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i 1952 ONONDAGAN Published annually by the Onondagan editorial board for the students and alumni of Syracuse University. Beth Furman, editor Hal Pierson, business manager FOREWORD To help in remembering all that was done by you, by your friends, and by your university throughout the college years, we present to you in particular this ’52 ON as your scrap¬ book of memories for you to remember the life on Piety Hill, of classes, and excitement of campus weekends, of building dreams com¬ pleted, the blind rush of activity and—forgetting mo¬ mentarily world turmoil—to remember the collegiate spirit, the thrill of belonging, the honor of leadership, and the conquest of knowledge . . . for you to remember these past few years as one of the most valuable and unforgettable portions of life the gaiety of youth and the serious moments of growing up, of attaining positions of responsibility and maturity . . . for you to remember all that was college . . . the tangibles and intangibles that bring the warmth of a job well done. To preserve these special memories, we edit this ’52 Onondagan. We knew just which years you wanted to remember. 4 ON T E N T S . . . Campus Scenes. 6 Administration and Faculty. 17 Organizations. 37 Honoraries. 95 Athletics.121 Fraternities.181 Sororities.223 Queens.257 Traditions.265 Graduates.293 Advertising.373 5 I IflB ■BP Jf v ' . ■ ■ IT U ZA ■ joSaWPv M sis W ;J%Q K " JBa vLJb Jmfw: y xy J F ' ' 3-. i %.,,, fSgMlpSr ' - I ' VI Wjy r - ' ' Ij j i jByjjSijB pvpVl j W ' -Xjk JEnV nb£V @Sa« S -V IjL u| fil t t t ” r « V C_ T( iSvV ™ N vK, ■ --Ts KsX iL yw ' -jr. |H - 1 - ■ ■ i-Omm- J " fcii V rnit? Air -.. sD mk! J,. ML tMS m - Where the vale of Onondaga meets the eastern sky... ■Xt i 1 1 j ' l »u] i H I II , jir 55 f I is wMA frj? ■ 4 1 | • m on her hilltop high. proudly stands our alma mater. 9 Flag we love, Orange, float for aye. . 10 - : c. •». ■ v — S - - j ; . ■: - to thy memory. May thy sons be leal and loyal 13 FROM TH v OATH OF THE ATHENIAN CITY-STATE WC WILL LV R STRIVE FOR THE IDEALS AND 5 CRED TMINGS OFT H E CITY. BOTH ALONE A N L W I T H MANY; W E I UNCEASINGLY WE WILL REVERE AND OBEY THE CITY ' S LAWS:,] WE WILL TRANSMIT THIS ' CITY NOT ONLY NOT’ LESS. BUT GREATER.] BETTER AND M O R ACT I FUL THAN IT WASl LANS MITT ED TO US THE ADMINISTRATION Fabric design of the Aztec Indian tribunal council. J I IRectory BAS E’M.E ' NT M “ " " o ' om K ' " F MATI » N W A00ILL.10RHI.S. mimeograph dept photostat dept. TABULATING SERVICE-IB.M FIRST FLOOR ADMI-SSIONS office -hafer.john s FOREIGN STUDENTS REGISTRAR ' S OFFICE - KEN NEDY, KEITH J. General -2oz recording room 203 record room •••200 VICE-CHANCELLOR ••• CRAW FORD, FI NLA 0. SECOND ELOOR APPOINTMENT OFFICE CHANCELLOR TOLLEY, WILLI A M PEARSON DEAN OF MEN - PISKOR,FRANK P DEAN OF WOMEN —SMITH , MARJORIE C. EXECUTIVE SECRETARY - SMITH,F. GORDON WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT 105 101 100 103 102 201 205 204 205 302 300 304 307 303 301 S -p c 3 T r X« 19 2 -«srs Dear to n or of » WaSS %evfc etS fen tVv tb ° r ;;: ” as al 8° s 7 w oVe no D tje orw a r ld nd „ , re tv ne of 19 " v V peace w ore „ -,. tVia v p ure ue s ions ago e l e 6 pe ble Co ld r pr el de V eaT L e case. C t p iS e xi -mv r ° • $, to e in d rs por©©‘ sowe tim® .ted « " “frf r© to pe tPre to come • tPi tne er tVia t r X- e ° p ience ?° r int ° pot ■ of 00r eW , » d ° a _ pa rt y ci l the 1 C W e _. ot i V er pC „erl eSS , e s«8« a np for r ° p a«tv, V a t d ppe Lri •ytf. Vfi- • ' - •«« In tVve of r fCVe ' 6 oTs of States S IpedoT s ?0 reiS a fr ee v4 „ an© 1 , _ po may dri er osi oTi poJ- ' " , ppe rci ” +pe e ‘V a s n° u ; -itl cosW° lm e t° . ,UtWen l A w° cos- af-d »1 W ltiz en n ta 5 % - ee° ; 0 r. Pis edtxenc© • At . ppe a n -a " use v e fly ce rne d spi upt to Bl free d ° W ir » 4® e can ri° v « £:» sa ' pW» pe T po? 1 pis lif© inte llig ' enc©» mor ai y° UrS ’ M 1 ol ey :} s 22 Chancellor Tolley reads one of the many reports that require his signature Under the able leadership of William P. Tolley, Syracuse University has emerged as one of the out¬ standing educational institutions of the east. Graduated with the class of 1922, he achieved a distinguished record. Among honors received were elections to Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Alpha, President of Boar’s Head, and Tambourine and Bones. In 1942, twenty years after “Bill” Tolley had left the Syracuse campus, he returned as our Chan¬ cellor. Previously he had instructed at Drew Uni¬ versity and received his doctorate in philosophy at Columbia University. Now, his appearance, also distinguished, is further augmented by the tradi¬ tional blue and orange striped bow tie. Chancellor Tolley has guided our school through the hectic post-war days and is leading it out of the storm toward a future of higher academic standing, a fuller equipped and more beautiful campus. 23 A multiple role in administration is played by Finla G. Crawford. He is Vice-Chancellor of the University, Dean of the College of L iberal Arts in charge of our educational program, and Chairman of political science in Maxwell. Although he is a very busy man, he has found time to obtain four degrees and write several pam¬ phlets on government problems. Dean Crawford will be remembered by all Syracusans because of his friendly counsel and kindly assistance with any so¬ cial or academic problem. FINLA G. CRAWFORD Vice-Chancellor OTHER UNIVERSITY OFFICIALS HJGH C. GREGG Business Manager-Treasurer The man controlling the purse-strings this year and every year is Business Manager Hugh C. Gregg. Three great undertakings are now being guided by him; the women’s dormitory, the women’s gym and the new art center. His functional administrative duties are the over¬ seeing of the University treasury, and managing the University Book Store. With extensive business dealings and recent building endeavors Mr. Gregg has a time-demanding task indeed. He is looking forward to further building and growth of our university. The office of registration is under the direction of Registrar Keith J. Kennedy. This office is responsi¬ ble for giving the students their start in college life. The registrar’s two most important yearly assign¬ ments are planning ahead of time for registration and commencement. Mr. Kennedy’s other difficult but important job is being in charge of all publica¬ tions put out by the university. This is another of the many busy offices which is continually working to help faculty and students. Kenneth Bartlett, Dean of the Office of Public Relations, was appointed to this post at the 1951 commencement. At that time this position was put on an executive level. The office, under the direc¬ tion of Dean Bartlett, has three main duties. It is responsible for contacts with all mass media, in¬ cluding newspapers, magazines, radio, and tele¬ vision, and for all public functions ranging from commencements to special conferences. It is up to this office to make all personnel public relations conscious. KENNETH BARTLETT, Public Relations Director DEAN OF MEN The Dean of Men’s Office has the major problem of formulating and guiding all policies concerning Syracuse University and the male student. Mr. Clifford Craven, assistant Dean of Men, acts as Dean Piskor’s general assistant. He is the major vocational advisor on the Dean’s staff and is con¬ cerned mainly with students who need counseling. Mr. Joseph Gould is in charge of managing our resident advisors program in men’s living centers, and of determining procedure in the counseling and orientation of male students. FRANK P. PISKOR, Dean of Men The Dean of Men’s office, under Frank Piskor’s leader¬ ship, is responsible for all male students of the univer¬ sity. The student’s status or the college he is enrolled in, makes him no exception from this direction. It is Dean Piskor’s problem along with all the deans and directors of the various colleges, to tend to the academic affairs of the students. The Academic Board, which handles all cases of probation, suspension, and dismissal, is one of the many groups to which Dean Piskor belongs. Dean of Men ' s Office Staff T DEAN OF WOMEN Marjorie C. Smith, Dean of Women, is con¬ stantly busy doing one of the most difficult jobs on campus. Dean Smith comes from Troy, New York. She is a graduate of New York State Teachers Col¬ lege in Albany where she received her B.A., and Columbia University where she received her M.A. She has been with Syracuse University for seven¬ teen years, three of which she has served as Dean of Women. Miss Smith likes being with young peo¬ ple of college age and gets a great deal of satisfac¬ tion and pleasure from her work. MARJORIE C. SMITH, Dean of Women Miss Ruth Haddock, the assistant dean of women, works with students on personal problems. Miss Dorothy Osborn is the vocational-educational counselor. Miss Elizabeth Broad directs the social education and social activities of both men and women. Miss Kathryn W. Copeland, director of residence organization, advises on all housing problems. Miss Mary Andrew is in charge of the physical running of the dormitories. Miss Damaris Wilson is the director of the Student Union. 1 Dean of Women’s Office Staff STUDENT DEANS The job of counseling and chaperoning coed houses is carried on by forty-one Student Deans. These women, employed by the university for a two-year period, also carry ten hours of graduate work toward a masters degree in student personnel administration. Their training program is super¬ vised by Dean Smith and directed by Dean Hilton. Men’s dormitories are managed by Resident Ad¬ visors who receive board and room for their ser¬ vices. As staff members they are supervised by the Dean of Men and are under the direction of Mr. J. Gould. To be eligible for this position the “RA” must have a good background in psychology, education, or personnel experience. RESIDENT ADVISORS : € ■ a . pf ■ ■ aW ■ l KT ' ;v jm mi«ni i m iunm w ■ »¥ ■ ■■ ■ ■■■■ ■ ■! Iiiiiiuru iiiiiiiiiiiiii Headquarters for all alumni activities Two of the office workers who help keep the alumni organiza tion running smoothly. SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY ALUMNI HOUSE The Syracuse University Alumni Association, organized in 1872, is celebrating its eightieth anniversary this year. On campus, Execu¬ tive Director J. Winifred Hughes encourages promotion of a closer relationship between the administ ration, trustees, students, faculty and alumni of the University. The big weekends find her especially busy arranging reunions for the visiting alums. The contributions from generous Syracusans which make up the Alumni Fund are con¬ stantly being used to expand facilities, courses, and the faculty. The official publication of the Alumni Association, The Alumni News, is most popular with young and old as it keeps them in contact with their University. Presentation of the Arents Medal award is made by Chancellor William P. Tolley to Syracuse alumni for outstanding service in their individual field. Receiving the 1951 awards are Dr. Gordon Hoople, Miss Helene Hartley and Mr. T. Frank Dolan. EaMTrV in s z RALPH A. GALBRAITH, Dean; Applied Science L. C. DILLENBACK, Dean; Fine Arts WESLEY C. CLARK, Dean; Journalism PAUL S. ANDREWS Dean Law A. TERHUNE, English H. KAYE, Psychology A. WELD, Television Pet Profs F. O ' BRIEN, Journalism M. LEWIS, Household Technology J. OLSON, Religion F. HAKANSON, Music THE ORGANIZATIONS Fabric design conveying the conquest of the Aztec and Mexican Empires by Cortez in 1519. Wfi " " WOMEN’S STUDENT GOVERNMENT Women’s Student Government aims to develop a representative student organization, and to provide training for responsible citizen¬ ship. Legislators in the Council and House Presidents’ Assembly act upon problems arising from student needs. Jane Schutter, President WSG Jeannette Watson, Vice-president WSG Stella Mendelowski, President HPA Malchia Sanford, Chief Personnel Director WSG ' Barbara Jenkins, Public Relations Director WSG Suzanne Marsh, Executive Secretary WSG Front row: (left to right) J. Brydon, D. Davis, C. Church, J. Watson, J. Schutter, Z. Marshall, S. Bingham, I. Roth, E. Brydon. Second row: M. Evans, J. Dingle, R. Shagin, M. Ong, C. Noble, P. Baner, J. Clark, A. Breen, P. Goldstein, L. Clark, B. Clark, L. Bramley, J. Kaplan. Third row: A. Lineau, B. Pierson, V. Clark, J. Gale, D. Winer, M. Malone, J. Faigle, C. Faigle, M. Moskowitz, L. Minsker, N. Rankin, I. Guercio, B. Zimmer. Those absent: M. Dalton, M. Duddleston, R. Genner, J. Glazer, J. Hamilton, K. Hubbard, J. Hudson, T. Klugman, J. Latowsky, F. Levant, G. Lucarelli, S. Mendelowski, A. Morgan, J. Sears, L. Tucker, B. Williams, J. Zieman, H. Weinberger, V. Rich, S. Glickstein, B. Furman, E. Wolfe. r Hf ■ MyPI " " A ™ Ha j a f First row: (left to right) C. Friedman, K. Collins, K. Cohen, J. Baum (Chief Justice), D. Steele, C. Myer. WSG COURT WSG Court is composed of juniors and seniors who serve a two year term. Cases arising out of Regulations Board, and University rules are decided upon by the mem¬ bers. Judges are chosen on a basis of high schol arship, outstanding character, and recommendation of WSG Senior Officers. JOINT COURT The Joint Student Court is a branch of student government in which WSG and MSG work in conjunction. Composed of members of the men’s and women’s courts, this body is set to handle cases involving both men and women, and cases in which a mixed group of students is involved. First row: (left to right) L. Port, P. Greenlaw, C. Friedman, M. Osofsky, K. Collins, W. Aloisi, S. Hollenbeck. Second row: C. Myer, R. Shulman, J. Baum (Chief Justice), D. Rosen, D. Steele. SENIOR GUIDES r.l ■Sk tw’i Mb. c® L 11 Is V " ' i A Front row: (left to right) A. Behrens, D. Kluner, B. Kelley, R. A. Genner, N. Rankin, Chairman, C. Myers, R. Step- ner, F. Schrenzel. Second row: M. Schneider, B. Zimmer, M. Schaarschmidt, P. Taylor, M. Goetzman, T. Klugman, E. Barnett, G. Hawe, M. Duddles- ton, J. Williams, J. MacAlpine, E. Matthews. JUNIOR GUIDES Front row: (left to right) P. Cunningham, B. Lind, J. Kap¬ lan, J. Allen, B. Bentley, M. Friedberg. Second row: N. Ferdun, D. Zogby, J. Collins, A. Lenau, Miss Haddock, J. Van Saun, B. Samkoff, C. Friedman, J. Fortgang. Third row: E. Messer, M. Nevins, J. Glazer, D. Smith, F. Gailey, M. Clare, H. Kranz, B. Clark, M. Brody, E. Feinberg, R. Shagin, L. Davis, M. Daniel, J. Wilson, K. Collins. Fourth row: L. Minsker, B. Pierson, A. Zeh- ner, M. Moskowitz, J. Swift, A. Miller, C. Spadero, G. Polek, N. Schuck, G. Clark. CITY GUIDES Front row: (left to right) Coons, J. Jibson, J. Gale, A. Streeter, Miss Wilson. Second row: R. King, L. Kraynoff, A. Bennett, M. L. Pratt, P. Baner, G. Rich, L. Ready, B. Evleth. Third row: S. Phillips, A. Set- right, N. Conden, S. Goldberg, E. Lipsy, P. Erickson, D. Dun- brach, U. Owens. Front row: (left to right) R. Seiner, B. Chun, C. Church, O’Keefe. Second row: L. Permutter, J. Lewis, C. Ester- brook, S. Mendelowski, F. Le¬ vant, J. Collins, C. Satow, J. Gots. Third row: M. Knochen- haue?, A. Richards, T. Morris, A. Speed, B. Hidleman, B. Henman, A. Hunt, J. Bodziak, M. Quinn, V. Gochee, S. An derson, J. Sayre, J. Ross, I. Chodikoff. Fourth row: A. Cunningham, B. Hooper, A. Moore, A. Burman, R. Sokol, B. Anderson, J. Pavlick, J. Hartig, J. C. Lynch, S. Hesse!, M. Rothenberg, A. Cohen, H. Eskildsen, H. Evans, B. Stein¬ berg. HOUSE PRESIDENTS’ ASSEMBLY HPA is an organization of house presidents whose purposes are to serve as a legis¬ lative branch of WSG and to discuss and take action of living center projects, plans and problems. As the most representative part of government, this body acts as a sounding board for coeds so that their suggestions may be reviewed. City students were repre¬ sented this year for the first time. I NATIONAL STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION NSA is a national organization representing student movement throughout the country. The purpose of the local committee is to serve as an information center, critic and advisor for the national association, and participant in regional projects. The committee is instru¬ mental in furthering progress on the Honor System, and has taken the leadership in intercollegiate projects. Syracuse will figure in the Canadian-American Weekend exchange this spring. NSA is represented on the national, regional and local level. 1 Front row: (left to right) M. Michelbacher, S. Sacks, J. Glazer, F. Levant, S. Goekjian, J. Shutter, B. Wapner. Second row: F. Levy, L .Apman L. Minsker, D. Cooper, J. Finesinger, J. Schuman, V. Clark. Those absent: J. Kaplan, P. Landar, J. Budovic, E. Gertner. MEN’S STUDENT GOVT. This group, composed of fraternity, living-center, and off- campus representatives, took action on library facilities, stu¬ dent control of activities finances, Dining Hall regulation, intercollegiate athletics, discrimination in private housing for students, and Intramural gym fees. Sam Goekjian, President MSG David Rosen, Chief Justice, MSG Court Stuart Chatwin, Chief of Civil Service Front row: (left to right) P. Greenlaw, R. Schulman, D. Rosen (Chief Justice), S. Hollenbeck, R. VerNooy, Judicial Commissioner. Second row: J. Pajak, L. Port, R. Johaans, M. Osofsky, B. Aldisi. MSG COURT The court, nine justices chosen by the Syracuse University Trust Board, represents the judicial authority of MSG. Though the youngest branch of student government, it is one more indication of the coming-of-age of student authority in areas of student life. CIVIL SERVICE Civil Service functions as the administrative organ of the Men’s Student Government. The past year has been an im¬ portant one for MSG and Civil Service in that much progress was made with the aim of broadening the responsibilities of student government. I Front row: (left to right) C. Servy, R. Karch, G. Kaplan, E. Schwarz, S. Chatwin, A. Sollar, M. Klein. Second row: M. Balsky, L. Gould, R. Roberts, J. Zinoman, L. Epstein, S. Rakoff. JUNIOR CLASS One of the better known characteristics of the class of ’53 has been its efforts to interest more of its members in class affairs. Since the Frosh year, the Executive Coun¬ cils have encouraged individual members to participate in class advisory bodies to help in formulating class policies. In the Freshman year, this body was known as the Frosh Gripe committee, last year it was called the Sophomore Senate, and this year, it was the Junior Assembly. Some of its major contributions this year are the following: the institution of the helium-filled orange balloons. These balloons were introduced at the Colgate game and promise to be a permanent part of the campus. The proceeds from this sale were added to the class treas¬ ury. Acting as a committee-of-the-whole, the body had as one of its projects the defining of the role of class government in relationship to the University. This was an especially significant year for the women of the class as the foundations were laid for the Junior Women’s honorary. The highlight of the year was the Junior Prom which was the Sno-Ball, held during Winter Carnival with the music of Buddy Morrow. The class is now investigating effective machinery for alumni activities. Also on the agenda is the gathering of ideas for the gift of the class of ’53. First row: (left to right) J. Easton, M. Nevins, G. Lucarelli, H. Weinberger, F. Esposito. Second row: F. Della Posta, president, P. Landau, D. Hornung, vice-president. Those absent: G. Michel, R. Cortell, S. Lerner, J. Raycroft. gfffp gif k. M if 7 , T tj i aSm 4. § f ■ ' y mm £ dir i L , ZfSLs J • ' UK (• 1 u » ?» « » , » Front row: (left to right) G. L. Rose, C. Faigle, J. Beach, L. Spitz, R. Garver, B. Schnipper. Second row: T. Hali, M. A. Dalton, B. Ftoll, J. Perry, S. Leff; Those absent: R. Guenter. SOPHOMORE CLASS The past year saw an increase in class government activity on campus with the ’54 Exec. Council doing its best to further this trend. Red-inked financial reports from former Soph Hop ventures prompted the experi¬ mental Pigskin Ball” on Colgate night. Continuous mu¬ sic from two bands and informal attire replaced the customary name band” formal. In spite of this the new gym wa s crowded with dancers, a good time was had by everyone and the Soph class treasury suffered no loss. Bouquets to co-chairmen Talbott and Levine. Soph senate was set up early in the Fall with the coun¬ cil’s pipe dream of selling mum corsages at the Illinois game its first project. This netted $100, and was tried again for Colgate. Another $100. Miss Broad was pleas¬ antly surprised over our avoiding the traditional debt. Challenge to Frosh council for a snowball fight was vetoed by authorities. (No snow anyway.) Three card 1 tables missing from the corsage sale. Press time finds several irons in the campus fire: plans under way on a Soph Convo for choosing a major, preliminary negotia¬ tions completed with the Drama Dept, for class sponsor- ship of their forthcoming play, Soph Senate planning a stag-or-drag affair in the gym. An active and profitable season. Left to right: L. Wollin, A. Kinney, J. McMillan, L. Bramley, L. Eisen, D. Roman, M. Dretel, K. Abrams, D. Burman. Those absent: A. Berwick, A. Higbee, K. Brown. FRESHMAN CLASS The class of ’55 arrived on the Syracuse campus in the Fall of 1951 with an unusual amount of spirit which has greatly distinguished them on the campus. This enthu¬ siasm among the students of the class should assure a successf ul future during their years at Syracuse. Elec¬ tions for the officers of the class of ’55 were held in October of 1951. Don Roman, a forestry freshman from Niagara Falls, N. Y. was elected President. Lorna Lee Bramley from Delhi, N. Y. won the Vice Presidential position. Marj Drettel from Morristown, N. Y. was elected Secretary. The Treasurer’s position was filled by John MacMillan from Helena, Mont. An Executive Council of 12 mem¬ bers was immediately formed to decide class policies. Chosen to membership on the council along with the officers were Lee Wollin, Dottie Burman, Ann Berwick, Ann Higbee, Art Kinney, Ken Brown, Len Eisen and Ken Abrams. The Executive Council is responsible for the different class activities throughout the year. Frosh Weekend, the council’s most extensive project, was a great success and provided a weekend of fun for the class of ’55. Above all, the council instituted the new Frosh senate which has given representation to all the Fresh¬ men in their Student Class Government. 50 u TRADITIONS Each year the orientation program for frosh is planned by the Traditions Commission and carried by the Goon Squad, sophomore apprentices. Included this Fall were the Big-Chum program, Newcomer Mixer, Play Day at the Ski Lodge, and Activity Signup day. To add color to the football season, Traditions also sponsored pep fests before each game, and organized placard cheering which is unique in the East. This year Traditions added some new projects to its program. A brochure on the tradi¬ tions at Syracuse was written which will be used in the Commission’s training program of new members and other organizations. First row: (left to right) T. Klugman, M. Moore, N. Doane, R. LeVoie, J. Hamilton, vice president; J. Kramer, president, W. Agee, E. Cohen, D. Bair, M. Sanford. Second row: M. Evans, B. Suchey, J. Swift, J. Ontko, F. Bull, M. Brody, D. Wallwak, B. Goldberg, W. Angelos, J. Carr, J. Stephany. Third row: S. Eaken, W. Andrew, M. Friedberg, F. Della Posta, D. Zogby, N. Todd, B. Etol, A. Anderson, W. Dawe, L. David. I i 51 CHAPLAINS One of the campus’ favorite people, Dean Charles C. Noble, has long been the confidant of the students as well as leader of the Protestant activities on the Hill. Un¬ der him, the students work to unite the faith groups in fellowship. Father Gannon F. Ryan, the Catholic chaplain, has offices in the St. Thomas More House and from there conducts the weekly and monthly courses in religious studies that have made him a personal friend to so many Syracuse students. Indispensable member of the University staff, Rabbi William B. Schwartz is widely known for his interest in students and for the leadership training program he has led to prepare young men and women for active participation in Jewish affairs after graduation. PROTESTANT ACTIVITIES Front row: (left to right) D. Baer, F. Gailey, V. Lee, B. Laubach, R. Beacham, M. Wolcott, J. Porter, H. Kellogg, P. Biondo. Second row Rev. Welsh, V. Nicholls, J. Marsh, J. Sears, R. Godin, Rev. J. Smith. The Casowasco All-Chapel Conference before school opened was the best of them all. Faith group planning meetings, board committee interviews, worship services complimented by sunshine, swimming, and Frank War¬ ner ■ singing up a storm” climaxed the five wonderful days. The Frosh Chapel Night Convo overwhelmed the co-chairmen by its huge turn-out to become acquainted with Chapel’s student board with its 16 committees, Jew¬ ish Fellowship, and Protestant Council representation. Chapel Board had a bang-up first semester with weekly meetings well attended. There was our shoeshine booth at the Campus Chest Carnival, Christmas week with the Pageant, caroling, selling dance tickets, and, most im¬ portant, the daily worship services. All remember the Christmas party and Dean Noble reading Benchley’s " an Old-Fashioned Christmas.” Second semester brought with it new memories and maturing experiences in cooperation and leadership. The Chapel Fellowship Banquet proved successful with Charles A. Taft as our speaker. No one will forget the impressive installation ceremonies in the Spring, nor the fun in greeting old faces at the Spring Weekend Open House held in the Chapel Lounge. Chapel Board is continually striving to serve the cam¬ pus in whatever way and whatever place it can. But the entire scope of its activity would be impossible without the help of campus leaders and individual students. 53 ' tftosjfa CHAPEL CHOIR 54 Front row: (left to right) R. Wright, R. Nelson, B. Weibezahl, H. Hull, J. Faigle, Dean Noble, Miss S. Stevens, B. Kliber D Steele J Olofson R. Fellows, R. Ver Nooy. Second row: E. Davis, P. Hallen, N. Rankin, D. Laine, B. Rothenberg, B. Weisberger, D. Maxeiner R Beacham’ P. Miller, D. Essom, M. Moscowitz, R. Johnson. Third row: J. Rascovar, E. Gertner, D. Orr, J. Snead, P. Lyon K. Brown D. Freitae D. Ben Asher, D. Winer, J. Davis, W. Stegman. Front row: (left to right) J. Ruso, B. Schoonmaker, G. Hoadley, F. Smigel, J. Heyes, H. Hull, E. Hecht, G. Obrist, C. Pierson, J. Williams, J. Kreisberg, B. Schnipper, ' ' Andy” (the mascot). Second row: E. Gros, B. Gibbs, R. Kemp, D. Lavendar, A. Miller, D. Hopkins, A. Bell, R. Rothman, M. Miller, R. Squires, J. Ontko. Those absent: V. Gray, A. Zehner, C. Ober, T. Scott, D. Sherwood, M. Evans, S. Abbott, E. Simmons, L. Israel. 55 CATHOLIC ACTIVITIES The executive committee of St. Thomas More Foundation is composed of the lead¬ ers of the Holy Name Society, and the Blessed Virgin Mary Sodality. The con¬ fraternities sponsor a variety of commit¬ tees engaged in spiritual work such as Al¬ tar Care, Mass Serving, and Ushers, and social work in clinics, hospitals, and the Catholic Youth Organization. The social activities, center around numerous open houses and parties. Highlight of the pro¬ gram is the annual formal dinner dance held in February. Front row: (left to right) Margaret Yaklich, Robert Majewski, Jane Jibson, Father Gannon Ryan, Margaret O’Conner, Betty Curtin. Second row: William Cahill, Mary Ann Dalton, George Kepner, Beverly Murray, Henry Demers. Third row: Patricia Saxton, Nicholas Caivano, Patricia Fay, William Markley, Mary Flavin, Robert Curran, Katherine Wiecxorek. Front row: (left to right) C. Uhry, C. Klein, Rabbi Wm. Schwartz, D. Ben-Asher, D. Fleishman. Second row: S. Leff, G. Pearlman. B. Bregman, M. Shimenovitz, A. Kandell, L. Symansky. Those absent: P. Rosenberg, J. Bohrer, D. Karansky, M. Levine, L. Greenberg. JEWISH ACTIVITIES Through the efforts of Rabbi Schwartz and David Ben- Asher, president of the Fellowship, the Jewish students have carried out a program featuring religious services, cultural programs and social events. These activities, aimed at supply¬ ing a religious life for the students, help them to understand their heritage through discussion groups and lectures and meet with one another in friendly atmosphere. In addition to regu¬ lar weekly services and holiday festivities, the Fellowship holds supper dances every two weeks, and a mixed choir for its services. if f - l 1 £ M JP t Wot p Bgkgj t K ' „ XSSBt -1 j Jem TffAj .Us?) j «V • ; j ' 1 J® ' m 4 i • ' ] fin First row: (left to right) D. Hornung, B. Schnipper, A. Keegan, B. Wooster, R. Cortell, A. Kallman, N. Jewett, J. Fortgang. Second row: M. Phillips, J. Edberg, L. Spitz, E. Fink, H. Shankin, C. Martin, R. Sender, R. Bechtos, B. Morris. Third row: J. Beach, T. MaClelland, B. Bregman, E. Altman, P. Eckel, A. Scheckner, J. Beckman, G. Harvey. TRI-ORANGE I The Tri-Orange party was organized late in December of 1950 through the combined efforts of students pre¬ viously active in politics. It is the goal of this political party to direct its efforts toward the co-ordination of Greek-letter organizations and independent men and women primarily to promote student government on the Syracuse University campus and to support all drives, funds and activities of a hu¬ manitarian nature of direct or indirect benefit to the student body. The Tri-Orange Constitution was ratified on December 14, 1950, to bind the energies of its constituents, and to direct them towards the achievement of these goals. Meeting twice a month to discuss their ideas on campus politics, the members of Tri-O have worked diligently throughout the year in the interests of the University as a whole and each student individually. A carefully selected slate of class officers was backed by the entire party and a vigorous campaign in the spring showed a unified and interested membership in the con¬ stantly expanding group. Throughout the year Tri- Orange worked hard and made great strides towards attaining its goals. 58 i T Front row: (left to right) B. Murray, M. Nevins, L. Tschirhart, D. Leone, S. Hogan, J. Pincus, J. Holsworth, P. Landau. Second row: M. Dretel, S. Pearce, S. Jacobs, N. Jones, D. Daniels, R. Dailey, E. Bartley, B. Foust, B. Carmer, D. Silvernail. Third row: L. Bramley, K. Jackman, C. Malagise, T. Fox, J. MacMillan, R. Schyster, J. Rosenthal, J. Closheim, D. Roman, J. Rossman. USP had it that " old USP” was through. We broke even in those class elections, and in the Fall Frosh elections pro¬ ceeded to solidify our position by sweeping all four offices. Our aim right now is to establish USP once and for all as a full-fledged campus organization representing both Greeks and Independents, and to encourage 100% student participation in campus issues and elections. We’re closer to this goal than any other recent campus party, and in a few years, we’re a cinch to make it! A popular campus assumption is that after a year or two, political parties on campus fade away and are re¬ placed by new ones. No such thing with USP. Now entering its fourth year, United Students’ Party threatens to become a permanent campus organization, constantly striving for the betterment of the university community. During its history, USP has seen rival parties come and go. In the Spring elections of a year ago, a red-hot, new party backed a complete slate of candidates, and talk w fg§« f jMk k V I Front row: (left to right) C. Myer, M. Evans, D. Wilson, M. Malone, J. Collins, S. Nichols. Second row: J. Gardner, M. Vivian, M. Masch. Those absent: J. Carr, N. Condon. STUDENT UNION The Student Union is spending its fourth year at 402 University Place. There are activities galore •—the Jazz Club, bridge instructions, the Chess Club, dance classes, Friday night mixers, the Classical Hour, table tennis, and scores of others. Miss Damaris Wilson directs the Union with the help of .the executive council, which is headed by Maurene Malone. The council is made up of four elected officers and five committee chairmen. An assembly composed of all the committee workers makes this the only campus with a Student Union with a two-house legislature. Among future plans are showings of movies weekly. The annual blood- donor drive was held there last year. 60 fa ft Front row: (left to right) A. Goldstein, D. Hornig, D. Hodges, H. Edelstein, G. Rich, B. Clark, J. Pincus. Second row: L. Swartz, L. Seivright, J. Djuvik, G. Poehler, E. Appel, B. Krisher, E. McPartland, B. Rause. RED CROSS SYRACUSE-IN-CHINA Blood drives totaling 400 pints from campus stu¬ dents highlighted the work of the Red Cross board this year. Driving station wagons for headquarters, first aid, child care, Chistmas caroling, and enter¬ tainment shows kept us busy. Syracuse-in-China, now Syracuse-in-Thailand, has been an active organization since 1919. The chief goal is to further relations between this country and the Far East. Among other things, we send a representative to the Far East to teach for two years. Front row: (left to right) P. Bowman, W. Kliber, E. Davis, R. Hoople, R. Jeffries, S. Abbot, L. Lutz. Second row: L. Groet, I. Kirby, N. Ferdon, T. Win, R. Genteman, H. Hillen, L. Richardson, M. Helseth. Those absent: E. Simons, J. Woodward, G. Tye, F. Trantum, R. Thorkildsen, B. Starner, K. Schultz, R. Schmidt, J. Schall, C. Peterson, S. Peng, M. Ong, W. Morford, J. Mattern, N. Lancaster, M. Kingsley, W. Howe, ' E. Glazier, S. Getmansky, M. Feinberg, F. Dushay, W. Cobb. - -4 ■r rT C I L ■ i SYRACUSE A dual heart formation for the band’s presentation of " Young¬ er Than Springtime” was part of the game halftime program on the music from South Pacific. The band forms the traditional S for the playing of our alma mater. A barrage of beautiful twirlers I UNIVERSITY MARCHING BAND To the strains of " Down, down the Field” and " The Saltine War¬ rior,” the Syracuse University Band, under the direction of Howard Kelly, presented many outstanding programs at football halftimes. A colorful preview of coming events for the year was given during the first game of the season highlighted by the sensational twirling of Dottie Grover. Bedecked in their white parkas, the band dis¬ played great versatility in their Vincent Youmans program at the November Syracuse-Colgate game. To further prove their school spirit some of the band members formed a pep band which enter¬ tains at the university basketball games under the direction of Ken Fredricks. 63 £ A Ib idr 1 in i w 1 1 jp j am ujiPj Ft A 1 m Front row: (left to right) S. Stornelli, R. Shafer, T. Phillips, L. Calucci, J. Formica, T. DelVecchio, A. Capitani, D. Biondi, S. Dalrymple, P. Vitale. Second row: L. Sacco, A. Vacchio, J. More, J. LoSardo, A. Morelli, D. Pizzuti, J. Barnaba, K. Englehart, S. Ponticello, J. Carbillo, A. Polimeni, E. Bersani, L. Bersani, P. Moretti, C. Sebato, M. Giracalo. ALPHA CLUB BOOK MART The Alpha Club at Syracuse University has been formed in order to reactivate the Alpha chapter of Alpha Phi Delta fraternity. Spring-Weekend float, Colgate float, and Carnival booth topped the club’s agenda. The Book Mart has been servicing students for about twenty years by selling second-hand texts for students at their own prices. This non-profit organization has its headquarters at the Student Union. Miss Damaris Wilson is faculty advisor. Front row: (left to right) M. Bobadilla, J. Wallick, R. Adrosko, M. Gallent, J. Wilkinson, E. Appel, S. LaVigne. Second row: J. Spencer, W. Boss, A. Colangelo, S. Savino. Those absent: B. Barnum, P. Barnes, P. Friedman, P. Battero. ! i i k. m | i - ■ L m m m | ' f| f: i illl m ' " Ml Mi 1 a ' yjt jf ! ill3 SKI CLUB Suski, the Syracuse University Ski Club, is the backbone of all skiing activities on Piety Hill. Its purpose is ta promote skiing at the university and improve the members’ own ability. Suski is in charge of all skiing events connected with Winter Carnival; it also holds skiing meets with other ski clubs. This year another project was to help raise money for the ski team. Suski plans weekend and vacation trips to Stowe, Vt., Tucker- man’s Ravine, N. H., Turin, N. Y. and other eastern ski areas. Front row: (left to right) J. Collins, A. Monroe, M. Riddle, C. Connelly, P. Miller, U. Sheldrick. Second row: G. Neff, N. Price, L. Manzari, L. Tucker, President. Those absent: S. Taylor, Vice-President, C. Coats, Secretary, J. Sears, A. Harder, G. Brown, P. Dando, A. Conover. WRA Planning for the future was a vital concern of the Women’s Recreational Association this year. Remodeling of the organization, and boosting of the coed blazer jacket were major projects supplementing the regular program. CHESS CLUB The Chess Club meets every Thursday at the Student Union and takes part in contests with other college teams as well as running intramural competition with an ex¬ cellent record. Front row: (left to right) I. Suna, G. Uhry, M. Masch, J. Cousineau, A. Kandanian. Those absent: L. Part, F. Zelsnack, J. Klein, M. Leuche, J. Doniger, 1 Front row: Cleft to right) M. Stevenson, L. Parsons, O. Medland, H. Hull, D. Essom, S. Tsufura, M. Levant. Second row: R. Eddy, P. Valentine, H. Sturim, V. Lee, R. Johnsen, J. Marsh, D. Magarian. Third row: K. Brown, M. Leet, J. Snead, R. Beacham, M. Sokolower, C. Rudd. Those absent: D. Abramoske. SU MEN’S CO-OP. Syracuse Men’s Co-op began its first year on the Hill as a non-profit association to provide adequate facilities for hous¬ ing and feeding its members at the lowest possible cost and without regard as to race, color or creed. But all was not work as successful dances and socials were held. Co-opers were BMOC’s, too, holding many positions on campus. i Front row: (left to right) P. Baner, J. Brown, J. Clarke, A. Gilboy. Second row: L. Frick, F. Bull, J. Hollowell, D. Johnson, M. Bruce, L. Young, S. Lavelle, J. McGrath, J. Jordan. SYRCICO CITY WOMEN S CLUB i I The overall purpose of Syrcico is to help off-campus women to become active on campus and partake of the social life which is offered. Syrcico hopes to make every girl feel she is part of the campus. The City Women’s Club has put in one of their busi¬ est and most successful years under the guidance of President Janet Clarke. New developments are a $100 scholarship for a deserving coed and social service work. 68 Front row: (left to right) N. Baver, D. Reynolds, I. Guerico, T. Russo, E. Hull. Second row: M. Lavine, S. Harrison, M. Dieterle, N. Knapp, B. Rossler, R. Rill, P. Och, M. Rossi, L. Harris. Front row: (left to right) F. Kozelek, R. Lee, C. Murphy, R. Curran, G. Scobell. Second row: G. Eriksen (Coach), D. Dibble, H. Sturim, R. Knight, R. Ryan, D. McRae, R. Hick, W. Bettinger, V. Michalson (Frosh Coach). ROWING CLUB The Rowing club, made up of members of the univer¬ sity crew, is under the direction of coach Gustav Erick¬ son. Those who have rowed for two years or who have participated in a Poughkeepsie or Marietta regatta are eligible for membership. SYRACUSE POLITICAL UNION An organization devoted to informing and educating the student body as to the American Political scene, members of the Syracuse Political Union this year pre¬ sented talks on the Democratic and Republican views of the 1952 elections, and debates on the topic. Front row: (left to right) Jo Jennings, P. Huttar, J. Parnes, J. Duveneck. Second row: A. Strasser, L. Pastolove, A. Anderson. 4 v ji i 1 Jr ■ ' J Front row: (left to right) Stuart Stephens, Lois Apman (Secretary), Sam Goekjian (President), Betty Ann Taylor, Paul Greenlaw (Vice- President). Second row: Seyma Ocko, Martin Gallent, Le e Beltzer, Fred Burke, Rudy Johanns, Arlene Lambert, Marilyn Mawson. DEBATE TEAM Sam Goekjian and Paul Greenlaw, president and vice- president of the Debate Society, represented Syracuse in several debates. Among those won by the Squad were N.Y.U., C.C.N.Y., and Seton Hall. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP The purpose of Westminster Fellowship is to bring together Presbyterian students who desire a fuller under¬ standing of the Christian faith and to live out their re¬ ligion in practical ways. A program of recreation, wor¬ ship, addresses by leading speakers is presented. Front row: (left to right) Jean Selig, Jane Dempsey, Janice Sears, Beverly Bentley, Nadyne Ruby, Pat Hansell. Second row: Alice Paltz, Janice McNeil, Ann McOmber, Madelaine Chambers, Barbara Beacham, Bob Beacham. f r-v-J | LI k 4 k 9 W A E R WAER, the campus radio station, highlights ex¬ perimentation in new educational programs in music, news and public service. This, the largest university station in the country, adds another out¬ let of freedom of expression in Syracuse and out¬ lying area. Music programs have, for the most part, classical and semi-classical themes but popular music has its place in the day’s programming. Play- by-play accounts of the Orange home athletic games are regular features in sports. News cover¬ age and radio time is also given to civic groups to air ideas on current problems. ■i ' " ) 4 ' ■ H M m jmmjh R t T l K i J 1 US hi k ® VM fe.-. ■- ■ ' TiM ' HkAI ■ ■ - ' .: - • MCT ; .. B gflSpyz yHraEgMEgra Eg ' JR isElSP ‘Satt JpiHf | It ftil " JV y ■ «. JR 5 fljS Ik mp Jr Wmk ci mW tv Jgf : Mc; ■ jtj A l$| HOME EC. STUDENT BOARD The Student Board consists of eight class representa¬ tives, the presidents of Omicron Nu and Home Ec Club, and two Board officers. It works for the general welfare of the college, for student faculty understanding, and for improvements where needed. It sponsors the Freshman Convo to introduce Dean Hilton to new students, an informal party for faculty and students, and the Senior Convo. HOME EC. CLUB The Home Ec Club is affiliated with the New York Association of Home Economics. Meetings held bi¬ monthly, include demonstrations, speakers, and parties. The annual Cooks and Cutters Ball was again a big success, as was the party with the architects. Front row: (left to right) B. Evlith, J. Busch, J. Sedgwick, D. Wohlstetter, E. Moskowitz, E. Smetts. Second row: G. Repa, C. Willoughby, G. Evans, B. Sweet, H. Kaufman, H. Berzon, S. Smith, F. Hale, P. Welch, B. Adams, J. Task. Third row: D. Remnitz, J. Danielson, R. Schutts, ' B. Lewis, B. Stine, T. Kesel, B. Edson, J. Cummings, J. Dickerson, A. Chartrand. YACHT CLUB American Marketing Assn. Intercollegiate racing, shore school, and weekend sail¬ ing highlight the activities of the Syracuse University Yacht Club. Growing progressively since its founding in 1937, the enthusiasm of its members promises a bright future. AMA is the student marketing club of the college of Bus. Ad., and is affiliated with the senior AMA. Its mem¬ bers are Syracusans concerned with marketing as a pro¬ fession. Engaging speakers in the field is a major project of AMA. Front row: (left to right) D. Silvernail, R. Gordon, President, A. Smith, Vice-President. Second row: H. Kaufman, R. Murphy, J. Lerman, R. Dawes, J. Peet. I Front row: (left to right) R. Reingold, R. Ebenhart, D. LeManna, M. Jessesson. Second row: E. Gainsberg, A. Chassman, I. Poeepr, Prof. Falk, D. Balin, B. Reese, J. Aerndinbaugh, B. Norman. Third row: M. Snowsnoue, R. Winokoor, F. Gliem, K. Kasberger, S. Smith, J. Fisher, J. Munn, J. Bluenfield, B. Fox. Fourth row: J. Tompchin, M. Murphy, N. Carter, R. Betz, Leider. BOAR’S Boar’s Head dramatic society looked back on 25 years under Sawyer Falk. With national recognition long estab¬ lished by such hits as " Daughters of Atreus,” " Green Grow the Lilacs,” " All My Sons,” and world premieres of " Harriet,” and " The Witches’ Sabbath,” Boar’s Head remained true to its obligation to new scripts. It opened HEAD the 1951-52 season with two other premieres: " My Heart Don’t Say So,” by G. F. Reidenbaugh, and " Some Faint Star,” by Laurel Keating. Both authors were Syracusans. " The Second Man,” " Patience,” Shakespeare’s " Richard III,” and " Dybbuk,” plus 35 one-act plays, followed. Jerry Leider and Shirley Fenner enact a bit of Amish love in Jerry Reidenbaugh’s production of " My Heart Don ' t Say So,” a comedy of the Pennsylvania Amish sect. A repeat performance of S. N. Behrman’s high comedy of sophistication " The Sec¬ ond Man,” was presented because of its decided popularity. BOAR’S HEAD PRESENTS . . . Baron Remi de Pui Reguier and Lady Helene in the power¬ fully moving church scene from " The Witches Sabbath.” A scene from " Bourgeois Gentleman,” a play which had a very long run because of its popularity. CmuCK Andes ana oarDara narner in a scene iiuni jay cuasc s unforgettable one act play " After the Party.” Harry Granwick, independent playwright, had his drama, " The Witches’ Sabbath,” viewed by Theatre Guild representatives for possible Broadway production in 1952 . An all-star cast in Christopher Fry’s ”A Boy With a Cart” during its first presentation in the United States. { ' ' Mfji r c i . BSP Ir L T - t - | 1 f B , 1 j L m 4 t £ 1 Front row: (left to right) J. Watson, J. Kramer, J. Dingle, H. Hull, S. Mendelowski, D. Rosen, T. Klugman. Second row: G. Gray, F. Della Posta, N. Rankin, J. Baum, S. Nitzberg, S. Lerner, S. Schlossman, S. Chatwin, G. Morrison, Third row: J. Schutter, W. Kliber, G. Obrist, R. Synes, F. Levant, D. Hornung, B. Furman. I I CAMPUS LEADERS If you look at last year’s ON you’ll see in our write-up these words, " Something new was started at Syracuse when campus leaders and the administration spent a weekend at Pinebrook discussing university problems and policies.’’ Yes, a memorable weekend was had and a proof of understanding and action on common student- administration problems is evident in the 33-page con¬ ference book. However, during th e year 1951-52, under the direction of Chairman Howard Hull and Executive Secretary, Stella Mendelowski, Campus Leaders widened their scope from the Spring conference at Pinebrook to monthly meetings at which the drinking question, quar¬ terly system and a program to bring top high school seniors to Syracuse and show the advantages of attend¬ ing Syracuse were discussed and acted upon. Along with this last phase a university scholarship will henceforth be known as the " Campus Leaders Scholarship” to be awarded to an outstanding high school leader. This year Campus Leaders worked to understand problems faced by groups on the campus other than their own. Tentative plans of each organization were made known to campus leaders so as to eliminate any duplication of effort on the campus. Along with this work, we look forward to a most successful Pinebrook conference this spring. 78 Dean Robert Oxman describes the formation and function of each group which constitutes the University Family during one of the varied and interesting discussions at the ’51 Pinebrook weekend conference. " ' All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” And so with time out for leisure our weekend proved to be great fun for everyone. Enthralled by a discussion led by Howie Hull, all eyes were on the new Campus Leaders chairman. THE UNIVERSITY FAMILY fi MP a Kutnes iOMMflSnUW vm Mmm -« f ' m -jk ' ■ - life .• - r m Bill Kliber, Frank Della Posta and Don Stites ponder over a problem that seems to require strictly the male point of view. Panel discussions such as this aided greatly in the final analysis of various ideas for campus improvement. 80 Following a discussion on the ’51 waterfight, Dave Rosen felt a bit of practical application was necessary before any definite decision on the matter could be reached. " Anyone for a quick dip?’’ There wasn’t too much choice however, once the water started flying. I ■ p r lt :£aactxt iiH.Usim ' .l ■iiij ininy Group participation in not only discussions of campus problems but also song fests were joined in by everyone. Dean Noble was our prime source of musical talent and with his accordion, he led us in many popular songs and folk ballads. ;| l " Soup’s on,’’ says Dean Craven. And we were always ready for meal time. Both students and faculty helped serve the food and it seemed quite fitting to have Dean Hilton and Dean Piskor bring us our victuals because we were all one big, happy family. 1 First row: (left to right) W. Hartman, R. Levine, T. Carsten. Second row: G. Tolman, W. Sloat, T. Duncan, J. Cunningham, J. Rose, R. Schneiter, R. Cowan, C. Fisher, R. Reimann. Third row: A. Cronk, F. Hoare, H. Fariel, H. Klaiber, H. Schumm, R. Crossley, R. Johnson, J. Smith. Fourth row: R. Hill, D. Yateman, A. Ashley, C. Roithmayr, S. Hazard, R. Smith, R. Guenther. Fifth row: A. Button, B. Galvin, F. Burggraf, S. Kirby, J. Giraytys, R. Lindeman, R. Martin. FORESTRY CO-OP. Six years ago, the Forestry Co-op was first organized " as a social-professional organization on the Hill. Since then it has played an active part in the campus activities of both the College of Forestry and Syracuse University. With an organized membership of fifty-two, the group actively participates in the Colgate Poster contest, Christ¬ mas Week, Winter Carnival Weekend, Spring Weekend, and other established campus activities. For the past several years, the Co-op has made an award to the outstanding freshman at the annual For¬ estry Club banquet. This award is based on the man’s participation in College and University activities as well as his knowledge of the Forestry College and its tra¬ ditions. The present aim of the Forestry Co-op is to become recognized by the I.F.C. as a local social-professional fraternity. Another major aim is to obtain a house with enough space to carry on the desired social activities within. These two goals, along with the activities in which the members have participated have helped to tie the group into a close-knit organization with a strong " esprit de corps.” Through its six years of growth, the Forestry Co-op has been indebted to its faculty advisors, Gerald Smith, and Dave Caldwell of the Forestry College, for guidance and active participation in its group affairs such as pledge activities and banquets, parties, and faculty tea for mem¬ bers of the Forestry College. 82 CAMPUS CHEST Observing its twelfth year of fund-raising on behalf of worthy student and charity organizations, Campus Chest held its drive during the Spring but Carnival in the Fall. The staff began its organization way back in September under the direction of Chairman Don Hor- nung and Assistant Chairman Cary Noble. An individual goal of $2 and overall goal of $ 10,000 was established. Net receipts of the ’52 drive were divid¬ ed on a percentage basis among eight organizations: Syracuse-in-China, World Student Service Fund, Negro Scholarship Service and Fund for Negro Students, Japan International Christian University, Student Emergency Loan Fund, Foreign Student Loan Fund, Community Chest, and American Friends Service Committee. First row: (left to right) S. Packard, D. Hornung, C. Noble, N. Menell. Second row: J. Shacknow, S. Hogan, W. Boss, D. Serko, L. Minsker, M. Friedberg, P. Taylor, B. Pierson. Those absent: N. Nowick, B. Owen, S. Glickstein, L. Schwartz, A. Langer, B. Persky, H. Edelstein, L. Javitch, C. Raphael, W. Shore, S. Nitzberg, B. LaVoie, R. Cortell, G. Michel, J. Pineus, R. Buttaro, H. Eisenberg, D. Serko. Staff consultations to decide many issues were frequently held during which everyone’s combined efforts made deadline days easier. 19 5 2 A wonderfully spirited ON staff, including a barrage of mice in the walls of the hellbox, started work fast and furiously to meet all deadlines for the ’52 edition. Despite emer¬ gencies such as lost pictures, crooked rulers and slap-happy typists each page finally found its destination at the Buffalo printer. Ron and Rick, working night and day on the senior panels and writeups, felt they knew each senior personally. Dick tore about the office with great gusto preparing the sports section and giving it the master’s touch. Campus organ¬ izations became the staff’s pet peeve . . . these groups had Hutton out of her head with layouts and Marge and Dot reciting phone numbers of the campus wheels in their sleep. Madness hit the office the week of the Greek deadline and Alice subsisted on Hellbox coke and candybars and occasionally dozed over the typewriter. Jean created Traditions that never existed to fill in a four page snowless winter weekend spot. How long can this hoax last? Audio Visual’s Bob and Ray plus calamity Morey were always on deck with the best of pictures. The bulletin board was jammed with secret staff mes sages such as " who the hell typed this mess?” and " TGIF this week with the Syracusan.” BJH S proved to be heaven-sent printers and Bill Sloane’s trips to Syracuse were occasioned with questions, answers and helpful hints to the editor plus an evening at the O. Came the great day in March with the last deadline met, we breathed a sigh of relief and waited hopefully for May 15th to arrive. Jean Williams, Ron Snell, Administration and Tradition Editor Senior Editor Dick Newell, Sports Editor Beth Furman, Editor-in-Chief Hal Pierson, Business Manager r The art staff, a most integral group, spent many weary nights and days planning the cover, designing dividers, changing and rechanging page layouts. ONONDAGAN Saturday morning classes for the first year staff provided efficient office workers. J The keeper of the books, Joyce Nims, and year¬ book advisor, Mr. B. Alice Moll, Sorority and Fraternity Editor Marge Werden, Organization Editor Happy Crowder, Art Editor The Advertising staff, headed by Ed Roll, proved their business ability by selling more space than had been planned for. New accounts, better and bigger than ever. Sally Bingham, Assistant Business Manager I Once again Hal a nd his team of coeds ran a very effi¬ cient and successful ON business office. Their temporary headquarters this year were in the Student Union. How¬ ever, plans have been made for a new location in the prefabbed Activity Center behind Crouse. Hal, Sal and their pals spent many hours working out the new plan for page space discount rates, counting and checking to determine how many organizations could be effectively included in this scheme. Leisure time found the staff sipping coffee in the SU diner interrupted momentarily by phone messages of urgency from the Hellbox division of the ON. The busi- Dot and Dani look the situation over and decide how the pictures should be cropped. Mr. Locke, Hellbox custodian, was a source of daily inspira¬ tion. Calculating page space billing was a big job of the business staff. ness staff knew postage rates for every state in the union and then some by the time they finished all their mailing. Happy and her happy aztec artists created unusual dividers and a top notch cover. Furman and Pierson ig¬ nored sneering students who nagged about the prompt¬ ness of the ’52er, and everyone pitched in to make the ON a big success and an edition to remember always. Oh, how we loved to see those checks come in. The subscription contest was a big success and sales boomed with the discount plan in effect. Hr- 1: gp % I I ' ll 1 ■ V 1 11 ; L V if ff Sid Lerner, editor, pursues the soon-to-be parodied Meet the Greeks. Faced with increased production and publication costs, and at the same time, decreased campus population and staff, the ’ 51 52 SYRACUSAN managed to put out eight best-selling issues. Editors and staff alike were proud of the fact that a greater proportion of the campus was reading and buying the SYRACUSAN than ever before. Syracusan Business manager, Bob Haverback, sits on a fat wallet saying, " It’s been a good year.” Business managers Haverback and De Cesare watch the dollars roll in to the enjoyment of staff. Through the SYRACUSAN’s fiction contest, students were made forty dollars richer in prizes. This served to provide better stories and at the same time encourage young literary giants. As to content character, the SYRACUSAN shifted a greater emphasis to humor than had previously been seen. This year, the parody output was extended to two suc¬ cessful works: TRUE CONCEPTIONS and MEET THE GREEKS. Both gave the eager staff all kinds of head¬ aches, but with them, the fun of afternoons in the Hell- box, that dust-laden, over-heated prefab, the SYRA¬ CUSAN’s home. Putting out a campus humor magazine takes all kinds of people. This year’s rogue’s gallery looks over a recent issue. Gordon Morrison, Managing editor Jean Dingle, Editor-in-Chief Saul Waldman, Editorial Director Kurt Rohde, Sports Editor Policy making, coordination of activities and super¬ vision of a staff of more than one hundred stu¬ dents are the daily j obs of the Daily Orange’s senior editors. Five days a week and more hours a day than he cares to count constitute an editor’s busy schedule. Junior editors get and write the news under assignments by the managing editor while the editor-in-chief busies herself with overall supervision and editorials. The editorial director screens " Letters to the Editor” and prepares fea¬ tures and columns for the editorial page. How it should be done is explained by the executive editor who teaches freshman and sopho¬ more classes. A special corner in the Hellbox houses the sports editor and his writers who are responsible for page three in your DO. In order to maintain close cooperation among all all staffs, frequent meetings between senior and lower staffers have become the policy of this year’s Daily Orange. Bill Matson, Executive Director Daily Orange Business staff (seated) : T. Lazner, D. Cohen, manager, S. Sporn. (standing): M. Schiff, B. Aldini, H. Garfinkle. Left: Gene Rosi, Editor-in-Chief of the Summer Orange. Above: Dee Caruso, Managing Editor of the Summer Orange and partner in crime of Rosi. DO Frosh staff hard at work. The SUMMER ORANGE serves a double function—to re¬ port the news on campus for the students and to let Syacusans at home for the summer keep in touch with Hill activities. Formerly a bi-weekly, financial difficulties forced this year’s summer staff to cut publications down to six issues. 91 k Front row: (left to right) K. Zastrow, M. Falkowitz, W. Rouse, R. Day. Second row: F. Bosworth, P. Dee, J. Maksymiak, C. Bing, G. Gearn. SLIDE RULE DILEMMA The SLIDE RULE is published weekly by and for the students of the College of Applied Science at Thompson Road. It appears each Monday morning augmenting the D.O. and providing fuller coverage of A.S. news. Dilemma, the campus literary magazine, celebrates its second birthday in the ranks of a permanent publication. Dilemma provides opportunities for literary minded writers to see their work in print. This magazine serves as a means of expression in the field of poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Front row: (left to right) K. Baranski, N. Sherwood, I. Chocron, Dr. S. Meech, I. Chadikoff, V. Bruce. Second row: J. Schults, P. Ferguson, B. Gorson, B. Barsha, M. Hake, M. Koren, M. Jammer, M. Chinn. Third row: L. Rakowski, I. Block, R. Elman, L. Slatkes, R. Williams, M. Marsh, L. Jammer. V W iKBr 1 1 J fl ' . i9L | - ' m- ' Is ■■ K| r T ■ ill m Vi Ug ' I Bj | •_! jK | iWlBL ■ If f B ■ i ,B • ' fl : ' T m jm 8ES |p- r ww r BbBBmB JEr - JIB B; - j i I ( “ " Vlj W Halt vi 2®$ l EMPIRE FORESTER Ever since it made its first appearance in 1913, the Empire Forester has documented the history of the College of Forestry. In the early days the EF was a soft-covered annual which could be purchased lor a quarter, and which informed its readers on such diverse subjects as Destructive Dis¬ tillation of African Mahogany” and " Some Phases of Forestry in China. The photographs were of students who wore their hair parted down the middle and of professors who sported modified handle-bar mustaches and knee-length boots. But times have changed. Recent issues of the EF differ from their early predecessors both in format and in content. Front row: (left to right) Danner, Crowley, Lindeman, Hartman, Mulvey. Second row: Guenther, Liszewski, Roithmayr, Hoare, Soule, Wood Robert Lindeman Editor-in-Chief James Crowley Managing Editor Edward Liszewski Ass’ . Managing Editor Ronald Lanner Literary Editor Warren Hartman Photography Editor Russell Mulvey Art Editor Robert Johnson Business Manager Raymond Smith Advertising Manager Frank Hoare Associate Editor Charles Roithmayr Associate Editor Lloyd Soule Circulation Manager James Curran Camp Log Editor ALPHA DELTA SIGMA Alpha Delta Sigma, honorary and professional adver¬ tising fraternity was founded at the University of Mis¬ souri in 1913. The National claims forty-four active chapters in colleges and universities throughout the country. The Arthur J. Brewster chapter at Syracuse University evolved from a local fraternity, Sigma Mu Beta, which was founded here in 1921. On May 2, 1920 Sigma Mu Beta received its first honorary member, Professor A. J. Brew¬ ster, who has come to mean so much to the Syracuse chapter, today bearing his name. Two years later, the chapter discussed the possibilities and benefits of going national. On May 5, 1925 formal installation ceremonies officially made the A. J. Brewster chapter a part of Alpha Delta Sigma. Under the expert guidance and supervision of Pro¬ fessor Philip Burton, fomerly of Iowa chapter, the Syra¬ cuse chapter is planning an extensive and exhaustive advertising campaign to be presented to the Syracuse advertising club this Spring. The spirit of the thirty-nine active members is responsible for the Syracuse chapter rapidly becoming one of the most outstanding in the national fraternity. First row (left to right) B. Levine, B. Collins, Treasurer, B. Saulnier, Vice-President, B. Haverback, Pres.dent, T. Pacell, Secretary, F. Slama. Second row: D. Schlosser, A. Sholk, G. Post, C. H.cks, R. Abbate, J. Light, J. Dunn, D. Cademarton, J. Mangicaro. Thud row. F. Smith, G. Wert, L. Nethersole, K. Borgman, A. Osterling, J. Zax, B. Guttermuth, R. Barker, J. Peet. Those absent: E kunm, SMerner . e ene, R. Roby, A. Thurlow, T. Chilikas, G. Magit, I. Simon, M. Greenburg, D. Cramer, W. Worrman, W. Barker, D. Herzog, J. Patterson, D Rosenblit. 96 h.- - Front row: (left to right) H. Einstein, J. Goldberg, M. Ingerman, M. Marks, M. Laubstein. Second row: L. Perchik, Vice President, G. Siegel, President, E. Goldberg, Secretary, M, Horowitz, Historian, W. Gargar, Treasurer. Third row: B. Spiegel, B. Cohen, H. Sturim, A. Bank, S. Rakoff, A. Frankie, D. Prager, G. Mulfinger, Dr. C. Osborn, Honorary Member, M. Yablonski. Those absent: S. Bernstein, L. Tillis, A. Derwin, C. Serby, Deans Faigle and Smith. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA ALPHA KAPPA DELTA Alpha Epsilon Delta, a national honor society for pre¬ medical students in which membership is a recognition of superior scholastic achievment and affords an oppor¬ tunity to develop a well-rounded personality and qual¬ ities of initiative, and leadership. Alpha Kappa Delta is a national honorary devoted to furthering interest in sociology, research in social prob¬ lems, and activities leading to human welfare. Member¬ ship includes faculty, graduate, and undergraduate stu¬ dents. Front row: (left to right) B. Roe, S. Fern, E. Tice, President, J. Stern, Vice-President, S. Anderson. Second row: C. Heller, A. Wohlfarth, Dr. N. Goldman, A. Kirsch, J. Seckel, F. Levant, N. Mobus. Those absent: D. Levitan, L. Podell, R. Moore, Dr. B. Fox, Adviser. Front row: (left to right) H. Hennas, K. Engelhart, J. Ryan, R. Saulnier, S. Pullara, R. Black, W. Bunga, G. Kushner, H. Fitzgerald. Second row: A. Bacharach, D. Cohen, N. Hadad, N. Warner, K. Hawkins, K. Borgman, C. Tewks¬ bury, D. Horowitz, G. Albert, D. Carpenter, B. Aldini, R. Diefen- dorf, P. Hillstrom, A. Finger, H. Kriff, G. Bacas. Third row: C. Quimby, D. Bancera, I. Harris, N. Coberly, R. Furze, S. Reiss. Those absent: R. Altier, S. Nitzburg, L. Pierson, R. Robinson. ALPHA XI ALPHA ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Xi Alpha, professional honorary for fabric, cos¬ tume, and industrial designers, aims to promote good design in society. The annual Christmas party, Spring Initiation banquet, downtown window exhibit, New York field trip, and busy monthly meetings made the year an important one for all the members. Phi chapter of Alpha Phi Omega is open to former boy scouts and has presented a program of service to the community. Among the projects it has initiated are. the University directory, Winter Carnival, Bookmart, student blood bank, the travel bureau, Infirmary visitation, Col¬ gate clean-up and the Ugly Man Contest. First row (left to right) R. Piperburg, J. Myers, P. Lyons, A. Matthews, J. Loebe, S. Schneebeli, N. Argiro, J. Geise, S. Birk, J. Havard, D. Bair. Second row: J. Tomchin, E. Swimmer, L. Lutz, J. Chantler, D. Chase, R. Remnitz, J. Price, H. Holzworth, J. Kowalski, G. Brown, W. Maroney, L. Levite, R. Van Valkenburg, M. Egan, Dr. M. Charman. ALPHA KAPPA PSI Alpha Kappa Psi, the first and oldest commerce fra¬ ternity, was founded on October 5, 1904, in the School of Commerce, Accounts, and Finance at New York Uni¬ versity. The Syracuse chapter has been chartered since 1923 . Alpha Kappa Psi’s aims are " to further the individual welfare of its members, to foster scientific research in the field of commerce, accounts, and finance, to edu¬ cate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein, and to promote and advance in institutions of college rank, courses leading to degrees in business administration.” Twelve new members were initiated at the Fall ban¬ quet. Research concerning the improvement of the Bus. Ad. bulletin was conducted under the chairmanship of Herb Hennas. There was improved chapter morale with the return of Deputy Counselor Professor Horace J. Landry. Chapter president, Santo J. Pullara, received an award for distinguished service and scholarship. Front row: (left to right) J. Paris, L. Slatkis, M. Gallent, President, W. Byen, B. Avery, G. Kepner. Second row: P. Freedman, S. Nitzberg, P. Martin, H. Chapmen, S. Bookbinder, T. Mindy. Third row: J. Kindon, N. Ianuzi, W. Lipfert, M. Sacks, H. Pomerantz. 99 Front row (left to right) Howard Fitzgerald, Michael Fusco, Gerald Weinstein, John Ryan, George Frost, Millard Abbott, Jean Gauthier, Second row: Richard Roberts, Calvin Darrin, Joseph Fischer, Robert Reid, John Gelsomin, Philip Silien, William Kassman, Julius Tainter, Robert Jaquint. Those absent ' . Richard Mogolwitz. BETA ALPHA PS I Beta Alpha Psi, national professional accounting fra¬ ternity, acts as a liaison between professional men, in¬ structors, students, and others interested in this field. Active at Syracuse since 1929, the society presented its Scholarship Award this year to S. J. Pullara, 52. Speak¬ ers at the organization’s bi-weekly meetings have included practicing accountants, bankers, and attorneys. Mr. Law¬ rence F. Spaulding was initiated as an honorary member, and seventeen students were added to the roster. ( Front row: (left to right) E. Lawson, O. Harkavy, W. Agee, R. Robinson, J. Close, N. Haase, R. Black. Second row: R. Jaquint, J. Purves, F. Iny, H. France, J. Ryan, H. Vander Malle, H. Dubin, J. McGlynn, A. Plumer, A. Bacharach. Third row: P. Wolotkin, V. Drumm, I. Harris, E. Schwartz, V. Gilman, M. Simberkoff, R. Clark, S. Pullara, G. Crammer, P. Broikou. Those absent: J. Bessey, R. Cook, D. Stewart, P. Fauconnet. DELTA PHI SIGMA GAMMA ALPHA CHI The purpose of this society is to foster the study of finance; to encourage scholarship and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between students, faculty, and the business world, and to further a high standard of business ethics and culture. Xi chapter of Gamma Alpha Chi, National Profes¬ sional Advertising Fraternity for Women was founded on the Syracuse campus on January 15, 1948. One of its main purposes is to furnish its members opportunities for extra curricular education and activities in the field of advertising and to meet outstanding men and women in their profession. Front row: (left to right) M. Sanford, G. Carstens, R. Genner, J. Hamilton, E. Hoppock, T. Lanzner, E. Lipsy. Second row: A. Dillon, E. Konen, P. Taylor, L. Buchenska, H. Crowder, J. Seldowitz, P. Bouthillier, J. Havard, A. Haines, D. Hopkins. Third row: B. Prouser, J. Williams, D. Winer, F. Nolan, B. Ross, F. Sayer. KAPPA PHI KAPPA Dr. Glennon and Dr. Sawin are the fraternity advisors. This year we pledged 21 men. The initiation banquet was held at the Hotel Syracuse. Dean Noble was the guest speaker. His topic was Spiritual and Moral Values and the Relationship to the Public Schools.” Also, we presented a radio to the Elmcrest Children s Center at Christmas time. This year we started a program of having speakers from the different areas of Education come to our monthly meetings. In this way the brothers became more familiar with areas of education other than their own. Dr. Herrington spoke on " Home Economics in the Public Schools”; Mr. Clarke spoke on " Physical Educa¬ tion in the School Curriculum”; and Dr. Sofieti spoke about " Romance Languages in the High School. Many of the undergraduate brothers were very busy during the year with placem ent forms and application letters for teaching jobs. Officers for this year are: president, Don¬ ald Generous; vice-president, John Baker; secretary, Ber¬ nard Greenberger; and treasurer, Ed Weeks. Front row. (left to right) John Thompson, Kirby Jolly, Ed Weeks, Jack Baker, Don Generous, Bernard Greenberger, Dr. E. Sawin, George Dickerson, Robert Watson. Second row: Lee Sundsted, Tom Nocito, Robert Finch, Herbert Moore, Bob Portner, Fred Brown, Bob Squires, Richard Nojeim, John Sims, Don Carlton, Charles Marks. IIPJI r ? Si i ti gHu 1 1 .V Vci -. ' ' A • ,f i Pfi gad JHH -J W j P ... i HI..... - . 1 J fl I V s fl 102 Front row: (left to right) W. Zuccaro, J. Marsh, H. Weibezahl, E. Mueller, P. Cataldi, J. DiCarlo, R. Henson. Second row: L. Forero, R. Ross, E. Huggins, R. Smith, R. Misita. Those absent: W. Iriand, N. LaForrest, P. Heilig, K. Hante, C. DeVito, W. McGonigle, P. Romeo. PHI EPSILON KAPPA Alpha Omicron chapter at Syracuse University is a member of Phi Epsilon Kappa, the national pro¬ fessional fraternity for male students and teachers of physical education. Two of our objectives are: 1) to inculcate the principles of peace, friendship and brotherly love; 2) to elevate the standards, ideals and ethics of those engaged in teaching in the fields of health, physical education and recrea¬ tion. In an effort to live up to these ideals, the fra¬ ternity this year has aided the university by officiat¬ ing the intramural program, inaugurated a trophy award to be presented at the annual block " S” dinner to the gymnast who contributed the most for the advancement of the sport, and the donation of blood by each brother to the Red Cross. ■ il li § (fk J i H LI ft 103 Fronl row (left to right) J. Brown, G. Barnard. 1. Adier, L. Eisen, J. Eestuccia, Second row: S. Chernjavsk, J. Str.sser E Blose, “ Color s Philipsl.hl, j. Frake. R. Stevens. Thrrd row: S. Lyon, P. Lynch, G. Adams. D. Krohn. G. Lrebergall, M Hanson, T Brewer B Emlin J Connelly M. Lurie, P. Hoffman, S. Hovey, A. Langer, A. McGuire, J. Buren. Fourth row: F. Kuc, D. Bouton, J. Meder, J. S! M. Jones! J. Lish, G. Edleman, F. Hopmeier, K. Green, R. Smythe, C. Oehme, D. Wainer, G. Lee,. P. McGue.r. Those absent: J Barrell, J. Gorden. PI GAMMA MU PERSHING RIFLES Pi Gamma Mu, National Social Science Honorary, is open to all students with outstanding grades in the field of social science. It offers a varied program throughout the year of speakers and presentation of research papers. Members of the national honorary Military Society and Exhibition Drill Team can be distinguished by the silver and blue fourragere on the left shoulder of their uniforms. It acts as an honor guard and holds drill meets each Spring. I Front row: (left to right) C. Chauls, R. Hills, S. Bayer, J. Israel, E. Handleman, L. Ringler. Second row: S. Chatwin, S. Morse, D. Solow, B. Roe, J. Rosenberg. Third row: S. Krech- ersky, D. First, C. Vann, N. Keiser, H. Har¬ rison, T. Todman, R. Finch. _ 1 ' K Hi f jb 2 ■LG - .. ' _ . j Front row: (left to right) T. Stenuf, H. Einstein, N. Kemen, H. Podiuk, T. Mohr, N. Price, S. Ploss, W. Kriegsmann. Second row: Dr. A. Scholz, W. Knoll, W. Beyen, R. McLean, F. Voege, H. Rosenfeld, E. Frohman. PI SIGMA PHI GAMMA PHI Phi Gamma Phi, honorary German fraternity, in 1948 joined Delta Phi Alpha, the national organization which aims to promote the study of German culture as one of the major constructive fojces in the history of mankind. Pi Sigma, the plant sciences honorary, was formed in Syracuse in 1948. The purpose of the organziation is the promotion of scholarship and furthering of professional interests and attitudes among the students majoring in the field. Front row: (left to right) E. Kennelly, L. Karl, H. Shaw, R. Lee. Second row: S. Chernjav- sky, E. Moody, E. Young, J. McAlpine, F. Picut, A. El- Hindi. Third row: G. Miskho, A. DelVecchio, R. Walsh, B. Baschkin, R. Handlewich. Those absent: B. Muvdi, M. Chausovsky, faculty advisor. PI TAU SIGMA PI ALPHA MU In 1949, Pi Alpha Mu, administrative engineering honorary, was founded at Syracuse. Its purpose is to rec¬ ognize those whose scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates or attainments as alumnae, have brought honor to our Alma Mater. The Syracuse chapter of Pi Tau Sigma, National Hon¬ orary Mechanical Engineering Fraternity, fosters the high ideals of the engineering profession, and stimulates leadership and scholarship. Members are selected from the junior and senior classes for these qualities. Front row: (left to right) S. Ocko, H. Doane, H. Berkowitz, B. Rothenberg, P. Goldstein, B. Teitz, I. Chadikoff. Second row: V. Bruce, K. Baranski, I. Chocron, M. March. Those absent: L. Heifer, N. Sherwood, H. Higgins, P. Ferguson, P. Quinn, P. Greenlaw, L. Beltzer, H. Shenkin, S. Goejekian, L. Rakowski. RHO DELTA PHI SIGMA ALPHA IOTA The main function of Rho Delta Phi, the English hon¬ orary, is to sponsor Dilemma, the campus literary maga¬ zine. Bimonthly coffees are held with speakers from the faculty, and an annual banquet is held in May. This group offers an interchange of ideas with students of like interests. Members of Sigma Alpha Iota, women’s national pro¬ fessional music fraternity, usher at faculty concerts and student convocation recitals; they also perform at faculty teas, and each spring the chapter manages the women’s step-singing contest. Front row: (left to right) E. Doughty, L. Hen- sel, M. Morgan, R. Pennell (faculty advisor), D. Maxeiner, L. Smoral, S. Alger. Second row: R. Wheatley, B. Erk, L. Ruth, L. Orlando, A. Forrest, J. Hicks, P. Becker. Third row: C. Olver, L. Giers, J. Benson, S. Kidder, M. Row- ley, S. Radcliff. t . BT ' { ft V, i ___ „ J Li m i - - Front row: (left to right) M. Flashenberg, L. Alter, G. Neff, E. Merritt, R. Korstvedt, D. Mullavey, S. Posthill, R. Steinhilber, R. Apfel, V. Grelick. Second row: D. Jacobs, G. Becker, E. Zahariou, S. Kaplan, C. Swann, J. Sears, S. Walton, R. Swire, D. Dobrowski, N. McCuin, A. Hirsch, B. Van Alstyne. Third row: F. Mantica, D. Carlson, M. Popso, R, Reals, D. Karvonis, C. Morrison. ZETA PHI ETA SIGMA CHI ALPHA Zeta Phi Eta, national women’s speech arts honorary, headed this year by Janet Boyer, has as a major project the annual Christmas pageant. Featured this year was a verse choir, and an adaption of Houseman’s " The Last Room.” Sponsorship of Speech Weekend is another major function. Sigma Chi Alpha’s prime purpose is to further a good professional attitude and high scholastic standing among those planning to enter the field of art education. The society presents various speakers and instructional pro¬ grams at its monthly meetings. 108 Front row: (left to right) R. Winokoor, J. Williams, J. Boyer, N. Gang, D. Balin, J. Coffey. Second row: M. Huff, D. Cuneo, J. Blumerfeld, A. Bergeron, T. Schmidt, R. Elkin. Front row: (left to right) W. Rouse, M. Falkowitz, W. Penney, G. Booth, H. Shaw, N. Alperin, K. Zastrow, E. Codier, S. Suttenberg, W. Hodge, L, Karl. Second row: R. Lee, G. Miskho, L. Stanger, H. Pezalski, J. Demko, H. Anderson, D. Rogers, R. Picut, J. Farley, J. Hall, E. Farnett, E. Kennelly, E. Perry, R. Wright. Third row: D. Brumagim, R. Wright, J. Ziegler, K. Crammer, C. Werner, J. McAlpine, B. Baschkin, R. Dilly, P. Kenline, A. Aidun, W. Quinlan, E. Walker, A. El-Hindi. Those absent: P. Clark, C. Johnson, J. Porter, S. Weller, T. Wu, B. Muvdi, R. Nelson, J. Sullivan. TAU BETA PHI Tau Beta Pi, a national engineering honorary estab¬ lished at Lehigh University in 1885, this year sponsored a faculty evaluation program, and the Red Cross Blood Drive at the Thompson Rd. campus. THETA TAU Theta Tau, national professional engineering frater¬ nity, sponsors, in addition to its business work, several major social events. Particularly noteworthy is the tra¬ ditional Engineers’ Ball in Decemebr, and a spring alum¬ ni banquet. Front row: (left to right) John Zeigler, William Hodge, James Conklin, Harold Anderson, Robert Handlewich. Second row: Lee Neil, A. Del Vecchio, Sander Hacker, Thomas Manwarren. Third row: James Ribes, William Newell, Ludwig Karl, Vin¬ cent Szykman. SCABBARD AND BLADE The National Society of Scabbard Blade, one of the oldest honoraries in the United States, is composed of selected ROTC cadets in Air, Army, and Navy units in the nation’s colleges and universities. Memberships are voluntary, with upperclass scholastic qualification and interest in military matters of the country prerequisite. Scabbard and Blade is represented at Syracuse Univer¬ sity by B Company, 4th Regiment, and includes members from the Air Force, and from Infantry and Signal units of the Army which are active here. We won’t forget our Queen, Miss Doris Stephen, nor Don Cotton’s music at the ’51 Military Ball. Guest of honor was Mr. Forrest Vogler, holder of the Congres¬ sional Medal of Honor. The Company is again at work planning its rushing season, and preparing for the eventful Military Day in May. Front row: (left to right) R. Isaacs, C. Gardner, 1st Lt. G. Andrews, Capt. W. Nichols, 1st Sgt. H. Hogan, 2nd Lt. R. Hurdus, P. Skinner, A. DelVecchio. Second row: R. North, R. Shaw, B. Reed, D. Eggleton, R. Abbate, A. Mosier, J. Bromka, H. Anderson, J. Curran, C. Bernhardt, A. Smith, J. McGranaghan, J. McAlpine, D. Biondi, F. Muller, J. Paris. Third row: R. Reidinger, J. Watkins, W. Stidnick, G. Spector, K. Shemin, B. Friedman, D. Bronstein, W. Carmody, M. Cohen, J. Staeck, G. Bradbury, H. Cohen, W. Dealtry, L. Harrington, R. Green. Front row: (left to right) M. Mathison, F. Jacobs, G. Carstens, J. Loebe, M. Knochenhauer, L. Thomas. Second row: J. Jennewein, R. Clark, D. Gilmore, S. Schneebeli, H. Danos, President, C. Salin, D. Nobles, D. Carter. Third row: W. Foye, G. Bornstein, S. Kasindorf, R. King, W. Ingalls, N. Argiro, W. Maroney. D. Minick, D. Moore, B. Robinson, J. Kowalski. Those absent: G. Brown, B. Finn, C. Karpinski, D. Kurka, B. l.iebernan, M. Mendelow, R. Moore, J. O ' Reilly. TAU SIGMA DELTA A.S.M.E. Delta Chapter of Tau Sigma Delta, international archi¬ tecture and allied arts honorary, sponsors the Colgate poster contest. Its primary objective is to emphasize schol¬ arship and character and promote better relationships between the schools of Architecture. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a tech¬ nical society open to all engineering students, has as its purpose the diffusion of technical knowledge and stand¬ ards for the profession. There is also a social side to its activity. Front row: (left to right) G. Eleftherion, S. Chernjavsky, T. Kesel, G. Miskho, R. Robinson, L. Karl, S. Leavitt. R. Handlewich, E. Merritt, D. Biondi, E. Fischer, J. Fitzgerald. Second row: R. Branca, A. El-Hindi, R. Jones, D. Delargy, F.. Moody, E. Kenelly, A. DelVecchio, E .Young, H. Shaw, J. McAlpine, E. Izzo, H. Ford. Third row: A. Ottaviani, B. Reid, G. Dabinett, H. Byrnes, W. Peters, S. Perkins, V. Sherman, B. Morehouse, F. Schumann, R. Burner, H. Reenstra, M. Win, F. Muller. If r I it ' E : r ' i 1 1 i I 1 MBS : }. ' ■ . W i " 1 H i . j li % ■ U i O f 1 1 i i e m V m f ! Ih[ 1 ' rly■... ML jm - 1 •; . M. M , fat JM - Jji|Tj m M ■ V 1 wf ■ V T j V AIIE AIEE Members of the Syracuse chapter of the national Amer¬ ican Institute of Industrial Engineers are students in the administrative engineering department. The purpose of AIIE is to acquaint the student with this field of engi¬ neering. The American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers are national organizations founded to propagate knowledge of engineering. Joint discussions are held concerning phases of electrical en¬ gineering. Front row: (left to rietht) VC ' . Blanchett, L. Stunner. S. Suttenberg, P. Clark, D. Pokorny, A. Chamberlin, VC. Rouse, R. Nordin, S. Todd, C. Merrill. VC ' . Penney. Second row ' -. D. F.ggleton, E. Farnett, R. Ray. Jr., P. Dee, F. Pulaski, R. VC ' emple, VC ' . Lombard, B. Pelze r. Third row: VC ' . Ruoff, G. Booth, K. Zastrow, A. Bauchle, J. Ziegler, S. Flacker, N. Klavens, K. Hauge. A. Desens, Urbanowicz. Front row: (left to right) J. Sherman, N. Shaver, J. Easton, B. Rothenberg. Second row: R. Lieberman, C. Chauls, C. Heller, P. Kach, L. Morse, President, A. Korstevedt, E. Marmor. P. Bixby. Third row: F. Burke, D. Wohlstetter, B. Pitcher, M. Levitt, G. Siegle, W.’ Reynolds’ H. Kaye, G. Lewis, A. Ratzloff, R. Verilla. Goldberg, A. Fregly, PSI CHI RIFLE TEAM Syracuse’s chapter of Psi Chi is a member of the Na¬ tional Psychology Honorary. Keeping within its purpose of advancing the science of psychology, Psi Chi has ex¬ panded to satisfy needs and desires of its members in encouraging superior scholarship and varied cultural interests. Reappearing on campus for the first time since the gym burned down in 1947, the Rifle Team held matches with 11 colleges. Handicapped by lack of facilities and heavy range weapons, the team nevertheless wound up the season well in the upper half of the Eastern Inter¬ collegiate and National Hearst Trophy contests. First row: (left to right) R. Isaacs, S. Stanecki, E. Hun- neyman, G. Andrews, Cap¬ tain. Second row: J, Rosen- feld, R. Abbate, G. Barton, H. Hogan, A. Moser. Those absent: S. Kirby. THETA SIGMA PHI Theta Sigma Phi is a professional fraternity for women in journalism. Twenty-five girls, all in the School of Jour¬ nalism, were pledged this year. Our biggest project was the Fourth Annual Public Relations Conference for pub¬ licity chairmen of women’s clubs which we sponsored along with our alumnae chapter and the Corinthian Foundation. Sixteen representatives from newspapers, radio, and television spoke at the conference. Among our speakers this year were Grace Lewis, of the Syracuse Post- Standard, Olga Guercia, and Alice La Rue. In the spring, the traditional Matrix Table honoring women’s achievements in journalism, was given. Officers of the chapter were Constance Myer, president; Paula Goldstein, vice-president; Alice Shelinsky, treasurer and Margaret Goetzman, secretary and keeper of the archives. Plans were made for a student-faculty mixer to be spon¬ sored with Sigma Delta Chi, men’s professional journal¬ ism honorary and the pledge class began work on a song and skit to be presented at the mixer. ( Front row: (left to right) N. LaKretz, S. Hanauer, A. Wolfarth, C. Myer, P. Gol dstein, J. Stern, N. Mobus. Second row: J. Watson, K. Collins, B. Dingle, A. Starr, J. Goldsmith, J. Little, R. Bechtos, J. Larson, S. Glickstein, J. Parnes, J. Van Saun. Those absent: V. Clark, D. Hopkins, H. Herpsburger, C. Hubbard, M. Goetzman, T. Lanzner, A. Shelinsky, C. Rosnick, B. Filiatreau, J. Gots, M. Koven, M. Muir, I. Owen, I. Shagin, A. Skinner, J. Geller, P. Santemma. SIGMA DELTA CHI Sigma Delta Chi, professional journalistic fraternity, is an organization of men who have indicated their desire to follow the profession in accordance with the high ethics and sense of moral responsibility demanded of those who operate in the public interest. Membership in the undergraduate chapter is by invi¬ tation only and is based upon high scholarship and evi¬ dence of ability and ethics in the journalism field. Among the activities sponsored by the Syracuse University chap¬ ter are an evaluation of the School of Journalism, an editorial contest among the state’s weekly newspapers, evaluation of campus publications, and an employment program for journalism graduating seniors. Along with the undergraduate members, scores of New York editors are members of the Syracuse chapter. It sends delegates each year to the national convention held in various sections of the country. This year’s officers included Jack Ehrlich, president; James Shahin, vice-president; Joseph Ludewig, secretary; and Gordon Morison, treasurer. : row: (left to right) E. Forshay, G. Morison, J. Shahin, J. Ehrlich, J. Ludewig, J. Klein, P. Volmes, H. Whitney, R. Rosenthal. Second F. Voege, B. Logan, R. Goodin, N. Victor, R. Johnson, L. Heilbronner, W. Laughlin, D. Magadan, E. Cohen, G. Lockwood. 1 f| f 4 v 1 f 115 I 9 Front row: (left to right) D. Rosen, President, C. Chatwin. Second row: W. Rouse, H. Hull, K. Rohde, W. Matson, W. Hicks. TAU THETA UPSILON Tau Theta Upsilon, senior men’s honorary, this year moved closer to the establishment of a scholarship fund, which the group hopes to be able to inaugurate in the fall of 1955. Finances for the scholarship were accrued throughout the year, the group being distributors for the " Syracuse Sings” album of university songs. 1955 will also mark the 50th anniversary of the hon¬ orary, and the seven brothers laid preliminary plans for what will be the group’s first alumni reunion in that year. Forrest Witmeyer, ’28, was elected the first president of the alumni association, and one organizational meeting was held in Syracuse. The brothers planned and staged the stadium open house on Friday night of Spring Weekend, and spon¬ sored the annual Interfraternity Sing during February and March. II PHI KAPPA ALPHA Phi Kappa Alpha, oldest senior men’s honorary on campus, celerbated its fifty-fifth anniversary this year. Dedicated to the principle of service to the University, Phi Kappa Alpha has continued the tradition of choos¬ ing the eight outstanding seniors on the Hill. Leo Men- otti, Sam Goekjian, Greg Ferentino, Stan Swanson, Ben Dolphin, Ray Schuler, Ed Miller, and Bill Kliber. At half-time of the Syracuse-Colgate classic last fall, the Phi Kap keg was presented to Colgate, symbolic of var¬ sity athletic supremacy between the two schools the pre¬ ceding year. This was the third time the Keg was award¬ ed. The Keg was awarded to Colgate in 1949 and to Syracuse in 1950. Since the fraternity’s founding in 1897, Phi Kappa Alpha has strived to mold the eight outstand¬ ing men on campus into a strong unit dedicated to con¬ tinued service to Syracuse after graduation. Front row: (left to right) L. Menotti, S. Goekjian, President, G. Ferentino, S. Swanson. Second row: B. Dolphin, R. Schuler, E. Miller, B. Kleiber. ETA PI UPSILON Eta Pi began its 54th year on campus by serenading and pledging three new members, Jean Dingle, Joan Hamilton and Eleanor Price. Membership to Eta Pi is based on leadership, service to the university, outstand¬ ing work in campus activities, character and above aver¬ age scholarship. With Dean Smith as advisor, Eta Pi undertook several service projects including proctoring freshm an and sophomore exams. Enthusiastic planning for Spring Weekend with all its wonderful traditions began second semester. The weekend, which is an out¬ growth of Women’s Day, is sponsored by Eta Pi, to¬ gether with Tau Thet and Phi Kap, the senior men’s honoraries. Under the leadership of " Happy” Crowder, Eta Pi looked forward to a more than successful weekend with a prayer for sunbeams and fair weather. Front row: (left to right) J. Baum, M. Goetzman, B. Allen, Dean Marjorie C. Smith, H. Crowder, D. Lamana, D. Steele. Second row: S. Marsh, S. Mendelowski, M. Sanford, J. Schutter, T. Klugman, J. Watson, F. Levant. Those absent: J. Dingle, J. Hamilton, E. Price. Front row: (left to right) Bob Wright, John Olofson, Murray Osofsky, Lou Schwartz, Stan Karp. Second row: Ray Wiseman, Fred Burke, George Mishko, Frank Della Posta, Bill Aloisi, Sid Lerner. Those absent: Ed Dobrowolski, Don Sundstrom, George Lockwood, Jerry Leider, Don Cohen, Dick Beyer. Carl Davis. ORANGE KEY Made up of 18 men from the major Hill activities. Orange Key, junior men’s honorary, this year sponsored several leading campus events, including Colgate Week¬ end and the Block S banquet. The organization is com¬ prised of junior men who have shown outstanding par¬ ticipation in one or more activities and have maintained a minimum 1.5 average. Top offices in the service honorary were held by Murray Osofsky, president; Lou Schwartz, vice-president; John Olofsen, treasurer; and Bob Wright, secretary. Other members during the 1951-52 academic year were: Carl Davis, Ed Dubrowski, Dick Beyer, George Lockwood, Don Cohen, Raybern Weisman, George Mishko, Stan Karp, Sid Lerner, Jerry Leider, Fred Burke, Bill Alousi, Don Sundstrum, and Frank Della Posta. Aside from the sponsoring of Colgate Weekend and Block S, Orange Key was in charge of freshman lid sales, the football queen contest, and the greeting of all visit¬ ing athletic teams. Greatest single improvement of the year took place at the Block S banquet. It was open to coeds for the first time in its history and was highlighted by the appearance of a nationally-known speaker. Co-chairmen were Ray Wiseman and Carl Davis. 119 SPORTS Fabric design picturing the famed Indian sports of the Nahualtan tribe. .1 I I .{ athletic administration Lew Andreas is serving his 14th year as director of athletics and physical education at Syracuse Uni¬ versity. For 25 years he coached Syracuse’s basket¬ ball teams, retiring in 1950 after one of the most successful careers in the history of the sport. A 1921 graduate of Syracuse, Andreas has been elected to basketball’s Hall of Fame and is active on sev¬ eral intercollegiate boards and committees. Arnie Burdick (right) became director of athletic publicity for the Orangemen in 1947. Arnie gradu¬ ated from the Hill in 1942, and played for Coach Roy Simmons’ lacrosse team. He formerly served as Freshman lacrosse coach. The assistant to the director of athletics is Jim Decker (left), who assumed that position in 1947. Decker previously served as publicity director, but gained his present position after serving four years in the U. S. Navy. t 126 1 Lake Onondaga, home of the 1952 Intercollegiate Regatta. Above: A new home for the Orange mermen. Right: A new gym to enable Syracuse to bring basketball back to the campus. 1952 brought the return of on-campus basketball games, the first since the disastrous fire which de¬ stroyed Archbold gymnasium in 1947. Coinciding with the rebuilding of the new gym was the construction of one of the largest pools in the East, complete with underwater lighting. But the year’s highlight was the selection of Lake Onondaga for the Intercollegiate Regatta. This tra¬ ditional and colorful event will be held June 21st. football Despite the loss of his two first string quarter¬ backs through broken legs, Bill Orange managed to win five of nine games in 1951. Coach Schwartz- walder’s gridmen were unpredictable, but showed tremendous potential power. 