Sykesville High School - Memories Yearbook (Sykesville, MD)

 - Class of 1954

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Sykesville High School - Memories Yearbook (Sykesville, MD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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MOR! XJ 'Q' rd'-A" "' is 5 195A 44 WL! 5 - V , . ,' E A j A A .., X V , . 1, A V , L, 1 " if M I R ' ri, I I Q X 1 5, f .y ,av ' V , 5 yt, . V . .4 s ff . '-1? ! ,A ,qw .-!- ' - ' W -k'g:1,.-Ol., ' gf'-'-'f " WG' " ' " ,, 0 0 0 'Mfr if-sg GRACE A, RILEY who, as our elementary teacher and principal, inspired us to look for greater achievements inlife, and whose delightfulpersonality has won the love and admiration of the student body - we fondly dedicate this 1954 edition of THE MEMORIES. J! QW? I wg, A . 9 1 .45 ,..,, we SYKESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL SYKESV!L.LE, MARYLAND TELEPHONE 'IAQ-J PWWFW4 GRACE A. RILEY 'UH vlaii PRINCIPAL i 4 ,h t AW. E8 tw 1' Man-use G 0000 ,-fliwfmg 1, ,, 9,65 MISS GRACE RILEY Vice Principal DAY BOWERS AMOSS MCCOY SORFLATEN Mfgfur' ' CHEN FRIZZELL HALL BESWICK O'DONNELL BORCHERS GAGNON BOW EN dfbdltyg 666 W4 G! Me ' iff! awww ZX' Xa 4,,,k A 9' , I -ul N W 4 gm , EDITOR ART STAFF Annette Dixon Eileen Rauck ASSOCIATE EDITORS Gerald Rains Shirley Thomas Paul Smith Margaret Angell Robert Bruce BUSINESS MANAGER TYPING EDITORS Joan Duvall Shirley Thomas ART EDITOR Patricia Duncan Patricia Reynolds 606214 Z 0 ' za 7?54 gs!! 1 -:rr 'Quai' as President SHIRLEY LIVESAY Vice President RICHARD FORTHMAN Secretary MARGARET ANGELL Treasurer ESTHER RASH Senior Advisors RUTH KIMMEY MALCOLM SEARLE 762 :ffl 'ii , ' V' .' lp fs ,iuizfl I 1 fl? MARGARET ANGELL "Margie" Small but mighty--flashing eyes and a ready smile-I-member of every team--associate Editor--six sisters--Secretary of the Varsity Club and Senior Class--quite popular, HARRY ARTHUR "Harry" Noisy but cute--round face and happy smile --really charms the girls--nifty dancer-- full of fun--likes to play tricks--what a muffler on his car--star soccer player, NANCY ATKINSON "Johnny" "Where is Nancy?"--on the go every minute --tears around in Plymouth--good athlete-- a mischievous twinkle in those brown eyes-- full of fun--Werybody's friend--quite a col e' t "J 'CH x it at , I . -XA i jf l x XJ! lx SEM-' M 'iff xii RALPH BAKER "Raoul" "Hi Sweetheart"--typical of Ralph--owns a Plymouth Convertible--cornerstone of Ward --always in rare form--truly a friend in need--full of vim, vigor, vitality and mis- chief, naw ""'l!'.'.- MW xv-.Nw y, W g di ,M 'lm . Q. l BONNIE BENFIELD "Bonnie" Quiet, sweet and gentle--came to us from Western High--reads intensively--blushes I 4 . ni-aiu ' easily--coal black hair--efficient worker-- works at hospital--never too busy to help a friend in need, MARILYN BENNETT "Mare" Dependable--always willing to extend a helping hand--athletic--cheerful disposi- tion--likes square dancing--enjoys a good laugh--has won blue ribbons for her cake- good 4-H'er, HARRY BEVARD "Harry" Flits around in a Jeep--quiet but progressive- 6'4" tall--typewriter repairman's helper-- ff -ai!! ' mechanically inclined--ready to join the fun --bashful but sweet--does he blush?--a real pal, BENJAMIN BOONE .. Benny.. Red hair, freckles--carrot top--a first-class farmer--Liz's twin brother--says little but does some sound thinking--a real 4-H'er-- kind and gentle but bashful, All-i Mr, 'Z' gap NX J 'W 5 " ELIZABETH BOONE "Liz" Petite and cute--one of twins--dark, deep eyes--speedball team--rides Winfield Special--quiet and sensible--addicted to blonde hair--has a sophisticated charm, ROBERT BRUCE "Goose" The clown of our class--wonderful person- ality--a wolf among the girls--a real cool dancer--displays great artistic ability-- very popular--loves food--good brain ibut doesn't want to tire ity, JAMES BUSI-IEY "James" Keeps a steady date with his slide rule-- laughs at a good joke--has a few of his