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,... vw? ,, lr A -, ..A --f , ff -19.11- ,,.e, 9,. Q- A -1 ik , , , . , h , XF'-E 1 . m' . . 5: .A - .+"'f.'i! - ly ' ' AI 1 q ' 4 -"ll , Y f V -, - F J I PM... KA . :.,.., 3, Q ' - ' ' X-Y 1 ' , 1 "- y 4 f N ' ,-'- ,.f- K J' 5.2, f ' Q - 'w P ..-.. 'f , . , ,K - V .-vw ' Z Q- W' ... ' .. , A' f Af , 5:2 - ' , --. ..1- . A, ' X - ' M Vi:-A ' , ' - Q J N A.. vw-, ' xt-, N 3' , -, , 1, ,LM -' . Av-, 1 A ff ' .Y V - f v "ty, f-in .Q " ,, , 1 Af, 'L' Q w ,- - A' . S9 1, Ah.. .. ! : , Q 4 A I- W ,V ... , -... . 1 I i-5 N. . 4,-54 . . , A -1 .- , . - ' mtv .Li ry '1,f.,5.v fy- . ,, 6 14, --9 " ' '-f I 1 , ..f2--'- -1 f P ,B3'I.. . QM Q , -, .fx 1 ,' ,,,'v .Q Q -1-,---.- . is il Ra-,, ,vi 5' '- 'au --, K- '-"nz, an-, KQV: ' Q 'ln jf:-, ,' f 4...-,4 4 , " ' x vw. ,.. s er-sv - , I a . H, . , , 4, I , - Ns, ' f ' ' 1 'Q "T "1 -1 1 'f , -. 4, QA '41 51,3 Wig, VT, - 39-' '51 1 1' 1 4 K'r:'l 5 E fr. A ,Q ,A .- , -,' . Q. Y V., 4 V , 1. 9 ' ' L 1' ' ' A -.. 1' -.1 f. ,qt V g gl.- U. . - V , .. Q-', -'F v,,,f , --1' A 'ff ,Q .1 -1. ". -fe. . 15 Q - ,..- -.,.-, .,, ,vw w M., , - 4-f : ,-:vf 95-f inf' A . 1 2 rf' . .. I' -5 ima. 'f - fra' 'Q ' ',-,L-Wy." ' ,YV ,+ -'xx 45, 5.1 , 5 , ,ne :LA , K rs, 5 HN.. ,. J. - , . V -1: - AH, , ..- 3. .9 -K ,- +--'f.fap ,f . ..e:,v'1., Y ft-5 if "JA-,J 'L :nfs pq,--. f A -' 1 ,j P :P .,, ,., 45- 1 .5 ,iz 'P ' 1, f ' . . , +3 , 1. ,WL Q -, . , Y , 4 2. , , 1. Q, sr K Q. uf . Y 'HT V- -V -25 if , A f' ,--.571 Lf: V, if . -Q 1 js -V f ,f H af! ,J - ' .'- ' -, -' ' J- . , , . , 14, , , , . Q fl . - N , . 7, 'V-f.-4: -...- '4 ,, , - .3g,.f: ur 4. ,-,. ,Y . 'Er 7, N- nggzy, V, i A ,,, Y ,.,. v .,t,LA:l:.- ,V --,,A,,. ,s Wx, - V., 1 iz . 4 ., ,ea-f .. ,..?.,:,1- 1 , 'M',T2',' -.- vw :. . r-irfmg . fl?- . - " 'lf :tg h P, V A . LHP," i' " , V-1 f E . ,-3-.,' .,:?3,.V N. 42" , 1 A-,5- , V 1 ,Z wp L . ' -Jer-' ' ' ' - 'Tip' . V ,.- Y ,wg ,.k,,1,k, 4- 1 ' -Q. , ya" ..: ., A P. X veg..- , - . .- -. yi- , , L' 4 T ' h -A ' ev", ' f. ' K -- . -...V t 4 . ' F I 'J-J 'Y' : ' ' . , -In vgnhw- -. . . . -.1 g -, 4. ' .5 mrs , Y I ,U-x . '--ju t ' V - . ,- .fi , .. -,. , .,. . , if w 5 x . " F' U - , ,- 7- A, .vs ' - -. A f .f , ', xsfa-:"s-2' V 'f 1 , hfq,5. A jj -4 -Q :x LQ' It '41, xi. . , 3' ak? ' j ,V Q., fum: J., -,4 ' fb. ,.,, 5 f' ' ,.,uV,', A , Zwfagfifzn. A Lf. J , Q, ' , , 2 ' . ..- 'if'--Hr". f - - 1 ,, ' , ,. . Qi ..-, VA 'J' . 1, G ' -E.. . -1 ,.--va., 22. , K - "f: ,I-..g4fi:7 if ,A ,Q .,, .1 Ig-I. xdiijx x. , . f' .735 - . , 1 -2: 1, ,-V, i . . .PSFL -- .ru v.. .., THE SCARLET . CLASS COLORS MAROON AND WHITE CLASS MOTTO It is! practically cr law in life that when one door closes upon us another one opens. SYRACUSE CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL Syracuse, New York ' 39223 A 4 j Ln .gr ., ., 4- "S . '-A K: 3 ' A 4 nr I, 'K I ' 8. V 52 'fav 1 ig-5 "Af EW ,wr 2 K ig: 3 55, .i I W K K 2' Lp: I I AA' R ,V 1 ' , ,V Law -M .. W, f. 1 L 0 n W. n a 0 I 9-Q. . 0 fx 4 3? 'WldIiFd'7',T'1.'N'u "' MW ,ag , Alma Mater fTune, "Annie Laurie"l Hail to thee, O Alma Mater, Bright morning star of youth- May our lives prove yet the glory, Thy name our badge of truth. Thy name our badge of truth- Thy sons shall e'er be true- Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, And thine emblem, red and blue. Rich in years, enwreathed in laurels Thy long-sped hopes abound, And wherever lies the guerdon, Their sons may still be found. Their sons may still be found- Thy sons shall e'er be true- Striving still for Alma Mater, And her emblem, red and blue. T D Principal MR. LEON H. COON ff ' A1 .. A Aww , W , ,, X -' x sy .f wi x . . .., m - - r 'I a y 11 .V L Vif ' 3: wif vw-. A -n? ,Qi S L Q Advisor of Girls MHS. MARION MALCOLM Vice-Princi pal JESSE ROSS ijggi Q Q at my a .' is 'Y T Nicholas Abdo Cecelia C. Anderson F-M93 George M. Berry Norma I. Berry :xtiy kl ,Y V. C. Bowman Hannah E. Bray li I ,ax 4 1 vw it QQ Helen M. Chamberlin M. Emily Daw alrsg 3, r ,J Everett M. Ferris Gordon R. Fearn i Q Elsie I. Barrows "WWF William E. Bishop Iulia M. Brennan Claire B. Douglass Norman K. Frick QL D 9' Kenneth E. Beagle fg . MIQX . ,li 1 X fi .,., , Marren Borah El Dolores Carolan Margaret M. Dwyer Willis M. Galloway N ,. 2 fi mi -.Q If .y Iane S. Haven Q52 5 Harold L. Hendee Q, A up-""" - , . . g,,Mf,,r.: . ,.,.., . WM. Y I ' L w X . iff? .,::... gg Ethel S. Iones Hannah B. Ioseph Carmelita Maloney 'Q-V Alice H. Murphy Alfred I. Lewis Marion Marsh , T, ...,, . , .:.' -41 we n ' L ll ,,,.l l l L ' lane B. Nevin 3' - ff' Z f , . V li v lllll Anna Paula Heuber Ianet W. Iamesq Helen S. ludson 'Q' x . X Louise Lucey Olive C. McGovern av jf .W . ll V.: ff I ,x Isabella M. Lcmigan Mary C. Mahoney Theodosia Moran Algenia R. Nilsson H Mary Norton fq Helen Overton V , ,uid ,L - it or-71' . 8 -0 x 11" Nellie B. Retan ka 1. 4, X .Sf .qw ' ,1 fb' 5 f ,iff . v .f V. Bessie Stallwood N ak I? Blanche H. Weeks V1 l , it -7 " '.i..'5' X Elma T. Pike Helen A. Rowe Q . if ' 'li Q .Li If Clara L. Steinbicker Iessie Wells Q. GF Zeora B. Prudhon br Vie, Helena Smith W. L tu' NN 'D' ...ff Byron W. Todd 'C I. 1, C. Sherwood West ' fl A , Xlii . . l tllt lillll Frieda C. White Frederick W. Whiteside Elizabeth D. Wilson E lf? 'F xii.-1' l .xx S fi xa- ft his Francis A. Raye is A-I p 1 'll , . Doris Squier ljwwvfi --l'Ll E Helen E. Whipple I Iames R. Work SENIOR L5 MOTTO COMMITTEE Mary Ellen Ott. Pearl Russo PICTURE COMMITTEE Evelyn Kowclkci. Ierry Ccipon, Janet Peppler, Pat Cupelo. L3 Y? wi QUOTATION COMMITTEE First row, Iett to right-Alan Ayres, Carol Alexander, Iulie McEntee, loe Bonocci. Second row-Don Taylor, Norma Hageman, lean Forsyth, Pat Fox. 11 CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE ART STAFF Chris Nicholas. Chuck Hinman, First row. lett to right-Chuck Hinmcn, Harriet Mary Ann Shiano Schuyler, Allred Reney. Second row-Tom Sands. Mary Lou Karpinski. -A 1 ORK RIBBON COMMITTEE V3 RING COMMITTEE Eva Mae Dietz' Don Bundy Harriet Schuyler. Tom Sands YEARBOOK STAFF First row, lelt to right-Iune Mumford, Mary Lou Kurpinski, Ginny McGean, Carol Alexander. Second row-Roger Gilson. Gus Vosillicxdes, Sondra Rosenthal, Tom Sands, Bob Meech, Iim Burke. l I 4 Q DANCE COMMITTEE First row, loft to right-Pot Walker. Marilyn Iockson. Second row-A1 Martin. Bill Ballard. 3. LASS CLASS WITS MOST STUDIOUS Bruce Riefenstein, Delores Pct Fox. Emmanuel Stern DePulmcx L J CLASS COUPLE MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Eva Mae Dietz, Don Bundy Iim Burke. Ioan Landis N l""ff' nu, HW MOST INTELLIGENT APPLE POLISHERS Warren Otter, Janet Peppler Ioan Adkinson, Bill Ballard Pc ELECTIO MOST ARTISTIC CONTRIBUTED MOST TO THE Harriet Schuyler. Al Reney CLASS Chuck Hinman, Mary Lou Karpinski G Iohnson 52:3 ' fam 2' MOST ATHLETIC BEST DRESSED Ioe Bonocci. Eleanor Miceli Evelyn Kowalka, lack Ryan 1.7-Jw MOST POPULAR MOST MUSICAL Chuck Hinman, Ginny McGean WUHGH Offer. Norma Hageman enior 0iiicers VICE PRESIDENT Icmet Hunter 1 TREASURER Warren Otter SARAH ACKLES "Sally" She's always quiet and always calm, The type of girl you depend upon. Activities at Onondaga Central School: Glee Club 2. Cheerlead- inq 2, French Club 1, Volleyball 2, Basketball 2, Spanish Club 1. Athletic Assoc. 2, Newspaper Club 1. Art Club I . IOANNE ADKINSON "Ioannie" Though very athletic loanne may be She is sweet and sincere as you can see. Bowling 1. Volleyball 3. Badmin- ton 3. Basketball 1, Serviceball 3, Play Day 3. ALAN ALEXANDER "Al" Alan is handsome and quiet may seem When you get to know him he proves a scream. CAROL ALEXANDER "Slim" Carol is short and full of fun Her merriment is known by everyone. Alethean 3-Vice-Pres.. Recorder 1. Glee Club 5. A. A. 6-Super visor, C. C. G. 2-Secretary. French Club 1, Bowling 1, Allied Youth l. Softball 3, Basketball 3, Play Day 3, Traffic 2, Yearbook Staff, Office 4. ALAN AYRES "Al" Alan Ayres with black curly hair Is a wonderful guy who al- ways plays fair. C. C. G. l, Golf 1. Basketball l. www -hw www' 'Si' 1 1 ...M . i E pr' f' Zn CAROLINE ARNOLD "Frenchie" With sparkling eyes, and ready smile Carol will make life gay, all the while. Amorelta l. Glee Club 4. A. A. 3. Senior Chorus I. Music Club Shows. NANCY AZOYAN "Nan" Tall dark and slender as you can see, Someday a model she hopes to be. Soangetahha 2, Glee Club 3, Allied Youth 6, Tonda Tri-Y 2. Q2 Qifsf. iff ROSE BALAMOTI "Rosie" Personality plus has she, Quiet but friendly we all can see. Amorelta 5-Critic. Recording Secretary, A. A. 6. Allied Youth 4. Tonda Tri-Y 2. Rainbow 6- Charity Fund. WILLIAM BALLARD Bill Ballard an engineer hopes to be, Someday his great structures you will see. Senate 6, Football 1. Future Un- limited 1-Business Manager. MZ! FRANK BALLESTER Frank Ballester with eyes ol brown, Always a smile, never a frown. Track 1. MURRAY BERMAN "Mickey" A loyal Centralite he has proved. May success come to him through and through. C. C. G. 1. Fencing 1. , . f FRANK BERTALLI Frank is easy going and lull ol tun, He keeps those around him on the run. Gerosion 6-President, Vice-Pres- ident. Glee Club 4. BARBARA ANN BLAKER "Barb" Barbara is always cheerful and gay. What a wonderful way to begin the day. Bowling l, Badminton 1, Basket- ball l, Syron Triangle 2-Queen. Tonda Tri-Y 2, Service Ball 2. lx fi N ILONA ANN BLASCO llona's a girl who has a great voice, Il you ask for a soloist--she's our choice. Amorelta 6-Property Manager. Vice-President. Glee Club 5, Choir 2, Bowling Z. Badminton 1, Tonda Tri-Y 2-Recording Secretary. Service Ball 1, Relay 1. PATRICIA BLYE "Pat" Quiet, peaceful, not much to say, That's Patty Blye-all the way. Alethea 2 Allied Youth 1. a I IOSEPH BONACCI "Ice" Ioe is an athlete, Very modest and shy. But to his friends, He is a great guy. Football 2, Track 1. RONALD E. BRENNAN "Ron" Ron is a guy who's got the looks. He studies terociously-those lucky books. I. jf if -fi, 7 5, Wifi ALVINA BRUNDIDGE "Allie" Alvina's a qirl who's very small. But her personality makes up for it all. Amorelta 4. DON BUNDY "Don" This is one guy who knows his notes, And tor class couples he got the votes. Demolay 6, Orchestra 2. Red Cross 2. Track 2, Band 8. JAMES BURKE "Reet' Here is a fella wl1o'll qo tar it seems, He'll vvork and strive to achieve all his- dreams. Recorder 2. C. C. G. 3. Track 1, Student Council 2. Yearbook Com- mitee, Football 2, Prophecy. -Dee .Ami mlm fm! jx? 