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,I My , S 1 '4 if fi 'Q Qa 41 Y! jk 4 :Q 1 ,G 6 fd 'fa ,ai E 'm 1 Fi 3: if if 12 hi 72 ai A ' 1 5 J fi S ' a W1 'e ,. 6 TE mx. ".,dxwmmama-n.z.Ins4xlxu.L:mmus annum ' smfww FINE I GENTS SHIRTS AND DRY GOODS NECKWEAR - ff THE " DRY GOODS STORE. - I I I 9 in BAUUN GHAPPELI. 84 U0.,2'liiTl5gffi2?ff" 'I I Mew 60005, Elttenti0n, - I 1 if ' Mew 1l0ea5, !Uff,?Qgg IDOIITCIWSS I W4 f gb I K anb Gapable I MQW IIDWCCS' g g Service. Our store and metclzandise are always FRESH and INVITING, and quick wits are constantly on the "qui Vive," eudeavoring to make it still more attractive. Your patronage will be appreciated. HOSIERY I- 1 - JACKETS. SUITS AND 1 l I l - 3 AND UNDERWEAR "' " - -' " " ' SHIRT wAIsTs. HEXCLUSIVELYN DRY GOODS. I SYRACUSE STEAM LAUNDRY Q5 J 314 EAST FAYETTE STREET. ' 1 .At WE D0 THE BEST WORK IN THE CITY SYRACUSE U IVERSITY. ONE HUNDRED AND SIX PROFESSORS AND INSTRUCTORS. A FOUR COLLEGES. ELEGANT BUILDINGS. OVER NINE HUNDRED STUDENTS. Che Glollege of liberal Elrts Offers Classical, Philosophical and Science Courses. The Library contains 47,000 volumes and 11,000 pamphlets, including the famous Von Ranke Library. Astronomical Observatory, Museums and Labora- tories and Gymnasium thoroughly furnished for Instruction. Physics department one of the best equipped in the State. Glue Cllollege of Jfine Elrta I Has courses in Architecture, Painting, Music and Belles Lettres. These are taught in all their branches as thoroughly as at any school in America. The building occupied by this college was erected and furnished at a cost of half a million dollars, and contains one of the largest organs in the State. This college contains the famous Leavenworth-Wolff engravings fI2,000D. Che Gollege of flbeoicine s Gives a four years' course of thorough graduated instruction. This school has an enviable reputation. Zibe Gollege of law Furnishes thorough instruction by text books and lectures. Students have access to the courts and law libraries. Tuition in the University is so low and its incidental bills so few that the aggregate charges to students who pay full tuition are less than incidentals alone in most institutions which offer free tuition. Send for catalogues. - JAMES R. DAY, CHANCELLOR, Syracuse, N. Y. C IBTABLISHID 1351. Pl- IIS!!!- Mnnulacturers and Importers of Cor. 18th Street, EIMER at AMEND, Chemicals and Chemical Apparatus. I 205, 207, 209 and 211 Third Ave., Send for Illustrated Catalogue. NEW YORK. Mrs. WinsIow's Soothing Syrup has been used for over FIFTY YEARS by MIL- LIONS of MOTHERS FOR. THEIR CHIL- DREN WHILE TEETHING with perfect SUCy CESS. It SOOTHES THE CHIL J SOFTENS THE GUMS ALLAYH ALL PAIN, CURES WIND COL,lC und is the BE!-Vl' REMEDY FOR DIARRHC,EA. Sold by druggistsin every part of thc world. Twenty-five Cents a Bottle. , ..,, J. F. NEWMAN, WGi """""" COLLEGE FRATERNITY is WY BADLJES. Society Pins, Alumni Emblems, Medals, 8rc. We have the largest factory in the United States, devoted almost exclusively to this work. NEWCTR K Official Jeweler by Special Appointment To All of the More Prominent Fraternities. Send for Catalogue of your Fraternity Badges. Correspondence Solicited. 19 JOHN ST., NEW YORK. BASTABLE THEATRE. LEADING PLAY HOUSE. FRANK D. HENNESSY, . . . Manager. SYRACUSE, N. Y. osWEGo Shade Cloth Company :AC A continual increase in sales to the largest dealers proves the superiority of our Shadings. Our Shade Cloth being the stand- ard, all shade trimmings, cords, tas- sels, fringes, etc., are made to match our colors and are designated by our numbers. 257' OSWEGO, N. Y. New York Office: 415 BROADWAY, COR. CANAL STREET. BEWARIL. . Of the fore part of a cheap horse, the hind part of a cheap mule and all parts of a cheap bicycle. You have but one HIGH GRADE NECK. Don't risk breaking it by riding poorly made, trashy bicycles. Ride d UKIOIZLA ' Base Ball Goods, T0 SAVE Boxing Gloves, MONEY, 4 Sweaters, BUY Tennis Balls And Gymnasium Supplies .ai AT WHOLESALE PRICES. J- S2.00 WORTH FOR 51.00 df WE SELL THEM SO. H. R. Olmsted 81 Son, 413 cL1NToN STREET, .... sYRAcUsE. Prgtectign and Not only every business man but the family of every . business man, not only every wage earner but the family Prosperity. of every wage earner-in fact all the men and women of the United States-are intensely interested in the tariff policy of the United States Government. A Protective Tariff brings prosperity and plenty. Sound money confirms stability. Democratic legislation on the tariff and currency has in- variably produced widespread destitution and misery. lf the people of America wish to keep themselves thoroughly informed about every question affecting the tariff, salaries, wages, prices and money, they should read THE NEW YORK TRIBUNE. THE TRIBUNE prints by far the fullest, best and most accurate reports from Washington, and the best, the fullest and the most accurate political news and market reports. Guard yourself this year against falsehoods and misrepresentations. THE TRIBUNE is, historically, the uncompromising champion of a really Protective Tariff and sound money. THE TRIBUNE is invaluable to every human being interested in the de- velopment of industry and the return of prosperity to the American people. The present year is a time for practical men to cast off prejudices, and to give up the habit of reading newspapers which do not represent the true interests of the people, and which are not working for a return of the old regime of Protection and Prosperity. This is a year for encouraging by practical support the one great American newspaper which has fought the battles for Protection for hfty years, and is in the ight to stay. Weekly, 51.00 a year. Semi-weekly, 552. Daily and Sunday, 510. Sunday Tribune separately, 252. TRIBUNE ALIVIANAC, 1896-gog pages-25 cents a copy. . . , . THE TRIBUNE. f A , ,. va ,,7,, -.ff'- QQ ' gl, 4 , . ND1. . az, A 'RA ,, , -. . 'Wil -ff ' ' if ww ' - - f- Op f ' "EfiiaVilffZ'3m ' posws' W ' nik I 5, -7 - -,,,4w,- ,,..',f- Q OO W' ,J . ' fa 'j-1 ffgufwwl' gf' 'ld I ooMs VS. r 00 xf r 1 4 gf, 3 . perday Q yg d 9 5 T'-T: Z' -' 3' -' ' . - - 1, f 11 thy .. - 5? an afd QV 296640: f ' uw' Qs 'Q Wmxmw A X25 Ano fgi , my wg Q6 Ciewf-M .vMuuw4r2rQ in Dzvor ff ,yi-5 QfgW,gi?'N5' 7' 'Qu'--rr if f 1---. " 7 71, 57 Y Q .4..L-L, ,..E?1:Z.,-. .L U 1 I -?f' -- f1f .-.Q - . "'-' , , , 1 . - 1 ,iggf " " ' wgn - 1 1 M1-QW? " g 22 -- is - '31 Lv, "W ' - f--iff , Q pmzomzco av Tfmvncns mop, ML DIRECT' Nw -rt .'-4 in ,rl-f'-Q 7l,,j..?. . --6---'S X fs nl V 1 Zwlfl High 7' K X 1,5-J 1 A3221 ,y zfv 1 3 1.1 Q fggf- Ql,5M.,g, 244 , , W" YIVI I I ' v-5 -i45"'7iU nfrv. 5 I ' . .. . ,. , g --- ....v-' , Q. -"'r " f .--ca, - ,. 5, Q Q, '- f. FORD 81 COMPANYI' V L-3 Pnopmaroas. S' F. FLOWER, Bootand Shoe Repairer. SHOES AND RUBBERS RETAPPED AND REPAIRED 329 Irving Street, City. lieiko Ilan Ilcngen HAIR . . . DRESSER, 118 West Fayette Street, Nexv 'ro KIRK stock. SYRACUSE, N. Y. LITTLE'S LIVERY, WQLCUTT 51 WEST, CACHES AND CO U P ES. BOARDING A SPECIALTY. . 1-l-- WHITE MEMORIAL BUILDING, VANDERBILT SQ. First-class Turnouts for Weddings, Funerals and Riding Parties. 'Sf PROMPT SERVICE. 'S' 315-317 IRVING STREET, . SYRACUSE, N. Y. TELEPHONE 713-I SCHAEFFER 8: ff. f ., , ff ,, , , , i ,www , 4 if UDENBERG, Manufacturers of' M Pressure 'Ghufes For all purposes. Metropolitan Recording Gauges, Por low and high pressure. TACHOMETERS. Portable and Stationaryg also for direct attachment to shafts w .I A .5 ' :':,-....-- 1qs.v:-- , LH! . I i-lu-1'lrv'yy'l "m1lWnuwml'll l'VWi"l'3il'i71W7Ei N Q M VM M' 'Emi'Niillimlimmh ' liflll Tf'.i. 1l!4iiiNli, .T . if ---- 1 iiiiiii W xi Ui . I ll 1 Ill iilil liiiilfi lf- -- -" W ' Q 1 IFNWL1. lil' gif . f- f l, ,. If I lil will iii E5-firis. K ' lim rl.: I -i I -.'1'. . Ili, ,,w----g,f-5 . 1 gf.. .nf .iff l-if 11:5-1-:If 'll l. ...--fy I- filef gt., gl., gg:-:g:5g. id ...Ty wld , 44, L- Q sa,-" fx .., , gf 1 'V'-.3 , .- 4 X iii liiiiV UiilVllVWMiliiiiiillliiillllllillllilmmhllyllln.i . no 'ff' ', ' ig 5:7215-' 1 M:::+.22f."BL '5- I ,0797 ' " ,,,, y, .,.,,, W, 4 ,..u . , mb. RECORDING GAUGE Prof. R. C. Carpenter's CAL Steam and Coal ORIMETERS. IMPROVED Thompson Steam Engine lndl- cator. AMSLER PLANIMETERS 9 PEERLESS AUTOMATIC 1NJEc'ro1zs ...... REDUCING PULLEYS AND ENGINE AND BOILER APPLIANCES IN G EN- ERAL ..,. , , , No- 32W Lake St Chlca . l go No' 66 John Sf-. New: York. ' W0l'ks and General Offices, Salesrooms: Brooklyn, N, y. of engines and dynamos. STEAM ENGINE INDICATOR. WILLIAM S. ORR, Sanitary Plumber, SYRACUSE, N. . S e City ...M ctionarie erman, Fr SP w York ec' fix: 025 N OCQOCCOQ Q .3 O 0 E 3 G Q 55 8 C - Q i G Im S 6 QQ ASQ Gm E Translation Literal Interline ARTHU 4 Cooper Ins CD O 0 CD O O G O lx NO Q 0 0 W 0 O g' O C 3 O Q O CD Q J. Henry Pabst. Henry Van Lengen. PGDSI 8 Udll ECIIQCII, Tonsorial Parlors. First-Class Service. II3 BASTABLE BLOCK Directly over entrance. Take Elevator. AGENT FOR LOWNEY'S CHOCOLATES...-11 327 WARREN STREET, . . . SYRACUSE, N. Y. Will be pleased to give estimates on Entertainments, Banquets, Etc. My Ice Cream and Water Ices are unexcelled in flavor, purity and richness. The Sensation -V-.-.,.,....,,,,,,.,.......,, LN Q QHRV' e I of 1896. .g ,"',:',,,""" . r WHEN You nuv 'rim I A ' 66? f- Arwooo R eaia iiii fill: . LIGHT " 'il Hgffly l L, You get what all othe fail A:iL I I li Ii tohave,aswmg1n55b ncketg l, did you ever stol t con- 1 "d ' what a great advan- t. ge that is in a Bicycle L mp? It also ha' many othe dist' t' - 'mprovements notf d ' th k A111 mps you k re desig cl t b ' 1 '1 d'w 1 - I Ht' b .' ' th ly th t actually d .' 't. You will m lc great mistake 'f you b y a Bicycle Lant l f 3 have -seen the Atwood Light. Ask your dealers to show you thi. I tmp, c pare it with others. That's the way to judge of its merits, by comp ison. Price, 84.50. Descriptive Booklet Free. ATWOOD MFG. CO., . . . Amesbury, Mass t D., L. at W. R. R. coxs CCAL. FOR PRICES, SEE DAILY PAPERS. Ofhce: No. 7 Onondaga County Savings Bank Building HOLDEN 8a soNs, Agents. M: Lavmvay- mmmn LETTEWQQRESS .X .ai .9 .9 J See Illustrations in this Book. M99 QQQ . XE- . N. JG O SBE DESIGNERS ENQDQAEDSJ k S QQQ. Q , Q QQ QQ N6ms. iNo- Co. CD Z 522 Ga 122 42 in an S9 SALINA, ST, SYD:-AQVSE, Cjwliw YODQX. .L N 113- . . 1 - 1 fezfjg- gg- P 'E - 1 i..l-l...1-1-- 1.- ,,-11 509 KIRK BLOCK ':l7 ' ' 'rem J - def- - 4. '1 ..-... f 'f' ..... arm f - - :-:- 3-'gi e-.aEEE-F ,-,.. lnyfpzfe - " - - -X Q - Fi .SUE - BAS. .J -e f "ee 73? fre' F' 1-1-11" ' li .. .- H .. '- -. ,. 1 l -,,,,,F , . - v- .1 ,, wie. 'f 'd' U L -. 5' ' -. - "fc , ' X - I -jfht " -1 ' 'S . ' 15? 21 mzzai' ' Wg ,Y . Z, 1 1' G1j?f may 'f , W .War ,Wa QF 'ia ie F .,.. ,,, i-JF" ---1-1 - .. 'f - -0110 , f U'-. - l 1-klxxxwlixx -'-T i' ' in 1 - 1.1 - -.,l- . ' ' L - - T '.. ' '-Ti, - ' - ,--- .L .-- - 'Y .:'f- 7559? 2 gi ' 'E- ' ' - '-:,T'i'- ' il-"" 45-Lf? -Vifjgfb ? r- - ' Ji.. T.. - ' 3- -,J i?,f3'f'13a F 5- "' -L-. "-"-,..-11.-.' , ,: f , 41319-2- 1- - 1 3 .. :...:' ' '-2: F- ii nga" 461157345 ag ,, f. - - - - - - - -'f-- - . f K , .7 V-gg-pw: N -If " - ' . .1 : - - -"' ' Taz- -ff f -f ,,,,5 ,Ep-43'--5 .- , E -:' - . - - - ,. - l. -2- , , " ' - ,Q rrp- :,5-Hg' ' A L., 1 " 1 - - -.- . -'- i, 5' ' . .guy , 42,5- z.. , z., 1' - - F' -.liz - I ,, - ' ' xg F411-irrz' i .N - - .- ,-- - --7. -2 1 , , L r,,-341:-.-,...' F -V Tp, -i - 1 .-- .:----' - . if-K 1. N s JA ... - ...l. ,- -- -- ' - :,.-f. -I, 4,w1g.:.g,f.5g1 I E N, . -gi " . F ' 1,2 1 Y.- . 1:-...H . ,L ' 54 f A ' -1 - '--- " J E.. - 'L-'f--M ' 'Y - - A"-M" A' , . YYY ' k, - 1,7-.,.. ,LT ..-.- Y 7,44 WW, M A, MU, ,,,,,,,, , ,, A, :aff , " ' .,f.r-ey , .C , .:,, Q -"" . ' f""'-"" .. 1-. - ',- - ,-,.A.L F-fi? " - ' T' . " ...L:.- - - 4 .-Ee 5 ' ' 'VL q2,,.-1-" 'if 1Qj-7.' "" '11 .,jEg- .1-:h?f'f-H--afzv., ' , ' -Q..-.-. f ff- .:... -W ,lin-f i,-'r -:,T ,.-... ,..l L-1.5. .- 0- -:"ae1fa-fer-9752, il, .. - -.. --4 " ' iffy Q - A V -4.?:,.-f - ' rl-4. -- -.-, ,, --I-U .---, , , +47 '- WA1.'roN, N. Y.. july, 27, 1894. The Star Portrait Company of Syra- cuse, N. Y., I can and do heartily recommend. I have in my house work done by them and they did their work skillfully and honestly. WILLIAM B. MORROW, M. D. A VERY BEAu'rx1fUx. Picruxus.-The Star Portrait Co., No. 509 Kirk Block, has completed a. fine crayon portrait of our deceased son and brother, Louis C. Hoffman, which in respect to artistic work and execution cannot be surpassed. The above Company employs only local artists and can execute any work in this line in a most satisfactory manner. We cannot but most heartily recommend this Company on account of their honest and prompt service. We wish them a large patronage. -Cenlral Democraf, Dec. 26, 1890. WAL1'ON, N. Y., july 27, 1894. The Star Portrait Company of Syra- cuse, N. Y., enlarged and delivered a water-color of our little daughter nearly two years ago. In point of workmanship and artistic execution, we believe it cannot be excel1ed,and we take great pleasure in recommending them to the public. HENRY INDERLIED. High-grade Crayon and Water-Color Portraits. l Superb Dining Car Service, Coaches Lighted by Gas and In Charge of Colored Porters Solid Through Trains Between New York and Chicago, via West Shore and ' Nickel Plate Roads. Througl Buffet Sl p .QC b ee iz ars etwee Boston and Chicago, via Fitchburg, West Shore and Nickel Plate Roads. F. j. MOORE, - - - General Agent, N0, 2 3 Exchange Street, Buffalo, New York. A. WT JOHNSTON, 'Q - - - General Superintendent B. F. HORNER, Gen'l Passenger Agent, Cleveland, O. IH , Qui non proficit Deficit. PROGRESS, FASHION, RELIABILITY, ECONOIVIY. ri X... Dress Goods, These form the Dey Quartette. Silks, Clgaksy ovvvvvsowvwvso A 'P - Underwear, When you come A is l n n . - if. Ink" 'LW' ,...1 I IQ 7.5 7 1- ' ....X-f "NI :,,?3g,V - in 'IIV I ' ".,,. ,fm IVIen's Furnishings, 2 YIM Wheel' mir 3 C Bicycle HOUSE is illilli illilli arpetsf at your disposal I I 5-if S'?'? 5'5'E ?'!'5'5-Q-I-51 free of Charge ,gi . ' ' YP? illiiii IIE ihili fllilli 5I!5Il5 III' Bicycles. IL gi- .-,.,g. ' ,,,. 'mmmw' 12,6-IlymlmelrllvIn ig ,A 'AMIIHIIIVI HI ,Wo ,M ,M :H -ii.qw1Wfn1i I"I"'lWL eli m Wi M il iiiiihf ,g,,jQ'g:mjg, 5 in TA,g,,T'I:" D B C " Li' r..e:..n:n . 155.4535 - ' 'L , , "23TWf!'l' .lwmii ey POIZI 1C1'S 8E O. ,, ,' f f- .w,m , Il - 1 as 'FQ fj' J YOt1ma11S Celebrated Hats LADIES' ROUND HATS AND BONNETS. LADIES' TOURIST. LADIES' BICYCLE TAM. H01 and H09 BROADWAY CFIADISON SQUARE, WESTJ AND l58 BROADWAY QNEAR LIBERTY STREETJ, NEW YORK. Agent for Syracuse, J. B. WELCH. OXFORD CAP. I QPLICATE W.Hi5l: I CKAl.Axmzo0 Mia'riiun.J It is simplicity itself and can be played at one or more tables at the same time with one set of Trays. THE KALAMAZOO METHOD was exclusively used in the American Whist League Tournaments at New York, l8Q2., and Chicago, 1893. For Home Amusement and instructions in the game of Whist the Kalamazoo Method is un- equalled. Ask your Stationer for the game or write us. IHLING BROS. 85 EVERARD, KALAMAZOO, MICH. Whist and Duplicate Whist Rules and Whist Etiquette as adopted by the 3rd American Whist Congress, sent to any address upon re- ceipt of zc. stamp. l4os'roN, Mass.. si-.l"l'. 1, 1893. DI-IAR SIRSZ-ik - 'A tl' il' I have tried several methods of implicate Whiz-st, but find The " Kalamaz " much the best. Yours very truly, FISHER AMES. J O H N R E E D, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Separator Creamery Butter. Butter received daily from the Creamery. Small Jars for Family Use a Specialty. Also Dealer ln Fresh Eggs, Honey, Maple Syrup and Sugar. ALL GOODS WARRANTED. ORDERS BY MAIL PROMPTLY FILLED. 621 jackson St., - - SYRACUSE, N. Y. L. E. MARQUISEE, Florist and Designer, Choice ROSES, CARNATIONS, and VIOLETS. 207 DELAWARE ST., SYRACUSE, N. Y TELEPHONE 736 A. ESTABLISHED 1818. BROOKS BROTHERS, Broadway, cor. 22nd St., New York City. CLOTHING AND FURNISHING Goonsl READY MADE AND MADE TO MEASURE. Knickerbocker Suits for Bicycling and Golf, reudy made and to order. Scotch Long Hose. Riding Breeches and Red Golf Coats. Pea jackets of Pigskin Leggings, Trousers, re-inforced or plain. Elysinns and Pilots for exercise. Highland Gaiters, etc. Covert Coats, Serge, Sweaters lu all weights Suk 0' W001 H1104- anrl colors. " Shakers" and the genuine Shetland und Fair Isle makes. Bath Gowns, Towels, Sheets and Mats. ,-.l-.-l.- ln our Spring and Summer Stock, now ready in all departments, we desire to call special attention to our Knickerbocker Suits. They are made from both fancy Scotch Mixtures and genuine lsle of Harris Tweeds. The latter being hand woven by the Crofters, is especially adapted in color and fabric for Golf, Bicycle and general outing purposes. Since many of the cloths are confined to us, we guarantee exclu. sive styles and take pains to limit the striking patterns to small quan. tities. Our stock of Scotch long hose for men and boys, is also very large and varied, with the same attention given to exclusiveness of color and designs. X f 'V- .,JsiPi.." ' ' M .1 Q ' 'il f my f , Xa x ,wx 52 QNQ QQ v . ,H ft.-J 4 X 4 fx! 19 Q Llfxx E Q . ISF ? X J N gf, M K A , W ,ffff Ax M A f ff X WW Q' m y X N jf,i , . ' - EE W 2 ' W X' MESEF! E5 AEE W X X - .. - - ... V 7 ,nl P f 1-- , E! A ,Ak QAM H XM - QQQQ W M ? f N X nw ,f L X fff W N 1. 15, ' ' , KR EN f M W Y ,I x mxwf I f' if f A 22- I ea awe, ak-, Wig. .... if ff' A . ' ' N ' ' 11-. .. , x l ,X ,N . X W Q -ww-ffG ' WRT . KAI' MC. Q PRESS OF HALL Q. MCCHESNEY, SYRACUSE, N. Y. V XIII. SPRIN T 1896 TI-IE NONDAGAN GF '97 PUBLISHED BY THE JUNIOR CLASS OF SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY. .Ae U., RAH-RAH U., RAH-RAI-I ? f r-xt. Sk- .yd 1 I ' 0 I . .-':'g- - cg 4- s m A Q gktf, , 6 if 'Swain "' Y 1.1" 1' ir' ' f . n - if-G. , Y 1 :L mi -- ' 5. . 3 a. . . X F' ei 3: aaa -' - L' ' Q vi' ., X 0 , v mn .- 7. .sl .5 .5 M 4, , 2 me .i , ., . I ,f Q .1 I Q , i .. 0 1 -f - . . -ir w . . .H . sf X fl ' my Y C .,, MS' 'SL 1-w U' ,-. 5, .:. --1 g., rr, ,H 0, Aff. iii" 5' L" h 'h ' , "',Q"X, Rig, 2 , '- Ls -'G-1.x 7 M ' .,1,'..,..,,,X , .. fy W if - 1, J ,gaffwvf W a ff,--ra-Lf , fy ' fl M 1 7 it M in' ' lf, lf? XA W ,, , W, lf.. yf,'i'ilf,1iX j .i , IWW judge for yourselves as to world with its literary gems, or be superlatively brilliant in any one department or feature, but to HE BOARD GF EDITORS, from the Class of Ninety-seven, take pleasure in presenting this, the thirteenth volume of the ONONDAGAN, to the students and friends of Syracuse University. As members of the small but mighty junior Class, looking back over our short stay here, we see many changes. New buildings have been constructed and new courses have been added to the curriculum. Scholarship and athletics are on a higher plane than ever before. New faces fill the vacancies caused by death and separation, and the faculty was never stronger, nor were the University's prospects ever brighter than they are to-day. We have made changes in the ONONDAGAN, but we have endeavored to retain the good features of previous issues, and any changes which you may notice were made only after much thought and careful consideration. Without apology We lay the book before you, that you may its merits and defects. We did not try to make this volume one that would startle the college make it a Well balanced book of uniform excellence, and we hope that succeeding boards will profit by our experiments. k k 1 tfor the ood thin s there are in it we are sure there are some If you want to fully enjoy the boo eep an ej e ou g g , there, and you can find them without half the effort which will be necessary to pick out the fiaws. At any rate, don't b ' t kes so that if it is ever your lot to take up a bring your criticisms to us, for our work is finished, but profit y our mis a , , like burden, you may excel. Some may think that they have been unjustly represented, but we assure such that no malicious spirit has infiuenced us in our work. We have tried to give an opportunity to some to see themselves just as others see them, and if the image is not as beautiful, prim and attractive as such may wish, do not blame the mirror. 4 to James Byron Brooks, H. m., D. Z. IZ Dean of the Zolleae of liaw, this Uolume is Respectfully Dedicated. AMES BYRON BROOKS was born in the town of Rockingham, Windham County, Vermont, june 27, 1839. He passed his boyhood upon his father's farm among the rugged Vermont hills, and attended the district school. He studied at Newbury Seminary, Newbury, Vt., in preparing for college. Upon the breaking out of the war in the Spring of 1861, -he enlisted' in the First Regiment of Vermont Volunteers upon the President's first call for troops, which was for 75,ooo men to serve three months, and served the term of enlistment as a private. His regiment was located at Fort Monroe and Newport News, in Virginia, and took an active part in the battle of Big Bethel. Upon the expiration of his three months' term of enlistment he re-enlisted in Company H, 4th Vermont Regiment, in September of that year, and was commissioned second lieutenant of his company. The regiment at once went into active service. December 28, 1861, Lieutenant Brooks was detailed for service in the United States Signal Corps. january 19, 1862, while absent on the signal service he was promoted to first lieutenant of Company I, of his regiment. He was constantly on active field duty as a signal officer until August 31, 1863, when, at l1is own request, he was permitted to return to his regiment for service. Lieutenant Brooks was commissioned captain of Company H, of his regiment, May 5, 1864. He participated in all the principal battles in which the Army of the Potomac was engaged, except those of the Peninsula Campaign, at which time he was attached to the army of General Pope, which operated in front of Fredericksburg and in the Shenandoah Valley during that time. In the battle of the Wilderness, May 6, 1864, Captain Brooks received a gun-shot wound which resulted in his being discharged from the service August 5, 1864. Upon returning home he renewed his studies and was graduated from Dartmouth College in I869.' He at once entered upon the study of the law in the office of Hon. Roswell Farnham, late Governor of Vermont, at Bradford, in that State, later entering the Albany Law School, from which he was graduated in the Fall of 1871. He began the practice of law in Syracuse, N. Y., February 1, 1872, which he has continued till the present time. He is now a member of the law firm of Brooks 85 Walrath. He was alderman from the Eighth Ward in I884-SQ he was school commissioner from the same ward in 1886-8. In june, 1888, he was appointed one of the board of commissioners to select a suitable source of water supply for the city of Syracuse. That commission reported in favor of Skaneateles Lake as a source of supply February 1, 1889. In june, 1889, Mr. Brooks was appointed a member of the Syracuse water board, which was created by appropriate legislation to construct water works and a plant that should give the city an adequate water supply, and he is still a member of that board. He has been a member of the Board of Trustees of Syracuse University since 1885. At the Annual Meeting of that Board in june, 1895, he was elected Dean of the College of Law of Syracuse University, a college established at that meeting. That college is now one year old and gives promise of a vigorous growth. Mr. Brooks received the degree of Doctor of the Civil Law from Syracuse University in 1895. 6 Cgwgbllwm wi. -7 - RSX T . hz. w,,,w,,,,5!ZMlf., ,,,E,,,.l,,.II- aff'-1 '-X Iv I' ,mv u'v6??J' A A- 21' w . fgyw YQ' I. ,, . ff IIIQAIRIII QII EIIITQR5. , I l l - Q- Y . I K N fi- fs ll ' Q I .I .7 N, F .fl J' -A ,D A W GRN. ,AI-P1 'Q ky '? 353Sf'3'5E'3l55?dA '39 WILLIAM A. GROAT, Edzlor-z'n-Chzkff CHARLES H. CONGDON, Busizzess Jlflmzngw. .99 Associate Editors. GERTRUDE L. ANDREWS, BASIL B. AYLESWORTH, ROBERT BURNS, MATTIE E. CALDWELL, GEORGE F. GOERS, INGRAI-IAM T. HAR1', EARL HOLLENIIECK, 7 CLARA G. HOOKWAY, JULIA B. KELLOGG, ALBERT E. LARKIN, MARY E. NMOXCEY, G. FRANK TYRREI.I,, LIEIIER E. VVHITTIC, FLORA E. WILLIAMS. Committees of the Board. Illustrations. EARL HOLLENIIIQCK, Cfzazwzzarz. FLORA E. WII,I.IAMS, G, FRANK TVli1iIil,.I,, CIIARLIILS H. CONGDON, CLARA G. HOOKWAY. Prose. INQRAI-IAM T. HA1Q1', C'hzzz'r11za1z. FLORA E. WILLIAMS, JULIA B. KIILLOGG, IJIICBICR E. WI-II'I"I'Ic,4 ROIIERT BURNS. Grinds. G. FRANK TYR1il'lI.TI, Ckllllflllllfi. BASIIJ B. AYLEswoR'I'H, MA'l"1'II5 E. CALIIWIQLL, LII-:IIIQR E. WIII'I"l'Ic, AI.l5l'21l'1' E. LARKIN Verse. GI':R'I'RU,ImE L. ANIIRI-zws, Clzrzirmzzfz. EARL HOIJIJICNIIECK, QIEORGE F. CQOERS, MARY E. Moxcmv. Athletics. BASIL B. AYLI4:swoR'I'H. 8 EDITORIAL BOARD OF NINETY-SEVEN'S ONONDAGAN. P. S. Nyflrr, l'll0lQq'1'f!phw B. B. Ayivsivorth. A. E. Lzwkin. G. F.Guc1's. G. F. '1'yi'rL-ll. Miss M. IC. Culdwoll. lfliirl I-Iullcubcck. Rubcrt Burns. Miss M. E. Moxccy. Miss J. B. Ku.-llugg. Miss G. L. Andrews. Miss C. G. Hookwny. C. H. Conpgdon, M11f1a.4'L'r'. NV. A. Grunt, l:'u'1'lw'-1'1l-Chllffl 1. 'l'. Hurt. Miss F. E. Williams. L. E. Whittu 1896. jan. jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. May May May june jun e june june june june I6 18- Calendar. Frzday-Winter term begins. Thursday-Day of prayer for colleges. Thursday-First term of the College of Law ends. Illorzday-Second term of the College of Law begins. Tuesday-First term of the College of Medicine ends. Wezifzesday-Second term of the College of Medicine begins. Term examinations. Frzkfay-Winter term ends. Saiurdrzy-Supplementary examinations. Mozzdaj'-Spring term begins. Frzday-Seniors present their theses. Final examination of Seniors. Tlmrsday-Second term of the College of Law ends. Term examinations. Salurday- IO A. M.-Annual meeting of 'University Senate. Sunday- 1o:3o A. M.-Baccalaureate Sermon. Mozzday- T lzursday-Annual Exhibition of the Works of Art produced during the year. Mofzziay- 9 A. M.-Entrance examinations begin. 3 P. M.-Class Day exercises. 8 P. M.-Annual Musical Soiree. T uesrfay- ro A. M.-Annual meeting of Alumni Association. S P. M.-Literary meeting of Alumni Association. 1896. june June june Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec Dec. 1897. Jan. jan. jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. 26 I4 IS Wednesday- to A. M.-Annual meeting of Trustees. Thursday- 2 QP. M.-COMMENCEMENT of the Colleges of Liberal Arts, of Fine Arts and of Medicine. Frzday-Summer vacation begins. Frzkiay- g A. M.-Entrance and Supplementary examinations. T uesdrzy-Fall term begins. Students assemble in Crouse College Hall at 9:30 A. M. Tuesday-First term of the College of Law begins. Tue.m'ay-First term of the College of Medicine begins. Thursday-Salurday-Thanksgiving recess. Term examinations. Frzklay-Fall term ends. Holiday recess begins. .fllarzday-Winter term begins. Werfzzesday-First' term of College of Law ends. T hurxday-Day of prayer for colleges. Mozzday-Secoiid term of the College of Law begins. Tuesday-First term of the College of Medicine ends. Wednesday-Second term of the College of Medicine begins. Term examinations. Mnfzday-Winter term ends. T uesda y-Supplementary examinations. Wednesday-Spring term begins. Officers of the Board of Trustees. JOHN D. ARCHBOLD, Prcszkienf. ERASTUS F. HOLDEN, JAMES B. BROOKS, ALFRED A. HOWLETT, Fz'r.s'z' Vzkc-Pn'sz2zQ'nl. Serum! V zL'e-Pre.s'z'a'enf. Third Vzke-Pnf.s'z2z'en! EDWIN NOTTINGHAM, WILFRED W. PORTER, Secrelary. Treaszlrvr. 295 Executive Committee. Finance Committee. THE CHANCELLOR, B. BROOKS, THE CHANCELLOR, E. NOTTINGHAM, E. F. HOLDEN, F. G. WEEKS, A. A. HOWLETT, W. NOTTINGHAM, A. A. HOWLETT, J. 1. BELDEN, E. R. REDHEAD. E. F. HOLDEN. I2 l f i 3 4 . H WH 'ffl N kk X M W mi , W If 41, l 'vw .-iiixlg ff V V 1 ' fl . lu Ax-JA 5394 EY ' M .7 -'Ql d' g ,, ,. 35, XE - 'Jaw 'Z 4 X 365 ' + N if K X V- X V X N W Q.. mf X X 7, W - A MEMBERS -M f WW N 'f' Nw' ' 'lf' CGD Hi' ?' 1 X11 j r L M L fp 1 HN 'b W., ff A 1 ' STIRU ,R FI my ,N fm ,X yr I Ml ' gym! WWW' I 'WWW' vu 'mga E nm uf THF NW W N' W7 'Wim .x 'ww yy ,Z ,M A J -'2"'1' f J ,Jimi ff ' ' Ar , , f d, 1 A f ,-"" """""'--. University Senate. Library Committee. CHANCELLOR JAMES R. DAY. CIIANCELLOR JAMES R. DAY. DEAN JOHN R. FRENCH, DEAN JOHN R. FRENCH. PROP. W. P. CODDINGTON, PROP. W. P. CODDINGTON, PROF. FRANK SMALLEY, PROF. WILLIAM G. WARD, College qf Lzlernl Afls. X College of Lzberal Ari: DEAN LEROY M. VERNON, DEAN LEROY M. VERNON, PROE. GEORGE A. PARKER, PROP. GEORGE A. PARKER, Cajjege ef Eh, Arfs' REV. JAMES R. DAY, S. T. D., Chancellor. Canege qf fbi, Arn. DEAN HENRY D. DIDAMA, D DEAN HENRY D. DIDAMA, DEAN JAMES B BROOKS, PROF. ALFRED MERCER, EAN JAMES B- BROOKS PROP. JOHN VAN DUYN, PRoIf. FRANK R. WALKER, College ry' Medzkzhe. College qf Law' College Q' lllerlzkzhe. College Q' Law ERASTUS F. HOLDEN, THEODORE IRWIN, WILLIAM NOTTINGHAM, JOHN M. REID, I HENRY O' snuff' , T ruslees. T rustees. I farm?" :AC FRANK SMALLEY, PII. D., Regzklrar. MARY J. SIBLEY, PI-I. D., Amzlvlant Lzbrarzkm. HENRY O. SIBLEY, PH. D., Lzlrarzkzn. RI'1N'. JAY BENSON HAMILTON, D. D., Raltlllflhl Secretary. I4 'f- AX 4 'fw !- gr, K V ' Ji-lf ml V X -J N Www- lip, . -NTLM fig, , I "'Xx"m V,-L6 ,'l 'IT ' ' 4v'l 1 - -- . 3 T M?'Wifff' w 1+'f2 'x.KQj"'Eg W ff r 0 N X 7 1' if.eas3ffg2 V ' zz Q ' I hzkx I 5 P NNN Professors. JOHN R. FRENCH, LL D. ,,., Q, 41, X, VICE-CuANcm.1.on AND IDEAN on-' 'frm Co1.ucmc or LIBERAL Awrs. Franezs H. Roo! Przy'essor of Maihemalzks, Q53 Hall of Lang.J 714 Crouse Ave. REV. W. P. CODDINGTON, S. T. D., , Q, N, Q., Q B, ,Kl Wlyflklill Penn Aoooll Professor of Philosophy and Pedagogy. Q30 Hall of Lang.J 106 Walnut Place. FRANK SMALLEY, A. M., Pu. D., . . . A, If . Gardner Baker Professor W' Ike Laizn Language and Liieralure, Q37 Hall of Langtl 607 University Ave. EUGENE HAANEL, PH. D., F. R, S. C., ' Przfessor of Plzysios and Dorman Sieele Przjessor of Tnezsizk Sezenee, Q56 Hall of Langq 405 University Place. WILLIAM H. MACE, A. M., Wiliam Grwn Przy'essor fy Hzklozy and Polzhkal Sczence Q60 Hall of Lang.J 307 Marshall. CHARLES W. HARGITT, A. M., Pu. D., Pryessor of Hzology, Q36 Hall of Lang.j 909 Walnut Ave. WILLIAM G. VVARD, A. M., , , . Q, K, 1If, jesse 71 Peek Professor of Englzsh Lzlferatzzre and Orafory, Q46 Hall of Lang.J 301 Waverly Place. HENRY A. PECK, A. M., Pu. D., . . . 4, If Professor W' Astronomy and Direofor of lhe Ooservafory, Q31 Hall of Lang.l 305 Waverly Place. EDGAR A. EMENS, A. M. . . Q, N, 6-J., Q, B, jf, Przfessor ry' llze Greek Language and Lzferalure, Q54 Hall of Lang.J O21 Crouse Ave. VY' P' . A J 'Xa 'XJ J gn--wr :xr ooey-X6 01:51 CHRNCELLOR Cmp im -- WIQLIAM H.J'1'RC.Ev Q, . N I ff N 57' ' lx 5Y4z'pfv-mea r. r Professors. FRANKLIN HOLZWARTH, A. M., PH. D., , Qi, jf, '17, Prq'e.vsor of llze German Language ana' Lzieralzzre, Q 35 Hall of Lang.J 3or Waverly Place ERNEST N. PATTEE, M. S., . . A, If, 45, B, K, Assoezale Prdessor ry' Clzenzzlviry, ill-I2 Hall of Lang.J 503 Van Buren EDGAR COIT MORRIS, A. M., . A, If, Q, B, If Professor q' Rhelorzk and lhe Englzlrh Language, fCrouse Collegel 309 University Place EDMUND CHASE QUEREAU, PH. B., PH. M., PII. D., B, Q, II, Professor of Geology and Illzneralogy, 136 Hall of Lang.J 304 Waverly Place JOHN R. COMMONS, A. M., - Prqfessor of Soczology ana' Czlozks, ' 150 Hall of Lang.J 304 Waverly Place CHARLES W. CABEEN, A. M., Professor M ine French Language and Lderalure, f59 Hall of Lang.j 721 Crouse Ave REV. ADOLPH GUTTMAN, D. D., Prqessor M me Semzlzk Languages, 728 Jefferson WILLIAM H. METZLER, PH. D., Assoezkzle Professor Q' Malhezfzalzks, f3I Hall of Lang.J I132 Croton W 549. Instructors. HENRY O. SIBLEY, Pu. D., . . . 45, A, 9. Iustruclor zh Lzorury Ecouomzks, qLibrary Buildingj 105 Marshall. DELMER E. HAWKINS, A. B., W, If Imtruclor hz Poldzkal Sozknce, f49-50 Hall of Lang.J 109 Concord Place. EVELYN BENEDICT AYRES, Inmfruclor hz Eloozzfzbn and Physzkal Culture, fChristian Association Buildingy 4:1 East Fayette. WILLIAM H. JAKWAY, B. S., . . . B, Q, H, Inslruclor zh Plz-yszks, Q56 Hall of Lang., 304 Waverly Place. EDWARD J. REDINGTON, A. B., lnslructor 171 Laizoz, C37 Hall of Lang.J 904 Irving. REV. ISMAR J. PERITZ, A. M., lnslructor hz Semzlzk' Languages and A rohafology, Q 54 Hall of Lang.J 710 Madison. JEAN MARIE RICHARDS, LIT. B.. Inslruclor zh Englzlvk, F. ZIAH LEWIS, A. B., Inslrucfor zh Bolany, EARL G. BURCH, B. S., . Inslruclor hz Zoology, WILLIAM B. HODGE, B. S., Inslruclor hz Pkyszts, CHARLES H. TREADWELL, B. S Imlrudor hz Plzyszks, ERWIN H. SCHUYLER, B. S., Izzslruclor 171 Chemzlvlry, J. A. R. scoT'r, Dheclor of lhe G',y1mzasz'zun, MINNIE B. WOODWORTH, B. PH.. . Inslruclor 131 Me Gymna.rz'um, 909 Harrison A. K, E. 907 Adams . B. 9, II. r IQ West Colvin . A. K. E. 907 East Genesee . - B. 9.11. 608 Walnut Ave. 608 Walnut Ave. 707 Crouse Ave. . K. K. If 331 West Onondaga. WJ,- T A LAW ' 5, gttr' , -. ,4-53, Q- , 12.11. K - in-:.