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W, fffagw' V7 Qvw-x.,,.4,..x 21 WMI- iJNu-.-.X 1:1-lsagjlxpx C5J"""-g"'Ww The Hurricane -- 956 Sylva High School Sylva, North Carolina Dedicated to REBECCA S. EVANS Because we know that if her wishes could come true, we would each live a full and happy life, we, the class of '56 dedicate this yearbook, THE HURRICANE, to Mrs. Evans. All of us wish you the best of luck with your future classes as well as in everything you may do. Many thanks from the class of '56. N N VERNON COPE--Superintendent of Schools SHIRLEY BRYSON--Secretary CARR HOOPER--Principal GRACE MILLER--secretary Faculty SARAH CATHEY English Math HAL RAY JOHNSON Physics Biology MARY J. SCOTT English Foreign Languages WILLA MAE SCROGGS Home Economics -..Q in if? MARY R. COWAN Social Studies JOE HUNT Football Coach Physical Education Drivers' Training HAZEL CLAYTON Social Studies Business English Faculty CHARLES HOWELL Basketball Coach Physical- Education KATHRYN S. MORRIS Englii Chorus Not Shown: JOE SELLERS Typing Shorthand SALLY MAE CAMPBELL English History RUTH BARNARD Librarian DOROTHY THORNBURG Business English Social Studies ' NED HAWKS Agriculture REBECCA S. EVA NS Geometry Algebra 'UW1 ,I rf fi QX' 4 5' a Senior Sponsors KATHRYN S, MORRIS MARY J. SCOTT Mascots RICKY DILLARD BEVERLY TUCKER Honor Students Valedictorian--RUTH CRAWFORD Salutatorian--BILL QUEEN Class Ofjqcers President-JERRY BEASLEY Vice President-CHARLES MASON Secretary-LOIS BRADLEY Treasurer-BILL QUEEN - Reporter-GARY STANFORD X BILL AIKENS Ambition: To be a great coon hunter. Clubs: Safety Club, Bus Driver. CAROLE ALLISON Ambition: Transfer truck driver Clubs: FHA 1: Monogram 3: Wait- ress Junior-Senior Banquet 2: Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Beta Club 4: Annual staff Treasurer: 4-H 2: Office Practice 4. BARBARA BECK Ambition: To live a happy life. Clubs: Ellijay, Georgia 1: Chorus 2, 3: Paper Staff 4: Dramatics and Journalism 3, 4: Driver Training 3: Neatest Girl 4. JERRY BEASLEY Ambition: Mechanical Engineer Clubs: Beta Club 3, President 4: Class Vice President 3, President 4: Band 1, 2, 3: Chorus 1, 2: Science Club 1, 2, 3: Editor-in-Chief of Annual 4: Waiter Junior-Senior Ban- quet 2: Best-All-Around Boy 4. EDWIN BECK Ambition: Improve in anything Ido. Clubs: Safety Club 2, 3: Office Practice 4. JAMES BECK Ambition: To be someone everyone will like. Clubs: Safety Club 3: Office Practice 4. REVA ANN BLANKENSHIP Ambition: To be on the Yankee Baseball Team. Clubs: FHA 1, 25 Science Club 35 Chemisuy Club 35 Chorus 25 Dra- matics 4. HUGHIE BLANTON Ambition: College Clubs: FFA 1, 2, 35 Safety Club 3: Science Club 1. MYRTICE BLANTON Ambition: Beautician Clubs: Handicrafts Club 45 Chorus 4 LOIS BRADLEY Ambition: Twelve children. Clubs: Basketball 1, 2, 3, Captain 45 FHA 1, 2, Vice President 3, Pres- ident 45 Beta Club Program Chair- man 3, 45 Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet 25 Class President 3, Sec- retary 45 Best-All-Around Girl 45 Junior Marshall: Chorus 25 Driver Training 3: Co-Copy Editor Annual 4: Football Queen Attendant 4. NORMA BRYSON Ambition: To learn to keep from blushing. Clubs: Chorus 1, 25 FHA 35 Journal- ism and Dramatics 4. JOAN BUMGARNER Ambition: To finish college Clubs: FHA 2, 3, 45 Chorus 15 Journal ism and Dramatics 2,4. SARA BUMGARNER Ambition: College Graduate Clubs: Student Council 1: Cheer- leader 3, Chief 4: Beta Club 3: Class Vice President 2: Feature Ed- itor Annual: Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet 2: Football Queen Attend- ant 3: Dramatics 3: Most Popular Girl 4. KATY L. CABE Ambition: Become the mother of a football team. Clubs: Band 1, 2, 3: Student Council 1: Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4: Paper Staff 4. VERNON CABE Ambition: Diesel Engineer Clubs: Safety Club 1, 2, 3: FFA 1, 2, 3,4: 4-H Club 1: Bus Driver 2, 3, 4: Football 2: Drill Team 1. DORIS COGDILL Ambition: Nurse Clubs: Waynesville High School 1, 2. LOU COGDILL Ambition: Telephone Operator Clubs: Journalism and Dramatics 4: Driving Training 3: Vice President Art and Handicrafts Club 33 Chorus 4. SUE COGDILL Ambition: Telephone Operator Clubs: Journalism and Dramatics 4: Drivers Training 3: Secretary Art and Handicrafts Club 3: Chorus 4. if TCF' .- ,arf ...... gwlf' DORIS EILENE COOK Ambition: Secretary Clubs: Dramatics: Chorus 4. CHARLES COPE Ambition: Veterinarian Clubs: Bus Driver 3, 4: 4-H Club 2: Band 1: Chorus 25 Safety Club 3. LARRY COPE Ambition: To trap and hunt in Canada or Alaska Clubs: 4-H Club 1: Science Club 3 Chemistry Club 3. RUTH CRAWFORD Ambition: First woman dictator of Russia Clubs: Glee Club 1: 4-H Club 1, 2, Officer 3,4: FHA 1, Officer 2, 3: Beta Club 3, 4: Band 3: Bus Driver 4 Chief Marshall 3: Co-Copy Editor 4 Annual: Fire Prevention Contest 1, 2, 3,49 I Speak for Democracy 4: Class Prophecy 4: Historian 4: Most Studious. GLENDA DENTON Ambition: To be ambitious Clubs: Handy Craft Club 3: Glee Club lg Beta Club 3,4: Journalism Club 3: Dramatics Club 4: Drivers Training 4. MARY DENTON Ambition: Artist Clubs: Glee Club 1: Handicrafts Club 3: Journalism and Dramatics 4: Drivers Training 3. GARY DILLARD Ambition: Airforce Clubs: Science Clubg Chemistry Clubg Baseballg Basketballg Cheer- leader 3g Waiter Junior-Senior Ban- quet 2g Class President 2. LINDA DILLARD Ambition: Teacher Clubs: Journalism 4g FHA 1, 2g Arts and Crafts Club 3. WANDA DLLLARD Ambition: To Graduate Clubs: FHA 1, 2, 3g Chorus 4g Drivers Training 3. RAY FERGUSON Ambition: Army Official Clubs FFA 1, 2, 3g Safety Club 3. MARGARET GATES Ambition: Secretary or Office Clerk Clubs: Art and Crafts Club 3. LILLIE MAE GEORGE Ambition: Secretary Clubs: Journalism 33 Chorus 15 Dramatics 4g Drivers Training 4. Piduro Noi Available CARROLL HENSON Ambition: To get out of Sylva School. Clubs: Most Handsome boy. ANNIE NELL JONES Ambition: Secretary Clubs: Beta Club 3, 4: Handicraft Club 3: Journalism 3: FHA 1: Drivers Training 4. NORMA JONES Ambition: To Leave Sylva Clubs: Dramatics 1, 4: FHA 2, 3,4: Journalism 4: Drivers Training 3. ARTHUR JORDAN Ambition: First Man to go to Moon Clubs: Science Club 1, 2: Beta Club 3: Football 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3: Chemistry Club 3: Basketball Manager 4. JOSEPH LEON KINSLAND Ambition: Lawyer Clubs: FFA 1, 2,3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 4: FFA Vice President 2, 3, President 4. SHEILA ANN KIRCHBERG Ambition: Dancing girl on Old Gold Cigarette pack. Clubs: Montreat High School: Dra- matics 3: Chemistry 3: Harvest Queen 3: Advertising Editor, Annual Staff 4: Feature Editor School Paper 4: Best Personality 4. CHARLES MASON Ambition: College Clubs: Beta Club 3, 4: Class Vice President 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Base- ball 3, 4: Basketball 1, 4, Manager 3: Waiter Junior-Senior Banquet 2: Monogram Club 2, 3, 4: Chemistry Club 35 Science Club President 3. JOE MCCLURE Ambition: Marine Corps Clubs: Science Club 1: Handicraft Club 3: School Safety Patrol 1, 2. MARY SUE MILLER Ambition: Secretary or Beautician Clubs: Chorus 2: Drivers Training 3: Journalism 3. HAROLD MOSES Ambition: Accounting Clubs: Student Council lg Science Club 3: Chemistry Club 3. BETTY ANN NICHOLS Ambition: To work for Scotland Yard. Clubs: Journalism 4: Drarnatics 3, 45 Wittiest Girl 4, Swain High School 1, 2: Clubs: Band 1: Basketball 2: FHA 2: 4-H Club 2: Latin Club l. BETTY ROSE NORMAN Ambition: Beautician Clubs: Journalism and Dramatics 4 Chorus 4: Drivers Training 3. GAIL PAINTER Ambition: College Clubs: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3: 4-H 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2: FHA 1, 2, 3: Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4: Wait- ress Junior-Senior Banquet 2: Mono- gram 3: Chemistry 3: Science 1: Subscription Manager Annual 4: Chorus 1, 2: Most Athletic Girl 4. BILL PARKER Ambition: Own Truck Line Clubs: Science 1, 2: Current Event 1 Band 1, 2: Football 1, 2: Waiter at Junior-Senior Banquet 2. BOB PARKER Ambition: Car Dealer Clubs: Band 1: Football 2, 3: Science Club 1: Current Events Club 3. BENNY PARRIS Ambition: Millionaire Clubs: Science Club 2. BILL QUEEN Ambition Electrical Engineer Clubs: Beta Club 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4, Science Club 3: Chemistry Club 3: Class Treasurer 4: Business Manager Annual staff 4: Boy Most Likely to Succeed 4: Student Council 1: Mono gram Club 3, 4. SARA REVIS Ambition: Secretary Clubs: Dramatics and Journalism 4 Drivers Training 3. MILTON GENE ROBINSON Ambition: Join Airforce and retire in 20 years. Clubs: Science Club 1. NELL ROBINSON Ambition: English Teacher Clubs: FHA 1, 2, 3: Band 1, 2: Class Secretary 1: Science Club Secretary 1: Chemistry Club 3: Beta Club Sec- retary 3, 4: Junior Marshall: Dramatics Club 3: Chorus 1, 2: Most Likely to Succeed Girl 4: Office Practice 4. JANE ERWIN RUSSELL Ambition: Design a house big enough for twelve kids. Clubs: Beta Club Art Chairman 3, 4: Annual staff 4: Most Talented Girl 4: Football Queen 4: FHA 2: Band 1: Science Club 1: Chorus 2. RONALD RUSSELL Ambition: Millionaire Clubs: Monogram 2, 3, 4: Science Club 1: Basketball 2, 3: Football 2, 3, Co-Captain 4: Most Popular Boy 4' Waiter Junior-Senior Banquet 2. Chemistry Club 3: Journalism and Dramatics 4. KIRK SHANNON Ambition: College Clubs: Monogram 2,3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, Captain 4: Basketball 2, 3: Waiter Junior-Senior Banquet 2: Most Athletic Boy 4: Science Club 1: Annual Staff 4: Banquet Com- mittee 3. DAVIE SUE SHULER Ambition: X-Ray Technician Clubs: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: Beta Club 3, 4: Class Treasurer 3. RONNIE SHULER Ambition: Millionaire Clubs: Science Club 1. IOANN SMITH Ambition: History Teacher Clubs: Dramatics Club 4: Chorus 4: Drivers Training 4. IAN SPRINGER Ambition: See the World Clubs: Cheerleader 3: Chorus 4: Journalism 3: Most Talented Boy 4: Amateur Show 3.4. GARY STANFORD Ambition: Doctor of Science Clubs: Science Club 1, 2,3: Band 1, 2: Football 3: Class Reporter 4: Boy with Best Personality 4: Chorus 2. DEAN STEPHENS Ambition: Truck Driver Clubs: Science Club 1: Webster Junior Marshall 3. FRANCES STILES Ambition: Civil Service Clubs: Beta Club 3, 4: Handicrafts Club 3: Driver's