'azffyfe .faery JEROME CAPPON "Ierry2' lerry's jokes are a crime But try to find a better line. Senate 4. Glee Club 2, Picture Committee. mu- 'pf' -dl ,f.,.,1. f.::..,H A1- J1., .nw BERNARD CASKIN "Bunny" With everyone he's plenty jolly. He's full ot life and tun. by golly. ,M BETTY CRAFT Lively and limber and quick on her feet, She dances and prances-she's really reet. Soangetahha 5, Glee Club 4, A. A. 4, Allied Youth 2. Baseball l, Volleyball 3, Badminton l, Bas- ketball l, Swimming 2, Music Club Shows 4. Gym Exhibition 2, Tonda Tri-Y 3. Z Z, av I 0 ' " LAURENCE PETER CROUSE "Poto" A football player who's lull ol fun, He never gives up til our team has won. Glee Club l, C. C. G. 1. Football 3. Track 1. Rifle Club 1. I PAT CUPELO "Cup" Pat is a boy with loads ot charm, And to his iriends he'll do no harm. C. C. G. 1. Picture Committee. KAY ANN CUSACK "K. C." Kay with her lovely ways is quite supreme, That's why she is certainly a dream. Alethean 6. C. C. G. 2. DOLORES DEBOTTIS "Dee" Dolores is some dish. And to know her is really a fine wish. Philomathean 2, Allied Youth 4. Tri-Y 2. Rainbow 5. D QQW- X 'As Q' J, ..,-1- tfw' 14" H, 'ERN MADELINE DEFABBIO "Mimi" Madeline is a girl who is going tar, Because of her likeness to cr star. Alethean 6, Glee Club 2. DELOHES DEPALMA "Dee" Delores is a girl with sunshine in her smile. The kind you would like to know for awhile. Aiethean 5. Vice-President, Re- cording Secretary. President. Bowling 2, Basketball 1, Play Day 1. EVA MAY DIETZ "Ev" She's not very noisy or too loud, But still she'll stand out in a crowd. Lyceum 4. Glee Club 4. Red Cross 1. ROBERT DILLABOUGH "Bob" Bob is a lad with vigor and PQPI While at Central he has been very hep. . Orchestra 1, Rifle Club 1, Band 7. BARBARA DUFORE "Barb" Barb is a wonderful girl, as everyone knows And will be popular wherever she goes. C. C. G. 2, Volleyball 1, Softball 1, Amorelta S-Treasurer. ROBERT EATON "Bob" He may not do things in the quietest way, But he has our good wishes for every day. 1 ,, X 1 C, X ROBERT EDINGER "Little Bob" A friendly smile is his claim, Easily remembered is his name. Golf 1, Mu. Alpha Theta 1. MALCOM FIELDS "Junior" Mal is a very popular boy, And with his ready wit, He will always be cz hit. C. C. G. 1, Football Manager 1. Track 2, Basketball Manager 1. Cf 240524 gn f X . ""'mI' " E , .,. . . 5' ,. ,, V , F2- At.. LV .f be lf 5 JEAN FORSYTH "leans Beans" F ull oi lun, lull of pep, ln my books leannie's hep! C. C. G. Z. Latin Club 1, Student Council. PATRICIA FOX "Foxy" Cute and nice and very sweet, She'll set you rocking on your leet. C.C.G. 1. ETHEL LOU FULLER "Ellie" Ethel is quiet-on that you'll agree, But we'll also find a pleasant personality. Rainbow. r GLADYS GARDNER "Gladie" Her hair is blonde her eyes are blue, We like her and you would, too. C.C.G. 1. CHARLES GIANNINO "Chuck" Most kids know Chuck For his humor and his pluck So for the great guy that he is, We wish him lots of luck. IOAN FRANCES GIBBONS "loanie" She laughs, she smiles, she's always gay, We think she's nice in every way. Amorelta 6-President-Record ing Secretary. Associated Activi- ties 1. C.C.G. 1, Bowling 1, Base- ball l, Volleyball 1. ROGER P. GILSON "Cool Man" Roger is a good looking boy, Full of humor: and always so spry. He does so much to spread good joy. We'll not forget such a popular boy. Recorder 1, Cross Country 2. Fencing, Yearbook Committee, Baseball 1. HELEN GIORDANO "Moe" Vim, vigor, vitality galore. Who could ask lor anything more. Associated Activities 3, C.C.G. 2. Oi-tice Clerk 5. ini 5 KENNETH 'A. GREEN "Ken" We know him by his dancing feet. ln the assemblies he's quite a treat. Gerosian 2. Secretary, Orchestra 2, Glee Club 7, Football 1. Fenc- ing l. Special Chorus 2, Music Club Shows 5, Vice-President of Boys Glee Club, Band 7. s-vv"'Ul Clmll ' Xsmkwt,-Dun if l' lllfnl MILDRED GREEN "Millie" Although she is a shy, fair maiden, Mildred is a gal with iriends she is laden. Band 4, Glee Club 3, Bowling l. Rainbow, All City Band. w... . lf MARY GROCKOCKY "Mair" With hair and eyes of brown so warm. She's calm and quiet and lull ol charm. . V f Glee Club l. Allied Youth 1. Red Q - Cross l. WW W wifw WL A 'gvqfy K . DIANE GROVINE "De" Diane goes well with a wonderful day, She's always so cheerful and always so gay. Alethean 6, Glee Club 2. Asso- ciated Activities 2, Bowling 3. A -- - as AM ,a,,fwf'9?M . 4 , ff gf X NORMA HAGEMAN "Shorty" A pretty lace, a pretty smile, Sweet and friendly all the while. Alethean 5. Glee Club 6-Sec- retary-Vice-President. Allied Youth 2-Secretary. NED HANLEY A swell guy is Ned, and take it from us. He'll be popular ever, with personality plus. Football 2. 4 . O . lfYV'-Cf? ' 0,1 , ,ff 'Iwi F I DELORES HAYS "Doe" In sports she really plays her part, Because she plays with all her heart. CHARLES HINMAN "Chuck" Most popular and President too, He'll always be a friend to you. Senate 6, C.C.G. 2, Track 1, Bas- ketball 3, Student Council l. Cen- tral Savings Bank-President President of Senior Class, Base- ball 3. if y f 'ilu X ms i -is 3 4 I ' ,ff , I 55: V .. y Q Q 45? 512 ' ' ' fl if if 1? 49" is NANCY HUNT "Nan" Nancy's the girl who studies hard. And we all rate her with high regard. Glee Club 5, Muc Alpha Theta 2. IANET HUNTER "lay" lanet is quiet and very calm, The kind ot girl you rely upon. Amorelta 6-Critic. Glee Club 6. Associated Activities S. Special Choir l, Diving-YWCA. Vice- President of Senior Class. IOSEPH HUNTER , "Scotty. Gunner" Ioe is sharp and full ot pep, And with the girls-is he hep! RENE INTZE "Renee" Nice to have around, she's really grand, And when you're in need she's sure to lend a helping hand. Glee Club 2, Senior Choir 2. MARILYN IACKSON "Tick" Her eyes so blue, her curly hair, All go to help make her so fair. Lyceum 7-Qorrgspondingqjecre tary and President. Cheerleading 3, Head Cheerleader, Associated Activities 2, Maiorettes 4, Edwards Iunior fhshion Board l, Student Council 1. Rainbow 2. MARVIN IOHNSON "Marv" Here's a boy who's quiet you see, But he's as nice as he can be. Senior Committees. EUGENE KADLUBOWSKI "Gene" Eugene's the kind whom everyone knows, He's liked by all wherever he goes. Associate Activities 5. HELEN KARPENKO "Red" Quietness and reserve don't hold Her back, For her in friendships there is no lack. Arnorelta 5, Assistant Treasurer -Treasurer-Vice-President. a 1 I e 1 MARY LOU KARPINSKI "Lou" Personality plus has this teen. Her presence brightens any scene. Soangetahha - President - Vice- President-Hecording Secretary 6, Dramatic Club-President. Re- corder 1, C.C.G. 1. French Club 3 -Corresponding Secretary. Allied Youth 2, Red Cross 3-President. c 5 i S- R f ew. . 1 Q A O, .., 9, f' 4 at ' - I , , Q xr Stude --- ' 1 Thespian So- , . tqiggglinvl . 5 ' . ' , 1 ' ' I IOHN KESEL "Schnokel" Words of delight, brushcut and height, Makes him a boy who'll always bring joy. ELIZABETH KALLWEIT "Betty" AARON KING "Sonny" So gentle, serious, mild and Though quiet he may seem, staid, This boy is really on the beam. She 3391? seems a model Orchestra 6, Fencing 1. . HICI . C.C.G. 1. CLASS PROPHECY SETTING: 1960 UNITED NATION MILITARY BASE-sci-is Report of foreign correspondants Ginnie McGean. Marvin Iohnson, and Gus Vasilliades to "Scarlet G B1ue" Press. QAII names disclose to us through the courtesy of Staff Officer Thomas Pinkowski.j Arrived at destination X late at night. Entire camp asleep: not even a guard awake. Strange rumbling from barracks we discovered to be chorus snoring of sleeping soldiers. 11:00 P.M.-Without arguments we found ourselves some abandoned foxholes, sharing our quarters with nature's crawl- ing insects. 4:30 A.M.-We were roughly pulled out of our sleep by yardbirds Ioe Brownstein and Bruce Reifenstein, delegated by Colonel Sam Markinson, chairman of the C.C.G. Welcoming Committee. The committee. Major Kay Cusak W.A.C., Lieuten- ant Alan Ayres U.S.A.F., Major Murray Berman U.S.M.C., Captain Malcolm Fields U.S.A.. Major Carol Alexander U.S. Army Nurse Corps, and Naval Commander Bob Ledger, was to be our escort for the day. 5:00 A.M.-Reveille!! In the cold empty streets of the camp, we expected to have to brace ourselves against the great flow of military personnel. Instead. no flow, only a trickle. To investigate the utter lack of enthusiasm of the men in getting up early in the morning, we stepped into a barracks. There. we were confronted with the sight of Frank Ballester. half asleep, trying to awaken Stanley Becker who was dead asleep, and other similar scenes. lust then a loud voice, that of First Sergeant Ierry Cappon, crashed the sleepy silence of the barracks. In the blinking of an eyelash, straight military ranks magically appeared on the company streets. As the command "forward march!" was given. however, the petrified discipline of the ranks was broken by some struggling sluggards: in this case they were recruits Bernard Caskin, Richard Noren, and Robert Eaton, the three musketeers. 6:00 A.M.-Chow. The welcoming committee and we picked up the rear of the marching men going to the mess hall. Mess Sergeants Marilyn Iackson and Robert Miner had already seated the feminine personnel. K. P.'s started slinging hash into the half starved soldiers' mess gear. Delores DePa1ma, Ioan Gibbons, Richard Persons and Frank Bertalli, the K. P.'s added gripes and curses to every gram of victuals they dispensed of. Seeing and smelling the mess, our stomachs revolted and added volume to the amount of food in the surrounding soldiers' food containers. 