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19 5.0 I ' uhlislied Ijy the ( Jiujiulafjaii l ' ' .(lit(irial I ' .danl for the students ot Svracnsc I ' iilvcrsit v Richard Mulling Business Mamujcr foncd t ncC . . . The class of 1950 . . . like the war-tattered classes that preceded it . . . had its origins in antiquity. There are those who boast of wearing the frosh cap as far back as 1942. . few others drifted in dtiring the war days when Syracuse was practically a girl ' s school. But the great majority of us remember the Battle of Registration in September 1946 when we stood in huge lines that wound tortuously to the Library, Lyman Hall and the Book Store. Barring the coeds, we are mostly veterans . . . ] erhaps the last large group of (i. L ' s. When we came we swamped the place. .- medium-sized school of 6.000 became a metropolis of 20,000 and S. U. became tlie nation ' s ninth largest. Willi us came the pre-fabs and Navy barracks — the fabulous dormitory system that stretched from the town of Bald- winville to the State I ' air grounds — and now moved to the hills around Drumlins. The sanctity of the Chapel and the exclusiveness of the Forestry buildings were violated to hold our lecture classes. From our ranks came those who put on the top in ICastern athletics . . . and our members swelled the ranks of bigger and better organizatidus that spmuted amongst the i y. In line with the general campus expansions which made our Hill a " boom town " even the Orange doubled in size. ith us go the war stories and army clothes and a thousand little incidents that will add to the traditions of Syracuse and our personal storehouse of mem- ories. It is to this university and these memories that these pages are dedicated. IP : ' mHH 1 ' " i ■i sH - ' «- 7 Stci a( Me 950 lulitor-in-cliief Lee Youni, ' flashes a beaming smile as he holds the successful result of his " ' (Jn in ' 4 ' ' " struggle. A few more " wtirking clavs " s])ent at the (Jrange and a discarded frater- nity pin more than filled. Lee ' s idle hours as he supervised the " Thriftv Fifty. " . sad .Mr. Young l)emoans that he can ' t run for a third term, as his campaign managers and senior editors hold back tears. Standing, Mort Hcchstein, sports; Bob Davis, layout editor of sports section ; Don Love, associate editor; Leo Lent, art director. Seated, W ' ilnia C ' hidester. production manager; Lee ' nung ; Ann Davidson, associate editor. A solemn set of Junior editors are these. They are wondering what ever persuaded them to get into this mess. Standing, Bob Talbot, Dick Newell, Ron Snell, Al Greene, Bob Peck. Seated, Mary Mallery, Do Mol- can. Ginger Rich. Missing, Jean Williams, Howie Lukert, Deanna Mendenliall, Betty Noble. I ' inancial Advisor C. Wesley Brewster had little time to smile as the staff piled up bills despite the lagging of .subscriptions to the danger point. Many ' s the time Mr. B. had to appease the treasurer ' s office before we published the " Thrifty Fifty. " 0 ( (tcC (t Business Manager Dick Mullins. " Houdini " Mullins spent his of- fice hours seeking a means of making money from unpaid sub- scriptions and unfilled advertis- ing space. Mullins antl his associates pause long enough in their money-making schemes to have their pictures taken. The smiles on their faces must indicate success. Standing. Keith Berwick, associate advertising ; Barbara Boyce, associate advertising; Mary Lou Montonna, publicity: Jim Harvey, advertising manager. Seated, Lor- raine Meyer, exchange editor ; Dick Mullins, business manager: Jan Biddle, assistant busi- ness manager. Hal Pierson wouldn ' t have to make money to enjoy his work with these fellow junior busi- ness staff members. Standing, Sally Bingham, Jean Lieder, Mimi Daugherty. Elaine Levine, Rev Cook. Seated, Nancy DeGroot, Ruth Lapides, Pierson, Shirley Evans. Pat Boyd. The work must have been enjoyable for these mem- bers of the art staff. Who wouldn ' t enjoy his work with such a lovely collection of female inspiration? Standing, Corky (Jrr, Don Cross. Jan Fuller. Harriet Crowder. Chuck Walker. Nancy Widrig. Seated. Nancy Over, Jane Woodruff. Leo Lent, Do Molcan, Nancv Hutton. Just compare these smiling faces of the first year staff members with the liardened countenances uf our sen- ior editors. How innncent they must be of the frustra- tions of yearbook publication. Standing. Bettv Link, Bob Seigel, Cyd Beven. Seated, June Collins, Betty Lou Finn, .-Mice Bell. k ' 7 e ded o Sefrtc9Kie% THe TiJa ' ' ' (fVf T{ i(€tC t attd t Ti atHCft €ffH ftccCttC t ' 7ftci ue% dc ' . . I ' i HK ' " S " " ■ ' : III k t-- M... " - •-i. ' ai ! ' •■•■ ' H ' .il Wtkm Vrm » ' - ' • n p ' H ■ S |M ma «ii« p tTt M l_ 3 Ku J a - Lbb • " ' MI jII X 7( ' P -cu€i% a cC t %e- anic Sfr%m u ci ci, Uttle late t c eci% 12 ( tt t i e S f%cicude ? . . . SfriCtt c iouAa i t e aii a a t cca cd ■ •.:. • vy s V ' V - v«.y,. ' ■ ■ .i r,_-. » . ■ ■ •. " ?.v . - r- ' - .- 5 PY ■ ' ' i ' ' • " ■ ' - t ¥ ' •i :.i,-A ' ? " A ; ' :, " s .w -. ' ?- . ' " ' • V sS ' x ' ■■ N ' 0 ' IK ml . • .: ' ' - r-- kl, fc-s-: ' fty tT •W f5- J " -: ' ■ " ■ " sr " • .:! -:» ' ' ilt-TV, 75 a6ic 0 Mte tt4. . . . INTRODUCTORY 1-17 AUTUMX 18 Candids 20 Administration 24 Fraternities 41 Colgate ' eekend 107 Fall Sports 115 WINTER 142 Candids 144 Organizations 14 ' J Publications 181 Drama and Radio 191 Independents 199 Chapel 207 Winter Carnival 219 ' inter Sports 225 SPRING 256 Candids 258 Seniors 263 Underclasses 428 Spring Weekend 439 Spring Sports 445 ADVERTISING 4 IN DEN 4 77 I V " l %, Sykacitsi; T n njiHsriY SvuM I si; 10. i; s " diik Oi ' i ' irr. or TIIH ( " nASCKi.i.OK Wii.i.iAM I ' i;arson TtMI-KV Lee Young, Editor The Onondagan Syracuse University Syracuse 10, Nev York x;.,- ' xc t..= .:.x -j.v j.iii ■-.- L..-. Jentuiy. I hope it -niay also be the turning point. ' Ttimini . from aggressicn to equilibrium, fro;u war to peace, from tincertainty and. frustration to security and service — these are directions we would go as we raau- " f ' " ' " - • ., --- :-, ,r. -,- + . .,+ -v,, half-century. . 50 is also the climax of a series of record- DX ' ea.vint. graduation aays following the r iturn of veterans from V.orld Var II. AnJ 1950 is the largest graduating class of all. Vie :Aaae tx ' ent Jio.-i ' fcab xu Liie last few years at the University — thanics in large pnrt to the seriousness of purpose aind the sacrifice of thousands of students and parents, faculty and friends. It is an earnest of our continued progress in the next fifty years, anc of growing pride in Syracuse. e shall niss the iaaturity and spirit of the class of 1950. You have set a rood example for the younger stu- dents in the classes which follow you. we welco ' ae each of you now as loyal alumni. May our friendship continue through the years. _ - Sincerely vouirs J A. Tolley 1 ( iXKceita% TifiiCuitit ' Pcax a Mecf, vi ■v L KEITH J. KI ' LWEDY Kt ' ijistrar -:f= FINLA G. CRAWFORD Vice Chancellor ELIZABETH : I. BROAD Social Director MAY CRANDOK S ecretary " arsitv Club HU(JI-I C. GREGG Business Manasrer ' Dc ti. a TiJo(He«t At the helm directinsi; this year ' s program is Miss Mar- jorie C. Smith, Dean of Women. Her assistant is Mrs. -Margaret Wells, who also acts as assistant to Miss M. Eunice Hilton in the student dean program. Miss Elizaheth Broad coordinates social activities for men and women. Miss Dorothy Usborn handles vocational and placement problems. Miss Osborn also has taken a ])art in the granting of 8,000 overnight permissions for wnnien students. Assisting the city women with tlu ' ir problems is Miss Janet Murray. The Director of the .Student L ' nion is Miss Damaris Wilson. As Di- rector of Residence ( )rganization, Miss Kathryn Cope- land works with house presidents, and senior guides to strengthen grouj) work in the living centers. The en- tire staff works on the training program for graduate students who are receiving experience in student resi- dencies. This hcl])s ])ut student contact on an in- dixidual basis which is one of the Ijasic aims of the ( )tfice of the Dean of Women. Marjorie C. Smith, Dean Secretarial staff, front row, I. to r., Mrs. Helen Morey, Mrs. Alice Klumpp, Mrs. Elizabeth Marden. Second row, Mrs. Margaret Jay. Mrs. Emma Tourol, Miss Dons Hesselbarth. Dean of Women ' s staff, below, front row, I. to r.. Miss Elizabeth Broad, Mrs. Margaret C. Wells, Dean Marjorie C. Smith. Second row. Miss Kathryn W. Copeland, Miss Dorothy Osborn, Dean M. Eunice Hilton, Miss Janet Murray, Miss Damaris Wilson. ■ Mr .r " ' ' Decut a Tftc Dean of Men Frank Piski_)r is llu- Lhiiversily uffi- cial principallv charged with responsihilit)- fcjr all male students regardless of college or status. Wi th few exceptions, his is the primary responsihility for all relations Ijetween the institution and the student in all areas of life at Syracuse. Dean Craven acts as Dean Piskor ' s general assis- tant : Director Gould assumes the task of managing our large resident advisor program and of advancing policv and determining ])rocedure in the counseling and orientation of male students: I ' mft-ssor Crawford supervises housing assignments and all fraternity re- lations. The Psychological Services center serves as a resource agencv for testing an l specialized coun- seling ; the student court serves in an investigatory and disci|)linary capacity; and many other agencies share tlie functions that are ultimately the responsi- hility of the Dean of Men. In addition to the personnel functions listed ahove. this office participates on a cooperative basis in the academic affairs of students which are, of course, the primarv responsibility of the Deans and Directors of the colleges. The approval of the Dean of Men ' s office is re- quired for all changes in the enrollment status of the student. The Dean of Men is a regular member of the Academic Board which passes on all cases of ])roba- tion, suspension and dismissal. In educational coun- seling Director Gould heads a staff of ai)proximatel 80 advisors who deal directlv with the students. Top, Dean of Men Frank B. Piskor. Below, staff assistants: N. Bibko, Clifford Craven, Joseph Gould and Lewis Crawford. Administration Building. ;4iu»PtMC ' f ou e Above, Miss J. Wiuijred Hughes, executive direc- tor. Below left. Graduation Day ceremonies. Right, Alumni homecoming for graduation. Left, The Alumni House Few students nii campus know exactl ' what goes on in the yellow house on the comer of University and South Crouse avenues. A glimpse inside proves it to be one of the busiest centers on campus. Alumni House is the headquarters of the Alumni Association, which performs a various assortment of services for an ever-increasing list of graduates. Organized in 1873, the Alumni Association is now composed of 98 local cIuIjs, and is headed by Miss J. Winifred Hughes, executive director of the as- sociation. Working with her are Newell Rossman, field secretary and alumni fund director, and Arthur Gabriel, Jr., assistant field director. Among the never-ending jobs performed in Alumni House are organizing alumni clubs, keeping up-to- date the files on all Syracuse graduates ; filling requests of many kinds for alumni. . lumni House is also headquarters for the publica- tion of .llumtii News, which is sent out every two months to all active members of the Alumni Associa- tion to keep them informed on present University activities as well as news of what Syracuse graduates are doing. 1 aoi lo From row, I. to r., M. Dollerer. S. Katz, M. Wilson, E. Bayer, M. Schwart;. R. Staatz, E. Campbell, K. Panarites, R. Hyde, D. McAllister, M. Fosberry, M. Baynes. Second row, F. Mar- tinson, L. Farr, L. Kalterhenry, R. Luebbe, J. Cooper, M. Faust, M. Wright, E. Wahlstrom, E. Carfeldt, G. Walters, B. Spillman, B. Larson, C. Dulaney, M. Le Grande, M. Sewell. Back row, P. Lusk, B. Kiernan, M. Forsythe, P. Hsu, K. Sneesby, F, Zimmerman, C. Davis, C. Stewart, E. Cooper, O. Jones, A. Johnston, E. Taft, L. Herbin, J. Antes, C. Wood, N. Siegle. Resident Advisors are placed in charge of men ' s dorm- itories and entrusted with the management of that dormitory. As staff members they draw their authority from the Dean of Men and receive board and room for their services. QuaHfications for this position in- ckide a good background in psychology, education or personnel experience. The group is imder the direction of Mr. Joseph Gould. Student ' Fifty women graduates are employed by the imiversity to serve as head residents and counselors in the women ' s dormitories. The program, begun in 1931 at Syracuse, has acquired nation-wide fame. Since that time 400 women have graduated from the course. In addition they carry ten hours of graduate work toward a Masters in student personnel administration. Miss E. Hilton and Mrs. M. Wells direct the program. Front row, I. to r.. Dean of Men Frank Piskor, Joseph E. Gould, Nicholas R. Bibko. Lewis W. Crawford. Second row, B. Sanders, R. Loester, R. Winchester, G. Multer, B. Walsh, B. Manzolillo, W. Hartman, H. Norris, R. Swartz, E. Riley, R. McCracken, F. Ratzeberg, W. Marshall. Back row, A. Lang- don, F. Arthur, D. Caldwell. W. Sours, J. Alfano, J. Korpeck, R. Clements. J. Catafjo. R. Chesky, P. Grossman. D. Rucker, R. McAllister. Mccf e 0 ifrfrUed Scie(€ce Louis Mitchell, dean Thomas H Carroll, dean Paul H. Appleby, dean Sc o i eJ itifc cfr Harry S. Ganders, dean Sc ( ( i ( SduC€itO (€ aUc( c a ' fi ame Sca tamic Eunice Hilton, dean aUe c a ' pC e int L. C. Dillenback, dean J. S. Illick, dean ScAt i 0 a%e %(f Harry S. Ganders, dean fUicCuate SeAo l Sc i i 0 ou% aiC i M. Lyle Spencer, dean Me e a ae A Paul Shipman Andrews, dean Eric H. Faigle, Associate Dean ( oUe( a i e%ai t%U Wharton Miller, Director ScAaai a . i en i ScCckcc ( Me(jf e a Tftcdccine Herman Weiskotten, dean ScAa(d a Tt t ctt Edith Smith, dean K I Harry Heltman, director Sc aai a Sfreec Kenneth Bartlett, director 7t»tuAe i ct(f ( Mc - i il! J! %atenHitce f m t ' t caccti Acacia halves four games in intra football . . . Lost games and brothers . . . Among the pin men : Tennessee, Spider, lac, Allt-n. Walt, Chuckles, Beetle . . . Marriages, too: A. [., Dave. Rog. Uncle Va . . . Kd ' s a popjni ntnv . . Salome dances afti-r the hayride . . . Dr. Stumpy s|)ills a pickled pussy cat in the hall . . . W ' lu ' w ! . . . Ri]) supervising kitchen kapers . . . Yuu murder- er . . . Wild Willie tfigktiujg History . . . lloss I ' .unip analyzin a clcal on the fir Man . . . Knoxt " Throw him a . . . (.)r should slow so Duster ising Acacias . after January grad Luke? Eh, Doc? Are basketball squad . . . Uuatiiin ( " T got . Stan the time stories . . . addling his car Rushing was . Five prom- ir the southlands tough term. eh. ' e all . ' . . . Coke ]jaces Who said one-man team ? . . . Pledges piling huge mounds of snow . . . Acacia pioneers trekking over the White Moun- tains to install New Hampshire chapter . . . Haven ' t seen Huck lately . . . Guess he ' s out sin.ging some place again . . . Spring formal an- other top-flighter . . . Spider living at Hellbox . . . C. A. B. keeping house in shape. First row, left to right — M. Bump, G. Bruyette, C. Bechter, Jr., W. Snell, Jr., R. Bedell, A. Parke, Jr., J. Lake, A. Laura, G. Kohler, A. Parker. Second row — E. Stannard, H. Smith, R. Miller, C. Deboer, E. Prach, L. Pastolove, A. Knox, R. Jocylen, K. Dewire, W. Helene, G. Lawson. Third row — R. Schmutzler, W. Walter, G. Lockwood, D. Brouse, J. Hagelberger, J. Kahra, D. Grief, T. Rew, M. DeVesly II. D. Beckhorn. Those absent— P. Rowe. R. Wilherell, C. Rice, C. Levine, T. Rathke, D. Schildkraut, J. Cross, H. Crow, I. Hammel, E. Juneau, R. Allen, W. Greer, D. Wansor. OFFICERS President Allen Parke Vice President Paul Rowe Secretary John Lake Treasurer Walter Snell OFFICERS President Janice Bander Vice President Nancy Graham Treasurer Greta Chamberlain Secretary Ann Woods Front row, left to right — A. Facius. D. McGuire, D. Hodges, E. Konen. Second row — E. Nathan, R. Morey, M. Kimble, C. Andrews, J. Grosbouer, S. Hoag, N. Graham, J. Bander, Mrs. Fratitz, B. Schaeffer, A. Woods, G. Chamberltn. N. Lane, J. MacElwee. Third row — C. Connelly, M. Herb, D. Draim, A. Aiken, R. Stewart, M. Del Vecchio, J. Makowski, J. Biddle, V. Kelly, M. Hinkleman, V. Rich, M. Duryea, J. Sears, B. Monroe, J. Dyhkusen. Fourth row J. Ryan, D. Zimmer- man, J. DeLotto, S. Tainter, P. Palerson, S. Engleman, P. Wright, M. Muns, L. Bartlett, H. Lord, D. Bair, A. Becker, J. Lyman, D. Howard. Those absent — B. An- dreas, P. Finnell, J. Greensmith, J. Hilbert, H. Holcomb, B. Johnson, C. Lockwood, M. Marden, P. Neff, M. Pfeffer. 4C ( OWrC Memories . . . Re-decorated library . . . ( )r(.iiid,s to Mrs. Frantz fslie can cook, too!) . . . Sally Lou. our Manly Duke, and her royal ])ledgc class . . . Jan ISauder edits Frosh llandhook . . . Au- drey ' s second home is Chapel . . . Jan .Scars and Frosh Weekend . . . ' ' Quiz Kid " luij le is ' . I ' res. of II. P. A. . . . Our kitchen lio s really sing for their sui)pcrs . . . ' ' ■ ' }J f jSii ' " " ' ' - pt ' t away those binoculars ! . . . RcjIjB ViimI her ( jirl Scouts . . . Carol and her Nurs ip3l (feiy " Honey " Bovvers and Gomar tie for AS J ;S (veetheart . . . riedi es hold skating pi wt inT miai v -r . . I ' ' .lainc anil Denny make Tr; Exec. Counci prominent (jn " ( Look — Nan Z.. Jan 11.. Christma 1 are leaders of ' atty ' right. Jr. and Jan Biddle at " Pinned " ■y l.. Dotty Wonderful rlene Akin . Jan ( Iros- . . That un- bauer, the Phi Delt " inajiper ( lirl " forgettable SAE serenade for Nan and Bert . . . Jan Lyman, Asst. Business Mgr. of I). ().... Audrey, editor of Chapel Chimes . . . Prince A ' alient and the blizzard ... 10 :30 Tea Time . . . " She ' s engaged, she ' s lovely " — Janey. .Schael, Sally Lou, Greta and .Shirley E. . . . llcautiful Spring I ' ormal . . . (it nd luck. Seniors! tifr si 6 c ' RU AiKitluT red letter year for the residents of 1, 1 . . . ' ile - prexy of both the Senior chiss and Chapter . . . " Iclea Ahin " I ' urcell introduces a new Chi l h(i tradition — tiie Cairo party . . . comes fall and the house gets a new paint job, inside and out . . . quarry parties, football parties, and exchange dinnersn,. . . more work for the Huntington Clul weekend . Brother F bantjuet . . take the K.A. an C ' bn,, Clio, (hapter Ir llie basket lui ' e i|uack breaking tola the ' aebl Clul the Traditions in " Bourgeois ' wild and woolv Cornell )range Key . . . jate weekend ing contest and Wiley in Phi ■ta Ka])pa . . . ) plays . . . the ' Kiley leads ik snow- sctilp- f(n- a reeord " ti tme s]iring formal at . . Paul lieeomes liead man on inimission . . . Mike and I ' etc . . the new regime takes o er with Dunham at the helm . , . all in all a fine year with the prosjiect of bigger and better things to come . . . OFFICERS President Robert Faselt Vice-president Stuart Mtindt Treasurer Robert Heidgard Secretary Richard Moyer First row, I, to r. — G. Puckhaber, W. Jacob, F. Marshall, R. Stine, R. Bodle, R. Heidgerd, R. Faselt. S. Mutidl, F. Baty, F, Teres, E. Jarret, G. Dattion, J. Casagrande, J. Buyers, Second ron — N. Coberly, R. Bttechtter, J Rodgers, F. Smith, R. Baumbach, J. Georgas, P. Mejle under. J. Wilmer, J. Ceran, R. Feat, P. Everett, D Shankini, E. Rothermel, J. Erickson, M. Ambrosino, M Sarray. Third row—G. Michel, J. Ontko, R. Binder, C Inglehart, G. Sholtes, J. Shea, T. Smith, W. Hogel, A Egly, C. Strotne, G, Liddicote, A. Teres, J. J ennewein C. Neshitt, S. Master. Those absent — R. Moyer, E. Allen, G. Byington. A. Cayer, C. Daetwylet, T. Dunham, A. Hladik, R. Kies, J. Kiley, T. Large, R. Lyman, D. Moore, J. Parenteau, R. Saseen, C. Schmitt, R. Schutts, H. Shropshire, R. Stanley, G. Hamilton, H. Estberg, D. Harter, L. Heal, G. Knonles, H. Legge, R. MacCrea, A. Mclnnis. J. Stefhany, R. Woodward, V. Warger, R. Hanson, G. Rirette. f V li ' fi » » V v rtt Front row, left to right — C J. Faribault, C. Snoke, J. Houghton, J. Scrobola, M. J. Neel, P. Cole, N. J. Sharer, S. Brenner, D. Bittner, M. Street, J. Gros, E. Bartley. Second row — A. Sebastian, L. Goudreau, B. Foskelt, M. Ries, R. Steffen, J. Alexanderson, J. Thompson. Third row—H. Hornbeck, S. Hinds, L. Meyer, E. Miller, V. Gogola, P. Boyd, N. Adams, C. Johnson, E. Stutz. B. Baer, S. Brocker. Those absent — H. Adelhart, J. Konther, J. Larson, L. Loeffler, J. McMahon, A. Porter, A. Hudders, J. Reynolds, S. Serziga, P. Thoren, D. Schweinberger. OFFICERS President Patricia Cole Vice-President Mary Jane Neel Treasurer Nancy Jean Shaver Secretary Sarah Brenner tlfr ci VeUci Pi Back to school with memories of step singing finals again, and Marge as Spring Weekend Queen and summer bride ; also Barb . . . Found house waiting and redecorated . . . Peppy pledges sold on " Gold Rush Follies " . . . Busy with ex- change dinners and teas . . . Six junior guides . . . ] laggie, Sr. Guide, wielding WAA gavel . . . Peggy, Dottie and Shirley pledge Theta Sig . . . Lorraine and Sparkle ini brscht and Potatoes . . . our southern alumsTrJ . mmior birdmen . . . Patty B. rushing froivhTUn ' fto Orange (kiide. sec ' v Stadium open lio gg " Playmates ' " with their password . . . pi ' I.j. and CT iyl pinned Diamond Xmas Jr. DO editor (_)n " exchange edi shows . . .our " music " . . . niiT on Second cabinet with cartons of c We all build De Xanc - Jean and Dottie in I ' si Chi . Climes and with it a ring for Helen and Lorraine in Alpha Ka]jpa Delta . our Eta Pi U])sili)n . . . Toboggan party, Hal- Idweeii. L ' hrisinias pledge dance . . . All topped by .spring blue and white formal on State week- end as the ri ' s get ready to celebrate their lOOth anniversary. Caryl . . . . . Lorrie, her fashion . . . violin id Carmen . . exams coffee . . . rnival . . . . . Spring • • • PeggN- . . Shirlev. 4C i S ' P i ' A very busy and wonderful year for A E Phi . . . The dual monarchy with Sylvia reigning over Winter Carnival weekend and Joan 1!. chosen as football queen . . . Joan F. a finalist . . . Two new and eager pledge classes . . . Busy with snow sculpture and Spring weekend costume-making for the ])ageant . . . Many gals in honoraries and holding offices in these: Elaine. Glo, Lois. Irene, Joyce, Uernie, L Glo initiated i Circulation Panhelleni Delegates D. O. Sta: . . . Four ships . . . Carnival boo through the feasts that followe tions. the Turtles and the Ow W ' yrick ' s holiday surprises and candlelight din- ners . . . Side-hall goodnights . . . The " Pin and Promise Club " members: Carol. Rosie. Elaine. Laura, Irene, Dinny. Joyce. Joan . . . " arnl serenades on the lawn . . . June wedding plans . . . That very last formal . . . Friendships . . . " Memories Will Rind Us " . . . " Dear A E Phi, We Love Thee. " I ' hi Bete . . . . . Syracusan idencies of IRC . . . uncil . . . St Caliinet Chainnan- ' their IZi " A idnight cries rty! " and the ernal di -CJrganiza- Clul) . . . Mrs. f ' lTit row, left to right — Steidlitz, E. Goldstrome, J Schneiderman, R. Schine, B. Meyer, L, Reeder, E. Mar- cus, Mrs. Wyrick, G. Gardner, J. Bernicker, F. Sayer, R Levy. Second row — E. Barnett, M. Minton, I. Rosen, B Deingott, D. Kleinberg, A. Milchman, J. Goodman, T Klugman, L. Horowitz, J. Shaw, V. Porter, S. Rosenfeld. Third ro» — D. Klaff, J. Harris, D. Jacobs, A. Hart, R Baso. C. Broder, A. Pearlmutter, J. Finley, B. Sachs, L Atshakcr, C. Epstein, D. Jacobs. Those absent — B. Ross. C. Wenger. L. Darid, D. Gottlieb, M. Sanjord, C. Anon son, R. Kirschbaum, V. Lerine, B. Rubenslein, S. Fleisch man, L. Blanstein, H. Aaron. OFFICERS President Elaine Marcus Vice President Gloria Gardner Treasurer Bernice Meyer Secretary Laura Lee Reeder OFFICERS President Samuel Stein Vice-President Sidney Dennis Treasurer Donald Greene Secretary Elliot Senderoff First row, left to right — M. Haberman, M. Leiman, D Green, M. Elorich, S. Dennis, S. Stein, P. Lewis, J. Eng ber, J. Levine, M. Weinblatt. Second row — J, Schultz, S Nadler, E. Kagan, H. Berman, J. Daniels, M. Ellis, N. Lewis, M. Rosenzweig, H. Kline, S. Wexler, I. Gordon Third row — G. Saul, R. Lurensky, D. Brodman, J. Ler- man, G. Goldstein, H, Stein, S. Pearl, H. Hyman, C. Levine, H. Einstein, W. Heine, S. Lunsky. Those absent — R. Avidan, R. Berk, M. Chaitt, I. Chocron, D, Coral, M. Finestone, F. Frank, R. Goldstein, D. Green, K. Green- stein, J. Jackler, P. Lefcort, A. Miller, B. Robinson, H. Sail, E. Senderoff, S. Shenkman, B. Temel, N. Wein- stein, R. White, B. Zirn, L. Zirn. ;4CfiA.a Sfr ' P Sigma I) in its third year on campus and still growing . . . I ' all semester saw brothers and ])ledges redecorate interior of the house . . . Rooms known by their color schemes. Our Col- gate ])oster jiractically covered up the house. . . . Weekend formal, biggest and best )-et . . . .Susan I ' eters visits 201 fEticlid — our new sweet- heart . . , Cupid i in IlLajLO A-rv. Joe, Pete, Fred, and Jay . . . Sigm;A KrS Sl l P ' ' i " r( " P trophies Champions in ' fiSf a t " " Softball . . . Ray iletic trophy , I ' ine awarded hati I ' ebruary world . . . New naping brothers include Elliot, p e varsity soccer CO business Stan Raiff dire ... In for the business jledge class kid- 1 . . . BMOC ' s Jim and Hank running the ent of . DS ' s Theatre . . Sid Nadler WOLFing the air waves ; Sam and his " fine " regime; Business booming for " ' Repp ' Daniels; " Fingers ' ' playing in city hot-spots Marcel running our Borscht Belt style cuisine " Keys " Kline pacing intra bowling; Elliot be- comes our first Phi Bete . . . rival quartets battle in the music room . . . ' 50 was great, watch our smoke in " 51. IfrA a t mma elta AGD started the half-century with a bang by welcoming Miss iXIoore, our fabulous new House- mother . . . Shep running pep rallies . . . the Iron Curtain with the House Louse at the helm . . . Vandy co-chairmaning campus guides . . . Bunnie and Annie comparing notes on publications as S -racusan feature editor and ( )X ' senior editoi ' . . . Home Kc ' s Omicroii Xu in tlic hands dI Ruth lloyme er time we dc lua I ' i Ai milliiins nf . . . AI{ A, i:. Kb, Tau Sigma I ' anhell bridge game Hall, asking mandos, second place i the infirmary at 700 . . . cerebral palsy fund . . . ' ])earance fur the Cdlgate Eta " s new prew, llillie . Alpha Chi . , . Midnight night club for long-distance romance . . . Dia- monds for Jo, Oibby, Xan, Jean Senges, Carol. Tabljw Alm.M, Audrev, and ( iinnx ' ( Irav. n.t;es . . . and the mistake . . . Horie . . . tmas fii|-mai . . both in lpha an:l •- l ' " i ■ ■ • the ternal _ aiiet. Jean omstock C " om- le basketball league . . . Spaghetti Splurge for Junior " made a reap- debatc . . . Zeta I ' hi . . Bunnie in ( ianuna studv fests . . . I ' ri. OFFICERS President Alma Speltnan Vice President Ann Davidson Treasurer Virginia Gray Secretary Jean Wohrley front row, left to right — D. Hopkins, B. Reith, J. Young, C. Anthony, N. Laws, V. Gray, Miss Harriet Moore, A. Spelman, A. Davidson, J. Gerdts, P. Hall, J. Knapp, J. Hall, P. Wiggers. M. Benel. Second ron G. Marburgher, A. Regan, N. Fredriks, C. Rock, B. Taber, A. Wallace, I ' . Marcelli, M. Rowe, F. Maltby, P. Flannagan, J. Wohrley, R. Homeyer, N. Powers, J. Senges. Third row — J. Trego, M. Werden, V. Mitchell, J. Shepard, J. Spero, N. Carlson, M. Cobb, M. Pond. B. Oelfke, M. Ledin, S. Crosby, A. Bell, M. Drumm, B. Baron. Those absent — N. Armstrong. S. Flagler. A. Forster. M. Handford, G. Hunter, J. MacDougall, G. Mogel, P. Naugle, C. Noyes, D. Olson, P. Raynor, M. Schjeveland. S. Schnebeli, A. Slocomb, K. Stephanoff, P. Sylrestre, E. Van Der Wart. w r o fvxli Ml hft Front row, left to right — J. Holland, M. Conway, J Santa Maria, B. Kumpanas, F. Lugg, B. Barton, J. Waitz Mrs. Blades, N. Smith, P. Harris. B. Macy, J. Constine D. Bennett, M. Brown. Second ron S. Heckert, R. Ven lura, D. Mendenhall, C. Church, J. Wilkinson, M. Mathi- son, J. Collier, B. Noble, M. Conlon, N. Stone, D. Antil, C. Myers. Third row—H. Rand, D. Parkhurst, N. Het trich, A. Moll, S. Panebaker, B. Vaughan, M. Garrahan M. Downie, S. Mahood, N. Wilson, J. Marshall, J Stewart, R. Adrosko, B. Dunn, M. Caturano. Those ab sent — D. Diefendorf, M. Shelton, J. Contino, M. Boda dilla, L. Colangelo, L. Coscia, A. DePaulis, A. Keegan. OFFICERS President Jocelyn Waitz Vice President Nancy Smith Treasurer Phoebe Hane Harris Secretary Barbara Macy A IfrAa Ow ic a ' Pi A year with a million laughs and then there ' s Mary Lu ' s sneeze . . . Philanthropic award from National started the year off just right . . . The Campus Chest Cup found a permanent spot on the mantle . . . Fifteen pledges, all of ' em cutie pi ' s . . . No sophonKj je slu mp with Rhody on goon squad. Con and Shorty along . . . C . . . I ' oundi; as president were Janet f for Book Mat Betsy, and I,u . . . Shirley in ing " . . . i;. X. . . . Deana made Theta Sig and language hon- orary . . . l ' enn ' s from heaven . . . Jan ' s jaunts to Colgate . . . Donna and Clara twirling their way through a semester . . . Sally ' s wedding, all rice and satin, " . " weatheart of . lpha () " ... 1 ' . J. dribbling the hall for varsity . . . Snap, crackle. | iip, pri ' scnting Indian nuts . . . ini- pnimplu fire drills . . . Little Iodine in snow . . . The peace . ' iikI i|uiel (if the third floor, " I Can Dream L ' an ' l J ? " iple S ' ers, Alice t guiding ng it out th Barbie ie ' s gavels nd Frannie arie. Smith, r " KEEPS " Iways " debat- ; and Pan Hel tifrU P i Si)rin,i; seiiiesii-r oloseil with Alpha I ' hi rt-aching finals in haskctliall and step-singing ... Jo Lines, vice-president of " SG, Eta Pi president; An- nette, (iiitstanding junior in advertising: Dinipy antl Jo I) ' . gostino, junior clerks; Grace, ' . A social chairman ; Sue. treasurer of Red Cross . . . ( " ■race, finalist in junior J fS iity contest . . . Spring formal with lamma season . . . Casi gate festivitie Jo Lines pled cation honor orary and 1 1 Sigma and Al Marty and -Mar ' per cent Campus forester ' s ball . . ages everv month Fall, a successful 1 hectic Col- he house . . . athy to edu- hology hon- ;y: Jo to Pi Sigma Phi : . . . first 100 mctte. queen of sent CARE pack- orked on Hunting- ton Clul project and cardiac aid . . . second place in intramural skiing . . . undefeated basketliall team, so far. . . . Sue. Jackie, largie, Cathy, Midge, pinned . . . Bev engaged to Bill, June to I ' .ud. and Sid to Ollie. Front TOW, left to right — C. Doerr, K. Hubbard, E. Hoppock, N. Miller, S. Hennard, J. D ' Agostino, Miss Rammage, G. Lobb, C. Denton, B, Brown, M. Kennedy, B. Williants, N. Anderson. Second row — S. Benson, S. Taylor, E. Miller, S. Emmons, M. Silfies, M, Vy ilson, J. Lines, M. Su;ic, J. Forrest, M. Armston, S. Fulton, J. Caum, M. Smith, M. Jordan, E. Doust, L. Fonda, J. Woodworth, B, Clark, Third row — H. Beebe, J, Gale, D. Dunbrack, A. King, J. Andrew, R. Steinhilber, D. LeFevre, J. Rupp, M. Braley, M. Brannan, P. Dando, J. Petzke, D. Maxeiner, E. Waters, N . Nilsson, A. Turner. Those absent — J. Ahles, B. Barck, J. Graham, P. Hard- ing, M. King, F. Rauch, M. Rifenbary, M. Schoon, A. Tollman, H. Vernon, E. Washburn, D. Woodworth, C. Worgan. OFFICERS President Grace Lobb Vice President Susanne Hennard Treasurer Catherine Denton Secretary Charlotte Worgan OFFICERS President Alwyn Talbot Vice President Leroy Collins Treasurer S hurley Harris Secretary Milton Hollar Front Hollar. row Set left to ond row Jones. right — A. Duncan, A. Talbot, M. -J. Foster, W. Haskins, B. Custis, J. ttfi P i tlfi l ' (.- have plcdt cd our full support to every clffjrt that makes for a better Syracuse . . . We have of- fered and given liberally of our time, treasury and ablHty to many worthy causes in the community . . . Between settling down in a new house, getting our " house pains " and carrying; a terrific dating schedule, the Alpha I ' lii Alpha returned to the I lill . . . I- ' alTs greatest thriller was iSernie Custis ' ixhiljition of downright s])ortsmanship in the foot- ball games and llillv l j ■Wi«k.40- •ard run . . . l!ut ihe thing that the after-gann!Sla " Tiik« ' rw Mbi,n ' tei_ squad relax j Utfis W- ,vK)f ' Ui fe ' others won letters, lUll if-f otba+RiAcl fraci t:,4s ' ined ad- mission to campus way into theTO.fjJtfis.of KUW, boi ooji id off cam- pus, and Chef ioyd° « sttili T " fo is sujiper . . . Ted Talbot di r 6ijk. ?l-lAifi S erving on two committees . . . All of T ! aiSS j ers worked hard to get over the program for this year, and none of the lirothers will ever forget Bernie singing " April Showers " at the beginning of spring practice and Billy asking in a meeting that we all pray for rain in New York City . . . Above all Hugh Clarke — our shining example of perseverance — 40 hours of work keeps him up all night and down all day, but yet he stays " on forever " on the Dean ' s list . . . Under the chairmanship of Billy Haskins, we had highly successful Spring Formal. ru ( ijt|) pH ' l jjtljall games was a ' ii ♦ ' tW » i l ] i ' w ■ boys on the ' j Utfis M- ,vJ ' jf ' U i wothers won f-l otba+RiA(1=fraci t!, gained ad- ;o SiSiSariesj iju n -held |)f- i(gs on other jrg Bioz;ai )ns . . . Arnie fHui n sang his IfrAa Si m 7 6.6 Alpha Sig getting- ready Id celebrate its twenty- fifth anniversary on the Hill ... A big year for the " Old Gal " . . . this was a face-lifting year for us . . . new porch, parking lot. drivewa ' . land- scaping by Rotunno ' s renovators . . . The tele- vision set and those wild ' orId Series afternoons when school took a holiday . . . Football season and bandages and liniment for our intramural team . . . The mass exiijl ' )( Cornell was actually rick Hausheer elected The mass exojly;j that good. They were ' our president . . Mazure, Dennis. The long distan The manhunt ai sliaxen head enl and poi Canasta whi Dick Hausheer ally Lobo and " girls " at the TFC brushing all these women av m droves by in, Murphy etc. ihe " i)innees. " prisoner of the with pres- lerm and om to elect IlSP . . . pliy the best-looking r.ill Montrastelle busy off . . . ( )ur l.)owerv brawl, which was just that, and our . " jiring Formal complete with three-day recujieration period. .Alpha Sigs winning, possession ol the " Crew Race " trophy and attriliuting their success til intensixe training al the ( )range . . . Twenty new men this ear in the house of goml cheer, .ind himu- was ne er like ihi I OJi OFFICERS President Richard Hausheer Vice President Ray Novo Treasurer William Donnelly Secretary James Gram Front row, left to right — W. Emerson, F. Murphy, W. Lobo, J. Gram, R. Nouo, R. Hausheer, W. Donnelly, W. Tshirhart, W. Flosshach, W. Deraney, R. Cohoes, Mascot Prince Andes. Second row — A. Palumbo, J. Biales, J. Taylor. J. Delanhanty, W. Walker, T. Reardon. P. Hoffman. A. Johnson. R. Purick, D. Chapman, A. Mazure. R. Schreiber. Third row — J. Shuttleworth. G. Michalec, N. Mathis, W. Harlacher. P. LiPari, D. Pater- son, G. Dennis, F. Robinson, J. OBerfell. Those absent — G. Brown, J. Cronin, K. Deer, R. DeLazaro, W. Fash, H. Kiljander, R. Lutts. F. McQuibben, W. Montrastelle, W. Sullivan, L. Tshirhart. Front row, left to right — J. Holden. N. Dyer, N. Phillips, B. Kleppinger, Mrs. Clarke, L. Peters, B. McKinney, R. Edkins, F. Whyland, J. Havens, J. Manning. Second row — P. Hotchkiss, E. Brett, K. Tomlinson, T. Strates, M. Hauser, H. Smith, G. Obrist, M. Ferdon, D. Anthony, M. Davison. Third row — M. Riddle, B. Fawcett, C. Arm- strong, S. Gushing, J. Shepherd, J. Schier, G. Weber, J. Young, P. Goodman, C. Vaughn, J. Rowland, R. Smyth. Those absent — A. Johnson, B. Poland, K. Bush, J. Fonder. H. Stacey, N. Auer, K. Bradwick, E. Matthews, J. Pulver, M. Quinn, L. Thompson, B. Weibezahl, D. Whyland, B. Turbett, G. Carlson, J. Casey, D. Davis, H. George, M. Hodgson, N. Mobus, S. Naatz, B. Pease, J. Ruso, P. Santemma, B. Segar. N. Smith, S. Watt, V. Clark. OFFICERS President.. Linda Peters Vice President Janet Havens Treasurer Nancy Dyer Secretary Barbara Havens ;4lfr i C eUa We were mighty proud of that scholarship cup on our mantle . . . sixteen wonderful girls pledged . . . Janie M. in charge of Placard Cheering, Chairman of Spring Weekend, President of City Woman ' s Club and in Eta Pi . . . Jackie F. in charge of snow sculpt gfc ■ . Engagements for Maryli, JackijM andSit . ? «ii " gs includ- ing Pete vLif 5? ed . Jane ■. and Mary . -C W dej[4 ' ates to the National Cj O?! j?ffiS55i SrfcmLi ' i fV - elehration of Mrs. ClJdA ' J -eiitt) annivt-r.- -i vp ith us . . . Betty W. co jL y niaii ' if i ' l ' in ou iccs ami 1 ' at ' %. organist fo a| itmt .iW-r ti t IrfVi n e pledged i „i„,r„„,i t„ (-„.,, ,,„ i„i,,. ru: ,i,.„„t;„;.,™ tj„.. pledged to Gamma Alpha Chi, Advertising Hon- orary . . . Our house project being Huntington Club many of the girN s]iend afternoons there ... A terrific year for . lpha Xi Delta. etci 7 ee et i First row, left to right — T. Kasberger, P. Heilig, R. Weir, J. Gallagher, J. Mollica, J. Zimmerman, T. Monroe, P. Stevens, A. Wistrup. Second row — D. Driscoll, W. Stratman, R. Kaiser, A. Henahan, R. Watrous, S. Strait, D. Polly. R. Brauscomb, A. Baldwin. R. Clark, R. Boni- face, T, Moore, R, Hertzog. Third row — . DeFrancisci, F. Slama, R. Eeberling, J. Mullen. W. Gillett, R. Shott, G. Stewart, D. Kinghan, J. Hurd, R. Boblman, W. Taylor. C. Adams, C. Bell, J. Wright. J. Farnan. Fourth row — D. Egan. C. Filkins, A. Martin, C. Kepler, J. Milton, G. Weigel, J. Dee, J. Pardee, J. Moore, T. Wachtell, W. Yeoman. A. Knorr, L. Short, D. Wood, J. Moore. G. Wert. OFFICERS President Don Polly Vice-President Steven Strait Treasurer Alexander Baldwin Secretary Robert Branscomb The blank space on this page is the result of the failure of the organization to supply copy to the editor in sufficient time for publication. OFFICERS President Nyla Herber Vice President Sally Engelhard Treasurer Mary Baird Secretary Millicent Hon ells From row, left to right — M. Goelztnan, J. Hamilton, M Aldam, N. Guay, R. Gentler, J. Olich, M. Hopkins J. White, S. Simonton, M. Howells, S. Engelhard, D Arnold, D. Steele, J. Watson, B. Carmer, M. Weaver Second ron TV. Ferdon, A. McAndrews, C. Osborne, B Jenkins, J. Faigle, M. Miller, F. Jacobs, A. Panages, J Hays, G. Burlingame, B. Bentley, M. Watner. B. Hall C. Willoughby, Z.- Jones, J. Temple. Third ron — M Sherwood, S. Whiting, M. Hockenberry. J. Huffman B. Canby, J. Latowsky. C. Wood. M. Kelly, A. Barry. D Hussey, J. Williams, A. Zehner, E. Wright. Those ab sent — N. Herber. M. Baird. K. Packard. J. Dodge, D Billies, B. Love, J. Burhyte. G. Carstens, B. Laird. e co ( e Rctiirneil this fall to find painters and decorators occuj)ying the house . . . our llobo Party skit hrou. ht many laughs . . . I ' anliell jirexy Dottie Arnold kept the phone Ijusy . . . held " Under the Sea ' ' formal for our 20 new jjledges . . . Sally was Tau Epsilon Pres., and Hru was Sec ' y for both Tau Epsilon and Tau Sigma Delta . . . Alicia was the ' irgin in the Xnias J ' ageant. and of Chapel. wV) onnw yiyrlWinetX e on Second Sec ' y . . . ])oBaf nrNJ l)-Te?«Bie(l from vaca- tion with dian2 i " itrK T made the Ski Team . . . Deniw Dimwit received honorable mention . . . Scotch picked student pockets as Co- chairman of Fieldhouse . . . 1 ' anhellenic Scholar- ship cup . . . Dulcie on Soph Exec. Council, and five on Soph assembly . . . ]{leusinian Banquet celebrated our founding date . . . Kelley the secy of Rho Delta Phi . . . Jean became Junior Editor of the On . . . the .Spring Formal was a big suc- cess . . . June 5 we said goodbye to fifteen seniors, and looked forward to three summer weddings. VdtiZ Vdta Veita A good _ -ear started off with a full pledge crew . . . Laura, Margie, and Ann engaged . . . Tina wearing the " Psi U " monster, Lorna the Beta badge ... is that a Sig Ep pin Marianne is sporting? . . . the new classical trend that came with our I., r. attachment . . . the Sophs anil their fiendish foolin g .j who is Ir. X, Llurge? . . . l)ridge. in spit Stanasta . . . our ])roud hearts over winujj ' anhellenic skit . . . the Phi Psis cai in the Sigma tilii je Queen ' s court it lie reen at tlie harnvTaTJ . . . the third fli coffee in the lrRS; ra i tV heading the l)lace in the ki traSJvas X knitting . . . I.ou hJhVt cpntesl. Tina in the StmjjtSc ' iII . . . exerything ■rt-freshmenls after-dinner Jiouse . . . Laura ' intest . . . second study hall and nylon member of Sigma . lpha lota. Dottie in Tau Epsilon and Tina in . lpha Xi Alpha . . . art and Africa with after-dinner speakers . . . what a crt-ep ! . . . all of .Xnnie ' s pic- tures that ne er came out . . . final fling for Seniors at the ' acht Club . . . ( )h, well . . . OFFICERS President Jean Sunstrom Vice-President Sally Engelhard Treasurer Mary Baird Secretary Millicent Howells Front row, left to right — M. McDermott, J. Nies, M. Noare, L. Cone, N. Hills, A. Franklin, Miss Hallock, J. Sunstrom, S. Gillespie, N. Haupt, B. Acker, L. Han- haiisen. Second ran M. Ool, N. Blessed, L. Stanhope, M. Bodine, L. Cobrun, S. Howe, J. Brown, D. Bell. J. Frances, J. Frances. Third row — N. Millett. J. Sargeanl. M. Shirley, S. Smith, K. Chequoine, V. Monroe. J. Schnebbe, N. Slurmer, J. Burgess, H. Sherwood, E. Stockus, D. Theurer. Those absent — A. Denchs, J. Foulds, J. Graham, P. King, T. Stoune, B. Clark, A. Cloudman, M. Melrin, J. Neven, B. Snelt, C. De Paoli, M. Serins, B. Cameron, S. Shumway, I. Jensen, B. Anderson, M. McGuere, J. Dragoon, J. Clark. 04 ,D5 VV i ' ! ' 1 From row, left to right — L. Sulfle, P. Heidenreich, M. Casey, M. Briggs, M. Powesland, D. Landry, M. Coons, M. Hise, M. Moriss, B. Osborne, C. Z.ehrung, E. Oakleaf, V. Courtice, J. Hoffmann. Second row — P. Kirkpatrick, V. Hamilton, J. Palratier, S. Hunt, I. Hesselberg, L. Murdoch, G. Green, B. Ressler, J. Ballard, D. Shea, B. Finn, N. Doone, J. White, N. Webster, K. Parkhurt, S. Howe. Third row — M. Reynolds, J. Baldwin, M. Pratt, D. Boes, F. Olson, P. Lyon, B. Beckwith, C. Hine, C. Saunders, S. Smith, J. Coons, M. Lindstrom, J, Gochee, N. Nowell, A. Harder, L. Tucker. Those absent — D. Bedell, J. Carver, A. Taylor, P. Allison, S. Beyen, B. Davis, J. Swift, L. Waltner, J. Albright. OFFICERS President Margaret Hise Vice-President Marcia Coons Treasurer Beverly Osborne Secretary Dorothy Landry Deit ciw K€i Great year for the gals at 901 Walnut . . . we recall our childhood days at the kiddie party . . . wear gold paint and shiver on the spring weekend float . . . our geography lessons begin with the " Erie Canal " at step singing and end with " Arabian Nights " at rushing . . . eight fraternity pins next to our anchojs . . . the black panther roams thru the Mickey, Ginny, ] I . . . Marsha hits t made editorial in First cabinet Jo and Ellie an Margie, Peggy, JSanc Commission . Chi, heads the R the Board . . . .|oan a football queen rhymes and present: Sis, Dora, Bobbie, Lora in Honoraries 1 jackpot . . . Lora O. . . . Pat is . Ginny, Mary des . . . Dottie, ilvn on Traditions heart of Lambda 1 X x and Judy on illian ere finalists for • (oil f l ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " passes out ntsT- r mob of 2. averages in the house for the scholarship banquet with Denny Dimwit, the snow sculpture, as the (inly dumbbell . . . Margie rules the Kitchen and the house . . . Char and Dottie are engaged and Judy is married . . . afld above all Mrs. Sisson ' s helping hand at all of our affairs. eUa afrp S ' AiKilliLT grt-at war for the Uekcs . . . Tlu- chap- ter house was [)aimed throughout and pine panel- ing added to the second floor . . . An outstanding l)ledge class of 27 . . . The all-University Foot- hall trophy was again placed on our shelf, and the Deke team romped over the Colgate intra- mural all-stars 13-0 at the close of the season. during Foothal! . . . Lou Bantle while Larr - 1 ' arkc-i Foot dance . . . and Johnson and team . . . Ted Bucksbaum on l!ii! ' activities side Students Party, winter Stocking scene . . . Ken ' ith the Baseball nack and Lee (1 . . . Dexter Wilson once more pulling an Orange oar . . . Dick Severance pla -ing Lacrosse ... A new tradition set with torchlight pinnings . . . lots of gags with the Colgate " Cow ' ' and the " Toonerville Trolley. " Shadows of war with the Psi L ' " s . . . closed out the vear agreeing it was one of our best. Vint ron, left to right — D. Miller. E. Veasey. R. Wilcox, J. Schuster, P. Collim, H. Amidon, R. Chapman, G. Pepiyi, G. Verschoor, J. O ' Shauttessey, D. Johnson, R. Miller. Second ron K. Johnson, R. Cleland. R. Bisset, A. Moloney. F. Norton. R. Pietrafesa, J. Parker, C. Zimmerman, L. Bantle. R. Attridge, R. Weekes. Third ron — R. Bronn, J. Dotterer. R. Davis, A. Wilson, G. Case. T. Kubilius. F. Evans, R. Severence. E. LaRochelle, G. May, W. Wilson. H. Branagan. R. Carter. Fourth ron — J. Wooler, L. Dillenback, J. Ring, H. Hammetti, J. Ginalski, S. Cottington, R. Sovik, A. Pizur, B. Outlan, O. Casper, K. Cochrane, C. Flynn, T. Gibson, R. Clark, E. Lord, K. Westerland. Absent— L. Parker. OFFICERS President Richard Pietrafesa Vice President James Parker Treasurer Carl dimmer tyian Secretary Carl Zimmerman OFFICERS President Roslyn Kanfer Vice-President Florence Lazmsky Treasurer Elayne Greene Secretary Betsy Korson Front row, left to right — N . Grorer, J. Kraft, T. Wagner J. Abrahams, J. Rosling, B. Korson, F. Lazinsky, E Greene, P. Bader, K. Brooks, R. Frankel, R. Lasky. Sec ond row—E. Levine, F. Krim, D. Balin, C. Hoff, A Behrens, C. Finke, P. Phillips, H. Monheit, N. Trier P. Karmiel, S. Dressner, R. Branse. Third row — L, Su wein, E. Lipsy, L. Kaufman, D. Kluner, S. Sanger, D Maydin, R. Missry, E. Pollack, E. Gold, L. Talisman N. Blumenthal, B. Brooks, M. Elson. Those absent — R Z.isman, E. Bragman, C. Glazer. e ' P c Sfr A inemoral le year for all of us . . . installation as Gamma, twenty-second cha])tcr of iJelta i ' hi Epsilon ... A dream come- tnie — new house, new furnisliint;s. thanks to tlie jjlannings of Bohby l ' " l() and ' I ' dhy and, best (if all, our won- derful hdusenii llm i : , I r B liruraton i . . . llouse- ;nid alls Ijy itional addi- n ' pinned — y flashing e.xtra special rom . . . an-man and a]i])iiinted .U. ' s Revlon r community serv- warmnig — Ircn all . . . J ' ledgi tions . . two in ,one ni diamonds . . ones . . Paula. Wint Secretary nt vice-chairman Representative ice — daily nursery wurk, teaching immigrant fam- ily. Girl Scout troop . . . .)ur formal, spectacular — " Annie Get Your Gun " has nothing on us . . . Hats off to Roz, our first alum, may there be mativ more ! MiM. o fi ( c Ti Afv A.{% tr B tf » ' iir» ' V n Hfii eUa n tu TDcUa Delts ' soph year on Piety Hill, Bob Treen prex -. Sept. registration week a floor-scraping, paint- wielding, week-long field day. l- ' ootball season and the sojourn to Cornell . . . we didn ' t win hut did we have a party! Colgate Weekend with Danny and Boo. alumni celebrants. . ball of tur on the front porch unravels into pooch promptly labeled Puddles, j jll j i ' ' l valiant nine who snow scul])turt imtii the dawn . . . like 11. Garrison ' s intrannira! tcnni. tlu tried. ' ' W inter W ' onderlan ation banc|uets for nine ne with new t and Don . n Clyde Rathn Bob Zimmerrmot Tim Curley. cai ' tuit •0 " Sing semi ' s. Initi- ilL ' niversity C ' lnb Jval brightened ' inle.s.s: Bill .;e Potter and is jrelay records : 1 I Cj ifT -countrv vni:sic fiarners, wni an- other Eastern bo.xiii M-tj n ; W Saile, the full- of-brushes man : ( iranii)s Lewarn of " Kapjjaphi- ka])pa " and Jim Mahoney. . LPsi : . 1 .Maynes l)ilots the Senior Ball: Lehman and Talbot photo edit the ON ' ; Pledge Haygood, Colgate victim; Bill Spangler, poet laureate of ' . 1£R ; Boister- ous Bill Johns, Ileaded-for-Homer Chuck Rum- sey, Steady l ' «ert Burns, and TGIF Roy Young among the thirteen graduates. OFFICERS V resident Robert Treen Vice President Bertram Burns Treasurer John Lervarn Secretary John Abele First row. left to right — G. Potter. R. Petroceiti, R. Rehder, E. Allen. J. Lewarn, B. Burns, R. Treen, J. Abele, W. Spangler, R. Elliot, E. Malloy, E. Robinson, Mascot, Puddles. Second row — C. Jordan, T. Curley, R. Talbot, A. Saile, R. Misner, J. Peden, J. Roberts, W. Anderson, L. Neil, J. Mahoney, R. Garrison, W. Daily, T. Haygood. Third row — J. Jaffoni, R. Norris, D. Maynes, J. Gillouly. A. Maynes, D. Leone, W. Laughlin, J. Hall, W. Cahill, W. Wilkins, J. Lehman, R. Rush, D. Anderson, R. Young. Those absent — ]V. Alderisio, G. Bradbury, J. Camarda, R. Frererl, W. Johns, J. Kettle- man, D. Littlejohn, A. Perrilt, C. Rathman, J. Rollin- son, C. Rumsey, A. Smith, T. Stephanoff, S. Walker, R. Wiencek. ®: r ■ 1 A A Ab V ' ' 1 ' 1 1 on i ti jr- ' " ' . r First row, left to right — K. Erlandson, S. Lazarou, Bolivat, Duffy, R. Terwilliger, J. Tisdall. Second row — R. Ver- Nooy, R. North, R. Trea, W. Lyon, A. Hallenbeck, D. Peck, C. Ahrens, R. Direr, W. Kinneman, D. Slratton, T. Shaughnessy. Third ron H. Snyder, E. Partridge, W. Dealtrey, J. Foley, D. Waterman, L. Sundsted, D. McFarlane, W. Hemple, C. Belcher, B. Bucko, D. Palmer, R. Dewhurst. Fourth row — D. King, J. Belcher, M. Ingi- son, H. Wickham, J. Davis, W. Buckley, P. Gabel, R. Warren, P. Barns, W. Freiert, A. Ludwig, R. Sullivan, R. Sherman. Those absent — W. Mackay, T. Skerritt, W. Slockford, R. Torrey, W. Wiley, J. Markert, W. Miller, C. Rumble, N. Shanahan, G. Thomas, R. Wagoner. OFFICERS President Donald Peck V ice-President Conrad Ahrens Treasurer William Lyon Secretary Robert Trea Z e6t z fr da The turn of the century found DU with full steam up . . . taking first place in Campus Chest ' s Bucket Brigade for a new house plaque and a blue ribbon for champion St. Bernard Bolivar . . . We ranked third in On ' sales, with Bill Freiert working hard . . . ( )n the st)cial calendar were : Inter- Fraternity get-tngethers. an outstanding Christmas formal - " l iJ f i mal at Syracuse jallenbeck ap- Foley niain- inny Belcher Skiing were eve Lazarou Pledge As- Connie and J ' to counter- yi January and jTxd-term chap- ter president and exceinional worker . . . New " Syracusan-of-the-iMonth " Shanahan sold his personality to Buffalo radio station . . . . mascot newlv added is all-white Bo.xer puppy dubbed Duffy, finally allied with old-timer " Boli " . . . We enjoyed having wilh us John Davis, Dl ' stray fnim llaniiltiin . . . Syracuse DL ' still stands high on the hill. fy i w i; ' VdU eta OFFICERS President Maxine Miller Vice President Carol Groskofif Treasurer Carol Btirdick Secretary RiUh Hayden Last s])ring we had a celebration in honor of the 25th anniversary oi Alplia Ka])pa . . . D.Z. alum Dean French of the L ' . of Conn, spoke at the initiation banquet . . . jjublished our own maga- zine . . . Mrs. Weller terrific new house mother, greeted us in . ' September . . . rush parties galore from Angels to Penthouse (lardens . . . Rainv Sunday picnic at Clark Jrvation . . . after-din- ner coffee . . . (y n l L ' ate ' eekem T a " Lulu " three scared kj class . . . Plei to refreshment Joan and Jenne . ture . . . Elain Woyi Gamma Al]iha C]t1 errific pledge rieital froni entrance Do. " ' Joyce. ' Syracusan pic- and Jean hold Shelia Phi Beta Kappa . . . Flo (Jmicron Xu . . . Annie elected to Chapel First Cabinet . . . Marty Women ' s ski team manager . . . Fiegie co-ordinator in Spring elections . . . Ma.x sec. of Co-op Council . . . ' •Do " and Mary Lou " On " staff . . . Dixon. Pi Sigma . . . Mallery. Cummings. Snider. Hayes and DePiero guests of R.LP lacrosse players at L ' niversity Club and Persian Terrace . . . D.Z. second in " On " sales . . . plenty of sere- nades with Carol. Ruthie, Jean, and Elaine pinned . . . Joan, drossy. Henny and Betsy get Dia- monds . . . Henny and Murf leave at mid-years ... all out for step singing . . . Front row, left to right — J. Cummings, A. Hyde, J. Ham- man, D. Molcan, J. De Piero, C. Burdick, M. Miller, C. Groikoph, M. Longwell, R. Hayden, M. King, B. Sirer, B. Bishel, J. Barnes. Second row — E. Choate, D. Miller, B. Van Alstyne, B. Laufenberger, R. Price, J. Crawford, M. Ong, S. Keerer, J. Appleman, J. Hudson, B. Filiantreau, J. Dixon, M. Sulliran, L. Benniger. Those absent — M. Maelery, E. Snider, H. Davis, C. Murphy, J. Merchant. rf - " » Tr ' - OFFICERS President Janice Ritmrill Vice President Barbara Craton Treasurer Elizabeth Randall Secretary Woodra Boyd Front row, left to right — R. Armsheimer, S. Phillips, T. Mohr, D. Mackenzie, Mister (mascot). Second ron R. King, B. Dunne, J. Silcock, J. Rossman, D. Drohan, B. Craton, J. Rumrill, J. Okland, W. Boyd. J. Butler, B. Randall, R. Mount, N. Price, N. Yoder. Third row — B. Smith. M. McNaught, P. Crook, A. Miller, S. Erskine, S. Beard, B. Berger, J. Watson, M. Montonna, M. Field- er, N. Eicharn, J. Dawson, N. Filch, P. Barely, P. Had- dleton, A. Monroe, B. Eueleth. Fourth row — S. Burns, G. Neff. S. Burns, B. Yoder, A. Ingalls, J. Hughes, C. Church, M. Jacobs, M. Curtis, J. Benham, H. Robinson, B. Boyce, M. Rennacker, C. Rennacker, M. Andrews, Z. Marshall, J. Denney. Those absent — J. Hunt, B. Camp, J. Jackson, U. Owen, S. Posthill, J. Jares, B. Shanklin, J. Edmunds. dffuH J t ' et The higliliglit of our year came in Nov. when Grand Council met licrc to help us celehrate our Diamond Juhliee rind dedicate a jilaque to the University . . . then followed such wonderful and mcnifirahle times . . . our jjrize winning Colgate " Whitman Sampler " . . . Jeannie Edmunds and " Across the Alley from the Alamo " . . . I ' .etsey ' .S.(_;. prexy, cheertad ami I ' hi Heta Ka])]) . . . Tokvo Rose and VCO B • • • Sinijde ' s lost hed . . . Mister Place " and " Doj gaged . . . kutli and Smolder ii Gretchen and S: Davison ' s Ijelati tion ... " Mrs or " Don ' t feec . . . Joanie an l her Patsy " night ... 1 . . . Peter or Peterine? . . reviews . . . Mother ( )kle gone ski hai)py Camp knitting a l)lue sweater . . . Penn .State rushees . . . Jaimie " studying " in the green lounge, dressed in Easter bonnet and polka dot gown . . . and sitting right on toi of our Crescent moon is ■ ' Kunihuhblc " herself. )odv has a Laughing and T jm en- ta . . . . " iniijle r Rent " . . . pins . . . Mrs. ristmas vaca- . " The Pits " d ones ISite " . " Pretty for nny and I- ' eb. 4th Janie and her movie . . The whole house woo-woo-woodv . . . " Panda " A ota tlfi a P " Music! ] Iusic! Music! " . . . the girls at 403 steppiug right along with the great Charleston revival . . . our formal tea for a wonderful new housemother, Mrs. Martha C. Morse . . . pledges paint rest room during initiation followed by banquets at Tuhbcris . . . Colgate Weekend lirinsrs manv back to our annual alum breakfast ill Grace and tlje J )ij| ' sales cani])aign which added another tr( running to Senior Xa ' imi ' s time divi !).().... Sh All_ e stars ii Xaomi, lia Saudi . . . f on Dean " s lis dinner cof| open hdu Ijajania pa midnight oi ur mantle . . . Elly Council meetings . . . en ' SCi pulilicity and Oklahiima while houdi aries claini Myrna and lid half the house i; lirTd me for after- louse dances, nid all iiighl le bm " ning the ty entertainments erved as Senior . . . Ark ' uc. Cal and liabs ( illilk■ . . . |jins and serenades fur Kuth. Harriet. Millie, Selma, Alive and Pxibbii ' I ' .. . . . among those recently engaged were .Myrna. Joan (j. and Marilyn S. . . . all in all. it a a verv memorable year . . . OFFICERS President Eleen Miller V ice-President Barbara Weiskopj Treasurer Grace L. Cohan Secretary -Rosalie Queller Front row, left to right — P. Pilatsky, E. Brown, J. Coffey, S. Backer, B. Weiskopf, E. Miller, Mrs. Martha Morse, G. Cohan, R. Queller, B. Warshaw, J. Doren, N. Klein. M. Harris. Second row — J. Rosenberg, M. Flashenberg, E. Rosenbloom, J. Kaplan, H. Brenowilz. S. Firestone, E. Greenberg, A. Schwartz, J. Caplan, C. Leavy, E. Jentis, E. Chernoff. M. Finkelstein, C. Lichenslein, R. Blonder, L. Becker, J. Granorsky, A. Pivnick, A. Frankel. Third row — N. Goldstein, J. Colder, L. Kellmanson, E. Vllman. M. Kelluni, H. Shenkin. A. Lerinson, T. Fink elstein, D. Lichstein, L. Mayer, R. Sussman, M. Spril;er. L. Z.uckerman, N. Markani, R. Rosenkrantz- Those absent — H. Schuman. R. Rheingold, N. Cohen, H. Frenchman, M. Hyman, G. Lubowski, H. Rapaport, J. Tanney, S. Weinberg, A. Adler, B. Berr, B. Delson, G. Janow, B. Silverslein, N. Schonbrun, C. Schneider. I Front row, left to right — M. Fox, B. Furman, B. Davern, B. Healy, R. Surbeck, M. Kernan, G. Hatick, J. Platte, N. Turner, K. Kasberger, R. Ter i, V. Braybrook, S. Evans. Second row — M. Jones, S. Marsh, A. Bottotnley, N. Hutton, B. Kelley, B. Anderson, B. Gould. J. Carlson, J. Schutter, J. Woodruff. C. Street, A. Bergeron. S. Cad- wallader. Third ron — M. Joyce, S. Bingham, J. Bautn, J. Thornton. H. Kiely, M. Hitchkock, P. Murphey. J. Turk. M. Witz, T. Hoven, J. Fuller, R. Perry. J. Walker. Those absent — M. Mohier, J. Dollard, B. Ratiegh, C. Teeson, M. Johnson, A. Wohlfarth, C. Zimmerman, L. Krayenhof, J. Fuess, A. Lindsey, N. Curling, S. Street, D. Osborne. B. Brown, D. Grorer, E. Zerega, E. Jen- nings, J. Van Saun, A. Lienau. OFFICERS President Nancy Turner Vice President Jean Carlson Treasurer A. Lindsay Secretary J . Dollard TC cifrfra tlfr €t i A wonderful year . . . Nancy Turner Eta Pi Upsilon and vice-president of the Student Union . . . Botts the Junior Beauty Queen and Head Cheerleader . . . Meredith cheering at her side . . . nineteen wonderful new pledges . . . Dottie Grover the Sigma Clii sweetheart . . . Meredith our able Junior Clerk- . . Lorna queen of the Senior Ball . . . h j JIffli ns rapidly donu ' nating the scene . . . " -■ ' ji Bf Si " " i lovely new ring Jean a ' eoln Jdent Union Presi- anie as Chairman new activities change coffees tudy and fun IS as ever . . . Iiellenic banquet omen ' s Carnival Co- resident of the Women ' s Carolyn the Cam])us Elections . Winnie taking a group of us a full vcar and iiis:!: dent . . . Barba! and vice-Ch center . . . and gab-ses ... Mr a nice new theme . . . ano Chairman , . Ski Team . Commissioner over to Europe this summer fun for all . . . T afifo Dcit Another s rerit year for the KD ' s . . . aU the things we can never forget . . . Char Imsy taking notes for the jimior exec coinicil . . . ] hirilyn Exec-ing at the D( ) . . . Tinimie ' s " Slaughter on Walnut Ave. " ' . . . Sno-ball co-chairman Carol praj ' ing for snow for Winter Carnival . . . Boii- bie. Jane and Carol pinned . . . Peg ' s diamond . . . i ur terrific pledges and their equally great skit . . . Susie ' s plyint tgiU s -■ . Lenore ' s 3-jx)int average . . . p j yifl [ jf Hi4»clay party . . . our coffees in |t!i TjTcW " T rTTTip exchange din- ners and c-off s ' ftrtJ jLfjA|; J . . . beautiful formal at tli Tl ' ' ' i]XBJan Wtr . ?. Craces wed- ding . . . riiTl Y t nii " li i team . . . our national visitor - ' illeen Jlid Dudd ' s artistic ability . . . pledge NkuioK iyif " dinner party " . . . everyone onL nTN thX ygate poster and snow sculpture . X---« W7 jjte«W S4f V AER . . . basketball gamesS " .r ay, GiMrrrJAlarjie, Betty F., and Betty C. hitting the honoraries . . . Betty ' s favorite picture . . . Campfire groups . . . our new paint job and interior decorations . . . Lydia and Betty C. signing us up for Chapel . . . Shir- ley ' s smooth job of running the house and Betty F. ditto with the chapter . . . Mac back for grad work . . . orchids to Mrs. Young for making our house a home . . . goodbve to 13 seniors and hello to ' SO- ' Sl. Front row. left to right — B. Clark, P. Clematis, M. Kemp- ton, D. Herman, S. Johnson, B. Ritchie, Mrs. Young, E. Ferrell, C. Johnson, H. Morrow, I. Lovelace, L. Bosanko, E. Meyers. Second row — P. Fallon, E. Armstrong, M. Platner. P. Kallenberg, N. Kamen, P. Bennett, C. Shanklin, K. Malhie, V. Bierbrier, C. Duemler, M. Pollak, R. Smith, G. Clark, L. Armstrong. Third row — J. Bray. M. Hait, J. Studor, A. Ashkar, J. Ingersoll, M. Gallo, S. Hunter, M. Saunders, D. Miers, M. Mor- gan, H. Netlleton, M. Owen, E. Coulter, E. Brennan, N. Lucibello, R. Lalor. Those absent — L. Drago, M. Duddleston, E. Eraser, G. Hawe, J. Irwin, OFFICERS President Elizabeth Fraser Vice-President Barbara Ritchie Treasurer Dorothy Herman Secretary Elizabeth Ferrell 0 r fr l frfrCI, UftPtt The beauty of our newly decorated house met the returninjj; Kajjps . . . who decided this year would be our biggest and best in tribute to our adored Mrs. Firyson ' s fifteenth year at the hehn . . . Fingers flew for the Alumni benefit sale, resulting in our adoi)tion of the P ' rench War ( )r])lian. " Sing We ' s " resounded through the house when Jean. MaiA Lou, Gingi. Ann. Bev, Lou, Joan, IJarby. Pqftly Q ' oky, and Sally were OFFICERS President Jean Lieder Vice-President Jane Brookfield Treasurer Virginia Hyde Secretary Jane Horton Front row, left to right — M. Egan, K. O ' Hara, R. Kunkleman, P. Erkkson, P. Altobellis, V. Hyde, M. Be- Bout, Mrs. Bryson, J. Lieder, J. Horton, M. L. Hurlburt, N. Jewett, J . Higby. Second row — L, Hodgkins, J . Witte, M. Rulison, B. Greenleaf, G. Dobihal, H. Crowder, J. Broderson, D. Smith, B. Cook, J. McNallu, J. Buckley, A. Morgan, D. Libby, N. Brahm, M. Gill. Third row — V. Hall, C. Solberg, C. Eels, C. Inglehart, B. Vebel, C. Phillips, S. Stark, J. Russell, L. Hensel, L. Cook, L. Morey, A. Orr, V. Sullivan, B. Loreland. Those absent — J. Brookfield, V. Cole, D. Colegrore, A. Conover, B. Harner, J. Houck, M. lllingworth, N. Jackson, S. Kehoe, D. Miner, B. R. Scott, B. Thomas, L. Young. the football laced proud- I intut Lee. Betty. raries. Nancy t housekeeping, rned travelers, of us the wander- through the Land pinned. Anr games . ly upon th ' y Ruth, (jinny and Brooky 1 Tales of EurS complete with lust. In fall, we iCaj. of Oz and eme ' a l vuUiriouF h eighteen won- derful pledges rT " ' . i u KiiX ' TTTwH for big Kappa picnic . . . the Kiddie party a howling success. Betty Ruth the Co-Chairman of Chapel, and Ginny a Junior Clerk, with Lou and Alary Lou as Junior Guides. Little men with green hair springing up all over the house, and unfinished argyles in every room. Janie recommends a " snap " course. Even now, Kapjias make big plans for the future. i ' %t ' f iF- v ' " ' afi i Si tit Gamma lota ' s 44th year on campus, and IMotlier Eileen Wagner ' s 4th at 105 College Place . . . we placed 3rd in the race for the Chancellors Cup again, and the house choir, under " cni Christ- man, took first place honors the last two years in the sing contest . . . the Boar ' s Head trophy has been retired after thre fcgjining years . . . Joe Settanni is a varsity mc g|n and Hal Jury nian- tites was tapped tcir f 1 1 " C were turned I the social hite Spring ountrv Chill were en- .... Ihe icnie (il the •riday night hers gathered Week of " inter )n a snow sculp- ages the team Orange Key anc over to riill Sj) calendar was ih iMirmal at the S . . . cut lee. c joyed at the " So You W |)ledgc formal i of Colgate Wee for the traditional banquet . . carnival was filled with wi irk lure that produced a lot of laughs and won hon- orable mention . . . the Mother ' s Club supper at the house in i ' eljruary was a great success . . . new drapes and a T ' set dressed up the living room, the latter accounting for decreased Study time and increased enjoyment . . . OFFICERS President Wilbur Peterson Vice President Robert Mayor Treasurer Russel Milioto Secretary Ralph Martin First row. left to right — C. Harlow, R. Harrington, J. Christiana, G. Elliott, D. Thurston. Second row — R. Papsco, D. Sheldon, F. Scibior, W. Spencer, R. Milioto, R. Mayor, E. Campbell, W. Peterson, R. Irving, F. Martina, F. Seybold, P. McCabe. Third row — H. Crom- well, R. Martin, V. Christman, H. Messinger, J. Beckman, T. Kelly. J. Enggaard, R. Beggs, J. Gage, C. White, H. Jury, A. Hehir. C. Benjamin. Fourth row — K. Woodcock, C. Johnson, C. Brown. B. Eriksen, E. Hallock, G. Wolf, D. Stites, P. Lehon, J. Grant, H. Merrilt, T. Shaker, W. Robinson, J. Hutton. Those absent — E. Cipollone, R. Pelroni, B. Clark, V. Gerbino, D. Maclssac, R. Matteo, R. Rice. R. Elwood, J. Million, J. Settanni, J. Dwyer, D. Berger, R. Blaich, W. Crandell, R. Finn, R. Geick, R. Sullivan. jl First row, left to right — R. Pitski, N. Gratzer, J. Feren- tines, R. Neimeyer, D. Sennett, D. Disomma, W. Hooper, G. Cartwright, W. Bonnice, A. Dilthey, W. Watson, L. Bliimberg. Second row — J. Murphy, W. Stanton, B. Hebert, K. Downing, E. Feasey, B. Garlock, C. Howes, J. Jones, T. Ryder, R. Standing, G. Wearer, W. Barth, R. Mihalovic, D, Rodwell. Third row — T. Lewis, J. Coes- ter, W. McNally, C. Rome, M. Lesnick, H. Borgese, R. Ginnelly, M. Pandich, E. Glorer, R. Murphy, W . Flani- gan, R. Rankin, J. Vaeth. Those absent — R. Davison, G. Ferentino, H. Wipperman, S. Stevens, W. Ewing, W. Tousey, G. Massimi, D. Riviera, W. Hedding. cimdda S ;4lfr €i OFFICERS President William Hooper Vice-President David DiSomma Treasurer. .. George Cartwright Secretary Richard Neimeyer Ow e a i 4ifr Front row, left to right — G. Vetsos, M. Groch, A, Rem- ling, E. Loewe, R. Johnson, S. Goekjian, G. Levy, S. Kramer, A. Ginsburg. Second row — G. Smith, L. Levin- son, M. Feshback, G. Langworthy, A. Wright, H. Kuflik, C. Liplon, P. Martim, J. Campbell. Third row — . Gold, R. Melious, M, Landau, L. Balcom, C. Margolies, L, Fuhrer, L. Levitt, J. Armour. Those absent — W. Brush, in. Camuglia, R. Cousins, K. Ertel, M. Kranz, J. Le Boyer, L. Levitt, H. LunI, R. MacNaughton, R. Miller. The year started a week early for the Omega I ' i Al))has ; spent ilie time repairing and redec- orating the house. Boh Margolies (hd a super- lative j«h on the living room and the chapter room . . . had successful rushing, ])ledging fif- teen . . . Hideous Harry got himself thoroughly detested, even though he didn ' t win the contest . . . had a great time a ' hip Apache Dance, which started social year Sg53ia ig ■ . . Sam Goekjian crashed into ' ii Liptoii was ap and Joint Stud ceeded in niHi. . . . the baskd finally managed score of 24-9 fought hard high : the risia for the comin| IFC ball had nouncement that lastically among fraternities up . . . Chuck on the Men ' s ootball team suc- le league-leaders ht hard until it he overwhelming tramural teams ' a colors flying promises much iho attended the hearing the an- vere third scho- Chuck, Sam and Leon Levitt were Varsity debaters . . . banquet and formal at the Hotel Syracuse this year . . . President Johnson became engaged while I ' .ill Gold and Al Ginsburg dropped their pins ... it was a grand vear all around. OFFICERS President Ralph Johnson Vice President Edmuond Loewe Treasurer Gordon Levy Secretary Samuel Goekjian OFFICERS President Dean Wolcott Vice-President Robert Davies Secretary Roger Gross Treasurer Robert Bahr First row, left to right — C. Racht, J. Miller, C. Lcrtif, C. Ellenherger, C. Wiltcher, W. Craig, J. Paddock. Sec- ond roa J. Tighe, J. Dalfomo, M. Sulliran, J. Heinike, W. Ferguson, R. Davies, D. Wolcott, R. Gross, R. Bahr, A. Moreland, L. Ramsey, C. Allen. Third row — J. New- man, M. Scutt, J. Morrell, C. Ward, T. Pessel, M. Schults, W. Africa, E. Smith, R. Coburn, D. Van Vleet, S. Salmon, R. Brown, L. Cummings, B. Buck, R. Caruso. Fourth row — W. Hawkey, J. Chantler, F. Grossman, A. Goodwin, R. Exton, D. Reed, J. Sturgis, R. Van Meter, R. Brodeur, W. Corey, M. Westcott, L. Boyer, J. Ma- haney, W. Antrim, G. Owens. ' P T elta Aeta Alenioralilc year for all. Changed address from 1001 to 703. House warming with 800 guests. Biggest " lieat Colgate ' ' poster for second year. Tremendous social whirl sparked by Bennyson featured the open house, Homecoming weekend. Socializing with KKG, Pi Phi, DG, AChiC), Theta Phi, Chi O. Alpha SXi, KD. Fall rushing nets 22, and Lan(? 