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 - Class of 1959

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1 t if mm mmmmn:sm-f,,mm1fmwMm.e4mmwmxmfMwwmmm4mwzmm1w .mmmnmmmwmvum , ,, , ,,-A :vne.Quunnww,.wm w- mg wr'-ff--annum if ff, , 5, 4. 4 ie Q . ,,.,. , - 1' 0' . f r 1, .: ,1 Tia? Bw M - - 4 as ' C QP, V1 W ,X wwf . if 5,-ii fr iv wkiw 4 '53 14 u - wx .- -en....,,, - -W f---..4. -M I s 3 I .isqb-:van .4 R wan ...A L X I 'sQ I , . , . i . ,, 3 21' A: 4 v fs Q ? 1 if "1-'iii 19 " R 42. i LLVV shim F ZLQ'fi'z41rJwWQfW w,,,,,,., 22.1 -gf fQ,uw fi' L, LJ ' , aafgawulffaamd '4"'4'?6f4fffme.a.a, dmvayz na.J,1!J.a4 Q-,614 Jay., 61,715 JM 4,11 140 ! hdafmiekfgd 5 5. !nlr,4aQ!-4-,941-444-6 Jfflaz 29-Zmff-ff 445444 aygzuwvcdefclfdff Leoawagpiz-if 'QBCTKM e.zAeJ41w"'f AQ fa f f6?'!'f'f'f'd""'4'd a ,AAJWW 10,1 6'f"c'Y"Z"'?-"'7'f f4""2'd-ff . ' L I ufgfqm,-va 65444244 5 0Z44L,,fJ nag!! 224, again 74-v-f4f""'ff ff4f'WM',gA-I q2,4,,d.46n.4,w.! 'ifdffff-a,uLafy' J ,Fwy ffMf9Mfk9fM7f4f"Q Muff W ,QV J X wdi7YfQ' Awfwffffw EW J f Klffko My ,ow PM fjflxvfkg Qi Cho I 95 9 ffurrioorzo Prosorofod oy Ure Sorzior Zloss Syloo flrylz School Syloo, N. K ,Q-v-. Av . , 2. . 1 High rememberin lcitqnent after the Swain-Sylva football game'Q. . un- ending registration lines.. .cutting classes to make homecoming float. - through . . . V 8 that ccuntedi being lane for nine- fgening up Promagf. term papennlthe thrill of a 'kick-off and the ek? Daiczzlivu In appreciation to our principal, who came to Sylva High School four years ago when we were entering as Fresh- meng for his ability to plan and organize: for his unriring efforts toward improving the whole school: the instructional program, the buildings and grounds, and the morale of the student body. We the members of the Senior Class dedicate the 1959 edition of THE HURRICANE to W . Carr Hooper. Che Annual fuff I ,f df-igrr , if Tiff? 5 sf AS .5 .L 4 1- -3 A .xt , A gf Editor y S MARY Jo GREENE 9 M Co-Editors V4 IVKV ilfgi BARBARA PARKER BARBARA MESSER CAMPBELL CROOM CATHEY Sponsors Jane Long, Junior Editorg Judy Campbell, Sophomore Editorg James Kimbrell, Subscription Editorg Patsy Barnes, Treasurerg Lionel Brooks, Advertising Editorg Rhonda Jane Watson. ' 1 Y Bill Nicholson, Organization Editor: CTIHIIGS Chamben. All EdiI0l': Shirley Mathis, Feature Editorg Peggy Bradley. Photograph Editor Charles Allen, Sports Editor. Linda Hall. Business Manager. jacksau Haunfy guard of Sdumtiou Left to right: Burke Buchanan: John E. Hooperg George Lee: Tom Dillard, Chairman: W. V. Cope, Superintendent: W. R. Enloe. Jackson County is proud of its Board of Education. The members give freely of their time and effort without tangible recompense. They serve both com- munity and school. Their decisions show wisdom, tolerance, and progressive thinking. We wish to thank them for helping in great measure, to make and keep Jackson County respected by educators, and loved by its students. MR. VERNON COPE, Superintendent of Jackson County Public Schools . MR. CARR HOOPER, District Principal MRS. CLYDE FRANKLIN, Secretary. gwaf fy 5'acul y C FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. Hooper, Mr. Clark, Miss Bamard, Mrs. Evans, Mr. Holtzclaw, and Mrs. Reed. SECOND ROW: Mr. Hawks, Mrs. Cathey, Mrs. Coggins, Mrs. Campbell, and Mr. Croom. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Cowan, Mr. Sellers, Mr. Hunt Mrs. Scott, and Mrs. Scroggs. MRS. WILLA MAE SCROGGS Home Economics JOE HUNT Physical Education JOE SELLERS Business Education Mus. svsn. REED English MRS. SARA CATHEY English - Math CLAYTON CROOM Science NED I-IAWKS A griculture SALLY MAE CAMPBELL English - Social Studies Not Pictured - MISS RUTH BARNARD, Librarian WILLIAM HOLTZCLAW Social Studies - Math MRS. MARY I. SCOTT English - Foreign Language R. COWAN I. B LEY 1le ,1 w..L lux fgzgw .4 W -f s -W .-,,7.-,41- ' " 4 PFW Mas. CAMPBELL MR. CROOM Senior jlftarshals' SITTING, left to right: Barbara Parker, Margaret Gibson, Jean Crawford. STANDING Patsy Bames, Peggy Sue Bradley, Bill Nicholson, Linda Lou Hall, and Shirley Mathis. .,Qvf Valedictorian MA RY JO GREENE Egcwfz' . .. , A ' Salufatorian BA RBA RA ME S S ER KATHRYNE YVONNE RABY RICKY FISHER Jlflascafs SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Patsy Barnes, Treasurer: Barbara Parker, Presi- dentg Barbara Messer, Vice Presi- dentg Charles Chambers, Reporter: and Arnold Bryson, Secretary. Seuivrs CHARLES ALLEN "Elmo" Do unto others before they do unto you. REVA ANN ALLMAN "Rever" She is the key to the chest of smiles. ED AUSTIN "Frosty" Each man reaps on his own farm. LINDA BARNES llshortyll Little, but 1ov'd. PATSY BARNES "Pat" A quiet manner, but fun in her heart. JAMES BLANKENSI-IIP "Buddy" To have a friend is to be one. JEAN BRADLEY " Bubbles" Too much monkey business. PEGGY BRADLEY npeg.. The better you know her, the better you like her. BOBBY BROOKS If U His manner is quiet, but don't judge him by it. LIONEL BROOKS ll 1' A hurricane in harness. anim cuivrs ARNOLD BRYSON "Pretty Boy" A good sort and a good sport, he's bound to be liked in all sports. BERNADEAN BRYSON "Birdie" Forget yourself to make others happy. LYDIA BRYSON "Liddy" Too low they build, who build beneath the stars. JOE BURCH N Pig!! Friend to all, foe to none. MALENE BUMGARNER lVTinyll Young, happy, and in love KENNETH CA LHOUN usam.. Mischief with an under- standing heart. Smivrs CHARLES CHAMBERS "Lover Boy" Youth on a romantic spree. BILL COLE I "Beard" Rough and ready. .TERRY D. COOPER "Blush" Never a frown, never a word: no ill from him was ever heard. JERRY S . COOPER IIGOSII Romance on the bleachers. SUSIE COPE "Corky" "I'll get ahead - because I need one! JEAN CRAWFORD "Crowfoot" I am as I have spoken. Smiars NANCY CRAWFORD "Nan" She's a quiet girl, but quite a girl. NANCY DEAN 'Dover' Full of pep and fun, she's always on the run. SHIRLEY DILLARD li Prissyll No COIIIITIBIII. WILMA ELDERS "Bubbles" Tomboy who could make a nice lady. PHILLIP ENSLEY "Phil" A small boy strutting along in his first long pants. KENNETH EXTINE ..Fmg.. We know him by the noise he doesn't make. KENNETH FISHER 'Kingfish' Quiet to those who know him not, jolly to those who do. MERRILL FREEMAN "Little 'un" Quietly, she makes her- self known. MARGARET GIBSON 'Midge' To be of use in the world is the only way to be happy. IVA LEE GEORGE 'Gauge' All that glitters is not gold. IOLENE GREENE NIO!! Bemerxyifyouaxe wise. MARY JO GREENE lIBuxPll Darling, delightful, and devilish. cniors Smiars EVERETT GRIFFIN "Curly" The quiet mind is richer than a crown. IACK GUNTER "Fat Boy" Youth in a crew-cut. LINDA LOU HALL "Gertie" Always spic and neat, a nicer girl you'll never meet TOM HENSON lYRomeolI A young boy on his first adventure. BRENDA HYATT "Slick" It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice. SHELBIA IEAN IACOBS rrjeann Of all the ioy that I recall, being in love is the best of all. HAROLD JA MISON " Nehi" Quiet and reserved and ready to help. ANNETTE JONES ncoon.. Gayer than laughs. CLEO JONES "Cookie" Where humor is not, she creates it. KATHLEEN JONES " Ichabod" Homespun appeal. RAY KEENER "Pauncho" To strive to seek, to find, and not to yield. JAMES KIMBRELL " Zorrie " Hard to handle. eniors Seniors IU NIOR KIMSEY ll T uni!! Cel'lS0l'ed . RICHARD MASON "Dickie" Whatever he does, is well done. MARGARET MASON "Many" She keeps her tears to her- self, but shares her laughter ELLA MAE MASSINGALE "Candy" A happy girl with blue eyes beaming. SHIRLEY MATHIS ul-eanu Look not down, but up. BARBARA MESSER ll Possil While she lives, she lives in clover. CHARLES MIDDLETON "Shorty" True success is to labor. EUGENE MIDDLETON N sem!! Once and for always, Jane. AVERY MONTEITH " A verietta " I'm moving on. IOANN MOODY ll Io!! Count thyself rich when thou hast found a friend. DORIS ANN MOORE Ilsueil Determination means suc- cess. BILL NICHOLSON llwiuyll A studying boy always finds joy. anim Seniors CHARLES NICHOLSON "Peewee" Friendly as the day is long. BARBARA PARKER nkbii Beauty with brains. JERRY PARKER "I-Iandsome' Good nature is Iife's great- est gift. EVELYN PARKS "Wheatie" O this leaming what a thing it is. GARY PA RNELL "Rum" He is full of fun and mis- chief too, he's always up to something new. HAROLD REAGA N HMO!! Ever so merry. IOANN RIDLEY aio.. Full of fun, merry as the day is long. GA IL SELLERS "Jennie" My dreams are fair and bright - for I am young. GLADYS SHERRILL "Giggles" The best things in life come in small packages. AUDREY SLUDER "Dynamite" Foot-loose and fancy-free, that's the way she wants to be. DEE SLUDER HD.. Ever earnest and quiet is heg amiable also, and nice as can be. MICHAEL STAFFLEBACK " Butch" Always happy, never glum. Scuivrs HARRY SUMNER 'Clumsy' I'll nit down now, but the time will come when you will heal from me. CORDELL WIGGINS 'Cordy' I-le's one in a million. MARTHA WILLIAMSON l!Mmyl Don't marry for money, it's cheaper to borrow. MARTHA JANE WILSON "Such" Life is but one big party. MARY RUTH WOOD "Rufua" Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. euiars CHARLES ALLEN Football 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4: Basket- ball 2, 3: Baseball 1,2: Paper Staff 4: Dra- matics 4: Annual Staff 4: Most Popular Boy 4: Waiter at Junior-Senior Banquet 2. REVA ANN ALLMAN French II Club 4: Chemistry Club 4: 4-H Club 4: Friendliest Girl 4. ED AUSTIN Agiculture 1, 2, 3, 4: Chemistry Club 4. LINDA BARNES 4-H Club 1. PATSY BARNES Class President 3: Class Treasurer 4: Beta Club 2, Vice President 3, President 4, West. Disuict Reporter 4: Football Queen 4: Har- vest Queen Candidate 4: Marshal 3: Wait- ress at Junior-Senior Banquet 2: 4-H Club 1,2: Chemistry Club 4: Neatest Girl 4: An- nual Staff 4. JAMES BLANKENSHIP Bus Driver: FFA 1, 2, 3,4. JEAN BRADLEY PEGGY SUE BRADLEY Beta Club 2, 3,4: Junior Marshal, Reporter 3: Most Likely to Succeed 4: Annual Staff 4. BOBBY BROOKS Bus Driver: Chemistry Club 4. LIONEL BROOKS Football 1,2,3,4: Basketball 1,2,3,4, Co- Captain 3, 4: Baseball 1,2: Waiter Junior- Senior Banquet 2: Dramatics 4: Physics Club 3: Most Athletic 4: Annual Staff 4: All-Con- ference 2: All West. N.C. 4: Honorable Men- tion All-State 4. ff ARNOLD BRYSON Football 1,2,3,4, Captain 4, Co-Captain 3: Physics Club 3: Chemistry Club 4: Class Of- ficer 3, 4: Dramatics 4: Sports Editor 4: Wait er at Junior-Senior Banquet 2: Neatest Boy 4: Editor's Round-Table 4. BERNADEAN BRYSON FHA 1,2: Dramatics and Journalism 4. LYDIA BRYSON Dramatics and Journalism 4: Chemistry Club 4: Most Courteous Girl 4. JOE BURCH Best Personality 4: Chemistry Club 4. MALENE BUMGARNER Chemistry Club 4: Cheerleader 3, Chief 4: Most Popular 4: Freshman Harvest Queen Candidate 1: Home Room Officer 1,3: Waitress at Junior-Senior Banquet 2. KENNETH CALHOUN Football 1,2,3,4: Basketball 1,2,3: Base- ball 1, 2: Chemistry Club 4: Paper Staff 4: Dramatics 4. CHARLES CHAMBERS Chemistry Club 4: Annual Staff 4: Most Talented Boy 4: Dramatics 4: Paper staff 4: Waiter at Junior-Senior Banquet 2: Class Officer 4. BILL COLE FFA 1,2, 3, 4: Chemistry Club 4. JERRY D. COOPER FFA 1,2: Bus Driver. JERRY S. COOPER Chemistry Club 4: Journalism 4: Waiter at Junior-Senior Banquet 2: Baseball 1, 2: Home Room Officer. SUSIE COPE Dramatics and Journalism 4. JEAN CRAWFORD FHA 1,2: Band 2, 3: Beta