Syracuse University - Onondagan Yearbook (Syracuse, NY)

 - Class of 1933

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Syracuse University - Onondagan Yearbook (Syracuse, NY) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Cover

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EX '2' LIBRIS , 5 -T V , ,. b ii, , ,ua I A 12 W. 1 1' ' :- V.. . . H A If-. . V, , A -, H ' 7 I f 3 2' 1 'Kg f ' na, ' -4 .0 . 44 flu AM . OF NINETEEN HUNDRED THIRTY THREE PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY 1 SYRACUSE, NEW YORK VOLUME FIFTY COPYRIGHT, 1933 CARL L. TITUS . . . Editor-in-Chief HARRY LE BRUN : Business Manager JOHN D. CLAWSON . Managing Editor ENGRAVINGS BY BUREAU OF ENGRAVING, INC. PRINTING AND BINDING BY PITTSBURGH PRINTING COMPANY PHOTOGRAPHY BY VANTINE STUDIO vw THE EOND MEMORIES OF W' THIS YEAR AT SYRACUSE DEDICATE T0 OUR HEARTS THE EVENTS PORTRAYED HEREIN. L THE MEMORIES OF FIFTY ' YEARS COMPRISE THE HISTORY of THE ONONDAGAN. MAY THE PROGRESS PICTURED BY THEM CONTINUE EVER TO SYRACUSE AND SYRACUSANS. A 1 UNIVERSITY CLASSES FEATURES ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES FRATERNITIES ADVERTISEMENTS Q The Administrative Personnel of L' The University is ever changing, as fifty Yearbooks mutely testify. May these pages pay partial tribute to the many contributions of the present personnel to University life. V K2 UNIVERSITY Q ry' . xx x.v4 l ,. 'H W ,,.. "Ai'LJCl' ',," . ,, ,A . .. .,1+,-: .. . :film "'. 'Ay--ff "ln fs' 4 ', f I . fx . ix 5, -'..--I ,I . . . 'r" 'S si' 'Q 'U -4.5 ,- -,-, if . ,. D., I 1 , . -1L,.4-imlh. '. ,-'vii-2, .aiu 5 . 1-6!ff ' - :L ' f'r-'- A .fin .f ' i raw li, va A fri' 75'-'a ffl. 'Ka J ,,. 'IA '- '."'.," . .vu . H Q O w -vs :rn ' n . L . 5.5. . W- d5.i'+,c-gf-fv3dlQ1L .- , n -' init' -41 , 1 A -. , 0 wa "tqlh , .. . fi ,Y - -v.,' . .,r.-"A6. ' '4-419190 ' Q . ,.,, 1-N .. A- Q' ' . xx 940, . '- I K.. 1 . . ..,,,4 4 -.M ., -, V - ,J ... :IP 'H nk!! 4 . Y lk. . if 1, A-1 5: 1 I ffl ,Q ,... , ,., . . X . . ,J ,I lr, :ali .!fl3!l.4-- Q- gy . I' 'V R' H ' ' J l, .Y'."F.I -'Q' 'L ' .- .' .' X.. 9, V42 5 Va,-1 4' 4 .Lf V jyimw 'if l -- .V . fn 1- 1. 2 V-5. , H: wg ., M V , gf! ' v. 4-'A - L. 5. 'Q 1 .-A-if , 'im ' ' ' S 'V.1J-- ' 7 . , 4 .f H" ' ' ' " 'iff' .. WMA '.wf:r-' If h" "T-2' ' 0' ,L li- .f' ' V-3.7: w - ,-F K- '-'fi-... 4 r , ,hw i in :iq I-il. , u.,,y,l,Q,..,X I w 1 . I I 1 aiu M :,-. I. .4 , .' 'Q ' ,fr " eh' ,i - fi . - 1- A ,- ' Hr ' ,f -'s .: - , 1 ." ' 1- 1 :rv 'f'9f'r,-..:- ' - nz.-'-u. f - 1 .- V 1. J-1 f A . 1 A Q if A'1fQ4,.L. ,X . , . u A , Q A ,u v ,, ,,. I , . ,, ,Q 1 x . A . M- . . gl.: .L . . v I . ' 2 T ' A, '- - 4 'AQ I .24 1 v his 'l- ,, - '-I 1 'A . 1' 1, ., 5 tu 41 za' ...H 1 f ?": J.. I N, I I , V A ft! h., nf! f "YL pl. 1 1 5 4 .. H' -- ,.s '-' , . I HI" ,.,-' X , . --F ' I ' -"u ,- - 4 -f'i"J'--"' " -' f .ww if N NX , Q , I ' Tvfqkieg nuttin nu V Jn' , ' ' L , . 49,1 h V br . . ir- ,' 'Q .A'f',i ',: 1 2, . 1 -'f fn - -':""' L' 1 ' ' . ' .' ' ,- ', . . - Lf- - - '. wr - ---xx - D . .A ' f- 'G nf ,f-,-szzk. A .- Asfii A h- ' '-wggvl' ' MJT t -:'1'We Q , - I fr' x- If .pffhf 5 ' :jus v. 4 I .1 - ,CN -r.. A w .. 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"M, 5 "-V" ng h 9 ' ' 'P ,- ' , W. -'x Aft.-13. A 't " ' 4' 'JQZQ' t ,"iQ",..1f3,f.ffL,,L:' " 'X - 'V 1- , . ' ' 'x , ' t" ' . A 4 f -ffm, ' .A 5.-iffy f'ff31'Q.Q if - , " " V Q + A u .51 , 'yn' 5" 1 V , , "f"'x f "' . - .9 'f "'fF'aLi'.,1 if f-- 3 Q 'L ' "J - 1 -. if 'vf exif' '-an -Gif' i,.'.a,f,'-V. U . - -Q mx- ,.. -A .. ' ,, X .V .,rL,.4A,- TX M- U .'x5w,j:rf?fkP,f11 -, , ,N . I rf, , if In -f- 1 ,I .. 1 - .?1'yp.'L1 ,fy 1 ,, I ,',ve,,,,:',f , - f 9 -x -' 5 , HZ: fQw,"',' ' 3,0 f, , f- fr P 1 " '-Q 45" "'1lw'9w' "W"-" "' " ' 'W' ' V' "'x' 1 .5 .' .-515 Fifiiifif 1 A.-' ,t .Q ffl' ' 1' .' 9 " ,,, '- - .avi I--.,',zr. 4 T. , ' , .13 1, : . , 1 -' L 1 'A hh.. ' I .N I 'V Sf F' MA I V :?T't7'?',f ' V - " 'S' V 1 'bi 1 an lxfsfv- ' 3 - P , 4. f. A -- , -1 .y,,p, za .U - w H A , Q.-' ' " 2 ,g . ,g . ,, mg, r Wf , Q, E ,. J giff . f' Q -f , nr, i 1 u - I I In I mr' 4.yWt.f f. , , I '4y.."-g-1-gga-,,.gw,7,--- , ' ' ' , ,,.- ay, .' ,l ,N , .. 3 I Q5, " xl- .-5 ,.?.Q,,fe. -I '. -f,- B-, ,V ,y Y-wr .. , V' fy ' KA- ' ' .3 ' "!'-- 1 ," 'f5l'1:FSiD,' ,f , cv P ' . ' Hb ' . ' W , ,hp - -...V . ,Q , f. - . - ,7,.:,m2ie""? , , 4, .fly , , , 5, 5'f1,5"' 'we' . "f'4 Y .- - ' 'A ' L'f"f!f:ff1-1 if. 0 .f ,F -. H ' 1 F' ' ' I .. ' A ' b 'f H 'f' ' Niffw " M" w 'A -4,1 . . l if' an , vid'-, f :"1pf:.zN 'Q .YE '1 uf " ' K if ' A 'rv 4 nf , ,ga 0 it L. x Y . aw Q V Q J. P., 2,1 ,Q ig '- 7' A 'WBV "FK X' ' ,,ET4i"1x' .1'- .fri QM- AfV 1. , --M W- w . 11.1. 4. ,xg-Fil." '. '5 'A 'A .- ' ' riff, ,- .V 'a..'i1 ' 2.4 A VJ- , 5 A, f . NW: K. . W. , difyqhy' A 4 l:A"1lVl , - - - -, k . " Y .AQ ' A+ , 2 -, J.. . 'S' ". 'T , .- -Uh-if f A ' ,. ' "X'R'- - ,ff ',..vJNf,,g, V! W 755. A , A MM Y h 'I a cm? 4 I ,2c,,. , my V--4 ' v 1, 1 I K V1 . r-J -V., .j,x , .' f . , '31,-, ., - 39-5 1 . 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A,,4,, Q, '.,q.y ,wi '4-01, ffgkw7".."w.g,::: 'J,w,, , 1 vp, -vi . 'Y-1-gf N 1'-513,-5' 4 Kg 1.5. 3-KN n' . r 9 f ,' .fx X 1 t 8,4 si Y tl ,i M , f ..y ws! .p Dfw. U, tu 1, '. wwf 'Q' , -. ,s, . , , ' - .'- I ly ' '5 a if X, 'l :tary ,Q ,La 4 Q x .9'1w - . 1 2 , K '31, ,Ning . Y ha - girj-.Q ' n - n I' 1 , nA."rf'11 f Erzgk .,' 3- 'MMS . my , 'wt ' 'ff-iw . 1 x 1 A3 ' 139, . ,,, 'Ns 1 si . I ,V by 4. .- ' -N . 1 ,I .f"! ily, 1 ff -7. 'ix .9 1 M ' l. 1 5 if V , ' ' ,N wut , a W, ' 6 . ' 'A rg- ' 'h U 1 if l . I i ' .1 L , 'i .,, i l - ,,,... . ,pu V--1 ' +5 , f' J, , ., .us,f.," 71 .I U,-'K' , . 1 1 "Q ,Aw , 5 ' 'r " , Arm - . , , vw Ax. J . 1 ig, Kpn- 1, . , ,, Aw 1.1, Y '- 4 ' ,Q-""f. nf fa f -53 4. A 1'i:rEf-ig, TK K- x f. 1 , . 'PV V V ' . Jiirn' ' f x . ,M .,,..,-1 ,, L., ',. . , , ,' -qfmx. . . , .h- W -,Ns . ,. 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" ' f ' ' ., I A f ,L. , IN ,f .. .V 'jk' ,,, 1451. ,Y "xr jf' 4 'igffn x ,J f --L.f5,er,.f " Y" V 4 F Y f ,, 'M 'f"'x1-I:-gg., - ,gf 3 Vx , f,,f-gl . h ' ph 'wig ' ' 1' 145 f' .. ffgw !. .,,-m ,,,,v..w'-z',ml ff--if ,P Y fm---,gl x s "N" we K. ADMINISTRATIGN 1 Charles Wesley Flint CHARLES WESLEY FI.IN'l', Chancellor of Syracuse University, is now serving his eleventh year as director of the destinies of this institution. He came to Syracuse at a time when the University was making a brave struggle to free itself from debt, and he has fought its financial battles, as well as guided it through the difficulties of internal re-organization, so he is well trained for present problems when econ- omic depression hits the University. Fortunately he has a good physique and can put in a ten-hour day of steady work and then drive a car at a speed which he would not care to have his students emulate. He was born in Stoufliville, Ontario, November 14, 1878. After attending public schools, he was graduated from Victoria College CUniversity of TorontoQ in 1900 with the degree of A.B., and from Drew Theological Seminary in 1906 with the degree of B.D. He earned his Mas- CHARLES WESLEV FILINT tC1',S Degree 1-FOIT1 COILIYTIIJIEI 111 and Chflflffllvr the following honorary degrees were conferred upon him from time to time: D.D. from Wesleyan University in 1912, and from Victoria College in 1924, I.L.D. from Coe College, Iowa, in 1916, and Cornell College, Iowa in 1922, Pd.D. from Albany State Teachers College in 1924. His first professional work after graduation from college was as principal of a public school in Scarboro, Ontario. In 1900 he entered the ministry ofthe Methodist Episcopal Church and held pastorates in Pocahontas, Iowa, Marathon, Iowa, Bayville, Long Island, St. James Church, Brooklyn, First Church, Middletown, Conn., New York Ave. Church, Brooklyn, N. Y. In 1915 he was elected to the presidency of Cornell College, Iowa, and served until 1922, when he became Chancellor of Syracuse University. He is a Colonel in the Ofiicers Reserve Corps, and was Chairman ofthe Federal Board of Arbitration under the Railway Labor Act in 1928, 1930 and 1931. As an arbitrator between the New York Central Railway System and groups of its employees he established a record for speed in the reaching of a decision and for the fact that neither side protested the final judgment. He is a member of the University Senate of the Methodist Episcopal Church, member of National Council of National Pfconomic League, trustee of New York State Roosevelt Memorial, member Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Phi Kappa, and a Scottish Rite Mason, thirty-third degree. He is a member ofthe Syracuse Rotary Club, and the University Club, New York. In 1901 he married Clara Janette Yetter of Sioux City, Iowa, and they have two children, I.ois and George, the former a graduate of Syracuse University and the latter of Ohio Wesleyan. 18 1' William Pratt Graham WILLIAM PaA'r'r GRAHAM has been Vice- Chancellor of Syracuse University for the past eleven years. The part played by this administrative oFIicial in the advancement of the University for this period is invaluable. Personifying the true and upright ideals upheld by Syracuse Uni- versity, Dr. Graham has grown with the University during his years in oflice. The Vice-Chancellor is especially recalled be- cause he is known always to be congenial and helpful to those who seek his as- sistance and advice. Vice-Chancellor Graham is a graduate of Syracuse, receiving his degree of Bachelor of Science in 1893. Later he obtained his Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Berlin, and soon afterward did some of the pioneer work on the conduction of electricity through raritied gases, and, with Edward D. Roe, Jr., formulated a new theory ofcomets. These experiments were done both at the University of Berlin and at Syracuse University. W1I.l.IAM P. GRAHAM Vin'-Chancellor Since he has been at Syracuse, the Vice- Chancellor has held many campus positions, beginning his career on the faculty as an as- sociate professor of electrical engineering. From that time he has held, with great success, the position of professor of electrical engineering, having organized that department of the College ofApplied Science. He was dean ofthat school for ten years, and acted in the capacity of acting dean of the College of Liberal Arts for three years. The Vice-Chancellor is especially capable of holding his position, having travelled over a large portion of Europe, namely Germany, Italy, Austria, France, and the Netherlands. He is a Fellow of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, a Fellow of Section B, American Association for the Advancement of Science, a member of the Technology Club of Syracuse, a member of the American Astronomical Society, Beta Theta Pi, German Mathematical Society, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, and Tau Beta Pi. He was a delegate representing the state of New York at the l7th annual Convention of the American Mining Congress and at one time was director of the Straight Line Engine Company of Syracuse. Several articles, written by Vice-Chancellor Graham, have been published in various maga- zines in the country. 19 President of the Student Body USO that student government may operate to its fullest extent, complete cooperation between the administration and the student body is essential. Due to our present economic stituation, these two bodies have had to work hand in hand more than ever before. I feel that the student body, appreciating this situation, did its full share to 'play ball' with the administrationf'--Thomas Lombardi. Thomas A. Lombardi, familiarly known as "Tom," has had an active career throughout high school as well as college. To climax his extra-curricular activities he has received the highest honor p,,,id,.,,, which can be awarded an undergraduate, namely, the presidency of the student body. IIIHOMAS LOMBARDI Tom was born in Jamaica, L. I., on January 6, 1912. At Flushing High School, he partici- pated in a variety of activities, culminating with the honor of being named on the "all- city" football team. In 1929 Tom entered the College of Business Administration at Syracuse University. Tom's progress in football continued in college, where he participated in freshman football. He stroked the freshman crew to victory at the annual Poughkeepsie regatta. In his sopho- more year, Lombardi was a member of the class executive committee and repeated his performance of the preceding year in stroking the Junior Varsity crew victoriously across the finish line at Poughkeepsie. In this year he received the Devil's Own Trophy, awarded to the most outstanding sophomore, and was elected to Monx Head, junior honorary society. The James A. Ten Eyck Award for the most valuable crew man went to Lombardi in his junior year, and he was made president of Monx Head. In this year Tom was the varsity stroke and played tackle on the varsity football team. He received the Monx Head award for the most outstanding junior. 1932 brought Tom new honors. As a result of his hard work and outstanding ability during his college days, Tom was elected by the entire student body to be its president. In this capacity, he served as a member of the Athletic Administrative Board, the only undergradu- ate to be a Board-member. He was a member of the Senior Executive committee and the Senior Ball committee, and the vice-president of Phi Kappa Alpha, senior honorary society. Tom was afiiliated with Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity and was captain and stroke of the varsity crew and captain and tackle of the football team. 20 l Men's Student Senate IN 1928 the original senior council underwent complete revision, and the present lVIen's Senate evolved for the purpose of securing more satisfactory student government. All colleges are represented in this body, the larger colleges having two senators. Both executive and legislative duties are performed by the senate. ln this capacity it is regarded as the acme of undergraduate power, governing the entire scope of men's activities. Under the senate's supervision come class elections, class social functions, and men's rushing. Punishment for violators of Senate laws are recommended by this body to the Student Court. Under a newly devised system, the presidents of the underclasses may sit-in on the senate meetings. HEIuaEIrr Ross l . Pm-xiderlf However, they are not considered as ofiicial members. OIFIFICHRS HERBERT' Ross ...... ............i........... ......,...,,,,, I ' rc,riden,f HERMAN KLo'rz ,........ ......... V ice-Pre.s'ia'enl ROBERT HALEY.. ..... I. .,...................... ............ .S 'ecrelary SENATORS GLENN BIcxERs'I'Arr ...................,................................ . .. .,................... Fine Am I-IEaEEIz'r Ross, DAI.E Bou'roN ..,. ,.... . ........,...,.....,...,,.., L iberal Am JACK COGSWELL, RouEIrr HAI.Ev ......... ....,.... I izuinnry ddminixlralion DAVID HAIGI-I'I' ...................,..........,... ,,.,.....,....,...,,,.,,,,,,,, If brgyfry HERMAN KLo'r2 ..... .... ....... A p plied Science JOSEPH SI'I'I'z ........., ...,...,,,.,,, ,,,,,.,,, L 4 w JEI-IAN SALEH .......... ....i..........,.. M editing JAMES SARKUS ........... ......... 7 'earherhr College THOMAS SPROSTON ......... ..................,.................,.................. ............... XI g ricullure EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS THOMAS LOMBARDI ....... ..............................,...................,...,,... P residenr Sludenl Body DONALD CLARK ......... ................ E dilor Daibw Orange CoI.I.IN WII.I,IAIvIs ........ ........Chiny' Justice Sludenl Courl Top Row: Spitz, Cogswcll, Haight Second Row: Sarkus, Irlickerstaff, Bouton. Sproston Front Row: Saleh, Klotz. Ross, Haley, Lombardi 21 VIRGINIA RAND Prexizicnl Womerfs Student Senate VVOlVlEN,S S'I'UDEN'I' SENATE acts in conjunction with the Dean of Women and the Men's Student Senate in supervising student aflfairs. By twenty-live years of successful service, it has proven its worth as a strong and efficient governing body. All matters concerned with the conduct of University Women which do not come under the jurisdiction ofthe faculty are cared for by the Senate. The House Presidents act as delegates to the Senate. It is their duty to maintain the Senate laws, to report refractions, and convey the attitudes of their respective living centers. Rules which are founded upon these opinions are reconsidered annually. The entire body cooperates toward the ideal of a democratic government. OFFICERS VIRGINIA RAND ........ VIVIAN CAYGILI .,...,,,.,. MARJORIE HAMILI .......... l'HYI.I.Is PI-Iu.I.IIIs .,,.,., ELOISE HANFORD ........ HILIJA HAAS .,.,......,,. JULIA MOR'l'ON. .....,,.... El.1ZABE'l'H BORN ,..,,, .,...,,,,,,..,.. .......Pre.fidenl ...,.,.,.......Vire-Pretidenl ........Serond Vice-l'ro.fiden! ,.,,I,.,....,........,. Secrclary .....,....,...,....,..,,.,,..TreoJurer ........,,......,....,..Sooial Chairman ...,..,Ser1ior Guidance Chairman Chairman ACTIVITY REPRFISENTATIVES VIRGINIA VVARTMAN ..........,.........................,...,i,,,,i.,.,...,,I,.,..,,., Preridenf of Panhellenic ADELAIDE AYLING ....... ................. I Jresidenl of Y. W. C. A. HAZEI. JORDAN .,......... .,.,.,, FRANCES GREENE ....,,. .,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,Pre,tiden! of W. A. ff. .Womenlv Edilor of Daib' Orange ROSE BLACKER ............ ...........,. S peaker of Womenis Congress BL-KNCHE LANKLER ........ ....,... W omenls Conuomzion Chairman El.lZAllE'l'H FoLsoM ....... ...,,,... P rexidenl of Cily Womenk Club BARBARA KELLEY ............. .........,,,. I Jresidonl of Sororily Group CATHERINE ZEILMAN ........ ., ,..... Presidenl of Dormitory Group BESSIE OLNEY ................. ......... P residenl of Rogislered Group VIVIAN CAvcII.I.... ..... ........ V ice-Proxidenl of Senior Clan' EI.EANoR HOMAN ,... ...... ...,......, V i re.Pre,cidenl of Junior Clan KATHERINE BRl'l"l'ON .......... ........ V ice-President of Sophomore Class JosEI'1-IINE l.ACRossE ..,... ......... V ire-Presidenz of Freshman Clan Top Fow: Britton, Greene, Kelley, Folsom, Wartman, Olney, Lanklur Second Row: LaCrosse, Blacker, Hcman, Jordon, Hanford, Ayling, Zeilman Front Row: Hamill, Haus, Caygill, Rand, Born, Norton, Phillips The Student Council of Forestry IN February, 1920, the Student Council of Forestry, a group representative of the students in the New York State College of' Forestry, was organized. This is the only governing body in Syracuse University whose members are elected by the students themselves. The Council has as its purpose the maintenance of friendly relations between the students and the faculty members of the college. During the thirteen years of its existence, the organization has capably rendered its services in settling difhculties between these two groups, and in making necessary recommendations for the disciplining of those members of the college charged with violating Prexidenf its rules. DONALD ARCHER The Student Council of Forestry is composed of seven members: one graduate member, two seniors, twojuniors, one sophomore, and one freshman. According to conventions thejunior holding the ofiice of secretary to the Council automatically becomes president the following year. OFFICERS ...,.,.....Pre.rxrlent DONALD Anci-mn .......... . JOHN Hsumsrnn ....... ..Secremry GRADUATE MEMBER Arthur Sanford MEMBERS Harold Donaldson John Hermsted Charles Koon Daniel Steinwald Donald Archer Walter Breckenridge 23 wr li 'I 1 'Q ii 8 Student Court IFHE MEN,S S'rUnEN'r COURT was created by the constitution of l928, and endowed with extensive judicial power over male undergraduates. Membership of the court and rules governing its procedure were placed within the discretion of the Men's Student Senate. VVhen the court bill was enacted the court's purpose was redefined in such a manner as to limit its power, in effect, to enforcement of the freshman "lid and tie" tradition. The provisions for member- ship and procedure were formulated in view of the new standard with little or no consideration of the constitutional definition. Following this enactment, a four year period ensued during which the court operated as a freshman traditional tribunal, handling but two cases in which an actual controversy was found to exist, and in each ofthese instances being dominated by Senate action. During this same period the court, through sterility of judicial power and for want of employment of its large personnel ofjustices and sophomore vigilants, came to serve in various proctoring activities which, while being of substantial service to the university, were at the same time quite extraneous to the judicial function as set forth in the constitution. COLLIN WILLIAMS Chid Juslice In the month of May, 1932, the present bench assumed ofiice, and on the thirteenth of that month committed itself to the proposition that the court should either be recognized as a true campus judiciary or dissolved. In this, the fifth year, therefore, it has taken notice of the existing differential between constitutional and legislative definitions of the court's purpose, it has conducted a survey of thejudicial function in seventy American colleges and universities, and it has carefully studied the peculiarities of the local situation. The court is now of the opinion that this body as a judicial group has no place on the Syracuse campus and that it should be immediately abolished by constitutional amendment. At the date of this writing the court lays before the student governing body of Syracuse University the proposal for dissolution of the court, and the compensating proposal to insure adequate disposition of all duties previously entrusted to that body and its vigilan-ce committee. To accomplish these ends is to eliminate a meaningless element from the struc- ture of student government, to reallocate duties on functional lines, and to centralize re- sponsibility for executive action in the executive body. In such reforms, the court believes, may be discerned the note of true progress. OFFICERS COLLIN P. W1LL1AMs ......... ............................... .,........ C h inf Juslice CLARENCE E. JACK .......... .........,......................................,.. ....,... S e nior Justice MI1.'!'ON S. Paiuzorr .............,............................ ........................ ,,...,. S e nior luxlice ASSOCIATE JUSTICES Albert C. Bickelhaup Elwyn L. Gibson Edward E. Oliver Lawrence E. Clair Morris S. Moss Edgar H. Partington Andrew Doremus Ledger A. Myers Lee F. Uhlmann 24 Wo'men's Student Court WOMEN,S S'rUDEN'1' COURT is an organization for the purpose of weighing infringements and for determining suitable penalties of Women's Student Senate and University rules. This body also makes a study of important campus problems which relate to women. The policy ofthe court is to determine all decisions on the basis of constructive growth of individuals. This court was established last October. Although it was more or less of an experiment this year, thus far it has achieved remarkable success. VIVIAN CAYGILI. Representation for the court is determined according to enrollment Chief Juslire in the colleges. A list of senior women is submitted by the dean of each college. From this list ten women are chosen by the executive committee of Women's Student Senate with the assistance of Dean Leonard. These ten women, a faculty advisor, and Dean Leonard compose thejudicial body. The vice president ofthe Senate acts as chiefjustice ofthe court. The president attends the meetings as an ex-oHicio. OFFICERS VIVIAN CAYGILI ......,...,... ..................,......,, .i...... C h ity' Jus-life VIRGINIA RAND ,...........,..,..,. ,,,.,,,,,...,. Ex-ojicio MRS. HELENI: HAR'l'LEX' ....,.... ..,..,.....,. 1' 'urulzy Advisor DEAN LEONARD ..........,.,....... ,..,,.,. fi' dminimfulive fidviror BARBARA S'rEl.l.MANN ,......... .I.,I,.,... H ome Economic: HILDA HAAS ....................., ..,...........,............. ........ T e arm-r'x College FINE ARTS Bettina Barrett Julia Morton BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Elizabeth Born I-Iazel Jordan LIBERAL ARTS Margaret Bryan Frances Greene Helen Eby Frances Kantor Top Row: Stcllman, Haas, Eby Second Row: Kantor, Born, Jordan, Norton, Barrett. Front Row: Greene, Bryan, Caygill, Rand 25 HAROLD CATER Bi.ANci-is LANKLER Men'.r Chairman Women? Chairman Convocation Committee CoNvocA'r1oN is held in Crouse College auditorium every Tuesday at noon. Prominent men and women speakers are invited to lecture on current happenings in their respective fields. In this way alert students are ofTered an excellent opportunity to keep well informed. Such eminent speakers as Norman Tomas, Socialist candidate for President, A. Fenner Brockway, leader of the British Labor Partyg and Norman Hapgood, Editor of Colliers magazine, Dramatic Critic and Ambassador to Denmark in 1919, were secured this year. The Convocation Committee consists of six regular members, and a number of sophomore candidates. The duties ofthe committee are to receive, entertain, and introduce the guest speakers, as well as to arrange the dates and the topics for discussion. CONVOCATION COMMITTEE HAROLD CA1-an ........,.. ...................,...............................................,..... M en's Chairman BLANCHE LANKLER ........ ............... W omen'.r Chairman Betty Clark William Melchior Lois Gorson Edgar Partington 1 i i Top Row: Partington, Clark, Melchior Front Row: Lanklcr, Cater, Gorson 26 Chapel Board THE HENDRICKS CHAPEL BOARD, in its third year, is a well- established, vital feature of the University life. Composed of a representative group of deans, professors, and students, it plans the religious and social programs centering around the chapel. As Chairman of a committee each member has responsibility for a definite element of the activities. With the worship, which consists of the Sunday morning service, daily Chapel, and the weekly vespers, as a nucleus and inspiration, an interesting program of social events and discussion groups has been arranged, in which several hundred students participate. Through the purpose of stimulating the religious life of the Uni- versity and of inspiring a spirit of fellowship among students, the Chapel Board has increasingly become, as it has aptly been termed, Syracuse." CHAPEL STAFF WILLIAM H. POWERS Chairman the heart of the new Dean William H. Powers Earl D. Stout Bernice H. Meredith Marjorie O. Bronner Whitney M. Trousdale Helen D. Laidlaw ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Dean William L. Bray Professor Dwight M. Beck Dean Charles L. Raper Professor Leslie Bryan Dean Ernest S. GriHith Professor Ross Hoople Dean Annie MacLeod Professor William Smallwood STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE MEMBERS HERBERT' Ross ,...............,......,.................................,..........................,..,,..... Menlr Sermlc VIRGINIA RAND., ........ .....,. . .,........,.....,..,..,... ................,..,,..,,..,......,........ W o merfs Semin- HELEN HAND ...... ,...... ...,....................,.. S , vrncuxe-in-Chyna ADELAIDE AYLING ..............................,............,.....,........................................ Y. W. C. A. STUDENT MEMBERS AT LARGE Edna Askwith Edward Meacham William Bedford Robert Merritt Margaret Elwood Benjamin Moses Albert Gutzman Annabel Nichols Helen Koford Lenore Rousseau Winthrop Long Philip Ryder Top Row: Merritt, Bryan, Truesdale, Laidlaw, Beck, Bedford, Ryder, Gutzman Second Row: Hand. M0lCl1iDF. Bragan. Ross, Nichols, Moses. Bronner, Long, Askwith Front Row: Smnllwood, Rand. Ayling, Powers, Elwood, Meredith, Raper 27 Interfraternity Council THE INTERrRA'rERNVrY Council., composed of the presidents or representatives of the various chapters, was founded in 1916. It is an association for the advancement of the best interests of the various fraternities. One definite duty of the council is to organize and supervise rushing. In this connection the Daily Orange published, prior to the rushing period, a brief item regarding the history and membership of each fraternity. At present the executive committee of the council is working with the Interfraternity Alumni Council for the purpose of ARTHUR VAN Wm improving next fall's rushing rules. f"f'fidf"f This year for the first time in the history of the organization a budget for the ensuing year was drawn up. A new committee was also organized, with Dave Brewer as its chairman, for the purpose of furthering inter- fraternity relations. Plans were drawn up by which each fraternity would entertain two men from another house at dinner one night a month. It is hoped that next year the plan can be enlarged upon and carried out more extensively. The work of the local council was coordinated with that of the National lnterfraternity Conference when President Van Wie attended a meeting in New York last November. A resume of the work of this conference has appeared in most of the Fraternity Publications. The climactic event of the year, the Interfraternity Smoker, sponsored by the council, was held in the Men's Gym on March 27. OFFICERS ARTHUR VAN Wrs .......... ................,,....... .............. P r esidenl FABIAN Doscum ...... ..... .,.,..... V i re-President DAvxD Brswren ..,...........,... ............... S ecrelary ALBERT WEMHEIMER. ...,..... .......... T reasurer Brewer, Van Wie, Doschcr, Werthcinicr 28 The Panhellenic Association 'Ill-IE PANI-IIsI.I.I5NIc AssocIA'rIoN is composed of two representa- tives, one senior and one junior from each sorority. lts officers are chosen in rotation, each sorority selecting the president in turn, according to the time of its founding on the Syracuse campus. lts meetings are a forum for the discussion of all questions of interest to the sorority world. The three-fold goal toward which Panhellenic aims is perfect co-operative relations between sororities, high scholarship, and fine social standings. VIRGINIA WAR'l'MAN Panhellenic makes and enforces rules governing the rushing and I 'residcnl pledging of women to the various fraternities. This year it is contemplating a revision of its rushing system. Plans are also under way for the innovation of a second Greek house for Catholic women. This organization deserves special recognition this year for its excellent management of the Inter-collegiate Panhellenic Conference of Urban Universities which was conducted in Syracuse in February. A banquet for all Greek letter women is sponsored annually. At this time the group main- taining the highest scholastic average during the preceding year is presented with the scholarship cup. Phi Sigma Sigma received the honor for the year 1931-1932. Great en- thusiasm is aroused by the competitive enacting of skits in accordance with the theme of the banquet. Of the four sororities presenting skits, Kappa Delta was awarded the prize by Virginia Wartman, president and toastmistress. OIVFICERS VIRGINIA WAMMAN. .,..,,.. ......................... .,,., . ,.,,. . I 'rcsidenf IRENE SIMoNs ........,.,... ..,,,. V ire-President LUcII.I2 GIFI-'oiua ..... .,.. ,,I,, S ern-lar-y Maiaonizm' SI-IEEI-IAN .,...... .,.Tre:z.rurer Top Row: Lambert, Pollnk, Lllnn, Haskins. Cummins, Holton, Snook, Collins, Harding, Cameron Second Row: Cramer, Glahm, Curtis. Askwith, Gorson, Iloman, Winship, Phillips, Nichols, B:u'rcLt From Row: VVay, Miller. Frank, Simons, VVartInan, GiHord, Kelley, Vllagncr 29 '83, Q '90, Q '00, Q '23, 49 '33 SO THE YEARS GO BY, AND ONE MORE CLASS IS ADDED TO THE LONG PROCESSION. -:- -:- -:- -z- 30 a - Q ' Q . . I I'- '.'l.l 1 U: , , . . . I . . . . - U . . . . . . ' z . J I . . . . : ,fs 1' - f : 1 . I 11 . : ' ' If I 3 Z.: . , . .. . . -- : . 'L -' - 4 ,J ', I. .I Ola I- 0 N .,-, 1 . .-1 . . , 3 If ' I - ' 0 . . , . 1 41-1 CLASSES SENIGR CLASS HERBERT MCKEAN V1vxAN CAvG1i.i, JANE CADY ALBER'1'WERTHElMER Prexidcnl Vice-prasirienl Serretary Trea.furc'r Class of 1933 THE present Senior Class is to be commended for having continued its noteworthy career from matriculation to graduation. From the beginning the class has shown a unity of co- operation which has resulted in the decided success of all its endeavors. During the first year, members of this class demonstrated their merits, particularly in athletics. They made an enviable record, with an undefeated football squad, an outstanding cross-country team, and as a climax, the winning of the freshman race at the Poughkeepsie Regatta. The class was administered by Walter Wood as presidentg Barbara Ayling, vice-presidentg Jane Cady, secretaryg and Charles Graham, treasurer. In the second semester Abel Hoag succeeded to the presidency. As Sophomores, the class became still a greater element in university life. They contributed much valuable material to the varsity athletic squads, to the campus publications, and the various other activities. The class officers were: King Garrett, presidentg Vivian Caygill, vice-presidentg Marydee Johnson, secretaryg and Richard Fishel, treasurer. The usual social events were held in their traditionally popular manner. SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE Top Row: Mclinig, Dosclicr, Lombardi, Thompson. MCKCHH Front Row: Cnygill, Kelly, Cogswull, Gifford, Grcrcnc 3-l The class may glance retrospectively with satisfaction for the success enjoyed by its past 1- Top Row: Van Wie, Cogswcll, Doscher. Lombardi, Thompson. Schloss Second Row: Haley, Ronnie, Morton, St-arlcs, johnson, Jordan, Evans, Mcliziig Front Row: Gifford, Kelly, Curly, McKean, Caygill, Greene, Towne, Donahoe As upperclassmen, this group began to develop its full possibilities. It was united under the leadership of Joseph Moran, presidentg Marydee Johnson, vice-presidentg Lucile Gifford, secretaryg and David Fellows, treasurer. Social and athletic achievements made the third year a notable one. They provided many of the mainstays of the various athletic teams, being especially prominent in football and boxing. The class banquet and the Junior Prom were the outstanding social events of the year. Herbert McKean, presidentg Vivian Caygill, vice-presidentg Jane Cady, secretary, Albert We1'theimer, treasurerg were elected to assume the burdens and responsibilities of the class for its final year. The social life of the class reached its zenith in the Senior Ball held in February in the Main Ball Room ofthe Hotel Syracuse. Music was furnished by Don Redman's Orchestra. The ball was presided over by Jane Cady, who was elected Queen of the Ball from a group of four chosen by popular ballot. All arrangements for the afTair were successfully handled by the Senior Ball Committee, headed by Jack Cogswell. accomplishments. Milton Bock Jack Cogswell Mary Donahoe Harold Donaldson Fabian Doscher Doris Evans Lucile Gifford Frances Greene SENIOR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Robert Haley Marydee Johnson Hazel Jordan Barbara Kelly Herman Klotz Thomas Lombardi Murray MacKaig Herbert Monkemeyer Joseph Moran 35 Julia Morton Althea Pepper Harry Ronnie Emanuel Schloss Prudence Searles Edward Thompson Suzanne Towne Arthur Van Wie Prominent Seniors I-Irzxanlzrrr MCKEAN VIVIAN CAYGILL THOMAS Lo1vIBAIzDI Prexidenl Vice-presidenl Prexidml Senior Clan' Senior Clasx Slzzdcnl Body JANE CADY ALIsIaIu'W1zIz'I'm:IMI-:Im VIRGINIA RAND Sggrglgry Tftrllllfff 1'resider1l Sgnigr C1455 Senior Clan W. S. S. HERBER'F Ross Ross BLACKER CoI.I.IN WILLIAMS Presidenf S pmker Chiey' Ju.r1ir:e Men'.r Senate Women? Colmril Smdenl C0107 36 E Prominent Seniors DoNA1.u CLARK FRANCES GREENE Ezlilor-in-ehief Wai11en'J Edilor The Daily Orange The Daibr Orange CHA1u,0'1-'VE CAM-OR Hlsunmlrl' MONKEMEYEIK W0men': Edilor Managing Edilor The Onondagan The Dailv Orange' JOHN C1,AwsoN HTHE1. MYERS Managing Edilor I'Vomen'.v Managing lfzlifar The Onondagan The Daibf Orange 37 CARI. Trrus Edilor-in-ehiey' The Onomlagan LUCILE GIIWFORID Women'.f Managing lidifor The Onondagan MVRON DAVIS Sporls Edilar The Daify Orange Prominent Seniors a I ,!' ,n 1 1.5 ALLEN STEARN ELIZABETH FRANK HARRY LEBRUN lidilor-in-chiey' lVIanaging Eziilor Business Mfzrzrzger The Orange Peel The Orange Peel The Onandagan Annlhuus AYLING S'rRE1z'rER SMITH FIl,1zABE'rH Fol.soM Prexirlmf Business Manager PH'Ji1ic'H! Y. W. C. fl. The Orange Peel Cily Wan1er1's Club JUSTIN HARDER El.lZABE'I'H MARSH THOMAS MCDOWEl,L Ar! Edilor Prexidenl flrl Edilgr The Onondagrzn l'V07IIE71,.f Glee Club The Ongndflgnn 38 Prominent Seniors HARRY IQONNIE BLANC:-IE IIANKLER HAllOI.D CATER Ar! Edilor lflfamerfs Chairman Clzairnran The Orange Pa-el Conuovaiion Comnzillev Conuocalion Commillce VIRGINIA WARTMAN ARTHUR VAN VVIE MARGARE'I' MACKENZIE President Presidenf .Queen Pan-Hellenir Inlcrfralcrnily Connfil W infer Carnival GEORGE PERKINS PIAZEL JORDAN EDWARD BENHAM Pre: idenl l'f0-fidwll Prexidenf Boar'.r Head W. A. fl. Tambourine and Bane: 39 Prominent Seniors IJOUGLAS BURGOR El.IZABE'I'H HOl'KINS WILLIAM PA l'WOR'I'H Clzeermasler W ornen'.v Chcermasler "Bill Orange" JACK CocswELL ROBER1' HAI.EY WII.I.IAM THOMPSON Manager Manager Commodore Foalizall Baxkelball Crew DAVID FELLOWS PRENTICE SHENTON CLYDE SOPER Manager Manager Manager Traek Baxeball Laerosxe 40 JUNIGR CLASS Vw 2 'E' rp 1 'Q 8 ALman'r GU'l'ZMAN Ei.:-:Anon HoMAN Gsnrnuors MACDONALD NATHANIEL. Sci-iosNrE1.o Presidrnl Vine-presiden! Secrelary Treasurer The Class of 1934 THE Class of 1934 has the honor of being the Junior Class to be featured in the Golden Anniversary edition of the Onondagan. It has worked its way from the freshman to the third year in a manner of government and cooperation unparalleled by recent classes at Syracuse. Scholastic achievements as well as social and athletic participation have been successfully engaged in by the group which came to Syracuse in the fall of 1930. The first election of the 1934 class brought into office a Syracuse boy, George Ruby, who, as president, was selected to lead his classmates. Katherine Holley was elected vice-president and was succeeded by Eleanor Homan the following semester. Dorothy Gordon, secretary, and Gerald Wiseman, treasurer, completed the list of oflicers for the class in 1930-1931. After the selection of a freshman executive committee, Anthony Fantaci was designated to head a commission which would investigate the possibility of establishing an honor system at Syracuse. The social Committee sponsored the annual Freshman "Hop" during the First semester, and near the end of the year conducted a dinner dance at Drumlins. To balance the activities the athletic side of the class enjoyed a favorable season on the basketball court, and then climaxed their athletic activities by winning the freshman event at the Poughkeepsie Regatta. r Entering its Sophomore year with an unsurpassable enthusiasm the class of 1934 plunged into student activity with a determination resulting in many new developments on the campus. Ronald Phillips was elected Sophomore president, Elizabeth Hayes, vice-president, Phyllis Phillips, secretary, and Nathan Schoenfeld, treasurer. The usual Sophomore social functions headed by the Sophomore "Hop" were carried out with marked success. 42 Top Row: Iglclmrt, Wagner. Stombellini, lionsted, Gorson, Orr Second Row: Finkelstein, Thompson, Weir, Siegfried. Ware, Collicutt. Graham, Moses Front Row: Miller, Schoenfeld, Human, Gutzman. MacDonald. Fussell, Askwith, Phillips This year, however, the class of 1934 has come to its most successful year, as it stands on the doorstep of assuming senior responsibility. An intercollegiate boxing champion of 1932, Albert Gutzman, a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity and Monx Head, was elected by an overwhelming majority to the class presidency. Eleanor Homan, a prominent Boaris Head participant and a member of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, resumed the office of vice- president, which she had held during the second semester of her freshman year: Gertrude MacDonald, supported by the Independents, assumed the post of secretary of her class, while Nathan Schoenfeld, the Corpse and Coffin candidate and a member of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, was elected to be treasurer of his class for another year. The functions of the Junior Class were admirably performed by the various committees appointed by President Gutzman. Along with social activities, the Junior Class was well represented in crew, basketball, and track, besides having a fair representation on the gridiron. Activities in dramatics and publications were also a major part in the curriculum of the class. The Class of 1934, by its various achievements, has earned the right of taking its place as the senior leaders for the coming year. I Edna Askwith Charles Bonsted Gordon Cole Edward Dunbar Anthony Fantaci Gertrude Finkelstein Rendle Fussell Robert Ginnane JUNIOR EXECUTIVE COMIVIITTEE Cena Graham Albert Gutzman Eleanor Homan Elmer Maister Gertrude MacDonald Jean Miller Benjamin Moses Leslie Nichols Phyllis Phillips 43 Ronald Phillips Nathan Schoenfeld Frank Stombellini Ruth Thompson Mabel Wagner Audrey Ware Helen Weir Albert Wohl ABOKAIR, ALICE MARIAN Brooklyn Liberal Arts. ADAMS, CATHERINE Syracuse Liberal Arts. Alpha Chi Omegag City Women's Clubg Y. W. C. A. CID. AEBISCHER, JOSEPH EDW. New York Cily Forestry. Pi Kappa Alphag Alpha Phi Omcgag Mountaineering Clubg Football Q09 Empire Forester 1315 Winter Carnival, Chair- man f3D. ALLEN, FRANCES JANE Syracuse School of Nursing. ALLEN, MARIAN C. Syracuse Fine Arts. Beta Phi Alphag Glec Club Q05 University Women's Council 62. 39- ALPERIN, IRENE RAE Syracuse Liberal Arts. Alpha Epsilon Phig Romance Language Club9 The Daily Orange CI, zjg City Women's Clubg Y. W. C. A. ANDERSON, H. GORDON North Adams, Mass. Liberal Arts. Delta Kappa Epsilon. ABRAMS, EDITH New Rochelle Teachers College. Alpha Epsilon Phig The Onon- tiagan fzlg English Clubg Bible Clubg Y. W. C. A.3 French Club. AIJAMS, MARGARET Syracuse Fine Arts. Alpha Chi Om c g ag City Women's Clubg Y. W. C. A.5 Womcn's Congress flbi The Greenleaf. AGOR, MYRNA Mahopac Liberal Arts. Kappa Alpha Thetag Spanish Clubg The Onondagan Czjg As- sociate Editor fgj, Y. W. C- A- C1, zj. ALLEN, HARRY ll., JR. Bufalo Liberal Arts. Psi Upsilong Corpse and Collin. Footballg Crew. ALOI, MARY Syracuse School of Public Speech. Sigma Kappag Glee Clubg The Daily Orange Cl, 25. AMENDOLA, MAMIE Niagara Falls Liberal Arts. Sigma Kappag Newman Clubg Romance Language Clubg W. S. S. QIJ. ANDERSON, 'FHORENE Port Allegany, Penna. School of Nursing. i- ANDREVVS, RALPH llion Fine Arts. Sigma Chig Glue Club. ARBOGAST, CARL, JR. Ross-ville Forestry. Lambda Chi Alphag Double Seveng The Onondagan AVERY, ELIZABETH S. While Plains Liberal Arts. Delta Delta Deltag English Clubs Wellesley College fl- zj. BABENZIEN, ELMER Ifraoklyn Liberal Arts. Kappa Sigmag Lacrosse flj. BACON, WESLEY H. Elmira Liberal Arts. Track. BAKER, FRANCES B. Yonkers Liberal Arts. W- A. A.5 Swimming. BALTZLEY, ELFIE Glam-izlgc, N. J. Business Administration. Delta Delta Deltag Class Execu- tive Committee Cx, 2, 3,3 The Daily Orange KIJ5 Y. W. C. A. APPLEGATE, ARABELLE Syracuse Liberal Arts. ' Alpha Xi Dcltag Hendrick's Chapel Choir QI, 2, 355 Y. W. C. A., fl, 2, 3J5 English Club. ASKWITH, EDNA JERRY Scarxflale Business Administration. Alpha Epsilon Phig The Daily Orange QI, zl, Associate Editor 13,3 Chapel Board f3Jg The Orange Peel Czj, Associate Edi- tor C315 Pan Hellenic fzlg Class Executive Committee Q15 The Onondagan AVERY, LOUISE Syracuse Fine Arts. The Orange Peel Qzjy Univer- sity Chorus. BACON, ARTHUR H. Tully Liberal Arts. BAER, MILDRED Bridgeport, Conn. Liberal Arts. English Clubg Press Club. BALNIUTH, SAUL Ballxlon Spa Liberal Arts. Chess Clubg International Re- lations Clubg Debate Teamg Chess Tcamg Dramatics BARNES, EDWARD F. Oswego Liberal Arts. Sigma Alpha Epsilong Basket- ball lily Track fl, 2, 31. BARRATT, LOIS Syracuse Business Administration. Knppu Dcltn. BARR Y, IEDW I N 0111 Forge Forestry. BASSELL, DOROTHY Syrf.'ru.n' Fine Arts. Women's Glce Club, lnde pendent Orgzlnizntiong Y.W.C.A. BASSETT, LEOWICN Syracuse Fine Arts. BEAUCLERCK, BARBARA Concord, N. H. Home Economics. BECKER, WILLIAM llflurrick, I.. 1. Forestry. Pi Kappa Alpha, Soccer fl, 2. 39- BEECHER, RALPH Aurora, 111. Business Administration. , f 'rd BARRON, KENNETII Scalia Forestry. BARTON, NIARJORIE Ancramrlale Fine Arts. Y. W. C. A. fx, 2, 3li W Glee Club Cx, 2, 31, Choir Qi, 2, 35. BASSE'l"l', BEATRICE Chillcnango School uf Nursing. BATE MAN, EARL Fallon Business Administration. Alpha Chi Rho, Monx Cross-country, Track. BECKER, SAMUEL Harlforri, Conn. Forestry. 'l':lu Epsilon Phi. BBDELL, CLAUDINE East Orange, N. J. Liherul Arts. omen's Chapel Hcadg Alpha Phi, Tzlnihourine and Bones, Y. W. C. A.g Basket- ball, Tennis. Blil l M, ELEANOR Syrrzruxe Home Economics. BELL, CHARLES Alllrnlocvn, 1'en1m. Teachers College. Lambda Chi Alphag Baseball CI5. BENJANIIN, FRANKLIN lVl. Ri'11erM'arl, I.. I. Business Administration. Phi Ganrna Delta. BERGAN, MARIE KA'l'llRYN Aufmnz Liberal Arts. Theta Phi Alphag Newman Club. BERKHAUSEN, BENNETT R. linfnlo Forestry. Psi Upsilong Nlonx Head! Vgrcstling C155 Lacrosse Cl, 2. 