Training 4: Dra- matics 4. EDDES SUTTON Ambition: Nurse Clubs: FHA 1, 2, 3. RONALD LEE WALDROOP Ambition: School teacher Clubs: Science Club 1: Beta Club 3, 4: Safety Club Secretary and Treas- urer 3: Journalism and Dramatics: Editor of School Paper 4: Junior Mar- shall 3: Cheerleader 4: Most Studious Boy 4: Typing Award 3: Field Day Contest at WCC 3. ELIZABETH ROSE WARD Ambition: Missionary Clubs: 4-H Club Song Leader 2, 3: FHA 1, 3, Treasurer 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. SARA BESS WILLARD Ambition: Housewife Clubs: FHA 1, 2, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Science Club 1: Baton Club 3. ALMA ELIZABETH WOOD Ambition: To be of some help to others in this life. Clubs: Glee Club 1: Handicraft Club 3. JIMMY WORLEY Ambition: Electrical Engineer Clubs: FFA 1, 2, 3, Member of the Year 1, Secretary 2: Wittiest Boy 4. 1-KID Y--f 'NX K M v M' ,'f7f1'L" L JIIN! If f g 'M L ff ,R Q I x A ' .. , , 1 V ' ,V ' 11" r W ' R ,xg . K if - ,W t - 5 I' ' Wlri , r . n, A ff-us. 1 5 , N ' , Hg, ,sg K XX' YA Nfl: ' 1 if Sf-.L if q K' ii' , I' . irwfra 1'-' x"'-H P '. W-."'f. - . NI' ' jr 3 V"..i1"" ' 3 '-fxx ' ' sf ' ' Il V' a ' ix el rr. n . 5 Q v ,f u 1'- ,fx ' .f ' ,- we , x s 9- 'Oli .Q Q5 xr a i X X 15 1 s. 0 S as lg ' N N X i Q hx --1-4... Class History 1952 ..... In September about one hundred and twenty anxious freshmen assembled along with the more sophisticated upperclassmen to begin the school year. We wondered if we would ever find our way around. Somehow order was created out of chaos and we settled down to work. We elected Ronnie Russell, President, and James Stevens, Vice President of our class. As the year wore on, we gradually began to feel more sure of ourselves, and before we knew it, our freshman year was over. 1953 ..... Most of us returned as sophomores feeling like old timers in this business of going to high school. This year Gary Dillard was elected President and Sara Bumgarner was elect- ed Vice President. Several members of our class were selected to serve as waiters and waitresses for the Junior-Senior Banquet. There were parties, football and basketball games, club activities, afternoons at the drugstore, and of course studying. Two years had passed and again came the end of school. 1954 ..... Our Junior year, and now we were really in the swing of things. At our yearly election we elected Lois Bradley, President, and Jerry Beasley, Vice President. Again came foot- ball games, parties, and studying, but now we had to raise money for our own Junior -Senior Ban- quet, pick out our rings, and select our caps and gowns. By a lot of hard work we managed to have a really successful banquet, the Stork Club, featuring Sammy Beck and his Royal Canadians and many other famous entertainers. Then came the time to see the Seniors off to Washington and New York and sit on the sidelines at graduation for the last time. We were really excited when our rings arrived and school came to a close. 1955 ..... Seniors! We finally made it. This year we were the ones to elect superlatives, publish the annual, go to Washington and New York, and finally walk up on the stage in our white caps and gowns to receive our diplomas. This year Jerry Beasley served as President of the class and Charles Mason, Vice President. 1956 ..... And as all good things come to an end, the final chapter closes on our four years as students at Sylva High. Soon we will be among its alumni, but it will always find a warm place in our hearts, and our memories of it will always go with us. Nell Robinson Class Prophecy Years have rolled past and the Sylva High Senior Class of 1956 are gathering from all parts of the world for a class reunion. What a contrast between these successful adults and the carefree boys and girls we were at commencement! Some of the people I don't even recognize, but by questioning I soon have met all of those who were my classmates, the alumni of '56, Seated at a vantage point I spy two old pals, Lois Bradley and Norma Jones. of course Lois is married to Bill Queen, an engineer in South America, and they have those twelve children. Norma has become a supervisor of nurses at John Hopkins Hospital. After greeting the girls, I learn that Joan Bumgarner is a model for Christian Dior's Parisian line of clothing, and Glenda Denton also is in Paris, studying art at the Sorbonne. A woman rushes up to say hello, and I finally recognize her as Carole Allison, who has real- ized her ambition and is driving a transfer truck for Overnite. Carole tells me that the freight company is owned by Harold Moses, and working as his "right-hand men" are Sara Revis and Frances Stiles, who in high school were so good at shorthand. I meet others in rapid succession. Standing in a corner are six old friends who all were school bus drivers at Sylva High - - Bill Akens, now a school bus manufacturer, James Beck, a colonel in the U. S. Marines, Vernon Cabe, famous for his picture on Wildroot hair oil, Charles Cope, North Carolina Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, Ray Ferguson, succeeding Haydn as Jackson County Highway patrolrnan, and Dean