4fill j liy slrong . . . Dean re- places prexy Bill in ] - - Bill G. to Med school and celebration . . ■ vhat the boys back of the juke box ' U Vf ' ' r end caravan to Cornell for gawe an ' l )lMrli ' (jallup got back. Drought of pj ' ' II I ' t- li " nTe YjT twenty sere- nades. Roaring wfiitii " : wi - replaces Bowery Brawl. Twenty- 11ii: ;l v1v1 )| Best Triad yet- McKinley, Cobur in the tank, tennis ; Jaso, B: I0C— Arc d Pessel, wet feet ssers ; Simms. rs . . . Others feas. ; Gross. Ama prexy ; Antrim and Brodeur on Civil Service ; Colgate awaiting return of Phi Raiders . . . Sad adieu to Olie, Tiger. Mai. and Jay as Jan. grads. Phi a proud papa. k«»- u i : ' - . t-i ' P Sf ( ' M. ' Pc my A P«- " The blank space on this page is the result of the failure of the organization to supply copy to the editor in sufficient time for publication. OFFICERS President Melvin Cohn Vice-President Arnie Drapkin Treasurer Richard Goldstein Secretary Stuart Ferrester First row, left to right— R. Guzik, R. fried, H. Fried, S. Ferretson, A. Drapkin, M. Cohn, R. Goldstein, R. Daniels, J. Halio, M. Lerner, E. Leibowitz, R. Ttinick. Second row — M. Janklon, G. Bear, G. Cantor, A. Levine, R. Rathman. R. Abels, S. Schoen, N. Alpern, J. Weiss- man, J. Spector, E. Miller, W. Biloon, L. Schaen. Third rou R. Seigel, J. Sperling, S. Paull, S. Walser, D. Heller, L. Baron. D. Hurdus, R. Miller, R. Perfit, I. Peckman, H. Hart. H. Essner, D. Dornbush, M. Markowitz, S. Rass. J. Lennard. Those absent — L. Cohen. R. Englehard, J. Finkle, H. Geisenheimer, F. Goldberg, H. Goldman, O. Goldelz, H. Good, M. Jacobson, L. Katz. M. King, A. Klinger, E. Levinstein, F. Levinson, . Levinson. S. Meltzer, S. Reikseit, S. Sarashon, K. Savitt, J. Schulman, S. Shulman, J. Schwartz, S. Schwartz, S. Sidel, S. Silrer, S. Strongin, S. Weissbaum. A. Weintraub, D. Werman, H. Wolff. «j ' , First row, left to right — Fiji, R. Ossvald, J. Plante, E. Backus, W. Morford, B. Seager, J. Britton, A. Schoning, R. Genteman, R. Jeffries, W. Gladstone, J. Gary. Second row— P. Hay, W. Kassman, D. Plack, C. Melrin, T. Roach, P. Taylor, T. Twichell, F. Davidson, R. Nelson, T. Brayton, G. Axelson, F. Kojelek. Third row — W. Hicks, H. Tice, L. Centorani, C. Falirene, G. Broton, G. Newton, F. Williams, K. Shaw, R. Mullins, G. Peterson, M. Ricker, F. Winship. Fourth row — A. Carter, R. Taber, J. Condon, W. Denman, R. Doty, J. Locke, R. Dietrich, L. Davis, R. Foster, R. Kelly, M. Raynor, R. Lee. Fifth row — W. Evans, G. Mathieson, E. Harvey, J. Price, M. Shepard, J. Evans, C. Nash, W. Roy, R. Beyer, D. Jewett. Those absent — R. Baysinger, R. Hoberg, C. Palmer, A. Barthelson, S. Brown, R. King, N. Caivano, E. Ralston, S. Sage, W. Kilber, T. Lehr, A. Tumolo. OFFICERS President Fred Williams Treasurer Glenn Borton Secretary, Recording Kennedy Shaw Secretary, Corresponding Richard Mullins Historian Gorham Newton sTfU rtf , The Fijis have had their ups and downs but came through with the purple flag flying ... a lot of action . . . led by George ' s soshing . . . Pete ' s tactics got us 25 fine pledges . . . new paint job and lawn and red shutters even . . . cabinet to Montreal in Decemb§ . . Palmer on a Fiji honeymoon . . . Tom find ' tt ' oom showed well with the Grid ders . . . Moot ftiM Jim bus) with several publications . KfTr " TWT ' s at ee . . . Evans told a funny stjoi jt j. . Keiuarj is jcommodore . . . Mark as O. Kl I XXS tt working Boar ' s Headlights . . . a j smng f f uo and a great gie " playing pro oarsmen . . . Fiji still in second Jack with var- Ella holding their shape . . . what a year! Fiji island dan ball . . . Rayn( turned into a gear . . . Xick sity swimmers own . . . house in fine ' P afrfra ' P ic Spent the year polishing the Pi Alpha Tau Ath- letic Achievement Award, also the swimming and cross-country trophies . . . Marty and Gene tapped for Orange Key, also directing Colgate weekend activities . . . Chuck and Dick tapped for Tau Thet . . . Gene, Bill, Ray, Ev and Stan making Pi Alpha Tau . . . Doug as prexy of Alpha Delta Sigma, Dick heading national AER and the IPC ball Iota Epsilon Harry play Bill and G American DeNicola, Mar Paine and How; and Pechette National titles . . listening for we crew, supported Phil . . . Ev captain of bv .tv and Glenn in Sigma J Formal . . . itball end with Fuller as All- h Weibe, Cody. cLeod, Sweitzer. too . . . Crandell ith Marty as lis side horse ()m and AViebe Gene captain of lurph, Hal, Fred and olf with Pete banging out amazing scores . . . Ray managing AAU cross- country champs . . . Fritz and Tom directing social activities and hiring buses . . . Irish pass- ing out bills . . . Hasul as soccer captain with Frank and Wilfreth getting a kick out of it too . . . AGD ' s. Alpha Phi ' s, ZTA ' s, Kappa ' s, Tri Delt ' s, Kappa Delt ' s, Alpha Xi Delt ' s and Theta ' s claiming pins . . . first row, left to right — C. Murphy, P. Weiland, T. Mc- Ayoy, E. Wtulich, R. Nero, G. Paris, H. Weibazahl, R. Schuler, R. Cheviot, C. Marti, W. Haslun, R. Reilly, E. Howell, W. Plant, G. Cody, F. Paine, G. Gill. Second row — E. Stebbins, H. Brooks, E. Nelhersole, H. Wal- hrecher, D. McLeod. W. Fuller, F. Gunther, G. Carroll, R. Crosby, R. Wilson, D. Tuers, R. Wilferlh, P. Barrett, C. Stine, R. Smith, R. Lyons. Third row — R. Oslerhoul, D. Schmidt, P. Hantey, C. Pechette. T. Dalton, G. Perry, H. Nussbaum. G. Espaillat, A. Caperna, G. Knowles, J. Roblin. J. Schad, R. Root. R. Majewski, G. Wright, K. Troxall, R. Stone, J. Morton. OFFICERS President Charles Marti Vice-President William Haslun Secretary Everett Howell Treasurer Robert Reilly OFFICERS President Rene V. Cooper Treasurer Henry Strock Secretary Stuart Dunlop First row, left to right — R. Greig, G. Hermans, P. Williams, T. Gavin, C. Hawk. Second row — J. Weeks. G. Lewetl, W. Stoddard, S. Seigler, L. Stoddard, R. Cooper, D. Eden. W. Keeler, A. Jones, G. Sporer, R. Beecham. Third row — D. Newell, W. McLeester, J. Bar- ber, A. Roberts, S. Michalowski, J. Reidy, D. Vareika, G. Caparell, J. Rokahr, J. Demarest, P. Waterman, J. Tompkins, A. Hendricks. Fourth row — H. Rarrick, D. Tillotson, D. Sotanski, J. Stewart, R. Roraback, D. Colby, J. Anderson, G. Murray, R. Barber, D. Barczys, R. Franke, G, McDonald. Those absent — C. Bennett, L. Bourque, W. Countryman, S. Dunlop, R. Gross, R. Imobersteg, W. Lax, D. MacDonald, J. Martin, A. Rover, J. R. Spraker, H. Strock, R. Campbell, J. Demko, E. Eastwood, B. Forsyth, R. Fogarty, J. Greacen, E. Klis, A. Kallman, D. McDonald, P. Mannino, V. Notarnicola, R. Raab, P. Richter, W. Stidnick. C afrfi 7 It ' s been a great }ear for the Phi Tau5. iih the house repainted, inside and out, the fall term really got underway, with our yearly jNIonte Carlo dance . . . and why don ' t they leave the skirts short ' : The fraternity Bowling Cup looks pretty good on the mantel. Many thanks, team. One big orchid goes to Stan Siegler for his new Phi Beta Kappa Key. We ' re proud of our Alum ' s, too, for their W omeii Xhib and card parties. along with ' ic Coop and Blade and tracl at the Hotel Syrai by all, but espec Pete Waterman Our new cons various interio homey atmosph campus sororiti by all. The IFClir, the boys bounced b Ttl3J ' " colors to pro- duce a top notch show sen Ipt u re. Those post-foot- ball game vie dances have really helped fill the guest book, haven ' t they? With 22 new brothers initiated during the fall and spring, plus Ragg- mopp, our black bundle of dog, we are all assured that things will continue to look up for Sigma of Phi Kai)pa Tau. Captain of Scabbard Our winter formal ng be remembered lusic written by Les Stoddard. coupled with ; provided a host to five ffees enjoyed ghey to lose, but ' ir f. s j 7 , »i i P c Mu Hi ! to a brand-new housemother, Airs. Davis . . . and the semester was on its way to being a good one . . . singing the Junior Birdmen song when- ever the occasion called for it and even when it didn ' t . . . laughter and good times at the pledges P. J. party . . . lots of activities . . . Divvy as chairman of City Guides . . . Cookie on Chapel Board . . . Bobbie a big wheel down at the St. Tommy house . . . Susie keeping track of the I ' anhellenic funds (and Ted) . . . Sheila at the helm in spite of cries of " Impeach her " and pining for ' ' - ' ---A-— -- ti..., c„-:.i. Smith ' s Oomer and all- broken sp Phi Vlw hoi: afternoon Janie t School the place of Bridge ' come through with ds of un- tween the Thursday fire . . . Nursery ;ta takes Hazel and Bugs Bunnev honorable mentions . . . Christmas Formal for the pledges proved e.xcit- ing . . . anything we needed Dot got for us whole- sale . . . " White Collar Zoo " made the rounds . . . fried chicken tliat Iris cooked for us . . . Dr. Landis. Dean Noble for dinner . . . .Marina for lunch every day . . . looking forward to gradua- tion . . . all in all, a terrific vear . . . OFFICERS President Sheila Dewey Vice-President Nancy Devine Treasurer Lois Kling Secretary Neva A Hanson Front ro» ' , left to right — F. O ' Connor, C. Sandjord, E. Verace, J. Staples, L. Kling, J. Woods, S. Dewey, Mrs. Davis, N. Devine, T. Tuttle, N. Allanson, A. Sawyer, M. Muir. Second row—J. Johnson, G. Kallfel;, J. Foster, L. Clarke, C. Godshalk, B. Taylor, B. Garry, A. Winston, A. Hagen. K. Hall, K. Wiltroul, M. Brodie, S. Hoffman, K. Emerson, Third row — D. Gurzny, V. DiCarlo, J. Mallern, B. Erk, M. Nelson, A. Kime, I. Rolfe, B. Del- Giorno, R. Bayard, M. McDougall, N. Beeton, B. Wilson, C. West, C. Endres, R. Casale. Those absent — A. Mat- thews, B. Casear, B. Svolos, S. Robinson. First row, left to right — L. Kaster, H. Cohen, R. Green- berg, S. Zimmerman, D. Schlessel, R. Stern, R. Fabri- cant, H. Aronson, R. Gelb, W. Coe, D. Freed. Second row — B. Jacobs, A. Gould, A. Goldstein, A. Goldberg, E. Berman, K. Bloom, S. Needell, S. Winter, H. Harri- son, R. Wiessenberg, M. Singer. Third row — E. Altman, J. Bittner, S. Sherman, A. Wek, S. Weh, R. Rubin, B. Klein, F. Freedman. M. Markowitz, A. Benioff, H. Kriff, P. Kalfus. Those absent — S. Bernstein, S. Blumberg, R. Freed, A. Matlick, E. Pollak, H. Rosenberg, J. Nisson, L. Meyers, OFFICERS Master F rater Robert Stern V.-Master Frater Donald Schlessel Secretary . Richard Fabricant Treasurer Allan Matlick Dimwit snow pinned and engagjrh Officially installed on campus in May . . . had our own house in August . . . started with the best 19-man pledge class on the Hill . . . all en- joyed extravaganza " Stardust " winter formal at LaFayette C.C. . . . gave big house dance to recuperate from work on Colgate Weekend poster . . . AWeous Bud Meyers on the Ugl - Man Contest v a ' 6 jinpTTjr vnargest Denny F Mf ' have more lu eiMag iNx uA-j W?Tn " j- ingle ones . . . with all this jn l)0 aiaiuiK ' cn to be scholas- tically among ItL loi 1? tratei iiities on campus . . . we ' re prd iTi?- Mrrl. K,, " boy politico. " who ach ie «? i l V Zl ' " ' iU;iirm.iv ip. member Co-C)p coui riTnT ii . ' Kii ' -iiia Fieldhouse P ' oundation l m i;;.. ' ! 11 ' U-c . . lal, mem- ber of Sigma Pi S giiA . Stan X.. veep of Glee Club ... Ed " Mongo " Berman. Pres. Out- ing Club and ticket chairman for the Sno-Ball . . . and luldie Altman. entertainment chairman for Frosh eekend . . . started new program for pledges . . . they iniw spend large amount of time working at any and all jobs for both Gooil Shepard and Grouse Irving hospitals . . . re- centh had a slam-bang banquet and initiation at I Inward |(]hnsi Ill ' s . . . initiated 1. and installed 15 new i)ledges . . . got great plans for future, ii]cluding use of largest front lawn on campus — Th(jrnden Park . . . The white house at 113 Euclid started oft to a grand year with a bevy of eye-catching pledges . . . settled down and took interest in campus politics when Sheila became V.P. of the Junior class . . . after piling up our books we became gay flappers and Charlestoned our way through our best formal yet . . . kept a wary eye out for studies and ended the JEmester proudly — Millie and Ruthie in Pi Gainfta Mu, Bev in Psi Chi, Inkie and Rh j:Dcha lfe ' Glo jjj Zeta Phi Eta Front row, left to right — J. Weiss, E. Kelman, R. Davis, P. Grapel. M. Kroll. B. Liskovsky, Mrs. Foxall, J. Claster, E. Creenbaum, S. Eber, M. Schneider, R. Metz, R. Cor- tell, F. Schaeffer. Second row — D. Grotta, E. Straussberg, B. Prouser, N. Bragman, S. Grotsky, C. Weiss, E. Rod- ban, C. Freiman, J. Goldsmith, F. Reif, I. Tuck, J. Levine, H. Benis. Third row — L. Wershof, B. Steinberg, B. Gerbee, J. Johnson, P. Baum, J. Miller, V. Mayer, F. Cohen, D. Green, R. Winokoor, D. Meisels, B. Grif- fenger. Those absent — 5. Lerinson, G. Loebenson, S. Horowitz. M. Brint, C. Salmanowitz. M. Wool, E. Moskol, L. Kalcheim, L. Kramer, B. Leyine, A. Maskin, B. Helf. L. Graubarl. V. Eigenmacht, B. Olum. R. Fichtner, D. Cohen, J. Seldowitz, S. Goldberg, S. Simon. P. Romanik. OFFICERS President Beverly Liskovsky Vice President Jean Claster Treasurer Millicent Kroll Secretary Elaine Greenbaum ■) iff . . all was not Winter Weekend, try and copped snow sculpture rs hate to leave and Ellie in A books, with the li we polished us a " winner " H ( s ' no fooling . . . they want ancnasgj gg up . . . more prize pledges in February . . . perhaps this summer some of our gals will go globe trotting again — • but even they admit : it takes a heap of traveling to meet another family like ? Iom Foxall and her sixty growing girls . . . ' »m.,. s ' OFFICERS President Williain Smith Vice President . Donald Reese Treasurer John Wesman Secretary Ralph Adams First row, left to right— W . Gibbi, A. Moser. D. Schiff man, C. Whitemore, .4. Riedell. Second ro» D. Hewel R. Mitchell, M. Andrews, S. Gettman, R. Friedman, E Shafer, W. Smith, R. Adams, J. Wisseman, H. Spencer E. Stern, L. Wilcox, S. Tillman. Third row R. Pasciah A. Mahri, W . Conklin, W. Patterson, H. Holzwarth R, McLeester, F. Sens, J. Forest, L, Lorent zen, J. Huni ford, R. Lockman, D. Weeks, D. Wallbridge. Fourth row — B. Bayless, F. Lara, T. Sciarrino, K. Allen, P. Schaufler, P. Naber, J. Godden, F. Dutcher, C. Ferrara, J. Ligmal, J. Leete, J. Bromha, H. Kartiganer, E. Mills, R. Marlenski. W. Gibbs. Pi iifiU C Alid-centiin- nieni()rk . . . .Mule Sons niailc LIFE . . . cellar floor still leaks . . . Berwald Ballads were in order . . . Adams, Mitchell, Pasciak and other members of anti-feminist movement sulked at Xmas formal . . . Leahy presented his towel to " The Weep " . . . Naber coached flashy B. team to the cellar . . . Saw- bones forrest ousted cides to P.G. Fred top man in Walt, Bill, Paul ' matchstick indust to rid self of 3.0 test tube twinji f . . . brothers rPhM e ' bles . . . sign CHii iii mittee . . . Daring bells . . . fashion SPCA . . . Smith de- rliamentation . . . . Jack. F.lmer. Teat future in ;man starts dating irrv and Eric, the second iVbo A reading room .ockman gam- Teg rtjlirt es plaque com- it out on the bar wrestling at midnight becomes the . Balz not around much any more . . . Pete resorts to Adler Elevators . . Mac still touchy about sports . . . Tom, Lee and Jim have nuptial friends . . . Elmer has weighty problems . . . fine year dimmetl by the loss of Homer Evans and Don Reese . . . i Pc iifi a 7Hu Halloween A ' eekeinl was no fright lo us . . . " cause that was when Pi Alpha ] Iu was accepted by Panhell . . . we were 29 happy girls . . . Griffen cottage became our headquarters for major operations . . . op. one : rushing . . . com- pleted successfully . . . our pledges the best . . . op. two : open houses . . . tote that mop . . . lift that pail . . poor . nnette an poster . . . we eaning and scrubbing ii[). four p. three: Colgate )ul we sure had the " Debutante " ( nondaga was a dance . . . Won ' t . op. six : Snow oze our fingers Ma, rosy cheeks . . . ])crfect in lave we? . . . 0)j. chuckles . steps out . smash hit you be my alent ( Schmoo) sculj) and got the snif . . . Op. seven: every way . . . eight: float fm- Sf l ' ing Weekend . . . All. sweet mystery of Life, at last I ' ve found you ! . . . (Jops, almost forgot, after-dinner coffees, pajama par- ties and ])ledge teas, too. Tn " The Peg of Our Hearts " our head resident. .Mi s Lusk. and our sponsors. Miss Solomon, .Mrs. lienderson and Mrs. Rubinson, a million thanks tor iluir untir- ing efforts far l)eyond the call of duty . . . our officers — worth their weight in gold . . . Miss Lusk, please forgive the night owls for the late powwows . . . OFFICERS President Elaine Goldberg Vice President Mar go Henley Treasurer Millicent Brown Secretary Ruth Prince Front row, left to right — J. Lane, T. Lerman, J. Spear, N. Sleiner, E. Goldberg, A. Mander, R. Prince, V. Gold- stien, B. Proskauer. Second ron — F. Sternberg, P. Later, M. Handler, A. Hyman. B. Samkofj. P. Silver, S. Black, R. Weinberger, J. Featherntan, A, Pellman, Third row — N. Sher nood, S. Sandler, M. Bronn, M. Feinstein, S. Fern, S. Eisenberg. G. Wiggs, B. Dainel, R. Williams, J. Kline, J. Kline. Those absent — A. Jaffe, R. Haas, M. Cohen, M. Miller, I. Edelstein, M. Henley. J. Frumpkin. W " ' ' ' i % M ,o Front row, left to right — 5. Soresen, E. Hutchings, N. Schram, J. Hawkins, J. Brown, M. J. Stone, A. Owens, B. Strong, J. Dixon, M. Mooch, J. Maxwell, K. Collins, M. Marquiss. Second row — P. Montesi. J. Tolley, C. Downey, G. Van Sciver, P. Banner, E. Manning, P. Ratzburg, E. Doughty, P. Thompson, T. A. Howard, J. MacLeod, S. Anderson, D. Wysong. Third row — iV. Rankin, E. Cromartie, J. MacAllister, T. Credendino, S. Doble, L. Andrews, G. Marshall, J. Honold, M. John, B. Allan, M. Ogden, J. Woodruff, M. Cameron, J. Jenny, L. Reynolds. Those absent — Af. Copeland, J. Fox, D. Rifenbary, L. Apman, J. Boner, M. Studdiford, M. Daniels, C. Coates, L. Slrock, C. Davis, S. Randall. OFFICERS President Beverly Strong Vice-President Anne On ' ens Treasurer Sylvia Doble Secretary Joanne Dixon Pc ' Seta PAc Twenty-two Pi Phi darts glinting last fall when rushing ended . . . also diamonds for Bev, Jo and Liz . . . those with pins are Marilyn M., Chet Lyn and Lou . . . lost Annie at mid-term when she changed the Collins to Schwartz . . . replaced by Lou, who made it back from Arkan- sas . . . Jill joined us last fall from Dickenson chapter . . . arrows hitting the mark with Dottie a junior clerk, T.A. co-chairman of Fieldhouse Foundation . . . O in downhill ski run facing W ' AER mike expert . . . June. Bit: P)arb in nurser - climl Dixiin in A Xi A in ' I ' beta Sigma I ' lii, i ' l and Bev sporting Et, and good food at Sigma Xu . . . sijiped ned as women ' s champ Carnival . . . Silva ie our fashion show .nnVVbian in choir and ) : . jj onor Roll: jean iWyWgma Delta, Oggie p Psi Chi, and T.A. . . much fun with Phi Delt and ee with Zeta Psi. DTD and 1)U . . . Tilly outdid herself as social chair- man witli a treiuendous spring formal . . . Amy lUnnham ( )nken, Pi Phi Grand President, hon- ored tile chapter with a week-end ' isit . . . and last, but licit least, twelve Demiy Dimwits with 2. averages and above . . . and second floor phone rang; on, and on, and on . . . ' }. 7- e The InUTtratt-niitv Cnuncil ol Syracuse University met dii the first W ' ediiesdav (it ever iiiontli tii discuss fraternity problems and to plan the various interfraternity activities which took place throughout the year. During the year, numerous activities were sponsored by the Council in the interest of furthering interfra- ternity spirit. The Council also continued the Pledge Council composed of representatives from each fraternity pledge class, l- ' or many years the Interfraternity Ball has been one of the lead- ing events of the Syracuse social season. This year (ilen Gray and his Casa Lonia Orchestra helped to make the 1. !• " . C. ' eekend a great success. Front roB, I. to r., B. Buck. R. Menschel, R. Martin, C. Har- low, R. Wilkinson. J. Baba, J. Karnig, L. Schaen, R. Lee, R. DeYoung, L. Sammon, E. Crichton, R. Brodeur. Second ro u , H. McKenzie, S. Gettman, A. Slolnitz, P. Lindbergh, C. Cronell. E. Loewe, R. Miller, E. Haryey, Prof. L. Crawford, R. Benoit, W. Spencer, H. Wickham, M. Hollar, J. Armour, R. Howe. D. Slilei. Third row. J. Jordan, D. Levin, M. Lown, J. Daniels, L. Collins, H. Finn, R. Fabricant, P. Roue, B. Kliber, R. Talbot. J. Mahoney, L. Bantle. C. Zimmerman, R. Ehrle. H. Egan, T. Dunham. Fourth row, E. Rook, P. Barns, B. Fischer, S. Tillman, F. Schechter, D. Colby, R. Guzik, R. VanValkenburgh, S. Sherman, A. Jarrett, W. Heine, R. Stone, A. Parker, J. Goldstein, H. Borgese, T. Gabriel. Those absent, L. Nusbaum. D. Kaplowitz, G. Weiss, B. Bucko, L. Nash, W. Krueger. Co-oi)eration — that was the goal of Panhellenic ' s activities this vear : under the co-sponsorship of 1 " A and Panhellenic, clothes for needy children were collected at Christmas and daily visits to girls in the infirmary began. As its own special charity, Pan- hellenic has adopted a Czech girl and a Belgian boy and each month the children receive a package from their Syracuse foster parents. From the Fall rushing season to the S])ring banquet, featuring Mrs. Hibbard Kline as guest speaker and the awarding of the .Achievement Cup to the outstanding sorority, Panhellenic has heliied its members to become better citizens. Front row, I. to r., D. Herman, R. Winokoor, S. Horowitz, N. Rankin, S. Hoffman, D. Rosen, D. Arnold, B. Noble, M. McDermott, N. Haupt. M. J. Casey, N. Schwartz, J. Pelsal. Second row, G. Neff. J. Butler, J. Olrich, B. Greenleaf, H. Crowder, P. Rogers, J. Hamman. J. Hudson, B. Goldshine, T. Klugman, N. Steiner, M. Asmndon, S. Hudson, D. Schul- man, M. Armston. Third row, S. Broker, A. Setright, R. Her- man. J. Baum, M. Miller, P. Taylor, M. Cameron, D. Zim- merman, G. Rich, A. Moll, M. Casey, N. Doane, I. Rolfe, G. Weber, K. Tomlinson, C. Carmack. Those absent, M. Garrahan, D. Frailag. ' Jttteil ' Uite ' utiUf Ti ce Cftel t950 From the first days of the fall semester to the close of school and the graduation of 22 men, Alpha Chi chapter enjoyed one of its most pros- perous years . . . things started with the return of Thomson and Walsh from Alaska and Hank directing house painting . . . pledged 15 men in September . . . Tolley, Catlin and Smith sparked a football victory over SAE . . . Bob Menz took over as Social Chairm ing the Blues Dane time out from direc into Syracuse pledges 26-1 worked har ress . . . Colgat with Killer retu took in 21 in history " . . . . Weckwart bowlers to a great vear . d produced the " Sing- George Baker took es to get himself rothers beat the Lee Topp reat prog- old alums along d-terms and we dge classes president Hanlon led our . ' ' Long John " ran the classy basketeers . . . Bob Garvey kept shuttling back and forth to Utica . . . Al Johnson won the Chapter Achievement award and made Phi K A . . . Hal and Freddy paced the varsity Tenni? Squad . . . the highlight of the year was the Dream Girl Ball at the Onondaga . . . first row, lefl to right — O. White. J. Hanlon, D. Lloyd, G. Post, Smokie, mascot, F. Schecter, R. Frazee, H. Thomson, L. Pulaskie, R. Kowalski. Second row — . Guaerra, G. Simone, R. Walsh, T. Williams, H. Tolley, D. Rising, D. Hitchcock, L. Topp, R. Menz, D. Sum- mers, J. Thompson. Third row — R. Archer, R. Mayer, W. Beyeh, R. Hammond, W. Blalchley, R. Carrey, J. Johnston, R. Barberi, W. Smith, L. Mansell, F. Warner, W. Baker, C. Ford, A. Johnson, A. Thurlow. Fourth row — G. Baker, G. Lamoreux, F. Slater, W. Peterson, E. Meyers, E. Lurcolt, L. Snow, D. Wallace, R. Schlobohn, E. Media. L. Jones, B. Huber, D. MacDonnel. Those absent — 5. Bell. J. Burke, G. Cadikas, D. Cole, J. Camp- bell. W. Grant. L. Harrington, J. Herman, E. Kearney, T. Keiser, H. Korpeck, E. Kenny, C. Mahoney, L. Rath- burn, J. Ring, T. Rudiger, J. Salzler, J. Schemerhorn, R. Tingle, C. Wilson, R. Woods, F. Weckwarth. OFFICERS President Harold Tolley Vice President Donald Rising Treasurer Donald Hitchcock Secretary Richard Archer OFFICERS President Edward Jenner Vice President Edward Meyer Steward Arthur Stein Secretary John Bishop First row, left to right — G. Plume, H. Breckhiemer, S. Bingham, P. Royar, A. Price, C. Putnam, E. Jenner, E. Meyer, W. Baldwin, H. Spriggs, J. Marian, W. McAdoo, L. Dworshak, G. Margot. Second row — S. Swanson, F. McGill, R. Sage, H. Beecher, P. Guest, L. Andrew, C. Molloy, P. McLane, A. Murray, J. Ferry, S. Lewis, W. Durland, K. Verbeck, L. Draudt. Third row — R. Hazard, D. Dresser, G. Furey, J. Bishop, E. Crichton, K. Takkula, H. Finn, R. Dorsen, R. Lavoie, D. Carpenter, W , Parker, W. Trusewich. Those absent — W. Graulich III, A. Stein, G. Davis, M. Stanton, J. Canepa, H. Hinkley, D. Buck- ley, E. Carter. dC lC fil Another year of achievciiient . . . we had to make room on the mantle for the ToUey Cup, tennis and swimming trophies and the snow sculpture award . . . prexies Chuck Putnam and Ed Jenner at the hehn . . . Meyer and Jenner in usual fall duck-hunting trips . . . Whit Ryan " s rushers net 18 pledges . . . practically the entire house turns out for fall crew practice . . . excursions to Cornell and Seneca Lake successful despite weather ... 5 survive fall initiation . . . Klaus, ■ ' the flying Finn, " joins our ranks . . . the ' ' Pear " leads practic Meyer, Ca Furey in i. Royar star ' Putnam preSfd still number lich the mati licbind fh Hink on ' arvTtv ck w :her, Murray. iMarian and Baldwin and . Chuck . . Royar . . Grau- srfiic :ts LJ Op VP . . . .-. r l M4 fay always on hand for poster and seiilpture work . . . Barn Dances meet with approval from all hands . . . we play host to six New York chapters at annual conference . . . tempo of convention preparation stepped up . . . movie call during exam week . . . coffee call any and every week ... 75 svccessful years completed on the Hill, we look forward to 75 more . . . Si m z ;4ifo €i Sfi Fame and frivolity were mixed to make ' 50 a good year in the big white house. SAE took the Colgate poster cup again . . . also won a TV set in Philip Morris contest . . . cheered for de- fensive halfback, Bob Adams, and for record- breaking swimmer, Hal Auer . . . Sturge, Pra and Young in senior honoraries . . . Benny vicc- pres. of IPC ... a host of ROTC gold braitl running weekly dri Spanish club was entrepreneur in second vearV ;i sharing n were bus Dan Cupid land . " tate l .a had an i-it;h girl at C weekend goal post stru Bow 1 " games on . Lacayo as pre.xy of al. but failed as an Hellbox blucb ommate Lent the florists legacies and s and Cort- . . . .md we nade Benny ' s . . . Cornell d . . . the uns . . " Rose . great dances. notalily Happy .Serape and Mardi Gras . . . the all-cani])us water fight originating at 7.V . . . made a liig hit with campus coeds with our serenading ... 26 seniors sing " Hail to the Purjilc " fur the last time as nidergrads . . . OFFICERS President Robert Sturge Vice President Robert Risch Treasurer Lawrence Chubet Secretary Robert Benoit First row, left to right — H. Lukerl, D. Gilmore, E. Wein- hiemer, L. Lent, C. Bauman, R. Lent, D. Reiman, L. Young, W. Balash, J. Wrigley. Second ron — M. Pray, J. MacVittie. J. Gibbons, D. Latham, B. Desilva, R. Sturge, J. Rice, J. herson, B. Fox, R. Kenny, R. Hale, J. Digby. Third row — .4. Mantiva, W. Ford, E. Dunn, J. McHale, J. Bauman, A. Vanderreer, J. Bednarski, M. Abbott. R. Wiley. T. Head. L. Pierson, J. Wehrheim, L. Shepard. T. Hendricks. F. Kirberger. Fourth ran — H. Nolenare, G. Silrie, D. Reynolds. N. Abrams, C. Jegard, T. Mongo. J. Powers. A. Grullon, C. Guernsey, R. Latham, F. Young. D. Lacayo. J. Markarian, R. Peck, B. Adams. Those absent — H. Aver, R. Benoit, R. Cam- eron, W. Herlyn, R. Risch. L. Chubet. L. Siewers, W. Fleming. D. Cross, J. Campbell, R. Howe, R. Newell, D. Seaman, F. Smith, J. Wrigley. B. Gezelman. 9 jj lil ?Jl i ' jk;. .. . - ' , First row, left to right — P. Mason, N. Graubart, W. Smith, M. Ballen, L. Taub, A. Rafkin, D. Goldman, R. Ehrenthal, R. Zirinsky, G. Merer. Second row — D. Rosen- blil, D. Goldstein, J. Lerine, L. Lasday, H. Slulmaker, M. Mazur, H. Mendelson, E. Weiss, M. Wolf son, D. Harris, F. Scharf, R. Becker. Third row — H. Schlosberg, S. Kreindler, D. Weill, R. Fischer, R. Siegel, S. Wax, L. Leyine, S. Herman, H. Greenwald, A. Greene, A. Alpert, M. Gelfand, A. Kranish, L. Schaen, R. Dorfman, P. Hayman, E. Cohen, I. Lerenson, W. Reese. Fourth row — M. Zlotkin, V. Klein, G. Orenstein, D. Herzog, H. Peters, H. Newman, P. Reiss, L. Cohen, S. Rose, D. Cherkoss, R. Green, M. Casher, Allen Russ, F. Goldstein, M. Winner. Those absent — K. Finkelstein, M. Heft, D. Kaufman, R. Liebert, E. Martin, E. Miller, M. Osofsky, W. Persky, R. Steinberg. OFFICERS President -. Murray Mazur Treasurer Harvey Sttilmaker Secretary Herbert Mendelson This was Eta ' s thirty-seventh year . . . and by far its best . . . our two foremost dreams were finally realized — fraternity of no more than 60 men and acquisition of national ' s Founders Cup as the number one chapter . . . Great kicks watching Lee, old number 5v? on the gridiron and Easy Ed on the laasketball court . . . Murray, Bob and Herb scored for Saiiimy in the minor htmare, a list 1 defeat in the nded with four- o take over the eeping the " line val of television, aid studying . . . Gelfand . . . iter . . . Descri])- Louis conven- sports . . . F»©i of broken bo fraternity fin teen nice kid house . . . Sn of distinction ' Persky and the Maitre d ' Hoti Westbrook. th tion of " busine tion . . . Colgate KJkgW p and Winter Carnival runner-up with Fosdick, Lil Abner, Dan, Vic, Shelly, Bill and the fearless fourteen . . . Big three wheels, Tex of the Fellowship, Don, the Orange aqueeze, and tolerant Taub, MSG. prexy . . . Honoraries. clubs and publications, too num- erous for modesty ... a helluva time for all . . . classes also. It anyone was di turljed In tlic clamor in the area of 748 Conistock Ave., it a nnly tlie ATO ' s doing a complete renovation and redeo- oration job to the former Stanton Cottage with Al, Jim and Whit at the helm . . . Time — 10 days . . . what we eonkjji move or tear out we painted . . . the All-Lpharsity open house was a grand success . . Tne lii,a; ,t;oal was then our installation as Epsilon lLl£i-4f Alpha Tan Omeija lack M. which was at and Jack K. interim, a nies wait and got had a jazzy ho at the Syracus after ever}- Or except for some ATO " pop gun. Weirtose one. in the ' ic couldn ' t rwards. e jular formal annon roared hout mishap om Colgate ' s ot of swell men this year, but twenty-three pledges are on deck. All of us look to a bright future as ATO. first row, left to right — Grzibowski, W . Parker, J. Con gell. R. Whitney, R. Berlack, A. Nicholson, H. Driess nack, W. Lemon, G. lutz, G. Bakes, R. Ehrle, V. Erik son. Second ron — R. Hermance, R. Fidge, M. Lacovara K. Rodgers, H. Dunham, A. Jewell, C. Shumway, R. Nor. din, L. Borlon, W. Jones, W. Wooster, R. Benton, J. Hermance, D. Sundslrom, R. Friss, Third row — J. Gan dino, R. Potter, S. Sampson, L. Blossum, J. Karnig, R Ward, D. Nichols, J. Meeks, G. Barton, F. Springer A. Coates, E. Phippard, J. Simpson, L. Hess, R Hutchings. Those absent — R. Andrews. J. Badewitz, J Beltis, R. Butterworth, E. Cabesas, R. Carroll, J. Darby B. Dolphin, J. Fiacco, A. Franco, N. Gellerman, H Hauser, C. Johnson, W. Kelley, L. Kreilmayer, M Macchio, A. Marsh. H. Peterman, B. Reed, W. Reid N. Ritchie, R. Roby, M. Shannon, G. Swain, F. Ter Bush, G. Urban, L. Wilkie, A. Zanin. OFFICfRS President Alan Nicholson Vice President Hans Driessnack Treasurer Jack Karnig Secretary Ron Berlack OFFICERS Consul Dave LaBau Pro-Consul Jim LaVine Annotator Bill Lone Quaestor Robert Graham first row, left to right — G. Beecher, R. Simpson, H. Egan, R. Talley, A. Pigolt, R. Barrett, M. Mullins, W. Lund- berg, D. Hanson, F. LaGrulta, P. Boyce, W. Larson, J. Pointer, W. Piggott, H. Heffner, L. Wallace. Second row — E. Curran, A. Nelson, B. Ernst, D. Bridge, E. Kupillas, J. Pappas, R. Lopez, E. Ganno, H. Murray, B. Frankenback, R. Swiderski, J. Bellino, D. Lain, D. Jemsen, T. Woods. Third row — D. LaBau, F. Holcombe, K. Berwick, T. Greensmith, E. Hampshire, G. Halli- day, J. Wirsch, G. Darey, R. Summers, E. Belinski, C. Bauer, W. Lowe, B. Evans, M. Armstrong, N. Ameri. Those absent — J. Larine, G. Sihanic, G. DeLong, J. Ryberg, R. Graham, R. Shanor, R. Wilson, J. Baba, R. Savage, G. Hill, P. Griffith, C. Keenan, W. Simen- dinger, C. Bowering, W. Nelson, W. Rotunno, G. Beaulac, R. Edwards, R. Southwick, R. Lawall, J. Revelle. Sc tHd ( i ■■Join Sigma Clii and learn a trade " was our new motto as the year got under way in a flurry lit paint brushes, hammers and saws . . . Harry and his tar crew gave the spotlight to the gridiron as we cheered Silvanic, DeLong, Ryberg, and Hensley on to greater things . . . We cheered for specialty cheerleader Baba too, and helped Manager Rottunno with the water-pail duties at all the games . . . Returning from Thanks- giving we welcomed Uotty Grover to Sigma Chi as our own S ve% ft . . . The fourth annual Sweetheart llalPEwBa galaxy of the most beautiful girls (jn ' - ' ' " ' Ijiffi S : ' oeds took a heavy toll again, with nrTi rra n Hampshire, fe ? : lover the preci- brand of train- s jn the swinuiiing up job on the on the gym squad. m for one Hodges and Ha pice . . . Skippy | ing produced rema team . . . Savage ' courts, Joe Balia was and we ente of the year ' s UL t PBtJp SJ Tnu 1 riad. with Ray McKinley ancTme tjulgate Thirteen, was the best ever . . . Spring saw Durran, Simpson. Boo and Lippy in the shells . . . Our band float kept the cup for being Spring Weekend ' s fun- niest ... A lot of the old school gang left in June, but we know I.aliau will keep things in good shape. Guess we all know that the kinkajou isn ' t a bird . . . haymaking at oyj ,l rn dance is always in order . . . Tl just no soap mystical . . . ' ooi up tradii didn ' t even our " inte!r he didn ' t % Lois Jeafi Ruthie and our faith fu noons at th all, the yea housemothe iur own Aunt Meg. weekend . . something rdom) magic! Rclla keeping n,d ' Joanie S. " Ifhen came ' nAw wonder ). . Joan and onorary . . look at . . . ; . . . after- and most of ret Carmen as time became OFFICERS President Barbara Wahl Vice President Joan Spiegal Treasurer Ruth Greene Secretary Nancy Fink Front row, left to right — B. Cohn, R. Gordon, E. Gold- smith, D. Cohan, N. Fink, R. Greene, B. Wahl, J. Slater, J. Spiegel, N. Schwartz, A. Rogers, A. Mitlstein, J. Franke, N. Gang. Second row — P. Soloyei, J. happen, P. Natalie, B. Miller, N. Pemstein, B. Haberman, S. Tolkoff, H. Friedman, R. Weiss, B. Hoffman, S. Ehrenworth, D. Shutman. B. Greenhouse. Third row— I. Koback, S. Miller, B. Karsen, W. Sandler, M. Franke, J. Basson, J. Trepel, S. Spero, A. Hemmelstein, B. Goldsmith, N. Rittenbaum, M. Levy. C. Garelick, G. Grushkin. Those absent — R. Roth, L. Trope, L. Mandell, E. Roth, F. Molot, F. Kauffman, O. Cohn, F. Levy. % - - -s: . . Front TOW, left to right — L. Clinton, L. Schwab, E. Ogg, J. Berger, P. Charbonneau, J. Ball, A. Auty, J. Franken- berg, J. Cascio, M. LeVee, J. Mac Alpine, A. Mayo, A. Groves. Second row — V. Shoemaker, L. Wehrheim, E. Zurcher, M. Woodford, E. Wittkuhns, E. Ost, B. Greer, P. O ' Connor, N. Harris, L. LeRoy, J. Thomson, B. Rumbles, E. Culbertson, A. Norton, A. Way. Third row — M. Gasbar, P. MacAloney, P. Taylor, B. Adams, J. Sherley, A. Perry, J. Cabellus, A. Merz, W. Stedge- man, J. Snell, J. Harris, P. MacKenzie, J. Schlichter. Those absent — B. Andrews, N. Turner, B. Brown, I. Lofsgaard, R. Miller, J. Sullivan, J. Waggaman, E. O ' Brian, M. Hansen, J. Dutschmann. OFFICERS President Anne Auty Vice-President Patricia Charbonneau Treasurer Joan Ball Secretary Joan Cascio Si «H ' TC. frfr EPSILON ' S 45th year on campus . . . won cup for Panhell skit . . . marvelous formal at OGCC . . . celebration of 75th [anniversary of sorority . . . pledged t venH t W ' {ewfa- girls . . . enter- tained national nftictr ut fnrmal tea . . . ex- change dinners iai coffees, pliFdge dance, and costume party . X i l .nid yihrkey pinned . . . Anne and Joey flVSliing diamonds . . . two class vice presidents, Umu and Allic . . . Tommie on WRA goveriijfi lioard uiul Sis. heart Contest fin;ili t . . . MartjE uary . . . Stucfcnt ruidfs. Jur . . . loan ,111(1 lean muddling Pat and I ' hyl activifm Chi ni-T ' Libby twirling . . . sheH HfriT. peanut butter and jelly, production line for argyles . , . a truly busy year . . . our sincere thanks to Mrs. illiams. Chi Sweet- ft us in [an- Bobbe, Lee ' politics . . . Annie and ! 1 P ,. Sc fHa Ttu This was another big year for Sigma Xu . . . began the year with new interior fixtures, in- chuling (hvqies. kitclien nnit and coats of paint inside and out . . . exchange dinners and coffees nunieriius and successful . . . rushed and pledged thirty-three men for record year . . . annual Hallowe ' en dance a usual l ig success . . . came in second in " (_)n " " sales contest . . . attended Bos- ton Sym] hiiny concert with . lpha Xi Delta after dinner . . . activ£ M|JljM£|go, H U;aniurals by plac- . . honorable ing second in mention with poster conte ers, alums a . . . brotlv ■robbed " th made a visit at Duger represente ing of the Field at New York Cit Colgate or 300 broth- ed weekend minster men Santa Clans Dick " an iversity at open- ation Fund Drive S ' Jhonrs spent piling snow for sculpturing " The Mountain Boys " car- toon . . . Bob Ehle and his folk ballads sparked many socials — now he has his own television pro- gram . . . concluded year with Miite Rose Formal Dinner Dance — a bang-up success at the Bellevue Country Club. finl Tov, left to right — L. Sweeny, J. Garvin, B. Shaller E. Rook. D. Hunt. T. Marr. F. Thibodeau. G. Spencer Second rov — R. Ackenhead, R. Hakes. T. Friedrieks W. Hoyt. D. Malmquist. J. Versteeg. R. Van Duger A. Bluntschli, G. Wildermuth. C. Rokosny, W. Nostrand. Third ron — W. Shine. R. Gaita. B. Haddock, K. Borg man, R. Montgomery, D. Dodd. H. MacLaughlin, F Cook, M. Homewood. N. Murry. D. Bergheim, R Adams. D. Harkin, G. Clark, R. Heisey. Fourth row— R. Kumpey. R. Beebe. R. Currier, G. Armstrong, J Rokosny. B. Mitchell. R. Guy, K. Allen. R. Williams B. DeWolfe H. Mund. D. Schrer. J. Marshall. Those absent — R. Owens. C. Darrow. W. Hamilton. A. Stringer J. Thayer. W. Herrick. R. Dean. T. Duryer. A. Scharf J. Rheal. R. Ehle. F. Muller. R. Best, R. Dickinson, E Gross, E. Ecker. R. Dodd. J. McDaniel, R. Hohhauer W. Halley. C. Kopf. L. Atayan. A. Pascale, C. Jones E. Clark. OFFICERS President James Versteeg Vice-president William Hamilton Treasurer Donald Malmquist Secretary Richard Van Duyer OFFICERS President C. Monroe LeSeitir Vice-President Lloyd Taylor Treasurer Albert White Secretary John Morrissey First row, left to right — J. Morrissey, J. Curalolo, .4. Sluhlmiller, C. Baum, R. Shoemaker, T. Callahan. ,V. Sterens, A. Drum, H. Soper, L. Jammer. Second rov — A. White, F. Schwartz, T. IVilburn, L. Taylor, L. Hast- ings, J. Skopas, W. Martin, W. White, C. Aldridge, C. Pappas, A. Curson. R. Wilkinson, D. McManamy. Third row — R. Gerbino. R. Koleser, D. Cooney. R. Han- sen, R. King, G. Marsden, E. Kelley, F. Orth. H. Brodie, N. Eriksen, H. Callahan, C. Bohner, R. Mann, D. Doolillle, S. Gulamerian, J. Haas, J. Gossner. Fourth row—D. Roth, C. LeSieur, C. Westman, J. Cornell. R. Simpson, J. Johnson. E. Sheehan. R. Hamann. T. Bill- ings, E. Roll. M. Wreszin. J. Dragotta, R. Gifford. W. Landis, R. Snell. Those absent — R. Schreiner, F. Hilkert, R. VanValkinburgh, J. Yale, T. Roe, J. Ladue, F. Miller, J. Kolbe. J. Shrere, F. Reick, T. Pratt, D. McKaig, G. W ' liat a year I 1 )inn flopped from 3.0 to 2.9 — love did it . . . Urcliids to Chuck Aldridge fcir his niagnificenl work in completing the David Hall Memorial Room . . . it ' s our pride and joy . . . Stubby led Lew ' s boys to an N.I.T. bid, while Gabby won an Academy Award for his I ' enn State dramatics . . . Stuhlmiller top batter for Kleinhan ' s baseballers . . . Ping-pong team became 3-lime chaml. ' V ' J ' . ' . ' Bouquets to Van ' . and I ' udgy for tlKir ti ' )i-nol ;ixt ' olgate poster . . . KD ' J ' imm ' e (Jwiii ( 5-sffl ' J ' ' ' - ' ' " ' Hearts at annual Sweethe art li;i ll , , , Xe w lv-elected prexy becan(f eliL ' ible f Wilkie, Mert, an? bership in the pins were dropp the chief splinter Gifford and Roc just asked govern Sig Ep had n . . . Especially gTmTw clowns felt at home or mem- ts Club, while 15 Miky and Chuck were iOi.kI Society . . . lidn ' t pay ta.xes, it needed . . . sampus election cTixus dance . . . Our Al Drum ]jut his Sig Ep players through some rollicking skits ... A host of Sig Ep roses to our perennial prexy. ; Ioe (who graduates) for his leadership . . . All in all, we have 1950 memories — tops for any year. Scobell, O. Gelormini. K. Vanda. W. Gross, R. Capano, W. Hoffman, W. Robeson. Si K ' c We coiiiinenced the year b_ - slinging paint brushes, the last coat was just drying when the first rushees came through ... 13 new pledges . . . charged to Cornell for " that " weekend . . . most everybody made it back . . . roaring Colgate Weekend and who got that goalpost ? . . . what a riot in New York Thanksgiving at the I ' .rau House . . . Initiation and then the Shi]) vreck Dance . . . what a basketi)all team. Always doubled the c)|)|)()nent ' s score . . . we ' re hoping for the cu]) . . . then exams, but who studied? somebody must have: we were tenth highest of fraternity averages. Ridiculous Ijut true . . . five honoraries represented in house, you know . . . February brought Founder ' s Day banquet and Winter Weekend ( it was cold enough to lie S])ring Weekend ) all night snow sculpturing . . . our first trophy!!! the crew racing keg no less ... a significant accomplishment we thought . . . more social life . . . hay rides, Morning Musicals, first night with Tallulah, and the fabulous Orchid Kail . . . llu-u tin- L ' entral Xew York . lumni As- sociation was furmed here . . . the soft ball game with the Cornell chapter . . . well, we did e en- tually get around to playing souic baseball . . . Spring Weekend, fornials, graduation, sixteen of us. you know . . . Cilen off to Furope on the " ( )ueen " . . . C h;irlie nimied. OFFICERS President Leon Robbins Vice President Leo Nash Treasurer Albert Brown Secretary Donald Manning Front row, left to right — W . Krueger, C. De Cordova, E. Albrecht, E. Dexter, L. Nash, D. Manning, L. Robbins, C. Hepburn, A. Brown, R. Hewitt, R. Rozell, F. Sloat- man, F. Smith. Second row — R. Abramson, L. Witbeck, J. Fitzpatrick, W. Revelle, J. Hasby, C. Frink, J. West, H. Karawan, J. Dexter, R. Senseman. Third row — L. McCarty, A. Blatz. R. Robinson, J. Hanna, J. Schubert, G Curtis, E. Jacobs, G. Coleman, H. Strure, D. Totman, W. Harrison, C. Hagadorn. Those absent — P. Palmer, S. Meech, C. Fangman, J. Loftus. 9 ' First row, left lo right — A. Grossman, M. Bloom, R. Kuhn, A. Tenney, R. Flapan, S. Kay, J. Burg, C. Speclor. Second row — J. Zax, R. Zallen, A. Stolnitz, P. Lindberg, R. Mass, J. Tarnoff, B. Miller. Third row, J. FelJbaum, C. Greenberg, J. Wolf, C. Walke, M. Tyson, B. To- back, H. Applebaum. Those absent — J. Block, D. Bron- stein, M. Cohen, J. Greenberg, J. Reis, E. Ross, A. Shallack, M. Shor, S. Silverman, M, Srednick, J. Stil- ler, M. Wienstock. €iu cita c OFFICERS President Robert Flapan Vice President Arnold Tenney Treasurer Stuart Kay Secretary Robert Kuhn The old homestead with a new white coat . . . all set to start the new year with a roar . . . cow- boy craze hits the house with a new ranch-style club room, new furniture, an Outlaw dance, " Uke " strumming and Bim ' s western hats . . . just missed making it ivo spirit awards as the Colgate blaze took awav-a hard day ' s work . . . Odd Happenings . . . f Mig hty Ugly " Joe terror- izes Campus . ■ ■ " Life With Fatn|sr;;|sit Mass Exodus to Cupid claims Chi:k ary graduation s Man, " depart . Stiller as " The 1! and Charlieyjxic Orchids to " " i4jrta?, . . . Spring Form? Syracuse Yacht Club . . steady with Cnkie until Fla| ner -ear for Tan Delt un break s cap gun C£ak: kegi% ' neties dance . . . ; at Cornell . . . Chuck . . . Janu- Dan, the Radio 1 claimed Jerry lleman " . . . A]i])les ecop place . . . ijd ' -Medico Dave ' Ue to Crads at the L ' ncle Mike going lustled in . . . r 1. Robert Flapan. au Sfr Completion of iliiiing liicilitics opLiud ilio way for 64 TlCl ' Ijrotliers to get settled in Sept. . . . sixteen open houses, five exchange dinners and coffees, a realistic harn dance, complete with live ])igs and chickens ... a costume theatre ]iarty. everyone in dress appropriate to play titles . . . Colgate -ekenti celeliratcd with open house and . k Slm reunion . . . winter formal dinner- uj aTN ' HisCr el Syracuse . . . spring forni; H af vU ic lIntef JnoiKlaga Two pledge dances . . p i»ee cx h;iyride . . . Angel Partv given fpi (ig Sl i a 1 ]iroduction of Semi - finals in ■■ Bourgeois G intramural foo two meets . . intramural cros Gamma M pus Chest manager of Beta Kappa jimmg team won jlaced fifth in TEP ' s were Pi .versity Cam- drive, sales man. five in Phi Two awards from TEP national foundation to the local chapter . . . house cited for work in the off-campus solicitation for the Field House Foundation. Front row, left to right — E. Sugarman, E. Bandler, H. Pteya, B. Singer. M. Roberts, C. Dukess, R. Groberg, A. ijoodman. Mascot — Alexander. Second row — . Oppen- heitn, M. Fischer. M. Hertzberger. L. Singer, G. Legow, H. Halpern, M. Steinberg, R. Fleissig, A. Hartnick, M. Harris, M. Doblin. E. Schuman. Third row — A. Schragis, G. Richter. C. Cohen. M. Lown, S. Lerin, R. Lauter- bach. D. Dorft, S. Trachtenberg, M. Hoffman. A. Pan- isch. R. Nathans, H. Goldman, W. Goodman. Fourth row — A. Kadish, S. Corday, D. Safran. H. Grabino. D. Levin. C. Marcus, M. Cole. S. Butwin. G. Sobel. W. Grossman, L. Fuerst, R. Gordon. P. Orenherg. J. Weiner. Those absent — B. Alben. I. Birnbaum. H. Edelstein. R. Falk. M. Friedman. J. Gochman. T. Harris. G. Hoff- man. C. Joffe. S. Kassindorf, S. Katz. W. Kolber. R. Lewis. M. Lichler. S. Marcus. S. Meltzer. J. Okin, E. Pollack. H. Poritzky. S. Quint. R. Rivkin, W. Robinson, D. Rosen. H. Rosin, E. Rolhenberg, E. Rubin, E. Rubin- stein. A. Saks. M. Schub. R. Smith, A. Stamm, B. Swire, .V. Vrstein, E. Weber. . Weinberg, W. Weissberg. I. White. OFFICERS Preiident Melvin Steinberg I ice President Richard Fleissig Treasurer Gerald Legrow Secretary Howard Halpern OFFICERS President William Staples Vice President Anthony Forgione Treasurer Roger McCarthy Secretary James Parrel I First row, left to right — D. Thayer, R. Retlig, F. Baumati, E. Harvey, C. Schueler, A. Forgione, W. Staples, R. Mc- Carthy, W. Grader, A. Purcell, J. Meikleham, R. Sand. Second ron R. Krueger, J. Storks, G. Ltittman, R. Payne, G. Tomb, R. DeYoung, G, Newell F. Corniskey, S. Thompson, T. McLaughlin, C. Greene. Third row — £. McBride, R. Buckley, H. Miller, G. Kilborn, R. Coon, H. McKenzie, W. Stewart, F. Smothers, J. Grau, W. Mikonis. Those absent — J. Ackley, J. Farrelt, C. Gugle, R. Hazard, R. Mance, C. Myers, H. Reeres, W. Rey- nolds, E. Sabella, R. Sentiff, F. Sigmund, C. Stereskey, R. T waits, P. Wein, B. Bagley, C. Barbour, L. Cento- fanti, E. Lippoth, D. Orlando, E. Poposek, A. Toback, A. Watson, C. Williams, R. Zone. y etci ( C Starwakl finally gone . . . waiting for Mance . . . Grand cxodns this spring . . . twenty-three graduates . . . Forgione earned chairmanship of decorations committee for IFC ball . . . Newell and Rettig invitations . . . Staples takes chair and makes Med school . . . Reeves takes " ' Hub- b)- " . . . Payne tn take Bcv . . . Schuller molds class ot to ' ' Strain " ne and then . Rog and R . . . Call o: . . . Greene tries again " Lead foot ' : . . . Farre to wait . . fers mongr " cats " ' . . . in the offing . Stewart lookin Float nnmer-up . . . I- in there now of IFC . . . ])assed i)hysics , here I come g . . . Sentiff ig music . . . lages everything Kilborn prefers . . Doogie pre- along fine with ■cetball championship " PAF ' plan under way . . . for ski weather ... he got it . . . Spring formal highlights the year . . . The " Arrow " on the way . . . Snow closes school . . . Homework done on new desks . . . And so another school vear ends. Mt £ A V ' « v» ' ■ ! ; A great year for the Irish . . . French}- soundiny the gavel for HPA . . . Seventeen of the best pledges ever . . . Pogo, our whimsical snow sculp- ture, sitting on the lawn " til Spring . . . Busy Jean-Marie Prexy of Sigma Alpha Iota, direct- ing Catholic choir and doing a terrif job as rushing chairman . . . Diamonds flashed bv Sal, Rita, and llarb Miller . . . Mary Fran, Annie, Ciinny, and Rita Rnss sporting pins . . . dot decked out in formals tor a dinner with ;iur favorite Father Ryan -t- J " Anne in the . now (Jueen ' s court . . . Dn r bit at the Cerebral Palsy Clinic . . . lJur ! w " PrSlng publicity for the Student L ' nioiJ Tvvi r umm- I ' rexy Sul and Frenchy co-inai«|ti (g s yr.y t;Ai i:il xV A of Campus Chest . . . T PAMf ii r for 1007c contribution . . • W ' sS»yallrnan e er at ex- change dinners Witny IJWMlaiWs ilwid PiKA ' s . . . Coffee hours w l nra ! jC tel ATO ' s. Kappa Sig ' s, and Phi De© , x, Ij ! ia presiding over Ilome Ec Club . x t$?Tmf;irie, Sal, Rita C, and Barb Miller wearmg hunorary rilil ms . . . A dreamy Christmas formal at the ' achi club . . . Candlelight and wliite rose tea for our extra special Mrs. I l.uty . . . Sul and French Sen- ior Guides . . . Uur three Rita ' s Jibby, Marcia, and Ann Z, in Junior (niides . . . Senior songs leave us laughing but misty-eyed . . . CouUln ' t have been better for us Theta Piiees. ' " ■ lis OFFICERS President Barbara Sullivan Vice President Virginia Cahill Treasurer. Anne Frenette Secretary Joyce Heffernan Front row, left to right — B. Lind, P. Botithillier, E. Ready, D. Dobrowski, M. Curtin, C. Fahey, E. Marian, N. Sul- liran, C. Carmack. Second row — A. Jibson, F. Muldoon. D. Schell, M. Ready, R. Ross, B. Miller, J. Selnekovic, P. Cunningham, J. Moran, D. Z ogby, N. O ' Conner, J. Farand, M. Malone, N. Strome, B. Clyne, M. Doyle. Third row— J. Kinny, R. O ' Hara, J. Mangin, J. Wahl, M. Bertrand, J. Horan, B. Sullivan, J. Heffernan, A. Frenette, P. Lapp, S. Nortz, P. Delaney J. Hawk. Fourth row — B. Pierson, M. Hueber, M. Wood, V. Polek, A. Z.ielinski, F. Hare, N. Condon, R. Collins, J. Jibson, R. Crosby, A. Setrighl, J. Harard, J. Nicol, J. Collins. Those absent — V. Cahill, M. Hemmert, M, Delaney, S. Hogan, K. Kinslow, First row, left to right — D. Axelrod, J. Miller. S. Morse, S. Banker, J. Barnett, K. Schapiro, B. Tanenbaum, C. Seiffer, B. Munzner, P. Munzner, H. Kaufman, R. Sil- rerslein. Second row — B. Greenspan, D. Silver, A. Porter, E. Colson, A. Moscov, G. Litwin, G. Roaman, H. Gordon, D. Rubens, L. Lapides, D. Koplowitz, P. Gold. Third row — D. Pleet, L. Jayitch, E. Rybakoff, W. Geleerd, S. Scholnick, D. Schoenwald, L. Strauber, R. Yaguda, G. Cramer, W. Cohen, K. Noselson. Those absent — R. Miller, M. Gellen, H. Horwitz, A. Hart, G. Winnick, A. Baiter, A. Raff, N. Barry, C. Chadwick, R. Chock, P. Cohan, H. Ginsberg, D. Newhouse, L. Nusbaum, A. Pearlstone, T. Rubenstein, C. Slater, M. Solomon, H. Gelles, T. Oltenstein, D. Resnick, A. Rosen- berg, R. Shulman, E. Roer, S. Stillman, W. Flax, H. Wagner, M. Turkewitz, A. Feder, J. Leider, E. Chayet, W. Gelles, C. Fortgang, L. Imber. OFFICERS President Burton Tanenbaum Vice President Carl Seiffer Treasury Kenneth Schapiro Secretary Jerrold Barnett eta cta acc ZBT ' s claim to fame is still activities . . . Sam Xovenstern was co-chairman of Winter Carnival . . . helping were Harry Gordon, Kal Noselson and Al Feder . . . lim Litwin Attorney General Don Resnick and Ted Rubenstein riffer Syracusan sports Uitf and Chuck Chad- , ?J of MSG . . on WAER editor. Dave wick and its share o enbaum. Silverstein j the fall Scalping ' the socialJ house dn iiig a ]K we ' re the mortgagiWat a gala Colgate ' Hotel Onondaga . . . the brothers came up with the fourth highest fraternity scholastic average on campus . . . ZBT ' s were seen following foot- hall, basketball and wrestling crews to Boston, New York. Buffalo and Penn State . . . 803 Ostrom often resembled a hotel as we played host to brothers from Penn State. Cornell. Rutgers and Tulane . . . National Convention in {• " lorida was a tremendous success . . . ask those wild weiu. lortga l ' at a ga mpus held liert Tan- mann. Bob gh spot of ; " Colgate ghlighted membered er reach- in 1946 , ve burned Tuiuet in the M ' ctci P U Paint brushes and overalls were uniforms for vW-odd Zetes who came back to school a week early to give the house a new face . . . Great rushing season under chairman Tom Gabriel and president Chuck Buell . . . Kysor ' s rushing booklet an asset . . . pledged 17 men . . . Initi- ated Betz and Yablecki . . . pledged 10 men in January. Social program led by Bascom and Beiuier, the party l vxyy annual " College is Peachy " dance cover .c gYRACUSAN . . . tort nd Jubilee " anniver- house collec- early plans made for " sary with Thomp tively feels aged at uarv grads Kieffer night popular elected frosh paign manager Traditions boss SYRACUSAN tennis champ . campus . . . Jan- ki . . . Neophyte , Delia Posta Stren cam- last year as der . . . Bascom er, intramural Maill ' on soph exec council . . . Breisky DO editorial director . . . Agee on lacrosse, wrestling teams . . . Love sr. editor ON . . . Andrews SDA chairman and MSG leader . . . Wilson spring house prexy . . . Generous. Haase makes honories . . . Psi, Golden Retriever, new house mascot . . . Pins dropped by Wilson Kieffer, Vossler . . . Zetes proud of scholarship rating, sixth on the Hill . . . won ON, Campus Chest and cheer trophies this year . . . Zete ' s 100% in aiding FHF campaign. first row, left to right — J. Deas, R. Lucas, J. Preston, R. Carpenter, F. Kingsley, K. Fredericks, " Z.ete, " C. French, K. Jolly, L. Olmstead, F. Davis, J. Stern. Sec- ond row — R. Bel;, D. Generous, P. Hartmann, P. Lie- neck. G. Wilson, C. Buell, R. Blank, W. Menner, F. Vosburgh, B. Gutermuth, D. Lore. Third row — G. Haw- thorne, J. Baker, C. Benner, F. DeWeeger, W. Brieskey, D. Kieffer, R. Mallory, J. Mailler, J. Jordan, L. Marchi- ony, W. Delaney, F. Richter, L. Partelow. Fourth row — G. Vossler, H. Pettibone. J. Kieffer, T. Gabriel. R. Thompson, B. Andrews, R. Tuttle, P. Scott, J. Walker, G. Higgins, W. Haase, L. Hodowski, F. Speach, W. Agee. M. Yablonski. Those absent — R. Bascom. R. Coel- len. D. Gorman, R. Harvey, F. Schaeffer, K. Spear, J. Yablecki, T. Young. OFFICERS President Gilbert Wilson Vice President Paul Lieneck Treasurer Donald Generous Secretary Paul Hartmann Front ron, left to right — P. Hess, J. Hausheer, L. Fain, B. Hill, E. Cook, N. Cesia, G. Haney, D. Purdy, J. Haney, L. Thome, N. Widrig, A. Mills, M. Reph. Second row — J. Knapp, G. Jorgensen, D. Roith, R. Becktos, P. Rogers, J. Waring, L. Hall, L. Learned, R. Pommerer, D. Frei- tag, J. Williams, D. Kes, I. Huluk. Third row— J. Boyer, L. Heifer, J. Wise, E. Sullivan, J. Jones, E. Dalrymple, A, Buckley, C. Brown, J. Bredenburg, J. Palmer, E. Kingsley, M. Blass, M. Howard. Fall bruilj ht new [lainl julj i ' dt Ilic liuu e . . . wonderful pledges . . . Al ' ' s help install Gamma Lambda chapter at I lartwick . . . Zetas attended conclave at Dickinson College . . . won Cornell poster . . . Mary Ann, Michigan State Zeta, affili- ates . . . Xmas formal at the house very informal . . . spring dance at the Corinthian Club . . . Half and Half part)- . . . Winter Carnival brought Peggy as Queen fiift i f C. i tyjV tl hairman of stock- ingfoot danc Jean, Edie, ] four girls d: and Nancy ( a DO junioi . . . Jane an Pat and E ' Laura, No pins . . . Elai illustrating bi cook snow . . . a Sig . . . . . . Jane . . . Irene ion secretary J_anet, Mary, . . Phiz, fraternity Schenectady, became our new ATO ' s our new neighbors . . . ZTA had yellow brick road during rushing . . . coffee hours at 10 and informal afternoons by the fire- place leave many memories . . . Lois received a trip to Finland . . . study and fun . . . Zeta ends year in crowning glory . . . S pi i Cifs .p r% f Ar J i The past year has been a great one for Pi Lambda Phi . . . December 6th the fraternity got its I.F.C. acceptance . . . February 25th marked the chapter ' s formal installation . . . our installation climaxed 33 months of effort on the part of every member ... it was an impressive affair with representatives from Pi Lam national, alumni, the administration and " Hill " fraternities attend- ing ... Pi Lam succp 5 11y sponsored the sale of orange ' ' shakers " ifcith Holy Cross game . . . the sea of orajfeff- bh kt r-; U " 5t (9ooded old Arch- bold Stadium ated our fir: fraternity faVr season . Carnival " daJ wonderful in football new alumni car and a job . we miti- )nng . . . our . - of our social l ' at the " Comic teams had a St undefeated jl among our iloma. a new Bob (iushin. who " ll be missing a lot of sorority formals . . . Jerry Kahn, who finally learned some impersonations . . . Buddy Teich. an English major, who edited a fine chap- ter paper . . . the romance of the year was David Klotz ' s ... we were first with lOO " }} su])pnrt of the Fieldhouse Foundation. OFFICERS f resident Morton Lacker Vice-President David Newstadt Treasurer Bud Martin Secretary Robert Menschel First row, left to right — A. Bernstone, J. Jarcho, P. Buren, D. Newstadt, A. Aronson, J. Goldstein, J, Abrams, B. Martin, R. Kreindler. Second row — P. Cantor, B. Teich, M. Lazarus, O. Rader, R. Menschel, S. Levin, M. Friedman, A. Smith, M. Shestack. Third row — M. Posnock. J. Zahack, H. Blumberg, R. Cohen, J. Kahn, N, Menell, S. Sellinger, M. Bertisch. Those absent — D. Blechman, B. Gushin, D. Klotz, M. Lacher, L. Hen- dleman, B. Altman, M. Cohen, D, Hollander, B, Kranze, H. Lebowilz, S. Lerner, A. Schechner, L. Stanger, A. Waldon. © J ( M4}4xte 7{feeA S Pcfr ?e « ' (. (ilyalu Weekend every Orangeman ' s a rooter. I ' ep rally crowds follow cheerleaders through the streets the night before the Big Game. Alumni come home ; undergrads set Hendricks field ablaze with flaming bonfires. It ' s been a week of expectant mass-scalping raids that never material- ized. Traditionally it ' s exciting and hair-raising, perhaps. Charles A. Steimke. Jr., " 16, brings back the golden horseshoe and we throw it over the goalposts for luck. Fair warned . . . hut haircuts came all too easily to Hamillonians captured by Syracuse fellows. Old Oral crowded with alums and undergrads ready for the " win " of the season. Swartz- watder ' s team glowing y confident . . . Crouse chimes and Sigma Beta canon echoed the same surging assurance. Victory in sight for old Syracuse. Alpha Chi Rho built the biggest noodpile . . . the Phi Gam coffin with the Tri Delt effigy of Colgate to burn in the fire. The sky was ORANGE with spirit and blaze. Gridiron Queen Joan Brown of AEPhi, center, with finalists Lillian Waltner, Jean Baldwin, Joan Finley and Ruth Greene. Lucky catch that made the difference! Fiftieth clash of the Maroon and Orange on the field ... a horseshoe tossed over the goalposts and CAUGHT. How could we lose? t- MEN R»C,HT ovi " Sigma Alpha Epsilon, winner a(Hecamc(t( ' Pa te% ' ofi cCe Sigma Beta Dtlla Kappa Epnivn Uamma Phi Beta, uuuicr Delta Gamma 110 Posters and alunmi appeared overnight. Fine artists in ever}- house on campus let loose with the ailor and the spirit of a winning football game. Karly risers caught last sights of paint brushes and rolled-to-the-knee blue jeans. The posters were huge, gay, angled with definite in- sight to the outcome of the clash. They were the morning ' s attractions and, like the whole week end, were conversation pieces. Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Phi Alpha Chi Rho 717 ( .a e ime Touchdown ! the cannon (hd go off ... we were winning. Drizzling rain and the cannon smoke in our faces. Syracuse and Colgate flags flying over the stadium . . . the new men ' s gym under construction at the end. Syracuse building a proud university and a football team to remember. The scoreboard at half- time — 14-7. . . we were winning. Howard Kelly ' s band recaptured alum hearts with strains from the old days. We undergrads lia l our minds set on the score and on Dottv. Halflime . . . Colgate won . . . but it was the Kappa Keg not the game. Given to the school that obtained the most points sportswise during the year, Colgate won this year with an 8-7 score. Orange tacklers converge on Maroon halfback Egler as he tries to break into the clear. A few hours earlier he had been released from the university hospital. |l(l, ill it " ! Lhiiin Dotty Grover stepped high and handsome. ij3 Colgate ' s joy was shortlived. Egler made Colgate ' s one goalf but there were obviously holes in the forward wall. In the end, S. U. came through with a 35-7 win before 36,000 fans who went wild. And color guards of Syracuse were never more proud. Orange shakers waved and the crowd tore down the goalposts. November 29 . . . another rainy autumn day but a jubilant one . . . 35-7. Why not? Who wasn ' t in a mood to celebrate! The Junior Prom was a success. Couples took the " Sentimental Journey " to Elliot Lawrence ' s music. Orange key tapped new mem- bers. And Colgate Week End ended traditionally, a sleepy co-ed and an escort who ' d led a parade, built a poster, fought a game and lost his voice cheering for Syracuse. t " « :,ier ..o e ? ' tvs Ae W» . e S 3eC ' . f 10 ,rv - , Tt C - = i V e eS W8- . -et vrV .v 5M-C ec- . s ' , t e A , ' ?c ® 9i ' S ' .C - S® A . , AC OT 8. - " ,0 . ..» a v ee : ' 9 0 .e»- -e e-J ae ,t o ' • . v o .,Av or ' ' e ' ,loo , oV oT - e Vtv «- •o® c " Ati o? ■ raV ■iv VC V-ffv? ' oir .e. Nie ite -jT o ' d - o.r. cW ' ' vC Vfi cO o . ' V ' Ae V Vtv .dV ' o ' - ' a-ce A c ' OO ' J eV - ,,.8er- , .v. rve , 5 1 - ,v o ,ie. s ,Tt J - ,VV - ' V 0 oV. ,cor ' , ' ' " - .. ' - ,...-° ' A TiW eic ' pCo-t cC Sc tuei%tfeviaicCe% Official Syracuse first met this man Schwartzwalder at the 1949 Block S Banquet. The little man with the long name stole the show that night and won over stu- dents and alums with ease. The former Muhlenberg mentor, who was signed in early April of 1949, held only two coaching positions before coming to Syracuse. He had been football coach at Canton McKinley high in Canton, Ohio, and grid mentor and Director of the School of Physical Educa- tion at Muhlenberg. At both schools he gained a repu- tation as a winning coach. It looks like he ' s going to do it again at Syracuse. %.%:% i .i i- y .Wl Bill (Jrange, " 49 edition, looked terrible when he lost, but when he won. he was great. A few performances will stand out in fans ' nienuj- ries for a long time — the perfect clicking machine which first showed its full power against Rutgers, the team play which steamrollered a weak Holy Cross team, and the Colgate victory, one of the sweetest in history. The Orange went into this a slight favorite, the kind of slight dubious favorite that any team can be in such a traditional rivalry. Colgate had Al Egler and Brud Davis, and Syracuse — Syracuse had a full team for the first time that season. Senior George Davis played his greatest game, scor- ing two of the team ' s five touchdowns. Egler had tied it up in the first, Syracuse went ahead 14-7 in the second, and then scored three times in the last quarter. Four dozen Syracuse gridslers whose playing brought new hope for football fans on Piety Hill. Coach Bud Barker shows the boys the right way in spring training. Wi ' :} ? Youngs soph back, blocks for Cuslis in muddy debut. Before 25,000 rain-soaked fans, the Orangemen lost their opener to Boston Universit}-, 27-21. Bernie Custis completed 10 of 17 passes, one to George Silvanic for a touchdown, but Syracuse couldn ' t match the talents of Harry Agganis, who threw for two Terrier scores, and Bob Whelan. who raced 78 and 74 yards for touchdowns. A pass from Custis to Xussbaum set up the first Orange score, with George Davis driving over from the three. Jim Shreve intercepted a Boston pass and re- turned it to the Terrier 25. Custis and Davis ran the ball to the five, and Bob Young scored. B l ■ ■■ r; 1 1 Bhi B iL ' I H it l l HB ' l Bbsm Lafayette lowers lite bo Fans don ' t seem bothered by the rain or the score. Before 22,000 elated spectators, a determined Orange eleven edged out Lafayette, 20-13. It was the first .Syracuse victory since the 194S opener against Xiagara. Young and Davis rolled up 161 yards tti pace the Orange ground attack. Custis passed for 183 more yards, completing si.x of thirteen attempts. Custis scored the first touchdown on a 1-vard dash around left end. In the third quarter Doug Erickson blocked a Leopard kick, and Silvanic bucked over from the one to make the score 14-13. Davis scored the final touchdown on a 15-vard dash. For the secDiul slraighl year the passing of Paul Dubenetsky spelled defeat for the Urange, as Temple ' s Owls whipped Syracuse, 27-14. Dubenetsky ' s aerials accounted for two touchdowns and set up a third. Bill Bernardo tallied twice for the Owls. The (Grange scored first in the opening quarter. Line thrusts by George Davis and Bob Young brought the ball to the Temple 30. Custis passed to Jim Dragotta at the 25. Three running plays placed the ball on the 16, from where Davis scored. But Temple l)ounced back with four touchdowns be- fore the Orange tallied their last score, Davis marking up the ])o ' ;nts in the final perii:)d. George Davis, besides scoring lioth (Jrange touch- downs, sparked the Syracuse running attack by ac- cumulating 121 yards in 21 carries. RM Fuller and Lennie Roberts close in on fullback Ed Batenian, S tacccde In the fi.iurth game of the 1949 season, the Orange gridders defeated a favored Rutgers eleven, 21-9. It was the first contest away from home that Syracuse liad won since Biggie Munn ' s scjuad whipped Cornell at Ithaca in 1946, 14-7. Brilliant passing liy Bernie Custis. who completed ten of thirteen attempts for 135 yards, and alert de- fensive work by Custis and sophomore backs Bob Adams and Boli Young sparked the smooth-running Pietymen. A Custis-to-Haskins pass scored the first Syracuse touchdown. Then George Davis carried a Custis pass 19 yards to the six, and broke over left tackle on the ne.xt play to make the score read 14-0. Joe Grzibowski set up the final score by intercepting a Rutgers pass. Custis passed to Haskins and Harry Xussbaum to spark a 73-yard drive, and scored himself on a bootleg around left end. Bob Koleser kicked his third extra point of the day. Above: Syracuse recovers fumble dropped by Grimsley (11). Right: Coach Schnartzn ' aider shows Ur- ban, Dragotta and Silranic how to do it. A primed Fordliam eleven roniiied ox ' cr the Orangemen. 47-21. in New York ' s ] " ' (]lo Grounds. Tlie passing of Dick Dohcny paced the Ram attack, wliich the Pie- txnien coulchi ' t match. Doheny completed ten of si.xteen passes, three for touchdowns. Custis, rushed hv a hard-charging Fordham line, could only complete five of nine attempts. In the second (juarter. Custis scored after a 70-yard drive, sparked by Bernie ' s passes. George Davis scored in the third |)erici l on a brilliant 85-yard dash. Davis drox ' e over again in the final quarter, racing 18 yards. ' Pctut State The Orange outrushed, outpassed and outkicked the Xittany Lions, but couldn ' t outscore them. Behind 14-13, at the half, Penn State roared back with three touch- downs to win, 33-21. After Bill Haskins broke loose for 58 yards, John Foley passed to Bob Young for the first Orange touchdown. Penn State tied up the score, but then Bernie Custis hit George Davis for 27 yards and a touchdown. Custis sparked a Syracuse drive of 64 yards in the last quarter with his pass- ing. He carried the ball over from the one for the final Orange points of the day. Koleser kicked all three Syracuse extra points. 724 Left: Bloomer starts through hole in Orange line. Right: Mondell, Penri State scatback, crashes off end. Below: Harry Nussbaittn, who was outstanding against the Lions. A fumble by Hillary Chollet. This didn ' t hurt Cornell as it romped to a 53-7 victory. i .•I " - Jlampcicfl liy a slushy, snow-capped field, the ( )nMigfiiKii t ll before the powerful Big Red from Cornell, i -7 . Jeff Fleischnianu and I iiliary Lhollet combined in a one-two punch the ( )range line couldn ' t halt. Chollet scored twice on runs of 26 and 6 ards. Fleischmann also scored twice, and ground t)Ut 156 yards. 61 more than the ( )range jassing attack could gather. Bernie Balnila galln])cd 18 yards f(,r the fifth Big Red touch- down. Custis, hampered by a wet ball and the hard-charging Cornell line, finally managed to click on a screen-pass play to Bob Young, good for 63 yards, to set up the lone Orange score. Davis drove over from the one, and Bob Koleser kicked the e.xtra point. Bob Young and George Davis accounted for 90 of the 95 yards the Svracuse backs were able to gain on the groimd. Miller slices through Orange secondary. Crouching for the tackle is end Lennie Roberts. Custis rolls up a chunk of yardage against Holy Cross. Staging a brilliant cimu-liack after their loss to Cur- nell, the Orangemen delighted 25.000 fans liy rolling over Holy Cross, 47-13. It was the greatest t ital nf points that Syracuse had scored in eight years. The Crusaders led at the end of the first (|uarter, 14-13. but Syracuse came to life and scored freely dur- ing the last three periods. Custis scored the first touchdown, climaxing a 72- yard drive. Then the (Jrange niarchecl Ih yards, wilh Davis scoring. A Custis-to-Young screen pass, good for 08 yards, made the score 21-13. Davis threw to Hensley in the end zone for the fourth touchdown just before the half ended. Davis scored again on a 35-yard sprint in the third quarter. Jim Shreve and Ed Faillace notched the final two touchdowns in the last period. eat a IRu a.C ' Kf Game nuniber 50 in this uld ri -alry was all Golden lor the Orange as Syracuse powered its way to a 35-7 victory over the Colgates. A wet and soggy field couldn ' t stop the twin running attack of senior George Davis and soph Bob Young, while the quarterbacking of Bernie Custis and the fine all around team play made it one of the finest Syracuse performances in the series and the best game seen in Archlxild in the 1949 season. %a -( ouKt%(f Coach I ' .oli I irieve ' s cross-country team ran its great victory string to three years in 1949 as they swept through an undefeated ckial meet season and capped it off by winning the National AAL ' title. The Orange sweep was ])ace(l by Dick Church, wlm wdind up four years of run- ning with his greatest season. Church, continuing to set new records in every outing, finished first in all the dual meets and set a new Drumlins standard of 25.29. Syracuse scored successive shutouts in its first three meets. Colgate, Manhattan and Cornell were the embarrassed victims (if the (irievemen. Coach Grieve and the country squad which non fire straight dual meets and copped the National A A Vs. sflt 0Ci (Kilii ' BO- ' ' After applying these shellackings, the (Irangemen traveled to West Point where they scored a decisive victory over the Cadet runners. Syracuse then tri- umphed in a triangular meet at New Brunswick with Rutgers and NYU to c ini] lete a jiertect season. This victory ran the Orange string to 17, their last defeat having been suffered in 1946. The regular sea- son ended, the team set their sights for the national intercollegiate competitions. Three wet and sweating stars. Church, Irland and Warner in order of finish in Man- hattan meet which Syracuse won 15-50. The Hill squad got off to a disappointing start when they made a poor showing in the IC4A meet in New York City. Church, first Syracuse man to cross the fin- ish hne, took a sixteenth place, and the team as a group finished fourth. . ' t the NC2As hrlil in iCast Lansing, Mich., the team regained some of its lost form with Churcli and I ' ratt taking fifth and si.xlh [ilaces and the team finishing second. The team cliniaxtd the season b - taking the National A. U crown at Detroit, showing beautiful team balance in taking 6th, 8th, 10th, 11th and 12th places. Left, beginning of the Colgate meet: Orange won this easily, shutting out the Raiders 15-50. Below, Coach Grieve and veteran runner Tim Curley, II acce% Coach: Art Horrocks Capt.: Fred Beise Mgr.: Dick Baumbach Captain Fred Beise and half- back Bill Haslun fail in attempt to block pass by Penn State back In sharp contrast U the improving picture in foothall and the always Ijright outlook in cross-country, the soccer team continued in the grip of a losing doldrum running over three seasons. Coach Art Horrocks ' hooters managed to win only twice in eight starts in 1949 and now have won onl_ - five games in a three-year span while losing eighteen. Syracuse opened with a 6-1 druhhing of Union on Hendricks field and then suf- fered five losses before stopping Rochester 3-0, for its only wins. The scascm began quite luipjjily with ilie Orange forces clicking off their victory over a once-beaten Union team. Syracuse suffered no injuries in trounc- ing the Dutchmen. Bill JNIovvat hit for the first of his three goals before the game was a minute old and tallied again after seventeen minutes, following up a score by John Dumansky. In the last period Belinski, Alowat and Dumansky converted for the final trio of points. A loaded I ' enn .State team which suffered its last defeat to .Syracuse back in l ' ' ,?5 came roaring into Hendricks the following Saturday to wallop the Hor- rocksmen 6-1 and run up their tenth straight win. In their next outing Syracuse battled Colgate to a 1-1 first half standstill but didn ' t have the reserve strength to hold the Red Raiders, bowing 4-1 in their second loss. Syracuse used only 14 players and Ed Belinski. Ed .Schilling. Mickey Minion and Ed Mowat played the full 88 minutes of the rugged contest. Colgate used almost two full teams against the outmanned (Jrange men. Captain and coach get together to discuss problems of strategy Si- Jc A Cnrtlanil team wliicli hail iivfviously beaten Aniiv and Si)rin}itield handed Syracuse a 4-0 whitewashing at the Cortland field. After a scoreless first stanza the Teachers broke through for three quick tallies on four shots in tlie second and added the final marker in the last quarter. Besides being beaten, the Orange lost Bill Alowat for the rest of the season after the high scoring forward Iwistt ' d his knee laic in the fourth (|uarter. Ithaca remained unbeaten and whomped the locals 4-1, clinching the win with a three-goal outburst in the last half. Roberto Fernandez averted a shutout by scor- ing the lone Orange tally. -Substitutes filled the boots of Kd Schilling. Herb Mendelson. Captain I ' red Beise. and Bill Mowat as Syracuse went down t i its fifth defeat at the hands of Army ' s Black Knights 4-0 at West Point. Mendelson was out with illness for the second straight game and the other four were sidelined because of injuries. In addition, Bill Winfield, first line forward, fractured an ankle early in the game. Arnie Drapkin subbed for Beise and teamed with Minion and Haslun in turning in a fine defensive performance. Coach Art Horrocks and his 1949 soccer team lijlmir Mill W 136 In their nt-xt to final t;anK- the homesters exph.ded tn hand someone else the short end of the score, picking the Red Dragons of Rochester as their victims. With SchilHng and Minion sparking the club, Syracuse blanked the Red Dragons 3-0. The season finished on a sad note November 18, the day before the Colgate football game, when the Orange was shut out 3-0 by an unbeaten Cornell team. Right: Mowal attempts to block Colgate pass. Below: Goekjian and Winfield converge on goalie as Arnie Drapkin guards Cap- tain Ted Lemcke, Colgate All- American. %e vKe SM!aMJs=;©iA ; - The one victory and three loss record of the little (Jranyemen was no indication of the potency of Coach Les Dye ' s boys. This frosh football team was loaded. They opened with a resounding 51-0 romp over a University of Buffalo squad and drew attention from students and alums. Over 5,000 fans, many of them downtown alumni, turned out for the next game, against Cornell, to .see what the future varsitymen had to offer. They saw plenty, and even though Syracuse lost 15-13 — a safety was the difference — the fans came away talking about the quarterbacking of Avatus Stone, the plunging of fullback Jim ' ance, and the elusive running of Ed Dobrowolski. The game, played on Hen- dricks field, was one of the roughest exhibitions of good football seen here in many years. West Point was the ne.xt stop for the Tangerines and in a game quite similar to the Cornell struggle, Syracuse lost 14-13. Halfback Don Willis scored the first touchdown on a reverse, but the little Kaydets roared back with two TD ' s to make it 14-7. Mark Hoffman countered with a pass to IMike Jaso to make it 14-13, but the scoring ended here as Syracuse missed the extra point try. Two missed con- versions also cost the Orange the Colgate game. 14-12. Left, Quarterback Stone sneaks through Cornell line for sec- ond touchdown. Cornell won, 151}. Center, Wingback Charlie Har- ris trapped by Big Red second- ary in frosh heartbreaker with Cornell. Bottom, Future varsity positions are awaiting these 1949 frosh gridmen of Coach Les Dye. © C ff B .ii ..e _ . Hi f y b: r ilk 139 ' pteoA-tHCUi n»A4 -( u tt% f Coach: Len Daunhauer Coacli Len Uaunhauer ' s frosh cross-count r}- squad won only one of four races, but the experience more than made up for the record. Outstanding were John Rol- Hnson and Bob Frevert. who placed high in every race. The team opened the season against Cornell, who edged them out, 27-28. Rollin- son took second. Frevert third. Their only victory of the season came against the runners from RI ' l. with Rollinson and Frevert taking first and second as the Urange triumphed, 21-34. Cornell again defeated the freshmen in their third meet, and the final race saw the Orangemen lose to the Cadets from West Point, 22-37, although Frevert took sec( nd and Rnllinsdn fijurth. Ik The nine yearlings who made up Le Daunhauer ' $ hill-and-dalers. Three redheads, two jumping jacks and a hustling gang of cheerleaders. ( ecUeeuCeid What do the cheerleaders do — besides cheer? Well, this year they tumbled, jumped and turned cartwheels before the home fans in five games, Boston, Lafayette, Temple, Holy Cross and Colgate. Most athletic of the campus " leading extraverts were the imports from the gymnastic team. Joel Babba and Bud latthews, whose running, jumping and trampoline exhibitions were a big part of the football pageantry. The cheerleaders also travelled, at least one member of the squad being seen at the away games, with Captain Red Carpenter ' s work at Rutgers being most memorable. And besides the usual quota of pep rallies and torchlight parades and golden horseshoes, the kids also went on stage at a down- town movie in a bit of promotion for the team and a movie. Carpenter, Charles French, Babba, Matthews, Tom Large, Bob Wilkinson, Anne Bottomley, Anne Connover. Meredith Jones, Betsey Smith and Bev Brown made up the male and female teams in 1949. I BOOK TWO 0e . r v I ■ ipaiilliliil 1 11 ..