own--bashful but a willing friend--always willing to help--air of sophistication-- efficient worker, ANDREW CONAWAY "Jack" l-lails from Baltimore--dark hair--visited New York with the 4-H'ers--future farmer-- green Jeep stationwagon--chews gum--is always ready for fun--likes square dances-- more partners the merrier, . - KT Ar 'VN Gd' if' :lf--.1 . .J age , asks xii si, P 4? gud. ANNETTE DIXON "Dixie" Our Editor--busy all the time--loves flowers and makes beautiful designs--always busy but willing to accept any responsibility-- talented--loves to write letters--loves being teased, LESLIE DRECHSLER ,Lest The guy with the voice--loves hillbilly music--would rather sing than study--won- derful disposition--lil-ces to ear- -really painted New York RED--can play anything on his guitar, PATRICIA DUNCAN "Patti" "Beautiful but dumb' does NOT apply-- cute, bright and popular--loves the shores of the beautiful Ohio--leads cheers with great enthusiasm--going steady?--wonder ful sense of humor, JOAN DUVALL "Joanie" Dependable and very efficient--our business manager--faithful passenger of Nancy's-- citizen of Eldersburg--loves to write letters --mind of her own--assumes responsibility with ease, Ht, N., ,,..I.., CAROL ELY 40 Jah' "Carol" g Our blonde bombshell--vivacious, attrac- xv. ' tive and popular--FTA president--boosts V I school spirit as she leads our cheers-- ,sg never misses an Eddie Fisher show--ver- satile and talented, 'f 'Z RICHARD FORTHMAN "Ricky" ' we Vice President of Senior Class--shiny shoes W A' and cute smile--shiek of our class--mem- A L. , VHZ ber of C, A, P. --High school editor for I' ' Herald--ambitious and energetic--lovable, ltavl s 5 sie 2 uw fs:-fir VIRGINIA F RANK LIN "Jenny" Quiet--reserved--likes a good joke--reads sw W, ,W aims to please--fusses about work but al- latest comics--teachers worry her--always V ,.- 2 I 1 f ways gets it done--always ready for a good laugh, '55 CLAUDE GAU "Claude" .W ,G Our own "Continental"--sports a convertible 'fly --contagious smile--well traveled--host of friends--attends to business in Washington-- J speaks French fluently--cute and mischievous DANIEL HATFIELD . A 3 -. "Dan" Our own EDDIE ARNOLD--cute--nice com- 'ns plexion--plays on your heartstrings with I ""',,T that guitar--star on the radio--slow but pd, sure--green '53 Mercury--has a line like - a telephone--has a real fan club, ff ax 44 4 ,N Blix ,2 ' t JEWELL HAWKINS Vos - 'fx "Jewell" X- Full of steam--she sizzles--always on the Qgr go--keeps us laughing--a twin--real good 7 sport--Hall monitor, really keeps 'em straight--loves to talk--moves like light- ning, YQ mi JOEL HAWKINS . p ,,Joe,, Cute--pretty eyes--wavy hair--ready smile J --the other half of the Hawkins twins--loves ex? the farm--photographer's model--most r ,g f K4 pleasant disposition--goalie for soccer team --a perfect gentleman, 'F my CAROL HUGHES A 3 "Spanky" -,. 3 Last of the Hughes boys--bom comedian-- -...... good leader--excellent school spirit-- handles any situation with finesse--leads with ability--strives for the best--will make a fine politician, ROBERT LEA THERW OOD V, A AQ "Bob" 12 C rnilkman--little but mighty--owns a V 1 motorcycle--soda jerk--has a great talent Spf for mischief--a real romeo--his heart is not with us--likes View of Pretty Boy Dam --never at home, SHIRLEY LIVESAY "Lev" Our President--handles gavel with finesse --quiet, sincere and friendly--a poet at heart--loves to gather leaves--travels in Ford pick-up--is quite proud of "SMOKEY, " GERALD LOPER "Gerald" Our executive--B, S, R, president--neat, well-mannered, good looking--a bit shy --the last of the Loper boys--good track- man--fine voice--First-Class Scout--a born leader, MARY O DONNELL "Mada" Our Irishman--lots of fun--has a temper-- patromzes Zimmerman s the secretary s secretary--usually on the go--supervises building construction--likes to receive mail, V . WILBUR PICKETT "Wilbur" Reserved--nice smile--owns a car--likes hillbilly music--always ready for a good time--a good fellow--friend to all --only talks when he has something to say, . 