7:07 A.M.-Daily chores begin. The committee started taking us around to visit the sights. First we were showed the huge kitchens. As we entered. Chief Cooks Edward Weisblott and Caroline Arnold snapped at attention from behind their huge pots and pans. K. P.'s Ned Hanley and Don Taylor were so deeply attached to their task of peeling potatoes that they did not even bother to stop their refined conversation with the mutilated vegetables. They have now become part of the kitchen furniture. 8:13 A.M.-Walking to classes. While walking down the camp streets, the members of the C.C.G. Welcoming Committee tried to give us an idea of the functioning of such a military base. Said Colonel Markinson: "This camp is operated on the most democratic basis. We find stationed on the island, representatives of all of the 60 nations . . "This is a re- stricted area. Pass p1ease!" was the sentry's courteous but peremptory demand. After having shown his pass Colonel Markinson went on: "CorporaI Richard Lafferty is of the Third Irish Brigade on this island: a good man. As you see there is no partiality on the basis of any nationality. race, or creed. Everyone does his duty with the same ideas of inter- national security and everlasting peace in mind." Major Berman took over now: "The entire camp functions with this spirit as stated by President of the Security Council Charles Hinman: 'Through the brilliant, world shaking doctrine delivered by world organizer Dr. Iames Burke, we have succeeded in establish- ing an international military fund to provide dull potato peelers for SCHS kitchen police. For reasons of language difficulties, men of the same nationality have separate bar- racks. To overcome this difficulty in the future, an international scientific language is being taught in the school department." 9:12 A.M.-Classes. As we entered the classes of "Apple Polish Engineering" Major Kay Cusak explained, "as you see our military students get every opportunity for highly special- ized training in every branch of learning. In the field of "Apple Polishing" by the masters themselves, Prof. William Ballard D.A.P., and instructor Ioanne Adkinson, A.P., who both have had their first experience as far back as high school. The outstanding students in this class we were told, were privates Ianet Hunter and Aaron King. Upon entering the Physics Department we were confronted by the illustrious mathematical-atomic-mad-Physicist. Dr. Emmanuel Stern, P.H.D., CFrench Regimentj wrestling with a hugh cyclotron containing the famous physicist Prof. Pat Fox, right now in danger of being de-atomized. Those two eminent scientists working as a team, came to the drastic theory that HgO-- water-is 41W humid and saw wet. The rest of the educational departments are about as sophisticated as the ones just mentioned CS.C.H.S. places a great value on education.J 11:15 A.M.-The U.S.O. arrives. The stampeding hoofs of thousands of hungry males and females Clonesome typel brought us out of the Administration Buildings only to have us dragged along with the continuous flow. We ended our mad rush to find ourselves on the island's parade grounds directly in front of the grandstands. Immediately we saw the cause of our being here: crowded on the stage were the entertainers provided by the U.S.O. who had arrived several minutes ahead of us. The emcee CM. C.j was the Greek General Chris Nicolaos, who introduced the members of the U.S.O. entertainment. He was saying, "We have with us today such well-known actors and actresses as the famous sorority sisters, Mary Ellen Ott and Pearl Russo: dancer Betty Craft, and singer Iune Lloyd: gorgeous models, Pat Walker and Diane Grovine, both dreaming of their band leader friends back home, are willing to display their charms and gracefulness. Here you see the great cast of Central students: Alan Alexander. Nancy Azoyan. Rose Balamoti, Barbara Blaker. Ilona Blasco, Robert Edinger, and Ioseph Hunter. They'll present a play for us later in the evening. And now to pick up our appetites we will enjoy the orchestra band led by Robert Dillabough, inspired by Mildred Greene, and with Aaron King as star trumpet player. 12:00 Noon-Lunch. We let ourselves be carried by the mass migration toward the mess halls. On our way we saw melancholy Harriet Schuyler and Alfred Reney absorbed in the painting of barrack walls, forgetting their lunch with the artist's usual zest. In the immense mess halls everybody stood while the Reverend Warren Otter ran off a quick benediction. Then with a clatter of plates everybody just slumped down. Our food just got stuck in the esophagus when the thunder- ing coughing of a sick jet took off the top of the mess hall's flag-pole. That was Lt. Tom Sands late for lunch again. Rosemary Mullin, this section's carpenter will have to find herself another tree for the new flagpole. Serving the food in this place were Barbara Stackpoole, Norma Kinning, and Florayne Washington: after all. a soldier has to make an easy dollar too. Cleaning up the mess made by our waitresses were Ida Mae Rogers and Rene lntze. What a meal! What a life! l:00 P.M.-Fresh Air? To digest the . . . food offered in this place. we all took a walk after the meal. Passing the guard house we were surprised to hear an arrangement of some strange musical harmony coming out from the dark cell. We asked guard Ronald Brennan what went on ln this infemo. With a big grin he told us. "This here bunch of fellers spend lots of time here: right now they are sleeping off the weariness which overtook them last night. Take a look at them: Roger Gilson. Robert Meech. lack Ryan, Allen Martin, and William Quigley. I give them till 1:30 to sleep it off. Then I oust them in the streets." What a bunch of characters. 2:11 P.M.-Playgrounds. Everybody gets a chance at sports on the S.C.H.S. base island: or so we are told. Athletes around here are Charles Giannino, Ioseph Bonacci. Ioseph Hunter. Richard Zado. Norman Lucken, and Eugene Kadlu- bowskl: they are representatives of every nation in this camp. After a fast game of badminton. everybody had to take time out. Someone had scratched himself with the "bird's" feather: he was taken out to the nurse's office on a stretcher. Nurse Mary Lou Karpinski CPolish Corps.j, was found flirt- ing with some rash young Irish jet pilot whom we have already met. The incident was soon over and the tough military sports resumed. We noticed that wherever there was a chance for a hot story. Photographers Ianet Peppler and Evelyn Kowalka were right on their job, snapping pictures from every angle. 3:00 P.M.-Target Practice. Handling those rifles as if they were broomsticks, the young defenders of the world marched toward the practice grounds. The shooting there was so "magnificent" that we wondered where the world had come too. to depend on such . . . such greenhorns. Our faithful photographers were so ashamed of it that they hid their cameras for fear some pictures might get loose. The first sguardon to get under fire and shoot was com- posed of W.A.C.'s Patricia Blye. Alvina Brundidge. Dolores DeBottis. Madeline DeFabbio, and U.S.A. men Donald Bundy, Patrick Cupelo. Alfred D'Ambrisi. and Walter Meyer. Their officer, Captain Eva May Dietz W.A.F. stood right in front of them, making eyes at Private Bundy: the squad just shot their rifles off in their officer's face. Before sweat broke out over us. we found out that the artillery was loaded with blanks. The 2 year recruits weren't tnisted with real guns yet. 4:59 P.M.-Dinner. After Rev. Otter's few stuttering words of grace, mass gulping began. The meal was quickly consumed, and by some. even quicker ejected. Ioan Landis, Commander of the M.M.M.'s CMilitary Mopping Marinesj and their clicgue consisting of yardbirds Helen Karpenko, Barbara Dufore. Gladys Gardner. and Elizabeth Kallweit, had the pleasant job of picking up crumbs and other leftovers to be kept for future use. 6:30 P.M.-Leisure. While everyone has a right to do as he pleases. most everybody struggled toward the parade grounds used as an outdoor auditorium. The U.S.O. was a rare treat in this geographical isolation. The show was already under way and there were several repeat perfor- mances from those who had given us a brief showing earlier. A new group appeared: six luscious. healthy. femi- nine. "beauts", the "M" singers. These are Barbara Marshall. Iulia McEntee, Eleanor Miceli, Ioan Morris, Maurice Morse, and Iune Mumford. The Emcee. still Gen. Nicolaos, introduced male comedians Iohn Kesel, Dave White, and Iohn Van Dusen, comical singer. They gave us their version of how our mili- tary camp is operated with its different dialects and languages. We had a solo sung by a well-known Iazz Singer, Norma Hageman. She was applauded with a tremendous ovation. An encore was demanded. With the entertainers was the noted book novelist, Sandra Rosenthal: she had promised the first edition of her newest book "Why I Never Left School" to a resident of this island. The lucky stiff was Robert Rock- well: he said he would cherish the book with great faithfulness but would be afraid to look in between the covers. The book is the explosive type. 9:15 P.M.-Social Gatherings. The C.C.G.'s took us for a walk in the semi-lighted camp streets. The night was as quiet as a Spike Iones record. While the voices of Privates Iack Ryan and Roger Gilson were wishing "Irene Good Night". choruses of feminine voices retaliated with "Please Say Good Night to the Guy, Irene!" Nearby. in the dark. the rattling of "bones" led us to a fast game of dice Cprobably loadedl with young Waves rolling their share. but whose names we should not disclose: Gretchen Reid, Beverly Schweitzer, Mary Ann Schiano, Sarah Ackles. and Carol Loftus. As we were leaving the game as nearly broke as could be, photographers Peppler and Kowalka snapped a shot of this moral scene. Before we knew what happened, Commander Ioan Landis M.M.M. was taking the youthful gamblers to the guard house Ccharge: shooting crapsj. 