Club 2, 3, 4: Bas- ketball 2, 3: Marshal 3: Chemistry Club 4: United Nations Contest 3: Harvest Queen Candidate 3. NANCY CRAWFORD French Club 4. NANCY DEAN Swain High 1.2: Basketball 1,2, 3,4: All- Tournament 2: FHA 2: Chemistry Club 4: French Club 4: 4-H Club 1, 2. SHIRLEY DILLARD 4-H Club: Band 2: FHA 2. WILMA ELDERS Biggest Pest 4: Chemistry Club 4. PHILIP ENSLEY FFA 1: chemistry club 4. KENNETH EXTINE FFA 1, 2, 3, 4. KENNETH FISHER Bus Driver 3, 4: Chemistry Club 4. MERRILL FREEMAN FHA 1,2: Dramatics and Journalism 4: Beta Club 3, 4. MARGARET GIBSON Chemistry Club 4: Eligible for Beta Club 3, 4. IVA LEE GEORGE Beta Club 2: Chemistry Club 4. JOLENE GREENE Bus Driver 4. MARY JO GREENE Beta Club 2, 3,4: Editor-in-Chief of Annual 4: Annual Staff 3,4: Paper staff 4: Chief Marshal 3: Waitress at Junior-Senior Banquet 2: Chemistry Club 4: Most Studious Girl 4: Editors' Roundtable 3, 4: Dramatics and Journalism 4: Valedictorian 4. EVERETT GRIFFIN Chemistry Club 4. JACK GUNTER Basketball 1,2,3, Co-Captain 4: Football 1, 2, 3, All Westem N.C. Honorable Mention 4: Baseball 1: Chemistry Club 4: French Club 4. LINDA LOU HALL Basketball 3, 4: Beta Club 2, 3,4: Annual Staff 4: Paper staff 4: Most Talented Girl 4: Jun- ior Marshal: Chemistry Club 4. THOMAS HENSON Baseball 1, 2: Football 1, 2,3,4: Waiter Junior-Senior Banquet 2: Wittiest Boy 4. SHELBIA JEAN JACOBS Candidate for Valentine Queen 3. HAROLD JAMISON Chemistry Club 4: Friendliest Boy 4. ANNETTE JONES Wittiest Girl 4: Music 4: Drivers Training 4. CLEO JONES Transferred from Webster: Beta Club 2: 4-H Club 1, 2: Journalism 4: Drivers Training 3. KATHLEEN JONES FHA 2: Chemistry Club 4. DONALD KEENER RAY KEENER Bus Driver 4: Office Practice 4: Most De- pendable 4: French Club 4: Chemisuy Club 4. JAMES A. KIMBRELL Football 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Chemistry Club 4: Waiter at Junior-Senior Banquet 2. JUNIOR KIMSEY RICHARD MASON Football 1, 2: Physics Club 3: Chemistry Club 4: Beta Club 2, 3: Most Likely to Succeed 4: Waiter at Junior-Senior Banquet 2. MARGARET ANN MASON Dramatics and Journalism 4, Secretary of French Club 4, Most Dependable 4. ELLA MAE MASSINGALE Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Homecoming Court 2, 3, Basketball 2, Class Officer 3, Chemistry Club 4, Beta Club 2, 3, Waitress at Junior- Senior Banquet 2, Dramatics and Journalism 4, Annual Staff 1, 2. SHIRLEY MATHIS Beta Club 2, 3, 4, FHA 2, Marshal 3, Best Personality 4, Annual Staff 4. BARBARA MESSER Swain Transfer, President of French Club 4, Vice President Senior, Editor-in-Chief of Paper 3, Beta Club 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Dramatics and Journalism 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Dance Band 3, 4, Chemistry Club 4, Chief Marshal 3, Best All-Around 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Salutatorian 4. CHARLES MIDDLETON Bus Driver 3, 4. EUGENE MIDDLETON Dramatics and Journalism 4, Chemistry Club 4, Physics Club 3. AVERY MONTEITH Physics Club 3, Cheerleader 4, Chemistry Club 4. JOAN MOODY Valentine Queen 2, Drivers Training 3, Joumalism 4, BILL NICHOLSON Band 2, 3, 4, Beta Club 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Dance Band 3, 4, Chemistry Club 4, Most Studious Boy 4. CHARLES NICHOLSON Band 1, Chemistry Club 4. BARBARA PARKER Beta Club 2, 3, Secretary 4, Class Officer 4, Co-Editor of Paper 4, Chemistry Club 4, Vice President of Junior Class, Dramatics and Journalism 4, Annual Staff 4, 4-H Club 1, 2, Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet 2. JERRY PARKER Most Handsome Boy 4, Chemistry Club 4. EVELYN PARKS FHA 2, Chemistry Club 4. GARY PARNELL Dramatics and Journalism 4, Chemistry Club 4. HAROLD REAGAN IO ANN RIDLEY Beta Club 2, 3, French Club 4, Drivers Train- ing 3, Chemistry Club 4. GAIL SELLERS KATHY SETTLEMYRE Drivers Training 4. GLADYS Sl-IERILL Dramatics and Journalism 4, Drivers Train- ing 3. AUDREY SLUDER Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, Most Athletic Award 3, Most Athletic Girl 4, Cheerleader 4, Waitress at Junior-Senior Banquet 2, FHA 1, 2. DEE SLUDER Basketball 3, 4. MICHEAL STAFFLEBACK Bus Driver 4. o HARRY SUMMER Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Physics Club 3, Chemistry Club 4. ROY TAYLOR Chemistry Club 4. MARTHA JANE WILSON Drivers Training 4. CORDELL WIGGINS Bus Driver 3, 4, Football Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Manager 2, Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, Chemistry Club 4, Waiter at Junior- Senior Banquet 2, Biggest Pest 4. MARY RUTH WOOD Drivers Training 3, Chemistry Club 4. MARTHA W. WILLIAMSON Drivers Training 3, Dramatics and Journalism 4 1 1 E 1? X Qfwwa M765- fy? 4. '33, it d K 0 1 X "- R, f' 1 1 Best Personality SHHILEY MATHIS JOE BURCH X , .51 prettiest BA RB A RA P A RKER Mast flamtvvfue I ERRY PARKER 1 Mast Popular MA LENE BU MGA RNER CHARLES ALLEN Kes! ,411-Knuml BARBARA MESSER GENE MIDDLETON BIISL. NICHOLSON Mm IO GREEN Mast Studiaus TE ONES ' ' TOM HENSON ' lwttzest Nearest PATSY BARNES Q ARNOLD BRYSON ,Mast Hourteous LYDIA BRYSON JERRY D. COOPER Most Zfaleuted LINDA LOU HALL CHARLES CHAMBERS ,Mast ,Athletic AUDREY SLUDEI LIONEL BROOKS Most lfikely to Succeed PEGGY BRADLEY DICKIE MASON Qricudliest NN ALLMAN AROLD IA MISON Biggest Pee! WILMA ELDERS CORDELL WIGGINS Mes! Dependable RA Y KEENER g. fd, ka, 11 J 41, Om 1114! AVID y Z' STOVA 55,4 LL 14 g 51' Of th 6' yfa I' SENIOR CLASS NOMINEES JUNIOR pany game, John David Stovall SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN Judy Campbell Charles Ray Elders Mrs Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. HOME ROOM NOMINEES , Campbell ------- ----- P atsy Barnes Croom - - - - - - Barbara Parker Scroggs - - - - Doris Brooks Clark - - - ---- George Lewis Bradley - - - - John David Stovall Holtzclaw - - - - - -Judy Campbell Cathey - - - ---- Patsy Dills Evans - - - Jennie McGuire Coggins - - 1 - - Nancy Revis Reed - - - - - John L. Brooks Scott - - - - - Charles Ray Elders Sellers - - ----- Wanda Jones Cowan - - - - Ronda Jane Watson Outstanding Lfiflbeus af Sylm J-liglr I 958 59 Lydia Harold Mary Ruth Merrill Jerry Avery illiila ig 'liy H Gail Jean Ann Shirley Kathy Barbara Charles Allen, will my very good parking places to the underclassmen. Ed Austin, will TREASURER OF AGRICULTURE to Joe Sutton. Linda Barnes. will my ability to fuss with the Sophomores to the oncoming senior, Marty Franklin. Reva Anne Allman, will my friendly ways to Sarah Belle Fisher. Patsy Bames, will my secret loves to Jane Long. Buddy Blankenship, will my curly hair to Freddy Ferguson. Bobby Brooks, will my seat in Summer School this year to anyone who wants it. Lionel Brooks, will my position as tailback on the football team to Kenneth Miller. Jean Bradley, will my old chum, Cordell, to Glee Blanton. Peggy are Bradley, will all my flirtatious ways to Katherine Ward. Bernadean Bryson, will my place in Bookkeeping to anyone who thinks he can balance his account. Lydia Bryson, will my ability to catch the bus on time to Brenda Henson and Rebecca Blanton. Malene Bumgamer, will my wonderful times as a senior to Donna Hennessee. Joe "Pig" Burch, will my hot rod magazines, and seat in Occupational Guid- ance to Charles Queen. Kenneth Calhoun, will my ability to get in Federal courts to anyone with a criminal mind. Charles Chambers, will my ability to drink "Soft Drinks" at Waynesville to Kenneth Miller. Bill Cole, will my beard to anyone who likes to shave. Jerry S. Cooper, will my jealousy and ill-temper to Scroop Lewis. Jerry D. Cooper, will bus H2 to anyone who likes detours. Susie Cope, will my ability of breaking lunch line to anyone who is sneaky enough not to get caught. Jeanne Crawford, will my curse Qblushing at the wrong timey to D. H. Queen. Nancy Crawford, will my French book to anyone dumb enough to want it. Nancy Dean, will my ability to make 69 points in a single game to Linda Lou Ledbetter. Shirley Dillard, will my curly hair to Dana Sue Phillips. Wilma Elders, will my ability to"do what Ilove and love what I do" to Shirley Henson. Phil Ensley, will my excess height to Henry Lee Walker. Kenneth Fisher, will my height to Leroy Woodard. Merrill Freeman, will my beloved literature book to Patsy Nations. Iva Lee George, will the few brains Ihave left to Mildred Bradley. fl know she needs themj. Margaret Gibson, will my ability to get into trouble over "Snag"to Nancy Cole Jolene Greene, will my school bus to anyone that can stand the noise. Mary Jo Greene, will my place at the front of the lunch line to Bill Freeman. Everett Griffin, will my curly hair to Eugene Hyatt. Jack Gunter, will my position on the football team to Hewy. Linda Lou l-lall, will my favorite place by the radiator early in the moming to Scroop Lewis. Tom Henson, will my Safety Position on the football team to Mike Moore. Brenda Hyatt, will to Louise Parks my ability to solve "The Tragedy of Macbeth We, Shelbia Jacobs and Gail Sellers, will our seats in music class to anyone lucky enough to get them. I, Harold Jamison, will my friendliness to Tom Pannell. I Kathleen Jones, will my English Book to Louise Parks. I. Cleo Jones, will my laughing to Jane Hlcks Rector. We, Annette Jones and Kathy Settleymre, will our seats in English to anyone who is lucky enough to get them. L Ray Keener, will all my glrl friends to Harry Bumgarner. L Donald Keener, will my technique to Henry Allison. L Ella Mae Masslngale, will my smile to Susan Maxwell. I, Dickie Mason, will my trim figure to Joan Sams. I, Margaret Anne Mason, will my ablllty to get along with Mr. Sellers to my brother, Kenny Mason. L Shirley Mathis, will my Macbeth contract to any Junior who needs it. I, Barbara Messer, will my position as editor of the GOLDEN HURRICANE to Donna Hennessee. I. Charles Middleton, will my chrome glasses to anyone who has good eyes. L Avery Monteith, will my place as cheerleader to anyone crazy enough to take lt. l, Joann Moody, will my literature book to Roger Stephens. l, Bill Nicholson, wlll my ablllty to play the trumpet like Harry James to Tommy Thompson. I, Charles Nicholson, will my ability to flirt with glrls to Jesse Wlnstead. L Evelyn Parks, will the candy shop to louise Parks. L Barbara Parker, will just take my love for Chevrolets with me. L Harold Reagan, will just take everything I have and leave. I. Io Ann Ridley, will my good looks to Hazel Ridley. L Gladys Sherrill, will my smile to Dot Gunter and Glee Blanton. L Audrey Sluder, will my place as captain of the basketball team and Most Athletic Glrl to Linda Lou Ledbetter. I, Dee Sluder, will my ability to day dream in English to Joe Sutton. L Michael Staffelbach, will my ablllty to break lunch line to all Juniors. L Harry Sumner, will lucky 13, my football jersey, to Wally Baker. I, Roy Taylor, will my sore throat after ballgames to any ball fan. L Cordell Wiggins, will my good looks and Cherokee Squaws to Bill Freeman. I, Martha Wright Williamson, will my algebra to anyone who wants it. L Mary Ruth Wood, will my ability to get along with the bus driver to Patricia McDonald. J K H ,Q :"'4.. ,F ,- '.w f I 'V 4 X L .. if Y-M121 ml 6 MRS . SCROGGS MR. BRADLEY MR. CLARK yuniar Spansars SCROOP LEWIS DORIS BROOKS President Vice President 5 HERBERT SCHULMAN JOHN DAVID STOVALL HENRY ALLISON Secretary Treasurer Reporter junior 6111.95 0Mccrs juuirfr ,Marshals LEFT TO RIGHT: Hazel Ridley, Harry Moses, Vernell Queen Le Nora Sauter Jane Long Scroop Lewis, Brenda Pannell, and Doris Brooks. HENRY ALLISON MARILEE ALLISON BRENT BARNES ROSA N. BEASLEY GLEE BLANTON REBECCA BLANTON VIRGIL BLANTON PEGGY BRADLEY DORIS BROOKS BARBARA BRYSON KATE BUCHANAN SHELBIA BUCHANAN HARRY BUMGARNER JANET CAGLE LIBBY CARDEN JOANNE CARNES JOHNNY CHILDERS GARY COOK KENNETH COPE BENNETT CRISP YVONNE CRAWFORD TOMMY CURTIS LOUISE DAVES CAROLYN DEITZ juuiars xisiffi f 3 . I glf, . . 