Sylacauga High School - Syhiscan Yearbook (Sylacauga, AL)

 - Class of 1950

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Sylacauga High School - Syhiscan Yearbook (Sylacauga, AL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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SENICRS l I I l I I HERMAN GILMORE . . . President DONALD MERKEL . . Vice'President BOBBIE DARBY , Secretory EDWIN BANNISTER . . Treasurer CLASS HISTORY We, the Senior Class of l95O, end our high school career at the beginning of the half-century. We, like millions of our fellow men, look with questioning minds to the remaining half-century as we reminiscence our brief span of years. Perhaps our first memories of our present classmates are from the days of kindergarten when we fought over toys. Following this school of acquaintance, we remember our many new playmates in grammar school. These days passed rapidly and soon the days of higher education at Sylacauga High were opened to us. The war was at its height and many new faces ioined our ranks as we mustered the courage to take our place in junior high. During these years in iunior high we grew as Sylacauga grew - in sta- ture and knowledge. We were not old enough to be active participants in most of the school's extra curricular activities, but we showed our enthusiasm by interested spectators and helping to root and cheer for Alma Mater. Then came our day for active participation. We had successfully passed the in-between Sophomore age and had become iolly Juniors. People from our class were active - the band, Glee club, football, basketball, tennis, Beta Club and numerous others-each of these was pushed to even greater heights. We shall always remember our junior and senior years as our finest, but also as those involving the most work. We were in high standing during our iunior year for we were excelled only by those "sophisticated Seniors." The Junior-Senior Banquet given for the "Forty-niners" was very successful, though we had more hindrances than you can imagine. That was the year we discovered our class had unlimited talent for acting. This was disclosed through the class play, "A Ready Made Family." Then suddenly it dawned upon us as if the heavens had burst-what would we do without those Seniors who had guided us through the year? We felt more than uneasiness at the thought of ourselves being in charge when school opened next year. At last it is i950 and in May we shall walk down the aisle as students of S. H. S. for the last time. We realize that these have been some of our best years and that there are memories we shall always cherish but now we are ready to begin life with its endless ioys, sadnesses and opportunities, and we must prepare to take our place in the world and think of high school as only a vivid memory. QT' 59' 79- an A' -5- 149' if 5. engulf' bf' if' HOUSTON ADAIR JOYE ADCOCK JO ANN AUSBORN EDWIN BANNISTER HAROLD BENTLEY BETTY JOYCE BOLTON ANN BROOKS LARRY CARTER A. G. CAUDLE GRADY COBB J CQ- a""j' F' -'N sv. 9 t X-nut, pr Avv' -'Sb L sf QM'--v X K f I Al, 'I 1 'K N5 vw- 4' QC s , 2, ----v Fa A JIMMY COLEMAN BETTYE CULP BOBBIE DARBY JUNE DUNCAN CHARLES EVANS FREDA FALLMAN DOUGLAS FARR MARY ALINE FOSHEE JILL GARDNER HERMAN GILMORE JANICE VAN GOMPEL BETTY GORTNEY JEP GREER EDWARD GUY VIRGIL HEATH CHARLES HOHL NEITA HORNBECK COY HORNE MARGUERITE HUNT FAYE JOHNSON ANNIE LOU JONES ANNETTE LOPIER HORACE LARGE MABLE LEE MARY ELIZABETH LOONEY BETTY MARIE MASK BETTY LOIS MCCAA ELIZABETH MCCAFFREY FRANCINE MCELVEY DONALD MERKEL WILLIAM MORRIS L C' BETTY MOTES K' I J f if ,W B df IT' PAT ICK EWBY I BILLY WAYNE OAKS ' If wiv BARBARA OGLETREE BILLY POHL 3 ANN ROGERS WALTER ROZELLE 'J-' JIM ROZELLE 147 NELLIE RICH -L.. - -, l A -. ,YYY V I -- +- " ,X XZ" Q--'V if 'E' BW ,sr .aff CAROLYN RUSH MARGARET ANNE SM -, - 44, BILLY SMITH BILL SPIVEY BARBARA STEWART MARTHA JEAN TATE TOMMY TATE JERRY TAYLOR DONNA WALLEY ROBBIE WARREN ITH MILLER WIDEMIRE JUNE WHEELER DOT WHITE LAMAR WHITE BETH THOMAS PAUL WHITEHURST NOT PICTURED BILL THOMPSON SARA MIMMS JOHN WILLIAMSON ALLAN MILES JO PARKER MCNEIL YOLANDI ROY P-4 , K ' 1 r ,AH 0 , U 1 :IQ s 'ww Y, ,WM 'I M 1 R V' Y. ' r t r X V ' S NIDR CLASS PR PHECY Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! On this 26th day of May in the year of our Lord, l95O, we are about the undertake the hopeless task of prophesying the future of our gifted seniors. Any similarity be- tween this prophecy and the actual truth is purely intentional. By our special gifts and powers we now roll back the curtain of the present and find ourselves in the year l958. .lo Parker is now a great detective. We thought she would get ahead in the profession, since she ball-and-chained a man even before she finished high school. h The truth has leaked out that Jo Ann Ausborn is a great poker player. She always was stacked rig t. Betty Motes' beauty salon is being remodeled into a beautiful saloon. Martha Jean Tate's husband is running a shoe shop. He couldn't be a preacher but is still sav- ing lost soles. Marguerite Hunt is still trying to reduce. Dr. Bill Pohl put her on a diet of milk, crackers, and let- tuce, but Marguerite doesn't know whether to eat this before or after meals. Pretty Donna Walley is a secretary now. Her boss said that she couldn't add, but she could cer- tainly distract. June Wheeler has written a best seller. She calls it "My Memories." Her many old flames really make this a hot book. Joy Adcock has married a fellow artist. They are as happy as a pair of drawers could be. Betty Gortney, while in school, robbed the cradle. Now she is rocking it. Paul Whitehurst still has some of the high school adventure in his blood. His wife and kids expect him back from the moon any day now. Carolyn Rush always did have a knack for being the treasurer of everything. She is now the treas- urer of the United Saxophone Players, Walter Rozelle has his own German band. They play every night in a famous New Orleans