senior Eaglettes Remember " 1 BELIEVE " !! Coach Brantley 124 X .;i STEREO CITY Come to STEREO CITY for all Powers-Baldwin of Augusta your audio and video needs Baldwin Pianos and Organs Tp i 1712 Walton Way 2069 Augusta Mall y y Daniel Village 738-4507 738-8256 1 y Shopping Center J.L. Welty 7 manager — sales advertising P IP PATRONS and BUSINESS PATRONS Burdell Andrews Bates Auto Parts. Inc. Mr. and Mrs James Bates Carolyn Carter Mrs. Donnita C. Chafin Mr Jessie W, Chambers Lewis Drapery Center Mr. M. Linder Lionel Smith Lts. Ms. T. Miller Rev. EL. Moreland Mrs, Amanda O ' Bryant Chat ' N ' Curl Beauty Salon Mrs Madine Cummings Mr Henry Curry Deek ' s Modernistic Barber Shop Dekle ' s Barber Shop Miss Caroline Durst Economy Drug Mrs. Wartina Eubanks Mrs. C. Fahnoe - Tal Fennel. Jr. tm Frank Bowman Photography ' Hair Chef ' s Uni-Sex Shop Mr. and Mrs. David Hall Handyland Robyn Hardy Roger Harley. Sr. Mrs. Gwen Hightower Mrs. Mary B. Hillman Mr. and Mrs William T. Howard. Sr, Ms. Magdalene Kelly Kirkland ' s Miss Shannon Patterson Parts Warehouse Co. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Scott Becky Seals Beth Seals Skinner Auto Supply Co. Southern Finance Mrs, Fannie B, Strickland Mrs. Janice Thompson T ' s N ' Tops Cynthia Walker Mr, and Mrs, G,W, Warthen Whitton and Dicks Radiator Miss Pamela B, Williams Terry L Williams Mrs. Willie Mae Williams Miss Pamela B. White Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Woods Your Majesty ' s Beauty Shop Compliments of a Friend From a Friend 125 1982-83 Eagle Yearbook Staff a dsp2vv J I Since 1928 Top Row, L to R; Michelle Rice, Nancy Bennett 2nd Row, L to R; Christine Muns, Delores Tanks- ley 3rd Row, L to R; Willie Bolaware, Celia Hillman, Warren Willianns, Mrs. Gilyard, Advisor 4th Row, L to R; Dianne Jenkins, Traci Woods, Tonethia Frails Bottom Row, L to R; Thedora Wills, Francine Lane, Andrea Jenifer Christine and Celia busy working!! 126 An Editorial Epilogue This has been a fun and exciting voyage, but also a chal- lenging journey of togetherness. The Eagle 1983 has erupted from an aerie of pride, dedication and hard work. There were times when it seemed as if the staff were tackling an unending, laborious struggle of labor; but as we glimpse back, we conclude that our efforts were well worth the result. We can modestly and deservingly express our true " eagle pride. " We extend our sincerest gratitude to all of those who have made the publication of this volume possible. We are extremely fortunate to have a family, as our eagle crew, to have given that special push of motivation, which kept us together and helped us make deadlines and finally com- plete a work of art. Our advisor, Mrs. Gilyard, has been a wonderful person, filled with vigor, concern, and loyalty. In fact, without her we would have been as eaglets, never learning to fly. There was a time when the eagle was on the verge of extinction, but through federal laws of protection, we glad- ly see our bird becoming more populous every year. Meta- phorically speaking. The Eagle and its future are in the hands of the congress of Josey ' s student body. I therefore solicit your continuous support, pride, and encourage- ment. Remember, your annual is just what you make it! I personally have enjoyed my voyage, and I hope you have likewise. May you forever treasure this " Fantastic Voyage through a Journey of Memories " in 1983. As Always, I am Yours with a sincere eagle pride. I Iir ATrtD " Great Work, Warren! " from the yearbook staff! Warren A. Williams Mrs. Gilyard having fun as always! Creation at hand. 127 Dr. Thomas Walter Josey i . " • ' - f li ' W i 128 z ' " - : . - c ' - - V A- - ' ff u ' ' - I

Suggestions in the T W Josey Comprehensive High School - Eagle Yearbook (Augusta, GA) collection:

T W Josey Comprehensive High School - Eagle Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


T W Josey Comprehensive High School - Eagle Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 105

1983, pg 105

T W Josey Comprehensive High School - Eagle Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 12

1983, pg 12

T W Josey Comprehensive High School - Eagle Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 24

1983, pg 24

T W Josey Comprehensive High School - Eagle Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 14

1983, pg 14

T W Josey Comprehensive High School - Eagle Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 119

1983, pg 119

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