-. , . x.. , WILLIA H glAl'xWA'Y Q - . ' liz J ' 41. g,.a.!,g,y 9 ' fr ,, 4 1 Ge 1 YR' ,I 43? fulf- 4' "' Tp. '2 ,-1, ' at L 4, v fvsfs Q ii ' ,C Q- eQ,u'Y"" Ap. A ' ll 9' 1 r 1 v, -if fx 'tan ' ,W '7 Y ' ,U x - - ' 5 1 ,,l1VH,f 'L is t T-Or' - - ffl, 6 1 " N- f H T Uwrwx. 'MMM -W' 15: f.-'T Sfif- X'gm.ev"f.39f?' ' if-E' i 6 ? 2, .u f 7, 115 qxiy f fu 6. f ' 5 X My!! Q M1'4fWW'fff! W ' f . X Qt all . f , 4 f -. AQ :WM ff- .f if If if T .A .w'f,,. ,, Rf . 14 ', ff f 'if Q if " f ' " ' ff fx sf wjf fl I f 4 Z f,Lv:'1f,, C, jx :W M w .1"- - 1 1 ' f f aff SNA' X 47' .. Li C ' 5 H A Professors. REV. LEROY M. VERNON, A. M., S. T. D., WILLIAM H. BERWALD, DEAN ox-' THE COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS, Pryessor cy' Pzkzno and Theory ry' Muszk, Przyfessor ry' E.vMelz2's and Hislory qf ilze 1'?'ne Aris. fI2 Crouse Collegej 506 University Ave. f34 Crouse Collegej 717 East Genesee. ' UNNI LUND, GEORGE A' PARKER' MUS- D" Pryessor qf Vocal Muszk, 138 Crouse Collegey 6x6 Irving Prdessar M 11121110 and Organ, Q I3 Crouse Collegey zu University Place. ADQLF FREY' ELLA I FRENCH MUS B J, Q B Prqfessor cy' Pzhno and Hzlvlory qf Mzzszk, . , . ., ...., , , , C M 6 C A . Prfyessar qf Pzkuzo, c2Q Crouse Collegey 714 Crouse Ave. fcrouse 0 ege, U rouse ve LUELLA M STEWART ALBERT L' BROCKWAY' Prijessor ry' Pabzfzhg and Drawmg, Pnyremor WC Anhzledure' C26 Crouqe College, woo James C19 Crouse Collegej 6o6 East Genesee. RUTH ELIZABETH GUIBAULT, Mus. B., . K, K. It 'IEANNETTE SCOTT' Pnye-UW If Pfam, Q40 Crouse College, gm Madison Prqfessar cy' Pazmfzezg, Q33 Crouse Collegej 512 Walnut Ave. CONRAD L. BECKER, JULIE HEINBACH HINE. Prqfessor ry Vzblm and Ensemble Playzizg, 7 A ssociale Pryessor ry' German, Q2 5 Crouse Collegej 439 Crouse Ave. Q30 Crouse Collegey 704 james. 24 Ii -4-' JT" .1 A b" - . 7 5 ' if 'R -- A-1 f" I il? ' . iw bw?" if ' I 4, ' ' ,fi-L-1 '.:j ' -u " ' -IIN , 'I 3 xj . I' . ' Q," J ., . 2-.A Ji? Wx N 5-,R 'fb ADOLF FREN' fa- x' . H aL.'a'!' -pu 9 Q I . t i ' Hx. ' " 4...1c,.1.' - - WILLIAM H.B-EPNXNALD .uve Mx Instructors. EDWIN H. GAGGIN, B. AR., . . . 41, K, Inslruclor 171 Persjieflhze and Jptffflpfhlt Geomeiry, Q I5 Crouse Collegej 713 Irving. MIRIAM A. GUERNSEY, B. PII., . . . A, Q, Inslruflar Zyl Vocal jllzzrzk, Q41 Crouse Collegej 209 University Place. MARY SIMS PARKER, Ifzslrucior lvl Voral Muszk, Q IO Crouse Collegey 211 University Place. GINO BARDELLA. Inslructor Zyl Pa17zl171g, Q47 Crouse Collegej 744 Harrison. TORQUATO D1 FELICE, lnslrurfor lvl Pa171lz7zg, Q46 Crouse Collegej 744 Harrison. IRENE SARGENT, Insirzzcior 131 French, Q43 Crouse Collegep 329 James. N. IRVING HYATT, ' Instruclor 171 13171110 and T henry fy' riluszk. Irving. ALICE J. OLIVER, . .... 1', 45. B. lzzslrurior Zyl Vocal Mzzszk, Q10 Crouse Collegej 7oo Irving. ARTHUR ELTINGE, Mus. B., , di, If Yi. Inslruclar 171 Organ and Pzhno, Q8 Crouse Coilegej 1102 East Fayette. THOMAS WALKER GAGGIN, B. AR., . A, K. E, lzzslrucfor 171 Archzhclzzre, Q4 Crouse Collegej 904 East Genesee. FREDERICK WILLIAM REVELS, B. Aa., . Q, K, YF, Insfrurfor Zyl Perspeclziue and Descrzplzizfe Geomelry, Q15 Crouse Collegej 715 University Ave CARL TRACEY HAWLEY, B. P., lnrlrurlor 171 -PdZ?lfl?lg', ' C35 Crouse Collegej 402 Walnut Place. Qi A Q Q D y 'f .N ,,. If 41 3 ,J 'F . bar' f-VJAV EJEQM A, ' fn P Q V l wig, -.V 'NA A W, 'fx I , , ,-4-' -Q3 1 , nf A, gf 31 ' P751 ' MN? H I? 1 sift. A' I FREDER V ' W' 'X V " W N--X w!LLux , I , 'M REVE 'GU U . ' XL 'ML f , V is: -,tk j X , I , , W 0 ,A QQ?- . . Q vgpdkgl 6? - M ' I -L'-EW A fi ' I , 'yy' Q . V , I vw -Q gh . I . A ,B W -Q , ' ,- X X "W .. s. I A QX1 ,X X N4 . ' H A - s A ' ' N . P-use J-QLNWN N . M, ' V ' ' , 'm uc git col, I . ' - Viggo . ' I 1 Q7 ' 4 ,p M y ' .'fa4-ya ca .5-,,,,, 1 'N Z4 'ho fi' ff Av- W' . -,. 'ff -1' Atal , A f 1,1 imfl arg, Q 11 :f f - , -. Q2 6' . . K .. A 157' ff 4 V -v 'r- xyq X n,'1', ' .,--f if " fag LW f" .IM11 N1 49' 1 " up 9 1- N qlqvxglma- ,f,71I3,1'., ...p,... 1- A. 53 1 111111 11 '- 4R.w2v12N- . H111 71 35, -:?F'ff- N1 W1 1' will? fl," 11. '-f-C,-5 M .1-xr-YQ., -"'- X L ., 11 1' 11111, 1 '11 w-""" --'-'-. L- A, 1,1 .ff X 11 .-1 Q V mt.. --.fg75.:.:..- -,Lint 1 1. ,-if jf J '-1' . -iii-'lfsiz .,', ifiiejj' few 1 Jf111.11.11-JQWW' X Q... -gi -- f gt---C-2 - -- K .. - Jw -5.11 X fjywy xv f W if 11 ' f mwamnmwmmmoc 1 11 M U X X ,1 U, ,WW ,11111 11111114 1 11 NN W W..1111.1f1 11J117V'1111111!11fl1U1 f1 'T NWN K1 1 'W WELL 1'fQ"""H"' "' "' '1"""' 'V' 1 ff 111,11 Q1 f l WI! 1 1 1 Kl M N MQ T I "" T"i"'ifm ""' '2f""L ':" if 'N"V' """ 1 '.Vv-"'-v Y , K .1 1,11 M Nu, ,9T1.!1! f11,1 ! MM "'1 W M H 14 I V 1N"111I5A 1, 11151111 WW 11, 1 'H A If I' is ,,A- 'A,:x M X ll AW I N ml -I f zlilnl ta. ,1y,,mw ,lj lllg .... .,,.. I Ill' ll V, A 111 ' 1 'f 1 . MHILL 1 ! Q,.wu,V l E .x4A4 1 XX W Z I I W A .. l HIIA VX 1 W M' W HENRY D. DIDAMA, M. D., LL. D., Professors. DEAN ov THE Co1.1.1ao1s olf BIEDICINI-1, Ezzzerdus Prqfexsor W' .Medztme amz' Clmzkal xlledzkme, WM. T. PLANT, M. D., Przje.s'J0r cy' 1,EIl'l2lf7'l2'5', ALFRED MERCER, M. D., Prqfessor qf Sizzle Aledzkzhe, WM MANLIUS SMITH, A. M., M. D., Prqfessor qf Clzemzlslry, JOHN VAN DUYN, A. M., M. D., Prqkssor qf Surgery, X GAYLORD P. CLARK, A. M., M. D., Prry'e.v.vor ry' Physzblogy, WWM. H. DUNLAP, A. M., M. D., Prqfrssor :gf Dermaiology, JOHN L. HEFFRON, A. M., M. D., Professor M Clmzkal 1lle1z'zkz?ze, 'K Deceased. 424 South Salina 224 Harrison 324 Montgomery 8 Clinton Block 318 james 619 VVest Genesee - A. K. E 408 East Genesee - 41. K, If 448 South Salina. HENRY B. ALLEN, M. D., !'rqfe.vsor qf 0b.vle!r1k.r, A. CLIFFORD MERCER, M. D., TREASURER, l'ry'es.vor Qf Clz3'u2'a! Pedzkzirzks, HENRY L. ELSNER, M. D., 326 Montgomery. 324 Montgomery. Przykssw' qf SCIFIIEL' am! Ar! W' AI6'!fI2'l?l6 and Clzhzkal llledzkwze, - 406 East Genesee. DAVID M. TOTMAN, A. M., M. D., REGISTRAR olf 'rms Co1.1.Eux-: ol-' MPJIDICINE, I'rzy'essor qf Clmzkal Surgery, LIHRARIAN ol-' TIIE Co1.LEuE o1-' Przfessrvr Q' Opllzalnzofagy, NATHAN JACOBSON, M. D., I Prqfe.v.v0r cy' Clzhzka! Surgery, f AARON B. MILLER. M D., Prdesszlr W' Gyrzrrmlogy, . 3- 1 . . SCOTT OWEN, M."D., l'rzy"es.vor qf Anafouzy, 303 Montgomery. FRANK W. MARLOW, M. D., M. R. C. S., BIEDICINE, 401 Montgomery. 430 South Salina. 326 Montgomery, 223 Montgomery L T V W f "Tm HENRY r..r:CsTHiaE"" 1 .Q AAFKQN l3.7'1jLLER 01' EfE'iIoxam FMCLAFKIK w S f - ,M.n57.xN M, 7 l'lE.NI1XY D. DID!-XI'1A. I .nt ,,. wa 1 , Q 4? up ,, L 1? , 4 . 9 in: Y ' ' y ,TLA-'1. A 'Q ,f k X Q! -f- 'V N477-ff. A V "N my 1 n 15 erwr:-a L 'U' J. c. CARSON, M. D., Lecturers and Leclurer on Menla! Dzlveasesg Superzhiendenf New York Slate Asylum for Feeble-Mzhded Clzildren. REUBEN C. HANCHETT, M. D., Leclurer on Malerzkz Medzka. FRED W. SEARS, M. D., Leciurer on Clzhzkal Obstetrzks. FRANK B. BROOKS, M. D., Leclurer on Ph-yszblogy. GEORGE M. PRICE, M. D., Leclurer on Amzlomy, WILLIAM H. MAY, M. D., .Leciurer on Pallzolngy and Baclerzblagy, WILLIAM S. ANDREWS, A. M., Lfcturer on Legal Med1kz3ze, 3 joy Building. 506 Warren. 602 Lodi 704 Catharine. S24 East Genesee. . W. If 3 Snow Building. . Instructors. THOMAS H. HALSTED, M. VD., Leciurzr on Laryugology and Olalogy, I. HARRIS LEVY. M. D., Ifzsiructor zh Hzlvlology, CHARLES A. COVELL, M. D., Inslruclor zh Chemzlflry, WILLIAM A. CURTIN, M. D., lnstrurtor zh Tlzerapeulzks, EUGENE W. BELKNAP, M. D., Instructor 131 Medzkzhe, JOSEPH T. D. FISCHER, M. D., , lmirurlor z?z Pizyszblogy, J. HENRY DRUM, M. D., , Demonslralor ry' Analomy, E. G. WYNKOOP, M. D., . Demansiralor qf Anaiomy, 452 South Salina. 519 Warren. 1485 South Salina. 3or East Fayette. 613 East Genesee. A A. K. E. 806 Butternut. 919 North Salina. - Yf. If 406 james. 2 , !Q 1 -I 4 Ak z X J! ' - - 9- . N J CICARNJN V 6,29 V FRANK Ls. EuRJL!KS Y, , a ' W - 1 L - A 5 REUBEN C. l'l'XNKHlTT f Xxx ' ..v' CHARLES A,CQVE LL 4 NE 1 , Q 1 V Q.. mjq. K, N . A 'rg - . 1 ,, .1 .aa N. k 1. CAIR -Q QLTIENRY DRUPI L ,fu .5 fl I 3 o 'ix ' we r "xx af' L1 'H f' 3 , . B iikxk V' K Y 'gil' . i fvg, glmnwy, ff k tggyf ' YW, I -mx 0' : 4 HB fkgif-"Y ,-gf-Y-. I iiffik. V .. :EC-' X 1.4 I Mufti?-ffl K4 Al' I ly 4 f ,, H , ix ffl lu J fff' E- W!" - , MP fx 3, HNJL v RQIEQ K Q. Q 1 ' .i X .gf , w'1'?fif+J- '-fb ' "w ,Ji'N'I " I ' " ,ir 11 M QQSSQXM po' XJ- fZ'x '1,V11 y xl 4-4 LMGRX K 'NZ'-iff! 'vu I wi N- 1 ,,11LVxx m-,C-.b kj' Fixx-3 . 'F 1 "5" 'K' ' " aff' - f ' 'Q' P 'N' 's n Q 4-. 7, 'N in wczig- ' " ,f 5 1. W '- f-. ' N 1 My ' 'Fi' A W M2 " I1 if a- o V - -- - - 'NIWMIN f bi 5' ' 2 " "v P: 9 I M ' a, 5 if 1 Rim' U' y- ,da M- I . , I ' 'I -15 'V ,.'v. W.f I 0 W 0 .nl Instructors and Lecturers. JAMES B. BROOKS, A. M., D. C. L., . . 'I-7. I". DEAN oif 'rim Co1.1.1:cic ov LAW, Inslrucior Zyl Eozrdy, jurzlvprzzderzce and Wz7!s, IOI3 East Adams GILES H. STILLWELL, A. M., , , , A, K, E, Iustrurlor zh Personal Properly and T orfs, 1906 West Genesee. EDWARD H. BURDICK, A. M., . . A. A, Q, Jnsiruclor zh Conlracis and Domeslzk Relalzbns, 127 Green. FRANK R. WALKER, A. M., . , , Ll, T, Instructor M 12271: and Nales and the Law of Real Property. I5 Snow Building. WILLIAM G. TRACY, LL. B., Leclurer on Surrogaielv Court and Pracizke, 422 james. WILLIAM NOTTINGHAM, A. M., PH. Leclurer on Law of Corporalzkms, CHARLES L. STONE, A. M., LL. B., Lecturer on Prmrzpal and A gfrnf, GEORGE MCGOWAN, A. M., . Leriurer on Elemenlary Law and EDWIN NOTTINGHAM, B. Pu., , Lechzrer on the Law of Evkienfe, CHARLES H. DUELL, A. M., LL. B.. Leclurer on Me Law W' Palenfs, D-. - A. K. E. 354 West Onondaga. 815 james. . . A. T1 Trusls, 606 Willis Ave. . . A. T. 703 University Ave. 403 Oak. H . STILIM ELL fl A Ux ', . lk ,VJ ,iv in Y fl ,52- . f ,lx ' ' '.i , - QQ-,. 1 N A ' ' .H A f as-J' vb - e ' m xwa- V ! DMN No Q A 1 x X' 7 -,3 1 I-IAM K v3 Lecturers. WILLIAM S. ANDREWS, A. M., LL. B., . . 'IC II Lerlurer on Slalule La-zv, zvzcludzhg Me Slatute qf Llylllyllflblli and Ike Slalule W' Frauds, 404 Oak. CHARLES G. BALDWIN, A. M., LL. B., llf, T, Leclurer on Parlnershzp and Lzkns, 203 Green. CEYLON H. LEWIS, A. M., A , K, IC, Lrclurer an Praclzke, 105 Furman. BENJAMIN J. SHOVE, A. M., , , . Z, W, Lcrlurer on Crz?1zz3mZ Law llllll' Profedure zbz Crz?f1z3za! C axes, 365 Green. EDWARD C. WRIGHT, A. M., Lerlurer on Sales, 216 Harrison. HoN. PETER B. MCLENNAN, A. M., Jumzra or 'run SUPREM1-1 COURT, Lerfzzrcr on Me Trzkzl qf Affzbfzs, 1203 South Salina. H0N. IRVING G. VANN, A. M., LL. D., , . A, If, E, JUDGE oxf 'run COURT ov Av1'EA1.s, Lrrlurer on Me Law cy' Insurance. 720 Lodi. HON. GEORGE N. KENNEDY, LATE Jumss 01-' 'mls SUPREME COURT, Lerlurcr on Cafzstzlulzlmal Law, 601 West Genesee. HON. JOHN C. CHURCHILL, LATE JUDGE or-' 'rms SU:-Rmua COURT, Leflurer on lllfffildflblldf Law, Oswego, N. Y Pao:-'. FRANK SMALLEY, PH. D , . . . A. If Leclurer on Me Cazzslzlulzbfz, Laws and Caurls qf Rome, 607 University Ave. J. WILLIAM WILSON. A. M., . . . . VF, I1 Lecmrer on Xlledzka! jurzlvjbrzuienre, 606 University Ave. ,J f 1 a Q 3 fffxw ., -,ff 1, , f 415 A , mb 5 . :n NQQX I if !"Q1 Aff. as . Principals of the Gymnasia. Rav. A. H. FLACK, A. M., .... B. Q, H, WILLIAM M. FORT. Przhezpa! rf Gjllllldililllll A, Hudson Rzbfer Jnslzlule, 1'rz?zczpa! Qf Gym1zasz'um E. Yale: Umbn Sfhool, Clavegraqk, ChiC!CeH3.I1g0 REV. ISAAC N. CLEMENTS, A. M., . . A, IC. E, Przhczpal qf G.j!lllIZ!lSZ'Il1ll B, Casemwzlz .5BllIZ,1ll7j',C ' REV. JOHN P' ASHLEY, S' T. Bn PH. D., azenovla' Prmezpa! fy' GjlIlIl!Z.S'l.lllIl E Genesee Wesleyan Semzmzry, REV. FRANK E. ARTHUR, A. M., Lima Prz?zezpa!'q' Gyzlznaszwuz C, Ives Semzkzary, Antwerp, D- H- COOK. ALBERT W. EMERSON, M. Pu., Prmrzjra! ry' Gynzfzasifllll D. 01l0ll1l'rIg'fl Afllfffllly. Prmrzpa! qf Gy11z1zas1'1u1z G, Baldwz?zs'z1z'l!e flrademy, Onondaga Valley. Baldwinsville .go .-. QQ , 1 , ig: , if I 'fi Q U, ZR S Soi5g9pHlSEN A em..3xWx'f if ' ' fe, X K, Z Y Qi? X , 'Z W! , A- . -9:13 ' "" Q- 1- h: , Q. H .X A .. !. QL 4- -' m m f,ffQil XTQQ3' Hal M W 'j ! W ,, , wx fix T ,, 1ff 1tk iffS2m42if TWKM 7 ff f f fy ff 'f 'W y pdiifiiivmw , ! , .IV y f , ' 9' 2 PHYHQZ U '11 , ml 1' f '1 figs ll 1 im . ma ' 2 Un ? W I Z 'A If M v iw 1, 2 xx will NS -,w w xv sl U s Q W w 5 ,' "'w mYf'x fr -'ls L X ry 1 lw'-1 AIM " W Mya M x I ,L WW NM' W V, !.l ' 5 : N5 MIL YQVXQ W X UW ff rf ' 'w 'L'-gl" , X AN , f If 1 --U xQg! I .id mv gg 1 W W: It '54"""l,:L-rf-P j 1 ,I ',Z A W K3:' e'i'..aeef75 J ill, K - , ' p 1-My f::37'TQ'f,, ' , h Lf:-, ,UH WXM 1, ,J,,,,,, Cy!! ff, --- F Q,-lhlwm ., , ,Q ju, N T , f it Hn f 79 6 ll' I ill, f l n' ss' r 21 1St01'Y 0 ' film iii 'iw' N lim, , gp ,T i", w ilfgidiil ,V " f ii C gml i" ' ' , . . l',f r X, viii' ,fl HE undergraduate career of the Class of 96 1S all but closed, and for the last time are -,I 5 v"l 3' I, . Bi A Ix fyfki, l M we permitted to narrate to the world through the ONONDAGAN some few of our many M achievements and numerous virtues. Be it known, then, that we are and have been a i ill? iii mil' an - . - WN mt "most remarkable class. There never has been, never will be, or never could be a similar J ll aggregation capable for a moment of being compared to us in anything noble, lofty, distinguishing, or soul inspiring. Ninety-six will stand forever as a model,-an ideal toward which subsequent classes will forever strive, but which, approached as near as may be, they can never hope to reach. Having thus prepared the reader to expect the great things hereinafter to be related, and that he may not doubt the truths here written, we shall proceed to enumerate some few of the great events that have transpired since '96 has graced our halls. What a career we had as Freshmen-we "knew it all" from the start-the juniors could not teach us anything. We were bold, brave men to "fool with," as our friend, the enemy, too soon found out. Our " Lit " was a huge success, only slightly marred by the attempted acts of violence and strategy on the part of our not much lamented nor yet all-departed friends of ,95. Our greatest success, however, was our Calculus burial. We had a real cremation of a real coffin Qlife sizej on a real pyre. The distinguishing feature of all our class affairs has been the boldness and magnitude of all our conceptions, together with our unparalled unanimity of spirit, bravery and surpassing strength in bringing them to a successful culmination. To enter further into the details of our career would, perhaps, have a deleterious effect upon subsequent classes, in that it would form such a perfect ideal that they would, perhaps, become discouraged in striving toward it and fall by the way. Therefore we shall say no more, but leave it to the generations yet unborn to further glorify the successes and extol the virtues of the class whose stentorian yell has so often wrought to gentle zephyrs the passive air of the upper hall. f l 44 1 l I will tif ill 1 Mi :gm 1 0 ' ' 1, ,ii - H Vw' -"X x r , "'.i.i.I: ' K TX i I 1 , II1wAvl.lVrIl1l G. W. ROSENIZERRY, MARY L. CALDWELL, LEAH TOLMAN, F. DANA THORNE, - JOHN N. ALSEVER, LOUISE V. WINFIEIID, JOHN W. SADIQER, EUGENE R. SMITI-I, EDWIN B. MOTT, BESSIE PARSONS, SARAH E. VEEDER, W. M. SMALLWOOD, '96. Yell.-Rah, Rah, Rix! Colors. -BROWN AND Rah, Rah, Rix! Syracuse, Syracuse! Ninety-six !! Officers. BLUE. Preszklezzl. Vzke-Preszklenl. - Seerelary. - Treasurer. A. B. PEASLEE, F. DANA THORNE, H. H. FARMER, E. W. CREGG, Class Day Officers. - Preszklenl. Vzee-Presidenl. - Orator. - Farewell Orafor. - Pye Oralor. - Hzstorzkm. . Prophet. Chairman Ex. Com. GRACE E. SMITH, MARY L. CALDWELI., H. IRVING NO'1"I'INGHAM, GERTRUIIE BURLINGHAM, - . MAURICE PAKELNISHKY, JESSIE M. MAINS, - JESSIE E. VVHEELER, WINIFREIJ ROGERS, 45 Hislorzan - Poet. - Toaslmaster. Chairman Ex. Com. Essayzlsl - Secretary Treasurer Preserzlatlon Address to juniors - Poe! Class Song, Words Class Song, Mzeszk . History of '97, S ONE who, from the lofty mountain top, beholds the landscape which lies stretched out before him in a complete panorama of beauty, so now it is our privilege, as members of the junior Class, to see in retrospect the numerous events which have occurred since the beginning of our Freshman year and to mark the striking changes which have been wrought. Things which seemed to us then to be vital in their importance we now look upon as pleasant rivalries, or as mere drolleries. That wonderful Class of '96, how magnanimous they were to present us with Hour and salt, the two most necessary elements for sustaining life. Yet, judging from appearances, it would have been wise had they reserved a portion of the salt for private use. But whatever may be said we cannot fail to preserve the most pleasant recollections of the reception given us by our rivals. How vividly, too, we can remember the cane rush, and although the issues of the day finally went against us, yet ours is the consciousness of a battle in which defeat was almost victory. A feeling of sadness mingled with regret takes possession of us as we think that this was the last of those chivalric contests. Of almost equal importance with the cane rush, we recall the " Lit," where the tribe known best as " Mamma's Chicks" first learned to have a deep regard for their Juniors. But they met their first real " Waterloo" in the foot-ball game which occurred a few weeks later. Time rolled on, and at last "moving up" day came. How proud we felt to be sitting in the envied Sophomore row. A few more months past, and a new "Freshie" class took its place. How we deluged them with salt, and sang "Down stairs, Freshie," after the crazy chapel choir had finished its heart-rending strains. But the proudest time of our lives was when we moved up again into the junior seats. Somehow that year is the synonym for pleasure of a descriptions, but especially for cultivating the acquaintance of the modest co-ed. And as the year draws to a close we feel assured that we have let no golden opportunities pass by unheeded, but have learned to echo these .fi- ll r sentiments, "0 dolce far nz'e1zz'e." -aizy N' s . . 'M , , , yi .: , 46 G. ff. I , .1-l it ' it . , ,,W,. 2545? 41. 1 r i I A WRIHHH UNIV . '97. Yell.-Waxy go Wah! Waxy go Weven! Syracuse, Syracuse! Ninety-seven ! ! Colors.-PURPLE AND GOLD. Officers. EDWARD E. RILEY, Presideui. MARTHA P. TRACY Vz'cc'-Prz'.s'z2z'eu!. 7 Lucy L, HAMSON, Recording Secretary. GRACE A. HOBART, Corrcsjlozzdzhg Svcreiary CHARLES H. MUNSON, Treasurer. CHARLES G. ROGERS, Toaslmasler. CHARLES H. MUNSON Hzlvtorzkzrz. 7 47 r. X 'ff-n., , -.3 ' at .i fig, X 9, W , ' , ti lt 1St0ry 0 ' if fr. " ff - '-J .. - fmflf, X,x, Ii' :HQ " w w" -' it-' y'LQHfj,' -'qiviill If if r' 4' IGI-IT heartily does the illustrious Class of '98 send greetings at the close l'11ji:1fv,'r 'f.,S3,i', ,lg ' 5, Q 4'-' 1q,,,, Qi - H - ,, - . . ixlmai, wjpwxyix N Wa of of its Sophomore year-the year of perfection as it has been wittily N , mf called. Illustrious, did I say? Yesg thrice illustrious. Will our younger ,imp Rfnnnavun.1,,W,' :' brothers ever forget their cordial saline reception the first morning of the ' college year? Will they ever know- part of them, at least-what the more K Q E", fortunate YQQS enjoyed at South Bay? Can they ever surpass their predecessors in athletics and records of scholarship? To be sure, the Freshmen are the proud possessors of canes, but . Wim? the defeat in the inter-class foot ball game was of small moment, a trifling incident, easily offset by the brilliant victory of the young women in the battle ball game between the two rival classes. There, indeed, did the nineteenth-century woman give a lasting example of the "all-round" education which our beloved University affords. Harken, Sophomores! Upon the Class of '98 rests a heavy responsibility. It is the revival of " Calculus' Burial." With due awe and reverence may the last sad rites be performed over this devoted couple, John R. Calculus and his wife, Anna Lytics. To our companions on Mount Parnassus would we fain give a word of praise to those passing days-yea, even nights-in the enchanting home of Polyhymnia and Euterpe. Ever increasing is the glory bestowed upon '98 through its devotees to brush and song. In architecture, too, we are well representedg our '98 "co-ed" is holding her own most honorably among her companions of the sterner sex. Oh, the tired brains of the Sophomores, so crowded with knowledge that they scarce can say whether the " Catalectic Logaoedic Pentapody, with anacrusis, Dactyl third," is one of Luther's ninety-five theses, or a line from john Lyly. Oh, the sleepless nights and sleepy days! Will we ever cease to remember the rude awakening from that little morning nap, to find ourselves, not in some Utopian bower, but in Professor Blank's class room? With sincere hearts do the Liberal Arts students of '98 thank the faculty for the newly established line of work. Elective studies, a course in English more complete than ever before, a fine new building for the Medios, a new Law School-doctors, lawyers, musicians, architects, professors, ministers, springing up like mushrooms-and at the head of all our Chancellor, the "Sophomore Chancellor," as he so generously terms himself, have we not i' just reason for. being proud, even a trille Sophomorish if we desire? 3- ,cs !N '... 4 l ll i ll ,, X rid. ,i nn-L J '92, 1 5 vp xl '98, Yell. -Lika-laka, Lika-laka, Lika-laka-lum ! SAMUEL HAVEN GLASSMIRE, EDITH LENORE KNIGHT, FLORENCE A. CARPENTER, JAY DURWOOD LESTER, MABEL EVA WEST, - MABEL CARTER RHOADES, FIRMAN A. DE MARIS, JOHN WESLEY MCGAVERN, Lika-laka, Lika-laka, Lika-laka-lum! Bika-baka-bate! Bika-baka-bate ! Syracuse, Syracuse! Ninety-eight ! ! Officers. 49 Preszkient. V zke-Preshiefzt. Secretary. Treasurer. Hzktorzhfz. Poet. Y bn.vt1mzs!cr. Chfzirman Ex. Com .- History of '99. HE Class of '99, whose fame had been heralded throughout the hills and vales of Onondaga, first met in the city Y. M. C. A. September 22, 1895. We knew X gk :N each other then only by the password 'fsixty-six," nevertheless our song and egg- ' yell were composed, and sent to the printer. We were back on the "hill" before the N " Sophs " began to think of a meeting. The next morning we met the " Sophs," or rather kb YYY- salt, as we came out of Crouse College. Ninety-nine carried everything before her, and the weak little " Sophies " called a halt before we could rush them down the hill. After a delay of many weeks the foot-ball game came off. During the game sweet voices of '99,S "co-eds" gave inspiration which nerved every Freshman player to his best effort. The next morning the "Sophs" would fain have vanished into thin air at the rousing yell : Thirty-four to Nothing, Well, Well, Well! Thirty-four to Nothing, Yell, Yell, Yell! Kee, Ko, Kine! Kee, Ko, Kine! ' Syracuse, Syracuse, '99! The " Sophs " again went down before the strength, skill and speed of our athletes in the track meet held one week later, to the tune of 83 to 28. The " Lit " capped the climax. We gave the slow little " Sophies" two hours start, and they were unable to beat us with such a handicap. We drove them from the hotel, and finally, under their earnest solicitation, allowed them to come into the dining hall and listen to our orators waxing eloquent over the late victory. This was the pleasantest affair of the year, and the "Sophs" confess that their "Lit" was slow in comparison with it. We have come to respect our big Chancellor and our "Profs," On account of the many lectures which We have received upon the perniciousness of "horseing," We have firmly resolved never to "ride" or "crib" in any subjects, except those which require five hours preparation. Some in '99 are ambitious for a "key," but we are beginning to realize that " the race is not to the swift " for either horse or man. Strange as it may seem '99 is even now well up in society. We have some members who are noted for 'twaisting " time. "" Thus may all see that '99 is a typical college class--strong in athletics, merry in sport, smooth in society, and in scholarship surpassingly great. All this can be proved, 'tfor she admits it herself." 5o uwmunpf-Qu. EDWARD MAR1'IN, IVA LENA LOWTHER, EVA MAY BRYAN, - COURTNEY D. WI-II1'TEIxIoRE, THOMAS HILL MUNROE, -IR., JOHN CARY BOLAND, - HARLEY CRANE, MABEL WEIIB, - RICHARD H. TEMPLETON, Ye '99. Kee, Ko, Kine! Kee, Ko, Kine! Syracuse, Syracuse! Ninety-nine !! Officers. 5 I Preszaeuf. Vzke-President. Secreiary. Treasurer. T oasimasier. Clzairman Ex. Com. Caplain Track Team Pod. Hzlvtorian. y fs.-rg '1 'Q' mi Medical History. T IS not so very long ago that, to become a doctor, the young candidate entered the office of a chosen physician, became part of the household of his preceptor, and accompanied him on his professional visits. He cared for and hitched the horse, mixed the drugs, and held the bowl for the bleeding. In this Way he acquired all his knowledge of the science and art of medicine. When his instructor considered him sufficiently proficient in acquirement, a license to practice was obtained from a county society, and so the student became a full-fledged doctor. The first schools of medicine established taught medicine and surgery by short courses of lectures, each the repetition of the other, given yearly during the Winter months. There were no demonstrations, except in anatomy, the student took the teaching on faith, and graduated at the end of the second year of his attendance on the course of lectures twice told. One of the earliest and best of these schools of instruction in medicine was the Geneva Medical College, Many of its professors and instructors were great and famous men in the profession of that day. But twenty-five years ago there dawned a 11ew era in medical education. The preliminary education of young men studying medicine was becoming more advanced, and with it there arose a proper contempt for dogmatic assertions, and a demand for its substitution by demonstration of fact. Then laboratory demonstration and hospital clinic became the basis of instruction. The schools of medical teaching, which hitherto were distributed over the country, throve as well in small towns as in cities, but under the new order of things medical education became centered, because of the 52 greater hospital facilities in the large cities. For this reason the Geneva Medical College, which had always ranked among the first, found now that it no longer drew students, and it soon became evident that its very existence was imperiled. Syracuse, a growing and prosperous city was not far off. Advantage was taken of the fact that here was already established the Syracuse University. It offered itself as a new department to the University, was accepted, and in 1872 the College was moved to Syracuse. Here it took on new life, and again became one of the most advanced schools in the study of medicine. It was the second medical school in the country to realize the insufficiency of two years for the study of so great a science and extended its course to three years. And again the time required for the full course of instruction has just been lengthened to four years.. Here the study of medicine is pursued more and more as an exact science. It bases its work on observed fact, and makes the most extended use of laboratories and hospitals. In this respect the Medical Department of the Syracuse University has kept far in advance of most of its rivals, and with the new college building with its fine physiological, histological, chemical, pathological and bacteriological laboratories, all fitted with the latest and best apparatusg it stands to-day among the foremost schools for instruction in this country. Its resources for clinical teaching are abundant. Among the institutions of which the College has freest use are the House of the Good Shepherd, St. joseph's Hospital, the Holden Hospital for Women and Children, the State Hospital for Feeble-minded Children, the Onondaga Orphan Asylum and the Syracuse Free Dispensary. The first two hospitals mentioned are especially valuable to the College, for clinical instruction, because of the variety of medical and surgical cases annually treated there, and that the active members of their staffs are mostly teachers connected with the College. An attached physician and surgeon in ' each hospital is annually selected by competition from the graduating class. -A-T ' 53 U ' J E. C. Dinlzzrjfdr' Ca., Plmfo '97 Medical. Officers. ROISERT BURNS, ' Pfffhffflf- FRANCIS RYAN, V226-1J7'ESZ'cZ'E7Zl'. ROBERT J. CROCKETT, - Secrefary. GEORGE F. GOERS, TVFUSHWV. 55 ", ui i i :iff l 22255 lil T l 0, 235 I i ff 'iflrf if f X lf T' gra il! Wf lf a 'f 'fi I 1, Mill ! 11 trust'-'ls' ill J" v"' Q gi 'il "M" 1 !fi!rlareile1"'f,f Ea. as 1' hi -i alll, WX iff f lf ll igiffggllaal .lf ii mm ,Q mllllllllllll y, i 1 ll 0 ll ,I E , I l Q 1' 1 1 a r. mx .n .f . ,VV 1 f, fge.-,,-.1 f-'nge-.-141 l , , ,f ,W ,, , n l f if 'w , fw',r,l:'i'f,1-:f'aff-'-'-f1 , r 'wif JJ M ' W N '-'.5a",'-is r LAW f ' "f!1:w,,41,,-:,m..- 1 1 I, - , '1 .f N' l i ,fl J ' ".w!'iH,q 1" it:ga?1'n2i2xQ12'i ' 1 , X rp if ' 1 ii,"Ml5'4'f 'r , "Kill ' , fielwfxigr, 'gi' li 1, 1 ' f Q ' ' "mn-v " 4.-' l M r V- . w.,,.g.1n rr J' ",y2,,lr I :, f A u','l2-,-'ffl i Law School History. i-' ' - N 'lfvmffg M., . Wi., Qt gl ,N- 1 N i ENCILING the history of a Law College not yet a year old is like attempting to scribble the T biography of a newly born babe. Little is to be said except that it is young and noisy, l llll i i 1 li , , V, ll W iii" I struggling for recognition, and that in the course of time it will grow, expand and develop il flffwux , until it shall occupy a more conspicuous place in the universe. The identity of the Law College V and its aggregation was first made manifest on September 23, 1896, the day of inauguration, at which time twenty-six youths, hungry to dissect the intricate anatomy of the law, toed the mark, paid their tuition, and plunged deep into the meshes of legal lore. Ever since then they have been applying themselves with more or less fidelity. Now and then the class humorist perforates the air with his pungent humor and wrecks the cogitations of an earnest, thinking professor, but the investigations continue. Frequently co-tenants complain of the noise of Indian war dances, tripped by nimble-toed legal lights, but all in vain. They are dismissed from the presence of the Court by the ultimatum, "No cause of action." The strict discipline of Walker, the garrulity of Burdick, the stoicism of Stillwell and McGowan, the methods of Stone, are at once as amusing and vexatious as the legal labyrinths. But in spite of our troubles we get along happily and love the work. We take a day off sometimes, and, when we don't stay home, we go to the theater and make our presence known by song and yells among the gallery gods. A foot-ball game frequently charms us to the field, when we go in style and have our mouey's worth. The fact is that, between the Kent Club and the Equity Club, theaters and law 56 books, and a number of respected professors, we learn considerable and flavor our lives with good humor. What more can a law student do? "All study and no play makes jack a dull boy." No dull boys here, all bright, all ambitious, all going to be lawyers--and starve. "' 4' 4' And such is as much of our history as may interest you. Come, then, join in our class yell, it's the best we haveg so then: Agency, Contracts, Bills and Notes! Equity, Pleading, Sales and Torts! Domestic Relations, Rah, Rah, Rah! Syracuse Varsity, College of Law!! - : - .. as ,igaimfiiw ' f - - - f- ,,.: . 57 TALMAGE C. CHERRY, FREDERICK J. TOPPING, WILLIAM Rosx-:NBLooM, JOHN C. DYOTT, ' - WILLARD T. WRIGHT, 97 Law. Officers. 5 8 Preszdnzt. Vzke-President Serreiary. Tredsurer. Hu morist. 'N ,.,,, ,.. J.1 ,,, 4 I Delta -Kappa Epsilon --- Phi Gamma Chapter. john Nelson Alsever, William Dewey Alsever, George Hopkins Bond, Talmage Charles Cherry, Wallace Elias Brown, Richard Bruce Cuthbert, Leonard Gray Flaccus, Paul William Arnold, Henry Hagarman Burdick, Byer Ives Cooper, FOUNDED IN 1871. Undergraduate Members. N izzviy-S zlr. Howard Israel Andrews, Caleb Candee Brown, Edward Woodworth Burdick Nz'1zety-Sevwz. William Avery Groat, Edward Ellsworth Riley, Edward Seguin Van Duyn. N izzeiy-E zlqhf. Samuel Haven Glassmire, William Ralph Maxon, Robert Hamilton Pierson, Ninrfy-Nz'11c. jesse T. Peck Kenyon, Harry Glover Lee, 60 Henry Irving Nottingham, Frederick Theodore Pierson, Charles Wesley Walker, William L. Wallace, Thomas Ralph Robinson, Frank Mather Smalley, Earl Evelyn Sperry. Harry Sheridan Lee, Henry Bell Pratt, Horace Huntington Pierson. I 'vp-vvvvw-Jullw' 1' ,':f'y ' 'rw-wg I r"" ' f"I I I IGI II? II I IIIIWIII II . 'ZW - ' '--W-ks, -. r ,',, . I ' H' .--S I ' , f' . , ,I I' I I4 II -I I ' ,I I . In -J' I ,WI , . . . R,-MV xg . ' wi "Nw 2 ' - 15,2-e.f " 52-1 . f. I 4-x. -' ,, A 1 H , .-V .4 r x-'-. ffm-.f'.,f" . 5-., ' ' , I-.II.I,i-K..4I,II,,I,1I III I I I I N gl I, 14 f . ,Y ,,fI- ,IoIfS:J-.AI ,K 1 lf ', K 'I .-x.!:- 1. A.,-4-...,1,.., A -. 3 , , ,Fig - - N R '- H' I M. , ' W, ' . ,H . - 1 ' wx. . 1 if ' .' 1 -4, f 6 r V.. 2 f .