10:00 P.M.-Taps. As reluctant as in getting up in the moming no one feels like retiring. Reversing the proceedings we noticed Pvt. Becker having to drag Pvt. Ballester to his barracks. But again the thundering voice, of Sgt. Cappon put order in this disorderly state of affairs. This was also the time for us to bow out. 11:00 P.M.-Dead Silence. The entire camp is asleep. Not even a guard awake. This provoked us to shake up one of the sentries, Elliot Topalian. and ask him the cause of his neglecting his duty to fall asleep. Turning over to resume his slumber, he muttered "What for? With all of us sticking to- gether there isn't any call for any trouble." We left him sleeping and heartily joining the chorus of the snoring island. Leaving destination X we boarded the fast cutter U.S.S.H. Houck were Captain Pat Tessier received us. This ship is manned solely by women personnel. Waves Ethel Lou Fuller and Mary Grochocky took our luggage up: what they did with it, we do not know! Lieutenant I. G. Lois Richardson and Ensign Helen Sak showed us to our stately cabins. Walking later on the rolling deck we met the rest of the crew, introduced to us by the ship stewardess Lillian Kuhl. There was Helen Giordano at the wheel in the pilot's cabin together with Nancy Hunt. radar operator. Swabbing decks were Seamen Dolores Hays and Elizabeth Koldziey. To assist in the dirty work were shipmates Karen Schwenn. Alice Shaban. and Marilyn Sipfle. As Ginnie McGean Ccorrespondentj was sea-sick, she was attented by Dr. Ioyce Theetge. Meanwhile we had to pick up Nurse Margaret Vaeth who had swooned at the sight of one of us. friend M. Iohnson. From starboard we saw the dark outline of the island melt within the silvery surface of the ocean. lt had been an enjoyable and enlightening new hunt. End of the Report to the "Scarlet and Blue" Press. Theme: There is no future like U.N. future. Invest in your future: join the U.N. military forces and you can't miss. ELEANOR MICELI "Mousey" Roses are red, violets are blue, lt you want a true iriend, That's Eleanor lor you. Alethean 6, Corresponding Secre- tary, Recording Secretary. Critic: Glee Club 2, C.C.G. 1, Bowling 2, Basketball 1, Service Ball 2, Play Day, Relay. .SQQLV Q:-W" Spb ' will V' 'f f1V""MK'vvffW " ROBERT MIN ER "Alley" Quiet, nice, and solt spoken. His friendship a lovely token. IOAN MORRIS "loannie" Taste, attractiveness, and neatness, Are all a part oi loannie's sweetness. C.C.G. 1, Bowling 1, Allied Youth 2. , . .,'.J fi.. t J MURIEL MORSE "Meri" Muriel is as sharp as a tack, And with lriends she'll never lack. Glee Club 4, Allied Youth 1. N f we f . -.Jn Q , E,2, , ,.,, Y, W, e, 15 s ,Fe K .. X F ...aff ti f' ff . ' wx 2.-x - . ..v- X. .. X V 1 f ' Qt frk, M, fsygqfl . ROSEMARY MULLIN "Rosie" Rosemary is a gal so gay, She has a laugh lor every day. Philomathean 5, C.C.G. 1, French Club I. Allied Youth 4. Tonda Tri-Y 3. I UNE MUMF ORD lune is a gal with plenty of wit. And with the fellows she makes a hit. Alethean 5, Recorder 3, Glee Club 1, C.C.G. 1. Allied Youth 3, Red Cross 1. Yearbook Committee. CHRIS A. N ICOLAOS "Greek" Chris is a fellow the girls all crave, And they'll probably follow 'him right into his grave. Gerosian 3. Glee Club 8, Assoc- iated Activities 3. Football 1. Al- lied Youth 2, Forensic 2, Fencing 1, Wrestling 2. . Q.- . ,as RICHARD NOREN "Dick" Hair ol brown, eyes ot blue, Boy oh boy, we like you. ww M- WLKJANJJIMJO U nl A f ' f f MARY ELLEN OTT Small, smart and snappy, Clever, witty and happy. Philomathean 6, Badminton 1. Basketball 1, Majorettes 2-Head majorette, Swimming l. ! , . u-'J ,J-f727 aw' WARREN EUGENE OTTER "Ott" He's got good looks and quite a mind, His trombone playing is very line. Orchestra 2, C.C.G. 2, Latin Club 1, Track 1, Cross Country 1, Band 7, Senior Class Treasurer. JW IANET PEPPLER "lan" She's very quiet and very sweet, Here's someone whom it's nice to meet, Alethean 64Treasurer-Presi- dent, Dramatic Club 3. Recorder 1-Typist, A. A. 1, Latin Club 3 -Critic, Bowling 2, Mu Alpha Theta 2, Swimming 1, Student Council 1, Picture Committee- Chairman, Typist tor Yearbook. ffjjw' PWM i,,,,,..-,.,,u ,, 5' h . 'Q i. ,.. v ful 'W ,uv F lm gs V QM WD' nv WW 4 I tw A x it HQ-, it 5-C41 I, X ' "l x I, , M , Ama WILLIAM QUIGLEY "Quig" Bill Quigley has an Irish smile, For which the girls would walk a mile. Senate 5. I QQJA-I 'rx' "I 1 - ' ' 10,1 Q - JM GRETCHEN REID "Bunny" She really studies the books, And has lots in the way ot looks. Glee Club 3. C.C.G. 3, Allied Youth 1, Volleyball 2, Badminton 1. BRUCE REIFENSTEIN "Heil" Wisecracks and a timely joke, On all our lists he's okey-doak! ALFRED RENEY "Al" Here's a student that excels in art, From Alfred Reney we hate to part. Art Staff ot the Yearbook. ba t Wi NORMA KINNING You'll always live in our esteem, To "accomplish" has been your theme. JZZXQQM. ELIZABETH KOLODZIEY "Liz" Very sweet and rather shy But lite will never pass her by. Glee Club 2, C.C.G. 1. 'tr 4 ' 5, me Y ww T' .2 5 , V , asia : ' , . . 5133! EVELYN KOWALKA "E vvie" Evvie's sweet and always well -f dressed, - On our list she ranks among V the best. A -,-.A. L 'I Alethean 6-Corresponding Sec- .,.v A ., A -93 retary, Recorder 1-typist, A. A. " 3-Supervisor, Bowling 3, Swim- min9 l, Picture Committee tor A Yearbook, Typist for Yearbook. ,j5i'Q'L' . 62 1 Z Z 4 lj' ll f 11 R,g1i?iZf.f 0 4, is Q, may Xia-r-nv. 264466 aftdrwceed Efw-40 LILLIAN KUHL "Lil" A winning way has Lillian, You'll tind she's one in a million. Alethean 6-Publicity Manager, Glee Club 5. C.C.G. 1. Allied Youth 3-Publicity Manager, President. Special Chorus I. . l . V35 Nz RICHARD LAFFERTY "Dick He's the boy we like to find, Always happy, always kind. C.C.G. 1. Football 1. KW! IOAN LANDIS "loannie" She likes to laugh, she loves to smile, ln tact she does it all the while. Philomathean 6, Glee Club 1. C.C.G. 2, Bowling 1, Rainbow 7. Board ol Directors for Central Savings Bank, Announcements tor Graduation. ROBERT F. LEDGER "Penquin" Friendly, peppy-that's our Bob. At work or play, he's on the job. Dramatic Cub, Glee Club. As- sociate A ivities. t-J JIM? tl X Z, I UN E LLOYD "Iunie" Ready to work, ready to play, Ready to help whenever she may. , Dramatic Club 2, Glee Club 4- Secretary, Allied Youth 2. Foren- sic 2. ll NORMAN LUCKEN 1 IULIA MCENTEE "Mac" Hole Man Mon lulia is a gal that'-s tops, We are sure that in years to The things she does will never Cgme, be flops. He will have more than his Alethecn 5-CmiC' Recoxding Share done- Secretary. Latin Club 3. Basket- Cross Countr 1, Basketball 2. bull 2' swlmmmg 1' Info' me' saving 1. f . an of - K gi. 'D W ' Z A , I- G 4 s FL ' 2 1' , -Jr ' r 4 Y V f' ff, J' 3 Uf x 34? 5 .f f WE' X W J ,JNL I- 11 '. lfw.: , V AE: 1. L, Ji - WV - fgiif I QQ , l f 1' . I SAM MARKINSON "G. I." L IHGINIA GEAN "Gin ie" Always smiling. never glum, Mosf POP'-flu' is! She. He's the happy. cheerful chum. A busy 9U'1 She U eve! be- C.C.G. 1, Philomathean 6-Vice-President, BARBARA MARSHALL "Babs" A heart of gold, a heart so true. We never tind Barbara blue. Amorelta 1, A. A. 1. C.C.G. 1. Traffic 3-Captain. ALAN R. MARTIN. IR. "Al" Allan is a fellow great. To be his lriend you really rate. Gerolian 4-President, Glee Club 5-President of Boy'l Glee Club. C.C.G. l, Bowling 1, Football 2, Hi-Y 2, Trattic 3. www xl gl If A. A. 1. Latin Club 3, Volleyball 2, Mu Alpha Theta 1, Edwards Iunior Fashion Board 1, Yearbook Stall. Rifle Club 2. .Nl W 'l - l .MW ROBERT F. MECH "Nails" Bob's last name is Mech. The girl's think he's a peach. The fellows will all admit, That he is quite a wit. Cross Country 1. Fencing '1, Yearbook staff. 'I L. 'gy WALTER MEYER "Walt" Walt is a lellow ol whom we all know, He'll always have a iriend wherever he goes. C.C.G. 2, Football 1, Fencing 1. Future Unlimited 1. -'5wJJu.J.!1vl 071.3 LOIS RICHARDSON "Lo We all like Lois, she's very sweet. ln things she does she's always neat. Lyceum 5-Treasurer, C.C.G.. Badminton. ROBERT ROCKWILL "Rocky" Noisy at times, but you will see, ' An all round fellow he can be. IDA MAE ROGERS "Schmida" With her winning smile and friendly way, Success should come to her some day. Alethean 6-Critic, Glee Club 1 A. A. 6. C.C.G. 1. Bowling l fe-67222.45 bee, SAUNDRA ROSENTHAL "Sandy" lt's happiness at all times. she wishes the warmest way and every joy and pleasure throughout the year and day. Philomathean 6-Secretary, Latin Club 2. RICHARD ZADO "Dick" With smiling face and eyes of blue. Dick is a boy who's a friend, and true! Track 1. PEARL RUSSO "Bunny" She is the pearl of everyones eye, They certainly whistle when she goes by. Recorder 1, Glee Club 1. A. A. 1. IACK RYAN "lack" lack is neat and dresses well, A friend of all, they think he's swell. jeff? Q -'."',,.,.i-. -, HELEN SAK "Speed" Helen who is petite and bright, Will be able to reach most any height. Amorelta 6, A. A. 3, C.C.G. 1. Bowling 1. Chorus 1. Property Manager, Recording Secretary. Corresponding Secretary. Publi- city Manager oi Amorelta. THOMAS SANDS "Flyboy" Handsome, tall, and lots of lun, Tom is liked by everyone. Glee Club 3. French Club l. Football 1, Red Cross 1. Forensic 1, Track 1. Boxing. Yearbook Committee. Ring Committee ot Senior Class. 