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" . , : - L w'.f1.:'w --1. , . " 'iw 13-, , ,W H I , me .V V ,,: . S Z ',klf'v-"ff , siizgwu t ' . 4 1 N "" 1"1'f' ' 'A - 'W f' AI' iw we ,wg-,f' mA:,g2w-1,'r+w W--1 'V , ,.Xv H, 4V 1, 13 , , ,W X 1 L? M W A 'wx ,H , Q, f ' Vi ' .V , ' ' ' ,V 151.3 ' -, k , , ' V ' ' , 1 QL-' . ,, ' f - w .M f '- .. . 4, J. My min-! fwz1.,Y: -1,--' ' ' 9 'ff-.1:J f 1 gf 4:21-, ,1q F'ffe,,, , -4,5 g.m '1'. 3-pi? 'H- wg., A 4 , get 31, ., , J ff -:f,,,:iwp3,g5:'-., , nyt i g gg,-LV ,, vs- f :mum.f,-A':4,',mzEL",m'-,-.!,L.M,fs...r5uxi.H's?fuQ1MM.. . , .. . , .,,,.J.v., , . , J . ,M 3 i5eL..uE.i:Ev 'K UT ' " ' " V W A V .. , ,, .f , hc. f n' M-.,-.zy -, . ,,,-M - , , , .- , U. -. . v - , ' Q v S 4 vw 2 J Y '. 'f 4-1 fsffiw flwlifw 'MJ mf,-:+ 'pf U: ' 'mi-,t.1f:'-' bf 'fwwr' W u "lx u hm.: f' " 'V 1.:'hXfffW+"S'1L4L-J 1" 'W ' q"N'5-gif" A' A my , M 1967 RUCKET Syracuse High School Syracuse, Nebraska Volume XXII 'FS ,I if "L 132 is 'gg' 3 K ee'-133 1. X fir! 5 . 1. xg. ACADEMICS 8 - 19 TABLE UF ACTIVITIES I ' ORGANIZATIONS 32 - 51 FURE This is is a book of glances--a book which re- flects a kaleidoscope of activity. It is a glimpse into the carefree fun of childhood and the respon- sibilities of adulthood. It is a gaze at the good times of youth at SHS--including a social whirl of events CONTENTS I CLASSES SPORTS 52 - 65 4 C 'S vi 'QP if' if WORD from dances, games, and extra-curricular activities to the seriousness of aca- demic studies. This book is a view of the memories which make up the student's world this year at Syracuse High, and the ROCKET staff invites you to take a fore- ward glance. SENIORS '7 ,rj W! Students concentrate on subjects at hand during end- less class periods. Endless conversqtions are centered around the days meeting place -- the lunchroorn. Syracuse High School -- scene of Busy day at Syracuse High begins as students enter hallowed halls of SHS. Scores of new books are made ready for student use by busy library assistants. COIIUIIUHI I110ti0I1. I Spirited SHS boosters support their team with needed enthusiasm. Q. M, f S E T 1 5 3 S Q K"'wunq- p bt,b , J 2 5 S 5 5 2 S 3 3 w , . 2 W 5 5 : f 1 x i W E The corridors -- scene of constant conversations, confusion and commotion. ROCKET is dedicated to Principal Rhodus To a man who lives before us in a silent manner, yet has set a wonderful example to all who have been under his leadership or have associated with him. To one whose determination to do anything in his power to make our school a better place and the students init better citizens, the ROCKET Staff of 1967 proudly ded- icates this yearbook to our principal, Mr. John Rhodus. Mr. Rhodus has served as principal of Syracuse High for 21 years. In addition to this important job, he serves as sponsor of the Honor Society and the Senior Class. In his capacity as Student Counselor, Mr. Rhodus has assisted students with their future vocational plansg Mr. Rhodus holds an A,B,, degree from Peru State College and an M,E, degree from the University of Nebraska. In his spare time, Mr. Rhodus is active in var- ious civic and professional organizations, including American Legion, Mas onic Lodge, and the Nebraska State Education Association. To Mr. Rhodus we dedicate our '67 ROCKET, and we would like to say "Thanks"for making SHS a better place, :r3C,,M,, "' are M J .A Ac. Mr. Rhodus, in his role as Student Counselor, assists Susan Stilwell with her future vocational plans, m xmwwfmm-a-weowww-Mlvwwm-MM" '- ' ,.. UQ D' U1 0 23" O O v- 'G "S ,... I5 0 ,... 'U P9 us- Mr. John Rhodus Board of Ed. lays groundwork for school. l l 7 . . BOARD OF EDUCATION: FRONT ROW: Ernest Staack, Copenhaver, Treasurerg Joy Watermeier, Don Craig Don Anderson, President, Paul Phillippe, Vernon Superintendent. Neemann, Vice President. BACK ROW: Burton The full time job of keeping the Syracuse schools running smoothly and efficiently has been carried out by the able Board of Edu- cation. The problem of facilities no longer bothered the Board of Education as the new Sr. High building was put to full use. Their time was filled with meeting the ever-present demands for equipment, books, and supplies. Mr. Don Craig, Superintendent of Syracuse schools, has served as chief ad- ministrator for 18 years. He received an A,B, degree from Tarkio College and a M,A. degree from the University of Nebraska. He is active in many civic organizations, being a member of the Lions club, Masonic Lodge, and the Chamber of Commerce. Although his job as Superintendent is a full-time responsibility, Mr. Craig always has time to discuss a problem with any of his teachers or students. Board of Education members and their wives enjoy the Centennial Banquet. glimpse SHS Y i gg Sw 4 Fred Lowery explains the techniques of whistling to B111 Formanack and Linda Engelbrecht. siege 5.5 SEIWFKSTRAE ' 'L '- Qiggkgx, l t M Y wife. 1. ' 3' he Q Y' 'w-:Ii Academics A much smoother year was enjoyed by students, faculty, and school board, The problems of moving into the new building were settled and overcrowded conditions of previous years were no longer a menace. The 1966-67 year was filled with many activities in all of the departments. Pungent odors floated through the halls from the chemistry room. Words of heated debates were often heard coming from the govern- ment room. The clicking of typing machines and calculators was often heard from the typing room. The home ec department spent many creative hours planning for special teas and dinners. A highlight this year was the Centennial Dinner given for the school- board. Several excursions were made by students to dig up old relics for history class. The government classes found them- selves in the State Penitentiary for a few minutes during a field trip to the Capital City. Yet with all these varied activities, complaints and anxieties still came from students. But through the patience and determination of the faculty, another full and busy year was completed at SHS. Practical arts provide students with Shorthand students, supervisedby Mr.Char1es Pickering, utilize the controlled listening stations as means of improving shorthand speeds and skills. Mrs. Barbara Otaki instructs Connie Horns in the basic skills of beginning typing. Serving his ninth year at Syracuse, Mr. Charles Pickering is associated with the advanced business courses, He teaches bookkeeping which is offered to juniors and office practice and shorthand to seniors, Mr, Pickering has a B,A, degree from Peru State Teachers College, He serves as advisor of the annual staff and in his spare time enjoys photography, hunting and sports. New at Syracuse this year is Mrs, Barbara Otaki, She instructs beginning typing and consumer economics. Typing is offered to sophomores and prepares them for the advanced commercial courses. Con- sumer economics is a course in economic principles and common business practices. She is also a sophomore sponsor. Mrs. Otaki is a graduate of the Uni- versity of Nebraska with a B,S, degree, knowledge and training for job opportunities Helping the girls with the basics of homemaking is Mrs, Marion Harms. She has two classes of freshmen home ec. Juniors and seniors learn more about art principles, child care, food preservation, foods and nutrition, clothing,home manage- ment, and social relationships. Junior girls presented their mothers with a tea and a style show at Easter. They also held a pizza party for them- selves at the end of their foods unit. One project of the senior girls was to serve a Christmas tea for all school personnel and a dinner for the school board and their wives. Mrs. Harms has been on the Syracuse faculty for eleven years. She received aB.S. degree from the University of Nebraska. Her hobbies include knitting, cooking, sew- ing, and raising flowers. Office practice student, Judy Stoner, gains skill on printing calculator. Junior home ec. girls come to Mrs. Marion Harms for samples of their "in class" cooking. Linda Wilkins, consumer economic student, views bulletin ,board display. Vo. Ag. instructor, Mr. Don Benson, explains generator to Vo. Ag. students, Jerry Kepler and Dale Kruse. Manual arts Completing his second year at Syracuse, Mr. Don Benson has been busy fulfilling his job as vocational agriculture instructor for sophomores, agricultural mechanics for juniors and seniors, farm business, farm management, and life science for seniors. Mr. Benson also teaches night classes in welding, adult education, and current topics for young farmers. Mr. Benson holds a B.S. degree from the University of Nebraska and is now doing graduate Work. He sponsors the FFA and is also a sophomore class sponsor, His hobby is raising livestock. Daryl Hopp and Randy Crownover, Ag. students, build feed bunk under the direction of Mr. Don Benson. it at A ,, , ez: 1 A E L -at ,M -f-'S ,I A Q A v k' Q " " fi "" ii we .IWW Supplies skills Mr. Vaughn Lawrence, in his eighth year at SHS, teaches shop classes at both junior and senior high buildings. His classes include mechanical draw- ing, woodworking, hand and power tools , carpentry, and advanced blueprint reading. ' Mr, Lawrence has a B,A, degree from Wayne State Teachers College, He coaches the track and cross-country squads, basketball reserves, andis as- sistant varsity coach. Mr, Roger Witt has spent five years at Syracuse as drivers' education teacher, He also teaches physical ed- ucation at the junior high building, This is his second year as head basketball coach. He was also assistant football coach and a senior class sponsor. Mr. Witt graduated from Peru State Teachers College where he received his B.S, degree. Mr. Vaughn Lawrence instructs shop student, John Weber, on the operation of the table saw. Driver education students, Carol Kreifels and Irene Gartner, are ready to take a "trial run" under the direction of Mr. Roger Witt. I Math and science prepare for atomic age. Mr. David McPherson points out the correct order in the formal proof of a geometry problem. Skilled in the field of advanced mathematics is Mr. David McPherson. He teaches geometry, algebra III, and trigonometry. Geometry is the study of rectilinear figures and circles. Students also learn logical thinking. In algebra III students learn to work with polynomials, fractions, linear and quadratic equations. Trigonometry deals with right triangles, cosine and sinelaws, and circular functions. Mr. McPherson received his B.A. degree from Cotner College and his Masters degree from the University of Nebraska. He was super- intendent at Syracuse for seven years and has taught for the past eighteen years, Each year he sponsors the National Math Contest which is given to students with a 1 average in advanced algebra or trig. Mr. McPherson is also County Superintendent of Schools. Ml TED 371755 NASA representative explains space ship capsule to Bob Brandt. Mr Dennis Deen and chemistry students Nancy Fisk, Lois Brehm, and Rodney Boardman look over the results of one of A wif ty. T V F 5 ,W ' their latest experiments. Completing his twelfth year as coach and athletic director at SHS is Mr, Ron Wagner. He is head football coach and golf coach. Besides teaching two classes of biology, he teaches physical education at the junior high building. Mr. Wagner serves as sponsor of the Syracuse letter club. This year the S Club sponsored an invitational volley- ball tournament, Mr. Wagner holds a B.S. degree from Peru State Teachers College. His hobbies include playing golf. New on the faculty staff this year is Mr. Dennis Deen.Heteaches algebral, biology, physics, and two classes of of chemistry. Biology is a basic course in the life science. Chemistry is chiefly concerned with the chemical make up of substances. Physics students study the science of matter and energy. Mr. Deen is a graduate of Chadron State Teachers College where he received his B.S. degree. He is a sophomore class sponsor and enjoys working with ceramics. at Mr. Ron Wagner lectures biology students on the life functions of all living things from the smallest algae to man. English and languages furnish students Miss Laura Trabert instructs sophomore English students in sentence construction. If Q f - g fd f- 1 ni As advanced English teacher, Mrs. Marlene Orton provides students with a good grammar and literary background. Completing her second year as German teacher is Miss Laura Trabert, She has one class of German l and one class of German ll. Students learn to read, write, and speak in German. Miss Trabert also teaches sophomore English. Miss Trabert has a B.A. degree from Doane College, She is a sophomore class