- v -V -1 - hp 1 .yi . ' ,g A 1 A . .' M' 1 ' my '-I - 5: ,I , ,- K I , '. 'IQXII III.-7.1w,:,I,5.I , a-..- 4- I .'. , ' 'f v1,I'. f Ifgf 'I ' - '4 . - '15 ",I,'6.v: " - , I I 'gk six , I 1 , , QI.-I:I.H J r s - .f ' II' IIIIIQ I Ili-IIQIC ,I Iii: ,vfff E 3 IN' 1 lat -I,I, , - , V , . , H - I I I A 1. ,.I , , . - I 1- ' '5'Yg,II fI-'I1,,I:I s"1',,pg-III 'i'.q.i?, . ' III . I A vmi!iI:g,xM I II, QI 4ItT,I IN , I 1 I I -, I- ,Q , QI, X .4 W.: . I f I, ,I. '.5,Iu-wp 'L 1-MX. ' I gl 1' X , '-X 'rm Ji .-,I fi ' ' il! ,,-a"yz+,-2' H' 9... P14 . gf f A 'H - ,w,x,yf,I!"'- I .Qij"i,,v , fg IE! .Ii ' ' 1'-.'K vj- .U-, xx, . I I I- ini- 4 E - , I I I ,II ,I,,,,I..vI . . 4 ' ji ,- .- II .A 4.3 . ,, I' . :KI Ky m I I 1 yy - ' 'Q V1 1 'r 4' f ,I - - ,,- Wi' ' ' .mm Wm Wm X' ,-I 1, QAM lg' ' . f x 4. S' 7.,7'.f- I ' , ' ,nw I3 .. , . . I v . III 1 ,Q Jr' I '.,".f' ,rif Q ... V - Q 2. T11-1vCf'f,f ,,,,, .py1I.-. ,,-,IJ 13:-'I 'If l 15 PI ' '- X P , T ' ,. Wy, .. Q' 453: .iifgig , I' ,..Qj,,zrIv 1,5 ,, I. I Nm I I, I.I ' - . "fr 'Nw 4 '-. M5 V -- ' - 'ehiffw If f ' ' 'pew' ,W'Y,.. - ' ?f qKv f I ',II, . K mv, - . ., " 'K35.K: .ki Kr . '- A ' F . . I I I.,III,.. ' V55 .4 -X2 A .aw- .' ' A3' I x, f'k2j'g"Fj,1,.: 'lgqu' ' 4 'NJ JYA 1 sag-, - " 353' I -lvwgiygh 4' "VI A U, 'XL .,., .. -ww. .F 3 ' V," ' W A, Q , 1. A 5532 I ' , yi Q- ,,:.5, I , + W1-5 Aff'-'L gr'-5 .J n mx III' , ' 'gy ,- f I n gf 6tov utr , , , 1 , 1 f. I X MWGIQ ...z . I I ,L I ,f 1 Mx Q . . f ff1 ,.+- -y I'-lib . L . ,ff . - I I I - nf' ' '-77lFllnuu1'L:i'IluuL'.U'l: I.:-,X Y. 5 H 0 I 3'7g,,gfIJ. .Iii HAI IJ,.C'I1':'1- YI IIIIIIII I r I I- I' ' . . - Q 1 1' J ' X -. :A 'N 1- "-,tv 4 .5-' NN -A '-L v. ,, . ' : Li .l',rsxJ'. ',fA,k43.f,'1f7, ' 'g,."', Tia."-,L"1, ,Q',A"',"1l'. ' X ' x--1,'.w . x A -K . ,,.5,g-g.L1 Q' , II II, 1II I " ,1 IMIIIAII ' I I , .. r-.5-I Ivy, ' . ,144 -1 - nl ' M x f JK Q iik . If itWII,I.I.-IM H. DUNLAP, A. M., M. D., JOHN L. HEFFRON, A. M., M. D., WILLIAM N'O'l"l'INGlIAM, B. Ph., CEYI.oN I-I. LEWIS, A. M., . HON. IRVING G. VANN, A. M., LL. D., . - GILES H. STILIAVELL, A. M., . EDWIN H. GAGCIN, B. Ar., . THOMAS WAI.liER GAOGIN, B. Ar., JOSEI-II T. D. FISCIIER, M. D., . FRED Z. ,LEWIS, A. B., 'VVILLIAM B. I-IOIICE, B. S., OSCAR R. WIIITPORD, A. M., . ISAAC N. CLICMENTS, A. M., 'F Died November n, 1895. Fratres in Facultate. , Professor of Dermatology. Professor of Clinical Medicine. Lecturer on the Law of Evidence. . . Lecturer on Practice. Lecturer on the Law of Insurance. . Instructor in Personal Property and Torts. , Instructor in Perspective and Descriptive Geometry. , , , , Instructor in Architecture. , Instructor in Physiology. , , Instructor in Biology. , , Instructor in Physics. . Instructor in Geology and Assaying. , Principal of Gymnasium B. 1 ' A ' ' D. K. E. A umm ssoc1at1ons. BUFFALO, DETROIT, NEW YORK CITY, WASHINGTON, NORTHWESTERN, KENTUCKY, PACIFIC COAST, CLEVELAND. CENTRAL NEVV YORK, EASTERN NEW YORK MISSISSIPPI VALLEY, WESTERM MICHIGAN, RI-IODE ISLAND, CONNECTICUT, ROCHESTER' WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS, HARw'AIQTj, CHATTANOOGA, NEW ENGLAND. NORTHWEST. INDIANA, MOUNTAIN 61 Roll of Chapters. PHI, Yale University, . . 1844 TAU, Hamilton College, THETA, Bowdoin College, . 1844 MU, Colgate University, , , XI, Colby University, . . . 1845 NU, College of the City of New York, SIGMA, Amherst College, . 1846 BETA PHI, University of Rochester, GAMMA, Vanderbilt University. . 1847 PHI CHI, Rutgers College, , PSI, University of Alabama, 1847 PSI PHI, De Pauw University, , CHI, University of Mississippi, . 1S5o GAMMA PHI, Wesleyan University, , , UPSILON, Brown University, . 1550 PSI OMEGA, Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, . BETA, University of North Carolina, . 1851 BETA CHI, Adelbert College, , , , KAPPA, Miami University, . 1852 DELTA CHI, Cornell University, , , LAMDA, Kenyon College, . 1852 DELTA DELTA. University of Chicago, ETA, University of Virginia, 1852 PHI GAMMA, Syracuse University, . PI, Dartmouth College, . , , 1853 GAMMA BETA, Columbia College, . IOTA, Central University of Kentucky, . 1854 THETA ZETA, University of California, ALPHA ALPHA, Middlebury College, . 1854 ALPHA CHI, Trinity College, , , , OMICRON, University of Michigan, 1855 PHI EPSILON, University of Minnesota, . EPSILON, Williams College, . . 1855 SIGMA TAU, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, , RHO, Lafayette College, . 1855 Total number of active Chapters, 35 Total number of members, .... 10,534 Fraternity organ, , Delta Kappa Epsilon Quarterly. Colors.-Azusa, Guuas Asn OR. 1856 1856 1856 1856 1861 1866 1867 1867 1868 1870 1870 1871 1374 1876 1379 1889 1890 ALLEN, C. LOOMIS. ANDREWS, CHARLES W., BARDEEN, CHARLES R.. BREWSTER, ARTHUR J., BROWN, HENRY A., CARLEY, LEON A.. COOK, CHARLES C., CROWLEY, WILLIAM E., DANN, EDWARD H., DOUNCE. GEORGE A.. EDDY, JESSE T., EDGECOMB, ERNEST I., FISCHER, JOSEPH T. D., FOOTE, WILLIAM Y., FRENCHALEXANDERW., FRENCH, EDMUND L., FRENCH, MANSFIELD J.. FULLER, LOUIS FULLER, WILLIAM B., GAGGIN, EDWIN H., GAGGIN, T. WALKER, GREEN, THERON R.. HEFFRON, JOHN L.. HODGE, WILLIAM E., HOUGHTON, HARRIS A., HOUGHTON, OSCAR C., HUMBERT, CHARLES HUMPHREY, IRA JR., HYDE, HENRY N., KENYON, GEORGE A., Phi Gamma, Alpha, Alpha, Phi, Tau, Phi Gamma Phi Gamma Phi Gamma Phi Gamma Delta Chi, Phi Gamma, ' Phi Gamma Phi Gamma Phi Gamma Phi Gamma, Phi Gamma Phi Gamma, ' Phi Gamma Phi Gamma Phi Gamma Phi Gamma, ' Phi Gamma Mu, Phi Gamma Phi Gamma Gamma Phi Phi Gamma Beta Phi, Phi, Gamma Phi 1 I v v 1 1 Fratres in Urbe. SI4 E. Genesee. 606 james. 1109 E. Genesee. II8 Henry. 100 Oneida. Empire House. 70S Lodi. 700 Midland Ave. III7 E. Genesee. Delaware St. Post Office. 904 E. Genesee. S06 Butternut. 910 Harrison. 232 South Ave. 232 South Ave. 232 South Ave. KING, JOHN H., KINNE, E. OLIN, KINYON, OSCAR C., LATHROP, CHARLES D., LEWIS, CEYLON I-I., LEWIS, FRED z., LYMAN, EDWIN P., MERRELL, LOUIS H., MARION, FRANK J., MILLER, FRANK J., NEWELL, JAMES E., NOTTINGHAM, THOS. W., NOTTINGHAM. WILLIAM, OLIVER, FRANCIS POTTER, ALBERT P., RICHARDSON, ROY S., SCHLIEDER, FRED'K W., 919 james. SMITH, LEWIS P , IOQ Holland. SPALDING, COLIN A., 713 Irving. STILLWELL, GILES H., 904 E. Genesee. TYLER, LORENZO D., 303 Waverly Place. VAN ALLEN, WM. H., 448 S. Salina. VANN, HON. IRVING G., , 904 E. Genesee. WADLEIGH, LUTHER O., , 403 UniversityPlace. WEBB, J. WALLACE, , 403 University Place. WELLS, EDWIN M., II4 N. Salina. WHITFORD, NOBLE E., Empire House. WHITFORD, OSCAR R., 7II W, Genesee. WHITNALL, HAROLD O., 615 Irving. WICKS, FREDERICK S., Alpha, Phi Gamma, ' Phi Gamma Phi Gamma Mu, Phi Gamma Phi Gamma, Sigma, Phi Gamma Phi Gamma Mu, Phi Gamma Phi Gamma Phi Gamma Tau, Phi Gamma Phi Gamma Phi Gamma Phi Gamma Sigma, Phi Gamma Phi Gamma Phi, Phi Gamma Psi Phi, Phi Gamma Phi Gamma Phi Gamma, Mu, Phi, v I 71, 76, 82, 75, 73, 94, 93, 99, 90, 94, S6, 85, 76. 9', 67, 94, 95, 93, S2, 61, 82, 90, 63, 92, 71, sz, 89. 90, 99, 73, 200 Dewitt. IIOI E. Genesee. I I0 Lancaster Ave. 505 Orange. IOS Furman. 907 Adams. 326 Hawley. 374 W. Onondaga. OII Lodi. zu Catherine. The Florence. I542 Mulberry. 354 W. Onondaga. 702 University Av 707 Madison. IOI2 E. Adams. 738 Harrison. 904 E. Genesee. IOIO S. Salina. I26 Erie. 309 Lemon. 2Io Walnut Place. 720 Lodi. 418 Irving. 620 Irving, 602 S. Salina. 902 E. Genesee. II6 Lincoln Ave. 107 Furman. 201 Green. 6 Delta Upsilon --- Syracuse Chapter. Alton Eugene Darby, Edward Fitz Randolph, Burt LeGrand Bentley, Charles Gardner Rogers, Ralph Waldo Allen, Henry Clinton Emm, Randolph Thatcher Congdon, Ansel Reddy Kinne, William B. Manchester, ESTABLISHED 1873. Undergraduate Members. NZ'Il6f,jl-SZl1'. Edwin David Face, George Washington Rosenberry, john Galitzin Truair. Nz'1zcly-Seven. Kengo Moriya, Arthur Ernest Strong, William Henry Yard. N inety-E zlghf. William Sherman Mulholland, Homer Fuller Titus, N inefy-N ine. Harley I. Crane, Rush Warner Lake, 64 William joseph Peck, john William Sadler, Naboth Osborne, George Francis Tyrrell, Edward Corbin jenkins, Arthur Abijah Wilmot. Carlos Emmons Cummings William Fraser Lewis, Charles Thomas Murdoch. 15 x -mf-Al KGIGTWOGQKQ D lzmpy yAn,1l.vyf1 FRANK SMALLEY, A. M., Ph. HENRX' A. PECK, A. M., Ph. ERNEST N. PATTEE, M. S., E. CoI'I' MORRIS, A. M., EDWIN NO'f1'INllHAM, B. Ph., GEORGE MCGOXX'AN, A. M., FRANK R. WALKER, A. M., Fratres in Facultate. D., Professor of Latin Language and Literature. D., , , , , Professor of Astronomy. . . . Associate Professor of Chemistry. Professor of Rhetoric and English Language. . Lecturer on Law of Evidence. Lecturer on Elementary Law and Trusts. . . . Instructor in Law. Delta Upsilon Alumni Chapters. NEW YORK, CHICAGO. NEW ENGLAND, WASHINGTON, ROCHESTER, WESTERN 'NEW ENGLAND, BUFFALO, I ALBANY, RHODE ISLAND, SYRACUSE, CLEVELAND, MINNEAPOLIS 65 Roll of Chapters. Williams College, . 1834 Union College, 1838 Hamilton College, . 1847 Amherst College, 1847 Adelbert College, . 1847 Colby University, 1852 Rochester University, . 1352 Middlebury College, . 1850 Bowdoin College, . 1857 Rutgers College, 1858 Brown University, , 1560 Colgate University, . 1865 New York University, . IS65 Cornell University, . 1869 Marietta College, . 1870 Syracuse University, . 1873 Total number of active Chapters, Michigan University, , Northwestern University, Harvard University, Wisconsin University, Lafayette College, Columbia College, Lehigh University, Tufts College. De Pauw University, . University of Pennsylvania, University of Minnesota, , Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Swarthmore College, . Leland Stanford University University of California, , Total number of members, . . . 5.083 Fraternity organ, ...,,. Delta Upsilon Magazine. Colors.-OLD Gow AND BLUE. 1876 1880 1880 1885 1885 1885 1885 1886 1887 1888 ISQO 1891 1893 1895 1895 ANDRUS, REV. J. C., . BALLART, F. A., . . BURTON, REV. R. . CHAPMAN, HON. L. S., CROUCH, L. C., , , , DAY,R. . . EMERICK, L. W., . FORD, REV. S. T., . FOWLER, A. P., . GLEN, W. A., . . . GOODRIC1-I, C. B., . GREEN, C.. D., . HALEY, M. A., . . HESS, O. A., . HOOKER, T., . . JACKSON, W. C., . JENNER, W. A., . LUTHER, REV. C. L., , MANCHESTER, REV. H. A. MARR, REV. CHARLES, MCDOWELL, W. G., . . McGONVAN,G., , , MEAD, F. L., , Cornell, Union, Rochester, ' Syracuse, Cornell, Syracuse, Cornell, Colgate, Cornell, Williams, Middlebury,' Syracuse, Syracuse, Hamilton, 'Sr Williams, Cornell, Syracuse, Hamilton, Rochester, ' Rutgers, Cornell, Syracuse, Syracuse, Fratres in Urbe. 304 Delaware Ave. II7 Baker. 212 Grace. Bastable Block. 317 Kirk Block. Slandard Office. " La Concha." 620 West Onondaga. 627 Kirk Block. 36 Wieting Block. 22 Wieting Block. 238 West Fayette. 933 Mulberry. 615 Kirk Block. 511 East Fayette. 401 East Willow. 26 Granger Block. t Kyle Ave., Q Onondaga Valley. I 52 5 Grape. 208 Sedgwick. 49 " The Florence." 6o6 Willis Ave. Madison St. School MORRIS, E. COIT, NOTTINGHAM, E. PAINE, PAUL M., PATTEE, E. N., . PECK, H. A., . PHILLIPS, A. C., PHILLIPS, H., PIERCE, D. A., . ROBERTS, J. F., ROBERTS, W. H., ROCKWELL, W. D., . SANFORD, E. H., SMALLEY, DR. FRANK, STOREY, REV. R. S., . TITUS, REV. W. S., . TUCK, J. B., . VANDERBURGH,REV,F.A. XVALKER, R. R., WELLS, N. A.. WILE, C.. A., WILTSE, W. H., YORK, A. N., Hamilton, ' Syracuse, Lehigh, Rochester Syracuse, Hamilton, Syracuse, Cornell, Syracuse, Syracuse, Syracuse, Syracuse, Syracuse, Colgate, Union , Cornell, Rochester, ' Syracuse, Syracuse, Rochester, ' Colgate, Syracuse, 88, 76. 9K1 S6, 55. 71. 93. sz, 76. 81, 82, 87. 14. 89. 48. 03. 76. S29 77, 72. ss, 35. 309 UniversityPlace 703 University Ave Post Ofiice. 503 Van Buren. 305 Waverly Place I5 Savings Bk.Bldg. Post Office. 3I7 Kirk Block. I4 Clinton Block. 125 South Clinton. 604 University Ave 2I7 Kirk Block. 607 University Ave 1626 West Genesee. 906 Harrison. '- La C0ncha." I4I4 East Genesee. Snow Building. 409 Irving. 518 East Genesee. 3 "The F1orence." ISI4 East Genesee Henry Arthur Hoyt, Robert Barnes Adams, Ansley Baker Blades, Lyman Wells Clary, Theodore Leland Waugh, Hamilton Lizars Aberdein, VVilliam Lyon Hasbrouck, Charles Edward Hungerford, Psi Upsilon --- Pi Chapter. ESTABLISHED 1875. Undergraduate Members. Nz'11eiy-S2112 E. Bersie Lee, Arthur Brown Peaslee. N inf! y-Sezfm. William Harold Burgess, john Cooper Dyott, Ingraham Thornton Hart. N 2.71601-fi-Igkf. William Wittenberg, William Wellesley Percy. Nzlzefy-Nz'11r. Lucius Sheldon johnson, VVillis Hoag Michell, 68 Frank Dana Thorne, Elliott Ernest Vernon, Solomon Carman VVhitbeck, Harrison Wood MacLenathen Eugene Wilson Murray, Arthur Henry Norton, Harry Alanson Oday, Ross Colin Purdy. Fratres in Facultate. JAMES B. BROOKS, A. M., D. C. L., CIIARLES G. BAI.DwIN, A. M., LL. B., J. WII.I.IAnI WII.SON, A. M., . XVILLIAAI S. ANDREWS. A. M., LL. B.. EDWARD J. Wx'NKoOI', M. D., . DI-:LAIER E. HAWKINS, A. B., , Dean of the College of Law. , Lecturer on Partnership and Liens. Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence. , Lecturer on Statute Law. Demonstrator of Anatomy. Instructor in Political Science Alumni Associations. DETROIT, ROCHESTER, SYRACUSE, CINCINNATI, PORTLAND, ME., WASHINGTON, EUEEALO, CHIC NEXV YORK, ST. PAUL, PHILADELPHIA, BOSTON, ALBANY, TOPEKA, KAN., AGO, SAN FRANCISCO 69 Roll of Chapters. THETA, Union College, . . .' . 1833 UPSILON, University of Rochester, , DELTA, University of the City of New York, 1837 IOTA, Kenyon College, . BETA, Yale University, . . . . 1839 PHI, University of Michigan, . SIGMA, Brown University, . 1840 PI, Syracuse University, . GAMMA, Amherst College, . 1841 CHI, Cornell University, . ZETA, Dartmouth College, 1842 BETA BETA, Trinity College, LAMBDA, Columbia College, . . 1842 ETA, Lehigh University, , KAPPA, Bowdoin College, . 1843 TAU, University of Pennsylvania, PSI, Hamilton College, . . 1843 MU, University of Minnesota, , XI, Wesleyan College, 1843 RHO, University of Wisconsin, Total number of Chapters, Total membership, , . . . 7,700 Organ, . . . The Psi Upsilon Review. Colors.-GARNET AND GOLD. 1858 1860 1865 1875 1876 ISSO 1884 1891 1891 1895 ANDREWS, WILLIAM S., BALDWIN CHARLES G., BROOKS, JAMES B.. CHASE, HENRY M., CLARKE, REV. L. MASON, COBB, DORR RAYMOND, CODDINGTON, REV. H. G., COLWELL. LOUIS S., DURSTON,REV.ALFRED S. GALE, THOMAS K., GERE, WILLIAM A., GOTT, FRANCIS D.. GRACE, SEYMOUR M., HAIGH, GEO.I'IASBROUCK, HATMAKER, BENEDICT R. HAWKINS, DELMER HINE, GEORGE F., HOLDEN, WILLIS A.. HOWLETT, ALFRED A., HUDSON, REV. ROBERT, JONES, LAWRENCE T., KENNEDY, DWIGHT B., KENNEDY, GEORGE H., LIGHTON, FRANK C., MCCARTHY, DENNIS, MOORE, FRANK M., MOORE, STANLEY, MORGAN, DR. E. J., JR., Harvard, Hamilton, ' Dartmouth,' Yale, Amherst, Syracuse, Syracuse, Syracuse, Syracuse, Hamilton, ' Syracuse, Syracuse, Union, Syracuse, Syracuse, Syracuse, Syracuse, Syracuse, Syracuse, Trinity, Rochester, Cornell, Syracuse, Syracuse, Cornell, Cornell, Yale, Cornell, Fratres in Urbe. 404 Oak. 203 Green. IOI3 East Adams. 207 Highland Place. 202 Walnut Place. S Larned Block. IOOO Harrison. 62K Crouse Ave. II2Q Bellevue Ave 1 Clinton Block. Belle Isle. 50I james. IO6 Woodland Ave IO9 Grant Ave. 105 Marshall. 109 Concord Place. 702 james. Onon. Co. Sav. Bk. 600 West Genesee. 215 Slocum Ave. 403 Howard. 604 East Genesee. 604 East Genesee. 511 E. Washington 410 East Genesee. 909 james. 7II james. 313 Montgomery. MORGAN, WILLIAM L., OSBORNE, REV. CYRUS P., PACKARD, REV. EDW. N., PEASE, DR. HENRY H., PETERS, FRANK GEO., PORTER, W. W., RANDALL, DR. A. B., REYNOLDS, HOWARD H., REDINGTON, GEO. O., ROBERTS, A. D., SMITH, CHARLES C., SMITH, RAY B., STEVENS, AUGUSTUS C., TABER,WELLINGTON W., WARNER, GEORGE B., WESTON, HOMER. WESTON, WALDO, WI-IITE, FREDERICK D., WICKES, WILLIAM KERR, WILKINSON, HENRY W., WILKINSON, THEO. K.. WILKINSON, JOHN, WILSON, JAMES W., WOODVVORTH,NEWELL B. 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CLEVELAND, NEW YORK, SPRINGFIELD, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY, PHILADELPHIA , DENVER CITY, TWIN CITY, PORTLAND SYRACUSE, Firsi D1'sl1'z'c!. Roll of Chapters. New Hampshire Alpha, Dartmouth, . . . 1896 Massachusetts Alpha, Amherst, . . 1895 Pennsylvania Alpha, Washington and jefferson College, . 1852 Pennsylvania Beta, Allegheny College, , 1853 Pennsylvania Gamma, Bucknell University, , . 1855 Pennsylvania Epsilon, Pennsylvania College, 1855 Pennsylvania Zeta, Dickinson College, . . 1859 Pennsylvania Eta, Franklin and Marshall College, IS60 Pennsylvania Theta, Lafayette College, . , 1869 Pennsylvania Iota, University of Pennsylvania, 1877 Pennsylvania Kappa, Swarthmore College, . . 1889 New York Alpha, Cornell University, . 1869 New York Beta, Syracuse University, , . 1884 New York Gamma, Columbia College, 1872 New York Epsilon, Colgate University, . 1887 New York Zeta, Brooklyn Polytechnic, . 1893 Second Dzktrzkf. Virginia Alpha, University of Virginia, . . 1853 Virginia Beta, Washington and Lee University, 1855 Virginia Gamma, Hampden and Sidney College, . 1856 Mississippi Alpha, University of Mississippi, 1857 Total number of Chapters, Total membership, , Fraternity organ, District of Columbia Alpha, Columbian College, Maryland Alpha, Johns Hopkins University, West Virginia Alpha, University of West Virginia, Thin! Dzklrzkf. Ohio Alpha, Ohio VVesleyan University, . Ohio Beta, Wittenberg College, , , Ohio Delta, Ohio State University, , Indiana Alpha, De Pauw University. . Indiana Beta, Indiana State University, . Indiana Gamma, Wabash College, , Fourffz Dislrzkt. Illinois Alpha. Northwestern University, . Illinois Beta, University of Chicago, . Iowa Alpha, Iowa State University, . Michigan Alpha, University of Michigan, Kansas Alpha, University of Kansas, , Wisconsin Gamma, Beloit College, , , Minnesota Beta, University of Minnesota, California Beta, Leland Stanford. Jr., University, Nebraska Alpha, Nebraska University, . 38 , , , 7,co6 Phi Kappa Psi "Shield," Colors.-P1NK AND Lnvrswnak. 1868 ISSO ISQO 1861 lS':J6 ISSO 1865 1869 1870 1864 1894 1867 1876 1876 1881 1887 1892 1895 WARD, REV. W. G., . STEVENSON, REV. R. VV., HUDSON, C. A., , BROADWAY, REV. A. E., HIGGINS, G. E., , SCHNAUBER, F. J., . HOLZWARTI-1, REV. E. J., FARRINGTON, F. J., . OUT, G. B., , , PECKHAM, N. R., PIPER, P. P., . SHANAHAN, E. J., WRIGHT, G. A., , DANZIGER, H., JR., . LYON, P. J., , , STEVENS, F. L., , AMES, P, L., , LEWIS, W. D., O. WeS1'y'n, ' Bethany, Cornell, Syracuse, Cornell, Syracuse, Syracuse, Syracuse, Syracuse, Syracuse, Syracuse, Cornell, Syracuse, Syracuse, Colgate, Hobart, Cornell, Syracuse, Fratres in Urbe. 301 Waverly Place 105 White. 425 South Warren 1704 West Genesee 420 South Warren 513 South West. 301 Waverly P12106 The Frazer. 118 Sabine. 705 University Ave IIOS East Fayette 309 Hayden. 803 Marshall. 619 East Genesee. 213 West Genesee. 1350 Bellevue Ave. The Mowry. 1015 Mulberry. RICE, J. M., . SPERRY, B. N., BREWER J. L., HOTALING, A. S., . . NORTON, A. B., PINNEY, N. S.. BENEDICT, H. L., . . BOSCHERT, G. E., . . CLARK, H. J., . HA1NES, E. J., SPERRY, J. c., WOESE, F. W., ELTINGE, A. E., REVELS, F. W., FEEK, c. FRED, BRAYTON, CLARENCE, . GERE, J, B., . NOBLE, GUY L., Syracuse, ' Cornell, Syracuse Syracuse, ' Cornell, Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse Cornell, Cornell, Cornell, Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse Cornell, Syracuse Syracuse 1 306 Harrison. The Mowry, 329 Seymour. 117 South Ave. 1 I3 Shonnard. 705 University Ave, The Mowry. IOS Merriman Ave. 403 University Ave, 319 Lexington Ave, 611 West Genesee, 621 Catherine, 1114 East Fayette. Walnut Place. 103 Fraier. West Onondaga. 342 West Onondaga 320 Kellogg, Phi Delta Theta --- New York Epsilon Chapter. Harvey M. Hubbard, Albert E. Larkin, Harry C. Brown, Elvin B. Granger, Thomas H. Munro, Allan L. Hobart, FOUNDED AT MIAMI 1848. ESTABLISHED 1887. Undergraduate Members. Nl'7lUfj'-5Zi1'. Ulysses G. Warren, N zbzcfy-Scrfm. Frederick S. Honsinger, Robert L. Morgan. Nz'1zc!y-Ezlghf. John D. Shipman, C. Warner Mills, Grant G. McChesney. Nz'1zcIy-Nine. Louis M. Fenner, 76 Theodore Taylor. William W. Nichols, Benjamin V. E. Dolph john W. Plant, Harvey S. Kelly, Newman D. Waflie. lirrlrll. I 911711. ffffmyffqnff Frater in Facultate. HENRY O. SIBLEY, Ph.D., HILL, A. E., 's3, , , DEVINE, JAMES, 's3, READ, E. J., '36, . . DRISCOLL, A. c., 's7, . SIBLEY, H. O., '89, . Librarian and Instructor in Library Economics. Fratres in Urbe. 5 1 1 Crouse Avenue. MILLAR, I. B., Ohio University, , , . . Syracuse Sav. Bank Bldg. White Memorial Bldg. Fayette Street. . 306 Noxon. . Syracuse University, DEVINE, EDWARD, 'f,r, RICH, EDWARD D., TURNER, E. P.,'Q2, . HAMMOND, GEORGE, '93, TAYLOR, T. W.,'93. . BEADEL, EDWARD, . - . - a Municipal Court. 113 Delaware. 1104 East Fayette. 71 Croton. 424 James. 1814 West Genesee. SMILEY, JOHN, Union, , 404 Irving, LINDENBURG, THEODORE, Cornell, 1510 East Genesee. STEELE' ALLEN Du Jefferson Street, NICHOLS, WILLIAM W., '94, . . 511 University Avenue Alumni Chapters. NEW YORK, ATLANTA, ' GALESBURG. BOSTON, MONTGOMERY, SELMA, PHILADELPHIA, CINCINNATI, FRANKLIN, IND., PITTSBURG, LOUISVILLE, AKRON, BALTIMORE, RICHMOND, INDIANAPOLIS, WASHINGTON, SAN FRANCISCO, MINNEAPOLIS and ST. PAUL, KANSAS CITY, CLEVELAND, CHICAGO, NASHVILLE' DENVER, LOS ANGELES, COLUQMBUS' SPOKANE, SALT LAKE CITY 77 L Ayka Province. Maine Alpha, Colby University, New Hampshire Alpha, Dartmouth, Vermont Alpha, University of Vermont, Massachusetts Alpha, Williams, . Massachusetts Beta, Amherst, . . Rhode Island Alpha, Brown University, . New York Alpha, Cornell University, . New York Beta, Union University, . New York Delta, Columbia, , . New York Epsilon, Syracuse University, . Pennsylvania Alpha, Lafayette, , Pennsylvania Beta, Pennsylvania College, Pennsylvania Gamma, Washington and jeiferso Pennsylvania Delta, Allegheny College, . Pennsylvania Epsilon, Dickinson College, . Pennsylvania Zeta, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Eta, Lehigh University, , , Baia Prowbzcc. Virginia Alpha, Roanoke College, , Virginia Beta, University of Virginia, Roll of Chapters. College, . 1884 1884 1879 1886 1888 1889 1872 1883 1884 1887 1373 1875 1375 1879 1880 1883 1887 1869 1373 Virginia Gamma, Randolph-Macon College, . Virginia Delta, Richmond College, , , Virginia Zeta, Washington and Lee University, North Carolina Beta, University of North Carolina, Kentucky Alpha, Centre College, , , Kentucky Delta, Central University, Gammzz Province. Georgia Alpha, University of Georgia, , Georgia Beta, Emory College, , Georgia Gamma, Mercer University, , Tennessee Alpha, Vanderbilt University, , Tennessee Beta, University of the South, Alabama Alpha, University of Alabama, . Alabama Beta, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Alabama Gamma, Southern University, . Della Prozfince. Mississippi Alpha, University of Mississippi, , Louisiana Alpha, Tulane University, . Texas Beta, University of Texas, . Texas Gamma, Southwestern University, , 1884 1875 I881 1885 1850 1885 1871 1871 1872 1876 1883 1877 1379 1887 1887 1889 1883 1886 Epsilon Prow'm'e. Ohio Alpha, Miami University, , Ohio Beta, Ohio Wesleyan University, Ohio Gamma, Ohio University, , Ohio Delta, University of Wooster, Ohio Epsilon, Buchtel College, , Ohio Zeta, Ohio State University, Indiana Alpha, Indiana University, Indiana Beta, Wabash College, , Indiana Gamma, Butler University, Indiana Delta, Franklin College, , Indiana Epsilon, Hanover College, Indiana Zeta, DePauw University, , Indiana Theta, Purdue University, , Michigan Alpha, University of Michigan, , Michigan Beta, State College of Michigan, Michigan Gamma, Hillsdale College, Number of active Chapters, Total membership, Fraternity organ, . , 1858 1860 . 1860 1872 . 1375 1883 . 1849 1852 1859 1860 , 1868 1868 1894 1864 1873 1882 Zeta .P7'0'Z!2'7ZL'l'. Illinois Alpha, Northwestern University, Illinois Delta, Knox College, , , Illinois Epsilon, Illinois Wesleyan University, Illinois Zeta, Lombard University, , , Illinois Eta, Illinois State University, . Wisconsin Alpha, University of Wisconsin, Missouri Alpha, University of Missouri, Missouri Beta, Westminster College, Missouri Gamma, Washington University, Iowa Alpha, Iowa Wesleyan University, . Iowa Beta, State University of Iowa, . Minnesota Alpha, University of Minnesota, Kansas Alpha, University of Kansas, , Nebraska Alpha, University of Nebraska, , California Alpha, University of California, California Beta, Leland Standford, jr., University, 70 8.859 , . The Scroll Fraterndy Colors.-W1-11'rE AND BLUE. 1859 1871 1878 1878 1894 1857 1870 1880 1891 1871 1882 1891 1882 1875 1373 1891 Beta Theta Pi --- Beta Epsilon Chapter. Eugene R. Smith, Fred H. Flaherty, Clarence S. Congdon, Frederick J. Topping, Lincoln H. Smith, George J. Bryan, john C. Boland, Courtney D. Whittemore, ESTABLISHED 1889. Undergraduate Members. N ifzety-S ix. Henry Wheaton, Fred Morgan, N inriy- S eww. Charles E. White, Charles H. Munson, Maurice Fikes. Nz'm'ty-lfzlgfkl. Firrnan A. De Maris, Locey D. Woodmancy, Robert Frazier. Nltllffjf-N2.7Zt'. Leonard E. Young, George N. Underwood, So Harry J. Hamlin, Edwin B. Mott. Charles H. Congdon, Milford J. Whiteside Harris L. Marks, Frederick A. Mott. Benjamin F. Haanel Harry R. Pierce. 7 .,, uv 1 nm.-Q.-v.u,.-LA. ETA, KAPPA, . UPSILON, . BETA ETA, BETA IOTA, ALPHA OMEGA, MU EPSILON, PHI CHI, BETA GAMMA, BETA DELTA, SIGMA, . BETA ZETA, . BETA EPSILON BETA THETA, NU, . . ALPHA ALPHA, ALPHA SIGMA, ALPHA CHI, . Roll of Dzlrlrzkl I Harvard University Brown University , Boston University , Maine State College , Amherst College Dartmouth College Wesleyan University , , Yale University Dzlvtrzkf IL , Rutgers College Cornell University , Stevens Institute St. Lawrence University Syracuse University Colgate University , Union College Columbia College Dzlrirzkt .UL , , Dickinson College , johns Hopkins University ALPHA UPSILON, Pennsylvania State College BETA CHI, , , , Lehigh University Chapters. GAMMA, PSI, . PHI, , ZETA, . ETA BETA, . OMICRON, PHI ALPHA, . EPSILON, . MU, . . BETA BETA, . BETA LAMBDA, BETA OMICRON. ALPHA, BETA NU, BETA KAPPA, BETA, . THETA, . ALPHA GAMMA, ALPHA ETA. ALPHA LAMBDA, BETA ALPH A, THETA DELTA, NVashington-Jefferson University . . Bethany College University of Pennsylvania Dzlrirzkz' I P1 . Hampden-Sidney College University of North Carolina . University of Virginia Davidson College Dz's!rz2't If . . D231 Mk! . . Centre College ' Cumberland University . , Mississippi . Vanderbilt University . . University of Texas VI. . Miami University . University of Cincinnati . . Ohio University Western Reserve University Ohio Wesleyan University . . Wittenberg College Denison University University of Wooster . Kenyon College Ohio State University DELTA, PI, . . LAMBDA, TAU, . IOTA, . ALPHA XI, CHI, , , ALPHA BETA, LAMBDA RHO, Dzlvlrzkt VII ALPHA PI, . RHO, . BETA PI, . DePauw University University of Indiana . University of Michigan . Wabash College . . . Hanover College ALPHA DELTA , , ALPHA NTU, . Dzsirzci VIII 1 OMEGA, . . . . Knox College ALPHA ZETA, , Beloit College ALPHA TAU, ZETA PHI. . LAMBDA SIGMA, . University of Iowa . University of Chicago Total number of active Chapters, Number of Undergraduate Members, Official organ, , Colors.-Lmm' BLUE AND PINK. 82 ALPHA EPSILON, Iowa Wesleyan University University of Wisconsin . Northwestern University . . University of Minnesota Dzkfrzk! IX. Westminster College . University of Kansas . University of California . University of Denver . University of Nebraska . Missouri State University . . Leland Stanford 62 over goo The Beta Theta Pi." E. C. QUEREAU, WILLIABI H. JAKWAV, , EARL G. BURCH, , C1-m1u.Es H. TREADWELL, CONGDON, N. B., , Syracuse, '72, 608 Walnut Ave. Fratres in Facultate. Fratres in Urbe. CHURCH, CHARLES A., . Professor in Geology. Instructor in Physics. Instructor in Biology. Instructor in Physics. Un.of Mich.,'93. 322 Montgomery. JARVIS, J. L., M. D., . Cornell, '77, 628 South Salina. BRITCHER, E. C., . Syracuse, '93, 707 South West. MAKEPEACE, M. D., . . Cornell, '75, 85-S6 Everson Bldg. FULLER, M. N., M. D., Syracuse, '93, 117 East Jefferson, CHENEY, GEORGE N., . Miss. State, '87, 5o6 So. Crouse Ave, BREWER, F. F., . Syracuse. '93, 606 Irving. THOMAS, F. L., , . . Columbia, '88, City Hall. WILCOX, R. A., . Syracuse, '96, 120 Charles Ave. MARVIN, CHARLES W., Syracuse, '92, I5 White Mem. Bldg. Alumni Chapters. BQS'l'ON, PROVIDENCE, NEW YORK, BALTIMORE. WHEELING, CINCINNATI, RICHNIQND, LOUISVILLE, NASHVILLE, DETROIT, CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS, ST. PAUL, KANSAS CITY, DENVER. 33 SAN FRANCISCO Alpha. MEDICAL FRATERNITY, ESTABLISHED 1895. Frater in Urbe. DR. F. E. Bunnies. . . . . St. Joseph's Hospital. Honorary Members. HENRY L. ELSNER, M. D., SCOTT OWEN. M- D-. JOHN L. HEFFRON, A. M., M. D., DAVID M. To'1'MAN. A. M.. M- D-. GAX'LOR1J P. CLARK, A. M., M. D., A- CLIFFORD MERCER. M- U- Frederick H. Flaherty, C. Floyd Haviland, Michael Milton Lucid, Charles N. Blum, Mark Heiman, Robert L. Morgan, Howard F. Clark, Norman W. Foster, Undergraduate Members. Yhird Ymr. Will B. Reid, William P. Hewitt, Charles Henry Gallagher, Second Year. William L. Wallace, F. William Van Lengen, Robert Burns, Firsl Year. Eugene W. Murray, john D. Shipman, Clarence E. Coon. 84 Theodore J. Kieffer, Edward L. Parker, 1. Orley Stranahan. Albert E. Larken, Edward S. Van Duyn, George Halleck White Charles W. Lanning, john W. Plant, P. 5. lfllinr, Pholagrflphcf Yi 4 fX.f A XX' XA 5 A , ix 'ww -MM 'Ev M' Ryan-we!-3112 ,kk V1 '- tx V4 1,7 ' -- wif .. ,I A .- jx V .4 r , ' , 'fl-ff, 'ff' f'r, if - ' xkf , .5 A' ,.-""1'i"'f'. - , f m -,gs-' ' , Q -1 -Y'K.31' ':..Qz,. "3-L lffzy X' ' L20 X xx.-4 -:, If Q 'fir 'QV-..-"P Y V-'fill .546 1 I ? 4 .K I - ...-57.5 0 ' I ,' V ' . X 0 It X .3 ,Wg A L g The Alpha Society. T WAS in the fall of the year 1894 when the osseous elements composing the skeleton of the Alpha Society were articulated, and into this symmetrical body the spirit of life was breathed by eight enterprising Medical students. This society was organized to bring into a closer relationship members of the various classes, and an organiza- tion so composed entirely of medical students, while the members enjoy the advantages of a general fraternity, they also receive those benefits which naturally follow when men engaged in the study of the same profession unite because of this and other common aims and aspirations. The names of six of the leading members of the Medical College faculty are enrolled on the list of honorary members, and this evidences the fact that this organization is in touch with the progress and development of this department of the University. The need of such an organization is shown both by the rapid growth of the society from a nucleus of eight men to its charter limit of twenty-five, by the character and class standing of its members, and by the success which has followed all of its undertakings. The Alpha rooms are conveniently and pleasantly located on Montgomery street, and here, within these fraternal walls, may be found pills, fluid extracts, tablet triturates, bones, splints, hypodermics, medical journals and medical students, all of which points to the fact that the members are seeking to become acquainted with each other, with the anatomy of the human form, and with the implements with which some day they are to wage war against parasites, fractures, quackery and diseases in general. The alumni, thoug ew in num er e , the work of their profession. With these few remarks concerning who we are and what we are, it seems natural to close by indulging in a pleasure common to all-namely, the pleasure of hope-and to jot down a few speculations as to what we expect to be. With the present growth of the Medical College, both in facilities for instruction and accommodations for students, and a faculty that does honor to the great calling it represents, it is no over-sanguine prophecy to point out that this college is destined to occupy a more prominent place in the medical world, and to witness a marked increase in the number of attending students. With this progress along all lines, the Alpha is bound to keep step, and there rises up before our eyes to-day the vision of a future chapter house, a larger society, social and educational meetings, and all manner of doings by which the aspiring Alphan is to receive information along his or her special line, and other knowledge concerning the doings of mankind in the great world around us. The society's pin is the Greek letter "alpha" in black enamel, with a gold border, upon which is a raised skull and cross-bones, the skull having emerald eyes. The colors are black and gold. h f ' b b cause of the recent organization are all actively and honorably engaged in 37 Alpha Phi --- Alpha Chapter. ESTABLISHED 1872. Soror in Facultate. BIIKIAM Ama1.IA GUERNSEY, B. Ph., , , , Evalina Vernon, Mabel Sarah Coon, Katharine Hulst, Winifred Coddington, Sarah Newcomb Graham, Emma Cook, Edna Hildreth, Jennie Keefe, Mabel Ostrander, Lulu Churchill. Ida Petit, Helen Spenser, Undergraduate Members. N ine! y- Szlr. Martha Belle Churchill, Bessie Parsons, Winifred Rogers, Alice Louise Lee. Nz'1zcfy-Sfwrz. Jeanette Fairbairn Graham, Leila May Perrine, Martha Phebe Tracy. Nliflffj'-L-73701. Mary Parmelee, Elizabeth Packard, Lucy Lewis, Ninety-Nz'11e. Anna Hart, Susan Armstrong, 88 Instructor in Yocal Music. Grace Elsie Smith, Mae Elizabeth Hall, Lawson Dymoncl Hart, Alethea Myman Tracy, Flora Emeline Williams Lillian Rose, Minnie Wood, Mabel West, Mabel Rhoades. Alice Peck, Mabel Webb, Clara Bellows. 