night club, called the "Club Qi." "Stormy" iBarbara Ogletreel sings with them. We hear that she often throws things out into the audience. Edward Guy is going into the trucking business. A sign on one of his trucks reads, "I stop for railroads, blonds, brunettes, and will back up fifty feet for a red head." Charles Evans is doing quite well now, for he followed the old saying: "Always cast your lot with a woman who has enough money to build a house on it." Elizabeth McCaffery, the world-famous biologist, has come out with her latest discovery: A honey bee has a stinger only .O3l25 inches long. The rest is only purely imagination. Farmer William Morris has a new twist on growing cucumbers. He turns the seeds inside out so that they will grow dimples instead of warts. Donald Merkel has never married, for he found out that the only two who can live as cheaply as one are a flea and a dog. Billy Smith was the city's efficiency expert until he put unbreakable glass in the fire alarm boxes. Virgil-Heath has found something to do with his head beside running into walls. He is now studying figures - in business college, that is. A. G. Caudle finally became a successful automobile mechanic. Have your tires changed at Caudle's Service Station. Douglas Farr is a big game hunter. He specializes in shooting the bull. O Bill Thompson is in the coaching business. He trains fleas for Ringling Brothers. Larry Carter has contracted to build fences around graveyards. He heard that people were dying to get in. Houston Adair went into the fishing business, but now he tells us that business stinks. Chef Horace Large's restaurant has the best food in town. Could be because it's the only eating place for miles around. Harold Bentley is in the soap-making business. We hear that he is really cleaning up. Explorer Annie Lou Jones, while hunting in the iungles of Africa, found only a'large, hairy animal. lt turned out to be Grady Cobb. Patrick Newby heard that the next war would be fought in the air. Hero that he is, he joined the Navy. Herman Gilmore is playing football for Sewanee University. When he came out onto the field, the coach said, "This is the end." Francine Mclilvey has become a success in music. She is a piano tuner for Forbes. Jill Gardner has married a Tennessee Hillbilly. They have a lovely home way back in the hills. Miller Widemire has taken over "Pop's" job of selling ice cream in front af the school. Ed Bannister is top man around this part of the country. He has become a forest ranger at Horn Mountain tower. Coy Horne made millions in the printing business until the FBI caught up with him. Charles Hohl and Neita Hornbeck have finally received their naturalization papers. 'lhey are now full-feldged rebels. , Billy Spivey has become a book-worm. He always did like "Little Women." lAny similarity to a book is purely coincidental.l Jim Rozelle always did like to tinker with machinery, but he finally tinkered with one too many. I think they call it the electric chair. Tommy Tate is an engineer for the Central of Georgia. Just like Tommy, always letting off steam. Billy Wayne Oaks has gone ta Hollywood to study, No, not women, radio. He's married, you know. Allan Miles, one of those frigid boys from Canada, has finally become a red-hot rebel. Jep Greer also owns a newspaper. So what, they only cost a nickel. Jimmy Coleman is in a serious business. Serious and Roebuck. Betty Bolton has grown to be eight feet tall, and is now playing center for the Quarry All-Stars Basketball team. Ann Brooks has married a farmer and has settled down to a happy life in the metropolis of Old- field, Ala. Bettye Culp, after her startling grades in Democracy, has become the first woman president. Bobbie Darby is still trying to find out what happens to that trombone when she pulls it back in. June Duncan has settled down with a Texas cattleman. But cows aren't all they raise. Freda Fallman has married a banker. We don't know his name, but his initials are Bill Smith. Mary Aline Foshee is a concert pianist. You can hear her from WSM from Nashville every Satur- day night. K.. Faye-Johnson is a foot specialist. She sells shoes at The Leader. Mabel Lee has become a famous artist. Her favorite color is "Red." lf you see a place called "Lizzy's" you'll know what has happened to Mary Elizabeth Looney. She owns her own dress shoppe now. Annette LaPier has settled down to a happy married life. Everything "Piers" to be doing all right. Because of her persuasive and forceful ways, Beth Thomas now has a iob training lions in a circus. Robbie Jane Warren and Ann Rogers are traveling together in Mexico. They seem to be making many "hombres amigosf' Robbie thinks that it is her use of the Spanish language that attracts them, but we know that it is Ann's sweet smile. Janice Van Gompel has become a bookkeeping teacher. Can't you iust see her now - still making carbon copies of all her work so that others can use them? From now when you go to argue, steer clear of Betty Marie Mask for she is now one of the greatest women lawyers in the United States and has won every case she has taken. Although quite wealthy now, Barbara Stewart enioys driving one of her many buses once in awhile, for that is how she got her start. In high school we all thought Dot White's future would be washing dishes, for she was to be married a month after school was out. We were wrong, it's washing diapers. Margaret Ann Smith is working with colored television. She gets someone to embarrass her and her beautiful blushing cheeks do the rest. Betty McCaa is a world-famous missionary. She saves those people who try to work Algebra prob- lems. Yoli Roy has changed nationality and has become a famous Irish song writer. Her latest hit is "Ah, Donny Boy." We would have made this more personal by writing with a pencil but down here they won't let us have any sharp pointed articles. JERRY TAYLOR LAMAR WHITE 's Al' UN DERCLASSMEN f 11. CAROLYN JONES . . 