544 SEP Q, , 41,-1 MARYANN SHIANO "May" So lively her talk. so merry her way. lt's tun to be with her most any day. Amorelta 6. Glee Club 6, A. A. 6, C.C.G. 1, Special Choir 2, Ottice Work l, Cap and Gown Committee. RP Jimmy HARRIET SCHUYLER An artist we know, and it goes to show, To be a success she doesn't have lar to go. Lyceum 5, Dramatic Club 1.A.A. 4. Red Cross 2, Ring Committee. ,- Al O9 Adl- .4 BEVERLY SCHWEITZER "Bev" Quiet though she may be, A truer friend you will not see. Alethean 4, Glee Club 1. C.C.G. 1. LWU' WJ Wyiyyllyiig .t y,,""3-2. L KAREN SCHWENN Karen, who is sometimes shy, Has a pleasing smile that will get her by. Lyceum 6, Red Cross 3. ALICE SHABAN "Al" Alice who is full ot lun. ls always liked by everyone. Amorelta 2, Glee Club 6. Special Choir 1. Music Club 5. Trattic Squad 2. MARILYN SIPFLE "Lyn" A friend, tried and true, She'll do anything lor you. Lyceum 3-Rushinq Chairman, Tonda Tri-Y 2-Corresponding Secretary. Badminton 2. BARBARA STACKPOOLE "Barb" She really studies, and learns a lot, A store ot knowledge she has got. Amorelta 1, A. A. 1. EMMANUEI. STERN "Manny" Most studious is he. A brilliant lad he'll always be. French Club 3. Red Cross 1, Forensic 1, Fencing 1. Senior Class Announcement Committee. Science and Health Club in New York City. DONALD TAYLOR "Don" Don is a dandy, With the girls he is handy. And he is an athlete we are understanding, He's proved to be outstanding. 'Senate 3. Football 1. Baseball 1. PATRICIA TESSIER "Pat" Ot books. she always has a bunch. She'll go far I've got a hunch. Glee Club 6. French Club 2. Mu Alpha Theta 4-President-Seo retary Treasurer. Choir 2. IOYCE THEETGE Hello, hello, hello, Like a glad retrain. May her pleasure cheer you, And all her joy remain. Philcmathean 6. , ELLIOTT TOPALIAN A great guy is he. Nice to remember he'll always be. Orchestra 1. Band 3. ,Q 4110.1 Pla f MARGARET VAETH "Peggy" She always had a Smile for . you. Anything you ask she'll do. Soangetahha 3-Critic. CONSTANTINE VASILIADES A HGM.. Gus is a great guy, We're sure he'll get by. Yearbook Committee. ff' My .bafbl - PATRICIA WALKER "Pat" Best looking in the class is she. A raving beauty she'll always be. Philomathean 5. chestra 6, Glee Club 8, A. A . nch Club 2. Special C ' . He ajor- ette 2 yr ,wlijgi itfwlfl' y.. FLORAYNE WASHINGTON "Floody" A person as nice as she. Will always be nice to see. Glee Club 1. Volleyball 3. Play Day 3. Senior Choir 1. Special Chorus 1. EDWARD WEISBLOTT Very quiet, very shy, But we know he will get by. aa L A My if . 6- DAVID WHITE "Big Dave" Vim, viqor, and vitality, The three V's of personality Football 2, Baseball 1. , , ..--.,. ,,.,. N H NN3 lui Q -- fi- I. ,-WA,-X-',. ,- , , . ., -., X. .1 -5 :ws X , x N,, -,,, x.jnC,4l,.. lvr,1'Z."v ., Q . ,.-gv, ' . f"..'C. H" 1 . zyr. M. .1 , . ,V . Q . . 1 1 -1 x. I " -.r 1 f, "M ..'.'1' L, ,U-I... 1. wana- '- ,.'T41L--gy 1,2 ,gfvf.1',1.. 4 .,',U ,u,'i' .' v .'n,', . Ag. , A... 11, 1 , J, l 1 .W xg ,,..Yfr,- ' 'J ,..,.,' Y. u"."'vl. NM .-qg '-'. , f 1 1 -' ': ,..--g-,'1.?,- .1 ' .J, ,.1' . f 1, ,, A, u x.,1 ,,'w rv.:-'f fx, x ,,'H,..,.,H, , ,357 .' . J. ,- , -4 u4.,.- 1i'1-r-.- , Vx Q J-4.-QL' qw. 11,1 -.- .. n, ' un. 1' ,. . 6. .-1-'Taxi' ' , . ,Agree-5-151' nf. .. f,, . ' 1. .f..:.-H.-v ' .A+ , .v-,,,-T. ,.'-, -,--u-.,,4,:,n ,.- nv- ,44-559593.f3..q,',-juli.55. aff' :gels I",--jflrh . 'A 'V .T1':f'.fv".:l.--4-jf- gnf iQ.g'.'.'..-.1 1 ' ' -Q-H - f"'-.- QV '- . , ,,--,N.'4-F.I ' 'A' 1-.,::o.,5,1.1-gf, -7 -"' -,.,, . .W Ml-..,,.. -gf' -gf." . 1, ' ' ' ' .-55,1-x'j . 4 , U!,g'w.'5. , hh., '4 A-,iff-.,: ,.,.. U. fb., . -I-21-95.1 Lf:- , A-5951.1 .' ' ..u I f. q.yx'.Zff'I '-v.. ,r ,1 u,v.,. , . I, .ffm 4.A,v.-.- . J,-1 . .1 'N ' 1. - - bv ',."j1!yIf1C.gQ,41 X, V H lr' -ff -Jr, f '1:1.U1,'7,,Q,i.-. ' b .M ,gff ' .g.,2.w3?f , " ',Q.z?f1,.:5q': .' 5' .A ..' '.q141:.'iw-" .. ' ' Arn , '- 'H "z."22'I,., --945751 ,'.' by .,w,gf:f',g.jr:? lff:'l'2 fp-3511 , K. 0 ..--,,.,, N., 6.17. -Q ,flbfr ,l-pX,v,1xr.'u.u 4-,M . NH. - . .. , '11-. ' "J..'- ,1':f.l'l -' " If '- , ' '..'. - X, v -,+ x X ."'. N' .' , ' -M. ff :Ag 7-, - . - , , .v'- 4 Ii , , , ... . v ' . "I k N' ' .' u,- .4 s . -. I 9. I...-1,. W. , ,x.,f - pn' '..JqX .Qu , - A 1-A-.. . .Aa , I, . . 1 wh... f.,,,I4 W , 1. , 3 -,+V 3- 3,-li.,-.' ,.,-,'Q,. . I ,iq-1 rf, ,X J . . . . K. , .X4 I1 4. , ru 4,1 ,, ,I Q. .if -5-10" -.' x 41" last will unit Testament. We fTQm44fM4u:.a17l7a'4 M of the ' of W in the County of 5 and State of all being of sound mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this our last HUD EBSIHIIIBIII, in manner following that is to say: I, Sarah Aclrles. do will and bequeath to anyone who has the gasoline, the match. I, Ioanne Adkinson. do will and bequeath all the rocks in my head which have accumulated during my stay at Central to my Alma Mater. for a foundation to build a bigger and better school! I, Alan Alexander, do will and bequeath my knowledge ol geometry to my sister Io. to be useful in her six years at C. H. S. I, Carol Alexander, do will and bequeath to Mrs. Chamberlin. one economy size box of aspirins, for all the headaches she has had while I attended Central. I, Caroline Arnold, do will and bequeath to Miss Wilson, Mary Alice O'Brien and a new set of nerves. I. Alan Ayres. do will and bequeath my musty old water color brushes to Mrs. Haven. I. Nancy Azoyan, do will and bequeath my studying ability. to any poor soul who wants to take over. I. Rose Balamoti, do will and bequeath my knowledge of history to any poor unsuspecting soul who wants it. I. William Ballard. do will and bequeath. to Mr. Hendee. a new Cadillac lor his driver's training. I, Frank Ballester. do will and bequeath a new electric score clock to the basketball team. I, Stanley Becker, do will and bequeath nothing. I. Murray Berman, do will and bequeath my intermediate algebra book to William Haly. l. Frank Bertalli. do will and bequeath nothing. I. Barbara Ann Blaker, do will and bequeath my empty head. in case of a waste paper basket shortage at Central, to Ioyce Northrup, Dorothy Pirong and Dorothy Seiter and all my well earned art ability to William Clasen. I. Ilona Ann Blasco, do will and bequeath all the good times I had as a Y-Teen to my "sister", Beverly Salt, who I am sure will appreciate them as I have. I. Patricia Blye. do will and bequeath my desire to leave something to Io Alexander. but having gained nothing. I cannot leave anything. I. Ioseph R. Bonacci, do will and bequeath my cast to Wayne Ariola to use tor the next football season. I, Ronald E. Brennan, do will and bequeath nothing. I. Ioseph Brownstein, do will and bequeath nothing, also. I, Alvina Brundidge, do will and bequeath my history book to anyone who is foolish enough to take it. I. Donald Bundy, do will and bequeath a big stick to Miss Mahoney to help with her teaching in her world history class. I, Iames Burke. do will and bequeath my political ability to some freshman, and I hope he is more successful than I was. I, Ierome Cappon. do will and bequeath to Mr. Lewis, a good five-cent cigar and a match! I. Bernard Caskin, do will and bequeath my parking place in the teacher's parking lot to someone else who can get away with it. I, Betty Craft, do will and bequeath the memories ot our daring times together in the halls ot Central, to my dearest friend. Grace lanoscko. I. Laurence Peter Crouse, do will and bequeath not one thing. I, Pat Cupelo. do will and bequeath my physics lab book to all future physics classes. I. Kay Ann Cusack. do will and bequeath, to anyone that wants it. the job of running errands for Mrs. Chamberlin. I, Allred D'Ambrisi, do will and bequeath nothing. I. Delores DeBottis. do will and bequeath my daily morning stroll through the halls of Central, to Eloise Townsend. I, Madeline DeFabbio, do will and bequeath to limmy Volturno, my brand new history book, in hopes that he can make better use of it than I did. I. Delores DePalma. do will and bequeath a pair of ear- muifs, to Miss Alice Murphy, in case she ever gets another girl who can't whisper. I. Eva May Dietz. do will and bequeat a scraper to Mr. Lewis, to clean up Lyceum's table after second lunch. I. Robert Dillabough, do will and bequeath my music ability. which isn't much, to Bob Barrett. I, Barbara Dufore. do will and bequeath all the fun and good times i've had down in room 14, to any girl who is lucky enough to get Miss Murphy for shorthand. I, Robert P. Eaton, do will and bequeath my good will with Miss Anderson to some unsuspecting freshman. I. Robert Edinger. do will and bequeath my goll clubs to anyone in Central that can play golf. I. Malcolm Fields, do will and bequeath to all luture football managers. the headaches that I have had. I, lean Forsyth. do will and bequeath to any future love- sick seniors, all the quarrels Delores DePalrna and I had over Malcolm Fields. I, Patricia Fox. do will and bequeath my thirteen study halls to Dorothy Cole. I. Ethel I.ou Fuller, do will and bequeath all the history home work I didn't do. to Mrs. Chamberlin. I, Gladys Gardner, dotwill and bequeath my C.C.G. post. with all its visitors, to Sue Hausner. I, Charles Giannino, do will and bequeath my history note- book to Joe Hunter, to help him to pass world history. I, Ioan Frances Gibbons, do will and bequeath my place as a senior to Lee Glinsky. and my humor to any girl who would like to have it. I. Roger Gilson, do will and bequeath my presence in the Recorder room to anyone who doesn't want to get any work done. I, Helen Giordano, do will and bequeath Miss Galagher to any ireshman fortunate enough to live near a Post Oiiice. I, Kenneth Anthony Green, do will and bequeath a rubber baton to Mr. Bishop so he can hit someone in the band without having it break. I, Mildred Greene, do will and bequeath all my intelligence band to Mr. Bishop for another lucky girl clarinet player. I. Mary Grochocky. do will and bequeath all my dimes for a needy cause, to my room collector, Lee Glinsky. I, Diane Grovine, do will and bequeath my iresh air walks around the corner during the rushes, to the rest oi the gang in Alethean. I, Norma Hageman, do will and bequeath my quiet ability around school to Eleanor Dittmann, who I am sure will be able to use it. I. Ned Hanley do will and bequeath my ability to make