1 tmrrnn rm LA if x Roll of Chapters. ALPHA, Syracuse University. . 1372 ETA. BOSYOH U11iV6fSity. . BETA, Northwestern University, , ISSI TI-IETA, University of Michigan, , GAMMA, De Pauw University, . ISS7 BOSTON ALUMNZE. . . DELTA, Cornell University, , 1SS9 CHICAGO ALUMNFE. . . EPSILON, Minnesota. State University, . 1890 CENTRAL NEW YORK ALUMNZE, ZETA, Woman's College, Baltimore, 1391 Total number of active Chapters, Total membership, - - 696 Official organ, "Alpha, Phi Quarterly. Colors.-SILVIQR-G1aAv ANI: BORIJEAUX. 89 1883 1892 1889 ISSQ ISQI ABBOTT, CHRISTABEL, '95, ALBRO, JESSIE S., '89, ALLEN, NELLIE J., '95 , BAINBRIDGE, LUCY S., '90, . BAINBRIDGE, NELLIE R., '91, WILKINSON, MARY QBowenJ, '84, BRACKETT, CORA A., '90, DUNN, FRANCES QBr0ckWayJ, '91, BROWN, RUTH A, '91, , CALL, MARY F., 'ss, . , , FITCH, LEONE qcoaamgtonp, '87, LEWIS, MABEL qcoopefp, '92, GILBERT, IDA fDe Lamarery, '76, DUNN, SYBEL B., 'Q4, , FOOTE, ELIZABETH L., 'ss, GILCER, IDA C., '82, , GUERNSEY, MIRIAM A., '93, CARROLL, LILLIAN qnafaery, '87, , HARRINCTON, CENEVIEVE A., '84, HARRINCTON, MINNIE B., 'sa HARRISON, EVA L., '79, , JONES, CARRIE P., '85, KENYON, ALMA J., '94, , LEONARD, ELIZABETH, '99, MARION, ANNA A., 's5, , Sorores in Urbe. 1316 Madison, 900 West Onondaga. 608 University Ave. 942 Center, 942 Center. 203 Highland Place. 511 University Ave. 606 East Genesee. 424 Crouse Ave. SI 1 University Ave. IOO2 Harrison, IOS Walnut Place. 803 Turtle. Dunn Park. 910 Harrison. 1121 East Genesee. 209 University Place. 1108 East Genesee. IIO4 Adams. II04 Adams. 133 West Kennedy. IO6 Waverly Place. 601 Warren. 918 Madison, 409 Howard. MASON, NELLIE, '93, , . PORTER, CLARA qMillerJ, 'So, , HOLDEN, ELOISE qNottinghamj, '80, HARRINGTON, CORA folltj, '88, PACKARD, CHARLOTTE, '94, , PALMER, EDITH, '93, . , PHARIS, MARY QSalisburyJ, '94, , PITKIN, LIZZIE M., '80, , , THORBURN, JENNIE fSanfordj, '87, SAWYER, BERTHA S., '91, , SAWYER, CARRIE E., '87, SPROLE, FANNY U., '88, . STEPHENS, JULIA W., '90, STEWART, MINNIE M., '86, , LEWIS, MARY fSti1lwel1J, '83, TYLER, JESSIE R., '85, , VERNON, VIOLA, '92, . . WESTFALL, DORA A., '80, . . WHITBREAD, NETTIE E. qsouidp, '97, . WHYBORN, JESSIE, '93, , , HOLDEN, BERTHA QWi1sonJ, '82, COOPER, AMY fWoosterj, '91, . . CODDINGTON, GERTRUDE L., '90, KEEFE, MARTHA qPhil1ips7. '94- . 605 University Ave. 102 Erie. 3 54 West Onondaga. IIS Sabine. 305 University Place 1200 South Salina, 600 Lowell Ave. 208 Madison, 114 Waverly Place. 700 University Ave. 700 University Ave. 706 Court. SI I Almond. 1000 james. 1906 West Genesee, IO2 Baker Ave. 717 E. Genesee. 1819 West Genesee. O20 Colvin. 216 West Castle. 606 University Ave. 628 Park Ave. 106 Walnut Place. S20 Madison, .1 um. Mn. ,,..,L.,m.m. , K. 'K m :nw:n.x,m1u A Gamma Phi Beta --- Alpha Chapter. ELLA IRENE FRENCH, Mus. B., Jessie A. Groat, Ethelwyn Osborne, Gertrude L. Andrews, J Clara A. Bingham, H. Louise Bryan, Sarah O. Avery, Alice, R. Coates, M. Emogene Day, Lida M. French, Bertha E. Coates, Florence E. Bailey, Grace D. Douglass, Gertrude H. Gaggin, ESTABLISHED 1884. Soror in Facultate. Undergraduate Members. N zhely-S za. Clara G. Reed, Nz'1zefy-Seven. Myrtle D. Clark, Mabel J. Fuller, N ifzciy-E zgki. Alice E. Gaggin, Alice R. Graves, Lilian B. Lewis, M. Corinne Lewis, Hattie V. Luther. N z'nely-Niue. Grace S. Howard, Cora M. Jackson, Mabel E. Jacoby, QI Professor of Piano. Sarah E. Veeder, Jessie E. Wheeler. Grace A. Hobart, Laura T. Page, Helen M. Saxton. Lua C. Noyes, Agnes Raines, Anna I. Sherman, Emily M. Wells, Helen A. Hurlbut May F. Reed, C. Blanche Knapp, Mabel A. Van Win kle ALPHA, Syracuse University, . BETA, University of Michigan, GAMMA, University of Wisconsin, DELTA, Boston University, , EPSILON, Northwestern University, , Roll of Chapters. . 1874 ZETA, Woman's College, Baltimore, . , ISS2 ETA, University of California, . 1885 CHICAGO ALUMNZE. 1887 SYRACUSE ALUMNZE, . . 1888 BOSTON ALUMNZE, . Total number of Greek Letter Chapters, Total membership, Colors.-Llcm' AND DARK Bnowx. 92 1893 1394 1892 1893 1393 BOOMER, MABEL, '95, . . BOOMER, BERTHA QBr00ksJ, '81, . BUDD, HATTIE M., '91, ' . . CLARK, LIBBIE fSharpJ, '82, COBB, FRANCES QSLephens0nj, '80, COOPER, JENNIE fSa.ger7, '91, , CORSE, ELLA A., '91, . . CROTHERS, MARY fMcC0yJ, '93, , CURTIS, E. ADELINE fCnrtisJ, '78, CUSHING, EMILY, '87, . . CUSHING, KATE QI-Iatmakerj, '87, DADA, GERTRUDE fFu11erJ, '85, , DECKER, JESSIE Z., '80, . DINGMAN, HATTIE qvon Klosterj, ' FEATHERLY, GRACE M., '96, FRENCH, ELLA I., '78, A . , GARDNER, KATE I. qC0ok3, '86, GRAY, KATE E, fAy1ing7, '90, HAANEL, GRACE D., '94, , HAANEL, FLORENCE, '95, . 7 HAMLIN, GERTRUDE fMcKeeJ, '92, I-IEERMANS, EMMA fScl1oonj, '90, HINKLEY, MILICENT A., '94, HORTON, ALVIA M. flfishj, '92, , LESLIE, GRACE W., '94, , Sorores in Urbe. 314 Gifford. 602 Lodi. 706 University Ave. 1223 East Genesee. 708 James. 104 'Woodland Ave. 1717 West Genesee. West Shore Station. 1412 East Genesee. 105 Marshall. 105 Marshall. 109 Holland. 116 Burnet Ave. 110 Raynor Ave. 126 South Ave. 714 Crouse Ave. 607 East Fayette. 601 University Ave. 405 University Place 405 University Place. 716 Lodi. 104 Raynor Ave. 713 Irving. 140 Holland. 214 East Onondaga. LOOMIS, ANNA G., '93, , MILLER, HARRIET M.,'QI, , , MILLER, KATE E. qC0bb,,'91, , MORGAN, NELLIE s. Iweusp, '90, , OLIVER, ALICE J., ,97, , , OSTRANDER, GENEVIEVE,qP0rterJ,'S6, PALMER, ELORENCE M. fBakerj, 's1, PALMER, LOUELLA M. moral, 'ss, . sANE0RD, MAUDE E., '93, , sCHREUDER,LENA J-.'93. . . SCHULTZE, MARTHA M., '91, , SMITH, KATE D. qReyn0ldsl, '89, , SMITH, MARY qnopkinsy, '99, , s'I'EvENs, BLANCHE qnamany, 's9, , s'I'0NE, MABEL E., '96, . . WARDWELL, HELEN M., 'ss, F '. VVEBB, GRACE II., '93, . . VVHITBREAD, ADELAIDE j.fWhiteJ, '7 VVHITFORD, LIzzIE, '82, , , WHITFORD. MARY, 's1, , , WILLARD, CORA M. fFrederickl, 's1, VVORDEN, M. CLARA qwiicoxy, '79, . NVORSTER, FLORENCE qA1Ieny, '91, YATES, IsAIzEI.LE IPOI-199, '92, , YATES, LUCY C., YQS, 604 Turtle. 803 East Genesee. 803 East Genesee. 602 South Salina. 700 Irving. 1717 West Genesee. 520 South Salina. 620 West Onondaga 525 West Onondaga 1052 South Salina. Kendrick Flats. 105 Sabine. 922 Madison. 621 East Genesee. 410 University Ave. 3I'O Walnut Place. 902 james. james Street. 1 I6 Lincoln Ave. 116 Lincoln Ave. IOI7 East Adams. I24 VVest Castle. S14 East Genesee. Orchard Road. Orchard Road. . Kappa Kappa Gamma --- Beta Tau Chapter. Sorores in Facultate. RUTH GUIBAULT, Mus. B., . . , , , . . Professor of Piano. MINNIE B. Woonwonrn, A. B., . . . . Assistant Gymnasium Instructor. Anna M. Harbottle, Mary Louise Caldwell, Mattie E. Caldwell, Bessie Willard, Carrie Allen, Blanche Barber, Irma Ryan, Reba Willard, Eva Bryan, Eugenia Baker, Mary Newcomb, Post-Graduate Members. Minnie B. Woodworth, Undergraduate Members. N incfy-S zlr. Harriet Doane, N ine! y-S own. Lucy Hamson, Emily Newcomb, D. Lois Dean. N inefy-E zlghl. Charlotte David, Florence Carpenter, Mary Louise Connell Minnie Hasbrook, N incfy-Nine. Grace Potter, Clara Rogers, Emma Smith, 94 7 Louise Nicholson. Josephine Miller. Katherine Allis, Mabel Willard, Nellie Telfer, Marie Cary, Anna Giddings, Elizabeth Conklin Frances Sager, Ada Smart, Mary Todd. P J 0 2 15 f f' lvb. f li f Q , -- Q' X' Xi?- gf1 +:5 Roll of Chapters. Ayha Province. Iota, De Pauw University, , Mu, Butler University, , Phi, Boston University, , , I 1332 1 I l Q , . . Eta, Wisconsin University, . , Psi, Cornell University, . . 1883 B t Th t Ch, A , t Ch t Beta Beta, St. Lawrence University, , 1881 e e a' lcago ssofla e , ap er' . . Upsilon, Northwestern University, , Beta Tau, Syracuse University, , 1333 E .1 In, I W I U . ' Beta Alpha, Pennsylvania University, , , 1890 PS1 On' mms es eyan mverslty' ' Beta Epsilon, Barnard College, , 1391 Delia P7,0w'm,e Beta Iota, Swarthmore College, , , 1893 I Gamma Rho, Allegheny College, , 1888 Chl' Minnesota University' ' ' . Beta Zeta, Iowa University, Beta Prownw- Theta, Missouri University, , Lambda, Buchtel College, . . 1877 Sigma, Nebraska University, . Beta Gamma, Wooster University, , 1876 Omega. Kansas University. . . . Beta Delta, Michigan University, . 1891 Beta Eta, Leland S11aUf0fd, If-1 UI1iVefSity, . . Beta Nu Ohio State University 1888 ' ' I 1 C I . Xi, Adrian conege, . . , 1882 A umm ka? Us Kappa, Hillsdale College, . , , 1881 New York City. - Chicago. Ggzmfmz Prgqfzmg, Alumfw Associahons. Delta, Indiana University, . , . 1872 Berlin, Boston. Total number of active Chapters, 21 Total membership, . . . 2,300 Fraternity Organ, . ..... "The Key." Colors.-LIG111' AND DARK BLUE. 1875 1878 1875 1394 1882 1873 IS80 1884 1875 1884 1883 1892 BLAKESLEY, HATTIE, qwauacep 's5, GUIBAULT, RUTH, '84, . . ALLIS, MARY, '87, . BRIGHAM, EMMA, '88, . REILEY, NELLIE QSmithj, '90, HILL, GRACE QParcej, '90, . . BELSHAW, MINNIE QI-Iermansj, '90, COVILLE MARION, '91, . . HAWLEY, MILDRED1StoddardJ, '92, REED, BESSIE, '93, , , . BROWN, MARGARET, '93, Sorores in Urbe. 618 Irving. 908 Madison. S02 Court, 736 Crouse Ave. Fayette Street. 1825 East Genesee. 726 Fayette. 522 Washington. 321 East Onondaga. 908 Harrison. 212 Shonnard. WOODWORTH, MINNIE, '93, REED, MAY. '93, . . NICHOLSON, LOUISE, '92, BROWN, SUSIE, '94, , RULAND, ELIZABETH, 'QQ' AVERY, MARY, '93, . MARION, DUNCAN QLewisj, I-IARBOTTLE, ADA, '94, HARBOTTLE, ANNA, '95, , POTTER, MABEL, '95, . VVESTON, ALICE, '96, 516 Warren. 908 Harrison. Waverly Place. 212 Shonnard. 728 East Fayette. 408 Howard. 406 Warren. 142 Garfield Ave 142 Garfield Ave 7o7 Madison. 9oo Irving. , ,W ,, ,, . . , .- ,M.,,, mx .., 'vw ue. 1.., , ',,- ,,,4,q, 1' 4-Wx , 1 vw- A ,N V ,---v-'w'-,v:-,--5-'v'w'1,-A Nwbdv-wuUMd4bwM,MwJ " 0 ' ' 4 ww- .V 1 1 .J f x ' - . F A 'A 1 . ' wa V , , 'A I l D . .4- . F 4 , 1 V 1 . ', . ' - .4"a .i- "' - 3 4 'r .v V .H , 1 U M V11 ' ' I, ' . v V 1- ,, ., ,w-' I 1' l ,t 1 , ' 1 A C . -, . ,H LA! K K I 5- . v ' ' Z' ' . , I r " U G L". .Il 9 .V ' nv 4 . Y W , 'N r ,i 'f ' ' , o . 4 , . 0 . I lx' ' I f 5 a -A 1 ,- .. -- ' 4 ' ' " 4 ' -'-E' , 'Q 'I' I v ' 'f." ., -. , f Y , ' - 'f " . . ' ' , . - .- X , ,V . " , . W' Q' wif. -'WT - '. '-'fl ' u, Dnka,.1'Jadm,' I , .1 1 1 h I f- fn lv- ,,' - 0, ,,,.'.A,- -- - - tr - -1 ,,.4.. . ' f . V1 ,-,-, 'H 4 4, "f - I ' -7,4 , gl, ' ft -rg..-.. 'iuwx , . , , . .- . , , 1 W 'J 4 vw . gl, ' fel .N ' 'P' kv? ,J V: A . V. 'P' A, I. iq V uri 1 M' , , Gr. y, '45 tp -M. rg . lp - N- -"' -- vv-xfr, ,4.i'uN,' . -!A'1'Q."'f"" "8"-,f' f.':-L '1 g'f'lw-' '. H'-5' ,. ' .v ,'f54.-,i',' ,V . W- 10.5 , '1, "' ' . -3. ,qw 1- .. . ' -w '- . ' " ., , , ff , . '- , ,. If A Y. . . - ,. ,, , , ,,'.r- 4, V4.1-f . . A- L -., Y 1 . . ., ' " ' - - y - ' ,Jag ,. 3,"f.f'-:'.54-,v -V , ,f -, f 1 , 'Wg'-vw' 3A 1- "--'f' M , -, . 1,1 ,, , W , , . 11 , .- . -. W :-, .J V ,. . . f- ,:.,.:f.v 1,1 "Haw-:u1x f Aww" 1 . -f,,+ - . K - '- J-'bw ' +"f' ' " H 1 ff w - - Vw ' 1: - 'Jw' z 1 ' M 1-' w h "G L 'i" "" ' ' ,w w ' Wi Kappa Alpha Theta --- Chi Chapter. Gertrude Burlingham, F. Louise Barney, Gladys Hibbard, Eugenia Barnes, Elizabeth Burlingame, Katharine Foster, Edna E. Congdon, M. Evelyn johns, Carrie C. Lowell, Iva L. Lowther, FOUNDED AT DE PAUW, JANUARY 27, 1870. Undergraduate Members. N in rf y- Szlr. Jessie M. Mains, Nina H. Paxson. N in el y- Sewzz . J. Bertha Kellogg, Nzrzely-Ezlghl. Lydia C. Greenleaf, Lena L. Hoose, Edith L. Knight, Mabel E. Northrup, N z'11ely-Niue. Millie L. Sarles, Flora M. Darling, 97 Lora O. Snider, Ollie M. Ross, Adelaide D. Van Alstine Lena M. Rhodes, Marguerite Scoville, Genevieve Scoville, Gertrude E. Virgil. Ina M. Kinsey, Maude Sloan, M. Florence Tinsman. Roll of Chapters. ALPHA, De Pauw University, . . 1870 RHO, University of Nebraska, . 1887 BETA, University of Indiana, 1870 PI, Albion College, , , 1887 DELTA, University of Illinois, . . 1895 TAU, Northwestern University, 1337 EPSILON, Wooster University, 1875 UPSILON, University of Minnesota, 1389 ETA, University of Michigan, , . 1879 PHI, Leland Stanford, jr., , 1391 IOTA, Cornell University, . 1881 CHI, Syracuse University, , 1339 KAPPA, University of Kansas, . 1881 PSI, University of Wisconsin, , 1390 LAMBDA, University of Vermont, 1881 OMEGA, University of California, , 1392 MU, Allegheny College, , . . ISSI ALPHA BETA, Swarthmore College, 1891 NU, Hanover College, 1882 ALPHA GAMMA, University of Ohio, 1391 I Sorores rn Urbe. FLORENCE A. LARRABEE, MRS. LEWIS, MARY F. SWEET, LENA BURTON, GLADYS HIBBARD, LILLIAN B. TAYLOR, LENA RHODES, JOSEPHINE TAYLOR, KATHERINE FOSTER, EUGENIA BARNES, MABEL NORTHRUP, F. LOUISE BARNEY. Total number of active Chapters, Total number of members, .... 1,700 Fraternity organ, , ,,,, Kappa Alpha Theta Quarterly. Colors.-BLACK AND Gow. I 4 I i I 1 ! n Pi Beta Leora E. Sherwood, Clara Grace Hookway, Lida M. O'Bryon, Blanche E. Harter, Phi---New York Alpha Chapter. FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH IN 1867. Undergraduate Members. Nzvzrty-Six. julia A. Talbott, Nz'm'ly-Swell. Mary E. Mumford, Nz'1zr!y-Ezlghf. May V. Wheatley, zVz'1zc!y-Nzbzr. Frances May Bliss, Olive Reeve. 99 Louise V. Winfield Frances M. Beattie. Clara E. Wyker. Marion Weaver, Roll of Chapters. Ahh!! Pfgqjinggl Michigan Alpha, Hillsdale College, . 1887 Michigan Beta, University of Michigan, . 1833 Vermont Alpha, Middlebury College, . . 1893 Columbia Alpha, Columbia University, 1389 Gamma prow-Hu, Pennsylvania Alpha, Swarthmore College, . 1893 ' Pennsylvania Beta, Bucknell University, 1895 Iowa Alpha, Iowa Weslyan University. . , - Ohio Alpha, Ohio University, . . . 1889 Iowa Beta, Simpson College, , , 1874 Ohio Beta, Ohio State University, . ISQ4 Iowa Zeta, University of Iowa, , , 1882 New York Alpha, Syracuse University, , . 1896 Minnesota Alpha, Minnesota University, . 1892 Massachusetts Alpha, Boston University, 1896 Wisconsin Alpha, University of Wisconsin, 1894 Beta Prof1z'nce'. Delia Prorfizzce. Illinois Beta, Lombard University, . . 1872 Louisiana Alpha, julane University, , 1391 Illinois Delta, Knox College, . , 18S3 Kansas Alpha. University of Kansas, , 1873 Illinois Epsilon, Northwestern University, . 1891, Nebraska Beta, University of Nebraska, . 1895 Illinois Zeta, Illinois State University, 1895 Colorado Alpha, University of Colorado, 1885 Indiana Alpha, Franklin College, , . 1888 Colorado Beta, Denver University, , , 1885 Indiana Beta, University of Indiana, 1893 California Alpha, Leland Stanford University 1893 I I Alumnae Associations. MICHIGAN, ILLINOIS, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, IOWA, OHIO, KANSAS, INDIANA. COLORADO. I Sorores in Urbe. FLORENCE C. SHERWOOD, . . III Delaware. LOUISE SMITH, . 138 Holland- Colors.-WINE AND BLUE. Ff0706f.-CARNA'l'lON. 100 1 v 1 MI! . . . , .,, ., , . , gg,. -A,,.--+..h......,.44...L....-....g......,f4, ,,--,,,, Corpse and Coffin --- Dagger Chapter. M. J. Whiteside, George H. Bond, C. E. Cook, '91, D. R. Cobb, '92, H. Danziger, jr., '90 George B. Clark, ,94 ESTABLISHED 1889. Undergraduate Members. N z'1ze'z'y-S za. Henry L. Morgan. N iucly-Smfefz. W. H. Burgess, Fratres in Urbe. E. H. Dann, '93, I. H. Levy, ,9I, F. Marion, '9o, Delmer E. Hawki F. E. Oliver, '9r. IOI ns, Maurice Fikes, W. W. Nichols. H. H. Reynolds, ,95, R. S. Richardson, '94 A. D. Steele, '95, M. Whiteside, '94, Theta Nu Epsilon---Beta Chapter. George S. Avery, Caleb C. Brown, Fred W. Ed gecombe, Charles L. Elliott, H. H. Farmer, George A. Bond, T. C. Cherry, Maurice Fikes, W. A. Groat, Wellington Green. Dante Inferno, Stand Pat, SOPHOMORE FRATERNITY FOUNDED 1870. BETA CHAPTER ERUPTED 1872. Undergraduate Members. A rch F1emz's. -Nz'1ze!y-Szlr. Clarence Floyd Haviland, E. Bersie Lee, Henry L. Morgan, H. Irving Nottingham, F. T. Pierson, Jr., - Demons .Ex-Ojiezb.-Nzirety Seven. Earl Hollenbeck, C. H. Munson, W. W. Nichols, E. E. Riley, Deffz7z'ng.v. -Nz'1ze!y- Ezlghi. Willie Whiskerettes, Cholly Turneduptrowsers, Comma Asterisk, IO2 Arthur B. Peaslee, W. Martin Smallwood J. Orley Stranahan, Henry Wheaton, Ralph A. Wilcox. E. J. Scott, C. E. White, L. E. Whittie, E. E. Vernon. Rounder Waist, Dan Dimples, Napoleon von Molke. fx . , .V . V., , 'M-'F7n"w.rf"'1. . .V - V V V V. , - V- V. . V V. - wr- A 'wvvm' K VV V 1 V 1' '1..vj, ' 'HV GYZVAK, I- V 1.v,IQ:L.- bfpg -' TV':h1-o3V.,'L, .' Ns, V'-'YM 'lj :-, .h V V - VV V JV, V' - ' 'vf','7V'?3'-,,51Vt 731, iff.: f',V3jf,y1-. V',-Vim, li-:JN V, A KVM ,..W!V.,,V if ' V1 V11-, 153. L, Vg 13.-. h, ' gi V V W I I Z A ,x, h VV, H V, V, V . ,- ' I. . V V - Q VNV, V. W !..,VL Vl,V-, 5 , -y . WY ' ' Q ", V. -,V kj ' 'Q ...W 4 11, ,NJ F .V . .x . , V ' V , , , 'Qi Q3 Af. .D ' , f .' ui Y V ' . -' . V '-1 ' ' -' 1, ' u' 1 4,1 . V. V V V . . . L-1 - .VV-V., V V,-L.: Y . V, . 1 V Vie - J ,.:--' ra 11 . .:. ,xg , N Pl ,xy ' - Q17 VVH. is .-V. .VV , ,. V, V..Vv V VA -VP ' . 57? r ' .. x 1 HW Q, ,W 'F VH' H' . 3925: r" Vj xx Q," V ui? K -, may V fl BV Vz. L' Vg, MJ-,,4V V ' ,A '14 N ,. I ,V .E . I, . V, ,,V, fV,,,V ,VV X . ,. . V . , V V . .V V "ii L I , ' 6. F, . Y Y' 'Z I.. r 'f v J, V V' . ' g . ., , , K VV ,yy xi-fg,,V1.',p:.?,.15 1 V X , . - ,A .- .V ,, V A V . l si W V15 - ' 5 a '- . , V V -W 4 144 51 " '?'V1wVf5KVV-Vw V- . V 1 V .V'VV.-:VF-V--:"VfV.2.m f ' V V' -. ff V-q 'V ' 2 V'-V V . V' - V- f VV ' V- V.,..V1,i:Vv 'V .' f w v V. - . mV V ---,Vw ,J- -2' ,QV ML' "V--M. H 'f ww. .V '- ' Vim.. .V -y, mfr VV Q 'V V V, V 4. ,- Vg h . , V , ., V, 3..- ' V1 5-M"'.-,V'zlf'IZ'f1'wrz: "lr: .V-9?:1QW'-3f1..a H25 if i a 'V W - N ' " -W1 "'1'kl3 ' H 1'-Q Sl'-'fl'-Y A'Q:'GfaVfTf'5:' ' f' S2f"f4' V'1' Z'XfA" 5ff"f5f 'fit-3,515.3j3Ef'f'ii'W'iP??i11.l ' ,Vli"1aWQVf".3,'YT.' 'i6'f.f:'g7'-V-I-3'PM 'L3V,V'Tf 'IMV.'Wi''fv',VV13fl'f'31-" 17",-QV 'W I " ' ' Vit' 14- 'Q?fTV:-" f" , ff fz'-V " ' VV 'v t'V'f'V,. "'i"?1' -'fi'-2' V"-':'V"' VV? 1-'V' '1-'sv'-f V1"-' V95 R ' ' ' 'f'!'WW'VV'??1y?'Tm.Vw VZ, ,, ' - -' fv " -2,5 ' WL 1 .:l i p3 .9"H'1v9' 'MM 'U:92'El'..,A'fT' Qi, " A ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, DELTA, EPSILON, ZETA, ETA, , THETA, 1oTA,, KAPPA, LAMBDA MU, NU, xt , Roll of Chapters. Wesleyan University Syracuse University , Union College Cornell University University of Rochester University of California ' Colgate University. Kenyon College Adelbert College , , Hamilton College Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute , , Stevens Institute Lafayette College , Amherst IO OMICRON, PI. . RHO, SIGMA. TAU, . UPSILON, . Pl-II, . CHI, . PSI, OMEGA, . ALPHA ALPHA, BETA BETA, GAMMA GAMMA, . . Alleghany College Pennsylvania State College University of City of New York University of Pennsylvania A . . Wooster College . University of Michigan. . Rutgers College Dartmouth College . Northwestern University University of Minnesota University of Chicago . University of Iowa . University of Wisconsin ALPHA Syracuse University, BETA Colgate University, George S. Avery, Caleb C. Brown, H. H. Farmer, George H. Bond, C. E. Cooney, T. C. Cherry, Maurice Fikes, L. G. Flaccus, N. W. Foster, S. R. Fowler, S. H. Glassmire, H. A. Marks, Jacobs Wayup, Rubie Touchedup, Sauer Singlekrauter, Holeinface Terricotta, Beta Delta Beta --- Alpha Chapter. FRESHMAN FRATERNITY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE 1887. Chapter Roll. . . 1831 GAMMA, University of the City of New York, . 1889 DELTA. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, . . Smzor A polbfous. E. Bersie Lee, H. Irving Nottingham, Arthur B. Peaslee, junior Banshees. W. A. Groat, Earl Hollenbeck, C. H. Munson, Sophomore Imps. W. R. Maxon, H. W. McLenathen, F. A. Mott, E. W. Murray, Freshman fmps. Chivalric Opendoric, Single Frankfurtzen, Gohomewith Fraulein, Ludwig Lovejoy, ro4 W. M. Smallwood, Henry Wheaton, Ralph A. Wilcox. W. W. Nichols, C. E. White, L. E. Whittie, E. E. Vernon. R. W. Niver, L. H. Smith, T. L. Waugh, William Wittenberg, M. B. Wright. jaculator Pigmentirubis, Galicfungus Potpourri, Blowinsky Allhegotsky, Trilby Ben Bolt. 1891 1891 a 1 .M.w.1-W... , ,aw-yudf , . .944 fs. PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Phi Beta Kappa,-H New York Kappa, Chapter. W. P. CODDINGION . President. E. A. EMENS, ' VZ-C6-PT65'Z'd6l2f E. C. MORRIS, . Secrefary. E. N. PA'1"1'EE, Trmszzrm' 1o5 ZFNFIFJ mm VLFCCQV h -Q21-af? f Y WW lllliillllgv r W lf f .Q ff f 1 4 no A yvl' Km l ' kxx 1 QI Q jgwiblll fm mf 1 Q. I i rw-:ugh I Q 'QF 'ff '.:. f I A.e gxX- Jm04f W4 Q- 59 " 5, 1 ,, ll 41g,u,,,,,,,f1fq41L,xu, X' X if-W QM f W' ' IQMHWIIQ i f .A N ,J Q XR? U . nw -, www K - lf' gg , in ,rj M iw V at 03 "1 'mf W WW' 1 , Q1 H I' my EN N E1 as pl . ff. Q f WJ, A 'qw W J .wlllh V wf 1 -I A?" .N N 0 2-Nik .1-Q Qsmefff margin--Y"?,.Q'Rv' ly Brown, '96, Inter-Collegiate Athletic Team. Captain, Fikes, '95, Naylor, '98, Adams, '97, Kraus, '96, Nottingham Smith, '96, 1895. , , , MAURICE FIKES. Runs and Dashes. Warren, '96, Randolph, '96, Smith, '98, Niver, '98, French, '98, Granger, '98, Hzzrdlfs. Warren, '96, Smith, '96, Pole Vaull. A Dann, '98, Harned, '98, Wczlghts. Smallwood, '96, Mulholland, '98, Walk. Richardson, '97, Gere, '97. Bzkyclc. t , '96, Adams, 97, Van Wagner, '98, Brown, '98 jumps. Vernon, '97, White, '97. 108 E. C. Dfnlurj' Sr' Co.. 1ufI0f0,Q'f'l117hEI'.S'. Track Athletics. Committee on Track Athletics. T. X-VALKE1: Gacsum, J. A. R. SCOTT, C. C. BROWN, W. D. Ar.s1f:vER, E. H KR xus YV. D. Al.SlCVl2Ii, fllezlzzzgrr Iobj-6. N. Y. S. Inter-Collegiate Athletic Association. 1896. W. D. AI.SlCX'ER, Syracuse Prrsidemf. F. A. SMITH, Colgate, Vzrc-Prc.vz'n'ml. I. C. A'1'xvA'1'le1e, Syracuse, Se'cre'z'zzry-Trz'n.vurer L7.1'rcz1fz'rfc Cozzmzzllm W. D. Auslsvxsla, Syracuse, Ckairfmzzz. J. C. A'1'xv.x'1'mz, Syracuse, . .,,. Sfrrclzzry. F. A. Smith, Colgate, F. L. Lamson, Rochester, W. E. Davis, Hobart fllmzbars fy' fha A.v.vocz'afz'o11. Syracuse, Colgate, Rochester, Hobart. IIO Events. roo Yards Dash, , Running High jump 120 Yards Hurdle, Putting 16 lb. Shot, Mile Run, . 220 Yards Dash, . Mile Walk, , N. Y. S. Inter-Collegiate Athletic Association. Eleventh Annual Meet, May 31, 1895, Rochester, N. Y. IfVz'mwr.r. qi Fikes, Bowen, 2 French, qi Acheson, -, Winans, 1, Simpson, 1' Warren, Covert, lb Adams, 1' Mulholland, i Smallwood, 2 Winans, S Davison, -, Naylor, , 1, Randolph, qi Fikes, Bowen, -2 French, 1' Richardson, i Gere, 2 Simpson, Syracuse, Rochester, Hobart, . Colleges. ISIyracuse, obart. Syracuse. Rochester, Rochester. Rochester S racuse, Hiobart. Rochester. Syracuse, Syracuse. Rochester. Rochester, Syracuse. Syracuse. Syracuse, Hobart. Syracuse. Syracuse, Syracuse. Rochester. Remra'r. I0 s. 5 ft. 18 s. 33 ft. rr in. 5 m. 2I 3-4 s. 22 s. S m. 45 s. Events. Pole Vault, . 440 Yards Dash, . 220 Yards Hurdle n Half Mile Run, . Two Mile Bicycle, Running Broad J ump, W1'mwr.r. g Goodwin, Acheson, 2 Winans, S Fikes, Davison, 2 Naylor, Covert, Warren, Adams, S Davison, Naylor, ii Randolph, g C.C.Brown, Adams, 2 H.C.Brown, g Winans, - White, f Davison, Winans, Throwing x6lb. Hammer Mulholland Summary of Points by Calhgeg, III Smallwood, . 58 43 , II Collqges. Rochester Rochester: Rochester Syracuse, Rochester. Syracuse. Hobart, Syracuse. Rochester. R och ester, Syracuse. Syracuse. Syracuse, Syracuse. Syracuse. Rochester Syracuse. Rochester. Rochester, Syracuse. Syracuse. Records. Q ft. 4 in. 50 3'5 S- 26 I-2 s. 2 m. 251-2 s 5 m. 28 I-2 S I9 ft. 2 in. SS ft. 1-2 in. Ioo Yards Dash, Fikes, '96, , Fritcher, '98, . Warren, '96, Putting r61b. Shot, . Mulholland, '98, Smallwood, '96, . Van Lengen, Medic, ' Pole Vault, . , Dann, '98, , Harned, '98, , Van Lengen, Medic, ' 440 Yards Dash, , Fritcher, '98, Naylor, '98, . Truitt, Medic, 120 Yards Hurdle, , Warren, '96, Smith, '96, Mile Walk, , Kraus, '96, , Richardson, '97, , Gere, Medic, , 8So Yards Dash, , Naylor, '98, , Granger, '98, Hebblethwaite, '97, Running Broad jump, White, Medic, , Truitt, Medic, Vernon, '97, , - f S. U. A. A. Inter-Class Field Day. f Bday Time, ro 2-5 seconds. . First. . Second. . Third. Distance, 3I feet, II in. . First. , Second. . Third. Height, 8 feet, 6 in. First. . Second. . Third. . Time, I minute, 3 3-5 seconds. , First. , Second. , Third. Time, IQ 2-5 seconds. , First. Second. Time, S minutes, 28 seconds. First. . Second. Third. Time, 2 minutes, 37 seconds. '96, '98. l . Medios '97, . 95, First. Second. Third. Distance, IQ feet. , First. Second. Third. Sznfwzzzry of 11, 1895. 22o Yards Hurdle. Time, 30 4-5 seconds Warren, '96, . First. Vickery. '95, . Second. Smith, '96, . . Third. Running High Jump. . , Height, 4 feet, 9 in. Vernon. '97,' . . First. White, M6dlC, Second, 22o Yards Dash. Time, 24 seconds. Fikes. '96, . . First, Ffitchef- '93- - - . Second. French, '98, 1 Third, Throwing 16 lb. Hammer, . Distance, 79 feet. Srnallwood, 96, , First' MUlhO1lilHCl, '98, . I . I Second Van Lengen, Medic, , , Third, One Mile Run. . Time, 5 minutes, 24 2-5 seconds. Naylor, '93, - . . First. RaUfl01Ph, '96, . . . . Second, Niver. '93, . , , Third. Two Mile Bicycle, Time, S minutes, rr 4-5 seconds. Brown, '96, . . . First. Hollenbeck, '97, u D . Second. Adams. '97, . Third. Football Punt, . . Distance, 45 yards, Adams, '97, .. . First. Van Lengen, Medic, . . . Second. Avery, '96, ...., Third. One-Half Mile Relay Race. . . Time, r minute, 43 seconds. '96, fRandolph, Warren, Smith, Fikes,j . First, '97, fLevey, Adams, Tyrell, Parsons,J , Second, Poifzls by Classfs. II2 . . . - 46 45 . I5 14 - 3 loo Yards Dash, Match Race, Opening of S. U. Athletic Field. June 9, Time, I0 seconds. D. E. Coville, S. A. A.. . . . Fi1'St- Maurice Fikes, '96,- . , . 5600115- Half Mile Run. . . . Time, 2 minutes, I2.2'S seconds- Harry Neville, Y. M. C. A., . . . FUSE W. Na lor, '98, . . . - Sefiond- W. L. Yilheeler, Colgate, . Third- Pole Vault, , , , , Height. io feet. 5 in. C. F. Ackerman, H. A. C., . First- Lucien Barnes, Y. M. C. A., . Second- Fred F. Hall, Y. M. C. A., . Third- 120 Yards Hurdle Race, . . Time, 17.2'5 Seconds- gmhn Cosgrove, R. A. C., . FIFSU- . G. Warren, '96, . - 58150115- S. A. Vickery, '95, . . . Third- Half Mile Bicycle .... Time, 1 minute, 20 seconds. Charles S. Hyde, Y. M. C. A., . . First- W. H. Birdsall, C. C. C., . 56120115- L. H. Tucker, c. c. C., . Third- 100 Yards Dash, , , , Time, I0.2-5 seconds. . R. Bowen, Hobart, . F1rSt- ohn Cosgrove, R. A. C., . . Second- L, Fritcher, '98, . . - Third- Mile Exhibition Bicycle, . Michael F. Dirnberger, Putting x61b. Shot, . P. A. Munroe, Colgate, john Shane, S. A. A., j. Heckle, P. A. C., . One Mile Walk. . , E. H. Kraus. '96, , K. F. Richardson, '97, Ike Blumberg, Y. M. C. Time, Time, 8 minutes, A-. . 2 minutes, 21 seconds , Crimson Rim Distance, 38 feet. , First. . Second. , Third. I I'2 seconds , First. . Second. Third. II 1895. One Mile Bicycle . Charles s. Hyde. Y. M. c. W. Y. Birdsall, C. C. C., A. J. Pendergast, C. C. C.: . 440 Yards Dash, . . L. Fritcher, '98, . H. G. Lee, Y. M. C. A., . C. H. Sears, Colgate, . 220 Yards Hurdle, . . U. G. Warren, '93, . John Cosgrove, . A. C., S. A. Vickery. '95, . Two Mile Bicycle, . . L. H. Tucker, C. C. C.. H. C. Brown, '98, , Charles s. Hyde, Y. M. c.' Running High jump, . wha Cosgrove, R. A. C., . E. Bottger, S. A. A., D. B. Smith, Y. M. C. A.,' One Mile Run, . -. Charles Kilpatrick, Union: , Harr Neville, Y. M. C. A., W. lxlaylor, '98, . 220 Yards Dash, . . gi R. Bowen, Hobart, . G. Lee, Y. M. C. A., . W. W. Barker, Colgate, 440 Yards Dash, Match Race, Charles Kilpatrick, Union, Maurice Fikes, '96, . . Time, 3 minutes, 7 2-5 seconds . First. . Second. . Third. Time, 53 2-5 seconds . First. . Second. . Third. Time. 27 3-5 seconds. Time, 6 Time, 4 . First. . Second. . Third. minutes, 16 seconds . First. . Second. . Third. Height, 5 feet, 7-in . First. . Second. . Third. minutes, SQ seconds. . First. . Second. . Third. Time, 23 seconds. . First. . Second. . Third. Time. SI seconds. , First. . Second. - 0 Mott Haven Track Team. 6 0, ' , Fikcs, '96. Brown, 'q6. Kraus, '96 -I. A. R. Scott, Inslruclar. Alsever, '96, Mz1m1,gfer. Amherst, Boston, Brown, California, Columbia, Columbian Cornell, Dartmouth, i Inter-Collegiate A. A. A. of America. Officers. G. T. KIRBY, Columbia, . PN'-Yllfflll. . D. DOUGLASS, Georgetown, . Vzke-Prcszkienl. VERBIILYEA, C. C. N. Y., T?'4'll5Uff'f- . CALL, Brown, Sheldon, Yale, . Bullock, Harvard, T. Kirby, Columbia, Fordham, Georgetown, Harvard, Holy Cross, Iowa, Lafayette, Lehigh, Michigan, , . . Secrefary. l'1'.1'l'C1lf2"Zf6' C0lllllIZ'ff6!. S. M. Kendrick, University of Pennsylvania, J. R. Bowen, Cornell, Howard Bill, University of New York. .Members of the Assaczkztion. College of the City of New York, Swarthmore, University of City of New York, Trinity, University of Pennsylvania, Union, Princeton, Washington and jefferson Rochester, Wesleyan, Rutgers, Williams, Stevens, Wisconsin, Syracuse, Yale. 115 Running High jump, Purdy, '99, Robinson, '98, Adams, '97, White, '97, Test in Starting, Lipes, '98, Fikes, '97, . Crane, '98, Indian Club Race, Burdick, '99, WOOG, '99, Warren, '96, Putting 16 lb. Shot, Crane, '99, . ,999 ' White, '97, . '99, '97, . S. U. A. A. Annual Indoor Inter-Class Contest. . Distance, 30 fe Height, 5 feet. Standing Broad jump, , , Distance, 9 feet, II inches, . First. Heiman, '97, . , , , First, Second. Levyis, 299, . , , , Second, I Smith, 96: Thlfd. Pole X71gi111t, Y . . , Hegght, 9 feet. 'gust' d A?1?mZ?,'91, 1 . . ' . sgihd. ' Tis? ' Dann, '98, . . . . Third. Standing T-Iigh lump, Height, 4 feet, 6 inches. F. t E-Iei131an,697, . . . . First. . irs . mi , 9 , . Third. White, ,973 . . . Second. et, 6 1-2 inches. Bar Vault, . . . Height, 6 feet, 4 inches. First. ' Truitt, '97, J F. t . Second. White, '97, i ' ' ' its ' Third. Nichols, ,97, . Third. Summary of Points by Classes. 32 Points. '96, 3 1-2 Points 25 I-2 Points. '98, . . 3 Points Il CDQDLLV nam tj tv., l 5 '+' Yr ann g,'V7,- " 1 W ,I x 9 "M ' f ' IU' f ,v . W W - s ,u N . Committee on Foot Ball. Qxp-V. ,T nlxijj I 'X fx. K Q IYISXMQ -5'2t 't F X gwvlilh' P1101-'. W. H. MACE, PROF- C- W- HARGIT'1'v x. N - -1. 1 , 1 ,IW 'N 6 f,'. ' fm! R. B. ADAMS, NA1ao'1'u OSBORNE. - ., , ii V . F. T. PIERSON, . - Maflagff 1895- Manager 1896. NAllO1'H OSHORNE, . N. Y. S. Inter-Collegiate Foot Ball Association. Officers. F. T. PIERSON, . President. W. L. WALLACE, . .... Vice-Presz'a'em'. Mrfzzbers of Ike Assocz'afz'on. chester, Colgate, Hobart. Syracuse, Ro 1 I7 Syracuse University Foot Ball Team. 1895. R. B. ADAMS, '97, . . . . Capfazvz. Warren, Z. e. Oday, Z. t. Mulholland, Z. g. Lake, c. Smallwood, r. g. Van Lengen, r. t. Martin. r. e. Avery, 9. b. Jewell, Z. A. 0. Purdy, r. h. b. Adams, f b, Szzbs!z'luIr.v. Van Duyn, Crane, Kinner, Vernon, Arnold, Osborne, Wood, Murray Schedule of Foot Ball Games. Syracuse University Cornell, September 26, o- 8 Syracuse University Scranton A. A., October 5, . 12- o Syracuse University Syracuse A. A., October ro, . 24- o Syracuse University Williams, October 19, . ro-28 Syracuse University St. Jo1m's, October 26, . 6- 6 Syracuse University Syracuse A. A., November 13, 18- o Syracuse University St. john's, November 23, . 4- 4 State League Championship. Syracuse University Hobart, November 2, . 46- o Syracuse University Colgate, November 9, 4- o Syracuse University Rochester, November 16, . 3o- o Syracuse University, I54. Opponents, 46. 118 ' wa- 'WS fYM"2',' '1 -"'uvaqL:'T'S,:3L"5 1' -f.:wkm21?:g4- 1 :4 . 1. ' .1..1-X.-. 4, ,K ,EVA ,l M ' 51 xl. g 5 3 '1 1 -j A 4 i Q . 1 C. Dizzhngy' fb' Co., l'!lulo,4frupher:. I Nw Base Ball Committee. ,fe . '-,Za.s'eCZ3'c1 . je, W , cs T- w k - an -...Z.. :A " w-. R ' PROF. F J. HOLZNVARTH, W. H. YARD, H. H. FARMER, R. B. ADAMS. H. M. HUBISARID, . .Manager 1895, H- H. FARMER, . Manager 1896. Syracuse University Base Ball Team. 1895. W. H. YARD, . . . . Capiain. Calthrop, p. Hubbard, p. Burden, c. A Whiteside, 111. Yard, .ab . Emm, 3b. Pakelnishky, ss. White, nf Mulholland, c. f Vernon, Z. ff Sulzslzlutes. Scott. Mills. 120 General Athletic Committee. PROF. FRANK SMALLEY. . Chaiffffafl- J. A. R. SCOTT, . . - - - Sfffffafy- PI'Of. C. W. Hargitt, Prof. E. A. Emens, Prof. F. J. Holzwarth, . Prof. D. M. Totman T. W. Gaggin, W. Y. Foote, C. C. Brown, R. B. Adams. Syracuse University Athletic Association. EDWARD F. RANDOLPH, . Pre.vz'a'eni. HOWARD I. AANDREWS, . . Vztc'-Preszkient. I2I Best Records of the Inter-Collegiate Association of Amateur Athletes Ezfelzls. Holder. Cary, Princeton, zoo Yards Dash, .-, Ramsdell, U. of P., Crum, Iowa, . 