sponsor. Among her hobbies are knitting, sewing, cooking, and reading. Mrs. Marlene Orton is associated with the advanced English. Mrs. Orton intro- duced project English to Syracuse High four years ago when she first came here. Emphasis is placed on British literature, the history and development of drama, poetry, short stories, and novels. Mrs. Orton holds a B.A, degree from Wesleyan. She is the FTA and school newspaper sponsor. Phonetic sounds and symbols are explained to speech students by Mr. Kenneth Price. with foundations for building the future -'Ir' ...,WMm'sN- -an-u-..,, Librarian, Mrs. Margaret Masters is assisted by student librarians Glen Rosenthal and Robert Winkler in manage ment of library facilities. Fulfilling the job of speech and dramatics teacher is Mr. Kenneth Price. This year Mr. Price reactivated the Thespians Society. This is an honor club for students active in dramatics. Mr. Price also teaches three classes of freshman English, Mr. Price received his B.S. degree at North Missouri State College. He has been on the SHS faculty for three years. He is a junior class sponsor, He enjoys shooting and collecting knives. Devoting full time to the school library is Mrs. Margaret Masters. Part of her time is spent at the junior high building. Capable student librarians learn to manage facilities at both buildings. Many new books were added to the library this year along with audio visual aids. Mrs. Masters received her B.S. degree and Masters in education from the University of Nebraska. Mrs. Masters has served twelve years at Syracuse. She enjoys reading andlikes to raise flowers. Modern problems provide basic knowledge. t'iiwii'i'F't , 1 1, tl l 41 11 -M,,,l' M-L... Mr. K. Appelget busily prepares some sound arguments to be used in daily discussions before world and American history classes. Mrs. Marylynn Miller lectures on the problems today's youth in modern problems classes. Holding a B.A. degree from Hastings College, Mr. K. Appelget keeps busy teaching the history courses at SHS, He has two classes of world history and three classes of American history. Mr. Appelget coaches the freshmen basketball team and is assistant varsity football coach. He is doinglgraduate work at the University of Nebraska. In his spare time he collects old swords. Teaching the modern problems class is Mrs, Marylynn Miller. Modernprob- lems is a survey of the organization, processes and functions of government in the U.S. Mrs, Miller also teaches one class of junior English. Mrs. Miller has a B.S. degree from Wesleyan. This is her third year at Syracuse, Her hobbies include swim- ming, painting, and sewing, She serves as pep club and junior class sponsor. Vocal and instrumental pupils gain skills. Completing her first year as vocal music teacher is Mrs. Ruth Neeman, She directs the mixed chorus, girl's glee, boy's glee, and several small groups which include Choraliers, girl's sex- tette and boy's octet. She also teaches music to the junior high and a class of eighth grade home ec. Mrs. Neeman graduated from Peru State Teachers College where' she re- ceived her B,S. degree, Completing his fifteenth year as band director at SHS is Mr, B,A, Johnson, Mr, Johnson directs the varsity band at Syracuse and Dunbar. He also instructs several small instrumental groups. The band is raising money this year for new uniforms. One big project was selling candy. Mr. Johnson is attending Peru State Teachers College, He is sponsor of the Band Mothers Organization, Mixed chorus members pin on robe collars in pre- paration for the Christmas concert. Mrs- Ruth Neeman conducts the mixed Ch0ruS during Mr. B.A. Johnson conducts the varsity band in a daily Christmas program. morning rehearsal. , "fm 'J ' peek at SHS The pie-eating contest adds humor to the FTA Carnival. 9 '93 Activities Contributing to education as well as fun and excitement are the extra-curricular activities offered at SHS, Activities give students an opportunity to gain experience in the field of music, drama, and formal dances. The year was initiated with the first all-school play, in which students per- formed "Time Out for Ginger." Later in. the year, students presented a night of 0U9'f1Cf Plays. "The Monkey's Paw," "Sorry, Wrong Number," and "Save Me a Place at Forest Lawn." In the midst of various gala events of the year were the school dances. Home- coming, the Christmas Ball, May Dance, and FFA Sweetheart Dance were among these. The highlight of the year was the Jr.-Sr. Prom, following the theme of "The Roaring 20's." The "grand finale" of the year is the Honors Convocation, in which students were cited for their achievements throughout the year. The year for an SHS student is a busy one, especially for those involved in sev- eral extra-curricular activities. Much hard work goes into these activities, and it is through this hard work that Syracuse High can be proud of its students. HOMECOMING ROYALTY: Steve Meyer, Gary Spicer, crown bearers, Perry Stoner, Jane Brandt, Darline Dale Kruse, Queen Sue Morrissey, King Bob Brandt, Wilken, Kathy Vrana, Roxanne Hespen. 'Wi : f f Band members perform in rain during Homecoming. The royalty candidates sat in an alcove of a "Garden of Tomorrow" waiting until the King and Queen would take their places on the Throne. The moment arrived as Mary Gergen announced Sue Morris sey and Bob Brandt Queen and King for Homecoming "66". Senior attendants Darline Wilken and Dale Kruse crowned the new royalty. Junior attendants were Kathy Vrana and Steve Meyer. Serving as Sophomore at- tendants were Roxanne Hespen and Gary Spicer. Crown bearers were Jane Brandt and Perry Stoner. The mood was set by the rhythm of the "Lost Souls Combo". Parents who sponsored were: Mr, and Mrs. Bill Brandt, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kruse, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wilken, Mr. Mrs. Bob Morrissey and Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Wilkins. Homecoming festivities close with dance. The Homecoming festivities were ignited Thursday evening, October 21, 1967, when the students and faculty met for the annual bonfire pep rally held in the school parking lot. Rabbits feet and various good luck charms were presented to Coaches Wagner, Lawrence, and Appelget, and captains of the football team. Mr. Jack Turner, in addition to royalty candidates and attendants, gave inspiring victory speeches. To conclude the bonfire, a Ram dummy was burned as an effigy. The SHS Rockets played the Ralston Rams the following evening, and were defeated by a score of 25-6. Playing in cold and rainy weather, the Rockets had good control of the football the first half, but could not score in the second half of the game. Queen Sue Morrissey and King Bob Brandt enjoy dancing following Coronation ceremonies. ,l' V it if Qifl V 555-7 f 'f?iA':5',57 ylfvfiif e fgiiisni t a ilfiii X 15, 5 gg . 5 .. 35, 5 Head football coach, Ron Wagner gives pep talk to students at evening rally held prior to Homecoming. First year of All-School and One-Act Plays Dee Fentiman reports murder to Police Chief, Paul Minderman in "Sorry Wrong Number." What ?! A girl on the football team. Her sisters Jeannie fAnn Formanackj and Joan QLinda Engelbrecktj disown her. Her boyfriend Tommy QSteve Rippey rejects her. The principal QQuenten Severeh threatens to expel her. And her mother QRoxanne Johnsj and father fBob Brandtj are forced to defend her. Poor Virgina Carol, better known as Ginger fDeanna Lamby, A speech on manners, made by Mr. Carol at school, leads Ginger to the discovery of another sex--equals! Why shou1dn't a girl be able to race boys or play football if she's capable. Nothing stops Ginger from finding out whyg as her family finds out the night when she comes home and announces she'd made the team--the "scrub team." In the end, Ginger exchanges her foot- ball uniform for a pretty dress, her spikes for flats and a football field for a ballroom. Mr. Price served as director of this production. Mr. Price shows disgust during play rehearsals. Old maids, Roxanne Johns and Judy Stoner exercise vocal chords in "Save Me a Place at Forrest Lawn." i e L prove to he a success for Drama dept. Dee Fentiman screams as Jay Van Housen fatally stabs her in "Sorry Wrong Number." "Time Out for Ginger" and the three one act plays were the first all-school plays given at SHS, Later in the year the students presented a night of one act plays, "The Monkey's Paw." Staring Ann Formanack and Larry Janssen as the mother and father, and their son Herbert, Howard Isaacs. They have three wishes and the first wish is money, only they lose their exchange. A mystery, "Sorry Wrong Number" was second on the list. Mrs. Stevenson, tDee Fentimanj an invalid, overhears a telephone conversation between two men, about a cold- blooded murder of awoman. Later she realizes that she is that poor woman. Roxanne Johns and Judy Stoner star in a comedy "Save Me a Place at Forest Lawn." Clara and Gertrude plan to go together and to be buried together in Clara's mausoleum. Ann Formanack and Sherry Hespen apply make-up to Naomi Beckman. Christmas Ball and FFA Dance were enjoyed CHRISTMAS ROYALTY: Mary Gergen, Sue Morrissey, Queen Darline Wilken, King Dale Kruse, Ken Brinkhoff, and Bill Formanack. Couples enjoy dancing at the Christmas Ball. It was the Christmas Dance, the beginning of vacation, December 23. The festive decor revealed the growing holiday spirit expressed by SHS students. A mural depicting Santa's workshop hung on the wall. Below stood Stanta's sleigh waiting to carry this year's Snow Queen through an evening of royal splendor. Dancing ended as the crowning cer- emonies began. Hostess Jan Reeg prepared to announce the royalty, which had been se- lected from the Senior class by popular vote of the student body. The moment arrived as Queen Darline Wilken stepped in to her throne with King Dale Kruse at her side. Attendants Sue Morrissey, Ken Brinkhoff, Mary Gergen, and Bill Formanack took their places around the throne. Sponsors for the evening were Mr. and Mrs. Merle Severe, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Staack, Rev, and Mrs. Wayne Wetz. The "Lost Souls Combo" provided the music for the event. by SHS students. The second annual FFA Sweetheart Dance was held March 31 in the Senior High Auditorium. The girls, elected by the FFA members, qualified for Sweetheart candidate by being a sophomore or junior whose parents are engaged in farming or a related agricultural occupation. Candidates Connie Stutheit, escorted by President Wayne Brehmg Lois Brehm, es- corted by Secretary Larry Janssen, and Kathy Vrana, escorted by Treasurer Duane Hopp, took their places in front of the throne, which had a white background dec- orated with two red hearts flanking the letters FFA, The escorts presented their candidate with a corsage. Kathy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Don Vrana, was then crowned FFA Sweetheart by Wayne Brehm, and was presented with a spray of red roses and the official FFA Sweetheart neck- lace. FFA officers present Sweetheart candidates with corsages FFA DANCE ROYALTY: Duane Hopp, Treasurerg Connie Stutheit, Queen Kathy Vrana, Wayne Brehm, Presidentg Lois Brehm, Larry Janssen, Secretary, luniors plan sparkling Mistress of Ceremonies, Lois Brehm, is an- Connie Stutheit and Jerry Wiebusch enjoy dancing nouncing Prom Royalty. at Prom. Prom Royalty Bob Brandt, Bill Formanack, King Ken Brinkhoff, Queen Mary Gergen, Jan Reeg, Susan Morrissey. ' 4 1 scene for striking lr.-Sr. Prom. Senior class President Bob Brandt, and Vice President Wayne Brehm, pose with their dates, Patti Peterson and Mary Gergen. Couples await for the crowning of Prom Royalty. Seniors were entertained amid a gala setting depicting "The Roaring Twenties" at the annual Jr.