- ±.l " ' II ?ftc ' Student t o cn wcH ' t .MSG did constructive work under Lee Taub ' s 8-pt. program. It included investigation of dining liall and dormitory policy, insurance plan for intramural ath- letics, student committee to decide student organiza- tion budgets, a political science club and open hear- ings on assembly panel meetings for those involved. Student Civil Service is a unique department among college governments as all positions are filled through merit. SCS conducts campus elections, keeps MSG records, supervises campus organizations and serves as an information bureau. An asseml ly of 110 men from campus living centers comprise the legislature of MSG. Men ' s Court tries cases and works with W ' SG Court when advisable. First row, I. to r., R. Liebar, G. Componus, G. Litwon, attorney general; G. Blum. Second row, L. Brown, D. Case, L. Nissen- baum, R. Liebert. MSG Court, I. to r., R. Schu- man, M. King, J. Falcon, M. Detarding, chief; H. Kaye, asst. chief; S. Schoen, D. Stites, C. L ipton. 750 Civil Service Staff. Finl ron , I. lo r. R. Shiro, L. Mitchell, A. Draplin, Second row, A. Hallenback, H. Aro Brodeur, B. Weissberg, A. Mitnzer. K. I ' erNoy. S. Cliatwin, W. Antrim, A. Bloom. I, D. Heller, S. Rose, R. Leonard Mitchell, Chief of Civil Service Assembly meeting in action. Betsey Smith, WSG head, talks it over with the boys in MSG. They ' re interested! I ciJ 0-tHCH ' StUcCc t a(AC% »KCttt Top: Belscy Smith, president of WSG. Right, first ran, I. to r., N. Turner, G. Gardner, E. Marcus. Second roa. N. Fitch, G. Porter. WSG Council. First row, I. to r.: M. Epstein, 1. Kopaczewski, secretary; B. Smith, president; J. Lines. vice-president; S. Horitit;. Second ron : B. Broan, J. Hartley, J. Carlson, C. Fried- V. Hyde. E. Waters, D. Arnold, J. Manning. Third rov: J. Berger, N. Devine, E. Theodore, A. Brenette, R. Scott, J. Shepard. ' S(i is orjjaiiized to recei e sliulcni complaints aiui to con- vey tlieni to tlie proper authorities, investigate student prob- lems and make suggestions for improvement after proper investigation. Betsey Smith presided over WSG this year. Kegulations Hoard, headed by Joan Lines, is concerned with the legislation and enforcement of permissions and pen- alties. It sponsors the other divisions of WSG. Members include four senior and six junior officers, HPA president, chairman _)f upperclass guides and the Dean of Women ex officio. WSG Court members try cases that involve women students for infractions of rules and regulations uf Women ' s Student (jovernment. W.S.G. judges are chosen for outstanding characters. They must have an average of 1.6 and must be also recommended by the faculty. Members meet to make decisions on cases involving women students and those arising out of W.S.G. and Univ. rules. W.S.G. meets with M.S.G. to consider problems and cases involving men anfl women in either W.S.G. or M.S.G. courts. Women ' s Student Government has a House President ' s as- sembly which meets bi-monthly to talk over problems arising in university living centers and sorority houses, which come out of W.S.G. rules and regulations. Often better rules and important changes in regulations have their beginning in these meetings. The pres. of each living center takes the results back to her representatives. First row, I. to r.: E. " i an Der Wart, Dean M. Smith, B. Smith, J. Lines, chairman, M. Coons, B. Strong. Second row; J. D ' Agostino, M. Jones, A. Frenette, J. Maxwell, T. A, Howard, J. Hartley, E. Waters. 153 V A new guide program was set up this year. whereb ' guides go to upperclass houses eacli nion h to answer i|uestions pertaining to government at S.U., and to help with house problems. H.P.A. functions as an information center of Regulations Board and the Dean of Women ' s office in all matters concerning campus coeds. .Students are trained in W ' .S.Ci. procedures at Triple S meetings which are held weekly. Members (jf S.S.S. who successfully complete this program are chosen to be Junior Guides. Outstanding Juniors be- come Senior (iuides antl officers of ' .S.( i. % Co-chairman campus guides Senior Guides City Guides p n rv r JL im. «. I ' H-S.A. Student (jovernment took on inlL-r-colle e tics wht-n S vracuse joined the National Students Assembly this year. X.S.A. attempts tn serve the students of the na- tion and to articulate American student o[)inion. N.S.A. of SL ' was recently h(.)nnred with the election of Hy Nissenhaum as NVS regional president. Hy Nisienbaum, President of N.S. 4., and Bev. Strong. First row. I. to r.: M. Pray, C. Weiss, Hy Nissenhaum, Bev. Strong. Second row: W. Snear, B. Smith. D. Peck. fautt ( accrt Members of WSG and MSG meet together to settle cases in which both men and women students are in- volved. This was a new idea inaugurated this year for the first time at Syracuse. Plans are being made for it to be continued as a regular function of the student court system. Frist row, I. to r.: G. Grosbuar, H. Kaye. M. Detering, Chief Justice; G. Gardiner, and N. Fiche. Second row: D. Stites, M. King, R. Shulman, C. Upton, J. Fat- con, S. Schoen. 1 155 StcccCcttt Tiaco tt A building where something is going on every hour of the day is located at 405 University Place and is known as the Student Union. Activities such as table tennis, dance class, Friday and Saturday night dances, the Travel Bureau, textbook lending library, classical music lour, prose and poetry hour, and bridge instruction are a few of the activities that take place during the week. This year the Executive Council of the Union adopted a new constitution under which a representative council was formed composed of all the subcommittee chair- men in the Union. This new council was instituted to give members of the organization a more active voice in affairs. The new constitution also provided for the election of Union officers by workers of the Union. (Organizations that have used the Union have been the Fieldhouse Foundation. Soph Class, UJA, WSG, Red Cross, and many others. The meeting rooms, open to all, are constantly in demand. Heading this year ' s Exe- cutive Council have been Jean Carlson, president; Marc Smilow, vice-president; Irene Huluck, secretary; ' eter Lsaacs, treasurer ; Joe Ludewig, dance chairman ; nd Barbara Healv, Activitv Center chairman. So. then I sez to him . . . I sez . . Saturday night at the Union. I was afraid he ' d do that. The Union provides music to listen to and dream an afternoon avay. The Activities Center, an innovation this year, was begun b) ' IMA and during the summer of 1949 became a part of the Student Union. Its object is to act as a central spot for all activities on campus offering them office space, supplies, and mimeograph service. MSG, IFC, Elections Commission, IZFA. and Civil Service all ha ' e offices in the Activities Center. Card tricks up your sleeve. Teaching the cards and the games to newcomers. Top picture: I. to r., D. Kes, G. Gardner, L. Perlmulter, S. Scholnick. A. Norton, I. Mersky, D. Dowe, L. Smith, D. Lees, N. Congden, G. Galamtino, S. Hemmert, C. Carroll. Bottom picture, first row, I. to r., I. Huluk, sec; J. Carlson, president; Miss Damaris Wilson, director; N. Turner, vice-pres.; P. Issacs, treas. Seecond row, J. Saul, B. Clyne, J. Ludwig, C. Seymour, M. Smilaw. P. Noselson. B. Healy. Rambling conversations . . . " Were you in class this morning? " . . " How ' ll I ever get my term pape done before Monday? " . . . .V L WILL L V i R S T R 1 V t I OR THt l[il ' .AL.S AN[J- A( RED THINGS OF T H F. • M V, noTM A LON inc. A J n u N I AA IN KtexKatcoHcii First ron, I, to r., 7. McMahon, E. Dainianopoulos, H. Ackliar, D. Gottlieb, A. Watson, D. Nachman, A. Perkoff, C. Dukess. Second row. D. Rieres, G. Hoffman, M. Bethel, G. Washington, A. Hartnick, L. Simon, S. Kat;, C. Brown. SflCLHCdA tu First row, I. to r., A. Holgado, treasurer; D. La- cayo, president; Mr. J. Lox, adrisor; Dr. H. Seris, advisor; R. Tepper, secretary. Second row, L. Longo, F. Longo. R. Clarke, M. Vargas. J. Alap, K. Hiele. H. Alahoney. E. Dorn, L. Jimenez; P. Fernandez, A. Grullon, S. Clark. P. Rodgers. C. Mutis. Third row, M. Frost. R. Ehelke, R. Lalhan, T. Kissel, V. Pastuslan. G. Gualtieri, H. Santiajo. R. Fernandez, M. de la Reza, L. Sifuentes, C. Nistrm, J. Slrough, R. Lowen. International Relations Club was organized in 920 for the purpose of providing an opportunity for formulat- ini; the interests of students interested in international affairs by bringing them together and jiroviding a forum and outlet for speakers and discussion. The club sponsored experts on various aspects of current inter- national problems and participated in a variety of inter- collegiate conferences. It is the oldest club of its kind on campus and meetings are hel l Iji-mcinthlv. b ' aculty advisor is Phili]) IF, Tavlor. .At Spanish Club meetings every other week guest speakers from other universities and Syracuse itself participate in club research and discussion periods. This year was the first publication of the newspaper " P ' l Piropo. " ' Other affairs of the year were two in- formal dances, a ])icnic with the French Club and ])ar- ticipation in a 3-day I ' an-.Anierican Dav celebration. . lvisors to the club art- Mr. ]. Fo.x and Dr. H. Seris. a-Ofr (M tCCl Back in 1946 Doc Sengstacken founded the Co-op council : then he couldn ' t have realized the inovation that he was iniating on campus. A cooperative venture of Greeks and Independents, the council sought to de- velop a working coalition of campus groups to further and better student government. ' 48 Council Chairman Bill Putterman initiated the now widely used merit board system of candidate selection. In 1949 Co-op swept the spring election slate clean, netting all class officers plus the MSG presidency. In 1949-50 the Council was headed by Bill Ruben. Cop- ping three out of four offices in the fall freshman elec- tions, councilman went all-(jut this vear and helped in the ON ' sales drive. An organization of Greeks and Independents working throughout the year. Co-op has aimed to bring greater and better ])articipation in campus government and ac- tivities. Top lefl, I. to T., Bill Graulich, vice-chairman; Bill Ruben, chairman; Paula Karmiel, secretary; Jay Weiner, treasurer. Co-op helped push the ON ' sales; in booths set up over- night in the lobbies they " sold the ON to Syracusans. First row, I. to r., W. Hicks. C. Sanford. L. Lerned. M. Roth, P. Wright, J. Ball. S. Greenberg, F. Schrenzel, J. Ross, N. Goldstein, J. Hall. Second row, W. Lax, A. Raskin, G. Newell, W. Freyert, S. Ehrenworth, S. Freid- man, G. Guallieri, C. Inglehart, J. Smith, S. Goekjian, W. Smith, G. Herer, D. Her;og. Third row, J. Britton, S. Kramer, A, Jarret, G. Michel, G. Goekjian, H. Rosen- berg, P. Isaacs, B. Clark, E. Codier, P. Naber, R. Korst- vedt, A. Moser, atft flUA CAt The Syracuse University Campus Chest drive of the 1949 fall semester raised $8,000 in contributions. The drive, under the chairmanship of Meg Noble and Bob Sturge, included the traditional " ' Ugly Man " contest, Tag Day and Dog Day. In addition, two more ideas were incorporated to help publicize the campaign. The Parade of Champions, one of these, was held at the State Fair Colosseum in conjunction with the opening basketball game of the season. Many of the Hill athletes provided intermission demonstrations of their individual sport in an attempt to increase the Campus Chest fund. Shoe Shine Day was the other big success. It provided an opportunity for students to have their shoes shined by the leading students in campus organizations. A repeat performance of the Shoe Shine Day found faculty members doing the shining. Money collected from the drive was distributed among five charitable organizations and agencies. The recipients were the Student Emergency Loan Fund, Syracuse-in-China, World Student Serv- ice Fund, Displaced Student Loan Fund and tlu- ( )nunda,L;;i Health Association. Tirst TOW, I. to r., S. Cramer, C. Seiffer, M. Noble, B. Sturge, G. Gardner, I. Darn, B. Tanenbaum. Second row, B. Sullivan, R. Foster, S. Sarasohn, J. Fenneran, A. Frenelte, S. Clark. D. Rosen. i 160 ' First row, I. to r., J. Shepard, J. Manning, P. Everett, M. Coons, C. Weiss, R. Carpenter, president; P. Wright, R. Capano, E. Bair. Second row, N. Coane, N. Blessed, M. Briggs, J. Hanillon, J. Barnett, W. Agee, C. Wood, J. Caaum, E. Konen. A. Woods. Third row, R. Collins, L. Han- hausin, R. Wilkinson, A. Egly, J. Barnett, R. Tuttle, K. Noselson, M. Jones, P. Mejlaender, M. Morris. Tip your lid. Frosh, when those big " orange buttons are in view. The Traditions Commission is in action. Headed by Red Carpenter, com- mission members work year around to establish school spirit. Spon- soring pep rallys prior to football games and the Cornell poster con- test are just a few of their many tasks. Planning and carrying out the freshman orientation ]irogram is one of the biggest jobs the group must tackle. Upon arriving in Syra- cuse each new student is met by the wearers of the orange buttons. Commission members act as hosts and hostesses at the Frosh Mixer. They conduct campus tours, sponsor pep fests. and send the news- packed Newcomer ' s Daze to every entering freshman. The big chum program and the chancellor ' s address are also held under the auspices of this group, both with the purpose of acquaintaing Syra- cuse frosh with their new home. The Goon Squad, a group of interested sophomores, works imder the supervision of the commission in carrying out all of the orienta- tion activities. It is the Goon Squadders who are responsible for enforcing the wearing of the lids which are such a bright spot on campus at all times and especially at footliall games. This year it was the Traditions Commission that inaugurated placard cheering at the football games. As the first Eastern school to under- take the job we can ])roudlv say that our initial attempt met with great success, and plans for next year are even bigger and better. J67 IRed tf w First row, I. to r.. Miss Winifred Hughes; Miss Janet Murray; D. Landry, co-chairman; R. Hunter, co-chair- man; J. Okland; S. Henward. Second row, J. Ballard, G. Rich, L. Donavan, G. Hoffman, M. L. Gasbar, D. Zimmerman, A. Becker. ( c " Keifrfrz First row, I. to r., S. Waldman, corres. sec; H. More house; D. Serko, recording sec; D. I. Franks, presi dent; L. Martin-Jimenez, sgt.-at-arms; A, Smith, J Cafarella. Second row, W. Katz, M. Meltzer, M. Gold berg, B. Campbell, rice-pres.; W. R. Smith, Ircas.; S Barash, D. Newman. Absent, E. Stateman, V assey P. H. Schrimmer. The campus American Red Cross board sponsored the first campus-wide hlood donor drives this year. Talent troops were organized to entertain at local hospitals and homes. Entertainment units presented two campus ar!ety shows during the March drive, one of which featured popular singer ( iordon Macrae. A campus entertainment file, availalile to all, was iniated. Stu- dents volunteered to hel]) with jsrojects such as arts and crafts at the (iocid Shejiherd Hospital, magazine collecting, marking and distributing holiday favors, first ad and m rtor mechanics ccurses and driving for the motor corps. The Red Cross cup was awarded at . ' jjring Weekend. Chi Kappa Chi was formed at Utica college in 1947 as a social fraternity. Striving to eliminate discrimination in fraternities, the .group grew to a point where it is now that campus ' largest fraternity. In 1948 seven men trans- ferred to the mother school and began working toward recognition here. Known as the Macaw club on campus, the group has worked with the Fieldhouse drive. The Women ' s X ' eteran ' s Associatiun, founded at Syra- cuse University in 1946, was one of the first of its kind in the country. Its purpose is to give girls of similar backgrounds and age levels an opportunity to unite in friendship. Since its beginning this organization has helped to make the G.I. Bill available to WAC. Rodgers Cottage on Adams avenue is the central living center for the girls connected with this association. TV. ow.ett eU First row, I. to r., E. Tennyson, D. Ranson, R. Pelle- grino, V. Turner, vice-president; L. Stephenson, presi- dent; E. Coe, treasurer; M. Hendry, secretary; M. Frost, M. Longwell. Second row, B, Larson, E, Fyffe, C. Dugan, V. Tayntor, J. Dowhan, N. Meagher, J. Gaines, S. Hughes, M. Mclnlyre, J. Van Z.uilen. Syrcico connotes .S ' rvacuse Ci y C ' yed which means a social organization for City Girls. The idea was gotten way back in 1939 when some girls, using the Maxwell lounge, decided to organize. The service aspect is not to be minimized, though. Program? Supper meetings, with prominent speakers, bake sales, party for foreign students, service projects, teas, and gala banquet with scholastic awards, and much more. S icict First row, I. to r., E. Kolbe, B. Atwell, J. Fey, Miss Mur- ray, E, Theodore, C, Rockwell, C. Emerson, I. Dorn Second row, J. Grant, B. Edelman, G. Brady, E. Knapp E. Hull, G. Quinn. J. Spawn, F. Lapedus, I. Guercio Third row, M. Pabst, P. Slauffer, J. Darling, E. Mor risey, A. Spicer, A. Bennet, D. Reynolds, T. Russo. Ctcf TiJ w.c»t The City Women ' s Club, an organization which of- fers city students a chance to become better acquainted with one another, had a busy year sponsoring covered (Hsh suppers with Syrcico. making scrapbooks for the children at St. Mary ' s hospital, filling baskets for the poor at Christmas and raising money for the city welfare agencies. City Women ' s Club Officers. First row, I. to r., J. Hef- feran, J. Manning, M. Curtin. Second row, A. Setright, A. Woods, J. Kinney. i Meetings are held bi-monthly at Sims Lounge. Most of the meetings included a talk by a guest speaker. This year ' s speakers were mainly Syra- cuse civic leaders. Officers for the year are: Jane anning, ])res. ; Anne Woods, v.-pres. : Marcia u-lin. si ' C. ; Joyce Hefferan, treas. ; Jane Kinnev. cial chairman. First row, I. to r., J. Kinney, N. Curling, A. Woods, A. Setwrighi, B. Fawcell. Second row, B. Healey, J. Smith. J. Casey, K. O ' Hara, M. Moore, J. Manning. Third row, J. Hefferan, A. Zielinski, M. Curtin, J. Jibson, S. Knaus. I First row, I. to r., B. Bruskin; M. Muchnik, Ireas.; S. Lichen field, pres.; B. Weisskopf, v.-pres.; S. Golden, sec; T. Glow Second row, B. Cedar, S. Alpert, E. Lazansky, E. Googkin J. Davis, L. Stein, R. Harlman. Third row, J. Cassouto, R Fagin, A. Schwartz, S. Corner, M. Flax, S. Guss, R. Gonzer Fourth row, M. Weiser, E. Edelman, H. Sachs, M. Landeker, M. Walk, 1. Becker. Absent, S. Cohen, H. Zaretsky, B. Nitz- berg, R. Dallos, J. Moseson, M. Horowitz, E Fisenbach, D. Rosenbaunt, G. Uhry. Tto lu [ ' Seta Si fUi a) The Nova Club was founded in the summer of 1948 by a smah group of Syracuse University students. Their immediate purpose vi as affiliation with Beta Sigma Rho, a national social fraternity. Since then the group has been enlarged by rushing and pledging; their roster shows thirty-one members. This year they en- gaged in those activities which are such an integral part of university life. They participated in intramural sports, entered teams in football, basketball, ping-pong, bowling and swimming. A fair degree of success was attained. " may be true for all you say , . . " ' but it ' s the anniversary dance and one of the highlights of the Nova Club season. An excellent snow sculpture was entered for judging during Winter Weekend. They sponsored the " Thrifty ' 50 ON " contest that helped spur more sales for the yearbook. Several dances were held ; the Anniversary Formal was the big event of the season. It was a wiirthy year for Nova proving themselves to their national and to the university, and building themselves for the future. littt ' pcat e i First ran, I. to r., P. Goodman. R. Bayard, chaplain; M. Knochhauer, president: D. Herman, treasurer; M. Ward, secretary; N. Beeton. Second row, S. Howe, D. Hodges, C. Gerard, L. Drago, E. Hermanson. Absent, J. Flanigen, A. Fulton, N. Harris, IV. Johndrew, V. Merrill, M. Schwartz, J. Wark, I. Wilcox. [• " lint and Feather, a social organization to unite the skirls from Buffalo and vicinity, began the year with informal pledging and the annual initiation banquet held in Buffalo during Christmas vacation. Activities include Sunday night sujjper meetings, skating parties, hayrides and mixers with Scalp Blade. During the summer months the club held a picnic and an orienta- tion tea to acquaint those girls who were planning to enter Syracuse with coefls and junior alumnae. ScaCfr Si icCe First row, I. to r., J. Koch, P. Amoroso, R. Noro. Second row, R. Gross. E. Ruffing. D. Krat;. secretary; D. Shel- don, pres.; R. Scharlach, treasurer: H. Wipperman, E. Rath, P. Kenline. Third row, E. Berger, A. Bauchle, C. Johnson, D. Nichols, A. Jones. J. Bauman. G. Barry, W. Gebhart. W. Eisinger, D. Barczys, C. Chanala, W. Kliber, R. Stone. R. Majewski. Scalp Blade, Inc., was founded in 1893 at Cornell U. to provide social and educational recreation for male students from Buffalo and Erie county. It was then incorporated at Buffalo and since that time has ex- panded to 13 major universities. The activities of the chapter include beer rushes, stag picnics and meeting at school and parties in Buffalo during the Thanksgiv- ing, Christmas, and Easter vacations. The members also attend the Graduate Chapter ' s College Ball and formal initiation in December and the joint June Day Stag. The Genesee ' alley Club is an organizeil gruup of students whose homes are in Rochester, New York, and its vicinity. The club was first established to give members of this nearby city a chance to organize here at Syracuse and build lasting friendships as well as help the many worthy causes that the students of Syracuse University support. Whenever possible the club contributes to the campus drives. On the enter- tainment side, the members of the club have enjoyed bowling parties, date parties here at Syracuse, and have plaimed hay rides, square dances fur the future. ene iee iUe f iu6 First row, I. to r., B. Lind, B. Hakes, L. Najder, B. Pap- rocki, pres., L. Weiss, S. Jezowski, P. Belmont. Second row, H. Kaplan, F. Babber, H. Vandermatle, J. Shafer, H. Meier, H. Meyers. The Economics Club this past year was presiilented in the fall term by Pete Gallick and in the spring bv Emanuel Wolf. The club featured several interesting speakers on diverse topics with the annual dinner be- ing highlighted by the presence of Dr. Schwartz. With a change in the keynote, the club now looks forward to greater activity in a new sphere ; the development of closer relations between the economics faculty and the individual student. ScatcatHCCd CuC First row, I. to r. Executive Council: A. Sailles, treas.; R. Cook, publicity; C. Zeheung, sec; P. Gallik, pres., fall: E. Wolf, pres., spring. Second row, K. Steen, R. Williams, Dr. H. Schwartz, M. Shobbota, D. Abrams. Absent, D. Barr, J. J. Dee, D. Solomon, R. Berlack. ■1 fi4 hdiiii j il ' ik IM S WL- ifliA . ' IK Sii Fars ) ' Debaters. First row, I. to r., D. Jory, M. DeVesly. D. Olson. D. Antil, S. Heckert, W. Rudman, S. Goek- jian. Second row, R. Silver. M. Flax, J. Furth. J. E. McEvoy. coach: A. Mrozek, L. Leritt, L. Brown. A. Krmholz. Absentees, G. Coupounas, C. Lipton, A. Mos- cow. W. Schneir. VcUtc SiU Freshman Debaters. First row. I. to r.. P. Leonardo, L Apman, W. Boss, E. Parizek, E. Sandberg. C. Carle, V Lerine, M. Gallent. Second row. J. Witmer, J. Meeks, L. Tilis. T. Howes. H. Swenson, J. E. McEroy. coach: F. Burke. C. Gelman, A. Peters, F. Gross, D. Beckhorn Absent, S. Glickstein, N. Koeppel, J. Myers, R. Swart; The past year had witnessed a reorganization and ex- tension of Debate activities. Two sejjarate deljate councils were set u]). ' arsity and Freshman. Over 60 answered the call for I- ' msli Debaters and a return of 13 ' arsity Debaters started the year ' s activity. ( )ver 1(K) debates and discussion programs were held by the combined groups. The Freshman program con- sisted of many exhibition debates before high school assemblies and civic groups. A dual climax of honors were won by the Varsity on two of the outstanding trips. The annual Brooklyn Tournament saw Syracuse tied for first place with Princeton and Boston, and the Grand National Tournament at Mrginia declared .Syracuse the second team of the nation ' s Big Ten. The Post Index is a monthly pubHcation of Syracuse University ' s School of Nursing. Like the school itself, the paper is young . . . only four years old. Each year has been a busy one and since student nurses spend so much time on duty and in classes they have little time to pro- duce more than an issue a month for the student body and subscribers. The six main purposes of this publication are for means of communication among students, alumnae, faculty of the school, to promote coordination and unity, encourage expression of opinion, promote relationship among collegiate schools of nursing and to pro- vide diversional activities for the students of the Xursins; school. First row, I. to r., D. Murray, I. Schurmann, J. Nichol- son. Second row, G. Piszcz, J. Madowsky, F. Casamento. 1 . . I H HIA 1 1 - n rir ' N H Kl H The Rowing Club is made up of members of the Uni- versity crew. Any oarsman, coxwain, or manager who has been a member of a Poughkeepsie squad, or who has rowed for two years, is eligible for membership. The purpose of this organization is to create interest in rowing. Honor letters are sent out periodically to for- mer S. U. oarsmen and the club is the sponsor of an annual dance that it hopes will one day become campus- wide in popularity. 1R.oc(Ai t icc6 Front row, t. to r., Williams, Thompson, Perry, Driess- nack, Curran, Murphy, Weibezahl. Middle row, Marsden, Dale, Kelley, Grizbowski, Lobo, McCormick, Wilson, Back row, Simpson, Dworshak, Smith, Coburn, Thayer. i ft 1 1 -Ib M :a tX fc- 1 1 i. i . V i ' ■- ' jT : ' . • • " - ' ' . i; ■ " a ' Scciddcitd f _ ' 1 ?5ir First row, I. to r., Trachel, Har tneling, Cooper, Hawk, Hart. Smaltz. Second row, Richard ' son, Gualten, Strom, Werm D. Katz, G. Lewetl, G. Colem Mendley. Third row, Umhofer Gray, Vosberg, Dalton, Cara celli. Drum. Lintel, E. Plait, Axelrod. Scalilianl - I ' lade is (iiie ni iIk- oldest lnninrarv societies in tile iiaticin. With chapters in Air J " irce, Army and Xaval 1 ( ' Tl units trcini Maine to California. Scab- bartl iS; Blade shows in its organizational plan the strong desire to blend junior officers of all three de- partments into a common brotherhood. ( )n this campus Compaii) H. 4th Regiment of .Scabbard Blade, pro- vides man of the officers of the Cadet Corps and s]x nsors the Military Ball each spring. It was the first campus organization to donate blood to the Red Cross drive this year. These and other service activities show in concrete actions the aim of Scabbard Blade: better and stronger leadership in war and peace. ( )ne of the tew things the last year reall ' proved was the ])ositive value of the ROTC programs on the Officers, front ron , Col. Fay, Col. Rittgers, Col. Trachel, Maj. Fred Volger. Second row, Capt. Seely. Ca- det Schmaltz, Cadet Harmeling, Ca- det Cooper, Cadet Hawk, Lt. Schmitz- 170 M Left to right, far table, Flanagan, Burke, Baker. Center table, Smaltz. Cot. Fay, Hawk, Col. Trachel, Cooper, Col. Ritggers, Hameling, Maj. Vogler. Near table, Mendley. Lintell. Caracelli, Richardson, Katz, Capt. Seeley, Werman, Lt. Schmitz, Gualteri. campuses of the country. Today at Syracuse we have a strong and active program implemented by an admin- istrative staff of combat veterans. Directly following the current unification program, Air Force, Infantry and Signal Corps units cooperated closely in classroom and drill activities. This year a tradition discontinued durino- the war vears was revived : electing attractive and deserving co-ed sponsors to Regimental and Bat- talion posts. May brought full military reviews back to the Oval with federal inspection and review in honor of Chancellor ToUey. Gradually seniors received their reserve commissions. ROTC will continue in coming years to provide its share of qualified leaders to back up foreign policy. . 0. 7 ' ( ' 0 cavptfru Left to right, Digby, Reimann, Young, Sturge, Dalton, Katz, Caracelli, Bi blo, Hawk, Gualteri. Werman, Mahoney, L. Young, R. Young, Gualte Strohune. Front row. left to right— S. Miller. R. Yanofsky, C. Lang- mann, P. Howes, Director I. Cheyette, B. Bradbury, J. O ' Connell. First ron C. Klein. R. Best, J. Beiser. L. Chaffee. L. Martin, E. M. Wilcox, E. Sloll, K. Hayman, P. (iorschick, R. Falk. Second rort D. Killam, R. Lee. P. Hutlar. H. Zimmerman, L. Lauzar. D. Weiss, I. Kauf- man. R. Ehle, F. Nathan, P. Garth, P. LeBacb, R. Hunt. A. Lincoln. Jr. Third ron — W. Gray, C. French, P. Kal- fus, H. Kriff. T. Winter,nute, K. Dewirc, R. Coelln. G. Behrman, pres.; F. Davis, R. Woodbury. J. Walker, D. Hudson. A. Duncan. Fourth row — F. Kirberger, B. Renis, W. Muckle, H. Scheinholz, sec: J. Lerine. R. Beuchner, J. Roberts. M. Kass, R. Moore, E. Schulman, T. Traynor, L. Chubel. First row, left to right — . Kopaczewski, R. Gertner, M. Noble, J. Manning, J. Ballenline. N. Turner. A. Frenelt-, B. Strong. B. Smith, J. Carlson, J. Lines. Second row — B. R. Scott. L. Mitchell, D. Lyons, L. Taub, W. Ruben, R. Fasell, C. Putnam, W. McAndrews, M. Deterding, R. Lemer, D. Weill, E. Harvey, G. Litin, E. VanDerWart. AflLT three Ixiotstrap-iiulling " years ] Ien ' s (jlee club gained success and consequent recognition. With three beautiful girl soloists and under Dr. Cheyette ' s direc- tion went on the road to put on six shows and per- formed on WAER and WSRY-TV. The two quartets came through in hilarious style ; serenading after re- hearsals was fun : Shirley Miller and other instru- mentalists in the " Musical Trust " quartet were great, liveryone liked the Cole Porter concert orchestra and i;iur " Night St)ng " theme. Campus Leaders serves as an informal campus activity and as a sounding board of student opinion. They pro- vide a liason between the student body and the admin- istration and act as a clearing house to see what projects are channeled along lines where work can best be ac- complished. A spring week end conference at Caso- wasco permits student leaders to meet informally witli members of the administration. First row, I. to r., N. HersI, H Hertz, B. Lemer, P. Butaro, J Foster. Second row, G. Bray- brook, M. Young, P. Arma- tage, L. Keener, M. Wyatt, V Rita. Third row, N. Bright. G Guattieri, B. Martin, J. Ballen line, L. Rappaport. Directors of IMA Special Serv- ice: Seated, Bob Lemer, Bob Martin. Standing, John Ballen- line, Greg Gualtieri. amfru4 a ttact After a suniiner of research and opinion-gathering, Greg Gualtieri and John Ballentine returned to the Hill last fall with plans for the founding of a " get-ac- quainted ' ' bureau, which has now evolved into Campus Contacts. At present there are over a thousand S. U. men and women listed in the files of Campus Contacts. The system has gained nation-wide attention. Other universi- ties are attempting to inaugurate it, and numerous mag- azines have asked to do stories on the organization. SEE WNJTH.MYRTlt " First row, I. to r., E. Berrnati, H. Grabitio, P, Gershick, C. Upton. M. Flax, K. Jones, H. Klein, R. Muller, R. Stern, C. Fitzgerald, F. Hesse, T. Van Griethuysen. Second row, A. Knox, S. Bruckheim, I. Entel, R. Spiro, R. Johnsrud, V. Rathbone, F. Powell, W. Artis, W. Beyen, H. Spencer, M. Gallent, R. Ver Nooy, R. Lock- man. Third row. R. Kelley. T. Large. J. Armour, S. Pyke, M. Ingerson. R. Fogarty. S. Bookbinder. R. Emond. M. Filch. G. Hirth. A. Hoffman. S. SchranI:, L. Zucker, R. Swiercznski, W. Sihie, H. Carmer, J. .Stewart. Fourth row, R. Coburn, F. Schechter, M. Feshback. J. Day, E. Loewe, I. Green, G. Hauck, R. Post, R. Franke, K. Green- stein, A. Stoh, R. North. H. Borgese. B. Munzner, S. Trachtenberg. ao4 7 a tt First row. I. to r.. S. Panebaker. C. Kraft, M. Birmbaum, B. Birmbaum. M. L. Brown, A. Moll, asst. treasurer: M. Conlon. pres.; J. Halland. treasurer; N. Hettrich. J. Marshall. M. Calurano. F. Lugg. J. Santa Maria. Second row, D. Antil. M. E. Mathison. J. Collier, B. Noble, P. Bennett, D. Mendenhall. S. Heckert, L. Basanko, B. Macy. Phi clia])tei " of Alj)ha I ' lii Dmega. only national service fraternity, was established on campus in 1931. C)pen to former Boy Scouts, it has presented a program of ervice to the community, to the campus, to its mem- liers. and to the nation as participating citizens. In- cluded among its projects have been Colgate clean-up, L ' gly Alan contest, " Keep off the grass " campaign, co-sponsorship of the Winter Carnival, and Campus Chest solicitation, as well as many other less well- known service projects. The Student Cooj erative Book Mart established in 1930 once again had a successful year during ' 49. It was organized and operated by students who felt the need for such an organization where textbooks could be resold at the student ' s request price. The money is returned to the students after a small charge for covering operating expenses is deducted. The -Mart is active during the first tw(] weeks of each semester. During the jiast few years the Book Mart has increased its facilities and student response has ])roved that the Book Mart will continue as a worthv campus project. flin-fffi « 1 » l€fi lu Skyward buund is the password for this ambitious group of pilots and fledglings. Reorganized in the fall, the club offers an economical means of receiving instruction from qualified CAA instructors. lovies, aeronautical talks, and ground classes are part of the club ' s activities. Early in the spring they attended the ANECFC Airmeet at Albany and participated in the annual ANECFC Airmeet and contest held at Great Barrington, Mass. Later they inspected the Cornell Aeronautical Research Laboratory at Buffalo. Headed by President Ted Curry, the standards committee pro- duced a club paper — the humorous and factual Fly Paper. Other officers are Bob Siegel, vice-president ; Dave Glass, treasurer ; Bob Long, Club instructor ; and Al Wehrsdorfer and Frances Dellesa, secretaries. Fin ishing up with a Saturday dinner dance, and Sundav breakfast flight, the .Syracuse Flying Club ended its year on a happy note — once again owning an airplane. Runway clear! Ready to take off and watch sun bathers. Flying Club member Bob Seigel with the wings of a bird. First row, I. to r.. B. Blall, .4. Wehrsdorfer, T. Curry, F. Dellesa, W. Field, D. Glass, E. Marden. Second row, C. Brew, B. Seigel, D. Burns, T. German, B. Huston, J. Bialas, B. Long, N. Pishranor. .. Top left. West China Union Unirer- sily. Top right, Tom Scott. Right, Dean Noble at Chinese Banquet. J ' " ar up the Vnn tze River, the work of Svracuse-iii-Chinn is car ried on in Szc-ehwan i ' rovince at the cities of Chungking am Chengtu. Tiu- nu-dical unit, opened in 1922 at Chungking, has grown to become a modern Syracuse Hospital. The group of Syracuse graduates who began this enterprise formed the nucleus of tile jjresent Syracuse-in-China organization. In 1947 Don l-lalieriN arii e(l at West China Union University in Chengtu as the first recipient of the Syracuse-in-China teaching fellowship, promoting cultural relations and educational exchange between the two universities. Tom Scott replaced Don this fall to continue the position supiJorted by undergraduates through the Campus Chest. . t Syracuse, S-i-C interprets China and the Orient to the student lx)dy through language classes, banquets, gift sales, lectures, and furthering Chinese-. merican student relations. Syracuse-in-China offices in Sims Hall serve as the headquarters for Far Eastern interests on campus. Here a reference library of Orientalia, ob- jects of Chinese art, and an occasional pot of Oolong tea give atmosphere to the work of the organization. Right, Chinese students parade on field day. Bot- tom right, Syracuse hospital at Chunking. Bottom left. Chinese gift sale. ■ ' ' ■ , ■ ■- j(„ . An interdenominational movement. Intervarsity Chris- tian Fellowship features university evangelism, Bible study groups, daily prayer meetings and social func- tions of a Christian nature, and Friday evening meet- ings at the Chapel. The local campus ministry was headed this year by R. DeMoss, president; C. Schur- mann, vice-president ; Marion Johnson, secretary, and Lloyd Larsen, treasurer. News about the progress of the UN is brought to campus by UNASU — the United Nations Association of Syracuse University. UNASU meets every two weeks, sponsors group discussions, round-table talks, and speeches by students and faculty members. To show just what the real UN looks like in action, model UN sessions are arranged with student delegates dub- bing for representatives from the nations of the world. Around horseshoe-shaped tables, closely modeled after the Security Council ' s home at Lake Success, the world ' s weightiest worries get a thorough going over in true I N stvle. First row, L. Ruth, J. Palen. P. Palen. J. Clinkenbeard, advisor; I. Schunann. y.-pres.; L. Larson, Ireas.; R. LeMoss, pres.; R. Wellouby, staff director; R. Laurance, D. Hess, I. Singh. Second row, L. McCanaughy, P. Langwell, D. VanAntwerp, B. Atwell, J. Maunder, B. Barney, Mrs. Clinkenbeard, J. Carlson, V. Hall, Prof. Catherine Candon, A. Hall, F. Griffith. Third row, Vimla, H. Fide, P. Woodside, K. Johnson, R. Dodds, J. Johnson, R. Baer, F. Gere, C. Hanson, J. Wheeler, P. Fromer. Fourth row, R. Upper, A. Bushing, F. Popoff, J. Fooks, R. Srauss, D. Ruth, D. Peterson, A. Coutras, D. Coates, J. Brooks, F. Lancaster, B. Mathews. First row, I. to r., B. Rothenberg, W. Taft, E. Bendow Dr. Bishop, faculty advisor; Dr. Elder, B. King, A Pappamarkow. Second row, N. Wolfe, H. Greenwald, A Greene, S. Walberg, K. Rowland, N. Weaver, J. Falcon Third row, B. Steinberg, P. Hohn, N. Smythe, R Goodell, S. Jezowski, M. A. Zimmerman, J. Mathieson M. Nuess, D. Gottlieb, D. Kleenberg, M. Bethal. Siic (?eud First ron, I. to r., S. Gregg, L. Z.engesie, J. Schumaher, R. Van Saun, H. Heislein. T. Faruell. R. Tarr. Second row, J. Hamilton, A. Benson, E. Richard, vice-pres.; M, de la Re;a, G. Earle, faculty adrisor; B. Raleigh, pres.; S. Rosebrook, C. Menapace, secretary-treas.; W. Kelly, H. Caldwell, E. Ka;anowski. Third row, S, Whit- ing, M. Lukens, M. McNaught, E. Gardiner, J. Gardi- ner, P. Rood, J. Staeck, R. Hager, H. Carmer, R. Shoe- maker, J. Geiss, P. Heidenreich, W. Erby, C. Gwynn, E. Wright. Fourth row. G. Beckman. R. Lukens. R. Lund. J. Henderson, D. Semels. P. Arndt. R. Phoenix. D. Pleet, P. Stern, E. Bolton, D. Bosburgh, E. Beier, R. Hewitt. " i Mte St. (}iu6 First row, D. J. Libby, M. Hemmert, V, Mitchell, V. Gray, N. Hunter. M. Curtin, Miss Carleton, A. Zelinski, R. Homeyer, J. Sengos. Second row, E. Underwood, M. Hinkleman, B. Ashorne, M. Foster, B. Foskett. S. N or- cross, J. Stanford, J. Jacobs, J. Blum. Z- Marshall. Third row. J. Schmidt, A. Slocomb, B. Woods. E. DuBois, D. Dumbrock, J. Jacobs. C. Rockwell. J. Gan;. I. Guerke. The Syracuse University Ski Club, Suski, with hq. in the ski lodge, was organized in 1946 to supervise the advanced ski program on the Hill. The club con- ducts inter-club competition with other college ski clubs, does pre-season trail and slope clearing, and ])rovides officials for ski meets which are held here. Week-end tri])s to nearby areas and long range camp- ing trips are organized for club members. Easter acation 12 club members went to Tuckerman Ravine, Alt. Washington, New Hampshire, for a week ' s skiing. The Home F.conomics Club is affiliated with the New York State Association of Home Economics, which held its convention at Syracuse this year. Meet- ings, held twice monthly, featured speakers prominent in home economics. The annual Cooks and Cutters Hail, held with the Fnresters, was a big success in the fall. Members enjoy tri])s to the summit W ' hiteface mountain while others Sunday afternoon bike hikes are terri Square dances and sing fests are frol for all. Both Foresters and Bus. Add help cut wood on our camping trips ! Take a week off and have the time of your life hunting for the pair of shoes that floated down the brook. Outing Clubbers get plenty of fresh air and ex- citement. » f%CiCCC (t Mark Mendley, editor Of those students who struggled against unyielding deadlines in ' 49- ' 50, probably none had quite so much fun doing it as the staff members of The Syracusan. Not only did they have the pleasure of putting out one of the nation ' s finest college publications containing much humor, satire, farce and just plain nonsense, but they had the satisfaction of breaking records. In i7 years of intermittent publication the campus monthly had never been so well received by the students. Under Mark Mendley, editor, and Bob Ba.scom, business man- ager, circulation 1,000 above last year ' s record 3,700 copies a month. A forty-page issue was published Bob Bascotn, business manager Senior editors. L. to r., T. Duf- fin, prod, mgr.; J. Trenery, assoc. ed.; R. O ' Neill, manag- ing ed.; B. Jacobs, fiction ed.; B. Anderson, art ed. Junior editors. First row, I. to r., L. Lichenslein, L. Clarke. Sec- ond row, R. Gallagher, V. Le- vine, J. Vacarro, A. Barlelson. II I liieo Sstat-iisao Advertising. First row . to r., G. Yates, R. Haver- back, adv. mgr.; A. Perl- mutter, K. Heiihe, J. Iruin, F. Nathan. for the first time; more expensive paper was incorporated to enhance art work and ilkistrations. Behind this progress was the theory that a campus magazine should be more than a humor magazine. Thus, a variety publication was evolved employing diversified fiction, feature articles, picture stories and cartoon pages. Se.K for Sex ' s Sake was virtually eliminated. Business. First row, I. to r., R. Schine, circ. mgr.; R. Levy, sales. Second row, F. Stein, ass ' t circ. mgr.; B. Shapiro, circ. mgr. It was a 5,000 copy issue! Bascom, Liz and Mendley are in the bucks. The head runs " 48 Hours for a game " but it ' s 24 hours to deadline. A sample pasteup for an issue of The SYRACUSAN. SENIOR EDITORS Senior editors above, I. to r., M. Halt, exec, ed.; L. Sul;le, editorial director; L, Lohmanii, assoc. ed.; A, Friedman, matiagitig ed.; D. Weill, editor; S. Gillen, sports ed.; B. Briesky, editorial director; B. Wal- lace, exec. ed. Absent, B. Sokolsky, assoc. ed. Don Weill, editor. JUNIOR EDITORS Junior editors below, I. to r. (seated). Bud Geisenheimer, Bob Johnsrud, Earl Costenoble, Ruth Goldstein, Murray Lilin, Shirley Brocker; (standing) Bill Matson, ten Z ' eig, Mel Elfin, Bob Shogan, Alice Conton, Ed Greenberg, Gabe Josephson. This staff, except cartoonists Geisen- heimer and Josephson, corer daily beats. f P n SCww S Leaders A staff of over 50 students working under senior and junior editors on a two-shift schedule writes, edits and publishes the Daily Orange Tuesday through Saturday. Preparation for each day ' s edition is begun shortly after noon the preceding day and is not com- pleted until after midnight. The afternoon staff writes stories, assigned by the managing editor, up to the 4 o ' clock copy deadline. At 6:30 the night staff re- ports to the make-up editor to write headlines. Whh the headline writing task completed at 9, the staff ailjourns to the Orange Publishing company where students themselves set headlines, assemble ty]je in page forms and read proof. All typographical work is student supervised e.xcept setting type which is done l)v union employees. Business staff members sell ad- vertising, edit ad copy and schedule display and clas- sified advertising on page dummies which serve as storv scheduling guides to make-up editors. BUSINESS STAFF Business staff members to left, I. to r., Phyllis Stern, layout man,; Janet Lyman, asst. bus. man.; Jean Katcen, bus. sec; Stanley Wexler, classif. man.; Myron Lown, sales man.; Lawrence Z irn, promotion man.; Robert Goldstein, circ. man. Busi- ness staff handles all advertising. NEiVSROOM Newsroom shot below shows DO staffers in a frequent gay mood. L. to r., Saul Waldman, Murray Litin, Bob Shogan, Bill Matson, Ruth Goldstein, Bob Johnsrud, Arnie Friedman, Earl Costenoble, Alice Conlon. Shirley Brocker, Len Zweig. 1 Cents SCH 1 ' . " !°_ forXF ii ' Craw -iJUnii ;e ■A., Problems nn spores taWoV ' e} )lft e season ; MH v Sports staff: Seated, I. to r., G. Urgang, V. Pinchbeck, L. Heilbronner, H. Rausch, K. Rohde, J. Koch. Stand- ing, H. Cobert, A, Krutnholz, V. Spezzano, ' 6 " " iS season I ' ' e vecovd i. Ben = ' ; ' ,, , King f°° " 1 advent, .ringing f ,SeUcBens ,,,U ' " ' l gave the P° « uere • ' « = ' ' V 7on v twee ' ' " , ,,rt7 had ' " PPtvessWe recotd. this i ' P ' d hope-. . ..vvaUzatior; " ' " 1 the vejug? " ! , dont be seen ' f.cussion- ,,,vs hush-hush dis oVavshjP , def-Vteiy ;;:,ndothev- , ,ess! S: -- " " ", Xf£s:teS -.: Afurray Raphael , Summer Orange editor, leans back in the sweltering heat of the Hell- box to cover the news of third term students. rt and P. Keil cover Janet Lyn D. Petrow, L. Cohen, H. Cobert and P. Keil cover the main beats of the summer paper. When the union nent on strike the staff ran off one-pagers in the Castle type lab. Strike or no strike, the SO nent to press. Janet Lyman, business manager of the summer editions of the Orange, sold the advertising and edited the copy that made the SO a profitable enterprise. Fint run : Bauer, O ' Keefe, Van Greithuysen, Houghton, Payne, Clark, Tucker. Second row: Nellis, Roberts, Albin, Pelky, Eschner, Bayless, Woids, Corwin. Third row: McAllester, Reed, Hill. Orr, Peterson, Harrison, Diet;, Demopoulus. Fourth row: Nashund, Mark, Mauer, Simmons, Thompson, Voll, Sawyer. Since 1914, the Empire Forester has been published annu- ally. It has always been a large factor in the esprit de corps of the members of the College of Forestry. An innovation this year is the Prologue. It attempts to desig- nate the place of forestry education among the human arts and sciences. During the spring semester a junior staff was set up and trained. To the student body and the faculty, for their help, we express our sincere appreciation. Henry Houghton, editor. Curt Bauer, business mgr Every noon hour on the fourth flo of Bray Hall. At this point neither MulUns the bus Youngs the editor, were speaking. manager, nor Biz staffers Evans, Engtehart, Mutlins and Dietrich were kept busy trying to keep the money out of the hands of the editorial staff. Right, Davison, Rich, Williams and Talbot proudly surrey their work. Shortly after this pic- ture was taken the panels were ripped apart and given to the Syracusan staff to complete. ( fWiu(a A veteran staff fully ei|iiippe i with exjierieiice and ulcers after getting the famous " ON Time in 49 " on the streets set out to produce the ' 50, confident that they had been through the worst and that this year would be easy. How naive can college kids get — we ran into troubles that had never been invented. First a student body habitually described as apathetic proved that it had more sales resistance than any living group by ignoring the colorful propaganda of Mullins and the bus. staff. Then, when we finally got enough funds to guarantee publication, we found ourselves two dead- lines behind because of the delay. We went to work furiously — and encoimtered confusion — the kind that inhabits yearbook offices despite the best laid plans. But we had system — even troubles were filed alpha- betically. Editor Young got even thinner. Chidester slept in one of the file cabinets overnight. Davidson and Greene could name the activities of every Senior on the Hill after countless weeks of proofreading, and s]iorts staffers Hochstein and Davis kept up a frantic C()rres])ondencc with the printer, trying to exjilain the intricate pl. ' ins for their section. Fraternity editor Love grew a mustache to avoid recognition on campus. Lent handled the art staff (nice handhng) and they turned out the best work to grace this annual in many years. The bulletin board was crammed with inter-staff messages usually prefaced with " where the hell are you " . . . and every- body pitched in, ignoring classes. Somehow we plowed through with a book that is larger and more colorful than the one we proudly authored last year. And then we caught up on our sleep. Staff meeting in the Hetlbox. In such as these were the pages of the ' 50 ON expertly planned and deadlines met with monotonous regularity. As deadline time drew near, the office became jammed with eager staff members. L. to r.. Shirley Evans, Dick Mullins, Joe Dietrich, Jean Williams, Lee Young, Willy Chidester, Ann Davidson, Caddy Engtehart. Note the confused expressions on the faces of Mullins and Young as they try to figure out what their staffs do 0 fTC cC The mid-century mark found the Civic Univer- sity Theatre fully recovered fnmi the effects of the war years and even expanding the scope of its activities. In his twenty-third year as director of dramatic activities, Sawyer Falk has managed t(j make the drama department at Syracuse one of the outstanding in the country. The class of ' 50 remembers the Civic University Theatre on Westcott street. Among the outstand- ing productions were Paul Vincent Carrol ' s " Shadow and Substance, " " Golden Boy, " by Clif- ford Odets. and a post-war problem play, Arthur Miller ' s " All My Sons, " which ran twentv-five performances and was hailed liy critics as a pro- duction as fully professional as the Broadway version. Bernard Sachs designed the settings and Sawyer Falk directed the play with an exciting sensitivity that left every audience breathless. The final production at the Westcott street theatre was Saroyan ' s " The Beautiful People. " By August 1948 the theatre was vacated. ( )utstanding musicals of 1946-47 were " The Student Prince, " " Roberta, " " Blossom Time " and " Girl Crazy, " presented at the old Civic Theatre on Salina street. In the summer the loss of the L ' niversity Theatre was somewhat disheartening, liut the establishment of the Oneida Castle play- house was notable. Made up entirely of students and faculty members of the department and iiperatcd in an entirely professional basis, the company was sponsored by a fraternal organiza- tion in Oneida, New York, and guaranteed an amount of money sufficient to cover salaries and production costs. The Playhouse continued dur- ing the summer of ' 49 with equal success. In the fall of 1948 Boar ' s Head Playhouse was christened on So. Crouse avenue. Extreme physi- cal limitations of the Playhouse were answered !) • :i program of tremendous activit - : the DC) Reading over Charles Laughton ' s shoulder. - iebest way t to rest your feet as directed by Laughton, Bernard Sachs visions a stage, its setting and its producton. Right: Scenery setups, dress rehearsal. ksi- Top right: " Long Live Love ' and " The Heiress " . . . comedy and dra- matic tragedy. Middle right: " Girl Crazy " Bottom right: " All My Sons " and " Bourgeois Gentleman. " No, no . . . that is not the way to approach a lady. rehearsed Chiirchiirs fatiinii |)r(in(iiinct,nK-nt inln ■ ' never was so niiich (hnu- with so httlc " . . . Tlicii came Odet ' s " Rocket to the .Moon. " " A Xii,dit of Tennessee Wilhanis " and " Hhtlie Spirit " in restoration dress. Th s production achieved national recofjnition and it was Falk " s idea that this somewhat worn draw- ing room cotnedy he transferred into an exciting theatre piece bv switching tlie time from the 20th Century to the 17th and it worki-d I The season was roinided nut hv Bottom left: Are ne dreaming? . . . " Bourgeois Gentleman. " Bottom right: Strangle hold from " Tennessee Williams. " an original musical called " Long Live Love " starring ierry Stiller. Gerry Gershman, Evelyn Feldman and Leo Bloom. Summertime again . . . 1949 and " The Silver Cord, " ' The Heiress. " Most notable item of the winter was " The Bourgeois Gentleman " which was carefully worked out in every detail. Gerry Stiller was Jourdain, Bernarfl Sachs did the setting. This season was completed with two one-act operas, " Down in the ' allc " and " The Telephone. " These were performed in the newly-built central staging arena in Machinery hall where the drama department has tem])orarily found haven. I Wi iM ' li Robert Barlletl at the mike. Campus radio activities at Syracuse center about an uncibtrusive pre-fab located directly behind the main library. Here is located the office and studios of cam- ])us radio station WAER-FM. From an antenna on top of the library comes WAER ' S radio signal serving bdlh canipus and community with a specialized pro- gram service. Highlighted among WAER activities is experimentation in the development of new educational program types in the fields of music, news, and public service. Music programs are centered mostly about classical and semi-classical themes, but popular music also plays its part in the day ' s programing. Some of the most popular uf the music programs are the on-the- sjJDt reports from the Crouse and Syracuse Symphony concerts. News and sports take up a good share of the priii rani day. Newscasts cover the complete world, na- liunal, local, and university .scenes. Play-by-play ac- counts of Orange baseball, basketljall, and football home games have become regular features in the year- round sports coverage. Radio time is donated to local ci ic groups so that they may air their ideas and opin- ions on current civic, world, and national problems. W ' .VF.R public service programs, in this respect, add aniilher outlet of freedom of expression in Syracuse. Adele Wallace, Richard Lyons, program director; Edward Campbell. First row. R. Lyons, H. White, N. Phillips, J. Landay, S. Macy, S. Alpiner, R. Munro, W. Wright. J. Christie, H. Venho, M. Moon. Second row, E. Becker, J. Heller, R. Selsky, A. Wallace, A. Panages. E. Brandon, D. Day, R. Bac;inski, M. Sosnow, E. Roth. M. Sherwood. J. Roberts, P. Stern. B. Ritchie. Third row. R. Clark. R. Bartlett. A. Woldt. F. Slimpfl, C. Woods, J. Thompson, P. Model, F. Nathan, G. Pantos, R. Synes, B. Alben. G. Sperling, B. Barer, F. McCann, R. Schaffer, C. Marti. Fourth row, R. Everts, K. Brown, J. Carnahan, N. Ross, J. Mailler. M. Wallach. J. Marieness. J. Danis, R. Hirsch, T. Springmann, E. Barnat. Sound and ' pccuf, Sound and Fury is the radio engineering honorary whose members are selected from among the regular engineering staff of WAER. Organized in 1945, WAER ' s purpose is to promote the social and intel- lectual interests of its members, and to promote closer relationship among the engineers of the radio center. Alpha Epsilon Rho is the national radio honorary which had for its purpose American education by radio. AER encourages interest in high standards of broadcasting. With this goal in mind, Beta chapter organized and promotes SEGUE, an extracurricular organization which teaches radio announcing, acting, production, writing, news and sports. SEGUE is taught by senior members of AER to all students interested in attending. This year AER had as guest Miss Liza Sergio, noted radio journalist. An important activity of Alpha Epsilon Rho every year is sponsoring the Radio Weekend and lianquet. First row, H. Rosenthal, J. Soergel, J. Meeks, H. White, W. Bonner. Second row, D. Kornfeld, N. Ross, J. Carnahan, M. Jacobson, M. Georgianni. Top picture, I. to r.. L. Johnson, B. Ritchie, R. Lyons, C. Marti, J. Christie. Bottom picture, first row, I. to r., R. Selsky, B. Shattuck, M. Haggarty, L. Johnson, B. Ritchie, R. Lyons, C. Marti, J. Christie, M. Jacobson, N. Phillips, D. Goldman. Second row, A. Wallace, S. Macy, F. McCann, E. Campbell, J. Carnahan, D. Logan, J. Daris, R. Munro, A. Panages. Third row, R. Hunter, F. Sharer, C. Lewey, R. Bartlett, S. Alpiner, J. Landay, R. Clark, H. White, A. Kassel, H. Gras, S. Hinden. ■;frrrr 9,souAT,or. Syracuse 10, New York U i tjtifllljlt The growth of IMA has continued with its usual speed in this, its fourth effective year on Syracuse University campus. The organization ' s vakie is being measured in ever-increasing reahns of service. Service to its own membership, service to tlic t-niirc student Ijody, and thereby greater service to the facuUy and athninistration is what is constantly being developed. This has been the major objective of the Independent Men ' s Association. Today, in some measure, this has been attained. IMA ' s nu-mbership of 500 get their luw membership tee ' s worth by receiving discounts from city mer- chants ; by a tutoring system : a participation in intra- (irganizational athletics, a well-prepared and infurma- tive LM. News: and by a myriad of social functions (if aried t |)es: bouse |)arties, dances, hay rides, pic- nics, smokers with speaker programs and general good comjiany. The rest nf the campus gains from IMA ' s presence in as many wa s. This group originated the now insti- oilJl.V easltrii in in malurit; J progres! IMA Executive Council. First row, I. to r., W. Blagys, J. Koch, R. Lemer, I. Green, G. Ackerman. Second row, E. Milliken, L. Hymo, W. Ruben, L. Mitchell, J. Ballentine, G. Gualtieri. A. Raskin, T. Sueta. ttcCefrc dc ' Tftc ' 4 ( cccitc M, tutioiialized Campus Contacts system, is partiall)- re- sponsible for the telephone booths which have sprouted over the campus, and has arranged for bus transporta- tion to various school events. Other irons are in the hot fire of the dynamic Special Services Department of IMA. As a member college in the National Independent Students ' Association, the Syracuse organization has much to be proud of. It is the leader in the north- eastern area of the country ; it was featured as " The Independent Chapter of the Month " in the first issue of " Smoke Signals, " the NISA magazine ; it is to be the site of the regional conference next year ; and lastly, at the present time a Syracuse IMA member is the national president of NISA. In many ways, then, IMA is proving its strong maturity ... It is a progressive organization for a progressive campus. Above, Bob Lemer, Lodge. Below, right. president of IMA. Below, left, the IMA IMA s candidate for the ugly man contest. Ii uCL)- riA N _ 201 Irene Kopaczewski, president IWA Board of Chairmen. First row, I. to r., B. dimmer, D. LaManna, N. Kuzdorall, F. Droge. Second row, V. Pasrushan, E. Case, F. Puhala, I. Ko- paczewski, president; P. DeLass. Third row, A. Bobkiewie;, H. Mahony, M. Young, J. Murray. S. Clark. V. Ward, V. Sabia. tcCefre»tcCeat (Mte t ( cicUioH Independent Women ' s Association, under the presi- dency of Irene Kopaczewski, emphasized service to the University, all independent women and to its members this year. Committees established an exam file in the main library for the use of all students. The group also set up a tutoring service to give stu- dents help to those in need of extra assistance. With Panhell. I A cooperated in a program of Infirmary service — girls visited the Infirmary every afternoon to do errands fur those who were sick. Meanwhile, social affairs were not forgotten. The organization held nuinerons after-dinner coffees and sororities and meinbcrs of each class. IWA also sponsored mixers with indcpenrlunt cottages and men ' s living centers. The outstanding social event of the fall semester was the animal Christmas formal held at the YWCA. Two roller-skating parties at the Auburn rink and a splash party at the ' C. were other features of the social program. . tea was held at the Hail April 2 for IWA mem- liers and their faculty guests. 202 I IWA helped promote the Independent Sweetheart contest m cooperation with NISA. The winner, Else Svendsen, will be entered in national competition. A class cheer contest was sponsored by the organization and a recommendation was sent to the Administration to have prominent women visit the campus to lecture. Highlight of the spring term was the annual Inde- pendents ' Weekend, held in conjunction with IMA. This year the events were informal, with a sports dance, a picnic and a ball game as features. A joint IMA-I ' A banquet climaxed the week end. H itco4tcU Hde eHcCcKt StcccCcHtd. 4 i o ccatC tK IMA and IWA are members of the National Inde- pendent Students Association. This group serves as a clearing house for more than 100 independent groups throughout the country. This year the hub of NISA activity was at Syracuse as a member of IMA. John Ballentine, was national president. Next year Syra- cuse will be represented by Bobby Zimmer who was elected at the national convention to serve on the stu- dent board of publications. i John Ballentine, president of NISA Members of NISA at work. Both the IMA and IWA organizations at Sfraeuse are active members of this group. A The story of a successful year from the candid files vi the Independents. 204 This year I k ' iulrii.-ks l ' liai)t ' l cclehrati-s its iwcntietli anniversary of its estaljlishnient as tiie place where all faiths, Protestant, Jewish, and Catholic, combine in a spirit of unity and cooperation. Chapel has proven that it is " The Heart of the Campus " because it is the geographical center of the campus, and because it represents not only the working together of all the faith groups hut also the achieve- ments of the activities jirograni. For two decades Chapel ' s main business has lieen to strengthen the religious traditions of its students so that the men and women of Syracuse may broaden their faith and share the religious experiences of inter- faith fellowshi]). Chapel is for all and lirings real satis- faction to all Its participants. Fellowship between all nationalities and religious faiths. Left, the annual Chapel Banquet is an outstanding example of interfaith co-operation. Dean Carmen of Colum- bia was the guest speaker of the eve- ning and Dean Noble acted as toast- master. Below, three Brotherhood Chapel serv- ices were held this year to foster inter- racial and interfaith understanding. Below, Casawasco week ends of the fall and winter semesters are a time for planning and getting together for fun and fellowship. f j| it Jm P j ' , . 1 1 1 . ' m y chapel Counselors, hirst row, I. to r., Dean C. Noble, Mrs. M. LentAyer, Miss R. Hoople, Miss D. Nieman, Rabbi W. Sehwartz. Second row. Rev. C. Schmitz, Rer. W. Welsh, Rer. W. Smith, Mr. G. Daigneault, Rev. A. Hopkinson. Those absent, Rer. G. Ryan, Mr. W. Herget, Prof. C. Condon. Prof. N. Whitney, Rev. E. Reamon, Rer. G. Canfield. Chapel Secretaries. First row, I. to r., Mrs. V. Moore. Mr Crouse, Miss R. Spoor, Mrs. A. Gutman. Sui i The memljLTs of the Chapel Staff, with Dean Nol)le as the head, represent all religious faiths. Each religion foinad at Syracuse is asked to appoint a chaplain who conducts religious services and advises students in their individual problems. There are both full and part-time chaplains, some of whom have offices in the Chapel. All are glad to .serve students whenever necessarv. riie L !an Counselor at Chapel is Miss Mar- guerite MacKinnen. When student budgets iiin sliiirt the Chapel helps them with their prnlilcni. A .Student Emergencies Loan is set u|) til help tide them over. Miss Mac- Kinnen is the one to see for financial as- sistance. Casowasco conference is held at the begin- ning of each semester at Lake Owasco to plan the Chapel program for the coming term. Members of the Chapel Board and of the different faith groups attend and enjoy religious and social activities. 0% €UUf€Uc04t Betty Ruth Scott and John Hess as co-chairmen of Chapel this year have done a terrific job of coordinat- ing all the Chapel committees and the many projects that Chapel sponsors. The directing bodies of Chapel are the First Cabinet which is composed of the co- chairmen of the various committees. Second Cabinet is made up of their assistants and headed by Ruth Spoor and Milan Slahor. Some of the projects of Chapel this year have been directing Chapel night during registration week, the second annual All-Chapel banquet, sponsoring the Pa- rade of Champions for the benefit of the Campus Chest, the aiding of D.P. students, and the Christmas pageant in conjuncliim with Zet Phi Eta. Chapel Chairmen John Heis and Belly Ruth Scott SECOND CABlXi-rr First row, I. to r., M. Slahor, N. Widrig, J. Latowsky, J. Watson, J. Davis. K. O ' Hara, J. Work, J. Marks. Second row. G. Weber, N. Nye, D. Steele, A. Barry, M. Sorter, J. Davenport, S. Leiber, R. Spoor, L. Fuerst. Around the table, I. to r. M. Slahor, B. Lore, B. Tern- er, M. B. Baird, T. Tuttle M. Smith, G. Mogel. H Nissenhaum. R. Surbeck. K. Packard. R. Gertner, M. Pray, H. Strock, R. Sp T. Alpert. J. Saul. J. Halio A. Bergs, B. Johnsrud, I White, D. Rosen, B. Coulter. C. Seymour, S. Stevens, D. Miner, J. Hess, B. R. Scott. Second row, G. Daigneault. M, Shepard, L. Rosenbaum J. Setter, D. Harkin, L. Millner, E. Van Der Wart. Siiaci :pIC3 1 ( afrel ;4ctC AcUe4 Above left. Informal i isctissioii in iVonliip Commiltee. Above right. Chapel Chimes radio broadcast. Center left. Chapel Committee Sign-iips. Center right. Worship service at Casawasco. Bottom left. Dean Noble and Bou ' geois Gentleman. Bottom right, proposed Interfaith Center. ' I ' lKTf hardly si-t-iiis to Ik- enough room in Hendricks Chapel to house its many different activities. The Colo- nial Room and the Lounge are constant scenes for discussions, teas, social gatherings, and regular meet- ings. The future i)lans for the University include a large Interfaith Center wht-re all groups will have adequate room for expansion. B.ld ■ _-i-n!! _kM- There ' s almost every kind of activity ill Chapel. Students who are interested in the international scene attend World Relations, send Care packages from C.O.R., work with International Stu- dents, or help Chinese students through Syracuse-in-China. At Human Relations meetins;s the dis- cussions center around people and their problems, while ' ocations Commission tries to solve their job-hunting difficul- ties. The Freshmen, Seniors and Gradu- ates meet together to discuss their special interests. The Public Relations Committee spreads the Chapel " good news " through the Chapel Chimes newspaper and radio program. Working with underprivileged children is part of Group Social Servic Chapel Service helps to keep one of the most complete and up-to-date student files far Chapel. Their duties are also vital to the smooth run- ning of Chapel teas and the Thompson Road open houses, as veil as many other Chapel services. SYRACUSE-IN-CHINA Student Executive Committee. L. to r., D. Schmere, V. Tidoki, B. Chan, R. Gertner, J. Marks, K. Nelter. Absent, M. Pray, W. Wong, K. Wan. Through the efforts of Kalihi W. Schwartz and Tex Alpert, President uf the I ' Vlluwship. the Jewish stu- dents have carried out their threefold program of religious services, cultural ]jrograms, and social events. Among the events held this }ear were the Purim Carni- val held at the Temple Concord, open houses where noted speakers and performers were heard, and seminar groups discussing a survey of Jewish literature. The officers for this year were First ' ice-President, Rosetta Finck ; Second ' ice-President. Stuart Josefs- herg : Secretary, Beverly Fnglehard : and Treasurer. 1 larvey Kaplan. The work of tlu- l ' -llo v.shi|) lia- dniu ' niuch to add respect for the great traditions of Judaism. .V Brother- hood Service has also heen inaugurated which has hrought together students of all faiths in a spirit of friendliness and cooperation. Rabbi William Schwartz First row, I. to r., G " . Behrman, M. Canenn, S. Katz, L. Seller, L. Lasday, W. Rasenlbae, R. Shallop, N. Zankel. Second row, R, Laurie, B, Enpelhard, S. Josephsburg, Rabbi W. Schwartz, P. Finck, H. Kaplan, R. Eisenberg. Below left, Jewish worship center. Right, Group attending Oneg Shabbat, Friday night social meeting. Thet woiiii is can TbeC iOSW he group; Methc inlmj Rev. Arthur Hopkinson ' PlOtC taPtt tctCfACtcC4 The eleven Protestant religious groups at Syracuse work together through the Protestant Council which is composed of two members from each faith group. The Council, headed by Stan Lincoln, has sponsored during the past year movies on timely material, social events such as the Council square dance, the Lenten Communion services, and special study groups. The highlight of their program was a series of lectures given by Professor Richardson during the Lenten season on the life of Jesus. Each fellowship has meetings for religious activities and social functions on Sunday evening. The individual groups sponsor many worth while things such as the Methodist Bake Sale to raise money for needy students in India. 