4 . President GEORGE MCVVILLIAMS . . . Vice-President PEGGY MCGUIRE . . Secretory-Treasurer SENIGR H Martha Nan Adair, Annette Bazemore, Winnie Bentley, Ann Carter, Joy Caudle, Carolyn Collins, Elizabeth Conville, Wymoline Cottle, Jo Ann Dodd, Jean Edmonson, Ruby Fields, Gloria Gable, Nona Faye Gardner, Dorothy Grizzle, Dorris Jean Gentry, Clara Lee Hammett, Ann Haralson, Louise Hardy, Anna Harris, Carolyn Jones, President, Martha King, Mary Nita McCaffery, Peggy McGuire, Secretary- Treasurer, Linda Machen, Freida Malwitz, Sara Mims, Donna Ivlokrow, Lillian Parker, Laurie Ray, Edwina Rowe, Sara Stuart, Carolyn Tankersley, Vera Thrasher, Carol White, Quentella Woodham, Ouida Fuller. James Bennett, Gene Boykin, Sam Bozeman, Joe Caldwell, Bob Carlisle, Charles Christopher, Jimmy Coleman, James Cook, Donald Cosper, Wayne Cox, Jimmy Craven, Leon Culpepper, Roland Duncan, Bartlett Ford, Byron George, Lewis Grice, Dan Harris, Donald Hohl, Willis Hyde, James Johnson, David Jones, J. W. Liveoak, George McWilliams, Vice-President, Charles Ogletree, Dwight Owings, Lee Plexico, Carey Riggins, Rex Riggins, Billy Stone, Charlie Bob Thomason, Jimmy Thurman, Charles Weaver, Jim- my Johnson, Wallis Lightsey, Stanley Smithson. ff. BOBBY TREACE . . . . President MICKEY GARRIGUS . . Vice-President STANLEY NEWTON . . . Secretory WILLIAM MCNEILL . . Treasurer SENIOR I Laverne White, Alice Ballard, Wynelle Creel, Betty Ausborn, Dot Bradley, Gail Brown, Vo n ze II Chandler, Joan Conway, Beth Cooper, Virginia Covington, Audis Dunley, Eva Dillingham, Mary Dupree, Doryce Floyd, Ellen Freeman, Catherine Grice, Evelyn Hatdel, Marie Harris, Frances lsenhour, Evelyn Jones, Katherine Lande, Ann Lessley, Reporter, Jane Lessley, Betty McCary, Billy Mizzell, Anita Mims, .loan Meyers, Mary Frances Oaks, Margaret Owings, Chrissy Parker, Paddy Parks, Margie Patterson, Doris Phillips, Patsy Price, Willie Racine, Jean Rushing, Ann Simmons, Sara Simpkins, Mary Ann Smelley Joyce Sumners, Mary Alice Tackett, Mary Helen Tate, Patricia Turner, Alice Vardeman, Audrey Wallace, Betty Walker, Faye White, Earlene Holt, F1915 T-Q 1 Gerald Adams, Jerry Bowen, J. M. Bradley, Donald Bulger, Fred Chandler, Blaise Clifton, .Herbert Collins, Jack Coston, Billy Dees, DeWitt Dodd, Hugh Ezekill, Fred Fallman, Mickey Garrigus, Vice-Pres- ident, George Huckaby, .limmy Hyler, Neely Inlow, Bobby Lackey, Mickey Landers, John Langley, Bert LeCroy, Alfred Leppert, Marian Lee, William McNeill, Treasurer, Haynes Masters, Billy Monyhan, Bobby Morris, Kennard Moss, Bobby McDermid, Donald Saunders, Ted Smith, Billy Stanton, Stanley Newton, Secretary, Ray Taunton, Bobby Treace, President, Jimmy Walley, Jimmy Williams, Larry Allison, Charles Giddens, Jimmy Edge, Marvin Joiner, David Macomish. CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Nelson Smithson Pam McElwee Jack Remson Betty Arnett, Eleanor Atkinson, Margaret Beckett, Catherine Brooks, Doris Nell Burks, Jennell Cox, Sara Craven, Ann Culpepper, Mariamanda Darden, Betty Davis, Helen Edmonson, Erna Fowler, Aubara Live-oak, Bobbie Nell Martin, Gloria Jean Mask, Pam McElwee, Betty Mizzell, Jill Parker, Patsy Patton, Doris Robinson, Barbara Shelton, Patsy Shinn, Eugeina Smith, Shirley Smith, Frances Tate, Delores Wil- liams, Don Anderson, Jimmy Bannister, Harold Cochran, Edwin Dark, Thomas Racine, Frank Tin ney, Sagers Wyatt, Neil Carter, Billy Caudle, Joe Caudle, Jack Gillum, Tommy Machen, Herman Patton, Jack Remson, David Spence, Billy Joe Walton, Kenneth Williams, Louise Roy, Wilma Barnett, Frances Blue, Margaret Bottom, Barbara Folks, Mary Louise Greer, Donna Hafdell, Glenda Hendrix, June Holcombe, Ruth Hornbeck, Eelna Faye Hyde, Nellie Joe Jones, Peggy Kennedy, Gayle Malwitz, Joyce Matherson, Carolyn Mauldin, June McClure, Barbara Merrill, Sylvia Morris, Carolyn Roberson, Sally Saxon, Marlene Smith, Johnny Ann Smith, Louise Summers, Mildred Tankersley, Margaret Taylor, Martha McCain, Mackie Baker, Milton Braisher, Bobby Edmonson, V. J. Estes, James Goodwin, Jimmy Goodwin, Walter Hightower, Dan Keel, John Oliver King, Benny McDougal, Glen Nappier, Melvin Parker, Roy Reames, J. Kelly Robinson, Virgil Smith, Kenneth Smithson, Nelson Smithson, Tony Taunton, Robert Turner, Billy Jeffery, Janet Dodwell, Ivtaryon Dupree, Betty Gable, Janice Gilliland, Johnie Gorgan, Patricia Hurst, Ida Gray Pruett, June Roach, Anna Deane Storey, Clara White, Betty Bell. em Y 1 -nn---an fu, vw, ... 1- 'PR"l"li H -V x .fn-vim-1 -0-.usp Q-4.1.4 .--Hina,-w,mup..: - :sw ,nn ,.. na sawn Lwunnunn -su: , -cp-af -nf, haqrrs. .f nnzsn uv -an 1 .fn-4. on sq Q -Q,s4vL'mn X '- vwuusumn-I vista-ww-maxaman--n v ,. ,, 'vw -N Mvauxaunnnw- nn, ox gunz-an-nuuevun 1 - Q 1--NM.-mp,q,. ,H,1..,.,mf:a:- F 'Lv.r1,-nw-Mvaw-- .. W- mn . ,nw-ww-my-su ,g,vu,n .- f an rm aw , UN-n,+w 1. .,..wv-mm--rf.-.1-,Q-.-wus., -x lunuamna-u . -nu-v-nf mn u-. fx- -- la-Az-nu +-wsmycus, F -- -fm Y., -W avr-an , u-mmm'-L-hw. in - urs' fu- , 1- :lui Hn f i . 5. . .--mA . 3: V P " Q' ,A -- i Y- ' I ..,,,f.x,, L, JH -D I rl 1 -Aa aye. ,,,,.Nx iffggsr Q ,-,ly Am.. :A 1?---' - 1-W 5 P-4 , K ' 1 r ,AH 0 , U 1 :IQ s 'ww Y, ,WM 'I M 1 R V' Y. ' r t r X V ' CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Patsy Walker Shirley Mims lris Walls Jamie Price Donald Allison, Billy Barber, John Crawford, Robert Collins, Jan Gilbert, Jamie Price, Victor Wallace, Roney Stone, Sally Barfield, Marianne Carlisle, Dorothy Carmichael, Betty Cleghorn, Betty Coleman, Erma Demedicis, Euba DeVaughn, Hanna Duncan, Jimmie Dupree, Sharon Edmondson, Shirley Edmond- son, Mary Hatcher, Mildred Hamilton, Joan Holman, Charlotte Luker, Shirley Martin, Shirley Mims, Pat- ricia Pesek, Emelil Prentice, Peggy Pullen, Arlene Robinson, Faith Snyder, Freddie Treace, Patricia Walker, Iris Walls, Ruth Giddens, Mary Fuller, Frankie Thompson, Betty Jurgensen, Clifford Ausborn, S h i rley Barber, Doniell Bishop, David Bishop, Frances Campbell, Helen Cox, Roy Dale, Clark Daniel, Bobby De- Loach, Catherine