-Sr. Prom. The evening began with a banquet supper at 7:00 p.m. served by sophomore waiters and waitresses Diane Staack, Cindi Heinke, Linda Neibuhr, Gary Mohr, Tim McCallum, Danny Bruns, and Jay Van Housen. Entertainment featured a chorus line of beautiful dancing girls por- trayed by the waiters. The evening's dancing began with a Grand March led by senior class president Bob Brandt, his date Mary Gergen, and junior class president Lois Brehm and her date, Duane Hopp. Highlight of the evening was the Coronation presided over by mistress of ceremonies, Lois Brehm. King and Queen, Ken Brinkhoff and Mary Gergen, were crowned by their first attendants, Bill Formanack and Jan Reeg. Sec- ond attendants were Bob Brandt and Sue Morrissey. Ken Brinkhoff and Mary Gergen were crowned King and Queen of the "Roaring 2O's." Awards presented at Honors Convocation. Mrs. J,C, Nisely presents Arion Award to Marcia Gately. Head track coach, Mr. Vaughn Lawrence, congratulates Jerry Kepler for being elected Honorary Track Captain, by squad Members. Over 120 students were honored at the an- nual Honors Night, held in the high school audi- torium on May 11, Mr. Ken Price served as M.C. for the event which recognized students who had participated in extra curricular activities. Marcia Gately was revealed as the recip- ient of the Arion Award, which was presentedby Mrs. Nisely, president of the Band Mothers. Mr. B.A. Johnson made the instrumental presenta- tions and Mrs. Neeman presented the vocal awards. Top award in the home economics depart- ment, the Betty Crocker award was presented to Bea Hillman, by Mrs, Marion Harms. Principal, Mr. Rhodus, presented the at- tendance awards, introduced National Honor Society members, and presented a check to John Lenker who had the high score on the Law Test. Rocket yearbook adviser, Mr. C h ar l e s Pickering, presented awards to the yearbook staff and announced that Lois Brehm would serve as the editor for the 1968 yearbook. Members of the staff presented Mr. Pickering with a gift in recognition of the nine years he had served as advisor. 3, ,xy 5. if e. W2 We-f"'f 51 ,Q ' "iii 1 ROCKET Editor, Deb Heine, wishes 1968 Editor, Lois Brehm success on next year's book. King and Queen rule at annual May Ball. i l 3 4 I . 3 Q 2 1 5 e i E A i 5 i Y 2 T., is Royalty court at May Ball:Lynette Ha.ll, Marilyn Brehm, Janssen, Bruce Spitz, Steve Rippe, Tim Hoffman, Jim Ann Formanack, Dee Fentiman, Lois Brehm, Sue Rippe, Fey, Jerry Carper, and Phil McCallum. Pat Petersen, Queen Mary Gergen, King Dave Wetz, Larry , The annual May Day festivities were held Friday evening, April 28, at the Syracuse Ballroom. The benefit dance was sponsored by the Band Mothers in an effort to help raise funds for the pirchase of new band uniforms. A new feature this year was the Battle Dance, during which a combo, Nobody's Children, and a dance band, Pick and His Tophatters, played alternately for 15 minute periods. Highlight of the evening was the tradi- tional winding of the may pole and corona- tion ceremonies. Mary Gergen and Dave Wetz were crowned May Queen and King. Attendants of the royalty court were: Seniors, Pat Petersen and Larry Janssen, Juniors, Lois Brehm and Steve Rippe, Sue Rippe and Bruce Spitz, Sophomoresg Dee Fentiman and Tim Hoffman, Ann Formanack and Jim Fey, Freshmeng Lynette Hall and Phil McCallum, and Marilyn Brehm and Jerry Carper. King and Queen, Dave Wetz and Mary Gergen, dance at annual May Ball. An inspecUon of SHS Syracuse High School Marching Band stands at parade-rest during Baton Clinic l Urganizations Many different organizations provided enjoyment and challenges for the students of SHS. Pep club and cheerleading were outlets for students to release tensions and give them a feeling of belonging. New pep club uniforms were proudly worn and helped T create enthusiasm among the whole student body. A second busy year followed the Future Farmers of America. The Land Judging team won the first of many honors received during the year, The climax of the year was the Parent-Son Banquet. Teaching careers were investigated and studied by the members of the Future iii., ,, Teachers of America. The time and efforts of the Annual Staff made available the memories of these activities, organizations, faculty, and fellow classmates to be always remembered. Band and vocal music brought out special talents and a feeling of accomplish- ment for many students, They had various opportunities to perform before groups. An ever-working Newspaper Staff pub- lished the SHS "Countdown" to inform and entertain students. The National Honor Society continued to formulate ideas for a student council. These various organizations helped to broaden the education of SHS students. V- PEP CLUB: FRONT ROW: Darlene Wilken, Linda Engelbrecht, Connie Sawyer, Barb Boardman, Sherry Lucas, Linda Mohlman, Norene Kimbell, Mary Kuenning, Mary Gergen, Nancy Holscher, Mrs. Miller, sponsor, Sherry Hespen. SECOND ROW: Sue Morrissey, Deanna Lamb, Janet Kehlbeck, Marcia Gately, Pat Petersen, Marylyn Kraenow, Sandra Vodicka, Roxanne Hespen, Judy Stoner, Deb Heine, Pam Wurtele, Linda Pickerill. THIRD ROW: Sandra Mallette, Pam Hillman, Kathy Halvorsen, Lois Petersen, Janice Wellensiek, Sancra Neeman, Sue Rippe, Lois Brehm, Deb Lankton, Linda Wilkins, Jackie Hunzeker, Kathy Staack, Linda Niebuhr. Pep Club members Sherri Lucas and Linda Mohlman sell candy during home game. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Vrana, Joan Witte, Marcia Conradi, Cindi Heinke, Shirley Jacobson, Nancy Halvorsen, Bonita Wendeln, Patsy Henke, Shirley Wallen, Peggy Ottens, Deb Nannen, Coranne Bryan, Emma Snyder, Diana Staack. FIFTH ROW: Sue Bruns, Marie Thormahlen, Janice Bruns,Annette Minderman, Irene Gartner, Sue Mallette, Connie Rae Stutheit, Mary Hart, Shirley Fisk, Naomi Beckman, Jolene Boyes, Nancy Fisk, Patty Schutz, Ann Formanack. BACK ROW: Sandra Severs, Linda Halm, Brenda Clark, Marcia Boettcher, Jean Doan, Diana Schneider, Linda Schreiter, Lois Schulte, Colleen Bottcher, Carol Kreifels, Karan Baldwin, Dee Fentiman. Pep Club members took on a new look this year as new uniforms were required for everyone. Eighty-five girls, adorned in A-line skirts and blazers, proudly displayed their school spirit. thusiasm. following the Ralston game. Seniors copped top honors in the Annual Yell Contest sponsored by the Pep Club. Special committees were chosen to make posters and prepare skits for pep rallies. Many clever posters decorated the halls and Various banners were posted in the lunchroom to build en One of the highlights of the year was the Homecoming Festivities. An evening rally and bonfire was held the night before the big game. "Garden of Tomorrow" was the theme for the dance Spirit of SHS voiced by Pep Club girls. In addition to electing cheerleaders in the spring, it was also decided to elect Pep Club officers at the same time. This gave the officers more time to organize their handbook for the following year. President, Mary Gergen presided over the meetings and performed other numerous duties. Vice-President, Sandra Severs recorded the points earn- ed. Secretary-treasurer, Lois Brehm handled the correspondence and financial work of the club. The Pep Club had banners made to hang in the auditorium. Mrs. Mary Lou Pickerill made the banners with the names of the various schools in the Ak-Sar-Ben conference. The Pep Club could not have been as much of a success without the able supervision of Mrs. Miller. Through her enthusiasm, new uniforms were acquired and a new point system was adopted, which did much to boost the morale of Pep Club members. Sandra Severs points out one ofthe many posters to other officers Lois Brehm and Mary Gergen. Rocket fans show enthusiasm during district tournament games. l 8 l if W Cheerleaders help to boost school morale. L I b. Varsity Cheerleaders: Darline Wilken, Sue Morrissey, Sandra Mallette, Kathy Vrana, Sue Bruns, Sandra Severs. B-Team Cheerleaders: FRONT ROW: Sherry Hespen, Linda Niebuhr. SECOND ROW: Ann Forrnanack, Dee Fentiman, Diana Staack. Out of about twenty girls who practiced, only six would become Varsity Cheer- leaders. The cheerleaders were chosen by the Pep Club in the spring to give them the following summer to organize and rehearse yells for the new season. All of the cheerleaders attended a cheerleading clinic at Wesleyan. The pur- pose of this clinic was to acquire new yells and routines. Led by the cheerleaders, the "girls in greenl' boosted athletic teams through winning and as well as losing seasons. The Reserve Cheerleaders, elected in the fall, helped the Varsity Cheerleaders create more enthusiasm. Two girls were chosen from each class to be point chairmen, Serving as point chairmen were: Sophomores, Jackie Hunzeker and Shirley Jacobsong Juniors, Sandi LaFollette and Lois Peterson, Seniors, Deanna Lamb and Sherri Lucas. These girls were supposed to check the roll of the Pep Club girls at games and record their points. Points were written on a chart to show the girls how well they were progressing. , Lettermens Club. Boys having lettered in any sport in the Syracuse athletic program become eligible for the S Club. Sponsored by Mr. Wagner, the S Club has enjoyed a busy year. They finished paying for the score clock that was purchased last year for the auditorium, The seventh annual Invitational Volleyball Tournament, sponsored by the club, was held with Waverly taking first place. Concessions were also sold for the Class D District Basketball Tournament and a Class C regional playoff. The S Club made a donation to the Band Uniform Frmd in appreciation for the music provided at games and tour- naments. Extra enthusiasm was created by the thirty-nine boys at tournament games and other special games. S Club officers, Dale Kruse, Bill Formanack, and Bob Brandt look over basketball chart in locker room. S CLUB: FRONT ROW: Jerry Kepler, Dan Crownover, Dale Kruse, Bill Formanack, Bob Brandt, Larry Wellman, Mr. Wagner, sponsor. SECOND ROW:David Lane, Duane Hopp, Dan Fentiman, Howard Isaacs, Jim Pope, Roger Royal, Scott Clark. THIRD ROW: Ken Lamb, Bruce Keim, Howard Hogancamp, George Hanssen, Steve Meyer, Doug Severs, Dan Bottcher. FOURTH ROW: Ken Brinkoff, Ralph Martens, Darrel Petersen, Don Halbasch, Bruce Spitz, Stan Meyer, Gary Weiler, Jerry Wiebusch. BACK ROW: Gary Spicer, Dennis Royal, Glen Rosenthal, Ron Scheinost, Gene Carper, Jay Nisely, Larry Lawton, Jim Whithead, Maurice Ruge, Jay VanHousen. 1 Photographers spend long hours at work. Editor . . . . . Deb Heine Business Manager , ...... Pam Koch Copy Editor . Junior Editors Photographers Staff Members Advisor . . . Lois Brehm Linda Wilkins Sherry Hespen . . Ken Aden Tim McCallum Janet Kehlbeck Norene Kirnbell Mary Kuenning Pat Petersen Judy Stoner . Mr. Charles Pickering .GG .,'X Photographers Ken Aden and Tim McCallum are busy Staff members, Linda Wilkins and Sherry Hespen, sellan developing many pictures for the annual annual to fellow-student, Janice Bruns. ATH RFI HTT . Staff members, Pat Petersen, Janet Kehlbeck, Mary Kuenning, Pam Koch, Norene Kimbell, and Judy Stoner hard at work during yearbook meeting. "I'd rather fight than miss selling you a '67 Rocket" was the slogan for the 1967 Rocket campaign. Eight seniors, three juniors, and one sophomore made up the '67 Rocket staff. These students were chosen by individual application based on interest and ability to work with a group. Lots of hard work and hours of deep concentration were spent preparing for another suc- cessful yearbook. Several trips were made by staff members to gain information forabetter yearbook. Staffers traveled to Seward to attend meetings and workshops aimed for more interesting yearbooks. Another trip was made to Lincoln to attend the Nebraska High School Press Association Convention. Advisor, Charles Pickering, and editor, Debbi Heine attended the evening banquet where they received an honorable mention for the "66 Rocket. The "66 Rocket was the outstanding yearbook in the conference for the sec- ond consecutive year. The annual also received an A from the National School Yearbook Association.- Many thanks are extended to Mr. Pickering, for his time and help con- tributed to another successful yearbook. 