17'i'31if ' ' QS! 53 " . sn fm. l yw f. zz 3 1 DONNA MONTEITH BRITTIE MAE MOORE MIKE MOORE HARRY MOSES TOM MURRAY PATSY NATIONS VERNELL QUEEN CAROLYN REVIS HAZEL RIDLEY SAMUEL ROGERS PATRICIA RUSSELL JOAN SAMS NANCY soRRELLs JOHN DAVID sTovALL IENNIE SUTTON JOE sUTToN MARY SUTTON NANCY SWINK ROY LEE WHITAKER WILMA DILLARD CONRAD ELDERS FRED FERGUSON MARGARET FRANKLIN MARTHA FRANKLIN SARA BELLE FISHER BILL FREEMAN RAYMOND GRANT LULA MAE GREENE MAXINE GREENE DORIS GUNTER DONNA HENNESSEE juniors juniors ELIZABETH HENSON MILDRED KIMSEY BRENDA HENSON CARL HENSON SHIRLEY HENSON BILL HOLDER KENNY RAY HOLDERMAN LARRY HYA T T JACKIE LEDBETTER SCROOP LEWIS JANE LONG DENNIE MATHIS GILES MATHIS PATRICIA MCDONALD 611155 of I 960 NOT PICTURED CHARLES PANNELL GEORGE SHERRILL BRENDA PANNELL TOM PANNELL LOUISE PARKS DANA SUE PHILLIPS D. H, QUEEN CHARLES QUEEN JOYCE SAUTER LE NORA SAUTER HERBERT SCHULMAN JOY NELL SELLERS SHERRY SETTLEMYER EUGENE SETTLEMYER IDA THOMPSON JUDY THOMPSON MARY THOMPSON ROY TUCKER HENRY LEE WALKER MARY K. WARD T5 UE-RAIL ERYSUN CITY Came up on a choo-choo - Went back with a boo-boo Hero? 97 Is it human? A "grave" record X Stepping high The Hurricane strikes again HOMECOMING fi' 601 079 .4 4. Vp, N an ' kgv 1 J.. J 'ly ,U ,K 3 M-,Q ,a QM 1 .A itz ., ' a'i I K AY ,F . 1-b ff ' 3.5. K .,. .'.Uf-Z Q Fc , ' Q. , . .1S,3-,- -JZ- PAL? 1 ,Q 'lkimvijkgal qfshx- bn - T139 Q Q 4-7 Sap aware Spansars REBECCA EVANS WILLIAM HOLTZCLAW SUSIE COGGINS SARA CATHEY Sophamare Oficcrs President - - - .-.- JANIE EDWARDS Treasurer ---- - - LINDA LEDBETTER Vice President - - - -JOHNNY WALDROOP Reporter ---- ---- T ONY SHULER Secretary ---- ------ LA NA CLARK Odis Austin, Betty Lou Beck, Tina Bills, Cecil Blanton, Ransom Blan- ton. Robert Blanton, Louise Blankenship, Mildred Bradley, Johnny Bradley, Bruce Brooks, Kyeleen Buchanan. Alice Cabe, Elbert Cames, Judy Campbell, Starlotte Carpenter, Betty Lou Carter, Lana Clark, Perry Clayton. George Cogdlll, Nelson Cole. Jim Cooper, James Crawford, Charles Dalton, Ann Davis, Louis Davis. Shelby Jean Davis, Shirley Jean Davis, Janice Dean, Patricia Dillard, Charles Dills, Janice Edwards, Doyle Elders. Linda Ensley, Frank Extine, Tommy Fox, Jeanette Frady, Carolyn Frisbee, Billy Gates, William Gates. Yvonne Grant, Paul Greene, L. H. Gunter, Philip Harris, Joe Ed Hawkins, Patsy Hefner, Sara Belle Hensley. Carol Holden, Billy Howell, Fannie Hoyle, Ruth Jacobs, Alta Belle Jones, Jolene Jones, Leonard Jones, Tommie Jones, Kay Keener, Bill Kilpatrick, Robert King, Katherine Lambert, Lovicia Lam- bert, Linda Lou Led- better. Sophomores - Not Pictured Billy Ray Bryson Jean Carver Ernest Cogdill Cliff Conner Scotty Cooper Peggy Jo Garrett Kenneth Gunter Spergion Henry Shirley Kimsey Mary Ann Robinson Brenda Sutton Paul Ward Sue Ward Patsy Wild Ruby Williams Darlene Ledford, Della Mae Lowe, Jennie Mc- Guire, Sue Mason, Glenn Mathis. Susan Maxwell, Frank Melton, Kenneth Miller, Annette Monteith, Eilein Mon- teith, Jim Mull. Annie Mae Nations, Patsy Peggy Parker Jimmy Parris Phyllis Parris Libby Pettit. Bobby Picklesimer, Verna Kay Popplewell, Gwenda Powell, Marvita Queen, Doyle Ridley, Dorothy Ramsey, Jane Hicks Rector, Nancy Revis, Larry Sellers, Joe Sher- rill, Mary Katherine Sherrill, Charles Shuler, James qTonyJ Shuler, Betty Sue Smith, Roger Stephens, Irene Stewart, Rachel Sutton, James Thompson, Johnny Waldroop, Shirley Ward, Soyreitta Wiggins. James Winstead, Betty Wolfe, Alfred Wood, Carl Wood, Mildred Wood, Thad Wood, Patsy Dills. Nations, Clifford Parker, F I I . r Scenes 9mm J-lerc and Uzcre Where angels fear to tread. Against the wan. please V r Their fouling ways. Mad chemist. Future home -wreckers. Hallway to education. Crazy, Man, Crazy Nsheik.. Going om' WHY? HSP-Cal Dog's best friend . '1- Bathing beauties! Age of innocence Tom Dooley and Jr X Wx Ea uf n w' iefgmm i ?rf:sl1mun 6fllSS Spansors SIBYL REED JOE SELLERS MARY CQWAN 5'resl1rmzu 611155 Oficm' PHYLLIS WOODARD ------------ President MARY E. BECK ---- - - -Vice President SUE DILLARD ------ ---- S ecretary ' WANDA JONES ------ - - -Treasurer CAROLYN MATTHEWS ---- ---- R eporter Harold Austln Mary Bames Dean Baughn James Beasley Larry Beck Mary Ellen Beck Ray Beck Roberta Bills Lois Blanton Eugene Bradsher Jean Bryant Nathan Broome Jerry Brooks John Brooks Wayne Brooks Mac Bryson Carolyn Buchanan I. B. Buchanan Thelma Bumgarner Rita Cames Peggy Case Betty Childers Ivalee Childers Gaynell Cochran Lanny Cogdill Mary Cogdill Nancy Cole Linda Collins Bryan Cooke Boyd Cooper Joyce Cope Maureen Cope Bobby Crawford Bryant Davis Marina Dean Morgan Deitz Ronald Deitz Billy Dillard Elaine Dillard Guy Dillard Linda Dillard Sue Dillard Billy Dills Nancy Dills Charles Ray Elders Rachel Elders Patsy Fisher lean Franklin Matilda Garrett Hilda Gates Jewel Gates Jackie Glbbey Charles Gibson Slreshmeu E7rcsl1me11 John Gibson Joyce Greene Geraldine Gregory James Hall Dewey Hannah Jack Hedden Robert Henson Johnny Lee Hoxitt James Jiles Albert Jones Billy Jones Ida Mae Jones Jeanette Jones John Ray Jones Joyce