1 ! k ! M fl Ui mk RC L.I 9 ♦ p ■% " ( ■I J B Above left, the Protestant Council. First row, I. to r., C. Abbot, K. O ' Hara, S. Lincoln, B. Allen, D. Maxheiner, Miss D. Nieman. Second row, B. Beacham, H. Pearson, B. Lemer, A. Wilson, A. Bushing, T. Wallace, Rev. A. Hopkinson. Below left, Hoppy ' s Barn, the scene of many faith group functions. Right, Sunday morning worship in Chapel. St, (Mtcu Tfttne Father Gannon Ryan The St. Thomas More Foundation is the Catholic agency at Syracuse headed by Father Gannon Ryan. Father Ryan conducts classes in religion and directs a large religious and social program. This year, ten years after the foundation originated, St. Thomas More House has been rebuilt and a new addition erected. The new building includes a spacious lounge which can be transformed into a chapel or lecture hall with a capacity for seati ng 250 people. The Blessed ' irgin Mary Sodality headed by Kath- leen Cull and The Holy Name Society imder the lead- ership of John Hanlon were active in social work, hos- pital aid. and performed sejvice functions at St. Thom- as. Through their combined efforts, affairs such as the Communion Breakfast, the Christmas Formal and Din- ner Dance, periodic ( )i3en Houses, and seasonal parties were given. Executire Committee. First ro», I. to r., N. Derine. J. Hanlon. K. Cull. B. Bar- rett. Seeond row, F. Stickle, B. del Giorno, V. Marcelli, L. Dion. Father Ryan and Father Horan receive Mr. and Mrs. Bitrch at an Open House. St. Thomas More House, 112 Walnut Place. (Uc The Catholic Choir Jewish Fellowship Choir Music in tlie religious services of all three faiths has been of a high caliber this year. Jean W ' ahl directed the Catholic choir and Paul Converso led the Jewish choir. In addition to the regular services, the Chapel Choir under Prof. Arthur Poister gave several con- certs. The three choirs each sang at the . 11 Chapel Ban- quet and united forces under the direction of Mr. Poister for the singing of " Battle Hymn of the Re- public. " Hendricks Chapel Choir I Psi Vpiilan. nint: T mte m Forestry Co-op, winner Snow, ijaradc nf llu(l )ii cars, Tex Bciicke and Dclilali ' s crown made Winter Weekend l ' ' 5(). This year was it! jean Ddlkird and Sam Novenstern, week- end chairmen, jirayed for the white, fhike ' winter stuff and it came. .Snow sculptures emerged overnight on front hiwns . . . Hvely comic characters from the Sunday funnies, the daily news and The Svr. cus. n. Ski races and skating revues attracted the week-enders to Drumlins and the Ski Lodge. The loudest, the smallest, the most fantastic socks in the world showed off at the Stockingfoot Dance. Sigma Phi Epsilon Phi Sigma Sigma, winner Lambda Chi Alpha 220 kk a cuai . (l(li-(l event nf the week end was the Snow Guessing Contest. The winner placed a decimal point l e- tween the second and third fig- ures of his home address ; it was 41.4 and actually 37. f inches of snciw tell in Syracuse between January 1 and Winter Carnival. -More was to follow to make the winter a bitter one. J. L. Lewis ])redicted a coal strike ; the weather- man snow flurries and colder in Syracuse. Two Winter Carnival chairmen had ]M ' ayed too well! Alpha Xi Delta ' s the night before Sigma Alpha Mu Delta Kappa Epsilon 227 Top right, fashion preview of the year . . . the mid-century look on Syracuse co-eds. Middle right. Queen of the Winter, Sylvia Fleishman, wore Delilah ' s crown from MGM ' s " Samson and Delilah " and won a New York trip to present a model Hudson car encased in ice to Mayor O ' Dwyer. Here Marty Glickman presents the Hudson to Miss Fleishman and Tex Beneke places the crown. Bottom right, finalists in the Winter Queen contest off to the Sno-Ball . . . Tex Beneke, his band and the Al Capp cartoons every- where. 222 Vou could never tell about the Orange this season. When they were hitting they were the best, but when they were missing they were awful. But it was a great season. Whenever a team wins 18 games and gains the quarter finals of the National hnitation Tmirnament, thev " ve had a good vear. Jersey Jack Kiley starts on a drive through the Rut- gers middle. That ' s the Scarlet star, Bucky Hatchett, watching as Kiley tears by. The surprise of the year was a big, gawky sophomore named Ed Miller. Miller came off the bench when the Orange had reached its lowest point, a 4-game losing streak initiated by Holy Cross during the Christmas vacation. An unheralded soph, big Miller was a sur- prise starter against a visiting Niagara powerhouse. He clicked with Jack Kiley and Syracuse whirled away to a 62-49 upset over the surprised Purple Eagles. This was a turning point of the season. Kiley. the team ' s leading scorer, came out of his slump and the team ' s stock advanced. Miller was the difference — although slow and awkward, he worked well with Sav- age under the boards and was a constant scoring threat. With the arrival of a strong big man, Andreas now had a consistent first team of Jack Kiley, Dick Suprun- owicz. Bob Savage, Ed Miller, and either Mike Stark or Tom Jockle. Stark and Jockle alternated all year and later in the season a highly improved Tom Huggins made a great showing, particularly in the tournament, where he proved an able replacement for Miller or Savage. (hen Left: Official table in a tense situation. Right; Supruno- wicz has that look in his eye — he must be looking for Cousy. Jack Kiley and Cornell ' s Spike Gerwin battle for the elusive ball as Sam MacNeill (31) of the Big Red and Torn Huggins hurry to join in the struggle. The Orangemen were upset by the Big Red in the Coliseum, 6S-55. (oadlfi " ' ilieColis lieiore B TotODlO. PrinctW victor) ' I Giristira ilireMifl Fasli,Si % in ll sea» . ' syslem. Tte (lampeiii ik yeai etfiic 10 a !■ siart tht A picture of determination and a maze of arms as John Beck (22) and Tom Huggins fight for the ball. Tom was outstand- ing in the National Invitational Tournament in Madison Square Garden. Luck and fine scheduling was with Syracuse all through the early part of the season. Never a goo( road team, the ( )range played its first eight games on tiie Coliseum court and rolled up seven straight wins before taking its first loss. The Orange romi)ed over Toronto, Ouantico .Marines, Columbia, Rutgers, Princeton and Pennsylvania, and squeezed out a 54-32 victory over a strong Brown team two days after Christmas. Kiley, Suprunowicz and Savage were the three-man nucleus of this drive, with Stark, Jockle, Fash, Stevesky, Stubby Miller and Ed Rosen alternat- ing in the other positions. During this part of the season . ndreas made heavy use of tne two-platoon system. I ' hree days later Holy Cross put the brakes on the stampeding Orangemen, llefore the largest crowd of the year, Ail-American l!ob Cousy put on a great e.xhibition and scored 24 points to pace the Crusaders to a 71-58 victory over the startled Syracusans an start the homesters on the downgrade. Kiley goes up in attempt to block shot by Burch in Niagara game. Rights Tony Hladik goes up for one-hand shot against Rutgers as teammates Savage and Steve- skey get ready to go for rebound. Syracuse started the new year with a trip to Phila- delphia to meet Temple and came back on the short end of a 55-52 count, victims of their own lapses in a sad second half. Next a high-geared Loyola of Chicago team which couldn ' t miss roared into the Coliseum to hand the fast-fading Orangemen loss number three, and two nights later Cornell added the kicker with a lopsided 67-56 pasting at Barton Hall. After Syracuse lost the lead early in the first half. Coach Andreas emptied the liencli in an attem))t to find a workable combination. Then came lul Aliller and the Niagara victory. Fenn State ' s zone defense stopped the Orange at State College but they were a different team as they ram- paged over Fordham, Canisius. West Point, NYU and Colgate before Cornell, which was later to win the Allie Seelbach troi hy. canit- to the Coliseum and again made tiic ( )raiiye lunk like a neighlx)rhood pickup team. Below, it looks like a shot by Z.eke Sinicola (17), Defensive star Suprunowicz did a fine job in holding down the Niagara ace. Left, Fast camera catches ball flattening out on Stubby Miller. ' hove: Rosen and Stevesky come in for rebound on shot by Kiley. 231 Dramatic Tom Muggins does the emceeing as Savage and Hladik battle nith Bucky Hatchett and Don Parsons during Rutgers game. Ballhawk Ed Rosen gets set to show the Fordham boys how ttell a good little man can play ball. 232 1 Cornell men Rose (25 ) and Ash- baugh (23) shy away from the ball as big Ed Miller looks on. The perennial threat of " Garden jitters ' " loomed again for the Orange two nights later when they moved into New York to face a fast-breaking CCNY team. But Syracuse played like it owned the Garden this year as it hit a season ' s peak in trouncing CCNY 83-74. They returned to the strike- frozen Coliseum two nights later and turned the tables on Penn State. 46-44. If the win over I ' enn State made Lew Andreas ' fifty-fifth birthday a happy one, the next victory put an extra layer on the cake. The tournament-bound C)rangemen had a perfect first half as they roared to a 51-25 lead over the Temple Owls and finished with a 105-76 revenge. Andreas announced acceptance of the NIT bid the following afternoon. Jersey Jack goes way up to snare the ball from a couple of Holy Cross rebounders. The Crusaders were the first to beat Syracuse this year, snapping a 7-game win streak before the largest crowd the Orange drew all year. But they didn ' t look like tournament material as they lost and lost miserably to Colgate and Canisitis in their final games. They went into the Garden three nights later in the depths of a new slum]) and with a 17-8 record, poorest of any competing team. Again they hit a new high spot. The Blackbirds of LIU couldn ' t match the drive and sharpshooting of a revitalized Orange five. With an amazing Jack Kiley hitting from all angles and passing off brilliantly, and Huggins, Savage, Miller and Jockle controlling the boards, Syracuse ran away to an 80-52 triumph. Bradley, the nation ' s number one team, was next. ' cjWB Right: Jack Kiley, who scored 15 points against the Violets, drives past NYU ' s Quilty. The O range won this contest, 61-49. Bottom: Chuck Steresky tosses up a left-hand hook past Gerwin of Cornell. Dick Suprunowicz of the Orange and Captain John Rose of the Big Red are coming up behind to snatch the rebound. P 1, ' --- ■ That number one rating was correct. Syracuse was brilliant as it held the favored Braves to a 40-39 lead at halftime but tired in the second half, and after Ed Miller fouled out with ten minutes to go, was out of the game, losing 78-66 in the tournament ' s most thrill- ing batde. Kiley, who scored 39 points in the two games — for a new season ' s record of 439 points — was again brilliant, as were Savage, Huggins and unsung reserveman Johnny Beck. Bob Savage, Johnny Beck, Stubby Miller. Ed Rosen and Bill Fash were the graduating seniors. This left four regulars and a h(jst of seasoned reserves for a very promising 1950-51 season. 235 7iJ%c tica Coach: Joe McDaniel Capt: Ken Hunte, Pascal Perri Mjjr: Hal Jury aux ttcUvlcCccai It took Syracuse 24 years to ,t, ' ain llieir first Eastern intercollegiate wrestling crown but only one to annex their second. Coach Joe McDaniel ' s 1949-50 squad repeated the success of last year ' s team by eking out a 3-point win in the Easterns. Copping their second title in as many ears came at the end of the most successful dual meet season ever enjoyed by the Hill squad which saw them go through an 8-meet slate undefeatefl. Topping their success in the Easterns was their excellent showing in the Nation- als, where they placed fourth. This was the highest any Eastern team had finished in 15 years, and also the highest ever attained by a Syracuse team. Sparking the Orange to their outstanding season were veterans Ken Hunte and George Gebhardt. The two tied for dual meet honors, won Eastern crowns, and were runners-up in the Nationals. Above, Orange 121-pounder Lou Tschirhart completes a stand-up in meet with Cornell. Tschirhart as did Orange malmen. Hunte won the Eastern ' s most valuable wrestler trophy, an honor which team- mate Gebhanlt had annexed last year. Right behind the two pace-setters were 165- Ijounder Pascal I ' erri, co-captain of the Orange, with Hunte, EIWA 121-pound litleholder Bob Gerbino, Joe Settanni, Eastern 136-pound runner-up, and Lou Tschir- hart and Lee Nethersole. Others who saw action were Bob " alle, Murry Winer, Howie Tice, Hal Cook, Pete George and John Haas. In eight dual meets. Syracuse compiled 167 points to their oijponents ' 54. Above, a figure-4 head schsors is applied by contorted Syracusan. Left, Joe Settanni hangs on as Big Red 145-pounder attempts to stand up from referee ' s position. The Orangemen o])eiicd their season witli a 27-?i win over Cohimhia. Tschirhart, Perri and Winer won hy falls, while Hiinte, Ciebhardt. Settanni and alle gained decisions. Franklin and Marshall was the next scjiiad to bow to the Piety grapplers, coming out on the short end of a 19-9 count. Tschirhart and tlunte won by falls, while Nethersole, Perri, and (lebhart won on points. The closest score encountered by the Hillmen was against Rutgers, where they managed to squeeze otit a 14-11 win. Gerbino, Himte, Settanni and Gebhardt won decisions for the Orange and Nethersole drew for two more points to give the Orange their win. In this meet, Perri was edged by Mike Perona of the Scarlet to end his 14-meet win streak. In their first away meet of the season the Piety trounced the West Point Cadets, 22-8. Next on their road trip the Orange downed a strong Penn State squad, 18-8. Returning home, they downed Cortland Teachers, 19-9, for their sixth win. Next on the Orange schedule was Lehigh, perennially one of the strongest teams in the East and up to this year their jinx team. In all the previous meetings be- tween the two, Syracusans had always come out second best. This year they turned the tables and dumped the Engineers, 20-6. Below, Captain Pas Perri rides Chuck Taft with light waist hold. Syracuse whitewashed Cornell, 28-0. Above, Captain Pascal Perri is the victim of a cross-face hold. taniii Tl mtrt endt over in It The undefeated Orange wres- tlers of Coach Joe McDaniel. Eastern champs for the second successive year, they had four individual title holders, Hunte, Gebhardtf Gerbino and Settanni. Coach Joe McDaniel with his Eastern Intercollegiate cham- pions. Individual title holders were Ken Hunte, George Geb- hardt and Bob Gerbino. Geb- hardt and Hunte were also National finalists. ' Gehhardt was the (inly man t ' l pin for the Hill forces but clecisions liy Tschirhart, Nethcrsole, Set- tanni, Hunte and I ' erri were all they needed to win. Their 28-0 triumph over Cornell ended the dual meet season. Ken Hunte. by winnini; in this meet, ended the year with 21 consecuti e dual meet victories over a 3-year period. In the Easterns held at Princeton, the Orange were considered the team to beat along with Penn State and Lehigh. After the first two rounds of competition the Hill squad still had seven men left of their eight starters. However, in the third meet, the semi-finals, they lost three men and entered the finals one man down on Lehigh. However, Gerbino, Ihmte and Gebhart came through in the finals. With Lehigh copping only one title, the Orange had their second straight Eastern intercollegiate championship. In the Nationals, the Orange entered four men, Geb- hardt, Hunte, Gerbino and Tschirhart. Gerbino and Tschirhart were eliminated early in the meet, but George and Ken reached the finals before losing. An undefeated season, an Eastern title and fourth in the Nationals is a real record to shoot at. Above, Lou Tschirhart appears to be pulling the hair of his Cornell opponent. Below, Ken Hunte attempts a body break- down. xm Coach: Roy Simmons Capt: James Rollier Mgr: Al Johnson Left: Captain Jim Rollier throws a left jab in the Easterns, held at the Colise- um. Jim won his third straight 165-pound title. Right: Jim Huba, Syracuse 125-pounder, trades lefts in the Easterns. Jim was one of four Orange champs. ) I ' or the iiinlli time since V,)24 Syracuse finished its boxing season as the top team in the East. In addi- tion the Orange mittmen emerged with four individ- ual champions to give Roy Simmons a very successful 25th anniversary as Piety boxing coach. (_ ' oach Simmons and his squad faced t eii fine Ijoxing teams in the dual season and pro ed their aliility by defeating Wisconsin, Army and Catholic university. In the season ' s o])ener the ( Jrange met Louisiana State university at the Sugar Bowl in New (Orleans. The Piety punchers were weakened by the loss of Ben Dolphin, 145-pound sophomore star, who was undergoing an appendectomy, and were edgefl out. X ' irginia toppled .Syracuse, 4 ,2 to i i, as Ben Dolphin suffered a cut in the first round of his bout, and the match was ended by the referee who called it a draw. Aside from this match, Ben was unde- feated in dual meet competition. A fine Wisconsin squad journeyed to Syracuse on March 3 and were humbled 5-3 in a thrilling upset. Marty Crandell crushed the Badgers ' hopes of a draw when he pounded out a decisive decision over eto Parisi, 1948 NCA. heavyweight champ. The Badgers had not been defeated by the Orange for 14 years and had not suffered such a severe loss to any squad since 1940. Coach Simmons ' l)oys routed Army 5y2-2yi, and defeated Catholic universitv 5-3. They lost to a powerful Minnesota team, 5-3. In the Catholic U. meet Syracuse ' s ever-improving Jim Htiba drew with Tom Cronin, 1949 125-pound EIBA title holder. Following the X ' isconsin meet the team prepared to defend their Eastern Intercollegiate Bo.xing title. The Orange Mittmen were led by Captain Jim Rol- lier. who was seeking his third straight Eastern title. Marty Crandell absorbs a hard left from West Point ' s Bill Kellum. Marty was runner-up in the Easterns in 1949 and 1950, and nas National Inter- collegiate champion in 1949. kV Left: Chuck Rigoglioso dodges a hard right hook. R ' gg " ' " " s the 155-pound Eastern champion in 1949. Right: Penn State ' s 125- pounder John Hanby ducks away from a looping left thrown by Jim Huba. Huba was one of Syracuse ' s four Eastern champions in 1950. At the conchision of two days of grueling coinpeti- tion, four of the Orange boxers were crowned East- ern champs, the team walked away with the title. Syracuse champions were Jim Huba, 125 pounds. Ben Dolphin. 145 pounds. Tim Curley, 135 pounds, and Jim Rollier, 165 pounds. Tim Curley had won the 145 pound title in 1949, but stepped down to 135 to make room for Ben Dolphin, the undefeated Orange sophomore. Heavyweight Marty Crandell and 175 poimder George Kartalian were both finalists. 244 The eight Eastern box- ing champions. Orange titlists were Jim Huba, Tim Curley, Jim Roltier, and Ben Dolphin, Cap- tain Jim Rollier holds the trophy symbolic of Syracuse ' s Eastern inter- collegiate supremacy. Rollier was the tenth man since 1924 to win three titles. Both he and Dolphin reached the finals in the Nationals at Penn State. It was the first year that senior Jim Rollier had entered the National Collegiate tourney, but Dolphin has two more years to fight for the title. A bright spot in this year ' s addition of the Orange mittmen was new- comer George Kartalian, who alternated with Whitey Maher in the 175- pound slot. In his first year of intercollegiate boxing, George reached the Eastern finals where he opposed one of the most potent men in college boxing, Pete Monofore of Army. Kartalian lost in a close battle, but the crowd arose to give an ovation to the game slugger who nearly achieved the upset of the year. Scud CUCfHfHCtta Coach: Ted Webster Capt: Brent Clark Mgr: Roger Rettig Above: Paul Renz dives in relay race against Cornell. Left: Orange diver Ted Billings performs in a half gainer. Bill ( )raiige ' s swimmers cunipiled a six and two rec- ord in the 1949-1950 season. The swimmers beat Co- lumbia, Niagara, Toronto, Penn State, Pennsylvania, and Cornell. They lost only to Rutgers and Colgate. The team opened at home with a startling one-sided 66-9 victory over Columbia. Brent Clark took two wins — his daily double — and the Orange scored firsts in every event in the lopsided opener. A trip to Toronto and Niagara in January before the final exam break resulted in two more easy wins as Syracuse won, 51-24, over Niagara and scored a 53-22 romp over Toronto. 1 After the exaniinatiim lull — and the graduation of diver Charles Starwald, the Orange hit the roa 1 again for its toughest week-end stand, facing Pennsylvania and Rutgers in succession. At I ' enn ' s spacious palestra the locals raced to their fourth straight victory, winning by a 42-33 count. I ' .rent Clark scored another double win in the 220- and 100-yard free-style and set a Hill record for the 100. The (Jrange took six firsts although losing both relay events. The next night at Rutgers the ( )range felt its first loss, 51-24, from the Scarlet, with two close races and relay weakness again proving disastrous. Rutgers took an early 5-0 lead and never gave Syracuse a chance to catch up. The next meet, with Fordham. had been cancelled because of the New York Cit ' water shortasre. A half gainer is executed by Syracuse direr Bert Pariser in meet nilli the Cornell Big Red in the Archbold Pool. Penn State was next and the Orange continued its victory string at the Nittany home pool with a 53 - 2I3 2 romp in which Clark and Auer both cracked Paul McCabe ' s record against Penn State in the 220 and Auer set a new 440 mark and the relay team set a new Syracuse standard for the 400. Colgate invaded Syracuse and, paced by the brilliant Ralph Co.xhead, handed Syracuse its second defeat. The Orange finished with a victory over Cornell, their last meet in the old Archbold pool. Clark and Auer went to the Easterns and kept Syracuse in the upper third of the entrants. ( CfiH( iC 1950 was tlie most successful season in the young history of Hill gymnastics. Although the colorful sport was only in its third year at Syracuse, Coach Paul Romeo ' s team copped an Eastern Intercollegiate title and, what is more important, established gymnastics as one of Piety Hill ' s top winter sports. Paced by ail-around gjmnasts Joel Baba and Lou Domin. tumble and captain Norman Bud Matthews, side horse artist Gene Ralibitt and rope climber Leo Minotti. the Saltine squad raced through the season undefeated. . fler swamping Cortland 62-13, Syracuse scored two wins in Eastern Intercollegiate League competi- unn. humliling Temple, defending champ, .= 4-42, and Navy, f 4-32. The highhght of the . nnapolis meet was Minotti ' s outstanding performance un tlie rope. Brawny Leo scaled the 20-foot roi)e in ,v.= seconds, shattering by one-tenth of a second his own EIL record. Meet the team: Coach Paul Romeo and the powerful gym squad jthich brought Syracuse an Eastern title after three years of competition. T... rV 1 V 1 i 1 . Aftt-r a two-week layoff, the Orangemen traveled tci Army where they were held to a 48-48 deadlock. A win over Penn State earned Syracuse the EII- co-title, held jointly with the Cadets. At the Eastern individual meet Syracuse grabbed two titles with Mottie and Rabbitt winning in their specialties. Three weeks later, at the XCAA tourne ' , the same duo walked off with national honors. As a team, Syracuse was sixth. Other Hill barmen who saw considerable action dur- ing the season were Les Backhaus and Ken Aleister. high bar; Hugh Goldstein and Tink Bean, tumbling; Larry Katzman. flying rings and rope climb; George Gore, parallel bars ; John Schappert. side horse, and Ronnie Bloom, flvine rings. Above: Joel Baba, the Orange ' s ail-around performer and lead- ing pointmaker. Baba scored points in three events — the fly- ing rings, parallel bars and the side horse. Right: Side horse titleholder Gene Rabbitt who ran away with every possible champion- ship in his event: Gene finished an undefeated year by copping three titles, NAAU, NCAA and Eastern. ' cm Two members of the fresh, man squad lake off in c tain jump Completing a very successful season, the women ' s ski team added two new trophies to the growinjj collection above the ski lodge fireplace. The first, won at old Forge, represents the Western Division championship of the Intercollegiate Ski Union. The second was awarded to the Syracuse women for placing first in a field of f nir teams al the Skiilnmrc Winter C ' arnival. The team also cnm- ]ieted in the Middlehury Winter Canii al liul was seriously handicapped by injury to two members before tiie racing competition had begun. During the remainder of the season the girls c im]ieted individually in the .Xew York State Slalom championships at St. Lawrence Uni ersity and in the I ' .arton Trophy race at North Creek. Xew York. Team meml)ers gained honors in both races. Right: the best part of the ride- Below: Meet the boys: Gene Beckeman, William Stewart, William Kelley, Ed Richard, Collin (Hap) Caldwell, Ben Bucko, Ted Farwell, Dick Tarr and George Earle. Left: Meet the girls: Sherry Whiting, Anne Benson, Phyl- lis Bennett, Beverly Wallace, Carol Menapace, Jeane Mangin and Barbara Raleigh, captain. The varsity ski team completed the most successful season in its young history. Competing against a total of 30 college t:ams, the varsity squad defeated all but four of these teams at least once. For the first time the team received the coveted invitation to compete in the Dartmouth Winter Carnival. . t Hanover the Syracuse skiiers placed sixth among the top ten teams of eastern U.S. and Canada. In a field of 14 New York college teams at Old Forge Syracuse won the Western div- ision championship of the Intercollegiate Ski Union. With this victorv came the right to compete in the I.S.U. Senior division cham- pionships at Aliddlebury, ' t. Again skiing against the best in the I ' List, .Syracuse retained its newlv won berth in the Senior division by placing eighth in a field of eleven teams. Topping off a great year, the team travelled to Snow Ridge. where for the second consecutive year they defeated 14 New York teams to win the New York collegiate downhill and slalom championship. 257 fee! ' P e fHCit V, ,W ' iW jtv ' nisi Above, The frosh snintmers of Coach Ted Webster, who nere undefeated tn four meets. Out- standing were Mlshko, KohnKen and Reed. Below, Bob Pickett with his freshmen matmen. In fire matches, the wrestlers only lost to Cornell s Big Red. An elusive ball is watched by frosh hoop- slers Ed Conway (33) and frank Rayner (34) in their game with CCBI. The Orangemen defeated CCBI as they won 13 of 15 games. The freslimen athletes on Piety Hill cunipiled a splendid record during the winter season. Particularly impressive were the swimmers, wlm won four straight meets, and Coach Andy Mogish ' s basketballers, victorious in thirteen of fifteen games. Four records were broken by the frosh mermen, two of these by George Mishko. Mishko broke Hal . uer " s 440-yard free-style mark against Manlius, covering the distance in 5:17. He also cracked the freshman mark of Brent Clark in the 220-yard free-style, and holds the new record jointly with teammate Charlie KohnKen. The new time was 2 :24.4. Other records were broken by Dave Reed in the 100-yard backstroke, and the 150-yard medley relay team of Ben Nitzberg, Tom Schaeffer and Reed, as the swimmers defeated Alanlius twice, and Cornell and Colgate once. Tno Cornell men converge on Bob Grabaz (with hall) as Fred Serley and Bill Manikas (5) more in to help him. The frosh whipped Cornell mice. Coach Bob Pickett ' s wrestlers won three of five matches. They defeated Cortland twice and Ithaca once, and suffered their only losses at the hands of Cornell. Outstanding were Capt. Bob Bury, Enzo Marinelli, and Bill Skyinskus. Skyinskus finished fourth in the heavyweight division of the National AAUs. Marinelli was undefeated as a heavyweight, and lost his only match of the year in the 175-pound division. The only games the freshman basketball squad lost were to Cortland and Niagara. Among the opponents who fell before the frosh were Oswego, Colgate, Cornell, LeMoyne, lanlius and Ithaca. Bob Grabaz ' s splendid shooting and passing, Bill Manikas ' s floor play, and the backboards work of George Koesters, Frank Reddout and Fred Serley were outstanding. Grabaz led the individual scorers with 208 points, followed by Manikas and Koesters. I Y 254 " Pc 4ifr !i aci In just two years the membership of Pi Alpha Tau has swelled to some forty members. The captains, managers and sports editors honorary had a busy year in 1949-1950. Most important project was a manager survey conducted by Ken Shaw, Bob Hunt, Whitey Lundberg, Vic Cooper and Carl Silverstein. The athletic participation trophy was again awarded, with Phi Pappa Psi taking honors for the second time. Officers elected to head the group in 1950 were: president, Jack Warner ; vice-president, Neil Pratt ; secretary, Gene Perry ; treasurer, Ray Schuler. and coresponding secretary. Ken Shaw. Shown below are Perry, Schuler and Shaw. -v A ( n cuUc€ite ( U x 4frfaUed Scicttce 264 frfrUed ScCc»tce ABI ' .OTT, Carolyn J., Yonkers — Electrical Engineer- ing; AIEE; Chorus. ABBOTT, Robert C, Syracuse- Electrical Engineering ; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Sigma Pi Sigma ; Inst, of Radio Eng. ; Symphonic Band; Chorus. ACRIVOS. Andrew, Athens, Greece — Chemical Engineering ; Alpha Chi Sigma ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Cliess Club. AIKEN, Clinton D., Syracuse — Physics; Men ' s Glee Club. ALDRIDGE, Charles . ., Victor— Physics; Sigma Phi Epsilon; MSG; T ' Society; Chorus; Cam- pus Chest ; Men ' s Glee Club ; New Writing Founda- tion ; Camera Club; T B ; Intramurals. AMICO, Sal- vatore 1., Peekskill — Civil Ensrineerinp;. ANDERSON, William D., Kcnmore— Electrical En- gineering ; Delta Tau Delta ; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Mu Epsi- lon. ARNOLD, Wesley E., Owego — . dministrative engineering; Pi Alpha Mu ; AIIE ; Soc. for the Adv. of Management; Technology Club. ATKINSON, George C, Salt Point — Administrative Engineering; IMA; Technology Club ; Soc. for the Adv. of Management ; . IEE; Methodist Fellowshii) ; Intramurals. .A.XELS(-)M, Raymond J.. Jr., Syracuse — Chemical Engineering; ASCE. AYLING, Donald C, Syracuse — Electrical Engineering; IMA; AIEE; Outing Club; TV Society. BALABAN, Lester, Brooklyn— Civil En- gineering ; Tau Beta Pi ; .ASCE ; Honor Conim. ; Chapel ; Intranuirals. BANTA, Constance ., Maplewood, N. J. — Mechani- cal Engineering ; Pi Tau Sigma ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; TR Chapel Board ; Slide Rule ; Westminster Fellowship. BARBIERI, Gregory, Syracuse — Electrical Engineer- ing; AIEE; Inst, of Radio Engineering. BARCZYS, Daniel . ., Buffalo — Electrical Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau ; Theta Tau ; Honor Court ; Scalp Blade ; Catho- lic Choir. BARNEY, Paul L., Syracuse — Electrical Engineering. BARTLETT, Edward E., Borodino — Mechanical En- gineering ; Pi Tau Sigma ; Tau Beta Pi ; ASME. BEACH, Richard G., Syracuse — Mechanical Engineer- ing ; Pi Tau Sigma ; ASME. BEALL, Paul M., Binghamt Mi— ASCE ; TR Open House ; ASP. BECHTER, Charles A., Jr., Portsmouth, Ohio — Electrical Engineering; Acacia; Pi Mu Epsi- lon; AIEE; E. E. Honorary. BECKER, Richard O.. West Reading, Pa. — Chemical Engineering, transfer from Ohio U. ; . IChE. 265 €ld4. O f950 BECKER, Stanley D., Brooklyn — Mechanical Engi- neering ; Theta Tau ; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Tau Sigma ; ASME. BECKER, William E., Jr., Altamont— Elec- trical Engineering ; Sigma Pi Sigma ; AIEE ; Int. Relat. Club. BEDELL. Robert P., Springfield, Mass.— Ad- ministrative Engineering; Acacia; IFC Ball, Chrmn. ; See. for the Adv. of Management ; Protestant Council, Chrmn. ; Chapel, First Cabinet ; AIIE ; United Student Fellowshi]). BEERS, George E., Fayetteville — Electrical luigineer- ing ; AIEE ; Inst, of Radio Eng. ; E. E. Honorary ; In- tramurals. BEISE, Fred A., Ridley Park, Pa. — . ero- nautical Engineering ; Inst, of Aero. Sciences ; Varsity S(K-cer, Capt. ' 49. BENNETT, Charles E., Whiteslioro — . dniinistrative Engineering; Phi Kap])a Tau; Tlieta Tau: AIIE; Soc. for . dv. of Management. BENNETT, Walter B., Jr., Honesdale, Pa.— Photo- granimetry ; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma; ASP, BERSSON, Fred, New York City— Mechanical En- gineering. P)1CI1F., William J., Syracuse — Mechanical Engineering: . S. I1 ' . ; St. Thomas More. BIELEWICZ, Stanley J., Utica — Electrical Engineer- ing; AIEE; St. Thomas More. BILLINGS, Theodore E., East Greenbush — Electrical Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; E. E. Honorary. BLISS, Malcolm M., Syracuse — Mechanical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Tau Sigma ; Theta Tau ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; ASME. BOLTO.X, R. Earl, ( )tta va, Canada — . dministrative Engineering; AIIE; SL ' SKI ; TR Chapel Board; BOLTXJLF, Henry A., Syracuse — Mechanical Engi- neering; ASME. BRAINARD, Alexander N., Rye- Administrative Engineering; Psi LIpsilon ; .MIlv BRAUDE, Edward J., Newburgh — Electrical Engi- neering. BRUUSE, David Y., Williamsport, Pa. — Electrical Engineering; Acacia; AIEE. BROWN, Earl H., Syracuse — Mechanical Engineering. BROWN, Edward M., Brooklyn— Mechanical Engi- neering; ASME. BROWN, Robert I., Syracuse— Ad- ministrative Engineering; Soc. for the Adv. of Man- agement; Ham Radio Club. BRUYETTE, Gerald W., Rhinebeck ; Aeronautical Engineering; Acacia; ASME ; Inst, of Aero. Sciences. 266 ;4frfrlCccL Sciettce BUELL, Charles W., Jr., Syracuse — Administrative Engineering; Zeta Psi, Pres. ; AIIE; Soc. for the Adv. of Management; AMA. BUONANNO, Eugene P., Canandaigua — Chemical Engineering. Bl ' RCHNALL, Henry B., Willimantic, Conn. — Mathematics ; Pi . lpha Mu ; AIIE; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. BURKE, James II., . nljurn — Mechanical Engineer- ing. BURNS, Donald A., Alexandria Bay — Chemistry, transfer from Central College; Marching Band; Fly- ing Club. BUSH, Arthur B., Montrose, Pa.— Admin- istrative Engineering; Pi Alpha Mu ; AIIE. CABOT, Ellsworth S., New York City— Administra- tive Engineering; Pi Alpha Mu. CALDWELL, Colin S., Brielle, N. J. — Chemical Engineering; Alpha Chi Sigma ; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Alpha Tau ; Ski Team, Capt. ' 48- ' 49; Yacht Club; SUSKI ; AIChE ; ACS. CAN- FIELD. Harold W., Syracuse — Civil Engineering; Jr. Basketball. ' -kS; ASCE. CARBONARO, Vito L., Brooklyn— Mechanical Engi- neering; Theta Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME ; St. Thomas More : Catholic Choir ; Men ' s Glee Club. CAROLAN, William R., Brooklyn — Administrative Engineering. C. ROSELLI, Edwin A., Jersey City, N. J. — Mechanical Engineering; Scabbard Blade. CARPENTER. Benjamin F., Elmira— Electrical Engineering; IMA; AIEE ; Inst, of Radio Eng. ; El- mira Club. CASTLE, William R., Wliliamstown — Mechanical Engineering; Theta Tau; ASME. CHABER, Morton D., Brooklyn — Administrative Engineering; Soc. for the Adv. of Management; AIIE. CHERMAK, William F., Syracuse — Administrative Engineering; Soc. for the Adv. of Management ; AIIE. CHESTON, Herbert C, Rochester— Electrical Engi- neering; Inst, of Radio Eng.; AIEE. CHHABRIA, Bhaian C, Bombay, India — Mechanical Engineering. CHISHOLM, Wesley L., Reading, Mass.— Electrical Engineering; Phi Alpha Mu; Inst, of Radio Eng.; AIEE. CHROSTOWSKI. Edward T.. Utica— Ad- ministrative Engineering ; Pi Alpha Mu ; Soc. for the Adv. of Management; AIIE. CHWAZIK, Richard J., Utica — -Administrative Engineering: Soc. for the Adv. of Management ; AIIE. Pi WS " ■) 267 4 0 i950 CLARK, Brent M., Westfield, N. J. — Administrative Engineering ; Kappa Sigma ; Pi xMpha Tau ; Swimming Team, Capt. CLARK, Richard J., Syracuse — Electrical Engineering; AIEE ; Inst, of Radio Eng. ; ROTC. CLINE, Ralph T., Perth Amboy, N. J.— Chemical Engineering ; Alpha Chi Sigma ; Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Lambda ITpsilon ; AIChE. CLOLIGH, John S., Mt. Vernon — Civil Engineering; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; ASCE. CLYMER, Ben- son, Hartford, Conn.— AIIE; ASME ; Soc. for the Adv. of Management ; UNASU. COESTER, Joseph S., Jr., New Hyde Park — Mechanical Engineering ; Lambda Chi Alpha ; ASME ; Lutheran Student Assoc. ; l.nni; Island Club. COFEIN, Howard L., Syracuse — Mechanical Engi- neering; ASME. COHEN, Norman 1., Brooklyn — Me- clianical Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME. COLE, William A., East Syracuse — Electrical iMigineering. COOK, Frederick R., Addison — Administrative Engi- neering, transfer from Canisus ; AHE; Intramurals. COREY, Richard M., Syracuse — Civil Engineering; ASCE. CO T)ERY, Ralph R., Syracuse— Electrical Engineering ; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; E. E. Hon- orary. COWDERY, Roger, Syracuse — Electrical Engineer- ing; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon; E. E. Honorary. COYNE, IDaniel, Bronx — Administrative Engineering. CROSBY, John R., Syracuse — Administrative Engi- neering; Pi Alpha Mu; AHE. CURTIS, Roy J., Oneida — Electrical Engineering; AIEE. DANIELS, Gordon W., Binghamton— Elec- trical Engineering; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; E. E. Honorary ; AIEE ; Inst, of Radio Eng. ; Amateur Radio Club. DEER, A. Carmine, Fairview. N. J. — Me- chanical Engineering ; . lpha Sigma Phi ; Varsity Bas- ketball ; ASME. DEAN, Stuart ] I., Boonville — Administrative Engi- neering; ASME; Chess Club; Masonic Club; Chess Team. DeROSA, Francis P., Canadaigua — Chemical Engineering; AIChE. DeSILVA, Nathan B., Onon- daga Hill — Administrative Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; AIIE. 268 frfriiccC Science DETERDING, Max, Bombay, India— Electrical En- ,i,Mneering : Tau Beta Pi ; E. E. Honorary : Pi Mu Epsi- lon; Bridge Club; MSG Court, Chief Justice; Joint Student Court, Justice. DETORE, John A., Syracuse — Mechanical Engineering; Theta Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME, Chrmn ; Inter Society Council. DILG, Richard V., Syracuse — Civil Engineering. DiNIRO, Carmen A., Syracuse — Mechanical Engineer- ing; ASME. DiNUNZl ' o, Michael, Syracuse— Mathe- matics. DOMNICK, Joseph R., Dunmore. Pa. — Elec- tronics; I.MA: Inst, (if Radio luig. ; AlEE. DRIESSNACK. Hans 11., Yonkers— Civil Engineer- ing ; Sigma Beta ; Tau Theta Upsilon ; Orange Key ; Varsity Crew ; Devil ' s Ow n Trophy ; Block S Banquet, Co-Chrmn ' 49 ; ASCE ; ASP. D ' SOUZA, Edgar, Bom- bay, India — Electrical Engineering ; Inter. Students Comm. DUNKELMAN, Arnold, Walden— Mechani- cal Engineering; ASME; Onondagan Staff; Daily Orange. DURLAND, Robert S., Monticello — Civil Engineer- ing; ASCE; ' arsity Lacrosse; Chorus. EASTWOOD, Ralph W., II, Syracuse — Administrative Engineering; Pi Alpha Mu; AIIE; Soc. for the Adv. of Manage- ment. ELLIS, William C, Staten Island — Electrical Engineering ; AIEE ; Staten Island Club. ENGEL, Howard D., Brooklyn — Administrative En- gineering ; Sigma Pi Sigma ; Pi Alpha Mu ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Married Couples ' Club; Camera Club; AIIE; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. ENZINGER, Rob- ert M., Syracuse — Administrative Engineering; Theta Tau ; AIIE ; Math Club. ERIKSEN, Norman I., Val- ley Stream — Mechanical Engineering ; Sigma Phi Epsi- lon ; ASME. ERIKSON, Victor H., Monroe — Civil Engineering; Sigma Beta ; ASCE. ESTBERG, Robert L., Hastings- on-Hudson — Administrative Engineering ; Soc. for the Adv. of Management; AIIE. E ' ANS, William R., Jr., Brooklyn — Mechanical Engineering ; Phi Gamma Delta ; Kappa Beta Phi ; ASME. FARNAN, John, Hudson Falls — Administrative En- gineering ; Beta Theta Pi. FEGLEY, Charles W., Ful- ton — Administrative Engineering; AIIE; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. FELDMAN, Louis, Syracuse — Administrative Engineering : Intramurals. 269 Cu V FERGUSON, John }]., Jr., Syracuse— Mechanical Engineering: I ' hi Kappa I ' si; ASME. FERIOLI, Louis Albert, Jr., Springfield, Mass. — Civil Engineer- ing : ASCE. FERRAR A, Fred, Syracuse— Mechanical Engineering. Fl ESTER, Betty J., Endicott— Engineering: IWA ; Women ' ets ; WAA. FINCK, John A.. Jr., Chitten- ango — Civil Engineering ; ASCE : Slide Rule. FIN- CERIIL ' T, Larry, Bronx — Mechanical Engineering. I ' ISL ' I ll ' " .R, Marvin J., Bro(jklyn — Electrical Engineer- ing : Tau Epsilon Phi ; Honor Comm. ; Inst, of Radio Eng. : WAER. FLYNN, Ronald C, Watertown— Chemical Engineering; AIChE. FORREST, Lester, Syracuse — Mechanical Engineering: Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma: ASME. I ' ' ( )kl TNATO, Bernard R.. Stewart Manor— Civil Engineering; ASCE; X ' arsity Lacrosse. FOX, Richard C. Syracuse — Administrative Engineering; IMA; AIlI ' . : Outing Club: TV Society. FREDGNBERG, James 1)., Syracuse — Mechanical Engineering, ASME. FRENCH. Merwin A.. Jr., Cristobal, Canal Zone — Ad- ministrative Engineering; Pi Alpha Mu ; AIIE; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. FRENCH, Milton S.. Rochester — Sales: Delta Kappa Epsilon. FRIED- MAX, Benjamin, Passaic, N. J. — Mechanical Engi- neering: Pi Tau Sigma: . SME. FRIEND, Neil V., Manlius, N. Y.— Electrical Engi- neering; AIEE; Masonic Club; Amateur Radio Club. FL CHS, Morton, Hempstead — -Electrical Engineer- ing; SUSKI ; Yacht Club ; Inst, of Radio Eng. GAGE, Joe W., Roselle, N. J. — Mechanical Engineering; Kap- pa Sigma : ASME. GAHR, Sverre, Oslo, Norway — Administrative Engi- neering ; ASME ; Soc for the Adv. of Management. GARBY, William J., Elizabeth N. J.— Mathematics ; AIIE. GARRISON, Robert R., Huntington — Chemical Engineering ; Delta Tail Delta ; AIChE. 27Q 4frfi ' Ucd ScCcKce GEBHARDT, Wesley E.. Buffalo— Civil Engineering; Theta Tau; ASCE : TR Student Councl. GELOFF, Dimitri, Syracuse — Mechanical Engineering. GIEMZA, Charles J., Brewerton — Mechanical Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME. (ilLlSERG, Sheldon R., Lynn, Mass. — Administrative Engineering: AIIE; NAACP; Bridge Club. GLASS, Werner, Crownsville, Md. — Chemical Engineering ; Tau Beta I ' i : I ' i .Mu I ' .psilon ; AIChE; ACS; Honor Court; Outing Club. GLASSER, Harvey B., Brook- lyn — l lectrical iuigineering ; .-Ml-li ; Inst, of Radio Eng. ; SUSKL GLAZER, Milton, Brooklyn — Chemical Engineering; AIChE. GOEROLD, William F., Troy— Mechanical Engineering. GOLDSTEIX. Harvey, Syracuse — Elec- trical luigineering : AIEE ; Honor Conini. GOODWIN, Edward I., Cazenovia — Administrative Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. GORDENSTEIN, Rob- ert S., Springfield, Alass. — Electrical Engineering; Intramurals. GCJRMAN, Walter V., Syracuse — Ad- ministrative Engineering; AIIE; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. GRAY, Richard E., Syracuse — Administrative En- gineering; Psi Upsilon ; Ski Patrol; Ski Team; AIIE. GREENBERG, Charies H., New York City— Admin- istrative Engineering ; Tau Delta Phi ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Pi Alpha Mu; AIIE; Soc. for the Adv. of Manage- ment. GREENBERG, Irving, Syracuse — Electrical Engineering; AIEE; Inst, of Radio Eng. GREENBERGER, Richard, Morristown, N. J.— Ad- ministrative Engineeri ng ; Soc. for the Adv. of Man- agement. GREENE, Clinton E., Auburn — Electrical Engineering; Theta Chi; AIEE. GREIG, James R., Crestwood — Administrative Engineering ; Phi Kappa Tau; Soc. for the Adv. of Management; .AIIE. GRETTON. Avery T.. Brockport— Chemical Engi- neering; Alpha Chi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; AIChE. GROSS, James A. — Chemical Engineering ; AIChE. GROSS, Richard P., Buffalo— Administrative Engi- neering; Phi Kappa Tau; Pi Alpha Mu ; AIIE. 277 ( U ( J950 GROSSMAN, Warren J., New York City— Adminis- trative Engineering. GUARINO, Michael R., New York City — Mechanical Engineering ; Tau Beta Pi ; I ' i Tau Sigma: Jr. Class V.-Pres. GUIV, Keikhosrow, Tehran. Iran — Mechanical Engineering; ASME. GL ' ROS. Frank S.. Garfield, N. J.— Electrical Engi- neering; Inst, of Radio Eng. GYSEL, Robert J., Syra- cuse—Civil Engineering; ASCE. HAETINGER, Fred, Pleasantville — Civil luigineering; Concert Marching Band ; ASCE. Il. (,. l)l )RN, Carl F., Cortland— Electrical Engi- neering ; Sigma Pi ; AIEE ; Inst, of Radio Eng. IIALKIOTIS. Rudolph T., Haverhill, Mass.— Admin- istrative Engineering; Tau Beta Pi. HALL, Henry M., Lyndilnirg, Va. — Electrical Engineering; AIEE; Inst, of Radio Eng. II.M.L. Kiiherl N., Newark ' allcy — Chemical Engi- neering; Sigma Beta; .MChE; Ihjnor Court; Intra- murals. HANCHETT, Fenton M., St. Johnsville— Chemical Engineering. HARBACH, Max E., Wil- lianisport. Pa. — Civil Engineering; ASCE. II. R1). L NT, DeWitt i;.. I ' l(,ral Park— Administra- tive luigineering ; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. HARKNESS, James C, Plainsfield, N. J.— Mathe- matics ; Theta Tau. H. RKC)V, Frederick, Rego Park — Administrative Engineering; AIIE; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. ll.XKI.AC IJl ' .K, Waller, . ' e v w City— Chemical Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi; . lpha Chi Sigma; AIChE. HARRIS. Russell E., Nedrow— Electrical Engineering; AIEE; Amateur Radio Club. HART- M.AN. Carlton F., Russell, Kan. — Civil Engineering; Tau Ileta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon ; ASCE. HARXEY, Erskine A., Greenfield, Mass. — Aeronau- tical Engineering; Theta Chi; IPC, Pres., ' 49- ' 50; IAS ; Campus Leaders ; MSG Council ; Honor Comm. HARVEY, Eugene P., Auburn — Photogrammetry ; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; ASCE ; ASP. HATCH, Arthur J., Jr., Portland, Me. — Administrative Engi- neering ; Tau Beta Pi ; Theta Tau ; Pi Alpha Mu ; TR Student Council ; Inter-Society Council ; Technology Club ; AIIE. 272 ;4frfiUed ScCe»tce HAUSHEER. Richard C, Staten Island— Adminis- trative Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi; AIIE. HEID- GERD, Robert. Pearl River — Mechanical Engineer- ing : Alpha Chi Rho ; Pi Tau Sigma ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; IPC: Trad. Comm. : ASME. ' HELFFENSTEIN. Frederick J., Hanilnirg — Mechanical Engineering; ASME. HELLER, Raymond H., Elmira — Mechanical Engi- neering; ASME. HELLMAN, Carl, Brooklyn— Chem- ical Engineering ; Tau Beta Pi ; Sigma Pi Sigma ; AIChE; House Pres. HERTZBERGER, Martin, St. Albans — Administrative Engineering ; Tau Epsilon Phi ; Pi Mu Epsilon; Al]iha Phi Omego ; AIIE; Soc. for the Adv. of Management ; WAER. HESS, Wayne P., Oneida — Electrical Engineering. HEWITT, Ralph W.. Jr.. Plattsburg— Chemical Engi- neering, transfer from Champlain ; Sigma P. : AIChE ; SUSKI; Outing Club; Intramurals. HICKEY, Law- rence J., Roselle Park, N. j. — Chemical Engineering; AIChE. HILL, Robert L., Syracuse — Mechanical Engineering: Pi Tau Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; ASME. HINKLEY, Howard W., Syracuse— Chemi- cal Engineering ; Psi Upsilon ; Varsity Crew ; Rowing Club; AIChE. HOFFMAN, David Newburgh— Elec- trical Engineering ; AIEE. HOLMES, C. Daniel, Jamestown — Administrative Engine ering, transfer from Upsala ; IMx ; AIIE ; Soc. for the Adv. of Management ; Lutheran Students Ass ' n, Pres.; TR Chapel Board, Chrmn. HOLT, Ralph E., Lawrence, Mass. — Mechanical Engineering ; Tau Beta Pi, Pres.; Pi Tau Sigma: Pi Mu Epsilon; ASME; Scabbard Blade. HORLACHER, Kenneth D., Poughkeepsie — Administrative Engineering; IMA; AIIE ; Luthern Students Ass ' n. HOV ' EN, Tsjetska, Huntington — Administrative En- gineering ; Kappa Alpha Theta ; Pi Alpha Mu ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Chapel. HOWE. Richard N., Apulia Station — Mechanical Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME. HOXIE, ' arren .. Syracuse — Aeronautical Engi- neering ; Flying Club ; IAS. Hr)YT, Bernard ' ., Mallory — . dministrative Engi- neering: Theta Tau; Pi Mu Epsilon; AIIE; Chapel Board: TR Chapel Board, Chrmn.; UWF. HUNT, Homer A.. Jr., East Syracuse — Mechanical Engineer- ing: Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Pi . " igma. HUSON, George R., Brooklyn — Chemical Engineering ; Tau Beta Pi ; .MChE ; Lacrosse Team ; Swimming Team ; Intramurals. 273 Ca 950 F-IUSTON, Albert R., Allentown, Pa.— Administra- tive Engineering. lANNUZZI, Edward, Yonkers — Electrical Engineering. IMOBERSTEG. Robert A., Utica — Administrative Engineering ; Phi Kappa Tau ; AIIE; Soc. for the .Adv. of Management. lACKSON, Earl V., Syracuse — Meclianical Engineer- ing. J. ' COBS, Edward G., Rutherford, N. J.— Me- chanical Engineering; ASME; Married Couples Club; Intramurals. JAFFREY, Alan M., Miami Beach, Fla. — . dministrative Engineering: .Mil- " .: Soc. for the .• dv. (if .Mana-cnu-nl; . 1SG; Slide Rule. JANNELLI, Francis C, Elizabeth, N. J.— Adminis- trative Engineering ; AIIE ; St. Thomas More. JAQUITH, Donald S., Arcaria, Calif.— Industrial En- gineering; .MIE; Soc. for the Adv. of Management; Honor Comni. ; Intramurals. JENSEN, Ole S., Syra- cuse — .Administrative Engineering; AIIE; Soc. for the . (1 . iif Management. JENSEN, W. Carl, Rochester — Electrical Engineer- ing ; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; AIEE ; E. E. Hon- orary. JOHNSON, Robert A., Hastings-on-Hudson — .Administrative Engineering; AIIE; Soc. for the Adv. of Management ; SD. ; Methodist Fellowship. JONES, . ' Mbert D., Kenmore — Civil Engineering ; Phi Kappa Tau; ASCE; Scalp Blade; Outing Club; St. Thomas More. J()XES. Burton I)., Syracuse — Mechanical Engineer- ing; Pi Tau Sigma: ASME. JONES, Donald C, Cleveland — Chemical luigineering ; Alpha Chi Sigma : . lChE. K. L 1N ' . ( leorge . ., Jr., Syracuse — Chemi- cal i ' ' ngineering ; . lpha Chi Sigma; ; ICliI ' ' . KAMI ' . Robert N., Syracuse — Civil Engineering: ASCE. K.ANELIS, George, Syracuse — Chemical En- gineering ; AIChE. KARLSON, F. C, Groton, Conn. — Electrical Engineering; Theta Tau; AIEE; Inst, of Radio Eng. K. TH, Frederick J., Syracuse — Chemical Engineer- ing: Alpha Chi Sigma; AIChE. KATZ, Julian, East- chester — Civil Engineering ; Sigma Alpha Mu ; ASCE. KEELER. William R., Hudson— Mechanical Engi- neering; Phi Kajjpa Tau; ASME. 274 frfrlCccC ScCcKce KELLEHER, Joseph J., Syracuse — Mechanical Engi- neering; ASME. KELLER, Joseph D., WiUiamsport, Pa. — Administrative Engineering: Honor Comm. KELLEY, ' incent C, Poiighkecpsie — Civil Engineer- ing : ASCE; Election Cumm., Clirnin. KELLY, William C, Syracuse — Civil Engineering; Sigma Beta: ASCE; Outing Club; Ski Team; MSG: Honor Comm. ; ASCE ; SUSKL KENDALL, Carlton C, Syracuse — Civil Engineering: . SCE. KERNAN, lames M.. ( )riskanv — Civil I ' jiginecring : . SCE. KIR ' AN, Arthur S., Rochester — . dministrative Engineering; AHE; Genessee Valley Club; Married Couple ' s Club. KLEINFELD, Herman L., Brooklyn — Mechanical Engineering; ASME. KLUG, Ronald M., Liverpool — Electrical Engineering. KXKjHT, Parker, Rome — Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Inst, of Radio Eng. ; E. E. Honorary. KOHLER, George R., Newburgh — Ad- ministrative Engineering ; Acacia ; AHE. KRATZ, Donald S., Buffalo — Administrative Engineering; Scalp Blade; MSG; AHE; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. KRL ' ZOFF, Edward, h ' lushing — Mechanical Engi- neering; Pi Tau Sigma: . SME ; Intramurals ; KURITZKY, Donald, Peekskill — Administrative Engi- neering; Pi . lpha Mu : .AHE; Soc. for the . dv. of Management. Kl ' Z.WN ' INSKl, Joseph G., Syracuse — Electrical Engineering. LAHR, Paul T., Geneva — Chemical Engineering; Alpha Chi Sigma: AIChE; St. Thomas More. L.AMKIN, Richard C, Skaneateles — Electrical Engi- neering; Theta Tau; Intramurals. LANDER, Stanley J., White Plains — Civil Engineering; ( )uling I ' lub : ASCE. L. ' NE, Andrew J., Keeue, N. H. — Civil Engineering: ASCE. LANPHEAR. Harold E., Syracuse— Adminis- trative Engineering ; AIIE. LAISI, Arne A., Mt. Ver- non — .Administrative Engineering; AIIE. 275 Cl 4 f950 LAURA. Anthony S., Beechurst — Administrative Engineering; Acacia; AIIE. LAWS, Richard J., Gen- eva — Civil Engineering; SCE; Photography Club. LeBL. ' VNC, Gerard J., Canastota — Mechanical Engi- neering ' : ASME. LEETE, James F., Lansdowne. Pa. — Administrative Engineering; Pi Alpha Chi of Theta Alpha; AIIE; Outing Club. LEHON, Paul J.. Fulton— Mechanical luigineering ; Kappa Sigma ; . SME. LeVINE, Charles IL, Florence, N. J. — Mechanical Engineering; Acacia; ASME; Jr. Prom; Outing Club. LI1 ' .M. N, Melvin, c v York Cit — Civil Engineer- ing; . SCE ; Honor Comni. ; TR Student Council. LIPTON. Martin, Brooklyn — Mechanical Engineer- ing; . SM1 ' :. LISSE, Allan. Atlantic City. N. J.— Ad- ministrative lingineering ; Pi Alpha Mu ; Soc. for the (i . I if Management ; A 1 11 ' " .. I.()CI I ' " , John H., Syracuse — Mechanical Engineer- ing: I ' hi Gamma Delta; ASME. LOCKWOOD, Rob- ert . ., (Jueens ' illage — Administrative; Engineering; Pi Alphli Mu: AIIE. LOPRESTI, Ernest A., New irk City — Chemical Engineering ; AIChE ; Student I ' nion : Band ; Intramurals. LOUGIILIN, Peter .K., ( )s vego — Chemical Engineer- ing : Alpha Chi Sigma ; AIChE ; ACS. LOWE, George, New Paltz — Mechanical Engineering. LUCAS, Robert E.. Syracuse — Electrical Engineering; Zeta Psi ; AIIE; AIEE;T ' Society. MACAFEE, Irvin, Jr., .Milan, Pa. — Chemical Engi- neering; Alpha Xi Sigma; AIChE; ACS. MAGUIRE, Howard .S.. Jr., Elsmere — Administrative Engineering ; AIIE. M. NNING, John I.. Syracuse — Civil Engineer- ing; . SCE. MANSELL, Lawrence, New York City — Mechanical Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. M.WTELL, Stanley, New York City — -Administrative Engineering; AIIE; Jazz Club : Soc. for the Adv. of Management ; Varsity Swimming Team. MARGOLIN, Charles H.. Brooklyn — Administrative Engineering; Pi Alpha Mu. 276 ;4fo UccC Science MARSH, Paul C, Seneca Falls — Mechanical Engineer- ing; ASME. MARSHALL, Edwin M., Kingston- Mechanical Engineering; ASME. MASSEY, Walter F., Syracuse — Electrical Engineering; AIEE. MAVIS, George W., Rochester — Electrical Engineer- ing; Eta Kappa Nu ; AHE; Inst, of Radio Eng. MAY. Cieorge, Port Washington — Administrative Engineer- ing; Delta Kappa Epsilon. MAYER, John D., Schen- ectady — Civil Engineering; ASCE; ASP. McANDRE AS, William J., New Hartford— Admin- istrative Engineering; Theta Tau ; Intersociety Council, Chrmn. ; TR Sr. Class Pres. ; TR Student Council, Pres. ; TR Jr. Class, Pres. ; AIIE ; S. U. Trailer Camp, Mayor; Slide Rule, Editor. McCORMICK, Edward J., Bronx — Electrical Engineering; AIEE; St. Thomas More. McCORMICK, John E., Rome— Chemical En- gineering; Alpha Chi Sigma; TR Student Council; AIChE. McDERMOTT, Joseph E., Hornell— Electrical En- gineering. McELROY, Guy A., Diamond Point — Elec- trical Engineering; AIEE; Inst, of Radio Eng. McGO ' ERN, John P., Newark, N. J.— Administra- tive Engineering; AIIE; Daily Orange. McGOVERN, Terrence G., Sherrill — Mechanical En- gineering; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; ASME. McGUIRE, Raymond A., Utica. McINTOSH, Keith S., Adams Center — Electrical Engineering; LMA ; AIEE. xMcLAUGHLIN, John F., Long Island City— Civil Engineering; Theta Tau; ASCE; Catholic Choir. MEEHAN, James A., Syracuse — Electrical Engineer- ing; Theta Tau; AIEE; Inst, of Radio Eng. MEEKS. Jack, Jackson Heights — Electrical Engineering ; Sigma Beta, Pres.; Scabbard Blade; Debate Club; MSG; Sound Fury ; WAER ; Intramurals. MENTER, George H., Syracuse — Chemical Engineer- ing; Alpha Chi Sigma; AIChE. MENZ, Robert H.. Springfield, Mass. — Mechanical Engineering ; Pi Kappa Alpha; Theta Tau; ASME; TR Student Coun- cil; SUSKI; Chapel; Intramurals. MERRITHEW, Roger F., Saugus, Mass. — Electrical Engineering ; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; . igma Pi .Sigma ; F.. E. Hon- orary ; Inst, of Radio Eng. 277 _ CU f 50 MESCHINO, William G., New York City— Mechani- cal Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma: ASME. MEYERS, luirl ].. New ' ork City — Mechanical Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; ASME; Chapel. MICHAELSON, ( " leorge. i ' lushing — h ' -lectrical Engineering. MIKAELL N, Monoog, .Syracuse — Electrical Engi- neering. MILLER, Donald F., Marlboro — Administra- tive Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi. MILLER, Donald F., Syracuse— Beta Theta Pi ; ASME. MILLER, Douglas P., Syracuse — Mechanical Engi- neering; ASME. MIRCZAK, Theodore P., Syracuse — .Meciianical JMigiiieering : N ewarl . . I. ASME. MODRE, Jack A. .Administrative Engineering. . l )()kl ' :, Paul 1)., Jr., ( ;ilbertsvil!e— Chemical Engi- neering; AIChE; ACS. MORRIS, John H., Niagara Falls— Photogrammetry ; ASCE ; ASP. MOSES, .• rt1iur I... Jamaica — Electrical F.ngineering ; AIEE; Outing Chill. . 1( )Z1. ' , Ralph, New York City — Administrative luigineering ; AIIE; Soc. for the Adv. of Manage- ment ; WWO ; House Pres. ; Lacrosse, Mgr. ; Intra- murals. MURRAY, Nelson C, Syracuse — Administra- tive Engineering; Sigma Nu. MURRAY, William R., Syracuse — Electrical Engineering; AIEE; Inst, of Radio Eng. Intramurals. .MYDLINSKI. Henry R., Solvav— Civil Engineering; ASCE. MYERS, William W., ' Phillipsburg, N. J.— Electrical Engineering; AIEE; Inst, of Radio Eng. NAJDER, Leonard E., Rochester — Administrative Engineering ; AIIE ; Genessee Valley Club ; Slide Rule. NALESNYK. Daniel, Garfield, N. J.— Mechanical Engineering; IMA; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME. NEL- SON, Norman E., Syracuse — Mechanical Engineering ; Theta Tau, Pres.; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; AS Sr. Class, ' . Pres. EWELL, George B., Plainville, Conn. — Administrative Engineering; Theta Chi; AIIE; MSG; IFC Ball; Co-Op Council; Election Comm. ; Intramurals. 278 ifrfrUeeC Science NISTICO, Peter J., Syracuse — Mechanical Engineer- ing; ASME. NORTON, Jobn J., Jr., Egypt, Mass.- Civil Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE. NOSEN- CHUCK, Norman H., JMountaindale — Civil Engineer- ing; ASCE. NOV ' O, Ramon B., Buffalo — Electrical Engineering : Alpha Sigma Phi; AIEE; Scalp Blade; Yacht Club; Crew ; St. Thomas More. NUEBEL, Harry O., For- estport — Administrative Engineering; ASME; AIIE; Intraniurals. NUGENT, Robert H., Clinton — Civil Engineering ; ASCE. ( )BERCi, Tanney E.. Syracuse — Electrical Engineer- ing; Scabbard Blade ' ; Intramurals. O ' CONNOR, Francis P., Syracuse — Electrical Engineering; AIEE. O ' DWYER, John R,, Syracuse — Aeronautical Engi- neering; LAS. 0 ' SULLI ' AN, William H.. St. James— Administra- tive Engineering. PABST, Richard H., Syracuse — Me- chanical Engineering ; .A.SME. PANDOZZI, Victor A., Syracuse — Electrical Engineering ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; AIEE. PARENTEAU, Joseph E., Freehold, N. J.— Civil En- gineering ; Alpha Chi Rho ; ASCE ; St. Thomas More. PARKE, Allen J., Jr., Uniontown, Pa. — Administra- tive Engineering; Acacia. PARSONS, Cortland F., Minoa — Administrative Engineering ; AIIE : Soc. for the Adv. of Management. PASQUALONE, Robert F.. Elmhurst— Civil Engi- neering; ASCE. PAYNE, James C, Auburn — Me- chanical Engineering; ASME; IAS; Flying Club. PAYNE, Richard A., Oxford — Civil Engineering; Theta Chi; ASCE. PAYNE, Wesley J.. Livonia — Electrical Engineering : AIEE; Inst, of Radio Eng. ; SEESU. PECK, John R., East Syracuse — Administrative Engineering; AIIE. PELLMAN, Arnold, Brooklyn — Mechanical Engineer- ing ; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Tau Sigma. 7J9 U 4. ( f950 PELLOW, Louis M., Syracuse — Chemical Engineer- ing; Alpha Chi Sigma; AIChE. PENNOCK. Robert E.. Syracuse — Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon, Pres. ; Sigma Pi Sigma ; Chapel ; Chorus. PETER, Robert W., Monroe — Administrative Engi- neering ; A HE. PETERS, Carl F., Trenton, X. J.— Mechanical Engi- neering; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi C mega ; ASME. PETERSON. Wesley L.. Springfield, Mass.— Me- chanical Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; ASME. PHILLIPS, Richard C, Shamokin, I ' a. -Mathematics; ASME. l ' ()L(iAR, hldward A., Long Island City— Mechanical Engineering; IMA; ASME; Math Club; Technology Club; P.ridge Club. POSTIIILL, William H., Syracuse — Electrical iMigineering ; Beta Tlieta Pi; All ' :! ' " .; Inst, of Radio Eng. ; Intramurals. POWELL, Franklin F., Jr., . ' -■yracuse — Electrical Engineering; . lplia Phi Omega. P()WI-:RS, John II., (ireenfield, Mass.— . dniinistra- ti e h ' .ngineering ; Sigma . lpha Epsilon; AIIE ; Slide Rule. PR.VCII, Edwin l- " ., Laurelton — Electrical Engi- neering; .Vcacia ; . IP2E; E. E. Honorary; Sigma Pi Sigma. PROFIT, Daniel J., . tlas, Pa. — Administra- tive Engineering; . IIE; Intramurals. I ' Rt )ll ' yrTI, Josejjh M., Syracuse — Chemical Engi- neering; . lpha Chi Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma; . ' IChE; Italian Club. PROPER, James F., Syracuse — Electrical Engineering; AIEE. PL ' L ' ER, Earl B., Canajohari — .Mechanical Engineering. OLTCK, Ralph W., Syracuse — Mechanical Engnieer- ing. OUINN, Homer, Utica — Electrical Engineering; . IEE. R.W ' KINS. Kenneth E., Canastota — Chemical Engineering ; -Alpha Chi Sigma. RATH MANN, Clyde L., Kenmore — Chemical Engi- neering; Delta Tau Delta; .-Mpha Chi Sigma; AICliE ; MSG ; Intramurals. RAUS. , Gerald J., Solvay — Elec- trical Engineering ; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; E. E. Honorarj-; Sigma Pi Sigma; AIEE; Inst, of Radio Eng. REEVES, Herbert W., Syracuse — Administra- tive Engineering; Theta Chi. 280 frfrUccC ScCcH ' Ce REICHERT, Donald E., East Syracuse — Civil Engi- neering. RETTIG, Roger C, Buffalo — Administrative Engineering; Theta Chi; Pi Alpha Tau; AIIE; IFC; Varsity Swimming Team, Mgr. ; Varsity Lacrosse. REVELLE, William J., Watertown — Administrative Engineering; Sigma Pi; AIIE; Westminster Fellow- ship ; Intramurals. RICCI, Roland R., Collingswood, N. J.— Mechanical Engineering ; Theta Tau ; ASME ; IAS ; Technology Club ; Flying Club ; Honor Court, Chrmn. ROLFE, Jack H.. North Syracuse — Administrative Engineer- ing. RICE, Charles A.. Port Washington — Mechanical Engineering; Acacia; ASME; Methodist Fellowship. RIGHTMIRE, Darwin E., Williamsport, Pa.— Me- chanical Engineering; Theta Tau; ASME; Honor Comm. ROBBINS, George H., Bellerose — Civil Engi- neering ; ASCE ; Married Couples Club ; Intramurals. RODENBACH, Charles B., Naugatuck, Conn.— Mechanical Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME. ROMANELLI, Patsy A., Utica— Electrical Engineer- ing; AIEE; Inst, of Radio Eng. ROSENBERG, Don- ald F., Camillus — Chemical Engineering ; Alpha Chi Sigma ; AIChE ; J " Basketball. ROSENBERG, Rich- ard ]., Camillus — Administrative Engineering; Pi Alpha Mu ; AIIE. ROSING, San ford L., Long Beach — Electrical Engi- neering ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Sigma Pi Sigma ; AIEE ; Inst, of Radio Eng. ; E. E. Honorary. ROSMAN, Wil- liam, Woodside — Administrative Engineering ; AIIE ; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. ROSSELLO, Philip J., Oneida — Chemical Engineering; Alpha Chi Sisrma ; Tau Beta Pi. RC ZELL, Franklin W., Brooklyn — Industrial Engi- neering: Sigma Pi; AIIE; Soc. for the Adv. of Man- agement ; Fencing Squad ; Westminster Fellowship. RUDIGER, Thomas F., Livingston, N. J. — Adminis- trative Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; AIIE; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. SAN FILLIPO, Angelo J.. Rochester — Civil Engineering ; ASCE. SANDBERG, Herbert O.. : It. ernon. Mechanical Engineering. SARFATY, Jacob. Syracuse — Electrical Engineering; MSG; E. E. Honorary. SAVAGE, Rob- ert S., Binghamton — Chemical Engineering, transfer from Sampson ; Sigma Chi ; Alpha Chi Sigma ; Varsity i ' .asketball; AlChE. 287 U J950 SAVITT, Kenneth, New York City— Chemical Engi- neering; Phi Epsilon Pi; AIChE; ACS; Intramurals. SAVOIE, Lawrence E., Hamden, Conn. — Electrical Engineering ; IMA, AIEE ; SUSKI ; St. Thomas More. SCHAFFER. Fred J., Jr., Syracuse — Electrical Engi- neering; Zeta Psi ; E. E.. Honorary; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma; AIEE; Inst, of Radio Eng. SCHAFFER. Edmund J., Staten Island — Administra- tive Engineering ; Pi Alpha Mu ; AIIE. SCHARLACH, Robert C, Kenmore — Administrative Engineering ; .A.IIE ; Soc. for the Adv. of Management; Scalp Blade ; Intramurals. SCHILLING, Edmund F., Read- ing, Pa. — Electrical Engineering; Sigma Pi Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Eta Kappa Nu ; Varsity Soccer. SCHMITZ, George P.. Clifton, N. J.— Mechanical Engineering; IMA ; ASME; SCHNEIDER, Albert F., Neptune, N. J.— Civil Engineering. SCHMUTZLER, Richard W., Syracuse — Mechanical Engineering; Acacia ; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Tau Sigma ; ASME. SCHOTZ, William J., Syracuse — Civil Engineering; ASCE. SCHRADER, Robert F., Binghamton— Admin- istrative Engineering ; Pi Kappa Alpha ; Chapel ; Tri- Cities Club ; AIIE ; Westminster Fellowship. SCHROTER. Walter A., Flushing— Administrative Engineering; Pi Alpha Mu ; AIIE. SCOTT, Charles W., Chadwicks — Chemical Engineer- ing ; Alpha Chi Sigma ; AIChE. SCUTARI, Erminio A., Brooklyn — Electrical Engineering; IMA; Radio Club; WAER; Inst, of Radio Eng. SEMELS, Dan, New York City — Electrical Engineering. SEDER, Henry A., Binghamton — Mechanical Engi- neering; ASME. SETTER, Frederick W., Syracuse — Electrical Engineering ; AIEE ; Inst, of Radio Eng. ; E. E. Honorary; SHAH, Navnit C, Bombay, India — Chemical Engineering ; AIChE. SHERIDAN, Edward O., Manlius— Mechanical En- gineering; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME. SHERRY. Harold J., Jr., Floral Park — Mechanical Engineering ; ASME. SHEVDE, Chaudrashekher T., Nagpur, India — Elec- trical Engineering; AIEE. " iXl SHIELDS. William D., Ottawa, Canada— Adminis- trative Engineering; Theta Tau : AIIE; Slide Rule. SIEGEL, Arthur C, Brooklyn — Meclianical Engineer- ing: ASME. SIMMONS, John A., Tarrytown— Ad- ni ' nistrative luigineering : Alll- " . SLMAKJNS, P ' hilip A., Syracuse— Meciuuiical Engi- neering; Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Pi Tau Sigma, Pres. ; ASME; AS Sr. Class, Sec.-Treas. : Slide Rule, News Ed. ; Intersociety Council ; Intra- niurals. SIMMONS, Wayne, Poughkeepsie — Civil lui- gineering ; ASCE. SIUTA, Leon F.. Utica — Mechani- cal Engineering. SMITH, Edward E., Syracuse — Chemical Engineer- ing; Alpha Chi Sigma. SMITH, Edward L.. Jr., . Al- bany — Administrative Engineering. SMITH, Franklin A., Brooklyn — Electrical Engineering; Alpha Chi Rho ; Sigma Epsilon Chi; AIIE; Campus Chest; JV Basket- hall ; Christmas Pageant. SMITH, Paul L., Elmira — Electrical Engineering; AIIE; Amateur Radio Club, Pres. SMITH, Robert P., Remsen — Chemical Engineering ; Alpha Chi Sigma ; AIChE. SMITH, William J., Irvingt(,n, N. J.— Me- chanical Engineering ; Pi Kappa Alpha ; Theta Tau ; ASME; St. Thomas More; Intramurals. SMITH, William P., Bronx — Electrical Engineering: Theta Tau; AIRE; Inst, of Radio Eng. SOLOMON, Myron A., Syracuse — Administrative Engineering ; Pi Alpha Mu; AIIE; Slide Rule. SPADARD, Charles A., Norwich — Administrative Engineering ; Theta Tau ; Engineer ' s Picnic, Chrmn. ; AIIE ; Flying Clul). SPARKES, Robert W., Syracuse — Administrative Engineering; AIIE. SPENCER, Robert W., Welland. Ont., Canada — Electrical Engineering. SPORER, George D., Ilion — Administrative Engineering ; Phi Kajjpa Tau; Theta Tau; AIIE; Intramurals. STANNARD. Edward . ' ., Souderton, Pa.— Mechani- cal Engineering ; Acacia : Tau Beta V : Pi Mu Epsilon ; ASME; IAS. STEARNS, Frank R., St. . lbans— iMe- chanical Engineering: ASME; I. S; Chapel; Yacht Racing Team; TR Chapel Board; Yacht Club; Lu- theran Students . ss ' n ; Intramurals. STERNBERt], lorton, Woodside — Mechanical Enyineerinij. 283 ( M o f950 STEWART, Harry T., Jr., Quincy, Mass.— Adminis- trative Engineering. STICKNEY, Maynard, Massena — Administrative Engineering ; Tail Beta Pi : Pi Alpha Mu; AIIE; Intersociety Council. STOCKFORD, Wil- liam F., Syracuse — Mechanical Engineering : Delta Upsilon. STOCKING, John L., Rochester— Mechani cal Engi- neering; ASME; Married Couples Club. ST()N1 , Arthur F., Great Neck — Mechanical Engineering ; Channing Club; Intramurals. STRAUB, Francis J., Syracuse — Electrical Engineering ; E. E. Honorary : Tau Beta Pi; Student Council; AIEE; Inst, of Radio Eng. SULLIVAN, John F., Syracuse — Electrical Engineer- ing ; Inst, of Radio Eng. SURINA, John J., James- ville — Electrical Engineering. SZALACH, Frank E., Rome — Electronics; AIEE; Inst, of Radio Eng.; t ' oot- ball. SZI :LWACH, Stanley S., Utica— Mechanical Engi- neering; Phi Kappa Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; IAS; Flying Club; Utica Club. TARCZA, Walter H., West Winfield — Chemical Engineering; AIChE. TARTER, William J., Elizabeth, N. J.— Administra- tive Engineering. AIIE; MSG. TAYLOR, Lloyd W., Springfield, Mass.— Adminis- trative Engineering ; Sigma Phi Epsilon ; SUSKI. TAYLOR, Robert M., Williamsiwrt, Pa. — Adminis- trative Engineering ; Pi Alpha Mu ; AIIE ; Soc. for the Adv. of Management; UNASU. TEZA, Robert M., Syracuse — Electrical Engineering. TENENBAUM, Edgar, New York City— Electrical Engineering; Pi Mu Epsilon; E. E. Honorary; AIEE. TEVES, Fred W., Southold — Mechanical Engineering ; Alpha Chi Rho; ASME. TILLMAN, William A., Watkins Glen — Mechanical Engineering; .-XSME. TRAUB, Douglas S., Yonkers — Civil Engineering; ASCE; Yacht Club; Channing Club. TRAUB, Earle L., Yonkers — Civil Engineering ; IMA ; ASCE ; Yacht Club; Channing Club. TRENCHARD, Byron, Penn ' an — Mechanical Engineering; ASME. 2a ' 4 fi tied Scccttcc TOAIASSINI, lunamiel V., Utica— Mechanical En- gineering ; Phi Kappa Tail : Theta Tail ; ASME. TOMKINSON, Schuyler L., Moravia— Mechanical Engineering. TRAPANI, Joseph L., Brooklyn — In- dustrial Engineering: SUSKI. TUREK, Albert, P rooklyn — Electrical Engineering; AIEE. TURNER. James W ' ., Elmira— Electrical En- gineering; Tau Beta Pi; AIEE; Inst, of Radio Eng. TURNER, Roland J., Weedsport— Electronics ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; E. E. Honorary; AIEE. VACCARO, Rinaldn A., Syracuse — Electrical Engi- neering; AIEE: Inst, of Radio Eng. VAN AUKEN, Charles W., New Hartford — Electrical Engineering: AIEE. VAN BRAMFR. Arthur J.. Jr., Hudson- Electrical Engineering. XI ' LRSTEEG, James H., Maspeth— Chemical Engi- neering; Sigma Nu, Pres. ; Theta Tau; AlChPil: ACS: Chapel: MSG; IPC. WALDRON, Robert J.. Erank- fort — Mechanical Engineering: ASME. WANDER- LICH, Arthur H., Johnson City— Tau Beta Pi. WANER, Michael M.. Yorkville— Mechanical En- gineering ; ASME. WATSON, John R., Jr., Cleveland, O. — Mechanical Engineering ; Theta Tau ; ASME. WATT, Edward J., Los Angeles, Calif.— Electrical Engineering. WEAVER, George H., HoUis — Chemical Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha ; Alpha Chi Sigma ; AIChE. WEBBER, Robert E., Bellport — Civil Engineering; IMA; ASCE; Canterbury Club. WECHWARTH, Fred, Tompkins Corners — Administrative Engineer- ing ; Pi Kappa Alpha ; Varsity Tennis. WEEKS, JOSEPH W., Oswego— Administrative En- gineering: Phi Kappa Tau; AIIE; Soc. for the Adv. of Management ; Skyliners Club ; Outing Club. WEST- COTT, William W., Rochester— Aeronautical Engi- neering; IAS ; Fencing Club. WHEELER, Charles K., West Winfield — Civil Engineering; ASCE. 285 ( i z a{ t950 VVILHELM, Walter K., Syracuse — Mechanical Engi- neering; ASME. WILLIAMS, Howard A.. New York City — Electrical Engineering; AIEE ; Inst, of Radio Eng. WILLS, Bruce P., Jainesville — Aeronautical En- gineering; ASME ; IAS ; Technology Club. WILLS, i ' red W., . sl)ury Park, N, J.— Llectrical En- gineering; House Pres. ; Football; IJoxing. WILLS, Norman P., Syracuse — Mechanical Engineering: ASME; Men ' s Glee Club; Chorus. WILSON, LeRoy R., Cornwall — Chemical Engineering; AIChE; Intra- nuirals. W ILSOX, Wayne !• ' ., Roselle, N. J.