'li' Lf. flf , I I ' V . ELIZABETH ANNE PROUGH "Libby" Typist--raises champion hogs--honor roll student--athletic minded--woman driver! --team manager--infectious giggle--likes a good time--almost broke up the U, N, --blue ribbons galore, GERALD RAINS "Get" Vice President of B, S, R,--outstanding ath- lete--sports saddle shoes--blue Ford a real community project--smooth dancer--regu- lar guy who is friend to all--always willing to help, ES THER RASH "Rastus" The "only" girl--five brothers--neat, attrac- tive and well dressed--parks red Buick with class--is speedy on basketball court--handles money--always elected Treasurer--cheerful disposition. EILEEN RAUCK ,,. as "Eileen" X.:-,V 'tllff 'nv- 4 .- -'Q 'W- i on at Qs 'KD' 'Y -5:3 A cute little trick--hails from Howard County--chic styles are her password-- had MORE fun in New York--a real artist --pretty smile--real bait for the stag line--Pig'n Whistle, PATRICIA REYNOLDS "Pat" Petite and dramatic--noted for her slumber parties--wonderful seamstress--really knows how to have a good time--Art Editor-- creates own fads--sophistication personified, MARY RICHESON "Hopie" Knits socks--uses shoe leather express to school--possessor of an infectious giggle-- mischievous twinkle in her eyes--good friend to all--loves to tease--prefers back seat, COMAN ROGERS "Coman" Tall--member of basketball team--plays soccer, too--keeps patients happy on Ward--owns a Ford--happy-go-lucky-- hidden energy--almost a stockholder at Mike's, :Lays -0 1. f,-pf.: 4' 5 3 n PAUL SMITH "Chubby" A regular guy--curly hair--carries his port- of-v X 1 able wherever he goes--wishes hunting sea- son would last longer--has a host of admirers --pretty smile--a star on the soccer team, l IQ '53 A , HADDOX SOTHORON IQ' , ,I "Haddox" if ' Has secret passions--does a ready fox trot-- ""'f"' always finds a new solution to a geometry W my W problem--a real cheerful disposition--has a s If host of friends, !fif'2 ' 5 , r g,- f 3 y Q pil Q! FRANClS,S'I'EM "Stem1e" wg. Quiet--polite--likes a good time--C,A, P, ...J member--loves to fly--regular guy who is a 'I I friend to all--always willing to help--voices gf A his own opinion--secret affairs of the heart, ff ff is X D 5" '-yu :U , 'MJ 3 R 1 ROBERT TABLER ff "Bob" y a Big tease--holds steady job--says what he :Y thinks--makes an excellent preacher--loves a good argument--a real heart smasher-- has no trouble being heard--a real friend, JAMES THOMAS Jimmy , ,,. Ever present among the gals and does he like them--plays basketball and soccer-- wicked driver in "pop's" Studebaker-- dreamy dancer--has a heart of gold-- personality plus, SHIRLEY THOMAS "Tom" A real genius--Mr, Iohn's "Girl Friday" --secretary to New York trip--Associate Editor--quite popular--can swing a good tune--interesting diary--accepts -duties calmly, DONA-LD WAITE "Don" Tall, dark and handsome--lion among the ladies--star in soccer--throws a mean disc --a real John Wayne on his horse--loves the wide open spaces--those pictures from New York! HELEN WELSH "Helen" Quiet and reserved--likes a good time-- dependable--faithful to mimeograph ma- chine--neat and attractive--beautiful hair--slings a mean milkshake--can really keep a secret, -fl STANLEY WELSH ustann President of the Varsity Club- -Four letter man haunts Mr, Swart s office attends teachers meetings--good student--ready wrt buddy to all loves all the girls ROBERT WHALEN "Toad" Our engaged Senior--a handsome lad with fine physique--owns a car U5--ready for any mischief--likes to have a good time-- a real pal to all--energetic fwhen he wants to bel. Hair- - - Eyes ---- Eye lashes- - Figure- - - Teeth- - Smile ----- Complexion- - - Wardrobe- - - Manners- - Neatness- - Personality- Hair- - - Eyes ---- Physique- - Teeth- - Smile- - - Wardrobe- - Manners- - Personality- Line ---- Neatness- - Complexion- - - IDEAL GIRL PATRICIA DUNCAN, - PA TRICIA DUNCAN - - MARGARET ANGELL - PATRICIA REYNOLDS ' ' ' ' ' EILEEN RAUCK MARY HOPE RICHESON MARY HOPE RICHESON ---'--'-----'MARGARETANGELL IDEAL BOY ' - ' ' EILEEN RAUCK - ' SHIRLEY LIVESAY - - ' 'EILEEN RAUCK - ' -SHIRLEY LIVESAY JOEL HAWKINS, PAUL SMITH - - - - - - - - DONALD WAITE -' ----- ROBERT BRUCE RICHARD FORTHMAN ' - ' ' GERALD LOPER - - - STANLEY WELSH ---'---"'GERALDLOPER ROBERT BRUCE, GERALD LOPER --------'JAMESTHOMAS RICHARD FORTHMAN - ' - - - CLAUDE GAU 747453 of? Tauest Biggest Wolves Shortest SHIRLEY LIVESAY SHIRLEY THOMAS MARGARET ANGELL HARRY BEVARD JAMES THOMAS JAMES THOMAS 4 I IN .....l Best A11 Around Most Likely to Succeed MARGARET ANGELL SHIRLEY LIVESAY GERALD LOPER HADDOX SOTHORON - T' at '. ' 54 xi at 9.52 lfifi, 3 Best Personality SHIRLEY LIVESAY GERALD LOPER Blggest Clown Blggest Feet Blggegt Talkers NANCY ATKINSON ELIZABETH ANN PROUGH IEWELL HAWKINS ROBERT BRUCE ROBERT WHALEN CARQL DEE HUGHES 7' GJ? Best Dancefg Best Athletes Best Singers CAROL ANN ELY MARGARET ANGELL CAROL ANN ELY JAMES THOMAS STANLEY WELSH GERALD LOPER UUIE ZDN: Shyegt Most Studious Quietegt HELEN WELSH ELIZABETH ANN PROUGH HELEN WELSH JAMES BUSHEY JAMES BUSHEY HARRY BEVARD Best Dressed Most Popular Best Looking EILEEN RAUCK EILEEN RAUCK EILEEN RAUCK STANLEY WELSH GERALD LOPER RICHARD FORTHMAN Looking North 7th Avenue at 50th Rockefeller Center R. C. A. Building From 20th Floor of Taft 'Q I 5 'lx A Motley Crew Room 72 on Mezzanine cf! We the Semor Class of the year One Thousand Nrne Hundred and F the Iumor Class our tra1ts assets and l1ab1l1t1es as follows Margaret Angell w11l all my love to Howard Baker Harry Arthur wrll my Hollywood mufflers to Merrrll Evans Nancy Atkrnson wrll my pep and zrp to Romona Dettmer Ralph Baker w1ll my Job on I Ward to V1rg1n1a Walker Bonme Benfreld wrll my qu1et and reserved manners to Nancy Kelly Marrlyn Bennett wrll my 4 H d1ary to LOIS Harp Harry Bevard wrll my jeep to Gene Whrteman Benjamrn Boone wrll my twrn srster to Paul Atkrnson Elrzabeth Boone wrll my twln brother to Paulme Atkrnson Robert Bruce wrll my t1tle as clown to James Mathrs James Bushey will my slrde rule to Helen Rrcheson Andrew Conaway w1ll my good nature to Wrllram Sh1p1ey Annette Drxon w1ll my Job as Edrtor to Jean Edel Leslre Drechsler w1l1 my cowboy songs to Jane Frsher Patrrcra Duncan w1ll my passport to Germany to Lucrlle Perry Ioan Duvall wrll my Busmess Manager books to Betty Sue Polster Carol Ann Ely w1l1 my vrm vrgor and versatrlrty to Patrxcra Sanner 1 t four do bequeath to Rrchard Forthman w1ll my brother s camera and the famrly car to my brother Ralph Vrrgmra Franklrn w1ll my secretarial dutres for teachers to Wrllram Prurtt Claude Gau wrll my French accent to Wrllram Beyer Dan1el Hatfreld wrll my gurtar to Vrrgrma Perffer Jewel Hawkrns w1l1 my grft of gab to Margre Teague Joel Hawklns wrll my b1l1s for gardenra corsages to Wrllram Schmeder Carol Hughes wrll my argulng rnstmct to Ralph Forthman Robert Leatherwood wrll my motorcycle to Harry Franklrn Shrrley Lrvesay wrll my season trcket to ENLS to Sandra Tucker Gerald Loper wrll my executlve s gavel to Joan Kegel Mary O Donnell wrll my sweet Irlsh ways to Shrrley Shxpley Wrlbur Prckett wrll my Ford and late slrps to Audrey Duvall Elrzabeth Ann Prough w1l1 my blue rrbbons to Benny Lettre Gerald Rams wrll my athletrc abrllty to Ernest Prckett Esther Rash w1ll my posrtrons as treasurer to Barbara Davrs Erleen Rauck wlll my cozy back porch to Iamce Albrrght Patr1c1a Reynolds wrll my amstrc abrllty to Carolyn Feeser Mary Hope Rrcheson wrll Stemmre s telephone number to my srster Corman Rogers wrll my clgar and car to my brother Charles Paul Smxth wrll my natural curly hart to Charles Brown Haddox Sothoron will my Tango to Harold Baker Francls Stem wrll my prlot s lrcense to Amta Brown Robert Tabler w1ll my regular Job at Hams to Francrs Ross James Thomas wrll my wolfrsh mstrncts to Wtllram Hobbs Shrrley Thomas wrll my wrong numbers to Nrna Wrrght Donald Wa1te w11l my muscles to Lewxs Flater Helen Welsh will my drtto soap to Mary Paynter Stanley Welsh wrll my way wrth the women to Lewrs Wrmmer I Robert Whalen wrll my physrque to Donald Chenowrth Helen 70' . ' ' 'fy- . l, . ' . I, , ' ' . L . , . . y L ' . . . . I, ' ' , ' ' ' ' . I, , ' ' ' . I' t . . . l I' . ' . . . I, , ' ' . I' . , . , . L ' . . . D I, , ' ' . I, , ' ' ' . I, , ' ' , . I' . , , . . I, , ' . I, . I . . . I, , ' ' . J .2 sf, a .nf .