Jones Kenneth Jones Wanda Jones Margaret Kimsey Susan Lessing Annie Locust Phyllis Maney Kenny Mason Carolyn Matthews Carroll McClure Harold McMahan Hazel McMahan Wanda Jean Melton Linda Miller Opal Mills Gail Mitchell Brenda Moore Shirley Moses Richard Morrow Eugene Nations Peggy Nations Lewis Nicholson Nell O'Kelly Lyna Pangle Brian Pannell 611155 af I 96 La Verne Parker Lynda Parris Truman Parris Jerry Queen Simpson Queen Phyllis Ray Jerrie Reagan Bennie Reynolds Lucy Mae Robinson Dale Settlemyre Rita Shepard Martha Shuler Douglas Smith Ruth Sneed Verlin Stewart June Stewman Mary Ella Stiles Danny Strickland Joel Swink Kenneth Tallent Arthur Thomasson Buck Thompson Edwin Thompson Tommy 'I'hompson Leonard Tolley Dana Waldroop David Waldroop Lewls Watson Ronda J, Watson Dennis Wilkey Richard Williams Jesse Winstead Judy Wood Lee Roy Woodard P l11s,Wopdard XSWQWJ FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED Jessica Buchanan Mary Sue Cunningham Johnny Ensley Bobby Joe Farley Charles Fisher Howard Parker Bottoms up! Spring has sprung! Legs Touring Hen pany Adorable What? My buddy 1 4 ho please The gang Miss when enthused: Two lost souls or V. ,gg Lonely? Uh oh! Trio Who? ?? Baby face Lfnnlx gsgg Eyiii W v V KV 'NA Q 'fu' ffyf' QW 3 ,D K 3' 4, ? fi':- i. f 3, Q . 935 '4 4 a. - I A bw nfrwgfqzw-m...1,,:-. ,, .L,,,,,m -Mk , v f- -1,--.umm ' -Q-v....,U,,,,,, L ,, , ,, I M Y i Gaiden Hurricane Stay Editor-in-Chief Co-Editor BARBARA MESSER BARBARA PARKER News Editor Art Editors Feature Editor MARY Jo GREEN CHARLES CHAMBERS, LINDA L-,DIA BRYSON LOU HALL, GARY PARNELL Sports Edxtors CHARLES ALLEN, ELLA MAE MASSINGALE, ARNOLD BRYSON Business Manager Faculty Advisor .1 ""-Y'-rv vrrrvv Scenes ?rem Ure Zezmirzg ef the Shrew Drezzezezfiee ZIIIS5 U16 Beta gfllb Y President ---- Vice President Secretary - - Reporter - - Sponsor - - - "f LI me A ,L ,W it T +35 ,em - PATSY BARNES ' - GEORGE LEWIS - - BARBARANPARKER - DONNA HENNESSEE Treasurer - - - - """' IANELONG MRS . REBECCA EVANS Patsy Barnes, Barbara Parker, Linda Hall, Jean Crawford, Harry Moses Barbara Messer, Jane Long, Patrica Russell, Nancy Sorrells, Bill Nicholson, Merrill Freeman Peggy Bradley, Mary Io Greene, Donna Heunessee, George Lewis. Joyce Sauter Doris Brooks, Brenda Pannell, Shirley Mathis, Mrs. Rebecca Evans, LeNora Sauter ff, Khcmisfry 61116 Library Assistants MISS BARNARD, Supervisor Occapatiaaal Guidance Cflass SC ZA. MR. NED HAWKS, Instructor 9rc11cl1 67116 MRS. CHESTER SCOTT, Advisor r 1311.9 Drivers Driver? Zfrainiug MR. SELLERS AND MR, HUNT, Instructors Cyping dass Hwkkwpiltg Elass Hafetcria Staff Left to right: Mrs. Edith Dillard, Mrs. Gertrude Allen, Mrs. Jennie Dillard, Mrs. 'Lois and Mn. Lizzie Bames. ' MRS. SHULER MR, AND MRS. ROGERS Harvest Quem and Kamliduies I I J I I3 Ccam lflzcerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Ann Robinson, lane Hicks Rector, Lana Clark, Mary Ellen Beck Brenda Moore, and Patricia Dillard. YVONNE CRAWFORD IENNIE MCGUIRE GEORGE LEWIS Librarian Student Conductor President IUDY CAMPBELL Assistant Librarian Hand Ofhcers BILL NICHOLSON Vice President MAL ENE A UDREY SUE LINDA JANE Khcerlcaders AVEQY DOYLE DONNA Sylm flzyh Schwl Hand YVONNE JOAN JENNY Ss ,Majareftes C AROLYN JUDY LIBBY WOODWIND SECTION UPPER ROW: Linda Coggins, Nancy Tweed, Nancy Corbin, Mary K. Sherrill, Martha Ann Pearson, Wanda Jo Stephens, LOWER ROW: Karen Ahlin, Carolyn Crawford, Kyra Moody, Judy Ashe. it All-State Band Clinic Participants I BECKY MURRAY, JESSICA BUCHANAN SCROOP LEWIS I SCROOP Jam Y , LEWIS Session All-State Band RODDY Member DILLARD CORNET SECTION Claudia Hooper, Ioan Bumgarner, Tommy Thomas, PERCUSSION STEVE THOMAS BOBBY PICK LESIMER Donna Hennessee, Carolyn Frisbee, Lewis Nicholson, Elizabeth Huff, Frank Melton Rosa Melton BAND SECTIONS .HZMZQZ4 R 4 51 Q W 900611111 Queen PATSY BARNES M ,ff ., '76"' Squad geetbnll Cenln CAPTAINS - Kenny Mason and Bennie Reynolds FIRST ROW, left to right: John L. Brooks, Robert Blanton, Johnnie Bradley, James Beasley, Richard Morrow, Bennie Reynolds and Jerry Queen. SECOND ROW: Lewis Davis, Manager, Kenny Mason, Guy Dillard, Mac Bryson, James Hall, and Jerry Phillips Manager. Zretbnll .Qneen Attendants Left to right: Jennie McGuire, Jane Long, Libby Pettit, Patsy Barnes, and Yvonne Craw ford. ARNOLD D' H. 1 CaPf3iD Co-Captain CHARLES u I Co-Captain fX XTX f s XP x , V ix LIONEL TOM KEN CHARLES KEN JAMES ARNOLD JOE HUNT The Athletic's section of this annual is dedicated to Coach Joe Hunt, Coach JACK CONRAD HARRY BILL D. H. J. DAVID KENNY R This ls' the kewrd This year the Sylva Golden Hurricanes won their first Smoky Mountain Conference AA Championship since 1953 with a record of '7 wins and 1 tie. The Hurricanes suffered their first loss to Canton ln the District AA playoff. In winning, they scored 226 points to their opponents 96. The starting line-up for the Conference AA Champs was as follows: Harry Sumner, Left End: Bill Holder and Conrad Elders, Left Guards: lack Gunter, Center: Kenny Ray Holder man, left Tackleg D. H. Queen, Right Guardg Amold Bryson, Right Tackleg Kenneth Calhoun, Right End: Charles Allen, Blocking Back: Kenneth Miller, Wlngbackg James Kimbrell, Fullbackg Lionel Brooks, Tailback. Nine of the starters are seniors. Sylva 34 Hayesville Sylva 14 Murphy X Sylva 36 Franklin , Sylva 0 Andrews Sylva 35 Robbinsville Q! 