— I-:iectrical Engi- neering: .MEE; Inst, of Radio Eng.; Lutheran Stu- dents .Assoc; Intnunurals. WILSON. William D., -Syracuse — .Administrative Engineering; Delta Kappa l- ' psilon ; Orange Key; . IIE; Varsity Crew; Chapel. I ' irst Cabinet ; Canterbury Club ; Protestant Council ; Intranuirals. WIND. Walter J.. Stamford, Conn. — ICkctrical luigineering ; AIEE; Inst, of Radio Eng.; Sr. Council: House Pres.; Basketball, Baseball. W I.Xl ' .k, l);i id A.. .S|)ring ' alley — Mechanical Engi- niering ; Pi Tan .Sigma; Theta Tau ; ASME; Honor Comni. Wi ' l ' Al. N. William H., Jr., Rochester — Civil Engineering ; ASCE ; St. Thomas More. WOLFERT, George L., Newburgh, Ind. — Electrical Engineering: IMA ; AIEE ; Inst, of Radio Lng. WOLKOWITZ, Gerald, I ' .elle 1 larhor— Civil Engi- neering ; ASCE. WOODFORD, Philip R., West Farm- ington, O. — Aeronautical Engineering ; Theta Tau ; L S, Chnnn; ASME; Inter-Society Coimcil. WONCIK, Michael, Watervliet — Electrical Engineer- ing; E. E. Honorary; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Tau Beta Pi; -Sigma Pi Sigma ; AIEE. W ' TLT.ICH. Edward J.. Poughkeepsie — Civil Engi- neering ; Phi Kappa Psi ; .A.SCE ; .St. Thomas More. V.ASCNA. Marshall I.. Brooklyn — Electrical Engi- neering; AIEE; Inst, of Radio Eng. YOUMANS, Raymond I ' ., Binghamton — .Administrative Engineer- ing; AlIIC: -Soc. for the Adv. of Adanagement ; Mar- ri-:d Couples Club. YOUNG, JOHN W., Ctica— Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi. ; E. E. Honorary ; AIEE. YOUNG, Mur- ray C. -Syracuse — Electrical Engineering; Pi Adu Ep- silon ; E. E. Honorary ; Inst, of Radio Eng. ZARO- CZYNSKI, Frank, Rome — Electrical Engineering ; .AIEE; Inst, of Radio Eng. .„_. t £iJd._i 286 First ron, left to right— T. McGorern. S. Rosen. P. Knight. L. Balahan, M. Guarino. G. Rausa. A. Hatch. W. Glass, D. Schmutzier, H. Young. E. Tennenbaum. Second row — R, Has- sett. C. Bechter, W. Maloney, C. Jensen, R. Holt. G. Harvey, E. Stannard, Prof. Whitney, J. Norton. C. Hartman. M. Chausou- sky. H. Engle, A. Pellman. Third row — P. Rosello. M. Deterding, R. Cowdery. R. Cowdery, M. Woncik, M. Slickney. E. Prach. T. Billings, P. Beal. J. Crosby, G. Carroitakis. A. Gretton, H. Branning, M. Bliss. Fourth row—C. Caldwell. E. Bartlett. L. Taylor, G. Huson, H. Everson, P. Moore, W. Anderson, R. Power, F. Doyle, A. Acrivos, J. McLoughlin, J. Turner, D. Bronson. Fifth row, C. Hellman, R. Abbot, B. Pennock, J. Brown, B. Sayer, R. Halkiotis, S. Becker, B. Hoyt, R. Merri- thew, T. Zylbert. M. Young. K. Solomon. S. Szelwach, J. Yottng. au eta ' Pi The Tau Beta Pi Association was founded at Lehigh University in 1885 by Edward Higginson Williams, jr., to mark in fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholar- ship and examplary character as undergraduates in engineering or by their attainments as alumni in the field of engineering and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. A national honorary for the elite in engineering subjects, all juniors are in the upper tenth of their class while seniors are in the top fifth of their class. { )ther requirements are service to Alma Mater through distinguished scholarship or by attainments in the field of engineering. Sponsored each year by the organiza- tion are the engineer ' s picnic and the engineer ' s ojjen house in the spring. Tau Beta Pi is the oldest honor society in the country : it was founded in 1885. ZINNl, jos ])h( ' ., liatayia — .Vdministrativc [engineer- ing: .Mii ' .: li:traniurals. ZVJ.IIKRT. Ihcndorc J.. Brooklyn — Mechanical lenginecriniL; : Tau r.ct;i I ' i; ASME; St. Thomas .More. 2B7 " J. i.s. First row, left to right — Professor Parkinson, C. Hawley. J. Etherington, H. Horn, B. Wills, P Woodford, F. Sterns, F. Beise, Professor Barze lay. Second row — D. Stewart, G. Schmanke C. Stoddard. W. Hoxie. R. Porter. R. Double day. E. Harrey. R. Smith, J. Sessler. J. O ' Dwyer Third ro» — H. Stewart, A. Robertson, G. Hollo R. Firman. D. Sotanski, W. Weslcott, R. Rei G. Bruyette, E. Stannard. ifrA-d Si H i l ioasting the largest collegiate chapter in the country I ' i chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma, national professional chemical fraternity, had an outstanding year in the social and professional world. Two dances were held and in addition to the annual spring picnic the chap- ter held two card parties. In the field of professional activity P ' i chapter helloed foster lietter relations be- tween it and the professional chapter. Lectures were sponsored in conjunction with the local chapter of A.I.C.E. High point of the season was the tri-chai)ter initiation held at Hamilton. N. Y., in conjunction with Alpha i u chapter of Colgate and Tau chapter ol Cornell. Frist row, left to right — J. Proietti, E. Smith, V. Gohel, R. Smith, R. Greene. Second row — K. Rankins, W. Jocobi, D. Gil- more, P. Rossello, J. Caezia, A. Rapisarda. Third row — P. Schickel, R. Cline, W. Shultis, P. Fromer. C. Gustavson Fourth row — P. Hippely. A. Acrivos, N. Shah, L. Young, R. dementi. Fifth ran — J. McCormick, R. Carpenter, L. Meadows, C. Lan- genhagen, R. Eichenlaub. Sixth row — . Macafee, C. Rathman. P. Newalis. R. Kirshner. J. Collins. Seventh row — P. Moore, G. Kalyin, M. Morton, P. Loughlin, G. Menter. Eighth row — J. Davidson. D. Carpenter, M. Stevenson, H. Brown, A. Gretton. Ninth row — L. Strenger, K. Newell, C. Caldwell, B. Sayer. The Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences was founded to stim- ulate interest in aeronautics and to gather and disseminate in- formation pertinent to this science. All student engineers are eligible for membership in this organization. Several nationally- known engineers have appeared as guest speakers at the bi- monthly meetings which are open to anyone interested in aviation. V h o n I v-- i V-1 1 h »4h£ .- -jmskt Hi 4-s. ' m.s- First TOW, R. Menz, N. Cohen, D. Winer, J. Delore, B. Jones, R. Ricci, G. Henderson. Secon d row, D. Miller, E. Bartlett, S. Becker, E. Kruzoff, L. Siuta, V. Carbonaro, E. Tomassini. Top, first row, I. to r., M. Lipton, P. Lehon, R. Menz, D. Miller, V. Carbonaro, E. Tomassini, G. Henderson, S. Becker, R. Ricci. Second row, W. Smith, I. Weinberg, W. Meschino. E. Knizoff. T. Zylbert. P. Strauss. S. Szelwach, A. Mackey. L. Enders. Third row, E. Meyers, H. Sender, J. Fredenberg, R. Tanner, R. Hill, S. Masood, A. Smith, J. Watson, P. Simmons. Fourth row, H. G. LeBlanc. W. Wilhelm. W. Peterson, R. Holt, H. Bou- dolf. J. Payne, D. Rightmire. J. Ferguson. Fifth row, A. Smith, J. Wheeler, E. Jacobs, K. Staring, W. Till- man, C. DiNiro. A. Siegel, C. Banta, C. Giemza. Sixth row, J. Keller, C. Rodenbach, H. Coffin, M. Bliss, S. Tomkinson, E. Polgar, M. Sternberg, F. Helffenstein, A. Blatz. The student branch of the American Society of Mechani cal Engineers is operated to promote the art and science of mechanical engineering and to broaden the usefulness of the egineering profession. To accomplish these aims, prominent engineers have addressed the group and other interesting programs have been arranged. Students have also participated in the programs by presenting papers on technical sub- jects. The student with the best report is chosen to l)resent his paper at the annual student convention. It is the aim of the branch to better prepare the mechani- cal engineering student for his role in the profession. Bottom, first row, I. to r., D. Winer, rice-pres.; J. Detore, pres.; N. Cohen, Ireas.; B. Jones, sec. Second row, B. Wills, P. Woodford, L. Fingerhut, G. Schmitz, B. C. Chhabria, I. Bryson, M. Chausofsky, I. Spiegelman. Third row, C. LeVine, M. Waner, D. Nalesnyk. H. Bailey, N. Nelson, H. Hullar, F. Teres, R. Heidgerd, K. Spear. Fourth row, C. Deer, R. Bieling, C. Dieh ' , L. Siuta, P. Nistico, E. Bartlett. A. Dunkelman, E. Jack- son, T. McGovern. OFFICERS President John Norton Vice President Carlson Hartman Secretary Wayne Simmons Treasurer Paul Beall The purpose of the Civil Engineering honorary, ASCE. is to iironiote interest in this field among en- gineering students. During the past year the organiza- tion held arious social functions, sponsored the Xortheastcrn regional convention of student chapters of ASCE and presented two awards for Civil Engi- neering projects. Pc 6 Ua TKu First row, I. to r., J. Peck, H. Engel, C. Greenberg, R. Dekay, T. Hoven, M. Stickney, A. Bush, A. Glaser, A. Hatch, M, Solomon, Second row, E. Juneau, E. Lynch, P. Krensky. H. Burchnalt. J. Crosby, M. Herlzberger, R. Gross, A. Lisse, R. Lockwood, S. Lincoln, H. Nelson. Third row, R. Taylor, R. Woodward, M. French, J. McShane. E. Cabot, H. Nuebel, R. Eastwood. G. Murray. C. Margolin, D. Bronson, E. Chrostowski. W. Maloney. Absent. W. Arnold, M. Lazo, R, Rosenberg, E. Schaffer, W. Schroter, J. Hugele, C. Smalt;. D. Kuritsky. R. Falk. Pi . ' lpha Mu, administrative engineering honorary, was founded at Syracuse University in the spring of 1 ' ' 49. Members are selected from the to]) fifth of the junior class and the top third of the senior class. Its purjxjse is to mark in a fitting manner those, who by reason of their distinguished scholarshi]) and exem- l)lary character as undergraduates or by their attain- ments as alumnae in the field of administration engi- neering, have brought favor upon their Alma Mater. ' 7 et i iuc Theta Tan, national professional engineering fraternity, spon- sored (luring the past season the annual Engineer ' s picnic. The Engineer ' s Ball at the Hotel Syracuse in December was complete with a queen, Miss Ruth Fenner. Later the Engineer ' s Banquet celebrated the return of alumni to the alma mater. Credit for the past year goes to Profcs.sor Conta, advisor to the chapter and to the staff of officers who have given generously of their time and enthusiasm. c ' 7cuc St w a F ' i Tau Sigma, national mechanical engineering honorarv, was established in the spring of 1948. Activities of the chapter include the annual spring picnic and the semi-annual initiation banquet. The chapter also s])on.sors an award to the outstanding sophomore in mechanical engineering. During the past year, committees from tlie chapter installed plaques and charters of student organiza- tions at the Thompson Road cam])us, and erected a bulletin board on the campus carrying meeting notices of all organizations asso- ciated with the College of Applied Science. first row, I. to r., S. Szelwach, G. Sporer, D. Barciys, R. Gray, R. Menz. E. W. Barrett, A. Mackay. Second row, W. Castle, J. R. Watson, W . J. McAndrews, P. A. Simmons, Professor B. J. Conta, N. E. Nelson. R. R. Ricci, A. Hatch, T. Ganatsiou, M. Chausovsky. Third row, W. P. Smith, W. J. Smith, C. A. Spadaro, T. Kelly. D. E. Rightmire, D. Winer, E. Bolton, K. Solomon, W. E. Gebhardt, W. Shields. Fourth row, M. Bliss, R. J. Power. L. Siuta. V. Carbonaro. E. Tamassini. P. R. Woodford. G. Brown. J. Pautick. A. Graham. Those absent, J. A. Delore. R. M. Enzinger. B. W. Hoyl. W. J. Hoyt, F. C. Karlson, R. Lamkin, J. E. Spiriti, J. R. Stafford. J. H. Vernsteeg, First row. I. to r., C. Rodenback. E. Bartlett. A. Grahan L. Forrest, E. Kruzoff. J. Detore, A. Blatz. D. Winer, Z. ' Marble. Second row. Prof. C. Christian. E. Grosser Prof. G. H. Henderson. Prof. B. Coule. Mr. R. Wick Mr. R. Solnick, Mr. S. Commossar, Prof. H. Blackburn P. Simmins. president; C. Banta. secretary; T. McGovern secretary; R. Schmutzler, treasurer; R. Hill. Third row R. How. J. Ferguson, J. Chillindki, H. Weina. B. Isco vitch. C. Gienza. E. Dyre. N. Nelson, M. Chansovsky R. Beach, S. Serdengecti. R. Heidgerd, N. Cohen. M Guarino. A. Pellman. B. Jones. B. Carronaro. W. Mes- chino. S. Szilwach. R. Large. D. Nalesnyck. M. Bliss H. Hunt. E. Finizio. J. Sedor. H. Ererson. R. Pabst. 7 St %€f a w l(ut l aacC 111 l ' ' 4_ ' llic I iiilcil SlMlfs ,y(i i.Tnnunt liii:ll an ullra- iiio.lcni plant on a tract nl ' land al)nut m v from tln " imivcrsitv. lliis was leased to tin- ( lem ' ral I ' " .lcf- ti ic company durinj, ' the war. In l ' )4() the university and the Lanier ( ' orjioration (it Syracuse ae(|iiired all of the huildings and part of the land. The ar.a hclonging to the iiniversitv covers about 123 acres and is assessed at $8,(X)0.00(), This ]iroperty liecanie part of the Applied Science Collcjje of Syracuse University. It is reached liv a fleet of university-owned liuses. allowing the students to live on l!ie main campus and take courses in other colleges of th? university. On tlie Engineering and Science campus are recrea- tion rijoius, an engineeriiif r library, a cafeteria and an auditorium in addition to aniiile classrooms and spa- cious laboratories. More than Sl.OOO.tlOO was sjient in refitting the buildiiii s for use as a college. In addition several mil- lion dollars worth of war suqilus ecjuipment has been acquired. This equipment and the various laboratories connected with the Institute ' of Industrial Research are availabk ' for the inxestigatioii of problems aris- ing from the industries in the area. This is the stor - of Thompson Road — a new campus that is raising the level of education at .Syracuse and putting her . pplied Science school near the top in . merican education. 292 StucCeat (AC% t( 9teKt at Mtfr K IRa d o Q 9 Left to right, standing: Norman Nelson, Regent of Theta Tau; William Mc- Andrews, Pres, of Student Council, Chairman of Inter-Society Council; Francis Straub, Pres. of A.l.E.E.-l.R.E.; Philip Simmons, Pres. of Pi Tau Sigma; Maynard Stickney, Pres. of Pi Alpha Mu; Ralph Holt, Pres. of Tau Beta Pi, Vice Chairmat. of Inter-Society Council; John Norton, Pres. of A.S.C.E. Seated: Peter Loughlin, Pres. of A.I.Ch.E.; Fred Schaefer, Pres. of E.E. Honorary; John Detore, Pres. of A.S.M.E.; Philip Woodford. Pres. of I.A.S.; Arthur Hatch, Pres. of A.I.I.E., and Philip Rosello. Master Alchemist of Alpha Chi Sigma. The Inter-Society Council was established by the Student Council in the autumn of 1949. Composed of the presidents of the fourteen engineer- ing societies and fraternities within the college, it is the answer to many new problems incurred throvgh the separation of the engineering cam- pus and the main campus. .Although the future will witness an increase in the scope of its purposes and activities, the Inter-Society Council was initially conceived for the following purposes: 1. To provide each organization with a meaningful project which will benefit the college as a whole. 2. To effect swift, smooth action on college-wide functions throngli direct contact with society. and fraternity i)residents. 3. To furnish college committees and projects with a generous su])ply of manpower. 4. To ])romnte and cement a stning. actixe fellinvshi]) anmnt; all engineering students. Right: Distillery for Chemical Engineering 293 I c Slide ule William McAndrewi, Editor-in-chief In September, 1 ' 4S. the I.. C. Siiiilli College of Applied Science colonized llie new niillion-ilollar cam- ])us on Thompson Road. W doing so, it introduceil a new concei)t of college life to its students and facult — the concept of integration. The main campus attractions were now practically unavailable because of the distance between Thompson Road and the ( )ld ( )val. If substitutes were not made available, morale would be scriouslv threatened. The A. S. Student C ' iuncil was formed, liut tliere was a need for more than that in the life of 1,800 students. An official organ for the dissemination of notices to the student hotly, called the Weekly Calendar, was established. Compiled by Miss Ruth Nothacker, secre- tary to the Student Counselor, it fulfilled one of the needs. To make it mor e interesting. Miss Nothacker appended to the Calendar a section called " By-Lines " which contained humorous ;uiecdotes and puzzles. Seated, left to right — Ben hcoyitsch. Circulation Mgr.; William McAndrem. editor; Phil Simmons, News Editor. Standing — Manuel Chaufsky, unidentified. John Powers, publicity; Myron Solomon, exchange editor. CivT) Left — Len Najder, jcalurf nriler; Roti Powers, Feature Editor. Center — standing, Jerry Brown, Make-up Editor; seated, Lillian Golub, Business Mgr.; Ralph Northrop, typist. Right — Keith McCall, cartoonist. Immediately afu-r the fiirmation cif the new Student Council, Bill McAndrews, its vice-president, joined Miss Nothacker in enlarging the " By-Lines. " This sec- tion included the projects of the student body and acted as a sounding board for student desires. This section soon became one of the greater parts of the Calendar. Realizing the value of a student publication on morale, and wishing to regain the services of his secre- tary, Dr. John B. Kling, Student Counselor, called in Bill McAndrews and set up plans for a student paper. Fifteen students offered their services and on April 25, 1949, the Slide Rule first appeared at Thompson Road. The features of this weekly have not changed noticeably since its first month, but there has been a vast technical improvement. The paper contains, in addition to college news, a humorous biographical sketch of some faculty menilier, faculty news, the minutes of each student council meeting, departmental society news, an editorial, a letters-to-tlie-editur cdI- umn, a job opportunities feature, wherein seldom thought of fields for engineers outside of their particu- lar area are explored; a weekly calendar of events, and numerous cartoons and jokes. Numerous face-liftings have changed the appearance of the Slide Rule, gradually developing a professional appearance. Inasmuch as no engineering student has contact with journalistic courses or methods of publi- cation, the staff is justly proud of the encouraging comments received concerning the Slide Rule ' s appear- ance and content. None of this would have been possible without the encouragement and aid of Dean Louis Mitchell uf the Applied Science college, who supplied the staff with a room and furniture and the equipment needed to pub- lish the (japer. left — Prof. Whitney, administrative assistant; Bill Shields, feature writer. Center — Jerry Br Erwin Weinberg, proofreader; Ron Powers. vn, Al Mackay, Executive Editor. Right — Coll ' ■J h ilic chapel committee in the Student Lounge Tlie C " ollci;c of . ]i])lic(l Scicnci ' offers a four-year proL;raiii in c ' n,i;iiK ' criii.n. A l)ro;iil a-ncral (. ' (lucalion. with s]H ' cial (. ' miiiiasis on llic physical sciences and their ap])licatic]n to Uu- ncecl-, nf modern civilization is pro- vidrd. TIk ' first vrars are (lc (ited chiefly to the funda- nienlal stihjects of l ' ji,i;lish. chemistry, mathematics, physics ami drawing. Diu ' ing the freshman year every engineering stn lent takes the same c n rieuhim. Ilegin- nini; with the second c-;ir and (hiring the last two vears jiarticnlarly, much of the work is in .specific engineer- ing studies and the problems of design, the student be- ing privileged, however, to elect in the last two years a limited number of nontechnical subjects for the ciu " - ricula of other colleges. Six degree courses are offered by the College. These degrees are: llachelor of .Administrative, Chemical, Civil, Klectrical, .Mechanical, and Metallurgical En- gineering. I i Left — Jel engines ore impcLtfJ in the Aeronautical Laboratories. Right — Studying the flow characteristics in the lab. Iiroposed Sliuk-iU Cinincil constitution by ;ui over- whelming margin. Professor B. Conta replaced Professor A. ( ). Quinn as faculty advisor, the latter departing the College for a position in industry, after having rendered very vahi- able service to tlie students tiu-ough his advisory re- sponsibility. The Student Council, in its brief existence to date, can take justifiable pride in tiie part it has played in such projects as the furnishing of the Student Lounge, the procuring of athletic equipment and recreational facilities, the establishment of a Student .Activities room, the securing of a full-time student ad isor, and like activities. A program of faculty evaluation by stu- dents and painting of murals upon the walls of the cafeteria are presently being discussed. 4frfiiicet Science SttuCcKt veiKmeKt In the fall of 1948, student elections were organized at Thompson Road for the purpose of selecting class officers of the College of .Applied Science and repre- sentatives on the proposed Student Council for the Col- ege. This has become an annually conducted event early in the fall. The Student Council, over-all coordinating and governing body for student affairs, is composed of the presidents of the four classes plus one repre- sentative from each of the si.x degree-granting depart- ments within the College. The president of the Senior class serves as chairman of of the .Student Council, which holds weekly meetings. By means of student committees, attendance at faculty meetings and close liason with student organizations it seeks to promote the general welfare of Engineering students. The elections of Y-W) resulted in the adoption of the Right — Surveying at Summer Camp. Left — Testing the SeaBee in Aeronautical Lab. Right — Airfoil design class. THETA UU l Mv T ie CroM»i»x ic Engineer ' s Queen All tu(k-nt organizations of the collect ' sched- ule arious social affairs from time to time during the year. The highlights of the Applied Science social calendar are the F.ngineer ' s Ball in the (iiand Mall Room of the Hotel Syracuse, and the annual ( Jjjen House and Engineer ' s r.ani|uel in the spring. At the l ' all. which cumes in the mid-winter each vear, a girl is chosen Oueen of the Engi- neers and is crowned on that occasion. The spring han(iuet is the signal for many alumni to return Id the scene nf their undei graduate days. Despite their busy study schedule and their remoteness from the main campus, most en- gineers manage to participate in the activities and ftmctions of the whole university. The high point of life at Thompson Road — ihc Engineer ' s Ball Condensers in Mech. Lti iin A, -7. 5, 5. first row, left to right, K. Linton, S. Saunders. H. Cooke. W. Wind, P. Romanelli. F. Straub, P. Smith. R. Lett. R. Beers, N. Friend. R. Haris. Second row, S. Hacker, M. Fuchs, F. Guros, F. Stalach, E. Lorschider, W. Payne, A. Hague, S. Rosing, G. Maris, C. VanAuken, F. O ' Conner, M. Wonick, G. Danials, M. Young, F. Powell, jr., Gordenstein, A. Mauchle. Third row, F. Williams, D. Ayling. E. Innutti, C. Sherde. D. Brouse, W. Barrett. S. Barash, D. Mather. J. Meehan, R. Abbott, R. Turner. H. Morrison. H. Hall. H. Cheston. The American Institute of Electrical Engineers is a recognized national professional society of students interested mainly in electrical engineering. The dis- cussion and general programs of the Syracuse Univer- sity student chapter encourages and stimulates interest and understanding in the scientific princijjle of elec- trical improvements. The scholastic elite in the en- gineering sequence of the . pplied Science school are admitted each year to niemhership in the honorary. 299 4 u ia 4cCmcm t%atca 300 . ABBRUZZESE, Anthony J., Soutli f ' lainfield, N. J.— Accounting; Alpha Beta I ' si. AIW.I S, Robert S., Law- rence — Sales Management: I ' lii I ' .psilon I ' i; Band; Orchestra. AFRICA, Walter I " ., Jr., I ' ittshurgh, Pa.— Advertising ; Phi Delta Theta ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Civil Service. .A.IDUN, Bahrain K., Teheran, Iran — l- ' oreign Trade. AKENHEAD, Richard W., Newark— Sales Manage- ment ; Sigma Nu ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Intramurals. AL- L. NSON, Neva, Phoenix — Secretarial Science; Phi Mu; Quill Keys; Fresh Exec. Council; Chapel; WAA. ALPERT, . rthur, Watertown— Retailing ; Sigma Al- pha Mu ; Jewish Fellowship, Pres. ; UJA, Chrmn. ; Chapel, First Cabinet; IZFA. ALPERT, Gerald G., New Haven, Conn— Foregn Trade. ALTMAN, Rob- ert AL. Syracuse — Retailing : Zeta Beta Tau. . MSTER. Gilbert . ., bllizabeth, N. J.— Retailing ; IZFA: AM A: AXDERSoN, Thomas F., Syracuse- Accounting: . lpha Chi Rho. ANDRIANOS. Hercules R., East Svracuse — ProfUiction Management. . NSTETT, Albert E., Yonkers — Production Manage- ment. ANTRIM, William H., Point Pleasant Beach, X. J. — Advertising; F ' hi Delta Theta; Sigma Beta Al- pha; Chapel: Radio Workshop: UNASU ; IFC. . RCHBOLD, William C, Swarthmore, Pa. — Foreign Trade ; Phi Delta Theta ; Sigma Beta . lpha ; Sr. Class, Treas. ; ' arsitv Lacrosse; AMA ; Chorus. ARMSTRONG, John V .. Utica— Personnel Indus- trial Relations. ARNOLD, Donald L., Millburn, N. J. — Production Management; MSG; Soc. for the Adv. of Management ; SUSKI ; Intramurals. AUSTIN, Samuel H., Niagara Falls — Insurance; Varsity Basket- ball : WWO. . XEL, Calvin, Newark. N. J. — Personnel Industrial Relations: IM. ; Sigma Iota Epsilon ; Soc. for the Adv. of Management ; Sr. Assembly : Intramurals. BAER, William li., Syracuse — Public .Vccounting; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha I ' si; . Ipha Kajjpa Psi. BAHR, Robert J., Syracuse — Sales Management ; Phi Delta Theta: AMA; SUSKI ; Outing Club. 301 CC ( f950 RAICKER, Alan II., Scranton, Pa. — Adverti.sing : IMA; Penna. Clul); Summer Orange; AMA ; Intra- murals. BAKER, William J., Lockport — Sales Man- agement ; Pi Kappa Alpha: Sigma Beta Alpha; March- ing Band ; Sales ] orum. BALASH, William G., Auburn — Advertising ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; St. Thomas More; Soph. Mop. BALDLT. Gordon T., Utica — Accounting; Delta Kappa Epsilon. BALDWIN, John J., Worcester, Mass. — Sales Management ; Lambda Chi Alpha ; Al- pha Kapi a Psi ; Pi Alpha Tau ; AMA ; Varsity Base- ball, Capt; ' arsity Basketball. BANDLER, Eugene, Rockaway Park — Accounting; Tau Epsilon Phi. M . ( ) KII. Michael I ' .. Aliciuippa. Pa.— Accounting ; Beta . l])ha Psi ; Beta ( lamma .Sigma; Aljjha Kappa Psi. RARDOWITZ, William L, Monticello — Advertising ; AMA ; Sales Forum; Bridge Club. BARKMAN, Frank I ' ., . v York City — Production Management; Flying Club. B.XRRI ' .TT, Robn-t R.. Pittsburgh, Pa.— Sales Man- agement; . igina Chi; . t. Thomas More. BARTH, Warren W., Tro — Personnel; Lambda Chi . lpha ; Sigma Iota Ep.silon. BARTLETT, John W., Hart- ford, Conn. — Advertising. B, RT )N, Harold L.. Waterville— Production Man- agement. P . SS. ( il ' " ., ( lene R., Palmyra — Advertising; Aljiba Kappa I ' si. I! l ' . , b ' rank. Auburn — Finance; A.MA; Auburn Club. BECKER, Richard, Firooklyn — Production Manage- ment ; Sigma Alpha Mu ; Soc. for the . dv. of Man- agement ; Intramurals. BEIM, Roslyn, Newark, N. J.— Advertising; IZFA ; NAACP. BELMONT, Patricia, Rochester — Advertising; HPA; Catholic Choir; Rochester Club; W. A. Hb:NSP:N, Oorge II., Tenafly, X. J.— Production Management ; Sigma Iota Epsilon ; Sigma Beta Alpha. BENEDICT, Clayton J., South Kortright — Account- ing; Alpha Kappa Psi. BERMAN, Albert M., Boston, Mass. — Accounting ; MSG. t| 302 U KC l 4cUttC9tC lt%€ltC H P.I ' IRMEIN, Lawrence. Brooklyn — Advertisint;- ; IMA; AM A. BERNSTEIN, [urra New York City— Ac- counting;. BE " ES, John A.. ( ireat Neck — Advertising. BIONDO, B i a g i o F . , Woodhaven — Advertising. BIRKS, Harold C, Dewitt— Marketing ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; AMA ; Sales Forum ; ■intcr Carnival. BEACK- WELL, Robert J.. Brooklyn — Transportation : Alpha Kappa Psi ; Delta Nu Alpha. BLAGYS, William A., Bridgeport, Conn.— Public Accounting ; IMA ; IVta Alpha Psi ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; NISA. BLANCHARD, Herbert W., ( hieonta— Ac- counting. BLAUVELT, Albert ( )., Jr., Suf fern— In- surance ; Lutheran Students Assoc, Pres. : Chapel. BLOSSOM, Lyell l.. Hilton— Accounting ; Sigma Be- ta; World Relations Club. BLUMAN, Sidney, Syra- cuse — Production lanagement. BOCHNER, Oscar, Brooklyn — Accoimting. BODLE, Ralph W ' ., West Orange, N. J.— Advertising ; Alpha Chi Rho. BONIFACE, Rudolph, Belleville- Production Management ; Beta Theta Pi ; Sigma Iota Epsilon ; Frosh Boxing Team ; IFC Ball ; Campus Chest. BORGESE, Henry J., Niagara Falls— Foreign Trade ; Lambda Chi Alpha ; Alpha Phi Omega ; IFC ; P ' rench Club ; .Spanish Club ; Red Cross ; Fieldhouse I ' oundation ; St. Thomas More. BORGSTROM, Robert E., Syracuse— Advertising ; Alpha Delta Sigma. BORTON, Glenn E., Scarsdale— Production Management ; Phi Gamma Delta. BOUN- TY, Ralph A., Stamford. Conn. — .- dvertising ; IM. ; Alpha Delta Sigma: MSC. : Chapel. BOUSKILL, Wallace R.. H a m b u r g — Marketing. BRADLEY, Edward T-, Syracuse — Transportation ; Delta Nu Alpha. BREW, Daniel G., Endicott— Pro- duction Management. zoz ( U ai i950 IIRI WI ' " . I . W ' illnir I., lilrie, I ' a. — Advertising, Trans- fer fniiii ■rri])k ' Cities College. I ' .RINK, William E., Syracuse — Sales Management ; I! eta T h e t a Pi. BROOKS, Franklin P., Pditland, Me.— Production Management: IMA. BR(;A ' N, Alan F.. Rridgepcirt. Conn. — Advertising; Beta Tlieta Pi: Scabbard (S; Blade: intramurals. BR( » N ' . Albert H., Adams — Tran.sportation ; Sigma Pi: Delta Xu Alpha. P.RC ) VN, Clifford H., Perry- Production Management ; Kappa Sigma ; C)uting Club : Ciiorus. I ' .Ri i ' . , (ieor-e R., jr.. Margate. N. J.- Marketing : .Mplia Sigma Phi: bni.tball (oacb. I ' .RoWX. Keith (i., I ' .lakely, Pa.— Acoonntin.i . 1!R()ZA. .Mien 1 ' ... . s- bur Park, N. 1. — Accounting. liCRDb.W IK. l)..uglas P.. .Ml. enion— .Sales Man- a.i;enunl ; Sigma l ' .et;i: Chorus: . M. : Westchester Club. I ' d ' RDlCK, Philip P., Creig— Retailing. BUR- l. . Hilda. e v Rochelle — ( )ffice Management: Chap- BL ' RXI-:! " ! " , JoNeiih . .. Watertovi ' n— . ccounting: Scabbard Blade. RCRNS, ( leorge R., Jr., Hornell —.Accounting: l.M. : ( )uting Clul). BCRRIS, Howard B., Brooklyn— .Accounting: XAACP: Chapel. P.L " RS( ). ' . Robert V... Iloneoye Falls— Transfer from .Sani])son. CAHILL, ' irginia, S racuse — ' ITans])orta- titm: Theta Phi Alpha: City Women ' s Club: Campus Chest: Fieldhouse Foundation; St. Thomas More. L ' . H( )( )X, Leonard W., -Syracuse — Production Man- agement ; Zeta Psi : liUramurals. C. ' LF( ), George C, Forest Hills — Advertising: Alpha Delta Sigma. CALISH, Irving G., Brookline, Mass. — Personnel. CALLANDER, George T., Green Island — . ccnnntinfr. ZQA CAMPEDELLI. Frank L.. Rnstdii, Mass.— Sales Management ; IMA ; Activities Center ; AM A ; Campus Chest: CYO: Choir. CAPARELLI, C.eorge ].. Mid- dle ' illage — Accounting ; Phi Kappa Tau : Scabbard Blade; Clreek Club; Chapel. CARMEN, Robert G., Marathon — Finance; IMA. CARPENTER, Roy . ., Croton— , dvertising ; Zeta Psi : Phi Kappa Alpha ; ( Jrange Key ; Trad. Comm. ; Pres. : .AM.X; Soph Hop, Co-Chrmn. ; Frosh Hop; Head Men ' s Cheerleader; Daily Orange. CARRUTH- ERS, Ellis M., Syracuse— .Accounting. CARUSO. Rob- ert N.. North Plainfield, N. J. — Sales Management; Phi Delta Theta ; AM A ; CYO. CASH, Donald F., Portland, Me.— Office Manage- ment. CECONI, Anthony J., Tarrytown — Advertising; Alpha Delta Sigma. CH.XbINSKY. Irving J., Syracuse — Industrial Management; Inter. Rel. Club; Chapel. CHATFIELD. Arthur. Painted Post— Production Management, Transfer from Alfred; Alpha Phi Omega; ROTC ; Outing Club. CHRISMER, George K., Jr., -Syracuse — Production Management; Delta Kappa Epsilon : Alpha Kappa Psi. CHU, Kenneth K., Gloversville — Advertising ; House Pres. ; Intramurals. CIRRITO. Jostph F.. Hillsdale, N. J.— Production Management; Scabbard Blade; Campus Chest; Chaj el ; House Pres. CL. RK, Ernest, Jr.. East Hamp- ton — Industrial Relations; Sigma Nu. CLINE. Austin L., S) racuse — Sales Management ; Sigma Chi ; AMA. CLINT()N. Richard E.. Cincinnatus — I- ' oreign Trade. Transfer from Triple Cities College: IMA; AMA; French Club; Spanish Clul). COBURN, Richard G., Syracuse — Marketing; .Alpha Phi Omega; AMA; NAACP. C()DY. George F., Garden City— Office Management ; Phi Kappa Psi : ' arsity Football ; ' ar- sitv Lacrosse. COFFEY, Donald F., Highland FalKs— Office Man- agement : St. Thoms More ; Intramurals. CC HEN, Edward M., Fitchburg, Mass. — Marketing: Sigma Al- pha Mu: AMA; Sr. Assembly: Intramurals. COHEN, Jay .A., Mt. ' ernon — .Accounting; Riding Club. 3QS et44 o{ f950 i COLSON, Earl, Brooklyn— Accoiintins ; Zeta Beta Tail. COOK. John F., East Syracuse — Personnel Man- aKcmcnt. C( )PLAN, Joseph N., Wilkes-Barre, Pa — Retailing, ' ; Daily Orange ; Penna. Club ; Jazz Club. CORBO, James R., North Adams, Mass. — Account- ing; IMA. COREY, Williams C, Ridgewood, N. J.— Sales Management: Phi Delta Theta, Pres. COT- CHER, George, Johnson City — Production Manage- ment ; IMA. C()L ' l ' r. Charles !).. I ' .hnira — PrcKhiclion Manage- ment: I ' hi Kai)i)a I ' si : Sigma lota l- ' .psilon. CROSBY, ' rheo|iliilus A.. Sciienectady — Sales Management; AM A. Cl ( )SS, .Mice. Brooklyn — Advertising; Jewish l-cllovvslii|); LIJA. CCL151 ' :K1 " S0N. (ieorge T., Jr., Mt. Yernon. O.— Advertising; Beta Theta Pi; Sigma Beta Alpha; Bible Club; Yarsity Football; Intramurals. CLIMMINGS, Leonard ' J., Plainfield, N. J. — Accounting; Phi Delta Theta. CURSON, Albert. Port Jefferson— Account- ing; Sigma Phi I ' Lpsilon ; Beta .Alpha I ' si; MSG; Row- ing Club ; Varsity Crew. CYTRYN, Morton E., B ro okl y n — Accounting. DAME, Byron C, Cazenovia — -Accounting ; Kappa Sigma. D. MON, (leorge P.. Brooklyn — Marketing: . lpha Chi Rho ; AM. : Intranniral Council. DA lES, I ' rancis C. Cortland — Transportation; Del- ta Nu Alpha. DAYIS, Miles B., West Haven, Conn. — Production Management: IMA; Alpha Kappa Psi : Sigma Iota Epsilon ; Beta Gamma Sigma ; UWF. DAYIS, Lawrence G.. Brooklyn — Production Manage- ment ; IMA ; Soc. for the Adv. of Management : AMA ; (Juting Club ; Intramurals. DAVTSON, E. Ross, Syracuse — Production iManage- ment; Phi Kappa Tau ; Bridge Club. DEAN, Matthew C Syracuse — Public .Accounting. DEICHES, Andrew, Rockville Centre — Public Accounting. 306 cc C c ;4cUKCttc t i€iti DEITSCH, Edward J., Jr., Scarsdale — Transporta- tion; Delta Nil Alpha. UELAHANTY, Joseph L., Irvington, N. J. — Sales Management; Alpha Sigma Phi; AMA; IPC. DeROSE, Daniel, Newark, N. J. — Advertising: AMA. DEXTER, James E., Cortland — Retailing, transfer from Triple Cities College; Sigma Pi; AMA. DINE. Christ, Syracuse — Personnel Industrial Relations. DINGER, Gordon S., Sodus Point — Production Man- agement ; Sales Forum ; Intramurals. DiPIETRO, Frank, Fitchburg, Mass. — Accounting, Transfer from Sampson ; Debate Club. DOLLARD, Jeanne E., Syracuse Secretarial Science ; Kappa Al- pha Theta ; Winter Carnival. Co-Chrmn. ; SUSKI. DONAHUE, Patrick D., Pittston, Pa. — Accounting; Beta Al])ha Psi ; Penna. Club. DONNELLY, Charles W., Jersey City, N. J.— Sales Management; Alpha Sigma Phi; AMA. DORFMAN, Robert L., Gloversville — Accounting; Sigma Alpha Mu ; Beta Alpha Psi; Frosh Boxing; Intramurals. DOR- KIN. Louis, Bridgeport, Conn. — Advertising; Football ; Intramurals. DOUGHERTY. Edward C, Syracuse— Sales Manage- ment ; Intramurals. DOWLING, William F., Crom- well, Conn.— Sales Management; AMA. DOWNING. Kenneth G.. Pelham — Transportation ; Lambda Chi W- pha ; Men ' s Glee Club; Champlain College Club. DOYLE, Edward J.. New York City — Economics, Transfer from Sampson ; UWF. DRESEL, Richard W.. Brooklyn— Foreign Trade: IZFA. DRUMMOND, Robert D., Rochester — .Vdvertising. DUNCAN, Arnold D., Kansas City, Mo. — Accounting Alpha Phi Alpha. DUNITZ, Howard, Reading, Pa.- Production Management. DUNN, Edwin L.. ( )we ' ; — I ' ublic Accounting; .Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Sr. As sembly ; Onondagan .Staff; Chapc-l. Z07 ? ' CU i4 ( t950 EBERLEIN, Robert G.. Roselle Park, N. J.— Pro- duction Management; Mr. Mrs. Club. EDEN, Don- ald, B., Newton Center, Mass. — Sales Management ; Phi Kappa Tau ; Campus Chest. EDWARDS, I. Rus- sell, Syracuse — Accounting ; Sigma Chi. EGLESTON, Russell L., Syracuse — Law; Alpha Kap- pa Psi ; UNASU. ELKINS, Frank R., Holyoke, Mass. —Retailing; IMA; Outing Club; AM A; Scabbard Blade. ELLIS, Maxwell E., Buffalo— Advertising: Alpha Epsilon Pi ; Alpha Delta Sigma ; Campus Chest. EPSTEIN, Sanford M., Rochester— Finance ; Beta Gamma Sigma ; Philosophy Club. ESSROW, Elinor, Buffalo — Advertising; Student Union; Flint Feath- er; Daily Orange. EVANGELISTA, Pasquale, Syra- cuse — Accounting. EV ' ANS, John E., Rochester — Finance; Phi Gamma Delta; MSG; Winter Carnival; Campus Chest; JV Football. EVENDEN, Elamona M., Delhi— Secretarial Science. EVENDEN, Theodore C, Delhi — Person- nel ; Sigma Iota Epsilon. FARBER, Stanley H., Jamaica — Foreign Trade; SUSKI ; Champlain Club. " FARNSWORTH, K. Cur- tis, Claremont, N. H. — Personnel ; Psi Upsilon ; Kappa Beta Phi ; Ski School Instructor. FARROW, Howard W., Montclair, N. J. — Private Accounting. FAVANT, Irwin R., Tarry town — Accounting ; Alpha Kappa Psi. FEDCHOCK, John P., Elmira Heights- Accounting. FEGLEY, John T.. Fulton — Accounting : Alpha Kappa Psi; St. Thomas More. FEIN, Frederick A., Brooklyn — Production Manage- ment-Accounting. FELLMAN, Samuel, Brooklyn — Advertising; Cilee Club. FITZGERALD, James, New I laven. Conn. — Accounting. f I 308 FLETCHER, Richard T., Ayer. Mass.— Marketing. FIALA, Francis T., Herkimer — Production Manage- ment. FIELD, Anthony W., HI. Lounsl)erry — Sales Management; IMA; Camera Chib ; Yacht Club; Fly- ing Club; Tri-cities Club; AMA; ( )noiuiagan Staff; Syracusan ; Student Union ; Activities Center ; WAER ; Dramatics. FINCH, Albert C, Johnson City— Accounting. FIX- GERHUT, Walter S., W ' oodmere — Foreign Trade ; IMA ; Jewish Fellowship ; Chapel, Second Cabinet ; Winter Carnival; Daily Orange; Onondagan Staff; Red Cross ; Campus Chest ; UJA, Frosh Hop, Co- Chrmn. ; Varsity Soccer ; Intramurals. F( )RRESTER. [ohn . ., Brooklyn — Foreign Trade. FOX, George B., Mt. Veinon — Production Manage- ment; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FOX, Richard L., Syra- cuse — Public Accounting. FRANKS, Donald I., For- est Hills — Retailing, transfer from Ut. C. ; Chi Kap- pa Chi. Pres. ; AMA; MSG; Pre-Legal Society; Int. Rel. Club. FRIEDMAN, Arnold S., Elmhurst— Advertising ; IMA; Tau Theta Upsilon ; Daily Orange, Mg. Ed.; UJA; Orange Key; Sr. Exec. Council. FRIEDMAN, Morton, O 1 y p h a n t , Pa. — Production Management. FREIERT, William F., Rochester — Transportation; Delta Upsilon; Delta Xu Alpha; MSG; Co-Op Coun- cil. FRY, C. Herbert, Pottstown, Pa. — Accounting ; Beta Gamma Sigma ; Beta Alpha Psi ; Alpha Kappa Psi. FUCHS, Jerome H., New York City — Sales Manage- ment, Transfer from Sampson. GALIN, Jack, Kew (jardens — Accounting ; Beta Alpha Psi ; Jewish Fel- lowship. GAMBLE, William H., Waltham, Mass.— Sales Man- agement, transfer from Xortheastern University ; Gamma Phi Kappa; AMA; Chapel. Garlock, Bernard G., Jr., Alexandria Bay — .Advertising; St. Thomas More; AMA. GARRABRANT, Gilbert G., Jr., Pater- son, N. J. — Sales Management ; .Alpha Kappa Psi ; AMA. GELFAND, Marshall M., Claremont, N. H.— Ac- counting ; Sigma .Alpha Mu; Beta Alpha Psi; Jr. Prom. GEORG.AKLIS, Chris, Brookline, Mass.— Sales Management. GEWANDTER, Harold G., Worcester, Mass. — Sales Management; AMA. 9 CU i ( f950 GIANNINY, Robert V., Rochester— Transportation : Delta Nu Alpha. GIFFORD, George, Scotia — Account- mg; Outing Club; Ski School Instructor. GILLETT, William B.. Niagara Falls — Retailing; Beta Theta Pi; . ' ales ■ ' " iirum: Frosh Council. GODFREY, William B., Danders, Mass.— Finance. CiOLD, Alex, Bayonne, N. J. — Production Manage- ment. GOLDBERG, Charles, Yonkers — Foreign Trade. GOLDBERG, Mel, Mt. Vernon— Hospital Administra- tion ; Champlain Club ; Flying Club ; Jr. Prom. GOLD- EN, Leon, Worcester, Mass. — -Accounting. GOLD- MAN, David W., New Haven, Conn. — Advertising ; Sigma Alpha Mu ; Alpha Epsilon Rho ; Alpha Delta Sigma ; WAER ; Sales Forum ; TV Society ; Chapel. GOLDSTEIN. Alan A., Laurelton — Sales Manage- ment ; I M A : A M A ; Intramurals. GOLDSTEIN, I ' hilip, Brooklyn — Sales Management. GORDON, Irving S., Rochester — Sales Management; Alpha Epsi- icn Pi. GORDON, William K., Tully — Sales Management: AMA. GORENBERG, Frank D., Bronx— Market- ing, transfer from Sampson; IMA; NAACP; Sr. Assemblv. (jRANT, Daniel L., Fulton — Accounting. GRAUBART, Burton L., New York City— Account- ing ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Bridge Club. GREEN, Law- rence M., Brookline. Mass. — Accounting. GRODEM, Harold, Brooklyn — Sales Management ; AMA. GROHE, George F.. Teaneck, N. J.— Marketing. (iUDEN, Sergei M.. Trumbull, Conn. — Marketing; .■ MA; Fairfield County Club. GRAICERSTEIN, Martin S., New Haven, Conn. — ( )f fice Management; IMA; MSG. 4 i 310 GUZIK, Ronald K., Tarrytown — Personnel Adminis- tration ; Phi Epsilon Pi ; Sigma Iota Epsilon ; IPC ; Winter Carnival ; Fieldhouse Foundation. HALL. War- ren A., Flushing — Advertising; Beta Theta Pi; Sigma Beta Alpha ; Campus Chest ; Fieldhouse Foundation. HALLIDAV, George W., New York City— Account- ing ; Sigma Chi ; Living Center, Pres. HAMANN, Richard E., Dunkirk— Advertising ; Sig- ma Phi Epsilon ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; TV Society. HAM- BRECHT, Robert S., Syracuse — Foreign Trade. HAMMOND, Gordon. Northville— Production Man- agement ; Chapel Choir ; Men ' s Glee Club ; Methodist Fellowship. HAMPTON, Theodore C, Utica— Sales Management ; AMA. HANSEN, Chester D., Jr., Claremont, N. H. —Finance: Sigma Chi. HARDIMAN, Richard J., Marcy — Marketing ; AMA. HARDIMAN, Robert F., Barneveld— Production Management. HARMON, Richard H., Syracuse — Ac- counting; St. Thomas More. HARRIENGER, Charles F., Lowville — Personnel Industrial Relations ; Sigma Iota Epsilon ; Alpha Kappa Psi. HARRINGTON, Harrison A., Syracuse — Transporta- tion ; Alpha Kappa Psi. HARRINGTON, Thomas W., Bergenfield, N. J.— Foreign Trade; AMA. HARRI- SON, Robert G., New York City — Accounting. HART, Howard, New York City— Retailing ; Phi Ep- silon Pi; Winter Carnival; Campus Cest ; IFC; Daily Orange; All-U Party. HASTINGS, S. La Verne, Al- bany — Accounting ; Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Varsity Bas- ketball ; Varsity Baseball. HAUPT, Richard, Stone Ridge — Transportation ; Delta Nu Alpha. HEINE, William I., Wilmington, Del. — Production ManagemeiU ; A ' lpha Epsilon Pi, Pres. ; IZFA ; IFC. HEINEMANN, Hugo A., Syracuse— Production Man- agement. HEPBURN, Charles B., Canton— Produc- tion Management, transfer from Champlain ; Sigma Pi ; Intranuirals. 317 ( U ( f950 HI RKO, Joseph, Johnstown, Pa. — Production Man- agt-nient ; IMA; Sigma Iota Alpha; Soc. for the Adv. of Management; Men ' s Glee Club. HERRCJN, Ed- ward C, Plattsburg — Accounting; Outing Club. HIB- BRRT, Nathan J., Watertown — Real Estate; Pi Alpha Chi of Theta Alpha. HILL , Carl H, Rochester — Sales Management; Sig- ma Chi ; Sales P ' oruni ; AMA ; St. Thomas More ; In- traniurals. HINTON, Joseph F., Brooklyn — Account- ing; St. Thomas More. HITCHCOCK, Donald J., ( jloversville — Accounting; Pi Kappa Alpha. HODCiES, Robert T., Syracuse — Advertising; Sigma Chi. HOLMGREN, Ralph A., Lindenhurst— Sales Management; AMA; Long Island Club. HOME- WOOD, Morgan, Wilmington. Del. — Sales Manage- ment, Transfer from U. of Delaware; Sigma Nu ; Al- ])ha Phi Omega; Chapel. HOPSON, Elton J., Dolgeville— Insurance. HOS- KINS, Earl ' ., (iroton — General Business; Delta Cpsilon ; Sigma Beta .Alpha ; Delta Nu Alpha ; AMA ; Crew, Mgr. ; Syracusan. HOWARD, James E., Syra- cuse — Sales Management; Pi Alpha Chi of Theta Al- pha ; Delta Phi .Mpha ; German Club. H( ) ' . RD, Tiioinas P., Syracuse — Advertising; Pi Alpha Chi of Theta Alpha. HOWES, C. Thomas, Syracuse — Advertising ; Lambda Chi Alpha ; Canter- bury Club; Debate Club. HURD, John G., New York- City — Production Management ; Beta Theta Pi ; Scab- l)ar ' d Blade; Football. HYMAN, Harold W., Brooklyn— Finance ; Alpha Ep- silon Pi; AMA; Student Union. ILLINGWORTH, Harry I., Jr., Rochester — Sales Management; arsity (jolf ; Intramurals ; AMA ; Living Center, Pres. IRION, Robert D., Westfield, N. J.— .Sales Manage- ment; Psi Upsilon ; Intramurals; . MA. lURINO, Noble J., Syracuse — Public Accounting. JAFFE, Bernard D., Albany— Retailing ; AMA. JA- ROSZEWICZ, Edwin F., Yonkers— Sales -Manage- ment. i I II 3J2 cc44kc 4 cUKcaC tn.€iti(M JENNINGS, Paul R.. Havre de Grace. Md.— Ac- counting; Beta Alpha Psi. JOHNSEN, Philip D., Babylon— Outing Cluh. JOHNSON. Arthur G., Syra- cuse — Sales Management; IMA Alpha Kappa Psi; AMA. JOHNSON, Frank L., Syracuse— Advertising ; Pi Al- pha Chi; Men ' s Glee Club; Intramurals. JOHNSON. Gladys B.. Greenwich — Secretarial Science ; Quill Keys ' ; St. Thomas More. JOHNSON, Leon G., El- bridge — Personnel Management ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Powers Club ; Bible Club ; Chapel. JOHNSTON, John G., Jr., Noroton, Conn.— Insur- ance. JONES, William D., Bayside — Sales Manage- ment; Intramurals. JUILLERAT, Robert L.. . rdsley — Transportation ; Delta Nu .A.lpha. KAHRS, John, Lynbrook — Transportation; Acacia; Delta Nu " Alpha ; Varsity Track. KALB, Gerald, Farmingdale, N. J. — Personnel Relations ; Sigma Iota Epsilon ; X ' arsity Fencing ; Soc. for the Adv. of Man- agement. KANFER, Roslyn, Jamaica — Retailing ; Del- ta Phi Epsilon, Pres. ; Sr. Guide : Chapel ; ' 50 Times. KAPLAN, Harvey B., Rochester — Retailing; Jewish Fellowship ; Chapel ; Genessee Valley Clu b ; IZFA ; AMA. KASBERGER, John S., Syracuse— Produc- tion Management; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. KASBER- GER, Thomas S., Syracuse — Foreign Trade ; Beta Theta Pi. KATZ, Lewis D., New York City— Marketing ; Phi Epsilon Pi; Ski Instructor; SUSKI. KEENE, Rich- ard ' ., Batavia — Production Management. KELLEY, Eugene E., Pelham Manor — Advertising ; Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Rowing Club ; Forest Zoology Society ; West- chester Club ; Varsity Crew. KENNY, Robert, Hempstead — Advertising ; Sigma .-Mpha Epsilon ; Sigma Beta Alpha ; . MA. KILLIAN. Leon E., Jr., Liberty — Transportation ; Delta Nu Al- pha. KLEEFIELD, Claude, New York City — Foreign Trade; MSG, Speaker; Non-Partisan League. Chrmn. ; Young Democrats, Co-Chrmn. ; Varsity Soccer ; Stu- dent Union, Exec. Council ; Law Club ; Spanish Club : French Club; Int. Rel. Club. ZU U ( f950 KLEINFELD, Arnold J., Mt. Vernon— Sales Manage- ment : Phi Epsilon Pi ; Flying Club ; Sales Forum ; AM A ;Jr. Prom. KLESHINSKY, William J.,Bayonne, N. J. — Production Management; St. Thomas More; Syracuse-in-China; North Jersey Club. KLINGS- BERG, Arnold, New York City — Public Accounting. KNOWLES, Glenn R., erona, N. J.— Production Management ; Phi Kappa Psi ; Sigma Iota Epsilon ; IFC; Chapel. KODISH, Edwin, Brooklyn — Account- ing; Sr. Assembly. KRANACK, Peter, Pittsburgh, Pa. — Production Management ; Delta Kappa Epsilon ; ' arsitv Football. KREHEL, John, Passaic, N. J. — Personnel Relations. KRUGER, Raymond C, Ozone Park — Finance; Theta Chi ; Varsity Swimming. KUBILIUS, Theodore J., Richmond Hill — Sales Management ; Delta Kappa Ep- silon : .AMA ; X ' arsitv Football ; ' ' arsitv Lacrosse. KULLA, Michael A.. New York City— Advertising ; Syracusan ; Varsity Tennis. KUNYCKY, Jerry G., New York City — Advertising ; Alpha Delta Sigma ; AMA ; Daily Orange. LACKMAN, Charles L., Cohoes — Production Management; AMA. L.A.NDESS, Alfred 11., . ' bany— Foreign Trade. LA- PI DES, Louis A., Rochester — Sales Management ; Zeta P.eta Tau ; Beta (lamnia Sigma ; AMA ; Campus Chest ; Fieldhouse Foundation ; Daily Orange ; Intramurals. L.ATTIMER, Stanlev F., Seneca Falls— Insurance. LAUTERBACK, Richard R., Albany— Retailing ; Tau Epsilon Phi; Chapel. LEE, Raymond M., Honolulu, Hawaii — Accounting ; Men ' s Glee Club : Chinese Stu- dent ' s Club. LEGOW, Gerald C, Newark, N. J.— Accounting; Tau Epsilon Phi; IZFA; North Jersey Club; Campus Chest; Fieldhouse Foundation. LENNARD, Gerald L., Brooklyn— Accounting ; Phi Epsilon Pi; IFC; Winter Carnival; Chapel; Intra- murals. LENT, Leo J., Jr., Auburn— Advertising ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres. ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Alpha Delta Sigma; Onondagan, Art Ed.; IFC. LERNER, Martin, Catskill— Production Management ; Sigma Iota Epsilon ; Amateur Radio Club. 314 LESSINGER, Charles A., Syracuse— Production Man- agement ; Sigma Iota Epsilon ; Society for the Adv. of Management. LE " ENSTEIX, Earle H., New Rochelle — Production Management ; Phi Epsilon Pi. LEVIN, David A., BnHjklyn — Production Manage- ment; Tau Epsilon Phi; I. F. C. LEVIN, David, Portsmouth, ' a. — Accounting; MSG; Non-Partisan League. LEVINE, James D., Belle Har- bor — Sales Management ; Sigma Alpha Mu ; AMA : IZFA ; Jewish Fellowship. LE ' INE, Jerome, Howard Beach — Accounting. LEVINE, Orrin H., Brooklyn — Sales Management; Phi Epsilon Pi; AMA; IFC ; Intramurals. LEVY, Charles B., Great Neck — Latin American Trade ; Al- pha Phi Omega ; Spanish Club ; United Fellowship, Pres. ; Protestant Council: Chapel Choir; Chorus, Chapel. LEWIS, Daniel A., Brooklyn — Sales Manage- ment ; Champlain College Ahnnni Assoc. ; AMA. LEWIS, Sheldon L., Brooklyn — Advertising; Alpha Delta Sigma. LINDBLOOM, Roy, Buffalo— Sales Management. LIPTAK, Joseph D., Yonkers — . ccount- ing. LONG, Jay P., Canandaigua — Production Manage- ment-Personnel. Long, Lynn L., Williamsport, Pa. — Sales Management ; AMA ; Marching Band ; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. LOUIS, Henry, Brooklyn — Accounting; Phi Epsilon Pi; MSG; Intramurals. LOWY, Harry P., Jr., New York City — Insurance. LOZEN, Michael, Passaic, N. J.— Production Manage- ment. LUBER, Martha, Brooklyn — Distributive Edu- cation ; IWA; Chapel: W ' AER; WAA. LUKOFF, Bernard, Herkimer — Production Manage- ment ; Transfer from Utica College ; IMA ; Soc. for the Adv. of Management. LUNDBERG, Harry F.. Sche- nectady — Production Management ; Sigma Chi ; Pi Al- pha Tau ; Kappa Beta Phi ; Ski Team, Mgr. ; St. Thomas More; SUSKI ; Winter Carnival. LUTIN, Hartford, Conn. — Public .Accounting. |jg3Hi ' i V ' " l m 3T5 U 4. t950 LUTZ, George W., West Hempstead — Public Account- ing ; Sigma Beta ; Sr. Exec. Council ; Westminster Fel- lowship. M.xcFAYDEN ' , Edward G., Jr., Erie, Pa.— Public Accounting ; Beta Alpha Psi ; Alpha Kappa Psi. M. cM. NNIS, Kenneth L., Larchmont — .Advertising; Delta Kappa Epsilon. MADIG.AN, Loren K., Syracuse — Public .Accounting; IMA; Beta Alpha Psi; Alpha Kappa Psi. MAHER, Francis P.. Utica — Transportation ; Delta Nu Alpha. M.AHONEY, John II., Jr., Rochester— .Advertising ; Phi Gamma Delta; Daily ( )range. MALACHOWSKI, Edward M., Philadelphia— Fi- nance ; UWF. MANNING, Donald M., New York City — .Advertising ; Sigma Pi ; Champlain Club ; Outing Club ; St. Thomas More. M.ANTIS, Arthur, New York- City — .Accounting ; Campus Chest ; Sr. Assembly ; Liv- intr Center I ' res. MARBLE, Robert D., Utica— Sales Management. M.ARI.AN, Joseph .A.. Bayside — Sales Management; Psi LIpsilon ; Long Island Club; AM A ; Co-op Council ; Intramurals. M.ARRION, Eleanor W., Syracuse — Personnel; Theta I ' hi . lpha. M.ARSH.ALL, Stewart J., Mt. Vernon— Real Sstate, transfer from Sampson ; Christian Science Fellowship ; Band; Orchestra; Intramurals. M.ARTIN, John E., Portland. Me. — .Advertising. MAXWELL, Herbert F., jr., Syracuse — .Advertising; St. Thomas More; Intra- murals. MAYNES, Alan H.. Sparta, N. J.— Sales Manage- ment; Delta Tau Delta; .Alpha Chi Sigma; AMA. M.AYNE, Paul R., Rochester— Transportation ; IMA; Delta Nu Alpha ; AM.A ; Intramurals. McDONNELL, Bernard D., Buffalo — Insurance. McGRATH, James F., Syracuse — Accounting. MEIER, Herbert R., Rochester — Sales Management ; AMA ; Genesee Valley Club. MELLON, Andrew A., Mt. Vernon — Production management ; AMA ; Living Center Pres. 316 MENDEL, Leonard J., Montreal, Canada — Sales Man- agement. MENDES, George L., Jr., Garden City — Sales Management : AMA. MENSCHEL, Robert, New York City — Finance: Pi Lamlxla Phi: .Alpha Kappa Psi: IPC. ' MERKER, I I o r r i s , Paterson, N. J. — Accounting. MEYER, Edward J., Jr., Eggertsville — Sales Manage- ment ; Psi Upsilon; AMA; Syracusan. MEYER, Lor- raine N., Fayetteville — Advertising; Alpha Delta Pi; Gamma Alpha Chi; Syrcico ; City Women ' s Club; On- ondagan Sr. Staff; Syracusan; Jr. Guide; WAA; Campus Chest. MEYERS, Harvey, Rochester— Advertising ; IMA; AMA; Genesee Valley Club. MICHEL, Charles W., Newfork— Accounting. MILLER, Richard B., Dade City, Fla. — Industrial Relations; Acacia; IPC; Field- house Foundation ; Opera Workshop. MILLER, Roy C, Teaneck, N. J.— Retailing ; Phi Epsilon Pi; IFC; AMA. MILLHOLLEN, William E., Millville, N. J.— Advertising. MILLIKEN, El- wood R., West Baldwin, Me. — Accounting; IMA In- tramural Council. MINSON, George L., Winthrop, Mass.— Sales Man- agement. MOHLER, Richard W., Pittsburgh, Pa.— Production Management ; Phi Kappa Psi ; Sigma Iota Epsilon, Pres. ; Orange Key: MSG; JV Boxing. MON- GAK, Daniel, New York City — Accounting. MOREHOUSE, Henry D., Utica— Retailing, Transfer from Utica College ; Chi Kappa Chi ; Alpha Kappa Psi. MORSE, Sidney N., Jr., Larchmont — Economics; Zeta Beta Tau ; Westchester Club ; Geology Club. MOSES, William A., New York City— Accounting : IMA ; Outing Club ; Men ' s Glee Club ; MSG ; SUSKI ; Champlain College . lumni Assoc. MURCHIE, Robert K.. Oswego— Transportation ; Del- ta Nu Alpha. NACHBAR, Martin, New York City— Accouhting; IMA; Daily Orange, Bus. Mgr. ; Debate Club. N.ACKENSON, Jerome, Gloversville — Account- ing ; Daily Orange ; Bridge Club. 377 ( U4 o{ t950 o o miH NADLER, Sidney, New York City — Advertising; Al- pha Epsilon Pi; AM A; WAER; Opera Workshop; Science Fiction Chib. NARDONE, Nicholas, South Ozone Park— Real Estate. NASH, Leo F., Plattsbiirg — Accounting ; Sigma Pi ; Champlain Clulj : )uting Club ; St. Thomas More. NEMETI, Joseph. Syracuse — Secretarial Science; Al- pha Kappa Psi ; Delta Nu Alpha ; Quill Keys ; Chap- el. NEWKIRK, John E., Syracuse — Production Man- agement. NOX ' ENSTERN, Samuel, Haverstraw — Marketing; Zeta Beta Tau ; Tau Theta Upsilon ; Alpha Phi Omega; Winter Carnival, Chrmn. : Sno-Ball, Chrmn. ; Interfraternity Sing, Chrmn.; Jr. Prom; Stadium Open House, Chrmn. O ' CONNELL. William J., North Easton, Mass.-- Accounting : Phi Delta Theta ; Beta Alpha Psi ; Alpha Kappa Psi. O ' CONNER, Walter C, Port Jarvis— Ac- counting : Lambda Chi . lpha ; Intramurals. OKON, Fred. I ' rooklyn — . (lvertising : . MA ; Daily Orange Staff. OKONIEWSKI. I ' .dwin P., Syracuse— Production Management : ' fi:i ( lanima Sigma : Sigma Iota Epsilon. () ' X1 ' ' 1L, nenni.- 1!., lleacon — Production Manage- niciu : LM. : I ' md. Mgt. Club; Newman Club; Stamp Ci)llect(jrs Clui) : Intramurals. (J ' NEIL, James D., Mootville — Accounting; Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Kap- pa Psi; St. Tbdmas Alore. OPPENl[i:i.M. Kdhert. New York City— Sales Man- agement ; .Alpha Kappa Psi ; AMA ; Skyliners Club ; Living Center, Pres. ; Chapel. ORCUTT. Willis H., Syracuse — .Kccounting. P. LL, David, Brooklyn — Fi- nance. PAPROCKI, Bernard T., Rochester— Roreign Trade; Genessee Valle - Clul), Pres ; T B ; Chorus ; Glee Club; AMA; ' St. Thomas More. PATULSKI, Mathew F., Fulton — Sales Alanagement. PAULL, Stephen G., Atlantic City, N. J. — Production Manage- ment ; Phi Epsilon Pi ; Soc. for the Adv. of Manage- ment ; Civil Service ; MSG ; Skyliners Club ; Intra- murals. PECK, Donald C, Syracuse — Sales Management ; Del- ta Upsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; NSA ; MSG; Co-Op Council. Peterson, Gordon A., Syracuse — Retailing : Phi Gamma Delta : Alpha Kappa Psi ; AMA ; Onon- dagan Staff. PETERSON, Wilbur E.. Mahopac— For- eign Trade ; Kappa Sigma, Pres. 318 PHOENIX, Robert S., Jordan — Production Manage- ment; Ski School Instructor: Sl SKI; Soc. for the Adv. of Management; Frosli Lacrosse; Frosh Swim- ming. PICKLES, Herman M., Jr.. Rochester — Sales Management. PIETRAFESA, Richard C, Syracuse — Industrial Relations ; Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Sigma Pjeta Alpha. PILSKI, Richard R., Kingston, Pa.— Sales Manage- ment ; Lambda Chi -Alpha ; Penna. Club ; St. Thomas More. PISTOLESE. Louis, Utica— Accounting ; Beta Alpha Psi. PLEVA, Hubert, Brooklyn — Production Management ; Tau Epsilon Phi ; Sigma Iota Epsilon ; .Student L nion. PREKOPA, Robert J., Binghamton— Sales Manage- ment, transfer from Triple Cities College ; Italian Club ; Adelphi. PRICE, Alfred S., Jr., Rutherford, N. J.— Production Management ; Psi Upsilon ; Campus Chest. PUL. SKI, Lawrence V ' .. Shelton, Conn. — Insurance; Pi Kappa Alpha ; Varsity Swimming. PURCELL, Andrew, Barryville — .Advertising; Theta Chi. PYLE, John R., Jr., Schenectady — Insurance ; transfer from Utica College. RAFKIN, Alfred, Cedar- hurst — Advertising ; Sigma Alpha Mu ; WAER ; Intra- murals ; Dramatics. RANZ, Walter E., Syracuse — Production Manage- ment. RASKIN, Arthur M., New York City— Ac- counting; IM.A : E.xec. Council; Sr. Exec. Council; Living Center Pres. ; Sr. Ball ; Chapel. REAGAN, Josephine T., Tully — Secretarial Science. REICHMAN, Floyd M., Jackson Heights— Retailing; Symphony Orchestra ; Sr. Assembly. REILLY, Robert M., New Haven, Conn. — Production Management. REINER, Morton, New York City — Advertising. REXTLLE, Philip E., Flushing — Public Accounting. RICKEY, Earl, Syracuse — Sales Management. RID- DLE, John H., Jr., Rochester — Sales Management ; Sigma Phi Epsilon. 379 U ( f950 RILEY, Edwin J., Schenectady — Sales Management ; IMA, Pres. ; Orange Key ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; St. Thomas More; AMA ; MSG; Jr. Exec. Council ; New- man Club, Pres. ROBAS, Nicholas P., Fulton— Per- •sonnel Industrial Relations; Sigma Iota Epsilon. ROBERTS, Vincent G., Rahway, N. J. — Accounting- Radio; WAER; AMA; St. Thomas More: Jazz Club; Intramurals. ROBINSON. Roy E.. Chaniplain — Insurance; Sigma Pi. ROGERS. John T., Bradley Beach, N. J.— Sales Management: Alpha Chi Rho. ROM E, C. Donald, Nicholson, I ' a. — rcrsimiiel Imlustrial Relations; Lambda Chi .Alplia ; i ' a. Ciul). ROP. ' N, Harvey I " ., ( iknersville — .Accounting; intra- murals. ROSE, Leonard M.. Philadelphia, Pa. — Eco- nomics. ROSSUM, Alfred M., New York City— Sales Maiiasjement. ROTHMAN, Robert H., Southold— Retailing: Phi Epsilon Pi; Flying Club; Book Mart. RUBEN. William S., New York City— Retailing ; IMA; Co-op Council, Chrmn; MSG; Campus Chest; Fieldhouse Foundation ; Campus Leaders ; LTnited Independent Party, Chrmn. RUBENS, Donald B., Rochester— Sales Management; Zeta Beta Tan; MSG; AMA; IFC; Daily Orange. RUDNICK, Murry, Worcester, Mass. — Sales Man- agement. RLTMBLI , Charles, Syracuse — Public Ac- counting ; Delta LTpsilon ; . lpha Kappa Psi ; Beta Alpha Psi. RUMSEY, Charles R., Homer— Sales Manage- ment ; Delta Tau Delta ; Sigma Beta Alpha ; AMA. S. LDI, Joseph, Jamestown — Production Manage- ment. SAELEM, Charles, Flushing — Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi. SANDERSON, Stuart R., Baldwinsville— Advertising. SANOW, Richard D., Rochester — Finance-Insurance ; Intramurals. SCANLON, Florence M., Norwich — Sec- retarial Science; HPA; Quill Keys; WAA. SCHAEN, Leonard, Forest Hills — Sales Management ; Sigma Alpha Mu ; Intramurals. 320 SCHAFFSTALL. Charles F., Buffalo Acnninting; Intramurals. SCHACiRIN, Marvin A., Newburgh — Sales Management. SCHARP ' . Frank D., Forest Hills — Accounting; Sigma Alpha Mu ; Fieldhouse Founda- tion; Living Center I ' res. ; Campus Chest; Syracusan ; Onondagan Staff. SCHERTZ, Seymour, Jacksun Heights — Accounting. SCHWARTZ, Arline F., Buffalo— Personnel Admin- istration ; Iota Alpha Pi ; Sr. Guide ; Jewish Fellow- ship ; Flint Feather; Spanish Club. SCRIVANO, Philip S., West Hartford, Conn. — Office Management; Alpha Kapjia Psi ; AMA. SEEDS, Frank 1),. Scranton. Pa. — Insurance. SEH ' FE R, Carl, Scarsdale — Advertising; Zeta Beta Tau ; Alpha Delta Sigma ; Pi Alpha Tau ; Onondagan, Sports Ed. ; Syracusan, Sports Ed. ; Daily Orange ; Campus Chest. SHAICH, Joseph, West Orange, N. J. — Accounting. SHAKER, Thomas R., I ' oughkeepsie — Sales Manage- ment ; Kappa Sigma ; Intramurals. SHAPIRO, Ber- nard, ( )swego — Marketing; AMA ; Jewish Fellowship ; IZFA. SHERMAN, Stanley S., Bronx— Accounting ; IMA; Outing Club. SHUGG, Jack R., Peckville, Pa. — Insurance. SHIT TS, Malcnm A., Utica — Sales Management; Phi Delta Theta; AMA; Chapel. SIL ' ER. Stanley, Belle Harbor — Mnance ; Phi Epsilon Pi ; Sigma Pi Sig- ma : Chapel. I- ' irst Cabinet: Swimming Team. SILVERSTEIN, Theodore, Syracuse — Retailing; Sig- ma Alpha Mu ; Intramurals. SILVIE, W. Gordon. Lyndhurst, N. J. — Accounting; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega ; Chapel Choir ; Men ' s Glee Club ; MSG; Chapel. SIMONS, Merlin D., Fulton— Ac- counting. SIMI ' KIXS, ( iiliiert A.. Jamaica — Accounting; Beta Theta Pi. SKOPHS, James, Asbury Park. N. J.— Re- tailing ; Sigma Phi Epsilon. SLATER, Maurice, New York City — Marketing. -- . 1 . ' -? . 32? Cl V f950 SMITH, Bernard F., Hartford, Conn. — Accounting. SMITH, EVERETT W ' ., Bridgeport, Conn.— Produc- tion Management; Phi Delta Theta. SMITH, William B.. Bethlehem, Pa. — Advertising ; Sigma Alpha Mu ; Alpha Delta Sigma; AMA : IPC; IPC BALL; Intra- murals. SMITH, William R., Ozone Park— Sale.s Manage- ment, Transfer from Utica College; Chi Kappa Chi; Intramurals ; Track Team, Ut. C. SNEL, Walter G., Butler, N. J. — Accounting ; Acacia. SNIDER, Elaine B., Stony Brook — Retailing; Delta Zeta, House Pres. ; Canima Alpha Chi: AMA; Chapel. -SOJKA, Raymond H., Syracuse — Accounting. SOL- LISH, Robert G., Syracuse — Production Management ; Sigma Nu: Sigma Iota Epsilon. SOMMERSTEIN, Max, Middletown — Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi ; Bus. Ad. Club. SOUPIOUS, Harry V., Syracuse — Advertising; Al- pha Kappa Psi. SPALDING, Richard L., Southbridge, Mass. — Production Management. SPANO, Anthony W., Plattsburg — Business, Transfer from Champlain ; Chaniplain Club. SIWW ' X, Janet V... Chittenango — Secretarial Science; liand: Syrcico. S PEACH, Francis N., Syracuse — Production Management; Zeta Psi; Chapel. SPEIL- LER, William M.. L ' tica — Law; Beta (iamnia Sigma: Beta . l])ha Psi : , lpha Kappa Psi. SPENCER, Ronald ]., Syracuse — Production Manage- ment; Soc. for the . dv. of Management: AMA. SPENCER, William M., Jr., Houston, Texas— Ac- counting ; Kajipa Sigma ; I VQ ; Intramural Council. STAFFORD, James B.. Syracuse — Production Man- agement ; Chapel. STATEMAN, Edward, New York City — Advertising, Transfer from Utica College; Chi Kappa Chi, Pres.; Alpha Delta Sigma : Tangerine ; Rogue ; Economics Soc; AMA. STEIDL, Louis K., New York City- Public Accounting. STEIN, Peter, Syracuse — Adver- tising ; Tau Epsilon Phi ; WAER ; Segue ; Living Cen- ter, Pres. ; IZFA ; TV Society. 322 STEVENS, Norman L., Jr.. Winstead, Conn. — Ad- vertising; Sigma Phi Epsilon ; MSCj; IPC; Flying Club. STEWART, James E., Johnstown — Accounting ; Phi Kappa Tau : SUSKI ; Flying Club. STE RT, Roseann M., Fort Plain — Secretarial Science; IWA ; Sr. Guide ; HPA ; Quill Keys, Pres. ; Chapel ; Chorus. STINE, Charles N., Pittsburgh, Pa. — Personnel; Phi Kappa Psi. STOUT, R. Wells, Wellsville— Finance. STRICKLAND, Richard C, BEACON— Production Management. STROCK, Henry, Cumberland, Md. — Accounting; Phi Kappa Tau ; Beta Alpha Psi ; Sigma Beta Alpha ; Scabbard Blade; MSG; Syracuse-in-China; Chapel, First Cabinet. STULMAKER, Harvey, Albany— Ac- counting ; Sigma Alpha Mu ; Co-op Council ; Intra- niurals. SULLIVAN, Mary B., Potsdam — Secretarial Science; Theta Phi Alpha; Quill Keys; St. Tlmmas More ; Sr. Guide ; Campus L ' hest. SULLIVAN, Richard A., Rochester— Advertising. SUNBACK, Carl R., S t a t e n Island — Accounting. SYKAS, George J., Brattleboro. Vt. — Production Man- agement, transfer from Norwich L niversity ; IMA; Outing Club ; Intramurals. SZYMBORSKI, Richard, Syracuse— Accounting. TA- BER, Richard M., Syracuse — Production Management; Phi Gamma Delta. TAKKULA, Klaus Y., Helsinki, Finland — Foreign Trade ; Psi Upsilon. TANENBAUM, Burton D., Rochester— Accountng : Zeta Beta Tau; Jr. Prom; Campus Chest. T.ANSKY, Leo, Mountaindale — Personnel Industrial Relations ; Tau Epsilon Phi ; Sigma Iota E])silon ; Eco. Club. TAUB, Lee, Rockville Centre — Advertising ; .Sigma Alpha Mu ; Phi Kappa Alpha; .Alpha Delta Sigma: Campus Leaders; MSG, Pres.; IbC; Debate; NSA; Co-op Council; Wrestling; Intramurals. TAYL( )R, Kenneth . ., Danbury, Conn. — Production .Management. TELLONE, Henry E., Milford, Conn. —Insurance; IMA; AMA ; St. Thomas More; NA- ACP; United Independent Party. TENNEY, Arnold H., Teaneck, N. J. — Sales Management ; Tau Delta Phi ; MSG; (Jnondagan Staff; Intramurals. 323 ia ( f950 TEVES, Alfred V., Southold— Production Manage- ment ; Alpha Chi Rho ; Sr. Assembly ; Jr. Week End, Co-Chrmn. ; Flying Club. THOMES, Alice E., Mohawk — Secretarial Science ; Transfer from Ut. C. ; Women Vets. THORSLAND, David E., Jr., Troy— Account- ing; Alpha Kappa Psi ; SUSKI. THOUTSIS, Timotheos, Worcester, Mass.— Adver- tising. THROUP, Edward S., Binghamton— Trans- portation ; IMA; Outing Club. TINOZZI, Ulysses L., .Syracuse — Public Accounting. TOBIN, Robert T., Rochester— Accounting. TOMB, Glen C. Syracuse — Sales Management ; Theta Chi ; Scabbard Blade: MSG. TOMPKINS, John B., Poughkeepsie — .Advertising ; Phi Kappa Tau. TOUSEY, Benjamin C., Jr., Clinton Corners — Fi- nance- . ' Kdvertising : Alpha Tau Omega ; Alpha Kappa Psi. Pres. : Beta Alpha Psi ; Delta Phi Sigma. TREEN, Robert B., Kenmore — Production Management ; Delta Tau Delta, Pres. ; Sigma Iota Epsilon ; Ski School Instructor. TRIPOLI, Dominic, Syracuse — Production Management. TRUITN, Jerome, New York City — Accounting; Beta Gamma Sigma, Pres. ; Beta Alpha I ' si. TUNICK, Robert S., Port Chester — Accounting; Phi Epsilon Pi; MSG: Marching Band; Symphonic Band. TWAITS, Raymond E.. Jr., Westfield, N. J. — Advertising; Theta Chi ; . lpha Kappa Psi ; North Jersey Club. ' AN ACKOOY, Dirk, Hyde Park— Production Man- agement ; IMA; Outing Club: Chapel. VADALA, Michael, Syracuse — Accounting ; Alpha Kappa Psi. ' EG.- RD, Mack, Elmira — Sales Management ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Jr. Prom; AMA; Fieldhouse Founda- tion ; IFC. VESCERA. Salvatore S., Utica— Accounting. MTAG- LIANO, Anthony, East Syracuse — Production Man- agement ; Sigma Iota Epsilon. WEINER, Bernard V., Bridgeport, Conn. — Advertising; IMA; Alpha Delta Sigma : Student Union ; Jewish Fellowship ; Intra- murals. 324 ec 44tc cLiHCH4 tn tc ut WALLACE, Sidney, Cobleskill — Sales Management ; AMA. WARD, Frederick H., Rockville Centre— Sales Management; Alpha Kappa Psi : AAIA. WARD, James R., Skaneateles Falls — Accounting. WASSER. Sidney, Bronx — Accounting; .MS(i; )ut- ing Club. WEBBER, Frank W., Syracuse — Advertis- ing; I IA; Alpha Kappa Psi; Varsity Track; Outing Club; Daily Orange. WEINER, Albert M., Forest Hills — Advertising; Beta Gamma Sigma; Alpha Beta Sigma. WEISE, Leon L., Rochester — Foreign Trade; Alpha Kappa Psi; AMA; Genessee Valley Club; St. Thomas More. WEISHAAR, John, Troy— Accounting ; St. Thomas More. WERAL N. David, Hewlett— Account- ing ; Phi Epsilon Pi ; Scabbard Blade. ' HEELER, Russell S., Syracuse — Public Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi. WHITBECK, George H., Delmar— Finance; UNASU ; Chapel. WHITE, Albert. Jr., Canandaigua — x ' ccounting ; Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Alpha Kappa Psi; Chapel Choir; MSG. WHrrE, IR TN L. Long Island City— Foreign Trade ; Tau Epsilon Phi ; Chapel, First Cabinet ; Jew- ish Fellowship; World Affairs Council. WHITE, James A., Newington, Conn. — Retailing ; Transfer from Hillyer College; Epsilon Alpha Zeta ; AMA. WIEN- KE. Herald J., New Hartford— Marketing; Alpha Chi Rho ; AMA ; Chapel Choir. WILBY, G. Donald, Cuddebackville— Finance. WIL- COX, Marion, Pelham Manor — Business ; Westchester Club. WTLDERMUTH, George F., Brooklyn— Per- sonnel Industrial Relations; Sigma Nu ; SUSKI ; Canterburv Club. WILEY, Suzanne C, Chelsea, Okla. — Secretarial Science ; Gamma Phi Beta ; WAA Board ; Chorus ; Chapel Choir ; Methodist Fellowship ; Quill Keyes. WILLIAMS, Edward L., Palisades Park, N. J.— Ac- counting. WILLIAMS, John M., Rochester — Adver- tising. 325 CU ( 950 WINNEG. Allen H., Brockton, Mass.— Sales Manage- ment. VVIRTHLIN. Donald R., Verona, N. J.— Labor Relations. WOLF, Jerome A., Syracuse — Production Management. WOLFE, Jerome, Brooklyn — Sales Management. WOLK( )FF, Ma.x, Poughkeepsie — A c c o u n t i n g . WOODRUFF, Charles, Baldwinsville— Accounting ; Beta Alpha Psi ; .Mpha Kappa Psi. WOODS. Riclxard .S., Leominster, Mass. — Accounting. WRIGHT, Arthur E., Ocean Grove. N. J.— Advertis- ing : Omega Pi Alpha ; Alpha Delta Sigma ; Alpha Phi Omega: Scabbard Blade. WRIGHT, Cleon B.. Munnsville — Production Management ; AMA ; Soc. for the .Adv. of Management. R()I!EL, Eugene J., Syracuse — Accounting. YAS- SKV. Harold, New York City — Retailing, Transfer from Ut. C. ; Chi Kappa Chi ; NAACP ; AMA; IZFA ; ixiSG; Photograph Club. YOUNG, Charles B., Teresa — Transportation ; Delta Nu Alpha. YCK ' NG, Robert F.. Jr., Beacon — Production Manage- ment : Delta Tau Delta. ZALESKI, Matthew R., Utica —Marketing; Spanish Club; AMA; Chapel. ZAUS- NER, Martin, New York City — Marketing ; Sr. Exec. Council ; AMA ; SNSKI ; S. U. Song Book, Ed. 5 ZYSSET, Edward A., Syracuse — Sales Management ; Sigma Nu. 376 ( J , 1 : I- ;■ r First row, I. to r., C. Woodruff, C. Calligaris, pres.; F. Giannetta, C. Ziems, sec. Second row, M. Batiorich, treas.; A. Curson, R. Rogers, C. Fry, C. Rumble, L. Madi- gan, G. Teepell, M. Sommerstein. Third row, A. Smiley, E. MacFayden, L. Pistolese, H. Slrock, B. Barr, K. Kelsen, J. Galin, W. Baer, P. Donahue. Seta ilfr a P i Beta Alpha Psi, national professional accounting fra- ternity, aims to promote the study of accounting and its highest ethical standards, and to act as a medium between professional men, instructors, students, and others who are interested in the development of the study or profession of accoimtancy. Xi Chapter was installed at Syracuse in 1929. Speakers at the bi-weekly meetings have included practicing accountants, bankers and attorneys. Mr. Everett Mann, lecturer at the Uni- versity of Rochester and the American Institute of Banking, was the speaker at the Fall Initiation Ban- quet. Fo urteen new members were initiated at the Spring Banquet at Howard Johnson ' s. The Beta Ali ha Psi Scholarship Award, awarded to the brother wIkj has maintained the highest scholastic record during his college career, was presented to Ma.x Sommerstein and C. Herbert Fry of the January and June gradu- ating classes. . n alumni directory of all Xi Cliapter alumni was prepared during the year. First row, I. to r., P. Isaacs, B. Tousey, D. Grant, G. Coupounas, E. Moffatt, P. Jennings. Second row, J. James, A. Abbruzzese, G. Lutz, B. Zempsky, M. Tuttle, R. Dorfman. Third row, D. Thi White, M. Gelfand, F. Valik. stand, I. Favant. A. r eta, ( cun«Ha Sc nta First row, I. to r., Okoniemki, Byrne, Baer, v.