128 Syracuse kicks off to Illinois. Co-captain John Donati. ■5 Co-captain Ed Dobrowolski. Only nine seniors will be missing from this team which slumped against Dartmouth and Penn State, but performed brilliantly in flashes, particularly in their victories over Fordham and the Boston Uni¬ versity Terriers. I r i 129 i i An Orangeman is hauled down from the rear as Cornell edged Syracuse, 21-14. Syracuse opened her season against a strong Tem¬ ple eleven. The Orangemen rolled to a 19-0 victory, as Co-captain John Donati crashed over for two touchdowns. The third score came as the result of a blocked kick, with Tom Lehr recovering the ball in the Temple end zone for six points. The game was marred by the loss of Syracuse’s first-string quarter¬ back Pat Stark, who was knocked out for the sea¬ son with a broken leg. 25,000 fans watched as Syracuse met the Big Red of Cornell at Ithaca. Ed Dobrowolski tallied twice for Syracuse, but Cornell’s Stu Merz had three touchdowns for 21 points and the game. Ed Yaple carries the ball on an end-around against Cornell at Ithaca. Illinois end Vernasco gathers in a touch¬ down pass as Stone looks on helplessly. The Hillmen were inside Cornell’s 20-yard line seven times, but could only score twice as the Big Red won, 21-14. Syracuse returned home to roll over an inexperienced Lafayette team, 46-0, as they capi¬ talized on eight Leopard fumbles and rolled up 343 yards on the ground to Lafayette’s seventy-two. Scoring for the Orangemen were Ed Dobrowol- ski, who scored two more touchdowns with runs of three and thirty-five yards, and Johnny Colceri, who also tallied twice. Other touchdowns were made by Donati, Leberman and Haskins. Illinois proved to 30,000 spectators in Archbold stadium why they were Rose Bowl-bound by racing to a decisive 41-20 victory. Additional disaster wrought the Hillmen as they lost their other quarter¬ back,Bruce Yancey,for the season with a broken leg. Syracuse tied the score in the second quarter on a beautiful lateral-pass play from Mickey Rich to Dobrowolski to Joe Szombathy, covering 76 yards. But the Illini roared back to clinch the victory. The other Orange touchdowns were by Dobrowolski and Neil Brenneman. Right: Dino Hadjis runs with an inter¬ cepted Illini pass. Below: Bob Leberman races around end against Illinois. The losses of Yancey and Stark took their toll as Dartmouth upset Syracuse, 14-0. Fumbles and in¬ juries slowed down the Orange attack to a walk, as Syracuse was stalled three times deep in Dartmouth territory. But the Hillmen bounced back with a potent aerial attack to crush Fordham, 33-20, be¬ fore a chilled throng of 15,000 in Archbold. Avatus Stone moved from his defensive safety spot to guide the Orange attack, passing for three of the Syracuse touchdowns. Carl Karilivacz caught two of these on plays covering 69 and 61 yards. Tom Lehr snagged the third, and Ed Dobrowolski and John Donati also scored for the Orangemen. Kole- ser converted three of five attempts. Joe Szombathy follows perfect blocking on an end-around against Dartmouth. catching a Stone aerial. Carl Karilivacz races for a touchdown on a pass play covering 69 yards. Penn State retained her mastery over the Hillmen at Beaver Field, as she scored a 32-13 win over Syracuse before 16,000 fans at the Nittany Lion campus. Again the Orange attack bogged down, as the Pennsylvanians stopped drives on the 11-yard and one-foot stripes. Donati plunged over for both Syracuse scores. Outstanding was the defensive play of Stone and Nick Rahal. 134 After defeating Colgate’s Red Raiders, the Or¬ angemen journeyed to Boston to meet the B.U. Terriers. In one of the most thrilling comebacks engineered by Syracuse in many years, the Orange beat Boston, 26-19. To win, Syracuse had to overcome two first- quarter touchdowns and a 19-13 deficit at halftime, but they never lost heart. It was the Orange ground attack that spelled the difference. Fordham needs two men to haul Donati down! Three pass interceptions and a running attack which moved 55 and then 45 yards for fourth quar¬ ter scores clinched the verdict. Sparking the offense were Colceri, Donati and Ed Dobrowolski. The drives for the first two scores covered 63 and 74 yards. Tallying for Syracuse were Bob Young and John Donati, playing in their final game, and Stone and Dobrowolski. Also outstanding was the line play of Browchuk and Lupo. Missing from the Orangemen next year will be Bob Young, John Donati, Bill Lupo, Vito Griebus, and Doug Erickson. Also, Tony Fiacco, Tom Lehr, Bob Koleser and Billy Haskins. But many fine freshmen and sophomores gained valuable experience, and they will be ready to try improving upon Syracuse’s 5-4 record. This year marked the first winning season for Syracuse since 1942. Stone hammers down the horns of a Fordham Ram. Syracuse Colgate 34,000 chilled fans watched as Syracuse edged the Red Raiders from Colgate, 9-0, in the fifty-second game of this traditional rivalry. A 55-yard touchdown jaunt by Avatus Stone in the final seconds of the first quarter opened the scoring for the Orangemen. Early in the last period Bob Koleser and Andy Browchuk blocked a Colgate punt in the end zone to give Syra¬ cuse her final two points. Left: Koleser and Browchuk block a Red Raider punt for an Orange safety. Above: The Orangemen race on the field. Below: Stoney absorbs a right cross as he hurls a Syracuse aerial. Orange Harriers Capture National Collegiate Country Title Michigan State College was the scene of Syra¬ cuse’s brilliant triumph in the National Intercol¬ legiate Cross Country Championships. Led by Cap¬ tain Bill Irland (left) and sophomore Ray Oster- hout (below), the Orangemen outran seventeen other schools to win the National title. Osterhout led the Hill runners by finishing third. Captain Irland climaxed a brilliant career in taking sixth. Site of the 1951 NCAA Cross Country Meet at Michigan State. But it was a magnificent performance by the en¬ tire team that won for the Orangemen. Tom Coul¬ ter was 12th, Don Fryer 27th, and frosh Steve Arm¬ strong surprised everyone by finishing 32nd. Only Irland will be missing when Syracuse de¬ fends its title in 1952. At the season’s conclusion, Ray Osterhout was elected captain of the 1952 harriers. 138 — cross country Irland and Osterhout of the Orangemen and Army ' s Dick Shea lead the pack as Syracuse races the Cadets over the Drum- lins course. Shea won, breaking Dick Church ' s course record, with Osterhout second. Six long years of planning and dreaming finally culminated into reality for Coach Bob Grieve as his harriers won the National Cross-Country title. A record-breaking performance by Army’s Dick Shea led the Cadets to a 29-27 victory over the Orangemen in the season’s opener, but in the-re¬ maining dual meets, Syracuse was unbeatable. Manhattan was vanquished, 41-20, as Ray Oster¬ hout won his first of four consecutive victories. Captain Bill Irland was second, and Tom Coulter fourth. Osterhout, Irland, Coulter and Gene Parker tied for first as Colgate’s Red Raiders went down to de¬ feat, 46-16. The Orangemen took ten of the first twelve places. Next to fall was N.Y.U. Coach Bob Grieve’s National Champions The Violets put up a stubborn fight before losing, 35-22. Again it was Osterhout in first place, and Bill Irland third. The final dual meet pitted the Orange¬ men against Cornell, with Syracuse triumphing, 47-16. The first four places were taken by Hillmen, with Osterhout, Coulter, Irland and Parker finish¬ ing in that order. At the IC4A championships in New York, Penn State upset favored Army, with Syracuse finishing third. Ray Osterhout took second behind Army’s Shea, and Irland was fifth. But then came our mem¬ orable performance in the Nationals. Former Orange star Dick Church (right) congratulates Army ' s Dick Shea after Shea broke Church ' s Drumlins course record. Bill Irland, Tom Coulter, Gene Parker and Ray Osterhout break the tape as the four Orangemen tied for first against Colgate. basketball Reddout and Brigham Young ' s Jerry Romney leap high as referee puts ball in play. 142 Coach Marc Guley’s basketballers finished an¬ other successful season on the winning side of a 14-6 record. A mid-season slump cost them tourna¬ ment consideration, but they came back to put a fine climax to the 1952 season with six straight victories. Ed Miller’s forty points set a new university record as Syracuse downed Canisius, 92-76, in the season’s opener at Buffalo. The Orangemen then edged Brigham Young, 63-58, in their home debut. Above: The Orangemen congratu¬ late BYU ' s Boyd Jarman after he had fouled out. Below: Miller pushes one up from the foul line. 143 w Syracuse continued her winning ways by defeat¬ ing Niagara, 90-76, after the Niagara five had led throughout the game. High man for the Orange was again Ed Miller, with 28 points, but Frank Reddout notched 18, sixteen of these in the second half. Victories four and five were gathered at the ex¬ pense of Dartmouth and Loyola of the South. But number six was the toughest of the year. Thirty- five points by Bucky Roche made the difference, as Syracuse, trailing throughout the contest, edged ahead in the final quarter to defeat Cornell, 81-79. Pat Stark takes aim beyond the menacing arm of Duquesne Duke. Coach Marc Guley with the 1951-52 Orange basketball squad. I 11 ] yH9| liamj - I 1 1 1BL JB WtEtmSmmm % :.w m PCw ' I a y WL l «■ ■L 1 1 This six-game win skein was shattered by a trio of teams from Pennsylvania. First to defeat the Orange was Pittsburgh. The Panthers held Syra¬ cuse to three field goals in the first half to win, 72-49. Next the Orangemen traveled to Penn State, where the Nittany Lion zone defense and personal fouls combined to edge the Hillmen, 61-57. Returning home to meet Duquesne, the Syracuse basketball five again faced a zone defense. Miller and Roche scored 20 and 19 respectively, but the Dukes won, 78-67. m |j •V. [v Sf w if M f. m Roche drives in as Reddout (63) and Kilpatrick look on. Roche leaps and fires against Duquesne. Other Orangemen are Miller, Besdin and Huggins. Duquesne won, 78-67. 145 Above: Reddout scores against Cornell. Right: Roche is bottled up against the Big Red. S ' Syracuse notched victory number seven at the expense of Niagara, but lost the next two contests. The first was in Boston, as travel difficulties forced the Orange to drive from Syracuse. The effect of this travel manifested itself in the last quarter, as Holy Cross edged the Orange, 80-75, after Syracuse led at half-time, 45-37. New York University tripped the Hillmen in Madison Square Garden, 95-78. But Frank Red- dout’s brilliant rebounding and shooting brought Syracuse win number eight at Philadelphia, as Temple was outclassed, 64-47. Reddout set a new Convention Hall record with 34 rebounds and scored 18 points. Right: Stan Swanson " shoots for two” against Cornell. 146 a Right: A scoring attempt by Reddout is thwarted by alert defensive play. Below: Stan Swanson scores on a driving lay-up against Cornell. Colgate handed Syracuse her final loss of the season, notching a 71-58 victory at Hamilton. But then began the brilliant climax with which the Orange finished the season as they won their last six games. Syracuse walked away with a 98-64 victory over the Army Cadets in their final road game, as Red¬ dout led the way again with 23 points, followed by Swanson with 20. In a thrilling double-overtime contest, Penn State was edged, 76-72. Cornell was defeated, 57-50, and the Orangemen clinched the Seelbach Trophy by walloping Col¬ gate, 90-76, Reddout scoring 24 points. ■ T-« Miller leaps high for a rebound, as Roche, Reddout and Huggins look on. Roche and Huggins sparked the Orange to a 94- 76 victory over Penn. In the season’s finale, four men hit in double-figures as Canisius fell, 71-61. Bucky Roche (top) and Frank Reddout (above) were the sparkplugs of this late season drive. But the 1951-1952 record was not the work of one or two men, but of the whole team. Gone next year will be Swanson, Miller, Roche, and Huggins, but a fine crop of freshmen—Kilpatrick, Lamed, Thaw, etc.—will be here to fill their shoes. 149 . .. , boxing i For the fourth consecutive year, Coach Roy Sim¬ mons’ mittmen won the Eastern Intercollegiate Title. It marked the eleventh triumph for Syracuse in the 29-year history of the association. During the regular season, the Orangemen won three, tied one and lost once in five dual meets. Kartalian and Army’s Mclnerney stand toe to-toe to slug it out. 150 Eastern Champs Again ... Six of the eight Orangemen entered in the East¬ erns reached the finals, with three winning indi¬ vidual honors. These were Art Nelson, unbeaten 132-pounder; John Granger, 139-pounder; and heavyweight and captain George Kartalian. The other Orangemen to box in the finals were Jack Maher, Gus Fiacco and Bill Miller. Miller was defending 155-pound champion. Syracuse totaled 24 points, three more than runner-up Army. — 1 Above: Whitey Maher crosses with a right against Wisconsin’s Ray Zale. Left: Artie Nelson side-steps the left hand of Dave Migagawa of Wisconsin. ! Syracuse opened her season with an impressive victory over the Cadets from West Point, 6 1 2 to iy 2 . 1800 fans watched in Archbold Gymnasium as the Orangemen swept the first five bouts to clinch the meet victory. Sophomore Johnny Granger scored the meet’s only knockout, but decisions were won by Tom Coulter, Art Nelson, Gus Fiacco, Bill Miller and Whitey Maher. Vince Rigolosi drew with Army’s Jeryl Hughes, and Army’s Eastern champ, Jim Mc- Inerney, edged George Kartalian. Catholic university fell before the potent fists of the Orangemen, 7-1, as three of the Syracuse boxers won by knockouts. These were Capt. George Kar¬ talian, Bill Miller and Gus Fiacco. The only loss suffered by the Orangemen was in the 125-pound class, where Ray Terranella was edged by C.U.’s Joe Walsh. The following week the Orangemen traveled to Penn State to meet the Nittany Lions—and they re¬ turned home with their third straight victory. Coach Roy Simmons with his Eastern Intercollegiate Boxing champions. Front row: Coach Simmons, Rigolosi, Kartalian, Maher. Back row: Coulter, Nelson, Fiacco, Granger, Mossberg. ife m fw 1 Tom Coulter steps back from the attack of Wisconsin ' s Tom Zamzow. Johnny Granger unleashes a furious two-fisted attack upon Pat Sreenan of Wisconsin. Knockout victories by Nelson and Kartalian sparked Syracuse’s 5-3 victory. Also winning for the Hillmen were Vince Rigolosi and Bill Miller. The fifth point was garnered by draws registered by Whitey Maher and Tom Coulter, who returned to ring wars after a week’s absence. The University of Virginia’s Cavaliers battled the Orangemen to a 4-4 draw at Charleston before a capacity crowd of 4,500. Virginia’s sophomore captain, Pete Potter handed Bill Miller his first loss of the season, and Artie Nelson and George Kar¬ talian were held to draws. Victorious for Syracuse were Granger, Fiacco and Maher. But it was the Badgers from Wisconsin that handed Syracuse her first dual meet loss of the sea¬ son. Kartalian notched his third knockout of the season, and Nelson and Coulter won by decisions. However the controversial Miller-Murphy bout was the evening’s highlight. Miller floored the Badger captain twice in the third round, and the referee stopped the bout. But several seconds later he ordered action to resume, and Murphy walked off with the decision and the match. The fine showing of the Hillmen in the Easterns more than compensated for this loss, and Coach Simmons can predict a brilliant future in 1953, with only Kartalian and Maher missing from Syra¬ cuse’s Eastern Champs. Catholic U. ' s Ken DeNouter is down and out from the lethal fists of Syracuse’s captain, George Kartalian. 155 swimming Undefeated Coach Ted Webster 1952 marked the first undefeated season for a Syracuse swimming team since 1916. Also Coach Ted Webster’s Orangemen broke five university standards to compile the finest record in history. The team scoring record was broken against the University of Buffalo, as the Hillmen racked up 70 points. Ed Lesko and Bob Downing each had a hand in two new records. Lesko set a new mark in the 200-yard breaststroke with a mark of 2:32.6. Downing cracked the 200-yard backstroke standard, swimming that event in 2:22:3, and these two, with Bob Beaumont, set a school mark in the 300-yard medley relay. 156 The undefeated Orange mermen. First row: Miskho, Taylor, Campbell, Gary, .Schaeffer, Reed. Second row: Gillard, Downing, Beaumont, Clark, Kohnken,_ Steckel, Wilson. Third row: Marks, Rossi, Bronczyk, Lesko, Curran, Kissel, Mosolino, Poppenberg, Coach Webster. Captain Bruce Campbell 157 The fifth record broken was in the 150-yard med¬ ley event, as Jack Gary raced the distance in 1:42.3. The Orange opened the season against R.P.I., overpowering the Engineers, 68-16, as they took first in every event. George Miskho was high point man was firsts in both the 220 and 440-yard free¬ style races. Miskho and Bob Beaumont were double victors as Fordham was defeated, 63-21. Orange sprinter Bob Beaumont Beaumont won the 50 and 100-yard freestyle events, and the Orangemen took eight firsts in de¬ feating the Rams. The University of Buffalo took only one first place as Syracuse swamped them 70-14. Individual races were won by Taylor, Campbell, Mosolino, Beaumont, Downing, Lesko and Miskho, plus the two relay teams. The Orange then returned home to defeat Colgate’s Red Raiders, 54-30. . 158 Syracuse swimmers in the new pool, which they hope to use in 1953. Gary, Lesko and Downing set their new stand¬ ards and the Syracuse swimmers finished first in seven of the ten events. Beaumont and Len Kissel finished one-two in the 50-yard freestyle race to give the Orange a lead which was never threatened. Cornell was subdued, 43-41, to complete a per¬ fect season for the Orange. The meet was decided in the final event, the 400-yard freestyle relay, which the Syracuse quartet won. Five of Coach Webster ' s fine sopho¬ mores. In the water: Kohnken, Taylor. On the deck: Reed, Miskho, Schaeffer. 159 4 wrestling ■ i Liv-,, ■ 1 Coach Joe McDaniel’s Syracuse wrestlers showed that they are on their way to regaining their Eastern supremacy by winning six of their seven matches, and finishing second in the Eastern Intercollegiates. Only Penn State’s Nittany Lions, Eastern champ¬ ions, were able to edge the Orangemen. The Orange wrestlers opened their 1952 cam¬ paign in Archbold Gymnasium with a 15-9 verdict over Rutgers. Dick Beyer’s victory in the heavy¬ weight division proved the margin of victory. Other victors for the Orange were Bob Gerbino, Bob Bury, Lee Nethersole and Lee Martin, all by decisions. ' 1 ir This Temple man is headed for a fall . . . 160 - 1 Lee Martin attempts to roll over Temple’s John DiFiori for a fall. Next to fall were the Cadets from West Point. Leading the Orange point-winners were Captain Lou Tschirhart, Bob Bury and frosh Ed Rooney, all of whom scored falls. Bob Gerbino also won for the Hillmen, and Enzo Marinelli and Dick Beyer drew with their Cadet foes. Next to face the Orangemen were the grap- plers from Cortland. Dick Beyer tries to wriggle free from the arms of Army’s heavyweight, A1 Paulekas. i 161 i Orange wrestlers for 1952. Below: First row: Rooney, Gerbino, Bury. Second row: Dinkelmeyer, Nethersole, Haas, Gobetz. Above: Coach Joe McDaniel with freshmen Lee Martin and Tom McDoueal. Inset: Captain Lou Tschirhart. Syracuse overpowered Cortland, 32-0, as Bury, Rooney, Martin and Marinelli scored falls. Other matches were won by Gerbino, Tschirhart, Mc- Dougal and Beyer. Penn State, defending Eastern champions, edged the Orangemen at State College to end their win streak. The final score was 17-11, with Syracuse vic¬ tories being scored by Bob Gerbino, Ed Rooney and Dick Beyer. The Hillmen then journeyed to Ithaca to meet Cornell’s Big Red grapplers. Below: " Boys, you’re off the mat! " Above: Gerbino attempts to take Temple’s McCreary down to the mat. 163 Cornell proved an easy mark for Coach Joe Mc¬ Daniel’s men, as Syracuse won, 20-6. Captain Lou Tschirhart was unable to wrestle, but Bob Campbell filled in to win his first varsity match. The only pin was scored by Bob Bury, but Gerbino, Martin, Marinelli and Beyer won by decisions to clinch the victory. Victory number five came at Lehigh, 17-8. There were no pins, but five Orangemen notched decisions and frosh Tom McDougal wrestled a draw. Syracuse completed her dual meet season by de¬ feating Temple, 34-0. Bob Gerbino preserved his victory string by decisioning Bob McCreary. Bob Campbell and Lee Nethersole also won decisions, and falls were recorded by Rooney, Martin, Mc¬ Dougal and Marinelli. Enzo Marinelli picks up riding time. 1 The tables are turned as a West Point Cadet tries for a fall. In the Eastern Intercollegiates, held at Lehigh University, the Orangemen finished second behind defending champion Penn State. Although Syra¬ cuse did not win an individual title, they placed three men in the finals to clinch the runner-up posi¬ tion. These finalists were 123-pounder BobGerbino, frosh Ed Rooney, the terrific l47.-pounder, and heavyweight Dick Beyer. Bob Bury was edged out in the semi-finals by 137-pounder George Feurbach, Lehigh ' s captain. Orange 123-pounder Bob Gerbino, undefeated in dual meet competition. 165 gymnastics Ferdie Fournies performs on the flying rings. Captain Hugh Goldstein with Coach Romeo. A talented but inexperienced Orange gymnastics squad split four dual meets, but proved to their opponents that they will be title threats for the Eastern crown in 1953. Only Bloom and Captain Hugh Goldstein will be missing next year. Syracuse showed their potential power by up¬ setting Navy, 48V2 to AlVi, in their season opener. Sophomore Ferdie Fournies captured the rope climb, then upset Hal Lewis in the flying rings event to become the meet’s only double-winner. John Barkal won the side horse event for Syracuse’s other individual win. 166 West Point made Syracuse her twenty-second consecutive victim as the Cadets won, 6 OV 2 to 35 V 2 . John Barkal was a double-winner for the Orange, copping the horizontal and parallel bar events, and Corky Sebbo topped the tumblers. But the Cadet depth brought them the victory. Sebbo won again and Fournies tied in the rope climb, but the Nittany Lions edged Syracuse, 56-40 at State College. Most consistent performer for Syracuse was Barkal, with three seconds. Trnka works out on the horizontal bar. Coach Romeo with his 1952 Orange gymnasts. Victory number two for Syracuse came in their last meet of the year, against Temple. But the 49- 47 win over the Owls proved costly, as John Barkal was injured while dismounting from the high bar, and unable to compete in the Easterns. Prior to his injury, Barkal had finished first in the side horse event, and he also took a second in the high bar. Fournies tied for first in the rope climb and placed second in the flying rings, while Sebbo won the tumbling. Syracuse was host to the Eastern Intercollegiates, held in Archbold Gymnasium. In the Easterns, Trnka finished third in the horizontal bar and all- around events, while Fournies was third in the flying rings and fourth in the rope climb. But the outstanding performance of the day was by the Orange’s Jim (Corky) Sebbo. Sebbo, a 17- year old freshman from Jersey City, upset defend¬ ing champion Fred Graf in the tumbling event by amassing a near perfect score of 382 points. „ i i i I e 168 Corky Sebbo Coach Emmett Kelley’s Orange golfers did not break into the victory column until their last match of the season. But two of their losses were decided on the last hole, and their steady improvement Captain-elect Ed Roll through the season points to a much better record by the seven returning golfers in 1952. The Orange linksmen played eight matches, with their only victory being scored over Duquesne, 6-1. Penn State and Cornell eked out 4-3 decisions on the final match, the State victory coming on the nineteenth hole. golf The Orange golfers. First row: Mance, Lish, Zulch, Rice. Second row: Williams, Weiland, Coach Kelley, Roll, Meikelham, Asst. Coach Klink. L .tS k m fatT. : £ V lx U to i w ) f N r i i ' h C Vi It 11 (H ] ■ i f p i y m i ft.1.16, ' -L Hal McGrath The finest tennis player to hit Syra¬ cuse in many years, Hal McGrath cli¬ maxed a brilliant season by winning the Eastern Intercollegiate title. Hal was undefeated in 1951 on a mediocre tennis team which won four of eight matches. ■ ■■ ... ST Only attackmen Yash Podbielski and Co-cap- tains Jack Britton and Jim DeNicola were left from Coach Roy Simmons’ 1950 varsity first-stringers. But the Orangemen still fought their way to a re¬ spectable six and four record. The Hill stickmen were defeated in their opener by Hobart, but bounced back by whipping Cort¬ land, 11-4. Yash Podbielski sparked the Syracuse attack with five goals. Britton had three goals and a pair of assists. Then they returned home to meet Dartmouth in Archbold. Syracuse’s lack of reserve strength proved their downfall as the Orangemen led, 6-3, at half-time. Dartmouth’s Indians poured on the pressure in the second half to win, 10-7. The Hillmen edged Cornell, 8-7, for their second victory. Bob Brown tallied three times to lead the Syracuse scorers. Five goals by Podbielski gave Syracuse her third victory as Penn State was de¬ feated, 13-10. Two goals apiece were scored by DeNicola, Kilgus and Echaendia. Next to fall were the Alumni, 8-0. 172 The Cadets from West Point proved poor hosts as they rolled over Syracuse, 21-7. Again lack of depth spelled disaster for the Orangemen. Yash Pod- bielski’s four goals led the under-manned Hillmen. In another Cornell thriller, Coach Simmons’ stickmen edged the Big Red, 11-10. Again Podbiel- ski was scoring leader, but outstanding was the play of Orange goalie Herb Mendelson, who made 17 saves. R.P.I. avenged her 1949 and 1950 losses to Syra¬ cuse by trouncing the Orangemen by a 20-9 margin. The Engineers used their superior depth to keep the pressure constantly on Syracuse. Goalie Mendelson once again was superb, making 25 saves. In the season’s finale, Syracuse whipped the Onondagan Indians, 16-4. Outstanding was attackman and high scorer Yash Podbielski. Coach Roy Simmons’ Orange lacrosse squad. » HIM ■MTp il i ip I ' •—■•filar-’ Coach Gus Ericksen’s second year on the Hill began with a thrilling victory on Lake Onondaga and ended with the selection of Lake Onondaga as the site for the 1952 National Intercollegiate Regatta. But the events succeeding the Orangemen’s vic¬ tory in their 1951 debut were not quite as jubilant. They do serve to prove that the introduction of a new coach and a new stroke cannot bring immedi¬ ate results. But the spirit shown by the Syracuse sweepswingers evidenced a brighter future for Or¬ ange crews to come. The season’s opener brought together the crews of Syracuse, Cornell, Boston University, and Dart¬ mouth. Cornell’s rowers won both the junior var¬ sity and freshman races, with the Orange crews each taking third. Then Coach Ericksen’s varsity upset the Big Red’s plans for a clean sweep by notching the final race of the day. Syracuse never relinquished the lead as they shaded Cornell by three-quarters of a length. The Orangemen were timed in 7:37 over the mile and a half course. h 174 Coach Gus Ericksen ' s 1951 Syracuse varsity crewmen. The following week Syracuse traveled to Cornell for the Carnegie Cup Regatta, and the Orange rowers placed fourth in all three events. In the Easterns, held at Princeton, the Orange varsity shell was eliminated in the qualifying heat. Transportation difficulties hampered training time for Syracuse at Marietta, where they rowed a fine race though finishing seventh. But all eyes are looking toward 1952 and the Nationals at Syracuse. Coach Gus Ericksen shouts instruc¬ tions to his rowers from the launch. baseball Above: Roche is on the mound against Duquesne. Left: A1 Stuhl- miller takes his cuts. Syracuse’s varsity baseballers enjoyed their bestT season in many years by winning nine of twelve starts. 1951 also marked the finest record compiled by a Ted Kleinhans ' coached team. In dropping their first two games to Cornell and Union, Syracuse gave little indication of what was to follow. Suddenly the Orangemen snapped out of their slump by edging Fordham, 5-4. Then Tom Lehr shut out Hobart, 5-0. Bucky Roche followed with a four-hitter against Colgate, as Syracuse slammed out a 12-0 victory. Leading the Orange hitters were Walt Wilkins and Ken Johnson. Syracuse journeyed north to add St. Lawrence and Clarkson to their string. Cornell was the Hill- men’s sixth victim, 9-3, as Roche scattered seven hits. 176 The Cornell game was a tight pitch¬ er’s duel for four innings until Syra¬ cuse’s batting power erupted for seven runs in the fifth to break the game wide open. Four errors caused the Orangemen’s downfall, as Duquesne squeezed out a 6-5 win on the Collendale field. Stuhl- miller and Amico each had three hits in a losing cause. Syracuse finished its season by rolling over her final trio of opponents. 1950 losses to Bucknell and Quantico were avenged, and Colgate fell victim in the season’s finale, 11-10, in ten innings. I Coach Ted Kleinhans with his 1951 Orange ba seballers, who won nine of twelve starts. track Broadjumper Neil LaForest. Alex Perrit wins the halfmile race against Colgate. For the fourth consecutive season, Syracuse’s cindermen were undefeated in dual meet competi¬ tion. Coach Bob Grieve’s runners romped over traditional rivals Rutgers and Colgate with ease. Sparking the Orangemen against Rutgers at New Brunswick, N. J., Billy Haskins posted victories in the 100-yard dash, high jump and broad jump events. Syracuse took fourteen firsts in their opening dual meet, losing only the javelin throw and hammer throw. In the latter Syracuse had no entrant. Engelhardt tosses the javelin for the Orangemen. VRACU, Syracuse’s cindermen, undefeated in dual meet competition for the fourth straight year In their only other dual meet, the Orangemen whipped Colgate at Archbold Stadium, 80% to 50%. The Hill runners made off with twelve of fifteen first places. Again Haskins was outstanding, finishing first in both the 100-yard dash and broad jump, and second in the running high jump. But the day’s highlight was the running of Powell Benedict in the mile relay, after the Orangeman had dropped the baton. Bob Weaver ended a fine career by winning the mile in 4:16.6, 150 yards ahead of second-place Jack Warner. But in the Penn and Seton Hall Relays the Syra¬ cuse runners slipped below their previous perform¬ ances. At the Seton Hall Relays, the Orange four- mile relay team finished third. John Revelle tied for second in the high jump with a leap of 6 ' 2 " . At the Penn Relays the Orange took first in the class “B” sprint medley, but the distance medley team finished sixth, and our four-mile relay runners ended in fifth place. The Orangemen are pointing towards avenging these losses in 1952. It looks mighty close here, but the Orangemen came through for the victory. 179 I pi alpha tau Pi Alpha Tau, the captains, managers and sports editors honorary, carried on several investigations in cooperation with the athletic department. Among these were a comprehensive study into pro¬ moting uniform jackets for all varsity letter-win¬ ners, and an investigation for the promotion of school spirit. The officers were: President, Dick Newell; Vice President, Pete Landau; Secretary, Gil Herrer; Correspondent, George Davis; Treasurer, Dave Schmidt. Pi Alpha Tau: Front, left to right: P. Landau, R. Newell, R. Schuler, R. Rosenberg. Rear: G. Herrer, L. Tschirhart, D. Schmidt, J. Watkins, M. Marks, S. Swanson, G. Davis, H. McGrath, S. Hosier. Those absent: E. Miller, T. Huggins, E. Dobrowolski, J. Donati, K.. Rohde, V. Pinchbeck, B. Campbell, B. Dolphin, L. Rubin, H. Muir, D. Southwick, C. Murphy, C. Sweitzer, S. Rose. n f ft ' - ' i ■ SORORITIES AND FRATERNITIES Fabric design of various territories which com¬ prised the Aztec Empire. racuse Un INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL IFC through its newly formed social action committee pioneered one of the first community action programs ever established by a group of its type. In line with community service the Council last spring instituted a successful " clean-up, fixe-up, paint-up” campaign which did much to improve the appearance of the campus. 186 OFFICERS President .Stanford Karp Executive Secretary .Lawrence Levinson Treasurer .Gerald Cramer II ACACIA President . Vice-President Treasurer . . . . .Allan Knox ..Paul Greenlaw Duane Beckhorn Forty big years on the Hill completed by Acacia at 807 with All-U open house to celebrate . . . plenty of paint splashed on the walls before school . . . Paul and Stu prize debators . . . the house goes to the dogs and then returns ... X became the known quantity known as bar . . . Luke turns his talents to glue and Bette makes her debut . . . the radio goes berserk while the AS boys tinker . . . Willy and table both make money . . . Christmas formal at Carriage House best ever ... no time to be blue with Kenny in Orange Peals, Don in Chapel Choir and Carl over the radio . . . Pinch brings Arnie into our hearts . . . A1 rapped order and climbed mountains . . . Orange Key tapped George . . . the Foresters keep late hours and Willy came marching home. Front row: (left to right) K. Johnson, D. Cole, J. Anderson, V. Pinch-Back, Z. Deardon, W. Mead, W. Wirth, G. Lockwood, D. Beckhorn, W. Helene. Second row: R. Farosz, R. Jensen, W. Lott, K. Diewire, D. Pace, L. Russell, C. Joynson. Those absent: I. Hammel, A. Knox, A. Staple, P. Greenlaw, D. Ingraham, J. Mikle, H. Vine, S. Stevens, G. Vanvolkenberg, E. Tremer, F. Modica. Front row: (left to right) M. Ambrosino, K. Winfield, L. Catoggio, A. Jarrett, J. Ontko, W. Angelos. Second row: D. Moore, C. Daetwyler, F. Briggs, D. Saseen, A. Legge, T. Large, R. Binder, J. Stefany, G. Knowles, N. Coberly, J. Boyer. Third row: M. Newcombe, N. Murphy, J. Danielson, R. Ellis, F. Johnson, D. Buechner, S. Hosier, D. Levy, L. Heal, D. Bartholme, N. Caruso. Fourth row: E. Moorej W. Winney, B. Rhodes, B. Stein, R. Schutts, G. Smith, B. Hanson, A. Pentaleri, W. Carew, D. Grey, N. Gutchess. Those absent: K. Lasch, G. Michel, B. Feol, J. McCort, A. Mclnnis. ALPHA CHI RHO President . Thomas Large Vice-President . Alan Legge Treasurer . Ralph Binder Totin’ the cup from National, the " Crows” began their 147th year on the Hill, as one of the most successful ever. One of the duties of the new pledge class was to polish the three new cups gained via recognition of Intra-mural championship, Campus Chest Carnival, and swimming honors. Cool " Quarry Parties,” a warm Formal, followed by a hot Cairo party and a wild Tri-Chi picnic were high¬ lights of our social events this year. Jack, Joe, George, and Bill help up Traditions, while Neal, Jim, Dick and Stu managed the Cagers, Soccermen, Slatsters, and SU’s 9 through their winning seasons. All in all we stand " loose” a great bunch of Seniors but gain a fine lot of pledges. 189 Front row: (left to right) I. Chocron, J. Barkann, S. Suttenberg, J. Lerman, B. Baschkin, E. Pintoff, B. Robinson, M. Serling, H. Basch, A. Grossman, L. Goldberg. Second row: D. Cohen, J. Kurson, M. Sherman, S. Polishook, J. Feinsinger, I. Block, G. Epstein, R. Baker, S. Beilin. Third row: M. Marks, P. Landau, S. Brodman, F. Feldman, H. Rosenberg, A. Berger, L. Adler, R. Liebman, S. Sacks, R. Donsky, M. Preminger, M. Swartz. Those absent: N. Siskind, R. Osur, R. Berk, A. Hamowy, S. Soled, J. Pincus, R. Cohn, N. Hirsch, I. Starr, D. Prager, L. Eisenberg, S. Karp, R. Winnegrad, S. Raiff, H. Einstein, C. Klaif, R. Berlin, R. Remnitz, H. Finks, H. Kevin, R. Levinson, J. Segall, R. Fine, M. Laubstein, D. Geiger, M. Friedman. j ALPHA EPSILON PI Master . . .. .Bernie Bashkin Lt. Master .Mike Serling Treasurer .Seymour Polishook Alpha Epsilon Pi has had a busy " fifth” year on the Syracuse campus. Our social season this year has been very full with the Spring Formal the big event. Varsity- wise, Bob Fine has been doing a fine job on the cross country track team coming in the first six places each time. Hank Einstein has also done a good job on the soccer team. Dick Winnegrad is the boxing manager and Lew Kupperman has just been appointed tennis manager. Among the Big Men On Campus we can proudly acclaim Don Cohen, Business Manager of the D. O.; Stan Karp, president of FF.C.; Ike Chocron, president of Rho Delta Phi, English honorary; Jim Pincus, Chairman of the Campus Chest Carnival; and Pete Landau, Vice President of Pi Alph Tau Honorary. ALPHA SIGMA PHI President . Peter Lipari Vice-President .. James Hays Secretary . Robert Cohoes With twice elected Chapter President Pete Lipari at the helm, the boys fom down at " 202” had a wonderful year. The kitchen was vastly improved with a complete paint job while the living room was spruced up with the addition of several new pieces of furniture. Jerry and Lou had a weak moment and lost their pins, foolish boys. The heavy emphasis on rushing paid off big dividends with the pledging of fifteen men. In athletics we were well represented by Captain Lou Tschirhart, who has lost only one match in two years of varsity wrestling. We also just missed snagging the intramural football trophy by finishing in second place. Colgate Weekend and the Christmas formal were the outstanding social events of the season. Front row: (left to right) J. Green, F. Hintermeister, W. Emerson, J. Hays, Prince, P. Lipari, W. Lobo, E. Robinson, T. Stapleton. Second row: L. Tschirhart, H. Kiljander, A. Mazure, J. Shevlin, E. Robinson, R. O’Brien, R. Cohoes, J. Laspiza, R. Shaw, J. Taylor. Those absent: F. McQuibben, R. Diefendorf, L. DeSantis, C. Debellis, W. Devanney. ALPHA TAU OMEGA President .William Wooster Vice-President .John Olofson Treasurer .Jack Badewitz We came back from our conference this summer with a cartload of ideas. " Pacer” is back with his drums and nine more pledges join the family while fifteen men be¬ come brothers. Outstanding pledge goes to Dick. Hell Week was " Help Week” this year as Norm directed the pledges to a job well done on Madison St. That " Roaring 20’s” pledge dance started the social calendar off with a bang. The cannon really jolted Boston at the B.U. game. No let-up on serenade practice. Six of the boys dropped their pins and it’s not over. Standing room only in the living room on Sunday night. That TV set’s gotta go. John and Don on Orange Key, Bennie with Phi Kappa Alpha, George ' Veeps’ A Phi O and Bill’s busy heading the Tri-Orange Party. Front row: (left to right) Q. Taylor, R. Thornton, M. Young, R. Tilton. Second row: R. Young, F. Springer, B. Reed, G. Helander, D. Enders, R. Hermance, W. Wooster, N. Richie, L. Wilkie, R. Norden, G. Bakes, A. Jewell. Third row: A. Coates, A. Finger, D. Richards, W. Wahl, C. Rider, J. Hermance, J. Badawitz, J. Simpson, J. Weeks, T. Kowalski, G. Gearn, P. Buttaro. Fourth row: W. Barton, J. Houseworth, R. Kemp, G. Kepner, B. Hutchinson, C. Johnson, L. Kreitmayer, R. Roby, R. Carroll, E. Cabefas, D. Sundstrom, R. Goodman. Those absent: C. Weinz, O. Richards, R. Erdman, W. Bettinger, W. Pace, A. Franco, D. Donnigan, W. Bain, J. Darby, Jones, J. Beilis, B. Dolphin, J. Olofson, S. Sampson. I Front row: (left to right) I. Becker, B. Bregman, M. Weiser, R. Rosan, D. Solondz, S. Fisher, I. Simon. Second row: B. Dallos, D. Engle, I. Suna, A. Miller, B. Nitzberg, A. Goodman, P. Friedman. Third row: A. Cohen, H. Ruben, G. Liebergall, C. Dunsker, D Krohn G. Uhry, M. Horowitz. Those absent: H. Zaretsky, S. Golden, D. Rosenbaum, L. Symansky, M. Triwaks. BETA SIGMA RHO President .Robert Rosan Vice-President .Milton Weiser Secretary .Daniel Solondz September found us in our beautiful new home on fraternity row, hurriedly redecorating. Fresh paint, days without heat until our new oil burner arrived, and the basement play rooms we built marked our internal im¬ provements. A swell new pledge class and their formal at the Hotel Syracuse, a Halloween and Indian War Dance, and the Colgate Poster all helped to keep our social life busy. It was Rosan’s private room and bath, Phil’s book mart, the eighth Carr, and Don’s baby which were conversation pieces around the house. We had our Big Wheels in Jewish Student Fellowship and Men’s Student Government. Looking ahead we see a much stronger chapter and many more great times for the boys of Beta Sigma Rho. I IB (Vft -x f f • - 1 } O Efe A : «n dk aifc-T bTj I ? ' ' a jp S I m 1 m ) A L J I V ,» «• Front row: (left to right) J. Polek, W. Galbus, R. Cheeseman, P. Clark, Sandy, J. Moore, E. Steckel, D. Wood, A. Baldwin. Second row: F. Slama, J. Purves, S. Iannone, P. Heitig, W. Yoeman, W. Ballantyne, A. DeCostanzo, E. Saint Louis, L. Pollack, H. Gerhardt. Third row: J. Maher, J. Ace, C. Hahn, G. Markel, C. Adams, T. Ryan, R. Lewis, C. Wistrup, P. Downs, R. Burner, H. Steigler, R. Cook, G. Wert, J. Fitzgerald, G. Weigel. Fourth row: J. Gallagher, J. Perry, E. Martin, R. Heydet, T. Munro, A. Lawrence, T. Havill, R. McKay, A. Mollica, A. Bennett, D. Byington, J. Kirkgassen, F. Campbell. Those absent: A. Troilo, R. Perkins, J. Burns, G. Gates, E. Smith, W. Lichtenburger, P. Atkinson, R. Givvons, D. Driskill, P. Farley. BETA THETA PI President .John Moore Vice-President .Chares Adams Treasurer .William Ballantyne Events moved along rapidly at the ole 711 Club this year with a full house and 22 seniors. We began by pledging 20 prospective Betas in Sept., copped the Cam¬ pus Chest Carnival Cup, donated 39 pints of blood to the Red Cross, repaired the house’s interior and the driveway. Watched the football team, sporting 7 Betas whip Colgate to conclude a highly successful Colgate Weekend. The Christmas season found us entertaining 35 underprivileged children and shivering in front of sorority houses on our Xmas Serenade. The Triad with Elliot Lawrence was a huge success and the Spring Picnic ran true to form. 16 Betas played on school teams, 5 took the fatal step, while the rest of us spent our idle time watching our newly won TV set. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON President .John O ' Shaughnessy Vice-President .Kingdon Westerlind Treasurer .Samuel McFadden SU’s oldest fraternity spotlighted its intramural season by holding on to the All University Touch Football Championship for the 5th straight year. Socials with sororities, parties with the ATO’s an d Beta’s, and Christ¬ mas and Spring formals, made for hard work with good times long to be remembered. Taking a prize with the gallows for the Cornell Pep Rally gave rise to much favorable comment, as did the 7,000 pound Christmas ice chapel on the front lawn. Instructing the 22 new DKE pledges in the playing of the Crouse Chimes for the 63rd straight year and the six torchlight pinnings on the cam¬ pus were among the old traditions carried on. DKE held chairmanships of the IFC Ball, and the Stockingfoot Dance. Front row: (left to right) P. Halton, D. Gates, E. Veasey, K. Ray, R. Carter, K. Westerlind, J. O ' Shaughnessy, S. McFadden, J. Jones, J. Debenham, C. Daniel. Second row: J. Raver, W. Chapman, J. Williams, T. Pizur, S. Clark, H. Hammett, D. Whitney, T. Sawyer ' D. Crowley, J. Canny, C. Nash, J. DePetro, E. Alston, J. Shuster, L. Flynn, J. Ginalski, W. Sexton. Third row: W. Craddock, J. Gorman] J. Bavarabic, R. Cooney, J. Raycroft, R. Cornett, R. Tucker, P. Markey, R. Brown, A. Mercer, Kyoff, Lirvin, B. Outlaw. DELTA TAU DELTA President .Joe Camarda Vice-President .William Cahill Teasurer .Gordon Bradbury The Delt’s fourth year on the hill got off to a " fine” start with Camarda at the helm. Walker was elected prexy of the Junior class of Forestry while Wiencek headed the Holy Name Society at St. Thomas More. Dave did a great job as USP Chairman. Varsity football was well represented with Browchuk, Reimer and Wiseman. The cry in intramurals is— " Wait’ll next year.” Honored with an Orange Key was Wiseman. Neil is in Theta Tau; Laughlin made Sigma Delta Chi; and Markley was elected to Sigma Upsilon Alpha. Wiencek and Bradbury were elected to Scabbard and Blade. The social calendar was highlighted by a " loose” dixie party for the pledges and a memorable Christmas formal. Diaz and Alderisio are a great combo on the 88 Keys. Front row: (left to right) J. Gillouly, R. Wiencek, D. Leone, R. Wiseman, W. Laughlin, J. Camarda, W. Cahill, G. Bradbury, D. Alder¬ isio, C. Merri ll, W. Dailey. Second row: J. Diaz, J. Campbell, S. Walker, T. Ward, P. Latham, C. Ford, J. Brand, J. Hennessey, C. Williams, W. Markley. Third row: A. Browchuk, D. Collins, J. Carlton, D. Chiacchia, D. Lasher, J. Duddy, W. See, R. Lefko, G. Wilcox. Those absent: D. Littlejohn, A. Neil, J. Paddock, G. Preston, D. Reimer. Front row: (left to right) W. Dealtrey, K. Erlandson, J. McGranaghan, W. Davis, S. Lazarow, P. Barnes, D. McFarlane, R. North, R. Sullivan, H. Wickham, A. Hallenbeck. Second row: H. Carlson, F. Sliney, J. Martin, R. Horton, M. Peterson, R. VerNooy, L. Sunsted, B. MacGregor, W. Kagler, K. Lent. Third row: J. Heider, E. Thompson, C. Hill, J. Hubbard, L. Isaacson, B. Laidlow, J. Brown, N. Casey, J. Buffington, E. Seymour. Those absent: C. Crownhart, R. Cullen, L. Hakes, D. Lavender, P. Morse, R. Nichol, W. Riblet, L. Swift, D. Waterman, C. Way. DELTA UPS I LON President .Phillip Barnes Vice-President .Walter Dealtrey Treasurer .Bob VerNooy The entire Chapter and University were saddened by the untimely death of Brother Harry O. Carlson in De¬ cember. Very impressive memorial services were held at the Chapel. An annual award, to be called the Harry Carlson Pledge Achievement Cup, will be presented to the best pledge. Fall Rushing under the able direction of Walt Dealtrey netted thirteen top men. Lavender and VerNooy wheels in Chapel, while Wickham is treasurer of the Senior Class. Walt, Blackjack-, Sully and Ludnick get married. Tremendous Christmas Formal held at the Chapter House. Exchange coffees with Theta Phi Alpha, Chi Omega, and Alpha Chi Omega. Andy our new Saint Bernard Mascot. Ed Thompson on varsity football team. Should be a great year. Front row: (left to right) J. Messina, F. Bartunek, P. Case, R. Finn. Second row: R. Papsco, M. Delisio, J. Pajak, C. Johnson, R. Clark, K. Woodcock, J. Beckman, W. Crandell, R. Blaich, J. Hutton, J. Koch. Third row: H. Page, J. Jurreller, C. Parker, D. Klumb, R. Wagner, H. Parcell, D. Hallock, R. Carpenter, R. Hillman, R. Romandetto, J. Gersbach. Fourth row: S. Nahigyan, R. Stevens, C. Harlow, R. Clowe, R. Werner, J. Call, S. Geda, R. Thompson, R. Doolittle, G. Pervalis. Those absent: E. Berger, M. Fraser, B. Bennett, R. Brewer, W. Robin¬ son, J. McDaniels, J. Hern, L. McCelland, S. Johnson. KAPPA SIGMA President .Kermit Woodcock Vice-President .Robert Clark Secretary .Willer Crandell In Gamma Iota’s forty-six years we are sure that none could have been better than the last. Still swelling with pride by taking second place in the Chancellors Cup, we have stayed in the top three ever since the award began. IFC sing cup was retired to brother Christman. The en¬ tire cellar under the spark of Bob Blaich was made into a beautiful pine paneled lounge complete with a snack bar and TV. In football it was Les McCelland, Jim Mes¬ sina, and Sam Johnson; X-country, Gene Parker; crew, John Hutton; lacrosse, Jim Hern and Jon Bjornson. The social season under Jack Beckman and Dick Finn was a huge success; party at Cornell, a costume Greek party, Christmas formal with Chi O, potfer party, and the Black and White. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA High Alpha .Michael Pandich High Bela .Eric Feasey High Gamma .Ray Travers A happy year—Honored by the presentation of the Tolley Cup — Greg Ferentino received IFC Presidency Cup — Buckley Boxer crowned King of Campus in Soph Pet Show—Ned Glover, Paul Ulmschneider and Charlie Mayhood in Alpha Phi Omega—Ed Hinkel treasurer of Alpha Xi Sigma—Greg in Phi Kappa Alpha—Don Roman new Frosh President—Our Christmas Decoration Week rapidly on its way to becoming a campus tradition —J, Herd, Elt, and Don lose their pins. We all lost our hearts to our new sweetheart, Rusty Roden from Kappa Alpha Theta—Ferd gets back from the Marines to set up a new regime—Our previous champ basketball team sets new record this season; no wins—New house expected soon—17 good men pledged since fall. Front row: (left to right) F. Dobbs, C. Mayhood, R. Travers, M. Pandich, E. Feasey, E. Hinkel, R. Ginnelly, D. Summers. Second row; W. Collins, E. Baose, A. Lauderbaugh, J. Klosheim, N. Glover, P. Ulmschneder, C. Carosso, R. Eaton. Third row: N. Pisucanou, D. Silvernail, Corbitt, R. Lindsay, R. Berhold, G. Cutting, R. Smith, G. Kohler, R. Craven. OMEGA PI ALPHA President .Fred Levinson Secretary .Saul Waldman Treasurer .Robert Miller Omega began the year with 15 new pledges and major house renovations. Apache and Christmas parties were best yet and hardly a week passed without Stillman com¬ ing up with a social event of one kind or another. Taking the Christmas decorations cup marked a first, while bowl¬ ing and basketball teams ran near the top in intra-races. Wheels included Sam, president of MSG, debate and Phi Kappa Alpha; Stu, Chief of Civil Service and in Tau Theta Upsilon; Bill Aloisi in Orange Key; Saul, DO Editorial Director; Russ, Forestry Senior Class prexy, while Primo wielded the lacrosse stick and A1 prepared to call signals for JV crew. Saul lost his pin, " Schwog” got engaged and Bob and Lee got married. Yes, good year socially. i Front row: (left to right) R. Walker, D. Serko, R. Muluey, J. Stillman, S. Waldman, F. Levinson, S. Goekjian, H. Chapman, B. Maxon, J. Melees, J. Tomchin. Second row: E. Schwartz, T. Scott, D. Hart, L. Levinson, P. Zafran, A. Shafer, H. Kuflik, P. Martin, W. Aloisi, A. Nordwitz, M. Gallent. Third row: J. Rizzo, D. Herlan, J. Gjording, J. Plush, R. Slingerland, C. Roberts, P. Abrahams, F. Amram, D. Hess, K. Male, R. Guenther, W. Stein. Those absent: S. Chatwin, R. Miller, D. Lack, P. Belluz. j • Front row: (left to right) M. Schutt, D. VanVleet, R. Chapin, C. Wilcher, F. Gosman, D. Denward, J. Heinike, J. Dunn, A. Tedesco. Second row: R. Beaumont, G. Freeman, D. Chase, D. Doughty, J. Chantler, C. Allen, P. Yaman, N. Cuneo, W. Hoone, S. Slater, A. Stone- back, W. Bradley, D. Caldwalder, R. Brussel, H. Dixon. Third row: N. Todd, N. Coyne, B. Clement, P. Kilgus, R. Randall, B. Buck, R. McAllister, A. Glover, C. Daly, R. Secor, R. Knox, M. Masolino, R. Holmes, J. Martin. PHI DELTA THETA President . Fred Gosman Vice-President . DeBanks Henward Secretary . John Tighe The ol’ Pop (Snave, you devil) combined rushing and registration, coming up with 25 future Phi’s including half of SU’s mermen. Another ' great’ Colgate Poster, but the judges again failed to recognize genius. Mike played football occasionally. A touch of the Bowery in October. What a brawl. The girls made a good showing. Our Christmas formal though informal at times was a suc¬ cess. Our chaperones, always perfect hosts, truly entered into the spirit of the evening. Bo and Jere lived. Another record was set in scholarship. Hawk and T. D. again took to the shells. Wendy, Tiny, and Chape were out on the cinders, and Nick was all over the road. And Uncle Sam was taking a personal interest in us. ! Front row: (left to right) L. Lauzar, W. Skolnick, H. Good, G. Magit, S. Strongen, D. Miller, R. Selver, L. Zucker, L. Cohen. Second row: N. Nadel, N. Alperin, A, Heller, H. Beckman, H. Garfunkel, W. Levine, H. Morkowitz, E. Shemin. Third row: G. Spector, R. Seigel, R. Hurdus, J. Cohen, M. Greenberg, H. Drucker, J. Goldberg, E. Sandler. Those absent: R. Chaikin, D. Chasin, L. Gent, L. Gilbert, H. Goldstein, S. Grodd, S. Grossman, E. Halio, J. Hoffman, B. Jaffe, M. Lerner, M. Lewitt, B. Meissner, R. Michalson, B. Odza, S. Reiss, D. Robins, J. Rudolph, J. Schulman, A. Seidel, S. Tannenbaum, A. Warshaw, D. Wasserman, F. Kay, R. Bronstein, A. Kosoff, S. Williams, D. Baldengen, L. O’Kun, E. Shapiro, B. Simon, W. Tiger, L. Toboroff, S. Cohen. PHI EPSILON PI President .Seymour Strongen Vice-President .Gerald Magit Treasurer .Martin Lerner A new year and all our wheels had graduated. But the new semester brought new wheels, new athletes, and a new administration for the house. In athletic events we had a successful season in football and finished the swim¬ ming season by being eliminated in the finals. Attorney General Tannenbaum shone as a good and welfare orator. A party was given for the kids at the Weiting-Johnson hospital and all the fellows couldn’t stop talking about the thrill they got from making the kids happy. The Fall formal as usual was a huge success. Still high in scholar¬ ship the Eps placed second among all the fraternities. The year has proved to be a good one for the house and the caliber of the new pledge class will keep Phi Epsilon Pi tradition high. PHI GAMMA DELTA President .William Hicks Vice-President .Russell King Treasurer .Raymond Dietrich 4 Both brothers and pledges returned to campus early in the fall semester to ready the house for " rushing,” which produced one of our best pledge classes ever. The semes¬ ter was short lived when pinnings had the Fiji choristers out serenading. All will remember the " Fiji Marching Song” and Nick’s " sound-off” routine. The year’s social life was climaxed by Fiji Island Weekend, now the most looked for fraternity social event on campus. But before that came the unforgettable Christmas Formal. The Jef¬ ferson Duo, now a tradition, with the Phi Psi’s was again a success. We were Foster-parents to a Czech boy and helped in the IFC Help Week program. Then there are those Whoopee nights in the dorm. Some things never change. It’s just " too much.” Front row: (left to right) R. Place, R. Feucht, B. Knapp, J. Boyajian, V. Clapp, J. Roach, D. Demarest, J. Travic, G. Schunck. Second row: F. Davidson, P. Hutter, R. Jeffries, R. Gentman, W. Kliber, W. Hicks, R. King, G. Axelson, E. Ralston, T. Goins, N. Caivano, J. Kennedy. Third row: P. Lessard, M. Shepard, A. Collier, A. Ponturiero, A. Anderson, R. Kelly, J. Gary, T. Brayton, R. Nelson, E. Marinelli, J. Dutton, C. Nash, A. Carter. Fourth row: J. Beach, J. Westcott, B. Rich, J. Basset, B. Kennedy, T. Roach, R. Haines, J. Harvey, F. Kozelek, R. McLaughlin, W. Kassman, E. Yaple. Those absent: W. Skyinskus, R. Beyer, J. Harrison, S. Parker, G. Harris, J. Bundy, N. McWheelbase. PHI KAPPA PS I In this our Centennial year, ole Phi Psi reigned as one of the top houses on the Hill. We once again won the Pi Alpha Tau Athletic Achievement Award, added an¬ other leg on the Chapel Cup, several intramural awards, and a house full of Campus Wheels. Of our 14 gradu¬ ating seniors, there are 3 varsity captains, 3 varsity man¬ agers, 9 varsity letter-winners claiming 23 varsity letters; membership in 15 honoraries with three presidents, 16 clubs with three presidents, 6 ushers, 3 representatives on University boards, presidents of the Senior Class, Forestry School, Cadet Col. ROTC, and an overall aver¬ age of 1.7. Also 2 wives, and 2 children. It has been a busy four years for the Phi Psi graduating Class of 1952. . .Charles Murphy Frederick Edwards .. .Robert Beattie President .... Vice-President Treasurer i ; I ! Front row: (left to right) A. DeLine, L. O ' Sullivan, R. Armitage, R. Nilan, A. LaParo, J. Holzworth. Second row: A. Scott, W. Shaughnessy, L. Nethersole, R. Nero, R. Wilson, C. Murphy, F. Edwards, J. Echeandia, D. McCleod, R. Majewski, P. Barrett. Third row: V. Rigolosi, B. Yancey, B. Kuehn, R. Schuler, D. Schoell, S. Swanson, G. Davis, G. Glasser, P. Petro, K. Parsons, J. Morton. Fourth row: R. Osternaut, L. Abbott, R. Murray, F. Hopmeier, J. Katavalos, W. Smith, R. Walker, G. Costantakos, R. Downing, J. Ferguson, R. Wilferth, E. Walsh. Those absent: C. Karilivacz, R. Beattie, C. Schweitzer, L. Sammon, J. DeSantis, D. Schmidt, H. Weibezahl. SMMPami Front row (left to right) J. Anderson, B. Savoye, D. Iano, S. Cook, V. Nichols, L. Bourque, H. Rarrick, B. Countryman, H. Chapman, J. Reidy. Second row: B. Dixon, H. Walker, B, Schrier, D. Fisher, P. Williams, P. Raft, J. Morrison, S. Marks, B. Forber, B. Derek. Those absent: A. Kallman, J. Demko, D. Farmer, A. Royer, W. Stidnick, R. Parfitt, D. Fogarty, F. Regetz, E. Booth, T. Goddard, S. Michalouski. PHI KAPPA TAU President .Louis Bourque Vice-President . Peter Williams Secretary .Vincent Nichols It’s time again to start thinking about our copy for the 1952 Onondagan. Since last year, we have made many improvements in the appearance and appointments of the chapter house, with extensive painting and papering, upstairs and down. As usual, our bowling team is shap¬ ing up well; at this writing, it looks as though the boys stand a good chance of winning the bowling trophy for the third consecutive year. Though our membership is smaller this year than last, the results of fall rushing were quite encouraging, and we have picked up a great bunch of new boys—and, of course, we are all looking forward to the arrival of a great bunch of new girls, when the women’s dormitory across the street is even¬ tually completed. Front row: (left to right) S. Patel, R. Daniel, A. Sholk, S. Bernstein, H. KufF, H. Eisenberg, S. Ullman, S. Root, H. Cohen, A. Seigel, A. Leirn. Second row: J. Coler, E. Kaplan, R. Kared, P. Noodleman, J. Brelliand, M. Schiff, R. Merson, S. Levine, A. Goldstein, M. Hirschklan, E. Altman. Third row: B. Tavlin, S. Zimmerman, N. Milgum, E. Ginsburg, S. Welz, L. Newmark, S. Philipstahl, N. Roth, M. Gurney, K. Petters, R. Gelb. Those absent: Dave Schlossy. PHI SIGMA DELTA President .Henry Eisenberg Vice-President .Herbert Kriff Treasurer .Simon Ullman During the year 1951-52 Alpha Epsilon chapter of Phi Sigma Delta has risen toward great heights. The Fall Formal at the Lafayette Country Club was a tremendous success. The chapter house at 508 Ostrom had many im¬ provements made on it. New floors in the cellar and on the first floor were laid and a penthouse apartment in the attic was built. In sports, Alpha Ep again excelled. We entered basketball, swimming, golf, and other intra¬ murals. Fraters Sy Zimmerman and Norm Roth were en¬ gaged. Fraters Seigel, Colec and Schiff were active in campus publications. Fraters Goldstein, Kaplan, Merson, Hirschklau, and others were active in campus activities. All in all this year has proved outstanding in our three year history. ■ PI ALPHA CHI OF THETA ALPHA President .John Bromka Vice-President .Robert Friedman Secretary .Eugene Schonwald V J V,; A ' wr 3 ...» Pi Chi’s, with new mascot Rocky, make ’52 a banner year. Started by house improvement campaign sparked by Jonesy. Fortunate coeds greeted at social events by new furniture with canyon-rose backdrop and renovated knotty pine basement. Little beavers there socially with Stan (more coffees) Stanecki in the vanguard. Greeted alums Colgate Weekend with house dance and buffet supper featuring soft music and candle-lit meeting room. Xmas formal complete with orchestra and Herb’s tails. Success? Sure. Scholars garner second in race for aver¬ ages. Pin check found Dick joining Al, Les and Fuzzy. Dave’s Mikans show promise. Phil and Feathers in ’52? Jack and Froggy threaten creation of jazz band. Farewell to seniors. Front row: (left to right) S. Stanecki, L. Conwall, M. Kasenchek, J. Regets, J. Shira, D. Jones. Second row: J. Tryforus, A. Moser, J. Debaise, L. Bennets, H. Friedman, J. Bromka, B. Friedman, G. Schonwald, T. DeAngelis, J. Glanzberg, B. Gibbs, D. Soltis. Third row: N. Mannaccio, P. Restuccia, J. Rosenfeld, P. Schunk, S. Pallant, N. Zogg, S. Butler, L. DeKing, D. Dennis, G. Lamarca, J. Shaw. Fourth row: D. Bonner, D. Knapp, N. Silverburg, A. Mahui, M. Schultzel, J. Moir, B. Marlewski, D. Erion, C. Bieter, D. Spagnioli, N. Cole. Those absent: A. Busching, V. Nichols. PI KAPPA ALPHA President .Frederick Warner Vice-President .Werner Beyen Treasurer .William Moran Back to the grind under September sun, and starting right then, we got things done! We found scholastic im¬ provement last year was big. We got a new dog, and Bob got a pig at Campus Carnival. We got a new pledge class and had an outing, remember? On Colgate Week¬ end we said " welcome” to the alums and then gave our Powder Bowl trophy to Pi Beta Phi. After Thanksgiving things were practically normal, until along came Decem¬ ber, and our big Xmas Formal. In April came the Dream Girl and put all the boys in a social whirl. After finals came the caps and gowns, and at 720 Comstock many men took their last look around. Brothers, we hated to see you go, o’er land, air, or sea, but we wish you Good Luck, wherever it may be. Front row: (left to right) T. Minde, R. Conway, R. Murphy, D. Brogi, R. Getty, E. Fehelcy, W. Moran, J. Thompson, S. Bell, F. Warner, Pike. Second row: A. Thayer, D. Macaulay, L. Harrington, G. Post, G. Spoar, C. Ford, R. Mayer, W. Beyen, D. Wallace. Third ro w: A. Nickols, E. Simons, R. Schobohn, E. Vanzo, R. Johnson, R. Munson, J. Peckham, N. Warner. Those absent: M. Murphy, R. Pellisier, N. Lurcott, C. Wysong, J. Woodruff. Front row: (left to right) A. Bernstone, M. Sokolow, H. Wells, M. Abbey, N. Menell, S. Sellinger, J. Jarcho, A. Smith, C. Villani, G. Schwartz, L. Werfell. Second row: D. Mollander, J. Lampe, D. Cohen, E. Kitsis, S. Cohen, L. Stenger. A. Bernstone, R. Stotz, B. Kranze, J. Bertish. Third row: M. Friedman, E. Bronsky, J. Mushkat, A. Stiglitz, M. Lazarus, O. Rader, S. Kunin, M. Manigault, S. Levin. Those absent: A. Schechner, L. Bates. PI LAMBDA PHI President .Steve Sellinger Vice-President .Jim Jarcho Treasurer .Norm Menell Started our third year on campus with a bang by com¬ pletely decorating and painting our new chapter house ... A dozen new pledges to help . . . Traditional Monte Carlo dance and Beachcombers Brawl . . . Leaving us to marry was Ed . . . Leaving in February was Steve, who as Rex, guided us through our finest year . . . Following him was Art, who gave up his campus politics for the house . . . Shakers sold at Illinois game . . . Norm, Treasurer of Campus Chest . . . Al’s making the dining room a gourmet’s paradise . . . Arnie, Veep of AMA, Sam, Rex emeritus . . . Leo, the only engineer, Tau Beta Pi . . . A1 B., Pi Mu Epsilon . . . A1 A., in love . . . Jim, keeping the plumbing in order . . . The best year yet, but watch us next year. D. Dresser, H. Breckheimer, W. McAdoo, R. Brown I I •• IP ’ «U 1 | r ’.. irS ||1 1 flbLvSill! jbWp • r y t r,b . w ' .bSllt m •- ■ " f HI vwj 1 H " ‘v ' t ■ 1 JBISr VmBo 111 — i " I " T J ft ft JLJwsJl ' " k V I MI W M. H • imtT w f. H J J D. Glass, B. Haddock. Second row: G. Harvey, M. Novakovic, R. Caswell, N. Brenneman, J. Lopez, P. Ainsle, R. Leberman, A. Ingraham, W. Andrew, H. Brown, R. Lavoie, J. Forgette, R. Mandeville, L. Dworshak. Third row: J. Anderson, J. Henry, R. Carlon, H. Teets, C. Hinman, T. Leveson, B. Clements, D. Shupe, R. Bennett, W. Lansing, A. Bates, L. Baner, I. Kurashige. Those absent: J. Canepa, G. Davis, P. Stanton, D. Kennell, J. Flagg, J. Farnsworth, B. Gehring, T. Schantz, H. Hogan. •r ■■ ( —y r • f ' tW J - ‘ ' ■ V " _ V? I-PT-I PSI UPSILON President . Dewey Dresser Vice-President . Martin Stanton 2nd Vice-President . Murray The trudge back to college with happy summer mem¬ ories. Tall tale telling and late hours. Into rushing; the Pi netted one of the largest classes on the Hill as Les Andrew’s labors are rewarded. Murray and Dresser form a protective organization for ' night-hawks’. Psi, our transfer from Hamilton, creates a problem, but comes out a favorite to all except " Ruff.” A good year intra- murally under chairmen Carpenter and Hal Brown. Lyn and Nancy join the fold as the Dresser-Murray coalition is further strengthened. Elections brought in the Andres regime. Duke bows out in favor of commuting. Mark McAdoo is going to ' clean-up’ things. From Vermont to Florida, the PI makes its weight felt. A fine busy and spirited year. I SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON President . Hal Pierson Vice-President . Dick Wiley Treasurer . Kenneth Cramer A new porch and paint job greeted the SAEs as they began the fall semester under prexy Pierson. Jim’s rush¬ ing program brought thirteen fine pledges. Social high¬ lights were the communist dance and Xmas formal. Pins were planted by Ken, Waner, Fred, Al, and Joe. Foot¬ ball was a fine excuse for a weekend at Cornell and the finest alumni homecoming in years Colgate Weekend. Hal and Dick were senior staffers on the ’On, and Dick and Carl prexied honoraries. Quiet hours were plagued by Warner’s " gee-tar,” Cootch’s vocal cords, and disc jockeys Norm and Tom. Ski and Bob are still waiting for a chance to use their skis. i i „ juLi L lf ; mm ffm ■- -51 7 ■ ■P . ju SIGMA ALPHA MU President .William Reese Exchequer .Harold Peters Recorder .Donald Herzog A nostalgic jaunt down Comstock Ave., a brief stop at the Sammy house. So much happened at the Sammy house in ’52. I can just visualize it now—Leon Cohn trailing in after those rough Saturday afternoon football games, our Colgate Poster that won second place, those cold fall TV parties—little things that stand out in our memories. Remember those bull sessions in the third floor rooms, the Betas serenading us, Don Weill up all night writing for the DO. And we’ll never forget our fabulous formal, and taking second place in our national founders cup. You know, there were more Phi Gams and Sigma Nus at our Apache dance than Sammys. Yes, a wonderful year, with many fond memories of our Sigma Alpha Mu. Front row: (left to right) S. Rose, A. Bernstein, S. Gaines, A. Langer, D. Herzog, V . Reese, H. Peters, E. Miller, A. Sutton, L. Lehman, R. Aitman. Second row: E. Klein, R. Caro, J. Beiner. R. Gottlieb, M. Lassman, L. Gould. G. Taback, R. Dishy, M. Smith, N. Graubart, J. Solomon, P. Reiss. Third row: R. Goldfarb, R. Brown, E. Joseph, A. Lipman, J. Feidelman. H. Schlosberg, R. Pierce, B. Sausner, K. Finkel- stein, M. Seidman. G. Herer. Those absent: E. Alderman, M. Casher, F. Goldstein, E. Katzman, S. Krendler, J. Marchel, S. Orenstein, M. Osofsky, W. Persky, D. Rosenblit, R. Stenbetg. F. Steiner, H. Osofsky, L. Kauder. First row: (left to right) P. Leonardo, R. Summers, J. McGlynn, A. Frankenhach, E. Kupillas, C. Keenan, G, Davey, F. Greensmith, R. Lopez, R. Bancroft, R. Swierczynski. Second row: J. Maher, J. Lavine, J. Mills, E. Lindquist, S. Shawhan, V. Frattali, R. Hick, P. Boyce, D. Fryer, L. Rusch. Third row: R. Golly, E. Schwab, H. Grethel, R. Springer. R. Jascot, W. Clark, W. Miller, R. Keenan, D. Lain, R. Dadey. Those absent: W. Murray, R. Shams, L. Wallace, R. Shanor, R. Curran, R. Constable, R. Bellino, J. Bellino, D. Ashley, R. Rank, R. Bownes, R. McChesney, A. Harding, A. Howe. SIGMA CHI President .Charles Keenan Vice-President .Edgar Kupillas Treasurer .Gordon Davy This year Sigma Chi carries on without Dorothy Grover, who surrendered her Sweetheart of Sigma Chi crown to Pi Phi sophomore Marlene Drexler. The year was an active one socially, with more than the usual number of parties, banquets, and balls. Bravely ignoring heavy losses to graduation and the draft, the Sigs, small in number but strong in spirit, carried on in a variety of activities. Trackman Don Fryer, wrestler Jimmy Lavine, crewman Boo Frankenbach, and Dick Jaskot on the bas¬ ketball squad ably represented the house in athletics, while Dave Lain and Mickey Miller were equally active on chapel committees. However, things are looking up. The cellar no longer leaks, six men are pinned, and Dave LaVau finally graduated. y p " W First row: (left to right) R. Crouch, A. Fadden, R. Reumpler, D. Hunt, Star, R. Jolton, J. Hardy, J. Romano. Second row: F. Anderson, C. Kopf, W. Hausman, T. McParland, F. Thibodeau, R. Beebe, R. Williams, S. Sohel, J. Schroeder, R. Gaita, H. Muir, E. Gros. Third row: R. Dickenson, R. Baldwin, W. Ortlieb, R. Chase, K. Borgman, J. Saunders, R. Adams, R. Clinedinst, C. Demarco, F. Muller. Fourth row: J. Bathen, K. MacLean. J. Salvatore, K. Allen, O. Poirier, S. Dorgan, R. Southard, R. Dean, R. Gifford, R. Myers. Those absent: T. Friedricks, J. Garvan, G. Armstrong, N. Henderson. SIGMA NU Commander .Dick Williams Lieut. Commander .Stanley Garvin Recorder .CHARLES DeMarco SIGMA PHI EPSILON President .Will Landon Vice-President .Donald Cooney Comptroller .William Robeson New York Alpha started its 46th year on the Hill with 38 brothe rs and 21 new pledges. On Colgate weekend over 300 alums gathered at the Walnut Park headquar¬ ters for the anniversary celebration. Outstanding in the house this year are: Bob Garver, Soph class treasurer; Ron Snell, ON senior editor; Bob Koleser, football; Bob Ger- bino, wrestling; George Scobell and Ed Shepard, crew; Don Rossman, Orange Peals; and Ed Roll, captain, golf team. Outstanding party was " A Sig Ep in Paris” with the house going Bohemian in decor, dress and attitude. We sponsored a national campaign to put red doors on all 109 Sig Ep houses. A new team went after the campus ping-pong cup for the fifth straight year. We hit semi¬ finals in football and kept in the running in bowling. First row: (left to right) W. Danz, J. Riley, R. Campbell, R. Whiteman, R. Fortier, H. Tepper, C. Mutis. Second row: H. Martironsian, D. McKaig, J. Kolbe, F. Schrader, L. Jammer. Third row: R. Snell, J. Ryan, R. Kilesser, M. Hoffman, M. Vargas, R. Morgan, E. Roll, F. Reiclc, W. Claus, W. Graves, D. Cooney, R. Hansen. Fourth row: H. Hardin, V. Methe, R. Garver, J. Cornell, W. Thompson, W. Fagin, W. Price, J. Robinson, H. Feller, W. McDougal. Those absent: R. Meier, F. Forts, W. Gregory, P. Frahm, G. Schobell, R. VanVaulkinburgh, D. Roth, R. Phibbs, E. Shephard, T. Squires, W. Clark, W. Donahoe, J. Creatura. SIGMA PI President .Edwin Albrecht Vice-President .Allen Griep Treasurer .Charles Fangmann All good Sigma Pi ' s started out the 1951-1952 season as floor sanders and interior decorators. By registration day, our house had begun to look like a home. Thanks to last year’s officers, our chapter received a national efficiency award. In intramural football Sig Pi went to the semi-finals. Scholastically, we ranked fourth on the campus. Colgate Weekend, Christmas, Orchid Ball, and the St. Lawrence picnic were the highlights of the social year. Ed and Bob were married, while Sam, Jack, and A1 have been pinned. Out of the thirteen graduating seniors, five will accept reserve commissions in the USAF. Sage Albrecht has capably led us through a very successful year and we look forward to a bright future. First row: (left to right) C. Horton, C. Fangmann, C. Dexter, A. Gried, E. Albrecht, F. Sloatman, C. Miner, F. Smith, S. Ingalina. Second row: W. Steltz, R. Koelling, P. Yuhas, J. Schubert, R. Khatchikan, E. Dexter, H. Struve, R. Wilson. TAU DELTA PHI President .Gerome Tarnoff Vice-President .Gerry Block Treasurer .Charles Fangmann September saw Tau Delt move into its newly purchased quarters on fraternity row. A wonderful time with all the alums on Colgate weekend will not soon be for¬ gotten. One damper was the large number serving with Uncle Sam that couldn’t make it this time. Next year, we hope. Then came our house warming with what seemed like the entire university dropping by to wish us well. From an athletic viewpoint, this was our best year. After Mickey led us to the swimming semi-finals, the bowling and basketball teams took over, and ripped apart most of their opponents. At present, the bowlers, led by Irtz, Dave, and Dick, have won seven straight. Thirteen new men, several pinnings rounded out the best year yet. First row: (left to right) N. Forcillo, A. Gefen, E. Stoll, C. Klein, B. Ordover, I. Goldberger. Second row: D. Merims, I. Rozinsky, C. Saravis, M. Sperber, M. Ingerman, J. Tarnoff, J. Block, G. Birnberg, A. Grossman, R. Elman, H. Waltzer, R. Fass. Third row: D. Bronstein, M. Schub R. Haas, M. Stern, R. Bloom, J. Siegel, B. Streim, H. Tabatchnick, R. Terrenella, R. Dinnerman. Fourth row: M. Marks, D. Eisenberg ' H. Orlan, M. Cohen, S. Leff, 1. Adler, R. Wachter, R, Wortman, G. Katz, E. Rasch, L. Elman, H. Stroly, G. Albert. Those absent: D. Jachimiak A. Fisher, R. Yallum, J. Kurz, R. Feder, S. Krawitz, A. Seitel, J. Zax, A. Bronson, Koky. ur First row: (left to right) H. Trazenfeld, A. Panisch, P. Orenberg, D. Dorff, R. Gordon, M. Hoffman, R. Mogolowitz, H. Edlestein, T. Jacobs, R. Isaccs. Second row: H. Ivers, C. Soling, H. Katzen, J. Wanger, W. Kolber, W. Shore, D. Hornung, M. Wornov, W. Weisberg, H. Koenig. Third row: J. Haas, N. Baumgarten, A. Koeppel, J. Lasko, T. Atlas, W. Jacobs, J. Strasser, M. Tischler, J. Elkins, G. Schlactus, J. Blier, S. Smith. Those absent: J. Ashton, P. Cooper, A. Ginsberg, H. Hayman, D. Karahsky, S. Meltzer, S. Meyer, R. Perlman, E. Pollack, R. Reisman, A. Saks, B. Schwartz, L. Schwartz, B. Spiegel, H. Tompkins, S. Trachtenberg, H. Weinberg, D. Wolf, S. Marshak. ! TAU EPSILON PI President .Martin Hoffman Vice-President .Robert Gordon Scribe .Dan Dorff 1952 marks the 30th anniversary for TEP on the Syra¬ cuse Campus. Winding up three decades of active par¬ ticipation in campus and community affairs, 1952 has been a busy year socially, scholastically, and athletically. House improvements have been completed and we are now ready to settle down for another comfortable 30 years of progress, service, study, and fun. Tau Epsilon Phi looks back on a good year and looks ahead to con¬ tinued pleasures under the Orange sun of Syracuse. THETA CHI President .Charles Barbour Vice-President .George Luttman Secretary .Alfred Wehrsdorfer Theta Chi ' s decrease in numbers was offset by an in¬ crease in cooperation. Payne is still building shelves and handling " improvements.” The witches at the Hallow¬ een Dance were cuter than ever. Ronan is still on the defense. Sig is losing his All-American hair. The Carna¬ tion Ball at Bellevue was a fine beginning for Christmas Vacation. Ben finally got initiated and immediately was graduated along with DeVito and Ed. Lubey’s paintings are adorning the walls of Sims 2, but Carroll still has his thumbs in the soup. Hank is investigating this and more. The house was warm this winter, the first time since Chuck stopped saving coal and took his basketball to Sampson. We need fifteen pledges and a paint job. Front row. (left to right) S. Thompson, R. Irelude, K. Fritz, C. DeVio, R. Lubey, C. Barbour, G. Luttman, J. Crowley, D. Mailer, R. Renelle. Second row: R. Birkett, D. Becker, D. Payne, T. Hoar, R. Carrol, E. McBride, F. Vasques, D. Ronan. Third row: R. Crary, G. Crary, H. Wright, J. Dougherty, S. Thompson, A. Wehrsdorfer. Those absent: B. Billwin, S. Dutillo, A. Toback, B. Piodimani, S. Wirth, B. Nelson. President .Sheldon Scholnick Vice-President .Jay Jerome Miller Secretary .Arnold Derwin Front row: (left to right) H. Kaufman, E. Rybakoff, G. Cramer, L. Javitch, B. Greenspam, J. Miller, S. Stillman, M. Cummings, S. Banker, B. Celeerd. Second row: J. Berger, M. Schaffer, H. Kent, S. Grey, D. Worth, H. Brown, R. Imber, P. Gold, C. Fortgang, D. Koretz, M. Reiss, A. Aereneich, H. Cohen, M. Slutnick, D. Simons. Third row: H. Taft, B. Cohen, A. Fizankel, J. Rosenbaum, L. Isen, B. Appleton, P. Shulman, J. Rosenthal, D. Johnes, L. Zenner, W. Gersony, J. Colbert, G. Geardon. Front row: (left to right) J. Papero, J. Stern, C. French. Second row: K. Fredericks, R. Mallory, A. Mencher, D. Tuttle, E. Fischer, M. Yablonski, J. Mailler, B. Gutermuth, H. Cadell, J. Price, W. Aggie. Third row: R. Street, F. Booth, A. Knapp, C. Edson, G. Rovere, G. Chirogene, F. DeWeeger, D. Southwick, N. Shofstall, J. Tacy, F. Davis, J. Bright, J. Nulton, D. Rorke. Fourth row: K. Jolly, W. Phillips, K. Smiley, R. Johnson, B. Bicknell, W. Binder, W. Lockwood, J. Franklin, G. Barnard, J. Baird, L. Milano, C. Karys, J. Larsen. ZETA PSI President .Michael Yablonski Vice-President .Edward Fischer Treasurer .Blaine Gutermuth The Zete House welcomed back 27 actives and things were in full swing again. Frank Della Posta is in his third term as class prexy, Dave Southwick managed the Orange football team to its first victorious season, and James Mailler is still " active” around campus. " Tiger” Johnson tipped the way along with colleagues Papero, Milano and Rovere and formed the " exclusive” 800 club. Charlie French and Ken Fredericks led cheerleading and S.U. Pep Band respectively, and Kirby Jolly is still best with the horn. Guys lost their heads and their pins— eight to be exact. Agee is still selling corsages, Xmas trees and cards. The glee club is clearing its throat to defend IFC sing while " active” Larson holds sack-record of 23 1 2 hours. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL " No man is an island entire of himself.” The theme of this year’s Panhellenic banquet was put into practice as shown by the group’s activities. Led by President Toby Klugman, the legislative body of the Hill’s 25 sororities, continued its work of forwarding scholarship and activ¬ ities on campus. This year has marked continued activity on campus and in the community. 224 U ■ Front row: (left to right) N. Reed, H. Hersberger, C. Connelly, H. Lord, D. Bair, Mrs. Franz, J. DeLotto, E. Konen, S. Tainter, V. Rich, M. Herb, J. Hanks. Second row: G. Lucarelli, J. Rohde, C. Talbot, P. Becker, D. Johnson, J. Walsh, V. Kelly, D. Ossman, D. Hodges, M. Miller, J. Polland, B. McCarthy, P. Hoff. Third row: M. Goering, C. Moore, J. Waters, J. J. Price, N. Bishop, S. Glascock, J. Sears, J. Vechiotti, B. Monroe, N. Ruby, J. Penny, G. Karl. Those absent: J. Hallett, W. Dawe, H. Holcomb, R. Stewart, L. Bartlett, M. Monroe, V. Merrill, A. Miller, N. Reed, J. Webb, J. Auer. ALPHA CHI OMEGA President .Denise Bair Vice-President . Ginger Rich 2nd Vice-President . Mal Herb We started out the new semester with a tremendous new pledge class. Ginger and Stew led us to second place with Colgate poster. Penny was chairman of Senior Day, and Connie was co-chairman of the Soph Mixer. Pinnings came to Denny, Ginger, Philly, DeLott, Jeannie, Joyce, Marsha Mae, and Sarah. Wedding bells rang for Ann; Marty, Jan, Loie, Helen, and Jerry got their rings. Winnie joined Elaine, Denny, and Joyce on Traditions. Jan made Sigma Chi Alpha. Denny was prexy of the Senior Class of Industrial Design. Jerry was sec¬ retary of the Junior Class. Good luck, seniors. Front row: (left to right) B. Carlson, J. Hagmann, J. Reynolds, C. Ober, J. McMahon, Mrs. Shaw, P. Thoren, A. Porter, J. Konther, H. Adelhardt. Second row: H. Redfield, E. Reynolds, E. Miller, M. Gestal, E. Padley, M. Owen, K. Wieczorek, V. Chajka, P. Parsons, M. Vosburgh. Third row: J. Bullock, S. Brooks, A. Lambert, E. Bartley, L. West, C. Woodhouse, M. Scanlon, D. Deiso, A. Messick, J. Larson. Those absent: M. Coolidge, H. Kellogg, P. Otis, B. Rhines, S. Harding, N. Probst, D. Baxter, M. Jacobs, R. Gravlin, M. Keopka, A. Ardczyk, A. Hudders, S. Siergd, L. Loeffler, D. Hanson. ALPHA DELTA PI President .Phyllis Thoren Vice-President .Janet McMahon Treasurer .Carolyn Ober This year Alpha Delta Pi added the Colgate poster tophy to the mantlepiece. The house is working at the Cerebral Palsy and Weiting-Johnson Rheumatic Fever clinics. We are also directing a local Blue Bird group. During our Violet tea, many of our sisters wore orchids, showing an average of 2.0 or above. Patty Miller is presi¬ dent of Omicron Nu, and a member of Sigma Alpha Iota. Jinx Larson was pledged to Theta Sigma Phi and Barbara Rhines became a member of Pi Lambda Theta. Members are active in varsity debating, the DO and ON staffs, chapel choir, chapel board, and Goon squad. Har¬ riet Kellogg is president -of United Student Fellowship and Ruth Gravlin is secretary. Patty Miller is co-chairman of chapel choir. I Front row: (left to right) B. Steidlitz, E. Shiman, N. Englehart, J. Pleet, L. Zuckerman, A. Finebloom, T. Tamis, B. Goldberg, C. Korn. Second row: E. Falcon, M. Brody, E. Barnett, S. Bayer, J. Goodman, D. Cooper, J. Shaw, L. Minsker, E. Stern, R. Haber, A. Hart, A. Sugarman. Third row: L. Sherbin, E. Cohen, L. Lebby, H. Sonne, E. Wolfe, F. Silverman, T. Klugman, M. Friedberg, L. David, M. Sanford, B. Lipson, A. Devorsitz, J. Sherman, J. Goldstein, R. Bronstein. Fourth row: J. Rossman, E. Weiner, S. Slager, B. Rogow, B. Rosen, B. Baliba, R. Kessler, A. Drezen, S. Kolrelter, B. Aaron, A. Finneston, S. Golos, L. Horowitz, F. Sayer, B. Grabel, B. Levy, J. Dolowich. ALPHA EPSILON PHI m j L?. if " !!. J S| tr t iat i E il V ■•iiiiiif .. n -X” President . Donna Cooper Vice-President . Joan Goodman Treasurer . Judy Shaw A year of excitement . . . everyone becomes a member of the National Dunking Association . . . and the famous (or is that infamous) singing trio of Bobby, Judy and Shirley score up success after success . . . the plaintive wail of the seniors as sophomore Sally G. gets married and feshman Joanie G. gets pinned . . . faculty tea dur¬ ing the worst snowfall of the year . . . from storage room to study room in the basement . . . Help Week with for¬ eign students over for lunch . . . another year of repre¬ sentation on Traditions (Bunny G.), Eta Pi, Toby as Panhel President, Malchia as a senior officer of W.S.G., Winter Carnival chairman, Lois M. and Marcia, and a string of honoraries . . . Joanie G., Aurene, and Malchia get their Mrs. cum laude shortly after graduation. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA President . 1st Vice-President. 2nd Vice-President .Virginia Gray Ardith Dillon Greta Hunter As the new school year rolled in, many happy AGD’s became an even happier group with a terrific pledge class. No AGD will ever forget the chain line up the front stairs to the strains of " Alpha Gam We Love You.” A few weeks after rushing the " Cafe Delta” was put on the map by a famous French Chorus line performing the Can-Can. A bouquet of roses to Lor for her title " Miss New York State.” Congratulations are in order for Dot- tie who is pledging two honoraries, Sue, Jan, and Allie, too. Also to Marge who is one of the senior editors of the ON and Ginny who sits in on the Second Board meetings at Chapel. It certainly has been a tremendous year and many thanks to Miss Moore, our housemother, Mrs. Wilson, and Dorothy. Front row: (left to right) J. Ridgway, N. Powers, G. Budovic, J. Epp, N. Carlson, H. Yasko, C. Rubini, J. Symmonds, J. Flagler. Second row: S. Etling, P. Holmes, M. Werden, J. Trego, V. Gray, Miss Moore, P. Hall, J. Capwell, S. Schneebeli, G. Hunter, N. Wiggers, A. Dillon. Third row: A. Bell, Y. Avery, G. Brooks, J. Lemp, J. Bolles, K. Frasier, M. Schoon, C. Virkler, S. Kingsley, S. Perry, C. Manush, J. DelVecchio, E. Drago, D. Savey, N. Knapp. Fourth row: C. Long, P. Naugle, C. Lehon, A. Cross, C. Dalrymple, G. Kepner, D. Hopkins, M. Chambers, A. Pierce, J. Crofoot, B. Neuschulz, M. Lana, E. Chamberlain, M. Ledin. Those absent: P. Flanagan, J. Miner, L. Orlando, K. Stephanoff. K. Stephanoff. ALPHA OMICRON PI 4a N President . Alice Moll Vice-President . Ann DePaulis Treasurer . Rita Adrosko Midst Christpher’s clattering hoofbeats and the noise of quiet hours, we whirled through the year. Eighteen pledges entertained at pajama parties and the Shamrock Shuffle. Added a cup for choosing Panhell banquet theme. Portraits—Prexies Jeannie and Barbie struggling with feverish mobs at the Book Mart; Rhody secretary- ing for the Senior Class and giving " skits-ophrenia” at after dinner coffees. Connie’s constantly appearing face in the downtown papers; President Alice slaving at the ON. Savino copped top honors for chief " sluffer” during finals. On the lighter side—Miriam’s Mambo and Kee- gie’s Charleston; those long hours at the Savoy and the Phi Delt-A O Pi jalopy raffle for Campus Chest. Front row: (left to right) B. Barnam, C. Myer, R. Adrosko, R. Ventura, A. DePaulis, A. Moll, J. Wildinson, E. Appel, S. Savino, K. Havener. Second row: C. Kubicek, C. Overton, D. Parkhurst,-M. Conway, M. Palmay, M. Pritchett " ; J. Spencer, J. Wallick, L. Love, W. Boss, M. Knapp, P. Linn. Third row: P. Bowens, L. Chanatry, M. Kowalchik, N. Howard, W. Werner, J. Zahradka, A. Keegan, N. Trumbull, L. Colangelo, S. LaVigne, M. Bobadilla, J. Bowers, B. Hodges. Those absent: D. Brown, C. Church, J. Goodenow, E. Walter, J. Bowers, B. Kincaid, A. Middleton, J. Rauh, J. Wallace, B. Murray, R. Pritchard, M. Rockino. Front row: (left to right) K. Hubbard, C. Worgan, J. Ahles, M. Jordan, D. Dunbrack, S. Taylor, R. Steinhilber, D. Maxeiner, N. Nilsson. Second row: S. Rohn, J. Anuario, A. Timbrook, M. Neptune, J. Madden, C. Strasenburgh, B. Breitharth, R. Schmidt, F. Trantum, B. Prior, F. Hopf. Third row: C. Bridgeman, P. Iscikawa, C. Chakos, J. Andrew, J. Kimball, J. Reynolds, G. Gibson, H. Hillen, A. Paltz, A. Lines, E. Hoppock. ALPHA PHI President .Sally Taylor 1 st Vice-President .Charlotte Worgan 2 nd Vice-President .Ruth Steinhilber " I can’t believe it!” (our favorite expression) cried the gals here at 308 Walnut as they returned this Fall to a redecorated house. Nor could they believe the sudden transformation to a Parisian sidewalk cafe as we plunged full-swing into the November rushing program. We hardly caught our breath and Colgate weekend was here. Although " bridge anyone” still continues in the pine room the gals still squeeze activities and scholarship into their schedule. Kati and Marilyn—Junior guides, Sally— WRA veep, Doris M.—Co-chairman Protestant Council, and Scotty Dunbrack—class marshal at January Com¬ mencement. However, along with all our fun, a note of sadness crept in when our Housemother, Miss Ramage, became ill and had to leave the Alpha Phi’s after being with us for eighteen years. ALPHA XI DELTA President .Effie Matthews Vice-President .Leslie Thompson Treasurer .Mary Riddle Newness was the byword at Alpha Xi t his season. Mrs. Creifelds won our hearts as our new housemother; new decorations brighetned the first floor rooms; three new additions: Ann, Janet, Sue, tansferred in from other chapters. To top it all off we added a full and wonderful new pledge class. Honoraries tapped many: Diane in languages, Sally in music, Nan M. in sociology, Ginny in journalism, Georgia in botany. Cupid had a field day and activities kept us busy: Bobbie headed Soph Hop decora¬ tions, Betty and Joyce on Chapel boards, Dee a WSG junior officer. We’ll remember the Powder Bowl game, late breakfasts, someone tall, bridge, Mickey Spillane, afternoon catnaps, good laughs and great fun of the year. Front row: (left to right) J. Esposito, R. Urzi, E. Love, V. Jannon. Second row: L. Seaman, L. Goodnow, N. Mobus, K. Tomlinson, N. Aver, K. Bradwick, E. Matthews, L. Thompson, M. Riddle, P. Hotchkiss, C. Schnell, C. Prevost, N. Reissfelder. Third row: S. Hollowell, D. Davis, S. Bruning, J. Ryan, E. Haff, D. Leonard, N. Smith, M. Knapp, A. Dickinson, V. Failing, C. Damon, B. Fawcett, J. Bauer. Fourth row: A. Vedro, N. Metzger, H. Haslam, A. Hunt, E. Frick, W. Williams, S. Rivenburgh, N. Brierley, M. True, J. Haigh, L. Lachnicht, M. Bay, B. Swenson. Those absent: E. Alton, V. Clark, B. Faust, S. Alger, J. Pulver, J. Ruso, J. Graham, M. Carter, E. Eger, G. Obrist, B. Weibazahl. CHI OMEGA President .Ruth Genner Vice-President .Dulcie Hussey Secretary .Barbara Jenkins Chi O’s, do you remember: a full house and Mrs. Mac, those tremendous pledges, meetings for Traditions and Winter Carnival; and all tjie sisters and their activities: Joan F. and Chapel, Cynnie and the Soph Exec. Council, Eta Pi and Prof, Danna, and Joanie Ham, BJ and Reg Board? Mention WAER and we thought of Daisy and Joanie O, the ON and Jeanie. There were pledge ribbons for GAX, SAI, Zeta, and ONu, diamonds for Min, Jo, Jean, BJ, and pins for Carol and Audrey. Christmas meant dressing dolls for children and our formal with Kappa Sig. Seniors, will you ever- forget: Gerry and her flowers, Splinter painting madly, Jo and the Russian situation, Kramer’s Five Year Plan, Ruthie and Dulcie looking for letters, and Jini writing papers. Front row: (left to right) L. Groet, L. Richardson, P. Halstead, B. Bentley, P. Ellenberger, K. O’Mara, C. Pierson, J. Allen. Second row: C. Willoughby, J. Hamilton, J. Faigle, D. Steele, D. Hussey, R. Genner, B. Jenkins, J. Williams, M. Goetzman, B. Carmer, J. Latowsky, V. Joyce, G. Carstens. Third row: M. Empie, D. Hytron, P. Miller, C. Faigle, D. Childs, M. Murtha, C. Wolfetang, N. Ferdon, A. MacAndrews, J. Tutschek, A. Soulen, N. Tompkins, J. Dempsey, J. Olrich, N. Dopp. Fourth row: J. Huffman, J. Williams, B. Bowman, B. Darrow, P. Wilmarth, B. Watson, G. Evans, C. Hussing, B. Barr, D. Knubel, J. Hicks, M. Sherwood. _ DELTA DELTA DELTA President .Suzanne Howe Vice-President .Dorothy Theurer Secretary .Joan Loebe Eight goon squaders and junior guides were back early to greet our new housemother, Mrs. Hopkins. We start¬ ed the new year right with twenty wonderful pledges. The love bug hit us in full force with Mimi, Madge, Jane and Bobby pinned and Charlie, Bixie, Joan D. and Joan Z. engaged. In between, the D. H. and Stan Kenton kept us in good spirits. Honoraries claimed Teal, Joan, Dixie and Ann. Joan and Mary were elected queens. Lorna, veep of the Frosh class, and Ann and Mary on exec councils. Madge, veep of the Student Union, Mary, head of Goons and Janet, prexy of City Women’s. We had our fun too, a great snake pit pledge dance, Xmas formal and a wonderful Spring dance. Blue sneaks and yellow slickered Tri Delts had a great year. 1,1 Front row: (left to right) A. Hamilton, B. Snell, G. Monroe, J. Blair, M. Moore, D. Theurer, S. Howe, Mrs. Hopkins, L. Coburn, M. Nevins, V. Sheldrick, D. Swan, J. Ziegler. Second row: N. Schrier, J. Loebe, D. Huff, B. Yoder, M. Oot, J. Sargent, C. Mills, S. Odell, A. Cloudman, B. Woodson, J. Bath, P. Green, D. Shober, D. DelVecchio, J. Clark, J. Fisher, L. Bramley, B. Acker. Third row: S. Aiken, M. Evans, A. Higbee, B. Raach, E. Stockus, T. Schmidt, C. Gregg, P. Anderson, N. Dorres, S. Wehman, E. Gardner, J. Dragoon, C. Schmidt, M. Field, K. Jackman, L. Totten, H. Strong, J. Niece. Those absent: J. Mottino, S. Smith, J. Frances, N. Sturmer, A. Forrest. Front row: (left to right) J. DuVal, M. Bruce, J. Busher, M. Heller, C. DeWitt, D. Summa, L. Bochenska, B. Wood, M. Young. Second row: C. Klain, R. Stepner, A. Fukuki, L. Tucker, L. Waltner, P. Lyon, N. Doane, J. Gochee, E. Rowe, J. Michie, S. Smith, J. Baldwin, F. Olson, 1. Hesselberg. Third row: J. Davis, D. Moriarity, E. Stepner, N. Hand, N. Tennant, A. Strachen, I. Beyer, J. Bull, J. Abbott, N. Walker, Y. Buckminster, M. Pratt. Fourth row: L. Wightman, M. Speno, P. Whalen, C. Green, M. Lynd, J. Streithol, B. Carlson, C. Veber, E. Wright, J. O ' Brien, S. Smith, J. Troup, J. McCauley, J. Fegley, J. Kraemer. Those absent: B. Longpoul, B. Mellen, L. Ragonese, B. Suchy, J. Coons, A. Harder, D. Shea, J. Swift, L. MacCrea. DELTA GAMMA President .Jane Gochee Vice-President .Nancy Doane Secretary .Lucille Tucker The DG’s had had a very successful year having re¬ ceived the Panhell Achievement Cup, the Bowling Cup, and being runner-up for the Basketball Championship. The Anchor Girls are proud of many things . . . third place in scholarship, Dee as a Pi K A Queen, Tuck as WRA President; Lill, Dody and Kim on the Class Beauty Queen Court, Dee on Football Queen Court, Honorable Mention on the Colgate Poster; Barb on Traditions; Pat, Mickey, Nancy and Lenny in Honoraries; Nancy, secre¬ tary of Traditions; Pat, on Second Cabinet of Chapel; Min, Jean and Janet on Winter Carnival Committees and nine gals on Goon Squad and TTK. The girls have ex¬ perienced a successful season with Mrs. Sisson’s help as a wonderful house mother. Front row: (left to right) R. Zisman, P. Cohen, C. Hoff, J. Abrams, B. Davies, D. Emers. Second row: A. Oshinsky, J. Birnbaun, N. Blumen- thal, A. Behrens, D. Kluner, Mrs. Brereton, F. Krim, S. Dressner, L. Talisman, D. Balin, A. Berman, R. Brance, E. Levine. Third row. P. Berman, A. Weinstein, S. Bonett, G. Botwinick, M. Golden, B. Michaelson, B. Brooks, A. Carlin, M. Marks, M. Singer, J. Klein, L. Kaufman, M. Levine. Fourth row: E. Lipsky, M. Butlin, P. Drexler, B. Diamond, D. Stearns, M. Seiken, R. Taub, D. Bronin, S. Stockser, A. WTlner, R. Alain, N. Heller, I. Gelfan, S. Posen, B. Wapner. DELTA PHI EPSILON President .Debra Kluner Vice-President .Arline Behrens Treasurer .Barbara Davies D Phi E’s busiest and biggest year on campus. D Phi E’s were really active on campus in many organizations: Bev on Soph Exec Council, Alice a Junior Editor of the ON, Fay, chairman of decorations for Chapel Banquet, Arline