Stephens, commander of the battleship "Mighty Mo, ' Several late arrivals who were abroad have just gotten off their ship S, S, United States and came directly to the party. Sheila Kirchberg, an English Duchess, volunteers the information that Hughie Blanton is the captain and Joe Kinsland the purser of the ship and that they will be along just as soon as the ship docks. Other persons on the Ship are: Lillie Mae George, who married the French boy to whom she wrote during high schoolg Barbara Beck, ambassador to Switzerlandg Charles Mason, a scientist studying in Germany, Betty Ward, a missionary in Africa, and Gary Dillard, a diplomat in India. Others from the class of '56 are living in all parts of the United States, Nell Robinson is professor of English at Vassar. Gail Painter is a well-known pediatrician and her office nurse is Margaret Gates. Washington, D,C,, has a large portion of '56 graduates. The secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare is Davie Sue Shuler and Secretary of Entertainment is Eddes Sutton. Speaker for the House of Representatives is Gary Stanford, and Peter Marshall's place as Chaplain of the Senate has been taken by Jerry Beasley. The President's press secretary is Arthur Jordan, who always had a nose for smelling news! Annie Nell Jones is chief librarian for the Library of Congress and Linda Dillard works at the Smithsonian Institute. Television, theater, and Hollywood all have representatives from the class of '56. The hus- band-and-wife, Jane and Ronald Russell, have their own television show over NBC. Bill and Bob Parker have taken over the spot formerly occupied by Martin and Lewis, and their latest movie also stars Joanne Smith. Jan Springer dances on his own television program, "Springing Springer, and Sara Bumgarner sings in the Metropolitan Opera. Betty Nichols has taken George Gobel's place, and Larry Cope is famous as the second Davy Crockett. Jimmy Worley and Carroll Henson have gone into business. They own Worley, Henson, and Co. , formerly known as Sears, Roebuck, and Co. Employed as interior decorators in their modern store are Doris Cogdill, Norma Bryson, and Betty Rose Norman. Things have really changed! Much to my surprise, Addie is now the capital of North Carolina Governor of the State is an old classmate, Joe McClure. The society lady of the season is Myrtice Blanton and her principal escort is Edwin Beck. Gene Robinson has become editor of the "North State News-Tribune" and Mary Denton and Alma Wood are also working on the paper. Mary is the art editor and Alma writes the society page. The big news of the day is that Reva Blanken- ship, a home agent, has just eloped with Ronnie Waldroop, suspected of being a Communist. Katy Cabe and Sara Bess Willard are homemakers living in the exclusive residential section of the city. Kirk Shannon has been promoted to the position of President of Georgia Tech, and Barbara Reeve is teaching Biology at the University of Miami. Two women looking strangely alike have just come in. Of course they are the Cogdill twins, Sue and Lou. Lou is a comedienne on WLOS-TV in Asheville and Sue owns a kindergarten in Charlotte. A stunning red-head greets me and I recognize her as Wanda Dillard. She and Mary Sue Miller are executives in Hawaii. Doris Cook is dietician and Ronnie Shuler general manager of the Waldorf Hotel in New York. Benny Parris is now owner of Macy's, largest department store in New York. I have met all my old friends and classmates and our reunion has been a success. If all this could come to pass ..... but who knows? Perhaps it will. Ruth E. Crawford Last Will and Testament We, the Seniors of Sylva High School, being of sound mind and high intelligence, do declare this as our last will and testament. To the Principal and Faculty we leave the Junior Class with hope that they will make a better Senior Class than we have been. To the Juniors we leave the school building which holds memories of four of the happiest years of our lives. To the Sophomores we leave our Principal, Mr. Hooper, and all of his tall tales. To the Freshmen we leave all that we have left, and that is the hope that they will some day accomplish all the things we have in four years. We, Bill Alkens and Bill Parker, bequeath our chewing tobacco to Gene Brown and Jimmy Franklin. I, Carole Allison, will Bob Beck to anyone who will have him. I, Jerry Beasley, will my ability to argue physics with Mr. Johnson to Tommy Ledbetter. I, Barbara Beck, will my ability to do what I love, and love what I do to Margaret Painter. I, James Beck, will my ability to drive a school bus to anyone who will have it. I, Edwin Beck, will my position in the school store to Tom McClure. I, Reva Blankenship, will my silly giggle to Kathleen Moody. I, Hughie Blanton, will my crew cut to Sammy Dillard. I, Myrtice Blanton, will my American Government book to Mary Hilda Norman. We, Lois Bradley and Bill Queen, bequeath our many bitter quarrels to Tommy Bradley and Walt Henson. I, Sara Bumgarner, will my position as chief cheerleader along with all my mistakes, worries, troubles, and good times to Betsy Crawford. I, Joan