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T W Josey Comprehensive High School - Eagle Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Cover

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wk mmmm -Oi AQy. i3ilo-a aodv niopi timii 13:) ojc r i , u ddhA cAjCLk LvVct N iU34 L LOQnrf-OuLjr g ov c: - - UUTyOji r . % .x ,Wv :s: ■J A :; • OAvcta Ca)t 00- 00 " go: ta CJ)- CD: 001 t-» vO O d -J fti CO ■ CJl O CD w o t-i o -feOD® The Eagle Vol. XVI 1982 T.W. Josey Comprehensive High School Augusta, Ga. The Best Of Times .y .v :.- ' » 1 1 ' TlL r _| v « fo AND V TELL Vo - m NE THEr H f Hft ' WELL Vj|g n| 1 ' rf ' itt kBi pfnrwhi uT r» im rm W9 Mrs. Hankerson is a teacher, mother, friend and confidant to students, as well as other teachers. Rarely does a student find a teacher who is dedicated in his work as not only a vital part of Josey, she is the epitome of the true Josey spirit. We Love You! The 1982 Eagle presents our duo dedication to Mrs. Mildred Hankerson and Mr. Percy L. Quinn. Thank-you for your untiring devotion. Mr. Quinn is always busy, always working, and always helping. His love for his school, students, and co-workers is exemplified in many ways, from opening jammed lockers to decorating a parade float for VICA. Thank-you Mr. Percy L. Quinn. We appreciate you! TBllm ne!m n : ■ r■il. : TABLE OF CONTENTS Queens Administration and Faculty Classes Cj» -A f-viV-VJ- - , ' .-JLi ' ; -XvU i l; t?.,T7 MISS JOSEY AND COURT Crowing by Sheila Lowe Miss )osey Gail Rouse First Attendant Meloney Baggs Second Attendant Carmela Hunt Tammy Howard, Miss Freshman — Shelia Gowdy, Traci Woods, Diane Barber, Miss Senior — Cecilia Mathis, Mischell De ' Loatch, Harriet Cook, Barbara Stroud, Meloney Baggs, Miss Josey — Gail Rouse, Carmella Hunt, Jacqueline Avery, Connie Portwood, Miss Junior — Judy Williams, Pamela Lovett, Jill Stewart, Miss Sophomore — Pam Johnson, Veronica Little, Ellen Barber. Ji- The campaign. Best wishes Gail! ELI ZABETh GAIL 1P0!ISP A. )-% xiMliVi Hamburge Fried Chicl Breakfast W] tet.U t Z ' e ?S 3 1i@i ' MISS HOMECOMING 1981-82 - The Nominees ■ 1 . ... ' ' fe l gV ' 4 J IF " - ■ ' J Janice Chapman Sheryl Elkins Charlene Johnson The final moment arrived, each girl equally deserved the hon- or. Miss Homecoming 1981-82 Alicia Starks Olivia Yarbray 10 homc-coming hom-ke-in n 1: a return home 2: A the return of a group of people especially on a special occasion to a place formerly fre- quented as home B an annual celebration for alumni The Initial Shock!!! Congradulations Miss Starks. Believe it Alicia, it ' s true. Alicia Starks — Miss Homecoming 1981-82 11 Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now. %rf -. i r W " " - ' M M -I t , , JfcSJiki „ %•. » ' i] 1 lS 4fj ' ' - 111 l m m i Ufftt ' H ■ ' " ■ ■ w v)W Ai JIJW ' v li ' " » ■■ ' ' V HOMECOMING EVENT 1981-82 14 BSi fTva| rW , t i if ' lBi S " ' -ftjE sy ' jWwfe IPIPV PARADING DOWN THE STREET 15 ifsa ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY PRINCIPAL " OUR PRINCIPAL ' His kind, considerate ways, Help throughout our )osey days. Though many people may think he ' s tough. He ' s always there when things get rough. His dedication to Josey High, Makes it hard for seniors to say good-bye. Thank you Mr. Barnes From deep within our hearts; You ' ve given us such a wonderful start. Mr. Barnes, a good listener Marion E. Barnes Principal PRINCIPAL ' S STAFF W.A. Evans, F. Simmons, V. Smith, F. Stallings M. Wells, head secretary 1 115 -im f) Hp ' • V H 7 1 r ' IB ■ " " J V B BH ft Hl HHi l L. Davis |. Gracey, V. Stewart C. Lee 19 A Wise Teacher Makes Learning A Joy . . . Prov. 15:2 p. Addison — EAP A. Bailey — Social Studies B. Beard — Counselor E. Beeks — Laneuaee Arts G. Berry — Drivers Ed. L. Brantley — Social Studies R. Beard — Science L. Brigham — Science C. Bullock — EAP C. Carpenter — Social Studies M. Chiles — Librarian A. Christain — EAP 20 FACULTY J. Cummings — CVAE H. Daggett — ISSH E. Davis — Language Arts C. Durst — Language Arts R. Fields — Child Care H. Hampton — Social Studies ■n4 ' ' J ■ A. Harley — Phys. Ed S. Harrison — BAP A. Hartman — Foreign P, Haynes — EAP Language M. Holliday — Math R. Hughes — Social Studies C. Hurt — Math R. lames — Counselor J. Johnson — Social Studies 21 FACULTY A. Jones — EAP ). Koon — Art L. Lockleer — EAP M. Morgan — Home Ec. B. Morgan — Science P. McNealy — Social Studies T. Miller — MH N. O ' Bryant — Dietician J. Perry — Industrial Arts R. Pontoo — Math R. Pride — Hearing Imp. P. Quinn V. Ramos — EAP R. Rhodes — Dist. Ed. (DECA) G. Rice — Industrial Arts C. Robinson — Math J. Roundtree — Science S. Sanders — EMR Scott — Science O. Smalley — ,Mde 22 N. Southerland — Social Studies L. Taylor — Aide f F ' fiJ B.J. Tillman — Language Arts S. Varner — Math B. Walker — EAP B. Washington — Language Arts Thompson — Counselor Ms. Williams — Nurse A. Williams — Phys. Ed. R. Williams — Health A. Young — Phys. Ed. i y ). Cruey — Carpentry . And A Pleasant Teacher Is Best. Prov. 16:21 23 CAFETERIA 1. A. Stokes 2. C. Rowe 3. N. O ' Bryant, Dietician and Manager 4. J. Collier 5. R. Mollis 6. L. McKenzie 7. M. Hammond, Asst. Manager MAINTENANCE 1. M. Neeley 2. A. Irvin 3. H. Allen 4. M. Jones 5. W. Smith, Jr. 6. R. Evans 7. P. Williams 8. R. Martin 9. L. Jones 24 25 26 198 id i SENIORS 1. o 3 X T %- f O MELONEY