3 . BERRY, TRAVER L. Chrllhdlll, N. J. A Business Administration. Psi Upsiloug Double Seveng Wrestling Cl, 2, 35- Bl'1'HlER, LAURA ADICLE Canaan Teachers College. Sigma Kappag Y. W. C- A-9 Iinglish Club. BLAKESLEE, SYLVIA Scbemrclmly School of Library Science. Library Clubg Y. W. C. A. BELL, LEO S. East Orange Liberal Arts. llrc-Med Society. BliN.lAlVlIN, RUTH Yonkers Fine Arts. Alpha Chi Omegag Chapel Choir Cl, 2, 353 Y. W. C. A. Cl5q W. S. S. C355 University Chorus BERGER, AGNES Bath Business Administration. Alpha Delta Pig Geography Club C155 Economics Club C155 German Club C255 German Chorus C255 Women's Glee Club C255 Y. W. C. A.5 Seabury Club C2, 35. BERKMAN, JACK BERNARD Syrarruxe Business Administration. Omicron Alpha Taug Spanish 1 ck 1 me Ol ings. Cl, 255 Wresling, Assistant Manager Clubg R o m a n c e Languageg 'l' 'a C 55 Tl ' ': ' Peel t BlE, LILLIAN Smlcu Ixlmnl Liberal Arts. English Cluhg Y. W. C. A.g 'l'he Green Leaf. lil..ACK, VIN Rmvhcxrcr 'l'eachcrs College. Baseball Cl, 25g Soccer Cl, 25. BLASIER, PAUL F. Syracuse Liberal Arts. Independent Organizationg R0- manfe Language Club. BLOCK, MURIEL Sherrill Liberal Arts. Geology Club, Biblical Club, Independent Organization, Y. W. C. A. BLUME, EDWARD F. Syracure Agriculture. Phi Kappa Taug Seabury Club. BOWKER, CHARLOTTE Syracuse Liberal Arts. Alpha Phig Classical Club, City Women's Club, English Club, Y. W. C. A., W. A. A. llozlrdg Tennis, Manager 131. BRADLEY, BARBARA C. Hyde Park, Fine Arts. Delta Gamma, Wumcn's Glue Club QI1, University Chorus 12,319 Y. W. C. A. Cx, 214 W. S. S. fl, 215 University Women's Council 1215 Basket- ball cI1i Tennis fl, 21, Riile f21g Polo CI1. BRADLEY, FORREST Syracuse Liberal Arts. Cheerleader. BRANDT, MAREA LOUISE Syracuse Fine Arts. University Chorus. BREGANDE, SAMUEL Syracuse Liberal Arts. BLUMBERG, SIDNEY Syracuse Business Administration. BODLEY, MILDRED Fulton Fine Arts. Delta Gamma, Sigma Chi Alpha, Y. W. C. A. fl, 215 Rifle CI, 21. BOYDEN, DOROTHY V. llflarolhon Liberal Arts. Pi Beta Phi, English Club, Y. W. C. A. ISRAIJLEY, DOROTHY C. lfiughamlon Home Economics. V. W. C. A. BRADLEY, ROBERT C. Crown Point Forestry. BRANSE, HERMAN Liverpool Liberal Arts. BRETI-I, RUTH M. Fort Johnron Fine Arts. Zeta Tau Alphag Debating U1 BRISKY, lil.0Rl'lNCE A narterrfam School of Nursing. BRONSON, HELEN A. Far Rockaway School of Library Science. Sakajawea. BROWN, LAURENCE Syrrlcuxn Business Administration. Sigma Delta Chig Press Clubg Economics Clubs. BUFF, ERNEST Alfzmlic Cily, N. J. Forestry. Alpha Chi Rhog lVIen's Glee Club Ci, :jg Chapel Choir C2, 353 Crew Cl, 2, 31. BURNS, CHARLES B. New York City Forestry. Double Seveng Lacrosse Cl, 2, 355 Boxing Cl, 253 Forestry Student Council C115 Class Executive Committee C25- BURTON, ELIZABETH P. Slmlforfl, Conn. School of Library Science. BUTMAN, EUGENE Symcure Liberal Arts. Independent Organizationg De- bate. BROAD, ELIZABETH .Inxucwillc Liberal Arts. l'i Beta Phig Womenls Clee Clubg City Women's Clubs Y. W. C. A.g Chapel Choir. BRONVN, EMMlf'l"l' E. C1n'bomf1111:, Pvmm Liberal Arts. Seabury Clubg Independent Or- ganizationg Debating Cl, 215 'l'ennis CID. BRUST, HELEN Syracurc School of Public Speech. Alpha l'hig 'l'heIa Phi litag 'l'he Daily Orangeg Executive Com- mittee Cljy Y. NV. C. A.g W. S. S. BURMASTER, ELTON L. Lockport Applied Science. Kappa Sigmag Alpha Chi Sigmag Lacrosse C153 Vigil- ance Committee C259 A. S. C. E. BURRELL, BEVERLY Syrrwuse Applied Science. Beta '1'heta Pig 'l'hc Onondagan Cal. BUTMAN, BURTON B. Syramre Liberal Arts. BYRNS, MAD ELYN Golf-zzcrvzelxr Business Administration. CAFFREY, FLORENCE Yonkers Fine Arts. Chi Omega. CALLISON, PAUL F. New York City Forestry. Forestry Cluhg Wrestling CARDAMONE, GRACE ll. Ulim Fine Arts. Sigma Alpha Iotag Newman Cluh. CARl'EN'l'1iR, RUSSELL S. Sylvzfzlxc Applied Science. CARRIERE, WINIFRED O. Riilgufclfl, Conn. Liberal Arts. Alpha Gamma Deltag Romance Language Clulwg English Cluhg Debate CASELLE, TIIERESA Syracuse Fine Arts. CA'l'I3, LUCILLE Rcmfing, Business Administration. Alpha Phig W. S. 5.5 W. A. A.g Y. 'W. C. A.3 Swimming' fzl, Manager Qgl. CALDWFLL, JANE Syracure Home Economics. Wnmen's Glee Cluhq Sociology Club. CAMPANELLA, PAUL J. Hfixlol, R. 1. Liberal Arts. CARMICHEL, ALEXANDER Syrntuxv Liberal Arts. 'l'heta Alphag The Orange Peel Qzl, Assistant Business Man- ager i353 University Chorus 62. 37- CARR, RUTH MARY S yrfirmc Liberal Arts. 'l'heta Phi Alphag Newman Club, Secretary fzjg Executive Committee fgj. CARROLL, ELEANOR Syracuse Liheral Arts. Alpha Phig Pi Mu Epsilong City Wumen's Club fl, 2, 315 Finance Chairman f3j3 English Clubg Y. W. C. A. fl, 2, 335 Wumen's Council Q 1, 253 Wumenls Glee Club CI, 255 The Daily Orange fl, lj. CASTOR, GORDON W. Jordan Applied Science. CENTER, KENNETH W. Syracuxf Applied Science. l- CIIALOUX, LOUIS Y. Ilomcr Applied Science. Phi Gamma Delta. HAPIVIAN, DOROTIIY E. Riffgvwornl, N. J. Liberal Arts. Alpha Gamma Delta, Women's Olee Club QU, Women's Coun- fll ill, VV. A. A. fzj, Secre- tlllll' and Treasurer, Outing Clllb fzl, Vice-President, The Orange Peel C215 lliking, Man- ager, Hockey QI, 2, 35, Rifle II, 21 3lS Track fl, :lg Speed- ball CIIIVIURA, JANE T. lfriflgcporl, Colm. Liberal Arts. CHURCH, MARION LOUISE Hamilton Teachers College. Delta Gamma, Albany Teachers College CHURCHMAN, MARGARET Carden Cily, L. I. Liberal Arts. ISRPPU Kappa Gamma, Chapel Ul0'l'i Women's Clee Club. CLAIIP, IVIARTIIA F. Lilzlc Silver, N. J. Fine Arts. Rifle, Geology Club, Y. W. C' A4 S y r a cus e-in-China, Women's Cosmopolitan Club. CLARK, ELIZAIYIQTII Syracuse School of Public Speech. Alpha Phi, Zeta Phi Eta, Con- vocation Committee, Y. W. C- A., Womenls Clee Clubi Class Executive Committee QU. CHAMBERS, ISABEL Ocean Park, Mc. School of Library Science. Y. W. C. A., Archery. CIIISOLM, WILLIAM M. New York City Liberal Arts. Cosmopolitan Club, Men's Glee Club CIIRISTIE. ARTHUR II. Hrizlgvparl, Conn. Forestry. 'l'heta Chi, Forestry Club, Track CID, Lacrosse til, Crew CID. CHURCIIILL, BEATRICE l"hilfij1.vb1u'g', N. J. Liberal Arts. Kappa Alpha Theta, Women's msc Club Cab, Y. w. c. A. isl- CLAIR, LAWRENCE E. Rochcxlvr Business Administration. Kappa Sigma, Student Court. CLARK, DOROTHY T. Ieiliglffllllilli, N. J. Ilome Economics. Alpha Chi Omega, Basketball fl, :jg 'l'1-ack Cl, 2D, The Orange Peel CLARK, RUTH G. Syracuse lfine Arts. Women's Glee Club. CLEVELAND, CAROLINE Watertown . . School of Library Science. Gamma Phi Beta, W. A. A., Rifle, Manager UD. COIIEN, BERNYCE G. Pillrlon, Perma. Business Administration. Phi Sigma Sigma, WOll1Cl1,S Glue Club. COLE, VIRGINIA A. Colzleslcill Home Economics. Delta Gamma, Home Eco- nomics Club, University Chorus Cz, QU, Y. W. C. A., W. S. S. COLEMAN, RICHARD B. Crmaslnla Liberal Arts. Alpha Sigma Phi, Newman Club. COLLINS, FRANCES M. Cofwerneur Liberal Arts. Zeta 'l'au Alpha, English Club, Alliance Francaise, Pan Helle- nic. COOK, ALBERT D. liufalo Business Administration. Beta Theta Pi, Manx Ilead, Vice-President, Football Cl, zlg Lacrosse QI, zl. COYNE, DORIS Earlvifle Liberal Arts. Alpha Delta Pi, University Chorus, Archery, Rifle, English Club, Geology Club, Y. W. C. A. CLICKNER, ERMA Watertown Liberal Arts. Sigma Kappa, Y. W. C. A. fl, 2, 3,3 W. S. S. fl, 21, 'l'he On- ondagan Czl. COIIEN, IIORACE Waverly Business Administration. Tau Epsilon Phi, Baseball QD, Manager. COLE, ROBERT H. Syracuse Liberal Arts. Psi Upsilon, Pershing Rifles. COLLICO'I"I', DOROTHY Ilarrirbzng, Perma. Liberal Arts. Chi Omega, English Club, Y. W. C. A., Zlld Cabinet fgj, 'l'he Daily Orange flj, W. S. S. CONAN, PEGGY Syracuse Liberal Arts. Chi Omega, Tambourine and Bones, Class Executive Com- mittee fly, Y. W. C. A., W. S. S. COll'I"l'IS, ELIZABETII N. Grosaelwnlale, Conn. Liberal Arts. Alpha Delta Pi, German Club fzl, Classical Club fz, 32, 'l'he Orange Peel. COZAD, DUDLEY Seneca Fall: Applied Science. CRAWFORD, ROSEMARY White Plains Teachers College. Kappa Alpha Thctag English Clubg Sociology Club, Y. W. C. A., Women's Glee Club. CROWLEY, WILLIAM Jmnewille Liberal Arts. Newman Club, English Club, Debate CUMMINGS, DORIS Oneida Liberal Arts. Pi Beta Phig University Women's Council, Class Execu- tive Committee Cxj. CYPHERS, NORMAN Syrrzcuxe Applied Science. DALY, EDMUND Warvrlown Applied Science. Pi lVIu Epsilon, Independent Organization, A. S. C. E. DANIELS, DRAPER M!1fl'iS Business Administration. Theta Alphag Manx Head, l'i Delta Epsilon, University Press Club, The Daily Orange CI, 25, Associate Editor C3l3 The Orange Peel C235 Associate Editor Cjgjg The Onondagan Czl. Student Court. DANTON, ALBERT' Union, N. J. Liberal Arts. Alpha Phi Delta, Newman Clllbs Cross-country C05 Trad! CID., CRONIN, RICHARD Kingston, Pcmm. Business Administration. Sigma Nug Alpha Delta Sigma, Newman Club, Men's Glee Clubg Rugby C113 Soccer C235 Track CID, Boxing CID, The Orange Peel CI. zj, Associate Business Manager Cgj. CRUMLEY, ELSIE Solvay Liberal Arts. CU MMINS, NELLE Syracuxc' Teachers College. Alpha Gamma Deltag Y. W. C. A.g City Women's Club, University Women's Council. DALTON, WALTER Bufalo Liheral Arts. Alpha Sigma Phi, D o u b l e Seven, Baseball CID, Basket- ball CID. DANAHY, RAY Niagara Falls Business Administration. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Psi, Corpse and Coflin, Lacrosse, Assistant Manager C355 The Orange Peel. DANIO, GIERTRUDE Oswego School of Library Science. DAVENPOR'l', llILDA Fnycllcvillc Liberal Arts. Basketball CI, :lg Hockey DAVEY, RUTH W'i1kf's-B.11'ru, Pcnlm. Liberal Arts. Hockey Ci, 2, xl, Basketball Cx, :jg English. DAVIDSON, GICNIEVIEVE Syrrluim: Liberal Arts. Kappa Alpha Th eta, Cily Women's Club, Newman Club, English. DAY, VIRGINIA Symcmvc Business Administration. Alpha Chi Omega, The Onon- dagan Czj, Associate Editor C315 Y. W. C. A., City Women's Club. DELAND, Sl IIRLEY Dunkirk Fine Arts. , DELNEGRO, ALBERT Newark, N. I. Liberal Arts. Alpha Sigma Phi. DENCE, MARTHA Onomiuga Hill Liberal Arts. Alpha Phig Y. VV. C. A., Citv Women's Club, English Club. DEVINIC, WINIFRED Oyxlcr Bay Business Administration. Y. W. C. A., Syracus.:-in-China, Cambridge Discussion Group. DAVIDSON, BARRETT Syrrrcruc Business Atlministratiun. Gamma Rho Tau, Kappa Phi Kappa. DAVIS, MABEL Rirfgujiulfl, N. J. Home Economics. DECKER, ELIZABETH Syracnxc Liberal Arts. Alpha Phi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Economics Club 1335 German Club Q2, 3,5 Y. W. C. A. Qi, 2, 3,5 University Women's Council Cl, 22, Secretary C355 City Women's Club QI, 2, 3,5 The Onontlagan Czj. DE LANY, TIIOIVIAS Syracuse Liberal Arts. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. DEMPSEY, DORCAS New York Mill: Teachers College. Phi Mug Classical Club, W. A. A. fzlg Swimming Q2, 315 Y. W. C. A. DIEROSA, IVIICHELANGELO 1"a1vr.van, N. I. Teachers College. French Club, Romance Lan- guage Club. DIiYVI'I"I', ELEANOR Glen Gzmlncr, N. J. Home Economics. Kappa Alpha Theta. DIAMOND, WALTER Symcuxe Liberal Arts. Zeta Beta 'l'aug Pre-Nledical Society, 'l'he Daily Orange C11 ZJ, Associate Editor fgjg Cheer- leader fzj. DICKlNSON, ELlZAllE'lil'l M. Cfumfcu, N. J. Liberal Arts. Alpha Gamma Delta, W. A. A., Hockey, Y- W. C. A. DISTICFANO, MYll'l'LE Syracuse Liberal Arts. Hendricks Chapel Choir, Y. W- C. A. DOHERTY, MARY Poughlemzprie Business Administration. Theta Phi Alpha. DOLAN, FRANK Syracuse Applied Science. Newman Club. DOODLE, MIL'l'ON Syracuse Liberal Arts. DOOLITTLE, URI, IR. Syracuse 4 Liberal Arts. Phi Gamma Delta, Douhlfi Seven, Crew fl, 255 Football E135 Class Executive Committee 1 . DICK, llERlVlAN Symcuxe Liberal Arts. Delta Upsilon. lJlNEllAR'1', MARGUlillI'l'E lVlfiMlv.rL'x Home Economics. Sociology Club, W. S. S. C255 Y. W. C. A. fl, Zi. DOl'll'QRTY, DANHEL Syraruxe Liberal Arts. Sigma Nu. DOIGE, CA'l'HARINli Chalcaugfzy Fine Arts. Delta Zeta, University Chorus Riile. DOLBEAR, ELDORA Syracuse Fine Arts. Pi Beta Phig Women's Glee Club, W. s. s., Y. W. c. A. DOOLEY, ELIZAISETH Syracuse Fine Arts. Kappa Kappa Gamma, English Club, University Chorus. DOREMUS, ANDREW Cliflnu, N. J. Business Administration. Pi Kappa Alpha, Double Scvcm The Onondagan Cz, 33, Student Court Cz, 35. DORR, LOIS Bujnln Fine Arts. Alpha Phig Sigma Chi Alphag The Green Leaf, Hockey Qxlg Basketball QZQ5 W. S. S. QU. DRUCKER, ARTHUR I,IllL'l'JU1l, N. J. Business Administration. Zeta Beta Taup Pi Delta Ep- silon, The Daily Orange fl, 21, Associate Editor f3l5 The On- ondagan Czl, Associate Editor Qglg The Argotg Convocation Committee fzl. DUNBAR, EDWARD Rorrlle Park, N. J. Liberal Arts. Delta Upsilong Monx Headg Trackg Boar's Head, Class Executive Committee. DUNN, VERONICA Syrucuxe Liberal Arts. Newman Club, Classical Clubg Y- W. C. A. DUVALL, STUART Tully Liberal Arts. Beta Theta Pi EBELING, GEORGE Fayetteville Liberal Arts. Football. EGGLESTON, ROSLYN Watertown Fine Arts. Zeta Tau Alpha. DOWD, DANIEL Brooklyn Agriculture. Phi Kappa Taug Sigma Taug Newman Club, Geology Club. DUFFY, ELLIE Syracure Liberal Arts. Newman Clubg City Women's Club. DUNN, llE'l"1'Y CG1lIlCdul, Ohio Home Economics. DURRWACHTER, EDVVARD Williamsport, Pcmm. Applied Science. Dflfa UPSUOHS Corpse and Collin, Theta Tau. DYER, THOMAS Syracuse Liberal Arts. Psi Upsilong Economics Club: International Relations Club: Pershing Riflesg Chapel Board. EDELSTEIN, MILTON Ulfta Liberal Arts. Phi Epsilon Pig Monx Head, The Onondagan fzl, Associate Editor QQ, Water Polo fl, 1,5 Football fxjg Intcrfratcrnity Cuuncilg Tennis fzl, Assistant Manager ELSTEIN, HAROLD Syracuse Liberal Arts. Chess Clubg Track fllg Debate Cl, 2, glg Independent Or- ganization. Q ENGLISH, FRANK Syracuse Liberal Arts. Newman Club. El? ARDI, LUTHER Syracuse Applied Science. EVANS, DOROTHY Scranton, Perma. Teachers College. Delta Delta Deltag Y. W. C. A.i Hockeyg Spcedballg Swimmingg Archeryg Rilleg Trackg Basket- ball. EVANS, RUTH E. Kingslon, Perma. Fine Arts. Kappa Kappa Gammag Tau EP- silong English Clubg Y.W. C-A- fl, 225 The Daily Orange C233 The Onondagan fzj. FAHY, ROBERT Norwich Liberal Arts. Baseball Cl, 2, 35. FALCONE, ANTHONY Rochester Sigma Phi Epsilong Double Sevcng Class Executive Com- mittee fx, 215 The Daily Orange fx, zj. FATCHERIE, JOHN Camilla: Liberal Arts. ENRIGHT, MILDRED Jcrrey City, N. J. Business Administration. Kappa Alpha Theta. ESKILDSEN, MARY Perm Yan Liberal Arts. EVANS, JANE Scranton, Palma. School of Library Science. Chi Omegag Y. W. C. A. fxlg W. S. S. fzlg University Woincn's Council. EVANS, RUTH L. Illeriflcn, Conn. School of Public Speech. Sigma Kappag Zeta Phi Etag Womcn's Glee Club CO5 Y. W. C. A-5 W. S. S. FALCOME, ANTHONY Syracuse Liberal Arts. FARMER, MARY Syracuse Liberal Arts. FELSHAW, MIRIAM Antwerp School of Public Speech. Delta Gammng English iClubg University Chorus fl, 2, 3Jg Y- W. C. A.9 W. S. S. FENLON, LOUISE Aprilia Slalion Business Administration. Theta Phi Alphag Newman Clubg The Onondagan C235 The Orange Peel Czl, Associate Editor Cgj. FERGUSON, VIRGINIA Syracuse School of Library Science. Kappa Kappa Gannnag City Wumenls Cluby Wumcn's Glue Club C215 'l'he Greenleaf FERRIS, WILLIAM Floral Park, L. I. Liberal Arts. Delta Upsilung Monx I-Ieadg Basketball CI, 25, Assistant Manager C375 Lacrosse CI, 2, 39- FIELDS, CHARLES Hnrpursville Liberal Arts. FILSINGER, KATHERINE Walcrlown Fine Arts. Delta Delta Dcltag Sigma Chi Alpha. FINGER, JAMES lirrfalo Applied Science. Independent Organizationg Uni- versity Chorus. FITZER, NORMAN Syracuse Liberal Arts. Sigma Alpha Mug Monx Hcadg Track CI, 23, Assistant Man- ager C3j. I'lCN'I'ON, HAROLD Chillcmmgo Liberal Arts. FERNALLD, ELIZABETII - Lconia, N. J. Liberal Arts. Pi Beta Phi. FIELDING, ESTHER Syracuse Business Administration. Kappa Kappa Gammzu City Wumen's Clubg Tambourine and Bonesg Class Executive Com- mittee CID. FILSINGER, ARIEL Syracuse Liberal Arts. Phi Mug English Clubg City Wumen's Club. . FINE, SEYMOUR Moz:-rr! Vernon Liberal Arts. Phi Epsilon Pi5 LaCrosse CID. FINKELSTEIN, GERTRUDE Liberal Arts. Independent Organizationg Pre- Medical Societyg Class Execu- tive Committee C2, 3J. FLAHERTY, FREDERICK Syracuse Ifurestry. Psi Upsilon. Q FLEMING, JAMES Syl'!lCll.YL' Applied Science. FORD, RU'l'l'l Syl'1lC1l.YL' Liberal Arts. Alpha Xi Deltag German Clubg Y. NV. C. A. fl, 225 Suimming fills Horseback Riding fzji Historical Association5 Univer- sity Chorus. FOX, lsIARRIE'l' IVc':uarlc School of Library Science. Delta Zetag Y. W. C. A. 125. FREY. MARION Syracuse Liberal Arts. Alpha Gamma Delta. FRIEDMAN, WILLIAM New York City Forestry. F0"e5U'Y Clubs Swimming fl, 235 LaCrosse C135 The Empire Foresterg Soccer FUSSELL, RENDLE Albany Liberal A1-Lg, Delta Tau Deltag Double swims Swimming CI, zjg De- bating Club fi, 2, 31. CANDY, VIRGINIA Schufzcctlafly Liberal Arts. Alpha Chi Omegag Y. W. C. A. FLEMING, RUTH Syracuse School of Library Science. FORGHAM, CAROLYN fllinoa Business Administration. FOX, JOSEPH BI'iIig1'f20l'l, Conn. Business Administration. Sigma Nug Newman Clubg Economics Club. FRIEDMAN, MONROE Scrzmlzm. Palma. Business Administration. Tau Epsilon Phiq Corpse and Cofling Football fi, 23. FURNIVAL, IQLOISE S 3' rarure Liberal Arts. Pi Delta Nug City Women's Clubg Y. W. C. A. UAITKA, THADDEUS Newark Applied Science. GARDNER. EDITH Carmmlaigrm Liberal Arts. English Clubg German Clubq University Chorus. GARDNER, RUTH Syracuse Fine Arts. University Chorus, Hendriclds Chapel Choir, Archery. GARRISON, RALPH Slingerlands Business Administration. Delta Upsilong Alpha Kappa Psi, Double Seven, The Onon- dagon 122, Swimming fzj. GAY, RUTH Niagara Falls Fine Arts. GEHROLDT, WALDA Schenectady Business Administration. Alpha Chi Omega, The Daily Orange KID, W. S. S. fl, 259 The Onondagan Czj. GIBBINS, GERTRUDE Kenmore Liberal Arts. Sigma Kappa, The Daily Orange fl, zl, Associate Editor fgjg The Onondagan fzlg Class Executive Committee KID, Womcn's Glcc Club ill, Uni- versity Chorus fzli Y. W. C. A., W. S. S., Press Club C37- GIFFORD, JOHN Wextriale Liberal Arts. Biblical Club. GILPIN, NOBLE Sterling, Perma. Fine Arts. Phi Mu Alpha, University Chorus. GARRISON, MARGARET Syracuse Liberal Arts. GASSELL, LOUIS Syracuse Business Administration. GEHRING, CARL Batavia Forestry. Cross Country CID, Track GERBER, JEROME Syramse Liberal Arts. Zeta Beta Tau, Boar's Head, Business Manager , GIBSON, ELWYN Cape Vincent Business Administration. Delta Tau Delta, Double Seveng Student Court fgj. GILLIS, JAMES Marlville Liberal Arts. GINETTO, STEPHEN EIIHEZO Applied Science. Q GINNANE, ROBERT Addison Liberal Arts. GLINSKY, BENJAMIN Syracure APPlicd Science. GOETTEL, J. ARNOLD Cenlral Square Fine Arts. Phi Mu Alphng University Chorus. GOLDENBERG. LEON Newburgh Liberal Arts. Zeta Beta Taug Pre-Medical Society. GOODHU-E, RAYMOND Rochester Business Administration. Sigma Alpha Epsilong Corpse and Cofiini Track, Assistant Manager. GORDON, DOROTHY Syracuse Liberal Arts. Alpha Epsilon Phig City W0mCll,S Clubg Tambourine ing 13011085 Class Secretary I . GOT'r1fR112D, BETH Delrait, Mich. sSh00l of Nursing. GLAHN, INGER Syracuxe Fine Arts. Phi Mug University Chorusg City Women's Club. GOATLEY, FRANCIS Puri Charter Agriculture. Theta Chig Sigma Tau. COFF, JOHN Syracuse Liberal Arts. Newman Clubg Debate. GOLDVVATER, DOROTHY Syracuse School of Public Speech. Alpha Epsilon Phig City Women's Clubg Y. W- C- A- Q1, zjg English Club Qzjg The Daily Orange QI, ZD- GOODMAN, FRANCES Wyomirsing, Perma. Liberal Arts. Kappa Alpha Theta. GORSON, LOTS Allfmlic City, N. J. School of Public Speech. Alpha Epsilon Phig Zeta Phi Etag The Daily Orange 41,3 Y. W. C. A., Cl, 2,5 The Onon- dagun fzbg Convocation Com- mittee Q2, 31- GRAHAM, CENA Sujfern Fine Arts. Delta Gnmmag Hendriclds Chapel Choir 1113 Women's Glee Clubg Syracuse-in-Chinag Class Executive Committee fl, 255 Hockey Team QU. UllANUlfll, lllf'l"l'Y Sy1'm'11,rc Fine Arts. Delta Delta Deltag English Clubg XV. S. S.q Y. NV. C. A. URISIZNIC, LIZROY Riflgiesuoofl Liberal Arts. Pi Kappa Alphag Pershing Rifles. GRI LLO, -I OSEPH A'.'rL'ark Liberal Arts. GROSS, DOROTHY Ulffzl Liberal Arts. Alpha Epsilon Phig English Clubg The Orange Peel fllg The Onondagan Cz, gl. GROSS, NIILDRED Scranlon, Pcnrza. Liberal Arts. Alpha Epsilon Phig Sociology Clubg Convocation Committee fzlg Y. W. C. A. Cx, 2, 3Jg Daily Chapel fgl. GUCKEMUS, ELSA Ulffrl Liberal Arts. G c r m a n Clubg University Chorusg Y. W. C. A.5 Basket- ball. GUNNISON, G. Victor Applied Science. GREEN, G. HELEN flllluzlic Cilv, N. J. Business Administration. Alpha Epsilon Phig Cheerlead- ing fl, glg 'l'he Chap Bookg The Ononalagan URIFFINU, AR'l'llUll A'.'wark Liberal Arts. llennlrick's Chapel Choir fz, 39- GRINNELL, CHARLES llhviina Business Administration. Alpha Chi Rho. Corpse and Cofling Crew, Vice-Commodore GROSS, LOUIS Ulira Liberal Arts. Bible Clubg Economics Clubg Debate fl, 2, gl. GROSSMAN, SYLVIA Srfanfon, Pemm. School of Public Speech. Zeta Phi Eta. German Clubs Debateg 'l'an1 b o u ri n e and Bonesg W. S. S. GUDAT, CARL New York Cily Forestry. Class C om m i tt ee, Secretary 'l'reasurer C215 La Crosse fl, zl. GWYNNE, ISE'l"l'Y Fallon Liberal Arts. Alpha Phig Y. W. C. A. fl, zl, Second Cabinet Ula W. S. S. 1213 Won1en's Glee Club fzl. B HAAK, MARY E. Ssrrlnfuu, 1,!'N7lll Fine Arts. Chi Omegag University YVomenls Council. llAlCill'l', PAUL Symcuxe Business Administration. Phi Gamma Deltag Klickers. HAMILL, BJARJORIE Lru1r1.'I, Del. liine Arts. Sigma Alpha lotag linglish Cllllv fl, 355 Women's Stu- dent Senate, Second Vice Presi- dent 43,3 VVomen's Glen: Club, Secretary fzl, Manager C319 University Chorus fzlg Hend- riclc's Chapel Choir Qzjg Chapel Choir Quartette C353 'l'he On- ondagan C213 Associate Editor Ubi Greenleaf fljg Young Woxnen's Christian Association C11 2, 'Sli 'llilectral' CID. HAMMOND, llliLEN Syrrzcuru Business Administration. HANEY, JOIIN S. Symcuxc Applied Science. Sigma Phi lipsilong Track fri? lille Daily Orange fljg Double Seven. IIOLDRIDGE, CHARLES Windham '1'eachers College. University Baud Qz, 3J. llARRl S, CHARLES Syracuse Liberal Arts. l-IAFBLE, KliNNli'l'll A. , Uzlriiffz Business Administration. Phi Kappa. German Cluhg Newman Club. llALL, DORIS L. Syracuse Liberal Arts. llAMlL'l'ON, LAURA V. lfnlh Business Administration. Alpha Ganuna Deltag Young llVOI1lCl1iS Christian Association Cl, zl. HANDY, ALLAN NV. Plymonlh, Alam. Forestry. Soccer QI, 2, 3,3 Tfilfk il, 21 39- uAN1fo1an, nroisis J. Syrmrllre Liberal Arts. Alpha Plug 'lll'L'ilSlll'Cl', Women'S Student Senate. HARRIS, ALFRED Brooklyn Forestry. Lacrosseg Boxing. HARRISON, REUBIN Scllcnucfmiy Teachers College. Sigma Alpha M115 Monx Head. Spiked Shoeg Economics Clulu Press Clulug journalism Club. 'l'rackg Cross Country. HARVATH, LEON WILLIAM Nanlicake, Perma. Business Administration. Phi Delta Thetag Football fljg Basketball fljg Varsity Football fz, 319 Representative Forestry Student Council ill. HART, WINSTON W. Ilaoxicle Falls ' Applied Science. Phi Kappa Psi. HASSLER, EDGAR F. Halcflon. N. J. Fine Arts, Architecture. Theta Pi. HAUENSTEIN, LILLIAN Waymnrl, Perma. Liberal Arts. Alpha Delta Pig German Clubg Classical Club. HAVILL, ROBERT R. Ml. Vernon Fine Arts. Delta Kappa Epsilong Corpse and Cofling Coxswain of Crew CI, zjg Band Cz, 2, gb. HAYES, ELIZABETH A. Syracuse Liberal Arts. Theta Phi Alphag Newman Club, Classical Club, City Women's Clubg Women's Stu- dent Senate Qzjg R. O. T. C. Sponserg Women's Student Council KID, Vice-President fzj. HEADINCS, ELAYN Lowirrozun, Pcnna. Fine Arts. Delta Zetag Tau Epsilong Young Women's Christian As- sociationg Rifle. HARTMAN, LLOYD Binghamton School of Public Speech. Phi Kappa Psia Mcn's Glee Clubg Boar's Headg Tambourine and Bonesg Announcer WMAC. HAS BROUCK, ELLSWORTH Syracuse Liberal Arts. l'lA'1'FIELD, EUNICE Poughkeepsie Fine Arts. HAUSSNIAN, RICIIARD Syracuse Forestry. HAWKINS, B. CYRUS Maplewood, N. J. Business Administration. Psi Upsilong Double Seveng Pershing Rifles, Cheerleader Q2, 315 Rifle Team Q2, 32. HAZELTON, ROBERT G. Gorwcrueur Business Administration. Beta Theta Pig Corpse and Ceiling Football CI, 22, Assistant Manager I-IECKER, GEORGE Syracuse Liberal Arts. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, The On- ondagan fzj, Associate Editor fglg Geology Club. L HEDGLON, MEAD Syraruse Business Administrtion. HEIGL, -lOllN 1. Utica Applied Science. HEISE, DOROTHY NI. Columbia. Puumz. Library School. Chi Omegag Y. W. C. A., First Cabinet Q3J5 Varsity Rifle iz, 3,5 Ilendrick's Chapel Cllflll' fl, 2, 3,5 University WCll11Cll,9 Council CID. HENIMERLEIN, RICHARD F. Syracuxc 'Teachers College. Newman Club. HENDERSON, DOROTHY Hmlfloujclrl, Nara Jersey Fine Arts. Pi Beta Phi. HERLIHY, EDWARD Glens Fallx Business Administration. Phi Kappa Psi. HERlVlS'l'ED, JOHN Eliznbvlh. N. J. Forestry. Sigma Chig Alpha Xi Sigmag Alpha Phi Omegag Robin Hood Clabg The Camp Log, Editorg The Empire Forester, Associate Editorg Forestry Class Executive C o m m i t t e e 1275 Forestry Club, Vice-presi- clentg Student Councilg Swim- ming fi, zjg Water Polo fl. 25. HEID, MARY KATI-XLEEN Liverpool School of Public Speech. Alpha Chi Omegag Zeta Phi Eta. HEIM, MARGARET ELLA Wilfiamxporl, Pvmm. Business Administration. Alpha Chi Omcgag Women's Glee Club CI, 219 Sophomore Award Czjg Hendrick's Chapel Choir fz, 355 Freshman Execu- tive Committeeg Basketball Cl, 255 W. S. S. Cz. 0. HEMINGWAY, RUTH I,i-vcrlzool Home Economics. Kappa Delta. HENCLE, LEONORE Ifulflwinwille Liberal Arts. Cosmopolitan Clubg Latin Clubg Archery. HENDERSON, LOUISE E. Norlhwille School of Library Science. Zeta Tau Alphag German Clubg Library Clubg Y. W. C. A. fl, 23. IIERMES, R. ALLEN Syracuse Fine Arts. HERRICK, ROBERT H. Newark Liberal Arts. HERSII, MlL'l'ON G'ra-vcr-ville Business Administration. 'l'au Epsilon Phi. HESS, MARJORIE Phoenix Liberal Arts. Kappa Delta. lIEVVLE'l"l', CHARLES A. Queen Villrugc, L.' I. Applied Science. Theta Pig University Band. IIIXON, EDWARD G. Syracuse Liberal Arts. Rugby Q05 Soccerg Lacrosse Cz, 354 University Chorus llOlHiR'l', ROBERT ll. Syracuse Applied Science. A. I. C. E.. Lacrosse. HOMAN, ELEANOR Crumleu. N. J. Liberal Arts. Alpha Gamma Deltag English Clubg Pan-Hellenicg W. A. A. Board Qi, 315 'l'ambourine and Bonesg Electra. Big Lakeg Pomeroys Pasty Y. W. C. A.5 W. S. S. HORSMAN, JOHN G. Schzfncrlmly Business Administration. Zeta Psig Monx Headg Alpha Kappa Psig The Daily Orange CID, Assistant Business Man- ager CD' HESS, ELVIRA Srraufuu, Pcnmz. Liberal Arts. Sigma Kappag English Clubg Swimming QIJ3 Tennis Cl, zjy 'l'he Daily Orange Qzlg W. A. A. HETTINGER, CIIARLES B. Syracuse Business Administration. Sigma Beta. HICKOK, HAYDIEN D. Syracuse Liberal Arts. Psi Upsilung 'l'he Orange Peel, Associate Editorg University Band Qljg Class Executive Com- mittee IIOAR, FRANK Liverpool Applied Science. A. I. C. E. HOFFMAN, PARKER M. lkzizzlcfl Por! Liberal Arts. University Bandg 'l'he Daily Orange fllg University Or- chestrag University Chornsg Var- sity Riilc Team Cl, 2, 31. HORDINES, JOHN Cuuzraliu, Perma. 'l'eachers College. Sigma Nag Nu Gamma .Phig Kappa Phi Kappag Cosmo- politan Clubg Football CI, 2, 3li Wrestling fl, 2, 3,3 '1'raclc cl: 21 3,5 llushv HORTON, DAVID Seneca l"all.r Applied Science. H HOSIER, RICHARD B. Cbrlrllarzz, N. J. Forestry. Larnbda Chi Alpha 5 Pershing Riflesg Double Seveng Student Court QI, zj. HOWARD, ELEANOR Syrarusc Business Administration. Pi Beta Phig Y. W. C. A-5 W. S. HUEBNER, MARIE Syracuse School of Public Speech. Kappa Alpha Thetag Class Executive Committee HUNIMER, IRENE Titflwille, Perma. Home Economics. Kflppa Kappa Gammag Alpha Epsilon Epsilong Womcnls Glee Clubg English Club. HUNT, RUTH Killawog Liberal Arts. Alpha Omicron Pig Seabury Club. IGLEIIART, JULIE C. Tokyo, Japan Liberal Arts, KHPPG Alpha 'l'heta5 ClaSS Executive C o m m i t t e e flli Y- W. C. A. Cr, 2, 339 Univer- 5ltY Chorus fllg Basketball il, 253 Chapel Board Q2, 32- INGIERS, CLEONA I,0IlgllkCL'fI.ffL' Business Administration. HOSLEY, KENNETH Waverly Business Administration. Theta Alphag Basketball HOWLAND, MILLIARD Bainbridge Business Administration. Sigma Alpha Epsilong Corpse and Cnflini Boxing, Assistant Managerg Basketball HUMBERT, JOHN CLAUDE Syracuse Applied Science. HUMMER, MARGARET Tiluwillv, Prmm. Home Economics. Kappa Kappa Gammag Hend- rickls Chapel Choir. IlURW1'l'Z, MORTON Syracuxe Liberal Arts. INGALLS, HAZEL Plallxlmrg Fine Arts. Pi Beta Phi. INGERSON, HARRY C. Symrzzxu Applied Science. Sigma Phi Epsilong A. S. C. E. JACOBS, lVIlL'l'ON D. MdIl1Ill'HIlCCA! Liberal Arts. Economics Club. JEFFE, FRANCIS llufalo Business Aclminitsration. Phi Gamma Delta. JENNINGS, LOIS Por! .fcffcrson Business Administration. JOHNSON, NOLI. E. Iiirighlfzzlun Business Administration. Beta Theta Pi. JONES, llARllIET Eric, Pcmm. School of Library Science. Kappa Alpha Theta. JONICS, HOWARD Sj'l'l1E1lJE Liberal Arts. Phi Kappa, Newman Treasurer JONES, MARIAN Utica Home Economics. lub, Delta Gamma, Pi Delta Nu. ,1Aco1ssoN, VIOLA Ilfzrfforfl, Conn. Fine Arts. Delta Zeta, Sigma Chi Alpha, University Choir. JENKINS, ALVA MARJORIE Lenox, .'lla.r.r. School of Library Science. Cosmopolitan Club, English Club. Jislzlw, JAMES Campbell Applied Science. 'l'hcta Chi Alpha, Theta Tau. JONES, CARLTON Norwicfl Business Anhninistration. Phi Gamma Delta. JONES, HELEN M. Syracuxe Business Administration. Delta Gamma, Biblical Club, Y. W. C. A. Qi, 2, 3,5 Hockey Cl, 21, Basketball flbg Track Czj, City Wmnen's Club QI, 2, 35, Syracuse-in-China, KID. JONES, LLOYD ll. Syrfzruxc Business Administration. Phi Delta Theta. JOSEPH, ALYS Slnwcrlown, Pcnurl. Liberal Arts. Alpha Xi Delta, Cosmopolitan Club C195 Y. W. C. A., Second Cabinet QD, Ritle fljg Specul- ball L- JUNGEN, Lois WILMA Syrncnrc Home Economics. English Club fl, 2,5 Inde- Pvndent Organization. KATZ, CARL Syrarnre Liberal Arts. zeta Beta 'l'au5 Sociology Clubg Fennis, Manager Cgj. KEELER, ELEANOR E. Brooklyn Fine Arts. Alpha Xi Delta. KELLEY, DELMAR Chicago, Ill. Applied Science. Phi Kappa Psig Men's Glee Club fljg Hendricks Chapel Choir fl Q D- Universit Or- : -x 3 1 Y chestra C115 Boarls Head, Pro- duction Manager K3 KELSON, JANE Syracuse Liberal Arts. Alpha Epsilon Phi. KENNEDY, RUTH Fulton Liberal Arts. Sakajawea Clubi German Clubg . German Chorus. KESSLER, JANE Ifrovklvn Liberal Arts. Beta Phi Alplmg Geology Club ff, 3,5 University Chorus Qzli Rifle fzjg University Orchestra. KAPLAN, ABE BARON Rochcrlcr Forestry. Phi Epsilon Pig Wrestling KEEPER, E. MARIE ls'rmif0rJ Liberal Arts. Sakajawea Club. KEENAN, GliR'I'RUDE B. W anrrlo wn Fine Arts. Theta Phi Alphag Newman Clubg 'l'he Daily Orange fl, 25, Associate Editor fgl. KICLLEY, ROBERT M. Bridgeport, Conn. Liberal Arts. University Band. A KENNEDY, SHERNIAN W. W41l'fL'1lI Liberal Arts. Debate. KENT, ALICE IfValki11.f, Glen Business Administration. Alpha Phig Y. W. C. A. CI, 25. KIEl"l"lfR, CLEMENTINE F. Buffalo Schuol of Public Speech. Beta Phi Alphag Boar,s Hcadg German Club U13 German Chorus CO9 Boar's Head Productions Cl, zl. KILBURN, FRANCES Canlan, Pumm. School of Library Science. Theta Phi Alphag Pi Lamhcla Sigmag The Daily Orange fzlg Y- W. C. A. Cll. KINGSTON, MARION Skancalclcx School of Library Science. KIRKER, FORD H. Rnchcxlcr Business Administration. Kappa Sigmag Corpse and Cofling Crew, Vice-Commodore C39- KLAUSNER, IIERIVIAN F. Ulim Business Administration. Sigma Phi Epsilon. KLIPPEL, RAYMOND F. Syracuse Business Administration. KOCH, EDWARD C. Crcslwaozi Applied Science. Kappa Sigmag Theta Tang Tau Beta Phig Pi Mu Epsilon. KORADILL, FREDERICK Syracuse' Business Administration. KING, GEORGE M. Chl'IIr71lg0 Fallx Liheral Arts. KINNEY, CHARLOTTE Syrarnxa School of Public Speech. KLASEN, JOSEPH H. Symcrzse Business Administration. Sigma Delta Chi. KLETT, EDGAR Syracuxe Business Administration. KNIGHT, STUART R. Roma Business Administration. Lambda Chi Alpha. KOPITA, ROBERT Ogrfemllllrg Applied Science. KUIINE, VIOLA MARIE Hiclcwille, L. I. Business Administration. Delta Gammag German Cluhg Economics Clubg Geology Club: Y. W. C. A. LAMBERT, ARTHUR S. Lockport Business Aclministratiorl. Delta Upsilong Double Sevens lVlen's Glec Club, Cl, 253 Uni- versity Band, C335 University Chorus. LAND, HELEN Smilhlozun limmrh School of Library Science. Alpha Gamma Delta, Archery. C2, zba Y. W. c. A., ma Basketball, LANNON, DOROTHY Newark Liberal Arts. Sigma Kappa, Y. W. C. A.i Sociology Club. LAVEY, lVlARGARE'l' MIll'c'Ulllt.Y Falls Liberal Arts. LAWRENCE, WALTER Saralogrz Spring: Liberal Arts. Crew, LAYTON, RUTH Symcn.w Business Administration. Alpha Chi Omega, Press Club, Economics Club, Y. W. C. A., il: 21 3,5 The Daily Orange, i?-y 355 The Onondagan, QD, YV- S. S., QI, 2, 335 Interna- tional Relations, Chap Book, Czj. LEE, AMY lfaycftcfzzille Liberal Arts. Alpha Phi, English Club, Classical Club, The Daily Orange, CID, Y. W. C. A., CII. LAMBERT, EDNA Niagara Fall: Liberal Arts. Sigma Kappa, Classical Club, Y. W. c. A., W. s. s., 417, Chapel Board. LANGA, STANLEY Glen Hemi Business Administration. Kappa Sigma. LA RUE, ARLENE Syrm' Business Administration. Press Club, Basketball, Hockey. LAVIGNE, MlCi'lAEL Mechfxzricville Forestry. Independent Organization, New- man Club, Wrestling, QI, 2, gjg Rugby Football LAWSON, ALICE Albany Liberal Arts. Alpha Gamma Delta. LEATHERSICI-I, GLENN Calr:J01lfa Business Administration. Kappa Sigma, Football, QI, 2, 3li English Rugby, LEE, MARGARET BELISLE Binghamton Liberal Arts. French Club, The Orange Peel, Cx, zj. LENHART, ROBERT l". linjafo Liberal Arts. Liberal Clubg University Chorus, fl, :jg University Orchestra, 623- V LBVINSON, HIERMAN Utica Liberal Al'ts. Independent Organizatiung Ger- man Clubg University Orchestra, CID- LEWIS, NEVA Forty Furl, Pemm. Home Economics. Alpha Delta Pi. LINDKE, ANNABEL lllcffimz I Liberal Arts. Beta Phi Alphag Y. W. C- A.5 French Club, C319 W. S. S.g University Women's Council. LOCKERBY, EARL D. Cluckville Liberal Arts. LOGUE HELEN Business Administration. Press Club. LONG, NlARCiAlUC'l' M. Syracurc Liberal Arts. Delta Cammag English Clubg Y. W. C. A.5 University Chorus. V LESSER, KATHERINE Fayelle-z'il1e Teachers College. Alpha llhig City Womenls Club, Cosmopolitan Clubi Y. W. C. A. LEWIS, DOROTHY Orrm Liberal Arts. Alpha Gamma Deltag Women's Cosmopolitan Clubg Sociology Clubg llome Economics Club, Cljg Y. VV. C. A.g University WVomen's Council. LIBBLICH, RUTH S. l'nlL'r.wl1, N. J. Liberal Arts. Alpha Epsilon Phig English Clubg French Clubg 'l'hc Onon- dagan, CZ, 315 Student Faculty Relationship Committeeg The Orange Peel, Czl. LIST, I-ISTHER Wilfu'.v-Barre, Pcmza. Liberal Arts. French Clubg Y. W. C. A.5 German Chorus. LOCKWOOD, BERNADINE Syracuse Business Administration. Kappa Alpha Theta. LOHMAN, ROBERT T. Slamfonl, Conn. Business Administration. Delta Upsilong Corpse and Coffin. LONG, NVINTHROP A. Rockville Ccnlre Liberal Arts. Independent O r g a n i zationg Chapel Boardg Geology Club. LOOP, lVlARGARliT Wrrxlficfil, N. J. Business Administration. Pi Beta Phig English Clubg Press Clubg Y. W. C. A.: Basketball CI, :jg The Daily Orange Qzjg Associate Editor C35- LUCE, BERNARD VV1ww-ly, Pumm. Applied Science. Pi Kappa Alpha. LUNN, GLADYS Wcllmiillc liinc Arts. Alpha Omicron Pig Sigma Chi Alphag W. A. A.g Tennis. Basketballg llockeyg Rifles Track. LYKE, RICHARD Syracuse Applied Science. Sigma Phi Iipsilong A. I. C. E. MACCALLUM, ROBERT Syracuse' Liberal Arts. Sigma Nu. MACINTIRE, FRANCES Danby, VI. Teachers College. Alpha Chi Omega. MAHER, FLORENCE Syracuse Liberal Arts, Women's Glce Club Cgjg Eng- lish Club LOWERY, WILLIAM Syracuse Liberal Arts. LUNDGREN, THOR Ildaplvfeaofi, N. J. Business Administration. Kappa Sigmag Sigma Beta Chig Geography Clubg Track LURIE, SELMA Walcrloa Teachers College. Independent Organizaliong Saka- jawea Club. LYON, FRANCES l.f-v4.'r1Jool Home Economies. Independent Organization. MACDONALD, GERTRUDE Syrncu.n: Liberal Arts. Newman Clubg Independent Organizationg City Womcn's Cluh5 Class Secretary MACON, JOHN Rochester Forestry. Lacrosseg Forestry Club, Vice- Prcsidentg The Camp Log. MAHONEY, MARGARET Jamaica, I.. I. Liberal Arts. Kappa Alpha Thetag Y.W.C.A. MAINS, ELIZABETH Plymouth, Perma. Liberal Arts. Kappa Alpha Thetag The Daily Orange. MAKYES, FRANCES Syracuse Liberal Arts. Y. W. C. A. MANCIIESTER, BARBARA Winslczl, Cami. Liberal Arts. Alpha Xi Deltag Economics Club fzlg German Club fl, 215 Y. W. C. A. fzjg Chapel Board 629- W IVIARSIELJE, ARTHUR Rochusler Fine Arts. Theta Alpha. MARTIN, FREDERICK Syracuse Business Administration. Phi Gamma Dcltag Monx Hcady Lacrosse. MARZYNSKI, THOMAS Bufalo Liberal Arts. Sigma Nu. MAURER, KERIVIIT Syracuse Business Administration. Sigma Alpha Epsilong Baseball QU. IVIAISTER, ELIVIER Tre-ulovz, N. I. Business Administration. Zeta Beta Tang Class Executive Committee f3D3 Basketball fl, 2, 315 Baseball fl, 2, 31. MALTBY, LEON Syracuse Applied Science. MANN, ELIZABETH Syracuse Fine Arts. Phi Mug Women's Glee Clubg University Orchestrag Univer- sity Chorusg Syracuse-in-China. IVIARTIN, EVELYN Boonville School of Library Science. Gamma Phi Betag W. S.. S. QZJ3 Y. W. C. A. MARTINA, NINA Mount Morris Business Administration. Beta Phi Alphag Newman Clubi The Orange Peel MASCIA, FRANKLIN Newark Liberal Arts. Newman Clubg Boxing fl, 2, 3,5 Wrestling CI, zj. MAXON, MYRON Syracuse Fine Arts. Phi Mu Alphag University Chorus. 5 IVICCART H Y, EDWIN Auburn Liberal Arts. MCCLURG, AIOSEPHINE Scrazrton, Pemm. Teachers College. Delta Delta Deltag Y.W.C. A.5 Hockeyg Basketballg Speedballg Trackg Swimrningg Archery. Rifle. IVICCULLY, DONALD Syracuse Applied Science. Crew Cl, 25. MCGRATI-I, CATI IERINE Syracuxe Business Administration. Newman Clubg City Women's Club. MCMILLEN, ELIZABETH Pittsburgh, Perma. Teachers College Delta Zetag The Daily Orange C255 Associate Editor C355 H0CkCy Cz, 355 Basketballg Trf1Ck3 W. A. A. Boardg W- S. S. MELCIIIOR, WILLIAM Syracure Liberal Arts. Phi Kappa Tau. Alpha Phi omcgili Convocation Commit- teci University Bandg Basket- ball C1 MENTOR, DOROTHY Syracure Home Economics. University Glee Clubg Inde- Pendent Organization. IVICCARTHY, WALTER Syrrvrnxc Applied Science. Pershing Rifles. MCCRACKER, ELIZABETH Wilkrr-Barre, Pcmw. Home Economics. MCEWAN, JOHN South Iladley, lvlaxx. Liberal Arts. Psi Upsilong Monx Headg Soccer. MCMEEKAN, THOMAS New York City Forestry. Pi Kappa Alphag Pershing Riflesg Men's Glec Clubg Rifleg Forestry Club, Vice Presi- dent. MEADVIN, JOSEPH S yrarure Liberal Arts. MELLOR, CHARLES Syracuxv Applied Science. Sigmu Nu. MEYN, DOROTHY Syracuxe llome Economics. Alpha Gamma Deltag City Women's Club. MICKALITIS, ALBERT Ml. Carmel, Perma. Forestry. Newman Club, Independent Or- ganization, Track fl, 2, gl, Football fl, ZH, Basketball MILES, GERTRUDE Syracuse Liberal Arts. MILLER, GERALD Pcmzizzglon Forestry. MILLER, JEAN Earl Orange, N. J. Business Administration. Alpha Chi Omega, Economics Club QIJ, The Orange Peel fl, zl, Associate Editor QD, The Onondagan fzl, Associate Editor C315 Y. W. C. A. CI, 2, 3,3 W. S. S. Cr, zl, Class Executive Committee Cz, 3l, Press Club MOORE, GEORGE 0g.1'vnrburg Business Administration. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MOSES, BENJAIVIIN Scnmnm, Pcnfm. Liberal Arts. Alpha Chi Rho, Monx Head: History Club, Cross-country: Track, Chapel Board, Class Executive Committee fr, zl. M UNNERLY, JEAN Syrnruszr Liberal Arts. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Romance Language Club. MILDAIIN, IDA lllaccrforz Fine Arts. M ILLER, ANNA Syrncfzrc Home Economics. Pi Delta Nu, 'l'he Daily Orange Cll- MILLER, JANE Syracuse School of Nursing. IVIILLER, JOHN Syracuse Business Administration. Zeta Psi. MORRIS, IIARRIET lfallivzorc, Md. Liberal Arts. Kappa Alpha Theta. MOSS, MORRIS Syrncure Business Administration. Zeta Beta Tau, Corpse ant' Coffin, Soccer fl, 25, Assistant Manager fglg Student Court, Associate Justice, Class Nomi- nating Committee Qll, Vigil- ance Committee. MURRAY, ODELL Carry, Perma. Business Administration. Pi Kappa Alpha, German Club, Mountaineering Club, University Band. Q NAGLER, IRA Brooklyn Liberal Arts. lfhi Epsilon PI5 Soccer KID, As- sistant Manager NELSON, ALFRED Ilcmjwxlcml Liberal Arts. Phi Kappa Psi, German Clubs Varsity Swimming NEWELL, IiLlZAllE'l'I'I Syrrlmxc Business Atlministration. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Swim- mmgi Tennis, Y. W. C. A.5 W- A. A. NEWKI RK, VIRGINIA Schcfzcrlruly Fine Arts. NICHOLS, ANNABEL Ambler, Pumm. Beta Phi Alpha, Tau Epsilong Tau Sigma Betag Chapel Boardi Chapel Choirg Y. W. C. A. Cl, Zli First Cabinet NINDE, CONSTANCE Business Administratifm. Chi Omcgag University Women's Louncilg Hockey, Y. W. C. A. Il, 2, 33. NORSEEN, WILBUR Brooklyn Forestry. Sigma Alpha Esilong Monx P HGH'-li Lacrosse fl, 2, 3,3 Stu- 'JQDI Council, Executive Com- mittee Q1, 2, -D, NEALY, O. WYATT Queen.: Village Liberal Arts. University Band. NELSON, A. LU'l'I-IER Pnlcr.van, N. J. Forestry. Acacia, Alpha Phi Omega, Swimming fljg Lacrosse NEWER, BERNARD Syracuse Liberal Arts. Debate Club. NICHOLAS, CARY I.y1zchburg, Va. Business Administration. Chi Omegag Daily Orange flli Executive Committee NICIIOLS, LESLIE A. Seattle, Wash. Liberal Arts. psi Upsilong Corpse and Coffin, International Relations Clubs Daily Orange Us 2, 3l5 Class Executive Com mit t e e f3li Greenleaf NICRO, NORMAN D. Dclroir, lllich. Liberal Arts. NUFFER, BEVERLY Syracuse Fine Arts. Alpha Gamma Deltag Univcrsitv Chorus, Y. W. C. A. 77 , OBEDIN, RUTH New York Cily Liberal Arts. German Club, German Chorus. OLP, IRVING A. Syracuse Business Administration. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Executive Committee OOT, GLADYS V. Syracuse Fine Arts. Alpha Phi, Y. W. C. A. ORR, EDWARD ALLYN Cloversfville Business Administration. PALMER, ERWIN G. Roehexier Liberal Arts. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Double Seven, Pershing Rillcs, Rifle Team fzb, The Onondagan CZ, sl 1'AR'I'INGTON, H. EDGAR Rochester Business Administration. Delta Upsilon, Double Seven, Glee Club fx, 2, 31, Vigilance Committee fzjg Student Court 131, Convocation Committee Csl PAUL,SUSAN Jnmewille School of Public Speech. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Glee Club. 0'BRIEN, CAROLYN W11le'rtowrz Business Administration. Delta Gamma, Y. W. C. A., W. S. S., Rifle. ONFFROY, ROLAND T. Syrfzcuxe Applied Science. Pershing Rifles, Newman Club, Swimming fl, zj. ORNSTEIN, ALBERT New York City Liberal Arts. Pi Gamma Mu, Soccer fl, 2, 3,3 Lacrosse Cz, 32. PAGE, WALDO Syracuse Applied Science. PALOMBI, JOSEPH Rome Liberal Arts. Independents, Italian Club. PATTINSON, THOMAS Chitlemwgo Business Administration. PAULUS, ALFRED F. Buffalo Applied Science. Chemical Engineering Society, Glee Club, Boxing, Cross Country. Q PEARCE, JOHN Whiferborn Forestry. PEASE, DORIS Lockport School of Library Science. Pill Mug Library Club 1353 Bible Club C353 Y. W. C. A. l'ENDERGAS'l', KATHLEEN Syracuse Liberal Arts, 'l'heta Phi Alpha- Newman Club. K ' PETERSON, ELTON Leon. Teachers College. Delta Lambda. PHILLIPS, BARBARA Sacleclx Harbor Liberal Arts. Alpha Omicron Pi3 Classical Club. Y. W. e. A, Baskcamii fl, 253 Hockey CI, 25. PHILLIPS, Pl'lYLLlS Ouconm Sihool of Public Speech. BCIH Phi Alphag Glee Club fl, 255 R. O. 'l'. C. Sponsor 1353 n0rlr's llead Q23 353 Class Sec- "Ctm'Y f2, 353 Tambourine and lfUl1CS3 University Women's C-"l'HC11s Y. W. C. A. Cr, 2, 353 W. S. S. QI, 25, Secretary C35- PlL'l'ZlCCKER, 'l'llllOD0llli Wrlml-Ridge, N. J. Liberal Arts. - Delta Lambdag German Clubs PVC-.Medical Society3 Class lix- ecutive Committtec QI53 Track. PEARSALL, ROBERT E1m'icntt Business Administration. Lambda Chi Alphag The Onon- dagan fl, 253 Associate Justice Student Court U53 Sophomore Vigilance Committee. PELTON, EDWIN Bufalo Applied Science. Acacia3 Baseball 115. PETERS, iVlEREDl'l'H Swan Lake Forestry. Forestry Club3 Cross Country QI, 253 Crew Q15. PETROPOLIS, PETER .flxbury Park, N. J. Business Administration. Wrestling PHILLIPS, KA'l'llRYN Syrafnxc School of Public Speech. Kappa Alpha Theta. PIERSON, HAROLD Blrzrzurhclfl, N. J. Business Administration. Press Clubg Boarls Headg The Daily Orange fl, 2, 353 Boar's Head Productions QI, 2, 353 Track U53 'l'ambourine and Bonesg The Orange Peel. P ITKIN, LE ROY Bnjolv Business Administration. Phi Gamma Deltag Football Cl, 2, 353 Basketball fl, 253 Class Executive Committee 7 PLANCK, RALPH Ccnrva Liberal Arts. POST, DOUGLASS ROCflL'Jl1JI' Forestry. Theta Alphag Rifle fl, 21. PRIOR, EI.IZAI3E'I'II Dlmrlce School of Library Science. Sakaiawea. PYN DUS, WILLIAM Syrrzcuxc Liberal Arts. RAYMOND, HOWARD Earl Syracuse Liberal Arts. REED, GORDON Waverly Liberal Arts. Independent Organizationi Pi Delta Epsilon, English Club, Cambridge Group, The Orange Peel C235 Associate Editor C3D5 'I'he Chap Book REEVICS, 'THOMAS Syracuse Applied Science. Delta Tau Delta, A. S. Ch. ll. POOLE, TIIEODORIE, JR. frlvzavuiffc Liberal Arts. Phi Gamma Delta, Corpse and Coffin, Pershing Rifles, Boar's I-I e a clg Lacrosse, Assistant Manager. PRIIIULA, CLAIRE P41110 fluzbuy, N. J. Liberal Arts. Alpha Delta Pig Women's Clee Clubg Y. W. C. A. PURDY, IIERTON Cala Applied Science. RALIIOVSKY, VVILLIAIVI .lul1n.rf0':L'u ' Liberal Arts. REDINCTON, EMILY Syrncuxe Liberal Arts. Kappa Deltag Geology Club, Sociology Club, Chapel Rela- tions Committee, Y. W. C. A. REESE, WILLIAM Dalian, PL-mm. Fine Arts. Alpha Chi Rhog Men's Glue Club fl, 2, Q05 Track REICHER, NORBERT Syracuse Liberal Arts. Zeta Beta Tau, Pre-Medical Society, President. 