-pres.; Trupin, pres.; Zieme, Nemeto. Second row, Daris, Beck, Epstein, Lawson, Hurl, Weiner, Gormbley. Third row, Banotich, Young, Sonttner stein, Patulski, Lapides, Galitt, Truesdeli, Fry. VeitcL ' Hu efrAn First row, t. to r., B. Crandall, W. Richards, E. Bradley, G. Viers, C, Young, Dr. V. Corer. Second row, A. Kley, M. Agarwal, C. Lancarie, J. Netneti. Third row, P. The- opheles, H. Tabani, R. Seth. Fourth row, W, Flannigan, R. Young, R. Murchei, J. Hunter. Fifth row. T. Laing, E. Whitslaw, L. Moses, J. Kahrs. Sixth row. E. Deitsch, F. Davis. A. Bergen. H. Williams. Seventh row, E. Hos- kins, A. Hahn. Beta New ' ()rk chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma, the national scholastic husiness administration honorary, was established here in 1924. While limited by the national organization to the upper ten per cent of the senior class and the upper two per cent of the junior class, our chapter is restricted to the more clearly out- standing students in the College of Business Admin- istration. Every department in the College of Business . dministration is represented by at least one faculty member. Syracuse Beta chapter of Delta Nu Alpha was founded in the fall of 1946. It is a national transportation fra- ternity devoted to the advancement and study of the world ' s trans])ort systems. The national fraternity is made up of business and professional men and until 1949 Syracuse Beta chapter was the only undergradu- ate chapter. The Incal meetings take place twice a month at which time a guest speaker delivers a talk on some ])hase of transjiortation. (. First row, I. to r., Wheeler, Twaits, Chrismer. Nort;, Paine, Gilles. Petersen, Bassage, Calligaris, Nemeti. Second row, Tor- sey, Baldwin. Webber, Baer. Ward, Garrabrant, Birks, John- son. Banovich. Madigan, Vadala. Third row. Shoemaker. White, Akenhead, Loughrey, Nodar, Zeims. Harrington. O ' Connell. O ' Neill. Rumble, Truesdell . Hamann. Mr. Landry. Fourth row, Del Cioppo, Thorsland, Herreinger, Riley, Bene- dict, Blagys, Davis, MacFayden. Those absent, Africa, Bale, Bennett, Butin, Egleston, Favant, Graubarl, Lent, Peck, Soupi- cos. Woodruff. . l a ' TC.afrfra ' P ic Alpha Kappa Psi. the first and oldest commerce fraternity, was founded in 1904 at New York Univer- sity. Alpha Kappa Psi is a charter meniher of the Pro- fessional Interfraternity Conference composed of the leading professional fraternities in the various pro- fessional fields. Its purpose is to foster scientific re- search and to promote and advance, in institutions of higher learning, courses leading to degrees in business administration. The Alpha Omicron chapter at Syracuse University has a definite program of professional activity each year. Such activity includes speakers on economic, business and educati ,nal subjects, industrial tours, pro- motion of special commerce school events, research projects, service to the school, business shows, etc. .Smokers, dinners and joint meetings with alumni mem- Ijers are also featurefl. A special scholarship plaque is awarded annually by Alpha Kappa Psi to the business administration senior wh(} has the highest scholastic average in his class. Professors Landry and Wessels are faculty advisers. First row, Zirm, Naber, Guzik, Morehouse, Blackwell, Colson, Fry, Bradley, O ' Keefe. Second row, Schreiber, Peterman, Woods, Cartwright, Wood, Brown, Coupounas, Beck, Lange- ness, Walle. Third row, Goodman, Clark, Hansen, Menschel, Orth, Ackerman, Roe, Mahoney, Regis, Fegley. A. Vi. i. First row, I. to r., J. Morrissey, J. Burns, A. Greennald, R. Gross, president. Second row, H. Yassky, D. Harris, C. Cohen, J. IViener. Third rov, P. Hayman, secretary; D. Doolittle, advisor: IV. Go- dinan. Beta Xcw Ndrk chapter of lleta ( ianima Sigma, the national scliulastic husiness administration honora ry, was established here in 1924. While limited by the national organization to the upper ten per cent of the senior class and the u])per two per cent of the junior class, our cha])ter is restricted to the more clearly out- standing students in the College of Business Adminis- tration. Kvery de])artnient in the College of Business Administration is rejiresented by at least one faculty octa, a eunma, Sc fna, First row, I. to r., Okoniewski, Byrne, Baer, v.-pres.; Trupin, pres,; j ieme, Nemeto. Second row, Davis, Beck, Epstein, Lawson, Hart, fVeiner, Gormbley. Third row, Banovich, Young, Sommerstein, Patulski, Lapides, Galin, Truesdell, Fry. Syracuse I ' niversity ' s clia])ter of the American Mar- keting Association is a national professional society that binrls its menilicrs to the business world and its leader . . t the montlily A.M.V meetings outstanding men from leading companies appear as guest speakers. Business men from Syracuse and vicinity are invited to these meetings so that the members may make valu- able contacts in regard to future employment. Field tri])s to local industries are also conducted. Sc 0 Sducatc(ut 337 eu V ADDABIU!), Philip, Elmira— Physical Education. ANDREWS, tieorge, Syracuse — Physical Education ; Kappa Phi Kappa ; PEMS ; Crew ; Gym Team. AUER, Harold M., Kenmore — Physical Education : Sigma Alpha Epsilon : Scalp Blade ; Varsity Swininiing. P.AILEV. Mary L., Ashtabula. O.— Early Childhood Education : W ' A.V : .Sr. A s s e ni b 1 y ; Chapel Choir. BAIN, Donald P.. Ballston Spa — Physics: Kappa Phi Kappa. BeBOUT, Marianne F., Londonville, O. — Physical Education; i ap])a Kappa (iamma: llPA; Chapel ; VA A: PEMS. BECK, John P., Yonkers — Education ; Phi Kapjja Psi ; MSG; Varsity Basketball. BELINSKI, Edward. Par- ish — Physical Education ; Sigma Chi ; Kappa Phi Kap- pa ; ' arsity Soccer. BERGER, Jean K., Lake Ronkon- koma — Physical Education ; Sigma Kappa ; Sr. Class, V. Pres : 1 IPA : Student L ' nion ; Yacht Club : Red Cross; Jr. Guide; WAA; Katherine Sililey Club; PEMS; Co-o]) Council. BOWERS, David C, Lee, Mass. — Physical Education ; ' arsity Baseball; PEMS. BROWNING, Paul C, Bath, Me. — Physical Education ; Delta LTpsilon ; Var- sity Baseball ; PEMS. P.UCK, Jean A., Newark— Edu- cation ; St. Thdniiis .M(jre. Bl ' .MI ' , Malcolm . .. Long Lake — Social Studies; .Vcacia ; Pi Gamma Mu ; Scabbard Blade; MSG; Geology Club ; Social Studies Club ; Chapel ; Red Cross. CHEVOIT, Robert, Baldwin— Physical Edu- cation ; Phi Kappa Psi ; Varsity Baseball ; Frosh Bas- ketball ; PEMS. CLIFFORD, Earle W., Jr., Rut- land, Vt. — Social Studies, Transfer from Rutland Jr. College; IMA; Pi Gamma Mu ; Kappa Phi Kappa; .Social Studies Club, Pres.; ( )nondagan Staff; Chapel; Intramurals. CO ' EY. William K.. Cla — Physical Education; JV Footl)all : Apparatus Team. CURLEY, Timothy E., Rome — Physical Education ; Delta Tau Delta ; Cross Country, Capt. ; Boxing, E. I. B. A. 145 Champ ; Or- ange Key ; Phi Kappa Alpha ; Pi Alpha Tau ; Scab- bard Blade, Pres. DECKER, Marylin M., Corning — Plant Science ; Delta Zeta ; Pi Sigma ; Huntington Club ; Canterbury Club ; Botany Club ; Chapel. DELANEY, William T.. Hornell— Social Studies; Zeta Psi; Kappa Phi Kappa; St. Thomas More; IFC; Int. Rel. Club; Social Studies Club. DEMPERIO, Robert, Camillus — Physical Education ; Kappa Phi Kappa; PEMS. DENTON, Catherine, Binghamton— Business Education ; Alpha Phi ; Pi Lambda Theta ; Varsity Women ' s Ski Team ; SUSKI ; Ski Instructor ; Chapel; ' AA ; Bus. Ed. Club. I, 332 Sdccccitc y DOBIHAL, Gloria L., Baltimore, McL— Physical Education ; Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Pi Lambda Theta: Red Cross; WAA. DOBOLEK, Albina M., Kewjiort, X. H. — Mathematics; St. Thomas More; WAA : Sn.i-I ' .all ; ( )utin.e: Club, Inner Council ; : Iath Club. l)()XLOX, Mary, Syracuse — Accounting; St. Thomas More; Ihis. l ' " d. Club; Svrcico. DRAG( )TTA. James ' ., Phillipshurg, X. J.— Physi- cal Education ; Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Varsity Foot- ball. DCFFY, Patrick J., Portland, Me.— Physical Education; J ' Football; PEMS. DYROFF. Ed- ward ].. Highland Falls — Physical Education; PEMS. EDKIXS. Rtith E., I ' tica— English ; . lpha Xi Delta; Sr. Guide ; Book Mart. FALIVEXE. Carl J., Schenec- tady — Physical Education ; Phi Gamma Delta ; St. Thomas More ; Intramurals. FIACCO. James J., Massena — Physical Education ; Sigma Beta ; Varsity Football, Captain. FIELD. Frederick K.. Morrisville — Physical Educa- tion; PEMS. FULTON, Shirley C, Milton, Mass.— English, transfer from Stephens College ; Alphi Phi ; Huntington Club ; WAA ; Chapel. GANGEL, Wilma, Brooklyn — Early Childhood Education ; Huntington Club; ilPA; Chapel. GERTXER. Rita, Williston Park— Early Childhood Education ; WAA ; Syracuse-in-China, Co-Pres. ; Jew- ish Fellowship ; HPA ; Women ' s Glee Club ; Spring Week End; Spanish Club; Chapel. GETTMAN. Sey- mour, Syracuse — Social Studies; IMA; Chapel. GOGOLA, Virginia S., Schenectady — Social Studies ; Alpha Delta Pi; UNASU; WAA; Panhell ; Social Studies Club. GOLDSTEIX, Warren R.. Rochester— Alathematics ; Math Club. GRASS, Benjamin, Syracuse — Education; Kappa Phi Kappa; Orange Key; MSG. GRIZIBOW- SKI, Joseph K., Newburgh — Physical Education; Sigma Beta ; ' arsitv Football ; X ' arsitv Crew. Gl ' XTHER, Frederick J., Oceanside — Physical Edu- cation ; Phi Kappa Psi ; ' arsity Wrestling ; St. Thomas More; Intramural Council. HAASE. William R., Ill, New London, Conn. — Physical Education ; Zeta Psi ; Kappa Phi Kappa: PEMS; Intramurals. HANEY, Gretchen L.. Bethlehem, Pa. — Music; Zeta Tau Alpha; Pi Lambda Theta; Syracuse-in-China; HPA; Jr. Guide ; Chorus ; Chapel ; Campus Chest. 333 ( a 0 f950 HANSON, Paul IL, Fayetteville— Business Educa- tion; Alpha Kappa Psi; Bus. Ed. Club., Pres. HAR- RIS. Mildred, Toms River, N. J. — Elementary Edu- cation : Iota Alpha Phi. HARRIS, Phoebe J., Spring- field, Pa. — Physical Education ; Alpha Omicron Pi ; Pi Lambda Theta : WAA ; PEMS ; Rook Mart. IIAVni ' :N, Ruth E., Northville— English; Delta Zeta ; ' A. ; Syracuse-in-China; Methodist Fellowship; Outing Club; Chapel. PIODISH, Shirley Z., Syracuse —Early Childhood Education ; IZFA ; NAACP ; Jew- ish Fellowship ; Outing Club. HOFFMAN. John W., Suf fern — Physical Education ; JV Football. HOLGADO, Angela, Solvay— Spanish : IWA ; Span- ish Club; French Club. HUGHES, Shirley E., Clin- ton — Social Studies : Women ' ets ; Social Studies Club. JOHNSTONE, Andrew, New York City- English; Ka])pa I ' hi Kappa; Rho Delta Phi; Theta Beta Phi: Borsclu i ; Tolatoes ; Soc. Arts Letters, Founder and Pres. JONES, Jean E., Mohawk— Speech ; Methodist Fel- lowship ; Frosii Debate Team. KATZMAN, Larry, Syracuse — Physical Education ; Gym Team ; PEMS. KEl ' -FF, Helen E., Syracuse — Physical Education; St. Thimias More; PEMS; City Women ' s Club; WAA. Kl LLJ ' A ' , Alira I... S])ruceton — En,L;lish Ivhication ; Chi Omega ; Phi Sigma Iota ; French Club ; Chapel. KLING, Lois J., Breakabeen — English; Phi Mu ; Panhell; HPA; Sr. Guide; Chapel. KLIONSKY, Eileen, Binghamton — Early Childhood Education, transferred from Dickinson; IZFA; Outing Club; Cam])us Chest; Chapel. I I I KXISKERX, (iladys, Cobleskill— Spanish ; Jr. Guide; United Student Fellowshi] ; Spanish Club. KNOB- LOCH, Earl T., Utica— Art ; Sigma Chi Alpha ; JEAA. KOPACZEWSKI, Irene M., Syracuse— Spanish ; IW.A. Pres. ; Phi Sigma Iota; Phi Beta Kappa; WSG; Spanish Club. Le TXE, Julian W., Florence, N. J.— Physical Edu- cation ; ' arsity Bo.xing; Frosh Soccer Coach ; JV Foot- ball. LICHTEX ' STEIN, ArHne, Syracuse— General Business ; Pi Lambda Theta ; Student L nion ; Bus. Ed. Club ; Campus Chest ; ' 50 Times. LIEDER, Jean L., Essex Fells, N. J. — Early Childhood Education ; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pres. ; Red Cross ; Campus Chest ; WA. ; City ( hiide ; Onondagan Staff ; Chapel. 334 S C€t.ti MACY, Barbara A., AIethes la. Md.— Science : Alpha Oniicron Pi : Sr. I luide ; Chapel ; Campus Chest ; Book .Mart. . 1. I ' .B( ). I, ( irace J., Syracuse — Public ?iealth Xursint; : Kp il(l1l Sigma Alpha; XOC; Chapel. MAIK ). V, lideii M., Syracuse— Spanish : I V. : Phi Sigma lota; Latin . merican . f fairs Croup; Spanish Club: City Women ' s Cluh. .M- ' irilJA S. .Vorman 1)., Warren, Pa.— Physical I-Iducation: ( iymnaslic Team, Capt. ; Cheerleader; Pi -Vlpha Tau; Kapjia Phi Kap])a. Mc.WOY, Thomas H., White Plains — Physical Education: Phi Kappa Psi : PKAIS: Varsity Basketball; Intraniurals. Mc- C. XX, Frank . ., Portland, Me.— Business Kduca- tion ; Bus. Ed. Club. : IcCORMICK. Floyd R., Maybrook— Physical Edu- cation ; Kappa Phi Kappa ; Crew ; JV Football ; Row- ing Club ; PEMS. McIXTYRE, Marie J., Watervliet— Public Health Nursing; HPA; Women Vets; NOC. MILLER, Edith. Schenect ady — English Education, transfer from Utica College ; Debate Club. MILLER, Eleeii F., Laurelton — Spanish; Iota Alpha Pi, Pres. ; Sr. Exec. Council ; SSS ; Syracusan ; Daily Orange ; Jewish Fellowship ; Co-Op Party. MILLER, Francis J., Jr., Mergen — Physical Education; Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Varsity Basketball, Capt. ; Phi Kappa Alpha; Pi Alpha Tau; Varsity Baseball. MILLER, Stella, Atlantic City, N. J.— English ; Tabard ; WAER ; Campus Chest. MC)NOH. N, John L., Ilion — Science; Intramurals. MORG.- X, Edward A., Syracuse — Physical Educa- tion; Kappa Phi Kappa; PEMS. MULHISEN, Matthew F., Jr., Buffalo — Social Studies ; Kappa Phi Kappa ; Pi Gamma Mu ; Social Studies Club. MLTLROY, Thomas J.. Syracuse— Physical Educa- tion ; Crew ; JV Football ; PEMS. MUSSO, Alfred A., Park Ridge, N. J. — Physical Education ; Kappa Phi Kappa; PEMS. NOTICO, Thomas J., Whitehall- Social Studies; IMA; Kappa Phi Kappa; Italian Club, Pres. ' 48; Social Studies Club; St. Thomas More. NUSSB. UM. Harry E., Garwood, N. J.— Physical Education ; Phi Kappa Psi ; ' arsity Football ; ' arsity Track ; German Club ; Intramurals. OGDEN, Richard E., Syracuse — Science Education ; Alpha Phi Omega ; Kappa Phi Kappa ; Pi jVIu Epsilon ; Sigma Pi Sigma. OSSMAN, Albert J., Jr., Dunkirk— Social Studies Education ; Kappa Kappa Kappa ; Scabbard Blade ; Social Studies Club. 335 U t950 PECHETTE, Charles A., Williston Park— Physical Education: Phi Kappa Psi ; Varsity Boxing; ' arsity Lacrosse; IPC; St. Thomas More; PEMS. PERRY, Eugene H., Greene — Physical Education; Phi Kappa Psi ; Pi Alpha Tau ; Rowing Club ; Varsity Crew, Capt. ' 50. R.- " S ' . Harold L., Conewango — Physical Educa- tion; Kai)]ia Phi Kajipa ; PEM. ' ; Intramurals. REYXOLD.S, William ].. Mt. ' ernnn— English ; Theta Chi ; Kajjpa Phi Kappa ; IJorscht Potatoes, Pres; French Club. RIENSTRA, Anna M., Pater- son, X. J. — Public Health Nursing; Women Vets. ROIM- ' . RTS, Leonard L., Syracuse — Physical Edu- cation; X ' arsitv iMiotball ; N ' arsitv Lacrosse. ROTL ' XXO. William A., Syracuse— Physical Edu- cation; Sigma Chi; Pi Al])ha Tau; Pres.; Kappa Phi Ka])])a: .Mpha I ' hi ()mega; PEMS; Lacrosse; Outing Club; N ' arsity Football Mgr. ; IFC. ROYAR. Paul C. Queens Milage — Physical Edu- cation; Psi L ' psilon ; PEMS; V ' arsity Paseball. R ■l• ' .RSON. Fred W .. Warwick — Social Studies; LM. ; Social Studies Club; Chess Club; Int. Relat. Club. SCHAEFER, Mary B., Pleasant Ridge, Mich.— Business Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; HPA; Jr. Guide: Quill Keys. SCHREIBER, Margaret, Attica— Physical Education: HPA; PEMS; WAA. SCHWARTZ, Dorales, Jersey City, N. J.— Educa- tion. SL.XKTER. Reita, Ctica — Chemistry, transfer from Utica College; IW. ; Outing Club; Ut. C. Chorus; Forum. SMITH. James . ., Ilion — Science; Kappa Phi Kappa; Intramurals. STEPHENSON, Lee, M()rriston, Fla. — Physical Education ; Women Vets, Pres.; PEMS, Pres. ' ; Katherine Siblev Club; WAA. STEINBERG, Melvin J., Ozone Park— Physical Education : Tau Epsilon Phi ; Football ; Block S. STICKEL. Fred, Newark, N. J. — Physical Educa- tion : St. Thomas More. THOMAs ' , Halsey L., Sexierville. Tenn. — Mathematics: IMA; Math Club. TR( ) ' . TO, Anthony, L ' tica — Spanish ; transfer from Utica College ; Spanish Club ; Ut. C. ' arsity " U. " TUTTLE. Thelma L, Schenectady— Mathe- matics ; Phi Mu ; Chapel, First Cabinet ; Sr. Guide ; Chorus ; ' 50 Times ; Soph Hop ; WAA ; Math Club. URBAN, George, Haverstraw — Physical Educa- tion ; Sigma Beta ; ' arsity Football ; St. Thomas More. f| zze S i N ANTWERP, Virginia D., Oneida— Early Child- hood Education : Chapel ; Methodist Fellowship ; Sr. Assembly. VAN AUKEN, Arthur D., Syracuse- Physical Education: Phi Kappa Psi ; Kappa Phi Kap- pa; Scabbard Blade; WAKR. WAIUELE, Joan, Syracuse — Physical Education: IW ' A; Katherine Sil)- ley Club; PEMS; WAA. WIEBE, William C. Morris Plans, N. J.— Physical Education: Phi Kajjpa Psi; Varsity Lacrosse; JV Football; Track; SUSKI ; Ski School Instructor. WALLACH, Robert C, Brooklyn— Physical Educa- tion; Varsity Basketball. WEIDELI, ' Patricia A.. River Edge, ' N. J. — Public Heahh Nursing; IWA ; Pre-Med Society; Outing Club; Catholic Choir: X. J. Club ; Skyliners ; Philosophy Club. WEINSTEIN, Eugene, Brooklyn— Science ; IMA, IZFA. WELCH, W. Lawrence, (3il City, I ' a.— Speech Education ; Chapel, First Cabinet ; Theta Alpha Phi : Children ' s Theater ; Kappa Phi Kappa ; L ' nited Student Fellowship ; W ' ( ). WELLS, Eugene ( ).. Syracuse — Mathematics. WHITE, Louise C, Endicott — Early Childhood Edu- cation ; IWA ; (!)uting Club : Sr. Guide : Chapel Choir ; Symphony Orch. ; Pilgrim Fellowship. WOODBURY, Richard E.. Morrisville, Vt. — Social Studies ; Kappa Phi Kappa ; Social Studies Club ; Men ' s Glee Club : Chapel Choir. WOODS, Jane P., East Norwich — Early Childhood Education ; Phi Mu ; Chapel. Second Cabi- net : Sr. Guide ; Geology Club : WAA ; Tabard ; Syra- cusan ; " 50 Times. ' K l l ' fr t " P C " Kcifr Nu Chapter celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary with a banquet at Drumlins featuring the National President of KPK as the main speaker. Also at that banquet, we initiated twenty-nine men. KPK carried on its traditional projects this year with the School of Ed Reception, a Christmas gift to a Youth Agency and a School of Ed Conyo. In addition, we started a School of Ed Newspaper. tint row, I. to r., G. Ferris, D. Generous, G. Ktiller Second row. Dr. R. Armacost, W. Detaney, E. Morgan T. Nocito, S. Jones. Third row. Dr. V. Glennon, H Ray, M. Mulhresen, E. Clifford, M. Borden, L. Welch N. Matthews. Fourth row, R. Odden, pres.; B. Reagan G. Andrews, A. Musso, J. Smith, E. Galantino, H. Dun ham, C. Falivene. Fifth row, R. Baldwin, sec; R. Dem perio, F. Halpin. V. Cooper, W. Haasc, J. Conrertino R. Converse, F. Fields. Sixth row, N. Fullerton, r.-pres L. Wilcox, D. Bain, A. Aharo, C. Marks. K ¥ aiU 0 C te ;4n.tA i 2Z6 piKe nt AllERSOX, Ihiney K.. IJrooklyn— Paimint;- : Aljiiia Epsilon Phi; Chapel. First Caljinet ; Syracuse-in- China: Campus Chest; Red Cross; UJA ' . ADAMS, Reginald R., Buffalo — Art Education ; Chapel ; Bap- tist Youth Group; JEAA. AIQOCNI, Krikor, Syracuse — ' iolin. ALDAAI, Marion B., C(jrning — Voice; Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Iota; Boar ' s Head; Chapel; Chorus; Chapel Choir. ARTIS, William E., East Elmhurst — Sculpture; Alpha Phi Omega. ASHLEY, Joanne, Fayetteville — Painting; Transfer from Kansas City . rt Inst. BADER, W ' iUard C, New Brunswick, X. J.— Ad- vertising Design. BAIRD, Mary B.. Canonshurg, Pa. — Interior Decoration; Chi Omega: Tau Ep- silon: Tau Sigma Delta; Cha])el. First Cabinet. BAMBAS, Joan, Syracuse — Art Education; Sigma Chi Alpha: JE.VA; Channing Club. BARNES, Jean E., Bethlehem, Pa.— Illustration ; Delta Zeta ; Gamma Alpha Chi ; . : Chapel. BARTHELSON. Albin A.. Jr., Teaneck. N. J.— Illustration ; Phi Gamma Delta : Syracusan : Intra- murals. BARTKO, Adrienne A., Yonkers — Art; IWA: St. Thomas More; JEAA. BEDELL, Sarah C, Constantia— Piano ; I ' . ; City Women ' s Club; Chorus. BEDNARSKI, John F., Deerfield, Mass. — Architecture; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Ujisilon Alpha. BENTLEY, J. Gor- don, Syracuse — Industrial Design: . lpha Chi Rho ; Yacht Club. BERNHARDT. Frank J.. Albany— Painting Il- lustration. BERTRAND, T. Marie, Drexel Hill, Pa. Il- lustration ; Theta Phi Alpha ; Campus Chest ; Win- ter Carnival: .Sr. Ball; St. Thomas More. BEYER, Lawrence E., Warren, Pa. — Architecture; Tau Sig- ma Delta: Sigma L ' psibm . lpha. BIORN-HANSEN, Sylvia,— Piano ; Sig- ma .-Mpha Iota; Soc. of Arts Letters; Quaker Fellowship: Chapel Choir. BISHOP. Robert V., Syracuse — Architecture; Pershing Rifles; Band. BLANK, Ralph G., Syracuse — Industrial Design; Zeta Psi; Erosh Class, ' Pres. ; I EC Ball. ZZ9 SU 0 f950 t BOCCARDO, ' incent, Rochester— Design : Alpha Xi Alpha. BOCHENEK, Helen. Auburn— Illustration. BOCKIS. Robert 1 ' .. Cornwall - on - 1 ludson— Art ; Sigma Beta. BORDEN, Maurice E., Syracuse — Music Education; IMA; Kapjja I ' hi Kappa. BOYLE, Alexander L., Jr., Martinsburg. W. Va. — Design; Alpha Xi Alpha. BRAGMAN. Naomi, New Rochelle— Painting II- lustraticMi ; Phi Sigma Sigma. BRONSON. Marcella I.. Mushing— Costume Design. BRYAXS, Patricia E.. Sarasota, Fla. — Painting; Chorus; Opera Worksiiop ; IIPA. l .URLEY, Lois, Syracuse — Piano ; Sigma . lpha Iota ; Chapel : Chorus ; Nurses " Chorus, Director. lil ' RXS, Mary ' .. Syracuse — Music Education; 1 ' . : Sigma Ali)ha Iota; Pi Lambda Theta ; Music I ' jjucation Club. CAPLAN, Judith, Albany— Art Edu- cation ; lota . lpha Pi; JEAA; ' . . ; Student Union. C. T. LDO, J. Charles, Lyons Palls- Architecture ; Chapel; St. Thomas More; Band. CH.XMIIERLIX. Laurie, Jordan — Music Education; Music Educators Club ; Chorus ; Chapel Choir ; SUSKI ; Outing Club ; WAA ; Chapel ; Campus Chest ; Student Union; SSS ; Huntington Club. CHRIST- MAN, ' ernon D., Binghamton — Organ; Kappa Sig- ma; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia ; Chorus; Chapel Organ- ist. CONDON, Jack, Oceanside — Advertising Design; Phi Gamma Delta ; Onondagan Staff. CON " , Lois L., St. Petersburg. Fla.— ' oice; Delta Delta Delta; Chorus; WAA; Chapel. CONGELL, James R., Hazelton, Pa. — Illustration and Painting; Sigma Beta; St. Thomas More; IPC. CONSTINE, Janet E., Binghamton — Advertising Design ; Alpha Omicron Pi ; Gamma Alpha Chi Pres. ; Chapel ; Book Mart. COX, Carol H., Syracuse — Voice ; Alpha Phi ; Sigma Alpha Iota ; Chorus ; Chapel, Second Cabinet. COX, Raymond C, Syracuse — Music ; Chorus ; Chapel, Sec- ond Cabinet. GROSSMAN, Eve C, Brooklyn— Piano : Composition. I 340 ' pCKC nt CROUNSE, Don G., Auburn— Architectural Design. DALE, Kaare, Hastings-on-Hudson — Painting ; Row- ing Club; Crew. DENNIS, Harry, Jr., Springfield, Mass. — Interior Design; Tau Sigma Delta. Pres. ; Tau Epsilon : Men ' s Cilec Clul) ; Methodist I ' ' lli iwship. DiGREGORK), Nelson J., Watertown— .Vrt Educa- tion. DL ' RKEE, Almon J., Syracuse — Architecture; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Sigma Upsilon Alpha ; Tau Sigma Delta: IFC. ENGELHARD, Sally, Lawrence- Interior Design ; Chi Omega ; Tau Epsilon, Pres. ; WAA ; Chapel Choir: I ' anhell; Chajiel ; Chorus. ENGELMAX. Shirley , New Providence, N. J.— Costume Design ; Alpha Chi Omega ; House Pres. ; Alpha Xi Alpha ; Tau Sigma Delta ; Chapel Choir ; Sr. Guide; HPA. ERBE, Warren O., Valley Stream- Painting ; ' arsity Football ; Varsity Lacrosse : Ski School Instructor. EVANS, Ann, Utica — .Advertising Design ; Gamma Alpha Chi ; Co-Op Council ; Utica Club ; •wo. FARIB.AULT, Betty J., I Singhamton— Costume De- sign ; Alpha Delta Pi ; Chapel ; Red Cross ; University Theater ; Soph Hop ; Witch ' s Brew ; Jazz Club ; WAA. FARNHAM, Barbara A., Webster— Illustration ; Chapel; UWF. FERDON, Mary— Upper Montclair, N. J. — ' oice : .Alpha Xi Delta ; Sigma .Alpha Iota ; Chorus ; Chapel Choir ; Jr. Guide. FINE, Raymond, Brockton, Mass, — Architecture; Alpha Epsilon Pi ; .Sigma Upsilon Alpha ; Pi Alpha Tau ; Kappa Beta Phi ; Bo.xing Team, Capt. ; Sr. Exec. Council : School of .Arch., Pres. FINK, Nancy, Pitts- burgh, Pa. — Costume Design ; Sigma Delta Tau ; Daily Orange; Student Union; Syracusan ; W.A.A. FINNE- GAN, Maurice J., Jr., Syracuse — .Architecture ; Tau Sigma Delta ; Sigma Upsilon Alpha. FORD, Charlotte E., Richmond, ' a. — Costume De- sign; Alpha Xi Alpl a ; Tau Sigma Delta : HP.A ; Out- ing Club. FORGIONE, Anthony E.. Port Washington — Painting ; Theta Chi ; Varsity Boxing ; Men ' s Glee Club; Fieldhouse Foundation; Intramurals ; IFC Ball. FOWLER, Evelyn, Lowville — Music ; Chorus ; Outing Club: WAA. FREEMAN, Janet II., Belmont— " oice : Chorus. GANDINO, Joseph M., Syracuse — -Art Education; Sigma Beta ; Sigma Chi Alpha ; JEAA. GIBBS, John P., Belleville, N. J.— Painting. 347 Cta. 0 f950 % GOETTEL, Winifred I., Syracuse — Voice; IWA. GRAHAM, Nancy D., Oswego— Piano ; Alpha Chi Omega : Sigma Alpha Iota ; Chapel Choir ; WAA. GREIG, Carol ' ., Pittsburgh, Pa. — Costume Design; Alplia Xi Alpha ; Tau Sigma Delta. GROSKOPF. Carol, Cincinnati, (). — Illustration: Delta Zeta; Gamma Alpha Chi; Chapel. HAGEL- BERGER, Jack M.. Buffalo— Music ; Acacia ; Phi Mu Alpha ; Scabbard Blade ; Chapel Choir ; Opera Work- shop ; Chorus. HALEY, George J., Bath — Illustration ; Onondagan Staff ; Syracusan ; Tabard : X ' arsitv Track ; Nat ' l Spiked Shoe Soc. ; Intramurals. IIAXICNS, Janet M., Spring Lake, N. J.— Music Edu- cation ; Alpha Xi Delta ; Mus. Ed. Nat ' l Conference ; Chorus ; Chapel Choir ; Fieldhouse Foundation ; WAA ; Huntington Club. HEIDRICH, Sally K., Syracuse- Art Education ; Ka])pa Alpha Theta ; Sigma Chi Alpha ; JEAA; City Women ' s Club. HEISEY, ' . Robert, Cumberland, Md. — Music ; Cliapt-l : Men ' s Glee Club. Sigma Nu ; Chorus ; HILLS. Xancy, W ' cstficld, X. J.— Illustration ; Deha Delta Delta; W. A. HOAG, Sally L., Sandy Creek — Piano; Alpha Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Iota; SUSKI; Methodist Fellowship; Chapel; WAA; Chapel Choir; Chorus. HOLCOMBE, Frederick D., Avon — Architecture; Sigma Chi; IFC; Chapel Choir; Sr. Class Committee ; Chapel First Cabinet ; Westmin- ster Fellowship; School of Arcli., Treas. HOLL.KXDER, Lucille, York, Pa.— ' oice ; Chorus; Chapel Choir; Opera Workshop. HOLIMES, Donald H.. Syracuse— Art Education ; Sigma Chi Alpha ; JEA. . HOLMES, Winifred S., Syracuse— ' oice ; Sigma Alpha Iota ; Chapel Choir. HOUSE, Robert L., Syracuse— Music ; IMA ; Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia ; Kappa Phi Kappa ; Band ; Orchestra ; Chorus; jMus. Ed. Nat ' l Conference; Outing Club; Mus. Ed. Club. HOWES, Pearl E.. Mount Kisco— Voice ; Sigma Alpha Iota ; Methodist Fellowship. HUGHES, Jeanne M., Syracuse — Painting; Gamma Phi Beta ; Tau Sigma Delta ; Panhell ; Citv Women ' s Club ; Chapel ; Chorus. INGERSOLL, Robert M., Vernon— Industrial Design. JEFFERS, June, West Hempstead — Art ; Pi Lambda Theta; HPA; Chapel; JEAA. JENNEY, Jane. New Rochelle — Fashion Design ; Pi Beta Phi ; Chapel ; ' estchester Club. ii 342 ! ' pipte nt JOHNSON, Caryl A., Plainfield, N. J.— Painting ' Illustration; Alpha Delta Pi; SUSKI; Int. Rel. Club; WAA. JOHNSON, Clifford A., Mercersburg. Pa.— Art Education; Sigma Chi Alpha; NAACP ; JEAA. JOHNSON. Ruth H., Pearl River— Art Education; Sigma Chi Alpha ; HPA ; JEAA, Pres., ' 48- ' 49. JONES, Stewart R., Kingston, Pa. — Music Education ; Phi AIu Alpha ; Sinfonla ; Kappa Phi Kappa ; Sym- phonic Band ; Marching Band ; Orchestra. JOSEPH- SON, Gabriel. Nutley, N. J.— Illustration ; IMA; Sigma Delta Chi ; Daily Orange ; Campus Chest ; Syra- cusan. KEMPTON, Margaret J., Weedsport — Music Education ; Kappa Delta ; Mus. Ed. Nat ' l Conference ; Chapel Choir ; Chorus ; Sailing Club ; Outing Club ; Chapel. KING. Lyman L.. Syracuse— Illustration. KINGHAN, Don E.. New Rochelle — Advertising Design ; Beta Theta Pi; Jr. Prom; Syracusan ; Intramurals. KINGS- LEY, Elaine D., Schenectady — Illustration ; Zeta Tau Alpha ; WAER ; Chorus ; Women ' s Glee Club ; Syra- cuse-in-China ; Chapel. KNOBLER, Nathan — Irvington, N. J. — Painting; Tabard; Syracusan. KNOBLOCH. Josephine M., West Win field — ' oice ; Sigma Alpha Iota; Chorus. KOCH, William A.. Irvington, N. J. — Fabric Design ; Choir ; WAER ; Lutheran Students Ass ' n. ; Chapel ; Int. Student Committee. LADUE, James J., Poughkeepsie — Industrial Design ; Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Student LTnion. LETTIS, Donald R., Oneonta — -Art Education ; Sigma Chi Alpha ; JEAA. LE ' INSON, Suzanne, New York City— Art ; Phi Sigma Sigma ; Campus Chest ; Chapel ; Summer Orange. LOBB, Grace, Pen Argyl. Pa.— Piano ; Alpha Phi ; Sr. Guide; Onondagan Staff; WAA; Chorus; Chapel. LoRUSSO, Rinaldo A., Rome— Illustration. MACA- LUSO, Michael, Jr.. Rochester — Industrial Design; Alpha Xi Alpha. MANDELL, Lois J.. New York City— Painting ; Sigma Delta Tau. MARCHIONY, Lawrence, Verona, N. J.— Zeta Psi; Syracusan; Boar ' s Head. MARTIN- DALE, Shirley M., Boise, Idaho — Interior Design; Tau Epsilon ; Chapel ; HPA ; Skyliners. Z . eu 4 950 AIcDOUGALL, Marilyn. Argyle— Art Education ; Phi Mu ; Chapel, Second Cabinet. AIcNElL. John C. Cort- land— Piano; Phi Mu Alpha. MICHELEC, George K., W ' eedsport — Interior Design; Alpha Sigma Phi. MICKELSON, Alice M., Trumansburg— Art Educa- tion : IW ' A : Sigma Chi .Vlpha ; Westminster Fellow- ship; ehapcl Choir; JEAA. MILLS. Ernest A.. Ann Arhnr. .Mich.— Art Education; Pi . lpha Chi of Theta Alplia ; Sigma Chi .Mpha ; Co-Op Council ; WWO ; lll ' A; JE.VA; Intramurals. MIXER, Dorothy E., Fayetteville — Piano ; Kajjpa Kappa Gamma ; Sigma Alpha Iota ; Chapel Choir ; Chapel. First Cabinet. MITClll LL. Robert M., Monticello— Industrial De- sign; Pi Alpha Chi of Tlic-ta Alpha; X ' arsity Track; " arsily Siicccr; ' ;irsity Football; Intramurals. MOORI ' , George 11.. Springfield, Mass. — Interior Design ; Phi Kapjia Tau ; Bridge Club. MUL ' EY, janics II.. jr., Lake Placid — Painting Illustration: Ski I ' atn.l; SCSKI. MUNS, ? larion, Ridgewood, X. J._ -oice ; .Alpha Chi Omega ; Ciiorus ; Chapel ; Opera Workshop. NORTZ, Sally, Lowville — Music Education; Theta Phi Alpha; Pi Lambda Theta; HP. ; Campus Chest; St. Thomas More; Mus. Ed. Xat ' l Conference; Chorus; Band; (Jrchestra; Jr. Prom. X( )YES. Claire E., I ' .rookline. Mass. — Painting: . lpha (iamma Delta. ORR. .-Mice F., Bath — Costume Design : Kappa Kappa Gamma : W. . ; Chapel ; Onondagon Staff. PARKER, James D.. Bronxville — Illustration ; Delta Kappa Epsi- lon : Chimes Master ; Onondagon Staff ; Westchester Club : Intramurals ; Syracusan. P. RKER, Wayland B., ( )lean — Painting; Sigma Beta; Westminster Fel- lowship : Chajjel ; Choir. PARKHURST. Katharine, Rahway, X. J.— Piano ; Delta Gamma; Sigma Alpha Iota. ' PASSARELLI, Dorothy. Altamont— Piano. P. TRICIA, Etalo G.. (Ineida — Illustration : P. ' iinting. PENNY, Anne, Hampton Bays — Art Education; JEAA; Chapel; Hunting Club. PERKINS, Robert C, Painted Post — Organ ; Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia ; Chapel Choir ; Chorus ; Chapel Chimes. PHILLIPS, Bernard D., Cleveland, Ohio — Painting. I I k |! |l Tan.- N. I.- 2AA ipte i%U POMMERER, Roberta, Prattsville— Illustration ; Zeta Tau Alpha; SUSKI ; Chapel Chimes; WAA. POND, Virginia. Plainfield, N. J. — Art Education; Kappa Delta; Sigma Chi Alpha; JEAA ; Outing Club; St. Thomas More. POWERS, Stephen J.. Jersey City, N. J. — Advertising ; Syracusan. RAK( ) ' . Joan R., Syracuse — Music Education: Mus. Ed. Club ; Chorus. RANDLES, Harry E., Watertown — Interior Design; Tau Epsilon. RANKIN, Richard A.. Lafayette, Ind. — Art Education; Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma Chi .Alpha; Jl ' ' . . ; Christian Science Soc. REED, Robert J., Hancock — .Architecture; Sigma Upsilon Alpha; Tau Sigma Delta. REEVE. Ruth, Cohoes — Illustration ; Methodist Fello vshi[). REI- TANO, Orlando F., Syracuse — Music Education ; Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia; Mus. Ed. Nat ' l Conference; Band ; Orchestra ; .Symphonic Band. REPH, Mary R.. Nazareth, Pa. — Voice; Zeta Tau Alpha ; Chorus ; Chapel Choir ; Congregational Fellow- ship. RHEAUME, Louis, Uncasville, Conn. — .Adver- tising Design, transfer from Pratt Institute ; ( )mega Iota Pi; St. Thomas More. RODBART, Elaine, Brooklyn — Painting ; Piii Sigma Sigma ; Campus Chest ; Co-Op Party. ROKOSNY, Joseph C, Springfield, N. J.— Industrial {Resign ; Sigma Nu ; Catholic Choir ; Student Union ; St. Thomas More ; New Jersey Club ; Intramurals. RL ' GG, Carmen . ' .. Guatemala City, G. C. .A.— Paint- ing. RUGG. Killiiiurne K.. Cobleskill — Illustration. SCORSON, Ruth A., Syracuse — Piano ; Sigma Alpha Iota; Chorus. SEAMAN, Daniel B., Syracuse— Music Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Mu Alpha; Kappa Phi Kappa; Mus. Ed. Nat ' l Conference; Sym- phonic Band; Orchestra. SHACKELTON, Edwin R.. Jr., Poughkeepsie — Architecture; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Tau Sigma Delta ; Sigma Upsilon .Alpha. SH.APIRO, Jane, Oswego — Costume Design; Jewish Fellowship. SIFUENTES. Luis C, Lima. Peru — Architecture ; Spanish Club ; Student Union, Dance Instructor. SILFIES, Mildred R., Bethlehem, Pa.— Music Education ; Alpha Phi, Pres. ; (Jhapel ; WAA ; Chorus; Onondagan Staff: Citv Guide. 345 SU ( f950 SPIEGEL, Joan, Woodmere — Costume Design ; Sigma Delta Tau; Alpha Xi Alpha. SPOHN, Ruth L., Cran- ford, N. J. — lliustiation; Chapel. STETSER, Dana G., Wilmington, Del. — Architecture ; Kappa Sigma. STODDARD, Norris L., Glens Falls— Interior Deco- ration ; Phi Kappa Tau; Tau Sigma Delta; Tau Upsi- lon ; Co-Op Council ; WWO ; ROTC. STOUNE, Lou, Decatur, 111. — Voice; Delta Delta Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota ; Chapel Choir ; Chorus ; Symphony Orchestra. STRAUSSBERG, Elinor, South Orange, N. J.— Fab- ric Design ; Phi Sigma Sigma ; Alpha Xi Alpha ; Tau Sigma Delta ; Campus Chest ; Chapel. SURBECK, Ruth, Saddle River, N. J.— Music Educa- tion ; Kappa Alpha Theta ; Sigma Alpha Iota ; Chapel, First Cabinet ; Sr. Guide. TERGIS, John, New York City— Art; Adelphian Soc. ; Outing Club. THAYER, Donald R., Rome — Illustration ; Theta Chi ; Crew ; Rowing Club. THUN, E. William, Dover, N. J.— Architecture; Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Tau Sigma Delta ; Sigma Upsiloii Alpha. TROISI, B. Joseph, Williamsport, Pa. — Indus- trial Design; transfer from Pratt Institute. TURNER, Annette, Westfield, N. J. — Advertising Design ; Alpha Phi ; Gamma Alpha Chi ; Sr. Guide ; Chapel. TURNER, Nancy, Camp Hill, Pa.— Design ; Kappa Alpha Theta, Pres. ; Eta Pi Upsilon ; Alpha Xi Alpha ; Tau Sigma Delta ; Student Union ; Campus Leaders ; WSG Court ; Joint Court. VANOA, Kay W., Atlanta — Advertising ; Sigma Phi Epsilon. VERCILLO, Mary, Syracuse — Voice ; IWA ; Opera Workshop ; WAA. TNCENT, Francis 1., Syracuse — Industrial Design ; .St. Thomas More. VORCE, Shirley, Manlius— Art Education; IWA ; JEAA. WAHL, Jean M., Rochester — Voice; Theta Phi Alpha; Sigma Alpha Iota, Pres.; Catholic Choir, Director; HPA; Campus Chest; Chorus ; Dramatics ; SSS. WAITZ, Frederick H., Jr., Short Hills, N. J.— Music Education ; Phi Mu Alpha ; Symphonic Band ; Orches- tra ; Brass Choir; Mus. Ed. Club. WALKER, Charles W., Hempstead — Illustration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Men ' s Glee Club ; Westminster Fellowship ; Ononda- gan Staff. WATSON. Audrey L., Dayton, O.— Piano ; Int. Relat. Club ; NAACP ; Chorus ; Methodist Fellow- ship ; Chapel ; Amicitia Club ; Sr. Assembly. ZA6 • ' pme 4%U WATSON, June C, Summit, N. J. — Costume Design Chi Omega ; Chapel, Second Cabinet ; Dunbar Center Yacht Club ; Outing Club ; WAA ; Soph. Hop ; Witclies Brew. WKISKOPF, Barbara, New Rochelle— Paint- ing; Iota Alpha Pi; Tau Sigma Delta; Sr. Guide; Jewish Fellowship; WAA. WEISS, Milton S., Hron.x — Industrial Design. WHITNE ' , Robert W., Lake Placid— Illustration ; Sigma Beta; Band; IPC. WILLIAMS, Hayden E., Syracuse — Piano. WISE, Jean, Elbridge — Music Edu- cation ; Zeta Tau Alpha ; Mus. Ed. Club ; Sr. Assembly ; Sr. Guide ; Elections Comm. ; Chapel ; Stockingfoot Dance, Chrmn. ; Jr. Prom. ; Chorus ; Opera Workshop ; ( luting Club ; Syracuse Singers. WISENBURN, Frances I., Feura Bush— Illustration. WOHRLEY. Emily J., Brooklyn— Fabric Design; Alpha Gamma Delta ; Alpha Xi Alpha ; Tau Sigma Delta; Chapel. Membership in Sigma Chi Alpha, art education honor- ary, is based on high scholastic standing. During the monthly meetings, the art education program is en- riched with talks by professionals in the field. The year ' s activities included several well-known speakers, the annual banquet and the initiatioii of new members from the School of Fine Arts. Sc z Alfi First row, 1. to r., J. Grosbower, M. Van Eselline, J. Gandino, A. Mickelsen, D. Lettis, J. Schlicter, R. John- son. Second row, J. DeNicola, D. Holms, C. Johnson, R. Stanley, R. Rankin. R. Queen, E. Mills, E. Knoblock. Alfi a ' Xi ftfr a ' 7 uc Sct ma ' DeitcL Tin- iwiMity-sixlh }car wa.s a . Idriniis oiu ' I ' nr Alpha Xi Alpha, honorary for fahric, oiistiiiiK ' and indus- trial designers. Speakers s|)()ke at monthly meetings and in adilition to the main social events, a Christ- mas jiarty and the annual Spring Initiation nan(|Uet. I ' ield Irijis wiTe enjoyed. Delta chapter of Tan . " igma Delta, international architcctm " e and allied art.s honorai-y, annually spon- sors the t iilgate poster contest and the I ' ine Arts Liall and art e.xihihils. The latter event was very suc- cessful this year with the th nie (jf the Ileaux .Arts iJall. Initiation lian(|Ueis are held each year in the spring. ' I ' he organization endeaxurs to jnomote hetter relations hetween the schools of ArchitLclure and . rt. firsl row, I. to r., P. Briggi, S, Engleman, J. Spiegel, P. Stevens, D. Giltnore, V. Bocardo. Second row, C. Ford, B. Bair, J. Thomson, H. Holzworth, L. Hall, J. Wohrley, C. Routt, C. Grieg. Third row, J. Troisi, G. Bentley, S. Mindt. Those absent, E. Swimmer, G. Brown, M. Macaluso, D. Brod- man, J. Snelt, J. Young, A. Wieczarck, E. Slrausburg, G. Bushnel. E. Honig. J. Eixon, R. Briltner, J. Walerhouse, N. Turner. First ron, I. to r., M. Es ' her Higgs, M. Lee, A. Sebastian, treas.: M. Ferdon, E. Marmor. R. Smyth. J. Brendeu- bury. E. Andreas. M. Wiiifred Burns. S. Beard, B. Stoutie, L. Schoggin, E. Miller, D. Maxiemer. Second row, J. Wahl, pres.; S. Hong, R. Scarson, K. Parkhurst, E. Hensct, R. Surheck, A. Chappell. corres. s-c: M. Aldam, E. Everett. Third ron, N. Graham, D. Miner, vice-pres.: P. Goodman, C. Vaughn, D. Bedell, L. Burley, C. Holznorth, Cox, W. Holmes, L. Aukeny. Masterpiece! Scfmn 4tfr ata Sigma Alpha Iota is a national professional and music fraternity for women. As is the custom of the chapter, they opened the annual women ' s step-singing competi- tion in the spring. Included in the year ' s activities is a spring concert featuring the work of contemporary . merican composers. As a service to the school, girls in the chapter also usher for all concerts given in Crouse Auditorium. Discussing the score. ■t imt ii i Mie a ' P ne tn ■ 350 li (ncdit ADAMS, Clarence W., Southington, Conn. — (General l ' ' orestry. ALBIN, Bernard J., Jersey City, N. J. — Landscape Recreational Management; Alpha I ' hi ( )niega ; Mollet Club ; Camp Log ; Empire Forester. .A NDERSON. Gordon R., Cazenovia — General For- estry ; Forest Zoology Society ; Orbis Silva. ANDERSON, William, New York City— General For- estry : Intramurals. ARMSTRONG, Richard C, Chil- sen — General Forestry ; Poorest Zoology Society. ARNDT. Paul L.. Newark, N. J. — ( leneral Forestry: Outing Club; .SUSKl ; Forest Zoology Society. ARONOFF, Arthur, Paterson, N. J.— Pulp Paper; Papyrus Club. BAKER, Robert M.. Ilion— General Forestry. BAUER, Curtis H.. Jr., Schuylerville — Gen- eral Forestry ; Empire Forester, Bus Mgr. ; Orbis Silva ; Camp Log. BAUMAN, Frank S., Albany — Landscape Recre- ational Management ; Theta Chi ; Outing Club ; For- estry Club; Mollet Club; Segue; TV Society; Varsity Fencing. BAYLESS, Bruce J., Willsboro — General Forestry ; Pi Alpha Chi of Theta Alpha ; Saengerbund, Pres. ; Forestry Club Cabinet ; Robin Hood ; Empire Forester. BECKER, Robert J., St. Albans— Pulp Paper; Alpha Xi Sigma; Robin Hood; Papyrus Club; Saengerbund. BELLING, George U., North Toiiowanda — General Forestry ; Saengerbund, Lutheran Students Ass ' n ; BENEDICT, Lawrence W ' ., Bohemia— Retail Mer- chandising Light Construction ; Phi Sigma Kappa ; Paul Bunyan Club. BENTON, Richard E., Copake— Pulp Paper ; Sigma Beta ; MSG ; Papyrus Club. BERGGREN, C. Otto, New York City— Pulp Paper ; Forestry Co-Op ; Papyrus Club ; Intramurals. BROWN, John M., Syracuse — Conversion Distri- bution; Paul Bunyan Club. BROGAN, Philip J., Syra- cuse — Landscape Recreational Management ; Mollet Club, Chief Designer. RROWNWURTH, Frederick S., Jr., Mt. Xernon- General Forestry ; Forest Zoology Society ; Orbis Silva. BUCK, Kirk M., Port Angeles, Wash.— Retail Mer- chandising Light Construction ; Phi Kappa Psi ; For- estry Club ; Paul Bunyan Club. BURTON, George B., Syracuse — General Forestry. wW ' V 351 1 5 ( a u o 1950 ' Q f CAROME. Charles J., Cleveland, O.— General For- estry; Orbis Silva ; St. Thomas More; Catholic Choir; Empire Forester ; Chorus. CATALANOTTO, Louis, ( )ceansi(le — ( Jeneral Forestry ; Pi Alpha Chi of Theta Alpha; Intramurals. CHARITON, Mike, Oneida— Re- tail Merchandising Light Construction. CHLTRCH, Carlton M., Freeville— General Forestry; Orbis Silva; Intramurals. CHRISTOPHERSON, August, Syracuse — Retail Merchandising Light Con- struction; Paul lUniyan Club; ROTC ; Band. CL.-VNCY, Edmund |., Buffalo — Landscape Recre- ational Management ; Mollet Club. CL. RK, Paul . ., I ' enn ' an — Retail Merchandising iv Light Construction; Alpha XI Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma; Robin Hood; I ' aul Bunyan Club; Empire For- ester, Mg. Ed.; Forestry Club Cabinet. COLLYER, |ohn R., Richmond Hill — Landscape Recreational M.-magement; Mollet Club. COLOGER, Chris P., r.riioklvn — Conversion Distribution. COMISKEY, Frank J., Jr., West Babylon— Retail Merchandising Light Construction ; Theta Chi ; Paul Bunyan Club; Outing Club; Chapel. CONKLIN, Walter E., Roslyn — Retail Merchandising Light Construction: Pi .Alpha Chi of Theta Alpha; Sigma Pi Sigma; Paul Bunyan Club. CORWIN, Tohn E.,III. Middletovvn — General Forestry; Einpire Forester. DWTSON, Robert 11., Malverne— Retail Merchandis- ing Light Construction ; Lambda Chi Alpha ; Robin Hood; Paul Bunyan Club. DAVEY, Charles B., Rochester — General Forestry ; Forestry Co-Op ; For- estry Club Cabinet ; Saengerbund ; Orbis Silva ; West- minster Fellowship; Chapel Choir; Empire Forester; Camp Log ; Genesee Valley Club ; Intramurals. Db ' I-lMb.R, Robert D. Vnnkers — (iieneral Forestry; Entomology Club ; Boxing ; Swimming. DeLEONARDIS, Salvatore, Bronx — General For- estry; Robin Hood; Forest Zoology Society; C)uting Club; Frosh Crew. DEITZ, Warner C, Saranac Lake — General Forestry ; Robin Hood ; Empire Forester ; Chapel. DEMOPOULOS, Dean, Brooklyn— General Forestry ; Empire Forester ; Camp Log ; Fencing Team, Capt. ])I. M()ND, Sidney, Mew York City — General For- estry; IMA: Alpha Phi Omega; Robin Hood; Outing Club; SL ' SKI ; Camp Log; WWO ; Empire Forester. niGIO " ANNI, Ralph, Albany— Retail Merchandis- ing Light Construction. DORN. Donald E., Castle- lon — General Forestry ; Entomology Club ; Outing Club. 352 ' ptne nxf I I)RF:SS1.I-;R. Robert I- ' ., Syracuse— I ' iilp v ; Paper; Papyrus Club. DRONZEK. Josepb J.. Hawthorne — General Forestry. DUDLEY, Bartlett L., Skaneateles — General Forestry ; Ranger School ; SUSKI. DUNN, William S.. Pig Moose — General Forestry: Orbis Silva. EARLY, Francis J., Syracuse — Pulp Paper ; SUSKI : Ski Instructor ; Papyrus Club ; St. Thomas More. EBEL, Bernard H., Buffalo— General Forestry ; Robin Hood ; Entomology Club ; Chapel ; Scalp Blade. ECKERT, Julius j., Rifton — General iMircstry; Alpha Xi Sigma; Robin Iluud. EDLINGER. W ilson F.. Syracuse — ( leneral Forestry. EGGLESTON, Eric H., Oneida — Retail Merchandising Light Construction. EMMICK, Aniby S., Adams Center — Wood Technol- ogy ; Ranger School ; Xyladelphous Club. ESCHNER, Arthur R., Buffalo — General Forestry; Alpha Xi Sigma; Robin Hood; Empire Forester; Knothole, Co-[ul. ; Saengcrbund ; Camp Log; Intramurals. FORDH. .M. Roy E., Syracuse — General Forestry; Entomology Club. FOSTER, Ralph W., W ' arrensburg — General For- estry ; Phi Gamma Delta ; Robin Hood ; Chapel ; Cam- pus Chest; Intramurals. GANNON, Richard J., Syra- cuse — Conversion Distribution ; Paul Bunyan Club. GFHR, Charles E.. Binghamton — Pulp Paper; Alpha Xi Sigma; .Vliiha Chi Sigma; l ' ap_ rus Clul). (;ERAL ' , James, New York City — General Forestry; Empire I ' urester; SUSKI. GIAOUINTO, Eli J., Tea- neck, N. J. — General Forestry; Intramurals. GILL, George IL, Albany — Pulp Paper; Phi Kappa Psi ; Papyrus Club. GlLl AM. Donald S.. C nrner I ' .ronk. .Xewfoundland — General I ' orestry ; Ranger School. GRADER, Walter B., Greenfield, Mass. — Forest Management ; Theta Chi ; Ranger School. GRAM, Jam:s M., Fabius — Re- tail Merchandising Light Construction ; Alpha Sigma Phi; Robin Hood; Paul Bunyan Club; Empire For ester ; Camp Log. 35Z s Cia yi f950 GRIMSHAW, Russell C, Staten Island— Pulp Paper ; Forestry Co-Op ; Robin Hood ; Papyrus Club ; Saengerbund; Intramurals. HAARLA, Pekka R., Tampere, Finland — Pulp Paper ; Alpha Chi Sigma ; Papyrus Club ; German Club ; Cosmopolitan Club. HAGAR, Robert K., Jay — General Forestry ; Alpha Xi Sigma ; SUSKI ; Forest Zoology Soc. ; Ski Instruc- tor; Forestry Club Cabinet. HALL, P. Richard, Syracuse — Retail Merchandising Light Construction; Paul Bunyan Club; Ski Team, Co-Capt. HARDING. Dean E., Albany— General For- estry ; Westminster Fellowship ; Outing Club. HAR- RISON, Scott, Rye — General Forestry ; Fntomology Club ; Forest Zoology Soc. ; Empire Forester. ll.ARKIN, Duncan A., Brooklyn — General Forestry; . igma Nu : . l])ha Xi Sigma: Robin Hood; Cha])el, First Cabinet ; SUSKI ; Ski School Instructor. HART- SON, Brian J., Olmestedville — General Forestry; For- estry Club: Forest Zoology Soc; Pistol League; Rifle League: Crew : Ski School Instructor. HEISER, Ed- w.nd ].. LaiKsvillc — Pul]) Paper; Empire Forester; I ' a] rus (. ' lull; ( )uting Club; Lutheran Student Ass ' n. IIFLDT, l);ivid E., Pottersville — Landscape Recre- ational Management; Mollet Club. HILL, Joseph A., Richmond Hill — General Foreestry ; Empire Forester. HOUGHTON, Henry A., Minerva— General For- estry ; Alpha Xi Sigma ; Robin Hood, Pres. ; Forestry Club Cabinet ; Empire Forester, Ed.-in-Chief ; Camp Log, Ed.- n-Chief : Forest Zoology Soc, Pres. ; Orbis Silva ; Entomology Club ; Forestry Jr. Class, Pres. ; St. Thomas More. HOWARD, George P., Jr., Spring Lake, N. J.— Gen- eral Forestry ; Intramurals. HOWLAND, Ben, North Tonawanda — Landscape Recreational Management; Mollet Club. HUDSON. John L.. Jr.. Rochester- Wood Technology ; Alpha Xi Sigma ; Robin Hood ; Xylodelphous Club, Pres. HYATT. John C, Cazenovia — Pulp Paper ; Papyrus Club. JANSSEN, Henry F., Ridgewood— General For- estry; Forest Zoology Soc. JENKINS, Donald F., Syracuse — Pulp Paper; Papyrus Club. JOHNSON, Graham L.. Ithaca— (general Forestry. JOHNSON, Ralph 1 ' ,., Woodstown, N. J.— Retail Merchandising Light Construction ; Omega Pi .Alpha, Pres. ; Paul Bunyan Club ; Chapel ; Band ; Math Club ; Intramurals. KING, Ezra A.. Syracuse — Retail Mer- chandising Light Construction ; Paul Bunvan Club. 254 ' po ie xtf i KLINTi, Jdliii I ' " ., I.inig Island City — Conversion i : Distribution; I- ' orestry Co-Op ; Paul Bunyan Club; Camp Log; Intramurals. KNAPP, Hilland P.., Earl- ville — General Forestry. KOMAR, Alfred E., Yonkers — Retail Mercliandising Light Construction ; Paul Bunyan Club; St. Thomas More; Intramurals. KORNMEYER, Edward. Boonville— General For- estry. KRUEGER. Richard J., Syracuse — Pulp Paper; Papyrus Club. LAMBERT, Arthur H., Fay- cttevillc — Pulp Paper; Delta LJpsilon ; Alpha Xi . igma ; Robin Hood; Sigma Pi Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega ; Papyrus Club. LAMBERT, Paul C, Jr., Syracuse— Retail Merchan- dising Light Construction ; Paul Bunyan Club. LANGWORTHY, Garfield S., Middlebury, Vt.— Landscape Recreational Management ; Omega Pi Alpha; MSG; Outing Club; IFC; Mollet Club; SUSKI; Intramurals. LAWLOR, John J., Wilkes- Barre, Pa. — Retail Merchandising Light Construc- tion; Alpha Xi Sigma; Forestry Co-Op; Robin Hood; Paul Bunyan Club ; Alpha Phi Omega. LAWRENCE, Albert C, Lacona— Forest Manage- ment; Orbis Silva ; Forest Zoology Soc. LENNERT, Andrew J., Middle Village — Landscape Recreational Management ; Alpha Phi Omega ; Forest Zoology Soc. ; Outing Club ; Mollet Club ; Empire Forester. LEVER, Robert D., Ilion— Retail Merchandising Light Construction ; Paul Bunyan Club ; Outing Club ; Forestry Club Cabinet; Camp Log; Forestry Soph., Class Pres. LEWIS, Frank, Utica — Landscape Recreational Management; Mollet Club. LEWIS, Robert W., Ful- ton — Pulp Paper ; Alpha Xi Sigma ; Alpha Chi Sigma; Robin Hood; Papyrus Club. LYMAN, Robert E., Claverack — Retail Merchandising Light Con- struction ; Alpha Chi Rho ; Paul Bunyan Club ; Co-Op Council ; Outing Club ; Winter Carnival. MACK, Frank J., Fort Edward — Retail Merchandis- ing Light Construction ; Empire Forester ; Paul Bunyan Club; St. Thomas More. MACK AY, William R., Pelham — General Forestry ; Delta Upsilon. MADER, Donald L., Gloversville — General Forestry ; Alpha Xi Sigma ; Robin Hood ; Orbis Silva. MALKIEWICZ, Raymond J.. Mt. Vernon— General Forestry; Orbis Silva. MARK, Richard, Rye — Con- version Distribution; Forestry Co-Op; Alpha Xi Sigma ; Knothole, Co-Ed. ; Empire Forester ; Camp Log; Paul Bunyan Club; TV Society; Geography Club ; Intramurals. MARTIN, Thomas F., Jr., Queens Village — Pulp Paper; Alpha Chi Sigma; Papyrus Club, Pres. 355 CU ( f950 MAUER, I ' .dward A., Caindeii, N. J.— Landscape Recreational Management; Mollet Club; Camp Log; Chorus ; Empire Forester ; WWO ; Intramurals. AL YER, Bernhard K., Syracuse — Pulp Paper; Saengerbund ; Papyrus Club. McALLESTER, Walter R.. Ithaca — Genera! Forestry; Alpha Xi Sigma; Robin Ilood; Eni])ire Forester; Forest Zoology Soc. ; Orbis Silva. McCCJWAN, Leslie G.. Rochester— Pulp Paper; Alpha Chi Sigma ; Papyrus Club. McELROY, Thomas G., Elmsford — General Forestry ; Forestry Sr. Class, Pres. ; Robin Hood ; Entomology Club, Pres. ; Forestry Club Cabinet; Outing Club. MELSTER, Kenneth R., Buffalo — General Forestry; Empire I ' orcster ; ( lym Team ; Lutheran Student . ss ' n. iMICELL Larmen, Kane, Pa. — General Forestry; SUSKI; Entomology Club. MURPHY, Joseph K., Jamestown — Landscape Recreational Management ; Lambda Chi Alpha ; Forestry Club Cabinet ; Saenger- bund ; Mollet Club; Intramurals. N. GY, William, Grcig — ( jeneral l ' " c)ri " -lry ; Intramurals. X. SLL " I), ICdwin N., Falconer— Retail lerchan- dising Light Construction; Empire Forester; Paul Bunyan Club ; Camp Log ; Saengerbund ; Intramurals. NELLIS, John W., Rochester — General Forestry; Empire Forester ; Forest Zoology Soc. ; Orbis Silva ; Forestry Class, .Scc.-Trcas. ; Entomology Club. NEL- SON, Clyde N., Kane, Pa. — General Forestry; I ' orest Zoology Soc. NISI I BALL, Arthur P., Bridgeport, Conn. — Retail Merchandising Light Construction ; Forestry Co-Op ; Intramurals. NOLAN, John F., Niagara Falls — Pulp Paper; Papyrus Club. O ' KEEFE, James, Mamaro- neck — General Forestry ; Alpha Xi Sigma ; Robin Hood ; Forestry Club Cabinet ; SUSKI ; Outing Club ; Empire Forester. Ass ' n Ed. ; Forest Zoology Soc. ; I ' orestry .Soph. Class Pres.; St. Thomas More. OLNEY, Lriuis (i., Macedon — General Forestry; Saengerbund. ORR, Forest E., Barre, Vt. — ( ieneral Forestry; Orbis Silva; Forest Zoology Soc. PALMER, John W., Round Lake — General Forestry ; Ranger School ; r)rbis Silva ; Outing Club. PARTELOW, Leonard E., Weedsport — Landscape Recreational Management ; Zeta Psi ; Mollet Club ; En- tomology Club ; Saengerbund. P.-AYNE, Harrison H., Winthrop — General Forestry ; Empire Forester, Ass ' n Ed. ; Forestry Club Cabinet ; Forest Zoology Soc, Pres.; SUSKI; Ski Instructor; Camp Log; Orbis Silva. PELKEY, James D., Jr.. Rochester — General Forestry ; Forestry Sr. Class, ' . Pres. ; Empire For- ester ; Orbis Silva ; Forest Zoology Soc. 336 w a%edtn4f PETERSON, Donald E., Fayetteville — General For- estry ; Robin Hood ; Empire Forester ; Saengerbund ; ( )rb ' is Silva: Men ' s Glee Club. POPOVICH, Sam H., l- lniira Heights — Pulp Paper; Papyrus Club; Elniira Club. PRESTON, James O., (7ireenport — General For- estry; Zeta Psi ; Intrannirals. R. ' XMP.URG, James A.. Hancock — Retail Merchandis- ing Light Construction ; Zeta Psi ; Paul Bunyan ; Stamp Club ; Marching Hand ; Symphonic Band ; Intra- nnirals. REED, Logan B., Pawling — Conversion Dis- tribution; Sigma Pi Sigma; Empire Forester; Paul Bunyan; Entomolog} ' Club. REMLING, Arthur W., Glendale — Landscape Recreational Management ; Omega Pi Alpha; . lpha Phi Omega; MoUet Club. RICKELS, Edward H., Jr., Albany— General For- estry ; Forest Zoology Soc. ; Entomology Club. RILEY, fames J., Schenectady — General Forestry ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RILEY, Walter S., Weehawken, N. J. — General Forestry ; Orbis Silva ; Forest Zoology Soc. ROBERTS, George A., Pleasantville— Landscape : Recreational Management; Mollet Club. ROBERTS, William R., Syracuse — Retail Merchandising Light Construction ; Empire Forester ; Saengerbund ; Paul Bunyan ; Campus Chest ; SUSKI ; Outing Club. ROSS, Robert E., Kane, Pa. — (jeneral Forestry; ( )rbis Silva. RCCKES, Herbert, Jr., Syracuse — General Forestry; Entomology Club ; Forest Zoology Soc. ; Intramurals. RL CH, Robert J., Hornell — General Forestry; Robin Hood; b ' orest Zoology Soc; Orbis Silva; Entomology Club; SUSKI; Out ' ing Club. SAND, Robert M., Niagara I ' alls — Conversion Distribution ; Theta Chi ; Sigma Pi Sigma ; Paul Bunyan Club. S.ANGER, Donald B., Morrisonville — Conversion Distribution ; Paul Bunyan Club. SAUNDERS, Rich- ard C, Kenmore — General Forestry ; Forestry Co-Op. S.A. ' VER, Rhoades F., Northampton, Mass. — General Forestry ; Empire Forester ; Camp Log ; Forest Zool- ogy Soc. ; Orbis Silva ; Swimming Team. sen REINER, Robert L.. New York City— Landscape Recreational Management ; Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Alpha Ni Sigma ; Robin Hood ; IMollet Club ; Empire Forester. SCHUELER, Clinton O., Walker Valley- Conversion Distribution; Theta Chi; Robin Hood: Paul Bunyan Club ; St. Thomas More ; Wrestling Team ; Forestry Jr.-Sr. Class, Sec.-Treas. SEYBOLD, Fred W., Yonkers — Retail Merchandising Light Con- struction ; Kappa Sigma ; Scabbard Blade : Paul I ' lunyan Club; Frosli Gym Team; Catholic Choir; Intrannu ' als. 357 U i a f950 SHAFER, Elmer G., Nutley, N. J.— Conversion Distribution; Pi Alpha Chi of Theta Alpha; Paul Bunyan Club; WWO; Intramurals. SHAND, James R., Bayport — General Forestry ; Forestry Co-Op ; Fly- ing Club. SHELDON, King G., Parishville— General Forestry ; Ranger School. SHUTTLEWORTH, Joseph H., Jersey City, N. J.— Retail Merchandising Eight Construction ; Alpha Sigma Phi ; Paul Bunyan Club ; Swimming Team. SIMMONS, John H., Cortland— General Forestry; Empire Forester ; Camp Log ; Saengerbund ; Robin Hood ; Intramurals. SLATER, Frederick J., Jr., Van Etten — Conversion Distribution; Pi Kappa Alpha; Paul Bunyan Club. SLUTSKY, George, Ellenville — Retail Merchandising Light Construction ; Empire Forester ; Paul Bunyan Club ; Camp Log. SOBEL, Harold S., New York City — General Forestry. SPENCER, Maynard F., Syra- cuse — Conversion Distribution ; Band ; Forest Zool- ogy Soc. ; Paul Bunyan Club. STAVIS, George E., Brooklyn — Retail Merchandising Light Construction ; IMA ; MSG ; Outing Club ; Paul Bunyan Club. STEERE, Richard B., Akron, O. — Gen- eral Forestry ; Orbis Silva ; Outing Club. STEWART, Roland B., Gloversville — General Forestry. STICKELMAN, Wesley N., St. Albans— Pulp Paper; Robin Hood ; Papyrus Club. STICKNEY, Rob- ert A., Niagara Falls — General Forestry; Intramurals. STORMS, Glenn-Utica — General Forestry; Forestry Co-Op ; Forestry Club Cabinet, Pres. ; Orbis Silva ; MSG; Frosh Class, V. Pres.; Soph. Class, V. Pres. STOWELL, William A., Chilson — General Forestry ; i ' ' orest Zoology Soc. ; Orbis Silva. SULLIVAN, John J., Glen Cove — Pulp Paper; Alpha Chi Sigma; Papyrus Club. SWENSON, Edwin A., Jr., Forest Hills— General Forestry ; Forestry Co-(Jp ; Yacht Club; Intramurals. TERBUSH, Frank A., Jr., Unadilla— General For- estry ; Sigma Beta ; Alpha Xi Sigma ; Robin Hood ; Frosh Class, Sec ' y; Outing Club; Chapel. TERRELL, Elmer G., Truxton— General Forestry. THOMPSON, Arne, Staten Island — General Forestry ; Forestry Co-Op, Pres. ; Alpha Xi Sigma ; Robin Hood ; Saenger- bund ; Co-Op Council ; Staten Island Club, Pres. ; Em- pire F ' oreste ' - ; Intramurals. 358 ' pofte tftcf ' IHEUSEN, Edward A., Newburgh — Conversion distribution; Paul Bunyan. THURMAN, Howard P., Brooklyn — Landscape Recreational Management. TRYGAR, Raymond W., Perth Amboy, N. J.— Gen- eral Forestry ; Forest Zoology Soc. ; Entomology Club ; Outing Club ; Ranger School. TUCKER, Arthur D., Marathon — Landscape Rec- reational Management ; Forestry Co-Op ; Camp Log ; Empire Forester; Mollet Club. TURELLO, David, Staten Island — Landscape Recreational Manage- ment; Mollet Club. VAN GRIETHUYSEN, Thomas H., Rome — General Forestry; Forestry Co-Op; Alpha Phi Omega ; Saengerbund ; Orbis Silva, Pres. ; For- estry Club Cabinet; Forestry Frosh Pres.; Empire Forester, Assoc. Ed. ; Forest Zoology Soc ; Westmin- ster Fellowship ; Camp Log. VEITFI, James A., Brooklyn — Conversion Distri- bution; IMA; Robin Hood; Paul Bunyan Club. VIL- LESVTK, John U., Port Washington — Forestry; Co-Op ; Robin Hood ; Lutheran Student Assoc. ; Intra- murals. VOLL, Carl F., Utica — General Foresti y ; Forestry Co-Op, Pres ; Empire Forester ; Saengerbund ; Forest Zoology Society. WARD, Charles R., Jr., Syracuse— Pulp Paper; Pi Alpha Chi; Robin Hood; Papyrus Club. WARNECK, Peter E., Syracuse — General Forestry ; Forestry Co-Op ; Forestry Jr. Class, V.-Pres. ; Camp Log ; For- estry Club Cabinet ; Empire Forester. WATSON, Ken- neth M., North Tonawanda — Conversion Distribu- tion ; Paul Bunyan Club. WAY, Winston A., North Hero, Vt. — General For- estry. WEBSTER, George R., Ashby, Mass.— General I ' orestry ; Sigma Nu ; F ' orestry Club Cabinet ; Camp Log, Ed. ; Forestry Soph. Class, V.-Pres ; Orbis Silva. WENZEL, John S., Harrison — Retail Merchandising Light Construction ; Paul Bunyan Club ; Camp Log ; luitomology Club ; Intramurals ; Forestry Club Cabinet. WILCOX, Hoyt H., Syracuse — Landscape Recrea- tional Alanagement ; Alpha Xi Sigma ; Robin Hood ; Mollet Club; Radio Club. WILLIAMS, Gerald H., MuUica Hill, N. J.— General Forestry. WILLIAMS, Gregson K., Albany — Conversion Distribution ; For- estry Co-Op ; Forestry Club Cabinet ; Paul Bunyan Club; Sigma Pi Sigma; Intramurals. WINDWEIER, Ernst, New York City— General For- estry ; Forest Zoology Soc. WINSHIP, Frank S., Michigan City, Ind. — Pulp Paper; Phi Gamma Delta ; Papyrus Club ; Outing Club. WOODS, Thomas E., Diamond Point — Retail Merchandising Light Construction ; Sigma Chi, Pres. ; Pi Alpha Tau ; Var- sity Ski Team, Capt ; Forestry Glee Club ; Empire For- ester ; Catholic Choir ; Paul Bunyan Club ; SUSKI ; Women ' s Ski Team, Coach ; Cross Country ; Saenger- bund. 359 ZIGMUND, Han.ld F.. Syracuse— Pulp Paper: Al])ha Xi Sisiiia : Pa])yrus Club. 1 ( oUe a ame SctMOMccA 26 Su V ARNOLD, Dorothy, Scranton, Pa. — Home Economics- Education ; Chi Omega ; Eta Pi Upsilon ; Pi Lambda Theta; Panhell, Pres. ; WAA; Jr. Guide; WSG; Cam- pus Leaders; Chapel. BACON, Nancy, Syracuse — MerchantHsing ; Zeta Tau Alpha; Sigma Chi Alpha; Syracuse-in-China ; Syrcico ; WAA ; Home Ec. News- paper ; Chapel. BAKER, Amy G., Woodbridge, N. J.— Home Economics-Journalism ; HPA ; WAA ; Jr. Guide. BAKI :K. r.arhara A.. Woodbridge. N. J. — Home Eco- nomics-Journalism; WAA; Jr. Guide. BENNETT, Dolores E., Syracuse — I ' hysio- ' riuM-a])y : Al])ha Omi- cron Pi; VV. ' . BIXBY. l-llizahelh. 1 l.imer— Nutri- tion : Home Vx Clul). BRAXXAX. Marjorie, Ruxton, Md.— Applied Arts; Alpha I ' hi : ( )nondagan Staff ; ' AA ; Chapel. BREN- XI ' ' .R. .SalK. ( )swego — Home lu-imnniics ; Alpha Delta i ' i: ( )uling Chili: Westminster Fellowship. BROWN, .M. r e erly, liuund Br(_iok. N, J. — Fashion ISIerchan- dising; Alpha 1 ' lii : Sr. Guide: Home Vx. Clul); WSG: W. . ; Chapel ; Cheerleader. CARLSON. Jean A., Chicago. 111.— .MerchaiuHsing ; Kappa Alpha Theta; Student Union, Pres.; WS(i; Sr. Guide; Cam])us Leaders. CARTER. Sally A.. Syra- cuse — Merchandising: Home Ec. Club; St. Thomas More. CLIXb ' .. .Marilyn L., Syracuse — Administrative Dietetics; (iamnia I ' lii I ' .eta : Home I ' .c. Club; Jr. Ciuide ; Chapel Choir. CCXXLON, Marie A., Syracuse — Merchandising; Alpha Omicron Pi; Book Mart. Pres.; St. Thomas More; Home Ec. Clul); Chapel. CRATON, Barbara B.. Erie, Pa. — lionie h conomics ; Gamma Phi Beta; Omicron Nu ; Campus Chest ; Home Ec. Club ; Chapel ; Chorus. D.ALY, Mary E., Syracuse — Sociology; Home Ec. Club ; . ' -Syrcico. DA TSON, Peggy, .Syracuse — Intericjr Design; .Alpha Xi Delta; Interior Design Club; WA. . ; Fieldhouse Foundation ; Home Ec. Club ; Campus Chest ; Chapel. DE INE, Nancv, Syracuse — Home Economics-Edu- cation; Phi Mu; Pi Lambda Theta; City Guide, Chrmn. ; St. Thomas lore ; WAA ; City Women ' s Club ; W ' SG ; Home Ec. Club ; Campus Leaders. DEWEY. Sheila E.. Spencer — Home Economics in Business: I ' hi Mu: Home Ec. Club; Chapel. DOUGHERTY, Camilla, Bellerose— Merchandising ; Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Campus Chest ; Onondagan Staff; Home Ec. Club. DuBOIS, Eleanor J., New Paltz — .A])plied Arts ; R ' A ; Home Ec. Club ; West- minster Fellowship ; Chorus. ELLS. Constance, Bar Harbor, Me. — Euthenics. il 362 , tHe C0-(€04 tC4. r-:RSKIXE. Sallie, Watertown, Mass.— Cloiliing ; Gamma Phi Beta; Oniicron Nu ; Home Ec. Clulj; Red Cross : Campus Chest ; Spring Week End : Chapel. FINCH, (h-ace B.. Bellefonte Center, I ' a.— Home Eco- nomics-Education ; Alpha Gamma Delta ; Omicron Xu : Pi Lamhda Theta. GERTZEN. Xora, Eong P.each— Euthenics ; I IP. . GOLDS AHTll, Iktsy R., Providence, R. E— Fashion Merchandising; Sigma Delta Tau, House Pres. ; WAA ; Witches Brew: HPA; Fieldhouse Foimdation ; G( )T- LIEB, Enid, r ro()klyn — Euthenics; Chorus; Chapel. GRANT, Carol A., Syracuse — Sociology; Home Ec. Cluh ; Svrcico. GREEXBERG, Evelyn R., Syracuse— Social Welfare; Iota Alpha Pi ; Daily Orange ; Jewish Fellowship ; Home Ec. Club. HAARLA, Camilla, Helsinki, Finland — Interior Decoration; Home Ec. Club; Interior Dec. Club. HALL, Jean, Altamont — Equipment in Business ; Alpha Gamma Delta; Home Ec. Student Board ; Home Ec. Club : Chapel ; Jr. Guide ; Co-Op Council. HAMBRECHT, Carol G., Syracuse— Institutinnal Ad- ministration; Home Ec. Club. HAWK, Joan M., Nor- folk, Va.— Applied Arts ; Theta Phi Alpha. HENDRY, Mildred, Lancaster, Pa. — Applied .-Vrts ; Women ' ets ; WWO; Home Ec. Club. HERRICK, Jean, Ipswich, Mass. — Applied Arts; WAA; SUSKI; Interior Dec. Club. HINE, Charlotte, Syracuse — Merchandising ; Delta Gamma ; Home Ec. Club; City Women ' s Cltib. HOLDEN, Jeanne M., Dre-xel Hill, Pa. — Applied .Art; Alpha Xi Delta; Out- ing L ' lub ; I lonie l c. Clul). HOLT, Dorothy IE, Lawrence. Mass. — Interior Decoration ; Home Ec. Club ; Interior Dec. Club. HOMEYER, Ruth, Syracuse — Foods in Business: Alpha Gamma Delta ; Omicron Nu, Pres. ; City ( niide ; Home Ec. Club; Syrcico. HUNTER, Xancy S., Syra- cuse — Home Economics Education ; Chi Omega ; Home Ec. Club ; Chapel Choir. J. CKSOX, Xancy R.. Wayne, Pa. — .Merchandising; Kappa Kappa Gamma; WAA; Home Ec. Club; SSS; Chapel. JONES, Zola, Syracuse — Home Economics- Education; Chi Omega; Jr. Guide; Elome Ec. Club; Chapel. KLEPPINGER, Barbara H., Nazareth, Pa.— Costume ; . lpha Xi Delta ; Campus Chest ; Home Ec. Club. 262 U o f950 I KNEISZL, Ruth M., Syracuse— Foods ; Home Ec. Club : Syrcico. LAMONT, Janet L., Rochester— Cloth- ing ; WAA ; Methodist Fellowship ; Chapel ; Home Ec. Club. LANDRY, Dorothy H., East Hartford, Conn.- Interior Design; Delta Gamma: Red Cross, Chnnn, ; Trad. Comm. ; Sr. Guide. LAZARCS, Sally, lUiffalo — Home Economics; Home Ec. Club ; Outing Club, Inner Council ; Interior Dec. Club ; Flint Feather ; Chess Club. LO E, Barbara J., Syracuse — Interior Decoration; Chi Omega; Eta Pi Upsilon ; Chapel, First Cabinet ; Sr. Guide ; Chapel Choir ; Westminster Fellowship ; Home Ec. Club ; City ' omen•s Club. MARQUISS, Marilyn, : It. Lebanon, Pa. — Interior Design ; Pi Beta Phi ; Chapel ; ' AA ; Home Ec. Club ; Interior Dec. Club. M. RS1L LL, Grace, Solvay — Fashion Merchandis- ing; Pi Beta Phi; Home Ec. Club; UNASU; Chorus. MASKIN, Arlene, Hudson — Merchandising; Phi Sig- ma Sigma ; Chapel ; NSA. MATHIE, Kathryn, Clin- ton, O. — Fashion Merchandising ; Kappa Delta ; Omi- cron Ku ; ' . ( ; Sr. Guide : Student L ' nion ; Chapel ; St. Thomas .Mure; WAA; Home lu ' . Club; Spanish Club. MAXW ELL. Jean. iSethlehem, Pa. — Interior Decora- tion ; Pi Beta Phi ; WSG ; Sr. Guide ; Jr. Clerk ; WAA ; Jr. Prom ; Red Cross ; Chorus ; Panhell ; Dramatics. MILLER, Nan B., Kenmore — Interior Decoration ; .Alpha Phi ; Home Ec. Club ; Interior Dec. Club ; Chapel; WAA; Fhnt Feather. MILLS, Sally M., Syracuse — Journalism ; Theta Sigma Phi., Pres. ; Jour- nalism Council ; Home Ec. Newspaper, Ed. ; St. Thomas More ; Home Ec. Club ; Onondagan, Jr. Ed. MITCHELL, irginia. Scranton, Pa. — Clothing; Alpha Gamma Delta ; HPA ; Chorus ; Home Ec. Club. NEEL, Mary J., Easton, Pa. — Home Economics; Alpha Delta Pi; Home Ec. Club; Chapel; WAA. NORCROSS, Sandra B., Worcester, Mass.— Equip- ment in Business ; Congregational Group ; Home Ec. Club. XYE, Mary E., Georgia, Vt. — Equipment in Eiusiness; IWA ; Sr. Guide ; Home Ec. Club ; Chapel, Second Cabinet. OGG, Eleanor J., Syracuse — Fashion Illustra- tion ; Sigma Kappa ; Chapel ; WAA ; Student Union ; Home Ec. Club; Campus Chest. OWENS, Ann, Lake Placid — Fashion Merchandising ; Pi Beta Phi ; Student Union ; ' AA ; Chapel ; Panhell. PALEX. Pauline, Syracuse — Home Economics ; Home Ec. Club; IVCF; Home Ec. Newspaper. PERRY, Anna M., Binghamton — House Technology; Sigma Kappa ; Home Ec. Club. PETERS, Linda, Strouds- burg, Pa. — Foods Nutrition; Alpha Xi Delta; Sr. Guide ; Onondagan, Co-Advertising Mgr. ; WAA. 364 , o HC c ca o tttc I ' UWLESLAND, Muriel E., Syracuse— Home Eco- iKjmics ; Delta Gamma ; Home Ec. Club ; City Women ' s Club. R.WNOR, Priscilla, Westbampton Ueach — Soci- ology ; Alpba Gamma Delta ; Home Ec. Club ; Interior Dec ' Club ; Cbapel. RENOVETZ, Dorothy, Argusville — Home Economics ; Home Ec. Club ; SUSKI. lv( )CKAS, .Vrian, Rocbester — institution Administra- tion; Epsilon Epsilon Sigma; Home Ec. Club; Chapel ehimes : HPA ; Chapel. ROCKWELL, Clarisse, Syra- cuse — F.ducation ; Home Ec. Club; Syrcico; Chapel. RUM RILL, Janice, I ' ittsford — Home Economics; Gamma Phi Beta; Winter Carnival, ' 48; Cbapel. SCHAHDT, June C, New York City— Social Welfare; Home Ec. Club ; Sr. Assembly ; St. Thomas More ; Campus Chest; CYO ; Chapel. SENGES, Jean A., Philadelphia, Pa. — Foods Nutrition; Alpha Gamma Delta ; Omicron Nu ; Home Ec. Club ; Sr. Guide. SOBOLEWSKI, Sophia P., Garfield, N. J.— Educa- tion ; Omicron Nu ; Pi Lambda Theta ; Home Ec. Club ; Syracuse-in-Cbina ; St. Thomas More ; North Jersey Club ; Chapel. SPELMAN, Alma L., Rockville Centre— Applied Arts ; Alpha Gamma Delta, Pres. ; Sr. Guide ; Interior Dec. Club, Pres.; Home Ec. Club; Chapel. STAN- FORD, Jeanette E., Sidney — Foods Nutrition; Omicron Nu ; HPA ; Home Ec. Club. STAPLES, Joan, Rye — Merchandising, transfer from Lasell Jr. College; French Clul) ; HPA. STRONG, Beverly, Pennington, N. J.— Home Eco- nomics ; Pi Beta Phi ; Eta Pi Upsilon ; Onondagan, Jr. Ed. ; Campus Guides, Chrmn. ; Campus Leaders ; NSA, State Chrmn.; WSG; Jr. Clerk; WAA. TABER, Bar- bara P., Braintree, Mass. — Merchandising; Alpha Gamma Delta; WSG; Home Ec. Club. TEESON, Caroline M., Soutbbridge, Mass. — Costume Design ; Kappa Alpha Theta; Onondagan, Sr. Ed.; Sr. Guide; Book Mart ; Student Union ; Campus Chest ; Chapel, First Cabinet. THOMAS, Elizabeth L., Stroudsburg, Pa.— Foods Nutrition ; Sr. Guide ; WAA ; Methodist Fellowship ; Home Ec. Club. THOMSON, Jean, Wetbersfield, Conn. — Applied Arts ; Sigma Kappa ; Frosh Class, V. Pres. ; WSG : WAA. THORNE. Leona I.. Syracuse- Housing; Zeta Tau . lpha ; WA. ; Women ' ets. WEST, Carolyn, Syracuse — P oods ; Phi Mu ; St. Thomas More; Home Ec. Club. WAER ; Campus Chest. WHITING, Sherry A., Bridgeport, Conn. — Euthenics ; Chi Omega ; SUSKI ; Ski School Instruc- tor ; Ski Team ; Ski Patrol ; WAA ; Outing Club ; Win- ter Carnival; Chorus. WHITMAN, Elsie A., Weeds- port — Applied Arts ; Home Ec. Club ; Girls ' Band, ' 47. Z6S ( Me (Mtc Sc(y t(Mtic4. — €U4, 950 I WHYLAND, Frances F., Arlington, N. J. — Sociology; Alpha Xi Delta; HPA; Jr. Guide. WRIGHT, Emily, Larchmont — Eiithenics : Chi Omega ; Chapel Choir ; Outing Cluh; WAA; SUSKI. Om cctoH Tfu First ron , I. to r., J. Senges, Miss Traulman, R. Homeyer, S. Sobelewski. Second row, B. Croton, K. Mathic, J. Stan- ford, S. Erskine, G. Finch. (_)micron Xu, nalinnal Imme economic honorary, since its founding at Syracuse in VHI. has progressed rapidly. It aims to pi-oniote scholarsliip, leadership and research in the field of home economics. Its projects include sending letters of congratulation to freshmen in home economics who have made the Dean " s List ; an award to the outstanding sophomore, and cooperating with the Home Economics Club in giving a tea for the incoming freshmen. One of Omicron Xu ' s traditions is awarding an orchid to the senior who has contributed the most to the college. Sc aC 0 aufKtallMi ' 367 Cl€i ( t950 ANDREWS, Bruce R., Trenton, N. J.— Political Sci- ence-Journalism ; Zeta Psi ; Sigma Delta Chi ; SDA ; UNASU; Spanish Club; MSG; NAACP. BALLEN- TINE, John J., Wolfeboro, N. H.— Political Science; IMA ; Tau Theta Upsilon ; Pi Gamma Mu ; Pi Sigma Rho; Sigma Delta Chi; NISA, Nat ' l Pres. ; Chapel Board, Chrmn. ; Campus Leaders, Chrmn. ; Campus Chest. BAUDER, Janice, Wilmington, De l. — Journal- ism ; Alpha Chi Omega ; Theta Sigma Phi : Sr. Guide ; Chapel ; Syracusan ; Home Ec. Club. BEHUNIAK, John P., Watervliet— Sociolog)- ; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Orange. BERNARD, Lawrence, Yonkers — English ; Tau Epsilon Phi ; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Orange; Summer Orange. BISCHOFF, Robert, Jr.. Troy — Political Science ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Journalism Council, Pres. ; ' 50 Times, Ed. BLUMBERG, John. Oriskany— Journalism ; Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma Delta Chi; IFC; Syracusan; MSG; Philosophy Qub ; Daily Orange. BRAND, Carol, Wil- liamsville — Sociology ; Powers Club ; Flint Feather ; Methodist Fellowship. BREISKY, William J., San Francisco, Calif. — Sociology ; Zeta Psi ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Alpha Kappa Delta ; Pershing Rifles ; Daily Orange, Associate Ed. : Journalism Council : Svracuse- in-China. BROWN, J. Larry, Scrantun, Pa. — Journalism; Sigma Delta Chi : " K appa Alpha Mu. BROWN, Thomas C, . marillo, Te.xas Psychology ; Men ' s Glee Club. CALLAHAN, Thomas G., Brooklyn— Political Sci- ence, transferred from Triple Cities ; Sigma Phi Epsi- lon ; Colonial News, Ed., T.C.C. ; Philosophy Club, T.C.C.; MSG; Int. Relat. Club; Yacht Club; Daily Orange ; Fmsh Handbook. CAREY, James E., Schuylerville — Journalism; Sigma Delta Chi ; Journalism Council ; St. Thomas More. CHRISTIE, Jack F., Teaneck, N. J.— Radio ; Alpha Epsilon Rho ; Sigma Delta Chi ; WAER, News Direc- tor; Syracusan. CL.ARKE, Leone, Towanda, Pa. — English; Phi Mu ; . " syracusan; Taliard ; Chapel. CLYMER, Barbara M., Albany— French-Radio ; Theta Sigma Phi; Phi Sigma Iota; WAER; Daily Orange. COBERT, Harvey, Brooklyn — English ; Daily Orange, Jr., Ed. ; Summer Orange ; Fieldhouse Foundation ; Student Song Book; Syracusan. COHN, Leon M., Brooklyn — Political Science ; IMA ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Daily Orange, Associate Ed. ; Summer Orange. CURRIE, Malcolm, Attleboro, Mass. — Psychology; Sigma Delta Chi ; Daily Orange. DAVIES, Robert H., Olean — Journalism-Production Management ; Sigma Delta Chi ; IMethodist Fellowship. DONO ' . N, Wayne R., Jr., Syracuse — History-Journalism. I Z6i (cn t€iCc y»K DUFFIN, Thomas L., II, East Orange, N. J.— Adver- tising-History ; IMA; Pi Gamma Mu; Syracusan. ESHBAUGH, Mary J., Geneseo— English ; Theta Sig- ma Phi ; Daily Orange ; Chapel Choir ; Outing Club. FISH, Chester B., Jr., Auburn, Mass. — Sociology ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Pi Gamma Mu. P ' RIEDMAN, Martin J., Kingston — Advertising; Alpha Delta Sigma; AMA. GERM, Fred E., Forest City, Pa. — Journalism ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Pi Gamma Mu. GILDEA, Edward J., Elizabeth, N. J.— Finance, transferred from Triple Cities ; Sigma Delta Chi ; T.C.C. Newspaper, Ed. (ilLLEN, Stanley W., Newark, N. J.— Bible-Journal- ism ; Phi Kappa Psi ; Theta Chi Beta ; Pi Alpha Tau ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Journalism Council ; Daily Orange, Sports Ed. ; Bible Club. GOSS, Glendon W., Orleans, Vt. — Journalism; IMA; Sigma Delta Chi; ' 50 Times; Daily Orange; Summer Orange. GRIFFIN, Gerald G., North Bergen, N. J. — English. HAIT, Marilyn, Balliston Spa — Journalism ; Theta Sigma Phi ; Daily Orange, Exec. Ed. ; April Fool ' s Frolic; Witches Brew; Soph Christmas Party. HAL- PERN, Burton, New York City — Journalism ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Daily Orange ; Syracusan ; Track Team ; Intramurals. HAMMER, Richard G., West Hartford, Conn. — HistoryjAdvertising; Daily Orange; Intra- mural Council, Pres. ; IZFA ; WAER ; Onondagan Staff. HARTMANN, Paul E., Union, N. J.