BAGGS DIANNE BARBER PATRICIA BARNES JERRY BRANDON MELANIE BRINSON BENNY BROOKER DENISE BURNS LEVERNE CARPENTER ELVIN CLARK ROBIN CLARK CHARLES COLEMAN NATALIE COLEMAN KARL DAVIS KATRINA DOOLEY HARRIETT COOK JOHNETTA CUMMINGS SHEILA CURRY THEANTHONY CURRY MARY DAVIS CHARLES DELOACH MISCHELL DELOATCH TINA DUKES CHRISTINE DUNBAR JACK EDWARDS tr SHERYL ELKINS JOAN ETHERIDGE TRACY FAUST JIMMY FIELDS REGINA FIELDS MARK GARNETT JIMMY FLORIDA VERNARD GETER ERIC GROOTHAND PAM GARDNER MICHAEL GIVENS BARBARA GARNETT PENNY GREGG MARIEL HALLEY CEDRIC HAMMOND SHEILA HAMMOND SHARON HAMMONDS RUFUS HANKERSON VERNELL HARGROVE JEROME HARRIS BONNIE HARRISON MARY HEGGS CONNIE HARRISON FLORANN HARVEY TINA HATCHER ELLIOTT HICKS KIMBERLY HOLLAND TRACY HORTON RICHARD G. ISDELL SHARON IVEY CHARLENE JOHNSON RANDY JOHNSON YVETTE JOHNSON BRYAN T. JONES CECILIA JONES CHRIS JONES MARK KEILHOLTZ ANGELA KITCHENS STEPHANIE KNIGHTON JANICE lAMBERT STEVE LAMBERT TONY LORD BLANCHE MATTHEWS i PHYLLIS LAWRENCE STANLEY MACK JAMES MCARTHUR PAMELA LEE DANNY MACKEY MARY LITTLE ANGIE MARTIN NATHANIEL McCANTS JAMES MCCULLOUGH i JAMIE McNAIR SANDRA McRAE SANDRA MEDINA RUFUS MEYERS MONTOYA MICKENS DIANE MILLER TERRY MITCHELL TERRY MONTGOMERY STANLEY MORGAN LENTON OATMAN ANGELA MOODY WILLIAM MOODY VERNON MYERS CINDY PADGETT JERALD PARKS LOR I PASTOR SYLVIA PAYNE ASHLEY PIERCE CONNIE PORTWOOD CARROLL PROCTOR tTglPi HOWELL RAMSEY VALARIE ROGERS JOHN RAY ELIZABETH ROUSE TOMMY ROBERTS MICHAEL SCOTT MARGUERITA SMITH SCARLETT SMITH ALICIADINE STARKS WANDA ROBINSON FLOYD SCRUGGS ALBERT STONE PAMELA STRINGER BARBARA STROUD MICHAEL TANKSLEY LEANN TEASLEY ELAINE VARN CYNTHIA WALKER FRANK WALKER SYLVIA WAY SONYA WHITE SABRINA WISE CINDY WOODBURY TAMARA WOODS RUVENIA WRIGHT Class of ADAMS, VALERIE - CVAE, Eagle Sister, Track Team ALLEN, BETTY — Student Council Treas. 81, Sect. 82, Vice Pres. VOT, Pep Club, Band, FBLA, Eagle Sister, ROTC ASBURY, RENDER ANN — VICA, VOCA, Eagle Sister, Flag Corp. AVERY, JACQUELINE — Band, Pep Club, French Club, Spanish Club, FBLA Sect., FBLA Vice Pres., Debutante Club Set., Stu- dent Council, Eagle Sister, Science Club, Drama Club, Plans to major in Early Child- hood. BAGGS, MELONEY — Jr. Honor Society, Jr. High Cheerleader, LA, DECA, Newspa- per Staff, Student Council, Eagle Sister, Varsity Cheerleader, 1st Attendent to Miss Josey BRANDON, JERRY - Baseball Trainer, AFJROTC BROWN, THEODORE - ROTC, VICA, Pep Club. BROWN, TONEATHER — Jr. High Basket- ball, B-Team Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Softball, VICA Pres., FBLA BURNS, DENISE — Chorus, Yearbook Staff, Student Council, DECA CANUPP, LARRY — VICA, ROTC, Jr. High Basketball, Varsity Basketball CRPENTER, LEVERNE — FHA, VOCA, Ea- gle Sister, Plans to become a Computer Programmer CARTER, BETTY — Band, Pep Club, NAJE, Jr. Achievement, VICA, Eagle Sister CHAPMAN, JANICE — Jr. High Cheer- leader, YAC, VICA, Honor Roll, Pep Club, B-Team Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Ea- gle Sister, Miss Sophomore, Miss Aero- space, Sr. Class Representative CHILDS, TONYA — VICA, Plans to be- come an Executive Sect. CLARK, ELVIN — Baseball, ROTC, Art Club, Eagle Brother, Football, Basketball, JA Plans to join the Navy CLARK, ROBIN — 1st place Social Studies Fair, Chorus, Honor Roll, Drama Club, Per- fect Attendence, Plans to become a Phar- COLEMAN, CHARLES - VICA Reporter, Student Council, Pep Club Vice Pres., Who ' s Who, Honor Roll, Marching Band, Concert Band, Eagle Brother, Spanish Club COLEMAN, NATALIE — National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Drama Club, Who ' s Who, Distinguished American HS Student, Marching Band, Concert Band, Pep Club, Student Council, Governor ' s Honors, Ea- gle Sister, Yearbook Staff COOK, HARRIETT - Marching Band, Concert Band, Who ' s Who, Jr. Honor Soci- ety, Honor Roll, Eagle Sister Sect., National Honor Society Pari., Distinguished Ameri- can HS Student, VICA Sect., SECME, Jr. High Cheerleader, Candidate for Miss Jo- sey, French Club 1 9 1. CUMMINCS, JOHNETTA — Pep Club, Jr. Honor Society, Student Council, SECME, VOT, LA, Newspaper Staff, Eagle Sister, Spanish Cl ub CURRY, SHEILA — Jr. Honor Society, Pep Club, Art Club, Drama Club, Spanish Club, SECME, Debutante, Eaglette, AFJROTC, Newspaper Staff Reporter, Eagle Sister CURRY, THEANTHONY — Student Coun- cil Bus. Mgr., Drama Club, Assoc, of Stu- dent Council ' s Treas., Pep Club, Athletes of America, Cross Country, Who ' s Who, Boy ' s State, Journalist, Eagle Brother, Year- book Staff, Foreign Language Club, Track Team Letterman, Football Letterman DAVIS, MARY - Jr. High Cheerleader, Eaglette, FBLA, VICA, Eagle Sister, Pep Club, CVAE, Math Club DAVIS, PATRICIA — Chorus, ROTC, Track Team, Basketball, Band, Eagle Sister, Plans to attend one of the world ' greatest Art Schools DELOACH, MISCHELL — Jr. High Cheer- leader, Jr. High Track, Flag Corp., Head Eaglette, AROTC, Student Council, Drama Club, Chorus, Vice Pres. Eagle Sister ' s, Best Eaglette Award, Miss Sonic Boom, Miss Upward Bound, DECA DOOLEY, KATRINA — Who ' s Who, Dis- tinguished American HS Student, Jr. Hon- or Society, Student Council, Eagle Sister ' s Pres., Debutante, Science Club, Pep Club, Newspaper Staff, Yearbook Staff, Marching Band, Concert Band DUKES, TINA — VOCA, VICA DUNCAN, CONNIE — VICA, Perfect At- tendance Award. EDWARDS, JACK — VOCA Pres. ELKINS, SHERYL - Cheerleader, JA, Eagle Sister, DECA, Student Council, Jr. Class Treas., Candidate for Miss Homecoming, Pep Club, Honor Roll ETHERIDGE, JOAN — Pep Club, Concert Choir, Dental Explorer Group, Who ' s Who, Science Club, FBLA, VOT Treas., Ea- gle Sister FAUST, TRACY - Eagle Brother, Track Team, Plans to join the Military FIELDS, JAMES — Band, Football, Student Council, Golf Team, DECA, Junior Class Bus. Mgr., Baseball, Weightlifting Club, Ea- gle Brother, Newspaper Staff. FIELDS, REGINA — ROTC, Eagle Sister, LA, Science Club, Yearbook Staff, VICA GARDNER, PAM — FBLA, Pep Club, Miss VOCA, VOCA Bus. Mgr., Plans to attend Augusta College for Data Processing GARNETT, BARBARA — Eagle Sister, VOCA, Chorus, Plans to become a Medical Nurse GREGG, PENNY - Pep Club, VOCA, Plans to attend Augusta Tech GROOTHAND, ERIC — VICA Reporter, Has interests in Automotive Engine Service HALLEY, MARIEL J. - Valedictorian of the Class of 82, Honor Roll, National Honor Society Sect., Executive Body Sophomore Class, Eagle Sister, Yearbook Staff, Spanish Club, Drama Club, Who ' s Who, Distin- guished American HS Student, Cand. for Miss Homecoming, Plans to go to college and major in Law with a minor in Business Administration, " I wish much luck and success to all my fellow classmates. Thanks to all my teachers for helping me through these past twelve years and for making them such a great challenge. You will nev- er know how much all of your hard work and efforts are appreciated. " HAMMONDS, SHARON — Eagle Sister, Majorette, Pep Club, FHA HAMMONDS, SHEILA - Eagle Sister, DECA, Plans to attend Augusta Tech HARVEY, FLORANN - Eagle Sister, VOCA, Chorus, Plans to join the Army HATCHER, TINA - Yearbook Staff, Pep Club, Student Council, Newspaper Staff, Senior Class Sect., Eagle Mascot HEYWARD, LINDA — Jr. Honor Society Treas., Stu L, o— O- — 1 1 Bus. Mgr., Yearbook Staff Co-Editor, Eagle Sister, DECA, Senior Class Representative, Sophomore Class Representative, " Work hard to achieve high standards and strive for the very best! Take it from me, be proud to have the chance to attend the NUMERO UNO high school, because I am proud to have Josey as my Alma Mater! " HICKMAN, GLORITA — Drama Club, Flag Corp., Chorus Pres., Miss Chorus, CVAE, French Club, Softball, FHA, Eagle Sister, Pep Club, Plans to join the Army. HICKS, ELLIOTT IV - DECA, Tennis Team, Science Club, French Club, Student Coun- cil HUNT, CARMELLA — 2nd Attendent To Miss Josey, Jr. Honor Society, National Honor Society Bus Mgr., Student Council Co-Pres., LA, Eagle Sister, Foreign Lan- guage Club, Plans to become a Doctor JASPER, CARMEN - Science Club Pres., National Honor Society Treas., Student Council Treas., Debutante, LA, Eagle Sister, Who ' s Who, Distinguished American HS Student, Band, FHA, Photo Club, Plans to attend Clark College and receive bache- lor ' s and master ' s degrees in Elementary Education JENNINGS, ROBERT — Varsity Football, Track Team, VICA Pres., Student Council Program Chairman, Plans to further his education in Drafting gle Sister, FHA JOHNSON, CHARLENE — VOT Pres., LA Reporter, Eagle Sister, Pep Club, Spanish Club JOHNSON, RANDY - DECA, Tennis Team JOHNSON, YVETTE - VOCA, VICA, LA, Plans to attend college to become a model JONES, CHRIS - Football, Track Team, VOCA, CVAE, Wrestling Team, Tennis Team JONES, ROBERT - VOCA Pres. KEITH, ROBIN — Drum Majorette, Track Team, Basketball, Debutante, Spanish Club, Eagle Sister, Plans to go to college KITCHENS, ANGELA - Student Council, Cheerleader, Co-Editor Yearbook Staff, 2nd Attendant to Miss Homecoming, Newspaper Staff, Spanish Club, VICA, Ea- gle Sister ' s Bus. Mgr., Executive Body Sophomore Class, VOCA, DECA, FBLA. KNIGHTON, STEPHANIE — Newspaper Staff, JA, Pep Club, Science Club, Debu- tante, French Club, J.B. White ' s Literary Competition, Spanish Club, Red Cross Volunteer, Student Council, " Better Late Than Never " LAERT, JANICE - Pep Club, Spanish Club, . Band, Drama Club, CVAE LAMBERT, STEVE - Student Council, Math Club, Who ' s Who, Eagle Brother, Jr. Honor Society, LA, Plans to attend College LAWRf NCE, PHYLLIS - Law Enforcement Explorer, Plans to attend College LEE, PAM — LA, Chorus, Yearbook Staff, VICA LORD, TONY — DECA, Baseball, Science Club, Vice Pres. MACK, STANLEY - Pep Club, Spanish Club, Drama Club, French Club, ROTC, Plans to attend an Air Force College to become a Doctor MACKEY, DANNY — Football, Track Team, Eagle Brother, Girl ' s Basketball Trainer, Girl ' s Softball Trainer MARTIN, ANGIE — FHA, VICA MATHIS, CECILIA — Jr. Honor Society, Pep Club, Softball, Basketball, Track Team, Cross .Country, DECA, Miss Senior, Plans to make it to the top! MATTHEWS, BLANCHE - JA, VICA McCANTS, NATHANIEL — Tennis Team, Jr. Honor Society, JA, Track Team McCULLOUGH, JAMES — Track Team, Football Science Club, Newspaper Staff MEDINA, SANDRA - Flag Corp., Student Council Sect., AFJROTC, Jr. Honor Soci- ety, Spanish Club, Drama Club, Tennis Team, VICA Reporter, Jr. Class Reporter, Yearbook Photographer, VICA Vice Pres., Plans to join the Navy and enter the Medi- cal Field, " To all underclassmen and future Seniors: Learn as much as you can and be the best that you can, because at the end, you ' re on your own. " MICKENS, MONTOYA — Jr. Honor Soci- ety, Jr. High Baseball, Girl ' s Baseball