1- RISILLY, DORIS Forly Furl, Pcmm. School of Library Science. Alpha Delta ,Pig Y. YV. C. A- ll, 25. REYNOLDS, ,l'IRNlCS'l' RlH'.0l'.ff1'l' Business Allministration. Delta Kappa Ifpsilong Corpse and Cofling Snccerg Class Iixecu- tive Committee. RICll'l'1iR, WICSLEY Syraruxc Applied Science. A- S. Ch. If. RINIZHART, JOHN Kew Unnlr'r1x, L. I. Business Anlministratiun. Kappa Sigmag 'l'racl: Q05 Class Executive Cumrnittee ROIIERTS, KICNNIETII Syraruxc Liheral Arts, Sigma BL-tag Pershing Rilles. ROGERS, BARBARA ANNIE Cnzcnavia School of Lihrary Science. Alllllfl Oniicrnn Pig Pi Della Nlli Newman Cllllws English Cllllli German Clnh. RONAN, WILLIAM Buffalo Lllltrral Arls. ' International Relations Clubg Inclepcndent Organization. RlCINIlARD'l', liliNNE'I'I'I lfnlrlruizlrvillc Business Achninistratirm. Phi Kappa Psig Corpse an.l Culling Basehall QIJ5 Cross- cmrntry, Assistant Manager Qgj. REYNOLDS, IRICNIC Sflt'l'blII'llU Liheral Arts. Alpha Delta Pig Seahury Cluhg Y. W. C. A. qi, 2, 33. .RlCKlVIYRli, DONALD Jah:l.vl11wn Applied Science. Pi Kappa Alpha. ROBBINS, ROBIQRTA lilaonnfbnrg, Pa. llnmc Economics. Alpha Pl1i5 Women's Olce Cluhg Y. W. C. A. ROIIINS, IYIOLLY l.1zzrrm', Pcnml Liheral Arts. German Cluh. ROGERS, MYRTLE Luka l'li.'n.vfml Business Administration. Zeta 'l'an Alphag Newman Clnhg Y. W. C. A. ROOCK, EDWARD Syrncuxc Sigma Upsilan Alpha. Architecture. ROSEN, REGINA Utica Business Administration. Alpha Epsilon Phig German Clubg 'l'l1e Daily Orangeg The Orange Peel. ROTONDO, FANNIE Syracuse Business Administration. Italian Club. RUHIN, RICHARD Syracuse Liberal Arts. RYAN, FRANK Brooklyn Liberal Arts. French Club. RYAN, WILLIAM Syracuse Liberal Arts. Newman Club. SALIS IIURY, SALLIE Syrrnilzxu Liberal Arts. D e l t a Delta Deltag City Women's Clubg Cazenovia Clubg English Clubg llistnrical Clubg Y. W. C. A. qi, 2, 3,3 W.A.A. SANDUZZI, STISPIIEN Irfuinglon, N. J. Applied Science. RO'l'lllC, IIERTIIA Syramxc Liberal Arts. German Clubg Classical Club, Biblical Clubg Romance Lan- guage Clubg German Chorusg Y. W. C. A. ROUNDS, CEIKTRUDE Norwich School of Library Science. Beta Phi Alpha. RUBY, GEORGE Syracuse Liberal Arts. Psi Upsilong International Rela- tions Clubg Mountaineering C l u bg Lacrusseg University Clmrusg Class President KIM Peace Council. RYAN, MARY S y1'i11'l1.v1: Home Economics. Pi Delta Nug Newman Clubg Independent Organization. RYCKOFF, IRVING Nrru Ynrlc Cily Liberal Arts. Sociology Clubg Swimming. SANDS, IELIZABETII Hawley, I'cnnrz. Ilrunc Ecnniunics. Alpha Xi Deltag Alpha Epsilon Elvsilong Economics Clubg Uni- versity Wun1en's Councilg Y. W. C. A. Ci, 2, 31. SARGICNT, CARL Chrrlhrzfrl, N. J. Fine Arts. Q Alpha Chi Rhog Manx lleadg Crass-countryg 'l'rack. - SAUNDIERS, KATIIARINE Syracuse Liberal Arts. Alpha Phig The Orange Peelg City Wumen's Clubg Y. W. C. A. SCIIAROFF, JEROME Syracuse Liberal Arts, Independent Organizationg Ecu- nomics Clubg History Clubg Swimming. SCI-IIAVONI, LOUISE ANITA Crccnporl Teachers College. Alpha Chi Omegag Newman Clubs The Daily Orange, fl, 21, Associate Editor C313 Glee Clllb, QI15 'l'he Orange Peel, C213 Castle Crew. SCHNEIDER, GEORGE Brooklyn I Liberal Arts. Zeta Beta Tang The Daily Orange CI, 21, Associate .Edi- YOF, C315 Dramatics Cx1s Chapel Board f21. SCHOENFELD, N. L. Ho! Springx, Ark. Liberal Arts. Phi Gamma Deltag Corpse and Coffing Football fl, 215 Crew KIDS Class Treasurer 12, 31. SEBESTE, FLAVIUS j. Perth Amboy, N. I. Forestry. signin Chi. SERLING, JACOB Syrllcurr Liberal Arts. I SCHAARDT, ELIZABETH Iicllmorc Liberal Arts. R o nm a n c e Language Clubg Chapel Choirg German Chorus. SCHEDING, RUTII M. SyI'l1CllJ'8 Liberal Arts. Lutheran Club. SCIIIESSER, KA'I'I'lERINE L. Liberal Arts. Liverpool Y. W. C. A.g The Daily Orange, fl, 21, Associate Business Manager C31. SCHOIEBERLIBIN, C. A., JR. Syracuse Liberal Arts. Sigmu Nug Crew. SCIIULTZ, LLOYD E. Balrlzuinwillc Fine Arts. SIEIFERT, LELAND B. Blorsvnle Liberal Arts. Men's Glec Clubg Pershing Rifles. Sl'IAB'I'AC, GRACE Business Administration. Alpha Gamma Deltag Archery, CI. 2. 31s Tennis C21 319 w. s. s. 41, 23, w. A. A. Board C315 Y. W. C. A. 1215 Boars Head 12, 313 University NVomen's Council 0 SIIAPIRO, DOROTHY Brookline, Mfzxs. Liberal Arts. Alpha Epsilon l'hig English Club. SIIARRER, WILFRED H. Syracure Applied Science. American Society of Civil lin- KIHCCYS. SHEEHAN, ELEANOR Syracuse Fine Arts. Theta Phi Alphag Newman Clubg Women's Glce Club. SHEPHARD, LLOYD F. Cazunofvia Liberal Arts. SllERlVlAN, CHARLES N. Syracuse Applied Science. SHORT, M. HEPBURN Mnlofze Fine Arts. Gamma Phi Bring Sigma Alpha Iotag Y. W. C. A. liirst Cabinet5 W. S. S.g Tennisg University Symphony Orchestra. SHWARTZ, CARLOTTA Porllrlmi, Mnivze Liberal Arts. Alpha Epsilon Pliig Latin Clubg English Clubg The Orange Peel. S HAPIRO, JOSEP ll Syracuse Liberal Arts. SHATERIAN, FREDERICK B. Rulherfonl, N. J. Fine Arts. Phi Mu Alphag Glee Club fl, 239 Manager Q55 Chapel Choir fl, 2, 3Qg Independent Organization. SllEPl'ARlJ, CLARA E. Hopewell, N. J. llome Economics. K a p p a D e l t ag Bnslcetballg ll o c lc e yg Home Economics Clubg Y. W. C. A. SHEPPARD, ORVIN F. Syracnxa Liberal Arts. SHETLAND, DONALD V. Syrmruxc Applied Science. Beta Theta Pig A. S. M. E.5 Syracuse-in-Chinag Methodist Stuclent's Committceg Chapel Choirg Chapel Board. SHULMAN, ALBERT lfiughallzlon Liberal Arts. Phi Epsilon Pi SIDNEY, ALBERT Syfacuxc Liberal Arts. Independent Organization SIEGFRIED, DEFOIS H. Rochester Liberal Arts. Sigma Alpha Epsilong Corpse and Coffin, Crew, CI, 2, 37: Executive Committee C333 Soc- cer fl, zj, Sophomore Prom Committee. SIMONE, JOHN L. Bridgeport, Conn. Fine Arts. Phi Kappa, University Bands Wrestling Team. SINGER, IVIILDRED Paierszm, N. J. Liberal Arts. Alpha Epsilon Phi, Tambourine and Bone, The Orange Peeli Hockey. SMALLWOOD, ALBERT Warsaw Liberal Arts. Phi Kappa Psi, Cross Country Cll- SIVIITII, HELEN I. Glofverwille School of Library Science. Delta Delta Delta, German Club, Y. W. C. A. SOVETTS, MARVIN Gl1:1z.r Falls Business Administration. Phi Epsilon Pig Monx Head, Wrestling fl, 2, 315 Baseball fil- STEARNS, ROBERT E. Syracuse Business Administration. Zeta 'Psig Basketball fl, Zl. Assistant Manager f3l. SIGNORATTI, ORAZIO Solvay Liberal Arts. Soccer. SIMPSON, HELEN Syracnrc Liberal Arts. Pi Delta Nu. SLISKI, HENRY New York Mill: Liberal Arts. SMITH, ELEANOR E. Laurel, Del. School of Library Science. Alpha Gamma Delta, Y. W C. A., Hockey, Speed Ball, Basketball. SMITH, MARCIA Munlour Fall: Business Administration. Class Executive Committee t2 Independent Organization. SPICER, ,KATHERINE Norwich School of Library Science. German Club, Y. W. C. A. QU S'I'EM, RUTH EVELYN -' Sfl'0Il!i5lllH'g,1,L'1lII!l. School of Library Science. Y. W. C. A. ST. JOHN, CA'l'llERlNE M. Adams, Mass. School of Library Science. Alpha D e l t a Pig Newman Clubg Women's Glee Club, Ger- man Club fzlg Romance Lan- guage Clubg Election Y. W. C. A.3 University Chorus. S'l'OMlllELLINI, FRANK C. w.m.1-Img., N. J. Liberal Arts. Independent Organizationg Ro- mance Language Club Q2, 329 Vice-President Q05 Executive Board QP., 3M Chap Book Qzlg English Club Qgjg Economics Club 127. STOVY. CllARLO'l"l'E F Fayetteville Liberal Arts. Gamma Phi lletag Sociology Clubi Y. W. C. A.5 City Women's Club. STRETCH, GLADYS j. Whilney Point Business Administration. Y. W. C. A. SWEEDLER, ABE llhaca Liberal Arts. SZELIGA, WANDA Philadelphia Fine Arts. Delta Delta Dellag Sigma Chi Alphag Womcn's Glee Clubg Y. W. C. A. 42, 39. 'I'AGGAR'l', CHARLES M. Buffalo Liberal Arts. Phi Gamma Deltag Basketball Cl, 2, 3,5 Football fl, 2, 3,3 Baseball STOllRER, CLIFFORD ll. Syracuse Business Af.ln1inistration. S'l'O'1"1', lNlARGUERl'1'E zllfmny Liberal Arts. Kappa Alpha Thetag The Daily Orange, Q2, gh 'l'he Ononda- gan C215 Y. W. C. A. STOWELL, KENNETH G. Perry Fine Arts. Phi Mu Alphag Glee Clubg University Chorus. SWARTZ, ABRAHAM Syracuse Liberal Arts. SYDANSK, RAY Scranlun, Pcnua. Forestry. Crew fl, 255 Camplog Business Managerg Empire Forester. SZYMANKIEWICZ, H. Camden, N. J. Liberal Arts. English Cluby Journalism Clubg Hockeyg Archeryg Swimmingg 'Pennisg Hendricks Chapel Choir. TARBLE, NIARGERY F. Killnwag Business Administration. Chapel Board fzlg Y. W. C. A. cr, 23. W. A. A. TARBOX, MARJORIE Srarsdale Teachers College. TAYLOR, .INA ELIZAIIIETII Syl'!lCIl.l'6' Liberal Arts. Beta Phi Alphag Romance Lan- guage Clubg Y. W. C. A.g City Womcn's Club. TIAIOIVIPSON, DORIS Gfvfuerx-ville Liberal Artsg llistorical Associa- tion Q2, 355 The Daily Orange Cl, zj. THOMPSON, F. W. Wolcott Liberal Arts. Phi Delta Thctag Classical Clubg Sociology Club. TILL, FLORENCE Syracuse Liberal Arts. TI'l'US, JANE We i,'i ixporl Liberal Arts. Alpha Gamma Deltag Economics Clubg NV. A. A4 Universitv Women's Council. TON EY, ANTHONY I Glofzlem-ville Fine Arts. Wrestling. TAYLOR, ELINOR R. lllalone Business Administration. Sigma Kappag Womenis Glee Club C255 Y. W. C. A. C355 W. S. S. fzl. TERRIS, HENRY Binghamton Liberal Arts. THOMPSON, ELEANORE B. Syracuse Home Economics. THOMSON, RUTH Ridgefield, N. J. School of Public Speech. Pi Beta Phig Ulec Clubi Tam- borine and Bunesg Dancingg Polog Class Executive Commit- tee f3j. TISDALE, FRANCIS M. RIIHKIIO Liberal Arts. Zeta Psig Monx Headg Foot- ballg Wrestling. 'l'OllliY, WILLIAM R. fvflpldi Business Administration. Sigma Phi Epsilon. TOWER, MARGARET Mf1fzfI1.'p0rt Fine Arts. Alpha Omicron Pig Tau Ep- silong English Clubg Women's Glee Club fllg University Chorus fzlg The Daily Orange Qi, :lg Y. W. C. A. TOWNSEND, fllCORGl'f lf. BNHKIIH Applied Science. Phi Gamma Deltag Scalp and Bladcg A. S. C. 15.5 Trackg Field. 'l'RllVilVl, U. Llflf Syrncnsc Fine Arts. Independent Organizationg Uni- versity Band. '1'UF'1'S, KATHRYN Roehcstcr Fine Arts. TUXILL, LEONARD ERWIN Elbridgc Tcaclmcrs College. TYLER, BARBARA ll. Alfl!'7l.V Liberal Arts. Kappa Kappa Gammag English Club Cz, 3l: Womcn's Glee Club5 Sociology Club fgla Y. W. c. ,x. 41, 23, Rina fry. UNDERDORFEL, JEAN Syz'mfu.rc Business Administration. Kappa Kappa Gamma. VAN BUSKIRK, DORIS V. Norfolk, Conn. Teachers College. Glcu Club. TREZISE, RICHARD Earl Orange, N. Business Administration. Delta Upsilon. TRYON, DOROTHY Syratnse Libcral Arts. 'l'U'l"1'LE, MABEL Perry School of Nursing. TWEED l E, LILLIAN Walton Liberal Arts. J. H. J. Delta Zetag Bibical Club Czlg Y. W. C. A. 429, W. A. A. 41, 23. UMPLEBY, .IEANNE Sayre, Pemm. Home Economirsg Kapp Theta. UNCER, N AN ETTE Pa1i.m1lc, N. J. Liberal Arts. a Alpha Pi Beta Phig English Clubg German Club. VANDEWATE R, DONALD B. 1'0ug!1kccp.rie Forestry. Double Seveng Crew fl, 25. VAN l'lOU'l'EN, LOUISE Riuhmoml Iliff, L. I. Business Administration. Zeta Tau Alpha, The Onon- dagan C25, Associate Editor E353 University Chorus fl, 25, Y. W. C. A. C25. VOLPE, AMEDE H. Schenectady Liberal Arts. Newman Club, Independent Organization, Cross Country, Track. WACNER, JOHN Buffalo Forestry. Phi Kappa Tau, Scalp and Blade, University Band. WALL, DOROTHY Skancflrclcr Teachers College. WALKER, ELEANOR L. North Pitcher Liberal Arts. Pi Lamda Sigma, Henclrick's Chapel Choir, Daily Chapel Committee, Y. W. C. A., Syra- cusc-in-China. WALLACE, MARY C. Symcmc Home Economics. Alpha Gamma Delta. WALSH, VINCENT - Utica Syracuse. Sigma Upsilon Alpha. VIANO, ROBERT EMMET Somwvillc, Mrzxx. Liberal Arts. Kappa Sigma, Boar's Head, Underclass Press Club Commit- tee 125, The Orange Peel U55 The Daily Orange fz5g The Onundagan 125, Associate Edi- J, 1 tor 135, "Big Lake" QI' "Sun-Up" WADE, MILTON S. Syracuse Applied Science. WAGNER, MABEL Mont Clare, 1'c1ma. School of Public Speech. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Womcn's Glee Club fl5, Y. W. C. A. Cl, 2.55 Panhellenic Cz, 355 W. S. S. Cl, 2, 35, Class Executive Committee Cz, 35. WALKER, ANN ELIZABETH Syracuse liinc Arts. Alpha Phi, Y. W. C. A. WALLACE, HARRY Syracuse Business Administration. WALLACE, WARREN S. Skn11crzIrlcr Liberal Arts. Beta Theta Pi, The Onon- dagan 12, 35. WALSH, MARGARET Trcnrou, N. J. Business Administration. Newman Club, The Orange Peel CI, 255 The Daily Orange C155 Tennis fl, 35, Hockey C15. I WALTER, MILDRED Syraczm: Home Economics. Chi Omega, Y. W. C. A., Tennis Cz1, City Womenls Club. WASSER, MILTON L. Newark, N. J. Business Administration. Tau Epsilon Phi, Track Cl, 2, 39- WAY, LAURA G. New York Cily Fine Arts. Delta Zeta, Women's Glee Club CI, 2, 31, University Chorus CI1, llendrick's Chapel Choir CI, 2, 31, "Electra" CI1, The Onondagan C21, Associate Editor C315 W. S. S. Cz, 31, Panhellenic C315 junior Guide. WEEDON, THOMAS C. M0fCL'llllJ Applied Science. WELLS, IlEWE'l"l' S. Schcucrrlmiy Architecture. Psi Upsilon, Sigma Upsilon Alpha. WHITAKER, JOSEPIIINE Norlh Azfamx, Mrz.v.v. Fine Arts. Alpha Phi, Y. W C. A., Glue Club Cz1, W. A. A., Women's Council, May Day. WHITE, LEROY Hzllh Business Administration. Lambda Chi Alpha, Corpse and Catlin, Baseball Cl, 21, Assist- ant Manager C31, The Orange Peel CI, 21, Associate Business Manager WARE, F. AUDREY llflalmt Vernrm Business Administration. Sigma Kappa, German Chorus C213 Women's Glee Club C11, Class Executive Committee C21, The Daily Orange CI, 21, Asso- ciate Manager C31, W. S. S. WATERMAN, CASSANDRA Waferlao Business Administration. WEBBER, FLOYD ll. Sy1' Applied Science. Acacia, Scabbard and Blade. WEIR, l'llfLEN Synlcnxc' Fine Arts. Alpha Phi, Y. W. C. A. Cl, 2, Sli Cheerleader Cz, 31, Pan- hellenic Cz, 315 UY1lVCl'5lfY Chorus C2, 31, llockey WELLS, INEZ M. I'1.'l'ry11illc Liberal Arts. Classical Club. WHITE, CLARK Syracuse Applied Science. Pi Mu Epsilon, A. S. C. E. WHYTE, VIVIAN Syracuse Fine Arts. Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Xi Alpha, City Women's Club, Y. W. C. A. WICKS, MARJORIE BATSON Co a jxcrxlusvfz Liberal Arts. WILLIAMS, DAVID H. Oswego Liberal Arts. University Band CI, 2, 35. WILLIS, BERTHA Syracuse Fine Arts. Zeta Tau Alpha, Hockey QU, The Onondagan Art Staff. WILLSIE, ROBERT LEO Chautauqua Forestry. Sigma Betag Pershing Rifles. WILY, PAULINE LOUISE Bethlehem, Pamm. Fine Arts. Alpha Xi Deltag Sigma Alpha Iota, Y. W. C. A., University Chorus. WISEMAN, GERALD N. Syracuse Liberal Arts. Zeta Beta Taugl Corpse and Coffin, Secretary, Treasurer ol' Freshman Class5 Cross Country Qzf, Assistant Manager QQ. WOOLSEY, MADELINE A. Canaslota Fine Arts. Alpha Gamma Delta, Univer- sity Chorus. WILLETTS, DONALD E. Troy Fine Arts. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Mu Alpha, I'ientlrick's Chapel Choir. VVILLIAMS, ZELDA Jrmmira, L. I. Home Economics. Phi Mug Chapel Board. VVILLOUGHBY, EARLE S. lfufalo Business Aclministration. Phi Gamma Delta, Crew fl, 25. WlL'l'SlE, VERNA Oswego School of Nursing. WINICBURGII, SAMUEL J. Utim Forestry. Cosmopolitan Club. WOODS, ELIZABETII A. Symcurc Home Economics. 'l'heta Phi Alpha, W. A. A., The Orange Peel feb, Newman Club. WURTZEL, LORETTA l'oughkccp.ric' Teachers College. I n d e p e n d cnt Organizationg NVomen's Glee Club, German Clubg French Club. WYNN, ANNA Smyrna School of Nursing. YE'l"l'ER, LOU I SE lfillghrrlzzlozz Fine Arts. - Delta Delta Deltag Y. W. C.. A. fl, 253 Women's Clee Cluh Qljg llaskethall YOUNG, AMELIA E. Syracuxe School of Lil1r:u'y Scienceg ling- lish Clubg German Cluhy Y. W. C. A. zum, MARVIN s. Rack-villa Center, L. l. Applied Science. Sigma Betag Cross Country C155 Wrestling fzj. BARAN, HELEN Yonkers Liberal Arts. Theta Phi Alphag French Clubg The Orange Peel. BONSTEIJ, CHARLES D. Syracuse Liberal Arts. Manx Hezulg English Cluhg 'I'he Daily Orange Cl, 2, 325 The Onandagan Cz, 3Jg The Orange Peel Q2, 355 The Press Cluhg Class Executive Committee BURLINGAME, JANE Symruxe Home Economics. Gamma Phi Betag Y. W. C. A.5 W. A. A. YAKEY, HARRY C. Hnrlfonl, Conn. Lilweral Arts. Zeta Psig Swimming UM Rifle 'l'eam CO5 Manager of Rifle Team fr., 31. . YORK, LORNA A. Syracuse Liberal Arts. YOUNG, ELEANOR Sylvzmxe Business Administration. Kappa Delta. ZWEIFEL, HELENA Walcrville Home Economics. Womenls Glee Clulv fljg So- ciulugy Club BARBER, FREDERIC G. Rochuxler Forestry. Sigma Alpha Epsilong Forestry Class Executive Committee. BUCKLEY, MARY G. Salem, Maxx. Fine Arts. COFFEY, JACK W. Highland Falls Business Administration. Sigma Alpha Epsilong The On- ondagan fzj, Associate Business Manager COLE, LUCIEN Plnllrburg Forestry. DAVISON, JOHN R. cJfII'blIllIf!llU, Pcmm. Liberal Arts. Beta 'l'heta Pi. EVANS, UURDON Chvrmngo Fark: Liberal Arts. Mathematics Club. FERRIS, jULlAN STEVIER Ou-go Teachers College. Delta Tau Delta, University Band fl, 2,5 Wrestling GRADY, ARTIIUR J. Syl'' Business Administration. Newman Club. GUTZMAN, ALBERT Arlinglnu, llflnsx. Business Administration. Beta Theta Pi, Monx Head, In- tercollegiate 165 pounds, Boxing Champ, Football fl, 2, 3l5 Novice 175 pounds, Champa Class President C325 Chapel Board KAPLAN, BENJAMIN W107IlfCl'll0 Business Administration. Tau Epsilon Phi, The Daily Orange fl, 2, gig Soccer CID, The Chap Book QU, Business Manager fzjg Student Court 125. CUlVllVlINS, PAUL Syrmiuxc Liberal Arts. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, German Club fzlg The Onondagan cllji The Grange Peel fl, Zly Associate Business Manager 135. DOLAS, MICHAEL SffI1llli.YhIll'g, l,t.'lllIrl Fine Arts. Alpha Sigma Phi. FARGO, W. CHARLES Clfllfllll, N. J. Business Administration. Phi Kappa Psi, Corpse and Cofiiug Basketball FLYNN, WALTER T. Cmlfnzdaiglla Liberal Arts. Beta Theta Pi. GRAMLICH, j. EDW., JR. Fayetteville Applied Science. Psi Upsilong Corpse and Cofling Crew fl, 2,3 Football fl, 2, 35- jOSlfl'llSON, KENNE'l'll E. fnme.tIawn Fine Arts. Delta Lambda, Alpha Xi Alpha, The Onondagan KIRSHENBLUM, GERALD Kingxlan Business Administration. Sigma Alpha Mu. KISSELSTEIN, CHARLES If. Symcuxu Applied Science. KUICCIILE, IIICLIBN Clevulnml, Ohio Fine Arts. Kappa Alpha Theta. MCMULLISN, RACHEL Wecrlsport School of Nursing. MONACO, FRANK Walurlawn Business Administration. Newman Clubg Golf fl, 21. PAGI5, CIIARLIES R. ljfillilffllllj N. J. Forestry. 'I'heta Pig Forestry Clnbg Cross- Country QI, 315 Crew PINIC, HARRIS Synlcuxc. Fine Arts. SCIIICILMERIIORN, JOHN G. 1"ay.:Ilr:-ville Applied Science. Sigma Phi Iipsilon5 Double Scveng Crew fr, 2, 315 The Orange Peel i215 Associate Editor C315 University Band 41. lv 31- KOON, CHARLES Anlmrn Forestry. Independent Organization5 For- estry Student Council C315 Class Executive Committee Q21. LAURENO, IVIICIIAEL E. Smnfaral, Conn. Business Administration. Pi Kappa 'I'au5 Baseball U15 Football U15 Newman Clubg Press Clubg Double Seven. IVIILNE, IVIALCOLIVI A. Ruchcsler Forestry. Theta Alphag Rifle QI, 21. ONPIVROY, PAUL D. Syracuse Liberal Arts. German Clubg lfrrncli Clubg In- ternational Relatxons Club5 Newman Club5 The Orange Peel CZ, 31. PHILLIPS, RONALD Syracnxc Business Administration. Phi Kappa Psig Basketball fl, 2, 315 Class President 1215 Class Executive Committee Q315 Monx Ilead. RUBIENSTISIN, FRANCES Hujlalo Liberal Arts. Psi Chi. SCHETTINI, VINCENT R. Newburgh Libcral Arts. Newman Clubg Pershing Riflesg Wrestling STAPLEFORD, FREDERICK Philadelphia, Perma. Business Administration. Double Seveng Swimming UPTON, CHRISTINE Rafi Creek Fine Arts. Delta Gamma, Sigma Chi Alpha, Y. W. C. A. WILSON, IIOVVARD A. Brockport Business Administration. Delta Kappa Epsilon. COVVLEY, DOROTHY Syracuxe Fine Arts. Alpha Xi Delta, Glec Club5 University Chorus, Hendricks Chapel Choir. HARRISON, EDWARD Bufalo Fine Arts. Footballg Crew. STRAUB, EUGENE D. Syracure Applied Science. VINCENT, ELEANOR Symcuxc Business Administration. Gamma Phi Beta. BECKER, WILLIAM Herrick, L. I. Forestry. Pi Kappa Alpha, Soccer fl, 3j. ULRICH, LOUISE Lake Grove, L, 1, Business Administration. Sigma Kappa, The Daily Orange fl, 23, Associate Editor QD, Y. W. C. A. fl, 2J,Pu1,- licity Chairman fglg W. S. S. CI, 2,5 Freshman Camp 12, 3Jg Press Club fgj. V H '1 J 5 id I 1 Q X. BART O'l-IEARN KATHERINE BRITTEN MAi1vEs'rHEa O,BRIEN JACK O,BRIEN Preridenl V i fe-pre: iden! Secretary Treasurer Class of 1935 THE Class of l935 is one of the largest that has ever entered Syracuse University, and its successes achieved as a Freshman Class, have been continued admirably this year. The ofiicers of the class were: Bart O'Hearn, presidentg Katherine Britton, vice-presidentg Maryesther O'Brien, secretaryg and Jack O'Brien, treasurer. One of the more significant actions taken by the class which made for better campus government was the appointment of a, committee along the lines of a Vigilance group, with Ben Berry as chairman. Social events of the class included the annual Sophomore Hop, which was held last November in the Archbold Gymnasium. SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Gregory Bardacke Harold I-IayHich Rachel Moore Benjamin Berry Lucy Hoyt William Moulder Peg Chamberlain Arnold Jensen Dean Nesbit Nicholas DiNunzio Charles Kraemer Jane Scudder Douglas Freeman Josephine Lamb Eleanor Thornton Elizabeth Gere Everett Lindstrom Theresa Titus Virginia Gray James Mann Roger Waugh Mildred Greenblatt Ruth Marron Stephen Williams Vincent Matasavage Top Row: Lindstrom, Matasavage St-cond Row: Jensen, Hurry, Freeman, Moulder Front Row: Lamb, Chamberlain, O'l-It-urn, O'Brien, Gruenblatt 96 JosEPH1NE LACROSSE El.IZAliE'l'H FEARON EDWARD OiHARA Vice-prexidenl Secrelnry Treasurer Class of 1936 SINCE the class of 1936 matriculated last fall, it has steadily gone forward in all activities, entering each activity with a zest and ambition that has brought forth remarkable success in both athletic and social affairs. During the year the class sponsored several banquets among the freshmen of the difJr'erent colleges, the purpose of which was to instill a feeling of cooperation among the various members. This is the initial year that such a plan to promote good feeling among freshmen has been tried, and it more or less has set a precedent which will be followed as a major activity by all the later entering classes. With such an auspicious and outstanding beginning as this a bright future looms forth for this class of 1936. FRESHMAN EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Evelyn Albright Richard Ereyberg Bernard Rosenwasser Robert Armstrong Carl Greiner Paul Schroeder Irving Berman Raymond Jeffries Veronica Sanderson Richard Blauvelt Vera Keefe James Skiller May Bosgie Elinor Locke Robert Smith Jack Buckland Jean Meicklejohn Jane Taylor Dorothy Dey Kathryn Neiman Robert Van Arnam Elizabeth Eckel James O'Brien Petrie Whitman Lucille Peterson Top Row: Van Arnnm, Gr:-inc-r, Fcaron, Comm, Smith Front Row: LaCrosse, Mciklcjohn. Locke, Taylor 97 v H IW QI lv A 'J HEATURES O23 BEAUTY A la 1933 '23 SUME INTIMACIES GF THE YEAR FEATURES JUNIQR BEAUTIES PORTRAITS BY BACHRACH Including Several Studies of the Shadow Profile Q 1 wi, 9 Q J' ,. ,if 4 TL'-. v" n, hxyi, ' 1: 2 2.1 v ' .'.'-EZ. -.1 ieycx i X 33 'Z- . -.-.irrlxg ', '.- -lib 1, iw, ' , , 2 is mf, .gi . J 51 ,A ' AML., I-I.. A Q,-Lv ,, ,I ,W .M MISS ELEANOR HOMAN 2- A. 4 N .Q M. MISS SYLVIA GROSSMAN ,tv wp. we it E ii "iv- 5 , Q. EwX W 3 33 w I 'm 4 I 2 Ex Q. I I 1 3.f LT f . I R 'S , , 5,2 N: 1 . 1 i ' i , 1 A A 'rx I J. I : p A E E gl: s ' EJ' H 2 ,. we X3 iiifi 66 fi Wi? H QQQQ 33 ,4 - xg in 3 iz 1 125 U --, we wg -H' 'f F J ifa is, Y 2-fz , X 'bx . Al: 'v 'll ' Ei- BMW? liar Q? 4 "-if-f' : 'lggg L :-.-. -f"e:'. -: L-., .QI-,y :- Si' gn, ' 'Z f,, 1 0 - A A 4 w If l 4 Q MISS JEAN , .12 ' - 1 H1 1. .' ' g ? FX 554 .Q i J :li 'L ' Q x 4' A' X 2 IT if 22 , '11 fp: 'Y ' ?E g XZ na ? .1 , i 1. ' f if , 4 S' 2 - . Q 1 ' .fx 4 , Q, 13 1 , l 1 L, f fa 'Q' 'Y .Q f A . 3 H a V V My T. -'s t. in. j 24 f - 4. V i ,Q H 'A ,Q 'ff V ' - 49 55 . '- UNDERDORFEL 4 1 , 4 W ..-3-: N X ..', f-P-.1-in - .,:::: X ' 1-.zzz HEL.: as, 1342 2'-in y' .12 f .52 -:: .Q':L "" "5 - MISS MARGARET CONAN ::.-: 'j7, 'f- :EJU ia' 1, "'..1:E:. 'f ' 'fa N X . - -xl: . xv Q OH.- Q,-Z.-.-.q. . I: ,,,,". .. 1. ' .- -... 34,5 ::: A.-. ..., , ...- :- --, - -11 nv" 2: -.' :A ' 5 " " 'mfg 1 i v P ? w L , N 1 2 . , , 1 41 6 .f , S . f 1 5 Y-1 ve Q , A EY . Ei . , 'if l . X. 1 'X Q A A, Q Y 50. , , . If wi . Qi.. iw 1 if' . vw ,. 1 gf? If 9 x- . Q 1' 9 f l . , f n .' 41 1 'I , V, if 1 In A 5 6 xg ,. 3 32 , Ego? ' fl' 1 I 5 gm X A? . . .M GW V ,f ff 'GQ ei , ,f LT Um : 41' sm 5 'ax' . 454, . jf 1' 'ff 1' +I-' 5 '. . , 72,90 I ,'::'E -124319: Q. .',,,. :LE ' . E71 :Lg -Q4 1, ,. 3 , v 54 W fy ., A ,. W rw. f., iyffo 0 9 Miss PHYLLIS PHILLIPS MISS MARIE HUEBNER 1 is K , 4. SP ." "L 5 w f n ' if bfi ' R 4 uf: ,, 1, . E.i T 1 W if 5 ff -553 v N. P3 fl ,W .. Ri 1.4 il 'I N h if N51 4 f-F G Q -X . , . 6 . iw , F X . R w i , S 5 M J N I E Y Q xi. N S N N . -'I' W .XE . xi W X A H v Q . ,X F 3 In is gb T-1 EK 3 5 X ,.x l ,,p fu 9 NW F . ' .Nr ' S F- . 7. -i f I! Ki 3,4 'tfgg ' I glfy -.. v. ,. a3HL au.,, !"' :ig- QA Zheng QF beauty if ez joy forever IHS SNAPSHOTS WARRIQRS ACTICDN A1 Smith Laying the Cornerstone of the New Forestry Building 'E Babe Didrikson Q Visits Q Syracuse N, U , IN CQLGATE DAY Coaches Hanson and Kerr Bill Orange and Mascot Q ol.GA1': f YOU HAVE ODDS J If E R P 1 o S- Q91 I 5 NQTABILIA At the Senior Ball In the Library ie, 99.4 - WINTER CARNIVAL Margaret MacKenz1e Queen +9-OM-fr L. .J """--' .l . ..T. rmcwwpw E., xv X4-Mfg Y u Fifty years have shown Syracuse very strong in athletics. To the long line of notabilia time adds these players. X ATHLETICS ATHLETIC ORGANIZATION VW lg: U 41 3 W 6 8 Gsonos THURS'l'ON LEWIS RYAN Direclor of Xllhlelirs Prmidenl Department of Athletics and Physical Education ATHLETICS at Syracuse University are divided into three classes, namely, the Intramural, the Interfraternity, and the required Physical Training. All are under the supervision of the Board of Trustees through the control of Chancellor Charles W. Flint. From this means of administration has come an effective athletic scheme. Its principal features are: 1. Management and control of athletics in the Board of Trustees of the University. . 2. The chief executive and administrative oflicer, charged with the conduct of Syracuse Athletics shall be the director of athletics and physical educa- tion, appointed by the Board of Trustees on nomination of the Chancellor of the University, and acting under authority delegated to him by the Chancellor and the Trustees, with standing analagous to that of a director of any other department in the University. 3. The director of athletics and physical education shall be assisted by an administrative board. U 4. Any alumni organization to be formed which shall be a purely advisory organization with the authority to make recommendations to the director of athletics and the administrative board. 5. The present faculty committee on eligibility be continued with the sole power to make and administer rules of eligibility. The Administrative Board is composed of George B. Thurston, ex-graduate manager, who holds the position of acting Director ofAthletics and Physical Education, Vice-Chancellor William P. Graham and Dean Charles L. Raper, representing the Board of Trustees, Lewis C. Ryan and Samuel H. Cook, representing the Alumni, and Tom Lombardi, representing the student body. Under Mr. Thurston's guidance an extensive system of intramural athletics has been installed with H. Harrison Clarke as director. Several hundred students have been enrolled in the following tournaments: basketball, horseshoe pitching, tennis, golf, touch football, bowling, swimming, wrestling, indoor track, volleyball and indoor baseball. 118 Syracuse Athletic Mentors WHEN it comes to the tenure of oflice by members of its coaching staff, Syracuse has an unusual record. In spite of the fact that the life of a coach is reputed to be a short one, nine Orange sports directors have served a combined total of 129 years, with three of the nine accounting for two-thirds of the total. It is doubtful if any college in the land can boast of a trio of coaches that have served that school longer, or more faithfully than Syracuse's triumvirate of-lim Ten Eyck, Tom Keane and Lew Carr. These famous coaches have been teaching Athletics at Syracuse for 81 years and are still going strong. Jim Ten Eyck, the Grand Old Man of crew, is the dean of them all. He is in his 30th year as coach of Orange crews and has turned out a full quota of championship boats during his 3 decades. Already an established coach and a world famed athlete when he came to Syra- cuse, Jim Ten Eyck is physically one of the truly great men of the age. Following Ten Eyck to Syracuseiwas Tom Keane, track and cross country mentor. Tom was the Professional sprint champion of the world at the turn of the 20th century and started teaching runners here 27 years ago. Like Ten Eyck, Keane has developed dozens of world Olympic and Intercollegiate champions, with a special aptness at developing quarter mile champions. Lew Carr is the only one of the real veteran coaches that attended Syracuse as an under- graduate. He was quite a football star as a student but played professional baseball with Pittsburgh and other clubs before returning to coach baseball on the Hill 24 years ago. Professor Bill Davison is the fourth of the real veterans and has been coaching wrestling and acted as chief of the Physical Education Department for I3 years. Tho' not a youngster Davison can show his grapplers what to do and is active on the Gymnasium apparatus' The rest ofthe coaches have served shorter terms, tho' the shortest is six years. Lew Andreas, basketball director, came to Syracuse, his Alma Mater, nine years ago and has acted as director of Freshman athletics and coached football for two years. Roy Simmons, who has been working miracles with the boxing and lacrosse teams lately, is in his eighth year. Coach Simmons brought the first lntercollegiate boxing championship to Syracuse, placed his lacrosse team in the Olympic playoffs and had a big part in grooming the varsity back- Held men of the varsity football teams. The three other varsity coaches, Vic Hanson, Reeves Baysinger, and Art Horrocks, have been teaching six years. Hanson directs the gridders who have been making comparatively fine showings. Baysinger is Vic's assistant and director of Freshman athletics. Art Horrocks, who is being recognized as one of the best soccer coaches of the East, has put out a few undefeated teams and has managed to place some of his players on the all Conference team nearly every year. 119 W ,un 1 1 I Edward DeFuria Nicholas DiNunzio Richard Fishel Louis Ginter John Hordines Sherwood R. Johnson Block "S" Awards FOOTBALL Milton Marcus Marshall Nevins Milton Singer Walter Singer Seymour Lewis Stark Francis Kennedy Michael Korch Thomas Lombardi Stanley Machosky Joseph Moran Jack Cogswell, Manager Raymond Brown, Freshm CREW Sterling Ashcroft Ernest Buff Jacob Gramlich Prentice Abrams Harold Donaldson George Kratina Dominic Stefanelli Frank Tindall Francis Tisdale Joseph Vavra Matthew Wansack James Steen an Manager Thomas Lombardi Herbert McKean Benny Trnavsky JUNIOR VARSITY INTERCOLLEGIATE CREW CHAMPIONS Theodore Easter Webster Keefe Edward Meacham Robert Johnson Murray McKaig lrving Puls Earle Willoughby BASKETBALL Louis Alkoff John DeYoung Elmer Maister George Beech Richard Fitzpatrick Milton Bock Robert Haley, Manager Edward Abrams Dale C. Bouton Harry Bresiloff Thomas Bulger Paul Brettlinger, Captain Vincent Black Milton Bock Arthur Bradley TRACK Ronald Phillips Donald Pickard G. A. Schoeberlein DeFois Siegfried Lloyd Sandford Charles Taggert Howard Wills Jack Coffey, Freshman Manager Reubin Harrison Joseph Potoski Wilson Streeter George Townsend William Wiggins, Manager BASEBALL John Chapman Arthur Cramer Robert Fahy Edward Mackey, Manager Henry Frank Robert Kiffney Philip Lipetz Nelson Cook, Freshman Mana CROSS COUNTRY Elmer Maister V Frank Olrich Walter Sulkowski ger Earl Bateman Lloyd Everingham Walter Liddiard Carl Sargent Robert Carr David Kibby Russell Pelton Wilson Streeter Phillip Rogers, Manager Charles Newton Graham, Freshman Manager LACROSSE Robert Baker Robert Borton Willis Brown Albert Cook Harold Dwyer George Frisbie Carl Gudat Benjamin Martin Frederick Martin Donald Wright, Manager Vincent Black Robert Ellis Clifford Gordon Anthony Balash Raymond Burkett Clair Button Travers Berry John Doerr Allan Handy John McEwan Albert Ornstein Harry Nadler Albert Ornstein Clinton Pierce Alfred Schneider Oscar Greene, Freshman SOCCER Andrew Paucek Ernest Persse Lloyd Sandholzer Norman Weltman Reede Holly, Manager INTERCOLLEGIATE BOXING CHAMPIONS Joseph Moran Jack Robbins George Negroni Herbert Ross David Brewer, Manager BOXING ' Robert Eckstein George Perrault VVRESTLING John Hordines Stuart Knight David Haight Michael Lavigne Edwin Munn Pixley Harry Wagner, Manager 120 George Ticknor Glenn Thiel William Welch, James Whittaker Alfred Wohl Manager Emanuel Schloss Claude Shenton Orazio Signoretti Joseph Vavra Albert Wertheimer Alfred Paulus Herbert McKean Samuel Servis THOMAS LOMBARDI Captain FGDTBALL Rov SIMMONS Backfield Coach A CASUAL glance at football results for 1932 would indicate that Coach Vic Han- son's varsity had a rather rough season. In the matter of vic- tories against major opposition this would be the truth, but in accomplishment far from accurate. Starting the season with a varsity squad which included 29 sophomores in a group of 41 players, Coach Vic Hanson realized Football V1c'ron A. I-1ANsoN Head Coach JOHN Cooswsu. Mzznzzger that he would be re- quired to do consider- able experimenting before the season was concluded. He carried on his duties with but a single object-to locate the strongest possible combination of eleven men-and he succeeded. After the Colgate game, the opinion of the opposing coaches was unanimous that Syracuse was the finest team they had encountered during up rr N'ig- .4 .. Top Row: Marchinno, Trainer Hugo, Darak, Johnson, Sanford. Harvath, Jensen, Wamsach, Vavra, Bardncki, Mouldcr, Wujciak H. Stark, Moran Third Row: Rc-gan. L. Stark, Taggart, Str-fanclli. Tindall, Korch. Coach Hanson, Coach Simmons. Conch Baysingcr, Coach Cnrr, Cogswcll, Cody, I-Iorclines, W Singer Second Row: Tisdale. Nevins, Butkus. DeFuria, Ncgroni, Lombardi, Gir-ter. M. Singer,-Slldnklg. I?iNunzio, Schoenfc-ld First mow: Perrault, Hurst, Minich, Grader, Gramlich, Gutzman, Machosky, Pxshel, Pitkin, Kennedy 122 ROBERT HAZEl.'l'ON MONROE FRIEDMAN flsxislnnl Manager flyfigfnnf Manager. the season. Inasmuch as the Maroon was undefeated, unscored upon and untied, the opinion that Coach Hanson had per- formed a remarkable feat with his green squad was unanimous- ly agreed upon. A week later this was confirmed when Syra- cuse held a veteran and high-powered Columbia eleven to a scoreless tie. Syracuse now looks forward to 1933 and FRANCIS TisDA LE Cllplllill-F1361 its toughest schedule in a decade. Cornell will be met at Ithaca for the first game be- tween the schools since 1900. Brown, Colgate, Penn State, Columbia, Clarkson, and Ohio Wesleyaii, are others listed and unless something un- foreseen happens, the benefits derived from last fall, when the 29 Orange sophomores were learning varsity ball, will be fully realized. THE Kick-Oi-'F 123 l W ' ,ms .A -5 r 4 l V, . - - . -3.11, .'i-5.1m Q vnu. lm -a-f..:.y. 1 5 V--gf' -In S '. U9 Y .Q .,f-n ' 2' " fl - A E 'I i I I l ., - l 1 , ga! Q "5' 1.i ' X I V . W . - I I l r ll Y Co1.GA'rE GAME Clarkson 6 - Syracuse 13 RICHARD l'lISHEl. Full Bark A SCRAPPY team from Clarkson Tech gave Syracuse the stiffest opposition it has ever encountered in an inaugural game. Rain and glaring Hoodlights hampered the playing ofa practically all Sopho- more team. This was the first time rain had fallen at a night game and the Engineers took advantage ofa fumble in the last minute of play to tally their lone touchdown. Although Syracuse got I6 first downs to Clarkson's 6, Clarkson might have won the game had their forward pass receiver been able to hold on to the slippery missile on two different occasions. Clarkson scored its only counter when Stark missed a high pass from Milt Singer, the center, while a Tech player recovered it. Nick DiNunzio and Dick Fishel did the scoring for Bill Orange in the first half but were held down in the entire second by a beauti- fully conditioned Clarkson team that showed a stubborn stand. They were soundly coached by Pete Dwyer and were full of fight throughout the entire game. JOSEPH MORAN Half Bark Y' The Hill gridders used a few simple plays in the game and seldom resorted to the aerial route. lt was evident th It the team, composed mostly of underclassmen, was not functioning smoothly and more conditioning was necessary for future encounters. COLGATE GAME 124 4 St. Lawrence O - Syracuse sf Bbw ,af Z We 'vc f 4'li".,- ,f 5, ,Q " -172, A X .U - if vw, .1 .Y 4 , - 1 N ff lk if' if Vik- i K 'f,.1."', i- 'Q tw S af. Hia'-fsf-f+ t . ai,.4.5,gg5l'f,. is., ,. ,a,',..'t sb' ii.-',?'5,'fyv.l:vy,,g , gift 15-.yan ag ,fi v',iNiz'g25t..?iT,t'f,5:r,mEi.1 1 1,1 ' W" ... . ,. f.: .-.., ,, - .N- . ,',,,. - ,.,.,,.. . V .5 l . 'ily1.fl'2gf:flQ'a,igI,'feEi,.Ed-fifilglih , ,,, ., .f1f,jl'. Lo u STA R K l"u!IBark WITH a revamped lineup and the desire for revenge the Hillmen ran through the Larries and chalked up 54 points before the rain-soaked audience was ready to leave the stadium. The Orange-clad warriors took to the air and con- centrated their efforts in a passing attack which was a vast improvement over the exhibition of the previous Saturday night. "Dynamite" Joe Moran and Lou Stark, both of whom scored three touchdowns, lead the clev- astating attack on the Saints. Sanford, playing at end, put four of the five extra points over the bar. Vavra and Darak each contributed a single point from the placement position. The outstanding plays of the game were the continual gains that Moran made through the lines, the 20 yard off-tackle touchdown scored by DiNunzio, Fishel's 20 yard run around end for a similar score and Stark's interception of a pass in the third period, after which he ran 60 yards for a touchdown. The latter also passed and kicked perfectly throughout the fracas. On the line, 'l'indall and Vavra were as stationary as the rock of Gibralter. lj . ' A , I I NICHOLAS DINUNZIO .Q,ur1rlc'r Bark Co1.oA'rE GAME 125 V' I 'Q J 1 I 0 4 Omo VVESLEVAN GAME Ohio Wesleyan 19 - Syracuse 12 The Battling Bishops staged the biggest upset on the Hill in many a game when they managed to come out on the better end of a 19 to I2 score. The Syracuse team was by no means outplayed as statistics showed. It was rather a case of score. Syracuse gained on 12 completed forward passes and got 25 first downs in con-. trast to the Bishop's 16. The Saltine warrior gained 400 yards while the Ohio Bishop garnered 250 yards throughout the match. The Syracuse backfneld was again the victim of unfortu- nate fumbles. The line showed MA'l"FHEW DARAK need for reinforcement. The Tmkg, plays that the I-lillmen dis- played were unproiitable. To make matters worse for the Syracuse team, Lou Stark, who was the mainstay of the Orange backfield throughout the game, received an injury and was retired for the day. Moran again showed his power but could not gain without the help of the line and the necessary interference. The game was heartbreaking in the sense that the team was not functioning as it was really capable of doing. JAMES S'rEEN CoLcA'rE GAME 126 4 Sou'rHERN M E'I'HODIS'I' GAM is Southern Methodist 16 - Syracuse 6 .IOSEPI1 VAVRA Tackle A VVEAK appearing Orange line and a hackfleld that fumbled at crucial moments lost a thrilling game to a hard Hghting team from Texas when the Southerners made their First appearance in the Archhold Stadium. The Orange warriors scored First in the opening minutes of play. The Texans still resorted to their famed aerial attack and scored when one of their knocked down passes was declared Complete on account of a penalty. The score re mained 6 to 6 throughout the next two periods. Lou Stark who had been sul'l'ering from a hack injury was missed when his kicking was needed. The visitors were determined to beat the Northerners and made a desperate drive in the last quarter that netted them M A'r'rHnw VVANSACK Cvnler :mother touchdown and extra point. Baxter of the Mustangs, who is known for his educated toe, put one over the bars to make the score 16. --.--,-w, .... H 1 J - ff, . ' T-A if 5,145+ 5 ' r- its 3 4 is filmtv. -fs-,. f ' - -im, -,,,.f l , ' :v ii . - N 'iti l-.L L34-M "' " f-,f -f-5. U f .cw f S55 ' ' t, , 5' ' 1 , C . ' T N. 'I " l!f' J". L 1 1 ...Ni W r L TJ'-ii g imp 9 v Although the boys from the Lone Star State looked lighter and smaller than they were, they were alile to com- X hut neglected to stop their line and end drives. I lmat anv attack the home team staged. The Svracuse lmovs had managed to break the Mustang aerial attack i SOUTHERN ME'l'HODIS'I' GAME 127 v, . l l it il 1? i tif ti H W in u ,. l r 4, l MICHIG.AN S'rA'rE GAME A " l d f Penn State 6 aboguItU4lfJgNfolld3edy the Syracuse plucky Orange team to Pennsylvania. The Penn State Alumni Day promised to be a perfect football duel. The re- vamped Orange eleven functioned perfectly, but won by alone touch- down margin-the usual victory margin between these two institutions. Jim Steen, a Sophomore of Engineering, played his first vaisrty game and was most outstand- ing at the tackle post. Sherwood Johnson's snaring of passes was sensational. The new deceptive plays made the Orange backfield, composed of Moran, Fishel, DiNun2io and Stark, look like a differ- ent combination from the one that had dropped their two previous en- HARRVS,-ARK JOHN PIORDINES, Gmmz' counters. The Syracuse team had suffered an over-abundance of penalties, mainly through the overanxiousness ofthe seven Sophomores in the lineup, several complete passes being called back on account of otfsides. Syracuse was unfortunate in being stopped in play for half-time, after marching the length of the field to the three yard line and was preparing its next play on a first down. However, Penn State likewise lost a good chance to score when it found itselfon the one yard line with two downs to go, being stopped by the whistle, ending the game. The Orange victory can be credited to the strengthened line and to Coach l-lanson's new plays, that he had installed previous to the encounter. Coi.GA'rE GAME 128 CHARLES 'l'AccAn'r MICHIGAN Sim-E GAME Michigan State 27 - Syracuse 13 SYRACUSE again figured well on paper but dropped the football contest to a fast hard fighting Michigan State aggregation which came to Syracuse fresh from a victory over a highly rated Fordham team. The Michigan boys capitalized on all the breaks they encountered and eked out a well earned victory. The first one came when Klewicki tore a hole in the weak Orange line, blocked DiNunzio's punt and recovered the oval on Syracuse's 30 yard line. Three plunges gave Michigan a score. Again the Midwesterners benefited when Syracuse was tardy on the field at the beginning of the second half. The Spartans got the hall on the Orange 35 yard linc, and two passes netted them another score. They continued by inter- cepting a Syracuse forward a few minutes later and making thc third score. The Orange launched a rally and from their own 20 yard line marched the ball up the field for a touchdown, DiNunzio talking it over. The Spartans kicked, Syracuse running to the 35 yard line. On the next play Fishel showed that his spinner play could be worked by tearing away for a 57 yard run, which was the longest gallop in Archbold for the 1932 season. Joe Moran pushed it over and the game ended shortly after. l"aANc1s KENNEDY Guard MICHIGAN S'I'A'l'E GAME 129 LLOYD SANFORD OGLETHORPE GAME Oglethorpe 6 - Syracuse 27 SYRACUSE'S running attack proved most effective in this game. Dick Fishel and Nick DiNunzio featured a series of fine plays which pro- duced big gains for the Orange and worked havoc with any ambitions that the aggressive Oglethorpe teammay have had, Fishel crossing the line For two of Syracuse's 4 touchdowns, while Tisdale and Joe Moran accounted for the others. The game had some ofthe fiercest tackling ever seen in Archbold Stadium, and was witnessed by a crowd of nearly 10,000 spectators. Syracuse led at the half, 7 to 6, the result of an 80 yard march and an after-kick by Joe Vavra. Johnson and Steen blocked the Oglethorpe after-kick. However, in the third period, an inspired team made two touch- downs, the first being a 50 yard march, and the second a drive of 65 yards. In the fourth quarter, an 80 yard march, featured by a 75 yard run by DiNunzio, pro- duced the final touchdown ofthe day. Vavra kicked 3 of the 4 placement efforts for goal points. FRANK '1'1NDA1.1. Guard Oc1.E'rHoava GAME 130 MIl.'l'0N SINGER Center COl.GA'I'li GAME Colgate 16 - Syracuse O Coi.c:A'rE bowled over a stout-hearted Orange defense to register a l6 to 0 victory before 25,000 fans in Archbold Stadium. lt was a contest in which both teams found themselves baflled to a great extent by the defense of the other. Colgate, unquestionably the better team, had the upper hand all the way and was on offense more than Syracuse. A decidedly unfortunate "break," a bad pass from center to DiNunzio, when Syracuse was on the 5 yard line, forced the Orange kicker to make a valiant but vain punt, for it was blocked by Colgate and downed by Milt Singer across the line of scrimmage. The ball was given to Colgate on a questionable decision. Then Colgate made its first touchdown. A stunning play of a long pass by Colgate with Syracuse men "taken outn gave the Red Raiders its second touchdown in the fourth period. However, Syracuse's defense in the game as com- pared with previous major games was a line of power. Vavra and Steen, tackles, Hlled positions previously regarded as weak defensively, in line fashion, while Tindall and Machoskey as guards, ably backed up by the alert Milt Singer, stopped Colgate's running power. Colgate lived up to advance predictions as a football team working as a unit. WA1.'rma SINGER End 5' 'J , 1' in ' Coi.oA'rs GAME 131 , - 1 y , '--lr J, wi, '- Lf--ya , .Thi wwf, ,J J I ,Ad ,. L L it 1 1 , -.. X l l tt Y. A if 'K ff l Louis GINTER Huy Back COLUMBIA GAME Columbia O - Syracuse O Svancuse, always a thorn in the side of Columbia, arose once more in the role of tormentor and flung back charge after charge by a desperate Lion to earn a no-score tie on Baker Field gridiron which was ankle deep in mud and over which a driving rain storm swept throughout the afternoon. As a result, finely conceived running and passing attacks were of no use. The game developed into a punting duel between DiNunzio of the up-staters and Montgomery of Columbia. The Lions' attempts to reach goal were stopped by a fine defense of the Salt City men. Later on, however, the condition ofthe field prevented either team from holding a sustained attack long enough to push the ball across the last muddy stripe. Montgomery proved to be the main cog in the Columbia machine, and with a better field, might have worked real havoc against the Orangemen. For Syracuse, the heroes ofthe day were Joe Vavra, jim Steen and the Singer twins, all Sophomores. Captain-elect Tisdale gave his best exhibition ofthe season in the Metropolitan encounter. Both teams lacked incentive that day. Columbia's championship had been shattered A--:tr-"L i "ig: , - . 