-. -f 1 J' bfi I ,...,:3?,Q' n f f G he 4 NAME Arthur B aker Bevard Boone Bruce Bushey Conaway Drechsler Forthman Gau Hatfreld Hawkrns Hughes Leatherwood Loper Prckett Rams Rogers Smtth Sothoron Stem Tabler Thomas Warte Welsh Whalen Angell Atklnson Benfreld Bennett Boone Drxon Duncan Duvall Franklrn Hawkrns Lrvesay O Donnell Prough Rash Rauck Reynolds Rrcheson Thomas Welsh law Zaman THEME SONG Seven Lonely Days Crazy Man Crazy Old Rockrng Charr T111 They ve All Gone Home You Made Me Love You WhlSP6I1Hg Mule Tram Dear Joan Letter Srlvery Moon Parrs ln the Sprrng Yesterday s Grrl I Call Everybody Darlrng You ll Never Walk Alone Hot Rod Race There s Been a Change In Me Anywhere I Wander Ebb Trde Prrvate Property I Forgot More Somebody Loves Me Grve Me Frve Mrnutes More Rrchochet Romance I Love Parrs Don t Fence Me In How s the World Treatrng You Weddrng March Many Trmes Detour Let Me Call You Sweetheart I 11 See You In My Dreams The Velvet Glove Hot Toddy I 11 See You rn My Dreams lust Bummmg Around Begrn the Begurne There Stands the Glass Over the Rambow September Song September Song Meet Me at the Farr It s Easy to Remember Tenderly Oh! I Cross My Frngers Always Rrchochet Romance FAVORITE FOOD Candy Bars Ice Cream Frred Chrcken Apple Pre Prgs Feet Frred Chrcken Beef Stew Pork and Beans Home Cookmg Cavrar Cornbread Ice Cream Cougoan Sweets Ice Cream Frog s Legs Lettuce Bacon and Eggs Krnd You Eat Apple Pre Turkey Steak Sprnach Barbecues Carrots Peanuts Mrlkshakes re Eclarrs Greens Frred Oysters Shrrmp Turkey Mtlkshakes Cheeseburgers Cheeseburgers Sundaes Hot Dogs Rare Beef Steak Spaghettr Banana Splrts Prneapple Shrrmp Hamburgers Cake PA ST IME Buymg Mufflers I Men s Ward Drrvrng Jeep Blushrng Clowmng Research Readlng Rrdrng Horses Takmg Prctures Loafrng Playrng Gurtar Teasmg Grrls Water Sports Teasrng Grrls Walkrng Movres Sports Eatrng Spout H111 Readmg Flytng Grrls Dancmg Makmg up trme Sports I-luntmg Blue Convertrble DIlV1Dg Readrng Square Dancmg Pat and Jewell Wrrtmg Letters Wrrtrng to Wayne Sleepmg Daydreammg Wrth Mary Pat and Lrz Whrstlrng Lrvmg rt up Wrth 4 H Wrth Harold Drawrng L1z and Jewell Takrng Walks Playmg Plano Foolrng Around ENVIED FOR Way Wrth Women Pay Check Herght Red Hart Harr Cut Brarns Drsposrtron Vorce Masculmrty Convertrble Good Looks Fun Ar umg Motorcycle Lrvesay Late Slrps Sportsmanshrp Crgars Curly Harr Manners Hope Grft of Gab Pe Physrque Athletrc Abrlrty Francee Athletrc Abrlrty Love of Fun Quret Manners Brown Eyes T wrn Brother Orchrds Good Looks Calmness Versatrllty Dancmg Talkrng B S R Presrdent Irrsh Eyes Blue Rrbbons Green Eyes Wardrobe Artrstrc Ab1l1ty Dtsposrtlon Bank Account Pretty Hair I . g ' I . . . P - . . . . . . . Q First row: Murray, Pickett, Bohn, Gau,Burdette, Haight, Vernay, Connely, Baeshore, Mrs, Miller, Second row: Kegel, Conaway, Hardy, Lay, Bushey, Brushwood, Waite, Mercer, Reynolds, Baumgardner, Gunther. Third row Ruby, Edmondson, Glenn, Harman, Mercer, Osborn, Gosnell, Miller, Haulsee, J. Reynolds. OFFICERS President ---- - - Claude Rash Vice President - - - - Audrey Trott Secretary ---- - - Virginia Glass Treasurer - - - - -Ralph Harman First row: Martin, Rash, Shipley, Snesil, Swagler, W, McMahon, Rugemer, Crites, McGee, Mr. Mitros. Second row: Riley, Golliday, Dixon, Trott, Brandenburg, Hughes, Glass, Livesay, Leatherwood, Moore, Buppert, Third row: Watts, Rhoderick, Bevard, Gardner, Bollinger, Iglehart, Golliday, Pickett, I. McMahon, Mathis, Reeder, Johnson, Hawkins. Q0 O0 Rl' ni fx Anjs. 7' l ll sl E Q k 6 2 54 P-1" fb-5-Q K .Am f'n.:n' 4 rg 'Jn ,y 4' M il Q-3 I' Q A-4 ""'54 ' ri .' K N, 6 Wm- mu ....,.4w,.