and Debbie Senior Guides, Doris Veep of Boars Head. Some things we shall never forget: initiating our sponsor Mrs. Markowitz as an honorary sister, a silvery paradise that was our winter formal, the smiles we got from the patients of Good Shepherd Hospital that said thanks for our Christmas party, Gamma’s reunion at our National Convention that saw us receive a community service award and busy socially with many pinnings and engagements. All in all, a year of memories, promising a bright future for D Phi E. DELTA ZETA President .Jane Cummings 1st Vice-President .Mae Ong 2nd Vice-President .Barbara Filiatreau It’s been a wonderful year with never a dull moment. Delta Zeta has been hopping with coffees, p.j. parties around the fireplace, and the Colgate buffet. Filly pledged Theta Sigma Phi honorary, Phil was elected " Veep” of the State Methodist Student Movement, and Mrs. Hayes was even more wonderful her second year as our House Mother. There are pins and rings all over the place. We had a DZ Weekend with a Mardi Gras for our terrific new pledges and a Christmas Formal that was definitely " swish.” Alumnae support, as usual, has been wonderful and Jane, our President, gets the " Green Liver Award,” Delta Zeta’s answer to the Purple Heart. With all this to remember, and lots more to anticipate, it’s easy to be a DZ. - ,- OUT ZETA • Pi •j$ ' I lf ‘ d m ■ HP ’ (SuJ Front row: (left to right) D. Miller, S. Keener, J. Hudson, B. Filiatreau, Mrs. Hayes, J. Cummings, M. Ong, J. Crawford, J. Contreman. Second row: R. Price, C. McCann, P. Fox, E. Hawie, B. Lewis, E. Webber, N. Knapp, C. Willey. Third row: B. Shockley, P. Hallock, B. Willey, J. Merchant, M. Vannatta, M. Schaarschmidt, C. Fitchen, B. VanAlstyne. GAMMA PHI BETA Mary Lou Fielder . . .Gretchen Neff .Nancy Price Front row: (left to right) C. Egan, E. Molyneux, C. Reed, S. Fenner, J. Drohan, N. Bentley, P. Reid, J. Jewitt. Second row: P. Haddleton, N. Oman, A. Monroe, A. Mowris, H. Robinson, G. Neff, M. Fielder, M. Rennacker, N. Price, C. Rennacker, G. Hoadley, M. McCready, B. Schoonmaker. Third row: L. Israel, R. Stepanian, N. Abernethy, S. Sterry, J. Tesnow, E. Sachse, S. Posthill, C. Campbell, S. Dalrymple, J. Frye, M. Erskine, B. Hendrix. Fourth row: S. Phillips, D. Huntley, C. Easterbrook, A. Reed, A. Ingalls, J. Smith, G. Wight, M. Smith, P. Baker, U. Woen, P. Deming, J. Edmunds, T. Mohr. Those absent: J. Watson, Z. Marshall, S. Burns, C. Church, R. King, B. Evleth, M. Furbush, A. Miller, J. Dawson, T. Wood, M. Mawson, J. Francois, P. Fraser. President Vice-President Treasurer .. . A spirited cooperation under Robie’s leadership found us with a marvelous pledge class. Gamma Phi’s mantle shook hands with the Campus Chest Cup, and the pine room was invaded by Dekes and Phi Delts. An enthusi¬ astic football season with Stell, Grettie, and Zoe as cheer¬ leaders. The year became theatrical with Shirley’s acting. Jime had us all in a tail spin as a member of Eta Pi, and Vice Pres, of WSG, while Zoe and Claire watched over the flock as Junior Officers. A year full of memories: The case of the burning hat. The tick of GiGi’s type¬ writer, and down the hall echoes of " Oh dear,” and the call of " back to the woods.” " The Stateless One” and " would be” ski bums Greselda, Joan, Barb, and Jeanne. To our 52’ers, Good luck! Front row: (left to right) L. Tennenbaum, D. Brown, C. Rettig, R. Blonder, A. Levinson, D. Lichstein, M. Human, B. Silverstein, P. Lewis, S. Shreck, S. Grossman, M. Moress, T. Seidman. Second row: N. Markham, C. Crupkin, G. Lipton, L. Mayer, P. Pilatsky, M. Schultz, A. Adler, E. Brown, E. Goodman, E. Fenchell, M. Sank, L. Goldfarb, F. Meiselman, J. Jacobs, A. Cohen, M. Flashenberg. Third row: G. Dudkin, E. Ullman, S. Schnoll, F. Breslaw, C. Fox, L. Spitz, R. Rheingold, G. Rosenkrantz, E. Rosenstein, E. Kopita, N. Cohen, J. Goodrich, J. Abrams, R. Weinstein, J. Schuman, J. Blumenfeld, J. Coffey. Those absent: L. Vogel, N. Shonbrun, C. Schneider, S. Sporn, M. Hiller, I. Weiner, E. Fass, M. Reich, B. Hurwitz, C. Guttman, R. Sussman, H. Shenicin, E. Rosenbloom, G. Sanow, J. Wilk, L. Levinson, M. Levine, C. Agnello, C. Golison, M. Ross. IOTA ALPHA PI Chancellor . Meryl Hyman 1st Vice-Chancellor . Hannabelle Shenkin 2nd Vice-Chancellor . Norma Cohen Iota started the year off with a " rush” and soon had 25 wonderful pledges. We’ll always remember the in¬ formal monthly get-togethers with college leaders like Miss Broad, Rabbi Schwartz and Dean Noble and the new ideas they imparted to us. It was a shining year for scholastic and activity-minded Iotas. By Christmas-time, six girls had already been pledged to honoraries. Louise S. served as secretary of the soph class, Hannabelle on senior assembly, Shelly as classified manager of the DO, and Joy acted as secretary of Jewish Fellowship. Rita, Ellen, Carol, Elaine and Liz were pinned and Adele, An¬ nette and Meryl became engaged. The guiding words of Mrs. Morse, the talk and eat sessions in the kitchen— these are the memories we shall cherish. Front row: (left to right) S. Foster, S. Wilkes, M. Hannon, D. Cromwell, J. Flynn, I. Anthony, E. O ' Keefe, A. Sterling, S. Tooke. Second row: L. Krayenhof, S. Bingham, A, Wohlfarth, J. Baum, S. Marsh, B. Furman, J. Fuess, J. Schutter, B. Kelley, J. Thornton, R. Perry, B. Brown, M. Munz. Third row: M. Brydon, J. Brydon, P. Perry, J. Payne, H. Kiely, R. Terzi, V. McGean, D. Grover, A. Bornhafen, D. Wallwack, P. Conkle, J. Seleg, B. Gleim, P. Turner. Fourth Row: N. Gleim, M. Fox, S. King, S. Goodrich, J. VanSaun, J. Pulver, C. Beecher, R. Schrader, D. Baldwin, N. Hoehle, P. Roden, J. Dale, B. Meyers, M. Helseath, N. Maker. Those absent: P. Osborne, P. Fay, A. Lineau, N. Hutton, J. Taye, A. Bergeron, M. Hazard. KAPPA ALPHA THETA President .Johanna Fuess Vice-President .Jane Schutter Treasurer .Janet Baum How time flies, and with it memories of another won¬ derful year. Goon Squaders and Guides were back early to greet the frosh. Jane, WSG prexy, with Sue, Sally, Liz, Jean, Beth and Andie on council and Jan, chief jus¬ tice of joint court, led a well governed year. Several Thetas helped ON editor, Beth, meet the deadlines. We welcomed a terrific pledge class. Football was a big season with Queen Mimi, Dotty twirling and a cup for our Illinois poster. Arty, Ducky, Lynn, Beth, Jean and Ruth wearing diamonds and Ann and Sherry, pins. Jane sports a Phi Bete key and Ducky and Janie have honorary ribbons. Jo, chapter president and our wonderful Mrs. Smith led us through a never-to-be-forgotten year in Theta. KAPPA DELTA President .Georgine Hawe Vice-President .Jane Irwin Secretary .Phyllis Kallenberg With Doris enthroned as queen and honorary Colonel of ROTC, a busy year for the KD’s commenced, high¬ lighted by tales of national convention at Pasadena, cof¬ fees with SAE, Pi Lam, and Pi Alpha Chi. We welcomed our 16 pledges with a hoe-down barn dance. The Xmas banquet, Jean’s ring, Santa, caroling and Dolly’s serenade all came on one night. Winter Canival chairmanships were taken over by Dudd and Phyl B., our ski team special. Honoraries claimed Margie M., Mary, Janie, Phyl, Joyce and Norma, who made two! Phyl and Margie pol¬ ished up the Chapel Cup aided by the rest of the KD’s. The year proceeded to a happy end with the Spring for¬ mal, initiation, and the banquet to prove again how well KD did it! Front row: (left to right) P. Bennett, N. Kemen, S. Bonesi, P. Kallenberg, G. Hawe, Mrs. Young, J. Irwin, D. Miers, M. Pavlock, G. Bollinger, A. Licata, C. Garrow. Second row: H. Nettleton, M. Morgan, B. Nason, B. Anderson, M. Platner, M. Prins, M. Rowe, M. Hake, D. Stephan, H. Morrow, R. Tovern, E. Mangravite, J. Wessels. Third row: J. DeBenedetto, M. Duddleston, J. Nelson, P. Ravenaugh, J. Ingersoll, M. Dashner, P. Hansel, P. Gaffney, M. Pollack, M. Constantini, S. Milazzo. Those absent: J. Bray, M. Saunders, B. Idema, P. Willy, A. Ashkar, N. Rapson, N. Tucker, C. Young. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA President . Harriet Crowder Vice-President . Jeanne Witte House President . Louise Cook A peek through the keyhole recalls . . . Highlight of rushing was a trip to " Gay Paris,” resulting in a won¬ derful pledge class. The ON cup is still on our shelf thanks to " Simon” Nancy. Serenades were in order for many " pinned” Kappa’s. Gingi had her Christmas wed¬ ding and Jeanne and Lois put rings on their fingers. All in the Christmas spirit, we sold Christmas trees to help the blind, dressed dolls and caroled at the hospital with the Psi U’s. Bouquets to our eleven goons and six guides, to Happie as Eta Pi president, Jud P. for soph council and traditions, Lee and Nancy for SAI and a very special one to Mrs. Bryson, who’s the best mother away from home that a girl could have. Front row: (left to right) A. Morgan, J. Wilson, V. Cole, J. Witte, L. Coole, Mrs. Bryson, H. Crowder, N. Berquist, M. Illingworth, A. Conover, -P. Bowman. Second row: E. McPartland, M. Durress, J. Blanchard, J. Kellogg, A. Kelleher, L. Milward, E. Leaycraft, C. Fagan, A. Cook, C. Satow, M. Jensen, D. Smith, N. Brahm, A. Chappa. Third row: N. Jewett, C. Wharton, D. Bright, E. Reece, J. Perry, P. Erickson, L. Young, J. Hoar, M. Lorenzini, J. Witmer, S. Everrett, N. Schuck, C. Andrews, K. Kregel, R. Snell, M. Selover. Those absent: P. Carroll, J. Sayre, L. Hensel, R. Kunkelman, S. Kehoe, V. Hall, C. Libby, J. Cole, C. Ahlberg, A. Stafford, A. Larson, P. Mahoney, L. Baster, J. Francis, E. Kiebola. Front row: (left to right) R. Bayard, J. Mattern, S. Nichols, J. Foster, B. Garry, Mrs. Davis, J. DiCarlo, R. Gasale, A. Winston, B. Taylor, H. Yarrington. Second row: J. Johnson, J. Meyers, A. Bancroft, M. Kraska, N. Kuzdrall, J. Kraus, P. Kime, T. Marchetti, A. Winnie, C. McCloskey, F. O’Connor. Third row: M. Harper, B. Erk, M. Vivian, R. Garbarino, A. Sawyer, O. Guarini, M. Morgan, M. Muir, G. Amrose, R. Puglisi, J. Giamportone. PHI MU President .Veronica DiCarlo Vice-President .Barbara Garry Secretary .Susan Nichols Returned in the Fall to newly decorated rooms at 208. Started off the year with a " Suppressed Desire” party, numerous coffees, the hay ride, P.J. parties with the pledges and the Christmas party given by the freshmen. Meanwhile Bev, Peg, and Ronnie were pinned; Ann S., Betty, and Mary K. engaged. Honoraries claimed Matt, Ronnie, Jane, Bev, and Peggy. Hours spent planning for our Centennial celebration and on March 4, 1952, our hundredth anniversary observed with an All-University tea and a wonderful Carnation Ball. Best wishes to our seniors, Matt as " Miss Functional Design,” Sandy as service chairman of the Student Union, Jean K. and Ruthie as January grads, and all the rest for making the year a success. Front row: (left to right) R. Cortell, J. Seldowitz, A. Chodroff, J. Seid, B. Guttman, K. Isaacs. Second row: E. Masarsky, T. Osterreicher, M. Schneider, J. Lobsenz, J. Goldsmith, R. Mezz, F. Reif, E. Eigenmacht, D. Rothschild, L. Schwartz, E. Goldberg, M. Hankoff, R. Winokoor. Third row: V. Herman, N. Forman, J. Oshin, N. Yaffe, F. Samuels, L. Fishman, P. Baum, H. Frank, B. Root, L. Cohen, C. Weiss, E. Goldberg, J. Wertheimer, S. Young, R. Calish. Fourth row: M. Gutowitz, M. Getzof, A. Graff, L. Wershoff, S. Goldberg, L. Wollin, B. Greenberg, B. Krisher, D. Grotta, J. Johnson, B. Steinberg, M. Mahr, N. Rosenthal, G. Herman, F. Cohen, B. Griffinger. Those absent: P. Grappel, R. Romanik, G. Wasserman, B. Provser, J. Froelich, B. Sokol, J. Shorin, M. Pimstein, S. Fieldman, A. Haas. PHI SIGMA SIGMA President .Florence Reif Vice-President .Roberta Mezz Treasurer .Joan Goldsmith September morns smiled upon the Phi Sigs and we smiled back—all set for another year. Rushing brought us a wonderful class and then there were all kinds of parties. Will we ever forget putting up the Colgate poster in sleet and rain? All the days were too long for classes and too short for gab sessions—talk till 2, study till 2, and then they wonder why we’re late for 8 o’clocks at the Castle. Is the skit done yet? This was the year of the new TV set, when the library and Milton Berle were in competition for our time—the year of later permis¬ sions—but always the same snow and rain. It was also another wonderful year with Mom Foxall to help us with all our problems. " Now the seniors are leaving, four long years they have worked.” Gee, it kind of chokes you up inside .... PI BETA PHI President .Carol Downey Vice-President .Sally Randall Secretary .Nancy Rankin Another victory year! Colgate weekend, bleak at first with 12 sick Pi Phi’s—then joyous with a football Powder- bowl victory. Marlene serenaded as Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Dodie, Jonnie, Marion, Kay, Mary, Fran, Willie, Nancy, and Joyce pinned. Jan engaged. A joyous Christ¬ mas wedding for Joan. Noel formal, one of the best. Dottie on the Architecture planning board. Kay, Lois, Sue pledging honoraries; Elbe in Sigma Alpha Iota. Jan working at WAER. Lyn, VP of the pre-Med honorary. Nancy president o f Campus Guides. Kay on the Court. Coffees with the Phi Gams, Sigma Chi’s. Mrs. Common, our newest member of a wonderful pledge class. This couldn’t be a better year! i Front row: (left to right) M. Morrison, W. Robinson, G. Brown, N. Moock, N. Rankin, C. Downey, M. John, D. Wysong, S. Randall, M. Jammer, F. Hill. Second row: C. Velon, M. Oberlander, E. Doughty, K. Collins, C. Davis, P. Baner, A. Bennett, C. Burgess, M. Morris, J. Weckerle, P. Montesi, J. Wood. Third row: A. Guentert, N. Fowler, M. Eckberg, M. Geipel, S. Packard, M. Daniel, J. Moore, M. Jean, L. Apman, H. Holden, H. Hagent. SIGMA DELTA TAU President .Erma Koback Vice-President .Joyce Treppel Treasurer .Cecelie Raphael First and foremost a hearty welcome to our Mrs. Moynahan whose wit and wisdom have made our house even more of a home. We were welcomed back by seven busy goon squaders. As activities piled up Joan was co- chairman of the Campus Chest Carnival and Terre wrote and produced her show forWAER. Sandy was our flower girl selling " mums” for the Soph class. Our Mimi will be speaking extra-curricularly in two language honor- aries. In another type of activity, Norma, Nat, Mimi and Gloria are sporting new engagement rings. Headed to¬ ward marital bliss were Sue and Norma our January graduates, married in March. Good luck gals! After din¬ ner coffees, dances, and open houses made for a fabulous year. Why did it have to go so fast? Front row: (left to right) J. Ross, P. Robrish, E. Greenberg, M. Davis, S. Jacobs, L. Weiner, J. Lieberman, E. Stoler. Second row: J. Shacknow, P. Solovei, J. Basson, W. Sandler, J. Jacob, C. Raphael, Mrs. Moynahan, I. Koback, J. Trepel, N. Schwartz, S. Tolkoff, N. Rittenbaum. Third row: H. Schweid, M. Querenstein, D. Grossman, M. Dretel, J. Loeb, L. Fram, H. Zimmerman, S. Pearce, C. Edelberg, N. Kushman, J. Sieband, M. Glow, L. Hodis, F. Levy. Fourth row: T. Unger, G. Walker, J. Kreisberg, J. Ferber, E. Gloss, B. Gorson, L. Prager, M. Rosback, P. Perkins, M. Moskowitz, D. Cohn, S. Elowitch, P. Edelman. Those absent: L. Picker, P. Corin, O. Cohn, T. Lowen, N. Gang, J. Tofel, B. Zamsky, B. Lapkin, F. Kaiser, D. Levy, G. Rudder, D. Grossman, E. Lerner, J. Tayler, N. Rich. Front row: (left to right) A. McKaig, J. Moseley, M. Nelson, J. Clark, N. Miller, P. Greene. Second row: J. Waggaman, B. Gillespie, A. Horton, P. Taylor, E. Zahariou, E. Wittkuhns, J. Sherley, J. MacAlpine, J. Cabelus, B. Crawford, P. O’Connor, J. Russell, N. McCuin. Third row: C. Alvater, J. Taylor, C. Peterson, J. Branks, P. Albee, M. Heath, S. Snider, M. Hughes, J. White, Z. Cuddleback, P. Gallagher, P. O’Connor, B. Andrews, J. Jarrett. Fourth row: C. Gillespie, R. Miller, B. Hait, B. Redner, B. Woodford, C. Curreri, J. Gates, A. Pifer, S. Springman, J. Sullivan, E. McGuire, P. Robbins, J. Harris, J. Heyes, J. Reed, A. Cunningham. Those absent: N. Bolton, B. Brewton, S. Brousso, D. Cooman, M. Hansen, K. Hiro, P. Maaze, B. MacDonald, V. Shoemaker. SIGMA KAPPA President .Joan Sherley Vice-President .Eleanor Wittkuhns Treasurer .Jane Cabelus It’s a tradition here at 500 University Place for a gal in the Limelight to walk around the dining room to the classic, " Walk Around the Room.” Walking with their diamonds were Janey, Mac, Tish, Joan H, Jane H., and Ann; walking on air ’cause pinned were Barb C., Ellie, Chris, Zee, Emily, Pat A., and Jean M.; honored by honoraries were PatT., GAX; Norma Miller, Phi Sigma Iota; Micky and Eileen, SXA. Ingredients to make this the bestest year were: our 22 beautiful pledges, pledge Sally’s reign in two beauty courts, the Panhel Skit Cup on our mantel, the Christmas party and Marny’s take-off on Tish’s record act, quiet hours, but for Johnny Ray, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Smith, and Freckles. Gotta go! It’s time for Coffee Hour. Front row: (left to right) L. Warshaw, S. Matz, E. ' Erlbaum, B. Berg, G. Ricken, B. Rosenberg, J. Fortgang, J. Bohrer, P. Lasky. Second row: S. Feldman, Z. Dorfman, E. Siegal, M. Feunstein, Mrs. Trinder, S. Fern, B. Samkoff, L. Pollock, J. Klein, S. Sandler, R. Stein, F. Schrenzel. Third row: M. LaVine, H. Weiss, A. Baars, L. Mukoff, R. Isaacs, L. Brown, D. Hirsch, B. Weiner, M. Lourie, M. Baum, R. Baron, R. Edleman, G. Kastner, S. Hand. Fourth row: E. Greeberg, B. Spatz, R. Rudnick, J. Featherman, M. Cohen, P. Later, F. Flower, S. Black, J. Weiss, P. Silver, N. Wallach, R. Roghman, E. Brachin, F. Holzman, N. Steiner. Those absent: A. Rossman, N. Sherwood, C. Friedman, S. Tantleff, D. Freedman, H. Urish, E. Goldberg, B. Haas. SIGMA TAU DELTA President .Shirley Fern Vice-President .Bernice Sankoff Secretary .Nancy Sherwood " This will part from us only when Memory ceases to be”—The year began with a new house, 23 new pledges, and then a new National. Pi Alpha Mu became Lambda of Sigma Tau Delta. " A Frat Pin is a Girl’s Best Friend” was sung to Irma, Jan, Nettie, Shimmy and Aline. En¬ gagements sent the house a-buzzing, congrats to Ruth, Marcia and Nancy. Honors went to Nancy Sherwood, Phi Beta Kappa; Arline, Pi Lambda Theta; Irma, Alpha Kappa Delta, and Elaine, Phi Mu Epsilon. Special honors to Elaine on her acceptance to Syracuse Medical School. The year was highlighted by our gala formal week-end. Dances, parties, poster and floats kept us bustling—and, oh yes, GDIM claimed the rest of our time. Lots of luck to our graduating Seniors and many thanks— THETA PHI ALPHA President .Ann Setright Vice-President .Dorene Dobrowski Secretary .Noreen Dondon After the completion of the new extension and re¬ decoration, the Theta Phi’s launched the year with a terrific pledge class. Activities kept us hopping with Maureen president of the Student Union, Dee and Betty co-chairmen of Winter Carnival and June, secretary of HPA. Mary Fran froze with the other cheerleaders at the games and Irene joined Dee on Traditions. Combin¬ ing brains with activities, Joan, Boots, Lorry, Doreen, and Dot have been initiated into honoraries. It was sheer bliss for Katie who became engaged and Betty-Ann, Jo- Anne, Joan H., Ann S., and Helen who are now sporting an additional pin. A whirl-wind year for Theta-Phi, in every department. Front row: (left to right) B. Murawski, M. Bahouth, A. Barton, M. Dalton, J. Collins, K. Kinslow, M. Doyle, J. Jordan. Second row: N. Condon, J. Todoki, J. Jibson, D. Cuneo, M. Wood, H. Nardella, Mrs. Harty, A. Setright, N. Sullivan, J. Ferrand, J. Havard. Third row: A. Gilboy, I. Purdy, S. Lemox, V. Polek, M. Hare, K. Horan, C. McGowan, C. Cunningham, J. Byrnes, J. Reynolds, M. Delaney, B. Lind, L. Ready, B. Hueber, M. Kearney, D. Zogby. Fourth row: M. O’Connor, S. Hungerford, M. Steigerwald, B. Curtin, D. Dobrowski, P. Bonthillier, M. Flavin, C. Fahey, S. Selnekovic, M. Welling, E. Sundberg, C. Nagorski, M. Clyne, J. Brown. Those absent: S. Bury, M. Gobeli, N. Connely. ZETA TAU ALPHA President .Doris Freitag Vice-President .Lorrayne Helfer Secretary .Ramona Bechtos Alpha Rho started off the year by winning two awards at Province convention. Rushing and pledging came next, and " Tinman” Kiley won’t forget standing for 6 hours. Social events included the terrific Halloween party, Winter formal, Xmas party, our birthday tea for Mrs. Gilham, etc. January graduation left us minus Betsy, Anita, Laura-Jean. Joan became Panhel treasurer, Theta Sig claimed Mona and Joan L., Carolyn H. in Agenda, Doris in Phi Sigma Iota, Helen in Rho Delt. Janet directed the pageant at Xmas time. Annie, Rill, Helen, Carole S., and Laura-Jean pinned; Betsy " tagged.” Wonderful times spent hearing about Pudge’s summer in Europe. All in all, a truly wonderful year for the Zetas. Front row: (left to right) E. Jorgenson, J. Little, E. Sullivan, H. Higgins, D. Freitag, Mrs. Gilham, L. Heifer, L. Fain, L. Learned, R. Bechtos, A. Buikstra. Second row: M. Eltgers, I. Stern, P. Karl, D. Rotunda, J. Mills, S. Batchelder, J. Boyer, M. Hoar, L. Pasculano, J. Waring, A. Goodman, J. Shaughnessy, D. Kiley, L. Wolfe. Third row: M. Serpico, A. Pacter, D. Roith, C. Proulx, B. DePuy, M. Harper, M. Allen, M. Bryant, N. Hendrickson, J. Lynch, J. Maxymillian, S. Koby, V. Keledjian, J. Rock, J. Williams, J. Mow. Those absent: C. Casey, B. Valles, M. Delledara, C. Jenette, C. Henwood, C. Spedara, C. Tubby, E. Swantson, M. Blass, A. Terrinoni, J. Hausher, R. Trostel, J. Gardner. Front row, (left to right) H. Hertz, S. Schlossman, B. Zimmer, H. Lewis, F, Hadad. Second row—H. Kranz, R. Squires, J. Lutewig, S. Nitzberg C. Gardner, L. Morse. : I » 1 ill ! m M-W m i § B y ■t . a Bg M V V Af " f ft! ■|fe pi . js J I : 1 ; JV ' , = - WLji I I jj P I m •. [ j Jfl K € - 7 V is , % • U x 1 i 1 ■ I ; vf y aim Hf " if . 1 On April 12, 1951, following the disbanding of the Independent Men’s Association and Independ¬ ent Women’s Association, the Independent Stu¬ dent’s Association was born. It was organized, . to provide for all Independents a means by which they may rightly establish themselves in campus life and campus activities.” Inside ISA Colgate Poster Contest Winner Nothing like a good sing ON Sales Cup Winner Our new sign Pledge Banquet 255 ■V- -V-r ' J G ■! ' ' r Elizabeth Hazard, Mary Nevins, Joanne Thornton, Patricia Conkle. 1 9 5 2 ONONDAGAN Chosen for poise and pulchritude, the 1952 ONON¬ DAGAN Beauty Queens were selected in November from a group of over 100 coeds. Judging the contest were Mrs. Mary Bilbo, Miss Elizabeth Broad, Mr. C. Wesley Brewster, Mr. Robert Hotze, and Mr. Alfred Haight. Kim Dewitt, Phyllis Sorkin, Cynthia Faigle, Madge Evans, Lucille Krayenhof, Dolores Suma, Lillian Waltner, Jackie Pulver MARY NEVINS, ’53 College of Home Economics St. Albans, N. Y. SEMI Lucille Krayenhof Madge Evans Jackie Pulver Phyllis Sorkin TRADITIONS Fabric design illustrating the inherited customs and beliefs of the Indian. ■ . . . ’ . . ' : : . . jT-rarMMM f : SOME OF THE " HILL” TRADITIONS The water fight Bendix Launderette i | m- ArfoftiSpiE- j |_«2H Saltine Warrior Statue Hill traditions include everything from playing of the Alma Mater on Crouse Chimes to the re¬ splendent Senior Ball. Here is a short run-down on some (others are pictured) of Syracuse traditions: BLOCK " S” DINNER: Sponsored by Orange Key, Junior Men’s Honorary. Cups, plaques, Block " S” awarded. STONE BENCH: S.U.’s oldest tradition. Any coed not kissed on the bench before graduation will be an old maid. FROSH LIDS: All Frosh must wear orange lids for the first three weeks of school and " tip that lid” to upperclassmen. BOOK MART: Each semester students save money buying books and earn money selling those from the previous semester. All this, thanks to the Stu¬ dent Union Bookmart. It’s a wonderful service no student should miss. COKE AND CAPER CLUB: This is the meeting place for that quick cup of coffee and the latest bit of campus news. The room in the basement of Slocum Hall is a second home for many Syracusans. Campus Chest Carnival GREEK TRADITIONS Exchange dinner Almost before a freshman’s trunk is unpacked, fraternity and sorority rushing is upon him. The Greeks rush him through open houses, smokers and formal parties until the time for pledging arrives. The year’s activities are supplemented with serenades, exchange dinners and coffees. Beginning with the DKE’s, the first fraternity on campus, Greeks have greatly influenced traditions at Syra¬ cuse University. The DKE’s are responsible for the chimes of Crouse College, which ring out over the campus every day. The AXP bell and the ATO cannon, which announce every touchdown, lead the enthusiasm at football games. Each year the cannon is painted the colors of the team who is victorious in the Colgate-Syracuse game. Dekes ringing chimes at Crouse COLGATE The good-luck horseshoe Friday night’s Bonfire Marching to the pepfes WEEKEND Excited football fans The Alpha Chi Rho’s waiting for another touchdown. Eager cheerleaders ready to begin the game. Sigma Alpha Mu, Men’s Winner BEAT Sigma Kappa Phi Kappa Psi Hi! na n nan nan Tliere s a big diFFerence between a WORRIER WARRIOR landThercs a powerful diFference oelweenJ| COLGATE and BEAT COLGATE i ’ f i 5 f Jr J 5 Theta Chi, Honorable Mention Delta Gamma, Honorable Mention Zeta Psi, Honorable Mention NAMED... r DISASTER WILL PASS THIS LINE Presentation of the Phi Kap Keg The combined Colgate and Syracuse bands serenade the fans from Colgate University ON THE FIELD AT AFTER THE GAME Stan Karp awards Queen Mimi Hannon a bracelet The Queen and her Court: M. Hannon, D. Moriarity, S. Spring- man, Visitor, J. Laurie, A. Reed, C. Ahlberg ■ Pre-Colgate Weekend enthusiasms were climaxed Friday night by the pep rally and parade, led by the Syracuse Band. Football Queen of 1951, Mimi Flannon, was chosen at the pep rally. Following the rally, Dr. Ralph W. Sockman was guest speaker at the annual brotherhood service in Hendricks Chapel. Despite the numerous scalpings of our students, spirits were not dampened. Students and Alumni cheered the Orangemen to victory on the football field. Saturday night, couples at the Soph Hop danced to the music of Ed Williamson’s " Parisians” and the orchestra of Dick Martin. Happy cheerleaders after game Prize winning entries in the Stockingfoot contest Dean Noble in proper shoe-less attire enter¬ tains with his famous accordion The Kollege Kids add their own special brand of comedy 280 WINTER CARNIVAL 1952 The Friday night ice pageant at Drumlins was a fitting prologue for the Stockingfoot Dance. Stock¬ ings were darned and bare toes covered for the colorful informal dance. It took real ingenuity and thought to design the prize winning pair. The even¬ ing’s entertainment was highlighted by Dean Noble in his confederate hat leading the singing with his accordion. “College is peachy” was the theme of several numbers performed by the Kollege Kids Trio. The record crowd that made the Stockingfoot Dance a sellout. Checking coats and SHOES at Stockingfoot Dance in Drumlins AKE Nlllf llttllitftf It iii tiitMitMtitititinii KEEPERS iP: Mil " 4m % m m •,9 |w i nwMVi i; illl 9 Phi Gamma Delta MIDWINTER MIDWAY Mother Nature was a little late this year ... on Wednesday Beta Theta Pi winner Gamma Phi Beta, winner Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Gamma [III »| fffl u BB Bl iff mffl I gSMa j THE Thirsty dancers at the Sno-Ball take time Out for punch and cookies Dancing to the music of Buddy Morrow SNO-BALL CIRCUS FANTASY Buddy Morrow and his fea¬ tured singer entertain the Syracusans And so we waited again. But those ever elusive white flakes were waiting, too. Apparently for Spring weekend. Anyway, in the traditional spirit, the snow made its appearance but late. Although a favorite with the audience, the cute little puppy who ran across the stage didn’t stand a chance in the Queen contest, and the judges ruled her out in the face of keen competition. Archibold gymnasium was transformed into a colorful " Circus Fantasy” Saturday night for the annual Sno-Ball, high point of the twentieth Winter Carnival Weekend. A striped canopy of mid-night blue with gold streamers decorated the entrance to the gym, while traditional circus figures, clowns, animal wagons and freak show characters sur¬ rounded the dance floor. Shirley Fenner and her court are introduced at the Sno-Ball. 286 SPRING WEEK END 1951 Burning the Frosh Lid Alpha Delta Pi competing in the step-singing finals " Music In The Air”—Spring Weekend 1951, and the sun shone down on Syracuse with all its glorious splendor. Spring Weekend with its multitude of traditional events was a tremendous success. Syracusans of the present and the past will never forget the straw¬ berry breakfast, the dance pageant, the crowning of the Senior beauty queen, the Senior Ball, and most memorable of all, the float parade. Friday morning the shrill, clear notes of bugles ushered in another festive and exciting weekend. Sunday night after rounds of parties and events, students and guests happily headed for home. Spring Weekend had become another pleasant memory of carefree college days. Tau Delta Phi’s “Beethoven’s Fifth " FLOAT PARADE Music in the Air Phi Psi’s “Chinese Mule Train” CAMPUS CHEST CARNIVAL The ferris wheel in Fall 1951 n - 111! i ° 1 The Annual Syracuse POWDER BOWL GAME L. Thompson, J. Pulver, S. Randall, D. Wysong wait for Frederick Warner to present the winner trophy to the Pi Phis Snow and mud don’t bother the enthusiastic Alpha Xi Delta and Pi Beta Phi players » r rsesr 0 . » Dottie Wysong makes the first down of the game THE GRADUATES Fabric design of masks worn by the elders of the Aztecs denoting seniority within the tribe. Ray Schuler, President The officers of the class of 1952 were all capable, honest and sincere as they represented our class in our senior year on campus. Ray Schuler, our Liberal Arts president from Kingston, N. Y. was as active as ever what with his meetings sprinkled, of course, with a little studying. Dorothy Winer, Dot to everyone that she met, when not busy with her ever present art work was doing a laudable job taking over when necessary, guiding the senior class in its long pull through a rough senior year. Vice-president Dot is from Roch¬ ester, a small town west of here. A native Syracuse girl, Rody Ventura, recorded the plans and achieve¬ ments of the class in good style as the class secretary. The other male among the foursome was treasurer Howie Wickham. Howie held the purse strings tight as he struggled to keep the class out of the red. Howie hails from a small town in Maryland, Bethesda I be¬ lieve they call it. All in all, the four class officers just mentioned can be proud of the job they did in running the affairs of the class of 1952. Congratulations on a job well done. 298 I ■ Ip Mm iHifc -111 g. If • Conceived in confusion, born in debt, attempting to thrive on apathy—this was the class of 1952 when the senior class officers and executive council assumed its role and responsibilities in the field of student govern¬ ment. First on our agenda was a debt of $2,200, the largest of any senior class in the history of Syracuse University. Money making projects which were un¬ dertaken soon proved that the inherent trouble was a disinterest and lack of knowledge on behalf of the general student body. Goals were set up to alleviate this situation. An intensive membership drive pro¬ duced a top-notch advisory assembly. Many of the councils’ powers were delegated to this body to give the individual more voice in student government. A plan for an ideal legislative advisory assembly was set up and submitted to other classes for future use. We sponsored an all-exec council-administration tea where a new inter-class cooperation sprung up. Social events such as the Jazz Concert held an im¬ portant place in our schedule. Threats of impeachment faced us when we tried to schedule a senior beer party. A reception for students from Utica College and other plans for January graduation kept us busy at mid-semesters. Margaret Chase Smith was the prin¬ cipal commencement speaker. With the assistance of Traditions Commission, a new tradition was insti¬ tuted, the wearing of a senior hat. The spring semester was filled with plans for a senior day where the students took over the administrative offices for a day, a senior picnic, Spring Week End and, of course, GRADUATION. A plan was submitted for an endowment insurance program. Our last year at SU was far from being the least. It proved to be a wonderful climax to “four long years of college from H.L. up to Crouse.” 299 “Hoorah for the rah-rah years ahead!’’ First row: AIDUN, ARDESH . . . Bombay, India . . . Chemical Engineering . . . Tau Beta Pi; ASCE; Amer. Chem. soc. ALPERN, NORMAN . . . Massapequa, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . Eta Kappa Nu; AIIE; Tau Beta; Sigma Pi Sigma; Pi Tau Epsilon; Slide Rule. ARNDT, EDWARD . . . Nor thport, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering. BASCHKIN, BERNARD . . . New York Citv . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . Slide Rule; ASME; Syracusan; Pi Mu Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Epsilon. BENIANTI, STEPHAN . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Administrative En¬ gineering . . . AIIE; St. Thomas More; Intramurals. BIONDI, DOMINIC . . . Port Jarvis, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . Scabbard and Blade; ASME; Alpha club. BLANCHETT, WALTER . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineer¬ ing . . . AIEE; Theta Tau. Second row: BOOTH, GRANT . . . Yorkville, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma; AIEE. BOTTIGLIERA, DONALD . . . Schenectady, N. Y. . . . Chemical En¬ gineering . . . ASCE. BOXILL, EDWIN C. . .. Westfield, N. J. . . . Chemical Engineering . . . ASCE. 6 Class of 1952 BREWER, LOUIS . . . Bronx, N. Y. . . . Administrative Engineering Alpha Phi Mu, AIIE. BROMKA, JOHN E. . . . Romulus, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . Pi Alpha Chi, pres.; Scabbard and Blade, ASME; SUSKI. BRUMAGIM, DUANE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Chemical Engineering . . . Student Council; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE; MSG; Slide Rule; Campus Leaders. BURMER, ROBERT . . . Plainfield, N. J. . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . Beta Theta Pi; ASME; Campus Chest. Third row: CARROLA, JOHN . . . Sherril, N. Y. . . . Administrative Engineering . . . Alpha Pi Mu; AIIE. 6 CAWLEY, VINCENT . . . Jamaica, W. Indies . . . Chemical Engineering . . . ASCE; Rotary Club. 6 CHAMBERLIN, ALBERT . . . Jorden, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . AIEE, v. pres.; IRE. CHRISTIAN, WILLIAM . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . IRE. CODIER, ERNEST . . . Takoma Park, Md. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Pi Sigma; AIEE; IRE; IMA; Co-op. CONKLIN, JAMES . . . Waterford, N. Y. . . . Administrative Engineer¬ ing . . . Theta Tau, pres.; AIIE; Alpha Pi Mu. COTTON, DONALD . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Administrative Engineer¬ ing .. . Symphony Orch.; AlphaPi Mu; Theta Tau; AIIE; ASME. Applied Science COVEY, JAMES . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Civil Engineering . . . ASCE. CRANDELL, WELLER . . . Denver, Col. . . . Administrative Engineer¬ ing . . . AIIE; Chapel Board. DALRYMPLE, STANLEY ... St. A lbans, L. I. . . . Civil Engineering. DAVIS, RICHARD . . . Hurley, N. Y. . . . Civil Engineering . . . ASCE. DAVIS, WAYNE . . . Fair Haven, Conn. . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . ASME; Delta Upsilon. DEL VECCHIO, ANTHONY . . . Philadelphia, Pa. . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . Alpha Phi Delta; Pi Tau Sigma; Theta Tau; Scabbard and Blade; ASME. EGGLETON, DAVID . . . Roscoe, NY.... Electrical Engineering . . . Scabbard and Blade; Theta Tau; IRE. FALKOWITZ, MURRAY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; Slide Rule; AIEE. FARLEY, JOHN . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Chemical Engineering . . . Tau Beta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; ASCE. FARNETT, EDWARD . . . Constantia, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; IRE. FELDMAN, LAWRENCE . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineer¬ ing. FITZGERALD, JOSEPH . . . Lawrence, Mass. . . . Mechanical Engineer¬ ing . . . ASME. FRASIER, DANIEL . . . Hudson Falls, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineer¬ ing. GAUTHIER, HENRY . . . Worcester, Mass. . . . Administrative Engineer¬ ing . . . Theta Tau; AIIE; Holy Name Society; Camera club. GOETZ, HERBERT . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . Sigma Pi Sigma. GOSMAN, FRED . . . Endicott, N. Y. . . . Administrative Engineering . . . Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Pi Mu, AIIE; Fencing; Philosophy club. GRAY, ROBERT . . . Hastings-on-the-Hudson, N. Y. . . . Chemical En¬ gineering . . . Alpha Chi Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma; ASCE; IRE; Intramurals. HALL, JOHN . . . Odessa, N. Y. . . . Chemical Engineering . . . Tau Beta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon; ASCE, pres. HANDLEWICH, ROBERT . . . Torrington, Conn. . . . Aeronautical En¬ gineering ... Pi Tau Sigma; Theta Tau; ASME, v. pres. HAUGE, KNUT . . . Oslo, Norway . . . Applied Science. HUSTON, JOHN . . . Allentown, Pa. . . . Mechanical Engineering. 301 Class of 1952 IZZO, EDWARD . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . ASME; Scabbard and Blade; ROTC. JOHNSON, ROSS . . . Sanborn, N. Y. . . . Civil Engineering . . . ASCE. KARL, LUDWIG . . . Farmingdale, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . Pi Tau Sigma, pres.; Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau; Pi Mu Epsilon; ASME. KAUFMAN, STEWART . . Atlantic Highlands, N. J. . . . Administra¬ tive Engineering . . . AIIE; Student Council; Soph, class pres. KENNELLY, EDWARD . . Bayport, L. I. . . . Mechanical Engineering • ■ • Pi Tau Sigma, v. pres.; Tau Beta Pi; ASME. KERILA, WILLIAM . . . Johnson City, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineer¬ ing . . . ASME. KIES, NORMAN . . . Liverpool, N. Y. ASCE; SU Band; Sigma Pi Sigma. Chemical Engineering . . KLAVENS, NORMAN . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . K r. KOROLENKO, EDWARD . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Engineering. KRAFT, GEORGE . . . New Rochelle, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . Theta Tau; IRE. LAUZAR, LOUIS . . . Carbondale, Pa. . . . Civil Engineering . . . Phi Epsilon Pi; Glee club; Kappa Phi Kappa. LEAVITT, STANLEY . . . Riverhead, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . ASME, pres.; Alpha Phi Omega, pres. LEE, RICHARD . . . Honolulu . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . Tau Theta; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; Syracuse-in-China. LINDSEY, PAUL . . Manlius, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi; ASME. LIPARI, PETER . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi, ASME. LIPCZYNSKI, STANLEY . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Chemical Engineer¬ ing .. . ASCE. ° O AIEE • • • Dewittville, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering MACALUSO, SEBASTIAN . . . Passaic, N. J. . . . Mechanical Engineer¬ ing .. . ASME, Holy Name Society; Scabbard and Blade. MATESKY, THOMAS . . . Rome, N. Y. . . . Chemical Engineering . . . ASCE. MATTICHAK, JOSEPH . . . Lopez, Pa. . . . Mechanical Engineering. MAZURE, ALEXANDER . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Administrative Engineering . . . AIEE, Chess club. Applied Science Isolated Thompson Rd. made up in modernness what it lacked in ivy tradition. OTTAVIANI, ANDREW . . . Mamaroneck, N. Y. . . . Mechanical En¬ gineering . . . ASME; Newman club. PENNEY, WILLIAM . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Pi Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; IRE. PERRY, EDWARD . . . East Rockawav, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineer¬ ing .. . Tau Beta Pi; AIEE; Eta Kappa Nu. PETERS, WILLIAM ... St. Albans, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . ASME. Third row: PEZALSKI, HERMAN . . . Philipsburg, Pa. . . . Chemical Engineering . . . Tau Beta Pi, ASCE, v. pres. POKORNY, DONALD . . . Euclid, Ohio . . . Electrical Engineering . . . Theta Tau; AIEE. PRATUCH, THOMAS . . . Maspeth, L. I. . . . Chemical Engineering. PULASKI, FRANK . . . Rich Hills, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . AIEE. QUINLAN, WILLIAM . . . Westerly, R. I. . . . Chemical Engineering . . . Alpha Chi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE; ACS. REENSTRA, HOWARD . . . Clifton, N. J. . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . ASME; IAS. REICK, FRANKLIN . . . Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . . . Administrative En¬ gineering . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon; Alpha Pi Mu, v. pres, and treas. tint row: McALPINE, JAMES . . . Rutherford, N. J. . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; ASME. MERRILL, CHARLES . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . IRE. MERRITT, ELISHA . . . Millbrook, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . ASME. MOODY, EDWARD . . . Linden, N. J. . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . Pi Tau Sigma; ASME. MOOREHOUSE, BARRY . . . Geneva, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineer¬ ing. MORIN, EDWARD . . . Taunton, Mass. . . . Administrative Engineering . . . AIIE; Catholic choir; Photo club. MULLER, FRED . . . Flushing, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . Sigma Nu; Sigma Pi Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; ASME. Second row: MUVDI, BICHARA . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . Phi Iota Alpha; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Theta Tau; ASME. NATHANS, ROBERT . . . Forest Hills, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineer¬ ing . . . ASME; Tau Epsilon Phi; Radio club; Bridge club. NORDIN, ROBERT . . . Attica, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . Alpha Tau Omega; Scabbard and Blade; IRE; Holy Name Society. First reu:: RIHES, JAMES . . . Staten Island . . . Administrative Engineering . . . Theta Tau; AIIE. ROGERS, DONALD . . . Auburn, N. Y. . . . Chemical Engineering . . . Tau Beta Pi; ASCE; Pi Mu Epsilon. ROUSE, ILLIAM . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . Slide Rule, editor; Tau Theta Upsilon; AIEE; IRE; Pi Mu Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Pi Sigma. RUBINO, JAMES . . . Roselle Park, N. J. . . . Civil Engineering . . . ASCE; Intramurals. RUOFF, WERNER . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Civil Engineering. SAINT-LOUIS, EUGENE . . . Albany, N. Y. Administrative Engineering . . . Beta Theta Pi; AIIE, Propeller club. SAYRE, RICHARD . . . Bndgehampton, L. I. . . . Civil Engineering. Second row: SCHEIBEL, ALAN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineering ASME; Outing club; IMA. SHAW, HOW ARD . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Epsilon; ASME. SHERMAN, VINCENT . . .Jersey Shore, Pa. . . . Mechanical Engineer¬ ing . . . ASME. SHIBEL, FREDRICK . . . Lawrence, Mass. . . . Alpha Chi Sigma- ASCE. ’ SMURA, BERNARD . . . Solvav, N. Y. . . . Chemical Engineering i cm - ° 6 SOHR, FREDRICK . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Chemical Engineering. SQUIRES, DONALD . . . Jamaica, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . Theta Tau; ASME. Third row: STANGER, LEO . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . Pi Lambda Phi; AIEE; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Pi Sigma. SULLIVAN, JOSEPH . . . Binghamton, N. Y. . . . Chemical Engineering . . . Tau Beta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon; ASCE; Glee club. STUTTENBERG, STEW ' ART . . . Brooklvn, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineer¬ ing .. . Alpha Epsilon Pi; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Pi Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Mu; AIEE; IRE; Student Union; Slide Rule.’ KMAN, INCENT . . Whlkes-Barre, Pa. . . . Chemical Engineer¬ ing . . . Theta Tau; ASCE. SANFORD, EDW ARD . . . Peekskiil, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering ... Chapel; AIEE; IRE. TRAD, ERNEST . . . W hitesboro, N. Y. . . . Chemical Engineering ASCE. 6 6 ' " URBANOW ' ICZ, STANLEY . . . Dickson City, Pa. . . . Chemical En¬ gineering. Class of 1952 Engineers live in a world of their own. VIGNEAULT, BERNARD . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Chemical Engineer¬ ing . . . ASCE. VITALE, PATRICK . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Chemical Engineering. WAIDELICH, RICHARD . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Civil Engineering . . . ASCE; AIIE. WALKER, EDWARD . . . Romulus, N. Y. . . . Chemical Engineering . . . Alpha Chi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE; Intramurals. WALSH, ROBERT . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Aero-Engineering ... Pi Tau Sigma; IAS. WELLER, SPENCER . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . Tau Beta Pi, IAS. WEMBLE, ROBERT . . . Elmira, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . AIEE. WERNER, CHARLES . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; AIEE. WALKOWITZ, MORTON . . . Belle Harbor, N. Y. . . . Chemical En¬ gineering . . . ASCE. WOLTHAL1SEN, ROBERT . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineer¬ ing . . . ASME; Sigma Pi Sigma. WOODCOCK, KERMIT . . . Gowanda, N. Y. . . . Chemical Engineering . . . Kappa Sigma; Alpha Chi Sigma; ASCE; Glee club; Intramurals. WRIGHT, ROBERT . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . Tau Beta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma. YOUNG, EUGENE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Mechanical Engineering . . . Pi Tau Sigma, ASME; Sigma Pi Sigma. ZASTROW, KENNETH . . . Tonawanda, N. Y. . . . Tau Beta Pi, pres.; Eta Kappa Nu; Slide Rule; AIEE, IRE. ZIEGLER, JOHN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Electrical Engineering . . . Theta Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Pi Sigma; AIEE. ABBOTT, MILLARD . . . Fayette, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Men ' s Glee club; Chapel; Flying club. ADAMS, ROBERT . . . Shamokin, Pa. . . . Accounting . . . S.U. Band; Sigma Nu; Symphony; Soc. for the Adv. of Management; Intramurals. AMICO, LOUIS . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Varsity Basket¬ ball. ANDERSON, FREDRICK . . . Auburn, Pa. . . . Personnel Relations . . . Sigma Nu; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. AUSTIN, MARJORIE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Sec. Science . . . Quill and Keys; University Chorus; Nursing club; City Women ' s club; Senior Com¬ mission. BACHARACH, AARON . . . Woodside, L. I. . . . Mathematics . . . Alpha Kappa Psi; Math club, Intramurals; University Bridge Champ ' 51. Applied Science 305 V I BARBOUR, CHARLES . . . Massena, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Theta Chi, BARTHOLMEW, BRUCE . . . Tully, N. Y.Sales Management. BEACHAM, ROBERT . . . Dunmore, Pa. . . . Accounting . . . Chapel Board; Protestant Council; Westminster Fellowship; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. BECKMAN, JOHN . . . Westfield, N. Y. . . . Production Management . . . Kappa Sigma; Tri-O; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. BEEBE, RICHARD . . . Gloversville, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Sigma Nu; MSG. BERGETT, ROBERT . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Production Management . . . Soc. for the Adv. of Management. BESSEY, JOHN . . . E. Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Beta Alpha Psi. BLACK, ROBERT . . . Mt. Vernon, N. Y. . . . Real Estate . . . Alpha Kappa Psi; Delta Phi Sigma. BOYCE, PAUL . . . Diamond Point, N. Y. . . . Production Management . . . Sigma Chi. BREEN, WILLIAM . . . N. Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Finance . . . Finance club. BREIER, ROBERT . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Accounting. BUNGA, WILLIAM . . . Auburn, N. Y. . . . Alpha Kappa Psi. CADELL, HENRY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Advertising . . . Zeta Psi. CADEMARTORI, DOMINICK . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Advertising . . . AMA; Alpha Delta Sigma; Economics club. CAPITANI, ALBERT . . . Pittsfield, Mass. . . . Accounting . . . Alpha club. CASHER, MELVIN . . . Lawrence, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Sigma Alpha Mu; Varsity Lacrosse; Intramurals; IFC. CLARK, ROBERT . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Finance . . . Delta Sigma Phi. CLAUSING, ROBERT . . . Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . . . Mathematics . . . Pi Mu Epsilon. COHEN, JOSEPH . . . Carbondale, Pa. . . . Retailing . . . Phi Epsilon Pi; Outing club; Soc. for the Adv. of Management; Intramurals. CONKLIN, BENJ AMIN . . . Rhinebeck, N. Y. . . . Finance . . . Ski club; Chapel. CONLEY, MARY ELIZABETH . . . Dansville, N. Y. . . . Sec. Science . . . WRA; Quill and Keys; St. Thomas More. Class of 1952 306 First row: COOPER, PAUL . . . Ridgefield, N. J. . . . Economics . . . Tau Epsilon Phi. CRAMER, GERALD . . . Utica, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Zeta Beta Tau; IFC; Trad. Comm., pres.; Campus Leaders; Alpha Kappa Psi; Tennis team. CUMMINGS, MARVIN . . . Newton, Mass. . . . Finance . . . Zeta Beta Tau; AMA; Syracusan; Campus Chest. DARRIN, CALVIN . . . Walton, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Soc. for the Adv. of Management; Beta Alpha Psi. DAVEY, GORDON . . . Finance . . . West Haven, Conn. . . . Sigma Chi; Band and Orchestra. DAVIS, GEORGE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Production . . . Phi Kappa Psi; Chapel; Cross Country, mgr.; Soc. for the Adv. of Management; Pi Alpha Tau; Geography club; Intramurals; Geology club; Syracuse Mineral club; Republican club. DAWES, ROBERT . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Foreign Trade . . . AMA. Second row: DEALTREY, WALTER . . . Plainfield, N. J. . . . Delta Upsilon; Scabbard and Blade; AMA; Men’s Glee club. DOHERTY, JOSEPH . . . Lynbrook, L. I. . . . Sales Management . . . Theta Chi; AMA; Lacrosse. DRUMM, VINCENT . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Retailing ... St. Thomas More. Business Always new texts, " to keep up to date. " DUBIN, HOWARD . . . Long Beach, N. Y. . . . Public Accounting . . . Red Cross; MSG; Trad. Comm.; Intramurals. ENGELHART, KENNETH . . . Port Jarvis, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Alpha Kappa Psi; Frosh Baseball. EVERTZ, GEORGE... Svracuse, N. Y. ... Business Law... Finance club. FEDER, ALLAN . . . Svracuse, N. Y. . . . Production Management . . . Zeta Beta Tau; Soc. for the Adv. of Management; Student Union; FHF; Bridge club; Republican club. Third row: FISCHER, JOSEPH . . New York, N. Y. . . . Public Accounting . . . Beta Alpha Psi; Scabbard and Blade; Intramurals. FRIEDLAND, ROBERT . . . Bayonne, N. J. . . . Marketing . . . Chapel. FROST, GEORGE . . . Cortland, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Beta Alpha Psi; Intramurals. FUCHSMAN, PAUL . . . Bronx, N. Y. . . . Accounting. GALLAGHER, JOHN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Sales Management . . . Beta Theta Pi; AMA; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Economics club; YPC. GARDN ER, JACK . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Advertising . • • Student Union; AMA; Senior Advisory Council. GARFIELD, CHARLES . . . Springfield, Mass. . . . Finance . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon; AMA; Ski club. Class of 1952 Cutting classes was easier on some days than on others. First row: GENTEMAN, ROBERT . . . Pelham, N. Y. . . . Insurance . . . Phi Gam¬ ma Delta, Svracuse-in-China; Glee club; MSG; AMA, Political Union. GILMAN, VERNON . . . Patchogue, N. Y. . . . Finance . . . Delta Phi Sigma; Economics club; Chapel. GINIECKI, EDWARD . . . Schenectady, N. Y. . . . Public Accounting . . . Beta Alpha Psi; Student Union. GLAZENBERG, JEROME . . . Teaneck, N. J. . . . Marketing ... Pi Alpha Chi; Delta Nu Alpha. GOLDBERG, LEWIS . . . Cranford, N. J. . . . Psychology . . . Alpha Epsilon Pi; Varsity Basketball, mgr.; Band; AMA. GOLDEN, SAMUEL . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Public Accounting . . . Beta Sigma Rho; Jewish Student Fellowship; Campus Chest; SDA. GORDON, ROBERT . . . Ansonia, Conn. . . . Sales Management . . . Tau Epsilon Phi; AMA, pres.; Senior Advisory Council; Frosh Swimming. Second row: GORICK, RAYMOND . . . Corning, N. Y. . . . Production Management . . . Transfer. GOULD, BARTLEY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Methodist Student Fellowship. GREENSMITH, FREDRICK . . . Philadelphia, Pa_Sales Manage¬ ment . . . Sigma Chi; Chapel. GREENSPAN, BERNARD . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Sales Management . . . Zeta Beta Tau, v. pres.; Campus Chest; DO; IFC; Speaker ' s Bureau; Senior Assembly. GRODD, STUART . . . New Haven, Conn. . . . Real Estate . . . Phi Epsilon Pi; MSG; AMA. HAASE, NELSON . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Finance . . . AMA; Delta Phi Sigma. HALL, JOHN . . Shrewsbury, Mass. . . . Transportation . . . Delta Nu Alpha; Holy Name Society. Third row: HAKES, BETTY ANN . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Sec retarial Science and Personnel . . . Quill and Keys, pres.; HPA. HARRIS, IRA . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Finance. HAWKINS, KEITH . . . Nedrow, N. Y. . . . Retailing . . . Alpha Kappa Psi; AMA. HEIM, HERBERT . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . DO. HERMANSON, ELINOR . . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . IWA; Spanish club. HINTERMISTER, FRED . . . Scranton, Pa. . . . Sales Management . . . Alpha Sigma Phi; AMA. HOLLANDER, RICHARD . . . Maplewood, N. J. . . . Production Man¬ agement ... Pi Lambda Phi; AMA; Ski club. 308 Business HOLZMAN, JOHN . . . Ottawa, Ontario . . . Retailing . . . AMA. HOROWITZ, ALVIN . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Production Management . . . Omega Pi Alpha; MSG; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. HOROWITZ, DONALD . . . Bronx, N. Y. . . . Commerce Accounting . . . ISA; Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Alpha Psi; Intramurals. HURDUS, ROBERT . . , Bronx, N. Y. . . . Retailing ... Phi Epsilon Pi; Scabbard and Blade. INGALLINA, SAMUEL . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Production Manage¬ ment . . . Sigma Pi; MSG; USP; Campus Chest; Intramurals. INGALLS, HARRY . . . Castletown, N. Y. . . . Production Management . . . Soc. for the Adv. of Management, pres. INY, FREDRICK . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Finance . . . Alpha Kappa Psi; International Relations club. IRION, HERBERT . . . Westfield, N. J. . . . Production Management . . . Soc. for the Adv. of Management. ISAACS, RICHARD . . . Rockaway Beach, N. Y. . . . Retailing . . . Tau -Epsilon Phi; Rifle Team; Scabbard and Blade. JAQUINT, ROBERT . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Soc. for the Adv. of Management. JEFFRIES, RICHARD . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Sales Management . . . Phi Gamma Delta; Syracuse-in-China, pres.; Chapel Board; Men’s Glee club. KANE, WILLIAM . . . Philadelphia, Pa. . . . Accounting . . . Alpha Delta Phi. KAPLAN, EDITH . . . Newburgh, N. Y. . . . Beta Alpha Psi; HPA; IZFA. KAUFMAN, HOWARD . . . Perth Amboy, N. J. . . . Finance . . . AMA; Yacht club; Sailing team, capt. KELLEY, JOHN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Public Accounting . . . Beta Alpha Psi. KESSLER, BERNARD . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Retailing . . . AMA; SDA. KESSLER, ROBERT . . . Oil City, Pa. . . . Sales Management; Outing club; AMA. KOLTIN, RICHARD . . . Brookline, Mass. . . . Sales Management . . . Outing club; AMA. KRONMAN, AMIOL . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . DO; Varsity Football; Frosh Football. KUFLIK, HARRY . . . West New York, N. J. . . . Accounting . . . Beta Alpha Psi; Intramurals. KURASHIGE, IRWIN . . . Holuloa, Kona, Hawaii . . . Retailing . . . Psi Upsilon; Intramurals; AMA. 309 Class of 1952 LANZA, ANTHONY . . . Mount Vernon, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Alpha Delta Phi; Holy Name Society. LAPIDUS, FLORENCE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Secretarial Science . . . Quill and Keys; Syrcico. LEEMAN, PAUL . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Sales Management. . . AMA. LERMAN, JOSEPH . . . Portland, Maine . . . Finance . . . Alpha Epsilon Pi; Soc. for the Adv. of Management; Red Cross; Ski club; Civil Service; International Relations club. LEVIN, SAMUEL . . . Easton, Pa. . . . Accounting ... Pi Lambda Phi; Syracusan; Scabbard and Blade; Junior Class Exec. Council; MSG; IFC. LEVINE, LENORE . . . Long Island City, N. Y. . . . Retailing . . . AMA. LEVINE, ROBERT . . . Brookline, Mass. . . . Advertising . . . Alpha Delta Sigma; MSG; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. LEWIS, ALFRED . . . Champlain, N. Y. . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . AMA; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. LOBO, WALTER . . . Westfield, N. J. . . . Sales Management . . . Alpha Sigma Phi; Varsity Crew; IFC; Rowing club; International Relations club; Intramurals. LO SARDO, JOSEPH . . Middletown, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Alpha Phi Delta . . . Campus Chest. MAHER, JOHN . . . Bechesda, Md. . . . Production Management . . . Beta Theta Pi; Senior Advisory Council; Boxing; Football; Lacrosse; Intramurals; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. MATIN, MELVIN . . . Fort Wayne, Ind. . . . Finance . . . Glee club; WAER; Skyliners club. MATTIE, PAUL . . . Phoenix, N. Y. . . . Foreign Trade . . . Intramurals; Football. McADOO, WILLIAM . . . Kingsport, N. Y. . . . Sales Management . . . Psi Upsilon; IFC; Frosh and Soph Football, mgr. McALPINE, WARREN . . . Rutherford, N. J. . . . Marketing. McBRIDE, EDWARD . . . Springfield, Mass. . . . Sales Management . . . Theta Chi. McELIGOT, DAWN . . . Sidney, N. Y. . . . Business Education . . . Quill and Keys; FTA; WRA. McELROY, WILLIAM . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Production Management . . . Soc. for the Adv. of Management. McGLYNN, JOHN . . . Binghamton, N. Y. . . . Finance . . . Sigma Chi. McGRANAGHAN, JOHN . . . Olean, N. Y. . . . Sales Management . . . Delta Upsilon; Scabbard and Blade; AMA. McMILLAN, JOHN . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Finance . . . Beta Alpha Psi. 10 MILLS, EDWARD . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Retailing . . . Sigma Chi; St. Thomas More; Intramurals. MOORE, JOHN H. . . . Longport, N. J. . . . Sales Management . . . Beta Theta Pi, pres.; Soc. for the Adv. of Management; AMA; Crew. MORRIS, ARTHUR . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Insurance . . . Swimming Team. MORRISON, SONYA . . . Bayshore, N. J. . . . Accounting . . . Beta Alpha Psi; IWA; SSS; IZFA; Trad. Comm.; FHF; Senior Advisory Council. OPPENHEIMER, DONALD ... New York, N. Y_Finance . . . AMA; Outing club; Spanish club. PANISCH, ARTHUR . . . Bridgeport, Conn. . . . Retailing . . . Tau Epsilon Phi; FHF; Soph Assembly; AMA. PARIS, ANTHONY . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Sales Management . . . AMA. MURPHY, CHARLES . . . Quincy, Mass. . . . Production Management Third row: Phi Kappa Psi, pres.; Crew, capt.; Rowing club; Chapel; Pi Alpha PEET, JACK . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Alpha Delta Sigma; Tau; Intramurals; IFC. AMA; ISA; Chess dub. MURPHY, JOSEPH . . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . MSG; Intra¬ murals; St. Thomas More. PIERSON, LLOYD . . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . . Sales Management . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon, pres.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Skeptics Corner; ON, Bus. Mgr.; United Student Fellowship, pres.; FHF; Red Cross; Campus Chest. PISHKO, BORIS . . . Monessen, Pa. . . . Finance . . . Beta Alpha Psi. Second row: MURPHY, RAPHEAL . . . Newtonville, Mass. . . . Sales Management PLUMER, ARNOLD . . . Bayside, L. I. . . . Insurance . . . Bridge club; ... Phi Kappa Tau; IFC; AMA; ASCE. Intramurals; IMA. NELSON, ROBERT . . . Watervliet, N. Y. . . . Sales Management . . . POLLOCK, EDWARD. . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Retailing ... Tau Phi Gamma Delta; Chapel Board; Ski Instructor; AMA. Epsilon Phi, Campus Chest. NIAJMANEL, HASSAN . . . Teheran, Iran . . . Insurance. NICHOLS, VINCENT . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Retailing; Phi Kappa Tau; Economics club. PULLARO, SANTO . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Alpha Kappa Psi, pres.; Beta Alpha Psi; Holy Name Society. RARRICK, HAROLD . . . Corning, N. Y. . . . Phi Kappa Tau. First row: REID, ROBERT . . . West Haven, Conn. . . . Public Accounting . . . Beta Alpha Psi. REMINICK, CHARLES . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Beta Alpha Psi. ROBERTS, CASS . . . Watkins Glen, N. Y. . . . Marketing . . . Omega Pi Alpha. ROBERTS, RICHARD . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . MSG; Beta Alpha Psi. RYAN, JOHN . . . Amsterdam, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Alpha Kappa Psi; Holy Name Society; Beta Alpha Psi; Delta Phi Sigma. SCHMIDT, DAVID . . . White Plains, N. Y. . . . Personnel Management . . . Phi Kappa Psi; Boxing, mgr.. Pi Alpha Tau; Intramurals. SCHOENWETTER, FRANK . . . Lakemills, Wis. . . . Beta Alpha Psi. RICHARDS, WARNER . . . Trenton, N. J. . . . Production Management. ROBINSON, RICHARD . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Finance . . . Alpha Kappa Psi; Delta Phi Sigma, pres.; Economics club; MSG. ROSE, STANLEY . . . New Rochelle, N. Y. . . . Production Management . . . Sigma Alpha Mu; Varsity Basketball, mgr.; Sigma Iota Epsilon, pres.; Pi Alpha Tau. Third row: SCHWARTZ, ERWIN . . . Rahway, N. J. . . . Finance . . . Omega Pi Alpha; MSG; Sigma Delta Phi; AMA. SCOTT, ALFRED . . . Yonkers, N. Y. . . . Real Estate . . . Phi Kappa Psi; IFC; Chapel ; Scabbard and Blade; Frosh Hop; USP, pres. Second row: ROSENSTRAUCH, JOAN . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Retailing . . . DO; Syracusan; AMA. RUSCH, LAWRENCE . . . Schenectady, N. Y. . . . Production Manage¬ ment . . . Sigma Chi. RUSSO, TERESA . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Syrcico; Chapel; Student Union; IWA; University Chorus. RYAN, JAMES . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon. SCUDDER, GILBERT . . . Northport, N. Y. . . . Finance . . . Frosh Crew; Intramurals. SEFAIR, EDWARD . . . Bogota, Columbia . . . Foreign Trade . . . Phi Iota Alpha; Pan American club; AMA; Spanish club; International Rela¬ tions club. SHAW, RICHARD . . . Nutley, N. J. . . . Office Management . . . Alpha Sigma Phi; Scabbard and Blade. SHUTTLEWORTH, WINSTON . . . Pearl River, N. Y. . . . Sales Manage¬ ment . . . AMA. SIEGEL, CHARLES . . . Mount Vernon, N. Y. . . . Sales Management . . . Phi Epsilon Pi; Community Chest; IFC; Winter Carnival. Classes changed, you met a pal, and skipped the next one to go for coffee. Class of 1952 SILIEN, PHILLIP . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Student Union; Geography club, Beta Alpha Psi; MSG; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. SIMBERKOFF, MORTON . . . S. Orange, N. J. . . . Accounting . . . Student Union. SKOLNICK, LEONARD . . . Bronx, N. Y. . . . Accounting ... Phi Epsilon Pi; Intramurals; Frosh Tennis; Frosh Baseball; Varsity Golf; DO. SMITH, ARNOLD . . . New Haven, Conn. . . . Retailing ... Pi Lambda Phi; AMA; Scabbard and Blade; Junior Prom; Campus Carnival. SMITH, FRANK . . . Binghamton, N. Y. . . . Advertising . . . Sigma Pi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; IFC. SMITH, STANLEY . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . AMA. SNAVELY, ROBERT . . . Maplewood, N. J. . . . Accounting . . . Phi Delta Theta; Senior Council; ON; AMA. SNELL, RONALD . . . West Hartford, Conn. . . . Sales Management . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon; ON, senior editor, Glee club; University Chorus; USP; AMA; Campus Chest. SOCHA, ALFRED . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Personnel Management . . . Glee club. SOKOL, RUTH . . . Boston, Mass. . . . Secretarial Science . . . Quill and Keys; WRA. SOLLAR, ARNOLD . . . Lawrence, L. I. . . . Accounting . . . Civil Service; MSG; Alpha Kappa Psi. SOUTHWICK, DAVID . . . Champlain, N. Y. . . . Production Manage¬ ment . . . Zeta Psi; Varsity Football, mgr.; Pi Alpha Tau. SPECTOR, GERALD . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Sales Management . . . Phi Epsilon Pi; Scabbard and Blade. SPRINGER, RAYMOND . . . Middletown, N. Y. . . . Transportation . . . Sigma Chi; Delta Nu Alpha; Intramurals; St. Thomas More. STEIN, MARILYN . . . North Bergen, N. J. . . . Secretarial Science . . . Beta Gamma Sigma. STEINHACKER, PAUL . . . Rockville Center, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Outing club; AMA; IMA; Intramurals. STEKLOF, MARVIN . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Concert Band; ISA; AMA. STEVEN, WILLIAM . . . Saranac Lake, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Con¬ cert Band. STIDNICK, WESLEY . . . Watervliet, N. Y. . . . Accounting ... Phi Kappa Tau; Lacrosse; Scabbard and Blade. STILLMAN, JAMES . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Production Management . . . Omega Pi Alpha; Outing club; SDA; Student Union. SWANSON, STANLEY . . . Glendale, N. Y. . . . Accounting ... Phi Kappa Psi; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Baseball; Phi Kappa Alpha; Beta Alpha Psi; Pi Alpha Tau; Chapel. Business 313 TARAS, ELMA . . . Englewood, N. J. . . . Secretarial Science . . . Orches- Quill and Keys; Catholic Choir; St. Thomas More; Italian club. TERRINONI, ANITA . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Business Education Zeta Tau Alpha; Beta Gamma Sigma; Business Education club; Italian club, pres. TOOFANGJIAN, RALPH . . . Olean, N. Y. . . . Transportation . . . Delta Nu Alpha. TREU, HAROLD . . . Elmira, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Beta Alpha Psi. VANDER MALLE, HAROLD . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Accounting • ■ Beta Gamma Sigma, pres.; Beta Alpha Psi, pres.; MSG, Campus Chest; IFC. r VAN HOUTE, LOUIS . . . Sodus, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . Band; Westminster Fellowship, Bridge club. WALKER, ROBERT . . . Williston Park, N. Y. . . . Production Man¬ agement . . . Track, mgr.; Soc. for the Adv. of Management; Chapel. WALKER, ROBERT J. . . . Oswego, N. Y. . . . Accounting. WATKINS, JOHN C. . . . Seneca Falls, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . Varsity Swimming; Beta Alpha Psi; Scabbard and Blade; Pi Alpha Tau. WEAVER, ROXANE ... St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . Philosophy club; WRA; Quill and Keys. Secretarial Science WEHRHEIM, JOSEPH . . . Scottsville, N. Y. . . . Sales Management . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon; IFC; Senior Advisory Council; Intramurals. WEIGEL, GEORGE . . . Port Jervis, N. Y. . . . Sales Management . . . Beta Theta Pi; Senior Advisory Council, Frosh Football; Intramurals. Fr- N TEIN ’ GERALD ■ • • Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Accounting . . . MSG; MSG Court; Soph Exec. Council; Beta Alpha Psi; Economics club; YPC. WEISS, HENRY . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Transportation . . . MSG- AMA; Alpha Phi Omega; Delta Nu Alpha; Stamp club. WETZ, STUART . . . Lawrence, L. I. . . . Foreign Trade ... Phi Sigma Delta; DO; Intramurals; AMA. WILLARD, GARRY . . . Manassas, Va. . . . Production Management . . . Soc. for the Adv. of Management. WISCHUSEN, GEORGE . . . Hudson, N. Y. . . . Production Management . . . Soc. for the Adv. of Management. WOLK WALTER . . . New Britain, Conn. . . . Sales Management . . . Holy Name Society. ZUCKER, LEONARD . . . New York, N. Y.Sales Management ' ,,, Epsilon Pij Alpha Phi Omega; Jr. Varsity Lacrosse; Ski club; AMA. ’ ADAMO, JOSEPH . . . Coxsackie, N. Y. Basketball; Football; Flying club. . Physical Education . . . AHLES, JLRI . New York, N. Y. . . . Early Childhood . . . Alpha cue E ? nEe,,; Chapel; WRA; HPA; Junior Advisory Council; Chorus; FHF; Campus Chest; Winter Weekend. k 314 Class of 1952 First row: BROWN, PAUL . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Physical Education. BURDICK, ALICE . . . Cohocton, N. Y. . . . Early Childhood. CABELUS, JANE . . . New Britain, Conn. . . . Physical Education . . . Sigma Kappa; St. Thomas More, v. pres.; Katherine Sibley club, Modern Dance dub; Skyliners. DAVIS, SUE . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Elementary Education. DE LOTTO, JEAN . . . Gloucester, Mass. . . . Alpha Chi Omega; Red Cross; Home Ec. club. DE VITO, CANIO . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Physical Education . . . Theta Chi; Phi Epsilon Kappa. DI CARLO, JOSEPH . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Physical Education . . . Phi Epsilon Kappa. GRAY, VIRGINIA . . . Monongahela, Pa. . . . Alpha Gamma Delta, pres.; Home Ec. club; Chapel; Chapel Choir; Chorus. GEVERTZ, MEL . . . Freeport, N. Y. . . . Recreation . . . Wrestling. HART, AURENE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Early Childhood . . . Alpha Epsilon Phi; City Guide; WSG, secretariet; Campus Chest; WRA; Syra¬ cusan. Third row: HEATH, CAROLYN . . . Bennington, Vt. . . . Quill and Keys, v. pres.; WRA. HEILIG, PETER . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Physical Education . . . Beta Theta Pi; Phi Epsilon Kappa. HESSEL, MYRA . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Early Childhood ... Red Cross; Sociology club; JSF; WRA. I Second row: ERLANDSON, KEITH . . . Chicago, Ill. . . . Physical Education . . . Delta Upsilon, v. pres.; Intr amural Council; Crew; Scabbard and Blade. FERENTINOS, JERRY . . . Syracuse, N. Y_Physical Education . . . Lambda Chi Alpha; Lacrosse; IFC; IFC Ball, Chmn. FORERO, LAWRENCE . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Physical Education . . . Phi Epsilon Kappa; Varsity club; Track; Cross Country; SUSKI. GARNER, JOHN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Social Studies. HILL, RUTH . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Social Studies . . . Methodist Fel¬ lowship; Pi Gamma Mu. HIRSCH, ELEANOR . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Earlv Childhood . . . UNIRC; FTA; DO, Syracusan. HODGES, DORIS . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Early Childhood . . . Alpha Chi Omega; Red Cross Board; Flint and Feather; Talent Bureau; Soph Senate; Junior Assembly; Senior Assembly; Student Union; Chapel. HOFF, CLAIRE . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Early Childhood . . . Campus Chest; UJA, FTA. First rou . ' HUGGINS, ERIC . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Physical Education . . . Basket¬ ball; Phi Epsilon Kappa. IRWIN, JANE . . . Pittsburgh, Pa. . . . Early Childhood . . . Kappa Delta; Pi Lambda Theta; Chapel; Syracusan; FHF. JOHNSON, JOAN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Early Childhood . . . Phi Sigma Sigma, v. pres.; Junior Class, v. pres.; FTA. KEHOE, SALLY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Early Childhood . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma; Chapel. Phi Beta; Head Cheerleader; Sigma Chi Alpha; WSG; WSG Junior Clerk- WRA, Frosh Exec. Council. NELSSON, NINA . . . Cliffside Park, N. Y. . . . Elementary Education . . . Alpha Phi; Chapel. NICHOLS, W ILLIAM . . . Groton, N. Y. . . . Science . . . Scabbard and Blade; Kappa Phi Kappa; Soph Hop; Military Ball, chmn. NORTON, ELLIS . . . Bemus Point, N, Y. . . . Physical Education Chapel. KENNEDY, MARTHA . . . Warners, N. Y. . . . Chorus; Home Ec. club. KOSBERG, DOROTHY . . . Bronx, N. Y_Early Childhood . . . FTA; Modern Dance club. LA FOREST, NEIL . . . Schenectady, N. Y. . . . Recreation . . . Varsity Track; Phi Epsilon Kappa. Third row: PILATSKY, PATRICIA . . . Rockyille Centre, N. Y. . . . Elementary Education . . . Iota Alpha Pi; FTA, UNASU; Chorus; WRA; JSF. RAWSON, DORIS . . Danielson, Conn. . . . Mathematics . . . ISA; W ' omen Vets; WRA; Chapel Choir; Math club. i | I Second row: MARSH, JOHN . . . Dunmore, Pa. . . . Physical Education . . . Chapel; Phi Epsilon Kappa, Protestant Council. MENDELOWSKI, STELLA . . . Elizabeth, N. J. . . . Special Education . . . HPA; Eta Pi Upsilon; Pi Lambda Theta; Frosh and Soph Class, Sec. MUNZ, MARY-ANN . . . Glen Rock, N. J. . . . Special Education . . . Kappa Alpha Theta; Human Relations; World Relations; FTA. NEFF, GRETCHEN . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Education . . . Gamma ROCKMAN, HELEN . . Towanda, Pa. . . . Early Childhood ... Pi Lambda Theta; FTA; Chapel; HPA; UWF. ROSSMAN, ARLENE . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Early Childhood Pi Alpha Mu; IZFA; UJA. ROW 7 E, MARY EILEEN . . . Teaneck, N. J_Early Childhood . . . Delta Gamma; FTA; ON; St. Thomas More. ROSEN, HARRIET . . . Sunnyside, L. I. . . . Elementary Education . . . FTA; Syracusan; WRA; Student Union, Campus Chest. SAMUELS, SHIRLEY . . . Bronx, N. Y. . . . Early Childhood . . . Chapel- Red Cross; UNASU. 316 i Fine Arts SCHNEIDER, MARILYN . . . Mount Vernon, N. Y. . . . Early Child¬ hood . . . Phi Sigma Sigma; Senior Guide; Junior Guide; FTA; Campus Chest; FHF; Co-op; Syracusan; Chapel. SCHWARTZ, NATALIE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Early Childhood . . . Sigma Delta Tau; DO; Junior Class Advisory Council; Activities Center; Student Union. STELL, MARIAN . . . Newark, N. Y. . . . Early Childhood - . . . Outing club, v. pres. STERRY, SHERRY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Elementary Education ... Gamma Phi Beta; FTA. THOMPSON, JOHN . . . Bergenfield, N. J. . . . Kappa Phi Kappa; AMA, v. pres.; Chapel. TODOKI, JANE . . . Honolulu . . . Early Childhood . . . Theta Phi Alpha; St. Thomas More; Student Union; ISO. TREPEL, JOYCE . . . Westport, Conn. . . . Early Childhood . . . Sigma Tau Delta; WSG; Winter Carnival, Co-Chairman; NSA; Syracusan; Junior Advisory Council; Student Union. ULLMAN, ELAINE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Elementary Education . . . Iota Alpha Pi; Frosh and Soph Senate; Co-op Council; DO, FTA; WRA. WEIBEZAHL, HAROLD . . . Syracuse, N. Y. ... Physical Education . .. Phi Kappa Psi; Alpha Phi Omega; Crew; Rowing club. ABBOTT, SHIRLEY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Advertising Design . . . Syracuse-in-China; ASA, Westminster Fellowship; City Women ' s club; Senior Assembly. ABRAHAM, FLOYD . . . Geneva, N. Y_ASA. ABRAHAMS, JOAN . . . Yonkers, N. Y. . . . Advertising . . . Delta Phi Epsilon; Syracusan; Chorus. ABRAMS, NORMAN . . . Maplewood, N. J. . . . Advertising . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon; ASA. ALDERISIO, WILLIAM . . . Bronx, N. Y. . . . Advertising . . . Delta Tau Delta; ON; St. Thomas More. ALTER, LEATRICE . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Art Education . . . Sigma Chi Alpha; FTA; JSF. ALTMAN, SARAH . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Advertising . . . Student Union; Fashion Model. ANDERSON, JOHN . . . Pittsburgh, Pa. . . . Phi Kappa Tau. ARMSTRONG, QUENTIN . . . Westfield, N. J. . . . Architecture . . . Sigma Chi; Sigma Upsilon Alpha. BARRY, ANNE . . . Westbury, N. Y. . . . ASA; Syracusan; Fencing. BARTLETT, LOIS . . . Ithaca, N. Y. . . . Music Education . . . Alpha Chi Omega; Chorus; Symphony Band; MENC. BAUM, JANET . . . Larchmont, N. Y. . . . Interior Design . . . Kappa Alpha Theta; Eta Pi Upsilon; Chief Justice of Women ' s Student Court; Campus Leaders; Chief Justice of Joint Student Court; HPA; Panhell; Alpha Xi Alpha. 317 5 Class of 1952 BIRK, SANDRA . . . Bronx, N. Y. . . . Fabric Design . . . Alpha Xi Alpha. BRONSTEIN, GEORGE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Architecture . . . Sigma Upsilon Alpha. BRAGINETZ, DORIS . . . South Orange, N. J. . . . Voice. CARSTENS, GERALDINE . . . Forest Hills, N. J. . . . Illustration . . . Chi Omega; Gamma Alpha Chi; Human Relations; Syracusan; Soph Hop; Big Chum; Spring Weekend. CARTER, DWIGHT . Needham Heights, Mass. . . . Interior Design . . . Tau Sigma Delta; Tau Epsilon. CHAPMAN, HAROLD . . . Nyack, N. Y. . . . Illustration . . . Omega Pi Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Men’s Glee club; ASA. CHASSMAN, ARTHUR . . . Mount Ver non, N. Y. . . . Art . . . Boar’s Head. COHEN, JAY . . . Hillside, N. J. . . . Advertising Design . . . ASA. COLE, JOAN . . . Bath, N. Y. . . . Voice . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma; Chorus; Red Cross; World Relations; Yacht club. COLLINS, GLORIA . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Art . . . IWA; Genesee club; Chorus. CRAWFORD, BARBARA . . . Emlenton, Pa. . . . Interior Design . . . Sigma Kappa; ASA; DO; Human Relations; Campus Chest. CROWDER, HARRIET . . . Easton, Pa. . . . Advertising Design . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma, pres.; Eta Pi Upsilon, pres.; ON, art editor; Chapel; Panhell; Gamma Alpha Chi; WRA; Big Chum; Sno-Ball. DANOS, HARRY . . . Springfield, Mass. . . . Architecture . . . Tau Sigma Delta, pres.; Sigma Upsilon Alpha, pres.; Module. DAVIS, FRANCIS . . . Hawaii . . . Interior Design . . . Zeta Psi; Tau Upsilon, pres.; Glee club; Cheerleader. DI CARLO, VERONICA . . . Monessen, Pa. . . . Costume Design . . . Phi Mu, pres.; Alpha Xi Alpha. DOBROWSKI, DORENE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Art Education . . . Theta Phi Alpha; Sigma Chi Alpha; City Women ' s club; NAER; St. Thomas More; Spanish club. EBENHART, RITA . . . Burlington, Vt. . . . Art . . . Boar’s Head. FARRAND, JOAN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Interior Design . . . Theta Phi Alpha; St. Thomas More; Student Union; Campus Chest; City Wo¬ men ' s club. FERENTINO, GREGORY . . . Vallejo, Calif. . . . Architecture . . . Lambda Chi Alpha; IFC, pres.; Intramural Council; Campus Leaders; Holy Name Society; Syracuse Symphony. FLASHENBERG, MARILYN . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Art Education . . . Iota Alpha Pi; Sigma Chi Alpha; FTA; Winter Weekend; Eastern Arts. FREDRICKS, KENNETH . . Teaneck, N. J. . . . Music Education . . . Zeta Psi; University Band; FTA. mm Fine Arts Come spring, the fine artists had it best. First row: FRENCH, CHARLES . . . Oneida, N. Y. . . . Music Education . . . Zeta Psi; Cheerleader; Chorus; Glee club; Music club. FRENCH, HAROLD . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Art . . . Track. GALLO, MARILYN . . . Freeport, N. Y. . . . Music Education . . . Kappa Delta; Chapel; Chorus; WRA; Syracusan. GILMORE, DONALD . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Industrial Design . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tau Sigma Delta; Alpha Xi Alpha. GRAY, WENDELL . . . Lima, N. Y. , . . Voice . . . Glee club; Chorus; Pi Mu Alpha. GREENE, PHYLLIS . . . Jersey City, N. J. . . . Interior Design . . . Sigma Kappa; Tau Epsilon. GRELICK, VIVIAN . . . Bronx, N. Y. . . . Art Education . . . Sigma Chi Alpha; FTA; Modern Dance club; Children ' s Theatre; Student Union. HAVARD, JOAN . . . New Rochelle, N. Y. . . . Costume Design . . . Theta Phi Alpha; Gamma Alpha Chi; Orange Guide; Junior and Senior Advisory Council; St. Thomas More; Student Union. HJORTH, RUTH . . . Ilion, N. Y. . . . Music . . . Chorus; IWA. HIRSCH, ANNE . . . Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. . . . Art Education . . . Sigma Chi Alpha; Modern Dance club; Ski club. Third row: HOLMES, PATRICIA . . . Parkersburg, W. Va. . . . Fine Arts . . . Alpha Gamma Delta; Student Union; ASA; Dilemma; Campus Chest; WAER. HUGHES, LOIS . . . Kenmore, N. Y. . . . Art . . . Chapel. HUSSEY, DULCIE . . . Lynn, Mass. . . . Illustration . . . Chi Omega, v. pres.; Soph Exec. Council; Human Relations; Skeptics Corner; HPA; Big Chum; Chapel; Drama Advisory Board. Second row: GROSSMAN, ALVIN . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Advertising Design . . . Alpha Epsilon Pi; Bowling; Debate club; Alpha Epsilon Delta. GUBALA, STANLEY . . . Utica, N. Y. . . . Illustration. GUBMAN, GLORIA . . . Syracuse, NY.... Violin Pedagogy . . . Or¬ chestra; Music Ed. club; JSF; IZFA; IWA. GUTERMUTH, BLAINE . . . Connellsville, Pa. . . . Zeta Psi; Alpha Delta Sigma. JACOBS, FLORENCE . . . Emlenton, Pa. . . . Painting . . . Chi Omega; Chapel Choir; Society of Arts and Letters; ASA; Sigma Chi Alpha. JENSEN, JOHN . . . Harrington Park, N. J. . . . Architecture . . . Sigma Chi; SUA. JEWELL, ARTHUR . . . Delmar, N. Y. . . . Advertising . . . Alpha Tau Omega; MSG. JIBSON, JANE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Music Education . . . Theta Phi Alpha; Catholic Choir; City Guides, sec.; Chorus; Music Ed. club; St. Thomas More. I 319 First row: JOLLY, KIRBY . . . Bavside, N. Y. . . . Music Ed. . . . Zeta Psi; Cheering Squad; Symphonic Band and Orchestra; Marching Band; Chapel; Phi Mu Alpha; Kappa Phi Kappa. JONES, MARJORIE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Piano . . . ISA; Chorus; Westminster Fellowship. JORGENSEN, ELSIE . . . Highland Park, Ill. . . . Art . . . Zetu Tau Alpha; Ski School. KARPINSKI, CAROLINE . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Painting . . . Tau Sigma Delta. KELLEY, ROBERT . . . Brownville, N. Y. . . . Architecture. KING, RUSSELL . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Architecture . . . Phi Gamma Delta; IFC; Gargoyle Society; Sigma Upsilon Alpha. KNECHT, BEVERLY . . . Glen Rock, N. J. . . . Art. . . Yacht club; ASA. Second row: KNOCHENHAUER, MARJORIE . . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . . Painting . . . HPA; Human Relations; Westminster Fellowship; Flint and Feather; WRA. KOBACK, IRMA . . . Norwalk, Conn. . . . Costume Design . . . Sigma Delta Tau; DO; JSF; Activities Center; Junior and Senior Advisory Council; ASA; NSA. KONEN, ELAINE . . . Geneva, N. Y ... Art . . . Alpha Chi Omega; Trad. Comm.; Gamma Alpha Chi; Junior Guide; Junior Advisory Coun¬ cil; Chapel. Mestrovic’s carvings gave us boast of our faculty. KONTHER, JANET . . . Garden City, N. Y. . . . Illustration . . . Alpha Delta Pi; Ski club; Chapel Choir; Chapel. KOWALSKI, JOSEPH . . . Newark, N. J. . . . Industrial Design . . . Alpha Xi Alpha; Ski club; St. Thomas More. KRASNY, FRANCES . . . Franklin Square, N. Y. . . . Piano . . . IZFA; JSF; Chorus; Long Island club; Skyliners; Madrigal. KREITMAYER, EUGENE . . . North Tonawanda, N. Y. . . . Painting and Industrial Design . . . ASA. Third row: LA BAU, DAVID . . . Wyckoff, N. J. . . . Architecture . . . Sigma Chi, pres.; Gargoyle Society; School of Architecture, v. pres.; Chapel. LAZANSKY, EDWARD . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Painting . . . Beta Sigma Rho; ASA; Philosophy club; UWF. LEVINE, LOUISE . . . Forest Hills, N. Y. . . . Music Education . . . Bridge club; Music Ed. club; Symphonic Band; Soph Senate; Outing club; Choir. LOEBE, JOAN . . . Rocky River, Ohio . . . Fabric Design . . . Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Xi Alpha; SSS. LORD, HELEN . . . Chevy Chase, Md. . . . Music Education . . . Alpha Chi Omega; HPA; MENC; Chorus; Chapel. LUTZ, LOUISE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Costume Design . . . Alpha Xi Alpha; City Women ' s club; Senior Assembly; ASA; Syracuse-in-China. MANTICA, FRANK . . . Albany, N. Y. . . . Education . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon; IMA, Sigma Chi Alpha; Ski club. cause to Class of 1952 MATHISON, MARY ELLEN . . . Newton, Mass. . . . Painting . . . Outing club; ASA; Co-op Council. MATTHEWS, ANNA . . . Glenside, Pa. . . . Fabric Design ... Phi Mu; Alpha Xi Alpha. MAXEINER, DORIS . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Piano . . . Alpha Phi; Sigma Alpha Iota; Chapel; Chapel Choir; SSS; Chorus. MAYER, MARILYN . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Costume Design . . . Iota Alpha Pi; DO; WSG; Chapel; Chorus. MAZZOTTI, ADELYN . . . Miami, Fla. . . . Advertising Design . . . ASA. McGRATH, WILLIAM . . . Hillsboro, Ore. . . . Industrial Design. MENDELOW, MELVIN . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Painting . . . Tau Sigma Delta. MERRITT, EVELYN . . . Alfred, N. Y. . . . Art Education . . . Sigma Chi Alpha; WRA; ASA; EAA; HPA. MOORE, ROGER . . . Cazenovia, N. Y. . . . Painting . . . Glee club; Holy Name Society; Pi Mu Alpha; Tau Sigma Delta; Catholic Choir; Chorus. MORGAN, MARGERY . . . Scranton, Pa. . . . Piano . . . Kappa Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota, pres.; Chapel Choir; Chapel. MOSBERG, NORMAN . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Advertising Design . . . Varsity Boxing. MOSER, ALICE . . . Scranton, Pa. . . . Fabric Design . . . HPA. MULLAVEY, DEAN . . . Concord, N. H. . . . Art Education . . . Sigma Chi Alpha, pres.; French club. NEWTON, PAUL . . . Syracuse, N. Y-Composition . . . Inter-Varsity Church; Composers club. NICHOLS, SUSAN . . . Rahway, N. J. . . . Costume Design ... Phi Mu; Student Union; Chapel Choir. NOBLES, DANIEL . . . Salamanca, N. Y. . . . Interior Design . . . Tau Epsilon; Tau Sigma Delta. NORRIS, MARGARET . . . Des Moines, Iowa . . . Music Education . . . Music Ed. club; Symphonic Band. OHLAND, WINTERFORD . . . Montclair, N. J. . . . Architecture. ORZELL, ELEONORE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Voice . . . Syrcico; Chorus; Catholic Choir. OSTERLING, ADRIAN . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Advertising Design . . . WSYR; TV; Syracusan; Alpha Delta Sigma. PEASE, ROBERT . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Architecture . . . SUA. Fine Arts 321 PELTON, SAMUEL . . . Lowville, N. Y. . . . Advertising Design. PERRY, REGINA . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Music Education . . . Kappa Alpha Theta; Music Ed. club; WRA; Chapel Choir; Chapel; Chorus. PICKERING, CHARLES . . . Bronx, N. Y_Trumpet . . . SU Band, pres.; Marching Band; Music club. PORTER, ALBERTHA . . . Massapequa, N. Y. . . . Advertising Design . . . Alpha Delta Pi; Chapel Choir; SUSKI. POSTHILL, SALLY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Art Education . . . Gamma Phi Beta; Sigma Chi Alpha; Chapel; EAA. PRISCO, MARIO . . . Brookly n, N. Y. . . . Painting. PUNNETT, ESTHER . . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . . Piano . . . Chapel. REALS, ROBERT . . . Jamesville, N. Y. . . . Art Education Chi Alpha; FTA; EAA; MSF. Sigma RENNACKER, CHRISTINE ... Oil City, Pa_Voice . . . Gamma Phi Beta; Chapel Choir; Glee club; Boars Head; WRA. ROBBINS, NATALIE . . . Danville, Pa. . . . Interior Design. ROBINSON, BENNETT . . . Maplewood, N. J. . . . Painting . . . Alpha Epsilon Pi; Band; DO; Intramurals. ROBY, ROGER . . . Riversedge, N. J Omega; ADS; Alpha Omega Tau. Advertising . . . Alpha Tau RUDER, CATHERINE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Violin . . . Orchestra- Choir. SALIN, CAROL . . . Sunnyside, L. I. . . . Painting . . . JSF; Student Art Show. SCHNEEBELI, SUZANNE . . . Lancaster, Pa. . . . Art. . . Alpha Gamma Delta; Tau Sigma Delta, v. pres.; Alpha Xi Alpha, v. pres. SHAPIRO, BERT . . . Belle Harbor, L. I. . . . Costume Design . . . Zeta Beta Tau; Winter Weekend, chmn.; Lacrosse; Syracusan-; Alpha Phi Omega. SLATKES, LEONARD . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Painting . . . Alpha Phi Omega; Dilemma. SOLTIS, DONALD . . . New Britain, Conn. . . . Music Education . . . Pi Alpha Chi; Music club; Band. SPRINGER, FRANK . . . Lynbrook, L. I Tau Omega; Track; DO. Illustration . . . Alpha STEINHILBER, RUTH . . . Cleveland Heights, Ohio . . . Art Education • • - Alpha Phi; Sigma Chi Alpha; Chapel; SSS; WRA; Jr. Guide; Sr. Guide; Chorus. STELZER, ENID . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Musicology. 322 Class of 1952 First row: SUGARMAN, JOAN . . . Bronx, N. Y. . . . Music Education . . . Band; Society of Arts and Letters. SWIERCZYNSKI, RAYMOND . . . Jersey City, N. J. . . . Illustration . . . Sigma Chi; Alpha Phi Omega; Outing club. SWIRE, ROBERTA . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Art Education ... Pi Lambda Theta; Sigma Chi Alpha, FTA, pres.; UWF. TAYLOR, PATRICIA . . . West View, Pa. . . . Fashion Illustration . . . Sigma Kappa; WSG; Panhell; Sr. Guide; Chapel Choir; Syracusan; Cam¬ pus Chest; Chapel. THOMS, LILLIAN . . . Forestville, Conn. . . . Interior Design . . . Tau Epsilon. THOREN, PHYLLIS . . . New Britain, Conn. . . . Painting . . . Alpha Delta Pi, pres.; HPA; Outing club; ASA. THORNTON, JOANNE . . . Arlington, Va. . . . Painting . . . Kappa Alpha Theta; Chapel Choir; WRA; Student Union; Pershing Rifle. Second row: TOMLINSON, KATHRYN . . . Trenton, N. J. . . . Advertising . . . Alpha Xi Delta; Gamma Alpha Chi; Panhell. VAN ALSTYNE, BARBARA . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Art Education Delta Zeta; Sigma Chi Alpha; WRA; Chorus; SUSKI; Skeptics Corner. VERBRIDGE, LUCILLE . . . Williamson, N. Y. . . . Music Education . . . Chapel Choir; MENC; Chorus. WARING, JANE . . . Metuchen, N. J. . . . Painting . . . Zeta Tau Alpha. Fine Arts WECHSLER, BARBARA . . . Wyncote, Pa. . . . Painting . . . Modern Dance club, Outing club; Jazz club; Children ' s Theatre. WEINBERG, MELVIN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Advertising Design . . . Chorus; Track. WEISS, CAROLINE . . . Quakertown, Pa. . . . Art . . . Chapel; Human Relations; Student Union; WRA; Art Guild. Third row: WENTWORTH, LAETA . . . Tampa, Fla. . . . Organ . . . Chapel Choir; Chapel Organist. WERT, GEORGE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Advertising Design . . . Beta Theta Pi; ADS; Syracusan. WIGHT, JACQUELINE . . . New Rochelle, N. Y. . . . Music Education . . . Chapel Choir; Orchestra; Chorus; NAACP; Music WILLIAMS, BERNIE . . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . . Music Education . . . HPA; Band; Music Ed. club, pres.; Sigma Alpha Iota; Lutheran Student Assoc.; IWA. WINER, DOROTHY . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Advertising Design . . . Senior Class, v. pres.; WSG; Gamma Alpha Chi; Human Relations,Chapel, Junior Class Exec. Class. WYSONG, DOROTHY . . . Treadwell, N. Y. . . . Architecture . . . Pi Beta Phi; WRA, pres.; Senior Exec. Council; Officer WSG; Sr. Guide; Panhell; Chapel Choir; Chorus. YOUNG, FREDRICK . . . Conesus, N. Y. . . . Industrial Design . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Xi Alpha. Here the creator first came out of his cocoon. Class of 1952 Paul Bunyan had nothing on this crew. ABELSON, JOSEPH . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Plastics . . . Alpha Xi Sigma; Alpha Chi Sigma; Papyrus club. ARNOLD, FLOYD . . . Ludlowville, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Orbis Silva. BAUERLE, ARNOLD . . . Long Island, N. Y. . . . Forestry Forestry club. ' 1 BECKER, KENNETH . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Landscape . . . Mollet club. STANLEY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Wood Technology . . . Mollet club. BERGER, EDWARD . . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . . Kappa Sigma; Intramural; St. Thomas More. BERG ISK, KARL ... St. Albans, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Forestry Co-op; Intramurals. Second row: BERMAN, EDWARD . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . . Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Sigma Delta; Outing club; Ski club. BOOKBINDER, SIGMUND . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Landscape Alpha Phi Omega; Mollet club; Travel Bureau. BREW ER, ROBERT . . . Oneida, N. Y. . . . Pi Alpha Chi; Orbis Silva. BROOKS, JOHN . . . Cortland, N. Y. . . . Pulp and Paper . . . Alpha Xi Sigma; Robin Hood; Papyrus club. BURGESS, ROBERT . . . Ithaca, N. Y. . . . Landscape . . . Mollet club. BUTTON, ARTHUR . . . Marietta, N. Y. . . . Merchandising .. . Forestry Co-op; Paul Bunyan. CAMARDA, JOSEPH . . . Wallkill, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . . Delta Tau Delta; IFC; Forestry club; Intramurals; Holy Name Society. Third row: CARSON, TED . . . Kane, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Orbis Silva. CARSTENS, ROBERT . . . Guilford, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Forestry Co-op; Intramurals; Band. CERASOLI, PHILLIP . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Pulp and Paper . . . Alpha Xi Sigma; Papyrus club. COATES, ALAN . . Blossville, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Alpha Tau Omega; Intramurals; Methodist Student Fellowship. COATS, KENDALL . . . Alma, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Orbis Silva. COWAN, WILLIAM . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Forestry Co-op; Canterbury club. CROWELL, CHESTER . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Pulp and Paper . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Intramurals; IFC, Papyrus club; Frosh Crew. 324 Forestry CROWLEY, JAMES . . . Utica, N. Y. . . . Landscape . . . Theta Pi Delta Epsilon; Empire Forester; Syracusan; Mollet club; Lacrosse; St. Thomas More. CUNNINGHAM, JOHN . . . Mount Vernon, N. Y. . . . Conversion . . . Forestry Co-op; Chapel. DAMON, WALTER . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . University Chess Club; Paul Bunyan club; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. DANIELL, PAUL . . Valhalla, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Empire Forester; Orbis Silva; Entomology club, Intramurals. DARBY, JOSEPH . . . Ossining, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . . Alpha Tau Omega; Holy Name Society; MSG. DOMBROWSKI, ALBIN . . . Patterson, N. J. . . . Conversion . . . Paul Bunyan club. DONOVAN, WILLIAM . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Summer Camp Committee. DUNCAN, THOMAS . . . Norwich, Conn. . . . Merchandising . . . For¬ estry Co-op; Intramurals; Holy Name Society. DWORSHAK, LOUIS ... St. Albans, Vt. . . . Merchandising . . . Psi Upsilon; Paul Bunyan club; Rowing club; Crew. ERION, DAVID . . . Oneida, N. Y. . . . Forestry ... Pi Alpha Chi; Orbis Silva; Intramurals. EVANS, ROBERT . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Forestry. FEASEY, ERIC . . . Mt. Lakes, N. J. . . . Forestry . . . Lambda Chi Alpha, v. pres. FINNEGAN, DONALD . . . Jackson Heights, N. Y. . . . Pulp and Paper . . . Forestry club; Papyrus club. FISCHER, KENNETH . . . Yonkers, N. Y. . . . Pulp and Paper . . . Forestry Co-op; Alpha Phi Omega; Robin Hood; Empire Forester; Papyrus club; Outing club; Ski club. FOGARTY, RICHARD . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Phi Kappa Tau; Alpha Phi Omega; Forestry club; Outing club; Lutheran Student Fellowship; Intramurals. FRANKENBACH, ALBERT . . . Southampton, L. I. . . . Conversion . . . Sigma Chi; Paul Bunyan club; Canterbury club; Crew. GIBBS, WILLIAM . . . Middleton, N. Y. . . . Merchandising ... Pi Alpha Chi of Theta Alpha; Intramurals; Paul Bunyan. GLADSTONE, WILLIAM . . . Addison, N. Y. . . . Pulp and Paper . . . Phi Gamma Delta; Robin Hood; Papyrus club. GLOWKA, ARTHUR . . . Scarsdale, N. Y. . . . Forestry. GOVERNALE, WALTER . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Merchandising. GUENTHER, ROBERT . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Forestry Co-op; Alpha Xi Sigma; Empire Forester; Outing club; Forestry club. Class of 1952 HAMILTON, RICHARD . . . Phoenix, N. Y. . . . Pulp and Paper Forestry Co-op; Papyrus club. HAMMEL, IRWIN . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . . Acacia; Paul Bunyan; Intramurals. HARTMAN, WARREN . . Yonkers, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Forestry Co-op; Empire Forester; Orbis Silva. HEAL, LISLE . . . Baldwinsville, N. Y. . . . Conversion . . . Alpha Chi Rho; Paul Bunyan club. HEINIKE, JAMES . . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . . Phi Delta Theta; IFC; Paul Bunyan club; Intramurals; Football. HINKEL, EDWARD . Medford, Conn. . . . Merchandising . . . Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Xi Sigma; Paul Bunyan. HO ARE, FRANK . . . Forestry . . . Yonkers, N. Y. . . . Forestry Co-op- Empire Forester; Orbis Silva; MSG. FIOELLE, PHILLIP . . . Mineola, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Zoology club; Outing club. HORTON, CHARLES . . . Marcellus, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . Sigma Pi; Paul Bunyan club. ' ' ' Baldwinsville, N. Y. . . . Conversion . . . Alpha Chi Rho; Glee club; Chorus; Intramurals; Paul Bunyan club. HOWELL EVERETT . . . Bronxville, N. Y-Forestry ... Phi Kappa Psi; Chapel; Chapel Board; Lacrosse. r HUTCHINSON, JAY . . . Scarsdale, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Outing club; United Church Fellowship. HYDE, OLIN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Pulp and Paper . . . Alpha Phi Omega; Alpha Xi Sigma; Papyrus club. JENSEN, DONALD . . . New York, N. Y-Forestry . . . Outing club. JOHNSON, ROBERT . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . . Forestry Co-op; Empire Forester, Forestry club; Paul Bunyan club. JUDGE, JOSEPH . . . Nyack, N. Y. . . . Pulp and Paper . . . Papyrus club; Intramurals. r dub ' NNER ' ' ' Salamanca, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Entomology KIMBALL, EDWARD . . . Brookline, Mass. . . . Merchandising. KNAPP JOHN Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Pulp and Paper . . . Alpha Phi Omega; Alpha Xi Sigma; Papyrus club. KNICKERBOCKER, GERALD . . . Dalton, Mass. . . . Forestry. KOCH, JOSEPH . . . Kenmore, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . . Kappa Sigma; Intramurals. 326 Forestry Stag or drag, the beer party was the panacea. First row: KOLBE, JOHN . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . Sigma Phi Epsilon; Kappa Beta Phi; Empire Forester; Paul Bunyan club; Outing club. MacCHAFFIE, ROBERT . . . Troy, N. Y. . . . Landscape . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Mollet club; Intramurals. KRAIMAN, ROBERT . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Pulp and Paper; Papyrus MARTIN, PAUL . . . Lawrence, L. I. . . . Merchandising . . . Alpha Phi club; Crew; Chess club. Omega; Omega Pi Alpha; Paul Bunyan club; Outing club; Book Mart. LANNER, RONALD . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Forestry club; Empire Forester; IMA; Orbis Silva. LARSEN, ARNOLD . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . . Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship, pres.; Paul Bunyan club; Intramurals; Ski club. LESKAWA, RONALD . . . Scranton, Pa. . . . Forestry . . . Empire Fores¬ ter; Paul Bunyan club. MARTIN, RALPH . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Merchandising. MARTIN, BARRY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Wood Technology . . . Em¬ pire Forester; IZFA; Jewish World Fellowship. Third row: McCREADY, ROY . . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . . Landscape . . . Forestry club; Intramurals; Track; Lacrosse; Mollet club; Chapel. i LEVINE, ROBERT . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Forestry Co-op; Empire McELROY, ROBERT . . . Elmsford, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . . For- Forester; Lacrosse; Intramurals. estry Co-op; Paul Bunyan club; Intramurals. L ' HOMMEDIEU, HARRY . . . South Otselic, N. Y. . . . Landscape . . . Mollet club. Second row: LINDEMAN, ROBERT . . . Dewitt, N. Y. . . . Wood Technology . . . Forestry Co-op; Robin Hood; Forestry club; Empire Forester, editor; Alpha Xi Sigma; Intramurals. LISZEWSKI, EDWARD . . . Fort Johnson, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . . Empire Forester; Paul Bunyan club; CYO. LITTLE, RUSSELL... Williamsville, N. Y.... Landscape... Mollet club. McGANN, JOHN . . . Bronx, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Zoology club. McKEE, CHESTER . . . Niagara Falls, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Outing club. MERRICK, JOHN . . . Hamden, Conn. . . . Forestry . . . Outing club; Canterbury club; Ski club. MINER, CLARK . . . Endicott, N. Y. . . . Conversion . . . Sigma Pi; Band; Paul Bunyan club; Intramurals. MULVEY, RUSSELL . . . Wilmington, Del. . . . Forestry club; Omega Pi Alpha; Empire Forester; 4H club, pres.; Outing club. First row: NOBLE, CHARLES . . . Norwich, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Chapel Choir; Outing club; Methodist Student Fellowship. NOLDAN, HENRY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Outing club; Track. OWEN, BOWMAN . . . Turnwood, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Entomology club. PIERCE, DONALD . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Outing club. RING, JOHN . . . North Chatham, Mass. . . . Conversion ... Pi Kappa Alpha; Paul Bunyan club. RISLEY, JOHN . . . Pleasantville, N. Y. . . . Forestry. ROBILLARD, WALTER . . . Glens Falls, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Orbis Silvis. RODGERS, JOSEPH . . . Scarsdale, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . . Ski club; Outing club; Intramurals; Canterbury club. POLHEMUS, KEITH . . . Binghamton, N. Y. . . . Landscape . . . IMA; Mollet club. RALPH, ROBERT . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Conversion . . . Paul Bunyan club. RAPAVI, ANDREW . . . Utica, N. Y. . . . Wood Technology . . . Intra¬ murals. Second row: REDMOND, DONALD . . . Kenmore, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Sigma Pi Sigma; Alpha Xi Sigma; Robin Hood, Outing club. REGETZ, FRED . . . Turin, N. Y. . . . Landscape . . . Phi Kappa Tau; Mollet club; Track; MSF. REIDINGER, ROBERT . . . Johnson City, N. Y. . . . Conversion . . . Paul Bunyan club; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade. Third row: ROITHMAYR, CHARLES . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Forestry Co-op; Empire Forester; Holy Name Society. ROSE, DONALD . . . Union, N. J. . . . Forestry . . . Forestry Co-op, pres.; Robin Hood; Orbis Silva; Intramurals. ROTHE, HOWARD . . . Binghamton, N. Y. ... Pulp and Paper . . . Papyrus club. SCHAFFER, GEORGE . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . . Forestry Co-op; Intramurals; Robin Hood; Paul Bunyan club; ROTC. SCHUMAKER, WILSON . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Conversion . . . La¬ crosse; Ski Team; Chapel Choir. SCHWARTZ, HOWARD . . . Forest Hills, N. J. . . . Merchandising . . . Paul Bunyan club; ROTC; Rifle Team. SEAMAN, JAMES . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Forestry ... Pi Alpha Chi, v. pres.; Forestry club; Orbis Silva; Zoology club. Wonder who ' s passbook he borrowed? Class of 1952 SHIMER, ROBERT . . . Lockport, N. Y-Forestry . . . Empire Forester; Orbis Silva; Entomology club. SHOPENN, NOAH . . . New Hyde Park, L. I. . . . Conversion . . . Outing club ; Chapel; Skeptics Corner. SIMPSON, JOHN . . . East Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Wood Technology . . . Alpha Tau Gamma; Outing club, Canterbury club, Chapel Choir; Orange Peals. SLENTZ, LAWRENCE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Pulp and Paper . . . Alpha Phi Omega; Forestry Co-op; Papyrus club. SLOAT, WILLIAM . . . Norwood, N. J. . . . Merchandising . . . Forestry Co-op; Robin Hood; Paul Bunyan club. SMITH, DONALD . . . Ilion, N. Y. . . . Conversion. SMITH, RAYMOND . . . Medina, N. Y. . . . Forestry . Alpha Xi Sigma; Robin Hood; Forestry Co-op; Empire Forester; St. Thomas More; Orbis Silva; Intramurals. SMITH, WAYNE . . . Amsterdam, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . . Empire Forester; Paul Bunyan club; St. Thomas More; Intramurals. SNYDER, RAYMOND . . . Kingston, N. Y. . . . Plastics . . . Robin Hood; Papyrus club; Methodist Fellowship; Alpha Xi Sigma. SOPER, HERBERT . . . Fayetteville, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon; Paul Bunyan club; Campus Chest. SOULE, LLOYD . . . Johnsonburg, Pa. . . . Forestry . . . Empire Forester; Orbis Silva; Westminster Fellowship. STEWART, JAMES . . . Cooperstown, N. Y. . . . Conversion . . . Alpha Phi Omega; Paul Bunyan club. STOVER, ARTHUR . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Outing club. STRUVE, HENRY . . . Utica, N. Y. . . . Conversion . . . Sigma Pi; Paul Bunyan. SULLIVAN, RICHARD . . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . . Delta Upsilon; ROTC; Scabbard and Blade; Frosh Crew. SWEITZER, CHARLES . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Pulp and Paper . . . Forestry club; Alpha Xi Sigma; Pi Alpha Tau; Phi Kappa Psi, Robin Hood; Papyrus club; Lacrosse. THOMAS, MALCOLM . . . Croton-on-Hudson . . . Landscape . . . Mollet club. THOMPSON, STANLEY . . . Albany, N. Y. . . . Landscape . . . Theta Chi; Mollet club; Varsity Crew; Rowing club; Varsity Crew; Rowing club; Intramurals. WALLY, BRUCE . . . Kingston, N. Y. . . . Pulp and Paper . . . Forestry Co-op; Forestry club, Papyrus club; Gym Team. WARD, DONALD . . . Cassadaga, N. Y. . . . Landscape . . . Alpha Xi Sigma; Mollet club, pres. WARNECK, ALAN . . . White Plains, N. Y. . . . Conversion . . . Forestry Co-op; Paul Bunyan club. Forestry i 329 WEBSTER, HENRY . . . Marie, Mich. . . . Forestry . . . Forestry club; Alpha Xi Sigma; Robin Hood; Orbis Silva, pres.; Chapel; Canterbury club. WEMPLE, ELWOOD . . . Mayfield, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Outing club; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; Intramurals. WELCH, LEO . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Conversion. WOOD, DAVID . . Pittsburgh, Pa. . . . Forestry . . . Beta Theta Pi; Empire Forester; Orbis Silva. WOODCOCK, LLOYD . . . Stoney Creek, N. Y. . . . Forestry . . . Outing club; Chapel Choir. YATEMAN, DONALD . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Pulp and Paper . . . Forestry Co-op; SUSKI; Papyrus club. Class of 1952 First row: ADROSKO, RITA . . . Linden, N. J -Applied Arts . . . Alpha Omicron Pi; Euthenia; Catholic Choir; Book Mart; YWCA; Chorus. APPEL, EVELYN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Household Tech . . . Alpha Omicron Pi; Red Cross; Home Ec club; St. Thomas More; Book Mart; Boars Head; WRA. ARMITAGE, PAULA . . . Portland, Maine . . . Dietetics . . . Trad. Comm.; Chapel; Syracuse-in-China, Outing club; NAACP; Campus Chest. AUER, NANCY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Applied Arts . . . Alpha Xi Delta; Ci ' .y Women ' s club, Home Ec. club. BALDWIN, JOAN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Applied Arts . . . Delta Gamma; Football Queen Court. BLACK, SYLVIA . . . Neponsit, N. Y. . . . Applied Arts. CARTER, LOIS . . . Winston, N. C. . . . F.L. and C.D-Home Ec. club. Second row: COOK, LOUISE . . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . . Applied Arts . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma; Home Ec club; Home Ec Student Board, chmn.; HPA; Campus Chest; Red Cross. CRUMP, BARBARA . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Foods and Nutrition . . . Home Ec club. DELANEY, MARY ANN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Theta Phi Alpha; St. Thomas More; City Women ' s club; Home Ec club; Campus Chest; SSS. Home Economics DUNBRACK, DORIS . . . Waltham, Mass. . . . Equipment . . . Alpha Phi; Omicron Nu; Home Ec Student Board; City Guide; Chapel. EIGENMACHT, ESTELLE . . . Akron, Ohio . . . Phi Sigma Sigma; Red Cross; Panhell, Campus Chest; Senior Assembly. FAIN, LINDA . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Applied Arts . . . Zeta Tau Alpha; SSS; Home Ec club; Westminster Fellowship; Chapel; Skeptics Corner; WRA. FEINSTEIN, MARCIA . . . Hurleyville, N. Y. . . . Pi Alpha Mu; Junior Assembly; JSF; UJA; Home Ec club. Third row: FIELDER, MARY LOUISE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . . Gamma Phi Beta, pres.; Campus Chest; Chapel Choir; WRA. FOSTER, JOANN . . . Bethlehem, Pa. . . . Merchandising . . . Phi Mu; Home Ec club; Human Relations; Chapel; Presbyterian Fellowship. FULTON, ALICE . . . Niagara Falls, N. Y. . . . Outing club; Home Ec club. GOODMAN, JOAN . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . . Alpha Epsilon Phi, pres.; HPA; Junior Advisory Council. GRAF, JUNE . . . Verona, N. J. . . . Education . . . Home Ec club. GRAHAM, LORNA . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Euthenics . . . Home Ec club; 4H club; Syrcico. GREENLEAF, JUDITH . . . Liverpool. N. Y. . . . Education . . . Home Ec club. Pre-wed gals weren ' t limited to the College of Home Ec. - —- " ' — Class of 1952 Shakespeare phrased it well . . . NETTLETON, HELEN . . . Locke, N. Y. . . . Art . . . Kappa Delta; Chapel; Home Ec club. First row: HADDLETON, PRISCILLA . . . Mechanicville, N. Y. . . . Merchandis¬ ing . . . Gamma Phi Beta; SSS; Junior Guide; SUSKI; ON. HEMMER, JOAN BARRY . . . Alexandria, Va. . . . Education . . . Zeta Tau Alpha. HUDSON, JOANNE . . . Harrisburg, Pa. . . . Merchandising . . . Delta Zeta; Panhell; WSG; Chapel; SSS; WRA; Student Union; Junior Class Exec. Council; Soph Class Advisory Council; Campus Chest. HUNTER, GRETA . . . Eden, N. Y. . . . Interior Design . . . Alpha Gamma Delta; Interior Design club; Home Ec club; Chapel. IVRY, GRACE . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . DO; Omicron Nu; IZFA; Euthenia. KANTER, ALINE . . . Bridgeport, Conn. . . . Child Development . . . Youth Fellowship; Home Ec club; Spanish club. KARCH, MARILYN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Child Development . . . JSF; UJA; Home Ec club; Campus Chest. NIES, JOAN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Applied Arts . . . Delta Delta Delta; City Women ' s club. POLLAK, MAXINE . . . Long Beach, L. I. . . . Kappa Delta . . . Senior Assembly; Home Ec club; Chapel; WRA; Spring Weekend. POVLOCK, MARY JEAN . . . Salamanca, N. Y. . . . Applied Arts . . . Kappa Delta; Home Ec club; Chapel; St. Thomas More; Ski club. Third row: RENNACKER, MARILYN . . . Oil City, Pa. . . . Merchandising . . . Gamma Phi Beta; WRA; Human Relations; Home Ec club; Velasko club; Junior Guide; Senior Advisory Council. RIDDLE, MARY ANN . . . Margate, N. J. . . . Euthenics . . . Alpha Xi Delta; Junior Guide; Home Ec Student Board; Chapel. RILL, REBECCA . . . Phoenix, N. Y. . . . Applied Arts . . . Syrcico; Chorus; Worship Committee. ROHDE, JOYCE . . . Brattleboro, Vt. . . . Applied Arts . . . Alpha Chi Omega; Red Cross; Women ' s Rifle club; Ski club. Second row: LUCCHESI, GLORIA . . . Plainfield, N. J. . . . Art . . . Omicron Nu; Student Union; Campus Chest. MERRITT, RENA . . . Clinton, N. C. . . . Education. MILLER, ELIZABETH . . . Pulaski, N. Y. . . . Foods and Nutrition . . . Alpha Delta Pi; Omicron Nu, pres.; Sigma Alpha Iota; Chapel; Chapel Choir; Home Ec Student Board; SSS; Junior Guide; Chorus. ROTHENBERG, MYRA . . . Maplewood, N. J. . . . Applied Arts . . . HPA; Human Relations. SANFORD, MALCHIA . . . Great Neck, L. I. . . . Merchandising . . . WSG Junior Officer; WSG; Chief Personnel Director; Eta Pi Upsilon; Alpha Epsilon Phi, v. pres.; Gamma Alpha Chi; Trad. Comm.; Winter Weekend, chmn.; Campus Chest; Colgate Weekend; Home Ec club; JSF. SEGEL, MARION . . . Newton, Mass. . . . Foods and Nutrition . . . Home Ec club; Campus Chest. Home Economics SILVERMAN, IDA . . . Brookline, Mass. . . . Outing club; Home Ec. club; Student Union; JSF. SMITH, JOLLY ANN . . . Hammondsport, N. Y. . . . Foods and Nutri¬ tion . . . Home Ec club. SMITH, MARTHA . . . Parish, N. Y. . . . Merchandising . . . Home Ec club; Omicron Nu; Chapel. SPEED, ARLENE . . . Oakfield, N. Y. . . . Applied Arts . . . HPA; Home Ec club; Chorus; Campus Chest. STEELE, DANNA . . . Kenmore, N. Y. . . . Equipment in Business . . . Chi Omega; Eta Pi Upsilon; Chapel Board; WSG Court; SSS; Junior Guide; Soph Hop; Christmas Pageant. STEINER, NANCY . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Foods . . . Sigma Tau Delta; Omicron Nu; JSF; Home Ec club. STEPHANOFF, KATHERINE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Foods . . . Alpha Gamma Delta; Home Ec club; Syrcico; Campus Chest. STOCKUS, ELEANOR . . . Newark, N. J. . . . Foods . . . Delta Delta Delta; ON; Big Chum Program; World Relations; Euthenia. STREETER, ANNETTE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Euthenics . . . City Guide; Powers club; Home Ec club; Spring Weekend. TAINTER, SHIRLEY . . . Delmar, N. Y. . . . Family Living . . . Alpha Chi Omega; Red Cross; SSS; Chapel; Student Union; Goon Squad, Politi¬ cal Union. TURK, HANNAH . . . Liverpool, Ohio . . . Foods . . . DO; Syracusan; Chorus; IZFA; Home Ec club. WAGMAN, CAROL . . . Riverdale, N. Y. . . . Foods . . . Red Cross; JSF; Home Ec club. WELBORN, GAIUS . . . Basking Ridge, N. J. . . . Foods and Nutrition . . . Chapel. WELCH, PATRICIA . . . Marblehead, Mass. . . . Merchandising . . . Home Ec club; Yacht club; St. Thomas More; CYO. WILLIAMS, JEAN . . . Scranton, Pa. . . . Merchandising . . . Chi Omega; Chapel; ON, jr. and sr. editor; Jr. and Sr. Guide; Omicron Nu; Gamma Alpha Chi; TV; Home Ec club; Penna. club. WILLOUGHBY, CONSTANCE . . . Wilmington, Del. . . . Merchandis¬ ing . . . Human Relations; Sr. Assembly; Yacht club. WITTE, JEAN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Social Welfare . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sr. Assembly; Home Ec club; Campus Chest. WOLF, PATRICIA . . . New Rochelle, N. Y. . . . Retailing . . . HPA; Sr. Advisory Council. ZUCKERMAN, EVELYN . . . Olean, N. Y. . . . Family Living . . . HPA; Bridge club; Human Relations. BECHTOS, RAMONA . . . Erie, Pa. . . . Zeta Tau Alpha; Theta Sigma Phi; DO; Jr. Guide; Student Union; Skeptic ' s Corner; WRA; Epsilon Epsilon Sigma. BELTZER, LEE . . . Ossining, N. Y. . . . Varsity Debate; Rho Delta Phi; Campus Chest; Stockingfoot Dance. 333 Class of 1952 BURMAN, ALICE . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Delta Phi Epsilon; ON; Syracusan. COHEN, EDWARD . . . Media, Pa. . . . Syracusan; Psi Chi; Sigma Delta Chi. DE LA REZA, MERCEDES . . . Bolivia . . . DO; Flying club; History club; Rifle club, Ski Patrol; Cosmopolitan club; Canterbury club; French club; Spanish club; World Relations; Syracuse-in-China; FSC. DINGLE, JEAN . . . Wakefield, Mass. . . . DO, Editor-in-Chief; Campus Leaders; Theta Sigma Phi; Frosh Handbook; Eta Pi Upsilon; WSG Assembly. GOETZMAN, MARGARET . . . Newark, N. Y. . . . Chi Omega; Eta Pi Upsilon; Theta Sigma Phi; WSG, Elections Commissioner, Sr. Guide; HPA;Jr. Guide;Chapel. GOLDSTEIN, PAULA . . . Freeport, N. Y. . . . Syracusan, Feature Editor; Theta Sigma Phi, v. pres.; Rho Delta Phi; Campus Chest; UJA. HANAVER, SUE . . . Flushing, N. Y. . . . Theta Sigma Phi; Psi Chi; Syracusan; ON. HEILBRONNER, LESLIE . . . Perry, N. Y. . . . DO, assist. Editor; Senior Class Exec Council; Intramural Council; Sigma Delta Chi; Co-op; Tri-O; IMA. LAKRETZ, NINA . . . Rockway, N. Y. . . . DO, Theta Sigma Phi; WAER; WRA; Long Island club. LAUGHLIN, WILLIAM . . . Erie, Pa. . . . Delta Tau Delta; MSG; DO; Sigma Delta Chi; Holy Name Society; YRC. LANGSAM, EDWIN . . . Far Rockaway, N. Y. . . . Philosophy club; Long Island club. LOGAN, BARRY . . . N. Royalton, Ohio . . . Sigma Delta Chi; DO; Band; Orchestra. LUDEWIG, JOSEPH . . . Wappingers Falls, N. Y. . . . Student Union; Sigma Delta Chi; ISA. MASTROIANNI, CARMELLA . . . Huntington, N. Y. . . . DO; So¬ ciology club; Chapel. MOBUS, NANCY . . . Northfield, N. J. . . . Alpha Xi Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; Alpha Kappa Delta; WSG; Syracusan; Chapel. MORISON, GORDON . . . Sayre, Pa. . . . DO, Managing Editor; Sigma Delta Chi; Pi Sigma Alpha; ISA. PORTER, ARNOLD . . . Winthrop, Mass. . . . Zeta Beta Tau; DO; Campus Chest; Syracusan. STARR, ALMA . . . Richfield Springs, N. Y. . . . Theta Sigma Phi; WWO; Chapel Choir; Frosh Comm.; Westminster Fellowship. STEIN, JOYCE . . . Philadelphia, Pa. . . . Alpha Kappa Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; ON; Syracusan. TREGO, JANET . . . Troy, N. Y. . . . Alpha Gamma Delta; Gamma Alpha Chi; International Relations club. WATSON, JEANETTE . . . Media, Pa. . . . Gamma Phi Beta; WSG, v. pres.; Eta Pi Upsilon; Theta Sigma Phi; MSF; Red Cross. Liberal Arts Fresh paint couldn ' t hide its drabness, but nobody wanted to see it go. First row: WHITNEY, HARRY . . . Providence, R. I. . . . Delta Phi; Sigma Chi Delta; Swimming. WOHLFARTH, ANNE RENEE . . . Pittsburgh, Pa. . . . Kappa Alpha Theta; Theta Sigma Phi; Alpha Kappa Delta; UNASU; St. Thomas More; Campus Chest; ON. VOEGE, FREDRICK . . . White Plains, N. Y. . . . Delta Phi Alpha; Sigma Delta Chi; German club. ABELOV, ELAINE . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . DO; WAER; UJA; Student Union; WRA; JSF; Chorus. ADAMS, BARBARA . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Plant Science . . . Outing club; Pi Sigma. ADA MS, CHARLES . . . Auburn, N. Y. . . . Beta Theta Pi. ALBRECHT, EDWIN . . . Pittsfield, Mass. . . . Economics . . . Sigma Pi; Economics club; Intramurals. Second row: ALLEN, BARBARA . . . Mystic, Conn. . . . Bible . . . Eta Pi Upsilon; Chapel Choir; MSF; Jr. Guide; Protestant Council; Chapel. ALLEN, DAVID . . . Jamesville, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Sigma Nu; Band; Chorus. ALLENSON, SHERMAN . . . Saylesville, R. I-Geology . . . Geology club. ALTSTEDTER, JOAN . . . Flushing, N. Y. . . . Psychology ... DO; Syracusan; Chapel. AMOROSO, PHILIP . . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Scalp and Blade; IMA; DO. AMROSE, GLORIA . . . Syracuse, N. Y. ... Latin .. . Phi Mu; Spanish club; Italian club; St. Thomas More; Syrcico. ANDREWS, GEORGE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . English . . . Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Ski club; Rifle Team, capt. Third row: ARNOLD, THOMAS . . . Schenectady, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . MSG; DO; Fencing Team. ARONSON, ALAN . . . Forest Hills, N. Y. . . . Psychology ... Pi Lambda Phi; Intramurals; Senior Assembly. AXELSON, GEORGE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Phi Gamma Delta; Soph Exec. Council; Campus Chest; FHF; Football, mgr.; Trad. Comm.; Gym Team. BAIN, WALTER . . . Schenectady, N. Y. . . . Physics . . . Alpha Tau Omega. BALL, MARVIN . . . Newburgh, N. Y. . . . Zoology. BANK, ARNOLD . . . New York, N. Y. . . . American Studies . . . Alpha Epsilon Delta; MSG; Pi Gamma Mu; Chapel. BANKER, SANFORD . . . Jersey City, N. J. . . . Political Science . . . Zeta Beta Tau; FHF, chmn., Student Union; Chapel Chimes; Glee club; Campus Chest. First row: BARANSKI, KENNETH . . . Jersey City, N. J. . . . English . . . Rho Delta Phi, pres.; Dilemma, editor; TV; Outing club. BARNETT, ELYSE . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jr. and Sr. Guide; Senior Assembly; HPA. BARTLEY, STEPHEN . . . Rochester, N. Y_Psychology . . . Scabbard and Blade; Holy Name Society; Rifle Team. BASILONE, ANTHONY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Plant Science. BASSON, JOAN . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Art . . . Sigma Delta Tau, pres.; NSA; HPA; Student Union; Chapel; Campus Chest; ON; FHF. BAUM, JOAN . . . New Rochelle, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Ski club; Red Cross; IWA; Student Union. BAYER, SHIRLEY . . . Hartford, Conn. . . . International Relations . . . Alpha Epsilon Phi ; Pi Gamma Mu; Winter Carnival, chmn.; JSF. Second row: BEARDWOOD, JAMIE . . . Nahant, Mass. . . . Zoology . . . Scabbard and Blade; Band; Outing club. BECKHORN, DUANE . . . Penn Yan, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Acacia; Debate club; Sigma Pi Sigma. BEHRENS, ARLINE . . . Woodmere, L.I. . . . Delta Phi Epsilon, v. pres.; Jr. Guide; Sr. Guide; Junior Advisory Council; JSF; Winter Carnival. BELLA, ALFRED . . . Lynbrook, N. Y. ... Personnel . . . Long Island club. BELLINO, JOSEPH . . . Newburgh, N. Y. . . . Plant Science . . . Sigma Chi; Sigma Pi; St. Thomas More. BEN-ASHER, DAVID . . . Newark, N. J. . . . Zoology . . . ISA; JSF, pres.; Chapel Board; Trad. Comm.; NISA; Pre-Med Society. BENNET, PHYLLIS . . . North Creek, N . Y. . . . Kappa Delta; Ski Team; SUSKI; Chapel. Third row: BERK, ROBERT . . . Taunton, Mass. . . . English . . . Alpha Epsilon Pi; ROTC; Crew; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. BERNSTEIN, ELEANOR . . . Washington, D. C. . . . English . . . Psi Chi. BERNSTEIN, STANLEY . . . Staten Island, N. Y. . . . Genetics . . . Phi Sigma Delta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pi Sigma; Chapel; Botany club; MSG; BERQUIST, NANCY . . . Washington, D. C. . . . Art . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma; Transfer. BERTSCH, CHARLES . . . Long Island City, N. Y. . . . Chemistry . . . Amer. Chem. Society. BEYEN, WERNER . . . Sidney, N. Y. . . . Physics ... Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega, pres.; Senior Exec. Council; Sigma Pi Sigma; IFC. BIRNBAUM, JEAN . . . Kauneonga, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Delta Phi Epsilon, pres.; JSF; Chapel Board. was always uphill. Class of 1952 BIXBY, PATRICIA . . . Marietta, N. Y. . . . Psychology ... Pi Beta Phi . . . Psi Chi; SUSKI; Pre-Med Society; WRA. BLOCK, JERRY . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Tau Delta Phi; MSG; Civil Service; Glee club. BLOGOSLAWSKI, BARBARA . . . New Britain, Conn. . . . Sociology . . . Sociology club. BLONDER, RITA . . . New York, N. Y. . . . English . . . Iota Alpha Pi; ON; JSF. BLUMBERG, STUART . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . English ... Phi Sigma Delta; MSG; Civil Service. BLUMENTHAL, NANCY . . . Portland, Maine . . . French . . . Delta Phi Epsilon; French club; Spanish club; Modern Dance club. BLUTSTEIN, GEORGE . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Sociol¬ ogy club; Jazz club; Student Union. BONESI, SUZANNE . . . Longmeadow, Mass. . . . Sociology . . . Kappa Delta; Chapel; SSS; St. Thomas More. BRADWICK, KAROL . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Zoology . . . Alpha Xi Delta; City Women ' s club; Chapel; ON. BRANSE, RENEE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Botany . . . Delta Phi Epsilon; Syracusan; Botany club; Campus Chest. BRODY, PHYLLIS . . . Maplewood, N. J. . . . Religion . . . ON; Syra¬ cusan; WAER. BROWN, JOYCE . . . Fayetteville, N. Y. . . . American Studies . . . Pi Beta Phi; Frosh Exec. Council; Soph Assembly, Chapel, WRA. BROWN, PAUL . . . Oneida, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Chapel; Spanish club. BRUCE, VICTOR . . . Oswego, N. Y. . . . English . . . Rho Delta Phi; DO, IMA; CYO. BUTTAN, PETER .... Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Phi Omega; St. Thomas More. CAHILL, WILLIAM . . . Shrewsbury, Mass. . . . English . . . Delta Tau Delta; Track; Lacrosse; Junior Advisory Council; IFC. CALUCCI, LOUIS . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . English . . . Alpha club of Alpha Phi Delta; Italian club. CAMANN, GERALD . . . Utica, N. Y. . . . Psychology ... Psi Chi; Chapel; COR; Frosh Crew; Frosh Tennis. CAPLEN, PATRICIA . . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . . English ... Jr. Guide; Sr. Guide; Chapel; Dilemma; Soph Assembly. CAPWELL, JEANNE . . . Panama City, Panama . . . English . . . Alpha Gamma Delta; ON; FTA. CAROSSO, CHARLES . . . Pittsfield, Mass. . . . Political Society . . . Lambda Chi Alpha; MSG; Yacht club; French club. Liberal Arts 337 AJMHi mK i CELESTE, JOSEPH . . . Cortland, N. Y. . . . Geology . . . Geology club; Holy Name Society. CHAMBERLAIN, ANN LEE . . . Windbridge, N. Y. . . . English . . . Ski club. CHAN, WILLIAM . . . New York, N. Y. . . . English. CHATWIN, STUART . . . Williamsville, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Omega Pi Alpha; MSG; Chief of Civil Service; Tau Theta Upsilon; Campus Leaders; Pi Gamma Mu; Pi Sigma Alpha; Chorus; Chapel; Inter¬ national Relations club; Frosh Baseball. CHAULS, CAROL . . . Port Chester, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Psi Chi; Pi Gamma Mu; Chapel; NAACP; UWF; IZFA. CHERIFF, BERNARD . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Law ... Pi Gamma Mu; Swimming Team; Pi Sigma Alpha; Outing club, Alpha Phi Omega; CHOATE, ELEANOR . . . Greenfield, Mass. . . . Fine Arts . . . Delta Zeta; Chapel Choir; Chorus; Canterbury club. CHOCRON, ISAAC . . . New York, N. Y. . . . English . . . Alpha Epsilon Pi; Rho Delta Phi; Dilemma; Chapel; Borscht and Potatoes; IZFA; Spanish club; Le Cercle Francais. CHURCHILL, CHARLES . . . Kezoo Falls, Maine . . . English . . . Outing club. CLOUDMAN, ANNE . . . Shrevesport, La. . . . Geography . . . Delta Delta Delta; Geology club. CLUM, KENNETH . . . N. Rose, N. Y. . . . Mathematics . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Math club. CMIEL, JUNE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . English. COHEN, ROSALEE . . . Baltimore, Md. . . . Fine Arts . . . Student Union. COHN, NAOMI . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Plant Science . . . Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Sigma; Orchestra; UWF. COLANGELO, AMELITO . . . Batavia, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Alpha Omicron Pi; Book Mart; DO, Outing club. COLE, VIRGINIA . . . Hammondsport, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma; Yacht club; Chapel. COLLINS, WILLIAM . . . Dorchester, Mass. . . . Economics . . . Lambda Chi Alpha; ADS; DO, AMA. CONOVER, ANNE . . . Philadelphia, Pa. . . . Science . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma; WRA; WSG; Cheerleader; Syracusan; Campus Chest; Syracuse- in-China. COONS, JANE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . English . . . Delta Gamma; Chapel; Red Cross; City Guides; Spanish club. COOPER, BERTA . . . E. Norwalk, Conn. . . . Spanish . . . Student Union; DO; Spanish club. CRAWFORD, JEAN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Economics . . . Delta Zeta; Canterbury club, City Women ' s club. 338 Class of 1952 First row: CROCCO, ROBERT . . . Middlebury, Conn. . . . English . . . Glee club; Student Union; Chapel. CUMMINGS, JANp . . . Marcellus, N. Y. . . . Plant Science . . . Delta Zeta; Chapel; Frosh Comm.; Tri-O. CURTIS, MARY . . . Oneida, N. Y. . . . Bacteriology. DAETWYLER, CALVIN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Geology . . . Alpha Chi Rho; Alpha Phi Omega; Geology club; YPC. DANIELSON, JOHN . . . Jamestown, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Alpha Chi Rho. DANISHEFSKY, MIMI . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . English . . . WRA; Senior Council. DANYLUK, APOLINARJY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Geography . . . Pi Kappa Alpha; Geology. Second row: DE LA REZA, MARTA . . . Bolivia . . . Latin American Studies . . . Spanish club; Chapel. DELLAS, JOHN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Recreation . . . Frosh Sports; Intramurals. DICKINSON, ROBERT . . . Elmira, N. Y. . . . Geology . . . Sigma Nu; Geology club; Radio club; Outing club. DIELLO, JOSEPH . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Geography . . . Geography club. DIETRICH, JOSEPH . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Political Science ... Phi Gamma Delta; ON; Soph Hop; Junior Advisory Council; Intramural Council. DILLON, ARDITH . . . Binghamton, N. Y. . . . English . . . Gamma Alpha Chi; DO. Third row: DI NUNZIO, JOHN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Geology . . . Holy Name Society; American Society. DI PIETRO, JOHN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Economics . . . Delta Kappa Epsilon; MSG; Campus Politics. DI SARIO, ROSE . . . Auburn, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Chapel. DOANE, NANCY . . . Seneca Falls, N. Y. . . . English . . . Delta Gamma; Rho Delta Phi; Trad. Comm. DOHERTY, PETER . . . Hammondsport, N. Y. . . . Geography . . . Chapel. DONNELLY, WILLIAM . . . Kenmore, N. Y. . . . Political Science. Liberal Arts It’s nice, if you like that for a major. DE WEEGER, FRANC . . . The Netherlands . . . Economics . . . Zeta Psi; Economics club; Crew; Intramurals; Campus Chest. DORANCE, ELIZABETH . . . Granville, N. Y. . . . Zoo logy . . . Chapel. Class of 1952 Even balmy outdoors couldn ' t help on some quizzes. First row: DORFF, DANIEL . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . English . . . Varsity Basket¬ ball; FHF; Campus Chest; Tau Epsilon Phi. DRESSER, DEWEY . . . West Hartford, Conn. . . . English . . . Psi Upsilon, pres.; Co-op; HPA; IFC. DRISKILL, DANIEL . . . Richmond, Va. . . . Economics . . . Beta Theta Pi; Economics club; Alpha Sigma Sigma. DUNN, MARY ELLEN . . . Marcellus . . . Sociology . . . Chapel. DUNNE, JAMES . . . Worcester, Mass. . . . Economics . . . Alpha Delta Sigma; DO; Frosh Football; Holy Name Society; Economics club. DYBAS, GLORIA . . . Utica, N. Y. . . . English ... St. Thomas More; Spanish club. EDELMAN, BERNICE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Syrcico; Sociology club; Vocations Comm. Pi; Varsity Soccer; Delta Phi Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Alpha Phi Omega. EISENBERG, HENRY . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Chemistry . . . Phi Sigma Delta; Campus Chest; Scabbard and Blade; Chapel; Red Cross. ELMAN, LEONARD . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . English . . . Tau Delta Phi; MSG; Civil Service; ON. EPPELMANN, ANDREW . . . Albany, N. Y. . . . Economics . . . DO; Political Union; MSF; ASPA. Third row: ETLING, SUZANNE . . . Rome, N. Y. . . . Recreation . . . Alpha Gamma Delta. FABIYL, AKINYELE . . . Nigeria, W. Africa . . . Science ... Pi Sigma; Student Speaker Bureau. Second row: EDELSTEIN, HERBERT . . . Yonkers, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Tau Epsilon Phi; Red Cross; Campus Chest; Alpha Phi Omega; FHF; Senior Advisory Council. EDELSTEIN, JACK . . . Bayonne, N. J. . . . Zoology. EHRLICH, JOHN . . . Baldwin, N. Y. . . . Journalism . . . Boxing; DO; Sigma Delta Chi. EINSTEIN, HANS . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Zoology . . . Alpha Epsilon FADDEN, ALLAN . . . Potsdam, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Sigma Nu; Chapel Choir. FAIGLE, JOAN . . . Westfield, N. J. . . . American Studies . . . Chi Omega; Chapel Board, co-chairman; WRA; Spring Weekend; WSG; Campus Leaders. FALSONE, VITO . . . Mt. Morris, N. Y. . . . English . . . Rho Delta Phi. FAWCETT, BARBARA . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . English . . . Alpha Xi Delta; City Women’s club; Chapel. FEILER, ROBERT . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . History . . . Pershing Rifle club; History club. 340 , Liberal Arts FELLOWS, RUTH . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . English . . . Chapel Board. FERGUSON, PRISCILLA . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . English . . . Rho Delta Phi; Dilemma. FERN, SHIRLEY . . . New London, Conn. . . . Sociology ... Pi Alpha Mu, pres.; Alpha Kappa Delta; HPA; Sociology club; Junior Class Exec. Council; Campus Chest; Chapel; WRA. FINCH, ROBERT . . . Mendham, N. J. . . . Social Studies . . . Kappa Phi Kappa; Social Studies club. FUILAY, GORDON . . . Amsterdam, N. Y. . . . Geology . . . Outing club; German club; Geology club; Campus Chest. FISHBURNE, JOHN . . . Port Leyden, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Chapel. FLOWER, FRANCES . . . Peekskill, N. Y. . . . Sociology ... Pi Alpha Mu; Junior Class Exec. Council; Chapel; Sociology. FORD, CHARLES . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Political Science ... Pi Kappa Alpha; IFC; Republican club. FRENCH, JOHN . . . Hornell, N. Y. . . . Plant Science ... Phi Delta Theta; Pi Sigma. FRIEDMAN, LAWRENCE . . . Cedarhurst, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Alpha Chi Sigma; Amer. Chem. Society; Sigma Pi Sigma; SUSKI. FRIEDMAN, HERBERT . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . History ... Pi Alpha Chi of Theta Alpha; Jazz club; History club; Syracusan; Intramurals. FRIEDMAN, PHILLIP . . . W. Pittston, Pa. . . . Sociology . . . Beta Sigma Rho; Alpha Phi Omega; DO; Book Mart; IFC. FRIEDMAN, ROBERT . . . Elizabeth, N. J. . . . Geography ... Pi Alpha Chi . . . Geography club; Ski club; Alpha Phi Omega; Glee club. FRIETAG, DORIS . . . Yonkers, N. Y. . . . Latin American Studies . . . Zeta Tau Alpha, pres.; Jr. Guide; SSS; Chapel Board; Panhell. FRISCH, ELAINE . . . Schenectady, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Sociology club. FUDA, GERARD . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . International Relations . . . Chapel ... St. Thomas More. FURMAN, BETH . . . Hartsdale, N. Y. . . . English . . . Kappa Alpha Theta . . . ON, editor-in-chief; Junior Guide; Junior Class Assembly; Chorus; WSG; Campus Leaders. FURTH, JOAN . . . Cambridge, Mass. . . . French . . . Frosh Comm.; Chapel; Chorus. GALE, JANE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Recreation . . . Alpha Phi; City Guide, pres.; WSG Council; Campus Leaders; WRA; Chapel; Physical Education club; City Women’s club. GARDNER, CHESTER . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . History . . . DO; IMA; Student Union; Scabbard and Blade; ISA. GARFOLA, JOHN . . . Utica, N. Y. . . . History . . . Chapel. Class of 1952 GARGER, WALTER . . . Yonkers, N. Y. . . . Zoology . . . Alpha Epsilon Delta; Holy Name Society; CYO. GARRY, BARBARA . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Zoology . . . Phi Mu, pres.; St. Thomas More. GARVIN, STANLEY . . . Lockport, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade; Westminster Fellowship. GELEERD, WILLIAM . . . Highland Park, Ill. . . . Political Science . . . Zeta Beta Tau; Bridge club; Bridge Team; Glee club; History club. GENNER, RUTH ANN . . . College Point, N. Y. . . . Advertising . . . Chi Omega, pres.; Campus Guide; Gamma Alpha Chi; Chapel; WSG Council; Senior Class Council. GERBINO, ROBERT . . . Valley Stream, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon; Baseball; Lacrosse; Wrestling; St. Thomas More; Eastern Intercollegiate Champ. GINNELLY, ROBERT . . . Solvay, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Lambda Chi Alpha; Band; Spanish club; Orchestra; Campus Chest; Out¬ ing club. GINSBURG, ALLEN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Chemistry . . . Basket¬ ball; Football; Wrestling; MSG. GOCHEE, JANE . . . Rome, N. Y. . . . Bacteriology . . . Delta Gamma, pres.; Chorus; WSG; Chapel; Red Cross. GOEKJIAN, SAMUEL . . . Shaker Heights, Ohio . . . History. . . Omega Pi Alpha; MSG, pres.; Phi Kappa Alpha, pres.; Debate club; Delta Sigma Rho, pres.; Junior Class, pres.; Varsity Soccer; Orange Key; Phi Beta Kappa; Rho Delta Phi; Pi Gamma Mu; Sigma Pi Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega. GOLDBERG, ELAINE . . . Bronx, N. Y. . . . Chemistry . . . Chapel. GRANATH, LOUISE . . . Dassel, Minn. . . . Art . . . IWA; Soronian Society; Theta Xi Gamma. GRAPEL, PATTY . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Economics . . . Phi Sigma Sigma; Pi Gamma Mu; Pi Sigma Alpha; Economics club; SDA; American Society of Administration. GRAVES, WALLACE . . . Dunellen, N. J. . . . Psychology . . . Sigma Pi Sigma; Pre-Med Society; Math club; German club. GRAY, JULIE . . . Hudson, N. Y. . . . Plant Science. GREENBERG, SHIRLEY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Frosh Weekend; Senior Advisory Council; DO; Co-op Council. GREENLAW, PAUL . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . History . . . Acacia; Varsity Debate; MSG Court; Pi Gamma Mu, pres.; Sigma Tau Rho; Delta Sigma Rho, pres.; Chapel. GRIEP, ALLEN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Bible and Religion . . . Sigma Pi, v. pres.; Theta Chi Beta. GUARRERA, JOSEPH . . . Fulton, N. Y. . . . Chemistry . . . Lambda Chi Alpha; Crew; Holy Name Society; Campus Chest; Chapel; Rowing club. HAAS, JOHN . . . Baldwin, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon; Holy Name Society; Wrestling; Chapel. 342 Liberal Arts First row: HAAS, HILLEL . . . Jackson Heights, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Crew; Intramurals; AMA; Varsity Soccer; Psychology club; Hillel club. HANDLEMAN, ESTHER . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . English ... Pi Gamma Mu, Pres.; Pi Sigma Alpha; HPA; WRA; Social Studies club; IZFA; Jewish Choir. HANSON, CALVIN . . . Falconer, N. Y. . . . English . . . Chorus; Glee club. HANSON, LOUIS . . . West Hartford, Conn. . . . Economics. HANSEN, RUSSELL . , . Hartford, Conn. . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon; Pi Sigma, pres. HARLOW, CHARLES . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Kappa Sigma. HARRIS, CHARLES . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Plant Science ... Pi Sigma. Second row: HARRIS, JOAN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Social Studies . . . Omicron Nu; Syrcico; Home Ec club; MSF; NAACP. HANKS, JANET . . . Lockport, N. Y. . . . History . . . Alpha Chi Rho; History club; Chapel; Rifle club; Flying club; Political Union; Senior Assembly. HASKELL, ROYAL . . . Washington, D. C. . . . Psychology . . . Intra¬ murals. HASKINS, WILLIAM . . . Binghamton, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Alpha Phi Alpha; Varsity Football; Varsity Track; Frosh Basketball. HASSER, EDWARD . . . Hancock, N. Y. . . . Geology . . . Chapel. HAUSDORF, EDNA . . . Jackson Heights, N. Y. . . . Romance Language . . . L ' Alliance Francaise. HAVERBACK, ROBERT . . . Hartford, Conn. . . . Advertising . . . Syracusan, b us. mgr.; Alpha Delta Sigma, pres.; Glee club; AMA. Third row: HAWE, GEORGENE . . . Richfield Springs, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Kappa Delta; SSS; Jr. Guide; Sr. Guide; WSG; Secretariat, Pi Gamma Mu; WRA; Chapel; IRFC. HEFFERON, MERTON . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Social Studies. HELENE, WILLIAM . . . Salamanca, N. Y. . . . Advertising . . . Acacia; Alpha Delta Sigma; IFC; Tri-O. HELLENBECK, ALFRED . . . Hudson, N. Y. . . . American Studies . . . Delta Upsilon; Civil Service; MSG, Director of Elections; MSG Court; Holy Name Society; Orange Key; Beta Gamma Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Phi Omega; Soc. for the Adv. of Management; IFC; Chorus. HELFER, LORAYNE . . . Schenectady, N. Y. . . . English . . . Zeta Tau Alpha, v. pres.; Rho Delta Phi; Chapel; Dilemma. HELLER, CARYL . . . Great Neck, L. I_Psi Chi. HENDERSON, NELSON . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . History . . . Sigma Nu; Chapel; Glee club; History club; Political Science Union. Maggie and her dachshunds left Maxwell students pondering after class. 343 First row: HENDRICKSON, NANCY . . . Brightwaters, L. I. . . . Sociology . . . Zeta Tau Alpha; Yacht club; Canterbury club; Transfer. HENNESSY, MARIE . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . English . . . WRA; Women’s Veteran; Chorus; Chapel; Philosophy club. HIPOLITA, FERNANDEZ . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Spanish club; IWA; French club. HODIS, SHIRLEY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Sociology dub; IZFA. HOFF, JACQUELINE . . . Snyder, N. Y. . . . Recreation . . . Physical Education club; HPA; WRA; Modern Dance club. HOGAN, BERNICE . . . Stamford, N. Y. . . . History . . . History club; HPA; Political Union. HOGAN, HENRY . . . Hemphill, Texas . . . History . . . Psi Upsilon; Scabbard and Blade; ROTC. Second row: HOPKINS, MIRIAM . . . Wellsville, N. Y. . . . History . . . Chi Omega; Chapel. HOROWITZ, LEONA . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Alpha Epsilon Phi; Syracusan; JSF; Red Cross. HOROWITZ, MARCEL . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Beta Sigma Rho; Alpha Epsilon Delta; MSG Court; Philosophy club. HOUGH, RICHARD . . . Lansdowne, Pa. . . . English . . . Band; Concert Band; MSF. HULL, HOWARD . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Bible . . . Tau Theta Upsilon; Orange Key; Campus Leaders; Chapel Board; L.A. Advisory Council; MSF; Student Speaker ' s Bureau. HURWITZ, ALLAN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Zoology . . . Sigma Pi Sigma; Physics club; German club; IMA; Math club; Campus Chest; IZFA. ILLINGWORTH, MURIEL . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . History . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma; History club; City Women’s club. Third row: ISRAEL, JOZEFINE . . . Mahopac, N. Y. . . . Economics . . . Jr. Guide; Pi Gamma Mu; Economics club; Chapel. IWANICKI, GENEVIERE . . . Auburn, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Auburn club. JACOBS, BRUCE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Economics . . . Phi Sigma Delta; Intramurals; Campus Chest. JACOBS, THOMAS . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Tau Epsilon Phi; Tri-O. JAMMER, LOUIS . . . Morrisville, Pa. . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon; Pre- Med Society, pres.; MSG; Social Service. JAMMER, MARILYN REYNOLDS . . . Morrisville, Pa. . . . Zoology ... Pi Beta Phi; Pre-Med Society, v. pres.; SSS; Chapel Choir. JANIECZKO, ROBERT . . . Yonkers, N. Y. . . . Chemistry . . . Amer. Chem. Society; Alpha Chi Sigma; Holy Name Society. Class of 1952 Their specialty: finding their way. JANUS, JOHN . . . Islip, N. Y. . . . Political Science. JARCHO, JAMES . . . Rockville Center, L. I. . . . Psychology . . . IFC; Senior Senate; Intramurals. JENKINS, BARBARA . . . Rockville Center, L. I. . . . Physical Therapy . . . Chi Omega; WSG, Senior Officer; WSG, Junior Officer; Soph Ad¬ visory Assembly; FHF. JOHNSEN, RICHARD . . . Stamford, Conn. . . . Bible . . . Powers club; MSF. JOHNSON, JEANNE . . . Middleburgh, N. Y. . . . English ... Phi Mu; MSF; Chapel; Outing club; Student Union; Skyliners. JOHNSON, ROBERT . . . Balboa, Canal Zone . . . Mathematics . . . ASME; Geology club. KALLENBERG, PHYLLIS . . . Richmond Hill, N. Y. . . . Bacteriology . . . Kappa Delta; Pi Sigma; Chapel; Jr. Guide; Sr. Guide. KAPLAN, STANLEY . . . Lowell, Mass. . . . Economics . . . Economics club. KAPUSCIENSKI, STANLEY . . . Syracuse, N. Y_Physics . . . Math club; fi Mu Epsilon. KAUFMAN, ANN . . . Belle Harbor, L. I. . . . Psychology . . . Syra¬ cusan; HPA. KELADJIAN, VIRGINIA . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Mathematics . . . Math club. KEMAN, NORMA . . . Franklin, N. Y. . . . German . . . Kappa Delta; Delta Phi Alpha; Gamma Alpha Chi; DO; HPA; German club; Chapel. KERSTEIN, EDWIN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Zoology. KEVIN, HERBERT . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . History . . . Crew; History club; Genessee Valley club. KHATCHIKIAN, ROUBEN . . . Teheran, Iran . . . Bacteriology . . . Sigma Pi. KIANIAN, SHAHBAHRAM . . . Yezd, Iran . . . History. KIRCHHEIMER, ARTHUR . . . Flushing, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Tangerines; Track Team; Pre-Law Society; Alpha Delta Epsilon. KLEIN, JANET . . . New Rochelle, N. Y. . . . Sociology ... Pi Alpha Mu; Sociology club; Campus Chest. KLEIN, JOAN . . . New Rochelle, N. Y. . . . Sociology ... Pi Alpha Mu, v. pres.; Senior Assembly; Sociology club. KLEIN, MARVIN . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . American Studies . . . MSG; Civil Service; Philosophy club, pres.; Intramurals; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Gamma Mu; Sigma Pi Sigma. KLIMA, GEORGE . . . Valley Stream, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . An¬ thropology club; Geography club. Liberal Arts 345 KLUGMAN, TOBY . . . Bayonne, N. J. . . . Psychology . . . Alpha Epsilon Phi; Panhell, pres.; Eta Pi Upsilon; Campus Chest; WSG Council; Jr. Guide; Sr. Guide; Psi Chi; Soph Assembly; Chapel. KOPF, CHARLES . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Philosophy . . . Sigma Delta Alpha. KRAUS, JEAN . . . Whitestone, L. I. . . . Sociology . . . Phi Mu; Chapel; WRA; Tri-O; Student Union; Long Island club; Campus Contacts. KRECHEVSKY, SEYMOUR . . . Hartford, Conn. . . . Political Science. KIEM, FAY . . . Lebanon, Pa. . . . Art . . . Delta Phi Epsilon; Campus Chest; Theta Chi Beta; Chapel; JSF. LACK, DAVID . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Campus Chest; FH F; Sigma Pi Sigma; Intramurals. LEGGE, HARRY . . . New Haven, Conn. . . . History . . . Alpha Chi Rho; Swimming; Baseball; Sigma Tau Rho; Chapel; WAER. LAIN, DAVID . . . Westtown, N. Y. . . . Bacteriology . . . Sigma Chi; Chapel; Wrestling; USP. LAIRD, LILLIAN . . . Worcester, Mass. . . . Political Science . . . IWA; Chapel; Chapel Choir. LAMENSDORF, ELLEN . . . Rockville Center, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Cosmopolitan club; Human Relations; Chapel; SUC club. LAPIDES, RUTH . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . ON; Syracusan; Sociology club. LAPIDOS, LAURIS . . . Laconia, N. Y. . . . English . . . Theta Chi Beta. LATOWSKY, JOAN . . . Wilmington, Del. . . . Political Science . . . Chi Omega; WSG Council; Sr. Guide; Sigma Delta Alpha; Economics club; WRA; Political Science club; Chapel. LA VINE, JAMES . . . Baldwin, N. Y. . . . Chemistry . . . Sigma Chi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Wrestling; St. Thomas More. LAZAR, LAWRENCE . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Chemistry. LEONARDO, PAUL . . . Newburgh, N. Y. . . . Chemistry . . . Sigma Chi; Varsity Debate club; French club; Spanish club. LEONE, DAVID . . . Boston, Mass. . . . Sociology . . . Delta Tau Delta . . . USP; Holy Name Society; St. Thomas More. LERCH, DOROTHY . . . Geneva, N. Y. . . . English . . . International Relations club; ISA; FTA; Jr. Guide; Chorus; Skeptics’ Corner. LE VANN, CAROL . . . Schenectady, N. Y. . . . Mathematics . . . Phi Sigma Iota; St. Thomas More; Jr. Guide; Soph Assembly. LEVANT, FANNETTE . . . Lake Huntington, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Eta Pi Upsilon; Pi Gamma Mu; WSG Council; HPA, NSA; Sociology club; L.A. Advisory Council; Chorus. LEVENTHAL, ALVIN . . . New Bedford, Mass. . . . Sigma Pi Sigma; Intramurals; History club; Political Science Union. Class of 1952 346 First row: LEVINE, ELAINE . . . Chestnut Hill, Mass. . . . Sociology . . . Delta Phi Epsilon; ON; Chorus; Chapel. LEVIN, JOHN . . . Bronx, N. Y. . . . Economics . . . Alpha Delta Epsilon; Gaslighters. LEVINSON, ADELE . . . Bayonne, N. J. . . . Spanish club; Activities center; Campus Chest; JSF; Iota Alpha Pi. LEVINSON, FRED . . . Bronx, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Omega Pi Alpha; IFC; HPA; Premedical society; German club; Red Cross. LEVINSON, LAWRENCE . . . Flushing, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Omega Pi Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Executive sec., IFC; Pi Gamma Mu; Pi Sigma Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; MSG; Students Democratic Action; History club; Young Democrats club. LEVY, PHILIP . . . Utica, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . MSG; Con¬ cert Band; Field Band. LEVITT, MARTIN . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Phi Epsilon Pi; Psi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; MSG; Campus Chest; Asst. Mgr. Varsity Football. Second row: LICHSTEIN, DOLORES . . . Trenton, N. J. . . . Sociology . . . Iota Alpha Pi; ON. LIEBERMAN, RUTH . . . Bronx, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Psi Chi; Outing club. LIPFERT, WALTER . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Social StudiesEd . . . Alpha Phi Omega; UWF; SDA. LIPKIN, PHYLLIS . . . Staten Island, N. Y. . . . Psychology ... Psi Chi; WRA; JSF; Campus Chest. Liberal Arts LONGO, FRANCES . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Spanish Ed . . . Spanish club; Phi Sigma Iota. LUKOFF, LOUISE . . . Kingston, N. Y. . . . Pi Alpha Mu; Sociology club; Social Service; DO; Senior Assembly; JSF. LYNCH, JANET . . . White Plains, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Zeta Tau Alpha; Basketball; Canterbury club; WRA; Outing club. Third row: LYNCH, MARY . . . Fulton, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . DO; Junior Guide; IWA; ISA. MAHER, JOHN . . . Waterbury, Conn. . . . History . . . Sigma Chi; Cross Country and Track; Spanish club; History club; Economic club; Orange Peals; Holy Name Society. MAHVI, ABOLGHASSEM . . . Flushing, N. Y. . . . Bact. Plant Science . . . Phi Alpha Chi; International Student Association. MAIER, LIESELOTTE . . . Toms River, N. J. . . . German . . . AMA; ISA; JSF; WRA; Outing club; Skeptics Corner. MALONE, MAUREEN . . . Saugerties, N. Y. . . . English . . . Theta Phi Alpha; Student Union, pres.; Campus Leaders; WSG Council; St. Thomas More; HPA; Campus Chest. MARKS, MILTON . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Geology . . . Tau Delta Phi; Pi Alpha Tau; Swimming Team; Swim Team, Manager; Geology club. MARMOR, ALFRED . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Alpha Phi Omega; Outing club; Premedical Society. Some days, even the sun was cold. First row: MASCH, MARK . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . English . . . Chess club, pres.; Chess Team; Rho Delta Phi; Pre-Med club; Philosophy club. MARSH, SUZANNE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Plant Science . . . Kappa Alpha Theta; WSG, Sr. Officer; Cheerleading; Pi Sigma; Campus Chest. MASARSKY, ELAINE . . . Passaic, N. J. . . . French . . . Phi Sigma Sigma; French club; Campus Chest. MATTHEWS, EFFIE . . . East Orange, N. J. . . . Plant Science . . . Alpha Xi Delta; Pi Sigma; Chapel Nursery; Sr. Guide; Jr. Advisory Assembly; Jr. Guide; WRA; HPA; Skeptics Corner; Westminster Fellow¬ ship; Outing club. MAYRIDES, CONSTANTINE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Fine Arts Con¬ centration . . . Greek Faith Group. McKAIG, DAVID . . . Jordan, N. Y. . . . Plant Science . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon; Marching Band. McMAHON, JANET . . . Groton, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Alpha Delta Pi; WRA; Concert Band. Second row: McMAHON, JOANNE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . French . . . French club; Spanish club. MEYER, DIANE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . English. MILLER, JAY . . . New York, N. Y. . . . History . . . Zeta Beta Tau; ON; Boxing Team, assist, mgr.; Campus Chest. MILLS, ANNE . . . Bethlehem, Pa. . . . Latin American Studies . . . Zeta Tau Alpha; Spanish club. MIRTENBAUM, ETHEL . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Bacteriology . . . Pi Sigma; Syrcico; IZFA. Third row: MIWA, PAUL . . . Honolulu, T. H. . . . Political Science. MODEL, FRANK . . . New York, N. Y. . . . DO, asst, ed.; Syracusan; WAER. MOLL, ALICE . . . Williamson, N. Y. . . . Latin American Studies . . . Alpha Omicron Pi; ON; Chapel; Book Mart; Spanish club. MOORE, MARY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Recreation . . . Delta Delta Delta; WSG Council; Campus Leaders; Traditions Commission; City Women ' s club; P.E. Majors ' club. MORROW, HELEN . . . Forty Fort, Pa. . . . Political Science . . . Kappa Delta; UN-IRC; Chapel; DO. MEDLAND, OTIS . . . Gouverneur, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Men ' s MORSE, LUCILLE . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Psi Chi; Co-op; Chapel, ISA; Outing club; NISA; Pi Gamma Mu. MERCER, LESTER . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Bacteriology ... Pi Alpha MOSER, ALEXANDER . . . Scranton, Pa. . . . Sociology ... Pi Alpha Chi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Pi Sigma. Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Rifle Team; Co-op Council; Tri Orange. Liberal Arts MOST, LINDA-. . . New Rochelle, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Red Cross. MURRAY, JOHN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . History. MYER, CONSTANCE . . . Verona Beach, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Alpha Omicron Pi; WSG Court Justice; Theta Sigma Phi, pres.; Sr. Guide; Student Union; DO; Journalism Council. NAFTCHI, NOSRATOLLAH . . . Teheran, Iran . . . Zoology . . . French club; Int. Relations club. NARDELLA, HELEN . . . Manlius, N. Y. . . . Spanish . . . Theta Phi Alpha; St. Thomas More; Campus Chest; FHF. NAUGLE, PHYLLIS . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . English . . . Alpha Gamma Delta; Chapel; WRA; Syrcico. NETHERSOLE, LEE . . . Malverne, N. Y. . . . Psychology ... Phi Kappa Psi; Varsity Wrestling; Alpha Delta Sigma. NEWELL, RICHARD . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . American Studies . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pi Alpha Tau, pres.; ON, sports ed.; Campus Chest; Intramurals. NIMKOFF, MARTIN . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . MSG; Sigma Pi Sigma; SDA; UNASU; German club. NITZBERG, BENJAMIN . . . Bronx, N. Y. . . . Pre Med . . . Beta Sigma Rho; Swimming team. NOBLE, STANLEY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Psychology. NOLAN, FRANCES . . . Utica, N. Y. . . . Advertising-Amer. Studies . . . DO; Chapel; Outing club; HPA; SDA. NORTH, ROBERT . . . Lock Haven, Pa. . . . English Lit . . . Delta Upsilon; Chapel Choir; University Chorus; Men ' s Glee club; Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Phi Omega; Methodist Student Fellowship; Syracuse- in-China. NORTH, STANLEY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Sociology. NOWICK, THEODORE . . . Kings Park, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . FHF; Sociology club; Campus Chest; World Relations; Human Relations. NUDELL, JUDITH . . . Yonkers, N. Y. . . . Plant Science ... Pi Sigma; JSF; Choir; DO. O’BRIEN, JOHN . . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . . Geology and Law. . .MSG; Geology club; IMA. O’GRADY, MARILYN . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Sociology. OLSON, FLORENCE . . . Yonkers, N. Y. . . . Delta Gamma; Syracusan; HPA; Chorus; ON. ORENBERG, PAUL . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Languages. ORLOVITZ, ARNOLD . . . Port Chester, N. Y. . . . Economics-Law . . . Debate; Pre-Law dub. 349 Class of 1952 OZAKI, YVONNE . . . Honolulu, Hawaii . . . Sociology. PABST, SHIRLEY . . . DeWitt, N. Y. . . . Spanish . . . Spanish club; Chapel. PADDOCK, WILLIAM . . . East Greenbush, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Varsity Swimming; Chapel Choir. PALEN, JANET . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Plant Science ... Pi Sigma; IVCF. PANTOS, GEORGE . . . Worcester, Mass. . . . Political Science . . . WAER. PAREDES, EUGENE . . . Mexico, DF., Mexico . . . Economics. PASTOLOVE, LEONARD . . . Jamaica, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Pi Sigma Alpha, v. pres.; Pi Gamma Mu; MSG; DO. PAULUS, ROBERT . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Chemistry . . . Alpha Chi Sigma; St. Thomas More. PERLMUTTER, LILA . . . Teaneck, N. J. . . . English . . . DO; Sr. Exec. Council; HPA; UWF; IZFA; Syracusan; Frosh Council. PETRO, PETER . . . East Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Scabbard and Blade. PHILLIPS, SUZANNE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Gamma Phi Beta; City Guide; Chapel; WRA; Intramurals. PIERLUISI, GUILLERMO . . . San Juan, Puerto Rico . . . Zoology . . . Pan Amer. club; Spanish club; Holy Name Society. PINKUS, JACK . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Chemistry . . . Alpha Xi Sigma; Phi Lambda Upsilon; ACS; Yacht club; German club. POEHLAND, GEORGETT . . . Jamaica, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Red Cross; Outing club; NAACP. POLLOCK, WARREN . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Chemistry . . . Alpha Chi Sigma; ACS; MSG. POPKY, HILDA . . . Wilkes-Barre, Pa. . . . Sociology. POPPER, ILSE . . . Cornivall Bridge, Conn. . . . LA . . . Boar ' s Head. PORTNOY, IRVING . . . Brooklyn, N. Y_History . . . MSG; SDA; Poli Sci League. POTTER, ANN . . . Scranton, Pa. . . . Social Studies . . . ZetaTau Alpha; Children’s Theater; Catholic Choir. POWERS, DANIEL . . . Bronx, N. Y. . . . Zoology. POWERS, JUDITH . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Musicology . . . Chorus; Arts and Letters. m 350 Liberal Arts Downtown was often more than we could afford, but we went anyway. First row: PRICE, ELEANOR . . . Summit, N. J. . . . Plant Science ... Jr. Class sec.; Sr. Exec. Council; Pi Sigma; HPA; Sophomore Advisory Council; WRA; Red Cross; Tri Orange. PUGLISI, ROSEMARY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Spanish . . . Spanish club; Italian club; St. Thomas More; Syrcico. PULVER, JACQUELINE . . . Corning, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Alpha Xi Delta; Sr. Advisory Council; WRA; Sociology club. QUINN, MARGARET . . . Corning, N. Y. . . . English . . . Freshman Class, v. pres.; Phi Sigma Iota; Rho Delta Phi; St. Thomas More. RAUCH, MYRA . . . Elmhurst, N. Y. . . , Spanish . . . Spanish club; Jewish Choir; Chorus; L. I. club. RAY, KENNETH . . . Sauquoit, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Delta Kappa Epsilon; Boxing; Sr. Assembly; FHF; Intramurals. REISMAN, FREDRICKA . . . Englewood, N. J. . . . Sociology . . . Sigma Delta Tau; Campus Chest; HPA; Jr. Guide; Jr. Prom Comm. REYNOLDS, JOAN . . . Plainfield, N. J. . . . Plant Science ... St. Thomas More; WRA; Ski club. QUINN, WALTER . . , Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Sigma Nu; Debate squad. RANALLI, ANTHONY . . . New Rochelle, N. Y. . . . Plant Science . . . Pre-medical society. RANKIN, NANCY . . . Pittsburgh, Pa. . . . Fine Arts Concentration . . . Pi Beta Phi; Campus Guides, chairman; Chapel Board; WSG Council; Campus Leaders; WRA. Third row: RICCI, CORINNE . . . Voorheesville, N. Y. . . . Advertising ... St. Thomas More; Red Cross. RICH, GINGER . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Latin American Sequence . . . Alpha Chi Omega; Red Cross; Spanish club; Chapel; Panhellenic; Campus Chest; ON. RIEGELHAUPT, CAROL . . . Forest Hill, N. Y. . . . Spanish . . . Syra¬ cusan; DO; Spanish club. Second row: RAPHAEL, CECELIE . . . Brookline, Mass. . . . Political Science . . . Sigma Delta Tau; Campus Chest; NSA; Jr. Advisory Council; Jr. Guide; FHF; Red Cross. RASBACH, SHIRLEY . . . Herkimer, N. Y. . . . Physical Education . . . Outing club; WRA; Rifle club. RAUBER, ANN . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Sociology. RINGLER, LENORE . . . Staten Island, N. Y. . . . Social Studies and Ed. . . . SDA; WRA; Pi Gamma Mu; JSF; Phi Sigma Iota; Ski club. RITTENBAUM, NORMA . . . Birmingham, Ala. . . . American Studies . . . Sigma Delta Tau; Syracusan; JSF; Activities center. RIVARA, GEORGE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Zoology . . . Sigma Pi Sigma; Delta Phi Alpha; Pre-medical society; IMA; Intramurals. ROGEN, BEVERLY . . . Beacon, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . S panish club; Sociology club; International Student Assoc.; JSF. First row: ROHDE, KURT . . . Chestertown, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . DO; Sports Ed; Varsity Ski Team, Co-Capt.; Tau Theta Upsilon, Orange Key; Chairman Block S Banquet; Syracusan, Sports Ed. ROSEN, DAVID . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Tau Epsilon Phi; Chief Justice, Men’s Student Court; Tau Theta Upsilon, pres.; Assoc. Justice Joint Court; Orange Key; Campus Leader; Interna¬ tional Student Comm., co-chairman. ROSEN, HELENE . . . Woodmere, N. Y. . . . English. ROSENBAUM, JESSE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . American Studies . . . Sociology club. International Relations Assoc. ROSENBLAT, MARILYN . . . Bayshore, N. Y. . . . Plant Science . . . Pi Sigma. ROSENSTEIN, FRANCES . . . Summit, N. J. . . . Psychology ... Jr. Assembly; Syracusan; HPA; Sno-Ball; Soph Hop. ROSS, JOAN . . . New York, N. Y. . . . American Studies . . . DO; HPA; Co-op; IZFA; FHF. Second row: ROTHENBERG, BERNICE . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Chapel Board; World Relations; UNASU; Psi Chi; Rho Delta Phi; WSG. ROUSSEAU, ALBERT . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Plant S cience. RUBIN, JACK . . . New Brunswick, N. J. . . . Zoology . . . Sigma Pi Sigma; DO; Pre-med club. RUBIN, LEONARD . . . Newark, N. J. . . . Metallurgy . . . ISA; Fencing team, capt.; ASM; ACS; Captains and Managers ' Honorary. RUTH, DAVID . . . Glenside, Pa. . . . Bible . . . Theta Chi Beta; Chorus; Powers club; Westminster Fellowship. SACKS, SEYMOUR . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Alpha Epsilon Pi; NSA; Chapel Board; Human Relations Comm.; Freshman Tennis Team; SDA; Skeptics ' Corner; WAER. SALIS, MARGERY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Plant Science . . . JSF; IZFA; Philosophy club; Campus contacts. Third row: SAVANOVITCH, VERA . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Plant Science ... Pi Sigma; Botany club. SCHAARSCHMIDT, MARYANN . . . Cresco, Pa. . . . Fine Arts Con¬ centration; Delta Zeta; Methodist Student Fellowship; Chapel; Chorus; Jr. and Sr. Guide; Society of Arts and Letters. SCHLOSKY, FREDERICK . . . Kirkville, N. Y_Geology. SCHRENZEL, FRAN . . . Hillside, N. J. . . . Fine Arts Concentration . . . Pi Alpha Mu; Jr. and Sr. Guide; Soph Exec. Council; Co-op Council; Tri-Orange; DO; WRA; Campus Chest; FHF. SCHUBERT, JOHN . . . Schenectady, N. Y. . . . Economics . . . Sigma Pi; Intramurals; Economics club. SCHULMAN, JEROME . . . Lawrence, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Phi Epsilon Pi; L. I. club; Spanish dub; Geography club. SCHUTTER, JANE . . . Schenectady, N. Y. . . . Bacteriology . . . Kappa Alpha Theta; WSG, pres.; Campus Leaders; LA Advisory Council; Traditions Commission; Jr. Officer WSG; Chapel; HPA; DO; Eta Pi Upsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Sigma. It wasn’t often the weather and the sundial were on speaking terms. Class of 1952 SECKEL, JOACHIM . . . Goshen, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Alpha Kappa Delta; Skeptics ' Corner; UNASU; NAACP; IZFA; World Relations. SERKO, DAVID . . . Colon, R. of Panama . . . Psychology . . . Omega Pi Alpha; Campus Chest; Traditions Commission; Cosmopolitan club, treas.; Civil Service; International Students ' Assoc.; JSF; Red Cross; Lacrosse team, asst. mgr. SERLING, MYRON . . . Albany, N. Y. . . . Zoology. SEXTON, WILLIAM . . . Brookline, Mass. . . . Sociology . . . Delta Kappa Epsilon; Football; IFC. SHAPIRO, MARILYN . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Psi Chi; Jr. and Sr. Guide; ISFA; JSF; WAER; FHF. SHAW, HELEN . . . Longmeadow, Mass. . . . Plant Science . . . ISA; Pi Sigma; Canterbury club; Chapel. SHAW, JUDITH . . . New York, N. Y_Sociology . . . Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jr. Guide; Syracusan. SHAYLOR, DOUGLAS . . . Agawam, Mass. . . . Psychology. SHEA, PHILIP . . . Lyons, N. Y. . . . Zoology. SHELINSKY, ALICE . . . Hollis, N. Y. . . . French ... Phi Beta Kappa; Theta Sigma Phi; Phi Sigma Iota; DO; French dub; Student Union. SHEMIN, EMANUEL . . . Bronx, N. Y. . . . Plant Science . . . Phi Epsilon Pi; Alpha Phi Omega; Scabbard and Blade; Boxing Squad; Outing club; Zoology club. SHENKIN, HANNABELLE . . . Bronx, N. Y. . . . French . . . Iota Alpha Pi; Phi Sigma Iota; Rho Delta Phi; Jr. Exec. Council; Sr. Assembly; Jr. Assembly; Tri-Orange; Co-op Council. SHERWOOD, NANCY . . . New York, N. Y. . . . English . . . Rho Delta Phi; Pi Alpha Mu; Dilemma; Soph. Assembly; Phi Beta Kappa; JSF; Utica College. SHEVCHIK, NICHOLAS . . . Cohoes, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . MSG; DO; WAER. SHULMAN, ROBERT . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Zeta Beta Tau; Student Court, Assoc. Chief Justice; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Gamma Mu; Rho Delta Phi. SICH, EUGENE . . . Trenton, N. J. . . . Physics . . Flying club; Sigma Pi Sigma. SIEGEL, GEORGE . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . Alpha Epsilon Delta; Psi Chi; Sigma Pi Sigma; MSG; Pre-med Society; SDA; Non-partisan League. SIEGEL, HELENE . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Chapel; Italian club; Sociology club; Syracusan; Activities C enter; Red Cross; DO. SILVER, DAVID . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Plant Science . . . Zeta Beta Tau; Campus Chest; MSG; Freshman Tennis. SIRING, ROBERT . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Social Studies. SISKEN, JESSE . . . Bridgeport, Conn. . . . Plant Science . . . Scabbard and Blade; Pi Sigma; Track team. Liberal Arts SKINNER, PAUL . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Chapel. SLACK, ELLEN . . . Flushing, N. Y. . . . English. SMALL, HAROLD . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Chemistry . . . Pre-medical Society; Fencing team; Ski Patrol; MSG; Ski club. SMITH, LESTER . . . Selkirk, N. Y. . . . Geography . . . Geography club; Chapel; Intramurals; German club. SMITH, JOAN . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Plant Science . . . Gamma Phi Beta; Pi Sigma; City Women’s club; COR. SMITH, PATRICIA . . . Penn Yan, N. Y_Plant Science ... Pi Sigma. SMITH, SIBYL . . . Chaffee, N. Y. . . . English . . . Delta Gamma; Jr. Guide; ON. SNOW, LEONARD . . . Norfolk, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . UN- IRC; SDA; Channing club ' ; League for Industrial Democracy, Chrm. SOLED, SEYMOUR . . . Jersey City, N. J. . . . Political Science . . . Alpha Epsilon Pi; NSA; Human Relations. SPERRY, DEAN . . . Jackson Heights, N. Y. . . . Geology . . . Arts and Letters Society; Outing club; Catholic Choir; Boar’s Head; Geology club. SPICA, CAROL . . . Bronxville, N. Y. . . . English . . . DO; Syracusan; Journalism Council. SPIEGEL, BERNARD . . . Quincy, Mass. . . . Zoology , . . Tau Epsilon Phi; FHF; IMA; Campus Chest; Intramurals. STECKELMAN, ELAINE . . . Utica, N. Y. . . . LA. STEINBERG, BARBARA . . . Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . . . Phi Sigma Sigma; JSF; Jewish Choir; IZFA; Red Cross; WRA. STEINBERG, ROBERT . . . Lawrence, Mass. . . . Sociology . . . Sigma Alpha Mu; Campus Chest; FHF. STEPNER, RITA . . . Newark, N. Y. . . . English ... Jr. and Sr. Guide; Delta Gamma; St. Thomas More. STEWART, RUTH . . . Bronxville, N. Y. . . . Recreation . . . Alpha Chi Omega; WRA; Red Cross; Chapel; Human Relations. STILLMAN, SHELDON . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Zeta Beta Tau; Sociology club; Syracusan; Human Relations; Campus Chest. STRONGIN, SEYMOUR . . . Monticello, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Phi Epsilon Pi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Rifle Team. SULLIVAN, ELIZABETH . . . New Brunswick, N. J. . . . Sociology . . . Zeta Tau Alpha; FHF; Red Cross; HPA; Chapel. SULLIVAN, NANCY . . . Potsdam, N. Y. . . . Geography . . . Theta Phi Alpha; WRA; USP; Campus Chest; St. Thomas More; World Relations; Student Union; Jr. Advisory Council; Soph Student Council. Class of 1952 354 First row: SUMMERS, DONALD . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . English . . . Lambda Chi Alpha; WAER; Ski club; SUSKI; Campus Chest; Intramurals; Chapel; IFC. SUMMERS, RONALD . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Sigma Chi; Frosh Exec. Council; Crew, mgr.; Frosh Comm. TANNEBAUM, STANLEY . . . Margate City, N. J. . . . Political Science; Phi Epsilon Pi; MSG, Attorney General; Pi Gamma Mu; Pi Sigma Alpha; Civil Service. TARNOFF, JEROME . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Tau Delta Phi, pres.; JSF. TASK, JACQUELYN . . . Glens Falls, N. Y-Sociology . . . ISA; HPA; IWA; IZFA; Yacht club; Chapel; Sociology club. TAYLOR, BETTY ANN . . . North Adams, Mass. . . . English . . . Phi Mu; HPA; Varsity Debate; DO. TAYLOR, SALLY . . . Holland, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Alpha Phi, pres.; WRA; Chorus; Chapel. THOMPSON, LESLIE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Microbiology . . . Alpha Xi Delta; Pi Sigma; Chapel; Skeptics’ Corner; Senior Advisory Comm. THEURER, DOROTHY . . . Lakewood, Ohio . . . Sociology . . . Delta Delta Delta; USP; World Relations; Sociology club. TALKOFF, SUZANNE . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Fine Arts . . . Sigma Delta Tau; DO; Campus Chest; Activities Center; Human Relations. TUTTLE, RICHARD . . . Cleveland, Ohio . . . Zoology . . . Zeta Psi; Trad. Comm.; Civil Service; IFC; Political Rep. Third row: TURBETT, BETTY . . . Corning, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Chapel. TURNER, BERYL . . . New Rochelle, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Sociology club; Chorus; NAACP. VANDER STOK, ANKY . . . Hague, Holland . . . Physical Education club; Katherine Sibley club; SUSKI; WRA. VAN VLEET, DAVID . . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . . Geography . . . AMA; Senior Advisory Council; Geography club; Outing club; Chapel. Second row: VER NOOY, ROBERT . . . Cortland, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . TEITZ, BARBARA . . . Somerville, N. J. . . . English . . . Rho Delta Delta Upsilon; Chapel Board; MSG; Pi Sigma Alpha, pres.; Alpha Phi Omega " ; Speaker’s Bureau. Liberal Arts Prediction of things to come . . . THAYER, LEIGHTON . . . Comstock, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . ISA; Student Union; Red Cross, Intramurals; Yacht club. THIBODEAU, FRANCIS . . . Lynn, Mass. . . . Political Science . . . Sigma Nu; Holy Name Society; UWF; Political Science club. VICTOR, RHODA . . . Rockville, N. Y. . . . English . . . ISA; Chapel; DO. WACHTER, RONALD . . . Far Rockaway. N. Y. . . . Chemistry . . . Tau Delta Phi; Intramurals. Days when we didn ' t make especially welcome. First row: WAGGAMAN, JANICE . . . Glens Falls, N. Y. . . . Architecture . . . Sigma Kappa. WAGNER, RALPH . . . Fort Plain, N. Y. . . . Geology . . . Kappa Sigma; Geology club. WALDMAN, SAUL . . . Lynbrook, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Omega Pi Alpha; DO, editorial assistant; Orange Key; Civil Service; Pi Sigma Alpha; Sigma Delta Chi; Class Assembly; Campus Chest; Block S Program. WALLACE, LAWRENCE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Pi Sigma Alpha; Pi Gamma Mu; SDA; MSG; Symphony; Campus Chest; UWF. WALKER, WILLIAM . . . Syracuse, N. Y_English . . . Alpha Sigma Phi; MSG. WATERMAN, RICHARD . . . Manlius, N. Y. . . . Geology . . . Geology club. WAXHAM, ROBERT . . . Forestville, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . MSG; International Relations club. Second row: WEIBEZAHL, BETTY . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Alpha Xi Delta; Chapel Board; Powers club, pres.; MSF; Worship Comm. WEINTHAL, FRED . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Political Science ... Pi Gamma Mu; Pi Sigma Alpha; MSG; Intramurals; Outing club. WEISS, DAVID . . . New Rochelle, N. Y. . . . English . . . Glee club; Boar ' s Head. Class of 1952 breakfast, the Club was WEISSBERG, FRANKLIN . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Philosophy . . . Theta Beta Phi; Philosophy club, pres.; Intramurals. WEISSBERGER, BURT . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . UNASU; Vocations Comm.; Civil Service; MSG; UJA; Frosh Weekend. WEISSMAN, HARRIET . , . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . UJA. WELDMAN, FRED . . . Mogers Forks, N. Y. . . . Economics . . . Eco¬ nomics club. Third row: WERDEN, MARGERY . . . Flushing, N. Y. . . . English . . . Alpha Gamma Delta; ON, senior editor; WSG; Orange Guide; Red Cross; DO. WESSELER, JEAN . . . Scarsdale, N. Y. . . . English . . . Kappa Delta; Chapel Choir; Children’s Theatre; Chapel. WIGGERS, NANCY . . . Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Alpha Gamma Delta; Goon Squad; Chapel. WIGHT, GEORGENE . . . Presque Isle, Maine . . . Economics . . . Gamma Phi Beta; COR; Chapel. WILCOX, IRIS . . . Niagara Falls, N. Y. . . . Geography . . . Outing club; Sigma Pi Sigma; Chapel; Campus Guides; Geography club. WILEY, RICHARD . . . Delmar, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tennis, mgr.; Pi Alpha Tau; USP. WILKINSON, JEANNE . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . . Alpha Omicron Pi; HPA; Book Mart; Senior Advisory Assembly; Chorus; Westminster Fellowship. 356 Liberal Arts WILLIAMS, RICHARD E. . . . Shrewsbury, Mass. . . . English . . . Sigma Nu; Crew; Rowing Club; IFC. WINSTON, ANN . . . Herkimer, N. Y. . . . English ... Phi Mu; Chapel Choir; Freshman Commission; Boar’s Head. WITT, WILLIAM . . . Fayetteville, N. Y. . . . Phi Gamma Phi; German Club; Ski Club. WOHLSTETTER, DOROTHY . . . Bronx, N. Y. . . . Psi Chi; Yacht club; Outing club. WOLLEN, JULIUS MARK . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Pre-Medical Society, pres; Civil Service; Ski club; Campus Chest; FHF; IMA. YABLONSKI, MICHAEL DANIEL . . . North Haledon, N. J. . . . Zoology . . . Zeta Psi; IFC; HPA. YEOMAN, WILLIAM R. . . . Princeton, N. J. . . . Beta Theta Pi; Foot¬ ball; Alpha Sigma Sigma. ZAHARIOU, ELEEN . . . Farrell, Pa. . . . Art Education; Sigma Kappa; Sigma Chi Alpha; ASA. ZAX, JOSEPH . . . Newark, N. J. . . . Sociology . . . Tau Delta Phi; Alpha Delta Sigma. ZIMMER, BOBBY . . . Rockville Center, N. Y. . . . ISA, pres.; DO, Jr. editor; Goon Squad; Jr. Guide; Sr. Guide; Theta Sigma Phi; NISA; IWA. ZIMMERMAN, HOWARD . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Physics . . . Men ' s Glee Club; Sigma Phi Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta. ZIMMERN, RHODA . . . Long Branch, N. J. . . . English . . . Jewish Fellowship Choir; Fellowship Cantada; Chapel. APPLEMAN, JOAN . . . Light Street, Pa. . . . Nursing . . . Delta Zeta; Methodist Youth Fellowship; Chapel; Group Social Service; School of Nursing Club; Pennsylvania club. ATWELL, BARBARA . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Nursing . . . Syrcico; WSG; Agenda; Student Council; School of Nursing. BARR, DAWN . . . Chittenango, N. Y. . . . Nursing . . . SUSNO. BENJAMIN, RUTH . . . Belle Harbor, N. Y. . . . Nursing . . . IZFA. BIBBINS, JEAN . . . Rodman, N. Y. . . . Nursing . . . Agenda; Class Treasurer. BLASS, MARJORY . . . Coudersport, Pa. . . . Nursing . . . Zeta Tau Alpha; Agenda, pres.; Methodist Student Fellowship; HPA; Student League; Chapel; Student Council. CAMPBELL, BARBARA . . . Jordon, N. Y. . . . Nursing . . . Class treasurer; HPA; Class v. pres.; SUSNO. CLARK, BARBARA JANE . . . Fayetteville, N. Y. . . . Nursing . . . Alpha Phi; WRA; Student Council; School of Nursing, pres.; WSG; Sophomore Class, v. pres.; MSF. DARLING, JOYCE ROMONA . . . Sodus, N. Y. . . . Nursing . . . UFA; School of Nursing; Syrcico. 357 Class of 1952 GRIMES, BARBARA . . . Merchantville, N. Y. . . . Nursing . . . Senior Class, pres. GRUVER, JANE . . . Oneonta, N. Y. . . . Nursing Education . . . Chapel. HALL, VIRGINIA . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student Council; Chapel; WRA. HECHT, ARLENE . . . Woodbridge, N. Y. . . . Nursing . . . JSF; IZFA; Chapel. HOUGH, MARION . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Nursing . . . UFA. JUDD, MARY . . . Oneonta, N. Y. . . . Nursing. KILBY, INA . . . Clinton, N. Y. . . . Public Health Nursing . . . Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship; NOC; Syracuse-in-China. KINNEY, JOYCE . . . Norwich, N. Y. . . . Frosh Comm.; UFA. LEMKUL, BARBARA . . . Yonkers, N. Y. . . . Nursing . . . Westminster Fellowship; Agenda. LE LASHER, PHYLLIS . . . Hamdon, Conn. . . . Public Health Nursing . . . NOC; Outing club. MacNEIL, JANET . . . Auburn, N. Y. . . . Nursing . . . Student League; Westminster Fellowship; IWA. McNANEY, CAROLYN . . . Utica, N. Y. . . . Basic Nursing . . . WRA; St. Thomas More; Student Council. McOMBER, ANN . . . Gouverneur, N. Y. . . . Nursing . . . HPA; School of Nursing club; Westminster Fellowship. MERCHANT, JOYCE . . . Deposit, N. Y. . . . Nursing . . . MSF; Delta Zeta; WRA; FHF. MILLER, DOROTHY . . . Port Byron, N. Y. . . , Nursing . . . Delta Zeta; MSF; NOC. NADEAU, CHARLOTTE . . . Massena, N. Y. . . . Nursing . . . NOC. PEDULLA, JOSEPHINE . . . Rochester, N. Y_Public Health Nursing . . . NOC. PELLEGRINO, ROSEMARY . . . Massena, N. Y. . . . Nursing Educa¬ tion . . . NOC. SAUNDERS, MARY . . . IIion, N. Y. . . . Nursing . . . Kappa Delta; Intramurals; Frosh Comm.; Chapel; NOC; UFA; WRA. SIRING, DONNA . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Nursing . . . Chapel. SNYDER, MARJORIE . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Nursing Education. 358 Speech You can get awful sick of being sick! First row: WYANT, MARTHA . . . Scipio Center, N. Y. . . . Nursing . . . NOC. YOUNG, MARION . . . Nassau, N. Y. . . . Nursing . . . IWA; Campus Contacts; UFA. AMBROSINO, MICHAEL . . . West Hampton, L. I. . . . English . . . Alpha Chi Rho; Boar ' s Head; Sigma Tau Rho; Band; Glee club. ALTER, BURTON . . . Haverhill, Mass. . . . Speech . . . WAER; Tennis; SDA; NAACP. ARGIRIO, NICHOLAS . .. . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Industrial Design . . . Alpha Xi Alpha; Tau Sigma Delta. AVERY, ALICE . . . Massena, N. Y. . . . Zcjology. BACZYNSKI, REGINA . . . Jamaica, L. I. . . . Radio . . . WAER; Jr. Guide; SSS; Trad. Comm.; Soph Assembly; Catholic Choir; Boar ' s Head; DO; FTA; WRA; FHF; Bridge club; Philosophy club. Second row: BAKER, JOHN . . . Leominster, Mass. . . . Speech Education . . . Zeta Psi; Kappa Phi Kappa; Skyliners club. BALIN, DORIS . . . New York, N. Y. . . . English . . . Delta Phi Epsilon; Boar ' s Head; Zeta Phi Eta; WAER; WSYR TV. BARKANN, JEREMY . . . Jersey City, N. J. . . . Radio . . . Alpha Epsilon Pi; Intramurals; DO. BERNSTONE, ALVIN . . . Elizabeth, N. J. . . . Accounting ... Pi Lambda Phi; AMA; Band; Marching Band. BETZ, RONALD . . . Beloit, Wis. . . . Speech . . . Zeta Psi; Boar’s Head; Sigma Tau Rho. BOYER, JANET . . . Westfield, N. J. . . . Speech Education . . . Zeta Tau Alpha; Zeta Phi Eta, pres.; Boar ' s Head; Children ' s Theater; WAER. BRANDON, ELAINE . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Radio . . . WAER. Third row: CATALDI, PETER . . . Clinton, Mass. . . . Liberal Arts. CAVANAUGH, JACK . . . Stamford, Conn. . . . Political Science and Journalism; Frosh Baseball: Frosh Basketball; DO. COFFEY, JOYCE . . . Newark, N. J. . . . Psychology . . . Iota Alpha Pi; Zeta Phi Eta; Student Speaker’s Bureau; Campus Chest; JSF; UJA. COLANDREA, FRANK . . . Westport, Conn. . . . Accounting . . . MSG; United Nations; World Relations. COLANDREA, SHEILA . . . Long Beach, N. Y. . . . Social Studies . . . Chapel; WRA; Modern Dance club; History club; World Relations; JSF; FTA. CORRIN, PATRICIA . . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . . Painting . . . Sigma Delta Tau; Campus Chest; Human Relations; SDA. CUNEO, DOROTHY . . . New Rochelle, N. Y. . . . Drama . . . Theta Phi Alpha; Zeta Phi Eta; St. Thomas More; Student Union. First row: DEWIRE, KENNETH . . . Delmar, N. Y. . . . Radio . . . Acacia; WAER; Chorus; Glee club; Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Mu Alpha; Orange Peals; Band. DOWNEY, CAROL . . . Hingham, Mass. . . . Speech ... Pi Beta Phi; Chapel; Huntington club; Yacht club. FUKUKI, ANN . . . Kamuela, Hawaii . . . Speech . . . Delta Gamma; ISO; USF. GANG, NAOMI . . . Laurelton, N. Y. . . . Drama . . . Sigma Delta Tau; Zeta Phi Eta; Winter Carnival. HUFF, MARJORIE . . . Arlington, Va. . . . Speech . . . Transfer; Alpha Epsilon Rho, v. pres.; Zeta Phi Eta; WAER; Chapel; Delta Delta Delta. HOLZWORTH, HENRY . . . Ridgewood, N. Y. . . . Industrial Design ... Pi Alpha Chi of Theta Alpha; Alpha Xi Alpha. HUNT, DONALD . . . Eden, N. Y. . . . Radio . . . Sigma Nu; Orange Peals; Band. Alpha Theta; Jr. and Sr. Guide; Campus Chest; Spring Weekend; Guide Exec. Board; ON. KLUNER, DEBRA . . . Aberdeen, S. D. . . . Education . . . Delta Phi Epsilon, pres.; Jr. and Sr. Guide; Junior Advisory Board; Winter Carnival; Campus Chest. LAMANNA, DOLORES . . . Amityville, N. Y. . . . Drama ... Eta Pi Upsilon, v. pres.; St. Thomas More House; ISA; Boar ' s Head; Campus Chest; WRA. LANDIS, WILLIAM . . . Asbury Park, N. J. . . . Administrative En¬ gineering . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon, pres.; Alpha Pi Mu; Tau Beta Pi. Third row: LANDY, PETER . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Accounting. LEARNED, LAURA-JEAN . . . Malone, N. Y. . . . Radio . . . Zeta Tau Alpha; WAER; Co-op Council; Tri-Orange. Jt r Second row: HUTIN, ALBERT, JR. . . . Chappaqua, N. Y. . . . Radio . . . Alpha Epsilon Rho; Sigma Tau Rho; Chapel Board. JANOW, GLORIA . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Speech Therapy . . . Iota Alpha Pi; Senior Assembly; Jewish Fellowship; FHF; Campus Chest. JESSELSON, MARILYN . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Drama . . . Boar ' s Head; WAER; Red Cross; UJA. KELLEY, BARBARA . . . Birmingham, Mich. . . . Education . . . Kappa MACALPINE, JANE . . . Somerville, N. J. . . . English . . . Sigma Kappa; HPA; Jr. and Sr. Guide; Chapel; Student Union; Co-op; Tri-Orange. MICHIE, JEAN . . . Hamburg, N. Y. . . . Radio . . . Delta Gamma; WAER; ON. MOOCK, MEDORA . . . Pennington, N. J. . . . Radio ... Pi Beta Phi; HPA; WRA; Chapel; WSG, Secretariat. MUNN, JOSEPH . . . West Hempstead, N. Y. . . . Speech . . . Sigma Tau Rho; Boar ' s Head. OCKO, SEYMA . . . Monsey, N. Y. . . . Speech ... Rho Delta Phi; Debate Council; Children ' s Theater. PACELLI, ANTHONY . . . Schenectady, N. Y. . . . Advertising . . . Alpha Delta Sigma; Intramurals. PANCHAL, JAY . . . Ahemedabad, India . . . Civil Engineering . . . Amer. Soc. for the Adv. of Civil Engineers. PAPPAS, GUS . . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Production Management . . . Chapel. RHEINGOLD, RAQUEL . . . New York, N. Y. . . . English . . . Iota Alpha Pi; Boar ' s Head; WAER; TV. ROSI, EUGENE . . . Hartford, Conn. . . .Journalism . . . Summer Orange, editor-in-chief; DO, junior editor; Sigma Delta Chi. SAVINO, SUSAN . . . White Plains, N. Y_Speech . . . Alpha Omicron Pi; Campus Chest; Book Mart; Sociology club; Catholic Choir. SCHOLNICK, SHELDON . . . Detroit, Mich. . . . Radio . . . Zeta Beta Tau; Student Union, pres.; Campus Leaders; WAER; Speaker’s Bureau. SCHULER, RAYMOND . . . Kingston, N. Y. . . . Political Science . . . Phi Kappa Psi, pres.; Cross Country Team, mgr.; Track, mgr.; MSG Assembly; Senior Class, pres.; Phi Kappa Alpha; Pi Alpha Tau; USP; Hill Democrats, pres.; IFC; Duso club, pres.; Campus Leaders; HPA; Holy Name Society; St. Thomas More. SCHWARTZ, FREDRICK . . . Niagara Falls, N. Y. . . . Speech . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sigma Tau Rho; IFC; Alpha Delta Sigma; Swimming; Chapel; Canterbury club; Speaker ' s Bureau. .SI LT. MAN, RICHARD . . . Kelsey, N. Y. . . . History . . . Civil Service; St. Thomas More; History club; Chorus; Fencing. SILVER, PHYLLIS . . . Belle Harbor, L. I. . . . Radio ... Pi Alpha Mu; WAER; Student Union; Sociology club; Campus Chest; FHF. SIEGEL, BLANCHE . . . Trenton, N. J. . . . Radio . . . WAER; Children ' s Theatre; JSF; UJA; IZFA. SOBEL, PHYLLIS . . . New York, N. Y. . . . Drama . . . Boar ' s Head; JSF; UJS; WRA. SOSNOW, MURIEL . . . Newark, N. J. . . . English . . . WAER; Boar’s Head. SYNES, ROBERT . . . West Englewood, N. J. . . . Music . . . WAER; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Sigma Tau Rho. TEAS, FRANK . . . Manchester, N. H. . . . Radio . . . WAER; Alpha Epsilon Rho. TERRIS, CYNTHIA . . . Binghamton, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . FTO; JSF. WILLIAMS, JOANNE . . . Batavia, N. Y. . . . Sociology . . . Zeta Tau Alpha; WAER; Chapel Board; Zeta Phi Eta; Alpha Epsilon Rho; SSS; Campus Chest. WINOKOOR, RUTH . . . New Bedford, Mass. . . . Speech Education . Phi Sigma Sigma; Zeta Phi Eta; Boar ' s Head; JSF; Panhell; Chil¬ dren ' s Theater. WOLDT, ARTHUR . . . Staten Island, N. Y. . . . Psychology . . . WAER; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Sigma Tau Rho; Outing club. ZAVODNIK, MARVIN . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Transportation . . . Flying club; Delta Nu Alpha. 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