1 STANLEY MACHOSKY Guard by Brown, and Syracuse didn't appear to have the same ambitious intentions it had in the Colgate glme However it was a typical Columbia-Syracuse game and both sides and the loyal fans were satisfied. A 1.4 COLGATE GAME 132 THOMAS LOMBARDI Captain CREW Crew Coach Jim Ten Flyck barely missed crowning his three decades of coaching in a grand climax of glory at Poughkeepsie last June, when his favored Orange Varsity placed fifth in the four mile classic of the Regatta. The Yearlings rowing in lane number l made the cannon re- sound but once to announce to the thousands bordering the Hudson shores that the Saltine Jfuvuas TEN Evck Conch warriors were on the warpath for victory scalps. The Junior Varsity stroked by DeFois Siegfried followed with a remarkable victory to chalk up the second win of the day, as the Orange banner swayed in the breeze aloft those of all the other colleges. VARSITY CREW Donaldson, Ashcroft, Abrams, Grzimlich, Buff, Kratinu, McKean, Lombardi, Trnnvski 134 EDWARD THOMPSON CHAP.1.Es fiRlNNEl.I. Commodore' .ixxitmnf Manager ' The Sophomore stroke of the Jayvees took an early lead and kept it to the finish as the Navy boys trailed close. The Varsity crew got off to a poor start and didn't seem to be able to catch up to the four teams that lead. This was the surprise of the day as Tom Lombardi stroking the Orangemen, had never experienced being in a losing shell. With the loss went the hope of a clean sweep until another year. Before the Poughkeepsie Regatta the Saltine VVarriors had established an outstanding record. ln their annual race with Harvard, Cornell, and M. l. 'l'., the varsity boat, stroked by Lombardi, the lofty captain-elect of football, won by a full length. The entire three crews went to Annapolis in their next encounter and handed the Naval Academy one of the worst defeats the school ever received. All three of the Orange crews won by an extremely wide margin that ranked them as Olympic contenders. F -5'-'NPV' JUNIOR VARs1'rx' Puls, Meacham, Willoughby, Keefc, Schoebvrlein, Johnson, Easter, Siegfried, Mcliaig 135 qu 1 1 J 1 D I In spite of the "Grand Old Man's" absence during the early part of the season, his son Ned Ten Eyck carried on. When the veteran mentor returned from his serious ill- ness, he put the finishing touches to combinations that were destined to go places and show things. Kirkwood, the Frosh coxswain, was the only native Syracusan in the Yearling shell that rowed to an undefeated sea- son, and which followed in line by keeping the Poughkeepsie trophy which Tom Lombardi and Milt Weiler had brought BART O'I-IEA RN Fresh Slroke in the two previous encounters. With the announcement that the University could not afford to support the crew for the 1933 season, and the moratori- um on the Poughkeepsie regat- ta due to financial situations at the colleges, the Alumni sponsored a Navy Ball in the Onondaga Hotel. All the crew fans and alumni turned out to make the affair a successful one. This assured the con- tinuance of crew at Syracuse for at least another year, or until the turbulent situation blows over. FRESHMAN CREW Webster, Mulholland, Harbison, Egerton, Rader, Stark, Matasavage. 0'HC21ff1, Kirkwood 136 BASKETBALL I.Ew12QrZEReAs R0l3j:'Qaf:ti4LEY Undefeated in Eastern competition, and victorious in 14 out of l6 games played, Lew Andreas' 1932-33 basketball team will go down in history as one of the finest Orange quintets. The splendid showing in eastern games gave Syracuse top ranking in mythical consideration, although none of the so-termed "experts" felt qualihed to name any one team as outstanding. Three sophomores and two juniors carried the brunt of the work, aided to no small degree by Capt. Whitey Bock, who was held in reserve for duty as either a forward or a guard. Bock saw just as much action as any of the regulars. His frequent brilliant displays of fiery floorwork proved the deciding factor in more than one game. The season opened in Buffalo, where Syracuse emerged an easy victor. The next night Western Reserve walloped the Orangemen 44-29 for their first defeat. After a few days rest the Hillmen came back strong to defeat a strong Univer- sity of Michigan team at Ann Arbor. For the second time the green Syracusans were called upon to play on consecutive evenings and they dropped before Michigan State. Following the return from the West, Coach Andreas allowed RONALDAPHILLIPS the boys a few days rest and a week later they invaded New Cflrlflffl-Effff York City to defeat Manhattan and Fordham by decisive scores. Metropolitan critics who saw the team, which by now was in fine form, declared that Andreas had one of the finest teams they had seen in years and were highly complimentary with lavish praise. aa A- Top Row: Su-nrn, Pcncc, Farnsworth, Vavra, Andreas Second Row: Haley, Wills, Picknrd, Jackson, Sheehan, Taggart First Row: Mnistnr, Alkoff, Phillips, Bock, DcVoung, Sanford 138 WILLIAM Faiuus flssislanl Manager Rutgers came along for the first game and Syracuse ran up a one sided victory with no fewer than 17 players participating under Andreas' direction. Cornell, with Ed Lipinski and Jack Ferraro, rising to heroic proportions, was the next team to show in Archbold Gym. They gave the Orangemen a real scare but lost 34-31. The University of Pennsylvania, at that time undefeated, was host to Syracuse ten days later. The first half was close but in the second Syracuse ran wild in scoring some 12 points while holding the home team to a single basket. Colgate, Oberlin, Rochester, Buffalo, Niagara, Penn State and Colgate again came along in that order but by this time there was no stopping the Orangemen and they disposed of each in turn with comparative ease. Johnny De Young, Lou Alkoff and Skids Sanford, forwards, and center respectively, were the three regular sophomores on the team. The veterans of one year, Elmer Maister and Ronnie Phillips, were more than efficient in the backcourt. De Young, an ambidexterous shot, confused his rivals with unusual proficiency in left hand shooting. Toward the end of the season he lifted the high scoring mantle from Phillips' shoulders. AlkoPr' came a close with Sanford, Maister and Bock trailing. Phillips was named captain at the close of the campaign. It is the general opinion that he will have the privilege of leading an eastern championship quintet next year. Bock is the third only man on the squad eligible for graduation. I ELM!-:R MAISTER JOHN DEYOUNG 139 I 1 Louis Al.xoFF LLOYD SANFORD In addition to the above named players there are several capable substitutes and a few fresh men are also expected to land on the first squad. Leading subs ofthe past year were Pickaid Beech, Wills, Fitzpatrick, Vavra, Jackson, Iaggart, Pr1goFr and Pentz. Bill Ferris, Brooklyn, was chosen manager-elect to succeed Robert Haley, Syracuse. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. 30 31 2 3 10 11 14 18 28 4 9 11 14 18 4 11 BASKETBALL SEASON 1932433 Syracuse Opponent Buffalo 37 24 VVestern Reserve 29 44 University of Michigan 31 28 Michigan State 16 23 Manhattan 32 25 Fordham 32 22 Rutgers 43 23 Cornell 34 31 University of Pennsylvania 34 22 Colgate 35 27 Oberlin 46 29 Rochester 22 ll Buffalo 48 22 Niagara 37 16 Penn State 44 29 Colgate 41 23 DONALD PICKARD CHARLES 'I'AccAa'r 140 . A r IRVING EARLE Cfzptain TRACK r n THOMAS KEANE DAVID FELi.ows Cgggh Manager Track The 'Sl-'32 track season got under way when Coach Tom Keane made his first call for track on December 4. VVorking with a veteran group com- posed of' only three men, Captain Paul Brentlinger, hurdler, Irving Earle and Harry Ronnie, quarter milers, he began to prepare for an arduous schedule. His first interest was in developing a strong mile relay team for the Millrose Games to be held at New York City, Saturday. February 6. Dale Bouton and Ted Smith, completing his last semester of competition, together with Earle and Ronnie, made up the quartet finally chosen. However, in a thrilling, hotly contested race the hillmen were nosed out by a strong Michigan State Normal outfit, although they defeated M. I. T. easily. Then indoor work began in earnest as Coach Keane groomed his men to find competitors to enter in the Casey Games and lndoor lnter-collegiates. In the Casey Games Moses and Dunbar replaced Smith and Ronnie on the mile relay club and helped Syracuse gain a first place against strong compe- tition. On Saturday, March Sth, Captain Paul Brentlinger, Harry Bresilohi and Wilson Streeter represented Syracuse, although no one came through with a first place. 'DALE Bou'roN HT- .- ' , .. 4 , ' ,,, , . 'M -...F ' . ' ' ' . ' V . ',A,1, . .. .. , ,. .. .q-- . - - . , . ,..e . ' ' " . . . H , . , , .. ' ' ."- " i 142 ,, - gs x ' .M -Lf RAYMOND GOODHUE NORMAN Frrzmz flxrislant Manager Assislfznl Manager Q Following this the men began preparations for the outdoor season. Inclement weather delayed outside work, and it wasn't until around the middle of April that practice began. Due to this late start Syracuse had only one representative in the Penn Relays on April 29-30. Captain Paul Brentlinger made this trip, but did not enter the finals ofthe com- petition. , The team next went to the Columbia meet on Saturday, May 14, where they received a set back to the tune of 87M-47M, Potoski, Streeter, Bulger, Bresiloff and Captain Brentlinger led the Orange scorers. S Syracuse met Colgate on Saturday, May 21, and lost a close meet to the score of 65-61. The Orange scoring aces won seven first places and lost the meet only through a weakness in the javelin throw. EEL-1 'r Niall OUTDOOR INTERCOLLEGIATE TEAM Wiggins, Potoski, Bouton, Bulger, Brentlinger, Philipson, Keane 143 rw 24: QI 4' I 'Y 0 8 CARL SARGENT Then Coach Keane picked seven men for the honor of making the prize trip of the Season the Outdoor Intercollegiate in Berkeley, California. Dale Bouton, Bill Streeter, Tom Bulger, George Townsend, Joe Potoski, Captain Brentlinger and Bob Phillipson made the long trip to the west coast accompanied by Coach Keane and Manager-elect, Dave Fellows Brentlinger, however, was the only man to score for Syracuse. Romznr PH1L1PsoN 144 Annum' MlCKALI'FIS BASEBALL lf XC LEWIS CARR PRENTICE SHENTON CWU11 Manager Baseball PLAYING the 1932 schedule with a practically new team, the batmen went through the season with only 4 wins, and 10 defeats. The green team was mostly composed of underclassmen and those who were left, after most of the veteran team had graduated. The Orange boys could not get a win until their fifth encounter, when Kiffney broke the ice and only allowed Union to cross the plate once, while the Orange boys ran home seven times. Lack of experience and ability to hit, lost the Orangemen most of their contests. Although the team work functioned properly it was inevitable that only runs could win games. The amount and caliber of material for 1933 is of an encouraging nature and with a fair share of the breaks Syracuse should, with members of last year's undefeated Freshman team, come out with a VINCENT BLACK Fme record' The Hill-men started the 1932 season by dropping a hard fought game that was decided in the 8th inning, to Rochester, by an 8 to 2 count. Playing against Har- vard, who had Devens on the mound, the Orange boys allowed a first inning lead to defeat them by 4 to O. Devens is now with the New York Yankees. The one inning defeats con- tinued when Boston College broke a tie in the ninth inning to win by a two to one score- In this third encounter Kiffney pitched a fine game and a little batting ability on the part Second Row: Mnister, Fnhy, Black, Olrich, Schloss. Wills, Schulman First Row: Bock, Frank, Lipetz, Coach Carr, Cramer, Chapman. Slllli0WSki. Kiffnffy. Stefanelli 146 LERoY WHITE HORACE COHEN firsistanl Manager .issixtanl Manager V Ronarcr K1 FFNEY ofthe Orangemen would have given the Hill-men a victory. Meeting the Eli-men at Yale, the Orange batmen next lost a ragged game to the tune of 7 to 2, but upon their return to Hendrick's Field for the First home game they took Union into camp. The Carrmen next traveled to Penn State where the Nittany Lions tore the score to pieces. The State boys got 5 parts of it while the Saltine warriors got but 3. The Hill team went to Hamilton where the Red Raiders headed by LaF1amme, the lofty pitching ace, gave Colgate their first victory over Syracuse in the 'Triangular League Association. The score was 4 to O. In their second home game the Hill boys chalked up their second victory ofthe season. Vincent Black, a sophomore, pitched an outstanding game and only allowed one hit and one run, while the Hill-men tallied 13 times. Dommrcic STEFANELLI Meeting the Penn Statesmen for the second time the local boys slammed away at the sphere for all they were worth but the Statesmen seemed to have had better swatting ability and emerged with a 12-7 victory for the Pennsylvania school. Colgate repeated the same score Vw 2 'E' 7 ll as in the first game and thereby won the Triangular League Trophy. 7 r ' . ' T all ' my xt.. 4 J J CORNELL GAME 147 W un 1 1 ' ELMER MAISTER WALTER SULKOWSKI In their third home game the boys again put William ofOrange on top by virtue of KiFfney'S Fine pitching ability. It was Alumni day on the Hill and no more appropriate loser than Cornell could be picked. The grads watched the Big Red team go down to defeat by a 5-3 score. Holy Cross, with her powerful nine, had little difhculty in defeating a weak aggregation from Syracuse in the next Orange game. The one sided score was 9 to 1. Travelling to Providence, Syracuse brought back one scalp but lost one hard game to Providence College by 3-3. The Orange victim was Brown, who had one of the strongest teams, and who had defeated the Harvard team. The score of the game was 8 to 0, and Kiffney struck out I5 Brownies to end a hard fought season. What ends well is well, and next year should be much different. FRANK OHM-H FMANUEI. Scmoss 148 LACRGSSE ROY SWMOVS CLYDE Soren Coach Mzznager Lacrosse Row' D. SIMMONS, directing lacrosse for the first time, in 1932 produced one of the best teams in recent teams. The stick- wielders lost one game of their entire Intercollegiate schedule and were invited to the Olympic playoffs in New York City, where they dropped a hard fought game to a superior Rutgers team. Syracuse started of? the schedule by playing its annual alumni game, which it won by a 9-2 score. Opening the season at home the lacrossemen held the strong Onondaga Indian team to at 6 to 6 tie. Cornell traveled to Archbold Stadium to infiict the only Orange loss of the season, but two weeks later the Hillmen started piling up the points by beating the Nittany Lions of Penn State by a 7 to 2 score. Ernie Paul, ex-Orange coach, brought a team up that was rated highly in the East, but the work of Captain Welch and Glennie Thiel tamed the Lions. F3353 150 ' L RAvMoNo DANAHY Tusoooms Poots fluirlanl Manager Assixizznl Manager Hobart, always a hard game on the Syracuse schedule, didn't score a single bell ringer while the Orange rang up eleven points. Travelling to Hanover, N. H., the Hill Stickwielders managed to eke out a victory over Dartmouth, who had a perfect record up to that game. As a perfect ending the Lacrosse team defeated Colgate by a decisive score of 14 to O. This victory made the stickwielders the only victorious varsity team over Colgate for the entire year. In the 1933 season, with lacrosse getting ever so much more popular, and the game being played in enclosed halls, Coach Roy Simmons expects to have many indoor games. With a nucleus of Captain Thiel, Al Ornstein, the Martin brothers, Cook, and Gudat, the Orange stickwielders will line up very strong and should be in a position to sweep aside all opposing forces. Coach Roy Simmons, who barely finishes one sport when he is involved in another, has his 1933 squad out in back ofthe gymnasium flipping the ball about. A net has been constructed, and daily from two to four in the afternoon a group of hardworking lacrossemen may be seen faithfully practicing. Simmons is always present, detecting errors and weak points. The fight he has instilled in the boys is self-evident. Last year they fought their way from a defeat to the Olympic playoffs, and this year they should show some fine exhibitions again. x FREDERICK MARTIN ALBERT Cook 151 V H '1 1 tw if l V W 2 fi rr' 5. Y' Y 1 8 i JAMES WHIT'FAKER WILLIAM Fmuus From last year's frosh lacrosse squad comes Lou Robbins, a fast attack man who was quite popular in New York, and was a winning factor of the undefeated yearling team. ,Iow Matlow, another sophomore, is also expected to show up. Lacrosse has become so popular in the indoor phase, which is called "box lacrosse," that next year it is expected to be played during the winter on the gymnasium Hoor l CARL GUDA'f ALBERT Woi-IL 152 CRUSS-CGUNTRY W lg: Q I J 'Q 8 THOMAS KEANE Coarh Cross Country 'PHE Hill harriers under the'guidance of the veteran mentor Tom Keane again experienced a successful season. The hill and dale 'men won two out of three scheduled meets and placed second in the Intercol- legiates. The season started with a one-sided victory over R. P. I. in which the Orangechalked up a perfect score 40-15. In this meet Captain Streeter and Ross Pelton of the Orange tied for first place in the record breaking time of 25:25. In their second meet with the Penn State Lions the Hill-men lost a close match by a 26-29 count. Captain Streeter ran up to his good form and nosed out Gren- inger, the Nittany I.ion ace. Rsumn HARRISON In a preparatory meet for the Intercollegiates, Syracuse met its traditional rivals, Colgate, over a sloppy Drumlins course. In this race the Keane-men turned in their most brilliant exhibition of the season. In defeating their Maroon opponents the Hill-men administered to their rivals one of the most crushing defeats ever recorded over a Colgate Hill and Dale team. ' 154 KENNETH REINHARD1' GERALD WISEMAN AV.f.ri:1an! Manager flxsismnl Mrznager Captain Streeter and Captain-elect Bateman led the first eleven Orange men across the tape before the first Colgate scorer. In the classic run in New York the Hill-men placed second in the Intercollegiates. Earl Bateman crossed the line eighteenth and Captain Streeter followed at the 27th place. He was a pre-race favorite, and was expected to place within the first dozen. CARI. SARGENT WILSON STREETER EARL BATEMAN 155 Vw 2 fi I 4 -. 1 v Y il 'YI lg' 'I 1 fs Roy SIMMONS Coach Eastern Intercollegiate Champions Boxing JOSEPH MORAN Captain IN RETAINING their Eastern Intercollegiate title for the second consecutive season, and chalking up the best box- ing season in the history ofSyracuse, Coach Roy Simmons' mittmen gained nation wide popularity. Boxing coach Roy D. Simmons, with his winning per- sonality and superior coaching ability, developed a team that finished a full dual meet season without a single loss or tie. Not only did the Orange warriors, under the cap- taincy of joe Moran, go undefeated, but they concluded the season by winning the Baltimore Sun Intercollegiate Championship trophy with 27 points. This was the highest score ever recorded by any individual college in these competitions. Syracuse and Penn State both have two legs on the trophy, while Navy has one. Although Simmons will lose four of his best point scorers through graduation, he will try to bring the trophy to Syracuse permanently. Joseph Moran, "The Niagara Powerhouse," or "Dynamite Joe," as he's known, finished up his career by winning his second Intercollegiate championship and tallying 27 knock outs out of 32 ring appearances. Joe never lost a bout in dual competition. Al Wertheimer, who captained the Orange Mittmen in '31, won his third Intercollegiate championship in the 125 lb. class and thereby ended a collegiate career that was free from a single defeat. Al was only Hoored once 156 GEORGE NEGRONI Caplain-Elec! DAVID BREWER Manager in his college career, that being in the last dual meet ofhis career, when he slipped and was caught off balance. Wertheimer goes down in the Annals of Syracuse as one of the finest and best boxers the school has ever had. Ray Burket, who also ended his career in the college ring, lost a close bout in the finals of the Intercollegiates. Ray's peculiar mannerism made him popular with the fans and he always received a fine hand when opening the match with his 118 lb. bout. Herb Ross, the Phi Beta Kappa boxer, played a big factor in the scoring throughout the season. Although a fine scientific boxer and hard puncher, Herb lost a close match in the Intercollegiates, and gained much satisfaction in the concluding bouts. The ringmen started ofi' their season by defeating the Canadian Inter- collegiate Champions of Toronto by a SM to 2M score. Burket, Wert- heimer, Robbins, Moran, Negroni won their bouts while Eckstein scored a draw and Paulus and Perralt dropped their bouts. In their meet with the M. I. T. boys the Hill leatherpushers chalked up a decisive one sided score of 6M to IM. Burket, Wertheimer, Button, Moran, Balash and Vavra won their bouts, while Robbins drew, and Ross accidently caught a right jab that put him out. Joe Vavra, a four letter man, made his debut in the ring as an Orange Sophomore, and later in the season gained himself an Intercollegiate champion- ship. In their meet with Springfield the local boys were held to a LLM to a SV! score. The four graduating seniors again came through with their usual victories while Robbins scored another draw. Traveling to the lair of the Nittany Lion the Saltine Warriors tamed their Penn State opponents with a SM to 2M score. Burket lost a close decision while Ross redeemed himself. Robbins chalked up his usual draw. The next Orange victim was Pennsylvania and the boys all came through with victories except Ross and Balash who were satisfied with a draw apiece. Robbins the scrappy sophomore came through with his first victory of the season. Navy coming to Syracuse as the favorite departed from the Salt City for Annapolis with one of the most crushing defeats that institution has suffered in 14 years. Navy in 106 bouts had only lost 3 of 157 ALBERT WER1'HEiMER VV' 245 1 'Q 8 r w gg: Q I 4' fs I W ANTHONY BALASH HERBEIU' Ross them and this was the worst one. Syracuse was the cause of 2 out of these three defeats. Balash, the Olympic contender, lost the only Orange bout when he entered the ring a bit out of condition. Joe Vavra, who had won all his fights by knockouts up to that fight, drew, and Burket also fought an even bout. A Syracuse placed 4 men in the first place in the Inter-collegiates. They were Captain Moran, Al Wertheimer, Joe Vavra, and Tony Balash. Ray Burket and Jack Robbins got second place championships, while Captain-elect George Negroni came third. Coach Simmons is looking forward to a greater season next year. JOSE,-H VAVM RAYMOND BURKET 158 ,. WII.l,IAM DAVISON Hnalssirl' MCKEAN HARRY WACNER Conch Captain MIIUIIAKCV O W restlmg Alf'FEIl issuing the first call for wrestlers late in October, Coach Davison undertook the difiicult task of rebuilding a team torn by graduation. Using as a nucleus four veterans of last year's squad the veteran grappling mentor developed a team whose record reveals little or nothing of the actual strength and ability ofthe aggregation. The Orangemen won their first meet of the year when they decisively defeated Mechanics Institute 22-11 after losing their opening encounter to Lehigh, the Eastern Intercollegiate chami- pons, by a score of 24-6. The 20-8 defeat at the hands of Columbia was amply avenged when the Davison men outclassed a strong St. Lawrence squad 19-13. Both Michigan State and Penn State proved to be too strong for the Hill team, and con- sequently handed the orange-clad matmen two decisive setbacks. In the concluding match ofthe season the Orangemen turned in a brilliant performance against Cornell, but dropped a close 12-14 decision to the Red grapplers. In the Intercollegiate championships Captain- elect Doerr was the only Syracuse wrestler to place. Captain McKean, I-Iordines, Haight and Doerr were the outstanding Orange matmen. 159 A . 3 xl only Ng. 54 ww "' 1- a. 4' gag. .- U" af N? ,J 7 ll yi W Zi QI 4, Y Y it 8 ARTHUR Hokuocks LLOYD SANDHOLZEP. Coach Crzpmin Soccer THE 1932 booting aggregation found it difhcult to keep an Undefeated title when they tried to encounter every strong team in the East. Although they piled up some extraordinarily high scores against most of their opponents, they dropped two games of their schedule. Springfield and Navy took the Orange scalps, while Dartmouth, Penn State, Hamilton and others suffered a Syracuse defeat. The team was rated one of the finest ever produced on the Hill and Johnny McEwan and Vincent Black were picked on the All American team comprised by Bill Jeffries, veteran Penn State soccer coach. Coach Art Horrocks managed to compose a combination that functioned perfectly in every tilt, and with the scoring ability of the educated Joi-m MCEWAN McEwan toe compiled a total of more points Cnpmin-Elm than any previous year. In the first game with Camillus, which was a listless affair, Syracuse won by a ll-0 score. On their visit to New Hampshire the Hillmen handed the Dartmouth Indians a 6-1 beating, but lost a hard fought battle to Springfield on the following afternoon. The Orange booters were hampered by lack of sleep and speed and a superior fresh team took the honors of the day. The Massachusetts boys, in winning the tilt, defended their Eastern Intercollegiate title of the previous year. Johnny McEwan, a boy of the Springfield vicinity, played a grand game but was bottled considerably throughout the match. Vincent Black, Al Ornstein and Signoretti gave an excellent account of themselves during the afternoon. 160 Coming back with a fierce vengeance, the Hill 'boys massacred the Cortland Normal eleven by a 10-2 count on Hendricks held the following week, McEwan, still looking for revenge at the cost of any team, banged at the "Teachers" goal for seven counters, till Coach Horrocks yanked him from the field in order to prevent a humiliating total. The successful Hill mentor gave all his Sophomores a chance to show their worth, and Servis, Gordon, Judson and Gabriel showed up well. In a most active feud that resulted in a 4-1 win for Syracuse, the rivalry with Hamilton was renewed. A muddy, rain-soaked field prevented a much higher score, although the Hamilton soccerites put up a. splendid battle. Navy, still feeling the pains of the beating the Hill men had administered to them the previous year, came back to win by a lone goal in the closing minute of the game with the Salt City boys. This was the first game in which Captain-elect McEwan Vmcwr BLACK was held scoreless in his entire career. In 1931, McEwan defeated Navy by sinking a point 1n an overtime period. Journeying to the lair of the Nittany Lions at Penn State, the booters handed the local boys a 2-1 defeat. Again the dependable McEwan, with the aid of Bob Ellis and Andy Paucek of the backfield, came through in an overtime period to win by a lone point. Captain Sandholzer, Ornstein, Paucek, Schloss, Holly, Ellis, Weltman, and Persse, who were the most outstanding throughout the season, will be lost by graduation. With Vinnie Black, Johnny McEwan and Signoretti as a nucleus, Coach Horrocks will probably produce another one of his fine teams next year. ALBERT ORNSTEIN OROZIO SIGNoRE'r'1'I W 'un 1 4 I I 1 D 1 Tennis THE Syracuse tennis team, hampered by poor playing weather and lack of practice, completed a successful but abbreviated season. Although not winning the majority of their matches, the racket wielders put up live exhibitions against their more experienced foes. The Orange team included Herb Greeson, Stan Dritz, Ed Stafford, Marvin Brown, Bill Houghton, Mich Deutsch, Dick Solomon and Lew Perlman, with the first four bearing the brunt of the work. The first match was played against Cornell, in the giant Cornell drillshed. The Orangemen, unable to get in even a day's practice because of bad weather, fell before the well conditioned Red wielders. From the first match, bringing together the Cornell ace, Vaughn, and Greeson, Syracuse number one man, down to the last match, the Syracuse team put up strong fights, but the weeks of practice of the Cornellians was the deciding factor. EDWARD STAFFORD Colgate played host in the second match, and the weakened by the temporary loss of Stafford and Dritz, lost a close decision. However, Brown and Greeson teamed up together to man a formidable doubles team which defeated the Red Raiders' number one team. In a return match, Colgate was again the victor, this time by a 5-4 margin. Stafford, Brown, Dritz, and Greeson registered in the win column for the Orange. The hillmen journeyed to Hamilton for the next match, and surprised a heavily favored Hamilton team by turning in a sensational victory. Greeson opposed Dick Murphy, Hamilton ace and seventeenth ranking player in the United States, in the feature match, and after the finest exhibition of tennis of the entire season, succumbed to the Hamilton wizard. Matches with Penn State, and Canisius, and a return match with Hamilton, were all cancelled because of poor weather conditions. 162 Syracuse team, H1-:xzBER'rGiu:EsoN FRESHMAN ATHLETICS Louis NICOI,EI.I.0 RAYMOND BROWN Caurh Manager Freshman Football DESPI'FE injuries which kept key players out of important games, Syracuse once more managed to put a frosh team on the field last fall which gave a good account of itself in every game. Though the material was not as promising as in former years, Coach Nicollelo nevertheless fashioned a smooth running, hard fighting organization. The frosh opened their season with the Manlius cadets at Manlius. It was a good beginning, for the greenlidders ran up a 20-0 victory. ' The yearlings lost their next game to the strong Wyoming Seminary eleven, 19-0. In a tight, hard-fought battle the frosh lost their next game to the Buffalo University frosh, 13-6. ln the traditional Colgate game, the Syracusans, though weakened by injuries, fought on a par with the Maroon in the iirst half, but the renewed power of Colgate in the third quarter brought them a touchdown. Despite a hard-driving attack on the part of the Hillmen, the score ended as 6-O in Colgate's favor. A feature ofthe yearling's play last year was the development of team play, which was shown by the well coordinated offense and defense of the later games. Ed Jontus, at tackle was perhaps the team's outstanding star. His play was consistent, and his coolness and good judgment got him the field captaincy for the Colgate fray. Johnny Griffith, Clem Van Horn, Red Mamosser and Jim Nolan were other players who starred throughout the schedule. V" "' x ,w-.xfwn.,.:xr:r..a,...t......i...f..........w-Q--'-' - ' f----'H A' ' '--U ' - ' " U ' 164 1- Rmavas BAYSINGER JOHN Com-EY Coach Manager Freshman Basketball THIS year's freshman basketball schedule was confined chiefly to high schools and prep schools of Central New York. Nevertheless, they played thirteen games, of which they won SCVCII. Practice began immediately after Christmas vacation. After the final cuts, the squad men had only one week's practice before they encountered Morrisville. It was very evident that the first combination was not functioning as well as other Orange freshman teams. This was the first time an Orange freshman basketball team was defeated by the Agricultural School- The following week, a strong Oswego Normal team came to Archbold Gym. The Syracuse frosh played a stellar defensive game, but their offense was not strong enough to overcome the early lead of the Normal team. The Mid-year exams interrupted the schedule for two weeks. The frosh travelled to Water- town where they met the strong Clarkson frosh, the only team to defeat last year's frosh. After a most sensational game, the frosh finished at the long end of the score. This was the first time the frosh showed any promise of a smooth working organization. It acted as an incentive, and from then on they showed considerable improvement. The seasonal results were not as impressive as those of former years, this, however, was due to the lack of experienced material Coach Baysinger deserves the utmost praise for the splendid work he did in molding a team, from the material he had to choose from. It was the result of his diligent work and capable handling that his squad finished as strongly as it did, 165 'Yi 2 'N il 1 fs VV' 2 'F I 1 fs ii Freshman Lacrosse , SWINGING through their schedule with six victories and one defeat, and that one being decided in the last minute of play, the frosh lacrosse team proved to be one of the strongest outfits ever to represent the Orange yearlings. At the opening of the season Coach George "Tuffy" Richardson, making his debut as a hill Frosh mentor, was faced with the problem of building a team with but six men who had had any lacrosse experience. An 8-1 victory was the first scalp the greenlidders chalked up, that being over Nottingham High School. The Cornell freshmen came to Syracuse only to return to Ithaca with a 4-O whitewashing. Lou Robbins and Bump Hudson starred in this game. Coming against the record breaking Central High team, with a record of 43 consecutive wins, the frosh played even ball until the final minutes when the high school lads rang up two rapid fire goals to end the game at a 4-2 count. Nottingham again suffered an Orange defeat, this time to the tune of 9-1. At Hobart, the Purple first year men gave the Orange cubs their stiffest opposition of the year. After a whacking rough and tumble game the Hillmen came through with a 2-0 victory. The Colgate freshmen were the next to bow to the Orange boys and after a drizzling rain, 24 players emerged to see a 3-O score in Syracuse's favor. After the game, "Bump'.' Hudson was elected honorary captain for the season. On the attack Hudson and Robbins were outstanding while Jensen and Marlow starred on the defense. . 166 Riasviss B.-xvsmcizu Coarh Freshman Baseball ON MARCH 15 the aspirants for the 1932 yearling team rallied on Hendricks Field. Amongst the many who turned out were members of the undefeated basketball and football teams of the previous winter. The final cut disclosed that most of the baseball men to represent the class of '35 were athletes who saw actions the previous winter. In their first start the greenlidders trounced the soldier boys from Manlius to the tune of 8 to 2, but met stiffer opposition in their second encounter when Waterloo held them to a 4 to 2 score. With two games on their victory belt the Freshmen took the Red Raiders from Colgate into camp twice, once by a 21 to 9 count and again by a 3 to 1 score. Traveling to Ithaca the Hill boys trounced the "Small Red Team" of Cornell by a 9 to 7 count on May 9th. The next two games with Oswego Normal on Hendricks Held drew a comparatively large crowd, who were desirous of seeing the undefeated combination in action. The year- lings obliged the spectators by overcoming the "Teachers" with 9 to 7 and 5 to 4 scores. In winding up an undefeated season the strong group traveled to Auburn where they won by a 15 to 7 margin. For varsity competition Andy Marchiano at second, Sherwood Johnson at bat, and Warren Slossen and Bill Hafer on the mound should be useful to Carr. Under the guidance of "Ribs" Baysinger the 1931-32 Yearling Football, Basketball and Baseball teams went without a defeat throughout the year. This is a record that is worth while to boast and the class of '35 is proud of its students who made this record possible. Coach Baysinger deserves much credit for the line showing of the teams and for the green material he helped develop for our varsity teams. ' 167 1 fs 1 'l I 1 gr: fn 1 I VV' 2 -'i P 44 'Q H. H. CLARKE DAVID BREWER Direclor Intramural Athletics at Syracuse University Fall of 1932 THE Intramural program under the able guidance ofH. Harrison Clarke gained tremendous popularity in the past year. In spite of the continual problem in securing adequate facilities for carrying on its activities, the Intramural department carried out its entire program with added attractions, such as a foul shooting contest and a Winter Carnival. Early in the fall the department combined with the Inter-fraternity Athletic Association, so as to avoid possible conflicts in their programs and also to allow mass participation and conservation ofspace in the Gymnasium and fields. The Intramural department allowed the Inter-fraternity Athletic Association to enter all its teams in the Fraternity League, which was one of the participating groups in the various sports. Dave Brewer, president ofthe I. A. A., wisely submitted the afiiliation plan to the various fraternities, and as a result the two athletic organizations combined and clicked harmoniously throughout the year. The Intramural sports are intended for those men who lack the ability and time or the inclination to participate in the intercollegiate activities. They are primarily athletics for the sake of recreation-sports in the spirit of play. Intramural activities are entirely vol- untary, and are open to every male student in regular attendance at the University. The scheme of the department was to have three separate leagues, representing the Frater- nities, Dormitories, and Independent teams. The three championship teams competed for the major championship, which is known as the University Championship. Within each college there were separate leagues that were called "Class-College Leagues." The champions of each college played the champion team of the other colleges for the Class- College Championship. The University and Class-College champs were in no way related, although unofiicial challenges did exist between these two groups. Open tournaments in such sports as tennis, handball, and golf were conducted. Students entered these tournaments as individuals rather than as teams. The 19321.33 season started off early in the Fall, and with the fine assistance of Messrs. Keane and Bryant, the Hill track mentors, who staged a Track meet, Sims Hall Section I came through with the victory in that sport. 1 Touch football, in which 45 different teams participated, was the most outstanding attraction of the Fall. Regardless of rain or snow the competitive spirit flew high and the teams were surprisingly punctual in their schedules. 168 Rov SIMMONS VVILLIAM DAVISON The All-University champs of touch football were the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity boys. The Phi Gams were always on top in the Interfraternity athletics and seemed to have carried over their traditions to the merged department of athletics. The Ramblers, consisting of an organized independent team who had won the touch football championship the previous year, were the runners up this year and lost a hard fought game to the Phi Gams, who had a strong, experienced team of athletes. The Forestry Freshmen came through for "the boys in back of the Stadium" and annexed the Class-College championship. Their cousins from the Engineering College trailed close behind in the race, but the Yearling Woodsmen had a well organized team that functioned superbly. In the golf tournament held at Drumlins, William Davis, Jr., a law school freshman, nosed out William Ward, a Liberal Arts Sophomore, for the first place honors. Both boys shot some mighty fine scores in their qualifying rounds and finished very close. Arthur Steffen won the individual honors in horse shoe pitching when he defeated Harold Randles in the final round of this tournament. Steffen is a Fine Arts Sophomore, while Randles is a Senior in Mechanical Engineering. Coach Roy D. Simmons, producer of champion Orange teams, gave his full cooperation in the boxing tournaments held around Christmas time. The tournament attracted many entries and drew outstanding crowds of spectators to Archbold Gymnasium where the bouts were held every afternoon. A While Coach Simmons was running off the boxing tourney, Professor Davison enjoyed the responsibility of directing the wrestling tourney. These toruneys, besides giving the average student a chance to win an award, give him a chance to show his ability to the veteran coaches who recognize material for their intercollegiate competition. CHARLES BELL GEORGE PRIGOFF 169 L I W un 1 4, 1 U 1 DAVISON, BREWER, SHENTON The Wnter Carnival, that attracted a tremendous crowd at Drumlins, was conducted by several participating bodies, including W. A. A., Women's Physical Mountaineering Club, Men's Intramural Department, Department of Public, Recreations, and the College of Forestry. Joseph Aebisher, a Junior ofthe Forestry College, directed the program and supervised its success. The event was the first of its kind in the history of Syracuse. Mar- garet Mackenzie, a Senior of the Physical Education Department, was chosen Queen by popular vote. During the Intramural year, members of the student body were called upon to direct and officiate the different sports. Robert Philipson of the track team directed track, while Jerome Prigoff of the varsity swimming team was made director of the swimming meets. Harold Button and Harold Micheals were the men behind the wheel that kept the schedule and program rolling smoothly. 