- 54 nga AA ., 1'-5 'tram S it 1 MV, I J' 4 wifi?-ea' N 7 N. ff: ,Him ,,, IAQ . Kev 3 ,dk 'M im iii 'jx U v . . .Ml 5 I 1 'I '11 W- . , .':'.Q?+zf3ggnw..f 4 s 7 ffign v,ki m. V S I VN'hn a, 4 3 'Mint' ' , .., B C ,g-.- .. 1 Q e 1, K arm, 5- Q v 9:-.,, ' 33 0 'X " 53255 1-,v wtf A'-r , 5 ,i Q V V. Y vf' s I'4'l'lNT' , + 5 ., 'X 5.4 6 fills: ff' f-W Q ' ' f . :qua KX .kv Hui 9... W1 ,...... 352. nn mp ,H V ff Y iii? 'fe S' ::rL'E?2?sa,'-,ea,wf N P'9"" Q Q ' JUN Eziiim .....-pgs-seg' :amazes muse-an A Tw , 'xx I 3' sf we SMF v 4' MX K ,Y ' 9' " iffx, i xg? H -if?m'Ezif.g1' gag faq-A-iff WS: audq Ya JJ' 'I U fs. gl 3 I Y IVY! Ullfwfxmgg " , HHH :ju Wi, -5. .1 H,ig A if w VH 3jTTgf:5?.I i ir! .E u-p---r Laza1'2"f!i!44 vis? 'Z' 2-4 Z. is 9 if N. EYW 1 ' flfffii g .- ,Q ' " ' 5 fl i,3,.. .-1. 5. i -45 N' if as we P in V , 5 w f fe 'Y' V3 ,L 'P s ff 1' 3 'V ma ' K I !. , :5 " L ' . fl' , 9' Y V f V , M 'lm 5 A 'V '51' e m CORNER PATROL 13,4 A HALL MONITORS 3 vQP :am . , I '+ BUS PATROL Tux it 4 X li ' E :5 2 9-5 , QQEQMWT. .....,.', tg' 1 ' k , 'Q .AQ k 'Z' ay, - 9 , ,..,y.:,s,, 93' -f I ,sg I 4 ,Hfdk 5-Qslzix Q' V f ii if IU ff? , N is 1 is qw -QWX W Q X 'M 12 f WW glee-ale CAROL ANN ELY, Captain JEAN EDEL SANDRA TUCKER PATTI DUNCAN gaedetlafl RA SH MATHIS HAWKINS BEYER ARTHUR HARMON MR. SWARI, Coach L WIMMER, Manager g, 11, NINA WRIGHT, Captain ERMA Boomz Lou ANN HAIGHT PATRICIA VERNAY - uf 3 'M ,eifflff ' ff , , f ,. ' -' ' ' ea 1- Mr. Donald Babylon Flower Box Bound's Bakery Em - Mar Farm W. V. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Bennett, Ir. Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Wakeman Bevard Mr. and Mrs. Emest Dixon Mr. Malcolm Searle Miss Mary Robben Miss Ruth Kimmey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. O'Donne11, Ir. Miss Betty Day Miss Claudia Beswick Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and MIS Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Borchers Clark M. Loper Luther Haight Raymond Persinger W. H. Sothoron Richard Bennett, III Mrs. Bertha Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Gagnon Mr. and Mrs. James Hall Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Frizzell Elwood Pickett Folkemer Photo Service Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hawkins Elmer Livesay W. A. Forthman A. W. Conaway Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Carroll Ely Curtis Rash Clifford Thomas Samuel Rlcheson Ralph E. Duncan Earl E. Rains James Thomas Raymond Grimes Mr, Harry Arthur, Sr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Harriet Mr, and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Stem, Lester C. Polster Clifton H. Dixon Duvall Ellis Leatherwood James Hughes, Sr. R. Leroy Tabler Gerald Derr David Constantine Sr HQQQM Clas s R1ng s Commencement Announc ements Qmdgelgy CONSTRUCTION CO INC General Contractors Excavat1on Grad1ng B1tu.m1nous Roads Sykesvllle Maryland M F AQQSNGTON SCDN POLE LINE CONSTRUCTION Sykesv1lle Maryland Compllments of BOQDEN S ee 262W ua z cnegjwens Off1C8 and Plant South Center Street Phone 1055 Westminster , Maryland Koontz CREAMERY INC Balt1more Plant 5600 Re1stertow'n Road Westminster Plant 111 John Street Grover Plant Grover, Pennsylvania Phone Sykesville 262 and 202 I gf HOME FURNIT URE Syke sv111e Ivlaryland Phone 285 455 Complete Home Outfltters Bottle Gas Se rv1ce CARROLL CO NATIONAL BANK Commerc1a1 Sav1ngs Trust Departments 2 Conven1ent Locatlons Mam Off1C6 Court St Off1ce 39 41 W Maln Street 193 E Maxn Street Member Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporation WESTMINSTER COCA COLA BOTTLING CO HNIC SCHRIEBER 8: .TONES Sportlng Goods Athlet1c Equ1pment Huntlng SUPPIIBS F1Sh1ng and