'llmilldlsluulssyf Advisor, Mr. Pickering shows NSYA Merit award to Junior Editor, Lois Brehm and Senior Editor, Deb Heine. YY Mr. B,A, Johnson, Director of instrumental music and president-elect of Nebraska Music Educators. Varsity Band has busy Another busy year followed the Syracuse Band. The band made trips to the King Korn Karnival, the Plattsmouth Marching Contest, State Marching Contest, and the State Fair. Concert band played courtesy concerts at Nebraska City and Auburn. This replaced the AkSarBen Conference Clinic that had been held in previous years. Music was heard floating through the halls early in the morning and several nights after school as the various ensembles rehearsed. Early sessions found the Trumpet Trio, Woodwind Quintet, and Brass Sextet hard at work while the Sax Quartet and Clarinet Choir produced the late sounds. A highlight of the year was the 15th Annual Mid-Winter Concert presented February 2 in the Senior High Auditorium, Songs ranged from "The Sounds of the Tijuana Brass" to "Symphony in B flat." A special feature on the program was a trumpet solo by Phil McCallum. A new project of the band this year was to raise money for new uniforms. A candy sale was staged and proceeds from the Mid-Winter Concert and May Dance went into the uniform fund. FRONT ROW: Susan Morrissey, Roxanne Johns, Dee Ann Fentiman, Patsy Henke, Janet Kehlbeck, Karen Wyatt Cnot picturedb. SECOND ROW: Joan Witte, Sandy Mallette, Marcia Conradi, Darline Wilken, Nancy Holscher, Bruce Neemann, Brad Sporhase, Tony Meredith, Connie Horns, Gary Liesemeyer, Tim Hoffman. THIRD ROW: Kathy Vrana, Sue Bruns, Ken Redden, Linda Niebuhr, Linda Witte, John Loder, David Zahn, Jerry Block, Susan Rippe, Linda Engelbrecht, Phil McCallum, Lynette Hall, Gordon Wellensiek, Bruce Spitz, Darrel Petersen. BACK ROW: Dana Miller, Alan Dettmer, Pat Nisely, Donn Schroeder, Mary Gergen, Milan Brehm. season with concerts, tour, Sax Quartet: Tim Kreifels, Lois Brehm, Joyce Gergen, Ann Formanack. , A fp. FRONT ROW: Chris Phillippe, Marcia Gately, Deb Nannen, Arlene Johnson, Janice Wellensiek, Dave Wetz. SECOND ROW: Shirley Jacobson, Marilyn Brehm, Shirley Yearsley, Diana Staack, Pat Petersen, Sherry Hespen, Debbie Lankton, Cindi Heinke, Marilyn Vollertsen. THIRD ROW: Jerry Janeke, Jerry Carper, Tim Kreifels, Lois Brehm, Marylyn Kraenow, Kathy Halvorsen, Shirley Wallen, Bonita Wendeln, Joyce Gergen, Ann Formanack, Connie Sawyer. BACK ROW: Jim Fey, Lois Petersen, Coranne Bryan, Nancy Halvorsen, Mike Moller, Alan Hill, Steve Rippe, Sandra Neeman, Larry Janssen. and clinics. T 5 Ensembles supply Brass Sextet: FRONT ROW: Larry Janssen, Pat Petersen, Lois Petersen. BACK ROW: Bruce Spitz, Darrel Petersen, Gordon Wellensiek. Mia Twirlers: FRONT ROW: Sandra Mallette, Sue Bruns. Gately, Head Majoretteg Connie Sawyer, Linda BACK ROW: Kathy Vrana, Ann Formanack, Marcia Engelbrecht. enjoyment of various types of music. Clarinet Choir: FRONT ROW:Roxanne Johns, Kathy Vrana, Patsy Henke, Nancy Holscher, Sandra Mallette. BACK , ROW: Deb Lankton, Sue Morrissey, Marcia Conradi, 1 Cindi Heinke, Sherry Hespen. Trumpet Trio: Phil McCallum, Gordon Wellensiek. l L+ , Lynette Hall, Woodwind Quintet: FRONT ROW: Janet Kehlbeck, Dave Wetz Joan Witte. BACK ROW: Marcia Gately, Shirley Yearsley E 3 Choraliers under the direction of Mrs. Neeman, perform at the Christmas concert. MIXED CHORUS: FRONT ROW: Deanna Bond, Linda Stubbendeck, Janice Wellensiek, Sandra Neeman, Bob Brandt, Larry Edgar, John Lenker, Susan Stilwell, Marcia Gately, Kathy Halvorsen, Mrs. Neeman, Director. SECOND ROW: Peggy Ottens, Deb Nannen, Ann Forrnanack, Jerry Wiebusch, Dale Kruse, Bill Formanack, Roxanne Hespen, Shirley Jacobson, Naomi Vocal groups work to add talents. A new face appeared before the var- ious groups this year when Mrs. Neeman found herself among ambitious and talented singers. The largest vocal group is the Mixed Chorus, which is comprised of 75 stu- dents from all the classes. They gave a vocal concert in November with songs from "How the West Was Won." In addition to the preceding they presented a Christmas program, a Spring Concert, attended the District Contest and Ak-Sar-Ben Conference Clinic. Choraliers was a new select group Mrs. Neeman organized this year. It was made up of 24 students from the Sopho- more, Junior, and Senior classes. They made appearances with the Mixed Chorus and attended the aforementioned clinics. Beckman. THIRD ROW: Pam Hillman, Nancy Holscher, Walter Hespen, Darrel Petersen, Bruce Roberts, Ken Aden, Dave Wetz, Marcia Boettcher, Arlene Johnson. BACK ROW: Susan Mallette, Marie Thormahlen, Deb Heine, Shirley Wallen, Dee Fentiman, Judy Stoner, Lois Brehm, Brenda Clark, Jean Doan MIXED CHORUS: FRONT ROW: Carol Kreifels, Nancy Fisk, Linda Schreiter, Mark Pickerill, Bob Bryan, Gary Weiler, Mary Gergen, Linda Wilkins, Connie Sawyer. SECOND ROW: Jackie Hunzeker, Linda Siefken, Marylyn Kraenow, Ralph Martens, Steve Rippe, Quentin Severe, Sue Rippe, Lois Petersen, Mixed Chorus members Linda Engelbrecht and Judy Stoner don their robes in preparation for the Christmas concert. Darline Wilken. THIRD ROW: Linda Engelbrecht, Pat Petersen, Bea Hillman, Paul Philburn, Kurt Ehlers, Sandy LaFollette, Lois Schulte, Bonita Wendeln. BACK ROW: Shirley Fisk, Nancy Halvorsen, Joan Witte, Coranne Bryan, Patsy Henke, Kathy Hansen, Pat Hillman, Sue Morrissey. Under the direction os Mrs. Neeman, the Mixed Chorus performs at the Christmas concert. Small groups receive individual training. Smaller vocal groups included Boys Octet and Girls Sextet. Like the other groups, these were composed of students from the various classes. Since the stu- dents involved in Choraliers are the same as those in Boys Octet and Girls Sextet, they also attended the Ak-Sar-Ben Con- ference Clinic this year held at Nebraska City. The smaller groups performfor civic organizations throughout the year. It has been a few years since the SHS Vocal Department has had anyone qualify to go the National Music Ed- ucators Association Clinic. But this year proved to be different. Three seniors, Marylyn Kraenow, David Wetz and Kenny Aden were all eligible and were selected to attend the clinic held in Lincoln. They spent their time attending special vocal Boys Octet: FRONT ROW: Bruce Roberts, Walter Hespen, Sessimls and ended the affair. by attending Larry Edgar, Darrel Petersen. BACK ROW: Dave Wetz, Ken Aden, Ralph Martens, Bob Bryan. a concert given by the Lincoln Symphony. Girls Sextet: Kathy Halvorsen, Janice Wellensiek, Deanna Bond, Sandra Neeman, Lois Petersen, Naomi Beckman, Patsy Henke, accompanist. i. . Honor Society promotes Student Council. National Honor Society members and sponsor, Mr. Rhodus, pose during one of many busy meetings. National Honor Society, a leadership and service organization, consists of a select group of juniors and seniors. Members are selected on the basis of leadership, service, scholarship, and character by a faculty com- mittee. Open every noon hour was the paper- back library which provided all types of literature. This is the source of income for the group. Officers of the group were President, Howard Isaacsg Vice-President, Deanna Lambg Secretary, Susan Stillwellg and Treas- urer, Janet Kehlbeck. Principal, John Rhodus sponsored the group. , In the spring thirteen new members were inducted into the National Honor Society during a candle-lighting ceremony. Qualifi- cations and requirements of the four areas were explained by the officers. New members are inducted into National Honor Society during candle-lighting ceremony. X, A FFA FRONT ROW: Bob Bryan, Duane Hopp, Larry Janssen, Wayne Brehm, Paul Minderrnan, Stan Wirth. SECOND ROW: Bob Harms, Gary Liesemeyer, Jerry Janeke, Howard Hogancamp, Gary Royal, Mr. Benson, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Daryl Hopp, Jerry Wiebusch, Roger Royal, Lynn Schomerus, Donn Schroeder, Dennis Royal. FOURTH fr, 56 cgi We Wg.. o ag ? H, .fu n W 5' sf H A 'gif 122555: E' . ROW: Randy Crownover, Clark Gartner, Bob Brandt, John Webber, Don Halbasch, Dean Henke. FIFTH ROW: Leonard Isaacs, Wayne Heather, Larry Edgar, Keith Kimbell, Dennis Knickman, Gary Kuenning. BACK ROW: Gene Carper, Fred Berner, Steve Wirth, Bob Bray, Bob Engelbrecht, Dean Roos. C +5 J 1, 14515421 , A 1 Q me FFA Land-Judging Team, Bob Brandt, Dan Bottcher, Paul Minderman, and Wayne Brehm, V FFA taught current farming procedures. The Future Farmers of America com- pleted their second busy year with a ban- quet for their parents on April 18. Awards were presented to outstanding members. A slave auction was held early in the fall as the money-making project. Slow- moving vehicle signs were also sold. The Land Judging Team consisting of Wayne Brehm, Bob Brandt, Dan Bottcher, and Paul Minderrnan took first place in the district contest and fifth in the state, The group toured the North Omaha Power Station and a cattle feeding opera- tion at Manley. Mr. Benson and some of the officers attended the national convention at Kansas City. Larry Janssen and Donn Schroeder were members of the honor band at the state convention. FFA OFFICERS: Stan Wirth, News Reporterg Duane Hopp, Treasurerg Paul Minderman, Vice Presidentg Wayne Brehm, Presidentg Larry Janssen, Secretaryg Bob Bryan, Sentinel. Paul Minderman displays chapter award 4355 se Q Vlfif is ! Ti EE fiWfidffifeiflilfiiliieit' fi 5 gil if T faq G T :--1. 1-,..,Q:g1f'ws,1 f ,ww-v-1-fl .1 f. a ii by Tm K V , 6, ,tlg ' Ei ' YF' f'ii5rt K g ,if , is I , X 1 fm , 3 g i t X tg! 352525 is , -14. 1 'il Q I ' Skisfzil, F ' ' ' efaggezg Stagg 'wig is ml 1 hz 524 ,s ws' ragga 'WW sales ,Stain K, , ,iEfaLX2 igtakeiii 'B L.A,. as ':xfif,g5?Ei'i'7flJ at ,.,. Mg 5 .,., ,sr,,gSg,ALr gimiaielggwl y iw, N 2 E 5251.1 ,.,,,, , an , kr i A T A .L t 1 at-U," , 5--,- ..,,3,w, Q I V :.- . 1 5 A E , E i ,ff - sg FTA sponsor, Mrs. Marlene Orton, enjoys refreshments at a meeting. A more elaborate program was set up for this year's Future Teachers of America. Along with films on new developments in teaching, the members took a "field trip" to Lincoln and visited some of the schools. Also they put their future plans into practice. The mem- bers took over some of the classes at the Junior High and Senior High Schools. The members elected Deanna Lamb, Presidentg Darline Wilken, Vice-Presidentg Susan Morrissey, Secretaryg Howard Isaacs, Treasurerg and Marylyn Kraenow, Historian. Mrs. Orton served as faculty sponsor. The main event of the year for the FTA was the St. Patrick's Day Carnival, which was sponsored by the FTA and "Countdown" staffs. "Exit and the Wayouts" played at the carnival dance where Dan Crownover and Marylyn Kraenow were crowned King and Queen of the Leprachauns. The money earned will probably go for the purchase of identifying letters for the high school. FTA gains practice by observing classes. NH 2 i Q FTA members enjoy ""sack races" at the annual FTA party. Q33 i Typists, Sherry Lucas, Patty Schutz, and Karan Baldwin typed the stencils for the student newspaper. COUNTDOWN bl' h d b pu as e y busy staff. An ambitious newspaper staff and advisor, Mrs. Orton, worked vigorously to gather ten pages of news, features and editorials so that the "Countdown" could once again come out every three weeks this year. The number of sales grew as the paper improved. Staff members temporarily took care of one handicap, no camera, by drawing cartoons to fit the articles and occasions. At the beginning of the year, the "Countdown" staff attended the Journalism Clinic at the Nebraska Center for Continuing Education in Lincoln sponsored by the Nebraska High School Press Association. The day was spent attending classes dealing with editorials, features, headlines, and news articles. In the later part of the year in conjunction with the FTA, the newspaper staff helped to sponsor a St. Patrick's Day Carnival and dance. A large crowd, approximately 275 Editor, Sandra severs and advisor, Mrs. Orton, look people, was in attendance at the Senior High over stories for the Countdown. School for the annual event' view Jerry Wiebusch and Larry H111 "dig out" in home track meet against Nebraska City. , Q -if X Despite being defending Ak-Sar-Ben football champions the Rockets were unable to replace the graduating Seniors and re- corded an 0-8 season record. The season, however, was not without a bright spot as Bill Formanack was picked to play in the Shrine Bowl. Coach Wagner was also se- lected to serve on the coaching staff for the shrine game. The sports department experienced winning ways with the outset of the basket- ball season. Coach Roger Witt and his Cagers compiled a 15-7 season record. The team placed second in the conference tour- nament and was defeated by Auburn in a 0rlS double overtime game in the finals of the Dis-trict. Coach Dick Stock's volleyball team posted an 8-7 season record before being defeated in the Peru Invitational Tour- nament. Spring brought two sports to the scene as athletes participated in track and golf. Mr. Lawrence held the reigns of the track team as they had little cooperation from the weatherman, The tracksters defeated Norris in one of the home meets. Coach Wagner headed up the new golf program. Golfers traveled to Nebraska City for their practice rounds and matches. fT""'f-.,,, Dan Bottcher gains yardage against Plattsmouth. Football team compiles dismal Rocket footballers finished a dismal season with an 0-8 record. With the loss of several key offen- sive players from last years' cham- pionship team, the Rockets were plaqued most of the season with an offense that failed to click con- sistently. Despite a disappointing team showing, the lastplace Rockets placed three players on the Ak-Sar-Ben All- Conference aggregation. Seniors Bill Formanack and Wayne Brehm both gained spots on the honorary team, Sophomore, Jay Van Housen, playing a guard was also selected by the coaches in the conference for the coveted team. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Head Coach: Ron Wagner, Assistant Coach: K. Applegetg Bob Brandt, Larry Wellman, Bill Formanack, Assistant Coach: Roger Witt. SECOND ROW: Gary Weiler, Dan Bottcher, Dan Crownover, Ron Scheinost, George Hanssen, Dan Fentiman, Dale Kruse, Wayne Brehm, Jay Nisely, Jim Pope, Duane Hopp. THIRD ROW: Jim Whitehead, Scott Clark, Howard Hogancamp, Randy Crownover, Darrel Hopp, Jay Van Housen, Keith Kimbell, Gary Kuenning, David Lane, Jim Fey, Danny Bruns, Clark Gartner. FOURTH ROW: Kenny Lamb, Bob Engelbrecht, Junior Steinhoff, Ralph Martens, Wayne Heather, Steve Meyer, Doug Se-vers, Stan Meyer, Jerry Wiebusch, Bruce Keim, Kurt Ehlers, Bud Ruge. BACK ROW: Gary Spicer, Dennis Royal, Gary Mohr, Roger Royal, Scott Engelbrecht, Quentin Severe. 0-8 season record. Fullback George Hanssen eludes Nebraska City defender. NEBRASKA CITY VS SYRACUSE Both teams played very little defensive as arch-rival Nebraska City defeated the Rockets by a score of 26-20, on the local gridiron. The Rockets first score came as George Hanssen carried the ball on a plunge to put the Rockets ahead 7-6. Sophomore back, Gary Spicer picked off a Pioneer pass and scooted 50 yds. to push the score to 13-7. The Rocket offense bogged down in the closing minutes of the first half as they fumbled on their own 27 yd. line and Nebraska City made good on the opportunity and tallied a touchdown. The first half action ended in a 13-13 deadlock.. With time running out, and down by a score of 26-20, the Rockets drove to the Pioneer 23 yd, line but had to relinquish control of the ball when the fourth down try was inches short. Nebraska City played ball control the remaining minutes, but were forced to punt to the locals with one minute left, The punt touched a Syracuse player and was recovered by a Pioneer to ice the contest. Although the football team failed to gain recognition, two individuals received state wide recognition. Coach Hon Wagner was selected to serve as an assistant coach of the South Shrine Bowl Squad and Bill Formanack was one of the few Class "B" players to be picked to play in the bowl game. TECUMSEH VS SYRACUSE Syracuse played the Tecumseh Indians to a scoreless first half at Syracuse in the opening game. The Indians came back strong the second half as they took the opening kickoff and marched 77 yds. for their first score of the game. The Rockets were unable to move against the tough forward wall of the visitors as the locals fumbled on their own 26 yd. line and set up a second touchdown for Tecumseh, Senior quarterback, Bob Brandt, got the Rockets in the scoring column with an aerial to Bill Formanack to account for the lone syracuse score. Tecumseh scored another touchdownin the closing minutes to put the final score at 19-6. Bill Formanack receives pass from Bob Brandt and picks up valuable yardage against Auburn. Story of the season is told by Coach Wagner's expression. HOLY NAME VS SYRACUSE Holy Name defeated the Rockets by a score of 33-6 on the Omaha field. The Rockets, plaqued by injuries and illness, played the Ramblers pretty close until giving up two quick touchdowns in the third quarter, Stan Meyer recovered a Rambler fumble in the third period to set up the lone Syracuse tally. RALSTON VS SYRACUSE Ralston spoiled Homecoming by reg- istering a 25-6 victory on a cold, windy, rain-swept field. Dave Way, transfer student from Syracuse, returned home to haunt his former teammates by catching nearly a dozen passes and scoring two touchdowns. Only a dozen pep club members re- mained in the stands to cheer the Rockets on. Once again, Syracuse scored their lone touchdown on a Brandt to Formanack pass. '66 Rocket football PLATTSMOUTH VS SYRACUSE Plattsmouth dominated the hapless Rockets, 40-6, on October 21 on the victors field. Platter back, Max Linder, broke the game wide open in the second quarter by returning a syracuse punt 60 yds. untouched for the score, Only bright spot for the losers was a flurry in the fourth quarter, when the reserves headed by quarterback Gary Weller, flashed power to drive for the lone touchdown against the Plattsmouth starters. PAPILLION VS SYRACUSE Syracuse traveled to Papillion for their third contest and were defeated by a score of 40-7. Although gaining more yards and more first downs than their opponents ,the Rockets trailed the Monarchs 27-0 at halftime. Dropped passes and fumbles continued to haunt the winless Rockets. The only scoring threat by the locals came in the third quarter as runs by Gary Spicer, Jim Pope, and Dan Bottcher moved the ball to the Papio 15 yd. line. Brandt found Formanack open in the end zone to account for the lone tally. Jim Pope is tackled by Auburn player. highlights. Only bright spot for the Rockets came in the closing stanza as some of the in- experienced reserves showed flashes of an offense. FALLS CITY VS SYRACUSE Still trying for their first victory of the season, the Rockets were beaten in the closing minutes by the Falls City Tigers, 20-13. Scoring for Syracuse was a 3 yd. line plunge by Jim Pope, Dan Bottcher added the extra point. A Brandt to Jerry Vtiebusch pass accounted for the other Rocket score, The loss put the Rockets in last place of the Southern Division ofthe conference and ended the firstwinless seasonin modern history. U I . S eg i cifxfhlsggg f :::'?52i'gq29Q A-rs. its-ur fm: Head Coach Ron Wagner explains practice schedule to Assistants Roger Witt and K. Appleget as Captains Bill Formanack, Bob Brandt, and Larry Wellman look on. or """" gf ...fs Plattsmouth Blue Devil stops Howard Hogancarnp during touchdown drive. Dale Kruse scores field goal in District Tourney action despite Fairbury defender. Basketball team Varsity basketballers compiled a 15-7 season record under the direction of Coach Roger Witt. Going into the Ak-Sar-Ben Conference Tournament the team sported a 5-1 record and had little trouble in disposing of hot shooting Plattsmouth in the opening round 84-73. Second round opponent was no match for the Rockets as they gained a berth to the finals by 63-52 score. Auburn eliminated hopes for the cham- pionship crown by defeating the locals 49- 59, as the offense bogged down for the first time. Coach: Roger Witt, Larry Wellman, Howard Isaacs, Bill Formanack, Ken Brinkhoff, Jerry Kepler, Gary Bob Brandt, Doug Severs, Roger Royal, Dale Kruse Weiler, Duane Hopp,StudentManager:Junior Steinhoff. 58 defeated in finals of District Tournament. Coach Roger Witt and Captains Brandt and Formanack receive second place District tourney trophy from Director. VARSITY SEASON RECORD Falls City 68-44 :Elkhorn St. John's 72-42 Cozad 52-50 Nebraska City 54-55 Ralston 76-58 Pius X 66-46 Papillion 63-52 Platts mouth 84- 73 Papillion 63-52 Auburn 49-59 Auburn 64-69 Platts mouth 7 2- 61 Millard 77-58 Cathedral 63-66 Ashland 75-53 Holy Name 67-73 Crete 58-69 David City 80-64 Wahoo 68-57 Superior 81-66 Fairbury 71-58 Auburn 72- 74 WON 15 LOST 7 Roger Royal goes high above Auburn defenders to score a basket in losing cause during finals of District Tourney. Rockets gain finals in Conference Tourney B TEAM High scorer, Bill Formanack gets rebound against Superior. SEASON RECORD Falls City - Elkhorn St. John's Nebraska City Ralston Pius X Papillion Auburn Plattsrnouth Millard Omaha Cathedral Ashland ' Holy Name Crete David City Aquinas Wahoo WON 10 LOST 5 vis Coach Witt gives advice during time out. "B' TEAM FRONT ROW: Jay VanHousen, Bruce Spitz, Meyer, Don Halbasch, Bruce Keim, Daryl Hopp, Tim Clark Gartner, Jim Fey, Dan Bruns, Ken Lamb, Darrel Hoffman. an Petersen. BACK ROW: Dennis Royal, Steve Meyer, St District tourney action saw the Rockets defeating Superior and Fairbury in the first and second rounds respec- tively. Once again Auburn was the op- ponent in the finals played at Beatrice, and defeated the Rockets 72- 74 to win a trip to the State Tournament. The Rocket put forth a staunch effort in forcing the game into two overtimes before falling. Seniors, Bob Brandt and Bill Formanack were named to the Ak-Sar- Ben All-Tourney and All-Conference teams. Both gained honorable mention for All-State honors. Bill Formanack was the top scorer with a season total of 466 points or an average of 21 points per game. Bob Brandt was runner-up in scoring with a total of 427, and also was crowned Free Throw Champion by hitting an 80. 4fZ1 of his attempts. Junior Roger Royal was leading rebounder with a total of 265. Mr. Lawrence served as assistant to Coach Witt in completing another successful season. Captain Bob Brandt receives runner-up trophy during Ak-Sar-Ben Conference Tourney. 3 if Rockettes volleyball team posts 7-8 Barbara Boardman returns ball to Weeping Water defender. The Syracuse High School Rockettes were under a new coach this year, Mr. Richard Stock. The Rockettes came out with an average season, the over all record being 7-8. In their opening game against Elmwood, the Rockettes lost 15-9, 14-9. They came back to a victory against the Cook Cougars 15-8, 15-11. The club played 15 games this season and also entered two tournaments, the Syracuse "S' Club Tournament and the Peru Invitational. Janice Bruns was selected forthe All-Tourney team at the Syracuse 'S' Club tournament. Syracuse was defeated by third place winner, Dawson-Verdon at Peru Invitational. There were no set captains for the team, but different ones served as captains for each game. Leading the team this season was Janice Bruns, Shirley Wallen, Dee Fentiman, Sandy LaFollette, and Sherri Lucas. season record. Shirley Wallen returns volley during Weeping Water game. Front Row: Mary Kuenning, Kathy McWilliams, June Sandy LaFo11ette, Ann Formanack, Dee F entim an, Bottcher, Janet McWilliams, Deanna Bond, Janice Bruns, Barbara Griepenstroh, Shirley Wallen, Peggy Bro, Betty Kathy Johns. Back Row: Marcia Boettcher, Sherri Lucas, Thormahlen. x. Ak-Sar-Ben Conference champ, Jerry Kepler s h ows championship for in the two-mile run. 45, .154 1967 track team. Rocket thinclads under the direction of Mr. Vaughn Lawrence placed seventh in the Ak-Sar-Ben Conference meet. The cin- dermen, who were hampered by bad weath- erg also placed fourth at the Peru Invitational meet. Jerry Kepler participating in the Cross Country placed second in both the conference and district meets. In capturing the first place in the two mile run conference champ Kepler set a new school and conference record at 10:07. Mile relay team members, George Hanssen, Jerry Wiebusch, Larry Hill, and Howard Isaacs set a new school record in this event. Serving as captains for the track team wereg George Hanssen, Howard Isaacs and Jerry Kepler. Mr. Witt and Mr. Appelget served as assistant coaches. , 'C'-55 TRACK TEAM FRONT ROW: Coach Vaughn Lawrence, Glen Rosenthal, Ken Brinkhoff, George Hanssen, Howard Isaacs, Jerry Kepler, Jay Nisely. SECOND ROW: As- sistant Coach Roger Witt, Don Halbasch, Tim Hoffman, Darrel Petersen, Jerry Wiebusch, Stan Meyer, Doug Severs, Gary Spicer, Assistant Coach E.K, Appelget. 'Q 5, vu, g at . 