Bumgarner, will the rest room mirror to Jean Middleton Crawford. I, Katy Cabe, will my first son to the Sylva football team. I, Ruth Crawford, will my "Pesty" to Jean, Audrey, and the sophomore girls. I, Doris Cogdill, will my heighth and cute ways to Peggy Jo Crawford. I, Lou Cogdill, will my way to get by with my work and teachers to anyone who is lucky enough to have an identical twin. I, Sue Cogdill, will my friendship to my teachers to my sister, Betty. I, Charles Cope, will my fat to Gordon Baker, and my pants if needed. I, Doris Cook, will my short hair to Cleida Crisp., I, Larry Cope, will the darts in P, E, class to Jimmy Franklin and Eddie Parris. I, Glenda Denton, will just leave. I, Mary Denton, will my ability to write shorthand. to anyone who needs it. We, Linda Dillard and Annie Nell Jones, bequeath our shorthand books to anyone who is crazy enough to take this subject. I, Arthur Jordon, will my ability to work Algebra and Physics easily to Bobby Holden. I, Carol Henson, will my nice looks to Carl Jones. I, Gary Dillard, will my excess heighth to Joe Middleton. I, Margaret Gates, will my love for English to the oncoming Seniors. I, Lillie Mae George, will my love for all the boys of Sylva High to anyone who can stand them. I, Wanda Dillard, will my driver's license to Cereeta. I, Vernon Cabe, will my curly hair to all the girls. I, Norma Bryson, will my quiet and serious ways to Gene Brown. I, Joe Kinsland, will my Republican politics to Gene Williamson. I, Charles Mason, will my football shoes to anyone who is big enough to fill them. I, Harold Moses, will my ability to copy papers successfully to my brother, Tom Ledbetter. I, Bob Parker, will let J, D, Patterson have the girl in Waynesville. I, Kirk Shannon, will my part of the community locker to Tom Mason. I, Gene Robinson, will my ability to get along with teachers to Doug Campbell. I, Ronnie Shuler, will mv English accent to Kathryn Moody. We, Jane and Ronnie Russell, will just take what we have with us because, brother, we are going to need it I, Jan Springer, will .my Wrigley's Spearrnint gum to Mrs. Scott, I, Gary Stanford, will my quiet ways to Mr. Sellers. I, Dean Stephens, will my red hair to Bobby Mills. I, Ronnie Waldroop, will my ability to learn French to Gilbert Bess. I, Jimmy Worley, will my ability to stay away from freshmen and sophomore girls to Jackie Revis. I, Sheila Klrchberg, will my ability to spell to Love Brendle. I, Mary Sue Miller, will my ability to come to school every day to Mary Ellen Sellers. I, Betty Nichols, will my ability to keep quiet in class at the proper times to "Red" Montieth. I, Betty Norman, will my business English book to Jean Ray. I, Gail Painter, will my ability to fall for boys who wear glasses to Lynda Stovall. I, Sara Revis, will my height to Helen Greene. I, Nell Robinson, will my fourth period office practice to the poor unsuspecting Junior who takes my place. I, Davie Sue Shuler, will my seat in the Beta Club to Frankie Jean Hensley. I, Joanne Smith, will my love for Caney Fork and all the cute boys to Nancy Ashe and all Air Force boys to Patsy Lewis. I, Frances Stiles, will my love for LR. S. to Joann Moody. I, Eddes Sutton, will my shorthand book to Ann Springer. I, Betty Ward, will my ability to get through high school in four years and to make reports In the Reader's Digest to the oncoming Seniors who will have English under Mrs. Scott, I, Benny Parris, will my ball and chain to Carl Jones. I, Norma Jones, will my ability to get and keep a boyfriend from Bryson City to Nina Snyder. A I 1 ur A Q K I fn fi, . g9i." V 1 Q: 1 f ' 1 Q Lfx K I l 7.150 'P 'QA L Q !"'f i qi? X V , P , A, QR if-, W Y l R K ! ww fu yu' Q' S 4 . Q I s E 4 ' A N ft xx? 5 sv ,. S ,NR .. ,., . XX - WA W M -. xii! xxigx :ff -XX .f XF" N ,QE X . A 'F , X X lx X X is . Senior Marshals CHARLES MASON - JERRY BEASLEY RONNIE WALDROOP - LOIS BRADLEY NELL ROBINSON - ANNIE NELL JONES Junior Marshals LARRY QUEEN - TOM LEDBETTER GAIL BROOKS - SALLEY WEIBE - PARALEE ALLISON MARILYN GILLESPIE - ANN FISHER - IOANNE BRADLEY uf. LOVE GAIL BESSIE SHELBA BRE NDLE BROOKS BRY SON BUMGARNER I EA N DOUGLAS HAZEL IEA N CALLAHA N CAMPBELL CARNES COGDII..L BILL ALBERT FRA NK JOLENE COLLINS CONNER COOK COOPER K BET SY I EA NNE M. PEGGY JOYCE CRAWFORD CRAWFORD CRAWFORD DILLARD PHILLIP SAMMY BARBARA PEGGY DILLARD DILLARD ELDERS EXTINE EDI'I'H ANNE H. L, JAMES FISHER FISHER FRADY FRANKLIN MARILYN JOE DENNY CLEIDA GILLESPIE GINN GREEN C. HALL RONALD PERRY WALTER BOBBY HARRIS HENRY HENSON HOLDEN BEATRICE ALICE BOBBY GLENN HOWELL HUFF V JACOBS JONES TOMMY PATSY TOMMY BOBBY LEDBETTER LEWIS MASON MILLS JOE KATHALEEN BILL MARY MONTEITH MOODY NICHOLSON NORMAN LYNN ALLEN J. D. J. D. PA NNELL PARRIS PATTERSON PLEMMONS 53' i LARRY SHELBA IAC KIE GARY QUEEN IEAN RAY REVIS SEU-ARS MARY E. ANNE CARL RONNIE SELLERS SMITH SMITH SMITH X NINA LARRY HUEY IENESE SNYDER STA NSBERRY SUTTON SUTTON RAY HELEN SALLY IRENE TOLBERT WARD WIEBE WU-KIE K P 'Q GENE TOMMY WILLIAMSON MCCLURE fi xx at 0: X f -2 I . X X N, A , - ,i X N X S Martha Lou Allen Bobbie Sue Allison John Ray Allman Glenda Ashe Zena Beck Jimmy Beasley