Archery Tackle Rackets Re strung 210 W Saragota Street Baltomore 1 Maryland Phone Mulberry 5 8394 E. E '5:1imE1sliLEll BUILDING CONTRACTOR Structural Re s1dent1a1 Taneytown, Maryland Phone Taneytown 3621 3624 Westminster , Maryland O Eldersburg Market Eldersburg Maryland George Gardner SCIVICC Statron Eldersburg Maryland D C Wrnebrener8t Son Inc Frederrck Maryland Lyons Cross Roads Tea Room Eldersburg Maryland Murphy s Lunch Phone 13'7R Eldersburg Maryland Menchey Musrc Servrce Hanover Pennsylvanra Hutzler Brothers Co Baltrmore Maryland Rudnrck s Store Eldersburg Maryland Rosenstock s Ladies Shop Westmrnster Maryland P G Coffman Cc Statroners Westmrnster Maryland W W Dulaney Co Real Estate Phone 454 Sykesvrlle Maryland Drxon s Store Flphrvrlle Maryland lrvrn E Buckrngham Insurance Sykesvrlle Maryland Farm Bureau Insurance Co Robert Lee Mrller Phone 3621 Sykesvrlle Maryland Complrments of Farrhaven Farm The Democratic Advocate Westminster Maryland Joseph L Mathras 8m Son Monuments Westmrnster Hanover Baltimore 7 '22 Marshall Motors Inc 712 Rersterstown Road MO hawk 4 6400 Mrles Restaurant Phone 244 Sykesvrlle Maryland 1 ia" f wx! f x41 . ., V. 3 5 ,gl W I ! Q, V:F'5sq,43,,Q 4, 4 ' -, il - . 1 s , , f l , I C . . I . . 1 . o I I . I f I I . . - , ' . I l CO. . , 1 Y I 0 ' n v . I Best W1shes to the Members of the Graduat1ng Class of 1954 RANDALLST OWN BANK Randallstown Maryland We lnvlte You to Open An Account wlth Us Th1S Bank Off61'S Conven1ent and Modern Banlung Serv1ce Safe Depos1t Boxes Ava1lable Member of The Federal Reserve System Member of The Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporat1on Every Depos1tor Insured to S10 000 Hours Open Fr1day Even1ngs 6 00 to 8 00 P M Closed Saturdays 64f77ZZ7Z4Yg'Q STU DIC? Photographs Anytune Anyplace CHARLESF MAGEE Owner 39 East Ma1n Street Westmlnster Maryland Telephone 3 9 8:30 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. Daily O Lxberty Televlsron Kc Apphances Randallstown Maryland De Vnes R Hering Phone 166 Sykesvrlle Maryland McDonald s Shopprng Center Randallstown Maryland Ed s Clover Farm Store Phone 433M Barrett Maryland The Mutual FIIC Co of Carroll Co Westmmster Maryland Westmmster Maryland Carroll 81 State Theaters Westminster Maryland Wade s Sales 85 SCIVICC Westmrnster Maryland G W Bullock Westmmster Maryland Percy M Burke 231 E Marn Westmrnster Maryland Charles Carroll Hotel Westmxnster Maryland Conaway s Garage Wxnfxeld Maryland S H Tev1s8c Son Westrmnster Maryland Dramond Restaurant Operated by Leo 8a Helen Chrobot Sykesvrlle Maryland Atlee W Wampler 85 Son Home Fumrshings 57 P Marn Street Westmlnster Maryland WarrenH Hook Representauve I Wm Hull Jeweler 105 W Marn Street Westminster Maryland The Store of New Fashloued Jewelry and old Fashloned Honesty Thomas Bennett 8a Hunter Westmmster Maryland Phone 1377 Sykesvxlle Herald Your Home Town Paper Commerclal Pnntmg Phone 124 Sykesville Maryland Compl1ments of Dixon s Flowers Phone 423 Sykesvllle Maryland Hams Food Market Phone 192 Sykesvrlle Maryland R Kenneth Bames Sykesvrlle Maryland Charles Rudo Sporung Goods Co 3313 Gamson Boulevard Smith 8: Reifsnider Ready Mixed Concrete Harris Dept Store Sykesville Maryland Kut 'n Kurl Shop Sykesville 333 Dwyer s Taxr Servrce Phone 444 Sykesvrlle Maryland Wm H Forsyth Sykesvrlle Maryland Clements Motor Company Phone 222 Eldersburg Maryland Weer 8a Harght Funeral Directors Sykesvrlle Maryland I Harry Koller Regrstered Surveyor Phone Sykesvrlle 38714 Prckett s Nursery Woodbrne Maryland Gulf Servrce Center Sykesvrlle Maryland W - 2 ss 'ff W, M, Eldersburg Radio 8a TV Appliance Eldersburg Maryland Phone 210 Cross 85 Rosensteel Inc Sykesville, Maryland Collett s Pharmacy Phone 115 Sykesvrlle Maryland Flemrng Petroleum Servrce Phone 23C Eldersburg Maryland Mabel A Necker Real Estate Sc Insurance Colonral Jewelry Co 32 W Marn Street Westmmster Maryland G C Murphy 8: Co Westmrnster Maryland Davrd s Jewelers 19 E