170 WCMEN'S ATHLETICS Department of Physical Education THE Department of Physical Education presents a wide variety of sports for women ofthe University. Instruction is given in tennis, archery, baseball, horseback riding, Danish gymnastics, swimming, basketball, Field hockey, and volleyball. Approximately eight hundred students are registered in these classes. A course in Camp Craft and Camp Counseling includes lectures and demonstrations indoors during the winter, and one week of practice work at camp in June. For those interested in dancing, Miss Margaret Krolik, dancing instructor, conducts classes in beginning tap dancing, advanced tap dancing, and natural dancing. In addition to this, Miss Krolik plans to organize a dance club for advanced students, to include instructions in specialized technique and opportunity for original composition. The club is to be named "Orchesis," and admission to membership will be based on tryouts. Women's Athletic Association THE Women's Athletic Association is an organization which encourages all University women to become active in sports. It considers every woman who participates a member. This organization sponsors the Winter Carnival held at Drumlins in February and the Military Ball held at Archbold gymnasium in March. At the Military Ball women compete for cheerleading positions, ofiiicers for the following year are announcedg and the Senior Blazer is awarded. Freshman Playday in the fall, as well as the programs for all intra-mural sports throughout the year are sponsored by Women's Athletic Association. The athletic season closes with a banquet in the late spring. The Sophomore Award is made on Women's Day, in May, to the most outstanding sophomore woman. To each girl, on the recommendation ofa minimum ofthree managers over a period of not less than two years, the Old English S is awarded. Top Row: Cleveland, Shabtac, Bowkcr, Ness Second Row: McLaughlin, Betts, Hart, McMillcn, Mackenzie First Row: Chapman, Rickwcll, Jordan, Homan 172 Top Row: Glciner, Betts, Hunt, Mackenzie, Twccclic, O'Dcll, Austin, McMillen Second Row: McLaughlin, Kapp, Ness, Hart, Jordan, Rockwell, Weaver, Boyd First Row: Cleveland, Hopkins, Homan, Chapnrux, Bowkcr, Slmbtac, Allbright Hiking HIKING, an outgrowth of the Outing Club, a new sport this year to the Syracuse campus, has assumed an important place in the activi- ties program. The women have made it successful by their en- thusiastic participation. Throughout the year hikes were conducted Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings. Overnight hikes in the spring met with DORO'l'HY CHAPMAN great approval' Mzznrltiger inter Sports W1NTEa Sroivrs, which were previously under the auspices of the Outing Club, were this year directly in charge of the Women's Athletic Association. A system was planned whereby women students procured at the gymnasium university equipment con- sisting of skiis, snowshoes, and tobaggons to be taken out during favorable weather. The climax of the season was reached at the annual Winter Sports Carnival held at Drumlins early in February. Exhibition skating, races, and tobaggonning, as well as skii and snowshoe treasure BE,,..,.,, HOPMNS hunts weie features of the Carnival. M,,,,,,g,., TOD ROW! Hllflillxlaine, Oldenburg, Hart, Chapman Ness Second Row: Austin, Evans, Nickerson, Wheeler, McCIurg, Strough, Vcssvy First Row: Bruce, Allbright, Hopkins, McLaughlin, McMillcn 173 Top Row: Heuss, Morley, Land, Reddington, Wood Second Row: Evans. Boyd, Odell, McClurg, Spccht First Row: McMillan, Slmbtac, Twccdie Archery T ARCHERY, always popular with Hill women, aroused much interest this year. In the fall twenty-five women signed to participate. The thirteen best shots of the group vied for individual scoring honors, Grace Shabtac, manager of archery, being victorious. The runners-up in the contest were Emily Redington, Helen Land, and Elizabeth Armstrong. Rifle GRACE SHAB1-Ac Manager RIFLE, a popular winter sport for women, has the distinction of being the first inter' collegiate sport. The spring vacation brought the season to a close. Results of the telegraphic matches: Opponent ' Indiana University ..,.......,... ...... University of Washington ..... ...... University of Michigan ............ ...... University of South Dakota ......... ...... 4-91 500 486 485 The twelve perfect scorers were: Margaret Elwood Charlotte Leonard Dorothy Chapman Carolyn O'Brien CAno1.1NE Ci.svE1.AND Elizabeth Kinne Virginia Cole Manager Caroline Cleveland Gertrude Jones S yrzzcuse 499 499 499 499 Barbara Heaton Ruth Gress Eugenia Glade Barbara Brown Top Row: Smith, Kano. Chapman, Scroucis, Wells, Cage, Jones. Elwood. Erway. Second Row: Jones, Leonard, Heise. Maclntyre, Klapp, Al rigllt.. Venti Weaver, Miller First Row: Tweedie, Green, Johnson, Cleveland, Heaton, Hopkins. Homan 174 Track 4 CHA1u.o'r'rE Bowman Mfznnger Top Row: Askwith, Taylor, Collicott.. Bradley Second Row: Glover, Homnn, Thomson, Terry, Heise First Row: Leonard, Bowkcr, Short Tennis THIS year there was more tennis enthusiasm than ever before. Fifty-six women signed up for this popular sport in the fall. Twice a year tournaments are held to decide the champion woman tennis player of the university, but due to an early winter the tournament was not completed. A new system, that of holding a mixed doubles tournament, was innovated. Ten couples partici- pated in this event. TRACK, one of the Spring's leading activities, has always proved to be among the most popular W. A. A. sports. At each practice records were kept of the participants' scores and awards were made on this basis. W. A. A. awards were made to the following girls: Dorothy Chap- man, high jumpg Mary Burdick, 75 yd. dash, Helen Jones, running broad, Marjorie Tarbox, standing broad, Agnes Gleiner, hop, step, and jump, Betty Hopkins, 60 yd. hurdles and baseball throwg Dorothy Evans, hurl ball, Dorothy Harding, javeling Josephine lVIcClurg, discus, Betty MclVlillen, basketball throw. Bsrrv MCMJLLEN Manager Top Row: McClurg, Odell, Land. Wood, Slmhtac, Morley, Twcedie First Row: Evans, McMillcn, Hopkins , 175 Top Row: Urbach, Newell, Thomson, L. Taylor, Whitmore Front Row: J. Taylor, Cate, Terry, Fearon Swimming SWIMMING, one ofthe favorite indoor sports of Syracuse women, attracted many participants this past season with Miss Wade as physical director and Lucille Cate as manager. Practices were held twice a week from the middle of November until the first of April. A siwmming meet for all swimmers was held on December 15. In January there was an intra-mural meet. Throughout the season telegraphic meets were held with Swarthmore, Skidmore, and Ohio State Colleges. . Basketball INTRAMURAI. basketball this year replaced interclass basketball on the hill, each team doing its own challenging! Teams, representing nearly every sorority house and living center, were divided to form the Go League and the Gettum League. LUCILLE CATH Mamggr The Alpha Chi Omega-Theta Phi Alpha team won first place in the Go League and the Crouse Cottage team won first place in the Gettum League, the final play-0E proclaiming the Crouse Cottage team champions. Top Row: Odell, Dawlcy, Ball, Davy Second Row: Evans, Gartner, Whitmore, Davis, Vessey, Tricamo First Row: Burdick, McMillen, McLaughlin, McClurg, Funk 176 ' 5 Top Row: Askwith, Bowkcr, Short, Collicott Second Row: Snell, I-Ieise, Bradley, Cate First Row: Thomson, Homan, Kinney - O Dancing DANCING, which included both natural interpretation and tap, is a new activity for Syracuse women. The beginning and advanced natural dancing and advanced tap classes are being taught by Miss Krolick, ofthe Physical Education Department. Eleanor Homan, Manager, has charge of the begin- ning tap classes. ELE.3lnI3ZnIg3MAN I HOCKEY, one ofthe major sports for women at Syracuse University, proved extremely popular this year. The end ofthe season showed two well-balanced honor teams formed from inter-class competitors. A play-off game was arranged which resulted in victory for the Green team. In November the Hockey banquet took place in the Women's Gymnasium. An interesting feature ofthe banquet was a detailed report ofthe Olympics by Miss Wade, one of the Physical Educa- y tion instructors. Lucille Cate was in charge of the affair. Members of the honor team Were: ANN BETTS Mzznager Betty Dickenson Vera Keefe Betty McMillan Marjorie Vesey Katherine Fox Gladys Lunn Dorothy McLaughlin Mildred Wheeler Agnes Gleiner Josephine McClurg Frances Tricamo Top Row: Barlow, Davey. Davis.,FOX, Beech, Ball, Vcsscy, Heuss, Gartner Second Bow: Evans. Whitmore. Ness. O Dell, Smith. Dawley, Dickinson, Keefe. Tricamo First ROW! Burdick. Hale. MCClurg. Betts, McMillen, McLaughlin, Funk 177 4 ACTIVITIES-their permanent records measure their own accomplishments. 178 Q X ACTIVITIES JQURNALISM W in 1 1 Dr. Burges Johnson Director qf Publif Rcfaliom DR. BURGES JOHNSON, Director of Public Relations of Syracuse University, was born in Rutland, Vermont, in 1877, received his education at New London in Chicago and was graduated from Amherst College in 1899. Before coming to Syracuse he was very prominent in journalistic fields. In February, 1927, he came to Syracuse to serve as Director of Public Relations and to take charge of official publications, publicity for magazine articles and radio programs, and advertising and alumni information. He also teaches English and serves as advisor to student publications. Dr. Johnson is a member of Pi DR. Bunnies Joi-iNsoN Delta Epsilon, Honorary journalistic Fraternity. STUDENT DESK BOOK By DR. Buizoias JOHNSON The Student Desk Book of Syracuse University is an outgrowth of the old freshman hand- book, generally known throughout American colleges as the "Freshman Bible." The Hrst student handbook at Syracuse was issued in 1897, under the auspices of the Y. M. C. A., and was distributed to incoming freshmen without charge. In 1926 that organization re-' signed the task to the University, and a paper-bound handbook was prepared that year and sent to incoming students. In 1927 the new Director of Public Relations, havingjurisdiction over the official printed matter of the University, decided to throw responsibility for this handbook back upon the students, and appointed Mary A. Mclnroy and Frank L. Dunham as editor and business manager to work under his general supervision. This plan continued for three years, and these handbooks were a distinct improvement upon their predecessors. But the University was apparently trying to maintain a tradition after good reason for its existence had ceased. "Freshman handbooks" are, as their name indicates, reference books of handy size. ln the meantime the University had been printing a good deal of information for the guidance of students, in leaHet form, and at considerable expense, on such matters as eligibility re- quirements, contractual relations between students and landlords, and rules governing social conduct. Later the Administration decided to abandon the old handbook addressed solely to freshmen, and in its place printed a "desk book" containing all campus rules, regulations, traditions, and general information, and distributed it free to all students. The present Syracuse University Student Desk Book, only three years old, is a pioneer, but already a number of other American universities and colleges have asked for copies to use as models. The book is edited in the Public Relations Office, Miss Dorothy Lewis, bulletin editor, directing the work with the aid of information from the heads of student organiza- tions and administrative departments. Space is still reserved for advertising, because of tradition and to keep down the costs. 182 THE CNGNDAGAN W Qld 1 I Top Row: Lciblich, Van Houtcn, Drucker, Miller, Agor Front Row: Palmer, Way, Viano, Hamill, Edelstcin The Onondagan By CARI. L. Trrus Editor'-in-Cliiqf THE ONONIDAGAN reaches the halfcentury mark in its life at Syracuse University with this, the fiftieth anniversary edition. As a permanent portrayal of campus life and activity it is fitting that it has grown with the University. As changes have occurred in student life, so has the Onondagan changed. Increased activity and organization on the campus have meant an increase in the size of the yearbook, until it has reached its present status of a standard college annual ofthe best type. The first Onondagan was published in March, 1883, by the class of l884. The men's secret societies were financially responsible for the book, and it was christened "The On." The first board of six editors was chosen from the group of societies. Five of these six original editors are still living. The following year the Junior Class sponsored and published the annual, and continued to do so as a class organization until recent years, when the editorial staff has been headed by a group of Seniors, publishing the book for the junior Class. Competition for the board begins in the Freshman and Sophomore years, and the Junior and Senior members of the staff are elected from those competing. The Onondagan is the oldest existing publication on the campus, and is the first to celebrate its golden anniversary. Ci-iAiu.o'r'ra CAs'roiz JACK Ci,AwsoN l,ucIi.1-: CJIFFORD Woznen's Edilor Managing Editor Wo1ne11's MllNd4Qi7lg Ezlilor 184 Top Row: Burke ,Coffey Front Row: Lamb, Lclirun, Gross THE ART WORK of the 1933 edition is of historic design, and represents the period of about fifty years ago. The art staff made an intensive and thorough study of this period, making the sketches presented on the divisional pages authentic as well as unusual. Together with the gold border treatment they are used to carry out the anniversary theme. The budget of the yearbook has been pared from 512,000 to 37,000 in three years, both because of reduced costs and the necessity of eliminating extravagant features in keeping with modern economic trends. In the light of 1932-33 economic philosophy, the college annual has been subjected to severe criticism as a needless luxury. In the sense that year- books were engaged in a race year after year to outdo their predecessors in elaborate ex- travagances, this criticism was well-merited. By cutting its budget almost in halfin the past three years, however, we present the 1933 Onondagan as an unextravagant portrayal of the current year in the life of Syracuse University, as the most satisfactory permanent record available of campus activity and personnel. Elaborateness has been kept at a mini, mum in presenting the essential features of student life in an attractive, non-destructible form. After fifty consecutive years of student support, the Onondagan is offered for student approval, not merely as a tradition, but on its merits as a practical commodity and a desirable campus institution. HARRY LE BRUN AILEEN MACFARLAND Moumu Bunsrmu 13u:ine.r.f Manager Cirrulaling Manager Photographic Editor 185 Top Row: Adams, Holton Second Row: Pastarnack, Willis, Pierce, Allen, Mnrscilje Front Row: McDowell, Harder, Arnihac EDITORIAL STAFF CARL Trrus ..,.,.................................,.......................,........,.,. ,.,. ,.,A,. E d :for-fn-Chizf CHARLO'l"l'E CAs'rok .....,....... .,.,,,..,.,........ W om1'n': Edilor jol-IN DOUGLAS Cl,AwsoN ..,.... .... ,..,. ............ M 1 z naging Erlilor Lucius GIFFORD ..,.,.........,...,.....A,........,...,.,...,.A..A,.,...,........... Womenlf Managing Edzlor Myrna Agor Virginia Day Arthur Drucker Jeanette Birdsall Jane Bradley Eleanor Brown Martin Burstein Helen Callaghan Ruth Cash William Chase ASSOCIATE EDITORS Milton Edelstein Ruth eLiblich Louise Van Houten Marjorie Hamill Jean Miller Robert Viano , George Hecker Erwin Palmer Warren Wallace Laura Way ASSISTANT ASSOCIATE EDITORS Eleanor Cleland Richard Erlanger Jean Frazee Helen Jacobs Marion Jensen Ellen Kelley JUSTIN HARDER .,,... ff Adaline Adams Marian Allen I HOMAS MCDOWELL ......... ........... ART STA Elizabeth Koehler Lorraine Monnat Betty Neal Katrina O'Dell William Perry Eugenia Remmers FF ASSISTANT ART STAFF Marceline Arnihac Margaret Holton Michael Dolas Arthur Marsielje Jus'r1N HARDER fir! Edilor BUSINESS STAFF HARRY LEBRUNW ............ ....... ....... B 1 Miner: MIIIIHAQEF AILEEN MAcI"Aitl.AND ,............... Circulzzling Manager SIDNEY KaAw1'l'z ,......................... .ldverlising Mzznfztger ASSOCIATE BUSINESS STAFF Edith Abrams Walda Gehroldt Jack Coffey Dorothy Gross Andrew Doremus ASSISTANT ASSOCIATE BUSINESS STAFF Robert Burke ,IosephineiI,amb 186 Vera Stanford Bernice Sarson Margaret Sergeant Groviene Sheldon Elgin Sink Bernard Tuck Dorothy Ulrich ,t,t......Edzlor ...Edllar Irving Pastarnack Virginia Pierce THOMAS MCDOWELL Ar! Edilor THE DAILY GRANGE I CLARK -Cfoief Top Row: Morgan, Dudley, Pierson, Lynd, Wahl, Stcarn, Barry, Coe Second Row: Paris, Prowda, Diamond, Middleton, Kaplan, Gardner, Martin, Locke Front Row: Schneider, Bonstcd, Davis, Clark, Monkcmeycr, Cole, Drucker The Daily Orange By DONALD T. CLARK Editor-in-Chief IN the twenty-nine years of its existence, The Daily Orange has metamorphosed from small beginnings to one of the comparatively few university daily newspapers. Like many things of more or less humble origin, it has markedly enlarged its scope and increased its infiuence. From a lusty infant in 1903, The Daily Orange has grown, attracting in the process a con- siderable number of followers. In the past few years increasing numbers of freshmen have responded to the calls for reporters, this year all records being broken by a flattering interest on the parts of more than 100 freshmen. Progress on the staff is determined purely by competition, previous experience in newspaper work not being necessary. As far as possible, the mechanism of publishing the Orange resembles that of a typical city daily. However, it labors under a situation necessarily peculiar to itself. The competition is entirely constructive. Individual rivalry is subordinated to cooperating for a common interest, a group purpose. A drastically changed front page greeted readers of the Daily Orange on Jan. 5, 1933. The changes, which included a six column sheet instead of the former seven column one, were accompanied by the acquisition of a modern high-speed newspaper press. The change was undertaken for the purpose of lightening the University's financial load. HERBERT MONKMEYER FRANCES GREENE MYRON DAVIS Managing Edilor Women'r Edilor Spam Edilor 188 Top Row: Joyner, Keenan, Gottlieb, Dennis, Bartnofi Second Row: Ulrich, Snyder, Caruso. Haimovitz, Ness Front Row: Layton. Loop, Meyers, Greene, Schiavone, Askwith According to all indications, The Daily Orange ranks with the most infiuential university papers of the country. Particularly in recent years, enthusiastic reporters on the staff have ferretted out Orange editorials appearing on editorial pages of similar publications from coast to coast. In important events concerned with other universities, New York newspapers have invari- ably solicited a few pearls of wisdom from the Hill editorial offices, which have appeared in the select group of the five or six chosen few. The recent growing tendency of the Orange to escape from the narrow and more or less drab confines of the purely local, has been realized, at least partially. It has, to a fairly appreciable degree, ceased to become merely a stereotyped announcement sheet. lt has grown out of the bulletin class. The chief reason for this lies in the fact that the Orange is the only newspaper read by a considerable number of students. Since it is thus the sole medium through which they come into contact with conditions and events taking place off the campus, it has been the purpose of the editors, for the past year or two, to present as much as possible of contemporary life. They have regretted that it has been so limited. The Daily Orange is one of the most important activities on the campus. With an ener- getic, conscientious staff, manned entirely by students, it is an enterprise conducted for the faculty as well as the student body. Its columns have always been open to administrative and undergraduate comment. In every way the Orange has tried to provide a newspaper as closely connected with the campus world as a big city daily is with its environment. ETHEI. MYERS Am.:-:N STEARN Women': Managing Edilor Cglumnigf 189 V I '1 'I 44 'Q 9 Top Row: Johnson Second Row: Horsman, Schcisscr, Moore, Ware EDITORIAL STAFF DoNAi,D F. CLARK ....,,.......,..,....A....................,......,..........,,.,.,,,,, .,,,,,,4,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, E dilor HERnER'r N. MONKMEYER ...,...., ,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, M imaging Edifor FRANCES O. GREENE ...........,. ........,,.,,.,,,,,,A,,,,,,, W gmmif Edifgr ETHEL MYERS ......,....,........ ......... W 0men',t Managing Edilgr MYRON DAVIS ...........,.. ...........................,.......................,..,.....,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,A S pam- Edifgr ALLEN S'rEARN .......... ..............,...,,,..A...A.A,...,.............,......,,,,.,,,,,,,4,,,,,,,,,,,,,.4. , .Cglumnig ASSOCIATE EDITORS Edwin Barry Gertrude Keenan Benjamin Kaplan Louise Ulrich Gertrude Gibbins Walter Diamond Elizabeth Mains Edna Askwith Gordon Cole Margaret Loop Harold Pierson Charles Bonsted Ruth Layton Leslie Nichols Marguerite Stott George Schneider Arthur Drucker Louise Schiavoni Draper Daniels ASSISTANT ASSOCIATE EDITORS Roland Burdick June Dennis Thomas Martin Martha Odell Rose Caruso Luther Gardner Florence Haimovitz Milton Paris Edward Dudley Elison Joyner John Lynd Pearle Ness Barbara Brown Edward Locke Gertrude Meelig George Morgan Donald Coe Caryl Gottlieb Drew Middleton I-Iildegarde Snyder Marvin Wahl Clifford Henschel Pearle Spiro Ralph Prowda BUSINESS STAFF IQALPH B. MOORE .......I...........I...............,.Y............,........................Y.... Buriness Manager EDWARD W. GIESELMAN, JR .....................,. 1 ...,... Circulation and fldverlising Manager ASSOCIATE MANAGERS John Horsman Audrey Ware Noll Johnson Katherine Sehiesser ASSISTANT ASSOCIATE MANAGERS Laura Fleisch Burton Wolfe Elizabeth Uhl Paul Robbins Howard Freeman Florence Rosenwasser Joseph Giuffre Donald Rossberg Norma Ehegartner Betty McMillen Edward Loizeaux Florence Harding John Tierney Everett Grinwis Leo Davidson V EDWARD G1EsE1,MAN Circulalion and .fldvcrtixing Manager 190 THE GRANGE PEEL RN f Top Row: Waters, Bain, Reed, Moore, Sherman Second Row: Lerner, Emmons, Gottlieb, Martin, Weaver, Collins, Kahn Front Row: Hickok, Askwith, Steam, Glciner, Bonsted The Orange Peel By ALLEN S1 EARN Editor-in-Clziqf THE ORANGE PEEL, like all other college comics, has always been the stormy petrel of campus publications. Its career has been a series of ups and downs, ranging from temporary oblivion to the height of prosperity. It stands well for any publication that can absorb such a bulfeting and survive-there must be something inherent that can't be kept down. And there is. It is levity. To become historical, the fortunes of the Orange Peel became stabilized permanently in 1927, when it was revived from one of its comatose conditions, Cbrought on by Rabel- aisian tendenciesj, and given a brand new start in life under the sponsorship of Pi Delta Epsilon, the national honorary journalistic fraternity. Since then the Orange Peel has led an untroubled existence, making its eight appearances a year in what it considers its gayest manner. In the last two years, especially, its stock has I x 1 ' A S'I'REE'I'ER SM1'rH ELIZABETH FRANK Buxiness Manager Managing Editor 192 Top Row: Scager, Carmichael, Gross, Clark, White, Gibson Second Row: Leonard, Grecnstonc, Gilmour, Singer, Goldman, Benjamin. Cronin Front Row: Pliskin, McKenzie, Smith, Scott, Beecher enjoyed a great boom and it may claim, with all due modesty, a national ranking of the highest order. This year, the Peel boasts of the largest and most productive staff in its history. Its cir- culation and reader interest has greatly increased. The effect of the depression has been almost negligible. The style of the magazine has been radically changed for the better. Fortune is said to smile at its favorites, in the case of the Orange Peel she has laughed out loud. Has the Orange Peel a purpose? Not exactly. The Orange Peel wishes to go through life blithely, unburdened by high-sounding aims impossible of fulfillment. Its only aim is to entertaing if it has done that, it is content to rest on its laurels. Though the Orange Peel is apparently in its heyday, one never knows what the future may bring for a college comic. For the following little stanza usually holds true: T A college comic is a grea! invention, The school gets all thefame, The printer gels all the money, The staf gels all lhe blame. RALPH Baiscnsn MARGARET MAcxaNz1s Cirrulaling Manager Adverlising Manager 193 Vw "4 5 Q 1 Y V ii Orange Peel Staff ALLEN S'rEARn ........ ..... ....... E ff itor-in-Chicyf ELIZABETH FRANK ,,.,....... w.., , erlllzznzzgizzg Editor HARRX' RONNIE .....,...., ,..........A,.e....... A rt Enliior RALPH BEECHER.. ,... .......,. Circufaling Managef' S'rREa'rER SMrrH ,.....A ,....,....,. O .,.Bll.fi71L'.f.f Jllrmrzger MARGAllE'F MACKENZIE .,,...,. .,..,. , f7a'z1er!ising MHWHLEF7' ROI3ER'I'A Sco'r'r.. ...........M..... e,.....,. . . .Qgfife Managef' ASSOCIATE EDITORS Gustav Abrandt Charles Bonsted Richard Goetz Gordon Reed Edna Askwith Draper Daniels Hayden Hickok John Schermerhorn Agnes Gleiner Margaret Lee ASSISTANT ASSOCIATE EDITORS Elizabeth Armstrong Euretta Emmons Hermit Kahn Katrina O'Dell Ralph Bain Robert Fisher Gwendolyn Knapp Gary Schumann Rose Caruso Ann Goldberg Sally Lerner Naomi Waters Dora DeWolfe Caryl Gottlieb Rachel Moore Jane Weaver Louis Woods ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MANAGERS Alexander Carmichel Dorothy Clark Elwyn Gibson Leroy White Richard Cronin Mildred Singer ASSISTANT ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MANAGERS David Gilmour Simon Goldman Celia Gross Pearl Schlachter Miriam Greenstone George Seager HARRY RONNIE fir! Edifor 194 Top: Cater Front Row: Dorr, Hamilton, Blacker The Argot By Pizor. JOHN S. HAMILTON Family Chairman FIRST published in February 1933, the monthly literary paper named "The Argot" was created to give expression to writers connected with the University. It aims to print the best prose and poetry which its editors can find. The only limits it imposes are those of good taste. It seeks to be interesting rather than classical. It hopes to record University language, and trusts that both particulars will prove universal. Illustrations are used. In content and in form, "The Argot" is an experimental laboratory where anyone seriously inclined toward literature may work. The staff will fluctuate. No empty honors in the form of titles will be given, but the best craftsmen will see their work in print. The executive board for the first issue included Mr. Harold Cater in charge of poetry, Miss Rose Blacker for prose, Prof. John S. Hamilton as faculty chairman. Miss Lois Dorr has charge of artg Mr. Weller Embler of Freshman contributions. The University Administration distributed "The Argotn free with the student daily paper. JOHN S. HAM1I.'roN Facully Chairman 195 The Camp Log By JOHN HERMSTED Edirol'-in-Chity' THE CAMP Loo is expressly a history of the New York State College of Forestry Summer Camp at Cranberry Lake. The 1933 edition smacks of the wilds of the Adirondacks and is indicative of life in the out-of-doors. While the Camp was in operation last summer the staff was organized and immediately the compilation of material was begun. A day-by-day record was kept, and incidents of special significance, either humorous or of practical merit, were emphasized. The articles were supplemented by a galaxy of pictorial records, a conglomerate of pictures cemented together by much good humor and many fond memories. An outstanding feature was the "Five Ponds" section, relating the experiences of students on a two weeks cruising camp in the backwoods of the Five Ponds region in northern Herkimer County. Another feature, "The Forty-Eightersf' a vivid record of the first pre-Freshman Forestry Camp, described in picture and in print, the adventures of the first forty-eight pre-Freshmen to spend ten days at the Summer Camp. The interrelations, established during last summer with the students at the New York State Ranger School, were strong enough to prompt the spontaneous edition of the Ranger School edition. The 1932 Camp Log was published to inform underclassmen in the College of what lies before them in the field of collegiate forestry. OFFICERS JOHN HERMSTED ..............,..................... Editor-in-Ckiry' F RANK FIXMER ....... ............. S ports Editor J 01-IN MACON ............ .......................... A rl Edilor JEROME THOMPSON ..... .......... P holographic Edimr RAY SYDANSK .................................. Business Manager ASSOCIATE EDITORS David Campbell Allan Handy Charles Eaton Russell Lutz Cornell Steirly Joi-IN HERMSTED RAY SYDANSK Edilar Buxiners Manager 196 W www, '-l IL' Fl P-1-J 5 'U H 75 F1 '11 O Z Us If '-l Fl In N I3 3 C Pl. 'U C E 3. N 2. . O 3 1 O . "N I Q H . D' , rn h - V '4 l O "1 W' p p , E vt IQ! Ut-is , fp ' , 9-s i 1 ff 'g ff fi p 4 ' f. . -s N, 4 , WT , H , jf?'2iffi ' gg . , we 4,-,.,,-5, .s.fa .. 3i,3 .5513.ii,nj1'.lgjifaf The Empire Forester By FRANK N. FIXMER Edztor zn Cizzaf 4 enjoys the distinction of being both the leading Forestry school publication in the country and the only individual college year-book at Syracuse University. Its circulation is wide- spreadg besides being distributed among the students of the college, copies are sent to all alumni, to state departments and to forestry schools here and abroad. The magazine is edited by a staff composed of three seniors and three juniors, all of whom are selected on a strictly competitive basis. It is sponsored by the Forestry Club, the members of which supply the funds necessary for its publication. This year's issue was based upon an international theme in commemoration of the World Fair at Chicago. Popular and technical articles by students, alumni and nationally known foresters who are doing forestry work in foreign lands were featured. In addition, there was the customary section for the activities of the present student body. EMPIRE FORESTER STAFF FRANK N. FIXMER ................................ Edifor-in-Chiqf JOHN R. HERMSTED.. .......... fissociale Editor JOHN PEARCE ......... ...................... A ssociale Editor CLYDE L. SOPER .............................. Business Manager RAY SYDANSK .................. flssislanf Business Manager DUDLEY P. BACHELLER .,...........,,,...,,,,,,.,.,,., Ar! Edilor CLYDE L. Soma Business Manager 197 Alumni News By WINIFRED HUGHES Edilor THE ALUMNI News is the ollicial publication of the Syra- Sm cuse University Alumni Association, and is recognized as an X ww-- important factor in the life of our University. It was estab- C ' Aplgmfiffgwe- lished in 1919 and is issued monthly throughout the year, g except in July and August. Members ofthe Alumni Associa- E tion, upon payment of their dues, automatically become U subscribers to the magazine which is a member of the Alumni if Council, Associated. The following alumni have served as V . i editors: Philip Perkins '12, serving from August 1919 to March ,E 1927, the late Harry s. Lee '99, from April 1927 to November 9919912 'm 1927, and J. Winifred Hughes '14, who began her editorship IMT V Hm,,M in December 1927. This year's Sports' Editor is Myron Davis. The staff consists of correspondents from alumni clubs itll' and various alumni centers. Favorable comments from many sources prove that the Alumni News is serving the alumni and the University by presenting matters of general educational interest, and by keeping alumni in touch with each other and with the University. The stall' makes an earnest effort to strike an average interest and a proper and proportionate division of material representative of the varied interests of the graduates of the seventeen schools and colleges of the University. The Editor has received splendid cooperation on the part of members of the Administration, faculty, students, and alumni of the University. Beginning with the October number a new cover design was introduced-an iron standard from which hangs a bulletin board containing a different building or scene each month. At the bottom appear the campus buildings in silhouette. The following monthly contributions are greatly enjoyed by the readers: feature articles written by faculty members, students, or alumni, editorial commentsg athletic reviewsg messages from the Chancellor and Dr. Hoople, President of the Alumni Association, accounts of the local club activities, interesting stories of prominent alumnig "Chapel Echoes", campus doings of Faculty and studentsg activities of the Dean of VVomen's Ofiiceg calendar of events for the month, "In Print Column", and the "Mail Box." New features this year are a Question Box on Government, contributed by the School of Citizenship, and WMAC page of radio news by Director Kenneth Bartlett. Probably the article most eagerly sought each month by those interested in developments at Syracuse is the "Broadcast" of current comments prepared by Dr. Burges Johnson, Director of Public Relationsg and the "Grad Gossip" section, eagerly perused by all readers for news of friends and classmates. The material is set up under class or college headings, listing Births, Deaths, Marriages, Engagements, and General Notes. The advertising program progresses slowly but steadily. Several national and local advertisers are using monthly space. The Business and Professional Directory is proving of mutual beneht to the advertisers and the News. We have been very pleased to hear from college students who were regular monthly readers of the News in their high school libraries. Many of our alumni subscribers have sent their own copies to libraries, or have made an extra subscription. The Alumni News stall' aims to give real, definite and constructive 1 --- service to the alumni and their University. The executive office of the Alumni News is located in the Administration Building. Edna, J. WINIFRED HUGHES 198 FGRENSICS Top Row: Viano, Hartman, Poole, D. Perkins Second Row: Phillips, Heim, Williams, Felshaw, Rand, Sangiuliano Front Row: Johnson, Titus, G. Perkins, Falk, Kieffer Boar's Head By GEORGE PERKINS President IN the decided change that is taking place in the American theatre, Boar's Head, through its dramatic activities on the Syracuse campus, is playing a very important part. Boar's Head realizes that the functions of the perfect university theatre demand the follow- ing standards: to keep dramatic productions for its community on as high a cultural and artistic level as possible, yet at all times avoiding the academic and didactic, to offer the best plays of all countries irrespective of period, at movie-theatre pricesg to definitely en- courage American drama and American dramatists, largely by giving a hearing to new writers, yet at the same time offering new scripts by established authorsg and by devising some method by which "guest stars" might be offered to a community audience and at the same time give standards of excellence to student actors appearing with them. Boar's Head in its recent activities has been actuated by the foregoing considerations, despite the fact that it has only a minimum of equipment and lacks a theatre for the proper carrying on of its endeavors. It has been one of the few societies which has seen fit to mount untried plays by unknown American authors. It is proud, too, of the experiments it has made with established plays such as its Ibsen and Moliere revivals, as well as of the number of the European plays it has presented. GEORGE PERKINS Preridenl 200 DlS'FANT DRUMS For the past twenty-eight years Boar's Head has kept alive the traditions ofthe theatre on the campus of Syracuse University. In recent years it has been through the untiring ePr'ort and broad sympathetic understanding of Professor Sawyer Falk, director of dramatics, that we have been able to present consistently good performances of worth while drama. , 7 OFFICERS GEORGE PERKINS ........ .. ...,,. .,,..,.e.,.s..,. ,,se.e P 1 'csirlent C1,EMEN'riNE KIE1-'1-'ER .,..e ...... . Qcrrezzzvy CARL Trrus .,.............,... . ..,..,..,.,,,.,,,e Yl7'6Yl5ll7'67' 'THEODORE POOLE ,..., ,,,,,...,. B usimux Mfmzzgcr DELMAIK KELLEY ...... .E.,., P roffurtion MHHHKZCI' EDWARD DUNISAII ....,. Y..... P rofimfion Manage:- IQOBERT VIANO ....,.,, .,..t.. P ubliciiy Md71dg6IA MEMBERS David Brewer Edward Gieselman Murray Lindsley Norma Sangiuliano Elizabeth Corby Lloyd Hartman Donald Perkins Zorena White Miriam lfelshaw Margaret Ella Heim Phyllis Phillips Zelda VX illiams Elizabeth Gere Marydee Johnson Virginia Rand 'IQHEODORE Pool.E Manager 201 w fi' 1 GRANITE All-University Dramatics By ROBERT E. VIANO Public!!-y Maflagcf' ' EMBARKING on a more extensive program this year than in the past, the dramatic activities of Syracuse University under the expert supervision of Professor Sawyer Falk, launched a series of productions comprising pageantry, drama, and revue. Boarls Head led the field oFr'ering four plays. Tambourine and Bones presented a musical comedy, "The Gingham Girl," at the close of the school year. The dramatic curriculum of the year was further contributed to by the Children's Theatre, the Hendricks' Chapel Christmas pageant, and the Summer School Players. Since the publication of the 1932 Onondagan, Boar's Head has oH'ered five productions: Clemence Dane's "Granite," Lula Vollmer's "Sun-Up," Don Totheroh's "Distant Drums," Owen Davis' "The Detour," and Gogol's "Inspector General." Last summer the Summer School Players, under Professor Falk's direction, presented plays by Moliere and Ibsen as well as an original, "Miami," written by Mr. Falk. "A Mystery For Christmas," directed by Virginia Rand, presented on December 18 at Hendricks' Chapel was accorded an enthusiastic reception by the student body. The Children's Theatre presented its annual oH'ering in February, "Runaways From Toy- land," under the direction of Miss Annette Hastings and Mrs. Dorothy Kelley Carr, who have been in charge of the project since it was founded by Professor Falk over a year ago. SAWVEX FALK NORMA SANGIULXANO Direclor flssislfznl Direrlor 202 Top Row: Elmore, Weldon, Merritt Front Row: Thompson, Bonham. Bcdcll Tambourine and Bones By BETTY FRANK Secrelmy TAMBOURINE AND BONES, musical comedy society of Syracuse University, began its career in 1910 with the aim of fostering interest and of participating in the lighter drama, revue or opera. Interest has grown, and each year a major production is presented by campus talent. Last year a new policy was begun and will be continued by Tambourine and Bones. A prize is offered annually for the best musical comedy or revue written by an undergraduate. This year's program included one major production, a former Broadway musical comedy success, "The Gingham Girl." It was directed by Frank Gabrielson under the supervision of Professor Sawyer Falk, director and advisor. Membership in Tambourine and Bones is based on interest and participation in at least two of the productions. - OFFICERS EDWARD BENHAM ....... .. ..............,..... ..... , ..Presidenf BETTY FRANK ............ ...... S' efremzfy HAROI.lD WELDON ........ ............. T rmsurer VERNON ELMORE ..... .......... , ...... M amzger MARLIN MERRIL1 ....... ,. ...... Mivsiral Direcior EDWARD BENHAM VERNON ELMQRE Pfviidfnf Business Manager 203 W un 1 1 Varsity Debate By Rosie BLACKER Women's Manager THE SYRACUSE UN1vERsVrY DEBATE SQUAD engaged in an active year of verbal battle in 1932-33. The year was inaugurated with a very successful three-sided debate, prior to the Presidential elections, "Hoover vs. Thomas vs. Roosevelt." The primary issue for the year, however, centered itself about the cancellation of the Inter- allied War Debts. The pros and cons of this problem were developed in weekly seminar meetings under the tutelage of Dr. Herbert Abraham. The schedule included debates with many of the leading eastern universities, among them: Colgate, Cornell, Columbia, N. Y. U., Union, Elmira, William and Mary, Pittsburgh, St. Joseph, Rutgers, Fordham, Buffalo, St. Lawrence, and Hamilton. In addition to the regular platform type of debating, there were radio debates over local and neighboring stations, as well as extension debates before various groups at the Labor Temple, Women's Clubs, and Civic Opera Forum. An interesting innovation, this year, was a conference of debaters held at Syracuse, and to which the leading universities and colleges sent delegate-debaters. A trip to Washington, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey was taken by the men's debate team in the early spring. The Varsity Squad numbered forty debaters, being the largest in years, the Freshman Squad, twenty. The latter planned practice debates with various high schools and oral debates with Colgate and Cornell. Both squads were ably coached by Milton Dickens, of the School of Speech. MILTON Diciuzws Direrlor 204 R. G. T. C Top Row: Powell, Weston, Fischer Front Row: Scott, Tuttle, Test, Haskins, Melvin Reserve Oflicers' Training Corps By COLLIN WILLIAMS Cadet Lieulemml-Colonel THE RESERVE OrrIcERs' TRAINING CORPS of Syracuse University has extended in size and scope from a company of one hundred and twenty cadets in 1920-'21 to a regiment of over four-hundred cadets with an excellent fifty piece band in 1932-33. During the thirteen-year period since its organization in 1919, three graduates have received commissions in the regular army, two hundred and fifty-seven have received reserve commissions, and a total of thirteen hundred and forty have completed the basic training course. Membership is now, and always has been, strictly voluntary. The purpose of the Military Department is to teach men self-respect and control, coordina- tion of effort, and responsibility to duty, the essential qualities of manhood and good citizen- ship, so that they may be qualified at the end of four years to receive commissions by the President as officers in the Organized Reserves. This purpose has been carried out admirably by Lieutenant Colonel Frederick C. Test, who concludes his service at Syracuse in June. To him we owe our highest respect and deepest appreciation. Under his administration the corps has experienced its greatest development and has provided the practical balancing factor so necessary in college life. Syracuse was well represented at Plattsburg Barracks last summer and was very prominent in R. O. T. C. affairs. Lieutenant Colonel Test was commandant, Captain Haskins was in charge ofthe Syracuse company, and Captain Tuttle was attached to headquarters. The cadets scored the highest average in qualifying r1iIe men and brought home the annually awarded "Best Company" banner. f . ADMINISTRATION AND INSTRUCTION LIEUTENANT-CoLoNEL FREDERICK C. TEST ' . I C Professor Qf Mzlzmry Seienee and Tarlir: ASSISTANT PROFESSORS ' CAPTAIN EDWIN H. HASKINS CAPTAIN ALBERT L. TUTTLE INSTRUCTORS SERGEANT HERSCHEL L. MELVIN SERGEANT CHARLES M- SCOTT ASSISTANT INSTRUCTORS WILLIAM S. BECKLEY SECOND LT. WILLIAM PowELI. SECOND LT. ROBERT FISHER GEORGE SNYDER SECOND LT. WAsI-IBURN WESTON, JR. 206 Top Row: Hauck, Shcnton, Bl'llll1ll'I1, Thayer, Ranch, Pc-ckliam, Donaldson, Shepherd Second Row: Smith, Zackby, Kiffncy, Powell, jack, Recs. Shahin, Schcttini, Plummer, Burkct Front Row: Lcigcl, Ellis, SclIIIeicler, Graham, Williams, Andrews, Liszcz, MCNIISSCT AN unavoidable reduction in stall? necessitated the inauguration ofa new training plan which involved the extensive use of cadet officers and non-commissioned officers for drill instruction, and maximum utilization of the spring and fall months for outdoor maneuvers. The Success of this plan was evidenced in a higher morale and new precision of drill. The highlights of activity during the fall months were the Sponsor's Day Review and Dance, participation in the Armistice Day Parade, and the regimental competitions held on Novem- ber 17th, followed on November 22nd by presentation of awards with Company "C" winning the orange streamer for highest efhciency. Coach Edwin Haskins prepared the University and R. O. T. C. rifle teams for another successful season with forty-six matches scheduled. Captained by Clarence jack, forty men signed up for these teams. Immediately following spring vacation, the corps began an extensive program of extended and close order formations and ceremonies in preparation for the annual inspection by the War Department which for four years has resulted iII an "excellent" rating for Syracuse. At this time Company A, 3rd Regiment of Pershing Rifles gave an exhibition of the colorful guard mounting ceremony. CADET OFFICERS LIEUTENAN1'-COLONEL COLLIN P. WIl.l.IAMS ,.......,.................,....., REGI M ENTAL STAFF CAPTAIN ALFRED SCHNEIDER ........ .... ...................................,,.,,....,.,. CAPTAIN STANLEY Llszcz ........,.. .. ... .........C0mmz1nding ....,.,....,.,..,..Adjumnl ......,.......,.,...lnlelligencc CAPTAIN ROBERT E. KNAPI' ...... Plrmx and Training CAPTAIN ROBERT G. ELLIS .....,., ..,..........,...,........,.,..,.,......,.,..,, ,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,l,,,,,, I S' uppbz FIRST BATTALION SECOND BATTALION MAJOR GRAI-IAM. ......... . .,... Commanding MAJOR ANDREWS .............. Commanding FIRST LT. POWELL .,,............... fidjumn! FIRST LT. ZAKBY ..,...............,. Adjumnt FIRST I,'I'. SI-IEPI-IERD ................i. Supply FIRST LT. KIFFNEY .............,...... Supply COMPANY A COMPANY D CAPTAIN REID CAPTAIN BENHAM FIRST LIEUTENANT TINGLEY FIRST LIEUTENANT RAUCH FIRST LIEUTENANT BURKET FIRST LIEUTENANT SHAHIN SECOND LIEUTENANT HAUCK COMPANY B COMPANY E CAPTAIN JACK CAPTAIN PECKI-IAM FIRST LIEUTENANT VOSBURG FIRST LIEUTENANT YEHLE FIRST LIEUTENANT RUDOLPH FIRST LIEUTENANT THAYER SECOND LIEUTENANT PLUMMER FIRST LIEUTENANT SMITH 'COMPANY C COMPANY F CAPTAIN LIEGEL CAPTAIN Mc'NASSER FIRST LIEUTENANT POWELL FIRST LIEUTENANT REID FIRST LIEUTENANT SHENTON FIRST LIEUTENANT SCHETTINI SECOND LIEUTENANT KIFFNEY SECOND LIEUTENANT DONALDSON BAND ROBERT V. WATSON ....... ....................,. .,..... M 1 mer Sergeant PAUL TUCKER .............. ............,.. ........,.....,...,. L e ader COL'-IN P- WU-'-'AMS THOMAS COOK ....... .... ......,.,. .,,,, , D r um Major Cade! Lieutenant Colonel 207 Top Row: Naumann, Fischer, Hawkins, Goattey, Bradley, McMc-akin. Dugan, Grinnell, Cole Scconcl Row: Brown, Post. Fine, Frank, Korzcinski, Schumann, Nettles, Talbertt. McCarthy Front Row: Nuglcr, Onffroy, Yakcy, Coleman, Hzifcr, Hosicr, Poole. Gardner WHEN AWARDS were made subsequent to spring competition the most efhcient cadet oliicers were awarded the Rotary Sabre, and the outstanding junior, sophomore, and freshman were decorated by the Rotary Club, the local American Legion Post, and Scabbard and Blade respectively. The corps were finally reviewed on May 18th by the cadet ofiicers who at that time received their commissions and later were entertained at a banquet given by the Reserve Ofhcers' Association of Onondaga County and the city of Syracuse. SPONSORS VIVIAN CAYGILL ...,.,..........................,.,.. .,.,,.,.............l.,..,..,.i.... ,,..,,,..... .,,.. H o n orary Lieulenanl Colonel FIRST BATTALION SECOND BATTALION ' JULIA MoR'roN ..,,............................ Honorary Major HILDA HMS ,.,.......,.,.....,................... Honorary Major HONORARY CAPTAINS LUCILE Glrroim ....,.,. ......... C ompany A Bm-'I-Y HAYES ,i,rr,,,. ........., C ompany D FRANCES GREENE ..,,..... ......... C ompany B VIRGINIA RAND ,............ ,. ...,...,,. Company E PHYLLIS PHILLIPS ......,.,,.l ......... C omfmny C CHARLO'l"l'E Bowxsnn, ,....,. ,...,.. C ompany F 208 MUSIC University Band By HERMAN HAUCK Manager THE HONOR of being the best college band in the East was accorded the Syracuse University Band last November on the day of the Syracuse-Columbia game at Baker Field. Following the initial formation of the group in 1906 under the supervision of Professor Hugh M. Tilroe, a campaign was conducted to raise money for instruments and uniforms. A sum of S325 was netted and the following year the Chancellor awarded scholarships to those students who played in the band in return for their services. The organization was maintained until 1918, except for the time between 1911 and 1913. Following its reorganization after the war in 1920, it was more or less under Army policies, until the Athletic Association took it over in 1922 and supervised it for one year, when it became again a defunct organization. The band was reorganized by Marvin Fairbanks in 1928 with a membership of Hfty men and Professor Tilroe as faculty advisor, but had little success until 1930 when Paul Tucker completely reorganized it. Mr. Tucker was succeeded by Elwin Freeman, the present director, in 1931. Student action demanded that the plans for the replacement of the University Band by the R. O. T. C. band be dropped. Through the efforts of two alumni, Roy Martineau, and B. H. Brookins, the band procured new uniforms which lent a decided improvement to the appearance of its members. OFFICERS HERMAN HAUCK ....... ...,..............,............. ,,.,,.,,.., .,.....,..,,. M a n rzger ARTHUR LAMBERT ......... ..i....................,. .......,.. A 5 .rirlzznl Manager El.w1N FREEMAN ....,...,.. ......................... D ireclor ROBERT MULI-'ORD ......,. ...,,...,,,,,.. S ludent Direclor FREDERICK THAYER ...,..... ..........................,...............,... ......,.,.,..,.,,,.,..,, D r um Major HERBERT HEINS ..,......,.. ..,...,.,...........................,........................ A Jritlfznr Drum Major FACULTY ADVISORS DEAN BUTLER L1EU'rENAN'r COLONEL TEs'r VICE CHANCELLOR GRAHAM 1 ,, ELWIN FREEMAN FREDERICK THAYER Difgfjgr Dfllm Major 210 Top Row: Wyeth, Knapp, Love, Way, Wurtzel, I-laff, Leonard. Robbins, Livingston, Armstrong, Churchill, Dunn, Quincy, Taylor Hickey Third Row: Emmons, Terry. Hopkins, Sheldon, Albright, Morgan, Settle, Houser, Herbert, Madia. Duflo, McBride Second Row: Francis, Bassvll, Hope, Fogelson, Kamagawa, Maher, Hummer, Dolbear. Badgers, Cleland, Russin, Cohen Front Row: St. John, Banville, Barton, Bieganowska. Hamill, Marsh, Brewster, Mulford, Cook, I-Iolmcs, Shane, Clark, DeVVolfc Women's Glee Club By BETTY MARSH President SINCE 1908, when the Women's Glee Club was founded at Syracuse University, it has been establishing each year a most enviable reputation for exceptional tone-quality and enunciation. This has been especially true since 1910, when Professor Belle Louise Brewster, Professor of Voice in the College of Fine Arts, took the leadership of the club and brought to it her superb technique and lovable personality. The Women's Glee Club gives numerous radio broadcasts and sings in combination with the Men's Glee Club and the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra annually. This year's concert presented an even more delightful program than in former years. Among the numbers most appreciated were "Tambourin," an old French Folk song arranged by Louis Victor Saar, "Panis Angelicus," by Caesar Franck, and "Titania's Cradle," written and arranged for the Glee Club by Liza Lehmann and Harry L. Vibbard. By far the greatest surprise of the concert, however, was the number written for the Glee Club by Dr. William Berwald, "From Old japan." This number composed the entire second half of the program, costumes, pantomine and gestures adding materially to the exquisite musical arrangement. For years Dr. Berwald has been the Club's most talented and consistent admirer, and has dedicated some of his best compositions to its Conductor and the Glee Club. It was fitting, then, that the Glee Club should give him the full measure of its musical ability for this lovely Cantata. OFFICERS . BE'l"l'Y MARSH .......... .,,.,.,,.,,,,.,,,,,.,,, .,,,,.,,.,..,,, I ' rendenl MARY Coon ................ ,,,..,,., V ice-President DOROTHY BANVILLE ....,. ,,,,.,,......,,...... S ecrelury CATHERINE S'r. Joi-m ........., ,,.,.,. A .uirmnz Secremry CASIMIRA BIEGANOWSKA ,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, T rmrurer MARJORIE BARTON .......... ,..... A .uirlanl Trmxurer MARJORIE HAMILL .,..,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,.,. M fmager RUTH CLARK ............... ....... P ublicily Manager EDITH DE Wou-ss ..............., .,,.,,,,.,,,,,..,,., L ibmrirm MARY COOK ..........................,. ,....... S mdenl Direclor MARY ELIZABETH Hoi.MEs ...... .... I Jrogmm Chairman BE'l"l'Y MARSH MARJORIE HAMIL1. President Manager 211 Top Row: Paige, NVilliams, Seifert, Higbce, Barnes, Bccknian, Cady, VVillinms, Super, Rockelein Second Row: Petton, Spaulcling, Kowal, Vaetll, Lawson, Ayen, Alltcr, Ryckoff, Sliaterian, Powell Front Row: Reese, Sherman, Piersol, Sclmeneck, Stout, Luke, Crocker, Bower, Harvey, Mitchell Men's' Glee Club By ROBERT' CROCKER Prcsidenf VVITH A MEMBEIXSHII' of about seventy talented young men, the Glee Club completed another of its successful seasons this year. Professor Stout, who directs the group, selected and skillfully trained his singers so that an excellent balance and tone quality combined to produce a club which ranks very high in collegiate circles. Selections rendered by the Club were of the best music, and some which have been successfully sung by the Syracuse Club were so difficult that other Glec Clubs in the country did not attempt them. The-Clubthas always been a very active member of the Intercollegiate Clee Club Society, participating each year in the annual State Contest. As a result of winning this contest three years in succession, the Club IS in possession of the State Cup. This year the Club participated in the State Intercollegiate Music Festival held at Rochester in conjunction with the Rochester Civic Orchestra. The Festival, in addition to several trips to neighboring cities and the annual Home Concert held in the Spring, completed a very busy season for the Orange Songsters. OFFICERS Emu. D. S'rou'r ,,,,.,,,,,,..,,.,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,..,.,.,,,,,,,,,,, .,..,.,.... I J irerlor l7kEuE1ucK B. SHATEIUAN ....... .....,,,. . ..MIl7lIlAfET Ronsicr Cizocxen ,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,, ,r.,.,,,.......,.,.,.....,. I Jresidefll CHARLES Sci-ioENEcK ....... .....,..........,.... V ice Prexidcnl GUY BALDWIN ,,..,,,,..,,,,,, k,,,,,,,, S pfremry and Trmszzrvr Piaoi-'Esson Emu. D. S'roU'r Ronsrcr CROCKER Director Prerident 212 Top Row: Mattlnge, Rockelcin, Gicbceliaus, Griliing, Sonor, liocckvl. Prvfzg, McKean, Pclton, Dangremoncl, Kamalsky, Bcvkmzm, Slmlcrizui, Af aims Third Row: Beclforrl, Ryerson, Davison. Taylor, Pratt. Dcliuy. Baldwin, Hicknk, Johnson, Woodward. Allen, Kmwckc, I-lzinlon Second Row: Fowler, Quimlcy, DiSt0funo, Alhriglit, liziuxnnnn. Hummer, Szymnnkiuwicz, Walker, Hnrsington, Miller, Frnzce, Maloney Front Row: Kawccki, Ilonser, Nichols, Burton, Heim, Stout. Hamill, Way, I-land, Blackmnr Hendricks Chapel Choir By WILLIAM C. BEDIPORD Prexident THE HENIDIKICKS CHAPEL CHOIR, composed of seventy mixed voices, was organized in 1930. It is under the direction of Professor Earl Douglas Stout. Membership IS open to all students ofthe university upon application to the director. The responsibility of providing the musical portion ofthe Sunday morning chapel service is discharged regularly and efiiciently by the organization. There IS within the choir a student quartet which is competitive from year to year. Recognition ofservice in the choir has been given by a certificate of membership, granted the members individually at the end ofthe year. There was inaugurated this year a system of service stripes, one for each year of service, to be worn on the sleeves ofthe choir robes. The presentation of large choral works is an integral part ofthe programs. During the year 1931-32, Handel's oratorio SOLOMON was prepared, two performances being given on April 2 and May 8, 1932, respectively. The Mystery Play of Howard McKinney was presented in the Christmas season of1932 by the choir in conjunction with the dramatics and pageantry committee ofthe Chapel Board. OFFICERS VVILLIAM C, Bizorokn ,,,,, ..,..,, I jfL'JidL'77f ANNABEI. NICHOLS ............ Chairman of Sofia! Cammillee INMAN C. Huw .,.,.,,. ,....... 1 Yccrelfzry LAURENCE A. RociuaI.EIN .................................... Librarian QUAR'1'ETTE Soprano ,...,,. ..,..,. M AIQYORIE l'lAMIl.L Tenor ......,.. ....,..., I fiuzn CASPER LOADWICK Alla ,.,,,,, ,, .,..... lQEA IIEYNOLDS Bars .......... ....... ....... A R NoLD f90E'I"I'EL Pkoresson EARL D. S'roU'1' Dircrfor 2l 3 The past fifty years have witnessed the growth of fraternities, both social and honorary, until they have reached their present impor- tant status on the campus 214 FRATERNITIES SQCIAL FRATERNITIES ' Y lg' QI 4 1 i i er 'Q Delta Kappa Epsilon FOUNDED AT YAl,E UNIVERSI'FY IN 1844 Active Chapters 47 Alumni Chapters 42 H. W. Farnham Douglas Burgor David A. Clarke H. Gordon Anderson Richard Davis Raymond Ames William Alsever Gardiner Barr Hawley Bendixen Robert Clark r I l 1 ii-A l Wx. Mf I 'i 'cz - V Phi Gamma Chapter Established in 1871 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Burges Johnson Frank Meyers SENIORS Torquato DeFelice Stuart Graves Grmand Gale Daniel Hawkins William Wemple JUNIORS Robert Havill Irving Olp Gregory Gaggin Ernest Reynolds SOPHOMORES Lyman Hurd, III .FRESHMEN Carl Connel Elliot Grove Lloyd Dodge Robert Hummer William Ewing Raymond Jeffris Spencer Fearon William McAdam E. T. Sperry William Houghton Edward Thompson Charles Stalker Howard Wilson William Welsh Morris Nauman Alfred Quinn William Shaul Edward Sleighel Top Row: Benrlixcn, Barr, Nesbitt, Francis, Fvaron, Wilson, Slcighvl, Olp, Lane Second Ro Reynolds, Hurd, Havill, Anderson, Gapznin, Ewing. Nauman, Q ' M W. Ifirst Row: Gale, W 218 . SCVUI' emplc, Dclfvlicc, Clark:-, Thompson, HUIUZIHOYI. Hawkins. Grave-sr, Burg r Delta Upsilon FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE IN 1834 Active Chapters 58 Alumni Chapters 54 Syracuse Chapter Established in 1873 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Carlton Atherton Ernest Griffith Ernest Patter Sawyer Falk Wharton Miller Paul M. Paine W. F. Galpin Herbert Palmer Hubert Perkins SENIORS Franklin Baker Alfred Devlin James Obenhof-F Rodney Barnes Reede Holly ' George Perkins David Brewer Arthur Lambert Harry Ronnie JUNIORS Herman Dick Edward Durrwachter Ralph Garrison Edward Dunbar William Ferris Robert Lohman SOPHOMORES Keith Bennett John Lynd Milford Milem Douglas Freeman Howard Marshall Donald Perkins James Hildebrand Drew Middleton Donald Rossberg Francis Hirsch FRESHMEN Willard Barnes Joseph Sonne Robert Van Arnam Joseph Brooks George Touchton Thomas Walsh Floyd Peterson Winthrop Rice Herbert Ross Charles Steirly Collin Williams Edgar Partington Richard Trezise Stanley Seeley Roy Smith Harry Stark John Clark Wray Hamilton Watt Top Row: Sonne, VnnArn:im, Dunbar, Brooks, Dic , 'rccman kr ' ' ' 1 Mi- of '- Third Row. Hildebrand, Hirsch, Middleton, Stark, Durrwachter, Ferris, Sec ey, lLll, .irrison Second Row: Lohman, W. Barnes, Walsh, I. nd, Watt, D. Perkins, Partington, Rossburg, Trezise ff R D l G P L Y Fi t Row: Brewer, Ross, R. Barnes, Ohenho , onnic, ev in, . 219 Active Chapters 27 Oscar T. Barck, Jr. Frederick A. Benson Richard Bingham Frederick Chapman Harry Allen Bennett Berkhausen Traver Berry Robert Cole Benjamin Berry William Chamberlain Albert Damon Richard Born Newton Brungart Jack Buckland James Cadwallader Frederick Cornwall Psi Upsilon FOUNDED A'I' UNION COLLEGE IN 1833 Pi Chapter Establixlzed in 1875 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Arthur P. Foreman W. Porter Miller SENIORS Donald Clark Robert Hagadorn Robert Ellis Robert Haley Edward Meacham JUNIORS 'Thomas Dyer Hayden Hickok Frederick Flaherty Frederick Hitchings J. Edward Gramlich John McEwan Cyrus Hawkins Leslie Nichols Hewitt Wells SOPHOMORES Hudson Eldredge Robert Mulford Donald McLeod Pelton Phelps Arthur Moody Clark Pohl PLEDGES Joseph Dietrich Robert Gould Richard Etringer John Hamel, Jr. Robert Findlay Jack Hennessey Frederick Gedney Henry Lee Alumni Chapters 27 Arnold C. Pfaffhau George Reed Robert Knapp Joseph Lopez Edward Oliver Marshall Roblin George Ruby Charles Talbot Morgan Powell Charles Staley Herbert Ridings Harold Rix M. Cornell Shirtz John Towle James Wells Top Row: Moody, Cornwall, G. Hathway, Hamel, Ettinger, B. Berry, Damon, Powell, Lee, Staley, T. Berry, Born Third Row: Schirtz, Hennessey, Pohl, Dietrich, Brungart, Oliver, Dyer, Chamberlain, Mulforrl, Ricks, J. Wells Second Row: Cadwallndcr, Ridinqs, Towel, McLeod, Findlcy, Gedney, Hawkins, Cole, Hickok, Phelps, Ruby, J. Hathway, Gould First Row: Gramlich, Lopez, Hagadorn, Clark, Knapp, Ellis, Meacham, Bingham, Chapman, Allen 220 Active Chapters 29 Robert Brewer Murray Cain Robert Alexander Robert Currie Francis Barnatone Richard Clapp John Horsman Edmund Becker Rudolph Devries Prindle Bartow William Beckley Robert Blake William Dudley Zeta Psi FOUNDEID AT NEW Yoiuc IINIVERSITY IN l847 "ffl w, " 1 'isa ' oi' gigs' , I. ' Ai If iw: ' 9399+-'Q Gamma Chapter Esmbfished in 1875 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Brewster Doust Donald Kingsley SFNIORS Gilbert Prentiss Henry Stevens Philip Rogers Milton Van Den Bout IUNIORS William Larned Richard Smith John Miller Robert Stearns SOPHOMORES Gordon Falkenau Frederick Grefe Howard Freeman Robert Howard PLEDGES ,lohn Gerow Richard Lobb Robert Krull ,loseph Murphy Ralph Leader John Roberts Alumni Chapters 44 Victor Hanson Henry Jones Kirby Vosburgh Francis Tisdale Harry Yakey 'lohn Kelley Harold Miller Arthur Shaughnessy Richard Spengler Edwin Stillman Top Row: Grefc, Sliaughnessy, Howard, Becker, Vakey, Horsman, Stearns, Dudley, Bartow, Stillman, Miller Second Row L bl ' - 4 fy Smith F.1lkcn'1u o J, Spcngler, Krull, Leader, Gcrow, Devrics, Freeman, Beckle . ',-it First Row: Clapp, Larned, Prentiss, Rogers, Vosburgh, Alexander, Tisdale. Stevens, Bnrnntone 221 gr: gs QI 1 'Q Phi Kappa Psi FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND JEFFERSON COLLEGE IN 1852 Active Chapters 52 Alumni Chapters 46 1 1 f m'if..3'1f1 QIJIQIS '. 'mfs 2 ,M .. 7 New York Beta Chapter John W. Church john W. Dougherty Steele Garber William Gorse Fabian Doscher Warren Farrington john Burrett Wilbur Fargo Winston Hart Robert Anderson Chester Borck Robert Bradley John Atherton Robert Baldwin Jacque Borst John Connor Paul Costello Established in 1684 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Earl Hallenbeck Kenneth Miller Franklin Holzwarth Leonard Parker Walter C. Kelley Frederick Revels SENIORS David Fellows Robert Merritt James Kelley Richard Reeves JUNIORS Lloyd Hartman Phillip Linscott Edward Herlihy Alfred Nelson Delmar Kelley Ronald Phillips SOPHOMORES George Fischer Sterling Mitchell Richard Kennedy Robert Nye Frederic Markham John O'Brien FRESHM EN John DuPont Malcolm Rowe Christopher Janus George Seaman James Mahany Wallace Smallwood Edward O'Hara Theodore Stuhlmiller Martin Smallwood Lockwood Street W. Walter Smith Harry l. Vibbard Albert Smallwood Carlton Putnam Kenneth Reinhard William Stedman Evert Svenson Stephen Williams Robert Sweitzer Eugene Thompson Roger Wolfe Allen Yakeley C Top Row: Anderson, Janus, Stedman, Sweitzer, Baldwin, Borst, Connor, Thompson, Mitchell, O'Hai-gt Third Row: Steliin, Reinhardt, Bnrrit, Svenson, Rowe, Bradley, Atherton, Horck, D. Kelley, Nelson Second Row: Putnam, Wolfe, Costello, Kennedy, Hart, Nevins, Yakeley, Markham, Williams, Fargo Front Row: Kelley, Farrington, Doscher, Fellows, Reeves, Merritt, Smallwootl, Lonergan, Orton, Hartman 222 Phi Delta Theta FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY IN 1841 Active Chapters 102 Alumni Chapters 97 Dean Hugh P. Baker Harold Bacon Glen Bickerstafl' Albert Bickelhaup Eugene Anthony George Bell Frederic Guardineer Robert Armstrong Thomas Auld Lawrence Casazza 'Y 41 QI f 1 New York Epsilon Chapter Esmblished in 1887 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dr. Paul Lowry Dr. Albert Salathe Frederick Wolfe SENIORS Murray McKaig Vernon Elmore Raymond Butterworth Leon Harvath JUNIORS Douglas Housenick Lloyd Jones Frederick Thompson SOPHOMORES Wyatt Lighton -Iames Munro William Lundigan Stanley Smitten FRFSHMEN Boyd Dudley III Brevort Hood Paul Foy Herman Moecker Bertrand Hartman Thomas Nichols Chester Warner Dr. Paul Ward Donald Lynch William Papworth Chester Roberts Victor Vogelbacker Gilbert Voorhees Roger Waugh Robert Osborne Guilford Plumley John Tisdale Top Row: Armstrong, Warner, Bicklehaup, Osborne, Voorhees, Anthony, Foy Hartman Third Row: Houscnick, G. Plumlcy. Waugh, Vogelbnckcr, Lighton, Auld, I.. Plumley Second Row: Nichols, Guardincer, Smittcn. Thompson, Edson, Bull, Mocckcr, Dudl y Hood, Tisdulc First Row: Jones McKaig, BickerstaFf, Elmore, Pupworth, Butterworth, Bacon, Harvath, Lynch 223 I fs Beta Theta Pi FOUNIJEIJ A'I' MIAMI LlNIVERSITY, Oxroao, OHIO IN 1839 Active Chapters 87 George N. Cheney Donald S. Childs Richard Fitzpatrick George Beech Beverly Burrell Albert Cook John Davison Fred Atwill Jerry Belfato Walter Cook Edward Dahlheim Brooks Bernhardt LeBar Clark Theodore Corbett George Covey Arthur Davis fx -I H45 I nfl Beta Epsilon Chapter Extzzblishml in 1889 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Frederick H. Flaherty Lawrence Lee Vice-Chancellor Graham Charles D. Post George A. Wilson SENIORS William Hollister Robert McKee Carl Titus JUNIORS Walter Flynn Ralph Honsberger George Grader Earl Horsey Albert Gutzman Noll Johnson Robert Hazelton William McGrath SOPHOMORES ' Horace Eddy john Leland Donald Geehr Thomas Martin Maurice Houseknecht Leonard McCormi PLEDGES Stuart DuVall Jack Henderson Richard Freyberg Edward Hixson Robert Garland John Kane William Gilman Alexander Kramer Dwight Goodwin Irving Ludwig ck Alumni Chapters 64 Herbert N. Shenton Earle V. Sweet Walter Short Frank O'Connor Donald Shetland James Stephenson Warren Wallace Edward McEvoy Richard Overton Byron Porte Richard Porter Leon Morrissey Jerome Schilling Thomas Shattuck Charles Wells Top Row: Alter, Shattuck, Corbett, Freyherg, DuVull, Bernhardt, Clark, Ludwig, Wells Third Row: McCormick, Garland, Gilman, Henderson, Kramer, Kane, Steplwnson, Horsey, Eddy, Atwill, Honsberger, Porte Second Row: Porter, Helfato, Cook, Dahlheim, Shetland, Gutzman, Geehr, Overton, Houseknecht, Martin, Davis, Morrissey Front Row: O'Connor, Wallace, Beech, Grader, McKee, Cook, Hazelton, Hollister, Johnson 224 All-ert R. Acheson Lewis P. Andreas Reeves Baysinger Robert N. Baker Donald P. Barner Milton J. Bock Douglas W. Diver Franklin Benjamin Louis Y. Chaloux Uri Doolittle John N. Garlock Russell E. Anderson Edward F. Cady J. Stuart Hafer Frank Bedell Gordon Brotherton Richard Burdick Howard Dearing Phi Gamma Delta FOUNDED AT WASHING'I'ON AND -JEFFERSON IN 1848 Active Chapters 70 Alumni Chapters 75 Sigma Nu Chapter Esmbfixlzm' in 1901 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Walter W. Chipman Lewis Hickernell R. F. Strebel W. R. P. Davey Sidman Poole C. B. Walker Carl Hawley Henry Stiles SENIORS Robert K. Fenno Robert P. Johnson Henry J. Noerling Charles M. Fisher John E. Miner Perry B. Rauch Clarence E. Jack William C. Neuhardt Lawrence E. Sparrow JUNIORS Allyn M. Herrick Frederick G. Martin Charles M. Taggart Francis Jeffe LeRoy L. Pitkin George N. Townsend Carlton Jones Theodore L. Poole Lee F. Uhlmann Benjamin R. Martin Nathan L. Schoenfield Earle S. Willoughby SOPHOMORES Paul J. Haight H. Kay Kerr Donald Pickard R. Sherwood Johnson John V. Mesick Lloyd N. Sandford George M. Judson Robert K. .Patterson Frederick G. Welsh FRESHMEN Frederick Fenno Phillip Millard Pierson Raynor William Genant Royal O'Day Oliver Scott William Kron Robert Poole Edward Tasker Petrie Whitman Top Row: F. Martin, Diver, Chalonx, Willonghhy, Scott, Whitman, R. Poole, Schoc-nfeld, Brntherton, Patterson Third Row: Garlock, li. Martin, linrcliek, Poole, Anderson, Haier, Tasker, Haight, O'Day. Millard Second Row: Barner, Raynor, Pitkin, Dvaring, Genant, Kron, Bt-dell, Benjamin Front Row: Rauch, Sparrow, Doolittle, Nuerling. Jack, Jaffe, Jones, Miner, Fisher 225 ' gr: gn ev Id 'Q Pi Kappa Alpha FOUNIJED AT TI-IE UNIVERSITY or VIRGINIA IN 1868 Active Chapters 79 Alumni Chapters 78 Alpha Chi Chapter Emzblislzed in 1904 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dr. Earle Mack Arthur C. Fegel Charles Graham Joseph Aehischer Douglass Bartow Donald Brelos Harvard Deininger Louis Aebischer George Cooper SENIORS Stewart Luques Frederick Newton JUNIORS William Becker Clyde Burnham Andrew Doremus SOPHOMORES Robert Graley J. Curtis Palmer Edward Peters FRESHMEN Richard Downs Emery Hapworth George Sims Parker Stephen Ralph Richard Smith Bernard Luce Donald Rickmyre Donald Stillman Frederick Whitney Elijah Henderson George Tetherly First Row: Ralph, Do Top Row: Hahn, McMeekan, Palmer, Aebischer, Hapworth, Peters, Gralcy, Bartow, Stillman, Tetherly Second Row: Downs, Brelos, Murray, Becker, Cooper, Leach, Henderson, Greene, Whitney, Luce remus, Luques, Smith, Graham, Rickmyrc, Newton 226 Active Chapters 92 Arnold Bauer Donald Archer Salvatore DiGiacomo Charles Dunham Ralph Andrews Karl Ackley David Chapman Henry Bartholdi Jack Bradley Robert Carr Eugene Chiarulli Frederick Cherepow Sigma Chi FOUNDED AT MIAM1 LlNIVERSlTY IN 1855 buh.: I,J,. Z, sl -lr My --.x- sz- 'ul ijlueiix i "fi .Af " Psi Psi Chapter Established in 1904 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Orren D. Chapman Weller B. Embler SENIORS Frederick Fay John Paschall Frederick Jackson E. Munn Pixley Frederic O'Neil Claude Shenton Robert Watson JUNIORS John Hermsted SOPHOMORES Thomas Cook Charles Lowe Alton Farnsworth John McGraw PLEDGES Harlan Clark Martin Connelly Jacob Eckhart Russel Fowler Albert Haughey Norman Hill James Husted Richard McClain Frederick Reul John Sasenik Alumni Chapters 79 Chas. W. Henderson Allen Sherman Thomas Sproston Edward Stafford Flavius Sebeste Eugene Peet Robert Sturges James Shenton Frederick Thayer Arnold Vogel Forest Weeks Top Row: Loew, Acklcy, Manos, Peet, Sturges, Thnycr. Dunham, J. Sllunton. C. Shcnton Third Row: Hustcd, Vogel, Slxerinnn. Andrews, Eckhart. Susinck, Cook Secon 1 v: . water. Bradley. Cha man, Hcrmsted, Clliarulli, Hull 'hc , Pusclmll cl I 'il p L. y First Row: Pixlcy, Archer, Stafford. O'Ncil, Sproston. Jackson, Fny-, Wu 227 tson 'Y Ig' QI 3 7 V ii Alpha Chi Rho FOUNDED AT TRINITY COLLEGE IN 1895 Active Chapters 21 Alumni Chapters 21 -m'Q g. , C H. Aw V . :'.f.,!:,,.q-if I ' 'fi ,pm -. v 5' "' . ,n ' ' A . , .1 -I 1 , if Phi Epsilon Chapter Established in 1905 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Clyde O. Barney Harold Cleasby SENIORS Ernest BulT Herbert McKean Streeter Smith Wilson Streeter Stanley Machoskey William Reese Howard Soule JUNIORS Charles Burns Carl Gudat Robert Mathews Benjamin Moses Charles Grinnell Joseph Potoski SOPHOMORES Burton Darrow Lee Milbank Harlow Pattat Russell Pelton Robert Kibby James Mitchell William Peacher Charles Shafer George McKane Robert Terry PLEDGES Henry Lathrop LeRoy Silverman Robert Smith George Trutner Top Row: Ryan. McGranngl1an, Ellison, Macklin, Shafer, Lathrop, Moran, Mitchell, McKane Second Row: Trutner, Burns, Smith, Feistlmnlcl, Darrow, Mathews, Terry, Pelton. Gurlat, Potoski Front Row: Reese, Buff, Strectcr, Smith, McKean, Grinnell. MDSCS. Machoskcy, Soule J Active Chapters 109 Dewitt Brougham Frederick Crysler Dudley Bacheller Justus Barthel Francis Battles Paul Brooks Elmer Babenzien Lawrence Clair Bruce Corrigan H. Nelson Dangremo Herbert Argento Joseph Bihary Louis Bunz Kappa Sigma FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY or VIRCIINIA IN 1867 eifq I f ln fr ,"' f.,r,'I FH ,"'nl' ' fy 2 ' I, -'-fig. .wx , 'isnt' U, I X, Gamma Iota Chapter Eslabfixlzeri in 1906 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Thomas Fisher David Gillette SENIORS Elton Burmaster Thomas McDowell Edwin Finch Clarence Moldenhauer Justin Harder Jack Rees Robert Kiffney Jack Rinehart JUNIORS Ford Kirker Stanley Langa Edward Koch Glenn Leathersich SOPHOMORES Arthur Greeder Edward Joslyn nd Arnold Jensen Parry Owens PLEDGES John DiGaetano Percival Jackson Herbert Dutcher Hibbard V. Kline, Jr. Alumni Chapters 89 Francis lrving Wesley Wells Wendell Smith William Talbot Lawrence Wiltshire Thor Lu ndgren Robert Viano F. Parker Shepherd Joseph Vavra Bruce Storrs Harry Streuli Matthew Wansack Top Row: Storrs, Jensen. Owens, Rinehart, Wansack, Corrigan, Strculi, Biliary, Jackson Third Row' Lund 'ron Bun? Arvcnto V'1vr' D nvrcmonl I' n I' Le tl 'rsich Talbot Cl ir L . 4. I. .. .I. ng. c...II,.I. nit. . , il Second Row: Bzibenzien, Kline, DiG:1ctuno, BIIrInaster, Harder, Recs, Viano, Koch, King Front Row: liacheller, Kiffncy, Wiltshire, Moldenlmucr, Bnrthcl, Smith, Brooks, Fincl McDowell 229 1- 'YI 24' 'I 1 I it 9 gf gs 'I 4 1 Vw Sigma Nu FOUNIJEIJ AT VIRGINIA MILI'I'ARY INSTITUTE IN 1867 Active Chapters 98 hex Gamma Phi Chapter Established in 1906 I MEMBER IN FACULTY Fay Welch SENIORS Francis Clarke William Lowery Charles Middleton Alphonse Kubarek JUNIORS Daniel Doherty George Schoeberlein soPHoMoREs Edward Loizeaux Walter Schiess PLEDGES Richard Almy James Elliott Harry Klier George Auer Leo Fletcher Peter Kutrumbus Harold Bacon Joseph Fox Raymond Manfreda Edwin Benjamin John Hordines Thomas Marzynski John Burdick Harold Hurst William Mattledge Richard Cronin Walter Jensen Howard Minich Benjamin Duveen Joseph Kinneen Joseph Mottolese Alumni Chapters 73 Cortland Spooner Glen Thiel George Negroni Alfred Paulus Joseph Peluso George Perrault Arthur Perkins Louis Procino Robert Sullivan Top Row: BcI1j:miin, Mciicnsick, Klicr, Perkins, Schoehcrlcin, Grimtlis, Bacon, Almy, Sullivan Iird Row: Duvcc-n, Pcrrault, Kinnecn, Hurst, Cronin, H0FdiI10S. FOX. Shicss, Burdick Tl Second Row: Kutrumbus, Minich, Elliott, Manfrcclu, Marzynski, Procino, Paulus, Aucr ty Cl k L First Row: Kubarck, Baker, Mottolcsc, Middleton. Thiel. Lowery. Doher . :xr Ie, 230 oizeaux Active Chapters 68 W. Earl Britton Edwin Brightman Harry Dengler Anthony Fantaci John Haney William Bergamo Sidney Dowst Charles Goddard Edward Hook Kent Alverson Leo Ayen George Brown James Carroll William Chamberlain Sigma Phi Epsilon FOUNDED AT R1cHMoND COLLEGE IN 1901 New York Alpha Chapter Established in 1906 MEM BERS IN FACULTY Frank N. Bryant Gordon Hoople Leon Sutton SENIORS Edward Magee Charles Stone JUNIORS Bailey Hinman Richard Lyke SOPHOMORES George Morgan Lester Rounds Robert Paul Duncan Thomson William Perry John Tierney PLEDGES George Greer William Haney Donald Hay Hurlbut La Vier Lewis Mason John Church Harold Douglass Edward Dudley Stanley Evans Clinton Fedter Alumni Chapters 67 Ross Hoople Arthur Van Wie Seward Whitaker Erwin Palmer William Tobey George Wangerman Walter White Daniel Whitehead Wayne Wilson Charles Rounds Daniel Steinwald Richard Washburn Alfred Wright Top Row: Mann, Tierney, Wilson, C. Rounds, J. Haney, Carlvy, Schermerhorn, Washburn, Redmond, Evans, Mason, Hook L. Rounds, Paul Third Row: Ginorio, Morgan, Goddard, Wright. Church, Fedter, Wangerman. Steinwald, Dowst, W. Haney, Hay, Perry. White Second Row: LuVier, Alverson, Lozo, Magee, Carroll, Klausner. Chase, Dudley, Thomson, Ayen, Vogl, Bergamo, Whitehead lfirst Row: Whnak r I t c Dc 'e . fun 231 a i, -nglcr, Brightman, Tobey, Rich, Baldwin, Palmer, Hinman, Van Wie, Stone Sigma Alpha Epsilon FOUNDED AT THE llNIVERSl'l'Y or ALABAMA IN l856 ,. I-. 4 j e, New York Alpha Chapter Active Chapters l08 Estzzbfisherz' in 1906 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Tracy Bryant Elbert King James E. McCanna Laurie D. Cox SENIORS ,lack Cogswell William Miller Lewis Pinkley Robert Crocker Ralph Moore Gilbert Sandholzer Harry Le Brun Ernest Persse Lloyd Sandholzer JUNIORS Edward Barnes Irving Earle Milliard Howland ,lack Coffey Ray Goodhue George Moore Raymond Danahy George Hecker Wilbur Norseen Thomas Delaney SOPHOMORES Ray Babcock Francis Byrn Kenneth Duncan Robert Burke Bennett Cody Joseph Hudson Edward Butkus ' FRESHMEN Richard Blauvelt Darwin Hack Josef Martinec James Doyle Robert Horne Ronald Palmer Eugene Erway Carl Kellogg Laimo Parhilla John Gorelick Alumni Chapters 108 Walter Morton Charles H. Richardson Paul Scharninghausen Charles Schoenfeld Burnett Schneider Delilois Siegfried Howard Wills L. Gerald Pentz William O'Brien Philip Potter Reino Rasp Allen Wallace Ray Weldgen Top Row: Goodhue, Cummings, Byrn, Norsecn, King, Siegfried. PCHIZY Cody. Duncan. Butkus M ' k C ff O'B ' B k S l 'cl II D l Third Row: Babcock, Potter, D. OOTC,SCllil!'l'lll1gll1llISL3I1, Hcc er, o cy, HGH. l1r'U. c mm er, frway, oyc Second Row: Crocker, Bluuvclt, Wallace, Ra:-ip, Gorclick, Barnes, Danahy, Delaney, Horne, Kellogg, Palmer F' L R P' ' - k P L Sandholzcr, Howlan , LeBrun, G. Sandholzcr Irs ow: R. Moore, inklcy, Cogswcll, Schocncc , crssc, . ' Cl 232 Theta Alpha FOUNDED AT Svlmcusa l.lNIVERSl'l'Y IN 1909 Active Chapters 2 Alumni Chapters 4 fr. T. 241 ' l ,i r 1 " 'ifiiiii -E .av . FA v 325.319, Alpha Chapter Extablixhcfi in 1909 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dr. Dwight Beck Sherman Kennedy SRNIORS Nevin Bradford Harold Button Robert Harvey Bruce Moyer Alexander Carmichel George Brown Robert Fisher Luther Gardner Rex Graves Karl Pingrey Donald Rose Philip Ryder Stacy Shepherd Philip Standish JUNIORS Draper Daniels Arthur Marsielje SOPHOMORES Winborne Nettles PLEDGES Kenneth Hosley Miles McNeal Robert Milne Hugh Morrison Kenneth Truran Wellington Truran William Wetmore Kenneth Williams Malcolm Milne Mortimer Olmstead Joshua Seaver Victor Van Wagenen Raymond White Top Row: R. Milne, Coonradt, Harvey, Houghton, Brown, Rose Third Row: Moyer, Hoslcy, Nettles, Wetmore, Bradford, Burgdorf, Ryder, Daniels, Cnrmichcl Second Row: M. Milne, Van Wagencn, Graves, White, Seavcr, Morrison. Olmstead. Post Front Row: W. Truran, K. Truran, Mursicljc, Pingrcy, Shepherd, Williams, Button 233 er 8 Active Chapters 75 C. W. Buffum I. C. Carroll Milton Ford Herman Hauck J. E. Bamrick Norman Cyphers Robert Greiner Norman Brusie Marvin Champlin Delta Tau Delta FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE IN 1858 Gamma Omicron Chapter Established in 1910 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Alumni Chapters 24 H. Gallagher J. M. Robeson, Jr E. Stout R. D. Manwell W. Shepard SENIORS Robert Johnson Milton Perrott Ward Watson Herman Klotz Prentice Shenton JUNIORS M. Reynolds Dodd Rendle Fussell Gordon Hanneman Julian Ferris Elwynn Gibson E. McCarthy SOPHOMORES Herbert Heins Malcolm Mulholland Richard Stasch David Sutfin PLEDGES Donald Coe William Mammosser Kenneth Newman Robert Keenan Bernard McEvoy Edwin Rothbauer Coe Top Row: Klotz, Pylman, Sutfin, Keenan, Champlin, Rothbauer, Tracy. : argent, R. Sargent, Mammossc-r, Goodrich, Hanneman, Horton, McEvoy, Haley FLR F PttHkHKl1.SlL.ll R G'b Second Row S ron ow: erris, crro , aut: , . oz, Ion On. 0ln50l1. CCSO, lson 234 Acacia FOUNDED AT MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY IN 1904 Active Chapters 28 Alumni Chapters 23 Syracuse Chapter Established in 1911 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Orlie M. Clem Raymond Hoyle Louis Mitchell William H. Powers Finla G. Crawford Karl C. Leebrick LeRoy A. Mullin John C. Sammi George Haines Louis Lindsey Royal A. Porter Samuel D. Sarason Frederic M. Waid SENIORS James Y. Howard H. Evans Marble Philip B. Post James C. Sarkus Willard M. Sims JUNIORS Raymond F. Cuyle Glen H. Morton Luther Nelson Allen Philbrick Roger I. Fancher Carlton Naumann Edwin Pelton Floyd H. Webber SOPHOMORES S. William Marshall Lyman C. Shults Top Row: Shults. Morton, Nelson, Felton Second Row: Cuylc, Marshall, Howard, Haines, Fancher First Row: Sarkus. Philbrick, Post, Sims, Webber 235 gt: gn QI 4 1 ll fs STI gn il 44 3 fs it r Active Chapters 1 Edgar Greenwood Evan Jones William Burch Charles Hettinger Harold Drake Lewis Fellows Clair Birdsall John Cady Sigma Beta FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1911 . -cz: . ., L, A ...1.t.-1 X fy .X ,Q MEMBER IN FACULTY Walter K. Long SENIORS Milton LeBaron Newell Vincent Clyde Soper Fred Vogelsang JUNIORS Kenneth Roberts Edward Root SCPHOMORES Stanley Hughes James McConnell William Keller James Rader FRESHMEN Curtiss DeBaon John Deck Alumni Chapters 1 Harold Weldon Robert Willsie Marvin Zipp Daniel Soper Alton Talmadge Frank Humphreys Oscar Lovdal First Back Row: D. Soper, Cady, Burch, Rader, DcBaum, Deck, Roher Second Row: Hoyt, Fellows, Drake, Keller, Willsie, Birdsall. Lovdal. HumDhl'BYS Row: Hughes, Vincent, Zipp, Vogelsang, C. Soper. Weldon. JOKIHS. Talmadge 236 Zeta Beta Tau FOUNDED AT THE CITY COLLEGE or NEW YORK Active Chapters 34 Alumni Chapters 35 Dr. H. H. Haft Abraham Baker Henry Heilbrunn Walter Diamond Arthur Drucker Jerome Gerber Milton Gipstein ClifTord Kanengis Jerome Adams Harold Kaplan Jesse Deitch Cl' :ie 6. r N if"'wx ny! JI' ., 'g'.z15'1'!,.9 9 X, Q, ,V-'f 'slr 'M' "pf, ,Q 'ww 'Q Syracuse Chapter Established in 1911 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dr. A. H. Kallet Dr. A. B. Kauffman SENIORS Robert Koretz William Marks Sidney Krawitz Richard Solomon JUNIORS Morris Moss Carl Katz Leon Goldenberg Elmer Maister . SOPHOMORES John Siegelman Louis Stark PLEDGES Kalman Druck Leonard Greenberg Hilbert Fleischman Maurice Hirsch A., 4' Dr. N. Livshin Albert Wertheimer Norbert Reicher George Schneider Gerald Wiseman Earl Stone Oliver Unger Bernard Rosenwasser Murray Socolof Eugene Tillman Top Row: Greenberg, Socolof, Wiseman, Heilbrunn, Hirsch, Druck, Kanengiser, Gipstein, Flciscliman, Unger. Katz Second Row' Sie clman Solomon Rosenwasser, Schneider Reicher, Miklowitr, Stone, Wertheimer, Meister il l . . . Front Row: Krawitz, Goldenberg, Moss, Baker, Drucker, Koretz, Marks 237 Sigma Alpha Mu FOUNDED AT C1TY COLLEGE, NEw YORK, IN 1909 Active Chapters 37 Alumni Chapters 30 M Q Qfta 5 .W 'I :LX -. 4 Y I r 'Q Og. A' ' Q5 Q,,x, ,I-1 , V" ' ' 1 If Eta Chapter Esmblislzcd in 1913 MEMBERS IN FACULTY T. Aaron Levy Bertram Levinson SENIORS Marvin Brown Morton Gutov Jerome Markson David Young Richard Fishel Milton Marcus Milton Tolmach JUNIORS Norman Fitzer William Kaimovitz Gerald Kirshenblum Herbert Shapero Robert Janks Alfred Wohl SOPHOMORES Norman Appleton Barney Nisenbaum Jack Robbins Myron Winer Simon Goldman Ralph Prowda Seymour Sparber PLEDGES Aaron Beckwith Monroe Klein Henry Perlman Walter Singer Leonard Bloomenthal Ira Lee Milton Robbins Lewis Smith Robert Fckstein Alfred Mencis Irving Shulan Harold Strauss Irwin Eskwith Michael Mishkin Milton Singer Allan Sverdlow Saul Geronemus Abner Weshkoff Top Row: Weiner, Robbins, Straus, Perlman, Wcshkofi. Srmfbvlf. Sinlwff ADDlCl0r1. Svcrdlow Second Row: Schulnn, Eskwith, Robbins, Klein, Prowda, Goldman, Nissenbaum, Geronamous, Miskkin Front Row: Singer, Markson, Tolmnch, Kirshenblum, Wohl, Ifllzer, Gulov, Young 238 Alpha Phi Delta FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSI'l'Y IN l9l4 Active Chapters 29 ' Alumni Chapters 5 A , up 'B 4 iff' ". 5: 21 2. 3 6 Q4 ' Q'sav1,..f . fluid! Alpha Chapter .Extablislzefzl in 1914 MEMBERS IN FACULTY V Otto Gelormini Ernest Delmonico SENIORS Dominick Cervera Anthony DeFurio Peter Fiore Dominic Stinziano JUNIOR Albert Danton SOPHOMORES Louis Bambace Ralph Boggia Vincent Cimmino Nicholas Fugo Thomas Milano PLEDGES Louis Cassetta Franklin Mascia Frank Petrosillo Vincent Schettini Michael Cavota Frank Pastore Samuel Rotondo Anthony Terranova Joseph Giuf-Fre - Top Row: Cavota, Cussctta, Petrosillo, Merola, Mnscia, Rotondo Second Row: Ferrara. Fugo. Milano, Bambuce, Ccrvern. Giuffrc Front Row: Cimmino, DcFurio, Fiore, Pastore, Boggia, Danton 239 Phi Epsilon Pi FOUNDED AT CITY COLLEGE or NEW Yoiuc IN 1904 Active Chapters 28 Alumni Chapters 12 Chi Chapter E.rtczHi.vf1c'rf in 1917 SENIORS Henry Bluestone Melvin Loeb Alfred Ornstein Eddie Vallon Michel Deutsch Milton Milstein Emanuel Schloss Benjamin VVeitzman Norman Weltmann IUNIORS Milton Edelstein Abe Kaplan Ira Nagler Albert Schulman Seymour Fine Marvin Sovetts SOPHOMORES Louis Alkoff Richard Erlanger Kermit Kahn Benjamin Lewis Arthur Borowsky Harold Hayflich Harry Koppel Irving Pasternack Marvin Jay Bruner Louis Robbins PLEDGES Howard Aaronson Arthur Friedman Leon Kavowitz Abe Rappaport George Cane Benjamin Gadalecia Saul Levine Harold Richardson Edward Cooper Clifford Henschel Lester Maud Leonard Stein Jerome Finkelstein Sidney Hoffman Bertram Miller Top Row: Stein, Fine, Naglcr, Ornstein, Edelstein, Hoffman, Cooper, Maud Third Row: Kaplan, Sovetts, Finkelstein, Deutsch. Henschel, Hayflieh, Richardson, Lewis, Gantz Second Row: Kahn, Pastarnack, Cane, Rappaport, Erlanger, Robbins, Schulman, Miller, Gadalecia, Abbon Firm ROW! Sllllmilnfl, Shace, Vallon, Weitzman, Schloss, Loeb,.Bhiestone, Weltmann, Cohen 240 Lambda Chi Alpha FOUNDED AT Bos'roN UNIVERSITY IN 1908 Active Chapters 84 Alpha Upsilon Chapter Exmblishefz' in 1918 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Leonard Adams Charles Brightman Alan Campbell Ellery Allen SENIORS John Brownell George Gregg Joseph Pardee Thompson Brunish Frederick Juliand William Powell -IUNIORS Gustav Abrandt Charles Corcoran Richard Hosier Carl Arbogast Richard Goetz James Jerry Charles Bell Lawrence Hescock Stuart Knight SOPHOMORRS Harry Bonner Robert MacAdam Ledger Myers Jere Babrielle Alick Manson George Seager PLEDGES Kenneth Alberg Vernon Begenau Lyman Lockwood Ernest .Armstrong Charles Byrnes Robert Reed Marcus Becker Basil Capella Conrad Reinhardt Alumni Chapters 43 VVilliam Christian Charles Kullmer Howard Preston Benjamin Trnavsky Robert Pearsall LeRoy White Samuel Servis Russell Swanson Fred Roesch Norman Yaeger Top Row: Byrnes, White, Jerry, Armstrong, Swanson, MacAdam, Myers. Begennu, Rnvsch l t C p ll B lt R l M S 1, Second Row: Gabrielle, Lockwood, Arbogns , a e a, ec 'er, eec. anso 'cn 'cr Front Row: Powell, Bell, Brunisli, Goetz, Abrzmdt, Juliand, Hosier, Pea ll 241 ' Y lg' d 3 fs 9 Active Chapters 43 Graeme O'Geran Lewis Boutwell Frank Fixmer Michael Laureno Edward Blume Frank Garden Phi Kappa Tau FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY IN 1906 Sigma Chapter Established in 1922 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Noreda Rotunno SENIORS Louis Lavallee Stanley Liszcz George North JUNIORS William Melchior john Wagner SOPHOMORES Harold Davidson Daniel Dowd FRESHMEN George McKenna Charles Rowland Alumni Chapters 28 Vincent Throop George Repas Frederick Tingley Burton Webster Charles Sudnick Warren Spencer Top Row: Tingley, McKenna. D Cl Wagner, North, Lnureno, Sudnick, Spencer Front Row: Melchior, Lavallc, Fixmer, RCDILSI Bourwffll 242 Active Chapters 32 Neal Artz John Clawson Richard Coleman Walter Breckenridge Matthew Darak Sherwood Cooke John DeYoung Paul Hoffman Almon Hugins Alpha Sigma Phi FOUNDED AT YALE llNIVERSlTY IN 1845 . I I . . Alpha Epsilon Chapter Established in 1925 MEMBERS IN FACULTY J. Oscar Blew T. C. Bolton SENIORS Vernon Kneeskern Thomas Lombardi JUNIORS Albert DelNegro Michael Dolas SOPHOMORES George Farrah Andrew Marchiano FRESHMEN Edward Jontos Arthur Petersen Donald MacLearn Charles Rolland Robert Morgan Waldo Serafini Alumni Chapters 27 S. C. Toadvine Harry Wagner John Grube Henry Merz Walter Spavins Donald Witty Louis Woods Top Row: Witty, MacLcarn, Seraiini, Wirpsa. Cooke Third Row: Hugins, Petersen, Grube, Merz, Darak. Marchiano Second Row: Smith, Hoffman, Sink, Spavins, Morgan, Fa I First Row: Dolas. Clawson, Kneeskern, Neubert, Lombardi, DelNegro, B ckenridge 243 Y lg' I 4 1 4 l I I l l 1 Y 'Q I l 8 i l 'YI gn 'D 44 3 il Active Chapters 23 Thomas P. Farmer Charles Burns David Dabbs Edward Gieselman Kenneth Hafele Robert Barry Charles DeMong William Gallo Edward Boyle Leonard Kotz Phi Kappa FOUNDED AT BROWN UNIVERSI'FY IN ,,.