12o Yards Hurdle, . Williams' Yale' I Chase, Dartmouth, 220 Yards Hurdle, Williams, Yale' Bremer, Harvard, Two Mile Bicycle, . Sims, Swarthmore, 440 Yards Dash, . Shattuck, Amherst, 220 Yards Dash, Cary, Princeton, . Half-Mile Run, . . . W. C. Dohm, Princeton, Throwing 16 lb. Hammer Hickok, Yale, . Pole Vault, . . Running High jum p, Running Broad jump, . Putting 16 lb. Shot, . Buckholz, U. of P., Fearing, Harvard, . Mapes, Columbia, . Hickok, Yale, . I22 of America. Record. IO SCO - 15 4'S . 25 1-2 . 5 min 49 1-2 21 4'5 1 min. 135 ft IO ft 6 ft 22 it 42 ft SGC. SCO I5 sec. sec. sec. 57 "5 7 1-2 IO 1-8 I-2 Il 1-4 II 1-2 S60 in. in. in. in. in. .Dale 1891 T894 1895 ISQI 1895 1891 1894 1893 1891 1891 1890 I895 1893 1892 1891 1895 New York State Inter-Collegiate Records. Events. Record. Name and College. Place. T bne. 100 Yards Dash ..... I0 sec.--- --- Fikes, Syracuse ......... Rochester May 31, 1895 220 Yards Dash ..... .... 2 2 sec. ........... Fikes, Syracuse ......... Rochester May 31, 1895 440 Yards Dash ..... .... 5 0 3-5 sec. ....... Fikes, Syracuse ......... Rochester - May 31, 1895 Half Mile Run ..,. .... 2 min. 4 4-5 sec. . . Ostrander, Hamilton .... Utica ..... May 30, 1895 Mile Run ......... ---. 4 min. 48 2-5 sec. Coventry, Hamilton .,... Syracuse ,, May 30, 1890 Mile Walk .......... .... 7 min. 32 sec. .--- W'hitf0rd, Syracuse ...... Albany --. May 24, 1889 Two Mile Bicycle ,--- 5 min. 38 1-2 sec. Brown, Syracuse .... .... R ochester May 31, 1895 120 Yards Hurdle .... I1 sec. ........... Pike, Rochester ,,., , --, Utica ..... May 30, 1893 220 Yards Hurdle .......... 27 sec. ........... Risley, Colgate .... ,.,... U tica ..... May 30, 1893 Running Broad jump ...... 20 ft. 6 1-2 in. .... Scoield, Union .......... Geneva --- May 30, 1891 Running High jump ....... 5 ft. 7 in. ........ Winans, Rochester ...... Utica ..... May 30, I892 Pole Vault ................. IO ft. ............ Ackerman, Syracuse ..... Utica ,.... May 30, 1893 Putting I61b. Shot .....,... 31 ft. 7 3-4 in. .... Mead, Syracuse ......... Geneva --- May 30, 1891 Throwing 16 lb. Hammer S9 ft. I0 in. ...... Barnes, Union ..... Utica .... . May 30, 1893 Syracuse Umversxty Records. Even ts. Recard. Name. Place. T imc. G. W. Ho t, ' 3.- S acuse -. une 7, 1892 100 Yards Dash ""' I0 sec' ""' Maurice Fyikes? '97 Rsolchester 'liflay 31, 1895 220 Yards Dash ..... 22 sec. ...... --. Maurice Fikes, '97.- Rochester May 31, 1895 440 Yards Dash ..... 50 3-5 sec. ...... . Maurice Fikes, '97 ....... Rochester - May 31, 1895 Half Mile Run .... 2 min. 7 sec. ..... E. K. Macomber, '93 ..... Syracuse -- june 9, ISQI Mile Run ....... 4 min. 55 sec. .... C. W. Tooke, '91 --- Albany --- May 24, 1889 Mile Walk .......... 7 min. 32 sec. .... O R. Whitford, '90- Albany --. May 24, 1889 F. L. Purd 1, ' 2-- S racuse-- une 0, 18 1 '20 Yards Hurdle "" 18 sec' """"' " U. G- War3en?'96 ..... Rscchester gflay gr. 1335 220 Yards Hurdle .... 21 3-5 sec. ....... U. G. Warren, '96-- Syracuse -. June 9, 1895 Two Mile Bicycle ...... ,, 5 min. 38 I-2 sec.- C. C. Brown, '96 --- Rochester May 31, 1895 Hop, Step and jump ..... - 43 ft. 4 1-2 in. .... F. L. Purdy, ,Q2.--- Syracuse ,- june 30, 1891 Standing High jump ....... 4 ft. 7 in. ........ F. L. Purdy, '92 .... Syracuse - June 17, 1890 Running High jump ....... 5 ft. 4 in. ........ F. L. Purdy, '92 .... Syracuse -. April 25, 1892 Standing Broad jump. ..... I0 ft. 2 in. .... --- M. Heiman, '97 ..... Syracuse -- Jan. 8, 1894 Running Broad jump .... IQ ft. XI 3-4 in -,, F. L. Purdy, '92 .... Geneva -.- May 30, 1891 Pole Vault, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 1 0 ft. ............ C. F. Ackerman, '96 Utica ..... May 30, 1893 Putting I61b. Shot ......... 31 ft. 6 in. ....... F. L. Mead, '91 ,,.. Geneva --- May 30, 1891 Throwing 16 lb. Hammer Q0 ft. ...... --- F. L. Mead, '91 .... Syracuse . May 16, 1891 Nz I 1 . w I Xl! xg? Y Sq W X K 4? fri X WMD 55 wmv v YZ ,Qs Q J, .f J-T r,g. ffL-25-' , D D .1 0 GHEE OEHNUGDOEOMHNDCHUNOGHW S' .090 , I ,I I-X W I ' 4 . f.-r f "dz Ig 5,903 X , '1' 1 5 I XX f 1 x lllr X JOHN W. SADLER, '96, Marzager. .J gf- ' , ' . 1 4- -is - 5 . 'Q kj '- Glee Club. NABOTH OSBORNE, '97, . Lffllfff. First Ykvzor. Second Tenor. First Bass. Second Bass. Franklyn Wallace, '96, Naboth Osborne, '97, F. W. Revels, '95, C. G. Rogers, '97, A. J. Neff, '97, E. H. Hickok, '99, K. F. Richardson, '97, B. V. E. Dolph, '98 F. Rf Benham, '97, HJR. Pierce, '99. C. W. Walker, ,97. M. E. Morris, ,Q9. Banjo and Mandolin Clubs. A. E. DARBY, '96, . . Lmdff- Mando!z'ns. Guzlars. Bflfljb-R E. Hollenbeck, '97, N. W. Foster, '98, F. M. Simmons, '99, W. P. Eddy, '99. C. L. French, '98, H. G. Lee, '99, P. W. Arnold, '99. A. E. Darby, '96, . Violin and 'C'fl!o. E. R. Smith, '96, . Acoouqmnzst 126 E. R. Smith, '96, T. C. Cherry, '98, F. M. Smalley, '98 H. S. Lee, '99, ' A lik li. C. Diulurjf 8-' Co., Phofographer: Season of 1895-1896. WINIFRE1J Rooms, . . . Leador. LENA L. Hoosm, . Manager. First Soprano. Second Soprano. Winifred Rogers, Alice L. Peck, Clara Mabel Webb, Edith L. Knight, Charlotte M. Phelps. Lena L. Hoose. Fin-1 Alfa, Sooona' Alio. Bertha M. Wolcott, Marie S. Carey, ' Lua C. Noyes, Mary L. Newcomb Nina H. Paxson, Jessie A. Groat. 128 , E. C. Dinlmjff 6? Co., Pholugraphcrs. The University Congress. CHARLES E. COONEY, FRANK MATHER SMALLEY, CHARLES H. MUNSON, FRANK DANA THORNE, , Members. Officers. Harvey M. Hubbard, J. N. Alsever, F. D. Thorne, H. Irving Nottingham, A. B. Peaslee, E. B. Mott, G. Frank Tyrrell, Henry Wheaton, Charles E. Cooney, Bradley Aylesworth, S. C. Whitbeck, john C. Dyott, Jr., Harry C. Brown, 130 T. Ralph Robinson, Elvin B. Granger, Maurice Rossrnan, Samuel H. Glassmire, F. Mather Smalley, R. B. Cuthbert, . Speaker. Clerk. . Sergemz!-ez!-A rms Treasurer. H. A. Marks, J. W. McGavern, W. E. Brown, Arthur H. Norton, Newman D. Wafiie, john C. Boland, H. A. Oday. fx , lj' Q95 SLU- L 0 xlofk IIIVAYI lflllll. ' 1 "Un f K . . 'Q' , ,. f - 1 , f. -.,. ,, MLM.. A 'Q J. Q.-. L -J ,. ,. ,..L.,,L., .,.. " " . ,PQ Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss ames Russell Lowell Literary Society. I'IOWARD I, ANDREWS, MADEL S. CooN, EDITH L. KNIGHT, . HARVEY M. DANN, MARY M. VVARNE, . Coon, Hulst, Churchill, Warne, Moxcey, Hollis, Bingham, Bryan, Tracy, Mr Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Officers. Members. Farmer, Richardson, Smith, Allen, Andrews, Jewell, Church, Miss Allis, Miss Carpenter, ISI Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss I-Iasbrook, Knight, Loveland, Storm, Terwilliger, Timbrell, Wyker, Scoville, Mr. DeMaris, Prcsz'ez'enz'. Vzkv-Prcszlzbzf. Srcremry. Treasurer. Critzk. Mr. Percy, Mr. Dann, Mr. Wilmot, Mr. Osborne, Miss Hoose, Mr. Bates, Miss Lewis, Mr. McGowan W. H. YARD, . . JULIA B. KELLOGG, EMMA S. Coox, Mr. Gillett, Mr. Hart, Mr. Hebblethwaite, Mr. Maunder, Mr. Moriya., Mr. Reese, Rosenberry, Walker, Yard, Allen, Atwater, Connell, Officers. . Preszkleni. MAHEL J. FULLER, , T1-gm-urn Vzke-Przszkient. C. W. WALKER, C 11712. . Secrelary. C. A. DANN, . Clzaplam Members. Dann, Mr. Woodmancy, Miss Fuller, Miss Cary, Miss West, . Emm, Mr. Van Keuren Miss A. Huntoon, Miss Cook, Miss Wood, Frazier, Mr. Adams, Miss Kellogg, A Miss L. Huntoon, Miss Scoville, McChesney, Miss Parsons, Miss Robinson, Miss Hunt, Miss Brewster, Lester, Miss Sanford, Miss Van Alstine, Miss O'Bryon, Miss Garlock, Neff, Miss Smith, Miss Burlingame, Miss Virgil, Miss Paxson. 132 W . m K rkf W NNN!! I' NkSl.slN Officers. rw he wx L 'Q X6- j , fm' . -4'x5rf'." 5'N.'! 4 wflx. a,kukY2wf.'1W1'fWMV? Y we -,f 0 M . -4Q,NWl."- Rh 151: ms" . NN Ex X Vffwx 1, 11! It 'WW A kw!Kxv'?Aflt,KI,,5 if 11 ' ,ln ' C 5 . .N F Hooxwm . Miss Miss RHOAIJES, . Miss DEAN, . MISS WINb'IEI.D, . Miss CHURCH, G. L. Andrews F. M. Beattie, M. L. Caldwell, M. E. Caldwell J. E. Church, W. Coddington E. E. Congdon, 7 Members. D. L. Dean, J. F. Graham, S. N. Graham, C. G. Hookway, A. L. Lee, R. I. Levy, T33 armlwmur M. C. Lewis, M. E. Mumford. A. G. Noxon, S. S. Over, M. C. Rhoades, M. R. Rosenthal, hr Presz'a'c'nt. Vzke-Preszdcnt Sfcretary. Treamrcr. Crilzk. A. I. Sherman L. E. Sherwood L. O. Smder S. Tumlm R. Vollnskl - I. E. Wheeler L. V. Wmfield Scientific Association. CHARLES H. TREADXVELL, WII.LIAhI A. GROAT, . EhlIl,Y A. NENVCOBIIS, FREDERICK A. MOTT, Schuyler, Treadwell, Edgecombe, Kraus, E. R. smith, Mr. Wetton, Mr. Groat, Miss Hobart, Miss Newcomb, Miss Allen, Officers. Members. Miss Edna Andrews, Miss Conklin, Miss Coates, Miss Luther, Mr. Marks, I Prefsidfzzf. V zke-Pn'sz'dent S fcrelary. Treasurer. Mr. Maxon, Mr. Mott, Mr. Sperry, Miss Gertrude Gaggm Mr. Haanel. Prof. Emens, Prof. Smalley, Mr. Peritz Mr. Sibley, 7 Dean L. M. Vernon, Mr. Reddington, N ff' F7 '- h 1 ' ff W W ., rnrnmggmi ri If, 4 5' X ff rv-Q lg ff! I In ff Fa ii 64,7 milf: ,f X14 I, ' ss , is ,, .190 nf xi 'Try S K ' .3,H'fI".qh.. J' its - is ,ag .ii-..f,. s s,fTff3"".i " fi ' W . i . 421' 4f M a. . .- M... f.-- T'"':13I"WL'li!'ki5"1f:FZ"'-- Vi' f ' 5-fe! aff 'WIA fi H J 1 F7 N, fly: in 111 gl- r 'if VT-ik.!?'jgL1'1EE'xr':ii -X 1 f .ff ff ff f, A is 'qF4'if v ,, , f' , WUI i mu. 'nl H25 Ci'iidblli1iiwi'Hq1-fr il - or UQ nf 'ef-ff iw i fi ff ch is ,wi ip es-.4 ' fa 4 -M T51 ,ijfff ff f" ,uf -Y 1 ff. ig, p. A fqf i1,,- ,W.i.l.g..'i1'1,, i I -Q ,fsf1fi'q1,4,jy y, J' +I' ' 'K W N 1' 1 IVF N 'Ili' W1"wl gl- " 1-Zi?" i4.' .Jif"'sI' 7211? ,UH J -, ' L , ' 1 , I X in .ii 1 ,m , - "He, -M - -i if , - f. 1 . f 4, i i- . -.14 .I . If i ,-.19-Lg,2,L.1 x ' f , f. fl .4 ,WK , , 11, 1, - " ' YLI fs.. 1116- Ari 'P '0 1 Y ' . J J., N., . J, ,, , ,,,, , "' S 'x,N-hy-Qi f- ..4-,.'-QTLLQE J CLASSZZCAXWC . Officers. PROF. E. EMENS, . - . Prcsz'dc'nt. Bnssus PARSONS, . Vzkc-Prrsz'denl. HERNY WHIEATON, . Svcrelary. Members. Rev. Jeremiah Zimmerman, Mr. Truair, Miss Mr. R. E. Day, ' Mr. Wheaton, Miss Mr. H. H. Reynolds, Mr. Hubbard, Miss Mr. W. Y. Foote, Miss Coon, Miss Mr. W. A. Jenner, Miss Caldwell, Miss ' Mr. Gillett, Miss Winfield, , Miss T35 Sherwood Sanford, Churchill, Parsons, Paxson, Tumin. 7 .. G7 1 5 V -. ' L g A .i ,galil wg, , " ,J m ' Q K fh .N sz- rf. D'Yllf?lr.fElFi6fi. .. . ,. an fl 1 , t F' we : ffl ik., ' A , . ,. , 'Xi 11:24 ' - . 'TV offQ.Nf" -'-- .1 "" :mi 1' hy "'::x--Elvin:-:::s-'. . t , H -- - un it flillll'llfws-'-:3- -' as IM Jfwl J l l ill . ' wi he ,1,,' ,,.ve.q'l"iln:L55:2l1:l- lllflisislaiaa . I uf nl -' W --W .f "M 51" ' liilirif ltr V N " liffll, i . i F i gl' -. .5 lv' lil, ffl if A w ill .ii .li I1 l lililllf i .. If l fil f i. llfwi 'liar' . -,r ' f. " ' ... lil" . - l f -, 1 ' , , , mf' Q fylff - 'M' 'lx X I "' 1 1 - ' ' IW ri, . .Q 4 11 1 gl ll f u T 1. f i 4 ., . xnxx , -in lllllullllfll ,lggsfeinsslili.,...,..l Nf l T um IH ll .lfr .llllillllillilll W2 w 4i3f, .:,A. luvi...,,,,hlImWinzmli allelelsllgi,l3.alil2sg,,, U Il I ID QI. . M NN i ,f -V: K ui sl ..-- I X fW!!!"':lv7-5:'y, Q f l ,XX " ,7 F l li I pf' llliiml l 7 V. fy , if 4:,'f:1'lii"' , X iw Q3flei,Q1'lW Officers. V Mas. GEORGE N. Cuouss. . . Preshfdflf- MR. HENRY M. CHASE, . Vzke-Preszkieni. . " Mus. HENRY Pu11.L11's, . . . Secreiary- T r2aS1H'ef. Execulivfe Commzlffee. Xi ' Pxor. jEANNET'1'E Sco'r'r, Mas. RICHARD E. DAY, Xl IU, Mus. WILLIAM S. ANIJRENVS. l . Directors. Chancellor james R. Day, Dean Leroy M. Vernon, Dr. George A. Parker, Prof. Ella I. French, Prof. Luella M. Stuart. Prof . Ruth E. Guibault, Prof. Conrad L. Becker, Prof Prof . William Berwald, Unni Lund Prof: Adolph Frey, Mr. Thomas Durston, Dr. George D. Whedon, Prof. Albert L. Brockway, Proigeannetle Scott, Mrs. eorge F. Hine, Mr. Edwin H. Gaggin, Mrs. George N. Crouse, Mr. Henr M. Chase y . Mrs. George D. Whedon, Mrs. William S. Andrews, Mrs. Richard E. Day, Mrs. Alfred T. Durston, Mrs. Charles E. Ide. Mrs. Lizzie Crouse Klock, Rev. H. D'B. Mulford, Mrs. David K. McCarthy, Mrs. William Nottingham, Mrs. Henry Phillips, Miss M. A. Guernsey, Mrs. George A. Parker, Prof. Gino Bardella, Prof. Torquado Di Felice, Miss Alice J. Oliver, Mr. Arthur Eltinge, Mr. T. W. Gaggin, Mr. F. W. Revels, Mr. C. T. Hawley, Miss Irene Sargent, Mr. N. I. Hyatt, Patrons. Rev. George Lansing Taylor, D. D., L. H. D. Mrs. William A. Sweet, Mr. William Horton, Mrs. Philip Ryder, Mr. E. G. Wyckolf, Mr. L. E. Marquisee, Mr. Frank A. Marion. 136 Mrs. F. H. Stephenson, Mr. Richard Calthrop, Mrs. james Manning, Mrs. Frank Land, Mrs. J. William Wilson Rev. H. A. Manchester, Mr. W. D. Dunning, Mr. Hamilton Swift, Mr. Frank Nash, Mrs. john L. Helfron. Prof. N. A. Wells, Mr. james H. Randall. 'n ePi. Officers. WILLIABI BERWALD, . . Preszkient. HARR1E'rT MAUDE MILI.ER, . V1'ce-President. 'nfbf ADOLPH Fmsv, . - . . Secrelary. MARIAM ADELIA GUERNSEY, . Treasurer. I JEANNETTE ScoTT, . . Correspomz'z'ug .Secretary 43 IRVING HYAT1', . Custodian. EDGAR Com' MORRIS, . Poet. UNNI LUND, . Hzlvtorian. ELLA I. FRENCH, . . Chairman Ex. Com. CARL TRACY HAWLEY, Execulive Commiitee. 137 Miss Wuxi Ci'- 4 ' E 'E ' - Officers. -09 N . F- T. PIERSON, I I , . Preszkienl. f se! 5 I LW, C- NOYES, , Secrelary. ' I cw rs, Q WILLIAM Wl'l"l'ENllEllG, . - Tffaffffff ali 7 N kr ln --'V-I M? ,A P , 1 Nuns. 1 5 izll. eil Q rf-ri on I . il I ,Q id XQ- My Y f ,X Qrisjtfd Miss Parmeiee, Miss Spenser, Miss Graves, QW " Q N x Miss Bellows. Miss Noyes- Miss Vernon' ' 'fits N XM W, s Miss van Winkis, Miss Wells. Miss Saxton, f 9 S' H., ,f , A-,,, . , - pf-NB Vw Milf i f fx- M155 Rose, Miss Luther, Miss Ostrander, gf Jill ' , ji. Miss French. Miss Hall, Miss J axon, Q WH j X' ' fl IW I Miss Perine. f- 1 nr-.' '- - , 1 2 ff, ' N Nw -"1 I I X A Im-Us i X - X I XX- '-ev-er... 7 - I l f. K . Monks. ,IZ iwx II 'X Mr. Bond, Mr Cooper. Mr' Percy' if X N vig , if x- X, , , Mr, Brown, Mr Flaccus, Mr. F. Pierson, x b l ilklxl, 1 6 Mr. Burgess, Mr Johnson- Mr- R' Plefson' I h , M Lee. MP- Thorne' "' N '- A "WI Mr' C erry fr - Mr Wittenberg I , ,, X, Mr, Clary, Mr Manson, . fffz Mr Murray. -, Xe A Alumni Members. Miss Atwell, Syracuse, Miss Kenyon, SYUICUSS, Miss Worster, Syracuse, MES Miner, Sgacuse' Mr. L. R. Palmer, Clyde, Miss Webb. Syracuse. Miss sehreuaer, Syracuse, MES Stevens' Yfacuse' Mr. Ives, Norfolk, Conn., Miss Hayden, Syracuse. Miss Mason, SY1'aCu5e' Miss Sanford' Syracuse' Mr. F. I. Marion, Syracuse, MY- W- H- Rowe. TFOY, MiSS F02-the1'lY1 SYfaCu5e' Miss Forman' Auburn' Miss Budd, Syracuse, Mr. Shepherd, Oswego, Miss Losey, Syr2-CUSS, Mr- Dfmlly Syracuse- Mr. Brownell, Wilkesbarre, Pa., Miss Kate Miller, Flushing, Miss Weeks, Skaneateles, Mr. A. G. Thorne, Buffalo, Mr. George Reddington, Syracuse, Mr. W. B. Crowley, Syracuse, Hinkley, Syracuse. Miss Dunn, Syracuse, Mr, Wheeler, Collegeville, Pa. Miss Sawyer, Syracuse, 1 38 Mr. Cook, Syracuse, Mr. Cobb, Syracuse, Mr. Young, Akron, O., Mr. Mr. Mr. M r. M r. Carley, Syracuse, Stevens, Syracuse. jackson, Akron, O., Rankin, Akron, O., Houghton, Syracuse Miss Emma S. Cook, Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Susan M. Armstrong, E55 QLVBQ Members. Mabel S. Coon, Martha P. Tracy, Alethea W. Tracy, Grace E. Smith, Edwin Mott, Harris Marks, Eugene R. Smith, L. E. Young, Henry Wheaton, 139 Firman A. DeMaris . '5 .1 i, '17 --Jig. 4115, I I ,f' 1421! :Eg K' g t." is X X 'Z ? me , 1 ' if 252 5' U- me 'Z X X f fl 6 Z' ' 'Z i+- lil" TQWXX P ' 5 '!" by JT A 4 .1 Ywiwl lsr -- X I yf , 11 5 lj,,j'f:2f,,,f71wg,l" 3 Z , Wllllii ia 5 C C X - ffwuyfff Wfwggf- li - , i., ei "4 as ' HWS -W M - "lg a.5gis,f2uP'fQ':3f'l lil fl ' r rr - W fa XX ' W - .- 2 Members. George H. Bond, Berton W. Brown, William H. Burgess, Talmage C. Cherry, john C. Dyott, Maurice Fikes, T. Aaron Levy, Roderick N. Matson, I4O Frank T. Miller, William W. Nichols, Frederick Topping Lieber E. Whittic. 7 f l fl! ff ,lllwll li f l sl Qu 1 Je er u'tgClutz Q We f fl 4 XA W ,jN,XW, x Xfxi 1 X N ie Q 1 57 W xl N.-Q! I I ff s X fffffw 2 4 X Xia 1 if l ffl 5 Q j 1471! Qs ' 41, , yfffz Jig ' Mg, !,f,4f,f13i,34,f:A:f - L . New I 1 ff'1',,..Q.s.,,"1fflfi' ff:ff.',i.fs1: - js ..f,':ww.-.l..fe- -4 f ffm f ll jp FW" "LQ .t:l',l',f-1'if.l'u - 'fiifisi 5,1-Stl u,n1'f Nkliw, l!'M'Qi,TX!! ixlmw,,,' W X J, , 5-or X X ,fl'wl'l ,lv mlge, lil sf:-1131 YQ Y :fl f ,win i,'lM!NQ.. ,X -lwjry 1,4 VL., X, .. 'llilQ'5i5flQl,1-:sh:ff45l',l' +65-I ,' ' K xifll-lg, -Q-Q2XX .N.,:.!,w," j ,.. , - NX-.Il Swim' -X-.36 ", 'i l,44'f,. f- 3, RE, . - - EA ,,,,,X,',Wf,fl,yjf,. -' 32. Qi, -, -1 ' Q lZf!'75QMf,' ,J ' 1' '- f V- N E,.,.'-,V 1 ffwlgl H, ,' -I I f If 5- fl N - e " fffii ' ll f- 7:--' "fi--:. -"4 4.4 .0 ':"'2Lf', ,E , .....iT,IjL?Q Officers. SAMUEL MANSON, lJ7'f5Z.dl'7lf- GEORGE B. Wl.:1.1,1a1a, Vzke-Prfsz'a'c1zt Wn.1.1A1x1 IQOSENIELOOM, Secn'tary. JAMES I. BARRm"r, TTHIISHVPV. Members. Samuel Manson, Willard T. Wright, Fred B. Wilbur, William H Fournier John J. B. Hickey, William Rosenbloom, Willis -I. Spicer, james J. Barrett George Weller, I 4 I Frederic D Davis Cazenovia Alumni Association. DELMER E. HAWKINS, MARY F. SwEE'r, . WINIFRED CODDINGTON, HOWARD I. ANDREWS, Edgar A. Emens, Delmer E. Hawkins, Howard I. Andrews, Winifred Coddington, Mary F. Sweet, Charles W. Walker, Solomon C. Whitbeck, Robert B. Adams, Wallace E. Brown, Henry C. Emm, Officers. Members. Chloe Loveland, Elven B. Granger, Allen L. Hobart, Harvey S. Kelley, Anson R. Kinne, Henry B. Pratt, Edwin E. Riley, Frances A. Sager, Mary T. Waterman, Ida Pettet, 142 Presz'de1z!. . V zke-I Jresz'dcul. Recor1!'z'ng Secretary. . Cor. 56631 and Tren: Winifred L. Yates, William M. Hydon, Angeline Wood, A Mary M. Stackhousef Charlotte M. Phelps, Alice Gertrude Nourse, Flora M. Darling john C. Dyott, john D. Shipman, 3 Hiram Kinner. "' Deceased. . my 4454 A Wu yffm ,Ju 6 r '-1, W J A7 4 1 bf iv M: , .. ,wy,M7GJIvL,wry5f , Q., : lv-.3 ,N "L,- J--. ' w - H ' V,j.V -,H ww, ,, if af, ,L . ' X new ,W J,,W,q1.W un 1, B 1-wg "l ,w!,Jw M'wy"q'H'--f , W., wr: 'u.- - z.- " 'V' , mx, , A fb M Q 'iw Q . ' A Lv.- wgww 3 H. -. ' W i:L.'. ' writ. 17' ,P , -,t ,A V" . ., 2, -1, I W, an ,. nr , ff 7 ., V- , ,.,w ,- - 1 -, :jg ', HW .1 " , ' ,X Qf-"3-J' ' H 17 1' .f l J' Troy Conference Academy Circle. EDWIN D. FACE, DORA M. Ro1z1NsoN, LEONARD A. BARD, W. H, Jakway, Edwin D. Face, Grace E. Smith, Emily A. Newcomb, Marie Cary, ORGANIZED 1890. Officers. Members. Kengo Moriya, William S. Mulholland, Homer Titus, Dora M. Robinson, Lora Lewis, Mary Newcomb, 144 Preszderzf. . V :te-Preszkienf. Srcrvtary. Thomas Dudley, Grace L. Robinson, A. H. Norton, Charles T. Murdock Leonard A. Bard. Y 1 --v -v-X, .W Y -- --, ,:.1-T..-.f1'+1. .f V.. .... ,,w,....,...,.. ,, ,...,L..,:,T ,.,.......w.. ,.... .. ..,. .,,...., - X Q1 .el Y Genesee Wesleyan Seminary Alumni Association. CHARLES H. CONGDON , . Officers. MRS. FREDERICK P. Wizrzsrlzk, . ANNA R. HAR'l', . SAMUEL H. GLASSMIRE JOHN HART KINSEV, Ralph Waldo Allen, Charles H. Congclon, Clarence S. Congdon, Mabel Fuller, Samuel H, Glassmire, Ingraham T. Hart, QI. Bertha Kellogg, Members. john W. McGavern, Locie D. Woodmancy, Charles H. Munson, Walter W. Wood, john H. Kinsey, Ansley B, Blades, Anna R. Hart, William B. Manchester. 146 Prvsz2z'en1'. Vzke-Prcsz'zz'wz!. Scfrelary. Treasurer. Toastmaster. Frederick P. Webster, Mrs. Frederick P. Webster Mrs. Ansley B. Blades, Leonard E. Young, Francis R. Benham, Harry E. Harned, Milford J. Whiteside, 4 tr v ..l, F gn, fi! Officers. 'f' 1.1 ' A wg X W. H. YARD, . Preszderzi. A' X ' H. C. EMM, Vzke-Preszh'eu!. ' X A 5. ' H. L. RICESIE, . Treasurer. ff , F. A. D1-:MAR1s, Corrcsporzdirzg Secrelary H W UM? vw W. E. RIDGEXVAY . Recording Secremry :AI 'ff' - I . Committees. 1 ' ix Devolzbmzl. ! ' W. E. Brown, C. A. Dann, W. E. Ridgeway Bible Sfuayf. C. Walker, W. Mills, A, Norton jE..1.1N. f Mefzzbersh Eigiigliww '.'. . ,l F. A. DeMaris, R. B. Adams, H. C. Emm will '7 J. W. McGavern, R. W. Bickford. lk-. . H Mzkszbnary. H. M. Dann, M. O. Van Keuren, C. F. Bates infer-collegzkde Relzzhorzs. N0?'f0j5ffff C'01lffH'7lCf. C. H. Mqnson. R. W. Allen. H. C. Emm, C. W. Walker, E. G. Soper Harzd-Zzook. Firzarzce. S. C. Xvhitbeck, A. A. Wilmot. H. L. Reese, A. Neff. 148 Officers. . gi .j-W fvtls ' lv y JEANE'l"l'E F. GRAHAM, . . Pre'sz'a'wz!. 5' ia, -ar' MAl!l'IL E. W1f:sT, Vzbf'-ljreszklffzt. 3 LENA L. Hoosn, . . Recordzhg Sccrefzzfjf. ,4 ' NDF, V ANNA C. Gmn1Nc:s, . C'0rrz'.ybomz'z'1zgSffrefafjf. f N f' mx A- A GERTRUDE VIRGIL, . . Trcezsurvr. f ' Committees. 7 ,W I F. V u ' ff I 1 ' n 275611166 I A S Miss Virgil, Miss Longdon, Miss Anna Hart. , 'NI -'X Z -- ' -, IJL"Z!0fZ.07l!Z!. J' I th, SFI Miss Moxcey, Miss Giddings, Miss L. Lewis. J, K 'W , Z Ck I I, UIQ' 3 ZW" K .E.1'!c11.vzo1z. I I -. IICJIFX Miss Newcomb, Miss Tracy, Miss Loveland, J Q Miss Kellogg, iss Baker. K i XX, Bible Sluafy. AL- X Miss Ross, Miss Loveland, Miss Cary. X Soczkzl. X A Miss Hobart, Miss M. Wood, Miss G. Andrews. I Harzzi-Zloolc. Teuqicrmzcf. Miss Rhoades, Miss Hunt. Miss Huntoon. Miss Hoose, Miss Spencer, Miss Bennett Melzzbersky. Nomz'mz!z'11g. Miss West, Miss Cook, Miss Coates, Miss page, Miss peck- Miss Tinsman, Miss A. Wood. Jvnurhbomood u 5 O . - ' jW'-'5'07m7'J'- Miss Robinson, Miss Lowther, Miss Greenleaf MISS Holhs, MiSS Brewster, Miss Wickoif. Miss Bellows, Miss S. Graham. 149 C7 Q,,.x g7 v. 56. N wax f' Nhmgvtx- W A f , A if His W X Ay 41' Mxxl ""' ' X SW, A, f, K . Q X K fu . Na , . ., 5 R fd 1 bf Xf -' Mg Nw f- ' wg f 2' f 3 Q X If m f Nod hltllvyxxmgxx 'azz' X ,, ESQ X! F Y' I I , ' '55 DKQ' was g gw, - ,D pam, H" f ' 4m ,ff L 5 x -LL-.- f fJ' i ! U' N- -f Q7 .diff Y -5"11415:-'-- --mf-- M W'rE+ 2w V22 Si'-1' - A .. nf NA MNH H X K. X 1 ,.,, ,, Q-f . 4-iv--. X, f W A 2 1 1 if ,gi iiafi , gxgkx N jj! ,."J11i V! i g-. 1, 1 ,- , - ,f5f:i,. ' --q,?, ez 5, 4 ax 5 Jp Vi5'ff"'f-- -- if3'3'f. - "W ,:,,.-- - -A -UM., H211-f-fx'-1.11:-215 f , v ' ' 'f-, I ' 7 ,.l-fi f x,-p ax .V nl- 1 , V 41 x gg '!.:i:TiAW , VY ,f ' ' " X A'+,,,.x.-.rf-1 , ,,9f::im.:M V x- H!X X , ,V xx-'X 5:MQ':.:.w -lp, -!g,..::SlE43fW54i AX: , r , X x!,. Q' ,auf-' --- 'E -,-,':.',-ff' fl fx' -2' NLF? X kTlE?l,w tj X. 'S , -:QNX X XX Xix q f W, NL,, 'fl j .. . f W XBJX' gf 'vs ' ' f X. ' 1 -iz?-'A f U! YV ANJ E The Erlking's Daughter. IR OLAF rides late and far away To bid the guests for his wedding day. Elves dance on the green in a joyous band, The Erlking's daughter gives him her hand. "Oh, welcome, Sir Olaf, what urges thee ? Step into the ranks here and dance with me! " "I must not dance, I dare not stay, The early morn's my wedding-day." " Sir Olaf, wilt tread a measure with me? Two golden spurs will I give to thee, A silken shirt, so white and fine, My mother bleached it in soft moonshine." " I must not dance, I dare not stay, The early morn's my wedding day." " Sir Olaf, wilt tread a measure with me? A heap of gold will I give to thee." "A heap of gold I would ne'er decline, Yet to dance with you have not the time. U Sir Olaf, and thou wilt not dance with me? Dire plague and curses shall follow thee." H She dealt a blow at his heart amain, Oh, never felt he such cruel pain. His body, limp, on his Steed she laid, " Ride home now to thy worthy maid." I52 He reached his door in mournful plight, His mother shuddered at the sight. "Oh, list, my son, tell me the tale, What means thy visage wan and pale?" " And should it not be wan and pale? I ventured through dread Erlking's dale.' " Oh, list, my son, so true and tried, What shall I say now to your bride?" H Say I am toward the greenwood bound, To put to test my horse and hound." Next morn at dawning of the day, Came bride and guests in bright array. They poured the mead, they poured the wine " Where is Sir Olaf, that bridegroom of mine? " Sir Olaf rode forth, toward the greenwood bound He tests out there his horse and hound." A -W -Yr -Yr M' -N- The bride came at last to an oak tree red. There lay Sir Olaf, and he was dead. P. Ross JEWELL 97 Mrs. Wilkinson'si Ghost. ON'T believe in ghosts? There are ghosts in every private chamber, in every close-locked closet, ghosts in old clothes, in old chests, in old books, ghosts in old pictures, in old faces, in old songs, ghosts of lost youth that iiit by in radiant garments, ghosts of old scenes bathed in eternal sunshine, ghosts of old hopes that died long ago, ghosts of old beauty that faded in its bloom, ghosts of old loves that are gone forever. In the dead of night, when the house is still, you get up and look at your ghosts and I at mine. You never tell about your ghosts, neither do I. The wife of your bosom, who is lying peacefully beside you, has her ghosts, too. When you are sleeping quietly, she gets up and looks at them. When she comes back and falls to rest, you go to yours. You never tell each other of your visits. There is no sleeping when the ghosts come. You go to that old green chest and take up a piece of faded dress-cloth and cry your eyes out. You hang over that old-faced yellow print, that nobody knows you own, and see a bright girlish beauty that beckons to you from the old days. How you talk to the ghosts! How you would welcome them if you could! How you would fold them in your arms and never let them go! Dear old ghosts! You cry over them. You reach out after them. You beat your breast and beg them to come back. But they never come. They beckon and pass on. When the cock crows and the light breaks, the ghosts are gone. They have vanished in the dark. You dress and go to business and no one knows where you have been. They rarely come in daylight. Sometimes an old face or an old song will bring them. Then they beckon and disappear. Some morning, you look in the glass and see the gray in your hair and the wrinkles in your forehead and you know that you will he with the ghosts very soon. Mrs. Wilkinson had her ghost, and iticame and visited her one night when her house was brilliantly lighted and the parlors were full of voices and music. There were rows of carriages on the pavement. There were graceful forms swaying to the music, and soft-footed servants who had charge of the wedding supper. Of course the plate shone splendidly. Of course the music was the sweetest. Of course the cleverest and wittiest people were present, for Mrs. Wilkinson was high in society and this was her daughter's wedding. The minister had blessed the kneeling pair, the wedding supper was finished, and the young people had gone away in their carriage, followed by a shout and a shower of rice. All the anxiety and planning and ordering and driving about ' 153 were over. Mrs. Wilkinson's daughter was married and the guests were making merry. Then came the time for the ghosts. More ghosts go to weddings than go to funerals, and' sadder ones, too. They haunt the living rather than the dead. - Mrs. Wilkinson came out of the heated parlors where she had bowed and smiled and been congratulated, and turned into the conservatory. The light was dim and the dark green leaves of the plants seemed to reach out their arms to the fountain that splashed in its bed of lily-pads. She stopped by an open window and leaned her head wearily on her hand. The night was cool and sweet. Above her were the patient stars, twinkling in the blue sky, behind her the voices and the long swells of the music. The moon rose above the tall warehouses and smokestacks of the city and Hooded the lawn with its quiet light. The streets and marts that had throbbed all day with trafic were still, waiting for the struggle that would come again at dawn. Mrs. Wilkinson was a handsome woman, tall, stately and graceful. Her hair was just beginning to be threaded with gray, and a few wrinkles were visible about her mouth, but her eyes were bright and M A her throat round and white as a girl's. Her face was a little pale, perhaps, from the :tr 'iii 2 evening's excitement, but she looked very beautiful in her rich satin gown with a big W bouquet of orchids in her corsage. Some said she was worldly, others called her 957, , G ,:,-: . T heartless, no one gave her credit for much sentiment, yet she cried when her daughter ml! knelt for the minister's blessing, and there were tears in her eyes when she saw the , W ' ,, same little form with her long bridal veil thrown back at the wedding supper. She , gil- ix P "-" had lived her own life in her own way, and no one knew her thoughts or saw the ghosts .rr, Q. that visited her. The droning of the orchestra, the swaying shadows of the dancers, iii-iliiiiiwiii Mgjvi iii, 59 the low murmur of conversation swept past her through the window into the night. il Suddenly above the voices, above the orchestra, above the splashing of the fountain, 513 i 5' ii i.jifiiiiA !fi'i,. , ,fgii,-.W ig V 3 came another sound, shrill and sharp, from the street. It was the piercing notes of the fife followed by the roll of drums and the tramp, tramp, tramp of tireless feet. It grew "U S A louder and louder, and finally reached a climax in a blare of trumpets and a clatter of , i horses' hoofs on the pavement. The woman at the window was caught by the martial iiiiiiiiiifiii ,gf ' strains and leaned out to see the soldiers. They were coming in long lines of blue. She ggi ' could hear the clanking of side-arms and the measured tread of the moving men. They i,iiiul'W wi fgi'tA fig turned the corner and came in full view, the band first, then the mounted dragoons, f'4jSliivipii ir'q lligrf, i 15. . " f 7ii,,iif'ii, , r1r , f if? 'X .Sisiii-iiwliiiiiii ii 3 fy! and then the infantry. On they came with a " Right wheel, forward," ff and with them came an old ghost in a worn-out uniform of blue, trooping to,the piping of the fiutes. The ghost touched the Woman by the window and she followed without a word, away from the voices, away from the music, away from the city, over sunny country roads and fields of fragrant clover and honey-suckles, with larks whistling and jays calling in the f bushes, past old mills with mossy water-wheels, past quiet villages with decent houses, past woods and meadows of scented hay and gray barns with open doors, up to a little church with a july sun playing over a congregation of scared faces. Under the ghost's magic touch, her satin gown turned slowly to a checked gingham, her orchids faded into sweet peas, and her white hands grew brown as berries, clutching sun-bonnet strings at the minister's words. The pews were high and stiff. The sun stole in guiltily. The bronzed faces bent forward toward the stooped form in the pulpit. It was '61 again. The call for troops had sounded. The recruiting officer was in the church. The calm man in the desk was on fire. Suddenly he stopped speaking and with dramatic earnestness threw a long enlistment roll on the little communion table in the altar. There was a pause. No one ventured. N o one dared. The old minister, with bent shoulders, looked slowly over his hushed people. Who would sign it first? Amid a solemn and awful stillness, a slip of a girl in a checked gingham, with a bunch of sweet peas in her little brown hands, went over and whispered softly, " Go, john, go, " and a boy, a mere stripling, rose at the word and walked slowly down the aisle. Tall, straight, manly, he passed within the altar rail and stopped before the little table and signed his name in an unformed hand. Then there went up a great sob, as there came another and another, and yet others, till it seemed as if a great multitude were passing. The ghost in blue touched the woman again, and she followed him to a sunny road, shaded with spreading maples. The bugles were playing and a little girl was crying as the regiment marched away. A slender youth waved his musket from the ranks and the wind caught his blue cape and showed its red lining. With banners streaming, the column disappeared into the valley and only the flying echoes of the iife and drum came back. 155 Then the ghost madly seized the woman in both his arms and bore her to a great swamp, wet and dark. They passed lean and emaciated men in blue, greedily drinking the brackish water. Snakes and worms and uncanny creeping things were feasting on the dead. The ghost stopped before a rude shanty. On a pallet of musty straw lay a gaunt form with hollow eyes and sunken cheeks, burning to death with the fever. The woman took the matted head to her bosom and held it tight and kissed the fiery cheeks and rained tears on them, and then there was quiet for a long time. The darkness came settling down on the fen, and the cracked, parched lips ceased muttering. The ghost beckoned with his spectral Hnger and the woman followed with streaming eyes. He went out into the tangled swamp by the side of a reeking bayou and dug a hole in the black mucky ground and put the emaciated, fever-burnt soldier in it. Then he turned round and took out the woman's heart and buried it there, too. Underneath the orchids in the corsage Mrs. Wilkinson's hands were Working nervously. She unfastened her dress and drew from her bosom an old-fashioned miniature of a youthful soldier with a fine soft beard. He stood erect and hopeful with his hands crossed on his scabbard. Over her shoulder, a gaunt, matted-haired, burning- eyed trooper looked at the same picture. The flutes were growing fainter and fainter. The battalion had long passed. At length the shrill notes ceased to echo. The music and voices and splashing fountain came slowly back. The fever-burned soldier returned to his bed by the Southern bayou. The little girl in gingham vanished. The ghost was gone, and Mrs. Wilkinson was alone. "How pale you are ! Are you ill, dear?" said her husband a few moments later when she joined him in the parlors. U Oh, nog not ill," she answered, "only so frightfully warm." CLARIQNCE Loomis PEASLEE, ,93. 