Main St Westminster Maryland Clifford s Jewelers Phone 697W Westminster Maryland Compllments of SCHNLIDT MOT OR Randallstown Maryland Phone Old 3 4600 Baltlmore Oldest Ford Dealer Q me yew bw M A LITHOGRAPHED f YEARBOOK DALLAS TEXAS X- ,fr RICHARD ssrss qoicky Another redhead- Good athlete--Friend to everyone, anytime. Came to us from Howard County, 3 MRS. WOLF ' SCCICI3-TY MR, TREXEL Music MRS, SW ART fSecre taryj -""" 4, ,gm- G9 Left to right: Welsh Bnrce Estes Rains Loper Sothoron Hughes Appleby Thomas Arthur Waite Tignor Brown Brown Mathis Sothoron Hawkins shaffer Arrington Wlmmer - Manager Swan - Coach Left to right: Loper - Manager Brown Smith Estes Rains - Captain Welch Arthur Thomas Shaffeur Bruce Forthman, R. Forthman, R, Hughes Arrington Baumgardner Irons Swart - Coach QQ ,xg ,iwk I f 5 MQ 75 i 1 A ' I O 51 , X 3 -L fn ll gr 31 1 5, V. uf ii .ff O x 'M I 'mf Q as , 5, L ,, Q 1 ' E 0 if My xy A AL nf ' ff, Q 5 ,Q , . x ff Q - f 2 in f 4' , nf ,S -FV ' f N no .0 T M 4 K , 1 M A ik U eonwfq pzuentedlg Sandra 66444 - 1954 W 20 4? x I El y K 1 ,1 f I I Q I ' 5, , 4 4 , If U V win , 5 I 2 , ,nl . V' ., - 2 V- - ,. . 1 I J If we-aff s. K g i 1 lb V Q 1 u ., L 255 -' w M1 5 M L. ,H f gf if, 155: ? 3 ., ,WX , i My 3 ff 'x X gs ,.. 'vwfvdv 9 Q 4 ' i 1 Q I f 'V ' J fa if tl '1 59 I I S' AF 'Q J 4 S .Q I 9 Q 'P x , Q 1 , ., 3, . -iwf A 555: f ,..V ' - ' nm I . f- 'gl Q v we 'ay -We wc, W ,I K n ' - fame X54 7954 45- Smmaaz to - fame 614 nhueqh X123 Valedictorian HADDOX SOTHORON , A1 M 'Q 431:- 3 A - , 'ek .i LW - M """"' fx 1 Scholarship, Loyalty and Achievement Best All-A1'011I1d SHIRLEY LIVESAY GERALD LOPER ANNETTE DIXON CAROL DEE HUGHES Citizenship Babe Ruth Award ELIZABETH PRCIIGH RICHARD FORTHMAN MARGARET ANGELI. STANLEY WELSH M, an Q A A K -env. "":? i 'iffy 1 YW-v 7 X X Q 1 i if A 0-4 Y "wx D - Iii" , I 'I z I Q QM . X ' Q , L W , W X -J X QQ Q 5: ' ' ,I 7. 2 x K ,". 6 ' l v, A , I 99 ' - I' f v 'J , . 1 I ,f".Q:" 'W , K . 44-' N '- -,sig-fl 4. - . 7 1 , ,.-A f It . . "L J I I ,L N ,Q , -'-' x 1. H, if .L. I 1 ' f . f , Q - K, ,, N L FIN mg? DQ 4 V?" ' v a sw' R 1 5Q 1 1 i '41 A .v eh. ,an 3' ZW' LJ M MQ -if .ok 31 if 00 ch 5' gh Q ,f"" 5 N kemfz my at at N Q NVQ: It 1.451 W' 'xr h Lgf "' I --T S' -a 4- V , ' 3 1: V1 Q 1.. ,,. f ,L 2 3. AV r ' AX i 1 if 1 ' x .9 C- A 5 a r 2 It .' fg. yi, :gn Y 2 K gl, ,yi--' Q M K 1 2 1 -. hi A l 7 . g f A .TQ ,Q N 4 1 1 5 ? 6 , ff jx X af, , Q W' , I 'A 1 N ,,., ...,, I, , ,V nik: A - - .: cs I a , . " ""' 'W' J ,L Q- .g 5 5 sg, zzem . f 4 A L rf, 5wcs5w.f.1.s, Mmzvmfvo T5 fi, eww 54 W A -ill M fn' 'Aff "nf-ag W , : :. V -.. I ,, -. v ,Q .g 4 5 57 f J QW 4 "J, 33 FN 9, L R E .4 fu- H I S. him ,, - uv .5 lk nfvx ' ' ' ' 'f ' ' "" " imgu 3 I ' f ,, ,, ,. -' 'S 'ii , Q3 of:-P wiv ,.,.. . ' ' u ,,,,, ml . .1 W 'W ,I Q- I na-, N li J Q 4 gg V: A 31' Q NL! 'rw' A -uv. L ,-.V H if ff'-M. MM, , , . , 744101 made IARPOOA, A I- Y XF W I 1 .VTNZLXH CIEINEINIOW S 11.1157 115. S ,II iDfQITiQ7I.LSl1il1QJglS OL U O I :KNO .IHS NOON LII ' EIJAUQD JU QI I SNI - jiUUSl2IX'Ql,K -IU xiQ2","l Tl Elf. LS ,INV AI. 'Iii N'I.l.S ll' f- V ,- ,... N1 -4 A ,- W .-4 .1 ,-4 f-1 N A .1 fs, s,fy4A Q: Us 1-'xl N , 2 W 'N K X , 1 it N vii ' N , 15. N ,JP Q .UQ ly' , ' A ll! 5 aj!! Vg, .w I - 1 fly' " l 'Mfg 5 ' A A J lb! v-5' x . L JA. if K 72 ' . 'x I ff if A ,fd ' xx, 'NM ,. , J -. ,. ,fr , . VP pf S ,JJ . ,Q f"fV 45 If 'N 1 T -4, yj V 'x'1-As-!A'f,X, J'yf 'J , ,A ,J gf' Aa 'Q X U Luf 75 4 J ' Y ""r, 'XJ .1491 J ,, 1 4 E I yu S -7 Jlvl Myv ",,. 2 . ,j, 'tf'-1 uf' I, f A-3 -f"X'f'F'L4..' .f fl - ' if ,fr My 17 ' ' ., I A , , yf Q r, V- 1 1,5 rg. 'ff'-QC fb " ' ev 'X ,fi . ff J , 9, L wal -If -9 , . .- 1 , N. - kg ' ff , .fy rx Lt' Q -9 I ,-N ll J ly' x 'A x J Q-N 0 0 .x XQYT' J ' NU Q0 I3 . X X X X -J f c ,K-XG? , f U QM!

Suggestions in the Sykesville High School - Memories Yearbook (Sykesville, MD) collection:

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