friends on the gridiron to Marve Rosenfeld. I, Delores Hays, do will and bequeath nothing. I, Charles Hinman, do will and bequeath aspirin tablets to the next Senior Class President. I, Nancy Hunt, do will and bequeath my 15 study halls a week to hay Millar who is in need of them. I. Ianet Hunter, do will and bequeath to Nellie Brown. all my acnes and pains from Miss Wilson's classes. I, Ioseph Hunter. do will and bequeath world history in room 3:21 to anyone who can stand it. I, Rene Intze, do will and bequeath my American history book ana note book to Libby Conen, wno would. be tool enougn to accept them. I, Marily Jackson, do will and bequeath my thinking cap to anyone witn a small head, and book ot passes to tne next head cheerleader. I, Marvin Johnson, do will and bequeath lots ol luck to the next senior who is uniortunate to start in the mid-term. l, Eugene Kadlubowski, do will and bequeath my history notes to Mary Dineen, so that she may graduate in Iune. I. Elizabeth Kallweit, do will and bequeath my speed to any ambitious turtle, namely my sister Florence. I. Helen Karpenko, do will and bequeath my gilt oi gab to Reta lurino, who can fill the position quite well. I. Mary Lou Karpinski, do will and bequeath to my sister Eleanor, exclusive right to the telephone each night-lor business purposes that is. V I, Iohn Kesel, do will and bequeath my Central permanent residence pin to anybody who wants it. I, Aaron King, do will and bequeath my seat in the bank to Alvin Dorsey. I, Norma Kinning, do will and bequeath all my history notes to the future Centralite who are so saving of paper that they may be reminded ot the waste paper baskets that line the class room. I, Elizabeth Kolodziey, do will and bequeath 10 shares of stock in the Beechnut Company, to Miss Carolan. I, Evelyn Kowalka, do will and bequeath a book of l0l recipes to the cafeteria, which needs it badly. I, Lillian Kuhl, do will and bequeath my ability as a policeman to Iohanne Alexander and my reputation oi being talkative to Barbara O'Neil. I, Richard Laflerty, do will and bequeath my seat on the bench to any 3rd stringer that is worthy oi it. I, Ioan Landis, do will and bequeath to anybody who wants to take her on, all the tights I've had with Ianice Ryan, and to Ianice, herself, all the fun I've had in Phil and my senior term. I, Robert F. Ledger, do will and bequeath to Iohn Notorthomas, all my girl friends to take care ot until he graduates. l, Iune L. Lloyd. do will and bequeath the Glee Club records for two years, that he never could read, to Mr. Walsh. I, 'Norman Lucken, do will and bequeath peace and content- ment to all future lrustrated students. I, Carol Loftus, do will and bequeath my knowledge in American history to Norma Kieiier, in hopes she will have more success than I. I, Sam Markinson. do will and bequeath my kind attention to Mr. Fern's lectures. to some student in woodshop. I. Barbara Marshall, do will and bequeath a large bank account to all new 4-2's. l, Allan R. Martin, Ir.. do will and bequeath all my vast learning to a certain blond in 226. I, Iulia McEntee. do will and bequeath my apparent anti- pathy lor the opposite sex, to any other Centralite who wants to keep her boy friends from the clutches of her classmates. I, Virginia McGean, do will and bequeath all my study halls and three lunch periods to Sally Hollenbeck. I, Robert F. Mech, do will and bequeath to Iimmy "Hotshot" Holbrook. a nice, new, shiny, little red motor-scooter. I, Walter Meyer, do will and bequeath a little lost school spirit to whoever wants to find it. I, Eleanor Miceli, do will and bequeath my ability to get along so well with Miss Louise Lucey, to any student who may have the opportunity to become as intimate. I, Robert Miner, do will and bequeath to Mr. Hendee my hair, and to Mr. Lewis a buck to cover parking fees. I, Ioan Morris, do will and bequeath my position as keeper over Dorothy Cole, to Nita Millar. l. Muriel Morse. do will and bequeath a larqe bottle of aspirin tablets to the driver's training teacher, Mr. Bowman, lor his shattered nerves. I. Rosemary Mullin. do will and bequeath Miss Anne Hueber to anyone who wants a good friend and teacher. I, Iune Mumford, do will and bequeath a doorstop to Mr. Fern for other late arrivals in 116. NS I. Chris Nicholaos. do will and bequeath my ability to the Gerosian boys who want to sing, and want to get away with murder at C. H. S. I also bequeath all my knowledge to all the girls. I, Richard Noren. do will and bequeath my seat in Miss Anderson's room to whoever can skip as many days as I did. I. Mary Ellen Ott. do will and bequeath to Central. a few more teachers like Mrs. Borah. and all my fun in maiorettes to Sandy Young. I. Warren Eugene Otter. do will and bequeath my first chair in the trombone section to "Willie" Lawyer. I. Ianet Peppler. do will and bequeath the potato chips and other things to eat in the Recorder room. to any hungry third period workers. I, Richard Persons. do will and bequeath my collection of attendance permits to I. Crockett for I know he'll use them. I, Thomas Pinkowski, do will and bequeath nothing. I, William Quigley. do will and bequeath high school to anyone who wants it. I. Gretchen Reid. do will and bequeath my C. C. G. chair in the girl's locker room to whoever wants it. CBut Bewarelj I. Bruce Reifenstein. do will and bequeath to Mr. Hendee a one way ticket to Cortland. I. Allred Reney. do will and bequeath a new set of nerves to Miss "Anne" Hueber for all the old ones I mined in the past. I, Lois Richardson, do will and bequeath all the good times I've had in Central and Lyceum to Mary lane Fuller. I. Robert Rockwell, do will and bequeath to Miss Daw. all the silence I gave her when she asked me a question, to help tone down her freshman class. I. Ida Mae Rogers. do will and bequeath my good times in Central and in Alethean to the next one fortunate enough to take my place. I. Saundra Rosenthal. do will and bequeath my aptness for history and my worship of Miss Carolan to Ioe Russo who is in need of it. I. Pearl Russo. do will and bequeath all my good times at Central to my brother Ioe. except for the times I spent in the office-and not for good conduct either. I, lack Ryan, do will and bequeath to Rolf Wallenstrom one record of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" and an un- limited supply of oil for his bucket of bolts. To Bruce McLaughlin all my unfinished love affairs in hopes that he may finish them. CLost a little black book. If found please return to Bruce with no reward.j I, Helen Sak. do will and bequeath to my little brother Iohnny Sak 51.00 for driving me to school. I, Thomas Sands, do will and bequeath my ability to be silent in speech class and talkative in library. I, Maryann Schiano, do will and bequeath to Mr. Bowman. all the bumps and curves I missed in the road. if any. while taking driver's training with him. I, Harriet Schuyler, do will and bequeath my ability to be tardy four days out of five. to any student who can dream up original excuses. I, Beverly Schweitzer. do will and bequeath to some poor freshman, locker number 2752, if she wants to be by herself. I. Karen Schwenn, do will and bequeath my locker in gym to Eleanor Karpinski: may she enjoy the unwanted locker mates. I. Calice Shaban. do will and bequeath my seat in room 123, to any pupil lucky enough to get Miss Maloney for American history. I, Marilyn Sipfle, do will and bequeath to any new Lyceum members. my place at the Lyceum table. I. Barbara Stackpoole, do will and bequeath to Shirley Labonoski my ability to be prompt for class. I. Emmanuel Stern. do will and bequeath my French to whoever thinks he can make use of it. I, Donald Taylor, do will and bequeath a set of teeth and a new razor to Bob Hollfelz and Ron Dumigon. I, Patricia Tessier. do will and bequeath my front seat in 116 to any unfortunate senior who needs to study. I, Ioyce Theetge. do will and bequeath a dictionary to Miss Wilson for proper use, and all letter writing to Pat Hinds. I. Elliott Topalian, do will and bequeath the pile of pawn tickets it took to get enough money together to graduate. I. Margaret Vaeth, do will and bequeath to my sister Barbara all the good times I have had at Central. I. Iohn Van Dusen, do will and bequeath my desire to graduate to all the 4-l's. I. Constantine Vasiliades. do will and bequeath my geometry book to by brother Chris. I. Patricia Walker, do will and bequeath my majorette uniform to my cousin Virginia Loomis. I. Florayne Washington. do will and bequeath my good times with Miss Bray to anyone who takes cooking. I. Edward Weisblott. do will and bequeath my seat in the library to Bob Cohen. I, David White, do will and bequeath a hearty thank you to all of my teachers for carrying me along. May they never again have as heavy a burden. I. Richard Zado. do will and bequeath to Ronald Battele all the money I spent on Summer School. ACTIVITIES 1 A . i A. A. COLLECTORS AND SUPERVISORS First row, let! to right-Ann MacLean, Patricia Diable, Ginny Landers, Leona Glinsky, Iean Roderick, Pat Trask. Barbara Haynes. Barbara Stackpoole, Pat Walker. Second rowilanet Peppler, Assistant Supervisor: Evvie Kowalka. Supervisor: Betty Rendino. Supervisor: Shirley Bienstock. Supervisor: Helen Snook, Chairman: Mr. Ken Beagle, Advisor: Ioan Griffon, Supervisor: Connie Dardaris. Supervisor: Shirley Labonoski, Supervisor: Bob McCarthy, Co-Chairman. Third rowAMable Sweet, Dorothy Bennett, Marilyn Titus, Barbara Torrello, Mary Latham, Richard Breland. Ioyce Ann Richabauh, Beverly Harney, Barbara Marshall, Anna Cook, Ann Fidele. Maude Clark, Pat Torrello. Fourth row-Christine Peterson, Betty Craft, Peter Anthony, Bob Dann, Eddie Smirco, Don Ives, Lois Roeckelein, Genevieve Denson, Bonny Goss, Rita Iurino. ACTIVE C. C. G. MEMBERS First row, left to right-Elizabeth Lehby, Helen