Train- er, Varsity Baseball, Eagle Brother, ROTC, Plans to join the Military MITCHELL, MAURICE — ROTC, Band, Drill Team MONTGOMERY, TERRY — Chorus, Math Club, VICA, Plans to attend college and receive a Bachelor ' s degree in Electronic Technology MOODY, ANGELA - 1st place Social Studies Fair, Drama Club, Plans to attend Augusta Tech in Child Care and be the best in each endeavor MOORE, CONNIE - Hl-Y-Teen, Drama Club, Spanish Club, Debutante, Eagle Siter, Pep Club, FHA, JA, Band, Who ' s Who, Yearbook Staff, Track Team, Varsity Cheer- leader, Plans to attend Spelman College and have a successful education MORGAN, STANLEY - Football, Basket- ball, Baseball Team, Band, Eagle Brother, Jr. Honor Society, UGA Most Outstanding Guitarist, Yearbook Staff, SECME, REAP, " Today is the day of all days. Why? Because there may be no tomorrow. If there is, I wish you peace, love, and soul. " MOSELEY, JAMES - Baseball, Golf Team, DECA, Foreign Language Club, Certificate of Honor, Student Council, Plans to attend college and become a Corporate Lawyer MUNS, CAROL — VICA Parlia nentarian, Pep Club, FHA Vice Pres., Eagle Sister, Tennis Team PAYNE, SYLVIA — VOCA, VICA, Plans to become a Pediatric Nurse PINKNEY, ISIAH - Football, Basketball, Track Team, VOCA, Eagle Brother, Plans to attend Augusta Tech PORTWOOD, CONNIE — National Honor Society, Honor Roll, VICA, Belk ' s Teen Board, Georgia Merit Winner, Plans to be- come a Lab Technician PROCTOR, CARROLL — Co-Pres. Stu- dent Council, Newspaper Asst. Editor, Sci- ence Club Pres., Sophomore lass Pres., Who ' s Who, J.B. White ' s Literary Competi- tion 3rd place winner, Georgia Certificate Of Merit, 3rd Attendent to Mr. Esquire, DECA Vice Pres. ROUSE, ELIZABETH - Jr. High Cheer- leader ' s Captain, Jr. Honor Society Pres., | Miss Jr. High Homecoming, REAP, SECME «- Parliamentarian, Carlton Johnson ' s Ensem- ble, Who ' s Who, Head Majorette, Distin- . . guished American HS Student, Eagle Sister, ' S ' Si Spanish Club, Jr. Class Sect., National Hon- or Society, Drama Club, Student of the Month Nominee, Georgia Certificate of Merit Winner, JA, Yearbook Staff, Miss Jo- sey. Varsity Cheerleader Co-Captain, Plans to become a Chemical Engineer SCRUGGS, FLOYD Team Football, Wrestling SMITH, SCARLETTE - VICA STARKS, ALICIA — National Honor Soci- ety Pres., Science Club Vice Pres., LA Par- liamentarian, Jr. Honor Society, YAC, Debutante, NAJE, Stagehand, Chorus, Georgia Girl ' s State, Newspaper Staff, Miss Homecoming, SECME Bus. Mgr., Eagle Sis- ter ' s Big Sister, Student Council, Jr. Class Asst. Sect., French Club STONE, ALBERT - ROTC, Wrestling Team STRINGER, PAMELA — Pep Club, ROTC, Flag Corp., Eagle Sister TEASLEY, LeANN — DECA, VOCA TUCKER, DIANNA — VOCA, Plans to at- tend a trade school for nursing VARN, ELAINE — Plans to attend Augusta Tech and further her education in the Medical Field WALKER, CYNTHIA - VOCA, Art Club, Plans to attend Augusta Tech WILLIAMS, CHRISTINE — ROTC, Pep Club, ROTC, Basketball, Eagle Sister WISE, SABRINA — Band, Eagle Sister, DECA, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Newspaper Staff WOODBURY, CINDY — Drama Club. Cheerleader, DECA WOODS, TAMARA — Spanish Club, Stu- dent Council, JA, Varsity Cheerleader, DECA Pres., Tennis Team, Jr. Honor Soci- ety, " My goals in life are (1) to attend col- lege, (2) to be successful in my occupation, and (3) to always to happy. " WRIGHT, ROBERT - Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track Team, Soccer Team WRIGHT, RUVENIA — Library Club, Newspaper Staff, Eaglette, VICA YARBRAY, OLIVIA — Pep Club, Drama Club, Spanish Club, Honor Roll, Eagle Sis- ter, Who ' s Who in Music, Student Council, Eaglette, AFJROTC, Varsity Cheerleader, Candidate for Miss Homecoming, VICA, Asst. Head Majorette, 2nd Attendent to Miss Junior, Plans to major in Psychology and minor in Elementar Education. MEARS, CYNTHIA - Softball, Eagle Sister, ROBINSON, WANDA — Science Club, Ea- JUNIOR OFFICERS PRESIDENT — Warren Williams VICE PRESIDENT — Anthony Barber SECRETARY — Janet Love ASST. SECRETARY — Sonya Morris TREASURER — Daisy McDaniel 40 ' 198 JUNIORS Collier, Willie Copeland, Otis Crewford, Henry Daniel, lelf Dansby, K 42 43 Polcn, ShcliJ Price. Chrii Ranis. Angcl. Rccsc. Jacklyn Rccsc, Lcvcrn Reeves, C nthia Roman. Yvette Rumph, Zachary Smalls, Joseph Scoit, Elischa Smith, Melinda Stewart, Jill Siewari, Sharon Tanksley, Delores Thomas, Charles Thomas. Elizabeth Timmcrman Randy Torrcnce, Kamala Tyler, Carl Vakoc, Mike Vcrncau. Kathy Wade, Michael Walton, Rhanetle Walton, |ohn While, Br en da 46 hrr. «_ n • • • • • ! • ' • -j ' j| «i ■ - " 1 - ;:..■?