'ff Sylva 34 Cherokee Sylva 33 Swain Sylva 33 Bethel Wlva -1- Canton Total 226 Total ' Girls ' Basketball Calm Coach Jos HUNT x A V I , I 5 ' I AUDREY NANCY I . A LOUISE LINDA I NNNJN I - LINDA LOU KYELEEN Y T LANA JOYCE THE GOLDEN I-IURRICANES I VERNA KAY MARY ANN Y SUE 1 CAROLYN Forwards Guards NANCY DEAN LINDA HALL AUDREY SLUDER KYELEEN BUCHANAN LOUISE DAvIss LINDA Lou LEDBETTER VERNA KAY POPPLEWELL MARY ANN ROBINSON JOYCE SAUTER CAROLYN FRISBEE SUE MASON LANA CLARK Keys' Haskefball Umm Coach JOE HUNT J LIONEL 44 GEORGE -4- A JOHN DAVID "SCRo0P" THE GOLDEN HURRICANES L. H. Ro Manager Y JERRY PHILLIPS DEE JOE JACK GUNTER JOE SUTTON LIONEL BROOKS DEE SLUDER JOHN DAVID STOVALL L. H. GUNTER ROY TUCKER JERRY PHILLIPS GEORGE LEWIS Arvuiq, AKXTTHU "They Ate" 2. "They Swam "They Patti 'They Dance 4. 'Th R d' 6 "Th Pla In Memory RONALD JOE SHULER February 2, 1938 August 12. 1958 X X Is. ki, JM' J .f - .Q ' '. ..M"4' ' , ff + ,Ax .ff mx X W '-s-,,.,.4,, ':"" fab- J,-an - 14" X . 1 w. inn' ff X X A ff R xx ,JV KZ Ns 5. X-. ' ' 5 i-Lg. , f ' ' ,, f". X f 'J' U 44 I ., - 1 '1 .v"' Z JA I' ' 1 - V' ..L, LIL' gi: K ,IQ A77 , :. ---- M, ,.L , ,. L S N . gif, ,xg T AK ' H 4 A X Compliments of NANTAHALA CREAMERY You Can Whip Our Creana, But You Can't Beat Our Milk" A. B. SLAGLE, Owner Franklin, N. C DAIRY PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS lABEl... ARE GRADE "A"- All THE WAY! ex wif 'Y A NNQQQLRHT Congratulations and Best Wishes Seniors of 1959 THE MEAD CORPORATION D ESTABLISHED 1846 Paper Makers to America Sylva Divi s ion Sylva., North Carolina Compliments of THE TOWNE SHOP Ladie s' Exclusive Ready- to - Wear Best Wishes to the Seniors of 1959 HARRIS SUPERETTE Sylva, North Carolina Phone: .TU6-4110 Compliments of A FRIEND Best Wishes, Seniors CANNON BROTHERS GASOLINE AND OIL COMPANY Distributors of Shell Oil Products Phone JU6-4317 Dillsboro, N. C S. W. ENLOE AND SON Gulfpride Motor Oils Gulf Oil Products The World's Finest Phone .TU6-2918 V Compliments of JARRETT HOUSE Dillsboro, N. C. Famous for Food and Rest Serving Country Harn and Chicken Dinners Daily Arrangements Made for Private Parties Phone: JU- 6-9164 .Y0ui,e ,none with a sjitziis Account Ahead JAcKsoN coumv SYMFANK Highlands, Cherokee Compliments of CAMPBELL ELECTRIC CO. Phone: .IU6-2513 Sylva, North Carolina Compliments of SOUTHERN LUMBER CO. Phone: JU6-2412 Sylva, N. C. Compliments of DR. GROVER WILKES Sylva, N. C. Compliments of MAC 'S MOTEL Phone: JU6-2051 Sylva, N. C. Best Policy at All Times A. J. DILLS INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Phone: JU6-2258 Sylva, N. C. Compliments of COPE GULF SERVICE Phone: JU6-9169 Sylva, N. C. JACKSON A Complete Line of Home Furnishings Phone: JU 6-2.617 Sylva, North Carolina EAGLE'S 58:10 Your Friendly Self- Service Sylva, North Carolina Congratulations Best Wishes DEPENDABLE JEWELERS THE RECORD SHOP Gifts for All Occasions Phone: .TU 6-4157 Sylva, North Carolina "Hits That Fit" Main Street Sylva, North Carolina Compliments of Best Wishes From F 81 P SUPER DRS. HAROLD MARKET AND PATSY MCGUIRE Best Quality Products to the Senior Phone: JU 6-4356 Sylva, North Carolina Class of 1959 JOHN SEXTON AND COMPANY The National Chain Wholesale Grocers P. O. Box 4142 Federal Annex Atlanta 2, Ga. Quaid, Zvi Welcome to the Class Compliments of of '59 RADIO STATION COGDILL MOTOR CO. 0-J Dodge-Plymouth C ,Yr Dodge Job-Rated 1480 on Your Dial Simca Dealer Sylva, N. C. 5000 Watts Compliments of MOODY'S FUNERAL HOME Sylva, North Carolina TO SUIT YOUR , I 1? J TASTE F Q cHARwooD ,fl BARBECUE qi 5' "Pit Coo SYLVA CLEANERS Quality Cleaning and Pressing WILLIE F. MONTEITH, Owner Phone: JU 6-2350 Sylva, North Carolina Be st Wishes for ked Barbecue" Compliments of DR. RALPH MORGAN Sylva, North Carolina the Success of the Class of '59 W. C. HENNESS EE LUMBER co. Appalachian Hardwoods Sylva, North Car olina i Qmngruiulutinns to the graduatin g class Phone - JU6-4215 "Everything Electrical" Radio and TV Service ENSLEY ELEC TRIC CO. Electric al Contracting IF IT'S GOOD FOOD YOU WANT . . . Q Want s 1 . A4 ,J coFFEE sHoP N CICERO BILL Air-Conditioned Call JU6- 2013 MASHBURN'S SHOE SHOP vv -rv :v Phone: JU6-2497 Mill Street AT AND Sylva, N. C. SAVE I 114,41 4... AT Compliments of DEALER BAKER ESSO STATION Phone JU6-9050 Sylva, N. C. BUILDERS f SUPPLY A 5-My at LUMBER COMPANY Building Materials - Paints Ready Mixed Concrete "Our Motto Is to Please" Call J'Ustice 6-2310 Qu! , s 2 cf ACZWUN N s aaa at PROFESSIONAL DRUG STORE Phone JU6- 2413 Compliments of THE MEN'S STORE Phone: JU6-2450 Sylva, N. C. Compliments of BOWER'S STORES, INC. "House Goods and Clothing for the Entire Farnily" Phone JU 6-2917 Sylva, North Carolina Compliments of TOMAHAWK COFFEE SHOP Chops - Steaks - Sea Foods Home of Good Food HOMER AND LOLA BURGESS Owners Cherokee, N. C. If It's Ice Cream You Want - Visit "THE DAIRY QUEEN" es - Sundaes - Sodas Malts - Shak All Flavors Cherokee, North Carolina BELK'S DEPARTMENT sToRE "The Home of Better Values Phone JU 6-2015 Sylva, North Carolina MIDDLETON'S Esso Regular 29. 94 High Test 32. 