— History ; Zeta Psi ; Daily Orange, Jr. Ed. ; Chapel ; Campus Chest ; Intramurals. HUSTON, William H.. Bayixirt— Adver- tising-Sociology ; Alpha Delta Sigma ; Alpha Kappa Delta; Daily Orange; Flying Club; Long Island Club. KELLY, William R., ' atkins Glen — Journalism; Sigma Delta Chi. KIMBLE, Marjorie R., Corning— English ; Alpha Chi Omega; Theta Sigma Phi; Chapel Choir; Jr. Guide; Chorus; WSG; Chapel; Daily Orange. KOCH, Fred J., Point Pleasant, N. J. — Journalism ; IMA ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Fieldhouse Foundation ; Daily Orange. LEWIS, Theodore A., Jr., New Castle, Pa. — Soci- ologV ' -Journalism ; Lambda Chi Alpha ; Frosh Football. LINNELL, Ralph W., Endicott— English. MALAN- SON, Whitney ]., New Haven, Conn. — Philosophy; Men ' s Glee Club ; Stamp Club ; Daily Orange ; Tabard. MARCUS, Elaine, New York City— Psychology-Ad- vertising ; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Pres. ; Rho Delta Phi ; Theta Sigma Phi ; Psi Chi ; WSG Court, Judge ; Joint Court ; Dail} ' Orange ; Campus Chest ; Winter Carnival ; jr. Guide. Z69 su V I : rARTI, Charles ' ., Alaplewoo.l, N. J.— Radio ; Phi Kappa I ' si; Tau Theta Upsilon ; Alpha Epsilon Rho : Sigma Delta Chi; JMSG; Orange Key; WAER ; Daily Orange; Chapel; JV Boxing; Varsity Soccer; Varsity Lacrosse. McCOLLUM, Elbert M., Jr., Simsbury, Conn. — Psychology-Journalism ; Sigma Delta Chi. McGEE, James G., Long Beach — Political Science ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Syracusan. MEDBURY, Louise, Sherburne — Journalism ; Theta Sigma Phi ; SUSKI ; Women Vets. MEYER, Bernice E., Richmond, ' a. — American Studies ; Alpha Epsilon Phi ; Theta Sigma Phi ; Sr. Guide ; Journalism Council ; Daily Orange. MEYER, Florence E., West Engle- wood. N. J. — Sociology ; Theta Sigma Phi ; WAA. MILLS. Sally M., Syracuse — Plome Economics; Theta Sigma Phi, Pres. ; Journalism Council; Hume Ec. Xewspaper, Ivl, ; St. Thomas More; Onondagan, Jr. Ed.. •4,S- ' 4 ' »; ll,,iiK ' l-.c. Club. .MORRISSEY, John, Philadelphia, Pa. — .Advertising; Sigma Phi Epsilon; . lpha Delta Sigma ; Rho Delta Phi ; St. Thomas More ; AM. ; T ' Society. NOD.AR, Manuel V., Schenectady — . d criising ; .Alpha Kappa Psi ; .Alpha Delta Sigma; W.M ' .R: . .M. ; St. Thomas More. ( )(;i)l ' .. ' , . Iar ' , Winnetka, 111.— Philosophy-Journal- ism ; Pi Beta Phi; Theta Sigma Phi; Chapel Chuir ; ' AA; Daily Orange. O ' HANLON, Richard. Utica— Philosophy ; Phi Beta Theta ; Daily Orange. PETROW, Richard, New York City — Psychology-Journalism ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Tabard ; Daily Orange, Mg. Ed. RACSCll, Howard, Beacon — Journalism; Sigma Delia Chi: Daily Orange. REARDON, Bernard P., Little Eall.s — Journalism ; Sigma Delta Chi ; UNASU ; St. Thomas More. ROBBINS. Leon R., Jr., Norfolk, ' a. — PInglish ; Sigma Pi ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Syra- cusan ; Outing Club; Campus Chest; MSG. ROSS, Richard J., Clifton, X. J. — Journalism; Sigma Delta Chi; Pre-Law Club. SCHNEIR, Walter D., . lbany — English-Magazine ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Rho Delta Phi ; Varsity Debating ; Syracusan ; MSG ; NSA ; Daily Orange. SCOTT, Robert P., Rochester — Psy- chology; Alpha Delta Sigma; Syracusan: Genessee A ' allev Club; Intramurals. SKOTARCZAK, Carl J., Schenectady — Advertising- Economics ; Economics Club ; Italian Club ; Intra- murals. SLACK, Frank C, Jackson Heights — English ; Sigma Delta Chi. SMITH. Sidney M., Freeport — Journalism ; Sigma I elta Chi : Intramurals. I Z7Q OU%K€i.tid K SOKOLSKY, Robert L.. Xewton, lass. — Journalism; niA; Daily Orange. Associate Ed. SPEZZANO, Vin- cent E.. Retsof — English: Syracusan ; Daily Orange. STE ' ENSOX. Ralph W ., Syracuse— Advertising ; Alpha Delta Sigma. SULZLE, Lora. Syracuse — Journalism : 1 )clta lanima : Theta Sigma V : Daily ( )range, Ed. Director; Win- ter Carnival; Soph, ilop; City Women ' s Club. TOLLEY, Harold S.. Jr., lluffalo— Journalism ; Pi Kajjpa Alpha ; Scalp Blade ; ' arsit}- Tennis, Co- Capt. ; IPC; MSG; Intramurals. TOSCANO, John A., Brook] vn — Journalism. TRENERY, Joan, Keansbnrg. X. J. — Sociology-Jour- nalism : Theta Sigma Phi ; . lpha Kappa Delta ; Syra- cusan ; Syracuse-in-China. ' OORHEES, G. Jean, Rochester — Political .Science; IWA; Political Science Clul). T ' :iSS, Alton M.. Nedrow— Of fice Manage- ment-Magazine; .Sigma Delta Chi. WTIEELER. Grace, Johnson City — English; Theta Sigma Phi. WTEXKE, Joan K., Syracuse — Journal- ism; Kappa Delta; Theta Sigma Phi. WILCOVE, Irving, Buffalo — Journalism ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Daily Orange. WTLSOX, Douglas A., White Plains — Economics- Journalism ; Phi Kappa Psi ; Alpha Delta Sigma, Pres. 377 Yates Castle, school of journalism. When rumors were that it would be torn down, students thought of buying it brick for brick. Gift of gab — part of journalism. First row, I. to r., M. Ogden, R. Collins, F. Meyer, D. Malis. E. Marcus. M. Hait. S. Mills. B. Meyers, M. Kimble. D. Bitlner. M. Eshgaugli. M. Street, V. Sabia. Second row. S. Bracken, L. Medgury. L. Sulzle, A. Facius. J. Bauder, I. Huluk, E. Rothgauer, B. Noble, B. Clymer, J. Trenery, G. Wheeler. Third row, M. Braley, J. Graut, P. Hochberg. C. Rydelek. S. Smith, M. Kawlick. R. Abrahams. D. Mendenhall, J. Woodworlh. V. Hyde. E. Becker. Those absent. S. .Anguish. N. Buckley. A. Conlon, J. Fittmayer. D. Levin. M. Pfeffer. B. Wallace, J. Wienke. Omega liiaptcr of ' I ' heta Si iiia I ' lii, nafidiial lioiKirary professional fraternity for women in journalism, this year had its largest membership to date. In November, its members presented their second annual Women ' s Public Relations conference for the women of Syra- cuse and Onondaga County. This very successful serv- ice will be given yearly. The annual Matrix table, with ihe i)rcscntation (if the Sweetheart nf Tlieta Sigma I ' hi, was held in April. Plans for the nation-wide editorial poll are nnw under way. Positively NO SMOKING . . . ? In the Graphics Arts lab. Sigma Delta Chi, professional journalistic fraternity, is an organization of men who have indicated their desire to follow the profession in accordance with the high ethics and sense of moral responsibility demanded of those who operate in the public interest. Member- ship in the undergraduate chapter is by invitation only and is based upon high scholarship and evidence of ability and ethics in the journalistic field. Among the activities sponsored by the Syracuse University chap- ter are an evaluation of the School of Journalism, an editorial contest among the state ' s weekly newspapers and an employment program for journalism graduat- ing seniors. Sc wa e fa 4c First row, I. to r., H. Rausch, L. Cohen, G. Faherly, B. Foster, H. Halpern, L. Bernard. Second row, W. Malen- son, R. Shegan, J. Coch, E. Flaherty, E. Gildes, B. Bischoff, W. Blaisdell, J. Blumberg, W. Wallach, A. Beheler. Third row, R. O ' Neill, W. Nivholas, P. Ander- son, S. Almeida, B. Denisman, E. Jennings, J. Porcello, C. McGee, H. Williams, C. Marti, T. Lewis, R. Tack, J. Behiiniak. Fourth row. A, Lewis, L. Robbins, R. Adams, R. Hoshell, E. McCullum, B. Geisenhiemer, G. Joseph- son, W. Scheir, R. Slack, J. Ballentine, F. Germ. M. Hockstein, W . Breisky, L. Z.weig. f oUe e of cde d iiU 374 cSenM tnU ABRAMS, Bernard, Atlantic City, N. J.— English ; MSG; Symphonic I ' .and ; Intranuirals. AURAMS, David, Brooklyn — Economics: e ' lii Eta Sigma; Pi (ianinia AIu; UNASU; Eco. Club. ADAMS, Nancy, Syracuse — English; Alpha Delta i ' i : City Women ' s Club ; Onondagan Staff ; Syrcico. ADAMS, Ralph C.., Johnson City— I ' i Alpha Chi. AI ' TERGUT. Siegfried S.. La I ' az, I ' .olivia— Chem- i.stry; IMA; Cosmopolitan Club. ALLEN, ELLIS I)., jr.. Yonkers — Political Science: Alpha Chi Ixho : ( )nondauan Staff. ALPI ' IRT, Seymour, Brooklyn — Zoology: Nova Clul). ANDERSON, Donald W., Bellerose— Geography ; Delta Tau Delta ; Scabbard Blade ; Geography Club. ANDERSON, Ncirman S.. East Orange, N. J.— Economics. ANDERSON, Robert T., Syracuse— Philosophy ; Theta Chi Beta ; Powers Club. A. N. DRESAKIS, Peter J., Brookl -n — Psychology, transfer from Champlain ; Psi Chi. ANDREWS, Carol. Meadville, Pa.— English, transfer from Mt. I ' nion College: . lpha Chi Omega; Chapel Chimes; ( )nondagan Staff. ANDREWS, Clayton D.. Jr., Syracuse— Political Sci- ence ; Delta Sigma Rho, Pres. ; Pi Gamma Mu : Debat- ing Society. ANGELONE, Carl M., Rochester- Mathematics ; Scabbard Blade ; Genesee ' alley Club ; St. Thomas More ; L ' Alliance Francaise ; Intramurals. APOMAN. John M., Cliffside Park, N. J.— Chem- istry, transfer from Drew University; ACS; Intra- murals. ARMANI, l- ' rank II., Syracuse — Political Science; Lamda Chi Alpha; MSG; JV Football: ROTC ; Pre- Law Club; UNASU; Italian Club; I FC : St. Thomas .More. ARMSTRONG, Jay M., Hillsdale, N. J.— Economics ; Phi Delta Theta : Orange Key ; MSG ; Sales Forum; UNASU, Pres.; Town Hall; IFC; Eco Club: Int. Rel. Club; Chapel. ARONSON, Harvey, lloUis — Political Science: Syracusan ; A ' 0, Pres.; Daily ( )range, Jr. Ed. : Intramurals. ATKINS, Jack, Paterson, N. J.— Psychology ; UWF ; Jazz Club. AUTY, Anne, Pittsburgh, Pa. — Sociology ; Sigma Kappa; Student Union; WA.V; Pa. Club; Chai)el. ANELROD, Donald, Salem, Mass.— Eco- nomics : Zeta I ' .eta Tau; . cabbanl Pdade. 275 U ( 950 BACHMAN, Ellen, Pittsburgh, Pa.— Bacteriology. BACKER, Selma, Bridgeport, Conn. — -Sociology; Iota Alpha Pi ; Jewish Fellowship ; German Club ; Fairfield Country Qub; Chapel. BAKER, George I., Lindenhurst — Mathematics; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Pi Mu Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta; IFC Ball cS: Week End: Chapel, First Cabinet; Sno- Ball ; Intramurals. BALL, Joan L., Hudson — Sociology ; Sigma Kappa ; WAA ; Co-Op Council ; Red Cross. BALLEN, Myron R., Fairfield, Conn. — Sociology; Sigma Alpha Mu; Fairfield County Club. BALTER, Alan L., Newton, r Iass. — Sociology ; Zeta Beta Tau. BARR, Richard, Brooklyn — Economics. BARRY, Nathan D., Quincy, Mass.— English ; Zeta Beta Tau. BARTOLOMEO, Joseph J., Syracuse— Chemistry ; IMA ; Alpha Epsilon Delta ; Italian Club. BARTON, Betty L., Canisteo— English ; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Book Mart; HPA; Canterbury Club; Chapel. BASSELL, Anne, New York City— Sociology. BAU- MAN, Jean M., Brooklyn— Zoology ; Iota Alpha Pi; Chapel Chimes; Chapel. BAUMBACH, Richard C, Syracuse — Psychology; Alpha Chi Rho ; Alpha Epsilon Delta ; Pi Alpha Tau ; Psi Chi ; Spanish Club ; Varsity Soccer, Mgr. BAUM- RITTER, Diane J., New York City— Bacteriology. BAYSINGER, Robert H., DeWitt— Zoology ; Phi (iamnia Delta : X ' arsity Baseball ; Varsity Football. BECKER, Edith, Kew Gardens— Political Science; UNASU ; Int. Rel. Club. BECKER, Ethel, Massena— English Radio-Journalism ; Theta Sigma Phi ; Daily Orange, Jr. Ed.; WAER; Summer Orange; HPA; Chapel. BECKER, Marilyn A., Brooklyn— Botany ; Iota Alpha Pi ; Lab. Tech. Club ; Chapel. BEHRAIAN, George N., Bronx— Psychology ; Alpha Epsilon Delta ; Men ' s Glee Club, Pres. ; Jewish Choir ; Outing Club; Band. BELCHER, Chfford, Newton, Mass. — Political Science; Delta Upsilon ; MSG; Int. Rel. Club. BEDDING, Bruce E., Little Falls, N. J.— Economics ; Married Couples ' Club ; Intramurals. 376 J,dcn ai tnU BERNSTEIN, Bernard, Brooklyn— English ; IMA; Sigma Delta Chi ; MSG ; Debating Squad : See. of Arts Letters ; Philosophy Club ; Daily Orange ; Orchestra. BETHEL, Malcolm J., Groton — Political Science, transfer from Sampson ; Eco. Club ; Int. Rel. Club ; UNASU; Chapel. BIDDLE, Janice C, Mantua, N. J. — Sociology ; Alpha Chi Omega ; Onondagan, Ass ' t Bus. Igr. : Jr. Prom ; Trad. Comm. ; Winter Carnival ; ' . . : Red Cross: .Sr. Dance: Cani])us Chest: Clia])i ' l. BIRNB. L ' M, Bette, New York City — Sociology; Alpha Kappa Delta ; NAACP ; SDA ; I ' WF ; Chapel. BIRNBAUM, Miriam, New York City— Zoology ; Book Mart; NAACP; WAA. BISHOP, James D., Neosho, Mo.— Economics ; NAACP; UNASU; SDA. BLACKMAN, Leonard S., New York City — Psy- chology; MSG. BLACKMORE, Louise, Barre, Vt.— Sociology. BLESSED, Nancy Jr., Syracuse — Social Studies; Delta Delta Delta; Panhell : Trad. Comm.; Soc. Studies Club. BLETCHMAN, Sherman, New Haven, Omn. — Adver- tising; English. BLOOM. Kenith D., New York City • — Anthropology ; Phi Sigma Delta : Anthropology Club. BLUMBERG, Jack R., Atlantic City, N. J.— English. BLUMENFELD, Martin A., Woodhaven— Political Science; Varsity Tennis. BOBKIEWTCZ, Alfreda. Passaic, N. J. — Romance Languages ; IWA ; Phi Sigma Iota ; Spanish Club ; French Club ; Debating ; HPA; Campus Chest; Chapel. BOHNER, Charles H., Wilmington, Del. — English ; Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Rho Delta Phi ; French Club : Intramurals. BOOTH, Raymond A., Groton— Psychology ; IMA; Yacht Club; Outing Club. BORRELLI, George J., Rochester — Journalism; Genesee Valley Club; St. Thomas More. BOSANKO, Lydia A., Brooklyn- Psychology ; Kappa Delta ; Chapel Choir ; Book Mart ; Chapel. BOTTOMLEY, Anne, Great Neck— English ; Kappa Alpha Theta ; Sr. Guide ; Trad. Comm. ; Head Cheer- leader. BOUCK, Walter C. A., Schenectady— Psy- chology. BOWEN, Julius, Brooklyn— Physics ; Phi Beta Ka])pa: Sigma Pi Sigma; Pi AIu Epsilon. 377 SU i l a f950 BOYLE, Joseph J., Bayonne, N. J. — Social Studies ; IMA; See. Studies Club; St. Thomas More. BRAN- CUCCI, I ' eter 1 ' ., Yonkers — Zoology; German Cluli; Italian Clul) ; Intramurals. BRANDT, Robert A., Syracuse — Chemislrv ; Band. BRENNAN, Eileen F., Paterson, N. J.— Chemistry ; Kappa Delta. BRENOWITZ, Harriet, Brooklyn- Fine Arts Concentration ; Iota Alpha Pi ; IZFA ; SUSKI: Red Cross. BRINT, Melanie, Rochester— Sociolos; - ; Phi Sigma Sigma; Chapel. BR( )CK A ' , l ' :il)iMl S.. Frankfort— English; ' erse Choir. l ' .R( iDl ' -.K, Charl,,tlc. l lkins Park, Pa.— English; . lpha I ' .psih.n i ' hi. BRODIE. Marcie j., Adams — Mathematics; I ' hi Mu: Yacht Club; Math Clul); Chapel; Symplmnic Band. BR( )1.1. ' SK1, . ileen I ' ., Niagara Falls— Fine Arts Concentration; Flint Feather. BROOKS, Donald L., Jr., Horseheads — Psychology ; Kappa Sigma ; Nu Sigma Nu ; Frosh Basketball ; Intramurals. BRCJOKS, Wayne- Ethel, Miss. — Political Science. BROWN, (ieorge C, St. Louis, Mo. — Economics; Phi Gamma Delta; Pi Gamma AIu. BROWN, Richard H., Pelhani— English ; Rho Delta Phi ; Borscht Po- tatoes ; French Clul). BR( ) ' N, Winthrop M., Syra- cuse — Mathematics. BROWNELL, Jo.seph W., Oswegatchie— Social Studies ; Soc. Studies Club : .Amateur Radio Club. BRUCKHEIM, Stanley IL, Jr., Binghamton— His- tory ; Delta Phi . lpha ; Alpha Phi Omega: German Club; Stamp Club: ' rri])le Cities Club; Outing Club. BRUNO, Frank Jr., Syracuse — Sociology: Italian Club. BUCKO. Benjamin J., Claremont, N. H. — Political Science; Delta Upsilon ; IFC; SUSKI; Varsity Ski Team. BUELL, Mary L., Stittyille— Bible-Religion ; Bible Club: Chapel Choir; Chapel. BURGESS, Jean, Cortland— Geography ; Delta Delta Delta; WAA ; Geography Clul) ; Chapel. 2.7 JldexaC (nU BURNS, Bertram W., Saugerties— English : Delta Tan Delta: " 50 Times, " Mg. Ed.; WAER. BURNS, John M., (irosse Pointe, JMich. — Sociology: Psi Upsi- lon ; Jr. Prom, ' 48, Co-Chrmn. : Sales Forum, Pres. : Syracusan ; AMA, Pres. : WAER ; Sr. Ball, ' 49 : Field- house Foundation : Chapel. BOYERS, Seymour, Brooklyn — Political Science; IMA; Law Club; UNASU; Debate Club; Football; Boxing. BURW ' ELL. Carwood. N., : laplevvood, N. J.— Eng- lish ; X. J. Club; X ' arsity Football. CAEZZA, John F., Xorwich — Chemistry ; Alpha Chi Sigma. CALLA- HAN, Herbert S., Farmington Center, Mass. — Politi- cal Science ; Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Chapel Choir. CALLAHAN. Susan,— Sociology. CAMP, Barbara A., Lansdowne, Pa. — English ; Gamma Phi Beta ; ' AA Board ; Onondagan Staff ; Red Cross. C. JMPBELL. Daniel F., Canastota — Sociology: Alpha Kappa Delta. CAMPBELL, Frederick F., Syracuse— Social Studies; Kappa Kappa Kappa ; Soc. Studies Club. CxAMPBELL, James G., Bound Brook, N. J. — Economics ; Omega Pi Alpha; Eco. Club; St. Thomas More. CANTER, Norman M., New York City — Psychology, trans- fer from New York University ; Alpha Epsilon Delta : Psi Chi ; Outing Club ; Concert Band. CAPERXA, Al(k) J.. Merrick— Political Science: I ' hi Kappa Psi; MSG; Civil Service; SUSKI ; Wrestling. CAPPON, Eileen, Syracuse — Spanish ; City Women ' s Clul); St. Thomas More. CARD, Frederick, South Otselic — Physics ; Sigma Pi Sigma ; Methodist Fellow- ship ; R ' Cf ' ; Chapel. CAREY, John R., Trenton, N. J.— Economics. CAR- MAN, Albert E., Syracuse— English ; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia ; ER ; ' Band, Director. CARNICELLI, John J., Canastota — Bacteriology ; Pi Sigma. CARPEXTER, Dewey, Scranton, Pa. — Chemistry; Alpha Chi Sigma ; Symphonic Band. CARUSO, Carl T., Ballston Spa— English ; IMA. CASCIO, Joan, West Hartford, Conn. — English; Sigma Kappa; Span- ish Club; Student Union; Chapel. Z79 U 4. ( t950 CASAGRANDE, James A., Schenectady— Interna- tional Relations ; Alpha Chi Rho ; Soph. Class, Pres., " 48 : IFC : Campus Leaders ; Int. Rel. Club ; Outing Club. CASE, Elizabeth L., Antwerp— Chemistry : IWA; WAA; Chapel Choir. CASTLETON, Arthur D., Riverdale— History : UNASU : Int. Rel. Club. CATANESE, Ralph R.. Jr.. Suf fern— Psychology ; French Club : .S])anish Club : German Club ; Italian Club; Alalc Cluirus: Mixed Chorus. CATURANO, -Marie. White Plains — r ' sycholoi y : Alpha C)micron Pi; I ' .n,,k .Mart: ehapel. CACM, Sara J., Harrisburg, Pa. — Englisli ; . lpha Phi; ' A. ; Trad. Comm. ; Chapel. CENTORE, Thdnias G., Syracuse — Political Science. CESTA, N(jrma C, . " Syracuse — History; Zeta Tau Al])ha ; City Guide; Syrcico ; Syracuse-in-China; St. Thomas More. CHERKOSS, Daniel, Fairfield, Cnn. — .Sociology; Sigma Al]ilia Mu : Intramurals. CHRISTEXSE.X, Randolph X„ Jr., New Rochelle— English. CIPOLLUNE, lu-ic L., North Tonawanda— English ; Ka])i)a Sigma ; Scalp Blade ; Cathohc Choir ; Dailv ' trange : St. Thomas More; Chorus. CL.VPPISOX, . hu-y A., Bath, Me.— Sociology ; St. TlKjmas . b)re; SSS ; Red Cross; FIPA; Chapel. CL.VRK, Robert 1 ' ., Heverly, Mass. — Economics; Psi L ' psilon. CLARKE, Betty J., Syracuse — Economics ; Kappa Delta ; Eco. Club ; Campus Chest ; City Women ' s Club ; WA. ; Onondagan Staff ; Winter Carniyal ; Chapel. CLARKE, Ruth A., Marlborough, Mass.— Spanish: I ' . ; I ' .ta I ' i Upsilrm ; Campus Chest; Spanisli Llub: W ' ( ) : b ' rencb Club; Pilgrim Fellow- shi]) ; Co- )p. Council ; Band. CLOSE, I ' dward S., C)neonta — Political Science. COHEN, Jerome M., New York City— English ; Sigma Delta Pi; Borscht Potatoes; MSG; Student Union ; French Club ; Chess Club. COLE, Melyin R., Union City, N. J. — Psychology; Tau Epsilon Phi : Ger- man Club; Syracusan ; Co-( )]) Council; Fieldhouse Foundation ; Frosh Basketball. Cole, Patricia, Rye— French ; Alpha Delta Pi ; UXASU: French Club. COLES, X ' irginia, Hayertown, Pa.— Physics; SUSKI ; Chapel Choir. COLLINS, Marjory A.. .Shamokin. Pa. — Sociology; Pi Beta Phi; Red Cross; WA.V : . " -lyracusan ; SSS; Huntington Club; HPA; Spring Week End, ' 49; Student Union; Fieldhouse Foundation; TV Club. 380 1 J,(Se%€ii 4%U COLLINS, Robert S.. ISronx — Geo raphy ; Canter- bury Club: Geograpby Club. CO.MIEZ, Donald, Syracuse — Economics. CONNELLY, Joan H., Syra- cuse — Botanv. COOK, Roland IL, Cortland — Economics; IMA; Eco. Club. COON, Ralph R., Winchester, Mass.— Mathe- matics ; Theta Chi; MSG. COONS, Marcia, Syracuse — Spanish ; Delta Gamma ; Eta Pi Upsilon ; Phi Sigma Iota ; WSG : Trad. Comm. ; City ' omen ' s Club ; Span- ish Club ; Chapel. COPEL AND, Mary, Beaver, Pa.— Social Studies; Pi Beta Phi; WAA ; Sr. Guide; Soc. Studies Club; Chapel, First Cabinet. CORBIN, Marietta, Vonkers— Chemistry; Sigma Pi Sigma; Pi ]Mu Epsilon ; UWF ; Outing Club; Folk Dancing Club; ACS; Chape!. CORWIN, Laurence M., New York City — Chemistry. COURTICE. ' irginia E., Rochester— Sociology ; Delta Gamma ; Campus Chest ; Fieldhouse Foundation ; Chapel. CRAIG, William H., Princeton, N. J.— Eng- lish ; Phi Delta Theta ; Alpha Phi Omega ; Scabbard Blade ; Campus Chest ; IFC Week End ; Debate. CREEDE, Donald ' ., C)ceanside — Political Science; Kappa Beta Phi. CRONIN, Richard W., Dolgeville— Economics ; Rid- ing Club; Outing Club; WAA; Poetry Club; Flying Cub; Mixed Glee Clulx CROSBY, Robert P., North Bergen, N. J. — International Relations; Phi Kappa Psi; Int. Rel. " Club; J ' Football. CROWLEY, Timo- thy J., Jr., Dolgeville— History. CRUM. Claude ' ., Bloomindale. N. J.— English. CULL, June M.. . ' _ racuse — Plant Science; St. Thomas More. CULL, Kathleen, Syracuse — Chemistry ; WA.- ; City Women ' s Club; ACS; St. Thomas More, Pres., Sodality. CUL ' b:R, Gecirge I ' .., Rcjchester — Advertising. CUN- NINC;HAM. Patrick j., Syracuse— Zoology ; Phi Gamma Delta ; St. Thomas More ; ' arsity Soccer ; Intramurals. D. LFr)NSO. Joseph A., Portland, Me. — Political Science; Phi Delta Theta. rs ! . «v 381 t€i i y ( t950 DAL l ' ( )R ' r(), Alex., Erie, Pa.— Journalism. I). L- k ' . ll ' LI ' " .. MlaiiK- W.. Jamestown — English; Zeta Tan . lpha: Chapel; Daily Orange; Methodist Fellow- ship: WAA. DAMIAN()P()ULr)S. Ernest, Syracuse — I ' hilisophy; Int. Rel. Cluli; Philosophy Clul). DANKEL, Jacklyn, I ' lora Park— Drama. DA " ID- SON, Ann, Pittsburgh, Pa. — luiglish ; .Mjjha (iamma Delta; lua I ' i Upsilon ; Sr. (luide; Chapel; Erosh Handbook; III ' A; Panhell ; WAA. DWI.S, Allen, III, Shaker Heights, O. — luiglish ; Soph lli.p; Dramatics. D.W IS. Diana M., Palmer, Mass.— English ; Chapel Choir; USE; Chapel Chimes; Eieldhouse Foundation; Cam])us Chest. DAMS, Robert H., Hollis— English ; .Men ' s Clee Club; Spanish Club; SCSKI. D.WVSON, James D., Watertown — History. DEAS, James M.. White Plains — Economics- Radio ; Zeta I ' si. DEE, John J., Syracuse — Economics; Beta Theta I ' i; Eco. Club. St. Thomas More; Sales Eorum ; Intramurals. DEGENHARDT, William ( i., Mi.ldle Village — Zoology. Db: LASS, Pri.scMla .A., Auburn— Sociology ; IWA ; Alpha Kappa Delta ; Westminster Fellowship ; Syra- cusan, Mg. Ed. DEL CIORNO, Barbara, : Ieriden, Conn. — Zoology ; Phi Mu ; St. Thomas Moore ; Catho- lic Choir, Pres.; Pre-Med Society. DEL ' ECCHIO, Mar - T., Saranac Lake — English; Alpha Chi Omega; Syracuse-in-China ; Campus Chest ; W A ; Chapel. DE MOSS, Robert G., Albany— Mathematics ; Chapel; Math Club; IVCF, Pres. DE SANTIS, Albert L., I-:rie, Pa.— English. DE SILVA, Raymond J., Syra- cuse — Political Science ; MSG ; Law Club. DE ' ESTV, Malcolm, Verona. N. J.— Sociology ; . cacia ; Debate Society, Pres. ; A ' 0 ; Track ; Camera Club. DICKERMAX. ' w illiam IL, Syracuse— Political Science; Syracuse-in-China; Chapel. DICKSON, James L., Jr., Syracuse — Philoso])hy-Physical Educa- tion. 382 J,cien €d ;4nJU DIGBY, James R., Elmira — Political Science ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Scabbard Blade: Int. Rel. Club. DILLENBACK, Lemuel C, jr., Syracuse — Latin- American Sequence : Delta Kappa I ' psilon ; Sigma Upsilon Alpha; Spanish Club. DINUNSIE, Jo.seph 1-.. I ' eace Dale, R. L — English ; St. Thomas JMore. DC). N, Elliott. Parksville — Zoology; Student Union; XAACP; Jewish Fellowship; IZF. ; Pre-AIed Club: Intramurals. DOBLIX, Marvin H., Richmond Hill— History-Pre-Med; Tau Epsilon Phi; Fieldhouse Foun- dation ; Campus Chest : Pre-Med Club : Intramurals. DODD. Donald H.. Summit, N. J.— Psychology : Siffma Nu ; Politics. DOR] L N, Stanley B., Lynbrook— Bacteriology. DOUGLAS, Donald F., West Hartford, Conn.— Political Science ; Pre-Law Society. DC P ' ST. Elinor .■ ., Syracuse — Zoology; Alpha Phi; W A ; Canter- bury Club ; Chapel. DRESHER, Shirley, Little Falls— Sociology ; IZFA. DRUM, Alpred ( )., Cohocton— English ; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Scal)bard Blade; New Writing Foundation. DUDA. Ainie. Easthampton, Mass. — Sociology. DUNLOP, Stuart, Baltimore, Md. — Physics; Phi Kappa Tau: Sigma Pi Sigma: Bridge Cluli. DUR- HAM, Kenneth, Elmira — History; Chapel. EBhlLKh:. Ruth C, Saranac Lake — English ; Spanish Club ; ( ier- man Club : ' nmen ' ets. EP.ER, Sally, Rochester — Sociology: Phi Sigma Sigma. I-!DM. X, John PL, Hartsdale — English: Rho Delta Phi ; Tabard: Men ' s Glee Club. EHREXHALT, Melvin. Long Branch, N. J. — Psychology: Alpha Epsi- lon Delta : Band. EHRENWORTH, Shirley B., Scranton— History- Fine Arts; Sigma Delta Tau; T ' Club; Chapel. EICHENLAUB, Richard L., Erie, Pa.— Chemistry ; Alpha Chi Sigma. ELSTON, Donald P.. Syracuse — (jeology; Geology Club. r g:_ L. xjt Aik 2% CU i4. o i950 ELSTON, Shirley L., Syracuse — History ; Geology Club. EMMONS, ' Shirley, Glen Ridge, N. J.— Eng- lish ; Alpha I ' lii: Panhell; WAA ; Chapel. ENDRES, Carolyn A,, Cuyahoga Falls, (J. — English; Student Union. EPSTEIN, Charlotte B., Ilayonne, N. J.— English Alpha Epsilon Phi; French Club; N. J. Club; WAA Campus Chest ; IZF.A ; Jewish Fellowship ; Syracusan Int. Kel. Club ; NAACP ;UNSAU ; Chapel. ERSHLER, Parbara J., Waterbury, Conn. — Sociology; Jewish Fellowship ; Jazz Clulj ; Chapel. ESSNER, Howard, Kew Gardens Hills — Chemistry; Phi Epsilon Pi; .■ ll)ha Epsilon Delta; Sigma Pi Sisnia ; IFC; Winter Carnival; Campus Chest; ACS; Intramurals. ESTERMAN, Lester. Brooklyn — Geology; Geology Club. ESTES, Lee C, Alexandria Ba — Political Sci- ence; IMA : : leth..dist Fellowship; NAACP. ETSON, Kenneth R., C ' amillus — Psychology; IMA; Psi Chi. I ' .VlKBROTlll ' .RS, David E., Absecon, N. J.— Botany; Masonic Club. FALCON, Jack, New York City — International Relations, transfer from Utica College ; Pi Gamma Mu ; Orange Key ; Men ' s Student Court, Justice; UNASU; Ut. C. ; Tangerine; Exec. Council; Town Hall; Int. Rel. Club. FALK, Bert P., New York City— Psychology ; SUSKI ; Outing Club. FASEl r. K. Wiley. North I ' .ergen, N. J.— English; Alpha Chi Rho, Pres. ; Phi Kappa Alpha; Orange Key ; I ' res. Sr. Class ; JV Crew ; Rowing Club. FASH, illiam D., Ridgefield Park, N. J.— English ; Alpha Sigma Phi; ' arsity Basketball. FELDMAN, Henry B., Brooklvn— English ; UNASU; UWF ; Men ' s Glee Club. FENTON, Mary L., Shavertown — Political Science ; Int. Rel. Club. FERNANDEZ, Joyce C, New Britain, Conn. — Sociology ; Chi Omega ; German Club ; Elmira College Club ; SSS ; Syracuse-in-China ; Chapel. FERRELL, Elizabeth E., Chatham, N. J.— Mathemat- ics ; Kappa Delta; Sr. Guide; Red Cross: Math. Club; Chapel. FESHBACK, Murray, New York City— History ; Omega Pi Alpha; UNASU. FICHTNER, Herman, New York City — P.sychology ; Psi Chi ; Flying Club ; Marching Band ; Concert Band ; Intramurals. FIL- KINS, Cedric E., Jr., Audubon, N. J.— English ; Beta Theta Pi ; Frosh Handbook ; Co-Ed. ; Red Cross ; Co-Op Council. 384 J!idc% zi t%U IIXE, Janet, Brooklyn— English ; HPA ; Daily ( )rangc ; Syracusan. FINKEL, Jerrold S., Newark, N. J. — Chemistry; Phi Epsilon Pi; ACS; Campus Chest: Chapel. FINKELSTEIN, Alyrna, Syracuse— Psvcholngv ; Iota Alpha Pi ; Psi Chi ; Chapel. FIXX. llilhcrt H., Spring Lake, N. J.— EngHsh ; I ' si Upsildii ; Winter Carnival, ' 48- ' 4y ; Jr. Prom; Field- house Fiiunilation. P ' lRESTONE, Simone, Forest Mills — Russian Sequence; Syracusan; UNASU; Rus- sian Club; Chapel. FISHER, William II., Syracuse — History : Kappa Gamma Psi. FITZGERALD, Charles D., Syracuse— Psychology : Alpha Phi Omega ; Stamp Club : Outing Club. FLAX, Walter AL, South Orange, X. J. — Sociology, transfer from Rutgers ; Zeta Beta Tau ; Chapel Chimes. FLEISSIG, Richard, Bronx — Psychology: Tau Epsi- lon Phi : Fieldhouse Foundation ; Football : Track. FORBES, Vida J., Edmeston— History ; W. A: Chapel. FORDE, William J., Farmingdale — English. I ' ORREST, John S., Thiells— Zoology ; Pi Alpha Chi of Theta Alpha ; Sigma Pi Sigma ; WWO ; Outing Club; Skyliners Club; Varsity Track. ' 4 ' J; Intramurals. FORSHEY, George S., Fort Edward — Sociology: Champlain Club; St. Thomas More. FORTGANG, Lois, Passaic, N. J. — English; Riding Club; Spanish Club : Fieldhouse Foundation. FOSTER, Harry A., Xew York City — History. FRAXKENBERG, Jo Ann, Camp Hill, Pa.— Sociol- ogy ; Sigma Kappa; Sr. Guide; Red Cross: ' acht Club. FRANKLIN, Ann M., Newark— English ; Delta Delta Delta ; W ' AA ; Tabard, Co-Ed. ; Winter Carnival. ERASER, Elizabeth, Caledonia — Sociology ; Kapjsa Delta, Pres. : Jr. Week End Comm. ; Syracuse-in-China : Co-Op Council; Chorus; Chapel, Second Cabinet. ]- " Rl ' :i{D. Herbert. Southfields — Political Science: Phi Epsilon Pi: I ' i Sigma Rho ; Intramurals. FREED- MAX. Rutli. Brookline. Mass.— Psychology. FREE- M. X, Kent P.. Boonton. X. J. — English. Z ( U f950 FRENETTE. Anne. Alalone— English ; Theta Phi Alpha: HPA. I ' res. ; Daily Orange; WSG ; Campus I .eaders ; Campus Chest ; St. Thomas More. FREY- . L N, Herman, Galena. 111. — Chemistry; UVVF ; Jazz Cluh. FRIED, Robert S., Lake Placid— Political Sci- ence ; I ' hi Epsilon Pi ; Lab. Tech. Club ; Debate Club ; Intramurals. FRil-:i).MA. . Daniel, New York City— English, trans- fer from Mohawk College; Rho Delta Phi. FRIED- M.AN, Helen (!., Newport News. ' a. — Fine . rts Con- centration: .Sigma Delta Tan; (. ' anipus Chest; T P ; N.XACi ' ; iMeldhouse F ' oundation. FRIEND, Robert, New ' ork City — Political .Science, transfer from Trijik- Cities College; IMA; Chapel; T. C. C. ; Intra- FRLSKE. Edward. Jr., Fulton— French ; IMA ; LAVE. FROEHLICH, l- ' ritz E., Syracuse — Physics; Sigma Pi Sigma. FR()Mk:R, Paul W., Elmira Heights- Chemistry; Alpha Chi Sigma; I ' hi Lambda L ' psilon ; Phi lU-ta Kappa; Sigma Pi Signi.a ; I ' CI ' ACS. I ' T ' CO, Rol)ert 11., Syracuse— P.sychology. I ' CLLER, William L., Garden City — History; Phi Ka|)|)a Psi ; X ' arsiiy b ' ootball ; Varsity Lacrosse. FURMA.X. b ' rank M., Purl larvis — Chemistry. (;ALL. {;iiER, Richard l-., Levitton- Political Sci- ence-Journalism; Syracusan. Jr. Ed. (i.ALLIK, Daniel, Herkimer — Russian Sequence; i ' hi I ' .eta Kappa; Pi iamma Aiu; Chess Club, I ' res.; Russian Club; I ' X.-VSC; Intramurals. GALLIK, Dimitri .M.. Herki- mer — Economics; Pi Gamma -Mu; Chi lua Sigma; Economics Club, Pres. GALLL ' P. John ., Burlington, ' t. — Political .Science, transfer from L ' . (jf ' ermont ; Phi Delta Theta. GARDNER. Gloria J.. Philadelphia, Pa.— I ' sychol- ogy ; . lpha Epsilon Phi ; Eta Pi Upsilon ; Women ' s Court, Chief Justice ; Joint Court ; Rho Delta Phi ; Campus Chest; Sr. Guide. GARFINKEL. Joan. New York Citv — English. GARFINKEL, Samuel, New York City— Public Ad- dress; IMA. GARLAND, John E., Syracuse— Public Administration ; IM. ; Activities Center ; Poetry Club ; Int. Rel. Club; St. Thomas More. GARVEY, ' Robert C, Jr., Ctica — English ; Pi Kap])a . lpha. 2%6 M cud i%U (lAZZARA, Cliarlfs P., Syrai-usc— I ' liysics ; Si.s iiia I ' i Sigma. GECKl ' I.F.K, Liulwig, Mainamncck — (ieography: Delta Kappa Epsilon ; I l ' ' C ; Intraniurals. GELLER, Harriet, Xew Rochelle— luiglish. ( ' lERE. Lora E.. Flastings-on-Hudson — Zoology : Glt- man Clul): ACS; IVCF; Syrcico. GERILLO. j(isri)li J., Norwich, Conn.— Sociology. GERSHICK, Paul, Elmira — History: I.MA; Alpha Phi Omega: Mens (ilee Club: Elmira Cluh: IZE. : Intraniurals. GILARD, Gerard D., Mt. Vernon— English-Radio : Alpha Delta Epsilon; WAER. GILGERT. Robert J., I ' lrooklyn — Pcychology ; FJaily ( )range : Intramural Council. GIROUARD, I.ucilla, inchendon, .Mass.— Sociology: Sr. .Assembly; W " ( ) : Sl ' SKI; ( )nonda- gan. CLICK, Robert H., Brooklyn— English ; IMA; Rlio Delta Phi; Pre-Med Society; Social Studies Club; Prose Poetry Club ; Intraniurals. GODDU, Charles E„ Holyoke, Mass.— English. GOLDMAN, Howard, Brooklyn — Psychology ; Phi Epsilon Pi ; Psi Chi ; Pre- Med Society ; l- ' rench Club. (;;OLDSTEIN, b ' red. New York City— Psychology ; Alpha Epsilon Pi ; Alpha Epsilon Delta ; Sigma Pi Sigma: UNASU; Intraniurals. GOLDSTEIN, Hel- aine D., Rochester — Psychology; Jr. Guide; Chapel; Syracusan. (lORDICH, Bernard J., Yonkers — Psy- chology; IM. : Pre-Med Society; Intraniurals. GRABO ' SKI, Robert, Syracuse — Sociology; St. Thomas More ; Mying Club. GRANEY ' , Theodore S.. Auburn — History ; Delta Kappa Epsilon ; St. Thomas More: Intraniurals. GRANORSKI, Joan, Croton-on- Iludson— English ; Iota Alpha Pi : UNASU. GRATTAN, Richard G., Southold— Political Science. GRAY, Floyd V .. Meadyille, Pa— I ' rench; I ' hi Sigma Iota; Delta Phi .Mpha : French Clul); German Club. GREENLEAF, Bette Jane. Syracuse— English ; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Chajiel : llumington Club. 387 (}U ( f950 GREENWALD, Aaron, Bronx— Psychology ; AMA ; See. for the Adv. of Management ; Stamp Club ; Rid- ing Club. GREENWART, Boyd R., Jr., Jersey City. N. J.— Sociology ; Scabbard Blade. GROCH, Morris M., Wallington, N. J.— Philosophy : Omega Pi Alpha; Philosophy Club. GROSE, James G., Oswego — Political Science; IMA; Debate. (:;R( )SS, W. Armin, Washington, D. C— Pub- lic Administratiiin ; Sigma Phi Epsilon. GREEN, Wil- liam, Lewistun, .Me. — English, transfer from North- western. GREENB. UM, Elaine, Philadelphia, Pa.— Sociology ; Phi Sigma Sigma ; Alpha Kappa Delta ; Jewish Choir ; Chapel; Syracusan. GREENBERG, Henry, New York City — Sociology ; Alpha Kappa Delta. GREEN- Hh:RG, Herbert R.. New N ' nrk Citv— Political Sci- (iREEN, Doris G., Arlington, N. J.— English ; Delta Gamma; T Society; Radio Club; WA. ; Syracusan; Onondagan Staff. GREEN, Richard, Elmira — Chem- istry; I.M. ; . li)lia Chi Sigma; MSG ; German Club; Stamp Club. GRIMM. William C. 11., Jr., Garfield, N. J. — Zoology; I ' hi Delta Theta ; .Mpha Epsilon Delta ; MSG ; fl-C. GUALTIERI, Gregory F., Syracuse — Political Sci- ence; IMA; Scabbard Blade; Outing Club, Pres. ; Sr. Class, Sec. ; Activities Center ; Italian Club ; Span- ish Club. GUERNSEY, Charles R., Cobleskill— Eng- lish-Advertising; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Chapel. GUSIIIN, Robert, Linden, N. J.— Economics; UWF; UNASU; IZFA; Eco. Club. GUST A ' SON, Clarence, Harmon-on-Hudson — Chem- istry ; Alpha Chi Sigma ; ACS ; Married Couples Club. HAAR, Harriet, Rockaway Beach — Zoology ; WAER ; Chorus. HALIO, Jay L., Forest Hills— English ; Phi Epsilon Pi ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Rho Delta Phi ; Chapel Choir ; Chapel, First Cabinet. HALLAS, Henry, Windsor, Conn. — I ' olitical Science. HALLENBECK, Jean C, Hudson— History ; WSG, Jr. Clerk; HPA; Campus Chest; Daily Orange; Can- terbury Club ; Sr. Guide ; Band. HALPERN, Howard, Forest Hills — Psychology ; Tau Epsilon Phi ; Theta Beta Phi: IA t ' : Chapel. 388 de%( C t%t4. HAMILTON, William P... Syracuse— Mathematics ; Sigma Nu; lEC; Math Club; Ititramurals. HANLOX, John R., Interlaken, N. J. — -Economics; Phi Kappa Psi ; Eco. Club ; St. Thomas More, Holy Name Soc, Pres.; Debate; Frosh Football. HANSEN, Allen C, Metuchen, N. J- — Political Science, transfer from Triple Cities College; IMA; Int. Rel. Club; CXASU; TCC ; Colonial News ; Spanish Club ; Track. HAXSFX, Walter J., Jr.. . " -Syracuse — lu-MUoniics ; Eco. Club; Canterbury Club. HARGREA ' ES, James II., Phoenix — Psychology; Alpha Tau Omega. HAR- MELING, Ray, Geneva — Political Science ; Scabbard Bla.le. HARRINGTON, Robert B., Syracuse— Geology ; Kappa Sigma. HARRIS, Nancy, Albany — Psychology ; Sigma Kappa ; Outing Club ; Campus Chest ; Chapel. HARTNICK, Alan J., Brooklyn— Political Science; Tau Epsilon Phi ; Pi Gamma Mu, Pres. ; Pi Sigma Rho; WAER; Int. Rel. Club. Pres.; World Affairs Council. Chrmn, ; Tabard. HAUSER. Harold W.. Mt. " ernon— Mathematics ; Sigma Beta. HAWK, Charles E., West Pittston, Pa. — Geology, transfer from Bloomsburg State Teachers College ; Phi Kappa Tau ; Scabbard Blade ; Dramatic Club: Geology Club; ROTC; Intramurals. HAYES, Robert ' ., Syracuse — Pnlitical Science. HAYMAX, Keith A., Xew York City- Sociology ; BIA; HPA; Chapel. IIAYMES, Joan " , Rochester- Sociology ; IWA ; Canterbury Club ; Syracuse-in- China ; Chapel Chimes. HEAD, Truxton H.. Syracuse — Sociology ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Daily Orange ; Intramurals. HECKERT, Shirley. Stratford— Science ; Alpha Omi- cron Pi ; Delta Sigma Rho ; Debate Club ; Book Alart ; St. Thomas More. HEFFERXAN, Joyce M., Syra- cuse — English ; Theta Phi Alpha ; City Women ' s Club ; St. Thomas More. HEILBRON, Elizabeth T., Xew York City — English ; Alpha Epsilon Phi ; French Club ; Town Hall ; Svracusan. HEILIZER, Fred, Bronx— Psychology ; IMA ; UWF ; Pre-Med Club; German Club; Intramurals. HELBIG, A. James, Flushing — Sociology ; Summer Orange. HELF, Barbara R.. Syracuse — Sociologj- ; Phi Sigma Sigma ; City Guide ; Chapel. 3B9 Udd ( t950 HELLINGS, Jacob I... Ilristol, Pa.— Political Science. HEMMER, Helen W., Old Forge— History : Pi Gamma Mu ; Int. Rel. Club. HEMMER, William B., Old Forge — Political Science ; Pi Gamma Mu ; Int. Rel. Clul,. HENDERSON, John H., Delmar— English ; SUSKI; Ski School, Instructor. HENXEMUTH, William, Glen Ridge. N. J. — International Relations; Phi Kappa Psi : IFC; Int. Rel. Clul); N ' arsity Basketball. HENSCHEL. Leonard P., Forest 1 1 ills— Psychology ; .Alpha Epsilon Delta: 1ZF. ; ( )uling Club; French Club: B(it;iny Club: Pliil(iso])liy Club. HEN ' . R1). Susannc, Syracuse— Sociology ; . l])lia Phi; W. A; Red Cross; Chapel. HERilER, ' Nyla J., .MahcMiie — English; Chi Omega, Pres. ; Sr. Guide: Winter t ' arnival : jr. Prom. Co-C ' hrmn. ; .Sojih Hop, Cn-Cbrnm.; W ' SG; Cdiapel. llb:kLIin ' , John P., Jr., Cambridge, .Mass. -I lisKirv ; I ' Mntball. 1 I l• ' .l . L . ' . Stanley, Brooklyn — Political Science; VWV. lll ' .RMAN, ' .Sydell, Fall River. Mass.— Eng- lish : 1W. : .Syracusan: W. . ; Skyliners ; IZFA; Jewish IVllowsbip. III ' .R.MAXN, Edwin H., Syra- cuse — Psychology. HICRZICR. Richard P., Watertown. III ' .SS, J(jhn 11., Lancaster, Pa. — English: Frosh Comm., Pres.; Cam- pu.s Leaders: Campus Chest: ChapL-1 Board, Co- Chrmn. HESSE, I- ' rank, New A ' urk Cit - — Chemistry; I.M.V; Alpha Phi Omega; Delta Phi . lpha; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Daily ( )range, Jr. Ivd. ; Red Cross; SLT Blood Drives, Chrmn. HlANl ' .L. David B.. Cortland — Pacteriology ; Pi Alpha Chi of Theta Alpha: Pi Sigma. HILL, Bar- bara, Baldwin — Geograjihy ; Zeta Tau . lpha : WAA ; Geography Club; Outing Club; Cha])el. IIILL, Irving (j., Jr., .Syracuse — Philusophy. HIND, Suzanne, Syracuse — English ; Alpha Delta F ' i ; St. Thomas More. HINDEN, Stanley J., New York City — Radio-Political Science ; Alpha Epsilon Rho ; WAER ; Daily Orange ; Chapel, Second Cabinet. HISE, Margaret, East Aurora — Physiotherapy ; Delta Gamma ; HPA ; Trad. Comm. ; WAA ; Panhell ; WSG, Tr. Clerk. 390 A(le%aC t iU HOl ' .LITZELL, Lonia, East Orange, N. J.— Drama ; Boar ' s Head: T : 1!; HPA. HOCKSTEIN, Sybil. eroiia, X. J.— English: IZFA. HODOWSKI, Leo AL, Little Falls — llacteriology : Zeta Psi : Pi Sigma. IIOLLAXD. Joan . 1.. Schenectady— luiglish : Alpha Omicron Pi: Book Mart: Spring Week End; Co-Op Council : Chapel. HORAN, Jane, New York City — Spanish : Theta Phi Al]jha : Campus Chest : Student Union: Catholic Choir: Spring Week End: Red Cross : St. Thomas Alore : Spanish Club. HORN- BECK, Helen, Rome— Sociology : Alpha Delta Pi: SUSKI : Women ' s Ski Squad: Outing Club; Sym- ])h()n - ( )rchestra. HORTON, Jane W., I ' .elmont, Mass.— Sociology ; Kappa Kappa (iamma : Red Cross. HORWITZ, Harry, New Britain, Conn. — Zoology ; Zeta Beta Tau : XA. CP: Civil Service. HOWARD, Oscar D., Sara- toga Springs — Sociology ; Kappa .Sigma : Chapel Choir : Methodist Fellowship ; Chapel. HOW.VRD. Robert (i., Cortland— English ; Rho Delta Phi. HUCHZERMEIER, Francis, Depauville— Chem- istry ; IMA; ROTC; Living Center, Pres. ; HUDSON, Donald C, Svracuse — English: Allen ' s (ilee Club. HUNT, Robert J., New York City — Chemistry; IMA: I ' i Alpha Tau; Lutheran Students Ass ' n ; Stu- dent L ' nion : Chapel ; ' arsity Club ; ' arsity Baseball, Mgr. HUSID, Harry, Jr. ' , Mt. X ' ernon- English, transfer from Champlain College: Delta Psi ( )mega. HUTCHINGS, Philip J., Bath— Law : Lambda Chi Alpha : Intramurals. SALL, Hyman, Elkins Park, Pa. — Economics; Al];)ha Epsilon Pi. IGLEHART, Charles S., Katonah— Mathematics: Alpha Chi Rho. IRVING, Richard F., Little I ' alls — Geology: Kajjpa Sigma: LAVF; Geology Club. ISRAELSOX, Phyllis X., Portland, Me.— English. JACKLER, Joseph J., Catskill — Psychology; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Student Union. JACOBS, Earl H., Jr., X ' ew York City — English ; Sigma Pi ; Alpha Phi Omega: SUSKI: Daily Orange, Jr. Ed.; Syracusan ; WAER; Sno-Ball; Men ' s Glee Club; Lacrosse. 39? U 0 t950 JACOBS, Robert, Glens Falls — Science ; Jewish Fel- lowship; Chorus. JANKLOW, Morton L., Laurelton — Political Science ; Phi Epsilon Pi ; Pi Sigma Rho ; Rho Delta Phi; Pi Gamma Mu ; IFC; Int. Rel. Club; Debating: Pre-Law Club; MSG: Winter Carnival; Varsity Tennis. JENKINS, Robert (i.. South Wey- mouth, Mass — Chemistry; ACS. JENXER. Mary, New Plaven, Conn. — Sociology, transfer from ' illiam Jewell College ; Alpha Gamma Delta: A. : Chorus; Outing Club. JEWELL, Sally R., Binghaniton — Spanish ; Spanish Club ; WAA Board; Orchestra; WWO; Spring Week End. JEZ- OWSKI, Stella, Rochester— History ; UNASU; Genessee ' allev Club. JIMENEZ. Luis M.. Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico— Zoolog}-; Spanish Club; UNASU; Student Union; St. Thomas More. JOHNS, William H., Syracuse — Geol- ogy ; Delta Tau Delta ; Geolog) ' Club ; Outing Club ; Syracuse-in-China. JOHNSON, Ana Vl.. iXIexico, D, F. — French; Aljjha Xi Delta; Huntington Club; Catho- lic Choir : I ' rench Club ; Chorus. JOHNSOX. . " hirlcy, Schenectady — Sociology; Kappa Delta ; IIP.A ; jr. I ' mm : Chapel. JONES, Janet, White Plains — Psychology ; Zeta Tau .Mpha : II PA ; Ononda- gan Staff. JORDAN, James R., Ilcirnell— Political Science; Zeta I ' si ; II ' C; Int. Rel. Club. KACIIALSKN ' . llyman D., Brooklyn— Fine Arts Concentratiim ; IMA; IZFA; Jewish Fellowship. KACiAX. luigene. Jackson Heights — Chemistry; . l])ha Epsilon Pi ; .Alpha Epsilon Delta ; Chapel. KAHX, Gerald D.. Merrick — English, transfer from Champlain College ; I ' i Lambda Phi ; Sociology Club ; Champlain Alumni Clul ; Creative Writers Club; Intramurals. KARPE, Richard, Bronx— Sociology ; MSG; Chapel; Intramurals. KATZ, Kenneth H., Alineola — Political Science ; Phi Epsilon Pi ; Pi Sigma Rho ; Jr. Exec. Council ; MSG. KAYE. Howard A., New York City — Psychology ; Psi Chi ; Pi Gamma Mu ; Men ' s Stu- dent Court, Senior Justice ; WAER ; Living Center, Pres. : Debating ; Red Cross ; Campus Chest ; Intra- murals. KAZANOW ' SKI, Elaine, Bristol, Conn.— Spanish ; Phi Sigma Iota ; French Club ; SL SKI ; Spanish Club. KEHLER, Charles W , Big Flats— Zoology. KEL- DER, Robert J., Kingston — English ; Syracusan ; Borscht Potatoes: WAER. Z92 J,de%€ii i ' tU KEHEW. Roger X.. Jr., Xewpcirt. R. 1.— Psychology ; Catholic Choir; Cheerleader ; WAl- ' .k, K1-:LLY, I ' .er- nard, D., Howhtt Hill— Law. Kl-.TLI K, Cndy, Fay- etteville — History; Beta Theta I ' i. KERR, Leslie W ' ., Watertown — Geology; Geology Clul.; L S. KER.SLAKE, Carol J., Eayetteville— Sociology, transfer from Skidmore. KIES, Richard F.. Liverpool — Recreation ; Alpha Chi Rho. KING, Byron ' .. ' illiamsport, I ' a. — International Relations; Pi Ganmia Mu; I ' XASC: Int. Rel. Club. KINNEY, Jane, Syracuse — Political Science; Theta Phi Alpha; City Women ' s Club. KINSLOW " , Mlliam, Baldwinsville — .American Studies ; Chorus. KIRCHER. Naomi J., Plainfield, N. J.— Bible-Maga- zine ; Theta Chi Beta; Bible Club; HPA; Chapel; Campus Chest ; Lutheran Student .Ass ' n. KIRKPAT- RICK. James, Herkimer — English ; Syracuse-in-China ; ' orkrGov ' t Club; St. Thomas Alore. KISTNER. Rudolph H., Utica — Psychology, transfer from Utica College ; Student Sjieakers Bureau, Ut. C. KLEIN, Bernard, Bronx — Psycholog} ' ; IMA; Psi Chi; UNASL; Chapel. KLEIN, LeRoy, Irvington, N. J.— Chemistry ; IMA; MSG ; North Jersey Club. KXAPP, Bruce F.. Syracuse— Geology ; IMA; Geol- ogy Club. KNAPP, Charles F.. Syracuse. KNAPP, Charles P., Bath— Law ; Pre-Law ' Club. KNAPI , Janet M., ' aterto vn — Sociology; Alpha Gamma Delta ; ' A. ; Chapel. KNISEL. June, Bloomingdale. N. J. — .Advertising; Bible Club; " VAA. KNOTH. Walter H., New York City — Chemistry ; Alpha Chi Sigma ; Sigma Pi Sigma ; Phi Lambda Upsilon, Pres. ; ACS ; ( Juting Clul). KNOX, Jonathan H.. Raynham Center, Mass. — Phvsics; Sisjnia Pi Sigma. Z9 (}U 0 t950 KOHNKEN, Regina, Jackson Heights — Zoology. KOLBE, Eunice W., Syracuse — Sociology; Syrcico; UWF; NAACP; Chapel. KOLODZIEY, Helen, Syracuse — History. KORNFELD, Daniel J., New York City— Physics ; Tau Delta Phi ; Sigma Pi Sigma ; Sound Fury ; WAER, Chief Engineer. KOUTRAKOS, John, Port Jefferson— Zoology ; Sigma Pi Sigma; Adelphian So- ciety. KOWALSKI, Lillian M., Poughkeepsie — Eng- lish; HPA; Syracusan; Daily Orange. KI . K( ) ' ER, Leon A.. Poughkeepsie — Sociology; LMA; Pre-I Ied Society; IZFA; Litramurals. KRA- NLSII. . rthur, h ' orest Llills — Political Science; Sigma Alpha Mu : Daily Orange ; Syracusan ; Student Union ; Fieldhouse Foundation; Jr. Prom; IFC. KUEHX. Edward, Amityville — German; LMA; ( )uting Clul); Long Island Cluh ; German Cluh. KULIK, Marion, Binghamton — Sociology. L.-KAL BERT, Jack E., Hilton — Liternational Relations ; Ger- man Club. LAMBERT. Jane M.. Honeoye Falls- German ; German Club. LANE, Jolm J.. River ' ale, N. J.— Chemistry. LANE, Nancy, Ossining — Sociology ; Alpha Chi Omega ; Chapel; Syracuse-in-China. LANGMANN, Constance M., New York City— oice ; St. Thomas More ; Cath- olic Choir ; Chorus. LAPP, Patricia A., Leroy — Sociology; Theta Phi Alpha; Campus Chest; St. Thomas More. LAWITTS. Donald, Syracuse — Psychology. LEADER, Patricia A., Schenectady — Sociology; Chapel; UWF; Latin American Club ; Student Union ; WAA. LEA ' Y, Charlotte . .. Waltham, Mass. — Sociology ; Iota Alpha Pi; Sr. Guide; Jewish Fellowship; IZFA; Chorus; French Club; WAA. LEFF, Edith, Brook- lyn — English ; Rho Delta Phi ; Psi Chi ; Huntington Club. LEHMAN, Ben D.. Mt. Vernon— Psychology. Z94 sdcjien al nU LEMON, W ' illis B., Cornwall-on-Hudson— Political Science ; Sigma Beta. LeSIEUR, Claude M., Oak Ridge. Tenn. — Sociology ; Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Alpha Phi Omega; Soph. lixec. Council; IPC; MSG. LeVEE, Martha B., Little Falls— History ; Sigma Kappa ; Student Union ; Panhell ; Stockingfoot Dance ; Sr. Ball: Chapel; WAA. LEVIN, Lawrence L., Washington. D. C— Psychol- ogy ; Zeta Beta Tau ; Psi Chi ; Alpha Phi Omega. LEVY, Lois A., Brooklyn — Psychology; Campus Chest; UJA; WAA. LEWANDOWSKi ' , Daniel P., Buffalo — Political Science; Band. LEWARN, John H., Jr., Pittsfield, Mass.— Fine Arts Concentration ; Delta Tau Delta ; Alpha Phi Omega. LEWETT, George P., Palisade, N. J.— Physics ; Phi Kappa Tau ; Sigma Pi Sigma ; Scabbard Blade. LEWTN, Arthur S., Flushing— English ; WW ; MSG ; Bridge Team ; Intramurals. LEWIS, Richard D., West Hempstead — Psychology; Tau Epsilon Phi. LIND, Charles J., Teaneck, N. J. — Psychology ; Intramurals. LINES, Joan L., Syracuse — Anthropology- ; Alpha Phi ; Eta Pi Upsilon, Pres. ; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; WSG; Regulations Board, Chrmn. ; NSA; Trad. Comm. ; Chancellor ' s Re- ception, Chrmn. ; Chapel ; Anthropology Club ; WAA ; LA Student Advisory Comm. LINDFANTE, John, Richmond Hill— Political Sci- ence. LIPMAN, Estie, Brooklyn — Sociology, transfer from Utica College ; Chi Beta Sigma ; Gaslighters ; Radio Group; Chapel. LIPSCHULTZ, Vera A., Has- brouch Heights, N. J. — Latin American Sequence; Daily Orange ; Spanish Club. LISKOVSKY, Beverly, North Bergen. N. J.— Psy- chology ; Phi Sigma Sigma, Pres. ; Psi Chi ; Sr. Assem- bly ; Chapel. LITTLE. Ian R., Maplewood, N. J.— Chemistry, transfer from Champlain College. LIT- ZKY, Rachel. I ' lattsljurg — Zoology, transfer from Champlain. LOBER, Ralph M.. Jr., Rochester— Philosophy ; Theta Beta Phi; WAi :R: Onondagan Staff; Intra- murals. LOCK] I. X, Rol)ert F., Tonawanda — Psy- chology: Pi Alpha Chi of Theta Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Phi Omega ; Chapel. LOEWE, Edmond M., North Bergen, N. J. — History ; Omega Pi Alpha ; Alpha Phi Omega; Daily Orange: Chapel. zn U ( f950 LOHMANN, Lawrence C, Nyack— English ; Daily Orange, Associate Ed.; Men ' s Glee Club. LONDON, June, Bradley Beach, N. J. — Political Science; Phi .Sigma Sigma; Jr. Clas.s, Sec; Jr. ( luide : Int. Rel. Cluh ; Chnpel : W. . ; Jr. Class E.xec. Council. LONG, Rdlicrt A., Syracuse — Bacteriology; Pi Sigma; Flying C luli; Instructor; .Student Lecture Board. LONGWELL, ? lriri, llamden, Conn. — Sociology; Delta Zeta ; Chapel. LC) ' ELACE, Loraine, Syracuse — 1 atin . merican Sequence; Kappa Delta; Syracuse- in-China : City Women ' s Club ; Spanish Club. LUREN- SKY, Robert, Newton Centre, Mass. — English ; . l|)ha Epsilnn Pi ; Rho Delta Phi ; Borscht Potatoes. I.L ' TZ, Georgcanne, Syracuse — History; St. Thomas .More; Syrcico ; Social Studies Club. .Mac.W ' ERY, John, Beacon — Geology; Geology Club, .MacD()N- .M.n. Richard A., Erie, Pa. — Bacteriolngv ; Pi Sigma. .MADISOX. Douglas ' ., Syracuse— . merican Studies: IMA. MAIIANEV, Joseph A., Sayre, Pa.— English: Phi Delta Theta ; Jr. h ' xec. Council: ' arsity Lacrosse. M.MIER, Stanton I ' ,., Oneida — History; ■.• cht Club; Wotminstcr l " ellii v-lii|). MANGEL, Lois, W ilkes-lJarre, Pa.— Political Sci- ence : Alpha Epsilon Phi ; Pi Sigma Rho : Town Hall ; Cami)us Chest; Tabard; Dramatics. ] 1. NGIN, Jcin, .Syracuse — Anthropology; Theta Phi Alpha; Campus Chest; Sl ' SKI; Ski Team; City Women ' s Club. . [. N , Rfibert J., East Haven, Conn. — Geology: . " - igma I ' hi I ' psilon ; MS(1; ChapL-l Choir; Geology Club. .MA.W ' IXG. Jane, Syracuse — Romance Languages; Alpha Xi Delta; Eta Pi L ' psilon ; City Women ' s Club, Pres. ; Trad. Comm. ; ' SG ; Campus Leaders. MAR- (iOLIN, Richard II., Mt. X ' ernon — Political Science: Phi Epsilon Pi; Int. Rel. Club; IPC; Intramurals. M. RKERT, John ' ., Coming— Political Science; Delta L ' psilon, .M.- .RKO TTS, Stanley, : Iid(lleto vn — Bacteriology ; Phi Epsilon Pi; Pi Sigma; MSG; Chapel; Skyliners Club ; Crew ; Pre-Med Society ; Intramurals. M. RKS, Carolyn J., Binghamton — Sociology, transfer from Keuka; UNASU; IZFA ; Children ' s Theater. M. RKS, Joy C, Forest Hills — Sociology; Chapel, Second Cabinet ; Syracuse-in-China ; Jewish Fellow- ship: IZFA; . yracusan : Sr. Assembly. 396 M c%cii inU .MARK(J ITZ, Kmanual M., J!n,nkl n— Hacteriol- iigy; i ' hi Epsilon I ' i : I ' i Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma. MARSHALL, John W., Syracuse — Psychology; Sig- ma Nu. ALART IN, Allen F.. Jr.. Syracuse— Political Science; Beta Theta I ' i; II ' ' C Hall, Chrmn. ; Campus Chest; Co-Op Council; All-C Rcijs: Law Club; Jr. ' eek End, Chrmn. ; Soph. Exec. Council; IPC; Intra- murals. MATTHEWS. ' illiam P.. Rochester— History ; IVCF; Protestant Cciuncil. MAY. Robert E., Brook- lyn — Zoology ; Chapel ; Student Union ; Campus Chest ; Pre-Med Society. MAZUR, Murray H., Metuchen, N. J. — Zoology ; Sigma Alpha Mu, Pres. ; Alplia Epsi- lon Delta : Marching Band ; Concert P and ; Science Fiction Club. McCARTW Laurence V., Cambria Heights — Geol- ( igy ; Sigma I ' i ; Philosophy Club ; Outing Club ; Daily ( )range; Westminster Fellowship. McCRINK, Colleen, Newark. N. J. — Sociology ; Alpha Kappa Delta ; UWF. McDr)XALD, James M., W ' atertown — Economics; Stamp Club; Eco. Clul). McEWEX. Ronald M., Ormstown, Quebec — Political Science. McHALE, James, Geneva — Political Science ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; St. Thomas More ; Int. Rel. Club. McLEESTER, Robert E.. Bogota, N. J.— His- tory ; Pi Alpha Chi; Daily Orange; Summer ( )range ; Intranuu ' als. McLEESTER, William H., Bogota, N. J.— Political Science; Plii Kappa Tau ; Pre-Law Club; German Clulj; Co-Dj) Council. McM.AHON, John R., Mineola — Political Science-Journalism ; Daily Orange ; Int. Rel. Club; St. Thomas More. McNALLY. William P., Ctica — History; Lambda Chi Alpha; (ieograpln Chili; CYO ; Int. Rel. Club. McNIX ' EX, William, Oueens X ' illage — .Sociology; Sigma Pi; SL ' SKl ; Syracus;-in-China : Chapel Choir; Intramurals. Ml AI), Lawrence I ' " ., Syracuse — Eco- nomics; l. i. ; I-xii. Club. MELL1-:R, Fred, Quito, ICcuadiir — Chemistry ; ACS. MELTZI ' :R, Sanford A., Syracuse— Physics ; i ' hi Ep- silon Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma; German Club; Math Club. MENDLEY, Marcus, Albany — English ; Syracusan, Editor-in-Chief ; Scabbard Blade ; Campus Lead- ers. AIENNER, William (i., Hasbouck Heights, N. J. — History; Zeta Psi ; Crew; IPC; Rowing Clul). .iv.;:. iikiL 397 (}U ( f950 O Q MEYER, Sondra IM., Dover, N. J. — Sociology, trans- fer from Rutgers ; Jewish Fellowship ; Chapel ; Stu- dent Union; Syracusan. MEYER, William J., Brook- lyn—Psychology. MILLEN, Frank B., Jr., Rochester — English. MILLER, Alfred D.. Exeter, Pa.— Chemistry ; IMA; Pa. Club, Pres. ; Pre-Med Society ; German Club. MILLER, Barbara E., Syracuse — IMathematics ; Theta Phi Alpha; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; City Women ' s Club; St. Thomas More; Campus Chest; W ' AA. MILLER, Bennett I., New York City— Eng- lish ; Tau Delta Phi; IPC; Daily Orange. MILLER, Elaine, Evanston, 111. — Psychology; Alpha Phi ; Chapel. MILLER, Hortense L., Lawrence — .Sociology ; Long Island Club ; Jewish Fellowship. MILLER. Joel B., Bolton Landing — English; Powers lub : Cha])el Choir; Chorus: Bible Club. MILLER. Lynuin T.. Bronx— History. AIILLER, Maxine, Syracuse — Chemistry-Plant Science; Delta Zeta, Pres. ; Co-Op Council ; Syracuse-in-China ; Chapel. MILLER. : lyron L., Xewton Center. Mass. — Russian . ' Indies: Russian Club; Philosophy Club; Int. Rcl. Club. MILLER, Riciiard A.. Philadelphia, Pa. — Economics; Delta Kappa blpsilon ; Varsity Track ; " arsity Gym- nastics. MILLER, Richard Y., Wycoff, N. J.— Soci- ology ; Phi Epsilon Pi ; Pre-Med. Society ; Yatemen Club; French Club; JV Lacrosse. MILLER, Whar- ton H., Syracuse — Englisli ; Delta L ' psilon ; Ononda- gan Staff. MILLS. John W.. Syracuse— Chemistry ; IMA; Men ' s Glee Clul). .MIXICUCCI, Vincent A., Brook- lyn — History; AMA; Italian Club; Intramurals. MIR. KY. Irwin. Brookline, Mass. — Zoology; Yacht Club ; Sr. . ssembly ; Student Union ; Intramurals. MITCHELL. Leonard. Peekskill— Psychology ; IMA ; Tau Theta Upsilon ; Civil Service, Chief ; Psi Chi ; Allen ' s Court : Activities Center, Chrmn. ; Student LInion ; ' 50 Times, Ed. ; Pre-Med Society ; Daily r)range ; Summer Orange. MOGEL. Gloria D., Wyomissing, Pa. — Fine Arts Concentration ; Alpha Gamma Delta ; Chapel, First Cabinet ; Chapel Choir ; HPA. MONTONXA, Mary L., Syracuse— American .Studies ; Gamma Phi Beta ; Onondagan Staff ; Sr. Guide : Jr. Prom ; Soph. Hop ; Campus Chest ; Chapel ; WAA. 398 i efuU t ' tU MONTRASTELLE, William F., Cold Springs— In- dustrial Recreation ; Alpha Sigma Phi ; St. Thomas More; Crew; Football. MORETTI, Philomena, Syra- cuse — Plant Science ; .St. Thomas More. MOREY, E. Roberta, Erie, Pa. — English ; Alpha Chi Omega ; Tabard ; WWO ; Daily Orange ; Bible Club ; Chapel. .MOSES, Arnold, Newburg — Chemistry : I ' hi Beta Kappa; Pre-Med Society. MOULTON, Lewis C, Sinisbury, Conn. — English ; Phi Kappa Psi. MROZEK, Alexander AL, Depew — Political Science; MSG; I )nondagan Staff; ' arsity Debate. MULLING, Francis W., Worcester, Mass. — Philoso- phy ; Sigma Chi ; St. Thomas More ; Campus Chest ; ' arsity .Swimming; Intramurals. MULLINS, Richard A., Los Angeles, Calif. — English ; Phi Gamma Delta ; Onondagan, Bus. Mgr. ; IFC ; Frosh Guide, Mg. Ed. ; Trad. Comm. ; Co-Op Council. MURPHY, Caryl L., Rye — Mathematics; Delta Zeta ; AM. ; Chapel. MURPHY, Francis D., St. Albans— English ; Alpha Sigma Phi. MURR. Y, Alan H., Syracuse— Political .Science ; Delta Psi Omega ; Theater Guild. MURRAY, Robert J., Schenectady — . rt. : IYDLINSKI, Irene A., Solvay— Bacteriology ; Pi Sigma. NEWMAN, Beverly, Waterbury, Conn. — English ; Rho Delta Phi ; Daily Orange ; LTWF. NEW- TON, Gorham I., Jr., Bath — Latin . merican Se- quence ; Phi Gamma Delta ; Phi Sigma Iota ; .Spanish Club. NICHOLSON, Alan R., East Hartford, Conn.— English ; Sigma Beta ; Chapel, Second Cabinet ; Chapel Choir; Westminster Fellowship; Men ' s Glee Club; M.SG; .Syracuse-in-China; Chorus. NIEMAN, Elinor P., Mt. ' ernon— Sociology ; Outing Club. NILSEN, Walter E., Ozone Park — Economics ; Chapel ; Eco. Club ; Int. Rel. Club. NISSENBAUM, Hy, Brooklyn— Political Science; NS. , Regional SI ' Chrmn. ; Chapel. First Cabinet; MSG; Chapel Chimes, Ed. NORMAN, X ' ictor C, New York City — Economics; Independent Part)-; Bridge Club; Football, Mgr.; Basketball, Mgr. NOVOTNY, Robert F., West Springfield, Mass. — Geology; Alpha Chi Sigma ; Geology Club. Z99 tjic%€U i%U NOZIK, Harold I., Utica — Psycholog}- ; Jewish Fel- lowship ; Pre-Med Club ; Classical Music Club. O ' COXNOR, Francis X., Ill, Syracuse — American Studies : Alpha Chi Rho ; Jr. Prom. O ' NEILL. Robert E.. Brooklyn — English ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Syracusan. OHLMAN, Herbert. Bronx— Physics ; Sigma Pi Sig- ma. OKEN. Barbara. New York City — Psychology: Psi Chi; Jewish Fellowship; UWF; Boar ' s Head. OKLAND. June C, Rockville Centre — Sociology; Gamma Phi Beta; Red Cross; Jr. (juide : Chapel. OH.- NIAX, Mary, Binghamton— Sociology. OLM- STEAD, Thomas F., New York City— Political Sci- ence. nPELT, LeRoy E.. Elmira — Geography. OPPFXmClM, Irwin . .. Brooklyn— Chemistry ; Tan Epsilon I ' hi: I ' rc-Med .Society; Fieldhouse Founda- tion: . kyliners Club; Int. Rel. Club; Intramurals. ( )STRAXDER. Edward, Bristol, Conn.— Psychology ; Summer Orange; Canterbury Club; MSG; Chapel. PACK, William AI., Newark, N. J.— P.sychology ; IMA: Psi Chi: German Club; LAVE. PACKARD, Karen B., Bronxville— History ; Chi ( )mega ; Meldhouse Foundation ; Chapel, First Cabi- net ; . r. Guide: " inter Carnival; Campus Chest; .SDA: Tiiwn Hall; German Club; Philosophy Club; Elmira Club ; Russian Club ; Daily Orange. P. CKER, Arnold S.. Brooklyn — American Literature. PAGE. Richard ( " i.. . ' vracuse — French. P.vLERAK). Loretn . .. Xorth East, Pa. — Sociology. PALCZYNSKI. 1-elix. Utica— Plant Science. P.- MER. John E.. Rochester — Political Science; Kappa Sigma: Pi Sigma Rho; ' arsity Crew; Soph. Exec. Council. PAPAMARK() ' , Alexander C. G.. Athens. Greece- International Relations ; Pi Gamma Mu : Delta Phi Alpha; UNASC; Chapel; World .Affairs Council. PAPPAS, Jordan E., Rochester — Political Science; Sigma Chi ; Varsity Football ; Debate Club ; Greek Club; Pre-Law Society. PARISER, Burton-Rocka- way Beach — Law ; ' arsity Swimming ; Chorus ; Men ' s Glee Club : Debating Clul). AfiO iJ efKU inU PARIZEK, lu-elync A., West W ' illin-ton, Ojuii.— Political Science; Debate Society; Law Club; I [PA; Chapel : I ' WF. PARTINGTON, Rexford C, St. Al- bans — Drama ; Alpha Delta Epsilon ; Sigma Tau Rho ; Boar ' s Head. PASCALE, Anthony, Syracuse — Soci- ology-Anthropology ; Sigma Nu ; NAACP ; Chorus ; CYO. PASTl ' SIL N. Mriiinia A., Auburn — Latin Ameri- can Sequence; IWA; Eta Pi L ' psilon ; Latin American Club ; Auburn Club. PELKEY, George R.. Syracuse — Fine Arts Concentration. PERFIT, Richard J., Brooklyn — Political Science; Phi Epsilon Pi; IFC; SUSKI ; Chapel ; Intramurals. PERKOFF, Adele, Newark, N. J.— English ; Tabard ; ' 50 Times; Int. Rel. Club; Syracuse-in-China; IZFA ; Chapel. PERSONEUS, Ernest E., Aagaman — Soci- ology. PETERSON, Don H., Jamestown— Political Science ; Alpha Sigma Phi. PETRONI, Romeo G., Ridgefield, N. J.— Political Science ; Kappa Sigma ; Int. Rel. Club ; .St. Thomas More; Outing Club; Intramurals. PETROSKE, Ed- ward L,, I ' llue Point — Sociology; Daily C)range Staff; Long Island Club. PETZKE. June 6.. Elmira— His- tory ; Alplia Phi; Red Cross; Chapel. PHILIPP, Annette, Forest 1 lills— Siianish Club; Int. Rel. Club; German Club; Chapel. PHILLIPS, Lee W., Syracuse— History. PINKERNELL, Bradley T., Brooklyn — Zoology ; Int. Rel. Club ; Outing Club ; UNAS ' U. PLATT. Richard . ., Philadelphia, Pa.— Anthropol- ogy ; Anthropology Club, Pres. ; Intramurals. I ' C)D- BERESKY, Arthur, Richmond Hill — Sociology; ' arsity Lacrosse ; Intramurals. PCjDOSEK. Edward L., New York Mills — Psvcholoav ; Theta Chi. POLAND, Barbara, Pleasantville. N. J.— English: Alpha Xi Delta; Jr. Guide; Outing Club. POLGE, Albert J., Syracuse — Economics. POLLAK, Martin M., Jamaica — Political Science; IMA; Int. Rel. Club; IZF.V ; Jewish Fellowship. 40 J l i o f950 POLLEY, Ruth J., Brooklyn— Political Science; Bridge Club ; Int. Rel. Club ; UWF. PORTNOY, Ber- nard, Brooklyn — Psycholog} ' ; Jewish Fellowship. POUKISH, Philip J., Williamsport, Pa.— Law. PRAY, Martin B., Salina, Calif. — Philosophy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Tau Theta Upsilon ; Theta Beta Phi ; Syracuse-in-China, Pres. ; Chapel, First Cabinet ; NSA ; Scabbard Blade; MSG; Jr. Class Council; Canter- bury Club: [ ' hilosophy Club; Spring Week End; Liv- ing Center, I ' res. PRICE, Lewis O., Montour Falls — International Relations ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Kappa Delta; Syracuse-in-China; Int. Rel. Clul); Methodist Fellowship. PURDY, Dorothy E., Schenec- tady — ATathematics ; Zeta Tau Alpha, Pres. ; Pi Mu Epsilon : Sr. ( luide : Chapel ; Math Club. PUTNAM, Charles S., Jr., Elmira— Sociology ; Psi Upsilon; Phi Kappa Alpha, Pres.; Jr. Class, Pres.; Orange Key. PYKE, Sheldon, Syracuse — English ; lAIA ; Alpha Phi Omega ; Tabard ; Student Union ; Chapel; Intramurals. RALSTON, Donald L., Brook- lyn — Physics ; I ' lying Club ; Men ' s Choir ; Jazz Club ; Men ' s Glee Club; Poetry Club; Riding Club; SUSKI ; Int. Rel. Club. R. PISARDA, Anthony A., Brooklyn— Chemistry ; Alpha Chi Sigma; ACS. RAPOPORT, Sally A., Larchinunt — German. RATHKE, Theodore F., High- land Palls — History; Acacia; Outing Club; Intra- nnirals. RATZBURG. Phyllis E., Ringtown, Pa.— Psychology ; Pi Beta Phi; Psi Chi; Sr. Guide. REED, Merl E., Baldwinsville — History ; Chorus. REEDER, Laura L., New " N ' ork City — Psychology ; Alpha Epsilon Phi ; Psi Chi; Huntington Club. REESE, Donald T., Elizabeth, N. J.— Political Sci- ence ; Pi Alpha Chi of Theta Alpha. REILLY, Jere- miah, Rockville Centre — English ; Daily Orange ; Sum- mer Orange; Onondagan Staff; St. Thomas More. REILLY, William T., Bridgeport, Conn. — Psychology ; IMA; Onondagan Staff. RENIS, Robert F., New York City— History ; Men ' s Glee Club; Men ' s Choir. RETZ, Louis D., Elmhurst — Zoology; IMA; Outing Club; Sr. Assembly. RICH- TER, Helen L., Richmond, Va. — International Rela- tions ; IWA ; HPA ; SDA. 402 lU cU inU RISCH, Robert R., Flushing — International Rela- tions ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Kappa Beta Phi ; Int. Rel. Club. ROHRABAUGH. Richard G., Baldwin Place— Radio; Men ' s Chorus. ROBERTS, Arthur, Utica — Psychology; Phi Kappa Tau ; Utica Club; Boar ' s Head Plays ; Sr. Exec. Council. ROBERTS, Myron S., New York City— Zoology ; Tau Epsilon Phi ; Pre-Med Society ; German Club. ROBINSON, James A., Cape Vincent — Social Studies ; Social Studies Club. ROER, Edwin M., New York City — English ; Zeta Beta Tau ; Dramatics. ROGERS, Morris R., Poughkeepsie — licrobiology ; Pi Sigma ; Speakers Bureau ; Canterbury Club. ROM- NEY, Leonard S., Bronx — Sociology; NAACP: Chapel; IZFA; Chapel Chimes. ROSE Barbara D., Newton Center, Mass. — Music. ROSE, Sheldon R., Bridgeport, Coim. — English ; Fair- field County Club; Jazz Club; WAER. ROSELLE, Gerald E., Schenectady — English. ROSEN, Edward L., Brooklyn — Political Science, transfer from Cham- plain ; Varsity Basketball. ROSEN, Irene F., Hazelton, Pa.— Psychology ; Alpha Epsilon Phi ; Psi Chi ; Panhell ; Red Cross ; Chapel. ROSENBAUM, Leo, Elmira— Zoology ; Phi Sigma Delta ; Chapel, First Cabinet ; Freshman Commission, Co-Chrmn. ; Chapel Choir ; Men ' s Glee Club ; Campus Chest. ROSENBERG, Bernard M., Paterson, N. J.— Zoology. ROSENTIIALL. William A., Brooklyn- English ; Jewish Fellowship ; Spanish Club. ROSS, Gerald, Newark, N. J. — Chemistry ; Phi Epsilon Pi ; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Pi Sigma; Red Cross; Chapel; ACS. ROSS, Richard S., Henderson — Economics. ROSS, Steve ., New York City— Physics ; IMA; Sigma Pi Sigma ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Channing Club : : Iath Club; German Club. ROTH, Rella, Yonkers— Sociolog ' ; Sigma Delta Tau. ROTHENBERG, Wil- Ham, Clifton. N. J.— Political Science; MSG; VO; Intramurals. 402 U44. 950 ROTHSCHILD, Bertram H., Brooklyn— Psychology ; Psi Chi. ROWE, David, Winthrop. Mass.— Eco- nomics ; IMA; Intramurals. ROWE. Merry, Water- bury, ' t. — English ; Alpha Gamma Delta. ROWIC, Richar l C, l ' " riendship — Geology: Geology Club; UNASC. ROWLANDS, I jrothy M., Sherrill — Geography ; IWA ; Geograjjhy Clulj : Syracuse-in- China ; Chapel. ROZNOWSKI, ' Donald M. " . Syracuse — Geography ; Pi Gamma Mu ; Geograijhy Club ; Chapel. RUDDY. Patricia M., Little Silver, N. J.— Plant Sci- ences ; Gamma Phi Beta ; Pi Sigma, Pres. ; Sr. Guide ; Chapel. RUMBLES, Barbara, Stamford, Conn.— Sociolog} ' ; Sigma Kappa ; Student Union ; Spanish Club; Lutheran Student Assn.; Chapel. RUPPE, Edward. Woodha -en — Radio ; ' AER ; St. Tlmmas More. RV.VX. Whitney II., Syracuse — English; Psi Upsilon ; Kappa Beta Phi. SACK, Jean B., New York City- Fine Arts Concentration ; W ' AA Board ; T B ; Orchesis, Pres. ; Campus Chest ; HPA. SACHS, Ber- nicc H., lialtimore, Md. — Psychology; Alpha Epsilnn Piii ; Jewish h ' ellowship ; IZF.A ; Spring Week End; Cliapel ; t ' ampus Chest. SACKS. Harold II., Xew York City— English ; Nova Club: Chapel: IZFA; NAACP ; Philosophy Club; Campus Cliest ; I- " ieldhouse h ' oundation. SAILE, Alvin W., Syracuse — Economics; Delta Tau Delta; Pi Gamma Mu; Eco. Club. SALADON, Henrietta, Cal- verton — Lalioratory Technician: I ' A ; HPA; Jewish Fellowship: XlS- ; Campus Chest. SAL.MAXOWITZ. Arlene, New York City— Soci- ology : Phi Sigma Sigma ; Chapel ; Fieldhouse Founda- tion ; UJA. SARASOHN. Sylvan H., Newark, N. J.— Chemistry ; Phi Epsilon Pi ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Sigma Pi Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta: ACS; MSG: Cam- pus Chest : Chapel ; Soph. Hop ; Skyliner ' s Club. SCHACHER, Robert B., New York City— Zoology ; Tazz Club. SCHAEFER, Betty M., Yonkers— Botany ; Alpha Chi Omega ; Chapel ; Westchester Club. SCHAPIRO, Kenneth C, Endicott — Psycholog} ' ; Zeta Beta Tau; Varsity Tennis. SCHICK, Martin, Brooklyn — Chemis- try; UNASU; Debate Club; Pre-AIed Society; Int. Rel. Club. 404 c e t€U tnU SCHIFFNER, Robert A., Wharton, X. J.— History; Varsity Football; Baseball. SCHILDKRAUT, Daniel, New York City — Zoology; Acacia; MSG; ' 50 Times. SCHILLER, Marjorie C, Syracuse — Sociology. SCHINE, Renee H., Gloversville — Fine Arts Concen- tration ; Alpha Epsilon Phi ; Syracusan. SCHLACH- TER, Christine, Jamaica — Sociology : 0 ; St. Thomas More. SCHLESSEL, Donald A., New York City — Philosophy; I ' lii Sigma Delta; I ' liilosophy Club; Intramurals. SCHXEIDERMAN, Juan, I. aurehon— Zoology : Alpha Epsilon Phi; IZFA; Chorus. SCHOENFELD. Paula AL, New York City— History ; UWF ; Jewish Fellow- ship. SCHREITER, Seymour L., Scotia — Philosophy ; Theta Beta Phi; German Club; Botany Club; Stamp Club. SCHULMAN, Arnold R., Brooklyn— Political Sci- ence ; Men ' s Glee Club ; Poetry Club ; Riding Club ; Int. Rel. Club; Jazz Club; SLTSKI ; Flying Club; Out- ing Club. SCHULTZ, Jack. Elmhurst— Political Sci- ence ; Alpha Epsilon Pi ; Daily Orange ; Debating Club. SCHUMAN, Harriet L., Hartford, Conn.— Sociology ; Iota Alpha Pi; Chapel; Triple S; IZFA. SCin " ARTZ, Phyllis G., New York City— English ; Sr. Assembly ; Campus Chest ; Bridge Club. SCHWARTZ, Sandra, New York City— English ; WAER; W. A: Chapel. SCHWARTZ, Seymour S., Yonkers — Political Science; Int. Rel. Clu1j ; I ' .ridge Club. SCIARRIXO, Thomas K., Alt. Morris— I listory ; Pi Alpha Chi ; CYO ; St. Thomas Alore ; Intramurals. SCIBIOR, Frank S., Syracuse — Russian Studies ; Kappa Sigma. SCOTT, Betty R., Syracuse— English ; Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Eta Pi Upsi- lon; Theta Beta Phi: Rho Delta Phi; Chapel, Co- Chrmn. ; ' SG ; Campus Leaders. SCOTT, Donald ' ., Syracuse— English. SCRO- BOLA. Jean M., Wilkes-Barre, Pa.— Chemistry ; Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; ACS; HPA ; Red Cross. SEILER, I. Leonard, Brooklyn — Pre-Med ; IMA; Chapel, First Cabinet; Sr. Assembly; UJA, Pres. ; Jewish Fellowship ; ACS ; Chapel ; Co-Op Council. 405 CUm «j 1950 SELTZER, Soiiia ] I., Brookline, Mass — Sociology ; IZFA; HPA; WAA. SELTZOW, Harry, Flushing- Zoology, Transfer from Hobart ; UWF; Campus Chest. ' SENDEROFF. Elliot, Passaic, N. J.— Psy- chology ; Alpha Epsilon Pi ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pres. ; Sigma Pi Sigma ; Psi Chi ; Sr. Exec. Council. SENSEMAN, Richard B., Harrisburg, Pa.— Geology ; Sigma Pi, Pres. SEYMOUR, Myrah J., West Hart- ford, Conn. — Sociology ; Delta Delta Delta ; WAA ; Huntington Club. SIEGAL, Seymour A., Brooklyn — Zoology ; Alpha Epsilon Delta ; Delta Phi Alpha ; Sigma Pi Sigma ; IZFA ; Jewish Fellowship ; German Club ; Intramurals. SHANAHAX, Neville, Jamestown — Radio; Delta Upsilon ; Tau Theta Upsilon, Pres. ; Orange Key. Pres.; IFC Bali. Chrmn. ; Radio Workshop. SHANK- LIN, Carol W., Washington, D. C. — Recreation ; Kap- pa Delta; Outing Club; HPA; Chapel. SHAPAN, Eugene II., Brooklyn — Russian Studies; Russian Club. SHAPIRO, Gloria, Miami Beach, Fla.— Psychology ; Jewish Fellowship. SHAUGHNESSY, Thomas M., LeRoy — Law; Delta Up.silon; St. Thomas More; Pre- Law Club; CYO. SHAW, Kennedy, Pasadena, Calif. — Political Science; Phi (iamma Delta: IM Alpha Tau; Varsity Crew, Mgr. ; Rowing Club. SHAW, Roy I., Pcmberton, N. J.— Political Science- Journalism. SHEA, Gordon F., Syracuse — Geography, Transfer from U. of Miami, Fla. SHERTER, June I., Newton, Mass. — Psychology; HPA; Jewish Fel- lowship; IZFA; Onondagan Staff; UJA ; WAA. SHELDON, Donald ]., Buffalo— Sociology ; Kappa Sigma; Scalp Blade. SHERWOOD, Helen F., Yonkers — Sociology; Delta Delta Delta; Huntington Club; WAA; Red Cross; Chapel. SHIRLEY, Mari- anne, Great Xeck — English : Delta Delta Delta : UNASU; WAA; Student Union. SHRIRO, Robert L., Dobbs Ferry— Psychology ; IMA; Civil Service; MSG; SDA; Activities Center. SIEGLER, Stanley W., Belleville, N. J.— Chemistry ; Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Delta; German Club. SILCOCK, Joan R., Newburgh — Sociolog) ' ; Gamma Phi Beta ; Chapel ; Sr. Exec. Council; Huntington Club; WAA; SSS. 406 den t%U SILVERIMAN, Sanfoi-d D., Yonkers— Zoology ; Tan Delta Phi ; Pre-med Society ; SUSKI ; Campus Chest. SILVERSTEIN, Carl, Richmond Hill— Mathematics ; Pi Alpha Tau; Varsity Basketball, Mgr. SILVER- STEIN, Howard, Forest Hills — Sociology. SIVER, Barbara J., Bloomfield, N. J.— Latin Amer- ican Sequence; Delta Zeta ; Spanish Club; Chapel. SLADKUS, Harvey I., Brooklyn — Political Science; Phi Epsilon Pi, Pres. ; Jewish Fellowship; MSG; Intramurals. SLAHOR, Milan, Syracuse— Bible ; Theta Chi Beta : Campus Leaders ; Chapel, First Cabi- net ; Powers Club, Chrmn. ; Bible Club. SLATER, Joan, Paterson, N. J.— English; Sigma Delta Tau ; W ' AA ; Red Cross ; Campus Chest ; Jewish Fellowship; Chapel. SLATER, Robert, Syracuse — English. SMATHERS, Frank G., Poughkeepsie— Economics; Theta Chi. SMITH, Anne G., Syracuse — English ; Alpha Omi- cron Pi ; Daily Orange ; Syrcico ; Jazz Club ; Book Mart : St. Thomas More ; WAER ; Campus Chest. SMITH, Betsey J., Riverdale, N. D.— Psychology ; Gamma Phi Beta ; WSG, Pres. ; Eta Pi Upsilon ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Psi Chi ; Cheerleader ; Campus Leaders ; NSA; Onondagan Staff; Chapel. SMITH, Frances B.. Baltimore. Md.