•• y •• ' • ■ ' T White, Thf iron Whiricn, Djvid VViUhcr. Willunn. ludy Williams. Warren VVilbOn, Eari Terry West, Walter Zinncrman, Rcncc ' •■ ' ; »etS[ 48 198 SOPHOMORES Accerbi, Gina Adams, Robin Allen, Connie Anderson, Duane Anderson, Leverett Attaway, Lee Bass, Helen Barber, Ellen Barber, Reginald Berlin, Randy Bennett, Nancy Black, Robin Balware, Willie Burns, Craig Brock, Mike Bronson, Antonio Brooks, Thomasina Brown, Tanya Cohen, Tina Coleman, Brenda Cooper, Steve Crawford, Lisa Crawley, Robert Croft, Rodney Curry, Bennie 50 Cunningham, Connie Davis, Karen Davis, Reginald DeBouse, Terry Demmons, Roderick Evans, Constance Evans, Eric Evans, Rosetta Frails, Steven Frailes, Tonethia Gardener, Wanda Gardenhire, Cindy Gibbons, Karen Gilchrist, Paula Comillion, Bridget: Gowdy, Charles Hargrove, Gerald Harris, Chynthia Harrison, Jackie 51 Harrison, Randy Hawkins, Allison Haynes, Cassandra Haynes, Moses Havnes, Jesse Hill, Norman Holland, Janet Home, Kim Howard, Marvin Huffman, Kim Irvin, Nathaniel Ivey, Edward Jackson, David Jackson, Michele Jackson, Steve Jenifer, Andrea Jenkins, Tyra Jennings, Demetries Jennings, Sandra Jofins, Glen Johnson, Caroletta Johnson, Jerome Johnson, Ivan Johnson, Jimmie Johnson, Pamela H HI I I WSSt il l t M 52 Jones, Danny Jones, Lorenzo Jones, Pattie Jones, Velvet Keever, Janine Keith, Wanda Kinsey, Deane Kirk, Kenneth Kolodzlejczyk, Andy LaFavor, Blanche Langlev, Gail Lawson, Brian Lawson, Melissa Lawton, Eric Leftwich, Mellisa Lemon, Steve Levertt, Kenneth Little, Veronica Love, Albert 53 Main, Suzette Manning, Vicky Manor, Tarean Martin, Angie Martin, Chuck Maryland, Marcus Macreary, Cuindalin McKaine, Anthony McCahee, Troy Mclntire, Marlow Mercer, Suzzane Meyer, Charles Mims, Valerie Moore, April Moore, Terri Muns, Christine Mylrea, Shiela Neely, Yolanda Parker, Jason Paugh, James Perkins, Darryl Pierson, Ricky Pilger, Kay Pryor, Renita 54 . ' p ) ;• i? m ! « ( »: « 1 ? .. h 1 .1 ' ;i 1 Ragsdale, Clark Rdgsdalc, Gloria Raley, Linda Rhqades, Lisa Robertson, Cleveland Robertson, Kieth Rogers, Leroy Rosier, Angie Sawyers, Jonathan Scott, Andrae Scott, Tracy Shackelford, Herbert Shelton, Lisa Smith, Joseph Smith, Tina Snodgrass, Teresa Stringer, Karen Tatman, Alton Taylor, Carol Thomas, Son a Thomas, Chris 55 Thompson, Timmy Thompson, Tonya Todd, Becky Townsend, Maron Trotty, Tony Vaugn, Allen Wiggins, Carlos Williams, Eddie Williams, Nathaniel Williams, Yolanda Willingham, Janice White, Tonia White, Yvonne 56 198a FRESHMAN Acree, Anthonv Acree, Theodore Ali, Jamillah Allen, Victoria Allen, Van Anderson, Michael Andrews, Donnie Badger, Sheila Bagby, Steven Bass, Kieth Beale, Eric Beard, Steven Beasley, George Bennett, Nathaniel Bevill, Ricky Blackman, Victoria Blackwell, Michelle Britt, Calvin Bush, Becky Butler, Sherman Brannan, Traci Brown, Devon Brown, Regina Brown, Stephanie Brown, Terrondus Bruyere, Bernard Byens, Horatio Caldwell, Gerald Campbell, Randy Capers, Davita Carstaphen, Tracy Chambers, Joey Chenault, Sandra Childs, Linda Cofer, Garen Colbert, Antonio Cook, Lee Crawford, Robert Daniels, Andolyn Dansby, Candy Davis, Reginald Davis, Thomas Delorenzo, Dianna Demmons, Antonio Demmons, Danny Dennis, Sabrina Denton, Wanda Dickerson, Lenora Dilley, Frank 58 Drew, Allison Drew, Collin Dufden, Marvey Darhdm, FrdZier Eberhart, Ricky Faust, Theodore Fowler, lessee Fowler, Keilh Freeman, Calvin Gaskin, Teresa Germany, Theresa Gibbons, Shirley Gifford, James Cowdy, Sheila Green, Lanet Croothand, Lisa Gullette, Michael Hall, Stephanie Hammonds, Cindy Hanson, Geno Harris, Danny Harrison, Billy Hawes, Gary Hayes, Jadene Henry, James Heirington, Alvin Hillman, Celia Hogan, Tonya Holliman, Richard Holmes, Antonio Melvin Hooks, Angela Howard, Tammy Huffmain, Wayne Ingram, Ella Jackson, Cartrella Jenkins, Greg James, Barbara Jenkins, Diane Jenkins, Oliver Jenkins, Wanda lessee, Tyrone Johnson, Billie Johnson, Constance Johnson, Daniel Johnson, Karen Jones, Christopher Jones, Jennifer Jones, Lathelia Jones, Sheila 59 Jones, Timothy Kendrick, Gary Lamar, Burke Lattimore, Rodney Lawton, Acquanette Lee, Leland Lewis, Bryan Lewis, Monica Lewis, Patricia Linton, Phonda Lockhart, Bruce Lofton, Wanda Logan, Victor Magby, Kieth Jr. McCary, Gwen McCreary, Sean Mckies, Caria McQuaker, Bruce Menyongai, Sybil Mikel, Shannon Montgomery, Clifford Morse, Herman Moss, David Moss, Valerie Nelson, Karen Norfolk, James Norman, Joe Norman, Robert Ogletree, Rodney Osborn, Nesbitt Owden, Catherine Parker, Leroy Patterson, Shannon Person, Danny Pekins, Terreance Philpot, Helena Philpot, Teresa Pilger, Eugenia Pitis, Tyrone Polen, Hilton Prather, Angle Price, Tresha Priest, Henry Purham, Frasier Ramsey, Darlene Redd, Wayne Reddy, Benjamin Redfield, Gregory Reese, Circee 60 RiT ' sc, )dnl( f Rt ' id, Margaret ' Rhodes, Eloase Rice, Michelle Roherls, Tina Robinson, Sandra Roundtree, lames Rowe, Tim Rowe, Tommy Samuel, Jefferey Sanders, Jeffery Sapp, Pamela Scott, Jackie Scott, Virgil Sharpley, Vvette Sheffield, Debra Simms, Curtis Singleton, Robert Smalley, Clarence Smiley, Tony Smith, Anthony Smith, Dennis Smith, Eva Smith, Monique Smith, Serrano Smith, Tonya Stanley, Paula Steinmeyer, Cindy Stevens, Kendra Stewart, Randv Sturgis, Eleanor Sturgis, Percy Thomas, Robin Thomas, Tonv Thurmond, Carla Thompson, Faye Tinsley, Charles Tucker, Gregory Vicory, Richard Wallace, Mari Lee Walton, Maurice Watkins, Jackie West, Ernest White, Larry Wilcher, Willi Williams, Andrew W illiams, Bridgette V illiams, Gloria W illiams, Sandra 61 Williams, TIa Williams, Wendy Willis, Theodora Wilson, Patricia Winfrey, Sheila Wise, Mildred Wisenbaker, John Wright, Brainard Wright, Dia Wright, Douglas Wright, Gladys Woods, Traci Yarbray, Phoebe Young, Dale Young, Marion Zimmerman, Mark Bailey, Doris 62 Your Good Spirit Is Showing Allen, Sonyd Azar, Tina Brown, Crystal Cantey, Ray Clay, Tammy Dixon, Joe Gibbons, Eddie Halter, Naomie Hawthorne, Donna Jackson, Curtis Jackson, Ramona Loshniowsky, Stanley Lowe, Anna Lyons, Ceraldine Lyons, Janie McDanicIs, Linda O ' Neal, Ranna Raimer, Margo Reif, Tom Selres, Debbie Smalley, James Smith, Allen Stokes, Darren White, Richard William, Dwighl Williams, Adrian 63 Dorthy Brown Kathy Cowan Eric Elkins Karen Gilson Deane Kinsey Melissa Leftwhicl Melissa McAliste Kim Robert Monique Smith ' r |ill Stewart ' Alan Vaugh Retakes — Better Late Than Never! 