Ellen Biddix Joanne Bradley Kelly Bradley Benjamin Bradsher George Brookhyser Robert Brooks Gene Brown Lionel Bryson Nancy Bryson Joyce Bryson Walter Bumgarner Bessie Burch Jerry Burnette Benjamin Cathey Eddie Clement Shirley Clement Betty Cogdill Lena Jo Connor Eula Cook Betty Cope Juanita Crisp Betty Denton Cereeta Dillard Marshall Dillard Charles Dills Geraldine Ensley Jimmy Ensley David Ferguson Betty Jo Fisher Gladys Fisher Emma Jean Fisher Kenneth Fisher Nancy Franklin Iva Lee Gass Marshall Gass, Jr. Phyllis Gibson Lance Gillespie Helen Green Leona Green Geneva Greenarch Larnada Gunter Sue Harris Joe Hair Frankie Hensley Dorothy Henson Phyllis Jacobs Hazel Jones Evelyn Jones Carl Jones Edward Lee Jones Jerry Karp Junior Kimsey Giles Mathis Carolyn Martin June McCoy Jean McDonald Alice McGuire Joanne Melton Cledis Mills Ned Mills Maurice Moody Dan K. Moore, Jr. Helen Mace Roger Montieth Jarleen Nations Audrey Nelson Catherine Nicholson Margaret Painter Jane Pannell Sophomores Pauline Pannell Eddie Parris Joanne Parris Rhonda Patterson Naomi Plemmons Linda Queen Peggy Queen Ieweline Revis Carolyn Rickman Tommy Rickman Marilou Rogers Bobby Sams Clydie Sellers Junior Sellers Mary Sharmon Alean Shuler Katie Smith John Sneed Anne Springer Doyle Stephens Lynda Stovall Bobby Sutton Lucille Sutton Yvonne Sutton Barbara Ward Herman Ward Patsy Jo Ward Elizabeth Wilky Frank Wilky Harold Williams Charles Allen Ann Allman Mary Frances Arwood Ed Austin Linda Barnes Patsy Barnes W. H. Barnette Buddy Blankenship Emerson Blanton Peggy Sue Bradley Jean Bradley James Bridges Bill Brooks Bobby Brooks Lionel Brooks Arnold Bryson Dorothy Bryson Lydia Bryson Madge Bryson Bernadean Bryson Malene Bumgarner Van Burrece Joe Birch Danny Cagle Charles Chambers Bill Cole Harold Cogdill Sara Cogdill . vi.1.r'51zr.W 5: . ,..s,.mM-H, I ......'1f1,.,.wgIs - V f-7e M.-'rf - : - -sm, mg' , . ., -. ,yy ,ff l 57 , rss! , QM K nm ,W M.. , S sa 15 3 . .lilii 1- mr? , - ,.s,W JE ,Q 5. . ,I ii 1.41 f -f s..t,.1zf1.-1,45 fry-re v .. :,. .1 AWK 'as s ri-V-:s1zss?wwgsa 1ewi f W Ki, .. .. ' 3:'7?5'3'l rr, -::. - 5. in ru ' ms: , P if Q +15 2 r 4, ss- 1 gg? r. 3 f xg iss! if -rjiii, I, r il 1. , . . f-f- MMV.-W , w w w-1 W 'Q ff1'E:5zQ?z1Qf'Zfi293fg,fX3W" 'v?1fZEE7SEY5i' rgyiigill ,iiisziiiieiirggg wlt " rw -we n l 1 v : .,"::,::zz:m it ' 'Qi 95,521 I: 5 .fi , i i H .-511 2? 'wigiifx it , f -we,Qf.2s,fgf : -- - ,, , YK 1 5' l rises f"5Z55?lzf, 7 ' use any we A 7 rs , ixlgf su., .r,, , ., . 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Jones Shelba Justice Donald Keener Hal Keener Ray Keener Boyd Kinsland Ella Mae Leatherwood Elizabeth Lupo Dickie Mason 1 giyniqigivgg-, f 'Ni JA 5 4- flf. -Q .V A P wir" 4 1 ' fY3:lfi'f , , ' 'X nf? f, ,t s- Milf? 'za : ag, ' . A 7" ,- ' 'Ef,E1?."i ' P ' ' ' ,... , ' 2 'Q 3 5 'K J 1 K V . 1 - .-,lf . A I, - , .ea - 1 .f -,f 7 -:Egg . - 1' 7 Ev a 2 Q I A I K I A . 1 Q3 ,f fl av Q iii , . K , W in ,R ' , V, x ' I .Q P L fe-if 1 M W ,,. dis 'f 1 , , Q 1 . 3 , 4 f - 1 f ' I , I - .- - , -ff 3 "' r f .2 A , , 1 f ww Q P "f . 6 , 1352 2 ' gal: 'W fffyf, N it z , 'A sf- em! ai - P W 5 ' 5, K qw, I A x 5. 'J f f I . " 1 ., ' in-gr 5 , .. P , , ' K, 4 5. Vw s ,, t . Y aixii .mr 3. ' ,-M all- , rf 4 7'-w 7 tv ' lgzgzllfiww . .s 1 1, i J 3 ' 2 'gi 1 if X KK? Ta, 11 . V, ,. iw., X ' wwifri ' QE i A gg ,.,, A 4 ei ,, , ,Q ,K s T gifs ' if Sm fr 'A 3 9 M1251 , . .. if -QI., 1. 1. ips? ' Q ,,m,:, s -, Q iv . Agri fsj. ,ti fffs- u f: : Xi X wif a mga, K s-in s 38 W if A-. W Q' R 3 is new ag, 5 iw if ,A Z' " ir, G b Kr ll X5 i U r 1 4 . ,, - . w g, P 71 5 rf- ax U QQ , cf' K 435 fe' if 3 tif XM if N 12255: in 1. gr: 3 ,Y . . -iff-N ggi ' r i. gal g 'fi :is ' if , Q. if fu. : 2-as as U , S .as-s. S. Wk ,M X ,pg -1 1 ,K v,kk ..., : ..,., ,...,.,. wi 'Q as s ,Q as Q5 49, w 4 5 , ' is X54 as ,ar is YS fl N fs X is 3 4. . ' is was P 5 .,i -ag, - X Q is sf rs . if qi 5, ,,.Q.?rg,,. sh X W ss ' X N si Y 2? yy sm HP 'Q 'S is 'rf 'Sm X gk s Margaret Mason Shirley Mathis Charles Middleton Gene Middleton James Mills Avery Montieth James E. Moody Doris Moore Jane Nations Bill Nicholson Charles Nicholson Jackaline Pannell Tommy Pannell Gary Parnell Barbara Parker Jerry Parker Olean Parker Evelyn Parks Joanne Patterson Charles Queen Lottie May Rabey Mary Lee Ramsey Tommy Reagan Joanne Ridley Gail Russell Gail Sellars Katheryn Settlemyre Gladys Sherrill Audrey Sluder Dee Sluder John Ross Smith Claude Snyder Michael Staffleback Vaugn Stiles Harry Sumners Roy Taylor Edwin Thompson Ida. Thompson Cordell Wiggins Charles Wilkey Martha Jane Wilson Alfred Wood Mary Ruth Wood Martha Wright Joe Wikle Giles Mathis Joanne Moody James Moore Q 'B 4 'iw 4 4. x 'FG high? gal fa si if --,,.E 'K E' ,, . U:-: ww ffemf w r.. ' 5-1,wsgh,s1 is Annual Staff ' A ' Q 'HL TX , I ,uf ' X .. E A LOIS BRADLEY ------- Co-Copy Editor .TERRY BEASLEY- - - - Editor-In-Chief LOVE BRENDLE ---- - - - Junior Editor SI-IELIA KIRCHBERG- - - Advertising Editor NORMA JONES ---- Organizations Editor TUNE MCCOY ------ Sophomore Editor CAROLE ALLISON -------- Treasurer BILL QUEEN ---- - - -Business Manager GAIL PAINTER -------- Subscriptions SARA BUMGARNER ----- Feature Editor JANE RUSSELL ---------- Art Editor GARY STANFORD ---- Photography Editor MRS. COWAN - - ------ Sponsors MRS. MORRIS MR. SELLERS Not Shown: KIRK SHANNON ------- Sports Editor RUTH CRAWFORD ----- C0-Copy Editor ELLA MAE LEATHERWOOD-Freshman Editor Sylva High Journal THE STAFF C S C EDITORS S ,, Q- ,: . y4.f, M ,,,, z' t ' ' k I -V ,-TXS? I 5 W x -.Q M . ss .saw , in ' ,QQ f Ronnie Waldroop, Typist, Katy Cabe, Typistg Barbara Beck, Mr, Sellers. Advispl-3 Business Manager, Mary Denton, Art Editor. Mrs, Scott, Sponsor. 