Sak, Ioan Gibbons, Iune Bartholomew, Evvie Kowalka, Marilyn Giangobbe. Nancy Ann Clark, Marialyce Brown, Dorothy Cole, Florence Kallweit, Ioan Fern. Second row-4Sue Hausner, Helen Snook, Rita Iurino. Leona Glinsky, Miss Steinbecker, Advisor: Ioan Boynton, Vice- President: Miss Lucy, Advisor: Carol Alexander, Secretary: Ioan Landis, Elizabeth Kallweit, Elizabeth Kolodziey, Lois Richardson. Third row--Bob Fairbanks. Rosemary Mallor, Ioyce Williams, Bonny Goss, Mary Lou Anderson. Ann Miller. Barbara Marshall, Pat Surdam, Leta Harlter, Ieannette Fisher, Verna Menkinn, Barbara Dulore. Barbara Meade, Diane Dodge. Ioan Lebkowski, Pat Fox, Nancy Love, Barbara Leonard, lean Forsyth, Gladys Gardner, Kay Cusack, Mary lane Fuller, Lily Hendry. Tony Denero. Fourth row--Malcolm Field, Allen Ayres, Elwyn Chartrand, Iohn Notarthomas, Iack Ryan, lim Burke, Murray Berman. Ken Butler, Ira Harrison, Arthur Coplon, Mel MacKay, John Crockett, Al Martin, Pete Crouse, Murray Carson. Iohn Follis, Bill Sessler, Andrew Stohrer. WT? Y-4 ALLIED YOUTH First row, left to right-Maude Clague, Ioan Yarwood. Vice-President: Lillian Kuhl, President: Ray Bottrill, Treasurer: Norma Hageman, Secretary. Second row-Mary Grochocky, Bernice Labcxdie,Veronica Manz. Gretchen Ried, Fern Roberts, Iohlexander, Muriel Morse. Third row-Lois Roecklein, Chris Nicholas, Marvin Bottrill, Glenn Argus, Ioan Morris. Y 1 BANK CLASS First row, left to right-Iune Bartholomew, Iune Lloyd, Lucile Metcalf. Miss Smith, Advisor: Grace Ianosko, Rita Iurino, Sue Hausner. Second row-Connie Davdaris, Barbara Schmidtetter, Dottie Cole, Ieanette Killingbeck. Lita Harter, Selma Froner, Ioan Ouderkirk, Baith Fields, Shirley Walter, lean Kaulback, Leona Glinsky. Third row-Vera Stolks, lean Roderick, Marjorie White. Mary Dineen, George Honey, Ianet Lyttle, Delores Kinney. Delores Lazano, Shirley Patchett. y x -R 'C7 BANK DIRECTORS First row, left to right-Ioan Landis, Charles Hinman, Chairman: lda Mae Rogers. Second row-Nadia Bury, Verna Menkins, and Pat Sexton. DRAMATIC CLUB First row, lei! to right-Kathy Klaiber, Iohn Miner, Treasurer: Iackie Miscall, Vice-President: Mr. Berry, Advisor: Miss Anderson, Advisor: Mary Lou Karpinski, President: Ruth Fields, Secretary, Iune Bartholomew. Second row-Beverly George, Norma Crawford, Donna Eager, Sally Young, Nancy Ann Clark, Dorothy Bennett, Ioyce Ann Hichabough, Ioan Yarwood, Eleanor Karpinski, Diane Dodge, Ianet Peppler, Marialyce Brown, Lois Roeckelein, Sona Dabanian. Third row-Mike Graul, Mike Balarnoti, David Gordon, Benson Wheeler, Iohn Boynton, Ed Guerschi, Ken Butler, Arnold Fay, Norbert Bischoff, Elwyn Harris. I I -wr r FORENSIC First row, left to right-Sanford Meltzer, Iohn Boynton, Vice-President: Kenneth Butler, President: Mrs. Borah, Advisor: Charles Rose, Secretary: A1 Mardon, Treasurer. Second row-Iacquelyn Miscall, Mike Graul, Monte Shebadi, Ianice Ryan. Helen Bush. Third row-Lois Roecklein, Emmanuel Stern, Tom Sands, A1 Martin, John Miner, George Robinson, Iune Fengler. FRENCH CLUB First row, left to right-Fern Iones, Saniord Meltzer. Treasurer: Emmanuel Stern. President: Iohn Boynton, Vice-President: Esther Stern. ' Second row-Iune Snyder, Ruth Fields. Rosemary Mallor, Arlene Sayles, Miss Lucy. Miss Overton, Ann McLean, Pat Tessier. Mary Lou Karpinski, Hanna Stone. Third row-Marilyn Gianqobbe: Tom Sands, Iohn Notarthomas. Rusty Caldwell. Andrew Stohrer. Kay Cusak. it f S s w. FUTURE UNLIMITED First row, left to right-Wm. Haley, Director: Mary Oates, Director: Bill Ballard, Business Manager: Mr. Ferris, lack Ryan, President: Robert Van Wagner, Director: Walter Myer, Director: Gerhard! Baule, Secretary. Second row--Pat Le Comte. Peggy Kulas, Nancy Scheirer, Frances Koziol, Ioyce Hall, Ioan Meyer, Diane Dodge, Ioyce Rowan, Shirley Heidrick, Barbara Meade, Pat Surdam. Kay Millar, Marialyce Brown, Iackie Miscall. Ioan Lebkowski. Kathy Klaiber, Lois Peary. Third row-Iimmy Holbro. Ernest Eicholzer, Rolf Wallestrom. Dick Priest, Bruce McLaughlin, Tom Hinchey, Sandford Meltzer, Ken Sachs, Arnold Fay, Bill Fredenburg. Bob Fairbanks. Barry Carson, Cal Hunter, Iim Capolongo, Martin Matarrese. ' MUSIC CLUB OFFICERS First row, lett to right-Norma Hageman, Vice-President ot Girls' Glee Club: Al Martin, President of the Boys' Glee Club: Mr. Walsh, Director: Pat Walker, President ot the Girls' Glee Club: Iune Lloyd, Secretary of the Girls' Glee Club. Second row-Ken Green, Vice-President of the Boys' Glee Club: Ioyce Edson, Accompanist: Pat Garrison, Accompanist: Mr. Bishop, Marion Essig, Accompanist: William Hillik, Secretary oi the Boys' Glee Club. RED CROSS First row, left to right-Shirley Patchett, Ruth Field, Vice-President: Mary Lou Karpinski, President: Eleanor Karpinski, Secretary: Lillian Harter, Treasurer. Second row-Mary Grochocky, Nancy Ann Clark. Mrs. Overton, Advisor: Ioan Yarwood, Florence Henderson, Dorothy Bennett. Third row-Andrew Stohrer. Emmanuel Stern. Tom Sands, Iohn Boynton, Den McDonald, Sandford Meltzer. I K STUDENT COUNCIL First row, Jett to right-Miss Maloney, Advisor: Iim Brim, Vice-President: Bruce McLaughlin, President: Ioyce Edson, Treasurer: Carol Kaulback, Secretary. Second row-Esther Coons, Ianet Lunderman, Nancy Clark, Mary Lou Karpinski, Debbie Byrnes, Ieanette Fisher, Diane Dodge, Nadia Bury. Third row-Chuck Hinman, Don Ives, Norbert Bischot, Robert Fairbanks. THE RECORDER CENTRAL HIGH scno57EETE Ed - 1 1 UNA M a ,KI N' nn is RECORDER STAFF First row, lett to right-Al Mardon, Assistant Editor: Delores Serrano, Editor: Mrs. Nevin, Mr. Frick, Ianet Peppler. Typist. Second row-Shirley Patchett, Typist: Barbara Schmidtetter. Typist: Eleanor Karpinski. Exchange Editor: Mary Lou Karpinslci, Reporter: lune Mumford, Reporter: Evvie Kowallra, Typist: Ginnie McGean, Reporter. Third row-Roger Gilson, Reporter: Dick Priest. Reporter: Tom Hinchey, Sports Editor. Founded in 1865 as THE BUDGET, the Central High School RECORDER has been an integral part of the school for eighty-five years. THE RECORDER is truly the students' newspaper. It is not only written by pupils but is also printed and published in the school. This makes it one of the most distinctive high school papers in the city. THE RECORDER is a member of the Empire State School Press Association. The Recorder Editor-in-Chief ...,...... ..., D olores Serrano Assistants Mary Anne Spangenburgh Alvin Mardon Published tive times a term by the students of Central High School, Syra- cuse, New York. REPORTERS Tom Hinchey Carol Alexander Ginnie McGean Roger Gilson Mary Lou Karpinski Dick Priest Iune Mumford Typists ,, , ,, Barbara Schmidtetter Ianet Peppler Evelyn Kowalka Shirley Patchett Exchange Editor ....,,. Eleanor Karpinski Advisor ...,..............,..............,., lane Nevin Printer .... Vernon Bowman and Classes .v G IS A I M 1, 4 , Ki - f " "' """'Y in rf' FOOTBALL SCORES OPPON ET CENTRAL Valley 31 0 Oswego S 6 C.B.A. 27 0 North 7 0 Vocational Z6 7 Nottingham U 7 Eastwood 33 24 FOOTBALL TEAM First row, left to right-Malcolm Fields, Ierry Perrigo, Dick McGuire, Wayne Ariola, Al Polge, Bob Canestraro. Second row-Bernie Rosenfeld, Pete Crouse, Frank Moody, Charlie Rose, Lavy Davis, Bernie Golden, Mase Rosenfeld. Captain: Al Martin, Tom Hinchey. Third row-Coach Raye, Bob Rezak, Gary Axenfeld, Dick Latferty, Red Priest, Gene Marcy, Don Ives, Bob Van Wagner. Ioe Bonacci, Bill Ballard, Harvey Fisher, Mike Graul. and Coach Abdo. Fourth row-Vincent Volturno, Her Beatti, Edward Smerkle, Stuart Prossman, Ronald Dumigan, Michael Flaum, Marvin Bottrill, Ned Hanley, Bill Iones, Dick Lounspury. BASKETBALL SCORES OPPONENT CENTRAL Nottingham 36 Sl Eastwood 38 61 Valley 51 71 North 47 59 Vocational 39 40 BASKETBALL TEAM First row, left to right-Don Ives, Harvey Fisher, Frank Moody, Bob Canastraro. Charles Hinman, Dick Priest. Second row-Wayne Ariola, Malcolm Fields, Ed Smirco, Booby Breland, Gene Marcy, Marty Hatter. Gerry Perrigo. BASEBALL First row, left to right-Harvey Fisher, Frank Moody. Wayne Ariole Bruce McLaughlin Mel MacKay Second row-M R ni ' ' ' use ose eld, Larry Davxs, Ted Demmon. Dxck Pnest Chuck Hmrnan Tom Hmchey Gaxo Tcxit Paul Coombs. J lr 5, I - L' 1 I X, 5' 'l::::2.!I l:::::r'f L mess: llllllixi .Illia . llllnm Q A ' lM4'lll ' f - 1-A f, . K, e ".. si. bi si .Q 1 in VOLLEY BALL First row, left to right-Ianet Brenneman, Io Lavalle. Ioanne Adkinson, Dorothy Cole, Mary Alice O'Brian. Second row-Marilyn Buck, Barbara Meade, Ioan Yarwood, Shirley Fifield, Toni Fidele. VOLLEY BALL 'scorms OPPONENT CENTRAL North 25 27 Vocational 30 14 Notingham 34 20 Eastwood 18 44 Valley 20 37 Athletic-minded girls of Central are able to participate in a great variety of sports. Springtime activities are badminton, bowling, relay, serviceball, and softball. In the fall volleyball and basketball are featured. In the spring we have a Play Day in which the schools of the city compete in serviceball, relay, and softball. Central has always been a keen competitor along with other schools and always manages to walk off with some ot the honors. I N 4 if ., XX? 