64 XWJoscu ivdcomesijou to ' i " " a e 66 68 ALWAYS WORKING? 198 ORGANIZATIONS ■| x r. -,:;- ' ■ . ■aBS ii_lffltX3Ci ' 5 , . T. :. -: i-y " - -V.-! • ■■ ' • ' - .r«5.-4; . Student Council OFFICERS: Co-Presidents: Carmella Hunt and Carroll Proctor Vice President: Carmen Jasper Secretary: Betty Allen Treasurer: Theanthony Curry Business Manager: Zachary Rumph Advisors: J. Hampton and R. Pontoo Advisor: R. Beard J U n I o Honor Society n o Advisor: B.J. Washington m ; -( 74 75 Advisors — E. Beeks and C. Durst SECME Advisors — R. Beard, C. Durst, and G. Hurt m 7e m | it ■ ' - , •»« ' - .(I ' lfi ffli ■BftEJHlri ! r 1 k.M HT H k K " tWtfKt vH f Ai | l t dr j F_- B ' wmM ' f vPfii f ' I ' ijf i9fl B V , l l l 1 i « Eagle Sisters Advisor — C. Carpenter Advisor — E. Beeks B r o t h e r s VICA President — Chip Jennings Vice President — Sandra Medina Secretary — Yvette Johnson Treasurer — Teresa Barber Reporter — Angie Rosier Advisor — P. Quinn Vocational Industrial Clubs Of America F . ■ " ■ ' ;i? ' -i -!SS ' V- ' " ■Ifc ' . ' ' TV n DECA President — Tamara Woods Vice President — Carroll Proctor Secretary — Dianne Barber Treasurer — Sherry Elkins Reporter — Ronald Key Parliamentarian — Cleveland Jones Advisor — R. Rhodes Distributive Education Clubs Of America ' ii ' K : Science Club Advisor: J. Scott j; -. : m P. t VOCA Advisor: J. Cummings Mils.. 80 UTURE USINESS EADERS MERICA FBLA Future Business Leaders Of America Advisor: A. Martin Advisor: A. Martin Vocational Officers Training 81 Foreign Language Club Advisor — A. Hartman 82 J u n I o r V a r s I t y h e e r e a d e Advisor — R.A. Vericella Varsity Cheerleaders Advisor — G. Hurt 83 Sonic Boom Of The South . J JC 9J§ 84 I J B a a z n z d ■ 1 1 1- m • .r« ; H ' % Instructed by: Colonel C. Smith ' 4, .V ' ««- -M i " ■ ■« »»f. t rL ' . ■= VIJM i- 44 ' , » n k fi i. A ..ft -«, «-■, » " . " J i- - " " r- ■ !;• ••« • ' 9 " 9 i i » «.- V ' i . 85 T.W. Josey ■ AFJROTC Instructors: Major Greer Chief Toole Cadet Staff g h t c . v; -». ' ' isivjasr- : fS TT ' - ' y r .■ ' 4 -i jfesjcsf. :, _- i; V ' Here Is A Special Place For You To Record Our Records Of The Year. Football: Basketball: Boy ' s Baseball: Girl ' s Softball: Track: Tennis: Golf: Wrestling: 88 198 SPORTS J. 4 NDa i 1st Row (L-R) Robin Adams, Mark Oliphant, Thomas Barnes, Theanthony Curry, Gregory Redf ield, Keith Alexander, Willie Elam, Robert Wright, Chris Jones, Leon Mitchell, Rufus Hankerson, Patrick Hudson 2nd Row (L-R) James Irvin, Sherman Butler, Alan Vaughn, Robert Jennings, James Adams, Alfonzo Wright, Johnny Hunt, James Hankerson, Marlowe Mclntyre, Bernard Bussey, Darrell Perkins, Larry Holmes, Nathaniel Irving 3rd Row (L-R) Willie Hester, Carl Watts, Tony Roberts, Leroy Solomon, Gregory Brown, Ken Leverette, Mark Garnett, Vernard Geter, Kenneth Penny, Jimmy- Johnson, Myron Jenkins, Charles Ccockett 4th Row (L-R) Samuel Davis, James McCullen, Michael Vakoc, Charles Darden, Steve Lambert, Dale Young, William Modjdy, Floyd Scruggs, Jvan Johnson, Ira Span, Robert Mintor vimmM 90 Eagle Coaching Staff O. Motley, C. Carpenter, R. Williams, A. Young, I. Arnold, J. Roundtree, A. James r 91 92 93 BASKETBALL Coach Morgan, W. Mooc Z. Rumph, E. CoBK; B. Bussey, L. Holmes, R. Wright, T. Roland, M. Vakoc 94 £ Varsity — T. Brown, E. Dykes, W. Holt, A. Scott, S. Way, V. Williams, Coach Brantley, J. Chapman, N. Johnson, K. Dansby, C. Mathis, C. Evans, A. Rawls, T. Jenkins, F. Snodgrass. crri: J CA i 95 SOFTBALL Varsity — L. Hayes, S. White, K. Stevens, E. Dykes, A. Lafavor, S. Way, A. Scott, Coach Harley Junior Varsity — R. Evans, A. Taylor, A. Pace, C. Evans, C. Harris, Coach Brantley, D. Sheffield, C. Johnson, C. Hillman 96 BASEBALL Coach Williams, L. Anderson, G. Sawyers, G. Redfield, M. Vakoc, E. Clark, M. Mickens, T. Russaw, M. Garnett, D. Anderson. 97 TENNIS TEAM Top L to R — J. Norman, E. Hicks, N. Coleman, M. Rice, S. Hammonds, P. Hobbs, C. Gowdy, Coach Berry Bottom L to R — S. Ivey, C. Munns, S. Patterson, A. Hooks. Sports in 82 BOYS TRACK TEAM Top L to R — L. Rogers, D. Young, B. Bussey, W. Johnson, T. Curry, S. Lambert, M. Cobb, T. Walker, Bottom L to R — W. Elam, R. Wright, V. Geter, J. Johnson, A. McCain, T. Faust WRESTLING Standing (L to R) B. Lockheard, A. Cooper, W. Jones, M. Givens, W. Johnson, R. Butler. (L to R) B. Singleton, C. Mackey, A. McCain, F. Scruggs. Front J. Hambrlck. Coaches (L to R) A. Stephens and assistant Coach Darell. ■- ' • ' -■ ' ■ ' - T ' : ' ■ if M aifiv ■J ' ' V ' T ' r , ■ ' ■Mi ■ - . .H CONGRADULATIONS i ! 2 p SENIORS! 