156 "Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot." EV ERAL years after graduation the Class of Mzlgkly-serfefz of Syracuse University assembled in the lecture room of Science Hall to yield once more to the wild enthusiasm of class spirit which had inspired the valiant deeds of former days. Mr. Ingram, the first president of the class, was unanimously chosen chairman of the meeting, and he called upon different members for reminiscences of class life. Mr. Summon rose first, leaning heavily upon his cane. He said that his physical infirmity reminded him most forcibly of the old days when cane rushes and saltings were the rule. The fact which impressed him most was the position taken by the local preachers of the class who violently opposed the Chancellor's desire to abolish salting in chapel. " Speaking of saltings," said Mr, Runner, "reminds me of the Lit given by the class next below us. Three of our valiant men alone attended that six o'clock function, while the others meekly and dutifully wended their way to Athenian and Lowell meetings." "Don't say anything against the college literary societies," the great pulpit orator, Mr. Gem, said impressively. " I feel that Whatever of success I may have attained in literary lines is largely due to the inspiration given me in Lowell by my first debate on the question, ' Resolved, That umbrellas should be carried in fair weather! " "I rise to a point of order," cried Mr. Charles, suiting the action to his words. 'tl understood that the object of this meeting was to recall class reminiscences, not to laud Lowell." t' The point of order is sustained," said the president. After a moment's painful silence, Mr. Soborne arose, saying that he could give a new version of " Love's Labor Lost." Immediately a subdued murmur of "that fated Calculus " passed through the assembly. Mr. Soborne smiled and said, "I can laugh over it now, but when I was acting as advance agent in arranging the obsequies of john R. Calculus it seemed no laughing matter. Do you remember how I traveled weary miles, paid out all my change for telegrams, engaged banqueting halls and boats, had posters and tickets printed, only to be greeted by the unappreciative verdict, 'Mr. President, I move that Calculus be abandoned ?' You do remember it I know, and also that the young women of the class declared that they themselves would invite the men to Calculus if it were not for establishing a dangerous precedent. " Mr. William then proceeded to relate the history of that masterly invention known as the " slate." The " slate " was the result of the united effort of the minds of twelve of the most brilliant members of the class, who labored to formulate noble principles concerning the rights of all members of the class to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." As this pursuit of happiness was considered to consist in holding offices in the Class of Illzgkfy-srwzz, the "slate " apportioned such offices impartially. The work of the committee was unanimously accepted by the class, but a year or two later these same brilliant representatives again met, solemly deliberated, and recommended the breaking of the " slate. " 157 "Breaking the slate," said Mr. Why, "reminds me of a memorable incident which occurred in that class meeting. Mr. Charles, in an ill-advised speech, cast unjust reflections upon the loyalty of the young women of the class. These remarks aroused my indignation and I attempted to refute Mr. Charles' statements. This effort gained for me the favor of the young ladies, and one of them moved that a vote of thanks be extended to Mr. Why for so nobly defending their reputation. Somewhat overcome by this unexpected demonstration I rose to express my appreciation and disclaim all merit. In trying to make suitable acknowledgement I became confused, and am told that I said that the motion would be unnecessary for I felt sure of receiving my reward. This simple remark aroused a strange commotion and much suspicion. " As the hour was late and the meeting seemed about to break up, Mr. Rytell arose and moved that a per capita tax be levied to pay the bills now in the hands of a law firm for collection, The women, according to their custom, had remained silent throughout the meeting, but at this familiar phrase they smiled gratefully and began a search for their pocketbooks. EHLE BROOKS, Mzlgfhljf-setfen. at Fame. I. II. WANDERED o'er the upper landing, I wandered on: I found a maiden, Wherein Von Ranke's halls are standing, Her lap was with an old book laden, Stiff, gilded volumns, old and musty, Unnoticed, saw her dark eyes burning, With titles so begrimed and rusty, And as they shone with tender yearning, They made me think, " What's in a name ? " And soft she breathed the author's name, Here hid away, forgotten, dusty, I realized that I was learning, Care I for fame? I cared for fame. 158 K X T' X61 i X E ij ' H E351 -1-7 ' 'Y Q 'W QQ x.-fe .N 9 ,I i"s:'w.?-25224 VY' 5 i 'li WJ A ,LJ-i F1 " i- V f N - f , ff i uf. X"- T b? Sig' 5415 --H i ' 'I' ni ' -i'j17,'J!-if f 'W 'li f ,, yy i in y M-L 'fir Y.!. ,A i Tr W i ,nm .1-,. 'Alf -Q-In '-:Q-:"":f1N j'F 'Jif if -1. MM --19.1. it - -W- A, Tut-s-4,55 '-Iii i T' ff-fr fy Nb E' ggi "'.-',f'a'f' f"ilff,'2d1'P? '- ,Q 2 vs X x - F ...U 1-xxx Si FAN ' MQW wg' I Y bi' 'V i " Q 1 J Wfffi' in YV, 1' V eifu.-49.5 xi . 41 nv " '.,1 1 In Leap Year. "Cupid is taking his ease now, 'Tis leap year, you know," she said. "I fancy, though, that Psyche Is airning the arrows, instead." "Yes," answered he, low sighing, 'tShe 's playing, no doubt, with the darts, But I'd like to see any woman Who can aim straight-even at hearts." T59 E. M.W Co-Education. SYRACUSE, N. Y., Oct. 1, 1899. Dear Farber and Molhff' .' This is the loveliest place in the world. My chum is not a Methodist, but nevertheless is a Very good girl. Sunday afternoon we went to the Christian Association meeting. The leader was a Senior, and when he prayed for those at home, Oh, dear, I was so lonesome. Still, I have had the best possible time in the best possible world. One of the girls gave me a little pamphlet, H The Art of Being Rushed," by Ward McAllister. It is quite useful. After the meeting we took a walk on Mount Olympus and saw the sunset. It was glorious. My lessons are hard Chancellor Day is line. I admire his very bigness. My Literature Prof. is jolly. I wish you could see him. He would speak for himself. My Greek Prof. is my favorite and I will tell you all about him in my next. I can't balance my cash. I always come out ahead of myself. How is every one at home ? just think! I've been in College a week! It is late, but before I close I have something to tell you. There is a Senior here named Frederick M. Hallam. I don't know what the M. stands for. I-Ie is very handsome and good. I-Ie has been in chapel every morning, and they say that he preaches in a country church. Besides he has A in every study. I read his name six times in the Forum for foot ball honors, and I love him, I love him. Your loving daughter, P FANNIE I. FRESH. P. S.-The mortar-boards cost one dollar. 160 A Lesson. ROSE-BUSH grew in a garden fair, And as the sweet singer came flying low Aloft in the sky a lark was singing The rose-bush clasped eager boughs around her Strains sweet and clear, the glad notes flinging And close in a cage of branches bound her Down to the earth, through the listening air. Loved her, and caught her and bound her so So sweet, that the rose-bush began to long But the song was hushed, and a plaintive cry To bring from her home in the sunny heaven, Set all the rose-bush's leaves a shiver This herald of joy to the sad earth given, She could feel the breast of the wild bird quiver And hear for alway the blithesome song. When the sharp thorns pierced as she struggled to fly So the bird was loosed, and the rose-bush began To live her own life of loving and growing, To live her own life of loving and blowing In the sweetest blossoms a rose-bush can. And lo! the lark flew down again, Lighted straight on the rose-bush's branches, Swaying and tilting, and ever singing, Filling the air with a jubilant strain. 161 swinging D. L. D What P F ALL the world were smoke and cheese, If all the world were smoke and cheese, And all the sea were ink, And all the sea were ink, What could a little Freshman do What could a wily junior do But scratch his head-and scratch his head-and blink? But be a muff-and play a bluff-and wink ? If all the world were smoke and cheese, If all the World were smoke and cheese, And all the sea were ink, And all the sea were ink, What could a thirsty Soph'more do What could a reverend Senior do But eat enough-and take a puff-and drink ? But bite his nails-take in his sails-and think? 65 L Cuts. HE CUT chapel twice a week, She cut Latin, she cut Greek, Those darling, precious cuts, she used them all. EDITH M. WILSON, '98 Cut systems good may be, But, oh, when she cut me, That was the most unkindest cut of all. 162 ANNA GRAY NoxoN, '98, We Who Are Gone Remember. N THE Eastern land of love and song And old romance, whene'er two lovers part, An ancient custom, though the way be long, Still knits them heart to heart. For as they linger ere they say good-bye, And pledge to constance while they wander far, From the bright host that gem the evening sky, They choose a single star. And every evening, from the distant plain, Or lonely summit, or the pathless sea., At the same hour the lover seeks again That Star of Memory. Knowing that, far away, to that same light, Are lifted true, fond eyes to meet his owng So in his journey through the lonely night He is no more alone. Oh! gray old hall so quiet and serene Upon thy hilltop, as the seasons fiy, How many are the partings thou hast seen In the long years gone by. Y - E - .P 3 --of , EG? f- ,E , if Y ,. 4-Y, . lg , ,vw Y ' W ' ' ' ' 6 ' - ,gif f 1 "' ' if Q2 I . , W .f me r Y nl. 44-2' Q 3 . 1 lk - - :HL -L '-- ' 2, n o - ff" ' fezgfee- Ut gs ,ff-iwfff - rf , ,, i 2-we 'ff i f f , K , "'-f'fT4a-,Ziff-xx f ' f - ' ' V- A. . Q 1-snr X i -efgsw or fl T . f f s T . il l lllWlf1lMllrf'lfi,l.iiQ2fgal.rlli4iilleiiiF7ai'lell-illii'fslffdffi!'i!'f2wff ir's i "'f . NL A I 4-,,,,,-- 4 f' 41 4 1 faga.-.,-140' 029.64 Y fn .- , ,fn gd.,,,g' A ,, ,, , " " A - n - ' A - , ' f n ' ' ' "e""' " ' -S - ' ' it y X-17" 1- :-1 f , - . I W If - W f A 'lynn ni ff. Q Q9 5 usalifmxliin6Zioiii?tv'liilivf9iil'!iW03',5xun 'V fl'-1' hi' nn-unsung-as-f - - N 7' -W law X ,t -.bbw mr Y A , Q Y Y ' 1 M L A ' - ' - , When we, thy children, think of friends we knew In the old days while hearts were light and free, We look to thee with loyal thoughts and true, Our Star of Memory. Knowing that howsoever far away Thy sons have wandered and whate'er befalls, Their thoughts shall meet with ours at close of day Beneath thy dim old walls. jumus W. S'ricvr:Ns, 'g5. 163 Our Alma Mater. HEN that hill that is dearest of all hills, at midnight Rears its head 'neath the smile of the lingering moon, And thou, loved Alma Maier, its bright crown of glory, Art wrapped in a radiance departing too soon. When the light of the sun sheds its glory upon thee, Then sinks 'neath the hill-top and leaves thee unblessed, And thou art alone with thy night and its rest: Then think of the light that forever surround thee. Nor fades with the birth or the death of the day, In sunshine or darkness that light never fails thee, Shining brighter and brighter forever and aye. - Wherever it shines shall that light be thy glory, 'Tis the love in the hearts of the sons thou hast sent To tell to the world what that page of 1ife's story, Which was written by thee, through their lifetime has meant. M. L. H. Sirenes. E SIRENES of the Wine-hued sea, What are ye that with melody Ye force a charm on those who hear Sweet sounding songs with powerless ear? Ye that the minds of mortals turn, Allure, entice, nor can man spurn Dire dangers of your mystic home, Unwilling drawn o'er splashing foam, Ye that in Sirenusaa dwell, Where surges rise and wild seas swell, Where scattered o'er the sea-washed sands Lie bleaching bones of venturing bands, Are ye the triple pleasures three, Sweet wine that filleth hearts with glee, Or love's strong adamantine chains Or music's soft enchanting strains? Or are ye but the gleesome sound Of sportive winds, as they rebound, Reverberating o'er the main In echo's sweet harmonic strain ? I Ye mystic powers, that man destroy, On ye returning fates employ ' Your craft for your destruction dire In contest with the golden lyre. The muse-instructed Orpheus played, Whose music beast and rock obeyed, And ye surpassed, as was foretold, Sought dreadful death in water cold. as bk ae ak 4+ To doubtful man on life's wide sea Deluding Sirenes sing, and he, Weak mortal lured by mystic strain, Vain pleasure seeks, but death his gain. Give to their voice a deafened ear, And sail from every danger clear. Let Sirenes fall that ye may rise And seek the fleece, the golden prize, R. HI-:BnLE'rHwA1'rE, '97, OH' moff Moffmfva BELLS x ' 'I' Q QNX X W fix Wx? fm- 7 5 X ff 1 M X5 f' 47 , XXX X f Fff5it"...1' f Ay! Oh, those morni g bells What tales o Woe the1r sound foretells' 65 X X I XX, x g XX ,f 1 . E ff, ' f if . X X ', " " H1 X " X XWXQX ,- X' X, ia' ,ff C X f ,X X.. X ,, XX.fX , X XX ,7 I Il. fqff gm' '4 4 X , ff, X .. -IM KL 'N ,X,'.. X . A X X ' I ' fx! -' X" f. .X ,XXV ,x.4N , .N I I WX- ,"1..'! , XXXXI km lv 1.111 X X UM -'Hs .,X wp .Xa S yfwf X 1. 5711539 fu: U' -- 'f'4.0X'f! X ,.! VK, - v J 4.715 X f 'Y' R' X. 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WX'-" "Y-' ylh5Fs:!2..z..,,w,:hu 3X,:::g:::Z.!'r5:wf:w4.5,g..X....,...7....5:.:5-.. . 5,599 LX V X,,:H,: I N , 1 A-4. .: X X XX S If , -'X,,:5'-5:5s..3g:,, .. .,... . i:. ..i,lJgl.5,.5,3.p X':'f55sL::.l1X:v::gQ:,-"' ---- X- ---X.......:.4::z.4.: .X X X -E33 Hy WAX I 1 X N -41" :gif 5 K ' 13277911 -2-' -- ..:g HXXAA X '!, -X.. .ui 1 :- A . I x V.. .5 :YSL- , ff .f X.XxX"'-A ' w Jin ? X Xfffv' ,X If If .X'.'l I Xfgjfp ' J' X X f-,fff f , ff XX NXXX X 1 rf fy' 1 ,AU X .yffff gjigzg..- X X X . , ,X W. , X ,X , xXX ' - .. . ' x X -- 1 Ur 4,11 wan. . , If . X' 1.-f. X NN . X 1 f X X . 1 " f X x W -' I j'f-' X X X 'ff X . I Q ff!! !X'l.fX, , ' X 'HM 'X ,x X 'N - 1 N ,f :X I XX- 'r '- fXX.xf. W 1 I f nz. Fk ,Xlf ' X I I X .X , ,,, , , I r,, R ,I 9-... X. I - . X X , ..,, .1 1 fX ff 'I ff ' --if "I "f' f -if 1- . .I .S I X4,X 'j fl- , X wth n , ., ll! Y . yr' , . X X 4,-:X X n A N . X W, - X I "-' " , 'f, if I . Y. S. Inter-Collegiate Oratorical League. Officers 1895. G. B. HUNTINGTON, Rochester, . Preszlhnl. HARVEY M. HUISIKARD, Syracuse, Vzke-Prvszkievzl. EMMET O,BRIEN, Rochester, . . Sccrriary-Treas1crer. Executive Committee. G. B. HUNTINGTON, Ckazhzzau, Rochester. CHARLES E. COONEY, Syracuse O. F. PERSHING, Union. Syracuse Representatives. LIEHER E. WHITTXC, 1894. CHARLES E. COONEV, 1895. CHARLES WESLEY WALKER, 1896 J' CONTEST AT ICOCHESTIER APRIL IO, 1896. 168 Third Annual Contest Inter-Collegiate Oratorical League of New York State, Rochester, N. Y., April IO, 1896. .99 Programme: MUSIC, . . . . MANDOLIN CLUB SELECTION, . . . QUARTETTE ORATION-"Cuba," .... . H. C. ALLEN, Union ORATION-"Oliver Cromwell and the Revolution," . J. M. OAKSFORD, Rochester ORATION-"Frederick Douglas," . . C. W. WALKIER, Syracuse SELECTION, . . . . . QUARTETTE MUSIC, . . MANDOI.IN CLU1: .Al Judges. REV. O. C. POLAND. ZNATHANIEL FooTE, REV. R. D. HAliI..AN. J' IKEY AWARDED T0 CHARLIIS W. WALIYER, SYRACUSE, '97, 169 TI-IE UNIVERSITY HERALD OFFICIAL ORGAN' OF TIII? INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS ASSOCIATION PUBLISIIED AIONTIILV BY TIIE STUDENTS OF SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY GEORGE W. ROSENBERRY, '96, Edxtor m Chief Associate Editors. GRACE E. SMITH, '96, JESSIE M. MAINS, '90, JOHN G. TRUAIR, '96, AR'1'HU1a E. STRONG, '97, EDITH C. STOBO, '96, G. FRANK TYRRELL, '97, A. T. LEVY, '97, RALPH W. ALLEN, '98, ROBERT HEBBLETHVVAITE, '97, LOCaZs Syraruse Lzhralure. GEO- W- ROSENBERRY- WILLIAM H, YARD, '97, Urlzblerszbf Bzbgraphy. CHAb G ROGFRS H. C. EMM, '98, Genera! College. EDWARD C. JENKINS, '98 Rewews CHARLES G. ROGERS, '97, Business Manager A. A. WILMOT, '98, Asszlvtzznt. I7O L-'w fzlgt, ,, ' -'f,JI6lQljd, I f. K v -E 1, rw HYJEIJ ii- X 5 jg 4 it I 5 j ' ' sir." ' if my W2 .. xl :ss fe- filii. 1 . , . I ...Q fm N . xmi-.',?7 .LA .II v- V. . ., , . L xg A U QQ n Aff, V55-A X . I , 05 '55 . ll 'WT - W QE: Q' N - I RX 1 -1:1 V lt. Q-ag. W2 " , ,5 a, DEVOTED T0 . . . M a in Ed'to 2 an g g I " COLLEGE AFFAIRS, H NT HOWARD U REYNOLDS. COLLEGE INTERESTS Department Editors: . AND COLLEGE PEOPLE. Alumni Edilors. john T. Roberts, '76. Miss Mabel E. Boomer, 'q5. 1, College of Liberal Arls. IN IT U PYND W. D. Alsever, '95, Miss Jessie E. Wheeler, '96. 1 J. W. Church, '96, Miss Jeanette F. Graham, 'q7. LITERATURE, ATHLETICS AND NEWS. College of Fine Arts. C. S. Congdon, '97. Miss Evalina Vernon, '96. .ag Miss Charlotte M. Janes, '96, H an College of Me11'z'cine. Edward S' Vim Duyn' ,97. ' AS OF OLD, IS THE COMMON MEETING-PLACE FOR galley, gfLaw. "EVERY LOYAL SON." IT Is PUBLISHED BY SYRACUSE William W'NlCh01S1'94' UNIVERSITY, AND IS THE OFFICIAL UNIVERSITY PAPER. BUSINESS ASSlS7'AN7'S.- " 7?0s Tyrzlzsyue nullo rlz1n'rz?1zz?ze ngefurf' U. G. Warren, '96, S. C. Whitbeck, '96, Adv. lllauagzrr. Bookkeeper. 'Q 9' .af Q ADDRESS .5IlbSL'I'1fJfll1ll Przke, , 31,25 UNIVERSITY FORUM, In Azlmmfe, 1,00 171 UNIVERSITY BLOCK, SYRACUSE, N. Y. Alumni Association. Officers for 1894-95. CHARLES N. Conn, A. M., '77. . . . CARRO j. CUMMINGS, B. PH., '94, W1LL1AM Y. FOOTE, A. B., '87, . REV. JOSEPH H. ZARTMAN, A. M., '78, . Directors. Benjamin I. Shove, A. M., '8o, Mary F. Call, M. Ph., '88, Rev. joseph H. Zartman, A. M. '78, Harriet M. Budd, A. M., '91, Gaylord P. Clark, M. D., '80, William Y. Foote, A. B., '87, Rev. Julius C. Hitchcock, A. M., '61, Charles N. Cobb, A. M., '77, Rev. George H. Haigh, A. B., '93. Alumni Endownment Fund Committee. Frank Smalley, '74, Chairman, J. Scott Clark, '77, J' Alumni Visitors. J. T. D. Fischer, B. Ph., '84, M. D., '95, Rev. George W. Peck, LL. D., '78, Emmons H. Sanford, A. M., '87, Mary M. Paddock, B. P., '93, 4 I72 . Ijreszkient. V zke-Preszkiefz z'. . Recora'z'1zg Secretary. Cor. .Secjf and Treas. Carro J. Cummings, B. Ph., '94, Prof. Ruth E. Guibault, B. Mus., '84, Stewart Scott, A. B., '94, Rev. john C. Nichols, A. M., '75, Lucien M. Underwood, '17, Kate Cushing-Hatmaker, B. Mus., '8 B. R. Hatmaker, '87, 7 Ill mQm0I'idIIl. william BQYDQYI Dllllldp, H. m., m. D Professor of Dermatology, Died dl SVYEICIISQ, D. Y., HOVQRIIDQI' lllb, l895. 73 In memoriam. mary m. SIZICKDOIISQ, of the ZIGSS of '97, Died df SVYGCUSC, n. Y., 0Cf0b2l' l9fb, 1895 i 74 Nu Sigma Nu. With this publication of the '97 ONONDAGAN the Alpha Society appears for the second and last time. A petition from its members having been favorably received, the society sheds its local character and the name of Alpha and becomes the Mu Chapter of the Nu Sigma Nu, a medical fraternity of national repute. The Alpha Chapter of the Nu Sigma Nu Fraternity was organized by prominent members of the medical faculty and others at the University of Ann Arbor in 1882. - Since the above date the following chapters have been added:- Bela- Detroit College of Medicine, Detroit, Mich. Della-Western Pennsylvania Medical College, Pittsburg, Pa. Epsz'!o2z-University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Zem--Northwestern University fChicago Medicalj, Chicago, lll. Em-College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago, Ill. Them-University of Cincinnati fOhio Medical J, Cincinnati, Ohio. Iota- University of Columbia QP. and SQ, New York City. Kappa-Rush Medical College, Chicago, Ill. Mu-Syraciise University fCollege of Medicine J, Syracuse, N. Y. The question as to tt What is the Nu Sigma Nu? and What is its Mission in the Medical Profession ? " will be briefly stated by the following quotations, taken from an address delivered by the President, john L. Irwin, Ph. C., M. D., at the Thirteenth Biennial Convention of the Grand Council at Minneapolis, Minn., June 3, 4 and 5, 1895: "The ancient order of the Aesculapidae, as originally founded in the mysteries of religion and science in Greece, with its rituals and ceremonies, was revived at Ann Arbor, and came to View in the New World in the establishing of the Alpha Chapter of the Nu Sigma Nu Fraternity. The ritual as then accepted has since been revised-made to meet the present wants of medicine. The Nu Sigma Nu Fraternity claims its lineage with the medical order of the ancients, and its widening influence is its own excuse for existence. V "Medicine has ever been considered the most noble of arts, and the essentials for a competent knowledge of medicine were early laid down in the tenets of our order. 175 "It is our duty to assist one another in the attainment of all knowledge pertaining to our professiong to be good citizens and conscientious physicians-avoiding contention and strife. "The tenets of our order teach us as members to work hand in hand to achieve the greatest good for the greatest number. "The order of Nu Sigma Nu is not a pastime-a mere diversion--it is an ever living principle. Our ritual exemplifies important truths, one of which is that of a medical brotherhood. It teaches us that there is a purpose in our being, and this purpose we are to apply to the duties of our profession. The requirements for admission into our order are those which are possessed by the true physician of nature. We believe the true physician is he who best studies nature and her laws. Our ritual tells us it is our duty to stand well in the front rank among the progressive physicians of the day. It bids us never to desert our true sphere, our own line of talent. It respects honest convictions, but it directs us to give allegiance to no sect, school, or pathy in medicine. We are to make use of the teachings of accum- ulated experience, and avail ourselves fully of every aid offered to us by advancing medical science. "Our ritual bids our undergraduate member treat with kindness, consideration and courtesy all his fellow class- mates-the one who wears the faded coat alike with the wealthy and more fortunate. It insists that the one who wears our golden badge should be one to whom the world can point with esteem and honor, and whose conduct in the profession is such as to be truly worthy of such recognition. " With these few remarks the Mu Chapter of the Nu Sigma Nu introduces itself to the students in general, to the medics in particularg greatly encouraged by the support given it by n1any of the professors of the Medical College Faculty, and confident that, with its purposes in this field, there is a bright future ahead. 176 "TOMMY " CUNNINGHAM, General Director of Crouse College ,S Senior Records. Liberal Arts. john Nelson Alsever, ph., Syracuse, . A. K. E. Organization Class President: Captain of '96's Cane Rush Team, Freshman Year: Right Guard on Class Foot Ball Team, Freshman and Sophomore Years: News Editor of Syracusan, Sophomore Year: Associate Editor of Syracusan, Sophomore Year: Editor-in- Chief of Syracusan, junior Year: Associate Editor of '96's ONON- DAGAN: Clerk of Congress, junior and Senior Years: Delegate to Forty-ninth Convention of Delta Kappa Epsilon: Class Day Presi- dent. 821 East Genesee. William Dewey Alsever, s., Syracuse, . A. 15.12. Class Treasurer. Winter Term, Sophomore Year: News Editor of Syracusan, Junior Year: Center Rush on '96's Foot Ball Team: Manager of Track Athletic Team, junior and Senior Years: Dele- gate to Forty-ninth Annual Convention of Delta Kappa Epsilon: Delegate to Annual Meeting of Inter-collegiate Association of Amateur Athletes of America, Senior Year: Delegate to and Presi- dent of New York State Inter-collegiate Athletic Association, Year of '96-'97: Associate Editor of University Forum, Senior Year. 821 East Genesee. George S. Avery, s., Syracuse, . 9. N. E., B. A. 13. Captain of Second Foot Ball Team, 'ogg Varsity Foot Ball Team, '94: Varsity Foot Ball Team, '95: Captain Class Foot Ball Team, '94, 1619 VVest Genesee. Gertrude S. Burlingham, c., Mexico, . K. fl. H, Y. W. C. A. : Athenian Literary Society: Vice-President Athenian Society, Spring Term, '9.i. Kappa Alpha Theta Chapter House. 180 Howard Israel Andrews, c., Cuyler, . 41, K, E, President Y- M- C. A.. '95-'96: Corresponding Secretary of Y. M. C. A.. '9-1: Critic, Lowell, Fall Term, 'q5: President, Lowell. Spring Term. '965 Class Treasurer, Spring Term, '94: Literary Editor of SyraCUSaI1. Fall Term, '94: Corresponding Secretary of Cazenovia Alumni Association: Lowell Literary Society. Delta Kappa Epsilon Chapter House. Mary Louise Caldwell, '96, pk., Syracuse, . K. lf. I', Hawthorne Club: Classical Society: Calculus Historian: Secretary of Class, Fall Term, junior Year: Secretary of Hawthorne Club, Fall and Winter TSFIHS, '94-'95: Associate Editor '96's ONONDAGAN: Vice-President of Class, Winter Term, Senior Year: Class Secretary, Class Day. 143 West Kennedy. john W. Church, c., Syracuse, . . Q, K, LII, Lowell Literary Society: President of Class, Winter Term, junior and Senior Year: Delegate to District Convention of Phi Kappa, Psi, Ithaca, N. Y., 1895: President Lowell, Fall Term, '963 F01-um Board. 109 DeLong Ave. Mabel Sarah Coon, c., Oswego, . , ,ju Q. Y. W. C. A : Secretary Lowell Literary Society, junior Year' Class Secretary, Sophomore Year: Secretary Tennis Association, Sophmore Year: President Y. W. C. A., Senior Year: Vice-P1esi- dent Lowell Literary Society, Senior Year: Art Literature Club. Alpha Phi Chapter House. v Martha Belle Churchill, c., Springville, . fl. Q. Y. W. C. A., Class Secretary, Sophomore Year, Class Vice-Presi- dent, junior Year, Lowell Literary Society, Critic of Lowell Lit- erary Society, Senior Year. Alpha Phi Chapter House. Edward W. Cregg, c., Syracuse. Varsity Foot Ball Team, '93-'94, Congress, Associate Editor '96's ONONDAGAN, Chairman Executive Committee, Winter Term, Senior Year. 725 Montgomery. Fred W. Edgecombe, s., Lubec, Me., 9. N. li. Scientific Association. Crouse College. Harry H. Farmer, plz., Hailesborough, . . . . . . Q. K. 'l'.,O.NE.,B AB. Lowell Literary Society, Class Foot Ball and Base Ball Teams, '93, '94 and '95, Treasurer of Lowell, Fall Term, '94, Secretary of S. U. A. A., '94, Editor-in-Chief of '96's ONoNuAGAN, President of Lowell, Winter Term, '95-'96, Lowell Debater, Winter Contest, '96, Manager of Base Ball Team, '96. Phi Kappa Psi Chapter House. Charles Gillett, c., Naples. Y. M. C. A., Athenian Literary Society, Class Treasurer, Fall Term, '94, President Athenian, Fall Term, '96, Toastmaster, Delegate Oneida Convention Y. M. C. A., Recording Secretary Y. M. C. A., '94-'95, Chairman Devotional Committee, Y. M. C. A., '95-'96. ron East Adams. Edwin D. Face, c., Gloversville, . . A. 17 Y. M. C. A., Lowell Literary Society, Associate Editor '96's ONONDAGANQ Lowell Orator Winter Contest, '94. 104 Marshall. 181 Harvey Milton Hubbard, c., Stamford, Q. A. GJ., B. 41. B Congress, Y. M. C. A., Colonial Club, Toastmaster, Fall Term Freshman Year, Treasurer, Winter Term, junior Year, Varsity Base Ball Team, '93, Varsity Foot Ball Team, '94, Manager Base Ball Team, '95, Delegate Alpha Province Convention of Phi Delta Theta, with Allegheny College, at Meadville, Pa., ,Q4, Secretary Republican Club, Delegate to Convention of American College Republican Club at Syracuse, '94, Vice-President N. Y. S. I. C. B B. A. and N. S. I. C. O. L. 402 Walnut Place. Katherine Hulst, c., Greenwich, . . A. Q, Y. W. C. A., Vice-President Lowell Literary Society, Sophomore Year, Business Manager Womau's News. 4o6 Walnut Place. Elizabeth Marsh Janes, c., Onondaga Valley. Member of Hawthorne Literary Society. Edward H. Kraus, s., Syracuse, . . Q. K. W. Scientific Association, Class Base Ball Team, '93, Athletic Teams '94, '95 and '96, Class Foot Ball Team, '94, first prize, mile walk, Local Field Days, '94-'95, first prize, mile walk, N. Y. S. I. A. A. Field Day, May go, lQ4Q first prize, mile walk, Opening of S. U. Field, june 9, '95, Member of Athletic Team to I. C. A. ,A. A. A. Games, '95, Captain of Athletic Team, '96. 615 Butternut. Alice Louise Lee, plz., Brooklyn, Pa., . A. Q Y. W. C. A., Athenian Literary Society, Class Treasurer, Fresh- man Year, Art Literature Club. Alpha Phi Chapter House. E. Bersie Lee, c., Adams, . EP. lf, 69. N. E., B. A. B. Monastic Circle. 763 Irving. joseph R. McGowan, c., Syracuse. 606 Willis Ave. . - Jessie M. Mains, ph., Brooklyn, . . K. A. Q. Y. W. C. A. , Delegate to the Kappa Alpha Theta Convention 1893, Class Poet. '92, '93: Local Editor Woman's Edition of the News, Literary Editor of the University Herald, ISQS and 1896, Class Day Poet. 808 University Ave. Edwin Bryant Mott, pk., Syracuse, . . B. 69. H. Y. M. C. A., Congress, Lowell Society, Philosophical Club, '96 Foot Ball Teams, Freshman and Sophomore Years, Historian, junior Year, Pipe Orator, Class Day. IO7 Marshall. Henry L. Morgan, s., Syracuse, . . . . . . Q. K. llf., C. 6' C., GJ. N. E., B. A. B. Y. M. C. A., Varsity Foot Ball Team, '92,Scientific Association, University Republican Club, Syracuse High School League of Syracuse University. 206 Cortland Ave. Henry Irving Nottingham, c., Manlius, . . . . . . A. K. E., 9. N E., B. A, B. Congress: Manager of '96's Calculus Burial, Assistant Manager of Syracusan, 1893 and 1894, Class President, Winter Term, junior Year. 354 West Onondaga. M. Pakelnishky, ph., Syracuse, Captain of Class Base Ball Team, '94, '95, Varsity Base Ball Team, '94, '95, Class President, Spring, '95, Address to juniors, Class Day. 117 Burt. Bessie Parsons, c., Fairmount, . . A. Q. Y. W. C. A., Vice-President Athenian Society, junior Year, The Arcadia, Vice-President Syracuse High School Association, Class Secretary Sophomore Year, Classical Club, President Athenian Society Senior Year, Class Day Historian. 2OQ University Place. 182 Nina H. Paxson, ph., Buffalo, . . K. A. C9. Y. W. C. A., Secretary Athenian Literary Society, Fall Term, Junior Year, Secretary of Class, Fall Term, '95, Business Manager of Ladies' Glee Club, '95. 808 University Ave. A. B. Peaslee, c., Madison, IF. 21, 9. N E., B. A. B. Glee Club, '94, '95, 763 Irving. W. I. Peck, c., Scranton, Pa., . . A. TI Y. M. C. A, Mandolin Club, Lowell Literary Society, Art Literature Club, University Herald Board. Delta Upsilon Chapter House. Frederick Theodore Pierson, jr., Syracuse, . . . . . A. K. E., B. A. B., 69. N. E., Eaynz. Congress, President of the Monastic Circle, Left End on Varsity Eleven, '92, Full Back '96 Eleven, '92. '93, Second in Tennis Singles, '93, Business Manager of the Syracusan, 1893-95, Delegate to Delta Kappa Epsilon Convention in New York, 1894, Manager Varsity Foot Ball Team, 18951 President of New York State Inter- collegiate Foot Ball Association, ISQSQ Delegate to the National Conventions of the American Republican College League held in Grand Rapids and Chicago, Department Chairman of A. R. C. L., '95, '96. 420 Crouse Ave. john W. Sadler, c., Troy, Pa., . . . A. TI Congress, Athenian Literary Society, Class Historian, Winter Term, Sophomore Year, Delegate to N. Y. S. I. C. Press Associa- tion at Hamilton, '93 Herald Board, Delegate to Sixtieth Annual Convention of Delta Upsilon, Union College, '94, Clerk of Congress, Winter Term, '95, Alternate Representative to N. Y. S. I. C. O. L. Contest, Union College, '95, Delegate to Sixty-first Annual Conven- tion of Delta Upsilon, DePauw, '95, Manager of Glee and Banjo Clubs, 'Q5, '96, Orator, Class Day. Delta Upsilon Chapter House. Edward F. Ranolph, c., Summit, N. J., . A. If A. O. U. B., Lowell, Varsity Foot Ball Team, Class President, Associate Editor of the University Herald, third in the mile and half-mile runs, N. Y. S. I. A. A. games at Rochester, 1895, Presi- dent ot Athletic Association, Editor-in-Chief of the University Herald. Delta Upsilon Chapter House. George Washington Rosenberry, c., Newton Hamilton, Athenian, Chaplain Athenian, Fall Term, '95, Class President, Winter Term, '96, Editor-in-Chief of University Herald. Delta Upsilon Chapter House. Martha Lillian Sanford, ph., Geneva. Y. W. C. A, Athenian Literary Society, Classical Club, Delegate to Y. W. C. A. Convention at New York, November, IS94. II3 Marshall. Leora E. Sherwood, ph., Syracuse, . H. B. Q. Vice-President of Hawthorne Literary Society, Winter Term, 1895, President of Hawthorne, Fall Term, Senior Year, Treasurer of Hawthorne, Winter Term, Senior Year, Secretary of Syracuse High School Association. 