1' ' THIRD ROW: Dan Kepler, Roger Bond, Kent Antes, Larry Hill, Jr. Steinhoff, Jim Fey, Clark Gartner. BACK ROW: Steve Berner, Phil McCallum, Don Beckman, Dennis Venema, Bill Boyes, Ken Snyder, Keith Liesrneyer, Pat Nisely. Golf team Plagued by inclement weather, snow in May, and a lack of facilitiesg Coach Wagner's golf team placed ninth in the Ak-Sar-Ben Conference. Bob Brandt was medalist for the team by shooting a 93 at the meet held at Wahoo. Bill Formanack and Bruce Spitz were the next low men with a 94 and 95 respectively. The varsity posted a record of 1-5 with their sole victory being Norris-Hickman. The reserve group recorded a 2-4 record. Their victories were over Nebraska City and Norris-Hickman. Junior, Bruce Spitz was low medalist for the linksmen in amajority of the matches. Coach Wagner and returning lettermen are hopeful that golf facilities at Syracuse will be completed in time for the 1968 sea- son, thus eliminating the need to travel to Nebraska City for practice. Golf coach, Mr. Wagner, instructs Bruce Spitzincorrect fOI'l'I'1. W K Q Q1 F F VARSITY GOLF TEAM Bob Ryder B111 Formanack Bruce Spitz. and Bob Brandt L Qi I' gaze The operation of the nuclear energy plant at Hallam is explained to Mr. Deen and physics students IFJ FSU f H s SNK.. ,.,,,...i.. Classes "Launched with a bang" is the only way to describe the 1966-67 school year at Syracuse High. The typical "first day of school" confusion prevailed as disappointed students mobbed the office to have schedules rearranged and courses changed. After a few days, everyone settled down to thirty-six weeks of normal, event-filled, school life. SHS Sophomores started the year with a Surfer's Dance, to acquaint themselves with their upperclassmen. Then came the time to pick class rings--a day every Sophomore eagerly awaits. The Junior class returned to heavier books and hardercourses. With rings on their fingers, the Juniors climaxed their year by presenting an unforgettable Prom. The annual magazine sales campaign and several other events expanded the Junior treasury for future Sneak Day plans. This pace continued throughout the school year. Dances, contests, meetings , and games filled up the days--and nightsfand rounded off a year of increased knowledge and responsibilities. Although it's only natural that each student believes his class is best, all stu- dents agree that each class is an important part of SHS, l Sophomores begin Sr. High life at Svracuse Class sponsors, Miss Trabert, Mr. Dean, and Mr. Benson had their hands full when the 85 sophomores claimed a place in the every day role of SHS. This vigorous class started the year out by holding a "Surfer's Dance" for their upper classmen at the Senior High School, By the end of the semester almost everyone was acquainted with them and they knew just about all other fellow students too. - S . Dennis Baker ', 'V ajiigjg Naomi Beckman 11' W A an , F S' 'PY u P2 s 'mx 0 Q r f!1'5 Sophomore class officers: Dee Fentiman, Presidentg Pam Wurtele, Treasurerg Doug Severs, Vice Presidentg and Tim Hoffman, Secretary. ,tip Jim Boardman 1 ,. H v 53 ' Bill Bossung H ,.', K,,i S Jolene Boyes i Bob Bray ' itii --f' -,y., S N t X. N ,i , Q. , A 4 , Danny Bruns bvq ' 12 4 ' Comme BYY-an 5 , ' t t, gf, Marcia Conradi .3 p Vp ::" ' Bob Engelbrecht :ZI -- f p f b f H my Dee Fentiman i.ii ,t 4-egg il: fag 3 i ii. . ,..., .... 2 E i,- .M M a. L V I E Jim Fey if 'ff-ti ,. E Shirley Fisk J N, Ann Formanack 'HQ' Clark Gartner if W' W " Irene Gartner X , A .1 E Debbie Gilfert I, ,I etl Barbara Griepenstroh Q IVEI Q 5 Nancy Halvorsen .b':: Kathy Hansen Bob Harms S p ye r ga Mary Hart 6 cindi Helnke with many new and valuable experiences. Patsy Henke David Henry Rodney Hespen Roxanne Hespen Tim Hoffman Connie Horns Jackie Hunzeker Shirley Jacobson Arlene Johnson Clint Johnson Keith Kimbell Dennis Knickman Lyle Koch Dennis Koester Alan Kreifels Carol Jean Kreifels Gary Kuenning Kenny Lamb David Lane Jerry Lewis Gary Liesemeyer Eugene Lindsey Susan Mallette Tim McCallum Tony Meredith Dean Meyer Annette Minderman Nola Mohlman Gary Mohr Vickie Morris Debbie Nannen Linda Niebuhr Peggy Ottens Linda Pickerill Dianna Pummel K NW , 1 va' 1 W cifff' 'sveifz zwgfi - ., ri , . U, x rw 9' ,yarn-"' it 4 Kimi fs 3 S' 2 . fy .sew- 7 'QM-can K' 3 .nf R at iii' if ...1Mr' 'kv - ' -'W' N A . ,',f'-5 ,- . qi .War ' it 5 A 'W' Q' 51 K X pr.. L? - of 'ffl " X X if, . ,AI 1 i el I - an-ws A 1 Y . 1 -9,0 :Y 5 I 'wal' E 1 ' 1251. it it Q nia,s ,Q i zfli jl-i V A kiwi? it if Q .IA bib? ii I 'fl iz V fi x " A . :Si f." ea , Q V-4' T93 i f , .,, ,lf 429 U, ..,, in: I a n - 35, 4' fu 'WJ ' K s is M' 1' eff J.. . - V -z df A - if ' 4. f 5-ii x as 1, if P L we '21 1' 7 it J 'ff' a. fs. ,Q we if A f w e Surfer dance sponsored by Sophomores Ken Redden Nelson Rodaway Dean Roos Dennis Royal Danny Schutz Doug Severs Emma Snyder Gary Spicer Diana Staack Kathy Staack Junior Steinhoff Gene Stubbendick V -- ?. N kl 5 :ii .V .. -, -:v. :' , -, . . y aa , - WA V '6 ' AA -v,,- 'L ,K Z' Q V S 'ai K 'M LY 5 ' .L Q :,. . XX 2 , KV V1 ' I i.a 'L 5 :ff if ii' - Q1 ia: L, t - ":': - KX . ' ynyyyy Q S , it new we . if , , ,A ' , .V h Connie seutneit fo sy ys Roger Tritsch -A f:. . M V, ,..v. ,I H, Dennis Vodicka , . 1' - . yo onn sn - Dialm vofucka V -T '1' - f -N Jerry Vollertsen E, t,..,-31 5 7 V ' -ff' ' Shirley Wallen ' ., S -- ' X I Bonita Wendeln Sdn: , 1 rf V "" . V I ' Tim W9St Kent Windhorst ft' ..,' rss yt ' . Carol Wirth 3 N to 12 .. ",' R Joan Witte U S as Pam Wurtele k K is 'f f .., L52 'Q' s 'Ma Superintendent Don Craig addresses the opening session of high school. .,,..4w" Juniors receive long anticipated rings. Jr Class Officers Lois Brehm, Presidentg Kathy Vrana, Vice Presidentg Lois Petersen Secretaryg and Sue Bruns, Treasurer. Donna Bade Rodney Boardman Marcia Boettcher Colleen Bottcher Bob Bossung Jack Bray Lois Brehm Bruce Brogard Janice Bruns Mary Donna Bruns Sue Bruns Leland Carmichael Brenda Clark Scott Clark Keith Compton Randy Crownover Jean Doan Larry Edgar Kurt Ehlers Scott Engelbrecht Once again the Syracuse area renewed their magazine subscriptions as the Juniors started the 66-67 year out with their annual drive. After waiting half of last year and all summer, the long-awaited day finally arrived when the Juniors received their class rings. Sponsors, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Price, Mrs. Gtaki and the industrious Juniors were kept busy for several hours working vigorously on the big event of the year--the Junior-Senior Prom. They are now awaiting the privilege of being the ones entertained next year as Seniors. , K N X. ,,.. , , 4' . , ., A M - at M, - V ' . I x a - ff' C " 'nf Q ,- 1 S. , a 5 . . . . , K, K iigfgxi tk WA , an 'L 21, V .L 4' 3 Q2 fi 8.5 igfieive. VL I -b 'V K I V ' ft ig ' f K f ' - xx Al 'x S "W ' 7" - -"gl V A K fi 1 8,1 5 f Q . K 3. . ix 6 ' wi: 'i nit 'r ix ' 1 X . ' g "1 K , , ii.. M V. . ff. W af 2 .Q A-. i f' a C .tithe .- 6 A 'fr Q--V 4, r 4 , K gd , f '- 5' 1 : bg if all-av 1 ai Va 'M',.5 '54 is , , A X 3 K it Juniors stage successful magazine sales Ht, f -f ,.., .eq Q X, .. 5 V is fr AL ':, ,X W .. . 1 , , f or K g f: Sqft V5 X ll? M T .t - no , , I K, Ls t o - A 3 'g Se rge f -f' 'ska H- A 1 'V'h W X :bl D .. . V :Q -. 'f - I . '- .f Ll: '- '4 :tiff 1' 31" t - ,fi-i n -L' ' - W ' W ' i,e 1' ' iii " Q :.. is ' S y D to ,V-, 'Q kM,i,r:,x W Q in it 5 .. sssa ' K H e ' :..: ., t l X it ,-hV ' Q :Vhk I I , ..,.f,.,. Q E? . H 9 K - ' 1 ",i 5 is je an s z A Q " e , a t . e W ' f S - . , i - i L.aL P , ' eee' 1 " 1 L-'L 2 V l j ' -, I " ' ' 1 wan 1. ' S - ,. , H Q is :gn ,gmt b 72 Linda Farmer Nancy Fisk Don Halbasch Linda Halm Kathy Halvorsen Wayne Heather Sherry Hespen Walter Hespen Pam Hillman Pat Hillman Howard Hogancamp Connie Holdsworth Daryl Hopp Leonard Isaacs Roxanne Johns Kathy Juilfs Bruce Keim Alan Kepler Mary Koester Sandy LaFo1lette Debby Lankton John Lenker Reta Lieswald Kurt Lutjemeyer Dala Mannschreck Ralph Martens Kathy McWilliams Donna Meyer Irene Meyer Stan Meyer Steve Meyer Sandy Neeman Kent Noell Darrel Petersen Lois Petersen campaign and plan exciting Jr.-Sr. Prom. Linda Siefken Bruce Spitz Peggy Stubbendieck Marie Thormahlen Kathy Vrana Kathy Warnke Gary Weller Janice Wellensiek Jim Whitehead Jerry Wiebusch Linda Wilkins Mary Wirth Lynn Schomerus Linda Schreiter Donn Schroeder Lois Schulte Quentin Severe Eager Juniors receive long awaited class in the year. Susan Rippe Bruce Roberts Paul Philburn Steve Rlppe 5 if .i i 0 fix, Barbara Ropers 'ia ai' 1 T' -Q hx X K 194' -sis Roger Royal Maurice Ruge Bob Ryder Diana Schneider g ttay 6 x Zi wif '- 'Sf fy., . 4-c - 139: ga, g ! ,Hg yi ft-A xi 'if X I i 'fx K A f S , A-- ,, 5 ' 5 ,S , aa n g .M y E5 ' w e' if , i Eff' , view i i e'.i l - ,. - 5 M l., ., Q ' i ' X :. - 1 i -1 Qi g, fiiifif .2 .aw -. W rings early J if 'k 7. V at ,gf fa, ,, 'Fa - y 5+ 3, is .- 11 LE? K ' at ,ri I, V ,A-jg-fits Q. I fa, 1 .,...v Y J,,, it ay br x.293i3a?QQm fig? tui- H ' uf ML? F258 5' ew if 6 , X survey Faculty members, K. Appelget and Ron Wagner, guard Senior Larry Wellman during Senior- Faculty basketball game. E 9. 4512233 7' ,. 1 f H gate' -...Q Seniors It was September, 1963. Dozens of confused, young freshmen entered Syracuse High School, wandering aimlessly through the halls. After a few weeks, the freshman of 1963 became involved in homework, extra-curricular activities, and a feeling of class pride. They had just begun to realize that they had a lot of living to do throughout the next four years. Finally they were sophomores--no longer the underclassmen. And then juniors- -time to pick class rings, and moving into the new Sr. High building. Then the class shifted into "high" as it became the Senior class of 1967. It was an event-filled year as Seniors made all- important decisions on graduation an- nouncements, caps and gowns, class colors, flower, and motto. Every Senior eagerly participated in making plans for their Sneak Trip to the Ozarks. Time and effort provided the Senior class with competition, spurring them on to the final processional to receive their diplomas. It is the hope of Seniors that they have contributed what they should have to SHS, Now the Class of '67 is a little bit wiser and better prepared for the future yet to be lived. Senior Class of 1967 participates in iii Rev R Beckman delivers the Baccalaureate sermon to seniors and parents. Approximately 1700 people were in at- tendance at the Commencement Exercises held May 25 in the school auditorium. Rev. Doug McPherson, a 1950 graduate of SHS, delivered the address to the capacity crowd. McPherson who serves at pastor of the B,C, Clark Memorial Methodist Church, in Oklahoma City noted "What we Want for you is that you will become decent reasonable happy, responsible fully civilized human beings." Rev. R. Beckman gave the invocation and the benediction. The high school band, under the direction of Mr. B,A, Johnson played the processional. Marcia Gately was named as valedictorian, and Deanna Lamb was salutatorian. Scholarship winners included: Judy Stoner, Veteransg Deanna Lamb, Regents and Wesleyang Glen Rosethal, Regents Alternate and Communityg Howard Isaacs and George Hanssen, Perug Barb Boardman, Wesleyan Alumnig Linda Stubbendeck Ak-Sar-Beng Mary Gergen, College of St. Maryg Janet Kehlbeck, Danag Marcia Gately, Creighton. Mr. Don Anderson, President ofthe Board of Education, presented the diplomas. long-awaited graduation ceremonies. PWS SHS math teacher, Mr. David McPherson congratulates Dr. and Mrs. Harold Gately congratulate daughter, Marcia son, Doug on Commencement address, as Superintendent for being named Valedictorian. of Schools, Mr. Don Craig looks on. Deanna Lamb delivers Salutatory address. Jtmior Usher, Jerry Weibusch assists parents in finding seating at Baccalaureate Services. Seniors complete last year at SHS with A busy year engulfed the SHS Seniors beginning with a class meeting the first day of school. Graduation announcements and memory books were ordered at this meeting. The class flower, pink rose, and the class colors, burgundy and pink, were also decided upon. At a later meeting, the class motto "One goal reached and many beyond" was chosen. Advising the senior class officers were Mr, Witt, Mr, Craig, Superintendent, and Mr, Rhodus, Principal. The Seniors were able to attend County Government Day again this year. Campaign speeches were given at a special class meeting. The annual yell contest, spon- sored by the Pep Club, was won again this year by the Seniors. They are the first class to capture first place all three years. Twenty-six Seniors, the upper one-third of the class in scholastic achievements, qualified for the Regents' Exams in November. The results disclosed Deanna Lamb as winner and Glen Rosenthal and Larry Janssen as alternates. Ken Aden Randy Baker Karen Baldwin Margaret Behrens Fred Berner Barb Boardman 29? '34 Senior class officers Dan Fentiman, Treasurer, Wayne Brehm Vice-Presidentg Bob Brandt, Presidentg and Susan Stilwell, Sec- retary, make plans for delivering phone books. full schedule of events and activities. Deanna Bond Dan Bottcher Robert Brandt Wayne Brehm Ken Brinkhoff Robert Bryan QIQ if W fm--.1 . t L11 Q V .. F' iii:-,. KU EHS- 'si Gene Carper Linda Crook Dan Crownover Gary Eisenhauer Linda Engelbrecht Dan Fentiman Seniors work for Sneak Day by sponsoring B111 Formanack Marcia Gately Mary Gergen George Hanssen Debbi Heine Dean Henke The SHS Senior spent a considerable amount of his time planning and partici- pating in the various fund-raising events, in an effort to earn finances for the annual Sneak trip to the Ozarks, One of the first "Senior sponsored" events was the Christmas Ball. This dance, in which mistletoe prevailed, helped pro- mote Christmas spirit among the under- classmen as well as Seniors, Another money-making project for the Senior treasury and the new athletic field was an attempt by the faculty to defeat Seniors in a basketball game. A large crowd viewed the escapades of the "teach- ers-turned-athletes" and the faculty boost- ers, Their efforts were unsuccessful as the Senior All-Stars triumphed in a close 56-55 game, Thirty Seniors contributed a Saturday morning of their busy schedule in deliver- ing the new 1967 telephone books, This project netted S50 for the class. Larry Janssen congratulates senior, Bob Brandt, on his recent induction into Honor Society. Christmas Ball and delivering phone hooks. .154- Jerry Janeke Larry Janssen Janet Kehlbeck Duane Kepler Jerry Kepler Norene Kimbell Gary Henry Bea Hillman Nancy Holscher Duane Hopp Trudy Horns Howard Isaacs V , 82 1. First place in annual yell contest awarded Senior cheerleaders Judy Stoner, Bob Peterson, Mary Gergan, Larry Wellman, and Jan Reeg lead their class to victory In the annual yell contest. Sandy Knake Pam Koch Bernice Kraenow Marylyn Kraenow Dale Kruse Mary Kuenning to spirited Seniors for 3rd straight year. Deanna Lamb Larry Lawton Cheryl Lucas Sandra Mallette Paul Minderman Linda Mohlman Sue Morrissey Jay Nisely Pat Petersen Robert Peterson Mark Pickerill Jim Pope "One goal reached and many beyond" J an Reeg J anis Rodaway Glen Rosenthal Gary Royal Connie Sawyer Ron Scheinost 'Q +- fffh ngfjff' , we y ' e L- I K : N K ,lv X' . li' . gpg? , I r s 5' A 174.2 e.,- A k an- 5'r"4f if .fr ' ' :Ik rnfkfgi ,qua .ga ,A ,f:vK,f",,'faK?. : I if '32, nm :pvlli 9:-, Senior English students B111 Formanack, Dan Fentiman, and Jan Reeg, present their inter- pretation of a Grecian play. chosen as motto for Seniors Patty Schutz Sandra Severs Susan Stilwell Judy Stoner Linda Stubbendeck Sandra Vodicka of 1967. Marilyn Vollertsen John Weber Larry Wellman Bev West David Wetz Darline Wilken After graduation - college and careers. Robert Winkler Stan Wirth V Steve Wirth Dexter Wolf Shirley Yearsley Seniors, Bev West and Dan Crownover, enjoy dancing at the Christmas Ball. N f .X Seniors from many Nebraska cities congregated on the University of Nebraska campus, October 22 for the annual Senior Information Day. After aquick welcome,the students found themselves traipsing around the campus in search of various classes. The afternoon was spent visiting the special- ized colleges. These day-long sessions were held four times throughout the year to better acquaint Seniors with college life. The Seniors have quickly passed their last busy, fun-filled year at SHS. For some, graduation only marks the real beginning of a long road ahead, filled with more study and learning. For others, it is the end of their studies, as they prepare to begin a career of their own. All look back on their high school days with fond memories but they also look ahead to the fulfillment of long-planned dreams. All are reminded and left to ponder over their class motto, "One goal reached and many beyond I" Senior Statistics KEN ADEN Mixed Chorus 2,3,43 Boys' Octet 2,43 Contest Solo 3,43 State Music Clinic 43 Chorus Librarian 43 Choraliers 43 Annual Staff 3,43 Boys Quartet 3,43 Boys Chorus 13 Madrigals 33 RANDY BAKER Class Play Stage Hand 33 KARAN BALDWIN Pep Club 1,2.3,43 School Newspaper Staff 43 Library Staff 43 County Government Day 33 Carnival Royalty 43 MARGARET BEHRENS FRED BERNER Soil Judging 33 County Government Day 43 FFA 3.43 BARBARA BOARDMAN Class Officer 13 Pep Club 1,2,43 Volleyball 1,31 School News- paper Staff 43 Regents Exam 43 FTA 43 County Government Day 4: DEANNA BOND Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girl's Glee 1.2,3.4: Triple Trio 1,2.3,43 Contest 3,43 Pep Club 1.2.33 A Club 1.2,33 Sextet 3,43 Choraliers 43 Volleyball 1,2,3,43 Cheerleader 33 Annual Staff 33 Class Play 33 All School Play 33 Volleyball Captain 33 Athletic Queen At- tendant 33 All Conference Volleyball Player Honorable Mention 33 DAN BOTTCHER S Club 2,3,43 Football County Government Day 33 Carni- val Royalty 43 Soil Judging 3,43 BOB BRANDT Mixed Chorus 43 Class Officer 3,43 S Club 3,43 S Club Officer 43 Scholastic at Peru 33 Basketball 1.2,3,43 Golf 2,3,43 Football 1,2,3,43 All Conference Basketball 43 Track 13 School Newspaper Staff 3.43 Class Play 33 Regents Exam 43 Homecoming Royalty 43 Prom Royalty 43 Nat'l Honor Society 43 County Government Day 33 National Math Contest 33 FFA 43 All School Play 43 WAYNE BREHM S Club 3,41 Football 1,2,3,43 All Conference Football 43 Regents Exam 43 County Government Day 43 FFA 3.43 FFA Officer 43 KEN BRINKHOFF S Club 2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,4Q Track 1.2,3,43 Class Play 33 Snow Royalty 43 Prom Royalty 43 Cross Country 2,33 BOB BRYAN Mixed Chorus 1.2,3,43 Boys' Octet 2.43 Choraliers 43 County Government Day 33 FFA 3,43 FFA Officer 3,43 GENE CARPER S Club 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1.23 Track 1.2.33 County Government Day 43 FFA 3,43 LINDA CROOK Pep Club 1.23 DAN CROWNOVER S Club 2,3.43 Basketball 1.23 Football 1,2.3,4, Track 1.2.31 School Newspaper Staff 3.43 Golf 43 County Government Day 33 Carnival Royalty 43 GARY EISENHAUER Class Officer 23 Basketball 13 LINDA ENGELBRECHT Band 1.2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 1.2,3.43 Pep Band 2.3.43 Pep Club 1,2,3,43 Twirler 3,41 Girls Octet 3: Volleyball 1: Cheerleader 23 School Newspaper Staff 33 County Government Day 43 All School Play 43 DAN FENTIMAN Class Officer 43 S Club 3.43 Boy's State 33 Football 2.3,43 Track 23 Regents Exam 43 Nat'l Honor Society 43 Library Staff 43 County Government Day 43 National Math Contest 3,4. ,..,"" 'nag 3-H V- 5 3, ,,. , . ti . K' .f-v. Busy FTA members prepare for St. Patrick Day Carnival. BILL FORMANACK Band 1, Mixed Chorus 3.43 S Club 233.42 S Club Officer 43 Mad- rigals 33 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Golf 3,43 Football 1,2,3,43 All Con- ference Football 3.41 All Conference Basketball 3,43 School Newspaper Staff 3,43 Homecoming Royalty 23 Snow Royalty 43 May Dance Royalty 13 County Government Day 33 All State Hon- orable Mention Basketball 43 MARCIA GATELY Band 1.2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 2,3.43 Girl's Glee 1.2,3,43 Pep Band 3.43 Contest Solo 43 Accompanist 1,2,3.43 All State Band 43 Majorette 43 Pep Club 1,2.3,4Q Scholastic at Peru 2.33 Choraliers 3.43 Twirler 1.2.31 Woodwind Quintet 1.2,3,43 Annual Staff 33 School Newspaper Staff 23 Regents Exam 43 DAR Essay 43 Nat'l Honor Society 3.43 Library Staff 33 County Government Day 43 National Math Contest 2,33 District Music Contest 1.2,3,4: AkSarBen Honor Band 3.43 State DAR Essay 43 MARY GERGEN Band 3,41 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girl's Glee 1,23 Pep Band 3,43 Class Officer 33 Pep Club 12.3.43 Pep Club Officer 3.43 Scho- lastic at Peru 23 Chorus Officer 43 Volleyball 1,2,3Q School Newspaper Staff 3.43 Regents Exam 43 DAR Essay 43 Home- coming Royalty 33 Snow Royalty 43 Prom Royalty 43 May Dance Royalty 3,41 Nat'l Honor Society 3.43 County Government Day 3: GEORGE HANSSEN S Club 1,2.3,43 Football 1,2.3.43 Track l,2.3,4Q County Govern- ment Day 33 Cross Country l,3,43 DEBBIE HEINE Mixed Chorus 2,43 Girl's Glee 2.43 Pep Club 1,2.3.43 Annual Staff 3,43 Regents Exam 43 Library Staff 43 DEAN HENKE Boys Glee 1.2: Mixed Chorus 13 Class Play 33 County Govern- ment Day 33 FFA 3,43 GARY HENRY BEATRICE HILLMAN Mixed Chorus 1.2,3,43 Girl's Glee 2,3,43 Pep Club 1,2,33 Cho- raliers 43 Regents Exam 43 Betty Crocker Award 43 County Government Day 33 NANCY HOLSCHER Band 1.2,3.43 Mixed Chorus 2,3.43 Girl's Glee 1,2.3,4: Pep Band 3,42 Triple Trio 1,43 Clarinet Choir 43 Pep Club 1,2,3.43 Class Play 33 County Government Day 43 All School Play 4: DUANE HOPP S Club 43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Football 1,2,3,43 Track 33 County Government Day 43 FFA 3,43 FFA Officer 43 Senior home ec class serves faculty members at Christmas tea. TRUDY HORNS Pep Club 23 Regents Exam 43 Library Staff 43 HOWARD ISAACS S Club 233343 Basketball 1233.43 Football 23 Track 1.2.3343 Class Play 33 Regents Exam 43 Nat'l Honor Society 3343 Nat'l Honor Society Officer 43 FTA 3.43 FTA Officer 43 County Government Day 33 Cross Country 33 All School Play 43 JERRY JANEKE Band 1.233343 Pep Band 3343 Basketball 1.23 Class Play 33 Re- gents Exam 43 FTA 233343 National Math Contest 33 FFA 3343 LARRY JANSSEN Band 233343 Pep Band 3.43 Brass Sextet 43 School Newspaper Staff 43 Class Play 33 Regents Exam 43 May Dance Royalty 2.3.41 Nat'l Honor Society 3343 FTA 43 County Government Day 33 Na- tional Math Contest 33 FFA 3.43 FFA Officer 43 VFW Contest 43 Lions Club Contest 4: JANET KEHLBECK Band 1.2.3343 Mixed Chorus 2.33 Girl's Glee 1.2.33 Pep Band 3343 Contest Solo 43 Band Officer 43 Pep Club 132.3343 Woodwind Quintet 2.3.43 Annual Staff 43 Class Play 33 Regents Exam 43 Natl Honor Society 3343 Library Staff 33 County Government Day 33 Nat'1 Honor Society Officer 43 AkSarBen Honor Band 3.43 District Music Contest 3.43 DUANE KEPLER Mixed Chorus 1333 A Club 2.33 Basketball 1.2.33 Track 1.2333 Class Play 33 County Government Day 33 Baseball 2333 Student Council 1.2.31 JERRY KEPLER Mixed Chorus 33 Class Officer 33 S Club 4: Student Manager 23 Basketball 133343 Track 1.3.43 Annual Staff 33 Class Play 33 County Government Day 33 Cross Country 1.3343 Baseball 2,33 NORENE KIMBELL Girlis Glee 23 Pep Club Annual Staff 43 Regents Exam 41 Library Staff 41 SANDY KNAKE Pep Club 1321 Senior Statistics PAM KOCH Pep Club 1,23 Annual Staff 43 Regents Exam 43 FTA 23 Library Staff 1343 BERNICE KRAENOW MARLYN KRAENOW Band 13233343 Mixed Chorus 13233343 Girl's Glee 13233343 Triple Trio 1,2333 Madrigals 33 Sax Quartette 33 State Music Clinic 43 Class Officer 13 Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Choraliers 43 School News- paper Staff 43 FTA 43 County Government 43 Carnival Royalty 43 FTA Officer 43 DALE KRUSE Mixed Chorus 3343 S Club 233343 S Club Officer 43 Basketball 13233343 Golf 43 Football 13233343 Track 2333 School Newspaper Staff 43 Class Play 33 Homecoming Royalty 133343 Snow Royalty 43 FTA 43 County Government Day 33 MARY KUENNING Pep Club 13233343 Volleyball 233.43 Annual Staff 43 School News- paper Staff 43 Library Staff 3343 County Government Day 33 Library Officer 43 DEANNA LAMB Mixed Chorus 2,33 Girl's Glee 2,33 Pep Club 13233343 Scholastic at Peru 2,33 Regents Exam 43 Nat'1 Honor Society 3343 FTA 2,3343 Library Staff 133,43 County Government Day 43 National Math Contest 33 All School Play 43 FTA Officer 43 Honor Society Officer 43 LARRY LAWTON S Club 132333 Football 23 Track 1,2333 SHERRY LUCAS Pep Club 13233343 Volleyball 13233343 School Newspaper Staff 3343 Class Play 33 FTA 43 Library Staff 13 SANDY MALLETTE Band 13233343 Girl's Glee 1323 Clarinet Choir 43 Pep Club 13233343 Twirler 233343 Cheerleader 3343 Class Play 33 County Govern- ment Day 43 School Newspaper Staff 334: PAUL MINDERMAN School Newspaper Staff 43 Class Play 33 Regents Exam 43 County Government Day 33 National Math Contest 43 FFA 3341 FFA Of- ficer 43 LINDA MOHLMAN Girl's Glee 23 Pep Club 13233343 SUE MORRISSEY Band 1.233343 Mixed Chorus 2.3343 Girlls Glee 1.23 Triple Trio 13 Contest Solo 43 Clarinet Choir 132.3343 Chorus Officer 43 Pep Club 13233343 Volleyball 13 Cheerleader 13233343 School News- paper Staff 33 Class Play 33 Homecoming Royalty 1.43 Snow Royalty 43 Prom Royalty 43 May Dance Royalty 1.23 Nat'l Honor Society 43 FTA 233.43 FTA Officer 43 County Government Day 33 JAY NISELY S Club 3,41 Basketball 1.2333 Football 233343 Track 2,3343 PAT PETERSEN Band 13233343 Mixed Chorus 132.3343 Girlis Glee 132333 Pep Band 3.43 Band Officer 43 Pep Club 13233343 Brass Sextet 3343 AkSar- Ben Honor Band 3343 Annual Staff 43 School Newspaper Staff 43 Regents Exam 43 May Dance Royalty 4: ROBERT PETERSON Track 23 County Government Day 4: Land Judging Team 33 MARK PICKERILL Mixed Chorus 233.43 Basketball 13 County Government Day 4: JIM POPE S Club 233.43 Football County Government Day 31 Senior Statistics JAN REEG Mixed Chorus 13 Pep Club 1,23 School Newspaper Staff 43 Prom Royalty 43 Library Staff 43 County Government Day 43 National Math Contest 13 JANIS RODAWAY GLEN ROSENTHAL S Club 43 Scholastic at Peru 33 Track 3,43 Regents Exam 43 Li- brary Staff 1,233,43 National Math Contest 1,31 Cross Country 3343 GARY ROYAL Football 1,2333 Track 233343 Class Play 33 FFA 3343 FFA Farm Safety Award 43 CONNIE SAWYER Band 13233343 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girl's Glee 1,2343 Pep Band 1.3343 Band Librarian 13 Pep Club 13233343 Choraliers 43 Twirler 1,2,3,43 Volleyball 13 Cheerleader 23 May Dance Royalty 13 County Government Day 43X RON SCHEINOST S Club 2,3343 Football 2,3343 All Conference Football 33 Track 33 School Newspaper Staff 4. PATTY SCHUTZ Pep Club 1,2,3,43 Student Manager 3,43 School Newspaper