102 198 FEATURES 1982 VALEDICTORIAN Mariel Julia Halley is our Valedictorian of the 1982 Senior Class. Through the years her achievements have been many, yet her per- sonality has remained unchanged. We, the student body, would like to commend you Julia, for a job well done. 1 1 .4; f - 1 104 The many moods of our " val " . SALUTATORIAN Aliciadine Starks is not only our Homecom- ing Queen this year, she is Salutatorian as well. Her versatility has brought her much success and she has indeed been an asset to our school. " Hats off to you Alicia " , for your scholarly dedication. • » • • W k ( f 105 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Most Likely to Succeed Julia Halley and Mark Garnett Most Gentlemanlike and Most Ladylike Tracy Faust and Alicia Starks Most Businesslike Tamara Woods and Carroll Proctor Most Creative Olivia Yarbray and Mark Garnett Most Popular Gail Rouse and Rufus Hankerson Best Dressed Cecilia Mathis and Isiah Pinkney Most Attractive Angela Kitchens and Robert Jennings Most Talented Alicia Starks and Michael Tanksley r. o Tallest Seniors William Moody and Robin Keith Shortest Seniors Scarlet Smith and Montoya Mickens Most School Spirited Diane Miller and Carroll Proctor Most Responsible Carmella Hunt and Karl Davis MR. ESQUIRE Isiah Pinkney is an eighteen year old senior, a varsity football and basketball player, a member of the track team, VOCA, and the Eagle Broth- V First runner up, Robert Jennings, is an eighteen year old senior, a varsity foot- bail player, a member of the track team, Student Council, and VICA president. A ' W EAGLE ACHIEVERS There ' s always room for one more. Our STAR student and her STAR teacher. Mrs. Irvin ' s only been absent 7 days in 25 years! Our youngest Eagle Achievers. 110 108 ADVERTISEMENTS 11 Edwin " Tee " Thompkins Artist Oesignioa EDWIN (Tee) THOMPKINS Specializing In Fine Arts Commercial Art Paintings Air Brush Illustrator Free Lance Artist Photo Retouching Logos Portraits Silk Screening Mural Mating and Framing Sculpture — Stone and Wood 2634 ROYAL STREET AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 30904 733-9042 863-9864 863-4720 112 AUGUSTA ' S ONLY HOMETOWN BANK STILL TOWERING ABOVE THE REST. NINETEEN LOCATIONS ALL AROUND TOWN MEMBER FDIC FDIC GEORGIA RAILROAD BANK TRUST COMPANY 2634 Royal Street Augusta, Georgia 30904 733-9042 863-9864 863-4720 Compliments Of Dr Varnell Gaines — Class Of 70 Mrs. Glenis Gaines — Class Of 73 j Mrs. Gwendolyn McCrary — Class Of 73 Ms. Lenora Abrams 113 BABCOCK WILCOX INSULATING » PRODUCTS DIVISION AUGUSTA, GEORGIA A McDERMOTT COMPANY HANDY LAND, INC. FOOD STORES 2308 WHEELESS RD., AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 30906 (404) 793-4711 (pet) PET DAIRY PRODUCTS 1805 GORDON HWY AUGUSTA GEORGIA i AUGUSTA RAILROAD SALVAGE PANELING PLYWOOD LUMBER 1771 GORDON HWY PHONE 724-3889 LATIMER BLOUNT, D.D.S., P.C. GENERAL DENTIST 9 TO 5 PM DAILY 1309 LANEY- WALKER BLVD BY APPOINTMENT AUGUSTA, GEORGIA FIRESTONE PEACH ORCHARD FIRESTONE 2536 PEACH ORCHARD RD AUGUSTA, GA 30906 798-6651 RICK KELLER 114 STORE MANAGER REGENCY MALL GORDON HIGHWAY 793-7837 FINISH OFF YOUR THIRST WHILE YOU HOMEWORK. 4 ' hW -M ' t iiM ' i ' ' BRUNK0W ' S " ?3 BAND INSTRUMENTS REPAIR BACH — BENGE OLDS - h =n - SELMER — GETZEN — LUDWIG . 1 GEMEINHARDT _ RENTAL — PURCHASE PLAN 2828 MILLEDGEVILLE ROAD AUGUSTA, GA 738-1651 BILL BRUNKOW BAND INSTRUMENT DEPT 115 Compliments Of SILVERSTEINS CLEANERS , VERA UNISEX BOUTIQUE SALON 2225 MIL-LEDGEVILLE RD- ■ SPECIALIZING IN ' PERMANENT HAIR CUTS -|-if -T-g Scalp hair Treatments Complete Beauty Care walk ins are v elcome VERA Bailey Owner Manager Call For Appointments 7 33-3033 A.C. PROCTOR ' S PAINT BODY SHOP Specializing In Expert Body Work Expert Body And Fender Repairs " Serving The C.S.R.A. For 33 Years " 738-2934 • Insurance Work • Glass Installed • Fast Service Free Estimates 24 Hr. Wrecker 736-3110 3005 Miliedgeviile Rd. MORGAN ' S PLUMBING AND HEATING 1813 Fairview Ave. 736-1626 ECDNDMV itBou DRUG.Inc 2S11 MIUEDGEVILLE RD PH 733-2281 tUGUSTt G« ECONOMY RETAIL DRUGS 2521 Miliedgeviile Rd. Augusta, GA 30904 116 2115 Windsor Spring Rd. • Augusta, Ga. 30906 Old Fashioned Pit Cooked Auto Parts Hdq. EAST GEORGIA SUPPLY CO. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 1939-15th Street Phone: 736-1465 McQUAY PROD. FILKO IGNITION FRAM FILTERS CHAMPION — AC PLUGS DECLO and DOUGLAS BATTERIES AUTOLITE PLUGS MAREMONT EXHAUST BENDIX BRAKES World ' s First — World ' s Finest VALVOLINE MOTOR OIL Open Sunday 8am-5pm Open Weekdays 8am-8pm Lie SONOSMAN 24 HOUR CAR SERVICE 724-7594 BLOUNT FUNERAL HOME •NO ONE IS TOO POOR TO HAVE A DECENT BURIAL " C A REID. JR DIRECTOR MGR. 1 021 ninth street Augusta, ga 30901 The Citizens and Southern National Bank We ' re here LEWIS BUS LINES, INC. CHARTERS TOURS 1257 Gordon Hwy. P.O. Box 1041 Augusta, GA 30903 404 722-0417 WE ' VE BEEN IN HIGH SCHOOL FOR 80 YEARS. When you buy a Jostens Class Ring you continue a tradition that has made us America ' s Class Ring for over 80 years. There ' s only one way you can buy a Jostens Class Ring. And that ' s to buy it at school from a Jostens representative. JOSTENS. AMERICA ' S CLASS RIN. For Information Contact: Bobby Carrell P.O. Box 690 Monroe, GA 30655 404-267-3043 117 POX APPLIANCE PARTS OP AUGUSTA, INC. 0- axt± and cSub.hLi€± fox a liaioz c: Tb-t -Ua.n.c£.