5 wheat - - ss-s.. S flrfifiifis -5 - ' " ' S , , , K - - - Iwi 5 M . ss x -ws: 1 : . - 1 - V . P- , 1,3 2 W3 - .- f-is -we--gr. , r r,,. . - , . .. , ,225-fr-A . ., K Q-. j 'X sf ' . .2 ,s ir . t, ,f 'iss f - - Sheila Kirchberg, Feature Editor, Norma Jones, Club Editor, Betty Nichols, Society Editorg Bill Parker, Sports Editor, Myrtice Blanton, Norma Bryson, Bill Aikens. The fournalism Class 1 Y si s -1 .1 si 'S i fgzggssi arw ' 1 I C? in wi- ! i A -fir I Joan Bumgarner, Jean Callahan, Gary Dillard, Lou Cogdill, Sue Cogdill, Tom McClure, Linda Dillard. V, or J. V 1 ft Q19 ffyg Q g 53551 4 ,ffr , aQg, QQ+ A -rar mg f 35 W - ':'-r. i 5 .' -,ark-22: yr'-' . ,,, , Frankie Hensley, Bob Parker, Annie Nell Jones, Helen Mace, I. D. Plemmons, Betty Norman, Lorraine Raby. 21.-'H-fl '- , Eg ,, -f ' - Ei1ifgii1g,V'x 65' Er Ronald Russell, Sara Revis. Marilou Rogers, Carl Smith, Katie Smith, Helen Ward, Ronnie Smith S . X is B X Swat QNX Y gm n ,, a S , Beta Club A lA.xX ' B 2 C, 3 , V 45' Jerry Beasley, President, Ann Fisher, Vice President, Nell Robinson, Secretary-Treasurer , .4 .W Q by I T 'Ts . Rebecca S. Evans, Sponsorg Bobbie Sue Allison, Carol Allison, Paralee Allison, Lois Bradley, Joanne Bradley, Henry Bradburn. C Love Brendle, Gail Brooks, Lionel Bryson, Eddie Clement, Ruth Crawford, Glenda Denton, Marilyn Gilespie s'a,"'.,1', f Q3-Razr ' 1836181505 A5291 In me s ???7L M3253 elliqlf, " '91, 7 ' , p Annie N. Jones, Tom Ledbetter, Carolyn Martin, Charles Mason, June McCoy, Alice McGuire, Bill Queen. Larry Queen, Jane Russell, Jewellene Revis, Davie Sue Shuler, Francis Stiles, Ronald Waldroop, Sally Ann Wiebe. on 'rf rL'Y qLxxc FI-I.A. YMAKFR5 af 1 E523 NEW YV' Norma Jones, Reporterg Eddes Sutton, Chaplaing Davie Sue Shuler, Parliarnentariang Betty Ward, Treasurer, Lois Bradley, Presidentg Carolyn Martin, Vice President, Katie Smith, Song Leader. Not shown: Catherine Nicholson, Secretary, Ruth Crawford, Historian. FFA. Charles Di11s, Reporterg Gene Brown, Treasurerg Hughie Blanton, Vice Presidentg Joe Kinsland Presidentg Bobby Sutton, Secretaryg Ned Hawks, Advisor. FARM Or J T113 i'0:ux-19: Libra Assistants 'Y WW Anne Fisher, Sheila Kirchberg, Edith Fisher, Billy Nicholson, Paralee Allison, Carrie Belle Austin. Cafeteria Staff Mrs. Alexander, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Dillard, Mrs. Dillard, Mrs. Patterson. Drivers Training Bus Drivers k....N'U' WJ W . Paul' '7 .H 'CSI' I5 u.g,,,,rM.CoLli-.,r KM 54 D se...7-ww BETSY CRAWFORD Queen Harvest Festival Candidates MOLENE BUMGARNER - NANCY BRYSON - BETSY CRAWFORD - SARA BUMGARNER uggn gf Hgartg NORMA BRYSON Hazel Carnes - Doris Henry Frankie Jean Hensley - Lynn Pannell - Mary Lee Ramsey - Peggy Queen Sara Revis - Norma Bryson - Martha Lou Allen Cheerleaders Mary Shannon - Tommy Bradley - Ronnie Waldroop Sara Bumgarner, Chief Gail Painter - Charles Dills - Betsy Crawford - Ella Mae Massengale A E ' 1 Q v'., . 1 A ff- m gym. nano. A Q-we Coach, Joe Hunt, Co-Captain, Kirk Shannon, Co-Captain, Ronnie Russell, Coach, Charles Howell FOOTBALL QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Love Brendle, Jane Russell, Queen Mary Shannon, Lois Bradley, Peggy Queen. CHARLES MASON Tackle I BILL COLLINS End Gui if s"2'7Y"f GARY SELLERS Center J. Football DAN MOORE Guard 64?-f -SQ-...5-M A k D. PA TTERSON Guard H, L. FRADY End BOBBY HOLDEN Blocking Back KIRK SHANNON, CAPTAIN Tail Back -'K .fs ki ' .1-.5 Cagle K lib' Q LLL 2 Bryson sg' SLA I Gunter Brooks 5 3 '1" Davis S' L. R . Monteith A "' J E. Jones Mason i sis ' A HF 353' 'W Henson Future XM , RONNIE RUSSELL Co-Captain ' ack Wmg B Football TOM MASON Fullback Sumner 1' .,'1 is Bridges M 9 x Queen Stars ll' af w".ww+fg , i .Wif'f"fj:"' 4 ,www 'A' ll' 4 54.1 ' O Y . , X s J Y 'ft' au - K1 v 'f , ,M..f5w, ,ri ,Q Burr 4 ' V- B Stansberry G. Jones f ,'llf -or , L 'R'. - J. Monteith Holderman :,, 1 Calhoun Allen I Yi .f yu 5 BILL QUEEN End ff' .. ,M WALTER HENSON Center i V 510' R S TOMMY LEDBE TTER GORDON BAKER Tackle W lv . A -' -- ,arwfw I --gef- .-. . x . ff' PHILLIP DILLARD Tail Back Guard ARTHUR JORDON Wing Back Eoys D B aslfetball lr H aldiwa d Bi11Co11if1S' WW Forwar 1 Staflberry' L I ter: Larry Charles Mason, Cen ds ar Y d. BiuQueeI1. Guar Forwar ' Queen. Guard' ensonv Gary Dillard Bobby Holden Larry Sranberry Bill Collins Charles Mason Walt Henson Charles Middleton Tom Mason Bill Queen Tolnlh Lionel Brook s Larry Queen Ed Jones y Ledberter 1 17 If rf! L Q p W w W gf, XL Girls? Basketball , e X MV" f Dorothy Henson Berry W ard Sue Harris Peggy Queen T ommy Br adley Carole Ahisorr Lois Bradley Gail Painter Delores Green loarme Parris Patsy Lewis Sackie Gibbs Audrey Sluder luarrira Crisp Cereera Dillard Patsy So W ard mutt T . Ommle Br d Guard a 1eY G :Gail . ' U21rd,C F0rward. Pamrer, Forwarzfole Allison G : Berry warg :arm Lois Bradley ' ofward. . Patsy Lewis' I , if ' A--...ff W Sponsors MRS. WALTER BUMGARNER MRS. DAVE SHULER MRS. LILLIAN J. MADISON DR. DAISY MCGUIRE MRS. JOHN S. GILLEY MRS. ROY W. KIRCHBERG MRS, CAROL THOMPSON 025 4ZZMafz.a mf! ggfvfd POWER CCMDANY JC?