Donahoo, Bobby Edmondson, Fredie Edmondson, V. J. Estes, David Julmer, Bennie Gill, Howell Hagan, Leonard Lightsey, Joyce McDougal, Gene McDowell, Juanita Mizzell, Betty Murphy, Mickey Nappier, Ted Norman, Bob Phillips, Joan Shinn, Lanny Webster, Robert Rowl, Velma Crump, Kenneth Whaley, Robbie Nell Nolen, Jimmy Ballard, John Mitchum, Carey Wallace, Annie Ruth Estes. Polly Mizzell, Jyles Machen, Jimmie Sue Childress, Sylvia Cleghorn, Nell Fowler, Addie King, Patty Maness, Dorothy Rowl, 'Betty Blanchard, Mary Blanchard, Betty Lipschitz, Clarence Brooks, Donald Brown, David Burch, Stewart Burkhalter, Billy Cannon, Donald Coleman, Larry Culp, Arnold Duncan, Joe Gilli- land, Alton Heacock, Elton Hickman, Larry Lee, James Looney, Mack Mayfield, Bucky McDaniel, Jimmy Milam, Bobby Nlitchem, Luther Parnell, Charles Rowe, Hugh Steverson, Billy Ray Talton, Wayne Treace, Donald White, Buford Williamson, Jimmy Wood, Parker White, John Mitchum, Buddy Bazemore, Joe Beasley, Charles Blocker, Jerry Cain, Max Gilliland, Clayton Goodwin, Roy Hammett, Dale Hughes, Herbet Isbell, Bobby Jones, Brantley Motes, Newton Ogle, Bobby Oliver, Billy Prickett, Charles Prickett, Jack Riley, Jerry Saxon, Gary Smith, Eugene Watson, Billy White, Sallie Bush, Elaine Caldwell, Joyce Grice, Virginia Heath, Carolyn King, Jeanette McElrath, Joyce Morris, Labon O'Barr, Jeanette Peoples, Marie Schultz, Dot Smith, Gail White, Pat Williamson, Robbie Nell Nolen. i H. 3"x"'i E'Vl'il0-1 1-. . 21---1 rf 4' yi?-' " " -, , ., - - J 5' n ,.,,v-' .dv A4--, -aa,n+,f6 ,..:L"9Q'E?:Q.1:3D1,,"6?'t4t:q jg! ff.-!':'23':!3gQ:2hq-:ggrli-5 Luz! fefgf.-17"L4' L:1s2!si+!""A J--f","'H: :'1,. :,Qf,?',4 . 2,119 '.:'FZ'i3fY..ff1.-'m'?T...: ' .11 -1.-vw-.A in ,aft Sf .,,,, CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Johnny Fay Dorothy Lee Davis Byron Rozelle Mary Olive Gamel Raymond Conway Lynn Allison, Charlie Farr, Woodrow Flowler, Curtis Hammond, Roger Hiel, James Ledbetter, Jerry Lessley, Randall Ray, Byron Rozelle, Wallis Schuessler, Billy Shelton, Buddy Simpkins, Jimmy Starr, Gar- rett Stephens, Owen Stevens, Thurston Stewart, Edmond Thomas, Kenneth Tyler, J. L. Tzno, James Earl Buttner, Robert Menzier, Peggy Anderson, Anne Cannon, Louise Donahoo, Florene Jones, Anita Looney, Ethelda Parker, Wilma Phillips, Carol Pitts, Betty Waites, Shirley Woodall, Marlene Davis, Sara Ellison, Byron Cook, Billy Danley, Robert Grice, Dan Keel, Melvin Looney, Ottis Looney, A. J. McDonald, Eddie Nivens, Eugene Royal, Billy Steverson, Billy Swintord, Lee White, Allen Weed, Ralph Baily Holt, Donnie Jones, Barbara Boker, Malinda Beasley. Dorothy Davis, Barbara George, Betty Gross, Peggy Heath, Betty Hickman, Anne Kelly, Ca role Motes, Mary Jo Reams, Barbara Riggins, Sara Jo Robinson, Carole Stanton, Jean Ashcroft, David Arnold, Joe Brewer, Robert Brooks, Billy Burton, Fred Caldwell, George Clark, Erbie Cost, Wendell Crusell, John- ny Gann, Billy Jones, Ray McDiarmid, Ralph Mosley, Edwin Patton, Paul Peoples, Lynn Peppers, Joe Phillips, Donald Roberts, Paul Swink, Jackie Taylor, Robert Taylor, Harold Thomas, Joe Thomas, George White, Zane Baker, Edith Bishop, Gail Bolton, Jo Ann Burhalter, Kitty Cranford, Alice Faye Dees, Marcie DeCondress, Shirley Douglas, Peggy Easterling, Mary Gamel, Margaret Gamel, Lizzie Keller, Sarah Lybrand. Martha Mallory, Peggy Murphy, Penelope Moore, Jo Ann Mauldin, Betty June Milan, Dolores Porett, Airsta Ann Persons, Paula Renclelmon, Virginia Rozelle, Mary Lee Smith, Annette Sumerlin, Judy Web- ster, Annette Williams, Sylvia Weed, Annie Lauira Thompson, Clara Ann Lowler, Shirley Johnson, Phyllis Sexton, Jennette Adair, Barbara Childress, Millie Sue Lockhart, Martha Lucas, Carole Ogle, Janet Saxon, Lury Ann Strain, Peggy Ruth Simrers, Audra Wesson, Lois Cochran, Hazel Martin, Sue Saxon, James Bailey, Cornelius Bryant, Walton Coleman, Raymond Conway, Paul Gentry, Jr., John Gressom, Mack Heaton, Donald Harville, Virgil Hoge, Jr., Billy Owings, Wallis Patterson, Jim my Raines, Jock Snead, James Sumners, Cecil Ray Swinford, Ralph Williams, David Williams, Harry Baker. I 15 if .. L 'r I 1. ..-, -----. . -- -M .- .f-'sr '-' .., -'x - . - . --f y fr:.Qf. ., Q .-'Qf-ff -:f5:1..f.-'Q--'.w:.r++,3-mpg.- . ,V AA ' r in "...,',,t+'72ig,g '- Wi' f 4' "1-l'-f--21' PN' -W,-f-n+A-r.A.m..5f-Wnrxez' ' "' ml ""'!'sIz'.1 F' Q-Z 1 -,- --.n .... .- ia:-,-......, ,-..:..-.....V..-..-. .- V--.-W--..,, , g .I V -,br A, , V g- , ..,. W M, ,. Y - 5 . . . - rv . 3.5. xi-J-.imxg R' 4135318 1,-..L.,1:, j:,Tvf,s,,,kAA 'K - Cy.: 51 lie., i . A , A Q ' ' --f - P ' ,. fins, - XV., I .a V .V . AV ' 'gan- - AA M , KA . ' jf,-,. .H ' ao, V g' X1 ' gg . , I ll M 13 9 U X i -1 5, 4. ,si g 1 -3' X s RGAN1 ATI .2 , . . I X . 2111 H-I ' .Al -kll ' 1 Li-'X' E- :W 15 35 rl- jr, " - :lil E- .13:!ll, 1- x ' L-"Y 2 gf.: K-3 ' ' K lx'..? 1' 4 Q2 1 .4 ,h 1. 91 -, 51 1, W 4. ,. 1 ,ch ,H fr ' 'Vx' 'Z-Ii fif i' ' Al: 1 .I r1'? II1 lx. z ! If .. 3 'Z 3 3 ' ' fx ! A rl H ,ff .f f 2 - . g ! " 5 l "' 5' - f M QJ IQ -. . . X f 1 ' . .x X in .ii!,-'yi I ' -5 A K . f 1 3 E Nz'-L. ' 'H . , ,J .' I . "".-5. . 1 3 J ff .' I 'N k - TNQ. . , -'44 - ! ' f ' 'T 1 Q .,,, , ,. , . , . , , I 'T " -A '1- i 1 'x XR -fr, -, - ' . "3h!f, .i" ' 4 ' 'A 35,1-.L , 72, A " 2 V- M. , . VR Y ARM E. .-xx i -If fx .1 - VK 5 ' : .-Q Y Nxbidlfe n :H xingxinlx io.: Nt K 'I 5 -Q-Aw, fp.c-M -..l,s . -,f' fn "Nil-.Xl X x " . N. ly' Q. K 4,' X.:-i. R f,g1..f:, L ' Y gi ' : X ah ' .I ,fl-:ii FQA - -. ,, -I 1 17l .1-p-V -we-, firm-R fltwv- - -D of: 'yr' -.. l lll wwf rt R 1 or ra :r ff . . . '- .U A B ... A . BAND The Sylacauga High Band ot I949-50 was made up of 95 people including eight maiorettes. This is the largest band we ever had. Although twenty ot the members were new, the band found itself after about three football games and developed into one of our best marching bands. A trip to Mobile was our high light of the football season and was enioyed very much. The bancl went to Columbiana and Talladega with the team. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize the talents at our very able bandmaster, Lewis Sirnpkins, who has made the band what it is. Cornets: Charles Ogletree, Gene Boykin, Bob Phillips, Howell Hagan, Catherine Broo ks, Buddy Simpkins, Sara Jean Stewart, Clifford Ausborn, Doris Jean Gentry, Jimmy Williams, Charles Farr, Tresa Edmonson, Lee Plexico. Clarinets: Paul Whitehurst, J. Robinson, Jill Parker, Annie Ruth Estes, Billy Shelton, Beth Cooper, Betty Davis, Marie Harris, Elizabeth Conville, Quentella Woodham,'Gail Brown, Clara White, Sara Rob- erson, Gene McDowell, Delores Williams, Elaine Caldwell, Wallace Schuessler. Flutes: Billie Mizzell, Walter Rozelle, Baritones: Jimmy Thurman, Virgil Smith, Benny McDougal. Alto Saxophone: Sara Simpkins, Jyles Matchen, Ida Gray Pruett, .loan Shinn, Nita Looney, Edwina Rowe, Owen Stephens, Patricia Turner, Margaret Owings. Tenor Saxophone: Mary Ann Smelley, Carolyn Rush. Baritone Saxophone: Bobby Edmonson. Alto Horns: Sara Mims, Annie Lou Jones, Annette LaPier, Polly Mizzell, Eugenia Smith, Betty Mc- Cary, Joyce McDougal. Trombones: Rex Riggins, Wymolene Cattle, Bobbie Darby, Byron Rozelle, Frank Tinney, Walter High- tower, Clark Daniels, Cary Wallace, V. J. Estes. Drums: Dale Hughes, Ann Simmons, Ann Culpepper, Maryon DuPree, Vera Thrasher, Donald Hohl, Sara Craven, Betty Murphy, Betty Mizzell, Bass Horns: Jerry Bowen, Roy Dale, Lanny Webster, Jimmy Craven. Bells: Martha Tate, Betty Gortney, Irish Walls. ELIZABETH MCCAFFREY MILLER WIDEMIRE . JOANNE AUSBORN BETTY JOYCE BOLTON FRANCINE MCELVEY Sopranos Joanne Ausborn Ann Carter Anne Haralson Marguerite Hunt Betty McCaa Mary Nita McCattrey Freida Malwitz Laurie Ray Mary Helen Tate Jerrie Taylor Faye White Carole White Betty Gortney Joan Conway Joy Caudle Audry Wallace Audis Danley Joan Dobb Dorothy Grizzle Carolyn Jones Jean Edmunson Anita Mims Patsy Price Lillian Parker Joyce Sumners Joan Meyers Laverne White Altos Martha Adair Annette Bazemore GLEE CLUB Btty Bolton Freda Fallman Mary Aline Foshee Clara Lee Hammett Jill Gardner Martha Tate Elizabeth McCaffrey Francine McElvey Peggy McGuire Linda Machen Barbara Ogletree Bobbie Jane Warren Beth Thomas Betty Ausborn Winnie Bentley Carolyn Collins Ellen Freeman Ruby Fields Eva Dillingham Evelyn Hafdel Anna Harris Katherine Lande Paddy Parks Jean Rushing Carolyn Tankersley Alice Vardaman Betty Jo Walker Tenors Fred Fallman Jimmy Coleman Gene Boykin . . , President . Vice-President . . Secretary , Treasurer . . . . Reporter Virgil Smith Altred Leppert Basses John Langley Walter Rozzell Jerry Bowen Joe Caldwell Dan Harris Charles Evans Milton Hurston Miller Widemire Jimmy Thurman Bartlet Ford Rex Riggins Lee Plexico George Huckaby Carey Riggins Lewis Grice Sam Bozeman Accompanists Mary Aline Foshee Martha Nan Adair Betty Ausborn Francine McElvey BETA CLUB JUNE VVHEELER , , . . . .,.. . , President DONALD MERKEL . . . Vice-President CAROLYN RUSH . . . Secretary ELIZABETH MCCAFFREY , , Treasurer First Row: Neita Hornbeck, Jerry Taylor, Mary Aline Foshee, June Wheeler, Carolyn Rush, Robbie Warren, Elizabeth McCaffrey, Freda Fallman, Clara Lee Hammet, Frieda Malwitz . . . Second Row: Betty Lois McCaa, Bettye Culp, Margaret Ann Smith, Lillian Parker, Joy Caudle, Nona Gardner, Martha King, Ruby Fields, Linda Sue Machen, Carolyn Janes, Willis Hyde, Ann Rogers, Betty Mates . . . Third Row: Sara Jean Stuart, Bobbie Darby, Jill Gardener, Betty Bolton, Milton Hurston, Herman Gilmore, Dwight Owens, .lim Rozelle, Tommy Tate, Pat Newby, Miller Widemire, Billy Spivey, Bob Ca rlisle, Charles Christopher. ig':+i-L-qfu1wT Td'1fd1'ff5Y-E"1:12'J" T3 """"'n:S'n T M Wil: 11 'U 1 ai' WED' 'unity' :Lo ave.-L' an -Qu!! ' Y . can an-as 1-in J' ' l ' ini' "' Lf' '5 H 2' Lln Bi445:5lQ HERMAN GILMORE BILLY SPIVEY . . MILTON HURSTON STEWART CARLTON n"CLUB Bill Thompson Tommy Tate Joe Caldwell Byron George Dwight Owing Charles Christopher Johnny Langley Virgil Heath Jep Greer Willis Hyde Coy Horne Dan Harris Grady Cobb Billy Stanton Kennard Moss David Spence Jack Gillum Miller Widemire Wayne Greece .lack Remson Donlad Bulger Pat Newby Charles Evans Jimmy Coleman Gene Boykin Harold Cockeran Dewitt Dodd Billy Oaks ECT? . , President . . . Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer . . . Sponsor B Q D. o. CLUB BILLY OAKS . ......... . . . President DONNA WALLEY . . . Vice-President BETTY MOTES . . Secretary-Treasurer MR. PORCH . . . . Sponsor James Liveoak Betty Motes Donna Walley Ann Rogers Douglas Farr Faye Johnson A. G. Coudle Horace Large Larry Carfer John Williamson Bettye Culp Dot White Ann Brooks Mary Eiizabeih Looney CAROLYN COLLINS MARTHA KING . BETTY McCAA , . NONA GARDNER . CLARA LEE HAMMET GLORIA GABLE . . Anna Harris Audis Danley Laurie Ray Joyce Sumners Marguerite Hunt Carole White Carolyn Jones Shirley Smith Gayle Malwitz Margaret Beckett Doryce Floyd Mary Helen Tate Frances Tate Virginia Covington Patsy Patton Catherine Brooks Delores Williams Helen Edmondson in F. H. A. CLUB Sally Saxon Frances Blue Ann Tankersly .lenell Cox Sara Simpkins Marimanda Darden Eleanor Atkinson Pam McElwee June Holcombe Mary Louise Greer Glenda Hendrix Margaret Taylor Peggy Kennedy Marlene Smith Barbara Merrill Barbara Folks Carolyn Mauldin President . Vice-President Ellen Freeman Ruth Hornbeck Janice Gilliland Barbara Shelton Patsy Shinn Betty Walker Laverne White Betty McCary Betty Gortney Margaret Owings Mable Lee Paddy Parks Margie Patterson Vera Thrasher Wymolene Cottle Elizabeth Conville Jo Parker McNeill Secretary Treasurer Reporter Historian il' 49 ,. null W I I. V l l IEHI THE PIAN CLUB FRANCINE MCELVEY . . . , . . President NEITA HORNBECK . . Vice-President JUNE WHEELER . . . Secretary GEORGE MCWILLIAMS . . Treasurer Betty Gortney Margaret Anne Smith William Morris June Duncan Billy Wayne Oaks Carolyn Jones Donna Mokros Patsy Patton Margaret Beckett YLACAUGA HI-LIGHT STAFF ELIZABETH McCAFFREY . . . , . . , . MILLER WIDEMIRE . , MRS. THOMASON . ROBBIE WARREN , JERRY TAYLOR ..... JOYE ADCOCK ,..., . , . PAT NEWBY, DONALD MERKEL .,,,.. JIM ROZELLE, MARY FOSHEE, NEITA HORNBECK, JERRY TAYLOR, MARTHA TATE ..,, I I BETTY BOLTON, FRANCINE MCELVEY, JO ANN AUSBORN, CAROLYN RUSH, BOBBIE DARBY, BARBARA OGLETREE . WALTER HIGHTOWER, CAROLYN MAULDIN, NELL BURKS, ELAINE CALDWELL, POLIY MIZZELL, PATSY WALKER, DONALD WHITE, BETTY FLOWERS GROSS, ETHELDA PARKER, CAROL OGLE . . . , . . , Editor . Associate Editor . . Focuity Advisor School Activities Editor . . Exchange Editor . . .ArtEditor . Business Monogers , Assisto nts . Typists Junior High Reporters 5155! YHI CAN TAFF MRS. R. L, THOMASON I . . . , BILLY SMITH .... JILL OARDENER .,.. DONALD MERKEL, JEP OREER .,.., BILLY OAKS, JUNE WHEELER, TOMMY TATE, FRANCINE MCELVEY, ROBBIE JANE WARREN . JOYE ADCOCK, MABLE LEE ,,.. CAROLYN RUSH, FREDA FALLMAN, JERRY TAYLOR, BETTY NOTES ..,... B THOMPSON, CHARLES EVANS, HERMAN GILMORE . NEITA HORNBECK, BILL SPIVEY, JIM ROZELLE . . BOBBIE DARBY, JO ANN AUSBORN, BETTY BOLTON . . WILLIAM MORRIS, WALTER ROZELLE, MARY ALINE FOSHEE, ANN ROGERS, PAT NEWBY, TOMMY TATE ...... . Faculty Advisor . . . Editor . Assistant Editor Business Managers . Advertising Staff . . . Art Editors Organization Editors , . Sports Editors . Photography . . . . Typisis Circulation Managers 'VK l l TUDENT CGUNCIL ROBBIE WARREN ,....,........ . . President HERMAN GILMORE . . . Vice-Presidenf FRANCINE MCELVEY .......,.... Secreiory-Treasurer Seated: Robbie Warren, Patsy Walker, Pam McElwee, Neifa Hornbeck, Carolyn Rush, Carolyn Jones, June Wheeler, Francine McElvey, Elizabeth McCaffrey, Virginia Rozelle, Mary Olive Gamel . . . Standing: Billy Ooks, Billy Smith, Herman Gilmore, Billy Spivey, Jock Remson, Nelson Smithson, Johnny Foy. il 5 Q ly - my 'S il SPANISH CLUB ROBBIE JANE WARREN . . . , President JUNE WHEELER . , . Vice-President JERRY TAYLOR . . , Secretary NEITA HORNBECK . . Treasurer JILL GARDNER ..... . Reporter Jo Parker McNeil .lep Greer Bob Carlisle Donald l-lohl Clare Lee Hammett Anne Haralson Carolyn Jones Johnny Langley Alfred Leppert Mary Niia McCaffrey Peggy Ann McGuire Linda Sue Machen Frieda Jo Malwifz Donna Mokros Laurie Jean Ray Sara Jean Stuart Charlie Bob Thomason Carol White 5 THLETI 'Q 15 1,9 ....W,1 1 , ff ' W , - 1. .Ba 14. IX. A K 'f'f- ' 'Hs . shun ik rdf ',.A: I -IW, I 'fm . ' 1 'f ' 5' .4 . .,:.:,:,. .I ..,. .'f:':g:,,1,1,.g5:5:j.51,-51344, V' Y ...,.A -s 5 ' be ' . ii d UW ' -"iff il - at """"UlQlP urn-:gmail Q - - F, --l " . -.WM vm-U-' Q-nvkx A V ' " Wigfziif l F E - --l I I.. --I First Row: Don Harris, June Leslie, .lep Greer . . . Second Row: Ann Ifl Carter, June Wheeler . . . Top Row: Charlotte Luker, Jock Gillum Ns? PE:'L:rsd: Fred Caevvell. iv.. 1, , . N 1 x . . . ,,i.,f., ' ' ' N f' ., . Q, - . 4 ,f -' , 1 ' , .1 ..i.,cfA . -' i ' . "' -.. h-' 6 :"4 1,gE,g,4T'e . 1 ' r S 1 '- . . " " , Av-'V FOOTBALL SQUAD Front Row: Miller Widemire, William McNeil, Tommy Tate, Mickey Garrigus, Dwight Owings, Wayne Treace, Manager, Bill Spivey, Pat Newby, Jack Remson, Billy Stanton, Billy Smith, Kenneth Williams , . , Second Row: Charles Hohl, Billy Jackson, Kennarcl Moss, Jimmy Coleman, Don Saunders, Charles Christopher, Herman Gilmore, Edwin Bannister, Donald Bulger, Milton Hurston, Bill Thompson, Joe Caldwell, Grady Cobb, Dewitt Dodd . . . Third Row: Bobby Lackey, Jimmy Bannister, Dan Keel, David Hatchet, Jimmy Hilyer, Dan Keel, Leonard Lightsey, Bobby Deloach, James Looney, David Spence, Mickey Landers, Walter Lee, Johnny Langley, Altred Leppert, Bobby Morris, Melvin Parker, James Cook, Don Hohl, James Bradley. SEASON'S RECORD WE THEY OXFORD .. ....7 ALEXCITY .,.O.., .,,.l4 ASHLAND , .45... .. 6 TALLADEGA .. .,.. 7 .... 6 WETUMPKA ,. .... 34.,. .. 6 CHILDERSBURG .. 19... .. 6 COLUMBIANA ., ,.,. QOH, O U.M.S. .,.., ,..,33 CLANTON ..,. '14, . O COMER ....2O '7fze , A YEAR BOOK PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF 7950 Syl g High School Sylocougo, A iff . .5 1' -f A fl ' ., fri. Q if'V'z' gli' f a , . -ii g A 'Nazi-L' L' V? .fJ1'Xl' '4 0? ,- flag' .1 -'Mg ldxlff f v- my 4- f"1-'K '- '. 'rw ,f,. 1 H- 0953 'Q vii, e -25:5 7' 1 9'1'u:!filf 'UF , A ,gl ,lr .Q -,,.6Q.QWw4:v,4n-,gg ' " ' fl af- 7' '12N.,.i1:1 .is , M L A fY.K'3', idx li f L-11' 3' 8 nw-if . :-A K , h 5: fmt .f l ' '- Q - iysuh--' -"""" an fx 99' x N ,V fl.: V IQ 15" ' 3 'Q' , . 1 ,f of, o ww 4. V-i' I ? fi Hermon Gilmore Williom McNeil Miller Widemire ,,...- ,ylirg 44,-f ui' f w A M ' ,Q f 5,L,, x iuak , iii, my L X- , W rf- . "V il? r , ' Wa' N o -'fm . N51 - g. wig HQSNZLSAWQQS , gig-S,,.,f'f1'2fwi,, '7 f .Ja ,Ai A-sig , if - Nga: i'j,.,?l Qi-'M QT jf at , gist' it asia. . -UL X x Ti-El'i'Ti'i 1--fl f ll I A l lll J ff- ,. . .,,,5 f I I 1-111 'vi " ,N ., any ,M 4 x N ,. xy' , M155 f ,!' i.. Bill Thompson Kel'lf10Fd MOSS Bill Spivey Milton Hurston Joe Coldwell GFClClY Cobb if ,S A gr-+9 .5 Q Dwight Owings Billy Smith Bill Spivey Milton Hurston Grady Cobb Kennard Moss Charles l-lohl Herman Gilmore .loe Caldwell Bill Thompson Edwin Bannister 'I-I ISIC I III III- I I it --- -- --- --- --- --- --- --- I-I --- - -- - --- ---W --- --- --I - 1 VK " ' ' .4 . on ., . v I-I I-I III III III III III l --- -- --ISIII eIII III I 9 x -.l , X Y ,, ' W It , ' 5- ,H,,1., C- iffy -Q -' V L,-L,a.,.,1g, - ' 1: W5 me, , , , , n:4m,,,,, W - A I 5' ' S' Q L A " li-f'3,q:Y9?i A . ef, , K .,. H' O Pat Newby Jack Remson - Billy Jackson J Billy Stanton Miller Widemire William McNeil Charles Christopher Jim Coleman Dewitt Dodd Donald Bulger Kenneth Williams ACTION IN THE COMER GAME Tommy Tate - l A L2 , .I Pat Newby Jimmy Coleman , If Q- -wby la , 5-.Lf gs is - A rl T2 f01ri,J.' s - A kiwi eil 1 ya,s.fQw sf: 3? ' s I,:7, . ff . - .f--an .sw Lg, ..... ff .2 f X ' H. f '- 'E A ' "prefs get A t --- --i I --- --- --- --- --- --- --I I --- s--- --- --- --- --I , f . T ,T N , t . AGGIE TACKLE POWER Jimmy Coleman, Joe Caldwell, Edwin Bannister, Dewitt Dodd Clanton .... Childersburg . Jacksonville . Ashland ..,. Childersburg . Goodwater . . Talladega . . Tallassee . . . Ashland . . Comer . . . West End . , Clanton . . Talladega . . Goodwater . . Comer . . . AGGIE BASKETBALL RECORD They We 40 42 40 35 9 24 20 36 34 28 38 51 40 44 29' They We Clanton .... .... 