9? Standard Gas for Less Just Added All Auto Accessories - TV Lamps Throw Rugs All Sizes and Colors Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of '59 THE TUCKASEEGEE BEAUTY AND BARBER SHOP "Where Your Dimes Have More Cents" STOVALL'S 54 - 109 - 254: Store Home Owned Compliments of BRADLEY'S STORE Groceries General Merchandise Dillsboro, N. C. Phone: JU6-2165 Compliments of GREYSTONE LODGE Phone .TU6-4359 Sylva, North Carolina Compliments of SYLVA COAL AND LUMBER COMPANY Phone: JU6-2.410 Sylva, North Carolina Compliments of G. J. ROBINSON Manufactor of Hardwood Lumber Sylva North Carolina Be st Wishe s to the Graduating Class of 1959 DR. D. M. RAMSEY Compliments of PAINTER MACHINE SHOP Sylva North Carolina Compliments of JOHNNIE WATSON'S TE LE VISION SERVICE Color and Black and White Sylva, North Carolina Compliments of DR. W. J. DURR Phone: Office .IU 6-4117 Res. JU 6-2176 Sylva, North Carolina, Compliments of WILSON INSURANCE AGENCY Phone: .IU 6-2010 Sylva., N. C. Best Wishes to the Senior Class of 1959 A FRIEND Compliments of SCHULMAN'S "Style Center of Sylva." THE LEADER DE PAR TMEN T S TORE 'We Clothe the Entire Family From Head to Foot" Phone: JU 6-2515 Sylva, N. C. BEN LESSING - Proprietor Compliments of Compliments of +1 W" o,l the THE WEST END PURE V 1 OIL ...MM Gas - on SYLVA Washing - Lubrication SUPPLY COMPANY WEST END PURE OIL Phone: JU 6-4315 Sylva., North Carolina Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1959 A DOCTOR W. B. DILLARD CONS TRUC TION COMPANY Phone: JU 6-2131 Sylva, North Carolina Compliments of QUEEN'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone: .TU 6-2317 Sylva., North Carolina compnmenrs Avy 0 sf IA ffl T BLUE RIBBON SHOE SHOP Best Wishes ffytff' 'P' T to the KELLY HALL Graduating Class of 1959 LUMBER CO. Dealer in A DOCTOR Hardwood Lumber - Logs Phone: JU 6-2928 Sylva, North Carolina WALTER BRADLEY PACKING COMPANY Fresh and Cured Meats Phone JU 6-2927 Dillsboro, N. C. Compliments of CAGLE'S AUTO SERVICE All Types of Automotive Repairs Sylva., N. C. Phone JU 6-2555 CARL CAGLE, JR., Owner MASSIE FURNITURE COMPANY A Complete Line of Home Furnishings T. N. MASSIE L. E. SUTTON, Owners Sylva, North Carolina COPE CREEK SERVICE STATION Gas for Less Regular - 28 9110 High Test - 32 9f10 Major Oil - 4015 Tires, Tubes, Batteries Sylva, North Carolina. Phone JU6-2517 THE SAMS CHAIN SAW AND EQUIPMENT A CO. PHARMACY "Your McCulloch Dealer" Drugs Phone: .IU 6-2551 Sylva, North Carolina Phone .TU6-2312 Congratulations VELT'S Phone JU6-2325 "The Home of Good Food" CITY BARBER SHOP AND BON TON BEAUTY SHOP Best Wishes to the Senior Class of 1959 Sylva, North Carolina Compliments of QUEEN'S CAFE Good Food Plenty of Parking Space Curb Service Compliments of ALLlSON'S, INC. Phone .TU6-2319 Sylva, N. C. Dealer of Oldsmobile and Jeeps Compliments of Q KI RUBBER WELDERS All Tire Work - Road Service Coast to Coast Phone JU6-2619 Sylva, North Carc '.ina WESTERN CAROLINA INSURANCE AGENCY Sylva, N. C. General Ins. and Real Estate J. E. "TOMMY" BGB AU TO PAR TS New a.nd Used Parts Phone JU6-2753 THOMPSON Sylva, N. C. Compliments to Seniors of 1959 T C SERVICENTER SYLVA AUTO PARTS Wholesale - Retail Phone JU6-4311 Our Care Saves Wear Makes Your Car Run Better Last Longer Gas - Oil - Grease - Washing Tires Phone JU6-9166 , Best Wishes to the Class of Compliments of 1959 KIRK-DAVIS CHEVROLET CO. a USED CARS Sylva North Carolina Sylva, North Carolina WALKER'S DRIVE- IN CLEANERS Exclusive Like-A-New Finish Sewing, Mending, Alteration and Laundry Service Phone JU 6-4210 Sylva, North Carolina SOSSAMON FURNI TURE COMPANY Phone JU 6-2125 Sylva, N. C. RIVERSIDE COTTAGES MAUDE LEATHERWOOD Manager Phone JU 6-2625 Dillsboro, North Carolina E. L. ERWIN Phone JU 6-4213 Sylva, N. Plumbing and Heating Sheet Metal Work Well Drilling Compliments of SYLVA TIRE RITZ THEATRE COMPANY and Full Capping V1JlC anizing DRIVE- IN To the Class of 1959 Save eo Per Cent by Full Capping Dia.1 JU 6-2416 HOOPER'S DRUG STORE ONLY THE BEST Prescription Druggist Phone .TU6-22.13 Sylva, N. C. Compliments of Your Friendly JANE AND DOT'S FLOWER SHOP Your F. T. D, Florist Dial Next to JU6-2214 Court House SYLVA BUS S TATION We Serve Home Cooked Food From 5 A.M. to Sylva, North Carolina ll P. M. Compliments Compliments of of LELA'S Sylva, N. C. MOTOR CO. Phone .TU6-2418 Compliments of Compliments of FAR , cLARK's S RESTAURANT FEDERATION FRED COPE, Manager Phone JU6-2712. Sylva, North Carolina Operated by VIRGIE GRANT "Just Good Home Cooking" Cater to Social Events Phgne JU6-4320 Located on Franklin Road ENSLEY'S STORE Fancy Groce ries Fresh Produce Feeds Sylva, N. C. Congratulations Senio r Clas s THE SYLVA HERALD Phone: JU6-2611 Sylva, N. C. Compliments of NANTAHALA POWER AND LIGHT CO. Phone: JU6-2145 Sylva, N. C. QM! Zlofi JZ if Z ffjgiigzjlnf QW My! Campers Snob Smiley Cheese! La, la Sunday Best Lovely Pals Bored? Duh-h Lost? 1 l S . 5 1Z" 23 fi d m"e 4 1 h- I pyyyyyy .:,. . jjj -og V C, Kid Ygunger Days Lately? Small Fly Nafllle Gill Young Swimming? Dan'l Raunchy? Tourists Slipping? Remember when? Whoops! Goal! Happy IHUOCBUI Really? Glad? In line Tiger rag? Dimples E' ' 1 211 b '2 Cordell Patsy Martha Jane ffwn A 'QW' Nancy Barbara Linda Lionel Malene Harold rf' "'f ww Charles A. Charles ICHIIIIE I if GAY W Ffjj?ff??Ci?z2Z :fam , f A A Zijjwwbm WML JUW 5 M '45 Dawg Swat A it QAM. QQ. Qkwfg W YK 3 Q 4 NQQNQ 2:5 .C ij? gi Mafgigfafa 2 QW us' M3 mtl, bwwffywwgfif WQ0XY - ,1 Www QWMWGJX, M W wg x . 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Suggestions in the Sylva High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Sylva, NC) collection:

Sylva High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Sylva, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Sylva High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Sylva, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Sylva High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Sylva, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Sylva High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Sylva, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 81

1959, pg 81

Sylva High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Sylva, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 92

1959, pg 92

Sylva High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Sylva, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 20

1959, pg 20

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