-I N SEXTCDN and CC. THE N ONAL CHAIN WHOLE GOOD FOOD I r o " P l E A 5 E D - G U E S T S I JonNStXf0llaco. ClKA..1l0.. lflllo Cl"1"lllDflPllA I Dluls1lnll'A-Mfnlulfl-Qflolfimfol Congratulations and Best Wishes Seniors of 1956 114724 IA' Ts-1 E em! Qzyafza dba SYLVA DIVISION Best Wishes, Seniors CAN NGN EPCTHETQS GASOLINE AND OIL CO. Distributors of Shell Oil Products Telephone 549 Sylva, North Carolina Excellent Foods at THE C CD1-1-'EE SP-I CTD "Your Satisfaction is Our Pleasure " Air Conditioned Call 277 Compliments of AEMCDU12 L.EATl-IEW? CO. Sylva, N. C. "Nothing takes the place of Leather" We cmczncsom ccurxrrv Keep up the Good Work .Compliments of A NANTA I-I AL.A CREAM EPY Grade "A" Dairy Products A, B, SLAGLE, Owner A Phone 109 Franklin, N. C. 0' Best Wishes for the Success Boundary of T The Class of '56 fee 5 ff I VV.C. ii t- Q ,,, he r-1 EN NESSEE , R . LUMBER c'O. ' MOTOR COURT , "' A Q fl- N10 I . Appachian'Hardwoods , ' - and Staves -'Sift Cherokee, North Carolina Telephone 9142 Sylva, North Carolina Come and Biiy Come and Save at the J E w E L E n Something from Kurt Gans is always something special. FOOD STORE Main St. KURT GANS JEWELERS Phone 5 Waynesville, N. C. Sylva, N. C. C ompliment s of DE. I W' ASHEVILLE, N. C. KI 'FEC HBERG Compliments of FN! CDF-' f , mae F gfafeef SO N S GULF REFINING COMPANY DRESS SHOP "Latest Fashions" PRODUCTS. Sylva, N. C. Gulfpride Motor Oils Compliments of The Wor1d's Finest Q I-I phone 260 30 Units Guest Pool Cherokee, N. C. ASHEVI l.l.E SHOWCASE AND FIXTURE COMPANY "Food Service, Equipment, and Supplies . " Phone 3-3676 Asheville, N. C. Congratulations Seniors SMOKY IVICDLJ NTAI N CANDY CO. and VENDING MACHINE SERVICE PAUL R. LAUNER Canton, N. C. Congratulations Compliments THE of the SYLVA MENS HERALD STORE Sylva, N. C . Sylva, N. C . Wll.LlAD'I ll. IIILLAIIII Construction Co., Inc. Phone I-49 svl.vA. N. r. You Get Super Service at JAMISCDN SUPER MARKET Phone: 414-J Sylva, N. C. Compliments of D12 . D. M. 'RA MSEY Your Search Ends at WE STERN AUTCD Sylva, N. c. CENTPAL SHELL STATION Firestone Tires, Delco Batteries Phone 9111 ti ' '1 Sylva ETQADLEY STORE Dillsboro, N. C. Quality Merchandise Reasonable Prices ALLMAN MOTOR CO. , INC. "De soto - Plymouth" Sales - Service Phone 247 -R Dillsboro, N. C. icl.A1214S AUTO PARTS New and Used Parts Glass Installed Sylva, N. C. Phone 414-W ER Compliments of Best All-Meat Franks BRADLEY'S PACKING CO. Dillsboro, N. C. GULF SERVICE Main and Mill Sts. Phone 403 Compliments of REESE-HAMPTON MOTOR CO. Your Ford Dealer BLUE. RIBBON SHOE SHOP Phone 114-J Sylva, N, C- Compliments of 'BOW EES STORES, INC. "House goods and clothing for the entire family" Compliments of EELKE DEPARTMENT STORE Sylva, N. C. Phone: 252 Sylva, N. C. Phone 287 Compliments of fi' M if ffiael eyew z e LQ .JANE XJ and JEWELERS Q 'D 'S "Gifts for A11 Occasions" FLOWER SHOP Ph. 201-W 70575 phone 7 Sylva, N. C. Sylva, N. C. Compliments of , IV1 CODY FUNERAL HOME Phone 124-5 Sylva., N, C, Best Wishes M74 an INSURANC E AGENC Y A11 Kinds of Insurance Phone 307 Sylva TQQYS GTQEY STO N E Dm IN L.oDeE Owned and Operated by MR. AND MRS. TROY ROBINSON Dillsborho, N' C. Phone 198-J Sylva, N. C. phone 550-81 VE :VS CAFE "The Home of Good Food" IF l1"S GOOD FOOD YOU 'A T-- is 4W?sJ' N Q CLJL.L.C3VVl-IEE CAFE Cullowhee, N. C. HOODERS DRUG STORE SMCDKY INAOLJ NTAI IXI TRAI u.WAvS Phone 6 "Chartered for Only the Best Sylva, N-. C. Au Occasionsn Prescription Druggist ZQQZMQWM BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP Sylva ggfwc Prescription Druggist The REXALL Store Phone Z7 Sylva, N. C. BEST POLICY AT A'-L Compliments of X 1CTIMES Q 5 i Ao. E. n.. E12vvs N Q DI l.l.S CCD. Aphlpil zplpp It ,pp,,1 INSURANCE U REAL ESTATE Phone 402 Sylva, N. c. Sylva., N. C. Phone 35-J

Suggestions in the Sylva High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Sylva, NC) collection:

Sylva High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Sylva, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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Sylva High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Sylva, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Sylva High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Sylva, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 94

1956, pg 94

Sylva High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Sylva, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 9

1956, pg 9

Sylva High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Sylva, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 25

1956, pg 25

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