2 5 30 Childersburg . 4 .... 40 47 Jacksonville . . .... 24 36 Ashland .... .... l 5 30 Goodwater . .,., 24 43 Childersburg . . .,.. l9 27 Talladega . . ,,.. 38 32 Tallassee . . . .... 26 32 Ashland . . .... 40 34 Comer ... . .26 2l Clanton . . .... 29 39 Talladega . . .... 33 42 Goodwater . . . .... 32 46 Comer ..... .... 2 6 25 .pw-- First Row: Jack Remson, James Bradley, David Spence, Bobby Lackey, Marian Lee . . , Second Row: Billy Stanton, Gene Boykin, Dori Saunders, Bobby Morris, Willis Hyde, Herbert Collins . . . Third Row: Coach Black, Kenneth Williams, Joe Caldwell, Bob Carlisle, Jimmy Coleman, Milton Hurston, Virgil Heath, Donald Bulger, Coach Carlton. BBW TEAM First Row: David Spence, Bobby Morris, Herbert Collins, Kenneth Williams Jock Remson . . . Second Row: Coach Black, James Bradley, Billy Stanton, Don Sadnders, Marian Lee, Bobby Lackey., Jimmy Coleman Joe Coldwell Donald' Bulger Milton Hursfon Willis Hyde Gene Boykin Virgil Heath Bob Carlisle Bill Thompson KNO? Picturedl TATE TENNIS CHAMP Cooch Block, Joe Coldwell, Kenneth Willioms, Johnny Longley, Chorle-5 Evans Howell Hogon, Jomes Fowler, Sill Thompson iNot Picturedl. llllfi 'i1'i'g::11: "t ' IZIIZ' 111.12 3' '1 .... ,, , -,.,, .,, . , ,... , . Q., , f W-. ..t. . ,.,.. ., , . . .... A ...,- ....., .... , . ,.... . . . ,V+-1 - .,i.,.V, . ,..,.. .,... , .-... .1 . ,. --.-- 3 .,,-.! . ..,.. . ...ic , ,1.Y. .. .,. 1.. ..i411 I 1113321 12 Ziiili 1 1:tz::,'.:' :1:::: . :: '---- ---' '-uv. ia-1 - Q. V... A.. .. . . .-H .. ...,,, H, wi.. 4.-. .,... .. .. .. U.., M.. -,ly il ,ax-iffy vm .,-T,. -a, ...... .. .,-1s.. -,ws .. iyiuirxz ,.. ,..H Z.. ...... ... A... ..... ..,.. . . ,..,.,, .... . U. .. .... .,., . k .... . ...,. , ..,., .,. ., ,... i,.., ....4 . .. .... V .,.... , .,,. ,.... ..,.... ,..... ,...,.,A.,,., . . . .. 3:1 :ill ..l.. .,,.... .... , .,... X ...,. ,.... . . .. .1 .,, ...zzx 11111.z:ii,1i11::'-zzzz' -:1:1"":it'1:1:: 1'.':':i' 'ggr'.' ill: ,Ll ...,,. . . .. ..,- ilnw' - - . . 1 . - ... mfs-oil. ...i+:1...,1, , .. . V , , K ,UM Cl y5A0 l' CAU0 PL QQ 'sl C40 0 Y 061, ,alloc V. , T J i i- sa 1 J N SN I e'l3ie?'la K, :lf"l14 if x X, axicallal - I L- Ll vb 'Ally W 5474 ,F 4. il. CCDU TY CHAMP First Row: Bobby Lockey, Lomor Vtlhite, Dovid, Spence, Tommy Tote, Pot Newby, Don Horris . . . Second Row: Gene Boykin, Chorles Christopher, Herbert Collins, Willis Hyde, Mickey Gcirrigus, Roy Tounton . . . Third Row: Jimmy Coleman, Billy Stanton, Hermon Gilmore, Joe Coldwell, Doncld Bulger, Cooch Block. FEA TUR E xv" will C fx ' Q: 49 X 9 -.u N Xa-, gy l N6 ? LX xr uf 4 xxx 2-2 -i ,-it f --2 I VJ' Nb E? sew., GOOD CITFZENSHIP GIRL Jerry Taylor REWCDRD We, the members of the stoff, present this 1950 Syhiscon to the students ond foculty of the Sylocougo High School. We hope thot you will keep ond cherish this book, ond thot in the yeors to come it will bring bock hoppy memories of old friends, clossmotes, teochers, orgonizotions, sports, ond voried experiences. ,MAMA BEST LOOKING Jill Gardener - Billy Oaks Beffye Culp MOST STUDIOUS BILL SPIVEY Mory Aline Foslwee MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Donald Merkel June ,Wheeler MOST ATHLETIC Bill Thompson Corolyn Rush BEST ALL ROUND l-lermon Gilmore MOST PQPULAR Robbie Worren - Tommy Tofe Foye Johnson - Edwin Bonnisfer FRIENDLIEST v"'J.?3' -g"'iu-- I Jo Porker McNeil BEST DRESSED Miller Widemire Beth Thomos WITTIEST Poul Whifehursf Be-Hy Gorlney CUTEST Je-p Greer 'F HI ul nl gg, :ll ::: W, 'I Q!! 'H H 'U Ill U7 N! Ill lu Ill I an -as-P"' f Jerry Toylor NEATEST Billy Smiflw R F MH' .Nc, BO ANN IRUSBORN F PA NC, 'VE MCEL. Vg Y ANN ROGERS DON NA W ES VCRIT QR PA JUNI PEGGY MCGUXRE 1 E OL WW CAR 7 Y BMUE AWZZELL N LESSLE AN 'WN ,X ,,.i.31i:,'gTlf s r,n9'geNll ill. 5 1UN1oR SEN1oR BANQUET Mrs. Looney's ond Mrs. Corlton's ingenious orrongernents ond decorations mode cz delightful setting for the Junior-Senior Bonquet for the Clciss of 1950. The dance fol- lowing the bonquet in which oll porticipoted odded to the ioy of this glod occasion. CDUR BACKERS DEDICATIO l The staff of the 1950 SYHISCAN appreciatively dedicofes , This annual to Mrs. Naomi P. Looney, who not only teaches , mathematics, algebra and geometry, but who also gives us V , - thoughtful assistance and capable direction in all our under- W Takings at S. H. .S. . dp ::::Qa-ofe::::::::1 Compliments of Syloco ugci Motel 60 ROOMS - 60 TILE BATHS New - Modern - All Conveniences Phone 38 For Re-servotions MR. AND MRS. JOHN M. HIGHTOWER Owners pq----v,rv-v.r4--.r .... --,,p--:- Compliments of Arnold Supply Store GENERAL HARDWARE C. H. ARNOLD Telephone 336 Compliments ot Service Horclwore Company HERMAN ARNOLD, Proprietor Telephone lO8O Compliments ot Fronk House Jeweler SYLACAUGA, ALABAMA Telephone 549 ::::.r:: ::- T H E F O R K S COMPLETE DRIVE-IN SERVICE Junction Highway ll cmd 241 After 0 Game of The Forks SYLACAUGAS MOST POPULAR RENDEZVCUS SYLACAUGA, ALABAMA Compliments of Mary Louise Dress Shop TELEPHONE 381 Compliments of Syqlacauga Florists MEMBER OF E. 'T. D. A. Cut Flowers, Florals, and Ornamental Shrubloery Landscape Gardening Business Phone 83 Compliments of Og letree Pontiac C o m p a n y SALES AND SERVICE USED CARS Bouom AND SQLD Telephone 823 Compliments of Alabama Marble C o m p a n y ALL KINDS OF MARBLE FINISHED PRoMPTLY Telephone T77 0' Z! To success W Www BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY ALABAMA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY ------1v-- ----.1-- Compliments of Orange Crush-7-Up Bottling Company l 19 ANNISTON AVENUE -v --v- v::::::::::,f--+-- Compliments of Widemire's Inc. MAKERS OF NUTRITIOUS FROSTKIST ICE CREAM Compliments of The Leader "EVERYTHING IN CLOTHING" Telephone 254 Compliments of Southside Food Store Meats - Groceries - Frozen Foods 301 South Norton Telephone 675 Compliments of Colonial Funeral H o m e 25 House AMBULANCE SERVICE First-Aid Trained Attendants 3 South Norton Telephone 780 Compliments of Broadway Super Market Sylacauga, Alabama Telephone 630 COMPLIMENTS OF AVON DALE MILLS AVONDALE MILLS O F A L A B A M A GENERAL OFFICE - SYLACAUGA, ALABAMA Founded in 1897 by Governor B. B. Comer x.