1514 Mulberry. Martin Smallwood, c., Warsaw, . . . . . . , Q. K. YI., f9.lvTE.,B. A. B. Y. M. C. A., Lowell Literary Society, Right Guard in first team, seasons of '92, '93, '94 and '95, Member of Athletic Team, '93 and '94, Charter Member of Orange Athletic Club, Captain of Class Foot Ball Team, ,Q2 and '93, Treasurer of Orange Athletic Club, Captain Cane Rush, '94, First Prize finter-class contestj in shot and ham- mer. Phi Kappa Psi Chapter House. 1 Eugene R. Smith, c., Oswego, . . B. Q. H. Scientific Association , Track Athletic Team, '95 , Banjo Club, '95 and '96, Accompanist, Glee Club, 695 and '96, Class Day Orator. Beta Theta Pi Chapter House. Grace Elsie Smith, plz., Albany. . . A. Q5, Y. W. C. A., Class Secretary, Freshman Year, Athenian Society, Troy Conference Academy Alumni Association, Class Day Essayist. Alpha Phi Chapter House. Almon E. Smith, c., Norwalk, Conn. 5 The Warren. Lora Olive Snider, ph., Sistersville, W. Va., K. A. GJ. Lowell Literary Society, Hawthorne Society, Y. W. C. A. , Delegate to Y. W. C. A. Convention, Binghamton, N. Y., '93, Class Secre- tary, Winter Term, Sophomore Year, Lowell Debate in Public Contest, Sophomore Year, Vice-President Y. W. C. A., '94 and '95, President Y. W. C. A., Spring Term, '95, Delegate to International Convention Y. W. C. A., Pittsburgh, Pa., April, '95, Prose Editor, Woman's Edition University News, Delegate to Northfield Summer School, '95, Delegate to Kappa Alpha Theta Convention, October, '95, Executive Committee, Class Day, 808 University Ave. Frank Dana Thorne, c., Buffalo, . . IF. If Congress, Monastic Circle, Class President, Freshman Year, Calculus Orator. 205 Waverly Place. john Galitzen Truair, ph., Syracuse, . A. If Y. M. C. A., Congress, Athenian Literary Society, Speaker Sophomore Reception, '91, Delegate Y. M. C. A. Convention, Ilion, '91, President of Class, junior Year, Manager University Herald, Delegate Inter-collegiate Press Association, Ithaca, Presi- dent New York State Inter-collegiate Press Association. 568 Cedar. Sarah Tumim, ph., Syracuse. Henry Wheaton, C., Richford, B. 69. H., 9. N. E., B. A. B. Class Secretary, Winter Term, '95, Secretary of James Russell Lowell Literary Society, Spring Term, '94, 403 Cedar. Ulysses Grant Warren, c., Harrington, Del., Q. A. 9. Y. M. C. A., Congress, President of Class, '96, Fall Term, Fresh- man Year, Member Executive Committee of N. Y. State Inter- collegiate Athletic Association, Vice-President University Repub- lican Club, Delegate to Y. M. C. A. Convention at Saratoga, '93, Delegate to the N. Y. S. Inter-collegiate Athletic Association, Varsity Foot Ball Team, '92, '93, '94, '95, Local Field Day, YQ4. first prize 120 yard hurdle, first prize 220 yard hurdle, second prize 100 yard dash, Local Field Day, '95, first prize 120 yard hurdle, first prize 220 yard hurdle, Inter-collegiate Field Day, '94, second prize 220 yard hurdle, Inter-collegiate Games, '95, first prize 120 yard hurdle, second prize 220 yard hurdle, Y. M. C. A. Field Day, ,Q4, first prize 120 yard hurdle, Opening of Athletic Field, '95, second prize 120 yard hurdle, iirst prize 220 yard hurdle, Cham- pion Middleweight Wrestler of University, Delegate N. Y. S. I. C. O. L., IQS. Phi Delta Theta Chapter House. Fin Lovern Hill Babcock, m., Fayetteville. Francis Marion Beattie, 11. Z., Syracuse, . H. B. Q. Hawthorne Literary Society, Treasurer of Hawthorne Society, Fall Term, '95. 1600 East Genesee. Caleb Candee Brown, Syracuse, . . . , , A. K. E., 9. N. E., B. A. B., Ezxfurz. Track Athletic Team, 'Q3',Q4Q Third place in 2-mile Bicycle Race at Inter-collegiate Field Day at Utica, '93, Second place in 2-mile Bicycle Race at Inter-collegiate Field Day at Syracuse, '94, First Congress, Y. M. C. A., Class President, Fall Term, Sophomore Year, Delegate to District Reunion of Beta Theta Pi, District II., Canton, '94, Chess Club, '96 Relay Team, Manager of Track Athletic Team, '95, Secretary of Classical Club. Beta Theta Phi Chapter House. Jessie Eunomia Wheeler, c., Auburn, . If Q. B. Hawthorne Club, Critic Hawthorne Club, Fall Term, '94, and Winter Term. YQSQ President Hawthorne Club, Spring Term, '96, Words Class Song. '96, 907 East Adams. Louise V. Winfield, pk., Syracuse, . II. B. Q. Vice-President of Class, Fall Term, Sophomore Year, Calculus Poet, Associate Editor of W0man's Edition of University.News, President of Hawthorne Society, Spring Term, junior Year, Critic of Hawthorne Society, Fall Term, Senior Year, Class Day Vice- President, Classical Club. 121 VVest Castle. e Arts. I place in 2-mile Bicycle Race at Local Field Day, '95, First place in 2-mile Bicycle Race at Inter-collegiate Field Day at Rochester, '95, Class Base Ball Team, '93: Class Foot Ball Team, '93, University Foot Ball Team, ,931 Assistant Manager of University Foot Ball Team, 'O-ll Delegate to the Forty-ninth Annual Convention of Delta Kappa Epsilon, '95, Member of Faculty Athletic Committee. 612 South Salina. Alton Eugene Darby, m., Cortland, . , A, T. Leader of Banjo and Mandolin Clubs, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Years, Euterpe, Art Literature Club, Lowell Literary Society. 105 Comstock Place. Charles Loring Elliott, ar., Syracuse, H. N. E. 300 Burnet Ave. Jessie A. Groat, m., Canastota, . . If fb. B. Y. W. C. A.: Euterpe: Art Literature Club: Vice-President of Class, Winter Term. '939 Delegate to Annual Convention of Gamma Phi Beta, Syracuse, 'g5: Ladies' Glee Club, '95-'g6. 615 Irving. Mae Elizabeth Hall, p., Syracuse, . . fl. QD. Art Literature Club: Monastic Circle: Colonial Club. 509 Crouse Ave. Lawson Dymond Hart, b. Z., West Pittston Pa., A. CD. Y. W. C. A.: Class Vice-President, Sophomore Year: Delegate to Alpha Phi Convention, Baltimore, '94. IOOS Adams. Charlotte M. Janes, ji., Onondaga Valley. Hawthorne Club: Art Literature Club: Associate Editor '96's ONONDAGAN. Mollie E. Mumford, 11. Z., Syracuse, Hawthorne Club: Secretary Hawthorne Club, Art Literature Club. 724 East Fayette. . II B. CJ Spring Term, '95 Ethelwyn Osborne, m., Fayetteville, . l'. 45, B Euterpe: Secretary of Class, Spring Term, Sophomore Year Gamma Phi Beta Chapter House. Winifred Rogers, m., Waverly, . . fl. ID Y. W. C. A.: Ladies' Glee Club: Euterpe: Composer of Music for Class Song. Alpha,Phi Chapter House. Edith Claire Stobo, b. Z., Syracuse. Hawthorne Club. 617 Irving. Clara Louise Stoddard, m., Palmyra. 713 Crouse Ave. Josephine Miller, '96, s. m., Syracuse, K. K. l'. Julia A- Talbott. "Z-v Syracuse, H' B' Q Park Ave' Hawthorne: Euterpe. 622 Irving. Clara Gere Reed, 11. Z., Syracuse, F. 45. B. Etta Leah Tolman, p., Syracuse. 604 CTOUSB AVC- Hawthorne Club: Art Literature Club. II McClure Ave. I Sarah E. Veeder, p., Lyons, . . ll 49. B Y. W. C. A. g Lowell Literary Society, Art Literature Club: Secre- tary Lowell Society, Fall Term, '94g Associate Editor '96's ONON DAGAN. Gamma Phi Beta Chapter House. Evalina Vernon, m., Syracuse, . . A, Q5 Art Literature Clubg Euterpeg Monastic Circle. 717 East Genesee. Mary M. Warne, b. Z., Syracuse. Hawthorne Club. 120 Henry. Florence H. Wilson, nz., Auburn. Lowell Literary Societyg Art Literature Club. Elmwood Law. Edward Woodworth Burdick, Syracuse, . . Theodore Wells Taylor, A. B., Muncy Valley, Pa, . A, K, E., Km! Club, Q. H , M1 C., II. amz' fl. . . . 45. A. 6-7.,A. K iD., A. mza'C 127 Green. 405 Lemon. Richard John Shanahan, Syracuse, . . . . . . Kem' Club, 69. II.,A. K. Q., M. C. 128 Peach. I unior Records. Liberal Arts. Robert Barnes Adams, c., North Manlius, . 'If If Y. M. C. A., Congress: Atheniang General Athletic Committee: Captain Class Foot Ball Team, '93 and '943 Varsity Foot Ball Team, '93, ,Q4 and '95: Captain Varsity Foot Ball Team, '94 and '95s Varsity Base Ball Team, '94g Toastmaster, Sophomore Reception, '94g Delegate to Northfield, '94, Charter Member S. U. O. A. C., Volunteer Mission Bandg Treasurer of Congress, Fall Term, '94g Cazenovia Seminary Alumni Association, Assistant Editor of University News. '94 and '95g second place, 2-mile Bicycle, Roch- ester, May 30, 18955 Debater in joint Contest of Lowell and Athenian, Winter Term, '95. 763 Irving. William Orville Allen, c., Sauquoit, . Q. K. T. Y. M. C. A.g Vice-President Alpha Phi Alumni Associationg Class Foot Ball Team, Fall Term, '95g Lowell Orator, Spring Contest, '95g President of Y. M. C. A., '96-'97. Phi Kappa Psi Chapter House. Basil Bradley Aylesworth, c., Syracuse. Congressg Treasurer of Congress, Sophomore Yearg Associate Editor of ,Q7,S ONONDAGAN. 201 South Beech, Ansley B. Blades, c., Syracuse, W. If Y. M. C. A. 5o9 Cortland Ave. Gertrude L. Andrews, pk., Syracuse, . l'. 95. B. Y. W. C. A., Hawthorne Clubg Vice-President of Class, Fall Term, Freshman Yearg Delegate to Gamma Beta Convention, Syracuse, '95, Associate Editor of '97's ONONDAGAN, 510 Irving. I Katherine B. Allis, ph., Syracuse, . , K, K. I" Lowell Literary Societyg Philosophical Clubg Class Vice-President. 802 Court. I Clara A. Bingham, ph., Lockwood, . If QD. B. Y. W. C. A. g Lowell Literary Societyg Secretary joint Council, ,QS '96g Delegate Y. W. C. A. State Convention, Syracuse, YQ5. Gamma Phi Beta Chapter House. . Harriet L. Bryan, plz., Corning, JT fb, 13. Y. W. C. A. 617 Crouse Ave. Mattie E. Caldwell, ,97, s., Syracuse, . K. K. Il Hawthorne Clubg Corresponding Secretary of Class, Spring Term, Freshman Year, Associate Editor of 'Q7'S ONONDAGAN. 143 West Kennedy. julia E. Church, c., Syracuse. Hawthorne Clubg Y. W. C. A. 109 DeLong Ave. Winifred Coddington, c., Syracuse, . . A. QD. Y. W. C. A.g Hawthorne Literary Societyg Secretary of Cazenovia Alumni Association, Sophomore Year. 106 Walnut Place. Charles H. Congdon, a., Syracuse. . . B. GJ. II. Business Manager of '97's ONONDAGAN. 608 Walnut Ave. 3 QQ I 1 ew- 1 U .-X' Abraham Levy. Ingraham T. Hart. . 1 3-fr if P Ross Jewell William H. Yard. gl I ' 'x I -1 . A .v . V , l . f h Q 19' ,1.'P4,,., ,v A . i , L I ,.,,,,H ,,g.,,'. ., ' 4' N, ' 1,'f.f,.w.'. ' I 1 N. . 'LL 341743 , .. , , , . , ' X' ' 47' ' , . , l ' ' ' .',f J' 'R , Q ,1 ,F l.'?:wH.:Sl -g,.u-R V , l . A 0- 1 , . iff . - .M - ' H .Q .s .. . 1 .P ' My - . L " 1' v 5 . R' .f Surah N. Graham. Alberta Huntoon. Charles H. Longdon. Julia B. Kellogg. MUFY E- MOXWY- Robert B. Adams Charles Edwin Cooney, ph., Syracuse, . B. A. B. Congress: Lowell Literary Society: Toastmaster, Fall Term, Fresh- man Year: Chairman of "Lit" Committee, Freshman Year: Class Historian, Sophomore Year: Class Treasurer, Winter Term, Sopho- more Year: Representative of Syracuse University at New York State Inter-collegiate Oratorical Contest at Schenectady, '95: President of Congress, Spring Term, '96: Member of Executive Committee, New York State Inter-collegiate Oratorical League, '95 and '96, II2 Standart. Mabel 1. Fuller, c., Syracuse, . . 1'. Q. B. Philosophical Club: Genesee Wesleyan Seminary Alumni Associa- tion. 402 Walnut Place. Jeanette Fairbairn Graham, c., Rutland. Vt., . A. 45. Y. W. C. A. : Hawthorne Literary Society: Treasurer Y. W. C. A., '95-'96: President Y. W. C. A., '96-'97C Associate Editor of Forum. IOC4 East Adams. Sarah Newcomb Graham, c., Rutland, Vt., . A. Q. Y. W. C. A.: Hawthorne Literary Society: Philosophical Club. 1oo4 East Adams. William Avery Groat, J., Canastota, . . . . . . . A. K. E., 19. N 1C,,B. ALB. Y. M. C. A.: Scientific Association: Art Literature Club: Class Treasurer, Winter Term, Freshman Year: Treasurer Scientific Association, Sophomore Year: Vice-President Scientific Associa- tion, junior Year: Syracusan Board, '94-'95: Editor-in-Chief of '97'S ONONDAGAN. roo5 East Genesee. I Daisy L. Dean, pk., Rochester, . . K. K. 1'. Y. W. C. A.: President Y. W. C. A., '94-'95, III Waverly Place. Ingraham T. Hart, c., Bridgetown, N. S., . '17, If Y. M. C. A.: Associate Editor of '97'S ONONDAGAN. 108 Raynor. Robert Hebblethwaite, Stanley, N. Y. Y. M. C. A.: Athenian Literary Society: '97'S Foot Ball Team, '93 and Y94: '97'S Track Athletic Team, '95, 604 Irving. Grace A. Hobart, s., Penn Yan, . ll KD. H, Y. W. C. A. 907 East Adams. Anna J. Hollis, ph., Sandy Creek. Y. W. C. A.: Y. W. C. T. U.: Secretary of Lowell, Fall Term, '95, 717 Crouse Ave. Clara Grace Hookway, ph., Syracuse, . II. B. 112. Hawthorne Club: President of Hawthorne, Winter Term, '96: Treasurer of Hawthorne, Fall Term, '94: Class Secretary, Fall Term, '95: Treasurer of Hawthorne, Winter Term, '95: Associate Editor of '97'S ONONDAGAN. 209 McBride. Alberta Huntoon, c., Hopewell. Y. W. C. A.: Athenian Literary Society: Secretary Athenian, Spring Term, '95: Corresponding Secretary of Class, Spring Term, '95. no Henry. Solomon C. Wllitbeck. f, William A. Grout. ..- s L A . 4- x ', i w. . 4 7 " an , . I f ' 4 -J Anna J. Hollis. 1 l 'Q 5 Frederick Mzmmler. f, f ' l . l . 4 . Q Xl N21 ' '1 Gertrude L. Andrews. Kenlln Mmiyfl- I N4 , ',Qg.g.,::z ' K ' Q' . - , ' ' G. Francis Tyrrell. Rob ' 35' I X Qi. ' If B Inrtlm P. Tracy. Etllelberla '1'lI1lbl'8u. ert: Hebblethwaite P. Ross Jewell, ph., Parish, . . Q. K llf. Y. M. C. A.: Lowell Literary Society: Class President, Fall Term, junior' Year: Orange Athletic Club: Delegate to Phi Kappa Psi Convention at Cleveland, Spring, '96, Phi Kappa Psi Chapter House. julia Bertha Kellogg, ph., East Elba, . K. A. 9. Y. W. C. A.: Athenian Literary Society: Associate Editor of 'Q7'S ONONDAGAN. 614 University Ave. Abraham Levy, ph., Syracuse. Lowell Literary Society. 508 East Adams. Frederick Maunder, c., Milton Abbott, England. 6I0 University Ave. Kengo Moriya, special, S. Naganoken, japan, . -4. If Y. M. C. A.: Athenian Society: Shakespeare Club: Students' Volunteer Mission Band: T. C. A. Alumni Association: Conan Doyle Club. Delta Upsilon Chapter House. Mary E. Moxcey, ph., Cardiff, N. Y. Y. W. C. A.: Lowell Literary Society: Philosophical Club: Vice- President of Class, Spring Term, Freshman Year: Corresponding Secretary, Y. W. C A., '95: Treasurer Lowell Society, Winter and Spring Terms, '95: Associate Editor, '97's ONoNDAoAN: Lowell Essayist, Public Contest, Winter Term, '96. III Waverly Place. Alvin I. Neff, c., Madison, . . B. 9. H. Entered from Wesleyan University, Fall Term, '95: Glee Club, '95-'96, IO4 Marshall, Charles Henry Munson, c., Allentown, . . . . . . Ben., 9.N.E.,B..4.B. Y. M. C. A.: University Congress: Varsity Foot Ball Team, '93: President Sophomore Class, '94: Indoor Class Contest, '95: Dele- gate to Beta Theta Pi Convention at Colgate, Spring, '95: Oflicial Announcer Opening Archbold Field, '95: Announcer, Inter-class Meet, Fall, '95. Beta Theta Pi Chapter House. Emily A. Newcomb, s., johnsonville, . K. K. IT Y. W. C. A.: Vice-President of Class: Secretary of Y. W. C. A., '94-'95: Secretary of Scientific Association, '95-'96: Delegate to Alpha Province Convention of Kappa Kappa Gamma at Canton, N. Y. 761 Irving, Naboth Osborn, c., Jermyn, Pa., . . 11. lf Y. M. C. A.: Lowell Literary Society: Foot Ball Team, '94-'95: Glee Club, '94, '95, '96: University Quartette: Leader Glee Club, '96: Manager Foot Ball Team, '96: Class Treasurer, Fall, '95: Orange Athletic Club: General Athletic Committee: Delegate to Sixty-first Annual Convention of Delta Upsilon, Greencastle, Ind., '95. 411 Comstock Ave. Herbert L. Reese, c., Clifton Springs. Y. M. C. A.: Vice-President Athenian, Winter Term, '96, 604 Irving. ' Charles G. Rogers, c., Dundee, - . . A. If Y. M. C. A.: Lowell Literary Society: Glee Club, '93, '94, '95: University Quartette, '95-'96: Business Manager University Herald, '95-'96: Conan Doyle Club, Delta Upsilon Chapter House, julia E. Church. I lxirkc lf. Richardson. Naboth Osborn. Emily A. Newcomb. X Charles E. Cooney. 4 . Nix X . . f , 6 ,r if . :- . I .,-fm.: 0 ., . 53 E. v i- . L 's -- ,M5 . ' J' 'H . Alvin J. Neff. Grace A. Hobart. Herbert L. Reese. Clara G. Hookwuy. V u ' , ,Hx l Katherine B. Allis Kirke F. Richardson, c., Union Square, . Q, K. Yf. Y. M. C. A., Art Literature Club, Lowell, Class President, Winter Term, Sophomore Year, 'Q7'S Orator at '96's Calculus Burial, Glee Club, '94, '95, '96, Class Foot Ball Team, '93, first prize Mile Walk, N. Y. S. I. C. A. A. Games, ,955 second prize Mile Walk, Opening of Athletic Field, june, ,95. Phi Kappa Psi Chapter House. Edward E. Riley, c., Canton, Pa., A. K. E., 9. N. Y. M. C. A. , Class President, Winter Term, junior Year, Cazenovia Alumni Association. IOO7 East Adams. Dora M. Robinson, plz., Poultney, Vt. Y. W. C. A., Athenian, Philosophical Club, Delegate to Y. W. C. A. Convention at New York City, '94, Delegate to Northfield, '95, Treasurer of Athenian, Fall Term, '95-'96, Secretary of Athenian, Winter Term, '94-'95, Assistant Manager of the Woman's Edition of the University News. 107 Marshall. Elmer J. Scott, special, Syracuse, . 9. N. E. Varsity Base Ball Team. '95: Class Foot Ball Team, '93-'94, Danforth. Ethelberta Timbrell, C., Raritan, N. J. Y. W. C. A., Entered September, 1895, from the Woman's College of Baltimore, james Russell Lowell Society. 804 University Ave. G. Frank Tyrrell, c., Syracuse, . . Al. If Congress, Associate Editor Herald, Associate Editor of '97'S ONONDAGAN, roog Harrison. Rebecca Volinski, ph., Syracuse. 728 East Adams. I Martha P. Tracy, pk., Liverpool, . . A. 45. Y. W. C. A., Lowell Literary Society, Philosophical Club, Associate Editor Woman's News, Secretary of Class, Freshman Year, Vice-President of Class, Sophomore Year, Vice-President of Lowell Literary Society, Junior Year. Alpha Phi Chapter House. Adelaide Dorr Van Alstine, pk., Little Falls, K. A. C9. Y. W. C. A., Athenian Literary Society, Secretarv Athenian Society, junior Year, Delegate to Kappa Alpha Theta National Convention, Syracuse, '95. 808 University Ave. Frederick William Van Lengen, medic, Syracuse, Ayha. Vice-President of Class, '97, Freshman Year, Charter Member of Orange Athletic Club, Captain Syracuse Medical College Indoor Athletic Team, Varsity Foot Ball Team, '94-'95, Medical College Foot Ball Team, '94, Vice-President Syracuse University Athletic Association, junior Year, 606 Catharine. Charles W. Walker, c., McGrawville, . A. K. E. Y. M. C. A., Athenian, President Class, Winter Term, Freshman Year, Glee Club, junior Year, Cazenovia Alumni Association, Winner of the Third Annual Contest of the New York State Inter- collegiate Oratorical League at Rochester, April ro, 1896. Solomon C. Whitbeck, c., Coeyman's Hollow, Elf. If Y. M. C. A., Congress, Class Foot Ball Team, '93-'94, Speaker of Congress, Spring Term, '95, and Fall and Winter Terms, '95-'96, Class Historian, Freshman Year, Business Manager of the University News, '94-'95, Assistant Manager of the Forum, Charter Member of the Syracuse-Hobart Debating Union. 763 Irving. Frederick M. Williams, c., Rochester. 303 Waverly Place. ,...-.-- Wmlam 0, Allen, Charles W. Wulkel. Charles G. Rogers. Basil B. Aylcsworth. Charles H. Munson Dora M. Robinson. J' Mama E' Caldwell- 'Ns A14 -'P -C.:-'-'Zi Jeanette F. Graham. Adelaide D. Van Alstine. C. E. White, medic, Syracuse, . . B. 9, H. William H. Yard, s., Erie, Pa., . . A, 21 Chairman Executive Committee, Class of '96, Freshman Year, '96's Base Ball Team, Freshman Year, Track Athletic Team, ,QSQ second prize Half Mile Run, Local Field Day, YQSQ Captain '96's Champion Track Team, '94, Base Ball and Track Athletic Teams, '95, second prize Running Broad jump, Rochester, May 31, rS95, 5o8 Douglas. Vice-President Y. M. C. A., '94-'95, Captain Base Ball Team, '95, President Athenian Literary Society, Spring Term, '96, Delegate to State Y. M. C. A. Convention at Newburgh, 1896, Herald Board, President Y. M. C. A., '96-'97, Conan Doyle Club. Delta Upsilon Chapter House. Fine Arts. Florence Louise Barney, m., Groton, K. A. 9. Mary E. Haight, m., Onondaga Valley. 71 I Crouse Ave. . A Burt LeGrand Bentley, m., Cortland, . A. 1. Art Literature Club, Accompanist to Glee Club and Xylophonist on the Banjo Club, '93-'94, roo9 Adams. Lena Emily Brockway, nz., Syracuse. 207 Elliott. Florence L. Brooks, m., Syracuse. 9 Pharis. Myrtle D. Clark, m., Oswego, 612 Crouse Ave. - 1 I. 45. B. . B. 9.11 Clarence S. Congdon, ar., Syracuse, Genesee Wesleyan Seminary Alumni Association, Art Literature Club, Class Treasurer, Fall Term, Sophomore Year, Associate Editor University Forum, 608 Walnut Ave. I Art Literature Club, Euterpe, Lucy L. Hamson, ji., Syracuse, . . K, K, If Art Literature Club, Associate Editor Woman's Edition of the University News, Class Secretary, Winter Term, '96, 316 Delaware. Gladys Hibbard, nz., Syracuse, . . K. A. 9. Y. W. C. A., Euterpe, Art Literature Club. GI4 University Ave. Earl Hollenbeck, ar., Syracuse, . . . . . . . 45. K. BV., 6. N E., B, A. B. Mandolin Club, '94-'95 and '95-'96, Art Literature Club, Associate Editor of 'Q7,S ONONDAQAN, 220 Seymour. john H. Kinsey, m., Rush, fb. IC W. Y. M. C. A, 705 University Ave. Mabel Marvin, nz., Baldwinsville. 612 Crouse Ave. Mabel -I. Purington. Burt L. Bentley. . , al., .Eff R. ,, if A Wk ., .. H X gp. H Vw Charlotte M. Phelps. . Maude Van Tassel. John H. Kinsey. Aletheu W. Tracy. ' Elliott E. Vernon Louis B. Phillips. 'l 'N Q 5 Mary E. Haight. ' lei.. l Bessie M. Willard. Dora L. Norton, m., Adams. 107 Marshall. Leila M. Perine, m., Fulton, . . A. 45. Euterpe, Monastic Circle, Art Literature Club, BMajor Symphony. 620 Crouse Ave. Charlotte M. Phelps, m., Buck's Bridge. 618 Irving. ' Louis,Baker Phillips, m., Syracuse, Q. K. W. 738 Harrison. 2 - Mabel Purington, b. Z., New Hartford. 604 Irving. Ollie Meade Ross, m., Elmira, . . K. A. G. Y. W. C. A., Euterpe, Class Secretary, Winter Term, '95. 109 Waverly Place. ' Helen M. Saxton, m., Clyde, If 45. B. 730 Crouse Ave. Nellie A. Tooke, m., Syracuse. 318 East Kennedy. I Alethea Wyman Tracy, m., Liverpool, A. 45. Y. W. C. A. 208 University Place. Maude Van Tassel, nz., Syracuse. Secretary to the Dean. 122 Beacon. Elliott E. Vernon, ar., Syracuse, . W. T, Q. N E. Varsity Foot Ball Team. '93 and '94, Class Foot Ball Team, '93 and '94, Varsity Base Ball Team, '94, ,QS and '96, Class President, Spring Term, Freshman Year, N. Y. S. I. C. A. A. Games at Rochester, '95, third prize, 120 yards hurdle, Inter-class Field Day, '95, Hrst prize, running high jump, Charter Member and President of Orange Athletic Club, Arcadia Club, Delegate to Convention of the College Republican League, Syracuse, '94, Inter-collegiate Architectural Competition, Class B, Second Mention. 717 East Genesee. Mabel L. Willard, p., Syracuse, . . K. K. If Art Literature Club, Class Secretary, Spring Term, '95, 224 Shonnard. Bessie May Willard, nz., Syracuse, . K. K ll Represented Beta Tau of Kappa Kappa Gamma at Cornell, April, 1896, 224 Shonnard. Flora Emeline Williams, p., Sayre, Pa., . A. Q. Y. W. C. A. , Art Literature Club, Philotechnic Society, Associate Editor lQ7'S ONONDAGAN. Alpha Phi Chapter House. lk 'Xpfgx-4 1 1 .,v Nellie A. Tooke. Earl Hollenbec Clarence S. Congdon. ouie M. ROSS. Q , - - Fr . l 1, 'lvl A V,i: J- A A Gladys Hibbard. .1 Mabel L. Willard. Lucy L. Humson. . ,- -' . l ,,.- V, I- ,I-f '- J, .ffl ' 1 " 2. E , ' ' , - . -. I. J- 1 '. l ' L " A in 7 zfx- . Dora L. Norton Myrtle D. Clark. Flora. E. Williams. La ames J. Barrett, Syracuse, Equily Club. 504 Tompkins. Berton W. Brown, ex-'96, Syracuse, . . . , , 41. K. rf., 0. N if., 13, 21. B., Ken! cm. University of Rochester, 'QI-'92, '92-'93, Secretary of Class, '92-'93, Class Relay, '92-'93, Glee Club, 'gr-'92, Glee and Mandolin Clubs, '92-'93, Syracuse University, '03-'94, Glee, Banjo and Mandolin Clubs, '93-'94, '94-'QSVQ University Congress, President of junior Class, College of Law. First Term, '95-'96, 614 Crouse Ave. William Harold Burgess, A. B., Poughkeepsie, . . . W. Ti, C. LY: O., 6-J. N E,, Km! Club. Monastic Circle, Entered junior Year from Ohio Wesleyan University, Class Treasurer, Winter and Spring Terms, junior Year, Class Poet, Spring Term, Senior Year, Pipe Orator, Class Day, '95, Manager University Glee, Banjo and Mandolin Clubs, '94-'95. 730 Crouse Ave. Maurice Fikes, Herkimer, . . . . . . B. GJ. II., O. db C., Q. N E., Ken! Club. Y. M. C. A., Athenian Literary Society, Orange Athletic Club, Delegate to Beta Theta Pi Convention, Niagara Falls, August, I894Q Inter-collegiate Athletic Team, '92, '93, '94, '95 and '96, Captain '95's Relay Team, Captain Inter-collegiate Athletic Team, '95. Spring Games, '93-IOO yards dash, first prize, 220 yards dash, first prize, 440 yards dash, first prize. New York State Inter- collegiate Games, '92, Utica--440 yards dash, second prize. Y. M. W. T99 C. A. Games, '92-440 yards dash, first prize. New York State Inter-collegiate Games, Utica, '93-100 yards dash, first prize, 220 yards clash, dead heat for first prize, 440 yards dash, first prize. Y. M. C. A. Games, '93-roo yards dash, first prize, 220 yards dash, first prize, 440 yards dash, first prize. Spring Games, '94-100 yards dash, first prize, 220 yards dash, first prize, 440 yards dash, first prize. New York State Inter-collegiate Games, Syracuse, 94-100 yards dash, first prize, 220 yards dash, first prize, 440 yards dash, first prize. Y. M. C. A. Games, '94-100 yards dash, first prize, 220 yards dash, first prize. Spring Games, '95-100 yards dash, first prize, 220 yards dash, first prize. New York State Inter-collegiate Games, Rochester, '95--100 yards dash, first prize 220 yards dash, first prize, 440 yards dash, first prize. 600 University Ave. Talmage C. Cherry, Syracuse, . . . . . A. K. E., 61. N E., B. A. B., Ken! Club. Manager of Freshman Literary, Banjo Club, '94-'95, '95-'96, Vice- President junior Law, Winter Term, President Junior Law Spring Term, Monastic Circle. 906 University Ave. George H. Bond, Ph. B., Syracuse, . . . . A. K. E., C. cb' U., 9. N E., B. A. B., Kem' Club. 207 East Adams. Frederic D. Davis, Syracuse, Equily Club. 909 West Genesee. .lg William W. Nichols. Frederic D. Davis. Willis j. Spicer. James -I. Blll'l'6lt. T. Aaron Levy. Y. George H Bond Frederick J. Topping R Q.. . . . , U v Fred B. Wilbur. William H. Burgess. Lieber E. Whittie. William H. Fournier, Syracuse, Equity Club. 1251 Mulberry. joseph Hamburger, Syracuse. 716 East jeiferson. john J. B. Hickey, Syracuse, Equity Club. 312 Tompkins. T. Aaron Levy, A. B., Syracuse. Liberal Arts, ,QSQ Congress, Athenian, Critic Athenian, Winter and Spring Terms, '93, Secretary Congress, Spring Term. '94Q Speaker pro tem Congress, Winter Term, '95, President of S. H. S. L. of S. U., Fall Term, '95, Contestant in the Preliminary Con- tests for the N. Y. S. I. C. O. L. of '94 and '95, Contestant in the Chancellor's Prize Contest, ,QSC Law School, '97, Kent Club, Secretary Junior Class, 'Q5. 519 Warren. William H. Manchester, Syracuse. 121 Curtis. Samuel Manson, Syracuse, . . Equity Club. Columbia College of Law, '93-'94, President of Equity Club. 709 Orange. Frederick J. Topping, Oswego, B 69. II., Kent Club. Congress, Vice-President of junior Law, Spring Term, '96. Beta Theta Pi Chapter House. 201 john C. Dyott, jr., Elmira, Yf. lf, Kent Club 763 Irving. Roderick Nathaniel Matson, A. B., Syracuse, Kent Club. Congress, Republican Club, Graduate Franklin College, 'Q4, First Honors, Valedictorian, Member Philosophic Literary Society President Philosophic Literary Society, President of Harrison and Reid Club, Debater on Public Society, 'QSQ judge Committee Philosophic Society, YQZ. 311 Catharine. Frank T. Miller, Syracuse, Class Historian. 411 Lemon. William Rosenbloom, Fulton, 109 West Adams. Willis J. Spicer, Manlius, 336 Westcott. ' George Byron Weller, Syracuse, 639 Gifford. Fred Brown Wilbur, Fairmount, Fairmount. Willard T. Wright, South Danby, 212 East Onondaga. Kent Club Equity Club Equity Club Equity Club Equity Club Equity Club john -I. B. Hickey. Talmage C. Cherry. M aurice Fikes. Willard T. Wright. Rod ernck N Mathon Frank T. Miner. l Berton W. Brown. William I-I. Fournier. john C. Dyott Lieber Everett Whittic, Ph. B., '95, Syracuse, . William Wilson Nichols, A. B., Syracuse, . . . . 45. K. EF., Q. N E., B. A. B., Kent Club. President University Republican Clubg Syracuse High School League of Syracuse Universityg Spokesman Freshman Class, '90, Representative of Syracuse University at New York State Inter- collegiate Oratorical Contest, '94, Athenian Orator, Spring Contest, '94g same, Fall Contest, '94g Second Vice-President American Republican College League, '95: National Executive Committee, same yearg Executive Committee New York State Inter-collegiate Oratorical League, '95, Delegate to University of Michigan in '93 to found Upsilon Chapter Theta Nu Epsilon, Congress, Athenian Literary Society, Associate Editor of '97's ONONDAGAN. 313 Almond. 203 . 45. A. Q., O. tb O., 69. N E., B. A. B., Ken! Club. Class Prophet, Freshman Year, Varsity Base Ball Team, '92-'93g Captain of Base Ball Team, '94Q Editor-in-Chief of 'Q4'S ONONDAGANQ Winner of Singles, and, with Bond, of Doubles in Inter-fraternity Tennis Tournament, '93, Delegate to National Convention of Phi Delta Theta., Indianapolis, Ind., May, '94g Executive Committee for 'Q4'S Class Day, Latin Play, Delegate to Alpha Province Convention of Phi Delta Theta, Schenectady, November, '95g Law School Editor of University Forum. 5x1 University Ave. , W, -X Q HM M .f lll.WWWfm NN N51 vxwx . , ' .' -X f W-' " ff 1 07 ff X f '27 ZZ Eff, ff' lf X IGH among the lofty hilltops, Where old Nature in his fury Takes from every man his hat off Stands our honored Alma Mater. Here no darkness ever lurketh, For the eye of Day revealing Does proclaim upon the housetops What is thought in secret closet. Many gods there are beside him, Sharing Well the regal scepterg But the goddesses are fewer And their powers weak and feeble. One there is of mighty daring Teaching sin. and cos. to mortalsg He in adamantine fetters Should be chained to bleak Caucasus. One, who, when he takes his hat off, Shows a smooth and placid surface, Tells to erring mortals how to Speak the truth and shame the devil. 1 Of S. U. 206 Reigns there one so skilled in science That through seven walls of limestone Photographed an ardent lover Who assayed to kiss his damsel. If A. H, persevering mortal, Did aspire to the godhead, So sailed over Oceanus And came back a tiled Doctor. We might sing of scores of others, Famed alike in deed and story, Who make up the mighty vanguard, That compel the laggard forward. Here no spinners blind determine What shall be to each his portion, But in conclave all harmonious Gods and goddesses assemble. And this terrible assemblage Has a magic art of learning All the thoughts, and e'en the secrets, Of the subjects whom it ruleth. sten .af .af .al .al THE UNIVERSITY-Chancellor Day's Kindergarten. Faculty. . "We expect everything, and are prepared for nothing." D-v.-" The tall, the wise, the reverend head must lie as low as ours. " C-DD-No-oN.-" He was in logic a great critic, Profoundly skilled in the clinic, He could distinguish and divide A hair 'twixt south and southwest side." P-CK.-"As we advance in life, we learn the limits of our abilities." EM-E-s.-U Nay, how will you do for a husband ?" H-Lzw-RTH-" I must be cruel, only to be kind." M-RR-s.-" But optics sharp it needs I we'en, To see what is not to be seen. " C-n- -N.-"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. " M-1'zL-R.-" Seldom he smiles, and smiles in such a way As if he mocked himself and scorned his spirit That would be moved to smile at anything." H-WK-NS.'-tiTh6 progress of rivers to the ocean is not so rapid as that of man to error." PA-TEE fProprz'etor of Patlfds Progressive Pcs! Purging Parlorsy.-"In your foul den I counted two and seventy ches, all Well defined." I-Kw-v.-" I awoke one morning and found myself famous' 7 Sc-TT.-" Since the luckless hour my tyrant fair Has led and turned me by a single hair." SCH-vi.-R.-"A man may smile, and smile and be a villian.' T-IE-DNV-LL.-"A youth to fortune and to fame unknown, Fair Science frown'd not on his humble birth, And melancholy marked him for her own." 207 Familiar Expressions. D-v: "Scholarship is the thing we are after." FR-NCH: "What is the partzkular point you do not understand?" "Please call at my room." SM-LL-v: "Examinations are intended to show a professor all the student knows-and all he doesn't know." M-CE: "What is the significance of this movement?" "Do you agree with that?" "What do you agree with?" W-RD: "Ha, ha! Quiz to-day?" EM-Ns: "It is not every question deserves an answer." " We will have a written recitation to-day." H-Lzw-RTH: "Mr, -1, you may recite the grammar lesson." M-RR-sz "Your subject is too broadg take some particular phase of it." Com-o-sz "I will read you a few figures." C-1s- -N: "Go on, please." Sc-'1"1': "Change your feet." H-AN-I, foperaling Hal: mackimfj: "You will observe that these two glass plates are caused to revolve by a large crank behind." 208 I AN X RAY EXPERIMENT FROM THE PHYSICAL LABORATORY Seniors. "Let naught but good be spoken of the dead." J. N. AL-E-ER.-"If the Chancellor should vacate his place, He would be first to enter the race." W. D. A-s-v-R.-"What does a man amount to if he does not use his mouth to talk through?" G-LL-TT.-"Satan stands abashed, and feels how awful goodness is." Av-Rv.