-X Tau Chapter Established in 1925 MEMBERS IN FACULTY SENIORS James Hamilton John Kinsella Albert McCarthy Frank Pisaro . JUNIORS soPHoMoREs John Girard John Henley Edmund Hickey FRESHMEN Jack Lipani A 1889 Alumni Chapters 14 Robert D. Johnson Francis Ryan Walter Sullcowski Robert Thornton John Simone Walter Renze Timothy Welch Carl Wood William Lyons Eugene Milks Top Row: Wood, Kotz, DeMong, McCarthy, O'Toole, Henley, Jones, Girard Secon S d Row: Gallo, Sulkowski, Welch, Hickey, Lyons, Simone, Renze, Millet I Row' Hamilton, Burns, Hafele, Gieselmzm, Thornton, Kinsella, Pisuro iront 244 Theta Chi FOUNDED AT NORWICH UNIVERSITY IN 1856 Alumni Chapters 23 Active Chapters 50 ml cial! fl! Alpha Chi Chapter Esmblislzed in 1928 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Carl Bye John Norton Seward Reese Carl VanDusen SENIORS John Andrews Edward Benham Kenneth Ford Donald Munz Ezra Armstrong Henry Davidson Russell Lutz Bruno Tryka Russell Armstrong JUNIORS Charles Ackerson Arthur Christie Jack Goatley SOPHOMORES John Congdon Robert Merry Schuyler Ward FRESHMEN Joseph Elias Robert Hoffman Roger Powell Frederick Stapleford William Greene Robert Marshall Douglas Smith Douglas Vrooman Back Row: Vrooman, Gontley. Ward, Christie, Greene, W. Powell h Second Row: Hoffman, Ford, Smith, R. Powell, Congdon, Ackerson F' st Row: Tryka, Benhnm, Davidson, E. Armstrong, Lutz, Andrews, R. Arm t 5, l 'YI 24' 'I 41 4 Y l 245 l Active Chapters 36 Helen Barden Jane Boynton Margaret Bryan Claudine Bedell Charlotte Bowker Helen Brust Lucille Cate Eleanor Carroll Marion Bastahle Arlene Coughtry Henrietta Getman Frances Hitch jean Ackerman Grace Beach Bettina Blanding Gertrude Bruce Marguerite David Alpha Phi FOUNIJED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1872 Alpha Chapter Ealablirlzed in 1872 MEMBER IN FACULTY Margaret Bond Brockway SENIORS Q Jane Cady Sarah French Eleanor Cameron Cynthia Lowry Mildred Damon Jane Maxwell JUNIORS Elizabeth Clark Eloise Hanford Elizabeth Decker Alice Kent Martha Dence Amy Lee Lois Dorr Katherine Lesser Elizabeth Gwynne Gladys Oot SOPHOMORES Fredericka Honsinger Rachel Moore Edith Laurie Roberta Robbins Barbara Leonard Lucille Stalker PLEDGES Dorothy Dey Vivian Harris Katherine Federer Ellen de Mello Elsie Groat Nancy Miller Marjorie Gwynne Margaret Pohl Alumni Chapters 27 Virginia Pierce Louise Rockwell Katherine Saunders Betty Walker Helen Weir Josephine Whitaker Jeanne Taylor Edith Wiles Elaine Wilson Margaret Salmon Virginia Stacy Louise Stevens Grace Sturm Lillie Tavlor Top Row: Bruce, Stalker, Whitaker, Federer, Ackerman, Lesser, Beach, Robbins, J. Taylor, Harris Third Row: B. Gwynne, Dence, Stevens, Hitch, Weir, Bowker, Cxistl. Kent. Dflvifl. MOON. Laurie. Bastable, Couglitry, Clark, Sturm, I CS Second Row: Berlell, Cate, Blanding, Saunders, Lee, Dorr. Groat. Snlm0l1. DDMQHO. CI1l'l'0ll. Decker. Walker. PON. Miller. M. Gwynne, Getman First Row: Hanford, Rockwell, Pierce, Bryan, Maxwell, Damon, Burden, Lowry, Cameron, Cady 246 Gamma Phi Beta FOUNDED A'r SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1874 Active Chapters 40 Alumni Chapters 56 f,x O Cty, 0 I 1 Alpha Chapter Established in 1874 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Ruth Abell Helen Laidlaw Katherine Sible Dr. Minnie Mason Beebe Eleanor Laye Judia Timmerman Mary Farnum Gertrude Schell Grace Weymer SENIORS Arm Betts Elizabeth Folsom Elizabeth Morse Virginia Rand Alice Doud Barbara Kelley Patricia Pardee Barbara Stellman JUNIORS Jane Burlingame Dorothy Davis Barbara Lewis Margaret Short Betty Chaee Dorothy Lehman Miriam Miller Eloise Story Carolyn Cleveland Eleanor Vincent SOPHOMORES Mildred Acheson Janet Hawkins Marie Latterner Mary Elizabeth Rowe Marjorie Brown Evelinn Hickok Kate Miller Ruth Sampson Dorothy Donnelly Lucy Hoyt Anne Pinek Janet Wilbur PLEDGES Betsy Averill Elaine Baxter Barbara Blanchard jane De jarnette Bertha Dold Eugenia Eusren Mary Farmer Katherine Gerwig Rosella Heilman Janet Hill Miriam Johnson Florence Judd Eveline Martin Barbara Miller Jane Northrup Mary Porter Jane Robertson Betty Thompson Lucy Torrance Mary Warner Virginia Whitney Top Row: Judd, Torrence, Story, Farmer, Pincke, Eusten, Gerwig, Dold, Littlehals, Thompson Third Row: Chaee, Latterner, Rowe, Hawkins, Donnelly, Averill, Sampson, Robertson, Blanchard, Whitney, Lewis Second Row: Aeheson, Martin, Hill, Miller, Baxter, Wilbur, Vincent, M. Miller, Lehman, Heilman, Porter Front Row: Morse, Dowd, Hendrickson, Kelley, Folsom, Rand, Pardee. Betts, Short 247 'YI 21 Q 41 CI V Kappa Kappa Gamma FOUNDED AT MONMOU'FH COLLEGE IN 1870 A Active Chapters 63 Alumni Chapters 104 als 5 1- .. t A f"'5"iNT""090'. I 1- ,RFIQ G50 ,L .Q Beta Tau Chapter Established in 1883 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Belle L. Brewster Muriel Langlier Margaret Cobb SENIORS Maxine Baker Ruth Dillingham Virginia Heil Blanche Lankler Frances Cross Helen Mary Greeley Gretchen Lange Jean Malkames Julia Morton JUNIORS Margaret Churchman Esther Fielding Genevieve Hunter Susan Paul Elizabeth Dooley Marjorie Hamill Jean Munnerley Barbara Tyler Ruth Evans Irene Hummer Elizabeth Newell Jean Underdorfel Virginia Ferguson Mabel Wagner SOPHOMORES Elizabeth Armstrong Gertrude Dexter Josephine Lamb Martha Shane Marion Boyink Elizabeth Dougherty Norma Maclntosh Betty Smallwood Mary White PLEDGES Dorothy Baker Jane Gilbert Ruth Lincoln Vivian Packard Barbara Bower Barbara Greeley Winifred Lowe Ida Robinson Janet Despard Rita Hitchings Barbara McLeod Margaret Rogers Alice Ann Dooley Vera Keefe Frances Meek Melrose Schoenleber Rita Garfield Alice Lamb Helen Mevis Ruth Suhrie Eleanor Geiger Marceline Utley Top Row: Lincoln, Hitchings, Lamb, Mock, Gilbert., Robinson, Kecfe, Meves, Gruen, Bower, McLeod. B. Greeley, Roger, Baker Third Row: Suhrie, Despard, Shane, Armstrong, Paul, White, Geiger, Savage, Newell, A. Dooley. Utley, Dexter Second Row: Lamb, Hamill, Dougherty, Boyink, Munnerley, Tyler. Hunter, Undcrdorfel, Ferguson, Fielding, M. Hummer, I. Hummer, Packard. Lowe, Dougherty Front Row: Evans, Cross, Lange, H. Greeley, Morton, Lanklcr, Baker, Williams, Wagner, Churchman 248 Kappa Alpha Theta FOUNDED A'r DEPAUW UNIVERSl1'Y IN 1870 Active Chapters 63 Alumni Chapters 55 Chi Chapter Exfabfished in 1889 SENIORS Adelaide Ayling Jane Buck Hope Dann Florence Golder Betty Hopkins Myrna Agor Rosemary Crawford Marie Huebner Julie Iglehart Marguerite Bellows Margaret Bierman Jane Bradley Eleanor Brooks Marion Cadle Beatrice Churchill Ann Clifton Carro Cummings Genevieve Davidson Eleanor DeWitt Jean Dinwiddie Ottillie Huber Nannie lglehart Nettie lglehart Betty Marsh Harriet Jones Helen Kuechle Virginia Marty Arlene McFarland Willma McLauchlan Helene Rauschenbach JUNIORS Margaret Mahoney Elizabeth Mains Bernadine Lockwood Harriet Morris SOPHOMORES Elizabeth Gere Virginia Lane Antoinette Howland Mildred Pearce Arlene Lamirande Elizabeth Dunn Bricea Faus Elizabeth Fearon Marion Foley Jane Forbes Frances Goodman Doris Hall Adrienne Phelps PLEDGES Helen Ingalls Josephine LaCrosse Katherine Mack Molly McClasky Constance Nickerson Nancy Papworth Josephine Percy Prudence Searles Ruth Snagg Dorothy Timm Lois Whitman Katherine Phillips Marguerite Stott Gail Potter Jean Umpleby Claudia Terry Frances Williams Grace Williams, Barbara Reynolds Rosedrey Rohrbaugh Helen Saunders Mary Saylor Ellen Sweeney Madeline Thompson Cynthia Wickwire Top Row: McCIasky, Swecny, Faus. Lane, Brooks, Lamarande, Bereman, Mains, Hall. Umplt-hy Fourth Row: Percy, Dinwiddie, Cacile, Mack, Gere, Wickwire, Reynolds, Hurd, Crawford, Goodman Third Row: Forbes, Fearon, Sanders, Williams, Nickerson, Morris, Rohrbach, Foily, Williams, Terry, Phelps, Davidson Second Row: Howland, N. Iglchart, Mahoney, Rockwood, Stott., Agor, Dunn, Churchill, Huebner, Jones, Potter, J. Iglehnrt, Keuchle, LaCrosse, Marsh Front Row: Dunn. N- lxllehart. MCL2llliZllliH, Timm, MCFarlg1d.kMarty. Huber, Whitman, Ayliniz, Rauchenbach, Snapzg, Searles, op ms 249 Delta Delta Delta FOUNIJEIJ AT Bos'I'oN UNIVERSITY IN 1888 Active Chapters 81 Alumni Chapters 71 4-fy r W 1 fax, 3 Omicron Chapter ' Exlabfixhcd in 1896 SENIORS Margaret Allison Eleanor Frost Frances Greene Dorothea llgen Elizabeth Bentley Margaret Garman Margaret Holton Margaret Kittell Helen England Mildred Wood JUNIORS Elfie Baltzley Betty Granger Sallie Salisbury Wanda Szeliga Dorothy Evans Josephine McClurg Helen Smith Louise Yetter Katherine Filsinger SOPHOMORES Caroline Anderson Dorothy Davis Mary Francis Eleanor Millard Marjorie Apgar Rose Mary Dudley Edith Gregson Helen Otto Barbara Brown Jane Weaver PLEDGES Elizabeth Avery Lisle Hodgkins Alberta Livingston Apphia Salisbury Annabelle Bortz Margaret Hupe Eleanor Locke Dorothy Seroukis Mary Jane Davis Muriel Kelley Margaret Maurer Ruth Stone Wilhemina De Kay Carolyn Fay Dorothy Robertson Elizabeth Townsend Veronica Hanlon Top Row: Avery, Locke, Fay, Francis, Weaver, Bentley, Hodgkins, Davis, Vetter, Dudley Third Row: S. Salisbury, Otto, Maurer, Anderson, Apgar. Rathbnn, Kelley, Granger, Seroukis, Szeliga, Stone, Millard Second Row: Gregson, Evans, Brown, Filsinger, Hupe, Hanlon, Chamberlain, Baltzley, DeKay, Robertson, Smith, A. Salisbury McClurg, Townsend First Row: Garman, Allison, Kittell, Greene, England, Wood, Frost, Holton 250 1 Pi Beta Phi FOUNDED AT MONMOU'FH Col,1,1zGE IN 1867 Active Chapters 78 Alumni Chapters 154 Emma Lou Bailey Mildred Carver Janet Dunbar Dorothy Boyden Betty Broad Doris Cumings Helen Almfelt Gladys Blodgett Catherine Byrne Jean Cooney Helen Cornwall New York Alpha Chapter Established in 1896 MEMBER IN FACULTY Miss Mary Morrey SENIORS Ruth Hobler I Christine Olver Thelma Horton Ruth Patten Eleanor Howard Ruth Spriggs .IUNIORS Eldora Dolbear Dorothy Henderson Agnes Downs Hazel Ingalls Betty Fernalld Margaret Loop SOPHOMORES Martha Brown Vivian House Roberta Foreman Dorothy Newman PLEDGES Jean Kamerer Jean Meiklejohn Katherine La Vaute Mary Newberry Isabelle MeFalls Virginia Newkirk Suzanne Towne Margaret Unger Ethel Volgenau Ruth Thomson Vivian Whyte Mildred Wicke Edna Schoellkopf Nanette Unger Dorothy Whiton Top Row: Newkirk, Whyte, Mnclfzills, Cornwall, N. Unger, Brown, House, Kamcrer, Loop Third Row: Newberry, Scholkuff, I-Iobler, Howard, Fernald, Horton, Henderson, Forem in Downs, Cooney Second Row: Meiklejohn, Lt-Vauglnt, Newman. Carver, Whiton, Dalbenr, Thomson, Boydcn, Ingall Cumings, Broad, Carver First Row: Towne, Patten, Dunbar, Volgenau, M. Unger, Springs, Bailey 251 W lg: Active Chapters 45 1 l Bettina Barrett Hilda Haas Marjorie Harding Mary E. Holmes Mildred Bodley Barbara Bradley Virginia Cole Lois Bartlett Margaret Carpente Marion Church Mary Bradley Jean Eggert Alice Harden ll Delta Gamma FOUNDED AT Oxroim INSTITUTE IN 1874 .iv 1- if X.: KL f l 2. Rho Chapter Ermblixlzed in 1901 MEMBER IN FACULTY Catherine Virginia Phillips SENIORS Marydee Johnson Faith Moran Betty Kinne Ruth Osterberg Dorothy Luber Mollie Smith JUNIORS Miriam Felshaw Helen Jones Grace Frey Marian Jones Cena Graham Margaret Long SOPHOMORES Ruth Gress Emma Lou Johnson 1' Helen Hamilton Viola Kuhne PLEDGES Margaret Hopkins Audrey Moran Audrey Hopson Lura Rich Emily Jacobus Ethel Spang Alumni Chapters 41 Catherine Spencer Evalyn Wel s Laura Williams Caroline O'Brien Christine Upton Mary Latour Anna Severance Virginia Swaty Constance Wells Y Q I I Top Row: Carpenter, Felshaw, Johnson, Hamilton, Eggert, Holmes, Cole Third Row: Hopson, Hopkins, A. Moran, Jacobus, Williams, H. Jones, Martz, Wright, Latour, Frey Second Row: M. Jones, Spang, Bartlett, Gress, M. Bradley, B. Bradley. Bodleyv Upton, Kuhne, Church, Long, Graham Front Row: Luber, Osterberg, Harding, Haas. Wells, Barrett, Kinne, F. Moran 252 Active Chapters 45 Bruce Brown Elsie Caruso Jane Clarke Dorothy Chapman Nelle Marie Cummins Betty Dickinson Helen Bryant Euretta Emmons Dorothea Fisher Ruth Boyd Jane Buckholz Dora DeWolfe Ruth Dreyer Alpha Gamma Delta FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1904 , A ?'3l,if ,Y fa .rg - -Y., fs,-'tab yr, V :vs Q' -.RJ-X I . Alpha Chapter Established in 1904 SENIORS Esther Dietterich Lenora Rousseau Eunice Olive Frances Snyder JUNIORS Marion Frey Alice Lawson Eleanor Homan Dorothy Meyn Helen Land Beverly Nuffer SOPHOMORES Cathryn Hare Marguerite Hook Marion Head Louise Mattice PLEDGES Betty Eckei Martha Jenks Margaret Fisher Margaret Jones Marguerite Greening Alberta Jordan Marion Groves Grace Morgan Alumni Chapters 36 Jane Titus Zorena White Bettie Winship Grace Shabtac Eleanor Smith Marjory Vesey Ruth Sherman Jeannette Shultz Theresa Titus Catherine Roehm Frances Seymour Helen Thomas Top Row: Jordan Greening, Frey, Jones, Boyd, Bnchacz, Sherman, Emons Third Row: Chapman, Scymonr, Hook, Head, Eckci, Fisher, Shults, Hare, Lawson Second Row: Smith, Cummins, DcWolfc, Fisher, Lund, Junko, Bryant, Groves Front. Row: Diettcrich, Dickenson, Shabtac, Homan, Winship, Brown, Titus. Caruso A 253 W l 'Q ll '9 Alpha Xi Delta lfounmsp A'l' l.oMnARn Cottiaoe IN 1894 Active Chapters 56 Alumni Chapters 42 4 MfYl'l'lf"Q' 1' . f I 1, J li. . Q ' Eta Chapter Eslablixlzed in 1904 MEMBERS IN l7ACUl.'l'Y Ruth Cope Louise Crocker Clarice Wade SENIORS Mai-celine Arnihac Jane Haverstick Dorothy MacDonald Margaret Wharton Mildred Bingham Leonore Kubiak 'lane MacMeekin Alvhild Wiman Helen Hand Virginia Kubiak Phebe Robinson Marion Williams JUNIORS Arabelle Applegate Alys Joseph Barbara Manchester Betty Sands Dorothie Cowley Pauline Wily SOPHOMORES Margaret Blackmar Ellen Healy Mary Elizabeth Neal Margaret Sergeant Marjorie Hand Gwendolyn Knapp Mary Louise Phelps Elizabeth Snook PLEDGES Elizabeth Barnett Nilda Maly Mary Agnes Patrick Pauline Smith Flora Carpenter Ruth Marble Beatrice Pettit Grace Walzer Eleanor Gritmon Esther Martin Marion Platner Madilene Warner Eleanor Keeler Margaret Ossenfort Edith Quimby Katherine Weisenflaugh Eleanor Kirby Top Row: Sands, Platner. Quimby, Neal, Kirby, NVily, Phelps. L. Kuhiak, V. Klllliilk. ADDlcgatc Third Row: Wharton, Robinson, Maly, Ossunfort, Knapp, Sc-rg:-ant, Warner, Snook, Blackmar, Carpenter, Marble Second Row: Pettit, Martin, Healy, Patrick, Walzer, Cowley, Barnett, M. Hand. Ol1d0FCl0f1k, Blllilllilm. MaCMOukin First Row: Joseph, Manchester, Williams, MacDonald, H. Hand. AfH1'mC, H1lVCl"4liCk. Wiman 254 Active Chapters 43 Dorothy Eisenhart Mary Aloi Mamie Amendola Laura Bither Erma Clickner Adaline Adams Jeanette Birdsall Doris Baumann Sue d,AVlgI1OI1 Doris Konecke Sigma Kappa FOUNIJED AT Comsv COLLEGE IN Epsilon Chapter Establixhczi in 1905 MEMBER IN IFACULTY Helen Riddell Holcomb SENIORS Elizabeth Gage JUNIORS Ruth Evans Gertrude Gibbins Elvira Hess SOPHOMGRES Helen Jacobs PLEDGES Helen Langdon Dorothy Lannon Gladys Morgan 1874 Alumni Chapters 23 Gertrude Price Edna Lambert Elinor Taylor Louise Ulrich Audrey Ware Elizabeth Love Dorothy Ulrich Ruth O'Dell Gertrude Van Avery Mary Wilder I B ther, Lambert Top Row: Ware, Kum-ckc, Matthews, Aloi, Adams, Evans, D. Ulric 1, Second Row: Clickncr, Langdon, Bauman, VVildL'r, I-Ivss, L. Ulrich, fl'Avignon, Anwntlola, Lannon, O'Dt-II Front Row M 255 organ, Blrrlsall, Elsenhart, Gage, Price, Taylor, J I C l bins IIC!! v H '1 G, Alpha Chi Omega I 1 FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY IN 1885 Active Chapters 56 Alumni Chapters 48 Catherine Bishop Helen Curtis Catherine Adams Margaret Adams Ruth Benjamin Alice Croes Marion Barrie Beatrice Boggs May Bossi Marguerite Cane Catherine Cumm Ruth Doran Mildred Ellor ings Lambda Chapter Established in 1906 MEMBER IN FACULTY Marjorie Garfield SENIORS Janette Krom Althea Pepper Margaret Mackenzie Mildred Pollak JUNIORS Dorothy Clark Walda Gehroldt Virginia Day Mary Heid Virginia Gandy Nancy Heim SOPHOMORES Jean Frazee Polly McCraw PLEDGES Linette Fargo Marguerite Mack Alida Gartner Charlotte Marthage Margaret Gartner Virginia Middlekauff Margaret Hutchings Mae Reading Helen Iensen Fannie Rogers Clara Kibby Louise Schiavoni Frances Maclntire Beatrice Schoonover Ruth Ross Eleanor Woodruff Ruth Layton Jean Miller Katharina Voigt Harriet Stem Rheta Stone Gertrude Strom Dorothy Swartz Betty Troutman Louise Wyeth Top Row: Mirldlekauff, Hutchins, Voigt, Benjamin, Cummings, Miller, Gchroldt. Barrie. Clflfk. Reading. Mack, M. Gartner, Wyeth Third Row: Layton, Rogers, Swartz. C. Adams, Fancher, Frazce, Ross, Gandy, A. Gartner, Strom, Crocs f ' f MCf H'dMtlgeD Scli' 'Mlire Second Row.Schoonovcr,Troutman, Fargo, Cane, Strom, c raw. Cl , nf 121 . Ufiln. lavoni, ac nt First Row: Krom, Day, Mackenzie, Heim, Pepper, Pollak, Woodruff. l3lSl10D. M. Adams 256 Active Chapters 87 Betty Born Vivian Caygill Florence Cal-Trey Dorothy Collicott Dorothy Applin Corthell DeNault Laura Ball Ruth Ball Marjorie Barton Florence Bennett Iva Blair Mildred Brouard Chi Omega FOUNDED AT THE UNTVERSITY OF ARKANSAS I, 'LT Q Upsilon Alpha Chapter Extabfislzed in 1911 MEMBERS IN FACULTY J. Winifrecl Hughes Margaret Elwood Alice Herrington Editha Parsons SENIORS Dorothy Morgester Constance Nind JUN1oRs Peggy Conan Jane Evans Mary Haak Dorothy Heise SOPHOMORES Martha Giesecke Genevieve MOHZCIH Doris Newton Martha Odell PLEDGES Eleanor Brown Mary Church Elizabeth Cox Ernestine Delameter June Dennis Elda Fisher Alta Gruendike C Mary J ane Lawless Betty Randles Jeannette Rexfo rd IN 1895 Alumni Chapters 48 Helen Patterson Mildred Tucker Cary Nicholas Bernice Sarson Louise Strough Doris Tallmadge Jane Taylor Helen Trapp Lorayne Trethew Mildred Walters el' Top Row: Tallmudge, Applin, Trethewey, Caffrcy, Dennis, R. Ball, Brown, Dclameter Third Row: Rcxford, Grucndike, Blair, Patterson, Evans, Trapp, Brouard, Strough, Ninde, Church, L. Ball Second Row: Bennett, Randlcs, Morgester, Lawless, Giesecke, Newton, Born, Corcoran, Szirson, Monzein, Taylor, Walters Front Row: Nicholas, Collicott, Hcise, Herrington, Elwood, Cnygill, Fleisch, Hunk 'YI gn QI 41 fs K VW 3 'F' p 1 fs 8 Alpha Omicron Pi FOUNDED AT BARNARD Co1.1.EoE lN 1897 Active Chapters 42 Alumni Chapters 40 a T1 r1v':.i5.36l Q. If ,xal ' 'U'-9..2Ji' li W imigedv I I li L "S,0I'l5 Chi Chapter Eslablished in 1914 SFNIORS Dorothy Borcherdt Flsie Himberg Mary Keith Dorothy Rockwell Elizabeth Frank Helen Janota Anna Killeen Elsie Strough Lois Haskins Hazel jordan Anita Prior JUNIORS Gladys Lunn Barbara Phillips Barbara Rogers Margaret Tower SOPHOMORES Kay Burlingham Jamesine Hope Dorothy Wood PLEDGFS Florence Ashley Fmma Helbock Katherine Kapp Theresa Marine Frances Davison Cecilia Helbock Jane Leonard l.orraine Monnat Bernice Duflo Ruth Hunt Dorothy Liddle Norma Wesstrom Katherine Fox Virginia Kane Mildred McDuPf Top Row: Henry, Rockwell, Kano, Fox, Ashley, lillfllllllliziin, NVoocl, Himberg Third Row: McDuFf, Kamp, Hunt, Licldlo, l.unn, Lt-onarrl, Prior, Hope, Hilbock Second Row: Strouizh, Maur, Davidson, Phillips, Monnat, Duflo. Marine, E. Hilbock Front Row: jones, KL-ith, Frank, Tower, lflfdllll- .lillml-il' Haskins- B0rCl10ffll 258 Active Chapters 25 Nahama Bu dish Edith Abrams Irene Alperin Edna Askwith Dorothy Goldwater Roselle Benjamin Mildred Greenblatt Miriam Greenstone Jane Adler Ethel Cohen Irene Cohen Betty Cooper jane Elias Eleanor Gallop Margaret Gants Alpha Epsilon Phi FOUNDED AT BARNARD Col.i.EoE IN 1909 J, , 1, I. , -',.i Lift, 15 "J l'4 Lai" I mfr".-7 m Iota Chapter Eslablirhed in 1919 SENIORS Charlotte Goldman Ethel Myers JUNIORS Dorothy Gordon Mildred Gross Lois Gorson .lane Kelson Helen Green Ruth Lieblich SOPHOMORES Celia Gross Corinne Markson Ruth Kaletsky Ethel Pliskin PLEDGES Marjorie Glasser Dorothy -Iudelson Marion Goldman Evelyn Mannes Minette Goldmire Ann Miller Caryl Gottlieb Mildred Naum Celia Grossman Lillian Rosenblum Estelle Hourwitz Pearle Schlachter Alumni Chapters l7 Sarah Solomon Dorothy Shapiro Carlotta Schwartz Mildred Singer Ruth Small Pearle Spiro Camille Schwamm Florence Silverman Edith Stein Fanna Winkelstein Herlyn Yalovitz Lyla Yolles Top Row: Silverman, Mzmnvs. Cohen, Kuimowilz, Elias, Rosa-nhlnm, Grossman, Yollvs, Glasser, Stein, SClHV2lll1ll1 Third Row: M. Gross, Abrams, Goldwater, Miller, Gottliuh. C. Gross, Benjamin, Grcenstonv, Spiro, Markson, Cohen Second Row: Hourwitz, Goldman, Kalctsky, Schluchter, Gantz, Alnvrin, Juclvlson, Grcvnlmlnttj Adler, Small, Golrlmcyer. Winkvlstvin, Pliskin Front Row: Gordon, Licblich, Singer, Myers, Budish, Askwilh, Green, Shapiro, Goldlnan, Gorson, Schwartz 259 SY! gi QI l Active Chapters 58 44 Gladys E. Bikle Helen Breese Pauline Caryl Irene Coppernoll l Dorcas Dempsey Ariel Filsinger Anne Albright Katherine Ewing l Elaine Loewenberg Phi Mu FOUNDED A'r WESLEYAN COLLEGE IN 1852 4 ,QNL , If ' .,"11 sf., "3 , 2 fi "" ,EJ Nl Beta Zeta Chapter Eslablixhed in 1920 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Claire Davis Frances Morton Ursula Little Eva Nahare SENIORS Catherine Curtis Roberta Mott Jascah Hart Marguerite Wells JUNIORS Inger Glahn Elizabeth Mann Agnes Gleiner Doris Pease SOPHOMORES Elizabeth Bruce Dorothy Chambers PLEDGES Alice Richardson Mary Scott Alumni Chapters 36 Mary Vesser Anita Young Zelda Willams Ola GriHith Marjorie Stillman Y' Y I K Ewing Top Row: Filsinger, Scott. Stillman, Voung, Mann, Albright, Bruce, ow: em sn, am, nr , 0 , ic mr son,GrilTiLl1,Locwcnberg SucondR D pyGll CylMttRl Ll First Row: Pease, Gleincr, Hart, Wells, Williams, Coppcrnoll. Cllr! 260 Kappa Delta FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA S'rA'rE NORMAL IN 1897 Active Chapters 72 Alumni Chapters 75 Emilie Francis Cockrell Louise Hooper Lois Barratt Ruth Hemingway Edith Bishop Edith DeWolfe Helen Barton Kathryn Morgan feisty .e -Q. Ji? V W Sigma Nu Chapter Extablished in 1922 MEMBERS IN FACULTY DuBois Benedict Marion Bruce Zimmer SENIORS Emily Oldenburg Irene Simons Nellie Youngsman Christine Orr Leona Wood JUNIORS Marjorie Hess Emily Redington Charry Woodard Frances Porter Esther Snell Eleanor Young SOPI-IOMORES Marion Gray Grace Settle Ruth Silcox Katrina O'Dell Elizabeth Sheerar June Vetter PLEDGES Elizabeth Mosher Evelyn Shehadi Clara Sheppard Evelyn Spencer Top Row: Morgan, Barton, Silcox, Bishop, Mosher, Shccrur,'Hcmingwny, Rcdington, Vcttcr, Pnru-r Second Row S ll Sl I di, Hooper, Gray, O'Dcll, Young, Wilkins, De Wolfe. Sheppard First. Row: Orr, Settle, Wood, Simons, Oldenburg, Voungsman, Cockrt-ll, Barratt 261 l VW 24: U 1 7 r r .Q l 5 6 W ki' 4 I Id 7 Zeta Tau Alpha FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA S'rA'rE NORMAI, IN l898 Active Chapters 68 Alumni Chapters 52 Betty Burtch Mena Dalton Ruth Breth Frances Collins Anita Dubois Marian Boomer Carol Brevoort ... Alpha Rho Chapter Eslabliyhed in 1922 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Mrs. Eric Faigle Mrs. George Fisher SENIORS Roslyn Eggleston Grace McMahon Marian Kruse Anabel Palmer JUNIORS Louise Henderson Nita Herbert SOPI-IOMORES Doris Murray Annetta Randles Mildred Siegmund PLEDGES Katherine Courreges Claudia Meeker Marjorie Dutcher Harriet Minkler Genevieve Shaul Roberta Scott Virginia Wartman Louise Van Houten Bertha Willis Margaret Reis Mary Phillips Ruth Schlosser Top Row: Shaul, Dutcher, Boornvr, Courrcgns, Eggleston, Brevoort, Dalton, Hz-rhc-rt 9 d R VS ll M y P l V H t I 9' p, d P ill'p R I Iles. Dubois s UCOH Front R ow: 'i is, urra, amor, an OllC'l,.lC'mlll'l. ll IS. nl! 262 ow: McMahon, I-Iuudcrson, Collins. Scott. Kruse, Burtch, Wart H13 ll lrene Belanger Mary Donahoe Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Marie Bergan Ruth Mary Carr Bernadine Bond Mary Margaret Brown Veronica Anderson Alice Austin Jane Bailey Frances Belknap Helen Bowe Margaret Brennan Helen Callaghan Anne Carroll Theta Phi Alpha FOUNDED AT IINIVERSITY or MICHIGAN IN 1912 Active Chapters 24 Alumni Chapters 17 , fi . f V fn-Alix' ' 10V , A " Lambda Chapter E.vtab!i.rlzed in 1923 MEMBER IN FACULTY Norma Sangiuliano SENIORS Mary jane Hall Marion Holmes Marion Herbert Lillian Mack JUNIORS l.ouise lfenlon Frances Kilburn SOPHOMORESB Madeline Burger jane Burns Marian Fenaughty Mary Alice Giblin PLEDGES Margaret Connors Agnes Delany Mary Patricia Doherty Martha lfrey Margaret Harrington Leona Herbert lillcn Kelly -lane Kennedy Mary Elizabeth Kopp Margaret Dorothy McCarthy Eleanor Mutter Frances Neary Alice O'Neill fr'-. 4 1 Martha Magner Bernice Oelschlager Margaret Sheehan Katherine Pendergast hleanor Sheehan Kathleen McCarthy Elizabeth Uhl Helen Paul Carolyn Porter .lane Powell Helene Reynolds jane Mary Roth -lane Stupp Bernice Welch I V' H '1 5 I Alpha Delta Pi FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE IN 1851 Active Chapters 57 A V, Sf,-5. . ,-E O fs""f' ' -. u A , ,.,.,f , 7 . I Y 4,n5.24'-' ,' . . Q .-V . ' Q ' ' Q, 'K V lr X f f ,sw f Alpha Tau Chapter Established in 1924 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Loretta Lehman Martha Meelig SENIORS Dorothy Banville Ada Bovee Myrl Drake Marion Barnes Louise Bovee Alice Kilpatrick JUNIORS Elizabeth Corttis Neva Lewis Irene Reynolds SOPHOMORES Eva Bonham Mary Gilbert PLEDGES Helen Andrews Mary Cook Grace Kilquist Jessie Archer Doris Coye Bernice Lewis Agnes Berger Lillian Hauenstein Gertrude Meelig Rose Caruso Grace Jensen Claire Pribula Alumni Chapters 35 Henrietta Kitsz Sara Pomeroy Catherine St. John Ida Meed Doris Riley Olga Russin Dorothy Sneel Elsie Williamson Top Row: Pomeroy, Snell, Jensen, Pribula, B. Lewis, Coye, Reynolds Second Row: Caruso, Berger, Young, Archer, Williamson, Russin, Cook First Row: Kilpatrick, Barn Bainvillc, St. John, Drake, N. Lewis 264 Delta Zeta FOUNDED AT UN1VERSl'l'Y or MIAMI IN 1924 Active Chapters 59 Alumni Chapters 22 Gladys Dieseth Ruth Ellis Catherine Doige Harriet Fox Dorothy Dorchester Doris Bradley Lila Briton Mary Casso Alpha Kappa Chapter Established in 1924 SENIORS Lucile Gifford Mabel Milligen Alice Melville Barbara Pierce JUNIORS Elayn Headings Betty McMillen Viola Jacobson Lillian Tweedie SOPHOMORES Eugenia Remmers Vera Sanford PLEDGES Ruth Gerow Louise Kinbeck Catherine Hasbrouck Helen Kissel Margaret Twinem Caroline Young Laura Way Jane Weaver Hazel Loucks Ursula Polaskay Vivian VanOstrand Top Row: Loucks, Kissel, Doige, Young, VanOstrand, Hasbrouck, Gcrow, Henkle, Kinbaek Second Row: Bradley, Cassow, Melvil, Fox, Dorchester, Sandford, Pierce, Remmers, Jacobson, Headings, Weaver Front Row: McMillen, Way, Milligan, Dieseth, Gifford, Ellis, Tweedie, Twinem 265 gf. 41 'I 41 7 V ll '9 I A v H '1 1 7 cl 8 Beta Phi Alpha FOUNDED AT UNlVERSl'l'Y or CAl,iFoRN1A IN l909 Active Chapters 30 Alumni Chapters 30 ,vlgxsggm giifg hug fs as 1.3 ' Theta Chapter Eslabfished in 1923 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Bernice Meredith Mildred Richmond SENIORS Charlotte Castor Evelyn Fleming Hilda Mclierrow Mary Sheedy Louise Cort Virginia I-lebbert Pauline Prindle JUNIORS Marian Allen Clementine Kieller Annabel Nichols Ina Taylor Jane Kessler Annabel Lindke Phyllis Phillips SOPHOMORES Katherine Baldwin Ruth Cash Elizabeth Koehler Groviene Sheldon Mildred Birchard Marion Jensen PLEDGES Jane Bennett Elizabeth Francis Anna Noxon Olive Young Helen Boehm Nina Martina Dorothy Smead Louise Zinns Margaret Brindley ' TOD ROW1 Allvn. NOXCH. Smead, Shcetly, Rounds, Baldwin. Cash, Young. Lindke. Bircliard Second Row: Sheldon, Boclim, Zinns, Brindlcy, Walker, Bennett, Nichols, Phillips, Jensen, Francis, Taylor, Martina Front Row: Kieffer, Prindle, Castor, Mclierrow, Kessler, Hehbcrt. Fleming. Cort 266 Phi Sigma Sigma FOUNDED AT HUN1'ER COLLEGE IN l9l3 Active Chapters 20 Alumni Chapters 2 Florence Aronson Muriel Gilbert Mildred Brown Gertrude Gluckman Janet Goldstucker Vera Friedman Bernice Lippmann Mildred Lipshie Pi Chapter lfrlablishcd in 1927 SENIORS Helen Herman Frances Kantor JUNIOR Bernyce Cohen SOPHOMORES Florence Haimovitz Florence Harding Esther Kornblum PLEDGES Anna Nelson Edith Schechter Pearle Schweber Selma Kramer Nancy Levy Pearle Ness Florence Rosenwasser Marion Steinberg Winifred Silman Rose Sussman Malka Weisberger CCOI1 OW . Top Row: Cohen, Steinberg, Brown, Nelson, Silman S H imovit S d R ' Schechter, Kornblum, Roscnwasser, Schweber, W b L A Herman, Golrlstucker Front Row: Lipslnie, Harding, Levy, ronson, 267 Z cis cryer, Gluckman, Friedman W 1 QQ! in 4' U A I QI Q va 8. U NS' ll 1 6 I The past few years have been most difficult forthe honorary societies, with only the fittest surviving. Those presented here have weathered the storm and are ever progressing. HCNGRARY and PRCFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES Alpha Kappa Kappa FOUNDED AT DAR'FMOU'I'H COLLEGE IN 1888 Active Chapters 49 Alumni Chapters 55 Iota Chapter Estabfirlzed in 1889 OFFICERS ARTHUR HEAD ,,,ev,Ve...,,,eet ,.,.E,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, P r widen! EDWARD REIFENSTEIN ....... E,EE.... . E. ..E,.. Vice-President ARTHUR HARRIS ,,,,,...Eet, ,..,,,,,., S ecremry ALBERT VAN NESS ,,,,,,,,,,,.t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,-,,,,, ,,,,., T ywzyzzrer George Britten Dewitt Brougham Mortimer Brown Tracy Bryant John Buettner Harry Burdick Raymond Burns Linus Cave William Curtin Janes Derr Belford C. Blaine Arthur Head Howard Drayer William Gregory William Berwald James Brannan Joseph Bryla Martin Cayne Robert Carrie Frederick Geyser MEMBERS IN FACULTY Robert McGuire George Price Raymond Devine Frank Laurer William Dickinson Ambrose Lawless Michael Elwood Harris Levy Benedict Reifenstein Thomas Farmer Jacob Levy Edward Reifenstein John Frey Gregory Mahar George Retan Clarence Gabel Frank Marlow Walder Retan David Gillette Searle Marlow George Rockwell Louis Gould Raymond McCarthy Michael Ryan Fred I-liss Leo McClusky Warren Saile Francis Irving Brooks McCuen Edward Schweinberg SENIORS Carl A. Hofmann William Mignault Ernest Lamaglion Donald Sanford JUNIORS John I-Ieafey Edward Reifenstein, Jr. John Hogen Richard Rice SOPHOMORES Alfred Earl Forrest Gibson William Ernn Charles Group FRESHMEN William Mosher George Raus William Murray George Reifenstein CI' Frederick Sears Roscoe Severance William Shanahan Philip Smith Harry Steckel Albert Swift George Wright William Wright Herbert Yeckel Frank Will Arland Ryan Albert Van Ness Leonard Hamlet Arthur Harris Frederick Newman Ronald Shelle Philip Standish Ton Row: Shelley, Murray, Raus, Van Ness, Gregory. Brannan Sc-cond Row: Harris, Rcifenstcin, Standish, Hcafy. Ryan. Grvun. Emm Third Row: Berwaltl, Mosher, Newman, Geyser, Rice, Currie, Coyne, Bryla Front Row: Hogan, Hoffman, Williams, Head, Reifcnstein, Mignmlli. Blaine 270 EARL JETTY .............,.... ...............w, . ..,.... JOHN SULLIVAN ..............., FREDERICK STEPHENS ......., CHARLES REEVES .................... , ................................. G0erge Andrews Clements Blodgett Edgar Boggs Eugene Boudreau Harry Brayton Robert Brewer George Broad Raymond Burns Murray Cain George Case Howard Case Noble Chambers Orren Chapman Robert Ashley James Bennett Leonard Carpenter Wayne Benton Henry Brandon Robert Dennis Everett Centerwall John Clarke William Coxon Cloyes Hall Harry Hardt Nu Sigma Nu FOUNIJEIJ AT UNIVEllSITY or MICHIGAN IN 1882 Active Chapters 37 Mu Chapter Extablixhed in 1897 OFFICERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY Percival Menzies Gerald Metzler Joseph Palmer Floyd Parker Charles Post George Reed Schuyler Richmond Walter Root Francis Rosenberger Foster Rulison Ferd. Schoeneck Henry Schoeneck George Smith Thomas Halsted Louis Hickernell Maynard Holmes Gordon Hoople Edward Hughes Richard Hutchings Harold Kline Frank Knowlton Albert Larkin Thomas Laurie Paul Lowry Earle Mack SENIORS Donald Childs Williams Coombs Clarence Coon Gerald Conney Arthur Curtiss Ernest Delmonico Lopo De Mello Brewster Doust Howard Ferguson Frederick Flaherty Arthur Foreman William Groat Lawrence Hobler Earl Jetty William Kopel Albert Egenhofer Stanley Folts Jerald McConnell Alfred Doust Fred Henig Thurston Keese Gordon Holder Doane Meacham Robert Page Neil Paul Robert Persson JUNIORS Robert Mearin George Pasco SOPHOMORES Richard Murphy Jesse Overton Carl Porcing F RESHMEN Harry Myron, Jr. Frederick Reid Edward Reid Frederick Rogers Leonard Stalker Charles Reeves Frederick Stephens Marcus Richards, Jr. John Saver Christopher Smith William Ryan Edwin Thibault ,..,............P7'6'5Z6lIL'77f Vice-P1'c.ria'ent ,Vcc,cc,,...Sec1'elary .......Trca.vm'er Henry Stiles Walter Street H Leon Sutton Harold Totman Edward VanDuyn John VanDuyn Franklin Webster Herman Weiskotten Charles Wells Frederick Wetherell James Wilson Joseph Wiseman Edward Wyncoop John Sullivan Truman Wilcox Eldred Stevens John Thomson Stalford Whitmore Stewart Wallace Lyle Watters Richard Wilson 271 Phi Chi FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY or VERMONT IN 1889 Active Chapters 61 Alumni Chapters 22 Theta Beta Pi Chapter Established at Syracuse University in 1928 OFFICERS HORACE MOREY ............. ........................,.,.. ,,,,..,.,.,,,,,,,, P r gl-idml RALPH DOWNES ................ ....................... ......... V i ce Pmidenz FREDERICK STEPHENS ....,..... .,,,,.,,..,,,,, S 4-grgmry CHARLES REEVES ,...,.......,..,...,.......,................,.,.,,,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,, T rggyurgr MEMBERS IN FACULTY Armand Aquilino Vincent Bull Ralph Scobey Raymond Pieri Leonard Aquiilno John Carter Clark Laus SENIORS Charles Abbate Lloyd Davy Nicholas Klimow Carlton Price Louis Backus Peter Fiore Horace Morey Cecil Rogers Paul Willwerth JUNIORS Ralph Downes Andrew Guchiel John Mallory Anthony Sojewicz Otto Gelormini Emil Kokascik Christian Schmidt Russell Nixon SOPHOMORES - Stanley Groman Robert Henderson Nicholas Petty Robert Robb Daniel Schultz FRESHMEN Peter Boker Eugene Chantreuil George Hindson Claude Rome John Barnell George Cook Walter Karwowski Carl Whitaker Dominic Cervera William Hesek William Murphy 272 -- . MEMBERS IN FACULTY v I '1 Q Alpha Chi Sigma Q , Professional Chemical Fraternity FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY or W1scoNs1N IN 1902 Active Chapters 44 Professional Chapters 12 Pi Chapter Established in 1912 OFFICERS WALLACE SCHNEIDER ,,,,.4,,,,,,,,,.,,,..,,, ,,,,,,,,,,.,, .,,.,,,,.,,, P r esident FREDERIC O'NE1i ,... ,..... .,l,,,, V i ce-Presidenf DAVID HAIGHT ,,,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,AA,,,,AA,,,,,,,. T rgasurer ARTHUR BARRY ,,......, W1-:NDELL SMITH ........ DR. C. SMITH ,..,.,..,.,.,,,..,.....,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.l, Neal Artz Robert Brewer Reginald Boehner Harold Buell W. C. Coleman Robert Cushman Arthur Barry Richard Clapp Richard Freeman Michael Geiss Elton Burmaster Gerard Edell Albert Elder Harry Essex Otto Gelormini Walter Kelley Aden King Carl McCrosky Joseph Neal Emiel Palmer Robert Parkinson Ernest Pattee Floyd Peterson ACTIVE MEMBERS David Haight Paul Hardesty Gerald Hill Roger Jones Elwood Keyser Alexander Kolumban William Lodder Ellsworth Mosher Wendell Smith James Lyon PLEDGES Edward Root .. ...,...... Master Q' Ceremonies .Faculty Advisor Albert Salathe Wallace Schneider Clayton Spencer C. T. Welte Henry Unkauf Frederick King Frederic O'Neil Harold Randles Wallace Schneider Reynold Selmser Fred Smith 273 lv P Q . D 8 ' YI 2,3 4 1 P' I Alpha Delta Sigma Honorary and Professional Advertising Fraternity FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY or MISSOURI Estzzblislzed al Syracuse University in 1925 OFFICERS ROBERT ELLIS ............. ..................... .,........... .... P r c .rident ARTHUR VAN WIE ........, ......... V ice-Presiflent ROBERT I-IAGADORN .,... I... ..,...,.... . S ccremry EDMUND BOWES ......... .......... T nwzsurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY Hubert Bice Harry Hepner Charles Raper Bertram Walker Arthur Brewster Herbert Palmer Howard Viets Ralph Beecher Edward Benham Edmund Bowes Charles Collins ACTIVE MEMBERS Richard Cronin Albert Damon Andrew Doremus Robert Ellis Edward Gieselman Robert Hagadorn Cyrus Hawkins Stuart Knight Walter Liddiard John Tierney Arthur Van Wie Eugene Weinstein Top Row: Benham, Giesclman, Hawkins, Tierney Second Row: Hagadorn, Knight, Damon, Beecher, Cronin Front. Row: Van Wie, Palmer, Brewster, Ellis 274 Alpha Epsilon Epsilon Women's Honorary Home Economics Fraternity FOUNDED AT SYILACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1932 Alpha Chapter OFFICERS MILDRED PoI.I.AK .......... ...................... ......,.,...... P 2 'esidem' MILDREIJ Woon ......o., .......... V ice-Prexidenl MARION WII,I,IAIvIs ........ ..........,. S erratum' BARBARA S'rEI,I,MANN ,,,,,,,, V,.,... 7 '1"r2zz.f111'e1' Jane Burlingame Jane Caldwell Margaret Carey Rebecca Cohen Margaret Garman MEMBER IN FACULTY Annie MacLeod ACTIVE MEMBERS Irene Hummer Marion Jones Lois Jungen Janette Krom Anabel McMullen Dorothy Menter June Miller Mildred Pollak Roberta Robbins Lenora Rousseau Mildred Wood Elizabeth Sands Margaret Shanahan Barbara Stellman Dorothy Timm Marion Williams Top Row: Miller, Caldwell, Krom. Sands, Burlingame H Garman, Slianahan, Cohen S d Row: Jones, Jungen, Mentor, ummcr, Front Row: Williams, Wood, Pollak, Stellman, Fimm W V I 241 4 1 'Y V' I '1 J 1 0 FOUNDED Alpha Kappa Delta Honorary Sociology Fraternity AT UNIVERSITY or SOUTHERN CALIFORN Active Chapters 22 Beta Chapter of New York Founded ai Syracuxe University in 1929 IA IN 1920 OFFICERS CHARLOTTE SENNETT ,.,...IY,.Yv..,....,.,,I......,......... ..,................ P resident VIRGINIA HEBBERT ...... .e.....,......,.. V ice-Prerident ROBERT DOLINS ...,,.....,,....,.,......,.........,.,..,.,...,.,....,.... Secremry-Treasurer Herbert Abraham W. W. W. Argow Herman Beyle Ellen Buell George Chesbro Janet Benedict Charlotte Castor Lois Flint HONORARY MEMBERS Helen Cross Frederick I. Daniels Thomas Fisher Douglas Hating Karl C. Leebrick Mary Johnson ACTIVE MEMBERS Helen Hussey Gertrude Hatchett Helen Morgan William Lehman Almus Olver Hubert Perkins Herbert Shenton Russell Waitt Faith Moran Anita Prior Bess Templeton Top Row: Fleming, E. Shenton, Castor, Fisher, Flint, Templeton, Lehmann, Morgan Second Row: Chcsbro, Bcdcll, Woodard, Waitt, Benedict, Moran, Slmnalian, Ryckoff Front Row: Perkins, Johnson, Dolins, Sennctt, I-Iobbrrt, H. N. Shenton, Hating 276 Alpha Kappa PS1 5 , 5 in National Professional Fraternity in Commerce FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY IN 1904 OFFICERS JAMES OBENHOFF ......... ..,.......,....,.,......,,......,. .....,........, P r esident ERWIN LIEGEL ............. .......... V ice-President HENRY DAVIDSON ........ ................... S ecertary LEOPOLD Pvrzi, .......,., ................... Q ..Trea.rurer RALPH GARRISON ..,....... ...E... D irector Qf Publicity RAYMOND DANAHY ..,.....l, .,,.,.... M ruler 4 Rituals MEMBERS IN FACULTY George Bennett Charles Raper John Simmons Leslie Bryan Stephen Toadvine ACTIVE MEMBERS Albert Damon Frederic Hitchings Erwin Liegel Leopold Pitzl Raymond Danahy John Horsman Elmer Lord Roy Rickard Henry Davidson Louis Lavallee Clarence Moldenhauer Stacey Shepherd Richard Davis John Lembdcke James Obenhofi' Arthur Van Wie Ralph Garrison Kenneth Williams PLEDGES Ezra Armstrong Elon Coonradt Bruce Corrigan Robert Lohman v I '1 id 2- f , I Ton Row: L1-mhcke, Williams l Second Row: Lohman, Dannhy, Shepherd, Favalce Front Row: Vnn Wie, Obenhoff, Liegel, Davidson 277 ' Y 24' I 4 A l if 1 1 V 1 l Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Medical Fraternity FOUNDED AT COLLEGE or PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS IN 1902 New York Gamma Chapter Founded at Syracuse in 1911 OFFICERS LAWRENCE HOBLER ..... ............................,..... ............... P r widen! C. D. Pos'r ..............., .......... V ice-Presidrnf A. M. CURTISS ..,.... ....,.....,.... S ecretczry PAUL LOWRY ,..,...... ........... T reasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY Clyde Barney Frederick Flaherty Clements Blodgett David Gillette Harry Brayton Robert Brewer George Broad Harry Burdick Clarence Coon Gerald Cooney Arthur Curtiss Marion Dooley Leon Berman Leonard Carpen William Groat Thomas Halstead Gordon Hoople Arnold Kauffman Frank Knowlton Albert Larkin Harris Levy Paul Lowry Frank Marlow Searle Marlow William McNerny Frederick O'Connor Charles Post George Price George Reed Benedict Reifenstein ACTIVE MEMBERS Moses Deren Carl Hofmann ter Lawrence Hobler Abe Kenin Edward Reifenstein William Shanahan Clement Silverman Walter Street Albert Swift Edward VanDuyn John VanDuyn Franklin Webster Herman Weiskotten Edward Wynkoop Robert Persson Herman Tarnower Top Row: Carpenter, Hoffman, Kenin, Tarnower Front Row: Persson, Berman, Hobler, Deren 278 Alpha Xi Alpha Honorary and Professional Design Fraternity FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSI'TY IN 1923 William Morris Chapter OFFICERS Avls BROOKS ...........................................,...,.... .,,.......... P resident KENNETH JOSEPHSON ,,...,.,. ...,.,., V ire-Preridenl MARGARET 'TWINEM ,.,........ ,,,,,,..,,,, T rmyurer VIVIAN WHYTE ...,.,....... ,.,,,,.,,. S efrefary FACULTY ADVISOR Montague Charman HONORARY MEMBERS Arnold Bauer Marjorie Garfield Ruth Randall Margaret Boehner I-libbard Kline Bertram Walker Jessie Charman Virginia Phillips Helen Williams Montague Charman Marian Zimmer ACTIVE MEMBERS Emma Lou Bailey Kenneth Josephson Margaret Twinem Avis Brooks Julia Morton Vivian Whyte Marion Snow Top Row: Whyte. Kelly, Bennett, Adams, Morton Front Row: Twinem, Josephson. Bailey 279 V. 4 v I '1 4 1 ll fs wr 'W Q 4 D Alpha Xi Sigma 1 Honorary Forestry Fraternity FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1914 OFFICERS E. W. SEARS ........,. ......,...,.....................................,.... C hiryf Forester F. W. O,NEIL .......... ...............,............... A .rrociate Forester H C. C. DAVENl'0R'F .... ...,....,. C hiqf Qf Recordr and Accounts Hugh Baker Harold Belyea William Bray Harry Brown Nelson Brown Carl Forsaith Henry Francis Donald Archer Martin Baudendistel Hans Biermann Mason Bruce Charles Davenport MEMBERS IN FACULTY William Harlow Svend Heiberg Ray Hirt Charles Johnson Laurence Lee Clarence Libby Audrey MacAndrews ACTIVE MEMBERS Harold Donaldson Frederic Fay Arthur Fegel John Hermsted Karl McNasser Frederic O'Neil Henry Meier Alexis Panskin William Percival Floyd Peterson Reuben Prichard John Sammi Gurth Whipple Charles Reynolds Esmonds Sears Eric Stark Ralph Vogenberger Noel Wygant 280 MEMBERS IN FACULTY American Institute of Chemical Engineers FOUNDED IN PHILADELPHIA IN 1908 S ymcuxe Chapter Organized in 1932 OFFICERS EI,l.SWOR'l'H Mosman ...... ..............4.......... . .. ,..sY...,. President ROBERT Homzivr .... . . ,Vz're-Pnxvidcnt M1cHA1ar. Gsiss .....t...... ...,t.swt...... S' ecrefmjv MILTON LE BARON ...,.. st.,.,s.e Trmxurer G. M. Edell Elton Burmaster Morris Carley Richard Clapp Norman Cyphers Thaddeus Gaitka Michael Geiss John Heigl J. A. Norton ACTIVE MEMBERS Frank Hoar Robert Hobert Robert Kopita Milton Le Baron Richard Lyke Ellsworth Mosher Francis Nieznalski Albert .Salathe Alfred Paulus Alex Piasecki Harold Randles Thomas Reeves Wesley Richter Stephen Sanduzzi Henry Stevens Top Row: Reeves, Hour, Richter, Cyphers, Heigl, Piusccki, Burmastcr Second Row: Paulus, Gaitka, Lyke, Hobert, Sanduzzi, Nieznnlski Front Row: Randles, Geirs, Sulathe, Mosher, Norton, Stevens, Clapp 281 rw 253 QI 4' 1 ! I V I American Society of Civil Engineers Syracuse Chapter Organized in 1923 OFFICERS JAMES ALBERT ..,.....,,.. ..,.,,...................,.... .............. P r esident HARRY INGERSON ,...,..,,.. ,,,.,,,.,.,. V ice-Prerident CLARK WHITE ..,........... ...Yw.. S ecretary-Trearurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY Edward Berry Louis Mitchell Samuel Sarason SENIORS James Albert Arthur W. Harder Fred H. Newton Louis Reed Edwin Brightman Evan Jones Howard B. Nye Walter Sulkowski Frank DeCerce George E. Lewis Joseph Papalia Frederick Walther Thomas Wallace JUNIORS Russell Carpenter Edmund S. Daly Arlie Duerr Richard Boeckel Berend Bracht Beverly Burrell Warren Callaway Carleton Chambers James Fleming Harry lngerson Donald C. Lynch Wilfred H. Sharrer SOPHOMORES Harold Crampton Leo Davidson Nathan Cantor Thomas Kamalsky Andrew Knapp Phillip Linscott Parry W. Owens Bernard Pfohl Glenn Phelps Paul Robbins George E. Townsend Roy Van Amburg Clark White Frank Salmon Arthur Spaulding Fred Thayer Kenneth White Beta Alpha Psi Honorary Accounting Fraternity FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS IN 1919 Xi Chapter Established in 1929 OFFICERS HOWARD PELLENZ ........... ,...,...,,,.........,,.,.. ..,,..,,..,,, P r erident GEORGE BENNETT ,,,,,.,,,. ,.,,,,, V ife-Pre,ridpnf JOHN LEMBCKE ....,....., ,,.,,,,,, S ecretary NICHOLAS COPPOLO ......,, ,,,,,.,, T rmyurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY George Bennett ACTIVE MEMBERS John Lembcke Erwin Liegel Bruce Moyer John Andrews Milford Bennett Nickolas Coppolo Henry Davidson Thomas McCormick Howard Pellenz Harold Port Stacey Shepherd Dominic Stinziano Top Row: Port., Davison, Stinziano, Moyer Second Row: Leigel, W. Bennett, Andrews, Shepherd Front Row: Coppolo, Pellenz, G. Bennett., Lemke 283 VW ki' Q I 1 7' il 8 gr gn 'I 41 ll fs K Beta Gamma Sigma Honorary Business Administration Fraternity FOUNDED A'1' UNIVERSITY or WISCONSIN IN 1913 Beta Chapter of New York Esmblirhed at Syracuse University in 1922 OFFICERS ERWIN F. LIEGEL ........ .............,........,.......... ................ P 1' esident Joi-iN W. HANSEN .....,....... ........... V iee-Prerident STACEY E. SHEPHERD ..,....,. .......... S ergeemt-at-.4rm.v MAURICE V. MURRAY .......,. ,......... S ecremry-Treasurer George E. Bennett Hubert Bice T. Coulston Bolton Arthur J. Brewster Ralph W. Beecher Milton Davidson FACULTY MEMBERS Frank N. Bryant Maurice C. Cross John W. Hansen Thomas McCormick Maurice V. Murray ACTIVE MEMBERS Erwin F. Liegel Leopold Pitzl Harold Port Charles L. Raper John O. Simmons George R. Tilford Lawrence VanDusen Stacey Shepherd Edward StafTord Stafford, Licgcl, Shepherd, Port 284 H. WESLEY BAcoN .,.. Biblical Club OFFICERS HERBERT HARRISON ........,. MURIEL BLOCK ...... DORIS PEASE ....,...... Herbert Abraham Dwight Beck Robert Ashford H. Wesley Bacon Muriel Block Marjorie Bronner Gwendolyn M. Brown FACULTY' MEMBERS Curtis Bushnell William Davey Ismar Peritz ACTIVE MEMBERS Nahama Budish Mena Dalton Ruth DeWald Sherman Eckel John Gifford Louis Gross .......Pre.ria'ent Vice-President ...........Secretary Treasurer William Powers Whitney Trousdale Herbert Harrison John T. Ogburn Doris Pease Katherine Spicer C. Stanton Williams V Y. lg' 4 4 1 4 THE BIBLICAI. CLUB has been an active campus organization since 1904, when it was various religions have been the theme ofthe monthly meetings this year. founded under the leadership of Dr. Ismar Peritz. Views of the Bible as interpreted by i 285 Y' 'Q l l SENIORS 41 U P Y v fi 2 Tv Classical Club OFFICERS CURTIS BUSHNELI ......... . .........,..........,. .............. P resident DORIS MORLEY ,......... ......... V ice-President ISABELLA O. JONES ........... ..............,....... S eeremry LUCILE G. GIFFORD ,...,.... ..,...... A Jsistant Secretary THOMAS E. TURNER .....,.... Treasurer GRADUATE STUDENTS Salvator Ciciarelli Eleanore Lay Louise Thompson Getman Doris J. Morley Gertrude B. Silverman Esther Bahn Dorothy Bellmer Harriet Brown Pia Chemotti Lucille Gifford Marie Bergan Charlotte Bowker Isabel Colvin Elizabeth Corttis Ruth Davey Ellie DuFr'y Veronica Dunn Elsie Glover Evelyne Hunn Isabella Jones Donald O'Connor John Paschall Ellen Perry JUNIORS Mary Eskildsen Margaret Garrison Lillian Hauenstein Elizabeth Hayes Leonore Hencle Edna Lambert Margaret Lavey Amy Lee 286 Carolyn T. Steirman Harry Stubbs Beatrice Shapiro Mary Steinmetz Vera Terpening Thomas Turner Nadine Woods Barbara Phillips Bertha Rothe Carlotta Shwartz Eunice Slater Ina Taylor Inez Wells Lorna Yorki Corpse and Coffin 5 Honorary Junior Class Society FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY IN 1884 Extablished at Syracuu' University in 1889 Active Chapters 2 OFFICERS EDWARD GRAMLICH .......... ......................... MILLIARD HOWLANIJ ....,., GERALD WISEMAN ........ RAYMOND GOODHUE ,........ Harry Allen Raymond Danahy Edward Durrwachter William Fargo Monroe Friedman Raymond Goodhue Edward Gramlich Charles Grinnell ACTIVE MEMBERS Robert Havill Robert Hazelton Frederick Hitchings Milliard Howland Ford Kirker Robert Lohman Morris Moss .............Pre.fidem' .,..V...Vire-President ......,.......Secrelary Treasurer Leslie Nichols Theodore Poole Kenneth Reinhardt Ernest Reynolds Nathan Schoenfeld DeFois Siegfried Leroy White Gerald Wiseman Top Row: Allen, Siegfried. Durrwachter, Hazclton, Poole, White Second ' " ' Row' Moss, Danahy, Havxll. Schoenfeld, kirker, Reynolds, Fargo Front Row. Friedman G 287 , oodhue, Howland, Wisem L l W H . '1 4 D Devil's Own Honorary Senior Law Society FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1907 1 4 I Y OFFICERS ANTHONY DE FILIPPO ..,..,,,,,,V,,V,,........ .....,.. .....v....... P r widen! HARRIS SoI.oMoN ............... ...,.... V ice-President NATHAN SHARE ............M. , .,....... Secretary WILLIAM O,CONNELI ...,.,,... ......... T reasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY Paul Andrews George Gray ACTIVE MEMBERS Louis Adler Carl Hardwich Donald Nellenbach Sanford Engel Milton Haven Leonard Picker Theodore Cohn Alexander Jenney Carmine Ranieri Thomas Fisher George Spitz Top Row: Haven, Nullenbnck, Picker, Engel. Ranieri Second Row: Hardwick. Spitz, Adler, Jenney, Cohen Front Row: O'Connell, DeFelipo, Gray, Share 288 English Club OFFICERS MARGARET KITTELL .......,,.......,...........,...,........ ................ P resident NAHAMA BUDISH. ...,..... ........... V ice-President HELEN EBV ,,,,,.,,........ ....,.......f... S ecretary SUZANNE TOWNE .,....... ........ T reasurer FACULTY ADVISORS Clara Williams Byron Dickens COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN HELEN BARDEN ...,,,.,........i........ l ...,.,,....,....................,..,.. Social Chairman EVALYN WELLS ......... .,.....,.. P rogram Chairman NAHAMA Bumsi-1 .......... ........, P ublicily Chairman THE ENGLISH CLUB claims the distinction of having been one of the first organizations on Syracuse campus. It was founded in 1900 with the purpose of establishing a better under- standing between English students and their professors. This year the organization has inaugurated the plan of holding a series of teas to which both Juniors and Seniors majoring in English are invitedg and it is anticipating a visit of Christopher Morley. Top Row: Budish, Eby, Towne - Front Row: Williams, Kittell, Dickens 289 'YI 341 QI 41 3 'Q ii 8 gr: gn QI 4 'Q 8 Eta Pi Upsilon A Honorary Senior Women's Society FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1898 OFFICERS Louise Rociawem ,..... ................................. .............. P 1' widen! MARGARET Etwoon ,.,,.,,, ......... V ice-President MARGARET BRYAN ,,,,,,.,.. ,r......... S ecremry VIRGINIA HEBBER'F ...,...... .......... T feasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY Helene Hartley Editha Parsons Katherine Sibly Adelaide Ayling Elizabeth Born Margaret Bryan Charlotte Castor Vivian Caygill Margaret Elwood HONORARY MEMBER Mrs. William Nottingham ACTIVE MEMBERS Betty Folsom Lucille Gifford Frances Greene Virginia Hebbert Betty Hopkins Marydee Johnson Hazel Jordan Julia Morton Ethel Myers Virginia Rand Louise Rockwell Top Row: Castor, Folsom, Honkillil. Greene Second Row: Morton, Johnson, Rand. Giff0l' . Ol' Hn' Front Row' Ca d J d Born . My 290 ygill, Ayling, Elwood, Rockwell, I-Icbbcrt, CFS Forestry Club OFFICERS HAROLD DONALDSON ...................,........ .......,4,. ...........,.. P rexidenl JOHN HERMS'I'ED .......... ......... V ice-President JOHN MACON ..........,.....,... ,...,.... V ice-President THOMAS MCMEEKAN ..,...,... .,...H,,. V ice-President KARL MCNASSER ....... A .,............ S ecretmy CLYDE SOPER ............ ...,.,........... T reasurer NEl.SON BROWN .,...............,..........,,......,.........,,.,.............. Farulty Adviror THE FORESTRY CLUB, organized in 1912, consists ofthe entire student body of the Forestry College. The club has attempted to achieve a professional spirit of Forestry among the members ofthe group and to unite them in a mutual feeling of good fellowship. The members have accomplished constructive work on the whole campus as well as within the College of Forestry. It organized and financed the first rifle and lacrosse teams. It now sponsors a Student Council and a Student Loan Fund. The Forestry Club supports all the student activities of the college. The Freshman Smoker and informal dance are among the social events sponsored by the organization. The two important functions ofthe year are the barbecue held each autumn at Green Lake, and a banquet and dance in March at the hotel. 291 gt: 41 0 1 fs 9 ACTIVE MEMBERS Monx Head Honorary Iunior Society FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1903 OFFICERS ALFRED WOHL ...,,... ........,I..,I......,.,...,.... .......,.... P r widen! ALBERT Coox ...,..... ,...... V ice-Prexident FRED MARTIN .........,... ......,.. S ecretary FRANCIS 'IQISDALE ......... ...,..., T reasurer Carl Bateman Bennett Berkhausen Charles Bonsted Albert Cook Draper Daniels Edward Dunbar Milton Edelstein William Ferris Norman Fitzer George Grader Albert Gutzman Reubin Harrison John Horsman Noll Johnson John McEwan Elmer Maister Benjamin Martin Frederick Martin Benjamin Moses Wilbur Norseen Ronald Phillips Carl Sargent Marvin Sovetts Francis Tisdale Alfred Tisdale Top Row: B. Martin, Gutzmnn, Phillips, Horsmnn, Dunbar, Grader, Ferris. Norseen Second Row: Harrison, Johnson, Sargent, Bone-Lcd, Meister. McEwan, Daniels, Fitzcr, Bcrkhnusen Front Row: Moses, Sovctts, F. Martin, Wohl, Cook, Tisdalv. El-l0lSY-Cin 292 Joseph Frank Edwin Haskins Ernest Keenan Alvin Abbot Donald Addis Walter Alberg Pershing Rifles Honorary Military Society for Basic Course Men FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY or NEBRASKA IN 1894 Active Companies 9 Company A, Third Regiment Established at Syracuse University in 1929 R EGIMENTAL OFFICERS GARY Sci-iuMANN,,., ..,,,.,..,,,,,4,.,,.,,..,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,.,,,.,,,.,.....i......,...................... Colonel RICHARD B. HOSIER.... Cvaus HAWKINS ..... ..... ,,...,..,Cap1ain Adjumnl ,Second Lieulenrmt COMPANY OFFICERS THEODORE POOLE .,....... ........,..,,.........,.......,,..,..,,...,,.,,...,,.,... .....,.,..,,.,.... C 1 zplain ROBERT COLE ,..... ...,..,.,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i.,.,i,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, , , , ,.,,.,.,... Firrl Lieulenanl ROLAND ONrrkoY ja. .,...,,. ,,i,,,,,,.,,..,........ . ,Second Lieulenanl WINHORNE NE'l"l'LES ....,.. ,,,,, ,..,,,.i,.,i.i,,,..i.A,,.i.,i,. S L- :ond Liezm-nan! Hislorian BENJAMIN BERRY .,.,..... .,,........,....,...................,....,,.,,..........,........ If 'irxl Sergcanf SERGEANTS George Kory Walter McCarty Leroy Greene Floyd Jackson Vernon Begenau Karl Berhardt Leonard Bloomenthal Jack Buckland joseph Brooks James Carroll William Chamberlin james Doyle CORPORALS HONORARY MEM BERS Herschel Melvin Charles Scott CADETS Stanley Evans Gaylord Fraser Howard Gorman Rexford Graves William Greene John Hamel Emery Hapworth Hibbard Kline Robert Keenan Hurlbut l.a Vier George McKenna Hugh Morrison Francis Nieznalski lohn Strickland Frederick Test Albert Tuttle William Night Gustave Oppermann Joseph Pennacchio Robert Poole Robert Reed Edwin Rothbauer Joseph Schmitz John Swinscoe john Strickland Bernard 'l'rernl Charles Whittaker Top Row: Addis, Caruth, Chamberlain, Brooks, Poole, Gorman, Albcrg, McKenna. Doyle Third Row: Abbott, Bcrnhardt, Hamel, Evans, W. Greene, Begunau, Rotlibawcr, Graves, Fraser. Morrison, Keenan SeconrlARuw: Pennaccliio, Kline. Reecl,gWl1ittaker, Jackson, Berry, Greene, Carroll, Oppcrman, l.aVicr Front Row: McCarty, Onffroy, Poole, Hosier, Schumann, Hawkins. Cole 293 gr: gn QI 4 I V I Phi Beta Kappa Honorary Liberal Arts Society FOUNIJED AT WILLIAM AND MAIKY COLLEGE IN 1776 Active Chapters 114 New York Kappa Chapter Established in 1926 OFFICERS HORACE EATON ....,t....1.......,.............t.........,..,... ............. P rwidem' MRS. OTIs M. WILEY ........ .....,. V ice-President HAROIIID CLEASIIY .,......,.,... ......1.......... IS 'mwflafy FRANKLIN HOI,ZWAR'I'H .....,... ....,.............. T rcasurcr LOIS FLINT .............EE....,...... .I.....,. C lzapler Historian MEMBERS OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Charles L. Raper William Smallwood GRADUATE STUDENTS Helen Noble Gertrude Silverman Glenna Wurth Isabel Acquarone James Arsenau Franklin Baker Rose Blacker Pia Chemotti ACTIVE MEMBERS June Common William Emm Annette Ferguson Frederick Jackson Eleanor Lathers James Zone Herbert Monkemeyer Norman Pinsky George Reifenstein Julius Solomon Waltra Willis 294 Phi Kappa Alpha Honorary Senior Society FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1891 OFFICERS JACK CoGsw1a1.L ........., ....,,.....,.,.,.,..... .....,........ P r exident THOMAS LOMBARDI ......... .,...,.,. V ice-Prcsident ALBERT WERTHEIMER ....... ,.......... S ecremry HERBERT MCKEAN ....... ,........ T rearurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Milton Bock Thomas Lombardi Donald Clark Herbert McKean Jack Cogswell Edward Thompson Robert Haley Albert Wertheimer Top Row: Bock, Clark, Haley Front Row: Wcrtheimcr, McKean, Cogswcll, Lombardi 295 gt gn QI 4' I fs I K V' an 1 I I 1 I 1 I l 1 4 , Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia Honorary Musical Fraternity FOUNDED AT NEw ENGLAND CONSERVATORY or MUSIC IN 1898 Active Chapters 57 Establirhed at Syracuse University in 1904 TREVOR REA ....,.. JOHN CORFIELD ,.,..,. . MYRON MAXON ........,. OFFICERS ...............,...Prc.vident ..........Vice-President .........,......Secretary WILLIAM BEDFORD ......... ,,,,,,, T rmyurer G. NOBLE GILPIN ......................................,..,.,,.I...,,,,... ,,,,,,,,,, W garden MEMBERS IN FACULTY William Berwald Rexford Colburn George Parker Earl D Stout Harold L. Butler Howard Lyman Kirk Ridge Lowell Welles ACTIVE MEMBERS William Bedford Arnold Goettel Trevor Rea John Corfield Myron Maxon Henry Romanelll Mark Fax Clair McGavern Frederick Shaterian William Friedman Barney Nisenbaum Allan Sherman G. Noble Gilpin Ivan Rasmussen Herman Sperling Kenneth Stowell PLEDGES Irvine Orton Charles Appleby Top Row: Fox, Sherman. Slintcrian, Romanelli Third Row: Schmidtchen, Foote, Goettel, Rasmussen. Freldman Second Row: Gilpin, Maxon. Rea. Bedford, snarling. Sl0WGll Front Row: Parker, Ridge, Butler, Berwald, Lyman 296 Pi Delta Epsilon Honorary Iournalistic Fraternity FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1909 Active Chapters 44 OFFICERS HENRY DAVIDSON ........,. ,,..,,,,,,,,I 7 ..,.,,, GUSTAV ABRANDT .......... MYRON DAVIS .,......,.,,, MEMBERS IN FACULTY Paul Paine Jo Gustav Abrandt Dudley Bacheller Edwin Barry Edwin Brightman John Clawson Draper Daniels Henry Davidson Myron Davis ACTIVE MEMBERS Walter Diamond Arthur Drucker Clarence Jack Benjamin Kaplan John Kinsella Sidney Krawitz Harry LeBrun Herbert Monkemeyer .......Pre.vident ........Secretary .......Trea.vurer hn Simmons Ralph Moore Harold Pierson Gordon Reed George Schneider Streeter Smith Allen Stearn Milton Tolmach Arthur Van Wie 4 'I:op Row: Jack, Daniels, Recd, Tolmach Second Row: Barry, Drucker, Schneider, Pierson, Kaplan Front. Row: Smith, Brightman, Davis, Davidson, Krnwitz, Clnwso 297 n. Van Wie gr: gn 'I 1 cr I1 8 Pi Delta Nu Professional Chemical Fraternity for Women FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY or MISSOURI IN 1921 Active Chapters 3 Gamma Chapter Eslablixhed in 1928 OFFICERS MARJORIE SANDI-IOLZER ...,,..............,......... .........,..... P resident MARIAN JONES ......,,........,., .......,. V ice-President ANABEL MCMUl,LEN .... ............ S ecremry RUTH ELLIS ....,............ .......... T reasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Margaret Carey Grace Jungen Mildred Roth Ruth Ellis Catherine Klein Mary Ryan Ruth Lindsey Anabel McMullen June Miller Barbara Rogers Dorothea Fitzgerald Eloise Furnival Margaret Garman Marian Jones , PLEDGE MEMBERS Jane Kessler Margaret Reeve Fern Masters Jean Robb Orrea Pye Dorothy Seroukis Marjorie Sandholzer Margaret Shanahan Helen Simpson Marion Williams Marjorie Wicks Janet Wilbur Fruma Wolfson Top Row: Masters, Seroukis, Miller 1 Second Row: Bye, Wilbur, Shanahan, Wicks, Garman. Robb. 51111113011 Front Row: Jones, Furnival, Sandholzer, Ellis, McMullen 298 Pi Gamma Mu 9 Honorary Political Science Fraternity FOUNDED AT SoU'rHwEs'rERN COLLEGE IN 1924 Active Chapters 98 Syracuse University Chapter Establixheri in 1929 OFFICERS IRVING FRUCHTER ....cce,c ....c.,ccc,......., ....c ...... P 1 ' widen! NE'r'rl1z IGLEHART .......... ,.,..,. V ice-Presidcnl Ross BLACKER ....,,..... o,... o,.,,,, . S' an-wary JANET BENEDICT .,...,......... ,o..4.A eo..AAAo T 1 -wsu:-er MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dean Leebrick Dean Nye Dean Powers Sidney Albert Mrs. Rose Alderman Janet Benedict Rose Blacker Eugene Butman Charlotte Castor Pauline Doughty Harold Elstein Margaret Elwood ACTIVE MEMBERS Evelyn Fleming Irving Fruchter Arthur Grifiing Nannie Iglehart Nettie Iglehart Frederic Jackson Ivy Marcy Grace McMahon Faith Moran Albert Ornstein Norman Pinsky Joseph Prenski George Raus Hester Rose Frances Rubenstein Philip Rudolph I.eClare Stuart Anita Young Top Row: Albert. Rubenstein, Ornstein. Castor, Grihfmg Front, Row: McMahon, Blackcr, lfruchlcr. Iglchart, Il L, 299 "5 251 QI 41 Y' 'Q I I 8 'YI lg' 'I 4' 3 V il 9 Pi Lambda Sigma Honorary and Professional Library Fraternity FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1903 Chartered by the State of New York in 1914 Re-established at Syracuse in 1917 OFFICERS MARJORIE HARDING .................................... ................. P resident FRANCES KILBURN ..,...... ,....... V ice-Prerident ELEANOR WALKER .......... ..........,... S eeremry EVELYN JUDD ............. ......... T rearurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY Charles Buffum Mr. and Mrs. Wharton Miller Edna Stewart Bessie Eldridge Dorothea Russell Florence Van Hoesen ACTIVE MEMBERS Elizabeth Bentley Ruth Fiske Flora King Sylvia Blakeslee Gladys Frair Fannie MacKa1g Ruth Buell Alva Jenkins Margaret Manwell Lucia Chapman Margaret Jones Evelyn Smith Virginia Ferguson Margaret Kittell Rose Schiffman Amelia Young Top Row: Fiske, Jones Second Row: Buell, Frair, King, Blukeslec, Ferguson, Manwcll Front. Row: Jenkins, Walker, Young, Kilburn, Schiffman, Judd 300 Pi Lambda Theta Honorary Pedagogical Fraternity FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY or MISSOURI IN 1917 Active Chapters 27 Alumni Chapters 12 Syracuse Beta Chapter HILDA MCKERROW .,..... HARRIET NORTH ............ Rosa BLACKER .............. Founded in 1917 OFFICERS .......,...................Pre.vident Vice-President orresponding S ccrctory MARGARET SHANAHAN .......t Brass TEMPLETON .......... BERTHA HENDERSHO'F ..... Recording Secretary .......,...........Treasurer .....,...Kccper cy' Record.: HELENE HARTLEY ................................................ .,,....,, Ruth Abell Margaret Anderson Ella Babcock Jeanette Biermann Rose Blacker Luella Bothwell Frances Bragan Ellen Buell Ella CaH'rey Pia Chemotti Isa Cole ACTIVE MEMBERS Margaret Fletcher Lois Flint Mildred Haight Gertrude Hanchett Helene Hartley Bertha Hendershot Anne Jacquin Grace Jungen Frances Kantor Eleanor Lathers Eugenie Leonard Ruth Lindsey Hilda McKerrow Bernice Meredith Marion Miner Harriet North Donna Peckham Florence Pidge Sylvia Pike Marion Proudhon Mildred Richman Hester Rose Faculty Advisor Margaret Shanahan Mrs. Coleen Smith Gertrude Silverman Mary Steinmetz Bess Templeton Marjorie Thorpe Mrs. John Washburn Lilly Weeks Ruth Whitnall Bithia Whitney Lydia Wroath Top Row: Flint, Kuppersr-r, Anderson Second Row: Stcinmctz, Kantor. Latl Fl t Front. Row: Shanal' , Blackcr, Mclicrrow, Hendershot, Tcmpl t 301 ncrs, 4 c chcr, Buell, Sherman W lg: ' I v 4 'Q Pi Mu Epsilon Honorary Mathematical Fraternity FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1914 Active Chapters 20 OFFICERS HAS'l'INGS Biuckisiz. ..... ......,.....,.....,........o, . .....W....... I Jireclor RUTH Erms .,..oo.......... .....,...........,o... ......... V z ce-Director RUTH Lmnssv ..,,...,,.....o ,....o.,, 6 'ecremry WIl,l.IAM HOUIQIGAN ,,,,,,,,Vw,,,,,,w.,,,,,,,,,,o,,wooo,.......,,........ ........ T 7'6Ll.l'147"87' William Borgward Warner Coleman Frank Bryant John Daugherty Carl Bye Floyd Decker Alan Campbell Henry Farnham Isaac Carroll Otto Gelormini Earl Church May Harwood James Albert Elizabeth Decker Millard Ames Frank Dolan ohn Backman Harry Deuberry ltranklin Baker Donald Dixon Wilfred Baker Ruth Ellis Joseph Br7ostek Carleton Garrett Eleanor Carroll Norman Gillette Frederick Carroll Elsa Guckemus Richard Clapp John Heigl Lenard Curry Martin Hogan Edmund Daly William I-Iourigan MEMBERS IN FACULTY Otis Hendershot Mrs. Otis Hendershot Ernest Keenan Aden King Laurence Lee Louis Lindsey ACTIVE MEMBERS Julie Iglehart James Jerry Roger Jones Herman Klotz Edward Koch Charles Koon Ruth Lindsey James Lyon Jean Munnerley Helen Noble John Norton Floyd Peterson Charles Post Dorus Randall Marjorie Sandholzer William Taylor Rich Whitney Keith Orsen Donald Perkins Addison Persons Edward Pharo Sara Price Harold Randles Donald Robinson Mildred Roth John White Robert Wilson CCOU T Wl A D D S d Row: Dt-uberry, Phara, Munnerlcy, E. Carroll, E- Decker. R811 Front Row: Decker, Ellis, Hourigan, Albert, Lindsey, Carroll op Row: iite, mes, ixon, aly,M05l1l'f dles Psi Chi National Honorary Psychology Fraternity FOUNDEIJ A'I' NEW HAVEN, CoNNEcTIcu'r IN 1929 EJf6lbfiJ'hL,tZl at Syvvzcuse in 1932 OFFICERS IRVING FRUCHTER ...., ...... , EE,..,. EEEEEEE.E, E...... P 1 widen! VIRGINIA HEBISERT ........ E. ,.Vice-President EI,EANoR LATHERS ....., I ,Scc7'em1y-Trea.Iu1'er RRNST TI-IEI.IN ,.,,,,E.... ,, EEE,,, Faculty fidvimr Gordon I.. Barclay J. M. Ferren Charlotte Castor Pauline Deren Irving Fruchter Arthur Grifling Virginia Hebbert Charles Cummings Margaret Elwood Evelyn Fleming MEM BERS IN FACULTY Harry W. Hepner Roland C. McKee ACTIVE MEMBERS Daniel Kaiper Eleanor Lathers Abraham Levine William Marks Frances Rubenstein ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Emily Redington Orvin Sheppard Mildred Singer Ernst Thelin Wesley R. Wells Seymour Schwartzberg Guliema Swan Eleanor Taylor Florence Till Charry Woodard Richard Solomon Harry Wagner Basia Zambrowsky ' Top Row . VVoodartl. Castor, Gflmllg. Rcclmgton, Flcxnmg R l tein From. Row: Taylor, Fruchtcr, I-lcbbcrt, Solomon 303 'Tl gs QI g 'W SY 41 QI 4 1 1 Y Y l l l I Robin Hood Honorary Junior Forestry Society ESTABLISHED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1921 OFFICERS FREDERIC A. FAY ....,.. .........,................. . ..... .......... R o bin Hood ESMOND W. SEARS ........, ,.,,, L ifrle Jahn DAVID HAIGI-IT ........... ,,,.,,,,,. W il! Starlet IRVING V. EARLE .........,.. ...Alan-a-Dale ELEANOR CHURCH .........I.... Maid Marian EDWARD F. MCCARTHY ....... ,.,,,.,, F rim' Tuck Harold Belyea Oscar Blew Harry Brown Nelson Brown Laurie Cox MEMBERS IN FACULTY Fred W. Fletcher Carl Forsaith William Harlow Svend Heiberg Hiram Henderson Raymond Hoyle Joseph Illick Laurence Lee Audrey MacAndrews Edward McCarthy ACTIVE MEMBERS Donald Archer Charles Davenport Allyn Herrick Martin Baudendistel Harold Donaldson Gerald Hill Hans Biermann Irving Earle Elwood Keyser Richard Bingham Charles Eaton Joseph Kowal John Brownell Frederic Fay George Lang Malcolm Bruce David Haight John Macon David Campbell Martin Hawrylow Robert Marshall Charles Cheston John Hermsted Herbert McKean Justus Mueller Reuben Prichard John Sammi Samuel Spring Vernon A. Young Frederic O'Neil Charles Page John Pearce Edward Root Esmond Sears Clyde Soper Charles Steirly Ray Sydansk Top Row: neon, reir , ae, rownvl l'C ICI' n. awr ow i M S ly P g B l Third Row: Campbell, Davenport, Baudcndistal, O'Neil, Pearce, Marshall. SODCY. Bierman H yl Second Row: Fletcher, Prichard, Eaton, Herrick, Kowal, Cheston, Sydansk, A l , H ll Front Row: McKean, Lang, Haight, Spring, Fay. Cl1UI'Cll, SCHYS, Iliick 304 Scabbard and Blade National Honorary Military Fraternity FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY or WISCONSIN IN 1904 Active Companies 78 Alumni Posts 12 Company B, Fourth Regiment Established at S yraeuse University in 1922 L QI OFFICERS ROBERT ELLIS ............... .............,,..........,..,. ........,........,.. C a ptain FREDERICK T1-IAYER ......... ..,...,...... F irst Lieutenant ROBERT KNAPP ............... .......... S eeond Lieutenant PERRY RAUCH ........................................................,...........,. First Sergeant William Graham Edwin Haskins Harold Donaldson Robert Ellis Charles Graham Clarence Jack Robert Knapp Erwin Liegel MEMBERS IN FACULTY Sidman Poole Earl Sperry ACTIVE MEMBERS Stanley Liszcz Karl McNasser Malcom Peckham William Powell Perry Rauch Frederick Reid Frederick Test Albert Tuttle Alfred Schneider Prentice Shenton Frederick Shepherd Frederick Thayer Roy Yale Abdallah Zakby Top Row: Schneider, Jack, Donaldson, Ruusch, Peckham Second Row: Liegel. Znckby, Williams, Graham, Powell, McNasser, Liszcz Front. Row: Shepherd, Shenton, Ellis, Tuttle, Test, Haskins, Powell, Thayer 305 v H '1 1 P 'Q ii 9 A w fi 1 P Y Scalp and Blade FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY IN 1893 Active Chapters 11 Established at S ymcuxe in 1930 George Townsend OFFICERS HERMAN HAUCK .......,,. .....4.................... .,...,......... P r widen! JAMES HAMILTON ....,.... ...,....,. V ice-President RICHARD GOE'rz ....... ,....... T reasurer DONALD BRELOS .....,.... ..... Secretary ACTIVE MEMBERS Howard Adema James Hamilton David Brewer Milton Perrott Theodore Stuhlmiller John Wagner Top Row: Goetz, Thayer, Brclos Front Row: Adema, Hauck, Brewer 306 Sigma Beta Chi National Honorary and Professional Transportation and Commerce Fraternity Active Chapters 38 Epsilon Chapter Established in 1924 OFFICERS PAUL Baooics ...,..,,,ri, ,.,V.wr.,,.,,,,.,,.,,,,4,,..,,.. EZRA ARMSTRONG.. JAM!-:s L. Mowiw ....... CHARLES STONE ...,.A,......,,, ..,,,,,,,, .,,...,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.r,, Hubert Bice Coulston Bolton Leslie Bryan MEMBERS IN FACULTY Maurice Cross Karl Leebrick Charles Raper ACTIVE MEMBERS ..... Y..... P rwident Vice- President ,,.......Svrretmy . .. Treasm'er Stephen Toadvine Lawrence VanDusen Howard Viets Ezra Armstrong Myron Brenner Paul Brooks Paul Brunish Edwin Finch Robert Kiffney Thor Lu ndgren Clarence Moldenhauer James L. Mowry Floyd Ricard Streeter Smith Charles Stone William Talbot Ward Watson Top Row: Lundgrcn. Talbot, Bryan, Brunish, Finch S econ ow: mi i, o enmuur, Brcnnor,W:n.son ' apcr rms ron rocks Stone Mowry dR S tl M ld I Front Row. R . A t g, B ., , 307 v H '1 5 5 QI 4 1 V '1 'YI 4' QI 4 1 4 I I 'Y ch 0 0 Slgma C111 Alpha Honorary Public School Art Fraternity FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1927 OFFICERS WALTER SI-IORT ,.,.,,,., ,,.,.,..,.,,,....,..... P reszdent BETTY HOPKINS ........ DOROTHY SNELI. ......,,. ELBERT RYERSON .........,... KA'FHERINE FILSINGER ,,.,.,.I MEMBERS IN FACULTY Catherine E. Condon Marian B. Zimmer Rllla E Jackman ACTIVE MEMBERS Mildred Bodley Viola Jacobson Walter Short Lois Dorr Gladys Lunn Dorothy Snell Katherine Filsinger Elbert Ryerson Wanda Szeliga Betty Hopkins Top Row: Lunn, Ryerson Second Row: Dorr, Bodlcy, Filsingcr, Szclig SltCdSll Front Row: Hopkins, mor , on 308 Sociology Club OFFICERS JANET BENEDICT ......... ..v..................... .................... P r esident NICHOLAS REZAK ........ .............., V ice-President EVELYN FLEMING ................................................,.,,.... Serretmy-Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY Thomas R. Fisher Herbert N. Shenton Russell E. Waitt William C. Lehmann Mrs. W. C. Lehmann Mrs. R. E. Waitt Mrs. H. N. Shenton GRADUATE MEMBERS George Chesbro Robert Dolan Hubert Perkins Charlotte Sennett ACTIVE MEMBERS Janet Benedict Charlotte Goldman Dorothy Meyn Margaret Bryan Mildred Gross Faith Moran Mildred Carver Helen Hagan Esther Nachman Charlotte Castor Virginia Hebbert Emily Redington Edward De Furia Nannie Iglehart Nicholas Rezak Margaret Elwood Nettie Iglehart Philip Rudolph Aneita Fanning Carl Katz Carolyn Young Evelyn Fleming Helena Zweifel THE SocIoI.oGY CLUB of Syracuse University is a student organization that was re-estab- lished in 1927. It operates to promote better understanding and more intimate acquaintance among the students of Sociology and the instructors. Its varied programs are designed to build up the morale and exprit de corpx of the Sociology students and provide an opportunity for obtaining instruction and experiences supplementary to those provided in the regular college curriculum. ' Top Row: Ryckoff, Klimnn, Dolins, Chcsbro Third Row: Castor. Hcbhc-rt, Perkins, Lehmann, Rudolph, Scnnctl. Fisher, Dt-Furin. H. Shenton, Rcdinglon, Johnson Second Row: Slmmilmn, Waitt. Goldman, Bryan, Elwood, E. Shenton, Moran, Iglvliurt, Woodard. lit-dell Front Row: Carver, Hagan, Fleming, Fanning, Reznk, Benedict, Young, Mcyn, Gross 309 gt du 0 41 1 Q I 4 I V I I I is I l Tau Beta Pi Honorary Engineering Fraternity FOUNDED AT LEHIGH UNIVERS11'Y IN 1885 Active Chapters 57 Beta Chapter of New York Emzblislzed at Symcuxc Universily in 1906 OFFICERS EI.LswoR'1'H MOSHER ....... ......,..,............... ,,......,....... P r widen! HERMAN KLO'I'Z ..,...... .. .......... Vice-Preyidcnf RICHARD CLAPP ..,..,.... .....,...,...,.. S ecrermy HAROLD RANDLES .......... ....... T reamrer Albert Acheson Earl Church James Albert Raymond Ames Edwin Brightman Richard Clapp MEMBERS IN FACULTY William Graham Louis Mitchell ACTIVE MEMBERS Robert Crocker Edmund Daly Carleton Garrett Le Roy Mullin William Taylor William Hourigan Herman Klotz Harold Randles John White Top Row: Haney, Daly, Ames, Mosher Second Row: Klotz, Albert. KOCH. Hvixzl. CFOCRCF If nt Row: Brightman, Clnpp, Hourignn, White, Randlcs 310 I Tau Sigma Delta Honorary Architecture and Allied Arts Fraternity FOUNIJED AT UNIVERSITY or MICHIGAN IN 1913 Active Chapters 15 Delta Chapter Estabfislzed at Symcuxe University in rw OFFICERS IoIzQUA'I'o DE PELICE .r.................................., . HARRY NUSE .,....,,..e...... GUY BALDWIN,,eI Arnold Bauer Marjorie Garfield Earl Hallenbeck Guy Baldwin Mildred Damon Torquato De Felice MEMBERS IN FACULTY Kenneth Sargent I-IONORARY MEMBERS Carl Hawley Hibbard Kline ACTIVE MEMBERS Helen Henry Eve Katz Elizabeth Marsh 1915 ........Chapter Master .,,..........R6'6'07'dB7' ...,..,.,.Srri6e Arthur Moore Frederick Lear Frederick Revels Harry Nuse Stella Sachaklian Seward Whitaker Top Row: Damon, Whitaker, Saclmklian Front Row: De Felice, Marsh, Nuse 311 'Y lg' QI 41 v Y I V V' I '1 Q J 1 4 Tau Theta Upsilon Honorary Senior Class Society FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1904 OFFICERS DAVID F ELLOWS ......... ................................... ........ P r widen! FRED JULIAND ............ .,....... S ecretary PRENTICE S1-IENTON ....... .,,.,.,. T reasurer FACULTY MEMBERS Karl C. Leebrick R. H. Baysinger ACTIVE MEMBERS Fabian Doscher Fred B. Juliand Prentice Shenton David G. Fellows Joseph E. Moran Carl L. Titus Herbert G. Ross Top Row: Leebrick, Baysinger, Titus Front Row: Ross, Shenton, Fellows, Doscher. Juliand 312 Theta Sigma Phi Women's Honorary and Professional Journalism Fraternity FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY or WASHINGTON IN 1909 Active Chapters 30 Omega Chapter Founded in 1920 OFFICERS BETTY BORN ........... . ................................ . VIVIAN CAYGILL ..... I.. ........ .. IRENE GARDENIER ........ LOUISE CORT .............. HONORARY MEMBER Mary Jenkins Publisher Q' the "Syracuse Herald" ACTIVE MEMBERS Betty Born Irene Gardenier Vivian Caygill Frances Greene Frances Corridon Marion Willis Kruse Louise Cort Alumni Chapters 9 ...............Pre.vident Vice-President .........Secretary ...........Trea.vurer Dorothy Luber Ethel Myers Virginia Wartman Alvhild Wiman Top Row: Myers, Cort, Wiman Front Row: Greene, Born, Cnygill 313 VW 245' QI 4 1 4 B Y JD 8 SY gs J 1 I ll V, I Theta Pi Professional Technical Fraternity FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1925 OFFICERS ESMOND SEARS .......... ............I..................,. ............. P r evident CHARLES PAGE ........, ........ V ice-President EDGAR HASSLER ....... ............. S ecremry JAMES PIERSOI ,........ ........ T reasurer Fred Fletcher Philip Bower Wayne Brownell Charles Cheston Corydon Chrysler MEMBERS IN FACULTY Simeon Hart John Sammi Justus Mueller ACTIVE MEMBERS Norman Emig James Piersol Edgar Hassler Marvin Schneller Charles Hewlett Esmond Sears Joseph Kowal Leo Venette . Charles Page Top Row: Schneller, Picrsol, Brownell, Hewlett, Hart, Vinctte. Canfield From. Row: Chcston, Chrysler, Page, Scars, Hassler, Bower, Kowal 314 Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity FOUNDED AT llNlVERSl'l'Y or MlNNESO'l'A IN 1904 Active Chapters 21 Tau Chapter Estabfirlzcrl at Symcure Urziversily in 1925 . OFFICERS HERMAN KI.o'I'z .........Vw ..,,,e,,,. ,,tt ,.e.,, , . . FREDERICK 'VHAYER CARLETON c5ARRE'l"l' ,...,,. REXIVOIQID MoUI.'r0N ..V..... E......w.. ,......,EY.,,,vv.,. . , MEMBERS IN l+'ACUI.TY Albert Acheson Edward Berry GRADUATE STUDENTS Raymond Gemmill Robert Hedden ACTIVE MEMBERS . .. ,,,v,. P1't-,viffenl .. .Vice-P7'eJiricn! .Scfrelafy .,T1'ca.mrc1' William Graham Louis Mitchell Jack Henderson H. C. Williams Howard Avery James jerry John Pierson Edwin Brightman Henry Jones Charles Sherman Robert Case Herman Klotz Tony Spano Edward Durrwachter Edward Koch Frederick Thayer Carleton Garrett George Lewis Harry Wolfe William Hourigan Rexford Moulton Harold Wood James Howard Waldo Page Edward Yehle A. J. Perrott - Top Row: Durrwaclitcr, Parrott, Jones, Koch Second Row: Page, Sherman, Pierson, Ychlc, Howard, Spano Frontdkow: Hourigan, Jcrry, Thayer. Klotz, Briglitmzm, Paucck, Wolfe 315 v H '1 V 3 H 44 7 I fs iv I '1 J d University Women's Council CABINET Ross BLACKER ........ ......,................. ..,.,.. ............ I S' p eaker LOUISE CoR'I' ..,............ ,. ,................... Vice-Speaker EI.IzABE'r1-I DI-LCKER ..,..,.... .,..,....,.. R eeording Setretaiy ELEANOR 'l'I'rUs .,.......... .....,,. C orresponaling Secretary MAlJEl.INE BURGER .........,..A...........,......,.............,..,i..........,,...... Treasurer COM MITTEE CHAI RM EN CI-IARl.O'I"1'E CAs'roR ..,.......,.....ii.A.,,.,....,..A,i......... International Committee MARY HAAK ,,..,e......,..,.., ..........V. N ational Committee EI.IzAIsE'rH WINSHIP .,...... ................ E daeation Committee VIRGINIA I-IEBBER1 ',,... .. ...,i.. Social Problems Committee RUTH DREYER,......e.....,.......,,.,,,.e,.......,.,,.. Publicity Committee THE WOMEN'S COUNCIL of Syracuse University was organized in 1923 and became affiliated with the Women's Congress in 1930. The purpose ofthe society is to provide an opportunity for the study of current problems. In addition to programs covering education, social, national, and international subjects, the Council is interested in topics concerning campus life. Meetings are held once a month at which reports given by various members of the committees in charge are followed by an open forum. Such subjects as "Spoon-Fed Educa- tion," "Model Reparations Parley," and "Furthering Social Relations between Men and Women on Campus," were among those considered during the past year. I Top Row: Hebbert., Drcycr, Hank Second Row: Titus, Burgor, Castor, Winship Front Row: Decker, Blacker, Cort 316 Young Women's Christian Association ADELAIDE AYLTNG ........ ..,..............,.,,., .,,n...,,,,,,,..,, P r emit-m MA RGARET ELWOOD ......., ,,,, A,,,,., . . .Vife-P7-eyidmt MA RTHA DENCE ........... ...v... S ecretary-Trezzxurer BERNICE MEREI7I'1'H ..........,...,.....,....,,......,.,.,,,i . A,,., . ,.,.,.,.,,,.,.,,,,.., Adviyor' JULIE IGLEHART ,,...,. Home Representative ELIZABETH DECKEII ....E... ............., . Tocia! Sw-vice DOROTHY HEISE ...... .,..... P Vorfd Fellowxhip VIRGINIA MAll'FY .,.,. LOUISE ULIKKCH ......, MARGAllE'F SHORT... .......,..... Big Clzum . ........... .......................... I Jublicity .......Fre,v1zman Di.rcu.v.fio21 Groups ELIZABETH KINNE.. ........ ................... C ity Extension ANNABEL NlCHOl.S ....... ......... M emberrhip SUZANNE TOWN ......... .......................,...........,......... I Yifver Bay PATRICIA PARDEE .... LENORA ROUSSEAU ........................ World Student Christian Association THE purpose of Y. W. C. A. is to unite students in a desire to obtain the most out ofcampus life and to enable others to do so. The Social Service subordinated by the City Extension Committee carries on welfare work throughout the city of Syracuse. During the year Y. W. C. A. sponsors many projects beneficial to the University. Some of its greatest work is being carried on with freshmen through the Big Chum Committee and Freshmen Camp- an innovation to this campus in September of 1932. Great prospects are predicted for future freshmen camps. Membership in Y. W. C. A. is open to all women attending Syracuse University. Top Row: Kinnc, Rousseau, Towne Second Row: Pardee, Marty, Nichols, Short, Ulrich, Heisc Front Row: Dencc, Elwood, Ayling, Meredith 317 A . Zeta Phl Eta Honorary and Professional Speech Art Fraternity FOUNDED AT NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY IN 1893 Active Chapters I0 Delta Chapter Ermblishcd al Syracuse Universify in 1914 OFFICERS JANET DUNB-AR .....V,...Y. ,,,......v,..vY......,,..Y,,. ..,...,....... P r widen! Hll.lDA MCKERROW ,.e,e,e, ...eeee ..,.r,.. V i ce-Presidenl HEl.EN BILUS1' .............r, ......................,.,...,....... t S'ecre1'my RUTH EVANS ....V.V......, .V7.., ,.....,,.. C ' orre.vpomz'ing Secretmy CLEMENTINE KIEFI-'Ek,.,ara.aEaEE. .aE,raE....,.....EE...... T reasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY Editha Parsons Norma Sangiuliano HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Victor Quirt Hugh M. Tilroe ACTIVE MEMBERS Helen Brust Ruth Evans Eleanor Lay Elizabeth Clark Lois Gorson Hilda MeKerrow Elizabeth Corby Sylvia Grossman Virginia Rand Elizabeth Dougherty Mary Heid Anna Severance Janet Dunbar Clementine Kieffer Ruth Tripp Top Row: Rand, Lay, Gorson, Doughex ty, Tripp Second Row: Hyde, Grossman, Kieffer, Severance, Evans Front Row: McKerrow, Dunbar, Brust 318 VW 221 an 'q gg 9 'S' ll W i I 5 We invite your respectful consideration of these, our advertisers 320 .-I ADVERTISEMENTS im A4 Wherever Women a O O O O 0 I-IE conversation naturally swings to a discussion ol clothes. l-lave you, too, noticed how many times you hear something like this: "Qt course, when l loolc lor something better l always go to Dey's. And they are not expensive either, when you consider that everything you buy there gives you so much better wear and actually FEELS different, too." We are, ot course, very flattered at all these nice things that are said about Dey's . . . but to be very iranlc, we are not in the least surprised. For over Fifty years Dey's have been keeping abreast of the times, ever on the alert to be of greater service to the women of Syracuse and Central New York. When a new fashion was about to be launched, a statl ol thoroughly trained buyers was always ready to introduce it to Syracuse. When prices Fluctuated, as they are bound to from time to time, Dey's immediately passed the saving along to you. And another thing that you will hear often, is the fact that Dey's is such a pleasant store in which to shop. We hope you, too, enjoy shopping here. We are constantly striving to lceep our departments modern and up-to-date in both mer- chandise and appearance. Among the newer improvements at Dey's, starting from the top Floor, are . . . a new and exclusive selection of Sticlcley Early American Furni- ture. Sticldey Furniture, as you lcnow, is made right in Fayetteville and enjoys a nation wide reputation For style and quality . . . on the Filth Floor we have a greatly enlarged Drapery department that otters suggestions lor every possible curtain or drapery treatment . . . just this month we have added a complete Garden De- partment and Wallpaper and Paint section on the lourth Floor which carry everything to brighten your home inside and out . . . the third floor houses everything for boys and girls from birth till grown-up ages . . . the College Shop is a recent addition to our second Floor and here you will Find the newest fashions for the modern co-ed. We could go on for pages telling you of the things that are continually happening at Dey's but since we can't, we suggest that you visit us ancl see For yourself. For 56 Years . . . Women have been "Shopping with Confidence" at ey Brothers and Salina, Jefferson and Warren Streets ' Syracuse, N. Y. in J The Drape O discover the 'Lbest" Way of photographing every type of Woman has been the especial study of Bachrach feminine specialists. As a result of this "quest for beauty" Bachrach has develop- ed five styles of portraits, illustrated-f'The Drape". Arrange for a sitting novv. Special Prices to Students of Syracuse University C' 13 a chv a ch M0317 hawk i'cIyl0qDlifllIQlCflr7f1f 250 Harrison Street Telephone 5-5112 PORTRAITS OF JUNIOR BEAUTIES IN THIS BOOK BY BACHRACH 324 To Enjoy Lifen- You Must Have Perfect Health! To get the most out of your college days, it is necessary that you be physi- cally and mentally lit. Netherland Milk is a vital and health-giving food that will tone up your body and quicken your mind. Ask your steward to serve this excellent milk at every meal. Netherland also has a complete line of the Iinest ice creams. Netherland Milk Phone 2-9111 THE NETHERLAND DAIRY 215 Tully .llireel AUTO BODY SERVICE Repairing of Wrecked Automobiles Au o B dies ' To s The Cosmo 1553.138 UQQT D.,.i',8 assis --....... . Bumpers Radiators 501381135259 Auto Glass congratulates the ONONDAGAN Wooiygfflng RH-3333316 SPOQLIOPS on this, its fiftieth anniversary. Age, UPhol5'e""g C"'ta"'S we feel, is ability to serve faithfully. 111 This is the COSMO'S fifteenth year. A SPECIALTY ERICKSON 8: BLEWETT 120 PLUM STREET Phone 2-3003 '83 THE COSMO THE CORNER STORE on this, its 25th Anniversary, con- gratulates the HONONDAGANH on its 50th Anniversary. '23 325 WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO Distinctive Portmits W---fOfficia1 Photograph ers-f-l- fo 1' THE I 9 3 3 ONONDAGAN IISCHOOL AND COLLEGE PHOTOGRAPHERS11 160 Boylston Street BOSTON, MASS 326 ... ,.... ....,.,.-W ...............,..., ,,.,.... .... .,,,,,,,,,- .,....... .................- limp, ,V L' ...T..:.T:-.......... mg--:'f5n'X Jef, A was u I --was . . THE CENTER P fi, of Student and Alumni Acti11ZtZeJ.' , 315 I ' '- H for student and alumni groups. It is conveniently ' ' 'Il ,I I il N gf, :.- z a ..' ,H rf, :z n.fQ.Mf III Ill l ll' 'I'-X ,M :lf Sl - 1 an ,wx In I I I I 'l . :ll lb nu R . 'mr IM --1 ':1 in I firiwi'-L fflfls - - fi: if: U, lisa 533535 Hotel Syracuse is the ever popular gathering place In 'T 'TT' ""-fa-.1 "3 1, lllllll I I 'Ili' ' lf " . Y 1 UL .M .-if iw M, G rw N: ' p pii located and has every facility for making your " "" "'i"' """ ' "W iiii"" ' conventions, balls and banquets successful. DINE and DANCE in the Terrace Room 49 DINNER DANCING Nightly, 6:30 to 9:00 P. M. No Couverte DeI.uxe Dinner 551.25 Fay B. Marencss, Manage SYRACU S Wed., Thu., Fri. and Sat. 9130 P. IVI. tO 1:00 A. IVI. d and Operated by Citizen: Hole! Corporation READING . . . Bardeen-Union The Ideal Recreation Teachers, Agency It brings rest, relaxation and mental stimula- tion-all in one! 0 The wise and mentally alert Place Teagheys in Superior Pogitigns read--and they are wise and mentally alert be- cause they read good books' good magazines' Interview or Correspondence Invited journals of accomplishments and progress. S 4 U e B O O K S T O R E 301-303 E. Washington St. - Syracuse, N. Y. Tor gliand VIGOI1 UW My A - Y I YW. TC . I V V W Y egg S. M. Flickmger Co., Inc. ' 129' I O gl Wholesale Grocers .0 Q IU? p I ICE CREAM Dzsfrzbutors W' RED AND WHITE FOOD PRODUCTS "Chock Full of Youth Units" General Ice Cream Corporation N , . . . ,, Syracuse Division, Plum and Tracy Sts. Then Qualny Always Mamtamed 327 A WEEK-END OF FUN . . . IN NEW Yomc . . . S 50 ALL FOR - - NO EXTRAS. 1 Bright, comfortable room---private loath and radio. 2 Luncheon and breakfast at hotel, or Saturday lunch at Bohemia. 3 l'lollywood Night Club---dinner, dancing and show. 4 Excellent orchestra seat, Radio City Music l'lall. 5 Sightseeing bus trip with guide. REGULAR RATES 52.00 to 53.00 Single, 53.00 to 54.00 Double. SEE New York at its gayest. Now's the time. Dine, dancei and see the si hts ofthe city. Stop ata metropolitan hote, ---at the un recedgented all-inclusive price, 55.50. No extras Think ofwhat you et for your mone . Did you ever hear of such a week-end vaglue as this? Mail reservations today. Remember 55.50 per person pays everything---a grand, glor- ious week-end of fun in New York. -S cl t d I F "NEW Ygrkalin YOdurcP?DIEIket9' HOTEL QATAR? Under direction of Wm. S. Brown J. D. Taylor Construction Corporation Engineers and Contractors o SYRACUSE, NEW YORK 43rd St., West of Broadway - New York City Phone 49i1a I I Tviileite Baaakcaliitefsemee TTTT I I TT . I TTT G I N S B U R G S MISS SYRACUSE :: GRILL DQLUXE Something New and Different: RESTAURANT 0 DELICATESSEN SHORT ORDERS and REGULAR DINNERS . Doc. Wilson DOF' Middleton 469 S. Salina Sy-RACUSE w N Y 135 E. Onondaga ..- Ue,?W'.,EasI e re .,ftE'feE1f'I-of e ,ee ,.7-g.-.4..,..ev. EMPIRE TEACHERS' AGENCY POSITIONS FOR SENIORS 321 University Bldg. Syracuse, N. Y. C. J. Ferguson, PresidentT J. C. Ferguson, Secy.-Treas. FERGUSON GROCERY CO., Inc. Wholesale Grocers and Dealers in FANCY DELICATESSEN ITEMS Phone 2-8518 134 WALTON STREET gn SYRACUSE, N. Y. Phone 2-59OT TTTTT I I mMoose Building W. STREMPEL CO. SAFE AND Lock EXPERTS Key Fitting, Saw Filing, Lawn Mowers Repaired 8: Sharpened Skates Sharpened 'l'lO Montgomery St. , Syracuse, N. Y. JOHNSON CO. 'Clie imllflddif C'?Q!I1B??e!N3l, ll at-iff Hotel, Restaurant, Bakers and Soda Fountain Supplies 5 S cialists in South Salina St Q39-236-Q38 W. Jefferson st. 129-133-137 Walton Se. .pf W bl SYRACUSE ' SYRACUSE! N' Y' Feminine eara es PPlWlN9 ANU ITTSBURGI-I RINTING COMPANY 530 FERNANDO STREET, PITTSBURGI-I, PENNA. Printers of Publications, Catalogs Clllustratecl ancl in colorsl School Annuals ancl Commercial One Faculty Adviser "As to your service and workmanship on our Inoolc, writes: we are certainly pleased, for the inserts and border, as well as the other color sections, are quite up to our expectations, while the printing is done in an excellent manner." Another Appreciated "I hesitated until novv to write our Commendation ol Missive: the exquisite Iooolc you produced lor us. It has won vvide acclaim from the student-Faculty bodies, and several newspapers from this end of the State have gone into great detail pointing out its merit. We are proud oi our 1932 'Pioneer'." WE PARTICULARLY INVITE CORRESPONDENCE REGARDING THE PRINTING OF YOUR "ANNUAL". 49 O MAY WE GIVE YOU AN ESTIMATE ? BOOK SENDENQ 329 Svtart 'iarlg . . . En plan fm' the Bratz in Qlnmv AINFUI. employment is not easily found after middle life. Fortunate is the man Bl or woman who can retire on a guaranteed income. The surest form of self-pension is an Annuity contract with a strong life insurance company. A check for an unfailing amount reaches you on time no matter how long you live. You can buy an Annuity outright ifyou have a fund now available. If not, purchase it on easy payments through our new RETIREMENT ANNUITY POLICY. Choose the age at which you intend to retire. Spread premium payments over the intervening years. Regular saving is encouraged and you carry your program through. No investment problems, either now or in later years. A high income yield, not subject to reduction. No medical examinations. ijnu will want in knnm- I A What cash value ifI withdraw ? May I borrow all or part of this? May I have a lump sum at retirement instead of the monthly income? Suppose I want to retire earlier than the date at first selected? What happens ifI do not live to the re- tirement date? Or, if death occurs thereafter, before I have received much income return? Is it possible to add greater death benefits ifI need life insurance later? What provision is made ifI should become entirely disabled? For each of these queries the policy has a good answer I 'hr Hruhrntial ilnmtrsmrv Glnmpang uf Amvrira EDWARD D. DUF FIELD, President HOME OFFICE, Newark, N. J. MAIL THIS Name .......... ........... A ge ........ COUPON FOR Address.. ............ .... ...,., , , DESCRIPTIVE ...................................,,.,,,,,,........................................................ BOQKLET T0 H. H. LINN, Assistant Manager, Ordinary Department, Commonwealth Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 330 PITTSBURGH'S OLDEST PREPARATORY SCHOOL SINCE 1883 I-IADY SIDE ACADEMY JUNIOR SCHOOL ELLSWORTH AND MOREWOOD AVENUES For Boys 6-12 Fall Term Begins September 25, 1933 Day Students only SENIOR SCHOOL In the country Fox CHAPEL ROAD, ASPINWALL, PA. For Bqw 12 and above Prepares Boys for all Colleges and Universities Fall Term Begins September 19, 1933 - Boarding and Day Students GOLF - TENNIS - TRACK - BASEBALL - BASKETBALL - FOOTBALL - HOCKEY For information telephone .fterling 2400, or write .Shady Side Academy, Drawer G, Oakland Stalion, Pittsburgh, Pa. 331 IHHDlI21EA.llJ'iUl1Ff NG AVENUE! W "" 5 "T' 1 k. INDI VHJlJf'xf.fTY-- You ffm! it in Bureau- " ,W 'V,,v',! , -:,. :NM,1,5 lzuflt Allnlluls ...... Hcaufy of DC8l.gll - Qualify of 2? 'gi Engrax':'11g-D:'af1'11ction of Tlleme .... Don 't merely Z Img Jrezmz of sucll an fxnnunl. Let ,'f?f:i"'i 'fxv rg 'N , N "vV -Lili CRAFT llclp you make it a lecnlily. A "'.: "IW, xve inviteyour correnponrfence. Let 5 SIM' 'V V ux fcflyou wlmt I. A , 412 ' g CRA1fT,',. jig ,551 innealwolis 332 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS A ADDIS CO. B BACHRACI-I STUDIO ..... BARDEEN-UNION TEACHERS' AGENCY BUREAU OF ENGRAVING . . . C CORNER STORE . COSMO . . D DEY BROTHERS . E EMPIRE TEACHERS' AGENCY . ERICKSON Sz BLEWET T . . F FERGUSON GROCERY CO. . FLICKINGER CO.. . . G GENERAL ICE CREAM CO. . GINSBURG'S .... H HOTEL SYRACUSE . . HOTEL TIMES SQUARE . 328 324 327 331 325 325 323 328 325 328 327 327 328 327 328 J JOHNSON SUPPLY CO. . M MISS SYRACUSE GRILL . N NETHERLAND DAIRY . P PITTSBURGI-I PRINTING CO. PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE CO. S STREMPEL CO. . . SHADY SIDE ACADEMY . T TAYLOR CONSTRUCTION CO. . . U UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE . . V VANTINE STUDIO . 328 328 325 329 330 328 331 328 327 326

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