— Mathematics; Math Club; WAA. SAIITH. Gordon W., Wesleyville, Pa. — Gymnastic Team; Varsity Club. SMITH, Joseph H., Painted Post— Mathematics : Beta Sigma Psi. SMITH, Leonard, Richmond Hill — Zoology. SMITH, Nancy J., Syracuse — English; Syrcico. SMITH, Richard E., Dundee— English-radio : " AER. SMITH, Robert V.. Binghamton— : Iathe- matics; Math Club, Pres. SMITH, " illiam E., Jr., Florence, Mass.— English ; Pi Alpha Chi of Theta Alpha, Pres.; SUSKI; Ski School Instructor. SNARE, Philip F., Chatham Cen- ter — Latin American Sequence; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Sigma Iota; Spanish Club; Chapel Choir. SOBEL, Garrison L., New York City — Philosophy; Tau Epsi- lon Phi; Theta Beta Phi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; Campus Chest; Fieldhouse Foundation; Phi- losophy Club : Int. Rel. Club. 407 CU a J950 SOKOBIN, Alan M., Newark, N. J.— Bible; Alpha Delta Epsilon ; Alpha Phi Omega ; Bible Club ; Powers Club. SPECTOR, Alan M., Atlantic City, N. J.— Psycholog} ' ; IMA; Psi Chi; Alpha Delta Epsilon; Int. Rel. Club; Spanish Club. SPENCER, Harry E.. Collins — Chemistry ; Pi Alpha Chi ; Alpha Phi Omega ; Alpha Chi .Sigma ; . ' igma Pi Sigma : Intramurals. SPIELER, Clifford, New York City— History. SPR ' ACK, Isatlore L., Montreal, Quebec — Zoology. SPIVACK, Murray I., Brooklyn — French ; French Clul) : Spanish Cluli: Italian Clul). SPOOR. Roth M., Morrisville— Psychology ; Chapel, Second Cabinet, C i-chrnin.; Psi Chi; Campus Lead- ers; Westminster l ' -llo vship. SPRINGER, Roy A., New York City — Zoology ; Symphonic Band. STAND- ING. Robert S., Bethlehem. Pa.— History ; Lambda Chi Al])ha : TivrB : Chapel Clioir : Chorus; Intramurals. murals. ST. ANGELO, Nick, Providence, R. I.— Political Science; Sigma Pi. STAPLES, William I., Brooklyn — Psycholog) ' ; Theta Chi, Pres. ; MSG ; Campus Chest ; Syracuse-in-China ; Psi Chi ; Co-op Council. STATKOWSKI, Walter M., Plainfield, N. J.— Psy- chology. STAUB, Norman C, Syracuse — Zoology ; Alpha Kappa Kappa ; Pi Mti {•]i)silon ; Math Club, Chrmn. STEEN, Kalman A., Trenton, N. J. — Economics ; Eco. Club; Chapel. ST. JAMES, Helen, Denver, Colo. —English; HPA. STRAIT, Ste])hen N., Canandaigua : Philosophy ; Beta Theta Pi; Onondagan Staff; Daily Orange; Winter Carnival ; Chorus ; Jr. Prom. STEIKER, Daniel D., New York City — Chemistry ; Tau Delta Phi ; Sigma Pi Sigma ; Symphony Orch. ; Band : : ISG : ?klen ' s Glee Club. STEIN, Samuel, Passaic, N. J. — Political Science; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Varsity Track. STERN. Robert D.. New York City— Psychology : Phi Sigma Delta ; Alpha Phi Omega ; Fieldhouse Foundation. STOBNICKE, Paul P., Oswego— Medi- cine : Delta Phi Alpha ; Alpha Kappa Kappa ; Cath- olic Choir. STONE, Leon B., Utica — Psychology: Psi Chi : WAER ; Dailv Orange. AQ de uU inU STRATTON, Donald W., Interlaken, N. J.— Political Science ; Delta Upsilon. STREET, Sally, Syracuse — I ' re-physiotherapy ; Kappa Alpha Tlieta ; City Women ' s Club ; Chapel. STROAIE, Charles B., Jr., Wilkes-Barre, F ' a. — Political Science; Alpha Chi Rho ; Scabbard Blade; ] ISG; Lacrosse; Campus Chest. STRUMPF. Larry, New York City— English. STURTZ, John R., Lovvville — Sociology ; St. Thomas More. SULLIVAN, ' irginia, Syracuse — Sociology ; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Campus Chest; WAA; Onon- dagan Staff. SURANYI-UNGER, Theodore. Jr., Budapest, Hun- gary — Economics ; Delta Phi Alpha ; Ski Instructor ; Ski Patrol; Germaan Club. SWALES, William R., Elmira — Sociology ; Alpha Phi Omega ; Powers Club. SWAN, Donald, Freeport — Geograph) ' ; Geology Club. TAFT, William H., Rome— Political Science; IMA; Poli. Sci. Club, Pres.; UNASU; Daily Orange; MSG. TANNENBAUM, Daniel, Bronx— Sociology. TEICH, Bertram, Great Neck — English; Pi Lambda Phi : Intramurals. TEMEL, Bernard J., Passaic, X. J. — American Studies ; Alpha Epsilon Pi ; Varsity Boxing; J.V. Foot- ball ; Student Union ; Intramurals. TEPPER, Rita R., West Orange. N. J. — Spanish ; Jewish Fellowship ; IZFA; UNASU; Spanish Club. THOMPSON, Howard J., New York City — Psychology; Psi Chi; Sigma Delta Chi ; Daily Orange ; German Club. THOMSON, George H., Lakeland. Fla.— Psychology, Transfer from Fla. Southern College ; Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres.; MSG; UWF. THOR, Lorraine E., Chittenango — Psychology. TOLLEY, June W., Ma- comb, III— Spanish ; p ' i Beta Phi; WAA Board; Cha])el Choir, Chorus ; Triple S : Syracusan. TREASURE, Barbara, Fulton— English ; Rho Delta Phi; WSG; Jr. Class Exec. Council; HPA; WAER ; ' itch ' s Brew ; SEGUE ; Fieldhouse Foundation. TRACHTENBERG, Eugene B., Brooklyn— Zoology ; Alpha Epsilon Delta ; Daily Orange ; Chapel ; Intra- murals. TROPE, Lois M., Charleston, W. ' a. — Eng- lish; Sigma Delta Tau; WAA; Student Union; Cam- |)us Chest : IZFA ; Jewish Fellowship. 409 (}U o{ f950 ' J ' L " RKEL, Stuart, Brooklyn — Psychology; IMA; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Sigma Pi Sigma; Psi Chi; MSG. YAETH. Jerome I l., L ' tica— History ; Lambda Chi Alpha. X ' AIKO. John, Jersey Shore, Pa.— His- tory. ' . . ]M ' :R 1 ' :]-:R, Rohen ll., X.utli Syracuse— Science; Scabbard P.lade. N Db ' .R WART. Esther, Schenectady — Psychology ; Alpha Gamma Dtlta; Psi Chi; Campus (iuides, Co-chrmn. ; Chapel, hirst Cabinet; ( )nonilagan, Jr. Ed.; Campus Leaders; WSC; IIP. ; X.XACP; Campus Chest. ' ANDER- ' 1 ' ' .L1). Leonard, Jr.. Ridgewood, N. J. — History; Scabbard Plade. ' . N ' ()()RinS, Frederick S., Jr., Saugerties— Econ .)mics-. d ertising; .Marching Band. VER- SCHOOR, ( ieorge. Mamaroneck — Economics; Delta Kappa I ' psilon : Westchester Club; Eco. Club; " (); Summer ( Irange. N ' ICTOR, Thomas W.. . c burgh--S(ici(ilogy : LM. ; N ' arsity Track; Outing Chd); U V ; Intraniurals. X ' lTlLLb:, Loretla C. .Newark, N. J.— English ; h.-dian Club; Spanish Club. N ' OSBURGId, Erank E., Kinderhook— Zeta Psi ; Scabbard Blade. WAGNER, Tobia R., Brooklyn — Fine Arts Concentration; Delta Phi h ' .psilon ; I ' .anbcll ; Chaiiel ; . ' ])anish Club. WAGONER, Richard D., Eulton— English ; Delta L ' psilon. WALD.M.W, Sheldon. Brooklyn— Psycholo- gy ; Psi Chi; Jewish Eellowsship: ]ZE. ; LIWE. WARDNER. Carolyn L., Syracuse— I ' .ible ; IWA ; Theta Chi Beta; Bible Club, Pres. ; Powers Club; Alethodist Fellowship ; Chapel. WARGER, N ' incent J.. L ' vington, N. J. — English; Alpha Chi Rho; lEC. " WARREN, Laura B., Boon- ville— English ; Chorus. WATREL, Albert, Carlstadt, N. J. — Bacteriology; ' arsity Football. WEBB, Barbara J., Endicott — Fine Arts Concentra- tion; Sr. Council; Chorus. WEEKS, Donald, Johnson City — Sociology-Advertising ; Pi Alpha Chi of Theta Alpha. WEIGERS, Edward, Brooklyn — Chemistry ; 1AL ; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Bio-med Club; Baseball. ! A Q C cftal i tU VVEINBKRC, Rositlyn j., Albany— Imuc Arts Con- centration; Transfer from Ithaca College; ' AER; Int. Rel. Club; Chapel. WEISBOND, Ray, Syracuse — -Political Science; Zeta Beta Tau ; Phi Beta Kappa: Pi Gamma Mu ; Pi Sigma Rho ; Ski Instructor ; MSG; Ski Patrol; SUSKI ; Daily Orange. WEISS, Carol L., Chestnut Hill, Mass. — English ; Alpha Epsi- lon Phi; WSG ; Sr. Guide; Trad. Comm. ; NS. : Cam- pus Chest; Daily Orange; Sr. Class Exec. Council. WESTCOTT, Malcolm R., Scrantun. Pa.— Psychol- ogy ; Phi Delta Theta ; Psi Chi ; Band. WHELER, A. Gordon, Jr., Syracuse — Physics; Phi Sigma Phi: ASCE. ' HITE, Mercer, Syracuse — I ' hilosophy ; Psi Upsilon. WHITE, (Jliver (j., Jr., Pleasantville — Bacteriology; Pi Kappa Alpha ; Pi Sigma ; Jr. Prom ; IFC, German Club ; Winter Carnival ; Chapel. WHITE, William H., Ilion— Physics. WHITMORE, Charles C, Addison— Science ; German Club. WIESENTHAL. Richard S., New York City— Eco- nomics; IMA; Eco. Club. WTLEY, William D., W ' atertown — Zoology : Delta Upsilon ; Methodist Fel- lowship. WILLIAMS, Beverly A.. Glen Ridge, N. J. —English; Alpha Phi; WSG; Chapel. WTLLIAMS, John A., Syracuse— English ; Alpha I ' hi Alpha; NAACP. WILLIAMS, Raymond E., Utica— Economics; Eco. Club; Chapel. WILSON, Mary A., Salamanca — History. WILSON, William G„ Danbury, Conn.— Political Science; Zeta Psi; Int. Rel. Club. WINNICK, Gilbert H., New Haven. Conn. — Political Science ; Zeta Beta Tau; IFC; .MSG; House Pres. ; IFC Week End, Chrmn. WINTERMUTE, Thomas J., Horseheads— Geology; IMA; Geology Club; Men ' s Glee Club. T 1 HERELL, Roger C, .Salamanca — Journalism- English ; Acacia ; Marching Band ; Symphonic Band. W(JLCOTT, Dean, Buffalo— Geology ; Phi Delta Theta ; Civil Service ; IFC ; Lacrosse ; JV Football. WOLF, Sylvia F., Syracuse — Psychology ; Psi Chi : Phi Beta Kappa; xAlpha Kappa Delta, Pres. 471 M e%cii tnU WOLF, Emanuel, Brooklyn — Economics ; IMA ; Eco. Club; UNASU; Football. ' WOODFORD, Robert H.. Marcellus — Sociology ; Alpha Kappa Delta. WOOD- RUFF, Jean L., Newton, Mass. — Fine Arts Concen- tration ; Pi Reta Phi: French Club; SUSKI ; Int. Rd. Club: .Soc. of . rts Letters. WOODS, Ann, Syracuse — Sociology : . lpha Chi Omega; WA A : ' Inid. Comm. : Citv Women ' s Club. WOODSIDi;. Philip R., Summit, ' X. J.— Geology; IMA; Geology Club: L " Alliance Francaise : Chapel. WOOL, Myra, P ' niontown, Pa. — Economics: Phi Sig- ma Sigma: 1ZI- " A: Club: W. . : SUSKI. ' ()()LS1 ' :V. Aul.ry .. Jr.. L ' pper Darby, i ' a.— Eng- lish. ' . ' 1)1•;A , Kalph " a., I. . vvilU— Mallu-matics: Math Club. ' .Vri ' .S. Cur. Ion P.. Syracuse— English ; Syracusan : Daily rangi ' : Clmrus. YINGLING, Margaret A.. I ', X ' t.— Sociol- ogy; Alpha Kai)i)a Delta; Chapel; Student Liiion ; Ac- tivities Center. ■ iDI R, Nancy A., Wcstficld. N. J.— Sociology: ( i.unnia Phi Beta: Red Cross: Chapel. YOUN(J, Lee F., Syracuse — . nurican Ci ilizatiim : Sigma Alpha Epsilon : Pi Gamma .Mu: I ' lii Kapjja . 1- pha ; Scabbard iv- P.lade : Orange Key: Onondagan, Editor-in-Chief, ' 4 ' ' - ' . 0: Caminis Leaders: MSG; Frosh llandb()..k. ZEHRUNC;, Charlotte L., Dayton, ( ).— h ' .conomics : Delta Gamma: Chapel, First Cabinet: ( )nondagan Staff: Spanish Club; Daily Orange: Eco. Club; Sr. Guide: ZLOTKIN. Melvin, Freehold. N. J.— Sociol- ogy : Sigma Alpha Mu. ZUCKOFF, Walter ' H.. Louis- ville, Ky. — . dvertising ; Dailv Orange: Jewish l- ' ellow- ship; WAER. ! i?2 The object of tlie society is to encourage excellence in ])renie(lica! scholarship, to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of premedical education in the study of medicine, to promote cooperation and contacts be- tween medical and premedical students and educators in (levelo]Mng an adequate ijrogram of premedical edu- cation and to bind together similarly interested stu- dents. 4l SftAcloH ' Delt z First row, I. to r., S. Turkel, F. Goldstein, G. Behrman, sec; E. Senderoff, pres.; S. Sarasohn, treas.; E. Kagan. Second row, L. Henschel, W. Grimm, M. Magar, F. Hesse, E. Trachtenberg, S. Siegal. I ' ounded as a local honorary at Syracuse in 1945. Requirements include a 2.0 average in advanced politi- cal science subjects. Its purposes are to give recogni- tion to superior undergraduate work in political science at Syracuse University ; encourage further study and achievement in this field and to urge active participa- tion in the solution of local, state, national, anfl inter- national prol.)lems. 7 4 Sc 4H z tf Left to right, B. Smith, M. Noble, A. Hartnick, treas.; M. Smith, pres., J. Ballentine. " P Si H x ? i i Outer table, I. to r.. Dr. H. Seris, J. Dunette, S. Wearer. L. Katcher, M. McFeelen. S. O ' Blety. Dr. M. LaDuclir. A. Kustoff. A. Robertson. A. DiStefano. Dr. A. Balakian. D. Flynn. P. Snare. G. Gutli. Dr. W. Flemming. M. Daley. H. Mahony. H. Bullock. Dr. R. Kelcham, J. Siegel, E. Ka:anouski. C. Rose. G. Hunsohn. G. Newton. R. Ires. Inside table. G. Rogers. R. Armshwimer. M. Kil- Patrick. J. Fit;patrick. J. HellMerrit. H. Masslo, I. Fer- nandez. J. Lox. D. Rivers. Dr. J. Soffietti. Dr. A. Menut, D. Feldman, B. Bettan. A. Bobkieuicz. E. Ironson, R. Cohen, D. Mendenhall, M. Coons, E. Miller, S. Vitale. The riu Iota ChaiUer of the National Romance Lan- guage Honor Society, I ' hi Sigma Iota, was established at Syracuse University in 1946. Phi Sigma Iota en- courages high scholarship and individual research in the field of romance languages and literatures and the promotion of amity between our nation and the nations using these languages. The Henry Ward Church Schol- arship, in honor of the founder, is a stipend of $500, granted every three years to any (qualified member of an ciiapter for the ])ursuanee nf graduate studies. Pc i eUHtfUi 7Ku First row, I. to r., R. Silvers, J. Barnelt, S. Stone, L Young, C. Riley, Jr., D. Peterson, S. Herman, M. Schub Second rou, I. to r., G. Smith. H. Richter, E. Bendow J. Bernicker, M. Kroll, R. David. A. Ironson. S. Hughes Third row. I. to r.. B. King. H. Silver, G. Malcome. W Hemmer. G. Halpin. G. Malkin. H. Grabino. T. Duffin A. Hartnick. E. Clifford. N. Sheresky. J. Brownell, A Paparmarkou, G. Cither, D. Dornbush, L. Nussbaum M. Mulhisen. Professor J. Burkhead, H. Kline, E. H R. H ' hite. J. Baltentine. The purposes of the Zeta Chapter of Ti ( iamma Mu, national social science honorary, are to improve schol- arship in the social studies ; to inspire social service to humanity ; to engender sympathy toward others with different o|)inions and institutions. The privilege of membership in the Society is granted to those who lia e shown unusual interest and aptitude in the social sciences. Informal discussion meetings are held fre- (|uently. The faculty adx ' isor is Jesse Burkhead. I ' i Sigma, the plant sciences honorary, was formed at Syracuse in 1948. The purpose of the organization is the promotion of scholarship and the furthering of professional interests and attitudes among the stu- dents majoring in this field. Eligibility is based on the following scholastic requirements: juniors and seniors with 2.0 in plant sciences and 2.2 for graduate stu- dents who have completed six hours of graduate work. Members are chosen on the basis of character and leadership as well. The Syracuse university chapter of Psi Chi is a mem- ber chapter of the National Psychology honorary. One of the outstanding events of the year was the convo- cation held in March giving students " inside informa- tion " on the job opportunities in the various fields of the profession. Prominent professors in the field spoke on their areas of work. Present officers are : Allan Marsliall. pres. : Howard Kaye, vice-pres. ; Elaine Miller, sec: and (lurdun Cantor, treas. First row, I. to r., C. Richberg, R. Sheldon, J. Dixon, M. Decker, M. Rcdgers, treasurer; P. Ruddy, president; I. Mydlinski. secretary; Prof. D. D. Carpenter, D. Hewel, K. Crook. Second row, D. Steward, L. Hodowski, R. Long, F. Rupp, P. Greeny, L. Mclntyre, A. Feldman, P. Borick, H. Newcomb, O. White. Third row, J. Carni- celli, J. Cox, B. Wright, J. Searle, B. Couler, R. Healy, J. D ' Agostino, F. Lugg, M. Leipsig, W. Wright, S. Berman. P (? U First row, I. to r., A. Marshall, Dr. McKee, J. Colvert, A. Pusar, E. Twining, S. Wolf, H. Kaye. Second row, H. Kaplan, H. Norris, N. Canter, S. Opalot, S. Wald- man, B. Portenoy, E. Van der Wart, R. Spoor. Third row, J. Lipsky, E. Weiner, H. Halpern, A. Larsen. H Furster, C. Nienstcdl, P. Wilson, R. Shiller, C. Robinson W. Redman. Fourth row, J. Kirkpalrick, F. Carlton, A Parlstone, S. Marcus, C. Marcus, M. Finkelstein, H Goldmen, T. Thompen, J. Sternberg, E. Podosek, K Marken, E. Miller, J. Jones, G. Gardner, G. Cantor R. Ycung. l c " THu Sp t First row, I. to r., B. Muvdi, P. Waterman. M. Schnart;, R. Heidgeed, D. Wright, C. Langenliagen, R. Cooper, R. Pennock, G. Rausa. C. Banta. D. Puedy, Professor H. C. Bennett, Miss R. W. Stokes. D. Billet. B. Miller. A. Hatch, C. Hartman. Second row, H. Yung. Dr. M. F. Rosskopj, E. Dyre, L. Thomas. V. Hamilton. M. Brody. R. Smith. M. Young. C. Livingston, F. Marschall, M. Deterding, R. Cowdery, R. Conine, P. Simmons, J. Tur- ner, L. Dion, J. Young, C. Greenberg. Third row, R. Richardson, R. Flynn. M. Chausorsky. L. Forrest, W. Glass, A. Acriros, J. Sedor. V. Erikson. R. Cowdery, C. Delaney. P. Klein. R. Holt. R. Powers. N. Alperin, M. Woncik. S. Rosing. J. Surina. E. Tenenbaum. 4 " Kci ' Deit z First row, I. to r., D. Campbell, secretary; P. Delass, vice- president; S. Wolf, president: B. Birmbaum, treasurer; M. Yingling, Dr. B. Fox. faculty adrisor. Second row, R. Woodford. C. Wille. C. McCrink. W. Breisky. F. Mattesson. E. Newhill. J. Trenery. L. Price. I ' i Alu Iqisildii. iiatinnal niatheniatics honorary tra- ternit)-. was founded at Syracuse university in 1915, and has grown until it now has nearly fifty chapters througlioul the country. The activities of the Syracuse chapter for this year have included monthly meetings at which many interesting papers were presented, initiation and banquet at the Hotel Onondaga, and sponsoring a mathematics contest for New York State high school seniors, all of which combined to make an acti c year. Under the leadership of Sylvia Wolf and faculty advisor. Dr. Byran Fo.x, Alpha Kappa Delta came of age this year and celebrated its twenty-first birthday on the Hill. The required 2.0 average in all sociology courses limited membership to a maximum of 30. Highlights of the year were: two successful banquets, a visit by the famed ethnologists, Dr. and Mrs. Rich- ard Thurnwald, and a series of discussions on the many-sided topic of group conflicts. Pricilla Delass was elected president for the spring semester. I Sc aai 0 ' 7tufi (t( 477 (}U o f950 BAER, Alary E.. Syracuse — Nursing; Agenda; Chapel; Soph Class, V.-Pres. ; Honor Conim. ; IVCF; Chorus. BERLETI-], Helen M., Huntington Station- Nursing; HPA, Honor Comm. ; Post Index; Jr. Class, V.-Pres.; Student Council, Pres. BERLOWE, Min- dall. White Plains — Nursing; Agenda; Chapel. BCRDICK, Shirley M., Binghamton — Nursing; Agen- da. Chrnni. ; Student Nurses League, Pres.; HPA; W. . : Chapel. CAMPBELL, Jean M., Mountain " iew. X. J.— Nursing. CAUFIELD, Vaughn, Pulaski — Nursing; ITPA : TTunor Conmi. ; Chajicl. CLAIR, Charlotte, Salsville — Nursing; Agenda, Pres.; Student Nurses League; Student Council. CONDIT, Nancy L., Delmar — Nursing. COOKE, Harriet R., Syracuse — Puhlic Health Nursing; Epsilon Sigma Al- l)ha ; Chapel ; Skyliners Club ; NOC. CORNNEL, Elaine, Edmeston — Nursing; Agenda; Chorus ; Post Index ; Jr. Class, Sec. ; Nurses Chorus ; Methodist Fellowship. DAVIES, Patricia, New Hart- ford—Nursing; Frosh Class, V.-Pres. D ' ESPOSO, Alatilda, Syracuse — Nursing ; Student Nurses League ; Honor Code Comm., Pres. ; Sr. Class, Pres. : HPA. DIEFENDORF. Dorothy, Glens Falls— Nursing ; Al- pha Omicron Pi; HPA. EARLES, Virginia, Central Bridge — Nursing; Agenda. ESSOM, Janet I., Mara- thon — Nursing ; Agenda ; Nurses Chorus. FALLON, Patricia AI., Syracuse — Nursing: Kappa Delta Chorus ; St. Thomas More ; City Women ' s Club ; Soph Class, Sec. ; Student Council. FELPER, Beverly, Springfield, Mass. — Nursing ; Jr. Class, Pres. ; Soph Class, V.-Pres. ; Agenda ; Student Council. FOSTER, Marilyn J., Kingston — Nursing; IWA ; Chapel Board ; Campus Chest ; Methodist Fellowship. FROEHLICH, Eileen K., Syracuse— Nursing; Post Index ; Honor Code Comm. ; IZFA ; Chorus. GIL- LESPIE, Anna C, Pitman, N. J.— Public Health Nvirsing. 478 Ttu n mf GRAY, Anne S.. Greene — Nursing; Nurses Clinrus : Chapel. HARTMANN, Madeline, Garfield, N. J.— Nursing ; Agenda ; St. Thomas More. HOLDEN, Anne D., Sherrill — Nursing; Sr. Class, Sec. HOUSE, Jeanne T., Syracuse — Nursing; City Wom- en ' s Club; Nurses Chorus. JOHNSON, G. Marion, Minerva — Nursing; Agenda; Baptist Fellowship; Chapel ; Nurses Chorus. LACY, Elzada, Schenectady — Nursing ; Methodist Fellowship ; Stepsinging. LANPHEAR, Mary L., Syracuse — Nursing ; Agenda ; Student Council. LEVINE, Judith Z., Auburn, Alass. —Nursing. LUETCHFORD, Norma, Solvay— Nurs- ing ; Nurses Chorus ; Int. Rel. Comm. LYNCH, Irene, Dewitt — Nursing; Theta Phi Alpha; St. Thomas More. MADOWSKY, June, Somerset, Mass. — Nursing ; Agenda ; Post Index ; Nurses Chorus ; Student Council ; Sr. Class, Sec. McALLISTER, Mary J., Concord, N. H. — Nursing ; Sr. Class, ' ice-Pres. MURPHY, Colleen V., Johnsonburg, Pa. — Nursing; IWA; Outing Club. MUR RAY, Donna, Syracuse- Nursing; Soph Class, Treas. ; Post Index, Ass ' t Ed. MURRAY, Patricia, Pulaski — Nursing; Chapel. NICHOLSON, Joan, Gloversville— Nursing ; Chorus ; Post Index; HPA; Soph Class, Pres. ; Honor Code Committee; Student Council. NOWAK, Janet M., Canadaigua — Nursing. OLIVER, Helen L., Washing- ton. D. C. — Nursins; ; Agenda. REDMOND, Ellen, Evans Mills— Nursing. RIEDE, Marilyne, Belleville, N. J. — Nursing; Queen of Nurses, X ' alentine Ball, ' 49 ; HPA. ROSE, Priscilla, New York City — Nursing; Honor Comm.; Chapel; HPA. 479 SEA ' EY, Florence, Gouverneur — Nursing ; Methodist Fellowship; Sr. Class, Treas. : Chapel. SHELTON, Martha D., Fredonia — Nursin.t; ' : Alpha Omicron Pi. SHUTTS, Pauline L., Plannibal — Nursing ; Post Index. MNCENT. Shirley. W ' atertown— Nursing. ULL- RICH, liarriet, Voinigstown — Nursing; Honor Comm. Wlirri ' " . Cariil ' ., La Fargeville — Nursing; Soph. Class Exec. Council; HPA. W ' LKINS, Dorothy L., Newburgh — Nursing; Nurses Chorus ; stepsinging. WILSON. Nancy J.. Westboro, Mass. — Nursing; Nurses Chorus; Methodist Fellow- ship ; Jr. Class, Treas. ; Sr. Class, ' . Pres. t( e6tcCa Agenda, the Nursing School honorary, has com- pleted its first year of activities since recent reorganizatiiin. Included are the initiation of new members at the tea, presenting a program on opportunities in nursing with top speakers and helping the sophoiuore class with its candlelight capping service. It is hoped that the program of the .Agenda Societv niav be broadened next vear. first ron, I. to r., J. Essom, M. Johnson, B. Flachsland. Second row, E. Cornnell, M. Lamphear, J. Madowsky. 420 ' - 4tViif I V-. i T -- I Sc aaC 0 Sfiecc 422 SfteeeA BARTLETT, Robert B., Camilliis— Radio : Alpha Ep- silon Rho ; Sigma Tau Rho ; WAER ; Dramatics. BLANEY, Gerald N., Syracuse — Radio; Sigma Chi. BLAYM(3RE, Dorothy, Alt. ' ernon— Speech Arts, BLEY, Norbert 1 ' ., Hamburg — Radio ; Men ' s Glee Club: WAER; Fieldhouse Foundation. BLOOM, Leo M., Bridgeport, Conn. — Drama; Sigma Tau Rho; Dramatics. BOYD, Chester L., Jr., Kansas City, Mo. — Drama ; Alpha Phi Alpha ; Boar ' s Head. CAAIPBELL, Edward C. Winnetka, 111.— Speech; Kappa Sigma ; Alpha Epsilon Rho ; Sigma Tau Rho ; WAER. CARNES, Arthur J., H, Narrows, N. H.— Drama; Sigma Tau Rho; Boar ' s Head. CASAMO, Anthony R., Jr., Syracuse — Speech; Dramatics; In- tramurals. CASE. E. Lewis, Baldwinsville — Speech ; Sigma Tau Rho. CHOMSKY, Alarvin J.. Brooklyn— Drama ; Rho Delta Phi; T B ; Boar ' s Head. COHEN. Harold, New York City — Drama ; Sigma Tau Rho ; Dramatics. CORBIN, Albert H., New Britain, Conn.— Drama, Sigma Tau Rho; Boar ' s Head. DELLOSA, Frances E., Lake Mahopac — Speech ; CYO ; Flying Club ; Stu- dent Union. FIRESTONE. Sandra, Brooklyn- Speech ; Iota Alpha Pi ; Zeta Phi Eta : Radio ' ork- shop. FOOTE, Barbara, Northville — Speech Correction ; HPA; Campus Chest; WWO ; Chorus. FRANKEL, Allye, Belle Harbor — Drama ; Iota Alpha Pi ; Rho Del- ta Phi ; Zeta Phi Eta ; Boar ' s Head ; T B ; Symphony Orch. GERBINO, Vincent, Valley Stream — Drama; Kappa Sigma ; T B ; Boar ' s Head. GLO ' ER, Charles T.. Jr., Alattituck— Advertising ; UWF. GORDON, Charlotte, Washington, D. C— Radio ; IWA ; Alpha Epsilon Rho ; Jr. Class, ' .-Pres. ; WAER. GOULD, Elizabeth C, Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. — Drama ; Kappa Alpha Theta ; Boar ' s Head ; ' AA ; Svracusan ; Book Alart : Children ' s Theatre. 423 U f950 HEMMELSTEIN, Anita, Chicago, 111.— Speech; Sigma Delta Tan ; Campus Chest ; Radio Workshop ; Student Union. HOWELLS, Millicent, Gouldsboro, Pa. — Drama ; Chi Omega ; Zeta Phi Eta ; Boar ' s Head ; City Guides: Chapel, First Cabinet. HUTCHINGS, Robert, Attica — Speech-Radio ; Sigma Beta ; WAER ; Dramatics. JOHNSON. G. Alan. Syracuse — Radio; Pi Kappa Alpha ; Kappa Beta Phi ; Phi Kappa Alpha ; Pi Alpha Tau ; IFC, Pres. ; Boxing Mgr. ; Frosh Class, Treas. JONES, Bettie L., York, Pa.— Speech : Alpha Chi Omega: Chapel; l ' " lying Cluli; Chape! Clmir. KAR- SEN, Barbara J., Long Beach — Political Science; Sigma Delta Tau ; N ' arsitv Debate Team; IRC. KRAMER. Jennie L., Blooming Grove — Speech; WAER: A. . LA CLAIRE, Robert S., Johnson City — Speech ; Sigma Nu ; Soph Hop. LESNICK, Michael T., Cortland — Radio ; Lambda Chi Alpha ; WAER: Segue; Radio " Ham " Club; Outing Club; Russian Club ; T Society ; Daily Orange ; Camera Club. LIAA ' . Riiscmary. I ' " reepnrt — Drama: Alpha E])silon Phi : L " J A : UWh " ; Syracu.san. LLORD, Gerald, Jersey Mills, i ' a.- Drama. LYONS, Richard C, Maplewood, N. J. — Radio: Phi Kappa Psi ; Alpha Epsilon Rho, Pres. of S. U. Chai.k-r and National; WAER; IFC Ball. Chrmn. MALLERY, Mary I... Howes Cave— Speech Drama ; Delta Zeta; A. . : Frosh Handbook; WAER; Chapel; Onondagan Staff. McALLISTER, Ellen J., Rome— Speech ; Zeta Phi Eta. McCANN, Francis T., Astoria — Radio; Sigma Tau Rho, Pres.; WAER; JV Basketball ; Intramurals. MENEFEE, Peggy, Baltimore, Md.— Drama ; Zeta Phi Eta : Boar ' s Head ; Jr. Guide ; Dramatics. MEOLA, Dolores A., Middletown — Drama; T B ; Boar ' s Head; WAA; Christmas Pageant, ' 46. MOORE. John J., Towanda, Pa. — Drama ; Sigma Tau Rho ; Boar ' s Head ; T B. MCIR. Alexander M., Paterson, N. J. — Radio; WAER ; ROTC. NELSON, John L., New York City — Radio ; Alpha Sigma Phi ; WAER ; Daily Orange : IFC; Philosophy Club. PANAGES, Alicia ' M., Port- land, Me. — Radio ; Chi Omega ; Alpha Epsilon Rho ; Zeta Phi Eta; Sr. Guide; HPA; Student Union; Chapel ; WAER ; Boar ' s Head. 424 SfreecA PARNELL, Jeannie, Piffard— Speech ; VA. ; Chapel; UWF. RITCHIE, Barbara J., Harlfonl, Conn. — Radio; Kappa Etelta; Alpha Epsilon Rho ; Zeta Phi Eta; WAER ; Jazz Club; Designers in Sound; St. Thomas More; WAA. ROSEN, Charles R., Newark, N. J.— Radio; WAER; TV Society. SACHS, Aline J., Wilmington, Del. — Speech, Bridge Club ; Elmira Club. SHALLECK, Alan ]., New York City — Drama ; Tau Delta Phi ; Sigma Tau Rho ; Boar ' s Head. SMITH, Ronald D., Rochester— Drama ; Phi Kappa Psi ; Chapel ; Boar ' s Head. SPERLING, Gerald J., Buffalo— Speech ; Phi Ep- silon Pi : Alpha Epsilon Rho ; WAER ; Segue ; Chil- dren ' s Theater. STILLER, Gerald, New York City- Drama ; Tau Delta Phi ; Sigma Tau Rho ; Boar ' s Head ; T B. STROUGH, Jean, Rome— Speech; Chi Ome- ga ; WAA ; Soc. of Arts Letters ; Student Union : Chapel ; Methodist Fellowship. TAYLOR, William H., Stroudsburg, Pa.— Speech : Beta Theta Pi. URDANG, George M., Utica— Radio- Journalism ; Daily Orange ; Syracusan ; Fieldhouse Foundation. VAN ZUILEN, Jean, Forest Hills- Speech ; Women Vets. VENHO, Harold V., Ashtabula. O.— Radio, transfer from Muskingum College ; Sigma Tau Rho ; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Phi Mu Alpha; WAER; Music Direc- tor; T B; Chapel, First Cabinet. WAHL, Barbara, Brookline, Mass. — Speech ; Sigma Delta Tau, Pres. ; Sr. Assembly ; Syracusan ; Jewish Fellowship ; IZFA ; Campus Chest. WAITZ, Joselyn, Short Hills, N. J.— Speech ; Alpha Omicron Pi ; Boar ' s Head ; WAA ; Chapel ; Book Mart, WEISMAN, Joel M., Woodmere— Radio ; Phi Ep- silon Pi ; Radio Workshop ; TV Society ; Soph Hop : In- tramurals. WERMAN, Judith. Hewlett— Speech. WRIGHT, Donald L., Rochester— Radio : Phi Kappa Psi ; WAER ; Chapel ; Marching Band : Civil Service ; Genesee Vallev Club ; Intramurals. 425 l,erry .Stiller Icarvs ho« Over the airways. eta ' P c St First row, left to right — 5. Macy, Mrs. H. Kline, M. Howells, .4. Panages, E. McAllister. Second row — S. Fire- stone, S. Anthony, P. Menefee, A. Frankel, B. Ritchie, R. Selsky, A. Wallace. Zeta Phi Eta is a professional fraternity for women in the field of speecli arts. It strives to render both loyalty and service to the university. " Zeta " helps to do this by fostering sound scholarship and promoting good fellowship and friendliness within the student 1)1 idy. This year Delta chapter again sponsored the annual School of Speech tea for freshmen, the tra- ditional Christmas pageant and the second School of Speech weekend. " Zeta " supports worthy speech and dramatic enterprises. i ct f aiie 427 Standing, I. to r., R. Slurges, R. Fine, G. Gualtieri, C. Weiss, W. Archbold, M. Zausner, A. Friedman. Silting, I. to r., A. Raskin, E. Miller, R. Faselt, J. Berger, E. Senderoff. Sc»tCa% la The class of the half-century started its freshman year the same as almost every other freshman class — win- ning the tuj, ' -()f- ar fnmi the sophomores — bnt as it swung into its final year there were three things notable about it. It was the first class since the war not to have a majririty of veterans in it, it was the largest hoh Faselt, president Greg Gualtieri, vice-president I 07 Jean Berger, secretary Bill Archbold, treasurer class in the history of the university and it was also the poorest. At the start of its last year the class found itself saddled with a debt of more than $1,300. The most pressing and immediate problem was the class debt. Marty Zausner edited a book containing the best songs and cheers of Syracuse and the class made over $200 selling it to students and alumni. The execu- tive council hesitantly levied class dues of 50 cents on each senior, but with a minimum of grumbling and a maximum of cooperation, ' SOers forked over, and by midyear they decreased their debit by more than half. By the time the strictly formal Senior Ball is held on Saturday night of Spring ' eek End, it is expected that class treasurer Bill Archbold will be able to make black entries in his books. But the Senior Class is not concerned only with im- mediate problems. Plans are underway for class re- unions and tentative work has started to make their fiftieth reunion — in the year A.D. 2O0O — the biggest thing to hit Svracuse in the centurv. Graduation concert on the Oral Juniors take lanterns from graduating seniors Nj .... - fb • m l 0 ' - ■ " uaca% la The class iif ' 51 started off the year with plans for an aclix-e and eonstnictive junior year and a d naniie ieadershi]). Co-chairniened hy Carol Andres and I lerli Rosenberg, the junior I ' rcjni had h ' .liot Lawrence tor music, " Sen- timental journey " tor a theme, and Saturday night of Colgate Weekend for its date. Tile dance was keyed not only to the undergrads, hut also to the hun- dreds of alumns returning to their alma mater for Syracuse ' s thirtl homecoming weekend. Close to 3.000 people crowded the floor of the West Jefferson Street Armory to dance to Lawrence ' s music and watch the ( )range Key tapping and the awarding of the Colgate foothall trophy. The dancers poured enough shekels into the till to enable class treasurer Glenn Dennis to dip into the black ink. The juniors also made the headlines with their $300 l)ledge to the " ( )n, " preparations for a junior women ' s honorary and a class night. Arrangements for the class gift, a statue of the Saltine Warrior to be erected in front of the Fieldhouse. were begun, too. So as the moving-up day rolled around, the Class if ' 51 could not only liMjk forward to a great senior vear, but also look Ijackward to an active and constructive jimior vear. first row, left to right — G. Dennis, C. Johnson, D. Polley, S. Horowitz, J. Shepard. Second row, left to right — P. Naber, M. Elfin, R. Lemer, J, Fonder, C. Noselson, R. Shogan, P. Wright. (Jrange Key is Syracuse ' s Junior Men ' s Honorary. The year started with a rush for the ten Key nienihers, under the leader- shi]) (it president Mark Shepard, when they returned early in the fall to take charge of the sale of Fresh lids. The ne.xt big event was Colgate Weekend, a record- smashing poster contest, Ixinfire, - , and pep rally indicated that the . ' hard work Orange Key members ' - ' put into it was worth while. The second semester brought five new Key members and the Block S Banquet. This year ' s banquet featured, in addition to its regu- lar function of awarding athlefic letters and awards, Adol])h Rupp as chief speaker. Throughout the whole year there was the job of greeting visiting teams and mak- int; them feel at home in Syra- first row, left to right — K. Hunte, G. Rabbitt, M. Crandell, M. Sheppard, president; R. Lemer, D. Stiles, R. Wilkinson. D. C. Polley. Second row — S. Shoen, J. Kiley, Dean E. H. Faigle. D. Weill. L. Zweig. M. Elfin. R. Shogan, M. Sarray. In addition to its regular func- tions, (Grange Key imdertook sev- eral special projects to improve Syracuse University. . mong these, it introduced and carried through a plan to have Mes- trovic make a statue of Syra- cuse ' s traditional Onondaga In- dian which will stand on campus or in front of the Student Field- house. When the Oxond. g. n needed support. Orange Key guaranteed financial backing to the tune of one hundred issues. This year Orange Key has pri- marily strived to inaintain its worthy tradition of encouraging and recognizing leadership in its outstanding Junior men and jier- forming services for Syracuse University that will improve the university ' s present and future functioning. Elliot Lawrence and the Junior Proti 431 First row, left to right — B. Hicks, D. Hussey, S. Mendalow- ski, R. Korstredt. Second row — S. Geogkjian, N. Doane, J. Mailler, J. Tisdall, G. Axelsoti, F. Schrenzel, D. Safran. Absent — R. Feiler. Liider the Icadcrsliiji nf a slrmii; united executive council the class ni ' 52 liad a highly successful year. The first major activity was playing a part in orienting the Freshman class. The executive council saw every freshman personally, and carefully explainetl the nean- ing of class and student hody government. What stu- dent government means In you personally as well as what it means to the university were the main ques- tions answered. Trying to revive the system of hazing, the class not only executed the orientation but also in- stituted a sophomore court to mete out punishment to the freshmen guilty of misdemeanors such as failures to tip their lids to upperclassmen. The Goon Squad acting as the police force did a noble job toward en- forcing freshman laws. The court held its session just prior to the Lafayette game where many offenders were tried by the robed judiciary. The functions of the class executive council not only include representing the class to the administration and to the rest of the student body, but also include the responsibility of creating a unified group out of a dis- organized class of 3000 students who happen to have only one thing in common, their graduation in 1952. This year ' s sophoinore class made an attempt at unifi- cation by the establishment of the advisory assembly, a group of SO interested sophomores, who represented Sophomores punish freshmen for re- fusing to wear their lids. the class directly and aided in the planning and execution of class ac- tivities. The sophomore class has also been active in " cleaning " up its debt by taking over Don Safran ' s dry cleaning business for a week. In December the class paper, the " ' 52 Pickup, " under the editorship of Kurt Rhodes, ap- peared. In February, the class spon- sored the sale of university blazers which they hope to establish as a tra- dition at Syracuse, and, on March 25, they held the annual Soph Hop with music by Charlie Spivak. Congratulations to the class of ' 52 for its noble and fruitful effort to- ward unification of the class and im- provement to the university. ( 6ad4 04 ccerd R. Korstvedl, treasurer; S. Mendalow- ski, secretary; R. Hicks, president. Absent: R. Feiler, vice-president. Editor of the " ' 52 Pick- up " and Rita Feiler com- pose copy. Members of the class of ' 52 examine the new university blazer jacket First row, I. to r., J. Stern, M. Ep- stein, R. Delia Pasta, A. Mayo, J. Britton, E. Frankfurt. Second row, S. Grossman, P. Rayno, R. Stine, T. Car- ter, K. Goekjian, G. Herer. Tlu ' I ' rcsliman Class s viftl - made tlicir appearance known in the Mill last Seplenilier when thousands of orange lids were seen dottinij the cain])us. The first class in many years to lie the " straigiit out of hiji;h school crowd " hrout, ' !)! hack to Syracuse the old ' " Col- lei e Joe " traditions. The class showed its independence when, in the fresh- men elections, they split the vote and elected a Non- partisan president and Co-op vice-president, secretary and treasurer. Evidence of the class " unity could be seen when, at their first class convocation, they voted in full favor of fmsh lids and the freshmen placard cheerin " section. Tlu ' MX) or more frosh, the larsjest attendance at a class convo in many years, showed much enthusiasm. Immediately aft er the convocation, the class executive council started working. They formed a " Frosh Prob- lems Committee " representative of all freshman living centers plus the city students. This committee brought all .t;ri])es from the class to the eyes of the council, anfl through them, to the administration. Through the efforts of this committee, more cleaning utensils for .Skytop dorms were secured, dining hall conditions were improved, a new Skytop bus shelter was erected, and the universitv bus schedule was improved. Ballet satire at Big Chum Party for new coeds Under the heading of dining hall cunditicjns, the frosh went all-out to discover just exactly what their class wanted. A vote was taken among the freshmen and it was discovered that the majority of the group were against mixed seating. However, through ' 53ers, a new system was initiated, where a student forgetting his meal ticket might pay a small deposit in order to avoid missing his meal. Conforming with the Christmas spirit, the freshmen started their own caroling program. With torches of light and raised voices, the eager crowd walked the streets and serenaded the cottages. During the same month, a group of spirited frosh published their own pai er. " ' S3 Flyer, " a project which, because of lack of funds, could not be continued. The class also con- tributed to the university ' s Fieldhouse Foundation drive with many representatives working as committee ch;iirnien and nicml)ers. In January, plans for the big event, " Freshman Weekend, " were in the making. From the flood of applications for com- mittee jobs. Bill Persky and Janice Sears were selected as the general co-chairmen. The week- end of April 1 exempli- fied the freshman spirit. A new tradition, a color war 1 let ween the dorms, was instigated. The " Fools Fantasy " week- end was a hit ; the " M o o n Mis t " semi- formal held at Sims, the open house, the sports events and talent shows, the informal dance, and the Chapel events made the weekend one filled with fun and excitement. Thus ending their year, the frosh class looked forward to " moving-up day " when they, as new sophomores, could wel- come the prospect of " big brothering " a new batch of enthusiastic freshmen. First row, A. Mayo, rice-president; M. Epstein, secretary. Second row, J. Brilton, treasurer; F. Delia Posia, president. Orientation wear Class Officer 435 First row, I. to r., A. Johnson, L, Taub, R. Faselt. Second row, R. Carpenter, C. Putnam, L. Young, A. Johnum. R. Carpenter, W. Rubin. C. Putnam, F. Miller, L. Taub. R. Faselt. ' I ' lic oldest senior men ' s honorary at Syracuse cele- hratcil another fine year on the Hill featured by the re- institution of sub-frosh weekend. The program is de- signed to get outstanding high school seniors at Syra- cuse and will l)e a yearly ])rcicedure. Other activities carried out by I ' hi Kajipa . l])ha were the presenta- tion nf the I ' hi Kap Keg to Colgate in token of their atiiietic supremacy last year, service as ushers at the Testimonial dinner for coaches Andreas and Simmons, and the responsibility with V.U Pi L ' psilon for the Spring Weekend pnigrani. I ' hi Kappa Alpha was fimnded in 18 ' ' and has each year selected the eight nutstanding seniors at Syracuse to perpetuate the organization. These men are picked on the basis of scholarship and service to the Univer- sity. The purpose of the group is to weld together in f riendshij) the outstanding men of the class in the hope that they will be united as loyal alumni. That this pur- pose is being continually achieved is illustrated by the loyalty of the ahunni lx)th to the school and the or- ganization. This year Phi Kappa Alpha was headed by Chuck Putnam and included Bob Faselt, Red Carpenter, Stub- by Miller, Lee Young, Tim Curley, Lee Taub, and Al Johnson in its membership. First row, I. to r., A. Davidson, secretary; J. Lines, president; Dean Hilton; M. Coons, rice president; G. Gardner, treasurer. Second row. N. Turner; T. A. Howard; B. Smith; M. Noble; R. Clark; B. Strong; B. Lore; V. Pastushan; D. Arnold; B. R. Scott; J. Manning. A series of projects to raise money for the establishment of a scholarship fund has highlighted the past year ' s activities of Tau Theta U])sil )n, senior men ' s hon- orary. l- ' oremost among these were the sale of Christmas cards and the recording and selling of a new album of Syracuse songs, entitled " Syracuse Sings. " The record- ings were made by RCA ' Victor but other- it was an entire Syracuse enterprise. Various musical and vocal groups per- formed, a Hill student designed the cover, and Tau Thet did the selling. Proceeds were also used to help wipe out the sen- ior class debt. In addition, the honorary aided in the running of Spring Weekend along with the other senior honoraries. Tau Thet also sponsored a series of orientation slides for incoming freshmen in the fall in cooperation with the Audio-visual center. E.xact details about the scholarship fund have not been announced yet but it is hoped the award can be begun in 1954, the 50th anniversary of Tau Thet. When three of the original 1950 group graduated in January, four new members were selected, making this year ' s mem- bership total 12. The new members, in addition to those shown in the photo- graph, are ' ' illiam Archbold, Arnold Friedman, Richard Lyons and Martin Prav. first row, I. to r., C. Marti, N. Shanahan, H. Dreiisnack. R. Sturge. Second row, L. Mitchell, S. Norenstern, J. Ballentine, B. Johnson. Each year the three senior honoraries, Tau Theta Upsilon, Phi Kappa Alpha, and Eta Pi Upsilon are the co-sponsors of Spring Weekend. Through the work of these three groups, this weekend, in a few short years, has become one of the most outstanding events in the life of the students " on the Hill. " 5e Pc Eta Pi Upsilon, the senior women ' s honorary, began its fifty-second year at Syracuse this year. Its mem- bership is chosen on the basis of leadership, scholar- ship, character, and service. As leaders of the women ' s organizations and activities on campus, they worked to- ward the cooperation of all women students with each other and with the university. Dean Hilton laecame this year ' s inspiring advisor and with Dean Smith joined in Eta Pi ' s varied activities to foster a greater spirit of loyalty to the university. Under the leadership of Joan Lines, as president, the members of Eta Pi have initiated plans for im- provement of the appearance of the campus, and have worked with the Building and Grounds and Planning committees toward that goal. Having become interested in the graduation pro- cedure as Eta Pi juniors ushering at commencement, they set up a committee to carry suggestions for the improvement of those e.xercises to the Graduation com- mittee. They also planned a booklet to tell seniors about the procedure, the meaning behind the exercises, and information aliout the commencement week events. Sponsoring Spring Weekend with the senior men ' s honoraries is the traditional and largest function of Eta Pi. Beginning with the " omen ' s convo in April, plans for the spring festivities begin to materialize and take the time and energy of the Eta Pi members until their appearance in the Queen ' s Court at the Spring Weekend Pageant. S fining 7{ ee S Top left: Heralds on mount rode over campus at 7 a.m., Betsy Smith in the lead, to greet visitors and sleepy coeds to the " 1949 Gold Rush. " It ' s Women ' s Day, Moving-up Day and Spring Week End at Syracuse. Top right: Cheerleaders lead the pa- rade of floats around and out the Old Oval. Delta Upsilon Delta Gamma 440 May Queen Marge Hunt and her court of Eta Pi Upsilon sisters reign through the after- noon in Thornden Park. Sfi%m T ee e ct Kappa Alpha Thela ( U l cc i a( ' 49 At sunset seniors hand down lanterns to juniors in the tradilioytal Lantern Ceremony. Outdoor art short and sale on Max- well lawn. Gabe Josephson and his " Vic the Vet " was the main attraction. Beta Theta Pi Fieldhouse Foundation Tau Epsilon Phi 44Z ti ' ' ' Soft voices heard across campus at dusk came from the Chapel steps. Haven Hall won the step-singing com- petition for the third straight year. Pageantry as light and dramatic as the spring air in the Amphitheatre. A Life photographer in grey slacks and white blouse was the most conspicuous girl of the day. MllOH FRIEHDIV HOT FOLKS CRYJOLLEYS FOR F. " Kappa Sign Pi Lambda Phi 443 Sfinm Sfu nt eic% e ZvpW. Bob Severance 1gr.: Mike Zuk A powerful Piety lacrosse team brought S -racuse lacrosse fortunes to their high- est peak since 1922 and aroused the greatest fan interest of any of Bill Orange ' s spring sports. Coach Roy Simmons ' stickmen. celebrating the 30th anniversary of the sport at Syracuse, swept through a tough schedule of fourteen games, losing only one, and that at ' est Point to an aroused Cadet team. The 1949 edition ranked second only in the history of Piety team dating back to 1916 to the great club of 1922 which cap- tured the international lacrosse championship. . ftiT tmuncing the ( )nondaga Indians, 14-6, in their unofficial home opener, the lacrossemen made a short trip to New York and New Jersey to meet CCNY and Rutgers. At CCNY, with three sophs. Jack Britton, Warren Hyde and Jim DeNicola, making an im|)ressive debut, the ( ' range thuniiied the New Yorkers, 17-7. The next day. in ibe lair of the Queensmen, tliey trimmed Rutgers, 17-9. Riding the crest of three straight victories. Coach Simmons and his lacrossers returned home to Hen- dricks field to face an impressive alumni lineup. The alums were no trouble as the varsity totalled up an easy 18-7 victory. Id another tally for the Orange team. Soph Jack Brilton sets up a scoring drive against RPI. 4 .-Mp " : Dartmiiuth. New ] " .ni;laiKl champs, came roaring up Piety Hill in a vain attempt to avenge a 9-8 upset last season at Hanover. In the season ' s most slanihans; encounter, the Orange staged a f.nal-half drive to trip the Big Green stick wielders, 17-12. George Cody and Warren Hyde were the big guns in the Saltine attack, banging home four goals apiece. After a tight opening half, the Hillmen opened up with five goals in the third period to put the game mi ice. A victoryless Union team gave the Saltines a good measure of trouble for two quarters but were overcome in the second half, coming out on the short end of a 14-7 cDvc. At IVnn . ' tate to meet an old nemesis. Bill . rchbol(l scored twice in each half to pace the Orange- men to a 12-7 victory over the ever-troublesome Xittany Lions. The victory was secured in the second period by five quick Piety tallies. Kill ,. « .« . ' . fi, . . .4,.; jf. ' V . } j WCto ■ ' ' •-v : ( Coanh Kuy Simmons and llie numbers 1. ihc 1949 Syra- cuse lacrosse team which ranked with the best in the nation. %c t Cacxo c tc€i»tt cutcC a xca t c cic The Cadets of West I ' oint got off to a stRnig first half against the invading Pietymen to cut short a 7-game winning streak. Army won by a 13-11 score, hold- ing onto their lead despite a strong second half rally by Syracuse. Syracuse rebounded from this defeat the following game with an easy afternoon ' s romp over a weak Cortland State Teacher ' s team. Scoring at ease in every period, the . " altine stickers racked up a 20-6 win. After the first half. Coach Simmons sent his first and second teams to the showers and let the reserves have a field day. Sophomore Jack Britton was the big gun the following Saturday as the Orange toyed with a weak Sampson team at the Sailors ' home field. Britton tailed four times, three in the second quarter, and racked up four assists. In garnering win number nine, the regulars again saw little action. A heavy downpour delayed the start of Syracuse ' s meeting with Cornell on Hend- ricks field, but it hardly stopped the Orange attack as the homesters hit a seventeen point total for the sixth time, while holding the Big Red to seven tallies. Cornell got four of its points in the final quarter. A4Z And then came the cHmactic game of the season, RPI. Eastern lacrosse powerhouse and former Olympic rep- resentatives. With 4000 fans jamming Hendricks field, the Orangemen outscored RPI by three points in the second period and won by a similar margin, 16-13. Yash Podbielski and Jim DeNicola each scored three times to pace the Orange upsetters. The rest was easy for the Orange. Maintaining their regular habit of scoring in double figures they romped to 15-2 and 10-3 wins over Hobart and Colgate to wind up a great season and promise an even greater one for the half century mark. Three Orange stars. Sev- erance, Castle and Smith. Here ' s one that failed, RPI goalie blocks scoring thrust. tr. %CIC Neil Pratt outruns the nation ' s best runners to cop the 1C4A one mile race at Randall ' s Island. Two iild iiiii iTsil_ - track records were eclipsed ;ind an luisteni title was won by Coach Moll ( Irii-ve ' s thinclads in ccjtiipilin ' tlieir second consecutive undefeated dual meet season. TwD-niiler Dick Church smashed a 22-ycar-old Hill record, turning in a 9:23.2 race against lloston uni ersity at Boston. This hroke (ling Louck ' s 9:28.2 effort which had heen a Syracuse record since 1927. Johnny Revelle became the other Hill record-breaker when he high jumped 6 feet 5] ' 2 inches a.ijainst Colgate in the annual clash between the two rivals in Archbold stadium. I! ii . ' ' rft4 4 i - " a Piety ' s miler Neil Pratt wound up an excellent dual meet season by capturing the IC4A mile at Randall ' s Island in 4:16.4. Coach Grieve ' s men opened their season in the Seton Hall relays at Newark. The Orange 4-mile relay team of Alex Perritt. Jack Warner, Dick Church and Neil Pratt took first place in a driving rain in the excellent time of 18:1 ' ).6. The 2-mile relay team of Ed Poreda, Don Sawyer, Pratt and the late Keir Fitzgerald finished second behind Manhattan. Record-breaking Princeton and Villanova edged out the team of John Kahrs, Fitzger- ald, Capt. Clem Green and Church in the distance med- ley event. Revelle tied for second in the high jump witli Jim (iillcrist of Manhattan. In their second uuting, the Orangemen broke a 12- year-old jinx to capture the distance medley race at the Penn relays in Philadelphia. The team consisted of Kahrs, Fitzgerald, Church and Pratt, whose brilliant anchor mile of 4:14.2 sparked the victory over NYU and Princeton. r)ther rjrange point winners were Sawyer, who placed fifth in the 400-meter hurdles, and Warner, who was fifth in the 2-mile event. Johnny Revelle tied for seconfl in the high jump, and the 4-mile relay team placed fifth in their race. The thinclads took 13 of 15 first places in defeating Boston University, 106-24, in the first dual meet. Dick Miller vaults over the bar. Besides Church ' s record-breaking performance, Neil Pratt and Johnny Reveelle also broke Boston marks. Pratt ran a 4:14.7, while Revelle high jumped 6 feet 4 inches. Top Orange point-getter for the meet was Lukens, who took second in the 120-yard high hurdles and won the javelin throw and broad jump for a total of 13 points. Completely sweeping four events, the thinclads next rolled past a fighting Rutgers squad, 81-58. The Orange completely swept the 220-yard dash, the half- mile, mile and 2-mile events. Sawyer set a new Rutgers record for the 220-yard low hurdles, covering the dis- tance in 24.5. Sawyer was high man for the Orange with a first in the 220-yard hurdles, a second in the 120 hurdles and a first as a member of the winning 2-mile relay. The last dual meet of the season pitted those two old rivals of upstate New York, Syracuse and Colgate, on the Archbold cinders. The Orange continued their domination of the opposition by taking nine of the fourteeen first places to down the Red Raiders, 81-45. Revelle ' s record-breaking performance in the high jump upheld the Syracuse tradition of breaking at least one record in each meet. The I ' iety trackmen completely dominated the mile run and broad jump. Pratt. Weaver and Green placed It i Sawyer leads Stan Beckett and Colgate man in low hurdles. M Miter Pratt doing his daily turn on the Archbold track. it n m ' in that order in the mile, as did Lukens, Revelle, and footballer Bernie Custis in the broad jump. The only Sj ' racuse double winner was Don Sawyer, who cap- tured the 120-yard high hurdle and 220-yard low hurdle events. The last team outing for the Orange was the IC4A ' s, held in New York. Against some of the best teams in the East, the Grievemen finished eighth in a field of twenty-five. The Syracuse contingent garnered eleven points on a first and third place in the mile run, won by Pratt and Weaver, and a third in tlie 2-mile by Church. In capturing the IC4A mile, Pratt outran the best collegiate milers in the East to become the only Orange- man to qualify for the NCAA tourney at Berkeley, California. In the nationals, Pratt made a favorable showing against the best runners in the country. Top point winners for the season were Ed Lukens, Don Sawyer, Church, Pratt and Johnny Revelle. ' • ' ■ -«.i « «, k Ned Ten Eyck ' s last season as Syracuse crew coach was not a haijpy one. From a late Ijeginning to a sad finish the Orange was j)lagued hy a variety of maladies ranging from personal injuries to opposition by the forces of nature. From amongst all these difficulties the Orangemen managed to salvage one victory in five major outings to write a sad finis to the Ten Eyck story. I " .atl in llu- I ' ietymen ' s cold-shortened and ahbrcviated training season. Hans ' ■ ' liitc " Uricssnack. outstanding stroke on the promising frosh team of 1947 and innt ' r of the " DeNil ' s ( )wn " cup in 1948, was lost to the varsity with an arm injury and was demoted to the stroked position on the second Ijoat, Helms. Bill Wilson steppeil into the stroke joh on the varsit ' shell Thurston. Throughout the year the varsit} ' and jay-vee boats were almost etjual in performance and there were few lineup changes until the latter part of the season. Bill Denton was stroke on the freshman boat. Part of the large turnout which saw eleven crews race on Lake Onondaga for the EARC title. The frosh crew rons in perfect harmony on Onondaga Lake. r w " . Syracuse opened its season in April against Cornell. The race was originally scheduled for the full 4-mile distance on Lake Onondaga hut was moved into an ahhreviated three-quarter-mile course on the narrow lake runway when a heavy rainstorm made the waters too choppy for competition. Cornell ' s Big Red sweep- swingers won all three races. The Thurston held a half length advantage at the midway point, but was unable to cope with a strong Cornell closing effort in the midst of the day ' s heaviest rainpour. It was a success- ful return to Rutgers for Ten Eyck, who had coached the Scarlet from 1933 to 1935. Syracuse celebrated " Ned Ten Eyck Day " on the banks of the Raritan by turning in a dual victory over the Scarlet forces. Two thousand onlookers saw the Thurston win by two yards while the Helms romped home four lengths ahead of its opposition. , week later the I ' ietymen journeyed tn ISoston to I Orange shell makes a pretty picture on the sunlit lake. face Boston University. The Terriers, fresh from an all-winning southern trip, outclassed the Orange, flash- ing across the line 2.2 seconds ahead of Syracuse. Syracuse played host to eleven coaches in niid-AIay for the fourth running of the Eastern Sprint champion- ships of the Eastern Association of Rowing colleges. Harvard ' s first-seeded crews, frosh, jay-vee and var- sity, set a record by winning all three divisions, the Rowe Cup and the Eastern Sprint title. Syracuse fans had little to cheer about as the three Orange crews were eliminated in the morning trials. In Ned Ten Eyck ' s final Poughkeepsie Regatta, Syracuse finished ninth in the race won by California. The junior varsity finished seventh in the event cap- tured by Washington. ft I . Jf- mBfH 3 .■ n S ' !l ' Above, Wilson, Perry, Kelley, Andrews, Calkins, Sam- mon, McCormick, Hinkley, Borst. Front, Palmer. Below, Driessnack, Grzibowski, Weibezahl, Thompson, Wilkinson, VanDusen, Rigby, Dale, Curran. Departing Coach Ten Eyck gives final instructions to his last Syra cuse crew on Onondaga Lake. e e t S c i i. ;4 Se rcicu e %cidttco t For 45 years none but a Ten Eyck had coached Syracuse crews. Tlie Ten Eyck Story began in 1903 when James A. Ten Eyck came to Syracuse after a 3-year coaching period at Annapolis and many distinguished seasons in row- ing circles. In 1904, one year after arrival, his varsity and freshmen crews triumphed at Poughkeepsie to begin a trial of glory which ended only with the death of the • ' Grand Old Man " in February, 1938. Edward Hanlan " Ned " Ten Eyck, son of the great Jim Ten Eyck, assumed his father ' s duties the same year. True to the Ten Eyck tradition, " Ned " ' Ten Eyck had been a respected figure in American rowing and had never been defeated in singles competition. A quiet-spoken man, he placed character training above the attainment of a [perfect record. Sa all Coach: Ted Kleinhans Capt.: Bob SchifFner Mgr.: Bob Hunt Coach Ted Kleinhans and the 1949 Orange varsity. f f f f f ■ - s J r There are some years when you just can ' t win. Take the case of Ted Kleinhans and his 1949 baseball team. This might ha ve been the year for the Orange in baseball. It certainly looked like it on the strength of the ])re-season dope. For Coach Kleinhans it was the third season at Syracuse. He ' d hit a 9-6 mark in his first year and had broken even at 6-6 in 1948 and by now was fairly well acclimated to the vagaries of Syracuse athletics. A fall practice to sift spring eligibles had helped. The new batting cage erected in one of the Thompson road caverns was no fieldhouse, but it was an improvement over previous indoor facilities. And the Orange finally had its own field, a finely drained, well laid out diamond at Gallendale, this after two years of shifting from muddy Hendricks field to an almost inaccessible diamond in Liverpool. But what happened to that team shouldn ' t happen to Colgate. Hurler Paul Royar. Paul notched two wins in 1949. With 10 days of outdoor practice behind them the Orangemen weren ' t too bad in losing their opener, 5-3, at NYU. They looked better in defeating Fordham 6-5 in their second game, but from then on from the middle of April to the middle of May, they were totally out of luck. They lost seven straight, two shut- outs, three 1-run losses and several sloppy defeats. When they did start clicking it was too late to get the record above the .500 mark. The late May spurt which saw the team finish with five straight wins brought the boys a shade below the break-even point with a record of six wins and nine losses. Paul Royar, who had won five and lost one in 1948, took the loss in the opener. Sophomore Ed Williams, who was to join the Giant chain in 1950, was the first pitcher to score a win, getting credit for the triumph over Fordham. Th e 1949 pitching staff: Ed Williams, Paul Royar, Dare Bowers and Leo Hef- fernan. Mighty Ed topped his mates with three wins. 459 First Baseman John Baldn After the Raster jaunt to Xevv York the team re- turned to dedicate the new Collendale diamond. Tlie start was delayed several times but Syracuse lost its home opener to Holy Cross and started on the big slump. Thiugs got worse before they got better. Pitching was nonexistent as Cornell walked all over Paul Royar and his hapless mates to cop an 8-2 win. Williams was wild against visiting Rutgers and the Scarlet handed the Orange a terrible 15-8 trouncing. Colgate shut them out 7-0 and Ithaca edged the boys by one run, 6-5. BU out-slugged them and Clarkson added more misery with a 4-0 whitewash job. Then the picture brightened. Sophomore Ed Wil- liams came up with his second good effort, hurling a shuffled Orange lineup to a 6-2 verdict of the Larries of St. Lawrence and pulling them out of their dis- astrous slump. Syracuse again returned to Collendale and found waiting a powerful Duquesne team which had lost only one game in 12 starts. Kleinhans reshuffled the lineup, Paul Royar hit and pitched like a master, and Syracuse scored a topheavy 23-6 win. Penn State, which was boasting a win streak of 11 out of 13, was the next to fall before the rejuvenated Orange team. In the first contest of the doubleheader Kleinhans pulled a sleeper out of the hat and pitched Gerry Ackley, a member of the 1948 frosh team, whose previous experience had been three innings of relief against Clarkson. Ackley allowed three runs on three hits in the second inning and then took control of the game, allowing but one batter to reach first after the second frame. The Orange, meanwhile, put on two successive ral- lies to cop the opener, 4-3. A home run by Slovenski and a perfect squeeze bunt by pitcher Ackley put across the winning runs. In the nightcap Paul Royar pitched a three-hitter to give the (Jrange a 4-1 victory. WilHams notched win number three with a fine 2-0 victory and gave the team its final victory of the year, fur in the finale Colgate ' s Kol)lenski edged Paul Royar, 2-1, in a tight pitcher ' s duel. Paul Royar, with two wins, was number two hurler and Ackley scored one victory. Leading hitters were Al Stuhmiller with a .375 average and Stubby Miller, batting .316. I Ken Johnson leaps to avoid a sliding Ford ham Ram al third. 461 oi [ oach: Emtnett Kelly Capt.: Tony Langan Mgr.: Louis Bantle A golf team which drcijjped its opener and then went on to win eight straight games stroked the greens for Syracuse in 1949. It was a Big Red jinx called Cornell which blocked Syracuse ' s undefeated golf season for the third straight year, Cornell having pulled the same stunt in ' 47 and ' 48. In both seasons the Orange was unbeaten on its home grounds. In ' 49, playing on a new home course, Green Lakes, and under a new coach, Emmett Kelly, Green Lakes pro, the Pietymen opened at Ithaca, hoping to break the jinx, but Cornell won 5-_ ' , w ith only Jack Mollica and Harry Wareham able to score wins. After the opener, however, Syracuse was unstop- pable, and went on tn defeat Rochester and Colgate, make their home diiiut with a 4-3 revenge over Cornell, and finish nff witli traditional wins over Duquesne, Union, Penn Slate, Colgate and Rochester. Above: Tony Langan lofts a drive down the fairway. Left: The powerful 1949 varsity golfers of Coach Emmett Kelly, victors in eight out of nine matches. ' Tm kTS I Right: Victors in three of four meets were these Syracuse frosh trackmen. Below: The freshmen nine of Coach Andy Mogish, who went undefeated in 1949. tr -» S An impressive group of freshmen who should do much to maintain Syracuse power in track and field sports brought home a record of three wins in four starts for Coach Lenny Daunnhauer. The frosh cindermen opened at JManlius with an 86-36 win over the Cadets, bowed 83-48 to the Cornell yearlings, and went on to 74-57 and 80-41 wins over Colgate and Triple Cities. I •i Kn } A couple of hard-throwing pitchers, Bucky Roche and Bill Michaels, led the way for Coach Andy ] logish ' s freshman baseball team which went undefeated in six games. Roche notched four wins and Michaels got the other two. The frosh opened with a 4-1 win at Manlius, outslugged Colgate 17-13, and then went on to double victories over Ithaca and Cornell. Freshmen ' pOia P%cfe Oh! Scde . J 950 %ta Alp €i Pc fin t frncfc ck Ok d ztc c ttte t, c MMtCKd. cCOaCico-k n { i J ;4cl(Aentt iH the Orange Publishing Co., Inc. 22 Ii " ina A cnue Syracuse 10 l honc 4-1790 favorites among discreet Syracusans HOTEL SEYMOUR 359 East Onondaga Telephone 3-9459 HOTEL HAYDEN 421 East Fayette Telephone 4-9744 centra new york ' s largest clothiers LEARBURY • SUITS • TOPCOATS • OVERCOATS nisi 3 LEARBURY NORTH SALINA AT LAUREL ST SYRACUSE, N. Y 472 425 MADISON AVENUE Edward Torr Inc. PHOTOGRAPHERS NEW YORK 17, NEW YORK 473 1 JERRY ' S SUPERMARKET ONLY COMPLETE FOOD MARKET ON THE HILL 713 South Crouse Ave. next to the Syracuse Trust Co. The Heart of College Fun YES, IT ' S THE COSMO FOR THAT SAVORY FOOD AND EXCITING ATMOSPHERE THE COSMO Corner of Morsholl and So. Crouse Streets 1 ' ' I VlB ' ti B aV ' If m. JH k J ONONDAGA MUSIC CO. Inc. the complete music store 119 WEST JEFFERSON ST. SYRACUSE, NEW YORK 2-8423 2-1952 A ivide selection of ex ery type of literature ill a friendly atmosphere ■t that invites hrowsino . EMILY MUNDY ' S BOOK SHOP 429 South Warren Street 474 Syracuse, N. Y. I 475 Smitk-Ljrieves L o.j PRINTERS for a quarter century 17th STREET- imOADW AY TO WASHINGTON KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Compliments of a FRIEND Mf 7 ie Addis Co. ' % M SYRACUSE, N.Y. J« 1 1 1 Smart lines of Separates M tciJi that epitomize Fashion Practicability and Good Taste WJKfm Visit our Sportswear Store K||9 on the Street Floor M i ii t 476 the Syrocuson " Stay " on the Hill with a subscription to the Syracusan. Eight times a year the Syracusan, packed with campus life, features and fun, will be sent to you for only $2.00. Subscribe now! MEMBER OF NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TEACHERS ' AGENCIES Over three-quarters of a century of continuous service We are small enough to knew you and big enough to serve you BARDEEN-UNION TEACHER ' S AGENCY 205-206 Herald Building 332 South Warren Street Syracuse 2, N. Y. Trai-eliiig Rcpreicutntire Established 1874 OFFICES AIR-CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT 477 ARTHUR MURRAY STUDIOS 490 South Salina Street Syracuse CLARK ' S MUSIC COMPANY 416 Soutli Salina Street Syracuse LUND ' S UNIVERSITY SHOP 738 South Crouse Avenue Syracuse OLMSTED ' S VICTROLA SHOP " 54 South Crouse A ' enue Syracuse Majiy Thanks to those who made this Advertising Section possible 1950 ONONDAGAN staff 478 ith your needs in mind . • • AND IN COLLABORATION WITH ONE OF THE FOREMOST AUTHORITIES ON YEARBOOK EDITING AND MANAGEMENT WE CAN NOW FURNISH YOUR STAFF WITH THE LATEST MOST COMPLETE TEXTBOOK ON SCHOOL ANNUAL PRODUCTION EVER PUBLISHED— JUST ONE MORE REASON WHY BURGER-BAIRD ANNUALS ARE ALWAYS BETTER BOOKS. »IP»nKI irAIIMI EKCI AWIKn CO. GRAPHIC ARTS BLDG. • KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Colgate Weekend Winter Carnival Weekend Spring Weekend Commencement Every weekend you ' re in iown, keep one hotel in mind . . . HOTEL SYRACUSE Fine jewelers for 89 Years H. J. HOWE, int. Two Hundred One South Salina Independently Owned and Operated Since 1S60 Over Forty-one Years a Traditional Favorite Where Syracusans congregate for Coffee Conversation Campus Supplies THE CORNER STORE Since 1908 New Sport Coats $25 to $31.50 WELLS COVERLY, Inc. 332 - 336 SOUTH SALINA STREET SYRACUSE, N. Y. 480 A SUBSCRIPTION TO THE DAILY ORANGE WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED OF DAILY DOINGS AT OLD S. U. $3.00 a semester Only $5.00 a year Send check or money order to: Syracuse Daily Orange Yates Castle, Irving Ave. Syracuse, New York YOUNG ' S COLLEGE PHARMACY 801 South Grouse Avenue Corner Marshall Street the DRUG STORE on THE HILL BONNE ' S BONNE ' S instruments provide enjoyable hours tor Hillers Georgie Hauck. George Mathieson and Marv Ricker BONNE MUSIC CO. 446 Soutli Salina Street 481 Coiupliiiienls of a FRIKNI) Informality Comfort NEW SMILES RESTAURANT 319 Montgomery Street Syracuse, N. Y. 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Syracuse ' s Largest and Most Complete Department Store 485 486 cUx Page Administration 24 Alumni 30 Chancellor Tolley 24 College Deans 32 Dean of Men 29 Dean of Women 28 Officials 26 Resident Advisers 31 Student Deans 31 Chapel 209 Jewish Fellowship 214 Protestant Activities 215 Staff 210 St. Thomas More 216 Classes 428 Senior 428 Junior 430 Sophomore 432 Freshman 434 Drama and Radio 191 Boar ' s Head 192 WAER 196 Fraternities 41 Interfraternity Council 84 Acacia 42 Alpha Chi Rho 44 Alpha Epsilon Pi 47 Alpha Phi Alpha 51 Alpha Sigma Phi 52 Alpha Tau Omega 90 Beta Theta Pi 54 Delta Kappa Epsilon 58 Delta Tau Delta 60 Delta Upsilon : 61 Kappa Sigma " 0 Lambda Chi Alpha 71 Omega Pi Alpha 72 Phi DeUa Theta 73 Phi Epsilon Pi 74 Phi Gamma Delta 75 Phi Kappa Psi 76 Phi Kappa Tau 77 Phi Sigma Delta 79 Pi Alpha Chi 81 Pi Kappa Alpha 86 Pi Lambda Phi 104 Psi Upsilon 87 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 88 Sigma Alpha Mu 89 Sigma Beta 90 Sigma Chi 91 Sigma Nu 94 Sigma Phi Epsilon 95 Sigma Pi Colonv - 96 Tau Delta Phi 97 Tau Epsilon Phi 98 Theta Chi 99 Zeta Beta Tau 101 Zeta Psi 102 Honoraries Agenda 420 Alpha Chi Sigma 288 Alpha Epsilon Delta 413 Alpha Epsilon Rho 197 Alpha Kappa Delta 416 Alpha Kappa Psi 329 Alpha Xi Alpha 348 A.I.E.E. 299 A.M.A. 330 A.S.C.E. 290 A.S.M.E. 289 Beta Alpha Psi 327 Beta Gamma Sigma 328 Delta Nu Alpha 328 Eta Pi Upsilon 436 I.A.S. 288 Kappa Phi Kappa 337 Omicron Nu 366 Phi Kapi)a Alpha 434 Phi Sis-ina Delta 414 Phi Sigma Rho 413 Pi Alpha Mu 290 Pi Alpha Tau 255 Pi Gamma Mu 414 Pi Mu I psilon 416 Pi Sigma 415 Pi Tau Sigma 291 Psi Chi 415 Sigma Alpha Iota 349 Sigma Chi Alpha 347 Sigma Delta Chi 373 Sigma lota Epsilon 330 Tau Beta Pi 287 Tau Sigma Delta 348 Tau Theta Upsilon 437 Theta Sigma Phi 372 Theta Tau 291 Zeta Phi Eta 426 Independents 199 I.M.A. 200 I.W.A. 202 N.I.S.A. 203 Organizations Alpha Phi Omega 174 Book Mart 174 Campus Chest 160 Campus Contacts 173 Campus Leaders 172 Chi Kappa Chi 162 City Women ' s Club : 164 Co-op Council 159 Debate Club 168 Economics Club 167 Flint Feather 166 Flving Club 175 Genesee Valley Club 167 Intervarsity 177 International Relations 158 Men ' s Glee Club 172 Nova Club 165 Outing Club 179 Post-Index 169 Red Cross 162 Rowing Club 1 69 Scabbard Blade 170 Scalp Blade 166 Ski Club 178 Spanish Cub 158 Student Government 150 W.S.G. 152 M.S.G. 150 N.S.A. 155 Courts 155 Civil Service 151 Student Union 156 Syracuse-in-China 176 Syrcico 163 Traditions Commission 161 U.N.A.S.U. 177 Women Vets 163 Page Publications 181 Daily Orange 184 I mpire Forester 187 Onondagan 6,188 Syracusan 182 Seniors 262 Applied Science 264 Business Administration 300 Education 331 Fine Arts 338 Forestry 350 Home Economics 361 Journalism 367 Liberal Arts 374 Nursing 417 Speech 422 Sororities 40 Panhellenic 84 Alpha Chi Omega 43 Alpha Delta Pi 45 Alpha Epsilon Phi 46 Alpha Gamma Delta 48 Alpha Omicron Pi 49 Alpha Phi 50 Alpha Xi Delta 53 Chi Omega 55 Delta Delta Delta 56 Delta Gamma 57 Delta Phi Epsilon 59 Deha Zeta 64 Gamma Phi Beta 65 Iota Alpha Pi 66 Kappa Alpha Theta 67 Kappa Delta 68 Kappa Kappa Gamma 69 Phi Mu 78 Phi Sigma Sigma 80 Pi Alpha Mu 82 Pi Beta Phi 83 Sigma Deta Tau 92 Sigma Kappa 93 Theta Phi Alpha 100 Zeta Tau Alpha 103 Sports Varsity Baseball 458 Basketball 226 Boxing 242 Crew 454 Cross-Country 130 Football 118 Golf 462 Gymnastics 248 Lacrosse 446 Skiing 250 Soccer 134 Swimming 246 Track 450 Wrestling 236 Freshmen Cross-Counlrv 140 Golf -■ 463 Football 138 Winter Sports 252 Cheerleaders 141 Weekends Colgate Weekend 106 IFC Weekend 85 Spring Weekend 438 W inter Carnival 218 The blank space on this page is Ihe result of the failure of the organization to supply copy to the editor in sufficient time for publication. A«T IJ2 4 fm . « r. J! - :,. s .. IMIM

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