'JI' f Q cf' ei ,,,, ff Yrs., CHEERLEADERS Left to right-Sue Hausner, Lily Hendry, Barbaxa Torello. Grace Ianoscko, Pat Hinds, Nancy Reid, Sally Hollenbeck. Elizabeth Libby, Marilyn Iackson. L. ALETHEAN SOCIETY First row, left to right-Madeline De Fabbio, Christine Peterson, Dolores Behan, Billy Rose Horton, Marialyce Brown, Barbara O'Neil, Beverly George, Nancy Sparrow and Audrey Borek. Second row-Betty Rendino, Eleanor Miceli. Corresponding Secretary: Beverly O'Brien, Treasurer: Carol Alexander. Vice-President: Delores DePalma, President: lda Mae Rogers, Critic: Iulie McEntee, Recording Secretary: Barbara O'Connor, Assistant Treasurer. and Evelyn Kowalka. Third row-Grace Ianocsko, Ianet Peppier. mice Given, Veronica Manz, Ioan Hollenbeck, Patricia Diable, Miss Douglass, Mrs. Chamberlain, Iune Mumiord, Ioan Ouderkirk, Lillian Kuhl, Ianet Lytlle, Shirley Fiiield, Norma Hageman, Ioan Venditti. Fourth row-Patricia McEntee, Lorna McGadie. Ieanette Fisher, Diane Grovine, Bonny Goss, Pat Blye, Io Alexander. Connie Stone, Iva Eubanks, Anne Barnes, Kay Cusack, Elizabeth Gruen, Eleanor Dittmann, Charlette Galster, and Bonita Sampson. AMORELTA First row, Ieit to right-Ieanette Killenbeck, Maryanne Sheane, Ianet Hunter, Property Manager: Ilona Blasco, Vice- President: Ioan Gibbons, President: Barbara Dutore, Treasurer: Rita Lunino, Corresponding Secretary: Antoinette Fidele. Assistant Treasurer. Second row-Iosephine Guento, Ioan Griffin, Shirley Dowding, Margaret Himes, Helen Snook, Mable Sweet, Mrs. Prudhon, Mrs. Squires, Advisors: Nellie Brown, Barbara Stackpoole, Connie Dardaris, Alice Shaban, Iean Kaulback, Alvina Brundidge. Third row-Delores Zenserling, Ioan Wilson, Cecilia Palumb, Ardith Astley, Mary Sweet, Georgia Zado, Shirley Hughes, Norma Kieffer, Ginny Landers. Noreen Becker. Barbara Marshall. GEROSIAN First row, lett to right-Tom Hinchey, Parliamentarian: Neil Rosekrans, Treasurer: Ken Green, Secretary: Bill Haire Vice-President: Mr. Lewis, Advisor: Al Martin, President: Bill Hillick, Flag Bearer: Elwyn Chartrcmd, Publicity Manager Second row-Alex Wisniewski. Mike Rourke, George Yanchenko, George Kempsell, Richard Clark. Charles DiOreo Don Bryant, Don Gordon. Don Cary. Chris Nicolaos, Robert Caruth. Third row-Richard Flood, Bob Dann, Iohn Notarthomas, Arnold Faye, Dave Hosendale, Ernie Eicholzer, Ray Dilucchio Charlie Combs. ELEUTHARIAN First row, left to right-Drucilla Adams, Elizabeth Libby, Iacila Ruckman, Critic: Conchita Hemandez. Second row-Helen Mathis, Barbara Moore, Miss Barrows, Miss Lanigan, Barbara Pickard, Leslie Belt. Third row-Winifred Slater, Mary Belt. Katheryn Brown, Georgette Freeman, Claudia Gordon, Ethel Iones, Letitia Harris. Fourth row-Nonna Jean Allen, Matti Bonteureyht, Rosalyn Bogby, Marilyn Terton. 1 1 1 PHI CHI TRI-Y First row, left to right-Priscilla Gilbert, Elaine Hayworth, Marilyn Webster, Fern Roberts, President: Iune Fengler, Vice- President: Suzanne Powell, Dorothy Cohen. Second row-Nancy Squire, Beverly Persse, Nancy Caswell, Florence Hummell, Maude Claque. Marilyn Titus, Ioan Boissey, Barbara Soeder, Ioan Lebkowski, Iean Cromartie, Ioan Griffin. LYCEUM SOCIETY First row, left to right-Susan Daino. Io Creveling, Kathy Klaiber, Frances Koziol. Second row-Barbara Leonard, Cynthia Tasker, Mary lane Fuller, Assistant Treasurer: Pat Sexton, Vice-President: Marilyn lackson, President: Nancy Reid, Recording Secretary: Mary Lou Anderson, Corresponding Secretary: Diane Dodge. Critic: Ioan Flint, Marian Sabha. Third row-Miss Steinbecker, Sona Dabanian, Marion Krug, Carol Genge, Lois Roeckelein, Pat Hinds, Delora Dozois. Gail Iohnson, Debbie Byrnes. Beverly Fonza, Anna MacLean, Sally Young, Charolette Cushing, Ioe Webster, Helen Mabes, Iacqueline Miscall, Eva May Dietz, Mrs. Berry. Fourth row-Peggy Laba. Donna Eager, Seta Azoyan, Dorris Lemp, Dorothy Diederich, Pat Austin, Dorothy Batruch. Barbara Meade, Betsy Allen, Carol Abar, Barbara Blakeslee, Kathleen McNamar. Karen Schwenn, Nadia Bury, Mary Chase, Sally White. PHILOMATHEAN SOCIETY First row, left to right-Marlene Shaffer, Carol Osborne,Ianet Forties, Margie Davidson, Sandra Burns, and Diane Spencer. Second row-Ginny Harding, Ioyce Edson, Ianet Brenneman, Assistant Treasurer: Ginny Loomis,Treasurer: Lily Hendry, Corresponding Secretary: Ginnie McGean. President: Sally Cahill, Vice-President: Carol Kaulback, Recording Secretary: Barb Schmidtetter, Critic, and Pat Walker. Third row-Carolyn Quinlan, Beverly Kellerhouse, Esther Coons. Iean Kiley, Nancy Hinchey, Ioyce Theetge, Shirley Moore, Fern Iones, Miss Maloney, Miss Iudson, Ioyce Rowan, Ioan Meyer, Beverly Lachner and Cindie Iackson. Fourth row-Mary Ellen Ott, Sally Hollenbeck, Dolores Corey, Caroline Kolodziei, Iesse Kappesser, Delores DeBottis, Norma Voracio, Sue Shelby, Patricia Scott, Diane Mesick, Ianice Ryan and Noreen Neaterour. Q PHINOAM First row, Iett to right-Francine Sorken, Publicity: Shirley Kruth, Critic: Elaine Savatsky, Assistant Treasurer: Libby Cohen, President: Selma Fromer, Vice-President: Elaine Sherizen, Recording Secretary: Audrey Huct, Treasurer: Dorothy Cohen. Corresponding Secrtary. Scond row-Rebecca Vanrx, Doris Strauor, Mrs. Ioseph, Miss Lannigan, Advisors: Goria Cohen, Tina Snyder. Third row-4F1areen Hoffman, Esther Stern, Sandra Herman, Hannah Stone, Leona Glinsky. SENATE SOCIETY First row, left to right-Tony Hinman, Edward Prosser, Carl Hunter, Corresponding Secretary: Barry Carson, Recording Secretary: Bob Van Wagner, President: Mr. Fred Whiteside, Advisor: Bruce McLaughlin. Vice-President: Gerhardt Baule, Treasurer: Paul Dolan, Sergeant-at-Arms: Chuck Hinman, Ioe Traino. Second row-Walter Gieselman, Bill Ballard, Ioan Sullivan, Ioe DeBiase, Dick Lounsbury, Benson Wheeler, Ierry Cappon, Art Schweitzer, Robert Burns.Terry Towne, Herb Beattie. Iohn Hendry, Art Corcoran, Martin Iockola, lack Follis. Third row-Walt Mintel, Martin Kondziela, Robert Fairbanks. Monte Shehadi. Kent Russell, Ken Butler, Pete Augustinus, lack Spattord. Rollie Taylor, Rusty Caldwell, David Fraser. Bill Sessler. SOANGETAHHA SOCIETY First row, leit to right-Corinne Brandt, Peggy Vaeth, Critic: Eleanor Karpinski, Corresponding Secretary: Arlene Sayles, Treasurer: Mary Lou Karpinski, President: Sue Hausner, Vice-President: Ruth Fields, Recording Secretary: Nancy Ann Clark, Assistant Treasurer: Dolores Serrano. . Second row-Ioan Yarwood, Loretta Malecki, Viola Bryerton. Marilyn Titus, Marilyn Webster, Norma Crawiord. Audrey Sperry, Adrienne Fischer, Miss Mahoney. Miss Bray, Advisors: Iune Bartholomew, Caroline Mayer, Ioanne Carroll, Nancy Azoyan, Ioan Schwartz. lean Fassoulis, Verna Menkins, Shirley Heindrick. Third row-Dorothy Horton, Cynthia Walters, Christine Carageorge, Marilyn Miller. Ioyce Grovine, Gloria Van Dusen, Myrna Mt. Pleasant. Pat Le Comte, Mary Scully, Melpo Marides, Peggy Kulas, Loretta Clark. TONDA TRI-Y First row, left to right-Dorris Lemp. Assistant Treasurer: Shirley Patchett. Treasurer: Ilona Blasco. Recording Secretary: Ioan Ostrom. Corresponding Secretary: Ianet Benneman, Publicity Manager. Second row-Julie Bedell, Lois Peay, Shirley Walters. Marjorie Wright, Ioyce Hall, Dorothy Pirong. Barbara Blaker Charlotte Windhauser, Beverly Sait. Lois Roeckelein, lean Roderick, Bonita Sampson. I 1 4 MEG HALE PHOTO STUDIO 601 COxIs'I'OcI4 AN'IiNI'li CAII. 5-5459 Our Special for You GRADUATION PICTURES IN CAP AND GOWN 3 for 35.00 WE WILL GIVE A 1 on DISCOUNT TO ALL GRADUATES ON THEIR WEDDING PICTURES CENTRAL CITY BUSINESS INSTITUTE Approved by the New York State Department of Education SYRACUSE 2, NEW YORK Villiam J. Veigel . . Director OPEN EVENINGS Phone2-6971 Compliments of ECONOMY BOOK AND MAGAZINE SHOP 109 EAST WASHINGTON STREET COOPER DECORATION CO. DISPLAY MATERIALS DANCE DECORATION Sales - Rentals - Installations Phone -5-2181 Syracuse, N. Y. 1211 East Fayette Street Typewriters - School Supplies Special Student Rental Rates SALES AND SERVICE TIjIE TYPEWRITER STORE 44 South Salina Street Phone 2-1457 SYRACUSE, NEW YORK POWELSON INSTITUTE A Modern School of Business SPECIALIZED BUSINESS TRAINING ON A PROFESSIONAL LEVEL FOR ALL FIELDS OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY State Registered and Nationally Approved Recognized for the Efficiency of Its Graduates Catalog on Request Loew Building Syracuse, N Y. Phone 2-6051 Approved for Veteran Training We dreamed we went dancing , . x V ,I In our beauliful ne-u: formal: from Edwards. awolze, and il 'wax lruef W'e toula gone on danriny forever," Left: .loan Flynn and Pa! 1 -ff' member: of Ed'u'ar1J'.f Teen F ,-,, Board. Righlr Suxan Houxn Lily Hendry, member: of Ea Junior Farhian Board, 2" lr-:, ql' ,0- , I ll J z x r o ,A .Hl, 1 L -f 'A .. 3 1 4 5 , I Finn.. 4 2 J if A 1 7 I I . , , 1 ' 'I .. K . 1 ,- .An 1. :N ,. r 1 ,, . ' 67,1 lui 1 . 55 ., J , x wr 4- h I H ' , 1 '- I 5 is " 5 . S ,T-iii: .,, ' ' , fi-'QV I ' , -:Q ' f"' Ist E o I L i 3 I in w D! "rg 5 J., . 'L ' ' f LS n f 4 " M25 . . f' 'fx 143, icq ik-A :I ' 'Lf W, 1, E uh rar' '4' mfg? in Aa ri a 1 ' . , . -1 I , 1 xv, -'Q . I' ax ". -m N L . g 1 - V - .1 '5., . k ,,1, 4 W 2 , , . L en 1 . Q' V 1 . ., y I z iris! ., , W1 I f ff l g ' """'?: 4 r- ' -, P 35 A .- 'le , 7 -dp' I 'A , .. M. 1 1: A .1 LQ' ' it"- Z4 , .1 -- ,T , 5' ' - -.3 ' , , k l '9 T ' ff, 'Lf V f "5-'iv -' 3 M? . , . 1?',1 ' - "HL - An - 1, 1,f.l,,'z , 'vu -P ff ,,.'..5': 13. ' .y ' Av y. 4 , ,, .-rw 4 Q gg,-V wi 22 4- f -sum - IW. gy 1 W' ' ' -,j 1: fl? 5.-. fv4',a'rg:.l . ' -A 't-,' ' ll" , ws-' '. 491 F " ,. K, w. as N 1 1 IJ Q, 13' , 'J + ...ef " 3, ."',,, 1. -v, N. A -'jrr' , , 'KET' 1 ,. .. , , ,, .- ,,, -, , .A Y ,F lx VN ,fi e- -nw .1 , -,-9, 3, , 'Q . ,pr A, ' 4. , , ,' A 2: ., , X41 i x 1 ggi.: A '.:- Ju A " ic: W1 . 4. '5 FLT ' ' , Q -fn 3 , . A , F- ,- ., g ' I F . E. I., 5 'r.' - fr ' 'Ulf :J ' 2611" ,.. Q --'vv-p fr 4,. " 5. - "I,-'fr 1 .,-. 5 . ff: 'E' Hx ' ' yw ,arm abr? s si' .M ., ll 1, V X, !' 1 "F ' Jw' Q . , +7 5. F' A Q ff.. 51 ' I -infix. ., , , , r, Psi' ,'v:, , 'J vw L W :.., 1 ,L 4, 543A 1 , - 4 3- i, ,Q f :ff A1 I, 'l '. l.4.." ,sz ' - QQ: 1 51 A 1. ,f eb farm I' . ' Af Q E W-. -WJ. Qi, . 1? P4 fu 1 af- in LLL, N 3 , Y F , T-Z? x G 3, V '., 4 .-S, Y 'J ,.. , '5-3-1 1 .N , x, ,NX , ' "XE ,-,.,-. a X n.,,.f. 19 3,7 K. -.v.,- 1 1 9 .f. . ji . 5 ,?f"'f f.. ,4- 'w ,,, ,xl 5 -X ,. Q5 Q' 5, -.ii .,.. GQ' A fi L ,. 4 . 'Sie-4 .K , ., , .r u aw 3.5 ' HES aa .Z . 'iii 'K-it '-' -is - '-I Q" 'M-2.9--: are ,553 ' f..,fr5l fd ' - 3-' Q -K. ,Q ' Q 'E' QE A. " E - 3:3 iii . z , 2. kq- -1 pf. -v 4 fi'-'4 ,fur A-N4

Suggestions in the Syracuse Central High School - Scarlet Yearbook (Syracuse, NY) collection:

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