Staff 3343 Class Play 33 Oratorical Contest 33 Library Staff 133,43 County Government Day 33 Library Officer 43 SANDRA SEVERS Girl's Glee 132: Pep Club 1.233343 Pep Club Officer 43 Cheer- leader 43 Annual Staff 33 School Newspaper Staff 3343 School Newspaper Editor 4: SUSAN STILWELL Mixed Chorus 2.3,43 Girl's Glee 2,3343 Class Officer 233,43 Pep Club 1323 Scholastic at Peru 23 Choraliers 43 School Newspaper Staff 3.43 Oratorical Contest 33 Regents Exam 43 DAR Essay 43 Nat'l Honor Society 3,43 Library Staff 3343 County Government Day 43 National Math Contest 33 JUDY STONER Mixed Chorus 13233.43 Girl's Glee 1.233.43 Triple Trio 33 Pep Club 1.2,334: Annual Staff 43 Class Play 33 Regents Exam 43 Library Staff 23 County Government Day 43 All School Play 43 LINDA STUBBENDECK Mixed Chorus 4: Girl's Glee 1.43 Scholastic at Peru 2.33 School Newspaper Staff 4: Regents Exam 43 Nat'l Honor Society 3,43 Library Staff 43 National Math Contest 3.41 SANDI VODICKA Pep Club 3,43 FTA 33 MARILYN VOLLERTSEN Band 1.2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 2,3.43 Girl's Glee 1.2.3343 Pep Band 1,233343 Clarinet Choir 1,233,43 Choraliers 43 JOHN WEBER Mixed Chorus 13 Basketball 2.33 Track 3.41 Class Play 132,33 Oratorical Contest 1.43 County Government Day 33 FFA 43 All School Play 1.2,33 LARRY WELLMAN S Club 3,43 Basketball 13233343 Golf 3343 Football 13233.43 School Newspaper Staff 4: BEV WEST Girl's Glee 1323 Pep Club 1,2,33 Library Staff 43 County Govern- ment Day 43 DAVID WETZ Band 13233343 Mixed Chorus 1.233.43 Pep Band 13233343 Boy's Octette 2,43 Contest Solo 2,3343 Flute Quartette 2,33 State Music Clinic 3,43 Choraliers 3,43 Woodwind Quintet 43 Regents Exam 43 May Dance Royalty 233,43 FTA 43 National Math Contest 2333 Boys Quartette 33 DARLINE WILKEN Band 2,3343 Mixed Chorus 2,3343 Girl's Glee 1,23 Band Officer 43 Class Officer 1: Pep Club 1.233,43 Volleyball 13 Cheerleader 233,43 Class Play 33 Homecoming Royalty 4, Snow Royalty 43 FTA 2.3,43 County Government Day 43 FTA Officer 43 Triple Trio 132: ROBERT WINKLER Scholastic at Peru 23 Nat'l Honor Society 43 Library Staff 233343 Library Officer 43 National Math Contest 3343 Cross Country 33 STAN WIRTH FFA 3343 FFA Officer 43 STEVE WIRTH Mixed Chorus 13 Basketball 33 FFA 3,43 Land Judging 33 DEXTER WOLF Basketball 23 Football 1323 Track 1,21 Soil Judging 2,33 FFA 1,2333 SHIRLEY YEARSLEY Band 13233343 Pep Band 3,43 Band Librarian 43 Pep Club 1323 Woodwind Quintet 43 Regents Exam 43 Senior High Custodian, Mr, Schutz busy working in the halls. ROCKET BOOSTERS Allen's Grocery, Avoca Allen Grocery, Otoe American Bank of Burr Anderson's Studio Andrews Insurance Agency Beach Jewelry Bottcher Feed Sz Seed Brinkhoff Produce Bro Flowers Clark "66 Service Coca Cola Bottling Co. Conoco Tank Wagon Service Damme's Service Davidson Insurance Agency Electro Gas Co. Engelbrecht Construction Co. Farm Bureau Insurance, Alvin Sucha Farmers Co-op Elevator Co., Burr Farmers Eelvator Inc. Farmers State Bank Farmers Union Co-op Elevator, Otoe Dr. H. H. Fechner First National Bank of Syracuse First National Bank of Unadilla Gambles Gartner Construction Co. Gloria's Beauty Salon Gobber's Insurance Granneman Insurance Agency Hallstrom Sz Son Insurance Hauschild Construction Hauschild Motor Co. Hawkins Drainage Co. Hill's Pharmacy Bernard Holscher, Trucking William L. Holscher, Trucking Horns Produce 85 Transfer Carrol Isaacs-Tank Wagon Service J ostens, Stan Skaug Joyce's Tip-Top Salon Kehlbeck Oil Co. Keim Farm Equipment Harold's Thriftway Warren Kuenning Lippold's Rexall Store M 81 K Meats Marquardt Grain Co. Medical Center Midway Grill Mustang Motel Neeman Construction Nelsen's Lounge 8a Steak House Omaha Public Power District Park View '66' Service Pete's Drive In Petersen Construction Dr. Neil Pettinger Post Bros. Floor Service Ray's Service Station Radio Communications Schulte Feed Service Scurto Super Service Skogmos Clothing Sporhase Plumbing gl Heating Staack Furniture 81 Carpeting KC Stoner Store Strong Bros. Chevrolet Co. Stubbendick Implement Co. Stutheit Implement Co. Syracuse Bakery Syracuse Barber Shop Syracuse Bowl Syracuse Farm Equipment Syracuse Fuel St Lumber Co. Syracuse Journal Democrat Syracuse Produce Syracuse Variety Tonsing Funeral Home Truscott Implement Turner's Hy-Klas Turre Cleaners Unadilla Lumber Co. Van Housen Bros. Oil Co. Wander Plumbing 81 Heating Jackie Weber's Beauty Shop Wayne E. Weber, D.V.M. Wellensick, Morrisey gl Davis Witt Mobile Milling Aden, Kenny 38,44,46,78 Anderson, Mr. Don 7 Appelget, Mr. K. 18,54,57,64 Bade, Donna 11 Baker, Dennis 68 Baker, Randy 78 Baldwin, Karen 5,34,51,78 Behrens, Margaret 78 Backman, Naomi 20,25,34.44,46,68 Benson, Mr. Donavon 12,48 Berner, Fred 29,48,78 Boardman, Barbara 4,20,34,62,73,78,87 Boardman, Jim 68 Boardman, Rodney 14,71 Boettcher, Marcia 34,44,45,63,71 Bond, Deanna 44,45,46,63,79 Bossung, Bill 68 Bossung, Bob 71 Bottcher, Colleen 11,34,71 Bottcher, Dan 37,54,79 Boyes, Jolene 34,68 Brandt, Bob 2,3,4,14,22,23,27,29,37,44,47,48,53,55,56, 58,59,61,65,78,79,80 Bray, Jack 71 Bray, Robert 48,68 Brehm, Lois 5,15,27,28,30,31,32,34,35,39,41,44,47,71 Brehm, Wayne 27,29,48,49,78,79 Brinkhoff, Kenny 26,28.29,37,58,60,64.79 Brogard, Bruce 71 Bruns, Danny 54,61,68 Bruns, Janice 34,38,71 Bruns, Mary Donna 71 Bruns, Sue 32.33,34,36,42.71 Bryan, Bob 44,45,46,48,49,79 Bryan, Coranne 34,41,45,68 Carmichael, Leland 71 Carper, Gene 20,37,48,79 Clark, Brenda 34,44,45,71 Clark, Scott 37,54,71,73 Compton, Keith 71 Conradi, Marcia 34,40,43,68 Copenhaver, Mr. Burton 7 Craig, Mr. Don 7,70,77,88 Crook, Linda 10,79 Crownover, Dan 2,4,37,54,79,86 Crownover, Randy 13,20,48,54,71 Deen, Mr. Dennis 15,65 Doan, Jean 34,44,45.47,71,80 Edgar, Larry 44,46,48,71 Ehlers, Kurt 45,54,71 Eisenhauer, Gary 79 Engelbrecht, Robert 2,8,48,54,68 Engelbrecht, Linda 24,32,34,40,42,45,79 Engelbrecht, Scott 54,71,87 Farmer, Linda 72 Fentiman, Dan 3,37.47,54,79,84, Fentiman, Dee 24,25,31,32,33.34.36,40,44,45,63,68,78 Fey, Jim 20,31,32,4l,54,61.65,68 Fisk, Nancy 15,34,45,72 Fisk, Shirley 34,45,68 Formanack, Aim 5,20,25,31,32,33,34,36,41,42,44,45, 63,68 Formanack, Bill 2,8,26,28,37,44,53,54,55,57,53,59, 60,65,80,84 Gartner, Clark 20,48,54,61,64,68 Gartner, Irene 15,34,68 Gately. Marcia 32,34,41,42,43.44,47,66.77,80 Gergen, Mary 26,28,29,30,31,32.34,35,40,45,47,80,83 Gilfert, Debbie 68 Griepenstroh, Barbara 63,68 Halbasch, Don 37,48,61,64.67,72 Halm. Linda 34,72 Halvorsen, Kathy 3,32,34.41,44,46,72 Halvorsen, Nancy 34,41,45,68 Hansen, Kathy 45,68 Hanssen, George 37,54,55.64,80 Harms. Mrs. John 11 Harms, Robert 48,68 Hart, Mary 34,68 Heather, Wayne 26,48,54,72 Heinke, Cindy 5,32.34,41.43,68 Heine. Deb 30,34.39,44,45.80 Henke, Patsy 32,34.40,43,45,46,69 Henke, Dean 29,48,80 Henry, David 69 Henry, Gary 81 Hespen, Rodney 69 Hespen, Roxanne 20,22,34,44,69 Hespen, Sherry 25,34,36,38,41,43,72 Hespen, Walter 44,46,72 Hillman, Bea 2,4,11,44,45,81,88 Index Hillman, Pam 34,44,45,72 Hillman. Pat 45,72 Hoffman, Tim 31.32,40, Hogancamp, Howard 37.48,54,72 Holdsworth, Connie 11.72 Holscher, Nancy 32.33,34,40,43.44,45,81 Hopp, Daryl 12.48,54,61,72 Hopp. Duane 27,37.48,49,54,81 Horns, Connie 32,4069 Horns, Trudy 4,5,81 Hunzeker, Jackie 34,45,69 Isaacs, Howard 20,37,47.58,64,81.92 Isaacs, Leonard 48.66.72 Jacobson, Shirley 4,32,33.34,41,44,69 Jeneke, Jerry 2,32,41,48,81 Janssen. Larry 21,27,31,32,41,42,47,48,49,80,81,87 Johns, Roxanne 24,32,40,43,47,67,72 Johnson, Arlene 32,41,44.69 Johnson. Mr. B.A. 19,40 Johnson, Paul 4,69 Juilfs. Kathy 72,73 Keim, Bruce 20,37,54,61,72 Kehlbeck. Janet 32.34,39.40,43,47,81 Kepler, Alan 72,73 Kepler, Duane 81 Kepler, Jerry 12,30,37,58,64,81 Kimbell, Keith 48.54,69 Kimbell. Norene 39.81 Knake, Sandra 16,82 Knickman, Dennis 48,69 Koch, Lyle 69 Koch, Pam 39,82 Koester. Dennis 69 Koester. Mary 72 Kraenow, Bernice 4,82 Kraenow, Marylyn 19,20,32,34,41,45,66,82 Kreifels. Alan 69 Kreifels. Carol 13.20,29.34,45,69 Kruse, Dale 4,12,22,26,37.44,54,58,60,82,87 Kuenning, Gary 48,54,69 Kuenning, Mary 34.39,62,82 LaFollette, Sandra 45,63 Lamb, Deanna 5,34,47,66,77,83,87,92 Lamb, Kenny 37,54,61,69 Lane, David 37,514.69 Lankton, Debby 32,34,41,43,72 Lawrence, Mr. Vaughn 14,30,64 Lawton, Larry 37,83 Lenker, John 44,72,86 Lewis, Jerry 20,69 Liesemeyer, Gary 48,69 Lindsey. Eugene 69 Lieswald, Reta 72 Lucas, Cheryl 34,51,64,83 Lutjemeyer, Kurt 72 Mallette, Sandra 32.33,34.36,40,42,43,83 Mallette, Susan 20.34,44,69,76 Mannschreck. Dala 72 Martens, Ralph 37,44,45,46,54,72 Masters, Mrs. Margaret 17 Peterson , Robert 82,83 Philburn, Paul 45,73 Phillippe. Mr. Paul 7 Pickerill Pickerill . Linda 34.69 . Mark 4,20,45,83 Pickering. Mr. Charles 39 Pope, James 4,37,54,56,83 Price, Mr. Kenneth 24 Pummel, Redden. Dianna 69 Kenneth 70 Reeg, Jan 20,28,76,82,84 Rhodus. Mr. John 6,46 Rippe, Steven 31.32.41,45.73 Rippe, Susan 31,32.34,40.44,45,47,73 Roberts. Bruce 20,44,46,73 Rodaway, Janis Rodaway, Nelson 70 Roos, Dean 48,70 Ropers, Barbara 73 Rosenthal, Glen 37,64,66 Royal, Dennis 37, Royal, Gary 48 Royal. Rober 20.37.48,54,58.59.73 Ruge, Maurice 37,73 Ryder, Robert 65,73 Sawyer. Connie 2,32,34,41.42,44,45 Scheinost, Ron 54 Schneider. Diana 34.73 Schomerus, Lynn 48,73 Schreiter, Linda 34,45,73 Schroeder, Donn 32,40,48,73 Schulte. Lois 34,4573 Schulz. Dan 70 Schutz, Mr. Joyce 89 Schutz, Patty 29,34,51 Severe, Quentin 45,54,73 Severs, Doug 37,54,58,64,68,70 Severs, Sandra 33,34,35,36,51,85 Siefken, Linda 45,73 Snyder, Emma 34,70 Spicer, Gary 22,37,54,64,70 Spitz. Bruce 31,,65,67.73 Staack, Diana 32,34.36,41.70 Staack. Mr. Ernest 7 Staack, Kathy 34.70 Steinhott, Junior 54.58,64.70 Stilwell. Susan Stoner. Judy,45.82,85 Stubbendick, Gene 70 Stubbendick, Linda 4,5,44,47,B5 Stubbendick, Peggy 32,73 Stutheit. Connie Thormahlen, Marie 32,34,44,45.73 Trabert, Miss Laura 16 Tritsch, Roger 70 Van Housen, Jay 25.61.70 Vodicka. Dennis 70 Vodicka. Diann 70 Vodicka, Sandra 4,10,34,85 Vollertsen, Jerry 70 McCallum, Timothy 38,69 McPherson. Mr. David 14.77 McWilliams. Kathleen 62.72 't Meredi h, Anthony 69 Meyer, Dean 69 Meyer, Donna 29,86 Meyer, Irene 72 Meyer. Stanley 37.54,61,64,72 Meyer, Steven 20,22,37,47,54,61.72 Miller, Mrs. Marylyn 18.34 Minderman, Annette 34,69 Minderman, Paul 24,48.49.76,83 Mohlman, Linda 34.83 Mohlman, Nola 69 Mohr, Gary 54,69 Morris. Vickie 69 Morrissey, Susan 22,23.26.28,,43,45. 47,83 Nannen, Debby 5,34,41,44.69 Neeman, Sandy 32,34,41.44,45,46,47,72 Neeman, Mrs. Ruth 19.44.45 Neemann, Mr. Vernon 2,7 Niebuhr, Linda 20,32,34,36,40,69 Nisely, Jay 54,64,83 Noell, Kent 72 Orton. Mrs. Marlene 16.50,51 Ottens. Peggy 3334.44.69 Otaki, Mrs. Barbara 10 Petersen, Darrell 2,32,40,42,44,46,47,61,64,72 Petersen, Lois 32,33,34,41,42,44.45,46,47.71,72 Petersen, Patti 4,29,31,,41.42,45.83 Vollertsen, Marilyn 4,32.41,44,85 Vrana. Kathy 20,2227.32.33, Wagner. Mr. Ron 15,23,54,56.57,65 Wallen, Shirley 32,34,41,44,45,63,70 Warnke. Kathy 73 Watermeier. Mr. Joy 7 Weber. John 13,4885 Weiler, Gary -45,54.58,73 Wellensiek, Janice 32,34,41,44,45,46,47.73 Wellman, Larry 54,57,58,82,85 Wendeln, Bonita 32.34,41.45,70.86 West. Bev 85.8688 West, Tim 70 Wetz, David 26,31.32,41,43,44,46,66,85 Whitehead, Jim 54,73 Wiebusch. Jerry 26,2844,48, Wilken. Darline 22.26,32.33,34,36,40,45.85,87 Wilkins. Linda 21,11,34,38.45,73 Windhorst, Kent 70 Winkler, Robert 66,86 Wirth. Carol 70 Wirth, Mary 73 Wirth, Stan 48,4936 Wirth, Steve 2,20,48.86 Witt, Mr. Roger 13.54,57.58,59,60,64 Witte. Joan 32, Wolf. Dexter 86 Wurtele. Pam 20,34,68,70 Yearsley, Shirley 15,41,43,86 M - l 1 Kew i, any eaisasiiia-iiiiifi ar fflaia-wi Q, ,AZ, M. fi2Za1'XQ.v EPILOGUE Viewed throughout the pages of the "67 Rocket are glances of the social activities ich made u the of the year--glances wh p memories of the Seniors of 1967. As the Senior takes a backward gaze of his final year, he is reminded of the social events which made up his world. A look at the autumn months brings about memories of registration, football games, and Homecoming. As autumn is replaced by winter, the Senior relives memories of sleigh rides, Christmas parties and dances, ,Z W and semester exams. Soon winter is turned into spring, and amid the flurry of Prom and graduation activities, the Senior finishes his career of study at Syracuse High School. As the year ends, Seniors glimpse forward to a new and different world of the future, taking with them memories of a school sorrow, joy, laughter friendships social activities a searchfor knowledge-- glimpses which have been preserved in these past pages of the '67 Rocket. WALSWORTH ' Masculine, Mn., U.S.A, J W h .X 1 , , . .,,,, 1. A , L . ,N V ,,.L .. V ., ,.,, I wf...

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