± and ::n ' ii Conditioning p. O. BOX 5698 30906 2142 MILLEDGEVILLE ROAD 30901 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA (404) 722-4361 PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Reid Mrs. Bernice Sanders Ms. Susan Varner Mr. and Mrs. S.A. Parrisher Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Burton Frank Gumming, Jr. Thelma and Samuel Jackson Ms. Willie Mae Williams Warren Williams Mr. and Mrs. Willie Williams Ms. Fannie Strickland Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Williams Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Warthen Mrs. Patricia Love Mr. James Bates Rev. and Mrs. Willie J. Jackson Mrs. Bernice Hall Mrs. Amanda O ' Bryant 118 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS from the Adruinistration and Faculty Congratulations and Good Luck to My Favorite Aide — Tina Hatcher Love Carol Fahnoe CONGRATULATIONS! to The Class of ' 82 from Mariel J. Halley Valedictorian CONGRATULATIONS! 1981-1982 Yearbook Staff FROM Charles Meyers Photographer Best wishes on your Graduation! Remember, always put God first! Carmen Denise Jasper from your pastor Rev. Robert W. Turner Jr. David Ortez loves Lisa Rhodes CONGRATULATIONS! to MY Love, TINA from Thomas Timblin CONGRATULATIONS! to Julia Halley 1 Love You!!! Stephen Reems CONGRATULATIONS! to Vernard Geter from Aunt Joanne Warthen Life ' s precious treasures begin with you Congratulations! Elizabeth Gail Rouse with Love LaTroy Carter CONGRATULATIONS! To Wonderful Parents for Having Me Love Nancy Bennett CONGRATULATIONS! to " Judy " Halley Much Love and Good Luck Walter J. Buchanan CONGRATULATIONS ' Carroll Proctor from " a good friend " CONGRATULATIONS! Mary Angela Kitchens Love from the Kitchens Klan: Dad Mom, Ray, Robby, Kristy CONGRATULATIONS! TO Julia Halley Love Mom 119 0 ihosz f b ftp " 1 H S V i PC m Mr 1 % r AUTOGRAPHS 122 SPECIAL vi -CmK Qa X lQ,r iiiDu a o ,. . UJJ - oLA aiii: aaa u oa a OLCt. A r r vl:, 123 EAGLE SUPPORTERS CLASS of 1966 Freddie Adams Mattie Burney Melvin Ford Dr. Joseph Hobbs Barbara Morris Harvey Parris Phoebe Southward CLASS of 1968 Peggy Wright Johnson Gail Lee Tarver CLASS of 1973 Phyllis Johnson Rosa Lowe Debra Young Makerson Constance Rouse Sandra Wimberly Williams CLASS of 1974 Laura Jackson Doris Nichols CLASS of 1969 Lucille Johnson Hargrove CLASS of 1975 Derek Morgan CLASS of 1970 Roberta Frails Bell CLASS of 1971 Eric Hankerson Covenia Rich Herbert C. Rouse, Jr. CLASS of 1972 Carol Frails Ashley CLASS of 1976 Carl Curry Betty Rouse Jenkins CLASS of 1977 Janice Pearson G. Williams CLASS of 1978 Tony Calloway Theresa Overstreet 124 CLASS of 1967 Ernest Bates Armond Jackson Frank Bowman James E. Johnson Katrina McCoy Bowman Lillie Butler Jugurtha O ' neal Brinson Chris Mathews Wallace Bryant James Morris Oscar Brown George Pope Patricia Etheridge Caldwell Doris Adams Parks Dorothy Frails Chavis Ronald Primus Madine Hughes Cumming Gardele Rouse Bernard Dickerson Eugene Ryans Henry Elam Mary Shears Terry Elam Dorothy Singleton Jerry Ellison Ryan Thompson Dianne Wright Gilyard Barry Walker Vincent Graham Hannie Welcher Colis Hankerson Ivey CLASS of 1979 CLASS of 1981 Sandra Johnson Angela J. Coleman Linda LaFavor Cynthia Dykes Pamela Williams CLASS of 1980 Robert Hawkins 0j y j Obedella Heyward xpj .r _2 Myra Hobbs W 125 T26 Editor ' s Message It has been a challenging year to say the least. But with the convictions of the 1981-82 yearbook staff and the )osey family, we have weathered the storms to see them dry-up, blow-away and become sunny days again. We are very grateful to the faculty and staff members who helped to produce this year ' s book. Had it not been for you, we might not have made deadlines, received correct spellings of words or escaped from other classes to work. In addition, we appreciate the support and ideas that came " haphazardly " from our fellow classmates. This message would be incomplete without the recognition of Mrs. Brigham. She has been a very vital part of the " Eagle " staff, and is remembered by those who have worked with her in the past. Thank-you Mrs. Brigham for keeping our annual alive so that we might have it again this year. Again, we hope you will enjoy the 1982 Eagle as much as we have enjoyed contributing to it, and may you always remember, " The Best of Times " . Sincerely, . cicika-hmenf of- The iq 2toql rf i ■ ' %j i vi5 " i iiHiaii , -« If [ Hail to thee dear Alma Mater, Hail to the school we love; Thy praise we shall sing, Until echoes loudly ring. Sons and daughters, as they work. Will be inspired by thee. In victory or downfall " Mighty shall thy name be. May thy glory ne ' re decline. Though the ages wait before. Raise high the banner gleaming, Josey ' s green, white and gold. When we have gone away, Out in the world alone. Still we shall work for Josey, And to thee honor bring. 12( 128 i V ' a - ; : ' o A- ' mm ' ' I % v-a:k X 5 ' ..j s 11 fl K-:) ' s l V o o e -P r fi r " ???

Suggestions in the T W Josey Comprehensive High School - Eagle Yearbook (Augusta, GA) collection:

T W Josey Comprehensive High School - Eagle Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


T W Josey Comprehensive High School - Eagle Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 51

1982, pg 51

T W Josey Comprehensive High School - Eagle Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 55

1982, pg 55

T W Josey Comprehensive High School - Eagle Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 55

1982, pg 55

T W Josey Comprehensive High School - Eagle Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 33

1982, pg 33

T W Josey Comprehensive High School - Eagle Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 62

1982, pg 62

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