- ,,2 Gil if X v-V an 2 vi nl Compliments of F. W. Woolworth v-vv:7f--- -------v-----vv--: 7 Compliments of ' Seo rs, Roebuck 8. Compo ny Sylocougo, Alobomcl Telephone 500 Compliments of SOKOL'S COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS Telephone 33 SAFETY CAB ALL RADIO EOUIPPED Coreful ond Courteous Drivers Phone 80 or 922 24 Hour Service Compliments of C. C. LANDERS Groceries - Meots - Feeds - Seeds Dry Goods - Hordwcire Ocik Grove, Alo. Phone l53W3 -v .v--- v-----v-v ----- ---------v- : 4, V 'I Compliments of DARDEN FURNITURE COMPANY Compliments of W. W. MAC CO. Compliments of C L E A N , I N C . 208 NORTH ANNISTON AVENUE Sylocougo, Alobomo Telephone 404 Compliments of SYLACAUGA GAS APPLIANCE CO Compliments of MOSS GROCERY COIVIPLIMENTS OF Marble City Ice Sr Coal Co. ELLIS R. BARFIELD, Mcmoger "COLD ALONE' IS NOT ENOUGH" THIRD STREET TELEPHONE I75 SYLACAUGA, ALABAMA 1, 4 I, .S ---,----A-------- -A-:fq Compliments of Sylacauga Cash Store Shoes - Dry Goods - Clothing Sylacauga, Alabama Telephone 283 Compliments of McDonald Insurance Agency General Insurance and Real Estate Telephone 72 Compliments ot Coker Insurance Agency IOo East Third Street Sylacauga, Alabama Compliments ot Hagan Drug Co. "MIDDLE or Town" Telephone 8I Compliments ot SHOP EASY FOOR STORE Compliments of HELEN'S Compliments of MAU-DEE'S DRESS SHOP Compliments of BEAN'S SUPER MARKET Compliments of STONE'S RADIO SHOP Compliments of WATSON'S Compliments of THE STAG Compliments of MODERN BEAUTY SALON COMPLIMENTS OF MIMS STUDIO COMMERCIAL - PORTRAITS Telephone 253 COMPLIMENTS OF GOLDBERG BROS. CURLEE CLOTHES - WINGS SHIRTS - SPORISWEAR Established I899 The FA T LTY 'A 1' X I .f I rr? E If 2 5' . k N' .fy E, ESQ! ' lx . X' 1-is X, 51'-7-'X x ' no fax 'us 'vi' ...v ,M-sa 1 X -C7 xl vm. .X . ' fii 1 ,L-2" Q , . gt " X, Q f ,Y 1' , X ,E -vs.. MR. F. L. TEMPLE MR. C. L. MARTIN MRS. R. L. THOMASON MR. FRANCIS DAY MR. REUBEN H. PORCH MR. TRAVIS BLACK MR. TRAVIS SHELTON MR. LEWIS SIMPKINS L l ll Compliments of 1 Belk Hudson Compliments of The Martin Theaters Of Sylacauga 1 1 C o m p a n y l "HOME OF BETTER VALUES" ll Compliments ot First National 1 l Bank 9 ::::::- :::- Compliments of Sylacauga News Telephone 122 1 ' Compliments of 1 THE BROADWAY SHOP Compliments of ALABAMA MARBLE 81 GRANITE CO Q- :::::::.-::::::::::::::::: 1 , Compliments of i, SYLACAUGA PARTS CO. 1, ,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,..,,.,, ::::- f AAAAAA' ----A-AA'A"""""AA" A ' Compliments of MODERN CLEANERS l 1: Compliments of 'I :g IDEAL DRUG co. Compliments of N. N. HURT DRY CLEANERS 1, f AA-------AA---- -- Compliments of 1 WFEB RADIO STATION Compliments of PEOPLES DRUG CO. PARKER' S AZALEA AND CAMELLIA PLANT FOOD GARDEN FERTILIZER Telephone 294 Complirnenis of Pa lace Drug Co. THE REXALL STORE ROB and JOHN We Specialize in Cosmerics, Prescriptions, and Gifts Compliments of Marble City Dry Goods Co. SYLACAUGA AND TALLADEGA, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF WMLS 1290 ON YOUR DIAL v--- -- -- :::::4y Compliments of Howard-Parker Furniture Co. Telephone 422 q--- 'n Compliments of City Tire Company "Your Goodyear Dealer" Telephone 95 Compliments of Jitney Jungle PLENTY OF FREE PARKING Compliments of Sylacauga Advance PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS Compliments ot JONES BAKERY Compliments of SINCLAIR Compliments of ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY Compliments of SYLACAUGA REFRIGERATION SERVICE Compliments of RODGERS DRY CLEANERS AND SHOE REPAIR Compliments of RAYFIELD-HURSTON SUPPLY CO Compliments of WHITLEY'S BARBER SHOP Compliments of WILHITE AND SPRADLEY'S BARBER SHOP f'I Compliments of Smith Realty 8. Insurance Co. sYLAcAueA, ALABAMA Phone 53 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 'I 'I I 'I I :I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 1 1 1 1 1 J Compliments ot Buffalo Rock Company "MAKE MINE BUFFALO ROCK" MISSION ORANGE-A REAL ORANGE DRINK" IIB- 'I Il 'P 1 I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 '71 1,1 1,4 I 'I 'I 'I I I Compliments of City National Bank Phone 53 Compliments of Sylacauga Furniture Company "ln Sylacauga Since I907" I4-I8 West Second Telephone 87 A Qenwmim Umaqm' D Qenaefwiw pmaqan ll Qememdm Umagm 3 fig J' ion Giilniliio , Nlllfld f.,' oday Siliwe are printers of the by yearbook of your school. Tomorrow as you seek your future in the . . Mill professions, industry and commerce 5-'rr we at Paragon hope to serve you with the essential Printing and Lithography you will need in the pursuit of your career. Many of our best customers came to us through friendships f formed around the annual planning table or from former grads like yourself who first saw our work in their annual. f y ww. asa mam be aragun rms 'P MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA ff f'W,,oMfwWb!V'W ml g,,WP WM My ,Q N ZZZQQAL efxoy W 'qgggiiigiifm ' 'if W f2J7'97Q 3 Q MM Ea QE i 55 Jil J 2 W ESE W in M-J 1 ,wwf KMA-M x X9 ju MM "5 xy, Joh? agar: Q 'B ? MJV, JJ' Gf Xs9fj??yW,Q W N3 , '. 44. xv , . 'S .mx 5 n . L.un,' Q 1 Q P .1 4 ,J ' 1 -1 NU.. HV. 4 f, W. A, . 4 + Y 'r w. V' .Q 1., . ,fa , ,L rf 1' 1 1 ,1 I 1,,w Sf M 'M wx I 1 n bp' .I L K 14 ml V ' W g ' ' my 0 H, I mf "' V I vu, x , 5:1 . 1 'I .1 -If '47 u , M' J" , ' 1, , A I 1 1- . 12, V . 4 i C ., ' 5 U , 1 n . uf ' - . - 4 1 . n M , , ., Q '4 !,' r x l of, ,- , , V... ,' 1. ' ' as 'I A l ' ' I ,Q I ' ' vi JL" W, 5 1 Ah' 1 I ,,L N ' l .,'. 1,5 - U4 M, 4 J uv , .A -fs. . I ,n 1, M. 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