-"His head was so loaded It nearly exploded." CH-RCH.-AGHIS opinion of his own importance cannot be reckoned in dollars and cents." Eno-c-Mm-3.-"What should a 'man do but be merry." ELL-OT'1'.-'CMOSI men are bad." F-ce.-"The deed I intend is great, but what, as yet I know not." F-RM-R.-"Find solace in this-that Nature has done the best she could." F- -NTAIN.-"His hand shall be against every man, and every man's hand against him." Miss H-RT.-"Oh, I have pecks of trouble." H-Ill!-RD.-'iCOHC6lt may puff a man up, but neverprop him up." Miss H-I,S'1'.-'sto woman, wherein lies the subtle art with which you charm the Faculty? Is it with thy graceful carriage, or do they lose their understanding on account of thy bewitching smile?" L-E.-"Think on thy sins." MCG-w-N.-"Take me as I am." . Miss M- -Ns.-"She confesses she was half the wooer." M-RG-N,-"ThiS man has exhibited an unusual devotion and attraction for his Alma Mater." M-TT,--"I do not like this fooling." y Miss P-RS-NS.-"HCP eyes are songs without words." ' PI-RS-N.-i'ThiS man hath social aspirations, which, combined with his Yale walk and nerve, would take him even unto the ends of the world." SM-LLw- -D.-"Scrape the moss off his back and behold the man." A. E. SM-TH.-"The worst of madmen is a saint run'wild." TH-RNE.-"ThO11 wouldst have a sylph-like form divine, If it were not for those. bow legs of thine." VV-RR-N.-"A fallen angel." Miss WH-121.-11.-"And when once the young heart of a maiden is stolen, The maiden herself will steal after it soon." A 210 uniors. " All honorable men. " ALL-N.-"Learning passes for wisdom among those who lack both." AD-Ms.-" Married- to himself." Miss BIN-H-M.-Good things are done up in small packages." BL-D-S.1"O, ye gods, render me worthy of this noble wife. Miss BR-AN.-HA change of name and not of letter, Is a change for worse and not for better." C. S. C-NGIJ-N.-'CHCHCC horrible shadow, Thou matchlike structure, hence." C- -N-Y.-"It is 'astounding to see how much mischief a man may do who resolves to do all he can Miss F-LL-R.-"I pr'y thee what thou thinkest of me." Missns GR-H-M.-"A pair of A-ces." H-1m1.-'rHw--TE.-"Away with him, he writes Spring poetry." J-w-LL.-"Let none presume to wear an undeserved dignity." M-Ns-N.-"He selects and handles his cigar with the art of a connoisseur." OSB-RNE.-HI know it is a sin, For me to sit and grin." R-CH-RDS-N.+'tWhO thinks too little and who talks too much." R-G-RS.-"A still, small voice." Miss V-N ALS-1-E.-"The circumference of her two arms has been and will be about one yard." V-RN-N.-'LTOO old to be a boy, too young to be a man." Miss V-L-Nsxi.-"Cupid lurks beneath her eyelids and in the dark recesses of her eyes." W-rm-cnc.-"Vessels large may venture more, But little boats should keep near shore." W-LI.-AMS.-"It is not good that man should be alone." 211 Sophomores "A buzzing, noisy swarm of useless drones R. W. ALL-N.-"I hope that some day I may be a man Miss B-RBER.-"A woman who deliberates is lost." B-Tas.-" Be patient, my boy, and you will win." ATw-T-R.-"Atlas groaning 'neath the ponderous burden of a world H. C. BR-wN.--"His riding is like the riding of Jehu the son of Nimshi B-NH-M.-"Such a handsome boy, too." C. A. D-NN.-"An airy, fairy-like, golden-haired individual who lacks only the winged cap and feet of Mercury DEM-R-s.-"On their own merits modest men are dumb Miss Dav-D.-"Heaven hath lent her all its grace." FL-cc-s.-"Nay, then 'tis time to wake him from his sleep I pray awake, sir FR-zi-R.-"The new woman wants but little here below but she wants that little long GL-SSM-RE.-'61 pant beyond expression for one day of absolute and unbroken r L-sr-R.-"A look of despair was on his countenance." Miss L-vv.-"Some people would know more if they were not always giving others a piece of their mind Miss C. L-w-s.-"Let me off at Buffalo." Miss LILLIAN L-w-s.-"All Nature is but art." M-RKS.-"Strange to the world, he wore a bashful look M-X-N.-"SW6Ct Willie, wi' twa rosy cheeks." MCG-V-RN.-UI should think your tongue had broken its ch Miss N-x-N.-"To those who know her not no words can pai t And those who know her know all words are faint P Rev.-"Nothing in his life will so become him as the leaving It Miss P-RM-I.EE.-'CA cute speaker." W E Miss s N-v-s AND R- -Ns.-"Donner, Regen und Blitzen SM-LL-Y.-"If I chance to talk a little while, forgive me I had it from my father V-N K- -R-N.-"I'm but a stranger hereg heaven's my home Miss V-RG-L.-"Whate'er any one cloes or says, I must be good W- -GH.-"One of the many examples of hereditaryndegeneration attending Syracuse University in the form of Methodist 1ninister's sons." V112-ARD.-"It is in learning music that many young hearts learn love 212 Freshmen. "They are like lambs that do frisk in the sun and bleat the one at the other ARN-LD.-CIFIY away, fly away breath, I am slain by a fair, cruel maid." Miss BAK-R.-"Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast." Miss B-LL-WS.-"HOW far your eyes may pierce I cannot tell," C-Non-N.-"A fit subject for the phrenologistf' C-MM-NGS.-'CNCVBT mind, he'll polish." D-NB-R.-"I love its giddy gurgle, I love its Huent flow, I love to Wind my mouth up, I love to hear it go. -LF-R.--"There is no harm in being stupid, so long as one does not think himself clever. H H-sBR- -CK.-"A freshman, indeed." H-CK-K.-"There are lazy minds as well as lazy bodies." H Miss I-I-W-RD.-"For him I think not on him, For his thoughts would they were blanks rather than filled with me." H-NG-RI"-RD.-i'A perfect definition of the word chumpf' L. S. -I-HNs-N.-"I wish my father would fall in it." Kr-NE.-"And the devil did grin, For his darling sin ' Is pride that apes humility." L-w'1'H-R.-"Some must watch while some must sleep." M-NCH-s'1'ER.-" Moping melancholy and moonstruck madness." M-RR-s.-"Mark the perfect man." M-NRO.-"A fool must now and then ,be right by chance." Miss N-wc-Mis.-H How bewitching! " OD-v.-Jove's thunderbolts would not be in it with him, either in noise or execution." P-Rnv.-"Greatness only knows itself." A. G. PR-TT.-"Poor prattler, how thou talkestf' I-I. B. PR-TT.-"The ladies call him sweet." Miss CLARA R-G-Rs.-"The lady of the stair." T-I.lf'-R.-"DOIh the moon care for the barking of a dog?" VV-WLE.-"This young man is lonesome and is in search of steady company." 213 ,-f l ' 1'- fwqfc If M ML W v ,,,,... I .521 L W! 1 X MW W 'Q .gm f 'fx N W A? 5 X ,,,'iiTL lg If C' . f7'7y' lv i th ' FI I' M 'r., ! gy l Qi 0 QW n1 , I 14124, ,, I I , . iw' I-Nl Wfgcg ffx . 1 lr 'J H H6 1 W g , I hm l ff-v 53 IQ: X I f ff f.,.:, 7 l ', ! 4fIm iIl b xv I X7 X QWWAU ! hx J, -fx xijlf u Hill " 'X' ' 7?-22 ff 1 ., kr., X 211- 'VHHIUIS W N N P THE FRESHMANS GALA DAYS. '96 q1VIedics. F SOME Medics on quietness could only thrive, How thankful we should be! If Bennett to speak more rapid would strive, How thankful we should be! If Miss Davis from study would take a rest, If Haviland would only do his best, If Parker would cease to smoke cigarettes, How thankful we should be! lf Hoyt could get enough fresh air, How thankful we should be! If Miss Murray had less "fuzzy" hair, . How thankful we should be! If Lucid's voice would forever remain so sweet, If we all had, like Flaherty, dainty feet, If Knapp away from a co-ed would keep, How thankful we should be! If "Bill" Reid would a speaking trumpet use, How thankful we should be! If Medics so many privileges would not abuse, How thankful we should be! If Miss Doane when reciting would immediately stand erect, If Solomon would be easy and not fret, If Gallagher would only cease to bet, How' thankful we should be! 21 If Cregg to raise "fire escapes" did not crave, How thankful we should be! If Shaefer in class would always behave, How thankful we should be! If on Hewitt's daily attendance we could rely, If great big men like Richardson would never die, If Lane immediately to Canada would fly, How thankful we should be! If Mullin would continue a Medic to be, How thankful we should be! If Kieffer wonld quit society. How thankful we should be! If Miss Mastin when reciting less anxious would look, If Broad would only write an anatomy book, If Morgan would wear a less "engaged" look, How thankful we should be! If Stranahan would use common words, How thankful we should be! If Osterhout and Singer would not cross swords, How thankful we should be! If George White would a more fatherly spirit show, If Buttner seeds of temperance would sow, If it were possible for "that original '96" to heaven to go How thankful we should be! Who Who Who Who Who Who Who Who Who, Who Who Who Who Who v 1 1 '97 Medios. HO, in athletics, shows great skill? Who retains the ladies' constant good will? Who expects to cure people when they are ill? -VAN Lnmzx-LN. when reciting, generally states the fact? during his reciting, goes through such a contortion act? in accepting his present, showed such tact? -"OUR DAVlE.,' as a journalist, takes the medics part? acts as'if he didn't care whether school kept or not? wears a straw hat in winter and fur when its hot? --VAN DUVN. has so little hair on the top of his head? has the appearance of being so well fed? when night comes, does not want to go to bed? -LARKIN. is it that the largest collar does wear? has a weakness for the sex so fair? is it that would never deliberately swear? -RYAN. is it that loves to use large words? loves to soar with the aesthetical bards? And who soon hopes to print M. D. on his cards? Who --NIANSON. is it that acts a little sedate? Whom the fellows have plagued so much of late? Who Who Who is it that deserves a much better fate? -MCNAMARA. is the rose among the thorns? is it '97'S Class adorns? And for their follies no doubt much mourns? -Mas. BROWN. Who Gets And Who Who And Who Who And Who And And Who And And Wl1o Who And Who Who Who Who Who Who is it that when he doesn't understand the question outright mad and looks as if he were ready to fight, then immediately drops out of sight? - -Bunnows. is it the prize for high kicking can take? is it that in classes can make a great break? for individuality he takes the cake? -WHI'l'ESIDE. is it that acts so blunt and free? likes to join parties that makes merry? some day a great big man will be? -R. L. MORGAN. is it that loves to play Dom "Pede," smokes in his pipe some most horrible weed, carves up a "stiff" without the least heed? -ED. WHITE. is it that has such a spotless name, is quietly working his way to fame, who probably does nothing that we really ought to blame? -Gao. WHITE. is it that likes to always excel? hangs to the question until he does well? who can offer suggestions by the ell? -Dmvon. is it that likes to have things his own way? rules very arbitrarily, so some say? needs saline treatment for many a day? -BURNS. does his hair away from the center comb? oft in athletic pastures does roam? talks in such a quick and nervous tone? -TRUITT. L s h 1 2' . .A , - 4,14 , - aw c oo. Q2 f , .. A I ' " , f' 0 .e .. LKPJI X! Q K NVQ? - ' 5' "The first thing we do 1et's kill all the law ers." 'fl' 4' E' y xx 1 'ko cl srl' i B-RD-ck.-"If he had been caught younger M-Ns-N.-"Who wears his hands bl' ' I 0 he might have been tamed." in his pockets and his head in his 'i 'N it I B-RR-TT.-"He who depends on his wind vest." ' K 0 and limbs M-1'S-N.- "sun you keep the Q J Needs neither cork nor bladder windy side of the Lawg , fy I when he swims." And your mouth, such a funny mouth, " ' ' B-ND,-"A newspaper pest, oh, dang him, for it Win Uot Shut-" I And Pelt him and Club him and R-s-N1u.- -M.-"What would you have? , x ly. ul-A , L hang him." Your gentlenass shall force, 5 BR-WN.-"A freak. And what more shall More than your force move us to gen- ' t"'i"'M"'9"" we say?" tleness." B-Rc:-ss.-" He hath a mustache like a Norwegian's eyebrow." CH-RRY.-" Our dainty speaker has the curse To plead bad causes down to worse." D-v-s.-" Travelers change their guineas, not their characters." DY-TT.-" All the world's a fog, and I'm the only fog-horn."' F-K-s.-" 'Tis pleasant, sure, ,to see one's name in print." F- -RN-ER.-"The living proof of Darwin's theory." L-VY.-" Then he will talkg ye gods, how he will talk." M-LL-R.-" He, sir, who strives and seeks for gain, And follows but for form, Will tack when it begins to rain And heave-to in the storm." N-CH-Ls.-"Wearing long hair and a proud look, he disdains the common crowd." 21 Sr-c-R.-" When he falls short, 'tis Nature's fault aloneg When he succeeds the merit's all his own." H-Ml!-RG-li.-" Our lost jewel." T-1'1--Nc.- " Of all the fools that pride can boast, A coxcomb claims distinction most." W-1.11-R.-" With pleasure drugged, he almost longed for woe, And e'en for change of scene would seek the shades below." WH-'r'r-c.-"A simple, guileless, child-like man, Content to live where life began." W-Lu-R.-"The heavyweight champion is an ardent admirer of the 'new woman.' " Wu-cxrr.-" A fool did I say? Yea, one appointed by the class. 1 'liib f 1 in X. -Fi, --,, f - N.- Xx -YA' IN THE WAKE OF THE STUDENT GOVERNING BOARD, R '2vv'5v.rd-xv-V1, SG 522 , Book Reviews. NUMBER of books have been received in this office from the University Press. On account of lack of space it will be impossible to review these publications in this number. But as a courtesy to the publishers we will publish a list of these works: The NeWcombs," by Mr. ffakwayg Innocents Abroad," by Messrs. Latham and Stoltz, Knight Errant," by Mr. Manchesterg Between Two Loves," by Miss Winifred Rogers, Cigarettemaker's Romance," by F. T. Piersong Foregone Conclusion," by Rogers and Hallg Our Mutual Friend," by Mr. Reynolds, A Woman Hater," by J. N. Alseverg The Man Who Laughs," by Prof. Wardg A Daughter of To-day," by Miss Lutherg An American Politician," by Mr. Hawkins, An Original Belle," by Miss Terwilligerg Twenty Years After," by Mr. Morgan, Called Back," by Mr. McGowan, The World, the Flesh and the Devil," by Messrs. Hungerford, Hickok and Benharn A copy of one of the latest 'and most popular airs has found its Way to the table of this editor and he feels obliged to mention it: You Can't Play With My Yard," by Miss Van Alstine. 219 A i f , fi 4f- 7,35 ,VL-:A-4, -N R? 'lkm - N, X .f TTi"'ff'-Qwf n N H- .-:Jff,-:ff pw A X 2- 4- ---.,, X,-S F ,...:-aff ,yn X,-,, - ,f X Q A. 4- 5 My ' MN I, ' fx '- X A - wx-f I sf u g: - fv-b f, fl M W, i1 15 ,. J' y. 1 ' pq I V i ,Mn 1 . 5 N -49m,,A 4 ' LJ iff-k s' 12:T1., S4 mv? M f' ' Nfl 41: f -Cm , "' '. if fa- 5? 'F' 5 x MQW , .MW K W W ?i:2w5f:i?,,,wV-'-'.r5' 1.21, r f, "ff W ' Q m m : -! "f ' QE'm55W'5 MWQMUMW H c f I " W W' ' M " ! H ' ' "' " - - .mfg-.:.1L,,:,, , -givtpg gwgvrggi-L-,..,xf.f11UMQ,,,:1-1MM Q 7 ww X n A,,4g.,.v W ., wgrv . , J. I ZW -a 9 I N? W, f , , W ,. ,, Q??l1f' ' F535 QT , ,iv F' if-3 ,L KZ ., .. ,f,,r, 9'-" ,..?. ,- :1 M'1f""W:,,g, 3 - z'!1',.v' 011,57 ,fix V, ,, 3 nv, ,,,,, ,. L, .,,.,, .v V, N 4 . , ,- .V , flGQ ,w2 l:0VQ,' YGIIQQ! 'The Varsity Bannefrwms victoriously over niany a fielclQ f Orar1ge is 1:I'rgffCQllege Color. ' , Therefore "Ride rvbr :QLSTEARNS BICYCLE and 1 r iff r r sviwf-3' r - r r r A r E1 ' aw ' i ..roQor:To,o nTf i.9'AN?"'Gif,L , 'VY ku. ",ff'74 4'f'Wc,r' Hwy' -. , 1 . , 9 1 ,, f , . Q ,Q Mb' " '15g,4,,,M..w. . wdjf' Q 1 , -'Q .. , . nf 7'V'5?'x1,,, 1, , , Q . , 'f2'.1:gw,w,cwrw W wp- ,. ' fa f rszrfzmgfrf W H, ,fu-,M K W: . . " -Qfzlsaiw ' hx,-':13.'g0fF V15 nqw-, -,PZ's' 11 Ishii. " " 313, wp, www" MI,g5:5,dWf7Q9?1, my 5 OV 'Q "" Y 11 f:'3-ffff'f1?.f1' M3 '9 V wr- .LM QM-125165 W,Lg,!3,i',--.f6f,. 1 a 4 'l W. am, ,gr 501 3' - .Q . ,,r,. .TJ ,- f,:r,H,, L ,X .,1,,f 3?ff3?:f'f' f5Qf I ,, f. , ' s -w 1'f':"! 3 1" W : f,f'WiI' 9? 1 -y-iff M12 '1'i2r,5:f 5:m,'f,,v+ H' ,- w 1.1. , fy., , , fa! ADVERTISEMENTS The Following Are Our Advertisements. HEY have been selected with great care. Our advertisers are all honorable men. Out of the vast number of urgent applications for advertising space we have selected a few which we thought would be of interest to our readers, and placed them here in large type so all can read. Fellow students, faculty, alumni, citizens of Syracuse, and all the country round, patronize these men! Buy their wares fand pay for themj and tell them you saw their advertisements in the ONONlJAGANl Right here we wish to correct a false impression that usually goes out in regard to the honorable position of Business Manager. Yes, it is an honorable position! We have simply sat down in placid ease and enjoyed that honor. For a solid, generous, heaping, big lump of honor there is nothing like the Managership of the ONONDAGAN. The false impression is that the book is not a paying concern, that those who run it "get in the hole" regularly. For that reason most people patronize it with reluctance, and stand by with idle curiosity to see the hole yawn for its victim. Now, this idea is entirely false. Our printers, engravers, and every one else, including the Manager, gladly do their work gratis, for the honor there is in it. Every cent paid in goes toward the founding of a summer residence on Lake Ontario, with steam yachts and peanut stands, which, at the demise of its founder, will be deeded to the University as an asylum for youths, who, moved by the desire for honor, have become elected to the managership of the ONONDAGAN. A. W. PALMER at sow, FI ERE DY- ADI? CIDTHI G Clothes to order by the most Skilled Workmen and from the Finest Goods made, a specialty. ONE pmce TO ALL. 121 and l23 South Salina Street. 1 The Finest Effect . IN PHOTOGRAPHY 194 0 . W HUIA ,211-IILLS D "QSM ' X zo EAST GENESEE STREET, SYRACUSE, N. v. WARREN STREET fx t I T.,.., ... W.'l'hompson81Go. Next to Postofflce, Highly Artistic Character. Easy and Graceful in Pose. J Qollege Pharmacy, Pleasing in Expression and Exquisite in Finish. .al .al J- N - Y- 323 EASE sr., SYRACUSE, N .Y. i Q. Q IQir7JfU1'0S'rS'f X. Qs., Pboiogwopbeog, oyxuvemmf ART GALLGRY- The University Bookstore .al al UNIVERSITY BLocK, VANDERBIL Syracuse, N. Y. 'I' SQUARE, THOMAS W. DURSTON 86 SON BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS. Ify I kl 5. T. BETTS,,,4 THE HIGHLANDS 4 V .: w , AND UNIVERSITY .Jf1r5t:cIa56 HILL PROPERTY. S 'IRQHI 335113-tg gp Bought, som or Exchanged. FINE BUSINESS BLOCKS AND DESIRABLE RESIDENCE PROPERTY. CHOICE BUILDING LOTS A SPECIALTY. BARGAINS FOR INVESTORS IN LOCAL SECURITIES. gf I h be sure and II before buying. I 207 AND 208 T HE BASTABLE, SYRACUSE, N. Y. TELEPHONE 45 7? LA I ' cc CE i s Dld Ever , .qw Strike You F ' A That the best place to buy 5 I1 your Rubber Goods is a Rub: U, X X, ber Store? If not, give us X a trial and be convinced that COLLEGE WORK A SPECIALTY- we have everything in rubber and at the right J price A 128 S. Salina St., Syracuse, N. Y. I I'Iowlett's Rubber Store, KIRK BLOCK. ww "Ideal" ? AN DREWS BROTI-I ERS, -llglll if Because-it is easily filled, easily l kept clean-the ink flows freely, lux, 1 b - , , ly A ut not too fast any kind of Wr1t- ing may be done with it-and it is A always ready for use. Good reasons All y for calling it .al .al .al .al .ai Q SYRACUSE, warermanfs lil Ideal 'R ' - ll u PRICES ALWAYS 1 Fountam Pen. 0W -- lf l , , GREAT BARGAIN HOUSE is known through- fy I Money backifyou want 't' out this part of the State as headquarters for L. E. WATERMAN 85 CO., CROCKERY,GLASSWARE,GRANITEWARE, TIN- ux WARE, KITCHEN GOODS, WOODENWARE, qi 157 Bf0adWaYfNEW YORK- TRUNKS, SATCHELS, HARNESS, House FUR- ,--DWDM, NISHING GOODS, FANCY GOODS, TOYS: 21150, FOR SALE BY WoLcoTT 8a WEST. 4 MENTION THE "oNoNoAeAN." 1V GROCERIES, TEAS, COFFEES AND SPICES. 6 DEPARTMENTS, 6 FLOORS. 319 S. Salina St., SYRACUSE, N. Y. .. Q Awziyfwfraapflmr D 0Aff1f4MafWfMzA'f55,, Piwfmmfaaaffafkf M11 . ,, Aaffawpzfpffwomaff I B V wmv mmm A'm'f.ffP4r,Wfomwarzffxwarmfa 0f IV " -9' IW!fIOXW66f.S'Z 5190! 60, 01?.5'l5070ff6G hff IW! - f010lv44P0..Mfff 017fPt?f!Pf 01" 51.0.9 lfflfff 25 E I f01P fXP,?f.5'5 CW,4A76f5. . . . I TUILET PAZE? FAHEEYCZA? IZ0005IIrETs fu' P s I .SUUOSHEET nous SATIN flNl5H A FINEST QUALITY IBO SHEETS V .. Fon ICTIIT. In . A2'W2AAf28d0f7af7omf5z 1 I-BANY' 'Q f0f7lfMflP1?M.J'7ff77'f!0d,05f. G9'!646df7PlY17007!f 00191 .5S1fw5PAA'rf5m32 hfzlsfimaa 6205. 5057012 Bdfafrawiffffz V 1 -I :QV 1' School of , The Course of Study :::":' h I 7'7" 7 1- Shorthand and :"" lo foofoogo, oomolofo ooo 16oMr1ERElALilv , , i ' ofoofiool' ! rltlng. ' Pupils are fitted for the duties and work v i NL L Y' of every-day life. i I l E. G. GREENLEAF, A Catalogue is Yours PRINCIPAL' For the Asking. 7 . Sectional View of Commercial Department. Students engage in genuine BOOKKEEPERKS AND OFFICE PRACTICE from the day they enter. No copying. All entries made as in business direct from the business papers received and issued. The only school in Syracuse having the exclusive use of a Patented System, whereby students are taught as in actual practice-to do by doing. X 65 . aa W, THE Has established a high reputation in LEADING this city, which, by care in screen- PHOTOGRAPH ER. ing and delivering, We propose to g maintain. 332 South Salina Street. R 9 MILLSPAUGH 6: GREEN, :iLJEr::i:Hi:':,El52?T0GRAPHY 6 Onondaga County Savings Bank Building T L Home ll6. V11 up -T etletlesiesiealealalaletaaieai 1 3 - - - EE There is no sporting news- -' .hm paper in the State that is equal to pf M gym: the SYRACUSE STANDARD. f lg if ' ggi? 3 va Everybody says so. Everybody T TL lf Wouldn't say so if everybody - ill ' A ' hadn't been convinced. It has ex- El k- X A perts to Write about all the pop- mg'TL" 5' ular pastimes. There's the secret of its success. " Savf Pop. don't you think dey'd bite better ven we'd give 'em a leetle re-bait? " I FRESH. PURE. DELICIOUS. B011 B005 and Zhocolates. Novelties in Fancy Baskets, and lflonbonnieres suitable for Presents. 863 Broadway, bet. I7th 6: 18th Sts. l5o Broadway, cor. Liberty St. Zl West 42d St., near 5th Avenue. NEW YORK. Candies carefully packed and shipped to all parts of the country by mail or express. University Press, ARTISTIC PRINTING. We are prepared to execute all kinds of PRINTING, and guarantee pleasure threefold in workmanship, Price, Promvmess. PROMPT ATTENTION T0 MAIL ORDERS. HUNT 81 EATGN, University Blk., Syracuse. .1ilT1 3Fa25"2?'25a25"2?'2?'2?'257'25"29 S. KAUFFMAN. eweler, IO3 ONONDAGA COUNTY SAV. BANK BLDG. Q Bam You a 'Fine watch? If so, bring it to me when it needs repairing. ESTABLISHED 1877. OLD RELIABLE LINE. J udd's Express. BAGGAGE culled for and de- livered to all parts of the city and depots. No extra charge for delivering' Baggage to or from any part of ai residence. Prices Reasonable. Sober and Polite Drivers. Orrlci. 250 WEST RAILROAD ST- 1':u:s-Hon: 594, wmmrrfs among Egmznzszs STI.. x Engraving, I """""""" -u Embossmg F1116 Stat1o11e1'y College Su p phes I ' , - 4 -1-i 4 ti . . 1 It - ... ..... .- ' 'U' It g , if 'FIN ERY UFFI' IEE g X SYRALUSL-NJ. CEVWSUPPL 2 GO TOGO! OOCOO The E. G. Wyckoff Co. FOR YOUR BOOKS. Orders for special books, not usually carried in stock, receive prompt attention-all latest text books for the University. FOR YOUR STATIONERY. The latest styles in cards, class invitations, letter paper and envelopes. Don't send to New York when you can get the finest steel and copperplate printing and die em- bossing done here at once. Always glad to see you. Come in and look over our stock. You can see something new every time. 209 EAST GENESEE STREET, BASTABLE BLOCK. What Rudyard Kipling Thinks of the Pocket Kodak. "I can only say that I am amazed at the exeel- lenee of the little Kodak's Work." QMJTWC Q I . Booklet free, tells all about it. EASTMAN KODAK CO. xxx 2 in. S5.oo. A, . 5 '1 ...,.. e e A A - - ' 9 O - -- SYRACUSE, N. Y. American and European Plan. One of the Finest Appointed Hotels in America. lFllll.llllffg ljlllllgfl , , lltl fst A L . ,.'.. q t , 0 AVERILL 86 GREGORY, Proprietors. JGHN HMANN GCG' KIEFFER BF-ICS lMPon'r:ns or l FINE EAS, OFFEES, STOVES AND Olives, Olive Oil and Table Delicacies. . H A R R E , All Klnds of Best Famlly GFOCGTIGS som AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, KWCHEN UTENSWS' S ecial inducements offered to College Club: and Large p Buyers. se S THE HAPPY TIIUUGHT RANGE N I-I' N H CQW COMBINES ALI. GOOD QUALITIES- CALL AND SEE IT. I AND 2 BASTABLE BLOCK. TELEPHONE 60l. 351 SOUTH SALINA STREET. TELEPHONE 560. 2 18-220-222 NO. SALINA ST. E.4Ijl.eBL0DGETT, Qaxjfemilfb. BAKE STUFF, Q Q CONFECTIONERY, ICE CREAM AND ICES DINING AND LUNCH ROOM, 308 SOUTH CLINTQN ST., . SYRACUSE, N. Y TELEPHONE 941. J J.. N V ., Jr vs . , s-'fs . YV' it I The most thor- D i - , px ,xt ough and practical mf , I . ,, Q , U llplfifl method of purifying fu A,w yi n' H and refreshing the Hccigfgccl by li: fi 1- ph be . 23,000 4. A V ,U M.l-meg. c am r rs to keep Physicians 1 suspended a towel 5 n h, ,- moistened withal J' jf. U "Platt's Chlorides," r q'W. , ,"' z 3:33:38 and frequently waft i Q V '..' ' -Germs. it about. ' 1- ,The Trained givin-as Knows Platte Chlorides. L V , zu-ibfhge ID-ue.Qisin!'ectant. ' ea! Thousands of nurses, tens of thousands of physicians, and hundreds of thousands of careful housekeepers have used it for many years. It is an odorless, stainless liquid, powerful, yet safe and economical, sold in quart bottles only, by druggists every- where. Prepared only by HENRY B. PLATT, Platt Street, New York. I X Creation: God in Time and Space. BY BISHOP RANDOLPH 5. FOSTER. D. D., L. L. D. What Able Reviewers Say About lt. " In this book we have the fourth volume of Bishop Foster's 'Studies in Theo1ogy,' which are proving to be of profound interest to the religious world. While this work is scholarly and gives the latest results of thought and research, it is still of a popular char- acter, and therefore of interest to all thinking persons, whether scien- tilically trained or not. The author takes a wide range in this book, and discusses the eternal cause, the organic and inorganic universe, the solar system, man in his complex nature, and the various scien- tific hypotheses of the creation. His chapter on 'All Human Beings from one Pair' is excellent and sound, deserving a wide reading in these days when much of science causes unrest among people who are not quite sure of their moorings. To our mind the arguments are incontrovertible. The book is a most important addition to theolog- ical literature."-Lutheran Ewafzgelzlrt. " The last volume has been issued recently. The discussion covers the whole ground of creation, and is a popular setting forth of scientific results in the author's own language, a comprehensive view of the universe in its known facts andlaws as it portends in time and space. The story of creation is traced from the incipient material atom to the highest result of spiritual existence. Man is shown to be the final product and the most recent in the time order of existence, and the Hnal end of the entire movement. The author puts the cre- ation of man at a period, at farthest, not more than eight or ten thou- sand years ago, while the advent of all other known living things he puts back perhaps hundreds of thousands of years. He claims that all the evidence points to one head of all the ethnic varieties, and that head the Adam of revelation. The treatment is reverent throughout, accepting the Bible unreservedly as divine testimony and final and conclusive."- W estmzruler T eaclzer. 8 VO.. CLOTH, 33.00. HUNT 6: EATON, 150 Fifth Ave., New York. ULRICI-I 86 CROUSE, The Fayette Market BEST MEATS AT VERY REASONABLE PRICES. Special Attention Given to Fraternity Clubs. 911 EAST FAYETTE STREET. ALES BICYCLES, 357500. Eh Every Up-to-date Feature, Large Tubing, Barrel Hubs, Large Ball Bearings, Ball Retainers in every Bearing. Schoverling, Daly SL Gales, 302 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. HAVE YOUR PICTURES FRAMED BY THE A. L. VARNEY MANUFACTURING COMPANY. 428-430-432 and 434 E. Jefferson St. LARGEST AND MOST BIAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT Ol' MOULDINGS AND PICTURE FRAMES IN THE clrv. Being manufacturers we can sell low. VVe are also im- porters, wholesale and retail dealers in a time line ci Etchings,IEngravings and generalhne of Picture Goods. CALL AND EX.4M1NE STYLES AND PRICES. For Children WEAR JL at at While Cutting their Teeth. y' . . A . . PIN. ORANGE. TRIED REMEDY. FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS Mrs. WinsIow's Soothing Syrup has been used for over l"IF'I'Y YEARS by MILLIONS of IVIOTI-IERS for their CIIIl,DRllCNrWcliI,1ILlEL31'I?liTII- -il ING 'l P?R'E"SC'CSS ' PRICE 5 crs. EACH. t 1 t . . IT SOIISTIEIES the CHILD, SOFT- ENS the GUMS, ALLAVS all PAINQ -,,l,,.,l ' ILS IND C IIL l ' LUR X' W O 1 3, :mc is the best remedy for DIARRHCEA. Sold b 13 f 'Sp ' rt mf li r I - t wborlcllusilifle 531132 frrflzil-zlixlcmi' CMRSQE J N WINSLOW'5 SOOTHING SYRUP, and take no other kind. Twenty-five Cents a Bottle. Llberul Arts College. xiii FOR THE VERY BEST RESULTS ATTAINABLE IN Bookkeeping, Penmanship, Stenography, Typewriting, And all that pertains to a course of training for real life, it will pay every young man and woman to attend If X WIZK f I - !!K5YRACUcisi. xy Hans vou wiu. Fino EXPERIENCE, NIETHOD, DISCIPLINE, And a thorough institution in every department. Pupils received at any time. SEND FOR CIRCULRRS, ETC. , i Everybody I-1. . - i f-js, 2- , u Wants It. ,ft -"V "li I' WHAT? Why the latest and 3 X . t A ,ilu best article ever invented for Filiih gi-4?T71?F MARKING 'ii-1,1 M ,. M .. Tx I ' W v,., l -'L ae-. r'l.L4--- LINEN. Banning's New and Improved Patent . . . Linen Marker . . . Is the only perfect and reliable Linen Marker made. It can he used for many other purposes such as printing cards, names, busi- ness, and address on envelopes, etc., etc. Manufacturer of all kinds of Rubber Stamps. Steel Stamps, Seal Presses and Stencil Plates. W. E. BANNING, Cor. West Water and Clinton Sts., . SYRACUSE, N. Y. Freeman 81 Freeman CLOTHIERS AND TAI LO RS, 122 South Salina Street. J. IRVING FREEMAN. FRANK E. FREEMAN. xiv I'I. R. HENDERSON, 'Az Livery, Boarding, Sale and Exchange Stable. HACKS, CABS, CARRYALLS AND CITY BAGGAGE EXPRESS. Open Sheds, Open Day and Night. I33 North Clinton Street, . SYRACUSE, N. Y. TELEPHONE NO. 709. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO STUDENTS. DREKA THE AN DERBILT, LEADING FIRST-CLASS Fine Siaiionery and Engraving House, HOTEL OF THE CITY- I l2l Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. COLLEGE INVITATIONS AND STATIONERY PROGRAMMES BANQUET MENUS FRATERNITY ENGRAVING WEDDING INVITATIONS RECEPTION CARDS MONOGRAMS COATS OF ARMS ADDRESS DIES HERALDRY AND GENEALOGY A SPECIALTY. COATS OF ARMS PAINTED FOR FRAMING. A11 k tl tl till t Ixtlep 1 p f M D k a ly u b n Th r p t t ELI h p, ant ftl 1 ity GIIQQQ HGIICIIIQIS G SDQCIGIIV SYRACUSE, N. Y. J. A. BARRY, - Pnovmeron. 'FOI' 60061 Btdllll I g 1. . ug ,,' 'V --l---l- ' 4. Every Student Should 4, L fff Exercise, and every i t,,Q,f-ft "3 -Qt Student who Exercises S Should, after Exercising, f Thoroughly Rub His W M9751 Muscles with "- 'I ,,,g,., ,i i U8 ' Q P mrs exrracr Q N ,, E 'Q O 1' fnwsiiltliilnlgt-i'-!gJ1orL0NWK' -I WMMILE or 803:21 nuff WWPEE By its use they are made quick and active, all soreness, stiffness or swelling is prevented, and the danger of taking cold on going out is avoided. Use Pond's Extract lifter Shaving. Reduces Redness, checks Bleeding, leaves the face Soft, White and Smooth. Far superior to bay rum or any other lotion. For good effect you must have the genuine Pond's Extract. The weak imitations won't do the work, and are probably worthless and irritating to the skin. POND'S EXTRACT CO., 76 Fifth Avenue, NEW YORK. 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Men's Furnishers, BICYCLE SOLllh Salina Street, CLOTHING Syracuse, N. Y. XVII -A . .:- , :'.,'ft1. '. 'fl'-Mu' Vgig-I'Lzmaexl-3.5--Si''5""'fjl, '- I, I I, I 'Q Photographer .lair . I ' 1 T l : J ' . Q! V .A -C-ff-s- . MLK?-5,41 N -i N Zameras N: H:-Mlibotoaravbers l -llllullillnllmm..i1a.ulllll.- l.lmllml.lnn We sell Cameras, Kodaks, Plates, Cards, Etc. Dev 1 p g 1 d Printing done if desired. 120 East Genesee St., . SYRACUSE, N. Y. Bl SURE AND X NE OUR AS BEFORE PURCHASING. YO!! Will SQ! iii! best . . PDOIOQYGPDS . . lil the CIW dt FRANK G. SNllTH'S Srunlo. RICHMOND Straight Cut No. 1 C' rgarettes. Clgarette Smokers who are willing to pay a little more than the price charged for thc ordinary trade cigarettes, will lintl THIS BRAND superior to all others. These cigarettes are made from the brightest. most delicately flavored and highest east Gold Leaf grown in Virginia. This is the Old and Original Brand of Strnlght Cut Cigarettes, and was brought out by us in the year 1875. 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We guarantee perfect satis- 200 of the same, - - 1.25 , faction. What more do you want ? With envelopes, ---- 2.00 , Larger quantities at greatly reduced 1 R' N' K rates, G 351 East Genesee Street, . . . . . SYRACUSE, N. Y. xviii.

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